The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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, ; I .. l .. _., :# VOL. IX.--NO 38. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, N .OVEMBER 5, 1873. WHOLE NO. 454 lht gtaf { i IS PUBUSHED < 1 IVDY WEDNESDAY KOIOONG: llY I Till TOBiOOO LEAB PUBLISIDNG a 451 Fulton St., New York. r-.J:t A an advertl!ID.g medium, Whf:l"e lt ta deail"ed to reach the Ctpr and Tobacco Trade, aot of thlo b11t foreagn Co11ntrles, it 16 the boot attaiinable. -4 All !etten ohogJd be plainly addrelled'tO TKB ToaAcco LKAP PusMING Coiii'ANY, J.f.3 Fultoo Street. New VorL ., .,. Terms of the .. SlKGL& CQIJaB 10 C&NTS PBlt 1ANHVM k.oo Englad and the Canadas, $r .,. addltiosW. ; annwn for prepayment of Postag'e. 'Fo Bremen, Hamburg and the Continent of additional per annum for Pona.,e. 'o Auatralia, etc;., f1 .Q.4 via. Sa.a. FUQ.GiBco, acs,. ttonal per aooum for Poltage. -No orders for the paper considered, unletS ac mpanled by the corresponding amo110L .R-emlttencea should, in every ioat:aoc:e, be made > by money-order, check or draft. Bills :are hable to be ttolen.. and can only be seut at rthe p-eatest rik to the 1e11der. 3 Rates of Advertfslnliit. J aquare(r4 Nonperdl Uneto) for orU; m<>lltha, ..... do. r rear Larger advertlsemenh In the lame proportion, bu..$, none taken unleu s, 3.. or more vne column, 1 year, S..50; tix months, $3so; months, ftJO. HB"lt cotumn, r year, fa40; __ s1x months, $130; three months, f?S Q"' Advert.Jsements on the tint page, SISO per square ovtr wi4e columns, and aoae tall:en f()r rethan one Je&r, payable f\ lD. adv3nce; squares, kso.. No C'hamben Schwarz & Spohr, 13 Bowery. Seidenberg & Co. 19 Dey Biecke & Wannack., 6 Rivlngt.on Smith l!i. A. II Bowery Stachclberg M & Co. Pearl 8tnlton & Storm, Pearl 8utro If. Newmark. 76 Park Place Wangler & Haha, a90 & J9J Bowe:I"J. of Fine R.J'fl .. Cif.,.. HollaBder H. us Malden Lane Vkbot & Co. 76 Pine Street The Cigar P11dtr1 3it'7 Colell H ao2 Chatham lmporterl of Hav11na T116' Alml"ll J. J. 3" Cedar Garcta F.167 Watt:r Gonzalez: A. 167 \Vater Kelly Robert L & Co. 34 BeaKu.cbler, Gail & Co. 1aS Water Lichtenberg G. B. 189 Pearl. KiranJa felt.&, u2 Pl!arl Obmstedt Robert A 32 Platt Pucaal E. Co. rs6 WatM Solomoo M. & K. 8ij l\hiden Lane VCP, Josepb A. & Bro. 187 .Pearl WeU lt Co. 6o Pine, Friedmttn k Freise, Mo3 Pearl, & K.a-=ppel, J F'ear.l Yl>or v. )1'." of S.11'fl F, A ... Bro. JOI I ', l..penrs .., n ..... ,. c;z .. ,, DeBary Fred 'It & Co., SJ Bro.d Carplee E. 173 Water T. H &: Oo. 161 Kaid.ea Laao Rorna1 E. E s. Wall. lP.rttibard N. 1: Co., t8Kartet! Lee Geo., lSO State. London Bl.dweU, u6 a.n.duS State. Poaoell. 1: z. K. 'lbrbt. Shephard&: Fuller, Sisson A. L. .134 Main. Welles 0. & Of)., 154 State. Westphal Wm., uS State. HOPKINSVILLE, KT .. 10baeto BroAtr. Jesup James E. INDIAKAPOLIS, t:ad. Manufacturtrs of' Fine-Cut ttnd .., SmokiJtg 1 obaclo. Christman &Co., cot'. Ml.&aissippi and Pearl. Manufacturtrs of c.:iars and' lJtalm in liaf Tobacco. Reid linger, John.. A 39 west Wa!bington. .JANESVILLE, W:la. Packer znct ])ea(ei-in Seed Fendrich Francis. LIVERPOOL, Eng Smythe F. W. & Co., 30Nortn Joan LOUISVILLE; KJ' Plug, 1'obeuco Miln'!{4cturen. Flnzer J & Bros., Third. jones, R. R, 479 West Market Manufacturers of Fine-Cut Chewing-and Smokin!f Tobacco. Finley, Doll&; Co., So, 8 & 84First. Robinson ManufacturinJ' Company. Tobacn .MucA"" Wlck.J G. W. & Co., 102 M-ain. T,bat:co Brokacll M.. E. & Co., 39 North Water. Parlett B. F. & Co., 91 Lombard. Sank J. B inldo & Co., 32 North Water. Paul Wm., 17 South. Jl., 531 Soutlt Second. Schroeder Jos. It Co .. 8r E.-change PlM:e.. Sorver, Graeff & Cook, ros North Water. Wilkens & Klier, Og South Charles. Steiner, Smith 'llros. & Knecht, J:IS Race. Wischmeyer Ed, A Co., 39 South. Calvert Teller Brothers, 117 North Third. Vctterlein J. & Co., rn Arch. Gie:Bke &-Niemann, 7s South Charles! Woodward, Garrett & Co., 33 North Water Hoffman, Lee & Co., 63 Place. 1YAoltJ4ll Dtaltr11 tiC. &card, Leftwich & Co!t 6c) Bxcb.ange Place! Bamberger L. & Co. 3 North Water. Watts, G. 8. & Lo., 6t Place. &. Oram, 716 North Mizouftwrtro, ttc. Mnufactorcrt of &otc/1 Snuff. Marbarg Brothers, S to '49 S. Obarleo St. Stewart, Mar'ks,R alph & Co., 'S Arch Wilkens H.&-Oo., 18r West Pratt. MiuJ'ifactMrtrJ of Cigars L __ Batchelor Bros. :lJO North Third. Padtrs of &tdLtaf T-co. Miller & Co., ..,a North Tllird. Becker Brothen, 98 Lombard. Rare Thos. &: C:o, 503 North Second. Dt4iers in aJ Do.euic Ltf Xob.tA Steiller, Smih Bros. & Knecht, us .Bace. Theohald A. H., Third and Poplar. ad Manufttcturtrt !I Ciglrs. Inspector of &, PITTSBURGH, Pa. Lanza Carlo, 1;1 Wal!ihington T11luucD Commissiofe M1rclwnt. McMullen, M K.. 249 Liberty IMporters of HaDn.a Crgors .ud Ltaj TobiiCne other than DISTRUST. Now as a scarcity of money was moving cause of our troubles, so will an easy mqney-market be the first condition of relief required to insure the putting of back upon their usual basis. When greenbacks become plentiful, as they must do within the next sixty days, and money is comparatively a drug, the old women of both sexes who believe in stock htgs as their only salvation, will assuredly see the folly of further hoarding and relent. Then will come a re sumption o! general business on a safer basis than it has been heretofore done; fancy stocks will lack purchasers but sound investment securitie s will soon again resume their usual place in the table of quotations. Looking the situation thus fairly in the face, we see .!)O reason to bate one jot of heart or hope. Emgland ana France are sending their millions to move our crops which must go to supplement their own. Every steamer reaching our shores adds its quota to the golden shower. Every large manufacturing establish FRED'K DeBARY a UJ c. 52 Broad and so New Streets, N 'ew York, SOLE AGENTS FOR THE SALE OF THE EL PRINCIPE DE CALES CIGARS,. Manufactured at the KEY WEST BRANCH of the celebrated El de Gaies Manufactory of Havana, ANIJ lii,t IMPORTERS OF HAVANA CICARS. ALLEN d: ELLIS, MANUFACTURERS OF FINE-CUT CHEWING TOBACCO I I AND _13 VINE STREET, CINCINNATI, OHIO. llraDch Ofil.cea at i3 Biver Street, Cllicqo, an4 S. W. Corner Front ana Arch streets, Ph!laaelphla. lur years' oa: an of its employees, or its hours of work, though perhaps lodging at the Sing Sing Pemtenttary, .and a increasing a causeless panic and causing much real disclerk in the cigar factory there. H1s long 1mpnson tress, still adds to the aggregate of capital ment and the recent excitement attenda1,1t upon his and hastens the day Qf cheap money. Our circulation trial 'nave so far undermined his health as to render is also said to be by fifty millions than it was six his :ecuperating for awhile in the prison hospital abCueS. S. & Co 149 South Water -D1akrs i Laf TobMC'I. 'Ka.sprowicz, s. & SoR. 131 and 133 Lake Samtb.agen Broa., 17 West kandolph. Mooely D. E., Mill otreet. of Cluw"'g and Smoking To. bacco and Cigars. solutely necessary. weeks ago. This growing ease in the money-market will afford that relief to our large commercial houses of Co:aRECTIO:N .-Our types, like those of ToBACCO PRODUCT OF DAVIES.S CouNTY, Kv.-A cl. respondent to the Department of Agriculture writes follows: DAviEss, Ky., August I, 1873.-The nu: ber of pounds of. tobacco reported by me (of the p duct of x8p), June 26, r873, was II,4I1,000. amount since reported as soldl in McLean County 35o,ooo pounds; reported by purchasers overlooked, 36o,ooo pounds ; total ratsed m Davtt::.:> County in 1872, 12,027,ooo pounds. I feel confident that the above number is not vver the mark, as I have the reports of each purchase : r, and may have over looked some small purchasers. Does any county in the United States beat County, Kentucky, in the quantity of tobacco raised? Average price, leaf, lugs, and trash, 7 cents per pound, or $9o2,o25 for the crop. .M. .. factortrs if Fine Cut CAew>i"C """ S.o.linl, anil Dslert in Lttif .Beck li'Wirth, Hand Water. of Ci![a s fHiti lJealv In T<>bauo. Lueneo Geor!le, tu East Randolph AtfCU. Misch F. K. & Co., ,,s South Water. CIJrCil(lfATI. Dea!trs i IIavana and Domestic LttifThiiCCO. Besuden Henrv &. Bro., r6It6S Pearl lfallay Ricb & Brother, 115 W :-Jt FroAt. Meyer Hy., 46 Front. Newburgh L. & Bro., sr \V.daut Wa.nke1man F 82 Pilvers T. H., 47 Vinft Stra5se!" Louis, 49 Vine .M.nufaotTtTI of Fitu-Cut Chronng and Smoking 'J:ohaetJo. Allen & Ellis. n Vine. Kcnneweg F. & BaUe 373 375 aod377 Main Speoce Bros. &; Co., 52 .aud 54 East Third. Manufacturers of Plu!f Tobat:&o. Geoghan & Murphy, 18 Hammond. Commiuion Mere4ants. l{afer, Holmes & Co., Second and Wa1nut, Ltaf To.bti(Xo Broilers, Morris & Reid, 4-College Build'1ni and 71 West Front. DobrmaDD, F. ,V ll. e. coc. Ville &Ad. Froot Gucker, C.&: G cor. Factory and Milt. RO'I'TEBDAH, Hollaaclo Laurlllard 1 .ll.. SPBDIGFIELD, lloue. Smith R. & Co., ., Hampdttn ST. LOUIS, Mo. Ma11'![acrurers of Tobtzcco. D., 701 North Second Manufachmtrs of Cigars, Gernhardt F. E. & Co., to6 Locust Tobacco WtJrtllauses. Donnitzer C, &: R. &:: Co., 1:13 Market. Uliich & Diard, 2o6 North Second 10baua MtrtAantt. Wal-l, Behin & Day, 320 North Second. TobtJtcO Br6}er Haynes J. E South Second Cr1m11Zission Merchattt for Forttgn ana Home Markets. Toe Water, Frederick R., Jr. 612 Chenuut SYRACUSE. N.Y. Ptuktrs of Sud Leaf and lJtalws in Ha vana Tobacco, & Co., So Opera House Block, Nortt Salina. Moul'ter Chas., 50 East Water Apncy of Hu,,a,,um'l Cir11r 11-ft.t.&kinl CD. Salmon D. 0. UTICA. lf. Y M.fartortr / Fi Cut C"-"C .. tl Pieroo W &It B which they stand so much in need and the idle wheels other publishers! play pranks With : '. the copy trembhngly cons1gned to the1r tender of wtll commence soon agam to revolve. Last week, despite carefully revised proof, they perilS In v1ew of the above facts, but lookmg to the lime ted in making the mark on the Havana tobacco stolen, that must necessarily elap!:e before money c : n beas advertised on our first page, from Me.ssrs. A. L. & come sufficiently plentiful to meet the necessities of C. L. Holt of r88 Front Street, Y H Y C, mstead_of G H y C as it ought to have been. The trade wtll be our own mterest, we must address a word of earnest re-1 .k 1 k d 1 ,_ t r this toba ceo 1 e y to eep a goo oo .. ou o monstrance the '\Vashmgton authonues. fhe stnct rule enforcing the payment in cash of taxes in advance M;,GRAFF AT THE indefatigable Bus of sale and the refusal ct all checks, however safe iness Manager has been at work this week, in. the inmeasure for the Government, is playing sad havoc with terests of our journal, throughout the Connecticut Val the business of our tobacco manufacturers. Were the ley, and the Eastern States generally. We are to Jearn from him that, despite the present. depress1on weed, in its manufactured form, a strictly cash article, in financial matters our friends in that sectwn are on a no hardship would ensue on the enforcement of such a sound basis and awaiting the better regulation; but when the credit system on which to are sure to come confident that their tobacco ts qu1te bacco is so'1d is taken into consideration, it will be seen as valuable as it was, and that it will shortly ?e that the unfortunate manulacturer is placed, as it were, quite as We are again to 0'?r hb-eral patrons m "the land of steady habtts for _theu cor between two fires. He is compelled Lo advance cash in dial reception of our representative ..... He wtll devote order to consummate a sale lor which he must accept the latter portion of the week to VISitmg the trade _of credit. Unless the Government desires to bankrupt and oston. A G ooD SHOWING.The First of November Schedule of the Public Debt of the United States shows the moderate addition (under panic collections of revenue, free disbursements tn the way of Government expendl of $3,039:ooo This leaves the net increase in the debt, since July x, for the first four months of year, $4,985,coo. The total decrease on the of the debt since March 4, r869, by the present aammistraticn, is $383,63o,ooo. The decrease in the .l.'early interest charge (in gold) funded m the same time is $251746,852. Th1s 1s a good showmg for these times, and if the Gov ernment would make an equally favorable exhibit in tlhe future, let them do t h e liberal thing by our tobacco manufact:urers, and not


-combme wtth the present adverse circumstances to a-ush our trade. Take entirely away, or lar)Zely re duce, the revenue from the weed, and we opme that there would be an end of debt reduction for some t1me to come ped 1ment to busmess there would be !tttle causeJ'of com-DuNEDIN -AND AucKLAND, N. S. W -7,585 lbsmfd. plaint, after all, about dullness But as 1t Is, and so long GENOA-244 hhds. as the order stands, a dtmmtshed volume of traffic ts GLASGow-so hhds, 2,063 lbs mfd. mev 1 table Posstbly the gravtty of the situatiOn wtlt be HAMBURG-68 hhds, 5 cases NEw YoRK, N/lVember 4 more mamfest to the offictal comprehensiOn when m HAMILTON, BERMUDA-6os lbs mfd. DOMESTIC. THE TOBACCO IIARKET. NOV.& s do D. & A. Bendhetm, 7 do ; N. Wtse, z do H K Thurber, 25 do, H Levy, I3..._bo,;es smkg, Louts War nngton, 2 cases l1corice ; W & A. Leaman, 12 do or der, 2 hbds lf, 3 cs mfd, s hlf bJCs do, 5 qtr bxs do. PROVIDING FOR THR DESTITUTE.-In thts Ctty, at a meetmg of tlie Cigar-makers' Umon, held at Mthtary Hall on Saturday evemng it was resolved that marned members, durmg enforced tdleness, should be patd f,Io per week by the Union, and smgle membe:s $7 Western Leaf-The inqutry and sales have embraced mtd-wmter those operahves who have been thrown out HAVRE-3 cases c1gars. both manufactunng and sh1ppmg grades, but transchons of work by the order become clatnorous for bread and HAYANA-13,816 lbs mfd. have beE.>n!Imited in all sorts, owmg'to the same causes fuel. They may number many thousanas. KINGSTON, JA.-35 bales Bv NoRTH RivER BoATS -Sawyer, Wallace & Co., 4 hhds; D. _J. Garth, Son & Co., 68 do; H. Schubert & Co., 38 cases; order, 38 do. COASTWISE FROM BALTIMORE.H. Hoffman, 40 hhds; French, Edye &:: Co., 67 do; D. J. Garth, Son & Co., 6 do ; F. Engle bach, 5 cases; order; 6o do. -fretghts, exchange, and the rest-that have for some Smoktng-Dea!ers un,formly report moderate mqmry LIVERPOOL-75 hhds, 88,998 lbs mfd. time prevailed. and sale m thts department of trade. There -has been LoNDON-I27 hhds. FACTSV1rginia, says the Pittsburgh Commercial, tlt.e best tobacco crop she has had for years-whtch ts good news, both because we ltke to see the old State prosper, and because she ratses a supenor arttcle, whtch 1s not to be sneezed at though so much of tt does end m snuff Vtrgtma Leaf-The sales of Virginia leaf have been the usual call for current requtrements at all the pnnc1PoRTAU-PRINCE-250 bales. small m quantity-and few m number thts week. Vve pal houses; but httle appears to have heen done o_n fuRoriER:DAM-I07 hhds, 32 cases. hear of some transactiOns in pnmmgs at prices a tnfle ture account It were vam to expect much busmess ST KITTS-2 hhds. CoASTWISE FROM NEw 0RLEANs.-Sawyer, Wallace & Co, 25 hhds, order, go do. CoASTWISE FROM KEY WEST -Setdenberg, 95 cases cigars, F. du Bary & Co., 44 do, J & J. Eager, 19 do; R J Barton & Co 6 eo, Stratton & Storm, 8 bales less than our quotatiOns-that ts, 3?{ mstead of cts. wtth so many impediments as are now m the way, not STETTIN-IO hhds. for the htgher range. Bes1des these transfers, we hear the least of whtch is stt!l the difficulty of gettmg curr.&B.IIJ.IICV;I'.AB. 1\TOTIOII of a little busmess done m the better gradesof goods. rency for taxes but shght, and m most 111-Growera of seed leaf tobacco are cautioned aga1nst accept1ng the The week throughout has been a one, no destances not any, accommodation from tlie banks, manureported soles and quotations of 1eed leaf u furnosh1ng the pncet that partment of the trade havmg had much beyond a retail facturers are dnven to thetr wits' end to fill orders un-should be obtamed for t'tem at first hand, as these refer 1n most mstances ptcadura. .. BALTIMORE, November 1.-Messrs C Loose & Co, General Shtppmg and Commtsston Merchants, re port -Our market for all kmds of leaf tobacco rem ami pretty much m stat1t quo, 1 e general dullness, and the transactions dunng the past week are confiC.