The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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, .. r J I \,., VOL X.--NO. 20. NEW YORK. WEDNESDAY, JULY 1,1874. WHOLE. NO. 48S II.,,. ID'"t.,'"'"'"' W.ttf A., ... a114 4 Broadway DA.YTOJf, 01 M "' e'"' .. Polullok .trGaerra.lsWilllam. M .... wfactwnr /Fo'w-Cwi -T.-IS PUBLISHED Solemoall. A .8. NalcleD LaiM' CottoriD, Fenner & !::.':;3 -117 E. Secoocl. ""'11' ....... .._ '1' u...,........... e. loaepb A. 1111 Peul Pu' T.H"' c,.,,,.., I ....__ .. Vefl' IIUiiea. a ...... lfOl'.rl. Hoclen "'Peue, Third St. aDd C&Dal. ,tJJ-ftB!OOfJ' LIU" rtJBLJSRIKQ 00, l'moe. oaiJ P-DA.JflltJBY Coaa Welu, Eller I; Kaeppel, uo Pearl. GraTes G. 'W. :l4S ..fl'uUol& 81., N.r-k. Ybor, v Co., Coclar DETROIT, JlieJo., ....... x::'.t=: x.-iadJWnJ ol Stafl.l. 111...,./toto Br.UrJ. eel. ftDOrt tile ract. to the local P-. M-':/'.'""'""' ..1 ., ......._ Cl:u-k, M. H. II Bro. U"'J'be poetOD copies dlnc:ted to sal>-"-/ a .... apoLJS Y-..1 ec:rlloenla !'low York CltJ hu beta prepa14 by l!:rlcu H. 253 Saath. ..---....-. ....... Cbe pabllllhero. HeeUII Jaooll, ..,, II lt5 ".{ FiN-Cui Cllnvir iiiUI T_"T..,ceo L&AFcommeada.ltaell to ... ry Wicke William Cn., TDDf&"' Ia """ way Interested In tobocc:o, either as a,., Bo, 1.6w ittUI orw ,,..., Chriltman .1: Co Miloiui 1 Del p ar1 ,-maaulacler6rdeoler. ltl!IYOOannnal-nt.geeil'. ll.,aSoa,cor.IIKthand Lrtri& .,eo<. 0 ._ __ unouat or imoraa&IOa ffi181'dill8 War.U...I; Dl..y, oo3 & 005 Lewla. 11-fulilrHr of. .Cig-arr DMIauo. > thrt lou ton.-alnce beeD recopbetlu h Franklla. 1 A., 39 West WuhJDa'toa. .-u.authebeadohpecillltndepubllca&na. UeppODioeimor a. ,. .. lU reporta are fall aad eollauatl and Wicke, Wm.' 11 Co.,u 161 Goucll.. .._........,. LE, Wta. rr-.. ...,. qaertq ol tbo r;loh where .t c; Ru---PackM' and]) in SHG Ltf-...._, illoold. "T'811 I"" ....,., l'eadrlcb Francia. B' It Ia the. oNLY -lily pabllcation uda-A\mlrall J ) 6 Cetlu. LA.JfCASTQ, Pa. lli-.ell to tobacco. Citr M .. ItJ., Dl4iert. L. .!It Ce., 45 Bro.II, Sons, u Water. J4e1er A. 0 L & 0., 43 Bea>er. ......... H. 11.1 19 Old Slip aocl75 :faler.' llonoa, Slaughter:& Oo. Oataaa Alva, 166 Wate1. ()ppeubeime.i, M .t Br.tlaer;"J.31 Water Oitl..,.,.. Brothen 41 Broad St.. Palmei'A'Scovllle, 'I" Wa'-!r: 1 PauJ&Ucla If., 113 Water. Pric6 Wm. M. & Co., "9 MoldeD :c.-e. Qala, J, P. a Co.1 3'! Brood. Read & Co., q 0 d Slip. Jt:eiuaan.D, G 1 Pea1'1. R.oeeabam.. A & Co 111 lldeD LaDe. Roeenwald, E. II Bro., s Water. 0 S. 191 Pearl., S.W7<1r, Wallace .t Co., 47 Broad. Scheider Joseph, 113 Pearl. Scbmltt & Co., Water. Sclaow:rl(ag, Wm. u9 WateT. Sctareed 15 Bon. 178 Water. 1 s.:m-der II Kocll, 146 Pearl. Scllllbart H. A Co. Water Broo. & co., 75 Malden Laoe Splnprn. B & Co., 5 BllfliDI' Slip. !lj>IUDer c. H. ,., Water Stela ,. Co. DDaDe. Stnitoa a. ltorm, 191 Peu1. M-f""""" t/ ToiNtto l'I-FoiJ, c """' Cnooll:e 1 J, s1 C...,. a6J 6 M-..., f TU.U., u. llmythe F W. & Co .. 30 North jolm. Gerar4 Betts 1r 7 d'lcl 81\p T oJwco B-rzi-. ....,..., 1 ,. ,. ... THxco .t.n 1 IWward, Salsr;er 6 CUml>e!s Bo!Emaao J. :A. & Co. 14 & Gr;eaham I T.Ntu l..MII6. A.LGJEatl, .,_.a& n.. Hatch Llthorraplc Oo., 30 & S4 .,._., TIIDacid .MHc4aiCI, H...,...a..Jmer II llaarer aa North Ylllkm T OtMBtr 61UI Tri-'-z. BolfmaaD D J. Jorllue :lloca,dor H-abeimer & Naarer, .. t: ll41f 1VIIIlam JfEW YORK. W'oii'OIIao. .a.., '' Oball>-. -FPI'VJIIrd:nt; .Ag...U Tobic Ttbiitu MntifM"""'' X...., J'. S. 'i! Weal B.-wq. Jlli>ser). a Broe., N96 Jacob. ..,.... -.d Ullt,.,., G.r..o Cit M-14, Ma-fadtl,..,..s .r FiN-C";; C.imJir B-. 6 1'-"' 61,olitlr Kriclol K. "' .. South. llobiDeon Jh.Dllfacturin"' c( 6 l..aa41. 5 --..-, lllcloialllo, 15. Co., 1195 PearL To6-.N :ll.&u.-o B"'*"' Ptlladester, A. 6 _Co.1 ,00 Water. Mei, W:m. G ,a: Co., 56 Seventh, Q ., M-111 p U 3;..a._ Nub, M.. B., 371 Malo. NU # -r-, ....... i 11# ltiMU of llrowaA. a F., 51 Lewis. :1' Plllnat lf>"Htl Cwllw. lp.rtrJ M Do!t;. CJttUt. ltllllleJ S Lf' West BlpA!Iwar Green II Meier, :102 West llaln. Bau1 Tachau 0. G. II Co: .,. lllaln. D<.Jv .i:'Lt# 7o8Mro. E"Z"-",. II'oe, ohn W. tul ;)t111U#Ic4B,U,.,.. CJo,n,Hn;o AbrUHJt. Slenberl'er, M aS. 44 Eschliqe Place. Nowlhw. Younael' & Co. 1 > LfttiliMia p...u;,. T#Heu. 'MJAMIIIB"'"""'-0. Wu.oa,Geo.B.,sWater. ..... t .. ---, AI,BAJfY Jf,Y. Drlfri Leof ToH=. Manf.ultl, f Tollaa. Sclnllerth, H c. Grow'* A. Bono, lat JfEW ABK1. Jf, J, B.A.LTillllORE.; Oampbell, Laae .t; Co., .S. JSroad. w.r........ JfEW MILFORD, Ct. Albc'Mbt &lcbroder, 18 German. Puiw"iulDtalwi Suit-LfTH&e. 11o74 W. A. I; Co., 53 Booth. Wlllluu DrOMI W. and Co., Gay : JfEW La. Ken:kholf .. Oo.. 49 Boutb Obarleo :r ....... FMcU>rf """ Onroiuipo Ahr'WeU lol., E. II Co., 39 North WatK, l!aU }-lllualdo & Co., 3 Water. .,J MAM/etrlrl'l of Cit" Bchuudt & ileil, 531 Snath BecOild. 1larriott G. H ll. 330 West 11altlmnre. Soner, Graelf & Ooolt, 105 Nortb Water s,.,tff .Ka,,.fet*rn-1. BteiDer, lm.tth Bros. A 1bce. Sl.arr R. 6 Co. s Soatb Calvert] Teller Brothers, 117 North Third. ._..,_,.,fCirrrJidDhn ;,. Ma,. V.etterlelaJ. II Co., 111 Arob. lht lolntcco DeBARY NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, JULY z, I874 lEW IDVERnSEIEITS THIS WEEI. 41 & 43 WARREN STREET, NEW YORK. 1 SOLE AOE.NTS FOR THE SALE OF THE fiRST PAG& EL PR.I ...... oi"'IY'D'EW L'[.;._H. Me10e,...r II Co.; laportera and Dealera ill Ciraro; Maideo' .&W 'U'&&." .Ell DE GALBS OIGAB.S, 0 Cattinp and Storm, Agenta; ,9 at th.e KEY WEST BRANCH of the eelebrated EJ de Gaics MjmulMtory of Pearl Street, New York, PluaTobaccoFactory 1i>r Sale; R. R,.,weat llaUo:l:tecL FACTORY. shall be printed or hr1abonded 01:1 packages, is not only to M. ST A D,,. HJJ,L::JtiAN'. & 0()., u1actured tobacco generally, was an oversight which to those interested CODISSION. DBCWTS a BN1JPACT1JllED TOBlCCO, IV. The refunding ofthe tax to those holders of man. SO lr2.0NT l'ii:S:W YOBE. ufactured ancl smokiug tobacco, who were compelle d to pay it a second time op the passage .or the stamp law, in order to place their goods on market, a?d the issuiflg of free stamps to those who paid the tax under the old system of collection, but who atill hold the goods, hoping hope that justice will finally be done tbein. SOLE AGENTS 11'1 NEW YORK FOR "FRACRANT, FLOWERS" Smoking Tobacco in Drumst DOUBlE ANCHOR DURHAM, DIAMOND QOLDEN quT CAVENDISH. PLUG TOIJACCO li'R0!4 THOB..Ul TAYLOR ... IJO,, 1 "!f T. BLACKWELL. J, W. GIBSON, !LU-JIOI'i &. HA.N(l(){'K, TURPIN ... B:RO..,.. T. C. WILLLUU '.t. ()(),1 R. A. PATTERSON&. CO. &;. LIP8(l()liiB &. DOWDt and Faetorleo. .ABSOl'ted. LUJeral Terms. I ,; Brands fU!'J'ish.e:d r-. Owrt.erti" V. The of the dgar-m!lkers' b<;lnd. This bond ceased to have either justification or utillty when the cigar-tax became payable in _advance T. a. -,!N&B.: 4 ... ... 1 loiRRBKORE .. by stan:ps : ; it discreditably unjustly on an r J JJIPORTEBI .&liD Ill BAVA. K A.. Proprleto ... oC Celebra,ed B_;.d ,, BLANCH/, 16llaiden Laile, N.l honorable and influential trade; lt compels responsible and self-reliant tradesmen to solicit from friends and acquaintances ravors for which it is to ask, and which, in the nature of things, are seldom or never cheerfully granted; it prevents, in .many instances, poor and humbie workmen from becoming useful pro prietors, and is therefore the cause of whatever illicit production is chargeable to their it enables Collecters of to frequently money from OfB.ce of E. T Pilkinton, 1 manufacturers for making out new bond-papers under' RICJUIOND, VA: APRIL IQ, iS7t.. ) th I f r h 'KY .Ari'ElltiOll HAJJ BEEN of Fi.u-cul CMwing tmd ... .. Tobllttrs. newing bonds ; and, finally, it not exist in the exTHKY ARB 'I'Hi!: IVCorne, Chari.,. F., 54 BroH. llac:ler M A SoD, t3] Pearl .. 18b&ck A. t:JCJ ai8eo Lane sprotto, Co1Um1fua, ROkukld S. & Co., Place. 'Frlshmuth. Bro.-lr: Co. 1!1 North Third.. BOSTON. IYnolnau tt< C...wtiuilllf Mlrt.Ut .Bamberger L & Co. 3 North Water. Helyoll:e 0. 0 -u Central Whuf. Mlmfactortrr of &teA Sm.Jf. Mcl1.iro[_BUJl llmad. Stewart. l!arko,R alpb .!It Oo., n5 Arch. B EJf, GERKA.lfY. MAofacto'lrr ".{ Cirr c. ... ;.,,,. Batchelor Bi-os., 8oS Market w. t Steine-r, Bmih Knecht, 125 Race. We surrender much of our editorial space this week, CO:NJI'. Theobald A. R Third and Poplar. h db li Packers Suti Lef Toiotu. LaJJnt & Diebl, !9 Lbdlnw. Goet.e, F. A. & Bre., JS8 W asblngtoea Goodwin .. Co. 107 and 209 Waw :! I MllttJII .Cirr 111"""/MJH," "PLANTER'S PRIDE," "FRUITS ANDFLOWERS,""DIRD'!I EYE "l.l'iDI!iPEN!i UJLE," AlliD.!" GOLDEN 8CEP RE"UEST THATALLOKDERSFOR THE SAME i t.IWNE.DI ::EJ,' T. PTT iR' 11JS) "rrN' 00. I Gilnt,y. _P&rke, Wm. A. &: Co-, 44 S..o.t-z T...._, tr. .Duhn 111 LuJ nil Cir"'f. Gem City Tobacco WorD; ) H. Turuer,...Pree.; 1 h' cues. s. a: eo. Soo&tb Wat !4. Goodmao, S.; M. Bede>icb, Muacer. 1ngly. The worms and the scarctty of plants, together where the soil and climate are especia:Jly adapted to tobacco to this port, and severa extra steams tps M.,..f=tw.-. .... fc,r .. "" n r.,.. ;,. ..... c .... -o--. v f 1 b d b the fragrant weed Maarer t:. F., Clark. fJ!!'. a. w1th the absence o p antmg seasons," have combmed tobacco-taising, not sufficient attention is frequently paid een enga_ ge m rmgmg have from BeD A. 4 c.. s LIDdlteim .!It Lanitdon, Wtor. Weioa, &Uer a. Kaeppel, ao PMI'I Mllftorl'l t/ c;,.,._ ...... -Jlc>Hj, lll J .!54 ... !!6 _.., ..... , .... v-y aDd '49 Attorner. G weeks. West lt.aD. 010tuto. portionally reduced the areas devoted to the cultivation miX' ed with good .If it were in the nature of things that bouate. ._.. lJMhi u. .. ..-T.--CMv>iAC-" Saao.lioof. of the weed. large yields could be annually harvested and prices kept I .. IIVlJIIIJ" _,.,, Kimhall Wm. 8. a: Co., Th h' f h' II ua lleoUea Henna: Bro., Pearl DuJ., ia Z..f TIIM.... at t IS state 0 t mgs may eventua Y prove up to the hig 'best notch we are afraid our planter llali&J Rlc:ll a BNthcr. 111 W"'t Fro"' lloeel D JJ 11111 .-.. bl d' h I' I d b 1'h 1 Do lf.JP!Io Broo. lr J;o ..,. Cbatham aqaan ll ... d.tll. w. Ill Bro, s-" Bowery ll_l>....,. I& Is Pearl Silvers J. H.\1'" V SPIUlfGI"nLD; --. but so long as we are. subJeCt to natura aws, we must C!uiii prices will naturally be This is according to the expect to see laige crops succeeded by RETURN OF Ex-MAYOR SAMUELSON.The many Tob4 Cedar. i(UaDJa F. a:co. l'arl Obmltedl Robrt A 51 Platt puc;ul L &other A -Co. IS' W-AileD A :Ellis ., Vine. i :r.Ntce ,.,,..___ ow pnces y e er ones. s o xenaewea-1'. ar Bade, 573, J7S anc1 mllala Donaii-C,Ir 11.. ,., llarll:ot. generally for the past few years, Nature has been so d ht 11 inake up our minds to make the has reached this city safely, m route to Liverpool.-for 1-Brao.aOo., 52 Del 54 -Tblrd. C...1 dh 1 b f.;,. 1 h 't an as we w "Mchport he sails in Alth9ugh Mr. Toi>au. "-' Wall, Bel In a: Daw s Korth lleonad. bountifu m rewar mg t e a o rs 0 we P an_ ter, t at 1 be-+ of 1't, s1mply that 1n spite of these V .lCISit llu ::J. '" Samuelson was so unfortunate as to meet; acct:c-;ball.t: xa,_ 1 i:., .., -s!:t; ,,' 1 had become a drug 0!1 _.each AtlantiC : A lesstu'des, ihe area of tobacco-culture is constantly :npreasat Louisville, which confined him to the. house for u..-... F. w .. cnr n. e. Vloeud """'t ArM('! generous supply for a time, w1ll enable olc.l stocks to be ing and every succeeding decade shows a larger and. several weeks he has atill oeen enal:-led to successfully lll.on'M& R.!'d. 4 College Buildloe aDCl 11 West Br_ec am ertea "'o., 114 tve. 1 i.. w,' IIYR.&:OUSE. y, a _';ld demand. will follow. larger margin of profit ansmg from the traffic 1 n the the h1.m. to oqr shores ':ManfJ"hlrffs-of IH Fi Oft _.. the cereals ttiat hould, all, be the farmer's LARGE 0., HAVANA ToBA.cco.-On accoun t American tour thus, in qf _the painfql incident of B .T-"' w ,. II .r.-.. r } main support. In sections where these are bver-abun-the increased export duties which go into effect on alluded to, be mamly pleasant ones. That he may llave Olar-.,K;Jl ... :.... r n-d nt the weed may be grown without injustice. but the the nt of July, the steamships bel'lnging 'to the Clyde a .smooth passage over the" and be Va. w:.--i ;:r ,. '" ., 7*" a . f and Alexandre \!-s are briJiging large cargoes .of w1th speedy and complete restoration to health., 1s our c. ........ Merwau. wm .... danger is that lD loqulttc:a ltke many parts 0 VlrCJnta, ...... P--oa .. Poclo. ..,,,.._ ... _. -u-CAl BUICB 1,100 1GUP muu PD DAY. dD 1,000 LONG. Bent fnr CircnltT WiUl500 References. PBIOB S50. 131 W!TBR rr., I. t TBB APPLBBY CIIAR BUIOBIIQ IJcmNB. roK BUIDG LORG 1D lBO&! lDl.DL


