The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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VOL. IX.--NO. 27. I mbt ; IS PUBLISHED E'VEII.Y WEDNESDAY HOltNING-'l!Y m TOBACCO LEAJ PUBLISH1NG C&MP'f, J 42 Fulton St., New York. J. HElfRY HAG:Bll. -JM;!tor. .JOHN G. GRAFF Bualneoa As an advertising medium, where it is desired to reach the Cigar and Tobacco Trade, not only of tbis but foreign Countries, it is the bc .. st attain able. All letters ohould be plainly addressed' to THB TosA.CCO l..EAF PupLtSHlNG CoJUANV, 112 Fulton Street, New York. .. Te'rma of the P aper. 611 Water Davidson Bro. 1-45 Wate r Dohan, Carroll l!z Co Front. DuBois Eugene, 75 Front Eggert, Wm. 17I Pearl. Bngelbach, F. 21 Av Falk & Bro. G, t7I WattM Patman & Co.. 70 and 72 Etoad. Fo.-:. Dills & Co., 175 Wuer. Fisher & Ru!t, us Maiden Lane. l' & Oettinger, 1 Water Friend & Co. E. & G., ug Maiden Lane, Gardiner./. M. &: f 'o., 84 Front. Garth D. ., Son & Co., +< Broad. Gusert J. L. & Bro., 16o Water. Genhel L. & Bro., 86 Maiden Lane. Guthrie & Co., 225 Fmnt. Hamburger I. &. Co ., Water. Heyman & Lowenstein, 99 Maidee. LaM. Hillman G. W & 8o Front. Hunt, J D. 133 Water Street K.innicut Thomas,. 51 Broad. Kittredge W. P. & Co., 71 and 73 Fruot. Kre!nelberg & Co,, t6o Pearl. Lachenbruch & Bro., 164 Water'ltte A. C., 163 Pearl. Levin M. H., I6:J Pearl. llcFall & Hagan, 33 Murray. Maitland Robert L. & Co., 43 .Bco;ul. Martin & Johnson, t66 Watel". Mayer Joseph, Sons, 122 Water. Meyer A. 0. L. & 0., 43 Beaver. MessengerT. H.& Oo. I6r and x63 Maiden Lane llorris, -H. M., 19 Old Slip and 73 Water. Norton, Slaughter & Co. 41 Broad. Oatman Alva, r66 Wates. Ottinger Brothers 45 .Bcoad SL Palmei & Scoville, 170 Water, Pau1itsch M., 173 Water. Price Wm. M. 1ft: Co., 1 '19 Malden Lane. Qu!n, J. P &-Go., 39 Broad. l1:cad & Co., 19 Old Slip. Rebmann, G. & Co., 179 Pearl. Richey 6l. Boniface, 86 F,-ont Roeenbaum,. A. S. & Co., UI MaideD Laae, ltosenwald, E. &t: Bro., I4S Water. Salomon, S. 192 Pearl. Sawyer, WaUace ACo., 47 Broad. Scheider, joseph, 'rJ Pearl. Schmitt J. & Co., I62 Water. Schroeder & Bon, 178 Water. Schroeder & Koch, Jo3 P earl. Schubart-H. a. Co., 146 Water SeUi&" Sons S., t6cJ Froat. Spencer, Bros. & Co., 1S Maiden Lane. Spinl'!fD, B .& Co., 5 Burllur Slip. Steiu A: Co. 191 Dll&lle. Straitoa & Storm, 191 Pearl. Stroha & R.eitzensteln, I76 Froat. Suh:bacher, joseph, J5I Water. Tag, Charles i". &: Son, r9.t Front. 1 F. W 68 Broad. Vetterleia & Bock, 6 Cedar J!pmann, Carl, t.88 Peart. Westhetm, M. &:: Co., 1.77 Pearl. WriJht, E. M, & Co., l9l!road. TobacCo Broun Cattus John, n7 Pearl. Dreyer Edward, 46 Beaver. Fischer Chas. E. & :Sro., I)[ Watez. Gana, J. S. lit. Son, S6 Wall. Kelland, P., I79 Pearl. ()&borne, Charlet. F s Broad. ,Rader JIL &; Son, 133 Peari.J. W. F. Ruete, 129 Pearl. Shack A. U9 Mai6en Lane Solmar EdwardJ 130 Water Manufocturer. if Tbutl. ..l.ndenon Jahn & Co. u,c., n6 tLDd .117 Uberty. Bocbanaa & Lyall,-$4 Broad.. Jh1cllner D, .tS6 Delaacey # Flas:g J, F. 174 Front Giselmann & Diehl, 159 Ludlow. Goetze, F. A. & Bro., 338 Wa!hlngtoa Goodwin & Co. 207 and 20<] Water Hoyt Thomas & Oo;, Pearl Kinney Bros. 141 West Broadwa.r1 Lichtenberg G B. 189 Pearl. ]l(cAipin D. H. lr, Co. cor. Avenue D ancl -r..,...; :Willer Mrs. G. B & Co. 97 Columbia. Sbotwell D; A, & Son, 174 Eighth av. Ag57 Pearl 8tralton & Storm, 191 Pearl 8utro & Newmark, 76 Park Place Wangler & Haho, 'P Bowery. I Manufuturm if Fi"' Jb.,_ CfcM'1 Hollander H. us Maiden Lane Vlchot &: Co. 76 Plue Street Tu au- Cirar p.,u,, &thiJI. -Colell"H ..,. -if Hr Wall. llfiPOrttrl if Cla:f Pipn. :Batier H. 6c 77 Water Demuth Wm. & Go., 403 Broadway Lichtenberg G. B. 189 Pearl. Manufacturer if !Jriar and llflfOrterl if Smokers' Arttcles. Demuth Wm. & Co., .f03 Broadway lmportte1, Erichs H. W. 253 South. Hen'ketl Jacob, & 295 Monroe. Wicke William 41 Co. 159 &; 161 Gqeock. Cigar Box, CttltJr ntl otlur w,;,Js. Dingee P. l:f., cor. Sixth and Lewis. Wardrop & Daly, 203 I< oos Lewis. Cscar Ri'l>bons. Cramer G., 82 Franklin. Spanisls Ci{ar Almirall J. J., 30 Cedar. C igar Molds. Jacoby 8. & Go., 209 Pearl. Manu{11cturers if Tob'"'' Ti11-Til. Ct;O<>ke J. J ., 38 Crosby: Auttionurs of tic. Gerard, Betts & Co., 7 Otd Blip Tob11rJ4 Dealers ;,. LtaJ Tbacu Mathews]. L. & Co., JI6]elferooJ! Ave; s Clamp attd Press for Cigar Mouldr. Wilmot, Samuel,2_i7 Jefferson Avenue. DURHAM, N, C. Tobaeto. Blac:kwell W. T FARMVILLE, VA. Manrt[ac turn-s of Twist. Read C. C. Ill <.;o. EAST HARTFORD, CoiUl. Pacitr anti7Jetl.ler. Chapman R. A. HARTFORD, CoiUl. PacAtrs and DttJtrs. Barnes .t Jerome, ::136 &tate Hvbbard Iat PHILADELPHIA. 1'ob.cco Anatltan ){.&.Co., no North Third Bamberger L. It Co., s Nortb Water. :Bremer Lewis, Sons, 323 14l'orth 'Pb.kd. Dohan & Taitt, 107 Arch. Edwards, G. W & Co., 62 North. Front. Eieenlohr Wm. & Co South Water HerbertL.,sullthcast cor. Fourth & Ra.ce. l!c D.,well M., E ; & Co., 39_North "Water. Saak J Rinaldo & Co., 3 North Waler. Schmtdt a:., 53 I South Second. Graeff & Cook, 1os North Water. Steiner, Smith Bros. & Knecht, 22' B.ace. Teller Brothers, II7 Nortb Tllird. Vetterleln J & Co sn Arch. Woodward, Garrott & Co., 33 Nortb W::ater 1YIIolts11le Dalr., ttc, .Bamberger L. &: Co. 3 North Water .. Leedom & Oram, 7'6 North Second. of &otc/s &tuff. Stewart, l[arks,R alph & Co., 115 Arch if Cigr. Batchel9r Bros., North T hird. Bush, Miller & Co., 408 North Third. 'llare Thos. & Oo, 503 North Sec<>nd. Steiner, Smih Bros. & Knecht, S:JS Theobald A. H., Third and Poplar. Inspmor of &cd uaf Tsua>. Dick.ersen E. W.,, 107North Water. Cigar and Tobatcf> Brokn-. Oppenheimer, A., 29 Norlh Front. Cigar-B_px Labels and Trimmings. Harris, Ceo. S. & Son2 S. E. cor. 4th and Vine Sts Cirar Appleby Cigar Machine Co., 29 North Water. Pa. Tohauo Commissi11n. Mtrcltant. McMullen, M. K., 249 L iberty Manuf.,cturt decided advantages gained, we es teem the new era on which our beloved country seems Row to be entering-we me.m what may be termed the non-political era as distinguished from the period when the professional politicians with their party issues ruled us for better or for worse. Perhaps the reader has never stopped to consider how completely the old questions have passed out of sight and how the coun try seems to pause before entering on the discussion of new and .unsolved priiblems. And yet nothing has more thoroughly changed within the .past decade than the character of our subject of public debate, while the men who, prior to x86o, were considered indispensable in their position as leaders of opinion, and guides to public thought, were carried away by the war-whirlwind that swept over the land and deluged it with blood. But not only have the men theinselves disappeared) the topics they then assumed to be of the utmost impor tance are no longer of the slightest significance, nay, it calls up a smile'to remember how gravely we were told that all manner of evil would overtake us, and chime ras uire," if we did not yield an unhesitating su ppqrt to the trivial of the political leader of the hour. And all this time the real, m3terial interests of the country were suffering from neglect, or from mistaken legislation. The politicians were afraid to trust their fortunes to the advocacy of r ures of which they knew little, and regarding which they were uncertain as to the drift of public sentiment. They vastly preferred "spouting" on the Slavery and kindred questions; and as, whether North, or South, whefher defending or maligning the "peculiar institution," they were per fec'tly insincere, they could trim their sails to suit any popular breeze, and found such topics and the "glitter ing generalities" of the time of much value to them as so-called "principles." We are not now, of course, speaking of the many sincere-friends and opponents of Slavery, or the honest thinkers on the topics of the day, but of the men who made "politics" a trade, and lived very handsomely on the income. Unfortunately for the country these latter were largely in the majority in our legislative h alls, and they monopolized public time and attention by their venial advocacy so that the, real necessities of the country could not be ministered unto. 1 Nor would we intimate, in referring to the era which 15 dawning upon us, that the race of professional politicians is by any means extinct. We can not hopt! for such a glorious consummation the Millenium; but we do say that in the extinction of the old brood of these vipers in the turmoil occasioned by our late civil war ; and ere the new ones have made a selection of "hobbies," the real friends 0f the people, and the people themselves, propose making the most of the infe,-regnum which has fortunately supervened. That this is generally seen, even by superficial observers, is evi denced by the now common' observation that public dis cussion and action will for some time to come centre about financial and material questions ,rather than around such as may be t:rmed purely political. The people, it is generally acknowledge:!, will want to know a great deal about our present system of taxation and why such superhuman efforts are being made to relieve Posterity of its just share of payment for the blessings it will probably enjoy. They will )so demand the con stJuction of new national highways and greater facility of communication between the West and. the seaboard. The Souther!\ in Congress will also seek a hearing on the important subjects connected with the material recovery of that section of the country the blight of war, and if it can be proved that any clique, party, is engaged in oppressing, or robbing lhe South and preventing such recovery, those so em ployed will be held to a strict accou nt at the bar of the popular tribunal. In short, tae element of discord and strife having been eliminated from our public life, the nation will be. very likely to demand from our public men such a policy as will unite all sections on a basis of internal improvement, reduced taxation, and the greatest possible development of our practically inex haustible natural resources. Indeed on the successful carrying out o( such a policy may be said to depend our future existence as a nation. At any rate, a failure on the part of our political leaders to unite North, Soutli and West on such a basis, would certainly be followed by a civil convulsion more than the late war, be cause the parties to the cQntest would be more equally matched and the struggle consequently more prolonged and desperate. OQr country has now become so vast in its territorial area, and its necessities grown to be so numerous and, to a cntain extent, conflicting, that only the soundest statesmanship can save us from terrible dissensions and perhaps war in the future. Of course in calm moments few will deny FRED'K De BARY co., (SUCCESfroRS TO DE BABY & ILING), a2 Broad a.n.d 60 New Streets, New York. IMPORTERS OF HAVANA CIGARS, And Sole Agents for sale of EL PRINCIPE DE CALES CICARS, lhnufact11l'ed at the KEY WESl' BRANCH of the celebrated El Priucipe de Gales Mauu!actoiY of HaTIIDII. I \ ALLEN ELLIS, MANUFACTURERS OF FINE-CUT CHEWING TOBACCO, I I AND 13 VINE STREET, CINCINNATI, Drwh Offices at 43ll.inr Stfeet, Chicago, &nd S. W. Corner Front &U4 Arch Street., 1'111la4elph!a. &o:U.ol.i: KEY WEST HA V ANA-CIGARS. SEIDENBERG & CO., 19 Dey Street, New Y.ork, Proprietors oC LA ROSA BSPANtlLA FACTORY. AGENTS FOR THE ABOVE CELEBRATED BRAND, 161 NE-vv S. LOW.ElfTKAL & CO A nts for Cinoino&tl&nd the South West. J C. Pa.rtrid & Co."' A ta for Cbica and the Jrorth-W THE CELEBRATED "AUSTRIAN VIRGINIA" CIGARS, From J. D. XREMELBERG'S Factory, in Baltimore. '. ARE NOW READY AND FOR Depot in NEW YORK. with KREM:ELBERG & CO., 160 PEARL 8TREE1. DUBOIS & INSUB.Al\ICE IRVING C. DUBOIS, JR. 1. S. IRVING, } :aoom 13; No. 154 Wall St., :NB\10' All klnc1s o Itisks placed at the Lowest Market Rates in First Class Companies. G. W. .HILLMAN & CO.,. COMMISSION MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, SO lf'EtON'r S'r:alCJI:'r, N:S:W' YOE.E. SOLE AGENTS IN NEW YORK FOR -E. T. Pilkinton's Celebrated" FRUITS AND FLOWERS," GOLDEN SCEPTRE, PLANTERS' PRIDE COMMONWEALTH, &c: FANCY GLASS BOXES. ALSO, PLUG TOBACCO FROM THOMAS & PILKINTON, W. T. J. W. GIBSON, GEO. S. PRINCE, R. H. WILKERSON, S. W. LIPSCOMB & DOWD, and other factories. Assorted Stock on Liberal Terme. Sole Sellers of Diamond, Colden Cut Cavendl8h Smoking. Special Branda furnished for Owner's Use. that in the union of the several States, and in union alone, there is strength and safety; but one can very easily imagine a condition of things in which the iron founders and coal-mine-owners of Pennsylvania would say to the agricultural West, "If you are so enamored of Free Trade, you had J?etter establish a Free Trade Re public," and the West would reply by making he at tempt. In sucq a quarrel the East would side with Pennsylvania, and the South with the West. \Ve say that this -seems an impossible catrastrophe in our moments of reflection; but, it might be asked, who, in closest retirement, even prophesied the late war with the South? It is, of course, impossible to foretell coming events, but we know enough of. the conflicting interests in our body politic to see grave caJ.ise for alarm That the destiny of the Republic depends on the legislation of the next ten years, there can not be a doubt. If it shall be based in wisdom and" made to cover the impor tant m'easures we have indicated, the future greatness and of our Western republic will be assured; but if the professional tricksters again get possession of the helm anti spend the public time in the consideration of sundry devices for extract ing money from the public purse .and serving private and selfish ends, the disastea to which we have adverted will certainly come, and our now glorious union will be broken into fragments. Let us hope, bo wever, that wiser counsels will prevail. To-day we have presented to us au opportunity as seldom occurs twice in the life-time of a nation. If we embrace it and realize the possibilities it presents, we shall indeed secure for ourselves undying fame and fbr our children the richest of inheritances. R e membering the crisis of the hour, the position in which we stand, and while believing the best and not the worst of those to whom our destinies are entrusted, may we not say that for Americans of every sectioR, and for the Re public so dear to all of us, there is, indeed LIGHT AHEAD I MINOR EDITORIALS ToBACCO INSPECTOR APPOINTED.The Governor yesterday, says the Richmond' Wkig of the 13th inst., appointed E. H. Simpson on the part of the State at the Public Warehouse in this city, to fill the va caney occasioned by the death of Major Benjamin J. Vaughan. AN OLD ToBAcco WAREHOUSE BuRNT.-A fire broke out fecently in the large two-story building on the corner of Washington and Sixth st-., St. Louis, formerly known as the State Tobacco Warehouse, but for a long time occupied by a number of small shops. The loss is estimate

