The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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, \ I -VOL. IX.--NO. 31. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, 17,1873. WHOLE NO. 447 ill:.obnct.G ; r IS PUBLISHED EVDT WEDNESDAY HORNING BY THE TOBACCO LEAJ PUBLISIDYG Cf:llP'Y, 42 Fulton St., New York. J HENRY HAGER Editor. JOHN G. GB.AP'F lhainees Agent. As an advertising medium, where it is desired to reach the Cigar and Tobacco Trade, not only of this bQt foreign Countrie, It Is the ben attain able. &If All letters should be plainly addretoed to TKR Ton ..... cco LEAF PliBLI SHJNG ColiU'AMY, Fulton Street, K ew York. Terms of the Paper. StNGLE CoitES 10 CaNTS P:a:R ANNUM ,.._oo To England and.the Canadas. additiooal per annum for prepayment ofPostawe. 'Fo Bremen, Hamburg and the Continent of Europe, f:J.o8 additional per annum for To Australia, etc., $1.04 via. San FJianchco, ad ditional per annum for Postage. No for paper c onsidered, unless ac companied by the corresponding amount. Remittences should, in everyin.9tance, be made onl by money-order, check or draft. Dills are liable to be stolen, and can only be setlt at the greatestJi-sk to the sender. Rates of Advertising. 1 square (I .f. Nonpareil lines) for six months, $2o. do. 1 year Larger ad'\'ertisements in the same proportion, but none taken unless I, 2, 3, 4, or more squares. One column, x year, $450; 9ix months, $250; months, $150. Half column, 1 year, $2-40; six: months, $130 i three months, lliC7' Advertiseme_uts on the fi:-st page, $ISO per square over two wtde columns, and none taken for less than one year, payable fully in advance i squares, $450 No deviTransient adve.disements on the tht..d page, 25 cents per line for each insertion. No ordets f o r advertising will be considered, amollOt. BU msg DIRECTORY OF NEW YORK. Tobacco Wartlzoust.s. Agnew W. &: Sons, 284 and .286 Front street Julian, 172 \Vater. Aypleb:r .1: Helme, I33 Water. Barnet S., I Water. Benrimo D. & A., 124 Water. Bergmann, John H. J46 Front. Blakemore, Mayo & Co., +I Broad. :!owce & Frith, 7 Burling Slip. Brod M., 1p Maiden Lane. Eulkley, Moore & Co., 74 Front. Cardozo A. & Co., I2J Pearl. A. D. I6S P earl. t;olell H., 172 Water. OonAoll y & Co., 45 \Vater. "" Crawford E. M. & Co., 168 Water. Davidson Bro., 145 Water. Dohan, Carroll & Co F1Kmt. Eugene, 7S Eggert, Wm. I7t Pearl. Engelbach, F. 2r Sib Av Falk & Bro. G, 171 Wat ... Fatman & Co., 70 and R .. o.d. Fox. Dills & Co., 11S Water. Fisher & Rust, 125 Maiden Lane. Friedman & Oettinger, I47 \Vater Friend&. Co., E. & G., 129 Maiden Gardiner.;. M. & Co., 84 Front. Garth D. Son & Co., 44 Broad. Gassert J. L. & Bro., 160 Water. Gersbel L. & Bro., 86 Maiden Lane. Guthrie & Co., 215 Front. 1 Hamburger I. & Co., 150 Water. Heyman & Lowenstein, 99 Maiden Lane. Hillman G. W. & Co., So Front. Hunt: J. D. llJ Water Street IC.lnncut Thomas, Broad. Kittredge W. P. & Co., 71 and 73 Front. Kre:nelberg & Co., I6o Pearl. Lachenbrucb. & Bro., I64 Water .... am 'tte A. C., :s:63 Pearl. Levin M. H., 162 Pearl. McFall & Hogan, 33 Murray. Maitland Robert L. & Co., 43 Broad. Martin & Johnson, 166 Water. Mayer Joseph, Sons, Water. Meyer A. 0. L. & 0 ., 43 Beaver .. Messenge_r T H.& Oo., x6t and Lane Morris, H. M., 1:9 O l d Slip, and 73'Water. Norton, Slaughter & Co., 41 Broad. Oatman Alva, 166 Wate1. Ottinger Brothers 45 Broad St. Palme & Scoville, 170 Water. Paulitsch M I73 Water. Price Wm. M. & Co., II9 Maiden Lane. Ouin, J.P. & Co.f39 Broad. Read & Co., 19 0 d Sh}J. Reismann, G. & Co., 179 Pearl. 'Richey & Boniface, 86 Front Rosen.baum A. S. & Co., UI Maiden Lane. Rosenwald, E. & Bro., X.f.5 Watec. Salomon, S. 192 Pearl. Sawyer, Wallace & Co., 47 Broad. Scheider, Joseph, 2I3 Pearl. Schmitt]. & Co., t6a 'Vatec. Schroeder & Bon, 178 Water. Schroeder & Koch, 203 Pearl. SchubarlH. & Co., 146 Water Setting's Sons S., 169 Front. Spencer, Bros. & Co., 75 Maiden rAe. Spingarn, E. & Co., 5 Burling Slip. Stein >Co., I97 Dune. Straiton & Storm, I9I Pearl. Strohn & Reitzenstein, 176 Front. Sulzbacber, Joseph, SI Water. Tag, Charles F. & Son, x&,4. Front. Tatgenhorst, F. W. 6S Broad. Upmann, Carl, ISS Pearl. Westhetql, M & Co., 177 Pearl. Wrlltbt, E. M, & Co., ;w Broad. Cattus John, u7 Pearl. Dreyer Edward, 46 :Beaver Fischer Chas. E & IJro., I3l Watet. Fischer, Frederick, 41 Broad Gans, J. S. & Son, 86 Wall. Kelland, P., 179 Pearl. Qgborne, Charle::, F., 54 Broad. Rader M. &: Son, 133 \V. F. Ruete, ug Pearl. Shack A. I:l9 :Maiden Solmar Edward, 130 \Vater Manufacturtrs if 'Tobacco, Anderson John&;; Co. n, u6 and II7 Llborty. Appleby & Helme, I33 Water. Bucbanaa & Lyall, S4 Broad. Buchner D, 2.56 Delancey Flagg J, F. 174 Front Giselmann & Diehl, IS9 Ludlow; Goetze, F.A. & Bro., 32$ Washingtor::a Goodwin & Oo. 207 and '09 Water Hoyt Thomas & Co:, 404 Pearl Kinney Bros. 141 West Lichtenberg G. B. x89 Pearl. McAlpin D. H. cor. Avenue D ,and 1."C'!ntt ; Miller Mrs. G. B. & Oo. 97 Columbia. Shotwell D; A, & Son, 17"" Eighth av. &gents for et<. Hen A. & Co. 43 Liberty Lindheim M. I48 Water Richey & Boniface, U Front Weiss, Eller & KaeppeJ, 210 Pearl if Cig11rJ. Auerbach & Menderson, I38 Water Boody, 53 Bowery. Frey Bros. & Oo. :a:26 Chambers Hactcorn & Gershel, 86 Maiden Lane. Hirsch&ornlL. & Co. B9 Water S. &: Oo. "Pearl osepbs S. I66 Front aufman Bros. b. Bondy, SI Maiden Lane Xerbs & Spies, 35 Bowery Leinkauf & Pollak. 20J Chatham Levy Bros. 78 Bowery Lichtenstein .A. k Bro. J4 aoU 34.!' Bowery Lichtenstein 1hos. & Co. u1 'Maiden Lane Mendel M. w. & Bro, 1r Pearl Neubur_&er M. Pear Orgler S. 297,M Greenwich and 152 l'hambers Schw3.n & Spohr, 13 Bowery. Seidenberg & Oo. 19 Dey Siecke 6 Rivington Smit!h E. A. I 1 :Bowery Stachelberg M. & Co. >57 Pearl Stratton & Storm, 191 Pearl Sutro & Newmark, 76 Park Place Wangler & Hah, 290 & 292 Bowery .. Mantifacturers of Fine H'.2v,. Ci(ar1 Hollander H. us Maiden Lane ... Vicbot & Co. 76 Pine Street T4e German Cigar Paclurs Society. OoleU H 2oa Ohatham lmprttrl of Ha' Platt Paacual E. llrother & Oo. 156 Water Solomon 1\f. & E Ss Maiden Lane Joseph A. & Bro. 187 Pearl Wexl & Co. 6o Pine Waller, Friedman & Freise, 206 Pearl Weiss, Eler II. !Caeppel, noPearl Vhor V lr. 16 Ce WalL lmporttrs of Clay Pipe>. Batjer H. & Brother, 71 Water Demuth Wm. & Go., 403 Broadway Lichtenberg G. B. 189 Pearl. of Briar Pipes tlnd Importers of Smd.ers' Artides. Demuth Wm. & Co., 403 Broadway Importers of Pipes and Articles. Boiken, Garrigues & Co.,9t Chambers street, and 73 Reade street lmpsrters o{ Licorice Pa-ste. Oleveland, Dt; Lancey ,S8 Pearl. Gifford, Sherman & Innis, uo William Gomez& AriUimbau, 29 &31 S. William McAndrew james C., SS WAter Weaver & Sterry, :14 Cedar. Sud Ltaf Tobacco Jnsptelior., Rensel J, Me]. & Co. Io Depeyster. Lilade F. C. & Co. I42 Water. Tohacco Preners. Guthrie & Co., 225 Front. Manu_facturtn l1j Cfgar BoXs. Brown A. & F., 51 Lewis. Mtznufacturers if Show ea,es, Kruse I75 Chatham and 19 North \Villiam. u La Ft.rmt." 1 Run ian Cigart.ttes. Millington T. &: Eckmeyer, Sole Agents, ,f6.Broad Cigar..Sunching Table. Erfurth Oswald, 26 Orchard .B4nlt. Gennan-A.merlcan, cor. Broadway and Cedar. Engraver Qn Hoey Joseph, Broadway. Internal Revmue BookJ. }ourgensen, C. 37 Liberty. Tnsura.ue Broket s. Du Dois & Irving, 54 Wall Street. Freight Brcker. Meyer LouLc;, 192 Pearl. ALBANY N.Y. Manu_/adurers of Tobacc. Gree('s A Sons, S23 Broadway! BALTIMORE. Toh4CCO Warehol/.stt. Albrecht & Schroder, IS German. 'Bolenius G. H. & Co., 202 West Pratt. Boyd W. A. & Ce., 33 South. Dresel W. and Co., 31 Gay Gieske L. & Oo., 42 South Charles .. Gunther L. W., 90 IAmbard. Kerckhoff 4t Co 49 South Ohades. ltremelberg, J. D, and Co. Loose 0. & Co., 117 West Lombard. Merfeld & Kemper, u7 Lombard Parlett B. F. & Co., 92 Lombard. Faul Wm., 17 South. Scbxoeder-;Jos. & Co .. 81 Plaoe. Wilkens & Klier, 69 South Charles. Wischmeyer Ed. & Co., 49 South Charles. Tobacco F aC/QrJ. Gleske &: Niemann, 78 South Hoffman, Lee & Co., 63 E.zchan&e Place. Rtcard, Leftwich & 69 Exchange Place! Watts, G. S. & Co., 6I E:rchange Place. Manu{a&turtra, ete. Marbu.rg Brothers, I45 to 149 S. OharJes St. Wilkens H. & Co., 181 West Pratt. PacAtrs 1' Sttd-Ltaf T'Dhtl"'" distrust and J ealousy crop out whenever an effort is made Armistead L L. Car.oll J. w. to secure unanimity even for a time, and is not THE To-Flood, John H. Tobatco CM1missim BACCO LEAF to-day the only channel of interco!llmunicaTyree John H. tion which the of t>he United States can NEWARK, N.J. Campbell, Lane & Co., Broad. be said to possess? We know that many will confidh':;cnants. eritly assert that such ll condition of things is, while unGunther & Stevenson, x6 Common. fortunate, unavoidable; that the elements of which our Kremelberg, Schaefer and Co., 23 Carondolet. PADUCAH, Ky. trade is composed are so diverse, and the several interTobaDc Broktr. h' 1k d Jarrett G. F. ... ests so conflicting, that any t mg 1 e coucerte action PETERSBURG, Va. has always been, and must continue to be impossible. oun:R. A. & Bro., 4l-ronFrent PHILADELPHIA, While this view is plausable, and, to a certain extent, 1'obaceo /Ygre!J.ouJes. d b 1' b b d h Analaan M. & co., o North Third justified by fact, we o not e 1eve It to e ase m trut FRED'K DeBARY. 