The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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' VOL X.--NO. 23. NEW YORK. WEDNESDAY, JULY 22,1874. lht 1.-batto JS PUBLISHED :IUII.Y WEDNESDAY KOBmNG llY ,, IRI TtBACCO LEU' PUBLISRING 00, 142.Fulm St., New York. I JlJQfR Y HAGEB, lik11tor. .TbBll G GJU. IIT. Xana.eer. All Letter 8hould be Dl&1Dl7 &ddreued. t.o '1'D 'liCIU.CCC LW" I'VJl.IBIIIIQ CO. Terms of the Paper : SntGLll CoPt&5, Jo CaNTS o ... Y&AR, .4., 81X MONTKS, $2 00 TH&IUt MONTHS, co ..... Remember that the col!lt to the t.early or =h)y 1ubscriber is lu1t!..n Ei'gAt ,nls ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS ABROAD. GaAT BRITArJt AND CANADA, -E BR&MKN1 HAMBURG AND THB COKTlNB.NT, oS AUSTRALIA. ETC,, VIA :ti CuaA, -.S 04 No ordertt for the paper considered, unless accompanied by the corresponding amount. Remittanceashould, in evrry in1tance, be made by money-ordt!'r, check Or' draTt. Bills are HaOle to be stolen, and can only be sent at the greaten rlak lo the sender. POSTAGE. "''he lepl rate of postace OQ THa Toa.A.cco LaAP, ddressed to its replar sub.criben, ls ., c.etlta pe r aDDum, or .5 centa per quarter,!pay able ln advance. Subscriben who receive their copleo'l>y letter-canlen will pleue luimd the an aUt or quillrt.ertr potitage to the takillj' their reoeipts. If any higher rates are demand.ed1 report the facts to tbe local Postmaster. lidJ'"'Tbe po1t.a.Ae on copie8 directed to aubecrlben in New York City hal been prepaid by tile ptobllahen. Twa TeaAcco LKAF commends itself fo every one tD aay way intere:1ted In tobacco. either u lfi'Ower', manufacturer or dealer. It rives aanual .17 aa immense amount o(lnfonnatfoD the uweed," and thus a that baJ long aioce been recoplzed as otaDdlog at the head ohpeclal trade publlcatiODI. Its market reports fuU aod u:baustive, and from evt"ry qurter ol lhe glote where t.oi>Kco lo oold. liiF lt la the OIILY weekly publication esclu lively devoted to tobacc o. [For Atlwrlili"r TllirJ ll'ap.] &U8181SS DIUCTO&Y or ADVIU'ISIIS XEW YORK. TobMCO IYrtAoiiUI. Apew. W. It So11. 28+ and 186 Froat aUHt AlSea JuHan, 172 Water. Appleb,. ,a Helme.133 Water. Appleby Leonard L. !". 131 Water. Artenbur1h, R. H. 176 Water. Aaerbach & Mendenon, rsl .IE -" W-. Barnett & Mack, 163 "'ter. Bearimo D. & A., 124 Nater. B&u.emore, Mayo & Co., 6J Btoad. t llewne &: Frith, 7 Borllnf Slip. Yep, Martinez & Broo:, 190 Poarl. DAYTON, O, Weil &. Oo. 5 Ptae M4ufadwrer an4 SvciJki"r Walter.&: Frledmau Freiee. 701 P.,art .,4uo. Weiss, Eller A Kaeppel, no Pearl. CotteriU, Fenner & Co., .113 1 r7 E. Second. Ybor, V Martinez.&. Co., ri Cedar TDhacc o Cutt,r. Matuifacturn s of Snu. Hog len & Pease, Third St. and Canal. F. A. & Bro .,a Wasblhgto n G DAJOJtJBY, CoiUl. -.--Imp.,.,,., tf H'"' Orr"' Gravea VI. r Do Bary Fred'k & s Warren DETRO"IT, Hich.' Measenpr, T. H. &: Co. 161 Maiden Laoe. aM Deal-],.portlrl 'f C/ PiP* Northwestern Cigar an Tobacco Co., 152-156 Batler B 4: 'Brother, 77 Water Randolph St. Demuth Wm. & Co. Sot Brfladway MaH/CI'Nnr.s 11/ Clt.ewir lUi SM11kinr M."Jattrtrl of Briflr .,J of &roltn" Artidtt. Parker, Holmes & Co., 53-S? Jeft'enon Ave Dematll Wm. & Co., so Broadway Cigar Moulds. lJiorltrl of L i coriet Detroit Cigar Mould Oo., Congress&: Fourth. Brlncl. Wm. & CO., !.S 161 Goerck. Heidtinger, John AT.Jjy'Yf.e&\ Wuhinrto. .s,..;,j Ci1r Ri6b.n1. 1 A.laolrall J.!J., d6 Oedar. t:igr MoiJ., l'eudrlch Francia. Jacoby S .t Co., 009 PearL LANCASTl!B, Pa. Junker & Nlt!meycr, 115 Water DLalu in Uaf z-:obauo. Ma""fft>h. Dlv i Ltf Tbm. Jour,ensea, c. 37 Liberty. Pragqtr, W F., 83 Eighth. Cigt!r Stt,mlr ad IJtaltr in Cutting Appleby Cigar Machine Co ,3 Wter. Clark. James, Thirteenth and R.owan. Dt.Uer ;,. c .... ,.eotio/ PJir. L YXCHBll'RG. v-. Thackston, Chu A. 67 Wall. Msufa.IMrtrr if To.i-t. Armlltead L. L. Sternbereer, &: S 44 Eclunll" Place. Oarr.llj. w L : PerUJIU Stone, ohD w. WUaouJ Geo. B J 145 Water. TPbiltCIJ t1D-i11io11 Afi,.cAat. -A.LIIA.XY W. T. Nowllns, Youn .. er -t Co. Mtl#ujalapm, E..z Co., Burll!ig SUp. Sj>lt.zaer C. Ji. WaiA!r Stein Co., 197 Duaae. Stratton & StenD, 19L Pearl. Stroh & Reibenatein, 176 Front. Salzoacher &: Hofmann, 88 Matdea. Lame. Tq, Clatlea Son, '184 Froa&. TatienhOnt, F. W. 68 Broa4. Upmano, Carl, 171 Pearl. Wright; E. M, & Go l9 Ikoad. Zweli H.l-48 Water. I of Tobauo. .Reuaeaa G .ss Broad. TabatCo Brobrt Boreaisty, E., 143 Water Cattua Jobn. u7 Pearl. 'Fiecher Chaa. E &: 'Bro., 13r Water Fiacher, Fre4erick, 41 IJroad Oans, J. S. & Son, 86 Wall. Kelland, P., 168 Water. Oobortte Gbart .. F 54 Broaa. Rader M. &: Son, 133 Pearl., Shack A. llalden Lane Sprotto, Colum.bu1, Pearl. M,ufttMrtrr if Tolln. Anderson John & Co ... ., u6 Uld 117 ll.lberty. Aw.leby ._Helme, 1)3 Water. Buchanaa & Lyall, S4 Broad. Buchner D, 156 D.elaDcey Goebe, F.A. & Bro., 3:18 Washlngtoa Good wl n & Co. a ad 109 Water Hoyt Thomas "Co., -404 Pearl ) Kinney Bros. 141 We!ll Broadway IC.rau11mann 'A.: 7 Ninth. llcAJpla D. H. lilt Co. cor .Avenue D 1&ad 1.'ell"'le. MUler Mrs. G .. B. lit Co. 97 Columbia LArncts/w tlu / Gilroy. Parke, Wat: A & .CO, -w Broad. Tthii<bbi.21s o:nl.y M .. Screet, New York, ... Proprieton the FACTORY. STACHELBERG MANUFACTURE. RS OF & C6., LA KORMAIDI" ARD "LA PERFECTO" CIGARS XACT IIITATIONS OF LEiDING IMPORTED HAND-MADE CIGARS EXC LUSIVEIJY. r. Also, DealeJ:"S in Leaf Tobacco, 257 PEARL STREET, -NEW YORK. T. u', JIIII81E!IGER. T. H. MESSENG'ER & CO., 8. L.A.B&IIIJIORE Jllll"'QR TER8 BAV&R& A :a4 Proprletortl the .. .1.\T 9 161 "M'af.d.e:n. x...a:n.e, W. .HILLMAN & CO., CODISSION JttERCHANTS a MANUP !CTUBED .T ;OBACCO, SO lr:RONT ST::S.ZZT, NltW YO:RE. SOLlt AGENTS IN NEW YORK! FOR "FRAORANT FLOWERS" Srrioking Tobacco in Drunw, DOUBLE ANCHOR DURHAM, DIAMOND COLDEN CUT CAVENDISH, ALSO, PLUG TOBACCO FROM O 8 LMO!I .. ILUICOCK, TVRPDI .. R W, T. BLACKWELL, J, W. GIJISO!I, T. c. WILLIA.X8 .. co., R .A.. P.A.TTERSO!I .. CO., !IOLTIIIG .. Bli.RTO!I, LIPSCOMJI .. DOWD, au otlaer Faetorl ... Olot&er8' UH. .A.sscirted Stock on Liberal Terms. Bt'ands fuirni.shed that these operations were conducted on a gigantic virtually annulling the benefit which Mr. Douglass's scale, capital having been sunk to t .he amount of hul)meant to carry to the lawful trade, in order not to fetter it. This would impose a fine of SI ,ooo on all the dreds of millions, we ought not to be to find class named; besides so cents for each dollar sold above that ther e is .still a great deal of that sort of of I,ooo dollars worth during all last. and this year. money so weir descriued by Adam Smith. It is this When the law first appeared, we instructed our folks There is so much ignorance among the people t:ekind vi scarcity which Congress'.has been so industriously that only origi nal cases could be sold, but when the Com-garding the national and political _economy It ht 5 have at missioner's modifying letter appeared, we, of .course, r employed m trymg to cure. mig a like all the rest, would sell a mal) was a generally, that writers who state truths tempted to raise the dead. Meanwhile the waste of city manufacturer less tha na foil case-re-packmg mto clearly and concisely, should be widely read and their capital in unproductive investments' having ceased and another, thus acting faithfully under the office's ruling, as statements and theories be sent broadcast, through the muchpainful economy ha.ving been, practised, w e have, we believed. Please give us one word on the medium of the Press, over the land. as the result of this Slaving and of our abun!ilant har-Can it be true, that we are led l.>y the offic:e to act. m a We have not recently seen more sterling truth em. vests already a real suAerabundance qf resources, of certain way, and then to be punished for so obeymg? b d. d -r We never made a dollar, we may say, out of o te in ewer words than is contained in the following which the growing plethora of money to lend and the we only accommodate occasionally and sell but little all quotation and extract from the New York Ttibune. The increased reserves of the banks, ;ne the outward and told, and before we pay any such.outrageous fine we will quotation is from a work on "Prices and is as follows : visible signs. The reservoir is jillit.g rapidly, and an let the community know about it. Mind, it is not our "No complaint is I_DOre than that of a scarcity outlet must sqon be found. What that outlet will be it is but. all of this city's and, over the of money. Money, hke wme, must always bescarce with U01ted States the same way. We would wnte and ask those who .have neither to it, nor credit too 1? tell, but It ce.rtamly Will not be the Mr. Douglass direct, but we suppose we amou'nt to little, to borrow 11. Those who have either w 111 seldom be in tion of the railroad mama." and you will do the commercial community a favor by want of the or .o(the wine which they have using your influence to get a decisive answer. The idea occasiOn Thts complamt, 'howe.ver, of the scarcity RETAILING LEAF TOBACCO. of re-packing leaf tobacco into 10 lb., 20 lb., or any of money IS not always confined to 1m provident spend other pound packages before it is wanted, is too'ridicu-thrifts. It is sometimes general through a wllole meHan Under cover of the following note to us, Mr. John lous to believe for one moment that the Commissioner tile loum and the country in its neighborhood. Over-Sttaiton, Secretary of the National Tobacco Association, cau have meant it, for such packing in small' packages trading is the common cause of it. Sober men whose submits for our comment the subjoined important would unfit the leaf; and to be punished for acting projects have been dis proportioned to their capitals are communication: exactly as led to more than lidicu.Jous-it i:s as likely to have neither wherewithal to buy money' nor outrageous Excuse this lengthy epiStle for once. credit to borrow. it, as prod. igals whose expen5e' has New York, July ToBACCO LEAF:Yours respectfully, ED. ASCHERMA}!!jN & CO: b d d h I inclose you a letter Jrom Ed. A9chermann & Co., een !Sproportlone to t e1r revenue. Before their d h Annexed IS. the letter of Jnstructions issued on the b b h b received this mornng. You have re,erre to t e proJects can e roug t to ear, their stock (capital) is b' b c T T ceo LEAF Will you please subj'ect by Commissioner Douglass, ,and referred to by gone, and their credit with it. They run about every su Ject e,ore m HE OBA where to borrow money, and everybody tells them that reply tq it this week, as you best know how, and stop Messrs: Aschermann & Co. : h h 1 d T that "Supervitior" Slmebod:y from alarming people on hiS T D ocr. f I I R t ey .ave none to en .... not any scarcity ql" W reasury epartment, o nterna evenne, d I b t th d ffi I h h ;; o (seeming) vacation 1 He had better get bac. k to as.h '" h. D C J 0 g J H h an st v. fr, u e .' cu ty. w 1c such people find in C as mgton; ., une 2 1 72. erns etm,. bo d h h inaton and remember that Mr: Douglass 16 ommtSE G s N -0 1 L s I rrowmg, an w 1c thetr credttors find in 2etting '"' sq.l rav1e{ treet, ew r eans, a. t.r :-n payment, that occasiOnS the general complaint of the sioner, and who, in his ofjustice, modified that law your letter o'f June 12, you state that you are a scarcity of money." because of the ruin it would spread if enforced. wholesale dealer in leaf tobacco, that you buy leaf Very truly yours, JQHN .S'fRAITON., b f d d h h d t 1 ht Tht;: late" panic "could not have been more exactly to acco o vanous gra es, an m ogs ea s oo 1g described than it is in the above paragraph, had the Milwaukee, July q, 1874 John Straiton, Esq., N.Y. for export, and that you have, a warehouse,. where, after Dear Sir :-We to-day beg to submit to your old experi assorting and classifying the various grades of tobacco, writer been an eye-witness of its effects and varying ence the following ;-When the law was promulgated you re-pack it in merchantile hogsh-ea11s, in its natural phases. The foolish twaddle of tthe inflationists as to obliging dealers in leaf to sell only in original packages, condition. You wish to know under the new the prevailing scarcity of money is rebuked, and the fa! the Commissioner, under the universal cry of the trade, law, you can continue this business, and whether you can lacies underlying their theories exposed. Commenting modified the same by his letter explaining re-pack leaf tObacco in bales of so or IOQ pounds each, h the law to mean, that dealers could re-pack such cases and sell the same, as well as tobacco in hogsheads, to lporllrl if H8'U11n11 TohMtl, Almlrall J. J, 16 Oedar fea f Tobacco. vtZna TiJIJauo. t K?'C'ho, .Co u6 Vine. Barton, & Co., So Opera Rouse Lowcalhal S &.eo., tu w.est r p 1rd. East Genesee St. on t e above the I'ribtiNe, very aptly, remarks : and bales to suit the licensed and legal trade. duly authorized dealers in leaf tobacco. In answer, I form of over-trading which helped to produce the The leaf dealen of the country, of course, constmed have to say that, under the new law, as a dealer in leaf panic of nine months ago, was excessive railroad-build-the letter to mean, that they would be allowed to sell to tobacco, you can assort leaf' tobacco which you pur and others put their money into the se-licensed manufacturers as they required it Now, Super chase, and repack it in hogsheads, cases, or bales of curities of these bubble companies and lost it. visor General Munn being here, and finding leaf dt:alers any size and weight you ple1L5e. Such hogsheads, cases, Garcia F.167 Water Gon&alez A. 161 Water Kei!J Hobert E. A Co. 34 Bee...,. Jl..,yorp J. M .t Co., 14 Codar. )ltnnJa F. a:Co. 112 .Pearl OMaltodl Bobrt A. 51 Platt :Pucul L &Co. 156 Wter Paant, { A., <40 and -42 Broadwa7 Pobalsk & Guerra. 83 William. Solomon M. & E. as Maldeu LaiN' Yep Jooeph A. 1a7 Pearl I IC:.abn & ( "-13-4 Mam. Hier & Co. G. P. Salina. Zms1 Jatob& Bro., tB Second. .Molllter Water Shtel MeiDl Cigr Mulds. U'J:ICA Jl. Y Schwill & Dubrul, J66-J68 West Second. I M.JJ/Il#Mrtr ifF;,, a,; a .. ,"f .. d &..Ai-r CLAJUUVILLE, T--. 2' ""-Ltaf Tri!JMCO Pierce Walt.,. B. Clark, K; H .t Bro. DANVILLE, Va. WESTFIELD, .... Ccmm;,;0 MercAa,tl. Pacin-1 and D14hr1 ,,_ S,d Lta.J Ttl&u&o. WhltDeyA.Eim Pemberton & Penn. Yul>euaea, E.&:&: Son. Elm I to have acted under Commissioner Douglass's letter as and bales you can sell to duly auJhorized dea.lers in leaf Manufacturers, in order to furnish rails and rolling stock, stated, he states that he will have to advise 6the tobacco, to snuff, tobacco, and cigar manufacturers, who expended their capital in furnaces and rolling-mills for general office to assess the leaf dealers here under have paid /he special tax as such, and to sach persons as which there is now no employment. If we

