The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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, VOL X.--NO. 12. NEW YORK. WEDNESDAY, 1874. WHOLE No. 480 lht lobateD IS PUBLISHED 'l'ft:BY WIDDSJ)&Y KOJWMG BY rBI ftBAD LIAr'' lUBLISIUO 00, 142 Fulton St., New Ytrrk. -B.wi-.&11 Lo1; .. n llhoulcl be pla1Dl7 o.clcl..-to !I'll I'OIAOCO LUJ" 1'1111L!BilmG CO. Terms of the Paper : StMcn CoPJK&, 10 C zJIITS" 81.:: MoNTH s 2 oo Tamu M o NTHS, -. 1 oo Iii'"" thattbe c o i t to the y ear J o r moathl y aabecriber ;, "" ,,.., EirU C.ntts jrr AI'UfUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS ABROAD. ..... IU.T B RITAIW AMD c.uuA, Ss Of Ba&ata:N, HAMIIURG A N D TK& COMT l M .... J6 ol AvsT ULlA. &Tc., VIA E NGLAND, -S6 :>1 Cue-.. -__ J!<>4 N o tor the p aper c onsidered. unless accompanied by the corresponding amoant. R.ep:u.ittanccs in lnatance, be made by money-order, check or draft. Bills are H able "_ ... llolea, d ontr be H'llt &t the an:atest 11M t o t h e aender. llolotooa M A B Nalcleo X..... Vep fooepb 4.. h Peul Vep, Martinez & Bro1., 190 Parl. Welt & Co. '5 Plae Waite< It Frtoodmaa F..-..., P"1 ....,. Weia., Eller & Ka.eppel, no 'Pearl. Ybor, V & Co. s6 Cedar Manuftzdurtrs of s,.u.J. Goetao F. A. & Bro ... s W .. bi!JKton of liflNiu OIK..-r. De Jlary Fred'k loCo. 41 & 43 Warren r._,_,,., I CJ.a, Pila. Bitler H. 1: Brother. Water Demuth Wm. & Go y .. fuhlrers if Bri r Pit>t < tl McJ. & Co. u7& U 9 W ater. Fin1llp. Moslio Tob- B- Brod l.f. I! I Maide a Lane. -. hlldey, M<>Ore a Co., 74 J"roat. Zellenlta B., o63 Eaot Fourth. c.dozo A H nJ Pearl. :HbMt Brzi-r. t.'i,t J.S Water. Howard, Sanser a Co. 4: 107 Cbamben Dobaa. Corroll & Co 1<>4 Fro11t. Cig..-Mnlt/ p.,, ecb, F ., Sbtb Av Co...,, William H. 133 Cbathata J"alk 11r Bro. G, ''' Wat Pat"'' l"'frtnMd TicG G DAJfB11B.Y. OODa. raves W. DETROIT, Kiala. -/ Ci'i'r.t aM ,.,.. iM Nortiwestern Cigar an Tobacco Co. tSI-IS6 Randolph St. of Cig, "''" DN!trs lo LIJ TbtJc. Jlalhewa j. L. & Co. n6 Jefl'enou Cicar Moulds. Detroit Cigar Mould Co. Cog,greaa & Fourth. DURHAM, N, C. S.diJ! ToiHz"o. Bla-t W. T & Co PAR.MVILLE, VA. Manu(acturn-s / 'I'rvUI. Read c : c. a Co. JIABTFOBD, Oo-. PMbn J D,td1r1. Barnes & Jerome, :136 State. Bllihp, j &:: Sons r8 Market. Hubbard N. & Co., 18llarket.. Lee Geo State. London & Bidwell, n6 and 7::18 State .. Peate H 1: z. K. 16 ICarket. Salomon & DeLeeuw, 4 Asylum Sbopbvd 1: Fuller, 014 State. Bisson A. L. & F., 134 l.Caia. .. Welles 0 & Co., '54 State. Westphal Wm. ul State. -: BOPEINSVILLE, Br.UrJ. Qarlt, M H &: Bro. QIDI.AXAPOLIS, bel. Manufacturen of F itu-Cut Clsnoic .,d S m okin,r To6atc o Cllrlotmau a: Co. cor Mloslulppl aad Pearl. Matrufacturers qtrars and Dtalm In Ltaf T o 6auo. Hei dllol'er, J ohn Wet Waablugtoa l'eadrlch l'raacia. Pa, Dtaler i n Ltaf T .. /Jaec. Schubertb, C. G Smythe F. W. & Co so North John. LONDOJif, Eac To6at c o Mer&!rants. H O ffmann J. A.&: Co. r4 .11 rs Greaham Africa T o 6aeto M er chant. H offmann D ]. 24 Rue :NEW TOBit, A rmts. Hoirmapa, Heury & Co. 41 Cedar LOlJJSVILLE lt7. PINg-TobMSo. l'lnzer J .t Broo 13 Third. NEW YORK: WEDNESDAY, MAY 6, 1874. lEW IDVERTISEIE FJR8T PAO&. Card of E. T. Plilr.latoa, Rlchmo11d, Va. THIRD !!AGE. Phalip KeUud ; Broker io Leaf Tobacco ; Hott:ce of Remonl Wanted-A Wboleaale House tu aeU HaY&Da Clprs on comm.i .. toa. ,49 Myrtle Aweoue, Brooklyn. SEVENTH PAGE. Charln Finke; Tobacco laapector; 155 Water Street, New Vort. The New York Co-op.ratiYC Cl&"ar Mlllactarinl' Co. 1 w. HoStreet, New York. 7 In Flushlnc Ptice only Four ThouaDd Doll,;n Wm. Monell 1 Blllhng SUp. New Yort. EIGHTH PAGJ:. W T. Blackwell & Co. 1 Mauulactnren ol Tobacco Durham, M. c.; u To Wbom It May Coocem I" OUR PLA.TI'O. B.lll. ufactured and smoking tobacco, who were compelled to pay it a time on the pauage of the pr. esent stamp law, in order to place their goods on the m a rket, and the issuing of free stamps to those paid the tax "Unde r the old 5ystem of collectioo, Q\lt whQ still Joa.ea, k. R, 479 'Weet Market Manufacturrrs of FiM-Cut Ckwir SrfWilitrK Thacto. Finley, Doll & Co., 82 & 8 Fint. llobiniOD !danafacturinl' Company. awtl bold the goods, hoping hope that justice wiU finally be done them. T1bMtt jullj(bluth & Co. 33 Third "ldl.a G w.! "Oo. lOCI Kain. Tol>auo B r olurr. Meter, Wm. G & Co., 56 Seventh. J"""'rs io 11/l kinds if Tootmo lportth, ooa. Btoadway Alberdln&" G & Co. 93 &: 95 Third. J. L & Bro., 16o Water. btf""ai RnmrU Co., 3o South Calvert Jtead & 0 d. Sliv. Tobco Relsmano, Co., 179 Pearl. Gl Nl 8 So th R..-eabaum,. A & C m ut Maldeo LaDe. H" emaon, 1 a. DA&" ea. Boeeawald, E 1: B '45 Water. Hollman, Lee a Co., 'l Excbanae Place. Salomunvj J9J Pea.rl. MAu{Mturn,' '" ... road. Marburg Brothers, 145 to 149 S Oh.arl .. SL __. uc r...... Wilkens H a: Co., 18,1 Weal Pratt. Schmitt). & o.,Water. if '-if""'--Scboverlin&", Wm. n9 Water. P.ulwr o>na-SA Becker Brothen, 9i Lombard. Scloubart H. A eo., ,.6 'Watet' Demers in H""' D.-11io Llf Spencer, BrOI. & Co., 75 Walden Lane tJntl oJ Cigr. Splngam, B & Co 5 Burlillr Slip. SPitzner C..:. H u4 Water tt G. H. M., 33 Weot Baltimore. "--stein tk Co. 197 DoaDe Stratton olo Storm, '9' Pearl. S ICII.i/' .. Starr R. & C o. 25 S outb. CalvertJ JIP/Mhwn-1 f Cirr ;. '"""" Strola.a & 176 FI'Oilt. Sulzba.chcr Joseph, s Water. TAl', Charle F A: Son 1B4 Froat. .-..--Tatccnhent, F. 'W. 68 Broad. Uomann, Cart, ,,a Pearl. W' rlwbt. B 1111, & Co., 30 B Zweia' H. 148 Water. s .. :R.eueo1 G. 5S Broad r. !lOI'emsky, E ., 1'4 ater F\ecl:er Ch & ro 13r Water Flacher, F erick, 41 Sroacl Gao, J S. Soo 86 Wall. Kellaad, a68 Water. ()RJorne h arlh Y s. Rader 1:: Sou, 133 Pearl. Shack r:aq llahlen l..aDo S o. Columbus, 20$ .Peart. MJcrrr" of ToHi Pearl 1Cioner Broa West Broa4war' lllc:.Atpta D. H. A Co. cor .A..,..ue D u41 "l'or Kn. G. B. Ill Co. 91.Columbla Avrsfor S.Mi"f T...._,.,. B4.. A Ce. Liberty Ltodheim & Lanpdorft 14& lr.U.. Bller .1: 1('._1, _._ MA .. jMtOrtrl of Ojr..- ... 3!611ewerJ FreJ Broo. a: Oo ... v _, C.Jaccum. a Schlouer, 147 aad 149 Attoraer. Qoo4wla B. W o6 Froat. Hartcorn .1< Genhel, 16 lllaldea Lue. Hulle ll a Co., 11t Pearl HollaDder H. U$ W:aideo Laoe eS. & Platt 'Paacual E Broth., r & Co. Water Pesant, J. A., .p and 42 Bro adwa y Pohalak1 & Gue rra.. 83 William. Tlu u c. Stewart Broti., 4' Contre M Space BOSTOJii. fA..,iuio Hot7oke C. 0 n Ceotral Wharf. KcEll'oy Bros., 31 Bro a d BR.EJIIEN., GEILIIANY. Co.,iWo FalleiiSt e ln. W. F BB.OOELYX, X. Y. ld.e.iiotr7. Wolatei.D Henry, JS Myrtle aenue .. BUFFALO, W, Y. Wjo/wi D Smithfield Manufaclu""s "4xctlsior Sputr R1ll" a11tl Ot!ur To6tJccos. Jenkinson R W., 287 LibefV. 'BlCHHOND Va, CAiuU. A;fercUI&J._ Qlaloii ...... .-Christian &: Gunn. Wlae jameo M s Cary IAaf 1'oba&eo .. Jllllo li. A B.OCJIEIIITEa. :N. Y, if. T1hMco. Whalml B. I: T U.a State. MA .. if a;,..,;-c s.Mic Kimball Wm. 8. 1: Co., n ,., ;. Lift. ItiMm. Jlceely D B., 111111 otreet. MIMfujacturers of C!stwing atrtl s...,Jsirrl 6atco and Cig-s. GtlckM, C .t G cor. Factory aad MilL BPBIJfGFIELD, 11[,... Smith B. a. Co oo Hampdo11 ST. LOUD, Mo. MAJuurln tif CaUla D., 7'0' North Second Ma,.ujactur0 North SOrie s TO THE TRADE. As tlae moviqg" season is upon us, when "new de. partures" in business are frequent, we would be obliged if the trade generally, whether patrons of our journal or not, would send us notice of changes in firms, the names of new houses, removals to other localities, etc., at the earliest moment practicable. We publish these gramitously, as interesting items of trade intelligence FIN A.NCIA.L 'PB.OSPECTf. The financial prospect-we speak from a :rade as well as a national point of view-if not quite definite seems at least f?.vorable. In the first place, the inflation serpent is scotched, if not actually killed, and it will be months if not years, before he recovers his former powers of distension. The President's Veto was a blow square l y on the and the must be both dazed and paralyzed The. attack on the national credit was a bold one, but it was courageously repelled, and ev ery honest man in the lllnd-save the small mi nority whose mind s have been beclouded by inflation fallacies-felt that a mental load was removed when the welcome intelligence of the President's action 'WaS flashed from Washington The financial problem, therefore, we may .safely say, will not hereafter be complicated by the advocacy of the extreme inflation measures which have Con gress during the past winter. The Pre!>ident's policy has saic;l: "Thus far shalt thou go, but no farther." In all future the national promise to pay must be treated as a soi emn obligation, and nnt as an empty and meaningless form of words. We have this surety start with, and, se. eing the Slough of Despond from which we have just emerged, it is stable ground. Another encouraging sign is the indisposition that seems to exist on the part of promment members of Congress to increase the tax on tobacco. This is no doubt the result of the unobtrusive but earnest work which has been done at Washington by our friends from the South and West. Foremost among these must be reckoned Mr Beck, a membP.r of the Committee of Ways and Means, imd representing the Seventh District of Kentucky. A correspondent writes that when an increase of taxation is talked of, the four items of t ea, coffee, distilled sptrits, and tobacco are des ignated, that the Ways and Means Committee are opposed to any increase in the present rates of taxation on these articles. Indeed, Mr. Beck i s reported to have said tl::\at the Committee "had not recently considered the question, but that they were unanimously opposed to any increase of tax on whisky and tobacco, and no proposition of that kind could pass the House except over that Committee's bead." As that Committee is Assorted Stock on Liberal Terms. Sellers of D iam.ond, Colden Cut Cavendlsb Smoking. Special Brands furnished for Owner's Use. .BY ATTENTION HAJJ CALLED TO AJIIT OF JIIES!!IRS. THOHAS, TAYLOR & 00,, WHICH Ili'IJIITD MISLEADS THE TOBACCO TRADE IJIIT REGARD TO MYSELF AND BUSINESS. THEY STATE THA.'r THEY ARE THE SUCCESIIORS OF THE LATE FIRJII OF THOIIAS & PILKIWTOW, WHICH THE ACCOliiPAJIIT INGCIRCULABIWILL SHOW WAS DISSOLVED OJIIT THE FIRST DAY OF JANUARY LAST BY LIMITATIOl'l, Al!(DJCONTil'iUED THE lii.A.l'iUF ACTUHE OF ALL BY BRANDS OF CHEWING AND SIIIOKIJIITG TOBACCO AT I tciO CARY liGE1 TAKE TinS OPPORTUJIIliTY TO SAY, THAT AJIITY PERIION Oli'FEHING THE TRADE OR. PUBLIC (EXCIIP.I''' THE .A.UTHORIZED AGENTS OF E. T. PILKINTON .,_ CO.) ANY OF lilY BRAJIITDS NAIIIED IJIIT lilY ACCOlliPANYINU -l CATALOGUE, ARE GUILTY OF AJIIT1JJIITW ARRAN TED, UNAUTHORIZED, AND ILLEGAL A TTEJIIPT TO SELL GOODS. ON THE H.EPUTA;t'ION OF THEI!E BRANDS. I Alii A.LO!VE AUTHORIZED, BY LETTERS PA.TEJIITT, ISSUEDA'T'" W ASHil'IGTON, TO WORK SAID BRAJIITDS 1 Al'ID ll!l' SlliiPLE JUSTICE TO JIIYSELF, I WOULD REIIPECTFULL y .LIIllir 1 THE TBADE, AS AJIIl HONORABLE BODY, TO LET !liE KNOW OF AJIITT 8HIPIIIEJIITTII OF SAID BRANDS. SO AS TO El'IABLE !liE TO PROTECT l!IYSELF .A.'!ID HAVE PROPER RECOURSE AGAINST SUCH PARTIES, WHICH WILL BE DONE TO THE EXTENT OF THE LAW. IN COJIITCLU!IION THE TRADE WILL ALLOW !liE TO RETURJIIT MY THAJIITKS FOR THE LIBERAL PATROJIITAG.B: WHICH THEY HAVE 110 LOJIITG EXTENDED TO !liE, AJIITD ASK THEIR: CONTINUANCE TO OUR NEW COlii"CERN, VERY RESPECTFULLY, [CIRCUL-Ul.] RICHMOND, Va,, March 1, 1874, WEHAVETHISDAYAPP0111TED IIIESSRS. HARTIN.,_ JOHNSON, OFTHECITY OF NEWYORK,OUR SOLE AGENTS FOR THE E.ASTERN AND lliiDDLE STATES, FOR THE SALE OF THE CELEBRATED BR.&ND8 O F SJIIOKJNG TOBACCO MANUFACTURED BY 1l8, AND KNOWN AS "COMMONWEALTH; PLANTER'S PRIDE," "FR1JIT8 AND FLOWERS," "Bili.D' 8 FARJIIER S CHOICE," "I!VDI8PEJIITSABLE," AJIITII) !"GOLDEN SCEPTRE,"AND REQUEST THE SAME BE FORWARDED TO THEM. (SIGNED) ::E]. T. cb oo. composed of eleven of the strongest men in the House, their assent is absolutely necessary to its passage, be cause it is a matter over which -they have e special cha r ge. It is how proposed by the friends of the Centennial Exhibition to restore the duties on tea and coffee, abolished in 18p, .and to devote the proceeds, so far as they may be 'lecessary, to the ex penses of their pet enterprise. It is thought that the Centennial, when bills are all paid, cost at least ten millions, and as the tea-3:nd-coffee impost for merly netted some sixteen to eighteen millions, there will be a handsome J surplus left after indulging in this gigantic national "show." Our opinion always has been that the repeal of the impost in question was a blunder and that the it ia restored-since some addilional taxation seems necessary-the. better. At any rate, tobacco men feel thankful that some sub stitu te has been found for the weed, which (with whis ky) has so long borne the brunt of any proposed in in the amctunt raised by taxatiol!. The old lux ury excuse for taxing tobacco is at last being dropped, and sensible people are coming to see that the proper objects of taxation are-other things being equal tho s e articles a tax on which can most easily be col lected Of this character are the stamp taxes, such as check, note, testamentary and similar imposts. Now tlje tobacco tax, in spite of the improved methods of late years adopted, is nofan easy tax to coll e ct Frauds are still possible and officials have still to be on the qui vive. On. the other hand there are many which cost the Government not a cent to collect and where the temptati .ol). to fraud, from hie smallness of the sums involved, amounts to nothing. And yet Congress, two years ago, went gravely to work and abolished several of these, in addition to the impost on tea and coffee. I Can it be wondered at, that our trade cotilplains..of sue acts of folly and injus t ice ? lt is also pleasant to note that the T reasury iS" sTowfy workin g around t o the e a se and figures of ante-" pani :: time s The debt reduction foe April w a s nearly three mil lions ( $ 2,965,45 1.48) although quite that amount was pai d out during the month for extraordi11ary claims,-nearl y f,1 ,)oo,ooo having been expended fol' cotton seized during the war under judgments rende1ed by the Court of Claims,. and about same amount for deficienc i es i n the postal revenue, mail steamship service, qu 1 arterly postage, etc._ The country has not quite recoyere d from the shock o K last autumn, but the financial machinery of the nation., and the countless wheels ofindustry are daily working. with greater smo otbness The 11eople are economizing : and "economy is wealth." A season of' retrenchme n t may not be one of commercial activity and apparent prosperity, but it is a far greater index of financial. health than the intoxicating scenei of other

