The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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.. VOL. IX.--NO lht lohaito IS PUBLISHED IVJIT WIDNISl).AY KOINDTG U 1 fBI TIBAOOO LIAJ'' PUBLISBINQ 00, Fulton St., New York. -.1181;,_ ... .AJl Letten llbould be 'Dl&llllJ' add.-to '1'U 'l'OUCGO LIU'' :rnLIUDT; 00. Terms of the Paper: SnrGL& Cor1&S, 10 CaNTS OM& Y&AR, t. 00 Brx MoNTHS, co TKa&K MONTHS, 1 oo a-Remember that the cost to the yearlJ or monthly aubacriber ;, lu1 tlullf Eir"' Cnu1 per .,,. .. ANNUAL SUBSC.RIPTIONS ABROAD. GasAT BRITA.Ia AND CANADA -n BaKMaM, HAauRG AND THa CoNTtN&NT, 6 o8 AU&TilALI.-_ &TC. 1 VIA ENGLAND, -,:,8 No orden1 for the paper considered, unless accompanied by tbe corresponding amount. Remittancea bould, in evtry inataace, be made by check or draft. Btlls are liable to be stolen, and can ouly be aeot &.t tbe areateet risk to the sender. THa TQEACCO LaAP commeada it.ael to every oue lu. any way iotereeted in tobacco, eilher aa l(l"Ower, or dealer. ]t Jive annualr, aa amoont of information regardin1 the 11Weed,., aaJ thus C01L4ltltutes itlelf a tNUte t1ult bu IODf, lfDCe beea recocnL&ed &I otandlnat the head o aueclal tnde publlcati01UI, Its market rep ,na are l'otl aad eahaustlvte, and come from wny_ q_uarter ot the l'lol'e here tobacco f.aaolCi. It keepa the reader ctntfi'GMt with aU tbe latest Internal Revenue decisions, aDd tbua doea away with the nepeuity for a separate aobecdption to other jourD&l to secure that end. To the pwer of Tobacco it aU the latest Aiacoveriel, new meth;;daof cultiva tion, ud r < nl s of expert menta In thla and other l&Dcll. In IIIII., Twa ToBAcco Lu.FII complete in ltHlf, aau \:OOtalna every_ tb.bag neceaary to be llDowa by tho tr_, ult il the i::utLYweeldy publication esclu.-alvelt devoted to tobacco. LF..,. .Atlwrlidz Rates Tlinl P111,p. ] &USINISS DIBXCTUY OJ ADVIBTIS&IS NEW YOBK. Ttbacco Apew W. & Sona .S. aacl tl6 Froat atren All J1111aa, 171 Water. Appleby a Helm!, '33 Water. Arkonburgh, R. n. Water. Barnet S., 144 Water. Benrlmo D & A., u_., Water. Beramaaa, JohD H. ..0 Front. BIUemore, Mayo & Co., B110ad. Bowne .tr: Frif:.bJ 7 Barlinc Slip. Brad M., s .11a1dea Lane. Baltley, Moore & Co., 74 Front. Cardoao A. H. u3 Pearl. Claoctley A. D Pearl. OooaoiiJ at Co. Water. Crawforil E :t.l. & Co. 168 Water. n..vtdaon Bro., Water. Dohan, Carroll I* Co .. Front. J>uBoi Eugene, 75 Frnat Eggert Wm. &: Co., 171 Pearl. Eqelba Co., 5 Burling SUp. Spitsner C H. 124 Water Stein & Co. 197 Doane. StraHon & Storm, 191 Pearl. Stroba & Reib:enstein, Front. Sulzbacber, Joseph, Water. Tag, Charles F. &t Son, 184 Froid. Tatjreohorst, F. W. 68 Broad. Upmann, Carl, 188 Pearl. Westlaetm, M. &: Co. 177 Pearl. Wrliht. E. M. lo Co., 39 Broad. Buy'r of Tobacctl. Reosena G 55 Broad Toh11ceo Brol#r Bore..-k.y, E., 143 Water Cattu.a Joha. u7 Pearl. Dreyer Edward, 46 Beaver. Ft.c'her Chu. E JIL Bro., 13r Water Fischer, Fretierick, 41 HrNd Gano, J. S. lo Son, 86 Wall. Kelland, P., 179 Pearl. Obome, Charlet.. F., J!:roai. :Rader M. &: Son, Pearl W. F. Ruete, ug Pearl. Slw:k A. 119 Malden Lane Manufattrcrs of Aaderson John lo Co 114, n6 aad 117 LlbertJ. Appleby A Helme, 133 Water. Buchanan &: Lyall, 54 Broad. Bucllner D, 156 Delaacey Flas J, F. & Co.174 Front Gieaelmana &: Diehl, 159 Ludlow. Goeue, F.A. loB...,., 3 Wublagton Gooclwlo & Co. 107 and 109 Water Hoyt l'bomu & Co:, 404 Pearl Kinney Broa.. z41 West Broadwar, Lichtenberg G B Pearl. McAlpin D. H. & Co. cor. A venae D T-; Miller Mn. G. B.&: Co. 97 Columbia. Shot-11 D; A, .t; Soo, Ellfbtbn .4gtoll for S.o'i g .. Hen A. & CG. 43 Liberty Richey, H. :A 86 Front Welu, Eller&: Kaeppel, 210 Pearl Mlutafattrmrr of ar.&urbach & Meodenon, 138 & -" Water. BondJ Cbas., 53 BowerJ. Jlond & Pmcl\uka, and 556 Bowa, .,._ Broa. & Oo. 44 v-y har\corn &z. lienbta, 86 M a.iden LaDe S. 4t Co. 109 Pearl -S. 166 Front .. afJD1D. Broa. IJI, Bondy, 51 lllalcleo LaDe Kerbo & Spies, 35 Bowery Levy :Bros. 7a Bowery Llchtoaatoln ..&.. IJI, Bro. 14 anu Jl" Bowe17 Ltcbtenatein Btos. & Co n MArden LaM Mye111, Bro1 &: Co. toa Chatham. Mendel M. W. II Bro, s-" Bowery )leuburger M. a83 Pearl Orwlet S 191" Greenwich ad 1 C'hamben Ro'kohl Broa, & Soelter. 19f. Water Schwan & Spohr, 13 Bowery. Beld ... berlr a Oo. Dey Blecke & Wanoacll::, 6 Rivlngton lmltb H. A. 11 Bow err Stacllelloerg M. & Co. 157 Pearl, Stralton & storm, 191 Pearl 8utro & Newmark. 76 Park Plec:e Wangler & HabD, 190 & 'P Bowery. M.Jnoftutortrs of Fi Cir.,.. Hollander H. Malden Laae T.N GD Im,.,ur of Cit De Bar Fred'k & Co., 5:1 'Broad -. T. H A: Go 161 Malden Lane I''""'' of C/:1 Pipu. Batler H lo Brother, 77 Water Demuth Wm. &: Go., 40.3 Broadwa7 of Briar Pipe tl if s,oiers' ArtU!tJ De\aath Wm. & Co., 403 Broaclwa:r Ipomrs of Litorict Ptutl. Cleveland De Lancey 158 Pearl. Gifford, sherman & 1 nnls.! WIIJiam. GomezAriuimbau, 29 a31 8. WilllaJD Kc:Andrew Jamea C., 5S WAter Weaver& Sterry. 24 Cedar. Ma,..fclurer' s f'ltnJ Renael _]. Me}. & Co. 10 Depeyster. Ltnde F. C ilk Co. 141 Water. Barnes &; ] erome, State. 1 Bishep, J. &-Sons, 18 Mar\et. Hbhard N. &-Co., 18l4fket. Lee Geo., 150 State. Thecigar-makers of this city have certainly chosen a peculiar time for "striking." At a moment when winter has at last visited us in earnest, after coquetting through the months of December and January, and when the laboring classes are experiencing a greater degree of destitution and suffering than fell to thein lot even dur ing the "panic" of r85i, the cigar-makers, who are better paid th'ln the employees engaged in any other industry where the average skill exercised is the same, have taken it into their wise heads to combine against their employers and compel them to pay the wages paid be fore the panic, when business was certainly fifty per cent. more prosperous than it is at present. In many in11tances the manufacturers have seen fit to com pLy with the demand. In the case of the leading fac tory of Kerbs & Spiess, the latter. after acceding to the request of the mell that the old scale of wages should be restored, took the liberty (!):or dismissing a few un ruly spirits whom they considered were the promoters of dissension and strife. At this the majvrity of the cigar-makers took umbrage and struck." a E:LLIS, MANUFACTURERS OF FINE-CUT CHEWING TOBACCO Tohatco 'rmorr. Guthrie & Co., us Front. Mt.,.ufaaurtrs oj Cigtw Boxet, Eric::ha H. W. :353 South. Henkell Jacob, .t & 295 Monroe. Wicke William Cn. t I: 161 Goerck. Cigar Box, uur aJ otktr w .. J,. Dingee P. ., Son, cor. Sisth and Lewi.l. Wardro!>& Daly, :103 & os Lewla. c;..,,. Crz.,. Ribbo. Cramer G., 8:1 Franklin. Splnislt Cifar Ribhoos. Almira! I J. J., 30 Cedar. Cifar Jacoby S .tc Co., 109 PearL M4n".{Mturers of Tobcco Tin-Foil. Crooke J. J .. 3a aOCt> M.lnu{acturers of Cigars. Lasky & Bock, 10 German Kacriott G. H. ll.., 333 Weat Baltunore. Snuff_ Ma11tt{acturen. Starr R & Co. 15 South CalvertJ MtJ..,fattwnrs o./ Cirars aM ( D1aler,s ufaciured Tohauo. Stewart Bros., 4' Centre-Market Space BOSTON. Oomission MtreUntl Hollote C. 0 .. ,. Central Whuf. McElroy Broo., 3' Broad. BB.EJIEllf, GEIUIAKY. c;,,,.;uion MireAat. Falleosteln, W. F BBOOKJ,.Ylf, lf, Y. Tobatc.-C.ttig IJJJe.tiur,. Wulatein HeDry, 2S Myrtle avenue. BUFFALO, Jf, Y. WAolttlli Dellitr i HD'flana anp Do..4 71 West Front. Thomal, E. R W M.ouf4Ctwrtrs, Import..-, .. J Dking-Tobacc o Finley, Doll .t. Co., So, 8 &: 84 First. Robin10n Y:anufacturlnc Compaoy. Tob.uo C.iJSiOII Mertlwtttl. Wlcb G. W. & Co., IOillala. nl1tleN .Brolttn. Meier, Wm. G &-Co., 5d &e.entt.. i II of M-lofll in It Day, 3:10 Nortb Seooncl. Toluzcto Bro,tr llaJ'IIesl.ll:., 01 South Seooad c.,.,.ission .Mtrc!tant {01' FDI'dpt .,a Htlml! .Marl per thousand advance. A few facts bearing on the causes of this great will be interesting, as well as in some way explanatory of the anomalous condition of the present state of the mar ket. It is a well known fact that for the past twenty-five to thirty yea rs there has been a ste!tdy advance in the cost of the manufacture of cigars in the island of Cuba, arising in a great measure from the fact that the consumption of cigars bas s;teadily increased in every part of the civilized world, the production of tobacco has not in any proportionate way correspondingly increased, There is no cvrrect data for the actual pro duction, though the official .Spanish records give as the quantity 'exported to all fvreign countries an of about I6,ooo,ooo pounds per annum. Some twenty-five to thirty years ago a large proportion of the cigars im ported for cons1,1mption into the United States were known as Principes. This class of cigars probably made way for what are now known as Havana cigars. The discovery of the gvld fields in California led to large shipments of this cfass of cigars, and the great demand for a long perivd to supply the extrava2;ant wants of the lucky emigrants in the El Dorado led not only to tinuous advances in cost, but to the introduction of finer cigars. Old styles were neglected and the size now so familiarly known as Conchas seemed rapidly to supstitute the then more popular, than now, size vf Lon dres, and reeently we became familiar with the now pop ular size known as Reina Victorias. As an example of this continuous. increase in prices, the average cost, in Havana, of cig:us imported from there into the United 185o was $16 per thousand; f;r9 per thousand; in r86o, f.:z4 per thvusand; in 1865 (importations light this year), f;3:z per thousand; in rs,o, f;34 per thousand, and for the fiscal ending June 30, r873, over f;4o per thousand. Previous to the establishment, : a few years ago, of the Spanish Bank in Havana, a paper currency was un known in the Island of Cuba. Cigars, as well as other articles of merchandise, had only a specie and the manufa .cturers of cigars, until quite recently, seemed hard!y to realize that there was much difference be tween a specie and a paper dollar. ;Many of the'lllanufacturers of cigars are Cubans by birth, while many very important ones are natives of Old Spain. It is well known that during the past two or three years the .Spaniards have looked upon all Cubans with more or less distrust. The Cuban cigar manufac turers have not been exempt from this suspicion, and for one of them to insinuate that a dollar bill was not of the same value as a dvllar in coin, would at once place him under the surveillance of the Government officials, and his loyalty might be suspected. However, time brings about many changes, and the truth of the above has been by the decrease of the capital invested, and instead of "profit and loss," the profit should be omitted altogether. Up to the present time, the Bank of Spain in Ha vana has issued the enormous amount of fro4,oco,ooo in currency, while the special reserve is only estimated at aboat $8,ooo,ooo, and careful thinking men do not he;U tate to express the belief that this enormous amount is almost The fluctuations have conse quently varied as muclr as fifty per cent. within the past six months, between Spain and thispaper currency. For the past fvur weeks cigar man11facturers have been adopting gold as their basis in all business trans actions, and are issuing their prices current accordingly. It is in consequence of this determination that the pre sent high prices prevail. To -exemplify the same:....:...Cigars' previously quGlted at f. so per thousand in currency, are now quoted at fi45 per thousand gold, and this may safely be accepted as approJrimating ,the changes that are taking place. It has not been uncvmmon lately for s6me manufac turers in Havana to charge certain prices for their cigars in C'arrency, and then add a percentage v.arying from ten to thirty or forty' or eighty per cent. to cover the fluctuations between gold and currencyt Re cently a case occurred in New York, to the personal knowledge of the writer, where a firm received an in voice of cigars from Havana in currency prices, with an addition of thirty percent. thereto, an d the succeeding steamer, one week later, brought another invoice qf a duplicate lot vf same cigars at the same currency prices, but with an addition of eighty-six per cent., thus mak ing a difference of fifty-six per cent. between the two invoices within a very few Many manuf:tctories in Havana have been obliged to suspend work altogether, and strikes have been quite prevalent. There is no heavy stock of cigars on hand, and :they can only resume when assured that they. will obtain gold prices at their own fi..xed rates. It. is impossible to foresee what_ effect these chan,es will_ have ,_.,..-.I


2 THE TOBACCO LEAP. upon the importtl.twns. It is presumable, however, THE TOBACCO' MARKET. to sell beloYt' the ordinary prices by a secret understan ter boxes, S tenth boxes, I6 caddtes, 8r cases cigars that it will cause but little d t mmuttOn in the amount of ding with the i r employes who agreed to a reduction of 25 IS bales scraps, S7 boxo::s ptpes_, consigned as follows : DOMESTIC. per cent per thousand. It is claimed bT the Bowery BY THl ERIE RAlLROAD.-Pollard Pettus & Co cigars smoked, for although by many conidered a lux N!:w YoRK, F e bruary 9 manufacturers that all the work:ingmell, mcluding thetr 34 hhds; Drew & Deane, r do; Sawyer. Wallace&' Co ., ury, yet it is lhalt will be lastmg, and should the lm Leaf-Our market has been very qutet own, were tgnorant of this agreemen t 'and that they were 4 do; :GQodwin & Co., 18 do, R. I.. Maitland & Co Jk!rtallons be limi ted the dom esti c goods must supply since the begmn"ing of the month, the sales amounting made the v1cfims and subjeCted to great lo s s and, to put 2 do; Blakemo r e Mayo & u do; Read & 11 h 1 tt h to but 425 hhds of whtch so to JOb'"-rs, to manu-an end to such a breach of faith it was resolved at a do; Thomaa Hoyt & Co ., 7 d o ; Kuchler, G.-ul Co' dl..e deficiency The unprovement lQ t e a er as ""' Jul AlJ d B 1 & D "tz facturers, S3 to eutters, and the rematnder for export. aecret meetmg last night not to pay the addtttonal Sr 91 pgs, tan "" en, 44 o unz orm 1 er 37 been so r a ptd for the past few years, through the h d, h d b h do M 'M W.elzbofer 6 o do order 6 hhds The demand still runs on low grades, and Western sam per t ousan T ts paragraph, wntten, no ou t, w1t : great care bestowed Qn their manufac .ture i n bringpies of good lea which were sent here for sale are the best of intention, besi'des bemg ahnost w holly Bv THII! HUDSON RIVER RAILROAo-Pollara, Pet ing them to so a state of perfectioa, that many being returned, there being a better market for it at ftonsensical is almost wholly false: We went o v er i t hne tus 1 hhd; John ,De enny, 4do ; Havemeyers prejudtces of. long standing have been removed, and to nome. Perhaps Ioo hhds of new crop were mcluded m by hoe w tth one of the large referred V t ge T ius, 87 p kgsJ, H. t Co 0i CJ. 0 d I d above mostly l o w grades, and s old at a los s to Westand he pmnounced I rnoneQ).UI f ro m firsf(o / '143 do; osep,.. aye s ns, 3 4 Oj 0 smokers generally they are becommg a1 Y more an C f "Cans & So 45 do G Retsmar n & Co I"" do ern shtppers. E!Ccept a few good wrappers, there is no o ncernmg the prea entdtsqutetudeamong some o n --1 ., mor e acceptable. regular demand for new crop yet, and it seems folly to th e cig a r-makers, thts same-manufacture r remarked Bunzl /li. Donnuzer, 4 6 do; 'M. Abenhetm, Io do,.Carl send tt here whtle the Western markets are above o urs, a s follows: "There is no excuse for the workmen, as Upm a nn, 8r do; G. Falk & Brother, It do; D Husch lfBW DB.A SCRE'ME and ours ;:o.bov e t hose of Europe. they are earning g ood wages os a g enet"aj i hmg, aftd & 12 do; J. Sutton & Brother, 12 do; Lemon t s t w eek z d w eek 3d week. 4th we ek. 5th wee k 1 otal. even women are earnmg fro m fifteen tQ. t w enty fi ve Man<;lel baum & Co., 122 do ; Juhan Allen 93 do M A m "8rnln g cotemponu:y a few the January ... 