The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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VOL. IX.--NO IS PUBLISHED IVDY WE!l:NESDAY KO:amN'G l!Y fHI NAOOO LBU PUBLISlllNG OOIP' f 14SI Fulton St., New York! ;s. Jn:JIRY HAGEJI. Editor lOlDI G. Ci&AFF -:BIWn ... Arrent: As a n advertising medium, whl"re it h desired 'to reach the and Tobacco Ttade not only ()f this but foreign Countries, it is 01e able. All letters should be plainly addre .. ed to Tua LEAP' P'-1usmNG CoattANY, 1_.2 Fultoa Street. New YorL Terms of the Paper. t StMCLK COJ'I.S IO CL'iTS PER ANNUM k..oo Te England and the Canadas $r addiUooat per annum for prepayment of Po:stage 'Jlo Bremen, Hamburg and the of $2.o8 additional Jler annum for Postage. o A udralta, etc., S t.04 via. San Francisco, ad ditlonal per annum for Postage. No orders for the paper considered unless ac by the CQrresponding Remittences sboufd, iu every instance, be made by money-order, chec k o r draft. Bills are ltable \ to be stolen, and c:l.n on ly be sent at the greatest risk to the sender. Rates of Advertising. 1 square (14 Nonpareil lines) for six months, $20. do. 1 year 13S Larger advertisements in the same proportion but aone taken unless 1, 2, 3, ,._, or more !o!quarc s: One column, 1 year,; six months, mtmths, $150. Ha1f column, 1 year, $,40; ti1X months, $130; three month:">, $75 .a-on tho first paf:'e. $r,5o per over two w1de columns, and nono taken !or than one year, payable fully in advance; ._\\:o S3oo; three squares $.;.so. No devift'um these tern,1s. 1 raqshmt ad,crtisements on the thhd page 25 reul:oi pet Hue for each inh:ertion. No orders for advertising will be considered ?;1!_ess bythecorrcsponding 1 h t!:i rulr Wil lXVARlAHLY be adhere d tO, llUSINBSS DIRRCTORY OF ADVERTISERS. r NEW YORK. Tobacco Warehouses. W. & Son111, 28,J and 2S6 Front street Allen JuHan. 171 Water. Appleby a: Helme, r33 \Vater. 1 Eamet S., 1-44 Water. Benrimo D. & A., u-4 Water. Bergmann, John H. Front. Blakemore, Mayo & Co 41 Btoad. Bowne &: Frith, 7 Burling Slip. Brod M 131 Maiden Lane. Bulkley, Moore & Co., n Front. Cardozo A. H. & Co., u3 Pearl. ChocltleJ A. D. 168 Pearl. Ooow.ollJ k Co., 4 5 Water. Crawford E. Ill. & Co., 168 Water, Davhleon Bro., 145 Water. Dohan, Carroll & Co. '* Front. l>aBolo Eugene, 75 F""'t Egert, Wm. 171 Pearl. Engelbach, F. 21 Silltb Av Pal\. 4 Bro. G, 171 Wat.,. FatmaD &: Co., 70 and 72 Bro.d. Foz. Dill"&: Co., 11!1_ Water. Pt1ber & Rust, 12.5 Maiden Lane. Friedman & Oettinger, 147 Water Gardiner.}. M &: t o., 84 Front. Gartll D. ., Son & Co., 44 Broad. Gassert _f. L & Bro., 16o Water. Genhel L. II< Bro., 86 Malden Lane. Guthrie & Co., Front. Hamburger I. & Co., Heymaza & Lowenstein, 99 Maiden LaDe. Hillman G. W. &. Co 8o Front. Hoefen, M. C. & Co 175 Water Kat.& & Co., '3' Pearl Klnnlcut Thomas, Broad. Kno!Delberg lt Oo., 16o Pearl. :t.achenlmac:h & Bro., 164 Water L'lm3tte A. C., 122 Pearl. Levin M. H., 16a Pearl. lleFall & Hogan, 33 MWTaJ. Maitland Robert L. & Co., 43 Broad. Martin & john!On, t66 Water. Mayer Joeeph, Soos, ut Water. Meyer .A. 0. L. & 0., 43 Beaver. M-enge_rT H. & Co., 161 and }{alden LaQe Morris, H. M .1 '9 Old SUp and 73 Water. Norton, Shlugnter &. Oo., 41 Oatman Alva J66 WateJ. Oppenheimer, M. & Brother, 138 Water. Ottinger Brothers 4S Broad St. Pahne lt Scoville, 170 Wakr. Paulltsch M., 173 Water. Price Wnt. M. & Co., 119 Malden Lane. Oaln, J. P. & Co.1 39 Broad, 1lead & Co., 19 0 d Slip. Relsmann, G. & Co., 119 Pearl. Richey & Boniface. 86 Front :Roseabaum A S. & Co., r :n Maiden Lane. Ro..,n ... d, E. & Bro., 145 Water. Rappel, s. 310 Pearl Sa.Lom.oD, S. 19:1 Pearl. Sawyer, Wallace II Co., 41 Broad. Scheider, Joseph, 213 Pearl. Schmitt J & Co., 16:1 Water. Schroeder & Bon. 178 'Vater. Schroeder & Koch, 2:03 Pearl. Schub&rt H. & Co., 146 Water Spencer, Bros. &i Co., 7! Maid.eo Lane Spi.Dgam, B. / Co., 5 Burling Slip. Stein & Co. 197 Duane. lt Storm, 191 Pearl. Stro.ha & Reitzenstein, Front. Subbacher, Joseph, 1s1 Water. Tag, Charles F. 184 Front. Tatgenhont, F. W. 6a Broad. Upmann, Carl, 188 Pearl. WestDe1m, M. & Co., 111 Pearl. Wril:ht. E. M, & !fo., 39 Broad. icbtuc. Brei#., BoremJ Obatham lporttrl of Ha'llilnil Alminll J. J .. 30 Cedar Garcia F. Water GOnzalez A. 161 Water Kelly Robert E. It Co. 34 Kuebler, Gall&: Co. n8 Water Llchteaberg G. B. S;JY..a.blpla 46. htf-or of n..., u.r.,.. DeBary Fred'k & Co., 50 BroartWI of Cl:t Pif' Batler H. &: Brother, 71 Water Demuth Wm. & Go., 403 BroadwaJ Lichtenberg G. B. 18<} Pearl. llfaxufactur.adway J,porters of Pip11 1111d s .. oAers' .4rlicles Boilt:en, Garrlpea &: 91 Chambers street, and 73 Reade street lf'rtiTS of Lkorit1 P111k. Cleveland, DeLancey 1.58 PearL Gifford, Sherman It: Innis, 1:10 William Gomez: a Arguimbau. 29 &: 31 8. William McAndrew james C., ss WAter Weaver lk Sterry, 2_. Cedar. ll:!amifceurff's of F/R vonng Aticlu. SC'hietfeli n W. H. & Co 170 and J7l William. &td lAaj To6:tcco Insp.ctio. Bensel_]. Mcj. & Co 10 Depeyster. Linde F'. 0. &. Co., J-42 Water Tohauo Prtlltrl. Guthrie & Co., 225 Front. Afanu{acutrers oj Cigar BoJtea. F.richs H. W. >53 South. Henk.ell Jacob, & 39S Monroe. Wicke William It Cn .. 159 &:: J61 Goerck. Cigr otAer w .. J.. Dingee P.M., Son, cor. Sixth and Lc'fris. Wardrop & Daly, 203 It 205 Lewis. Crgar Ribbot. Cramer G., 82 Franklin. Spani1A Cig"' Ribhont Almiraii).J., 30Cedar. Cigar Jacoby S. 4c Co., oog Pearl. of Tobccc Tin-Fil, Crooke J. J 38 Crosby& 163 & 165 llfulberry .Auctionttrs of TDbacto, tiC. Gerard Betts & Co., 7 Old Slip Tobacco Labe/1. The Hatch Litbograpic Co., 32 & 34 Vesey Heppenhelmer & Co., 22 North William C igar-.Box Labels and Triwnr.ing1. Schumacher & Ettinger, 15 Murray. WolffOha!i .A., S Chatham. Tobacco &aling Wax. linsser W. &. Co., 197 William. Austrian Virginill OigtJTI Kremelber&' & Company, 16o Pearl .MiznM{tKturer's of Ki11.11ey Bror. Lssian CigQrtltts. Kinney F. S. 141 West Broadway. Slr.Jlpll and OutltrB, German Cigr M oul.i s. Eger Sigmund, 190 Pearl. Erichs H W ., 353 South. Lobenstein &: Gans, 101 Valdeo Lane. S. Co., 195 Pearl. MMIin Tob Bat; Zelleoka R., 363 East Fourth. Paptr CiB"ar an'a Tobiuca Howlett Brat., 204 Flton. Tobtscco BDggint. Howard, & Co., 105 -& 107 Chambers Lester A. II Uo., 103 Chambers. Cigr Multl Prm """ Brown .A. It F., 57 Lewis. Mtluf.rSon, and l33 Lake Sa.udba.gen Broa., 17 West Randolph. Mn'!fiiCtMrOilce Bros. & Co., and 54 East Third. f Tobiu&D, Geoghan It Murphy, 18 Hammond. Commiuion MtrcAa1111. Hafer,.Holmeo & Co., Second and Walnut. Llaf Tabtsrxo /Jrdm, Morris & Reid, 4 College Bailorltrt Mill De.U1r1 ia Cigim. Kl't'hn, Felsol< Co., 53 "W .. t Fowrth. Lowenthal 8 & Co., n2 Welt Third. Slnuet-,l'rl..,&L\ppalan, Walaot D W'.U. l'alla II M NEW DECEMBER 31,'1873. CL.A.RKBVILL'E, Teaa, LAtif Tobii4C. Bro.rrs. Clark, M. H It Bro. COVDfGTOl'f, KJ' Mai'JUftu/urers of Firu-C..t C!u-JiinB" IHuco. Glore]. A. P It Bros., 15, 17 and W. 7th-Graves G. Co-. D..l.JfVILLE, Va. C.MIIfinion Mtrclu::IUI. Pemberton & Penn. To-DETROIT, lllicla. 1/ C1'prs tul t!ltut"D111l -r .,'N L1a.F Eccard k Co., 152 & "Raadolph St. M .. of Cig11rr .,,J Dtlrrs in lAJ ToiHstJto. Mathews J. L. & Co., 216 Jefferson Ave; DURHAM, N. C. &.clinE TobdttO. Blackwell W T. & Co FAIUIVILLE, VA. Afanufa+turers of Twis t. Read C. C. & Co. WEST JIAB.TFOB.D. CoD.D. iu Contucti,ut Se1d Leaf. Bishop, J. & Sons. JI.AB.TFOB.D, eo-. Padtrl 11nd DtiJltrl. .Barnes 1 Jerome, State. Hubbard N. &-Co., dll(arket! Lee Geo., :a:so State. London & Bidwell, 226 and 228 State. Pea11e H. &: z. K 16 M:arket. Salomon & DeLeeuw, 6 Asylum Shephard Fuller, ti,JState. Sisson A. L. & F., 134 !lal.o. Welles C.&: On., 154 State. Westphal Wm uS State. HOPKINSVILLE, x,.. Tobac'o BroA,r. Jesup James E. INDIANAPOLIS,Ind. llra,ufacturers qf FintCut a"d Smoki?zgTobacco. Chrl10tma n & Co. cor. Mississippi and Pearl. of Cs, :;ars and .Dealers Ill L eaf Tobacco. Ileidlinger, John A. 39 West Washington. .lANESVILLE Wis. Packer ])ealer in' Seed Leaf. Fendrich Francis. -Eng. Smythe F.W. & Co., 30 North john. LOUISVILLE, K,.. Plug Tobauo MAntifQcturtrl Finzer & Bros. 13 Third. Jones, R. R, 419 Wut Market ilfanufac.turers of Fi.u-Cut and Smolting Tobacco. Finley, Doll & Co., So, 82 & 84 Fint. Robinson ManufacturinaCompany. Tbattl CAmWiiJsiolf MerckaRtl. Wicks G W. & Oo., 102 Main. T,!Jacco Brolurs. Meier, Wm. G & Co., s6 Seventh. :Jobb< Labtls and Trimmings. Harris, Geo. S &. Son, 8. E. cor. 4th and Vine Sb PITTSBURGH, Pa. Tobacco e-mission Mttchants. Woollardt F. E. & Co., 1o6 Locust Tobacco Warehouus. Dormlt.z:er C, tk R. & Co., 123 Market. "Ulrich & Diard, 2o6 North Second T1bacco Commisrion MtrclurTltl. Wall, Behln .t; Day, 320 North Second. Tobacto Brokr RaJDeal. E.,l27 South Second Commission Afercha"t fgr Fwtign 11t1a Home Markets. To e Water, Frederick R., Jr. 6u Chestnut SYRACUSE. N. Y. Ptuk; one of the incidents of the time. Treasury has changed his opinion of the financial con Every week latterly we have had occasion to mention dition of the country and of his department since writing one or more cases where cigars had been burglariously the letter of the 12th of this month to Mr. Dawes, the or otherwise stolen, an

2 roE 'rO.BAVVO LEAP DC:J,31 Yid;na, RlKalia .Brilanua, Reynar Victorinar and N11n J'lus Ultra, all of whtch were "firsts A wagon was seen by a woma!l. leaVIng the premtses about 6 A. M, in whtch it is suppos.e.d the stolen goods were carried away. ADd this occurrence renunds us that we mtght h;we sa4f, tf it had seemed necessary, m publishmg last the Police report of the robbery of cigars at the m!Ulafactory of Mr 'M. Brock, No. 329 Bowery, that if, as the report alleged, the revenue officials suspected an attempt to defraud the revenue in that affa1r, they were probably \he only people who knew Mr. Brock who were silly eoough to entertain such an tdea. THE TOBAOOO MARKET. / DOMESTIC. 1 NEW YOR.It, December 39 Western Lenf-The'!Urket continues qutet and wtth out any features of apecial interest. The sales amount to 381 hhds as follows:> 97 hhds for export; 47 hhds to jobbers, and 237 hbd.i to manufacturers. tn!l; forward but not m large volume, as a matter of course Prtces are not h1gher but are firm for old work, while as respects the new, there IS about the usual mar gin between the two classes SmokmzThere were enough of those who had not already provided full assortments for the holidays to give the market an aspect of life, though not of acttv tty, dunng the week, and to such, mamly, were transac tions in smokmg tobacco confined. Hoyt & Co., 3 do ; Toe!, Rose & Co., 34 do ; James M Gardmer & Co, 8 do; J D. Ke1lly Jr. I4 do Bunzl & Do m1tzer, I33 cases, E Unkart & Co., 336 do; order, 3 z 3 hhds, I 2 3 cases. Bx THE HUDSON RAILROAD -Sawyer, Wal lace & Co., 2 hhds; E. M Wnght & Co., 5 do, M Ra der &: Son, 84 do; J R Sutton & Brothers, 23 do R H Arkenburg, 99 do; Bunzl & Dormttzer, 98 do, J S. Gans & Son, so do Joseph Schmttt& Co., r8 do, or ller, :z hhds, 396 cases HARTFORD, December 29.-bur spectal correspond ents report as follows :-Contrary to our statement that there would be no more sales untll after the rat of Jan uary, we have to report the sale of 7S cases at 3SC for wrappers and a lot of II cases of'7o crop, at roc. and 7 and 14c. for fillers. As to the ne\Y crop it is about all stnpped and ready for market, but the buyers do not feel dtsposed to take hold of tt at any thmg the growers sell for. There ts too much tail end'' to every crop and tf tt can not ?e bought so the packer can throw the poor out, there ts no use m buytng tt ;1 however, some parties have bought here A proaunent firm of Phtladelphia has bought several crops at full prices. As yet no Con necticut packer has bought a crop and does not mtend to at present pnces. ut week Jd. week. 3d wee 4tll. week week Total January----439 g6r I,26J:. 739 3,400 February --380 ?t S82 548 ----I ,8oo March _____ 68o 3$j 2.,S 239 ----2,6oo ApriL---.8ft t4o 849 848 r,5o4 4,8oo MORE FACTORIBS.-At Milton, N.C., they are calling MaY----.679 626 r,7:zo 8zq I,r46 s,ooo loudly for more tobacco factortes. June _____ r,z4z 1 ; 7'/1 1,548 I,439 6,ooo Takmg no note of the recetved and shtpped, aa recorded weekly m these columns, and remarkmg only the jobbing and retailmg of thts .staple, tt ts mam fest that the transactiOns til It and consumptton of it are very heavy every week, dull as the ttmes appear to be. CJgars-The market 1 without noteworthy change In addttton to the regular mqutry, there has been somethmg done on hohday account, but wtth th1s exception tjle transacttons have been of the usual char acter m kind and quanttty. Thts apphes wtth equal fon:e to both the domestic and foreign "Qranches of the trade. Impprters consider the market a dull one, now, and for some ttme past, but not duller pow than of late BY THE NATIONAL LINE.-D. J. Garth, Son, & Co., 56 hhds; Pvllard, Pettus & Co, S5 do; J F. Flagg & Co., Io do ; R. L. Mattland & Co., u do Blakemore, Mayo, & Co, 4 do; E. M Wrght & Co, IS do;. Saw yer, Wallace & Co., :zs do, E.14 Crawford & Co. 10 do; Juhan Allen, 43 do, order, 33 do TOB.A.CfJO. IY THE lt&V. WALTER COTTON. THY qUiet spmt' lulls the lab'rmg bram, Lures back to thought the fhghts of vacant mirth, Con s oles the mourner, soothes the coqch of pam, And wreathes contentment round the humble hearth; Wh1le savage warriors, soften'd by thy breath, Unbmd the captive, hate had doom'd to death. A TOBACCO WAREHOUSE AT CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA. -A corresp6ndent under date of Dec. 1 wntes "The Tobacco Warehouse Company held an informal meet ing on Fnday evenmg, whtch was very enthusiastic in its nature, the members expressmg the1r determmation to make the enterpnse a success. They wtll hold a bust ness meetmg on Monday. In the mean ttme they have 1ssued ctrculars mitmg_farmers to bnng their tobacco .here for sale WASHINGTON SMOKER.