The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


General Note:
The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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,. .. ,. '"( 1 I '. VOL X.--NO. 10. ,NEW .YORK. WED.NESDA Y, APRIL :22. 187 4. '1'21' .wbw t'(ld \Veil & Co. 6o Ptoe "'-"-"-"' t Walter & Fridmn, Freioe, "'3 Pearl IS PUBLISHED Weiss, Eller & Kaeppel, ,o Pearl. DETROIT, Jlillh. I ...,., .. ....,."NESDY """'""""-BY Ybor, V MartiJ;Je<. & Co., o6 Cedar M_,./aciunrs o/ Tobacco a..a Deal a of Snu.J. ,,.sin !Mill TRB ICM LBA PUBLJC!DfNG CO, Goetu F. A & Bro. ,,g Washihgton N<>rthwestern Cigar and Tobacco Co., s-s6 1 UJ1 W il W F iJII v lmporttrt if H., Cit"" Randolph SL 142 Fulton St., New York. De .Bary Fred'k &; Co., & H Warren Ma .. jaC!Mrtrt if i LuJ J :a.B&Y BADElt Bdtt lmportert Cia Toh.eeyster. Shef:lha.rd & Fu1Jcr, 214 State. by check or draft. Bills Utj liable Lmde C. k Co 142 Water. Sisson A L. & F., il-4 IJJ:ain. to be stolen, and can only be sent'at the great.Cs\ t.. Tobacco Welles 0'. & Cc., ,54 State. i ri1k to the sender. Guthrie & 22! Front.. J Westphal Wm., uS State. POST AGE. C of Cizar Bn. HOPKINSVILLE. KJ' 'f'he legal rate of postage on THm TOBACCO 1\JH. Wb :153 iouthM: Tobacto BrMir'S". LEAP, addreS&ed by its ,regular sobwcribers, is Wlen,_ e ''!J c 395 G -L Clark, M. H. &: Bro. t t t 1u act>11'tr'S acb, F. u Sbttl> Av ft}k & Bro. G, 171 Wat ... 'fteppeohetmer & Maurer, u & :J4 N. William. ALGIERS Atrloa Wolff()hu. A., 51 Chatham. Tobac1o Mercluznt. i TobMco &llling Wax. Hoffmann D" J. 24 Rue Mopdor Zjo .. er W & Oo., '91 William.. NEW YOBK, 'Man(rt. if Kintu)' Qros. Rui-Cizarettts FtJNUardtnz Kinney F. S 141 West Broadway. Hpffmann, Henry & Co 41 Cedar Str11pe SAd OutleN, Ger Cii M.ullil, L0111SVILLE K,., Brown,A.&F.s7.61Le-.,.) Plg TobactD Matt;}actMrcrs. Lrlchs H W., 253 South. 1 c P!nzer J &r Bror., 1.3 Third. 11 LQbenatetn &: Gans,'toJ &tatcfea Lule. Jones, R.. R ,479 Wetit.Market Michaelis, S. 4t, Co., 195 Py the merchant tq him;, i o put his those VI. ho_. quie Iy1 hoi to .ue,.ep Y .-seate >, a n s1.nce. re, Hoffman, Lee & Co., '3 E..cbange Place. iJ!dwardo, G. w_ &Co.; 6 North Fronl.-.. II U R ,fo, -.8 _T CEIPT 8 ,1 1 1 .., etc. l!isenlohr Wm. "'Oo., u 5 Sbath Wateru 1d-uaf Tobm. So..Ver, GI'IIefl' & Coo1t, IOS North Water as possioh!, but numerous. di'ffic lt ies stand in_ the, wav sells s.omething harmful in itself and which can not but vainly imagine that the wo!lq iS' tieing larj1;ely 1 1 1 bl W h 11 d in3'ure the public.-and may Be snidto be by, th:eir f6olisl..preachin.en To these" : &boverlt;.g, Wml Jot ldaiden Lane, 1 Sclu"wec!er &.Bon. 178 Water. 1 Schroeder & Koch, :J03 Pearl. Scb.ubarl H. & Co., 1.j Water Spencer, Bros. & Co., 1! Maiden Lane Spingam, jl. & Co., < Burling Sllp. Spitzner C H. Water S'tein &. Co., 197 Duane. r St:raltQ.n &; Stornl, 191 Pearl. StroM & )teitzenstein, 176 Front.. Sulzbacher, Joseph, 151 WateT. ; Tag, F. &. Son, Ill&( Frans... Tatrenhorst, F. \V. 68 Broad. Upq1ann, Cart, 18S Pear l. Wright. E. M. &i Co 39 Broad. Zweig H. 14-S 'Vater. B-ttyerof Tobaa. Rea.sens G. ss TDhac Broilr1 Boremeky, E., Y43 Water Cattus John. u7 !'earl. Dre,er Edward, 46 Beavr. Chas. E. &'1Jr 6 ., 131 Water Fbcher, Frederick, 4( Droad Gans, J. S. & Soo 86 Wall. K.ellaad, P., 179 Pearl. i'Hd.,a nJ uaf J. Arch. r a ways surmounta e. e are t ere ore compe e '' 1 7 ami' M4faetrp-s hj Cigrs -. Wood war<\, Garrott & Co., 33 .!Q'orth water to ask the trade to assist us in cases where we e. unmore,r I The tools, paint, nails, etc., were harmJ.ess 'jn utterances as .the 1liuuj9l'lea by ;;_ f the promt Lukr&Bock,ooGet'qtan'. 0 Manufacturers ofFincuf Cluwing ,and ..,. ] A ... ''d h l. h 1 ld l h b Yarr10tt G. H M., 33.WoatDaltlmn.-,. r r "S"'oking-Toba"rs. able' to obtain .o( to particulitt. ves an t e ,merc ant, ot C!>ntro t e su -inence of Henry Ward Beecher, must come like a very s .. ., Fdllhmuth,,Bro. & Co.: ,s1:ti'orth Third-;, fi d f sequent action oU!le I ', honest slap. in the face-. .. He treats. quite cavalierly all Swr R. & Co. s South Calvert --/Yoo/esau Dealers ete; rms, and; to .,sen notiCe 0 the same to OUT office on e JCa-/nelwrrsfCiprsa"-' Duu; u. MaH-Bam erger L &Co. 3J>torth J-sesday of each week. .In this way we' shall be able As to tobacco, Mr. Bee t:her admits owh r their talk' about conscien ce and moral re' 1 ; i M4111l{llctnrs if Snuff. 1 p to it is extreme." N t the same time he sp onsJ'bi'l'ty where 11t helongs_:wl'th the In' d1'v1 1'dual "'hO Stewart Bros.; 4 1 entre P Stewart, ){arks,R alph & Oo., 115 Arch :to make OUr record of tobaCCO received much more 1 'BoSTON, Man"faurm if valuable. doe; not believe in ostracizh1g those w!io or acts He how absurd are. the methods the reJ (Jommiuion 1 ... Batchelor Bros 8o8 Market k Sh 11 h k th 1 th th t n b 1 Holyoke o o .. Wbar 4< Co., o81{orth Third.. smo e. a we, e as s, WI a pa os a WI e formers ,rdy on and gives a common-sense opinion to Mc:etroyBros.o3 B.-nad. TO THE TRADE. appreciated in the Valley, "cut o!f a Hadley deacon the honest inquirer. If clergymen, .as a class, were in he raises tobacco on the fat Cdnnecticut-river the habit of_\.reating social questions in .same way, Fallenotein, w. F 1 J,, Dickeroon E. w : North Thl>.t < As tae moving" season is upon us, whe\) "new de-bottom-lands? Shall the railroads refuse to (ransport their influence fer good would be far .greater than jt now YN, X .,, L'}btls and 1nmmmt:s partures" in business are frequent, we wopld l:Je oblige.d h 1 b Tobacc' Cuttir t;ams, ?eo. s. & Son l s. E. cor1 4th V10e Sts it, or the commiSSIOn-mere ant to r eceJVe 1t, is and their be leftlmore decidedly on this busy WulstelnHen' ry,, 5Myrtleavenue.' PITTSB1JBGS:, P .a. if the trade geherally, whether patrons of ouT journal his judgment, the weed is filthy, li-I)d1 in many cases;_ intime. 1 '. 1 B1JFFA:Il0, N. y, ,. Tobauo C0111missiit or not, would send us ,notice of changes in firffls the )" C 1 M B h Th < ., S., .54 Rader M. & Sou 133 Pt:arl. Shack .A. UQ.liai4eu Lane Sprotto, :105 .Pe.vl. 'W'A.Ieuzle Dealer i H=aa-. W ... dward, J nam s of new houses, removals to other j':: lous : f r t atp y r. er. e readers,' as a _rulel ar;'! I not with ., 1 Weyman&Bro., 79aadS Smithfield. 1 bl W b -l,i .1 c mery o a .sy.s no a proper ms ru any conscientiOjlS s<;ruples as.-to right wrong of i Zink G. w., ,.,a 1 1 DeaJ rs "ExalstDr, Ro/1'' and ( appeals, and t]le, o f the moral tone of a commu-fused' with a 'liberal commonSense and so devoi'd of ( Ikaltr ;, Leaj c;,..,.,_ ,. t" 1 t JJ l ) Oi1ur ti'obtU(o.r. I ( COMMON SENSE p I r I 4 I Marzujacturer1 of ; Anderson John & Co. 1:14, n6 and 117 Llbehy. Appleby o. Helme, '33 Water. Buchanan &"Lyall, 54 Broad. Bucfner D, t!6 Delancey Flarg J,F. & Co.174 Gieselmana & Diehl, Ludlow. Goetze, i'"'". A 32S Washington Goodwin. & Qo. 207 and 209 Wat eaae s 2 a. 49 South water Jenkinoo<> R & w .. B?Llberty.-:. t 'i -r___ n ity. If, in ordmary trans11ctwns, men ftot_ narrowmindednes and cant as tliose oii which we have ,, BJCHliiOND Va. I J Tobtii;:Jin4 92 Udlteaatein J.:: &i Bro. 14 34 Lkllt.eatein Bso. & Oo. sn M; deo ll:ren. Bro!. at Co. ::wo. M"!'tlel M. Yr. Brei ){ Bowery Neul>asvr IlL o83 P-1 1 :s: Greeuwfch and SJ RAolll Broo,&SoelteoCt194v,. .... ,,... .LAIJ ig, J Delm ;. LMn ? -D S I 1 h t k d f Klllll a A. of dr1'vel assailed the publ1-c ear t 'hrough mi!l!,ht. pass thro, ugli their handsJ in the course of dally EAR IR :-. earn t a m_aliy persons as a; vice o WlttuiJ/e Dtllkr '"Cigars and n/jii(&D. ic.ocliuTEil. Jlf. Y. '( a] h H d [: h d Laenen G-rge1"' EUt Randolph \ 'u Mrtofawu efs of Tolulm. lr i the Press. It appeal'S ; that Mr. Beecher as'ked by traffic business would come to a s:and-s.till or be ren-}OU 00 mor su Jects. earne a ew t 0.usan. Az"' Wbalen R.,. T .. Is. State. : 1 1 b M' c. -. .. d' b d be ho 1 f > th. l'k dollars, r l have made preparations to open a store m thiS F. It. & &::-;;8 Sollth M4/ifactrerr if"'! lnf' ,..J, a Country Merchant doing unness m 1ssouri, aere so ur ensome as to 1 rn any mg 1 e place-Now I am in doubt whether I to sell to, CDICIJifWA1'1. Kimball Wm. 8. he could tobacco, a profit. 1 bacco or'not. .On the one hand, it will certainly be pr.of. s..u, MooelyD !Iobc.,_ of the and regarding the h to .k h h h k 'II b d 11-er Hy., 46 FronL '" ... 1iacco anJ Cgarr. b ... { L ,.. et er you .t m a monden.!. ta&e, as his rivals 1lad' no' such scruples_ T.ffi.e corre, its use, or its e xcessive ,use !", But ev1dently h1s never used ari o.once of tobai..'CO myself; never dtank a Loaio, 49 VIne. j ST' LOUis, Mo. 1 J Ma"".f.-'"' of :fiita-CuJ Clt,...,.':'l Mtt if' ". if' THwn pondent also acids a fe'f touches to .his qwn po_ rtraitJ by or not selling, Would not the slighest effect on cup cf or .tea, 'nor, .a of whisky ; thbugh .t.u.. o..,-,..,. 0 c.. that he had m;ver a cup. of 'lea coffee, community. If those of his Yfho wislied t I .have been m several large ctes, I was neyer m .a1helt-c F .... Bade) 313 375 aud lltl7 _Kaln Manuja&tur"f'J D[ C.