The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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I .... 1 voL x.--No. 2s. NEW WEDNESDAY, AUG. 2(), 1874. WHOLE NO. 496 lkt VJobatto IS P U BLISHE D EV:EBt KOilOONG llY c. Till rtBACCO LEU'' PDBLISRING CO, 14-2 FultQtl. St., New York. -;.-.ll Letter ahould be pl&inly ad.dreued. to "D& :roucco LUJ'"' 1'11JL1SIW1m co. Terms ;Of the Paper : Sni GLa CoPIES, -... to CBN'TS 0 M a YllAR., -k eo 81X MONTHS, --$2 00 THRK R M oN T H S, I oo B'"' Remc:mber that the cost tD the y early or monthly aubscriber i sl111 iluN E i rJU Crnts jw .. ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS GaaAT BRITAIN AND CAN.A:r>A I s o-4 B&MBM, HAMBURG AND T H E 00NTJNBNT1 J6 o 8 AusTJtALlA. &TC,, VIA E NGLAND, U :>i c us.A, -s ot No Qtdeu for the paper considered. aaleu accompanied by the corresponding amouut. R emittanc e s shoul d tn every iuatauce, be made bJ check or draft. BUt s are lia hl e to b e stolen, and can pnly be sent a.t the greatea\ Nit to the,...nder. "PO STAGE. The Jerai rate of pos t a g e on ... THB ToBACCO LEAP", addreMed t p its regular subscriber-a, i cop l e B letter-c arriers will pleu e ha.nd the annllal or quarterly pos t age to the curien, u:king their receipts. lf a n y higher rates are demanded, re-p ort the facts to the local Pastmaster. .:irThe postaJCe on directed to sub-1Cri8ersio New Yo r k City b as been p r f\) a i d -'by the publlsben. L THK T o LaAF commende i tae1f to every one in an sted In t obacco, eithh as grow .., o r d ealer. J t annually au t of informa t JOO re_garding the -.....s," II1Ml thus con!'titutes iUell a tHJM dlat 1au Jcmg sin c e bee n recognized aa ataoding at the head of apecial trade publication!. Its market reports are full and exhaustive, and :!rr.maoU.ery qearte r the slot e where liiF' It i t the ONLTweetly pablicatioo nclu. alvely det'Ote-d to tobaccn. LFtn-.A.w.rtUi" r R,-,t l s MV Tlt.inl PPl WSINISS lwt'rORY or ADVIBTISIBS K ,5W YOR.K Tobco IIYn..,..,. Apew W &: Sq., ... aBdJS6 Fn>aii!Ueori" M II! Co. 157 Pearl St.naiton & 8term, 191 Pearl l!utro & Ne.,...arlt, 76 Parlt Plaee w.,.1..-& HaJua, '90 &: .,. Bo_,-. Mtllf".fllttarm of Ii"' IU-Of Greeuball A wes t Broadway. HoUaDde r H. Midden Laae Saochez, Haya & Ce., 13.3 & 154 K Lade. T.U G Bro..l-7 Pell&lok A: 8J W Uliam. 1o1-011 M. A .L 85 Malden. :t.u. ve,-. ,_pb .&.. ,.., Pearl y_., M.art1Dea & Br'Dil., 190 P...-1. Well & Co. 65 Pt ... FreDe, "'3 Pearl Weiss, EJ1er & Kaeppel, uo Pearl. Vbor, V Martinez. & Co., 26 Cedar Manufa< lury 8 .t Co., 1109 Pearl. 1 &Niemeyer, 175 Water DAKVILLil. v.. 91r.h o/1' L f Pemborto .. t L .1 DAYTOK,O Ma"lnl/adwwrs 'Fi 'M-CN I cn.'J HM:ce-o. Cotterill, Fenner a co., 113117 E. Second. NEW YORK. WEDNESDAY, AUG. 26, 1874 Tttba cco lEW IDVERTISEIEIITS THIS WEEK DETROIT, Biola, tJU D'"l Northwestern Ciga.r and Tobacco Co., 152-156 Randolph St. MaNufacturers .,a Sfll4iin r Par ker, Holmes & Co.; S3-57 jefferson Ave Cirar Moulds. D etroit Cigar Mou l d Oo & Fourth. S.diwg TobMIO, Bl ackwell W T. &: Co M'!"'f/hlrn-s 1/ Twi st. C. C & Cn. HARTFORD, Co-. Plcerr ,,J DtaJ"s Barnes Jerome, :rs6 State. Bishop, J, & Sons, 16 Market. H bbai-d N .t C o., 18 Karlr. et. Le e Geo., r!O State. THIRD PAG!:, Notte., ofCopartnenidp; J, Bucb, 1!'!11 Water Street. New York. Bay Rumfor Flavorln; J, W. Carle, 25 Old Slip, N e w Y ork. KOBGII '1'0 8V.8GBIBIIB8. WE HA.VE FAILED TO REGEIVE CON IIDERABLB Sl1JIII 011' .OSIIIY, IJECAUIIE OUR PATl\01111 WILL PERIIST m IIEliiDIIQ BANK BILLS TH&OUQH THE BAlLI. WB .&aB, 011' COURSE, NOT RESPO.I!iIIIILE PO& AJIY BO-Y THUll II'OOLIIIHLY LOST, BUT IT IS .A.JIIIOYDIQ TO US THAT OUR FRIENDS SHOULD BE 10 CAIUCLESI. SE!JD Ull CHECKS, DRAF'TS, OR XO-Y ORDERI-IIBVER CU&REJIWY, OUR PLATFORM. London & B idwell, n6 and uS State. Peaae H. A Z. X:. 