The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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.. VOL. IX.--NO. 28. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 27,1873. WHOLE NO. 444 lht ( IS PU.BLISHED EVElY WEDNESDAY KOBNING fHB roJAOOO LEAf PUBLISHING IC91P'J, '.I 42 Fulton St., New York. J. HllllfRY HAGEl!. Editor. JOBJII G. GRAl!'.li' Buain-A""nt. A!l an advertising medium, where it i:s desired to reach the Ci'ar and Tobacco Trade, :not only o( this but foreagu Countries, it is the be:st attainable. All letters should be plainly ddre00<1od to THB T oBACCo L&AF PuBLISHING CoiiiANv, 1-11:1 Fultun Street. New York. Terms of the Paper. SINGLE Coi>IRS to C&NTS PER ANNUM J+Oo TC) England and the Canadas, $1.04 additional per annum for pretlayment of Postag_e. 1:o Bre m en, Hamburg and the Continent of Earope, additional per annum for Postage:. To Au9tralia, et-c., 1 via. San Francisco, ad .. di1ional per annum for P ostage. No orders for the paper considct"ed, unless ac. companied by the corresponding amou.Dtt. Remittences should, in every instance, be made only by m oney-order, check. or draft. Bills are Jiahle t o be stolen, and can only be aent at the greatest risk to the aender. Rates of Advertising. 1 square (14 Nonpareil linea) for six moatha, do. year L arger advertisements in the same proportlon, but none taken unless 1, :3, 3, 4, or more: One column, 1 year, $450; &h: months, $2so; nloRths, $so. Half column, 1yeu, $2.f.OJ!i 1 X months, j;[3o; three months, S75 U'" Advertisements on the first page,. frso per square over two wide columns, and none taken for ess tha n one year, payable f\tlly in squares, $410No Transient advertisements on the thbd page }'e r line for each !nsertloa. No Qrders fo r a_9.vertising wiU be considered, unless accompanied bythe corresponding amount. TtliS ru!e Will INVAKIABLV b e adhered to., nUSINtSS DIREOTORY 0 F ADVERTiSERS. NEW YORK. Tobacco Warehouses. Agnew W & Son10, 38-4-and d6 Front sbreet Allen Julian, \Vater. Barnet S. 144 Water. BenTimo b. & A., 1:14 Water. Bergmann, John H 140 Front. Blakemore, Mayo & Co., 41 B10ad Bowne & Frith, 1 B ul"lio.g Slip. Brod M rj Maiden Lane. Bulkley, Moore & Co., 74 Front. Cardozo A & Co., 1:13 Pearl. Chockley A. D Pearl. <.;olen H ., 172 Water. Conaolly & Co. 45 Water. Crawford E. M & Co., r68 Watel'. Davidson Bro., 145 Water. Dohan, Carroll & Co Front-. DuBois Eugene., 7S Front Eggert, Wm. 171 Pearl. Engelbach, F. u Silltb Av Falk & Bro. G 171 W atft* Fatman & Co 70 and 71 Bro.&d. J"ox Dills & Co., 175 Water. Filher &. Rust, us Maiden Laa.e. Friedman & Oettine-er, 147 WateT Friend & Co., E. & G.,..1:J9 Maiden Lane Gardinerj l\1. & r.o., 8.1 Front. Garth D .. Son&: Co., 44 Broad. Guaert ] L. &: Bro., 160 Water. Genbel L & Bro., 86 M aiden Laue. Guthrie & Co., :135 Front. Hamburger I. & Co., tSo Water. Hepnaa & Lowenstein, 99 Maidea Laae .. Hillman G. W. & C o. 8o Front. Hunt, J. D 133 Water Street Kinnlcut Thomas, 52 Brood. Kittredge W. P & Oo., 1l.. and 73 Front. Kre:aelberg & Co 16o Yearl. Lachenbruch & Bro., 164 Water,tte A. C 1 6 3 Pearl. Levin M. H., 1 6 2 Pearl. McFall & Hogan, 33 Murray. Maitland Rob<(l L. & Co., 43 Bcoad. Martin & Johnson, 166 Wat.or. Mayer joseph, Sons, ua Water. Meyer A. 0. L. & 0., 43 Beaver. Messenger T H.&: Co., 161 and 163 Malden Lane Morris, -H. M., i9 OJd Slip and 73 Water. Norton.. Slaughter & Oo., 41 Broad. Oatman Alva, 166 Water. Ottinger Brothers 45 Broad St. Palme1 4: Scovlll,e, 170 Water. Paulitsch M., 173 Watu. Price Wm. M. & Co., 119 Maiden Lane. Quin, J'. P. & Co./39 Broad. J{ead & Co., 19 0 d Slip. Rebmann, G. & Co. 179 Pearl. Richey&. Boni face, 86 Front Rosenbaum.. A. S. & Co., 121 Maiden Lane. Rosenwald, E & Bro., Salomon, S. J93 P e a r l. Sawyer:, Wallace & Co., 47 Broad. Scheider, joseph, 213 PearL Schmitt j, & Co., 1b \Vat,r. Schroeder & Bon. 178 Wate r Schroeder & Koch, 103 Pearl. Scbubtirt H & Co., 146 Water SeUHtg's Sons S., 1 -69 Front. Spencer, Bros. & Co. 7S Maiden Lane. Spingam, E. Co., 5 Burliu,. SUp. Stein & Co. 197 D"ane. Straitoa 4t; Storm, 191 Pearl. Strobn & Reitzenstein, 176 Froat. Sulzba.cber, Joseph, 151 Water. Tag, Charles F. & Son, 184 Front .. Tatge nborst F. W 68 Broad. V etterlein & Bock, 6 Cedar Upmann, Carl, 188 Pearl. W estbenn, :M. & Co 177 Pearl. Wrirht, E. M, Co J 39 Broad. To6acco Brobrc Cattus John. 127 Pearl. Dreyer Edward, 46 Bea\er. Fischer Cba.s. E. & Bro., '13' Gans, J. S & Son, 86 Wall. Kelland, P ., 179 Pearl. 51 Pearl Stratton & Storm, 191 Pearl 8utro & Newmark, 76 Park Pla.ce Wangler & HaU, 190 & 29:1 Bowery. M4nufacturers of Fi H..t'flu Ci{MI Hollander H 'S Maiden Lane Vichot .k Co. 76 Pine Street Cigar PtltAtrlfliIJ ColeU H aoa Cltatham Importers of Havtlfla Almirz\1 J J 30 Cellar Garcia. F. 167 Water G onzalez A. 167 Water Kelly Robert E k Co. J4 Beaver K.uchler, Gall & Co n8 Watr Lichtenberg G. B. Pearl. KiraDJa Felu, Pearl 1 Obmatedt Robert A. 3 Platt Pucual E. Brother & Co. 156 Water 8otomoa M. .It E 85 Maiden Laae Vega Joeeph A. & Bro. 187 Pearl Well & Co. 6o Pine Walter, Friedman. & Freise, 106 Pearl Wolla1.Elter &lCaeppel, uo Pearl "M ... )I, 16 Oedac 'Manoftur" 1 f S.ob. Gooetze F. A & Bro. 3'8 l"70rters ej Hav Oig De_Bary Fred'k & Co., S3 Broad. Carples E. 113 Water MI!SsenJ!"er T H. lc Co 161 }(alden Lane Romay E. E 82 Wall, Importm if CIIIJ Pipn. Batjer H 1 77 Water Demuth Wm. & Go., -403 Broadway Lichtenberg G B. 189 P earl. of Bri ar Pipes nd Importerl if I Smo1ers' .ArtideJ. Demutb,Wm. & Co., 403 Broadwa y of p;pes and Smokers' .Artides. Boik.en, Garrigues & Co., 91 Chambers street, and 73 Reade street lmJ>'rttrl of Lit6r1ce PIJstt. Cleveland, De Lancey S8 Pearl. G ifford Shennan & Innis, no WiHiam Gomez A ArpimbauJ 29 & 31 S. William McAndrew James 0., SS WAter Weaver._ Sterry, 24 Cedar. Seed Lt, W. k Co., 197 William. .A:u&trian Vi1'ginia Oigar1 K.remelberg & Company, 16o Pearl Manufarturers if Ki"nnry Bros. Russ;an Kinney F. S. 141 West Broadway, Slrap3 and Oldtera, G.rman Cizr Mouli1, Eger Sipund, 190 Pearl. Erichs H. W ., 253 South:. Lobenstein &. Gans, 101 Malden Lane. Jdlchaelis, S & Co., 195 Pearl. Mllsli Zellenka R., 263 East Fourth. Pap'r Cigar a11d Tllauo Bagr. Howlett Broa., 204 Fulton. T .. bauo Bagging. Howard, Sanger Sr Co. 10.5 & 107 Chambers Lestec A. & Co., 103 Chambers. -Cig11r Mtu/J Prm And &rt1fJ1, Brown A. & F., 57 Lewis. of Show Csm. Shephard & Fuller, 2[4 State. Sisson A. L. & F 134 N.:ain. Welles & Cr.., 1S4 State. Westphat 'Vm., 218 State. HOPKINSVILLE, K7 1'obac c o Jesup ]:1mes E. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. M a nufactter"'' of 1-hu-Cut Chewing ""d Smoking Tobacco. Christman & Co., cor. Mississippi and Pearl. A:fanufacturtrs of C..fars and Dealtrl in Ltaf To6acco. Heidlinger, John A:, 39 West Washington. .JANESVILLE, Wia, P acker znd Dealer in Seed Leof Fendrich Francis. LIVERPOOL, Smythe F. W & Co., 30 N""ortb J obn. LOUISVILLE, K7. Plug 1'obacco Manuflll!lllrerl, Finzer 1 &: Bros., 13 Third, jones, R RJ479 \Vest Market Manufacturers of Fin,Cut Chewi n g and Smoking Tobacco. Finley, Doll & Co., So, 8:a & 84 First. Robinson ManufacturineCompany. Tobacct Wicks G. w. & Co. Main. T o lJauo Brokff.s. Meier; Wm. G &: Co., 56 Seventh. :Jobbers in lllUdh ... s. PHILADELPHIA.. 1'obacco II. & Oo., 32o North Third L. & Co 3 North Water. Bremer Lewis, Sons, )forth 'l'hird. Dohan & Taitt, r07 Arch. Edwards, G. W. & Co. 6:11 Noctft Front. Eisenlobr Wm. & Co., 113 South ;vator HerbertL., southeast cor. Fourth J:l Race. M.c D)Well .M, E; & Oo., 39_North Water. Sank J. R lnaldo & O o 3 2 North Water. Schmtd t .II., 531 South Second. Sorver, Graeff & Cook, 'tos North Water. Steiner, Smith Bros. & Knecht, &ace. Teller Brothers, 117 North Third. Vetterlein J. & Co., 111 Arch. Woodward, & Oo.;--,3 North Water Dealers, ett. Bamberger L. llr:Co. 3 North Water. Leedom & Oram, 716 North Second. MJ,nufactur49 Liberty Uommiuion Holyoke C. 0 n Central Wharf. .McE lroy Bros., 24 Broad. Importer of ,,.d Manufacturers of Snuff. Weyman & Bro. 79 and 81 Sq>ithfield Cigars. Lanza Carlos, tn Washington J,.p o rttrl of Crg" .11nd L State. Manufacturers of Cllt'wing QnJ &.ding. Kimball Wm. 8. & Co., _Dtaltr in Leaf Tohac.cos. Mosely D. E Mill l!treet. of Chew1ugand Smoking To-1 bacco and Cigars. Gucker, C. &: G., cor. Factory and Mill. "' ROTTERDAM, He:U....d, Laurillard 1. M.. SPRINGFIELD. M ..... Smith H. & Co., Hampdt:n &T. LOUIS, Mo. Manufactur e r s Df TolnJCll. CaUin D 701 North Second ManufatturYs of CigarJ. Gernhardt F E. & Co., 1o6 Locust Tobllcco Ware!Jf>Usts. DoK?P:lb:erC, 4r R. & Co., 123 Market. Ulrich & Diard 2o6 North. Second TobiUco C o mmission Merchants. Wall, :Sehin & Day, 3:30 North Second. 1'obacco Broier Haynes J. E.,f:a7 South. S cond Cmmis.ri o Merchant fo r Fortigtr. 11na H o me Markets. Toe Water, Frederick. R., Jr. 612 Chest:Rnt SYRACUSE. N.Y. Packtrs of Sud uaf a11d Dealtrs ;,. Ha vana Tobacco. Barton, Joseph & Co., So Opera Block. East Genesee St. Hier &Co. G. P. :IS North Salina. Moulter & Hamilton, 5 o East Water Arem:y ,f Hlltn.,aH's Ci'raY Miulu'" Salmon D. 0. UTICA, l!l. Y Mlln/m,.,r if Fi Oil CUiz .S...ii"l To""-o f'mge WoiW 11. I NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 27, 1873 NOW AND THEl!f. We rewoduced in THE LEAF a tew weeks since the remarks of a cotemporary-The Nnu York Bulletin -on.. the significant results of the first year of the opera tion of the twenty-cents uniform tax on tobacco. The after showing that the actual falling off in the revenue from our staple for the year ending June 30, r873 was. less than one million instead of' five millions, as Commissioner Douglass confidently predicted, re marks \ llat "next year the presen' t comparatively small deficiency will disappear," and that then" a still further reduction of the tax to 16c or roc per pound will be in order." Our conLemporary adds: "The complete re peal of this tax however, be the most desirable revenue reform that could be effected. The tax un questionably operates to the discouragement_of this im portant branch of industry, and by its influence in repress ing cultivation it operates as a premium on foreign com petition. The removal of the on this product would stimulate producti0n, cheapen the market, and lead to an increase in export;, which would enable us to under sell foreign producers, in their own markets." While admitting the benefical results that. would nn doJJbtedly follow an entire of the present bur dens on tobacco, we do not consider such a consumma tion as sufficiently near, in all human probability, to render its discussion at present of much practical value. A great change will liave to be wrought in the policy of our rulers at Washington, before they will seriously con sider the alp"ogation of the tobacco-tax for a moment. At pre&ent we find ourselves face to face with a gigant i c national debt, which the administration, led by the Sec retary of the Treasury, seems determined his cotempo raries shall pay, or at least, very largely liquidate To honestly apportion the taxes that have to be levied in carrying out this foolish and cruel scheme, would create such a storm of popular indignation as would sweep those who designed and uphold it for ever from power ; but as the necessary' amount 'can be raised mainly from whis.J!t considerable houses. At the present moment the tobacco interest is fairly prosperous. The returns for the past fiscal year show, what we confidently predicted, that the lower tax-rate has greatly increased the volume of basiness, and we believe the trade would vote, if such an eli}Jression of opinion could be obtained, heavily in of allowing the tax to remain wliere it is for at least a few years to come. At the end of that period, it:may be worth while for our interest to make another organized and united effort to obtain a futther reduction to ten cents uniform. To agitate for any less im portant concess ion would not be worth while, as the present success of the twenty-cent shows th11t, in a few years, ten cents would produce all the revenue the Government could reasonably require. The suggestion that a "complete repeal .of the tax would be the most desirable revenue reform could bt: effected," how:ever, recalls to mind the condition of our trade before it had entered upon the sad phase of its history covering Lhe past twelve Revenue Commissioneri, Assessors, Collectors and taxes were unknown. At that halcyon period Virginia was the great producing and manufacturing centre of the weed, while New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore constituted the market for the sale of our staple. Business was conducted on well -understood principles and by safe and approved methods, flO one branch of our industry attempting to assume the functions of any other bram! h. and leaf tobacco were the articles chiefly dealt in and were quietly, honorably and sat i sfactorily accu. mulated, speculation had not then shown its frenzied .face in our countingrooms and our dealers were satis fied when they had deserved success by adhering. to time-honored formulas. A few of the merchants who then made tlje traffic in the weed honorable, still remain in active service among us; but their n11mber grows yearly smaller, while the character o the commerce in which ; they once engaged, has been completely revolu tionized Virginia-harried and torn by civil strife-is no longer the generous producer of the weed she once was; nor is she without man} rivals.). True, her brightest wrappers still remain unequaled on other soils, but the coarser qualities of leaf are grown throughout the ,great West, in quantities. sufficient to supply hundreds of new factories that have recently gone into successful operation.'; Besides the:old:mode of doing business through New. York; Philadelphi;l : and FRED'K 'DeBARY 52 Broad and so N'ew Streets, New York, SLE AQ ENT$ FOR THE SALE OF co., EL PRINCIPE ,DE CALES CIGARS,\lfactured at the KEY WEST BRANCH of the El Gales Manufact?