-<1 ... about 200 hhds Maryland at hberal c 1 ToBACCO IN FLOYD CouN rv, VA-The tobacco crop in Floyd county th1s year, says the Floyd Reporter, ts very heavy and mostly of fine quality lt lS estlmated that the crop Will reach from ISO,OOO :o 200,000 pounds Thts 1s much more than ever was ratsed m the county in any one year, and ts worthy the attention of the to .bacco men of Lynchburg and Rtchmond. I A D uMMY AssERTS HERSELF -A deaf and dumb wo man who has been vtsitmg Danbury to solictt atd, says the N ews, was annoyed by some bad boys at the lower end of Mam Street, and gave them :t talkmg to they wtll remember to thetr dymg day She sa1d Heeter the afiltcted, wtll ye ? If I had you across my knee for two mmutes I'd tUake you acguamted wtth astronomy" SHoULD BE ATTENDED TO.Young Mr. Saxton, son of a rich banker of Canton, OhiO, IS to receive from the old gentleman twelve months from date, provtded he does not use tobacco during tha't period and promtses to ab.stam from weed for ever after. Has the to bacco trade no way, asks the Courur-:Joumal, to bnng down 1ts strong, hand on such conspirators as Saxton, Sr.? Mfi.CEDONIAN -By advice& fro_m Co.Dstan tinople we learn says the London Tobacco Trade Revuw, that the new tobac:o crop throughout the whole-dts tncts of Macedonia nnd Roumeha has been collected and housed, but 1t ts too early to predtct Its quahty, as a short season of bad weather mtght senously inJure It 111, tts present condition. So far as 1t appears m store the crop ptom1ses to lbe of about an average quality in most cases, whtle m others the bwtchy appearance of the plant lS of too frequent occurrence to giVe the grow ers much hope of an extra good season's returns. As it now hangs m the first stage of drymg, a short vJSitaion of damp weather would cause tt to mtldew and ll:t upset the calculations of both buyers and sellers. JusT TAKEN A FRESH CHEw-The Rev Geo Trask, \the noted aotJ-tobacconist, Is in thts c1ty, says the lnidtanapohs Joumal, and yesterday vtsited a number of 'Sabbath Schools, whose members he addressed A good story IS told on the Supenntendent of one of the ,schools Mr. Trask v1stted, and the pastor of the church to whtch the school1s attached. Trask's en trance, the superintendP.nt rushed up to the pastor say ing "Look here, I don't know what to do wtth Mr who has just CQme m. I can't ask htm to address the school because I have JUSt taken a fresh chew. I w1sh you speak to htm The mtmster rephed, "All nght I'll do 1t But I guess I'll have to take thts I d quid out of my mouth before o so. TOBACCO IN EGYPT.-There was recetved at the Treasury Department yesterday, says the Washmgton Republican of the 25th ult, a commumcatwo from R Beardsley, agent and Consul General of the Umted States at Catro, Egypt, announcing that orders had been issued by the government tmposmg a tax of twenty ptasters an oke on all tobacco, _cut or m the H !.8YPt Th_e __..... the Custom ant, and tha iX amou.1ts to Into y-sJX and a thtrd cents a pound. C1gars, whtch already pay a duty of seventy-five per cent. at/ valorem, are not affected by thts order. Unttl the present time tobacco has been prohibited from entering Egypt, except from the Turk1!.h provmces, and has paid a uniform t;lx ot eight plasters for an oke (two and three quarters pounds). ToBACCO STEMS IN THE CARE OF HousE PLANTs.-A lady m Kansas gtves her plan ofcanng for house plants, as follows "I ltve m a frame house, and last wmter -kept fifty pots of different kmds of geramums, roses, fuchsias, and remontant pmks, all of whtch recetved the same kmd of trea:ment, and m the sprmg my plants were more healthy and tlce leaves a dark green color Many cami!: to me for shps m preference to the green houses. Every two weeks all the wmter I would take a handful of tobacco stems and steep them by pounng boiling water over them untiltt looked hke strong tea, then, when the tea cooled enough toned on are sale here. Of course every re-sale must be country. All markets are more or less fevensh, and the at all. Smokmg tobacco, fine cut, Cavendish, twtst, at an advance, and therefore tne pnce obtamable by the growera w11l report of an actl)al or even an expected suspensiOn snuff, and ctgars; every thmg m the form of manufac-always be somewhat lower thaa our quotattons .. nywhere exerctses an unfavorable mfluence upon evtured tobacco, 1 s unpeded 10 1 ts transfer from the manQUOTATIONS OF WHOLE!'SALE PRICES. "' d WC @48 d 1 do dQ leaf 9 @13 Oommr n 4t @43 It ts true, but there IS more than or mary re uctance on crook, to ra1se for the Government aboqt so per cent. of Clarksville ana wueern .DUtrict Mouldy, oearce 38 @139 the part of both sellers and buyers to put one another the value of their goods before a smgle pound ca n be common to gvod lugs 8 @ 9 LlRht i'ressed extra :line 60 @62 Common toof. 9 @10 L1ght Preosed, line 55 @60 to mconvemence m regard to payments and credtls, and sold and thts, too, when moe-tenths, perhaps more, of Medium leaf ........ Qtuzrter Poundi-Fino 48 thts mutual forbearance has the s me effect m curta1hng all co'mmercia" busmess 1 s done on 'To Ilttgate Good ...... ... Medlum ...... 45 @47 4 Fmo .. ... .. 12)>@13 Common ..... 42 @44 transactiobs as 1f more ngtd regulattons were m oper10 some way this peculiar burden,' the experiment of Selecttona u @15 Navy.Poundt-Flno 68 Vt.rgmt.a-Half Pound& and atJOn. forwardmg tax money has been' tried, but of course has com to good luga .. 7 @ 7 K ThtrdaThere are those who co_ncet\'e the prese11t torpor wtll been round wantmg it has been suggested as a better Fin do ...... .. 8 8.10 Fine .... ..... 4B @4 5 11 Low to med1um leaf 9)(@11 Fancy Tobacco1-LonglO s 48 be of ara vel sh t and there are others, remedy fOI manufacturers, and m turn, dc:alers also, to Good to fine ....... Navy, 4'o and 5' 45 @50 n d th f + spect little or d cl ii h B t Wrappers; dark Lady Bolla .. 60 agam, w o can 1scern m e u.ure agree upon a umform eman or cas J?ayrnents. u do bright .. 20 @50 PocketPwce 45 @50 no change, or likehhoed of apprectable Improvement what ts the use of that demand when cash IS not to be smokers ... 11 @25 Bnht 'l'wist (Val u mch 45 @60 r k d h h d Prm1lll!".'_.,.. -- ..... 3 @{ Bright Gold Bars 6 mcb @58 Or some wee s, an per aps, mont s yet. -had ? Surely the consumer IS no more able to com man Ohw-lll or to good com 6 -@ 7 Bough & Beady ..... 50 @6> The one certam thmg, so far as our own mterest IS cash than is the dealer and the manufacturer, and if Brown and Greelnoli 7 s BLAox b I MedlUmo,ndi!.Qertd-F ot dto com Fine ... 42 @45 surroundings be not 11 elimtely prolongea; It IS enttrely not more hkely to bnHg 1 t down in sufficient quanttt} mon .. .. .. .. 4 @ Med1um ..... 38 @42 r h b d 11 b 0 f h b t f 1 Seund Common 6){ Quart@1 7 ){ opo.t s8 @40 all stgns of contmued well-domg, is the one we There appe"-r to be two ways of relieving the pte sent Medium .. ... .. s @ common to medium S7 @38 11 Good to fiDe red .. t 10 @IS Ficu and Fours 40 @45 to last week, and that IS the steadmess ot pnces m a pressure One IS through the breakmg-up of the hoard-Fancy .... u @120 /'OCkdJ'iuu ... 40 ltnes embraced m pur a"'gregate mterest. Buyers do lng process by banks and Jleople, and the other, by the Upper Country 6 Negrohw.d Twut. 45 55 D' Ground tenr, new .... 4 @ 9 @80 not, of course, suffer themselves to be unmindful of the Government's extendmg for a wh1le tax-crecitts to connect.c .. ta..a Alaamclmaat a ... parent opportumty m the1r favor, but, as a rule, the bonded manuf:acturers. If to do this the SeedL mg or o mg o 10r concessiOns ter do that than crush them wtth the lQa whtch 1t has F1llers .. .. 10 @15 O.gtlr.<-ll""eouc. The reason for thts stabthty m the lme under the pre-done most to saddle unon tl.em But th.,re is no fear of Penn1Y1"""''"swt.Leo.t-Seed and Hanna, 1 d t< V' ,.. Wrappers 25 @60 per M .. .. QO sent captton IS obv10us enough, the stock bP-mg tmtte the Government's bemg short of money on account of Asoortedloto .. 18 do conn Seed su 00@40 oo and the ttme long before the new stock can be such credits. The will be ample enough It .. a LeaJ.-10 Ne!o Yo:i" 25 0030 00 made available to take ltS place. But there are other was not so much the need of cash as the fear of dtshon .:::::: '1 ..... : hnes, one other certamly, uot favored m the same mana red checks that mspired the order prohtbttmg the re. Fillero & @ 1 Oh>o do do do 17 ou 23 00 ner, and yet 1t exh1b1ts a most wholesome degree of firm-celpt of checks 10 payment of taxes. The Commtssloner Ntv> Yor1: Sud Loo,t:-Conn Filler and st. ill d b I d 1871 crop. wrapper .. .. .... 20 00 ness and strength, and w ou tess conttnue to o of the Revenue was pamc-struck, and hasn't yet got over w .... ppero ......... 4 Commou ctars I5 Ge@l 7 oo t th ci f h Aosortedlots 10 @14. Cberoot.a and SLXeo. 10 tol2 00 so o e en the wound For the good o trade 1t ts time e was Fll"" 6!> s snuff-Maecoboy .. 85@-ue Seed Leaf-GeHerally speakmg, busmess in Seed Leaf cured Shall we have the credt ts as a stgn of convaWiaoonam-wrappen 9 10 Rappee, French .... --@ 1 oo was very quiet dunng the past week. We notice a limi lescence 1 1872 crop Assorted8 londyfoot = ted export demand for Oh10, whtle all other kmds seem CzgarsThere has been no noteworthy change 10 wrappen .. ...... 18 @o Lu;()MIJt Cun-ncy to ave een more or ess neg ecte or orne tra e, the ctgar trade smce our last. Busmess contmues regcon,.chcut-Fillero sound 5 @9 A 0 s ............... ---J8 sales were made to supply 1mmed1ate wants only, there ular and only moderately active. The status of the "G 0.. 460 ll! ..,. ... bemg no on the part of any of our dealers Cuban workmen on stnke 1s abo unchanged. Few or Oho-A...,rled'lato .. 6K@7X ".I! a" 4SO ll! casea .. 28!> to enter mto any large speculative transacuons, whtch none of the men, we hear, have found emw .. connn............... 10 :g &&AF';,875 ll> ... IS very natural, JD'Vtew of the slate of the tr\lde already ployment m the ctty, and, unless they are fortunate lowp-"WalliS Ex" '60 II> .. net 29 descnbed above. enough to obtam 1t at Key West-those of them who do ::: .. : : The sales foot up to I,248 cases, dtvtdmg m may seek that sectiOn-they will be likely, ere long, to n;o ... .. ... vane ties and pnces as follows: Connecticut and Mas-regret the precipitancy of their action. The present IS Yara-1 and !I cuts .... 8o R R." .. .. ........ 20 sachusettes, crop of I8p, ISO cases at Io@4o cents; no time for ctgar makers or other workmen to stnke-tf '...... ............. State Io7 cases at 6@Io cents; Oh10 78I cases at 6?(@ the proper time could ever be-where the wages were 11onKt.T n .. nnn nocxa or BP.,.,.,. TOucoo 7 ?( cents ; Pennsylvania Ioo cases on pnvate terms, as generous, as prodtgally generous, as those refused Y;r:-OIB!! and 'Visconsm I 10 cases at 5 @7 cents. A shrewd by Messrs. Mora & Co.'s men. Blooll: on band, oct 1, 1873 2H38 M 21001 our quotatiOns and some 75 hhds 0' figures. Stagnation, as a rule, gove most all articles, especially as far as and ere the sale of foreign exchav ttYe on an easter money market. whtch showed ttself all the tur the present crists, can be exp of tobacco as a rule would sttll there IS not any ex trao' under present ctrcumstan bly lead to any transact._ are not fit much for be very firm ardon the advance, an._ .. exporters of tobacco, whtle reports from m ... where the effects of our paruc are only begmmng felt, are not of an encouragmg naturE:. Recetpts v. Maryland were pretty large for thts week, compared to the last and prev10us one, and amounted to 63 3 hhds; of Ohio 68, Keqtucky 9, and Vugmta 1 hhd-total7II hhds. Cleared same time ISS Maryland, r76 I2I Kentucky, II stems to :Bremen; 528 Maryland and 72 Ohw to Marseilles; g6I Maryland to Havre; 173 Mary land, J4 Ohm, 30 Vrrgtma to Liverpool, 6 Maryland, to West lndtes. We repeat our quotations, as entirely nommal Maryland-l'rosted, 50@4 so, sound co!ll. mon s@6 so, good common 6 so@7 so, m1ddling 8@g. so, good to fine red Io@r3, fancy I4@2o, upper country 5@25. Ohw-mfenor to good common 5@7, greemsh and brown 7@8, mediUm to fine red 8 so@I2, common to mediUm Spangled 7 50@IO, fine spangled and yellow II@I5 Kentucky-Common to good lugs $6 7 s@8, heavy 8.50@9 so. medtum leaf 1o@u, fa1r to good II@ I2.5o, fine and selectwn:s IJ@IS Vtrgtrua-Common to good lugs f,8@9, common to medmm leaf8@g, fair to good Io@u, selectiOns u@IS, stems 3@5. Tobaao Statement. Jan I, r873-Stocks in warehouses an_d on shtpboard not cleared.-6,908 Inspected this week----. ___________ : hhds. 7 u Inspected previously ____ ----__ ... hhds. 59,284 TotaL __ -----------. ------.. --66,903 Exported smce January I, I873, hhds 43,235 Coastw1se and remspected ___________ --4,500 Stock to-day in warehouses and on --47.7 s slupboard not cleared ____________ hhds. 19,t68 Messrs. Ed. Weschmeyer & Co, Tobacco Commtsston Merchants, report as {allows -Trade m manufactured tobacco has lteen very dull agam thts past week, wtth pnces nommally unchanged. We note the followmg recetpts .-Hoffman, Lee & Co, boxes; J. B. Staf ford, 241 do; W. A. Boyd & Co, 3 half-boxes. observer expresses the opimon to us that lower The Ttmes, of this ctty, m an article on the effl!ct of Rece1Tea amce 6 208 have yet to be reached before trade can return to "'on the c1gar trade. W-Illes as follows. u 2,so1 CINCINNATI, November x.-Mr. F. A. Sprague, normal condtt!On.__anJl nu:: fact "There has been a falhng off m the demand for ctgars 500 Leaf Tobacco Inspector, reports as follows :-There see lea IS large eyond requueme!lts. smce the pamc, while there is less sale for 5\oclr en band, NoT 1, urs 22,668 M 1,501 has been more dtsposttlon mamfested on the part of fhere 15 1 t must be confessed, reason to be apprehen-t expenstve Havanas,'' and the sale of all kmds of .ff:; i; 338 holders to sell dunng the past week and we have therestve on thts pomt, trade 00 all hands bemg lt 15 ctgars has dtmtmshed. Tobacco m other forms ts used o a "'"'ron .urn nooJtLr" ...... cc<> fore to rep01t an mcrease of offerings at auctiOn. Pnces, At the .same time, there ts tenable ground thmkmg as as formerly. Men who have bee:t accustomed JI1 whtle not up to the1r expO!ctations, have been more hbotherwtse. Our stock next year wtll URquestJonably be t smoke large "Rema Vtctonas" "Henry Cla s g e !!'" erally accepted at any time since the pamc. The large, but wtll there be m the large total too much of the Upmanns, Eipanolas of the stze j i 'i g: total offenngs for the week were 404 hhds and I7 8 ktndrequtredbyour manufacturers? andtfnot, ts the a's first"'and other well-known brands of the best g.-ae 1: boxes,asfollows-pnce .of that sort to declme? Then, as to the now satisfied to d1spense wtth these fancy ;'453 :,221 :.m !s 20,.16 At the Bodmann Warehouse. 97 hhds and 92 boxes shlppmg grades, though m excess of what IS destrable, brands' rangmg from twenty cents to forty cents and are .. 278 608 639 tss t,m as follows -27 hhds Mason Co, Ky, trash, lugs and can they go lower than tlley all along through the content with less costly. Imported ctgars, .. 5 781 6,879 10,0'6 6BI leaf 4 25; 7 at 6 Io@7.8o; 4 at 9 Io@g 70; fall season been, wtthout provmg preJudtctal to both rated as "seconds'' and "thtrds" by their manufac2,m 1,2s1 1,8311 us l,ftt 3 at IO 7 S@I4 2'5, 7 at IS@ Ig, 2 at I 7 S 34 grower and Freights and exchange have dGme turers, are commg more into favor, and the busmas in Block on band Nov 1,1875 .......... 3,507 4,b,2 8,217 02 .\!.16,838 bhds Brown Co, Oh1<>, trash, lugs and leaf: 3 at f.s@ far more to restnct shtpments dunng the past two tlomesttc stock, made up of Havana tobacco called .... :: .. : .. :::::::.::::::::: .... ::::::::::: 5 90; IO at 6@1 8o' Io a l t 8; 7 at IO@I2' 3 at months than have the pnces of sh1ppmg tobaccos. "clear Havanas," or a m1xture of Connecticut and HaIS@I7' I at 20 5 19 hhds Owen Co Ky trash Tkhe ctrcular of Messrs. J. S Gans & Son says: vana called" seed and Havana," ts DOMESTIC RECEIPTS. lugs and leaf 5 at os@s 95 8 at 6@7 70 ,'I at mar et has been very calm, export only has at penods, tn Broadway ntatl stores 10 proportiOn to the declme m The arnvals at the port of New York from domesttc 9 2 o@g ?5, 3 at IO 2s(Sr4 I? hhds and 3 boxes West gtven some feeble stgns of vttaltty. Sales :-Crop of the trade m tmporled One extensive class of mtenor, and coastwise ports for the week endmg No v1rgtma: 8 at, $4 os@s; 5 at 6@7 .20 4 at 8 @ 9 80 ; 3 r87o, of all growths, 209 cases, of whtch for export, smokers who have been used to better thmgs find a vember 4 were 895 hhds, 63 trcs, 53 hlf trcs, 64 qlr boxes at 4 Io, 5.Io, 6 75 6 bo,ll:es Indlena seed at ,. 4 III cases Crop of I87I, Connecticut and Massachusu.bsutute 10 ctgars composed entirely of of trcs, 3,273 cases, I7 boxes, 205 three qtr boxes, 67 hlf s3 boxes Ohto seed fillers and bmders. 37 at $3@4 go. setts 200 cases, New York Ioo cases, Pt:nnsylvama Ioo Amencan growth, and the crowded ferry-boats and pubboxes, IO thtrd boxes, rx3 qtr boxes, 57 caddtes, I 2s at S@S 70, II at 6@6 g0 ; 4 at 8 @ 9 25, 6. 'at Io@ cases, OhiO so cases, Wisconsm so cases. Crop of z872; lie places where smokmg ts allowed, reek wtth a smell keg, I64 cases ctgars, 8 bales picadura, I4 cases hear-IJ 25. Connect!cut 6and Massachuse_tts, goo cases; of offensive even to the nostrils of veterans 10 the habtt. tee, consigned as follows At the Morns Warehouse, IOI and 2 boxes._ for export, r 4 cases. New 1 ark, 20o cash for export, I$6 cases. Oh10, 2,400 cases, of out of-the way places to agam do service.' Mayo & Co., 4 do; Henderson Brothers 2 do; Pollard, 15.50, I 7 .75. 