40 &. .p llarket Salomoo& DeLeeuw, 6 Asylum Shephard .t Fuller, State. If Congress desires to protect and foster the tobacco W tpha l Wm., .. s State. ir.dustry, from which an immense revenue is annually HOPK.DfSVILLE, Jt,.. -Toi-ce o Brol., cor. Mlulaaippl and Pearl. JAliESVILLE, Wb. requirement compelling the names of manufacturers to IJealt!r LJf. appea k h th h Feudrich Francia. r on pac ages, e er on t e c:.ution-label, by stencil-plate, brand, or otherwise. For all the purposes Schabort.h, c. G. of the revenue officers, the State, revenue district, FRED'K DeBARY co., 41 & WARREN STREET, NEW YORK. SOLE FOR THE SALE OF THE EL PRINCIPE DE GALES.CI.GAR.S, Kaooufactured at the KEY_ WEST BRANCH of the oelebrated El Principe de Gales Manufactory of HaT&Dao AN}) I MPORTERS OF HAVANA CICARS. -; C W. ALl.EN. ALLEN I & ELLIS A. D ELLIS. .ILUIUFACTURER!I OF U, 13 .. & lli VINE STREET, CINCINNATI, OHIO. Era.nch O!!lces a.t 43 B!ver Street, Chicago, a.nd S. W. Corner Front a.nd Arch Streets, Phllatl.elph!a.. lli70f"obb:b:15 T.rade ozU.y &olJ.o:l.t:ed.. WEST .: SEIDENBERG & co., 19 Dey S&reet, New .York, .Proprietors oC the.' of Tohcco OroolteJ. J 38 Crosby& 163& Mulbc,. Tncc Batzi"t factory number, and Collector s signature, are sufficient lllnytbe F. W. & Co.."' North Jobn. to enable them to trace with unerring accuracy and Howard, s..,.er at Co., 105 -& "'7 Chambers Tobau o Ltzbell. The H atch LithoSTapic Oo. 3:1 '*-34 Vesey Heppenhehner tl u Nortb William Citr-.Box Uhe/1 fltul Tri.,.igs. & Maurer, 3:1 :14 N. William. WolffCha. A.. 5 Chatham. Tob.cco &aiig Wax. Zlnooor W. A Oo 197 William. Mtln(rt. of KilltU)' Bros. Rani Cigllrtttls Kiaoey F S 141 WHt Broadway $trap tmd Oui.lm-8, Cil.,. MoMIJ.. Brown, A. 1.. F. 57 61 Lew11 Ericho H W 2'3 South. Lobeuatein & Gau, 101 Maldea Laue. llichaelis S. & Co., 195. Pearl. MMili Tobur B"l' Ze!lelllta R., 163 Eut F ourth. l'lllmt 1'114kagn. Poindexter, A. & Co., uo Water. Cigu M.wltl Prm 4ail &rllf Brown A. 1: F 57 Lewlo. Paf!111 Improwd Culttr. LOKDOK, Ea TiJIJac< o MLr 1. 194 Jacob. tously d ll h ld h N1111factunrs t1{ FineCut C!u-ulir ati a veruse a over t e wo.r t e name of every s_,-.,. TIINeetJ. mauufacturer whose goods they 111ay happen to sell l!.oblnlon Manafactllriq Compuy. II 'fh bli f Toh11cttt c,.,.;,; .. Mutllll e esta shmenl o an export bonded-ware-Wiw <0. w .s. Co., Kala. house in the City of New York. ToiHueo Brol"s, M:eler, w ... G & Co., 56Bev.ah. III. Th.e reduction of the tax on snuff to twenty cents ;,. T.&u:w M....... per pound instead of thirty,two, as at present, and .fae"lwrrr $1 S Jiliu KEY WEST AND IMPORTED OIGABS, 28 Oedar St., CP. o. Box ;4516.) New York. : M. STACHELBERG & MANUFACTURERS OF .. Ll IORIUIDI" .&RD "LA PERFECTO". UIGARS, Kinney Francis S 141 We1t Broadway .... ... Gera.a!J-_.mer'Jeaa cor. Broadway aoQ. Cedar. El"'-" ., IYood, Hot!IJ Joseph, 2IOD; C, 37 Liber"t:y Cigsr Macllit an indefinite number of proprietors, ern citi e s, leads us to the consideration at this time of ever will only be allowed in those case s w h ere the but on l y to one as "The Peerless. For other a question in which tobacco manufacturers and dealers pers o n claim ing to be th e proprietor i s th e o w ner o f proprietor he must adopt a new brand; -and for himself are as much interested a 5 deal e rs 1 in leaf tobacco were th e factory or h a s a leg a l right o r titl e t o the particula r as well as for others. T o bacco-Cull i ng M1ZCIJ.inery. Wulstein Henry, Myrtle avenue. BUFFALO. X, Y. Wltaluale Dtaltr in and DDustic LeafT o batCO Zink G. W., 198 PearlJ M atzufacture rs o f Grap' Sgar. F o x A W., & Co. Ci"ga r Manufac fttrers &-D1ale r$ in L t af, Cluw Jng and S m okinr Tob acr.o. Co d y S Brown's Bro's., 1 t 6 E xchange. CHICAGO. m. WAolesalt Dealer J n Seed L e a f and H a va'IUJ TDbacctt. R eismann A ., '4 N C a n a l. i Ltaj To6Q(J(Jo ti Cigar.. CaseS S & Co 149 South Wat-er Ma-,.wfacturl!r o / C rrars antl Dea l e r i To!Ntc e o M aurer C. F., 1 8 7 Clark. ;,. Lta( Sattdhagen Bros., 17 West M.aMfaaurtrt if Fiae Cut Clwwig 11ati S..o.lit ti Dt11krt i Lttif Beck & Wirth, u and :14 Water. Wkolual' Dtal R. .t T 181 State. Mm>factortrJ if Cht'Wi7if II &.olit Kimball Wm. S. A Co. D<.Jtr i Ltaf TohMm. ooe11 D E., Hill o!feet. ManuftMturrs of Clteiuin g ami Smolrint ba&ctJ ana Cigars. QUCite<, Co .t G., cor. Factory uul Htll. SPIUJ(GFIELD, Jlau, Smith B. & Go .. 10 Hampden ST. LOUIS, Ko. w.rdt*KS. Dormlue< C, A: B. A: Co., 115 Jlacltet. c....;,;., Will, Benin & Day, 5 North SecoGd. Tobacco Broler Bayuoc J J: .. ., Sec:oGd Ctp,-,tJ'IUi TDh&e&l M,_fMiwrws' Breck., & Co. 114 OUve. J STILA.OUSE. K. Y, Pll(:kers of Sd uaf atUI Dtaiw ;,. ..,,.. TD{ttu.:o., Joeeph, & Co. lo Opera House Btoct., Eaet Geneaee St. Hlwll< Co. G. P. North Salh Koaltor Watw lJTICA. Jl. Y ...,,.,,....if Ti Cwt a-"'!r -.s-.tlllf T......_ wa" ... B. WJ:IITPIEI.D, --.. P..UW1 -D-. ,. .... .