/ THE AUG. 20 ViHAT AN ExcHANGE SAYS.-Le t a Galveston man put h t s hand m 'h1s pocket aft e r a chew of tobacco and eve rybody he IS gomg to shoot CI GAR MAKERS EXCURSION.The employees of Mess rs. Ltchtenstem Bros. & Co., C1gar Manufacturers, enjoy e d th e pleastrre of l\11 excursiOn to Bellevue Gar den, f oot of East 8oth S reet, on Saturday INJUR Y T O ToB ACCO -The town of Porter, "Rock Coun t y w a s v1s1ted says the Fort Atkmson (W1s) of the 1 5th m st, o11 Monday by a tornado four mtles m wt d th wh t ch c o mpletely destroyed the tobacco wttbm the r ea c h of the storm. T h e leaves of t h e plants were ground m to frag ments and m many mstancei the enttre wer e uprooted by the storm. REPORrED FOR T H E So CIETY FOR THE PREVENTION OF GA.MBLING.-A game of marbles for the champiOnship b e twee n two tobacco buyers and two gentlt men from the co un t ry t oo k pla c e, says the Paducah Kmtuckt a rt, o n th e comer of Jeffer s on and Market Streets last evenmg K e ntuc a an reporter was detamed to re p or t the c o ntest, b\lt heanng a report of a murder left b efo re It was ended. '.l'HE GER M A N T O BACCO TAX-The Berhn -Taback Zettung aver s t hat the pred tct10n wh1ch tt made a few week s a go, and whtch was reporteg m t ese columns, 1 e g ardmg t he ea rly rev1 val of the t o':>acco tax questwn by t h e Gove rnm e nt pa1 ty m Germany will pro ve true, 1t b em g the mtentw n of that party to cause all tobacco, f o r e i g n a n d d ome stic to be put m G overnment ware hou s e, s ell 1t there, and deduct a certam per centage fr om .all such s a les as tax A S uccEss -The Charlotte (Va) Ga ze tte s ays. "On t'le 28t h of December last, a warehouse for the sal e of l eaf t o b acco was op e ned at Charlotte Courthouse What was then deemed by many an expenment, and by so me a rash expenmeat, has been demonstrated a de ct ded a s u c ces s, and th e antJctpatwns o( the most g u me il.a,ve been more than reahz ed. Wtthm tha short spac e of st x m o nths, more tharr h alf a mtlhon pounds of V1rgtma's g r eat s tap1e has been so l d, m exact numbers, 5 7S,5 66 pou nds THE EXPORT TOBACCO 1 AX CASE.The SUit, says the R t chmond Wlug, agamst Rush Burgt!ss, the collector of m te rn a l revenue 'of tilts dt s trict, some ttme smce commenc ed m th e C t rcutt Court of Rtchmond, by James B. Pace, tobacco manufacturer of thts .ctty, to recover the sum of twenty thousand dollars patd by htm to the sa1u collect o r for export tobacco tax stamps, has been re moved to the Ctrcutl Court of the Umted States, and wtll fina lly pass to the SurJreme Court The plamttff ts represented by W P Burwell and A. Austm Smtth The tnal of thts case will test the con:;htut!Onahty of the law of Congress relative to thct tmpasltton of thts ta;'t upon tobacco exported, and mvolves the validtty of stmtl a r da1ms m thiS State, amounting to hundreds of thou s ands of dollars The 5th clause of sectiOn 9, of arttcle I o f the Constttutton of the U mted States, pro VIdes that 1J no ta.x or duty shall be latd on artrcles ex ported f rom any State." -----M E!!:TING OF THE GERMAN CIGAR MANUFACTURERS' P R O T ECTIVE ASSOCIATION.-file adJOUrned meetmg of -the above named assoc1at1on held on Monday ts thus desc r .bed m th e ,Htrald of Tuesaay "Unde r the ausptces of the German C1gar Manufac terers Protective Association, formed to msure protec tton u n d e r the operatJons of the Internal Revenue laws so far a s the ct gar manufacturmg mterest ts concerned, a general meetmg was held at Turner Hall, Fourth Street, y e s t erday afternoon, when Henry Peetsch pres t ded A comnuttee appomted at a prevtous meetmgcom po sed of A Schetdemantd, Conrad Kuhm, and H. Peetsch--submttted subscnptton hsts; attachecl to a pro tes t t o be adelressed to the Commtsswner of Internal Revenu..e, showmg that about five hundred stgnatures had been obtamed. The protest IS m reference to a new patent c1gar box, wluch the Commtsswner of Inter nal Revenue proposes to mtroduceas a means to -pre v e nt fr a ud, but whtch, on exammatwn, has been de dared an mnovat10n that w o uld be a hmderance to the and tend to mcrease the expenses of ctgar manu factl.ll'e In the course of a week a commtttee wtll pro ceed tQ Washmgton to present the document to the Internal Revenue Comm1sstoner In addttlon, actwn was taken to ca' l meetmgs 1n the dtfferent collection dts tncts, wtth a v t ew of formmg dtstnct orgamzatt b ns, whose ObJect 1t shall be to atd m bnngmg about certam modifications of the Internal Revenue laws affectmg the ctgar manufactunng mterest, whtch tD thetr applt catwn are cons1dered vexatious and Of course no abJeCtion lS made to the collectiOn of the tax but only to the manner of collectmg the same, as 1t alleged that under the present system the manufacturers and dealers are subJeCt to many mconvemences wh1ch ought not to prevail Act1on was also taken to call upon manufacturers of Brooklyn, Wllltamsburg, and] ersey Ctty to JOin m thr's movement for internal revenue reform. MoRE SMUGG L ING ON STEAMERS.--It IS an admttted fact, says the Herald, that the smugglmg wh1ch takes place of tobacco on board the IHavana steamers plymg to tht port entatls a of no small Importance to the Revenue ofthts country. Pursers, stewards and sallors, alliJiare or less frequently, manage tQ "run" packages of the fragrant weee. ashore, varymg m wetght from five to five hundred pounds There are stewards who, by bnbmg a custom officer wtth $2o, are permitted to take a ll!,rge Saratoga trunk ashore, packed with the chotcest ctgars The sailors htde the1r tobacco m the nggmg, m some out of the way corner orm some p1le of cordage, whtle the firemen resort to ples of coal and the engmeer to some out of the way cranny m the rna chmery, but all are tmpelled by the same motive-namely, to smuggle ashore their contraband wa.res;whtle the custom officers are not on the alert. It may be re m e mbered that a short time ttme ago a large package of ctgars, securely fastened m Oilcloth. was thrown from the deck of an incommg Havana steamer to a boat whtch was lymg m the Bay. The package was se and the boat made off for the Long Island shore THE TOBAOCO MARKET. DOMESTIC NEW YoRK, Augusl19 W e st e rn Leaf-Our market has been qmeter than usual dunng the past week, whu;h we attnbute pnn-: ctpally to the exhaustiOn of the sorts most wanted, v1z Re g1e and Germ a n lea( 1 here ts constderabl e, yet a httle abGve or below tne des1red standard, whtch we suppose wtll be taken when buyers and sellers accom moaate each oth e r m r egard to pnces The home trade have entered the market as yet m earnest, but are lookm g round a11d wtlf doubtless buy soon Recetpts contmue f atr, mostly dry home stock, or far ex p o rts Seasonable r:;ttns have aga m gene(aliy refreshed the growlllg crop The sales are 915 hhds, of whtch 5 to cu tters 88 to J O bbers, $I to m,muiacturers the re mamder for export 1U w eek week 3d w eek th week 5th week Total J.anuary----439 961 1,26I 739 3 400 February -JSo 2 9 0 5 8 2 54S I,8oo March ____ 6So 3 S 3 29S 239 2,6oo ApnL _____ 859 740 849 S4S r,5o4 4,8oo Mav---.679 626 r,72o S29 r r46 s,ooo June ____ I ,242 1,771 r,54S r,439 6,ooo Tuly _____ i' ,12o r,6o 9 2,097 1,447 r,S27 &,IOo AuJi:ust 364 r,634 915 2,913 Virgtma Le'l'.f-The re has b e en a f a tr mqutry for Vtr leaf smce ou r las t and the sales of manufactunng grades probably exceeded those of the precedmg week For shtpment, also there was some demand, but no ap parent tmprovem 'ent can be reported m thts q a r t er. All thmgs con s 1dered, trade may be sa1d to b e moderately good The pre f e rence contmues for the better grades, whtch are not m large supply, and the...same, m fact, m1ght be satd of other sort.s Fro m Rtchmond there IS nothmg strikm_gly new to mention so far a s market matters are dJr ectly c o ncerned, though mduectly, or rat her, remo t ely, tt 1s notew Q rthy that adv1ces thence refcH to a posstble lllJUty, more or less senous, to the growmg crop from drou t h, espectally: m the Southern sectwns of V1rgm t a, where ratQ has b e en spanngl y received dunng the summer Elsewhere ram has l a tterl y been so abundant that it seems not a ltttle remarkable to hear of t t s .. scarctty m any pat t of the country Southern V t rgmtp., tf memory serves us fatthfully, was last seas on afflicted f o r a long penod w1th dry weather, so that the present expenence there ts not unprecedented Fortunately fer our staple, it can C!).dure, wtthout f a tal InJury, the absence of need ful motsture longer than almost any other field product tha t can be named, and hence, 1t IS not unreasonable to look for a fatr field e v en Ill the places where the drouth has been most severely felt. It IS not uncommon to ee a crop of good Vugtma tobacco cut the last of October that had only JUSt commenced to grow m the first half of August. On th1s, and a kindred subJect, a late number cf the Rtchmond Whrg has the followmg ."The unfavorable reports from the growmg crop in thts State and North Carolma have apparently had v ery httle mtluence on the market, but whatever 'bull' ..feel 1.-Qg may have been thereby msp1red recetved a damper to day from the steady rain whtch set m about noon, and wh1ch, there IS reason to belteve, has extended over the tobacco growmg area. Its effects.can not he other wtse than benefical, and 1t 1s" well known that tobacco ts a plant' whtch soon ralites from drouth Dealers who mdulge m prognostiC S stJ!l a dhere to the opmton tthat the crop of th1s year m Vtrgmt a and Nort h C a r ohna w11l be the largest tf n o t the best smce the war We are JUSt seven weeks from the end of tlie Vugmia 'Tobacco Yea1,' and tt would be mterestmgto have a httle gues s work as to the extent o f th e mspectwns at th e Rich mond warehouses dunng 1S72-3 The dealers c ould eastly teheve the monotony of dally tra nsactwns by re cordmg-sayoy the rst of September-t he estima t e c f each one of the tot a l m s pections m Rtchm ond the close of busu:.ess on the 3o t h proxtmo-he who esti mated nearest to the actual m 1 mb e r to be declared the best guesser on 'Change, so f a r as mspectwns are con cerned There IS not too much levtty m thts At all even l s tt ts a mdulged m by dealers m o ther staples m other markets / S e ed Lea.f-A fatr busmess was done in s e e d leaf la s t week, pr1 nctpally m the 1872 crop, transactiOns embrac mg nearly all growths The purchases were cliiefly for home account, the re havmg been but httle demand for shtpment. 1 he trans. fers, as reported, compnsed about 400 cases 1S72 Vv'ts Onsm at 1 7 5 cases Ohu!l at 200 cases Connecttcut at 8@1S, roo ca se s do at IJ, roo case d o crop of r8p, at 15@ 5o, and So cases r-87 z vama on pnvate terms. The market ts regular and without noticeable fea. ture The pnnctpal news the week was the severe hall storm expenenced m Onondaga County, New York State, on the 12th mstant, which appears to have m fl1cted considerable InJury on the tobacco and other crops of that section R e f ernng to the storm, the Syracuse J-ourn a l of a subsequent date sum leaf 9 J{@II Good to due Wra pper s dar k 1 2)>@17 do bright 20 @60 Smok e rs : 11 @26 P nmrngs 5 % 6 O l uo-In o r io good com 5 @ 7 Brown and 6reem sll '1 @ 8 M edium and r e d 8 X @12 Com t o med s p a n gled 1 )i @ 10 Fine opangle d to yellow 10 @ U Mary!nnl BLAC K Navy P oulldt F a e .. 