(MI.O or a tlaas of '!Vf, liisW o a:rid,_ t .hough having hidthe oppor,, b .. c ,.. t ti f ..... .. "0\1, nt a tnt I have always-thought tobacco.usiog a filthy and ._..:&roo. e...,suad 54 Eut Thlod. GenJloatdt i. E. & Co., ,..r 'tocUt ft 1 sm ,.e ot c s '4elr w .au ,. .... disgusting habit. '! r I \... ) .. '- Mftu.iurn-zwt PIK 1 tuhft J bad neyer a theatre. .: 1,' '. the,rlwould SnDply transfer thelr .patronage to .one of..jli& i Tl Rn. Henry Ward Btedur. I .I>"!;-,. Mr. Beec}lef.Tery n't'als;an=\' econ \ ) ,., -'.,;. u r '-,,. '1'. J' SpOn&lbility mUStJI{tire<.end .cQJTleJbacktotfuiperiODI ll.otrbA-RIItl 4 Oolltce Bu!Wt.a1 -4-Q....u.iO(O' Mnda1fl fw -.. shali oe bintlin;on otner people, and rpat,' at er'' alf, t e Beecher knows o,r po reas?. n 1 and tthe enlightening; for which .he>pleads n.o!.':1t JL w, ; -1 ..j, ) w itec, ... hf',ao the "shou.Id refuse tobac, cq .who, delllij-n4 It, can tie only of .a ,Hdw ,far we a right ....... !Jeri-& Oo. '' Dey J; lltnliM & ':.! ;:, I Batre & Newtaark, 16 Pwll 1 W'JIIIIIft 11r Hahn, li .,. Bow err. MMt.jaawrrs of nw B.._. c:Jr-' J1o11aMer H. '" Maid Laao > < T-', Glr.__ Cizu Pft" .r..;,. OeleU H -Oballia ,. I,.,.W of HAw.u r...,,, ...l"Oedar n Oudil 1'.117 Water Mmt.frt., _,. D1" Ia a: sV.&01JSE r actor, let him rolow: the,adV:;e of .others ever. s0 1aithany mQre he "should to sell f&?:ors," to fu11ke a .il'u.Ie. for ln. regard. x ... ... eo .. I ..-:-:r:- .,, <. I h I of I I db h l.ow""U..lll .t 4,Jo., '' W,.t Third, Pa&lm f !Ja.; atid .Dialwr ;,. r fully. Mt:ijeecbert.hen very redUces to absur" cauae ]l_e was eonscientiously' convinced that men to t e greal' e e?lents mora 1ty, aett e }' t consent. Stnaer. aa, Wal-t I 1 HIUJ TtNxulfJ. j f tb l e h ... uld be Well. 'KDo A, C ..... ,. Main. ,Bertoa, &: eo: 8o Open -dity he I argumentS so greatly relied upon juit now by should' we.u tbei wh.ole 'beard I" 1 And this sensiple 0 ere lS a r ason w y : '6t<0 01 ,.._..VILLE 1' :Eut Geaeooe s1 ut 'tho \ BWr a. co-G. ., .. the total"abstamers and others, that those )Yho aiffer C9nc\us10n we wou a "0!ll?!ena "'o t e 0 50-: world a divided aDd this matter of s : timulaots is oae of ., ,,., (! .n. 1 l one OUt under catted wba to was never DOW. Oeualea A. atr Water f:"A:Ohert E. II Co. SLllea- 011111 e... uaw. llllntla F .teo. aoo Purl 1 .. .......... ll<>b.ft A. s Platt JIMcul & ao. Sit wa* J, A., ... -41 Sread-r Jr.7,.' 1 a..moral and rel1g10ua ."We ar,e uo.willing to manu-ican aoil, and who h,ve recently bee!l makmJ Oni!t that all alcobohc dnnks, op1um, .to, _,_t-hirwi I Fiw-Cw -C.AM-r facture alcohol," contin11es the divine; "but,. must a selves. uiNHlly prominent and disagreeable. Forfu bacco; coffee, tea,:etc., are n'Ot food, .,. J < \ 'I u. A ., th __, 'h h b tl th in' ,an d1gestiDg food, not needful, O..J .AeP. ,....._ s..., f!l!, "' merchant to seH to a d"'tlller, kno\tlng nately e .... t .e u uo IS an mand alwa mare or less of the nature of poisons. of p.u.r '"'"' ,;, s:.. Ll4/ T.,_ he uses It m manufacturmg alcohol? Shall he re-vene ratio to the1r realtmportauce, and to the extent coune Toae 10 believes be can not COill<:ieutioUI'Ty 'WW\Dflf A. 'El111 1 YaaDeUa..B..Q &oa! :a.. Noaloltf at Guerra, .......... K.&.Las w. 'Yep J-u. .a, PNrl


/ 2 -use any of them Btnt, there 1s a large class o{writers, T days, Amsterd'am 6oday1 3 days1 r46 lhhds; R w.Tatgenhorst, u do;--H. "A Swan & 8 hh,d_s and 7 boxes V1rgtma 2 at h.65, 3 o; 3 equally mtelhgent anu.l honest, which den.y these v1ews, 41 Frankfort 0. M.: 6o days, 4r@4r}.(, 3 days, 41 Son, 4 1do H. Henwood, 6 dO.J D J. Garth, Son it go, 7 25, 8 35, 9 65; 3 boxes at S@ and whi le they admit-thauhey,arel usee\ for DOMESTIC Prusslan !,haleL. 6o days, 7 1@7 1 r-8, 3 days, IQ.ij. do; Kremelberg & Co 47 do; R L Maalarid & !)O; I 3 ,at 4-S'o@s.go; 1 at'7r3S the most m small quantities, under 1 N:&w Yoax:, Co, 33 do; Buchanan & Lya.ll; 18 do, Sawer, Wallae \ A:t tKt\Kenton IIS hhds an nght they are a-positive benefit. The ques Western Le if-The market has showed mcreased ac Ji'AliLI!riGVJ.Ail KO'l'ICII. & Co, 30 t must naturallY mclude the tntereot on cap'rtal mvestecl. Growen LINE.-A S Rosenbaum & Co. 167 cases, A BIJUr, 82 at_ @ 12 ; 2) ne-..; 1 I at: 70, 9 at upon facts of poslbve expenence. We are unWllling to pnvate; 130 were old dry M1ssoun for England, and the canMt expect even 1n tb<. caoe of new crops, tooell them fo! tlie same do, Yvm, Eggert & Co, 164 do, N .l>achenbruch 4@5 90 9_.r 5 :aVro@ r 4 3 7 manufacture alcohol but must a.,merchant refuse to bulk of the bafance was new lugs at 4%:' for Gtb -pnces as are obtllne.t 1m. are-sale here Of course eTery re-sale must be .!. do ; Levy & Neugass, 38 do, lchrc1der KBqn, p8 hli1(,1s Oe}Vnndleton t:o._, ,1 t s)!,..-lu g s and leaf. 3 seil anne to a dlst 1 er. nowmg t at' e uses It m manqu1e, awa1 mg e a war o e / /,_,_ o ;:,. _,.,ans 11 o, u 1a o :t..,ul 14 o; a-at 3 30 o, ar., at 6 ns, rat fl 1 II k h h raltar The market IS t t th d f th u an advance, and thef efote tne pr1ce obtainable by thc'gr pwen w 1 ll d t-.<' "d J 1 ""'-' d p t tn @ l fi 11 I Ita! tr t F d Th rro h.-1)way s be_,..OmewbatlOiNel'Ua1\ o ur Q.U.Qta.tions _-, fl .. g d H c.....ll _. E \ \:o' ..., ufactunng alcohol) Sh.all here use to se g ass, tools, 1an con ac Oil' n ay next e Lypes are ere, -" me """".:>COVl e, 9 o; "'" mg, 14.-uo, I __ cl.f;. es w Boone Co, Ky 6 at pamt, nalls, because they are to be used m bu1ldmg a and show one-half to be of ncb clean German Clarks QUOTATIONS OF WHOLE5ALE PRICES. ; ford & Co, 6 do, M. dorA L:< C. L $3 45@ 3 so, I do at 4S 2 diStillery? Shall a bank refuse to loan money to or v1lle leaf, whtch w1ll be d1fficuk to fill. No move has Wert Bv THE N:sw YoRK AND HARTFORD STEAMBOAT seed fillers and wrappers 9 at $2@3.90; 34 at 9s J February 42S 3<;1 4JO 6 { 4 J'ln lo @J<>n Yara II Cut 9S@I os L E ..., ld & u h J h '==' would resul t f r e m "-attemptmg to coerce men to -.-2,ooo soJoollona -........ .... Io M::r,A-.-1.-TnllOell perJOno.d, INE.-. ..-..osenwa nrot er, 94 cases, osep 14 at 6@7; 6 at 8@9 ro; 2 at r o 2 5 u s o. thdugh ost grade obnorality hy.;:tlufuse:> f commercial --37745 BQz 733 soo ----z,soo :-1 0 Mayer's Sons, 54 do, A. Cohn, 34 do, A S Rosenbaum At the Globe 6s h hds an d 4 intruments ) Is there any standard set up 1n sacred 1 321 1 20. I ---1,594 Olark omae mtd w .. e ..... Diltncl o flO & Co, 54 do, R Herbst, 7 do hhds and 2 boxes Maso n Co, Ky, trash, l ug s and leaf Scnpture of s uch a k i nd, aud have the ex,Penments tne d Vzrgmza Leaf-For tobacco there does not s-:"". logo Bv THE OLD DoMINION STEAMSHIP LINE -Chas. r6 ol d ro at $ro@12.75; 3 at 15@ r 8 75, 3 a t 20,25@ resulted so as W: eneetillage t.ll1s.R(ethod? Tobacco is of appear to have any demand dunng the Medium loaf 8 @ 91( 41 @43 Luhng & Co., IS hhds; Oe\nchs & Co, 26 do; A C 2.2 75 19 new 2 at 3 3S@3.6o 6 at 4 @ 5 95 3 at universal use=. to 1 t t scextreme. We _past week_. though a Improvement IS percept t ble ::J: Lamotte, 3 do Patterson & Co., 5 do; Buchanan & 6.20 @ 7; 6 a t 8 40@9 so; 2 a 13 25, IJ 7 9 2 advts e you ng men to let tt for many .1eas9ns. But In some of the other departments of the tobacco trade Selee!lono 12 @13 Light Preosed, :tine M (il6o Lyall, 4 do, 17 trcs, P Lonllard & Co, r do, 24 do, J at 2.8o, 3 8o r r hhds a n d 2 boxes Brown Co Ohio if they "UIIll c hew or smo ll e w'l d&''bot 15'amsh them lfpere I S a:,oetter -tlSS""orment of leaf here than there d&Tli lo @ 1 3 :: p Qum & <:;o, I do, 4 do, J. D. Evans & Co, 3 trcs: trash, lugs and leaf. I at 9 0, 3 at 3 ,rlld a: Shall we c u t off a Hadley deacon because he ratses t.o-has been for a pa1!t, and rec e ipts are slowly but ; .. : .. PIOneer Tobacco' Co., 9 do, r box I E DuBois, 59 hlf 9o@r2 so; 3 at I7 7 s @ r, r a t 23 7 s, 2 boxes ne w bacco on t h e fat Connecticut b6t\om lahds) Shall aug_mel:lhng, but;-still, buyers hold aloof A t Lugs. 4 l>s N avg Half ana tr c s mid, 25 qtr trcs do, 48 c a ses do, 107 three qtr bxs at 4 ro, 6 10 IS hhds new O wen C o Ky. 3 at $3 2 5 the r a t lro ad s refuse to tra sportlt? or t hll comllllSS!On dlvtdmglm-.; between buyers com 43 .@4-1 do, so hlf bxs d so kegs do, Doh:m, Carroll & Co. 7I @3 9o; 4 at 4 ro@ s ; 4 at 6 4S@ 7 s o 3 a t 8 20@ 9 6o ; merchant t o rece1('e; i oec"ause, 10 his. juog'llent, the eller.S..IS' m re less but there, the Brown aad'G 'reenloa l !> 7 Fanc y -Lovgl O s 48 @ 5il <;s mfd 43 hlf boxes do, rso thtrd bxs do, 6r Qtr bxs r at 16. 4 hhds new Wes t V1rg m 1 a 3 a t $4.6 5@S.-8S, weed 1 s filthy m ;ruunou!>2 $hall a q f the_pm:e""'"the fpuceo fwr.appers .. do, 25 kegs do, 4 caddies do; Bulkley, Moo1e & Co, I at 7 35 vegetana u s e to furn is h hts customers wtth W tie nere t e cause IS In the apparent mdJfferen c e of Fmo s p angle d to y ellow Is Poc k otFieces 4.1 @I 8 47 cs mfd, 2 bxs do, 5 three qtr bxs eae .. 28" 0 Maryland we sales of some 300 to 400 hhds h d I h ib :MI!fO EDITORIALS. Y2s@k3sc, zoo cs do@do a f 89@nc: 8o cs New 6 6 .:_ .. : n iri stly medw, m to. good, at steady Qf, Ohio, Lpedoplet or runmng, at 10 nc, 175 cs I 7I qh10 wrappers c \.!.-Mom-crop r87o-r87 "G k hhO.s were taken for Germany at from r3% to In n s .. a no WAITING.-The country' is natientlv awaiting Prest on pnvate terms, too cs sun'driell at.&:.: od and for ex1 .. i .. :"lflli '' '80 Ills net 2!1 K k h f *h"' F quJte the1r farmers after all, but Saturday last ,r Pml.s 7tvanza-Crop s, 1 c yea .......... .. 118 entuc y we ear o -no movement. e rench con would not have been such a b s d h d (; dent Grant's action on the Senate finance b1ll--expectport, l!IS 1872 Connecticut fillers at s}.( 84 ,tt:n!PI Lou .. 61t:@&X [ ;YD"T-" ......... 26 tract for Io,ooo hbds Maryland and 10 tobacco has b ed fi 1 u Y ay a armers not ing the wor 1t, ,but still hoom, g for 'the best-ave cs 1 87ocdo at Ohro t 0 1180 :;: .. : bee[). awarded to-da t() Messrl(. and the een prevent rom bnng\ng tobacco 10 dunng the II j ., cs do in t c. 00 ::( w; v ... .s7 R. R" ... ...... 