.\ I I THE 'TOBACCO LEA Fe MAY 6. MINOR EDITOBlALS. THE TOBACCO MARKET. DOMESTIC. NEw YoJtK, MayS DE "-DLYJohn Lane, of Memphis, thmks tt is a long lane that has no turn, and he thus advertises "The human fiend 1)1 plun-colored k1ds who sptt tebacco on wy hat 1s ma;ked for death." WESTERN JuDICIAL Enct_UETTE.-Foster, the new "Udge of the Umted States Dtstnct Gourt of Kansas, as astomshed the lawyers of that r:egwn by requmng 'hem not to smoke or wear their hats m court. DEATH OF ANOTHER MEMBER OF THE ENGLISH regret to announce the death, on the 7th ult., of Mr James Came ron, for thtrty seven years m the house of Messrs J K G1lltat & Co, of 4 Crosby London The deceased was m his fifty eighth year Western uaf-The rece1pts of the past month (m cludmg Vtrgmia) amounted to u,o43 hhds. Exports, 3,584 hhds. Sales, 3,8oo hhds And the stock m warehouse mcreased 5,679 hhds. The sales compnsed 366 hhds to manufacturers, 6o to cutters, I94 to JObbers, 737 supposed to be on speculation, and the remammg 215oo to shtppers, prmcipally low grades to Spam and the Medllelfanean Good leaf has not been much In qUI red for yet,the buyers for France and Italy not havmg commenced operatwns 'lvVe make no change m quotatiOns. So far thiS month only 1 IO hhds are reported sold PLEASANT HoMES.-Tllle attentton of our city read ers ts called to the adve rttsement m another column entitled "Home The details wlll b e found, on m spectton, as descnbed lflushtng ts a rapidly-growiOg suburb, where property can not fat! to enhance rapidly 1n value An tnvestment there would thus b e self paymg and turmsh a qutet and residence. E:-:GLISH REVENUE PROSECU'l!ONS -Several tobacco tHsts m Leith have been proset:uted durmg the month for sellmg Cavendtsh or sweetened tobacco wtthout betng wrapped m Custom-house labels In one case. where the defendant c o mmitt e d the offence at two dtf feren shops, a fine of 2ol was Imposed, another was fin e d ro/, and all the others !\ MEMBER OF THE CINCINNATI TRADE GoES TO EuROPE -J aco'l Wet!, Esq, of the promment Cmcm nati firm of Wett, Kahn & Co, was enkrtamed at a farewell banquet r ecentl y by the Eureka Social Club, of that of wh1ch he ts Prestdent, on the occaston of Ius departure to morrow (May 7) for Europe m the steamer Thurmgta I Mr Well goes accompamed by his fam1ly. We Wish h1m an agreeable and safe voyage THE "BULL" ON THE" RAMPAGE "-By ,reference to the advertisement of W. T. Blackwell & Co. on our etghth page, 1t wtll be seen that the vo1ce" of tnese well-know11 manufacturers of smokmg tobacco ts now for war '' They assure us, m a pnvate note, that they mean busmess" m the most emphatic sense, and that thev wtll not be responsible for consequences to those who wantonly minnge their legal nghts It would seem that the little town of Durham fast becommg as pug nacious as the famous "Bull' hinlself. :rst wsek week 3d week 4th week sth week J anuary. 668 942 958 832 3 ,400 February 425 35I 410 614 2poo March.-375 892 733 500 2,500 April----287 535 1 414 71 853 3,8oo Vzrgmza Leaf-l'he week JUSt closed has exhtbitP.d some unprovement upon the one which preceded It, there havmg been rather more mqUity for nearly all vanettes of tobacco The m a1 ket, nevert heless, was a dull one, and gave n o mdicatwn of permanent recuperation. Of VLTgtma leaf there were a few sales at fa1r pnces. Stock JS accumulatmg slo wly but consists chiefly of medium grades, and wrapp ers of cplor are reported not m sufficient supply to meet the demand wh1ch ex1sts for th em Brght smokers are also scarce Both grades, howeve1, would prob lbly be forthcommg 1f a regular de mand could be depended upon. Lugs and the mmor assortments generally contmue to be more or less neg le_cted Seed Leaf-For Seed leaf the mquuy was not active, and no sales of spec1al consequence are announced either ior export or home trade. European ndv1ces are st1ll unfavorable, and little that IS encouragmg can be sa1d for the domestic demand There 1s no ammation m any quarter, and pnces, while not actually declinmg, are lackmg m the steadmess that ought to charactenze them at this t1me. The aggrega'te transactwns of the week were 1,218 cases, w1th deta1ls as follows .-for ex port, 8o cases 1870 Connectlcut at 6 }'8@67-(c; 250 cases I872 Oh10 at 97 cases do Penns) lvama on pnvate terms ; so cases do State at s7.(c, 137 cases r872 W1sconsm at 578, 94 cases 1872-3 Ohw at @s7.(c, and for home trade 2eo cases I871-2 Connecticut wrappers at 25@35c; roo cases 1872 do seconds at II@13c, 6o cases do Pennsylvama wrappers on pn vate terms, and rso cases sundnes at 8@ 15c. Messrs J S. Gans & Son, Tobacco Brokers, report m thetr cucular the busmess of the month a, follows "There has been no Improvement of note m the home REDUCING THE ToBACCO TAx.-On Monday last, trade. We noticed an mqUJry choice r871 crop 4th mst, Hon A H Buckner, of he Thuteenth Con-Connecticut wrappers, from manufacturers, also for fine gresswnal D1stnct of M1ssoun, mtroduced a btll m the 1872 Connecticut seconds, both of which a-re very scarce House of Representatives reducing the tax on manu-and some sales of 1873 crop, Pennsylvama wrappers for factured tobacco ten ceuts per pound The measure the Pac1fic. The export demand notwtthstandmg a w1 ll, of course, never be senously considered at the preh1gher gold premiUm, bas been very moderate and with sent sesslon, and ts only of Importance as showmg the contmued adverse reports from abroad, sa!es have only kmdly feelmg entertamed by tts author for our mterest. been effected at concesswns from former pnces. Several One mormng JOurnal, with the usual outstde knowledge small parcels of new Ohw were placed on the market ofhade matters, called It a bill o take the tax off leaf but mostly remamed unsold. Sales-Crop of r87o: tobacco I Connecticut and Massachusetts, 400 cases, of whtch or PKILADEI,PHIA AND BALTIMORE -Our representa tive, Mr. Graff,lhas been labormg earnestlym oun nterest m Phtladelphta the early part of the week and IS now m Balt1more We have to express our thanks for h1s cor dtal receptwn and the geueral unamm1ty of our fnends in renewmg thetr adverttsmg and other favors The managers of THE LEAF are glad to find that 1t IS yearly becomrng mNe and more a necesstty to the trade m all sections and that the hberal and energetic members thereof nbt slow ui acknowledgin: th&tr ness to the1r trade It IS needless to observ e that t his ts prectsely the way to better work on 0ur part and to make ouf JOurnal sttll more valua.ble. That thts 'entente cordtal may be perpetual, I S our earnest prayer! THE DUTY ON MANUFACTURED TOBACCO AND CIGARS TO BE DoUBLED IN CaNADA -The Canadian tanff ts to be ra1s ed There IS to be a duty of :five per cent on shipbUildmg matenals huherto free on silks, satms, velvet, fancy goods, plated goods, hats, caps, bonnets, 1 ev:elry, clocks and watches, If Imported from abroad,l an adduiona1 five per cent., a duty of twenty per cent on these arttcles being su bstttuted for one of fifteen per cent TJ1etr manufactured tobacco and Cigars are to pay a duty of twenty mstead of ten cents a pound, wh 1 sky or home d1St1lle d spmts, an excise duty of seve1,ty five cents a gallo111 I11Steac\ of Sixty per cent. On the great mass of arttcl'.!s on which they now pay fifteen per cent. thev will have m future to pay s1xteen and two-thtrds per cent CIGAR MANUFACTORIES AT LEIPSIG -In the annual report of the Chamber of Commerce at Letpzig for last year, the details relatmg to the manufacture of c tgars are very Imperfect and unsatisfa ctory, as only eleven of the th.:;ty one factones m tl1:1t cJty and Its 1mmedtate v1 cimty have furnished full particulars From these, how ever, 1t appears that the trade IS s till mcreasmg, these eleven h avmg turned out 14o,rso,ooo c1gars (agamst 120 460 ooo m theJ ptecedmg year), of the value of thalers (agamst r,q6, 3oo do m i872) Wtth regard to the quahty, 93,ooo,ooo were common sorts, sellmg at prices not exceedmg ro thalers per m11l (agamst 83,753,ooo m r8p),good n11ddlmgdescnpbons at from 10 thalers to 16 thalers, 36,ooo,ooo (agamst 28, :zoo,ooc), and fine qualittes above I6 thalers, II,o6o,ooo (agamst 8,5o7,ooo). The number of people employed in these factones was lao t year 2,089, of whom 736 were free workwen, u8 convicts, I,oos women, and I97 ch1 ldren, besides 36 supenntendents of gangs and 47 for office work. As compared w1th the pnce of labor be fore the war w1th France theren s now an mcrease m the rates of wages to the extent of from 25 to 30 per cent. on the average. THE OLD AND THE NEw.-The retirement on May I from active bus mess of Mr Joseph Hall, the well-known c 1gar manufacturer of th1s c1ty, v;as an event m some respects of more than ordmary mterest, the mdustnal career thus brought to a close embracmg a penod of nearly forty years devoted to a smgle pursuit, and rep resentmg the oldest remaining as for many years the most Important, hnk cornnectmg the old and the new history of the cigar trade of New York. Mr. Hall was already enrolled among tlhe nsing tradesmen of his time when hts now dtstmgu1shed confreres m the cigar trade were all, '' With satchel And shtmng mornnnc face creeping hke snatl Unwllhngly to schlOOl and though possiblylatterrly surpassed m enterpnse and acb1evement by some of the younger and more danng of h1s contemporanes, few, 1f any, have bad better rea to be satisfied wtth tlbe net results of their labors than he has had. Thoug,h Ve been held nearly a year, and the profit on wh1ch must naturally tnclude tht pn capual mvested Growers canno t expect even tn the case of new crops, to sell them for the same prtces as arc obta med rin a re sale here Of course every must be at a n ad vance, and therefore tne pnce obtamable by the grow era w1ll always be somewhat lower roan our Q.uobtlonlii QUOTATIONS OF WHOLESALE PRICES. WfSttrn-Llght leaf etl!. Oommon to good lug 4"' l!t common leaf. 6 8 1. Mdmm G oo4 Fine to Selections lo @tt J eutttng luga \tl ? do do l eaf S @lS C!m-.ts1Jil!t W'ellent Dittriooed, Quarter 4.8 Metlium. 45 Common 4:l Na"'l !'otmdi-Fine &o I\ aey HaV Po!Midl Thirth-Ftne 43 48 Navy,' a and fi tt f6 @50 LadY Fingers, Bo lls 80 l'ocket Ploc.. 4.6 @148 Brlgbt 'l'wist ( Val llmch 45 BrlQht Gold Oar a. 6 meh Rough & Ready 60 @5> BLAOX 1 Nay Pound8-Ff.Jlo ..... 48 @46 Medium 48 4 Na"ff HaV Pounth and Thirds Fine .... 42 @45 Medmm 88 @42 QuJ A 0 S .............. --@-18 Gold. Connettcut & Mgu -Crop 187o 11 G 0 '" 460 lb c&Sf'S 28"' Wrappers 6 @ r ''}' G.. 430 lb c&sea 28" Runntng-Lots. s)\@6.\i 1'C & A'' 37G ft;a net. ._ Ctm. 6"' Ma:u-Crop S7c>1S7:J < G & F" 29 K Fl\len @lX 'Wallis Ex "tOO II> a net 29 Pumsylva.nus-Crop 1872 I C y Ca". 28 Ruumng Loh 6J:l@S" 'Ynmrin.'' 25 0/uo-Crop B1 I 'Z A :!:10 rl>a 20 Runnmg Lots 6)(@7 'MF '" 20 New State-Crop 187.1 1 R R 20 Runmn& Lot& 6-"X' ""'W S _..... 21 Wu,mtn-Crop 187J "G. B 29 Runnmg Lots sXX IMPORTS The arnvals at the port of New York from forei g n ports, fqr the week endmg May 5, mcluded the fol lqwmg consignments GLASGOW-Order, 200 bxs ptpes MALAGA-Gomez & ArgUimbau, rso cases hconce paste, IT4 bales do root, F. R. Lewts, 8r bxs hconce paHe MANTANZASJ as E Mountfort, r case ctgars HAVANA-Palmer & Scovtlle IOS bales, Wm & Co. 46 do, F. M1randa & Co 162 do, C W Wilkens, so do, Strohn & Reitzenstem I87 do, T. Ivm & Sons 4 do, Latasa & Co 70, W P Clyde & Co. 154 do, Wet! & Co. 458 do, F Garcm 566 do, 19 cases c1gars, M. & E Salomon rro do, 8 do, V Martmez Ybor & C o 63 do, 6 do, E Pascual, B rothe rs 670 do, 41 do, F. Alex andre & Sons 265 do, 4 do, Chas T. Bauer & Co. Io cases cigars, Purdy & Nicholas I do, Carl Upmann 2 do, Fred de Ba.ry & Co 3 do, G W Faber 15 do, E Car pies, r do, E. Spmgarn & Co I do, Park & Tilford, 43 do, W H Thomas & Brother 42 do, Acker,Mernll & Condit, 36 do, Renauld, Francois & Co. I do, Del gado & Llera 5 do. A. Owen 2 do, F. S. Crosby 4 do, H K. Thurbet & Co. 8 do, order I4 bales, 2 cases c 1 -gars :EXPORTS. From the port of New York to foretgn ports for the week endmg May s, were as follows: ANTWERP-35 hhds,,225 cases BREMEN-174 hhds, 1,321 tases, 6 bales. CANADA IsLANDS-47 hhds, 25 cases, I bale, 851 lhs mfd. BY THE NATIONAL LrNE-M Pappenhe1mer, 22 hhds, Pollard, Pettus & Co., 144 do; ,Blakemore, Mayo & Co.; 7 do at 4@5 90 ; 3 do at 8@9.19, 4 do 38 do, D. J. Garth, Son & Co., I37 do; Sawyer, Wal at II.75 75' 3 do at 6 s,o@6.7S; 3 do at lace & Co, 24I do, Toel, Ross & Co., 2 do; Thos Kin r$29, 39o. 8& cases Olnto seed fillers, mcutt, 48do,Kremelberg& Co., 32 do; Drew & Deanel and wrappers: 1 ,18 at $2@3,95, IS at 3@3 2; at r6 do; E. M. Wnght & Co., 25 do, R. L Maitland & 4@5.8s; 3 at 7 30@7 6o: 5 at 8@9S Co., 2 de, C. L. L. & 0. Meyer, 32 do; Guthne & Co, AI the Kenton Warehouse, 230 hhds and 59 boxes. r do, David Dows & Co 4 do1 Bill & Brother, I do, 6o hbds Mason Co., Ky, tras;h, lugs, and le;& n oldHenderson Brothers, I9 do, 3 trcs; order, 8r do. I4 at 10@14-75' 5 at IS so@II9-so; 2 at $2o, 23 so, 39 BY THE PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD-Kremelberg & new-3 at 3.60@3 95i IO at 4 IS@S 65 j 14 at 6@7Si Co., 68 cases, Lederman Brothers, 41 do; Bunzl & Dor-8 at 11@8 95, 3 at S 6 hhds new Brown mttzer, 55 do / Co., Olno. I at J4 55, 3 at 6 so@7 IS; 2 at 9.8o, I6. BY NORTH RrvER BoATs-D J Garth, Son & Co, I6 hhds 11ew Owerr Co, Ky I at f.3 So; 4 at 4 30@5; 4 hhds, Blakemore, Mayo & Co, 8 do, E M. Wnght 5 at 6 40@6 85, 5 at 8 .35 @9 :to, I at 12 25. 