-" A New Orleans journahst remmds us," says Cope's To#acco J'lant, that the great American tm, m the; cbenshed qutetude of Mount Ver non, m the holy eventide of his noble life, let us re member tb.e words m wh1ch Gu1zot brmgs to a close his eloquent htstory 'He deserved and enjoyed success and repose Of all gre:it men he was the most VIrtu ous and fortunate. In thts world God has no greater favors to grant. A FoND SAVAGE.-In Stoddard's" South Sea Idylls" is told a most charming little story of Kana-ana, a httle savage who loved a wbtte man ; he came wtth htm to hts .home, and was ruined by the manners of his betters He grew stlent and melancholy Learnmg to swear didn't htm-the ctrcus fatled to rev1ve htm-the missionary undertakmg seemed to be not qmte a sue cess It was found necessary to the peace of mmd of the sweet young canmbal that he should be se.nt back agam to Ius South Sea home Mea nt1me, he had made an tdol to him5 elf of a pamted wooden Indian, at the door of a tobacconist's shop, and no doubt he thought it was in answer to the prayers he offered datly, before thts queer shrme of hts, that he was finally to be let l oose from the fetters of ctviliz a t wn, and conveyed back agam to th e fatr and free d e lights o f savagery But he l onged passtonately to take h1s fnend w1th htm and went away at last, le a vmg half h t s foolish, savage heart behmd hun." July.-----1,120 I,6og 2,097 1,447 I,827 S,Ioo AugusL. 773 1,033 It3a6 r,639 7,700 September 873 '1,..-r 344 J.soo October 513 r,843 8JO 797 517 4,500 November 940 943 757 655 3,300 December S73 593 614 3111 2,461 V1rzmia Leaf-Wtt.h but litde old stock of a destra ble character m the muket, but little business could be done or was expected last week. Tlle.mquuy was mod. erate, as tt should, have been to comport w1th the amount of supphes, but such small !tnes as were needed and avalable, nevertheless found takers, and so, what w1th remnants, lugs, aud new pnmmgs, the total footmg of the week was as good as could be eJri>ected. New leaf is amvmg, but the need of it has not yet been felt to a suffictent extenf to mduce transactions of Impor tance ; though thts !mpedtment must necessarily be of short duration. The early wttbdrawal from the markets hts season of many of the manufacrurers has length ened very materially the lease of the r872 crop, and to the same extent, fortunately, delayed the necesstly for resorttng prematurely to the growth of the past sum mer. But for thts circumstance we mtgbt have expert enced some t.hffieulty ,m reaching the new eason with old stock, and pnces, bestdes, m1ght have been very perceptibly advanced, the pamc to the contrary notwlth standtng As 11 ts, however, we shall enter upon the new year w 1th very fa1r prospects for Vtrganta leaf of all grades The old crop, all things considered, has served tts pur pose very credttahly both as to Its money returns and its general qualtttes, and tf 1ts successor, whtch we are soon to take hold of m earnest, prove no worse than tt has done, there will be much to be sattsfied wtth and not a great deal to about. Seed Leaf-The Christmas holiday left tts tmpresswn on the record ol the week in this dP.partment, the reported sales of seed leaf bemg verr much under those of the prevtous and past two or three weeks. For this decrease the day lost affords a partial explanatton, and the mnate perverseness of things generally, and thmgs commerctal in particular, must, we suppose, account, or be held responstble for the rest. The detatls of the week s traffic are as follows -roo cases r8p Con necticut on private terms; r6o cases do, State at 7 87.( c ; 6o cases do, Pennsylvama at 8@Sr.fc and reo cases do. Ohto at 67-(c.; total, 420 cases. It seems proper here to present a few observations on one or two of the leadmg pomts made by ToBACCO LEAF GRoWER m the arttcle whrch we reproduced m our pre vtous tssue from the New England Homestead. In most all of the wnter's remarks we fully concur, but we thmk he here and there argues from erroneous prem1ses. He says, Government steps m, and lays Its heavy hand upon hts httle crop under a Revenue prohtbttton agamst 1ts sale, or the offer to sell, unless upon the payment of T 0BACCO AND F ERTILIZERS -At a recent meetmg of twenty-five dollars mto the Treasury, and as tf thts were the Connecticut Board of Agnculture, held at Mtddlenot enough it further restricts him (the owner of the town, Dr. R1ggs of Hartford said no farm m any state httle crop) 'from even pledgmg hts crop to ratse the can pnnduce enough manure from stock, not even wtth money, and forbtds hun from selltng to any one who has composts, to supply the cr.op ratsed on 1t, espec1ally if not purchased of the Government the right to buy it tobacco ts culttvated Netther can the farmer afford to thus subJectmg him to the mercy and gnndmg moo purchase largely of commercal ferttltzers. The question opoly of the few who have purchased the right to be I ts how shall I get the most economtcal supply. By classed as I Spanish-The Spanish market has been fair smce our last, a nd we note sales of 300 bales of Havana at So@ 95e, and 125 bales of Yara at 3oc, gold, m bond M a nufactured-We hear of one or two to lera bly g o od shipm ents to dome s tic ports, and of a mod e rate mquiry for the lo c al and mtenor trade, but beyond tlus exhibit, there does not appear to have been any thm g sugge s ttve of r emark occurnn g m th1s dep a r tment durmg the week. The m o n t h w tll probably close upon an unsatis factory r e c ord of transactions, and as much mtg h t w1th truth be s a1d co nce m mg the y ea r. Busmes s, to be s ur e, h a s b ee n don e both wtthi n the month and th e y ea r b u t m n e th et wa s there done a nyt hmg ltke w hat oug h t t o h a ve bee n and tha t 1s all, we s upp o s e, the r e i s t o be satd a bol)t 1t, e xcept t o say that th 1 s r e sult is the r es ult of nati o na l l egtslau on and of notln n g el s e u n der t he su n Our s t oc k o f old g o o ds ts much r e duc e d and there is n o t a g r ea t d eal to s p a re m Vtrgmt a th er efo r e, who p refe r the old to the new have none too much ttme left them to make theti selecUou.' in. New work 1s com.... BY THE NEW YORK AND NEw HAVEN STEAMBOAT LINE -Joseph Mayer's Sons, 26 cases, F. C. l.mde & I do' Fox, Dtlls & Co., [do; A. L. & c L Holt, sS do; J. s. Gans & Son, I do, A. Oatman, I do. BY THE NEw YoRK AND HARTFORD LINE.-Stratton & 33 cases ; D & A. Bennmo, 90 do LOUISVILLE, De cembe r 26.-We report as follows; The market has been acttve, espectally for thts time of the year. There ts very ltttle old offenng, but what is offered readtly finds buyers. New IS m better demand at firmer rates. The warehouses wtll be closed (rom Chnstmas day to next Monday. The sales at the dtfferent warehouses were 43 r hhds, I cask, 3 boxes, as follows: Gold opened at ng and closed at the same rate Foretgn Exchange has been firm with tendency to hiaher rates m consequence of the continued scarcity of btlls At the beginnmg of the week a lot of Southern btlls, wtth documents, were offered m the mar ket and readtly bought at fatr prtces, smce whtch, how ever, there has been a comparative falling off m com mereta! bills. Pnme Banker's Sterhng ts quoted at for 6o days sight and rogr.f for three days sight W e quote London: Bankers', 6o days, 1oS fri, 3 days, C0mmercial, 6o days, !Pans Bankers', 6o days, 525@5zo, 3 days, 615, Commercal, 6o days, Swtss: 6o days, S267-(s25, 3 days, 515. Antwerp 6o days, 528;}(@521 7-(, 3 days, sr67.( Hamburg: 6o days, 95@9Sr.f, 3 days, Bremen 6o days, 95@957'3, 3 days, Frank(ort 0. M.: 6o daps, 3 day:., Amsterdam 6o days, 3 days, 4I .U. Prusstan Thalt:!r 6o days, 3 :r ABIJ.IIGVI.AB. KOIJ.IIGB. Growcrl of seed leaJ tobacco are against accepting the reported sales 1nd of s eed leaf as furn11h1ng the pr1ees that should be obtamed for t!lem at lint hand, as thne refer 111 molt Instances to old crops whach have been held nearly ,._a year, and the profit on whch must naturallf tnclude the Jnterat on capital Invested Growers cannot e1.pcct even an the cue of new cropt to aell them for the aame pnces as are obbmeli on a Je-sale here Of c ourse every n:-sale must be at an ad vance, and therefore tne prtce obtainable by the growcn wtll alway s be somewhat lo-wer than our q"otauona QUOTATIONS OF WHOLE5ALE PRICES. Wui<,.,._Ltghtle.a! cis. Oomn10n to good lag 6 @ 7 Ji Yara I & li Cut -td 95@ 1 00 Commo n l eat 8 McntVczctvrd4-Tax20 e ta per-.,ound Medium. ............. ... 10 @ u .Potln41.-B&IGB'I', Good. ...... 11 @l:r Extra dne @70 Fine .. .. 12 @ IS Selections .. 12 @13 Ugbl cuttmg lug e .. .. 1 @ 8 do ,do l e&f .. 9!o "nd Western Dillnc t C'.omwon to gvod l u g e 7 @ 8 Oommon leal. .llledmm leaf.. .. .. .. .. 10 @lO X Good. ..... .... 11 @LIJi Fine .... .. .. 12 @ UJi 8electiO Jle .. 12Ji@IS luge. 6 @ 7 Fino do .. .. ... .. 6Ji@ 1Y. Low t,o )Il e d 1um lea f 8 @ 9Ji Good to fin e lo @l i Wrappers, dark .. d o bright .. @-Bmok rs .. .. 10 @20 ll"nmmgs new.... .... 2.!(@3>( "l>hoIll. o r \O good com 5 @ 7 Brown .nd Greentsk 1 @ 8 M edmm and fine-red 8)f@l2 Com to m e d pangle.I 7Ji@l0 Fino spangled to y ello w 10 @ IIi Mar11htttd-F"st.'d to c_pm mou ... 3);@ 4 X S eund Common .. 5 ((.9 6 Go<>d do 6)f@ 7 M edium ...... ....... 71\ 9 Good to fin e r e d .. 10 @13 Fancy 14 @120 Upper Oountry 5 @2b Gt-oa.ud new. .... t @ 9 COftttte h cvt and Mau acl tuletts s .. aL e Yar&-I and ll cuts asa 7o@ 80 85 9 5 100@ 1 10 116126 8o 90 0 M edium. 43 Good .. .. ... : .. 4 > @ U C o m u u u ............. U @43 M o uldy, scarce 88 @139 Pressed, extra ftue 60 @62 Light Preaaed line M @16 0 Quarior hwndo -Filla .. 48 M..Uum...... ..... @47 C o m mon .. .. 42 @t4 N""'f l'ott&-Flno 5o and 1 Fine ... ..... 43 @ 45 Fcnocy Tobacco -Long lO' s 48 @.10 Navy, 4"1! and 5"8 45 @50 Lady Ptoge ro, R o ll s 6D Poc ket Piocas .. .. 45 @ .jll Bright Twist (Va) U mch 4 6 @60 Bri ght Gold Ban, 6 mch 53 @68 R o u g h & Ready 5 0 @5> BLAC K Na"'f .... 43 @48 Medium 40 4> Navy Hal.f Pounds and Thwda-Fine @45 Hed1um 38 @42 Qua rl @45 Pocket Piecu 4 @ '-S Negr oh3@3, r at 2 95 The Boone House sold 3 r hhds 6 hb u s Kentucky old leaf at $II 25, 10, 9, 71 7, 6 70. 5 hhds do old lugs: 3 at 25@3 90; 2 at 4 2s, 4 35 2 hhds do new leaf at $8.5o, 7. 16 hhds do new lugs: 1 at 3 at 5@S rs; 3 at 4 94@5; S at 3 o5@ 3 85, t at 2.-zs. 2 hhds Indtana new lugs at $ 4.20, 4S The Nmth Street House sold 43 hhds : 24 bhds Ken tucky old ro at $8 @u; u at, 2 a t 7, 7.90 2 hhds do lugs at $2 95, 4.50. 1 hhd do new leaf at $5.25 ro hhds do new lugs 2 at $5, s.os; 4 at 4 50@4 70; 4 at 3.25@3.65 6 hhds Indtana leaf at $7 so@ro The Kentucky :robacco Associatwn sold s8 hhds and 3 boxes I 1 hhds Kentucky leaf I at 7, 3 at 6@6.6o ; 6 at 5@5 95, r at 4 90 46 hhds do lugs and trash: z at $5@5.os; I3 at 4 @ 4 65 ; 19 at 3@3 95; 12 at 2 45@ 2 95 3 boxes do le a f and lugs at $9 30, 6.7o, 4.30 I bhd Ind1ana leaf at $ 5.60. The LoUisville H o use sold 55 hhds ro hhds Ken tucky old leaf, lugs, and trash: 2 at $13 75, 9,25; 2 at 8, 8 70; 2 at 7 so, 7 Io; 2 at 6 ro, 6.50 2 at 2, 2.90 40 hhds do new le a f and lugs. 4 at 6@6.40, 9 at s@ S 70, II at 4 @ 4 95, 13-a t 3 @ 3 85; 3 at 2 So@2 90 3 hhds T e nnessee old le:af and lugs at $7 90, 6, 4.90. I hhds Clarks v ille n e w tr a sh at 3. 20. r hhd IP.dtana new leaf $6. The Planter s H o use sold 85 hhds: 82 hhds Ken tucky leaf, Jugs, and trash: 6 at $12 25@12.60, 7 at II @I r.25, 2 at, 8. 6o; 1 at 7.8o r6 at 6 @ 6.go ; 15 at 5@5 90 j 26 at 4 @ 4 95; 4 at 3 @ 3 95, 5 at 2 50@2.90 3 hhds Tennessee lugs at $ 4 25, 4.25, 3 PHILADELPHIA, Dec embe r 29.-Mr. E W. Dicker son, reporter for the Tobacco Trade of Ph!ladelphta, wutes as follows: W e stent Leaf-The rece1pts for last week were ro2 hhds and tierces. The recetpts for 1873 have been about (g,ooo) mne thousand ll.hds and tterces Of this amount-m round numbers-(15oo) fifteen hun dred were for home trade, and of the balance over (7ooo) seven thousand were exported, and the stock on hand now is about 400 hhds. Coastwise and reinspected ____ ,_ s,300 Seed-Leaf-The1e was scarctly ar.y busmess done in seed-leaf last week The recetpts were 56 cases newly packed Pennsylvama. The sales hardly reached 'o cases :.o far as reported; but that was as much as ought d to be expected m Chnstmas week The recetpts for 6g,86o hh s. I873 have been about (u,ooo) twelve thousand cases not Stock m warehouse thts day and on shtpmcludmg about (25oo) twenty-five hundred exported. board not cleared.