_ry of Havana, AND IMPORTERS OF HAVANA CICARS ALLEN d: ACTURERS OF FINE-CUT CHEWING TOBACCO I I AND 13 VINE STREET, CINCINNATI, OHIO. lh'IDch OSI.cea at i3 JUm Bt.reet, Chicago, and S. vt. Corn. Jront. and Arch Streets, l'hlla.4elph!a. _.. Trade KEY -WEST SEIDENBERG & CO., I9 Dey Street, New York, .Proprietors of' the. .ISP-'ANOLA FACTORY. & -' AGENTS FOR THE ABOVE CELEBRATED JlRAND, l.61 :MLA.:J:DEN" :x:...AN:El, ::NE'"VV' 8 0 ENTXAL & CO Agent s for Cinclnna.ti a.nd the South-We3t. J. C. Pa.rtrld & Co., A nts fo:r Chtc a and tbe l!rorthW a CELEBRATED uAUSTRIANVJRGINIA" CIGARS, From J. D. ImEXELBERG'S Factory, in 'Baltimore. ARE NOW READY AND''FOR SALE. Depot in NEW YORK with KREMELBERG & CO., 160 PEARL STIIE!I;l n u B o 1 s & INSURANCE l : R rVING, BROKERS, :aoom. 13, 'No. l54 Wall St., C. DUBOIS, }11. I. S. IRVING, } II All mas of Bisks placed at the Lowest Market lloa.tea in First Class Companies. G. W. HILLMAN & CO., MERCHANTS a MAmACTURED TOBACGO, SO lr:B.ON'I' ,N::S:W YOBE. SOLR AGENTS IN NEW YORK FOR '' E. T. Pilkinton's Celebrated FRUITSAND FLOWERS," GOL:QEN SCEPTRE, PLANTERS' PRIDE' COMMONWEALTH, &c. FANCY GLASS BOXES. ALSO, PLUG TOBACCO FROM THOMAS & PILKINTON, W. T J. W. GIBSON, GEO. S. PRINCE, R H. WILKERSON, S W. SHELTON, LIPSCOMB & DOWD, and other factories. Assorted Stock on Liberal Terms. Sole Sellers. of Diamond, Colden Cut Cavendish Smoking. Special Brandsfurnished for Owner's Use. sions house has beeR to a certain extent bandoneu,. and some of our Virginian manufacturers are making an ex periment ;u "self-help," which may, or may not, result to general advantage. Theg, again, the traffic in1 do of' sucdess, we sha!l know no such word as MINOR EDITORIALS., j mestic seed -leaf, which scarcely existed before wa.r, MEETING OF CIGAR meeting"7f. has sprung into being in consequence of an equally com. the Cigar Manufa<.:turers' National Assodatiol'l will be plete change in the cigar-trade. Connecticut has beheld at the United States Hotel, Fulton Street, on Thurs come a name "to conjure with/' apd its light, sandy day, August aS, at 3 P. M to consider matters relating soil ha:> produced a wealth of cigar-tobacco which to trade affairs. permanently enriched many a fortunate farmer Nor hasthe commerce in smoking tobacco experienced a less entire transformation. What was once but a germ has developed into an organization that is daily enriching many an active dealer anUSTRIAL EXPOSITION.-A com illiberal leg islators, our trade has flourished and contin plimentary invitation to be present apprises us that the ues to flourish. Were the tax removed to-morrow, it Fourth Annual opening of this inten:sting Exposition would not restore the status quo ante odlum. Our will occur oo Wednesday, September 3 Preparations, trade has become strong "through suffering; it has put believe, have been made by 'the Commissioners for forth new branches, given off fresh shoots, and in-makmg this exhibition of local mdustry and skill, one cfthe most attractive of any yet held in Cincinnati It creased with a growth never enjoyed before. These will remain open to and patrons until the 4th results ; how eve r, are not the consequence of the perse-of Octobet. cutions and oppressions experienced, but have been atCIGAJl' RoBBED IN BROOKLYN.-Wi!lia m Ger tained in spite of them : The real causes are to be found raty, aged eighteen years, was held to trial a day or two in the changed cond ition of 'things which followed the ago on the charge of being concerned with John Sherwar, and the tobacco trade thas prospered simply beidan in a burgl a ry at the cigar store of S. H. Arnesburg, No. 183 Myrtle Avenue, on the night of August 13, on cause it could. not help it-from its inherent which occasion about $300 worth of cigars, meerschaum and the popular d einand for the staple it supplied. pipes, etc., were stolen. Sheridan was arrested on the That a still greater measure of prosperity will attend night of the b1,1rglary, and (;erraty shortly a fterwards. every subsequ,ent re duction, as well as the final remov:al, They bo : h admitted the ir guilt, and were held t o await of 'the tax, no intelligent observer will deny; but' we the action Of the Grand Jury. not willingly witness the of an .CIGAR, MANUFACTURERs' PROTECTIVE ASSOCIA tatlOn to secure these ends, however des1rable at a hme TION.-Another m e etiR g of this association has been when it could not possibly secure them, while it would held at Turn Hall, No. 66 East Fourth Street, to receive have a most injurious effect upon our interest by caus-the of had in'g it to pass through another and useless period of procqre ._sJgn .atures to a m t? W1ley s . pa,tent cgar ,b,ox. The attendance was large, mcludmg and depress!on. agam agttate let delegates f;om Brooklyn, Williamsburg, and Jersey City 1t be when all the omens are prop1t1ous; then, reasona: .. were reported. A committee "'\


/ / ... 3 THE TOBA..()CO LEAP. AUGUST37 was then appomted to confer with the CJgar Manufac-THE TOBAOCO MARKET. contmuous and demand s reTARRAGON A ]'as C. McAndrew, 3,612 ba!es liconce by any of them to their country customers, but now a turers' Nattonal Association of th1 s c 1 ty, and request ported m the cgar trade. Importers find buyers relucroot. number give s1xty and even nmety days, thts doeS" very cooperauon in sendmg a delegate to Washmgton. DOMESTIC. tant to respond readl;Y to the prices wh1ch are rendered HAvANA -E Pascual, Brother & Co, I7I bales; F well for the large houses, but is a great inJury to the small NEw YoRK, August 26 necessary by the action of the Havana manufacturers, Mtranda, 139 do, M & E Salomon, 2I7 do; Chas. ones who can not afford to give such long time. The GooD AVERAGEThe Knoxville Chro,u:le is mformed .Ltaf.-Our market has resumed tLs wonted some of whom have advanced thetr rates as much as Lulmg & Co Bs do, V. Mart10ez Ybor, 10 do, Schroefall trade however may change thts, for when 1 s by a rehable gentleman that Mr Edward Legg, near acttvty, the sales reported amountmg to 1,510 hhds, 20 per cent. for certain grades, but the stock 10 dealers' der & Bon, z 7 do, H Schubart & Co., II 5 do; F. Gar-brisk tobacconists will be loth to gtve suchadvantages, McM1llan's Station, has from three and a half to four and wu think they exceed th1s We note to cutters 2o6 hands, that 1s, m second hands, bemg hght, they have eta, 475 do, 7 cases ctgars; F. Alexandre & Sons, 409 when they can be dtspensed wtth We would quote leaf acres of tobacco that will average over r,ooo pounds to hhds vreen Rwer and 46 nne whtte Mason; Manufacno recourse but to accept the condmon as they find tt, do, 3 I do; G. W. Faber, 2 r cases ctgars ;_ Chas. T firm, pnces unchanged and the-demand fair fOJ common the acre. If the owner's are realized, it -turers took So hhcb, JObbers 75 hh!is, and sh tppers the and they therefore buv as the1r needs impe L them Bauer & Co, 2 do; Purdy & N1chobon, I do; Park & wrappers, 40@85, 187 I seconds, 30 ; Ohio, 20@25; would pay b1m to put h1s whole plantation in tobacco remainder. As we inttmated last week Regie buyers Our contemporary, the T1mes, we observe, has agam, Ttlford, 32 do; Acker, Mernll & Condit, 37 do; W. H. Western, 1 'i I87I, filler I6j common I872 secom'ls, 21 next year, for there ts nothmg else thatc wtll bring him are compelled to take quahtles wh1ch they reJected bethrough 1ts Washmgton correspondent, been Indulging Thomas & Brother, 9 do; Muller & Bastlan, t do, F @3o, bmders, 15@2o; Havana fillers, 9 5@I 10 ; wrapfrom $2so to $300 per acre. fore as bemg:_e1tber too good or too -poor-and even of 10 upon ctgar manufacturers W. Junge_ & Co, 2 do, Jno G W1tte & Brother, 2 pers, 1.50@2 oo; Western and Southern plug, dark, 43 > the supply 1s small and be 10adeJ:luate .on account oi the1r opP,OSJbon to the proposed P!\tent do, Kunhardt & Co, 24 do, order, 6 do. @48; bnght, flounders, 42@so; spun roll, 43 @ ...,DAMAGED BY '(.H.K RAJ.N IN AMHERST, VA -We regret to. the demand. Germa11s 10qu1re after colory cutt10g cigar box. The gentleman who represents the T1mes EXPORTS. 46; checkerboard plug, s6@s8. Fine-cut. Detroit, first to learn says the Lynch Repub/uan of the loth that sort&, wh1ch are scarce. Some 300 lugs were sold fo1 in this connection st1ll thinks the obJectwr.s of the man From the port o( New Yorkto fore1gn ports for the grade, 8o@9o; second grade, 70@78, mediUm, 6o@7o; the heavy rams of the past few days have done much Spain. Prices are unchanged, but market very firm. ufaGturers have the1r or-1gin 10 dishonorable motures, and week endmg August 26, were as follows, low grades, 42@45. Smoktng, fancy, I.50@2.oo, me-damage to the tobacco crop m Amherst County. Some Crop reports unfavor ble, except from the Clarksvtlle in support of hts optmon, endeavors to torture the fact ALGIERS-56 hhds. dmm, 7S@I oo, low, 40@5o; Virgtma K. K's 40@45. 2s,o:>o h1lls were destroyed on Capt C. M. Blac:kford's region. stated by them that the patent would prevent the transAsPINwALL-2 4 8 hhds, r6,o7 9 lbs mfd. common, 26@29, sterns, 2s. Snuff, 5S@6s. Ppes at farm, near Mel ver's depot : Capt. Jesse Adams, ll\ the ut week d week 3d week 4th week sth week T otal fer-sometimes very convemt!nt-of c1gars, before BRAzrL-2 cases cigars. every vanety of pnces. C1gars are domg well in city same netghborhood lost about rs,ooo htlls, and others January----439 961 I,26I 739 3,4oo stampmg, from one set of boxes to another, mto a deBREMILN-68S hhds, 3 do z3 7 cases, 1 case and country for tmported, 90@1.8o, Key West, 65@9o; lqst heavly February .... 380 290 582 548 r,8oo s1re on thetr part of decetvmg the1r patrons by substl cigars fine Havana,6o@95, seed Havana, 7o@85@ 9 o, Conn A NEw CLASS oF ToBAcco CoNsUMERS_ The. Dover, March.---.68o 383 2 98 2 39 2 ,6oo tutmg mfenor for good brands of ctgars. BuENOS 'AYRES-9,6oo lbs mfd seed, 40@5o; m1xed Havana, 3S@4Si mtxed Ohio ana Tenn Record says "Mr. T. B Prewtt has mformed us ApriL--.859 74 849 848 1 4,8oo Wtth people who reason m th1s way 1t IS very dtfficult CANARY ISLANDS-90 hhds, IS 1 cases Conn. 25@35; common seed Conn 25@30, common that a large portiOn of Mr. James Green's tobacco crop May ___ -- .679 6 2 6 I,7 20 8 29 I,I46 5,ooo to deal except w1th the mdecorous Saxon words some CARDIFF-IS hhds long fillers, 22 Penn fillers, r8@22, scrap fil-on Indian Cteek, m this county, has lately been destroyed June ____ -I,242 1 o771 1 1 ----6,ooo times made use of, under ltke Circumstances, by the CURACOA-25 bales, 6,842 lbs mfd lers, IS@q; cheroots, u@I4; wtth these pnces should by his hogs The tobacco was 10 topphlg-new land-July _____ -t,l2o r,6o9 2 097 r,447 I,82 7 8,roo late -Horace Greeley GENOA-S23 hhds, 4 cases. the early fall trade fail us, we have still our Expos1tlon when the hogs broke mto the field, commencmg at the 364 r,634 9r5 110 4o42 3 We wtll once more try, howeve1, to set thts peculiar GLASGOw-r 17 hhds 96 bales to fall back upon, winch wll not, like our Jubilee, end m top of the plant, breakmg off the leaves and che,...wing the Vlrgzma LeafThere does not appear to have been person nght, and 1f he afterwards pers1sts m fals1fymg hhds; 90 cases, II do c 1gars. a grand fizzle, but w1ll be an to the State and the stalk to the ground, m.llch busmess done 10 Vrgtma goods last week Some palpable facts, we shall giVe htm up as a hopeless case, HAVANA-22 cases, 704 lbs mfd. pnde of every true Cntcagoan. few sales are reported for both manufactunng and slup-or one Interested m the success of the patent box The J ACMEL-88 bales CLARKSVILLE, TENN, August 23.-Messrs. V{. H CoBALT AND TOBACCo FLIES -The Lancaster HIWs says "Mr. A B. Brown, a cttizen of tllis county, brought to town last week about fifty tobacco flies he Jaad ed' ug under one tree on his place. He bad po1soned the blossoms of the Jamestown weed the even mg prevwus, w1th a drop or two of cobalt. whicH' llad k1lled thousands of these tasects are so, destruc tive tQ. They are said to be more DWllerous ths )'41af-tl fan ever tiefore." --WOULD'NT PART WITH THEIR CAVENDISH AND Fnn: cuT.-At the conference at Cokesbury, S.