6 hhds Owen Co, Ky. 4 at f.s 15@ whlch for export, 2,4oo cases. W1sconsm, z,6oo cases. Louis Meyer, Fretght Broker, reports: Pettus & Co., 24 do; Juhan Allen, 43 cases, Bunzl & 5 8 5 2 at 6 6o, 7 7 S I 3 hhds Pendleton Co., Ky : 5 of wh.Ich for export, I,JJO cases. Total sales, 6, 3 oo On account of heavy shipments of cotton to Liverpool, Dormttzer, 24 do; Order, I82 do, 97 hhds. at $S 5 at 6.os@7 20; 3 at 10 .::rs@I2 4 hhds cases, of whtch for export, 4,297 cases Export of tobacco freights are higher. To the continent tobacco BY THE HuDsoN RIVER RAILROAD.Joseph Mayer's Boone Co., Ky, at t-6 os@J 6s 2 hhds West Vtrgmia seed leaf slnce ,January rst I873, New York and Balttfreights are about the same. To Bremen, by steam, 95 Sons, 572 cases; Bunzl & Dormttzer, 142 do, H Schu-at t.4 40 7 .25. 24 boxes Ohio seed fillers; IS at f.3 20 more 23,o2g cases Same ttme last year, New York marks for cases and 60 @65 marks for hhds No sai!mg bart, 44 do; Schroeder & Bon, rg do; Juhan Allen, 44 @ 4 So, 3 at S@S so; 3 at 6 so@6 8o. and Balttmore 88,6oo cases vessel has been on the berth for a long ttme. To Ant-do' Oelnchs & Co' so do; Havemeyer & Vlgeltus, 7 S At the Planter's WarehoUJse, 86 hhds and Io box-es -The Circular of M. Rader & Son observes: Seed werp and Rotterdam by steam, 45s. for cases and sss do; Chas F Tag & Son, 46 do; do I 9 hhds Mason Co, Ky, trash, lugs, and leaf 6 at f.4 .50 leaf tobacco for the hotpe lrade has suffered from lhe for Kentucky hhds and for Vlrgmia hhds GtbralBY THE NATIONAL LINE -Blakemore, Mayo & Co, I @5 95; 8 at 6@7 90, I at 8 40 2 at I 3 .25, I 4 25, 2 at financial deraugernent; so that the demand was con tar I9d per foot for cases and 52S 6d @ sss per hhd hhd j Thos. Hoyt & Co, IO do j E M Crawford & Co' IS 75 20. 67 hhds Brown Co I OhiO, trash, lugs, and fined to 1mmed1ate reqmrements, without so far affectI2 do; E. M Wnght & Co, S do, Juhan Allen) 83 leaf 2 4 at 4 o@s t 6@ lng Prices. For export, the demand absorbed readl.ty, as IMPORTS. d 6 hhd 2 9' 20 a 7; ro at 8 IS@9 90; Th 1 t th t f N y k f: r. cases, or et,3 s;and4at2Ir..2375 lots were offered, and holders rather firmer m the1r dee arnva 5 a e por 0 ew or rom oretgn BY TH:E PENNSYLVANIA CENTRAL RAILROAD -Bunzl At the Phtster \Varehouse, 6 3 hhds and .::r6 ,__.: mands. ports for the week endmg November 4, mcluded the fol-& D t d d ormt zer, 41 cases, or er, so o. 9 hhds Mason Co, Ky, trash and Jugs. 3 at $4 40 @ Spamsh-The demand for Havana tobacco was lowmg constgnments BY THE NEw YoRK AND NEw HAVEN STEAMBOAT 5 45; 2 at 6 2o@6 25, 4 at 8. 3o@g 20 48 hhds moderate last week, and we only hear of sales to the exBREMEN-M & E Saloman, 9 6 bales tobacco LINE.-A. L. & C L Holt, 5 cases; M. Westhe1m & Brown Co, Oh10, trash, lugs, and leaf: 13 at 14 tent of 350 bales at 85@95C. Reduced production of ci-GLASGow-Hermann BatJer & Brother, 15 boxes Co., I do, Wm Eggert & Co, 26r do, Schroeder & @5.85, 3 3 at 6@7 70, 7 at 8@8.45, 4 at I 2@I4 75 I at gars IS sufficient to account .for th1s decrease from prepipes. d b Bon, u8 do;' J. S Gans & Son, 27. do; Hartcorn & 16 25. 4 hhds Pendleton County, Ky., lugs, at 6 H@ vtous totals. LoNDON-Or er, Io bales to acco Gershel, IO do, Havemeyer & Vtgehus, 5 do; Joseph 7 25, 26 boxes Ohto seed. I 7 at 3 25@ 4 gs, 6 at Messrs. Gans & Son say: Havana fillers -The gen-MALAGA-Gomez & Argulmbau, 943 bales hconce Mayer's Sons,. 87 do; M. Zwtcker, 5 do; W. D Hull, I 5 so, 3 at S-::1 era! dullness has ahke affected thts arttcle, a strong de root. Co do; W Robbms & Co, 3 do, order, 4 do At the Kenton Warehouse, 45 hhds and I box. 8 stre to reahze has been producttve of a moderate MANTANZAs-Renauld, Funcols & ., 4 cases Bv NEW YoRK AND HARTFORD STEAMBOAT LINE. hhds Ma5on County, Ky., trash, lugs, and leaf: 6 at 6 os amount of sales, say 2,ooo bales, at somewhat reduced ctgars. -A Stem & Co., 49 do; Fox, Dills & CG, I2 do; H. @7 65, 2 at 8.75, IS 75 hhds Brown Count OhlO rates. Bestdes r,2oo bales have been taken for export MARSEILLEs-Ftscher & Keller, Ioo bales hcJnce M. Meyer, 20 do, N. Lachenbruch & Brother, 52 do; trash, and leaf: 6 at 4-@S 6o, 8 at 6@ 7.r;;, I at at prices rangmg from I5@2o cents gold, in bond Yara root. Schroeder & Bon, 9I do; Z. Sellmg, 7 do; Stratton & 8 so, I at, 3 at 16@I8 2 5. 6 hhds Owen County, has been dealt m to a very moderate extent. TARRAGONA-James C. McAndrew, 2,053 bales hearStorm, 6s do. Ky.: 2 at 5 75@5.85, 4 at 7 I0@7 75 I2 hhds Pendle. Messrs Rader & Son remark -The sales of Havana ICe root: 5 ceroons do. BY THE NEW AND BRIDGEPORT STEAMBOAT ton County, Ky., trash, lugs, and leaf. 6 at 4 60 @ 8 tobacco were confined to 2,ooo bales for consumptiOn HAVANA-Palmer & Scovtlle, 6 8 bales; Schroeder LINE.-Joseph Mayer 5 Sons, 200 cases' H Schoverlmg 4 at 6 os@7 7 2 at 9 90@10. I box OhiO seed at and I,2oo bales for export, at somewhat reduced & <;o., 4I do; E. Rosenwald & Brother, 3 2 do; L. F. & Co, 6 do, L. Cohen, I do. At the Globe Warehouse hhds and boxes on the lower grades Aup, S do i Latasa & Co 100 do i A. Arango, 54 BY THE OLD DoMINION STEAMSHIP LINE -G hhds Mason County, Ky ,'trash, lugs, ancf leaf; ; it Manufactmeti-We hear of a lntle more done m ex-do F. Garcta, 314 do, I6 cases crgars; F. Alexander & Rensens, .::r6 hhds; Funch, Edye & Co, I 2 do; A. D. 4.8e, 5 so; 4 at 6@6.8o, 2 at s, 8 45, I at I I 2 5 3 hhds port !me$_ the past week. and of about the usual call for Sons, r54 do, do W. P. Clyde & Co' 44 6 do' Chock ley:, I I do, W. P. Elam, 4 do; H. Henwood, 20 Brown County, Oh1o, at S 75, 6os, I 25 boxes consumptiOn, the latter runmng perhaps a tnfle behmd 1 9 do; V. Martmez Ybor, IS cases Cigars; G W do, Chas Luhng & Co, 2 do stems; A C Lamotte, 3 coramon Oh10 seed fillers and bmders. g at'2 S@ 0 prevtous mqumes, as might be expected from the gen Faber, II do; E Carples, 2 do; S. Lmmgton & Sons, do leaf, Pwneer Tobacco Co, 4 do, Io trcs leaf; J. D IS at 4 2 n@5 7So 2 at 6 so, 7 3 3 5 era! apathy of the last days. Pnces remam wtthout 2 do' Carl Upmann, I do i Smith, Crosby & Co., 2 do i Ketlly, Jr 1 4 do, 38 do, C G Francklyn, Io do stnps, change, and may therefore be satd to be, m the roam, Robert E Kelly & Co' IS do; A C Lamotte, I do rs do. stnps, W. 0 Smith, gz hhds, 5 cases mfd, satisfactory Circumstances whtch, fortunately, are mLentz & Mestre, 2 do; B Rtonda & Co I do' Purdy Blakemore, Mayo & Co, I4 hhds pnmmgs, 3 three qtr dependent of the extstmg financtal derange nent com & Ntcholas I do' W H. Thomas & Brother, 39 do boxes mfd, J os. D Ev;ws & Co, I 2 hhds leaf, 10 hlf bme to keep pnces steady, and for aught that ap-Park & Ttl ford, 3 1 do' Acker, Mernll & Condtt, 39 co boxes mfd; Eugene Du Bo1s, 23 hlf trcs mfd, Ig qtr trcs pears, will do so <.lurmg the commg wmter. The first F W Junge & Co' 3 do E PUig & Co 3 do' Pomares, do, 55 do, 40 qtr bxs do, Arkell, Tufts & Co., 30 ts, that stock IS hght, not only here but elsewhere, and Mornll & 7 do; Kunhardt & Co,, 10 do hlf trcs mfd, Ioo three qtr bxs do, BenJ B10nda & Co, Hle second and thtrd are that productiOn 1s almost sus Burlage & Co' 2 do' A L Fernandez, I do order, 7g 40 qtr trcs mfd; Dohan, Carroll & Co, I02 cs mfd, IO pended for the present, and the stock of desirable old bales, 16 cases Cigars Jo smkg, 25 hlf bxs mfd, IO thtrd bxs do, 35 qtr bxs leaf1s exceedmgly ltmtted both m V1rgmia and other EXPORTS do; J. H Thompson & Co., 6 cs mfd, 4 bxs do, 25 qtr markt!ts. Not even the apprec1at10n of currency to a From the port of New York to foreign ports for the bxs do, 1 keg do; Bulkley, Moore & Co., Io cs mfd, par wtth gold IS therefore hkely to effect much, tf any, week end1ng November 4, were as follows. Ioo three qtr bxs do, z qtr bxs do; C. E Lee, 5 cs smkg, declme m rates Cash buyers, whtle the strmgency ANTIGUA-3 hhds 2 do mfd, 26 hlfbxs C!lo, 6 xtr bxs do; Allen & Co, 55 cs contmues, w11l, of course, obtam such concessiOns as BARBADOES-4 hhds, I64 lbs mfd. smkg, 52 caddtes mfd; R. H. '\Vtlkerson, 12 cs mfd, I the t1mes wtll warrant, but With thts exception, dealers, hhds, 2 do stems, I 53 cases, 86 bales, half bx do, M M Welzhofer, 7 cs smkg, 6 caddtes and not buyers, wtll be most to regulate pnces 300 lbs mfd. mfd, S Salomon, r cs If, Jas C. McAmlrew, I6 cs It 1s much to be regretted that the condition of the BRISTOL-I 2 hhds. mfd, Richey & Boniface, 24 do; J as M. Gardmer & NatiOnal Treasury will not admit of a revocation, or CADIZ-I so hhds. Co., I do, Henderson Brothers, 134 do, Connolly & some mod1ficat10n of the late order of the CommtsCARDENAS-962 lbs mfd. Co., 5 cs smkg; '\V. Kunstler, 4 do \V. H Sobelmann, s10ner of Internal Revenue, prohtbttmg the acceptance CuRACAo-:z6 b.lles, lbs mfd. 2 do, A. S. Rosenbaum & Co., z do Belcher, Park & by collectors of checks for tax-stamps. But for thiS imDEMliRARA-J hhds. Co., IS do i l'hiltp Hart, 10 ao j Wm. Demuth & Co., I PHILADELPHIA, Odof7er 31.-Mr A. Oppen heimer, Tobacco Broker, reports Trade ts very qu1te and times are not as cheerful-lookmg, as they were last week. We are domg some business Ctgars of low grades ate not plenty and are sellmg about as fast as they come m. Better grades are movmg slowly. The sales were 6o cases Connecticut wrappers, 120 cases do seconds, I co cases Pennsylvama runnmg lots, so cases do fillers, 130 cases Oh10 runmng lots, So bales Hav ana, 20 do Y ara The sales for the week, of cigars, wete about ss,ooo, rangtng m pnces from f.I3@So:;.,November 3 -Mr E W. Du:kerson, Reporter for the Tobacco Trade of Phtladelphta, wntes The amount of busmess done last week m our !me was very nearly the as I reported the last time for the previous week. The same condtt10ns, unfavorable to general bus mess, mentioned m my last, still ex1st. O'lr busmess cannot tmprove 'much until collections are better, and collections wtll not be bettel!' untll the banks wtll pay back to the merchants and mlilnufacturer.s thCU'


; JlOV 5 I' DE 3 as they want it. When this is done hoarding will stop, ing of 8oo qumtals of No. I, I,soo quintals of No. a, and thousands of excuses for not paying up wtll be no I,oo qumtals No. 3 and 2,ooo qumtals No.4 Cagayan l!).ore. If eve1y one will pay promptly what money and Boo qumtals No. r, 2,500 qumtals No. 2, 4,ooo they have tt wlil pass through many different hands m qumtals No 3, and 2,400 qumtals No 4, Isabela; at the ten days al'd pay many little debts and do much to-reserved pnces of $47 6o per qumtal for No I, 6o wards restonng public confidence. There have been for No. z, So for No.3, and $I3 40 for No. 4, Ca no failures m the tobacco trade here smce th1s pamc gayan, and $48.40 for No. I, $J4.8o for No.:z, wh t ch fact shows 1t to be based upon cap1tal and No. 3, and $r3 So for No 4, Isabela. C1gars -estergood credit. day I,4oo m1l were offered at auction, whett the follow, ::RICHMOND, ;r.-Mr. R. A. Mtlls, Tomg were disposed of, VIZ: z,ooo mil No. 2 Cortados (9 bacco "Broker, reports: The past week bemg "Fa1r tbs per mil) at $Io 52 to II so; 950 m1l No. z Hj.b!!,nQs Weelc" there was nothing worthy of note done in our (9 tbs per mtl) at $Io so to 1 I 2I ; J,Sso m1l Mamla market, and, from the present out-look, busmess w1ll re Nuevo Habanos at $ to I4 2o, 243 m1l Mamla mlun dull m all departments for some lime to come. Nuevo Cortados at $I3.5o to 14.70; I4S mil <;avtte BAN FRANCISCO, Octobe,. 23 -The Commercial Nuevo Habanos at $r3 So to 14 30; and 315 mtl Cav H1,.alti reports as follows An mterestmg pub!Jc sale of _l.te NuevQ Cortados at f;r9 52 to 2 I 6I per mil. fine Virgm1a manufactured oclk was held on the I 7th inst. The attendance was ge and the btddmg qUite spinted. It was 011e of tht: best sales' of the season Terms Under f;2 so, cash, over thts, go days. The first nme lots were from the factory of Wm Cameron & Brother, Petersburg, Va -" Twro Seas "-and the bal ance for the most part from Thos C. Wtlhams & Co, Rtchmond, Va., 41 pkgs Two Seas bright, 6 m twts(, each 4 dem1 boxes, s2c1 r8 p'kgs each 4 demt-boxes Two Seas, double thtck ss, 49c, I r pkgs do do bnght Navy ss, IS pkgs do do:bnght Navy 4So u pkgs do do bnght Navy pocket p1eces, 3 half boxes Two Seas, bnght Navy pocket p1eces1 46 pkgs each 2 half boxes Two Seas bnght rz-m twiSt, 54 @53c, xo cases each 6 half boxes do bnght Navy pocket p1eces, I pkg Two Seas, mtxed Navy 49, pocket pieces, 3 boxes, 47c::; 22 Ji boxes Carolme light pressed 4s, 4SC, IS half boxes do do 3s, 47C, 22 quarter.boxes Carolme llght pressed 4s, 4sc, IS th1rd boxes do do 3s, 47c; s thud boxes Belle et Bonne tw1st, s6c, IO thtrd boxes Hawsers twist, S2c; I case 5 I sth Pans Medal 0 K, 47}6c, ro thlTd boxes Ptgmy ltght pressed, 45c; r6 etghth boxes Shiloh I4s, 42c, 8 etghth boxes Impenal Ruby gold bars, 49c, r8 thtrd boxes Belle rof R1chmond natural leaf, 20 half boxes Georgta 9-in natural leaf, ro thtrd boxes Na1ads' Feast 9-m natural leaf, SI}6c, 8 boxes Belle et Bonne tw1st, 54c, 10 third boxes Hawsers twtst, s2c, ro quarter boxes Belle et Bonne 6oc; ro quarter boxes Cream of V1rgima lasso, 20 etghth boxes Impenal Ruby tw1st 6s, 54c, zo ete;hth boxes do do 8s, 5 caser El Dorado Jumor, each 8 dem1 boxes hght pressed, 47c; ro half boxes Venable Cable Cotl m tin f01l, 45c; IS tnghth boxes do do 4sc, 7 cases Buck pocket p1eces, 45c; 2 5 cases Hardgrove's Peach % s, 48c, also 5 buckets Mowry & Co.'s Narrow Guage fine cut chewmg tobacco, $5 12 The exports were 4 cases tobacco to Japan, 5 cas e s ctgars to Vtctona and 2 cases do to Guayaqml. 'l here are now on t h1r way to th1s port from domestiC Atlantic ports 9 hhds and 632 cases. ST LOUIS, Octobe r 29 -Mr J E Haynes, Dealer m Leaf Tobacco, reports :-Recetved 70 hhds, agamst 2S the prevJOus week Thursday, there were no oiJenngs on the breaks; but smce then there were sm a ll sales each day, but at low pnces. The aemand is quite lan gmd, and not enough domg for us to resume regular quotatwns of the different gra des. Sales from F pday to yesterday mclustve 30 hhds: 9 at $4@4 9S, 6 at 5 40@ 560; 8at6@690j I at 740; 4 at; I at 9 20, and I at ro ro, and z boxes at Io@2o so. In the same t1me I hhd was passed, and btds were reJected on I4 hhds at $4 so@I3, 2 do scraps at 6o cents, and 4 boxes at 2@5 40. Today, market contmued dull and draggmg. Sales, II hl1ds I at $2 IO (scraps), 2 at 4 30@4 70 2 at 6 30@6 6o, I at 7 ; I at S so I at ro 2s; 3 at 13@13 2S, and 2 boxes at 4-SO and 5 2s B1ds were reJected on 3 hhds at $4 8o, 5.6o, and 6. FOREIGN. AMSTERDAM, October 18.-Messrs. Schaap & Van Veen, fobacco Brokets, report as follows Smce our last report the operatiOns upon our market were only a mqe tnfle, by want of chotce, and were hmtted to the sal" of 97 hhds of Maryland and 64o bales of Java We are m expectation of arnvals next week, especially of Java tobacco, of wh1ch 221ooo bales w1ll be b10ught in the market by subscnpt1on and among them a good deal of superfine quahty. Arnvals roo hhds Mary land and 2,sor bales Java. Stocks to day: 231 hha, Maryland, 17 do Kentucky, 30 1o Virgm1a :.terns, 28,"99 r bales Java, 7,soi do mfd do, 49 do LIVERPOOL, October r8 -Messrs F W. Smythe & Co, Tobacco Commtss1on Merchants, report dunng the past week sales of dned leaf aud stnps for home use were of the usual retail character, and bemg, generally speakmg, selections for parucular wants, full pnces were Jla1d. Exporters to Afnca and to the Contment took a few lots at about prevwus quotatwns accordmg to qual ity. Smce ISt mstant, 1m ports 2,5s4 hhds; delivenes, I,092 hhds; stock, 28,IsS, agamst 18,676 same ttmelast year. Our C1rcular dated ISth i.nst, reports .-Dunng the first two weeks of this month manuiacturers have bought atnps and dry leaf for home use m the common da1ly re tall way to s1:1pply 1mmed1ate wants for spec1al purposes Exporters too have taken somethmg both for Afnca,and for the Contment, at abcut prev10us pnces, but dealers have done little or nothmg. From Board of Trade returns the followmg extracts, relaung exclusively to unmanufactured tobacco are taken -For the month endecl. 3oth September, I87 r, 1m ports, IO,I64 ,396lbs; home consumption, 3 ,43 r, 64o lbs.; exports, 6S1,rsslbs; IS7z, imports, s.4o6, :r:z:zlbs; home consumptiOn, 3,466,osolbs exports, r,n8,s67lbs, I87J, 1m ports, 14,637,8S6lbs; home consumptiOn, 3.7sz,6o4 lbs, exports, I,I9J,I6Slbs For e1ght months ended 3oth September, I871, imports, 6o,879,86slbs; home com.umptwn, 30,926,4r4 llts; exports, u,o2o,828lbs, 1872, 1m ports, 29,23o,84o lbs; home consumptwn, 3I,6741226lbs; exports, I0,62o,uslbs, 1873, Imports, 621I55.4I7ibs, home consump tion, 33,rs6,733lbs, exports, II,532,69olbs Statement of unmanufactJUred tobacco m all bonded warehouses m Umted Kmgdom 3oth September, 1873 _:-ln ISp, 12SS.790lbs, 1872, S7.79S,28olbs, 1873, 77,oS8,n1lbs. In the above 1t appears that each ofthe follow ing particulars had mcreased, as compared wtth those at same ttme last year. Imports, II2 64 Ioo per cent; home use; -4 68-Ioo per cent; !:xports, 8 6o-1oo per cent, stoc!Cs, 33 39Ioo per cent. LONDON, Octobe,. 