j But you can not under tthe new law, a dealer in leaf manufacl.ll.rers for aiL out the indiffereqce o tobacco, sell to other part1es than those just named, or DOMESTIC. or something equ,lly prohtbttive, preveJlfed br:eak hogsheads, cases, or bales, and retatl therefrom. them from doing so. It requires more than a mere Very respectfully, J. W. DOUGLASS, NEw YORK, :July :u. destre to get prices aboye the' current level in penods earnest protest whlch THE LEAF made against Wtslern LeafThe quiet reported in our last con-of depresston, and it is barely possible that we shall r f tinued till wtthin two or three days, when several Westttde over-the present occasion 'IIVithout any percepttble e provtsion o. the act o June 6, 1S72, as t h d d b h d ern opera ors, w o 1sappeare Wit t e rams, returne change in the selling rates of manufactured tobacco, affecting retail leaf tobacco dealers, will probably reand resumed operations Fro th t d 1 m etr repor s, an a so though it ts not easy to see how this can be the case. membered by most of our readers. We denounced the from we JUdge that a good deal of tobacco was Letters only three or four days old, which we have seen, measure as arb1trary a d unjust m the extreme, and we planted during the 1ast sea!IOn ; that perhaps one-thu:d umte in _declanng that the Vfrgmia have afterwards ha1led with w3rd3 of unstinted pratse the of a crop is now 00 the ground, but that extraordtnary decided upon obtaining an advance of from two to h seasons will be requtred to make the yield over onethree cents a pound, and yet we hear of cont10ued hberal and timely 10r.erpretat1on gtven to t e law by the ,. th F d h b c bl 1 our oretgn a VICes ave een .avora e, arge duplications at former pr1ces and of.-pnvate sales m Comm1ssion4C,andOJl account of the reported probable days, Antwerp bankers, 6odays, fa1lure of the present crop they have gone up 51S%@5l6fri, 3 days, S II Holland florms, We have, therefore, merely recovered as yet about one6o days, 4 r, 3 days, 417.(. MINOR. EDITORIALS. FALL OF A TOBACCO WAREHOUSE AT EVANSVILLE IND.-On the 2oth mst at Evansvrlle, Ind., dljrmg floodmg ram and tell"rific wmd, at 3 P. M, Martin's to bacco warehouse ,.as; blown down, and two other butld mgs were unroofed. EMPTYING AND FILLING POCKETS -One of Louts XVIII.'s Secretaries of State was once w1th the Kmg in the Cabmet of the latter. Affairs of importance had to ,be debated and decided So earnest in discourse grew the Secretary -that, without thinking of it he laid bts handkerchtef a,pd his snuff. box on the table: "You :are emptmg_ yohr pockets," satd the King, Wttl!., a smtle. '""Here," replied the Secretary, "tt 1s better that a minister should empty his r-ockets than fill them hal[ of _our loss. Our late advance IS showy only by p. his-Messrs Carey & Yale frei ht brokers c4os Respectmg transactions m leaf the past 3 ' "' k b b fl sat! 4S Glasgow, steam, 30. Antwerp, steam, 42s. wee rt eo served, bne y, that there. was some 6 d j os Bremen steam 35 marks Hambur htde actlvt ty, and that some sales of vanous grades sat 4 ',__ 1 1 1 g, d d h 11 I b h steam, 40 mar...,. FIRST CLASS RATES FOR C I th 1 were rna e, an among ot ers, some sma sa es ,.. ot -week New York Chea n SIS ctty bright and dark wrappers. There was rather more :E'AB.'I'JCJVJ.AIL O'l'J:CJB. h p O OCtety h than the UStJal,lDqUtry for SmokerS, Whtch are SCarCe. Gro ... ert of oed Jeat tobaCCO are C'utloned aganut' the t regular monthly meeting, BenJamm P. Baker pre-Receipts were light and stock consequently continues reported oalel and \uotaoono of oeed leaf u furahing the pnce1 that Sldtng. A report was received from the ExecutiVe I ht I obpuld be obtamed for ,:,em at first band, .. tbcae refer ID moot Instances Commtttee, calhng the attentton of the Association to tg a so. to old cropa wb1ch hne been held nearly a year, and the prop,t on the needs of commerce 10 thts ctty, and the necesstty of LeafThere was a bet):er feeling 10 the which moat natllfally includo tho 1nterat on captal >nveated Growen fre 1ght rail way. It treats of the deficiency in Leaf market the week, owmg to the advent of the can.. pect e" ID the em of new cropo, to sell them for the same the termmal faciltties of New York, and SU.I1'l!ests a Wester;" buyers, referred to above, who purchased a1,1 pnces u are ol;ume4 on a e-oale here. Of cuune YerJ re-sale must be speedy improvement. The Commtttee en Clalms and the available; low runnmg lots on speculatiom The by the l"'wel' will Grievances 'reported the consummation of an arrangesales and prr.ces were as follows: For home trade, meat [already announced 10 TH.II LEAF] With_ the trunk cases ,Connecticut at zo@35c; QUOTATIONS OF WHOL&ALE ltnes running out of thts city, under whLch may 70 cases I872 Pennsylvama and bmders, atl :zc; hereafter be at first class rates-, instead of twice 4'50 cases do do, runnmg, on terms; 300 casj!s first--class as heretofore. All cases 'of cigars however rS73 Connecticut seconds, at IZ@.t4C; roo cases zS72 to be so rated must be properly corded sealed' State, at 79 cases rS73 Wtsconsm, at 67.( c, ,This requires a stmple and inexpensive addition to the ,300 cases do fat leaf, on pnvate terms ; zoo cases usual package. do Ohw, at and IOO cases Sundnes, at 10@ r sc; and for export, 55 cases r873 Connecttcut fillers, A SoCIAL CALL.-Mr. Israel Ktmball, Chtef of the at sc, ,120 cas do Ohw, at @7c; and 8s cases Tobacc9 Drriston of the Bureau of Internal Revenue at 1S72 Wtsconsm, at 6c.-Total, 2,054 cases. It would W.ashington, embraced the opportunlty, whtle passmg have bee'n more satisfactory tf, m the purchase of the through this city a few days since, on his way to -enjoy a goods taRen on speculattve account, we could felt at hts home at Portsmouth, N;ew that they were at once gmng mto co&sumpt!On, as we Hampsl:lire, to make a social call upon two of our promshould have hasi assurance of theu permanent Wlth inent cigar firms, Messrs. Stratton & drawal from the market. But it IS something to be Storm, Messrs. L1chtenstem Bros & Co. pleased w1th, even tf the stock comes back upon us by-It wa:s Mr. Ktmball's desire to vtsit qlute a number of and-by, to !he qutckenmg Impulse which specu. our large establishments, wtth a vtew to makmg lattve transactions are calculated to Impart to trade. new or renewing old friendships with members of the And 1t IS something of value m dull ttmes just to have trade, but t of thetr abtlity to make good can now be ne doubt, as It must of necess1ty be very their postUon The supply of plants 1s regarded by small, some persons placmg the esttmate as low as 2,ooo operators as a fixed limit upon the crop, mdependent of bales. Our Havana market ts steady and pnces are all othcwchances Pnces are quotably statwnary." In firm for aU good grades Dealers appear to be san its tssl,le of the 18th, it adds. "We publ,.h thts mornmg gume of mcreased activity a month or so later, predict another collection of crop Items from the State papers mg theu expectations ch1efly upon the enlarged wants of thts week. Whtle the 1ecent rams were very gen of ctgar manufacturers, who, with the opening of the era! an(i the tobacco, corn and smaller gram, crops Fall trade, wtll, It ts thought, be hkely to augment thetr were greatly benefited by the long delayed rams, they production. need sill! more before even a half yteld of each can be Manufactured-A pretty fa1r busmess was done in expected. But the ternble drouth whtch had contmued Cavendtsh tobacco last week, both m export and tax Without mtermtSSlon for three months may be coopatd goods. We have heard of no very large sales, but stdered aver, and from this on we hope that rains may the demand embraced assortments and the aggregate be frequent. Tobacco, tt is feared, was almost past transfers reached a fatr volume. The market, further redempttoo, but the' corn and oats crops my yet be more, was strQDJier though pnces were not quotably saved. The issue of the next seven days will decide htgher. There was a prevathng feeling that pnces the matter.'' 1 ought m some way to respond to the solicttatrons of the 7o @.U 40 38 @75 The arrivals at the port of New York from fore1gn ports, for the week endmg July 21, mcluded the follow mg consignments BREMEN-J. H. Bergmann, 122 cases p1pes, Order, 43S do. GLASGow-Order, 1 so bxs pipes. MANILLA-Order, r8 cases ctgars. MARSEILLES-Reed & Co., Io cases li5orice root ; I & S ten-y, 1 32o bdls root, lavender flowers. 1 ST. DOMINGo-Eggers & Hemlen, J06 ceroons tobacco. 1 ",/ SEVILLE.-P. Harmony's <.:o., 25 hcorice paste. 1 RoTTERDAM-Order, 25 bxs ptpes. HAVANA-Ctgars: G. W. Faber, 13 cases; M. &. E. Salpmon, r8 do; J A Pesant, r do; R. Vega & Co., 4, do ; Purdy & Nicholas, S do; Chas. T. Bauer & Co., 9 do, S. Linmgton & Sons, 8 do : Fredk,. de Bary & Co., 3 do: F. Garcta, 17 do, Wm. Eggert,. s do1 L. & E Wertll'e1mer, 7 do; Doban, Carroll /!J. Co, 1 do; A. S. Rosenbaum & Co r4 do; Acker, Merrill & Con dit, 2 7 do Park & Ttlford, 33 do-; Kunhardt & Co II do, Montz Meyer, 2 do, HowarcLives, II do; F. Schuyler S do, Juan B Martmez, 5 do; F Alexagdr!" & Sons, 79 do. EXPORTS. From the port of New York to foreign ports, for the week endmg T uly 2 2, were as follows ANTWERP-12 148 cases. ASPINWALL-,20 bales, J,OIO Jbs mfd BARBADOES-4 hhds, II,J02 lbs. n1fd. BREMEN-II2 hhds. S34 cases, 137 bales BRISTOL-67 hhds. BuENos AYllES-7 hhds, 39 bales, 36 cases. GIBRALTAR-ISO hads, 443 cases, 9,190 Jbs. mfd. GLASGOW-190 hhds, 2,191 Jbs. mfd. HAMBURG-275 hhds, 270 cases. HARBOR lsLAND-J,90S lbs. mfd. HAVANA-u,693 lbs. mfd. HONG KoNG---J0,277 lbs. mfd. LISBON-6o hhds. LIVERPOOL-I,SSS hhds, r27,779 lbs. mfd. LoNDON-391 hhds. MANTANZAS-25,325 lbs. mfd MoNTEVID0-29,390 lbs mfd. ST. JoHNs, N. F.-r7,741 lbs. mfd. 1 ST PIERRE-S hhds. SURINAM-Lhhd. TENERIFEE-15 hhds YARMOUTH, N. s.