The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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\ VOL X.--NO. lht 'obats.o IS PUBLISHED I'VUY WlmtiSDAY KOINillTG BY fBI fiBAOOO LIAJ' PUILISIINQ 00, Pulton St., New York. -._;._ .oUl Lett.n ahould bo &1"17 o.ddr-to '31 'l'OIAOOO LIJ.J" PI)'IL!SIIliG CO. Terms of the Paper : StMGL& COPIBS, 10 C&KTS OM a YaAR, ..: t. eo 81x MoNTKS, oo TH MoNTHS, 1 oo u-Remt!mber that the coat t o the yearly or m.onthlyaMbecriber i.t leu t.4M& Erj'ltt Cnt11 --ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS ABROAD. O.aAT BaJTAr ANn ts 04 IIRKMilN, HAMBURG AND TH& COMTINBNT, tti o8 AUSTilALIA, II.TC., VIA ENGLAND, $6 :II cu-... --. f5 04 No Ol'der for the paper conaidered, unles s accompanied by the correspond in amount. Remittances sh.euld in ev ery be made by money-order, check o r draft. Bi11s .are Hable to be 8tolen, and caa oaly be sent at the greates\. riak to the sender. POSTAGE. The Jea-al rate of postage OQ. TH& ToBAcco LBAr, addre.sed to its regular 11Ub1c:rlbers_ is :b: tk1; cople. ., letter-carriers will pleue haad the an ,Dwal or fi.uarlerly postaae to the c a rrietra, taking their reuipts. lf any hil'her rates are demand ed, report the facts to the local Poetmt.ster. &-The poe.taae on copies d irected to subscribers in New Y ork City hu been prepaid by the pblloben. THa TGBACCO LllAlf commends itself to every eoe In aoy way interested ln tobacco, either aa grower, manufacturer or dealer. It give annual ry an immense amount of informa.tfon reganiing the "weed, 11 and thus constitutes ibelf a. 11atk IIINU'WM that bas long eince been recognized as atandlDgat the head of apecial trade publications. Itt market reports are fuH and e:.bauative, and come from every qurter ol the glol:e where tobacco i .. otd. liiF' lt Ia the OliLTweekly pubUcation exdu 111-welf to tobacco. (.Fw-Adwrlisi Rat1s .n Tl&inl Pag.] DINISS DI&WI'IIY Or ADVII\'18118 XEW. YOBK.. TDI:Hitto IYrtAoMwl. AKUew W. &: Soo1, ':184 and J86 Front street Ahner at Dehls, 190 Pt:arl; Anea Julian, 171 Water. Appleby .a Helme, 133 Water. Appleby Leooanl L. F 131 Water. Arkeaburrb, R. H. 176 Water. A11erbacb & Meadenooo, 138 &: 138X Water. JlanaeU &: Mack r6s .Vater. Benriao D.&: A., 114_ Nater. JIIU:eaore, Mayo&: Co., 6o Booad. B111kley, :loore .t Co., 74 Froat. Canloao A. H. us_ Pearl. Crawford E. M. &: Co., 168 Water. Dolwa, CanoU a C.. 104 Froot. IhaBoU Eupae, 75 F rftDt '-Jiaert Wm. 17i PearL -.,llacll. F. !\ll!Uo Aw_ ,_ a: Co., '/0 aad71 ......... J'OL Dllla. eo.;, 1111 W'leL Prlecbaaa It Oettiqer, Woter Ganlhacr. J. M. &: t.o., 14 Garth D.]., Son&: Co., 44 BftiAd. Genhol 1.. a: llro., 16 Maldn LaDe. Hawes, Chaa. a., 119 Maiden LaDe. Hiltman G. W .1: c ... lo FrooL Juohr & Ni ... ,er, t7S Water. .kJib & '.79 Pearl Kloicut Tho-51 Broad. .JWtredaoe, WIIU.. P. at C.. ; Fr010t. Koetde .1: S.hert, 319 Bowerf, Jttu>e.-. II Oo., ti!D P.n. Bto. '"' Vfa\clr LUD>tteA.c ..... Pent. ., Lederer Flacbel, H Ceclar. Lev1n M H., 16a Pearl. McFall .1: H_, U Murray. Maitland Rol>ert L. II Ce., 43 Bt011d. Martlo & Johlloot!. t66 Water. Ma.Jer J .. Solll, ua Water. lleyer A. 0. L II 0., 43 J!... Moo:rla, H M Slip aod 73 Waler. Nortoa, Slaughter & Oo., Broad. Oatman Alva, s60 Watc1. 1 Oppenheimer,)(. & Bretber, .,a Water. Ottlapr Hrothen 4' Broad St. Palme a: Soo'rille. 1170 Price Wm. M .!t Co., 119 Maide.l lADe. Quill, j. P. a C.., J9 Broad. lhad &: Co. '9 Old Slip. Relaalaoo, G. 179 Pearl. 'R ... abaua,. A. S. 6 Co., 111 M.aideD Laae. Booeowald, J!j."a Bro., Wm. Salomon S. _19J Peart. s..,.,r, Walla<:e 'olc Co., 47 Broad. Scheldet E. M 113 Pearl. SchmJtt-J. a; Co.,.J6J Water. Wm. U9 Water. Scbr'Md tli :S.n, 178 Wattr. Schroeder a Koch, PearL Sc:luibart H. oil Co. toj6 W.ater Speooer, Broe. II Co., 15 Maiden L&a.e Spl.,....,, B & Co., s BGrB.ol: SUp. Spitzaer C. H. U4 Water Siela AI Ce.L 197.Dtwle. Straltou & ::.torm, '9' Pearl. Stroba A; Fron1. S..ubKhor &: Hofmaaa, 81Maiden LaDe. T .. Cbulea F. It Son, Froo&. Taqeolaont, F. T. 61 Broad. u_.,.., Carl, Pearl. 'llirlfhl, E. M. & Co., J9 lk'oo.d. Zwesar H. a,.S Water. Buy.,. TIJ&u ... 86lVall., P., 168 water. li)R>c>ru!'1 Chari"" F., 54 Broacl. ltadw .H. It Son, 131 Pearl. Sha<:k A. 110 Malcica Laoo Sprotlo, Col.....-_ OOS Pearl. M ... f..,""'" of ToHtJlel, no P-1 M4 .. jMt.'lrt of Cig-..... :Boody Cttaa., S3 Bowery. Body 4tt Procbuka, 354 utel3 Bowery Frey Bros. & Oo-44 V e.ey Glaccum ll Schlouer, 147 3114. 149 Attorney. Goo4win E. W., "'Front. a: Genbel, U Walden Laue. Hollander H. us Malden Lane a Co., ooo S.-II s Ito 7 Doyer. k':fmaa8is=.F&B!acty, saiWdea Luae Kel'l>a & Spies. 3S Bowery Levy Bros. 10 Ill 71 Bowery Levy, D. &I Co., 90 and .p Bowery. Ltc.bte.a.ateln A. & Bro. 54 &: 3-" Bowerry Lichtesteio Broe. If Co. 168 Bowery. Mye11. Broo. &I Co. -Chatham oqaare Mellel M W. & Bro, Bowvy Neullurrer M. 183 Pear :N.Y. Co-operative Clgv Maourg Co. 19 Weat Houaton. Orgler S. 116 Gnottwlcll Schwarz & ht, tS Bowery. lleldeaberc Co. 19 Dey 8mUh E. "' 11 Bowery SI&Che"ll>err M, & Co. 157 P-1 8tntton .t ltenll, 191 Pearl l!ntro 1o Newmark, 76 Park Place Wangler & Haho, 190 II.,. Bewery. Mizoiftnrr of FiN a ...... air Greenball A 41 Wellt Broadwar. Hollander H. us Maidea Laae Sancbe:r:, Haya & Co., IJO, l)J A 13-4M. Lane. T/Jr Citr a,.,. PNMrl Colell H 101 Chatham l_,.,.tert of lLw T_.""" Almirall J. J. Oedar Garda J!. Water Gonzalez A. 167 Water Kelly Robert E 1: Oo. M BeaMayorp J, M .It Co., 14 o..lar. MlraDda 'F. 1tCo. ou .l'earl Bobdt A.,. Plall PoKuJI'.. BrotMr A Co. !56 Water P ... nt,l. A., 4"11Dd ... Broaolw&7 J>elaalak a Guern. _.,..M.oliLk '-vqa Jnoeplt A. tS. Pe.l Tep, Martloez oil Broo., 190 Pou!. Well & Cft. 65 Ploe W Iter. a: Frloc!maa Fmoe .., Pat! Weise, Eller & Kaeppe1, uo Pearl. Vbor, V Martines:.&: Co. 16 Oe .It 34 V"""7 Heppenheimer & Maurer ., Nortll "''lUiam Cigar-BOlt L.IH/s 4nOeph. -""BroadllJ I11tn-Jtai Rntmau JowpDIOII, C. 37 Libert]'. Cigar Modines Appleby Cipr Mac:hiooCo., ts Water. D1alw ;, CtiMHTMJ PJw Tlaackatoo, ehu. A. 67 Wall.. INI .1Jtt.,ui4 .B..Mrs. M. &: S. 44 EltChalljJe Place. SIIIMiir Wileou, Geo. B., 145 Water. CiprfUI Stein, A. t02 NaiAu. AIBAJIY X. y, of Tol>acco. Greet' a A. Sou, lu Broadway. B.A.LrlKOB.E. Tbco w .,,j.,,.,. Albrecht & Schroder, 18 Getaam. Boyd W. A. .t Co., n South. D..-1 W. and Co., 37 Gay K.erckboff & Oo.. .., 8oatb OJaa.,rJes Kremelloera, ] D, aod Oo. Merfeld & Kemper, 117 Lombard Parlett R. F .t Co.. 92 Lombard. Paul Wm., 17 Soalh. 8claroeder J ea. a Co.. Br l!uhann: ... Weac\ E. :E., 46 aDd 48 South Cliarles. WlKhmeyer Ed. A Oo., 30 Sooth Calv,rt TPhauo Ft1C11r1. Gieeke .t NiemaDD, 78 8oath. Obarlet: iioll'matt, Lee a Co., 'J E..cltanp Plaoe. Mllfi(MroNf'l, Itt. Marborg Brothers, s to 1.49 S. Olaarlea St. Wllke.ul H. A: Co., 181 Weet Pratt. PM!tus of S.ti-Lu{ T"'-to. Beclt.e< 'Brothen, 98 Lombard. DuJ,., i H1101n11 .M<#. Stewart Broe., CentreMarket Space Deler&ill Cluu!illr, ... LI/TDDtUetU C(zars. Rooenfold S. & Co., Place. BOliTO Co-iuio MrrM..u Holyoke 0. 0 .. u Central Wlwf. Jlcli:lror_llroo 31 lllnad. BBEMElf, GER,MA'NY. C...,u,u Ahre.Ja1. Fa.llenatein. W. F BlUDGEPOBCI'. COXN. f Su.t "-'/ Tacto. Hawes, E. V. & Son, 66 Water. BBOOK.LYJf, llr. Y. tJ/ TOlaeco. Flarg John F. & Co., 176 and 178 First. Tob4tco-Omit .M.Uiir1 Wulatein Hen!J:! JIIC Myrtle avenue. BUFFALO. If. Y. "llo/.,111 Dt11irr io lUrrJa Nking To""-. Allen & E!Ua. n VIne. Jtenoewq F. & Bade, !115 375 aocl 177 Maio llpevce Bros. It: Co., 5I uad 54 But Third. Manufat:furtr'l of Plug Tu&uto. GeogbiiD .It Murphf, AUUIIOIId. uaf T.Wer /Jrolrra. Un1trmauo. F W .. n. e Vbae and"i'roo1 llorrlo Ill Reid, 4 Oollep Building Md 7,1 West Front. 1 Tbomu, E. It. W, Mana.fadurtrs f Cigars t1111i Dtalers i11 uaf Tu&uco: Krc>ho. J!eiN ole Co u6 Vioe. Lowcntbal8. a bn & Cn.. M Main. Zine, Jacob & Bro., 18 E-ut. Second. Slut/ MltaJ agor Sc:hwill & Dobru.!._t66-t68 Weal Secoad. OJ,AR:M:"VJLLB. T--. .Luf T.._ .Bf.WI. Olulr,ll: ll. "' Bro. D.A.XVILLE. Va. C,..iuioa i! mberloto A Peoo. -t J NEW YORK. WEDNESDAY, AUG. 5, 1874. \VHOLE NO. 493 DAYTOif, 0 MatuJ fa&tunr.t F;tUCut and .. CCtl'. Cotterill, Fenner & Co., n3117 E. Second. Peas1 Cutin-. Hogleo & Pease, Third St. aod Caoal. G DAXB'IJBY, Co-. vravea W. DETROIT, Klola. D'al. Northwestern Cigat and Tobacco CCI. 15J-156 St. MaHufaciurlrs o/ CJe,udr nd s,,#,,r Ttl'hacCD. Parker, Holmes & Co., 53 57 Jefferson Ave Cigar MI1Uids. DeVoit Cigar Mould Co.::. Congress&: Fourth. DURHA"!f N. C. S.di-r 10/nuto. Blackwell "W. T. & Co F A..IUIVILLE, VA. Manufacturtrs f Read C C. & Co. H.A.BTFOBD. Co-. Dtafe,.s Barnes&: Jerome, 236 State. Bishop, J. & Sons, aS Market. Rabbard N .It Co., r8lliarket. Lee Geo. 150 State Loodon & Bidwell, aod.118 State. Pease ll. a: z K. 40 & 4ll Market Salomon & DeLeeuw, 6 A sylum Shephard .It :Fuller, "4 State. Sisson A. L & F 13-4 Kaia., Welles 0 .t 154 State. Westpha1 Wm., uS State. BOPIUJfSVILLE, Xy Tobaeto BroAtrt. Clark, M H & Bro. Dn)IA.IfAPOLIS, b.d. A1'anufat:tllrtrs o f Fitu-Cut Cltewing 11.nd Smo!dng Cbrlstman &!: Co., cor. Mississippi and Peart. Manufactunn of qt:ai-1 atld :Dtaltn "' uaf Tobacco. Heidlinger, John West Washingtoa. ".JANESVILLE, Wb. Padctll' and in Sud Lrof Fendric h Francls. LAMC:ASTER., Pa. D t aler i11 uaf TolJauo. Schuberth, C. G. Bmytloel'. W & C o 30Nor111 ]oho LO:NDOif, Eac. T o bauo Mtrclzant s Hoffmann J A. 15 ALGUOK!JJ Africa To/Jaao Mtr'cltant. HoHmann D. J l.f Rue Mopdor NEW YO:aK. FIJI"Wardml. Agmt1. Hoft"mastO, Heo.!l_d!_*i,i.)tar LOVU .,. K.y. .Plug TQbtt M"IIJtiCIMrtrJ. Fluzer J .tBros., -.cob. Nanufactu,.,rs of Fine-Cut Cluulig an.t s,oltmg. Tobacco. Rob!Dooo Manufactmoa Company. ToO.cct Coissioa Mcrc.Uta. 'WlcU G. W .t Co.,' '95 llaiu. To6acco Brolur1. eler, Wm. G &r C .Q., Naah, M 8., '371 Main B,.tlbraU D1qhr .,,._ Ma,w fctnrr' S'11jjli11. Jungbluth &I Co., 33 Third. :Jbhn-1 io II Aintil of MooifttoreJ Tobueo lportrJ llftli Do.ntic Or.,. r. Greeu A West Main 0. G. A CO; i au lila! a. -i Luf TobtKco. Pragofl', W F 83 Elchtb. Summer aod D1akr in Ctling Tobacco. j&mn, Tbbteeoth and R.owan. :LYWCIDI'IJBG. Va. Miullljatlle de Gales Manufactory c{ HaT&na; AND IMPORTERS OF HAVANA CICARS. If Congress desires to protect and foster the tobacco enve 1t will, at its next session, grant the follow, ing measures of relief:' I. The abolition of the unnecessary and annoying 1 'JIIA.NUFACTURERS OF caution.]abel; or, in other words, the abolition of the p1 u t nheWl. ng T;. bacco, requirement compelling the names of manufacturers to. V appear on packages, whether on the c1.ution-label ; by stencil-plate brand, or otherwise. For all the purposes 11 13 & 15 VINE STREET, CINCINNATI, OHI:O. '' of the revenue officers, the State, revenue district, Err.::!Ch Oilioel at ll!ver Street, and s W, Corner Front" and Arch Stree?, I'hildelphia. factory number, and Collector's ,signature, are sufficient Trade o:nl.y &ollo:l:tecl.. to enable them to trace witli unerring accuracy and dtspatch, an irregular package of tobacco snuff. or .. ctgars, dmx:tly to the manufacturer. To d'emand, in addition to these evidences, that manufacturers' names shall be printed or branded on packages, is not to cawse unnecessary labor and annoyance, r but what is infinitely worse-to oblige dealers to gratui tously advertise all over the world the name of every manufacturer goods they may happen to se!l. II. The establishment of an export bonded-ware bouse in the City of New York. III. Te reduction of the tax on snuff to twenty cents per pound instead of thirty-two, as at present, and placing it on the same footing as other preparations of tobacco. The omission to make this reduction when tile uniform rate of twenty-cents was adopteJ for lnanu factured tobacco generally, was an oversight which Congress, as an act of simple justice to those mterested in snuff should hasten to remedy. IV. The ref undine of the tax to those holders of man ufactured and smoking tobacco, who were to pay it a second time on the passage of the present stamp law, in order .to place their eoods on the market, and the issuing of free stamps to those who have paid the tax under the old system df c;bllection, but who still hold the goods, hoping against hope that will finally be done them. V. The abolition of the cigar makers' bond. This bond requirement ceased to have either justification or utility when the cigar-tax became payable in advance WESTI HAVANA-CIGARS:-SEmENBERG,. & 00., ,, 19 Dey Street, New York, Proprietors of' LA R OSA .. I SPANO LA FACT.ORY. M. STACHELBERG & Jl MANUFACTURERS OF u LA IORMARDI" AID "LA PERFECTO" CIGARS ANDOF XACT IIIT!TIOIS OP LEADING IMPORTED BRANDS. l HAND..MADE CIGARS EXCLUSIVELY. Also, Dealers in Leaf Tobacco. 257 .. EARL STREET, NEW YORK:. l T. J:l JIJCUIUIO-I. MESSENGER & CO., .. DIJI011t.TJIIB8 .A1ID DBU,RRI Jllfj 1. LAJ\IIt.Elii8RE. CJ:GARS A.d Proprietor ot (ke ,, ot.R1' .. 