-C last week, the matter of preachers using tobacco was discussed as unbecommg, and calculated to do hariU to the rilling generl\tton by the mfluence of a bad example. One of the members soon q.uashed praceedmgs by requesting the brethren to hanJI over the1r tobacco to him t Strange to say" not a no her word was said about tobacco, and a very thm collect1on of tine-cut and twist was liftect. pmg purposes, but we hear of nothmg of specahmpormatter wtll probably be made clearer to Ius comprehen LIVERPOOL-IS II hhds, I3 3 300 lbs mfd Clark & Brother, Leaf Tobacco Brokers, report Our tance. We note an mqulry from Vugima dunng the s1on by makmg h1m a part1c1pant 10 the LoNDON-;x 9 8 hhds, 7s,5s4 Jbs mfd sales th11 week add up I64 hhds tobaoco Vve ha\e noweek as to the prospect here for disposmg of a small lot of to 11lustrated for h1s enlightenment, and we MARSEILLEs9s4 hhds, 4 cases. new feature to report of our market; the quality re early primings wh1ch a dealer has ready for ship :at, wtll, therefore, suppose h1m to be a ctgar manufacturer, PoRT-AU-PRINCE-2 hhds, 100 bales mams poor and mixed, contaming many hhds composed and our opinion IS they would not meet wtthleifuer .rea(lj> ha py 10 the sole possession of two, or two hundred PORTO CABELLO-I hhd, 997 lbs mfd of remnants of crops, whtch IS usual towards close of or auve sale 10 t]us market pt"presen.t.. ''Vhtle pa rons. For convemence, we wtll suppose he has two PoRT SPAIN-1 024 Jbs mfd. season. Our prices are wtthout matenal change, and lugs contmue to wtth moder;ate acllvlty, there customers, each wantmg the same st;le and kmd of ctRoTTERDAM-I 7 o hhds, 27 cases-: we quote common lugs 6 to 7 7.( c, good lugs, to seem to be httle need of grades. Ocean ga s, but put up under d1fferent names; the first, for SAVANALA MAR-36 lbs mfd. 8, common leaf, 8 7.( to 9, medium leaf 9 to Io fretghts are 11t1lkaa tQ the mBtance, wantmg his called the "Pride of the Prauie," ST. JoHNS, N F.-88 boxes, 6,uo Ibs mfd leaf roU to fine leaf 11):1: to selectiOns, 13 common goods wtll not be dealt m w1th freedom until and the second, the "Glory of the Y.Osemtte." ''Ve Sr. PIERRE-to hhds. to 1 4 Our crop has improved 10 past week, and with this obstacle IS removed orconstderably mod1fied. Lugs w1ll then further suppose, Jhat on some unfortunate ocSr. THOMAS3 hhds, 2 ,207 Jbs mfd favonng make a good clean_ crop of m1xed have dragged throughout the entire season chtefly on easton the patrorr of the "Pnde of the Prame" sent TIUESTE-488 hhds. quahty, luggmg very hght. unless a portion should be tlus ac?ount. have to be made, frequently, htm an order for one or more thousand thereof when DOMESTIC RECEIPTS caught by frost, of whtch there IS some prob,\bihty. weeks m advance of the sallmg of vessels m order to there happened not to be any of them 10 the Pnde DANVILLB v A 1 M p b make shipments tG all. Take, for example, engagements of the Prame" boxes made and provided for their re-The arrdp/als at the port ofif Nehw domestic A' ugus 23.-essrs. em erton f; h B k t d fi h 1 mtenor an coastwise ports or t e wee endmg August & Penn, Tobacco Comrntsson Merchants, report-ltlr t e rem en mar e ; as we are m orme no retg ts cept10n, but surp us thousands m the boxes yclept the 6 hhd t h lf We have noth10g of specal mterest to report from our can be secured for that port unttl October Wtth such "Glory of the Yosem1te." ''Vould he could he (w 2 were 2 2 45 s, 39 res, I3 a trcs, 73 quarter k h trcs 27 butts 2 s6s cases 5 bales r 39 bo es 7 th mar et t ts week. A shght falhng off m rece1pts 1s noa condillon of affa1rs it IS not surpnsmg that lugs do not make this mqutry supphcatmgly), under such c1rc-um't b 6 h If b x o4 ree ttceable, occasiOned 00 doubt by the recent heavy rams, sell readily, though there is all the t1me a fa1r demand stances see any harm m transfernng enough unstamped oxes, h a b 3S kquarter boxes, Io4 with which our section has been favored Farmers are for them. When they are pu:chased the,. can not be "Yosen.ltes "to fill the order for" Prames 1" And 1 f he 1 r 2 e lbg 1 t oxeds, I 59 egs, 2 caddtes, 711 b t 1 h r. h GETTING TERBACKKER.-Rtdmg up-town ia a Metro-shtpped when they ought to be, and buyers are consewould not, and could not, then is further remark from 23 a es plea ura, I case hconce, conm e ter sptuts t Ian ereto ore, t e growmg tobacco pohtan horse car one evening this week, were two 1 d t d c t h h s1gne as 10 ows crop has greatly tmproved dunng the past few days, and h h k d d k ct quent y constrau1e o ransacttons t at, ot erw1se, us unnecessary, for that IS all there 1s m the hobby he B E R D J 1t 1 s now generally beheved that there wtll be more than roug s, w ose coarse remar s an run en a tons would be promptly c;;onsummated. last got a-straddle of v THE RIE AILROADGarth, Son & Co, were most offens1ve A qui e t and well dressed The truth of the matter ts, as we stated some time Gold opened at I I Sr.( and closed at Irs .::J 7'Z Baker Son & Co I6 do Ottmger Brothers 17do. Oel Io72, ea nch an waxy, II to 14, leaf common bnght, Fastemng a gnp hke a steel v1se on the offensively lshng facl ties; t oug It muc easter to recommend Banker's, 60 days, 534JS@53I J8, 3 days, 5 2 5 Swiss h & C ci' A C L & 0 M to to 12, leaf medium bnght, 12 to .rs, leaf fine bnght, famtiiar hand, the.. stranger turned, and thrustmg a fist contentment than to It when bus10ess IS !an6o days, @530, 3 days, 522 Antwerp 6o days r{,c & Co' do. B. j & L eyer, I 2 dod P. Lor20 to 4o, leaf extra fine so to 8o. gUJshmg from causes that ought not to exist. 3 days, 5267.(. Hamburg: 6d days, 1 ar 0 3 o;_ arc ay JVmgston, 43 o, J D that looked hke hgnumvttre 10to the astomshed ruffian's Rtchmond adv 1 ces are to the effect that constderable 3 days, Bremen 60 days, Q4@94 ):(, Jrd., 33 6do,hJhadrvts & Co., 17 do; Wm Eggert, 17 LOUISVILLE, Augus t 22 -We report as follows-face, he qUietly remarked, ram has at length fallen 10 the southern dtstncts, and 3 days, Frankfort 0 M 60 days cases or er, I 3 s, I7 cases The market has been.acuve wtth firm pl'ices. and hberal "Yes, I have got two" hands," at your service." that some damage may have thus been caused to the 3 days, 4Ira. Ams terdam 60 days days' BY HuosoN RIVER RAILROAD--D. J. Garth, receipts for the season Dunng the week there was sold The car chuckled, and the roughs thetr "tergrowmg crop. Astde from thts, there IS nuthmg new, 40ra Prussan thaler: 60 days, 3 days 72 Son & Co., 3 hhds, Joseph Mayer's Sons, 76 cases, at the Planters' House, the first hhd of the 1873 crop, bakker" at the. next crossmg prices remaining about the same as previously reported, Frezghts -Mr Louts Mey er, Fret<>ht Brdker reports SCchhro .. FdeTr & B&onS, I26 66dod, Bunzl &G Dormttzer, 44 do; Mr. Wm. G. Meter bemg the purchaser, 1t was made up V -'LUE OF THE NEw GERMAN CmNs.-In accord-and the same may be said of our own market. as follows: In my last report I stat;d that there was a as ag on, 0 J. S. ans & Son, 4 do; of pnmmg leaves, samplmg as the lowest grade on the ance wtth the new Mmt law, Germany will, for the fuSteti Ltaf-A fa1r trade, embracing-reported sales of good demand for vessels from the Gram and Petroleum L& BCohhn, IS ddo, Wmd M. Pnce & Co., 4 bales; G.:'Falk the market, and was sold for l6.:.o. The sales at the ture, have the following new money-p1eces, wllich will about 14co cases, 1s the record of the week m the seed trade; tlus demand mcreased durmg the week and rot er, I e, or er, I4 cases. dtfferent warehous'!s for the week were 78 1 hhds and go mto general use on the rst of next January;. GtJJa.leaf market, The distribution and'pnces were as fol many vessels were chartered at advanced rates 'very K Bv TIHbE NA&TroCNAL LINE-T1 oel, Rose & Co., 44 hhds; 4 boxes, as follows:-A 20 marj: piece, equal to 6 reichsthaler and 20'gl'O lows: rso cs. t872 Ohto at Sti@ 6oo cs. Wisfew. vessels remam unchartered. reme erg o, 20 do, B akemore, Mayo & Co., 77 The Farmers' House sold I69 hhds :-ISI bhds Ken schen, ot z,ooo pence. A Io-mark piece, equal to 3 t;1onsm 7c.; 200 cs. Massachusetts at n @ 15c.; For Tobacco by steam, the following rates were paid: dCo; Sawyedr, WaRllace & Co' 221 do, D J. GarHt, Son & tueky leaf, lugs and trash 6 at $24I9, 1 7 2S 1S I42S re1chsthaler and IO groschen, or I,ooo pence. Silver. 200 cs. Connecticut set:onds and fillers at 8 @ I8c:-; I So To Liverpool, sos -pr hhd Ky. and as there 15 agam 0 93 L. & Co., 5 do ; M. I4i 4 at I3@I3 75, I3 at I 2 @12 7 5, 1 S at II@II.75, -.k s-mark p1ece, equal to I reichsthaler and 20 grocs. Pennsylvama at 12@ 6c., and Ioo cs. I871 Conneca scarcity of roo111s 2s 6dis asked. To London sos per Popdpenhepm1e1r,d I4 do Thomas Hoyt & Co., 35 at Io@Io 75, 3 1 at 9@9 90, 17 at 8@8 go; 14 at 7@ schen, or soo pence. A :a-mark ptece, equal to 20 groticut at 25 @ sse. hhd Ky., all by direct lmes. To Rotterdam Antwerp 5 0; 0 ar Pettus & Co., 22 do; A. H. 7 90, 14 at 6@6.9o 2 at 5 so, 5 6s. 10 hhds do. trash: schen, or 200 pence. A I-mark pece, equal to ro gro-A gradual Improvement is perceptible in the transac-and London, so ,marks per hhd Va. To G;braltar by Cardozo & Co., 21 do;, F. W. Tatgenhorst; 8 do; A. C. 8 at SS@6.8o, 2 at 4, 4 8o. I hhd do. at J.2o. schen, or 100 pence. mark ptece, equal to S grotions of the past two or three weeks, and 1t is a source sa1!, 2 I cents for cases and 6os pr hhd Ky L. & 0. Meyer, I4 do E. M Wnght & Co 2 do, H. 4 hhds Tennessee leaf at 1125 112S 9, 8.JO. 3 schen, or pence. A IS mark p1ece, equal to gro-of grattfication to be able to note the fact. It 1 s noticeThe North German LloyC. Steamers are full engaged Henwood, 31 do i JarviS & Co., 5 do; Oenchs & Co, hhds do lugs at 7 5, 6 4o. schen, or ;o pence. Nu.kei.-A 1-Io mark piece, equal able a!so, that Wisconsm leaf makes a very constderable for Bremen, and there IS but very httle to ship I Sn do; E. M. Crawford & Co., so cases; order, 93 The Pickett House sold ISS hhds :-79 hhds Ken-tor groschen, or IO pence. A 1 2o-mark piece, equal ttem 10 the aggregate of transfe.-s, wh1ch should be for some ttme to come. The nommal rate IS SS marks h ds. tucky leaf: 4 at $I7 I6 so, I3.75, 13 75; 4 at 12@ to groschen or 5 pence Copper.-A 1-so-mark pleasmg to shippers whom former seasons have s o me_for Ky., and 50 marks for Vtl h & Co., to8 do; D. & A Benumo, 34 do' Schroeder & diana leaf at 9.2o, 8.8o, 8 20. I hhd do at 6 20. he was bruised up. generally, and had evidently been pared With previous apprehensiOns. reported sales .;d quotatiOnS of aeed leaf .. furmshl:; Bon, 2 do J M Westhetm & Co' 2 do; Joseph Mayer's The LoUISVIlle House sold I06 hhds and 4 boxes' 91 rolled 10 the gutter in a very energetic manner. When We received too late for pubhcatlon m our prevtous 1hould be obta1ned for t!lem at first hand, as these refer n most mstances Sons, 7 do; Wm Eggert, so do; C. E. F1sher & hhds Kentucky leaf, lugs and trash, 2, at $rs, 13, 25; the defendant was called on for explanation, she deISSUe the following commumcatlon from 'JUT East HartIO old crops nave been held nearly a year, and the profit on Brother, 29 do; Spencer Brothers & Co., 2 do' order, 3 at 12 25@ !2.75 6 at II @ II.75> I2 at 10@ I0.75o sen bed the provocation by whtch the wretched man had ford correspondent, "Constant Reader, and we make whch must naturoll} mclude the mterest on cap1tal 1nvested Growen Ig do 14 at 9 @ 9 90 12 al 8 @ 8 90, 10 at 7 @ 7 95, 10 at 6 brought the trouble upon htmself He was given to the r the cannot expect even 10 the case of new crops, to..,n them for the same BY THE NEw YORK AND HARTFORD STEAMBOAT a. 6,70,-19 at 8 50 m. 12.75, 3 at 5os a. S 9S, 1 hhd fil h h b t f t b h d th th I k room lOr I re pncea u are obt:uned on ale-sale here O f cuur.., every re-sale must be \::J \:7 t Y a 1 0 0 acco-c ewmg, an WI e usua rec EDITOR TOBACCO LEAF -"In your ISSue of the 13th at an advance, and therefore tne pnce obtainable by the growel'l wll LINE -A. L & C. L. Holt, too cases; A. Qatman, :zo factory sweepmgs at 5.90, 4 boxes at 12.7s, Io.7s, 7, ]essness of one so deptaved, he permitted the vile juice you mention the sample of leaf I sent you as cahco : I be ao,.ewhat lower thaR our quotatons do, G. Wnght, 25 do; Fox, Dtlls & Co, 14 do; E 6 xo; 2 hhds West Vtrgmia leaf at I I 5o, s hhds Indt to SOil hts shirt bosom. He had been adorned with thmk I d1d not make my descnpt10n of it qulte plain QUOTATIONS OF WHOLE3ALE PRICES. Carples, 3 do; S. Salomon, to do, Chas. F Tag & ana leaf and lugs at 8 40, 8 to, 7, 6.8o, 5 30; 7 hhds clean !men that very mornmg, and duly warned agamst Th1s sample was from a plant entirely different from Ya-I LliCat ... td 9.,1 00 Son, 2I do; Havemeyer & V1gehus, I3I do, H. Schu ''Vest Tennessee leaf and lugs at ro, 9.20, 9, 7, 7, 7, such carelessness. In five m10utes after Mrs. Welch '-1 a """ b & c d genuine "cahco," and I do recollect to have .seen Common to good lup 8@ 7K Man'lfact..,. .10 d J 0 b & S 8 hhd d 1 f p, H. Esq.: remarked the other day that he saw one p1ece "so badly do bngbt 20 @50 Bngbt illch Harnson, 23 o, tten urg ons, 3 do; M Ber2 at to,, I at 37 s o ea and lugs at MY DEAR SIR-Yours of the roth was d1,1ly receiVed cahcoed that he would not give twenty five dollars an s=:g; .... : :: BriRbt Gold Baro, 6m.cb 53 @58 cassa, 1 do, Early & Lane, 2 do, Flits & Austm, 5 do, So@I7 I2 hhds do lugs. I at 8 so, 5 at 6.20@ "Conten:s Noted. acre for n." My object m menttomng th1s subJeCt 1 s a OAw-lll'ortogood com 5 7 B:'!h" Ready 5 0 A. Hall & Co., 2 do, A K1lpatnck, I do, S. T. & E. 6.5o, 3 at 4 95@7 Io, 2 at S IS, 5 I at 4 8o I hhd In your Letter you ask Jlle wh1ch 1s the most damgehope that some remedy may be d1scovered for 1 t, and as Naey.Pr>unds-Fllle 43 @ '6 J. Knapp & Co., 7 do, H Welch, to do, March, Price do scraps at 2.8o. I hhd Tennessee leaf at 9 ros Beverage that man 1 s Are to, That lS in the common you are pubhslncg a senes of articles on "The Chemi-Com to med "Png leJ. 7 K I 0 & Co., 70 do, 57 boxes, J D. Kellly, Jr., 130 do, 22I The Boone House sold 7 3 hhds: 4 at $I8.2S, I4 2s, Flue opaaglea to yellow 10 @15 -- ..., '""' b G W H 11 & C d rn. 6 axcepttatton of the Term, the-common whJ:Skey; as Now cal CompositiOn of Tobacco, and How to Improve lts Nary!aM-F't'dtocom Floe .. 