59 hhds & Co., 2 do; Thos. Kmntcutt, I do; Pollard, Pet1us & and r box Pendleton Co, Ky., trash, lugs, and leaf: 7 Co, Io do, order, 269 do, so cases old-rat $9 30, 6 at II 2s@r2 75; 52 new-s at 2 65 BY THE NEW YORK ANDNEW HAVEN STEAMBOAT @395, 27a14@S 95, I9at6@725; Iat8, rboxnew LINE-A L. & C L Holt, r8 cas M \Vesthetm & Co. at 9.6o. :ZI hhds and r box 1 new Boone Co, K.y 7 at' 15 do, Fox, Dtlls & Co., 40 do; S Ruppel, 3 do; Chas t>3 35@3 95, II at 4, 3 at 6 3o, 6 so, 9 2S, I box F & Sol! 4 do, Juhan Allen, 43 do; A. BIJUr, 95 West Vtrgmia 3 at $5 95@6,75; I box at $4 20. 64 do, E Rosenwald & Brother, I73 do, Palmer & Scohhds Gran t Co, Ky, trash, lugs, and leaf 15 at $2 iO Ville, 2S do, I Eppmger& Co' s6 do, F Stem, 5 do, @3 95, 33 at 4@5 95 I3 at 6@6 95. 4 at 8 50@9, 85. W. E Bo}er, 4 do, E Bach & Son, 2 do, Randolph 56 cases Oh10 seed bnders, and wrappers 7 & Co., do, F. Warker, 3 do, M L. F1sclier, 6 do, D $3@3 85 17 at 4 o5@5 95, r:8 at 6@7 7o, 2 at 8, 8.5). Murphy, I do, M. S r do, H ohan, At the Globe Warehouse, !132 hhds a,nd ro boxes. 39 Carroll & Co., 20 butts mfd, 79 cases do, 4 boxes do, hhds new Mason County, Ky., trash, lugs, and leaf, 6 77 three qtr bxs do, 86 hlfbxs do, 55 th1rd bxs do, r6 at 3 8o@3 90, rz at 4 rS@S 90, 14 at 6 05 @ 7 So, 4 at qtr bxs do, r keg do, 4 cadd1es do, Bulkley, Moore & 8 59@9 95, z at I3, 13 25 I6 hhds Brown County, Co., 47 cases mfd, 25 three qtr bxs do, 6 hlf bxs do, 49 Ohio, trash, lugs, and 2 old at 9 40, ro; 1-4 new I th1rd bxs do, 20 qtr bxs do, 4 caddtes do, Allen & Co, at 3So, 2 at 4 20, S 45, 4 at 6 30, 4 at 8 30@9 So, 3 at 5 cases mfd, 8 hlf bxs do, 8 qtr bxs do, I caddy do, I IO 75@14 75 68 hhds Owen County, Ky., trash, lugs, drum do, H. A. R1chey, 45 cases srnkg, 97 do mfd, 54 and leaf 7 at 2.20@3 90, 29 at 4@ s 9S, u at 6 os@ qtr bxs do, Martm & Johnson, 6o cases smkg, 32 do 7 8o; 6 at 8 40, 9, 2 at ro, 14 zs 5 hhds and r box mfd, M. M Welzhofer, I9 do, 2 do, G. W Hillman & Pendleton County, Ky: 3 old at ro 25@ro 75 2 new at Co, IO do, II do, McFall & Hogan, 8 do, 2 do, A 6 90, 9 70; I box mew at I 6o 8 hhds and 5 boxes West Hen & Co, 33 cases smkg; Lmdhe1m & Langsdorf, 38 Vtrgm.a 4 at 3 10@3 30; 3 at -4@5 70, I at 6 95, 5 boxes do, Carhart Brothec s, 20 do, Flits & Austm, ro do, at 3 so, 3 70, 6 6o, 9 "51 r6 so. Ph1lip Stemhart, 4 do, D & A Bendhe1m, 7 do; C & .o\.t the Planters' Warehou8e, 99 bhds. 72 hhds Mason F Schreiber, II do; Maddux Brothers, ro do mfd, E County, Ky, trash, lugs, amd leaf: 7 old. 2 at, Du B01s, ro do, W P Kittredge & Co., 4II bxs do; 11 so, 3 at ISS@r6 so, 2 at 22 25, 27 so, 65 new. 8 at Belcher, Park & Co, 25 hlf bxs do, 28 qtr bxs do, W. 3@3 90, 17 at 75, 18 at 6@7 95, IS at 8@9 55, & A. Seaman, so qtr bxs do; C E Lee, 23 eighth bxs 8 at Io 50@14 50._5 hhds new Owen County, Ky I at do, J. H. Thompson & Co., 8 caddies do; Appleby & 3 95; 4 at -4 8o@5 so :u hhds new Pendleton County, Helme, I keg snuff; & Paul, roo boxes p1pes; Ky, trash, lugs, and lea{ 3 at 3 45@3 75, I6 at -4-@5.15, order, II hhds, II cases mfd, 16 hlf bxs do, S qtr bxs 2 at 6 8o, 7 ro, r at 8 90. do, 13 cases hconce. At the Ph1ster Warehouse, 41 hbds and 5 boxes, II CoASTWISE FROM BALTrMORE.-E. Read, r2 hhds; hhds new Mason Count Ky., trash, lugs, and leaf 5 F Engelbach, 9 cases smkg, order, II hhds at 4 IS@5 95; 4 at 6 25@7 8o, 2 at 8 95, Io so 26 bhds CoASTWISE FROM KEY WEsT.-Se1denberg & Co, and r box new West VIrgm1a trash, lugs, and leaC 8 at 48 cases cigars, r6 bales scraps, Fred'k de Bary & Co., 2 50@3 95; 8 at 4@5.25; 6 at 6 35@7 90; 3 at 8 Io@ 20 cases cigars, McFall & Hogan, r do; H Gauher, 4 8.30, I at Io 3 bbds new Southern Indiana at 3 75, do, V. Martmez Ybor & Co., 11 bales scraps.' 5 20, 6 30 4 boxes Ohw seed at 3 85, 4 14, 6, 6 65. CoASTWISE FROM NEw 0RLEANs.-order, 29 hhds. CLARKSVILLE, TENN., Apnl2o -Messrs M. H. BALTIMORE, May 2.-Messrs Ed. Wischmeyer & Clark & Brother, Leaf Tobacco Brokers, report Our Co Tobacco CommiSSIOn Merchants report In Mary sales last week showed a full mcrease, amourntng to 68r land leaf there ts an active busmess domg all the unn hhds. The order and qua!Jty both showed some tm ctpal buyers bemg m market as purchasers: and we note provement, though there IS large room for more, and sales m the week of Boo to I,ooo hhds, prmc1 pally taken there was also a smaller proportion of lugs, they only for Holland and Germany, though some purchases have amoantmg to forty five per cent of the breaks by actual been made for French account, and the market may be coun t Our puces were without matenal change until wntten steady at quotations The movement 111 OhiO about the close of tbe week, when meduu leaf ad has, however, not opened yet, and though the advanced 7-(c to We quote common lugs, 3c@ are hberal, we hear o! no sales of this descnptwn tlus 3Uc, good lugs, 4Uc@sc; common leaf, week Of Kentucky and VIrgtma we hear of no transacmediUm leaf, good n,af, fine leaf, !Ions whatever. vVe quote pnces as ,follow> Maryl and I 1@I2c selections choice, 13 @1.4C. Our warehouses 1 Frosted and unsound $4@5 do sound common are crowded, and the stock held here 1s now large, a 5@6, good do,, 'do mtddhng, 7@8; do good count of whtch we will on rst prox, and report. to fine red, 9@12, do fancy, ; do upper Apnl27.-0ur sales last week amounted to 572 hhds. country, s@zo, do ground leaves, new. 4 @ 9 Ohw The market opened qmetly, and It was soon apparent -Infenor to goocl common, $4@5, do greemsh that the advance m Reg1e leaf the prevwus week was and brown, 5 @6, do medmm to fine reel, 7@11; wtthout JUSt cause, and the market soon resumed pre do common to mediUm spangled 7 @ 9 do fine span v1ous scale of pnces, common lugs m add1t10n t!echmng gled to yellow, 1 0@15 Kentucky-Cdmmon to good 7.( c. The market closed dull and" weak on all grades. l ugs, s@6 so, heavy do, 5 so@7 medtum leaf, We quote commotl l u ; s at 2;Uc to good h.Jgs, 4C 7 @8 so, do good to fine,

' I MAY 6. raE ,._,OB A VVO. LEAP superwr to the half already sold, the of useful th1s state of affairs IS to contmue much longer 11 would leaf will he insufficu:nt to meet the' dem<'l;nd, whereas of that all good styJu of leaf to occupy a very worm-eaten leaf and low grades there will kle more than strong position. Sales for the week 674 hhds Pnces enough to meet every possible demand that can be rearem am unchanged except that the slight dechne m sonably expected. common lugs bas tleen recovered Q.uotatwns Com-Apnl :rs -Receipts since last report s89 hhds, to mon and mediUm lugs good do date, s,gc8 hhds, same time last year 4,ogo hhds Sales common leaf mf'dium do good and smce last report sg8 hhds, to date 4,S3o hhds, same fine do No selectiOns offenng and only a time last year J,g7S hhds. Pnces contmue' d the same very few common and lnedmm bnght wrappers as las t week, but weakened very much toward the close PHILADELPHIA, May 2 -Mr. E W Dickerson of the sale, resulting m many reJeCtiOns. 1\s our ware Reporter for the Tobacco Trade of Philadelphia wmes' housemen Will not submit to any declme, we contmue to Western Leaf-The receipts for Apnl were 35 0 quote for actual sales. llugs, common leaf, hhds, v1z for export 29J hhds to Messrs. Peter Wnght };:(, medium leaf, good leaf, 9@Io}.(; & Sons for:Fnshmuuth Bros. & Co, 27 hhds. for Sor fine leaf, chmce selectwns, ver, Graeff & Cook, 2I do and sundnes xo do. 1he Some of the choicest cr>ps of our d1stnct came on the home demand IS qu1te hm1ted. market this week, and the best tobacco of them brought Seed Leaf-The receipts for Apnl reported were as fully Prices. quite up to those 4lf last year follows, VIZ and also mcJude Sparu sh-by M 'Anathlan LOUISVILLE, May 1.-We report 1 as follows & Co, 89 cases, by L. Bamberger & Co., g4 cases and The market IS active, stocks bemg very large, pnces I2 bales Spamsh, by L Bremer's Sons, 44S cases and are sustained. The sales for the week at the d ifferent IS7 bales, by Bush, M1ller & Co, 59 cases and 10 bale s warehouses were 1,792 luhds as follows: by Dohan & fa1tt, I45 baes, by John Douglass, 9 4 The Pickett House scold 348 hhds -I20 hhds Kencases and 5 8 bales, by Geo W Edwards & Co, 59 tucky leaf 5 at $15 25, 16 6o1 17 so, IS $o 2 I so, 2 at cases and 67 bales, by W. E1senlohr & Co, 152 cases I4, 2 at 11, II 2 5 6 at IO@Io 7 5; 8 at 9@9 6o, I J at Ss bales; by Fnshmuth Bro & Co, 8 cases, by 8@S go, 18 at 7@7 90,; J7 at 6@6 go, 29 at 5@5 g5 Chas. Gager, 40 cases, by Ben] L .. be, 4 cases: by Mr III hhds do lugs and trash. 1 at 6 so, 13 at s@S 6o, E. McDowell & Co., 25 cases, by Samuel Moore & Co, so at 4@4 95, 27 at 3@3 95, 20 at 3 40@6 40 2 7 cases, by J R Sank & Co, 25 bales, by Schmidt & Tennessee leaf at f;s 55, 6 6o 72 hhds Indiana h : af, He1l, 2S cases and 79 bales, by Sellers & Radey, 20 lugs and trash 4 at $8 7o, S sc, 7 so, 7 20, 5 at 6@ b1les, by Server, Graeff & Cook, r83 by Stemer, 6.8o', 9 at 5 os@S, 14 at 4 @ 4 g5, 2S at J @ 3 g5, 2 at Smith Bros. & KDecht, gi cases and 243 bales;, by Tel 2.55, 2 70, xo at 3.20@4-S5. 43 hhds Ilhnois leaf and ler Brothers. rSs cases and 75 bales, by J. Vetterlem& ]l,lgs: 5 at 7@7 So; 7 at 6@6 go; II at s @s 6o' II at Co' ISJ ?ases, 36 by M Wartman & Son, 15 4@4 75, 9 at 3 20@3 go. c ases. I otals, I 76g cases and 1,042 bales Spamsh '!:,be Farmers House sold 1gg hhds .--IJO hhds Ky. Th1s looks hke the trade cl!lculate upon dom g some bus leaf I at>$16 75; 3 at r5 25@I5S 3 at 13 @13 75, I mess yet this season. The saes were nearly zoo cases at 12 75, 2 at u, II zs, 7 at 10 @ro 75, 4 at 9 6o@ t h is week Pnces m favor o( the buyers g 8o, r6 at S@S go; 31 at 7@7 go; Jg at 6@6 go, 20 at Manufactured-There VI e re received this week 2,031 5@5 g5; 4 30@4 85. 51 do lugs. a at $7 20, hhds and boxes of tobacco, but about 250 hbds and 2 =!t. 6 sp,.y q\,), 19 at S @ .s.S J o 6 at 4@4 9S. 1S at 3 so cases of seed are mclnded, wh1ch leaves 1,78o pkgs of @3 g5, ro at 3 8o@5 70 9 hhds do trash I at t.s 65, mfd, always mcludmg smokmgs The details of receipts J a,t 4 So j sat 3@3 so 2 hhds do factor y trash are VIZ Apnl 27, sSI hhds and bxs, the 28th 392 do at $2 45, I 95 I hhd Tennessee lugs at $5os. do, the 29th, 4S5 do do, the 3oth, 416 do do, and on The Kentucky Tobacco Association sold 173 hhds May a 187 do tdo. Busmess was rather qUiet m mfd leaf, luiS and trash -I old leaf at 12 so goods t his week. IS6 leaf, lugs., and trash a at $r6 75, II so, 6 :1t Io@ Cigars-A: large lot of about 700 M low grade c1gars 10 so; 6 at 9 Io@g go, 6 at 8@S 6o, 2a at 7@1 go; 25J was t hrown upon the market l ast weeK and sold at low at "6@6 90, :ri 1Jt S@5S, 46 at 4@4 2J at 3.1o@ figures. l l.mderstood that they were hand-made goods. @:\ 95 15 funked leaf anc lugs I at $6 zo, 2 at 5 zs, Busme, ss m t 1us !me was only fatr. Stocks on hand s so, 5 at 4 @ 4 65, 7 at J@J 65 I wet lugs at $4 JS are quitc(large exceptmg for fine goods. The Boone House sold 327 hhds-gs hhd s Kentucky RICHMOND, 2 -Mr., R. A M1lls, Tobacco leaf -4 at $14, I41 12, 12; 3 at It@ II so, 7 at 10 @ Broker, reports Our receipts and offermgs are full IO 75, Sat 9 10@9 go; 25 at S@8 90, 31 at 7@7 90 Market boQant and 'Pnces firm .at last "eek's quota I7 at 6@6 90 ISJ hhds do lugs IJ at 6@6 7o, sS at twns. The transactions we1e I,450 hhds, 32I t rcs, g3 S@S 95, 73 at 4@4 9S i J9 at J@J 95 30 hhds Tenn boxes. leaf an_d lugs I at $8 so, 4 at 7@7 7o 2 at 6, 6 So, J ST LOUIS, Apnl 22 -Mr J H Hayne, 'Le;rTo at 5:> So, zo at 4 @4 95 1g hhds Indiana leaf, bacco repoTts The demand was good and t'Ie m arket lugs and trash 2 at Ss 55, 5 75, 3 at 4 10@ 4 30, I4 a t umformly firm, and at times fa1rly active Sales .from 315@3 95 Thursday to yesterday mclusive were 224 head 2 a t 1 ne Exchapge House sold 175 hhds -161 hhds Ky go 9 I at 3 @3 90 ; 41 at 4 @ 4 90 ; 29 at ,s@s go, 27 leaf, trash 3 at $I6 25, 12,7s, n; 3 at 10 @ at 6@6 90; IS at7@7 go 5 at 8@8 6o, 2 at9 25@g go, IO 7S, 3 a. 9 40@9 70 6 at 8@18 40, 22 at 7 @ 7 go I6 3 at Io@Io 25, I at I2 so, I at 13 so, rat $IS, I at at 6@6 So, 36 at g5; J3 at 4@4 90 3g at 3 oo @ I7 I at 2 7 so, 2 at 2S so, I a t $Jo, I at $37, I at 3 gS 9 hhd,s-,do damaged leaf and lugs 2 at $6 So, 38, and 13 boxes at 2 @25 so In the same ltme 17 7 7o; 4 at S@S 30 I at 4 6<;; 2 at 3 so, 3 9 5 hhds hhds were passed, and b1ds were reJeCted o n 54 hhds lugs at f.s go, 4 70,, 3 35 1 2,75. at 2 6o@35; I do scraps a t $1 2s, and 4 boxes a t $2 go 1 he LoUISVIlle House sold 247 hhds I 3 hhds Ken @ 9 6o To day, the market was firm all round and lucky leaf 3 at $I6, g,go, 9, 3 a t S@S so, 8 at 7 7 go, pnces steady Sales 57 hhds. I at $2 So, IS a t J @ I at 6 40, IS8 hhds do le:af, lug s, and trash at $3 3g@ 3 So, 6 at 4@ 4 so, gat S@S 90 8 at 6 so@8 go, Io at II so 46 hhds do lugs and trash at 3 65@8 20, 5 hhds 7@ 7 6o, 2 .at 8 so, 1 at 9 10 I at IJ so, 1 at I6 25, 1 do trash at 3 SS@4 5 bhds do sweepmgs at I.55 @ at 20 50 a nd I at Sse-the h ighest pnce of the seaso n 2 40 2 boxes d o trash att 3c 4 hhds VIrgmia leaf at (It was grown m Ballard Co, Ky, aud bought by Daus' 20, IS, I8, I7 I4 hhds Indiana leaf, lugs, and trash at man & Dru mmond), 3 boxes at $2 (scraps), and 2 70 J@6 10 1 and 3 Io I O hhds were passed, and bids were rejected 1he Nmth Street House sold 110 hhds 64 hhds on I$ hlids at 3 20 @ ? 