23.-Messrs Grant, Chambers & CO. rep"rt. There has been a better mqutry m the mar ket dunng the past week, and home trade buyers have contmued to take such of the old Imports as they stand in need of for the1r present requtrements. There has been but little domg m the present Importation, good to fine tobacco of which 1s held at firm rates. Kentucky leaf and strJps contmue in fa1r demand; of the former there IS now but little suitable for export, and the stock of old tmport of the latter is now m a very small com pass. V1rgm1a I:.eaf and Stnps-Some of the recent import of leaf has been sold at low pnces, and for It 1ps of fine nch quallly there IS a good mqutry. Maryland and Oh10 contmue to be spanngly dealt m, fine bnght descr1pt10ns bemg only s ought after. Cavendish has been neglected, and rhere IS: nothmg new to report. CORRESPONDENCE Friendly Letter from the West. CINCINNATI, Octobt f 28, 1873 EDITOR oF ToBACCo LEAF -On my arr val home, I wtsh to express to yourself and Mr G,raff my sms,<;.re thanks for your kmdness in regularly me whtle m Eu rope your valuable paper Its perusal' afforded me a real pleasure, keepJng me posted as to w]uf was occur nng through the trade. I hall the pleasure of seemg THE LEAF m several cttles of and I found that 1t was h1ghly ap-prec1ated, as 1t'deserved, for 1ts rehable mformatwn and market quotatwns The clear views and sound conviCtions wtth refer-ence to revenqe matters, wh1ch you express so forctbly m your e d ttonals, meet wllh my most beatty and cordtal support I am glad to always find that, wh1le you are careful not to prema turely advocate changes whtch would embarrass trade, you adhere to the fundamental1dea that the rate of tax 1s stlll too h1gh and should be reduced. W1th th1s course of your paper I most heartily agree, and trust that the t1me w1l! yet arrive, and at no dtstant penod, \\hen an effort Will be made by the whole trade for a rate of ten cents. If that time arnves, I know that we can trust to you for most efficient aSSistance. I Intended to call upon you m passmg through New York, but found my hme fully occupted durmg the bnef stay. We have had a delightful tour through Europe, and found much, very much, to adm1re and apprectate. W1th best Wishes and regards, I remam yours, truly, TOURIST. Tbe Tobacco :Mannf"acturers aud the Panic.A Cheer_ing Rt"port. The Inbune of this c1ty has been mtervtewmg some of our leadmg c1ty tobacco manufacturers with the fol lowmg cheenng result From Inform a tion obtained yesterday by a Tn!;um reporter, 1t would seem that manufactunng tobaccomsts are generally much less affected by the prevathng dull tlmes than many other large branches of mdustry Messrs P. Lonllard & Co, of 16 Chambers S treet, em ploy 1,400 hands m the1r factones, and manufacture plug, fine cut, and smokmg tobaccos, and snuff. In all of these spectalues they report somethmg of a deprc s swn, but attnbute 1 t qmte as much to the recent meas ures adopted by the Government for the collectiOn ol taxes as to the pamc. For mstance, the1r tax payments to the Government dunng the past seven years have been, in round numbers, and have recently amounted to per month. These large pay ments have ordmanly been m ade by the usual methods of bank accommodauon but no w m pursua nce o[ m structJOns from \Vashmgton, all stamps mus t be pa1d for m greenbacks or currency. Th1s, m connectiOn wllh their cash expenses (averagmg per day) and de lay m makmg collections c o nstrain:. the fum to welc o me rather than regret the fallmg off m busmess that has been expenenced. In some of their factones the wo1k mg force ts now reduced to one half, but th1s 1s a matter of cho1ce rather than necessity, S they have large orders on hand unfilled Jobbers generally want goods on longer t1me than heretofore, but collectwns have been very fatr, although exchange IS htgh and som e delays have been expenenced. No fa1lures are reported among their customers as yet, but they have found Jt necessary to sus tam some of them by an extensiOn of thetr credtts Merchants generally, and those of the western States m particular, they believe have never been m better conditiOn to meet the1r obhgat1ons than now, and all seem ready and w1lhng to do so. Western customers are JUbilant over the abundant th1s season, and only need cur-rency to move them m order to giVe the bugmess of that section an unparalleled actw1ty They suggest that the Government m1ght relieve manufactur ers very much by allowmg tax recel to accept certl fied checks, thereby permtttmg currency to remam temporanly m bank for use m th1s ctty, mstead of sendmg It to Washmgton as IS at present reqmred to be done. The1r exp01ts have declmed m proportwn to the dechne m home trade, but th1s ts not an tmportant Item 1n thetr trade, from the !act that the almost prohibitory dut1es of foretgn governments on -manufactured tobacco confine the bulk of their exports to the West Ind1a and South Amencan markets. C. H. Lilienthal of No. 22I Washington Street, and No. S2 Barclay Street, manufacturers of cut tobacc0s and dealers in plug tobacco and snuff, have d tscharged no hands m consequence of the present financial condnwn ofthe country, and have expenenced no senstble dtm )nutton oftrade. Collectwns contmue to be satisfactory, although there 1s unusual delay occasioned by the banks refusmg to accept checks on depostt as hereto fore, and the consequent necesstty of returmng checks to the banks of customers for collectiOn. Exports are less than formerly, but th1s 1s to be attnbuted to the declme m gold rather than to any legttlmate conse quence of the pamc, and on account of the 1mmense amount of tobacco used by the labormg classes a per ceptible shnnkage m trade mtght properly be expected, because of the dearth of money mctdent te obtamed of anyshade, from pale brown to black It 1s only a thm leaf wh1ch can be eastly cured to a hght color. In Connecticut, it IS understood that very heavy mcreases the quanttty of the crop, generally at the expense of quahty as regards texture. It 1s a result of observatwn m our State as well as in Europe that the use of salt mcreases the crop, but With detn ment to 1ts burnmg quahty Potash salts, carbonate and sulphate, espectally, act benefictally on quahty, wlule the munate (chlonde) mJures the tobacco. Be yond these simple facts no general rules can be alduced from tl:ie various recorded of Schlor.smg and Nessler. The fact that the soil acts upon and essentially modifies the fert1hzer, sets a !unit to the practical value of such trials for purposes of generalization. In th1s Stale tl1ere ts a wtde-spread prejudtce agamst the use of fish or fish guano for manurmg tobacco fields, wh1ch IS based ostenstbly on the 1dea that fish fert1hzers contam much salt. In fact, however, fish gsano and fish scraps usually contam very little salt, less than Pernvtan guano, and many successful tobacco growers regularly employ fish m various forms as a part of the manurmg for the1r tobacco crop Companng Table II and III, we observe that the crops wluch contamed the most chlonne, N o s 4, 5, 7, 9, and r:z, were manu Jed w1tn stable or yard dung, mght s01l, guano (Peruv1an) phosphate, gypsum and tobacco s t alks The only sample manured wtth fish scrap, No 2, con tamed less than the samples JUSt enumerated, and the sample whi c h, of all, had the smallest content of chlorme, No.8, was manured w1th kelp, "Which contams four per cent of common salt, bemg m reality ncher m chlonne than any other fertilizer mcntwned m Table II. The has httle or no power to retam chlonne compounds, and when land IS hght and rests on a porous sub s01l, the ram carnes them off, espec1al1y the chlortde of sodtum (common salt) and the chlonde of calcmm How to Manure Tobacco -From "What has been pre sen ted prevwusly m th1s article, It 1s qmte clear that we must, m general, av01d employmg fert1hzers whtch con tam salt or other chlonne compound m raiSing wrappmg or smokmg tobacco. It 1s ev1dent, also, that there IS no occaswn to use any ferttlizer for the spectal object of supplymg phosphonc actd, smce the heav1est export of thts substance does not exceed ten pounds per acre annually It may be well to mention here that phos phates whtch may be put upon a tobacco field, m gu ano, etc, can not suffer waste by washmg out, and w1ll come to use when gtam or grass shall follow m the ro tatwn. Gypsum (sulphate of lime) IS a valuable apphcatwn to tobacco, not because It IS very largely taken up by the crop-for the greatest export of sulphunc acid, v1z 20 lbs per acre, 1s restored by so lbs. of plaster, and the greatest export of hme, 120 lbs, IS made good by 400 of the sulphate-but because sulpha te of lime dissolves m 400 limes 1ts we1ght of water, and may raptdly "Wash out of the porous tobacco lands, and es pecially because the solutiOn of sulphate of hme m the sot! Is a very effective agent m rendenng soluble and accessible to the potash and magnesta, which often ex1st m close locked combmatwn. The average annual ram-fall (snow mcluded) m our latitudes, IS no less than Io,oco,ooo pounds per acre Th1s enormous quanllty of water would be enough to dtssolve and wash out of the s01l 25,ooo lbs. of gypsum per acre, 1f It had 'ume to saturate Itself, and then flowed off. In fact, but a small proportion of the ram fall runs through and out of the sotl-:not more-than Io to ? O per cent, accord mg to 1ts porostty and SituatiOn ; but it IS plam that there 1s nothmg to hmder the w aste of a hundred pounds or more of gypsum per acre yearly, smce all m go to show that the soil has RO retammg power for sulphate of hme, as 1t h,as for potash and for phosphonc actd. In Nessler's expenments, gypsum had an excellent effect on the burnmg quality of the tobacco ra1sed under ItS apphcatwn-an effect, attnbu table, he believes, to the fact that th1s feruhzer often liberates potash m the sot!, as L1eb i g and Deheram have demonstrated, and 1s therefore equ1valent to an a pplicatiOn of potash, provided the latter actually ex Ists m the sOil. Potash 1s exported in the tobacco crop to the amount of 70 to So lbs per acre yearly, and IS reqmred for' the stalks to the extent of some so lbs, makmg a total of I 2o tQ IJO lbs As already mllmated, potash does not commonly waste from the Soil bywashmg. It ts seldom found m appreciable quanttty m well or dram water, and most sods absorb 1t and fix 1t so firm1y that water can remove it but very slowly. It does, however, ap pear m the Qram water from very heavily fields, though m small proportion. Stable or yard manure, on the average, contams one-half per cent. o(_ potash, or IO Jbs per ton. Twelve or th1rteen tons of stable 'ma nure would therefore contam the potash neealul to pro duce a crop. The dressing of 20 tons or cord,s o stable manure, per acre, which 1s often emEIO._}'j:d on to bacco, 1s doubtless enough to fully supply the crop, and the applicatiOn of addttlonal potash is apparently quite unnecessary. The employment of potash salts upon tobacco lands would therefore seem to be l!ncallecf for, unless the amount of st:1ble manute 1s greatly dtmin ished, or Its qual1ty IS very mfenor. In case, potash salts are to be applied, the best form to rri.!l,lte use of 1s the sulphate of potash, of wh1ch 2so lbs. contams IJS of potash Next to this IS probably the carbonate of pota.h-t. e the ordmary potash of commerce, whtch contams some 70 per cent. of potash; 200 lbs of thts would be suffictent for an acre To apply )t, I would suggest breakmg 1t up .mto sm:>ll pieces, and soakmg It m two or three umes 1ts wetght of water untiL the lumps crush easily, and m1xmg these w1th so much ground gypsum as will make a mass dry enough to handle MANILA, August r8 -Messrs Ker & Co's pnce current reports-Leaf Sobacco-Yesterday 4,6oo qum tals of the 187 I crop were offered at aucnon, constsn n g of 6oo qumtals No I and 900 quintals No 2 Cagayan and 2,soo qumtals No. 1 and 6oo qumtals No 2 Isabela, at the reserved puces of per qumtal of No z and foE No. 2 Cagayan, and $39 44 for No.I and l:r5 for No. 2 Isabela. The Nos 2 Cagayan and !sa bela were all sold at the reserved prices, and no offers were made for the other descnptlons On the I 7th inst. the Government announced an auctwn of Is,ooo qum tals of the I872 crop for the I 7th of September, cons1st-1 he "Ka1mte," or "Potash Dung Salts," whtch tams some 15 to zo per cent. of potash, Lut also xo per A LARGE FARMER-HE SMOKES AND CHEWS -A cor-cent or more of chlonhe, IS not SO good for leaf tobacco, respondent of the Cleveland Herald g t v e s an account and least of all to be recommended, IS the chlonde of of Eh]ah Messe, of Tuscarawas Co, Oh10, who IS now potassmm (munate of potash), whtch IS nearly half 6s years old and weighs over 400 pounds. He has chlonne lived on the farm he now occuptes smce 18 3 I and 1 s Magnesea IS an element wh1ch is abundantly provided sa1d to have been a very good farmer. \Vhile drmks for m stable manure, every ton of wh1ch, according to no liquor, 1t 1s stated that he 1s :an mveterate smoker the analyses on record, contams some 3 lbs of th1s sub m wmter, and chews tobacco both m summer and stance. winter. L:me.-Th1s element is supplied m relahve abun-dance m stable manure, the averageton of which con tams some IS lbs. We have seen tha 6oo lbs. of gyp sum contam as much lime as the average tobacco crop guano, dry fish, and superphosphate, each contams some 5 to IO per cent. of hme. There is, furthermore, httle likelihood that any sotlmtended for tobacco would not of 1tself contam enough hme to support the crop. Lune m the caustic state has, however, a value mde. pendent of 1ts d1rect nutnhve power, wbtch 1s well worth the atteiltlon of the tobacco-ra1ser o{ this I shall write bnefly m a subsequent ered established, then, that-at any rate m the case"of moderately heavy soil such as that at Rothamsted, only manures reqmred for the productwn of good corn crops, for a number of--years in successiOn, are such as w1ll supply certam mmeral constltlllents and mtrogenthe latter either m the form of ammonia salts, or mtrate of soda. BALTIMORE, Mo.-Ed. Wischmeyer & o Tobacco Comm1ss10n Merchants; Mr. Hy lVIschmeyer adm1tted firm name unchanged. Rem.ovals, BALTIMORE, ltv -Ed Wischmeyer & Co, Tobacco CommiSSion Merchants, from 49 South Charle s St to 39 South Calvert St. Auction Sa.lPK N1trogm m absolutely dry New-England tobacco leaf ranges from 3.2 to s I per cent., or 4 24 as t e av erage This llOa larger proport10n than ex1sts m any of our ordmary field crops, except the seeds of legumes The gram of wheat and red clover hay contam when dry scarcely per cent, and they all other usually ra1sed vegetable products, except the leguml nous seeds. The pea and bean confam when dry 4 5 to 4 7 per cent. of, mtrogen. The acreage export of m trogen 1s nevertheless not large, accordmg to the data of our tables. It should be remembered, hewever, that the average export as given m Table III IS denved from I Th h BY GIRARD B ETTS & CO, STORES NO 7 OLD SLIP five samples on y ere are reasons to suppose t at th1s result IS too low T];}e sample No 6 (Wells, WethftND I04 PEARL ONE DOOR fi ld) h h t d th h h t ( ) FROM HANOVER SQLUARB. ers e 'w tc con ame e tg es 5 II per cent Wednesday Nov 5 -Corks-r4 bal es soda corks. of mtrogen was not mcluded m the averjlge estimate 0 because, the crop bemg dam!lged by pole sweat no r e live Otl-5o cases olive oil. S H Syru p 1 0 bbls s. turn of its quantity was made. If we assume tHat the h. syr:.up. Claret, etc -u cases clar e t wme, ro c a s e s crop No. 6 was equal to the crop off the same field the champagne Wh!sky-3 bbls :1 Bourbon w h tsky. prevwus year-No s-say r,s7o lbs 'then the contents Thursday, Nov 6, at II o'clock, within the store, wi nes, of the leaf would be So lbs of n)trogen, and of the ltquors, ,etc -General assortment. Catal ogues and k l f lb F h samples on mornmg of sale Saturday, Nov S, a t r stalk 4 lbs rna mg a t ota 0 I 20 s uri ermore, o'clock, P. M, at the auction ro:om, for a cc o u n t o f 1t IS not Improbable that tobacco loses mtrogen dunng h t:: n 1 h whom 11 may concern.