52 Broad and so New Streets, New York, SOLE AGENTS FOR THE SALE OF THE co., _,. EL PRINCIPE DE CALES CIGARS, I Manufactured at the KEY WEST BRANCH of the celebrated El Princip de Gales Manufactory of Havana, AN.D IMPORTERS OF HAVANA CICARS. L&K, LLJI, ALLEN a EL/LIS, ANUFACTURER$ OF FINECUT CHEWING TOBACCO I I AND 13 VINE STRIEET, Clf!ICINNATI, OHIO. :Br&nch Oil!.ces at 43 ilver Street, Chicago, a.nc1 S. W. Corner Front a.n4 Arch Streets, I'hiladelphia. lii"J'obb:l.u.& Tracl.e So1:lo:l1:ed KEY WEST SEIDENBERG & CO., 19 Dey Street, New York, P1oprietors ot" tht. LA ROSA ESPANOLA. FACTORY. B. LO AGE ;'l'S FOR THE ABOVE CELEBRATED BRAND, J..6l. lVLA.::r.:DEN' LANE NE"V'V ENTHAL & CO .. A en.t.J fo1. and tho South-West. J. Partrid a & Co. A on.t s for Chico. o a.n!l tb& North-W a THE CELEBRATED "AUSTRIAN VIRGINIA" CIGARS, From J. D. KREMELBERG'S Factory, in Baltimore. ARE NOW READY AND FOR SALE. Depot in NEW YORK with KREM:ELBERG & CO., I 160 PEARL STR'EE"I DUBOIS & INSURANCE .IRVIN G BROKERS, :aoom. 13, No. 54 Wall St., C. DUBOIS, JR. I. S. IRVING, } N'E""D'D" 'YOR.K.. All kklds of Bisks placed a.t the Lowest Ma.rket Bates in First Companies. G. W. & CO., COMMISSION MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, SO :r:aONT ST:aEET, NEW YO:a:B::. It must be admitted that past efforts have failed, but for 'T h SOLE AGENTS IN NEW VORK FOR a>tt, 1"7 the obvious reason too much has been attempted to be accomplished in too short a time and with imperE: T. Pilkinton's Celebrated" FRUITS AND F :LOWERS," feet machinery. Wben a measure calculated to injure GOLDEN SCEPTRE, PLANTERS' PRIDE COMMONWEALTH, &.c. C FANCY GLASS BOXES. ALSO, PLUG TOBACCO FROM Bchm dt H., 53' South econd. the trade has been introduced into ongress, groat exSarver, Graeff & Cook, os North Water. THOMAS & PILKINTON W. T. BLAGKWELL, J. W. GIBSON, GEO. S. PRINCE, Steiner, Smith Bros.' & Knecht, s Race. citement has been occasioned in our ranks, and the use' TellerBrothers, "' North Third. R. H. WILKERSON, S. W. SHELTON, 'LIPSCOMB & DOWD, and other factories. Vetterlein r. & Co.,"' Arch. less made to bring the trade together on the spur C C d' h woodwar9 North Front. will be the views of all ; but w do look forward to the Cigar-Box Lahtls and Harris, Geo. s & Son, a. E. cor. 4th and Vine Sts time when a permanent organization shall be formed and /lfackines. b f J Appleby Cigar Machine Co., North Water. continue in successful operation on the as1s o entire Y 1 PITTSBURGH, Pa. 1ndepandent action by the different section; of such an Commissi'ox. Mwchant. ""' McMullen, 111. K., +9 Liberty association. ished, while the saving to the Government from the new econQJily in the administration of the law amounts t0 $2,5oo,ooo per anum. In portions of the country where it is pretentied that the local option law is enfo;-ced and the sale of malt and distilled liquors is prohibited, the consumptiOn, according to the revenue receipts, is in no wise diminished. Importtr of H11vona, and Dt.r.rler l;,r Cigars, Lanza Qarlos, 1* Washingtoo Manufacturers of S11u/f. V.m8>1iG Weyman & Bro., 79and Sx Bmithlield. Let us sketch the outlines of the organization we have Dealm in of in view and its possible work. And in the first place, cured and annually filed for future reference by the expenditure of a little energy and well -directed effort. At present we are almost entirely witl lOut such a collection of statistics and the result i5 that the trade is to a great extent working in the dark and that it frequently stumbles and makes mistakes that might and should be avoided. Then, too, such an organization should have a staff of intelligent and trustworthy correspondents in every tobacco-producing centre of the country, who wo1Jild give members frequent and unbiased accounts of the gro\\!ing crop, condition at harvesting, progress of cure, etc. THE TOBACCO LEAF does much in this di rection, but a bureau might do still more, possessing greater and devoting itself to that Single object. In short, under themanipulation of s1.1ch an organization, the tobacco trade would become thor oughly organized. Business would'be increased sim_?ly because those engaged in the commerce in the weed, would be brought closer1ogether ; trade faci lities would be multiplied because of the new lights that would be shed upon the various operations. We know that a few would cover u-p and hide under the mistaken res sion that too much informatiolll ,,.ould publish ttade secrets and injure business ; but such a policy is a con tracted and selfish one1 even if it would secure the end in view. No branch of our trade could be injured by the publication of information that would increase the facilities for doing business and, as a consequence, the volume of business transacted. This is an age of progress. These reform's are certain to be adopted sooner or later and the only questio11 to be decided is whether we, who are now engaged in active pursuits, reap the benefi,t of them ; or whether we shall blunder along in the old fashion leaving more intelligent-methods and greater profits to those who shall come after us, and who will very probably look back oa us with a certain degree of as on those who saw golden fruit hanging within their reach, but who lacked the little .energy neelesait Dealer in Havana anJ Ltaf-Tobatoo Zink G. W., I'98 Pear!. CHICAGO, m. Dtaltrt ;,. Leaf TrJkacco and Cigart. Oaae S. S. & Co., x_..9 South Water Po..-stel, E. & Co., Fifth Avenue we believe that any form of combination which ignored Mamifacttu Cigars. distinct associations, would not have. As to the sub-Gernhardt F. E. & Co., o6 Locust Jects to be brought before such a body, they are many Tobacco Warehouses. DormluerC, & R. & Co., a3 Market. and various. There would, of course, be the conUlrich' &!Diard, 2o6 North Second 1 f C Tobacco c ,mmission Mmhants, stantly-arising questions regarding t 1e actiOn 0 Otl Wall, Beloln & Day, 3o North Second. gress and the rules and regulations of the Com1'obaccl1 BrQJt:r Haynes J. E.,go7 South Second missioners of Internal Revenue to be met and Cmmission Ma-c!tant {011 For1ign tina h _Home Markts. disposed of. Vve do not dwell u)10n these, as t e Water, Toe Frederick R., Jr. Chestaut associations hitherto formed have been almost SYRACUSE. N. Y. 1 Packers D_/ Seed Lta_f and .Dealers in Haexcl\lsively occupied by they will constant Y Barton, House Block, arising so;long as tobacco:is taxed and our fnends shoul.d North Salina. expect aqd be prepared to meet them. But IS Moulter Chas., so East Water k r anization such as we have mdlcaAgency of Hmmuna,.'s Cirar Maelii-C#. other wor 10r an org l INTERNAL REVENUE RECEIPTS.The Internal ReveSalmon D.o. ted. The wide field of tobacco statiStiCS has scarce Y nue Bureau has information that since the general abo-, UTICA, Jl, Y h h t ,. MAufMtMrtr.f Fin Cut Ch .... rng nd S.oli-r been entered. and is indeed "ripe u.nto t e arves lition of the office of Assessor and Assistant Assessor the Tobat... \ Much and valuable is the inform_.ation that could be proreceipts from internal revenue have in no :wise dimin-; MINOR EDITORIALS. THE TOBACCO CROP IN THE GERMAN PFALZ-The Berlin Tobak Ztitung of 15 says this year's crop of in the Pfulz promises to be a very large and good ilne. The damp, warm weather of J-uly, with oc casional rains, affected the plants most favorably. The leaves are large and fine, and it is expected that the crop in that section will be larger and of finer quality than ever before. These prospects are very detrimental to the now t>n hand, as in view of the fact, manufacturers only buy for current use. FACTORY NAMES.-::'he little paragraph in our last issue, under this head, but for an acciclental omission would have appeared as follows : Only a few o( our city cigar manufacturers have adopted the Span ish custom of att:1ching names to their.. manufactories, and we have sometimes wondered why there was not a more general resort here to this excellent mode of advertising The practice of giving a distinctive appellation to their establishments has given the Havana manufacturers a notoriety which thiiy would scarcely otherwise have obtained, and we no reaso.n why it wou l d nol be equally beneficial here. The "Metropolitan," Defiance,"" Iron Crown," "Key West," and "Monte Crist.o," are denominational facto ries, and about the onlyfones in the city that we can re call at this moment. The latter may be calh::d an ex otic, the establishment having been organized in Haavna by Messrs. T. H. Messenger & Co., and subse quently transferred to this city, where the "Monte Cristo," brand of dgars are made after precisely the same pattern introduced by the firm in Havana, and al tho,ugh among the more recent of :our famous city brands, has already attainecl a flattering popularity. The mention of Mr. Messenger in this connection, we recall to our readers the name of one of the earliest as well as latest, of the merchants of New York whose business career has reflected credit and distinction on the tobacco trade of the city and country.