4 3 @ 48 M ediu m :l9 @4 0 Navy Half Poun ds a n d TlnrdsFioo 42 @4 5 Medium . 88 @42 Quart er P QWI/lt -Fme 41 @46 sa @4 0 Common t o medium 8 7 @ 38 Fitts and Fours 40 @45 Pocke t Piecu 46 Negro h e a d Tw18t 45 @ M Tlarty TwO< @60 7' o lO' s and U s lme G o o d Comm o n a n d mea.ium Gr anulated Smoking Ctgart-JI(Imeabc. Seed and B&V &lla, gq 40 3 7 3 8 3 4 @75 p e r M 45 00 @ 7 5 00 d o C o n n Seed 3(. 00@40 0 0 olo do Stco n d a 25 00@\JO 00 N ew York Seed Conn wrap pel' P enn d e do do Ohio do d o d o Conn. Filler and St. 23 ot@SO 00 IT 0 0@25 00 17 0 0 23 00 wrapper 20 OO@SO 00 Commop nt.aro IJ; GO@ 17 OQ C h e r oots and S1xc s.. 10 CO@l2 00 S n u.ff Ma ccoboy 85@9 6 Rappe e French @ I 00 Scol<:h & londyfoot 85 @ 90 C ommo n @.---6 o American Gentleman --@ 1 00 L lcan.ct: G 0 460 lb G 1 '30 Jb ca s es. C & A 375 lbs net. a &F Walli s Ex 4.60 lb s n e t I C yCa" Ynurrl&'' l z A I 230 lli s 'MF R R" uw s l ................. ''G. B .. Gold 28 2 9Y. 29Y. 2 9 28 25 20 20 2 0 i9 IMPORTS. The arrivals at the port of New York from fore1gn ports for the week ending August I9, mcluded the fo(i. lowmg constgnments ---ALICANTE---Zuncaldy & Arguimbau, 20 bales liconce root. BREMEN---Weaver & Steery, 28 bales meliloUt flow e!;$ -LIVERPOOL --Weaver & Sterry, 57 bales gum MARSEILLES -E Fongera & Co., so bales hconce & Roberts, ro do. RoTTERDAM--Hans Schleh, I bale TRIE STE weaver & Sterry, ro casks gum HAVANA---Th. H Messenger & Co, 91 bales; L. F AuJa, 214 do; Schroeder & Bon, 274 do, M Brod, roo do, F M t r da, 148 do, V. Martmez Ybor, 3 do, H Swartz & Co, Ioo do; J. Alvarez, 5 do, Robt. %E Kelly & Co, 56 do, 5 cases ctgars; F Garc1a, so do, 8 do, F. Alexandre & Sons, S52 do, 3S do, Wm. P Clyde & Co, 548 do, 4 do, H Schubart & Co., 8 cases ctgars; G. 'V Paber, S do, T. Mtlhngton & Eekmeyer, r do, G B. Ltchtenberg, 3 do, Chas. T Bauer & Co., 9 do, E Rosenwald & Brother, r do, S Lmmgton & Sons, S do, Kunhardt & Co., 52 do, Alex Murpby & Co, 7 do, Purdy & Ntcholas, r6 do, Thos. Irwm & Sons, 4 do, Marctal & Co 4 do, M Meyer, 3 do, K Thurber & Co, 4 do, Chas. Luling & Co:;-2 do, W. H Thomas & Brother, 35 do, Acker, ].{emil & Condtt ,15 do, Park & Ttlford, 25 d o D. A Scrymser & West, 5 do, Howard Ives, 13 do Order, I78 bales, 59 cases ctgars. EXPORTS. From the port o( New York to foretgn ports for the week endmg August 19, were as follows. Aux CAYES-150 bales BARBADOEs-s hhds, 5,728 Jbs mfd. BELIZE-4 hhds BERMUDA-867 lbs mfd BREMKN-571 hpds, 87 cases, r,291 lbs mfd. BuENos AYRES-"'35 hhds CURACOA-Il,770 lbs mfd GIBRALTAR--ZJ8 hhds, 134 cases, 6,o67 lbs mfd, 20 19, were 1,984 hhds, 146 trcs, 27 half trcs, 172 qtr trcs, 2 ,757 cas es, II bales, Ss butts, 10 boxes, 821 three qtr belles, 27S half boxes, 223 qtr boxes, thtrd boxes, 5 etghth boxes, 29 kegs, r68 caddtes, 72 cases c1gars, 2s bales ptcadura, consigned as follows BY THE ERIE RJIILROAD-J P Qum & Co., II hhds; D. J Gar,th, Co, 107 do A H. Cardozo,& Co, 22 do, Sawyer, Wallace & Co, So do, Blakemore, Mayo & Co, 45 do, Ottmger Brothers, 40 do, "E. M. Wnght & Co, 46 do, Goodwm & Co 2 do, P Lonllard & Co 22 d o ; T o e Rose & Co., 23 do; Jarvis & Co, r do; J D Ketlly, Jr, S o d o E M Crawford & Co., 43 cases, H. K Thurber & Co 53 do, Bum: & Dormtt z er, r6 d o ; order, 13S hhds, So cas e s BY THE HUDSON RIVER RAILROAD-"Schroeder & B o n, 1 2 5 cas es, A. Hen & Co, 12 do; Bunzl & Dor mtt zer, 297 do, ):oseph Mayer's Sons, 136 do, Chas F T a g & S on, 44 do P Lonllard & Co., 2 do, R H Arken burgh, 176 d o M R ader & Son, 44 do; Wm Eggert, II b a les, o r der, 62 cas es BY T H E NATIONAL LINE-Biakemore, Mayo & Co, rSo hhds, D. J. Gatth, Son & Co, 132 do, L M Wnght & Co, ro do, Kre m e l berg & Co, 93 do Pollard, Pet tus & Co., 29 do, Thos Hoyt & Co., 1 do, Oelnchs & Co., 4S do, Drew & D e ane, rS do; R L Mattland & C o '16 d o, M Pappenhe 1 mer, 17 do Sawyer, Wallace & Co, 25 do, A H,_ Cardozo & C q 32 do, J P. Quln & Co 2 do; F. W. Tatgenhorst, 5 do Thos Kmnt cutt, 1 4 do, H Henw ood 33 do, Toe! Rose & Co., 35 do W 0 Smtth, 6o d o Schroeder & 'Bon, 2 cases, order, 17 B Y THE PENNSYLVANIA C ENTRAL R A ILROAD-Or .der, 40 ca s es. BY T H E N E W YORK A N D NEW HAVEN ST EAMBOAT LI NE-E Ros enwald & B rother, So cases, Schroeder & Bo n S 9 do, Chas F. T a g & Son, 21 do W. C Hoe fer s, II d o L. & E Wert heime r, 36 do, J. S Gans & Sqn, r s 6 d o, Fox Dtlls & Co 7S do B Y T H E N E W Y oRK AND H A RTFORD STEAMBOAT LI NE-H Schub art & Co, 34 cases, I BIJur, 55 do, M. & E Salomon S do, I B Cohn, r o 6 do, S. Ross m, 43 do. BY THE OLD DoMINION SEEAMSHII' L IN& -M Rader & Son, 27 hhd s A C L amott e r do, F unck, Edye & Co 40 d o, J A Pauh, 73 do; Patterson & Co, r do, P L onllard & Co, 7 do, 3 J. D E v ans & Co I hhd, r half box, W 0 Smtth, 179 d d 70 trcs, Ss butts, caddtes, J D K e tlly, Jr, 18 do, :IS do, 17 half trcs, 1I02 qtr t r cs, r69 cases, 409 three qtr boxes, A D Chockley, I I trcs, & Bomfae, 36 do, 52 cases, 25 half boxes, I20 caddtes; E DuBo1s, 10 half trcs, 70 qtr trcs, r S cases, I49 three qtr boxes, 62 half boxe s 4 kegs G. W Htllman & Co 3 r cases, W P Ktttredge & Co, 5 do, Allen & Co 2 do J H. Thompson & Co, ro do, D. & A. Bendheun, 3 do, P. Hart, 3 do; Wm Broadhurst, ro do, Henry Welsh, ro do, N Mtller & Co, 3 do, S -T. & E J Knapp, 7 do, Herder, Hall & Co 8 do, F1tts & Austm, 5 do, Carhart Bro t hers, r do; M M We l zhof e r, ro do, D S. Baker, 2 do, N Wtse, II do, C C. Salmooe, r do, Kremelberg & Co, 35 do, 39 three qtr uoxes; Bulkley,-Moore & Co I 55 do, 41 half boxes Connolly & Co. 25 do, 30 qtrboxes, Martm & Johnson, 4 do, .J do, Dohan, Carroll & Co, 283 do, 5 three qtr box es, roo half boxes, 25 kegs, 40 caddtes 'H. Le v y, 9 boxes, Chas Watson, 1 do, Blake more, Mayo & Co, 21S three qtrboxes, J M Gardmer & Co 2 5 do; J H Be rg m a n r 5 half boxes, J Schtffer & Nephews, 25 qtr boxes, H. K Thurber & Co, ro hlf boxes, 20 tlurd boxes; C E Lee, 6 qtr boxes, 5 etghth bo x es, order, 6 hhds CoASTWIS E FROM lCEY W EST-Se1denberg & Co 36 cases ctgars, Fred'k de Bary & Co, 15 do; Rob't E K e lly & Co 9 d o J & J Eager, 7 do, H J Barton & Co., 5 d o, S e tdenberg & Co, 12 bales p tcadura, Str&l ton & Storm, 2 do, V. Mart m e z Ybor, r I do Cor rected ltst of last week s recet pts Fred'k de Bary & Co., ro cas es c1gats, J & J E a ger, 5 do, H K. Bar ton, 3 do, H. Katenp erg, r do. P Sanger, 5 d o F N Fnsker, I d o S e tdenb erg & Co' 6o do, rs bales ptca dura, V Martmez Ybor, I3 bales ptcadura, Stratton & Storm, 2 do ;RoM NEw ORLEANs-Order, 269 hhds. BM-TIMORI', August r6 -Messrs C Loose & Co, Shtppmg and Commt&ston Merchants, report Our market for Maryland tobacco dunng the p a st week haa been fauly active, and pnces steadtly mamtamed, sales were made of about r,ooo hhds to shtppers, pnnc1pally for Holland and France. Rece1ptll" have been pretty large and no doubt will contmue so, the late rams havmg enabled farmers to pack freely Rece!pts of Oh10 contmue falhng 0ff, m arke t steady for. thts descnptlon Sales were made of about soo hhds, pnnctpally for Bremen and Austna, wtt some for home manufacture, none for .France Buyers for the French contract clatm to have bought all they want for contract, \\luch remams to be seen. Sales of Kentucky reach 75 hhds Mason County lugs at SJ( bought on Western samples, deli:vered at Locust Pomt, and also about roo on Balttmore samples t n dtfferent lots for export, market firm for th1 s descnption InspectiOns for the week were 1249 hhds Maryland and 549 do Oh10=total1:,79S hhds. Clearedmeantlme 918 hhds Maryland and 8oo do Ohto to Bordeaux, 52 hhds Maryland and 93 do Vtrgmta to Ltverpool, 22 hhcls to West Indtes We revtse quotatiOns Maryland, fwsted, 4@S, sound common, s@6; good common, 63/z@?Yz; mtddlmg, 8@9; fine red, ro@I3; fancy, .J4@25, upper country, 5 @25 Ohto, mfenor to good common, 5@7; groeemsh and brown, medmm to fine red, 9@ 12, common to medJUm.spangled, S@u; fine spangled w yellow, 12@20 Kentucky, common tG good lugs, 7 @S; heavy do, S3/z@93/z, medmm leaf, l o@I r, fa:u to good, II@I21 fine and selectiOns, 13 to 15 Vtrgtma, com mon to good lugs, 63/z@S, common to medmm leaf, S@9, fatr to good, ro@u, selectwns, 12@15; stems, 336@5 Tobacco Statement January r, 1873 Stock m warehouses and on Hhds. shtpboard not cleared-------------------6,9oS Inspected thts 1,798 Inspected prevwusly --------_ .---------. 43,735 .. 10 boxes Southern Indtana; 4 at 5.05 @ 5 75, I at 7 JO, 5 at 8@9 151 boxes ne w an d old O h to s e ed, fat stems, fillers and wrappers I a t 3 so 49 a t 4@4 90 23 at 5@ 5 90, 28 at 6@7 9 0 I2 at S@9 90, I8 at IO@I4 I 4 at I5@I9 25, 6 at 20@26.25, I at 30 so At the Planters' Wareho use 2S3 hhds, 156 hhds Ma son Co, Ky, trash, lu g s, and leaf: 3 at 5 6o@ 5 7 5 4 z at 6@7 90, 62 at 8 @ 9 90, 28 at Ia@ 1 4 75, I7 a t IS 25@ 19 25 4 at 22 75@24 8 8 hhds Brown Co, Ohw, trash lugs, and leaf. 20 at 6@7 9 5, 28 a t S @ 9 90 26 at 10@14 75, -ro at r6 25@I9 75, 4 at 21 50 @23 7S 6 hhds Owen Co., Ky. 4 at 6 7S@ 7 85, 2 at 8 45@9. 3 hhds Pendleton Co Ky, at 6 so@ S 65. At the Kenton Wa r eh o use, I76 hhds 62 hhds Mason Co, Ky, trash, lugs and leaf. I3 at 6 25@ 7 95, 28 at S@9 90, I7 a t 10@I4 so, 4 at 15 2S@IS so, 49 hhds Brown Co ,Ohto trash, l ugs, and lea f r at 3 So, 5 at 6 50@7 6s, I 6 at 8 os @9.8o, IO at IO@I3 75. 13 at rs 25 @19 75 4 a t 20@24 75 23 hhds Owe n C o Ky, trash, lugs, and leaf: 3 at 7 30 @ 7 85, IS at S@9 7o, 4 at Io@ I0.7 5, I at IS so 42 hhd s Pendleton Co, Ky, trash, lugs, and leaf 2 5 So, 5 90, rz at 6 So @ 7 951 26'at 8 @9 65, 2 at Io, 12 At the Globe Warehou e, ISS hhds -68 hhds Ma son Co., Ky, trash, lu gs, an d leaf S at $4@ S so, 12 at 6 zo@7 90, 32 at 8@9 95, 14 at ro @ I4 zo, 3 a t 1S@1S.75, 2 at 21 2s, 22. S 6 hhds Brown C o Ohw trash, lugs and leaf. 14 at 6 20@ 7 95 3 8 a t 8 05@9 9 0, r s at Io@r4, II at IS @ I9 25, 8 at 20@24 75 I hhd O wen Co, Ky, lugs a 1 rr so. At the P h t s ter Wareh o u se, 75h hd s an d 5 7 boxes 18 hhds Mason C o K y trash, lugs and l e af. 6 at 6 s o @7 6o, 9 a t 8.95 @ 9 9 0 3 at 10@13. 45 hhds Brow n Co, Ohw, trash; lug s and l eaf 2 a t 5 s o 5 35, S a t 6 7 0 @7 90, 15 at S @ 9 70, 17 at 10 @13 75, I at IS, 2 at 2o, 20 so. r 2 hhds Owen Co. Ky, trash and lugs 2 a t 5 @5 90 4 at 15 ro@ 7 95, 4 a t 8@9 ro 7. a t 1o 57 case s Ohw, seed fat steams, fill ers and bmd e rs 3 at 3 @ 3 90, 10 at 4 @ 4 95. IS at s @ s 6o, J 4 at 6 @ 7 90, 8 a t S@9 30, 7 at 10@14 50 At the Morns VV"arehous e, 251 hhds and 67 boxes. r 4 r hhds Mason Co Ky trash, l ugs, and leaf 2 at 1>5 45 5 70, JS at 6 os@ 7 95 64 at S @ 9 95 25 at 10@ 14.7 s, S at I6@r9 7 5, 4 at @ 23.25 4 hhds Brow n Co., Ohw, lugs and leaf at 8 25@9 70, 14 25, r6 90 hhds and 2 boxes Owen Co, Ky, trash, lugs, and le'lf. 3 at SSO@S So, 20 at 6 J0@7o, so at 8@19 90, rr at ro @14, 5 at I6@r8 so; I at 20 so IS hhds and I box Pendleton Co., Ky., trash and lugs 2 at 5 so, 5 95, 9 at 6.15@7.85, 4 at S.25@S 95, r box at 4 65. 64 cases new and old Ohto seed fat steams, fillers and wrappers: 5 at 3 50@3 95 :zs at 4@4 95 r8 at 5@5 90, 7 at6 rs@ 7.80, 4 at 8@9 7S 2 at 12 S.O@IJ 50, I at 16$01 2 at 2I. so, 22. I quote manufactured tobacco as follows -Vtrgmta: bright pounds, 49@73 halve s 39@sr, quarters, 39@51, fives, 43@51, tens, 4S@53, dark-pounds halves-, 42@ 45, quarters, 42@45, fives, 42@45, tens, 42@45. West ern, same as a love quotattOns; fancy long tens, lady fingers, pocket pteces, bnght twtst, 4S@7o. CLARKSVILLE, TENN., August 13 -Mess rs M. H. Clark & Brother,Leaf Tobacco Brokers,reoort as follows. Our recetp t s are hght and sales small T.he sales f o r the week amounte d to 2:12 hhds The qualit y was poor, c o mposed mamly of remna nts of crops Pnces wer e wtthout quotable change a n d we refer to the quotatwns of th-: prevtous week The crop reports are less un favorable shower s havm g f a llen over vanous portiOns of thts section wht c h hav e been of A portwn of the crop ts lookmg well, but the whole crop has b e en ret arded more or less b y the unfavorable seasons, and a port1on of tt w!ll be m d a nger of frost. DANVILLE, VA., August 16.-Messrs Pemberton & P e nn, Tob acco CommiSSion Merchants, report as fol lows -Under the mfluence of the recent refreshmg ram s our tobacco market has expenenced much acttv tty, had almost despa ired of a crop for a_Qother year. But now every tlung ts assummg a vtgonous and growth. Recetpts contmue full and there ts no gtvmg away m pnces, on the contrary we quote a slight ad vance. We quote -Lugs common red to good 73/z to SYz, medmm bnght 9 to ro, fine II to 14, extra smokers 15 to rS, leaf common red 7 to 8Yz, good 9 to II, nch and waxy II to 14, common bnght ro to 12, medmm I2 to 15, fine 2o to 40, extra do, so to So. EVANSVILLE, August 1 r -Mr. Lee M Gardner, Tobacco B r oker, reports: Recetpts anti sales of to bacco at our market the pa t weeks amount to 198 hhds at the followmg quotations common, 1-S to 5 7 5, good do, 6 to 7, common to medmm l e af, 7 25 to; good to fine selecttans, 81JS to 9 75, ro; and extra as htgh as 12 Pnces are qutte firm and steady at these quotations, espectally on all desuable leaf free from fire and smoke Low lugs are dull of sale at quo tations I have recently been out m Indtana where I find the crop of tobaq: o very much lllJUred by weather, and many crops can not poss;bly make much even wtth very favorable seasons I saw only two or three good crops-so me very small and yellow, and nearly all encumbered with grass and weeds Tennessee and Kentucky, in many sectiOns, have suffered from drouth, but recent, rams have relteved them very much The crop, m my judgment, must fall short of early estimates, as there can not poss1bly be made the amount_that was planted. FARMVILLE, August rs -Messrs. C C Read t!i Co, Tobacco Manufacturers, report .