42 @45 three-qtr oxes; man o., 42 o, 43 half I3 75, 13.2S< Sat I2>.::JI2.5o, at II@II.751 II at ro@ Manufactured, Say from Aalecoholl, Stncknine, Tea, toQuahty," I hope the "author" may be 10duced to exae.:::?com,;on. .. g {t: boxes; Wm T. Coleman & Co, 13 do, I6 do: Bulkley, ro 75, 3 at 9 50@9.8o, Io at 8@8.90, II at 7 90, 9 at bacco, Burnt Apples, & co, or the Lager B'eer as now on th1s part of the subJect also, as 1t is a very Good do 6 7 tioo20 : ..... Co.,3odo,24qtr boxes; MartmJohnson,7do, rdo, 6.50. thhdindtanalugsat790. you, All that Know & can Say, IS from Personall say that it w11l prove at least an average one m growth : Thtrty Twor GO E. DuBo1s, 6o do, IO do, so kegs, Dohan, Carroll & The Kentucky Tobacco Assoctation sold 12 hhds Ku.owledge & Expenance. I wet to work some three and as toqual1ty it ts too early for 1hat yet. One of m; 0""'S:!'::t.:r_":'"a;":'cC::.";:"'" and we. n H Co., 94 do, 2 to half boxes, Io4 thtrd boxes, Io9 keg'; Ken\ucky leaf, lugs, and trash I at $II, 3 at, months smce to Test the matter for m"selfe, aod this netghbors has two acres already harvested, and qu1te a Wrappers ........... 10 II Good M 411 D. H. London, 8o boxes, Moore, Jenkms & Co, 29S I at 8.6o, 2 at 7.5o, 7 30, 5 at 6@6.70. 7 ..U.Orted 9 @lO common ana me(Uum 37 88 is the result that I have came to number have commenced. That wh1ch lS npe, and now .45 ; fine Bnght Virgmia Twtst s5r.>.62, med d do Fme do 102@110 "W.S,' ................... 21 <.::? Nght, my w1fe thought that I was some one that was pnce II mch, an some sales of the same at current do Estra Fine 5 2 1 "G s .. .. ... .. 29 & Co., Tobacco Comm1sston Merchants, report :-The dmm Bnght Vtrgima Tw1o:1t 43@50; V1rgtma Bnght notmys"\lf & and kicked me and by Jove in the moming, rates. Stocks are comparatively light, and fuller assortIMPORTS. demand for manufactured tobacco was fatr the past Navy, y3, 6, to, 7.(, D, T, s, and U, 45@52; mediUm when I awoke and took a Good Look at myself, I ments would, perhaps, be helpfulm facihtatmg transac Thearrivals at the port of New York from foreign week, with pnces wtthout change. We note the followBnght Navy, y3, 6, Io, D T, 5, and U, 42@48; thought so two. My head. was muddled and I could Uons. The market is m a most favorable conQtUoa, so ports for the week endmg August 26, mchi'ded the folmg recetpts: Hoffman, Lee & Co, 87 half and 320 thml Vugmta Black Navy, 7i, to, 7.(, D T s, and i 37 not thmk of anything that happened, the Hight before far aa the character of the goods on hand 1s concerned, lowmg consignments ---' boxes. G. S. Watts & Co., 283 boxes and 6s cases .48; Western Black Navy, y3, Io, 7.(, D T, 5, so you see, Cramps, Snakes, L1zzards, Babboona, and and from thts Circumstance, and the better feelmg m reBREMKN.-M & E Salomon, I9S bales Havana. J. B. Stafford, 379 thtrd boxes. W A. Boyd & Co., 4S@48; Western Bnght and Mahogany Navy, y3, D T, all the other Fenomous anul}als the country is are to 1s latwn to home traffic now apparentlyprevallmg, 1t would CADIZ Commerc 1 a) Warehouse Co., 873 bales 125 half boxes. S 4S@so. upon me-10 the other case Inebnatlon, Imbisllity seem as if a moderately Fall trad.e might be reckhcorice root CHICAGO, August 23.-Messrs F. K Misch & Co., Augustzs.-Mr. E. W. Dtckerson, reporter for the Parihsabon of the whole Frame and L1ms, and the Devl oned as among the of the times. GENOA -Order, 25 cases hconce paste. Manufacturers' Agents and Vvholesale Tobacconists Tobacco Trade of Plnladelphta, wntes as follows:-knows what al11s up e n me. So my Dear Su you have Sm1Jki11g-For all grades of smoking tobacco there MALAGA.Gomez & Argutmbau, I,7J7 bales hconce report: All's quiet on the "Chtcago." Nothmg neV: ;There was a fatr amount of bus10ess done here last the whole Solution, and my adv1ce IS to you as a Doc-,has been a steady mquiry throughout the week. Bus1-root. unerd the sun 10 the field of tobacco with pnces firm week. Sales of seed leaf 2SO cases. About if you have any of Stmptoms to stop wllile you ness can .not be .called active, bur 1t IS regular, and ap-MANILLA.-Banng Brothers & Co., 20 cases ctgars; and the marlc:et dull. We note one' thing and that ts: two.:th1rds of this be1ng Rew. The new Connecticut CaJl and take the prescnptlon I enclose. parently mcreasmg as the season for bnsker trade ap-Kidder, Peabody & Co., 5 do; order 10 do. Chicago tobaccomsts ate gradually extendmg their tme seconds wh1ch are sound and .well sweated have been Yours ._ WM PIKE proac!les. ST. J AGo.-A. s, Rosenbaum. & Co., 3 o bales. ctedlts, formerly thirty days the utmost l_lme ,iven jln good demand, and the_ maJonty of such stock has .. /


, .... 27 ,passed mto the hands of manufacturers and Jobbers. The past ten days have been favorable for the I872 crop. Th1s crop needs all the sweat 1t w1ll get There IS no change to report m the c1gar trade sales-not mcludmg the smaller dealers-amounted to about 9oo,ooo Manufactured tobacco IS m regular demand and the pnces are well mamtamed The str "Pennsylv111ma oC the "Amer1can Steam sh1p Co's Lme" took out 223 hhds and 1 15 tierces of to-bacco, last week PETERSBURG, VA, August 25 -The Index and Appeal reports as follows -The breaks and rece1pts the past week have been large for the season, and the mar ket has ruled dull w1th some declme on most kmds Fme sh1ppmg leaf contmues to sell well, but common to fall' grades are very dull and pr1ces for such are a good deal lower than they were at one t1me Manufacturmg fillers are also dull and pnces lower There 1s a good deal of western tobacco bemg used for fillers by some of our manufacturers, and that causes le!>s demand for Vug1ma and North Carolma rather bngh t and redd1sh fillers The latter kmd 1S sellmg comparatively lower th1s seaso n than any other kmd W e would adv1se planters who make strong, ncb, tobacco to cure 1t of a d ark color 1 he nd for dark waxy hard fired tobacco keeps good, and at good pnces Good and fine coal cured wrappers are m far demand at $20 to $50, very fine woufd bnng more We quo te shppmg lugs at $6 to $8 sh1ppmg leaf, common to fa1r, $8 50 to $I I very goo.d to fine, h 2 to $I 5 filler leaf, poor to com mon, $S so to 9; fatr to very good, $9 so to II ; dark wrappers, $n so to $14, bfown wrappers, $10 so to $12 so 1 manufacturmg lugs, $6 so to f;S fun ked and heated tobacco IS selhng low O u r quotations apply to hogsheads of full we1ght The followng IS a statement of the rece1pts and m spect10ns of tobacco at the warehouses of th1s .suy for the past week and for the current tobacco year l nsp ew1 Rects Tot lns p Tot Ins p Oaks I30 6 S9 3S1o 4632 Centre uS 2 156 2655 3423 West H1ll 6o I 48 IJ6S :z4S3 Moore's -54 2 44 1405 2176 rHE TOBACCO observation, we mention, that, m accordance w1th de of owners, we had a few parcels mil'ected which, at first, when samples were fresh, looked very well, mdeed so much so, that we would not accept aJ fractiOn less than what we beheved to be their full market value a few days afterwards, however, they showed s1gns of mould and from day to day subsequent!} they looked worie and worset so that the party who had made an of fer for the best lot, w1thm a shade of what It was worth, could not be mduced to examme 1t agam, nor to repeat h1s b1d, But we expect that when these parcels shall be remspected about the end of next month or early m October, they Will have qmte a salable appearance" LONDON, August 7 -Messrs Graflt Chambers & Co report There IS no change to report m our mar ket as regards Amencan tobacco, and buyers contmue to operate very sparmgly The stock for home use and exportatiOn IS still very hmlted owmg to the h1gh rates of fre1ght demanded from New York, w1th but httle prospect of any cons1derable alteratiOn Kentucky leaf and s (nps h ,we had a fair share of attention, but the tota l transactions have been but tnfimg Vugm1a leaf and stnps, the former of bnght color, m request, and stnps of nch quality and leafy are much wanted Ma ryland and Ohw contmue dull of sale, and there IS scarcely any mqu1ry Cavendish 1s dull of sale the sale5 have been of a tnflmg character o nly A.urust 14 -There has been comparat1vely but httle domg m Umted States tobacco dunng the past week, and the sales of most descnpt10ns have b:en of a hm 1ted character Both home anti export buyers been obhged to restnct their operatiOns, owmg to the small supphes on the market Holders remam firm at current pnces In Kentucky leaf and stnps httle has been done some few sales have been effeeted of t8e former V1rg1ma leaf and stnps have bP.en but httl e sought after Some mqmry has been expenenced for bnght descr puons, wh1ch are d fficult to find May land and OhiO contmue dull of sale although offered at low rates Cavendsh has expenenced but little de mand, and pnces may be quoted rather easer I6 cases dark half pounds 7 cases I2 m "Impe nal Ruby" b1rd's eye tw1st 2 cases 6 m do IS 3%:d, I case "Belle et Bonne" twist IS2 Ex Eury dzce. I7 cases ''Forest Rose" aromatic fives SUd, 46 half boxes "Fanme WJlmer" siXes 7 31 cases "Up ton" aromatic fours Sd, s cases "Fanme Wilmer" s1xes Ex Rambow Damaged for net cash, 4 half tlerces "Cameron's Tnumph" tw11t ISJ;( d, 3 quarter tlerces do r case "Ruby" navy sixes 8*d, I case "Lou1sa" hght pressed Is, 6 three quarter boxes 'Pnnce of Wales" tens 9 d The quotaj;Ions arc: all m bond EXCHEQUERNINIH ARTICLE NEw YORK, Augus/21, 1873 EDITOR ToBACCJ LEAF -I shall now endeavor to state, as fa1rly as poss1ble, the obJections wh1ch have been made to the passage of the bill estabhshmg the Exchequer, and to reply to them The first IS, that the mstltutwn, from Its magmtude, would be unw1eldly fo th1s I answer, that the Secretary of the 1 reasury now manages the ent1re revenue of the Federal Government, amountmg annually to more than $Joo,ooo ooo, and bes1des Its collectiOn and disbursement, the "YI hole finanCial policy of the Government and the management of the pubhc debt of more than $2,ooo,ooo,ooo are com mitted to h1s control Surely, if 1n one smgle depart ment under the control of one man, our finances can be managed as they now are, th1s objeCtiOn can not be well founfled, when the Exchequer would perform but one branch of what the Secretary of the Treasury now does Bes1des, there seems to be no d1fficulty from tlus cause, 111 the management of the Bank of England or the contmental banks, and I can not suppose that the talent and skll lO conduct such an mst1tut10n are want mg m the Umted States pohcy of England 1s settled upon different pnncples, and the Bank 1s used, as the Exchequer would be here, to rece1ve, keep and pay away the pubhc revenues, ac cordmg to the directiOns of the proper officers lt rs true, that upon Important occasiOns, the Go:.ternment of England has authonzed departures frpm the charter of the Bank, but such actJon has been exceptional It ,;; certam, that 1f the Exchequer were m operat1on w1th us, under the b1ll to Congress, 1/ztrt could k tUJ suspenntm of specte paymmls as the of sus pen s1ons, m ths country and England, has always been the mcrease of the d1scounts, beyond the llmtt of two to one of the pa1d up cap1tal. W1th the E;y;chequer th1s could not happen, as th1s hm1t IS fixed by the charter, and all of the reasons, therefore, for governmental mter ference, to enable us to span over an commer c1a1 current, would be removed 1 beg the senous and careful cons1derat1 o n of this feature, hmttmg the d1s counts to tw1ce the cap1tal of the Exchequer, as a very Important and vztalpomt m the regulatiOn of the mstl bon, auc! as secunng absolute stab1lzty to 1t, as by pre7 s,oo o ,o oo m com 1dle, and the premiUm on gold and all el s e, respectmg our finances and the busmess o f the country a l m o st entir e ly unde r the c ontr o l of the Secretary of the 1 reas ury Now It must be clear, that the estab hshment of the Exchequer would remedy th1s cond1t1on of affaus, and lessen the power of the Federal Govern ment oxer our finances and the .commercial operations of the country -No party cap1tal has ever been made, out of the opmIOns, ofthe managers of the Bank of England The bacco cui tur-e are fixed by the general baundanes uf ag nculture We may state, t.."at tobacco w1ll grow pros perously m any chmate where the Winter wheat gets npe m the fiJSt decade of August But to produce to bacco of a supenor quality the chmate suitable for vme culture ts r e qu1red It can not qe