-----------------hhds Tae stock on hanu at th i s present time ts about (5300) Manufactured Tobacco-There was some little de mand for local wants the past week, but no special ac fifty-three hundred cases agamst (7Soo) seventy-etght hundred one year ago. I take tt that thts ts a very fatr ttvtty m the market. Pnces keep nommally unchanged. and healthy exhtbtt for the trade here ; because, as we We note the following receipts: Hoffman, Lee & Co., 11 k d 1 f h b 196 boxes, A. Seemuller & Sons, 15 hlf.boxes, 29 thtrd a now, see ea as een "going down," "going hxs J. Rosenfeld & Co., 7I boxes 20 cases, W. A. down," through the whole of the year, excepting stnctly fine wrappers. Boyd & Co, 83 boxes, J B. Stafford, r67 boxes, also CJgars-The busmess for the year I873 was fully up per steamer from Petersburg and Rtchmond : John P. to the previous year, exceptmg the pamc momhs, when Pleasants & SonS, 36r packages Decatur M. Miller & it f e ll off m sympathy with every other busmess. The Sons, roo do; G. S. Watts & Co, roo do. ks h b stoc on and now are a out equal to those of one year CINCINNATI, December 27 -Mr F ..A Prague, Leaf ago Tobacco Inspector, reports as follows There ts nothmg Manufactuted-FmeCUit and smoking have held their new to report m the market for leaf tobacco The bus t places very well durmg the past year, but plug has sui ness of the week has been small on account of the holtfered It ts dttlicult to get the exact figures, because so days, only 163 hhds and 52 boxes bemg offered at many manufacturers send theu agents through the auctton at the followmg pnces country and take orders whtch are filled dtrect from the At the Bodmann Warehouse, 43 hhds and 49 boxf\S factory. The stocks on hand here are sensibly less than 9 hhds Mason County, Ky, trash lugs, and leaf: 2 a t at thts time one year ago; although there are two or $5 451 SSo; 5 at 6@7.95, 2 at 8.9@30. 4 hhds new three exceptions to this. We do not expect that Con Owen County, Ky., at t;3 55, 4, 4 ro, 4 8o. 27 hhds gress wtll meddle wnh the tax on tobacco this wmter. Pendleton County, Ky., trash, lugs, and leaf: r4at F6REIGN. t;6 ro@7 90, Io at 8@8 65; 3 new a t 3, 3.4o, 5 8o. 3 ANTWERP, D e < ember 15.-Mr. Vtctor Forge Imhhds and 3 boxes West Vtrgmta. 3 at $, 4 75, 9 so, porter of Leaf Tobacco, reports: For two weeks we' have 3 boxes new at 4 so, 4 5, S S boxes Southern Indtana, had a very !lull market and pnces generally weakened 3 at t;3@3 so; 2 at 4 20, 4 75 41 boxes Ohto seed on all grades, and but for the last auct10n sale of dam fillers and bmders: 9 at $31 75, 16 at 4@4; 2 at aged tobacco, we should have almost no transactiOns to 5, S 10, rt at 6@7.75, 3 at 8 8 70, II. report. Some sound tobacco has also been put At the Planters Warehouse, 42 hhds and I box :-13 on public sale, but the sellers had to wtthdraw hhds Mason County Ky, trash, lugs, and leaf 2 at most of tt pnces not bemg at all, 5, 4 at 7o5@7.6o, 3 at 8@9.50; 2 at ro, tory. For next Tuesday another pubhc sale of 20 75, 2 new at 3, 3 7 5 28 hhds Brown County, Ohio, sound old Vtrgtma and new pnmings ts announ trash, lugs, and leaf: 6 at $4@5 8o, 15 at 6 20@7 .8o, ced, but 1t ts doubtful if it has a better result. Pnces 5 at 8.o5@9 75; 2 at IO 25, ro.75 ; 1 box new at 3 r on common grades declmed dectdedly IO per cent.; on hhd Pendleton County, new at $3. better :.orts, nommal but very weak gThe begmnmg of At the Morns Warehduse, 19 hhds .-12 hhds Mason the commg year may improve the situation, but our County, Ky, trash, lugs, and leaf 2 at '1>5 6o, 5 70; 2 stocks are large and pnvate provtsions on the part of at 6 55, 7; i 4 at 8os, 9.25, 4 \at ro 25@12.25. I hhd the manufacturers are mostly all made. Brown County, Ohio new at $ 3 3 hhd s new Owen BREMEN, December 5.-0ur spec1al correspondent Co., at 3, 3 os, 3 lis r hhd Pendl eton Counry Ky. at reports: K entucky: Sale:s this week amount to 221 7 2 hhds Boon'! County, Ky., at 5 10 6.o5. 20 hhds hhds, vz : r o o hhds heavy low grades at 42 to 44d. and Mason County Ky, at private sale at r6c round. 12r hhds cu t tmg at'43d As compared wtth last week, At the Globe Warehouse 4 hhds. 9 hhds Mason these pnce s a re constdered to have held their ground County Ky' trash, lugs, and leaf I at 5 8o 5 at 6 75@ Our JObbers are g enerally well stocked, and as this is 7 2S 3 at 8 25@910 12 hhds Brown County, OhiO the qmet sea s on bestdes not much acttv1ty can now be lugs and I at 5 6o, 3 at 6 IS@7 85, 3 a t 8@9 6o, 5 expected. Stock November 21st 4,26S hhds; receiVed at ro@I3 7 5 II hhds Owen County, Ky trash and smce, 36o hh s, total, 4,6 28 hhds Dehvered smce, luBS 3 at, 2 at 6.6o, 7, 2 new al 2 7, 2 95 i 4at 354 hhds stock December 5th, 4,274 hhds. Vtrgtnta : 3 5 @ 3 7 6 hhds Pendleton Coun t y K y trash, lugs, No transa ct1ons to note stmce last report Stock No and leaf 3 at S@S zo, 3 at 6 6o@7. vember 27t h 770 bhds, recetved smce, 31 hhds; stock At the Kenton Warehous e II hhds 6 hhds Mason Decemb er s th, 8oi hhds. Stems: Receipts are increasCount y K y ., lugs 2 at 6.75, 6.85 4 at 8@8 go. 5 hhd s mg Week' s sales 9 2 hhds, pnnc1pally Vrgmta at Pendle t on County, Ky., trash and lugs r a t 2 4 at about r 6d. Stock N ovember 27th, 248 hhds; recetved 5 IS @ 5 95 hhd 1 At the Phlster Warehouse, 8 hhds and 4 bo x es 8 smce, so3 s' tota 75I hhds. Deltvered smce, 92 hhds, stock D ecember 5th, 659 hhds. Seed Leaf hhds Brown County, lugs and le a C 2 a t $, 8, S a les for the week637 c a ses, a mongst whtch 556 cases 2 at ro. 25 II. I casK Owen Count y Ky a t 4 35 I '72 cro p O h w s at 40 to 44d, 30 cases '70 crop Connechli.d West Vtrgima at 2, 2 boxes do at 2 o5, 5 2 hhds d S o uther n Indtana leaf a t 7 8 25 a t 44 2 6 c a s es '72 crop Pennsylvama at 41d. n. Pnces are clo se, a nd s ho w littl e or no margm at pre '"<-uotat!Ons of M anufactured Tobacc9-V lrgm t4, sent Sales from J an u ar y J[St t o December ISt, r87J, bngh t pounds, 55 to 8o, h a l v es 45 to 53, quarters 45 t o 23, oo8 c ase s. S t ock Dece nnb er Ist, 4,790 cas es. 53, fives 4 5 to 53, tens 47 to 55 D a rk, pounds 3 8 to so, h a l ve s 3S t o 4 3 qu a rt e r s 38 t o 43, five s 38 t o 43, teus 40 to 43 W este rn bnght, pound s 6 o to 75, h a lve s 4S to 53, q u a r ter s 4 8 to 53, fives 48 to 53> tens so to 53 Dark, p o und s 40 to so, h a l v es 42 to so qu arters 4 2 to so, fives 4 2 to so, tens 43 to 45 F ancy bnght tw1st so to 7 J, NEws FROM CoNNECT!ClJT.-The New York Sun in for ms l ts read e r s that t he t o bacco c r o p of Connec t tcut of the p re sen t yea r t h o u g h less i n qu anti ty tha n m pre v t ous ye a rs owmg to th e smalle r area dev oted to the culttvatlon of the plant1 IS fully equal 111 qualtty to the famous crop of 1864. --..,


DE0.81 A.KlfUAL l'l'OBA.CCO cntCULAB. OF CARL UP.M.A.NN Preparejl Cor Clrelllatiea .&.broad, [ lixpressly for" 7'he Tobauo Leaf."] Since the middle of September, I873, we are in, the midst of a crisis. Having originated in exchange-cir cles it found its first victims prindpally among those that owed their exi!>tence to our great civil war and to the spread of speculation incr:idental thereto. It was generally hoped that the disaster would be limited to those circles, but disappointment followed. More thaa two months having e.Japsed since its outbreak, we iind that commercial circles also were largely affected by it. It is true, we have so far escaped extensive fair ures, but we owe this mor e to the spirit of mutuai ac commodation and forbearancf! among merchants than to their actual solvency and financial strength. This is not the place to inquire imto the causes of our misfortunes. They are too universally prevalent-also on the other side of the Atlantic-and hence well-known to every business man. Let us loo!k only upon the re sults. The first and, to us, decisive result, is a lament able impairing of confidence, whicb manifests itself in the timidity of to place thems_elves at our disposal, even for othenv1se enterprises. . Capital retreated to 1ts h1dmg-places, such as savmgs banks, safes, and the money-chests of our country pro ducers. It was withdrawn from the merchant, and con sequently their business, which was based the _pos sibility of a liberal discount, was greatly 1mpa1red Buyers were not able to punctually fulfill their old obli gations, neither did they deem it advisable-nor, if ad visable, was it possibl e-to purchas.e at the old On the other hand, enormlilus masses of our products, which accumulated in the hands of our producers, stocked the market, and which seemed to the dealer a safe investment only at low prices. Thus a falling of prices for our products prepared itself, which corre sponded with the suddenly-increased value of our pur chasing medium. The withdrawal of an enorr:nous amount of the latter-currenc)'-from the channels of legitimate business caused a large importation of gold, !!inee only by this course our products, for which there was a great demand in Europe, could be taken to Euro pean markets. The consequence was a continuous falling cf the premium and a corresponding falling of the exchange quotations. The former fell from I3 per cent., on September :::9, to 6.J.i on November 6, but has since then worked its w;;.y slowly up again. The latter fluctuated for the different markets as follows-quotation in gold 6o d!l-ys sight : .. "l > > !;' I!"' c'c" .., s a 0 o-... "' .. l.n z .. .., .... 00 ;.: o .. i! .. "' "?. V\ '"' 0 lj .. "' "0(!\ ... "' ... .. '-" > o .. 0 00 .. f g_a I I J 00 V\ 0 ;t;-... "' .;. '"' ':" 0 '"' "' .... "' -... se-.. :--: Sot: "' 1 t C..> >tl a :I! -a ... ..... ;; .. :.I ,t>e'. I I I I !' C! "" ;;. s :::-. ... ... ;. "' ., ;;a 0 0 ..... ..,. .. .... iJ. et o .. lj "'a "' w V\ -o .. -00 ..;._ i r > ,. ... f '"' .. !!. I ... T .. ""' J -" "' =-= w "' .j.. "' 0 ':" 0 .. 00 "' .. ... .. ,,.. ..... .. To Spain. _____________ ., __________ 4,556 TOBAccos FIT FOR EXPORT. little leaf in wrappers. A large Jlilrt suffers from disease To Austria.-----------_---------1,oo3 Common Lup ............... 6 50 t:,u; 7 incident to Conne('ticuJ. Alrno t the entire crop remain To PortugaL ______________________ 4,052 Good Lu1,s ................... s .so 1-soto 1-soto &so in the planters' hands .Shippers have hardly touched To Belgium _____________________ ___ 2,126 it,sayp.p.zoocases. MostofwJ!atwassoldinBremen To Holland ____________________ ... 1,193 Good Leaf.. .................. u.5oto ... so u.5oto '".11 l0to 17 under that name was a better kind of Wisconsin. It To the Mediterranean._.. __ --__ ._ 3,4o8 t'ine _Leaf ...... ; .. ..... A;rit. .... 13 ...i:_,.. '4 50 13 can nol be 1n tained that the purchaser -suffered under To 1,957 :t:tt;: l_50 lso that pious deception. Among the exports, the Meq1terranean this Low Lear .................... 8 to 9 9 to o 9 to 10 The Onio crop was bad, wo than 1871, and that h d" 1 1 Th Medium Leaf ... 10 to n Jo.!Qto sr'.sooosotou.50 year w1t a 1sproportwnate y arge quantity. e Good LUf . ............. ... "SO to .,_5oJI,. to 3 to 13 5o is -saying a grea deal. The Jlers are without sublarger part thereof went to Gibraltar, whence Spain Fine Leaf .................. 13 to 14-50 '3-50 to 15 '4 to 16 stance and flimsy, part! .. sticky. yeilow and sweet, the k th h h h R 'fuly. Aupst. S1jf. Oct, '7 ,.. too at part w IC t e was unable to fl.lrCommon Lui"1 to 1-so 1 to 1 to 7. s o 6.4-4 to ,_.5 leaf-of which there exists a amount-very nish. Italy likewist: demanded an unexpectedly large Good Lu,. .. 8 to 9 8 to "' 8 to 9 1 to! h 11 f L: .._dl 1 d d Low Leaf.. .... JO 9 1o JO 9 t o 10 8.50 to 9-Sol muc tom, lU 0 Wu.te ve., Uil y co ore an unquantity, and since that country takes principally tobac llled. Leaf .. 1o..scto u. 5 o >"-5o to u.5o 1o.5oto 10 to" elastic. Notwithstanding all tlaese drawbacks, the f fi 1' } d h Good Leaf ..... n to 13 n to n 13 to 13 u.5o to k d"l fi rt cos o ner qua tty on y, an as t ose were not very Fine Leaf ....... to 16 ,4 to 14 to 16 ,3 to ,5 growth wa,s ta en most rea 1 y r Shipment. vur prmlargely represented in the crop of I872, the Regie" Stock in first hands is but small, and contains but lit cipal customer-Bremen-woul4n t take it for a long agreed to take tobacco of inferior quality. tle export tobaccos. It may be assumed that half of fime, as last year's lesson was very cosily one. But As already intimated in my report of last year, the the above fig res are already in shippers' hands. : this year Gibraltar came to the hscue, for the reason quality of the cropof 1871 was rather defective, and if Stems were in lively demand during the whole year above referred to, when we spoke of Kentucky tobacco, Italy had not to a lowering of the standard of During December, 1g72, January and Thbruary, 1873: This gave our. dealers a basis for moderlte purchases. its quality types, we would have had to suffer from a despeculators took hold of this article, on account of the and as, towards the middle of the shippers to tl:J.& cided want of heavy tobaccos. Especially the ClarksGerman tobacco duty agitatio'n, and during these months Northern European ports seemed to be tired of waiting, ville and Paducah tobaccos lacked substance and gum, the prices were highest;. With the dying out of this vital a hand to mouth busineas developed itself at pretty and fine substantial/ heavy Clarksville lugs were very questic;m prices fell to their former level. 1 quote : stationary prices, which only suffered a moderate decline scarce. We expenenced, therefore, pretty stationary ISt July, 1 873. 1st April, 1873. in favor of the purchasers toward middle of October, prices for those kinds during the whole year, and only Licorice ....... 2 c after Gibraltar had satisfied its first appetite. Nobody very recently holders appeared willing to make concesBrown ____ .. 3 @ 4 c made much out of it, and I can discover only one good sions. If, however, our transatlantic friends did not Bright ........ 