668 942 95 S32 3.400 dollars per week, which is more-.iha they can earn m M Wel z hoferJ I 4 do. order, S 6 do. f o llow i ng c om munication from its Washi ngton correFebruary. 425 4p any o ther branch of bu s iness Now, by allowm g them Bv THdNATIONAL LINE-M. appenhetmer, qbbds; s pon dent: J11rgzma L eaf-Business the past week been s sel v es to be led as t ray by striking for higher wages Sa w yer, Wallace & Co 5 do Mayo & Co '''fhe CE>mmissioner of Internal RevJ!nUe havmg good as could in this department, the con than they have been recetving 'fbr these three 10 do; Pollard, Pettus & Co., 37 ao; order, 2 4 hbds, 75 de veloped a firm opposiuon to the re-es ta blishmen t of t i nned of assortments r ende ring, as heretofore, years, and with whi c h they have alw ays bee n satisfie d pkgs. tobaccs,o -bonded wareho.use$, such as, w ere abolished-by, a. full1velume of traniaCbQJ!S impos s 1 bie. The demand th e y w tll dnv e the business mto the hands of manu B v THE :EMPIRE & Scovtlle, 36 pkgs. the a d of June 6 I 872, the questio n o f relief of merfor g o od bri ght, and dark wrappers was as n o ticeable. facturers away from New York, and when they Bv THE YoRK .AND NEW STEAMHOAT chants i n the matter of drawba c k f! presented. The a s ever and we observe som e i nquiry for lug s and re a dy to resume work at former wages they may not-find LINE -L. & E. Werth e tmer, S9 'A. L. & C. L. Comm tsswner, on the point of objectir:Jg to a smgle warewith sa1es o f all t hree clas se s AU good work to be done. Should we manufacturers conclud e Holt, 65 do; Spencer, Bmthes & 0 II2 do; Palmer & house at N.ew York as Dy Mess r s. Bo"han, grades s ? Id reailily a_nif, apparently only to close. our ':ust q mers who 1!'1 Ro1sen wald .::_ Bro thes, so do; Chas. Carro ll & Co., et al., says that t h e estaDlisliment of one pos s e s s ton ofsupphes in suffictent quantity was wanted to the habtt of bemg supplied m New York ctty, w11l qult JF. i I 06 d Aater 6 21: there would b e an entering wedge to the re-establishment make the week's record a satisfactory one As a dealer us anc send thetr orders elsewhere. On the other han4, on, 4 r en. urg 4 of the old system, wh1ch for reasons gtven by htm in expresses it There i s a good demand for all o f the right should manufacturers conclude to accede to the deWesthenn & Co 4 1 do; Wm 24 do; J. L :rS72, he deems prejudicial to the mterests of the Govern-stupe that can be brought here. mand for higher wages, they w.ill have to Jlclvance their & Brother, 22 do, E. M. Crawford & Co., 6 do; ment. He says one at New York means another at S d r .1'. T d od b r pncesfor cigars and to do this may 1:-e as prejudici a l as H SellJDg, 36 do; N. Lachenbruch & Co 1 1 3 do; J, I N r. 1 S e e Lea.tra e contmues go oth 10r home 1 r Nissen & Co 21 do Havemeyers & VIgelius xo do :Boston Philadelphia';" Ba nmore, ew -vr eans, an trade" and export and especiaHy for the latter The de to c ose the 1actones C1gars are sold m thts country H F lk d G W h d F B M K b ll h cb ef of the tobacco -d b th b d d. k d t a enstem, 40 o ; ng t, 41 do or er, ranctsco, etc. ut r. lm a IS tails of tl i e past week's transactions are as follows:-now a Y e ran s, an ttta es Jears an years o I32 do. diviSIOn of the Revenue B'ureau, comes forward w1th Sales for home trade 390 cues I 872 Connecticut wlap properly mtroduce them, and the m'\nufacturers of B N y H S a plan for hastemng the payment of the drawback pers at 3o@4oc ;00 casea do seconds at 10 @ 14 c New York city have spent thousands and thousands of L Y hi EW G 0TEAMBOAT .allowed 10 section 74 of the act of x868, as amended by I05 cases do running at total 685 dollars in perfecting their brands and other appliances, d 1NEE S er, o.,io c;ses; & atman so the act of 1S72 The proposition is to authorize and cases and for export Soo'cases xsr,' 2 Ohio at and should those brands be withdrawn from the market do ;F Dp,ilnlga&rnC s 0"s' di3 L trhattobn Storm, 56 d h S f tb T ty to draw his warrant "t t I t th t th b d 'II t k the1"r 0 ilX s o., 0 ; ac en ruch & Co. 5 uect t e ecretary o e reasu 6rs@7C. 20o cases do Perlnsv v lmia do at I ts na ura o suppose a o er ran s WI a e d J B' d A L & C L H l d on the Treasurer for any sum or sums due under section 7 ,. c. 90 do State at 6 .:@ 7c. ISO cases do Wis place and the whole work wtll have to be repeated to 0B 1 lur,0 D 8 0 t, 24L 0 d d t t eVI"dence beiD"' filed 73 ;ro ., th t d I h h ) t th h f lt y THE LD OMINION TKAMSHIP INE-J. P )'4. as amen e upon sa llac ory ., cousin do at IS-e ca&es do Connecticut fillers regam e ra e uc we ave os roug no au Q & c hhd J h D d c G wtth the Commiss1oner of Internal Revenue that the 1 n ,,. d -.a. L L of our own but through the mutterings of empty-pated um 0 1 0 n evenney, 2 0 Franck-. ii bich clai ii all at Sh@5;r4c., an roo cases o70 to ., lyn 26 do D Buchner I do trash Oelrichs & Co 24I !.490cases fanbd 2,I7Sdcuelss. Bhesides be_ing is animpromotu statement taken down as do 'DeWitt & ro hbds, I trc; P. Lo;illard a xasr amounto u s taess, e recor a o s ows an 1m. & Co 2 s do 3 do A D Chock ley 7 do 6 do w 0 c118tom houe.and the fat;t of om uy port m artial d is osition on the art of bu en the demand delivered, after manner of our mtervtewmg ne1gh .' the United States for a {oretgn The exporter p b pall t' Ph Oh" 1 Y af i 1y 1 ad bors, and embodtes facts that ma,y be profitably ponSmtth & Co., IO uo, 4 do, 2 8 half .trcs, 92 qtr Ires, 2S would be requtred, under Mr. KiJ!b .Jl l's; plan. to file dered by some of our misguided cases mfd, do; Jtore7 Tobacco Co. with the collector of tae disqoict from which the ship,.. few weeks ha v e & iven market a brighter aspect than We have heard of but one additional stnke during 6 meC ll'& 1 C 0 ea 43 cases mfd, meot is bond bY. him, w1th like conthere was ;eascin to fear it would present at thts time the week-thts time, however, not on account of wai;es, 9\f abo oxesj 0 ar;; darbo o., 224bcase s r.nfd, 90 dttiol, to be' ed n o! and the sa"'e w course tlailt has effected this but on account of pique, or for the fun of the thing. It xes o, 7 5 tktr odxes, qtrh 1ofxes; H. A. _..c_A f ....., t ti e required tile : th d th f: t 1 Rtchey, 5 cases sm g, Io o m,u, I a box 5 qtr c"""""'t ot pr """" a se ar ,-111 result will if contmued until next autumn go far to IS e secon 10 e same ac ory b All & c k d fd case of manufacture tobaceo remmoeli from tlae manuwards the problem of what ia to done with Some of the humors of the present striking campaign oxes; en o., 5 casessm g, I 0 m IS quarter factory for exportation wtthout prepayment of internal our surplus are amusingly hit off in the two following advertiseboxes df., 5 tenth toxes & Co. 41 ftflae tax thereon. I followed my abbreviated Elsewhere in af TilE LHA .. will b e seen .,. ments, which we clip and transllite from the Staats Ze/-ca;es mdd, MoxeMs 1 ahrtlim 0 nson, 4 cases f M Kim.ball' draft f amendment to the acts ": .. t m.d, 2 o sm g, e z o er, 13 cases smkg I6 noteeo r. s 0 an remonstrance stgn e by many tobac u':fr caddies mfd R. H Wtlkerson, 35 cases mfd c H LII of I86S and I872, to show how he proposes to pay the co merchants agams the practice revathng atft ong to fo the Ctgar-makers of New York. Whereas nearly D E & C d A drawb a ck that those interested may see the suggested bacco broke;s of receivmg tobacco on constgnment all the cigar manufacturers of this city are compelled to Ienthal, I do; JM. d.d vaBns h o., r5d oD; & Co., Th t t" f th th" gist d d d h th k 11 t f 6 cases smkg a ux rot ers, 5 o; & A. BendUediln enhion o tel mth coavolll t efrom or other parties. The statement of the ltsc arget etr wor tmden,ta J!Olumtetyhmeln ou. o hetm, u do N. Wtse, 20 do; March, Price & Co 75 lay 10 re un s. tl t e presen aw e ance a 10n matter at lS&Ue as by the merchants is so p oymen are reques e o ca a e arge ctgar 1acB M & C h of an export bond by an export landing certificate is the exp licit a s to nG--CQll\JXleAt from us than tory, No.----,where they will find plenty of boxes, Ia ehmolfreb, a yo M o.,BI5o t ree qtr boxes; io ud d b k M K ball o k d t 'th r th 1 d t t t" C. E Lee 9 a oxes; eyer ros r case ctgars basts r a 1tlpg a raw ac r. tm prop ses tbe expressiOn of our Hope and behef that interests so wor an mee WI ,a er y care an rea men C S b d to audit the drawback by a certificate of honest shipadvantageous! and hithert<> so liarmoniously blended In the succeeding day' s 1ssue the subjo ined ap Wm. Demuth & o., 7 oxes ptpes, or er, so half trcs ment the Government hol(ling a claim for tax against as are those 0f' dealer and-broker wtll not IJe'long suf peared; "All those ctgar-makers who have not found mf:Ca. B Ch L f f d db the b d h ld f th 1 th 1 f t N OASTWISE FROM A L'rrMOREas ulmg & Co the tobacco m case o rau secure Y on fered to contmue m antagomsm to one another. a er Y care 111 e arge ctgar ac ory, 0 --:---, 6 d d ., till the certificate from alae foretgn landmg Havana tobacco there has been 3 fair can find mother1y care and comforts by calhng at the pkgs, or er, IO 0 K '" F d ,AAh ,_ d I h M K.' ball :r f d CoAS.J:WISE FROM EY BSTre 'k de Bary & Co port shall re ....... e t e ucn n sue a way r. un demand smce our las\ report and sales of fillers are corner 0 --an ---. 11 & ., thinks the loDJtest period of delay in payments d' th t t f b 1 t 8 h. h The latter rendezvous it should be observed was a 21 cases c1gars; McFa Hogan, 6 do, V. Martrnez wo'd be oays while uncler he announl ce to ef exhe':' o 400d ates ah. wit lager beer sa!oon Ybor, S do, SeideR berg & Co., 45 do, IS bales scraps. .. ! y be SIX montbs or ron. within quotations. Our Importers mention nothing of We leave the ubJect. of ctg:Us on and off a gold ?a-OASTWISE FROM EW RLEANSr er, I 6 h s ger before a refund could legally take place, speci;lltmportance as commg from their buyers a t Haat Havana,aooutwh1ch we mtended to saysomethmg :rABTZOVJ.AIL i'IOTZOB the delays in landing certificates and through Bureau vana, ucept that the latter are occupted there, and are in this column, to a welcome tributor who thts Gro ... en of teed leaf tobacco are caatto!led ac:eptlnJ the ccumlocutlon. It may W..tlbe dl: do not want doing the best the.y c.iQ where nearly every thmg is in and other mterestmg matters m an 1nterestmg manner reported aalea and of seed leaf u lilrnishmg the pncea that this, but it maybe dmti tlbllchange is desired confusion on page. We have space here only for a should be obtatned for t!lom at6nt band, u these refer in most notances b .....a. ... ts 'p ro getlt for the askin b t e hctt summary of the quest b I d to old cropo which han been lleld nearly a year, and the pro6t on the to acco me,_. can g. The week opeRed and closed in u xp 10n Y a ea mg lmwhich muat naturally nc:lade the tntereot oa o.pit&l invated. Growen The Ways al\ d,Means Committee have not yet even thia bunch of trade about the same as those which perter of Cl3'1rs 10 In cannot expect even m the cue of new cropo, tooell them for the umc beard o!"it h ye recendy preceded it. Samrnanzed, the details to our tnq.uJry as to the condthon of alraus at th1s tlme, praces u are obtsinci on a 1e-ule here Of coune eyery re-aale muat be' Mr. Kimball can not but be aware that the delay in would probably run abou t' as foHowa: The ifemand was he the whole matter m ;rords: "The at an aennce, and therefore u.e price obtamaWe by the crowen will obtainin a refund of taxes by the absurd system of chtef!y for medtum goods, and sales comprised bnghts, Umted States Consul at Havan3; c s rtlfies the value of alwaya bcaomcwhat lower tbu our quotatoons g . u-inch and fancy tobacco Purchases to a limited the currency dollar to be 66 cents m sliver, and has done QUOTATIONS OF PRICES. "'-'ra backs"no"' m force senous as It 1s, 1s a mere tn. r th 1 t 6 d d -'d h h t" 1a.1 a -a w .. extent were made apparently m antiCipation of trade to so .or e as o ays an upwar ..... urmg w IC tme w....,.,._Light leaf. ....,. 1'111 .. Good do ss@ ti ll.e in w1th to whtch tocome. To a leadmg grocery firm about 20b packages the value has from, say 49 to 53 cents. Im! F .:: 26 bacco merchants ahJshlppers are through the, of u-incli were sold, 'nd thlS is the most voluminous pt'>rters o f Havana Ctgars to pay 25 per Medium 9 (;so rora-r and II cutsua .. 77@ 8J absence of export facilities at this port. transaction IJ)entioned to us. duty on, the Consul s of the dollar, conse... :g" G' en the or.po to place tobacco designed for Sales of the latter vanety would possibly have been quentl y mstead of paymg duty on the present value, I;"J'i perpollDd IV l' d d h h ld larger if the stock had been more abundant but i has say 53 cents on the dollar, they have to pay duty on 66 a o do 10r.r .. t @18 Extra 11ne . .. @70 h 'pment abroad m a bon e ware ouse w ere tt cou t Clarkltna'""" .,...,.,.,. JJWtrla4. .............. .. o @00 s I become so much reduced, and espec1ally medtum old cen s. common to ..,o4 lop 7 0 8 MediWD. .. .. .. .. @45 be exammed by purchasers, and would be convement good3 of color that 1 t is sometimes d t fficult to fill orGold. opened at and closed at the SalJle rate: eommonteot. .... ...... 6l'.,S ... @'8 and accesstble for all reasonable purposes, they would ders as promptly as required. For export we hear of Fomgn .f!x c han g t has been dull an? heavy Jurmg :: G willingly submit tO even longer delays than they have COmparatively little domg. the week WlthfiuctuatiORS.Ofabout ID ratef. C:om= d b t h t "d od. There was an auction sale on Friday of 255 caddies merc1al btlls are much sought after and contmue F'.rg.- Quorlgood lug..... lr..uu.m .. 43 ft! as they may have occaston to export. IS. 1_s known steamer Glaucus recently 4 88 for long and short respectively. We quote:s @l!li fiio33 at the office of Internal Revenue as well as 1 t IS known The conundrum now in the t rade is the one pro London: Bankers, 6o days, 4 S4 3 days, 4 .SS; N;",J,.IU9':!! lW!tdl 11114 here and everywhere; and it i s only begging the ques-pounded by Coll'missioner Douglass, m his le t ter to Com mereta!, 6o days to Pans: Bank-do. b rigbt .. .. 10 FIDe .s 5 6 d Sv' t IL d C Smokers ..... ,.. 14""1' Tobt=ot-Lot>glO'a 48 060 tiontoseektoobscurethe'graver issue bymagaifying Messrs.Dohan,Carroll& ers, 0 ays,5. I 1'4 052174 3 5-rs; ommerPnmtDp,uew ....... IJ( NaY)',h11IId5'o ........ f6 fltMJ f bod" t comment in the last issue of THE LEAF In that letter dal, to 5 25. SWISS: 6o days, to :g the importance o a su r mae one. the CommiSSioner declares, It Wlll be that 3 days Antwerp; 6o days, to Sl lledimundllnered . iXIl! Briibt Twist (Va) 121ncb u .,.110 What the tobacco trade of thts great shtppmg market in case a proposit ion to estabhsh e x po r t bonded ware3 days, Hamburg, 6o days, to 96, 3 days, o @Is needs is an export bonded warehouse, and thts IS what hou!ies tor tobacco 1 s brought before Congress, he will 97 6o 3 days, 97 Frankfort, 4 0 .. ...... @te they have a sked and are asking for. They have not solic deem it" his duty to oppose the proposition as prejud1 0 M : o ays, 4?o to 4Iyo, 3 qays, eeand common...... 6 Medium ........ 