doubted that the milder the chmate the more the aromatic parts of the to b acco leaves w1ll be developed The cul t vat w n of tobacco, extens1ve as It Is, reaches 1ts he1ght m wh1ch are d1stmguished by a warm climate, more dry than damp, and ne1th!;r ex p osed to early m gh t frosts m autumn, nor to gales or even ueavy cold wm:ls durmg the summer Sotl and .St l e -1 obacco can be rmsed IR any soli, ex cept cold and tough argillaceous earth, dry sand, and moor, or turf land where the superabundant ac1ds are not ehmmatea 'Ihus 1t may be JUStly sa1d, 1f we d1sregard su penonty of the weed tobaccQ IS not pretentious m the cho1ce of 1ts so1l but the ground most smtable for a successful harvest of th16 plant 1s a light, warm and bu rnous medmm or average sot!, 1m proved and purified by the cultivatiOn of several years In heavy and compact solis the tobacco crop IS often a total failure when the season 1s either too dry or too wet the whole, how ever, the warmer the chmate the heav1er the soli may 1.1nless the year, bemg too dry, Withhold the requ1s1te mOisture Tobacco ra1sed m a mild and hght s01l has Itself a milder aDd less po1gnant taste, and 1s, therefore, more suitable for smokmg (whether m p1pes or as c1 gars) whereas tobacco grown m heavy so1l, wh1ch sort reqmres a most careful treatment n the cultiVahon as w ell as m the manufacture, IS best sUited for snuff and chewmg tobaccos As for the stte, a sunny place IS the best foJ; tobacco It ought to be protected aga1nst gales and rougl1-w1nds, because thes,. InJUre the leaves To th1s end m some countn es the fields are fenced With th1ck set hedges, es pecially of elders, by wh1ch the wmds are kept off, s ome set, also, mtermed1ate fences of brushwood, close to wh1ch peas or beans are planted Accordmg to Garcie du Jardm tobacco grows 1.1 the East Ind1es prmc1pally m a morst and shadowy ground, even m such wh1ch are uncultivated, or m mea ger sml But not every s01l IS well fitted for the culture of the tobacco plant In Pa1aguay, where the tobacco seems to be at home, as 1t were, and thnves excellently, the d1ffer.ent sods are ranked and classfied geologically m the followmg manner, accordmg to Demersay 1 I Red s01l of the MISsions -Th1s compnses, for the greatest p a rt, all the lands formerly cultivated by the Jesut fathers Th1s soil Is also found, m great tens1on, m the provmces of R1o Grande and Conente In Paraguay 1tself th1s soil extends even to the other s1de of the 1 eb1quary, which forms the northern boun dary of the ternfory of the .MISSIOns, VIZ m the D1s tnct of VJila Rica The red so1l of the Mssons 1s ex tremely fert1le, and contams Iron as well as a sort of magneuc sa"lld m rounded grams, wh1ch appear on the surface m black metallic stnps on such spots, where the ram water stagnates, and hkew1se m the beds of tor rents an d nvers :z Red sOil, mmgled With sand fh1s sand seems to be the sand of quartz, many vanet1es of 1t bemg found embedded m 1t There 1s great labor and care neccessary m cultlvat mg tobacco, and 1t for cunng and smoking It Lrequ1res when on the stalk, m the grounel the utmost watcbfnlness to keep the worms from eatmg 1t Women and children are usually employed to go ove1 th patch and p1ck off the worms Every leaf "cut" by a worm adds so muck to Its deprec1at10n, as the more perfect the leaf the more valuable It 1s for manufacturmg pur poses, partlcularlv the wrappers for c1gars The cut tmg of the tobacco IS also a very Important process and can only be done at certam stages of the weather, nettl}er too dry nor too wet It 1s then hung uo m large enclosures, each stem separate, where the dl'},ng takes place, after wh1ch 1t IS subjected to a sweatmg process, which requires the utmo s t expenence and skill to man age with success, and when successful 1mparts the true value to the leaf The advantage of the Penusylvama tobacco ra1ser, m all these vanous processes, over the old Vrrg1ma planter, Is the mtelhgence of tile labor he has to employ Th1s enables h1m to calculate pretty certamJy as to the extent and value of hiS crops, pro VIded the season 1s favorable There are no losses from Ignorance, no fa1lures because of sloth and fa1th lessness W1th the death of slavery, all thiS ended m the tobacco busmess of this c ountry As you pass over the Pennsylvama Railroad from Lancaster e1ther by the branch along th e Susquehanna RJVer from Columb1a to Middletown, or over the Mount Joy andl Elizabethtown branch, some 1dea of tlie acreage m to bacco IS had m the nch lands of the nver bottom of that fertile country The plant IS always the largest and the yeld 1mmense W1de fields are here seen with the1r broad, bnght green lea ves wa vmg m the s1,1n, ghttenng hke so many banners, wh1ch are destmed to be con sumed m smoke, reduced t6 ashes m d1stllnt climes and by fore1gn peo ple And a stnking statistical fact 1; that It costs the Amencan people more for tobacco than t does annually to supply our ra1lroads, all combmEd, with 1ron for all porposes. -------A SHARP CELESTIAL-Joh n A Laoon, a Chmaman. was taken before Judge }oach1msen, on Monday, on a charge of fraudulently obtammg $s,ooo worth of cgars from Gustave Solomon anti others Mr W1se, counsel for the plamtlff, showed how Laoon had marned a col ored lady possessed of means, then swmdled a t:ountf) man out of $ 7oo whom he sent to a la1,1ndry at Bellev1lle,N J ,and havmg"ebtamed $r,ooo by h1s sharp practice, he ga'!'e up hs little c1gar stand at I So Chat ham Street, and,representmg h1mself to be worth f;r ,ooo, a:ot cred1t for twenty thousand c1gars, wh1ch he endeav ored to sell at a loss, then disappeared He was sent to Ludlow Street Jali Advert-isements. FOR I!!IA.LEl Tobacco Faetory No J Jd D1strict Iowa at a low :6f1Ue bas engine two t&bacc:o cuUtOJ' machines, good rollers etc For parbculara addreu P 0 Box"'' Daveaport Iowa 445 CUTTING FA.CTOR.Y FOR. ll&LE. One hall or lhe whole of a larre Cutting Factory to a Weat.ern Clty havlnr a weJI eltabhshed trade Parttcula n at tbl a addrcaa E. c.' Pew, ... Ptae SL SL Louu Mo, FOR SALE! Pounds Genume "DEER TONGUE" Flavor, for SMOKING TOBACCO manufacturers, In Iota to swt purchasers at LOWEST figures. MARBURC BR08., 1,6, U'7 tit 1&8 S. CJuuolee St., BALTUIOR.E, 11. D, ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. DRAWN EVERY 1'1 DAYS (.,,aae gto to be drawn Aug 30, 1873 I Claa s 913 to be drawn Oct. u 1813 911 Sep t 7 9 Nov 8 912 O c t Nov 26 WHOLE TfCKETS, $>6 oo ONLY, Hahes nd Quartersm Pro p onton .Addr ... all Letters t o A. SCHXEIDER tit CO., P 0 Box4034 or No 35 WaD It, Ne..,. York. TOBACC O IN PENNSYLVANIA -The culture of to bac co, say s Pa::don m the Ph1ladelph1a Press, sa long considered an mdustry pecuhar to old Vrg1ma and Maryland, bas for years past been a growmg m terest m Pennsylvania For a long penod 1t was be heved that tobaeco ra1smg greatiy 111JUred the sml, ex haustmg t h e land and rendermg 1t unfi t for cereal cui llva twn and graZing. Old Vngm1a was pomted to as the proof of th1s cla1m, and her worn out tobac,o fields seemlo attest 1t But sctence m agnculture, With m telhgent labor to demonstrate 1ts true effects, has fully d1sproved th1s fallaciOus theory, and now 1t 1s ascer tamed that the ra1smg of--tobacco, when JUdiCiousjy al terna:ted, \\ltl benefit the land and largely repay the cui F R. tlValor 1Jie great d1fference m the pnce of tobacco, LIC RICB PASTE! BXTRJ!! JUST LANDED!! r COIIIparatlvely, and that of gram enables the of uadenicned soh cat the attentto n of l obacc o Manufacturers and h fj In t d l' e r h s I a tha I .J: Conadm.-rs of L i c orice Paste to the above ereatly jmpr ... ed brand of t e or er 0 spen mOJ: e lOT manur lOT I an n Span>ah Laconce wh>ch, bavaug b.en br ought to a high otato of p eriectao n the latter pOSSibly Can dO SO that When a CrOp of tO 11 COD6de1111yelfeftd >.a combtntng all the eaoenta&ls of a first-class article ld h d r F aale by 1s c u t so t e money IS turne to manute Oil P. HARIIONT'S-wEPHEWS tit co., s crop of wheat or rye, or of clover, wh1ch ea :Broadwa7 New York. makes those crops so much more proiitable than 1f the land were not thusp Pepared J And what IS more, the ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY tobacco stalk and stem, by chem1cal pceparat10n, be DRAWN EVERY 17 DAYS comes a n c h and strengthemng manure, addm2: greatly GERMAN GOVERNMENT LOTTERIES. to crops wh1ch f o llow 1 he old V1rgm1a tobacco cultivator ra1sed o nl)'l the w e ed, and that by labor nether 1_ntelh gent nor sk11le d He took all out of the so1l, returm111g nothmg or little to 1t, and therefore h1s l and s oon wore out Pennsvlvama, next to Connecticut, IS now ra1smg the most supen o r tobacco for smokmg purposes p1oduced on the contment, four fifth s of our c rop bemg produeed m Lancast er County The Connect 1cut t ob acco IS very mtld, an d when worked a s a filler w1th a Hava11a wrap per 1nakes a c1gar of splendid flavor, wh1ch the most expert 1 s unable to d1stmgm s h from the genume H a v ana V1rgm1a tobacco IS almost exclusve l y w orked mto "plug" and "fine cut," for chewmg purposes, wh1le the Pennsylvama cro,p IS very valuable, and h1ghly pnzed for smokmg purposes When three or four years old 1t IS unparalleled mdeed, a:ll tooac C() 1mproves w1th age The better is pa'cked /and' \He longer It IS kept, the purer and mote valuable ft 'b't-Oue Pnze 1n Averaj'e o n Two Ticket s PrU:ee cuhN and 1of ormatto n given TIIEODOR ZSCHOCH, o no. 6o8o [ .ssl COPE'S TOBACCO PLANT-A MONTHLY JOUH'N.A.I ..I t o r I::Sm oktrl Publt&bed at No 10 Lord Nelson atreei Lherpt.ool Eng l a u d wnertt eub&oriptl one m a y be: &ddreseed or to tile TOBACCO LEAF Ul!'l'tl:& Prac o two ohllllnga (EDgll a h) perannum r rade Advertillemenb ah lling1 per fnQk No adT.erUeementa rece 1 vM for a p h ortcr period 'UlAn 811 tnontba lf&ehlnery f o r Sale Bua tneas Addrea u a Ann o unoemen&e &o. la per line N o ori!et' tor Advertil!tllg wf l b e co n a l d ererl u nt e a a accomp&nied by the c n ee poDdiD g amount Tbi& :tule Invariably be to. ,.. FOREIGN DlJTIE8 ON TOBACCO In Autda Franc e, Ual y and S pam the tobacco cgmm.erce i m o n opoJbe a by government, ender duectJoa of a Regte In G ermany the duty on Amet'cau leaf tobacco is 4 tbalera per 100 lbs In B e lg1um the lmpost is rec koned. deductiD I! per cent. for tAre The duty i s 13 francs .a cent:imee !1..., pld) per 100 KUogrammes (100 Amerlcn lbs equal 4SM Idle.) Ia Uaad tlae dlut,. w 28 Gents g old per roo kiloL (aBo Am.encan pr'IUid D&'eGel, and oa clpn ,.._119<"11 per pound The "pnd Ia eq.W to &-tJ6 Ameri ... tbe._ Ia Twi"loeJ tH. ntj 1a Mt1..,..ta...,ld per "-" Amerkall ..........


' 4 ruE TOBACCO LEAF.,-THE. VIRGINIA AGENCY, /SPENCE, BROT:aERS &, CO.,, "'. EsTABLISHED IN r836, BY CHARLES 'M. CONNOLLY. J.IANUFACTURERS oF TilE cELEBRATED :.altfBROSI.A, .And Various other Brands of C().MISSION 1 IN Fine-Cut Cltewing & Smoking Tobaccos, L .eaf. and. Man To a a and 54 EAST TmD snn,T, :. 45 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. -CINCINNATI, O. --J. Wt" respectfully call the attention of tli:e trade to the. Standard Being located at the GREAT LEAF MARKET for CtrrTING ToBACCO, of Manufactured Tobacco ouri'acilities for supplying the TRADE with ALL GRADES oF / POUi'IIDS1 r AND 12.1NCH. FINE-CUT and SMOKING are unsurpassed. WUI'E SAP, GO'E.DEN SEAL, GALLEGO, \ PREIUHl lll, JUORN I NG-!>'IAR, POUR A1 Jlil, RED:II@'RE, "\IVINSTON, HENil Y t:.O, TWIN S I S 'IER_ S I HOI RO'l'A.:.. S > 'lNDA.RD,-BRICHT' AND DARK-4s, 5s; kND 1 -liCKS. t'NIQ,UE, PEA.RT,, DE"' D OP, BORQDANA, PEAllODY, CHAJ!IP, WAT:!l:R LIZ.Y, DJ,\.DEJ>I RD, r;EA Kir>"G, YACHT CLliB, l APROPO:., etc>., etc. TWISTS-' 1 9 AND 6 INCH GAME C OCK AND HENRY --::0 ROUGH AND REA.JY IN DR{;M'S. t)OLLY "\"ARDEN, A I'LA.'a l'JI' CABLF:, BONA "''DE, CHAJIJPAG?IE. F O U R ;\' -'1, AUFJ\...11', & BONNS, GREGO o<.Y'S, Dl et L!CH, T p.ttESSED, .x. NoRTON. T .> :;cUGIr. EDWARD M.WRIGHT 8& CO. .... :J ... DORADO, PIGMY, r WEISS; ELLER_ & KAEPPEL, IMPORTERS OF AND DEALERS IN HAV-ANA -TOBACCOS, 22' o PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. DOHAI\f, & CO.,' I TO.EAC:co -. -CO_ M M I SS:I 0 N MER CH A N TS, 104 FRONT ST_REET .. .. M J. DOHAN, } ALEX. FORMAN. .. {TH0S CARR01.L, ....,.,... -JNO. T. TAITT. J A[ent& fm' the[ W _frlltnown Vir[inia. Manufacturers:_ J. B. 'PACE, YARBROUCH.& SONS, J H 'CRANT & CO. JOHN ENDERS, TURPIN & IBROTHE,R, D. B. TENNANT & -CO. L H. FRAYSEI1 & CO, ill Y.J. OLIVER, H. CREANE-R. 'CARY BROTHERS, EDW.IN HARDCROVE, J. R. PACE & CO. R.ACLAND & JONES, RACLAND & TOSH, WALKER, TAYLOR & CO. WINNIE & TALBOT, L. -w. WISE : R.'A. PATERSON & CO. J. p. WILLIAMSON, L. LOTTIE.R. : AUG US *' N. Y.-Commisslou. BULKLEY MOORE& CO. VIRGINIA' ) Toba:cpo Commission l'tterchants ..... ... "' 'i'4 F:RONT Stteet. 1 KREMELBERG & CO., "' PEARL ST., New YoRK. J. D KREMELBERG & CO.,MD. KREMELBERG, SCHAEFER & CO. NEW ORLEANS, LA. OPTUI! \., L.\. ROSA, BUFFALO lORTON, SLAUGHTER & CO., eral C01D1Dl'"I'on Sole Aboents i n New York for BONNE B01JCHE, 4S. ss. an. d Pocket PAN CAI, to which 'we inv t te_the ot the trade. 'DB. _!1 1i 1 3St Broad Street, General Merchants, P. o 4s5s: .. 