.earnest wish, as 1t must be of the many on th1s stde of the Atlanttc, w1th w!!Q.m be has been recently brought in -contact vuyage I 1. H .E TOBAVCO JULY 1, diStnbutmg marts or It 11 evadent that no z f catldtes, 134 cases cagars, JY bales scraps weather. It IS etther too cold or too hot, too wet or permanent good can come to anybody from the present s do hcorice root, cons1gned as follows too dry to() cloudy or too hnght 1t 1s nevet rJ,ght, but DOMESTIC. con81ctmg processes of d1stribu't10n, and the sooner they BY THE ERIE RRILROAD -D. J Garth, Son & Co IS alwayt wrgng. The result of th1s state NEw Yollz:, Yune 30, 1874 reso 1ved mto the .sample and harmomous system of 429 hhds; Sawyer, Walljlce & Co, 28o do A. H Cor9f affa1rs rs seen Ul the :growmg mchnataon -'Jhe pea-OUll M.o\RKET REPORT.-It IS espec1ally provokmg whe.Q airer tQe expenditure of no little t1me, labor, and mtellect, one has prov1ded an entertam1:1g miScellany for a weekly journal, to find an Important porllon there' of crowded out fQ.[ want of space. Our able Cincin nati, Lynchburgand::.Nashvllle reports, reaching us late last week, met th1 fat>, togetlier wtth other matters They w1ll be found 1 m full elswhere to-day HARD TrMii:s IN HAVANA.-A letter from Havana, cated the 2oth says '1 he prospects are that a _general repudaatlon of thee bills of the S pamsb ,.. Bank w;ll take effec;.t next Several c.gar munufacturers1haye the1r customers that after lllext weeK. they will not receive paper money, but wtll ppor Regie, and_dunng the first fortmght 6,ooo hhds were Allowance for the season bemg made, trade was what 57 do ; J P. & Co u do; J H oore & Co z tunaty giVen to exwess No however, tao sold at advance on low grades Smce ther. m1ght be c!l1led fair __ do, rew & Deane, x Jarvas & 6 qd, Jiihan heated term "is upon uS, aM a c)laage m the dolo the business has been mo stly confined to)Vestern_ spec-Czgar.r-Busmess m ctgar ctrcles contmued essen Alle!7.A8 c J L Gassert & Brother, 4ii orde, rous tune 1s Hot 1 Hot 11 Hot 1 11 one hears ulatora, and the pnces, though very uregular, show an uually as prev1ously reported, that 1s, act1ve 257 hhds; xo6 cases. on every sade, an ,Ute l opint9n of the speaker lS enfor amprovement of I@3c. We alter quotations to corre-fhe demand IS for both domestic and Imported Bv THE HuDSON RIVER RAILROAD -Chas F Tag & ced by the am emphatic adJeCllves wh1ch spond as nearly as poss1ble. The market closes firm, good s "For the latter there should, In the'nature of Son, 9 cases, G W H1llman & Co, 21 do, Joseph ne1ther ed1tors, pnnters or reporters ever use, but w1th more buyers than sellers Western advtces st1ll thmgs, be a qUickened mmement before the enhanced Meyer's Sons, I7 do, J L Gassert & Brother, IS do; wh1ch can doubtless be read1ly supplied by the reader. unfavorable Half a crop 1mp a cost m Havar::a 1s perceptible m pnces hf're Buyers order, so do The merchant-has, m some cases, been mfected With fourth more lakely } R_sgtes, ,Pl}vate "f:urc{ w11l dQ well to note that some 'manufaduers have stopped Bv THE NATrol-iAL LINE -Sawyn, Wallace & Co, the d1sease, and has.begu' grumble, not only pean order and the home trade dQ. httle or notbmg. work, that the "currency" c1gars are nearly all bought 14a hhds ; R. L. Mrutland & Co., 6 do; Kremelberg about the weather and eve:ry thmg ne can not help, but t week d week. 3d week 4th week sth week Total up, and With gold pnces preva1hng, al_l kmds are hkely & Co, 30 do, Po,Ilard, Pettus & Co., 299 do U H abo,!!t for wbach he 1s, to a great extent, responsa-January .... 668 942 958 832 3,4oo to go hagher, that charges of all vanebes have advanced, McAlpm & Co, IO do, Blakemore Mayo & Co, ble-the state of tra(le Many say "trade 1s ternble February 4 2 5 351 410 614 2.,ooo and teat the export duty IS now three 1mes as h1gh as It 128 do, J. H Moore & Co, 75 do, Thos. Kmmcutt, 7 dull" and with Slme 1t may be so, But the truth 1s, that A ToUGH STOR.Y.-The (Ga) Mornmg Star March_--37S S92 733 soo 2,5oo was a month and a half ago. do; D J Garth, Son & Co 48 do T. W among i>Ur first class houses, trade for the past weeft has gives the following as an "ormthologlcal fact" "George April_--2S7 53S I14I4 7I 1 853 3,Soo Gold opened at II r J1l and closed at II I horst, I do; B1ll Brothers, I do Thos Hoyt & Go 8 been' unusually large, larger by far than ever Lawrence has a couple of mockm b1rds who got ]Cal May S38 I I s s 8 "" E { d 11 H k h f "' --"',o 1 7 792 7 I 4,ooo rorugn xc!lange rues qUiet an rates are nomma y do, Toe!, Rose & Co., 48 do, A Cardozo, I2 ao, nown at t ,1s season o the year. Inqu1ry as to the ous of each other the other day. aml bad a desperate June 84 9 4 46 ( ,. 6 o h 1 B c ----,2 2, 2" 4,27 ----I2,oo t e same as quoted m our ast 1ssue. usmess contmE M 'Vnght oz: Co, 4 do, Drew & Deane, 4 do, A cause has mvanblyibrought this answer," We keep the fight. One of them gettmg the worst sung out plamly rr r. ,, Th d II d h b 1 k 0 f LeaJe week has exh1b1ted a moderate ues u an un et t e CIIcums an .CE[S _!lyers are oo L & eyer;5 do, H Henwood, 54 do, De kmd o goods the people :want, and they come here to 'quit, qUit' This falling to stop the fight, he sang out degree of ammat10n m V1rgmra leaf, the c ontmued acmg to lower rates, although drawers of sterhng accede & Co, I2 do, Henderson Brothers, 1 4 do, order, 30I buy of'us, Instead of sending tO> far off markets as here 'pollce.' when a pohcemaq. passmg way parted the t1v1ty I!'! Western sorts, 1mpartmg nn elastlc1ty to the to allow c0ncess10ns to %:per cent on the1r quodo, 55 cases tofore. Thus, tbbse that formerly went East now stop .combatants. __ market 1wh.cH has affected favorably th1s and, to some rations "f 486Y.@491, for 6o uays' s1ght and 3 day's BY THE NEw YoRK AND NEw HAVEN STEAMBOAT here; because here can be found m our lead1$1g hous es SUMMER FESTIVI'l'IES -We have to acknowledge the extent) other branc hes (. Sw1ss E Rosenwald & Brother I37 do, Schottenfels Brothers trade they must gather w1sdom from th1s old adage" 4-11 ture of the Summer season, and mdicate a most mprovement here to warrant a passmg recogmt10n, and 6o days, 5 IS%: I 5, 3 days, 51 Bremen 6o days, & Maynz, 4 do, L. Gershel & Brother, 3S do, A Cohn, that ghstens IS nol gold 11 Bes1des th1s class who tory understandmg extstllng between employers and to denote the prevalence of ll, new and qu1ckenmg 1m 95;1i@96, 3 days, 97 Hamburg 6o days, 9S:Ji, 3 I do; L & C L 20 do C W Harvey, ro about that whic!i th'ef.can help amd all to no employed Indeed, to the good feehng thus mamfested pulse 1n the general leaf market A dealer observed days, 97., Berlm 6o days, 7x}ia@72, 3 days, dd, order, Io do. 1 as a dass m the :flmmumty who have heretofore grum 15 largely due the absence of and other un"Tte market has been somewflt exc1ted the past week, Amsterdam 6o daysJ days, Ptt Frank BY THE NEw YoRK AND HARTFOim STEAMBOAT LINE bfeq, a11d have tHereby produced benefic1al results, v1z pleasant phenomenathat charactenze'the relatiOns of and there has been a sharp advance in prices for West I fort, 0 M 6o days, 4r@41J>(, 3 days, -D & A Bennmo, 7S cases; E Hpffman, -27 do Z the tebacco chewer. A few years ago plug i:apltal and labor jn other mdustries, and employers can ern leaf. I can not quote a y advance m pncesfor :r.&B.TICVJ..&B. Selhng, 3 do; E Spmgarn & Co, I3 do; St,ra1ton & many happy. but S?OJl he began to not do better than extend and strengthen the am tty thus V1rgama, but I have sold all my stoclt at full figures 'Gro ... m of sed leal tob.aceo are ,cauuoned agaaD&t acceptang the Storm, 2 do N. Lachenbruch & Co., 32 do L Gerlire of the ted1ou f process, andl began to grumble 1 be happtly prevallmg We understand that the plcmc 10 are bght ana .stock 1S vefV'much reduced, some rud sal .. nd aeed leaf u, furnathang the ;praca that, she! & Brother, I23 qo, W pessauer, I7 Su)zca .e 1t was not ut up ready Jor masllficatJOn t and 'as It 1 1 of mv stock that was nrevmusly .refused was read1ly shouJJ be obtamed for t.aem at lint hand, tllele refer an moat anstancea lbacher & Hoffman 55 do M H Levm I9 do J S tlie grumbbng so d1a the desire of the manu-.question was an unusua y p easaat one to old whach have been held nearly a year, and the profit on 'n r ) takep th1s week Anothe r dealer sa1d "The sales of whach muat naturally anclude the mtercst on capu:aJ mveoted Growers Gans & Son, 39 do, E. n:osenwald & Brother, 33 do. fact11rer co put a tclp to 1t, ,ancJ at, last It was doft.e ,by A NEw FLAVORING ARTICLE FOR ToBACCO -The VIrgama have been confined to few hundred hogsheads cannot ex ect even m the caae of new to soli them for the same 1 BY THE 0LD DOMINION STEAMSHIP LINE -H Bat-the mtroducuon of the present st)rl.e' ?f FtNE-CU'l'\ 1 Palatka (Flonda) Hl'altl says: Vamlla or deer tongue oilhe lower grades at a dec1ded advaace. In the finer piiccs u J.r obt!lned on a sale bore Of courae-overy aaleimuse-bo 1er & Brother, I7 hhds M Rader 1& Son, 23 do, H. From that hm to the the demand for tfus is tJ!e of a 'attle J?lant '"at grows aoundantly lD little !;las been done on account of the almost l adnnce, and therefore tJ]O pnce obtamable,br the! BTOWOf1 Henwood, s do M A ben helm & Co's do Toe!, Rose kmd of goods h gtadually increased but 10 the past t:QU!lty. _ll: grows Wlth fupgqeth;wed of sock here." SpealQilg of the pros 'b"fl be somewhat lower rnan quotatJons .,, & Co, 13 do; Sawyer, Wallace & Co, 3 do; J P e1ght _or ten years1t haS' shown 11 remarkably and and from the centre of tmis bunch of grows a pect .-for the amtenance of the present upward move I 1QUOTATIONS OF WHOLESALE PRICl!.h. Qum & Co, r hhd, 2 trcs P10neer Tobacco Co, 2 extended developll}ent 'Tel} years ago the sales of stra1ght stalk, nsmg to the he1gh of two or tliree feet, n .Wes ern leaf, the same gentleman observedJ .. eta. wm ... on-CroptBr 1 hhds, Io trcs, 2 boxes, J D Kellly, Jr., 2 hhds, 156 "Fme-Cut" m nolt exceed Ioo,ooo pounds and termmatmg m a 'Of :purple flow.ers !'has It IS now certam that there w1ll be a shor't crop, I Comn>on to good lugs s @ 1 K l Runouig Lots 5 @6 cases mfd, S6 three qtr bxs do Read & Co, I bhd, S per annum. To,day lhey exceed Ioo ooo pounds per little 1 s no'f' attractmg considerable attentaon as a d 1f m add Ilion to that we should have an early f10st, 1 :K ro@so bales hconce root, Patterson & Co, I trc ; Jas. M month Ten ago our, merchants ,kept a small an arbde for tobacco and wrappers for c1gars, we mar look lfor a contmued hagh range of pnces Good d<> Good do ss@ 95 Gardmer & Co, r7 cases rr.fd, 70 three qtr bxs do, so stock and found 1t of slow sale to day we have some r I' I h h h Fine J t do Fme d.o 1 00@1 10 h d b d b dd H J d h dl d leaves Jiavang a strong vanilla_ odor We are confi t roug out t e entue season. If. on the otherhand,the Select10n n!isX do Fine, J ll5 1 26 hlf bozes do, 44 t ar xs o, 39 q t r xs, 4 ca 1es, ea mg grocers mg over 2,ooo poun s per month, dent"'that the day 1 s notfa1r diStant when the" deer ton, growmg crop p10mises well as to quantity and qual!lyj ,! A R1chey, 13,case s smkg, 14 do mfd, 6o hlfbxs do, I9 and solne who make a SP,ec1alty of and have a separate gue" w 1 ll become one of the most 1mportanr products an 65 llii&O bxs do; G W Htl lman & Co, 17 cases mfd, 24 hlf bxs was put up m Eastern ClUes, and hke many, other rttus coul!try, remarks an Engl1sh cotempoTarJ., to the a short crop has stimulated a speculatiVe feelmg m the : -FIB :: do; J. H Thompson & Co, 4 cases mfd, 2s hlf bxs do, Eastern goods, tl;wu.ght good eno?gh for Western trade literature of tobacco, wh1ch to the sur'pnse of ntany 'Vest, and Western buyers have been here lookmg after Extra lime' do <3 Oommon @44 M M Welzhorer, 20 cases smkg, S cadd1es mfd, C E was poor m quality, dUill m color, nauseous m IS found to con tam a respectable class of useful goods, and particularly those adapted to manu 7:;7 J!':l. and 60 Lee, 5 cases mfd, 20 fli1rd bxs do, Martm & Johnson, flavor, and m many v1le m 1ts whole compo itself. We have been favored w1th a vaew of a:1 exceedfacturmg purposes. our rrespondence l leam Br;t Smokrs i/::"'. ... 4 1315 174 cases C IGmsler, 2 do, J Long, 3 do, D & s1taon The dealer grumbled, the consumer gave an ingly cunous little book whach has JUSt been pnvately that Vugmaa manufacturers, m.ovey _the spmt of Ohw-In or to good com. 4 Jt ll'tJ-. Tobacmmon -d me(, 236 cases 1S73 PennsylS electwns @s ... = hand made, common, 50@70 mediUm, 7S@9o chmce .gtve way to th e )V estern product, for Eastern con sumers res1drng m Jersey C1ty, and a bar tender rby occuvanra at :16c; 911 cases do do wrappers on pnvate terms, ww:;:;;;;r,:;!rop : 8 8 @s .f:.':f'C:Genilem.,;= Sx.oo@ I 20. extra fine, 1 200, are bemg educafed up to the Western standard. Hence pat1dn, was comm1tted, m defa1lt of $1,000 ba1l, to and 103, cases xS7 Pennsylvaq,ta at J(c, otaJ 1 Lie"""" CU...