8 LAN Celebrated Braacl. CH." by stamps; it reflects and on ;m Xo. :W.01 Jla:l.den. N'ew York.. honorable and influential trade; it compels responsible ___ and tradesmen to solicit from and' 1 r < G. c HILLMAN & 00 acquamtances favors for which it is humiliath1g t.o ask,' ' and which in the nature of things are seldom of never CODJSSJOIT VDBCD ANms MANUP 1CTURED TOBACCO cheerfully ; it prevents, in many instances poor 11 ITW lUI. 1 K ltl 4 I and bumble workmen from becoming useful pro. SO S'r::ali:::&:T, Nli:W' YO:B.m prietors, and is therefore the cause of i,hatever illicit SOLE IN NEW YORK FOR production iHhargeable to their account; it enables ''FRACRANT, Fi.OWERS" Smoking 'Tobacco in Collectors of revenue to frequently extract money from manufacturers for making out new bond papers under-DOUBLE ANCHOR DURHAM, DIAMOND OO, LDEN CUT CAVENDISH. tb 1 f h ALSO PLUG TOBACCO FROM e ea o a necesstty or c_ angmg, examaung, or reTHOMAS T.&.TJ.OR co.,. w. T. 3 w. GIBSON, SALMON ..., HANCOCK, T'URPDI a. Ba.o., Tob.uo 1Y .,,/l,.us. AuathaD ll .t. Co., uo North Third Bambercer L .It Oo., 3 North Water. Bremer Lewis, Sons, 3U Korth Third. newmg bonds ; and, finally, It does not exist in the ex-T. c. WILLU.liiiA co., a .A. PATTER80K co., NbLTING a. BllR .TO:!I', cise re_gulations of any other country, and ought never LIPICOliiB ;. DOWD, a4 other Jl'aetorlu. to have found a place in those of the Uniteq States. BWck on LUieral Spectal Br;ands f,;,rnished for Ownerll' Dohan .It Taitt, "'' Arch. Edwards, G. W. Co., 4a North Front. liiaealohr Wm. & Oo., South Water Jlc DoweU Jl. E. &: Co., 39 North. Water. 8au l Rinaldo A Co., ,. North Waler. llc;bm dt & Jleil, 531 South Second. Soner, Graeff' a Oook, 10$ North Water BleiDec, Smith Broo. Ml Knecht, >5 llace. Teller Brothers, 117 N ctrth Third. Vetterlelo J. 6 Oo., Ill Arch. Woodward, Oanctt &: Co., 3J !forth Water Mil11uj1Uiurtr'> I Cltnuinr 11nd S""'lling ToiNlurs. Frisbmuth, Bro. A: Co., 151 North Third. IYIIoltstlU Dudtrs, tU. Bamberger L. a Co. 3 North Water. M.n{illtrtn of &ok.IJ &..If. Stewart, Maru,B alph &I Co., 115 Arch M4'ifct"rtrl of Cigan Batchelor Bl'08., 8oS Market Steiner, Bmih Bros. a: Knecht, usltace. 'Theobald A. H., Third and Poplar. lJH"" of SmJ To.licto. Dickerson E W North Thi .. & CigarBoJt Labels aod 1rimmingJ. Harris, Goo. S. & Son. 8. E. cor. 4th aDd Viae St. PITTSBURGH, Pa. ToDae'o Me,,hanls. Woodward, Garrett & Oo. 143 First aye M.,.lljutrlrJ of s,,q: Weyman & Bro. 79 ud 8 8mith6e1d. Ma .. ufacturtrl "E::culs i or Spun lltr and Otlttr Tobauos. Jenkinson R & W .387 Liberty. Dtaltr l in D o mtstic ond Hav aa uaf To ba,:to. Maul &-Grote, 31.! Penn Ave. Manufatlurers of Plug Tobacco. cemCity Works; ], H: Turner, Pres.; .M. Goodmaa, Sec.j M. Hetdench, Manager. B.ICHiiiO:ND V.-. CD,.,;,u. Christian & Guan. Wioe james M :t<>S Cal')' Leaf To!Huoo lllllo R A BOCBEIITEB. :N. Y. Mf.u"'"" of Tobco. Whalen R. ole T 18 State. M.n.j.ur.-trt of C/lt'11Ji11f S....ling. Klml>all Wm. B .It Co., Duler i U4j Toboem. Mooely D E., KUI Mllnufacturtrl of Cltewmg and Smokinl To6acCI> and GuckK, G., Fa.ctOI'y and Mtll. SPR.IliGFI:LD, Mau. Smith ll. & .., Ham pd ... ST. LOUIS. Ko. TobMto IYt!uauJ,. DonoiUe< C 4 B 4 Co., "3llarllet. ToJ.c Co;uio MlrtA.ntJ. Wall, 'Behlo .It Day, s North Becood. Tobacco B,.oJt,. llayaeo 1 eL, 17 South Secood Crrar,aU ToDac co Ma .,fact'llre1"S1 .Agmls. Lamberto .t <.:o., 114 Olive. SY&ACUSE. :N. Y. Pad

2 L;llA.F. charge double rate on express-matter and goods 'par ticularly !table to damage. The JUry brQught m a ver dtct for the pla,lfttiff, and tlne Company gave no ice of theiT mten;JOn to appeal to a higher court. 1 RIS:a IN CAVENDISH IN VJRGrNIA.-We learn from of the trade who have recently returned from that, while many tobacco mamifactottes are dosmg, a general adnnce m prices i5 taking place at all the manufacturing centres The rise m Jeaf 1s presumably the cause of the present upward movement. COMPENSATION AND CoNSOLATION.-Says the Peters burg (Va.) Appeal: The tobacco crop is a bad failure, and many of the worthJest young men are preparing to go W est. But the rema11nder are prepanng to nde a and that, sur.ely, ought to be a sufficient -offset ancl._consolatwn. Vwe Ia /Jag(l/fl/e I ib NoT BAD TO TAKE.-'l'he Paducah Kentuck:ar. remarks "It IS mterestlng a10d pleasant to meet w1th one of our tobacco operators wlho was so fortunate as to buy lugs at to 4 cents, and hold them unUI now, when ,t!l ey are sellmg for 7 to 8 cents. He has a pleasant and bland sm ile for all he meets, and don't mmd 'settmg them up for half a dozen at a lime." LARGE PURCHASES OF GERMAN TOBACCO.-The French and the Austrian Governments have both been maku.g large purctmses of Alsattan and Palatmate to bacco at ptrasburg f-Dd Mannhe1m, the former to the tent of 4oo,coo lbs of last year's produce, and con tracts for the delivery of a stmilar guantlt}; of the. new crop when duly fermented and m a cond1tlon to be use d up m the Government factones. The purchases of Austna are not yet completed ; they have seqtred already about 25o,ooo lbs, but requtre 3oo,ooo lbs. more {o r which they are now m treaty. These UAexpected o()rders have tended 'to strengthen the market and -d1mmtsh the stocks m the above-mentiOned provmces. Treasury Departmt'nt, Office of Commissioner of D Internal Revenue. Washinglon,1April rBr 1874.-Sir: ,r 1 OMESTIC. enclosed I send you Blank Form No. 73, for C1gar ..,-I I NEw YOR.K, August 4 Manufacturer's Book as tt has been re.v1sed. You wtll Western _Ltaj-l..The receipts for the put month (m1 ufv th c M D eluding Vtrgmia \. amounted to I7,SS3 hhds exports, p ease no e tgar anu.acturer s 10 your tstnct, ) that whenever it shall become necessary for them to purr6.577 hh be footed under July.---3,199 4 8r8 4,63 6 2 ,8 9 I 21456 r 8, ooo thea appropnate heads, when the several totals of the Leaf-There was a fair mqutry for Vtrg101a credit or nght hand page will be entered opposite Leaf throughout the week, and sales have been fe "Sold, removed, etc," and under the totals of the deb1f Strtcted rather by the absence of SUCh lOCk as was Or left band page, from WhiCh they Will be SUbstracted, wanted than from any otlier cause. ,l'nces have tmthe dtfference bemg the amount on hand upon the last proved suffictetitly to warrant a change of quotations, day of the month whtch difference W ill be then earned but.. we deem 1t unadvtsable to make any al teratton m over to th for the next month and entered oppostte our quotation table until further recetpts shall have "On hand first day of month,. under appropnate heads rendered regular operatiOns more frequent and certam The ctgar manufacturer when he wetghs out the quantity l he stock that ts now comu:;g forward 1 s not m all re of leaf to be worked up dunng any gt.ven day, will enter spects such as the trade requ1res to meet the exlstmg the same on the nght hand page of hts book, under the demand. Bnght smokers are called for ..!!:Dd would sell general head of" Matenals consumed m mami factunna readily 1f available, as would nearly thmg of a etc ," and m spec1al column headed Leaf colory descnptlon. Parcels, "':e notice, that have been Under the heac! "If sold or returned to whom If for s0me ttme held for the of buyersltave changed consumed m manufactunng, the manuf'l cturer's name hands w1thm fhe Jll'eek at satisfactory pn8es. The week Will b'e wntten m ," entnes are to made of the name 0f REMOVAL TO MoRE SPACIOUS AND ELEGANT QuAR has apparent1y been one of qutetude, though constderathe person to whom the leaf, cuttmgs, scraP,s, waste, 'TERS.-To concentrate the1r busmess and add to thetr ble sales have in (iearlJ a11 branches of etc, or boxes are sold or returned, or the name of the general commercial facilities, Messrs. L1chtenstem Bros. the leaf tobacco trade. Speakmg m I! generaj way, a manufacturer h1mself when he used the tobacco, scraps, & Co, Ctgar Manufacturers and Dealer.s, have transdealer 9 bserved to us, "The market has been qmet but boxes, etc., m hts own factory. Respectfully, -ferred theJT sa:leS'department from their old location the busmess effected has been a good, healthy one, with J W. DouGLASS, CoptmiJSIOner No. 12-1 Maiden to the fine, new granite little of speculatiOn m lt. There has been a_ demand From the above 1t will be seen that all ctgar manu-No. 268 .B<>;wery, wh1ch they have for s e. U'!'e occu frolii manufactq_rers and exporters, and fau lines have facturers are reqmred and expected to wetgh out to p1ed exclustvely a!l'a Cl!;a.r manufactory. !rhis D111!; ts sold r9 r bo,th P:urpbses; that 15, for both manufac bacco to thetr workmen. It ts generally held to be 1m ! nllent than to say, the1r agl) y.oll' what goods were worth, now they force of law, and therefore must, we suppose, be comfnends and patrons wtll be as p!eased as they must are settlmg down to bas 1,s. One feature of the phtd w1th naturiilly be, to t s llijm itt attractive market 1 s that, whe'reas tobacco has peglected )Me1;sfs Rader & Son, Tobacco Brokers, report Seed and comple e quarters as th se n which tliey are now there 1 s now a Je.mand for it, but 1 t IS scarce, and cftt Leaf Tobacco has also felt the effect of the advance m located, t1rs wanting, good, old cuttmg tobacco ave found pnces of other sorts, and large transactions took place A NEW WAY OF PI OD T .,. D 1t dtlficult to obtam 1t. The market IS well SUifor export, consumptiOn, and speculation ; at enhanced l UCING OBACCO .c .. AJrTS ISd d th al pnces CGVERED BY A LADY.-Says the Paducah Kentuckian tameJ an e gener opimon IS liat as the The 1aea prevailed in old times that women were on! season advances pnces w11l not only cofttmue at The Messrs Rader say Havana Tobacco has been in tit to attend to domestic affairs, such as coo kin Y the t r range, but !ire hkely to be further augfatr request, wtthout change of values, 3,5oo bales were and attendmg to the chlld;en. Under a hi state j mented. fh(lugh theJe lias been sp'!'e Improvement disposed of cultute the women have deve!oped a for sclen m fore1gn of .late .the dtfft:rence.betwee!! foreign Spamsh-,For Havana tobacco there has been a fatr t1 fic mvesttgauon and dtscovery that proves them equal aed domesuc 1s still too ma.rked to adm t t of a average inqutry dunng the past week, and sales have b k t d d 0 th d 1 reached 400 bald of fillers at Soc@roo For the in mental capactty to the lords of creation. Just now, "ns expor eman n ts pmnt a ea er says "' when tobacco plants are scarce and hard to procure 1 Foretgn are too low as yet, for an active exbonth the l Messrs Gans report-" A fatr busmess ltas and when, for want of a season to set out plants, the port trade Mr Fredenck FIScher, Broker, een done 10 Havana fillers, wtth sales of 3,soo bales. few that were m the beds have run to hat IS known as reports busmess fm: the month as follows Of Yara there is. none m first hands." Rece1 ed th th W t f N Manufactured-The week has been a qutet one 10 long shank plants," a dtstlngUJshed lady of Ballard v IS mon .-: es ern, 15,594 rom ew County has made a dtscovery that must prove of great Orleans, 461 ; do Vtrgtma, 1,827. 'I'otai, 17,88 2 hhds. Cavendish Circles, though we hear of some sales for utility. She cut off about an mch of the main bud of Last _year-r7,3S9, 571, r,2or. 10 1 6 1 hhds. both export and consumption, and there doubtless -one of these plants and set it out when to her ueh ht Rece1ved thiS year-Weatern, 6o,4S.r ; From New Orwould have been more but for the advance m pnces, the oud took produced a beautlfiib plant. We "'\Cirgm I 6,So3. Total, hhds. which though only begmmng to be perceptible, have have one of these plants 10 Olll' e>ffice where it can be !;1s.t year, 6p,485, S6r, (j,o.7o Total, 81 ,093 hhds tended, as was to be expected, to check transactions seen, With seven fine leaves onit. The main root is ctn balid 1g,NewYo.rJt m InspectiOn Warehouses, more or Shtppers do not feel, as yet, bke paying about an inch and a half long, and shows ; at the end tJliS 311252 hhds. Last year, :15,937 hhds. Sales more t'han they have been pay1ng latterly, and for that .. It was broken off from tht ongmal plant. Mrs. here for this montlq 1S,!WG hh..i!j. Last year, 8,roo matter, ne1ther do dealers or and unttl they Turne is the lady whol made this dtscover nhds. B.ecetpts of tobacco at New Orleans--From realize the absolute necessity of doing so, business may prove of great value to tobaccc:rrowers, Y Jan r t'O July 25, r874, 14,212 hhds. From Jan be expected to drag along at a slow pace As stated "' 1 to July 25, 1S73, 2S,39 5 hhds. Stock on hand a.t by a famthar observer," At old pnces goods can be J ERliiTS oF THE. HuNDRED DoLLAR PROPOSITION.New Orleans, in warehouses ant! ,on shtp)>oard not moved along as usual, but the derr,and being ofuews lllustrattve of the perntctous effect of cleared, Juiy 271 .1874.