20 t th / t !{' bt b by so much-I mtght a most say-6lonbnuous ram A .,.,_ .... ,. T .... FA.L-BRs.-The tobac.Jo. L t d 8 St t I l!.!!Rmn' Lots .. 6X@7(' ""' s, .......... .... 2l or ose escrlp IOns WI no ou e more and, when we have a fine day especially Saturdays "' ..... '-'" ... .. om c .vama a 7:1'4'" an ...:s a.e do a t w-......... -crop1lJ1> "G. 8 ... ..... 29 hvely after thts. Pnces are generalfy !steady and we a1 b .e pipe! which solaced M1les Standtsh 2S4 ye'ars ago, l sl now 2692 cases for several weeks or smce ...... 6 611: t M 1 d F t d d d 111 r.. d can ways expect acco to come m. I do not thmk in posseBSlQn of a gentleman 1n New Bedford, Mass the early of the sJi!jlp,m ;S asq,n I IMPORTS: ,,!< qup aryan -6 ros dan 6 u;soun J 0 the number of cases bought wdl exceed 200 f!Ses at Spanish-For Havana a 'JP,"Od 'l!'he arnvals at the port of New York from foreign fromr14C to 8@9c for wrappers, and :zc SRnm Acn\!1 Is a cons1derable SQTing demand :ki:d'ds.-zl\ls1J or the week endmg Apnl u, mcluded the foldo upper country, ground leaves, 'new. 4@ an 3C :r 1 know of some .bemg sold as low as activity commencing to manifest itself. W1th fa1r weather about soo bales. Pnces unchanged. Low to med 1 um loWing consignments 1 T 9 I Ohto-Infenor to goo-and settled finances, what remains ef the season would goods are plent1ful and cheap, but fine grades are firm ANCONA-Wm. Scott Murray, 24 case licorice paste. ish land brown S@6 do medium to fin; red ;@u says-whtch IS pay more attention doubtless prove unusually prosperous. and gradually sttfl'enmg, as the supply is more and more Batjer & Brother, 992 boxes pipeS. lfo common td medidm spangled 7 @ 9 do fi;e span: tot e qua tty t an as heretofore the quanllty. drawn upon by manufacturers and..the trade. GLASGow-Order, too bxs p1pes. 3 1 ; to yellow, to@rs. Kentucky-Cdmmon ,$q good LOUISVILLE, 17.-We report The market ToBACCO IN CANADA -A telegram states that large MaHujactuml-Busmess 10 thiS department has been LEGHORN-Wea.v!ir & Sterry, so oales eaves luJ S@6 so heavy 1.tyles do S so@ 7 medtum leaf has been active, wllh hberal receipts and firm prices. quantities of bonded goods are bemg taken out of bond fatr the past week. With charactenstJc waywardness ALAGA-Gomez & Arguimbau ; so cases ltconce 7@}8 so; do 'good to fine, 9@u: do JeiectiOns, 12@ The sales at the warehouses for the week were at Toronto. particularlly tobacco, m antlcJpatton of a the favors of the IJlarket were not evenly distnbuted, 1 1 L, rs.l Vtrgtma-Common and good lugs and good _. H. Thomas & thts day 9 ,7{l9 Kentucky leaf, lugs, and trash. 4 at $2o, 1 6.75,, -pon b!:ief business tour, and, )V.e bespeak for him verv sangume temperament to experience much sausfac. Bro ther, 32 do; Acker, Merrill & Condit, do, L case 14; 3 at I3.35@I3 75; 1 at 12 7S, u.2s. I at n.2s, 3 M r h h A d d b I board not cleared"-_-__ ........ ,.. 13,295 hhds. t r.. from our fnends m thC>se srction$ r a bo, n t at ope. r genumt; consolatiOn, howf!ver, P,I9 a ura, or t:r, 410 a es, 42 cases Cigars Manufactured Tobacco-Receipts more hberal, a IOt,::t10 75 3 at 16 at S@8 90; 43 at 7@ )(r Samuelsqn.comes among us lfor the fitst time and IStienvabJe from the knowledge "ofthe peopletha.tnoth :EXPORTS 7 90, 4 1 at 6@6 9o; 27 at 5@5 71 at 4@4 9 s 21 at the. members of the trai:ie wrth. whom he may e in mg' wo'rse a} ready been done IS hkely to be '. From tHe port of New York to to reign p orts for the but sales contmue hght at steady pnces Exported for3 1 5@3 95 hhds1 Indiana lugs and trash at 3 IS@ conta-ct, wlil honor themselves m furthenng the objects at thts seas1on on the cur ency It ts week endmg April n, were as follows: egn fi'om't'his port the past week, lbs The fol-3 Of h"' visit, B..Pt only on account q h1s pOsition as lately so!Pethmg when the worst has ta be faced to know of AvcANrt---2 88 hhds lowing are .utmost care has cheaper vanettes of Cigars, ,and h-;),v ? enla { ged t heir fa boxes, 7 5 kegs, 21 cadd1es, 1 case c1gars consigned a/; County, OhiO, old trash, lugs, and leaf :z at 7 65, 7 85; tucky leaf, lugs, and trash 3 at $2o. 5 o, 10 .7 5 10 ; II hitherto:..Deerr requrred ,lQ,the proceBS of conversion by ctlities for that pt'lrp 6se. In opr jU'dgment tlils fs a judifollows 3 at 8 SS@9 so; 11 at 75, 7 at r6@r8 25, r at at 9@9.70; 29 at 8@8.9c, at 7@7. 90 33 at 6@6.9<11; the 10 use. to obtat n thatperfection of :fibre:-su-ClOus resolve on the paft of' thb!le who' hiivi! c d ncluded Bv JTHE EttiE RAILROAo-Kremelberg & Co, Jr:z6 r 24-29. ro do new: :z at 3, 4 -:zo; 4 7@7 so; I at 5, 38 at 4@4 9S, 8 at 3 @ 3 95; 1 hhd do smoking tobacco, to such a course-, rand,not ofily bei:'ause It wtll add hhds, D. J. <:>arth, Son & Go., 205 do, Sawyer,.WaUace at 9So, 3 at I0.2S@II.25 ; ; 54 hhds new Owen County, frozen trdsh at $3 25. I7 hhds,Indtaoa leaf and lugs. a11d the gr:atifitallon of the restihetlc taste of Itar to tlie of, the ,IIj.arke.t, lwt also because tt & Co, 93 do / Blakemore Mayo & Co, 38 do1 T : lGnOh10, old trash, lugs, and ,eaf : 29 at 4S. 16 at 6 40 7 at $to 5o, 9 ro, 9lo, 8 70, 7 90, 7.10, 6 30 ; 2 at 5 .6 5 Ious votar1es. It bas to young Ailllenwtll be hkely to be profit a ble, masmuch as It will enable mcutt, 59 do, R. L Ma1tland & Co,., 20 do ; Dre, w & @7.95, 2 at 8.1o, 6 at ro.25@ f 4 25; r at 18. S; 7 at 4@4 8o. can man 'llfactnrer anQ artist (o aeh1e11e the h6borof d1sc them to utihze the whole instead of only a part O.f their Deane, 8 do; Pollard, Pettus & Co, 83 do, E. M. Wnghf 38 hhds Pendlc;ton County, Ky., new trash, lugs, and The Ninth Street Jouse sold Ij7 hhd K t k 1 af covermg ai+d a'pplying a mechamcal pnnClple that matJnal' an 1tem of vast Mtporfance whete Tn'any lriii-&; Co., 149 do ; F. W. Tatgenhor-st, I do; 'P1l.()ri!Htrd'& leaf! 1 3 at 3; II at 4 os@5 So; I 18 at 6 4C@ and lugs hhds I at $8 s t en u@y e l! wouldovercomeallpreIous obstacles, at -4y4 o; 16 at 3 I0@3 95 all other vane ties of lntnulb details uch more toe made by ltest rnant1 66 djl, Joseph Mayer! s Sons, &9 do, F. Linde & Co.1 new seed fillers andr wrapJ?ers: I 6 at 2@3 9o; 7 at 4@ A}nlt t.-!..Our special correspon' in descnbmg the machin e, 1t wiiJ..8e sufficient to obsenle act ppt of leaf; or ll pprtton :or It, that 381 do;( Dills & C!o., r6o 1do; C H. 1S9 ?.9o. I 48 casqs do old: 8 at 3@3.65; 25 at 4@5 90; 5 dent reports as follo}Ys :-The) week endmg With this the In lthe llllUiaer se s.o, mucJl care fqr the production of the do; it W.oelsh, xo do; order, 1 hhd, 93 cases. ..11' Jl \ 5 8.J0?o; 5 at "' has been one of little to th-: readers of mr,wb.ieh5the kndelADj 6o days, 4o85@436 ;_, 3 & ro dp; ,w. 0. Smith, u do; D. H.,McAipm & ne, Owen County1 Ky.: :z at 3S, 3.6o; 5 at 4 8o@ 274 to :t:Y4c, these pnces ruhng for the ni'Ollt of the to lB..: the cue wttp the smgle downward .days ,fr!j>ll\llltrrcial; 6o days, 484@48s. Co., 3:1 -de; Kremelberc & Co. : 12 do; Bell & Co. 3 o S"9S; 2 at 6.9o; :z at S.6o, 8.75; 3at ,. 4 bacco grown In Wfllmsure us a much smaller crop aonlo*camMoftrrdo .,atholl rbach,bei,; -.The J?arl : Bankers, 6o days, J day:; srs, do; Wm. & ases;,hlid:;endleton Count}-, Ky., 41 ..,, 9, IL7S year, thiS bt:ID' very much to the Interest of .. J:.ev:aUI?tba C*l ett!ia"i, 16b "Hays; 6o ?Jflie hlids;"' '. ur' t '' 1 ': ,' u 4'6: h s do new: 3 atcJ.S.S@3i 1.6 at 4 I. 1 1'" '"', dayt $It9Jii@Sllo'; r6o:;i\1ayli) [{ ,foci ::>ln County, Ky., new 3 at J 3 at It he Capitol WareJipuse, :; m J1r ft1 V, 8.1o, x at 10.7S, 3 at 2.9 H5o-51"3CD Our ,muket was acuv and fi.nn tllis wec;lt, aDd forro.o.- i lu 10 JO i!VI'W}C nt.:.C "' ,., ,J "!". < l 6 J.>a J ") ,1r9d 08 sno ''h lm,,;r, 'Jr'l ol Lr,r. 1 ::>r.J JJvqmr l!l11J r I ol 01:1 !l 1sv s1 sri Jls:f2 'IIII -..; .. rrrr n 1 u :Jd Jctl J I '" 1,," "' ,.q ,,/1 v n.a.:l ... -!. Ufl,hL -. 'tJ l'l ;,:>'.' fllllfllU


\ .. APR. 22 ro E pnces were fully sustained; in fact leaf was a litprices and hav!! accepted even upon Ohio a stron re of f11U11 commamtfultprices. itch, gtanM, towe "cl go tle tJa.p usyal. ,ll bhds Weakly Qf. s_oo hftOi un o ine very scarce at the close of the past month, 10 any thtng really useful bemg firmly held, but anseG!' toa9s, hznds, rattlesnakes, ground good and common leaf f.10 7 u hhds S itnCounty, Ohao, 150 hhds. Sales os Java tobacco were hm1ted to the course of w 1!;b buyer.s for .th United-States a11a nondescnpts are difficult t o move a d eas1er m pnce. puppies, etc. ; whmmg, T 9 fW:,. IJ.40, 7 n bales, short kinds for cutting mostly, and were the Spanish antl Re,Pes hav / continued to seleaf ts Small traps, heel greasmg, pm ,find10g, road 8 25,-S.Io, 1!.70> '8, 8, '8oi';' 1-'.J&._.S.w, fot;about 1:4 cents. and fine Sumatra, of 'lflilch cure-the tlie4iigber and the latteJ: the, lower request huga-jlDCl prilf:ngs contmue to crossang new moon .s1gns, voodooasm, etc 27 libiis Smith County, Tenn., medium, ommol'l, and 4 bales, 10 three d1fferent lots, were offered, grades-as lfJ Pncje uuet-be freely oftered) b)It buyer. afld sel. l rs as far FoRGING ToBAcco MANUFACTURER's BoNDS.-Judge low leaf, 7.1o, 7 75 7 50 7 .50, 7 .6o, 7.6 7o, 7, Om'-f,.o'"to 190 No other arrwals took place tied and still going up, closing for !)le United ap.alj_uaS, n?twithsta ndmg that 111 Benedict recently, in tbe United States District Oourt, 7 .20, 7 7 z, .,., 7 7 ,-_,7 6.90, 6.8o, 6.70 6,6o, 6.70, parcels of 711 of Ja!ll, from t o 9,5 per quintal, to assortment slitppers hm1ts are matenally reduce4. Stnps. e{ in Bfuoklvn sentenced Henry Freund alld James Brady: 6. 