-cy BALTIMORE, June, 27 -Mesrs Wischmeyer & the mcre.asmg trade m certam Eastern markets answer for lturglanously entermg the lager-beer saloon 623 cases -Aggregate, I,883 A dealer who was EXPORT QUOTATIONifl. "0 s ------------GJl Co., Tobacco Comm1ssion Merchants, Report -For for and1 other Western brands of line 1cut to of Charles Spe1del, No. 1,044 Th1rd avenue, and steal m the Connecticut Valley last week .confirms what we CnnettCHI 6' Man-Crop o 23" Maryland Leaf the demand contu, mes actave. for all bacco mg therefrom a quantity of c1gars and tobacco. The have previOusly announced regardmg the movement grades, sales for thrs week amom;1tmg to about 700 hhds, CINCINNATI, yune 20, Mr F A Prague, Leaf To-plunder was found on the person of the accused, and there m seconds and fillers. He rell,laks, fur.thermore, at pnces w1thm quotations Recetpts are again hghter bacco Inspector, reports -The market for leaf tol!acco he adnutted h1s gu1lt that the IS7J crop of that sectiOn 1s commg put much 2s than last week, farmers bemg busy w1th the gram har' contmues buoyant, w1th an advancmgtendency m pnces lA DoG THAT DOES NOT EsCHEW STIMULANTS -Mr iF Vercelh, of Nassau Street (asserts a c1ty owns a dog that has been sadly demorahzed by h1s as soc1at10n w1th men. The 1s a black and tan, :and looks hke a cross between a terner and a spantel From an early age thas ammal showed a marvelous m clmatlon to copy what was VICIOUS m man It does not seem that he ever smoked perhaps it was because the \formation of hiS mouth forbade that luxury. Chewmg tobacco has ever been his espec1al vamty He will go any length to procure his favorate stimulant; even c1gar st11mps and second-hand qmds off the s1dewalks do not come am1ss. In fact they are h1s ch1ef resource He h as kept up the practice so long that 1f he fa1ls to find !t obacco to satisfy h1s cravmgs, he falls mto fits HIS -di mcluded tpe follow short crops. We quote as follows .-Maryland, common mg from a th1rd to a half crop. The total qffermgs m no sense active rs mother respects satisfactory. Our con.slgnments -;, ) 1 frosted, S3 oo@4 so sound common Ss 9o@s so, good for the week wc;re 9:)6 hhds and 66 boxes, as follow& summanes of late have shown a steady demand every ( MARSEILLES-Weaver & 390 hconcej do, $6 oo@6 so, medaum, $6 oo@S oo, lt>afv brown, .,. At the Warehouse, 2S7 hhds and 37 boxes week, w1th a firmer feehng as to al,l de,su:able grades root R P. Cllarles, I case tobacco 7 so@S oo bnght red to yellow, SI2 oo@ IS oo-, ground 68 hhds Mason 1co, Ky ,trash, lugs and lea(, 5 at Ss.2o w1ll have been not1ced, doubtless, that Messrs. Berndes -..S:u'RNA-Jas C McAndrew, 2,232 bales hco ,nce leaves, $4 oo@9 oo. Upper Maryland ups, $5 oo@ @5 95, 9 at 6@7 70, IS at 8@9 So; 20 at 1o@I4 -SO, & Co, of Havana, report m out: last 1ssue that the new roo l 7 oo, brown to red, $7 oo@9 oo, yellow spangled, 12 at 15..25@19, IJ at 20@22.7 5 hhds. 5 I bhds Brown Co., Parhdos and Remed1os ale generally of the quahty re 1 TARRAGONA-Gomez & Argu1m)?au, 10o cases f,Io oo@12.oo, extra do, I4.oo@I6 oo, fancy, 20 oo 0 trash lugs leaf 8 at Ss 3os 9S 7 at 8@9 85, for the traaeof !lie Umted which fs some aconce pllste, 936 root I @25 oo. to good common, S3 50@4 so, x6' at 75, 8 at IS 7SI9 43 hhds Owen Co, thmg to be assur.ed of am1d less agreeable announs:e J Palmer & Scoville, 2 8 bales' greemsh and brown, 4 so@s so medmm to fine red, Ky, trash, lugs Jand leaf. I at Js 2s 7 at 6 2S@7, ments of drouths, short crops, )ngh Jpnces, and hagh Gas 1\. 8 egd, 25S do; F Miranda & Co 212 do F. 6 oo@S oo, common to me1dmm, 5 50@7 so, fine span 16 at 8 I5@9 99, IO at xo@I3 25, 7 at IS@I7.50; 2 at gold export duties. arcaa, 2 6 0 Vega, Martmez & Brother, 38I do; E gled to yellow, 9 oo@Is.oo :&entuckv, common to good 25-75 47 hhds Pendleton Co, Ky, trash, lugs andleaf in this department was, accord Brother & Co 60'] do' A Gonzalez, 208 do, lugs, ss' style!'. do, 5 so 00; medmm 7 at Is so@ 5 9b, r3 at 6 10@7 so' 9 at 8; 1 7 at mg to the statements of dealers dull, throughout the arquez, S do F Alexandre & Sons, 248 do leaf, 7 oo@S so, good to fine do, 9 oo@u oo, selecIO@I4S I at I9 so IO hhds Boone Co., Ky., lugs, week. An observer descnbed the events of the week Cigars Jas 'A. Vega, 15 cases M. & E. Salomon, IS lions, L2 Vargama, common to good lugs, 2 at $5@5' 40, 8 at 6 o5@7.20. 39 hhds and Io boxes to us as foilows : Busmess has been very hputed I do H Schubert & Co., 5 do Carl U pmann, I do G. 4 oo@6 oo ; common to medium leaf, 6 oo@7 oo, com West V1rgmaa d-ash, Jugs and leaf: 3 at $5o@S.6S ; 12 note some few sales for export to England. Several : CFabeJ 9 1 6 do A. S. mon to nne do, 8 oo@9 oo, selections, II oo@r4 oo, at 5@7 9o, 11 at 8@9 65, 7 at 10@14; 3 at; large transactions could have 'been made 1f the pnces of 0 2 0 arp es & Kuh, I do; Purdy & Nacholas, stems and pnmings, 3 oo@4 oo. 1 } 3 at 20 7S 22 so 2S, 3 boxes at s 3o@6.7s 2 at 8@ ten days ago would have been accepted. Where manu 37 ,do; Howard Ives, 20 do' W. H. Thomas & Inspected thas week, gcs hhds, Maryland, 6S7 do 9 6o, 2 ,at 'xo 2s, 3 at IS so, 2S so, 48. '27 cases facturers have been obhged to buy leaf they have de lfernll & Corltht, 'SS do; Park & flltord, Ohw, 6S do, Kentucky, 2 do, V1rgm1a, total, I629 hhds, Oh1o common seed fillers and bmders: 4 new at $3.80 manded an mcrease for the manufactured art1cle. We 6 0 rosby, 6 dp i Kunbardt & Co 24 do 'Cleared th1s week hhds, Maryland, 291 do, Otuo @4 2 old at 2, 2 So, S do at3@3 95, I3 do at 4@ have bad a VISit dunng the week from several manu 1 67 do, V1rg1ma, 24 do, Kentucky, 324 do, Vugima and 5 65 1 I -facturers who came here peddhng thear own goods and From the port of New York lo fore1gn ports for the Kentucky stems, to Bremen, 3S I hbds Oh r o to Bordeaux, At the Kent6n warehouse r8s hhds and 24-J>oxes T rHE T.Ax oN ToBACCO -Says the Lynchburg Repubmterfermg w1th the sales of the agents 1 : hese pt:ople ,week endmg June 30, were as follows 10 hhds M01.ryland, to the West Indies 74 hhds Co Ky, lugs, and leaf 8 at "We notice w1th pleasure that the Southern Agn do themselves and t he trade much harm Sou them tiuy ANTWERP-r2 hhds, 68 cases, 3,724 lbs mfd. 1 Tob4uo Statement S 75, 22 at 6@ 7 6s, IT at 8@9 8o, 21 at 7S, cultural Congress, wh1cb was m sess1on in Atlanta, ers, I am pleased to hear, refuse to buy goods of any AsPINWALL-4So lbs mfd. Stock m warehouses and on sbapboard, sat 4 at 22 2s@24_ 2 S 9 hhds Brown Co., 0 last week, unammous!y a resolut10a recommend nlanufacturer that sends travehng agents peddlmg to > ases r not J an'y I, I874_ _ _ 14,368 hhds, 3 at Ss 20@S 95, ; 3 at 6 os@7 ro I at s bo; ..2 a;t 10 7 s mg that the Government the tax on tobacco to a the1r trade through the country. Thefare 1 v;1llmg to, BR:EMEN-SS 5 I cases, 7o bales. Inspected tb1s week ___ --_______ ,629 hhds @I7 7 5 31 hhds and I box Owen Co. Ky, umform rate of 12 cents: per pound, and that all articles buy duect, but thmk It unJUSt for them to re BuENOS AYRRs-32 hhds, II7 bales, 3,2oq l bs mfd. Inspected prev1ously, Jan. x. ______ 27,396 hhds lugs, and leaf 6 at f.s 3o@s 95, IO at 6 IS@? 75 5 at imported and used 10 the mami facture of tobacco, be a! ta1l trade from one to five packages of des1ra CANARY lsLANDS-17 hhds 8 35 @ 9 .95, 5 at xo@ I 2 7 5 4 at IS@I 9 7 s : 1 at 2 25, ilowed to c ome In duty There IS no more reason ble bngbt II mch are very hghr, partlculatl)" mediUm FALMOUTH, JA-:;-S2S lbs mfd j I I 1 box at s 6s 47 Pendleton C:o, Ky' trash, lugs why tile Government should 1mpose a tax on country tobaccos, J>e wanted, If GIBRALTAR-I6S hhds, 526 cases, 4,348 lbs mfd Maryland and 0hw, cleared, a.nd leaf. 11 a h so@s so, 19 at 6 os@7 95; 10 at 8 ztured tobacco than upom the prg 1ron of Pennsylvan i a, the correct quantity of bnght goods coqlq be arr ved at, GLASGOW-I 59 bhds __ ------I7,915 bhds @ 9 15. S at IO 2 S@I 2 2 at I6 so@r7 25 Ig hhds the hams of Co1nnectacut, the flour of the or known, I th1nk 1t would foun,? that a good HAMBURG-to hhds, 2 cases, I40 bales stems Remspected and sh1pped, Boone' Co., K.)., trash tiugs 1 S at s4 os@5 So, I at or the cotton of the Soutth-tbe tax on the latter artid le weeks trade, would take package. HAVANA1 057 lbs mfd coastwiSe, 4,Ioo hhds 22,oiS hhds 7 90 3 at 8 2 s@S 75 3 hbds and 3 Loxes West Vlralready been dechued unconstttutwnal and abo! We pubhsh the above verbaltm m orde-r that 1t may KINGSTON, :TA-127 lbs mfd. Stock m warehouse th1s day and on sh1pnew 3 at $s 90 7 zo 8 25. 3 boxes at 4 5 35 -tshed.1 But, wh1Jst theGovernment 1s m the ha,pds of the be seen how dealers themselves v1ew the practice of LA GuAYRA-I hbd, 2,040 lbs mfd. Qoard nCJt cleared ____ 21,378 hhds, 6 35 19 Ohao 10 at s1@3 2s; c ra.!hcals, and is bemg run at an expense of fully peddlmFtobacco as pursued by or m the mterest of LEGHORN-I7 hhds. Manufactured Tobacco-The market remams dull and 6 at 4@5 45 3 at 6 90@ 7 05 -000 000 more than s necessary. 1t IS useless to hope for some of, the manufacturers ; The expressiOn of an LIVERPOOL-267 hhds, 25 cases mactlve with hberal rece1pb, wh1cli are as follows .-By At the MoHIS Warehouse, I 7 o bhds and I box a total abolttlon of th1s unjiiSt and onetous tax on toobJection as thas does, dm:ctly from one ofthe1r LoNDON--;-646 hhds, so,6o7 lbs mfd BaltiRiore and Ohio Raalroad, from Danville, I,290 75 hhds Mason County, Ky., trash, lugs, and leaf. 12 bacco. The best thmg that can be hoped for, perb,.ps, number, wlll oe apt to leave a stronger ampress1on upon MoNRoVtA-35 cases, 4 bales. boxes, 54S cadd1es, 28. cases, 599 1 th1rd bo)tes, 73 at Is IO@S 95 22 at 6@7' So Ig at S@9 70 19 at lS a reductiOn to the the South tbemmds of those wh?tn It 15 to reach thau I PoRT AU PRINCE-S hhds, 362 bales boxes, I3S qtr boxes, and from Lynchburg, 323 boxes, 10@14 2S ; 3 at tS@I8 so I3 'hhds Brown co:, OhiO, --ern Agncult\tral Congress thiS partial rehef any th1ng we could say 1s to gas N. F.-4,398 lbs. mfd. 20 third-boxes By the Norfolk and R1chrnond Steamers, hgs and leaf : 1 at $7 90 3 at 9 os@g.So 4 at It@ would exerc1se a wondedully recuperative effect an th1s cuss thiS phase of the cavend1sh tOJ ERil&-13 hhd$ 496 pkgs. 12 75 ; 4 at IS 2s@ r 9 ; 1 at ao so. 54 hhds 0111'en Co ..-very 'important branch of busmess m th1s section.favor or d1sparage one of the mterests. mvolved, and lit SAVANILLA-J4 bales, r,4oo lbs. mfd, 8 boxes c1gars CHI,GAGQ, :June 27 -Mr. H H Adams reports as Ky, trash, lugs, and leaf. :z at Is-to, Silo ; 19 ae 6@ Hundreds of persons, now deterred from entenng upon is therefQre gratJfymg to feel that IS a prospect of R(\>TTERDAM-rs hhds, Io _l:ases, 45 do. cuttings. 1 followJi. ,The old saymg "Fortune 18.a fickle God7 go, 9 at 8@9 gs, 1 6 at I o@t4 3 at 1 6 so@rfl75; t he manufacture of tobacco becaiiSe of the high tax put a not distant reahzat1on of the cond1t10n of affa1rs conDOMESTIC RECEIPTS. dess," we find every day, m the many 3 at 20@22 2s. 2 old at, x6.75. 24 hhdll Pendle-upon It, and the,.dleavrdnties placed upon tho 111\PQrted by last week under the head ?f "Commg The arrivals at the port of New York from domes changes brought to our eaher 10 our own bus 1 ton Co, Ky, trash, tugs, amd leaf: 3 at $Ji..7S@S 90, 8 articles entering 1llto 1ts manufacture, would em Back Agam, when the bulk of the traffic m cavendish tiC' mtenor and coastwise ports for the week end1ng ness relations, or that of othen. 1In the West we have at $6@, 2 at 9 9 75. 9 at; :z at 20 25, bark in busmess, gaving employment to thouiandt of tobacco will, as formerly, be. earned on through the June 30, were 3,6:z7 hhds, ar trcs, 36 qtr. trcs, 2.49 an element equally as unreliable,' and one wh1ch recetves 4 bbds and 1 box West new :z at operatiVes no'VI iale, and 1m parting Its rev1vmg mllueac r s hapds of the merchants or agents, and there cases. 154 b.oxes, 265 three qtr b>xe;, 1 46q quile a many &lllll}ilmmJs from 1aterested part1 es as the s5 .95, 7 .25 ; .:z at 8 6o, s 9s ; r box at 4 95 to all branches of trade."' b