-s.9S9 lbs. mfd. DOMESTIC RECEIPTS. The arrivals at the port of New York from domestic, mterior and coastwtse ports for the week endmg July 21, were, 3 ,609 hhds, 77 trcs, 2S hlf trcs, 7r qts trcs, 2,3SS cases, 430 hlf bxs, 347 three qtr bxs, 45 third bxs, 287 qtr bxs, 68 cadd1es, 84 kegs, 19 bales, 97 cases ctgars, box do, constgned as follows Bv THE ERtR RAILROAD -D. J. Garth, Son Co., JI9 hhds; J. P. Qum & Co., ro; Sawyer, Wallace & Co, 280 do ; E. M. Wnght & Co, do; F. W Tatgen horst, 35 do, H. A. Suan & Son, 2 do, Thos. Kinmcutt, 48 do, Kremelberg & Co 246 do, Pollard, Pettus & Co., 9S do ; Blakemore, Mayo & Co., 193 do; Henderson Brothers, 212 do; W 0 Smtth & Co, 67 do, Drew & Deane, 7 do; R. L. Ma1tland &1Co., 3 do; A. C. L. & 0. Meyer, 48 do; Toe!, Rose & Co, 69 do; Chas. Luling & Co, 12 do; P. Lonlhard & Co., 3 do; B. C. Baker, Son & Co., ro do ; Bell Br9thers, 7 do ; Bunzl & Dor mttzer, 93 cases; C. H. Spttzner, IJ7 do; Chas. F. Tag & Co., 31 do; order, 314 hhds, ros cases. BY THE HuDsoN RivER RAn.RoAo-F. W. Tatgen horst, S hhds ; A. Oatman, 79 cases R. H. Arken burg, 9S do; E Rosenwald & Brother, r3 do; Bunzl & DormJtzer, r39 do; F. Garc1a1 66 do, C. H Spttzner, 89 do ; order, 6S do. ; Bv THE NATIONAL LINE-Thos. Kmnicutt, 24 hhds Pollard, Pettus & Co 305 do Sawyer, Wallace & Co., 33 do ; Blakemore, Mayo & Co J 1 r do R. L. Maitland & Co, ro; W. J. Hoodless & Co, 4S do, J. H. Moore & Co, IO do ; E. M. Wnght & o, 10 do, Kremelberg & Co., 21 do; J. S. Gans & Son, 22 cases, order, 397 hhds. Bv THE PBNNSYLVANIA: RAILROAD Lt'NE-Havemey er & Vtgehus, 300 cases, M. Rader & Son, 3 do BY THE NEW YORK AND NEW HAVEN STEAMBOAT LINE -J. Sehgsberg, 97 cases, Schroeder & Bon, 38 .:!0; E Rosenwald & Brother, I42 do ; M. At>enheim, 2 do ; Sulzbacher & Hofmann, 4 do ,Lederman Broth ers, 31 do ; Schottenfels Brothers & Maynz, 32 do ; G. Retsman, I2 do, D. & A. Be rino, 6:z do; 62 do; n, P1erson, 3 do; order, r3 do. BY THE NEw YORK AND HARTFORD STEAMBOAT LIN& -Sulzbacher & Hofmann, 12 cases, G. ReiSman, r6 do, E. Hoilman, 16 do; M. Oppenheimer & Brother, 10 do ; H. Schubart & Co., 96 do Bondy & Schwarzkopf, 4I do. BY NoRTH RivER BoATs-Blakemore, Mayo & Co, 30 hhds; D. J. Garth, Son & do., 3 do, E. M. Wnght & Co. ro do; J. P. Qtnn & Co, 8 do; C. E Hunt, 3 do ;I order, 59 do. 1 BY THE OLD DoMINION Sn:AMSHIP LrNE-M. Aben hetm, n hhds; H. Henwood, 8 do; Kunhardt & Co., roo do, M. Rader and Son, so do, A. C. Lamotte, r do, JarviS & Co., 59 do, J. D. Kelly, Jr., I4 hhds, 3 trcs, Ptoneer Tobacco Co., 2 do, 26 do. J. P. Quin & Co., r do, r do; W. 0. Smrtb, 99 hhds, 4 trcs, 25 hlf trcs, 6o qtr trcs, 232 cases, so three qtr bxs; D. J Garth, Son & Co., I trc, Askell, Tulfts & Co., rr qtr trcs mfd, 14 cases do; Dohan & Co., 76 cases mfd, 75 three qtr bxs do, So hlfbxs do, 130 qtr bxs do; Jas. M Gardmer & Co., 72 cs mfd, 325 hlf bxs do, 72 three qtr bxs do; H. A. Richey, Io cases smkg, 24 do mfd, 47 qtr bxs do, 24 caddtes do;<..:. E. J1ee, 22 cs smkg, 5 hlf bxs mfd, 5 qtr, bxs do, 40 caddied .do, J.D. Evans & Co., I mfd cs, so three qtr bxs c:fo, ro hlf bxs do; Ahner & Dehls, 1 bale, 4 cs; M. M. Welzhofer 35 cs smg, 4 caddtes mfd; Martm & Johnson, i4r cases smkg; Woods & Rue, 6 do; A. Hen & Co., 420 do, J. L. Davis & Co., 9 do ; J W. Carroll, r do; Bell & Co, 4 do ; D. & A. Bendhetm, 6 do ; P. Hart, 2 do ; Bulkley, Moore & Co., 25 cases mfd; Read & Co., r do, J. M. Duncan, 2 .do, Maddux Brothers, I6 do, Carhart Brothers, 45 thtrd bxs do ; E. DuBois, ro half hxs do, res qtr bxs do, 84 kegs do ; H. A. Cunei, r box c1gars ; order, S2 hhds, 6 cases mfd. COASTWISE FReM BALTIMORE-:K.reme!berg & Co., 9 hhds; Chas. F. Tag & Son, 27 cases, order, :z hhds. COASTWISE FROM KEY WEST-Ctgars-Seidenberg & Co, sS cases; Fredenck DeBary & Co., 32 do, H. Gaullter, 7 do; Scraps-Seidenberg & Co., 1S bales. CoASTWISE FROM NEw ORLEANs-Oelrichs & Co., ,IJ hhds; order, 6s do. BALTIMORE, :July tS, Messrs. Rd. Wischmeyer & Co. Tobacco Comm1sston Merchants, reportsFor leaf, tobacco of all descnptions the market 1s firm and ad vancmg. Low grades of Maryland are m better quest, pnnctpally for the Germ1n markets and they are now salable at pnces somewhat above those hereto fore btd for them. For medium, good grades, the mar ket IS acttve and firm, the demand being pnnc1pally for France, Engl:1nd and It:c.Iy, and the recetpts are prompt ly taken up on arnval at full pnces For Ohto, there is a good demand and he markets IS very firm Recetpts are ltght and none of the stock commg forward rs offer mg on the markets, factors generally anttctpatmg better pnces. In Kentucky and Vugm1a we hear of no transactions thts week, but for each, tha market 1s very strong. Pnces are firm all around, as we quote to-day as follows Maryland-common frosted, $3 oo@4 so; do sound common, $5 go@s so, do good, do, $6 oo@ 6 50 do medmm, oo@8 oo do leafy brown, 1>7 @S oo do bnght red to yellow, $12.oo@rS.oo, do ground leaves, $4 oo@9 oo, Upper Maryland-tips, $5.; do brown to red, do yellow spangled, $1o.oo@12 oo, do extra do, oo@r6.oo; do fancy, oo; Ohio-mfenor to good com mon, so' do greemsh and brown, so@s so' do med1um to fine red $6 oo@S.oo; do common, to medtum spangled, $5 so@7SO; do fine spangled to yel low, $9.00@15 oo; Kentucky-common to good lugs, $; do heavy styles do, do lo.v to medtum leaf, so; do good to fine do, oo@IJ.SO; do selections, oo@r6.oo; Vtrgrnia:JULY 22. common to good lugs, oo@7 oo, do common to medtum leaf, 1>7@9-SO; do good to fine do, $ro.oo@' c;lo selections, $r3 oo@r6.oo; do stems and primings .-Inspe&ted this week,'4..63 hhds, Maryl!l d, 6Jfl do Ohio, is do, Kentucky, 7 cio Vtrgmta; total{ r, 114 hhds. Cleared th1s week ; to per steiii,Jier Minister .Ro111, :z86 hhd$ and Ohw, 46 hhds V:rgima, I89 do .Yugmia stems; to Ltver,gool, per Steamer West Indian, 47..hhds tMaryland, 10 trcs; to Marseilles, per bark .A.duu, 373 hhds Ohw, and per bark :Joseph, 450 hhC:s do. ..,... Tobacto Statement. Stock 10 wareilou!jes a ci on shtpboard, not r874-----------Inspected thts week ___ --------Inspected previously, Jan. 1.----_ rj r4,36S hhds. r,u4 hhds. 3I,J72 hhds. I Total---------------------46,S54 hhds. Maryland and Ohto, cleared, 1874 22,549 Remspected and shtpped, coastwtse, 4,400 --26,9SO Stock in warehouse this day and on "'shtpboard not cleared ______ -------_-19,905 hhds. Manufac.ured Tobacco-The firmness of tone notic ed m our last week's report 1s fully mamtained. Pnces are generally in favor of sellers, and while no large trans acttons have. been made durmg the current week, there ts sttll a disposition on the part of buyers to operate largely at steady pnces No exports, this week. The followmg are the recetpts ; from Danvtlle, per J3alttmbre and Oh1o Ra1lroad, 32 cases,544 caddies,219r third, half, -.nd quarter boxes: from Lynchburg, per same 694 boxes, per Norfolk steamers, sox packages. CHICAGO, :July 1S -Mr. Henry H Adams reports as follows. Trade during the past week has been re ported "dull" oy nearly all of our smaller deal ers. Employers acd salesmen are now takmg thetr summer vacation, and, 10 all probabthty, we shall hear the same report from the same class of houses unttl tlie smaller Fall trade begms to come m, about Sept. 1. Among the larger and leadmg houses the trade has been, for the week JUSt closed, far better than any correspondmg week durmg the past four years. I thmk this is partly owing to the fact, that these houses; have, dunng that ttme, been constantly enlargmg thetr stock and mcreas ing the1r busmess factlittes, and as a consequence they have created a more constant demand for the grade of goods they deal m. I say constant demand because in. former there was less cho1ce m stocks; country dealers bought what they could find and kept 1t unttl sold, and the customers had to take tt, or go wtthout But at present the better grade of goods are the ones sought for, are mot'!! readtly sold and m larger quantities, for It ts a fact that the greater the Improvement gta rle in the quality of an art1cle, the greater will be the demand m quantity I Hence, the vast Improvement made by the leadmg houses m the quality of their goods, by the mtroductton of the best Eastern products, has opened a new field to the trade, and thereby created among those houses a constant demand for the goods they sell The above remarks bemg founded upon facts which can be eas1ly venfied hy any orue who w1ll take the trouble to look mto the matter, a few remarks to at thts ttme.Lthe commencement of another busy season-may not be out of place. The manu facturers and wholesale dealers are looked 11pon as the representatives of a dtstinct branch 1 of in dustry in this country, an industry which needs foster .ng and care among tts :workmen, umty of action among Its manageu, and steadfastness of purpose among its sup.;wrters 1 At present there seems to be great apathy among the trade-too ltttle support givea to those whose efforts are d1rected to the advancement of the busmess. Can any one tell me why thts state of affatrs extsts? Have the Crusaders" been around and frightened the" rank and file' or is there a lack of confidence in the bus mess, abtlity and integrity of those who assume to lead 1 the professton ?" Why is 1t that there are sd many Jay Hawkers to be found abroad in the land, destroymg Eegttimate trade and trampling under foot all rules of commerctal intercourse and even good breeding? Why ate these persons tolerated m our "good soc1etyl" Why ts ndt thetr method of domg busi ness and their act1ons rebuked by those who have the power or abthty to do tttl Is tt because there IS no one to speak out m favor of square dealing-plam, honest representations and commerctal untty; or, are the whole trade gomg upon the prmCiple of" Everyone for himself and let the Dev1l take the hmdermost?" It does ]but httle good for one to tell his neighbor puvately apout tncks and bad practices found in the trade-butlthey should be published broadcast, so that all may learn them "and govern themselves accordmg ly." Th& "jfobacco trade has been cursed by vandals and represented by cha.rletans long enough, and there seems to 9e no better tune 10 whtch to begm a work of reparation han the pre sent. Who w1ll c Jmmence it, and m what way shall tt be done? As these remarks are r.ot personalm any degree, but are suggested by what is seen and heard, the answers to the questions propounded are left to the reader to determme. It affords me pleasure to report that our fnends m the trade m thts ctty are not effected m a11y great degree by losses m the late fire, also that the busmess interest of our City will be benefited in the end mstead of damaged by this last heated vtsitatt.>n." CINCINNATI, :Jurly 1S.-Mr. F A Prague, Leaf Tobacco Inspector, reports as follows .-The bouyancy whtch has charactenze d the market for tke past month contmues unabated ; all grades are in demand from both speculators and ma11ufacturers at pnces beyond the most sangume hopes of the country dealer, who is cer tainly makmg handsome profits. Ohio seed is begm mng to feel the of sbort crop, and the late offe r mgs show a good advance on former quotations The crop prospect 1s Without change, some local rains have improved the condition of the small quantity of the plants m the ground. The total offenngs at auctton for the week were 965 hhds and 109 boxes, as follows: At the Bodmann Warehouse, 310 hhds and r6 boxes uo hhds M:ason County, Ky., trash, lugs, and leaf: 7 at 20@7 9S; 13 at S 3o@.9So 46 at ro@ ; 36 at 15@19 so; Sat; 72 hhds Brown Co., Ohw,' trash, lugs, and leaf, 3 at; 6 at S@9 8o 25 at ro@I4 so; 25 at IS@19.50; I2 at 20@2S.25, I at 32 47 hhds Owen Co., Ky., trash, lugs, and leaf: 4 at 55

JULY 22. I' DE TOBA.CCJO'"L:E 3 -------2 at7.3Do-7-40 ; 4""; '2-j-"l 8 at 15@ do trasq at 6.8o. r lihd Tennessee leaf at $12. amount to 359 hhds to arrive, and 37 3 hhds from. store. maker, twenty two -years-'old, was drowned while cut I Ob.anCe-ut B1ninewB. I 9 5a:.; 4 at 21@ 2 8. 23 hb.5 A LAW FOR T'IE MINORITY -By a decree of the_ tsso ve .,us mess contmue uy a m o, 5 hhd& Owen Co., Ky.: rat 1 at 15, entuc y: ea 4 at ,.3 so, 21,, 14; 3 at 20.75@21.75 : 55 hhds Pendleton Co., Ky., trash, 8 at I3@I3S; 14 at 12@12 7S; 44at u@II.75; 39 pfennigs, and other kinds at 3@4 pfennigsadvauce. At Counctl of Untet wa l d>i m Swttzerland, adolescent Re I lugs and leaf: 13 al J6@7.8o ; 6 at 8@9.So; 24 at ro@ at 1o@ro.75; 3 at 9", 1 atS.6o. S7 hhds do lugs: the clo&e the still continues and a further smokers and snuff takers under etgbteen years be mnra.; sat IS@r9 75 ; 4 at 22 14 hhds 3 at $n.75, 10.25, 10 25; rs at 9@9 9o; 2 at S@S 90; advance is probable. During this movement about half a fine m "fragrant deltg t", NEw YoRK c:rv.-S. Ctgar Manufacturer and Boone Co., Ky. : 2 at $ .5" so ; 6 at 6 7 S@7 .50; 4 at 9@ 23 at 7@7.90; 6 at 6,3Q@6.9o ; II at 6.4o@8.9o; I at the old stock has Jl,een closed out. Stock June_ 2 5, m as rs. a a prop wou say. Leaf Tobacco Dealer, from r 52 Chambers Street, to 2s6 9 90 2 at 10 I hhd Ohto seed at t5. 37 cases Ohto s 35 6 hhds Indiana leaf. 3 at f,ro@ro.75, 3 at 9@ first hands, 21I99 hbti; received since, 169 hh,clj; to:_ A LoNG NAliiE.-The names and titles c{f his Greenwich Street. seed fillers and wrappers :-1 at h; r6 at 4@S; 2 at 9 40. !z hhds Tennessee leaf at ro. 2 hhds do tal, 2,36R hbt.!s; dehvererl since, 373 hhds, stock July 1 -------1 t #S s 1 n first hands, I,99 s hhds. Vtrgmta.-A large bustMajesty, as gtven in the treaty recently concludetl With 6 .so, 7 so; 8 at S@9S; 2 at u.75, 12.50. ugs a 2o, f I d' 8 d t !(Ph 71 At the Planters Warehouse, 1128 bhds and 2 boxes:-The Ninth Street House sold 192 h3ds :-88 hhds ness was done in thts growth. Sales reported sum up the Government o n ta, are om e c ra ary 73 hhds Mason Co., Ky., trash, lugs and leaf: II at Kentuckv leaf: 2 at Jz5; 86 at 8 @ 21.50. 41 do lugs 544 hhds from &tore, and 76o hhds to arnve. Vester mmdrMaba C:hulalongKorn Depva Maha 20 at S@9S; 2 3 at ro@14 7Si 13 at at $6@9: 3S hhds MISsion leaf at f,S.4o@13. 