-. A. Elm Yaav-..E,QS...:&Ia in the quest i on which Supervisor Muon raised to the bran d of goods man u f actured, 010 whe r e the tol>acco snuff, The re gu1atio n con s trued literally allow s no greater digni t y of a first-class sensation 't wo or three weeks or cigars a n made f or t he p e rson claiming such number of prq prietors the r e a,te, Or may b e ago ; and concern i ng we have to belie v e p r opridorship." H e re it w ili be_ p e rc eive d, is a v e r y b r ands ; and if enforced literally ; it would very materi s o me of them will be ple a sed to receive fuller mar k e d limi tatio n of p ro p r i etorsh i p. We h a v e be e n a !ly harnpenrade, And the ques_ tion here arises, Does tio n than they posse ss, in order they m a y be spared i nformed t ha t i t i s t he practic e of som e, p e rhaps it the l et t e r cif the law warrant the li mi t ati o ns of _the regu th e anxiety a n d risk which so unexpectedly fell to the also is o f m any, m an ufac t urer s to s ubst i tute the la tion? F o r our' own part, a s already statec, we are lot o f th e latter-named members of the t r ade loca t ed in names o f propr ie t o rs f e r t h e ir own i n all cases where unab l e to say p ositively whet her it doe s cr no t We._ th e West. We r e fer to the quest i on of propri etary lirni-purchasers desire t o have i t d o ne Inde ed we hav e a r e of th e opinion, ho w ever, i t do e s rio t .and shall tation, as implied, but not clearly expressed in the wit hin a d a y o r two c o nver se d with a ve ry prominent be glad to see the reasoning by which an affirmative provisi o n of law, and ruling based upon i t manufacturer of to b acco, who assured us that thi s had conclusion has been reached. It hardly seems probabl e the names of proprietors to be placed upon caution always been h i s practice, and he always supposed that it w as tht: intention the framers of the provision notices instead of the names of the manufacturers of to-he had an indefeasible right to do so und ,er the statute. wh i ch concedes tbe privilege under cons idetation, to bacco, snuff, or c i gars. We do not, we must 'admit Iftlie regulation qu o ted i s a correct interpretation of the limit propr i etary r ight in any manner, as w i th the other feel c ornpet ,ent to impart exact informa1ion on this law : it is necessary to .add that h i s practi ce, and rueans of tracing goods back to it ject ; tfut we realize the necessity of an immediate and it, is n ditect contravention of law ; or that all w & s t'ealJy immaterial whether proprietors were many or authoritative decision from tl,le Revenue Bureau as to the accustomed to doing business in this way are re.ndering few. It appea' rs, rather, to ha've been their : design to extent and actual meaning of privilege thus accorded themselves liable to ) serious COjDplic'ations with the prevent a too gnat concentration, as there is no restric. to the tobacco trade, and we therefore commence a disRevenue department, According to the regulation, to tion wha tever implied or expressed in the Jaw, except o( the topic in anticipation that such a decision make the name of a proprietor admissible he must be that one or other, the proprietor's or the manjl(acturer's. will be As the case stands, the trade may, one of three things1 : the owaer of the factory, of the name should appear on the notices. The, interests of at any moment, be br. ought, like our Milwaukee friends, brand, or of the goods. ; absolute, not a vicarious trade require the largest possible freedom in this par to accountability for a violation of the statute, when they owner. No one brand of tobacco, snuff, or cigars can ticular, and the more so as unde1r any circumstances the supposed they were acting in conformity with law and lawfully be the property of different proprietors. The law gives ample, perhaps undue, prominence to manusame generic class or style o( goods may be vari ously It is not a good reas ; on for tram111eling merto caution notices, the !jlw provides that bran.ied, and there may be as many proprietors as there can tile enterprise to say either that manufacturers should manufacturen shall affix by pasting on each package are different brands, no two proprietors can be the be protected in the i r brands, or that it is more. convenient containing tobacco, snuff, or cigars a label on which owners of any one brand. !lfter he has parted to collect the revenue when trade is concentrated. Manushall be printed, togeth,er with the proprietor's or manu with the ownership o(a braqc!, ,can a manufacturer lawfacturers are best when those distribute oame,U etc. ; then follows the familiar notice fullysell the sam,e brand of goods. under his own name their product i ons enjoy the fullest oppprtu!fity for the As will be observed, the ph_Mseolqgy inakes it optional Thjs last restriction is a logical of the restric, widest distri bution. That this is so is seen from the with the manufacturer to print his name or that of tion upon To illustrate in one paragraph fact of their readiness at all times tp substitute pro some proprietor. But therecalatioa.i11ued in 1s7:r by the the pril!lc:iples: A of ,any e!!lt.abprietors' names for their own And as to the revenue, \.. m .