JULY 1. 4I hhds Mason Co., Ky., trash, lugs,'.!!ld leaf: __ .5 at ls-Ji8.t-gS; .4}at '6.zo@7.6o; to 1t I6 at J 'o@I-4-.SO ; r at 29 bnds Brown Co., 01iO, trlJSh, Jugs, aua j 2 at $5.8\), 5 ; 5 at 6.2 @7.90 : 1 IO at 8@9; 4 at 11.75@13; 8 at IS-50@I9. bhds Owen Co., Ky., trash, lugs, and leaf: 2 at $s.6o, 7.6o 3 at 8.80@9 05; 3 at u.:s, 13 s_o;. 2 at I7-7S 23 2s. 32 hhds Pendleton Co., Ky., trash, lu_gs, and leaf : IO at $4-4o@5 .8o; I4 at l'i@7o ; 3 at 8@g.15 ; 3 at I3S@ I4-7S ; 2 at 16, :10.25. 4-.)lbds and t bbx Soethem Kentucky: 2 at $7.os ; .1 :at 12.75 ; 1 bnght wrapper at 75 I box at 7 25. 4 hhds West VITgir.ia new at $4, 4-7s, 6.8s, At the Globe Warehouse, 107 hbdsand 2 boxes 37 bhds Mason Co., Ky. traslh, lugs, and lea s at 14@ SQo ; 7 at 6.25@7.70; sat 8@g.1(); p at ro.25@ 14.25; 6 at I5@16.75 ; 3 at 25. 3I hhds Brown Co., Ohio: 4 at Js@s-so; I3 at 6@7.go 7 at 8@g.go; 4 at; 3 at 1s.25, I8 so, 20.25. 3I hhds Owen Co., Ky., ltrash, lugs, and leaf : I6 at $6; IJ at 8@9.8o; gat ro@14.75; 2 at I8 25, 23. 4 hhds Pendleton Co Ky., at $g, I4,, 16.7S 2 hhds Indiana att 14 3S. S-IS 2 hhds West Vrrginia at $8.45 At the Phister Warehcuse, 68 bhds: 20 hhds Mason Co., Ky., trash, lugs, and leaf: r at $s.os ; 3 at 6 .4S@ 7S; gat 8@9.85; 6 at Io@I4-SO; r at 16 7S 29 hhds Brown Co., Ohio, trash, lugs, and leaf. 2 at ls.So, s.go ; 8 at 6.5o@g 8o ; 3 at 8 os@g 70 ; IS at IO@ I4-SO; I at 20. S hhds Owen Co., Ky .. I at I5-7S ; 3 at 6.55@7 65 ; I at 8 70 14 hhds West V1rgima new trash, lugs, and leaf: s att $ 70 ; 5 at 8 3o@ 9S; 4atio25@127S ( :June 27.-There has been a very strong and excited market for tobacco during the entire week, with pnces an advance of from one to thrte cents pe pound. It is now so generally beheved lhat the new cr.op w1ll be insignificant in quarttity but owmg to late planting will be of very infenor qualities, that country buyers and speculators are in the 11\arket buy ing hberally at pnces that begm to look da gerous. Tne total offermgs at auction for the week were I,op hhds and 77 boxes, as follows : At' the Bodmann Warehouse, 280 hhds nd s8 boxes go hhds Mason County, Ky., traih, lugs, and leaf: 2 at $S 90; I2 at .25@7 90; 8.25@g 65 ; 26 at 10@ I4-75; 19 at I5@r8.5o, 'I3 at 20.25@23.2S 62 hhds Brown Co Obio, trash, lugs, and leaf: 2 at 14-40, S ; 7 at 6.10@7 90 8 at 8@g.5o; g at Io@I4 75; I6 at IS@Ig ; 10 at 20@27. 36 hhds Owen Co., Ky., trash, lugs, and leaf. 5 at $4'os@s.6o; Io at 6 40@7.55; II at S@g .so ; s at ro@I4 25 ; 4 at I5.5o@I7.2S ; Io at 20.7 5 48 hhds Pendleton Co., Ky, trash, lugs, and leaf IS at $4.1o@s.go; 11 at 6.10@7.80 ; 9 at 8@ 9.8o; II at IO@I3 25; 2 at IS, I6.5o. Io hhds Boone Co., Ky: I at ISS; 3 at 6-2S@7, 2 at 8.8o, -g.9o; 3 at ; 34 hhds and 12 boxes West Vugmia' trash, lugs, and leaf: 6 at Js.o5@SS; 10 at 6@7.90; 3 at 8@g.25; 14 at 1o@r3, r at 26; 3 boxes at 6@7.IO ; 3 at g. so@ 12.7s; 3 at I6@r8; 2 at 26: I at 54 46 cases OhiO seed fillers, bmders and wrappers; S at II.20@I so ; 12 at 2@3.8b; 12 at 4@5.6o 8 at 6.I5@7 .9 o ; 7 at 8@g.3s. 2 at 12.5o, I2 75 At the }1Jaml Warehouse, 244 hhds and 1 box : 84 hhds Mason county, Ky., trash, lugs and !eaf: I at 8o; II at 6.7o@7.8s, IJ at 8@g 85; 22 at ro@t4, 1S; r6 at I6@I9-7Si 21 at 20@26.25. hhps Brown Co., Oh1o, trash, lugs and feaf: I at $s 8o; IS at 7-go 8 at I4-7S@9.8s; 24 at Io@I4-so; 6 at r6.7s @18.25; 4 at 22 7S@27 75 14 hhds Owen Co., Ky., trash, lugs ilnd leaf. 3 at 7-so@g '.so; 4 at II@ I4-7S; I at IS; 5 at 20.2s@26 75 ; I at 32 75 4$ hhds Pendleton Co., Ky., trash, lugs and leaf. 4 at Is @S, I9 at 6.35@7 9S i I 2 at 8.o5@9 '.85; 8 at ro@ 13: 2 at I7.24. 3I hhds new Boone Co., Ky., trash, lugs and leaf: 5 at $4.&; II at 6.os@8.8s; 9 at 8@9.80; 6 at ro@IJ. 6 hhds and I box, new West Virginia: 3 at 16 70@7 ; ;3 at 8, 8.8o, IO so; 1 box at 6.35 I g@ro-; fin e leaf, _Io@28_ for cutting. ntent or the effect they have had upon DUBHAM, l!J. c., .Al!JD rl'S TOBACCO cc.mmon to fa1r ugs, good to common Tugs, the growin:.; crop I have nof learned, hut I still MAIIU'FACTUB... 6YzL low leaf, medium leaf, gYz@Io; hold to tl\e opinion expressed in my last week's good to fine leaf, IoU@r5. report that.lhere will be two-thirds of a crop planted in From an mterestmg article in Tile Soutlz on the sub The-sales at the different warehouses for the past week VIrginia and! North Carolina. ject, we make some ,extracts: "Durlam seems from 1ts were I,t6o hhds, as follows: The market closes very firm at my quotaions, I only earliest date, to have been a tobacco town, but its prin-The Pickett House sold 2I8 hhds: 113 hhds Kenquote fine slipping ana wrappers at ts'c. There was c:ipal growth and the growth of it tobacco factones, tucky leaf: 2 at JtJ, 11; IS at to@ro.'15; 31 at 9@ a crop of 8 fbhda of e.xtra fine black wrappers sold at have been mostly since the interfe ence declared beg go ; 24 at 8@8 go ; 23 at 7@7 .go; 8 at 6@6.go ; Io r 6}c. round. hence please add in your quotations Black tween Armistead, of Lynchburg, Va., and of at 5Jo. 30 hhds do lugs and trash: 2 at $8.1o; leaf, very and shipping, N.C .. in rega1d to the brand ofDUih m w?ich 3 at 7.Io@7o; 14 at 6@6 90; 1 I at s@s.go. 3 hhds The trantact10ns were I,347' hhds, 225 trcs, 55 was aecided in favor of Blackwe Ybor,)m bales of about: leaf, lugs, and trash: 5 at lg 4o@g.6o; IO at 8rnl8 8o Bright lugs, extra a secondary consideration In Mr. William oolbo. Fonalethruugh 1:::> 7Z I STRAITON & STORM, Agents, 7 at 7@7.go; 6 at 6.Io@6.go; 7 at 5@5 85; 10 at 4 so Bright leaf, common to medmm. _______ 8 @Io Bowles was admitted as a partner, re1paming 10 the firm 488-500 '9' Pearl Strett. @49o; rat3 4 hhds Tennesseeleafflndlugsat @I3 aboutoneyear,whenhe(Mr.Bowles)sol.9.90 I 7 at 8@8 go, Bnght wrappers, extra _________________ 6S ""go firm continued in bUsiness untll 1864, when Ward The factory building can be lealed for a term of yean at a reasonabJe rent. For parUcula.n, call on or address R. R JONES, 6 at 7 .Io@r.go. 68 hhds lugs: 7 at $8@8.8o ; g at 7@ Mahogany wrappers, mediUm to good. __ .IS @20 bought out Green and manufactured tobacco both plug ss:at. No,479 Wst Market SL, Louisvl11e, Ky. 7.90: 36 at 6@6.90; I4 at 5os@s.So ; 2 at 4 55, 4S Mahogany wrappers, fine.-----____ .25 @30 and smoking, until I865, when he sold out to Green. The Boone House sold IS6 hhds: 78 hhds Kentucky Mahogany wrappers, extra ... _________ -35 @40 From this time up to I868, Mr. Gree was alone, when leaf: I bright wrapper at per roo pounds; I at Mahogany wrappers, common. ______ n @I4 in I868 he associated with himself Mr. James E. Lyon, I.J-7S; 8 at 12@I2.7S; I4 at u@II.7S; 17 at Io@ Black leaf, very extra wrappers and shipping r6* under.the firm name of J. R. Green, & Co. Early in 10.7S; I9 at g@9 go, 13 at 8@8.go 5 at 7@7 go. 6o SAN FRANCISCO, :June I8.-The Co'117mmal HerI869 Mr. Green bought out Mr. Lyon, and Mr. W. T TURKISH TOJSA.CCO!I.-The ondersirned company offers the 1iae1t Tur1dtb TobacCO& for Pdpe and Cigarette, 1mported and warranted genu1oe, in styi1sb pack ng of and M lbs., at $3 so per lb. hberal d1scount 1nll be allowed t o dealers. accordmg t o quan bh es. We fonvardl, frt>e of charge, four different sample of the choicest LataldaS, put up in most elegant bozes, azalnst the remittance of for !t lb and S1.75 for -" lb Depota at A HEN & CO'S, -43 L11ferty_ Street, New York, and RUH..L BROS., 55a MoDtaomery Street,. SaD. Fr&D.claco, Cal hhds do lugs. 7 at $7@7.go; r6 at 26 at 5@ aldreports as follows :-"Trade is good for the season, Blackwell and Mr. J. R. Day became partners with him ; 5 gs ; I r at 4 Io@4 90. hhd:; Indiana leaf: I at with a fair jobbmg for all pnme v1 rginia manufactured the style of the firm remainmg J R. Green & Co., unul $g. so ; 4 at 8 ; 4 at 7@7 6o. 4 hhds do lugs stock, selling at last auctwn rates. It should be remarked Mr. Green d1ed m July, I86g; when the firm was carried SYRIA TOBACCO CO ?I and 8o Walker. Street, N.Y. 3 $6 2o@6.6o; at 5 7S 5 hhds do trash at $4@ that the bulk of the Seed Leaf sold al auction. on the on in the name of W. T, Bla::kwell,1 successor to J. R .SI-4t. 4.6o. 9th inst' was mostly New York State of low grade, and Green & Co. In Apnl, I87o, the factory, lot, trade :----------------------_. The Exchange House sold I43 hhds. 139 hhds Kennot Connecticut as catalogued. we are now m :receipt mark, fixtures, etc., were sold by the' executors of J. R. JOHN D. ROBERTSON. & tucky leaf, lugs, and trash. 8 at l26 so, n, I8 7S, of new 1873 Connecticut Leaf, which looks well, but is Green, and W. T. Blackwell was the purchaser, who has I4. 25, I3, I3, 12 so, I2; 4 at II@IIS ; 7 at Io@ hardly fit to work at present." continued business from then until now, the .firm name 10.75, 25 at 9@g.go, 24 at 8@8 90, IS at 7@7.go, 41 FOREIGN. changmg toW. T. Bla!;kwell & Co.,1h the fall of I87o, at 6@6 gS ; IS at r 2 hhds Tennessee leaf at &..NTWERP 'Y M V t F T b when Mr. J R. Day and Mr. Juhan S. Carr werE adm1t$Io.5o, Io. I hhd do mixed low leaf and lugs at 1>7 to. 1 June IS--: r.. JC or orge, 0 acco ted into the firm. This factory was the first and only I hhd do lugs at Importer reports. The ammatJOn ?f our market two one at Durham untJI the summer of 86s. The Nmth Street House sold 12I hhds: 92 hhds Ken weeks ago d1d not cout10ue and s10ce very httle bus1 tucky leaf at .6@28 so. '27 hhds do lugs at $5 IS@ ness has been done, not over roo hhds Kentucky changed Every factory lit and around D rham has Its own 8.90. 2 hhds lugs at $5.IS, 4 go. of new, some lots arnved, but no sale brand and all use the word" Durham," but no one uses The Planters House sold r r8 hhds: 1o6 hhds Kentranspired. The of higher pnces ruhng t]le bull but W. T. Blackwell& Co.,the smoking tobacco tucky leaf lu as and t sh t $ 7 10 the West made no Impression here, as every one IS here manufactured has, smce I862, been called Dur. ., ra 4 a r .so, 1 s, I4 '7 s h 1 1 k f b 11 I4 2S ; 4 at (j@' I3 zs ; 6 at I2@I 2 7 S 6 at 1 r@ 1 I 7 5; certa10 t at Wit 1 arge stoc s 0 common to in ham Smoking Tobacco, but never used as a trade m'ark. r8 at ro@ro.75 ; 20 at' 9@9; rr at 8 8 go; I3 at European tharkets,added an large The trade mark of the bull was suggested to Mr. Green 7@7; ,r8 at 6@6 90 ; 6 at 5 95 4 hhds Indiana oflow grades and nondescnpt m the 73 crop, pnces for by the event of the surrender of General Johnston's leaf at $9 s 70 8.7o 7 hhds do lu sat $6. o 6 o such descnptu;ms can not gve any cause for a higher Army near Durham, thinking it would give notoriety to ).go 5 do tra'sh a't '$S@5 g g 7 tendency. The complamts concermng the to.,bacco "fly" the place. The word Durham IS used by all the facCommission :Merchants, AND DEALERS lN CIGARS AND TOBACCOS; PROPRIETORS OF ST. JOHN TOBAGCO WORKS; Otlice and Warehouse, No. 21 Water Street T -ST. JOHN, N. B. The Kentuc"ky TobaccG Association sold 76 hhds has but httle no credit to day 2 19 hb.ds tones at Durham, it bemg the place of manufacture, 488 >t Kentucky leaf, lugs, and trash 5 at $20, 14 25, I 3 75, Kentucky al\u 3 hhds Vugmia; steady but low. but any outside of the town of Durham, 12, II.5o, 8 at Io@ro 7S ; I8 at 9@ 9 go; II at 8@ :June 12 -Our special corr;spondent can be enjoined, if the word" Durh m" IS fraudulently FIJWI'E'S PATRJT SPHAY DAJPEJE11. 8.90; 6 at 7.Io@7.8 o ; I 3 at 6@6.8o; 14 at 5 ro@s 90 ; writes as follows :-Kentucky-Sales of the past used on tobacco labels, for the purpose of obtaining I at 4 g5. amount to 114 hhds from stock and 9S hhds "to arnve." trade that otherwise would go to Durham. This is the LYNCHBURG <:rune 2 M N 1 y .Among the transactiOns to note, are 66 hhds fa1r h1story of the far famed Durham Smokmg Tobacco, J. o.-essrs ow ms, ounge. ld h 1 6 hhd & Co., Tobacco Commission Merchants, report: In reo eavy ugs, at _3o P enmgs 4 s new cu tting wh1ch has such a 'Wide-world reputation and every flay Leaf or FlDe--C""ut Tobacco; req'Uired by ev ry Leaf GTGwnCtgar and Tobacco Maoufachrer and T01baccooist Cot trifting. S S... CASE &: Co. propnetorsf Chicago, 1 ] 1 Samples at the office of T .. TpaAcco LEAr. ....S-4-.,. viewing the tobacco market aU there has been mspected lugs, at 30 pfenmgs, and 4g new common planters grows more in favor The establishn1ent of Messrs. during the week are three hundred and sixty five hhds and lugs, at 24 pfenmgs. The tone of the T. Blackwell & Co. IS undoubtedly the most extensive which is an increase of one hundred and five over last market contmues qu1et u!ldeveloped. VIrginia.-factory of its kind _in the State. These gentlemen have F O"R 8 A L E! week while receipts of loose have not been so heavy The market was very qmet this week, only one sale of acquired a reputation for the character of their goods, Pounds Genume "DEER TONGUE" Flavor lor hhd b t 1 at 4 M I d h b h 1 f h 1 b f f SMOKING TOBACCO manQfacturets, tn lots to su1t The market IS active and puces rule higher. We quote. 20 s emg repor eu_ 3 P. enmgs. aryan s w IC IS t e resu t 0 t e a or 0 a senes 0 years, chasers at LOWEST .figures ;pnmm $rYz@ 2 common 0 k' 1 @ Yz were also more quiet, wh1le m Oh10s sales amounted to combmed with untiring energy and the employment of MARBURC BROS. good, do do 5 @6. fine, do do' 6@;; stp 410 : us hhds from stock and to The latter were sold the best material and skill. The hdds of the different -145. U.'l &; it.c _Mrle do 4@S. good do do s@6. fine do do 6@7. co!m;n withm the range of 3o pfen.mgs. Ste _ms.