-9o516 hhds. Last year, 22 313 buyers do not the 1dea of aa mcrease m cost, and the ru::t10n of Congress last winter, m proposmg to allow hbds at present wtll not respond rea.d1ly to the slight advance produilers to sell $roo worth of tobacco of their own Seed Leaf-Busmess for horne trade m the seed leaf that is bemg estabhshed" Dealers cont10ue to gtve d 1 d h ed buyer"S t'ne advantage denvable from goods made before uect yto consumers, has within a few days been epartment rema10s unc ang buSt fopr exl?or 1 t-we notte leaf reached 1ts late and present altltiide, but as this dis-repdrted to one of the prmc1pal revenue officers m thiS a better demand, particularly for 1 73 eniiSy vama od 1 b 1 city It appears ftom the offictal report that a farmer ltacco. follo'lring sales were made : cases rS r tm tton IS at y t ecomutg ess apparent through the f d s C 7 m the supply of the earijer work, the market t n one u the netghboring counties of this State was rean 1 7 2 onnecUcut wrappers at 3SSC; 1S 0 cases is ass uriung a firm pos1t1on all around, and for aU classes cently for selling c.igacs without a license. On 1873 do,ranning,at n@t6c, roo cases 1873 Massachu .exammatiOn he stated that he had culttvated a httle tGsetts, running at ro@I4C ; soo cases r872 State, run-and kmds of work. We do not m th1s issue revise quo-libacco for hts own consumptiiQn, and havmg read in the nmg at 7@8,0 IOo cases I873 do wrappers at IS@r6c; tattoos because our figures have all along ranged.j pretty .-.newspapers that Congress had passed a law permtttmg Ss cases do do runmng, at roo cases r872 up, but wbel may say here tdhat the market IS now J f armers to sell tobacco to anybody they chose to the Pennsylvama, runmng, at S@9c ; 862 cases r873 do,ldo su at our ta e quotations, an that some very dclnravalue of one hundre(,i dollars, he thought there would at and rso caaes sundnes at style s i? selhng e f the warehouse s on esterday. The not1ce had been 1!0 d tn" r f S .n I f h h 1 ? o 'iu1 Y or r 73 crop .cennsy vama, o w IC one England rate has risen to 3 per cent. smce our las reextens!Vely adveritsed, and many tobacco men were entire packmg and 'seve1al smalllft parcels have changed port, and although nommal rates are unchanged at 488 here from the other tobacco markets The number of hands. Several lots of rS73 State Seed were offered for 6o days and for demand, sellmg rates rule at pounds sold were 43>246; the amount patd ther.efor, and sold In Ohws and Wtsconsms more could have from 4s7 to 4S7 for 6o days, and 4 90 fQl' 'demand, $13,o2s.99, the ayerage price per 1oo pounds, $30 u. been tlone h a d our supphes been 1'!-rger. It 1s how Commerctal, 6o days, 4ss to Pans. Banker's The first premtum, fi7S was awardea to Denms TJiley, ever, wW to be!r m mmd that, notwithstanding 'favorchecks, 5u}.(@su%, 6o days, srs@sr67( ; Com<>f Granvtlle county, N. C. t for the sale of ro3 pounds at able reports from abroad, the advance In our to day's mercia!, 6o days, Sw 1 ss 3 days, 5 n ya $195 per 1oo pounds; secpnd prem1um, $5o, to J. H. quotaUons has been partly caused by theDper.atwns of @sr3}1, 6o days, 5t5}8@516ya. Antwerp. 3 days, Graham & ;Brother, Alam nee county, N_ C., for 258 speculators, by whom a quanttty of low have 51 r%@51378, 6o days, srsrs516 ya. Retchsmarks. pounds at 17S per roo, thtrd premmm, $2o, toT. S been based 0n the failure of Kentucky crop 3 days 11ght, 6o days, CqmJones, o(Forsytbe county, N. <::.,for 380 pounds at $66 of rS74. For Hox_ne trade the pnnc1pal demand has days, Ber1m 3 days, per too; fqurth' SJo, for finest smokers, to J. been for Connocucut seconds and fillers, other kmds 6o l days, 7tya. Frankfort. 3 days, 6o days, P Ector, Alamance county, N. C, for 433 pounds at havmg only been diSposed of m a retatl way. Sales-4179 Amsterdam: 3 days, .pfjl, 6o days, 41. $4S per roo I fifth premium, $ro, for second' best Crop of x87o: and Massachusets, 400 Fretgl:is-Measrs Carey & Yale Brokers smokers, to J T :Keen, Danville, for r,ooo pounds at cases, of for export, 215 cases, Ohto, 30 cases report tobacco fretght rates as $30 per roo ) On ;lskmg the warehousemen how it Crop o l rS7r. Connecticut and Massachusetts, 100 steam, 30 s., per sail, 275 6d.; London, per" steam, 3ss !happened nearly all the at thts fatr, and cases. Crop of rS72: and Massachusetts, @ 4 os., per sat!, 32 s 6d.; Glasgow, per steam, 30s, Aat .at the premtam sale of the 21d, were obtained by plan869 cases, of whicli for export, roo do; New 'ork, werp, steam, 6d., per sa11, 4 os., Bremen, per rter s from North <;a,olma, I recetved for answer, that 400 cases, of whk:h for export, 261 do; Pennsylvama, stea.m, 325 6d., Hamburg, per steam, 375 6d, Havre, -'Owmg to the pr.eva1hng m the adjommg coun30et cases, of whch for export, 40 do; Oh10, 633 cases, per steam, 4os, per sat!, 35s. .ttes m V!Tgmta the nne tobacco m them was 'not m of wh1ch for export, 563 do, Wtsconsm, 429 cases, of Order,' and coufd not be got to market" which for export, 429 do. Crop' of rS73: Connecticut IMPORTS. and Massachusetts, 1 974 cases, of wlitch for export, 16 2 The arnvals at the port of New York from foretgn ToBACCO IN IREDELL Co., N. C.-A correspondent -wntes "Thts portton of Iredell county b1ds fa1r to .become famous for growmg -nne tobacco. On a greater portio':l of the the weea can be raised to perfec >tlon w1thout the a1d of guano and other fertilizers. The :SOil is of suffictent strength Ito cause the plants to grow large enough, npen early, y1ellow_on the h1ll, and at the same tunc; be nne and stlky. The culture of tobacco was vvery little known m thts coumty before the late war, con sequently 'the greater porbom of the land is now in orig. inaJ forest. w1th the best of plant bed land plants can be raised .plentifully by only burning the land; .d1ggmg up, and sown'lg seed, usmg no manure or .,guano at all. S!Bce the :war quite a number of the In habitants of Caswell and other tobaccogrowing counties .have ehugrated to Iredell, and tobacco IS being looked to tlid princ1pal c.rop for makmg meney. Some of the .old mhabttants, havmg caught the art of curing, are now nvalhng the self conce1ted lto,bacco-raisers of Caswell. "'There are factones at work at Statesville, Mocksville .and several m the count), wlhich give us a market to: -all the tobacco we raise at tolerably faiT prices The Weste,tn !'forth Carohna ratnroad runnmg throngh our county, affocdsJDeans of tran sportine; to all the Vugmi,a markets, should, desire to d? so.'' .J do, New York, 430 cases, of whtch for export, 2 7 1 do, ports for. the week endmg Aug 4, mcluded the follow Pennsylvama, 4,400 cases, of whtch for export, 4,091 do-; mg constgnmeuts Ohw, r,3oo cases, of 'l{htch jor export, 1 075 do; 'Is. MANTANZAs-C. Se1gas, 30 bales leaf tobac7o, r case coruun, 250 cases, of whtch for export, 171 do, total Cigars. sales, 11,515 cases, ofwhtch for export, 7 ,37s do ExRoTTERDAM-l'I Bat)er & Brother, so baskets ports smce January r, tS74, 3S,o23 cases; same time Wm. Demuth & Co., 1,8S7 bl" We From the port oCNew York to foretgn ports for the herewith republiSh in reply to the above coinrnumcaweek ending August 4, were as follows : tu ; m, the instructions as to the manne' of keepmg the AsPJNWALL-4 bales, r,2Sl lbs. mfd. new c1gar manufacturer's record, JSSued from the office Aux CAYES-SS bales. of Internal Revenue when the record book was first BoMBAY-r3o cases. prestnbed, presummg, m the absence of specific stateBRII.ME:t!'-405 hhds, 12 do:stems, 1,as8 easel, 29 bales. ment oh the part of the wntet, that 1t 11 to a beading in GIBRALTAR-297 cases, that recc.rd that reference is intended. G,t.A,SGOW-330 hhds, 37 cases. HAMBURG-100 hllds. HAVANA-2,490 Tbs. mfd KINGSTON,.J,A.=-2,1).SO lbs mfd LISBON-46 hhds, 224 Cases. LIVERPOOL-1,23S hhds, 99S02 lbs mfd hhds, s3,255 lbs mfd. 1 .. 1-5 do ; P. Straussman, 8 case s smokmg, J. R. I Su on, do F A Class, :zo boxes mfd B;b\cher, 1 k 'ft:. do, Blatremore, Mayo & !lt Jio(e do_, C. E. Lee, u half boxes dp, ng the pncea that should be obtained for t'1em at first hand, as these refer 1n moat inetances to old croP' wh1ch have been held nearly a year, and the profit on mutt naturally 1ndude the Interest on cap1tal mvested Qnnot expect even 10 the case of new crops, to sell them for the same pnces u a re on a Iesale here Of course eYery re .. sale must be at an advance, and therefore tne prtce obta inable by the growen wdl always be somewhat lower [nan our quotauons QUOTATIONS OF WHOLESALE PRICES. Oommon to good lugo 6)(@ 9 Havana FU 'com 7o@80 Jl"etern-Ltght lroa.f cts., Fnre1g1lCommon leat 9 @to do G ood do 8!@ 9! MP.dium .. tol(@u do Fine do 95@1 10 Good .. !!@ do Extra FIDe I I5 I 26 Fine 13 @ l4 Yara I II C u So@ s5 Sele c tiona 5 @ t 6 Mfl.nuJatur d.-Tax20 cts per pound Ltgbt cuttmg lug s @to Pounda-.BRIGBT do do l en! u @ 30 Extl'a. .tiue Olark1111lle and Wtstern Dis tru:t Com mon to g o od lugs 8)(@ 9)i Common \eof. ro Medium leaf u !\@u Good .. .. 13 @< 3)! Fine @15 Se Jecuone 15 ft.!!t7 f"&rgmwWrappers dark do bright Heavy Sb1ppmg Leaf Extra Fme do Lugs Smoken Ohto-In"or t o go od com Com to med spangle d Fme apa.ng1ed to yellow Ma.rv&&nd-F st.'d to com l{ @q. s @ 35 ll @14 1 4 ts 5!0@ 6)0 13 @ 2o 4X@ 5!\ 5)(@ 7 7 @to 6>i@ 9 10 o mon ....... 4@5 Sannd Common s @) 6}{ Good do 6)(@ 7 >i Medium 8 @ 9 Good to fine red t 6 @ u Faucy .. .. 13 @h8 Upper Counrry 5 @s Ground leaf. new 4-@ 10 Q.uotatlo.u l'or Seed Leal' To. bac:coa au.ltable.. l'or Howe Trade. Co11JUCiiCJtt-Crop 1871 and 1873 Ftllen 6 8 Seconds ...... n @r5 Conunon Wrappers 20 @25 Good Wrappen ...... 3S 4S Selectlons 50 @&, Mauac!t.uutt.s-Crop 1871 and 1872 F )llers .. 6 @ 1 Seconds 8 @ro Wrappers u @20 Runmng Lots ro @r3 PI,WSJ'lf!a,.ia-Crop 1871 and 1872 Fillers 6 @ 8 Assorted Lots ro @lo Selections 30 @35 Nrw Y"'.k State-Crop t87r and 1872 FJJIs so @6 00 ; d0 good do, $6 50 @ 7 :Z<; 1 d0 mediUm d01 i-7 00 @S 50, do leafy brown, $S.5o@9 oo ; do bnght red to yellow, $12 oo @ r8.oo, do ground leaves, $4 oo@9 oo Upper Maryland ups, 5 eo@7oo; do bright to red, 7 oo @9.oo, do yellow spangled, ro oo@u oo ; do extra do, 14 oo@16 oo, do fancy, 20 oo@2S oo Ohw frosted, 3 50@4,00; do mfenor tO good COmHJOn1 s.oo@6 501 do greemsh anel brown, 6 oo@7 oo ; do medtum and leafy brown, 7 oo@S oo, do medmm to fine red, 7 so@ ro.oo; do common to rnedtum spangled, 7 oo@9.00 do fine spangled to ye)low, ro.oo@l2o.oo. Kentucky com mon to good lugs, 6 so@7.<;o; do heavy styles do, 7.50' do low to mediUm leaf, 9 I do good to fine do, 12 oo@13 so do selections, 14.oo@r6:oo V1rgtma common to good 5 oo@7 oo; do common to medtum leaf, 7S0@9 so, do good to fine do, ro oo@ 12 so; do selections, 13 oo@ r6i oo, do stems and pnm-10gs, 3 oo@4 oo. Inspected thts week, 743 hhds Maryland, 929 ; 'dO< Olito, 2 do Kentucky, 7 do Vlr&'lma; total, r,6S1 hhds. Cleared same penod. per steamer Btr/i,, 207 hhds Maryland, 141 do Ohw, rs6 do VITglma, 66 dd Kentucky, 2 II do Kentucky stems, 27 do Vugmlll sterns; to Liverpool, per steamer Rzta, s6 hhds, 26 trC6, 31 hhds stnps; to Amsterdam, per bark :Javon, 1,337 hhds Oh1o ; to Bordeaux per bark Ukratne, 922 hhds Mary land TobaccQ Stat.:ment. Sk>ck m warehouses and on shtpboard, not cleared Jan' y 1, r874------_ Inspected thts week ___ -----Inspected prevwusly, ,.mce Jan r_ _____ J4,368 hhds. r,68r hhds. 33,393 hhds Total---------49,442 hhds Maryland and Ohw, cleared, rS74. 26,fS3 Remspected and shtpped, coastwise, 4,6oo ---31,053 Stock 10 warehouse this day --shtpboO!,rd not cleared ________________ hhds. Tobacco.-Our market is more active, some large sales reported the past week, and at a shgh advance m some aistances, but prices have not recov ered suffictent to meet the enhanced value of leaf, on The arnvals at the port of New from ctomesaccount of fa1 lure m crops Tbe tendency of the mar tic, mtenor and coastwtse ,ports, for the week endmg ,ket 1s h1gher, and sorr.e large holders are not disposed Aiigust 4, were 4,46r hhds, 36 trcs, IS hlf trcs, 73 qtr to offer stock at present. Exported this week 6,690 lbs tfcs, SI cases, 52 bxs, three qtr bxs, 162 hlf bxs, to Ltverpool. Rece 1pts by Balumore and Ohio Rail64 thtrd bxs, 20 qtr bxs, S44 ca_ ddles, Ioo cases ctgars, road. from Danville, r 942 h1f, thtrd and qtr h;ts, 1S bales scraps, constgned as follows : caddie.s, 43 cases, 6S kegs and from Lynchliurg, 421 BY THE ERIE RAILRoAD.Toe!, Rose & Co, 173 boxes, by Norfolk Steamers, 347 pkgs. hhds, A C L & 0 Meyer, 46 do; Blakemore, M"yo & Co., 27 do E M Wnght & Co., 247 do ; Pollard, CHICAGO, August I -Mr Henry H. Adams reports Pettus & Co I 176 do' Sawyer, Wallace & Co., rs8 do; as follows. Durmg the past week trade has been D J Garth, Son & Co 3 9 7 do Btll & Brother, 19 do; changeable g1V10g us a touch of good, bad, and In F. W. Tatgenhorst, 32 do; R L. Mattland & Co, 32 different by turns. We have had our usull allotment of do; J P. Qum & Co., 20 do, Thos. Kmmcutt, r'i do; fires, our usual wranghng over ttie causes of them, the Drew & Deane, 3 do, Kremelberg & Co, uS 1;'\ru!ftblers have had, plenty about wh1ch to grumble, the do, Oelnchs & Co., 36 do ; Henderson Brothers, t1m1d en0ugh to fnghten out of them what' littl!l w1ts r68 do W. 0 Smtth & Co., 76 do A. Goettel & theY. had, the city 1ts usual share of"cusses." 