&PPLEBY Olflll BURmKG I!OIIllUI, FOI BUIOBIRG LOIG JRDBBOI! lJLLBB8. CAN BUiml1,500 BOW FJLLBBI.PD DAY. AID 1.000 LONG. Send for With 500 Refcrcncos. lPRICl $5(J. 13 \V!TR!t. ST., N.Y. / I


2 every needful facthty for collection fs afforded by the other. requtrements '" this connectton-that is, by the p11blicallon of the State, Dtstrict, Factory number, and the senal arrangement of stamps. If this regulation ts to remam operative as we have nstrued tt, then it would seem that dealers nugbt for them own mterest and secunty adopt tbts method of com plying with it. Select some favonte or desuable trade mark-Diamond X over P for example; or any other; ohtam legal nght and tttle to it, to be used and known as a brand, and affix tt to all goods whtcb 1t 1s desired to sell by propnetary right. Callmg the devtce the brand, the names can then appear on the cautton labels as propnetors, and there will be nQthmg to legally prevent, (we tmagme so, at least,) the use at the same ttme of the ordinar y descnpllve or embelhs hmg labels The dev t ce as well as tht! cautiOn label should be affixed to pack ages mvanably at the factory. MINOR EDITORIALS AFTER THE COUNTF;RFEITERS -It I S Said the Govern ment ts takmg steps to mstttute, a ratd on someNorth Carolma tobacco-stamp coun terfeiters They a re in trenGhed m the mountams, and thetr work IS earned oq wtth telhng effect on the Jpternal revenue of the Gov ernment. THE CALUIIIET.-There Io a common notion, remarks an English cotemporary, that Calumet IS a word of American origm. Thts 1s a mtstake Calumet IS simply the Norman form of the French word Cka/ an,whtch stgmfie s, Stem, Ptpe, Flute. Few thmgs connected with smokmg are tnterestmg as Lhe calumet, or pipe of peace ; but the tflterest IS shghtly dtmmished when -we learn that the name, mstead of carrymg us back to he remote ages of American extstence, IS a French provin Cial word. Nevertheless, what lessens the ptcturesque aspect does not destroy the stgntficant beauty. ACCIDENT To MR. ToOLE.The public wtll unite with us m regretting that their genial friend and favonte, John L. Toole, the Enclish -comedtan, met liith an acct dent at Long Branch o..n Sunday evening m front of hts hotel, the Ocean A bole from whidl a tlag-staff had been removed, bemg still uncovered, though" partially concealed by debns, Mr .Toole walked mto 1t, and &enoully spra,ined J.l.IS tf he did not sever some of the liP.dlents o( the fooi. How seriously it Will interfere W1tb his we can not tiltS moment \:letern:une, but we, trust that !us withdrawal from the stage, if such a step be necessary, wtll prove a very brief one Mean time, heavy damues should be exacted from the pro prietors of the Ocean, for allowmg ,_ pitfall to exiet under the very eaves of the hotel, and m the prqmenade ef thelf TOBACCO CULTURE IN CALIFORNIA -Says a San Francisco paper : In regard to Lhe culuvabon oflh1s staple, we call say that made, at Gih-oy and Watsonvtlle by. the,eess have beep so far amc cessful as to gtve a stimulus to thts industrv,and tobacco culture -seems now likely to become one of our leading wdJistr1ea. Last year Santa Clara had 2,Soo,ooo plants, and produced 34o,ooo pounds of tobacco. Tile followmg tS tile number of plants now growing in the and the es!Imated yield In as given oy the Record: County. No.Plants. Lake.--._..:.--__ -__ ---.____ 3oo ooo Los Angeles.---------------11ooo,ooo Merced.----------------_- Ioo,ooo Santa Clara.