40 @<10 ted and do not contemplate s:>licttmg a restoration of e ta! ahke to the Government and the tobacco trade in dam : 6o days, to 3 days, 41. Prusstan & 3 :x 1 h abolished on Decemb,er 6 IS 2 and general. And in y iew of the _fact that m ex-Thaler: 6odays, to 72,3 days, Goodtollne e d ........ 1 ti the ware ouses 7 port warehouses would not be !table to tax 1t 1s a puzzle IMPORTS. 0 ;;.;,;;;;::::: .:: tiooo .. .. ... ..... ss @60 the Commtsstouer of Internal 1tevenue lS, to say the to find out J ust where the preJ udtce to the Government Th I t th t f N y k r r Gound l e af, new 4 @ 9 Common to medium 1 7 @Sit d' h h d e arnva s a e por o ew or rom .oretgn Pi.,......, Fours ...... 43 }east, exceedmgly w en e en eavors to comes m. not t.hrough the loss of mterest on ports for the week ending February 10 included the 6 @' '! h t th d th b f h t t bacco mdefi t I t d th be w .... l'l"',.. ,s,, Crop 22 1946 Negrohl!aa Twill 411 So make it appear t a e es1gn, or even e w1s o t e ax on_ o nt e Y sore ere, cause no following consignments: Beloct.ona ............... MJ = @llol the trade is to have them restored. tax could, as all tobacco so stored must go abroad, GLASGOw.-Jl\S Olwell & Co., 250 bo xes pipes l! CiD 8 Fine ............ ...... @"' h d b h' th t "f th and must not be W ithdrawn for consumphon To solve MANILLA-Order 24 cases ctgars Crop Good ..... .............. 3'l 40 As tot e sugge stwn ma e Y tm a 1 e requeit the conundrum i n that way would be to suppose that p M K R bb' 1 F illers, Common 5 CiD 75J( Commo n ""d" 37 1 8 N Y k tr d r d w th B ALERMOc esson o ms, I 5 cases teo nee .. Good....... . 6 @ Granulated smoking n of or a e were comp 1e the CommiSSIOner was oblivious of both thts fact and paste. Seoon41Fino . . o @IO Clgan-J'<', Philadelphia,, New Orleans, San FranciSco, the other that t?bacco may be held at the manufac SEVILLE-Weaver & Sterry, 246 hdls licorice root. :::: l: Iii ...... 16 00@76 oo etc. etc., would each claim a simt!ar conc!fssion, sup-tones mdefimtely Without payment HAVANA-Weiss, Eller & Kaeppel, 92, bales; E. Pas-" Good = ose it should prove to be the case, what of It? If the Smokmg-There has been a very .atr .demand for cual, Brother & Co., 339 do; Haveme:rers &Vigelius, s @so N e w York Seed COI1t1o P. b d d smokmg tobacco smce our last reference to tt, and dealI 4 o do; Robt. E Kelly & Co., I 35 lo; Schroder & MaoBebHI1 hl 3 6 p .,.,..K110d''"d" "' "" 26 00@80 00 ClUes natned nee: e _ach 1 warehouse ers report from all the usual sources and for all Bon, I64 do; Chas. Lulin&" & Co., 34 do; v. Martinez ::.: :.::.:::: : g :l for the accommo t eu aw.u oreJgn commerce the vanetles Ybor, So do; A. S. Rosenbaum & Co. Io7 do: J. J. Al .. L.;i .:: :::::: : !:! 20 ociso oo in theweed,Commtsstoner Douglass must knowthatthey Czgarh:r-Tthere fihas been a dbebtter ;nqu1ry for mira!, Io3 do; Chas. F Tag & Son, 23 do; F. Garcia, I't'nu."1:""'"' SHd fg :Jg have a right to ask for a'ld obtain them; and 1t ctgars t an a our ormer an u .or the m 408 do, 3 cases cigars; F." Alexander & Sons, IISI do, !lo If.: ...... 86@-oe art of the Commissioner's business to endeavor prude!lt coutse of the m some manu. 12 do; S. Linington & Sons, 7 cases cigars; Smith, I!'Jllen. .................. l : 1": ill no P factones tQ.ere would be little to complam of m con nee Crosby & Co. 4 do L. & E. Wertheimer do E OAiQ sws L t-.f- eomm011 . .. ::;::::: es t? prevent them from do&ng e1ther the one or the other, tion w1th the And in this particular, it may be Carples, I do;' Carl Up mann, 2 do; Purdy & 'i Iii 51mply he happens to have a preference for a obs_erved, that 1t ts generally conceded that too m_uch 20 do, G. w. Faber, II do; Acker, Memll & Condit, Flllen !ill a A o s ............... --@-0_,1,8 t h b tak b h f h fi k New Yor.t SftldL<4/-.,, -difi'erent system. no tee as een en Y t e o t e ew stn 73 do; Park & Tilford,43 do; W. H Thomas&Brother, Wrappero ... "GO." 480111....... RAgardm" g the Commissioner's oft-repeated asser-that have occurred. lVhen lt lB appareot tha.t labor 18 25 do, H. K Thurber & Co., 4 do order 30 do. Asaortecl lot... "6 ft ;Fe. LG.",. 115 cuee. 28!10 I d t d d b I h Flll n 0 0 0 0 5 .. e u wL De&. 0 0 0 0 0 d d h p ace a an unnecessary tsa vantage y caplla t ere Jr.......n-oUIOrlod 6 1 It: r.". . .... .... 211)l tion that an export bon e ware ouse IS preJudtctal to can b., no question as to the right and the dut of th EXPORTS. ,s7,....,.... "Wa.llu Ex" no Ilia. net.. 20 the .. interests of the Government" (revenue 1s probably public press in the premises. :I'he mterest andydtgmt; From port of New York to foreign ports, for the I : meant), we have made bnef allus ion in another column, of labor should then be upheld at all hazards. But where weAek endmg Io, were as fol)::ws1b: fi-' :g besides having rep bed to it on many previous occa. as 1s too frequently the case, the only antagonism there NTWERP-SO s, I 39 cases, s m u. LB.".................... 20 ns Mr Kimball's proposition ia good as far as 't is between the two interests is that whtch is inspired and AsP1N;ALL-34 3,S41 lbs mfd. eom. 711@110 510 ." 1 kept alive by the false teachings which have their origin Aux AYES-75 es. BALTIMORE, Fe!Jt"Uary 7.-Messrs. Ed. Wischgoes, and Its as a law will b e thankfully enin the ranks jJf labor itself, 1t is an, entuely mistaken zeal BARBADOES-5,o64 lbs mfd meyer & Co Tobacco Commtssion Merchants, report; dorsed by a suffenng trade. Meanwhtle, he must not that impels JOUrnalists to dilate as COf.oiously as they are II BRISTOL-I4 hhds. The market for: leaf tobacco was quiet the past week, imagine for one moment that it will be accepted by the now in the habit or doing upon every manifestation of BRENEN-S7 I cases. shippers showing very little dispositton to buy. Of Matrade as a subslltute for an export bonded warehouse restlessness and discontent that the parasites of labor C.t.PETOWM-I3 hhds, 4.4 66 lbs mfd. ryland a few small lots were taken. Of this about So 1 h r bl h b h feel disposed to obtrude upon pubhc attention Such a CARDIFF-r3 hhds. hhds ol old stock were sold for home consumption, priee as they c aim as t eu eng ts ot a prompt course has the effect vf augmentmg both number CumAD BoLtVAR-6 hhds, r,I44lbs mfd. not transpired. New crop of Ohio is not forwarded to refund of money belongmg to them, and such com mer-and the ev1ls of these occurrences. The difficulty of DEMERARA-4,346 lbs mfd. market as fast as last season, there be i ng no demand to cia! facilities as will enable them to transact their bust getting at the facts and merits of particular cases adds to HAMBtrRG200 bales, 771 cases, I do cigars, 3,6o7 encourage it as was the case then. Of Kentucky we ness in a satisfactory manner. the reasons always to be adduced against a too free lbs mfd. note sales of 35 hhds common new crop, or Western championship of.the pretensions and claims of workmen, HAVAHA-504lbs mfd. samples, at 5}i @ 6J,(c. In Vtrginia we hear of no THE Lur TOBACco TRADE.-We call attention to as m the absence ofposttive mformation sympathy is apt HAVRE-8 cases. movement whatever. Prices are nominally unchanged, the Protest of the New York Commission Merchants in to supply t}le data for argument, and whenever thiS LA GtiAYllA.-4 cnses, 646 lbs mfd and we still quote as follows: Maryland-Frosted and .& Leaf Tobacco, whiclh we publish elsewhere. It is adhappens, it is needless to say, more error than truth will LtVEit.PooL-SI hhds, So,!)So lbs mfd. unsound $3.50 to 4So, sound common 4So to s, good ,e:.. dressed, as w1ll be seen, to the brokers through whom and more harm to eyery body than good to any LoNooN-r r4 hhds, 3 cases, 2 bales, 6o,sSI lbs mfd. do to 6, mtddling 7 to S, to fine red 9 to u, Um of the sales are made. The Protest is di. body is the mev1table result. Here follows a case in point MELBOURNE-4 hbds, 3 20 3 lbs mfd. fancy 13 to IS, upper country 4 to 20, ground leaves, ()II:' against the practice of the brokers, whtch, it is from a recent number of the TYi!JuM :-"The large MONTEVIDE0-3 hhds, 3 new, 3 to 8. Ohio-Inferior to good common $4 to s, bas become common, of entering the field as cigar manufacturers in the Bowery and in the upper part bales. greenish and brown s-so to 7, medtum to fine red 7 commission merchants on their own account, and this of the ctty who acceded to the demands of the1r ST. PIERRE-S hhds. to I I, common to medium 7 to 9, fine spano with the very firms who employ week, have declared their Intention to rescind DOMESTIC RECEIPTS. gled to yellow 9.50 to I4. Kentucky-Common to good tbW brokers. As the Protest is thetract1on. It appear they have for several The arrivals at the port of New York from domestic, lugs $6 to 7, common to 8, medium leaf 8 to 9, ,h=rl Mtw!Jn ; houses in the trade, we months past' noticed that down tow;n manufac.tur interior, and coastwtse ports, for the week ending good to fine do 9.50 to u, selections u to rs. Virginia d.J pi'Ove "to be without influence ers sold below common J;lnce, but this was attnbu. February Io, were 47 s hhds, 57 tierces, 7s half trcs, -Common to good lu&"S f.5 to 7, common to medmm side of the ted to the nece.sstty of ratSmg ready funds It now, 92 qtr trcs, 2,652 cases, pkrs, 75 boxes, rso leaf 7 to 8, good to fine do 9 to ro, selections 11 to 14, ..... st4ted. however, appears that these manufacturers were enabled 3.qtr .,boxes, I 9 o half-boxes, 143 third-boxes, 6 2 quar-stems and pnmmgs 3 to 4Inspected this week; I07 .) 0 hhds Maryland, 66' -lo Ohio, uS do Kentucky; to tal, 291 hhds. Cleared 57 hhds Maryland, 63 do VIr ginia, 70 do Kentucky 62 do Virgima stems, IOI dd> Kentucky stems, to Bremen per steamer Baltimore : 23 hhds and Ohio to LIVerpool per stea,mer Can adian; 755 hhcls Maryland Oh10, 310 do Vtrgmia tobacco and stems, 64 do Kentucky, u <:aJeS seed leaf to Rotterdam per steamer Dtiuberg; Soo hbds Mary lfnd to Genoa E?._er schr. C. S. 'Bus h n ell 3 hhds tobacco to Dem4;rara per brig T obau: u Stat/'IUfll m on sbi_?b oard, not c eared Dec. B I87J---------14,368 hhds. Inspected s tnce.::7 :::'.._ ______ I ,r86 hhds. TotaL------- I5 554 hhds. Maryl a nd and Oh i o cleared IF-74. -"-. ---..,_ 3 ,318 hhds Remspected a n d s a.ip ped, coastwtse, 300 hhda 3 ,6rS hhds. Stock in ware hous e thi s d a y and on ship-...,---board pot cleared.---.. I I 936 hhds. Manufacture d report the market steady at unchanged rate:t w ith a moderate demand, and note the followmg recetp ts: A S e emuller & Sons 17 h alf boxes, 66 cases ; Hoffman Lee & Co., 6S bal f b o xe s; S Rosenfeld & Co IO bo xesl 40 caddtes; J. B. Sdfford1 I 20 boxes ; Norvell & Bax ter, II cas es; per ste am e r fr o m Norfolk and Rtchmond: J P Pleas a nt s & S o n s, 151 pkgs: G. S. Watts & Co., u 6 do D. H M iller & Sons I45 do; Holmes & Tinsle y, 22 do CHICAGO, F e bruary 5.-Mes srs. F. K. M isch & C o. maunfacturers agents aud w h olesale tobac conists' r e port. -With but meagre news to commuuicate, I take up my pen, which bas been in idleness during the m an y weeks of winter. In the tobacco market, where there t s but little domg, the hopes of many and prophectes of more o !. a speed y and prosperous spring trade hav e not been realized. Trade wtll not begin for several w eeks, but tben 1t IS expected to be lively Leaf tobacco 15 dull at the usual prices, no changes as yet, and sales but meagre. Cigars sell somewhat better, but it is noticeable that fine Havama, and all high-priced cig a rs, have fallen wonderfully, both in price and demand. Peo ple hav"iag taken an economical turn of mind are at tempting to test this freak (for many make their resolu tions never to keep them) on that necessary luxury. Ctgars--Seed, mixed and medium-priced Seed Havanas are the rage. I Smoking to8acco is doing best o r all; it 1s cheaper to smGke a pipe than a ctgar Plug and fancy articles for smokers are doing fauh. The great trouble with cigars bought East is the e ll horbitant rate of freight charges Tobacco' manufacturers just think of our paymg $8.20 per Ioo lbs. from New Yoric t o Chicago I It is monstrous I Upon the exhibition of such greediness we are i n favor of transportation or ganizatiOns. Down wtth the ratlrc;rad monopolies Let the New York and Chicago merchants form an or ganization to tontrol the freight between the two c i ties, and the ratlroad gluttons will soon come to time. Upon mature ref!ect10n, we would 2ccept the general agency here at a good salary, V e m I vidz I viet I CINCINNATI, February 7.-Mr. F. A. Prague, Leaf Tobacco Inspector, reports as follows : The market continues buoyant, with prices very full on all grades of b id cutting stock. Receipts of new are gradually increasmg, but show v e ry little improvement, if any in quality. Ohto Seed lS Without change. The offermgs at auction lor the week were 679 hhds and :z6I boxes, as follows: At the Bodmann V arehouse, 235 hhds and 207 boxes : r I3 hhds Mason Co., Ky. trash, lugs, and leaf: 4 at f.s@5So; I4 at 6 .J0@7; 30 at 8 o5@9 .7o; 25 at Io@I4S; IS at IS 75@ 19, 30 at :zo.25@3r; 3 new at 4SS@4o; 6o hhds Brown Co, Ohio trash, lugs, and leaf; Sat $7@7; 26 at 8@9 i I3 at ro@I4; 9 at IS@I7-SO; 3 at 20@; I nPw at 4.20 26 hhds and 4 boxes: 2 at 2 at Io@IJi I box at 12.25; 2 new at 3-25@3 ; IS do at 4 05@5 .75 ; 4 at; 2 at S.:zo@r3; 3 boxes at 3 50@4.25. 28 hhds new Pen dleton Co. Ky. : 7 at $3.25@3; 14 at 4@5.9o; 3 at 8o; 3 a t S 25@9.30; I at II-7S S hhds and 3 boxes 'Vest Vtrgmta: 3 at $ro 4 new at 4@4 95, I at 6.25, 3 boxes at 6.Io@Io. 200 boxes Ohio seed fillers and wrappers : r at $3, IOS at 4@5.95, 57 at 6@7.90, I7 at 8@9 35 IO at IO@II.25. At the Planters' Warehouse, 148 hhds and 37 boxes: 78 hhds Mason County, Ky. trash, lugs, ud leaf: I6 at 6@7 90, 23 at 8,1o@9 8o, IS Io@x+so, rs a t IS-7S@I8 5o, I at 21.75, 6 new "at 3SS@5.Io. 3I hhds Brown County, Ohio, trash, lugs, and leaf: I at 7 -os, s at S Io@9.o5, I 1 at IO@I4-so, Io at IS@I9-so, 4 at 20 5@23 S hbds new Owen County, Ky.: 3 at 3I5 @3S 4 at 4@5.65, I at 7 .Io. 24 hhds new Pendleton County, Ky.: t old at 8.2s, 6 at 2-95@31 I3 at 4@ s.6o, 3 at 6@6.20. 2 hhds and I box new West Vir gmia: 2 at 4, s; I box at 4S. s hhds new Ohio seed at 2.o5@2.7o. g6 cases common Ohio seed fillers and binders: 6 at 3SS@4 30, IS at s.r'o@6.So, 12 at 7 @S. At the Morris Warehouse, I29 hhds and 9 boxes 74 hhds Mason County Ky. trash, lugs, and leaf: 6 at J7 40@7 90, 29 at 8@9.So, 3r at IO@I4 .75, 3 at rs@ r6.75, I new at 3 .65, 2 at 4 30, 4 .So; 2 at 6,20, 12.50 ; 6 hhds Owen County Ky., trash, lugs, and leaf: ro at S 4o@9.9o, 6 at Io@I3, 4 at x6.5o@17, 4 new at 3.85@4 85, 2 at 6 55, 9 IS hhds and 4 boxes Pen dleton County, Ky. trash, lqgs, and leaf: 2 at S 75 5-So; 6 at so, 2 at ro, I4-50i I box at II. 2s, 5 at 3 90@4 65, 3 boxes new at 3, 4, 6 6o 7 hhds new Boone County, Ky. : 2 at "\-so, 3.65; s at 4@5. 4 hhds and 2 West Virgima: 2 at 3-so, 3 .So; 2 at s.Ss, 2 boxes at 3 9o, 5.6o. 3 hhds and 3 boxes new Ohto seed: 3 at 1.So@3 25, 3 boxes at 2.15 2 9o 3.Io. Pnvate sale-I hhd new West Vtrginia at 6 .so. At the Clpbe Warehouse, I03 hhds :-33 hbds Mason Co., Ky., trash, lugs and leaf: 5 at f,S@9.65, 9 at $Io.5o @I4.25, 13 at I at hi. 43 Co Ohio, trash, lugs and leaf: Io at S@9, I6 at Io@I4, r 4 at IS@I9o, 2 at 21.50, 21. 7s, I new at 4 26 hhds Owen Co., Ky. : :z old at 7 7o, 8.9o; Io new at 3@ 3 ro do at 4 1o@s.So, 4 at 6.Io@7.65. At the Kenton Warehouse, sS hhds and I box I at S7-7S I5 at S@9.So, I7 at Io.2S@r4 75 6 at, 6 at 20@25, I box at 8 6o. I hhd new Owen Co., Kv, at 4.8s. 5 hhds Pendleton Co., Ky., lugs and leaf, J at 9 @9.65, 2 at to.:zs, u. 7 hhds Boone Co. Ky. lugs and leaf at I0.2S@ll At the Phister Warehouse, 6 hbds and 7 boxes:-s hhds Mason Co., Ky., lugs and leaf: :z at $10, I6.75 ; 3 at 2o@21.25. I hhd and 2 boxes West Virgmia: r new at 3, I box new at 5, I box old at 9 s boxes Ohio seed at 6.6s. CLARKSVILLE, TENN .,Febf'Ua1'J 3-Messrs. M. H. Clark & Brother, leal tobacco brokc111' report :-The receipts continue moderate, and sales week were only 44 hhds. The quality was very poor and order bad. Prices remain very high, and arer without material change. The weather bas been favorable for handling the crop, and. we may expect large sales during this month, which will do more towards mt'>derating the extreme views of many buyers than any reasoning. With a large Western crop, which with the lugs, and the poor leaf which will hue to be used as lugs, shows onehalf low grades, with a heavy German crop of same relative character, a large surplus of poor seed leaf, and heavy stocks everywhere, it looks odd to see low grades selling in the West within a fraction of their values at the seaports. Westerll lug buyers se.em so ea&er .and :sanguine, that an observer would thmk that the recent Southern sales most have paid enormous profits, "mstead of the reported losses. Fortunately there will be low grades enough and. to spare this season, to glut the keeo appetite ot the most eager buyer of them all. We quote : Common lugs,