4 @ 4 y,;c point in the whole Ohio blllliness, i.e., we got rid of a profit by this circumstance to it& full extent, the reason v;, gfnia Primings-Crop of 1 873 which from the good part of the stuff. lies in this, that by a simultaneous falling of the. gold connecting link-between the old and 'new crops, show a The T.Viuon;in cr?p was a little bettef1 and_ if that crop and exchapge quotations the decrease in the price was good deal ofleaf; pretty good condition occasionally also had not been at a disadvantage under the chmate of the counterbalanced. quality and .color, and are also tolerabiy free from santl: State, which is not' very-favorable to tobacco we The crop of 1872, however, contained a large proporPrices range according to the larger or smaller prepon would doubtlessly have seen 1espectable article. tion of Regie tobacco, fit for France, and the derance of conditions between z%' and J%'c-; As it is_, its chief merit hat it good !.Jut different contractors found it an easy task, to fulfill their smaller quant1t1es with a great deal of leaf and color that 1t IS less bad than OhiO. Relahvely speakmg, the obligations more than satisfactorily. In my last report sold up to 4c. fillers and seconds were the best of it ; they were already I warned my friends of too sanguinf: expectations The in Sud-leaf was very unsatisfactory; a pretty leaf)!, dark and of good quahty. The for low prices, ar.d the facts have borne out the correctwhole senes of circumstances combine which w:th the lacked good colors and an even, elegant brand. Shippers ness of my views. crop of 18p pressed down to a quarter very soon appreciated its were too glad It seems, as if Kentucky tobaccos could not be sup-of that of the former year. First of all, the enorrr.ous imto overlook 1ts defects, and pa1d which though planted very easily by other then, only by a more portations of 1 872 were followed in the European marmoderate as compared to last year's, m1ght at all events marked difference in the price than exists at present, kets by a very natural reaction. In August of last year, be called full. 1 otherwise ordinary cutting lugs could nut have maintained already the IIJQnufacturers in the interior found that the On the other s1de of the water the n_ame W1sconsm themselves at 6@6}.( c while seed leaffi!lers could oe had tobaccos, which had been bought in an unripe condition, had a pretty bad sound, and hence 1t but natural at 4y,;@5c. fermented but badly, and therefore bad a very inferior that another name was adopted. That It should be The following tabular stat!'ment shows the fluctuations value as wrappers, and coul w ;::: .. .., :--.:; ;:; :::.., "' ;; ::.., -.. :: 0 00._. :Conne c tzcut and .Massullusetls were tobaccos such as it;: we had never seen here before. The disease of the leaf Wisconsin. ____ Western tobacco. 165,ooo l3esides the difficulties caused by the condition of the seemed at first not to be as general as had been feared. Stock on January I1 1873,of all crops Consumption 1873-lnland __ -----. 2r2,oeo :money-market, our business had to suffer under con-N. B.-Quotations for December, 1872 February, Later inspections and the e,;perience of the manufactinuous rising of inland and, especially, ocean fre1ghts; I873, refer to old (I87I) tobaccos; for the other months turers with fillers and seconds however, show.:d a differ at times it was impossible to close engagements for to new (l872) tobacco!. For March and April prices for ent state of affairs, as the actual damage-excepting a few freight for immediate shipment. This was to be regtetgood and fine leaf are entirely nomjnal. From August specialties such as Housatonic tobacco-amounted in ted all the more, as it delayed the exe c ution of orders, down" trashy lugs" were sold at whenever most cases to 20 per cent., and often even exceeded that smce neither importer nor factor in Europe, with the buyers could make up their minds to take large lines. percentage. It may have been less with a few renowned dangerous fluctuations in the prices of all goods, cared Already, since the beginning of the season, the ordinary packiogs. The ','l'fappers to some extent suffered less to incur the increased risk of delayed shipments. grades of seed leaf in Ohio were packed in hhds and from the disease, because more carefully selected, but The tobacco busine!s could not, of course, withstand shipp-ed as Kentucky. This also occurred several times have not fermented well inasmuch as they dried t,oo rap the influence of the above-described conditions; hence, here, and what was packed as Kentucky may amount to idly, and have consequently become bad in co!br, and toward the end of September, we saw an almost sudden about 10, 000 boxes. This offers a sharp contrast to last bony. The tobacco contains too little substance and stand-still, which yields only now, as far as the export is year, in which large quantities of Kentucky appeared in moisture to retain its elasticity, and too little alkaline concerned, to a moderate activity. If prices for tobacco the market as seed leaf. As appears from substance to develop quality. Tobaccos oi tender leaf, did not suffer such a decline, in comparison to other artransatlantic reports, stocks of hogshead tobaccos seemflexible, soft texture, even, lively colors, and at the same tides, in consequence of the striingency of the moaeyto accumulate in European markets, and this might in time oi sufficient wrapping capacity are very scarce. market, as we might be led to as sume, that has to be dicate to dealers there a possible falling of prices. For Several shipments of small lots do not seem to have accounted for by other reasons, which will appear selfholders, however, I may say, that that circumstance givet satisfaction to the purchasers. Hence the deevident when we shall treat of the different kinds of to1 ad C. th ts d d d II h a one ouers no reason for anxiety, inasmuch as we may man or ese sor ecrease gra ua y, w en m ..... Packed in barrels and cuL---Stock of old tobaccos on January I, 1874--------------------------Consisting of about 271ooo boxes Con necticut. 1870 and I 87 I. Add to this crop of u,ooo do. States. 28,ooo do. Penn. do. Ohio 3,ooo do. Wis. 9,ooo do. crop of 991ooo boxes. of 1873, consisting Connecticut and Massachusetts State. __ --_.. -------------. Pennsylvania_,_----_. __ ---_---Ohio------------------------Wisconsin and Western tobaccos bacco. The principal reason may, however, be found expect this year's crop to appear in the market later this case also the advent of the crisis brought in the facts, firstly, that prices for the crop of 1872 suf-than usual, since the financialfacilitiesoftbe West, upon matters to a climax, and when !he inspection of wrap fered a decline of p. p 40 per cent. compared to the a influx of all products is principally based, pers.oegan in September and October purchasers failed prices for I871; and sec0ndly, at least two-thirds might not exist yet for several months to come in a sufto put in an appea1ance. Dealers preferred to await of the seed-leaf crop were still in the hands of the .Plantficient degree. Furthermore the demand for Kentucky the course things would take, and pre ers, who, as experience shows, are very slow to accomtobacco !.eems to be steadily increasing in all parts of the ferred reducing the number of their )lands rather than modate themselves to a declining market. wm!d, and_ the territory which may be required buying large qnantities CJf tobacco, as they were sure of 70,000 28,ooo r5,000 40,000 r5,000 3o,ooo 35,ooo 20,000 99,000 140,000 To the business in hogshead t obaccos we may look for Its cultivatiOn 18, so to say, an almost unlimited one, being able to ouy at present prices on the revival of Therefore there wtll he at our dispo-back with moderate Salisfaction, and although we find yet that circumstance wil! be of vital importance only, if business Sales of entire packings, to which we were sal on January 1 187.4---;------239000 just now, at the close of the tobacco year, nearly everyhad a sufficleat amount of cheap labor at accustomed at this season for years past, did not take The exports amounted up to December where a pretty large stock of Western tobaccos, yet it disposal to prepare the existing area for cultiplace, and so we find at least two thirds of the entire I, I873-. may be said that the consumptiom has disposed pretty vatwn whenever necessary-which migh not be for crop of wrappers still in the hands of the planters. In Of tobaccos of I,600 effectually of all sorts fit for Regie-spinning-and insome time to come. Furthermore, the planter would ex-the mean time the crop of I87 3 comes aearer and nearer, Of 187I Connecticut and Massachu-land manufacturing purposes, The present .stock contend the cultivation of a certain plant at the expense of and prices have a downward tendency For really fine setts ___ -----------------7 0 sists mainly of ordinary lugs and nondescript leaf, com-another only then, if he finds, in the expectation of a wrappers of 1872, however, holders remain very firm, Sta_tes.-----------.:-------40 prises very few tobaccos fit for the French and Italian higher price, a stimulus to deviate from the usual cultiand perhaps justly so. The stock, which is at our dis1 200 Regies, and a very small quantity of decided good for vation of his lands ... All these considerations weigh, posal till October next, is rather small. It may be pro-Wlsconsm-----------------------2 000 the markets of Northern Europe. The above-described whenever the probablhty of future large-if not larger-per to remark here, that ap importation of Java wrap4,3oo ordinary descriptions even might have been di&posed of crops has to be speculated on. pers substitute for Connecticut failed by reason of Of I87 2 Connecticut and Mass_achu-to a greater extent, had not the 'Uncertainty of Spanish The Virginia crop of 1 8 7 2 shows laow difficult it is to the d1shke of our smokers, price of the goods and setts -----------------------200 national affairs paralyzed, attimes,almostentirelythe ak I' bl t. t f h f d ourJgnorancehowtowork1 -tp 0 e 1 States.------------------------200 1 m e a ;a e es _1ma e o t_ e ext_ent o a crop m a r P r Y 'ltport to that country. th t 1 bl ffi 1 In DentS"'fvanza the cro f 8 f th Pel)nsylvania _____________________ I,ooo vance, WI ou re 1a e, o eta statistics. Compared to .L ,, J p o I 72 was one o e The crop of 1872 exceed a any highest estimate of my highest estimate of last year of 55,ooo hhds, the crop worst which that State ever produced. Some districts Ohio --------------.. ------Io,ooo la year by about I o ooo hogsheads, and amounted to of I 87 2 amounted to fully 65,ooo hhds, and the inspec-had raised pretty true tobacco, but that was not more Wisconsin .. ------------- ------9,soo about 1So,ooo hogsheads of alii descriptions, as foltion alone for 1872 and I873 amount to 6J,IIO hhds than ten per cent. of the entire crop; those tobaccos ----lows: compared to 52,794 in 1871-2. Of these there are still were bought early in the seaSCln at high prices for the TotaL---------------26 200 K t k hhd S h d C 1r h h h N. B.-The difference of L18oo cases between this en uc y ------------------IIo,ooo s. on hand 8,86\ compared to 8,572 in 1 872. The exports out an a 11orma, w ere t at growt IS very much I d d Illi f his J'k d r r Th figure and the 28,ooo cases above mentioned lies in this, n 1ana an nols-------Io,ooo o t year amount to about 30 000 hhds to 25, 000 hhds 1 e .or manu.acturmg. e entire rest was common, M 1 d th f fill h" h I' h J fl that the latter figure contains an estimate for Decem JSSOUTI-----------2o,ooo ast year, in which especially Austria shared to a larger an e proportion o ers, w 1c are 1g t anu imsy ---I&o,ooo hhds. extent than heretofore. in addition, was a very large one, about fifty per cent. ber. Of h th t'll th U t d St t Th t b d th h d f h 1 The shipments to the different ports are approxit ose ere ares 1 m e nr. e a es : As_ in my report, the quaiity was rather ose o accos remame m e an s o t e p anters New York------------14..445 hhds. defic1ent. L1ght, colored tobaccos predominated ;dark, during the entire Summer aBd Fall, and as the latter do mately as follows: New Orleans.--------------u,ooo heavy export sorts could scarcely be found of perfect not pack the tobacco themselves as in other States, Bremen. ______ ---------------Louisville ___ ., _____________ .___ 6,ooo 32.445 hhds. qfuali1 thyt. but gene1rally conStainffed a cofnsiderable mixture bmuetntlaettlonit ha.endinththate iht had a veryt poor ker-t o 1g 1 papery eaves. nu manu acturers especially 1c as come o mar e Hence a consumption of 147,545 hhds. great difficulty to satisfy their requirements. at cheap prices, is worse than we have seen for a long Gibraltar_---------------------Of those there was an inland consumpAgain the" Regie" had an easy task of it, inasSkippers remained very reserved as to that growth, lion of-------------------75,ooo hhds. much as the tobacco was very leafy. and what little of it reached the European markets, South America ___________ ------Notwithstanding the large crop the demand for conyielded profit only in rare cases. One so-called fine Antwerp----------------.. ------Hence an export of-----------------. 