, 2 --...--....,-PROGRESS.A factory has been opened at Stadnlon, Va., for the manufacture of pipe sterns, fishmg etc., fwrn corn stalks by the patentee, Mr. Wm. !{.Bryant QUlT THE. UsE or ToBACCO -A man in Yates County, N Y wl:).o had been an mveterate smoker for fifty years, has suddenly and permanently gtven 1t up. He knocked the ashes off his p1pe mto a keg of blastmg powder. CouLDN'T STAND IT.-A camp-meeting of Connecti cut agriculturalists broke up in disgust on account of t e mtroduct10n of a movement to discountenance the use of tobacco Rehg10n IS one thing, but domestic industry m Connecticut is qmte another thing. BuSINESS ENLARGEMENT.-Our ne1ghbor, Mr. M. Markowitz, long and favorably known as a ctgar and tobacco dealer at 126 Fulton Street, CommerCial Advtrtrser butldmg, has commenced the manufacture of smok ing tobacco in connexion with his old and now offers to the lovers of the ptpe hts new brands of "Im proved English Birdseye and Prime Golden Cav endtsh THoUGHT IT WAS TOBACCO-_A few days siace, Mrs. Ten Broeck1 of 2S West Twelfth Street, on ahghtmg 111 front of Park & Tilford's, on Stxth avenue, dropped an envelope contam111g so m btlls and checks. Th1s was ptcked up by a boy named Taylor, who was accom panied by his to whom he handed the package She clatms to have thrown 1t away, thmkmg 1t _tobacco. After heanng the case, Judge Cox held Taylor m $Soo bail to answer. ---REVENUE CoLLECTIONs.-The Internal Revenue collectiOns in the 2nd djstnct of V1rginia, for the month of August, 1S73, are as follows: Collections from sptnts, ____ ., ______ 11 CollectiOns from tobacco, _____________ 4I173g S7 Collections from banks,._ __ .. -. IO 24 Total penalties ani!! interest,.--------------2 49 Total,.---71 ON HIS DIGNITY -Whtle Judge Moore, of Brooklyn, was on the bench attending to ex parte business of the County Court, a huge fellow entered the court room and stalked up to the clerk's desk He had a remnant of a ctgar m hts hand, whtch attracted the attentiOn of the Judge, who notified him that he must leave cigars out side. "But 1t is not lighted, Judge," sa1d the man. "That makes no dtfference," replied the Judge," you ought not to bring your cigar into the court-room You are btg enough to know better." The man was abashed and threw the stump mto a sptttoon. BusiNESS IN DANVILLE.-The figures furnished by the revenue officers of Danvtlle show, says the Rtchmond, Va. Dzspatch, that the tobacco trade of Danvtlle is still on the increase. The trade m leaf tobacco at the ware houses in August, r873, amounted to in Au gust last to r-a gam 'for last of $78,o8S. The tax on manufactured tobacco, srnokmg IJlcluded, shipped from Danville in August, 'ISp, amounted to II26,32o, which answers to 63I,6oo pounds. The tax on manufactured and smoking tobacco shipped in Au gust last amounts to $IS2157I, whtch answers to 762,8SS pounds. The gain m tax paid on manufactured and smoking tobacco for August last amounts to $26,251, the gain in the shtpments for the month of manufac tured and smokmg tobacco amounts to 13I,255 pounds. CLERICAL VICES -'vVe read of a New Jersey pastor, says the T,zbune, bas been requested to resign hts charge for the followmg r. He ts "erratic;" 2. He IS fond of smokmg; 3 He \S a favor,te of the more youth ful ladtes ; 4 He smgs m a quartette; 5. He IS an active member of a base-ball nine; 6. He plays chess; 7 He wntes poetry! Stx of these charges seem to us fnvolous and unworthy of a moment's senous constder ahon; it ts the seventh whtch appears to be senous. Constdering the amount of "poetry" already in exist ence, takmg mto account how little the world stands m need of addtttonal verse and guessmg at the p10b able quahty of the parson's productions, we are free to say that we thmk he should stop philandenng wtth the Nme, or else resign at once. REMEMBER THE CONDUCTOR.-Queer thmgs happen, even m a railroad colltswn. The only umnJured occu pant of the smokmg car whtch was smashed on the Chicago and Alton road recent!J was a crazy man who was bemg taken by hts stster to the] acksonvtlle asylum. He ts sa1d to have the scene Immensely." A peannt boy who was badly scalded was more t{oubled by the loss of hts peanuts than by h1s burns. The sleep' ing -car conductor ascnbes the escape of two men to the fact that before gomg forward to smoke they turned and offered him a cigar, which he had accepted, and they stood chatting until the collision occurred. The moral to be drawn from the mctdent is that 1t will be well for people about to smoke to remember the poor sleeping car conductor. THE REVENUE FROM ToBACco.-The tobacco tax, be fore the passage of the Consolidation act, says aWash ington dtspatch to the New York Tzmes, was fixed at sixteen and thirty-two cents per pound, accordmg to the different grades, averaging twenty-four cents. The Com missioner of ,Internal Revenue suggested to Congress that tf the tax was made umform at twenty-fouqcents he thought that the revenue ::mght be mamtamed at tts then standard, whtle manuJacturers and dealers would rbe greatly benefitted by the abolition of the sliding tax. Congress went further than thts, and reduced the um form tax to twenty cents, which was equivalent to a re duction of about one-stxtb of the tax. N otwtthstandmg this considerable decrease of the tax, the total revenues from tobacco sources were incressed dunng the last fiscal year by about $7oo,coo. The mcrease from the item of ctgars alone IS $1,374,208 The following table gives a comparitvely statement of the revenue from the several sources of manufactured tobacco during the fis cal years endmg June 30, 1S72, and June 30, 1S73: Fuca! Year Ftscal Year Sources of Revmue. 1S72. rS73 Cigar and cheroots of all descnpt10n, domes-tic or tmported. S6 Manufacturers of cigars, (spectal tax)---------II9,294 44 Snuffs of all descnptwns, domestic or tmpQrted.-4g7,og2 49 Toltacco of all descnp-tions ................... 24,073,683 ro Stamps for tobacco or snuff mtended for export._-----. ---Dealers in leaf tobacco Retail dealers in leaf tobacco. --.-- Dealers m manufactur-ed tobacco. __ .. _-_. Manufact'rs of tobacco Peddlers of tobacco Sales of ctgars, leaf and manufactr'd tobacco, and excess of $s,ooo of the penal sums of bonds of manufactur ers of tobacco --. 53,576 2 5 n6,gi7 53 934.341 20 II,97I 25 $S,940,3b4 S I IS3,I9S 57 r,o82,Io6 77 22,J 14,074 27 s,5S2 70 uo,oS9 6o 8,020 54 r,663,053 30 II,944 00 so,694 96 44.572 59 ,. THE TOBACCO THE TOBACCO iNEw YoRX, September .15. Wtsftm Leaf-Our market contmues quiet, with sales of 740 hhds, of which 276 to manufacturers, 8r to job bers, and the remamder for export. Pnces <\re steady and more enqutryat close. OuradVtces from the Mason county reg10n report the growmg crop as improYing nt week 2:ci week. 3d week. 4th 'Wck. Stl:l w eok 'Iotal. January --439 96I 1,26r 73g 3,400 February .... 380 290 582 548 r,Soo March ... 68ct 383 zg8 239 2,6oo ApnL 859 740 849 84S r,5o4 ,Soo Mav----.679 6l6 r,72o 829 r,146 s,ooo June ..... I,l4Z 1,771 r,s4-8 1,439 6,ooo July .... -I,uo r,6og 2,097 I1447 1,S27 8,roo 773 2,033 I1326 r,glg r,639 7,700 September 873 740 1 6I3 Vzrgtnza LeafThere was a very good demand for Virginia tobacco last week, both manufacturers and shtppers buying wtth more liberality than of late. The inqu1ry extended to all grades, and destrable parcels ol almost all descnpt10ns sold readtly Buyers seemed more dtsposed than has prevwusly been the case to ac rates, which, besides ,mcreasmg transactwns, 'helped matenally to strengthen and unprove the tone of the market. As the season draws to a close, and tb.e opportumty for making selections becomes more and more limited, it 1s to be expected that an mcreased ac tivity wtll be observable among those estrous of secunng what 1s left of the really good avatlable stock Our special Richmond news IS not important, nor notlcebly different from previous announcements, neither.. is there, to date, any item from abroad .df unusual s.gnlficance ; busmess m the European markets contm umg moderate for all vanettes of leaf Seed Leaf-The movement in new seed leaf continues, the reported sales the past week reaching 1430 cases, and 150 cases old. The distributwn and terms were as follows: growth of r872, 20'0: cases. Connecticut wrappers on private terms; 2so cases do seconds and fillers at r4 @rSc for the former, and 6@Sc for the latter; zoo cases Massachusetts, running, at 8@I3C; 100 cases State, run ning at 13@rSc; 150 cases Pennsylvama, do, on pnvate terms; I So cases OhiO at @7 Yzc, 350 cases Wis consm do, at and rso cases 1Sp Connecticut wrap pers at 4o@ssc. Though not remunerative to dealers, 1t IS evident that the low rates at which our shtppmg grades are now placea are havmg one good effect, and that ts to mvtte the attention of exporters to them. Shippers rarely have as good an opportumty as is now presented for buymg .tt' pnces that should tempt the fore1gn dealer and afford themselves a fatr return on their transactiOns, and 1t 1s, probably, to their prompt reahzation of fact that the recent shght movement m shippmg sorts is to be attnbuted. It IS much to be regretted that ocean freights are such a source of annoyance and hmderance at thts lime, as but for the obstacles in the way of trans portation, it is quite probable the export demand would be better than It 1s. There seems to be more difficulty in this respect thts season than there was last season, whea the shtpments of tobacco were so largely in excess of what they now are But the explanation of this pe culianty is to be found in the fact, that though less to bacco 1s going forward this year than last, there is a far greater quantity of other merchandtse awa1t111g, and m course of shipment from thiS country. What careful packing has done for the rS72 Connec ticut crop may be seen in the case of some of the wrappers whtch have oeen sampled by dealers who dtd their own assortmg and packmg \Ve have personally exammed a lot of recently drawn samples in the hands of a ctty .dealer, and to our surprise, as wdl as grzttfication, we found them as good as any we have had the pleasure of lookmg at for a long hme In quality, color, textute and elastlctty, they were all that could be destred. The tobacco to whtch these samples belong, was as sorted and packed m the best possible manner, all tam ted and doubtful leaves havmg been carefully ehmmated, and to this Circumstance IS due the exempt10n of the samples from any indtcation of the affectiOn supposed to be peculiar to the 1872 crop. The condltlon of the crop generally, or rather of that port10n of it which has not had the advantage of exceptionally good handling, can not, of course, be assumed to be good from thts or other favorable specimens. But it 1s satistactory to be assured in this manner that some of this tobacco wt!l only come out all nght from the sweat, but will be of an unusually destrable character m some