I ... FEB.ll THE rOBA.CCO LEAF. 1 b ffi 1 k t t h THE LEAP TOBACCO TRADE. to 4}fc., good lugs, sct. to 6c.; common leaf, ut IS not su c1ent y so to rna e 1 necessary o c ange to 7JtC; medium leaf, 8)4c.; good leaf, 9C to our quotatiOns. Weaftler mild and favorable, and we Action of tile Commission Mei'Clllnntii-A.n A.p. 1oc. Ollr planters are dom so much t-etter than they are graufied to note-shght Improvements m the cond1h t1"on of to"acco, but as to qual1t \"'th the exception of peal to tbe Broken. expected With the I87J cro t at they are prepanng to "' f f b k t ch h I h h 11 b b a few hhds. there is none Sales for the week, IS3 Whereas, The system o the use o ro ers ID mos p1t anot er arge crop, w IC we ope WI e etter 11 til t t h b th hi e d r d hhds, rej"ect 1 "ons large. We quote: Common Jugs, a mercan e ransac IOns as ecome oroug y n-care 10r unng the worm jeason. f d 11 b h f d d L h ""@J.{ c mediUm do., 4c@4u c, good do., ;{!'" cr->sc gra te upon a ranc es o tra e an wnerear, t e DANVILLE, VA. Febr ary7.-Messrs. Pemberton J-74 f4. .,_ '!:' b k t f t h ld fid t J ll1on be common leaf., sc@6IL c medmm do., 7,f,lt8r,. c; good ro er mus o necess1 y o a con en 1a po & Penn, Tobacco CommiSSion Merchants, report:72 .,_ t th 11 d th b d do., not enou.,a-h offenng to es tablish quotations. ween e se er an e uyer an This week we have to report an active leaf market, Wh It b t th t bacco bro receipts have been good and prices advanced smce PETERSBURG, February 7.-The News reports k erea!s, Isdecommg abprac Ic; WI 1 th b I the market as follows -The recent bad weather lias ers to so !Cit an receiVe to acco JOT sa e, us nng our last quotations. Fme ffancy wrappers are much mg the mutually confidential agent (when m his proper sought for, and command a good figure. Pnces for caused receipts to fall off considerably, and we expect-character as broker) mto the market as a competzlwt the lower grades not so h1g We quote .-Pnmmgs, ed an advance in pnces, owmg to the small supply, but with the commission merchant and dealer; nommal, to I 75 ; Lu s, common, so to 4 oo on the con!Iary, pnces have advanced smartly, especNow we, the undersigned, do hereby express o_ur dis lugs, good, $4 to, 5 l leafl common, to 5 so ; ially on common leaf and lug5 Good, nch, dark leaf ap poval of this anomalous position and protest against leaf, medium, S6 to 7, I af, common wrappers, $9, keeps up, and for such the demand grP-ater than tbe the actiOn of sa1d brokers, and earnestly call upon them \o 12; leaf, medium wrappe s, $15 to zo leaf, good to supply, and we are fu'ly convmced that the planters to d1scontmue the rece1vmg of consignments from any fine, J 3o to 7o. havmg such w1ll obtain a satisfactory price at any t1me d 1 The demand for old leaf IS small. Other grades of old producers or ea ers 19 tobacco. FARMVILLE, VA., Feb ary 7.-Messrs C.C. Read f NEw YoRK, :January 30, 1874 & Co' Tobacco Manufact rers, report: The severe are not m demand. new le_a:' good, dark, pALMER & SCOVILLE, storms of sleet and snow w ich have prevailed here 'Iod@I2j new@lea!, goold, red new A L. & C L. HOLT, throughout most of th e week have of course caused a ear, me Ium S 7 new ugs, goo ea Y 4 new HA VEMEYER & VIGELIUS, falhng off m receipts of tob ceo. All thmgs considered lugs, mediUm 3@4so; new pnmmgs 2 @3 SCHROEDER & BON, however, these contmue and for the one or two PHILADELPHIA; Februay 7.-Mr. E W. D1cker E M CRAWFORD & CO., days of fair weather, were ev!,een heavy.The offenng com son, reporter for the tobacco trade of Pluladelplua, S fROHN & REITZENSTEIN, pnsed pnnc1pally lugs and low grades, m wh1ch we wutes as follows -The weather and many other things A OATMAN, note some declme on Jast week's quotatiOns, though together have rather blockea the wheels of trade durM METZGER & SON, pnces are well susta1 ed m our opmwn, m v1ew mg this week E. SPINGARN & CO, of the fact that all tobacco m our market 1s bought Western Leaf-l'here w a s a block somewhere of a lot F TAG & SON, loose m the ware house orne dark waxy tobacco m transztu for shipmellt by the Ohzo; but It d1d .not J. SCIDHTT & CO. su1table for workmg pur oses, was sold this week, reach here m time, so our receipts have been limited. BUNZL & DQRMITZER, CIGAR-MAKHRS IN NHw YoRK.-A cotemporary says The Cigar-makers make up one of the most numerous trades in the city, the sum of them exceeding 8,ooo. Of these a very large number are Nearly one half of the whole are females, ans It will probably not be many years before theyw1ll take up the whole Lodges ex1st among them, d1v1ded by natwnahties Into English-speakmg, German, and Bohemian. These have mcluded one third of the whole number, but have be come much disorgamzed, losmg a large proportion by non-payment of dues These societies have small funds, and have been able to do very httle for the support of stnkes or to mamtam a soc1ety scale of pnces. They have kept out the women, whose numbers a:nd wages are as large as those of the men. An effort is now to combine these orgamzatwns mto one I orgamzatwn wh1ch shall admit 1 women. The cigar making busmess IS much more active th1s month than b e fore, and the SituatiOn IS hopeful for employes. In December more than one quarter of them were Idle, now not more than one-tenth can not get work In the Fall and eat!y_ 1\ mter there was much distress m th1s class, for wh1ch the soc1el!es could do nothmg from lack of means, even 1f they had the will. Because of the pamc many employers cut down wages 25 per cent. A few have now restored the. former rate. In the high est rate shops m e n and women a!tke average from $ 2 I to $ 24 per \\eek, but the general average for the c1ty >S much lo\\er, rangmg frc;m $r6 to $r8 In 1873 the avera g e of wages was about 25 per cent higher than at present and ht:td the same ratio to the average of the year befor though the bulk of the lea offered was nondesce1pt I find, upon further mvestlgatwn, that the home con KUCHLER, GAIL & CO, and chaffy. We quote Lugs, poor to good $3@$4, lugs, sumpt1on of those grades shipped east, averages fifteen c. H SPITZNER, THE CiTY-LEAF are 10 good to fine $4 to $4X(; s or, leaf, poor to good, f.s hhds per. week This means what IS cut up or ground JOS. MAYER' S SONS, recelpt of a very handsome pubhcat1on entitled "The to 1>1 ; long leaf, poor tog od, $6 to $gt. up here. D & A BENRIMO, -Monumental City, designed to i llu strate the pait h1story HARTFORD, Fcbtuary .-Our correspondent's re Seed Ltsf-1 have had two sales reported th1s week E. ROSENWALD & BRO., ;tnd resoUI ces of Baltimore, handed to us by port Smce our last we hav to report the sa1e of about wh1ch were ade last week and addmg these two to N LACHENBRUCH & Wm. A. Boyd, Esq., ofth<1 well-known leaf tobacco firm 2,ooo case's 1872 crop at 5 and roc for fillers and the sales of thts week, we have a fair showmg for th1s FOX, DILLS & CO., It [ s wellyrmte d, contains a large number of very h a ndseconds, and from 20 to 40c for wrappers The trade season, VIZ rSo cases Connecticut and 40 do PennsylwiLLIAM J'vf PRICE & CO. some-wood-cuts a n d 1 s compnsed m some three hm:Jdre d i s as -gooa as could he exp cted, but 1t 1s m small l o ts, vama :Fme wrappers are h el d for full pnces. The LEVY & NEWGASS.,.. p.l!g e s 'pe sahent commercial and social f e atures of Bal-no one W!Shmg to buy 1t1is e. As to the new crop lower grades are rather m e xc ess of the present de H SCHUBART & CO, timore are treated at length, and under the headmg of the buying IS confined to or tlhree towns on the e ast mand, yet go o d colors and well sweated go o ds are m M H. LEVIN, tHe weed we find the followmg on thy subJeCt of "Leaf s1de, v1z: Glastenburg, Eas !IartJford, and South Wmdregul a r d e mand. R. 1i. ARKENBURGH, Toba<;_co." The Tobacco m a rk e t o f th1s City has been sor. Now a wora in regard to tine correctiOns of Mr. Manufac t u r ed-The receipts of hhds and boxes as H COLELL, of paramount Importance at all limes s mce the com-e C Goodnch, who satd your correspondent took registered on the books of the Commercial Exchange JULIAN ALLEN, men cement of Its history. 111 coloma! times and mdeed hearsay for report of what Robbms bought This were, VIZ on Moaday, 318 hhds and boxes, Tues day, BAS.,CH, COHN & CO, for along penod afterwards, 1t was the only crop raised is not so, as we had the mformatwn from the party who I 337 do do, Wednesday, 83 do, Thursday, 7 do JOS SELIGSBERG, m this State, by wh 1ch she was known to euts1der msold, and if he misrepresented the facts, we are not to Fnday, 271 do Saturday, 256 do-total ( 2 ,97) two EMANUEL somuch that the lands were 1mpo venshed, and farmers bame, we only gave It as a item of news, without any thousand ni\Je hundred and seventy Less 170 hhds A. COHN, and planters dnven to the cultiVatiOn o f other products, intention of castmg any refle tions on Mr. Robbms' JUdg and cases leaf, leave 2,8oo pkgs. manufactured, includI HAMBURGER & CO., to rest()(e the s01l to Its origmal fertility Early in the ment as a buyer mg smokmg. Of this, 50 pkgs. were fine.cut chewmg E & G FRIE.ND & CO.,_ history of the State, mspectlon laws were adopted by LOUISVILLE, Februa'y -We report as followsClgars-Fme cigars are held firmly, and bnng STRAITON & STORM, the Legislature for the protection of planters and buy The receipts have been lib ral, and all that has been full pnces for really fine stock, and extra workmen on M. WESTHEIM & CO., ers, These laws were perhaps the most judiCious of offered meets a ready dema d Pnces contmue steady. fine stock are not so commonly combmed as to flood G. REISMANN & CO the1r kmd ever deviSed, and have remained 10 force The sales at the different w rehouses dunng the past the market with tbe h igher grades. Common grades WM. EGGERT & CO, with but little alteratiOn to the present moment. week were I 310 hhds, as :are common, and pnces rule In favor of the buyer M. & E. SALOMON. them, five large warehouses have been established m The P1ckett House sold 2 9 9 hhds old Kentucky leaf: RICHMOND Feb1uary 7.-Mr.R.A. M1lls, Tobacc:> Baltimore, at points convement to the shtpp1ng. The 2 at $r2@u 75, s at f;; 3 at fi9So, 9, 8 30, BJ:oker, reports: Smce my last report our market has TOBACCO IN CONGRESS. manner of mspection is so. simple and apparently equit I hhd do. old stems at 45 C fots per xoo lb; 155 hhds ruled very firm ar.d all offermg s of o ld desirable workable, that 1t may not be out of place to g 1 ve a bnef dedo new leaf and lugs 2 at 1>9@9 .20; 8 at $S.Io@8 90; mg tobacco find ready sales at enhanced pnces, I re "A Happy HU "-Speech of Don. Tllomas Whitescnptlon of the process. One head of a hogshead of to22 at $6@6 90 ; 43 at 46 at $ 5@5 9S 9 hhds fram from g1ving quotations for old tobacco as are head-The Mas!IRchuseus Petition-A. New A.r. bacco havmg been removed and the hoops loosened ,the do trash at $3 I0@3 40; 2 hds Tennessee old leaf at very'fiuctuatmg bemg governed by the capnce and gumenc-Learninl' to Def"end tbe Weed. hogshead IS turnP.d over, and the enttre casmg hfted off $9 20@9.10; z hhds V1rgm1 common leaf at 1>9o@8, oressmg wants of the trade. [From the Ru!tmond (Va.) W/ug] the tobacco The compact mass thus exposed, 1 s bro. z hhd Indiana old leaf at 9 90; 6 hhds do lugs: 5 at Rece1pt> of n e w have improved in quantity and We find m our distant exchanges frequent com. ken mto at five d1fferent pomts with an 1ron bar, and a f.s; t at $4 901 14 hhds do old factory tralih slightly m quality and order. The transactions were phment s to the short but tellmg speech made m the sample taken from each opemng An average of each 2 a t $5 20@ 5 IS, 9 at $4 zs 4; 3 at i$3 30@3 9S I 8S9 hhds, 134 trcs, 32 boxes. Below I giVe current House of Representatives several weeks smce by the of these samples Is selected, and the whole tied togeth hhds do old stems and sera s at $I 3S I hhd d0 new pnces f o r new offenngs Representative f-rom the Amherst d1stnct, 1\:lr. Whiteer WLth a strong tape, sealed and labe lled. Ttle cas1r!g leaf at $6.40. 7 hhds do ew lugs I at $4 7S, 5 at Lugs, Black common to medium ---------4 to 5 head, on the tobacco mterest. He happened to take IS replaced, ar.d the hogshead coopered according to Its $3 zo@3 65, rat $2.65 Lugs, Black, to the floor after two Southern speakers had by fiery diSnecessities. The samples chosen and made officml, are The Lou1sviUe House sol 240 hhds .-94 hhds Ken-Lugs, Brown, to Bnght common to medmm. -5 to 6 pl a ys exc1ted the temper of the Northern members. He regarded as estabhshmg the grade of the tobacco \ as tucky old leaf: 83 at $12; 7 at In, 4 at $9 20, 8 Io, Lugs, Brown, good medium ___ ---------to 7 at attracted attentiOn by saymg 1::13 good-humored well as quality of the packmg, and by these the 7 7 so. 2 hhds do old lu s at $4 ro@2 70. 2 hhds Leaf, Bl;;ck, common------------------------6 to 7 manner that he "had hoped th1s cruel war was over,'' sales are made The fees, waste and cost of storage, do olel stems at 6S@7o ce ts. 132 hhds ao leaf and Leaf, Black, medmm to good-------------8 to II that he was more mterested m savmg the tobacco mter-etc, are so msigni.ficant when compared wllh methods lugs 4 at f;g.Io@9 8o; s at 8@8 55; Io at 7@7 90, 2I Leaf, BlacK, good stemmmg and wrappmg --12 to 13 est from additional taxation than he was m m1htary of mspectwn m other cmes, that though the pohcy of at 6@6.go; 27 at 5@5 95, 37 1 at 4@4 95 28 at 3 3S@ Leaf, Bright, wrappers.-------------------12 to JC matters, and that he saw no to come from a d1s-the State ot late years has been to discourage govern3S 3 hhds do factory trash at 1>3, 2 90, 2 55 2 No really fine tobacco of any class upon tbe matket, cuss1on ofwbat occurred before the surrender at Appo mental inspectiOns, the system with reference to tobacco hhds Tennessee new leaf atj 6 so, 6.30. I hhd do new hence m the above classtficatwn the word i:Ood must mattox, etc. Thus puttmg the House m a good humor, has not been disturbed. Four of the five Inspectors are lugs at 4 4 hhds Indiana nel w leaf and lugs at 6 4 30, be taken m a comparatiVe sense. he held attentiOn dunng the whole delivery of h1s re-taken from rural districts, where the wiles of politics 4 10, 3 85 ST. LOUIS, February 4.