72,545 hhds. Via New York the export of tl)bacco in hogsheads, including Virginia in transitu from Richmond: To Great Brilllin-------------------331425 hhda. sumption and export was very steady; an accumulatio!l packing, sent directly by the packer to Bremen, is said to Italy----------------------ofstock did not take place, and this gave to the market have left a profit, most likely, however, only in &o far as West Indies-----------------during the whole year a stable position, and very rarely the shipper received cash therefor, a circumstance, Africa.-----------------------have we seen less fluctuations during the season. The which under the peculiar condition of our money market New Brunswick--------------great lackofspinning tobaccos raised prices for fine leaf was somewhat problematical. Canada-------------------------1 s,ooo cases. 1,400 :z,ooo 4 5oo 2,400 500 500 sao 400 2QO 100 soo To Germany --------------r5,485 L To France.-------------.-------; 8,u8; t To Italy '"''IZ:,2I7 to figures only seldom reached. In the following quota About .Statesmi (N. rnuch IS to be sa1d; what tioDa I limit myself only to, lleavy. ..-< htUe came to pli\rket, shows pretty fair quality in fillers, Total ___ ---.. *Probably to Gibraltar, .__ ,..W ... looiVl. N """(,.) ... 1-1 \0 0 "" 0 "" ,... c.n 0\l.n ""' "" """ ...,.. """-"""' """' "' 00;; 8't va l.n'"' ""-" 00.0 """' soo: ................... 0 0 0 0 : ..... ............ ""'" .... ::!i 00000!" -l'lWOOo.J:V\ ..., 0\Vl. \A l.n""' """' "' .. 8't '-t ..,. "'"" o-,U'\ 0\0 OO<,n .. 0 0 C): ................ ..... ..,.,..,. ........ 0 0 0 0 ooooo 00 0\..J:Io. I-) ... ..,....,..., -.,::_"' 0 0 t..:avn.V1.V1. "" .. "'"' "' "" "' .. o .. "' : :It,. o: O .. ci: o: sao: .... 1: 0 0 l..q "'"' .. "' .... 00 0 "'"' """' """ Ov. 0 "' .., "' 00. 0 .. : ..... s ss-cr= g 0 0 ... (!\ .. .. .., !""' "' 0 .......... """' (!\ "'"' 00 eQV\ 0 : c o. _,..... rt- S'S'SS'8_ gB. : oo:-o : o: : i(!\ .. ... 0 """ -v. .., '-J\.nOIOOQO 0: ........ 0:: > .,. """' 00 'g From December, 1872, tg April, 873, prices are 1.1oted for crop of 1871 ; from then, fgr crop of 1872 Prices for Connecticut and Massachusetts are noted at packer's weigbt. Ohio and Wisconsin fillers were purchas able only at the opening of the seas on in small lots at S cents Connecticut fillers, triBes of diseased goods, were sold for export during Octo per and N ovem ber at 4 to 5 cents. The increasing importations of Havana tobaccos which, especially the. last year, contained a great could not be used m our market, justify a pass mg notice. Before the outbreak of the Cuban revolution the im porting business of_ Havana rested almost entirely in the hands of Amencan houses, who carried it on on their own account, and who imported only such tobac cos as were absolutely fit for our market. Since then however, with the increase of immigration from Cuba' the business of Havana has assumed -another characte; and larger proportions. Whilst in former years mostly were imported of' leafy, dark, heavy quality, the importations of the last three years consist mostly of oa.mplete Vegas. These contain, in their inferior grades, mostly tobacco that can not be used here on account of their lack of leaf or [Continued on Seventh Page.] Advertisements. 20 000 CLEARHAVANAFIGAROCIGARSforsalecheap, 462 3! J EMMONS, Pennyan, N y .. STEMS, llought by W. ROBBIN S & CO., 325 DELAloiCY STRKKT, NEW YORK FINE SEED CIGAKS. -FOR SALE. [459-471] E. KAFKA, S 3d Street, N Y. FOR SALE! 1.00,000 Pounds Genuine "DEER TONGUE" Flavor, for SMOKING TOBACCO manufacturers in lots to suit pur. chasers at LOWEST figures. MARBURC BROS U'1 & D I CERMAN CICAR MOULDS. A NEW FABRICATEConsidered the best finished Moulds that ever came to this market, 'to which we invite Cigar Manufacturers to eiamine.IA Sample Lot of atr Slla is at band and for Sale cheap in Lots to suit purchasers. CHRISTOPH WITTE 6 CO., Commission Merchants, 451-463 200 Greenw-teb Street, New York Class 910 to be drawn Aug. ;30, a873 1 Class 913 to he drawn Oct. 22, Jfo 9u Sept. 17, 914 Nov. 8, u ..912 Oct. ,., H u 915 u Nov 16 ., WHOLE TICKETS, $28.oo ONLY; Haltes aDd Quarters in Pro_ix.rt\on. Address all Letters to A. SCHNEIDER & P. 0. BoJ<4034. or No. 3;&---w-au St., New Yorll: HAVANA LOTTERY orCUBA. DRAWN EVERT U DAYS, GERMAN GOVERNMENT' LOTTERIES. Ouc Prize in Average on Tw10 Tickets. Prizes cashed and:information given. TH:EODOR Z8CJIO()H1 P. 0. Box 559+ [4a4-4S5l u6 Naoaau St.. Ne ll od '1'U.UACU0 l'.LAN'.l'-A Jl'l.Vl'-l.l .l:iJ.d'. vvu.o.h'\AJ. for PubUJed at No. 10 Lord Nehlon suud, Ln htud. wnertt sub&cri}lilons ww.y be a.cMressed, or tto the LEAF Oll'ne& Prlco two shillings (ldlgllsh) per annum. Trade 20 &htlliugs per Inch. No advertieem-ents recehel for a. toborter period than f!:i.1 months. for fale. Hueinees Addre. & 08, Anuouocementl!!, &c. 1B per Jine. No for Advert1.aklg 'WillllecoDaidered, un.leu accompanied by the c:.:rrespondi.Dg amonnL Tlri rule wl!l,. Ia variably be &dkere4 to. FOREIGN DUTIES ON' TOBA.:CO In Austria, France, Italy and Spaia, the tobaa:co commerceie moaopotlzed byg-ovemment, n4er dlrectioa. of a Bec!e. lo tGermauy the dutJ on Am..., can leaf tobacco ts 4 thalen per 100 lba. In Bel!Sium the Impost 1e reckOIMd after deducting 15 ver ces:t.t. for tare. The dutl is 13 francs, 20 centimee geld) per roo Kllognmmeo (roo Amer!caa lbo. eqll&l 45" kll.,..) Ia Rolland the duty i1 28 ceute. gold, per Joo klloa. (28o American pe-c1 belor to kUoa,) In Ruola_the duty en Iecaf tokc:co b 4 :toj>eb per pud; on smoklni'tobacco 26 rou. 40 cop. p...-IIIIUI. and on dsarw reu. cop. per pound.. Thi '' Jnid ia equal t-o a bOat Aluricaa ta.. Twloe71loe llutr Ia liftr ceala. Fl

; 4 THE .1:0BA.C()0 LEA.I', THE VIRGINIA TOBACCO AGENCY, ("J EsTABL."''HED IN x836, r.l' CHARLES M. CoNNOLLY. CONIOLL Y cl CO., COM:JIISSION IIERCHA.NTS IN Chewing Tobaccos, Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco, miD STilET, 45 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. CINCINNATI, O. A .. VI,GIN' A :Qeing located at the GREAT LEAF MARKET f'or CUTTING TOBACCO, Af> II..,A *At_.._ W.l: 'lti W : ALL.GRADES o,. bf to' thJsHmarket 0 and an: unsurpassed. free ofco.mmlsslon,. to. the party ordering from us. :SA'l'Z cA CO,, EDWARD M. WR18Hf i CO. OF LE_AF_ TOBACCO FOR HOME .AND DEALERS AND EXPORTEBS OF .. 'MADE oN coMMissiON. ALL KINDS o General CoDssion OrdersfJfleddlrect VIrginia at MANUFACTURERS LEAF TOBACCO .., FACTORY prices. H Broad Street, EXPORT for TOBACCO Filled with DISPATCH 131 PEARL STREET. o. 4s5s, NEW voRK G d St r 11 k' d f TOBACCO P. 0. BOX, 2i8t. oo arage ... or a m s o in dry well ventilated lofts. .. 104 FRONT STREET, M: J DOHAN } { TH0S. CARROLL, Ai.Ex. FORMAN. .-.w Toaa. JNO. T. TArtT. A(entx for the fono-Vir[inia J, B. PACE, YARBROUCH & SONS, l J. H. CRANT & CO. JOHN ENDERS, TURPIN & BROTHER. D. B. & CO. L.'H, FRAYSER & CO. B. W. OUVER, H. CREANER. CARY BROTHERS, EDWIN WILSO'N, I THOMAS HARDCROVE, J. R. PACE fl. CO. RACLAN. D & JONE.S. RACLAND & TOSH, WALKER, TAYLOR & CO. WINNIE & TALBOT, L. W. WISE, R. A. PATERSON & CO. J. P. W .. LLIAMSON, L. LOTTIER. Orders from our_ old friends and the trade generally solicited. -. STRAITON Hk)IUFACTUREJ.tsor Sole Agents in Ne\v York for BONNE BOUCHE, 4s. ss. and Pock e t Pieces P. O. 1097. B :E Q.. .A. H. S; Also Agents for John W. Carroll's Celebrated Smoking Tobaccos, = JOHN 8TR AITON. Glioueer of the West, Sunny South, Jlr.,liUr Brand, HoneyDew. .A.Ioo Sole A <''PI for the United Statea for :r. P. 411J & co.s GOLl> FLAKE. {JAMES M. GARDINER, -... CHARLES' M. COI!NOI. LY. o JAMES M. GAl\_Dil\TER & CO., TOBACCO COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 84 FRONT STREET, N'EW YORK, iln nctiving direct .flom VIRGINIA and NORTH CAROLINA,.,.co.ns ign-ment XiJil A F AND HAVANA 151 Water Street, UP STAIRS. IEWX9M .LDOLPII ""'OIIIL G17Jll0 --.t REITZENSTEIK, fCommi-,;iou DOMESTIC UD IXPOilTIBS or FOREIGN TOBACO(I .. ..... I '; 6 Front Street I NEW YORK. UE HA D '11 R E C T Q R Y "' ... 34 VESEY Commission_ Merchants, and "'SARATOCA," a, STREET, NEW YORK, O:Jf" T::EE:m AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. T b d c a. NO. 44 BROAD ST., 167 Water St., New York F W TATGEHBORST, THOMAS KIHNICUTT, Q an .II ra, e NEW YORK. T 0 B A C C 0 .Kentucky and Virginia O:JP TEI:EI 173 Water St., 173 Water St., G. Dl VIDSQN &; CQ;l 1UERAL Leaf Tobacco United IMPORTR lVo. e\2 Broad Street, g ,....:. J DEALER IN OOMESTIC CIGARS, NEW YORK. .. a es, LEA FAN''.i'o"i.fA. ceo. Scotland, Domstic Cigars 'taken on Commission and advanceo made thereon. -68 ._ROAD STREET, ine Segars, MANUFACTURERS. OF NEW YORK. :S.7e South St.,.' NEW YORK. JOHN B. FLOOD, I [Successor to G. W. LANGHORNE &; CO., 'CUTHRIE & co., -Bram.en9 utr FBONT STREET, J. Me. J. BENSEL & co., Hamburg, 10 DEPEYSTEB. S'rnEET, Antwerp, OX:MISSION :MERCHANTS, Mauufacturer of the following Celebrit.ted Brands of ,VIRGINI A SMOKING TOBACCOS, Jefferson Street, between 7th and 8th, LYl\TCHB UR G,.. VIRGI.I.A. Rotterdam, Jlelbotirne, AmdsSterdam, centra!Amcrtcanloru.,androthermarketo. Certi:ficl1.tes issued and Casss delivered an ydney J'OBA CCO PACKED "''I HOGSH:EADS. or b lok 132 Philadel!Jhla THE FIRST OOMPLETB PUBLICATION OF THE KIND EVER ISSUED. DEC. 11. Tobacco Commfqion erehallta ......... .. .. 74 FBON1' Street. IIREIIIELBERG & CO., 160 PEARL ST., New Yotue. J. D. IREIELBRG & CO., BALTIMORE, Mo. KREMELBERG, SCHAEFER & CO., NEW ORLEANS, LA. m!rnl mrurrs. M. H. LEVIN, IMPOBTBR UP lAVAl& And Dealer iu all kinds o :t.JCAJJ' TO:SACCO.. 162 PEARL ST .. NEW YORK. WALTER. FRIEDMAN & FREISE, IMPORTERS OF HAVANA TOBACCO 203 Pearl Street, NEW YORK. CHAS. F. TAG & SON, lmporterft ot. SPANISH, and Dealers tn aU kinds ot LEAF TOBACCO, 184 Front St't'eet, !WYOU. 9. REIS'MANN & CO, (!t4Jmm-ill$iou ..t.lfD DEALERS IN ALL KIND8 O:P LEAF TOBACCU'-179 PEAR-I. lift-PIM and t'"""r atrut., l li!EW VOR'J.N. LACHENBRUCH & No. 1134 Water Street, New York, WHOLESALB D&Al:Blt! IH HAVANA & DOMESTIC Leaf Tobacco. M. WESTHEIM & 00., rACx:aas or Seed-Le&f Importers of Havana Tobacco, 177 Pearl Street, NEW YOBIL M. OPPENHEIMER & BRO DEALERS IN SEED, LEAF no HAVANA TOBACC.O, 138_WATER STREET, NEWYORK E. M. ORA WFORD & 00., TOBACCO .t.ND I .., S.ommhhdo 1&8 WATER STREET, NEW YOI[][, H ne oa l!alle all kllldJ or Leaf Tobllcclo for kport and forHomeue. OTTINGER & BROTliEB, LEAF. TOBACCO, 45 BROAD STREET, NEW YORK. I WILLIAM M. PRICE &. CO. LEAF TOBACCO, ng MAIDEN LANE, J NEW YORK. JOS. MAYER'S SONS, ..ulD Dll.ALBBB 1M LQ3..t :1.22 JY .A'l!ER SXBBBT, New York. !. D. OBOCKLEY, -CODISSION DRCHANT, OONT!INS OVER mNTY THOUSAND N!rtES. Bob White, in Cloth. 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, DEC. 31 I'D E .JT 0 B A. V V 0 .:. L BA..P' .J.I.GOB BIIDLL, MANUF ACTWR.D OF MARTIN & JOHNSON, -tee. wATER sTREET, (!J scB:aoDER a BON, PALMER & SCOVIL CIGAR BOXES, SUPERIOlt MAKE ANO Prime Ouallty of l.'WB\10 178 WATER STREET, NEW.YORK. Commission Merchants, '"MP'C>:EI."r.EJB.&.IOF LEAF TOBACCO,. AGENTS FOR THE SALE OF ALL LDOMESTl[C CEDAR WOOD, No; 1:70 W4Uer Street, New York. STANDAilD RANDS OF YIR81NIA & NORTH CAROLINA ; L.:P.U:.KBB -A H.SCOVILLB. MA'ITlmAc-mnuu '-so'ITIITGTOBAccos i) LEAF TOBAcco. 293, 295 & 297 Monroe :St., ConneotioutBeed-lea.fWrapperofourownpaoking lfi 11UI I W ltl a,JD Agents for t:he following well-known Virginil\ and N. Carolina Manufackuers-: NEW. YORK. M. W. DKDIL a JMKurACTURERS OF CIGARS AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, BOWER.Y, NEW YORK. Wll.. .A.GKrW 6 son. !ohaoco and Oommisaio11.. 1feroha1dr. ..... an41M16 F'r0111: NBW' l'OBK. JL&.TJI Oil a.U.JI.O.LL PXLeaf Tobacco for Export alld loJU I& tear Tobacco baled in anrpukap bf,.... I ic preaa for e:zport. LA FEBME." f. MD.IJN&TON & BOmYD, ,.S BROAD STREET, AND 4.8 liEW STREET; SOLE AGENTS FOR ta. Ferme RU8sian Cigarettes. DAVIDSDI BRDTBERS, HAVANA and SEED LEAF' TOBACCO, l-IS Water Street, Near Maiden Lane, NEW YORK. READ & Co., SuccEssoRs TO IsAAC READ, MEROHANTS, Attd Deal e rs in Virginia and Weslem Leaf and Mar;ttfac/und Tobacct1, Licorice, Gum, etc., lD Old Slip, Kew "2'ork. SIEOKE & WANNAOK, Manufacturers of CIGARS, 6 Rivington Street, 1 IF'W VO"P"'T. RGBERT W OLIVER., R.lcbmoncl, Va. t WII'fGFIELD c!r LAWSON, Rlchmoqd, Va. W. _T. GENTRY & CO., Richmend, Va. W DUKE, Durham, N .C. HEBU\fAD B.A;TJER & BRO D. e. HAY.O & CO., R.lch'J!Onc:l, Va. WOl'I:ACK c!r INGRAM, Mloadovlle, Ya ., M.A'\'0 ol: KWIOHT, h.......t, Vo. J R.. T. 'AUCETT, Durham, )f, C ........... IIMC!Wft'll HARDOJlOVE, POLLA R.D c!r Ct>., Rlchmoad, VL COOP!lll c!r WILLIAMS, Oxford. N C 'Qie special attention1ofthe Trade is called to the following established Brands: .AJn) DIPOBTEB.8 0:1' IU.X17l'Acnnu:D "JU.X17FA(ftDRm). CLAY, PIpES r.:::t::: )( Caddleo P's. Farmer's Daughter, JS, ..,., D.C. )byo& Co ., "''and Ji P. P., in whole, Sallie Willie and 3 PI "'I Twlot )(, aa4 J( caddleo. D JIEW YQ'D'IP' Sallie Fl!f J C. Mayo & Co. 31, aild "'" Invinctble, .r... W. J. & Co. N-avy1 )is, J) s, J(s, P P"t, ---: O ,rienta.l, Ftc 10 Un foil, lb. bc)J:H, r&ACJ. andiODJ .lo'a. JOSEPH Sc.EIDEI wJ:.IAAAJJ .Q,c; .l,"",l,'l;j dl, I,;U l Twist, I" tin foil,)( Ma7o& K.DI6'lt, Na.,., )la, H, J(o P P 'o. a:tonr 100. J "' Charmer, 6 a1\d twl'lL SJIOKI!fG, in bags ;r.,, X aad "sibs. GEKERAL AUCTIONEERS, Leaf TobaCCO .um .. t. seue. Commission Merchants of the Nugget Pioneer. 21'3 PEARL ST.. 1 tba. Nation. '1 OLD SLIP. Harveot Queen. )ts, )is, P. P's. Duke's Durha... Dandy Lion Farmer' l Choi ce, ](s, Ms P ., 172 Water Street, N. Y. 16:2 Water St., New York." C JOST. ..... ............................................. ...... u .................. 