-Smce our last report, we have had qui te refreshing and apparently general rams The growmg tobacco crop, m conse quence, ltas recovered muc!J. from the bad effects of the drouth referred to m our last a'nd gtves promise, m many locahtles, of a more than average crop. Some pnmmgs of the new crop are begmmng to make the1r appearance, but m so small quantities, as yet, as to be scarcely quotable Recetpts, thts week, have been much hghter than for several weeks past, and the opm ton seems to be general and well-founded th1t but httle more stock remams m the hands oi the planters. TotaL __________________________ 52,441 Even of thts rem 1 amder actual recetptswould seem t5 so, 14 at 6@7 95 37 at S@9 95, 34 at ro@r4 7S, 6.90 5 at 5 'f.0@5 95, I at 3 90. 30 hhds Mtssoun leaf 9 at rs@rS 75 8 at 20@27 86 hhds Brown c 0' Ohto at 9@I3 7S I trash and lugs 6 at 7@7 90, 2r at 8@9.90, 35 at ro@ The Farmers' House sold 164. hhds: 147 hhgs Keii. I4 75; r8 at rs 25@19 so, 6 at :ro@25. So hhds Owen tucky leaf and lugs: 2 at 1>36, r at r8.75, 2 at 15, 5 at <;o, Ky, traih, lugs, and l e a f I 1at 5 6o, 9 at 6 ro@7 9S IJ@IJ 7 5, 2 at 12, 12 so 14 at rr@u 75, 29 at ro@ 45 at 8@9 95, I9 at ro@13 so, S at rs 75@17.2s, x at ro 75, 22 at 9 @ 9 85, 26 at 8@8.95, 23 at 7@7, 20 at 23 so 40 hhds Pendleton S::o, Ky, trash, lugs and 6.40@6 90, I at 5os. 5 hhds do trash at 7 xo, 6 30, leaf r at 5 6o, S at 6 2S@7.9a 25 at 8@9 6o, 6 at ro@ 13 6 zo, s lis, 5 40 ro hhds Tennessee leaf and lugs I at 5 hhds Boone Co, Ky, at 5 65, 5 95,6 85, 8, 9.6o. 10 hhds ro so, 3 at 9@9 90, r at 8 90. 5 at 6@6.So. 2 h!l.ds In West Vtrgmta lugs and leaf, 3 at 8@9, 7 at Ia@u 25. d1anaieaf and at rc 751 6 40,


AUO. 20 The Boone House sold ISI hhds I32 hhds tucky leaf, lugs, and trash 3 at ,37 so, rs, I4 so, 5 at 12@12.75 I4 at II@II.75, 17 at ro@10 7S I9 at 9@ 9 90, J7 at 8@8 9o, IS at 7@7o, 22 at 6@8, IS at 6@ 6 90, 5 at 5 so@s 90 u hhds Mtssoun leaf 2 at I4, 2 at 13 2s, 2 at II so, II 7S, s at ro@ro.7s, r at 9 30. 3 bhds Indtana leaf at IO 25, 9 40, 8 50. 4 hhds do lugs at 7 9o, 7 r o, 6 4o, 6 The Lomsvllle House sold 146 hhds -no hhds Ken tucky leaf, lugs, and trash r at f,r4, 3 at 13@13 7S, 4 at II@II 25, I8 at ro@1o 7S1 I9 at 9@9 90, ll at 8 1 0 @8 9S17 at 7 30@7, 16 at 6@6 90, 27 at S ss@S so, 2 at 4@4 75 27 hhds Illm01s leaf, lugs, and trash 4 at 9@9, 9 at S@S 90, 4 at 7@7 7o, 4 at 6 40@6 90, 2 at s_.go, 4 S hhds Tennessee leaf and lugs at 9 so, S 90, 7.8o, 71 6.go. '3 hhds Indtana leaf and lugs at_ 1o so, 9 65, 6 so r hhd of sweepmgs at I so :;,.The Ptckett House sold ll7 hhds -8r hhds Kentucky leaf S at $24, 24, 23, 17 75, 15 so, 4 at 14, 14 so, 13, 13.75 7 at 12@12 75, 13 at II@II 75, 17 10 7S, 14 at 9@9 90, 12 at S@S 90, 9 at 7@7 90 23 bhds do lugs r at 9, 4 at S 30@S So, 10 at 7@7 90, 7 at 6 30@6 90, rat 5 6o ment of the last crop) very httle of the words, the taxes upon the manufacture were greater, on drouth An early frost, tt IS thought, wtll cut off the western growths havmg yet been sent forward Under a little over two-fifths of the quantity grown, when late pl:;mnng Sales from Thursday to mclu the e Circumstances, and the absence of a large supply manufactured, tba the whole crop was worth Of stve, 229 bbds 5 at $4 20@4 So, I9 at S@S 90 .3S at 6 of good to fire descnpttons, tmporters are firm In course the re must be an allowance made for the quan @6 So, IS at 7@7 oo, 3 I at 8@8.9o, 4r at 9 @ 9 90 25 there have been considerable sales effected, ttty of tmported leaf tobacco u se d by ouf manufacturat Io@ro,7s, 8 at II@II 7S, 4 at 1 2 @12 7S, 6 at IJ@ but for some growths the pnces realized must be vety ers and the ctgars and other tobaccos tmported, whtc 13 75, S a t 14 25@14 7S1J: at rS 25, 3 at so, 2 at dtscouragtng to the shippers ,The11e tS a de-are by the mternal taxes levied on the arltcle 2 r so, I at 22 so, 3 at 23@23 so, 3 at 24@ 24 so, I at mand for good to fine descnptwns of ctgar tobacco, but The sptut tax was for 1872 on 68,27 s,7 45 gallons, and a6, I at 27, I at 31, r at 32 so, r at 34 so, I at 36, I at for the corr\mon classes there ts httle lnqutry Imporfs, p roduce d 1>491473,SI6 36 ,.or ne arly 75 cents per gal\on 43, I at 49, 14 boxes at 4 50@12 70 In the same lime r,q,ss hbds. Dehvenes, 9 S s hbds ;-gainst r,o3o hhds m the two taz:es aggregatmg for 1 S 7z, $S3,2o9,686 88, or 7 hbds were passed, and b1ds were reJected ou s 4 lrhds the corresp1mdmg month of last year Stock, I2,049 s o meth }ng one,fourth of the enttre revenues of at 4 6o@27 so, and 2I boxes at 4 IO@ro To day qmet hhds agamst r3,8QO hhels m 1S72, Ii,002 l1hds t p I87r, the Government-upon two artzcles We hve under a Sales 55 hhds 2 at S@S 7o, Io a t 6 Io@6 8o, 8 at Io@ 12,9SS hhds 111 rS7o, II,4r6 bhd:. m rS69, r6,6s r hhds ConstitutiOn m the e tght b sectiOn of whtcb t hese words Io 7S' 6 at II@II 75, I at I2 25, rat I3, 1 at IS.75, 1 m 1 86S aqd 19,592 hhds m IS67.., V1rgmta leaf and occur "The Congress shall have,, to levy at I6, I a t rS so and 3 boxes a t 4 So@7 So. 4 6 hhds stnps, wttli t he exceptiOn of some of the finest classes, and collect taxes, duhes, tmposls, and exc ises to pay wen; passed (mamly factory drfed) and btds were re have been j but httle mqmred there ts now but a the debts and provtde for the common (!efe nce and Jected on 12 bbds at 4 3 0 to 40 small assortment of spmnmg qualJttes offenng, and hght general w e lfare of the Umted States, bztt all dutus, zm Hhr!s Is73 1 s72 leaf t s to. find. The last arnvals ll:ave pro posts, ani! excfRs rhall be uniform t!zroughoat the Umted Recetved a.f warehouse m July __ 1 3 o6 duced !t t tle that Will mcrease the stock of fine tobacco States." It mu;t p e clear, from words, that any Do shtpped through________ I 3 7 8 -2,6 8 4 1 ,8 3 6 Kentucky leaf and stnps have eKpenence'd little change puty, t mgost1 O E exctse not umform caq not be consti Recetved at warehouse3 Ist Jan and some old tmports of the former have been placed t u tt o n a l, and mas much as no t ax not taken 111 kmd, to 31st July __ :_ ___ _______ 9,s63 at fatr rates A good demand extsts for heavy whtc h 1staken upon any basts, except tlze value of the Do shtpped through __________ 6,o 34_IS,S9? 10 270 export class es, and for stnps 1buyers h aye sup-property taxed c an be umform, we h a ve aeparted Offenngs dunng July----------1,623 I,592 plted their munedtate reqmre ments only l'nces c o n from th e plam mte nt and meamn g o f th e Conslttutwn, Do from Jan I to Jul y 31:____ 9 5 I 5 7 790 tume steady at ou r quotations Maryland and OhiO m se1ectmg two arttcles and taxm g them not accordzng Dehvenes from war e house dur-contmue dull of sale, and the sales effected have only to thetr zalues produced by the labor of our people mg July-----------------, 1 ,3 I 9 I,43 I been to a tnflmg extent Holders show every mahna out of the hundreds of articles, the product of the sot!, Do from Jan. I to July 31-----_ 7,s64 6,Jos tt o n to meet the Vtews of Havana cigars of an& manufactured among us, would seem to be arbt Stock m warehouses Aug r____ 2 0 8 4 I,66S good quahty contmue to be sought after, and bnng ft1ll trary !1 most monarchtcal governments thts course 3 truth, wbtch for so many years has charactenzed a ma JOnty of the traders m these two arttcles ,In common wtth every other mterest these trades and manufac tures are mltmately co nnected wtth our currency, and tluctuattons m tt are as ht.utful to them as to any other and probably more so, as the taxes patd enter mto the cost of thetr products when consumed ; and a fiuctuatmg currency unsettles the value of thetr pro ducts. By the census. the growth of tobacco m IS6o was 434,209,461 pounds, and the same authonty makes the produc ton of 1870 to be 262 ,73 5,341, or a dimm tshed production of I7I,474,I2o-absolutely more than one thtrd less than was grown ten years before Shall we attnbute th1s fallmg off m the crop of tobacco to th1s unJUSt tax or not? The augmentation of other crops, and the loss on tobacco, would seem to warrant the unpress10n, certamly,_ that some powerful cause bas operated to depress Its culttvat10n An unfavorable season may have bad some effect, but I submit whether the ; ax ts not a cause sufficient to warrant the conclu SIOII that the-perll!C!OUS mfluences of the InJUStiCe anO wrong don e to t he manufactu r ers of tobacco have lessened the productton ? F or whoever may pay any tax, 1f more than the val ue of the arttcJe IS demanded, as a t a x on 1ts m anufacture, the producer of the raw matenal must suffer, smce hiS purchaser t s weakened and h1s r eqm rements lessened, as the consuqtptton must fall off under unjust and htgh taxes, the fact IS s1gmficant and worthy the gravest constderatJOn by the"" Government, for It wtll not do to dry up any agncul tural mdustty by oppresst\ e legtslatJOn Very respectfully, D H LONDON. Auction Sale. B} Burdett & Dennts, 113 Pearl St, on Thursday, August 21, U S Marsha l's sale of chmce Havana c1 gars Rem.oval. quote mfenor and ltght we1ght lugs, $4 @ 5 25, rates, but common and ordmary desctlplwns rnove off tsadopted, these two products, tobacco and spmts factory do, S so@6 planters' do, 5 7 s@7 common slowly Havana tobacco continues neglected, and wtth are the two articles that all such governments have se shtppuag leaf, 5 75@7 75 medmm sb 1ppmg leaf, s so@ the present limited supply the transactions have been lec te d as those from whtch to denve much of thetr re-r RICHMOND, VA -J Landau, removed to 2I l'huteenl h 9, good do, 9 zs@Io, factory dned shtppmg leaf at qutle of a retatl character Yara and Cuba are but enue, and many of :these nwnarcbtcal govern St, Mam and Cary. S so@ I:> so, medmm manufactunng leaf 8 7S@ro, good httle mqmred for, of the latter growth there ts a fa1r ments have selected a few articles from thetr Imports do, 11@14, medmm bnght wrappmg leaf, If@x,S, good assortm ent Mamlla cheroots have been m bette r de from wbtch to collect duttes I t has been satd that the do, 20@30; fine do, 3S@7S Plug tobacco 1s from 2 mand at steady rates, and the stock IS now very !trotted, revenue IS the and 1f so how unfortunate to 3 cents lower tpan my last quotatwns b11.t of ctgars there IS an excessiVe supply, a large por to our love of hberty and equal1ty must tt be for us to Wednesday, August 13 -Mr J E Hayne!, Dealer t10n of wbtch IS of mdtfferent make and quahty, pnces see the same pr'mctples whtch govern monarcbtes m Leaf Tobacco, reports Recetved 623 hhds agamst for whtch are lower and very Mamlla tobacco brough t mto practtce among us, espectally as the de627 the prevwus week The demand contut.Ues good has been but little eperated m, ansmg from the sm all clme of o ur sluppmg as related by Mr Cragm, platl'lly espectally fer manufacturmg grades, and pnces stock of suttable tobacco here Advtces from Mamlla mdtcates a lessemng of our supremacy m the foreigo steady and finn Sales from Thursday to yesterday m report that a sale took place on the 5th ult, but only a commerce o f the country, masrriuch as no nation bas clustve 246 hhds 4 at $4 30@4 So, 19 at S @s.9o, 26 at portion of what was offered found buyers, and that at ever lost Jts for etg n trade and mmptamed Its mdepenp.t 7@7 90, 38 at 8@8 90, 3 s at 9 @ 9 90 24 least Ioo,ooo qumtals of the crop of 1871 are sun held dence Now, 111 our tanff on 1mpc.rtatwns, we cerat IO@Io 7S 19 at u@II 75, 9 at I2@r2 so, 4 at I 3 @ nere, but a portiOn of thts IS now nearly useless, and tt tamly have endeavored to protect our own rnanufactur I3 7S, 5 at 14 25@14 so, I at rs 75t rat r6, 2 at 17@ IS gtven out that the balance ts tritended for sh i pmen t and tt does seem a gross lll)USt1ce to those of our 17_,_50, 2 at IS@IS 7S 2 at 19 i s@19 so, 3 at 20 @20 so, to Spam, and for manufacture of ctgars liere Colum c tttze ns, who manufacture tobacco and spmts, not only I at 25, r at 26, r at 7 1 2 at 29@29 so, 2 at 30 @ btan-Ambalema contmues neglected, although hold ers to abandon the pnnciple of protectiOn to a great ex30 so, 2 'at 35, I at 40 so, I at 53 so, and I at 6s, and show every mchnatton to be reasonable m thetr de tent but to d,.mand a tax greater than the value of 18 bo es at 4 40@'Io so In the same time I 9 lihds mands Carmen IS much m the same state, the com the arttcles produced. All powers pot delegated to the were passed, a:1d bids were reJected on S9 hhds at 4 6o !IlOn character of the tmports has much retarded ope Go vernment are reserved to the States, and It would @39 To day steady and firm, Sales 68 bhds. I at rattons Gtron, except of fine classes, ts but ltttle 111 seem that tf the use of spmts and tobacco must be 4 7o, 9 at 5@5 90, II at ro@Io 7S, 3 at u@u 7 s 3 at qUlred for Palmyra ts almost at a stand still, and no constdered either a luxury, or detnmetrtal to the health u@r2 so, r at 14 25, I at 17 2s, r at 22, I at 23, r at transactiOns of Importance have taken place, some and customs of the ctttzen, that these questiOns belong 26, I at 30 so, and I box at ro 75 r bbd passed and good parcels are now offermg Esmeralda moves off more dtrectly to the States than to the General Gov btds reJected on I9 bhds "at s 5o@Z7 We quote mfe stead1ly at full pnces, the home trade ts novr taktng ernment Now as v.;e may nghtly questton not only nor anc!, hght we1ght lugs, 4 @ 5 25, factory do, S so@6, thts growth more freely, and for ex porta tum there 1s a the eqUity but the constitutlonahty of these taxes, planters do, 5 7 S @ 7, common shtppmg leaf, 6 7 S@7 7 5 fatr mqmry Cbma contmues m demand and constd surely we may cons1der the propnety of abohshmg them medtum sbtppmg lt:af, S 50@9, good do, 9 2 S@Io, fac erable S