respects. A dealer just returned from the Valley reports facts simtlar m substance to the above in regard to the IS72 crop. That whtch has been well handled he thinks will prove very sattsfactory, whtle that Ill farmer's hands, or elsewhere, mdifferently packed, 1s likely to be generally objectwnable. The record of the week shows a fair mqtury the reported sales amounnng to 400 bales at 8S@g5c for ordinary to $I oo@r os for better grades. We qear further of the sale of 4I9 bales addt tiona! on pnvate terms on manufactunng account. The report of Messrs. J. F. Berndes, Snr & Cu., pub hshed in our last 1ssue, summanzes the cond.tlOn of trade m the Havana-market very clearly, and mdtcates less ex travagance of view on the part of h olde rs tegardmg prices; dullness at Borne and abroad making some of them mclmed to liberal concessions as compared with prev10us expectatiOns Manujactured--For Cavendish tobacco. there has been a moderate demand. Leading brands have been sought and sold to the usual weekly extent, and there has been mcreased mqUtry for low pnced goods, and notably for rr mch at from 40@42 cents. There seems, also, to have been mquiry for goods not in full supply, but which, perhaps, would have been noticeable for 1ts absence 1f the means for meetmg 1t had been abundant, such frequently being the expenence of tradesmen in all ht anches of business. It would pl'l!ibably facilitate sales to increase stock m hand, b1.1t in v1ew of the posstbility of somethmg bemg done by Congress thts coming wmler for the accommodation of the trade here, and for other reasons, it may be as well to limtf supplies to current requirements. For export there does not to have been much done since our last, neither the wants of for e1gn buyers nor transportafion fac1lit1es being favorable to that end Smokzng-Fair activity charactenzed the smokmg to bacco market last week and average sales were effected for both local and mterior trade. We hear of nothing out of the ordinary course of events m thts department, but note, at the same time, a steady mquiry for all good styles and assortments. ,Czgars-The ctgar market IS much the same as pre viously reported, wtth, posstbl_r, a shade less of acttv1ty than for a few weeks past. During the week Commissioner Douglass has answered a correspondent who inquires what are the pnme reqni Sttes of an mvent10n destgned to prevent fraud on the part of ctgar manufacturers, and whether, 1f such an In vention were submitted and proved to be sattsfactory, The Government would ordet 1ts adoptiOn He rephes that the pnme requts1tes of such an inventiOn are F1rst, that 1 shall absolutely compel every C1gar maker to be honest, and render frauds m the sale of ctgars 1mposst ble. Second, that it shall be attended with no mconven ience to satd manufacturers. Third, that it shall be attended with no addttional expense to c1gar manufac tulers. If, the CommiSSIOner further says, your pfan embodies these prime requisttes, and will secure the re sults named, the Government wiH not hesitate to order Its adopt10n. This office has not, however, thought 1t advisable to advertise for proposals for such an mven tion, satisfied that no mere human mvent10n or conthv ance, however perfect 111 itself, may not in the hands of a desperate man, be so tampered wtth as to admtt 01 fraud. Gold opened 1 1 r and closed at I 1 I 3{. Exc!lang1 is steady:We quote, London. Bankers', 6o days, 3 days, Commerctal, 6o days, ro8@roS}.( Paris; Banker's, 6o days, s26}.(, 3 days, 520 : Commercial, 6o days, 532*@5,s*. Swiss: 6o days, 3 days, Antwerp: 6o days, 3 days, Hamburg 6o days, g4* 3 days, Bremen: 6o days, 3 days, Frankfort-on the Main 6o days, 41, 3 days, Amsterd'lm: 6o days, 3 days, Prusstan Thaler: 6o days, 3 days, F,nghts -Mr. Louis Meyer, Fre1ght broker, teports I refer to my report of last week and have only to add that L1verpool freights are lower for tobacco, small lots to fill up have been engaged at 45s per hhd, the gomg rate ts 47s 6d@5os. It ts very d1fficult to shtp to the Contment by steam, all bulk room u engaged for the next two months to come By sat! I quote, to Antwerp 6os, Rotterdam, 6ss. Three vessels were taken for Gtbraltar at 6os per hhd Ky; and 2 Iti per foot for cases. I'AB.TICUI.AB. 1\TOTIOJ'J. Growen of seed leaf tobacco are cautioned aga1nst accepung the reported sales nd quotations of seed leaf ., furmshmg the prtccs that shoUld be obtamed for t!lem at first hand, as these refer 1n most tns tanc e s lO old crops whoch have been held nearly a year, and the pro fit on whtch must naturally Include the mtcrest on capital mvested Growera cannot expect even 1n the case of new crops, to sell them for the same pnces as are obtl.lned on a te-sale here Of course every re .... sale must be at an advance, and therefore tnc pnce obtamable by the growers will always be somewhat lower than our quotations. QUOTATIONS OF WHOLE5ALE PRICES. I Wultm-Ltght leaf Yar& I & II Cut asstd. 95@1 00 Common to good luge 6@ Jlcn1lfactur.'1: Medmm 43 @45 Seleotoono l.!X@l3 Good ........ .. ..... @48 LJgbt cutting lugs o.. 8)( Comm r n .... 40 @43 do do leaf 9 @13 Mouldy, ocarce ... 38 @13 9 Clark1viae and Westi8fnct. L ight Pressed, exkafine 60 @62 Comwou to good lnga 8 @ 9 Light Pressed fine 55 (1V60 Common leaf .. .. 9 @10 Quarter Po una. -Fino .. 48 @62 :M:edtum leaf .......... 10)(@11)( Meduom...... .. 45 @47 Good ... 11)(@12)( Common ..... 42 @44 Fone. .. .. .... .. .. N avy Poun'avy Half Potm@ 13 Lady ogers, Rolls 80 Wrappers, dark 12"@1_7 Poc k e t Pieces .. 4S @l!O do. bright.... 20 @50 BngM Twi s t (V'alll mch !5 @60 Smokers .. .. .. ... .. 11 @2o Broght Gold Bars, 6 m c h 53 @58 Pnmmgs ......... 6 y. @ 8 Rough&! Ready.. .. 5 0 @5> Okw-I.n'or to goC\d com @ 7 BLAOlt Brown aod Greemsa 'I @ 8 Na"11 P@ 6 Uooll .. .. 38 @40 Good -do 6 @ 7 Common to med1um @38 Medium 1 Y.@9 Fiw and Four... .. 40 @45 Good to 11Do r e d 10 @ 1 3 P New York-Aeeorted .. .16 25 "0 & A" 375 !lie net. .. 2iM Pen.sylvan1a-Assorled lots 9 @ 2 0 G & F ". .. :'... 29 Y. 0/uo-Aeeorted lots :. 6 @1 X "Wallis Ex 460 lbs net 29 IV'IBcon.nn-Aseort.ed lot. .. 6J( 7 K 1 c yea".... .. .. 28 'BOTeton--, Ynurrta'' ... ... .. 25 Havan aFU Com 75@ 85 "Z A." 230 lbs .. 20 do Good do 90@1 B O ":M:F." .. .. .. .. 20 do Fme do lOZ@llO 1R.R" ... ...... 20 do Extra. Fine 115 1 2ts "W S '.... . 21 Yaro. ... ..... .. ...... 9b uG S ...... ..o;. 29 IMPOR1"S. \ The arrivals at the port of New York from foreign ports for the week endmg September r6, mcluded the followmg constgnments :-MALAGA-Gomez & Arguimbau, r,6g7lbs licorice lOOt. RoTTERDAM-A. Moller & Co., I box tobacco. SANTA MARTHA-]. Bensusan, 2 boxes cigars. SMYRNA-]. Schmtzer, fsgo cases licorice, 63o bales do root. ElAVANA-J J. Alminl, ro8, V. Martmez Ybor, 246 do F. Gatcta, 331 do, 12 cases ctgars Robt. E. Kelly & Co, so do, 9 do; Carl T:Jpmann, IO do, 2 do, F. Alex andre & Sons, 437 do, 46 do, Wm P.-clyde & Co, 133 do, I4 do ; J C Hoffmeyer, 2 do G. W. Faber, 5 do S' Lmington & Sons, 6 do; Chas. T. Bauer & Co, 3 do; Purdy & Nichclas, 2 do; BenJn. Rionda & Co., 2 do; Jmtn Martmez:, 5 do; Kunhardt & Co, rro do. Alex Murphy & Co, 4 do, Baaltzer & Taaks, 6 do, H K. Thurber & Co, 4 do, Acker, Mernll & Condtt, 44 do W H. Thomas & Brother, 3S do ; Park & Tilford, 2g do : Montz Meyer, 3 do ; C. Ludmann & Co., 1 do ; Order, 43 do. Bv THE NATIONAL LINE.-A. H1 Cardozo & Co.\ 25 hhds ; R. L Mattland & Co 17 do, Pollard, P-ettus & Co., g do; Sawyer, Wallace & Co., 45 do; D. J. Garth, Son & Co., 109 do. Blakemore, M;_ayo & Co., IS do; F. W. Tatgenhorst & Co, I4 do, Drew & Dean, 2 do; D. Dews & Co S do Juhan Allen 44 cases,; O'netl k Durst, 100 do ; E M Crawford & Oo r8 do 104 hhdL BY THE NEW YORK AND Nmv HAVEN STEAMSHIP LtNE.-Schroeder & Bon, 38 cases; Lederman Brothers, I4S do; D. & A. Bennno, g3 do ; Palmer & Scoville, 6S do; Wm Eggert, rdo, Joseph Mayer's Sons, 7 do, L & F. Wertheimer, g do; J. C Lmde & Co, r do; Chas F. Tag & Son, 104 do E. Rosenwald & Brother, IS6 do; A. L & C. L Holt, r6 do, A. BiJUr, 45 do; C. Solomon, S do; order, 25 do. Bv THE NEW YORK ANI'> HARTFORD STEAMBOAT LINE. M. H. Levm, 12 cases, Lemon, Mandelba11m & Co, 37 do, E. Spdngarn & Co, 73 do, E M. Crawford & Co., 470 do, E Rosenwald & Brother, s do, N H. Hoppel, 19 do BY THE OLD DOMINION LINE-J D Evans & Co., 3 hhds, C. E. Hunt, 10 hhds, Read & Co., g hhds r pkge; M. Rader & Son, 2 hhds, 2 boxes sample s; P Lonllard & Co g hhds, 2 trcs, I box samples ; A. D Chockley, 4 hhds, 2S trcs, 4 boxes samples; A. C. L. & 0. Meyer, s hhds, 1 box sarnples, Rtchey & Bam face, 45 hhds, 20 cases manufactured, zo cases smoking; 6o hlf boxes mfd, Io qtr boxes mfd, I box samples; W. 0 Smtth, 32 trcs leaf, 13 cases mfd, 23 three-qtr boxes mfd, r hlf box mfd, r box samples ; P10neer Tobacco Co, 7 trcs, r box samples; J. H. Thompson & Co, r trc, 3 cases mfd, r6 qtr boxes mfd, r box samples; A C. Lamotte, r trc leaf, 1 box samples; N. Wtse, Io cases smoktng; Belcher, Park & Co, so., do, McFall & Hogan, 30 do; Bowne & Fnth, 30 do; A. Hen & Co Ioo do, Moore & Jenkmson, 40 do; J. Blankenstem, 7 do, E. DuBots, 4 cases mfd; A. S Rosenbaum & Co., 3 do, J D Ketlly, Jr, r 13 D & A. Benh,etm, r <; cases mfd, 6 cases smoking, Martin & Johnson, 5 do;32 do, M. M. Welzhofer, 6 do, 12 do. 2 qtrboxes mfd; Carhart Brothers, 15 cases, so boxes mfd, Bulkley, Moore & Co, 65 cases, 2 hlf boxes mfd; J. B C. Woodcock, 3 cases smoking, 2 hlfboxes, 31 caddtes mfd, Connolly & Co., 5 cases, So boxes, 5 hlf bpxes, mfd; Maddux Brothers, 6 cases, 5 kegs mfd, G. W. Htllman & Co., 43 hlfboxes mfd; L & E Werthetmer, 1 qtr box mfd; C. E Lee, IS blf boxes, IS qtr boxes mfd, Sawyer, Wallace & Co., 1 box sampl

' SEPT. 17 fine old Connecticut \Hapoers, fine old Penns)lvan1a fil lers, but the pnces are h11n on these goods Manufactured-A great change IS to be m the way that a great maJOnty of manufactured tob precautiOn ()De would Another cause for the large amount of tobaceo at pre When wlthm the hot beds or fostermg boxes any spots run the nsk of raimg plants either entuely cnppled or FOREIGN DUTIES ON TOBACCO sent stored m the City has been owmg to the overstock of stckly growth or rottenness make th eJr appearance blowmg too far below Only those are transplanted mg of the German market last year Tlus was done (wh1ch may happen either m consequence of supertherefore, wh1ch have already five or s1x leaves, younger m order to escape the additional tax which the German abundant moisture, or by want of sun hgh; durmg a ones would grow up with dtfficulty and be less able to Government at that time proposed to put upon tobacco, contmued cloudy season), the sufJenng plan s must be stand the heat of the sun; and too old seedlings would and which also stimulated the producuon of tobacco m besprmkled at once wtth fine charcoal dust Otherwise soon show the same defect, smce they are no mQTe able Germany, though of an infenor grade the whole set would be totally destroyed W1thm e1ght j f' push forward their saps to the tenderest In A\Jstna, France Italy and Spata, the tobacco commerce is monopollze a by government, ander dtrecbon of a Reg1e In Germany the duty on Amer-o can leaf tobacco is 4 thalers per 100 lbs In Belgium the impost is reckonea after deducttng 15 per cent for ture The duty ts 13 Jrancs, cenUmee 40 gald) per too K1logrammes (too Amencan lbs equal fS.!i' kilos) JD Holland the duty ts 18 cents gold,.. per roo kiloe. {ll& Amencati" prude bemg equal to 127 kilos) In Russ1a the dut.Y on leaf tobacco is -4-rou'tles 40 kopek! per pud, on smoking tobacco 26 rou. 40 cop. per pud, and on cigan rou. ::ro per pound The J"Ud JS equal to about 36 Amerlcau lbL ID TurHy the duty Is fifty cents gol