---------------6,8oo,ooo Santa Cruz _____ ------------soo,ooo DOMESTIC. NEw YoRK, August 25. Wtskrn Leaf-The acttvity mentiOned ID our last has contmued and increased. We have agam qutte a res pectable army of Western speculators, and anticipate another season of excitement. The demand, however, now runs on a better arucle than it did in June and July, and as the supply of thts sort ts comparahvely small, the volume of busmess 1s 1n consequence restncted. The sales reported amount to 3 u3 hhds. but are actually much larger. We note 2,s78 hhds for export, 389 hhds to manufacturers, 36o hhds to cutters, 83 hhds to JOb bers, and the remamder to speculators. Good leaf bnngs nearly IC above our quotattons -Lugs alSo are higber, ut nondescript parcels-are n-eglected. West ern ad vices continue bad. Hot wmds shnvel up all vegetatwn, and the crop may be called a complete fatlure. ut week td weet 3d week. 4th week sth week Total January .... 668 942 95S 832 3,400 February .425 3 5I 4Io 6I4 2,ooo March ... 375 892 733 soo :t,5oo ApriL.-.287 S35 I,4I4 711 853 3,8oo ____ 538 I,orr 878 792 781 4,ooo J qne.=.,. 84.9 .,t,246 3,629 4, 27 6 -I 3,ooo July----3,199, 4,SJS 4,636 2,S9r 2,456 r8,ooo : 1\ugust.. -345 r,277 2,898 3,n3 ---7,633 Vzrgmza Leaf-There ts hardly any t lnng to be iibq_uj :V.rgima leaf tobacco for the past week 'lS but httle appears to have been sold here and none of tmportance hils been recetved. We hear of one lot offered wtthout takers, and Judge the sales generallv were of a retatl character. The general market seems to have been ac tive, transacltons 1n the Western and Seed leaf depart ments considerable amounts respectively. As to detailS coqnecred wilh the first mentioned, we may r.epeat tl:le d.escnptlo.ll_..-nf a dealef, to w1t : The market has been h1gher than las t week, wtth much. more acttvtty, especially (or sfyles smtable for the home trade." And a3to the ,of aff,.!rs, we ha1 e been as sured that our previous resume would exactly apply to the penod now under comnderatton. Aaether dealer remarked to us, "There has been a good deal doing the past week, and pnces are fully mamtained very firm, indeed, and gradually advancing, and crep accounts, moreover, are not improved." It is clear that the market henceforward IS far more likely to contmue firm than to exhtbtt signs of weaknes Fully tw o months have elajrsed smce" the stifiemng up of pnces commenced in this branch of the trade and not only has there not been p_erceptlble, but, as IS seen m the observations quoted, there is and has been mcreasmg strength all the time v1sible here and elsewhere also, as will be seen by reports (Fom other sources. has been an atong the lines, in maDufactured goods as well as in and thts circum stance plainly indicates that the expectation of a some what pr'olonged penod of expamnon has ecome geneql, ;and is no confined to those eager fer a nse. Sometbme: f th1s unanimity of sentiment is, of course due to the unyte1ding confidence of the speculators' influence IS now felt beyond lhe Gf thetr operations ; but the one cause more potent than all others in harmoniztng a moulding pubhc op1mon, is "the now conceded act that the tobacco crop of I874 is destine present priCes 's likely to occur, ei:her u;. anymatenal abatement to be reasonably .TotaL------------------8,7oo,ooo anticipated. A PLEASANT AND PRonTABt;E DAY.-The art & Co, 53 do Bv TliE OLD DOMINION STEAMSHIP LINE.-D. J Garth, Son & Co., 3 hhds M. Rader & Son, 9 do H. Henwood, 20 cio; Pioneer Tobacco Co, 6 hhds, 4 trcs, r box R1ch'd Irwm & Co, 19 hhds, r6 trcs ; P. Lon! lard & Oo, S do, 26 do, W 0 Smtth & Co., 7I do, So do 12 half trcs, so qtr trcs, 30 eghth trcs, 20 cases smkg, 56 do mfcJ, Doham, Carroll & Co zz cases smkg, I3 do mfd, roo three qtr bxs do, 28I h a lf bxs do, I30 thtrd boxes do, II7 qarter boxes, II etghth boxes, n8 caddtes ; E. Du Bots, 7 cases mfd, so half bxs do, 25 three qtr bxs do; Maddux Brothers, 9 cases mfd, I half case do, G. W. Hillman & Co., Io cases smkg, 200 bxs mfd; Carhart Brothers, IO cases mfd, 300 oxs do ; J. D Kellly, Jr., So mfd, 3I three qtr bxs do; H. A. Rtchey, IJ cases mfd, 17 half bxs do; Jas. M. Gardiner & Co 145 cases mfd 4 caddtes do ; Martm & Johnson, 1 14 cases smkg, 4 caddtes mfd ; A Hen & Co., 205 cases smkg; N. Wise, 4 do; J. W CJlrroll, 2 do; Gold water & Ce., 4 do ; Lmdheim & Langsdorf, 40 do; M. M. Welzhofer, 5 do; P. Stemhart, 3 do ; Bulkley, Moore & Co., 28 cases mfd ; March, Pnce & Co, so bxs do ; J D Evans & Co, 225 half bxs do; J. H Bergmann, 17 half bxs do, r qtr box do ; E. E. Lee, 19 half bxs do, IO qtr bxs do ; W. & A. Leaman, 8 hconce ; Order, 7 trcs, 6 cases COASTWISE FROM BALTIMORE -H. Hofmann & Co., sr hhds; Kremelberg & Co, 41 do; A C. Lamotte, 4 do ; Retd & Co 2 do ; J arvts & Co., 42 do. BY NoR.TH RIVER BoATS -R. L. Maitland & Co 35 hhds; Thos. Kmmcutt, 13 do Blakemore, Mayo & Co 36 do ; Toe!, Rose & Co fl do : Pollard, Pettus & Co., 20 do; E. M. Wrtght & Co., 6 do, Kremelberg & Co I do F. W. Tatgenhorst, 9 do Order, 96 do ; I 4 S C>\SeS. I CoAsTwiSE FROM KEY WEST -Ctgars Seicienberg & Co 70 cases ; Fredk. de Bary & Co., 30 do H. Gaul heur, 6 do; Stansbery & Fox, I do. Leaf. V. Martmez Ybor & Co., S bales. Scraps Setdenberg & Co., zo bales. COASTWISE FROM N11w ORLEANS -Sa"!'yer, \Vallace 3 hhds; Toe!, Rose & Co., IO co, Orderr 230 do. BALTIMORE, August z:a -Messrs. Ed Wischmeyer & Co., Tobacco CommJSston Merchants, report. For leaf of all desctipuons the market IS active and generally firm. Most of recetpts of "Maryland are taken on arnval, pnnctpally for the German markets and the sales this week reach about 8oo hhds, all at Ohto contmues in brisk demand. Sales for the week foot up 65o to 700 hhds, taken by shtppers at very full pnces. Of Kentucky we note sales of some so hhds leaf for export, and we note also sales of a few small lots of Vll"gtma, all at full pnces Pnces contmue firm for all descriptions, and we quote to day as follows Maryland, common frosted, $3.5o@s sound comnlon s-so@6, good do., 6.50@7 25, medtum,; lear; brown,, bnght red to yellow, r 2@18 ; ground leaves, 4@9 ; Maryland, ttps, 5@7 ; brown to red, 7@9, yellow Io@r2: extra do, r4@I6; fancy, 20@25; Oh1o, frosted, 3 so to 4, mfenor to good common, s@6 so; greemsh and brown, 6@7 medtum and leafy brown( 7@S; medium to fine red,' 7 so@Io; common to medtum spangled, 7@9, fine spangled to yellow, Kentucky, common to good lugs, 6.50 'T"Sa; heavy styles do, 7 5o @ 8 so; low to medium leaf, 9 50@rr.se_ ; good 'to fine do, I2@I3.50, selections, I4 @r6; Vtrgtma, common to good.Jugs, 5@7; common to medtum eaf, 7-50@9-So; good to fine do, Io@r2.5o; selections, I3@ r6, stems and pnmmgs, 3@4lnspected thts week 823 hhds _Maryland, I,o7r do Ohto, 27 do Kentucky, 2 do Vtrgmta : total, I,923 hhds Cleared same penod. 408 hhds Maryland 136 do Ohto 76 do Virginia, 35 do Virgima stems per bark Pa;ola Rotterdam, 530 hhds Oh1o per schooner Minnu G. Loud to Marseilles; 15 hhds tobacco per bng Stlas M. Marlzn to Demerara. Tobaao Statement. Stock m warehouses and on shipboard, not cleared Jan'y r, ISH----------Inspected tltis week. __ _______ Inspected l!tnce Jan .,r ______ 14,368 hhds. I19Z3 hhds. 39,127 hhds Total----------1----------55,4I8 hhds Maryland and Ohto, clearei:l, I874 30,852 Retnspecte d and shtpped, coastwtse, s ;ooo ---3s,Bs2 Stock m warehouse this day and on ----shtpboard not cleared ________________ r9,566 hhds. Manufactured Tobacco.-We contmue to report a very firm market. Receipts are hght, wtth every mdt callon of advanced pnces later in the season. Reports from Vtrginia concermng the growmg crop are some what confl1ctmg, though all agree in esttmatmg the same as less than an average crop. Exported th t s week I,6o8 lbs to DeiRerara Recetved by the Baltimore and Ohto Ra1lroad, from Danvtlle, Va, I,043 boxes, 6o cases, 902 caddtes, 3S6 qtr boxes, 215 third boxes, 59 half boxes, 45 butts, and from Lynchburg, Va, I,r96 boxes, 6 2 cases, I20 half boxes, I67 cadd1es. Per steamers trom Norfolk, III pkgs. CHICAGO, August 22.-Mr. Henry H Adams re ports as follows :-Dunng the past week trade m ths ctty has been fair-not large-but sufficient for the sea son. It bas oeen extreme l y hot. The Sun Dog has wagged his tail to some purpose, and has gtven us a touoh of hts fierce wrath that has proved so debilitating. Hotter or dryer weather has not been known m th1s sectton for years. Yesterday seemed the culmmatton ofthts unusual heated term; the thermometer nsmg dunng the day to IOS in the shade. Last evemng the spell was broken and we were blessed wtth a ram. It has come none too soon. Merchants have been commg mto town durmg the past ten days, takmg thetr first look for their fall purchases. Nearly all who deal m tobacco are surprised the firm tone of the markets, and those who always grumble at any advance m pnces have set up a doleful cry, but It is all to no purpose. Our dealers are firm and pnces previously given are well mamtamed. Well they may be for the of an extremely short crop IS boldly stanng them m the face. In my next re port I will give some statistics in regard to the tobacco crop which has gathered from dtffere'!lt parts of the country, aad I will endeavor to show why the plices must advance. AUG. 26. CINCINNATI, Augustrs.