41 N.Y: & NEW YORK 7 BURLING SLIP, NEW' YORK, Tobacco OoJDJD.issioa 1Jechantii d Sole Proprietors of the Celebrated BnndS ofSmokingTobaooo: Honey Bee, Early Dew, Prairie BlosSom, ti'cl Rive&', Powhattan, Enterprllle, Old Keotuok, Old Los Cabln; Cow Slip, Choioe, Pioneer of the Weet, SuiiDy South, Our lbau4, Roney Dew. Also A grot.. for the "United State. for l. P HA WXIMI .t 00.'8 GOLD PLAXB. STRAITON & -STORM, )I,A)tUF ACTUREJ : SOF s :m.a. An. s, in dark w o r k to our Thistle" Brand, so widel y known i n many parts of our Country for its b eauty of-wotkmanship, delicacy of chew, etc., we :vould inyite.the attentto a of J bbbers; alw ;ys on.hand in lbs., half lbs., threes, pocket etc. M. SALOMON, l?ALOMON. And Dealer in all of X.::S: AF ''I' 0 :BAC C 0, 162 PEARL ST., NEW YORK CHAS. F. TAG & EON, ]AMES M. GARDINER, CHARLES M. CorrNoz. LY. DEALERS IN LB*AF TOBACCO,. No. 191 PEARL STREET, New York. M. & ,E. SALOMON, PACKERS OF SEED LEAF, lmportersot SP.A:li"ISH,and Dealerotn alllrlDdsof LEAF TOBACCO, 8 JAMES M. GAR._Dll\TER a CO., 1fO BACCO CODISSION e4 STREET,' NEW YORK, tfre r: : i; ;'; ; g d ; 'rec! ):om V IRGINiA a n d NORTE-I CAROliNA, COizsig:z-,: m e 1 t i s oj" L EAF, .AfANUFACTCRE/) and SMOfUN(J Tobaccos. .. -............... W. C. I.I,J_DL C. P'. LIND. C, C HAMILTON. S. MARCOSO. ,_.. NE W ,YORK Seed-Leaf Tobacco. Inspection. Tobaeeo p;iv e n for every case an d de\1.-ered c:aae by case, a s to numbe r of C.e r b ficate J'v.B.-1F e a lso Sample in 111t:1!chants' <>'um S/Qres. F. C. LINDE & CO. PRINCIPAL OFFIC'E-142 '\'Vater St.-.,et. WAREHOUSEI!.-142 Wah>, 173 Front, 74, 76 k 78 Green..teh !ltrcet.o nt<- I -G. F .ALH cl: BRO., : EED LEAP AND HAVANA I 7 ( .WA-TER STREET, I' NEA R BURLING SLIP NEW YORK. G F A L K. Ji.. FALK. -TOBACC 0 L ,ABELS, For and Manufactured Tobacco, FURNTSH&D BY .THE HATCH LITHOGRArHIC COMPANY, LITHOGRAPHERS, & VESEY STREET, NEW YORK, AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. .F. W., THOMAS KINNICUTT, T 0 B A C C 0 K-entaeky and Virginia .&UIRAL LeafTobacco 1!! 58 Broad Street, JpB!l .GEOH GE STORK ALEXANDER MAITLAND. L.' F. S, MACLEHOSE. MAITLAND& (}, TOBACCO AND FACTORS, Cq GE:NERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 43 BB.OAD ST., N. Y. m a d e o n toW. A. & G. MAXWI!.LL & CO., L!VHRPOOL THE TOBACCO TRADE DIBBCTORY. CONTAINS OVER mNTY THOUSAND NAMES. Price of the Directory, Five 1Dollars. I "THE TOBACCO LEAF" PUBLISHING COMPANY 142 Fulton-Street, New E. 'ROSENWALD & BROTHER, IXPO::arrz::as 0:1' SPANISH, I AND-PACKERS OF DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, CIGAR RIBBONS } w t s N -taany o haad. I45 a er treet, ew York. 1 61L.IIlROAD STREET, NE\_V YORK. NEW !. GUTHRIE & CO., l"_,A,n -V. MART I"N E Z Y B 0 R, 11911 YBONT BTJU&EX, i cp., i) IMPORTER OF HAY ANA LEAF TOBACCO AND CIIARS, DK:WSSION ... GENERAl AUCTIONEERS, 15: EL PRINCIPE DE. AND KEY WEST. '1'084.000 Plli1SIIml8, AtlfD .J i) 26 CEDAR NEW YOJIK.. r.tTobacco .. dIn balee tor thoWeatindS..., Oommissiiln Merchants,, 'TOLD SLfP. TOBACCO PACKED"{ HOSE!!eDS, A, D, CBOCnEY, .. on '" NF.;W VORK, CODISSION MERCHANT, I. IOUPB ... VEGA llBQ. And Leaf Tobacco Dealer, -- 10. 168 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK, BavaDa Tobacco_ .llao, corner 'l'!ili'teeuth and Cary Streets, I RICHMOND, Va., BolJoita Conaia'nmentn for thelfew York f H. h......,. JM. G. Pac1ls Pemberton & Penn, TOB:ACCO 'coMMISSION MERCHANTS, "'iiii a IMr In tAt : tfer l.t4ir llf'fliat I# jill ordlrs fliT JAV ,. .. tilllfiMI11nll DANY.U.LI, VA. s. H.' !FLOOD, -:. Sv.coeuor to G. W. LANGHORNE & CO., 'l!'l:"'l lliiii::o LMauufacturor of the followin&' Celebrated Brandl of -VIRGINI A sMOKING TOBACCOS, Jefferson Str eet, between '7th and 8th, LYNCHBURG,, VIRGI'NIA. Bob White in Cloth, Deer Ham, in 'Cloth, Johnny R e b in Cloth Westward Ho! in Cloth, Aunt Sallie 's Choice, i n Cloth R ustic B elle, ion Poth, Dew Drop in Cloth, JoHy Boy, in Cloth, Old White H at, And other Choice G rades. All B rand e of our Tob accos packed in N L sas to Sllit purchM e rs, FREE OF EXTRA OHARGE and in the new and popular tyl e of P ac k .. ge to suit the ditforent m arkets of the worla. FACTORY No.6. FIFTH DISTRICT. lCD W 1N KA T ,TSON, 122 F:Q.iladelphia chneral ApD\ for luknl 111d Kiildle St.a.tea, Ohio auil AND IMPORTERS OF I-Iavana Tobacc;:o and 85 MAIDEN N. Y. -S \V. VENABLE. R P HAtMILTON. s. W. VENABLE & CO., DEALERS IN LEAF AND MANUFACTURERS OP PLUG TOBACC.O, PETERSBURG, v .A. D .. lw "-, J) a anb J enf tiabatcns, MILL Bochester, N. Y. ( NEW YORK, LDOLfB ltTKOml'. & REITZENSTEIK, 'DOMESTIC uo IMPOR'lUS o r FOREIGN TOBACO(J. I 76 Front Street, N. Y. :184 Front St-reet, NEWYOBX. &. REISMAN N <'!t CO. LEAF TOBACCr 179 PEARL STB.tE':', JW-Pi'M ..,.., C'odar ati"Ntt, N ;EW YOR.1 -. N. LACHENBRUCH & BRO., No. -164 Water Street, New York, WHOt.ESt\LJS DEALERS Itt HAVANA & DOMESTIC 129 MAIDEN LANE, Gus. P'ICEND, R D'?t rAnD FRI:XNn, } lb>WARD-'l'EIEND .Tr<. NEVi YORK. M. WESTHEIM & CO., PA-CXERI OF Seed-Leaf and Importers of Havana Tobacco, 17'7 Pearl SU'eet. NEW YORIL E. M ORA WFORD & CO., TOBACCO-' A.ND 168 WATER STREET, NEW YOKK, R '""Oft ea.le all kln4o orr-t Tobacco tor Export and ... Cor UomeUM. OTTINGER & BROTHER \ KENTUCKY LEAF 'TOBACCO, 45 BROAD STREET, NEW YORK. WILLIAM M. PRICE & CO., LEAF TOBACCO, 19 Maid e n FELIX HAY IEAFR TFOBACCO, __ of RAPPEE1 CONGRESS, ScOTCH ( TaOM T. GUTUaJu:z ). SNUFI't everygn'deofSmokin,.Tobacco. AND cIGARs & BRO., At.SO o THE WELL KNOWN 9 13 SlfTHriELD ST. PITTSBURG, PA 3rands of Ci rrars 'La Carolina' & 'Henrv may. D. J. GARTH, SON &: CO., and "SARATOCA," (Succeuou tG B. FALLRN.TKIN & co.,) 18'7 Water St., New York. Commission Merchants, NO. 44 BROAD ST., NOTICE. l in thtf country his n ewly invented 7.He:;:nr-;:y __ Cigar Bune -.Jtg Table, 17S 173 Water 'st., N.Y. E. 'CARPLES, N.Y. IMPORTER OF HAVANA CIGARS, DEALER IN DOMESTIC CIGARS, AND ALL KINDS OF LEAF TOBACCO. h e under s i g ned ts to fill orders. The ma hine, whi C h i s unsurpas!>ed lor its purpose, bas been into several large factories, and has met the o p ro val of to whom h e can r efer. \ll in t t'res t e d are r equeste d to ca11 and ex amine it. H. :RFURTH. Machine Huildt"r and Cigar Sax ony, Gennany. A P.ent. 0"-W'I. n ::')Orchard St.,::. Y. bty DomtsGc Cigars taken on Commission and advances p K MISCH & CQ a>adG thereon. o 1 1 I .J. M. lfa.nufa.cturer's XOBdCCO BROKER. AND WHHLE SALE TDBACCONISTS, t US South WaHr' &., t-H .. ,:C.AGO -- JOB. MAYER'S -.AliD D1lA.LB1Itl nr ltou.f Uti_ "": STBBB'Et New York. ---SPENCER BROS & CO COKmSSION MERCHANTS, Dealers in Leaf" Tobacco No. '75 Maiden Lane, NEW YO-RK. T II. SPENCER. C. C. SPENCER. A SPENCE& M. H. CLARK & BRO., LEAF CLABDV'JTJ,E, TENN. -, ,,


)UGUST 27 ALSO, DEALER IN _. GEB.MAl.\1' CIGAR MOULDS 893, 296 & 297 Monroe St., J NEW YORK. W. MBRDBL &. BRO., O F CIG-ARI S AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, WK.' .AG:iUlW oil BOllS, IJ:obaooo and MmJhant.a. 8Sfo and :1186 st---. NEW'YOBK. JUT11 OX SALB ALL ni:a:saznw .. J.caf Tobaeco for Export and Bolli 111. Lenf Tobo oco baled in an7 packap b7 l.lydrA 'jo press for export .. LA FERME." !. MIUINGT!)N & lODIBYBI. ,.S BROAD STREET, AND 4.8 MEW STli.EET, SOLE AGENTS FOR. lA Ferme Rmsian O"Igal'ettes. DAVIDSOR BROTBIRS, HAVANA and SEED LEAF. TOBACCO, l-IS Water Street, Near Maiden Lane, NEW YORK. Leaf Tobacco. 0/t/Connedicut WJappers, Old State Sud lrappers, .., The ,Fil g _st Hava"a Wrappers anti Fillers. H. COLELL, A. S. ROSENBAUM & CO. I MPORTERS OF HAVANA TOBACCO AND CIGARS, Iilli :IN SEED LEU 'I'OB.ACCO, I rUE BA.VVO LEAF(, AKD DIIPORTERS OP CLAY 12Il?ES, 11EW-YORL JOSEPH SCHEIDER,. DEALER IN LEAF TOBACCO, 213 PE;ARL STREET, NEW FOX, DILLS & CO., 8UCCE8SORS TO EGGERT, DILLS .l.h"D COKPANY. IMPORTERS OF SP-ANISH AND PACKERS OF DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCOS 175 WATER STREET, NEw .YoRK. ..... IJrPi>aria..OP I 57, 59 & 6I, Lewis St., bet. Delancy & ;Rivington, NE'W YORK. H. 'W. :S:RICHS, MANUFACTURER OF JULIAN ALLEN Seed-Leaf and Ha .. .... ... :' 172 WATER S!REE:T; A. JtOBSl.B&. a BON, 171fWATER NEW YORK/ III:POJtttiiU 01' UAJIUJI A.ND. Packers of h11estic Leaf W)J 1', hllTt:J;J. JU K E. y;;m. P. KITTREDGE & Co., TOBACCO Agents for the Popular Brands of Tobacco; '"'\ 71 & 7 3 _FRONT ST., NEW YORK. lYI. STACHE'LBEB.G & CO.Il. J MANUFACT-URERS OF "LA NORIANDI"-&--PERPB(}TO" CIGARS", And oL Exa.ct Imitatlona of Leading Imported l!ra.nda. H&nd-m&de C igars eiclua!ve!y. ALSO, DEALERS IN LE'AF 257 PEARL STREE't.__NEW YORK. AUERBAOH & IEIDEBSOI;. MANUFACTURERS OF-FINE?crGiRS, N_o, l3Jl WATER ijT., NEW YORk. SAMUEt. dOSEPHS MANUFA!'::TUll.ER OF C.!IGA.RS._ ':J n' DIALER D LIAF TOBACCOS No. 166 FRONT STREET, NEW YOltK The attention ot the Trade Is ealleoi to my eelelorateoi DIAJIO_. STAR.brand GERMAN AMERICAN BANL BBOADWA!, corner of Sere3t, NEW !OBX. Capital, $2,000,000. .EMIL SAUER, p :a:mss:s:s, STRAPS & CUTTERS, DEA LER l N SCHROEDER & KOCJr, HAV;\.NA AND D OMESTIC PACKERS OF LEAF TOBACCO 144 Water st.. HAVANA TOBACCII _______ N_E_w __ 203 Pearl St., New York' City. :. Ferdinand Westhoff; ;Jr., BART.CORN & :AGE T I ...... Ntll'AC'!'tJRE:S O F ... AND F1ne C1gars. Forwarding Kercha.n t AND DEALERS IN /-BBEEx LEAF TOBACQO,.-. No SEi Maiden Lane, New York. GERMANY. J. A HARTCOltN U<>DOIS ........ L. ijl!f,SOHO,RN &; .co. : R. [ ." 4 ,. '"" Y"'L 1 A : MANUFACTURER OF ALL .XI:N'DS .J ;,a 1 A.ND 1911JSLIN WM. WICKE a Co ... 89 \VATER STREET, 4th St., New York .' Near Wall Street, NEW YORK Ordero -promptly attended toot the No. 121 MAIDEN LANE, Commission Merchants, No. 43 Beaver St., New York. NEW YORK. ; A4drNa b 'r;l"oet. P.'o. Bixi, Speeial atleatloiL paid to Wle fo..,...dbar ol AJID DULllll Ill to lorelp coun11'161. CARL UPl\IANN,. LOWENSTEIN. DOMES.TIC GIIIBAL LOaf TOb8cCo MANUFACTURERS OF Segar Boxes, l&'T, 169 c!t 181 GOEBCK ST, NEW YORK. .Best .Material and Superi9r .Make hy &lfe Invente d qnd Patented .Mackinery. 188 PEABL STREET, L I A F T Q B A C C 0, ..lUD -street, P.o. Boz: 2969. NEW" YORK. 99 Lane, N.Y. -----_ _II_Ew_v_o_R_K_. E. PASCUAL r -ANTONIO GO:NZALEZ, FATMAX & CO-. OF 'Cotton and .... Tpbaooa.r MID .&XD AI 'J)J. BROAD STBEE"i, L. OABV OIG.ARS, .. .J. :NEW 167Water Street, ... New .. Yurk.. WALLAOE&CJQ, I SIMON SALOMOl!f, Iaperier ol -a De.le:r ia L. G _ERS .. HEL & BRO., Packoa of and Dealera io A. H. CARDOZO CO., OOKMISSION AND Dll'OB'l'ERS 0!' Tobacco&CottonFactors, Havana .J. D. BUNT, ..... .. -CODISSION MERCHANT. Leaf Tobacco 1EE LEAF-TOBACCO, Genen.l Gommiuion !IIerch.antl, ...... No. 86 M.A..IDEN L.A..NE, AND SEGARS, -No. 1.23 Pearl Street, Ne-w '!i"ork L. caRSRJn... NEW YOR ,. _. . : .;...A._n._r.uwozo. ___________ R. A. YOUNC & BRO., S. SEIIING'S SONS,l F. W. SMYTHE & CO., Commission Kercha.nts, P:ria-' B..ntac 30 NORTH JOHN STREET, Geueral f:ommisslon Merehants, SoU cit ord' n for pnrebaee ot A.lllo. Wholesale Dealer In WINES AND LIQUORS, No. 4 (IRON FRONT BUILDING,) 1 6 9 FRONT Sycamrrre Street, r., 158 WATBl\ l'I'BW YOJ\B. __ P 0. BOX 3925 '3 PRICE LIST OF CLEAR HAVANA CIGARS .. OF "THE VICHOT >&; CO. CIGAR JIIANUFACTUR.DiG COMPAtt," No. 76 PINE STREET, N;EW YORK. :De Jose' :DII:arJ.a. 'V:loh.c::>1;: Reina Victoria, -- 9130 I Londrea, de Cortelil CU'doa, -FIDa, 85 Coneha, extra, Recalla BrltaDtea, 125 Conchal, Regalia Londrea,- Conehltaa, .. Regalia Chlea, --90 I Panetela, Zarzu.elae .. .. 100 Plor de Penn.d.os, Londres .. 90 Opera Reina, Londrca; Chlc.; e.xtr&t 60 l:ld'an.telt .. ; -. P. o. 4066tU 80 75 60 '10 70 55 45 Petersbura. va. NEW YORK: J --------LICORICE PASTE AND ROOT. JAMES E 'JESUP THE UNDERSiyNED OFFERS TO THE TRADE LIVERPOOL, ENGL.A:l'ID. R. A. MILLS, I LICOiiCI' 'SOOT AND 'l'EC!I FOLLOWING Jm.AlmS 0]!' LIOOiiCJPPAS'l'JJ: TOBACCO, BROKER zz J. v. ABAZOGLU .a.oc If VIRGINIA lEAf TO"A"rO,'' co-minion A. SEJ:'IRIARDI. APOLLO. (J lJ (J DIRECI' IMPORTATIONS l'llOM Tu&K:SY AND SPAIN, QUALITY GtiARANruo, AND Foil. lALII MY Office In Tobacco Shockoe Slip, Hont...:--:ne, Kentuck. J. SCHNITZER. 33 CENTRAL WHARF, BOSTON, MASS.; or 't'<>BACOO EXCU:: !li.NGE, :IUWSYW. AJ W. & A. LEAMAN, No. 67 BROAD-STREET, NEW YORK1 I Richmond, ... ':. -. I BICHKOND, VA. 1-i--,_.:_ .. .. Q..lfO CONN.t;<; 'UON_WH'li DUM&OIH. J..!I.VKl<.;.l!: FAC'!'UKIES. TOBACCO BROKER / E. D. Christian & Co., :Dmmlael-Merdlaat for the "Purebaue" .r ,. \ No. 47 Broad ALL RINDS OF C .igars and :(.eaf Tobacco. .? IDVINCEIEITS IIIDE 011 CONSIGNMEIITS. llEW El.FFICE: ,, ________ ...;..., __ :133 Water Street, N.ew York TOBACCO BROKER ED. Y{ISCHMEYER &-TO:S.A.CCO COMMISSION MERCHANT& 49 SOUTH CHARLES ST PADUCAH. KY., I BALTIMORE. { _k.) r/2 :r. B. BBBG-:K.ABW.w C(}. l[Jo.?l C .OlQOSSION' OCnba.tca Jleu'lants. '" P k ... D 1 ac erea er n .LlQl DB.&.LBBI D1 I Md. & 'Ohio Leaf. Leaf Tobaceo-.. \ -BALTIMORE. No. 164 Front St., NEW