-Mr. J E Haynea, dealer marks. Mr Whitehead w1ll doubtless attach mo1e usually g1ve place to mtegnty and fair deahng; and the The Farmers House sold I 54 hhds 2 hhds Ken-m leaf tobacco, reports -ReceiVed 6o hhds agamst value to tbe not1ce made of h1s speech by THE NEw CO'Qsequence has been that wtth the rarest exceptions, tucky old leaf at 8 20, 8 ro I 2 hhds do old lugs at 61 the previous week. We furn1sh herewith statements YoRK Toat.cco LEAF, the leading organ of the tobacco the offices have bee n filled by h1ghtoned, honorable 6.20, 5 7S 56 hhds do leaf I at 10.75 3 at 9@9.Io, of the receipts, offenngs, sales and dchvenes of tobacco mterest, than to the numerous notices bestowed upon It gentlemen engaged m the cultivation of the' plant them-5 at 8@8.8o, IS at 7@7 90, 27 at 9@6 90, S at 5 3S@ at the warehouses durmg the past month-showing by the p0hlical JOurnals. selves, and thoroughly competent to diScharge the du 5 J;6 hhds do lugs II at S@S 6o, 23 at 4@4 95, stock on hand at the close of 709 hhds. The" offenngs [From Ike Petersburg ( Va) .App eal] lies wh1cb pertam t o the office. The mcrease of the 20 at J.Io@395 2 at :z.85, 2 8o. 7 hhds do leaf and of last Friday and yesterday were pretty equally divided Some of the Massachusetts Radicals have presented trade m thi s city, and the msuf!ic1ent accommodations lugs at 4.5o@6 So, 20 hhds do lugs and trash at between old and new crop, the demand for both of to Congress, through the Hon. Thomas Whitehead, of of the present warehouses, have led tq the erectwn of 5 55 9 hhds Tennessee l l f and lugs :z at 8, 7-so; 2 which contmues good, and w1th lmuted receipts the the Lynchburg district, a petition against the proposed another whtch Will be c>:>mpleted m a few months. Dur at 6 .xc., 6; 3 at 5.2o@s.6o, at 4 75 1 hhd lnd1ana market remains firm for new crop at the followmg range additional tax on tobacco, on the ground that the weed mg the vear I872 there were mspected 51,20o hogs lugs at 4 65 of pnces m hhds of sh1ppmg we1ght lugs li3 7 s to answers a certam salutary use, and prevents peoJ?le mheads of tobacco, m addition to 5,6&2 h o g s he a d s r e -The Boone sold I hhds -48 Kentucky :1\4 25, common dark leaf $4 so to $s so; mediUm dark clined to mdulge m stimulants from employmg other mammg m the warehouses on the I S t of Janua r y o f that 2 at $ro, Io 75, 5 at 9 9 70, ro at 8@8 go J2 at leaf f,s 75 to $6 so; and good medmm leaf $6 75 to $8; and more potent agents. The petition I S assuredly year. The fore 1gn shipments durmg tha t penod, and 7.10@7 90, 17 at 6 39@6 at 5 5 90 57 hhds bo)(es and hght we1ghtpackages soc@f;1 Iolbs. less novel and It shows to what extent the sentiments of th'! wh tch were made to a larg_e, number of Europea n ports do lugs: 6 at 6@6.6o, IJ at .os@S 95, 26 at 4@4 90 than full weight hogsheads. It is thought by some people of the" do w n East, have been altered. It shows \\ e re 49,9S3 l h e quality of th: tobacco I2 at' 3135@3 95 i hhps In 1ana leaf 4 at 7 I0@7 40, that with hberal receipts, these figures could .not be that thei r radical Ideas as to the use and the abuse of grown m Marv)and, and that bro u ght to th1s mar"ket 3 a t 6 40 @ 6.90. 10 hhds d lugs 4 at 5 40@S 95, 3 at mamtamed for tobacco m soft condition, and it IS there-the Indian w ee d hav e been essentially changed by the f r o m OhiO apd Kentucky IS of a co a rse, heav y grade, and 4.10 @ 4 95, 3 at 3S@3 9o. I hhd do trash at I IS fore recommende d to pl a n ters g e n e rally that they e n practi cal expenence o f a few years past, and It proves I S con sumed \pnnclpally m portwns of France, and The Kentucky Tobacco ssoc1atlon sold 208 hhds deavor to put theu tobacco m keepmg cond1t10n before moreover (and this IS amatter of m o re matenal concern Germany, where the people care more for quantity than Kentucky leaf, lugs and tras ...:....30 hhds old leaf and sendmg 1t to market, for 1f m unsate conditiOn It neces to u s ) that t h e culture of tobacc o m the New England qua lit y Shipments hav e b een retarded to some extent lugs 4 at $I4,'13, II 75, Io, 6 @t 9@9 90, 9 at S@8 go sanly has to be sol d f o r what 1t w ill hnng Buyers and States has resulted m profit and remuneration. Never by the scarcity of to nnag e the mcreased faciliti e s 3 at 8 90, 7 8o, 6 40. 178 h ds le a f lugs and trash 3 sellers m the country still appear to be apart m the1 r woul d the s amts of that clime h a v e umted to recommend afforded by the Improvements m the harbo r .to be com at u,, 10 ro, II at 8 8 7 5, 16 at 7 @ 7 Ss 23 at v1ews as to pnce s and conseql!ently th e re 1s but little toba.::eo except for the reason that tbey could profitably pleted by the fir s t of May, and t h e very rapid augmen 6 @ 6 90, 2S at s @ 5 9o, 42 at 4 @ 4 9'=; 34 at 3 os@ 3 90, tobacco changmg hands as y et. S ales Fnday and raise the weed. Our Vngmia planters may be either tatwn of tlie sh1ppm g m the pas t few month s w1ll l ead, I at 1 .7o. Tuesday, 67 hhds 12 at $ 3 @ 3 90, 17 at $4@4 7o; 7 at encouraged or discouraged as each temperament IS 10_ m the ne a r future, to a very l a rge expansiOn of the trade. The Planter's House sold '53 hhds-9 hhds Ken $s ro @ S 90, 4 at $6 Io@ 6 So, 4 at 1>7@ 7 9o; 4 at $S Io chned, b y the official announcement thus made of the tucky old leaf 6 at r2 7S 1 2 25, II, ro, 1 0, 3 at @ 8 8o, 10 at $9@ 9 8o, 2 afIr 75 95 hhda new ea an ugs at 3 ro Io 25 boxes new at 9or->s 40. 1 tb verv goo n e g enume e t1t e o t e an rea s, '!:' these two mferences are JUStifiable and logica m e "N h N 1 B k f h c f N y k 'fhe Exchange House sold 6S hhds-2 hhds Ken-"'onLf S'a' m nt f d mt a tlona an o t e 1ty o ew or m .tu, "'"' rr' '"" ,, premises, that Wll b e pa1d for the pos 1lton o f SALESMA N o r TRAVEL ING AGENT, m a tfirst.class C1g;aT H ouse' b y a gentle man who bas been f o r seT eral years tn Hav a n a and IS thoroughl y a c q uamted With t h e bu11ness unexceptionable .AIIIdress TOBACCO, Box S 37S. N e w York P 0. 4 66-:zt FOit SALE! 100.000 Poands G en u me "DEER fONGUE" Flavor, for SMOKING TOBACCO manufacturers, !lD lots to su1t pur chasers at LOWEST figures Jaarlu st .... 44m BALTUIIOaE; .a. D ROYAL HAVANA'LOTTERY. .511&,000 DRA.WN JCVEKY 11' DA.YS. ClaiJS 910 to be drawn Aug 30, 1873 I Olass 915 tob e drawn O ct.. n, 1f7J. 9 Sept 17, u 914 u N o v 8, u u .9t1 11 Oct .c., ... N o v 26, WHOLJi: TtCKETS, loS oe ONLY, Haheo tn Propo}) kt los.) lo H o lland the duty t s :aS cents, gold, per 100 lol os.. (:aSo Amencan poanda b e tng equa l to 127 ktl o ') In R ussta tne duty on l eaf tobac c o 1114 roubles40 k opeu per p u el, o n t o bacco :::6 rou 40 cop p e r pud, a n d on ctgars 2 ro u :ao cop per pud TQe 'pud' IS equal t o abou t 3 6 Amenca.u lbs. la fur k c y t h e d uty t!:difty c e n t,.; gol d per 1 r }!f Ame ncan ounc e 1 DUTIES ON FOREIGN-TOBA:CCOS AND-CIGARS. Forugn T o bacco, duty3sc. per pound, g o l d Fore tgn Ctgar s $:a -.o per p o u n d and :as p e r cen t a d v a l(}r em. Imported c 1g-ars also bear a n J nternal Rev enue t ax of S s per M, S o be paid by stamps at t h e C&tstom. Houe. {R evenue Act 93) T h e tmport d1Y.y on manufactured t obacco ts soc. p e T l b L eaf stemmed 3sc Stems s c per l b [u a dd1t1on to t h1s duty, the "Re v t!nu e tax on t h e sam e k.m i o ( tob.ilcco made..1n t h1s coou.ntr., must be_ p a 1d Ihc t o b'f.GCO mast also be r a .... k e d accmd10g t o t h e regulations g ov ernt ng tobacco made her e 1 5 PUBLISHED EVEBY WEDNESDAY KOBNING BY "THI TOBAOOO LHF" PUBL!Sll!NG COMPANY 1.42 Fulton Street, New York. J HENRY HAGER, BdHGr JOHN G GRAFF lluain ........... A s an AdverttltDR' m e du1m wher e t 1 s destrf"d t o reach the Cgar ... Toba cco Tra d e not only o f tb1 s but f oretcn Coontl'tea_ 1 t ts the best attaia-able r Rates of Advertising. ONE SQUARE ( N O NPAREIL L INES OvER ONE CoLUMN Stx Moatbe ..... .. ....... I eo OvER O N E CoLU M N Ooe Year ........ ... ...... J5'rwo SQUARas over One C olumn One Y ear ............. ............ .. 6S.., 0Na SQUARE, over Two C olumns, One Y ear .. ....... ..... .... 65 GO I w o SQ UA RHS, over Two C o lumns O n e Year ._ _. ._ 1M 00 Fou R SQUARKS1 over Two Columns One Year ..... r .... ... GO Larger Advertuernents m t h e same _proportto n but none unless occupytag one t wo, t hree, f our o r more :square s COLUMN RATES H ALF A C OLUMN, Thre e M onths HAt..F A Cot..OMN, S1x Months HAL F A CoLUMN Oae Yelr O N & CoLUM N .l: hree Month s O N & C o L U MN", Stx Months ONE CoLUMN, One Ye a r FIRS T PAGE RATES J75'"' -150CD so-450-0NK SQUARE, over Two W t d e Columns, One Y ear ................. t!D_.. t Two SQuARas, e v e r Two Wide Columns One Year _. ....... r .............. .30000 T HRJtlt SQUA1UI:S, ove r T wo W1de C olumn s One Year .... .. ... so-liiir No on thts p age taken ff:lr Jess than one year. payaWe f ully 10 adva nce N o denabon.from these term1 A dvert1sements on the thud page, 25 cents per h o e fo r eadt t l)l ertion. N o o r q er,; for Adverttsmg will be c onstdered, unJesa accompanied by.._, corre1pondmaamount '-"' This rule wdllNV A RtABL Y be adhered t o


. TBE .. VIB AGENCY, co NNO L LY MciNOccC o. ,-, COM:IIISSION MERCHANTS Ua.nufa.ctured Tobacco, 45lr ATER STREET, NEW YORK. for VIRGINIA :MANUFACTURED TOBAGCO brands shipped to this market free of com_mis ion, to the party from us. PURCHASES OF .. EAF TOBACCO FOR HOME AND XPORT, MADE ON COMMISSION. Orclers'fllled d trect from Virginia .at MANUFACTURE. RS FACTORY prices. 1 EXPORT ORDERS for TOBACCO Filled with DISPATCH : Good Stor ge for all kinds of TOBACCO it;1 dry well ventilated lofts. r Orders fro our .old friends and the trade generally solicited. F. C. c. c. H .\)'[IL T()N. R. A1M:CR:on. E"W YORK I t_lJl.E 'l:OBACCO I SPENCE 'EB:OTHERS. &. CO.,. DOHAN, CARROLL & CO.! liiANUFJiCTURERS OF THE CELEBRAI!'ED 0 EACC 0 COMMISSION MERCHANiS, .And Various other Bratul.f of Fine.;. Cut C.hewiog & Smoking Tobaccos, I .I ; I :a2 and 54 EAST TmB.D STBDT, CINCINNATt, O. Being located at GREAT LEAF MARKET for CUTTING ToBACCo, our facilities for supplying the TRADE with ALL GRADES OF FINE-CUT and SMOKING are unsurpassed. EA TZ dk co., EDWARD M. WRIGHT & CO. DEALERs AND ExPoRTEBs oF G al C o ALL KINDS o, ener IHilllll8Sl n IJIIJ IWII} LEAF TOBACCO, 39 Broad Street, 4 31 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK, :P. 0. 4 8 5 8, NEW YORK P. 0. :BOX, 24S4. STRA.ITON & STORM, loi .. U!!t8for he United States for J'. P. HA.Wtt," & CO.'S GOLD FLAKE. J ]AMES M. GARDINER, CHARLES M. COI!NOl, 'LY. JAMES M. G.AR_DIN"ER & CO.,. TOBACCO CODISSION MERCHANTS, 84 FRONT STREET, NEW .YORK,. f[re receiving direct 7om VIRGINIA and CAROLINA, consign menu of .{EA MANUFACTUREp an;i SMOKING Tobaccos. _., M. SALOMON, E. SALOMON.O M. & E. SALOMON; PACKERS OF SEED LEAF, AND IMPORTERS .OF Havana and 85 MAIDEN LANE, N. v. .J V. RAIL ROAD MANUFACTURERS OF THE Maccoboy TBE JOBBING .HOUSE OF TBE EST. EL PRINC DB GALES DllAND o:r HAVANA AND KEY wasT.: Prench .Rclppee F. E. &ERNIIARDT a co., LEAF 184 J!!l'ont Street, .. YO:U:. G. REISMANN & CO., Commission Merchants, .AND DBALBRS JN .ALL KINDS OP LEAF TOBACCO, f79 PEARL STREET, GUSTAV ltiJISMANJf,} HERMAN ICOitNJG, NEW YORK. N. LAOOENBRUCB & BRO., No. 164 Water Street, New York, WHOLESALE DBALSRS IN' HAVANA lc DOMESTIC 26 CEDAR STREET,' NEW YOKK. American Snuff,' OF 106 LOCUST STREET, ST. LOUIS, MO., .. Scotch Having completedarrangements, located a braneh at U:J MAIDEN LANE, Leaf' T,o'bacco. I[ .a. RIO Jl'i!iy ,. d 'rf. t S ".t l\'EW YORK, and are now manufacturing all their choice O.lo' ...-, 'IJ 00 ft.U 1 ;;;;;;;;;;;ij. M. WESTHEIM & OQ,, Tobacco j CommissiOn Merchant, pffi "ViiiGiii OSiOKiifTOBACCO. FOX, DILLS & 00., s .. dLeaf::r:porlers of BailOurBoadC9h VIZ: iMPORTEasRSxOF' ... .Spee1al Branch ef Ping and mokln.z Tobacco furnished on appbcation. SOle AJrent for Gold Fl>le, (..ove Among the Rooeo Devon and otherfavoite Brando ofBm<>\ing Tobaeco. 0108, PACKERS OF D .OMESTIC _LEAF TOBACCOS. 17'7 Pearl Street, "' Bl k Pride of Benrv Countv, r75 WATER STREET, NEw YoRK. M. OPPENHEIMER & BRO a emore, A Oo., J p QUI N .11. CO Colorado, TOBAC AND COTTON ., ctOMM. ISSION .ERCHANTS, TOBACCO .Black Tom, ABel General Clommu.iOli C I G- 'T'"6 lliia::3. .... 1 ... T. .-.-., ""' NO, 39 BROAD STREET, Re .. onableAdvancesmade} NEW vo' RK. 133 Water and 85 Pine Sts ...... Y. NEW YOBK; on Shipments. E8TABLISIIED UCOPBDIGII SlUFF," .Manuractured onl:r. by WEYMAN lc BROTHER, Seoueed hvl..ett.ers Patent,llecember 26, An ou ourcopyrigbt will be rigorotl8ly pros A. FALK. TO B ceo LABELS, COMPLETE JOS. SULZBACBER, DE;ALER IN SE::&:JD LEAP AND HAVANA TOBACCO, 151 Water Street, UP STAIRS. NEW YORK._ ADOLPH STitOMK. CU'IDO RBJTZBNSTBlN STROHM & R8TZENSTEIN, m ht io u ALSO DEALKRS lH I FOREIGN TOBACCO. I 76 Front Street, NEW YOIB:. D 1[1R 1. E t"C T O R Y,. :j _; & 34 STREET, NEW YORK, OP "X":ECID fELIX CARCIA, AT GrEATLY REDUCED PRICES. T b d c T d SNuFe, ScoTCH HAVANA IEiTffoBACCO, w. TATGEIBORST, THOMAS IIIIICUTT, 0 aceo_an l"'ar ra e WEYMAN & BRO., (raoM T. GVTIERm). J' Q 9' 13 $111THFIUD ST., PlTTSBUIIII. PA A N D c I GAR S, T O B C C 0 li.eatueky and Vtr.piiJa o:. "1"::H:B U-t ... Stat D. J. GARTH, soN a: co., AL$()0rTHlOWBLLKNOt lUI MEH&HAIT, Leaf Tobacco m eu. ED es, csucceuor.t CKARLRSB. 1FALLilNSTBIN & co > Brantl8SOnfeigRrd .. o. Sll Broatl Street, &land, Commission Merchants. W'aJ .. 16'7 Water St., New York NEW YORK. _..., NO. 44 BROAD ST., ScoUand, D.J.Garth I J Me J BENSEL & CO Bremen, H __ N_E_w_Y_o_R_K. U. DAVIDSON 1: CO. CUTHRI A CO., NEW YORK. 11!111 FJJO ., .amburg, ROKOHL BROS. & SO!l.TER. 10 IIEl'ETSTEll STUET, Antwerp, DKlrtiSSION' CEAN'TS filii 11111! IJIRDIPPA lll'li11PTIJitS Amsterdam Manufacturersof r s arars 'l'OBAOOO t llJI -IIW IUDIIIIIIU Ullllib Rotterdam, Fine Cigars, IDG ea MANUFACTURER!; OF ,_, ToMc:co pt'eiSCd 111 t-Iee ror the w .. t ra Stqrage proviaed m First-Class Wa."'houses, ][elbourne, '17e South St., IIIJII:aamdCeatralA.meri..,.Porta,.IUidothermatke Certificates issued. and Cases deliTered. and Svdnev. 194 WATER STREET, 'l'OBACCO PACDDj:" HOOSHXADs $lng!y or in lots. JIEW YORK. .:.: NEW Y 0 R K. .. .. azsch, 132 North Front, Philadelphia TBJ FIB8'1' OOIPLBU PUBfJCATION OF TBB KIND ma ISSUED. Proprietors of !!,.and" PYRAMID." ____ ....;_ _____ A. D. CB CKLBY, l;QDISSION MERCHANT, .JOSEPH A. VEGA., : And Lear To 1acco Dealer, jO. 168 PEARL lEW YOR Abo, comer Thirteen ancl C&J7 Streets, I RIOHHOI v .... fellolt! tw -Twk .,...,...., Havana Tobacco AND CICARS, 187 P:USL STBE'1', :NEW YOBX OOITAJis OVER 'I'WDTY mousm ruiBS. tR. A. MILLS, TOBACCO BROKER .lND Price of the Directory, -Five Merc1tant, "THE TOBACCO LEAF 11 PUBLISHING COMPANY, Office in Tobacco Elchnwe, Shockoe Slip, 142 Fulton Sb-eet. New York.-RICHMOND. YA. JAKES E. JESUP, TOBACCO BROKER, Kentucky. -ORDERS 80LICJTED, DEALERSJN SEED, UAF AMD HAVliiA TOBACCO, 1:38 WATER STREET, lfEWYOBK., E. M. ORA WFORD & 00., TOBACCO .UJ> 168 WATER STREET, NBW YOKK, H IVP. 011 eale all k!Ddo of Leaf Toboeco .lbr Export aDd for Howe uee. ------------------OTTINGER & BROTHER, KENTUCKY LEAP TOBACCO, 46 BROAD STREET. NEW YORK. WILLIAM K. PRICE & CO. LEAF TOBACCO, ng MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK. JOB. MAYER'S SONS, dD Da&LI:U 1!{ JJ" ..t'l'EB STBEBT. York. SPENCER BROS 1: CO COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Dealers in Leaf' Tobacco 1fo. '75 Maiden Lane, NEW YORK. T H. SPENCER. C. C. A. SPENCE.