,. ; THE 4 -0BA.cqo-LEAF, SEPT. :!J THE VIRGINIATOBAC CO AGEN-CY, .. EST4BL3HED IN 1836, BY .CHARLES M. CONNOLLY. _SPENCE,. :BROTHERs' &, lllANUFACT1JRERS OF THE CELEBRj.TED : COiflfO _LL Y &. CO., COM:MISSION MERCHANTS IN Leaf .and Manufactured Toba,cco, 45 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. Chewing & Smoking 'robaccos, -' "\ a2 a.nd 54 EAS'l' 'lmD S'l'U:E'l', I CINCINNATI, o. AMBROSIA, .And Various other Bra'licU of' We respectfully call the attention of the trade to the following Standard Being located at the GREAT LEAF MARKET for CuTTING ToBACCO, our facilities for supplying the TRAPE wit\1 AL L GRADS OF FINE-CUT and SMOKING are unsurpassed. of Manufactured Tobacco: POUNDS-I I AND 12 INCH. WINE SAP, GOLDEN SEAL, GALLEGO, PRE!tUUM, l'IIORNING STAR, FOUR A CE, .BEDM9RE, WINSTON!. HE!!IRY CO, TWIN SISTERS, TALL! Hu I ROYAL 5T !I.NDA.RD, eW. BRICHT AND DARK-4s, 'iss, ltND TtHICKS. PEARL, DEW D.'iOP, BORODJllrA., PEABODY, CII.<\.MP&.GINE, 'WA.TI!lR LILY, DIADEM, BLACKBiRD, 'I]BA XING, YACHT CLUB, Al'ROPOS1 ete., etc, TWISTS-12, 9 AND 6 INCH. GAME COCK AND HENRY CO. ROUGH AND READY IN DRUMS. I)OLLY VARDEN,' ATLANTIC' CABLE,-BONA FIDE, CHAliiPA.GN!l,_ FOUR AC.IIi:, AU-FAl"l', BENSON 4t. DUNNS, GREGOflYS, VEJBJON, ete. FANCY LICHT PRESSED, etc. ... :L DORADO, ESMEil. L:.d;)A, PIGl'IIY OPTIJIIA, LA ROSA., BUFFALO CHIPS, PAN CAKE, GOLDEN :&ODS, GOLD BARf! ete. And a l arge assortment of other brands in i 1 and 12 inch lbs. Dark and _Bright, t, 4-So 1, xes. Double Thicks and Fa:pcy Tobac co, to :which we invite the attent i on of the trade. BOWNE FRITH, 7 BURLING SLIP, NEW YORK, 'TQbacco CoJDmission Merchants d Sole the Gelebrated Brands of Smoking Tobacco: HoJleY Bee, llarly Dew, Prairie BlossOm, Red River, Powhattan, Enterprtse, Old Kentuck, Old Lor; Cabin, Cow Blip, Planters' 'Choice J>;onee;r of the West,. Sunny South, Our Brand, HoneyDew. A'lso Sole Agomts for the Uniu.d States for :r. P. HA WXINS & OO.s GOLB FLAKE. /JAMES M. GARDINER, ConNoi..LY. 1 JAMES M. GA:S.,.DINER & .CO.,. TOBACCO COMMISSION IEBtHANTS, s4 FRONT_ STREET, NEW .yORK, tlre receiving direct f/om VIRGINIA and NORTH CAROLINA, consign .. .,: of f::.EAF, MANUFACTURED SMOKING Tobacc o s : G. F. LINDE. C. C HAMILTON. S. MARCOSO. R. ASHCJtO:rr. Seed-Leaf Tobacco Tobacco ID8pected or Certificate s given for every case, and delivered ease by case, as to npml:>er of Certificate. N.B.-w. also S.zmpk iu Mtrcha,ts' own Stvres. -. F. C. LINbE & CO., PRINCIPAL OFFICE-142 Water Street. WAREHOUS'ES.-142 "\V ,ater, 1'1'3 Front, '1'4, '1'6, & 'TS Green'Wieh Streuto and 1 2 9', & 8 Hq.dson Rlve1 Rail Road Depot,,St. Jolin' Park ' KERBS & SPmSS, MBDul'acturers of FiDe Cigars, ANI> DBAtKBS !Ill LBAJ8 '35 BOWERY, NEW YORK. LOUIS SPIES!. RIC-HEY tc BONIFACE, Tobieco .Commission :Merchants, 86 J:'RONT STREET, NEW YORK, f Agents for the principal manufacture r s of Plug and Smoking Tobacc o of Virginia and North Carolina. Sole for Gold Flake, Love the RosesJ Devon and other favorite Brands of Smoking Tobacco. Spec1al Brands of Plug and Smokmg obacco furnished on application. }OIEPH P. Q..UIN, CHAS. BILL, Jl. \ W.U. l'. hllT"t.LJ)liE. E. 0 WHEELOCK. WM. P. KITTREDGE & Co., T 0 B .. A C C 0 COMMISSION Agents for the Pqpular Brand.s of Virgiliia. Tobacco, 71 & 73 FRO.NT ST.';NEW YORK. t Ex. NORTON. T. J. :SLAUGHTER. B. H. WISDOM EDWARD M. WRIGHT & CO. eral COIIIIllisxion NORTON, SLAUGHTER & CO., TORACCO & COTTON FACTORS, ;:,NO 3g Broad Street,_ General Merchants, 41 :BBOkD S'hl,DT, N.Y. NEW YORK STRAITON & ST():Q,M, MA,>l'UFAGTURERS OF S E G-.A.. H. S, AND DEALERS IN LEAF cTOBACCiO, No. 191 PEARL STREET, New York. .JOHN S'llR:ArTON'. GEORllE STORM. ALEXANDER MAITLAND, 1 L. F S. MACLEHOSE. I L. MAITLAND & TOBACCO AND FACTORS, C GE1NBRAL VO'MMISSION MERitB!NTS, 43 BILOAD' S-;1',, II'. '2'. Adv ancements made on consignments to '\V. A & G. MAXWELL & CO., LIYERPOOL. APPLEBY & HELME, OF THE RAIL-ROAD MILLS Mayo &. Co.; TOBAC'O AND COTTON QVIZI' & Maccoboy Snuff, T b F t Prenc'h .Ra'"-nee Snuff, EOMMISSION MERCKANTS, =::::! Gent. Snuff11 I 4-1 BROAD sT., No. 39 Broad streea, Scotch xEw YoBK; YORK. Lundy Snuf'f', G F 4LK & DRO ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF THE FOLLOW[NG BRANDS OF EED LEAF AND HAVANA TOBACCO VIRGINIA SMQKING TOBACCO,, I 7 I WATER STREET, RaJ.l Road, viz: -,. NEAR BuRLING sup, NEW yoRK. Our Cho1ce, G. FALK. A. FALK. Pride of Henry Count1, Colorado, Black Tom, ALSO TOBA.CCO LABELS, l"or Smoking and Manufactured-Tobacco, FUllNISH&D BY TBE 'BATCH LITHOGRAPBIO COMPANY, LITHOGRAPHERS, & 34 VESEY NEW YORK, AT GREATLY REDUCE:P PRICES. F. W. TATGENIIORST, THoMAS KINNICU'TT, T 0 B A C C 0 .Keutv.eky aud Vir,Puia &HIIlln IEBHm Leaf Tobacco ll'o. sm Broad Street, NEjV YORK. NEW YORK. CUTHRIE &. CO., J. MCJ. BENSEL It, CO., fi!J(; :l!B-Q:NT BXJCEET. 10 DEPEYS'l'ER S'l'BEE'l', rmxissioN J.NDMEncHANTs, -TOB.&OCO PB:EIBB:EillB, r.r Tobacco l"'d 1n bales ror the woet Indleo Storage provided iu FirstCws WarehouseS; Central American Ports, and other Certificates iss-ued and Cases ilelivered TOBACCO PACKJlD HOGS1JE6DS. or in lots, T. D. CliOOKLEY, COMMISSION. IOUPB: .6. VEGA lc Bi&O. IIIII-s' And-Leaf Tobacco Dealer, lla"V'&Da Tobacoo 10. 168 PEARL NEW YORK; .-u OJ:o.A.Ba, Allo; corner 'l'birteenth a.nd Cary Streete,. RICHMOXD, Va., CIGARS, 133 Water aDd 85 PiDe Sts., N.Y. Fdr Price List address or apply as above. E. ROSENWALQ & BROTHER, IKPO::Et Tli:::EtS OJr SPANISH,' AND PACKER'S-OF DOMESTIC LEA. F TOBACCO, CIGAR RIBBONS } 5 w t St t N -y k eonotantly on hand. 14 a er ree ew or V. MART IN E Z Y B 0 R, __ ; IMPORTER OF HAVANA LEAF TOBACC:o, AND MANUFACTURER OF THE EL PRINCIPE DE GALES BRAND OF KEY WEST, 26 C,EDAR STREET, NEW YOKK, JOB N H. FLOOD .. Successor to G. W. LANGHORNE ?fl. CO., (Mauufacturer of the followlnQ' Celebrated :rrands,of VIRGIN I A SMOKI-NG TOOACCOS, &oUoits fnr the New Jefferson Street, between 7th and LYNCHB,URG> VIRGINIA .. MaW Yo&. "I h Bob White in Cloth Deer Ham, in Cloth, Johnny Reb, ro .u ot Ferdinand. Westhoff, Jr., 91" EN "l" AND Forwardin_ g BREMEN, GERMANY. 1 -_H_h _______ ...;....___ Westward Ho! in Aunt Sallie's Choice, in Cloth, Rustic Belle, ion Cloth, _Mnno 1" G. PwN: Dew Drop, in 'croth, Jofly Boy, in Cloth', Old White Hat; Pe-mberton & Penn, And other Choice All B ran ds of Tobaccos packed in Calles to purehRBel'!!, F-REE OF OHARGE, TOBACCO MERCHANTS, and in the new anD. popular of Ji'aokir.ges to suit the different markets or the world ,m;, a loiig experielue in the FACTORY No.6: Flf'TH DISTRICT. tlui?:" services to jill orders for -::c'W -.,.,. .... .a. ""'""'SO....,. 1a2 Arc""' Pb.Ua.d.alphia. LeRf 4"' TobJUco, -.. ..,. _. .... .., .., ..,..,. DAN'VlLLE, V 11. o\pllt fgr the :Elutenl aDd KicWe 'Sttot.ea, Ohio d idChlpn. DOH-AN, CARROLL & CO.; TO::BA.Cco COM M I SSI O N MER CHANTS, FRONT STREET, M J DOHAN, } ALEX. FORMAN. { TH0S. CARROLL, w Toaa. JNO. T. TAITT. A[ents for the foUowin[ J,B.PACE, YARBRO,UCH & SONS, J. H. CRANT & CO.' JOHN ENDERS, TURPIN & BROTHER, D. B. & CO. L. H. FRAYSER & CO. B. W. OLIVER, H. CREANER, CARY BROTHERS, EDWIN WILSO'N, THOMAS HARDCROVE, J. R. PACE & CO. RACLAND & JpNEst RACLAND & TOSK, WALKER, TAYLOR & CO WINNIE & TALBOT, L. W. WIS, R. A. PATERSON & c o. J. P. WtLLIAMSON, L. LOTTIEft. Sole Age-nts in-New York BONNE BOUCHE, 4s. ss. and P9cket Pieces Also Agents for John W. Carroll's Celebrated Smoking Tobaccos, Lone Jack a BJ\OWD Dick,etcll In dark work to our Thistle" Brand, so wideiy known in many parts of our Country for its beauty of delicacy of chew, etc., we would invite t!:te attentio.a of Jobbers; always OQ hand in lbs., ha1f lbs., threes, pocket pieces, etc. CERMAN TABAKZEITUNC, =-ORGAN OF THE GERMAN TOBACCO .4-WEEKLY NEWSPAPER CIRCULATING IN AUSTRIA, HOLLAND, BEL GlUM DENMARK, SWEDEN, RUSSIA, ITALY, ANDJ GERMANY. Solel y devoted. to the _Dilrer ent of the Trade of th' thrm ln Empire. :d Reliable marketprices,.complete lists of stock on hand, imports and of all port s and cities ofGer manY ll. Y. Commi-ssion lllereh'IL BUl;KLEY MOORE It, CO. VIRGINIA Tobacco Commission Merchimts .... '14 FBOX'I' Smeet, KREMELBE'RG& CO.,: 16o PEARL ST., New YeRK. J. D. KJIEI:BERS & cO., BALTIMORE, MD. KREMELBERG, SCHAEfER & CO., NEW LA. mActtr M. H.-LEVIN, IMPORTBR UP BAVANl And Dealer in an kind.s of I..:ZAF TOBACCO, 162 PEARL ST., IIEW YORK. CHAS. F. TAG & SON, lmport ero o: BP ANIBH, and all kinds ot LEAF TOBACCp, 184 Front Street, NEWYOIX. a.zcz. :ooLL.a.R.s. &. REI_SMANN & cot" American Currency, Gr 6 Thalers, Prussian currency Aavertise1nents, $flO j'or 10 lines one year. For SubsmiptiontJ nd adaress !BJ1 .DID nE.u.Bllll lJ ALL Jw A R D FRrEND1 l ... NEVI YORK. M. WESTHEIM & 00., OF Seed-Leaf and Importer! of Havana To-bacco, 177 P-rl Stree&, NEW Y8RIL E. M. CRAWFORD & CO., TOBACCO AND 168. WATER STREET, NEW YOKX, H sve 011 sale all idDde of Leaf Tobaeeo for lb:port and for;)lomeUM. OTTINGER & KENTUCKY LEAF TO,BAt:CO, 46 BROAD STREET, NEW YORK. WILLIAM M. FRICE & CO., LEAF TOBACCO, 119 Maiden L ane WM. M. l VOBit F A r JOS. MAYER'S SONS, AliD llliALB118 m LQOJ.f FELIX CARCIA, J.22 JY:tiPBR SXBBBX, Manufacturers of SNUFF, and every grade of IMPORTER OF H -AY ANA LEAF TOBACCO,, --A N nROM c l'(iz!A_ R S, SPENCER B 'ROS & co .. 'WEYMAN & BRO., 9 & 13 SMITHFIELD ST., PITISBURG, PA Brands Glar. COMMISSION Dealers m D. J. GARTH, SON & CO., (Successon to CHARLES B. FALLENSTEIN & Co.,) Commis.$ion Merchants, NO. 44 BROAD ST., and "SARATOCA," ts7 water st., New York., Leaf Tobacco No. 7 5 Maiden J,.ane, NEW YORK T. H. SPENCER. C. C. SPENCER. A. SPENCEl D. J. Garth, j ,..,10,_.. NEW Y 0 RK N 0 -.a. z... l Raving patented in thir. country 'hi newl y Invented 73 Wa.ter St., 173 Water St., mechanical N.Y. CARPlaES, N. Cigar .. ng Table, 1M PORTER OF 1IAV HTA (IIGA RS i!ll 1:11, IJ 1 into several large factories, and has met the / DEALER IN DOMESTIC CIGARS app0oval .of their proprietors, to. whom he refer. All mterested are requested to call H. AND ALL OF ERFURTH, Machine ...Builder and Cigar Manufacturer, LEAF T 0 B A ceo. N.Y. City Domestic taken on and advances thereon. -M. H. CLARK & BRO., lEAF TOBACCO BROK.ERS CLA'!IESVILLD. TENN.