-Mr. F. A. Prague, Leaf Tobacco-Insgector, report s : The exceSS've hot ,weather whtch prevailed durmg the first part of the pas week had the effeet to curtail lbusmess, and, dunng. one or two days to weaken prices a. little. ThiS was pnly tem porary, however, aud ut thll! close pnces were full up and very firm for._full gra&s. The total Qfferinga at auction for the week were I,672 hinds, and 283-boxes as follows: At the Bodmann Watcehouse, 416 blids and I43 boxes I64 hhds Mason Co., Ky., trash_, lugs, and !eat : I at $7 75 ; 2:) at 8@9 901, 75 at 10@I4 75; so at IS@ 19 75 14 .1t 20.50@29 25; I at 32. Ioo hhds Brown Co., Oh10, trash, lugs, and leaf. I at $6 Bo, 19 at S @ 9 85, 43 at IO@I4 75 ; 25 at 15@19 7S, II at 20@ 28 so 1 at 32 so. 64 hhds Owen Co Ky, trash, lugs, and leaf 16 at 95 ; 32 at ro@I4 75 ; 12 at r6.75 @19 75 4 at zi 75@z8; I at 31 75 53 hhds Pendle ton Co, Ky., trash, lugs, and leaf: I at $7 so' rS at s Ss ; 24 at ro@I4; s at rs@IS.zs ; 2 at 20@ 21 25. II hhds :Boone Co., Ky., lugs and leaf 8 at $S 35@9 95; 3 at ro@ 12 75 27 hhds and 5 boxes West Vtrgtma: 4 at $8@9 25, IS at I0.2S@I4 75; 2 at rs zs, I6, 2 at 22.5o, 25.50, 4 at, 39, 40, 48 so. I box at 7 go, 4 do at S so@:o 75 13S cases Ohi o s e ed fillers, bmders and wrapper s 39 at $5 30@5 90 35 at 6@7 95; 27 at 8@9 75, 29 at IO@I4 75; 8 at 16@I9. At the Mtam l Warehouse, 3.10 hhds and So boxes; I25 hhds Mason County, Ky, trash, lugs, and leaf. rat $7-75 J 18 at s 25@9 90; 46 at 10@1475' 35 at rs@ 19 75 25 at 20.25@27 70 hhds Brown County, 0, trash, lugs, and leaf I8 at $8 @9 95; 24 at IO@I4 75; 24 at I5@19 So 4 at zo 50@27 so. 44 bhds Owen County, Ky, trash lu.;s, and leaf 1 at $7.50 3 at 8.r5@9, 21 at ro.7s r4.75, 17 at 15@I9 75' : 2 at 50@24. 99 hhds Pendleton County, Ky, dtstnct 2 at $7 05, 7 40; 34 at 8@9 75 ; 49 at Io@I4-SO, 9 at IS@I8 75, 5 at 20 75@27. 3 hhds Boone County, Ky., at $6 95, 9 So, 12 25 I box West Vrrgmta at $7. 77 cases Ohto seed fillers and bmders 7 at $4 so@ 5S 1 43 at 6@7 95 j 22 at S@9 95 j 6 at 10 SO@I3; I at r6 At the Planter's Warehouse, 325 hhds and 24 boxes I47 hhds Mason County, Ky., trash, lugs, and leaf 2 at $7.90, 7 95; 3I at 8@9.90 57 at 10@14 75, 38 at I5@19.75, I9 at 20@27 so. SI hhds Brown County, Ohto, trash, lugs, and leaf: 5 at $ r6 at 10@14 75; IS at rs@r9 25 IS at 20@293I hhds Owen County, Ky., trash, lugs, and leaf 2 at $6 30, 7.8o, 2 at 8.65,9 -IS; II at ro.2s@r4.75, 6 at I5.25@ 19 25, 8 at zo@2S.75; 2 at 31 so, 32. 84 hhds and I box Pendleton County, Ky., trash, lugs, and leaf I at S So ; 8 at 6 30@7 90, 29 at 8@9.90, 40 at IO@I4 75; 6 at I6 25@I8.7S I box at 8 70. T2 hbds West Vtr gmia: I at f,6 :as ; 7 at 8@9; 4 at Io@u.zs :i3 cases Ohw se'ed S at h@s 55; 9 at 6@7.30, 5 at 9 So; I at Io. At the Globe WarehQuse, 265 hhds and So hhds Mason County, Ky., trash, and leaf. 9 at $8.6o@9o, 32 at w@I4-75 ; 24 at I5@19.75; 14 at 20@25; r at 3I so; 1 box at IS. I02 hhds Brown County, Ohio, trash, llllgs, and leaf: I at f.7 9.; ; I9 at S@9 7S; 4I at zo@I4-75, 32 at I5@I9.50; 9 at @29 7 S, I box at I6 7 5 54 hhds Owea CouDty, Ky., trash, lugs, and leaf; 2 o at $5 so@ 7 70 ; 2 5 at 8@9 9 o : 23 at ro@I4-75; 4 at I7@26. 25 hhds Pendleton County, Ky., trash, lugs, and leaf: 2 at f;6, 6.8o ; I3 at S.o5@9 .8o; 5 at; 3 at 2 at 2o.5o, 23. 4 hhds West Vtrgmta trash, lugs, and leaf: I at $9.60; 3 at Io, r6, I8.75 41 cases Ohto seed: 9 at $4 25@5-90, 19 at; S at 8.20@9.20 ; 5 at 10@14-25At the Morns Warehouse, 295 hhds and 3 boxes: I27 hhds Mason Co Ky, lugs, and leaf: 2 at....f,7 40, 7 so; 20 at 8 50@9.S5 4I at Io@I4.50; 37 at 15@ 19 75; 21 at, I at 31.75 u hhds Brown <.:ounty, Ohw, trash, lugs, and leaf I at 9 10; 5 at II@ l4-75i 2 at rs, I8. 75 3 at 20.2S@26 25 IOS hhds Owen County, Ky., trash lugs, and leaf: 2 at 7.6o, 7.8o 21 at S.05@ 9.85; 45 at 10@14 75; 22 at 15@19.50i 12 at 22.25 @29 2s; 4 at 31, 32.75, 33 so, 34 43 hhds Pendleton County, Ky. trash, lugs, and leaf I at 7-70,8 at 8 ro@ 9 75, I6 at ro.25@I4 7Si I4 at IS@I9; 4 at 20@25. I4 hhds Grant County, Ky., lugs and leaf, I at 9.20 ; 9 at II so@r4 so; 4 at I7-25@I0.7S :;r boxes West Vugmta lugs at c;.:ro,: 6.2o. At the Phister Warehouse, 31 hhds IJ fhhds Mason County, Ky., trash, lugs, and lelif: 3 at$6.6o@7 9o; 3 at 8@9 85; 4 at u@I4 so, 3 at tS,, I7. 6 hhds Brown County, Ohio,:lugs and leaf at, 14-So, IS, t6, 23.50, 24-50. 7 hbds Owen County, Ky., lugs ar.J leaf: z at 8, 9, 4 at I0. 