40 6. 10 SS 5 70 5 30 ; 3 IJ!hds Clay C nty, Tenn., w.h1ch were tmmedaately sold. expect 10 the begm-and quality, nl for the remainder, oJ tll-eAilieit asked for; heavy cG who had c qavicted of makinc a false and for&ed good, leaf;, 8; ir hhdi Clay Co of next week the ubscrapllons for and fillers mixed,._ f3SJ to $...0, j J!er Jl\qq,j3d &llllf k m irst an cf: bollid to. repreaent a tobacco manUfacturer's llonfl.. medium and commonJI!ai, 7, 6.go, 6.75 of J .. va, toqacco, mostly of good quality qwntal. Thf! first shipment of nett!. to\NI.c:co, $:1 ... 0 a retail fine I cult to be fou:aJ rcnand was ,sut,to K.inga County Penitentiary Cor two 6.30 '6.20, 6, 5 .6o, s-so; 10 hbds Count Stoc!B to-clay: 48.6 Maryland, 75 _do Oh1o, bales-namely, x bale, r@4; ; do. !I ; 1 do. i@.f@if; gleeted. -Cavendish.r ens we have -ye.aa, d who. appeared 'ltoobave acted in the Tenn. medium, common, aad low leaf, 8.2 7 7.20, U do 8 do Vargtma, IO do Virgtma stems, 2 do. 6 i 3 dof t ; I do. 7@7 i 7 d"o. _!:1.0.{ 7 i 9 'he demand has bee_n s spasmoda matter at the instigationand suggestion of Freund, was 7 .10,, 6.6o, 6 .ro. 6; 5 9-o, 5 .6o; 7 h ds Sumner !Jales 265 do i,588 do Jan, 9 do. o; and r3 do. 8-was made ofl the 2oth uft to Store-merChants appear to be pu 1phed. 1 ordellld to b iq the same prison for eight County,Tenn.,mediumleaf,1.8o,7 75.7 ,7.25,7, and7,50,I1doJaya(Monkey'sbau'.) J &C, o 1 t1 .1 r. 7 .25, 7 .20; 1 hbd Dixon Tenn., go leaf, g.Io; t Sat11rday, Apnl 4, 1874--Messrs. Schaap & Van It _is said to of report:' T here is no to report in ', 8 hhdaJacksoa County, Tenn.,. common a d lpw leaf, Veen r Tol?acco Brokers, report: Smce our last report th1s year's the latter IS expected to. yteld reg,ards lJn.ited States tobacco, the trapsactwns of the J?.rt9nucn,oK IN ITKE THitRD REVU"UE Dts7.50, 7.40, 7 6.75, 6-4o, 6, 5.20 ; I bbd Henry enly 20 hhds Maryland tobacco found buyers, and of little of a temprano Remedr?s-I'n tbe pa;!t'\veek), aving been upon a li'ttit _ed scale, buy -OF N!!'!' :Yoit.K:.'-L;A city c-oremporary rema-rks County Tenn. medium leaf 2 bhd Williamson java 2,482 bales, amonr; which was a parcel of and country all his sold ere th1s, and even m Havana having aken only what they ImmJdiately needed; that m the Thtrd Internal Revenue District of the State County: J'enn: com"on leaf; 6,8o,; 3 hds Benton fine quality for 1)1anufac,urinf lot, 720 there is little eft of qualities .required for the United larger Males would have been effected the last im-of New York comprising the Seventh, Tenth, Eleventh, County, Tenn., low leaf, SS 50 S 5 h ds Putna111 l:lllJe:i, brought the pnce of I40 an enormo':ls fig States, as well as of. thfl descriptions thrown out and port been' more reglllar in quality. leaf and Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Seventeenth Wards of the County, Tenn., common leaf, 7 .so, 6.75, 6.7 6.6o, 6.2o; ure m to the was wtthout made useful for other markets. Last sales of the former stnps have chiefly attracted the aJtentton of buyers, but city of New York, and of which M. Fnedham, Esq., is 1 hhd Robertson County low leaf, 6.75; [hbds Cumfaults. Th1s parcel, agam m the _market by were made atl 6o@6s per quintal, and the latter at $35 the operations have been only tnfling Vugmia leaf Collector, there were manuactured and sold during berland Countv, Ky., medium and commo leaf, 8.50, undermarks, offered a good choace to the. Cl!,!ar manu @4o per quintal, prices tending upwards. Quemado de and strips, when have al'so been the last twelve months, ending March 31, 1874, 7 .25, 7 6 70 6 .10, 6.10, 5 .30 5 5.8o; 2 ds Russell About soo bales wete ag;am w1th strong Gumes-Only remnants of undesira':lle kihds left in the in request. Maryland and Ohio continue neglected, enormous of I83,o16,zoo cigars, and 4,I9o,ooo County, Ky., common leaf, 6.95, 5; 5 hWs Monroe, compelllion, the finest even bnngmg 360 cents. market. Yara-Will offer nothing of interest till next, and _the sales have been but limited, Cayendtsh has cigarettes, producing to the Government a revenue of County, Ky., common low leaf, 7, 6.2o, s l 8o, 5 Si r bales were all scrub kmds, a?d the crop. Gibara-At last accounts from its emporium, scarcely been asked for; holders are rather more ready $921 ,369 37 This district produces one. third of all the 72 hhds tugs, 4 90 490,, 4.70 4 75, 4.6o, 4.6o, pnces from to 22 ce-tltS, accordmg to most of the stock on hand at, the close of 1ft montll selle f s. cigars manufactured .in the State of New York, and 4 .50, 4 30 4 .20, 4 20 4, 4-Io, 4.10, 4.rq, 4.86, 4.10, the qualaty. Arnved-I,6oo bales t?-disP;osed ot resened (l)ur monthly report is as follows : market about one-tenth of all rnanulactured in the. United States, 4 Io, 4 4 4 4.Io, 4, 4 4,, 4.10, 4f o, 4 10, 4, day221 hhds Maryland, 75 do Ohio, 5 do Vugmta qumtal, gold. Ablll:it r o,'()oe bales arc!--still on Jaand. ing the past month has presented any thmg but an anaas appears by the report of the CommissiOner of of In4,: 4 4 1 3 90 3 .90, 3 .95, 3 99 ; 3 .90. 3.8o, 3.8o, 3.llo, stems, 21 do Kentucky, 1,762 bales Rio Grande, 20 do Recortes and Picadura-Best qualities sell at reapecmated appearance in Ar.erican tobacco, and the sales ternal Revenue for the year 1872. 3 .70, 3 .70 3 7 .5 3 .7o, 3 .so, JS 3.6o, 3.6o1 3 75 3.8o, 'la, s do Palmyra, do Sumatra, 1,630 do Java, 7,tively $15 and 13 arroha. t Bass-For sale as foleffected have been but of a hmited character, l)uye1s __., _____ 3 6o, 3 .6o, 3 50 3 so, 3So, 3So, 3-so. 3, 13.25, 3 3o, 501 ,;lo do (monkeys hau). lows: 1 sts, lids, $6 ; 3ds, having generally held aloof from mcreasing their hold Rem.o-val. 3 30 -?So, 3, 3, 3.25, 3.8o, 3o, 4-25, 3 9j 3.9o, 4 10, ANTWERP, Apri/3-Mr. VIctor Forge, Importer of Duties (see Tobacco).' In ings to any large and the busmess done has con3 7 5 4 Leaf Tobacco, reports: Our tobacco market is as dull voices-There has been a good deal of bad feeling and sisted of selectiOns, w1th a few fine runs of such as was NEW YORK CITv.-Fred. de Bary &Co ., agents of PADUCAH, April rs-Messrs. M. Clark & as it can be, the sales of the last month amo':lnt .ing only controversy lately created by the wrong and suitable for the requirements of home -trade buyers. "El Principe de Gales" cigar factory, from 52 Broad Brothtt,: Leaf Tobacco Brokers. report: Sales this week to ,about 3 oo Kentucky and r2 .hhds Vugtma, the most way adopted by the U. S. Consul some time There is a full ply oLmedium and com won classes, and so New Sts. to 41 .a_?d 4 Warren St. amol'Jlii:D sAI8 hhds. Prices remaia firm fof all grades mqst part haVJng sold at a':lcllon on account of since, i_nto gold or silver the curwhich to place, but Of' best the except common Jue:s, wh ich are a quarter IO'A'Jer. There sea damage. The direct transactions were very rency, m whach untal recently Havana stock is hm1ted, and, such, holders. are fum at top is httle or no imp-J;vement.Jin the quality of the breaks, about 25 hhds, and at very figures. ts no made out; however, there IS no doubt m our mmds, prices Imports-22._. hhds. Dehvene r,o23 hhds, the Pro ,nort 1 0 n of Jurs and common nondescript leaf probabthty of our market revivmg for a Jon. g lime Our that he was prompted to it, merely by the best of mo-agamst 987 hhds in the,.,.correspondmg mbnth of Jast UT ANT.E.t:J-By a ")an who io weliiright 1 for Trwoteeo, take place at the ollice or the paper, fi th T b :r T d f Phal d 1 h .t duct affected by declmmg pnces. Several other branches (lVe as uwal the followmg statement, showang the praces sorts are scarce, whlle there 1s a fa1r S)lpply of ll!oJt 3 8741 477-21 repfiort11er or W.e ,? et?11 ad e R1 lad, wn eds of trade are very dull, and general busmess is m a very ruling for the principa;l brands of Cigars in Havana as fillery classes, which are dull of sale. IC.entuck Leaf ANHD-.&.G&Hj ; 1. ..l.C 1! l::. as o o-.,s-:-es .. tn .LAa -ass I an mo era e eman K k S k M h "t t d t t d" t th I t t d t d S H I b t d t .&. Very ll .ttle haVJng been done 1n 1 1 som"" tt"me past. bad condm.on at pres.ent. entuc. y-toe arc Ist =. 1 s an s a presen accor lUg o e a es a es an our an tnps-ave on y een opera e m a ex. 1 C b Jd d' d f h r b "'-6 t"ef>t"Hent a Fint-c:1us Cip!' llanufactorina Establi1bmeat DOGe bst Th 1 1 1 k I so e do e hhd d 1 920 : arnvals, 281 total, 2,201 sales m March, 265 possessaon. a anas, praces an go accor mg to pnce tent; some ol tmpons o t e i of aud peneuce oeecl apply. Add.-. .. c. c. 'c., Ollice e sa es wee were on Y .10 z n l' s, an so stock April I, 1 936. Virginia-Stock March I :z61: current of ut August, r873; Legitimidad, 1st January, ning, have been placed, 'al&o aS; : pppsessiitf cotb r T 1le"t LEAF. far as 1 am mformed, the receipts were onJy half that arrivals none : 'total 26-r: sal"s m March, 12 :'stock 1874; A. 3oth January, t874; A. Villar, 1oth but of the latter there is a scarcity. have share EDW.ARD Jl1JIITilf. t '' 1 number-extremely dun : 7 T 8 M al F b 8 F1 d h k .. u l h PA.CKEB. .