) FEB.ll f1 BE .1 T 0 B A. C _(1 QIJ.,_ .._., 5 J.ICOB BIIIILL, 166 SCHRODER a 1 ::NE\10 TO:l'UL 178 WATER STREET, NEW YORK, MANUFACTURER OF CIGAR BOXES, MARTIN' & JOHNSON, Toba.cco Commission :Merchants, ; :DWPC>:RT:EIBS,.:='""" SE"ANIS:S: A"GENTS FOB THE SALE OF ALL TH.E PACKERS OF DOMESTIC eF sAHIIB, SUPERIOR MAJFE AND .. I .. o! STANDARD BRAN.DS OF YIR81NIA & NORTH CAttOLINA BACCQ TO MANUPAGTURED & SMOKII&TOBACCOS CEDAR -WOOD, 293, 295 & Monroe St., Agents for the following well-known Virginii\ and N. Carolina \ NEW YORK. .... >w. EiDIL I: BRtJ., 1MANUFACTUREilS OF C 'IG-ARS. AND DEALERS I N LEAF TOBACCO, BOWERY, NEW YORK. I WK. .A.GD'JlW 41 801181 !obacco ana Oommissio:n .J4erohaat& ..... ancl a86 Jl"aooat ll!lt_._ NBWYOBK. -. Leaf Tolluco for Rxpor' aad lou ... Tobacco baled ill U'f 111--f?t export. A. LICHTENSTEIN & BROTHER, .. MANUFACTURE&S OF PllVB OIQ&R.S, An4 Dtalen m Li4F 'l'OUCCO, iroa. 34 and BOWERY, NEW YORK. A. UCHTittfS't'Silf. GRB&JriSP&CMT. DlVIDSOI BROTHERS, HAVANA and SEED LJ,:AP TOBAOOO,. 14S Water Near Maiden Lane, NEW YORK. READ Be Co., SuccEssoRs TO IsAAC READ, \JOMMISSION MERCHANTS, And ./Jcalers in Virginia a,.ti W-emm Leaf and Manufactured Tuba&co, Licorice, Gu,t, etc. lSJ Old SU:p, :New Tork. SIBCIB & W ANKACK, Manufacturers of' CIG.&BS, 8 Rlvlngton Street; WEISS, ELLER & KAEPPEL, IMPORTERS OF AND DEALER IN HAVANA :TOBACCOS, BBO PEARL STR.BET, NEW YORK "TOBACCO OF 1811. '' "CONNECTICUT SEED LEAF." The subscriber desires call the attention of Manufacturers and the trade to his lar_ge stock of "EXTRA FINE" and "DARK COLORED" genuine Connecticut wrappers, of the crop of 1871 ; which he offers for sale in large and small_guantities. tR. H. ARKENBUBGH, Dealer in all kinds of Leaf Tobacco, No. 176 Wate. r St, New York; LOBENSTEIN & GANSi SOLE AGEN:J'S AND IMPORTERS OF THE GENUINE W. &!: M S., !ICBAELIS & CO -lMP0RTliRS OF CIGAR MOULDS, P:B.ZSSZS, STRAPS & CUTTERS, 91 l'IABJ',. S'mD'l', NEW YORE: ROBERT W. OLIVER, Richmond, Va. I WlilGFII!:LD & LAWSON, Richmond, Va. D. C. M A Y.O & CO., llichlj)ODc:l, Va. WO!.'IACK & INGRAM, Va W. J IOENTRY & CO. Ric)lmond, Va. W. DUKE, Durham, N C. MAYO & KNIGHT, Richmond, Va. R. T. FAUCETT, Durham, N.C. HARDGROVE, POLLARD & ca., Richmond, Va. COOPi:M. & WILLIAMS, Oxford, N C. The special attention of t-he Trade is called to the following established Brands : 11Al'WJ'AOT11BED Virginia Beauties, P P.'s whole and J( Caddie. 0ld Ned' s Choice, Jis, P P s. Virgisaia Beauties, 3s, 48, and t.p. D C. Mayo. & Co., Navy lbs. Fat'l!ler:'s Daughter, p, 41, aad J(s.. D. C.l!ayo & Co Ms, aud )is, P. P., 1n whole, Sallie and 3PlugTwist. }(,and j( caddtes. Sallie Wiille, Fig. D C Mayo & Co.,3 41 and""' Invincible Fig. "W. J. Gentry &: Co., NayY, -" }4s, P. P's, Oriental, Ftg,ln tin foil X lb. bowes, fancy. andlf!o g to' s. Charm 6-1ncb Twist, in tin foil,}( cad.din. Mayo & Klliaht, Navy,"'' J(s, P P s. & lonr tos. 6 aud .. i ndo twlot- s-o ........ G In of IS )(.s aad X Jbs. Lusc1ous Weed, u-ancb .aL .a.&n J Chas. Henly, Jr., 9-inch 1iabt preMed. 1 Gold Bug. Virginia's Choice. Ambrosia, lbs. Go1d lleClal. lxlon. Oliver's Olive. Reae. Old Keil tuck. lbe. Ca.eyqa.e. Star. Reward Of. Industry, lbs. Oliver' a Choice. Belle Pride o f the Nation, lbs. Nuget. Ptoneer. Feathontone's Cra4 SloDt, lbo. Reward of Industry. !!illy l!uclt Out(){ Se-.1, No, P. P'L Own's Durham. Pride of the Natloa. Harvest Queen, P's. Da.udy Lion. Farmer'l"t:hofce, P.P's.. FaucettsJ)urkam. Particular at-tention given to putting up special brands for SOLE use f owl\ers. E. ROSENWALD & BROTBIR, :J:KPO:RTEB.S 0:1' SP.Am'lSB, AlfD Of DOMESTIC LEAF .TOBACCO, 145 Water Street, New York. WM. SOHOVERLING, PACKER OF AND DEALER IN SEEDLEAF TOBACCO, Oonn.. an.d. 101 Maiden :jane N e"W" York 9"LIBERAL CASH ADVANCES MADE ON CONSIGNMENTS. -CIGAR M.OJJLD PRESSES a STRAPS. .4. & :P. B .R 0 IV lt11 MANUFACTURERS OF Cigar Cnttcrs, & all other !aGllinCfY for Mannfactnrin[ Cigars; JIPORTERS OF GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS. 57, 59, & 61, L ewis St., bet. Delapcy & Rivington, NE'W YORK. E. W. MANUFACTURER OF CIGAR BOXES, AND IMPORTER OF GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS Licorice Paste, POWDER EO LICORICE, GUM ARABIC, OLIVE OIL, OTTO ROSES, Tonqua Beans, And all other Materials for Flavoring used by Manufacturers, including the Essential Oils, H Schieffelin & Co., 170 ana 172 WII.I.WI: S'l'UJ'1', NIW YOU. !HE GiRMAN -AMERICA I BANK, :BBO.A.DWAV, cm1er of Ca!ar Streat, NEW YOBlt. Capital, 12,000,000. DRAWS BILLS OF EXCHANGE and issue s LETTERS OF CREDIT available at all principal places abr o ad Accounts and Cooespondence o f Merchant s, Baaks, Bankers, etco solicited. 0. H. SCiiR:INER. Cashier. EMIL SAUER, Pres't. BATJD .&. BBO OOMIUSIIION IIIEaOBANTS AliD IMPOB.TEB.S OF CLAY PIEES, 77 I WATER-S'l'REE't NEW -YORL SAMUEL JOSEPHS, MANUFACTURER GF FINE CIGARS, AND. DElLER 11 LllF TOB.UCOS, No. 188 FRON'F STREET, NEW YORK The attention or tJ>e Trade 1 ealled to :my eeleb-tecl DIAJIOIIU STAB..braDodo SCBROEDEir. & KOCH, \ S. BARNETT, DEALRR IN PACKERS OF. co., LEilAAVAFNA TANOD 0 SEED-LEAF' J. Cigar-Mould Straps anu Cutters, 1 AND DEALERs IN .-,"'.i. .2&3 souTH STREET, N.Y. ., 144 Water St., HAVANA TOBACCO LEVY. ,. .,. w vn."!C 1. S ROSEKBAUII & CO. ,' IMPORTERS OF HAVANA TOBACCO ANilCIGARS, 1J1 DE.A.LDS :IN SUD LEA!' TO:BACCO, 1l ll'o. 121 MAIDEN LANE, 7S Nevv .York. J SCHMITT I; CO NEW YORK. 203Pear1St.,NewYorkCity. I & TOBACCO NEW YORK : ...... UFIAII BROS.& BOlD Leaf To:bacco, TOEIA.OOO, E .A. a 182 Water St., New 1 .72 Water Street, N, V. l OF EVERY DESCRIPTION I UPitANN, 'MANUFACTURERS OF FINE CIGARS LEAF TOBAOOO, T AC 4 a 00 No. 86 Kaiden LaDe, New York. (' OBAND co I MAmJilll' J..AB'JI, ew 1rork. -E. SPINGARN & co., c M h ts ., 204: Falton. St. Yew York p HARTCORN ._ .... msnLo &a c. 1. sPITzlfiR, EUGENE ou Bois, HAVANA & DOMESTIC TbBAtm ... 188 PE.W. Bmlm, T 0 B A C C 0 COKWSSION KEltCBANT No.6 BURLINC SLIP, LEAF P. 0. Boz 2988. NE'W YORE. FOB THB BALIOP NEAR WATER-STREET, 197 Duane-ltreet, coMMissxo::D MERCHANT leaf Manufactured, & Smoking P1,.a .. "". New .. JYork. 1 SIMOlf' SA.LOM:Olf 124WATERSTREET, Cillarmanufaoturerapartioularlyfavored. lmport,.,.of -a Dealer Ia 75 FRONT ST., NEW YORK. -Le. f T b U"ReaoooableAdvances made on Manufactured Tobacco of all i5tylls and QualitlesdiROBERT E KELLY fJ. co FRIEDU'IV & a 0 acco rectfrom.the bestManuiactories of Virginia, for sale in 1 ., ., lWU1 U. otstosut pur.h...,ns. (LATE OF 8':1.', LE!>UIS, Mo.) L.a ... .,.; si :BE.A.VEn NEW von, AND SEGARS IMPORTERS OF Dealers in all kinds of 'No. Pearl Street, YORK.. ..;,. L. CJASSBBT BBO., n""& A BENRIMOBDlWIO. BAYDA CIGABS m HAlAlA LIM L EA. F TOBACCO GERARD BETTS &. CO., GENERAL AUCTIONEERS, !-ED Commission Mercha.nts1 7 OLD SLIP. JOSEPH SCHEIDER, DEALER IN Leaf Tobacco 21' 3 PEARL ST NEW YORK. COMMISSION MERCHANTS i. m .... t And Sole Agents for the Brand O'U "SUPERIOR DE JOSE MIRII ViCHOT" .llrn Dll.lLD8 lll.lLLJmi'Dao DJ> u....-u lWIIle o \ KEY WEST FLORIDA. 147 WA'l'D ST., NEW yonx. Leaf LEAF TOBACCO, No. I eo Water Street, llew York. 124. WATER-STBEE'l', .IrlnT-YOJll{, ll&Ye on aa.le all J9nda of L&lJI TOiAOCO for EXPOR! Ex.. NoRTON. T. j. :;, l..AUGHTBR. .B. H WJSDOK. ANTONIO CONZALEZ, DiPORTER OJ' F. MIR.4NDA & CO. IMPOR'ERS OF BlV.Ul LEAF TOBICC AND OF THE BRAND OF '. CICARS 11 RITICA,". 222 Pearl St, New York. A; 0. L. 11J1Da, ;r F. O JbDa. A. (), L. & o. MEIER, FOBW.ABD!NG -'. Commission Merchants, lfo. 43 :a-ver at.. !few TOI'k. md HOlliE 1USIL JVJUJ ltJf IDbJttO', NORTON, SLAUGHTER & CO. TOBACCO & COTTON FACTOR& 0Jl. 'TIIIAN, L. CIGARS, DIPOB'l'U 01' 41 ROAD S'nD'l', N.Y. 167 w .ATEB ST., NEW 'WlLLIA.M WICICA. AlQ) D:u.LaB It( WM. WIOKE a Oo ., DOMESTIC MANUFACTURERS OF Leaf Tobacco Segar Boxes, Acidrello by Poet, P o .,Box, 61T1. 0 \f F F lLLJIS'J'EJI, to the torwr4illg of 'I' .. liEW TORS.. 166 W ATEB STBEET, 11'1, 111 & 181 GOEBCK ST, JIEW TOBK. .But.Mtderial anti Supm9r .Make 11 Self Invmteti anti Patented Machinery I TOBAGCO CODISSION HEYMAN & LOWENSTEIN E. PASCUAL. "M'Fl'Rc:r.EE.A.NT. CODISSIQN MIRCH.ABTS, A. H. CARDOZO, MD.CBAN'l'S m necm'l'DS or._ BREMEN OijACCO 8: COT'l'ON FACTORY, Havana I LEAF L A F T 0 B A C C &cerr.l C:om,;:;on lhrellaat, l IN WAiftiJI. S'DLIIB'l', lni'W 'nBS r ---------......... 99 lllaiden Lane, lf'. Y. -1 P 0 BOX 3925 No. 123 PEARL STREET, NEW LIDIRIR 1: FISCBIL,, DEAL,ERS IN: Seed Lea:C, :BA V ANA TO:S.ACCO AND CIGAHS, And Jobbers in all kinds of 'Ttrlinia l Borth Carollna Smotiq Tobaccos No. 22 Cedar Street, New York. .. L. a E S H E L & -' B R 0 ., Packers o f aud Dealenln SEED TOBACCO, No. SfJ MAIDEN LANE, Lo GBRSHBL. L C&&SHBL. NEW YORK. I M. H. CLARK & BRO., ElF TOBACCO BROKERS CLABBSVU.T.E, TI:NN. F. W. SMYTHE & co., F. K. MISCH & 00., Commission lercha.nts, Jla.nufa.cturer's Agents9 A!ID Priao' B-L!oU:aa. 30 r.!ORTH .JOHM STREIET, WHOLESALE TOBACCONISTS, Wll. c. BOEFIRS, IMPORTER OF HAVANA, AND PACKER OF S E E D L E A f T 0 B A C C 0 S, 242 PEARL STREET, BUYER OF TOBACCO, 66 BROAD STREET, I H. P&M&UTOII Pemoorton NEW YORK. AUERBACB: & ENDERSON, eafTobacoo AND 10ZQA.RB, 38 ana Wa.ter NIW YOill. Cl'l'Y. :1. II. BBILCI:.ABB'; OXKISSION TOBACCO COMMISSION MERCHANTS, f/ilk a /qnr experience in flu business, Packer & Dealer In -;er uruis to fill orders fiJr Leaf ... obacco .r...j Natulfactured TtJbacco, .a, ________ No. 164 Front Street. SAWYER, WAllACE & CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS, No'. 47 Broad street, NEW YORK. F.A.TM.A.lf' & CO., Cetton and Tobacco Factors, COMMISSION 70 & n BROAD ft'BBill', JIIBW YOIIIl I ( KERBS & SPIESS, .. of' FIDe Al!lll BU.IaJIBS 1R LJI41' "35 BOWERY, J'QJW YOBX. Lovu--


1 Phnadelpllia Advertiseme'nta. DEALERS IN ALL KINDS OF LEAF TOBACCO, Ancl Manvfacturers of and Dealers in Cigars. 226 RACE STREET, PHILADELPHIA. STEV# ART MARKS, RALPH & M anuiacturers of Ralph's Scotch Snuff, AND FINE CIGARS., No. 1.18 ST ...)obert Stewart, J ... e P Marlr.s Ralpb, W. W ood>ide Samuel A HendrickooD-TEttER BROS., Packers, Commission Mea-chants1 and Wholesale Dealel's in Porcl&n and Domestic 117 North Thi-rd Street, Philacieiphia. ...;.. ... IVOQD'IVA.BD, Q.JJ.B.B.B7'7' & CO., lOBACCO, CI&AB AID GBIBBAL COMMISSION x.z :a:c E s i! Water St.. and a:a Jio.Delaware AY., Phlladelphia. Jio; 148 Pirtt Avenue, PlttsbU!'JF)l. L _BAMBERGER ct CO., DEALEBII IN LEA F TOB.. A: .. coo 11And ManUfacturers of all Crades of Cigars, po. 8 _1V. Wate:r st., Phllad!Jiphta., Pa.. -M. E. McDOWEtL CO., TOBACCO m GDBBIL COMDSIDJIBBCIIDTS, 39 North Water St., Philadelphia, Pa. .. Agents for the sale of all <:>t Manufactured and Leaf Tobaccos.J!j -. bEWIS BREMER'S Wholesale Dealers ia -------------------------------------A. BOYD CO., WHOI;ESALE DEALERS IN m LI&P TDUC, .CIGARS, Will:.: .JR. l 33 SQUTil ST., BALTIMORE. '1.'1101. w. eau..:a. H. WILKENS & CO., MoNUMENTAL CITY ToBAcco WORKS, No. 181 WEST nA'l'T STilET, IUD.YLAND, .MANUFACTURERS OF ALL KINDS OF I SIIOIIIG AID ClEWING TOBACCOS. I M. FALK, & CO., 143 Water Street, New York. I GEO. KERCKHOFF. GEO. p, UNVEl\.ZAGTo KERCKHOFF & CO., DEl\LERSIN CONNECTICUT, liA V ANA' ill YARA. LEAF 'TOBACCO, AND XA.NOT AC'rmtDS OJ!' CIGABS. No.8. 'CHARL:E8 STREET, BALTtMORE. ED. W.ISCB Mii:Y L. W. GUNTHEB; COMMJSStONERifERCHANT G. H. BOLENIUS CO. ANDTOB.4()()0 F.&.CTOa. 1 DEALERS iN go LOMBARD STREET, S d L f a "... .. (ODe door w e ot of E%change P l a "!'-TOBA.C cOS, ALBIBi,l!:fale'U!tiJlODIR F. w. .. L&AF .TOBACCO, Cigars, _Etc., LEAF nom; j 27 Secona eet, comsswlnluaJWmronw.Eorwa:, SacCI t.aar-rai1iacco Lou1s, 0 Mo. 92 Lombard and 5 Water St., 18 .._ 111' RT'R.Rr.r N. E. CoL V'111e ana. FronUtreets. BALTDIORE, MD, Bitweea '. DEALER IN WESTERN MERF.ELD & KEMPER, SOUTHERN ADV'TS. J. W. CARROLL,#Sole Manufacturer of the Famou and Wos:ldo-lte. nowned Branch of Virgini a Smoking Tobaccott LONE JACK AND BROWN DICIC, llfaaldlaetory, lllth Street, LYNCHBURG. VA. Orders respectfully s olicite d aad o m-ptly attended. TOBACCO,. AND GENERAL GODISSIOI MERCHANTS 1 obaccu Commission Merchants, NO. 31 North Water Street._ to7 ARCH sTREET, a.n-d,os, I I 7 Lombard Street, MANUFACTURED Of SELECT Pure North Carolina Leaf, No. 30 North Dla"W&re .A:..eaue. J.; Rinaldo Sank.! ::&'hilaclelp hia. :BY MARBURG BROTHERS. j PHILADELPHIA. BAL1:.Dt:ORE. MD. .., JULIUS VETTEBLEIN & CO., H. SCHMIDT, A & BOCK. U LEAF TOBA'CCO U Whole sale Dealers in yea.r 1871. b y MarbursSroa \ n o!f1.-e ot o r CoD.g"reea at. W uhingt..)n C. & lt.1lODITZIR &. CO. JAME: s m. WISB {SuccHIOI'8 to VaTTSJtL&lN 8z Co.,] TIIIAttO mmAm, AND !KPOI'l'DS OF SP ANim 'l'OUCCO, No. 111 ARCH STREET, pRIJ.AJ)U.PBIAo WAREHOUSE, .u,ao tun liaea. ot C.lgara, Man1daetarecl aDd Bmoklng Tobacco. 631 SOUTH SECOND STREET, PHII,ADELPHIA: SUSB MILLER & CO SORVER, GRAEFF) & COOK r ., Paaera, Comminioll, TOBACCOanANDrso CIGAl\8, LJAFWHOiii8Ii: co, iQa:N. 'rhil'Utreet, Phlladelphlla. 1.05 N. WATER STREET, Speda1 PraDds of Cigars-KNIGHTS T&MPLAtt, Dovaur LGJ::.RS, AUTUM N LAV &S, LA BLOND1t, SATIISFACTION. GEO. W J'.lSIWH l>l. PA.Tl:E'!tWN a Eo. w. EDWARDS & Commission Merchants in LEAF TOBACCft ill Cl[G!RS, 62 North Front St., l'h!l&del]phi&. llir Sole areou iD tbo UDited Stateo for tbo Paten &01.10 ll.vilat pHU.ADELPRIA. .A epecia lt i n Leaf for Wet Indie s an" .Africa I TIIOS. IWll &: SOl, WHOLIESALE nEALilltS IN Lear Tobacco, And Manufacturers of .L <> ALL KI"NDS 0., CJIGARS, "" BPAMISH .UW J;!OMESTlC Leaf rrobacco, Chmg Tobacco S -Ill[. Meei'SClhaum and Brier Pipe&, R. 'W'. C;r. '1'bi>o &lid Poolar Bta., PII:WJ)WJIU LEAF -tOBACCO, OIGW, AND CO!IWISSION UERCHANTS, 0. CERMAN llT ., Bet. Cal v ert & Light S t s B.4LTI!IIOKE, llld. V IRGIN, r G oLt>EN Sw--""ER, ffA-RB T O J:h i:KT, lwl!NTf!.NTME N T1 BRANDS V I RGIN I A D A U.a, Ess&NCE. Qf' OLD V IRGI NtA, :A PPLB Ol' M Y A v aJ Hooo, A N D M A N Y OTHERS. UNSER FRITZ GERMA N TCll!lCCO :VIBl.\tl\IA IIIED.&L l . OCC:IDB Sl'II8KI. [NAN VYACTURER o D nlnn nnd rtnmmiM' ft'Mhnnts i cut11. bUWJillbillOll .llllilWIIW Former-Ly of WISE BROTHERS),. .-: ne v gars, IN coL u M a 1 AN BLocK, Wbol.eoaleDealerl!' # E AI' 7 0 B A 000 OPPOtli-,:'& TOIIAOOO IIIXCH.A.NGE, LEA.F TOBACCO,, c OMMiS0Sioi' MERCHANT 39 Waahingtcu St., Inr!i&Dapolis, Ind. STJ LOUIS, FOR THE PURCHASE OF Choice Brands of'lmporiedJld>rice alWII}'Son hand. I WALL, BELVIN & DAY, COmmission Merchants, FOR T H E llL!t OP' Liberal Cashadvance5madeb n LBA'P 2"0B.IJOOO. Alto Deal.,.. II! HIGHLAND GRM ToBACCo WORKs. F. CBRISTUI A. ca.: Proprh:tors and llanufacturers cf "HIGHLAND GEM:" AND 0 1THER CUT TOBACCOS. Coraer aa4 Peul DmDlf.A.POLU. DIDo .!t!i Toba.cco.Works TOBACIJ_O & CIGARS, FRED. FINZER, 102 MAIN sTREET, EMIL POEftSTEL &. co.., ref1J:la Factory brands, HIGHLANDER, CUB AN A, DE.SR TONGUE, ASHLEIGH, DICK TATER, RED ROVER, NOT FOR JOE, YQU _GOT IT an otller _To. bacco s a r e furniM.ed' td Who1eule Grocers a s usnal. Order direct, or of S LANGSDO.R.F. j obn D. C. SteveDIIOD. ICHOLAS FINZIR. + M;;.::ut.a c t urer s of I FI_NZER ct. BROS.; FINE c I tl. AR s MA:>;UF AC'l'URRS OF w. wrcu. LOUIIh'lr e KJ And D e a lers m all k h;:r. of FIVE BROS. YlRGIIIA PINE -"heVlin;;,; s;nollt!%lg Tooac.."Pa.. Sn'CEs, s APP(E Pill CIIE" for John! Charter's Patent Ciga r To..... c" IY m ... ,PA JljJ Ma. m.tfactor:uCtn.1st..dvctfJ JYoodSt. .IJX' e6s JIJll.ltU Ulf. Su.lest'OOm 2;J1 Fff'$ :>it!C:f. 13 .t l5 !'lUI1) S'l' .. l:.nlmlle. lt'V. 5 PITTBBU.llG.ti, P .A. J. H. TYREE, REAJ;l & co., M .H.Gut!tber, COMMISSION AIANUFAcTu:ERs o F GUNTHER & STEVENSOI, L. L. ARMISTEAD, Lynchburg,::::: -' J.,J. AUSTRALijN TWIST LAN"'SDOBt'l 4 Sl!!' I!!' W1U (J.Ve h18 peri?Onal attcnt1nn to the u l e aaf>lTDit<>d!ltateoaDdCanada, I..YNCHBURG,V.A. LEAF TOBACCO. ORnE ARMVILLE, VA. rro. J il9 PEARL STREET 162 Common St N 0 1 NEW YORK. ...ii" L ibcra l A.dva1.cec made on C