17 hhds day Sao hhds of Va..lugs were rebought from second Mongkut Parusaya Ratorerayara.wt'1ongseCh adrutma hhd B C T I f t 11 @ hhd d 1 at hands at 30 p'enn1'gs r0 r Amertcan .acrount. Stock 1n wongse Pribat Warakattrya a uranta IS. 2S@I9; 6 at 20 .50@29. :u s rown ounty, ennessee ea a ,.9 11 7S: 3 s o ugs ,7 40, '' S k ,P dh d 1 f # @ 6 s @ 8 first hands Jur.e 25, 224 hhds ,. received since, S 94 Parom Maha Chakrabanttray ang al orom auan 0., trash, lugs, an e a : 4 at ,71 7 o; 3 at 20 9.4o, 7 h Db' p p b Ph Ch l Ch 6 at ro.2S@I4S; 6 at r6.75@19, 3 at 24@27. I6 The Looisvtlle House sold 185 hhds':-88, jihds Ken hhds; total, SIS, deltvered since1 <;4 4.; stock m first Mtk Ma araja tray oromnat 0 tt ra u a \>m hhds Owen Co, Ky. trash, lugs, and leaf; 4 at f,6 So@ lucky leaf. 1 at J.:z6; 5 at 14@14 so; 12 at 13@13 7S, hands July 2, 274 hhds. Slems -Sales amount to 293 Klaw Chow Yuhua, Supreme Kmg of SJCam, of S lfffl S t @ S t @ 75 z o@ro 3 hhds ror the week, among whtch to note are 129 hhds present Dynasty, who founded the great tty o ang ok 7so; satS@8. o;"'YI3i 2 at rsso, 1925. a l2 12.2S, 2 au II '3 _..;;I ..,, 1 d A h C K S @ @ 6S hhd d I 5 t 11 I 5 1 Va. stems at 12 p'enngs, ancl 9S hhd new Ky. strtp-Amaratne Kosmdr Mahin r yut Ia. 16 hhds Pendleton o., y.: 2 at ,..os 7 30, 4 a t 30 at 9.30 9 7o. s o ugs: a I o, I, ,, 9 4c; ro at IO@I'4 1 hhd Southern Kentucky at I0.2o, tro; 13 at 9@9 go; r8 at S@S So > 3-,it 7@7 90 pers at pfenmgs. Stor.k June 25, in first 1125. 2 boxes Ohtu seed at I 9 at 6@6.So. r hhd do trash at '$7 90 -r& hllds Indt hands, 2,048 hhds, received smce, 23S hhds; total, A t the Glo be Warehouse, hhds an'\ I box 55 ana leaf I at f,u:5o, 5 a t ro@ro 75; 9 'at 9@9.90; r_ 2 ;286; dehvered smce, 293; stock m first hands July hhds Mason Count y, Ky., trash, lugs, and leaf: 3 a t 7 @ at S 20. I I hhds ,do lugs 3 at 8.6o@8.90; 2 at 7 .6o; 2, 1,993 Seed Leaf.-The movement in thts staple 1s5 ; 7atS@ 9 6o, 19atrsr9.75; 4at64o@68o; 2at sS5,420 xhhdllhnots lugsat has been acllve, though wtthout excttement. Pnces s a t 2 0 so@2S 75 65 hhds Brown County, 0, trash, '$8 2o. .. ,_" may be quoted 2@3 pfennigs h1gher. Some tobacco of lugs, and teaf: 6 at $ 6 85@7.60; ro at 8@9 90 2s at The Exchange Hodse sold 126 hhds :-122 P.Q.ds Ken-ntw crop found sale Week's sales reach about :z,6oo ro@r4 75; IS at 15@19 75; 9 at 20@24 75 3 hhds tucky leaf. and lugs: S a t 'f,rS 25, s-so, 15,, 13; cases; week's receipts about 430 Cjlses. Stock in first O wen Co, Ky. leaf at $ro 7S I7. 5o 2I 7S 5 hhcls rs at 12@r2.5o, 2..8 at u@rr.75, rS at Ia@ro, !J5, 'II hands thts d a y, u,ooo cases., West Vtrgmta. 1 at $6 35 ; 2 at S os, 9 2 at IO so, at 9 @ 9 So, 25 at 8 @ 8 go, I6 at 7 @ 7 90, 4 at LIVERPOOL, yu,Y.-Messrs F < W. Smythe & Co. 11 25. I box Connecucut seed at 1 6 So. 4 hhds l n dtana leaf, lu g s and tras h at $ro, Io, 7, Tobacco Merchants,report: Inall June sales At the Phister Warehouse, 51 hhds and 40 boxes; 21 s.os of Umted Stat'!s Tobacco from week to week w ere no hhds Mason Co., ley., trash, lugs, and leaf. 3 at $5 so@ The Planters Hous e sold II4 hhds -107 hhds Kentuc'kv more than an average extent, ch1efly for Home use, but 5 90i 7 at 6.40@7 6o ; 2 at 9. 9 4at 12 25@14 25i leafandlugs.-2 at 1i3SSO.J5 II at20 so@28,4 a trS@ also fur export to Afnca, the Contment and,._Austraha, 4 at 17@'9; I box at 6. 20 hhds Brown County, 18 so; r at 17; 2 at r6, at IS so, 15 25, 14; generally speaking, at about previOus pnces., Imports p trash, lugs, and leaf: 5 at 25@7 Ss; S at S@ 13, 13.25; I4 at 18 at u @rr 7 5 ; 13 at for t!te month r,7g2 hhds Deliveries 2,992 (including 9; ro at I. 6 at r6@rS so; f at 20 75 @ 1o@Io 75 ; 9 at 9@9 85; 9 at S@S.So ( 7 at 7@7 90; 642 for export) whtcb were very large Stock 22,948 27 2 hhds Pendleton Co, Ky, leaf at 13 25, I6 75 1 at 5 70 7 hhds Indtana leaf and lugs at r r ro so, agamst 14.352, same date last year. From nearly all 39 cases Ohio seed fillers, bmqers, and wrappers 14 at 9o, S 90 8.10,, S.Io, 7.6o, 6.75. sectwns of the tobacco regton m the West and in Vtr'1>4 8s@s'9s ; ) I at 6@7 75 ; 6 at S@9 75 1 1 at 10.25, The Boone House sold 113 hbds 58 hhds Kentucky gima, we have ad vices from numerous fnends, of un sat rs@'9; z-at 21 50,22 so. 1 leaf 2 at $zs, 18 so; 4 at 14 2S@ 75; 5 at 13@ questionable veractty, touching the gloomy prospect for :R:KsV M M H 13.75; 9 at 12@12.75; 19 II@II 75, ro at the-Tobacco crop of thts year, our markets however, CLA ILLE, TENN., 'July 13essrs. ro@ro 7S; 8 a t 9 @ 9 So ; I at 8. 44 hhds do being fully stockrd, cannot be expected to adJUSt their Clark_& repo;t: mV:.e lugs: 2 at $9 70 ; I6 at S@S :9o; 24 at 7@7.So; prices promptly to the advanced figures in the tobacco havQ agam t.o:V! acttve_ ut rat er trregu ar r2 at 6, 6 30 2 hhds Vtrgima wrappers at $32.28. 3 producing .States, but no doubt from t1me to time, and ket. It ts to keep pnces steady when so many hhds Indtana leaf and lugs at $u so II 9 6 hhds fractwn by fraction, they may do so. are "s_'!appmf around, eacb seekmg to sustam the Oht o trash. 3 at $; 3 at 4@4.os.' yuty 4 -Since rst mst. our market has responded 't;l atket wllen be IS selhng, to buy more cheap!y Tobacco Association sold 30 hhds some degree to the advance on your stde, beyond the his netgh.bor. The busmess of the. week w 5 KentufkY ,leaf, lugs, and trash 2 at' $14, 13 so, 3 at antJcJpattons expressed by us m the report of that date, satisfactory, everybody made profits ts qutte re12@l::z 75; 3 at u@u 75, 5 at 1o@ro.2s ; 5 at g@ and sales have t:>een made at pnces better than recently to behold the cheerful faces of the Bo"rd" now, 9 &s ; 6 at,9o; 6 at 7@7 90. they have J;>een, and fortunately for shippers we can to:Whtch looked rather anxtouli before the' d.,. spe!l--yulj r8.-Mc. L. Francke, Tobacco Broker, reports day obtain for thetr tobacco the valuations given m m The sales of the week were 392 hhdsr marlND OF FIVE PER C EN1 ,pa y able ou demand 49>" \ JAMES A SILVEY Secre1ar7. HAVANA 1 -CUTTINCS tc SCRAPS Rece tved by Steamers from Key West, fro-n the r enowned fa ctory ot EL PRINCIPE DE GALES, fMar.rt1oez Ybor,)In b a les of about 100 lb .li or sale through STRAITON & STORM, Allll"en the 6ne1 t Turtub 1 obacco 1 for p ,ipe and C igarette, mportea and warranted genune, 10 styhsh pack ng of )t and J( lbs.., at per lb. hberal discount wlll be allowed t o deal en, accordiJll to quaotltle&. We forwanf, fl'f"e of char,e, four d1ff erent samples -of the chotceat Latakus, put up ia most elepnt bo:r.e, apmst the remittance of fz: for lb and ,, 75 ror lb D epots at A HEN & CO' S 43 LibertJ Street New York, and RUHL BROS, 552Montgomery Street, San Francloco, Cal SYR.IA TOBACCO CO tl aDd So Walkei Street, N Y becommg "monotonous," and we would be glad to see a @ "'' report: There has been during the past week con halt, or even a for vanity's sake. In the 12 'S stderable more demand for the fine classes of American opmwn of some there,can be no hm" to the advance. J'uly 1 5 .-Messrs. M H Clark & Bro tobacco, owing to the unfavorable reports received from Europe hkes our tobacco because at the range Leaf 1 obacco Brokers, report : Smce our last the the States of the crop, which, if fully confirmed, of they are strong reasonable' for the pnce, situation is not mate"nally changed, hgbt rams have wtll huve a constderablc: effect upon prices in thts mar but pnces go above a certam pomt she has here fallen pretfy much over thts enure section, and in a few ket. Prices for all grades are decJdedly firmer. Kentofore swept the world sorts of taking small ne1ghborhoods tpere have been seasons, but tucky leaf and strips have constituted the busine.'IS of the :European,_ South American and East Indian constdered as a whole the drought IS sttll on us wtth the month ; fine classes have been much sought after. IMPORTANT TO TOBACCO-CH EWERS.-Every day s _ome new question anses and thrusts itself into the soctal and business relations of men, until a JUdtcJal determmattqn sets tt at rest. Somettmes the C ircumstance wh t ch oc casions the dispute ts exceedmg ly tnvial, but the prmctpal mvolved mav be of great Importance. Just now the legal mmds of Buffalo are profoundiy exercised over a case that involves the nght of a pass en ger to sptt o n the floor of a publtc convey ance. Capta m Thoma s entered a street car, and m the exercise of what he sup posed to be one of the mahenable nghts of an Amencan Citizen, rel1eved his mouth of about a thtmblefull of to baccO-jUice. Thereupon the conductor ordered htm to leave the car. Captam Collins p a td no attentiOn to the conductor's peremptory order. and that offictal deem mg it hts duty to enforce the regulatwns of the com pany, s opped the car, and, summomng the dnver to hts asst stance, ejected the tobacco chewmg Collins by force He tmmedtately made complamt before a magtstrate, and procured a warrant for the arrest of the conductor and driver on the charge of a.'assenger to be eJected from a street car for sptttmg on the floor ts a reasonable The case ofVinton agamst the Mtdtllesex ratl road was cited, lP wbjch it washeld that" the conductor of a sl reet car may exclude o expel therefrom a person who, by reason of intoxication or otberwtse, IS in such a c&ndition as to render It reasonably certain that by act or speech he w1ll become offenl!lVe or annoymg to other passengers therein, although he has, not committed any act (..offence or annoyance." A number of otber dects ions were read to show the general authonty whtch the lawconfers on common carriers to 1make and enforce JniiW1..., I.PDJIJ DlnDn reasonable rules for the safety, convemence, &nd comIUUIIII I .Uill llllllfUH.." fort of passengers, but none of them appear to have any ForMolstenlagLaforFiaCat ;obacco; REQUIRtm,byn special application to the case under consideration, un C laar and Tobacco Maaufactver and Tobac:contst. Cost trillla8' s s. less It be an opimon obzter dzctum by Chtef J usllce &: Co. Chicago, 111 Samploo a t the ollic e of 1 n Green, in wh1cb he said "that passengers should n b t ,ToBAcco LEA ...._.,. -growths tfus pomt seems reached now so that we wtll only a slight Our sales are gradually fa1hng Virgtma leaf and strips have been but httle operated in; be 11!;?Ie' to keep crop of 1873 on thi s Stde of the ?ff, but with good damp spell. of weather theY woYid there is but httle that is really fine to be found. Mary water for our own use, and tf tt does not1 ram any more mcrease agam, as there remams yet m first hands a land and Ohto. Some business bas been done m the for two or three years, we will l'ttlll>e able to g e t a 11ood deal of tobacr.o unpnzed ; for the week, they foot latter of bright color, but of the former little offering. chew or fill a pipe fro91 tbe old stock. We quote up 36S hhds. The quality of the offenngs IS generally Cavendtsh, nothmg new to report. nnoke or indulge In any filtlzy or offens1ve practices m railroad cau or on a steamboat The magiStrate did not seem to attach as much imporrance to these author ttes as the counsel for the defent:ants dtd, and the ac cused were held to batlm the sum of f.soo each to ap pear and an!i_wer the charge of assault and battery before the Cnminal Court. We shall now have .a judtctal_decl sion as to whether a regulatiOn prohtbtllng from sp1ttmg on the floor of a street car ts reasonable or otherwtse. common lugs, 6c to 7c; good lugs, 77-(c to very mfenor, owmg largely to the numbe r of revtews :July 9 -There has been but httle doing dunng the common leaf, 9 c to medtum_Ieaf, t ro}.(c to II}.(, and. resales. We quote as .follows: Common and past week, owmg to the alarmmg news which has come good leaf. IIYzc to 127fc fine leaf, '3F to 14C; selec medmm lugs, good do, common to hand respectmgthe present crop m the States, whtch tions, to r6c. We 'bad heavyshowers in this leaf, medmm do, ro@IIC good do, 11@ has led to the bulk of Amencantoba::co being taken off ljectton the 8th, roth and I Itb mst; tbe.y were not howu fine and selections 12 }4@ rsc. It be seen the market unul further mformatJon. Should re ever general, falhng quite 'heavily in and very from our quotations that OUt market has Contmued to ports be confirmed qne descrtptJons will command long THB RECENT RIS E IN WESTERN LEAF.-A:t latest light in other places they have however been suffic1ent advance, mdtcatwns, however, are now that tt can not prices. Western Leaf and Stnps-m the former there bas accounts the Western" breaks" ha'd become somewhat to raise oui' 1tater .. whtch IS oan' evtdence of a be carried htgher for the present. been nothmg done, but m tho: latter some sales have been Jess exctted and a shght reactton from the highest fair: w.aterfaU. W:e qear of being made when PHILADELPHIA, J'uly :l-::,.-Mr. E. W. Dtckerson, effected at an advance on prevtous limits. Vugmia pnces reached had taken place. The Louts\'Jlle Ledger ever the ram fall-,vas r.uffiwent for a good season. We Reporter Tpbacco Tra!fe_of Pbtladelp)l.ia, :!Yfltes leaf and stnps have been but little dealt 'n; at old of. the rrth mst thus revtewed the course of the market don't Irnow where the 1>l:lnts came fro'Vt the s,upply as follows: Western ,L<(af-:-The receipts for last week pnces has faunli Maryland and Ohio-Nothmg up to that date:-" Smce the first of July there has been bem' g tepor.fed" abOut exba,usted weekS but we reported were as follows, vtz : Mondt y 13th, 3 hhds; done in the former and some sales have been effected an advance m all grades of tobacco, but the change has auppose there are sttll ''a few left." on' the i4th, 266 the I 5th, IS"S do;-on 16th, of the colory classes of t&e latter. Cavendish bas been no so marked ns to attract spectal comment F.