&.JIIJ ng;u;:ma ce s. .J 7 Th April I, 249 anu_ary, I 74; Or es, ISt e 1 74 j Or e ID the 01 t e mar et, 11 yerS a.J. ng \ Q6ert fot< sale ONE HUNDRED CASF. S FINE SELECTED CONNEO\ tta "'"'Je receipts were some over 1100 cases, BREMEN M. 11 0 1 d 1 Munas, 24th January, 1874; Mendtana, 24th January, confined thetr operations to the finest that are Offe mg:'WRAPPERS of hta own packog, crop of 7,; also ,..11 and ihe &ales exceeded the receipts-about 1 2 0 cases, K karc R 2t-: u:o r874; Intimidllfl, 2oth Nov. 1872; Flor de Fumar, 21st mixed parcels continue off but slowly : lfiue ,.,4 ----4 ... ,. mcluding small job lots and selections of fine wrappers, h Yfth e rt h/sum 0 the 1 3 11 January, I874; JGener, uth January, r874; ;Figaro, 23d colory kinds are much wa 1-n ex11ort there hl\!1 74'4 which last were in good demand at fair price11. msta1ntf, t e shaheds 0 ll eldpast bo DI!; Tb uthp et smka f Jan. I874; Carolina, Ist Febtuary, 1874; Fernandez y been but little done. Maryland and 4kio-Contln"ije Mtinu'acturtd-There was but one official report last tota o 174 s, a o o acco. u. e soc o M d t F b 8 c 1 1 F b d ll f al Th "1 r 1 '.1' 1_, __ ,_,._ 1 1 h gs ove the k 1 a enen ez, IS e ruary, 1 74; o oma 1st e ruary, u o s e. ere are numerous mqumes .or co ory week of arrivals of tobacco, viz.: 0 ondl!-y the'lJth 0 a-r.ruut 5 ow Y r 1e ""'; ade i r e e .M. 3oth January, 1874; Rico Habano, 1st Feb. descriptions, of which there is ltttle to be had. 859 hhds and J:ioxes; and ef tbis a mount 750 pkgs were prevenfts Ida adreve opmeonn a obasls at wa't Moreira' (Zeller), 15th February, I874 ; Resolu-The transac.tions of the month have been but triflmg. mfd, including smokings. Ulline5s""was reported tro be 0 0 b 8 eciall the b tl cion, 1st Marcij, 1874; Elecc1on, 25th February, I872; Havanna Cigars-When of good to fine quality meet a a last week The jobbers were busy; stin'ie the Trade to ln:rio; H. tr!'man, I?tb February, I874; Espanola, rst Feb., ready sale at full rates, but commoner makes aa;e but aps some expected to have donel more than ur ) 0 I pck first hand!! 14 ch '2 1874i :rvmartega, I 5th February; I874i Flor de Cuba, cult to place, even at low rates The stock now here IS was done ..Plenty-of buyers were in the market. ;t 9 si:C:e 10 -hhds isth Fel:iruary, 1874; Punch, 2oth February, 1874; of a mixed and ordinary description. Havana Tobacco n: 1 1 h lihJs stock in tofirst Lopez y Trujillo, 1oth February, 1874; Luis D1az Lazo, to be operated in to a very hmited extent: 5' :.; Vi 2..... 8 8 ,hhds st' -Th m rsth February, I874i Flor el Todo, JSt March, r874 j there IS but a pnor assortment. Yara:-rls Without aJ. are negleeteltr "1 r!O 3"Ut .uO 'If 1-'ltr ? 7 11 'i es. Partagas, March, 1874; Corona, 1st April, 11!74; teratioa; with a bare market, no business has been RICHMOND, Apri1I8..-Mr< :K. Toli dco Ph"d YV. ugtml.ll Pedro Mato, ISth Angust, 1873; Manco de Lepanto, done. Cuba-Some considerable sales pave been efn k Ann 1 ce.m.v-last has b stems To no e P 2 1 ''ill 1 rgmia s ems M h 8" LaC cial h F b 8 d I II h ld h I IO ern--.r.-r..., : n 1 r ._,.. een b t 8 thl d 5 hhds do abo t 16 thlr Ist arc I 7tti omer Iot e ruary, 1 74; fecte ; near y a t eo imports ave een p aceu; a no ch.ll.bjq 011r worth note, and, w:sfern strippers were ?.st March, r874; La Gloria:, ISt March, small parcel bas c?me to hanll, and be shortly m as in my t;e and are ,. vera thl d hbd t .1 d b-Vmda e hiJO 111t March, 1874; El MensaJero, the market. Manilla Cheroots and C1ga s-There are very w1pe apart, andno has as, yet been of 4 S;hip 15th March, I 4. (April 30th, '73); hqmauos, scarcely any of the former now offering, and arrivals effected ; s_till I have essayed Ito give classifications and a Y or egle ace f 1st March, Progreso Cubano, 1st Apnl, 1874; El would come to a good market ; of tqe latter there JS a the pnces as as to do, reDelfin, loth 11174; Flor de Sahr, 15th February, fair supply, with but _little d_oing. .T.obacco-the very and..g1apb account pol\e e i ed sinc k 6 hhds total 1 1874; La P,erecc10n, tst January, 1874; J. Arguelles, There has been but httle domg m tb1s growth, the a b. of our domgs as an Assoctataon, and tbe st te of our 1 09i rece ':, I d, 17 Slhd 15th March, R. Allones, ut Januarv, sence of fine suitable classet prevents operations to any .um market, the pen of_yaur occasional cor, tJales, 77. o hhds, Se 6 toCabinet, April,l 1874; La Caoba, March, extent. Columbian-During the month has been much responden t an your last tssue, I feel thllt 1 am unequal tal, 1 2 3 1 hbds. 10'}. b 2 1 7 4 de Oro prices on a fictitious gold basis as per Margin neglected and but little business has been done. Am to the task of addmg any thing likely to interest or m 339 hhds. Seed Lea-haas 111 an eavy smce (with vlcious system of the additional gold balema has scarcely been inqu1red {or and no sales struct your numerous readers. Transactions for the last report and ho!Gerals fve ml a er some hto premium on Curreftcy) accord\ng to price current of have been effected Carmen has dull k hhd t bo effect sales Tbe tot o sa es .or the. t l wee were r,o3o s, 21o cs, 43 xes. h 0 M s f ourse d h 0 h ISt January, 18?4, 20 per cent.; Henry flay, 15th Aug. of sale, although offered at low rates Buyers hold THJ!: Black lugs, common _________ --------3 @4 rheac 11d11. 0 t f on d-l anf I873, 25 percept.; Paz de China, 18th .l'ebruary, r873, aloof from taking ay thing wh1ch is not of the finest FORTH& Black lugs, medium to good------at 10 a or ea W n 30 per cent.; La Real, ISt Dec., 1873, so per cent.; quallly. Giron has also shared in the dullness of the A.DJVDJC.&.TIO!I oN THE lltotll INST .&.T FLORENCJC u. Black lugs, extra.--------.-----6 for It an ac odry U ra :t fr.. e may Inge11uidad, as per price current in currency of January month there is a fan supply now at easpq-BJCADY POlL &XA.KI!IATION .&.T THIS OJI'riCJC. Blackleaf,common._. _____ __________ \1 11J e IS'b i i874 able Palmyra-Has been operated in o "nfy Bl k 1 a d 6 ,.;og c li. Stock 'l.U> =! hanwo rrus .ua a ut 6 o o: cas.,s. -: ac e me um----------------\!:' ., It w1ll be observed, that leavmg alone the few makers when holders have made constderable reductions om FERD d I.'UCA Black leaf, good. _________ ---------Tlzusday, April special correspondent restill holding on ito the fictitious Gold basis, almost aJI previous prices, and the transactlons have been con e leaf, fine to extra .u @14 ports: Kentucky-1 he. total sales for tbe wee)t are our manufacturers have adopted now the clean Gold fine'd to a few sales at low pnces. Esmeralda-Con478-It Bnght lugs, common to medtum.-----5 @8 only so hhds, heavy grades at 37@39 pfenmgs. Sales bas1s for their last Price CurreHts. To judge from tinues to move off steathly; there is now but a "Small Coosal-GeoeraJ. Bngbt lugs, good to fine _____________ 9 @Ia for the month of 400 hhds old crop No de-present appearances, a further rise of prices would seem supply in the market, and no further arrivals are looked RQYAL HAVAIIA lugs, extra @20 mand for new crop 15 as yet. The of probable, especially into the of for. Chma-Of fine bright color is wan.ted, and would.' : _.alls,ooo Bngl;it leaf, common to medtum. ------8 @to the large amount wanted tlus year France does not matters and thmgs of this Island which IS descnbed at bring an advance on previOus quvtalions. A small Clan 9oto bed....,.n Aug. 1 Class9 3 to be drawo OcL u, ,.,,. ....._) a d fi @ h ad ffi t It t b h d h 9" I Sept. 17 9 Nov a .. ,;, to ne __ ------- -ll 13 seem to ave m e an:y e t:c s 0 e ope t at full length in our last issue, and has if possible, becowe parcel was sold during the month, and brought ru g ,. oct 4 ; 9 5 Nov: ,6 ; u Bngtlt leaf, extra ---___ -__ --_ .14 @15 our J_obbers may not Withhold thetr encouragement too worse Cigars at desirable prices which were obtain pnces Paraguay-Continues in favor with manufacwHdLE TICKETS, JB oo ONLY; Hahes anaQllarten o Proport1oa. B h @ I St M ch 6th I 874 t"n fi st h ds Addreso all Letter to ng t wrappers, ------12 IS -ar, 2 r an able w1th some grod manufacturers, who had not got turers. A considerable portion of tqe late arrivals has .A.. & o. Brtght medJUm to good .. --.. I8 @30 hhas;. Delivered smce-sales so nhds j rrfl intolineyet with there more: widely awake colleague s are found buyers at satisfactory pnces. Por t o Rico, Arra+4-49! p 0 BO:E.40M or II all t ; NewYBnght wrappers, fine_------------35 @so I874, m first hands 2 734 hhds. Ytrgtma rapid!}" givinc out. The demand it not much, if any, can, Brazil, and St. Domingo-Nothing new to report; Bnght wrappers, exfra.------------.. 6o @7 5 lands show no and no dehvenes. O f 0hiO so improved, bptever, manufacturers have managed thus stocks verv trifling. Turkey-When of fine bright color Mahoiany wrappers, common.-------12 @r4 hhds wne dtsposecl of at 44 pfenm Stock rr. far to sustain their recently establiShed Gold prices,-and well selected meets a ready sale, but ordinary de Mahogany wrappers, medmm to good. 1 5 @20 Apnl 2 d, 1 874, Va. 2119 hhds i Mds. 2 82 hhds mainly by workiflg moderately Stocks-are under prescnptwns are difficult to place, although offered at low Mallogany wrappers, fine.---------2 5 @3o Oh10 176 Stems.There were vailing exceedmgly small. Shipments-pnces. Macedonian has been but little operated in, Mahogany wrappers, extra_-----35 @40 n.o sales thts week, no receiJ?lS nor dehvenes Ky. are mostly confined to the Umted States, and England, owmg to the disincl i nation of holders to ac:ept lower SAN FltANCISCO, A/ml g-The Comnun:ial Hustems contmue wantmg. Stock m first hands, whilst those to Germany are quite mstgmficant. We pnces. Greek-Has been but httle operated in; there aid reports as follows: The market is supplied I874, 190, hhds Kentucky stems i 149 hbds Vtrgmla beg to state that our princ1pal manufacturers have 1s but a small rextent of stock in the market. Rio witb Virgi i3 but t e at present stems\; Total stems, 339 hhds. Seed Leaf.