,FEB.ll rRE 'roB .A. v f! o LEAP SUTRO & I A :FRIENDLY PJPE. desirable Thi s bas to pete with crops grown in ENGLISH REPORTS FROM New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, and other H.AvA!fA:The following !few Year-1874. Western States; in all, amounting to Ios,ooo cases, account is extracted from an The kettle s i ngs upon the hob, with ruddy flame the much of which is very desirable stock. And then to English official report : chimney glows; add to this amount: we have the stock of old tobacco, Cropr: Considering that all Sit down, mine ancient crony Bob, and let the fire-light amounfulg in all to about I I o,ooo cases ;lroaking a grand the different sections of the tint your nose total o f uo, ooo cases It will be apparent then, I think Vuelta-Abajo have had up Here's Will have just arrive suggested the establish alive. Wh e ther its orgamc o r morgamc pre out somewhat deficient in You did not that, my ancient rascal ment of tobacco wareho uses; they be established ponderated it co ntains the s ame e sse n ti al elements as s trength. Althcugh plant tried to wink! wheretlie be properly assorted in the m an t'nose of toBacco b r any oth e r vel? e ta b le The dry ers already I am "the boy," you admit ; !J.Uite juven ile, an.d ner demanded by \ he trade In ord _er to se c ure leaf, quo a v enl i s ,-apitu,-, may co01t am the elem ents of ed cu t tmg, no pnces are II 1 -re s ults he w o uld sugge s t the forma tiOn of c o-oper a llve the sneesh i n o f our box or the body o f o u r d Th P rt. d a a lVe' f f "bl d h h h as yet. e a o You need not try to reckon-up-come I am unions, wherever a o rom so to Iod matter is-eternal and indes t ruc t L e ; an t 1c have been lately fift -five. can be found, always takmg mto the accoun t the feas1-nreserve it ar e of sim i lar gene ra l nature m the anun a l, VISited pretty generally by Th" b r d ld t" ht h i the in bility of access for the growers as well as the buyers. v egetable, and' mineral kingdom s. forces, however beneficial showers, and IS nngs to mm 0 mee mg-mg 5 w en, n For the go vemme'lt ofthese unions, the officers for are eternal in the same orgamsm. S o me sur are expected now also to V of "b' l t t" error and such companies should be elected, always lookmg for v i ve to an extent.of years far transcendmg wh tch ha, s yield a fine crop, but to e thoug t Wt! cou anm 1 a e Lr>JUS L ee, the best and most reliable men, and such as would com-bten supposed to be tQe average durati o n of s comprise of a larger quanti t y untruth. the <;onfidence of the growers. The agent of the existence. Among the numerous c:tses of centennanans of strong qualities than the 'Twas then a sigh, 't1s now a song, although our hearts union should possess a knowledge of the business, there has without doubt, beea a large number who have_ Vuelta-Abajoislikelytopro arenotofstone; so as to enable the assorting, packing, and the list. Thus! Mr. W. J duce. Of. early growth But, did we sigh at ev'ry wrong we should do httle else sweating to be done in the" most. judicious manner, as Thoms, who is a sceptic as to Ijlost ?f of some portton has been but moan well as attending to the sales ,lt1s a superfiuo\lS task to alleged longevity, op,portumty m amusmg reaped, but no contracts has Look round and see, whate'er yonr creed-believe in urge upon any intelligent community the of little work m Man t_o a number of been entered upon as yet. Providence or Fate-this course, or to adduce arguments to prove that a instances which liave been fam1har m our mouths, and There i s a rumor that, owing The world is far too crooked, lads, for any man to put different line of conduct &hQuld be pursued to secure to show that the allegation of extreme age was to the depreci-it straight such a desirable result as that of securing higher and ded. Ev en "Old Parr" Henry Jenkins, and the Counation of our currency, and So l<>ng as we our own work do with cheerfulness and more uniform results from the gwwing of tobacco. He tess of Desmond, who the difficulty to -fix definite mirth, said: "Let any intelligent man do as I have often done "Lived to the age of a hundred and ten values, planters have resolvWe're w i ser than the whining crew who, groarung go take his team and drive around among the growers to And died by the fall of a cherry-tree then.&S DETROIT CIGAR MOU l:.D CO. ed to sell for gold only. I_n about the earth. buy their and note the trepidation the anxious What a frisky old girl!" 'M Gfact of San T uande los Remedo1s "A howling wilderness!, they cry; a barren waste-a desire depleted upon the countenances of the growers, are carefully examined by Mr. and deposited in ION BROKER E'e"AN'c"IGA" "-"ULDS damages drea11fclodl" a?xious t? a high theirpropershelves among the ch1merasofthepast. 1wa A"' A\1 1s reported to b;en Wron wron m boys ; the world is good and beautiprice, yet to sel.I l:Us crop, if poss1b!e; As none of fbese probably used we lalunted to done excess1ve rams, mide b God 1 you leave. If one IS occaswnally found, 1s are not concerned to v1!'dtcate the1r reputation: But li&Der'al'&ttzd. Imprm! Jl:oulds. destroymg most of the early Y that the buyer should come and go, Without some instances::!occur wh1ch are of far greater .Lmp_ or d .. i..,d ahe and shape'made to-order. plants; the ulterior o( The IS what we make ; road forth a strong effort to secure a sale of his c;rop, _tance an,d which come to us on the highest scLenttfic Clli'CJKIUTJ. ffice, cor. Congress&. Fourth Sts. this y e ar s crop will thereIS rather rough, 1 dependence is admired by the dealer authority. The following are for by so o. DETROIT, BICH.. fore at least be doubtfuL And feet are tender-well-a-clay groans have no power The great number of men to be found that are over trustworthy an inquirer as S1r Duncan G1bb.-Mr. Eld-----------------------:--..,. ..... ....,....,,_--In the Vara, Mayari, Gibara to make them tough. anXioUf to seil their crops, iad1.1ces the dealer to offer a rich was born in the country of Gloucester, on IOth LIQvr ORIC. E and Quemado .de Guines The cynic cries there's no such thing as friendship, bongoodsfee!ingmorallycertainthatenough December, 1767On the loth of March, I872, he was ..,.;, districts there is at last acor, love, or truth; can be bought at some low price to satisfy all his wants still living, at which time his age must have been more counts a fair prospect of He l i es, my friends ; we've fou d them all, ID age as well The fact that the goods are to be found at almost than 105 years His condition was generatly healthy. THE UNDERSIGNED AGENT IN NEW VORlt FOR THE IUNUFACTUJtERS O F THE FOLLO W -"' r .1. -'h h b d ll -d h b \f t f be lNG WELL-KNOWN LIQUORICE, desires t o caution T obacco Manufacturers aga i nst crops, as mg yout every farmhou se, and that some are oun to se at He had three meals a ay, Wll -a-. a a pm 0 er. or um g a n y o f u.e numerou s brands pl!l'porting t o be original a n d genuine braoda o! Imported LIQUOR: ICE, wlll depend, however, m a Charge, lads, your glasses, here's "ourselves, at present any price, is the bane. of the growers1 aad the opportudi nner and habitually_smoke d a. ptpe of tobacco, wh1ch ba.t whic h a r e adaltera. ted compounds of h is b rands, r e boiled i n this CO\Ul\fy, aud,. iu aome instances c:oota i n -rfi t h h l ess tha n fifty per cent. of Liqu orice. measure, upon _the movefree from sorrow's gripe; n ity of the dealer. It 1:0 easy to cheapen and beat he enjoyed. HIS reiplratLon was pe ec t roug T o iosurc manufacturen obtaining PYRE AlliD ments of !he msurge!'ts. may we live for many. a day, to dt:i nk a glass and some parties The low pnces_ are sure to _be gtven, out; though there was a hard cough, not frequent or .fl'.f f4!Ja;11 : Our receiRlS amoke a pipe! while the ones to keep still and not distre ssing, but from a cold he had uppe_ r KACO 111111' crown (Bl o{ last rnonth oot up an In ust a bit of honest weed if dwells the evil that they sar. any tbmg shall of buyer. part of the larynx was offermg no tmpedt-They lboulci addreoo their orders to tile uodenri"'e d in New Yorlt, wlao Ia the SoLiaA o ....-. '" THa UN I T a n aggregate of abou t 3, 700 J sa Mr. Crafts said If the crops m a g1ven locah ty were well ment to the freest admtss1on _of a1r for the purposes o_f STATas. T hese Brands belnc.rer!stered a t Wubtogton, couaterfeita will lie oelucl wllen!Yer foUDd. ODd lep l y r t t proceed i n p iostituted. bales; we are assured there thou ht ;;;where=woald the world assorted and in the hands of one man, Jt seems as breathing, and under these cLrcumstauces per,ec ar en-. 1 ,..._tee all Liqoorice -t otat. ud refer to the foiloWIDgletter, as to the character of the Paate 1 ofter.: is little or nothing now left This a ;ery ig -though different result would be obtained. But as long alization of the blood tQok place in the lungs,and perfec JAMES C. McANDREW, behind; still itwouldsePm ave een ay. ;. as the growers are divided among themselves-s6me breathwasmaintainedduringa louglife. Thevoicewas sa ar..-.. that the stock on }land on There s<:arcely wzu\d h?a;e l)een a man m Stockmgs packing their crops in fine condition, while others do full and melodians; not loud, or The 'Mot.JA ... C .MeA,..,,..,.,NowjV-..DNrs;,....wehaveuaedO\'er Caaeaor .,_ &ae.-ad January I amounted to a standmg one oo_t lg in the most slovenly manner -so long I say, as thiS was free from fat. Sir D. G1bb descnbes the man, 1n or Liqi>Gric:e, aDd they bave bee n uaiformly reruJar aud of excellent than_the one And, he'd been 1D every hmb blind m every state of things exists, so long will there be a diverfact, as a venerable patriarch, with locks of silveT>: 1/ [ Sipe: A few sales of THE CULTURE AND SALE OF tlftt the growers should ;Ul go into the arrangement, so or any one els4:, to be right to aT. Nor we parelected President, John M. Sbepp.a:d Vice-President, low have transptred, bemg upwards of l-3o TOBACCO. that injurious competition might be prevented. ticularly concerned to prove a statement which, og. the for the ensu ing year. The regular committee for super-per qULntal Th:e demand for the seems Dr. Riggs of Hartford, a man of science as as_a authority of Sir Duncan Gibb and Mr. E. A C'?nwell, vising the trade were appointed. Heretofore private to have beert for the t1me bemg; b ut, What tbe Mayor of prlatrfteld (Diau.) Thiak8 practical farmer, gave his twelve year's experle!lce m we should accept as correct. The argument IS not, sales of Tobacco in the Warehouse had permitted nevertheless, su1table quahues for that country, wbtch A.boal tc. the cultivation of tobacco. He claimed, as he has done however, whether Eldritch was 9S Ioo, Ios, but before the sales at auction commenced. This rule was are rather scarce, no be for less than from At a recent meeting of the Franklin Harvest Club, for years, that green crops an.d vegetable matter plowed whether he was not a of. age, 1n general rescinded $8o pe! according to assortment and held at Springfield, Mass,. a discussion on the culture in, was _the most economical fertilizer; and that his own good health, and whose; !fanqulhty of aad quality. our pie stocks hand, and sale of tobacco was held. plaa in raising tobacco, was to sow rye after the tobacco general health was produced by the THE TREASURER's DEFICIT-"-STiLL HARPING oN MY and the fine. crop 1n v1ew, our pnces. sh_ow a nsmg tenJames M. Crafts of Shelburne Falls, answered the was harvested, and plow it under about the first of June consumption of a pipe of tobacco. Can 1t be sa1d that DAtJGHTER."-A well-informed Washington corresp.:m.' the better descnpllol!s, values bequestion, "How to turn the tobacco crop into money?" when the rye is 6 1-:o: to 7 feet high. By this rotation he the tobacco which he smoked _had a tendency to short dent telegraphs as follows. It proves that the mg r:taturally mfluenced our receding currency. He said the question had occupied the minds of very had raised ten continuous c rops of good tobacco, and en his life? Is_ there no Anti Tob. acco adv.oca!e who trade should still be watchful : The Secretary of the Parldo: Last month's to abo?t I,ooo tnany men for some time past; and after exhausting all the land had been constantly improving. The cost of the will i)lsinuate that; if the old man up hiS p1pe ; he Treasury says that up to February I there was a deficit i remam Notw1thstand-of our resources to contrive some methods of relief, still rye crop as a fertilizer, was small; and i ts great virtue may probably, in spite of Mr. hve_ to a hundred of l-39,ooo,ooo with five months of the fiscal year to mg, quahtJes for Umted States markets the question come back to plague us." Mr. Crafts first was the chemical action in the soil when plowed under, and fifty years? and that his white haars Will_ be run, but that he will certainly be enabled to wipe o11t are held as h1gh as I-sS, while common Sa bolo spoke o( the importance of producing a good crop. especially in developing the potash in the soil. Besides in sorrow to a premature youthful grave m h1s Io6th Jg,ooo,ooo of this by. the present encouraging increase could be bought at $36 per qumtal, Nearly I,ooo Care should be taken to secure the best kind of leaf. the rye, he put on to the land for tobacco crop, about year, if, before he bas experience the ba!e of the revenues, leavmg a deficit of,ooo, mainly bales low fillers were a days ago for Europe Then raise the best of its kind. Aim to get the best 12 5 worth of barnyard manure, and 5 worth of guano ful effects of tobacco, he conttnues to pr;actice by reason of the sinking. required by law. He from 12 8 to 1-Jo leavm!? our nearly crop as :well as the best Always sacrifice quantity with a little superphosphate in the hill; the whole so perniciGus to the youthful? We must coiDIDlt the opposes any permanent mfl.atlon of the currency or bare. of_ thts descnptlon Reme_dtQs_: worth to quahty When the crop 1s grown, see to it that it of fert i lizers per acre was not over ISS Dr. Rtggs argument 'to Mr. Reynolds Dr . increase of debt by a new loan of any character. Inhas lately been done m th1s descnpllon, and properly care d for, carefully packed. Do thiS claimed that if he "had spent the same amount in bam-slicrht' failure in intelligence wh1ch Eldntch II begtnnmg stead, he advises an increase of the taxes on spirits and the hmtted m town are held beyond in the best the crop w1ll adm1t bf. a yard manure alone, it would not fertilize more than one to ';how may enable him to be yet a to. those tobacco. says $1 a gallon on spirits and 32 cents the of buyers; even grades fo.r good sweat 1f 1t 1s he ld for purpose. Expenen.ce 1s fourth of an acre sufficiently. He said decomposed vege principles; an d at a future time, when bJS has a pound on tobacco would bring in the l-3o,ooo,ooo. It the U could n?t be got less than necessary to accomphsh th1s ;_ even of expenen_ ce table matter was the be st fertilizer;; clover roots were fallen off, he may be enabled to present cool, is now that the Committee of Ways and Means per qumtal. C:cus: Owmg to. the mcreased export often fail to _get what they desue,-that 1s, a unfornuty the ,most valuable, .and rye next, as a green crop; but it unruffled brow on the of a pubhc meetmg, and do not mtend take the floor on revenue questions tor d_Jlty, enforced em January which ma nufacto-of the sweatmg process. Unless a!e. attendtook longer (two years) to get the clover. He advised say-" Now, my fr,iendst up to my 1o6 t h year I I probably three weeks-certainly not this week When nes to be cleared almost of every ava1lable beed to, and thll best re:>ults _obtained, It IS needkeeping the land continuously covered with some crop, My careet would beep cyL sliort I would, dymg they do bring forward this measure, it is their design the entrance of new year, and the hohdays beless to try to get the pnpes, !n. a. market whe;e which would enrich the soil by accumulating nitrogen as young, have been numbered those the not to allow debate longer than ten days. They will tog a pretence on. the part the workmen for a such an amount of competition exJSts, as there does 1_n forests do; and any farmer could understand the princigods love Chance wrapped up my last. sere of probably bring on the questio':" fXst thing -week s 'Idleness, and sh1pments made last tobacco trade. The amount of tobacco produced IS ple by the e_ffect on soil covered by a board1 or mulched; foul weed in one of the tracts of. the AS. after th:e extent of the leadmg ,appropnatlons been \DOQ,th prove comparatlvely A m,any work sam ply enorll_lOU!l. We have to-day fully of it became ncher. sociation: it was perused by me Ln a_spmt hope .ascertamed. If any taxes be increased, they wtll prcib-me!lna!e from _cause O f' other ag!lm commenced tobacco to d1spose of, when our needs for consumptlo!' Prof. Johnson gave some very pla1n and practical and trust ; and behold me now, a hvmg, movmg warn ably be those on distilled spirits and tobacco. The to the States, espec1ally _Key West, do not exceed about 8o,ooo cases. Ifthes_e are facts, 1t hints arid said that one great advantage of Dr. Riggs's ing in my hundred and fiftieth year, that young men proposition to restore the duty on tea and coffee has no thns an<>Jher to the, manY: drawbacks _our is to all, l;hat the buyer has a w1de range to expe;ience was the rotating of crops and the holding of shduld not smoke. Though my intellect since my: bun Jtreucth-" have _met wtt? for some t1me. Operatives select from. And 1t must be equally apparent that the the nitrogen in the soil with growing crops. Nitrogeft or dre.d and sixth year has become clouded, were gomg to str_tke ag.a1n, but fortunately they were balance of some to I7o,ooo cases has to seek an ammGmia, the ingredient farmers pay 25 to 30 cents per from eauses which cao Qot be attnbuted to of A F LOOD ow PATENT CrGAR BoxEs.