r ,. I' HE LEAF\ -. 0 TOBACCO JACOB BIIDLL, MANUFACTURER OF CIGAR BOXES, SUPERIOR MAKE AND Prime Quality of CEDAR WOOD. ALSO, DEALER IN GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS 2193, 296 & 29:7 Monroe St., NEW YORK. M. W. MENDEL & BRO., !-'1. 'MANUFACTURERS OF CIGARS AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 190 Peart Street, New York City. WM. AGNEW .85 SONS, ' and Commission Merohan. a.nd 286 Froo4: Street_ NEW YORK. :mA. Tl!l O:f SALII ALL D>:sCIUPl'IOiq .. w_r Tobmo Export and llDIIlo I& Leaf Tobacco baled in any padcap b7 Jo'drNt lie press for e:q>ort. .. LA FERME." f. MILLINGTON & EOKMEYEI. 48 BROAD STREET, AND 4:8 NEW STREET,. SOLE AGENTS FOR La Ferme Russian Cigarettes. DAVIDSOI HAVANA and SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 14S Water Street, Neai: Maiden Lane, NEW YORK. Leaf Tobacco. Old Connecticut W-Jappers, Old Slat4 Sud Wrappers, The Finest Havana Wrappers and Fillers. K.COLELL,' -172 W ater Street. New York. READ & Co., SUCCESSORS TO ISAAC READ, UOMMISSION MERCHANTS, And Dealers in Virgi11ia a!'Jd 1-estem Laf a11d Manufactured Tobacco, Gum, de., lS. Old Slip, :N'ew York. WALTER, FRIEDMAN & FREISE, I:IU'ORTERS OF HAVANA. AND DEALERS IN DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, 203 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK CIII:Y. A. S. ROSENBAUM & CO. IMPORTERS OF HAVANA TOEACCO AND CIGARS, fll DEALERS :m SEED LEAF TO-BACCO, t; No. 121 MAIDEN NEW YORK. CARL UPJIANN, MARTIN & JOHNSON; PALMER & SCQVILLE, 166 WATER STREET, IB.GBTBB.S II'AHII8, .. ::= Between Maiden Lane and :Qu.rling SUp, ::NEV\7 .um JOBBlmS OF ALL BlND8 OJ' Tobacco Commission Merchants, -LEAF )TOBACCO, lllo I AGENTS FOR THE SALE OF ALL 'I'HE STANDARD BRANDS OF VIRGINIA & NORTH CAROLINA No; 1'10 Water Street, New Yo'rk. L. A. R SOOVILLB, MANUFACTURED & SMOKING TOBACCOS t. Connecticut Seed-leafWrapperof our ow-n packing Agents for t-he following wcl!-known Viirginii\ and N, Carolina W. OLIVER, Richmond, Va. I Wll'fGFIELD & LAWSON, Richmo_ nd, Va. HERMANN'' BATJER & D. C. MAYO & CO., Rlch'l)oncl, Va. WO!)[ACK & INGRAM, Ml:adsvtUe;Va. BRO W. J. GENTRY & CO,, Richmond, Va. W. DUKE, Durham, N.C. ., MAYO & KWIOHT, R1chmond, Va. R. T Durham, )1. e. COMMISSION ME!lCHAl'ITS HARDGROVE, POLLARD & CG., Richmond, Va. COOPER & Oxford, N.C. AND IMPORTERS OF The special of the Trade is called to the followi-ng esta:bl ished Brands : llrlAN'UF ACTURED MANUFACTURED PI PES Virginia Beauties, P. P.'swhole and X C.ddies 0ldNed'sChoice, Xs, Ms,P. P's. Ytrg-ama Beauhes, 3s, -48, and t.p. I>. C. Mayo,.& Oo., Navy lbs. CLAY Farmers Daughter, JS, 43, and X5. D. 0. }fayo &Co., Navy, and Hs, P P., in whole, Sallie Willie, 2 and 3PlugTwist. M, aad Jt caddies. V'I:"W yon,. Sallie !!, c. litayo & Co.o.JS, ""'and 10 .. Invmcble,F1g. w.J. Gentry & Co., Navy, Js, P. P.'s Faucett's Durl\am. NEW YORK. Particular attention give n to putting up special brands for SOLE use f owners. LUBENSTEIN & GANS, LE I l \ :r..1. MOULDS, ::P:a:&:SSZS, AND CUTTERS, 101 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORX. e FOX, DILLS & c o., SUCCESSORS TO EGGERT, Dn.LS AND OOMP.L.'!Y. IMPORTERS OF SPANISH AND PACKERS OF DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCOS. 17S \VATER STREET, NEw YoRK. LEVY nt.Ea.::a. -g,;f'ao-t-u.rer of Davenport Cigar Mould Company .._ -oHG:hl't1ND EGER, 190 l'ea.rl Street l'. 0. Box 39331 New_ .. Dear Sir :-I beg leave to inform you that, for the a cc ommOdation of our numerous Eastern custom e rs, I have opened an office and salesroom for our Cigar Mould s which are acknowledged by the largest Eastern and Western Cigar Manufacturers tdbe the best in the market, at tlle above place. 'Please send y our orders for additional supply, or call and examlne, and send for G.e scrip live circular before buying' elsewhere. N otice our Price List lor Blocks of 20 Bunches. In Quantities of less than 20 Blod:!t, ...................... 9Q Cents. over :lO and less than so Blocks,........ .... Cents. In uantities over so and less than 100 Blocks,............... Cents. In uantities over 100 Blo cks, Cents. X. L, N. T. CLAY PIPE FA.CTORY, Importers of Pipes Rnd Smokers Artioles_, SIGMUND, EGAR CO., Wis. CIGAR MOULD PRESSBS & STRAPS. A. & P. B .R 0 'IVN, 0 l_IANVFACTURERS OF Cigar Cutters & an other .Machinery for Manufacturing Cigars; IMPOflTERS OF GERMJN CIGAR MOULDS. 57, 59, & 6z, Lewis St., bet. Delancy& YORK. s. w. :a::a:tc:a:s, HANlJFA.CTURER OF CIGAR BOXES,. AND IMPORTER OF GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS of OSEmR't1CE: & CO., and F. K. BOCE:ELKANN'S Kanufacturer, DEALER JN' !.. Cigar-Mould Presses, Straps anCl Cutters, 263 SOUTH STREET, N. Y. J. SCHMITT & CO. JULIAN ALLEN c. -IMPoRTERs oF & DEALERs rN SeedLeaf and, Ha1Ua Leaf To:aA.coo KAUFMANN BROS.& BONDY, 162WatoSt NewYo... 172 MANUFACTURERS OF FINE CIGARS, & .a.. STEIN a ?'s -Ne-w York. nu.LEns m Commission Merchants, __ _:.!J.:::_l _M_A_ID_B_m_:r._A:N____..E,_K_ew_Y_ork_. _. HAVANA & DOMESTIC TOBACCO. Al(D BBAL:BB8 U{ A.Uo D:UCBI'PTJONS OF LEAF TOBACCO, T. L. OASBBRT. tl. L, C!ASS'ERT EUGENE DU BOIS, No.6 BURLINC SLIP, :-J. L. GASS:ml'l' & BBO., COMMISSION MERCHANT 197 Duane-street, \ N m.-Jk. COMMISSION MERCHANTS Leaf .. ..,or.,....,. ... ,x. a .. ucnms. x. x Cigar manufacturers perticularly favored, AKD I>liALERS INALLXTh.,.O, -ro BA ceo, ROBERT E. KELLY & co. Leaf. Tobaceo; Y ._ 7 31 BEAVEB Si'REE:q', NEW YORK, J JRI,EDMAN & OETTINGER, No. 160 Water Street, New or ... r ect from the best Manufa ctories of Virginia, for sale in IMPORTERS OF (LATE OF 8'1'. LOUIS, Mo.) MIRANDA, Iotstosuitpurehasers. HAVAIA Alii HAVANA LEAF Dealers in all kinds of. IMPORTER OF LBIIllltiiiO. ENRIMOB.....,.O. And Sole A gents for the Brand r LEAF TOBACCO HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO D. & B .. SUPERIOR DE JOSE MARIA VICHOT," \ KEY WEST FLORIDA. AND OF THE BRAND OF 147 wATER ST., NEW YORX. I>ILWIBi u GU>8 or 'rliE CIGAR FACTORY. LEINKAUF & POLLAK L. l!ffiSCHORN & CO. Bave on 1ale allldndl ot LJlAIP TOBA.OOO for IDXPOR! MANifFACTURERS OF J B :J:iJ GARS .A;O.L.llliiD, J. F. 0. Mnu. A., t:, L, & O, MEYER, FORWARDING Ala) Commission Merehants, No. 43 Beaver Bt, New York. A.ddreaobyPoot,P. 0. Box,6171. Speelal attention paid to tho forwarding of Tobacoo \oforeignoountrles. mdHOMEU;,ATlYIA.;: Fine Cigars, LIAr nsAiC(!)), .4,. 202 CHATHAM STREET, Sg WATER STREET HI J LBUU '2'0 & '2'2 BROAD STREET, NEW YOB.I{ -99 Maiden Lane, N.Y .... ...... -------"-E_w_v_o_R_K. L. GERsH E L & BRo., A. H. CARDOZO & co., E. PASCUAL (;o. COKMISlllON MEMHANTS AND mPOB'l'EmS OF. SIMON SALOMON lmperter of and Dealer in SA WYER1 WALLACE & _CO., J.'D. HUNT, COMMISSION MERCHANT. o .. IBissi eellt,llM. Packers of and Dealers In Tobacco & Cotton Factors, 4. Leaf Tobacco SEED LEAF TOBACCO, Am -Havana LEAF ALL RINDS OF Cjgars and -Leaf Tobacco. No. 4 7 Broad Street, AND SEGARS, No. 86 MAIDEN LANE, General Gomm.i.ssion Merchants, lSCS 'WATBl\ STB.EBT, 1\TB'W YOB.B. No. 1.23 Pearl Stt'eet, Ne-w 'York P 0. BOX 3925 / ADVlNCEME-fiTS MADE ON CONSIGNMENTS. E>FFICE: "lEW YMIC-No. 1958 Pearl Street, NEW YORK. W. SMYTHE & CO., Commission Merchants, Prinoe' Building. 30 NORTH JOHN STREET, LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND. E. D. Christian & Co., )Jmmlaslon Merchants for the "Purchaue" of II VtRGINIA UAF TOBACCO,". L, GHRSHB:L S.,GERSHEL ....;.._ ____ ...;..._....;.;.;;;......_.;.___;_I.A. n. e.umozo. .f., YOUNG. YOVNG. R. A. YOUNC & BRO., S. SEIIING'S SONS,I General (J&mmission' Merchants, Packers a.nd Dealers in solicitor

. 6 Philadelphia Advertisements. a B:u.acht, .1 "''.. nr .u.1o lmQIIt ar I LE.A..1JW TOB.A.OOO, iAt1 M...urGCftlrfln ..ct DtJtller ,. Cftltw .. 125 RACE 8TRKET, ,-. STEWART RALPH & CO., Manufacturers of Ralph's Scotch Snuff, AND FINE' CIGARS, No. 116 .A.H..O::EI: ST PEJ:X:J:..o.A.:J:)EJ:E.aP:S::Z:.A.. ltobert Stewrt, James P. Marks, Alexander Ralph, John W. SamuelA. Hendrickso1> TELLER BROS., Packers, Commission Merchants, and Wholesale Dealers in Foreign and Dom.estlc Lea Tobacco, 117 North Third Street,.Philadelphia. THE 'l::OBACVO L .EAP, Baltimore A. & vnJQLESALE DEALERS IN IANUPACTlJBHD m LBAF TOBACCO, CI&AllS, f: 33-SOUTH ST., BALTIMORE. THOll. W. CROJIIER, H. WILKENS & CO., MoNUMEN'rAL CITY ToBAcco WORKs, No. 161 WEST PltAT'I' STREET, :SALT-D!Oi'E, KAiYLAND, -MANUFACTURERS OJ!' ALL KINDS OF SMOKING AND CHEWING TOBACCOS. M. FALK, & CO., 143 Water Street, New_ York. GEO XERCKHOFJi'. GEO. P, UNVERZAGT. GEO. KERCKHOFF & CO., DEALERS IN CONNECTICUT, HAVANA AND YARA LW TOBACCO, ,. AND MA.Ni1FACT:tmEBS OF CIGAnS. No., 4 9 8. CHARLES STREET, BALTIMORE. --WESTERN ADVERTISEMENTS Cincinnati Advertisements. M.A.LL.A.Y. J.A.MESMALL.A.Y. Henry Besuden & Bro., R. ALLAY&BRO LEAF TOBAOCO, Dealers in LEAF .. TOBACCO,. I I D and I 17 West Front St., 161. 163, & 165 Fearl Stret, S. & CO., MANUFACTURERS oF FINE 'CIGARS, SEPT. 17 .Hartford Ad vertb:eDlen"ts, CASSIUS WEI;CES L. B. BAA& C. WELLES & CQ., DBALEBI IJf CONN, SEED lEAF 'X'o.:a.a.6oo 15-f State Street, 11All1'PORD, OONII. B. a z. K. Connecticut 16 Market Street, Hartford, CeDD. WESTPHAL, COM_MISSION MERCHANT, .And Dealer Ia CDIJIECTICUT SUD LEAF Tobacco, State St Hartford, CoB.n. .A. L. &: F. SISSON. Packers afld Dealers i.a. .. 'WOODIVABD, GAB.B::7'7' & ao.; FRED'JCWILKENS, Fno'KKLI .... G. Gmsu. ED. NIEMANN. TOBACCO, CI&AB AND GBNHRAL COMMISSION Le!lfT:b::c, GIESKE& NIEMANN AND DEALERS IN LEAF 'I'OBA.COO, NO. 1.1.2 WEST THIRD STREET, CINCIN-NATI, OHIO. CONNECTICUT SEED r.EAF TOBACCO, '" No. 134 MAIN TOBACCO FACTORS ].ACOB 'WaL AARON KA.tno. .B. A. Wau' WElL, & S. :J:..oc:>-ove:n:th..a1 d:! Oo. R A CHAPMAN MANUFACTURERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN I 1 1J MZ:EtCB.A.N'I'S, 83 No. Water St. and 32 No. Delaware Av., Philadelphia. No; 143 First Avenue, Pitt(iburgh. A'ND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Charles St., near Prl}tt And OommiMi And Manufacturers of all Crades of Cigars, -1\To. 3 _N. Water St., Philadelphia, Pa. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 87 STRASSER, PRICE & LIPPMAN, FEISS &; co., EAST 63 Exchange Place, Baltimore, Xd. ,........ 