-At .the to their : utmost capac1t1es, stocks of Tobacco of Grande-Is not m so much favor with buyers ; sales is extreme i y h111ited, with. no conSiderable sales to relower prenllmg there bas bec:n rather more last year's growth so as to make themselves, as much as have been but triflmg. Java-Of good substance and port. Pnces as Eastern leaf js quite plen-The week's sales sum up I,I68 cases. receipts posstble independent of the incoming crop and Jts excondition, the stock of which is but ..fery meets, a nful, wJtiUtliteady ,JWPd demaQd at qarrent rates. The are I,354 cases. Stock, Apnl 2 d, t874, lD first hands, pected shortcomings. The proprietor of the Cabanas steady sale. Sumatra-Has been but little operated m exports cases, 8 pkgs, u caseS"cignrs to Victoabout 5,23 cases. factory for one hoi s on that ground at the present owmg to scarcity of suitable qualities. Dutch-Is slow na, and 2 case5'to 1lonofulu. The exports for the first HAVANA, Ap,il 1.-Messrs. J. F. Berndes, Sen & moment abOut 6ooo bales and is tnu fully prepared if of sale; Jhe stock m first hands IS hmited Germanquarter of 1874 were as follows : Tobacco-To Japan, Co., report as follows: 'f!Jbaco-Export Duties-The needs pe}\Qt to touch the I874 crop at all. From this Continues slow of sale, although offered '1-t reductions 14 cases; to Mex1co, 2 pkg:.; to China, 7 pkgs; to V1c-export as well as the import 9-uttes payable. in gold, it will no doubt be easily understood, that there is no on previous prices. Japan-Well selected and m good tori a, 84 cases, 97 pkgs, 20 ; to the Sandwich decreed as per scales gLVen in our last issue and to be groun& for parties ordering, to presume-as act.,ally condition is in demand, but miXed parcels and those Islandr, 53 cases: to other countnes, 7 4 cas:s ana 7 carried into effect this day, have J)een suspended anhas been the case-that the good qua hues of tobacco that are not qutte dry in condition move off slowly ; bales Ctgars-To Japan, 2 cases; to cases; other time, bemg made subject to the final dec1sion of haci out, and that the henceforth being some of the late arrivals will be offered on the 23d in to the Sandwich Islands, 12 cases; to other countnes, the new Cap tam General, who is expected to arnve in turned out nf the old crop 11ill nQ_t come up to the former stant by pubhc acuon. "Hunganan--Nothing offering. 14 cases. 1 a couple of days. Cr<;Jps-The drought, w1th the exstandard. Latakia-Is scarcely ip uired. for; some fine par(Cels ST. LOUIS, Apnl IS.-Mr. J. E. Haynes, Dealer m ceptton of some shght showers, bas reigned su-The concerned may order with i mpu?ity, are offermg. fine brands and 1 good Leaf Tobacco, reports : The market was steady on preme for four months the tobacco d1stncts1 and be pretty ceriam of obtammg the goods reqhtred, qualit)l"upon arrival. Cavendish--Has been Thursday and Friday, but Saturday and Monday it was and the injury done to the incoming crops has much m-which, at all events, in point of workmanship and se-rather more freely dealt in ; there JS not much really depressed for lugs low grades leaf, and continued creased, m fact so so that preparatory are lection wilL prove satisfacto.ry. cigars are e dl;l, the market Stalks and Sma}ls-Are but :Spaweak for these yesteraay; but for all tobacco suJtable bemg taken for subscnpftons to allay the pnvauons of not as cheap as they \Were smoe gold pnces have beQ!gly ikalt IQ. 1 for maDufacturing, the demand has been good and prices the poor, wh1ch have. actually commenced to be sefi. come the or:der of the day. Our general price current 1 have ruled firm all the week. Sales from Thursday to ously felt, especially in the Vuelta-Abajo. Vueltawill likely be ready next week. A (.;luEER OccuPATJON.-The "Fulton (Mo.) Tdeyesterday inclusive, 236 hhds: at 1.8o (trashy and Abajo-Rece1pts in Havana in March about 1o,5oo E xclzang-t has advanced in the course of last month graph remarks: "The are frosted); r6 at 2 1o@2.95; 102 at $3@.\ 30 at $4@ bales arrived previously, 17s,ooo bales. The stocks extraordinarily, closing as per followmg quotations plant and expect a good s eason. ;'....!.'J'ne "to4.8o ; ::2 at s@s.go; 31 at 6@6.90; 8 at 10 the' country are nearly exhausted, and those in the London, 6o days, 16o@I62 per cent. premmm ; Paris, haec in that part of Missoun mu't carry OP.. a 8@8.7o; 3 at 9 ro; 2 at; rat; I at I $12; c1ty have narrowed down in first hands to a compara6o days. 133@J34 do q Hamburg, 6o days, 131@I32 do ; different ldnd 1>f business ttom that of theJT fellowat $q; 1 at $14; 2 at IS@ISi 1 1 at 1.7.75; I at $18: ttvely limited cypher, particularly, so regardmg the bet New York currenC'y, 6o days, rog@IIo do ; New Yor k tradeame II\ any other part o{ th world "(e ever heard I at $28; I at $30, and 18 boxes at 2.6o@8.6o. In the ter qualities This somewhat un xpected fact has been gold, 6o days, I34@ T 35 do j Spamsh doubloon s, 140@ of! same t1me I bhdwas p_assed, and bids were ..rejected dn brought about by: sn1ppers and manufacturers having 141 do. c ,, o 1o 42 hhds at. 2.8o@17o. To-day, the stiff -gone on buyina; thn;mghout last !...IVERPOOL, 'Apnl F. W. Smylhe & all round, mfluenced douh!less by he .. of them-prompted the unprom1smg cro_p, an cA he expectatiOn Co, Tobacco CommiSSIOn Merchants, reporL: ThroughflatJOn btll by Congress. ':1 w..a.s a decti:ledly .oLbighe{ -Jlnces.Jrom that cause well as from the cnn-out all the month of March we had umnterrupted dull feehng ppmg adfl.ieaf;"RDp pnces tinued downward tendency of our paper currency. aes. s, the daily salc;s bemg strictly reta1l, ch1efly to the adv anced {rom 10 to er on l ugs, afld, on their par more pr_m; nptjy than bewhg bought only in a small wtty what they could say 25 o 1 grades leaf. fore, by advancmg the pnces accordmgly, some even 110 d:e wttbout to meet iriunediate wants and conse Sales 43 s: 17 m two lots at h; at 3 wh1!,:b. there is a destre queflt l (there being no transactions of magnitude) @3.90; r ,J at 5-iiO@J; ) at 6.8o; 6 at duce as a basJs for future tha1_1 ever. W1th pr"ces without quotable change. Imports small 7@7i 1 at8.4c; I I at $21, and r at "!is te of t.hmg:;, nq1 quotations 371 hhds, against 6 7 2 last'year. Deliveries r,646 _agai11 t and 15 boxes at $::@6. pn 1 5 hhds g1ven wtth any degree Vuelta-AbaJO 1 513 Stock in 25,544, against al We \}IIOte }!/eno fmstedt'eftd roughly to '!lave tleen p1pd {or the Umted States hs m 1 873. Since rst ins t Imports t6 b deliveries tied factory }11gs .tacood do 3 50@ .Per ._gtl. better grades. as h!gh u J,1oo 'Pft' qtJ, 330 sto k, 25, 453 : 3.8o; do mfs:JaOr and common laJ pnme Vegas tanging desenp Messrs. Edward Samuelson & Co's. monthly circular 4@5.50; metiJUm do twns worked by our own manufafturers, were taken for Ja.Js:-TIIe' business in North AmeriJ:an-1'4rbacco !or the 7.oo@8 .oo; med1um leaf y,cat-$J20@4oo qtl for firsts to sixths past month was vetymod.erate m liipen_t and ef rood J > mediu. .O..Igbt-wrappflg leaf and the remamder ID proportion wtth a corresponcting seretail character.hpme manufactlll fel'! p4IJ good do $a5.e purchased of the Chfton r'-frange, I so,0 :bs.-more tobacco than was ever m day by a single firm-for which the average pnce Wall ab,out $4.50 per hundred. The bought at Cliflon are now bemg dat!y received, and much reJOICing is caused thereby ---4--A .SPECIFIC AGAINST Voono1sw.-" Ecliplicos of Life is the title of a book announced for publication in an mla'lld town in Louisiana. The following rich list of contents ought to make 11 sell among thel people for whose use It is evidendy "Nocturnal sovereign panacea, inva uable specific remedy fof all >the diseases and mental spells inflicted on the black or colored inhabitants of tbe Ueited Statea, under tbe names and characters of spiritual visi01151 i : puural.sonp, aUal twanp, war-boJ'Ie lau,hing, incanta&iou1 tictitwus t. oriea devils, 1 osts, fairies ; 1 I. l'". I a 1;1 1 JJ'f r I:!OY W:TI-.1 HAVANA LOTTIRY orC'UBA tt,SG,OOO Dll.&.WW EVBKY it' DAYS. GERIIIAN GOVERNBENT Oue. Prize 10 Avenge oil lfo Tickets. Prizes cashed and tnfonuatJoo gtven THBODOB. ZICRGCa, P. 0 Box 559+ f43-1-485l u6 Nauau St.., FOREIGN DUTIES ON TOBACC(\. In Austna, France I tall" and Spam, the<"'!is moonpolizecl by &overument, underdtrecuon of a Re"tt= bt. duty on 1can leaf tobacco t 9 4 tha1ers per toolbs. In Belg1umthe I S nclloued deductmg 15 per C:t:nt. tor t are. The duty JS 13 francs, 20 centimes (f;2 40 per 100 K1logrammes (1oo Amenca.n lbs. equal 45)) ktl o.J Ia H olland the duty ts aS r ents, gold, per J(X) lulos (aSo Ame n can pouuda being eQJJal t o n7 ktlO'i) ]n Runta the duty ()n leaf tobacco I S 4 r oublCS.fD k opetli per puct, on "'molunJ; tobacco a 6 rou 40 cop. pee pad, and ou ell' ad' rou.. 2:0 cop._.,pf![.:Pqd J_)e 11 pud" JS equal to ahout 36 AD'I'encaD lba. Ia Tatkexth53utr i fifty .-er 11,Ji Amencao ounces FOREIGN TOBACCOS .&lD CIG.UU. Foreign Tobacco, duty 35c. perpouod1 g ol d Forelga C1gan, $1 ald br ltaiDJl'l at tho Cuatom Howoe. (Re\"enllo Act ,tJS.) The tmpon dO\y Oft maoufadured tobacco tS per l b ; Leaf stemmed 35c Stems lSC per lb. In addttiOD to thiS duty, the Revenue tax: on the "'same k10i toba.cco madetn ttus sountry mu!lt be paid l1le tobuco matit al6o be paeted..adOoi.dtD to the regulat1ona BOYemtnatobacco ma.dt< bcte IS PUBLISHBO EVDY WEDMISDAY :ommrt BY TBJ fOB!CCO LUr PDBtiSIINQ OOIPANI Fulton Street, Ne10 York.