20 mclud 1ng s hhds factory lugs Kentucky 3 at $9 so, g 40, 8 20, 3 at 7 7 go, 3 at at 3 20, and I box at 3 90. We quote mfenor, frosted 6@6 90, 2 at 5 ro, 5 so, 53 at 5 S$@ 1 9 18 hhds do and rou ghly tied factory lugs $3 uo@ 3 2S fair to "DOd lugs and trash at 3.8o@7 so 6o hhds do lugs 4 at S do 3 50 @ 3 So, planters' do 3 @ 4 2 5 mfe1nor and @5, gat 4@4 so, gat 3 2S@3 9S, 38 at 3 55@6 2 mon leaf 4 @ 5 so, me.!IUm sh1pp1Hg do 5 so@6 7S, hhds Indiana at 4 os, 2 6s good do 7 oo @8 oo mediUm manufactunng leaf 7 oo@ The Planters House sold 212 hhds zoS hhds Ken 8 so, good Jo 9 oo@II 00, medmm tucky leaf, lu gs, and tras;h 2 at i;I2, 12 so, 2 at 11, IS oo@ 2 o 00 good do $2s@3s; finp do t;4 o@so Full 5 at 10@1o so, 8 a l t 9 20@9 at 8@8 So, 12 quotatwns can not be obtamed for boxes and smaiiirre at 7.Io@ '78o, 6 at 6 Io@6 so; 1 6 a t S@S 95, 24 at 4@ g ul a r parcels out of condition. 4 gS' I4 a t 3 I$ @ 3 90 4 hhds Indiana leaf and lugs Apnl 29-Received 53 I hhds, agamst 394 I at 4 so, 3 at 5.6o @ 5 9 week The market has ruled pretty un.formly firm Mesrs Wm G Me1er & Co rep01t Sales last month smce our last, and has gradually gamed strengt h m the 8,463 hhds agamst 7 2 44 hhds last year' receipts last past few days Sales from Thursday to } esterday m montn 9,014 hhds agamst 6,9g7 hhds last year, sales elusive, 240 hhds 7 at $ 2 so@ 2 9 0 SI at 3 @ 3 90 36 smce 1st November IS7J, 2S,733 hhds agamst 25,SSs at 4 @ 4 go, ?.9 a t ss 90 27 at 6@6 90 25 at ? @ hhds last year, receipts smce Ist November, I873 26, 7 go, S at 8@S J.:>, 5 at g @ g 90 1 at 10 so, 2 at 554 hhds agamst 25,546 hJhds last year, stock On hand II 25, I at 12 75, 2 at J4,25, 2 at IS $O@I5, I at 1st May, I874, g,552 hhds aga1,nst 6 1S5 hbds last year 17 2 at I8@xS 25 1 at 19 3 at :-o@, I at Q..uotauons-Common pla111ters lugs, light, $3 so -to 4, 21 50, I at 24 25, I at 26 so, 2 at 27@27 so, 1 at 4 to 4 so, Cllttmg, 4 2.5 to$. good plant 2 8 so, 1 at 29 so, I at JZ 75, r at 4I, I at 42 so, and lugs, light, 5 to 5, heavy, 4 5 0 S 5> colory cut-22 bxs at 2.70@33 so. In the same time 3 hhds w e re tmg, S to. 6 so i common leaf, hght, 5 5 to 6 so; heavy, passed, and bids were reJected on 53 hhds at 2 2s @ 6 to 7 so, tolory cuttmg, 7 to 8, rnedmm le af, light, 7 to I8 75 To day th e offenn gs were large and the market 8; heavy, ?So to S so, colory cuttmg, S to, good was a shade easier on shtppmg lugs but steady and leaf, hght, S so to g so, heavy, 9 to Io, colory cuttmg, firm on manufactunn"' lugs Sales 84 1hogsheads 2 at 10 tO 1,2, fine Jeaf, light, IO.SO to l T 50, heavy, IO 50 f,2 70@2 90 39 at Jb@ J go, 10 at 4@4 90, 6 5 @ to 12, colory cuttmg, u to IS Our market dunng tbe S 6o, 7 at 6@6,So, Sat ? @ 7 90 4 at 8 Io@S 70 2 last four weeks has presented no new features of any at g@? 6o 2 at Io 2s@Io so, 1 at 17 25, 2 at I 9 2s@ In sp1te of large offenngs and with still 1g so, 1 at 2I 50 I at 29. 50 2 a t $Jo, and 6 boxes at xncre.asmg supplies wt: calll best our quotaa go@ IS so Bids w ere reJected on 24 hhds at 2 6o@ twns of ISt except ;or co lory cuttmg grades $3o We quot e mfenor, frosted and roughly tied factory which have aavanced from 7.( to f4c Our stock con lugs 3 @ 3 25, fair to goo d do 3 so@ 3 So, planters' do tmues accumulatmg IS now J,J67 hhds m excess of at 3 @ 4 2 5 common r Jeaf at 4 s o @s 7 5 medmm shtp same time last year. We look for he avy receipts a gam pmg do $6@ ? good do 7 so@S, medium manufactunng this month leaf 7 50@9; good do 10@12, med1um bng ht wrappmg LYNCHBURG, Nay 2 -Messrs Nowlins, Younger leaf $r5@2o, good do $25@3s ; fine do $4o@5o & Co, Tobacco Commission Merchants, rep(Ht -In FOREIGN reviewmg the tobacco market we find h,ave BREMEN, Apnl1o -Our special correspondent refallen off considerable durrmg the wee k. -he m arket ports -Kentu cky -This week has not shown a sm gle Jull for lugs and common I eaf, without change m pnces transactiOn Receipts since 2 d mst I22 hhds from The demand for the better grades IS good and pnces Baltimore and probably mostly cons1st of new tobacco rule about as b efo r e quoteck th1s day about transactions more encouragmg than those of several 6,4-70 cases previous weeks, and we have come to the conclusiOn that are agam willung to take some more goods LIVERPOOL, Apr./ II -Messrs. Smythe & Co., even at very low pnces We can also assure them Tobacco Commission Merchants, report -Dunng the IS any great qua.ntity they wrant of old Oho they had past week market has contm.ued qmet, Without re better very soon Jay m as much as they can lay bands !oumptlbn o. busmess smce ;Eas.ter-Monday, but the hope on, as two more week!l at tlne same rare of purchasmg soon to be able to report a reviVal of activity after the as was made the last, Willi cut the old OhiO down to 5 long protracted absence of demand smce the commence or 7DO cases of goods that can not to day be bought for !Dt:nt of the year Imports this week 87 hhds-Dehverless than 7 to' gc here. Hoi ders of these goods generally xes 36<>:-Stock m the warehouses here to-day :Z.5, IS 5 are not in need of money and claim the tobacco w 11 agamst I4,875 same time last year. From of brmg them a better mte;estt than the proceeds would Trade returns to Jrs ulto JUSt received, the subJOined bnng mterest did they now sell Sales the past week extracts have been taken, showmg that tne month of upwards of soo cases at March Imports had decreased a so IOO per cent. as compared With the same time last year, while Home PADUCAH, Apnl 22.Messrs. M.H. Clar & Consumption has mcreasea J 2-1oo per cent Exports Brothers, "1 obacco Brokers, report Our market 2 4o-Ioo per cent and stocks 39 4Itoo per 1m bas been movmg along m the even tenor of Its way, and ports of unmanufactured tobacco, for the month ended we have nothmg of mterest to note beyond the fact that 31st March, IS72, 2,IoJ,II6 lbs I87J, z,s II,gs6 lb!i' the column of busmess IS steadily on the mcrease. It 1874, 2,4g7,75S Fox; three months ended JISt March, may not, however, be amiss to agam call attention to 1872 .. s,Szo,66J lbs, IS7J, g,523,873 lbs; 1874, g,291, tbe vast quantiiles f>f lugs and poor mean leaf that conI74 lbs Home Consumption of unmanufactured to tmues to constitute nearly the enure sales of this mar-bacco for the month ended JISt March 1872 3 42o 626 ket And here we will take occasion to remark that 1f lbs, 187J1 3,697,684 lbs; 1874, lbs. 'For three months ended JISt March, I872, ro,6sg,538 lbs, rS73, u,r7g.sog lbs; r874, n,si6,S8s lbs Exports of unmanufactured tobacco for the month ended J\St March, 1872, I,o66.oSI lbs; I87J, 1,429,9J1 lbs, 1874, I,rs9,5o8 lbs For three ended JISt-March, 1872, 3 ,216,J6J Ibs; 1S73 3,sss.so8 Ibs, r8.7'4, J,67I, 637 Unmanufactured tobacco m Bonded Warehouses Jist Marett, I8721 62,296,827 lbs; 1S73, S41I7I,6I4; I874. 7$,S22,I76 f CO-OPERATION DISCUSSED. [Correspondence of" Tire Toba((O Leaf."] Wlule the majonty of our i'nends are engaged 111.. workmg out the labor questu;m excl!iSively on the pohti cal basis, we have chosen the less obtrusive, though we trust efliqent course of attackmg it m Its economic aspects It affords me great pleasure, therefore, to announce to you, Mr. Edxtor, that the Czech1an Cigar makers of th1s c1ty, about whom some comment already appeared m the papers, have opened the!T factory on the corner of Houston and Mercer Streets, and are en gaged m the manufacture of c1gars on qmte an extensive scale We have orgamzed on the co operative pl a n, but our pnnc1ples of association differ matenally from any hitherto proposed or adopted by labor orgamzatwns here or elsewhere tv our best knowledge All attempts at co operatwn thus far have made m imitation of cap1tahst corpnrat1ons and part9ersh1ps, and were meant to benefit a few md1v1duals onl y When successful, they g e nerally so at the expense of outside labor, and by iJ:OWmg mto wealth and p qwer eventually became macces s ible to the class for whose bt:nefit they had os tensibly been established If the enterprise failed on the other hand, then cooperatwn was denounced as Impracticable and abanponed, and labor reformers sought rehef m political agllatwn, behevug that the solut1on of tbe labor problem was to be ach1eved lily poht1cal reform alone Thus the present system of co operatiOn, startmg out as 1t does on the cap1tahst plan, only tends to perpetuate the evil It set out to remedy It can afford no rehef to the t01lmg masses, and at best would be the means of creatmg a new and still more helpless and degraded class of proletanans than our present one It IS the very kmd of co operatiOn we are called on to combat-that of orgamzed capital agamst defenceless labor We wxsh to state therefore that our reform sets 0ut on a different bas1s; It has a moral pnnc1ple for Its foundatwn, and we hope we shall be able to prove that by a proper system of co operation the labor questiOn may be solved. A fundamenta l principle in our by law s IS to deny to members the nght to more than one vote on all questions concernmg the aff a irs of the associati'Jn. We beheve that men alone and not the1r goods should be entitled to vote Were wealth always a fau cntenon of worth and virtue as It should be and may m some Ideal state of soc1ety lj>ecom e even then Its nght to absolutely con trol and govern the social relatiOns of men might well be called m questiOn But m our present Imperfect soc1al state, m this age of uns e ttled morals, when money may be the measure of enterpnsmg rascality and YICe as well as of virtue and prudence, we deny t6 It such prerogativ es. The fol!owmg therefore has been adopted as a provision m our by-laws : ''Each member shall, irrespective of the number of' shares he may hold, be entitled to only one vote on all questiOns concernmg the affa1rs of the associatiOn But though denymg to money the pvwer of the vote, we accord to It all shares not representmg votes a greater secu nty agams t loss, m the emergency of fa1lure These shares are styled the" Redeemable" stock, and ae m all respects merel y loans In order therefore to meet the reqmrements of law, which entitle s the holders of stock to as many votes as they poess s hares, and a t the same tune to embody our pnnctjl1es of reform, we nave adopteJ the followmg proviSIOns wh1ch will more fully explam the nature of th e redeemable stock fhere shall be two classes of shares m the capital stock of the association, des1gnated respectively as the "regular" and "redeemable" stock -Art 7 No person shall be entitled to acqmre and hold more than on share of the stock designated as the "regular" stock of the company. Members and others may acqmre and hold as many of the shares designated as the "redeemable stock, as they choose The re deemable stock shall m all respects be treated equally w1th the regular stock, except as regards redemption and the nght of vote. The compa ny reserves to Itself tlie nght to redeem at any time so much of the redeemable stock as they shall trom time to time determme, and f o r this purpose the followmg rules are hereby laid down 1. In the first quarterly meetmg of each year the com pany establish the value of one share on the bas1s of the financ ial report of the precedmg fiscal year. 2. As soon as the company has resolved to redeem a certam amount of the stock, the holders the reof shall be required to surrender the same 'witbm a time to be spe Cified by the com?any m the followmg order. Fust, those who hold the greatest number, among those holdmg equally large numbers shall be drawn m a manner to be provided for by the regulatwns of the company-Art r I Every share order-:d for redemption shall cea se to bear dividends after three months from the time Its holder shall received notice to surrender the same, and for each duly surrendered share the company shall pay Its established value m pursuance of Art I I of these by laws and the dividends due thereon." If upon the thssolutwn of this corporatiOn by hmi tation, or otherwise, the assets be not sufficient to pay and call m the whole of the stock of the company, then the Redeemable" stock of the compa ny shall be first called m and paid, and If the assets be not sufficient to pay m full the whole of the redeemable stock, then It shall be pa1d ratably, each member holdmg redeemable stock to receive out of the ass ets an amount equal to the rate which the number of shares of sa1d stock held by h1m or her, bears to the whole number of the re deemable stock Issued "-Art 13. The