\RMVILLE V l l :_g -:tli 0 C do; total, 554 The local trade amoun!ed t,o about much neglected, prtce:; 1t is said, reached r.he higbest pomt on Thursday A., J 11 :1 -e&srs. 20 bhds. The pnces _are fioner. MANILA, Jutu 8.-Messrs. Russell & Sturgis's ctran(ll Fnday of week, but to-day in eome of the sales & Co., Manufacturers, report It 'Seeti .Uaf-'Fhe -receipt-s were same 250 ..cases, and cular say$ :-Cigars-A Government auction was held -a decline of .fully fifty cents per 100 pounds was reported FOB S..tJ.LE-.A Fre.h. Stlpplv of 100.060 Pounds Genume "DEER TONGUE" Flavor, for SMOKING TOBAGCO manufactwrers, 10 lots to s ust pur chasers at LOWEST figures MARBURC BROS. ,, u:;, 147 a: us ii. .. st .... D' lK!fc''oti SLBDGI" r '""" ] SMOKING TOBACCO.: L Tbe Manufacturer aud aole owuer of the aboYe c elebnated Branda detitea to AJ to the trade, that notwithstanding his receut misfortune in the bura. log of hia fa ctory, be I s uow u well prepared to tftde with the same lund o f Old, Sweet and F.......-a& Stock ia these brands, q heretofore, aad w ould return thank t o the trade for the ery liberal patron age w1th wh1cb b.e has been favored, and s10h cts a continuanc e of the aame,. promialuc attention to all onlet"'.rnct-enqa.iri e s He could fu.rn1sb. testtmooials by thQUII&IIdl, of the beauty aod superior mokJD(I' quahhes of these brands but dee:ms 1t uuneceMary, as they show and speak for themtelves I bey have i'fOWU so rapidly into populanty, that already som e unpnnopled manufacturer. have made unsuccessful attemptar. to coauterfett them He wtll r efard a1 an esp1al favor. Jf ,rjU ad'flse b1m of aDJ' attempta of t1u11 ktDd wb1ch mv: come] uDder tbetr obi&'vatiou or to ue h1s Patent TrUD.k s as alh such 'Wtll be Yia'orouly prooeculed. JOHN W STONE. Maaafactutor aa"d <:ol Owner, Price Lsl forwardecl upon application l.S.-l Ljncbbu'll', Va ROY ct .. 9JO to be dtawn Aug 30 J 1873 I Class 013 to be drawn O ct. u, H 9" u S ept ,,, H 914 Nov a, ., '' 91:1 O c t 4. u 915 Nov 26 WHOLE TICKETS, fB oo ONLY, Halt eo andQuarterun PfOpori.oJL. Address all Letters to predicated, With certamty, of the VITgtma !<>the sales amounted to 350 mcludes_ two here on the Ist mstant, whea r6,429.os mil in lugs but no change 1n pther Ftrmness bacco crop, that It Will fall far: short of an. average crop. sales of 1873 Connecticut seconds-136 cases. About of whtch 3 ,47 2 mtl were sold. Particulars of the sale ts the dtstmgliishing of the market. AdO_ur esttma!e, on some observation and 'l';:!e 250 cases mw leaf and roo do old-thts 1s very nearly with upset pnces and premium paid on the portion sold, vices from the distncts where tobacco 1s made,the spectal wtde-extenaed has heretofore been t t the proportiOn in the sales of last week. There IS a are as follows, VIZ:. Brand Xo. r Habanos, 300 mtl. crop have not Improved, 1f possible they are more de about a crop. would be made. We now thmk that better feelmg amorrg the dealers generally offered; mil sold, 3; upset price, brand No. 2 pressmg, and if farmers, factors and buyers have revts our esumate has been to large. Inforyaatton from the Manufactured--The recetpts-mcludmcr Seed Leaf-Habanos, 9 lbs. S ooo, .mil offered ; :z66 mtl sold; ed former estimates at all, it has been to reduce the best sources lead u_s to c cnclude that 1not .more thall reported were, viz Monday, 42:r boxes ,"'Tuesday, 310 upset' price; brand Nuevo Habanos, 2,329 mtl offered, probable product fqr r874. s1gnal fatlure of the one.thtrd of a crop, if so much, will be 1pade m this secdo Wednesday 490 do and Thursday 378 do total 11476 mtl1so1d, :tll1 /2 upset price:, brand Nuevo Habanos crop is a foregone conclusion. It ts a fatlure beyond a ti f h S t d t t th s have ' 72 on t e ta e an 1 IS sa e 0 say e season r6oo boxes-less 250 cases leaf-gtves r,Jso packages (cav1te) 400 nul offered; 400 mil sold; .upset peradventure or a remedy-such a failure as was never 4H95 been wt ; h us as wJth the of the tobac-of manufactured received last week. No changes in price to 75c premium per mtl; brand No. I Cortados, heard of before. Consrdcrmg tbJs fact a one, and the P 0 co gt:owmg rt:gtons Our ,market continues firm and pnces to 2oo mtl1offered; 20 mtl sold ; 20 upset pnce; brand conclus10u would be almost mevttable that H .l .A LOTTERY CUBA active lower grades h 'ave advanced on last Cigars-This i !jeason for vacations, and many No. 2 Cortado;;, 9 lbe., 3 ooo m1l offered; 201 m1l sold; contmue to advance unul they reach fabulous A Y of Igdg lea:t, ol the betier qualtty, IS lcigar makers -are na rwo Ttckeu. to note, '' ., grades. "l _. r 857 mil l oft"ered; I,oos mil sold; 127f upset pnce to to modtfy in some cegree the extreme 11rice .theory; THJIIODOA 118! lias lao' m oqted m my fat mer reports, beu'ig fully sus-seem to betg rant of he #act that wben a postal card ark; t thJs connection tt may-be well-to our _TI!.e ggrow tained, and from present in_dtcattons like1y to rejllarn has any tiling attache to It it becomes unma1lable. Such readers some 'Elata by whtcb they may understand the seaso ed P't P eat" n Y 0 r I reYIS.e my quotatwns. 1 he transactions were 1:,19 6 aMs are for the spectfic purpo$e of sendmg communi present condttwn of the market as compared wtth-pnces e wcte .. a 10 10 Y u hhds 259 trcs 33 bxs. I cation etther wntten or pnoted, or both punted and m at the cam!J1encement of the seasc : m Tne lnarket f 9 r ISsue of Tu11..,. 5tgned by A. G. \rllQdlett, and cor-'"'l' r.o .,,.nctl orlmk. The blaniC side of the card only must be 187 3-4 opened with lugs rangmg from $ 3 to per b d bJ h .:;;,i, 1 '" 1 t II f h .D very common---------------4 572 r T II fr ro orate y er some, no a o w om, Bl lr 1 d I d .e. r.o 6c'IL used. face ts for the address only. Postal cards Ioo pounds, they are now se mg at om 7 so to 9 oo, are tobaceo dealers 'lmd holders of stocks. f 1!1' acri tum to goa "' 71f upon whlcli are ritten any obscene, vulgar, indecent, the average opening pnce beipg, 3 so, and -the average see that Mr .Goodlett is merely a screen, eh1rsd wnoin,-extra;;i-------------7 @ : or profane language, or any scurrilous or opprobrious price .now S.2s, sho]Aii.og ap .ad11ance of 475 per roo the other signers seek to attack the reltabthty of .. "'Bt epithets,1 are unmatlable. When such cards are dts-pounds or 47 50 per of Iooo pounds. The port.s lessen. their value. The of tlreir leaf === covered, either at the office of mailing or dehvery; th-e}'l market opened for vanous grades of leaf at to mauves ts suffictent to defeat thetrpurpose, eve amoog BlaCk l n e ------------@r5 must be destroyed. The pastmg: of any thing whatever ro.oo, an average of 7 so; 1! ts now worth 9 oo to rs.oo, those of your readers who do not know us. If we had Bl k 1 T J 6 @ rL on a postal card renders 1t unmatlable as a postal card, an average of 12 oo per roo pounds, an advance of 4S h d b d f h fi t to 'tli Altt ac I 1772 h h d f a a un ant seasons rom t e rs r e npl:'.,. p Bngbt common 7 @ 9 and subjects tt to letter postage, and 1f not yr,.paia one per too pounds,or <42 so per ogs ea o rooo pounds June, an enormous crop would been l_lla n feo;-tnose Bn Ill lu s 1 medium == =10 @I full rate (thrt:e centsf tt should not be forwardd ; out Cuttmgleaf opened at '1>4So to ro.oo for the" grades on-the gentlemen to the notwtthstandmg, ancl the.,reaf. Bniht fine IS @:zt if by inady ertenc:e 1t reaches its destinattop, 1t should be market, an average of 7 25; these grades are now worth appreCiable shortenmg of crop has occulTed smce B h 1 1 k G>. rated with i:loub e letter rates, to 'be collected on 9J,O to ao.oo per pounds, art average of 14 75, an h ddl fJ W be t u tt t' t th ng t ugs, extra smo ers-------------27 o.::>3S d tie: ille 0 k" e 11 g 0 ha :n !On. 0 d e Bnght leaf, common to metlmm ___ _____ 9 @ro dehvery. a vance of 100 poun s. or 7s.oo.per hogshead har Vl ear .ohpMmsVtGeodreplort'sw tc appeart e m @IS l ltuesofcutungleafnow t e same tssue 'I'll r. o et s commumca JOn, m B ., 1 f. 6 @ s PoLicE, REVEN1)E AND FIRB ITEMS -The cigar on the market commanos per roo pounds, these h h d ffi t r 1 t ng:1t ea, 1 :"' JC we reporte rams msu Cten Or a: genera 1!-n. Bn lit wra ers: common --' ----------I @20 of Thomas Dowuey,-at,No. 375 Bowery, was entered on not mcluded m our estnJlate showmg the advance m mg season, a nil very unfavorable crop wnspects. It Is Bri:ht medtum the roth inst and-property valued at $42 .50 stolen. price<, as they' were not m .the opening sales of easy to prophesy after the fact. contmued drouth B ht wra e 'fi e 0 @6 Sp Rappel was arrested wtth pawn-the season. tthe stocks held here are now very large, has produced a situation nMtV, which man,r specn=io tickets for the in possessiOn. He was held though we h 'ear of some extensive sales to manufac-lators clatmed to be the sttaallon a montll or SIX weeks Mahogany wrappers common to medmm 14 @ 1 ; m"' $:z,ooo bat! on a charge of hemg tbe burglar -Last turers, one firm purcbasmg 6oo hhds. Wtth such an. ago. We have seen severaJ of these who Maho an wra cod to fine ______ S week Mr. Ignatz Nissen, of Nos. 130 and 132 Matden advance in pnces some p;trt,tes who purchased largely dented that the porospects were much better stx weeks M h g y pp gvt rn. 3 lane, was held to bat! before United St2tes Commts-at the low figures an..r Held }lave made fortunes m to-th h 1 d'lu "t d a ogany ,wrappets, e..,.ra_ --.. ------40 tL' ago than ey are now, yet t e y very rea t';l" a Illl t e stoner Shtelds, to ans:wer charges of havtr.g failed to pay bacco duril ; g the We hear of one buyer whose that the prospects are very much worse now tha they FOREIGN. the United Stales spectal tax, and to keep the book of gams already reach f,6o,ooo, and another who has re-were then. It tS very amusmg lo nottce the mnocence AMSTERDAM, J'uly Schaap & Yan purchas1 s and sales req.uued by the Internal Revenue altzed $45,ooo Buyers sttll have strong faith and are and gutlelessness of some pe:ople. Veen, Tobacco Brokers, report In the past week the Laws of wholesale tobaccP dealers. He claimed that he purchasmg all that offers and the army of buyers 'every LOUiSVILLE, J'uly 17.-We report as follows : The movement very l nsk for Maryl:md tobacc?, and was not a dealer, but a broker, and as such did not day at the warehouses seems to mcrease ra,ther than market ha been acttve, w1Lru firm pnces. The sales at pnces were m favor of buyers. Common quahty ts sold come under the law. He gave batlm the sum of $2,ooo dimmish. Unfortunately the planters have not real ized the different were 1,r89 hhds, as follows at very reasonable pnces. The whole sales amount to to appear for exammatJOn.-One mormng last week a much tf any benefit from the advance, the crop bemg The P1ckett House sold 21S bhds: wg hhds Ken48S hhds Maryland, 15 do Vtrgtma, 2 5 elo Kentucky. fire broke out m the five story bnck butldmg No 856 chtefiy m second hands. The present condition of Ute tucky leaf. ll at $r4 75; 3 at 13 @13 7S 23 a t 12 @ Arnved 511 bales Yara, 2t8 do Sumatr.a, 5 2 do Fust avenue that caused a loss of about f,I,ooo The market IS such as to exc1te the lt v eltest mteres t among 12.75; 33 at II@II.75, 21 at 1o@ro.75; .13 at 9@ myra. Stock to day S93 hhds do Ohta, first floor was occupied by Charles Wolf' as a,.-ctgar all parties connected Wtth the trade, and speculations 9 go; 4 at 8 4o@ S 7o. 6o hhds do lugs. a at $1 o, 9.20: 9 do Vtrgmta, 49 do Kentucky, 20 do VIrgmta stems, store. Hts stock suffered a lo s s of $300 ; msured for are nfe w 1tb regard to the future of l e a f t obacc11tron:aa11 Own\i)l;s, Ilia Clo best atawe. Rates of AciV.rtial-.g. ONE SQUARE ( NONPAREIL LINES ) Ovaa ON& CoLUMN", S1a Mcatlaa -- .............. 20 OYaa 0Na CoLUMN Oqe Year ...... ........ ...... a 3S CID OTwo SQuARKS, over Oae ColaiiUl 0Ae Year .......................... :::: 6$., l'IK 5QuAaJt1 over Twe Columos, Oue Year 6S CIO Colum,.,On .. Year :: ....... : : :: uo Foua SQUAu, o\oerTwo Celumns, O.e'Year............. Lars:er AdYerbsemeut. in the same proportion, but n o n e tallaa liDless eccv.pJIGI'one-, two, three, four or more Sqaares c COLUMN R!ATES. llALP A CoLUNK, Three Months ........ ...... ........... e75 OD :ALP A CoL UMN, Stx Mont.ha .... ..... 130., At.fl' A COLuMN, Ooe Year....................... :140 a. 8"s COLUMN Three Montba .................... .. 150 ae OM CoLUMM, Six Mootha ...... CJD NB COLUMN, One Year -4SO c. FIRST PAGE RATES OT" SQUARW &rer Two W1de Columas, One Ye:u $Jo..., l'o SQUARES, e ver Two W tde C olumns, One Y ear .. ...... o. TirRaa S QUARas ov e r Two W1de Cohun.ns,.One Year ..... ...... 450c:e gNo Advcrt:Qeaent.a OCthls page taken.for leu tban one y ear, payU.. fatly in advance No dev!.ation from-these t erms ,. A dvertisements o n the third page, s c e o_p e er. hne for Insertlon. e ___ ..-opil!l. ... 441 No orden f o r Advertb'ng wUl be ao1es. .. c:orrll!spood ing amount ..._ ThiiTlJle wm JHVAJI.IABLV be JI,J.JJ ..