0 ---.:> A f"'1 f"'1 (Successors to S T RA SSER & CO.) CONNECTICUT. WE authorize SIGHT DRAFT for amount of TAX ..A.. '-../ "-../ eoDJSSION MERCHAN;TS -CIGARS, MANUFACTURERS OF G. W. GRAVES!. M E M D Q w ELl & c Q LEAr, PLtrG, AND SltOXING TO:B.Aoco, PACJo!,ld 0 I GARs FINE CONNECTICUT SEED-LEAF DBACCO AND GBNHBAL COMMISSION MBBCHANTS G. S. WATTS & CO:, CXNCINNATX, 39 North Water St., Philadelphia, Pa. go 7'0BA0001 MORRIS & RElD, 53 West Fourth Street, TOBACCO, DANBURY, CONNECTICUT. Agents for the sale of all of Manufactured and Leaf Tobaccos .,B BALTIHORE, MD. JM ISS I ON MER C RANTS L E /A fF' B 1 C C 0 Liberal advancements made on CO!l8ignmeots to my 61 E h l CINCINNATI, OHIO. address. __ :z:c ange Place, BROKERS B. F. PARLETT & co. BALTIMORE,MD. LEWIS &REMER'S SONS, Wholesale Dealers in "LEAF" AND MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, NO. 3.22 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. A larg e assortment of ail kinds of LEAF-TOBACCO constant! on hand. W. EISENLOHR & CO., PACKERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN .. 1.-RINALDO SANK & CO., MaC and Gfmeral GommissionMerchants, DOHAN & TAITT' RIGARDS, LEFTWICH & CO., 31 :NORTH WA'l'EB. STREET, 'toN. DELAWARE AVENuE, PHILADE'f.,PHIA. 1 b I I M h +(> LEAF o accg bOffiffiiSSIOR ere TO B A C CO E ACTOR S S. EXPO!tT :BONDED WAltEHOTJ'SE, No. l. 107 ARCH STREET, 69 EXCHANGE PLACE, J. ){I NALDO SANK. WM. M. ABBI!:Y. JOS. BROOK!'!. PHILADELPHIA. BAL.TIMORE. JULiuS VETTERLEIN & CO., "Philadelphia. (SuccessorstC> VETTERLEIN& CO., ) L HERBERT, tmcoo Mmum LEAF TOBACCO IKPO B!l'EB.S or SPANISli 'I'OBA.CCO And Manufacturers of NQ. 111 ARCH STREET, PHILADELPHIA SoMU...t Oori&M'ofFe....U. arni.BOn, Smnldai' Tobaccoo. Ponx, Navy and 'hUow COmfort IWDli.LU 1M SPANISH: AND DOilB8TIC 1m L'hewili SD.Ilf, Me91!SChaum and Brier Pipes w. l'llinl &IICil'opl&r 1\1., XNI!IPEOTXO!fLEA.l!' TOBA..CCO. IL W. DicK I#RSON, DIP.BCJTOB nB toBlCOO tRADE OF PHIIiADEtPBIA ae, IM aM'IIa W.._ -----------------Office Xo. 4 COLLEGE JJUILDJ.NG, 49 Vine Street, l!et Front and Secoad Sts ., Cincinnati, 0. WEIL, 'E' AHN & CO., MANUFACTURER$ OF Boston Advertisements. c. o. HOL-YOKE;-COMKISSION MERCHANT In LEAF and MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, Fine G igars, 12 Cent.,.al Wharf, Boston. And Wholesille Dealers in LEAF TOBACCO. 134 Main St.1 Cincinnati, Q. St. Lfluis, Louisville and Chicago! Advertisements. BROTIEilS AND HONEY." MANUFACTURERs oF The Sweetest Fine-Cut Ctlewing B TOBACCO MANUPACTURIN& CO., BAL"'TIMORE. MD., SOLEMANUFACTVBERBOPTHECELEBRATED NORTH CAROLINA. LOUISVILLE, KY. R. R. JONES, MONITRESS TOBACCO WORKS, 479 West Market Street, LOTJ'ISVILLE, XY. LOUIS ULRICK. CHA.S DtARD ULRICH & DIARD, [Formerly of Mobile, Ala.) WHQLESALE DEALERS IN : o .DA o c -o, AND DIRECT tMPORTERS OP' Hav_ana.Leaf and Cigars, Manufacturer of all kind s of PLUG TOBAOCO. N OG N S'"CO''"' S o. 2 "' ST., t. Louis, lito. SOUTHERN ADV'TS. J. W. CARROLL, Sole Manufacturer of the Famou and nowned Brands of Virginia Smoking Tobaccos, LONE JACK AND BROWN DICK =Mann:tael:ury, l:ath Street, LYNCHBURG, VA. Orders and promptly attended to JAMES M .. WISB, (Fom1erly of WJSE BROTHERS), COLUMBIAN BLOCK, OPPOSrrE TOBACCO EXCHANGE; RICHMOND, VA, COMMISSION MERCHANT FOR THE PURCHASE OF LBAP 'Z'OBACCO. THOMAS D. NEAL, TOBACCO BROKER, Lock Box 187 iiCDOND, Va. Has large e:xperience fn Lea:t Tobacco of every description. Odera to bUJ respectfully solicited and prompUyfilled Refers 'by permis&ion, to Wm. T. Sutheron, Esq. H esers. ] W. & C. G. Holland, i ohn H P emberton, Es Danville, Va., Messrs. W .. Yarbrou g h & Sons L. National To acco Association ] B. Pace, Esq. Messrs. Wise Broth ers, D ]. Williams, Esq.,-.Ric:hmond, Va. Establlshed 1n 18M. C.&, R. DOR:MITZE & CO., HlGHUAND GEM ToBACCO WoRKs. '-' 0 H N ... I N.G E R, Dealers and Commission !ierchants F. CHRISTMAN &: CO., Fine Oigars, LEAF 'rOBACCO, "HIGHLANDrGEM" MANUfACTURED OF SELECT Pure North Carolina Leaf, WholeI Daler m l:J1 133 Karb\ St., bet. llaln lG SecoDd Sts., llND OTHER CUT TOBACCOS. LEAF TO B A C C 0 ST, LOUIS, :MO. Corner :Miuiulppl and Pearl Street., t Clu>lce Brands oUmported licori ce ol,...yson hand. 39 Washington St., Indianapolis, bid. Liberal CashadvaacesmadeonConslgnments. INDIA:NAPOLIS, IND. :BY PAUL KAuaowxca lil;"'daccor(lYa.gtOaet.otCcn:lgl'tntbey.ear J s KASPROWICZ R-SON C. C. READ &: CO., SIGJSMUMD KASPROWICZ I MARBURG BROTHERS. 1 1871. t.l>oi.ibnnaa lio/i a ... L E A F e c () AUS TRAAULIANS OFTWIST, HARD TO BBAT, APPLE OF MY Eva, GRE.SNBACK, Rao Hooo, N SOUTH CLARK STREET CoNTENTMKKT, ANDMANYOTIUIRS. 0. 20 > ( FARMVILLE VA UNSER FRITZ .GERMAN SMO!!.IIIG TOBACCO. (Near Lake CHICACO, ILL;. ORDERS SOLI

SEPT. 17 TRE TOBACf'O > _SUTRO NEWMARK, & A MANTJFACTORY AND SALESROOM.-The following is the most recent explana t ion of the Commissioner of Internal Revenue, in re ply to communications from cigar ma!lufacturers who are also dealers, occupying the same general premises far transacting both kinds of business, in the large cities, desiring to know if it is lawful for them to have the factory in that portion of the room outside of th;;t counter," while within and behind the counter is the store or salesroom. CIGAR-MAKERS IN CONVENTION, provision upon the of such provis ion. went to a meeting of the "body" to which Mr. ChellY belonged) and on their return supped a,s pleasantly as they had teaed. Somf! short time was spent after supper in edifying tiiscourse, arld then the good lady of the house retired to rest, leaving the gentlemen in posses sion of the field. MANUFACXUBERS OF C :I G 0J:1C, S, THE ninth annual se;;sion of the International Makers' Union opened in St. Andrew's Hall, Detrmt, Mich ., a few days since, and continued three days. The Convention was called "to order by the Presi dent, Wm H. Noerr, of Louis, Missouri, with a fe'!' remarks welcoming the members of the craft to their annual meeting. The discussion followed was participmted in by nearly every member present i n aa earnest and some what excited manner in some instances. Representative Junio opened the debate by saying that the present condition of the trade is deplorable. He considered that the source of the difficulty lay with the present system of Unions ; in the failure of different sections of the counf.Ly to extend a helping AJSD DEALEBS IN 76 PLACE, NEW YORK. 'The roll of membership was called, and all the hers responded to their names. mem-hand to a distant in time of need. The com pacts entered into by the members of the International following standing Union have been violated, and the whole system L'> a Mr. Chelly had taken heart at the appearance of his host, and determined to ask permission to smoke his pipe before retiring to rest. When they were left to gether, he looked at his host and his host l@oked at hif!1. The reverend gentleman's fingers were itching to get at that pipe and weed in his pocket, but he felt nervously afraid to introd uce the subject, lest the good brother should feel offended, and look upon him as, if not dec;dedly a lost sheep, at least one who was turning away from green pastures to weeds of wickedness; so he felt his chin, and looked in the fire and considered. LIQUORICE PASTE. THE UNDERSIGNED AGENT IN NI:W YORK FOR THE MANUFACTURERS OF THE FOLLOWWELL-KNOWN BRANDS OF LIQUORICE, desires to Tobac"'! Manufacturers aga1!1St usin any of tlle numerous brand.!J purporting to be original and brand! unport.ed LfQUORIC.E. but are adulterated of his brands, reboiled in this country. some 1natances contaming less than fifty per cent. of T, insure manufacturers obta1n10g PUJRE AND GENUINE FLB AOC PT. RR VB (A) K&CO N1i" Crown (B) The should address their orders to the undersi!fDed in New York, who is the SoL-sACENT IN THK UNITED STAT .Js. These being registered at Wasbmgton, counterfeits will be ieb:ed wherever found, and legal procccdincrs instituted. r p 1 f1 1 guaralltee all Liquorice sect out, and refer to the following as to the character O ; the aste o er JAMES C. McANDREW, aa S1:ree1; :N'N ey"(;;V AV.1 o 8 r 8k... B.W ORK1 pn l 1 I 13 MR. JAMBS c. ).lcANonw, NewjYork: DearSi>'-We have used over I Cases of your fine grades of Liquorice, and they been uniformly regular and of excellent quahty-. Yours Very Respectfully, [Signed] P. LORILLARD & CO. REFERRiNG t o the above advertt.sement, we have appointed Mr. James C. MeAndrew of' New York our Exchuive .Agent In the United State& for the sale of all the Bra.nd.l o:t'LlquortGe heretofore manufactured by us. ROBERT MACANDREW & CO., London, England. LIQUORICE ROOT. l &panllh and SmTrUt in Bales. always for sale in lot& to suit '\)urchasers. P' JAJIIES C. MeANDREW1 55 Water St., New Y-. The law, section 82 of the actof July 2o, r868, and the regulations of the Commissioner, series 6, No. 8, page 29, and cigar manu facturers' staternent, form 36 Yz, requires the cigar manufacturer to describe accurately the place where he ( manufactures cigars, This is made necessary. first{ from the fact that as a manufacturer and at the place of manufacture the law forbids the sale of ci gars at retail or otherwise than in boxes properly rparked, labeled, branded, and stamped; and second, because the law imposes a heavy penalty for the remo val of cigars from any manuhctory or place where they were made without the sat"l1e being packed in boxes and furthh declares any per son who shall remove from the place. of manufacture any cigars not pt;_operly boxed and stamped, as re quired by law guilty of a fel ony. See sections 85 and 89 of the act alre ad y referred to. Two things are clearly for bi.dcten in the law relative to this t;matter. First, the Jaw forbids a. manofacturer of cigars as such, to retail ci gars, and second, the law forbids cigars to be sold at A. LICHTENSTEIN & BROTHER, and removed from the place where they were made in any other form or condition than in stamped boxes. MANUF.\CTURERS Oi' Now, no room, no definite, defined, limited space can at one and the same time be a manufactory, or place, where cigars are made, F I N' E C I G A" R S, and not a manufactory, not the place where cigars are made. 1 And Dealers in LEAF 'l'OllACCO, The same definite, given space, or room, can' not be a. cigar manufactory, as' required to be accurately set forth" in the manufacNos. 