1 D ...... Toucc"',!-' !MANUFACTURERS OF FINE CIGAR E. SPINGARN & co A. !r.rEIN' a co., ..,.......,.._...,...,. -A< Commission Merchants, No. 121 MAIDEN LANE, MA!DIUV u.:ml, ew 'Srork. HAVANA & DOMESTlC TOBACCO msmBBIIIKALLEBcanloNoor NEW YORK. J.2.ULI:U Ill ALL mone o Imp:rter of -a Dealer ill Leaf Tobacco AND SEGARS, No. IH Pearl Street, NEW 'l'ORii. CHARLIE& A. WULFF11 Lithographer, Prmter, and :Manufacturer 01 CICARS RITICA," 222 Pearl St, New York. A; c. L. llllna, J. F. o. M:n"a. A, (), L. & e. MEfEJl, FORWARDING I AMI Commission Merchants, lio.43 Beaver Bt, New York. Addreos by Pool, P o. Box 6171. Bpeolal attention paid to the lonrardlng of Tobacco to toreJp countriea. HEYMAN & LOWENSTEIN LEAF TO:SACCO, 'i'Ul"lllU uUl'l llltlo WA.TEBBTBEET, :NEW-YORK, ltx. Noa-r:oN 1'. J ::,LAUGHTnn. B. H. WISooar. IMPORTER 01' Rave o n sale .U l Street, NEW "fORK. A. H. CARDOZO & CO., E. PASCUAL BROTHER ( CODISSION HEBC1Wfl'S AND Iliii'OR'l'E:tS OF .A.. Licorice Paste, POWDERED LICORICE, GUM ARABIC, OLIVE OILOTIO ROSE Tonqua Beans, And all other Materials fox Flayaring used by Manufacturers, including the fines t' Essential Oils. W. H: Schieffelin & Co., f 170 k 172 WILLIAK ll'l'UE'l', NEW YOIX. WEISS, & KAEPPEL, MPORTERS OF AND DEALERS IN JIAV .A TOBACCOS, 220 PEARL .STREET, NEW YORK. M. ST .ACIIELDE G cl: CO., MANUFACTURERS OF "LA NORMANDI" & "LA PERPECTO" Cl&ARS,. And ot ha.ct Imitatlona of Leading Imported Brands. Cigar exclu.slvely. ALSO, DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO,. 257 PEARL' STREET, NEW YORK. AUERBAGH & MENDERSON; MANUFACTURERS OF FINE CIGARS, No. 138 wATER ST., NEW YORK. SAMUEL JOSEPHS, MANUFACTURER OF FINE CIGARS, AND DEALER IN LEAF TOBACCOS No. 166 FRONT STREET, NEW YO'RK The attention or the Trade Is callecl to _,.. oelebratecl DIAIIIOIIID. STARbra.d. T HE "GERMAN AMERICAN BANL :BIOADWA!, corner of Ce:lar Streat, NEW YOBL Capital, ,., 12,000,000. DRAWS BILLS OF EXCHANGE and isues LETTERS OF CREDIT available 1lt aa princi pal places abroa d. Account and CorrespondeMe o{ Merchants, Banks, Bankers, otoo solicited w '"" 0. H. SCHREINER. Cashier. e .EMIL SAUER.'t. s. Br!!R:LYNETT'. t, SCIIROEDBR & KOQ.I, HAVANA AND DOMESTIC rJ PACKERS OF. a LEAF, TOBACCO 144 Water st.. 1 HAVANA TOBACCO NEW YORK. 203 Pearl St., New York "City.e ---------------------BARTCORR & GERSBila.r MANUP'ACTURERS OF Fine Cigars, AND DEALl!R:S tN LEAF TOBACCO, No. 86 Maiden Lane, New' l'or:t. Paner CiP"ar and BIU!S A HARTCORN .. .,._. :Z. E. :aoxa Y "' co., No. sa wan atzo..e:, CLEAR HAVANA. CIGARS. ) I""' ftDR $ns.oo.., Ultra R"ga.1ia Bri lani<:a ns. oo Regali a 8rltantea -Conchas -.. 8o.oo Co n chas de Regalia-.. .. lit sc.oo 65-..Regah a Brltanica x3o.oo "Flor Cte Prensados .. .. .. Conchas trJ So.oo Londres de Corte l::' 90 00 ROSA 6o.oo FIGARfondres de Corte KERBS & SPIESS, lJ Manuf'acturers of' Fine (JlBars, AND LBAF ADoLPH Xn:as. '35 BOWERY, NEW YORK.. Lo'O'I& SPUN. Prilloe' .. g. SEED LEAF TOBACCO, Tobacco & Cotton Factors, 30 .JOHM STRE:ET ...,.. C '11" JAB.:ElZ'I'T FATMAN & CO., Cotton and Havana LEAF TOB.AC.CO No. 86 M.A..IDEN L..A..NE, General lllerchlllltll LIVERPOOL-ENGLAND. L. CERSHEL. S. GERSHEL, NEW YORK. No. 1.23 Pearl Street, NeW' "York W F FLLESTEI .... YOUNG. J.D. A n 111, R. A. YOUNC It BRO., TOBACCO COMMISSION General Sollc1t orders for pnrebase of :M. H. CLARK & BRO., LEAF TOBACCO BROKERS {tmlr De oroe' ::Da:ar:la "V":loh.e>'t: Pemberton & Penn -KelDa Vletona ttao Londreo de Cort .. cucloo, t5805 CO"'""SSION 'l:r'I:I'I"ICV A""' Relua Flaa, .. .. .. 85 Conebas, extra, .IR..III..I. ....._.,. Ar. Rel!'alla Bntalllloa, a 125 Conchas, TOBACCO COMMIS3ION MERCHANTS, Relfalla LDndrea .. .. -125 Coachttaa, .. : : : : : .:g : -: : : ;z 'tllith a loiJg' experimce in the b usines s, Packer & Dealer In Lendreo 4 90 Oper,.. Relna, 55 o.tfer llleir services to jill ()rders f o r 4.eae: 6o :taraute, --- e u Lea/ o .. Manufactured Tobacco, Leaf -x-o b&COO OA11TVILi.E. PRICE LIST OF CLEAR HAVANA CIGARS OF "THE VICHOT & CO. CIGAB MANUFACTURING COJIPAJlY," 1 ...... LAURILLA..RD, F. K. MISOH & 00., .......... .. ....... ....... u...,No. 16 Front st., .I.U. .EED LEAF TOBA..OCO. I SAWYER, WALLACE & co., Ma.nufa.cturer's Agenta9 n w. Dics:cBSoN, I 'ZOBd.CCO BROKER. AND INIPECTORFORTD COMMISSION MERCHANTS, WHOLESALE TOBACGQNISTS, fCBACCO fRA2! .. No. 47 Broad Street. Q ......... -........... --__ :S::OLL.A.ND. .f'18 BO'Iflh. Jf"41k'r 8'- /fUil'XI NEW YOitK. ROTTERDAM,


1 SteinaJ!t, Smith BJ!tOS. a Knecht, DEALERS IN ALL KINDS OF LEAF .And MQ;H,ufacturers of and Dealers in Cigars 225 RACE STREET, PHILADELPHIA. srEWART MARKS, RALPH It, Manufacturers of Bal h's Scotch S 'nufl', A.JlD FINE CIGARS, 2111'0. 1111 .A.R.O:&: 8T.. ::E"'::EEXL.A:J:::mL::E"'la:ZA.. ]_.. P. lllvt., AleDDder Ralph, John W. Woodide, Samuel A. HenUrld TFJJMR BROS., Packms, Commfssfon Merchants, and Wholesale Dealers in PoreliD Domestic Leaf Tobacco, 117 North Third Stre&t, Philadelphia. IVOODIVA.RD., QA.R.R::7'7' & 1rautecn. c!Al J!D 7-J!Io. Water St. and 32 No. Delaware Av., Philadelphia. 1 J!lo. 143 First Avenue, Pittsburgh. L. BAMBERGER & CO., DEALERS Jli TOBAO 00 ....., And Manufacturers of all Crades Cigars 11 o. 9_1\T. Water St., Pa. M. E. McDOWELL & CO., TIBACCO m GBIHBM. CODISSION MHBCBANTS 39 Nortf. Water St., Philadelphia, Pa. .. Agents for the sale of all <;>f Manufactured and Leaf Tobaccos ._8 LEWIS BREMER'S SONS, Wholesale Dealers in "LEAP" AN= KANVfACTVREP TO:BACCO, ,, : ........ 0. 322 NORTH THiRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. T H .E 0 B.& C () 0 L E A BaltbaGre Adve:rtlsemea.ta. ----------------------------------------A. BOYD & CO., WI-IOLESALE DEALERS IN IOIJPACTlJBID m LIAP TOBACCO, CffilllS, &C.,-I 33 SOUTH ST .. BALTIMORE. TH08. W CROMER. j B. WILKENS & CO., MoNUMENTAL CITY ToBAcco WoRKs, No. 181 WIST PIU.'l'T BTBEE'l', UL'l'IKOU, KaYLAliD, MANUFACTURERS OF ALL KINDS 01' SMOIIRG AID CBBWIIG TOBACCOS. M. FALK, & CO.,, 143 Wat-er Street New York. GEO. KERCKHOFF. GEO. KERCKHOFF & CO., DEALERS IN COBMTIGirr, HAVANA .00 YARA LID TOBACCO,_ AND KANm'AO'l'ITBElUl 0!' CIGABS. No. 49 S. CHARLES STREET,. BALTIMORE. ED WISCHMEYER HY WIS..HMEYER. ED. WISCHMEYER & co .. Commission Merchan-ts, DEC. 81 WESTERN Hu-Uord Adverillleaaen!!, CASSIUS WELLES. C. WELLE tt. CO., D:ULJ:BI 111 Cincinnati Advertisements. .RICHARD }[ALLAY. JAlJESllALLAY. Henry Besuden & Bro., CO N, SEED LEAF n. M ALLAY a B RO DEALDIB.. TO:BA.CCIO. LEAF AF 'fOB A ceo' __ I ll'S and I 17 West Front St. lCI. 163, & 165 lletween Race nad Elm, S. LOWENTHAL & MANUFACTURE:ag. OF .FINE CIGARS,_ AND DEALERS m LEAF TO:BAOCO, NO. 11'l WEST THIRB STREET, CINCINNATI, OHIO. D. a z. K. PB.&SE, Connecticut TOBACCO, JB Market Stl'eet, Hartford, Cenn. WUTPHAL:, COlDIISSION ){ucJUliT, And 1ll .:;.: C.DIIECTICUT IUD LIAf. : Tobaoqo, State St .. Hartftnl. Co-. -A. L. & F. Packen and Dealers ia CONNECTIQUT SEED LEAF TOBACCO,. AND DEALERS IN LEAF, PLUG TOBACCO &: CIGARS, JAC O B ll.A. W a u 39 SOUTH CALVERT STREET, .a.aHN & co., No. 134 MAIN STREET, Hartford, Co1Jn. JIIG..lll NZAJt LoMOAJto S'htEn, BALTIMORE' Suooessors to s Lo"CC''"e::o:th-.1 Clo. F MANUFACTURERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN ;tii.iJ:10 ., ... o. GIESKE. ED. NIEJWm Cigars and Leaf Tobacco, G. -W. Leaf Tobacco GIESKE & NIEMANN lla"Sole AgORIS o. -TOBACCO FACTORS STRASSER, .PRIGE & LIPPMAN, PAC&aa AHD .&ALBK Ilt' FilE 1CONNECTICUT SEEJHB!F .. OB.&cco, AMD COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Sooth Charles St., near Pratt Baltimore. Md. And Commission Merclw.nts, KROHN, FEISS ., CO (Successor$ to STRASSER & CO.) till 'I DANBURY, CONNECTICUT 78 South St.,Baltimore, Md. MANUFACTURERS OF CIGARS, AND DII.AL.ERS IN' H s-ITH & co MANUFACTURERS OF HOFFMA_N, LEE CO., TOBACCO GOMMISSION MERCHANTS 63 Ezchr.nge I'lace, Baltimore Kd. WE authorize SIGHT DRAFT for amount or TAX wltb BILL OF LADING attached to Draft and wili mak-e further CASH advaDcea on receipt ot Tobacco w I DRESEL i, co., I 87 GAY STREET, BAL'm!OU, MD. TOBACCO EODISSION MERCHANTS. L. W. GuNTHER; COMMISStoiER){ERCHANT G. H. BOLENIUS CO. AND TOBACCO FACTOR. l DEALERS JN N. W. CHner Charles and Prall Sts. J go LOMBARD STREET S d L a.f d !!'.. (ODe door west of Exchange Place), 1 ee e a.n ""' Liberal 1o TOBACCOS. lltANUFAcTuuRsov II VIRGINIA lEAF TOBACCO," No. Md. n -CUT, CIIBWII& m I SMOVRTG TOBACCOS, t'OBACC() EXCHA-NGE, IUIJ ltlchmond1 Joa.s c"""""""' A. NcoLAss"'" 80,82 lc 84 FIRST STREET, LOUISVILLE, KY, ______ ....._ ____________ ._ -' JOB. SCROEDEB &. CO. ........ -------...;.. ___ PACKERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN ''PEACH AND HONEY Dealenln NORTH CAROLINA. I JAMES lYJ. WISE, j L BAr T 0 B A c c 0, ---The Sweetest .. Chewing ,. c E ROBINSON TOBACCO MANRPACTUBWC CO., COMMiScsioi'MERCHANT d.IIIALDO SAlK & CO.\ DOHAN & TAITT, 1 obactij Commission Merchants. &EIERAL COMMISSION ERaiiANTS KO. 31 North Water Street "' I 107 AR'CH STREET, PHILADELPHIA. MERFELD & KEMPER, PACKERS OF Oo:n.neot1.ou t Seed. And Who1eu.le and Re1ail Dealers in and Ya.ra. Tobaccos, 1 1 7 Lombard Street. BALTI!o':ORE. MD. LOUISVILLE,. KY. I FOR THE PURCHASE OF LBAP 'Z'OB.I!CCO. MAM\a'AC:TUhED OF SELECT Pure North Oa.rolina. Lea, BY ( MARBURG BROTHERS. R. R. JONES, & DIARD:IARD MONITRESS TOBACCO WORKS HIGHLAND GxM ToBACCO WoRKs. 479 West Market Street, T 0 B A. c c 0 F. ca .. LOtnSVILLE, XY. Havan;D Cigars, "HIGHLAND GEII" Manufacturor of all kinds of PLUG TOBACCO. No, 206 N, SECOND ST. St. Ko AND OTHER CUT TOBACCOS. !fo. 30 North Delaware A.veaae. lltlnaldo Sank l Ph:lladelphia. VETTJttU.BIN &: co., H A LASKY HERMAN BOCK. SCHMIDT, LASKY & BOCK,""d act. o f Congnuln t.h e year )871 b y Ma.rbU!'fl SMI \n t.he office o f 01 a\. Wuhlr.jJWo. Esta.bll8hed ln. 1S3,f,. 1 .:::;.. CorDer Mfeet..tppi -4 Pearl Street. C. & R. DORKITZE & CO., llNDLUJAPOLI& nm. C. C. READ & CO., Dealers and Commission Merchants U LEAF TOBACCO U D ea lers In WAREHOUSE. LEAF. TOBACCO, (Successors to VETTKRLJtiN & Co.,] mmm, JOHN A. HEIDLINGER IMANOFACTUREJt OF Flu.e Oi&ars, EAF TOBACCO BRANDS. VIRGIN, VIRGINIA DAB1 AND llll'O:B.TDS OF SPANISB TO:BACCO. .: No. 111 ARCH STREET, D PHILADELPHIA. J BB, MILLER & CO., M:ano.facturers of Abo fWl llneo ot'Clgaro, lllanut'aeturetl and iimokiug Tobacco. 631 SOUTH S.ECOND STREET, pmi,ADELPHIA. SORVER, GRAEFF & COOK. Pa.ckers, Commission :l.l:erchnt,s, AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN TOBACCO AND CIGARS, LEAF TOBACCO, _._., ...... .._.S "'""-d l ..... 105 N. WATER STREET, wv .111.1'1l treet, """' e P"-"" PHILADELPHIA. Brandl or Cigus-KNJCHTS TEMPLAR, DoUBLE AUTUMN LUVIU01 LA BLOND:, SATISFACTION. A tr>edaltv tn Leaf for Vlest lndics an: a A rric a 'Z'IuJB .Bare & Co ., WHOLESALE DEALRKS IN Leaf' Tobacco,. And M anufacturers O f C I CARS, 29 NORTH FRONT ST. PmLADELl'liiA.. CEo. w ; EDWARDS. JOSEPH M. PATTERSON ....._ A. H. THEOBALD, I CJ MANG u m ALxR F S SPANISK <\_ND DOMESTIC -WF TOBACCO ill CIGARS, Leaf Tobacco, Chcwmg Tobacco snnntr. I -8ia ll'ortll Front St., I'hilad.. elplliL Meers:chaum and Brl1r Pipes, .-.:sole 4euto In the United States for the Paten If, 'II'. Cc:. loplar 811., rBU..llll1.l21U, ;l'Ol' Mo1Jido aad ETJJtEKA Tllck-Cattu. CIGABS, AND COMMISSION HERCltANTS, NO. 20 CERMAN ST GoLOK!'O Sw-ER, EsSMNCK OF OLD VJRGJNJA, H.1\HD TO BbAT, API'L& OF M\' l!:Yil, GKEKNHAc..:, RKo R1o1S"G Hoou, CosrKS'l'MEMT. ANV MANY UNSER FRITZ GERMAN SMO!CING TOBACCO. Wholesale Dealer in 121 & 123 Karbt.St., bet. Kaln IG Secou4 St..,' LEAF TOBACCO ST. LOUIS, MO. ---------------39 W"'''""'" St. li r a. Ch