CARROLL & CO., TOBACCO COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 104 FRONT STREET, M J. DOHAN, } {TH0 S. CARROLL, ALEX. FORMAN. .. ... voaa.. JNO. T. TAITT. A[ents for the W ellbloil lannfacturers : J. B. PACE, I& SONS, l J. H. CRANT. CO. JOHN ENDERS, T UJIPIN I& BROTHER, D B TE.NNANT I& CO. L M FRAYSER I& CO. B W. OLIVER, H. CREANER, CARY BROTHERS, EDWIN WILSO'JI, "rHOMAS HARDCROYE, J. R. PACE CO. RACLAND JONES, RACLAND TOSH, WALKER, TAYLOR I& CO. WINNIE TALBOT, -L. W. WISE, R. A. PATERSON I& CO. J. P. WILLIAMSON, L. LOTTIER. Sole Agen,ts in New York for BONNE B OUC H E 4 s 56 and Pocke t P ie ces Agen t s for J ohn W Carr oll's Col.ebrated S m oking Tobaccos, Lo:n:e Jack a Brown Dick, I n d a rk wor k to our "This tle B r a nd, so widely k nown in m a ny parts of our I C o u nltlf f o r.its o f work m a n ship of chew, etc we wou l d invite t ke attentioa of Jobbers; alwa y s o n h an d i n lbs., h alf lb s., three s pock e t pieces, e tc 8 0 JULY,22. w rLLIAHWICKE. ''.' 1 ; ARTIN J O N,.,c ... WM. !' I co., ., I,' 166 WATER" l' ; .:1 0 ; 1 co. C:EGAI l.t' ao-z Bd-e7'XaldeaLaaeluuUarliDC'SU.: ,'I :r. ; 1'11:1U\N I 1155, 157, 159 & 161 Goerck st., Tobacco CommlSSlOn Merchants,. I :FpR THE SALE OF ALL THE r NEW YORK. '. STANDARD BRANDS OF VIRGINIA & NORTH CAIOUNA MANUPAC'rURED & SMOKING TOBACCOS Cigar :Ribbons. FRANCIS S. KINNEY'S PATENT IIPROVED TOBACCO CUTTER. T h k improved Machin e for cutti oK Tobacc o is co U truc ted with a s ingl e kDlfe worldnr upon inclined bearings, a.nd oper a t i ngwi t h a .U d io g ahear c u t upon the tobacco, which 11 placed to a with sides at ri ght angleS and Dottom parallel 1 with said knife. Thi s maehlae wnt cut a n y kind ef t obacc o anQ c u t it perfectl y P l u g T wlo t Periqu e In Carrotts and any similarly hard pt"ep ared t obaccos c a n be cut i n thei r hard state, without any cui ng, : o r any othe r m oistening to softe n them. It m.akesnoshorts, can be run b y hand o r steau1. pow er, r equires n o skill t o operate i t 1 its co nstr u ction i s of the mos t s u b!itantiat kin d, s lo w t o wear and d iffi c ult to d i sorder Pric e Clf machine c o m ple t e w ith (b4'X net cash. 1 OFFIC E I WEST BROADA g ents for t he following w ellknown Virgin i a and N. Carolina Manufac turers : ROBERT W OLIVER, Richmond Va. W llVGF I ELD & L AWSO N R i chmond, V>. D C. A Y.O & C0., Rlchq>Ond, Va. W O i'lACK & INOR AM, Mea de-rill e, 'Ia. W T. GENTRY &: C O Rlcbmot1.d1 Va. W. DUKE, Durham, N .C. MAYO & KlHOHT, Rtc h mooCi, V a. R T. FAUCETT, Durballl N C. HARDGROVE, POLLA'RD & oo., Richmond, Va. OOOPE8. & WILLIAMS O for d N 0 T he special attentioll of the Trade i s cal led to the following establis hed Br ands : KANUl' AO'rl1RED liiA.l'iUI' ACTURED Virginia Beauties, P. P.'s whol e a.nd Virgia i a Bea1.1tle s 35, <481 and 141. Farmer's Dau g hter 35, .-,and J(s. Sallie W illie, 3 and .)Plug Twist. Salli e Willie, Fig. I nvincibl e Fig O riental Fig,ln tin foil lb. boTes, C h arm, 6 inch. Twist i n tin foil, caddie-. Charmer, 6 a n d n-inch t wia L Luscious Weed u:-mch p luw Ohaa. Henry, Jr., 9-lnch 111Jht P"....S. A mbro1i a lbs. Oliver's Choice lba Old Ken tuc k l bs. Rew ard of. Industry, l bs.. Pride of the Natie n lba. F eatherst one' Crack Shot lh. 0td N e d a Choice, 1 Hs P P' D. C. Mayo &rOn., Navy Jba. D.C. Yayo& C o. Navy, and ;{a, P P.,in whol e ", and Jt c a d d ies D C Mayo & C o ,__3s, .p:, ancl xos. W. J. Geatry & Co. Navy, ){a i)s, J('s, P P"s, and ro's. Ma,.O & Kn1ght, ){o .'(s, P P's .t: long '"" SKOKJXG, In bags of -" .'(s, ... d X a l b s. Gold Bug. VIrginia's Choice. Gold Kedal. bien. otive. Rose. C aeyq ue. 1 Star. O liv er"s Choice. Virginia Belle. NugaeL Pioneer. Natioa. KREIELBERG '& CO. 160 PEARL ST., New YoRK:. J D KREIELBRG & Cfl., BA.L'riMORE, MD. KREMELBERG, SCHAEFER & CO., NEW ORLEANS, LA. Out o f Sea, Xs, J)s, P P'a.. H arveot Q ueen, ){o, P. P 'o. Duke's D urham D o n d r L io n. BLAKEMORE, MAJO 0. co., Farmer..:.t C hoice, X s P. p... Faucett's Dur ham. J ., a t -tention given to .put tin'g up specia l brand s for S OLE u s e f own e r a : .GEIERIL &ole :tor 1 E.. T. PILKINTON a : CO.'S .COMMISSION MERCHANTS. CELEBRATED : 62 BROAD STREET, ''PDHJTS R U ;I; t re," "Planters Pnde 11Farmer s Choice and NBW Y6BK SKOEINC TOl:IAOCOS.-WALTER, FRifDIIAI S FREISE; IMPORTERS O F \VAY York. W p Tr TTTREDGE R.,. 0 0 I N B .-Th e attentio n o f manut aeture r s o f C ip.rette ;_t.qf\ and Fa!lcy ToiJaccos, S t r ai g h t Cuts. e e m, e Bright etc., etc. hi parti c ularl y c alled t o machwc. B;rPRJC E LISTS F U RNISHED ON APPLICATION. SAWYI:.R, WALLACE & Co., G. B.EUSENS, HAVANA TOBACCO c c 0 All S tyl e of Manu factu r e d To 1 APPLEBY & HELME, CODJSSJON Ourrencv, ERCHANTS, & 73 Front St. tNEW YORK, """ BOSTOlY. WHIT E F E ATHER. J LEGAL-TENDER, Young Swell, SILVER CLOUD, B anana Fig, GREENBACKS, TEMPTATION SANCHO PANZA: THE HUBI' etc. & 7 BURLING SLIP, NEW YORK _,.,. Tobacco Ooa11uission Mer'chants d Sole Proprietors of the Celebrated. Brands of Smoking Tobacco: Bee, llarly Dew, Pratrte mo.-. Red Rtvu, Powhattan, Enterpdae, Old ltentuok, Old Los Ca1'.AR, Slip, Plantenl' ChoJO$. P :oneer oftbe Wllllt, Blumy South, \ir Brand, Hooey Dew. 1 Jeo Sole A g etJtll fot' tbe United States tor P HA.'W :k:ti,. d & 00.'8 GOL PLAKE. t1.._ RAIL ROAD Maccoboy Snu,, Prench .Ruppee Snuff, No. -47 Broad Street, BUYE-OF COMMISSION MERCHANTS, TOBACCO, NEW YORK. 615 STREET, !IEWYOB.K. JAMES M GARDINEit. CHA RLES M. CoNNOLLY lYJ. Gardiner a Oo. I Tobacco Merchants; S4 :l':z:oont st:z:oeet, Ne'W' Yo:z:ok. ARE RECEIVIN G DIREC T FROM VIRGINIA CONSIGNMENTS OF MANUFAC TURED TOBA C C O E XPORT ORDERS FOR PLUG TOBA CCO PROMPTLY FILLED. ALEXANDER MAITLAND. L. F S MACLEHOSE. t;. MAITLAND & T?BACCO AND FACTORS, GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 4 3 Bl\OAD ST., II'. "2'. Pearl Street, NEW YORK. CHAS. F. TAG & SON, Importers of SPANISH, and Dealen tn all kiDde o LEAF TOBACCO, j Front .'!!YOU. G. REISMANR, Commission Merchant, AND DEALER IN ALL KIKDS OP LEAF TOBACCO, 17S Pearl St:z:oeet, Bet. Pine & Cedar, NEW YORK. KOENIG & SUBERT, c r Lumx. c. c. HMifLTa:<. s M A =a a. R A c .a.T. Americun Gent. Snuff, NE"\iV'" YORK Scotch Snuff, JOS.M,MAYj:AM. MAYORECIA tc cO.oMAY ?RGA. LEAF & HAVANA o n con s ignm e nts toW. A & G. & CO ., I.tY U.Poo:r. DEALERS IN ALL KINDS OF Lundy Bnu.,f', I --= TO:BACCOS, BBD f.BAP TOBACCO INSPECTION ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF THE FOL L OWING BRANDS OF IMPORTERS oF HAVA.NA. TOBACCO, ; TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. I I BP!EB vmGIRIA 0 SMOKING TOBACCO. -f B._s _u._ E _KT_. __ .,.... ____ oad, VIZ: V unln!VnDucu & nnn Certificate. &inn fo r e't'IK'J" cue, and dellT e red b y case, as to Dlllllber of Certificate. a y oa.. '' Vllm:I,DA au., N. B.-WE ALSO SIMPLE II IIERCHAITS' OWII STORES. 'lur Choice, E. SALoMoN. No.164 Wate r Street, New York, -NDE CO Pride of Henrv Countv, M. & E. SALOMON, RINCJPAL OII'II'ICIII-tu .. to1811 ., Colorado,. LEAF' AB.EROUBEs-t Water, 173 Frout, 7., 76"" 7 8 Greea-'e .. Streeta aad l Black Tom, 7 :sa ....... Rt .... r a.uaO&dDepot, s t .JoluuPark. <\LSO Havana., CHARlES FINKE, at! J. Me J. BE.NSEL & CO f 11 0 I G.A.. R S 85 MAIDEN LANE, N.Y. s roBAUCO INSPECTOR, TOBACCO INSPECTION, I 133 Wate1-and 85. Pine sts .. 11'. 155 WATER STREE1, 127 & 129 WATER STREET. 1 For Price List address or apply as above. N'e-vu "Fork. I -for the Tobacco Leaf. TOBACCO r. FOX, DILLS & 00., 8UCC11SSOIIS TO EGOEJIT, DtLL8 AND OOJO>ANY, IMPORTERS OF SPANISH AND PACKERS OF DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCOS. 17 5 w A.TER STREET, NEW yORK. VEGA, MARTINEZ & BROS I MPORTERS OF WHOUtSALK D&ALBa S lN HAVANA I& DOME'STIC I Leaf TQbacco. !UEB.BAOB & mDERSON, Leaf' Tobacco AND I 138 and 138}ll Water St., m:'W YOU Cl'l'r. M. OPPENHEIMER & BRO D E A LERS IN SUD, WF liD Klllll HAVANA TOBACCO TOBACCO, .DOLPH STaok WIDO STROIIN & IEITZENSTEIK, D. J. GARTH, SON &: co., '' m m i'' i' I B FmaN.TBIK &: Co: ,) .. ColilDllBBlon :Merchants, DOMESTIC NO. 44 BROAD ST O J .Garth, I FOB.EIGll TOBACCO" NEW YORK. I 76 Front Street, trm1'ou. J. P. CO., M. FACTORS, IMP 01 m .fi_ BAvo c Geoleral Jl, J'I'O 39 BROAD I An! Deller SA au tiD4a of. -tReaiiOn able A dva nces made } L-JI: .6, 'S' T () :B A C C 0 on Sb1p m nls. 162 PEARL ST: lEW THOMAS KIIRICUTT, K.eahleky and Vfrlrlnlw F W. ToB A .co Leaf Tobacco AJID IEBEBAif.' 68 ltROAD STREET, e:::, Ro. S2 Broad Street, I NEW YORK. NEW YORK. FATMAJI &:; co., .JOSEPH A. VEGA, Cotton and Tobaocc. B .... .... ;.;; b Factors avana .a.o acco .MiD COMMISSibN. N.JRCHANT'SAND Ill-.,. BBO.D STREET, c I c A R 8 .... OW YORJl 187 PIIABI. STUE'l'. OW YOU 138. WATER STREET, I COMMISSIONONLY, 1.90 PE..4.BL STBBET, New York. J 0 CICARS, !IEWYOB.IL Direct from the Packers, -E. M.'ORAWFORB & 00., i TOBACCO Either in OR. SM:.A.LL IAJIIPIJBI lllll'IT BT EXPBBolll Ol'f APPLICA.TIOl'f, ITA.Tll'fG Q,UALITT Q,UAl'ITITIES W A.l'ITJIID, NOW ON HAND ABOUT 300 CASES OF 'I wwrm. Bmm & PIIJ.1!11S I Primal Wrappers, Connecticut, Second Qual. Wrappers, u d Bin ers, Fillers, u Havana 30 to 50 Cts. 20 to 40 Cts. 12 to 15 Cts. 6 to 10 Cts. 75 Cts. ]OS. SULZBAC HER, FRED. HOFM A NN Sullbicher & Hofmann, DEALERS I N SEED LEAF ARD BA VANA TOBAUOO, 88 MAIDEN LANE, -UP STAIRS, NEW YOBK. FELIX CARCIA, I MPORTER OF WEYMAN & B HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO, i I 13 SMITHFIRD ST PI (raoM T GUTtn u z ).' ,_ A N D C I GARS ROKOHL BROS. &/']SOELTER o r THB WEL. L ICNO,.. 0 MaDa1actntera at Brands of La Carolina' & Hem Clay. Fine And Sole Ag't for :IJrand "Prof. M ,orse,"_ a and ... SARATOCA," 16'7 Water St .. New York 194 WATER STREET, l!i.A..IIIPLJDS SENT O:F ABOVE GOODS. liiAl'fU:FACTURERS' ATTENTJOl'f PAR TfCULARLT CALLIIID TO TRill FACT TH..lT IN P11RCHAill'fG 0 .. 111111 TOW ARE !fEW YOBX. BUYING ,GOOD8 lllOT PAIISDIU,l'l'RROUGH THREE OR FOUR f. P roprietors of Brand ., THE PYRAK I D." RAIII'DS. Consignments Solicited of Leaf from alUGrowers and Packers, for thev SPEICIR BROS. r & ,CO.. L GERsH E L & B R 0., will find Quick Sales. CODISSION MERCHANTS, Packers of and Dealeroln SEED LEAF TOBACCO, L. L. F. APPLEBY, 131 St., N. Y. Dealers ill. Leaf Tobacco No. '75 Maiden Lane, NEW YORK. T B S PENCEoR. C C. S PII: NC EII. SPENc& No. 86 MAIDEN L..4.NE, 1.. c aasHaL. ;, 5. G&RIH&L. NEW YORK, .ua> S.ouuu.iJ11liDI 168 WATER STREET, li&W YOU, H '"" 011 lo allldDdl far E:Eport u4 f or liomeuM. OTTINGE R & B ROTHER, KENTUCKY LEAF TOBACCO, 41 BROAD STREET, NEW YORK. WILLIAM M. PRICE & CO. LEAF TOBACCO, ng M AIDEN LANE, w ... M. PlUCK, l F. A jAYHB. NEW YORK. JOS. MAYER'S .soNS, fl:cnanairdon ..., I>ULKM .. Lolltl rt@b&eeca, 1.:12 W .ATB.B BTB.B.BX, New York.