THE TOBAC'CO LEAFi AUGUST 20 VIRGINIA TOBACCO AGENCY, EST.t)_BL!SHED IN I836, BY CH.ARLES M. CONNOLLY. SPENCE, :BROTHERS & CO., DOHAN; CARROLL & CO., TOBACCO N.; Y. Commission lllerch._.. BULKLEY MOORE & CO. & CO., COIIM:ISSION IIERCHANTS IN ;\Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco, 45 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. '\Ve respectfully call the of the trade to the following Standarcl :Brands of Manufactured Tobacco : POUNDS-I I AND 12 INCH. 'Wil'IE I!AP, GOLDEN IlEAL, I GALLJ!lGO, -MORNING STAR, W'WIN I!II!TERI!, I ROYAlL II'I 'Al'fDARD, e-. BIIICHT AND DARK-4a, 6a, AND DOUBLI!i Tli'IICKS.-ftJ'lVE, 1 PEARL, DEW D .:OP, PEABODY, CKAMPA GNE, i 'WATiilll. LILY, DIADEM, BLACKB,:RD, 1 tiBA K.JNG, YACHT CLUB, APROPOS, ete., ote TWISTS-12, 9 AND 6 INCH. GAME COCK AND HENRY CO. ROUGH AND READY IN DRUM5. lOOLLY V,ARDEN, ArLA'N 1'1<' tJ.uiLB, BONA "''DE, eJIAMP.lGNE, FOUR AC.Ill, AU-FA.J.t', .aNIIOlll IIONNII, GRIIlGOI.\Y'S. Dl VEil.'fON, e&e. 1 FANCY TOBACCO; LICHT PRESSED, de. ...CL DORADO, E!IMEil.l.....OA, PIGMY, OPTIMA, ll.\. RO!;Ll, BUFFALO ClllPs, PAN CAKE, hODI!, GOLD BAR! etc. And a large assortment of other brands in I I and I2 inclf lbs. Dark and Bright, t. 4S. s. to. Double Thicks and Fancy Tobaco, to which we invite the attent\on ol the trade. & FRITH, 7 BURLING SLIP, NEW YORK, 'Tobacco Com.m.ission MerchaDts d Sole Proprietors of the Celebrated lh"ands of Smoking Tobacco: Boney Bee, Early Dew, Pratr:le Blossom, Red River; Powhe.ttan, Enterprtae, Old Xentuck, Old Lot; Cabin, Cow Blip, Planters' Cboloe P ioneer of the West, Sunny South, Our BraDd, Honey Dew. Also .Agen!sfor the Un;ted Statea for J.P. HA.WXINS & CO.'S OOLD FLAXB. 11AMF.S M. GARDINER, CHARLES. ;M. CO!IN8""' .._v,N, c""' .,LL,,. TOBAC.t:O. AND COTTON :r. 1'. QVDT c1l. COMMISSION MERCHANTS; 4l. BROA.l> ST., .No. 39 Broad Street, Reaaonable Advanceamade j NEW .YOBK; on Smpmellte. N E W Y 0 R K. G. FALK C! BRO., SEED. .LEAP AND HAVANA TOBACCO, 171 WATER STREET, (> NEAR BURL1NG SLIP, NEW YORK. G. FALK. A. FALK. TOBACCO LABELS, For &motlng and Manufactured TQ,bacco, FURNISHED BY !BE BA T-CB LITHOGRAPHIC VOMPANY, LITHOGRAPHERS, & 34 VESEY STREET, 1\TEW YORK, AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. F W. TATGE-NHORST, THOMAS KINNICuTT. TOBACCO Keot11cky and Vll'gi.nia SUEHAL MUCHAJL bacco 68 lllltOAD sTREET, R'9. Sa Street, NEW YORK. YORJh a. co., BETTs & !IIIII I!'BONT BTRBBT, D:tnaSSION DRCHAN'l'S, GENERAL AUCTIONEERS, .I.Nil 'l'OB-'.000 I"JUUIIII1IUI, t.f Tobacco p.........t In bales ror tho West Indies, j1:D and COiltnll Amerleon Porta, and other markelo. .AoND Commission Merchants, ''1 OLD SLIP. TOBACCO PACKliD "'{ HOGSWHp NEW YORK. A. D. CBOOKLBY, -. COKmSSION MERCHANT, lOUD A. VEGA 6 BU. fT b D 1 --w And Lea o acco ea er, 10. J.68 PEARL sTREET, NEW YORK, Ba'V'aDa Tobacoo ( .illo, corner Thirteenth and Cary Streets, AKD OZG.A.Bil. F RICBMO:ND, Va., 8oU11t Consignment tor the Rew Tmrlt Roue. r.wer Oi$78.l":a.nd .Tobacco Baes I w YO.Il. 1H. PtM8UTO. -.J ..... G. PRO!; Pemberton & Penn, TOBACCO COMMJSSJON MERCHANTS, 'l!ith a /qng in the business, tqftr IMir senrius lo jill qrders fqr Tqbacco, -----DANVlLLE, VA. .. L. JIAN!1FACTVRERS CELEBRATED .And Variou3 other Brand# of Fine-Cut & Smoking Tobaccos, '0_ 2 and 5i WT '1'EIID STUE'l', CINCINNATI, 0. Beinglocated at the GREAT LEAF MARKET for CUTTING ToBAcco, our facilities for supplying the TRADE with ALL GRADES OF FINE -CUT and SMOitiNG are WEISS, ELLER & KAEPPEL; IMPORTERS OF AND MAJ:.ERS IN IIAV ANA TOBACCOS, 220 PEARL STREET; NEW YORK. Ex. NoaTOH. 1.'. J. 13. H. WISDOM. 1 EDWARD M. WRIGHT & Cit. neral Commisxion 3e Broad Street, WORTON, SLAUGHTER & CO., TOBACCO & COTTON FACTORS, General Commh:i3ion Merchants, NEW YORK 41 BRO.ItD N.Y. STRAITON & STORM, A..XD PEALBRS IN LEAP TOBACCO, No. 191 PEARL STR'EET, New York JOliN BTRA..ITOX. GEORGE STORll. ALEXAND&R MAITLAND. COMMISSION 104 FRONT M J. DOHAN, } ........ TO.... { TH0S. CARROLL, ALEX. FORMAN. 1'10-. J !J:J N. LACHENBRUCH & BRO No. 184 Water Street, New York; WHOLESALE DKALBR.S JN HAVANA & DOMESTI-C Leaf' Tobacco. E. & G FRIEND & CO., Leaf' Tobacco, 129 MAIDEN LANE, KDWABD FllJBl(D, t l'fEVJ YORK.; :M. WESTHEIM & CO., PACJ:ERI 0' Seed-Leaf and Importers of HavanaTobacco, 177 Pearl Street, NEW TORIL -E. M. CRAWFORD & CO., 1 TOBACCO :i 1AlriD -, 168 WATER STREET, NEW YOKK, H ve oa oale allldnda of Leaf Tobacco tor Ezpog uul for Home liM. OTTINGER & BROTHER ; I KENTUCKY LEAF TOBACCO, 45 BROAD STREET NEW YORK. WILLIA1! M. PRICE &. CO., LEAF TOBACCO, 119 Maiden Lane, FELIX CARCIA, IMPORTER oF w ... M. PlUCE, } NEW vo.-. HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO, _:J'. A_ JA-YNE. ____ of RAP PEE, CONGJU'!::SS, and St:oTCH \ T. GUTJ:E&R.ZZ ). JOS. A N D C I GAR S, MAYER'S SONS, I & 13 SIIITHFIELD ST., Pl'rTSBIIIIC. PA ;-Lso or THE WEL.L "'rO"iN o. 1 GARTH soN a: co Brands.ofCiRars La Carolina & Hcnrv Clay. ., and "SARATOCA .llll>DUL&BSLW csnccessou to cw ........ B. l'ALLaNsT.; N & co.,) 16,. Water St., New .LQttJ.f Commission Merchants, :z.22 .4... w ...t21BM BTBllliX. :JOBN R. FLOOD. BROAD ST., ,.New_York. #' Chaa. M. Garth, NEW mechanical Henry Schroder, YORK. Cigar Table, SPENCER BBOS. [1:. co'W V 1-R c IN I A S M 0 K I N G JQBA C C QS 173 sEt., CARPLES173 st., CODISSION DRCHANTS 1 introdur:ed into factories, and has m e t the D l I TV lpprovat or thetr proprtetors, t o whom he can rere r ea ers tn. Jefferson Street, between 7th and 8th, wPORTER OF HAVANA CIGARS, Leaf' Tobacco L Y 'lilT #"ff. H B U R G v I R G I 'lilT I A DEALER JN DOMESTIC CJGARS Agent. OsWALD ERolfRTH, >6 drcharil St., X Y. City ':>.T 75 .... "" > .... AND ALL KIND< oF ... o. .1.U.&1den Lane, Bob White, in C loth, Deer Ham, in Cloth, Johnny Reb, in Cloth LEAF TO BA ceo. H SPEN NEW YORK. Wes tward Hoi i11 C l oth Aunt Sal Cfroice in Cloth Rustic Belle iln Cloth Domestlc Clprs taken on Comml .. lon and advance p K MISCH & CO T. CER. C. c. SPENCER. A. S PENC:&R. 1 mado thereon Dew Drop, in Ctoth Jofly Boy in CloJh, Old White Hat, 'J And other Choice Grades J. M. ARD, Agents, All Brands of our Tobaccos packed in cases to suit pnrebMers, FREE OF EXTRA .W. and jn the n e w and popular style of Packages to suit the different markets of th' worlol. AND -FACTORY No.6. FIFTH DISTRICT. TOIMCCO BROKER. lEAf TOBACCO BROIERS :Z:CW':rN-KA TTSON, 122 .Arch. P:b.Ua.delp:bia ROTTERDAM,. WHOLESALE' TOBACCONISTS, Gei1Gl'al AiGJ!Ur the Euttrn anc1 Ki441o Ste.t.ea, OhlaanUilchipll. .. 218 86ttl1t 1r4JI-lll-1 f/HLC.AQO ''"' ----M. H. CLARK & BRO., /


AUGUST-20 JACOB RENKILL, I \ MANUF-(1-CTURER OF CIGAR BOXES, SUPERIOR MAKE AND Prime Quality of \ j ... CEDAR WOOD. 7' ALSO, DEALER IN CIGAR MOUlDS aDa, 1296 fi 297 Monroe st., NEW YORK. M. W. MENDEL & BRO., MANUFACTURERS OF CIGARS AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, Pearl Street, NewYork Oity. WK. AGNEW SOliS, !oba.coo a.nd a&4 nd 286 FroiK S .t:-a. NEWYOBK. IUftl OJC' IJA.L ALL J>ql)iUPlwaaLear Tobmo for Export nd Ho111 I& Leaf Tobacco baled in 11111 p8(bp 1o press for export. FEB.KE." -.. &, SCOVILLE, IB!PGB'rBBS 011 sARIIB, e UD .JOISIJllfil! OJ' Ai.L KnmB '01' LEAF TOBACCO, No. 17f! Water Street; New York L. : PALMER A. H. SCOVILLB, ConnecticutSeed-leaiWrapperofourownpti.oking BATJER & BRO., CX)JDIUIION KUOIUliT8 .AliD IMPORTEB.S 0:1' CLAY PIPES, 77 WATER-STREE'l.. I'EW-YO:U. JOSEPII SCHEIDER, DEALER IN TOBACCO, 213 PEARL STREET, ltTBlV roRB. LOBENSTEIN & GANS SOLE IMPORTERS OF THE GENUINE W. & M, C .IGAR ivJ:'oULDS, p ::a ::&: s s ::&: a., STRAP'S AND CUTTERS, lOl loWDEN LA.Ni, NEW YOBX. ., ; MARTIN & JOHNSON, 166 WATER STREET, U.t.ween lllalden Lane and Burling Slip, Tobacco Commission :Merchants, AGENTS FOR 'T'HE SALE OF ALL TH.E STANDARD BRANDS OF YIR81N1A 16 NORTH CAROLINA JfiANUPACTURBD & SMOKING TOBACCOS Agents for the following wel.l-known "\\irginil\ and N. Carolina : ROBERT w OLIVER, Richmond, va.. I Wll'fGFIELD & L:A WSON, Richmoilll. iVa. D. C. JIAY.O & Va WOl'I.ACK & INGRAM, Mloadoville;Va. W. J. GENTRY & cO:, R1chmond, Va. W. DUKJI.1 Durham, N.C. 1 MA\'0 & KDIIO'HT, R1chmond, Va, R. T FAuCETT, Durham,l!l. C. HARDGROVE, POLLARD .t 'C0 Richmond, Va. COOPKa &: 'WILLIAMS, N : o. The attention of Trade is called to the following established Brands : liUJRJF AC'l'11B.ED JU.JftJTACTUB.ED Virginia Beauties, P. P.'s whole aud" Caddiel Gld Ks, Ms P. P's. Virginia Beauties, 35, 41, an4 .... D. C Mayo1& Oo., N a.vy lbs. 1 Farmer's Daughte'r, )S, 4S. and Jta! D. C.--Mayo &Co., Navy, J(a, aod "'' P. P., in whole, Sallie Wlllle, and JPlugTwlst. "'and!( caddies. SalHe Willie, Fig. D. C. Mayo 4:; 45, and xos.. lnvim;ible, 'W. J Gentry & Co ., Navy, }{1, .J{s, ]#[s, P. Ps, Oriental, Fig, 1n tia foil, lb. bca:es, fanc7. and JonJ xo's. Cb.arm, 6-inch Twist, in tia foil, X cadmQAlLtl UBX. ifAueaw.uo. BPI>l<>ABI< L. GASSIDlT & BBO., COMMISSION :MERCHANT 0 COMMISSION MERCHANTS Leaf Smoking ROBERT E. KELLY It, CO., FRIEDI!N & OETTINGER, 1 1ft c' CO 3i :BEAVEB STUET, NEW YOBX1 A>TDDJ:AI.BBBmALLJt, 5171. 8pemal attention paid to the lonnlrdlnc ol AJIID D .IUidiB ":' \oforeignoountr1e1. 1 NEW YORK. MANUFACTURERS OF CARL HEYMAN&LOWENSTEIN 0 toaf Tobacco Segar Boxes, -1'5'7, liJIJ & 181 GOEBCK ST, NEW YORK. Best Material and Superi?r Make l;y Self Invented and Patented Ma(h.inery. r; 1 lSS PEA.BL S'rUE'l', LEAF T Q B A C C 0 Water Stroot, P.O.Boz2989. NE'W YORK. 99 __ .. _, L ,NEWY.ORK. E. PASCUAL BROTHER & _(;o. .-.w.uen ane, N. Y, ..,.., A. H. CARDOZO & CO., KEBCJIANTS AND Dll'OB'l'DS or._ Tobacco&CottonFactors, Havana Packers of and Dealers ht SIMOlf SALOMOlf', .Importer of ... a Dealer b. l.GERSHEL & m 1$8 WATBB. STJU:BT, l'IBW "2'0JI.K Chneral Gom.miaaion l!, P 0. BOX 39:15 Leaf Tobacco SEED LEAF TOBACCO, AND SEGARS, No. 86 M.AIDEN LANE, No. 1.23 Pearl Street, New York Wo.IH Pearl Street, NEWTORJio NEW YORK .LH.<'.vmoso. PRICE LIST OF CLEAR HAVANA CIGARS OF "THE VJCHOT & CO. CIGAR HA.NUFACTUB.JNG CO,IIPAtt," 8. SEI,I,JNG'S SONS,I No. '76 STREET, NlEW YORK. S'U.peri.c:>r ::a:::>e J'oe' 'V':loh.c:>'t: Packers and Dealers in Reina VJct:ortat .. tl30 Londres, de Corte Cll'doa, -Seed-Leaf &. lia;'"'ana. Tobacco: Reina Fbuo, 8& Oonehas, extra, Y ReK&lfa Brttauica, .. ... C.o:u.ellaa, : : : t55 80 '15 60 Bll.OA:OWAV, ccrn&r of CeW Street., NW Capital, $2,000,000. DE.A WS BILLS OF EXCHANGE and issues LETTERS OF CREmT available lit all prindpal places abroad. Accounts and Correspondence of Merchants, Banks, Bankers, etc-solicited. :J H. SCHREINER. Cashier. EMIL SAUER, Prea'te -. S. MICHAELIS & CO ... IMPORTERS OF CIGAR MOULDS, :i?E::sss::ms, STRAPS & CUTTERS, PEARL S'rUE'.r I NEW !()rut .BARNETT, DEALER IN SCHROEDER & KOCH,. PACKERS OF H.,o\.VANA AND DOMESTIC SEED LEAF, LE1!! HAVAii.\'TOiACCO NEW YORK. 203 Pearl St., New York City. Ferdinand Weathoff, Jr., Fine CigarS; Kercha.nt, LEAF ANDTOBACOc), BBEME'N, No. SG Maiden Lane, New York. GERMANY. J ./o.. HARTCORN NO .. !!. GBUH-. :a:. ::m. ::a.oK-6. Y cA co., No. sa 'Wall Stre..t. CLEAR CIGARS. FLOR DEL FIIIIARrl. ::R.eina VlCto a Regalia Britanica Concbas -Sublimes IITIIDAD -ltegalla llrltanlca Conchas .. -I ':. ..lns.oo .. .. 125.00 :C1a; : : C)OoOO --6o.oo LOUIS Ultra Regalia -.. Concha! de Regalia .. Entreactos ---ESP de --Lond res de Corte ROSA _ FIGARO. LOndres de Corte --75.qo 55MANUFACTURER OF ALL KINDS e-, TOBACCOPilHI&HlBBDDB 263 East 4th St., New York. Orders promptly attended to at the shortest 1.92 PEARL STREET' NEW YORK CITY. CO. Factors, 'lr I .ll '$! t/11'8/i\, '(1)) .ll .AXD COMMISSION !lA A Af &. \W NJ) 'l-' \\1 \1!1 TO & 12 BRoOAD STREET, Sg WATER STREET, InlW YOR. Neu Wall Street, NEW YORK -----------SAWYER,)\' ALI.A.OE & OQ, ANTONIO GONZALEZ, IMPORTER 01' u ........... r.._va. No. 47 HAVANA_LEAF TOBACCO 'AND .. L. OABV AJAL'S CIGARS, W 167 Water Street, New YIL ED. WISCHMEYER It, Cf.l J D HUNT TO:BACCO \ CODISSION MERC:EAF.T. COMMISSION MERCHANTS F. W SMYTHE & CO., Commission Kercha.nts, Wholesale Deelen in RegaUa Lenc1re1,' 125 Conchita I, -: .. RegaUa Vhlca, .. 90 Panetela, WINE;:( AND LIQTTQRS Zarzuelaa, 109 Flor de : : : : 'U Lendrel extrat .. DO Opera B.eiDa, ALL RINDS OF !g Cjgar8 and Leaf 4g SOUTH CHARLES ST ... BALTIMORE. u lDVlNCEIIEUS ,, MADE ON 30 NORTH JOHN STREET, 189 FRONT Londrea:.ohleo extra, ,' 60 Iara.catco, P :Bc>:::E. 48Gogo. .LrVERPOOL, EWGLAND. N .EW YORK D. Ckristian & Co.,. 'R:""i. YouNc aR'o::VlJ!FICE: 133 Water Street, Ne, w York. c. :r COMMISSION XER9HAN'f. TOBACCO 1 Packer&. Dealer in / BROKER, Leaf' Tobacco KY.,No. I 64 Front St., .. "'--' -NEVf YORK.. ..l ...