SUTRO & NEW-MARK, MA..NUF.d.CXUBI!B/1 OF < CXG .A.EC.S, LE.A.F-A..JVTO:B.A.cco. 76 PARK !PLACE, NEW YORK. THE TOBACCO LEAP.-ANOTHER LARGE PHILA1 [ Conlimud from Third Pare.] a wonderful change and the expectations for an everyof tobacco This, however, is not common, and waa dOIIe DELPHIA HovsE. The1 their light quality This was especially the case during way respectable crop are good. The 13,ooo cases have by very close management, and on a warm )oil. Philadelphia J.uurnal of the last year, and this is the reason why during the last become 3o,ooo and the quality is described as consist-All the tobacco growers with whoom I spoke auert Commerce thus refers to one few a prett)"'lively export business in that'article ing chiefly of fine tobaccos. that they are not troubled with that hideous creature af the "Soundest" houses developed itseli which led to sales of say :z,ooo bales. From Ohio the reports are very contradictory. That "the worm." They attribute this in part to the excel: in the tobacco trade of that As the Havana tobaccos of r873--especially the Parmuch, however, seems certain, that the cro p, consisting lence of their soil and partly to the abundance of birds. city: ,, We present to the _not very favorably upon on the other ?f about Js,ooa cases will give us enough goO\! tobaccQS yellow i ackets. do not" worm" their crop, notke of our readers and stde, attention has been drawn agam to old fillers, and fbe first f erm entation-i n its unpacked condition-left 1t seems, wht ch must gtve them an enviable advant the trade the largest leaf as our store of n,ooo bales still containa a pretty good nothmg to be desired If it comes to tht worst we can over Eastern grower s. -. tobacco bouse in this city qua11tum for which there is no market here, it would not hardly wit_h agreatercalamitythan the c .roP. of 187z. They do not always" top" the, and thq d4t that known as Teller Bros.: be strange at all if the export business of old fillers From Wzs c onsm, too, where 2o,ooo cases are expectefl, v ery little "suckering." If the ground is clean, they let and located at No. II7 would continue for some time yet. Already small lot s the reports are good, a l though in several districts hail the suckers from the root grow, and these become as North Third Street. The have been shipped, and with good result, too, it is said. and frost have done some damage. large and heavy as the original plant. They firm are Packers, Com-There was paid here for leafy, very aromatic fillers :zo@ To speak of prospective prices would be m o re pre-that the so i l is strong enough to bear the plants Qd mission Merchants a 11 d :zsc. gold; for a lot of wet, -partly sticky, partly soaky, mature this year; than ever before. There seems to and they get a better leaf and finer qu .. udealers in leaf new Partedo fillers-170 ceroons--I6c. gold for Bremen be, at least as f a r as the views .of the purchasers indiwithout suckermg. _, tobacco and the 1 mmense were paid 1 cate, a tendency to decline. Howeve r our generally 'The planting is continued from April until the lattet constantly pass. The following tabular statement gives an approximate well-to do farm e r mak e s up his mind very slowly, to sell part of Julx, s? as to let the crop come in gradually;. ing through their bands can 1dea of .the extent of our Havama business : at a great loss, whenever he has it in his power t o some the last plantmg may be caught by -an early {rost. bat scarcely be ________ ___ II,JL6 b;lles. exte?t to i ncrea s e the v a lue of his produce by a rewhatever they plant before the 1st of July is safe in anr The firm is composed of Importation m 187 :z_ --------_--_ -'351049 bales. ductwn ofthe new production. I think we can be sat is-season. Cutting begins about the 4th of June and this three brothers, respectively, ------fied if we succee d in the c o ming year in buying better -they were cutting still on the I 9th of October. The Solomol', R!iphael and Da-. TotaL_--------146,765 bales. tobaccos at about the old prices. cut plants sprout again at once, and mature & vid Teller; the first and Sales and Shipments for 1872 -___ ---_ -1191103 bales. had a to rise during the entire second and even a third cr:op; Mr. Culp told me' that last named having .formerly year, smce there was a man i fest lack of s ailing vessels for he had taken four crops of Havana ill one year from the c;onducted the wlwl.eaale Stock n January x, 1873---------27.,66.2 bales. general cargo. They were highest in S e ptember and same field, and I saw considerable fields of third crop dry goods busmess, their Duting x873 there were October. Just now I quote per steam er : just cut or standing, but i n some cases the frost hacl. operations naturally bring Imported. Exporte aNI Soltl. To Hlzds. Bales. caught this. "If the soil is in perfect order we can here ing them before the mo > t Januuy s,:z r London ____ ,_ -SS@6o ---6x s. p. bale. m:1ke a crop of Havana in 40 days from the planting :; consoicuous in business cirf'ebruary ----s,osa z,soa Hambuig.- 6o @ 7oR 9@ xoo R 5 R. bale said Mr. Cdp to me. One man can prepare and take des." Mr. Raphael Teller March-----9,032 7,63o Bremen ____ 6o@7oR 99@95 R R. bale. care .of 10 acres ?ere, it in good order. For has been identified with the : ApriJ_ ________ 6,83 5,633 Antwerp ______ 6o s 4S s 61s R. bale. plantmg and cuttmg, of course, an extra force is used. Sole Ow n e wnd Manufacture r of the WorldRenowned Brands of Smoldng Tobac co 'sARlTOGA'' AND ''OLD SLEDGE." The fan c y Leaf of which these Brantds are 11o w being made, was .electe d from the crop o f tl71. Dealers and consumen m-ay confidently rrely upon retting in these brands, now and in the future, thi s old and sweet stock. My brands and packtnar Trunks are protected by law, and any infringemen t upon them will vlroro110IJ prosecuted. Orders respectfully solicitted, and promptly attended to trade for years, havi g pre-May-------.8,:z48 9,483 Mediterranean 5S@6a 19@2I c. g. 19@21 e.g. [sail.] One man can set out or plant 3,ooo plants in a day of' viously served in the pursuit June_-------5,20 S 5, I2J Freights for Bremen and Ham burl'(' are in Reichs-Havana ; of the other kii ;tds from x,soa to 1,ooo. The before establishing the July-------8,104 u,r77 mark-for cases per 100 cubic feet without primage-to tobacco is cut w ith a hatchet; if it. is Havana the ent house in 1s45 on Fourth August ___ ---7,641 xo,ooo other ports English shillings-for c;?.ses per 40 cubic pers usually go JUSt ahead of the cutters in the field; or Street above Wood, this September----5105 7,ooo feet. they may be a: day ahead. Florida is topped ten days citv. The bouse at that October.-----s,zoS ro,o78 The premium on Gold fluctuated during the year as or two before cuttin g You must remember that time was known as R. Tel-L Npvember ----6,537 7,2oo follows: after Apnl they have no raiu here, so that all field work ler & Co., and continued in of1 Export and Sales January-----July.-------15 @r6rs goes on without interruption from the weather, and crops the location for five a ove Feburary ____ uys@ISJ8 August_ ___ .r4rs@r6U canbeexposedinthefieldasaplanterwoulcinot dare when a removal occurred Stock December r, 1873--.u,ooo bales. Mar. ch_ September.-roys@r6j8 do i n the East. Up to thecutting the methods kere to Third Street below Vine. N. B.-The customary tare on Havana tobacco is April ________ l63@19'" October ____ 7 S OF L IQUORICE, desires t o caution Tobacco Manufacture r s a u.s1n g "!lJ' or the numerous brands to be original and Jenuine brands of imported LJQUOlf'IcE w1 hilhh are6 afdult erated of his branch: rebOiled in this c;:ouatry, and. in some in!ltao c e s mg ess t an ty _per' cent. o f Li.qug,n c e To manufacturers obtalolng PURE AND GENUINE JCTCa FLB AOV PT ZA ftR VB (Al X.CO NF Cro...-n (B) The y address the1r orders to the undersi p e d in New York, who is the SOLBAG&KT IN TKK UNITED being .registered at \Vashmgton counterfeits will be aeized wherever found, and legal l guano tee all Liqaoric e sent out, and lt'erer to the f ollowklg letter, as to the character of the Paste 1 offer : JAMES C. McANDREW, aa "'gV'a;te:r &'t:reet. 'Ye>:rk.. N&.w YoR K, April 1873 }AMIIS C. }lcAN'>Rinv, New1York: v ... ,.s i.-W cbave u ed over I 000 Cases of y our 6oe grades o L iquo rice, and tbe y h a ve been u.aif o regular and of excell ent quality. Yaurs V ery Respectfully, [SigncdJ P. LORILLARD & CO. R t n the a b 0 v e advertiseme nt, w e h a v e appointe d Mr. Jae (). McA.adrew-of' Newlee In the U.Uted Statea for the s a l e of all the Braada of Liquor-ROBERT MACANDREW & CO., London, England. LIQUORICE ROOT. 8pe.a.lah and sm,.naa, in Bales always for s ale i n Jots t o S llit pur c h asers. .JAIIIE!J C. MeANDREW, 55 ""ter St., NeW' York. property at this place the hogsh e ads. Unfortunately worms have done here a Meantime, however, no: a few men familiar with thA. surface moisture dries from the leaf; and at the prope .. firm also have a warehouse t t ') d k d d < on North Warer Street for great deal of damage. The leaf is not very large, but oldyrocess and_ curing the plant, have tried tme1 IS agam PIe rae e an soon 10rthree or even th 1 to be :'lnd gummy. Good, strong metherr best to the quality. It was four times. The r acks' are of rough boards, and the e especl a purpose of dmm tobacco for sp1nmng and saucers, will be the main thought that the s01l was too ncb, because the tobacco floor of the houses IS of earth. After piling and racking features of this crop. In Missouri the crop is esti a rapid growth j but planting on for three weeks, the leaves are stripped from the stalk: h f mated as equal to th9.l of last year as to quantity but thmner or older s01l dtd not answer. Several methods and put into "hands," and they are then "bulked" and m t e mtenor 0 this State, not as to quality. Drouth during the summer and 'frost of curing were contrived, and there is now reason to be lie thus three when the tobacco is boxed_ and one in Connecticut, one during the fall, have d?ne great damage. A part of the lieve that _the one known as the Culp proces, from the From the t;me of cuttmg, from four to six months are of the firm during the packcrop has been cut unnpe. name of 1ts patentee, w;ll produce the desired result. required to make the leaf ready for the manufacturer ing season at the scene of "P' l' t b th t d 1 As to prices, a large decline is, of course expected I had heard and read so milch about it, and about the 1 mg appears 0 e e mas e 1cate part of the operatiOns in order to more as soon as larger quantities of the new crop 'appear merit of the tobacco produced by it, that last week I cure and they have often to work all night to save tothoroughly have the tobacthe market. went down to Gilroy, 70 or So miles south of here to baeco that threatens to overheat. Mr. Culp thinks the t::o packed and shipped to Th t f th w h h d 11 b I h d dryness of the climate na. disadvantage. I was told that the establishment in this e exten o e estern crop, the mcrease of pro-see w at a rea y een accomp 1s e The account city. duction in Virginia, the en?rmous surplus of seed leaf, l give you will probably !nterest many of your they find it usefulsometimes to sprinkle the floors of the 0 Ph' l d 1 the common grades of whtch still compete with Kentobacco growmg and manufactunng readers, while it will tobacco houses. ra':; tufcky tobacco for cutting, the expected smaller demands fear painfully affect the spirits of the anti-tobacconists: I racks, too, in the fields-portable and easily that this firm were the fil'St o the South European Regies, might 10r there is reason to that with the help of the earned anywhere; and on these a. great quantity of to succesifully introduce the !"ore JUstify the above expectations A steadily process tobacco w1ll become one of the Florida tobacco, used for chewing and smokieg had tobacco cultivated in Penn-mcreas1ng home demand, and the continuous opening of tmportant and crops of thts State. been was getting cured. It was piled in the field 1 I new channels of consumption abroad, might, however I must premtse that I am not an expert in tobacco. Jt the curing process, up sy vama. t was only by outweigh those influences to some degree. Finally, i; nor familiar with the methods purs. ue d i n the East. i to bulkmg, IS earned on m the open air. Havan& P ersevering and assiduous fi fill the also c re th fi ld h fi k must be feared that the deranged financial condition have seen a tobacco eld and tne ms1de of a Connecti ers Y u 10 e e as t e ne color is coupled with great especially in the West, will no_t al .low the crop to reach cut and that is about all. I give you, not.needed for Mr. Culp thought his method o nsks, that the Pennsylvania th k t 1 d h th r. t 5 b t t; 1 honzontal su.spens1on allowed the pieces from the stalk: tobaccos became a staple e mar e v_ery ear y, an t 1s Circumstance-provided ore, no u ac s. b ti 11 d' b d article of the trade. The the demand IS not larger than the previous year-might Gtlroy stands m a long and broad plam, a very riCh to e care u Y tstn ute among the leaves. He told. gentlemen forwarded casess pr event the accumula_r!on of stock in. the shipping ports. piece of alluvial with water so a .bundant that me that a fa1r average crop was about 1,500 pounds of minus charges to dealers I should not wonder 11 the lowest pnces of the com i ng artestan wells are eas1ly bored, and very common. At Havana, o; z,;oo of Florida, per acre, of mer thro.ug_ bout. the country, were quoted :'lt outset. the of IJO feet the,r get flowing wells, and it hapea d h avo:dableFlocal i ties this was con. 