-Steamboat Urbana-Stde wheel the curmg. It 15 t ere ore more t an posstb e t at the double engme steamboat Uibana, ISS feet lo ng, reg i s stated average content of mtrogen, and the average export of the same, are somewhat below the tered 285 tons, together wtth [tackle, apparel, e t c as she now lies at p1er 48, N R truth Assuming, then, for the present that the export of 01 BY BURDETT & DENNIS, STORE NO I 13 PEARL STREETj f S Jb b J f HANOVER Sct_UA.RE trogen m our avetage crop 0 1 00 5 to acco ea IS wednesday, Nov 5, at I2 o'clock, wtthm our store, but so lbs, Jet us cons1der what are1 the supplies of th1s f, f h 0 1 1 element in the usual ferllhzmg applicatiOns. Mr. Alden or account 0 w om It may concern-o on g e as-Ioo packages Oolong tea. Also, Ale and Porter-8 Smtth alone, of the ten gentlemen, who have supplied bl 1 d tobacco for analys1s, has gtven a fa1rly prec1se statement b s a e an porter. Also, (for account of whom It may o{ tlie quantity of manure to the crop of whtch concern ) Rtggmg-Lot standmg nggmg, sail s, blocks, etc. Caboose-r sh1p's caboose, complete ( F or ac sample No 4 was a part. The acre recetved 9 cords of count of whom 1t may concern ) Bay horse, I7 hands stable manure, I,soo of superphosphate, ana 400 lbs. of h1gh, 7 years old, good famtly or coupe, to be sold wtth guano, and the crop was very near the average on out reserve Fnday, Nov 7, at I2 o'clock, w 1thm our which our calculatwn of the export of tobacco IS based Taking Wolff's est1mate of mtrogen m stable manure, store -MEngdbshLTerra Alba-4o bags terra alba, sto red f at I6o a1 en ane, 40 tcs do d!o 501 Washin g t o n St.; VIZ, o 53 per cent., and the wetght 0 a cord at 2 tons, I7 tcs, 99 bags terra alba, stored at ; 276 South St. we have in it I9o lbs of mtrogen. The phosphate, at 1 lb d Sound, m good order, and can be seen:as above 1 Also, 2 per cent would Y1 e d 3 s an the guano, at 10 Table. Salt. 33 .cases table salt, each contammg twelve per cent contamed 4 lbs' makmg a total of 260 lbs IO lb packages Also, C1der Vmegaf-I, ooo gall ons of mtrogen supphed m the manure. Of th1s quantity d about 3I per cent IS found again m the crop of leaf and pure Cl er vmegar Also regular sale of C Qtto n reJeC-tiOns, ptckmgs, etc stalks, whtle 0nly 19 per cent. of 1t il m the leaf, and I?. per cent. may be returned to the so li m the BY JOHN H. DRAPER & co SIORE No. II2 J T l PEARL STREET, HANOVER SQ.UARE. stalks he ca cutatwn suggests a very Important m Wednesday, Nov. 5, at 12 o'clock, noon, m 'front of qutry We have seen that the heavy of stable R 1 manure contam more phosphene ac1cl, potash, magne-store.-egu ar semi sale of cotton T hursday, Nov. 6, at I2 o clock, noon, m our store, for a cc ount of s 1 a, and It me, than the tobacco crop can carr y off. The wh m 11 may concern B b Wh k bbl r 1 1 o .-our on 1s y-2 s s only other d1rectly ,erlllZlng e ement whtch stable rnaB b h k M b nure contams, that can make 1ts use necessary or ad-our on w IS y, cRo ert's brand Tea Sale-soo vantageous, IS l'ltrogen Now this element m stable half chests of chotce teas, usu a l vanety, sound and manure IS rather expensiVe, 1f the farrer has to.J>ay stamed Carolma Rlce-36 tcs Carolma Rice, so und, cash for it, for the ton con tams but IO lbs. of and 111 fine lbags Rw coffee Fn-h 1 day, Nov. 7, at 12 o'clock, noon, m our s t ore A loe all told, and the larger s are IS m a ess active state Ftbre-uo bales aloe fibre, in sound condttt o n Steam. er's Furniture-Mattresses, pillows, blankets, etc, from questwns then anse I st. Is et needful to ust so muc h a steamer, all sound and m good order \Veanesday nztro"en 7 and 2d. Can ,tot other ferltlt zers be economtNov 12 at I 2 o clock, noon, ,at the Broadway navy 0 yard, by or:ler of VIce Admual C Rowan, the hull of cally substzluted for stable manure? S f I the Umted tates steamer Nevada, of about 2 ooo tons The large quanttty o mtwgen t 1at IS applied, above that whtch the crop conta'1ns, may be necessary be measurement. Inventory to be seen on application to cause, Jst, but part of It IS m an available conditiOn; the Vtce Admtral 30 per cent. of the purcha s e money f must be at time of sale. See offictal a d v erttseo r 2d, because there IS a great waste o nitrogen dument. nng the growth of the crop Fortunately, we are not reduced to mere speculation on th1s important topic, but have, 10 the mvesttgatlon of Messrs and THE KENTUCKY CROP.-The tobacco crop o f our Gtlbert, of England, some well authenticated facts county says the Edgevtlle Teleg'l"ajh of October 14th, whtch serve to show the true state of the case The has all been cut and housed, and our planters are now followmg paragraphs are quoted from a paper read by safe from the effects of frost The crop, as we have John Bennett Lawes, Esq, before the Maldstone Farm-before sa1d, 1s a good one, and planters are antlctpatmg ers' Club, December, 1870, and entitled "Scientific large pnces We are frequently asked what tobacco Agnculture Wllh a V 1 ew to Profit:" wtll be worth th1s season, and we can only answer m "Arr,ong the results of the Rothamsted feld expen defimtely. Tobacco, unlike food products, 1s no t alto there IS one fact whtch stands out mth the great-gether controlled m value by the laws and demandf est posstble prommence, v1z, that certam substances, but havmg grown to be an article of essential specula whJch constitute a very small proportiOn of the crops, tiou It IS measurably subjected to the fluctuating Laws of exert a very stnkmg mfluence on thetr growth, when stocks The d1fft:rence Js, that stock$ are subjeCt to employed as manures. Thus mtrogen, 10 the form of datly and hourly changes, while tobacco 1s pushed up ammoma salts, or mtrate of soda, used m admtxture by the Bulls one season, and pressed down by the Bears With superphosphate of hme, and applied to the Roth-the next. IS why we,Crequently hear tobacco deal amsted sou when, m an agncultural sense, m a state of ers talk about off years m tobacco. If w e may, how exhaustiOn-that 1 s when 1 t 1 s unfit to grow another ever predtcate an optmon upon newspaper reports of gram crop Without manure-wlil yield a full crop of the condition and of the crop JUSt cut,. we corn and With a repetitiOn of the manure each vear would fix the ruling pnces for thts season at a constaerwlil to do so for many years 10 successiOn: able advance over those of last season It 1s clearly to "For example. a mixture of 300 lbs. of superphos-our mterest that the, planter should get at least a JUSt phate of lime and zoo lbs. of ammoma salts, applred value for h t s prodllce, and therefore we take occaswn tc;J every year for nmeteen years, has y1eldedalmost ex :ldvtse htm of the probablltl!es of such a reahzatwn actly the same amount of barley as 300 lbs. of super phosphate of lime and I ooo lbs. of rape cake, or as 14 tons of dung, applied annually for the same period Each of"the three 'has giVen an:average of about fortyetght bushels-or s1x quarters of barley and 28 cwts. of straw. Nttrate of soda has not been used m sum Jar combnatwn for so long a penod, but It may be as sume(! l:h:at If, m place of the 200 lbs of ammoma salts, 27 s lbs. of mtrate of soda had been employed every year w1th the superphosphate of lime, almost identically the same result would have been obtamed "Now let us compare the quantity of certam constltu ents m forty-etght bushels of barley and 1ts straw, with that of the same constituents contained in the above named d1fferent kmds of m :mure whtch wtll produce it "The followmg table 1llusuates the pomt. tot c ft1fo) t'o e WANTED .. -A S 1t u a tt o n by an b oo k kee p e r can g1ve the b est c 1ty r e f e r e nces, has had ma:ny y ea.r8 e xperience Address, 4S4 d A Y D T o BAcco L EAF OFFIC E WE O}'FR FOR SALE FIFTY (50) CASES OLD CLEAN CONNECTICUT CUTTINGS WANCLER & HAHN, 290 &. BO'\VERY. FOR SALE! Pounds Genume "DEER TONGUE" Flavor for SMOKING TOBACCO manufactuers, m lots t o SUlt p ur chasers at LOWEST figures MARBURC BROS., 14a, 14'7 c!t s.c ltl!lrlea St., BALTI.IIIORE, M. D'" CERMAN CICA R MOULDS. A NEW FABlUCATE. A :i iE to h J b co .o 8 t tr 66 ,...,_ S6 ConStdered the best fin11hed Moulds that ever came to th1s m a rk e t to. 4 uUS e s aney anu 2. cw s. s aw,. 4.5 1"" whut h we'lnv>te Cigar Manufacturers to e.:amme l A Sample Lot of all si .... 14 tons farm-yard manure, 8,540 868 aoo Is at haad and for Sale cheap m Lola to sontpurcbaaen. 1,ooo tbs. rape cake, 8io 8o so CHRIST"OPH WITTE CO., 200 lbs ammorua salts, +I 27(J lbs. otrate soda,.. 41 CommiSSion Merchants, 451 4t 200 Gnoeawtdl ._...,, IewYork. "Thus of dry orgamc matter the crop would contam abouf 4 ,566 lbs., or rather more than two tons. Of ""H OYAL LOTTERY such substance, the annual dressmg of dung would sup-u,ooo DKA.WN EVERY l'J BAYII. PJy nea!Iy tWICe as much and the rape Cake not one-Cl ... 910 to be drawn Aug .3o, dl731 Olass9'3 to be drawn O c t IlkJ. u 911 .. Sept 17 u II 914 u Nov 8 Ct fifLh as mucb as the cro.p-eontamed j Whilst the ammo" o" Oct 4; 9'5 Nov a6: n1a salts, or mtrate of soda, would ,supply none at all. WH ONLY Hal aad Qaarters on Proportion Ot mine1 al matter, agam, the dung would annually sup4 H -t9S P A. ER c!t ply very much more, and the rape cake very much less, Bo:r.t034o or Jro. 35 au St., New 'ork tnan the crop contamed. Of mtrogen, too, the dung ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY would contam from three to four times as much as the tuo,ooo DRA.WN EVERY n DAYS. crop, whtlst neither the rape cake, the ammoma salts, GERl'IIAN GOVERNMENT LOTTERIES. nor the mtrate would con tam as much as the crop oue Pnze m Average om Two Tockets Praebcally, then, we obtam the same quantity of corn Pnzes cashed and wfonuatJon slven THEODOR Z8CHO<:H, or straw, whether we supply much more or much less P o Box 6o8o. 1 -4851 u6 Nassau St. New'""" orgamc matter to the sod, th4n the crop contams, or even none at all. In fact, more than 90 per cent of the really dry substance of the crop may be denved, either dtrectly or mdtrectly, ftom the a1r and water, and not from the substance of the sOil 1tself or of the ma nure "A similar result is brought out even more stnkmgly m the expenments on the contmuous growtth of wheat To one plot, m the expenmental wheat field, fourteen tons of farm yard dung per acre, have been apphed an nually for twenty-seven y"ars m successiOn; but the amount of produce y1elded by It 15 exceeded by that from mixtures of mmeral and mtrogenous manure sup plymg no organic matter whatever. It may be cons1dQOPE' S TOBACCO PLANT-A MONTHLY JOURNAl tor e m okers P ub llhed at No 10 Lord Nelaon street, L verpoo l LD3 laud w uere Hllhsoripti ons ma.y be addressed, or to the To:a&o oo LEAF usn o x. !'nee two sll!lllngo (EDgll eb) per annum. Q rra.Ue A d vertisements, 20 Bll1 Wnga per :bleJL No aderilaement! reoeivel for & toborter period iha.n 1i1 month 1fa.chine17 t o r Sale Dll elness Addrea s es, Annouocemcnt8, &o. 18 \)er Uno. No f o r Advertieklg W1IJ b e COD aidered, unlee:a ace ompmied b7 the e:.::rl'"&lponding amou.nL T lxis wU invariably be adhered to. FOREIGN DUTIES ON TOBA.COO In Austria, France, Italy and SpalB the tobacco c ommerce 18 m o n opolized by government, unde r dtrectlo n of a Repe In Germany the duty on A, mer can leaf tobacco ts thalers per Joe lbs In Belgium tbe Impost is rec k oned after deducting IS p e r cent. for tare 'Tbe duty ts 13 fra n cs, 2o centlmea fS:a.40 g&Jd) per 100 KUogr;unmes (oo A merfcan lbs equal sM" kilos) )a Rolland the duty 1a :)8 cents gold, roo ktlos (::a8c Amcrlc: m pnuuf bemg equal to U?kiloa ) In R1M181a the duty on leaf tobacco ls "' rout lH -10 kopeks per pud on amoking tobacco 36 1rou OI>DC..


-' TRE 'l:OBA..CCO THE VIRGilll.lTOBACCO AGENCY, SPENCE BROTHERS &. CO., EsT,.,BL3lHED 'IN 1836, BY CHARLES M. CoNNOLLY. liiANl!P'Ji.CTVRERS OF THE CELEBRATED I .. -. CONNOLLY ci co., COIIMISSION MERCHANTS I IN \!.eaf. and, ufactured Tobacco, 0 45 WATER NEW YORK. We respectfully call i.he attentiin of the trade to the following Standard Brands of Manufacture d To_bacco.: POUNDS-II AND 121NCH: WINE SAP, GOLDEN I!IJILl L GALLEGO, PREIUilJ. I MORNIJ!I"G STAR, FOUR ACE, WINSTON HENRY CO, 'I'WlN SISTERS, T.\.LLY HiJ I ROYAL STANDARD, ete. I BRICHT AND DARK-4s, 6s, AND Td-IICKS. PEARL, DEW BORODil'IA., PEABODY, CHAMPA-GNE, l WATER LILY, 'DIADEM, BLACKB, ;RD, l QEA lUNG, YACHT CLUB, APROPOS, etc., .etc, TWISTS-12, 9 AND 6 INCH. GAME COCK AND HENRY CO. ROUGH AND READY IN DRUMS. OOLLY VARDEN, CABLE, BONA FIDE, CHAMPA-GNE, :FOUR ACJiil, AU-FAJ.T, BEJi"iON &I; BONNS, GREGO&YS, Dl VERJI'ON, et.s. 'il_ FANCY TOBACCO!IJ UCHT PRESSED, etc. AMBROSIA, .And Various other Bra1Uh of' Fine-Cut Chewing & Smoking Tobaccos, 32 and 54 EAST 'l'mn.D STREET, CINCINNATI, o. Being located at the GREAT_ LEAF' MARKET for CuTTING ToBACCo, our faci!itres for supplying the TRADE with ALL GRADES OF -C:FINE-CUT and SMOKING are unsurpassed. Ex. .l;ioa.Ton. 1'. J, 5LI'I.UGHT.ER. B H. WtsnoM. EDWARD M. WRIGHT & CO. neral Commission -NORTON, SLAUGHTER & CO., -TOBACCO & CoTTON F!CTORS, mfD 38 Broad Street, General Merchants, 0. 4858, NEW YORK 41 BI!.O.Am S'.t'.i.'EET, 'N.Y. & CO., COM MlSS.IO. N MER AN r s; 104 ,FRONT. STREET, ,.. T .._ M.} DOHAN, }' {TH0S. CARROLL, ALEX. FORMAN. ..._. Toaa.. JNO. T. TAITT. A[ents for the followin[ Well-known Mannfactnrers : d. B. PAC'E, Y ARBROUCH & SONS, I J. H. CRANT & CO., JOHN ENDERS, TURPIN & BROTHER, .'. B. & CO. L. H. FRAYSER & CO. B. Y!. H. CREANER, CARY EDWIN WILSO'N, THOMAS HARDCROVE, J. R. PACE & CO. RACLAND & JONES, RACLAND & TOSH, WALKER, TAYLOR & CO. WINNIE & TALBOT, L. W. WISE, R. A. PATERSON & CO. J. P. WILLIAMSON, L. LOTTIER. :kolL DORADO, ESliiERcluDA, PIGMY, ".P L l RO!U1 BUFFALO CliiPS, STRAITON & STO-RM, I .t '1.. "' Sole Agents in New York for BONNE BOUCHE, 4s. ss. and Pocket Pieces PAN CA....__.., GOLDEN 1\0DS, GOLD BARS etc. illr ge of other brands in r 1 and Dark and Brigh t, t, ;, 4s, ss, I ,os. Double Thrcks and Fancy Tobacc1 to w.h1ch we mvtte the attenfon ot the trade. Mk)."UF ACTURERS OJ' Also Agents for John W. Carroll's Celebrated Smoki ng Tobaccos, F. c. LINDE. C. C. HAMILTON. G._F. LINDB. S MARCOSO. R AsHC!tpF'T .. NE"'\V' YORK DEALERS IN LoneJackaBrownDick,etc, N 0. 191 PEARL STR ET, New York. rn dark to qur "Thistle" Brand, so widely known in many parts of our SEED-LEAF .. ToBAcco INSPECTION. TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. given for cas e and delivered case by case-, as to number of Certificate. N. B.-WE ALSO SAMPLE IN MERCHANTS' OWN STORES. F. tc CO., RINCIPAL OFFICE-142 Water Street. AREHOUSES-14-2 Water, 1.73 Front, 74-, 7'6 & '18 Green..'wvleh Street, and 1, 2, 70 olio 8 Hudson River Rail Road Depot, St. Johns Park, BO"WNE & FRITH, 7 BURLING SLIP, NEW YORK, Tobacco CoJDJDission Merchants Sole Proprietors of the Celebrated Brands of Smoking Tobacco: Honey Bee, Early Dew, Prafrte Blossom, Red River, Powhattan, Enterprise, Old Kentuck, Old Lor; Car.Jn, Cow Slip, Planters' Choice Pioneer of the West, Sunny Boutb, Brand, Hone-y "Dew. -Also Sole .(!gent s for the United Stako for J".P. & CO.'S GOLD FLAKE. M. .TOBAOCO COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 'r _84 FRONT STREET, NEW .YORK, lf_n recezvmg dzrect _f',-om _VIRGINIA and NORTH CAROLINA,J onsignL.:. o_f SMOKING TobacMs: ,.. V. MART I N.E Z Y B 0 R, M P 0 R T EJL9 F T 0 B A c ELPRINCIPE-DEGALESBRANDOFHAVANAAN;DKEYWEST,1 1 : 26 CEDAR STREE.T, NEW YOKK. : J--:: RICHEY tc BONIFACE, /,l'o ba.cco CommiSsion Merchants, 86 J:'RONT STREET, NEW YORK, / nAgents for the principal o f Plug a.nd Smoking Tobacco of Virginia aDd North Caroli n a. SSole Gfoptd1 Flakde, SLo\e. Among the Roses_, Devon and other favo(ite Brands of Smoking Tobacco. pecJa ran so ug an mokmg Tobacco furms hed on application. Blakem, ore, Mayo & Co., 7. AR BURLING SLIP, NEW YORK. G. FALX. A. FALK. r L -ABELS, COMPLETE TC;i;ANY, D J ifR1E D-:T 0 R Y Co u ntry for its beauty of wmkmanship, delicacy of chew, etc., we would invite the attentio:J. of J obbers ; alway s on hand in lbs., half lbs., threes, pocket pieces ; etc. tl\ -CERMAN TABAKZEITUNC, ORGAN OF THE GERMAN TOBACCO ASSOCIATION, A-WEEKLY NEWSPAPER CIRCULATING IN AUSTRIA, HOLLAND, BELGIUM DENMARK, SWEDEN, RUSSIA, ITALY, AND GERMANY. Solely devoted to the Difl'erent Branches of the Tobacco Trade of the German Empire. Reliahle jnarketprices, complete lists of stock on hand, imports and exports of odl ports and cities PRJ:CB,. DOLLARS .. American Currency, 0r 6 Thalers, Prussian c&rrency r Adve1Usements, $40 j'or 10 lines one year. For and Advertisements, address -J. G. Otnce of: THE TOBACCO LEAF;-i42 Fulton. St., Ne-w .York City. WOLF PEISER, Editor and Propnetor, LIDtenstr So Berhn, Germany. M. SALOMON, E. SALOMON,f/) M. & E. SALOMON, PACKERS OF SEED LEAF, AND IMPORTERS OF Havana Tobacco and 85 MAIDEN LANE, N. Y. Dealer m J ahnna anb J inhnccns, ''-> MILLSTBE:ET, Rochester. N. Y. TBE JOBBING BOUSE OF TBE WEST. F. E. GERNIIARDT cl= CO., OF xo6 LOCUST0STREET, ST. LOUIS, MO., Having completed arrangements, ha'lOLPII 11!!101111.. 