' l 1 Phnadelphia .&.dvertiaem.entll.' Smltla BJPOB. A Klieoht, -1 f1 .. .,_ AU. a. ................... ... De.,.,.. .. f),.... aaa RACK 8TRB.T, PHILADBLPHIAc t-SIEWART _RALPH & CO., Manufacturers of Balph's Scotch Snuff, ,AND CIGABS . '2Sfo. 1111 ..:P"F"%X. p:J!I:LPEI:%:.&.. llobert Stewart, Jameo P. Marks, Alexander Ralpb, Jobn W. Woodside, SamuelA. HODdri::a.a..ooe>. 154' State Street, B. a z. E. :P:S.asE; DlULIIBS Ill" Cennecticut SeedLeaf I _.,.: 16 Maxket Hartfoxd, Conn. WESTPHAL, :MERCHANT, And In CDN. IECTIClJt SE.ED PacR:ers, 'Merchants, and 'Wholesale Dealers in Foreign and Dom.ustic Leaf' 117 North Third Street.Philadelphia. COBNECTIGUT, 1UVAlU ill YARA LEAF 'TOBACCO, I .AND MAlroFAC'l'm!.Ds o:r_ CIGA.l'..S. .. ... No. 49 S CHARLES STREET, BALTJMORE. .IIJ:. <> b ao o o, =:::;::::::; state st xartrord. MANUFiCTURERS-rOF FINE CIGARS, AND DEALDS IN LEAF TOBACCO, NO .. 1.1.2 WEST THIRD STREET, CINCINNATI, OHIO. 'IVOOD 1V A.RD QA.RBB'Z''J.' & ao. Fuo'K WILKENS, Fuo'K KLl&R wxr.KBxs c1c. Leaf" "!uobaccO l-aa liO.Water St. and 82 Delaware Av., Philadelphia. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, No: 14:3 First Avenue, Pittsburgh. sg South St., near Pratt Balthnore, Md. G. GIESKE. ED NIEMANN. GIESKE&NIEMANN -TOBACCO FACTORS ]Acos WElL, AAaolf KAHil. ..A. wa1t WElL, & &. Co. .. MANUfACTURERS AND WHOLESALB DEALERS IN' Cigars and Leaf Toba'cco, w DRESEL co 134 MAIN STREET, CINCINNATI, o. I IJ llirSole f o r "EL Brand of Cigars. 87 GAY STREET. STRASSER PRICE & LIPPMAN :BALTIKOU, KD., I 63 Exchange Place, Xd. ,... ,....., 0 A. c c 0 {Successors to STRASSER & CO.) WE authorize SIGHT DRAFT for amount ofT AX ...-:::> M,.'NUFACTURERS OF Cl8 R .And Oommissi LOUISVILLE KY THOMAS D. N 'EAL, SOLRMANUF ACTUBEBS OF TH-E CXLRB:RATED 'W EISENLOHR & CO., : LOUIS GIESKE PACKERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN OOMM,.ISSIUN MEROHANTS, LEAr TOBAcc. o 1 1 16 SOUTH WATER STREET, PHILADELPHIA .. 4 2 South Ch_arles Street, W. EISEIILOHR. "'s. W CLARK. PHILBOIN. BA' L TIMORE, MD. ) AITT IUCA.RDS, LEFTWICH & CO., POHAN T LEAF .a e ".'r I. RINALDO SANK & 'CO., t'*cco and Gflneral Commissionlerchants, II"ORTH STREET, 10 N. DELAWARE AVENUE, PHILADEtLPHIA. 1 nbacco Commission T 0 B A c c o FA c r o R s, 89 EXCHANGE PLACE, ... TOBACCO BROKER,. IBIEJ.A.X.. R. OF MONITRESS TOBACCO WORKS wHoLESALE DitAms IN to bur respectfully solicited aoIL SORVER, GRAEFF & COOK, 1110. W.IDWARDS'"& CO., .. Commission J!4el'thant8 in LEAF T Q BAC C Q lJAF TOBACCO ill .CIGARS, xos N, wATEa sTREET, al'o. 62 North Fr011t St., l'hiladelplda. pun,ADEJ,PHIA. Allrtedllcorlce alwayum hand. III"DIAN APOLIS, III"D, 39 Wuhillgt.on St., Inaian&polis, Illd. Llberal.CashadvancesmadeonConsignments. SZGliMUND KASPROWICZ. PAUL,KASPROWICZ ..) Enterdoccor'lntooctorCongH"InA e e 0' w. H. Guntber, John D. c. Stovenso..: J. H. TYREE, JOHN FINZER, 'lf'E1'<.'FINZE!l.. FRED. FINZER GUNTHER & STEVENSON Co'll''lii'TSSIQN ''ER RUDOLPH FINZER, NICHOLAS FINZER. AlooDealeniD .w.&..UU. oil.&. CHANT, JOHN FINZER & BROS Gunther, Lynchburg, Virginia. MAXUFACTURERs OF "' EAF TOBACCO & CIGARS, TOBACCO !!L FACTORS,. wm siv hi personal .. 1 .;d pur-. "FIVE BROS NAVY," ,VIltGINlA PINE 102 MAIN STBEET, LEAF TOBACCO. APPLE PAN-CAKE" &11dCth,, .And Gtne:a1 OommiaaiOil Xercllazlt.w, aa"Libenl .UV&D

R mine, and then we jointly drank h alth c;>f the scareman has given an account of his estimate in regard t() s U.T_RO, & NEWVAR. K, SouTH,WRST MissouRI.OUR INTERVIEWE : crow he groaned ours, but declmed to dnnk; he_ was raising crop in our State. He says from presentapA wealthv business man, bent on cbnverting Jacques before be left. pearances crop, will be raxsed. Editor says--expect says a Col["WHAT SHALL BE DoNE WITH HrM ?"-Our New His presence made me unusually active. "He may it is under-estimated. No sir, gentemen. The crop r Q iK: GMANUF:&'RS.,RC,O: s man's Rural World, residOrleans correspondent says Jacques Laflem, when he have some grams of truth itr his ideas," I thought.; and will not be more than of that, as the lateness of sea-, ,. ing in the southern pa!t of went to register himself was found to be one hundred pensively remarked to the ancien_t sweep, you son, and the smallness of growin g crop, is so far behind the State of New York, with and seven years above the age required by law, he hav-think it very wrong to go on smokmg and dnnkmg, and that it is impossible to raise any thing like a crop. As ht's wt're v"tsited Christian t"ng been born t"n 1744, and consequently passed thro_u.,oh l"k \"h d th I ha e tat d ome ti. ne ago we Wt"ll not rat'se over AND IN 1 yet keep on Jivmg 1 e this r v y o you tiS re v s e s "teel_ -_ann&l"'..l..lEJ .A. C C O.,. county, and in fact eve_ry one hundred and twenty-eight years of mundane JOys morselessly upset the theories of these good men ? ro,ooo cases tobacco this year. I have to day ...,. .-:::a. .11:' -.A;portion of southwest Mts-and sorrows. Fortune does not seem to have dealt .as You aught to have been dead long ago, of all manner parts ?f 5 acres, that are not than what 1t ought '--76 PARK PLACE, NEW YORK. souri Indian Territory and kindly with him as Time, for, despite his advan_c.ed_age, of frightful things; why don't you die?" to be Ill two weeks after plantmg. Venitaf along the line _of the h e is a chimney sweep by profession. As he ts a cen-Jacques said, taking a little drink, and blowing a big Virginia. AtlanticandPacificRalroad tenarian he is a success but he is a fearful anomaly, cloud:" I'll think about it." He continued-" I don't No matter says the Danville Regisfu of the 13th instp several days during the taken from a moral of view. He smokes, cllews, want to do any'h-arm to anti-1oobacco societies; and if how seasonable the 1\eather may be 1rom this time for month of Jply. He was and drinl,cs sits up late and rises early. He used this gentleman who seems so will leave a ward, our information that. the crop in this region afhighly delighted with the _Tobacco in' his early youth, and then gave it up for a matter of a hundred dollars, to pay for my funeral, Ill fected by the drought ts a fa1lure, and the tobacco crop glorious panora:ma number of years, apd has continued using it to pre-see what can be done." is but little, if any, better. The dry weather still con greeted his eyes. He satd sent day. It did him no harm when he chewed_ tt, and At Ihe mention of anti-tobacco societies, the nontinues, or at the few partial rains which have rethat if the farmer_s of Newdid him no good when he abandoned it. smoker pricked up his ears. When silence cameagam, cent1y fallen in certain neighborhoods, in Pittsylvania, York knew of thts country, necessary to him, and he attributes his long life to his he said-" Ah t Jacques, my friend, don't you rem6HlFranklin, Henry, aswell, Rockingham, etc.,havelserved within twelve months every indulgence iq it. What shall be done to such a man? ber the ten years you belonged to us ?" to benefit the growing crops but little. In portions of acre for sale woulg be pur-He blows both hot and cold, and is ground as Ja.cqu"!s seemed affected, and taking his pipe out of Caswelt County, we are told, the farmers are cutting chased by eastern farmers. much to the advocates as to the opponents of Tobacco. his mouth looked on the ground, shook his old head, down their corn, have despaired ot its making any grain There are homes for thous-He is perfectly useless as an object to point a moral, and sighed. and will save the blades as fodder. To add to _the misangs of families in the vi-whatever value he may have to adorn a ta!e."-From The friend of Hugh Mason, Esq., J. P., D. L., saw he fortu11e of the dry weather, we hear that the chmch bug cinity of this place, and New York Tobacco Leaf.] had madt: an impression, and followed on: "l)on't you is infesting the corn, doing much in some secmay be at DEAR SIR-By your command, says a w iter in Cope's. remember the meetings, the speeches, the audiences, tions. The region of country covered by this drouth from four to etght and Tobacco Plant I have interviewed Jacques Lafiem, and the literature, collections?" embtaces the fine tobacco-growing section of Virginia twelve per flCre, that beg to push o:er the account to you. I consider the Jacques sighed again, with an increase of lung power. and North Carolina. will pro duce t.he _first Y.ear sum you sent me to pay my passage and expenses ex-He would have dragged out his hair in his .extreme 1 POWHATAN. with fair thirty cessively mean. grief, but he had only three hairs left, and couldn't fiml The Richmond .Dispatch. of the 14th inst., observes: bushels of wheat tot e acre. I said so mysell, with a gentle sigh, "Scarce a 'qutd' them in his agita tion, so they still wave in the gentle The farmers, who had anticipated an excellent season The same careful of a-day ; ahd I wiped my eye. Then I muttered the breezes when he pops his head out of the v.indow in for tobacco and corn, were much discouraged at the ,::onL 1 C 0 R 1 C E p AS T E A N D R 0 0 'r farmi_ng em_Ployed m words Sir Walter Scott wrote, to be quoted years after the early morning. tinuance of dry weaihe,r, which was the tobacco 1f pradtced here wou 1 his decease-"On, Stanley, on and, like the Ameri"Then," said the converter, agitatedly clasping his to run up very narrow. THE UNDERSIGNED OFFERS TO THE TRADE IJOOBIOJ1 ROo"T AND 'mE FOLLOWING :Bll.Am)S OF LICOBICE'P!STI: ZZ 3. V. ABAZOGLU .&oc A. SEFXRIAR.DI. APOLLO. DIRECT IMPORTATIONS FROM TuRKEY AND SPAm", QUAI.ITY GUAilAN1'liED, AND FOR SALE BY J. SCHNITZER. 33 CENTRAL WHARF, BOSTON, MASS.; or W. & A. LEAMAN, No; 67 NEW YORK1 CONNECTION WITH DOME;ST!C LICORJCICFACTOR!ES Davenport C gar Mould Company. SIGllroND EGER, 190 Peq.rl P. 0. Box 3933, New York. D ar Sir -I beg leave to jnform you that, for the accomm<5da.ti o n of our nume;ous J have opened an offic e and salesroom for our Cigar !.-loulds which are acknowledged by1.he largest Eastern and Western Cigar t o be the best in the. market, at the place. Please send yoqrordt:rs for additiof!al supply, or call and examaoe, and send Cor.tlescriptiv e circular before bUflng elsewhere. Notice our Pnce List fat Blocks of 20 Bunches. In Quantitie s of tess than :Jo Blocks, ............................ 90 Cents. Jn Quantitie s over 2o and tess than Blocks, .............. as Cents. J n Quantitie s over so and less than 100 B locks, ............ So Cents Ia Quantjties over 100 Blocks -... ........ 75 Cents. X L N. T. CLAY PIPE FACTORY, Im.porte.:.O of Pipes and Smoker Articles, SIGMUND, EGER &; CO., M:Uwaukee, Wb. LIQUORICE THE UNDERSIGNED AGENT IN NEW YORK FOR THE MANUFACTURERS OF THE FOLLqW ING W ELL-KNO\VN BRANDS OF LIQUORICE, desires to Tobacco Manufacturers using any or the numerous brands purporting t o b e original and brands ItEW, NewjYork: Dear S ir-We have used ove< I 000 Case& of yoar line gn4eo -of and they have been uniformly vegular and of excellent quallty. Yow-a Very Respectfully, "'\ [Signedl P. LORILLARD It CO. l msure an_ average can hero, resolved to dare all to carry out fing ers "if1you remember things; if they The Farmville Commonwealth. says" we regret to hear cropm thnty 0 ex-of my chief. affect you; if memory carries you back to those pure and unfavorable reports of the tobacco crop in this region tu every I need not say much about New Orleans: I don't balmy smokeless days of virtue and not reA gentlemaq who has taken particular pains to inform Corn wtll yteld about Sixtyknow that it differs much frpm Old Orleans. As a return to tht:m? Why not CQJTie over agam. to us ? We himself on the subject tells us that many planters with. five. bushels the spected traveller re'lnarked of Ireland: The houses are not harsh.; we are not unfeeling; we will not repel whom he has conv e rsed have assured him that the crop Frutt trees thnve dy are build in the open air, and the top rooms seems to you, we will not; we will again take you in r is at present the worst' they ever knew, and tl1at no so"tl The soil an bl m our be generally up staus." no! no I" groaned J ac ques, you wont-amount o( rains can make it even -a tolera e one. climate of County I found the abode of the old gentleman ; and as I you can't!" : are naturally the approacheci.the door from the right, I perceived an "Yes, yes," yearningly cried the good man; "we THE CHEMICAL COIIrlPOSihON-or growth of fnnt. This whc;>le animated scarecrow coming up seriously from the left. will-we will-w-w-i-1-l-1-ll _... produces a supenor 1 guessed he was an An\i-Tob"accoite, from "You won t, I tell you," shouted old Jacques, TOBiluCO-HOW 'TO IMPROVE quality of ance .of being anxious to _absorb all mann:-r of gnefs to Jiis.feet, angrily at tlie sp. eQker. "You ,!I'HE QUALITY. !large 3:n me into his general I was-smokmg, and as took me in onc;:e, but f111 see yoi.L hanged befo5e 4you 1 chants of St. Louis we met, he said, "Why, sir, do you thus poison the take me in again !' 