,. THE. VInGiNIA -TOB!C CO ESTABL"SHED IN I8J6, Wf C!!ARLES M. CONUOLLY. l j, CORKOLII.: 4 : COIIIIISSION M ERCHA.NTS r 1 IN l.ea.f and Manufa.ctured ToJla,cco, 45 WATER STREET, NEW J .Agents for VIRGINIA KANt1F ACT'ORED TOBAG CO Purchases made of various brands shiJ>ped to' this market tree of commission, lto the party ordering from us. l-'URCHASES OF LEAF TOBACCO FOR HOME .:I..ND EXPORT, MAD E ON COMMISSION. Orders filled direct from. VIrginia at FACTORY prices. EXpPRT ORDERS for TOBACCO Filled with DISPATCH Good Storage for all -kinds of TOBACCO in dry' <..nd well ventilated lofts. r..: Orders from our old friends and the trade generally solicited. P. o. '::ac:::>=s:::.. 109'7. -ERC.KANTS, AT N'EW, YOBK, AIID CO'l'TRELL, Cu:rrenc, 1fHlTE FEATHER, LEGAL-TEtiDER, Young .Swell; SILVER CLOUD, Banana Fig, TBBPTA.TIOll, SANCHO PANZA,, THE HUB, etc. C. C. RMiri.ToK. R. AiHCROP'T. YORK CUTHRIE A CODISSION MERClfABTs AND ::BO'WNE & 7 BURLING SLIP, NEW YOR.K, Tobacco CoJD:tDission -Merchants d Sole Proprietors of the Celebrated Brands of Smoking Tobacco: Honey Bee, Early Dew, Prafrle Blouom, Red River, Powhattan, :Bnterprtae Old Xentuck, Old Los CaJ'..ID, C:Ow Slip, Planters' Choice. P ou.eer of the West, Bunny Soutb, BraDd, &:QDey Dew. !=-lola thP FtD.tea f.or J .P. &-CO.'S GOLD FLA.XIt ., V. MART INEZ Y B 0 R &.CO. .(E fo I M p 0 R T E R lt A F T 0 B A c c:o J t. EL PRIJICIPE DB GALES DRA.ND 011' XBY WEST, 26 CEDAR STREET, NEW YOKK. jtQI(,.pHSTROHK. GUIDO STROHN A .&nu m ..__ill u ALSO Dl!.ALXRS lN I DOMES'l-,IO AND IMPORTERS OF WALLACE. & co., No. 47 Broad Street, NO. 44 BROAD ST., G. REUSENS, BUYER OF XEWYOBX. M. B. J. P. QUIN & co., IPDB TKB up .-&&VAN! -.-l'IJil.39DROAD8TREBT, 1 :S: .6, :r 'l' 0 :EI.A..C C 0 ReMdnable Advances made J 162 PEARL ST., NEW JORI. .... f ..I 1 ....................................... :::TBOM&s KJIIICUTT. F. II W. TATGIIBORSf.,, .'. KNtuekx aatl Vlr!Jinia To :B! :_ Tobacco : asa street, NEW YORK. .-..,.,.,_ ______ .. -=-Y_o_RIC._. :: ___ ...._-:..,. ___ .._ _; -.JOSZIB A.. VEGA., FA.'l'MAN & CO.,, 'otton and Tobacoc. Factors,. fD COMMISSION 70 & ft BBO.&D STREET, l--NEW YOR.Ii .. ._.,.I Havana Tobacco A ltD . c-1 a II a; 18'1 I'IAIL 8'1'111'r, OW YOU Being located a t the GREAT LEAF MARKET for Ctm!'HfG 'fosAcco, our faci lities for supplying the TRADE with ALL ot FiNE-CUT and SMPII:ING are unsurpassed. 1 r I FRANCIS 'KINNEY'S PATENT IMPROVED TOQACCO This iml) roved o\LSO for cuttinJr Toba<;co is con structed with a single knife working upon inclined bearings. and operating with a sliding ahe'r cut upon the tobacco, which ia })1.-:ed in a box with sides a( '!fjht tel l" hismachtne will cut any kind e f tobacco, and cut' it perfectly. Plug/ Twist, Perique in Carrot s, and auy simi,latl 7 hard prepared tobaccos ean be cut in tbeir hard state, without any casi n g, (or other moietening to them. ,. It ma .. esnosborts, c an be run by hand or steam pow er, requires no skill to operate tt j its construction is of the n:K'8l11pohlitantial k.iod, slow to wear a.nd difficult to disofrler. -, Price of tp.acbine com- plete, with Ptt:U (box. 'uo icloea), net cash. -133 Water and 85 Pine Sts ... l\T. Y. I 1 B'or Price or apply as above. Hav i n g felt the wo:nt of a perfect '.icrap Breaker fOr breaking scraps fGr Cigan. we can guara.1tee i n this mac hfn e a perfect succees. 1 'lbey are made of the best material, combioing lroq_ and steel. and not get out of-order. With o n'e boy, ten to fifteen barTela of scrap per a c a n be made. As h1 know; by a ll the old pro cess of p reparing scrap, r..ubbi n g it over a ieve, made thep:n hard, and a great deal JOel to dust, aod ii a little damp tbey would be rolled in ... hard lumps; by they paee a Met of shear bladttS, and a r e llflhte ed then throulfb a sieve of One .tze, a U being bae op eration. Br this your tobacco la opered as light as a feather. Complete, with Sieve, t75. CaD .llwlr* or. .' -send lor full Cir c ular Prlee, .'75. .. .. J a. PACE,, 1 :J vRBROUCH & JSONS, J. H: CRANT & CO. JOHN ENDERS, 1TURPIN & BROTHER, b. B. TENNANT & CO. L H FR-' YSER & ,CO."' > B. W. OLIVER, M. : CREANER, CARY BROTHERS, WILSON, THOMAS HARDCROVE, J. R. PACE & CO. RACLAND & JOlliES,, RACLAND & 'TOSH, WALKER, TAYLOR It CO. WINNIE & TALBOT, ,. L. W.11W.JSE, R. A. PATERSON It CO J. P. L. LOTTIER.'. I So:,f 'l Havana Tobacco ,and, 85 MAIDEN N. Y. FOX, DILLS & 00.,. I '-L.QERSHEL & Pacll .. or aad Dealen Ia LEAF TOBACCO, Front .7VYOIX. AND D&AL8U IN ALL ICIHDS OP LEA:F TOBACCO, 179 PEIIL STREET, j I GUIT 'tV ._ISMAlfW, } B&aMAN ltO&PnG, J NEW YORK. rt LJ.mJPBRUCB & BRO., No. 1 ,64 Witter Street1 New York, WHO!.BSA.LR DI:ALRRS IN [ & DOMESTIC Leaf-Toba.cco. .. { : AUERB4CH & MENDERSON, : Tobacco AND J --C:IQAB.S <--I 1 I 138 &nd 13SU Wate:r St., NEW YO:U: orrr. -' "'' OPPENHEIMER A BRO. DEALERS IN SEED, LEAF AMD HAVUI 'I'OBA'CCO, ;.. 138WATER STR'EET, NEW YORK.. JoS. MAYER'S QS. lltrtllaltf, I ......... II( Leal 122 JY A':l'BK 82'B.Bllf'e New York. I l TOBACCO SROKER SCHROEDER & KOCH, SPEICIR _BROB._ ll: CQ., PACKELB i CODISSION JIERCHANTS, $EB. D JLP' Dealers iB J DEALERS Ill' II l I l;leaf B.AVAlfJ. TOBACCO No. 75 Maiden Lane, 203PearlSt .. NB.W YORK. T. ll. IPEN.CER. C C. SPENCER. ,A... S PENClll I 1 .lliD Coiluabal.en Merc1ul1ft I r omC. In Tobacoo ExchiJAI'e, Shockoe Slip, lUOlDIOND, V.A.