11117Rlfi!TIII>I; STROHW &, REITZENSTEIK, .lLSO M1LU8 lll DOMESTIC .AJUJ IllP0'1'09 or FORE'IGN TOBA.OOc.. -I 76 Fronti.Street, N.Y. LITHOG RAP:HERS, or -r & 34 VESEY STREET, 1\TEW YORK T b .._d., 0 NO. 44 BROAD ST AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. 0 acco an 1gar NEW YORK. F.tW. TATGERBORST, THOMAS KIJRICDTT, ---: O::li" l73WaterSt., l73WaterSt., G. DAVIDSON & CO. T 0 B .. ':. c c 0 ond Virginia United. N.Y. E. CARPLES, N.Y. MANUFACTURE!tS OF iHIIRAL MiD CHAIT. Leaf Tobacco e -. Enaland, \ Fiile Segars, 68 ltROAD STREET, NEW YORK. CUTHRIE & CO., flflfS JI'BQNX tsrBEEX, OKMISSION MERCHANTS, .lND 'l'OBAOOO I'RIIBBJIR8, o. aa Broad Street, 'VIr ales AND ALL KINOS OF 176 South St., LEAF TOBACCO. NEW Y 0 RK. SCOU&Dd, Cigars taken on Commlsslon and N E W y 0 R K. j, Me. J. BENSEL & co., Hamburg, JOHN H. FLOOD .. 10 DEFEYS'l'Ei S'l'UET, An'ftwerp, IIPErfiiBS. Rotterdam, Amsterdam, !Sucoe-r to G. W. LANGHORNE It CO., Manufacturer ofthe followin&' Celebrated Brands of llelbou.rne, preooed In bales tor the West Indleo. storage provided In FiratClau Warehoues, Coatral American Ports, andotlhermarket!. CerliBcatea issued and Cases c!ellvered Sydney. VIRGINI A SMOKING TOBACCOS, J e:fferson Street, between 7th and 8th, 'l'OBACCO PACKliD "{ HOGSHEADS. llingly or in lots. A. D. CBOCKLEY, COMMISSION MERCHANT, And Leaf Toba cco Dealer, NO. 168 PEARL STREET, NEW YOR .6.119, corner Thirteenth and Cary Streets, RICHMOND, Va,, 8ollita Ooue11fUtnent8 fol' the Bew York Houee.. lGIUJI A. VBGA 6 B&Q. -lla'W'aD.a To'bacoo .. ....... 1'08K,. TB1I FIBST OOMPLBTB PUBLICATION OF TBB KIND EVER ISSUED. CONTAINS OVER TWENTY THOUSAND N!IES. Price of the Directory, --Five Dollars" "THE TOBACCO LEAF" PUBLISHING COMPANY, 142 l'ultoa Sboeet. New York. VIRGil\TIA. Bob White, in Cloth, Deer Ham, in Clo th, Johnny R eb, in Cloth Westward Ho! in Cloth, Aunt Sallie's Choiae, in Cloth Rustic Belle ion Cloth, Dew Drop. in Cloth, JoHy Boy, in Cloth Old White Hat, And other Choice Grades. All Branda of our Tobaccos packed in cases to snit purchasers, FREE OF EXTRA CHARGE. and in tbe new and popular style of Packages to suit tb:e dift'rent markets ol tho world. FACTORY No.6. FIFTH DISTRICT. EDWIN K.A TTES._, 122 &!elp:bia., Apnt for tht Zaatera &u4 l&1ddle States, Ohio aDil Kicbl,glll. __.: NOV.S lf Commis&ion BU'LKLEY MOORE & CO. VIRGINIA '14 FBONT Street. KREMELBERG & CO., 160 PEARL ST., New YoRK. J. D. KREIIIIELBRG & CO., BALTIMORE, MD. KREIIIELBERG, SCHIEFER & CO., NEW ORLEANS, LA. M. H. LEVIN, IMPOBTBB UP KAVAN! And Dealer in all kinds o \ LJCAF TO:BACCO, 162 PEARL ST., NEW YORK WALTER, FRIEDMAN & FREISE, IMPORTl!.R.S OF HAVANA TOBACCO 2 .03 Pearl Street, NEW YORK. CHAS. F. TAG & SON, lmporters ol SPANISH, and Dealers In all kinds o! LEAF TOBACCO, :1.84 Front St'reet, &. REISMANN & COl hnt AND DEALERS IN' ..LL X.INDS o LEAF TOBACCr 179 PEARL STREB':', B.-PfM and C'dar street.., ousuv ........ AJlll, t 1\T:EW yon coo .. .,.'Y..,K .... ..._._,.,.18. ( .J.'4" N. LACHENBRUCB & BR0.1 No. 164 Water Street, New_;z'ork, WHOLESALE DEALERS !i-/ HAVANA & DOMESTIC Leaf Tobacco. M. WESTHEIM & 00., PACJ::!:J.S OF Seed-Leaf and Importers of Havana Tobacco, 1 7'2' Pearl Street, NEW YORK. M. OPPENHEIMER. & BRO DEALERS IN SEED, LEAF AND HAVANA TOBACCO, 138 WATER STREET, NEWXORX, E. M. CRAWFORD & CO., ; TOBACCO ) 1Atoi;D I 168 WATER STREET, NEW H ve OB eale all kinds ot Lei>.! Tobaeeo for Eltport and for Home use.. OTTINGER & BROTHER, KENTUCKY LEAF TOBACC0,45 BROAD NEW YORK. -WILLIAX M. PRICE & CO., LEAF TOBACCO, 119 Maiden Lane, Wx. M PRrCB, l F. A. JAYNE. f JOS. MAYER'S SONS, Qtommlssion "trthalltl, .um Da&LBU D( Lo01.1 l22 JY .d.TBM BTBllBT, New York. SPENCER BROS.: & CB CODISSION DRCRANTS, -Dealers ht Leaf' Tobacco No. "2'5 Maiden Lane. N .. YORK. 2, Jl, IPENCIII:L C. C .SPUCER. A. SPUCBa --


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SUTRO & NEWMARK, JllANUJ!'ACTUBERS OF C :1: G :A. IIECr S, .AND DEALERS IX TOB.A.CCO,. NEW YORK. ()RICE PASTE AND ROOT. TIIE U:t:l'Di!:R$I.GNED OFFERS TO THE TRADE BOO'l'' AND Tim FOLLOWING BlWmS OF LICO!UCE 'PAS'Ill : J. V. ABAZOGLU A. SEFIRI4RDI. APOLLO. THE-TOBACCO,.. OBJECT OF THE lector1 to' be affixed to a like number of packages of hiS TOBACCO IN MrssouRI.ISSUE OF SILVER. manufactured tobacco inteo.ded for export, and ac;tually In my last I promised, writes exported in obedience to the requirements of an act of a correspondent from Char-As there appears to be some misapprehension on the Congress of the United States, of July 20, r868, and of ,.. the proper pface for such examination. The Assistant United States District Attorney conducted the defence, and the jury found a verdict for the defendant; THE NEW CROP. iton County, Mo., to the part of the public in relation to the purpose of the Gbvan amendatory act of June z8p, which said acts of Countty Gmtleman, to speak ernment in payng out silver coin, the following explana-Congress iii so far as they require the purchase and af of the cultivation of a crop tion has been furnished by the Director of the Mint : fixing of such export stamps by said plaintiff being in According to the Department of Agriculture "tlae which is recognized as the In this as in other countries where gold is the sole conflict with article 1st, section 9th, clause 5th of the general average for tobacco in September was about 90. c,-op of this vicinity-our standard or measure of vall!e, silver coins are overvalConstitution of the United States, then tl).e_ plaintiff is This crop was about average in Georgia, Florida, Ala county having at the St. ued, for the purpose of rendering them inexpq_rtable. entitled to recover the amount paid by him for said exbama, Texas, and Tennessee, and average in West Vir Louis Tobacco Fair of last They are manufactured and issued on government acport stamps. ginia. In New England the crop was m Massacha spring received more than count, the law, however, placing, directly, or indirectly, This important case, involving the constitutionality of setts and 90 in Connecticut. In the former State it ri one-third the. gross amount a limit ori the issue, to prevent redundancy. If issued, an act of Congress requiring an export stamE on topened two weeks earlie'r than usual in some places. Ia of pre m i u m s ( 10,ooo) in times of specie beyond the requirements of bacco, will now go to the Supreme Court of the U mted Pennsylvania and Maryland it was seriously injured by awarded, competing there-the public for cnange, such c6ins will not' mainta-in their States. It is important both in view of the large amount late raim;, very greatly' reducing its condition and yield. for not only with the other purchasing power with th'e standard .coins. Owing to of money involved and the fact that this The same causes operated in Virginia and North Car() counties in this but various causes in this and countries silver has declause of the Constitution against a tax on the exports !ina, though to a less extent. In many counties the also with the other States in clinect'in value to a point at which the government can between the States and foreign countries \Vill for tb.e J?lanting was very ,.late, but with g ood fair weather the the Mississippi Valley This purchase it with gold, manufacture it into small coin and first time brought before that high tribunal for judicia.! ex p ected to m:tke a good crop. In Gadsden is a crop in the cultivation pay it oat at a fai( rofit. 'flle govern,!llenfbas recently construction. County, Florida, the cultivation of Cuba tobacco has be of which 'labor is the capital purchased ;a qyantity of silver ullion, sufficient for its Involvibg; mo eover, a most important revenue mea-come g uite exten s ive. In tb.e Gulf States and Tennes employed, and it thus bepurposes, at cents per standard ounce, and will sure of the Govemment, it will doubtless be see the crop was qutte succe s sful, but in the Northwest comes appropriately the manufacture it into coin at the fixed legal rate of 124 of the Attorney General of the States to adern "-nd P a cific States the crop was below average. gen poor man's crop. The 4 'ro cents !per ounce, the difference betwee n tbe purvance this case on the docket of the Supreme Court, m rally." amount of land required is chasing and issuing r a te being within a fraction of order that it may have an early hearing. The October Report remarks in detail as follow3 :-small, the tools necessary to twelve cents per ounce, or about ten and a half per cent. The month of September appears to have been, on the successful cultivation but on the gold coin paid in the,.purchase. This operation THE ROBERTSON COUNrY, TEN. w'hole, favorabl e to the maturity of the crop in New Engfew, and the cost thereof is believed to be a mortprofitabl::l one for the Treas, NESS.CO E, TOBA.CCO FAIR, land, Middle and South Atlantic States, all of which extrifling. Unlike other ury, and also more advantageous to the public, in the cept Georgia, show increased avera 6eS. At one or tw.o erops, the seed forms no present condition of the money market, than the sale of A of the Clarksvi lle Topacco L1aj reI pomts in New England the frost more or less injured the O'RTATIONS FROM TuRkJI!Y Mfi> 5PAm, QUALITY GUARANTJIED, AND FOK SALE J. SCHNITZER1 WHARF, BOSTON, MASS.; or W. & A LEAMAN, N6. 67 NEW YORK1 eliTNO CONNBCTION WITH DOMI!.STIC. LICORIC'i: FACTORY. portio1,1 of expense, and gold for legal tender notes, and is not a scheme for a ports to that journal as fol ow> : e Sixth An.nual Fair crop The la,teness of planting cau ed considerable ap the lmly necessity that really resumption of specie. paymeilts, but simply a compli-of the> Robert?on County A,-ricu\(ural a d Mechan[ of simil1ir results in several counties of Vir demands any expenditure ance with the Mint laws. A dollar in United States Association commenced last Wednesday to continue ginia, but no actua tnjuries have been experienced. Of beyond the lab6rinve!ted, curre' will purchase a little more gold in the market four days. The A>sociation had reduced .the price of the Gu f States, Alabam.a presents an improvem ent and is a house where it may be than a dollar of small silver coins. The dollars will, admission to twenty-five cents, and abolished entra. ce Texas a decline. expe{imental.planting of Connectcured and protected from 'th.erefore1 soon find their level, and, unless there be a fees for exhibitors, with a .' few exception With the icut tobacc;, was found SIICCessful in Morehouse Parish, the weather. This, though rise in both. the prices of gold and silver, the small liberal premium s offered, itjV'as expected these w:mhl Louisian.a. The CrQ!> rem1.ins aoout the same as last quite an item of expense, coins must circulate concurrently with paper money. attract large crowds, both of and spectators month in Arkansas.; in Tennessee it exhibits a depressed BY when once secured, is a perThe has, in the possession of the Assistant and thereby make t!ils fai r a succ e $ s, but the itlterest in drought'and worms being alleged as the causes manent investment, requir-Treasurer, about $5oo,ooo in silver coin, and at the fairs seems t,o be w11;nipg, an d it is doubtful i( the atten-in several counties. In West Virginia and K entucky, ing but little yearly .a_y mints and assay offices, in bullion and coin, about dance was larger llhn it would have been, had full fare in sp.ite of frost co)lnties, and excessive rains in for repair Even this ..may; :a1eoo,o d. This stock is ample for :he present. This and entrance fees bee' o:;_b.a:rged. others, the general condition and pt:ospects of the cro[Jr d C be avoided if absolutely mode of paying out 11ilyer coin will be continued until The first and second dayshad but slim attendance, liave advanced. But little change is noted north of the ompany. as I have seen circum_stances dictate a contrary_ course as proper. but it wa:; very fair on the third. It h a d b e e n 0hio River; p,rasshoppers injured the crop in Medin'h S.:hOor tQ visit tb.e fair one ay, cr-eases he.r a-verage 7 per cent., notwithstanding late auaerous Easi:enl customers, I have opened a ofJi..,a and salesroom for our 1 t d 1 b f h h f d t Th 11 h b 1"'" & <>'' \ .._. d t..t d f t t d f t' Meuld,, which are acknowledged by the largot Eastern and Western S rue e po e arns, COV-0 t e COL r ter It IS pat OU e COin WI t en e and th ,..Record taking :the rumor as true, had an-]'l ancmg, .an rOS repor e a eli COUn le!i. Manfacturentobe the best In the mark was too late to correct the im ptessio.n, 9f NoUc e our Price List lor Blacks o! ><>B nches. fgrming tbe iEclosing sides it had be fully cons1rled by the Secretary of the the directors refused to extend the invitation, and had MASSACHUSETTs.-Franklm: A few. patches In esover..,andleootllatl5oBiocko, .. : Cents. to protect t e pant rom Treasury. one good da..y in SRite oftheptse 'les. On Saturday the by rost, ut t e cr_?p m o st y ouse 10 con ttLon. Iaatloaoessthan><>Biooks, ... ..... = = "cents. h 1 f f b h 1 h d :1 d -:-J. t: the winds. The yield per _Thetfol o:ovmg prepared by_ Dr. Chtef rain feJl in ts frorvearl noon thrOughout the en-London .. -Supenor crop. Hart' oc. I... N. T. CLAY PIPE FACTORY acre varies (being governed Dtrector toe Dmted. States _Mmts wtlr e_xplam the tire day. It began so early and fell so constantly that fu,-d: Hat! storm "'f September r, and frost September 1 _. ILaportera of Pi pea and Smokera Artole, b J' of h 1 1 f 1 d ,-: i1 ff f h )SIGMUND EGER CO., Milwaukee, Wla, y qua tty s6t, t e ocacomparatlV va ue. o ver coms an States none could have been Jured forth ia nope of fair r5, cu o a o t e c;op. 1:KERBS & SPIESS, Manufacturers of' FiDe OIBars, AND DBAI.BBS IR ltBAI" "35 BOWERY, NEW YORK LoUUI SPDU. A. LltlBTENSTEifi & BROTHER, H. HOLLANDER, MANUFACTURERS OF p 11\T E 0 I GAR s MANUFACTURER OF And Dealers m LEAr 'l'o:sAcco, 'Fine llos. 34 and 34Yz BOWERY 125 MAIDEN LANE NEW YORK. A.. LICHTBNS'li&JM. ... CRK&IiSPSCKT. mcux. :BUNDS. NW YORK. THE UNDERiiGNED AGENT IN NEW YORK FOR THE MANUFACTURERS OF THE FOLLOW ING WELL-KNOWN BRANDS OF LIQUORICE. deolrH to caution Tobacco ManufactureTs against using any of tlae numm>oso brands purp-lng to be jleDuloe brands of imported LIQUORICE, but which are adulterated compounds of hia braoda, rebollecl In thll coootry, aDd. in oome laat.ances C>OGtalD t.Aa leu tbaa fifty per cent. of Liquorice. 'to Insure maoufacturen obtalnlar PURE .uTD GENUINE -.. JCyCa Jl'LB AOC PT ZA. 1\Jl VB (A.) s:co :NF c<11S c. McAN'>R&W, NewjYork: DMrSi.--We have used over I Cases qf your line grades of Liquorice aod they have been u.u.iformly I"Cgular and of excellent quahty. Yours Very RespectfuUy, rstgoedl P. LORILLARD & CO. REFERRING to the above advertisement, w e have appointe d Mr .Jamea C. McAndnr w -of New York our Exelu.alve Agent lD. the Uu.ltecllitate for the sale of all the Branda of' Liquor lee heretoi'are manufactured by us. CANDREW CO Lo d E 1 d ROBERT MA at: ., n on, ng an -! LIQUORICE ROOT. $' b lpaaiab and 8JD)Pftl&, in Bales. always ror sale in lots to SUlt pure :tsen. JAMBS c. MeAl'JDREW1 115 Water 8t.1 York.!, tion thereof, degree' of culcurrency, both bemg measured by the U mted States weather. Still there was quite a crowd at the fai_r, perMAR:LAND.-Samt MarY. s: Cr.ops planted m ttme tivation, and the fitness of haps as large as either first or second days. There have gro::vn well generally; m some .parts of the county the season) from eight to Fme stlver IS. worth m at present 5 was no exhibition, however, water standing several not a thtrd of a was Late fifteen hundred pounds to per ounce,1 makmg tbe pnce of standard stlver (mne inches deep in the ring. At two o'clock it was an planted, hence a large portiOn 1s st!ll exposed .o frost. the acre. Two classes of fine) $r.12Yz per The noynced fro the stand that owing to the continued VIRGINIA.