1 :HE T.fliRD .1\RTICLE. !hat the tobacco grow pure atmosphere of heaven-?" The .go6d man was 'horrorstruck; I was BY Cl;fARLES A. SIECKE. on the conttpent co?les {rom I said it wasn't from malice I did it. If" the atmos-Jacques turned to meThe soluble parts of the ashes of "a combustible toMtss?un. I have phere didn't lik,e it, it cojila, move. "You heard me sigh?" bacco" hplg ufleJ!;teptionally carbonate of potasll (rores1?ed sometime_ here"Ah !"he said, with an abundant groan; you. are "Yes." bacco neve!' contains any soda or natron, only its ashes havmg removed from inclined to levity but you must know you are p01son-"You saw me to do a mischief to mr do) ; and the combustible tobacco is, th_e more State of New ing yourself." hoary locks?" .alkalious are generally it$ ashes. have been m farm1 replied: "Just now you accused me of poisoning "I did, Jacques." After having shown in the preceding paragraphs the .. I. am convmced the atmosphere-now you say I am, "And was all along of thmkmg of those ten years chemical composition of the tobacco plant, it remains tG thts ts m every respect Can you tell me if there's any one else m lmmedtate I was a non -smoker; t :1e troubles I passed through be remarked that some of the anorganic substances are better farming country danger ?" without the consoliqg the dark days that might contained in the plant, while vegetating, and in its ashesany part of York: 0 He said, "I can see it in your eye." have been lightened. Ah sir, I was a tool; and I in quite different a fonn. In the former sulphur ,and country. excel What!" I hastily exclaimed, for I hate to get any don't feel hurt at calling myself one, because I know I phosphor appear as the constituents of albugineous sul>st.ockratsmg. thing in my eye. deserved it. Now, I wouldn't go without my 'Baccyfor stances, and the bases are found jn organic (vegetable) tie, horses, hogs, etc., He extended the fingers of his right hand in a tragic the world. You s'!e I'm old, you see I'm poor; but salts; by the combustion, however, these salts are well on our natural manner, and cried, Disease; consumption; idiotcy; my pipe makes me happy, so that I .don't want to be transformed into carbooates (of potash, soda, lime, etc.). The grass thick m the madness-death I" rich." Phosphoric and silicic acir!, potash and lime nave a timber, and will cut a larger "Well," I replied, "if you can see all those things in At this the Anti-Tobacco man writhed like a seedy remarkably favorable influence upon the successful growth than .the it, you must admit it's a very remarkable eye." worm in convulsions. I made bold to ask Jaques how growth o[ They would be staJved in any soil of the east. The water IS He shook his head seriously, and handed me a copy he escaped from the of the enemy. wanting a sufficient quantity of potash or lime, and not pure-clearer than crystal. of his Society's yournal. I pocketed it, and civilly Why, sir," said he, "when they got me in the web less in any lacking a due amount of phosphoric,. There are no local offered him a Tobacco Plant; but he refused to touch and I felt that I must not smoke I weaned myself on sulphuric or silicic acids. The fat!t, that anorganic of disease-health ndes m the "polluded thirig," as he termed it. bits of pipe and black-lead pencils ; but the lead. substances are found in all plants, shows, that vegeta every breeze.. My back went up a bit at this; and affected my health, I. sucked so much of its essence bles require a certain amount of the same for their health-Twelve tmles from th1 supposing that it would make no difference m h1s out, and one night I nearly swallowed a pencil ful growth and complete aevelopment, -so that anor-: place are the celebrated general health to sort out his titles till he hit on one through going to sleep with it in my mouth-so they ganic substances may be justly called the mineral nu Chalybeate Springs The ot quite are things I can not recommend. After a long time I trient of plants. If such mineral substances are en-waters of remarkab!e "1 was Jed away," he remarked. I agreed with him, got used to not smoking, but I did not find I was any tirely wanting in the soil, the growth of the plant ceases,. springs are satd to m and Him with a smile to let me lead him back the better for it. I, however, persevered for ten years, as soon as the mineral substances of the sown set>ds are a short time again to virtue "Try a pipe of my Tobacco," I though I always had to be careful. If a smoker went consumed j if the quantity of those anorganic substanasthma, bronchttts, .kidney said. by me anJ I got the smell and taste of the smoke, I ces is not sufficient, the plant will be starving and complaint, dyspep_sta, ca-He looked daggers-that's a very mild word. He had to fly over the road to get out of temptation. One stunted; and if some of the -required mineral substances tnrrh, and rheumatism. We looked armories, powcfer-magazines, bombshells, sieges night J got into a tight crowd at a fire: I couldn't move are deficient, the plant becomes crippled and sickly. have churches .and of Paris, and nitro glycerine. He made me. think of a not so much as a clay pipe'll bend. A man just in Direct experiments of ( : ultivation by means of pure sand Life can be I?assed rabid dog saying grace before meat; but I did BOt fear front of me lit his pipe; it was a short, black, little and watery solutions of the n'btrients, have incontestaas pleasantly here as m any -I knew he dreaded nicotine too much to bite me. I beauty. that 'made e wink with delight to see it. The bly confirmed this fact. The basic substances, such as spot on earth_. Our taxes him his business. wind blew tbe smoke right into my face. It was a de-potash and lime, make here probably a similal:' perdis. are a mere tnfle, compaxed "I am about" he said, to visit a poor miserable lirious temptation; but I could'nt get away, so I stayed. p osition as in the formation o[ nitric acid, calling forth with what property h?lders si1mer who walked in paths of goodness, but overOh! sir, I had visions-dreams! I closed my eyes in by their very presence the origin of those organic acids, are .to pay 1? the walked himself, and got outside." ecstasy. I opened my mQuth, and tasted the smoke; I wherewith they will connect afterwards. In the further east .. We "What! old Jacques Lafiem ?"'' I inquired grew mad. I gasped like a thirsty dog-it was a case growth and ripening of plants they seem to be partly and mdustnous ctttzens--to Yes said be that is the name of the unfortunate of Tobaccophobia. I addressed the smoker-' I say used for forming indifferent substances, such as sugar, LI.QUORICE ROOTsettle among _us. I be)pg."' stranger yqu with the piiJe !' ''Well,' said he-' go amylum, etc. The &oil itself furnishes all the mineral please? to gLVe further m-'Ve accordingly knocked at the door of the old gen-ahead,' 'Fair's fair,' I said; 'I don't see why you Hl}mus or vegetable soil. By this name is k J!piulioh and Sm;rraa,tn Balea,a.lwayo for oale In lou to oalt J'"rchasen. formation to any one askmg tleman's mansion, and entered. One bag "of soot was should have all he first edition of theiR volumes, and designated the uppermQst stratum or layer of our soil, it. sitting on another bag of soot-at least it seemed so me have all the secoml ;hand ones; just b ltind enough which is mostly of a dark color and wherein the ----------:------------...;;;! 1---------:---:The place was rather dark, you must know; but to pass over that pipe to me tor five minutes.' So he and take roots. This humus consists gener tl I the top bag ot soot was smoking a pipe said: Well, I guess you're a rum un: I can't spare ally of two different matters, viz. First, of anorganic or AMERICAN TOBACCO. necessi.ty, whatever they may be. It is tot a black leg, then it moved a black arm: this pipe; but I've an old one in my pocket that you're mineral substances-silicic acid, silicate, moral choose .t? regard as ut w then it rolled round two white eyes, and then it opened welcome it is;' and he out with it and gave me carbonate, sulphuret of alumina, lime, magnes j a, potash, I' Commenting under the above head on an extract from see to be such m fact. !. that tobacco ts so to a maJOrity h d k some ecdand smokea and 've been smoking ever soda and compounds of iron. And secimdlv, of organic: h D B t h' h tl bl" h d th c- d f k" d a mout an spa e "' t e at Y u"e 1" w IC we recen Y pu IS e e OJ cla_sses engaged m pro uctwn any m no manis it? what street? what number? since, andI mean t9 do :SO while I've got suctional substances derived f:om the animal and vegetable king Philadelphia North. Amefican says; The New York of mtelhgence can deny. havP. to wait till to morrow power; and when I'm past that I'll get somebody o dom (humus-like substances). The latter are always .Daily Bulletin, in speaking o[ the practical working of We, 1herefore, agree Wtlh the New York Bulletzn m We looked at each other, and then my doleful friend draw for me and blow the smoke in my face-that's dark or brown colbr, anJ are designated by the name the taxes -on tobacco, observes that they unquestionait says in favor of the repeal of the tax, en-tapped his forehead, and whispered to me, "Softening, jus\ about were I am. I guess it'll take a bonnier of" /zumu_s.'' They originatepartly by the gradual de bly operate to the discouragement of this important tertain no doubt that _such repeal accomplish all sir, softening; lee what smoking has done_ for him." -partythan you"-he spoke to my tearful to cay of the fallen-off leave:and branc;:hes, and the putrebranch of industry, and, by their influence in repressing the results predicted. But the probable "Wfiat is it you mean ?" I asked, turnmg to tbe old put my pipe out.'' faction of. the roots remaining in the soil, partly by the -cultivation, work as a premium on competition. It aropposition to such repeal, we thmk tt perhaps, soot bag. Poor old Grief-and-Misery groaned again with a two decomposition of the vegetables l or animal fertilizing .gues that the removal of the taxes would pr?be better to ask for a gradual reductiOn of the tax. "What do I mean ?" said he; why, the chtmney, of horsepower groan; and, seeing he could do no good, substances applied to the soil. All these sub cheapen the cost, and lead to an mcrease m Twenty cents l?er pound is entirely too especially course; 1 gues5 you want a chimney cleaned, else what took his hat and said, "Goo.;l-by.'' DIDMUT GoGtos. ._are gradually decomposed into carbonic acid, exports, which would enable us to undersell foreign prowhen we constder that, through the 9peratwn of wellshould bring you here ?" ammopiao; nitric acid and _water, .and effect a prosper-ducers in their own markets. There can be no dout-t k t"le iaws th consumer pays much more J L fl t d t C"DOP REPORTS ous growth of the pla, nts not only by t he very produc-that-there is truth and force in this. Tobacco is a na nown mercan 1 e Are you acques a em ven ure o mqu1re. ....._ than that. Even ten cents per pound is a high tax up"5n "Of course I am he answered, somewhat fretfully ; tion of these nutrients, but also by the greater absorptive product, and was formerly one of our greatest and any do_mestic product, and wuranted only i n case of "you don't. I've. altered myself at my time of li.eutucky, tion of the rays of the sun on account of their d:uk most important staples. It was once the crop necessity, whtch the large revenues of the gov-llfe.....:..that would be very tmproper.'' A correspondent of t!le .Daily Ti'!'es writes _under color, by the looseningtofthe soil; and finally by hasten(){ Virginia, Maryland and Kentucky, but durmg the t h ot t st at the present ttme The f d h d "I' t date of thi r xth as follows : But more especially are we ing the decay and decomposition of all &tones by means iast twenty years its culture has been extended to the s d 0 ext h t d: t "My nen slg e my ve come d 0 interrupted in the "great staple, tobacco," and would Northern States. The war wrought such havoc in the B'Jl(etm ent y no\ ope an tmme e/esee you on a very important matter-m fact, to persu:'say, after a careful survey through this (Bracken), Pen-of the carbonic acid getting free. Southern tobacco States that since the return of peace pea -of t e tax, an t ere ore, wts es _or re uc ton you to lay aside your pipe and come over to us a gam dleton, and ihe upper portion of Campbell Comities, The abduction by rain water of these soluble nqtrithe work of recuperation is slow and tedious. But it to sixteen a: ten It m1lht be adi "Don't see it," said old Blackey. 