-Sales for departments of this house are pradJcal men, each one 44 453 ALT O.RE, U smoking: do s@Io; fine, do do do r8 the week sum, up I74 hhds, mamly or Western making a specialty ofh1s department, and to m fact __________ ..;... _____ @ 2 S common shipping leaf S@6 good do do 7r.:. Manufacturers Stems. 24 hhds new Kentucky IS attnbuted the success of the firm and the h1gh char "SARATOGA" AID "OLD SLEDGE' fine 'do do Io@ I I extra do' do @ 1,1 stems, and IS hhc!s old do do, were disposed of at I I acter of the goods they manufacture. The "Genuine I2 I372 common S I h d J hhd Oh' workmg do s@6. good do do 7@9' fine do do ro@ p enmgs. toe;: in an une 4: s JO; Durham (BULL) Smokmg Tobacco,"lias mdeed proved SMOKING TOB:ACCO.; IS" com'mon wrap'pers ; 2 @I 5 good yetiow leaf rsc. II3 hhds Maryland ; 262 V1rgm1a; 2266 hhds Itself a household comfort, and 1s said to have no supe, ' K t k I 8 hhd St R d hhd h b d !PI T b A J' ., 0 The Manufacturerandsoleownerofthe above c elebrated Brandsdes1res 25j fine, do do 30@50; extra and fancy do 50@8o. en uc y; IJI s ems. eceive smce, 25 s npr T e ran 0 ug 0 acco" r mgton, range," to say to the trade, that notwthstauding hs recent IDIOfortune In tbe burn Bay' 19S hhds OhiO ; 6I3 hhds Maryland; I 2 hhds "Rail Road I OS "Granger's Chmce "The Creole" ing of hlS factory, he IS now as well prepa"cd to supply the trade w&tb the S TI!.NN .. une r_8 -Messrs J H. Carsey Vlrg lma; 33 hhds .Kentucky, 244 hhds Stems. Total, "J ule Carr," and "W T. Blackwell,'' as well on &Co ,propnetors of the Capital Tobacco Warehouse S hhd Bay ? 12 hhds Ohio 7 26 hhds Maryland 2 74 th f th fi b h th d All OR" Wlth which be has been favored, and sohc1t. a contlnuilllce of the same, report Our market e h b ted, c d t' th. as e name o e rm y w om ey are rna e. promtsmg prompt attentiOn to an orders and enqumes x 1 1 m amma JOn JS hhds Virgip1a, 229g hhds Kentucky; I562 hhds Stems. these tobaccos are prepared with great care and from He could furnish testimonials bythousarudo, of the beauty and supenor At the Globe \Yarehouse, 1gg hhds :-83 hhds Maso11 Co., Ky., trash, lugs and :a at 13-so, 5, 16 at 6 @7.go; 22 at 8@9Si 2I at Io@I4S; 14 at 15@1g.7s; .6 nt 20@22.7568 hhds Brown Co., Ohio, trash, lugs and leaf. 3 at $5., 9 at 6@7 90;127 at J,.O@I4 7Si I4 at I5. %5@I9-75; s at 20 50@23-75 44 hhds Owen Co., Xy., trash, lugs and leaf: 1 at ls.6s; l! at 6@ 7.6o; 6 at8.4o@g 8o; 13 at Jio@rqs; 6 at I5@I6. 75; 6 at 5; 4 at JI.Sb' @34So. 2 hhds West Vir ginia at 17,8 40. 3 hhds West Vuginia at Is 8s@6.Io. week, resultmg m an adyance of, cen_t per. pound Delivered 2 S hhds Bay. rgo hhds Ohw. 323 hhds I t d I f d t:1. d I k th ki t b d amoklog qual1ties ofth..., brands, but deems tt unnecessary, as they show over all previOUS pnces thiS sea!ton. This advance IS '" se ec e ea' an s n I e elr smo_ ng 0 e and speak for themselves 1hey have gro""" 50 rapidly mto popularity, d he r I d d b II Maryland 20 hhds V1rg101a, 114 hhds .r...entucky 174 servedly pooular. The present buildmas of this enter already some unpnncpled mauufacturen< IDave made unsuccessful attempuAt the Morns Warehouse, r8o hhds. 72 hl.ds Mason Co. Ky., trash, lugs, and leaf: 4 at ; I4 at 6@7 .85; II at 8 05@9 95' 2 4 at IO@I4 75 I8 at IS 25 @1g; 1 at:10 25. IJ hhds Brown Co., Ohio: 2 at !7, 7 .8s ; 3 at 8.25@9 30 ; 6 at IS@I7 75 ; 2 at 22 75, 76 hbds Owen Co., Ky., trash, lugs, and leaf: I at SJ.8s; 6 at 5ISs-9o: 23 at 6@7.90 IS at 8 75@ 9-gs, ss at ro@I4-SO ; 3 at @15.25 ; 3 at 21@23.75 Io hhds Pendleton Co., Ky, lugs and leaf: 4 at $6 3S 7.65 ; :z at, g.4o ; 2 at Io.zs, ; 2 at I5.2S1 I6.25 8-hhds Boone Co., Ky, trash, lugs, and leaf: 2 at 5.90 :i at 6, 6.85 ; I at 9.30; 3 at Io.35@II.25. At the Planters Warehouse, I s6 hhds : 39 hhds Ma son Co. Ky., trasli lugs, and leaf: 2 at to at 6 go@7 75 ; 7 at 8@g.4o; 9 at Io.!;o@I4.2S ; 6 at IS@Ig 75; 5 at 2I.25@27 so 3I hhds Brown & Co., Ohio, trash, lugs, and leaf. 6 at $7.Io@7195; 8 at 30; 12 at Io@r3 75; 2 a! I7, I9Si 3 at 20@ 22.75 39 hhds 0'\len Co., Ky., trash, lugsr and leaf: 6 at JS-45@5 ; 11 at 6@.7 :s; I at 8 ro@g 8o; 8 at Io@S 4% hhds Pendleton Co., Ky.: 4 at :s 90 ; 23 at 6@7 go; 7 at, 6 at Io.26@I3.50, 2 at I6.5o, I6.7S 5 hhds West Vug1nia: 2 at $4, So; 3 at 6.85, 7 40, 9.30. At the Ph1ster Warehouse, 13 hhds and 18 boxes: 9 hhds Mason Co, Ky., lugs a11d leaf: I at:j7.25; 2 at 9.2s, 9; 3 at Io@n so; 2 at, o; r at 21. 2 hhds O'wen Co., Ky., at $4.40, 6.30. 2 hhds Boone Co rKy.,at l6. ro, 7 6o. 18 boxes Oh10 seed at sc. round. CLARKSVILLE, n, Messrs. M H. Cl;uk & Brother, Leaf Tobacco .Brokers, report .-,Our sales last week amounted to 406 hh.ds. The market opened strong and excited, and remamed so dunng the week_, We quote the market a full i h1gher on lugs, and t higher on medium to good leaf, ranging as follows:common lugs at4}.(@sc; com mon lellf, medium, S*@roc; good leaf, fine leaf, 12@I37{c; selecuons, ISC. We had a hght general ram the 15th, but nowhere heavy enough in thiS section to give plantmg seasons, though good seasons were reported tbe same day from the Paducah d1stncts. Showers are reported every few days from different neighborhoods, gjving moderate plantmgs where the rain was heavy enough; a good ram was reported the 2oth at Hampton R R. Station, 8 .nules north of us, -but we do not hear that It extellded over a :ta:rge area. I The dry weather having lasted longer than reasonably expected, the chances for a large crop are much !dimm1sh ed, hut the next ten days w1ll decide whether even an average crop can be made. We onte hea1d o! an oid lady on Cape Cod who had two sons so smart that she sairl" they could make Js.oo a p1ece any day, swapping ]ackets with each other." -rhe Western operators havi11g nearly loaded up, we suppose jacket-swappmg w1ll soon commence, as they can hardly expect exporters to pay profits, when they have generally xefused to bQy at present prices. Swapping round has already comme ced m the \Vest. We have llac:Laome mal placed m our hands for resale, and we are U1ds. 'Our being known to be low, some bargains may perhap!; be gotteo from us. LOUISVILLE, yM' 1u 26.-Mr. L Tobacco :Bdtr, l'P The market 11 mmJ f quote as fol lows: Lia;h Co!J)m n to .!air lugs, jood to colbry lugs, 6 }:(@! lew leafJ 7 @t ; med1um leaf, I II ... f ue tO t 1aCt t 1at It IS COn&l ere y a who are Jn hhd S S k J fi t h d. hhd <> to counterfet them. He wll refard as an oespcClal favor, 1f hiS fneudo wilh 1i d h b h t If s terns. toe une II, 10 rs an s, I22 s pnsmg firm being madequate to meet theu large and advloeblmofanyattempbloftb&slo.ind\Vhtchmaycome under thelrobeer orme upon t e su JeCt t a not over a ha crop, if so Obi 403 hhds Maryland 2 s 4 hhds VJroinia. 218 5 'dl d ._ d h vatton, or to uoe b .. Patent Trunks, .. all 5ucb offenders w111 be VllfO I 2 2S II IO, II.oo, II.JO. 26 hhds were 37 I cases, and to arnve 347 cases. Week's receipts, comodate all their trade. Having alluded to the" Eu-:...... Robertson county medium, common and low leaf, ho.341 cases Among the sales and to note, 2I3 cases, reka ''brand of Durham Smokmg tTobacco, we desira ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY 7, Io.6o, Io.6o, I0.4o, Io. 25, Io 2S, ro 20 IO oo, 9 go, runmng Pennsylvama at 38 pfenmgs. IOJ cases t M M f R F M t E b th n .. 9 20 g 20 9 20 g 25 g IO g 00 g 30 8 80 8 60 8 6 O say, 1 Otns, son O O ns, sq., egan e DRAWN EVERY 17 DAYS. 8 8 s' 6' hh'd s' o, OhJOs, all leaf, at 42 pfenmgs. 90 cases OhJOs, runmng, manufacture of smokmg tobacco at Durham prior to Class 900 to be drawn A g JO, &873 I Class J to be drawn Oct. ...... .Io, 7 0 > 7 0 7, 7S0 1 4 s umner cut at 38 pfenmgs and 6o cases Oh10s fillers and th 1 t d 86 th "' f R F M' d 9" Sept '7 9'4 No .; county medium common and lo le [ 6 8 8 e a e war, an m I S e urm o orns an .. 9" Oct. 4 .. 9 No ..s .. w a' :J, > > binder5, at 32 pfenmgs. Stock th1s day, I4,SOO cases. Son was established at which J W Green began th WHOLE TICKETS, S28oo OJ:fLY, 8 6o 8.50 8.zo 8.o o 8 So 8 75 8 6o 7 7S 7 20 6 25 ,. Address all Letters to 6. g 5 hhds Todd t). K d LlVERPOOL, :June IJ, Messrs F. W Smythe & Co, manufacture of the Genume (Bear) Durham. 'For A. & o. II 1 4 o, IO.JO, Tobacco missiOn Merchants; report :Through!?ut about five years :Morris & Son d1d a very extensive traae, fN95' P. 0 Box4o3 or No. 35 aU t., New Yor)D. cunty medium 'and common leaf. $S.Io S.Io 7 7 S 7 20 all the week JUSt ended sales of frade Leaf and Stni?s but want of funds, they were unable to HAVANA LOTTERY or CUBA r6 hhds Smith co t ed' 'd 1 1 af were to a fa1t exteni; there was also something done m their growing trade, and m consequence thereof their 25 IO IO IO: y 9 e expOrt lea( by OUT Shippers IO Africa, but nothing for brand suffered. In 1873 the manufactory passed intO 8 90. 8 90 7 7 9 0 'g 7 5 1 7S 9 9 0 g. hi h,dg.Wo 9k1 export to the Contment so far as we can learn; pnces are the hands of the Morris & Soa Manufactunng Co., who oue Pnze m Average on rwo T1ct..u. I I IO ea ey II h d d lth h d I k" h I I d h d Th f PnzescaohedandmfonuaUongiven TH.EODOR county medium, commonand low leaf, $lo. 4o, 10 20 st1 unc ange an a oug we o not oo 10r IDl a':e arge y mcrease t e1r tra e. e capaCity o P.o. Bo [ 4J.0!sl Naau St. ;;,-;or.,. ro.oo, 7 40 1.go, 8. 10 s..75, 8.8o, 8.8o, 9 _75. 2 hhds provement, we thmk that eventually,tbe adv1ces recentIo,ooo l_bs. smok1rg day. Stewart county medium, and common leaf, $r, 9 50 ly rece:ved from almost every s_ecu?n of the Tobacco The1r The Ongnal Eureka 2 hhds Henry county medium leaf, 1 9 .00, s.2 o. I hhd reg10p m the Umted Slates touching InJury to the, young Durham, Gold Leaf Durham. We est1ma'te Jackson county common leaf, $7 6o. 7 hhds Christian plants by the fly, and the rema!kable lateness of the that firms manufactu red the amount set county, Ky., mediUm, common and low leaf, 1070 Jo.plantmg, ought to steady stiffen the tobacco mar names 1ast season: W. T. Blackwell & 40 Io.Io, g.3o, s.oo, 7 .oo, 7 .6o. 37 hhds lugs, 17.3o, kets everywhere lmports fhia week, S03 Dehv. r, oo,ooo; Morrjs S?R ,;-t:fg Co, 7 3c, 7 30 7 .oo, 6.25, 6.25, 6.40, 6. 7 5 ().oo, 6.go, 6 20 enes, wh1cp. were aga1u 624. hhdw, mak,mg nearly Bear, 3oo1ooo; {f. J. Lyon & Cq., L10n, 3oo,ooo, 6.8o, s.8o, s Io, s.6o, s.go, s 40, S-30, s 6o, 5-Bo, s.8o, hhds SIDC': 1St mst. Stock !n warehouses here to w R Hughes & Co., 200,000; Lockhart & Co' too, 5 8o, s co, <:.oo, 5-00, s.oo, 4, [4.'JO, 4-IO, 4> aay 23,I04, 13,699 same time last year. 000; Webb, Ronlhac; W Duke, 75,000; 4 .8o, 4 .8o, 4 .so, 4 90 6.20 LONDON, :June I8.-Messrs. Grant, Chambers & B. L. Duke, 6s,ooo; & Dowd, 6o,ooo; total, PHILADELPHIA, yune 29 -Mr. E. w. Dickerson, Co. report 3:s follows: The business done m 2,27 s,ooo. There hkew1se about reporter for the tobacco trade of Philadelphia, writes as tobacco dunng the past week has trifimg, 3o9,ooo lbs of Plu., Tobacco by the several firms follows Westeru leaf-The receipts for last week were buyers for home use and exportati?n havmg oper. nam.:d. COPE'S TOBACCO JOUJI.N.U for t;moken. Po bUt-M B'o. 10 LoM Nfioom ...... t, LIYerpool. J:De land wuere Bllbooriptiono mqlle o44r-.!, ar to U..'.l'vaAooo X..... a....,.,_ Pru:e two lhilllDp (Engllah) per annum. I rode Adverlllellljlllta. 1111 ob111int per bdi: Wo o4..U..ODtt ._.wfo' for oltorle period tbon m moilllil. Jfllabl!lo,.,. Blal,_ ... Auuoomeemoato,.., Ia 1181' liDo. No -lbr wtllunte1111 acoompanied b7 the c ... rre.poD4iac amoant. Thil rule IDv.rhlbly be tA ... ?) FOREIGN DtrTIES PN II3 hhds, vit: :-44 hhds on Monday, 47. do on Tuesday, ated as he.ed. Holders show n.o mchnat10n t? make 2 do on Wednesday and 20 do on Friday. The maJOr concessions m tlle better desc:npt1ons> out there rs more part 'or 1t was for export. The were some 20 hhds inclination to gLVe way on the common classes. Kentucky for our local trade. leaf and stnps have been but sparingly dealt in, and only In Austna, France, lta)v and Spam, the is menop0 ,12:edl by underdtrection of a Rtgtc .. 1 Germanyi.lfe duty ou A lCan leaf tobacco is 4 thalers per tool Us Ia Bel11um tb.e unpo:it t s a f\.er deducting 15 per CI!Dt for tare fhe duty is 13 francs, Ct:Uhmc., ($2 40 per 100 (roo .Am.erican lbs. equal 45}fkilos J lo TO ]AT. PATRON OF tHE WEED -Among Holland the duty Is 28 enlb. In add1ttoa to this dnty-, the Revenue tax ou t 1 e aame lnoi at tobacco made m thts eountry must be pa1d The mu:."t al10 be packed according to the regulations,governmc tobacco madeJtere. ltu IS PUBLISEIED EVERY 'WEDIQSZ)l;T ,KCBNmG BY THI_ fGB!COO LIU" PVBLISIING' OO!PANf :t4:l PNUon_ Street, xe.u York. lild.l_. "' .-....n -.JQ. -.. -l!hud.Dea.Xanapr As an Advertilnl' med1um, where 1t 1a deatrrd to reach the Cigar an;a. Tobacco Trade, not only of tb.i& b\lt foreign Countries tt 1s the be&t attaiD-'ibie. t Rates of Advertising. ONE SQUARE (;4 NONPAREIL LlNES t ........ .......................... Tw .,_ 0 "ce,ar .... ;,: .. ...................... 35 oo 0 o over ne o amo voe Year-.. ......................... 65 00 l!TE SQuAJut, over Two Columna, One Year ......... Two 5QllAJtU, over Two'Ct:+Jmaa,One FouR SQuARES, over Two Columns, O.eYe:ar lll ltJ"' Latrer. Ad ertisements in the same proportluo, but none unless lwp, four or more Sqllal'es. Iii OLUMN RATES, .................... -.... ...... $1s.,.. H Ml>nthJ .................................. ;;o.,. .... :_ .: : :; : o:: .. :.:.::: :: ... .. ::: O SQ PIRST fiAGE R.ATES Y,ev.,. .--.,_ ......... ........ loco 3" WO '!!I Wide Columna, Ome 3:.0 o& waaa _,u_.., over Dlro W'tde ColaiiUlJ;