94 do C H Spttzner, IoS cases ; Bunzl & Dcrmitzf'r, Our Mayor has put h1s foot down iirroly m i tlie matter of 42 do Chas. F Tag & Son, 31 do; Juhan Allen, 4 2 do; some of our much needed reforms and done hunself E. Hoffman, 3S do; order, 93 5 hhds credit A drouth has been upon us, and floods upon BY THE HuDSON RIVER RAILROAD -Bunzl & Dorm it-our ne1ghbors our board of trade has got a "corner zer, 469 cases, HaYemeyer & V1gehus, 316 do; R H. upon corn crusaders have spoiled the wh1sky trade' Arkenhurgh, 209 do; Schroeder & Bon, 36S do ; C. H. and yet a.n1d all these things Clucago still We Spttzner, 94 do; E. Rosen }'laid & Brother, 47 do, Joseph are not happy, ne1ther are we discouraged, but hope IS Mayer's Sons, 142 do; G. Re1smann, 49 do; order, 197 stronger' than ever, and we expect soon to control the do bulk of the trade of all creation.'' Lest our ne1ghbors BY THE NATIONAL LINE -A. H. Cardozo, 8 hhds get fngbtened by the behef that our hopes may be realGuthne & Co r do Chas Luhng & Co, 28 do Pol tzed we may promtse them that we will imitate the lard, Pettus & Co, 24I do; J. P Quinl & Co, 14 do; magnamm1ty of the boy wtth the ::.pple-not take 1t all De Rhan & Co. I2 do, Blakemore, Mayo & Co., 1 7 do, ourselves-but wtll allow our companions to "JUSt take J. H Moore & Co, I2 do R. L. Maitland & Co, 6 a small btte" Our cay papers have of late mserted do; Sawyer, Wallace & Co, I3 do; H. Henwood, zS several very good articles, filled with good common do Thos. Hoyt & Co, ro do, E. M. Wnght & Co., 4s sense upon the state of trade, our present wants, and do Kremelberg & Co, 8 do; A C. L. & 0 Meyer, 6 future prospects, provtded theyr are supplied withm a do ; D J. Garth, Son & Co, 20 do ; order, 403 do reasonable t1me. One of these a rucles from "J effards," .BY THE PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD.-Havemeyer & a commerctal correspondent of some note, con tams so Vigehus, 2S9 cases, Bunz l & Dotmttzer, 32 do. much pomt and truth 111 regard! to the tobacco trade, BY NoRTH RIVER BoATS -E M Wnght & Co, r6 that I' feel mchned to quote som e of hts ideas and sug hhds Blakemore, Mayo & Co, 34 do, D. J. Garth, gestions, constdenng hts opmwns of far more value to Sc.n & Co., 45 do, Thos Kinmcutt, I23 do, Kremelthe t1ade than my own berg & Co 2 do ; J P Qum & Co 23 do ; Thos He say "* Now we have commission houses Hoyt & Co., 6 do; Sawyer, ,.; allace & Co, 20 do ; A and brokers for the sale of dry goods, nations, drugs, Goettel & Co., 45 do, 2II cases Chas. F. Tag & Son, hardware, teas, coffee, sugar, * m 14 cases ; order, So hhds. fact there 1s here a representative of nearly every Bv THE NEW YoRK AND NEW HAVEN STEAMBOAT branch of busmess known m thiS country;**** the LINE.-R. H. Arkenburgh, 22S cases S. Cohen & Co, 1m porter and manufacturer hav 1 e here tbetr own agent 14 do Wm. Eggert, 45 do, Levy Sz: Neugass, 92 do, -or sell through some house of established reputation Chas. F Tag & Son, 2 do, Joseph Mayer's Sons, 6r **or employ a broker who understands the trade m do J. H Bergmann, S do Fox, Dtlls & Co., I do, every respect, to personally them *yet we M. Abenheim & Co 2 do Palmer & Scoville, 29 do, have been unahle to found but one house handhng E .Rosenwald & Bro, I 14 do Bunzl & Dormttzer, 8: tobacco on commission for Southern and Eastern parties, do; Lederman S dv ; E. M. Crawford, II7 and not a tobacco broker m the ctty f" do ; Schottenfels Brothers & Mayuz, S do, Leis"From careful mqu t ry and personal ol>servation we ann, 6 do A. :BtJUr, 34 do d f BY THE NEW YORK: AND HARTFORD STEAMBOAT are deCI edly 0 the opm10n that nowhere IS there so L good an opening for a thon; mgh, energetic and per;tNE -E Rosenwald & Brother, 1 5 cases ; R H fer.tly competent perSon to engage m thts branch of trade Arkenburgh, 31 do M H Levm, 173 do ; A L & C as m thts city. An ordmary dealer w1ll not answer but L. Holt, 12 do; H Sel l mg IS do' Havemeyer & what ts wanted IS a man fully posted m the wants of the Vtgehus, 2S do; li Zwetg, 7 do I. BtJur, 129 do L. Western trade-one who has been bred to the bwnness Gerschel & Brother, 4 dO'. BY lHE OLD DoMINION STEAMSHIP LrNE.-Read & m the and who understands it thoroughly1 -m every detail, * a whole-hearted, whole-souled Co., 9 hhds J D. Ketlly, Jr., sS do C E. Hunt, ao man,** and to such there 1s a fortune to h1mself and do, Patterson & Co, rr do, Toel, ltose & Co, 14 do; the houses he represents." Kurrhardt & Co, 100 do, H Henwood, S do; P1oneer Tpbacco Co., r do, 8 trcs; Kremelberg & Co., 1 hhd, "* *-.We have some such persons m the Clty-5 three qtr bxs mfd. w 0. Smith & Co, 10 trcs, IS but, as far as known, they are engaged m the trade wtth hlf trcs mfd, 19 qtr trcs do, 1 14 cases do, so three-qtr prornment firms and perhaps domg well enough-or are bxs do ; J P. Qum & Co., 3 P. Lonllard & Co engaged in other branches of the bnsmess and have not 15 do; R. w. Cameron & Co, 54 qtr trcs mfd; given their thoughts to tire trade;*,*** that proper per Carroll & Co s4 cases mfd, so threeqtt bxs do, 6s hi! sons may be found to engage as broker' or we do, 26 thtrd bxs do Marun & Johnson, 201 cases haye no doubt netther do we doubt the wtlbngness or smkg, r do mfd, 330 caddies do, Bulkley, Moore & Co., ability of Eastern and to g1ve 90 cases mfd, 3 hlf bxs do, 37 thtrd bxs

AUG. 5.' roE TOBACCOILEA.P This correspondent is thoroughly posted in the busi14.25, I3.50, I3; I4 at 12.25@12 50 ; so at II@ II 75; on Wednesday 5:1 do, em Thursday 14 do; and on Fn ness and wants of the varuous branches of trade in this 42 at Io@ro.75 ; IS at 9@9 90; 40 at 8@9.90; 40 at 7 day and Saturrlay 909 do. Total I,o8o bbds. city and vicinity, and his remarks upon our branch of the @7.90 ; I r at 6@6.90 ; 3 at 5.9o. 2 hbds Tenn'!ssee Sutl Leaf.T The recetpts reported for July \\ere, v 1z.: trade in thii respect are emtitled to careful considera-leafat $ro.5o, 7o 7 hhds lnd1ana leaf and lugs by M. Anatl'lan & Co 187 cases; by L. Hamburger & t10n. Prices upon all classes of goods are very firm, $10, 8.7o, 8, 9, 7.5o, 6 3o, 6.46. Co, 243 cases; by Loms Bremer's Sons 250 cases; by wtth a shght advance on mamufacturmg and fancy smok The Farmers House sold 217 hbds :-io3 hhds Ken Geo. W. Edwards & Co. 750 cases, aad u2 bales ing tobacco since my last>e]port. tucky leaf: I at $2I so ; 2 at 19; 6 at I7@17.75 ; I at Spanish, by M. Etsenlohr & Co., 215 cases, and 89 bales CINCINNATI, July 3r. :::-Mr F. A Prague, Leaf 16.75; 3 at I5 @15 75; 4 a t 14@14 75; 4 Ill I3@13 75; Spanish;-by Schmtdt & Hetl,6o cases, byTellerBrothers Tobacco Inspector, reports as follows: Ther e 1s..nothing 17 at 12 2s@12 75 ; 28 at 1 r @ I 1 7 5 25 at 10@ro.7 5 134 cases, and 75 bales Spanish; and by J Vetterlem & new to report m the market for leaf tob a cco. The htgh I3 at 9@9 .80; 99 hhds do lugs. I a t $10.50 24 at 9@ Co, I09 cases, and 35 bales Spantsh Total 1,946 pnces:, whtch h:ave preYlililed for the past month 9 90; 39 at 8@8 90 23 at 7 @ 7.90; u at 6 I0@6 9o. cases for Jul:y and reports are not complete. The sales arc fully maintained, the ma 1 rket closmg vety firm. The 8 hhds do 2 at 7 70 6 at 6 30@6 90. 3 hhds foi last week amounted to about 280 cases, and about busmess of the present weellc has been very constderably do wet leaf and lugs at 8o 6 90 6 90 2 bhds do one half of thts was new leaf. c urtailed by the stopping of sales after Wednesday at frozen lugs at f.7.10, 6.50 2 hhd s Tennessee leaf at Milnufactured-1he rece1pts last week were on Moothe Bodmann Warehouse, owing to the death ofF Bodf,II 75, I0.75 day 557 boxes; on Tuesday 574 boxes, on Wednesday mann, Esq, the venerable fatther of Mr Chas Bodmann, 1 he Nmth Strtet House so ld 214 hhds: -II? hhds 66r do; on Thursday 526 do ; and on Saturday 29 do. the propneto r of that hou:se. Ohto seed ts m very Kentucky leaf at 7o hhds do lugs at$6.40@ Total2,347 boxes active demand at h1gher pruces, but tha t which is selling I0.75 3 hhds do and trash at SS:.25@l II hhds C1gars-There is less coming m from the country is of very low and nondcscrnpt character, fine wrappers do trash at $6.20 @ 7 ro, 6 hhds Teqpessee leaf at JUSt now, and the market on domestic goods remams are wanted and would command outstde quotations f.9.6o@JI5.25 4 hhds do lug s at $7 70@9 70. 3 hhds about the same. report amount to about 500 cases ; prices are firm but not materially higher than the week previous. ISO cases Ohios of the new crop were dtsposed f at 42 pfenmgs to-day. Good rllnmng Jots Ohm of the old crop are held at 42@43 pfennigs. R e ce tpt> were on!y 59 cases, per steamer Mosel. $tock m first hands tbts day about 9,500 cases. LONDON, 'July 23.-Messrs. Grant, Chambers & Co report as follows : TJJere bas been nothing do n e m Amencan tobacco dunng the past week as nearl y all that ts m fin>t handi IS held off the market, holders lookmg for much higher rates further on. Should the repoFts respecting the prospects of the growing crop ,be fully confirmed there will be a great dearth of fine tobacco here. Kentucky leaf and stnps have only been operated in to a Yery hmited extent. Vugmia leaf and strips, small lots, have been placed at a slight advance on previous prices, but the transactions ha v e been c;>f a hmtted character Mary l and and Ohto when of good light color are readily placed ; of the former the r e 1s but httle offenng. Cavendtsh contmue s dull of sale The total offerings at auctiom for the week were I,4z3 Indiana leaf and lugs at $9 6o. 6.2o, 7 70. RICHMOiND, Angr,st I .-Mr. R. A. Mills, Tobacco hhd s and I33 boxes as follol'lfs The Planters House so l d 178 hhds -145 hhds KenBroker, repohs: In rev 1 ewmg our market for the past At the M1am1 Warehouse 348 hhds and 67 .-tucky leaf, lugs and trash 5 at S38.5o, 37 so, 29.50, 27. week I have no change oi any significance to note. DUTIES-OF DEPUTT COLLECTO.tts: 84 hhds Mason County, Ky., trash, lugs, and leaf: II s<>, 27.50; 5 at 20@2 5 2 at I9 ; I at t8. 2 S i :z at I6. Towards the' close of the week common nondescripts 1 ---at $8. 25@9.95' 29 at IO@I4 75 25 at I5@I9 75; 1 9 25 j 5 at 1 5@I5 75; I O a t I4@I4 75; ,9, at 13@I3 : showed a sh ght Weakemng, While all desirab l e grades WHAT THEY MA:Y l!IOT DO-BOOK KEEPIJ!IG FOR at 20@26. 99 hhds Brown Co Ohto, trash lugs, and ro at 12@12 75; 19 a t II@II 75; 22 at Io@1o 75 ;1 12 both of shipptng and manufacturmg, were fully up to PRIVATE PARTIES NOT leaf: 3 at $6 95 7 90; 8 at 8@9 95; 45 a t I0@ 1 4 ; at 9 @9.80; 25 a t 8@8.go; 13 a t 7 ro@7o ; 5 at 6.4o@ my outstde fluotatlons. The transactiOns were I,357 TVRERS TO KEEP THEIR owl!l BOOKS OR GET 2 8 at I5@I95o; IS a t 20 @26. 75. 63 bhds Owen 6.90 33 hhds Indtana leaf lugs, and 2 at $to; hhds, I2I trcs, I8 bxs. 1 continue my quotations : OlJT OF BVSINESs. C K tr h 1 d I f 6 t 8 @ 6 t t @ 5 8 @ 8 t 7 @ 7 t 6 r;;, The letter has been addressed to the D e put y o ., y., as ugs, an ea a 9.20 ; 3 a 5 a 9 9;. a. 90, 12 a 90 7 a Bl k 1 -r... I L @ t @ t @ 8 6 t 6 565 ac ugs,verycommon _______________ 4 5 / 2 Collectorat Covmgton,Ky.,by t he Coll ector o f the Io 25 14.75, I7 a IS I9 -50, 4 a 20.50 2I.7S 5 .90, 2 a 5 01 Bl k 1 d d 6 r... 6r L hhds Pendleton Co. K y., !trash, lugs and leaf: 5 at The Exchan g e H o u se sdid 167 hhds:-164 bhds ac ugs, me Jum to goo -----------\:!' 7 Distnct: 1 $6.30 @790; 2oat 810@955; 43at Io@ r4 ,75; 12 I at$14.75 ; 6at13@13o; 5 Black lugs, extra------------------7 @ 8 ,SJr,-Ithascometomyknowledgethat 1t has been at 15o@r9 75 ; 5 at 20@2 8 .25. 17 hhds Boone Co., at 13@12 .5o; 2 1 at n @ I 1.75 35 at ro@ro.75 1 7 at 9 B l ack leaf, common.----------------6 @ 8 the habit Df Dep_ uty Collectors m thts d i strict, in many Ky, 2 at S7.o5, 7.05; 7 a t 8 15@9 .6o; 7 at I0 @14. 25, @9 9.90 26 at 8 @ 8.90 38 at 7 .20@ 7 9 o 12 at 6@ Black leaf, cases, to prepare the regular mo thly reports ef D1st1l-I at IS 66 cases Ohm seed fillers and wrappers 2:1 6 90, 3 at 5 @595 I lihd d o factor y sweepmgs at Black leaf, g d od _________________ -----II-@I3 lers, Cigar Makers, Tobacco Manufac t urers and Brewers at $4.25@5 .85, 3I at 6 @7.90; II at 8.15 @ 9 2 at $t,2o 2 hhds T e nnessee leaf and Jugs at $u so, Black !eaf, tfine.----------------1 4 and also to keep the record, or at least to make certam 6 Black leaf, extra ________ -----------I6 @r7Y. entnes, requtred by law to be made by the Distiller Io, I3.50, I at I 7 so. B h 1 c. At the Planters Wnrehouse 288 hhds and 46 b oxes The B o one House ro 6 hh ds-62 hhd s ng t ugs, common.-----------------7 9 Manufacturer and Brewer. In th1s, however good the -ros hbds Mason Co., Ky, trash lugs and leaf : 3 a t leaf: 3 a t, I 3 .2 5 1 3 at 1.2@12 75; 27 at Bright lugs, med ium to go o J _______ ___ Jo @I4 mtenhon of the Deputy may be, he violates the sptrit f.7o@7.8o; 29 at 8@9 90 ; 46 at Io @ 21 a t IS II@II.75; II at 10@10 75 8 a t 9<'99.60. 35 hhds do Bright lugs, fine smokers-----,.------IS 2 5 and intentiOn of the law and regulatmns, and the @ 19 7 5; 5 at 20@24; I at 32 7 5 58 hhds Brown Co., l ugs : 3 at $ro, 9 .6 o 9 20; 1 7 at 8@8 90, 14 at7@ 7 90, Bright lugs, ext r a smokers .----------2 7 @35 practtce must be discontinued. I now say that Ohto1 trash, lugs and l11af: I at $7; at 8 Io @9 2 at 6 20, 6.8o 4 hhds Indi a na leaf at $II 25, 9 So, Bnght lea common to medmm. ------9 10 after the returas for the month of June, I874, in 32 at I.o@'47-5 ; I at IS@I9; 7 .at 3I 9 7P, 9 ro. 5 ll.hds do Jugs 1 at $ 8 90 ; 4 at 7 30@ Bnght leaf. good to fine----------------11 @IS "no instance shall the fillmg out of any blank s hhds Owef\>CO, Ky., trash lugs and l eaf: 2 a t 5 ro, 7 .8o; 4 a t 6 20@ 6 90. Bnght lea(J extra---------------------1 6 @I8 or any entry in any book requJied by law to be made b y 4 at 6@7. 