-A Washington by a tiDlely mcrease of The great outlet, either for cuttmg or for export, at low lb. for, the soil has no power to hold, while plants have tobacco, the fact of my existence at all 11 a correspondent writes: "There are inventors in the dep_recLatlon of our cur. rency respectively, bank-notes prices. These facts const1tute a why The rains and washiqgs carry off from the soil every beacon and a landlllark to the caree! of ?thers. country who seem to have cigar boxes on the brain. havmg cau_sed gold_ to nse a few days ago to :zs per we should have the best and de1urable arllcle that year if they are left bare, mere than the whole amount It is now A. D. 1 gr8. Our still are The object is to get some method of boxing and stamp-cent mtluced to start can be produc:ed, as buyer!' Will not touch any_ other only of applied. Prof. Johnson then gave an elabounconverted. The Queen's P1pe smokes more iDg cigars t_Lat will prevent f1 aud, and allow a manunew pnces Cabapas raJSed hiS ctgars all round at very low pnces.. We have a great quant1ty of low rate idea how soils were made, and what they contained strongly than ever. The To!JtUco Plant bu become facturer to show his goods without breaking the stamp. anc;>ther Js I,ooo, many others changing their quograde and as a of course, ifmust be and said alf soils were once-granite rocks, which in ages a daily newspaper. The of _the per The trouble bas been that in every case where patent tat1ons On the other hand, Partagas and at low pnces,_ compared w1th best crops. There IS past had been pulverized : The decay of vegetable nicious weed is greater now thin many tune. Be have for they manufacturers adopted plan to leave a large qi;Wltlty ot cases that will not wrap over Io,ooo matter simply intensified The atmosphere furwarned, however, by the advice and of an by their constructiOn the pnvt!ege_ a buyer thlllr pnce currents as they were, wtth the undercigars,while therelare sowe_ll grownand'WeUaelecof every crop. Perfect plants can be old man, whose trembling limbs have borne to the clai111s wtth the sample_ or random selection_ m a lot of standL!'I that they are to the percentage correted that a case of equal we1ght wlll '.'rap perhaps raised in .,ater without oil; accumulating carbon, its door of your Conference ; and may the blessmg of a to look and that there no fa.lse l!POn_dmg more fo the nse of gold that has taken cigars. By th1s, you that, the D'lyers must mfertilization, from the atmosphere. The object of speconverted Tobacco-smoker attend yol:l ahrough count-packing of poor c1gars 1n theuuddle .. The Clgat trade or wtll take_ place over and the. 12 per fluenced by the of how many w1ll the cial fertilizers was to supply a particular want of soil and less ages!" made a stir over the of a particular patent box and accordmg to Wb1ch th_ey say the case afford? his !'alue will rest upon crop; and farmers should study to know where is the we doubt not, may be the words of Mr. Eldntch once before. Now: there IS a celuge of patent _box;es. pnce currents were regulat:d at time. Gold the to. this questlQn. If 1t will only wrap 1o,ooo cleficiency. The fanner lives in a current of plant food, at a future time, should the. symptoms of Paper boxes because the apphc:at1on bemg quoted at 20 per cent., the c1gars1 It. lf!ll take about 26 lb:; for the th?u and he is the luckiest who dln catch and hold the most failing intelligence increase. we hope that of a red-hot dte to destgnate names factory would therefore be 8 per cent. U!'der sand. _if same can be w1th of it. Prof. Johnson, after giving many valuable hints, all our readers will join in our asp1rat1on old bers would destroy_ the box. S?me have double hds, stances our market may w.ell. be sa1d to find 1tselt m a 5 lbs., 1t 1s plam that there IS a very wtde closed by saying tha:t it requ i red a good deal of head to man who, after the" modest quencher" _of a of the lower half spht about two mches _from the front. perfect state of anarchy. 'l be see'l!s to have m the value of the two of tobacco. If ,the first 11 be a farmer, and he had more respect for a successful beer, indulges in a solitary peaceful J?lpe m b1s Io6th aal back lower-half fittmg to edge somelll!bat slackened as compared With what 1t '!as at worth .IS cents lb, i.t would... cnst '-5 to cover farme than any ot er man. year, may be enabled many a time and oft even or the psece, With a full over all, makmg the o_f last year ; however, the fi.lhng _of I,ooo. ctgars. While 1 5 lbs. do JUSt as much Mayor Stebbins said he was a fanner's boy, and had now, when the breath wh1c_b 1mpP.Is the may be-appeuance of a double lid With the. stamp gomg orders sttll a of some I he q1;1ahty covermg, wh1 abollld U DOC. eaailJ. ;So to po reapeGt for the calling He knew the farmers had come more feeble. .we w15h Mr. Eldnch many more the box length'!'ays and _under the o_f the delivered latterly gtves general sausfaccents per lb, 'IJe Jia!41df cliler and the cultivation had peaceful after-dinner pipes. and thereby holdmg the c1gars ngtdly: _That Uon. is in the Qlto the acHe &ould n11l re&ommend ils -----11 looked upon as z good box, but the commiSSioner count.the cUil'creDCe 1n the qu8,litr. of the JDOds after lM-/tnWUr /Q taise all he Juld, sell 1t oflntemal Revenue will not adopt it because the trade they are CCMirecl, yet. it would .notpay to take the 10 to tb best arJUtage aad then smd tlu m#tuy tq tile UNBUilNED LADIII:S.-Arthur Trevelyn, Esq., has MDt is with cood reason _oppOsed to boxes. The last OHIO SEJ.l) The Miamiaburg (0.) Bz1lldin ot grade goods as a gift, jhre delire to .._ fine 6-.t.t us a copy of a placard, designed to show that smoking box contrived is a curious affair. It is perforated on the 6th inst. says: It is estimated that about five thoufor we ClU\ not make thea the Jtnrlft!Cle, couae _...,....._..,.____ is the cause of destructive fires, explosions, and other both sides,. one side having groove ?r cut for the "!ld, sand cases of the ''l:z crop remain unsold in the valley. leaf, if we would. AI ..a.cber aqum.ent why we Knm WollJ)S.-The of Cope's evil Many ladies," says !this print, "have tho a set of hole the t1ps. Over the s1df' The marltet for old tobacco continues active, and sales should make wery eft"olt to .the best that e periodic Cope s Tobacco Plant, IS been burned to death by the ignition of their dresses where tips fill the holes 1s placed a broad. stamp. are ftequent at @sc. Mr. H. Groby over article, allow me to allude to the c:onditioo e{ the preaeot kind enouJb to rema'ft: If the New York ToBACCO from ignited or even from unignited matches, carelessly No cigar can be taken from the box without breaking one hundred cases at about these figures, during the crop, as gathered from authentic It is clainled J.,L\1' contua11ea to be such' an excellent miscellany for thrown down or dror,ped by smokers." We should have the stamp To use this box every cigar in it must week. Other buyers are operating quite extensively. that the quantity of leaf pown iathe counII{IOker's 81 it ha&been of late, in addition to keeping thoughtthiawasattnb\ltabletothecarelessuseofmatches, be exactly the same length or it will not fit; so it We hear offew sales of'73 tobacco: the views of buyers try amounts to r40,oop Ofthia IUIIOIIDt Ccmoec-up ita unrivalled reputation as an organ of the Tobacco rather than to smoking; but, of conrse, matchei never will not be adopted. If the inventors keep on .the and planters in regard to price\! are not hanno11ious, but ticut and Massacbusetla.are ooly credited wiih 35,000 tnde I shall be tempted to abandon my occupation as cause any accidents unless they are thrown about by Government will soon be able to set up a cigar-box prospects are favorable for an early adjustment of this cases. Tkis is, probably, & small estiaate. Of this ae:-general of stray Tobacco fragments, and to refer Therefore-Do111'll with smokers! Hang at their expelise." difficulty on an equitable basis." quantity, probably not over s,ooo c:ua are iD any way lluJitlnl for azau_aemcmt as well as for facts, to the files them I Bum them I Only leave us our ladies tmburnt L


8 THE TOBACCO LEAF ... FEB.11 Tobacco Manufacturers, 1 Lie01rice. TOi:IACCO JOHN ANDERSON: & CO. LICORICE PASTE EUBENE 80REMSK,J,, THOMAS HOYT & CO., M.UiUFACTURERS 01' -MANUFACTURERS OF THE SOLACK m m1Eil TOBACCOS 114and 116 LIBERTY NEW YORK, Reato dtrect tbe attention of.the Dealers In Tob.u ,. throughout -tbo co CELEBRl!ED SOLACE FINECUT CJD.'WDIG 'l'OB.&CCO, wblcll fsrbdng once more manufactut"_ee\ under the tm.mecllate superviaioa of the origiaator,. MR. JOHN AND'ERSON,. and DOW at:uuU, as formerly, without a rivaL Ordeal forwarded through the ....,U channels will Fine Cnt Chewing meetwltllpromptattenuo ... JOHN lr.F:LACC dkCo Sr.wKINl ToBAccos & SNUFF, ,..,, ... OU: J DRANDS CHEWING: mNNYSIDE, HEARTS' DELIGHT, NATIONAL, BRIGHT OWEN, EXTRA CAVENDISH. '104 and 4-o6 Pearl St., New York City. 'J'MflUAS HOYT. CHAS. G. HOYT. :MANUPACftRKa OF ALL GJlAI)ltS OP fiktwtug, .Jmottng. antl 5eanutatttl TOBACCO HARVEST" fc "SURPRI-SE" IN F'OIZ IVANH OE fc JOLLY BOYS SMO! ex me &Ud test tho superior properties of I43 WATER STREET, IS LICORICE, which, being now ''ought the highest perfection, is under am tb' above style of brand. ro the NEW YORK: We we also SQL!il AGENTS ror the !Rtl::, I i .. JOHN CATTUS,:. laiowledged by to be \lie TOBACCO BROVBR. at in the market And for the brand of A co rice Stick I 2 7 p I St t Ac be Li ear ree (NOI:L &. CO., NEW .YORK. tn all respects equal to CALABRIA, We have no Agents. Cousamers e.n4 bel'S would do well to e.pitiY direct. tcorloo Root, select and ordinary, conetat>tlj Job L' on l lat. d. OOMZ & ARGUIMBIU. I 29. & 31 SCtlTH WILliAM STRET Li EDWARD DREYER, TOBACCO 46 _Beaver Street, NEW YORK. iicr!i:i. waTBOau: f TOBACCO BAGGING [,.. b 108""""c"' -al IMITATION SPANISH LINEN, I G. oorice Paste and Sticks. s J. S. C.ANS & SON, W s. o, ..,.ars. P .ANCY STRIPES SNUFF ETC., :-> And allloilld of Goods used for puttiug up Smok'F. w.s. -TOBACCO BROX.ERS, ll 33 lllltRRIV STREET COR CHURCH iorTobacco. Also, complete assortment of S Smok.ers1 Arttcles for the Trade. NEW YORK. g: HOWARD SANGER & CO. GAVLORD MCFALL. s M, HOCAN. 103 & 107 CHAMBERS S"I"'., DEPOT & AGENOY Of the Manufacture o.f NEW1YORK D. A. SHOTWELL & SON, uan..-urereof G. W. GAIL &: AX Tobacco and Segars f .oltl4 of Uwr l>f'flnII ordern promptly executed. AND CIGARS, ... 207 & 209 WATER STBEET. NEW YBRK. D. H. McALPIN & CO., JriNE-nn) QlfDY & PROCHASKA J;. A. BROa B 29 Pearl Street, NEW YORK. I -ToBAcco & sNuFF. AND sMoKINc TOBAcco, Fm.e Cigars, 169 LUDLOW STREET, NEW YORK -......,;.---NO BOX MOULD, SYCAMORE FOR SALE, ILUfHA'l"l'Al'f 'l'OBA.CCO WORKS, -328 Washington Street, NEW YOU. CAMPBELL LANE It, CO. ,_ MANUFlCTURERS OF rOB.I.CCO AID CIGARS, AND DltALllKS IH SNUFF, PIPES, etc., l:tcTORIES IT 484 BROAD STREET,. IIE'MIRK AND IN C.&LDWELL. !. ;r. !l'obcJcco Ba,ggtng AND JI.&GGIII'G DIAIJ.IIIJUAJ., Of all Kind. LoY< Prices for Cash. LINEM, FANCY STRIPES Bleached and ,..,,bleached Sheetings, Twi11e and Thread, C as for Traveling Bags, Blankets, ]ludaps, .ottoa Bagging, Carpets, Motting and Dry, Goods \3enera.lly. ANDREW T .RSTER & J CO., No, 103 Ch"'!!bers Street, New York., FRID. INGELBACR l3lgaltsalc Qtabatw Jmxse, NO. 21 sxrrR 'AVENUE, NEW YORK F. H. BischofS Celebrated Smoking Tnllacco (DOW F, W,ll'ehr:aer) BUCHANAN & LYALL, OFFICE, 84 Broad street, New York, ID. BUCHNER 110. 2 FIRST BROOkLYN > S Manufacturers of the 'iollowing uccessor to RoBITCHECit & TAUSSIG, CELEBRATED B ... -s OF 01!' ,111-CUT CBIWIIG TOEACCOS r AND SMOKING Planet" Navr, IS, 3' 4' 5s, ISs, 70, Ss, o s, ros OBA""O AND CI&ARS ,., x, 3' r .. 108. VV Wasbtngton. )(a, Grape and Apricot, 354 & 356 BOWERY, NEW YORK. S. ORGLEB., Manufacturer of the best Brands of Suitabl e for Tobacc o .Boxes Caddies, 400,000 to 500,000 ft. :r-tnch and s-s, sawe d to wtdths, dry and seasoned, and at a Jowfigure. N .B.-Contiumers can order 1,000 ft (lf more as a eample. LONG ISLAND SAW AND PLANING l\IJLLS COR BOND AND THIRD STRIUtTS, BROOkLYN, N. Y Omco b New Ycrk, 97 PliABL BTIICZ'l'. E C PEASE, Prop'r. THOS. SHEARMAN, Supt. FINE CIGAB.S, Also, Proprietor of the Brand A. SHA.CK Cuba.Libre," 7f TOBACCO .BROKER. 2971 Soh-warz dk Spohr, MANUFACTURERS OF ALL KINDS OF D omestic Cigars, No. r2g Maiden Lane, NEWRK. Jliscel:la.neou.s. l;J Bowery, NEW YORK. TIN FOIL. Wangler & Hahn, MANU!"ACTURIER.S 0!1 Fine Segars, NO. 290 &292 BOWERY, NEW YORK. JOHN .J. CROOKE, 1 MANUFACTURER oF TIN FOIL AND BOTTLE CAPS, PLAIN AND COLORED. lOLLING KILLS, 338 CROSBY and 163 k 165 KULEBBY S'mEETS. NEW YO.BX. Neptune, Double Thick, 1 Unconquered, '1:1'. s Oh brt.drk. : "ACME"Fanr.yBrt ; .uli.VliJla. l.XCS, erOOtS, Mags;e Mitchell Pound s, 256 DELANCEY STREET, I fREY BROS. & CO. annfactnrers of .Fm CIGARS, -ud :Dealers in Leaf Tobacco,' W.ARIJROP & NEW Yo....... Sensatloo, j Pale, a..a.. F'lounders, 1 e of:' the U.S. Baae BaU. JAck of Clubs. E1lfaftarer of tbe following Brandsef KILLlCJCtNJCJU Buchanan, 1011, J Pride 01 the Regimtnt iq(illta Le.... J.7'oaa. Jlen.. W11.Ll.AJ4 8UCHAHAM-DAVID, C LVAI.l. --re-a&. a..>aaJuuua<>eko lB.OY lmOS., Sole .t.g'ts, 31 :Broad, lloatou. ,.. ETTLINGER, rractical Lithographers, and CONSTANTLY ON HAND. Ne:w Designs made to order J.5 IIUB.RAY STREET, NEW YOR.K. .., PATENT CIGAR BOX: '[be abn,;e Cc.t the Hand!omest, and mnst Ciza.r "Rox f"Vf'!r "TrJ'f'O('l ort be above a(().dress tbe unde rsigned, wb.o will forward you a sample box [free.] I !::. c. Ft .. TTERSON, ROCHESTER, N. Y1 J 203 & 205 Lewis Street, M 1 DEALERS IN SPANISH CEDAR FOR CIGAR BOXES, 44 Vesey Street, Sea.sonel! Stock a.lwa.ys on hand. New York. EDWARD A. SMITH, P. M. DINGEE & SON, MANUFACTURER oF Cor. SIXTH & LEWIS STBBETS, Fi S Commission Merchant, ne ears,_ Jro. liBowery,. (!IIEW YOR.K. J: 'Foreign; and Domestic Woods., I ..., -.. I : LICORICE A. 0. S. PASTE Having received the appointment as Sole Agent the "A. 0. S." brand:: ure Licorice Fas:e, I am prepared to fill orders for the same at r8c. currency per lb. De L A.NCEY ::IE"'B.O'K'......_. Importers' and Manufacturers' Agent; ?. O.LockBoq40, No. 158 PEARL STREET. 07,209 & 211, SOLE MAIUFACTURERS= lOF THE CELEBRATE01 1 -IOVHDIB CIGAIS 0 Jml'ItOPOLI'l'AN .MISCELLANEOUS. n DEMUTH & co. ... TH& SOLJl HANUFA.c;roiJUlS OJ' \ PIPifi1ii I:mpo1Ws. of &11 :tiD4I of Smobrl' .ArtlcJel, SHOW FIGURES, i IN METAL AND WOOD, A SPECIALTY. I No. 403 BROADWAY, NEW vonx. ROiiT.A. OHMSTEDT, IMPORTER OF IAV AlA LHAP TOBACiil AND MANUI'ACTUllER. OF :r i n e a a t a r ., 32 Platt Street, New York City. 0 0 HENRY WULSTEIN, (11-1' to tsll"; CIGAR. CtTTII. CARD -WEber to Inform the tra4e that we are the Sole Mannractven of the far-famed !thnlla Cigars1 and ba-ring learned that other parties contemplate bnttating them and substituting Tobacc:o of Inferior quality gro wn in this country, therefOre we-cautioo the.. public not to purc,hue atq_ Mani1a a


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