,, WILLIAM WICKE. A. ROESLER THE VIRGINIA co !GEIGY' WM. WICKE' .co., c CJCGARCTUBOzBs 1111 t155, 157, 159 & 161 Goerck St, COIIM:ISSION BEBCHA.NTS NEW YORK. IN J:.ea.f a.nd Manufactured T06icco; lilT .. m 45 WATER STREET, NEW YORK._ Cigar.:Bibbons. .... t AgentS for VIRGINIA KANt1F ACTl1RED TOBAGCO Purchases made of v:arious brands shipped to this market free of commission, to the paity ordering from us. :PURCHASES OF LEAF TOBACCO FOR HOME AND EXPORT, MADE ON CQMMISSjQN. I. Qrders filled direct from "lrglnla at MANUFACTURERS FACTORY prices. 1 EXPORT ORDERS for TOBACCO Filled with DISPATCH Good Storage for all kinds of. ';l'OBACCO in dry c...nd well ventilated lofts. 1 Orders from" our old friends and the trade 1 solicited. 7'. :13<>::X:. 1097. & 00.' _O.BACCO VODISSION All S lyh of M a n o factured Tobacco f,.r a n d 'ra x paid, in <4ddit i u n to our old :.lnd 'Well\:nown COTTRELL. This imprOved Ma chine for Tobacc o ia con structe d with a aingl e knife working upon incliued b ear-ings, and operatiag with a iili d ing ahea r cut upon the tobacco, which is in a box with sides at right angles and 1Mlttom parallel w itb said knife. This machine will cut a ny -ktnd ef tobacco, and cut It P l ug Twist, Perique I n Carrotb, and any airnilarly hard prepared t o baccos can be cut in theit: h ard state, without an1 any oth e r moislentor to aoft.e.u them It makes nn shorts, can be run by hand or steam pow er, requires no s kill to op e rate it; its constructio n is oftht! most subst antial kind, slow to wear auU dltficult to dU.ordeT. o f machine comple t e with (o,n" .c.'i x6 xa o 8210 net cN1 Sl1eet. IREIEL.BfRG & Cll., x6o PEARL ST., N e w YoRJt. J. 0. KRYELBRG & CO., BALTIMORE, M9. ltREMELBRG, SCHAEFER & CO., NEW ORLEANS, LA. mm BLAKEMORE, MAYO & Ct., IEIERlL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 82 BROAD STREET, NEW YfJBK.. WILlER, FRIDDI FRE1SE, IMPOitTEXS Ot' RA VAN:A TOBACCO 203 Pead Street, NEW YORK CHAS. F. TAG & EON, llriilonero ot SPANISH, and ... l n all ""'-o( EDWARD M. WRIGHT & CO. KATZ a. CO., LEAF TOBACCO, f1n ai c : V h DEALERS AND EXPORTERS OF BO'W'NE & FRITH, 7 BURuNG SLIP, NEW YORK, ..--. Tobacco Commission .Merchants d Sole Proprietors of the Celebrated Brands of Smoking Tobacco: Honey 'Bee, Early Dew, Prafde BIOSIIODi,. Red River Powll.tta mner OOIJIIIUBn JJlei'C anta ALL ocn-lldO 8ole for tho United States for P .. I! 4:: 00.'8 GOLD PLAKE. ALEXANDtiR MAITI.AN'O. l.. II. :i, JIIIACLEHOSE. MILLS. L. MAITLAND cl ,IJ 'f, TOBACCO AND FACTORS, GENB.RAL CO_Iti!I!SIO' N '13 DBOAJ) R. "2'. Ad1ancements made on oronsignments toW. A. &. G. MAXWeLL & l.tVERPOOL. F. c. LINO&. c c C F. Lnmll. s MA.KC030. YORK 1 T 1 --. R AIL ROAD EJD EAF OBACCO NSPBCTJON. Maccoboy Snuff, TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. French .Rappee Snutr 1 A.JID> II&ALilR Ul' ALL JCI .KOS (W LEAF ,TOBA-CCO, 179 :Pearl Street, Bet..Ebie .t ceaar, MEW YORK. .KOENrG & SU.BERT, C ertificat .. gien for err caoe, aod d elivered case by ca.;,, .. to number o f C.Ortificate. A 1Jier'tca.., Geft t. Sn utf. ; N. B .-WE ALSO SAMPLE IN MERCHANTS' OWII STORES. a f1 ""'. anu }OS: ,)1. MAYO JIG A. J. HUERTi\MENDIA. JUSTO MA.l!ORGA. J, M .., MAYO RCA tC CO., DEALEll!S IN ALL KmPS OP LEAF : & HAVANA F. C.' LINDE tc CO., Lu'll.dy .Foot KII'JCIPAL OPFICE-141<1 street. au oN HAVANA TOBACCO T 0 D A c ; 0 0,. DOMESTIC NO. 44 BROAD ST., AMJ) niPonras OJP D 1 Ga:1hJ I C hao. .M. Garth, NEW YORK ZOREIGN TOBACCO.,I-fi-o,.,-.;;..& _b_,od_e'.;.;. I 76 Front Street, NEW YOU. SAWYER, WALlACE & co., BUYER. OF G. AHO COMMISSION ONLY, CICARS, l-.0 PE..4.BL New YM"a-.. Di::rect from the Paokers, 13S. WATER STREET, I NEW YOII.K. E. M: ORA WFORD & CO., TOBACCO .t.lllll MERC.HANTS, TOBACCO, Either in LARGE OR SJIA.LL Sulzba.cher & Bcfmann, DEALERS. IN f.obUihllliOD !ltrd&aat-, 168 WATER STREET, -N ICW YOJIII:, No. 47 Broad Street, NEW YORK. IU5 BROAD STREET, .EWYoluL M. R. LEVIN, J. QUIN & co., IIPDBTII Of_ lAVAl! AD41lealer izl &11 kin4l of' J!110.. -OAD STREET, X. Jl: A '1J' 0 :B A Q C 0 Reasonable Ad van""' made l NEW YORK. (62 PEARL ST., lEW YORI 1--on.._sh-ipm-o_'"------THOMAS IIIIICUTT. IL-hlek-,. Bllcl Vli-pala f.eW. TATGBIIIORSf, 'TOBACCO AN D IIIIAL UICBIT. eaf Tobacco o. sa BI'Oacl treet, NEW YORK. 68 lltliOAD NEW VORL FATMAll & co-. JOSEPH A. VEGA.. &tton aDd Tob&Ooo ,_,.,....,. -l'aotors Bavaaa l!ro'baaoo --UD COMMISSION M';RCHANT& KD

' I JULY 1. JACOB BEIIILL, MANUFACTURER 01' C1GAR _BOXESJ SUPERIOR MAKE AND Prime Quality of CEDAR WOOD, NEW YORK. &.':STERIBBRIGIR, DB 110. H BXCILUI'GB PLAOB, K. T. Dnw Blllo of Exchange oa the principal cllleo of Eanpe; laue Ctrcular Letten of Credlt to Travelen. and lftllt Commercb.l Credit. : recelore iMottey oo. De poolt...bJect to Sight Chocb, Gpoo whlcb latenat will a allowed ; p&J partie alar atteatU.U to the N eptiatloa .t Loau. W. MIRDEL !MANUFACTURERS OF OIG-ARS AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, BOWERY, NEW YORK. EBEN W. GOODWIN, DEALER IN LEAF TOBACCO AND J!PK.E QI:GA.R.B. No. 226 Front Street, iHt. lleet.-& Peck SHp, KBWTORK WM. AGNEW oil SOliS. 4fobaoco and Commissio11 M:erohaa1a. 1184. a11d 1186 Froa.t l!!lt-.'NEWYOBK. ll&T .. 011 a.ALB ..u.L DWWD I W. teat Tabuco for Export nd 11om V.. Le11f T<>baeoo baled in any J*kap ''b,y 11o press f or Ex4 NoaTOH. T ] SLAUGHTBR B H. WtsDOK lORTON, SLAUGHTER & CO., Tll!tCI AID IACTORl AND General Commission M8l'Chants. U BROAD STREET, !'f .. T. BBAD Be Co., SuccESSoRs TO IsAAC READ, OOMMISSION MERCHANTS, Afiil -Dealers in Virginill a1Jli Western ._ I,faf nrf lf(anufadlmd Tobaca, Luf1n, Gum, ek., li,Old Slip, :N'ew York. wr z tB tJtP'()ft 'fEllS '6P 1 Bei"!"en ltlaidand Burl'lng mp, N"E"'DV 1 SCHRODER 178 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. AND lOBBEBS OP ALL KIND8 OJ' LEAF TOBACGO,. WEISS, EtLIR & KAEPPIL, IMPORTERS OF AND DEALER IN NEW YORK TOBACCO DE 18,71." "CONNECTICUT SEED LEAF." The subscr'ber desires to call the attention of Manufacturers and the trade generally,to his largestock of "EXTRA FINE" and "DARK COLORED" genuine Con aecticut wrappers, of the crop of I 871 ; which he offers for sale in large and small_guantities. K.H. AB.KENBURGH, Dealer in all kinds of Leaf Tobacco No. 176 Water St, 'New York: Tobacco Commission Mercha,nts, TM:POEl."rEt.& OP I AND AGENTS FOR TH:E SALE OF ALL '1'H.E OF DOMESTIC .;STANDARD BRANDS OF VIR81NIA 86 NORTH_ CABOUNA LEAF T0BACCO MAIOPACMED.&SIOKINGTOB!CCOS Agents for t-he following well-known Virginil\ and N. Carolina Manufacturers : ROBERT W. OLIVER, JUcbmoa4, Va. I WitfGFIRLD II< LAWSON: Va D C KAY0 & CO., Va. 'IVOI!fACK II< INGRAM, r W. J. '"-ENTRY & CO., R.lcl>meod, Va. W. DUKE, Darham, N C MA.YO II< KIIICiou Weed, u-1acb pl... SMOKIJIG, in b.,. of zs, Xo .ICe, aad )(alba. OhaL HeDr}', Jr., 9-lacllupt sw-cL Gold Bo&-Vlrgiola's Choice. Amb< oala, I be. Gold Kedal Jxiwa 01ier'o Choice lbo. Olloe. R.,... Old K:enlack,lbe. C..:yqae. Star.-L p Reward of Iodaetry, lbo, Oller's Cboice. VIrginia Belle. 1001"108 Pride oi the Natloa, lbe. Nataret- POWDERED LICORICE, GUM ARABIC, OLIVE OIL, OTTO ROSES, Ha.-.est Oueea. Xo. Hs, P. P's. Duke's Dozrhaa. n-dr Lioa. T B .. l:boice, Xs, P. :11. DurUDI. 0nqua 88.DSt Part1-.<1lar attentron gtYett to putting liP speCial brands for SOLE use f ownen>. And all "--.: ._,_ ti Fla uaed b Ma f: 1 .c. m.aten ..... or vonag y nu acturers, me udingthe !'nest Essential Oils. W H. & Co., STRA.ITON & STORM. 1701114 172 WILLIAK STIUT, OW YOU. lU.lfUFAOTUU1!8 0!' ..... DBALBRS IN LEAF TOBACCO No. lQl PEARL STREET, New York. .rollN BTRArroN. -' G. FALE.-a BR.O ISEED : LEAF AND 8A V ANA TOBACCO -171 WATER STREET, NEAR' B UII.UNG SLIP, NEW G. FALK. GEORGE S'l'ORlll. E. ROSENWALD & BROTHER, .. J IXPOE.TZE.S OF SPANISH, LOBENSTEIIN & GANS PACKERS OF DOMESTIC LEAF j"liJLE:AGENTS AND IMPORTERS OF THE GENUINE W. & )(,, CJ;GAR RIBBONS } W s C I G 'AR. lVI O U L D S' 1_c_--_.__tly_o_ .. ... _d_. -x_4_s __ a_te_r_t_re_e_t,_N_ew_v ___ or_k_. ___ __. P:El.:ESS:ES, WM. SOHOV"ER.LING, STRAPSr_AND CUTTERS, PACKEROFANDDEALERIN D LEVY & co 101 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YOBX. SEED-LEAF TOBACCO,. S.lYiichaelis d: Co. 1951 PEARL ST-., NEW YORK, IMPORTERS OF GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS, PRESSES, STRAPS, CUTTERS, &C._ ldrOflice of Sigmund Eger, General Manager o the Davenport Cigar Mauld Co. All styles and sRapee to order. :pB.OSr,. lYta:a-u-rao't'u.rer o-r ])Te...gvo M"U:f'ord, Conn.; .R-t;ad ..., :DII:au.'fa.otu.rer o-r 129 York.-CJ:GAftS,. tWLIBERAL cAsH ADVANcEs .. MADE ON coNsiGNMENTs. OO & 92 Bo"'\o'Very, Ne-w York. CIGAR MOULD PRESSES a STRAPS. A.' & B 0 Tl(ltT; MANUFACTURERS OF iPJ' Ullttllrs & all otber bhinery for lannfaCti!J'inl Ci!JU'S; IMPORTERS Of GERilfl CIGAR IOULDS THE BANIL-nww.n, COl'll8l' or Ce!&r Street, U!W YOU. Capital, 12,000,000. DRAWS BILLS OF EXCHANGE. and issues LETTERS OF CREDIT available lit 1111 principal places abroad. Accounts and Merchants, Banks, Bankcr3, etco solicited. 57 5g,&:6r, Lewis St., bet. Delancy& Rivington, 0. H. SCHREISEIC., Cashier. : NEW YORK. "\ A. "B. ROSBIBADM & CO. E'l11fii1TE: CJ:J:(31-A.R," HAV!lfAToirccoillCIGARS, 70& New York. ... DEAI.EM:IN SUD LEAF TCEACCO. 1i ur BROS BOIDY B. W. :B:liU:CBS, MANUFACTURER 01!' CIGAR BOXES, BATJER 00101I811101i IIIIIJiliUlllTB AJID DIPOB.DIUJ. 01" .-GLAY PIPES, AND .IMPORTER 01!' No. 121 HAlDEN LANE. 1JilU111 "' GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS ] 7 w .A.T&R-STREE't I liEW NEW YORK. BIBIETT 1: l't1ACI, Importer of JlaVIII& LEAF TOBACCO 163 Water St., NEW YORK. CARL UPMANN, TOBACCO AND .GJIWL COIIISSIDIIIUB!IT. C 178 PIAIL S'l'UI'r, p, ().BOX 2989. lii'BWTO&K SIM011' SALOM011' I.porie1' of aa4 Dealer iD Leaf Tobacco ,1" o( & co.,1114 r. -:BOCDlolWm c M ld p -..L ... s c Wll. C BOEFERS, A tgar.; ou resses, traps an(l utters, IMPORTER-01' HAvANA, U3 SOUTH STREI[EJ', N. Y. :'t AND PACK:ER 01" C. B. TOBACCO AND COMMISSION I:Z4 WATERSTitEET, MEW YORK, lliiF"Reaooaable AdnaceoiDade on iblpmeato, :oliwssioN MERCHANT sEED LEAF .:roB c o s, FOB TIIB BALBOP MERmWm .An IKI'OBTDS. o; 242 PEA,RL STREET, c Leaf Manufactured, &. Smoking 1 liEW YOBX/ TOBACCO, Havana LEAF #.-TOBA.OCO.. J,ae W.&UJI\ ftB.miT, l'IBW TOBK THE N. Y. co-oPERATIVE CI.8AR MF'8 co., foraale lo P. o.yox 39!15 \ r. .... _.... .......... _.. .... .-:haae"' -----No. 19 W. :Houston Street, cor. Kercer, J'. L. CJASSI!RIJ' & BBO.., .-o. A 9....... CUTHRIE a, CO., I CHAS. A, THACKSTON, PBOJIIPI'LY COMMISSION MERCHANTS D. & A. BENRIMO. Ita l'roat Btnet: Jtli.\LB& ,.. II'ULnLLBD. .um JlaALDI ..r J.LL IU!WO... lomi)1)1iou CODISSIOli KDCliANTS Leaf Tobaooo, ...,..,.. .. &LLt

I Stalue, S,-..aJth B.aa. a KDacht, :O.EALERS IN ALL KINDS OF TOBACCO_ l And of tUl DeE u,;m.s m LEAF 'l'O:BACCO, NO-1.1.'2 WEST THIRD S'DREET, CINCINNATI, OHIO. JACOB WBIL AARON E.AKK. E.A.W&IL Weil, Kahn &Co., SPENCE, BROS. &. CO.,. Manufacturers of the Celebrated (Successors to S. LowsNTHAL & Co.) Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers in CICAB(I f .. 'HP TOBACCO Andava.r!etyofothergradesof a} \\1. II Jl Fine-Cut Chewing & Smoking Tobacco : 134 Mai n Sl, Cincinnati. 0. Aaents for HEl Telegrafo" Brand of Cigars CENCDINATI, OHIO. I Sheet Cigar Moulds This is the onliMould suitable for the Manufacture of Fine Havana Cigars. Tin is well known to be the bes t preservative o( delicate aromas. The bunehea produced by this Mould do net require tumlnlif", as no crease is 1howu. For Circulars, address .,---'i', I l r i r I I : SCHWILL & DUBRUL, ; f Sole Patentees and Manufacturers of KMlVBS, TucK. CuTTBKS, Pxass&S, &c., 166 t 168 W. Seoon! St.,, 0. KROHN, FEISS & CO., MANUFACTURERS OF Connecticut Seed-Leaf' TOB.A.