JULY 22. JICOB BIIDLL, 1\IANUF ACTlJRI!.ll or CIGAR BOXES, SUPERIntlon to the NogoU -.., tlou of Loaaa. W. MIIDIL ll BRO., 'MANUFACTURERS OF tbaa from man J parto o1 tho cltyU.olf. 1 The--aboft Is a aew bonae, well built, 5 minutes w'lll< (rom BRIDGE STREEl:.DEPOT and the village a toreo, has a:o.roomo, besides CeBar, Caa. Water. Sewer aDd Marble Mant e ls. The, grounds, plante d with young frult aDd shade treest atreeta CW"bed, guttered: and aood walks. Tte!!lpectabte families who wish tr economize will find that CHE .. P boud In thO cltf costs more than to OWN YOUR OWN H6ME AT FLUSHING. Go and s e e it. FluahlaJ[IIacharmlug vHiare. Get ollta t BRlDGE STREET DEPOT. and aat for Mr MOO!tE. corner of Slate aad Leavitt str.eta, Or to _. .. w JIIORB.ELL, '1 lhlrUDfP 8Up1}1(, Y. A. PA:El.:K.E c;t; 00;;. NO" BROAD STREET. NEW YORJ[, Arents for tile CONSOLIDATED TOBACCO COMPANY OF GILROY, CALIFORNIA, Maoufacturen o the Celebrated "' GILBU PDIRDI. SOLDO m UUln A.loo f'or their CHOICE Ba.A.}I(D8 o CIGA.B.I, Equal in qualitT to the :II EST HAVANA pods, at one-balf their cost. Call and examine he lore bu.ylng. AT SAN li'EidPE. 1 FACTORIES AT GILli.OY, PATENT .PACKAGES 1 PACKEll.!l OlB' SXOKING TOBA.OOO Prom tly supplied, at reduce d pric eo, with these wo ooEN A. POINDEXTER & CO., Agents, LUKE KA.THA.N, Sol e lllanufactnrer, 1.20 WATER ST., !f.y, CITY. Cot n ::L INGVILL"K, N Y. s. w. :muo:a:s, JIANlJFACTURER OF CIGAR BOXES, AMP IMPORTER OF .: GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS I or OSEDB1!'CX CO., and F BocDLlWm KUufaotve:. pt.u.JB IN Cigar-Mould Presses, Straps antJ Cutters, 283 SOUTH STREET, N. Y. .._ 5 SCBRODE:tt a DON; 178 WATER. NEW YORK. T'IK"pQ:El. TmR.& OP &P..&:Dii"Za::&: AND Of DOMESTIC LEAF T0BACC0 I .. WM. C. BOEFERS, :IMPORTER-OF HAVANA, AND PACK:ER OFt S E E D L E A F J 0 B C_O_S,: PEARL -STREET, "xi:w-:YoB.K1


I STEWARJ M-ARKS, RALPH ct CO., Manufacturers of Ralph's Scotch Snuff;. AND FDE: CIGARS, 1\To. 11B ... pH I I I. D::aD:.alP'RT A I )oben P. Malb, Jolm W. Woodalde, Samael A. Heodric:k..,. TEIJ.ER BROS., Packers, Commtwloa Merahants, aDd Wholesale Dealers in Fo:relpa, ,. ITNonh Street.tfhilad,iphia. :toiittuD&miiiB&iiiBiiTaiiiiru KZ:R.CB:A:NTS:" PSt. and 32lro.Delaware Av., Philadelphia. Jfo: 143 assortmeat of all kinds of LEAF ToBACCO -M. tc CO.,.. A ICERS, MERCHANTS, AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN / fl"oreiP.t: Domestic Leaf Tobaccos. 2.110 TM THIRD' ST., PHILADELPHIA. BATCHE:r.OR BROS "PECULIAR" CICAR IWroF .AC'ro!EBS, 808 Xarket St., PHILADELPHIA. .A ID Leaflor West lDdiea AD<4 Africa A."" H. 'THEOBALD, j FIN iNtiFci'OiRs,r AND DEALER IN Spanish and Domestic leaf Tobacco, I A :;novn & WH0Lli54E ;DEALEJtS IN Wl :TDBICCO, CIW, K, WJI: A: l 33 SOUTH ST., BALTIMORE. '1'11011. W. CKUXBR. GEQ. Jr.DCIUIOFJ'. Gl!.O. !'. VNVKKZAGT. GEO. KERCKHOFF & CO., DEALERs-IN IDmCTICUT, HAVANA ill YARA. LW TOBACCO, AND KA.HtJ'P.AC'l'tmDS OJ' CIGABS. No. 49 S." CHARLES STREET, BALTIMORE. TOBACCO_ WORKS,. KO. 181 WST PU'l'T S'l'U!'l', :B.ALTillOU, JLU'i'LAHD, MANUFACTll'ltB.RS OP' KINDS OP SMOIIRG liD CBIWIIG 'TOBACCOS. A.gent11 J(, FALK, 35-l Bo'Wery, 11. Y., ll-BA.TTIK BROS., l-l3 N. Tblrd 8t., Pblla. F. BECKER. C. BECKER. L. BECKER. BECKER I BROTHERS, .. PACKERS, .COMMISSION MERCHANTS. AND 'Y DEALERS IN Foreign and Domestic Leaf Tobacco, NO. 98 W. LOIDI.ARD ST., BALTDIOBE, MD ED. WISCED.IL-WiscDEYER & Hco::HMEYER. Oo:rn.:iriisslon.AND DEALEilS IN Nu.R. LoMBARD iTT, BALTIMORE FACTORS 63 llalt.lmore, K4. And Oommissian Merc/IJ;:flts. I JULY 22. WESTERN ... ADVERTISEMENTS Advertisements BICHARD lU.LL.A.Y. .aKES KALLAY. H 8 d & Bro J co., enry en ., C 0 N N. SEE D L E A F 1ft. ALL;AY I BRO DW..' u LEAF-TOBAtCO, TOBACCO, D. a Z. t .. ... UJ.Zai .D .. 154-State Street, Dealers In lCl. 163, & 165 Pearl Btret, S. LOWEI\TTHAL a CO., MANUF 0 F FINE CIGARS, AND :oq;IAIJFR!l IN LEAF 'l'Q:BACQO, NO. WEST HIRD STREET, CINCINNATI, OHIO. AAROlC K.AHM E. A WJUL W eil, Kahn & Co., (SaeceMOR to S. LowNTHAL &: Co.) I aod Wlwl ... le Defl018la CIGARS &: LB4P TOBACCO 134 Main Sl, Cincinnati, 0, COliDUSSIO:N JIIERCHAliTo I .Ao,d Yfh!>lcoal' Doajer 'I SPENCE, BROS. & CO., A. L. 4 F. SISSOR, Maaafactaren of the Celebrated Pacltcrf and Dcalcn in 1 AMBROSIA,_ CONNECTICUTSEED f.EAP Aodanr!etyofother,.adeoor TOBACCO, FJne-Cut Chewing & Smoking Tobacco No. 3 4 MAIN sTREET, cDJOilOfATI, omo. Hartford, Conn. __._ KROHI, FEISS -MANUFACTURERS OF 126 Vine Street, CINCINNATI, OHIO. ... FJJB DANBUltY, CONNECTICtrF. H. :SJUTH ck GO., ColllmiuiBn and Jobbers .. CONNI:CTIOUT LI:AI' TOaAOCIO :io. 20 Hampden Street, SP:S.mGrm.D, KASS. WE 8Uthorlze SIGHT DR-AFT for--ol 'fAX. with BILL OF LADING attached to Dt, aud will make further CASH adv:uaces ou receipt ef TobaccO. 'lB South Charles St.1llaltimore, :MeL 0 H I 0 5 CON N E C TiC U T ,-II{ LEAf and lWflJF AOTUBED R. WI. TBOIIAS, TOBAOOO, --....... COMMISSION B R 0 K E R/ 12 Wharf, Bostcnt. SOUTHERN ADVlTS. ._ -;IN ALL KINDS OF -Leat Tohaooo, A. ALI!IRBCHT. L o SCIIODKt. L. W. ... J GENERAL !{A vAN A go LOMBARD STREET, 18 (Ooe door weot of Escbaoce Place), BALTIIIOBE, MD BALTDIOBE. liD. Liberal advancements mad& oo C!XIIIIgnmeato to my add rea. 1 dideh ooUclt:ed ua promptly-att-e4 ... AND 81-*0C*"' L'mCD171G, VA. 80 INIORTH JOHM -0 .. LI'VBJU'OoL-IIUIGLAliD. v ........


THE '1.10BACCO LEAP, JULY 22. d SUTRO LIQUORICE THE UNDERSIGNI!D AGI:In" IN "IBW YORK FOR. THE MANUF ACTUREitS OF THE FOLLOW ING WELL-KNOWN BRANDS 01' LIQUORICE, deslreo to caution Tobacco MIUnll"actoren aplpot aslq aay of tile aumerou branch purporting to be orlainal braods of imported LIQUO,RICE, but whicll are adulterated com!Snd1 of bialinudt, rebcilled la tliJa coaatry, & ..-. tlaataDces coctaiDiDaleaa tbaa flfty :per cent. oiuorke. had plenty. A letter from Clarksvilles says: It is very difficult to arrive at a 'correct etlimatocof the tobacco crop, to the proneness of many. of our to overrate owing their misfortunes. It IS safe to say, however, that, shoul!l there be no 5easqn for plan!ing between now anCl the 10th of July, not an eighth of a crop will be planted. We have conversed with some .of the largest planters in the county, who genera!lf plant from one to two hundred acres, and learn from tliein that, l)O far, they have not set o11t a plant. principal sales now upon the break.ll re-sales of"the early in the !>WOIJ, and now offered on speculation, But little is coming in k;om the, country, as far.mers have caught the ani! are h1gher prices ..-Stewar,t.was a fine ram m Stewart a few day s ago, but the tobacco of that comty say that with the most favorable kmd o! weitqer from no't" qn: but a sorry crop of wi!l jJe Ttousdale.the Eartsvilfe stat-es that 1he tonac<;o plan ts ,set out in county after the rain of two weeks ago 'have been burnt up, and a fifth or even tenth of a crop seems to be unatfainable now. Cheatham.-Exlract from Chertham county lette_r ?f the 30ti} to Nashville Union and American: "W1thm the p 'ast fe. w days I have traveled extensively Cheatham, Dickson, Houston, Montgomery and David son counties. The Y{,hole country is burnt up. I can saiely say that, if it should begin to rain to-day .and ram abundantly, Cheatham and Montgomery countles could not raise one-tenth of their usual tobacco crop." SECOND DrsTRH>T oF VrRGINIA.-:Q.uring April last $sR,8J+69 were-collected from tobacco in the Second Internal Ri!venue District of Virginia. !fHE LAsT toward the end of the Thirty Years' War, the smoking of Tobacco began to gain sway in the neighborhood of Magdebury, an old ] ew who lived in that city said:-" It is now clear to me that the end of the world is at hand, as Joel the Prophet spake : And I ;will show wonders m the heavens and in the earth, blood and fire aqd pillars of smoke.' Of blood we have had enough; lbut the smoke was wanting, It has now come.'' ':\'hat would!the of Dr. John Cumming have sa1d of the ToJu.ure ablaill _PUR:.;; AND GENUINE .JC,..Ca PLB A.O.C P'l' ZA. BR VB CA.) -co NF ClnwB CBl Theyalllould address their orden to the vndenl"'eod Ja New York, who ie the SoLAoaw, N e w ;York, uoed Mer I 000 Cases ol yoar fine andeo of and they have been regular and of excellent quality. Vwry R._ctruUy, [Signed] P. LORILLARD It CO. -REFERRING to the abov e advertisement, we ha,e __ appolnled 'JIT .. Jame C .. o.l..ftdreW' o:f' lVew V oa.r Es.ehut ve Aaeat ba the United lttate -for the sale of aU tile BraDd of' Lt.plor-1ee heretoaore manufactured by us. MAC ANDREW & CO. London, England. LIQUORICE ROOT. .! 8paali.J1. ln Bales._atways for sale in lots to A.liiES C. JleA.NDREW, 55 Water 8&., New Yo ..... THE PRAISE OF TOBACCO. not, in fairness, contend is nothing Jike leather.'' VIRGINIA. -That the smoking of To that Tobacco is_ essentially Rut a year or two since, we A correspondent of tile and-:APfllal. THE PRACTICAL WoRKING OF THE NEW CURRENCY AcT.-Some smart chap in Washington bas prepa:red a table, says -the yournal of Commerce, wberem he undertakes to show that the new Currency act will work contraction to the extent or n7,ooo,ooo, as follows: 1. F ive per cent. of national bank circulation deu;securlt7 in legal in Washington. $1'1,000,000 2. Currency in trans1t to and from redemption centres 10,000,000 3 Additional balances to be drawn by country banks on their city balances............................... -l. National bank circulatio n like!y to be retired in excess oftbe legalized r.ew1issue................ 60,000,000 6. Worktar balance in Treasury necessarily made heavier because the reserve to be drawn upon in elqergencies is abolished................................ 20,000,000 _,.Tota_l, &aJ ... &o ........... ............................. $117,000,000 bacco is of infinite benefit, wholesome, that it cheers heard one of the greatest writes that the tobacco crops m ,l)lnWidd1e, Ameha, Not no one who is impartial and the spirits, helps digestion and noblest of men, whom toway, < Lu"nenburg and Brnnsw jck will fall at unprejudiced can deny. In and so on? it would be a betrayal of leas t fifty per cent. short of last years y1eld. We can a country like Holland, Such slightly abridged, is trust if we were to name, only hope that our friend or his are mistaken. i f) y;here the atmosphere" is alsays Cope's Tobacco Plant, speak both with pathos and We give the latest reportSfrom correspondent.s by coun ways laden with heavy and is the discourse of "An Old sublimity of the divine gift lies : Amelia .-" I am satisfied that will not be hurtful particles, and where, Dutch Tobacco Merchant," of Tobacco from nalure to one-third of a crop of tobacco planted. l have been in while people breathe that in Dt Tabaksplant It is the human race. The antiseveral counties in the last teq days, and I know of what atmosphere from above, natural for "An Old Tobac nicotian maw-worms, how I speak." of the are LEFT HER PIPE AT HoME.-Some time since a ,;entle111an wbo lives in this city, says the Jacksonville, Fla. New South: traveling on a railway train that had but one paseenger coach attached. The gentleman is addicte"d to the habit of smoking. He bad but one cigar at the time, and longed for a smoke, but hesitated, thinking that smoke might be unpleasant to a fascinating lady passenger-the only one aboarct. Finally he could. endure the deprivation no and, tillCing out the cigar and reaching towards the seat !lilt, asked if she objected to smoking. 0 no," said ie, reaching for and taking the cigar, "I left my tilt hum!" TIN FO+L. j they feel themselves not less co Merchant" to be the ever, would not be pursuad. making a good slart )'lith tobacco. One extensiVe plan-MR. LONDON's "PLAIN WORDS" TO THE VIRGINIA. affected from below by the warm lovezand the enthu si-ed by this gifted and ter a jewraays ago that he bad had MANUFACIURRRs.-Our quondam contributor, D. H. cold, moist, swampy soi!astic eulogist of Tobacco, earnest prophtt's .eloquent more plants, a befter season for planting, or obtamed a London, of this city, thus writes to the Richmond Whig: the smoking and the che\\"on the principle that "there lips. better stand. Tlfis, however, is an exception. Plants 1'1 now give to _your maAufacturers some plain words of ing of Tobacco are the are generally scarce 'and late, and in some neighboradvice and some facts, which they may profit from or wholesomest prophylactics hoods there h a s;Lot been rain enough to make a good not, as appears judicious, conscious that these men are iljl of which we can make use. MORE CROP REPORTS. The crop this year will reach_ two-the main better qualified to act for their own internts To the Indians and the Further DJscourqin& Reports-What will Prothirds of that planted last year.-Carozne.-Owmg tq than most persons. One of the largest jobbers of plug Americans, Tobacco is al-bably be Saved from the General Failure-The thr.great scarcity of plants, but little tobacco has been tobacco in New York has adopted Louisville, Ky., made most the only solace in this Latest Iotelltireoce ftom Ohio, Keotucky, Tea planted. and !hat little is looking bad.-Cumberland. tobacco in all black worlt because the fillers used by the .J. CROOKE, I ,. MAN9fi'Ac;rt'KE"R OP: Til FniLJBP BOTTLE CAPS, PL.U.N ANy COLORED. JLOLI.DtG KILLS, 338 CIOD"l ad AI 166 WLB-DI'l' S'I'I!!TS. NEW YOU. .L LIOBTBMSTBIN & transi,ent ljfe .. They ne!lsee, aod Vlr.rlnla. I }VaS present to-day at a meeting of farmers in what is Virginia manufacturers were so gritty and suapy; an4 by means of 1t, to support w continue to publish as of general interest the known as the Guinea n eighborhood, generally regarded from what is coming to my address, if I am in any way na;t_ufe, and : to er..counter reports that contipue to to us of the probable'par-as one of the best portions of the county, certainly cona candid man and capable of judging fairly respectrng by_ help, all the tial failure of the tobacco crop of the United Slates for taining some of the best tobacco planters in it. After Virginia manufactured tobaccos, there must be more tnbulat!Ons_!nc1denta r to the 1874 : getting through with the business which had callea them care exercised anti better stock used or the entire traffic J:tlitnan lot .' Ifthey are de OHIO. together, crop prospects were discussed. It was ascer in plug tobaceos will be lost at this point for V i rginia .. d h Ire h t d th t th h 1 h d bee threshed had and North Carolina tobaccos. It is a fact worth men-MANUI'ACTUIU:RS 'or THE FREY BROS. & co. u ELK" and "ONWARa" press.,t ey" ore ew The Miamisl>urg Bulletin, of the 1oth ins t., records ame a e w ea. t .wuc a n T,oba co, and themthat tbe weather is excessively warm ; no rain in this yielded only from two to four for seeded. lt was tioning in this and that is this, I have never selves herewit If. they region for two weeks. Tobacco and vegetation generthen proposed that each planter should report the numknown a man who put up unifo rm, sound, ripe to ,are exhausted, and the sun ber of tobacco bills he had standing at tht!i date' in :t8H bat:co tl at did not succeed. I have rarely 1f ever kllown and their hard a"lia inhman ally suffering. It is now universally conceded that the and the number now. It was foun:l that 'there were any man successful who u sed regularly unripe, poor leaf llanllfactnrers gf FINE CIGARS, and c J a A R s in Led Dealers 1n LIAr 'l'OUcco, tobacco product of '74 will be much less than that of the h" k S b .b I ld h 1nasters appear to conspire two preceEiing years."