-Lzmmburg: Septe.mber v7ry favorable land in ibis vicinity produce or t ? half as fixed by law, IS 385 rain the Association fvund it impossible to carry out the for Powhatan .. condtllon. .spoil entirely different quantities grams, and smce 480 grams (one ounlile Troy, worth programme of the day, but had determined to do so sylvama: Late but. _large growth; 1f frost till Oc of tobacco. (')n the rich $r.x2 Yz gold, two half rl_ ollars, 38 5 8 ro grams, are next Saturday. tober ro the crop wtll be the made smce the war: bottom Ian d s borderiug worth 90 cents. With at the cur-Many amusing incidents occurred during the day. Nelson: Crop late and ?Oor; 10 danger of frost. Utiliupon the rivers or creeks, a rency value of two half dollars 1s 98 cents. Those a1 rivina and departina in the rain were laughed .fax: Improvmg, but late and threatened by early frosts. coarse, heavy tobacco is The ab*1 e refers to silve_r coin-hall and at unmercifully by those in the dry. OranKe: Recent rains and warm brought grown, which is known and quarter d Iars arid. ... For Besides the music, which was excellent, made by the the crop to a.bout an average; another week wtll sold as "shipping leaf"-it outturn fro the mmt m fractiOnal stlver com we Wlll Springfield Silver Cornet Band one was more than rethe late plantmgs. Mecklenburg !I_. Very late; but httlo being mostly packed (or, su.Ppose roo ounces silver to ?e sold to the paid his quarter in fair. cut as yet. Hmry: Crop two weeks late, but the as it is here termed, prised) at $r.2o ; the extstmg mmt rate,_payaThere was a corn doctor on the ground busily plying present good weather two weE!ks long-.:r the crop wtll be into hogsheads, and sent to ble m such com; roo ounces standard sLiver bulhon, at his vocation. It was certainly a good day for his busi average. European markets. While S1.t2 Yz gold per ounce, equal to 12.5?; add ness, as a good many seemed well corned before the NoRTH : w:ll. this grade of tobacco brings 8Yz per cent. premtum on gol?, 19!'>, gtves as crowd dispersed. The tobacco department of the fair kam: Crop as large as last year, lbut 10fe!tor m quahty. less per pound than that currency cost $122 06. Th1s 1f sold to the is well worthy of notice. There were ninety -eight en beyond all expectatiOn by the fall grown upon the timbered mmt would, at the present purchasmg rate ($1.20 per tries. It was shown on Wednesday, the first day of the rams; heavy ytc:ld uptands, a greater number standard ounce), return to the seller $12o, or h less fair, Premiums as follows: T.:NNESSEE.-Dyer: Damaged so per cent by drought. of pounds to the acre may than It will therefore be s:en that with the Tobacco-Special Premium by Bevins &-Co.-Smith: Largest crop for years. Montgomery : be produced, and it does prennum at per cent. the pnce of standard Best 10 Jbs. tobacco-M. A. Fritz, Christian County, Worms mad. e "spare-nbs and back-bones" of the not require that careful must fall to about $r.o9Yz, _gold, per ?unce .before 1t Ky. 2 d best do-T. H. Shaw, Christian County, Ky. crop. Ob1011: Pret;y good. Macon: Late; no frosts handling and attention that cat; be at a suffictent profit coms to be 3 d best do-W. H. County. yet. the quality calculated for pa1d out. at th_etr l'lommal value and Black Wrapper-Spectal Premtum by Turnley, Ely WEST Exceeds any former crol home manufacture must re-rently wtth Umted States currency. Stiver bulhon wtll &-Co.-Best Io lbs. A. Fritz Christian Grant: Largely frost bttten. ceive. go to the mint for such coinage whenever it is the best County Ky. 2d best do---T. H. Shaw County KENTUCKY.-Daviess: Acreage 25 per cent. greater The greater portion of the for it. It should be added that these coins are Ky. than_Jast :fear, the crop was larg:ly injured the tobacco grown in this 1ssued by the at the rate of $1.25 per standTobac(O in Hand-Spwal Premmm by H. M.lClark cesstve rams; y1eld probably from mne to county belongs to the form-ard d1fference between t_hatJate a_nd the pur&. .......Best 5 lbs. leaf-M. A. Fritz ChrisMetcalf: Crop tolerable; most of 1t still oL!t ua er class, and this season sold chasmg (Sr.2o per ounce) bemg the setgnorage to tian Ky. 2d best do-T. H. Shaw, Christian the ram. Russell: Late; threatened by frost; y1eld at an average of 6Yz cents the government, the latter manufacturing the coin on its County Ky. 3 d best do-]. H. Shankland, Robertson from 25 to so per cent. more than last year. Warre per pound, tied injbundles, own and consequently defraying the County: Fine ; ;Leaves of extraordinary size. LoKan : Badly in and thus delivered by the of coi.nage. The standard for the trade dollar is 420 Special Pr-emium by Ha.rrison C,.. Shelby.-Best 5 lbs. juresi by worms and delayed till endangered by frost; load to packing establishgrains, or 134 2 10 grains more than two half dollars, mottled wrapper in hand-P. G : F. Barbee, Logan vegetation has imperfectly matured this season generally. ments. Placing the aver-and. is, therefore, ,at the present market rate for silver, County, Ky. McLean: Shortened ro p _er ce.nt. by drought. age yield at IIoo:'pounds to worth about cents m gold, or ro6 8-ro cents curSweepstakes-Special Premium by J. M. Carsey &-Season unfavorable fqr maturmg plants, but favorable the acre, we have $69 ali the rency. lin all countries where gold is the standard or Scm.-Best sam;:>le tobacco of its kind-M. A. Fritz, for harvesting. proceeds of labor and the measure of value silver coins are overvalued and of Christian County, Ky. It is said that this department 0B.Io.-Nedina: Greatly injured by grasshoppers. use of ground. Five acres limited legal te!'lder. gr7at.Britain difference be-V(a:; better by far than11t any previous fair. Several of Injured by drought. Dallar: per hand is the usual calcutween. the nommal and mtnnstc value 1s about ten per your tobacco mel'l were present, among whom I noticed, Senously mfected wtth worm!!. Carroll: Damaged by lation, but I have noticed cent. and the recent coinage laws of Germany, Norway, Friday, the only day I attended, Mr. Shelby and Mr. frost September 18 .Shelby: Late, light, and tha:tl the most successful Sweden, and Denmaxk proviele for a similar seignorage. Williamson. The Association promises the fair of next frosted. Lintt : Late crop s frosted. planters reduce to four. The Latin States-France, Belgium, Switzerland, and Saturday the best of the season, and a large crowd is There are times, of course, Italy-also issue a subsidhry silver coin<1ge, the seignexpected. Washington, October 26.-The colwhen they can be employed orage being, at the present value of silver, n"arly equal ........ lections 1rom Internal Revenue for this month are fi..-e on other crops; but this is to that of Great Britain Subsidiary silver coins are ExcESSIVE SMOKING.-An inquest was held on Tues-and one-half million dolla'rs, and seven and one-half far one of those,products jeal-intended for internal circulation1 and not for export. day last; remarks a late number of the London Lancet, the corresponding periodJast month. The Commis ous of attention, and well They are not money of commerce, and do not leave on the body of a clerk who, _ai::c.ording to si.Oner expects that receipts for the month will ... revenue from the special tax of the country of their issue until expelled by an inferior the medical evidence, must have died from syncone, in-reach and on_e-half millions, which is two and onerepays the farmer for 3 'udicious and opportune labor. h k c 1 f d "' h lf 11 j tl th 1 i 1 .,_ dealers'and peddlers and that on ctgars more t an rna e currency-as, 10r examp e, excesstve rssues o rrre eem-duced by excessive smoking while the stomach was a m t '?ns ess tan e amownt or ast monua. CornJ grass and potat oes are the crops that can best be up; so that the sum total of the receipts last year was able paper money. empty. We have never underrated the danger to which of( tn the recetpts upon the -cultivated in conjunction therewith, as the seasons for larger th.w they have ever been b e fore. immoderate smokers are liable. When taken in excess pamc J.' less than h.!!-d been expected. It IS probable attention do not conflict with each other. h h The Expon Stamp Case t. h c '11 .1. 1 th 1 f Mr. Kimball said we estimate that t e mcrease m t e the ordinary and pleasant' effects of the herb, due t4-'at t e u.e ay e etion o In all stages of the crop, until it is ready to be cut quantity of tobacco which has reached taxation in the In the case of James B. Pace vs. Russ the probably to the carbonic acid and ammonia inhaled, aTe annual report unttllate t.n 111 order to dts-and housed, one feature presents itself: The labor last fiscal year to a large extent is owing to the fact that bill of exceptions was signed by Judge Bond yesterday, succeeded by the severer action induced by the presence cover wh,;ther pano c lS hkely to a permanent 'may be performed by a class of hands not fitted to under the present law about the same amount of tax says the Richmond Whtg, of October 25, and an order of a large qqantity of nicotine and empyreumatic oil in decrease m L.nternal. revenue r ecetpt-s. enter upon other farm duties, a:s the nimble fingers of has to be paid on raw or leaf tobacco as on manufac-entered allowing a writ of error. the blood, thinning this important fluid, and causing a be the result 1t. IS not Improbable that som e sltght in the young are fully as available as those of strong, able tured tobacco, and that at least fifteen millions of pounds 'We published some days since the five instructions weak action of the heart. Fortunately, these poisons crease of taxatiOn may be recommended. It 1s not ex: bodied men, and with no detriment thereto-thus en of leaf tobacco, which annually entered directly into the asked by the District Attorney and given by the court. find a ready exit fiom the system. But it is when ionpected that these recommendations, if made, will affect abling the little ones of the holllseho!d tcr aid in the oftconsumption of the country without the payment of any We nowJ publish! those asked by :plaintiff's counsel, bibed during a period of fasting that their directly inthe present tax on whisky or on tobacco." times difficult task of suo. port of a numerous family. 1 h b db Messrs B rwell & Smith and refused by the court tax, has under the present aw een su stttute Y u jurious effects on cardiac organ are to be appreThis much in general terms of a crop that habit in use ufactured tobacco; and to this extent has the bus mess zst. If from the evidence the Jury believe that the bended. A post morlem examination of a person who has developed as ooe of the paying industries of the of the manufacturers been increased and the revenues plaintiff was forced to purchase from the defendant, as died from excessive smo. king would not probably country. I had expected to describe the process of of the Government kept up; and as the law in this rescollector of the United States, affix to-each pack-much beyond an extremely flacci4 heart and slightly cultivation, and manner of curring and preparing the pect has operated S:l favorably to the Government no age of his manufactured tobacco, on his declaration o congested brain : article for market, but find that by so doing the commu-change is wanted. There <>re a great many people who intent to export the 'Same, a twenty-five cent United -:-----nication will of necessity lie too l?ng, In my next, as between the raw leaf ani:! the manufactured tobacco, States exportation stamp, and that said tobacco was ex-SU1T 1\GAINT OFFICER.-Our readers therefore, I will enter upon this subJect, and state fully the tax being about equal, would prefer to use the ]at-ported, then the jnry must find for the plaintiff the will remember the_ case of ,Brod against fves, referred the steps to be taken, as experience and observation ter; but so long -as there was no tax on the raw tobacco amount proved to have been paid by said plaintiff for to in our columns from time to time some two years have developed. they would use that for the purpose of saving the difthe said export Stamos to said defendant as Unitea ago. The case came to tria on Friday last, and was ,.. A TALK WITH MR. KIMBALL, CHIEF oF THE To11ACCo DIVISION OF THE REVENUE BUREAU.The cor ference in price between the two kinds of the staple. States collector as oresaid. decided in favor of Ives. The following summary of 2d. If from the evidence the jury believe that the the affiiir 1s of mterest: "In August, r871, David W. plaintiff was compe\)ed tp purchase and have affixed to I ves, a:n internal revenue officer, caused the arrest and every package oir llis manufactured tobacco which he imprisonment of Marcus Brod, a wholesale dealer in declared his intention to export abroad1 or to any leaf tobacco, on the grou 11 t Brod had assaulted bonded warehouse at aa.y port of entry of the United and obstructed him while in t e discharge of his duty. States, l;UC as New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Balti On ihe being by Commissipner Osborn, more, or any other port of entry outside of the State of Brad was discharged. Brod now brings suit in the Virginia where there was a United States bonded wareUnited States Circuit Court to recover damages from house esta'blisbed for receiving toBacco intended fore Ives-fer false arrest and imprisonment, and the trial was port, then the jurY. shall find for the plaintiff such sums commenced yesterday before Judge Woodruff. Brod of money as appears by the evidence -the said plaintiff testified that Ives, after having been provided with a has paid to the said defendant, as collector of the copy of Brod's book of receipts sales of tobacco United States, for said export stamps. for 1869, came to Brod's store and demanded to see the Tespondent of the Dispatc!r., in a very brief interview CHI;,.A, ToBAcc:o.-The :j!ritish Consul, wriling from with Mr. Kimball, the chief of the Tobacco Division of Hankow, makes the following remai;ks in regard to tothe Internal Revenue office, observes the Richmond Dis-l;>acco :-"There is int:rease in the exporta1alch, of the'3rst ult., learned fFOm that r.;ompetent and ..lion. ti: is clriefly in leaf obacw, which was popular official something of the news of the Depart-more than double that of 1871. In,I8JI the export of leaf menton the present status of tlhe tobacco questi on, the was 25,873 picnb; and of prepaFed, 29',u6 piculs; in .substance of which is adjoined. hereto: r872 the amounts were respectit-ely, sz,6ti5 piculs and is no probability, 01'1 tto write more positively, 38,r6o piculs. J'he lea.f exported from Hankow comes 1here IS no inlenfi8n on the pan"t of the Internal Revechiefly from Huangkang in this province, and Sengchow nue Office to make any recomrmendation to Congress in in Hunan. There is also a kind consiaered by the Chi the forthcoming report, or its Commissioners, upon the nese to be of a superior quality, produced in C\l'eachou subject of tobacco, other than perhaps to request that in the province of Hunan. Tobacco leaf was sent no changes whatever be made: in the present law, the largely to Eilgland via Its use is not known workings whereof have been eminently satisf a ctory to with certainty, but it is suppqsed that it is required for the Government, and so far as the internal revenue offi-the manufacture of what is known as Turkish tob.acco, -cials are aware, approved by the inter-and that it is also used in the cigar-making tralfe. -ests. There has been a large increase of the tobacco Some leaf was sent to Japan, and was probably eportea business during the last fiscal Y ear, with a large diminu-1 hence as a Japanese product-many of the dealers at tion in the average rate of tax on chewing and smoking home being still unacquainted with the merits of Hankow tobacco. The falling off of revenue has been very as a mart for the export of tobacco. The prepared to ,...,. :small, or putting it in exact figures where the bacco was sent to other provinces for native consllmpof the average rate of taxation on these two kinds of tion. It comes chietl.y from Lan-Chow, in the province tobacco by the act of June 6, 1872, was twenty two and ofKansuh, and is of two kinds, the green and the yel a half per cent., the dtminution of collections was only low, the former made of .the young leaves mixed with .about four per cent., and the light loss here was much tumeric powder. The green is upwards of so per cent. tnore than made up on the increased collections on cidearer than the yellow, kinds., are used solely in .gars and the increased collections from dealers and ped-the hookah, or water-pipe." 3d. If the jury believe from the evidence that the original book, going into Bt.od's private office and be plaintiff made an appeal for relief in this case before hind the railing surrounding the bookkeeper's desk to the of this suit to the Commissioner of In-make the demand; that witness directed his bookkeeper tern a! Revenue at Washington according to the requireto look for the. book, and ordered Ives to go outside of ments of the law and the regulations of the Depart-the railing; that refused to do sq; that force was ment, and his said appeal for the refunding to him the then used by direction of the witness to put Ives out sums of money paid by him for said export stamps was side the railing, and that Ives then caused witness' ar rejected by said Commissioner of Internal Revenue bert:st, witness being taken to Ludlow Tail hand fore the institution of this suit, and that said plaintiff cuffed, kept in jail all night, and brought handcuffed instituted same within six months from the time of said down to the Commissioner's office in the morning. The appeal and rejection, then the jury are to find for the defence is that Ives was legally entitled, by virtue of his plaintiff the amount proved to have been paid by him office, to examine the original book, notwithstanding tQ. the defendant as collector for said export stamps. his having previously obtained a copy; that he was 4th. If the jury believe from the evidence that the present at the time of his ejectment for the purpos e of plaintiff purchase1l --number of expO{! stamps from examining the book; that he bad usually examined the the defe ,ndant, as United States Internal Revenue Colbo;)ks of Brod at the bookKeepers' desk, and' tliat it was ACCIDENT FROM A LIGHTED CIGAR.