JULY l. & MANUFACTUBERS. OF _A. LIGB'l'BISTBIIf BBU-IfA)n)rA'ilroREas THE "ELK'' and 11 ONWARD" e I GA, R s w J)ellen lA I.L\r 'l'tmAcco, tws. 34. ana 34rBower_y, NWYORK. L A. H. THEOBALD, OF FIN ..CI.C ARS, .AND DEALER IN Spanish and Domestic Leaf Tobacco, .rDE LEA.P > -I 7 P ASTE3 'PRE UNDERSIGNED AGENT IN NEW YORK FOR THE MANUFACTURERS OF THE FOLLOW lNG W.EU,.JtNOWN BRANDS OF LIQUORICE, desires to ctioo Tobacco Manufacturer apln s t aslng any of tile numerous llrand5 purporting to be orlgiaal aa4...,. ..... braads of Imported LIQUOil!CE but wtucb. are adulterated compo1o1ods of his br:uuis1 rebOUN io. Gila and.lll aome iutaaces coetaio: ial'leu tbaa tifty per<:ellt. of Liquorice. llisure maanfactlirers ebtsbm1g PUI\E'AND .JCT(;a FLB ,AOO PT Z.&. B.R VB lA) k41CO Nil' Cro-wa (B) Tiley shoald addreW orders to the undersisned In New York. who is the SOLBAG'SNT rH 'I'HB UNrTx beiDg.rea:istered at Waahinpa, co.-terfei.ta will be Hi.Hd whereer fowwt, and legal gwii'Mltee ay ,Jezrt-oat and refer to the followinl' letter, as to the or the Paste 1 offer: ., JAMES C. McANDREW, oa &t:ree"t. :N'e"'PP" "Yc::nok... M&W Yoac, April II, t87]. Ma. ]AII&S c. Hf LiqiiOrice, aAd tbey bawe !>eeo 111ltformly "'gular &lid of excelleat qaallty. T!>urw Veo Respectfolly, [Signed) P. LORILLARD & CO. "All through thiS" .section the prospect _for even a half sisting in exports of fruit, cottsn, S.Uaar, etc. We ex crop of tobacco present season ts very gloomy. port a large quantity of "Boston n .... !' an t Th 'I f I h be I d h t I' I N .,..ons, '1 o e ai ure o p ants as en &enera, a. n, w a .e ew Zealand, and there is now :an order for the for"!t'ardhas been planted, the black bug IS destroyLng. 1 hts Is mg of one hundred tons of to bacco e th f, not written for the naked truth." Australian If the.line is wi;:-TEt."NESSEE. prompt an.d effictent service, it will soon be compelled Says ti)e Commercial .RejDrler, Julie 1 5 : to double Its present capacity for accommodation. From the most elia.ble information that can b,.': obtained from the Cl and Upper THE GASTRIC Jurc&.-"Mastkation works Distt;cts, by most tent effort, :Uta .inquirJ,, lVe moved a little lower down." (Sympathy of the 'FrisCo are t at ifwill be impossible in tkese Open Letter for tha' t man who SIWallowed his teeth.) to r,lant fan average cro:P' of tob;H;t::o witlithe d;tte uo;il Jl M j 6 U!J'Y;',,ttt; of .!.\il, s t a art.iQ, .spri ;ngfor tobacco has already oeen planted i.Q go;n,_Qertran MU. let, or othe ,rwise.. disposed of to secure profit ti},at p!anre s are"tto.vwelt satisfied they neecf not expect frdm a planting-of tobacco." ALL SHADES.-One of the p1retty waiter "girl estab .nt n f is more novel than enticing. Of,it the says: I here you can find the fair creatures of.: all from the color of a pancake to tbac of an ppe." R abo .. advertloement,:we have &Erinted lllr .Juno a (). JlcA.Iadrnv ot' ........ a:- 1-.IIA'l'$ .AJQ.'> cIG-ARS.A cotemporary l'emarks. One leo .. tho r..ued' uafor u.. ..... of aU,.. -tlaotLiq..... Of the crop generally, the 'Rij'li/fiiuJII' .QJ OIK t'ashio-ble youth donnecl his first silk d =========::-:----:=o;::;;=o:::P'IBERT MACANDREW &: co.,L<>ndon, Eogland. says: "The yield of tqbacco this year in cigar. Saturday evening He got :ulong we!J e.n@ugll' J undoubt dly be short, a double cause operatmg the c1gar, -but be had to give up the hat--it d b' J.:t;Qu ORIOE ROOT.' result. .In the first pl ... ce, the plants have been sick at' the stomach." rna e Jm very soa rce, anti manY, planters would have been wholly un able to pifch the sa';ue crbp if they had desired to do DEA'l'R OF M Bpaalah ,and Sm;rnuo, ia Bal...,aiwanfocsale in lob to lllit purchaers. so. But there is an addi'tional reason that has operated : 0 h hA I E::BER OF THE TR-AD&. -.JA.liiES (), J(oANJJRIDW, to lessen the crop this year, viz: The price at which to '-;' n t : 9.t u t r James y. Kmght, of the 55 Water 8''' lie'W' bacco has been sellin!> for some time past. It has been o f at the residence of RAISING FINE LEAF IN conceded that the planters, in some, if in many inaw, b F : 1 ler, .on Diamondr Hill. VIRGINIA.-Mr. Simpson, CROP REPORTS. stances, have lost.1toney, since it is impossible for them r. was orn m Stewartsville, county 'f.yron a very successful tobaccolY to raiSe tobacccrfotllie"Price it has been. ruling at in Ireland/ 111 the year I ?96 and when years of rais ler in Rtch Valley, Smythe ews f'ro Tenae58ee, Virginia, aad !he market. r ""Y tjlay, even -if the season to AIDenca. Mos. t of hiS life was c Elllwllllere-TIIIe 8ae Story C..tlaaed-Light shoula be favorable from this time forth a shor he was h ighly esteemed for hts ou!'ty; gives the annexed Plaallng-l"rotractell.. Drouth-The Hav-.ges crop of tobacco. This fact nor.w pr-e'1ttr clearl-l "'or.t many exce .. ent qua tiles. as hs plan for the prooCtile Fly-.&a IJaasaan:r Sllort Crop .&u&h:l. '1 .,. '-------duction and nt of pated. shadowed, has doubtless exerted its due 1afluence upofl fihe t b "A 'L': h the market la.te l y operating to-ra'se the price on this ,,T, OBACCo ON TH-E.PACIFIC exchange 0.acco: ny. ,res .The ;reports from the West and Sq 'uth co nc 'pe 'so Tobacco planting t I d h d staple It Will hardly rule as tow for some time to -. rromises 0 recetve llJ great im an w_lt. a. goo southerli exa.ctly as to prospects that they might all have come as it has dufing the few weeks, and unti l a pelus In Tile Lake County .Bee says that wtll grow fine tobeeR wntten by the same hand. An Indianap-day or oat crop will be Mr. A. A. Ritd. ue, of that place,. has set out. the land ?Its tel.egram, dated_ 14th ult., says: "Special returns the finest for years, and .nothi g seems to have suffered pl;mts on the Guen.oc ranch, and mtends putting by breakll_tg wah a ilarrow llli to the t<.bacco crop in Kentucky, Southern from the p but the tobacco plants. :lOO!o?o more. .An mcorporated company have set out ptck and the Oh10, and Tennessee, are such as to inake the Their destruction is universal. Scarcely one man in a a mtiiion plants m l!.os Angeles county, and in Santa.. tP 'Yhen pracbcabl outlook 1 a very b d one. A ide from late frosts, the dozen has any to set: ouF ; hundreds of of county Soo,ooo plants been set out. The: ecr ree apart, m ,t .k bugfiy fnd ()the insects have been very destructive. land designe d for 'thr' cultivatio of the weed. will that the ctg : ars and tobacco give tng hill on. the checK, "No ttansplanting ha,d been done up to June rst, the be devoted to the production of com and potaun,tversal at the east. It says:-" The first lea.vtng: chJps, atones, round j being too dry. It to be the general toes.-.Gtw.oline ........ Caroline county will not plant shipment of some thousand and three thoutturftn Or :job?U.U,he mong growerS and dealerS that the prOSpeCtS -eiglith Crop of tobaCCO thiS year.-and pOundS o_f aifiVed there in gooclr I 1 -:. ant as early m a rem favor of more than one.half to two-thirds of last tount), which has the reputation of and wlll be urlmed1ately allowed by a stilllarg r year's c ops." growinpom, e of the finest tol?acco raised i.n the Slate, shtpment. of h.ands the Culp factories. grow, clean the land thor KENTUCKY. will not grow half a crop this year.-Louisa.-From an wtll be m_uch. m a short ttme, and the ship-ou,ghly all vegetal1o J Of the general prosp(lct in the State, the Courierextensive obs,ervation and inqurry, I Jearn from the farmments East .wlll average at one hundred and fift1 usmg the baud to clean of the zcth ult. says: "W.e publish ers of thts county, in m y among them, thousand Cigars ten thousand pounds of smoking aroun the in work1ng. extracts from oHr latest State exchange, and from that the tobacco crop must of a be almost an tobace:o monthly durmg the next. year. i'ng the' crop the va;nous 1 correspoi:idents of the Co11rier-'.Journal : reientire failure, owing to the almost entire destruction of alive to the d f th '1'1 h 1 ts b th fl I r I k f b THE-HISTORY OF TOBACCo Cut TURE 1 IN A CONN' Ec' time, it is \hectessary to encon ltlou o e crops. 1e prospect for t e p an y e y.--n act, n w o ut very few C I larue the hill; the wor:k with corn and tobacco throughout 'Central-and Western Kenfarmers in the county who will be able to plant a full TICUT Tow_N:-A 0 umbia Ct., correspondent writes: tucky d btf 1 d d A I d t..h h h h .r -"The ra1smg of topacco has operated in the same tile hoe is now finished. ts very ou u H) ee ong-contmued crop, an 'fery many o,' em w o ave eretoore planted \ drouth 1 n Weste K t k r .... th h 1 '11 t k 1 d ,_. d m.anner that any suc.c:essful effort in any other dt'rect'ton hen the tobacco is large rn en uc y 10r over ree mont s-arge crops wt JlO sttc a p ant, norm eeu o they .... enough to top, strip four or has in all this section, and the lo<;al -papers seem to be disheartened a the prospect, as they all say wlll operate; thus, tf one farmer makes it extremely and Our C e d f h b .1 f h r h 1 profitable to' grow a crop of tobacco, all others uhohafive of the bottom leaves orr spon ens concur m t e e 1e t at not t e pnces .or t e. ast crvp so that ... off, take out the bud, J eavmore than one-third of tl::e usual crop will be made. t ey werl!' 1'nuch dtsposed to the cultivation a knowledge of his successes are ready to rush into In many Joe l t' th l h b .r he acc6 -plants in thiS' section of SpottsylvaRia, Or, ange CHICAGo.We quote from the Chica go j:Ournal oj' Com inches apart. When the fields, plowed early in the spring, are dry.and hard. arid Lo, uisa.., wtll go gr!eatly against our farf'l)ers. Many mtne : The' house of Sprague, Warner' & Co. "Was found house is full let it stand and the plants ha. ve hardl y yet appeared a !jove who hac.ll rge cr p!llast year, and who desiJ::ned plantto be the only grocery house in this city which had estab without fire until the tails of ground With mode Fate rams, the ing fully .as mucli this season, were tin able to obtain any lished a separate department for the sale Oftooacco under tobacco on ithe bottom tier scorching of July and Augus, tile crop may yet plants and have put the land in co\:n. Such a scarcity a separate and competent manager, and the only one in begin to yellow, then heat be saved. The wheat crop thrQugho.JI 1State of plants was never known here before. the West O.oing a strictly coni mission tobacco tradethe house with coal to 90 ,0 seems very promisil)g but oats and o t her grain : e. handling tobacco directly for the keeping the door open, that have suffered much from the drouth The outlook, ToBACCO I N J AMAICA.-Among the signs of the re manufacturer, and on his account. This branch of their the air may circulate in the altogether, is a very gloomy one for .the farmers.' vived vitality which Jamaica owes to the wise and enertrade was established in 1869, and M :r. Henry H. Adams house, to prevent the toNicholaf.-In tliis co_untry the destmction. of the togetic rule of Sir John Peter Grant, is the experimental put in charge of it. Being educatecl to the business bacco goil)g into Jl sweat. bacco p jant is so general that a very crop the cultivation of tobacco on abandoned sugar estates. The in the East and South, and fully acquainted with the y ellow .as1you want leaf may be exp:cted next season, and tt IS on this acPotosi estate, a once valuable property in that rich dismethod ()fhandling the goods in large houses in : mcrease yourr hFat n two count t'*t the pnce of the weed has advanced so lately. trict which surrounds the pretty town of Bath, has been ern and Southern cities, be at once began to make .. 1 hours J from to 140 deg, for the pr?ducers, ma.ny of them sold for purchased by the Tobacco Company, and is being worked arrangements fot developing in the West what bad be. B'CONSIGNKENTS SOLICITED AND PROMPT SALES EFFECTED. 1 and .as soon, cas the taUs o th1s advance m the price. It is under the charge of two experienced Cubans. come in the East and Soutp so great an industry and a .. ,,. !Jle : tqbacco t ate! ,'dty1 cldse a thm_g for the dealers who bought some source of profit to seller buyer. Tothis end a visit 4&' Jl?is lh tlme.ago .-OUien,.;_We learn that the planters in the CHASTE AS LUNA.-A profligate Boston paper havwas paid to the lea ding martufactories of Virginia, and C R E EN HAl j' ': portion of the crJunty, bordering on Eagle ing slandered the virtue of NP.w England by asserting resulted in the making of a coatract with nine of them 1 'ate t:uted, which will beJ'us, Creel\:, taken advantage of tne late rains and set that an ardent lover of that ilk caught cold in kissing for the entire sale of their goods for a term of years, and MANUfACTURER oF ""l,. ,,. ually >t'Sl 'hrnirsJ.t ffom pne to four acres of .tobacco each. In other porhis inamorata's snowy brow, an indignant contempothe control of the trade over a section of the country tm. u I uoA-,llJaD_:ner is the tions .of countr: very httle has been set in C?ns:rary rejoins that no such near approach was ever permit bounded by Detroit on the east, Sacramento on the DJlr same as sl\tppmg (ooacco, qu.ence havmg a se.ason: complamt Is ted in Massachusetts, but that the patient struck his west, Duluth on the north and Cairo on the south. .... : except in classifying. I usubemg: ra sed by the !n thts portion of the county light catarrh under the lady's window in a nocturnal Within the territory named, the firn1s of W. J. Yar-49 West Bmad a ally make fjve qualitie;;. I the "-IS burnmgthetr,p}ants.-1ay/or..--serCd ram dunng the next .., I been very rapid. Commencing five years ago wfth only buried. phototen days, there be a crc;>p pla':lted.-CreAR .STAMP ACCOUNTS AI'! PjROPERTY RETURNS. the sale of an onlinary grocery house, to-day they-have A. POl NDEXTER & -CO. Agents LVKIIIi:ATHAJr, 591 Mufacturer, 1 l20 Co...,:uwGwiLL, N v. .WA'l'llB ST .. K Y CITY, lW A P ::n. K. ::m d;). o o .. 110 U BBOAD STREET, NEW YORE., S?it fl>r tho CONSOLIDAT.ED TOBACCO COMPANY OF CILROY, CALIFORNIA rrmBL G!'!.!ii! J!JiflquJ'I& Eqoa BEST IJAVANAgoods, atoae-haif theircoot; Callohdexaml b 1 b 4TIOIQ A.'r BAN FELIPE. FAC'I'O&IBI! ,AT "'PARKA graphs and guide-books,and Wayn.e.-Wayne, m Imttatwn of 1s turmng bet;. -By a recent decision of the Secretary of the Treas-absolute control of certain territory in which sales to the carved wood for keep.sakes, to tobacco, there will be a considerable ury, artides number Ior.9 and 1020 of the Oustoms amount of nearly one !pillion dollars per annum are made. and teasels with his life ratsed here thts weather IS Regulations are amended so that they will read as folThe house also handles all grades of fine-pit tobacco, story told in shocking pic dry and crops. m all of the co untry lows, viz: Article 1019-Collectors are also required directly from first hands, but as this is :a branch of .WesttUCfS on every cup such as are suffenng for want .of ram. Very little tobacco has to render a. monthly account of transactions in cigar em manufacture, it receive an extended at wo!!ld .ta !l away a. 'sensitive be.en planted .-Uopkms.-The for crops in stamps, dehiting themselves with the n)Jmber of stamps another time. The remaining feature to be. in man's appetite. There was th1s county are by no means encouragmg. Fully onereceived from the Secretary of the Treasury, and credthis house, is the cigar department. Here will be found JS. COLT. SIMON MANDLEBAUM, Special. a shoe-shop with a swinging half of the plants were destroyed, and, without it!ng themselves with the number used by cigar ins peeevery .grade of goods from the domestic "seed "'to' the sign, and on this sign, this a good season m a few days, the other hal! can n?t be tog. account ill be accomplJ.nied by an abst act finest grade of Havana. One firm in New 'Yotk keep CHARLES JUNUBJ.UTH. HOL Manufacture ... or tl,. lebrated NERVE Aa4 other Branda of "' Chewing and Tobaccos, .3, ., 4 .'1 .J'UIIt .............. DETROIT. lUCK. The NERVE io sold by Fint-clailo Deaierw the United. States, an!J we it to be the H:8aT" FINK-CUT TOBACC o that caQ be made. The Wholesale Trade a Specl.alty. H&NitY U. FRANJtKL. JUNGBI ... UTH & GEJO:lt.AL OOXMJSS[O. IIBBCJI.&JrTII, And B:rok.e:rs ;1:n x..ea.r IIOLID .... SiiOILF 11'0. ,J,AJJ. (). JleAJID&BWB CKLBIIBA.'l'ED ., -LicoriQa. Paste; .-a.. aa d -..:reert. x.oru:a:ao T 'T, :K.7-sege-nd : 'W. Shakespeare set out.-Ca//oway.-The tobacco IS fatlure. fro m .cigar inspet;tor the number of stamps ov:r seventy at cigars for thi91 h?use, shoe-maket': and in another What few pl.ants came up have heel) b Y the u sed dunng m ljlnth, and a by the collector hav:e Imported from .twelve Spamards street was the name Miss bugs Many farmers are planting their toof the q nttttes and values of c1gars offered foT con who make, m thiS countcy, for Amencan smokers .the Delia Shakespeare, whom I bacco g.roul)d m corn. We have :had a poor shso. n sumption and ,dut eaid during the month, with th, e Identical igar Havanarand as the duties, four.d to be a slim spinter, for. therefore w.hat has been set ut ts amounts and km'd of duties. 1 ate lr;ss the than on the m .anufactured licensed to sell tobacco on dr:mg m the field for of ram.-Bf!llt!rd.-The fine goods this..Jirm...IS enabled to offer the choicest brands the premise s.' Perhaps-Miss rams have extended over The prosOuR TRAl>E WITH AusTRALASIA.-The steady in moderate prices.. The goods thus sold, have the Delia has put off her loves pect for a corn crop IS fine, but INS 1m possible to make crease irl the number of passengers arriving from Aus-trade mark and guarantee of theman. ager, Mr. Adams, that she may go to her a halfcro)) of tobacco; the plants -are not to be had-tralasia, by steamer, remarks the San Francisco Comupon them and purchasers can rely upon getting just grave bearing that rrecious so say reliable gentlemen from '!'frtial Herald, .gives sure indication of the growing what they; order at marKet prK:es and can daplicate the name Her tobacco is fair has not be'WJ here to settle the. dust 'favor accorded to the line by the. traveling public, same at any tiO be derived from to middling but it is pleasm stxty-two dftys. .Tlte cra{ls:of .cor.n. and grass wtll be which, in turn, will tend greatly to premote an aug menthe progress noticed m the handhng and sale of goods, ant to a pipe of the poorest ever seen.iV Npt a plaht of tation in our trade have on two occasions is to the of.the country dealer. Hjind!ing peace in Stratford and to tobacco been set yet, and P.lantsare very scarce. furnished statistics showing 1 wonderful as ne doe3 ge:u:ly kinda of goods, he can not poSSibly have had your pipe filled at The gardens are all rumed,:_Zogan.-"'Tfiere is DO togiVen to our comlllerce with those colonies by the Webb be a of the more C01J!plicate_9. val'ieties, hence Lhe store of Miss bacco set out y,et, and the !P'e nearly all dead. line, and remi).rked upon "the corresponding fallh1g off lie must depend upon others for much .of his speare." ---In an area of territo!)' here that raises 400 when that service was the potency and when the business of a 'house is diVided into depart. A NEw IDEA IN HORSEI haye heard of. onl, one acre. set upon Congress of petty 'aevtces and malictous designs ments the charg6 of a. i?f<:'rmed and C<>LLARs.-There is said to that IS ltvmg. fhe droutll ts .sttll on IJl! h all ita on the part of Mr. Webb's enemies; and we again avail competent person, there he Will find 1t l'O htnnterestw' -. be a man near Batesville severity, and the tobacco-setting season is about over.-ourselves or this opportunity to chronicle a return to a trade, because he caQ. alwa:ys rely upon the informati9n Arkansas, who makes Hardin.The tobacco crop will be an entire failure this more vigorous trade. The first steamer brought 6o pasobtained. Stocks are better keptup1 go'9ds are fresher, co into horse-collars and year, were uo_ t by !)l'e i sects sengers; ther next, 75; the third, 9o; and the last, no. qualities are as because of a perfect ells it in that shape to avoid have dted m the1r beds for want of ram. The requisition for freight facilities has kept pacct with thereof on of a bouse the heavy tax imposed KoRTH CAROLINA. the passenger movement, and qoite a lively commerce mg m perfect umty, each part dlStlllct, yet each helptng' upon the weed. J The published in Co. rly Is IJetween.;tae Fijis and Australasia, conall secure a harmonious whole," l ...