'I he news from Vtrgmta North Carohna is very m one case of wh1ch I heard that water came Sl era Y e e sal or chewing tobacco, the any payment they favorable. Up to the begmnmg of October according up With such force as to prevent the casmg going down cut plant IS ptled but once. S. RUPPEL, Wholesal e Deale r in m1ght choose to m a k e F f t b b Ch' to reliable reports, already two-thirds of the crop had into the well, and the pressure of the wat er r..roke away or 4:0 0 0 a out 125 mese were emthe tobacco named failed to be correspondingly been harvested in g<:>od condition, and as we have had the ground, enlarged the bore of the well, and threatened ployed 1 n cuttmg and cunng. After planting and up to its 9uality, and it was only through theu eff>rts tha,t the ccmumpvery favorable weather since th.en, it may be presumed flood 'a considerable area, the_ farmers gathered the cuttmg season they had but so men employed. The 11on of 1t became a success that also the rest of the crop 1s safely housed without m force and by means of an uon ca1sson loaded wit h Chinese receive $I a day and board themse l ves living E N_GLIS H PAUPERS.While we hear. so much about the misdeeds of suffered by fro?t. As to quantity, the crop of stone s and with many cart-loads of stones besides, plugan apparently life in shanties near the fields. Enghsh "paupers," it is grati fying to know that they a e not always so r873 IS the largest smce 1859, and may easily reach ged up the dangerous hole. They Havana seed from Cuba. The Patent off they are to be. recently died in the Is-fully 75,ooo hogsheads. The tobacco will probably be The land is a deep alluvial loam, easily worked and Office seed. dtd not do welL They do not like t:> hngton '!mon Hou?e wuh more than $5o m h1s possession, and a further a little uneven, as some districts have suffered from too here, and in some neighboring valleys, many tobacco of their own plants. He used home-grown seed for 310 PEA1L SnEE'l', amount the savmgs Another in the same place has accumamuch rain, while others did not have enough and es growers nave been engaged for the last ten or twelve he C_2llld '_1t say that there was a serious deNEW YORK. lated qutte a small by selling tobacco in the house. It is better pecially at a time when the growing plant needed it years Mr. Culp, who was a tobacco grower and if 1 or chan&e m the quality of the tobacco, but after all t o be an Enghsh pauper tha!l to starve. most.";;,The favorable weather of September, understood him rightly, also a manufacturer in New York a smgular change m the form of lthe leaf took place BAVAil a DOKISTI LE.F TOBACCO, AD Iater-1 Revenue Hullag-Disposilllr of' however, made 1t nearly all up and we might have exfor some ye ond, paymg spec1al etc., to ship from his fa ct ory t ere y o u tave the be s t of J t. Y o urs certa inly gi ves crop t s reported to be very good; here and there it sufthe 8th of Apnl, and the plants a r e set a foot apart in whic h will enahie them to manufacture a ll the tobacco m Key scraps, c\ippings, waste, etc., to his said th e m the best chance." fered from h ail, several high districts also from frost j in the rows, the rows being three feet ap a rt, if they are grown this year on about 6oo acres, and they mean to place (bGnd e d as ru cigar manufacto r y as W gener a l, how ever, we expect a good crol?, which may fror:n Havan a seed; if or El o rida, the y s t a nd plant next year r,ooo acre s and expect tha t f rom r soo aforesa t d) m New York, and to sell the s ame to other OMEN O N THEIR O w N A ccouNT.-T he last census fully_4o ooa cases. Of last year's d1sease nothing riS mche_s or two feet apart m the rows. On the Cul p t ? 2 000 acre s will be pl a nt e d and ctued by o t h e rs mr.n ufactur e rs of tobacco or cigal!'s up o n permits issued show the ex i stence o f more trades and..,profes 1s he a rd th1s ye ar. farm th1s year they had grown b e side Havana a nd hce_n ses from _the. pat entee Com m e r ci a lly, of course, O b t m by the Assessor of New York. s wn s am ong women than one w o uld s upp o s e possibl e In Yo1k (State) about xs,ooo cases will have Florid a for th e ir crop Lat akia, Hung ar i an, Mexican thelT undertakmg ts yet a n exper im e n t though excellent The reason fi h B est des women farmer s there are forty-fi v e f e male stock been rat sed; t h e reports are rather meagre. The inVirgima Conn e cticut seed Standar d, Burleig h whi te ciga rs and tobacco have b e e n made a lread y but this or sue arra n g eme : n t w a s t h e a ll eged f act herd ers, fiv e barbers, twenty-fi our d e ntt sts two hostlers h h f Wt.n t er a d n t 1 1 d 1 h 1' that nearly or t ll th tere s t m t at growt 1s still less lively than in otber lea and some o ther kinds by wa y of e xperime nt. Cul J n x sprmg wt ec are t e r esu t and ifit qui e a e scraps etc. made by Mr. three pro.fe. ssional. hunters and trappers five l a wyers', Th b s h o uld pro v e as succes sf u l as is hoped and as' there IS. Y bor m hts fat Key We s t w e r e used by cigar h crops. ;c. e to acco market has not yet digested the tiv ato r s and shovel plo w s are use d t o k e ep th e so i l loose m anuf a c t urers m t he north a n d the difficulty a n d d ela P t y s l C !an s 1 nmety-se ve n clergywomen, seven sex:remn a nts of th e crop of 1871 and the whole of the crop and clean; if t he we ather shou l d p r ove d a mp and co l d goo d c a u s e to belie v e it w i ll, a ne w and very profitable expe r i e nc e d i n getting the req u isiti ons from en tctna 195 dray women, one pil o t, of 1 8 72. t he shovel plow is used to m a ke t he r id ge s s o me what b ra n c h o f agri cultur e will b e o pened for the farmers of manufactu rers to Key west an d the permits from the d s 0 t gun s ?uths, seven gunpow-The reports from Pennsylvania were not very enhigher. They go o ver the fields twice i n the seas on with t his State, f o r to bacco w ill g r o w in allmost a ll parts of it. Florida officer t o ship, etc the c:ommunic a tions in ers, st xte.en ngg ers, With a large number of couragin g u p to the middle of the summer; the re was t h es e tools, 1.\Sing the hoe freely wher e weeds get into NOTHING LIKE PHILOSOPHY.-A German p h ilosophe Clition to the distance, being irregmlar and fecha?IC:! mventors, teleg raph operators, and not rain en?ugh; from 13!ooo to 15,ooo cases were ex-t11e Last year in 26 days a fter :h ey wer e d o ne t.he cause _of the a}a r min g i n c r ease of emo: -eac 1ers o navtga 10n. pected. Smce then the favorable weather has wrought planting OD the Culp place they had gathered t w o bales ttonalmsa mty to the mcreased oysters


BB Ma.nufacturer Lieo-rice. JOHN ANDERSON It, CO., LICORICE-PASTE MANUFACTURERS OF THE I i'1J TOR IJICO(I ( wALLIS & 00. SOLllbl AD lrfliER Jlh 1}. and the tTade in 114and 116 LIBERTY STREET, NEW YORK, Bei to dlrect-attenu ... of the Dealers 111 Tol>K<:o tlatougbo!l\ the Uaited Stateo aDd the World ta their IOLACE FINECUT CJD."WDDG TOBACCO, whicla lo 'heloc once GlQre maollfactved 1ladet' tho -...c&te iupervlaloo of the origiDator, THOMAS HOYT .& CO.. MR. JOHN ANDERSON, JI.UnnrAo/U.&ERS OF aDd oow Wiclo, as formerly, without a rift!. Onleftl forwudod throqlo the uaual chaooela. wUl line. Cut Ch win d meet ,.lth prompt atteDuoa. e g an JOI&Nl"F .F%.4CC ciG Oc 'l S.NDitl!ft) TOBACCOS & SNUFF o ALL GKAos OP OUr. IIUNDS CKIWJNG, .iil flat &lulliag, .fsaoktag, gcneral'are particularly t_l' e.-.: amine anfi test tho supenor properties ot this LICORICE, wbicb, heing n&w 'm>aght to tbe highest perfection, is the above style of bl'lloild. We we also SOLE AGENTS Cor t.he L:and. r.CJ.& G. C Acknowledged by to be best in the market And for the brand Licorice Slick INOI:L & co., tn all mspects eqUBl to CALABRIA. We have no Agents. Consmers and Jobbers would de) well to apvly direct. TO.bA.CCO BROKERS. EUIENE BOREMSKY, TOBACCO BROIBB, 143 WATER STREET, NEW YORK-JOHN CATTUS, TOBACCO BROKER 127 Pearl Street, NEW YORK. EDWAltD DREYER, eliNYiiDE, HEARTS' DELIGHT, ld fiJtaOilattd lfATlONAL, BRIGHT OWEN, 'r 0 B A_ c c 0 w HAIWEIT" "SUAPRISE" IN F'OJI lltATRA CAVENDISR IVANHOE .lOLLY BOYS Root, leet and onlillary, conataJJtl' TOBAC"O BB017'D'A OOIIIZ & lRGUIIBIU. V +o6 Pearl St., New York Citv. 1'1-4 Froac Street, New Ycl'l:o.. 211ni1AI !0\'! CHAS. G. HOYT. J ..::.O.:.::.H:_N_:_F':_:F..::.L.:.:.AGG.::..::.:. _______ ?9 _,Street, ,.. I icnLi. aTBOaU: f TOBACCO BAGGING. Lroorlce Paste and Sticks. IIIEW YORK. l '%' JOU&U id IMITATION SPANISH LINEN, I c:=: li 't y STREET COR CHURCH 1} tnrTobacco. Alao,. complete assortmat or J .,. .._ Smokers' Articles for the Trade. XEW YORK. HOWARD SANGER & CO., -UOIID IIC PALL. s .... HOGAN. 101S & 107 CI-J:AMBER8 S'I'., DEPOT & AGENOY Of the Manufacture of NEW YORK. If ulltao&uren of C. W. GAIL &: AX Tobacco and Segars, Au of U.. Ctelnd. Low l'nccs for Caab. s o R G L E R SPANISH FANCY STRIPES Bleached and rJ-.bleacbed. Sheetingt, Twiue and Manufacturer of the best Brands of Thread, C. aa fot Trneling Bago, Blankets, Jlarlapo, .ottoa Bagging, Corpeu, M a tting AND D&ALUS IK l__ SNUFF, PIPES, etc., 1 IIIA'OIIES IT w BROAD STREET I IIEWIRI MD Ill C.lLDWELL. N. .ancl Dry Goods UcneraHy. ANDREW J.lt5TER &, CO., No. 103 Chambers Street, New York FRED. INGELBACH. Dlgoltsalt Janst, NO. 21 Biri'B AVENUE, NEW YORR FINE CIGARS, A !so, Proprietor of the Brand "Cuba Libre," 1 52 C HA:\-1 BERS ST., and 297Y, GREENWICH ST., NEW YORX. Sc:b:warz dk Spohr, )lANVFACTURitRS 01' ALL XINDS or r. n. Tobacco Domestic Cigars, BUCHANAN & LYALL, .. OFFICE, e CIGAJL II.A.:NUFACTORY. 54 Broad street, New York, tr'\. FACTORY, BUCHNER, NO. 2 Succe&IOr to RC>BITCHECIC & TAtrssic, CELEBRATED Bl\A:NDS OF B ooo AND CI&ARS ... Yo. 3 5''kt,;'g .... A Washington, .!(s, Grape and Apricot, J N eptune, Double ThJck, 1 Unconquered, ;-Ha 8' Oh brt.drk. "ACME" hnc y Brt. J :V&na. UeS, 8roOtSJ Maggoe j Pounds, G& DELANCEY STREET I J Seneat1ou, Palm, a :NEW YORK.. Flounders, j Sara!ot:. rer o(the fo11owlng ef KrLJLlCKtHICJa Buchanan, tOii, ,. Pride of the :R.e&riment tllV So Baoe Ball. Wbl.,heater. Jack of Clubs. LJ'OIU GrecJaD Beucl. WILLIAM BUCHANAN DAVID C. LYALL. _.t. B.a.nnahanu.oelr. cELB.OY :Bli.OS., 31 :Broad S teet, :Boston. ,.. SCHUMACHER & ETTLINGER, Practical Lithographers, ligat-lo:x ; and lrimming" ,., CONSTANTLY ON HAND. New made to order. 15 KlJkRAY STREET. NEW YORK. PATTERSON'S PATENT CIGAR BOX. '/ l 'T1M aboYe Cc.t represents the Haod!IOIIlest, and mMt Convenient Ciga r Box b IJfOOf of the above addreso the undersigned, wh o will forward you a sample box [fre e. ] E. C. PATTERSON, &O<;HESTER. N. Y. 13 Bowery, NEW YORK. Wangler & Hahn, 'MAMUJI'ACTVRBJlS OP Ifine SeKars, NO. 290 & 292 BOWERY. NEW YORK. FREY EROS. & CO. Manufacturers of FINE CIGARS, ann Dealers in Leaf Toba.cco, 126 Chambers St., New York EDWARD A. SMITH, MANUFACTURER OF Fine Segars, Ko. 11. Bowery, NEW YORK. J. S. CANS & SON, TOBACCO BROXE_RS, No. 86 WALL STREET. toamE BUILDIJG, NEW YORK. PHILIP KELLAND TOBACCO BROKliiR. 119 PEARL STREET, Up Stairs. YORK CHARLE;s F. OSBORNE, JAMES G. OSBORN}j;1 2'obacc o Broker, No. M BROAD STREET, NEW YORK. ltl. Rader & Son, TOBACCO BROKERS, l33 l'ZAIL Bm!T, W. F. TOBACCO BROKER I 29 Pearl Street, NEW YORK. EDW Ali..U SOLMA.R. TOBACCO BROKER, No. 130 Water Street, NEW YORK. A. SHACK. rOBACCO BROKER. No. 129 Maiden Lane, NEW YORK. .Miscellaneous. TIN FOIL. JOHN -J. CROOKE, )IA:SUFACTURE:R 01' TIN FOIL AND BOTTLE CAPS, PL.UN AND COLORED. ROLLING KILLS, OROS:SY and 163 & 166 lo!UL:BEB.R'I' STREETS. NEW YORX. WARDROP &: DALY. 203 & 205 Lewis Street, DEALERS IN SPANISH CEDAR FOR CIGAR BOXES, Sea.sonea Stock always on hand. pI M. DINGEE SON, Cor. SIXTH .e LEWIS STREETS, Commission Merchant, SPANISH CEDAR, A.ND ALL .i Foreign and Domestic Woods. IUSCELLA.lfEOUS. LICORICE A. 0. S. PASTE Having received the appointment aS Sole Agent for the" A. 0. S." brand :ure Licorice :Pas!e, I am prepared to fill orciers for the same at t8c. currency per lb. De L A.NCEY CLEVELAND, Importers' and Manufacturers' Agent, o .LockBex4402 No. 1!)8 PEARL STREET. !BOPOLITAI '209 & 211, SOLE IUIUF.ICTVIIEIS:. CICIBS Dl'BOPOLl'l'AN D. DEliUfB & '.fiUl 50LK M.ANUPACTUR&Rti 0.. 7:LD.e 32 Platt CD s:; CUAI CJTTIB. ....... ..... ER cl: EST .............. No. 7 Commercial Street, Boston, SOLE WHOLESALE SELLIN G AGENTS FOR THE ElliW lliNCl:w!a.ND S'I'A'I'IIiS. The Original and Onl Genuine DURHAM" SMOKING, TOBACCO. r All grades of Owing to the unprecedented popv.l arlty of tl e "lhtrhatn Bral"rl ni O,U,oking Tobacco, certain pled d ealers :;.nd manufacturer:; have been led to 1nfr\n1P& llnJ trade mark and O:!'"Jlmposlng upon the trade with inferior goods underoorassimulated trademaJ'k. Nuw thht u tn aottr., 1'\.!Mt oar rights to the UJharhaJa ,. Brand have been fully v indicated both I" the U. S ac P:.teut (Jit,c:, aa4 all part.ie8 are hereby warned agalna& f'llrfhur treapaoo. WB lllli:Alll '!'IUIO. Dealers Dandling Spurious "Dlirllam, would do well to nnuember, that like tke Mauufadurer, the_y are r'f!sponslb1e. To prevent any trouble, and to aecuN the .. .Du.rha," order Blaell'Well' Bull Brand from the maoufactwrers. We are determined trom b.-n.c-trortb to exhaust the law against tnfM ngera upon our trademark. Be not deceived. "He-that sowcth to the wind, must reap of the whk'Jwind e :NIIiW YOE.E ACli:NCY, A. HEN & CO. 43 Liberty Street, opposite Post Office, IKPO:a 'I'lat.S 0:1' SKOEZE.S AS. Tl::C:t.:B:S, DEALERS I N TOBACCO, SECARS, SNUFFS, &c. Bunaurs PAmT CIGAB IAcmBst AN IMPORTANT DESIDERATaeeo. F. IIIIPPEIHEIMER a. C,, L.AEIEL For Tobacco Mid Clgar .. A Jarae ....n-at ClOJII&OD\IJ oa Iliad ... onkr. .... 14. ..... Wllllalll ....... .., WM. ZDI'SSIIB. A GO NA NUT ACTVaUI Of TOBACCO SEALINO WA: ALSO, DEALERS IN DIWG8, PAINTS, lc, William St., Kew tNTERNAL REVENUE BOOitt The Or!gliuallntenoai"Re..euae PabllahinR H..-., 0 .TOUB.GENSEN, SOLa liUCC.-.o& '1'0 UTJB .A SMITH A C0.. P.o. Boz6,ooll6. .-r LIBERT't ST.,: N. Books, u req'lllred .. der law, lor Leaf TobaQeo J>eolen, CIJV utcl Tobacco 1(6..-_ and othen. :Bl'&U41Djr %rolla 1114 SteDc!1J a SJI8Cialt7. R,'!;:."f.l='2;.d for Price I THE GERMAN tiGAR PACKERS' SOCIETY, Respectfully Inform the Cigar Manufacturers o( t l States they are now aUlt: to fill all OI'.Qf' for first-class Pac kers with M embc:rs of their Sockt; APPLY TO STORE, 202 BOIKEN, GARRIGUES & CO., ll\IPORTERS ( 1lEERSCHAUM, BR!AR,'CHINA & LAVA PIPES and French Fancy a.nd China. Goot.G, AND TOYS, 91 CHAMBERS ST. AIID 73 READE ST NEW YORK. F'BEDEIUCK. KBlJ'SE, Ma11facturer of all Sbea ud Style of. SBOW C.ASIS IN DT.AL AND Wl ECCARD & :MANU'FACTUltBRS OF TOBACCO, SNUFF ill Also, Dealers in all kinds of LEAF TOBACCO l5a .t 154 li.ANDOLPE S'l'., DETROIT, MI T. &<:CAIID, Special. NEW YORK CITY 0 Orders f D. H. Priate:r. 1 '1'3 Ch>-wid ii!iic:= .. .,........._ ..


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