advantages of th1s system of shares w11l be evident on reflection The regular stock, mcurrmg the greatest nsk of l oss m case of dissolutiOn of the com pany, has the power of vote given to It. 1 he redeem able shares on the other hand, possessing all the adva n tages of the regular stock m case of gam, and bemg m addition secured t0 a cons1derable extent agamst loss by the amount of the regular stock subscnbed, are not enlltled to thiS nght. By such provisions the affairs of the corporation can never lapse completely mto the hands of members controlling a large number of shares, nor can obnoxwus measures be forced on the associatiOn by such members, and be made to subserve the1r md1v1dual mterests at the expense of the rest In case the association prospeno, thelredeemable stock shall be paid off as fast as possible, thus mcreasmg the value of the regular shares As soC!ln as all the redeemable stock has been pa1d off, each member will find himself the possessor of a share m the capital stock of the assoc1at1on Tli1s will be the solutiOn of tke labor question as far as It concerns our class. We will have found out the amount of cap1tal each member mu$1 m vest m order to become a free and mdependent work mgman and to reap the full benefits of his labor. When thiS has been accomplished dividends will cease, and all profits w11l go to increase the wages of the mem bers The mm1mum rate of subscription requisite for membership will then be determmed and fixed, and the association will always remam open to those aoplymg for admission as members at this constant rate. It IS unnecessary to remark to your readers that cigar-mak mg IS prua by the quantity and quahty of work per formed, and that, by paymg our membera m exact pro-' portiOn to the1r sk1ll and mdustry,we C'ln not be charged With entertammg commumstic VIews In conclusiOn, let me state that we heartil y believe 1n the compeuuve system as bemg the only true test of fitness We are prepared, to stand or fall by our ments alone. It IS on this basis that we come before the busmess men of thxs country, lllnd as an orgamzat10n, enJoymg peeuhar facilities and advantages for manufac tunng first-class and reliable goods, we are prepared to put the "survival" theory to Its crucial te st. Cord1ally mvltlng the numerous readers of your val .uable JQUrnal to call on us and examme our stock, I am, Mr 'Ed.tor, very respectfully yours, W. JANDUS, Stcr etary N Y Co OPERATIVE CIGAR ;Mf-NUFACTUIUNG Co No. 1g Houston St, cor. Mercer New York, Apnl 29, rS74 <:Igor Transportation at Weslfteld, mlass The followmg correspondence explams Itself WEsTFIELD, Apnl 20, 1874 At an adJourned meetmg of the c 1gar manufacturers of Westfield, held this P M, the followmg commumcatwns were la1d before them, whtch, after bemg read, were ordered pnnted m both of1thts town, together With the followmg unan imous vote That the th :ltJks of th1s body are due and hereby 'tendered tq the Hon Reuben Noble for the cle ar, prompt, and satisfac tory manner m wh1ch h e conducted our case, and laid the matter of our complamts before the Committee of Boston and Albany Railroad Company's Directors, ap pomted through his exertions, to hear th e same PHINEAS SOLOMON, Chatrman. JAMES H. BRYAN, Semtary. WESTFIELD, Apnl 201 1874 DEAR SIR-Herewith find enclosed commumcatwn, together with pnnted tanif, from D '\V Lmcoln, Esq, V1ce Pres1den t Boston and Albany Railroad Company, m reply to commumcat10ns f ( rwarded by your body through me, to a comtmttee of duectors of sa1d road, appomted for the purpose of cons1denng your gnevance m the matter of extra charges 1mposed by sa1d road on c1gars shtpped over Its !me You \\Ill please to the notice of the c1gar manufacturers of Westfield the enclosed papers and communication, wh1ch &eem to me quite satisfactory, meetmg m all the obJects of your meetmg and wants. Yours, respectfully, R NOBLE To P SoLOMON, EsQ, Chauman C1gar Manufacturers' Meetmg at Wilmarth ljouse, Feb 7, 1S74 CFFICE OF THE BosToN & ALBANY R R. Co. } D. W LINCOLN, Ptce Prestdent BosTON" MAss, Apnl I?, IS74 HoN RE\]BEN NoBLE bEAR SIR-Your letter o f Feb. 10, to the duectors of the Boston ancl Albany Ra1i road Company, together with you ; subsequent commu mcat1on of the ISth mst. to me, relaung to freight charges upon cigars transported over the road, h as re ceived the attentiOn of the committee to whom It was referred I send to you herewith copies of the pnnted tanff now in force, whtch show the rates properly charg al:le U,Jon both local and JOint fre1g11t I a lso send to you a lett e r from the agent of th e New Aork Centml and H R R Co., to show that that company does not charge less than double first class rates upon c1gars from New York to pomts West I will assure you that the rate v1a our !me and the N Y C R R w es t shall not be higher than by the H. R. R and N Y. C from New Yoxk, and that the Cigar manufacturers of west field shall not have JUSt cause of c o m p l amt of any d1s cnmmatwn them Very respe c t fully vo urs, D W LINCOLN For Committe e RECENT RULINGS OF THE POSTMASTER GENERAL Manuscnpts mtended for publicatiOn m newspapers, magazme s, or penod1cals are subJect to postage at let ter rates, when deposited for mailing Manuscnpts m tended for publicatiOn m books may pass through the matls at the r a te of one cent for each tw o ounces or fractiOn ther eof, provided they are wrapped so as to ad mit of exammatwn, and are unaccompamed by any wntmg other than the address Persons known as reg ular dealers m n e wspapers and penodicals, may receive and trans mit by mail such quantities of eith e r as they may requue, and pay the postage thereon as r eceiVe d at the same rates pro r,ata as regular su bscnbers to such publicatiOns, who pay quarterly or yearly m advance -Photographs and tm plates w1tb prmtmg on them are classed as merchandise, and subJeCt to postage at the rate of two cents, for each two ounces or fractiOn thereof, weight of packages hm1ted to twelve ounces -The mere headmg of a pnntmg sheet as a supplement to certam newspaper does not make It a 6ona .fide sup plement to buch paper, as contemplated by sect1on 12S of the RegulatiOns, edition of IS73 To entitle an ad ditiOnal publicatiOn to be classed as a supplement 1t must be made, up of matter germane to that of the reg ular Issue, but crowded out for want of room-To at tach any matter, either wntten, stamped, or pnnted, to a postal card, would render the same unmailable as a postal card Stamps cut from .a stam]!>ed envelope can not be used m payment of postage -Letters not bemg prepa1d one full rate are unmailable, but wh e n such let ters reach the office of destmation,double rates of post age must be charg d thereon, and collected before de livery, deductmg any amount, less than a full rate, wluch may have been prepaid there on When pub hshers of newspapers mclose handbills, poster, or separa te adv ertis em ents, m the same packs age with copies of the1r papers, m vwlatwn of 'aw, the duty of the postmaster IS pl am He should rate up such packages w1th letter postage, accordmg to the weight of the same If not pa1d at letter r ates by the party addressed, the package sho uld pe returned to the ma1hng office, as required by the sectiOn of the Regulations, for the postmaster thereat to prosecute the sender m the penalty of five d ollars m each caseBotamcal specimens may be sent m the mails as "cut tmgs," postage one cent for each two ounces or fraction thereof, packages hm1ted to four pounds, wrapped so as to admit of exammatwn, and unaccompamed by any wntmg m addltlon to the address -Wntten VIBitmg cards can not be mailed at less than letter rates of postage.-No extra postage shall be charged for a card ):mnted or Impressed upon a newspaper envelope or wrapper -Pamphlets, when sent m the mails, are sub Ject to postage at the rate of on, cent for each two ounces or fraction thereof-When a postal card has reached Its destinatiOn, and been dehvered m accordance With the address, It can not be rema1led to the sender, except upon pre-payment of postage at letter rates -A postal card partly pnnted, with blank for return answer, can be mailed m the same package with a c1rcular at a pre-paid postage of two cents, by postage 'stamps, age .ve1ghmg less than two ou11ces A cucular, wtth one or more postal cards, upon wh1ch nothmg IS printed or wntten (package we1ghmg less than two ounces), may be sent to one address at pre paid postage of two cents, by postage stamps. A package of postal cards upon wh1ch nothmg wntten, may be mailed to one adaress at a pre pa1d postage of two cents for each two ounces or fraction thereof -In the absence of a receipt from the mruhng office, postmasters should charge postage on matter which IS stamped "prepatd "-When a person subscnbes to a penod1cal, the back numbers of the c;:ur rent volume of such penod1cal may be received by the subscnber at quarterly rates Any other copies whtch may be received as back numbers, dated pnor to the commencement of a current volume, should be charged at transient rates -The laws perm1ttmg "book manu scnpt and corrected proofs, passmg between an author and pubhsher," to pass m the ma1ls at the rates for pnnted matter, can not be construed to mctude manu 3 scnpt sermons m trans1t to a library, to be eventually bound m book form. Such manuscnpt matter, though mailed m unsealed packages, must pay letter rates of postage -There IS nothmg m the postal laws or regu latiO ns wh1ch exempts a postmasterffrom workmg upon the pubhc roads, they are exempt from on JUries and from militia duty.-To msert a date or the pnce of 9 n article of merchandise 1m wntmg, m a Circular would subject the same to postage at letter rates, when de posited for mallmg -Persoms entitled to letters received by mat! are those whose n a lllles are m the address, and the delivery should be either to the person addressed or accordmg to h1s or her order. Section 155 and 156 Reg I873 New Firms. NEw YoR tcnv -Charles Fmke, tobacco mspec tor, ISS Water St. M L Fischer, dealer m leaf tobacco, ISS Water St CHICAGO, ILL -Mason & Wood, manufacturers of fine -cut chewm g and smokmg tobaccos, 224 Kmzte St. WESTFIELD, MASS -Abbes & Co dealers In leaf to bacco. ReJnovals. NEw YoRK CJTY.-,Vm Schoverhng, packer at< dealer m seed leaf t o b acco from 10I Maiden Lane 129 Water St J J Almira!, Importer of Havana leaf tobacco and Spamsh c1gar nbbons, from 30 to I6 Cedar St J. Me J Bensel & Co ,mspectors of seed leaf tobacco from Depeys ter St to 127 and rzg Water St Levy Brothers, cigar m anufacturers, from 7S to 70 and 72 Bowery CHWAGO, ILL -Wemreb & Alpmer, wholasale deal ers m !obacco and c1gars, frorr. I2J West Madison St. to ?I La!{e St Geo Hibben & Co wholesale dealers m tobacco tmd c1gars, from 46 La Salle St teo 13 Ddrborn St Kautzer & Ha1 g1s, dealers m Cigars and tobacco,from I$J Seventy second St to II9 Clark St. Mullen & Flagg, tobacco manufacturers agents, from 7S South Wate.r St to 71 Lake St Hobart, Dwelle & Co, tobacco manufacturers, from II Wabash Av to I3 Dearborn St Lewis Moss, Importer of cgars, from r 21 to u6 Clark St Adverttaements. A CUBAN CIGAR MANUFACTURER woultl hke te with a Wholesale House tat would take ch.a rq-e of selhOf ..,ts Ctiar on Coq1 .. mtsston-;\11 the leadmg brands-at pt\ces and manufactured of the best Havana 'Ioba,co Address II' L. T., 64-9 MYRTLE AVENUE Brooklyn N Y 4ao..a. EDWARD AUSTJN. PACKER AND DEALER IN LEAF TOBACCO Offers foF sale ONE CASJo S FINE SELEC'l'ED CONNEC TICUT WRAPPERS of ti1s own crop of 72, ahso will buy a d pack < n comtmsstoo n SUJfPIJtLD, c,m n March :iiJ 1874 .. .. ..Sa NEW\ ORK, MAY J 1874-REJIOVAL-1 would respectfully mform my fttend.! and the T bacc o L rade that I have remt to 168 W ATBR STREET, where ] shall be pleased to t.:ontlnue rfb good Will heretofore extended to me as a BROKER IN LEAP TOe BACCO, and hope to d eserve the same by renewed mdustry and by stri ; attention to the \If ants and mteresb of those who rna) mtrusi me wtth th c busmess e1r 4Bo-t PHILIP KELLAND, TO CIGAR MANUFACTURERS. You c:m obtain any Oesire,d SlZe and styl e of CIGAR MOULDS fro m THE DETROIT CIGAR MOULD CO, Send Sample C and we wtll send you a Mould of correspondmg stze and st) l e OFFICE-COR, CONGRESS .to FOURTH STS., DETROIT. .,s lt TOBACCO FOR SALE! 150 CASES OF FINE WRAPPERS. This Lot o:f Tobacco t a tho Fi:ne1t Lot oC Tobaeoe d In ihe State o:f the 1872 crop. There ha beeu no such otrered :for sale in aay market "W"e have on FENTDRICH & CO., .Janelvllle, Wta. FOR SALE! 100.000 Pounds Genmae "DEER TONGUE" Flavor for SMOKING TOBACCO manufactur ers, 111 lots to sun Pllr chasers at LOWEST figures MARBURC BROS. 145, 147 & 149 S.._b_!!,.rles St. BAL-n.JIIORE, H. D ROYAL HAtVANA I.OT,TERY. DRAWN EVERY 1'1 DAYS 910 to be ?rawn Aug 30 1 873 I Class 013 to be drawn O ct. 22, 1sn. 911 Sept 1 7, 91"' Nov 8 ,._ u du Oct 4 915 Nov l61 WH ONLY' Hahes and Qvarters in A. SOHNEmER & 0. 44 495 p 0 BOX40J-\, or No.3 wan St., New York HAVANA LOTTERY otCUBA 8450,000 DRAWN EVERY 17 DA.Yi. GERMAN GOVERNMENT LOTTERIES .. Oue Prize m Average oa Two Ttckets Pnz:es Clashe d and tnformatto n gtve n THEODOR ZSCHOVH, P 0 Box 5594 [<3 -4851 T16 Nasaau St. New l't COPE' S TOBACCO PLANT-A MONTHLY JOURNAl ifJr bwoken P.:.ablisbed a.t No l 10 Lord Nelson etroet, Liverpool l:nw land wuere subliOnpttous may be t:Lddroeaed, or to tile LXAF OYJ'u.:-. Price two olillllng11 (En )ll16h) per annum l'ra.tle 20 sll111ngs per inch No advertisements reeeiTel for a. "horter perlod.tban 11111 mooihs Mmchmery f o r EAle Hustneu Announ ce m ent.w &I'! 11:1 per hue No or.:'er f o r \dvertisMlg 'WilJ becoe. aider"' 1 un.loss accomp:m.:l er JOlDI 0 OB.Ali'F, As an Adverbslnlif medium, where 1t desued t o reach the Cigar and Tobacco Trade, DOt only Qf Uus but fore1gn Cuuntnes, 1t 111 th.e beat attain able. Rates of Advertising. ONE SQUARE (14 NONPAREIL LINES l Ovi!R ONE CoLUMN Six Months..... ............................. ...... ao oo Ova ONs CoLUMN Ooe Year ............................... 35 oo rwo SQUAR&S, over Oae Colamu One Year ...................... 6 5 oo ON& SQUARE, over Two Columns, One Year 65 oo, Two SQUARKS, over Two Co1ums, One Year ...... no oo FouR SQuARBS, over Two Celumns, OseYear...... J'o oo Adverttaementa in tla.e same proportion, but none i.o"'ken unless two, three, foQr o r more Squares COLUMN RATES HALF A CoLUMN, Three Months HALF A COLUMN. Stx Moo.ths ... HALi' A COLUMN, One Yc;ar .......... ..... OMs CoLUMN, Three Months ............. ONE CoLUMN, Six Months ONE CoLUMN, One Year $rs oo I 'JO 00 '"'0 00 1.50 00 ,50 00 OQ FIRSJ' PAGE RATES ONE SQ U ARE, over Two Wide Columas, Ome iVea r $1co oo Two $quARKS, ver Two W1de Columns O>ne Year 3co oa TKRltK SQUARESt over Two W1de Colu'IDn.!,. One Year 4 5 0 (._-:J uNo Advertisements on thts page tak.en for less than one year, payable fuUy lD advance No dena bon from these terms. Tran-stent Adverttsements on the thtrd page }ie r l oe for e ac!t lMertton ,. N o orders for Advertlslng w tll be constdered, unless accompauted by amount 1