THE T .OBA.(JVO LEA.F. JULY 1. ----. :l.'ebao08 Manufa.ct..rtes. Manufacturer ... Uoocice. TOI!fAOOO BROKERS. JOHN ANDERSON A 'CO., PASTE EDIENE 88 EMSKY MANUFii\'CTURERS Oi' 'l'HE wALLIS & Cl(). .-._,__.......__..... __ ....... SOLOw m111 TOBACCOS TOBACCO 114 and LIBERTY STREET, amine and teet tho properties ot IIEW YORK, LICORICE, which, 143 WATER. S.if to direct tbe atteDtiGa of the Dalen ho '!'oo,;.,co to t.he highest perfection, ia under ,. ucl,tloe the aboTe style of brand. 88UCE FCUT also SOLE AGENTS for the Gm.'WDrG TOBAcCo, I JOHN CATTUS, r. a. "" G. o. THOMAS HOYT & 1CO. llANUF ACTURERb c I whicll t. '1leiDtr oaee more manufod:arecl 1UIt11 on hand. OOMIZ & ARGUIIBAU. 4o6 Pearl St.. New York IVANHOE a. JOLLY BOYS SMOKINQ, Ttfttll 4 q Jfi>YT. CHAS. G. HOYT. l '7 'Front New Y oriL 29 & 31 SOUTH WILUAI STREET J_o_H_N_F_n_A_GG_. _s._w_A_Tn_s. Licorice Paste and Sticks. _, TOBACCO 'BAGGIIG. ..... > IMITATION SPANISH LINEN, F. w s. .. PANCYSTJliPES, PIP' .. Z ADd all of Goo 20'1 & 209 WATER STREET. BEi YORK. eaver & terry, :: {) (W) Q :s FRANCIS S. KINNEY, MANI)FACTt]R.IiR OP' "Kimley Brother{ CelebratedRBWan t CICARETTES AND 0 ] FtN'E TOBAOOOS, WEST BRO.d.DW.AY, : :NEW YORK CITY, DEPOT & AGENOY D. H. :McALPIN & Of the .HuuCKtare of ()10LIUIBATBD ftl'fBoCJI'TT G. GAIJ, &: AX. frr[in Leaf and BALTIMORE. SMOKING TODAOCO. \ AT IHPOBT.E:OS. Nc, :M CEDAR sTREET. LICOBIOE BOOT. DLUIOIID mt.L.I-POWDEIUCD PVRE. LICJOBICB BXTBA.C'l'-XAI8 .&liD PliLV LAV&IIDEB n.owJUU.:-POW"'). ea.uraa PII:BL-POW'D. OILS-.AJIID, BBBG.&.JIO'I', CAIIUA. oo..-:a0.E, 'I'B'IlJC KULUILUL .OLIVa OIL, I'OilJ "' JAJL& 8-...B OIL, LJIIV ,Urz\...(),UEII"' IIJIL8. Gtrlll .uLUDC .uiD 'I'B.AGACAJI'I'II. .. WITH A Vl:RY FtlLL LINE 01' Z!i() PJ4BL i'l'Wt, JtiW 'TOm[. htitH', W>Y KANUJ.!'Am'ORY s AL!:illlOOt!. SPECIALTIES :I'OB '1'08.1.000 1.BA.Inl EI.JJ:B & CORNEl Of AVEIIUE D AND TENTH STIEiT II'.AC'I'II:all:aa. MRS. 8. B. MJl[ & CO., "ew York Cit::. !08!2!! v. 97. Columbia Street, MANU"FACTUURSOFALLXIHOSOF DRUGs. OILS. Eto.. NEW YORK, -PJN CUT CBEWJN& n CEDAR TOBACOO ,BROKER I 168 .WATER STREET., 'NEW YORK UP STAIRS. F. osBORNE, JAMES G. OSBORNE; -robacco Bro7t:er1 M 8'I'REIST, NEW YORK. .111. & Son, TOBACCO BROKERS, I l33 nAll.L li'1'BDr .J NEW CHAS. E. ER & BRO .. TOBACCO BBDIIBS. 131 Water Street, NEW.YORK A. SHACK. IIA!nii'ACTUUIIS oP THL caLIUIRATim aND ,. l'IEW YORK. 1 Hrs. G. B Miller & Co. Chewing aod Smoking ... -SMOKINC TO-CCO, J Tobacco, the only Genuine American Gentle'NEW YORK eowotUH1. D t t .QU.O!)Jf"_ t!. with _,.Snail'; Mrs. G. B. Miller & Co. Maccaboy QJlQ ... n U"' alltd Scotch sn"fl'; A. H. Mickle & Sons' Forest Jtoooe a;.t Tobacco; Mrs. G. lJ. Miller AGENCY AND DEPOT OF FINEST "'Oo. Reserve Smoking and Chewing Tobacco. F. w. FELGNEB. & sori, Manufactured at Poli .. nkeepsie, -Yor k U'" 'All orders promptly extctJted. to F. H. BISCHOFF'S BALTIMORE GIFFORD, SHERMAN & JNNIS TO BA coos 120 WILLUl[.IJTJU:J!"V, I 66-e7 NEW-l'{} RK. / F. A. BOETZE A MANUFACTURERS OF 'rOB!CGO BROKER. Nc;-. 129 Maiden Lane, NEW YORK. & SNUFF. -.&lOIAftD TOBACCO WOB.K.S, m Wuh!Dat.ou St.reet, NEW YOU. Fr. ENGELBACH, 21 Sixth Ave., hW YOU G:&JOB.G::&J :a. tt co., AID CIQARS, AKD, DllALJDIS .. SNUFF, PIPES. etc., 'ToRIES IT 4U BROAD STREET, IIP.Jl.Rl .&liD lPI C.&LDWELL 1 SOLE AGENT FOR J. P. SARRAZIN'S OUISIANIPEBIQUB SiiOKIIG TOBACCO ;Also, Perique Tobacco iri Carrottes, U5 WATER STREET XEW YORK. Cigar J!liscellaneo1111e LZQVOR:ICI!i: -ASS. !!PANJ1>H, TbeJ.iqamiceP.aoteof u...., b.,;ndsiomade fn>m prime .. lected Gli.EE:K, _LA aSA." Li,100rlce ""'! Jll&rlUiteed to CODtoinno lucredieat foreip \0 it. .. A. o .....\TT. De' LANCEY CLEVELAND, ::tmporta:ra' ana. :K&D.ufacturazoa .A.cent, No ... 158 PEA:R.L ST., N.Y. .MISCELLANEOU'S. WI. DEMUTH & 00. TH"' SOU< MA."UYAOTUJU0 --::: J BIU.I.B A.JID .A.PPLE-WOOD T A c 0 By :2:. n o ., :If SHOW FIGURES, IN IIIETAL ANn. WOOD, A SPECIALTY ITROPOLrlil sox BROADWAY,..., U-NE'W vonx., 200 Ckiilbam 81Ime, \ sou IWurACriiaEils .:.. A IDDIAD I C 1511 'CITTII. I ..........,;ER, ci:ESTABROOK, No. 7 Commercial Street, Boston, SOLB WHOLESALE SELLING AGENTS FOR THlt Z W 3NC%.A.Nll S'l' .6. 'l'ZS. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCEBlf .. I For upwards of a year, .at an expense of f>soo we have. through the columns l)f THE TOBACCO LEAF, proclaimed to the Tobacco Trade, that tbe : ownership .of --, THE FAMOUS BRAND OF. "BULL" ROBT. A. OHMIUGT OOIDSIOR IBBOJUI'f, ANP OF llVliA LW TllL\1 32 PLATT ST., NEW YORK. HENRY WULSTEIN, < r w .Bw;Wolt ..,.,,, ... c g ,. ............... ... ....... ---CaUiaf.......... ,.....,_, LOUIS POIORIY. I DIPORn;R OF. FIN& G .LYC.ERIJE,; No. 7 BURLING SLIP, -NEW YORIL, TOBACCO (EALINI.wa t ) .WO, DIALW IN D&IJGS, Pfl8. le., :UW_William St., '2'01'k: !_;tad, after a long an d expensi litigaliog, been upon >IS, bo t h by the United States Court s, and the Cornmtss10ner of m the Patent Office at Washington. Ia this rNTERAL 'REVENUE 'BOOK&; ;>me advert1se10enr above we have cauttoned all manufacturers and dealen In Spu-Tbe -Oilctaal ._.. *''-....... nous Durham to pronusmg amnesty a nd p ardon for past offences, and promising the full ,. est penalties of ao' outraged law, t<> those who p e rsiste d in pirating our trade-marked Ijgbts. .., # f ( IOU ft 118ft& -4 en., .' Gentlemen, the T"lllle has Arrived T .... Oor Attorney, Mr. OTide Dupre, N-o. Street, New York, HAS MOS.T .l'OSITIVE..IN DeMon, 'C".._ Rben. i to proceed against all our ,Mark TO Tlllt rou.itST lrou &114 Bteaa1Ja t'--l!XTltifT OJ' THE LAW The fatalt, geetlemea, IS Jllllt own J you have for twelve .month spurned amaeat7, and it becomes ua to ..eri{y -the we. have publislfed for upwards of, twelve -pUn afLN>eo\ .l'riiiii. '-l'deM. month& We regret that tjle lack of commera!-1 mtegnty al)longsuch a portion of our onfrcres forces ys to the unp!euantnet.& of jitigation. "Sad, but nev ertheless true." In conclusion we will add, that we han no comp rcu-ise to make, an<;l it is too late to enter B.. ZELLEl!fKA. ;Uin an;1 propositloq by 1:'1' The matter has been p:aced iR the hands of an attomey, and he M will s"bmit the Ml7 &ui1 upon which tbe matter can he settled. It is u seless to write to us in OF ALL ltlp>S Ellr matter aftu &hia aa we have appealed to you long enough already, without 1'111111LIN A'ND L1iW1J1 aYaat !'e hope totom!nce the trade that we in kDow now no com TOBAC C 0 BAGS, w. T BLACKWELL & 00. 283 Em 4:th St., New Yfk. Onlcra proa: ptlY attended to at thOlfiCttat ... :ioa. __________________ ;Lilli W T03.E ... -TBEGEBM4"k 43 Liberty Street, opposite Post Offloe, tiGAR P A.CKIRS' I -.... SOCIETY, 0:1'._ .A2tnatES. DE.ALitllS IN .. 1 United Sta-thot they are aow able t.o all ordeJ:a _, i>r iJ'It.daM Pack.en 'With Membcn t1 llodol,_ ....... _o..:.., _s_E_C_A..:.. sio:RE. 202 CHATHAM: 1 TIN: FOIL. ROVER BOBDY &. DOCBASKA, WARDROP a: DALY JOHN.). CROOKE, SmokinG' ,Tobacco! MANUFAcTURERS oF. 203 & 20 5 Lewis Street, lYJADDUX-BROTJIERS, BY Cig MANUYACTURE'R OF wALTER ,B. PIERCE, DEALERS nor I e GElUJU) BETTS I AUCTIOIEERS. TIN FOIL AND BOTI'LE CAPS, lTTIC.l, N. w, spANISH CEDAR .OFFICE, 171 PEARL STREET. PLAEI Al'ID COLORED, This Brand of Smokia&' io as dark aod as & BOWERY f IJW JQRJ[ CITY. cured ao Havana. 354 35G CIGA.R no........., I 1 : :aotLING HILLS, 3l8 CUDS!Y and. 163 II; 165 S -.s 1 ,__ll KVLn!:UY snz:m. nw YOU. B't1CHUA. N & LYALL, NEW YO.. ea.son-' a.ways pn tor tM foUotctnu .Brond8 oJ' tOJIBIDA. wo:aas AJrD ... OFFICE, . p M DINGEE & j SON I J .... ,. Bacld11X'I" Look-<>atFiounciL OUTH BROOkLYN 1 ManufactureroftbebeatBraudsof .. 4cha.'eLook-oatNavy_P_d&, .:J.G,IJUI'o"MIMJeeGie." Mannfactureraofthefollowlnr Com' miSSIOn Merchants wwiiBIMicl1U:'ILook-out,KalfNavieo. G.JHJJo"OurCbolce." Succeuor to RoBITCH'I!CIC & T.AI1SSIG, CEIEBB.A.TED BlLAJO)S OF Fll\TE. CIGARS, .J. G. PUI' Buttetb T"'llil. G. DWo" Gl-Q- Smokinr. ',111-CurC.iWIRG TOBACCOS AI ... SPANISH CEDAR, ,, ) : AND SMOKING Planet Nr ;., H .. 30. 4 .. 50, 6.. ,., 'a.. ... 101. Cuba L1 bre AND ALL 1 BAOOO AND Ciuas, ... > 3"o f JOL 15:! CHAMBERS. ST., and Foreign and Domestic Woods. L\11'l'l yu .a. Thick, 1 GBDNWIC:a: s'l' .. NEW von Jl t a .lij 7lT. Ha brt. drlL : H ACME .. Paocy Brt. NO BOX MOULD. .I :vana Sixes, Oheroots, 'Maaie Mtu:beu, i Poa1Jdo, :ss6 DELANCEY STREET, =I>Htt, fE_;t:h. Schwan; ct.: Spobzo, SYCAMORE FOR SALE, . J JfEW YOJUL. Flouuclero II.AHVP.r.<:TVIII:U oP L XIJIDO .,. .... D a mestlc. ... Imp .. orters o f j A :'V. A ,,: A LEAF ....,_ J.,.... DAvm c. LV AU. or more au ---' :.':;=';,;-;,_ea&.;;::'==;..,.:IIA.:..._...::b:::" .... oample.' LoNG IS.AND SAW Alftl P,u.NMG ),h..u; coa. 6t' Al5 WDJ BoMv A.)IDTuD Sna....., BaOOKLY, N. v ... 13 Boweq-, .. Sapt. ..utD BEPPERJIEIMIR & MAURER, & NEW YORK. in Seed Leal Tobaooo, A.l!iD OoliiDlissi


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