8 'PhUadelphia Advertisements. ---------------, Sm.lth BIPOIL a Kzaeoht, l I u- .au. IDlnll LEAD-TOBAOOO, _. ....,._.,....., ._. ._ .. au RACB 8TR T THE --.,ODACCO LEAP, Baltimore Advertisemea.tll. "'VVM. A. BOYD & CO., WHOLESALE DEALERS JN -ACTDD m LIM TOBACCO,. CI&AllS, &:l :::: t: :8m.m I 33 SOUTH-ST., BALTIMORE. THOll. W CJlOJIBJl. j STEWART MARK$, RALPH It, CO., H. & co., WESTERN DVERTISEIIENTS Cincinnati Advertisements. 1lALLAY. J.A.llEs KALLAY. '"1enry Besuden & Bro.,_ R.MALLAY & BRO l>EA LER8 .JI LEAF TOBACCO, Dealers i-11 LEAF TOBACCO, 1 16 and 1 17 West Front St., 161. 163, & 165 Pearl Stret, Between Race aad Elm, 100R!. R A CHA..,.__.,'AN Baltimore. Md. MANUFAcTuRERs AND wHoLESAL_ E DEALERs IN r,._1 E. & CO., HOFFMAN LEE .too Cigars and Leaf Tobacco, : TokAcco ., w. DRESR .t co., ..rSoldgents CINCINNATI, o. '"' Connecticut Seed Leaf Tobacco. D.BALBBI IN COMIISSION MERCHANTS, 87 STRASSER, PRICE & LIPPMAN, 63 Exdw!p P!aoe, Baltimore, Kd. rw.... 0 ....-. A C O (SER & CO.) WE authorize SIGHT DRAFT for amount of TAX -.a. '-" MA'UUFACTURERS OF CJGARS ... ------' with BILL OF LADING attached to Draft and wili lA LEA.. F TOB.A.0007 And Manufacturers of all Crades of Cigars, 1\To. 8 _N'. Water St., .. hl1adslphla, Pa. KROHN, FEist & CO., MANUFACTURERS OF EAST HARTFORD; l(ONNECTICUT G: W. .11 make further CASH advances on receipt of Tobacco. EODISSION AND Dll.A.Lu IN J LEAF, PLVG, AN:O SKOEING TOBACCO,, M. E. McDOWELL & CO., BRACCO m &DBBAL CODISSION MIBCHDTS, L. W. GUNTHER GENERAL GunnlB.Watts, ]amee A.c;.;ald COMMISSION MERCHANT G. s. WA'ITS & co., SmotBrs' Artieles, and lmD. Harm Cigars SOUTHWEST COR. FIFTH AND WlLIIUT STS. CINCINNATI. OHIO. OIG ARS, FINB CODECTIDUT SEEDLW 39 Water St., Philadelphia, Pa. Agents for the sale of all kinds ot Manufactured a nd Leaf Tobaccos .& .Al'IDTOBACCO)'A.C'l'()R. TOBA0001 MORRIS & REID go LOMBARD STREET CO!!ISSIOJ MERCHANTS LEAF TOBACCO IJocral advancement made on consignments to my 81 'E'p 1 address. ......,.o_., lace, BROKERS BALTIMORE, MD. B. CO. 0. Wholesale Dealers in KANUFACI'D'RED LEAl' AND SKOKIBG G. H. BQLENJUS It, CO. HENRY MEY J:i:H., "LEAF" AND 'KANUFA9TURED TOBACCO, TODACC.OS, DEALERS JN NO. 322 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. cigars, Etc., Seed Lea.f a.nd. 1 ALSO A large assortment of all kinds of LEAF ToB ACCO constant! on hand .,8 CO:IWISSION KEIC:UNTS FOISALE OF SAKE, 'TOBACCOS. 92 Lombard and 5 Water St., j -. v'BALTIMORE, MD, N: 'W: Corner Charles ana Prall Sts., C.QMMI$SJO\II M .. RCHANT, And Wholesale Dealer ju OHIO & CONNECTICUT LE.AF TOBACCO, ANAY.HAN tc CO., P.ACKERS, COMMISSION MER_ CHANTS, BALTIMORE. MD. 4:6 'Front S ., Cincinnati. 0. G.B. M. MARRIOTT JWroFACTtmE OF CIGAiS, -. F. W. DOHRMANN, IForeign and Domestic Leaf' Tobaccos., LE.AFdnTeOBkiA'ndscof CO IIANUFACTURJIRS OF CIGARS LEAF TOBACCO BROKER Si20 NORTH THIRD ST., PHILADELPHIA. .AndWholtsalellealersinLEAP TOBACCO, __ _J AND CIOAR RIBBONS, No. 31 GERMAN STREET No. 25 German St., Baltimore, Md. Opj>Oslte CarolltOD Hotel, e AL TIMORE. ORDERS PROMPTLY FILLED. AND WHOLESALE .DEALERS IN llf: E. Cor. Vine and Froni MAHUFACTUWJEJtS OP ni11 CINCINNATI 0 "GOLD Dl>ALI'&nd. "LOll> BnOlr' CIG.A.U, p, o. Boz 3212. 8" Special Branda lllanaractared to order. "U Jos. SctuNa.ud. A .. -NIC'OLASSBN, 53 West Fourth Street,_ 'CINCINNATI, OHIO. LOUIS STR A.SSER, Wholoulo Dealer in HAVANA and DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, 49-VinHltreet, Bet. l 'ront and Second Ets Cincinnati, 0. WElt, E' Alrn & CO., MANUFACTURI':R OF PiD.eOigars,. And Wholesale Dca ers in LEAF TOBAOOO 134 Main St., Cincinnati, Q. JDS. SCROEDEB & CO. Coulmloaloa and Wholeaale Dealen In St. Lnuis, Louisville and ChicaKO Advertisements. r nii!DIIIUBAM -'DPO B'1'!mS OF SP ANISE: -TOBACCO i. Ne. 111 ARCH sTREET, PHILADELPHIA LEAF AND Ka.nufa.ctured Toba.cco, AND CIGAKS. L BERB"'!:''IRT J:tare & Co,, .:..; W l>!t\Lt:.U)N A. ALBR!tCHT. ,. Du.lec l n Lii 'b ;} L:EAF TOBACCO _.: .. 8 And Cigars, z 503 Korth s.,cond Street, PHILADE-PHIA. PHILADElPHIA. L, SCIIRODft, -1 ,.. 0 ... TOBACCO, DANBURY, CONNECTICUT. H. SMITH & CO., Commissinn Merchants Jobbm C:ONIIECTIOUT LEAF T08AOGO :;o 20 Hampdeu Street, Hl:t.DJ.U SMna, 1 J ii'.lhowu.x.. SPRINGFIELD, K.A.SS. Boston Advertisements. 0. HOLYOKE, COKKISSION :tmtCHANT In LEAF and MANUF AOTuRED .TOBAOOO, 12 Central Wharf, Boston. SOUTHERN ADV'TS. -J. W; CAR .-.i:v&..L, Sole !>i: m : .famnrer of the and W odthcr ]Oil&thaa ....... ......_.. .. .. Gfe>. nnu 20 SOUTH FARMVILLE, VA. UNSER fRITZ GERIIIlN SliCKING TOBACCO. (Near Street,) -CHICACO, BATCHELOR EROS, A. A. H THEOBALD WALL BELV''N ,1 DA" Jfm .. CTuuao.nLmu>& t MERFELD & KEMPER, 1 "" r, ,EMIL ,&-co., CIGA K.A.NtrJ' .A.C'l'tmUS, 330 N. Third St'f PHILADEl.PJRA PACKERs oF Commission Merchants, r IN E CIGARS and Tobacco, .. Tnnulfln G W. WI.CKS & CO., N 29 N rth :r t St P ... ILAD"'L"'I11'A v "111& 1' IJ J Jl' a; an Yara 0 accos JllDIUf blUIUllJ 11 LI!. UOOLLU I r J oh n Charte r s Patent Jg;u J.UOUIOS. 0 0 ron ., .a "' ..-,... Meerschaum and Brier PI pee MIUlu!'act nrcrs' olgenUI for Lho ""1 0 Cor. :lst JYood St. ALL BUSINESS ATHiiCDED TO WITH DISPATCH. W COil. rhird &nd Poplar ttl., Philadelphia. I I 7 Lombard Street, NO. 320 NOll.T:S: SECO:Nll STll.EET, vrrw;lnla, Missouri, a.rtd Kentucky Sale81oo1n 2/T:lJ!'ifth Ave:;_ BALTilKORE, MD. ST LOUIS MO p A 1-U-...... ..._.. SORVER, GRAEFF & COOK. &10 W BDurlRDS J1: CO l'ackers, Commission 0 0 .JI JIIO ., AND WMOLESALE DEALERS IN Commission Mert:hants in LEAF T Q BAC C (1, 1.1AF TOBACCO ill CIGARS, IOS N. WATER STREET, 1lfo. 61 North Pront St., PhlWelpta. .... ..._to 1n l'enD&1>'l'll&lrla ..,.4 Delaware ,..., tJ>o JJ .,.ecialty In Loaf f9r Wtn IIlii* aDd A&iea. -I Five Brothers 0 BA e e 0 J M H. Gunthe r, John D C Stevenson. J. H. TYREE, JOHN FINZER, FRED. FINZER GUNTHER t: STEVENSON, IJ. W. DJCKJ!BSON, COMMISSION MERCHANT, RUDOLPH FINZIR, NICICIOLAS F!NZER. -Al oDealers!n -Successor s to L ouis Gunther, mlll'Ec:roB FOJUD Lynchaurg, Virginia. JOHN EAF TOBACCO & CIGARS, TOBACCO FACTORS, fOBACCO fR!DE frF PHIL!DELPID! Will five hio personal attention to the sale aad pur. 11 fiVE BRQS. NAVJ," "VIRGINIA PINE 102 MAIN STREET, : t c otr.I'ICJI A 'I' LE 'AF.' F chase of APPLE PAN-CAKE" And Commiuion JWoclumta, .. .... -...... .,...., .l',(JBACCO. ,....... (lletweenMand4 tb, ) l62 Comman'St-, New Orleans C& .,.._U.+.-il

AUGUST27 SUTRO & NEWMARK, JIC..I..NUF..I..CTUBBBS OF e :.:_a-A. :E& s, AlfD DB..I..LEBS IN LEA.F IT'OB.ACCO 76 PARK .PLACE, NEW YORK. 'I'HE-TOBAC{r9-LEA'Pi ToBAcco CULTURE WEST tobacco man, or be making such a fuss over Charley AND EA.sT.--No notable G., because his daddy is a tobacco man. I have you thing is gained in this l i fe, to understand that I was raised a tobacconist. In my says the Missouri Democrat, day I have topped and primed, wormed and suckered without an expenditure of li.lte the d-1." We suppose that uow every politician personal industry, skill, and who appears before the grangers, will look up some perseverance. It is a sub such reminiscense in his recor-d, which he will supple ject of comment among to-ment lVith re.marks thrown in in regard to subsoiling, bacco growers why the and the cultivation of clover and the grasses, short dis crops of the East should be quisitions on wool growing, the destruction of the Canso much more successful ada thistle, under dtainit1g, etc., etc. The farmers will and profitable than are the have to keep an eye on these tricky fellows. crops of the West, but the THE SPEECH methods of culture in the two sections are quite, difOf Depnty von Itfinla1ferode on tbe Germaa Tobaeeo Tax. ferent. In New England a tobacco grower heavily We have already mentioned, in our last issue, remarks manures his field in the fall, the Berlin Toback Zeitung, that during the debate on t and plows in the the appropriation bills in the "Reichstag," Deputy von the general development of legislation on the tobacco question in Germany; it is not a new thing ; we have had the same system of taxation in Pru,sia from r8r8 till 1829, and Baden likewise has tried it under the name of" weight tax ," from I8u till I828 Suffice it to say that it has been abandoned in both countries ; scores of years have intervened, and I am impelled simply by reason of this actu .. J experienc e, and not by !eason of impracticable doctrines and theories, to enter my solemn protest against the introduction of the tax per weight. In conclusion let me say this: If it is contemplated to increase the tax on tobacco, then I am decidedly in favor of retaining the. present system of levying the tax acre, an"d at_ the s ame time in favor of imposing a tax o n the manufactured article, as it is d o ne in other c0untries instead of increasing merely the tax on the raw mate. rial. If it is intended to derive a large revenue from tobacco -and I believe tobacco to be an articl e eminently adapted to that purpose-then it is better to open all sources, whence a revenue rriav be derived. In the spring, as soon as the Miningerode delivered a speech qn the tobacco tax and soil will permit, he plows the various schemes for increasing it. Subjoined we the field again, and gives it publish that speech in full, deeming it to be of interest a thorough harrowing and to our readers to see how deeply the conservative party WHAT OUGHT TO' BE BUT pulverizing. During May is interested in the introduction of the tobacco monop-IS NOT: he harrows the field as often oly. The speech is as follows: The farmers ,of Plat River are gloomy the prospects of a crop. The corn has suffered from. drouth, and the tobacco is in bad condition. And we learn that the prospects in Gran vill e County are equally gloomy. The Recorde,, of the 2oth, says: Abundant rains have fallen everywhere during the past week, and the drQuth is ended in the section affiicted by it; crops are improving, and tobacco is looking up. Ohio, The Miamisburg. Bultetin, of the z:zd, says : Several planters in this will hang their crops on twine, this year. We are confident this plan will pay in every caqe Under date of August 16th, our correspondent i.aa Wiscon&in writes as fo!bws: Tobacco still growing finely. Many fields are topped and being topped. The worm is not very l:iad yet, but seems to be increasing. A hail storm over quite a large section of our -best tobacco grdw ing country, recently, and damagei one hundred acre;s, or more, of tobacco. The neigh borhood of the town of Porter, Rock County, suffered most. ,< Virpula, Davenport Cigar Mould Company. as the weeds show them"The present report of the committee of the "Bundes If instead of seeking to introduce a new-fangled Cl themselves, and then, when ratb," which has been alluded to several times to-day, gar box, which nobody wa_nts, and every except the plantl) are ready to set and which contains a proposition eventually to repeal those directly interested smtles at, the CommiSSioner of -about the first of Jrtnethe tax on and to_ compensate for the loss thereby Interaal Revenue and his chief assistants would busy the field gets another plowsustained by an increase of the tax on tobacco. themselves between now and the assehtbling of Con ing, harrowing and pulver-and also eventually on s tock and exchange transactions, gress in preparing a plan for relieving the tobacco in izing, and is then carefully induces me to say a few words about, the tax 011 tobacco terest of some of the obnoxious burdens imposed upon mark e d off two and a half Seemingly, the transactions of the "Bundesrath" are an it by law and regulation, tbey wo_ uld earn the thanks of !eet each way for the plants. opus operatum, but I believe, we c:an not deny the a very and very class of tradesmen How many of the tobacco fact that what with the increased financial demands of whose busmess operations ar_ e se_nously and needlessly growers of the West work the those questions will be again, sooner or restricted, and be, ??ing exactly what they their ground into the condi-later, the order of the day. In view of the future and of ought to do, and what. m falh'_lg_ to do they tion de-scribed above? Ho\v any transactions and deliberations of the committee that \hemsel:--es With _derehctlOn of duty. It IS far many manure their fields:? may hereafter be resumed, 1 am constrained fr:nd less than 100 Blocks, ............. ... So..Cents lo Quantities ove r too Blocks, ..... Cents. X. L. N. TCLAY PIPE 1!'..\C:TOR.Y, Importer. of Pipand Saoken Artlele, SIGMUND, 0., :Milwaukee, Wis. A. LICHTENSTEI-N BROTHER, MANt;FACTURER OF ( twenty to seventy cents per question and feel impelled at the outset after reahould not. see t_!ut _,. pound, or f,6o to per the accoant of the and of the the revenue belonging to tne Government all MANUFACTURERS OF H. HOLLANDER, Fil\TE IDC And Dealers in LEAF 'l.'OllAOOO, Not. 34 and 34Y. BOWERY, NEW YORK. vlarS, acre. With no other crop committee, to raise serious to the high im-and secured promp_tly ; but that the matenal mterests D can such a difference be post it is intended to burden upon our tobacco culture of those who furnish and 125 MAIDEN LANE,-made between first class To-day the tax is as follows: We have a. tax: per acre or not impaired or impeded m the_ operatiOns 1?c1dent. to and bad culture. rather per rood. for 6 roods 6 silbergroschen its collection. And to enable h1m to fu lfill th1s reqmrelPEOIAL :SIUNDS. NEW YORK. Pu1; A GREiM EN T sIN quentlv for the Prussian acre 6 thalers. The Prussian n;ent is that he is invested by the law that cre a ted WRITING.How many misacre yields, in the valley of the Rhine, for inst ance, behtm with almost p_ow;r control every A., LICHTKNS'NUN. N. CRKitNSPJ!:CHT. d d' tween 6 and 7 cwt. Hence tax on the raw tobacco person an? thmg subJec, to taxation. KEB. .BS & SPIESS, un erstan mgs arise from as taken from the soil, is about I thaler. Thus it is to That this IS not an. e_rrone,ous conceptted, and you can rom .t e 0 0 pecia ommls 1 d A v 1 DB.