80; 5 at 8@9.IO; IS at 1o@ r5 ; 4 at 16@I8; The Kentllcky Tobacco As soc1a t10n sold S 9 hbds Bnght wrappers, common -------------15 20 a DIStiller, Ctgar maket, Tobacco Manufacturer, or I at 24. 82 hhds Pendleton Co., Ky., trash, lugs and Kentucky leaf, lugs, a nd trash 7 at $35, 25, I9, I8.75, Bright wrappers, medtum to goo:L ____ -22Y. Brewer, be made by a Deputy Collector, or other Revelea1 ::, u ,at $6.;5@ 7 95; 29 a t 8 @ 9 7 5 1 3 3 at to@, r6 so, r5 ; 4at 14@I475; 6 at 1 3 @rJ 75, 6 at Bnght wrappers fine ----------------4 @65 nueofficer, of this district-and any deputy or otheroffi I3 50, 7 at 17So@r 9 7S; 2 at 2 3. 2 5@24.75 I3 hhds; 7 at u@Ir.75, 1 2 at ro @ Io 75; 16 at 9@ Bright wrappers, :extra.---------------7 @Ioo cer VIOlating th1s order w11l be at once removed, or re b V 8 8 @8 @ 6 @ 6 Mahogan y wrappers, c o mmon to medmm ... 14 @18 ported to the Commtssioner for removal from office No andr ox West ugm1a: 3 atf.4.90@5 51 2at73o; 990; roat so ; 22at720 790; 4at so 9o; Mahogany wrappers,good to fine _____ b 3 at 8 30@8 95, 5 at 10.50@12.75, 1 box at 4 45 cases r at 5 go. M h excuse wtll e taken. If there be in your dtv1s10n any Ohio seed fillers and binders: 16 at $4 40@5 ; 25 at Au.gust r .-Our sales contmue full for the season, a ogany wrappers, extra.-----------4 @5o dtsttller, c1gar-maker, tobacco manufacturer or brewer, 6@7 75; 4 at 8 20@8.55 many planters now sellmg stocks wh1ch they have been SAN FRANCISCO, July 23 Commemal who is not competent to keep .t!te i ecbrds and prepare At the Globe Warehouse, 232 hhds and 13 bxs. 87 hetdmg back from market. Ou r sales for the week H e rald reports as follows: An auction sale of I8o the report$, by la"tt afd regulations, he or hhds Masou, Co., Ky trash, and leaf; 1 at $7.7 5 foot up 444 hhds. Our market showed less sptnt and pkgs Havana leaf took place on the I 7th 1 nst at -5 L must either employ some one (not an officer) who 11 I5 at 8.30@9.85 ; 43 at to@ I475, 2I at r5 @ I9.25 ; 7 ammauon, and we mark leaf U c. lower lugs contmue Jones & Co' s resultmg m dtsposing of a portion of the competent, or qutt the busmess If not you will report to at u6 bhds Brown Co Ohto, trash, lugs irregular and unchanged as t p quo t ations We quote: offer at 71@ 8sY.c, on ninety days credtt. A parcel of me in wrtting, and such persons will be proceeded and leaf I8 at $8@9 75; 44 at Io @14 75; 37 at IS@ Common lugs 6U@7Uc; g o od J ug s, comConnecttcut !eat ls advertised for sale on Fnday. The against for fatling to keep the record, and render the 19 so; 27 at 20@ 27. 41. h E1ds Owen Co., Ky., trash, mon leaf, medmm leaf IO@ I'I goo d leaf, JObbmg trade' in Virgtnta manufactured ts good at curreturns required by law upon the facts so returned by lugs and leaf: 2 at $4 6o@7 .90; 5 at 8 5o@9 70; IS at II y.@ 12Y.; fine l eaf, ; selectmns, 14Y. @ I6. rent rates. The exp o rts were 47 pkgs tobacco to Honoyou. You will please give timely notice of the s ubstance Io@14.50; II at 15@19 75; 7 at 20@26 75; I at 30 The weather this week h a s been cool and dry, whtch ts lulu and r6 pkgs tobacco, ::1 cases pipes to Victona of this order to all persons of your d1viswn affected 30 hhds'"Pendlet c)I( Co i5-y.,. trash, lugs antlleaf. 4 at not so favorable to the late plantmgs, but we have again ST. LOUII3, July 29 -Mr. J. E. Haynes, Dyaler in thereby. J8@9.50; II at I0.25@I4; ,.II at IS@ 1 9 5; 4 at indications of rain. Leaf Tobaccb reports: Received I,og9 hbds, against LIBERAL -It 1s said that m Naples a barber wtll 1210So@:r3. -I3 cases Ohio Seed 6 at SS15@5 95; 4 Messrs. Wm G Meier & Co' r e port as follows:-855 the week. The market was steady and shave cut hair, comb, brush, black b d ots, and g tve you, at 6@7.50; 3 at 8.20@9.95 Sales last month, 5o942 hhdSt agamst 4 806 hhds, last firm all round on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 1 but a ctgar, and call it square for ten ce-nts. At the Morris Warehouse, 271 hhds and 5 boxes-yeaf; receipts last month, 6,479 hhds, agam s t 4,935 hhds Monday i t was easier for low, dark shippmg grades, 3 I DIDN'T CARE IF THEY Dm .-" Professor wtll yo lll have a cigar?" said a man in the office of a hot el. Nine teen men s t o o d up rep h e d T h ank you; don' t care tf I d o !" ToBACCO IN MISSOURI.-A IC'Cal p aper reports that th Salem to'Qt cco works are in full blast, and g t ving employment to a large force of hands. Changes in Business. J N:aw YoR"X CITY.-E. M. Craw ford & Ce. ,'fobacco Commission Merchants, diSsolvred, Mr. E. M. Craw ford wtll contmue under his own. name. & Co., General Lea f Tobacco Dealers, d t s solved, Messrs. R. M. Allen allld M F a uco n contmue under style of Allen & Faucon. CONNERSVILLB, INP.-}. Turkenkopf, Cigar M a n u facturer; firm name now, Turkenkopf Brothers. ADRIAN, MrcH .-McNeil & Schroutz Tobacco D ea lers, dissolved. TOLEDO, 0Hro.-Welker & Muench Tobacco Dealers., dissolved; Welker & Wenmg contm u e HARRISBURG, PA.-C. G Smtt h & Co., TobaccO' Dealers, dissolved. OIL Crn', PA.-Hirsh Brothers Tobacco D,ealers,. removed to Pittsburgh. BALTIMORE, MD.-W1lkens & Kli e r Tobacco Com mission Merchants, dtssolved ; Mr. Fred enck Wtlke ns; has into the firm of Tate, Mulle n & Co. FOR SALJC. so cases of F 11lers and Seconds '73 Grop a1!1o 300 ca_.,.-' Wrappe rs '7f Crop Connechcut, alo fine l o t o f '72 Col::mectlca.t Wrappers 491 499 ED WABLD AUSTIN, S uffield, C onn. N otu:e t s h e reby gten tha t Max Lytten and Emanuel Moees, partneBp. unde r the n a m e and firm o f M ax LyttenJ o f the T own of Red Bank, M o D m outh County N I bave th1 s d a y m a d e ao to the s u bscriber,. o f their estate f o r the eqal b e n e fit o f theu c r ecbto rs, and t h a t s a i d credit on must n :htbtt the tr; respectiv e cla1ms under oath or a16.rma.tioo. w 1thia the t etm of three m onth s. Dated June O. -JOHNS. HUBBARD, 4 6 1 3!. P4TUT SI'B!Y I!IPIIIH. For Leaf o r Fine-Cut T oll a cco; REQUIRsn,by e v ry Lea.! Gnwer C tgar and T o b a cco Manufa r and T obaccomst. C os t trifltn r S.. CASE & Co proprleton, Ch1cago Ill S ampl e at the offic e of 'la. Toucco LEAP. 4-8-t-496: FOB SALE-A Fresh Su;pply of 1.09.000 Pounds GenuiRe "DEE:R TONGUE" Flavor, {.,. SMOKING TOBACCO manufacturers, m lots t o su1t pUP chasers at LOWEST MAitBURC BROS. 141 o1; cr& ... 1 .. st.,_ -\ BAL'tiKt)R.E, m.. D _.'SiR.ITOGA" AliD. "OLb SLEDGE.' II6 hhds Mason County, Ky., trash, lugs and leaf: last year; sales smce> Ist No11ember ; r873, 46 ; 370 hhds while It contmued firm for manufacturing, especially PERFECTLY RBCK.LESs.-There was an oid couple at 3 at 17@7.80; 2I at 8@9-90; s8 at IO@I4 24 against, 44.752 hhds last year' rec e ipts since ISt No leaf :Yesterday, low c!ark grades continued dull the Central depot yesterday says the Detroit Free Pnss, at 15@I9.75; ro at 20@24, I box at 7 6 bhds vember, I873, 46,:z-o8 hhds, ag: n nst 45,954 hhds last and slow; manufacturing grades steady and firm. waiting to go through to the West, and they seemed Brown Co : Ohio, lugs and leaf. 2 at h ; 3 at stock on hani:l, August Ist, t8H, I2,795 hhd, Pnces are not materially changed since last report. loving enough until the old man went out and I o @ I4 so ; I 'at 17. 7 5 69, hhds Owen County, Ky, against 8.276 hhds last year. Q uotattonos-Commos Sales from to yesterday mclustve 490 hl;ldS I smokmg a five-cent c1gar and with hts bat slantmg over trash, lugs, and leaf: 3 at $7 @7.85 ; I3 at ; planters lugs hght, $6 7 5@7 oo heavy $7 25@8 oon at 25c. (rotten scraps) ; 3 at $2@2 50 (scraps)'; Sat h1s left -ear; The wife looked at h1m tw1ce before she at ro@I4S; I6 at 15@19 75; 8 at 23@28 75; 3 at colory cuttmg; good planters lugs, hght ; 3 20@ 3 90 (s raps and trash) 2 at $4.3o@4-6b (scrapS.! h1m, and then opeaed. her mouth and 30 so. 66 hbds Pendleton CountY,, Ky., trash1 7.oo@8.oo, heavy, 8.oo @ 9.oo, co lory cuttmg, 8 : 5o@ and trash): at $ 5 @ 9 wetgqts) -ss at satd,_: "What d I tell ye ;'heletus before we lugs, aridleaf: 4 at $7@7-90; u at 8 o5@9.8o; 33 9 so; common leaf, light, 8 oo@9,.oo ; heavy, 9.oo@Io; $6@6.90; 4 8 at 17 @ 7 90 ; 34 at '8@8 90 J.9@ left '1New jersey? Dtdn t I say you d go and make a at lo@I4 ; 14 at I5@I9 ;3 at24@28l I at 30.25. colory cutting, Io,oo@r2 .oo; medium leaf, $9 oo@ 990; 15 at o@xo.go, 4oat ;' :ZI at of tfie first got'" He tried to 8 hhds Grant County, Ky., lugs and leaf I at $ 7 s.o; 10.50; heavy Io.oc@u.oo; colory cutting 12. oo@15, 12 75; 10 at I 3 @I 3 .75, 4 at $I4 @14.50, 1 at paclfY,1ler by saymg that the c1gar only cost five cents, ;, 6 at I0. 25@12; I at 15. 6 hhds and I box West good leaf, Ir.oo@u.oo; heavy, u oo@13 co; co). I at $r9 2 tt so, 2 at *25 I at $27, I at "'29 but "You teased and teased till net you slfOk-ura -TOBACCO. 1 V J *8 @ I '6 r.. 8 fi 1 af 1 h @ 'f The Manufactu.r:er and s ole owner o f the a!bove cel e brated Braode desire. ugmta 3 at so 9 2S; 3 at ro, 10, 20 ; I .. ox at ory cutung, I oo; ne e 1g t, I3 oo I4.00; 1 at ; I t $32 so; I at $37 50; I at,$3 8-so ; I at g1t. your .boots blacked, then you wanted soda to oay to the trado, t h a t o otWJthstandmg his recent =ofortuu in the hurn7 75-3 boxes Ohio seed at $5o. heavy., I4-oo. I6.oo colory cuttmg, 19,oo@22 oo. $4 8 so, and boxes at $ 5 so to 21 In the ame'tt 'm"' then you bought apples on the train, and here's lag of his factory, h els now to !'!PPJJ the-& wlth tile B W b hhd hhd B h d r 1 f 1 d d OJI c eamekind of Old, 8'weet &Dd at Stock i a these brands, aaAt the oamann are ouse, I45 s: 55 s ng t cutung an manu.actunng ea IS not mc u e 8 hhds were assed, and btds were rejected e n .72 hlias another five-cents thrown away I It all counts up, and h e r e t ofore, aDd w o u l d r e t urn thanktto t e Conhe ver'J liberal potrMt>o Mason County, trash, lugs, a111d leaf 8 at $8.'50@9 .60 m the above quotatiOns. Our market durmg the past at oo. To-day the market was steAfiy and if'ypu don't dte m ) he poor-house then my name ham't 10 at 10@14.25 ; 15 at rs@I9 25 ; 22 at 20@27. month has been much exc1ted and as to-dJ;'s quotations unchanged. Sales Io1 hhds 2 at 11-A-3 Sary_ 1 H e could furnta h wt!moolalo by lhooiaods of the beauty and superfor hbd B C Oh h I d I f h h d d bl I f' smoking qualitlea o(_these brands, but deems 'fit unnecessar y as the y sho w 43 s rown ounty, 110, tras ugs, an ea ; s ow, pnces ave agam a vance cons! era e. t IS at 5 @5 90 ; a_t $6@6 90 ; 9 at 8@ and speak f o r t bemsel ves They have grown 50 rapidly into p opulanty that II at $8@9.90; 17 at 10.50@ I 4-SO ; 9 at 1 75 ; too early to gtve any pOSitiv e OplmOn of the to be 8 70 17 atj t..r..9 8o. I9 at 8r-"-t A SMALL LINE OF SAMPLES -A member of the Sag. a l r eady s ome unpnnc>pled manufacture n have made uns uccessful atte'mpts hd 0 C I 'f -") af d b b h 1 d !.1' A p.a..1 G t b b D t 1 ,rc tocounterfetttbe m Hewt ll refardasaoe8pectalfuor,1f his friends mU 6at2I@:l4 14h s wen o.,Ky., ugsanu e : expecte t :syear, utastot earea pant, e wewout Ii.:zs; I 2@u,Io; 1 _a.t $t4s.o.';".Ciai'$'il's' ' .. e etr01 ommerce, adV15ehtmofanpttemptsoftluskiodwtucllmal'comeunderthelr oboerI at t8.Io; I2 at IO@I4 .75; 1 at I2.:15. I9 hbds Penregard one-fourth a full estlmate Acceptmg th 1 25. I at 2g. at 31 I boft wasrffr;enU'y., one of our thnvmg mtenor towns on 'VIjroroiW:I'I. dleton Co, Ky. trash, lugs a11d leaf I at $7 40 ; 4 at htghes.t of last year's crop, we c?uld 4 hhds passed ; and \ \ds :.fe:e iona bus { a s. In the office of the hotel he was w Solo o...ner,'l. 8 8o'@9.70; to at 10@I3; 4 a t J 5 25@17. 14 hhds West only gtVe Kentucky and Tennessee, 37, ooo hhds; InreJec ted on 6 hhds at $8.20@9 Smce the-day of our a c e ted by a en: oy:reeable gentleman, ev1dently of Lost f orwa rded I .S 4 941 v...._r Vtrgmta : 2-at "$7 40, 7 9o; 5 at 8 20@9 95, 6 at 10.25 dtana and Ilhnots, I3,ooo hhds1 Missouri, ( i )' last weekly 1 s:.e t!Jere b a s been generally a pretty the drummj:l', who wanted to kqow" where.he @13 25; I at :Zo. Total 6s,ool o hhds,foir flromd 1 0 t o hhds, less than steady dema d for the better grades leaf, especially for whas from '-T&he gen\lemand nhot etxl ROY At. HAVANA' LOTTERYr At the Pb1ster Warehouse, 7 hhds and 2 boxes. 44 the annua wants o nan consump t ton, wluch, Canada that of co l or and desirable for manu! t t e stranger ,:;, IRrtty, answere 8 or y, rom e-; I d d I f u r b f ac urmg purposes, t ( 'l'h f t F h t h t525,000 DRAWJ!I. EVEKY u BAYS. hhds Mason Co., Ky. trash. lugs and leaf. 3 at S8@ 1nc8 u e rhebqduJres a one o estern to acco, rom 70 but for darks tppmg grades leaf the feelmg has been ro ,ui 11 100 was, yw a 0 1usMe Class 9o to be drawn Aqg 30, 18731 Class 91 3 to be drawn oct. 1 18?1< 9 20; 20 at ro @I4 75 ; I7 at 15@19 75, 4 at 20 75, to 0 000 s. easier and pr ces have ruled in fa11or of buy rs The Y0f' rave mg ?" "yor my p ou are ,1ay : : :: : : :: : : :: 2 r 7 5 23 7 5, 25.25. 