' Cf d M. & S. SITftNBERSER, POilU m: BAD, NO. 4o4 BXCIIANGiil PI,.A

r IPJttladelphia A.tJvertiaem.enta. Statue, Smith a :DEALERS IN ALL KINDS 01' J LEAF TO-BA..C. G o STEWAB TEI,r,ER, BROS., Packers, Cnmmisafoa M.alumta, aDd Wholesale Dealers in Poi!'Bw.n aD.d Doaatlo Leal"lf'obacco, 117 North Third Street, Philadeiphia. e&.DIV.ii:R Chi.R&Brr ruca GHIIBALI CDIIISSIDN BcZ :a c :.6. :R: T s .18 and:83 iJfo.Delawai"e A.v., pz J{,o; 143 1 venue, Pitta burgh. W Fe B W CKERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS I L ACCO e I 18 80UTtt WATER 8TII\EE J W EISU/JIIIII. S. W. CUIII. PRIL.BOIN. PBILADELPBIA ( SIDLBAP TOBACCO INSPECTION O.WN-Y.!/J.!Ut [Or "'berelt io rqulaiiJ.packtd.J E. W. I)ICKER80N, 0J'J'IC1: : lite. 138-'1'IJII) l'BILAllELI'mA. TBB. oo., .&PR. 22 LB. ml& I lLALLAY. AIR. I C. WELLES ct. CO.;-COtfN, )SEED .. P Af 1 )!rc:=-.&ooo. EAF TOBACCO,. 154 ... 16'8; 6185 :Parl fet, a z ........ ..., LEAF Ita and r? Front {oouu or ..... 1 m Cenmeetlcnt 1 .A. L. a P SIBSO., 1 PaclteN aod Dealm iD OONNEOTimiT SEED I TOB.aooo, No. I 3 .MAIN".STRE IT' : '. '< :..fc.r &B.&, -I .. bzs oon FlO IN 8.&000,,. DA 1 B. 'SMITH & CO .. lliiekaiii sfJObla I I I q.l I ,ft T ddil I IJ. w. CARRGLL, Sole Manufactmrer or the ..... F t IIOWtled Brauda ol VirPia Smoki&' [.tANDA.11 a. SUCCESiiOD TO I. LANDAU I MAiNUFAS:TUJI.ERS O F FI.HE CIGARS, Particular atJeatloD paid to tile JobbiD&' Trade, 21 THIRTEEITH STREET, RICHMOND, VA


APR. 22 -;;= 2 SUTRO & NEWM ---I 1 L. f. S. ll4ACLEHOSE. ALEXANDI:It MAITLANU. 1\'t L. & C 't TOBACCO FACTOI\S, IJ., &ENEilL OOIIISSION IEBCBANTS, I -13 8aOAD 'Jr. c Advaneements rnade on consigmments toW. A. 1: G. MAXWELL &: CO l.IVI!Il'1'0m.. EDWARD SAMU ELSON tc CO. Tobac(B) FactOrs. -ENT .j.o TJU: LO-aDII ()OliOfi8l!li0JrER8 OF [BROKBBS BT ADIIIIBALT". ,) 1 ag :D.Abm s-ramm-r, 1 J .. 1 .... r b ''"'"' -TIVEBPOOL, E ... Jaa.d. } I I h l.tJHll... -., PROMPT SALES EFFECn".D. BUF GRAPB S l GAB CO.; SUCCESSOBS TO I'OX' & CO., BUI'FA. 0, Y. \ HA1!UFAUl'UR:&RSO:!' s :ma.AR.S, ..AND 'DEALERS IN EAP TOBACCO, No. 191 PEARL REET,New York. JO'Illf STR.ui'ON'. GEORO.E Fi,,ORY. DE POLICE AND RRVENUE hEMS.n the i,n this cij), J arfdtea HendedBn','df and,,.,. .. a:t thll station liouse, with stealing a guant_ity pf premises of W. H. Loh myer, of No. 217 St. The officer notiQed the man carrying a bag on his shoul ders through Bleeker Street at three o'clock in the morn ing, nod, not being satisfied his explanation of how be came into possession of the contents, arrested him. A general alarm was sent out from the station house by Sergeant Murray, in9uiring of all the other precmcts whether any house l:iad be,en robbed of cigars. Jfhe answer was returned, "From the Seventeenth," and the robbery was discovered.The Commiionef.1pf ternal Revenue was advised Jast week of the seizure of one tobacco factory and two lots ot tobacco in Utah for violation of the Internal Revenue laws NOTHING MEAN APJOTiT THAT Bo'v. A Baston school boy,who was directed to a. composition on ricbet, iA thia : BodDileteri git verry .io Oeod golly won't i act Jenny .Russ." TOBA.CCJO e 1 THE BRITISH REVENUE.-The London Times sars that the British re ; enue s ,ammmt to __ year just clo ed. Tfi' Is J,ooo ooo tn exces.s of the estimate last year, and lllO than the extraordt nary rncome whic.ll excited so ch astonis ent in 1872-3. A NEw WA.Y'!ro FAY says the BOI!Iton 'J5/jst_, tha.t ance policy :h.Old'ers. in this insured for b,eingiequal to them all off and makiqg II'I:!IY haps we could our oncr; Congressmen


8 TOBACCO LEA Fe THOMAS HOYT & CO., M:ANU FACTUil.ER> C: t Fine Cut Chewing and \ 8MfJKIN(} ToBAccos & SNUFF, OUr.t FJRANDS C H EWING IIDoi"NYSlDE, HEART'S' DELIGHT, MATIONAL, BRIGHT OWEN; EXTRA CAVENDISH. WN. and 4o6 Pearl St.; New York Citv. Tobacco Manufacturers. I .. 'Lie ce. JOHN ANDERSON & CO., 1 LtCORICEP:::-.-A-===STE MANUFACTURERS OF THE SOLACH m mm TOBACCIIX 114and 116 LIBERTY STREET, NEW YORK, Beg to direct ttJ.e attention of the Dealers ill Tobacco throughout the United States and the til World to their SOLACE FINECtiT OlmWJNG TOBACCO, whlch i-s [being once more: under tho Immediate supervision of the originator, MR. JOHN ANDERSON, aad uow oW>cis, 88 formerly, without a rival. Ordem forwarded throop the .....,.1 clwluela will meet with prompt attention. JO::'E!N F .:I'X.ACC & Co MANUP.A.CTWtB:a OF ALL GKADJtS O:r (lint JJm:Ohiug, and TOBACCO WALLIS &. CO. EXTRA' Tobaeeo manufaotur ors a ad the trade in geReral,.... a:re particularly w e ..: amine 1111il test tho super10r properties of this LICORICE, which, being nuw '>rollght to the highest perfection is under the above sty l e of brand. We we SOLE AGF.NTS dle l;:and. P. Cl. & G. C. Acknowledged by to be, the best in the marker And for the brand of Licoride Stick INOEL & Co., 'In all respects equal to Ct\.LABRIAJ I I 'W'e have no Agents. Consumers a.nd Jobbers woulod do well to app.iy direct. Licorice Root, &elect and conBtaotly o n he.nd. GOMZ & ARGUIMBAU. DOMAS HOYT. CHAS. G. HOYT & "SURPRISE" IN FOil_ IV/'NHOE $c JOLLY BOYS SMOKI[I!.C, 174, Front Street, New Vork. 29 & 31 SOUTH WiLLIAM STREET I L1oorice 'Paste and .. Sticks, :i 0 It-' G.> G.> ;OHN F FLAGG. !. s : WATERS. TOBAC.CO BAGGING. IMITATION SPANISH LINEN, FANCY And all W#da o f Go o ds for putting up Smo k JniJ Tobacco. Alao .. assortment o f Smokers' Aru.:le s f o r the Trade. HOWARD SANGER & CO. &: 107 CFIAMBERIS S T NEW YORK. G.S.' w.s. F. w:-a Sterry Extra. P. S. Baracco and Pignatella. Del!osa. Excelsior Mil:ls and Favorite Mills Powdered Licoriee. Gum Arabic. EUGENE BOREMSKY, TOBlCCO .. BROKER, 143 WATER STREET, .. NEW YORK I JqHN CATTUS, TOBACCO BROKER 127 Pearl Street, I NEW YORK. EDWARD. DREYER, TOBACCO: BROKER; 46 Beaver Street, NEW YORit. r. J. S. C ,ANS &. SON, TOBACCO BROXERS; .. No. 86 W .ALL STREET, TOli1I.'IliE BOILDDlG, MEW YORK. = R If anut&ot11rers of I '' I Olive Oil, Tonqua Beans, PHILIP KELLAND. AND ALL SPECIALITIEs FOR TOBACCO D;A. SHOTWELL & SON, Tobacco and 'Segars, r oil. !:> "-MANUFACTURERS. TOBACCO 'BROK IQ u H ,() ..... I .::' e () (J I u ;: Jr1 8 tf DEP.OT & AGENOY' '' I OC the Manufacture of G. W GAIL.&:' AX, BALTIMORE, AT AM of tlwo "" l>rCI...S. of HERO and Fine Out OhewingTobaooo and Echo Sllloking 2'14 lllitilah Avenue. Neiv Yorlc. GOODWIN &CO., M&Du1'aetnren :) PUIU. s!lm'l', nw .Yonx. -D. :a:. McALPIN & CO., WEISF. EI,I.ER & _MRS G. B. MILLER &;'CO., !OBA.CO 0 'MANU F AOTORY, (P.KTER D. COLLINS, PanT.) IOELEBBATBJ)' .II'IKB-CJUT Vir[in Leaf I and Navy Chewint Patent Powderei\ Licorice. & I.MPORT.ERS, SPECIALTIES FOB IIIAim Jl' A.C'l'"UKEBS. -. I v l!c w I BRINCKERHOfF, IMPORTER OF 97 Columbia Street, sMoKINo.TonA.coo. DRUGS. OILS. Etc! Etc. 179 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. r.c Up Stairs. F. OSBORNE, I I CHAS1 E FISCHER & ,BffO .. TOBACCO BBOKBBS: 131awater Stree,t, N-EW YORK. NEW YORK, ..,..,.., Pl"ff 8,.,.if :no..r, .no sT:.,.EET, 1 I JrANUPAcivs or THJ.. CBLDitATEI> NEW YORK. r KANUJ'A328!ugton NEW JrliSCELLAiiEOUS. A. o. s. PASTE Having received the appointment as Sole Agent for the" A. 0. S." brand .:-ure Licorice :Paste, I am prepated to fill orEl.ers for the same at I8c. currency per lb.' De L A.NCEY CLEVELAND, :EIELO:Ei:EB., and MarhAfacturers' Agent, No. 158 PEARL STREET. Importers' : P POLITAN I' '209 & 211, SOLE DAD IU&UI&M ( fAll gradea of wltll Cue an4 S ki ll Sead.lor Price Liit. 11 OWing to the unprecedented ,popularity o f ll e nnrhatn" BraT" II nt Tobaeeo, certain unprtnd pled dealers and h a ve be. e Q led t o Qni trade .mark aftd tmpoliiJlwspoa t"K,=:,.:th inferior goods assimulated traclemaJk Sv..,. ,. to '\t.4t our r.ghtl to tbe 4( t Bral\d have bee n fu H y vt!l'dicated. b dth 1 .... theU S. Ctou,rtM ac and all piU'Ith IMPe hereb7-'"warned againot l'b.rthn'l"otreapaoo-\ WB lltRAllf '!.' forth to the law against infrlngen lwiod ',' :, ... : ... : A HEN co. } I : 4 3 Liberty Street, opposite Post Office, rr:mts o:r s:u:o:ru::as .Al1t. rr:z:c:Lll:e, ,I t l IN ...1 SNUFFS, J .BROTHERS; OFFICE; t71 PEARL STREET < RBW 'YORK I... 1 1 S.A.IroEi. JOSEPHS, {' I>; _. :pzR' B''.C:E-GA.R.B. '0 '" ., AND DEALER. IN TO I le!J _188 STBB;BI'_. D1I,V, APR. 1-., .MISCELLANEOUS. WM. DEMUTH & Til& SOt. MANUFACTURERS OF IAVIA WP TOIIIGl AND loiANUJ'ACTUR.Ea OF :r S e &',a.zo 32 Platt Street, New T Oit Cit}. HENRY WULSTEIN, (8-.. ""0 a ::s ..... Coaotaaily oa Ha ... the -t H.....t. and Stoea.DJ. Maehtaea :for Cutting u.n, NEW YORK. \VII. H. CORE, (Established r Ss8) r acturer of Paten.t.ed A p ri l and August 1SOl j :Y:,r 4 t h and Jlfly "Y!tb, 1:S,1. w hie b. ficst.Premiums h a v e bet>& a t the American lns tlt11te, 1864;, 1870, t871 18713; Stat e Fair, 1 869; Virgiata State Fair, 1 8 o Sout h Camlina State r8 7o; Prospect P a r k F ki r Brovklyo, L 1.7 1870 N. B.-i;ho w Cas u o f desc ri ptio n constan tly o n hand reAdy for h 1ppmg to a\1v p3rt o t Unite d State s and All sa les warr.iMed as repr e !k'nt"'d 133 Chatham St., cor. o f Pearl, ( NEW


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