TB' E 'I:OBAVVO LEAF; MAY6 -!BE. VIRGIN'IA AGENCY, ESTABU H E D IN 1 8 36, Bf CHARLES M. CONN OLLY. CONNOLLY cl CO., COIIM:ISSION :MERCHANTS I N J:.ea,f and Manufactured Tobacco, 45 WATE; R STREET, NEW YORK. ,.Agents fof VIRGINIA KANUF ACTURED TOBAGCO Purchases made >f-various brands to this market : free of commission, to the party ordering from us. PURCHASES OF LEAF TOBACCO FOR HOME AND E X PORT, MADE. ON COMMISSION Orders filled .from VIrginia at MANUFACTURERS FACTORY prices. .EXPORT ORDERS for TOBACCO Filled with DISPATCH Good Storage for all kinds of TOBACCO in dry well ventilated lofts. Orders from our old friends and the trade ollcited. P. KITTREDGE & 00. OBACCO _COIIISSIQL MERC-HANTS, A T 71 & 13 Front St. lWEW YORK, AHD AU of Manntacture4 To. M cco for E.zport. and Tax paid, n addlttoa. to our old and welt..-known branda:-1M CO'rl'B.EJJ., :ClU'J!Ia:aC, WHITE PEA.THEJ,l, 1:::.: I i lLEGJL. TENDER, Young Swell, IISILYER CLOUD, !Banana Fig, GJU:ElOIACK.S, S.ANCHO P .ANZA, THE HUB, etc. BO & FRITH, 7 BURLING SLIP, NEW YORK Tobacco Coaaaaission Mer'chants Sole Proprietors of the Celebrated Brands of Smoking Tobacco: Snn!JY Bee, Early Dew, Prafrie Bloaeom, Red River, Powhattan, } J nterpriae, Old Keutuck, Old Lor; .Cat.All, !!:ow SUp, Planters' Choice. 'P of the West, Sunny Boutil, \oir Braud, Rouer Dew. l>tO J' ll'i>f'lf'R fnr th"' UnitP.d Statee for 3 P .. s & CO.'S GOL];) FLAXE. G. F. L tS Dit. C C. H u rrLTOY. s M .\!tCO.i Q ... R. A 1 K C ROYT NE"W YORK SPENCE -BROTHERS & co., liiA.ln/Pli.CTt1B.Ea8 01" TRB CELBBBATICD '-AMBROSIA, .And Varioua other Jh-OiluU of Fine-Cut C bewing & Smoking Tobaccos, a a anil. 54 :BAST 'l'mD S'l'BEE'r, CINCINNATI, O. Being located at the GREAT LEAF MARKET for CUTTING ToB Acco, our facilities for supplfing the TRADE with A L L GRADES OF FINE CUT and SMOICING are unsurpassed. FRANCIS S. KINNEY'S PATENT IIPROVED TOBACCO CUTTER. Thlo -lmpro .. d Machino for Tobacco i 1 con atnscted with a aiogle knife wortlaruponincltaed bearlop. aod operatiDa' with a olidinc lhear cut ,upoa the tobacco, which Ia placed in a bolt with llldeo at rlJbt &llflM d bottom parallel I with oalll ltaife. Tbia maehJae will C1lt aay I kind ef tob-=d cut it perlecu,.. Ptur, Twist, Perique In Canlotta, and any aimtlarly hard prepared tobacc oa eaa be r Clf..t In thelt hard a tate, wltkout auy c'a aing, jOr any moiatealag to IJOften th-. It makt s no shorts, can be I run by band or ateam pow er, requires no sldll to op 1 erate it ltl coutruetion I a ofthe,JDOStaubotaotlalkiud, I &Dd dillicuit to 1 Price of mae h iae com. ple t e with Press {box 4J(x6 no inches), t:.10 n e t cash. -' OJrli'ICB ,,..,.. 1'1 WElT BROAD-, WAY, lll'ew York. N. B.-The attention o f manutacturers o f Cigarette and Turkish, and all Fancy Tobaccos, Straight Cuts, Bright Le&f, e tc. etc. is particalarly c alled t o thi1 machine. CUTHRIE & CO Lundy .Foot Snu-Ff', .. 2 F s ., J. Me J. BENSEL & CO., ALSo MANUF ACTURERs oF THE FOLLOWING BRANDs o F ront treet. ODISSION MERCHANTS, TOBACCO INSPECTION, PURE VIRGINIA SMOKING TOBACCO. AlfD TOBACCO PRESSERS, 127 & 129 WATER STREET. Rail Road; VIZ! "Leaf Tob acco p ressed i.n bales for the West Indies, and Central Al)lerica n Por ts, and o t i}er marCERTIFICATES ISSUED AND C ASES DE(lur Ch9ice, TOBACCO PACKED I N HOGSHEADS. LIVERED SING L Y OR IN LOTS. Pride of H.enrv Countv, Colorado, <$ v. r MART 1 N E Zt. Y a oR &co. Black Tom, IMp 0 R T E F T 0 c c : o J ;, t c I G R s (! "ELPRmciPEDEG.ALESBRA.NDOFHA.vA.NAA.NDXEYWEsT, 133 Water and 85 Pine Sts N.Y. 26 CEDAR STREET, N EW YOKK. f 1r ____ r<_ ... o_r_P_r_ic_e_L_is_t_a_d_dr_e_s_s_o_r __ a_P_Pl_y_a_s_a_b_o_v_e_. --,;.!WOLPH STROHM'. w ould be r olled in h ard lumps; b y tht p r ocen t hey paM t h .tou g h a set o f shea r blades, and a r e t he n through a s i e v e o f one size, a11 being don e i n one op e r ation. By this means your t obacco i s all ope ne d a n d as light as a feathe r Prlee Complete, 'W"it.h Sieve, 875. Can Produce Hundr e ds of Uefecenees. --send for full Circular r aises the roller B Short Filler DRBAB:BR.. O R Granulator. Price, 87'11. DOHAN, CA}tROLL & CO., TO!E.ACCO COM M -ISS I 0 N MERCHANTS, 104 JrRONT STREET, M J DOHAN, } ALEX. FORMAN. ......... voa'ltP {THes. cARROLL, .... ... -.. .._ .. JNO. T. TAITT. A[ents for tha flillowinJ[ W Manufacturers : J. B. PACE, Y ARBROUCH & SONS, J. H. CRANT & CO. JOHN ENDERS, TURPIN & B LROTHER, b. B. TE.NNANT & CO. L. H. FRAYSER & CO. B. W. OLIVER, H.CREAN&R. 4 .CARY BROTHERS, EDWIN WILSON, THOMAS HARDCR.OVE, J. R. PACE & CO. RACLAND JONE S, RACLAND & TOSH, WALKER, TAYLOR & CO. WINNIE & TALBOT, \ L. W. WISE, R. A. PATERSON & CO. J. P. WI-LLIAMSON, L. LOTTIER. Sole Agents in N w York for BONNE BOUCHE, 4s. ss. and Pocket Pieces Als o 'Agen for John W. Carroll's Celebrated Smoking Tobaccos ack a Brown Dick, etcl to our Thistle" Brand, so wiqely known in many parts o f o i tr Coun t ry f o r its b auty of wotkmanship, d e l icacy of .chew, etc., we would tlte of Jobbers; alw a ys hand in lbs. half lbs threes, p ocket pieces, etc BULKLEY MOORE & '14 FBONT 8tr-. KAEIELBERG & CO. :160 PEARL ST., New 'X?Rif. J D KREIELBR6 & CO., BALTIMORE, Mn. KREIELBERG, SCHAEFER & CO., NEW ORLEANS, L .( muco CDMmDI meum BLAKEMORE, MAYO & CO., GEIERIL COMM'ISSION 82 BROAD STREET,. NB!f'".YOBK. WALTER. FRI 8 FREISE, IN EK. HAR LES M CoNNO LLY. IMPQRTERS OF, s lYI. Gardiner d: Co., BA VANA TOBACCO o :M:erohants, .203 Pearl Street, 4 :l'ront street, York. NEW YORK. ARE RECEIVI G DIRECT FROM VIRGINI A C ONSIGNMENTS OF HANUFAC-CB:AS. F. TAG & EON', T URE TOB ACCO EXPORT ORDERS FOR PLUG TOBACCO PROMPTL Y FILLED. lmportenol SPAN18ll,ancl, l>e!'lentnalll

MAY:6 J.lCOB BiRIBLL, MANUFACTl!I'RER OF CIGAR BOXES, SUPERIOR MAKE AND Prime Quality of I I'HE \ ;TOBA.CVO.:.LEAF4 MARTIN & JOHNSON, 166 WATER STREET, Behreea Xahlea Luae .....t B!'""lJDtr IJUp, lSI Ei 'YOR.K.. Tobacco Co'flmission SCOVILLE, IBll:eBTBBS el' AJID JOBJIBBS OP ALL .lllm8 07 AGENTS FOR THE OF ALL ':fH.E J a 178 WATER STREET,. NEW YORK. TJKPOR.TEEU!I OF _&P..a...MX&::O::: AND L 'PACKERS OF DOMESTIC. STANDARD BRANDS OF YIRBINIA &; NORTH IAROUNA LEAF TOBACCO .. LEAF' 'TOBACCO, No. 1'10 Water street; -New York. CEDAR. WOOD, l-293, 295 &:.297 Monroe St., & ; lWI&I AID IIIISTit 10, '11'0. U Eli:CJI.UIGB PLACIII, lf. y, Draw Billa of fxchaDJI'O 011 tbe principal e!Uea of Enrope ; laue Circular Letters of Credit to Traelerw. ud grant Commen:lal Credlta: recelnlll9toeJ-Dept. aebjed to 8i&'bt Cbecta, upo11 wblcli l11toreat will be allowed; paJ particular atUibtlon lA> th Negotl.atlon or Loatta. W. MIIDIL a BRO., MANUFACTURERS OIF 1 CI G A R S AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 15"' BOWERY, NEW YO R EBEN W. GOODWIN, DEALER II!( .LEAF TOBACCO AND Fzz CZGA.RB. No. 226 Front Street, Bot. Beekmao' It Pock SUp, liJIWYORK WK. AGNEW 41 SOliS.' 14emhald& as& and 1&86 Prout 1!11--. NEWYOBK. J1A vajo>r 8 .U.JI .U.S. D I WEISS, ILLER, & KAEPPIL, IMPORTERS OF AND DEALER IN HAVANA IOBACCOS, SJSJO PBAI\L STREBT, NEW YORK TOBACCO OF "CONNECTICUT SEED LEAF." The subscriber desires to call the attention of Manufacturers ana the trade generally, to his large stock of "EXTRA' FINE" and "DARK COLORED" genuine Con necticut wrappers, of the crop of 1871 ; which he offers for sale in large and smalli:aH:eABDNBURGH, Dealer in all kinds of Leaf Tobacco, No. I76 Water St., New York; LOIBENSTEIN & GANS -:...tLE AGENTS AND IMPORTERS OF THE GENUINE W, & M.' ROBERT W. OLIVER, lllchmond, Va. I WII'fGFIEI;D &-t:'AWSON, RiclunoJ>d, Va. D. C. HAV.O & CO., Va. WOimA & INGRAM, Ml:adavUie, Va. W. J, I.> ENTRY & CO Rachmond, Va. W. E. Dnrham, N.C. MAYO & KWIGHT, Richmond, Va. R. FAUCETT, Durham, N C HARDGROVE, POLLA-RD & Cel., Richmond, Va. COO &a & WILLIAMS, Oxford, N. 0. The special attention of the Trade is called to the following established Brands : KA!ftJ)'AOTUIU:D IIAlfOl' ACTURED Vtrginla Beauties, P. P.'s whole and){ Caddlea 01d Ned's Cbolee, K, ){s, P. P'a. Vir&ilda Beauties, 3S. 41, ancl 145. D. C. Mayo..4 Oo., Navy,lba. Farmer's Daughter, ;ss, ,._,and D. C. Mayo&: Oo., Navy, Xs, and })s, P. P.t in whole, Sallie Willie,' and 1Pl1l1Twist. "'and)( cM.dies. Sallie WUUe, _Fig. ,. D. C Mayo & 0o.-, 3s, 41, and t.OS. Inviodble, Fig. W. } Gentry & Co Navy, M, Jta, P. P"a, Or!.,.tal, Flc,ln till foil, ){ lb. bo'ftl, r...., uul.ll'alf to'a. Cbann, 6'lnch Twlat, In tin foil, }( caoldlee. Ma;ro& Klaight, Na.y, ){s, -"s. .l(s, P. P'a. &: long 100. Charmer. 6 and u-lnch twiaL 1 Luscious Weed, U-lnda plot"-I BMOKIJICJ, In ba .. or,., '-' Jt, aad Xs lbs. Chas. Hen1i, Jr. 9 -iDcll Uabt Gold Baa. Virginia' lbt. ; u 1led&l. Old Kelltuck, lb8. Caeyque. Star. Reward of 1Dd11Stry, lba. Olher"a Cholce. Virginia Be11e. Pride of the Natioa, lbl. Nugget. Pioneer. Nation. Harve.t Queen, Hs, P Fa. Duke's Dv.rb.a. Dandy Lion. Farmer' a \:holce, P. P" Faucett' s Dudaam. Particular attention given to putting up special brands for SOLE use ef owners. I k STORM, J.U.:llUF ACTt!RllliS OJ' S ::m Gr rA. B.'S, AND DEALERS.: IN LEAP No. 191 PE.ARL STREET, New York .TOfiX STRAI'l'ON. GKORGJ: STO!Ill. < E. ROSENWALD &: BROTHER, o:r SP.6.N%SE, AND PACKERS. OF. LEAF TOBACCO, _, Leaf Tobam lor Export au Ioiii I& tear Tobacco baled In any pa.p 1lr IIJ*-1c pre88 for export. 145 .Water Street, New York. CIGAR, DIOULDS, -----------___..;.___, WILLlAM: 'WICk .. 1 A. aeat.BL l!x. Noa.Tow. T. J. SLAt7GHTBt. B. H. WISDOI&. P::a:zss:ms, NORTOII, SLAUGHTER & CO., STRAPS r AND CUTTERS, TIBUU AID tOTTOI JACTUt ________ 10_ 1_MAID ____ EN ___ LA ___ NE_,-_NEW __ Yon__ol!\, S. IICBAELIS & CO A N D General Connnission Merchants, U :BROAD STREET, Y. READ Be Co., SucCESSORS TO IsAAC READ, UOMMISSION MERCHANTS, And in Virginia and JIT,es/Hn Leaf and Manufactured Tubacro, Licorice, @um, etc., u Old Slip, !lew 'SE'ork. IMPORTERS OF CIGAR. MOULDS, STRAPS & CUTTERS, A. S. ROSENBAUM & CO. 70& 72Bowery-. NewYork. KAUFMANN BROS. & BONDY' NEW YORK. S. BARNETT, '" .. C; B. SPITZNER, EUGENE' DU BOIS, Importer of :Eavana LEAF TOBACCO T 0 B A C C 0 COMMISSION MERCHAN'I 163 Water St., AND L f M Fo: THEt BALEd C1F& S k' NEW YORK. COMMISSION MERCHANT. ea anu1aC Ure mo mg -------124WATERSTREET, TOBACCO, NN NEW YORK 75 FRONT ST., NEW YORK. CARL UPMA t .a-Reasonable A d v a n ce s made on Shipments, Manufactured Tobac co of all Styles and Qualities di-et from the best Manufactories of Virginia, for sale in 'ots to suit pr.ur:.hasers. ff. L. MEUHAJT. D.& A. BENRrMO. .. 'l7s PEAn.L STDE'r, ... --moo-omi-Jli.tJu D' trthantJl, P.o. BOX 2989. NIIIWYORK, C!:J"' TOBACCO Leaf Tobacco, lllo. 160 Water Street, New York. LEAF TOBACCO, t:K WAT:IlB-STBEE'l', XIIW-YOR]{, !laTe 011 aale all ldnda ot LB.lJ 'l'QBAOOO for IIXPOR! SI.MOll' SALOMON, Importer of -a Dealer in HOD M--108 WM. WIOKE a Oo ., J4ANUFACTUREllS OF Segar 1&'1', 151 & 111 GOEBCJ[ 8'1', lfEW YOBL Best Material anti Superiw Malu IJ' Self' Inwnfed and Patmtetl .MMI>inuy. J HOV.ERLING, M'..e""W" Oonp-. a:Q.d. 1.29 -'Water. St., Ne-w York. &"LIBERAL CASH ADVANCES MADE ON CONSIGNMENTS. CIGAR MBULD PRESSES & STRAPS. A. & T.'BBOIVN,'"' :t.IANUF ACTURERS OF Ci[ar cutters & an lm:hincryfor Mannfactnrinu; Cigars; IMPORTERS OF GIRMAI CIGAR.IOULDS. S7Sg,&6I, Lewis St., bet. Delancy' & Rivington, NEW YORK. a. W. E:aiCB:S, v MAN)JFAC T URER OF CIGAR BOXES, AND IMPORTE R O F GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS or & CO., and F. M. BOCKELU:t-TN'S D JtAL11l\ I N ,. r Cigar-Mould Presses, Straps anu Cutters, 263 SOUTH STREET, N. Y. 1l /. E. PASCUAL BROTHER {.;Q.., t latEB.CltANTS AND Im'OB.TDS 0!' >\.. -Ha""Vana LEAF TO AO-CO 158 WA'!"EB. STB.BET, P. 0. BOX 3925 Leaf Tobacco AND SEGARS, J. A. PESANT r DETROIT LD OATMAN, GERKAN CIGARKOl1LDS No. Street, NEW YORii, JOSEPH DEALER IN ALSO COMMISSION AND 42 BB.OADWAY, NEW YOU. Especial attention ia inv\ted to Baxter's Patent Improve! German Moulds. Any desired she and shape made to order. Office, cor. Congress&: Fourth Sts. DETROIT, I!IICH. ----------Leaf Tobacco F. DOMESTIC J. S(lHifiTT & CO. IMPolrt's OF II DEALERS IN A. S'rBIN a 00., Commission Merchants, _,. 21' 3 sT.: I Leaf Tobacco Le Tobacco,LtAF rr. oBAcco: .. "RITICA," 166 WATEB.STBEET, at rSt. New York. 197 Duane-meet, LEDERER 1: FISCHEL, .!!!_P_e_ar __ I_s_t..;.,_N_e_w_Y_o_r_k_.l NE-w YouK. c JosT New-rork. DEALERS IN Seed Lea.:C, SANCHEZ, HAYA. & CO., _,E SPINt:tARN & CO 130 138 134 \l ., 3A vAN .A. 'l'O:i1A.CCO MAIDEN LANE N y k A. H. CARDOZO, -"DBAL&IIS"' .FRIEDMAN & OETTINGER, ..... ;.uFAcTuaB:s or TOBACCO '1. COTTON. FAmORY HAVANA & DOMESTIC TQBArff) KNUO'J'O... J.u. G. f'unrt f Dll.ALER xN WESTE'RN Pemberton.& Penn, L I A F T 0 B A C C 0, ) 27 South Second Street, trffer their sq'(Jices to jill orders for_ BRE.MEN 99 llrlaiden Lan N y 1 .-.. SUPERIOR DE JO llRIA VJCHOT," L. CARVAJAL'S CIGARS, 8 OLA-V'! "J'BNK. \.:: KEY WES FLORIDA.' 167 WATEB ST., NBJY YOBK, Lmf Nanufactund To!Jacal, e St. LOUIS, Mo. V4 A