34 and 34.Yz BOWERY, turer's "statement" betore commencing or continuing business, NEW YORK. ar.d at the same time the store or a retail shop, where the same "..GRERNsrci'T individual carries 0:1 business as a dealer, rnot only other manufacturer's goods, but also cigars of his own 1 m1nufacture. A. LJCHTB.NST-BlN. In order to give as lenient a construction to the law in this regard as possible, this office has hitherto allowed parties to use the gene ral premises for manu facturing and selling cigars, p.rovided a and well defined, tangible separation line could be made. We have said, as Supervisor Tutton says, in his letter of instruction to you under date of July 30, that" Where a party has but one room and proposes to retail cigars, tobacco, etc., as well as to manufacture a partition must be erected so as to sepal!'ate the factory from the store, in order that the place of manufacture may be ac curately defined and positively known. This partition may be of glass, wire, or lattice work, when necessary to admit iigbt or air ; but no mere imaginary line of separation will fill the requirements of the law. And further I have to say that this office does not feel authorized or at liberty to permit a line of demarkation between the two kinds of businessJess definite than that which I have thus described. To call the-sr;ace of a a room" outside of the countelT" the manufactory, and the space behind the counter the store, looks much like a disti nc tion without a difference. It is too palpable a 'subterfuge to evade a plain and positive provision of law. I have only to add that in all cases where it is im practicable for cigar manufacturers, who desire to sell their cigars at retail, to comJPly with the law and the regulations, as herein defined, hey must seek other pre mises or give up one of tbe two kinds of business ( Concludd from : 3d PageJ was chosen temporary corresponl:!ing secretary of the club. lllassachusett'i. The New Engla11d Hqmest ead of the 13-remarks :A large proportion of the crop will be harvtsted this week, and it has grown well during the past two or three weeks, so that it turns out heavier than was anticipated. The weather has been quite favorable for cutt ing and curing. North Carolina. The Hillsboro' Reco1der of the roth says:-Tobacco continues to improve under favorable weather, and the prospect of an average crop ir! quantity is much better. But the leaf is still green, and consequently there will be a smaller prop<.>rtion of "bright leaf" made than usual. '\Ve give elsewhere the remarks for the previous week on "Virginia LeaP' (which includes North. Caro lina,) from the New York ToBACCo LEAF. We shall do so regularly. Tobacco Planters, take notice. The Weslem Sentinel announces :-The outcome in the tobacco crop since the recent l rains has been truly wonderfJ.ll, and with lavorable weather now until cu tting time the crop will be nearly average one in th1s and surrounding counties, in weight if not in quality Ohio. Bulletin reports:--There is a strong mclmatLOn on the part of buyers to handle the growing crop, which has flattering prospects of very fine quality, at stiff figures. Such tactics-are to be strongly deprecated, as nothing is so well calculated tu damn a crop, ultimately, as premature purchasing. We have had enough ol that sort of in this valley, and trust. that past experience will check operations of any considerable magnitude in that division. The President announced the committees: On Fi11mece-W. D Plate, James Burke, Felix Lenke, Stephen George. On Claims and Grievances-J. Falkner, T. G. Flood, David Shelter. Oq Past Strikes-J. Irion, Wm Cornwall, Geo. Fitzgerald. On 0./ft

' ,-.. 8 THE Manufacturers.Lico;rice. TO:E$ACCO BROKERS. JOHN ANDE-RSON It, co., LICORICE PASTE :I.IANUFAcrURERS OF THE SOLACH un m TOBACCOS WALLIS & CO. EXTR>-.. 114and 116 LIBERTY STREET, M.l.:SCELLANEOUS. LICORICE A. 0. s. PASTE Having received the appointment as Sole .Agent for the A. D. S." brand ?ure Licorice Paste, I am prepared to fill orders for the same at 18c. currency per DeL A.NCEY l 1 .'\ l lAND, fi and Manufacturers' fAgent, 3 P. o .LockDox44o> No. 158 PEARL STREET. NEW YORK, Be& to direct the attentlon of the Dealers in Toba.cco throughout the United States and the World to their CELEBR,IED S'OLACE FINECUT TobMco manufacturers a nd the trodi' in particularly t_c amine and. test tbc supenor properties of this LICORICE, which, being now ':lrought to the highest perfection, is nnder the above style of brand. We we also SOLE AGENTS for the t=and. EDWARD DREYER, s J A c 0 1 v ... c 0 TOBACCO BROKER .-' CHWING TOBACCO, THOMAS HOYT & CO., which. is 'being once mgre manufactuJOed onder the immediate of the oriJinator, MR. JOHN P. G. & G. C. by CO!_IJ!mers to 1le tlo19 best in the market And for the brand of Licorice Stick 46 Beaver Street, ETROPHLITAN riGAB MmlAnl!IY, MA!.'VFACTURERS OJ!' Fine Cut Chewtng and ToBACCOS & SNUFF, OUR BRANDS CHEWING, IUN"NYSIDE, HEARTS' DELIGHT, NATIONAL, BRIGHT OWEN, EXTRA CAVENDISH. ".04 and4-o6 Pearl St Ne\V York City, THOMAS HOY CHAS. G. HOYT Aile Etil]ueftm von Tabak en gro,. n & BOGAN, f .. JOBBERS IN SNUFF', ETC., :-> and now stands, as formerly, "Without a rival. Orders 4 :lbrwarded through the usual channels will r meet with prompt att.cotion, :E'. 'I'%..4.GG, MANUJ' ACTUitER OJ' ALL OIL\ DES OF .. .Jmoldug, autl TOBACCO HARVEST" 8t "SURPRISE" IN FOI!. IVANHOE S. JOLLY BOYS 17 4 Front Street, New 1l Cl'3i TOBACCO BAGGING. !J IMITATION SPANISII LINEN, FANCY _.STRIPES, (NODI. & CO., tn all respects equal to CALABRIA. 1 We have no Agents. Cons amers and Jobbers would do well to ap.[LlY direct. Licorice :Root, select and ordinary, consu;ntly on hnnd. OOMZ & ARGUIMBAU. 29 & 31 SOUTH WilLIAM -Lr-.1-oo-r"'!""lc-e-P'aste and Sticks. G.S. W.S. F.w.s Sterry Extra. P. S. Baracco and Pignatella: NEW YORK. J. S. C.ANS & SON, TOBACCO BROKERS, No. 86 WALL STR.EE,T, TOJIIll'Ili'E BulLDING, NEW YORK. PHILIP KELLAND TOBACCO 179 PEARL STREET, t 'I'o bacco, Cigars, ., 33 MtmRAY STREET, COR. CHI!JRCH, 'J -NEW YORK. And all kinds of Goods used for putting up Smoking Tobacco, HOWARD SANGER & CO. De Rosa. Up Stairs. NEW YORK. f; CAYLORD JriC PALL, S. M, HOGAN. Excelsior Mills and Favorite Mills ---..---------lOS k l07 Cha.mbM-s St., New York. Powdered Licorice. P .I O. Box 2295 Gum Arabic. CHARLES F. OSBORNE, MEPUf AND AGENCY D. A. SEO:rWELL & SON, :r.r an ufacturen of Olive Oil, Tonqua Beans, JAMES G. Of the Manufactnre of Tobacco and Segars, AND ALL SPECIALI'I'IES FOR TOBACCO 2"obacc 0 Broker, 'MA.NUF ACT1JRERS. '. G. W. GAU, 8t. AX, And ofth" b1'ands of HERO and UNION Patent Pow-dered Licorioe. No. M BRO..lD STREET, NEW YORK. BALTIMORE, Fine Out Ohewing Tobacco and Echo Smoking 1'14 Bi(Jhth New Yorlc. weaver & Sterry, M. Rader & .Pearl Street, New-Y'Ork. TOBACCO BROKERS t1EJ:SS. _ELLER &KAEYEL, .A,;ent, GOODWIN & CO., IMPORTERS, FRANCIS S. KINNEY ltlanu:ra.ctlll ero.;f Nc, CEDAR STREET. I 133 PEARL,STREET, 'Kinney Russian FINE CUT TOBACCO rowonnno AND CIGARS FINEST QUALITY. t Manufactured at Pougtl1c.eepsie, New-York. Pine Tobaccos and Cigars, 207 & 209 WATER STREET. NEW YORK, GIFfORD SHERMAN & INNIS 1.tl1 WEST BROADWAY, I 120 NEw YORK CITY. D. H. McALPIN & CO., 66_-67 H:EW-Y-&RK. MRS. a. B. MILLER & CO., To hac co Manufactory, (PETER D. COLLINS, PREST.) lU.Wtl'W.&mtrlO.Jt.R "no Cigar Menufaoturers. V'ELEBBA.TED FINE-! I AN IMPORTANT DESIDERATUM FOUND! After long :and laborious efforts, with the expenditure of large amounts of money, when so many had become discouraged, and inc redulous, not\ even daring to hope, we now ,.,itness the fact, that Genius bas triumphed, and victory Growns the skill and perseverance of one o f our ow n '"Trade John T. Hennaman' s name will, as it deserves, go down to postedty as a feat benefactor of the agt:. H1s labors will now be richly repai4. He is successful because he has obtaine success. Time has demonstrated the important fact that all kinds of cigars in use can be, and are being perfectly and successful1y made on these machines, and all this by unskilled labor. Hundreds are now witnessing these surprising results. The most incredulous have to yield to their own senses. These Machines can not fail to come into general use for these reasons: FtRST -Tbey are simple, with n Othing to get out of repair, easily managed, a.nd occupy a space of only inches. SxcoNo-They work on common s ense principles, and are self.adjusting, w ork being by the pitcce, thus giving the cost per r,ooo THIRD-They are adapted to any known size or length of Cigars, and readily work all kinds of tobacco in the most economicalway. 'FouRTH-They P.roduce perfect work, which smokes free and natural. FIPTH-They w1ll save at least...$ror,er thousand from the usua'-prices of making cigars, and at same time work up all scraps and cuttings. fhese claims are based upon what has bet:n repeatedly demonstrated. Measures are now being taken to introduce tht:se Machines at various points in the Country. THEY ARE IN SUCCESSFUL OPERATION BY THE INVENTOR At 195 Lexington MD., AND BY THE UNDERSIGNED At 36 West Genesee Street, SYRACUSE, N.Y.,' WHERE ALL INTERESTED ARE INVITED TO SEE AND JUDGE FOR..,THE,MSELVES. Parties wishing to adopt these Machines, either by Shop, Town, County, or State Rights, will apply to the undersigned, SYRACUSE, N. Y. .D. 0. SALMON, General Ag't. and Pres't. of "THE HENNAMAN CIGAR MACHINE COMPANY." SYRACUSE, JULY 19, 1873. LICORICE PASTE AND ROOT. THE UNDERSIGNED OFFERS TO THE TRADE ltOO'r AND TliE FOLLOWING BltAlTD OF LICOBICE 'PAS'r!l: ZZ J. V. ABA.ZOGLU AOC A. SEFIRIARDI. APOLLO. DIRECT !Ml'ORTATIONS FROM TuRKRY A11D SPAU!f, QUALITY OUARAN'FJIED, AND FCIR SALR BY -SEPT. 17 WM. DEMUTH & CO. 1 THB SOL:& MANUPA,TUJtERS OF -,..-,...__ ,.. BRIAR AND APPLE-WOOD PIPES, WI"TH RUBBER BITS, Importers of a.ll kinds of Arlicles. t SHOW FIGURES, I IN METAL AND WOOD, A SPECIALTY." 1 No. 403 BROADWAY,. NE'W YORK, ROBT.A. OHMSTEDT, IMPORTER Of HAVANA LEAP TOBACCO, AND MANUli'ACTURER OF I lf':lne Segars, 32 Platt Street, New York City. ----------------------------HENRY WULSTEIN, (l!hacoc.saor to Borsfeldt k Deslluee;, .J 1:.., .. 25 Myrtle Avenue, Conatan.tly on Hand the Best Hand and SteaJD. :for Cattint;: and GranulAting Tobacco. F. HEPPENHEIMjR II. co-:;L.ABELS For Tobacco and Cigars. A larg


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