& !Ill' BS ,_. -BAJI the the matter not deny that there is a wide gap and a great jump from formerly extstmg occupted by Mr. _Davl Wei s, t1i1Wtol a.n d I to between 6 and 8, which seems all the more danger-and which waS' prov1ded almost wholly the mterest of -35 BOWERY, :NEW YORK. LoiM BPDtll. liS iscussed by each with ous, if you bear in mind how rapidly the risk of t::e towhen our of t3:xatwn was so co, mthe words : "All right; all bacco producer would increase in oroportion with that prehenstVe as to make It Impossible for th7 ac_ual right." Frequently it turns c t d tl 1 k fte the mterests out all wrong, and becomes jump He will then have to pay a heavy fax (leaving o o more lanoo a r LIQUORICE THE UNDERS>IGNED AGENT !N'NEW YORK FOR THE MANUFACTURERS OF THE FOLLOW ING WELL-KNOWN BRANDS OIF LIQUORICE, desires to caution Toba<:co Manufactaren against using any of tDe numerous brands purporting to be original and brands of imported LIQUORICE, but.. whlcli are adulterated compounds of bis hl'1llds, rebOHed in tht. COWltry, and in some instances contain .. lor le .. tho fifty per cent. of Liquorice. To Insure maoufacturet'li obtaln1og PUIRE AND GENVINE .._,_ .........,...._ --. .. __ JCJ'(la FLB A.OO PT ZA. :II.B. VB (A) KA>CO !!IF (l.-.nna (B) They ebould addreea their orders to the undeni,f"ed in New York, whole the SOLBACBNT l!f TK& UNITU STATitfli. These Brands being.registered at Washmgton, counterfeits wlll be aeh:ed wherever f ound, and legal proceediDgs instituted. I gaarantee all Liquorice aent out, and refer to the following letter, aa to the character of the Paste I offer :: JAMES C. McANDREW, 56 8-tree't. 'V"ork... N Kw YoaK, Aprl.l :aS, 1873 lb. ]AMU c. McAN'>RBII', N-lYork: IN4rSi,._We have used over I 000 Cases or your lioo gradeo of Liquorice, and they haYe been uaiformly and of ezcellent quality. 1 Yours Very Respectfully, lSI.pedJ P. LORILLARD. fl R'EFE.RRING to the above advertisement, we have appointed ltlr. Jae c. UeAadrew-of' New York. ou.r..JC][eJ .. t..-e Atri lD. the Uulted State for the sale of aU the B....._ oCLlqaor-lee Deretofore aaoufactue d b1 ue ROBERT MACANDREW & CO., Loadon, England. as ide the difterent abatements, which are now allowed of the I reasury, for another alquestion for lawyers and Wh M w ll d h t o k f the courts. More than threeby law), without regard to quality or qllantity of the en r. e s commence IS tc w r o re crop and without reference, above all things, to the formmg our revenue system he found 1t, as every fourths of the litigation of h b d c plex of price, which is well known not to be subject to local, but IS Jlware, t e mo_st cum ersome an om any m the couatry would be saved to international influences and regulations We may the _world, and annually all the way from four if people would put down h d d 1l d II their agreements in writing have a very small crop and yet very low prices. I must .to SIX.. U'_l re mi. Ions 0 ars. d and sign their names to it. enter my protest against this attempt to bur_den a new Every mdustry and was taxe 'd taxed risk upon our tobacco-growers, such as involved in the once, taxed twtce, taxed, some o .t em, over an over Each word in our language increase fro I thaler per cwt., as now existing, to 6',and again, and all of them heavily taxed. has its peculiar meaning and 8 thalers arproposed. Why has it been attempted to persevel'ance, and rare ab1hty, en.abled h1m,_ at f! invoive o'nly the home tobacco culture, the agricultural length, both t,o the of taxation bnng interests? 1 mention evpressly the agricultural interests, about somethmg like a rat10nal mode of collectmg the convey al} entirely different "" idea from that intended. although I k'now that in many respects the sound of taxes. When once reduced to writthose words' is not very favorab l y received by the H.:Juse. He first ascertam wheie taxes were ing ideas are fixed, and exWhy has it been tried, at least, to follow the examSlve, etther by exc:ss or manner ot assessmg Pie of tke States of North America and of Rusthem, and th1s 1_nformat1on obtamed, he recommended pensive lawsuits are av oided. d d 1 f c h t -American Rural Home. sia, where the tax is not imposed upon the raw product an re le Or t e in the soil, but upon the manufacture and the manufacWhen h1s_labo :s th1s v1canous A NrcE QuESTION oF tured article itself and where by that means it is eno_f the S pec1al to the Commls CoNSTITUTIONAL AND STATE deavored to, raise the entire tax ? I regret very much, h1mself, 1t was lodged, and LAWS.--Massachusetts l:re1vthat our committee seen fit to walk again over the has 1t been by that officer_. Su;ely, so far as ers and distillers are taking old beaten track of levying the tax upon the soil, which the tobacco trade concerned, not m the mterest of the to recover from the (the soil) is neare t, most tangible object of taxation, tax-payer, as was LIQUORICE ROOT Umted States Revenue Dean object, which is less apt than any other to scope ap-The constant a1m the been partment the_ amount of Fedpraisement and aggressive measures. I do not even fear !rom first to last to effective schemes for tax patd by them on the well-known criticisms of Mr. von Kardorff on that 11_1g the revenue from th1_s and not one o_f them, f _II)JolabJa ud Baleo,alwaya for IAioto to It MeAJrDR.EW, --.. liquors seized by the State point, especially after having had to-day already to Ul\-.s1pce, perhaps, the of f:1r .. 55 water st., lfew Todo. j constabulary dergo the severe ordeal of succumbing to his propheever to have regarded with ml.lC conce e1t er THIRD A VENUE SMOKING-CARS. four trips once, but alw41ys two miles away from that It seems to me, at all events, that in the leading ideas in the wa_y of they had m VIew. The Third Avenue Railroad Company runs, says the Wo,-/d (on paper), a smoking-car for the accommoda.' tion of a large class of its passengers at certain fixed times of each day. That is to say from five to seven o'clock in the morning on the downward track, and from seven to Pine back again, the tim'! table puts on regu lar cars at intervals V!lrying from twelve to two minutes. Through the day the average interval is twelve or fifteen minutes, rising in two il'lstanc

-, 8 TD.E TOBACCO LEAif,. f AUGUST 27. robaeco, Tobacco Manufacturers. r Lic04l'ice. 'LICORICE. "'"' ____ LICORICE PASTE LICORICE JOHN ANDERSON &. 1 HOY'!_' & III _ANUF ACTUf:.ERp r fii.rie Gv.r-. Chewtng and SMJJKING & SNUFF, OUR. BRAN_DS CHEWING, JONNniDE, HEARTS' DELIGHT, B RLGHT o WEN, EXl'RA CAVEND,ISfl. l 4o6 Pearl St, York Cirv. 2'HOMAS HOYT. CHAS. G. HOYT. MANUFACTURERS OF THE SOLACB m omtt TOBACCOS 114and 116 LIBERTY STREET, NEW YORK, Be;r to dl""'t the attention of the Dealers In Tobacco throughout the United: Statead"'4 the World to their CELEBRiiED SOLACE FINECUT OJD:WJl'(G TOBACOO, : which Ia rbdng once manufactured uocler the immediate aupervhri.on of the originator, J\{R. JOHN ANDERSON, and now st:tods, u fonnerly, without a rival. Ordeia forw.ard:ed throuJh the usual channelll will meet wltb prompt attenUoa. .J'KO. r. I''J.ACU, NANVFACTUAJ:R OJ' ALL GRADES OF flut Jmoktng, aud TOBACCO HARVEST" tc "SURPRISE" IN FOii IVANHOE tc JOLLY BPYS SMc;H!i.\\'C, !'14 Street, New : Alk von Tabak m gros. TOBACCO BAGGING. .. ,!lOGAR, JJ OO'r.A.'riON sPANISH LINEN, C, :tj FANCY STRIPES, ><; ETC. 1 And all kinds of Goods u sed for putting up 33 IIU'I(JiAy. STRUt, COR. CHURCH, Smoking Tobacco, 1 ... ... f so:!! ;! York. '' rl :: J t _P.IO.ll.ox AaalS .::.H { .. i JJE!'Uf .!ND: AGENCY :. D. A. SHOTWELL & SON, !.'1 ;' ) .' .1. : Manufa-\o-VIr[lll Leaf and Navy CheWin[,, KANUPACTURBK 011 __ ... ........ o :PI_Jtl'B SMOKING TOBACCO. AND DltALBR IN ---.;: .............. ,. : ..-..... Pluu !l'obaoeo Snuif, SnuJf Flour, 53 BOWERY 1 :NEAR CANAL MANUFACTORY 4,?TD BALBi!ROOM, NEW YORK. 'CORNER OF AVENUE D ANO TENTH STREET; tlew York Cit;:-. S. ORGLER, Manufacturer of t,he best Brands of _PASTE, POWDER, ROOT, SPECfALTIES BY DE LANCEY CLEVELAND, Importer &; J[anufaeturer's Agent, P. 0. Box 'Ili8 Pearl Street, N. Y. TO:bACCO BROKERS. -JOHN CATTUS, TOB CCO BROKER 127 Pearl Street, 'NEW YORK.' EDWARD DREYER, ; TOBACCO BBOKEB, 46 Beaver Street, NEW.YORK, J S. CANS & SON, TOBACCO BROKERS, No, 86 WALL STBEET, PHILIP KELLAND TOBACCO 179 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. Up Stairs. CHARLES F. OSBORNE, JAMES G. OSBORNB o Bro'lcer, No. BBO.&D STREET, NEW YORK. m:: Rader & Son, TOBACco 133 l'E.UL ST!.EE'l', NEW YORK. ..... .......... ..... ..... -W. F. TOBACCO BROKER I 29 .Pearl Street, NEW YORK aco.ReserveSmokingandChewirugTobacco. GIESELMANN D.. DIEHL FINE ... IGARS f'-,...<11 ?rders promptly executed. (Successors to Jthn H. Also, oft';: Brand EDWARD SQLMAR, _f_. A. GOETZE & BRO. "Cuba Llbre,, F 'INECUT CHEWING 152 CHAMBERS ST., and TOBACCO BROKER & SNUFF. AND SMOKINC TOBACCO. 297?{ G:aDNWICB ST., NE'WYOBI. .aiA!fHA.TTAN TOBAoco .woRKs, Fac toryanasaJesrOj)m PBJLJP BERNARD, .No. I30 Water Street, 3211 WaSbington Street, NEW YOB.X. 159,L'IJDLOW STI!.EET, NEW YOBI. NEW YORK. !AMPBELL LANE ct CO. r -MANUFlCTURERS OP IOBACCO AID CIGARS, AKD DK.At.&RS IN SNUFF, PIPES, etc., f.:roitJES b .484 BROAD STREET 1 IIEWIRK -e::.&LDWELLt N. TOBACCO' WORKS AND CIG.AR HANUI'AOTOBY. BUCHNER, .Successor to ROBITCHECK & TAUSSIG, ILUf'l11rACTVR:BB. 011' CHEWING : AND SMOKING v.u.a.uCO. AND CIGARS, J Sixes, Clheroots, DEl ... ANCEY STREET, -NEW YORK. .""-llamm _of fotlowinl' Brands eCKrLLJCKJNlCJO Daae Baa. Wlaeheater. Jqon... DOMESTIC CIGAR WAREHOUSE, B.GCJDVG : :MATBB.JA%., Of all Kind. Low Pritea for Cash. SPANISH FANCY STRIPES Bleached and \,;, bleached Sheeting, and Thread, Ca n aa for Traveling Bags, 1\)ankets, )lurlapt, .ottoa Bagging, Carpeu, Matting nd Dry Goodi Vcnerally. ANDREW J.F.STER &, CO., irfect work, which smoltes free and natural. FIFTH-They will save at leas t f,1or.,er thousand from the usual prices ofmakingcigan, and at the nme time work up all scraps and cuttings. hese claims are based upon what has been l"epeatedly demonstrated. Measuru are now being taken to introduce tht:se Machinew at varioua points in ther,Country. THEY ARE IN SUCCESSFUL OPERATION BY THE INVENTOR At 195 Lexington Street, BALTIMORE, MD., AND BY THE UND.ERSiGNED At 36 West Genesee Street,_ SYRACUSE, N'. Y.; f.:O WHERE ALL INTERESTED ARE INVITED TO SEE AND JYDGE FOR THEMSELVES Parties wishing to adopt these Machines, either by Shop, Town, -county, or State Rights, will apply to the undersigned, SYRACUSE, N. Y. !D. 0. SALMON, Ag't. and Pres't. of HENNAMAN CIGAR MACHINE COMPANY." .. SYRACUSE, JULY I 9, 1873. .MISCELLANEOUS. BIUAR ANI)_ APPLE-WOOD PIPES, WI'TH' RUBBER Brl'S, :lmporlors of allldnda cf Smokers' .A.rtidll. SHOW FIGURES, IN METAL' AND WOOD, A SPECIALTY. No. 403 BROADWAY,,. NE'W YORK, ROBT OHMSTEDT I IMPORTER OF AND MANUFACTURER OF 7 :1. n e S e g a. r a, 32 Platt Street; New Yori City. HENRY WULSTEIN, (Sa-"' & ;DesbaM,, .... I 25 Myrtle ATenue, Brookl'yD. on Haad the Beat Hand aDd SteaJn Maehinea .... CutUns and GraaalAUilfl Toloaeeo. F. u (;d ., J:.n.A.BELS For Tobaccoand Cigars. A large assortment constantl y on hand and pnnt.ed to order. -& 24 North William Streot.ll"'" York. MANUTACTV&E&I OJ' TOBACCO SEALING WAk. ALSO, DEALERS IN DRUGS, PAINTS, I 1ttV William St. 1 Kew York. INTERNAL REVENUE BOOKS The Origlnallnteraal Revenue Publishing Houe, C. JOURGENSEN 8UCC&8e0& 't'O BSTIB SMITH A: CO. P.o. Box6,a86. 87 Y. Books, u "'!!l"lred aDder law, foc Leaf Tobacco Dealen, Ctpr and Tobacco and othen. :Bran41Dg Irona and. Stencils & Spacl&1tr. Ofe.THE GERMAN UIGAR PACKERS' SOC:!'ETY, lnfonn the Cigar Manufacture"' of the t1liited Stat es that they are now able to till all orden5 for firstclass Packets with llembe o f thel r s-ot:icty. APPLY TO STORE, 2d2 CHARLES A. WULFF, Lithographer, Printer, JdanUfaoturel' o l .A Large Co:,s!antly on F.ll.nd_ 81 Chatham Sr.., cor. Willl!lm, N. Y NO BOX .. MOULD. SYCAMORE FOR SALE Suitable for Toba.cco :Sexes a.nd. Caddies, 400,ooo to ft. :r:-inch and. Sl sawed to widtha. dry and seasoned, and \Ott a low figure. N .B.-Consumers can order 1,000 ft., or more, as a sample LoNG IsLAND SAw A!-ID PLANING MJL,t4 COR BOND AND THIRD STRRRTS, BROOKLYN, N Y. OIBoe iD New York, 2'l PEARL ST. E. C. Prop'r. ; THOS. SHEARMAN, Sup'l FllEDEIUCK JU\11SE; Manufacturer of all Sbes Style ol mow cADS m DT.A.L :aND woo:c ECCARD &. CO., MANUFACTLfRKRS OF KEY WEST HAVANA CIGAR FACTORY ,TOBACCO, SNUFr CIGARS, 1 Also, Dealers m all kmds of LEllF TOBACCO,. 152 14 154-B.ANDOLPH ST., EccARD, DETROIT VTCH CHAS 1 4 r I .Dll 1 J,fra. T. EccAfD Specla[ -SEIDENBERC.&. CO., '9 Dey Street, New York, Proprietors of' the 'Bratftl I I La. R.oaa. 'E&pa.:iiol.a. ar-An,Sepns lllW Ia lhil l"&etoQ" ue of iM Ylllff BAV.UA TOBACCO. D. H. Prime, PrlAter,l13 Oreeawlohet t


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