25 hhds B10wn Co Oh10, trash, MIAMISBURG, :July 2 5.-0ur spectal correspondcontinual hp al ancl offenngs and the accumu-asK your name ou m a y e to WHOLE TICKETS, f 1 8 eel ONLY; H attes and Quarters to Proport\0,. lngs and leaf: I at $7 8 5, 6 at 8 7 5 @9.8 5 ro at 10. 2 s@. ent TE\J!Orts ; The week endin g w 1 th th1s date has beer! !at IOn of st c semewhat weakened the speculatiVe feel the lawyer, embarrassmg other. Well ( Addr ess a n to A.. o1; o. "14 75; 6 at I5.25@I9.50; 2 at 23 25,23 75 I hhd West full of ltfe and actlv t ty with tobac c o men gen e rally and mg Hol der however appeaT unwilli t b t t ately), what ts your name Jontt. What hoe are 44'49 l P P a &--waiQu., l!lewYodL $ .,., ng o. su mt 0 1'' "I do t dersta d o sir" "Wh t VJrginia at I5; 2 boxes at.I3 qutte a quantity of the weed has hands -any matenal declme and are proll!Pt in rejectmg 'lower you m n un n Y u a are CLARKSVILLE, TENN, :July 28 -Messrs. M H since our last report; and the i deas of many offers : We mfenor, soft, ro1Jgh.ued factory lugs you selhog '"1 ( I mpattently), "Brams (cooly). The Clark & Btother, Leaf Tobacco Brokers repnrt Our of the grower'! are such a s that no reasonable pri c e for $s oo@5.50; a1r to good do at f.5 75 to 75; comdr, um er_ saw h t s opportumty, lookmg at the otller &al es for the week f ooted up 330 hhds. The market the1r tobacco wtllmduce them t o sell JUSt now at e v en mon planters' do $5.75@6 :rs ; fau to &ood .do $ to fro m to foot, he slowly, you appear to HAVANAlOTTERY ofCUBA. tt-50,0.00 DIU,WN EVERY 17' DAVS. t hough a httle Mreguiar in pri ce was strong and acttve roc., we have heard many remarks to the effect that $7.50; comm n leaf soft to mediUm -shipsa 0' a d d _smallline of, samples. Buckstol!.e says for a:U grades. Some lo t s h 'a'Wing been swapped around buyers Rot open a bo;c of any tobacco unless they pmg leaf soft co to $Io.25; good do he owes that rlru"!mer one 1 GERMAN GOVERNMENT LOTTERIES. 1 Oue, Prize tft Av erage o a Two Ttcketa. Prize s cash e d and Informatio n gtven TIIBODOR ZSCHOCH', until no further tum could me made, apparently some can pay Ioc. ; and agam, we would not sell at Ioc. un. I2.oo f actorj dned sh1ppmg leaf, short dar'k, J8.oo@ PACKING SEED LEA F.-A correspondent of the Springshtpping is no1f be1ng donl!, and stocks will show some ttl we see we can of the crop of I874 The 8.7 5 ; do long j dark $f!.oo@Io 25; do long bugbt $Io. 7 5 field (Mass ) Homer teat/ wntes: "In my journeymgs P. 0. Bo la-Ss) u6 Naua11 St. New Yot iJ depletion ISt prox. Holders of full stocks still estiprospects, we must admtt are not very encouragmg, ; brtgJlt factory dned leaf swtable far manufacabout th e couutry lookmg for fillers and se c onds ana COPE'S TOB'ACCO PLANT-A M.JNTHLY JOURNAI mate the growing crop at one-tenth of an average crop; and if succeed m harvesting one-fourth (U) ot ttsnng $I 14.50 medtum ma h ufacturiflg leaf s9:-5o noting the manner in which soq1e of our growers pack .. smaller holders thmk "1t IS hardly as bad as that." a crop, there ts no certamty of the perfect cure of the @ 11.50 ; do $12 so@ 15.00 ; meiJium bright wraJ> thm tobac 'i o 1 am desiTtous of benefiting the hard p.,ce t w o &llillllila tl!:ngUohJper annum, The crop Will probably COntinue to increaSe in SIZe aS half of that, as the maJOnty of the CropS Will undoubt-pmg leaf $20 OO@JO.OO j goo.J do $)5 00@45 00; fine work,ing !Bnd 'pains taking CfOWer a few prachcal 1 sh1ppers unload and the season progresses Rains are edly be very late, and we must be blessed wtth a long do Jso@85 oo. or suggestio)ls I their crops. It .. A y w u ucem e ""' &c 1a tm.,. Nu or,e r t r M ruolootw 1 now coming very seasonably We quote common lugs summer good growing weather, also very late frost, Plug tobacco has advanced from 2@5c. per pound. ot he _$enera11:y known Jhat the tilers and seconds 'h:": "1 ibe c rrd l'VIildmg n ., ., ... 'J at 6 }( to 7J4 c; good lugS, 7 to c; common leaf, or the commg crop wlll make nothing more than so I FOREIGN .. of our crop are more apt to be damaged than the wrap 9 to medi11m leaf, Io}( ,to good leaf, many fat stems and frozen tobaccos. The transactions A S pers by the sweating process. For these r!!asons, among II?to 12tc fine leaf, I3 to r4c ,. selectwns, ,14r L to have been mostly confined to export grade of aoods al M l'ER AM, :July I8.-Messrs Schaap & Van h b h k h FOREIGN-DV'I'IE8o ON 74 74 "' 'T'ob B k f II W ot ers, now ere near t care IS ta en to get t em m I6c. We had a good general r'atir all ove \ the tobacco from 4 to 6c., and for home trade, }>ought by home v ace ro ers, report as o ows : e have to h h h I bl In Auatna, France, ltat,and>Spoio, the r o monopot .. d I (: mention the sales of 320 hhds M I d hhd v t e order, t at IS gtven tot e more va ua e wrappers. byjOVernment,underdtrechonofaReate.-IaGermanytbedutyonAmer-rAgJon oLthe West on the 230--and we hear that many specu atol'll, at rom 7 to IOC, These reports of the' aryan '4 s lr-Of h k d 1 b b tcaoleaftouaccoJ04thalenperroolba laBe'-'u-tbel--lsrecLon d t d 6 b 1 f J t b h ten times t ey are pac e m ong oxes ; 1. e. 10 exes r01 os too k the chances and again m:ade plantings We know, latter name& purchases spread h ke wtld-fire, consegmt a an I 3 I a es o ava o a ceo In t e past week. 1 h d r h A b r after deductin& s per cent. or tare The dut7 lo 'l c e ol.iat" 1 Tb k t 11a d ,; as ong as t ose use .or t e wrappers. ox 3 .eet lh40 11oldl per tbi.equ.aJ 4s)S,kiloo,J I n from the most posttlve assert i ons, that the week before quently export goods w1ll hereafter be going forward e mar IS unc nge or common but 1 d 8 h h d I d 1 h r Holland the duty is 18 c ento sold, Idles, (18o Amencan pepnd o I I I h I I b h r ""OOd Java IS not only very firm but e e d h h ong an 2 me ea S IS arge an ong enoug Or b etog equal to n7 k tlol n the dut7 on teal no one had any plants, so, we suppose, they must have very sow y, un ess s lppers f\'1 pay tg er pnces Or "" ,r v n pat Ig er fillers. And then the butts are placed close against the kopeks per pud, on omokmgtobacco 16 rou. +<>cop per pud, and o n c.;.-: borrow-"._from t"'eir neighbors." We had agam a the goods. The feehng of the growers generally is, fbr than the parcels a fortnight ago. Arrived 76I hhds b f r o u r:x>Cop. perpud ""' 4' W d Marvland IS do K t k b 1 J S head of the case, fillmg t e m1ddle o the case 'by pa, ck, T urke thedut ll'lifl g ood ram e o not care much about selhng JUSt now at the en uc y, 4,Io2 a es ava. tock f ;; J ld th H h 1 J-.AaVI26IhhdsMaryland 105do0h d v mgcrosswaysofthecase .. No.w,otentlmesthJscutsoff alJTIESO'"'.,OREJG-T-BACCO"''"'DCIG HOPKINSVILl:;E, JCV:, Julv 25.-Messrs. M. H. pnces; wou ra er run t e c ances untl we see m, 5 o ugtma, 11 1 d h M '"' '"' A.RS._ v L af what the next crop iS going to amount to. 64: do Kentucky, 20 do Stems, I,762 bales Rto Grande, a ventl atwn, an r.ottmg IS t e consequence. Y F oretg:n Tobacco iold. J'qrelgu ciP;..,, .. ,pew Clark & e wlfo acco Brokers, report: Re" ') 822 cro Pa!myra, I,370 do Sumatra, 6,900 do Java, 7,50I method of packmg IS thts : we place m the ends of the k:un d a nd.s per, cent, va un .... 'Imported Cigars alao beat an loternar ce1pts since our 1ast report 2co8 hh:ls, to date 10,578 PADUCAH, July 31.-Messrs. M. H. Clark. & do d9 (Monke y 's hair) case boarcs so constructed that they extend about eight :: t'" M ,to be paid bJSWIIIpa at tile Cuotom Hous .. hhds, same time iast yea'r 8,593, hhde. Sales smce last I;eaf Tooacco 'Brokers, report: Sales for ihe ::.... mches above the upper edge of the box, about three-Tbe nnport duty on manufactured tobacco Is soc. p;. 1>1 Leaf at-"mcH:co111ust year 8,623 hhds. Our mar'ket was irregular with a delast )"ear; forlhe current yea r n,o57 bhds, against I I 11 ,ports: Kentucky-The muket the past week hd we remove the boards an d press the t 9 bacco, and thts aloo be packe d acoordmg to the relfu latiousKOvemlnll' ma,de h qe c1ded advance on our low lugs, we quote lugs 940 hhds Stock m warebo shown only a moderate amount of sales. This 1s owing leaves a space of about three-fourths of an inch between common leaf 9 }( @ro }( ; medtum leaf IoY.@I2C; goed unsold, 97a a1ajnst hhds last year. Totaf m to the rese!"e of .1? part to the com : the heads and the tobacco. While the sweating process h,. t;2!' ow b tr ,. ,. w. t tt. f leaf 123{@r3}(c; fine leafi3Y.@I4Y.c. No aeiect1o11s stockJ sold ana unsoJd'; 1 994 hhds. Receipts are' still parative. amount of new supphes lately rece1ved, is going on conaiderable steam or water is thrown off 4' ell"" ""' 4' e' .., offered. We had a fine general ram yesterday, and acttve, and the bus1ncss from h1s time to the end ofl:he and agatn .m part to the helamg back of buyers. Our from the tobacco generally lessenmg the weight of the IS fUBLISHEill though very late, a 1eneral planting was tl'ade by those tobacco year Wtll," Ilii doubted)y, be greatly tn excess of pnces are 7@8 pfenrugs below the pattty of tm case some thirty pounds. Now to me tt 1s apparent that EVElY ftDNESJ)AY KOIJimiJ who still aad some plants in their beds. The extent of last year for same time The weather generally has portmg cost from the. west. Among the sales to note If this steam is kept in the case, that It lS the prohfi'C BY .. Till reucco LUI" PUitiSIIIQ M(PA arr thts planting has been a matter of some surpnse to those been proptttous for the past two weeks, but the eft'ect are 87 hhds neat dec1ded Clarksville runmng lot at 54 cause of much of the damage that is found. To avo1d vv 11 who t}je12ght that the supply of plants had been entirely has t>een but little more tban to save what tobacco bad pfenmgs; hpds dectded Clarksville to good thts trouble and loss, we have taken the trouble to 11'uleon. Street, New York. exhausted. been already set. The adva ce movement seems at a!ld fine, wtth a spr. mkle of lugs aJ?d low leaf at 6o pfenadopt this course of packing and of recommendin g it to Bl.lilliJI., -' -.uhhd d d d G )Blf G. GB.A..r, --.. __,_ .._._ LOUISVILLE1 July 30.-We report as follows: The last to have come to a pause; 1t may be only to ntgs; 1Z S J ;c1 e mostly classw g others On mentlooing thts method to I a heavy packer Aaao Advertloloamedtum, wbetelt ls,cl..Uo4 to rell Clpra market has become quteter, the offenngs increasing. renewed strength, 1t 1s to 'l'Y. '!0 gQOd ful 58 pfenmgs' 36 hhds good dry Colony from New York recently, he apprec1atmgly remarked Trade, Dot onl7 ofthiJ but !ongnOGaatries,lt Is the .beat Prices are irregular, the lower grades of leaf and Jugs speculatton may not be lt:!io Y ds cutting lugs at 4 2 pfenmgs, etc Stock, July that suggestion was a thousand dollars to htm, to Rates of AdvertJSina. are easter, but the better classes are firmly held. The tts sway. We quote as follows: Common to good logs ; 9, \0 hands, r,694 smce, I68 hhds; practice m bts own warehouse m Connecticut. Where ONE SQUARE \'+ NONPAREIL Li'FiEs l sales at the d1fferent warehoJUses, for the past week common h:af, 9@1oc; medium do, ro@Ir, total, I,86 2 hhds; smce, I So stock;, we were talking we were examinmg sorhe fillers, there N:ontba.: .................. -............... '"' __ were 2,248 hhds, as follows: good do, I@iizY.c, and fine and selectJOris, I3@I5C July I7, tn first hands, r,7 I2 hl.ds. Vtrgima-Owmg to being two cases, one of which was packed close to the Two SQu .. Ru, -...................... 3l 010' the reduced stock but ltttle was done The week's sales b d th b t Th fi t 1 d th o,.. SQu""" over Two Column 11 o':t". v-::;" ..................... l 00 The Ptckett House sold 245 hhds -I82 hhds KenPHILADELPHIA, August 3.-Mr. E W Dickerson, sum up merely 35 hhds common lu 5 at 2 @ rennt ea s, e ot er 00 e rs was near Y rt,une e Two SQu.b..;.,..r Two Cot ..... !:. 0n v .. ........... .......... 65 "" tucky leaf and lugs: :r at $ r 5 ; 1 at 14.25 ; 6 at iJ@ Rfporterfor '\he Tobacco trade of Phtladelphta reports Stock July 9 in first hand hhgd 3 3o Pd g.. other was all r.gbt, and both were m the same condJtroit Fou SQIIARBS, ovei'rwo o:e :::::.:::::::. ': 6 r.. @ r-1'1 -J s, 193 s. receiVe when packed. Another thl 'nrr to be obser1ed l s that often -".,.. L...-. Aclftrtloemeotl i n the same _prropo-on, but n one ta' I3.5o ; I at12\:!'12 .75;22at-xr II75i 29 at Io@ asouows:-149 hhdstota134 2lladsd!' d'.., h.hd' .,. T f uo ... 75 7 t @ 0 3 t 8@8 t u,,. -r ->,r. "'"' "' t p t W h & S .:: e 1v.ere smce, 70 s used m the construction o -" :. J I coL ,UMN Io. ; I a '9 '1'0 9; oa go; 43a rrJ .. ,eer ng t ons --& 9 ra; : I I@I; 3 at Io. so@rc.7S } 2 at 9.8oo. 4 h. lias Ltverl-ool I84 hhds; per Neder)and of ked Star Lmeto on nnvate terms-, 24. h cds do do me 'dt'um llalit at I cracks. The boatds should be placed at least threeo: .. .. ------.. .. : ......... .'." : soT I f t .. 6 hhd 1 d A t hh.. d r ,h au y 4 e1ghths of an IDli apart" and when filled leave them on o ... coL""":on"e ... :':!': J::..-.::: .. ........ ....... ... ;::""' ea a Jo gs, 9 o, 9 2 s n 1ana n werp 223 .s, 220 cases, an 7S 7'4 uoxes per pfennir;s. 44 .hhds w t M uf: (: 1 '(, -. Jeaf and lugs: z at $u.3o, -rcq ; 7 'at 9 90 j 9 at 0/lio to hhds 'j bv the Cybele to Antwerp pfenmgs 'and a small atn : terns at I4 their sides always to sweat Several other thollghts II"AGE""R.A:TES 2!.Io@8.90' 9 a t 7@7o ; 2 at 6.6Q@6.90 2 hhds I 59 hhds and .po cases; hy theKmilworllt to Liverpool f;nni s Tb r en uc )' stems at suggest but we are of.tbe that this isdo trash at .6.8o 6.40. :z hbds Illmois leaf at 334 hh