'that we can nof have one-half a crop, and many think ents pJoduced from the component parts of the soil and bas been rendered unnecessarily so bfthe rage of cerjusted ;.tpon as sea e, a owmg. o a ar "Not feel it, either," said I; "do you ?" not more than one-third an average crop. Many farm-manure 1is prevented by the fine-Jrained, earthy subrerormers on the one hand and certain free-tradreductiOn of a hmtted amount unlll the "Not as yet," returned he; "though sometimes I L d 1 t' r .1 h"l "th stances, wl!ich are capable of absorbing and re" tainingim. b should aisappear. This would guard agamst all posstreckon I feel a bit weakish. I ain't quite so strong. as I ers .. ave rna e pearY.. an en tre "11 !He, w 1 e none WI the humus certain dissolved bases and acids, especially -ers on the other, to impose the most onerous and urble fiscal exl'genctes, and at the same time operate as whom I hSecond to none, began expenment; that slow combustion the I_Ucotme I& b 1 d t d t f t t who use this to acco.. r e see t at t e tax as m Jacques, I guess they're about the aam,e as I always_ cutting and housing his tobacco crop Tuesday, August consta.nth to .be found m the sm. oke,_ a quan_tty. of taxes emg canso 1 a e 18 0 one 0 wenty cen 5 the faintest degree dtscou raged the use of the arucle, remember them. About my morals I t h h per pound a reduction of from forty to one hundred per ffi d d" 1 t d d can, say roue u. His crop is nearly, if not quite equal to former 3:lkalotd, as the tobacco ts o_r IS _nc m mco--cent. Boutwell and while it a tsastrous Y our e an ..I always taught shy of those thmgs-they re dangerous years' growth, as is attested by the fact that it hangs tme, passm.g the smo!'eTh1s mcotm.e, says Douglas estimated a loss of sx mil!tons of dollars m the domestic cultivatiOn .01 the crop, and InJUred and expensive.'' down well. Other growers are going to begin to bar-Heubel, eJUsts m tobacco smoke-_for the most part, at -consequence of this change; whereas the returns for manufacturers .. We therefore, to remove thts "Don't you feel the effects of smokmg the next vest the last of the week but it will not be cut all events-as a salt of the alkaloid; and the fact that h 1 1 f 1 h "ll' tax or reduce It steadily m the way proposed. Wrt morning?" said the groaner. until the following week: J. E. Porter of this town has n. icotine, spite of its volati_lity and easy solubility,, is dur-the fiscal year s ow on Y a oss 0 ess t an a mt JOn, speak now of the domestic article, both raw ana un"Somet1" mes I do "eel a little bit thirsty," placidly rel so that the must have increased at once very one field of tobacco of three acres which would be hard mg the process of smokmg by no means enure y, or largely under the influence of the It now genmanufactured. marked old Jacques, refilling his pipe i but I lay that to match in the county. It is of genuine, old-fashioned even for. the dissipated or appear .. erally believed that the new tobacco tax wtll With the improved railway and other facilities for to want of practice. I haven't smoked much over a growth, topped high and coyering the ground now so to have Lts m the ctrcumstanee the current year nearly if not quite as much as the htgh trade and transit we have with the Southern tobacco hundred years as yeti I think about another fifty will that it is .almost impossible to get into it. smoke, as well as tobacco leaves, the 1axes. The causes of this change are not far to seek. States; with our_ new lines of foreign steamships and take off all the feverish symptoms.'' -Ohio and Wisfloasio. not as a free alkalo1d, but as a staple salt of mcotme. For under the reduction cf tax tobacco is again becomthe increased enterprise of our manufacturers and mer"Mjserable man!" The Miamisburg Bulletin of the I _5th says: A fine ing a grent staple export. The manufacturers can nc;>w chants we ought to do a large export trade in tobacco, "Now, look here, boss; if you come here to see me, sain, Tuesday, worked a woucferful change in the apTHK VEsuvrus LIGIITER.-Smokers in London streets make for shipment, and consequently thetr demand mand would do it if the tobacco -States could recover see me; if you come here to convert me 1 i pearance of the new crop, which was suffering from find the sale of "fusees, and the "Vesuvius, lighter,. creases, and with it the. cultivation. more rapidly. _During the last year we efxpor 8 ted but if. you combe. here your b .[ drouth. We have the foll<>wing c?mmunicationd, by pedulers, a great convenience when they desire tc. Here we strike the Important fact that this tobacco from Philadelphia leaf tobacco to the ...amount o 2,3 I,-throwmg appro no us eptt at bme, J.ou d e .t date of I rth inst., from our special correspon ent m light their pipes and cigars, but an instance which -excise has really been in the nature of an 035 pounds, valued a $532,637, proving clea.rly that I ain t quite so frisky as11 a kitten, a 1mar, Wisconsin: "Sinee my lastf cm;nmundicatiodn to yohu, lately occurred in the city named. proves that this sort the policy of which has always been regarded wtth diS the spirit is in the trade here, but the discouragmg opewith my bdrush, especia y at a. mdout II e ka d have. had quite. a qubantity o ram,. anh goo weat er m 0 lighting convenience is not always the safest. A boy. favor. In the case of the cotton tax thP. outcry was rat ion of the talf is shown in the fact that our exports The ol man was gettmg excttde as c {:f tHe every respect fcrr to a ceo; the.crops ave grown am after lighting his pipe with a "fusee," threw the match. such as to force its repeal, while the refor:!Jers and the of manufactured tobacco were only valued at really was just on a hunddredb an years o d e ingly. A few have topped thetr tobacco. The worm IS on the sidewalk, causing the dress of a passing womaQ( free-traders together were a!tle maintain the t:'-x on Indeed, it almost looks as though the tobacco manufacsaid he was, if they ha n't een ta a mean vhan-at work-has in fac;:t j\lst commenced in eafrnest, and to ignite. The unfortunate woman rushed frantically tobacco. Had it not been for thts the recuperation of turers had been sacrificed to other interests that were tage of him by printing too. many ma,nacs; an t ed the are doing a great deal o mju? to about trying to seek shelter in houses, the doors of Maryland, Virginia, and Kentucky after the war would deemed of more importance. They have a right to ask called a little tmp-" on t you go rou? the leaves; they eat holes in them, and some o the which were, however. successively shut in her face) and have been far more rapid. To our own people tobacco for further relief in case the revenue laws are to be tor that ltquor yet; here s a ver6 stnct plants look as if they had from hail.'' when assistance finally reached ber she was so badly in all its {arms is so much an article of necessity that a gain amended at the ensuing session of Congress. in his morals I like t e I ea o emg t e genPennsylvana. burned that she died next day. The coroner thought the more we tax it the more do we increase the cost of, The the an_?; the r;nanufactleman alluded to so pomtedly, so gave boy a dollar La,zcasler. his duty to call the attention of the police to the custom. other products. If we propose tocheapen production turer are all dtrectly concerned m seemg this matter and some orders, and presently the liquor cam<: to Our conespondent, H. K. M. writes us very rece ntly of thus throwing these dangerous matches in the street_ of any kind, we must reduce the taxes upon articles of attended to. hand. I drank the health of old Jacques, and he drank as follows :-In :issue of August 6th a gentle


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Owing to the unprecedented popv.larity o( t.le u lhl.rhaaa. u Ba..-d nt imokiog Tobacoo, certain unprincipled dealers and manufacturers have been led to tnfl'lm.&. ..:mr trade m ark imposing upon the trade. with lnferiorgoodsunderourassimulatedtrademaJ.k. tn nob("f:: t\> our r.fghts to tbe ''DurhaDl' Braud have been fuiJy vindicated both iYl the U. S. C"IU'\:J a&-" 'P;.terlt {J&.c<:, aad. all partie are hereby w-arned agaiaat t.-eopa WB MK.&l" 'l'IUI>. Dealers llandllng Spurious "Durham. tt would do well to rvruember, that Uke tlse Manufacturer1 they are l'espoosib le. T o preYen t any trouble, and to aecure the u Darlaam," order BlackweD' Ba.U Brand from the mauuftt. ctv.rers. We are deter'IDined from hf'nf'fforth to exhaust the law apinat blhinrera our trademark. Be not deceived. "He th&t to Uae wiad, muat reap of the whiclwiud. :N':ai'W TO:aE .AC:BNCT, A. HEN& CO. 43 Liberty Street, opposite Post Office, Da'O:R 'l'JC::a.S 0:1' SXOEJI::RS .A::a TICLli:S, DEALERS IN TOBACC9, SECARS, SNUFFS, &c. HBNMAMM'S PATHNT CIGAR IAGBIIISf vvE -GC>! AN IMPORTANT DESIDERATUM FOUND I After long and labOrious e fforts with the expenditure of large amounts of money, when so many had be eome discouraged, and i n credulou s not even daring to hope, we ,now witness the fact, that Geniu s has triumphed, and victory crowns the skill and perseverance o f one of our own T r a d e. John T. H ennaman's name will, as it deserve!!, go down to posterity as a great b e nefactor of the agP.. His labors will now b e ric hlT repaid. H e is succ essful because he has obtained success. Tiine has d e monstrated the important fact that all kinds of in use can be, and are being perfectly and successfully made o n these ,.machines, and all this by unskilled labor. Hundreds are n o w witnessing these surprising results. The m os t incredulous have to yield to their owb senses. These Machines c:an n o t fail to come into general use for these reasons: FtJtST-'l'hey are simple, with nothing to get out of r epair, eas iJy managed, and occupy a space of only 6zJ6 inches. SBc o No-They work on common aense principles, and are self. adjusting, this work being b7 the piue, thu s giving the cost per 1,000. THtRn-They are adapted to any known size or length of Cigars, and readily work all tinds oftob:Kco Ia the most economical way. FouRTH-They P.roduce perfec t work, whic h smokes free and natural. FIFTH-They w1ll at least $1oper thousand from the usual prices of making cigars, and a t the same time ,work up all scr,aps and cuttings. These claims are based upon what has betn repeatedly demonstrated Meaaares are now beinl' taken to introduce thtse Machines at various points in the Country. THEY ARE IN SUCCESSFUL OPERATION BY THE INVENTOR, At 195 Lexington Street, BALTIMORE,, KD., AND BY THE UNDERSIGNED At 36 West Genesee Street, SYRACUSE, N.Y., L WHERE ALL INTERESTED ARE INVITED TO SEE AND JUDGE' FOR THEMSELVES. ,.., Parties wishing to adopt theBe Machines, .either by Shop, Town, Coimty, or State Rights, will apply to the undersigned, SYRACUSE, N. Y .. D. 0. SALMON, General Ag't. a.nd Pres't. of ii11 THE HENN.AM.AN CIGAR MACHINE COMPANY." SYRACUSE, JULY 19, f 873. HENRY WULSTEIN, (S-r &o Jiorst:eld' -" Desll-afo;, ., Q) 5 .t: 0 "'"O i ::E 0 ::::s 0 ,.... 0 as .a I 0 .... 25 Myrtle ATenue, Brooklyn,, c.nutaatly oa Rae the Beot Haad aact ....._ lllaell.iaeo Cu&tlng and Graaidatbag Toba.,.,.,. F. HEPPENHEIMER a. L.ABELS For Tobacco and Cigars. :&. large ueortment c:onetanUy on band p11aied to order; llll & 24 lllorth William Btroet. N e w York. ... ZIKSSBI\ &. CO.,' NAN11J"ACTVR.a& OJ' TOBACCO SEALING ALSO, DEALERS IN D&UGS, PAINTS, Ric., r 18,. William St., Kew York. rNTERNAt. REVENUE BOOK&; Tb.e Original Intentar Revenue Publishing H.._ C .JOURGENSEN, IOLB aucc.aMOil '1'0 BSTla SMITII lr CO.,. P.o. Boz 6,al6. 87 I:.IBE:RTY ST., :N. Y.,' Books. as 11nder law, for Leaf Tobacco Dealen, Cigar and Tobaceo and others. Irena and Stenclll a Spec1alty. or""*-ror Nc-. THE GERMAN 1l1GAR PACKERS' SOOIElTY, ltelpeetfully Inform lbe Cigar Mannfactaren o f the Uotted States that are n ow abl e to fill all orders for fint-claes Pac:ken wiotb, Members of their Society. A.JoPLY TO STORE 202 CHATHAM; i CHARLES A. WU.LFF, Lithographer, Printer, and ManuflloO'tum' of BOX SYCAMORE -FOR Suitable for Tobacco Boxes e.nd. Cadd.ies, J to soo,ooo ft. 1-fnc h and .s-8, sawed to width._: dry and s ea.!o n e d and at a low figure N.B.-Con1umers can order ,,oOo fL, Qr more, u sainpJe L ONG ISLAND SAw AND PLAI!flNC MiLU., coR. BoND AND THIRD STREETs BROOKLYN N y Oftloe br. New York, 27 PEARL sr: E. C. PEASE, Prop'r. THOS. SHEARI\IAN, Sup't.. l"REDEIUOK KRUSE, Maaufacturer of all Sues and Styles of SEOW CASES m D'l'AL AND W .AJU:l&OOXB : 1711 Chatham lltrHt IUld 19 North William 8\., NEW TORE. A. LICHTENSTEIN & BROTHER, OF j FINE CIGARS,. And. DealGra !n LEAF 'l'OllACC:O, Nos. 34 and BOWERY# NEW 1 A. LlCHTB.NSTlN. M GRllltR5PIIC'HT .. ECCARD &. CO.,, MANUFACT11RI:::R S OF KEY CIGAR FACTORY. CIGARS; 1 Also Dealers m all kmds of WEST LEAF TOBJl.OCO 152 IG 15i BANDOLE'li ST.,, DETROIT, MICH Mrs. T EccARD, Special. SEIDENBERC &. CO., )9 Dey Street, New York, Proprietors oj' the La R.osa -Elspa:nol&:-(" ,.-.AlUSecanJD.Ueia laoWqaro ol tat"YDIC1"


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