-A curious ac cident recently happened in Berlin. A gentleman was leaning out of a w i ndow conversing with hls wife, and smoking the remains of a cigar by means of a mo til piece. Being deeply interested iu the discussion, he did not notice that the bit of cigar dropped out, and was as much astonished as the passers. by when a little child three years old, that was playing beneath the window, suddenly pointed with piteous gestures to its back, be tween which and its clothing the burning piece hadfal len. A woman who hurried to the assistance of the child was not fortunate enougli to get hold of the bit or cigar immediately, and the well-meant to unfasten the child's frocK only made: the ashes slip further down and cause a larger burn. The parents of the child at once took steps to bnng an action against the unlucky smoker to recover aamag: es ior the injury. CoAL ASH:ES AS A F!!:RTILIZER.-I have always be lieved, observes a correspondent writing from Franklin, Pa., to theDepartmeot of Agriculture, that coal-ashes had a value for agricultural purposes, and have advo cated the free use of them, particularly on limestone soil. This season I deterfllined to get closer to the root of the matter, and test their value fully. I nad a plot of ground on which I had been unsuccessful for several years in raising good Early Rose potatoes. The soil was in the best condition always. The tops did well. This spring I had the ground scored about six inche!i deep, placed the cut potatoes in the bottom, and filled up with coal ashes. The plants grew finely, notwith standing the dry weather. The tops did not fall over eyen after tb.e weather changed, a nd I secyred a crop of the very best potatoes for the tat>le I ever raised, The second experiment was with onion-seed and coal ashes. I put out five good-sized beds in seed. Ia four the seed wss covered with soil; the fifth I covered with sifted coal-ashes. The result surprised every that knew of the experiment and watched its progress'!-


THE TOBAC::fCJO LEA.Fa NOV. & --' Tobacco Manufacturers. Licori.ce TOBACCO BROKERS. JOHN ANDERSON & CO., LICORICE PASTE EUGENE BO.EMSKY, MANUFACTURERS OF THE 00 SOLACE AID mR TOBACCOS r in :TOBACCO BROKER, 114and 116 LIBERTY STREET, general particularly NEW YORK amine and test tho supenor propert!!l3 o.t 143 WATER STREET, this LICORICE, which, being nGw 'lrought I THOMAS HOYT & CO., ,., KA!nJFACTURERS 01" Cut Chewing and ToBACCOS & sNUFF, Beif to the attention of the Dealers in Tobacco to the ht'oahest 'Perfie_.'-n, is c:Mt!d uridill "....-throughout the United St_ates and the 41. tJWV World to thett the above style of brand. SOLACE FINECUT We we also SOLE AGENTS for the f;.,"'MMd. r TOBACCO, which b once more ma.nUfactured under the immediate iupervislon of the originator, _.. MR. JOHN ANDERSON,' aud uow st:mds, as formerly, without a rlyal. Ordors forwarded through the usual channels will meet with prompt attention. :r::t..A.CC ciG co., MANUPACTWRB& ALL GRADES 01!' ') r. G. & G. 0. Acknowledged. by eons_!!mers to be the best in the market And for the brand of Licorice S tick INODL & 00., ln all respects equal to CALAB,RIA. JOHN CATTUS, TOBACCO BROKER 127 Pe;srl Street; NEW. YORK. .r, OU!l llRANDS CHEW NG: IUNNYSIDE, HEARTS' DELIGHT, f:lut @ihtwtugt .Jmollilgt 1 aud 6tauutati.Ct We have no Agents. and EDWARD DREYER Jobbers would do well to apply direct. '. J l'fATIONAL, BRIGHT OWEN, EXTRA CAVENDISH. TOBACCO HARVEST" S. "SURPRISE" IN FOIL IVANHOE to JOLLY BOYS SMOKII\tQ, !74 Froa' Street, New, Yorh. Root, select and ordinary, constantly TOBACCO BROKER OOMIZ & IRGUrMBAU. 1:14 aad fo6 Pearl St.. New York Citv. THOMAS HOYT. CHAS, G. HOYT. 29 131 SCUTH WILLIAM nREET 46_Beaver Street, JOHN F. FLAGG. ISAAC. S. wA E c; Aile Eiruetfm vun Tabak m gros. j TOBACCO BAGGING I ll IMITATION SPANISH LINEN, t! iui Tobacco. Also, coDlplete as!iOrtment of 01 33 IIJ'RRAY STREET, COR. CHURCH, Smokers ArtJles for the Trade. J :NEW YORKS ... M. H--AN. HOWARD SAN&ER & co. CAVLORD MCFALL. I: 10lS & 107 S'I'., NEW YORK. Lroori .ce Paste and Sticks. G.S w.s. F.W.S. ;'>q7' ......... Sterry ExtrL ...... ... P. S. Baracco and Pignatella. DeRosa. Excelsior Mills and Favorite Mills Powdered Licorice. Gum Arabic. NEW YORK. ,J. S. CANS & SON, TOBACCe BROKERS, No. 8-6 WALL SPBEET, .'fOI!mliE BUILDING, NEW YORK. nErur AND AGENCY D. A. SHOTWELL & SON, llanutacturen ot Of th; Manufacture of Tobacco and Segars, Olive Oil, Tonqua Beans, PHILIP KELLAND G. w. GA n. &. A X, AIOrate4 l'>r .. ncb of AND ALL SPECIALITIES FOR TOBACCO TOB.A.CCO. MANUFACTURERS. BALTIMORE, HERO and Fine Out Chewing Toba.oco a.nd. :Echo Smoking 174 Eiflhtfl, :}(ew York. SlaG Pearl Street, New Y 'ork. GOODWIN & CO., ,...., BLLER & KAEPPEL, Ac-t. lllana1'aeturera ot: Pa11ent Powderea Licorice. W eayer & Sterry; FRANcis s. KINNEY, PINE CUT TOBA c CO. No, cEDAR sTREET. Russian POWOSRSO tlQUOStCS. OIC.Alt::&:'I''I':S:S, AND CIGARS, FINEST QUALITY. t !'4te Tobaccos and Cigars, 207 & 209. WATER STREET. NEW IORK. WEST BBOADWAY, NEWYORK:CITY. D. H. M{}ALPIN & co., MRS. G. B. MILLER & CO., ()ELEDBATED PINECUT Tobacco Manufactory, (PET-ER _n. COLLINs. PREST.) Leaf and Navy No. 97 Columbia Street, NEW YORK;, SMOKING TODAC.CO, JIANt1FACTtlRERs OF THE CBLHBRATED-&gars, PZug Xollc:aeoo1 Snuff, BnwJr'Ftou,., cf'G. t G: B. Miller & Co. and Smoking MANUFACTORY AND SAIJISROOM, CORNER OF AVENUE D AND TENTH STREET.' Hew York City.' l'tlanufactured at Poughkeepsie, New York. GIFFORD, SHERMAN & JNNIS 120 WILLIAlltSTREE':4 NEW-Y-&RK. Cigar Manufacturers. -9HAS. l: IIANIJFACTUK.Bll OJ' PiztrB a:caA.;Ii,#} AND DII:A.LHR. IH -_ Leaf Tobacco, 63 BOWERY, NEAR CANA.L.,-ST. NEW YORK. bacco, the only Genume American Gentle *'au Cnuff; Mrs. G. B. Miller & Co. Maccaboy and Scotch Snuff; A. H. Mi -:kle & Sons Eo rest ltose and Grape Tobacco; Mrs. G. B. Miller GIESELMANN & DIEHL BOIDY & PROCHASKA, 179 PE4UlL STREET, NEW YORK. ( Up CHARLES F. OSBORNE, JAMES G. OSBORN, Broker, No. BROAD STREET,. NEW YORK. m. Rader & Son., TOBACCO BROKERS, 133 l'E.UL S'l'UET, W .. F. RUETE, TOBACCO BROKER f 29 Pearl Street, NEW YORK. EDW AE.iJ SOLMAn, MANUFACTURERS OF A. GOETZE & F .. IN. G Fine Cigars, MANUFACTURERS OF TOBACCO & SNUFF. AND SMOKINC TOBACCO. 354 &: 356 BOWERY, aAXHA '1"1' AX TOBACCO WORKS Factory and Salesroem, NEW YORK. 328 Washington Street, NEW YOBK. 159 LtmLOW S'r:a.EET, MEW YO:a.It, --=------__;:-S. OR GLER, I co., roBACCO AND CIGARS, TobacCO Bagging ManufacturerofthebestBrandsof BAGGDI'Q AMATIIB.IA.I., FINE CIGARS, t){ all Kind. Low .Prices for Caah. Also, Proprietor f the Brand .,. AMD D&ALKRS IN L_ SNUFF;PIPES, etc., SPANISH FANCY STRIPES ''Cuba Libre.," Bleached and IJ"'bleacbed Sheetings, Twine aAd Thread, C.d .. fol Bags, Blan'kets, 152 CHAMBERS ST., and JI'TDAIES IT 484 BROAD STREET, AND IN C..U.DWELL. N. Jlurlaps, <,ottoa Bagging, Carpets, Matting G:BEENWIC:S: ST., NEW '!'J'Q"!'J,. Dry Goods oJenerally. 72 .1. ANDREW .f.F:STER &1 CO., No. IOJ Chambers Street, New York. Schwarz cA Spohr, IIANV7'ACTUJUtJtS OF ALL JCJNDS OP FRED. ENGELBACH. iatgnltsalt Qtohaua Jnnstt Domestic Cigars NO. 21 strrB AVENUE, NEW YORK lOJIEIDA TOBACCO WORKS AlO) CIG.AB. :HANUl'ACTORY. to. BUCHNER r Successor to RoBITCHECK & TAUSSIG, tfNE-Cur=ciiWIRG AND'CiGARs, fh Havana Sixes, Cheroots, 'Sf[DELANCEY STREET JfEW YORK. rer of the following BrandsefKILUCKJNICJa the 1:1. S. Baae B.a. Leat", LF..-Gn.cJaa Bene. men&. AfiJKNOT UD :DBPO'r W F. H. BischolfS Celebrated Smotin[ (llOWPo V, E"eJICJler), BUCHANAN &, L YALt, OFFICE, 64 Broad street, New York, FACTORY, 1110. 2 FIRST DISTRICT, SOUTH BROOKLYN, :1-Manufacturers of the following -CELEBRATED BR.A:NDS 01',.. TOBACCOS Planet Navr, u, .Ks, 3s, 4-5, !s, &!1, 7s, Ss, gs, tos. Sailor's Chotce, ts, 3s, 4s, Y,, 6s, 7s, 8s, 9S.. IOS, Challen&'e, lbs. '! King Philip, Waab.ingtoa, l{s. Grape and Apricot, Neptune, Double Thick, Unconquered, brt. drk. "ACME u Fancy Brt. ldagie Mitchell, !' Pounds, Narragansett, Tecumseh,u, Alexandra, I' Peer!..., Sensation, Palm, Flounders, Buchanan, tos, Pride of the Reaiment Jack of Clubs. 1 WILLIAM .UCH.&NAH. DAVID C, LYALL.--:aE VIENNA DIEDAL t AWARDED OCC:EDEKTAL SMOKING TOBACCO. ,._ 'The highest award of merit which could be Tobacco at the UNIVERSAL EXPOSITION ,;A2 VIENNA, has been awarded L, L. ARMISTEAD for his already popula r braod, OCCIDENTAL. When It is considered that the GREATEST COMPETITION ever before known in this artcle, was eijc at V !ENN A, this Medal is conceded to be the most important one ever given to Tobacco. OCCIDEN!I'.A.L is now being carefully prepared at the Factory; and. in order that parties who have not yet tested its .:8taperior qualities, and that they may do so at a small outlay, the manufacturer ia filling small orders through ldpress lines to all parts of the Country. \ THE REGULAR FACTORY BRANDS, DEER TONGUE, CUBAN A, ASHLEIGH, DICK TATER, RED ROVER, and other speest 1f Tobacco, .rre furnished to Jobbers and Wholesale Grocers, a5 usual Order direct. \ l L. :B..-LAN"oiDORF, Factory, 85 5th District, y.-_ J;u the United Stat"' and canada:' LYNCHBURG, VA 13 Bowery, NEW YORK. Wangler & Hahn, Fine Segars, N0.290 &292 BOWERY. NEW YORK. ., PREY BROS. & CO. Manufacturers nf FINE CIGARS, and Dealers in Leaf Tobacco, 126 Chambers St., New York EDWARD A. SMITJi, MANUFACTURER. OF FiDe Sqars, Ro. 11 Bowery, YORK. TOB!C CO BROKER, No. Water Street, NEW YORK. A. SHACK TOBACCO BROKER. No. 129 Maiden Lane, NEW YORK. .Miscellaneous. TIN l1"'0IL. JOHN l. CBOOB.1 fOIL & BOTTlE No. 38 OROS1lY ST., JrnW YORK. WARDROP & 203 & 205 Lewis Street, DEALERS lN SPANISH CEDAR FOR. CIGAR BOXES, Sea.sone4 Stock on hand. pI. M. DINGEE & SON, Cor. SIXTH 4 LEWIS STBEETS, Comm.ission Merchant, SPANISH CEDA.B., AND ALL .a Foreign and Domestic Woods. -' MISCELLANEOUS. LICORICE A. 0. S. PASTE Having received the appointment as Sole Agent for the "A. 0. S." brand ::: ure Licorice Paste, I am prepared to fill orders for the same at t8c. currency per lb. De LANCEY CLEVELAND, ::en..o::s::.En... and Manufacturers' Agent,. ?. No. 158 PEARL STREET. ETROPOLITAN MISCELLANEOUS WM. DEMUTH & co. I TH& SOL.& MANUWACTURBRS Olt ci') BRJAR AJID A.PPLE-WOOD J PIPES, lfi'TH RUBBER BITS. Im.port,ers of all kinds of Smokers' .Art.klel, 1 SHOW FIGURES, t. I' IN METAL AND WOOD, A SPECIALTY. 1 No. 403 NE"W" Yonx. OHMSTEDT, 07, 209. & Zll, IMPORTER OF' Pea.rl st., N. r. HAVDA LW TOBACGa SOLE UIUFACTURERS = "NE CELEBRATml D'l'BOPOLITA.N I&AB IOlJLDS. CARD,-WE beg to ln(orm ,the tude that we are the Bole Manufactnren of the far-famed lhnlla Cigat:s, and having learned that other 'parties contemplate imitating 1hem and substitutinj'Tobacc,of inferior qua.11ty grown in this country, therefore we caution the public not to purchase Ctgan S. JACOBY & CO. LDER aE$TABROOK, AND MANUl'ACTU.REB. OF Fine Sega. 32 Platt Street, New Y -HENRY WULSTEt <-io .._...., i)eslt.',. a (I) :s r+ 25 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn. No. 7 Commercial Street, Boston, SOLE. WHOLESALE SELLING AGENTS Coutaatly oa Ra..t tlt.e Boot Ha.a aaot 8tealiD Xaellbr.e t:or Ca.tuac and TObaeeo. ; FOR THE NJCW li:NCLAND S'I'.A.'I':ZS. The and 0Dl Genuine DURHAM-. sMoKING ,...,OBACCO. rAil grades with Care o4 Skill. Send for Price List. Owing to the U'Dprecedented pop11larity Of tle "'l.h\.rh1uo" Brat"rl nt :i&l'I.Oking Tobacco, unprinci pled _dealers and have been led to ?nr trade mark impmoing upim the trade. with lnfenor goods under our ass1mulated tradema1l::.. thn1 t tn tiotlf"$ ,'\.at oul' rlghta to the "Durham'' Brand have been fu!!y vindicated both ...... the u s. c .. urt:: ac I f';.teut (JtiG<:, aad aU partie I arc hereby ...,arned agabut Jl'ttrthur trupau. WG MEA IV '!'liJiii, -r Dealers handling Spurious" Durham." would do well to that lilte the Manufacturer, the_}' are responsible. To prevent any trouble, and to secure the Genui nt! u Durham," order Blaek:1'vell'l Bull Bra.nd from the manufactu.rers. We are trom hffluforth to exhaust the law against infrinren upon our trademark. Be not deceived, "He that sowt:th to the wind, must reap of whirlwind. .._ ..... NZW .A.ClCNCY; A. HEN & CO. 43 Liberty Street, opposite Post Office, IKPOE. rr::z;as o:r SKOKEB.S .AJ:t 'I'IO:Z:.:ZS, DEALERS IN TOBACCO, SECARS; SNUFFS, &c. IRNIAU'S PATBNT CI&AB IACIIIIBSI <>N vv arm vv EJ G<> AN IMPORTANT DESIDERATUM FOUND! Alter long and laborious efforts, with the expenditure of large amounts o nloney, 'When so maa.y had become discouraged, a.nd incredulous, not even darior to hope, we now witness the fact, that GeoiU!i bas triumphed, and victory crowna the skill and perseverance of one of our own Trade. John T. Hennaman's name will, as it deserves, go down to postedty as a great benefactor of the Hts labors will now be richly repaid. He is successful because he ha.s obtained succe11. Time bas demonstrated,the important fact that all kinds of cig.ars in use can be, and are being perfectly and sw.ccessfully maele on these machines, and all this by unskilled labor. Hundreds are now witnessing these surprising results. The most incredulous -have t o yield to their own senses. These Machinea can not fail to come into general use for these reasons: FIRsT-They are simple, with nothing to get out of repair, easily managed, and occupy a. space of only 6xJ6 inches. SacoMo-They work on commoa aense principles, and are self.adjustiog, this work being by the pi"ee, thus ghlng the cost per t,ooo. THIRD-They are adapted to any known size or length of Cigars, a.nd readily work all kinds oftobacoco in the most economical way. FOURTH-They P.rOftuce work, which 5mokes free and natural. FIPTH-They 'Wlll save at l_eaat Stoper thousand from t'he usual prices of making cigars, and at the ume tim& work up all scrape and cuttings. These claims are baaed upon what has bet:n repeatedly demoGSttated. Measures are cow being talten to IDtroduce th"" Machines at varlou points In the Country. THEY ARE IN SUCCESSFUL OPERATION BY THE INVENTOR 0 At 195 Lezington Street,o BALTIMORE, MD., 0 AND BY THE UNDERSIGNED At 38 West Genesee Street, SYRACUSE, N.Y., WHERE ALL INTERESTED ARE INVITED TO SEE AND JUDGE FOR THEMSEL Y.ES. Parties wishing to adopt these Machines, either by Shop, Town, County, or State Rights, will apply to the undersigned, SYRACUSE, N. Y. D. 0. SALMON, General Ag't. and Pres't. of "THE HENNAMAN CIGAR MACHINE COMPANY." SYRACUSE, .JULY 19, >I 873. 'LOUIS MEYER, R. ZELLENKA, MANUFACTURER OF ALL KINDS 0F TOBACCO PBBI&HT BBOKHR Iti1JSLIN. AND LINEN TOBACCO BAGS, 192 STREET I 283 4th St., New York. YORK CITY. Orders prom ptl,;y a&tel.lded to at the ahor&cot au ic6 f H'PP .ENHEIMER &. CO., LABELS For Tobacco and Cigars. A large ao!IOrtmCn t COI\Itantiy on h&nd and p11ated to order. ... 22 &. 24 Worth William New York. WM. ZDI'SDB. ck C::O., -MANVFACTVaZRI OF TOBACCO SEALING WAX. ALSO, DEALERS IN DRUGS, PAINTS, Etc., 15!7 Wimam St., New York. I -------------------INTERNAL REV-ENUE Tho Original lpteraal Revenue Publishnc HoDH, C. JOUR.GENSEN.., IOLK IVCC&MO& '1'0 BSTIB o4 SM ,TH a P. 0. Bos-6,o816. 87 L.IBI!RTY ST., :N. Y. Books, ae nnder law, for Leal Tobacco Dealanr, upr IUid Tobacco Manutac:tve.., I and othen.. :Bl'll1llhls %rona anil Sten:ila e. Spec!altr. Or .J a.. -.cnpuon at.L.owest .Prieoo. Send THE GERMAN tiGAR PACKERS' SOCIETY, Relpeet(u!ly inform the Cigar Manufaetren of the United States. that now able to fiiJ all orderw for fint-clau Pa<::keu with of their MPLV TO STORE, 202 CHATHAM; BOIKEN, GARRIGUES & CO., -IMPORTERS BR!AR, CHINA & LAVA PIPES, German a.ll.d. French FMlC7 a.nd C"hilla. -.ANDTOY8, 91 CHAMBERS ST. AND 73 READE NEW YORK. 84-4 Broo:rne SU>et: Corner of Bowery, NEW YORK. Manufacturer of every description of Show Cases in Silver, German Silver, .Maho.rany, Walnut,. etc. A good assortment on hand or made to order at the abmrtest notice. Cases shipped to aoy part of the United States or Canadas. l'BEDElUCK KRUSE, Mmufactwer of all SUes and Styles of SllOW CADS m D'l'AL .AND WOOl) EC:CARD &. CO., MANUPACTUJtHR.S OP' TOBACCO, SNUFF AND CIGARS; Jl Also, Dealers in all kinds of LEAF TOBACCO, 152 k 154 BANDOLl'Il S'l'., DETROIT, IICII. :ilia. T .ll.<:cARD, Special. D. H. Prime. Prbater, 173 Ore-wiebt


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