-Jn Bdmont County will twenty-one tobacco planters present, embracing spme .of m 15" -:-v,or mce e mg ere never so a ouse a Nos. 34 and 34l Bowery, -44' Vesey:stre:et, l'fork. N.EW YORK. to destroy them, a little tobe a partial failure. the largest and best in the county. At t_his in good lot tobacc;o that the demand was bacco restores their strength, KENTUCKY. 1 fhey had staflding and growing I,48f,oOo plants, or 371 not greatly mcreased, whereas a f I sold poor stocl!:, even makes them forget their Says the Paducah Kmtuckian: "Day in and day out, we acres, and that they had no'Y 3oo,7oo plants, or 7 s ac(es, at a low price, it usually the last transaction. Under slavish life, and go vigork" dT h fi h the plants as a geneJ:al thing no larger thaQ w}len plan-the slowly returnwg demand fen manufac;tured tobacco AGENCY AND I DEPOT OF F. W. FELGNER ct; SON'S, Successors to F. H. BISCHOFF'S BALTIMORE TOaACCOS with Fr. ENGELBACH, 21 Si%tJa Ave., NEW YOU 1 k I are mtg b11gent t or ttb,e amd s till dying every dav from the drouth. In this the quali t ies will be closely -scrutinized.'' ous Y to WOJ agam. t IS grow111g o ;lCCO crop. s t,1e l!ejlson ayvances e '-' stated that; in the Thirty 1 I r hh h d esflmate the tobo.cco planted by the laborers on the ., ., G reports come m more g qomy. n a ror oo s r 8 i 1 d d 1.h. th h A FARMER WHO IS No SLUGGARD.-THK M1lton Y:ears' q ar m ermany, ilt Ballard, Graves and Calloway there is a for arms m 1 73 IS not 11 e IS year ey ave (North Carolina) Chronio/e thus dilates: .Maj. W. the smoking and chewing of a Tourth of a crop but we are satisfied that' t:tke the :.none. that our was _that the crop 1\0W T. S th r h th 1 d t Tobacco proved the salva .,. C 1 0 d h 1 planted 1s about one-s1xth of what1t was last year, and u er 10 IS. per. aps e arB"es. an '?0 s "1rst ongress10na 1stnct an t ere can no< poss1b y be d :. th 1 d th farmer m th1s whole country li1s operat1ons t ion of many thousands of one-sixth of a crop made. Tobacc:o will b'e tobacco next that un er can e 1 unng ,e being carried on upon a most scale He men, who by its aid guarded year. Mark that!" The sam e jo" urnal adds: "The present mTho?t f e roug t up to onet 0 s owns and is running three large plantations-Sandy themselves against the reports from all sections of the country are worse and crop. ; !5, rom !?resent appea:ances, w 1 a ar Creek Drewrey Place and Cloverdale-upon which deadly effects of deficient worse in regard to the tobacco crop We had an inter short of_ what the sam7 number hllls. made year.-h "ll k th" b h ls f b t 0 EDWARD M WRIGHT & CO.. SCBiiiDT 1:. BilL, General C-ion Merchanto .LEU -TOBACCO" food and of bad meats and Franklm -The grOWing crops m th1s county are not e w 1 rna e 15 year, 7,ooo us e 0 w ea .),Oo v1ew with both Judge B1gger and Marshall, wno have 1 barrelc. of corn 120 ooolbs tobacco and oats and clover, drinks. Nothing is so good, been canvassing in all the counties in Pur very A small area of tobacco anhay till you 1rtsl His are a thousand nothing so serviceable to chase, and they agree that it"will 'be impcrssible to make ted, owmg to !allure m and one-thud of dollars per month or $r:z,ooo per ear, and his wheat, human life, as smoking a fourth of a crop of tobacco. This is also true of the that set out for of seasonable ram.-Hetuy.corn and oats wil pay that leavTng him his tobacco ill ; WAREHOUSE. A1lo f'aU uaea orcqan, B......ta.tou.d IUI4 -oldq'l'o-831 SOUTH SECOND STREET, PHU.A.DEJ.PJJU. five COIInties in this District above the rivers." A great scarcity ofpmnts and a of seasons must crop, for which he has been offered r5 per cwt, b.y be called a kmgly plant, TENNESSEE affect the next tobacco crop very senously. Some of f th b t d f t'd D 1 1 h h h h f f: 1 k" h 1 ds d "f one o e es JU ges o ,.e wee m anv1 e, s owmg seemg t at t e monarc s 0 The Clarksville Tobacco Leaf prints the following our armers are yet 00 mg at. t e c ou an walmg $I8,ooo as his profit on this year's operation. He says tJle are ashamed answers from correspondents as specimens : Blooming the elements, hopmg aga1!15t for the latter he will make meat and bread enough this year to feed to lt. Tobacc:o Grove, July J, 1874.-I had laid off to plant 45 acres of ram ; others have planted land m and one half of Danville. Strange to say, he is under no neces cultlv'!tes and IS tobacco, but owing to the drought, I have not planted farmer 1 heard had plantt'd hts whole cr6p m swee.t posity to make labor any thing more than a recreation, of great ava1l m severe hun-out more than six acres and there is not more than half tatoes I Those who were able to hold on to the1r tob t h" th ht II t d h" r: nn .._ "ts d h' h b 1 th d f h t" u 1s oug s are a cen ere upon IS ,a anu l ger an t lt strengt ens a stand on this small amount. I do think that rhis is a ac:co untl now are reapmg e 0 t at pa !ence accompaniments, and ever thing connected 'with it the body and checks fluxfull average of my neighborhood -G w Outfaw wh.jch must have her, perfect work, and the reads are t t "b t t b 11r H t k 1 a d ld d 1 f 1 1 d h k t 11 t seems o con n u e o 1s appmess. e a es p e IOns, an co 5 an s_lmy Adam's Station, July 41 1874 -ln answer to the LEAF I airY. me Wit wagons to mar e' especla Y 0 sure iq his growing crops, his flocks an d herds, .and co., ED. i,. CO. ..DE:.f.LBRS AND EXPORTERS OF TOBACCO ALL KJMDS OF I 4 Leaf Tobaqco, COMMISSION M_"!'ROH.ANTS Nature has willed will say that we have a poor prospect for tobacco in this DanVJlle.-Loutsa.-There Will not be !pOre than half a well he may, for he has s "om"e of the finest milch J:Ows,_ 1 t men make use section, not one plant set out of every one hundred crop of tobacco planted, as plants are very scarce.-:-ancl colts we ever saw, many of them imported, of plants hke Tobacco, thousand tlaat was Apected. 75 acres prepared on my Lunen/Jurg.The tebacco crop of the present year m d P h" h h k f. b 1 179 PEARL STREET 39 SOUTH CALVERT ST., P. 0. BQX M84. HEW YOBK. BAL TftMO, ME hi h b .. h d ....... h" 1 d b 1 h h If 1 an fo.r w 1c e as s a u ous pnces. w c y tue1r eat an farm and not one plant set, and to-day high wind and t IS county, o e 1eve, IS !" t a as. arge A. PARKER. ROSS: H. HOLMES. CHARLES JUNGBLUTH. ,. sharpness, draw the scorchihg sun, with no prospect of rain. Wheat crop as the one plan!ed I872 This owing pnnCipally THE POWER 'oF SNUFF.-Dr. Ludolf Von GardenNANUI.lCTUIU:R OF Pill I!VAIA CI5AilS, and a shght good and of fair average. Corn in: tolerable fix where it to. th ree causes, v 1 z:. _In spnng tobacco so fieJd, chief phxsician in the Bavarian army during the sahva:Jon. Witness, as conhas been cultivated.-F. fl Gardner. Corbandale, July ;ow and the fa 1hng to get :he .advance Napoleon wtrs, tells rhe followi:ng as a true sto.ry fir!"auon of what has been 4, I874.-l laid off 25 acres for tobacco, have not set a 10 the way of fertilizers from commiSSion merOnce I was plants ill! a small forest near Moi sa1? cloves and pepper, plant, and don't know of any one of my neighbors that chants, a small crop only was then plants sen. Suddenly, I came upon a man who was lying on which hold nearly over are any better off than myself in planting. I regard th, e were S? much the land mtended for tobacco the gtound, and whom I at fiTst supposed tC? be dead. the which to crop a failure.-G. W. Caudle. Woodla.wn, J.uly 3, was planted m corn, or some other _crop; and of all, On drawing near to him, however, I perceived that e the Hmdo_ os 1s the 1 8 74.-In compliance with your request in last for th.e lack of seasons : Will. opportune arrival, he aaid that he must surely have those who suffer from rheuneighbors have a small proportion of their crop nearly The county of P1ttsylvama has the of died." As there seems no reason to doubt the stateCHARLES S. HAWES) I'ACUR. & DEALElt IN "'\ T?atic ar_J.d a_ffecall of which has died out..-:Luther Shepard. the largest growing county in the Stale, is ment of a man holding the position so conspicuous and \ a Nashvillt Reporter says: Our market is firm certamly bad off m this respect Lately I have seen a responsible as Gardenfield, we may certainly, remark& t10n, or, live a luxunous life. with constantly advancing prices, which we are of number of gentlemen, growers, from that Copt's Tobacco Plant, say that we have here one of the As Tobacco has numerous opinion must continue until they are much higher than counly, and the general opmwn IS that the present crop many wonders which the nicotian plant has performed. slanderers, so there are at present. From all we can learn as to the a short and poor

Manu.b.Morte11. Toba.coo Lieorioe. JOHN ANDERSON i, CO., LtCORIC;E IU8EN 14ANUFACTVRERS OF TllE wALLIS & 00. BROK.JIB, amme and test the supe!'lor properties of WATER STREE"' NEW thisLJCORICE, whieh, beingn!.w)rought 143 .a. ;' Be;r to dln>ct the atte ntion. of the Dealen In Tobacco to the highest perfection, is under f!l and U.. ,.. the't"e style of brand.- CELEBRAIED SOLACE FINECUJ are also SOLE AGENTS for dle CJn:WING TOBACCO, whicla lo 'being once mOT<> manu(actofecl onder tlaO immediate auperviaion of tlae .of'i&'lDator, r.e.&e.o. :JOHN cATTUS, THOMAS HOYT & CO I MR. JOHN ANDERSON,. aad now ot."!'do as forme1'ly, wlthoat a rivaL 0"'-a forwai'd e d through the uaual channel& will T .OBACCO BROKill Licorice -St.ick Fine Chewing and SM:.)KIJoitl ToBAccos & SNVFF, OV: 1 r.IRANDS CKIWJNG t lmc"'NYS:DE, HEARTS' DELIGHT, 1 NATIONAL, BRIGHT OWEN, EXTRA CP. VENDISH. meet wi tb prompt attention. tlut 6btwtug. ,fmo'kblg, au.ct 6tauulatt4 TOBACCO HARVEST" 8c 11 SURPRISE IN FOIL IVANHO. E 8c JOLLY BOYS SMt:)KI"'Q, 176 & 178 Fi..St St.; Brooklyn, E. [), r I I INOI:L. & oo:, all 11JSpects eqool CAL:\-BRIA. We have no A!!:e nts. Consl!lmers and Jobbers would do well to apJtiY dir ec t. Licor ice Root, select and ordiwlry constai.tly o n hand. OOM.EZ & ARGUIMBIU. l. Z l SrUTH STRT 127 Pearl Si:reet, NEW YORK. J. S. CANS &. soN, No. 86 WALL STBEBT JOHN r FLAGG. I s wATERs ,Uoorlce Paste and Sticks TOBACCO BAGGING. ;_ss. .. '. / .. DEPOT & AGENOY > IMITATION SPANISH LINEN, F. w. s. F Al\TCY STRIPES Sterry Extra. Z And allloi11d of Goods used fo r puttiug up Smok P S. Baracoo and iogTobacco. Also," .comple-te assortment of De Ros I Smokers ArUc tea for the Trade. a. HOWARD SANGER & CO., Excelsior Mills and Favorite Mills 101S & 107 CHAMBEH8 S'I'., Powdered Licorice. _______ Gum Arabic, : GOODWIN &; CO., Olive Oil, Tonqua Beans, >. J .lllundaoturera AND ALL SPECIALITIES, FOR TOBACCO t PJlmCUT "'OBACCO" I liANUFACTORERS. ;:, lt.D 1 Patent Powdered Licorice. ::E AND CIGARS, 207 & 209 \VATER STDEET. HE\V YORK. FRANCIS S. KllflfEY, MANUFACTURER OF Q) "Kimrey Brother{ Cele,ratedRBSSian ..... j' OJ CICARETTES AND FINE TOBAOOOS, WEST BBO..LDJY .AY, YOBK Cl'l'Y. D. H. McALPIN & CO., Weaver & Sterry, -IMPOR'I'E::RS, Nc, 24. CEDA.R STREET. LICORICE. ROOT I DLUIOND JIULL8-POWDBRED PVRE. LICORICE EIT&ACT-IIIASS Al'ID PllLV LAVEl'IDEB. FLOWEB.S-POWD, ORANGE PEEL-POWD. Of the Manufacture of Oli:LEBBATED :i'JNE-t WILLIAN auCHANAN Pocke-t Pieces. h A'WID C :llcEI.iOY BiOS., Sole Ag'ts, 31 Bc\stcn. Wangler & Hahn, MA!fUP.ACTt7RKJtS Olt Fine Segars NO. 290 & 292 BOWERY, NEW YORK. EDWARD A. SMITH, I MANUFACTURER OF S. ORGLEB., Maai&ractrerotu.oboatBranclsot Pine Sears, PINE CIGARS, a Alao, Proprietor of the Brand Cuba Libre, .297-f 4G 286 Greenwi,ch St., New York. Soh"Warz Spo:q.r, o. 11 Bowery, fliiW YORK. ..... ":"ACTU ... ; ALL '";06 o J'ine .Domest1c Cigars, ... 13 Bowery, JAcoascJH.oaau.' NEW: YqRK NEW YORK Proprietors of the celebratecl branda "Repabllc" and "HJgh and Dry." Other favorite brands made to order. SOLE AGENT FOR J. P TOBACC :Also, Perique in Carrottes, US WATEB. STREET, NEW YOB.K. '" HEPPENB-IMER & J.tAURER; Praotloa.l. :E.d:t:b.OIP"APher oAND PRf NTERS, BY STjEAIII POWER AND H-\ND P&ESIIES. RDER. ) 22,1114 WII.LI.ut S'rUET, lfEW YOU. 1 .J 1 MISCBLLA.!U10U8. LZQUORI:CB -AS&. SPANISH, The I.iqoorlce P .. te of tbeoe brando is made froa prime selected GRUiti. n LA ROSA," Liquodce Root, and guarauteed to contain no iDJredleat fOI"eigll to it. ".&.. O, &OLE ..&.G:IIIN'T. I l De LANCEY CLEVELAND, Im-porters'! Ka.n ufa.cturera' Aent, 1\To. 158 PBARL ST ... N.Y. ETROPO.LITA:N 200 Chatham 8Q11ID'8, 5 & 7 Doyer .') SDLE = TilE l:aEIRATEDl / A IOVKBAD I&AlliOlJI.DS. CIS AI CUTTIB. C.A.RD.-WE bei to Inform the trade tha t we are the !!ole Manu(actcm!n o(lhe f'ar.famed lhnlla Clgars-;Aod'"""havlar learned that other partlV bnitatinl' them and Tob&cc >O f inferior qaaU.ty this countr.r. therel"Oio we c::autioo. the public aot to purcbaae a121_Manna C_!pra 11otbearlnrourtrademarkontheboa:eL .... S. JACOBY & No. 7 Commercial Street, Boston, soLE SELLIIG t AGENTS l'tZW :zNc:x.ANI) STATJI:S J.; ol I I TO WBOI IT' -AY CONCERN. Fqr upwards of a year, -at an expense of we have, through the columns of THE TOBACCO LEAF, proclaimed to the Tobacco Trade, that the ownership of THE FAMOUS BRAND OF .. "' :a tr:J:iL ,,.. .DUIH!I SI. O Ili C r.OB!CCO, l{ad, alter a long and litigation, been settled upen s. both by the United States Courts, and before the CommiS


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