:AUG. 5. ALEX. FORMAN. I DOHAN, OARROLL l 00., I 0 1 M J DOHAN T HOS. CA R ROLL. WILLIAM WICKE. A. M ARTIN & W -1. tc CO., .). WATER STREET .. (i '_,) : .. MANUFACTURERS OF BOXES! 1 1\J:EhiV 155, 157, 159 & 161 Goerck st., 'robacco Merchants, A G ENTS FOR THE SALE OF ALL 'l:.'HE Commission NEW YORK.' STANDARD BRANDS OF YtRGINIA A NORTH CAROUNA Bl .iANurACTURED & SMOKING TOBACCOS Cigar Ribbons. Age nt s f o r the f o llo w ing w ell-k n own V ir gi n ii\ and N Carolina : X. Y. 0ommt.don Jlerell-BULKL.EY MOORE & CO. VIR .GI.NIA ; __ ....:...__;, _________ ...;::.. _____ ROBERT W. OLIVER, Richmond, V a. I Wll'fGFI E L D &: LAWSON, Richmopd, Va. D. C. lil A V.O & CO., Riclup.on<:. 210 net c as b ''PBUITS "CHDON\VHALTf' .OFFICE 1 u tre," "Planters .-141 -WES T BROAD-...,. "Farmer' s Choice, and ocos a n given lOr every caee, an

AUG. 5 JACOB BIIIIU., li!ANUFACTURER 9 CIGAR. BOXfS, SUPERIOR MAKE AND Prime Quality CEDAR WOOD, ., 293 295 & 297 Monroe St., NEW .YORK. M. 1: S.. STERRBIBER lOUI&I AID I!JIIIS, ,.. l!IO. t.4 JEXCRANO:E PLACE, l!l. Y. Draw Billo of Oil the pdncipal c:ltlu j,f Eu rope ; iaaue Circula r Letters of Credit to Travelers. and crallt C ommercial Credits l r eceive Mone1 on Desubject to lllght upon wlllch lnterett will bealfowed; pay to the Negotiatior f LoaAs. 11. W. MIIDIL &; BRO., jMANUFAcTuR$&s oF AND DEALERS IN LEAF! _TQBAOCO, rs? BOWERY, NEW YORK EBEN W. GOODWIN, DEALER IN LEAF-TOBACCO AND J!I"ZBB C:IGARB. No. 226 F r ont Street, Bet. Beekmttn &. Peck Slip, WK. AGNEW &5 SOliS. 'foba.oco and Oommissio:a Merohanta 1184. a.nd t!!ltzoee-. NEW: YOBK. IALil.ALL D:w:&IPl--tear Tebauo for and lo1111 I& Leaf Tobacco baled in any padap bf .., press f{)r ex port. AHNER & DEHLS, DEALERS IN IMI>eBHBS ew .lli!D JOBBBBB OJ' ALL KINDS (W ,.. "LEAF TOBACCO, No. 170 Watei Street, New York. .A.. H. SCOVILLE, Connecticut Seed-le afWrapper of our own packing WEISS, ELLER & KAEPPEL, IMPORTERS OF AND DEALER IN HAVANA_ TOBACCOS, 880 PEARL STRBET, The subscriber desires to call the attention of Manufacturers and the trade generally, to his lar$e stock of "EXTRA FINE" and "DARK COLORED" genuine Connecticut wrappers, of crop of 1871; which he offers for sale in large and small:i:aH:eABKENBUB.GH, Dealer in all kinds of Leaf Tobacco, No. I76 Water St., New York; :LOBENSTEIN & GANS f:.JLE AGENTS AND IMPORTERS OF THE GENU M.' CIGAR MOULDS, LEA Fl"OBACCQ, STRAPS{AND CUTTERS, 1SO :NfW_ YORK. Ex .NOII.ToM. T. J,..SL..WGHTaa.. .B. H Wtsoox. lORTON, sLAUGHTER & CO., liD tOTTII lACTIIl AND General Co1DlllisBion Merchants, U BROA..D STREET, Y. Y : Oo., SuccESsoRS TO IsAAC READ, \JOMMISSION.MERCHANTS, And Dealers in Virginioz and Western Leaf and Manu factured Tobaccq, Licorice, Gum, ,18 Old SUp, Xew 1rork. A. S. RDSIIBIU. 4 CD. DO'O_R'j'.'ER8 01!' HAVANA TOBACCO AND CIGARS, IMl'ORTE:ItS OF CIGAR: MOULDS, PRESSES, STRIPS, CUTTERS, &C. m: DEALDS :Dr SliD LEAF 'l'OBApCO, 11 '.D. "U1'aotu.rer No. l21 LANE.' CJ:IG.A:J:C&o 1 NEW YORK. k a lllCI, LEAi!UOBAcco UElWN BilOs.& BOIQIY, iGa Water St., OF FINE CIGARS r ,NEW YORK -C-.A.B.-......;L--:-tf-7-. P. .... Sl MJliDBK :r..&m'JI, Kew 1rork. J.L a.....,nT. L u-' EUGENE DU BOIS, J. L. GA8.1!BT "'-ano.. COKKISSION !IERCHANT COMMISSION .lei Man':Fa:r:r& Smoking .tJrJ> ;lULDO IN A1.L Jm

6 T B .B. '".-roB.&. V C 0 L !Philade,lphia Advertisements. Baltimore Adverti8emeDt8. Steiner, SJDith Jbos. uel4 H""drickso& GEO. :U:li.CKHOFF. T GF.O. P. VNVEiilZ.AGT. GEO. KJ;RCRBOlT1 & CO., D E AL ERS IN CfrmcTICUT; 1U V.ilU ill YARA LW TOBACCO, ,. AND KANU!"AO'mmS or CIGAU. No. 49 8;, CHARLES STREET, BALTIMORE. TEI,I.ER, BROS., \ P ackers, Commission Merchants, aDd Wholesale Dealers in Porelp and_ Domestic Leaf' Tobacco, $ 117 North Third Street,J'hiladelphia. B. WIJ,.KENS & CO MONUMENTAL CITY TOBACC0 WORKS, NO. lS1 WIB'l' PI.A'l"l' S'l'IEE'l', :B.ALTIKOIE, JIIABYLAND, M A NUP' ACTUURS OP' ALL IC.l NDS O F sOIIIG-AID CBIWIIG TOBACCOS-. -. ... 'IVOOD'IVA.BD, VABBB2T & CO., )TOBACCO, CIGAR AND GlOBAL COIIISSION Agentll JI,_}!'ALK, 35& Bower)', N.Y. .a:. BAT'I'Ill BR 8 1&3 Jr. Tlabd lit., Phlla F. BECKER. C. BECKER. L. BECJSER. BEOKER BROTHERS, 'K:Z:R CHANTS;"' ; J8lfo. Water St. and 32 No. Delaware Av., Philadelphia. No: 143 First Avenue, Pittsburgh. PACKERS, COMMISSION MERCHANTS. AND W AOLESAL E D EALERS IN ForeigD; and Domestic Leaf Tobacco, L. BAMBERGER & CO., DEAL E BSIN1 LEAF TO'BAOOO'? .._ And Manufacturers of all Crades af Cig,rs, :NO. 98 W. LOMBARD ST., BALTIXORE, liD ED. W ISCHMEYER. H Y WISCHMEYER. ED. WISCHlKEYER & co Commission Merchants, A J:ID-D:KA LERS IN LEAF,' PLUG TOBACCO & M ; 'E.i McDOWEll & SOUTH CALVERT STREET, roucco m sou coDISsioN uBcmTs :m. :a:; WWCE, AUG. 5. -Advertisem.enta .}VES'l'ERN ... ADVERTISEMENTS ......._ _________ ""'!"'" ________ CASSIUS W'lii..LJi:s CmoiDD.ati Advertisements. WELLES ct. CO., RIC HA.RD MALLAY J AMEs MALLAY. Henry Besuden & Bro., C 8-N N SEED L E A F R.MALLAY a BRO TC::EI.A.CCO Deal e r s in i 5 4 State LEAF TOBACCO, LEAF TOBAOCO, D. a z. K. PE.A.SE, 116 and 1 17 West Front St., 1. 1631 & 165 Pearl Stret, JIJ:.U, Ill Between Race alld Elm, OINO-INNATl 0 Cennec t icn t Seed-L eaf CINCINNATI. "TOBACCO, S. LOWENTHAl;. & CO ... MANUFA.QTU:RERS FINE CIGARS, AND m:ALDS IN LEAF TOBA.COO, NO. WEST THIRD STREET. w eil Kalui & c:E. Ad. W&IL. SPEN.CE, BROS...&. CO. t 0 Man u facture r s o f the Celebra te& (S u ccesso!s to S. LowaNTHAl. & C o ) CIGMi;i;ru, ;: anLdWW h oleaai T AM B :q, 0 s 1.4, Jllll} \\1. Dl1U And a variety of other grades of l34 Mai n St., Cincinnati, O. I Fine-Cut Chewing & Smoking Tobacco llrSole A,ento for "El BraDd of Cigars CINCDOrATI, OHIO. A PARKb: !tOSS H .' HOL MES. J AlliER, HOLMES & GO., Manufacturers of t h e Celeb r a ted j c & ST,; Hartfbrd, L waTPHAL, I 1 r CQDISSIOlf JIEB.CHAn''" COHECTICUJ IE.ED UAF T obaooo, Sta.te St ., X artford. "Coma. 1. L. & F. SISSDR, P:ackers and Dealer& in I OONNECJTIOUT SEED LEAP TOBACCO, No. 1 3 4 MAIN STREE_ T uem Hartford, Conn. ..,...,... I G. w. N-,E R V E too < .An'd othe r BraJlds of 1 Chewing a 'nd Smokin g T obaccos1 TOBACCO b ,53t 55 &. 5 7 J e ft'efton Ave., tDETI(OIT, llrllCH. The NERVI;) is sold by First -c l ass Dealers thro ughout the U nited States, and we claim it to b e the BEsT'' Fu11:a-CuT ToBAcco that cau be made. The W holesale Trade a Speeialty CONNEeTICUT. -----------------. li:. SJOTJI & KROHN, FEISS & 1:0., 39 North wat,er st., Philadelphia, Pa. .R ST.!RR &CO. Toba.cco shipping .. Agents f o r the sale of all Leaf Tobaccos .,B I MANUFACTll_RF R S OF Merchant MORRIS & REIDJ--1 Jr. _. 48 cl: 48.ST. _CHARU:S ST., IJ.EAF TOBACCO Commisswn lllrcha.ts and J obbm's CONNECTICUT L.IEAF TO.ACOO :io. 2 0 H ampd en Street, _EMEirS SOlS, -Dealers iR ""lA!!'" AND MANUF NO. 322 NORTH THIRD PHILADELPHIA. A large assortment 'of all kinds of LXAF ToBACCO constant! on han d .,8 .. J 115 I WATER ii'r ., PlhLADELPRIA, .rr..IO Ar. 12 N. S E COND S T., S T LO'IJIS. W E ISENLOHR, S W.CLAR K. PHIL. BONN. PBILAD f [or w h e r e i t 'is r egula r l y packed.) E. W. DICKER80Nj On'ICE : Nc. 139 NO:S.'l'E 'l'mD S'l'li.EE'l', Pm:LADELPmA. BAfCHE18R EROS "PECULIAR" CfCAR IWroJ' .AC'l'lmDS, 898 I&rket St., A. H. 'THEOBALD, MANUFACTU RER OF CICARS, .AND DEALER IN 25 SOUTH CALVERT ST. S.W. eor. Lom-St., B.<IIIIORE, JID, BROKERS, BD. NIE!tANN.. OtJ!,oe, N. 4 C O L L EQE QfESKE Bt, NIEMANN And. 71 West Front St., Cincinnati, MANUFACTURERS OF -HIJ.u .. &L s ...._ l J. J". BtD1DU... CIGARS' Boston C. O. HOL YdKE, 126 Vine Street, COKKISSION KEltCHANT CINCINNATI, OHIO. .In LEAF and :MAlroF ACl'l'tJREI) R W TIIOII- S . TOBACCO,. A (knt.rcil Bostmt. COMMISSION B R 0 K E R, ;m ALL OJ' Tobaooo; P. 0. Address, ()llii'CJilll!f.I.TI, O. ClllfCil!IJIATI, o. L8UISVILLE, Xy. CL.&R.XSVILLJC, Teaa, ... .-. J. W CARROLL,, Sole M a nuJacturer of the F am ous a n d WorJ41..)(.o """"'ed B raa dl!i o l VlrgiDia T obaccos, Rea.d the TOBACCO LEAF. DICK, .. PEASE'S' Tobacco LYINCHBURG VA. drd ers respectfully solicited 184 promptly atteod..t_ to. fO_BN w. STOJVE, Ale. Qwuer aDd Mwfactuftf'ofthe W.rtd R euoWIIed ., ...... ofSmoktnc Tobacco, c tt "&.AB.A. TOG-A'' u er. t ND ,, The Most Perfect Machine in ,.. ._,.. I the World for all grades LYNCDtl'li.G, VA. of Fine-Cut, Chewing and Smokingi R A. MILLs, r1r m n .w. rms:-cL.ASs TOBACCO BROKER IIOVSIB, NANW.ACTftlll> n aera:Q Co-llllie HQGLEJ &. PEAsE, Office I n Tobacco Exch-.e, Shockot Sli p DAYTON, OHIO. -lUCBltlOHD, V.A. CBRIB'I'Illi & GUll, Commlaoi o u Mer

AUG. 5. SUTRO & NEWMARK, TIN -FOIL. I H. HOBA!JDER, OF JOHN ...)..,CROOKE, Fine r Til FOIL >le recipients, fever, ton. They made a quiet tour among the dealers in leaf scarlet-feverr o1Jleasles, small-pox, whodping.cough, toba cco and cigar manufac(urers and succeeded in rais diarrhcea, dysentery, cholei;a diptheria, rheumatism, ing quite a breeze. They continued operations yester erysipeHs, influenza; f ague, and, I will conday and the result was a perfect hurricane. It seems sumption. that. a majority of Detroit houses have for some time Dr. Murray extended > his experiments tbbacco, been violat ing the act of Congress which provides that and failed to fipd any ozone in its smoke:-" Tobac c o all retail dealers in leaf tobacco shall pay a license of camp hor, Is,, 4oubrless; the ozonising principle, is per a nnum most of them selling on the i r whole quite consumed in the buming process, and the empysaler's license, which are rated at only $25. With one reu1natic vapor y.hich t a\-es its place is inert as ozone or two exceptions these deal ers c1aim that they did producer;, but I JWill r\!turn this when of business in this way under a permit from Assessor Flan bacco at a future time I may, however, give the hmt igan, and Messrs. Sutter Bros., have already, in their 'to all whom it may concern ,' that delicate ozone testown behalf and at the request of the others, addressed paper is probably the best criterio? o! the. quality of toa protest to the Comm issioner of Inti! rna! Revenue, bacco and snuff. I have tested It thtrty dt!ferent claiming protection from prosecution by Messrs. M\lnn snuffs, and, although puzzled a httle at first the and Gavett ana all those i nterested in the matter have scented kinds, after ,a rtificial fragrance had passed resolved to frght it out on, the line have been pursuTol!ACCO AT THE BREMEN any means, and it is probable that more than half of this off none gave Qlc:;b a lngh to the test-paper as lng ever since the law was passed. Other irregularities ExPOSITION-One of the year s product will be in the Northern States. This snuff, with the fullest natural toqacco camphor.;; spotted by these several ci,gar factories; most interesting and inis a remarkable conditi o n of affair", and, of course, really We supposeJthat by the wor? and a stock of 2JO,ooo wlls setzed at the establishment structive parts of the now appalli!J!:j to those districts in the South where the Dr. Murray the of J.N eiderlander, corner of, Gratoit avenue and Cath closed Exhibition of Agribacco crop has hitherto been main depc:ndence for we alluded m prevl!,)Us articles! andl arine street. In this particular instance the officials as cultu_ral Produce, held last subsistence. It will prove !l dear fesson, but if i to etght per cent. of the total quanuty. sert that Mr. Neiderlan der -had violated the regulations at Bremen, was that devoted teaches these people to diversify their industries a lit J Medicated snuffs are frequently t:ur-en ior prohibiting the packiag of cigars in the retail depart to tobacco, as might have tie, it will certainly be valuable. It seems idle to arising from cold ; for chronic headacne, cold m the ment. among.others whose establishments were sub been expected at that great speculate on the future of tobacco, in the apsence of head, neuralgia o,.f the. llnd, face, toothache, to re-jected to this espionage :ue Oliver Goldsmith Foxen & continental empori um of the properly verified data as to what maybe of lieve the nose from and for weak sore _eyes. Bristol,--J ohn..M.oniborst, Mills & Bettemly, F. Quandt, trade. Indeed, there was the crop as a whole but the fact that shrewd manuMr. Lund has stated that.a flow of m re-Kramer Bros., Sam. Wilmot, lllges & Roemer and -scar7ely a pr oducing counfa_c!u_rers are not la;ge b14yers at present figures lieving congestion or of tte bram often Rothschild Bros Flanigan is out of town on a try m the world tha,.t w:as_ .tl:iey have little faith in a further material appreciation. produces. a secretion /of tears.. Snuff IS visit, and it is matters will not be pushed not worthily represented. me profess to believe that the advance has been mto an omtment w1th butter, for certam forms of. skm to the last extremity unllU h1s return. In the greater the ,prospect of a short crop really warrants : disease, as i!Cho nd:rihgworm. It has been prescnbed, was a q1spla;r. of w;l!ile o.thers prove their in the opinion that sprink led ?Ir colic, rheumatism, etc.; and every vanety and quahty of the h 1ghest figures have not been reached by liberal Drs. Trousseau andPidoux, of Paris, have recommended the produce of each <;ountry:, purchases." it as a preventive of gout....:..a foot-bath of infusion of arranged geographically, snuff to be used every night for week in each month; commencing, of course, and, instead of drying the feet, to wrap them up warmly with the United States and in a blanket impregnated with tobacco smoke. Dr. descending in latitude o I. Ponwoski, of St. 