6 I Ph.Uaclelphia Advertisements. Steiner, Smith Bros. & Knecht,: 'DEALERS IN rALL KINDS OF LEAF TOBACCO, .And Manufacturers of and Dealers in pigars. 225 RACE STREET, STEWART MARIS, RALPH & Manuiacturers of B.;;tlph's _Scotch Snulf, A.NiJ FINE! CIGA.B.S, 'No. 118 ST., ..).ben Sww.t, Iameo P. Marks;, Aluaader Ralpb, John W. W<>, ""-.MANUFA4:TUR 01' ALL KINDS OJ!' BEWIN G TOBACCOS. 143 Wa.t-er Street, New York GEO. KE'RCKHOFI'. GEO. p, UNYEiaAGT, GEO. KE.RCKHOFF & CO. DEALERS IN COMCTIGUT, HAVANA-AND YARA LEAF i "" .AND ltA.NOFACT.tmDS OF CIGAnS. No. 49 S. CHARLES STREET, BALTIMORE. ED. WISCHMEYER. HY. WISCHMEYER. ED. & CO., Com:rn.ission .. Mercharits-, AND DEALERS IN LEAF,. PLUG TOBACCO & .CIGARS 39 SOUTH CALVERT STREET NEAR LoMBARD SnEBT, BALTIMORE" w ,ESTERN. ADVERTISEMENTS Cincinnati Advertisements. MALL.AY. JAMESMALLAY. Henry Besuden & Bro., R.MALLAY a BRO DEALERB>lf LEAF 'TOBACCO; LEAF TOBACCO, Dealers in CASSIUS 'WELLES. I. B. lLUS. C. WELLES. CO., I>JW:Jml .. 0 o N N SEED L E A F :'X'9B.A.OOO. 154 State Street? B.UIT..oBU. VOJOL I t 6 and ll7 West Front St., 163, & 165 Pea.rlStret, Q:. A .Z. 1[. PB.A.SE,; Between Race aad Elm, s. LOWEN'TBA.L .11: co., I :MANJJF ACTURERS .. FINE CIGARS,. AND mJALEll.S IN LEAF TOBACCO, NO. 112 WEST THIRD STREET, CINCINNATI, OHIO. I Acoo WaiL. AAJtON ICAHx. .&. A. want WI.;J. COliOOSSION And Deale< In ctHIIIICTICUT SElD LiAF Tobacco, State St Jlartford; Conn .A. L. &: F. I: Packen and m CONNECTICUT SEED r.EAF TOBAOOO,. : No. 1 .34MAIN STREET. .. ue-1811 Hartfolld, -.-1 WEIL,-BALTIMORE STEAM 8 L<>""VVe:a:tb.a.l. _., Oo. -' MILL. NUFF G. GIESKE. ED. NIEMANN. MANUFAC'I:URERS AND WHOLEiiA.LK DEALERS IN G w GRAVES R. STARR & CO. GIESKE&NIEMANN MANUFACTURFRS OF TOBACCO FACTORS lli7Sole Agents for :EL TELEGRAFO" ll:aud of Clgus. FXIB oomcTIOUT SEEJf-LE!F S N U F F AM Oommissioo M;chants. STRASSER, JlRID! & LIPPIUN, trOBACCO,. SOUTH CALVERT ST 78 South Charles S.t.,Baltimore, Md. (SuccessOi'S let STRASSER & 'CO. ) ROFFM. AN MANUFACTURERS OJ CI8ARS, MANUFACTURERS OF FEISS & DANBURY, CONNECTICUT. ...._ LEE A co. AND DEALERS IN TO.BAcco W. DRE$El A CO., n .:zG a RS H. SJIITB & CnlllBiissiBI IJ!rchaBtl and J :coMMISSION MERcHms, 87 G.A. y sTREET. ..a. 63 E :BAL'riKOEE, :t!D., i t CONNECTICUT L5AF TOBACCO 1 :rchange l'lace, Baltimore, Xd. ,....... MORRIS & REID WEauthorieSIGHTDRAFTfoumountofTAX .A.. 0 B A. C C 0 J 126 Vine Street, :io. 20 HllDlpdea Street, wit!. BILL L.ADJNG attached to Drnt and wili make further CASH advances on receipt of "EOUISSION MEitCHANlfS. LEAF T 0 B A c c a :ciNCINNATI, OHIO. HIM.DA.U Swn.,. l 1 i'. Bmwm.a... SP:aiNGFIELD. KASS. L. W. GUNTHER,' BROKERS, Boston AdvertiseJDents. LOUIS STR. A.SSER o. o. HOLYOKE, L.EirTOifACCOr GENERAL c COIIISSfON MERCHANT G. Al!U) TOBA()()() Fo\CTO.R. I 4 ()OLLEQE BUILDING, go LOMBARD STREET, (?De door Wmmlssion and Wholeoale Dealen ID LEAFAlQJ Ka.nufa.ctured Toba.cco, AND CIG.&HS. & KEMPER, PACICERS OF 1;Seed.. a ljpealero 111 Havana and. Yara Tobaccos, I 1 7 Lombard Street, BALTDlORE, MD. A. LASKY. Pill-CUT, iCIIHWII& All SIOKII& TOBAGCOS, LYNCJmUiG, VA. S EI.A. X... 111M r.::,... 80. 82, A:ND 84. FIRST STREET, LOUUVILLE, E.Y, R. A. MILLS, OF NORTH CAROLINA. MANUFACTURED OF S&LECT I Pure North :!'!rolina Leaf, j MARBURG BROTHERS. 1 Enter d act. ot Congroae ln year l m by Uo.rbur!f !31"0a in the ofl"ioe ot t.heLlbr.uia n Of CQDSt'e.U -----...:c r-------------189 Pearl St., New York. t HASKELL & CO. "PEACH AND The Sweetest FineCut Chewing ROBINS OJ TOBACCO MAMIP ACTBBIM& CO., : LOUISVILLE, KY. ; I TOBACCO BROKER Co--listen MePdlant,. Offk:e in Tobacco ExchMge, Shookoe Slip, BICHHOND, VA. VIBGim Lill TOBACGO,. # TOBACCO EXCHANCE, RI.qiMOND, VA. R. JONEs, LOU!Slit:CRICH & DIARo:AIU> JAMEs lYI. WisB MONITRESS TOBACCO WORKS, ::"1 co cFftlJ :8 479 West Market Street, T 0 B A C C 0,. OPPOsiTE ExcHANGiilo LQ"I1ISVILLE, n.... Havan;o Ciga_ rs, CD M M isciioN' MERCHANT Manufa ctu:r of all kinds of PLUG TOBACCO FO:R THE PURCHASE OJ.!' No. 206 N. SECOND S'l'., Bt. Louis, Mo. LBA Oft rnoB.4CCO. :Establlshed.ln -..: ... J 0 H N .. I N G E R' C. &, R. DORKITZEB. &, CO. HIGHLAND GEM ToBAcco WoRKs. Fine G tsars, Dealer-s lcrcbaJtts 1 p. miRISTo 4 Whoi.WeDealeriD EA::F TOBACCO U Propn..toraaaUI:aaufacturenof ,,. LEAF TOBACCO, HIGHLAND GEM .39' WuhlngtoD St., ID41&napolls, Ind. sT. LOUIS, AND OTKER CUT TDBACCDS. Cluolce BrandsotrmportedltcodcealwaysonhoO>d. CorRr 11 1pp1 -d Pearl ltr-te,. Liberal Cash advance made on Coniguments. llO)IlfAPOLU. DO). EDW .... ll ... J')SEP!j: WALL, BELVIN & oAr, G. w. wr c Ks & AROS & CO, A. H. T OBALDtt., Commissiop Mercpants, E:MIL FOERSTEL &. CO., \,;OlllliT.llSSlct:l Merchants in MANUGRBRAOF R 4 1'01 TKB SAn W' Agents ror the ale o( I EMa."\ulactar!ten R s D-m WI Vlr&Jnla, MIUOIHI, and Kentuck F N C nm CIGARS"!.:. I And Dealers \n all, a. s 0 .. .dl'.U AN ISH AND DOMESTIC ::b.eUJIG Smoking Tdaaca, h'llfl\l, l'ipes, lo;c. rrobacco, Cbtii $1 !I, rF li'O. 320 ljQB'l'll SECOND S'l'ltEE'l', mrll A { lf!!!fj l'f!!!fj A\ for John Charters Potellt Cipr Moulds. Bt., 1Phlla4elphia. l lill, States for the Pater Ma h 1= an I ST. LOUIS, MO. 0 :SALE.IROOK '1.i SKITJD'JELD ST., EIJREKA 'rl!lruU' .. torB\1.. -.. PITTSB!JROH,' PA. Brothers Tobacco Works E V TOBACCO & CIGARS, th-er K. MISCH & co't 1lE:N. "FIN'ZER. FRED. FINZER John D c. Stnenoon.. LPH FINZER, NICHOLAS FINZER. 1.02 MAIN sTREET., GUilT_ HER & STEvEsoll, 11 A t FINZER & BROS. n ma.n urer s gen S9 MANUFACTURERS f (Between 3d 1Uld4lh,} .AND "FIVE BROS. NAVY," "VIRGINIA PINE :aii. w. WICK. LoulsvUie, KJ, TOBACJCONIST!, : .h--. st.. C,H{CAGO. 13 !; 15 mu BT., l'.oalnille, l:r. ny THE TIIBUCI Wl. Successors to L o ui s Gt&.tber, TOBACCO. FACTORS, Amd. Ge!lel'lll Ccmmiasion Merchants, 162 C10mmon St., New Orleans.


t: ':' THE -,_,OBACCO LEA. Pi 7 6. I SUTRO & NEWMARK, :J: LEA.F 78 PARK ,PLAC1 NEW :KERBS .t SPIESS, Maaufactu.arl. of Pine Oip:rs, ;-A:ND DBAfaB, BS m "315 BOWERY, :NEW YORK. Lotrrl SPUM. !. IJCBTENSTEIN & BROTHER, 1 MANUFACTURERS OF THE "ELK" and "ONWARD" CHAS. JUNGBLUlH. HENRY U. FRANKEL. JUNGBLUTH & Co Ge::a.e:ra.l. Co..nyn1:lo::a. DIEe:roha:a.'*- Sole Agents in Kentucky for James C. McAndrew's Celebrated' LICORICE_ PASTE, up her limbs and her skirts, she stretched hersdf at full length upon the outer_ edge_ of the seized with one hand the strmg-p1ece to whrch the ra1l1s sp1ked and coolly bade the train pass on I In a minute the train passed over the prostrate form without jar or jolt, and the next instant the girl was on her feet, hastening to ward her expec.tant pupils, before whom she was deter mined to be ''on tune," though sha disarranged a dozen ing the same, such agent, cle;k, servant, manager, man ufacturer, merchant, or other person, shall be deemed guilty o{ the larceny of such property or merchapdise. This act shall not apply to property which has been re plevied or removed by legal process. TOBACCO MANUFACTURERS' SUPPLIES, railroad time tables. 9 Any person, firm, or corporation who shall pay the tax imposed upon persons keeping houses for storage shall be deemed a keeper C>f a licensed warehouse, and entitled. to the privileges confe:rred, and subject to all N'o. aa Tl::J.i.rd. s-t.. :Ky. LIQUORICE PASTE. THE UNDERSIGNED AGENT IN NEW YORK FOR THE MANUFACTURERS OF THE FOLLOW ING WELL-KNOWN BRANDS OF LIQUORICE, "desires to caution Tobacco Manufacturers asing any of tile numerous brands purporting to be and. brands o;f LIQUORJ but which are compounds of his brands, rebotled i.n ni111 country, and, m some tnstauces con tam iDg_ less than fifty per cent. or Liquorice T Q insure manufacturers ubtaioing PURE 'AND. GENlJINE JCyCo. FLB AOC PT ZA RR VB (A) K&CO NF Crown (B) They should address their orders to the in New York, who is the SOLHAGaNT Hf rKK UNtTRlll STATRS. These Brands being registered at Washington, couoterfeit& will b e seixed wherner found, and lee-al proceedings instituted. I guarantee all Liquorice seot out. and refer to the follovl' letter, u to the character of the Paste I offer .: JAMES C. McANDREW, BB "''V'acter S1:ree1;. N'e"VEr 'Y"'<>rk. NEw-Yo'AK, April 1 873 MR. ]AMES c. NtiwJYork: Dea:..Sir-We have over I 000 cases of your fine gcadea of Liquodce, and they have been utaif ormly regular and of excellent quality. Yours Very Respec;tfully, lSignecJ P. LORILLARD & CO. REFERRING to the abov e advertisement, we havt= appointt=d ')lr. Jo.mes C. ]JJC)Andre'v o'f' York1 oar Exclu.&lve Agent. in the United Statea for the .sale of all tile Drii!IIA.da of' Liquorlee heret.otore manufactun:d 1>1 us. ROBERT MAC ANDREW & CO., London, F.n gland. LIQUORICE ROOT. 1:.. lipanlh and Sm.;rrua, in Bales_ always for eale in Iota to suit purchase". _,__ .. f JAI!IE8 C. HeANDuoW, 56 'Water St.., New YOI!Ir.. I A MisFORTUNE TO A be a forgery, and efforts were then made to t?e LYNCHBURG ToBACCO MANowner, who is said to have disappeared from the c1ty UFACTURE'It.The Lynch-to escape prosecution.-Di6trict Attorney Bliss has burg Republican of May 1, been requested by Deputy Co ilector Phelps to com gives the following details mence a suit in r.em for the forfeiture of the tobacco. of an unfortunate occur-Philip Schneider hasbeen' a clerk to Launit z, of renee: "The alarm of fire No. u7 West Twelfth St., for some time past. Mr. was sounded about 3 o'c:ock-Launitz, who keeps a cigar store, has missed a great yesterday morning,and soon deal of his property lately, and determined to keep a the city was brightly illumi-watch over h i s ,"confidential cl erk." I!.ast he nated. The firemen quickly caught him in the act of abstracting money from the responded to the s urr.moris, till, am! the thief confessed having committed many THE VIRGINIA WAREHOUSE BILL. Interesting to Producers, AKents, Factors and Commission Merchants,-Dow DfJH) laeeiatipo8 oC Produc ehall be made ...:.. CoDsigumeute not to be Dypothecuted save on Condito .. s The of great importance to. the tobacco trade in Virginia, has recently passed -the General Assembly. A bill to prescribe bow hypothecations of products and commodities shall be made, and to prohibit the hypothecation of consignments except on conditions. .1. Be it macttd by lht General Assembly, Tha any person, firm, or corporation, keeping a licensed ware house, may issue warehouse receipts or other written or the penalties of this law. 10. Any person prosecuted under thls act shall be allowed to testify in his own beh:olf. 1 r. This act sh' all be in force from its passage tCopartaership. -NEw YoRK CITY.-Lemon, Mandelbaum & Co., deal ers in leaf tobacco; Mr. Leopold admitted; firm name unchanged. CHICAGo, IL'L.-Wm. Y. Daniels, dealer in tobacco and cigars-, has opened at cerner of Madison and Dearborn Sts. CIGAR MANUFACTURERS' BOOKS. printed evidence for the deposit of grain, flour, merNEW ORDER FROM COMMISSJ!ONER DOUGLASS-THE chandise, or any other Wl\res or commodity, except un-"REVISED FORM" TO BE KEPT.-DETAILS OF lill'l manufactured tobacco, which receipts or other written TRIES, ETC. or printed evidence shall be stamped with the word, We are indebted to Mr. Jourgensen, in In,, a!ld thereafter be negotiable .and trans-tern a! Revenue Blanks, 37 Liberty Street, this city, for ferable by delivery, whe 'the' r the said grain, mer-a copyyf the following important order; chandise, or other wares or commodity be the property TREASURY DEPARTMENT, } of the owner or owners of the warehouse or of another Office of Commissioner of Internal Revenue, person or and the holder for value of such re. WASHINGToN, April r8, r8'j,4 ceipts or other. written or "printed evidence for such SIR :.-Enclosed I send you Blank Form NGI. 73, for goods, wares, or merchandise, shall be deemed to be the Cigar Manufacturers' Book as it has been revised. owner-of the property named therein to the extent of the You will please no til}' the cigar manufacturers in your loan or negotiation thereon, unles s the words "not nedistrict, that whePever it shall become necessary for gotiable" shall be written -or stamped on the face there-them to purc_hase new books, th.ey shi!.ll provide themof; provided fliat the words "not negotiable" shall be selves with this revised form. While no cigar manufacwritten or stamped by the commission merchant or. turer is to be required to make a change tmtil the book agent in the warehouse receipt or other written or now in use is filled up, it is believed that every manu printed evidence of the deposit of the farmers' or facturer will find it to bis advantage to immediately pro planters' pr.opet;ty, unJess there is express authority vide himself with this revised form"of book given in writing by such farmers or planters to the con. The following directions for the purp?se of _showinll; trary, and any paper wrongfully or fraudulently endorsed Cigar the method of keepmg their books or stamped under this act shall be deemed by the revised form here_w1th submitte d. and treated a's a forgery The of t_Ins b?ok IS that all purchases of toCtOARS And Dealers in LBAF TOBACCO, wheQ the1he was discovered other larcehies He was held in 2\r,oqo baH _by Justice to be in the frame factory, Sherwood at JefTersop Market Police Courr. 