'Petersburg, during the cholera season :Porto Rico, Sa,n j)oarticles we have endeavored, of 1865, recommended a powerful snuff to be tried. It mingo, and the ._pther West Cope's 1'obacco Plant, to consider the question whether pad at least, in Dr. Murray's words, "the of Indian Islands-th'tf original tobacc o .is injurious to the physical of man. a powerful stimulant, and of not interfering w1th _ot}ler birthplace, or, at all eventS, It li,ehooves lls now to consu.ler whether the mode of treatment." It could not possibly do harm. Prof. See, home, of the tobacco plant; taking tobacco which is commonly as snuff of Paris, considers that small quantities of nicotii\e aid then to Brazil, Mexico,-and taKing is, on the whole, either Doxious, inocuous, or respiration, and do not injuriously affect the heart. But, Columbia, which last pro-beneficial. These three opinions represent the whole comp n;d. ith and still m?re with duce s the IRuch-esteemed range of thought on the suoject. 1 the quantt!Y of mcottne absorbed mto the system 1s growth! of Eimerelda. Pal Of course all the anti Tobaccoites are in 'the first list much less m the caseof the mere snuff-taker. Many G A b 1 'I fi d b h of snuff myra, uon, m a most moderate snuff.ta .ken in the secon.s well the fact seems clear that the number of habitual eye snuffs, w e fall to the prec1se way m wh1ch 1t Fr. E;NGEI:-BACH, ... But of all these snuff takers has decreased during the last fifty years, acts. Of course, as, .m a vague wa)!, we can say that llllhtll. Ava., V!W YOIE the exhibition was not con and t e number of smokers increased to an enormous calomel -acts on the hver, and that chloroform ,acts on fined to the raw produce, extent. In the times of Queen Anne, we have the beaux the. heart, so snuff may not only the but but extended to everystate of the who were inordinate snuff-takers, and. acuon through the aura .wh1cb proceeds from It may, m of manufacture, the wh.dse tl.ow1ng lace ruffies were wi!b the "deli some unknown way, stimulate other neryes the G. BRO.,i SEBD .AD .JAVDA )I'OB!CCO, : 171 -WATER STREET," NEAR BuRLING SLIP, NEW Y 0 RK. A. FALK. CHAifEs-s. HAWEs, PACKER & DEALER IN Fine Connecticut Seed _Lea.f 119 MAIDEN LANE, wish to ,maintain." lS. used cate dust,'' speaking with contempt of the pipe as a form :To be able to pronounce on for gnndm[d,owl'\ to of peculiar to the wagoner and the thts question, d-emand an o! THE CEDAR Wooo TRADE AT enor snuff, t? mas:. sailor. On the other hand, the hardy mariner of the as that of Erofessor. Ferner, on. the locah mous quantity of cigars manufactured at Hamburg nat and same period mentio:ls snuff as an effeminate lu.xury. zatlOn of the..iuncuons--of the bram Into thiS we dare urally requires a correspondingnut;nberofboxes to pack are mdadle ldfort Neither, one nor the other emplo"ed the cigar ; and it is not enter. them into, and the manufacture .of the one is dependent cro .vne 1ea s an so a B f II 'th t' be 1 A on the other.. The wood exclustv. elv used for maliing f b 1 't 1 d doubtful whether tobacco chewing, in England at least, ut, a ter a e IOD> may mpre stmp e s b d b h t _a, u 0.usl atnh was then common. But th.e fact is clear that, since there are undoubted!)! sue things as tubercle germs, these ar, roug t from the West lmpena, smp.,.eiS 0 e .. Those ay dayo:orwickedneso and wit, cholc:ra germs, and sm:all pox germs (as the minute obCoast of M and South America, With which .places weed. In the gardens at-When criticied what Dryden writ," jects have been visible in the microscope since 'the r.;J Hamburg ,Jlal a arge export ;lDd the veJsels tached to the Exhibition phthisis has enormously increased in England. This searches of Professors Cbauveau and Burdon-:sander-airy aver yerman produce and manufactures at bui'ding was a co)lection of can not be on account of. tobacco. smoking. It has been son), so snuff and tobacco doubtless possess th<;se full freights glad to find a return cargo, and can differel'\t kinds of the tobacsaid that the vitality of England has never recovered special minute microzymic bodies. These drive tjae afford, to at a low rate. In this man cg .of from the effects of the cholera season of 1832. Others poison germs with which they may be brought into contr rt e Ill thiS attic e by degrees become a growth, aud raised from have considered that our present asthenic condition is tact, as the carbolic acid, the permanganate of potaS-very-unpo ant br.anch of bnsm ess at not ex seed expressly sent for that owiJ;lg to the it\troguction of tea and coffee as habitual sium, and other d15infectants, drive out the contagious by tha,t of any part on th: contment. The purpose from many distant beverages in place of the ale of medireval times. Conproducts of decay. ----. m rough and Irregular b!ocks, countries These formed sidering what this ale was, we think it is a gpod thing we Iu the case of the disinfectant, the cause is meclia iIt veer to st?w away. economl cally qu i te an i nstructive stuqy, have given it up. In Henry VIII.'s time, beer (i.e., cally I is scarcely so yet in the case'of m. the hohl. of:" -shiP. Without leavmg mter and were much appreciated from malt and hops) was introduc!!d. The previous tine yet the argument, ,fr om analogy and slices, and on Its am val at cereals only maintenance of ad"All ye who seek aaure relie f 350 pounds ol wrappers were put fourteen 25other produce, anrl it i.s to feared it vanced price, but the still packages. The wou}d spoll,fease to cona senous effect on the consumpl:lon of the upward tendency of all Orphi .. IIU!thecheotoppress," tmue m the natural course of curmg, or from some other arttcle 10 that country. As large tracts of land in SIMON STRAUSS, IIIAJR1FACTI1B.JCB. or Cigar Boxes. and Show Figures, AJID DJC..U.JCa m .J GERMAN ClaAR MOULDS, PIE18ES, STRAPS, CUTTERS, &C 818 P1:fth. &1:r-1:o (Bet. Ave D and Lewlo St.,) All Jda..U cd .......... Cat te Or4er &ai4 B.eP.*d ba tile Best Style. The Trade lappllcd, CHARLES JUNGBLUTH. grades of this important stashould your pipes and breath a wholesome atmoscause become unfit for use unless it were used at once. Turkey are planted with poppies, and the manu!acture pie. The sales were enor' phere, permeated by the peaceful fumes of nicotine. The dealers had 'prepared 20, 25, and so-pQ.und cases, of opium is well understood by the Turks, it an mous at the warehouses We must apologise for this passing allusion to anq when a small licensed manuf.&cturer came along easy gradatien, and even a natural consequence and the amouat which own personal illness. . with perhaps all his capital to .buy one of. these small that if they give. up arid smoking tobacco, they change1l hands at private But; after all, what IS there absura m the doctnne packages, the dealer fill!!d 1t from h1s hogshead, should turn thetr attentron for both ,purposes to opium sale ..probably swelled the that ?ne series of minute germs may so fill large case or bale Munn finally went as a subtitute. by no means an unlikely event, aggregate to 2 ,000 hhds, the a1r, as to prnent the of other germs? the l?eople 10, and awept about w1th as ,we have: recently seen au the ,late although it is notable that The germ theory of tuberculosiS has been worked out a determmahon to collect tnbute as thfj grasshoppers pnce of coffee has had on the -ronsumption of, that arti consideraole was bought on well by Dr. Burdon Sanderson. Prof. Mantegazza did in Minnesota. He cltarged violation in using in TuPkey, even threatening to make a comp1ete speculation and is still in proves that the sweet-smelling essences of plants-e.g-., the smaller packages; and demanded Jt,ooo fine from change in the national taste. by obliging them to ac the ma.rk.etlor better figures. cherry, laurel, cloves, lavender, mint, lemon, fennel, each one who did it. The tobacco doing a legiticustom themselves to the use of. tea, as in Russia, in Tbese will doubtless be rebergamot, anise, nutmeg and thyme-develop ozone in mate business, protest against this contiqual alteration stead of coffee. This is more worthy of note, as both -alized to quite an extent as sunlight. De Laca found that the /'as given olrby day of decisions from the :Revenue ofiice law is bad colree and .tobe\ccol:iave been considered from time im& CO reports from the f?ni leaves of plants_ was ozoruQ.. Dr. Murray ia-to begin with, b1;1t th.e of Revenue memorial articles of daily necessity in Turkey GEJIEJLAL OOMMIWII,IOJI' JD:RCRAirrs. growing regions are remarkstitute

T 1;1 E T 0 B A C C 0 L EA. F t" AUG. 5 THOMAS HOYT & CO .. 14ANUFlCTURERS '1' Chewing and SM::JKINO ToBAccos & SNUFF< 01.Tfl llR ANDS CHEWJN{l IUNNYSlDE, HEARTS' DELIGHT, 1iATIONAL, BRIGHT OWEN, D:TRA CAVENDISH. '04 and f.o6 Pearl St., York Cit?. 1'"nMA'I HOY'!'. CHAS. G. HOYT. : 0 e -'l'oba.cco :Ma.nua.ctu.rere. JOHN AND'tKSON & oo., MANUFACTURERS OF THE SOLACH m rmm TDWCIIS 114. and 116 LIBERTY STREET. NEW YORK, Beg to attentloo or the DealersiD Tobo.cco ta &1>4 tho ,... CELEBRi!ED soLACE FINECUT CJn."WDDG TOBA.COO, hkla ia: 'being oace more maaoractured ander the knmed!ate eu.perriaioD. of the origiutor, MR. JOHN ANDERSON, .. ._,.E PASTE WALLIS & c;JO. BXTRA. Tobaeoo manufacturers a:1d trade in genera.!.' are partir the brand of Licorice S)ick aDd now ot:u>d., 11J1 formerly, wlthoot a rl..L Orden! forwarded tlaroucJa the uDal clwtoela wUI ,.. eet with prompt atteatioa. IIIWODL .... --ouv., F .FLA.CC In an respects equal to CALABRIA. II.AJIW.u:TWJIS& OF ALL GKAJ)&S OP C!lnt 81stwtng, cfmolttng, ad 6cauulat.ell TOBACCO HARVEST" tc ."SURPRISE" .IN FOIL IVANHOE tc JOLLY BOYS SMOKitlQ, 176 & 178 First St.. Brooklyn, E. D JOHN r FLAGG, l s. WATERS. T8BACCO BAGGING. IMITATION SPANISH LINEN, PANCY STRIPES, A!id all W.,d1 of Goode used for puttiog up SmekJD& Tobacco. Also, complete auortmeut of Smok.en Articles for the Trade. HOWARD SANGER & CO., 10G & 107 CHAMBERS S'I'., NEW Y ORK. We have no Consams arul J obberil 'WOuld do 'Well to aprly direct. Licorice Root. select and ordinary constautly on hand. GOMEZ' & ARGUIMBAU. 29 l 31 SCUTH STREET L'loorice Paste aix1 Sticks. G.S. w.s. F.W.S. Sterry Extra. P. S. Baracco and Pignatella. DeRosa. : .I Excelsior Mills and Favorite Mills Powdered Licorice. m GwnArabic. GOODWIN' & CO., ()live Oil, Tonqua :Beans; >. lllanUCaetu.rera 1 AND ALL SPECIALiTIES FOR TOBACCO t PINE-CUT TOBACCO MANUFACTURERS. :::l Patent 0 H 0 M H J:rt DEPOT & AGENCY Of the Manufacture of :!E 4-ND CIGARS,, (W) 20'1 & 209 i ATER STDEET. NEW (W) FRANCIS S. KINNEY, MANUFACTURER OF II Kinney Brother{ Gelearated Rll&Sian ::: 0 [ CICARETTES AND FINE TOBACCO.S, 141 BB0..4.DTY .AY, NEW YORK CITY, D. H. McALPIN &_CO-! G. GAIL &: AX, ViriiR Leaf and Navy 'I BALTIMORE, SMOKING TOBACCO., AT Weaver & Sterry, IMPORTERs, LICORICE ROOT. DIAJIOND lll:u.LS-POWDBRBD PURE, LICORICE BXTllACT-JII.AIIS AND PULV LAVENDER FLOWEllS-PO:W1D. ORAl'IGE PEEL-POW'D I OILS-Al'IIIIE, BEKGAliiOT, CASSIA. OILS-ROSE, TRUE KIIIS.urL'J.K:, OLtv.B OIL, IUIILUIE-sr&Pher: BUCHNER, 2 EN C RAVE .RS AND P Rl NT E RS, lYJADDUX Successor to RoBITCHECX: & TAUSSIG CE '_:a.& TED BBAlfDS OF II!> BY ITEAJII POWElL AND HAIID I"REIIthCiil. BROTHERS; CHARLES A. WULFF, Lithoga:pher, Printer, ll&.llufactu!rer of ,IBE-Buro=Ciiwiio TOBACCOS and S'OKING NChonT, '" 38 ""' 5 6s, 7"' 8" 90 '"" OOl!r-.utTLY 011 HAJID AIID JIBW EDQKI JLU)JI) TO .>RDER, 1 ,.. J.W. at r s ace, aa, .nl1 gs, ,.., sa, 68, ?fJ, 88, 9a. Jc& --... s Cballen"", !be. i Ktag Phthp, u and :H l:iTOBT:Il W'llol.all 8'1'ID'l' nw YOilt. OBA.,OO AND OJl!AB Thick. I . V U brt. dd<, : "ACME" Fancy Brt. '--,.. Magrie J PonodS, .l Havana SIXeB, Cheroots, ANanara-tt, 'Tecamaeh,zoo, 1' le:a:andra, Peuleu, STREET, I : a NEW YORX. BGat Navy PoaDda. Le-tl l'lla4llllao Look-oat Half Navies. J, Q, PUI'Illutterlly TWist. i. C. Maolol.,' Pocket-plecel. C. -..dux' Half Navies. C. Jladda1' Golden EiA'ht ounces. J. G. Dill' u The Pet," PouDd1 Q, DID'" Mia Jeoaie." & Dlll'l "Gur Choice.'' J. G. DOl' "Glp117 Queeo, Smoking, AND t:l A Large Assortment Coostaritly on Rand. ll O::hatham St., cor, William, Ill. Ye WARDROP a 203 &: 205 Lewis DEALERS IN SPANISH CEDAR FOR CIG.I..R. BOXES, .Stock always on '1. D .ealer in Seed Lea:f Tobacco, P.M. DINBEE & SON, 1 COr. -SIXTH


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