2. Such receipt or other written or printed bacco, waste, etc., of boxes a.nd stamps. shall state upon its face the name OJ names of the owner and all Cigars whtch are manufactured by;;!. c1gar manu or owners of the merchandise or commodity for which are to on the left page of the bo?k, it is given, the kind or nature of snch merchandise or V.:htle all matenals wh1ch he uses m manufactnrmg commodity, and its estimated value. When a warehouse and all that are sold or re_tumed, all stamps used, receipt or other written or printed evidence is given for Cigars sold or sold for consumptiOn or sale, and the re-Nos. 34 and Bowery, belonging to Col. Charles NEW YORK H. Lynch, on Twelfth street extended, and u5ed for the 1-----------------_storage of unmanufactured CHAS. A. THACKSTON, IIBALZ .. tN tobacco by Mr. John W Stone. When the firemen reached the .scene of con flagration the flames had = Ol4l4ERCIAL PAPER made such headway that it I found -impossible to save any of the fac tory or its contents. The cause of the fire has not been fully established, but it is belie'l'ed to have been from the explosion of a coal 81 WALL ST. R H. :Q:OJ..LANDER, ...cltt.t MANl;FACTURER O F 4 ... TOBACCO PAPER A SPECIALTY. 125 MAIDEN LANE, oil Jamp. It is said that a negro man, who has been in the habit of sleeping in the factory, had the lamp li t during the early part of the evenitig that' about 936 o'clock he turned the light dowa.low and went to 1)1r. ; lllWrnS. NEW YORK. Stone's house and got that EDWARD SAMUELSON tc. CO. Tobacco Factors, [BROKERS B'! APPlMJI'I'l!qlll'f'l' TO THE LORDS COJilUISI!IOJiERS OF lllJ&R JIAJEI!ITT'I! AD:MIRALTY,] 62 ::1:>..4. LEI &TB..EET, LIVERPOOL, England. I!OrCONSIGNMENTS SOLICITED AND JfROMPT SALES EfFECTED. CHARLES FINKE, OBACCO IISPECTOR, LOUIS TOBACGO PRKIGJIT UUKID 155 WATER STREET, gentleman's vali se and took it to the Orange depot, (Mr. Stone left on the Orange train for the West on a busi ness trip ; ) and that the negro took advantage of Mr. S.'s absence from the city to spend the night away from the factory with the disastrous result re corded. But tli is is not positive ly e stab I ish e d. Since writing the otove we have learned thct among the stock destroyed was 1 o ,coo lbs of the cele brated "Saratoga brand of smoking already prepared for boxing, Mr. COUJi'TRY S.\XPLING;PROMPTLY ATStone s iron safe, containTijlliDED TO. ing hjs books and 8 92 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK CITV. i THE N. Y. CO-OPERATIVE CIGAR MF'G CO.' No. 19 W .. Houston Street, cor. Mercer, 1 LARGE AND Fll'IE AI!IOB.TII:'I' OF CIGARS ON HA.lliD-ORDERS PROMPTLY FULFILLED. GRiPE SUGAR .80. SUCCESSORS. TO .A. "W. :Ff;):X: & CO.,, BUFFh1I,O,N. Y. THE 'VIENNA lVJEDAT.t ..A. W .ARDED TO THE OCCJCDEKTAL TOBACCO. The hlghat award of merit wbi.cb could be offered Toba.c<:o at the Universal at Vienna, hati, oeea awarded L. L .A.BXISTEA.D, for his already brand OCCIDENTAL, and io. .order ... t< aupply the eneral dEma.std i,. tlti$ ,, it la bcln ahlrPe4 to all partl of the countrJ in &mal Job, by ExprbSI L iines The teKUlar 1'actory braocU, HIGHLANDER, CUBAN A, DEER TONGUE, ASHLEIGH, DICKTATER, RED ROVER, NOT FOR JOE, YOU G01',IT aod other pecialitiea in Smoking To. b&ccoa are fu.rnished to Jobbers and Wboleeale GrocetB1&a usual. Qrd,r direct,, .Dr of LINDHEIM &: LANGSDORF. I L. L. ABMSTBAD, LmDBEDI & LA.JlGSDORF. hJ "'-...... LYXOBB'UBG, VA. WA'l'EB :STREBT. WEW YOlU[. valuable papers, was also in the building, but up to a late hour .last evening, it had not been recovered from the dtbris, hence the condition o its contents is ufn k n o w n This ts the fifth time S. has been burned out since war, but he is a man of in domitable energy. and will soon be under full headway aga n. He has the sympathy of our people."-Pouc11: AKD R.JtVI1NUE ITJtws.-Lawis Browne was arrested some time since pn of having carried on the busines& of retail liquor dealer and mauufacturer of tobacco, at No. 103 Crosby Street, without paying the special tax required by law. Commissioner Shields, be fore whom the facts of the case were invertigated, ordere41 the defendant to be discharged. -A fire in the n e i g h b o r h o o d recently extended to the four story brick buildiRg' No.2 r Platt St., this city, the first floor of which is occupied by J. H. Brkocaw, dealer in California cigars, loss, chiefly by water,f,S ,ooo. -Oil the 4th inst., in this city, the custom-houie au thorities seized a 1 a r g e and valuable in voice of Havana leaf to bacco in the United States public stores on a charge of attempted frauc;l on the revenue. There wen: 159 bales, of the foreign gold value of The seizing officers say that the goods were brought here in the steamer City of Havana and were entered at the Custom House; by Florencio Henriques, an importer, to whom they were consigned. The bill of lading which he produced was discovered to OLD TIMES.-Some of our elder readers will recogany grain, flour, merchandise, or commodity to any perc?rd of workmen employed, are to be: entered on the nize in the doggerel given below the rhymed adver.tise son not the actual owner thereof the name of the actual nght hand page. ment which Charles Speaights, toba cconist, used to O'll'ner of the property, together with the name of the of the month. are to be keep on hiscounter for the edification of his patrons agent or commission merchant depositing the same, their. approllnate heads, when several totals of !he twenty-five thirty years at his dilapidated eld shall be stated in such receipt or other written or printed cred1t or nght hand page w1U be entered oppos1te, m the Bowery, JUSt_ ab?v. e Canal Street, evidence. "Sold, removed, etc.," and_ the of the debit th1s c1_ty. The_ place was pecuhar m many ,;espec.ts, 3 Should any agent, factor, or commission mer-or hand from wh1ch they w1ll be subtracteCl, a_nd.mlght, maptly, have been c.alled the. Old Cu chant to wl!om property, produce, or merchandise shall the d1fference bemg an:tount on upqn the nos1ty Shop. But after the cuttmg mach me, made be consigned make any cash advances on such property, day of the month,_ wh1ch dtfference w1ll be then knows b_y whom or when, the colored man produce, or merchandise, he is hereby authorized toneto the page next and entered oppo_s1te John, who wh1stled all day long as he turned gotiate, pledge, or hypothecate the warehouse receipts On hand first day of month under the crank of the cutter, and the po':derous and many-huea or other written or printed evidence given for such pro. rats that used to gambol fam11_1arly over, round, and perty, produce, or merchandise for the amount of s.uch 1 c1gar when we1ghs. out the the. sunken, tobacco-stamed floor, the most cash advances, and to that extent only; and such proq';lanttty of leaf to be worke? up dunng any gr'.'en day, ObJec;:t to be seen the place was <:;harley perty, produce, or merchandise shall be primarily liable w11l enter the same on the hand !?age of h1s It IS nea_rly or years smce be payment of such cash advances. subject to wareunder the _general, of .Matenals consum,;d m retired from busmess shortly after the house chargo:s. The person, firm, or corporation to etc. m spectal column headed Leaf was pulled, or tumbl:d down, he occupied It such warehouse receipt or other written or printed 1 obacco. from about I8I2 to _.sse. Wtth Ius ?wn hand, and, evrdence has been pledged or hypothecated for a loan Under th_e head If er returned, to whom. If as a to our poet1c tas te, a few or advance of money sha:I, upon not less than ten day's consumed_ m the manufacturer's name week_s be ore _lu:s retJre)llent J:e to notice give n to the owner of such property or his agent w11l be wntten m, entnes-are to be_ made of the name of and soh cited our op1mon after the said money shall have become due and rem ai ns of the person to whom the leaf, cuttmgs, scraps, waste, of tts me_nts. e were r_hen but a lad JUSt out of our unpaid, be authorized to require the warehouseman, or etc., or boxes ar_e sold or or the name of the Connecticut jacket, and had hardly the his agent, in whose hands the saiJpropertyis deposited, m;mufacturer he has used the tobacco, c?urage to tell h1m exactly_ of\hls .eff u to sell the same, or 50 much thereof as nay be necessary, scraps, boxe s, etc., m h1s, own factory. swn, and so we 1t m stlence ttlln?w. Pnnted to satisfy th e said d ebt and interest thereon ; and the Respect!i'ully, m the form ?fan wttb :: warehouseman or his agent shall thereupon a dverti se at (Signed,) J. W. DOUGLASS, Commissioner. after an pattern r

' s Manuf:t.ctories. Tobacco Ma.nuf"a.cturers. MISCELL.A.NEOUS. .i.ieo.ri.ce. TOJ::iACCO BROKERS. LICORICE PASTE JOHN ANDERSON & CO., llANUF ACTIJRERS OF THE LJ:Q'U'OR.ZCB A&&. EUIEN BOREMSICY, SPANISH, Thel.iquoricePsteofthesebrandsi.smade from prime selected GREEK, TOBAcco BRonn, "LA wALLIS & ao. T.HOMAS HOYT & L'8BBA.TBD PINE- qcroRIES IT 4U BROAD STREET, ma.JARI .&ND :0 CALDWELL N AGENCY AND DEPOT OF F. W. FELGNEB. ol: SON'S, Successors to Cigar Manufacturers. HASKELL & CO. MANUFACTURERS OF CICAR S, 189 PEARL ST., BONDY & PROCHASKA, MANUFACTURERS OF F. H. RISCHQFF'S Til ORE c I TOBAOOOS r11lnG .. 1gars, OJU!J:DA TOBACCO WORKS AlfD Q OIGAB. KAirol'AOTOB.T, D. BUCHNER, Succes-sor to RoBITCHECK & TAUSSIG, XAJnJll' AOT'I1ltlall. OJ' Fill-CUT CBEWIIG AND SMOKING fOBAUOO AND CI&.ARS, ...... ./Hava.ns. Sixes, Cheroots, ij6 DELANCEY STREET, JrEW YOIUL ... f orolthefoUow!DcBr&lldaeiJ.:JLLICI,oao to sro,oeo ft. 1 fncb and s-l,uwed. to wtdths, drJ aatlseuoned, and at a low .figure. can order t,doo ft. or more, u a ample. LoHG hLAND SAw AND PLANING MILLS coa BoHD .BaooKLYK, N.Y. OfBce lllllwl'ort. 17 nAil. lftln'. E. C. PEASE. Prop'r 'rHOS. SHEAII.Id.AN, SupL FREY BROS. & GO. !annfactm af FOO CIGAR&, and Dea.lers Lea. Toba.cco, Vesey New York. QLACCUM & SCHLOSSER, IIIIANUFACTU.1l1t.& OJI' Fine Cigars, U7 & 149 ATTORNEY STREET, NEW YORK Proprietor !I of the celebrated brand I "Republic,. and .. Hirh and Dry. n Other favorite brands made to order. Xm.porte:rs' a.nci Kan ufa.otu:re:rs' Agent, No. 15 PEARL ST., N.Y. J AC _OBY ETROPOLITAB 200 Chatham SQuare, 5 & 7 Doycrs Street, SOLE MANUFACTURERS :.:::: THE CELEBRATED1 A lVOVIDAD CIGABS. ... -. IGAI MDlJI.DS. OA'R.D -WE beg to Inform tbetrade that we are the Bole Manufadllren ofthef8r.famed )hnlla Cigan, i"ndhaving l eatned that other parties contemplate Imitating them and substitutingTobacc::-of inferior quality grown in this country, therefore we caution the public not to purchase an_y_ Manita C!gara "Ootbea.rinrourtrademarkonthe box es. S. JACOBY & CO. .......DER d:ESTABROOK, No. 7 Street, Boston, SOLE lr.ROLESALE SELLING AGENTS FOR THJ: I ENCLAND S'I'A.'I'lCS. .TO WHOM, IT MAY CONCERN. For upwards of a year. atan expense of $soo we have; through the columns of THE TOBACCO LEAF, procfaimed to the Tobacco Trade, 'that the ownership of THE 'FAMOUS BRAND OF -.:::..::. '" B U L L DUBBAI SID liNG fOB!CCO, Had, after a long and expensive litigation, been settled upon us, both by the United States Courts, and before the Commissioner of Patents, in the Patent Office at Washington. In this same advertisement above We h a ve cautioned all manufacturers and dealers in Spu rious Durham to desist, promising amnesty and pardon for past offences, and promising the fullest penalties of an outraged law, to those who persisted in pirating our trade-marked rights Gentlemen; the Time has Arrived T Our Attorney, Mr. Ovidl Dupre, No.6 Wall Street, New York. HAS MOST POSITIVE INSTRUCTIONS to proceed against all infriniiements of our Trade-Mark TO THE FUI.Ll!ST EXTENT OF 1.'HE LAW. The fault, gentlemen, is your own; you have for twelve spurned amnesty, and it becomes us tp v e rify the promises we have published for upwards of twelve months. \Ve regret that the lack of commercial integrity among such a portion of our confreres forces us to the of iitigation. "Sad, but nevertheless true." In conclusion we will add that we have no compromise t o make, a11d it is too late t:> enter tain any proposition by us. The matter has been placed in the hands of an attorney, and he will submit the only basis upon which the matter can. be settled. It is useless to write to us in rej!ard to the matter after this date, as we have appealed to you long enough already, without We hope to con vinc e the trade that we are in earnest in this move, and know now no com promise. W T. BLACKWELL & CO. NEWYOE.E A.C3NCY, A. HEN & CO. 43 Liberty Street, opposite Post Office, :Da'OR 'I':B:RS OF SMO::Ea:JtS A:a, .. DEALERS IN .;) TOBACCO, SECARS, SNUFFS, &c. -oFFICE, .171 PEARL STREET. e lEW YORK CITY. ..tgen.ts for the foUowi:ng Celebrated. '.Bmnds of Tobact10: ; -.... Lewto Madd'lll. Special. Q


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