25@11.25; 3 at t6.25, 28 75 4 hhds Pendleton Ky., lugs and leaf at ro@ t hhd West Vugtma at 8. ro. August 22.-We have to agam report an unusually heavy week's busmess m leaf, prices, save on very colory grades have been a httle easter, but the de clme has been so 1m perceptible that shtppers were wtll mg to contmue offermg and were dtsappointed when from over-crowded breaks, warehousemen were to get theiT tobacco up whtch has been largely the case Owen County, wb1ch has been weanng the horns" all season for htgh pnce,, wtll now have to surrender to Bracken County, Ky, Messrs S. T. Power & Brother, of Augusta, that county, having sold at the Bodmann Warehouse, 2 hhds, same crop, one lea f at $38 and one lugs at $32.75 The Iota! offenugs at aucuon for the week wete 1,623 hhds and 217 boxes as fotlows : At the Bodmann Warehouse, 453 hhds and u4 boxes -155 hhds Mason County, Ky., trdsh, Jugs, and leaf. 6 at $7@7.6o; 22 at S@9.90, 68 at IO@I4 3 9 at I$@I9 so; I9 at 20@28.75; 4 at 30@38.25. Io6 hhds Brown Co., 0 trash, lugs, and leaf: 2 at $7 .25, 7-70, u1 at 8 10@9 75; 49 at ro@I47S; 2S at I9 75 1'5 at 20 2s@25 75 64 hhds Owen Co., Ky., trash, lugs, and leaf: r at $7.30; 11 at 8.25@9 70; 30 at IO@I4S, I9 at I5-50@I9, 3 at 20.75@2I.2 5 6r hhds Pendleton Co., Ky., trash, lugs, and leaf I7 at $8@9 95; 34 at IO@I4 7S; IO at I5 -50@I950 4 2 hhris Boone Co, Ky., 3 at $7.50@7 70; I5 at 9.40, I9 at Io@:t4So; 5 at I5@19; I at 23 7S 26 hhds and 3 boxes West Vtrgmta: I at $5.2S ; 4 at 6@ 7 35 ; 6 at S@9 so; IS at ro.:z5@t3.25; 3 boxes at 7, 7.5o, 8. At the Planters \Varehouse, 280 and 2 boxes I69 hhds Mason County, Ky., trash, lugs, and leaf: 6 at h-30@7.8o; 25 at 8@9 90; 65 at Io@I4.75 4'5 at 15 @19 so, 28 at 40 bhds Brown Co 0., trash, lugs, and leaf: I at $7.60; 6 at 8@9 so; I6 at Io@r4; II at I5.25@19; 6 at 20@245 0 12 hhds Owen Co, Ky, 4 $r7.75, I9 25. 57 Pendleton Co Ky, trash, Jugs, and leaf 4 at $7.8S@ 7-90 ; r3 at 8@9.95 ; 23 at Io @I4; II at 15 75@ r8.75 i 6 at 50. 3 hhds West Vtrgima o.t $6 70 n.2s, 12.5o. 11 hhds Southern Kentucky: 2 at $s.8o 7.6o 3 at 9@9 i 3 at Io 25@p.25; 3 at 16 z 23 7 5 ':::V At the Mtamt Warehouse, 26I hbds and 13 l.Joxes. roo hhds Mason Co, Ky., trash, jugs, and-leaf. 2-;;_ S7--4o, 7-so; I6 at 8@9i 46 at ro@r4 75; 29 at IS@ I9' 7 at 2o 25@2:7, 83 hhds Brown Co., 0, trash lugs, and leaf. Io at $8.os@9'1S; 32 at I0@1 4 7s, 2 at 15@I9 75,22 at 20@2 7 2s. 35_hhds Owen Co Ky trash, lugs, and le:af I at $5.25, 7 at 6@7 90 a ro@I4 7S; 7 at I5@I9.25. 37 hhds and ; boxe Pendleton Co., Ky., trash, lugs, and leaf 3 at $6(ii 7 90 Sat 8.Io@9 75; I9 at Io@r4, 7 at 15@I9.7 S 2 boxes at 6, I2 .5o. 6 hhds Boone Co., Ky., I at $7. 0 3 at 6o ; 2 at Io, u. 7 At the Globe WarehC>ust', 253 hhds and 2 7 boxes 88 Mason Co., Ky, trash, lugs and leaf: 2 a $7-so, 7.So ; 24 at 8@9 90: 3I at zo@I4 75 24 a S@I9; 7 at 20@27-so. roo hbds and 2 boxa Brown Co., Ohio, trash, lugs and lea(: 3 at $ 7 50@ 7 :19 at S@9.85 4I at IO@I4 ; 30 at r5@I9 o 7 at 20.25@25.25 ; 2 boxes at I0.75, II.75. 42 bhd


AUG. rRE TOBACCO-LEAP Owen Co., Ky., trash, lugs, and leaf 3 at $5 6o, 7.65; amounted to, 111 round numbers, 300 cases, and roo of and the last ::s per also in bank bills at their nom 10 at 8.15@9 70 ; 20 at 1o@Jr 4 75; 7 at 15@17So ; :r these were Connecticut, and the balance assorted. Our mal ,alue. From the ,st of August will remam wtthout at 24, 19 hhds :Pendleton Co K.y.r.' lugs and dealers do not mtend to force busmess, but antictpate a effect the decree of the 4th of Juue by which the Spanish leaf 1 ut $ So ; 2 at g, 9 :20 r j to,7 S@J#4 fair Fall trade. Bank has been authori::;ed to sell gold for account of the :: at r6, 16 so 1 at zo. 2 hhds Southern !ndtana at The offiwtl reports of receipt last Treasury for the payment of taxes and duties. Agreef.7 20, 8 85. 19 cases Ohio acd Indtana common seed: week-incluaing seed leaf as boxes--were on Mooment between Merchants.-The undersigned have 1 at 3 ; 14 at 5@5.65 ; 5 att 6@7 Bs, 5 at g@g.Bo. day, 631 boxes, on Tu-::sday, 233 do; on Wednesday, agreed to charge from the 1st of August, I874, under At the Morns Warehouse, 319 hhds and 5 boxes: I48 826 do ; on Thursday, 376 do; on Fnday, do, and the heading of "Contributions," the following: 1 per hbds and 1 box Mason County, Ky., trash, lugs, and on Saturday, 430 do, total, 3,I 20--less the seed cases cent. on the mvoice amount of shtpments of produce or 3 at 6 55 to 7 go; 27 at 8,30 to 9 85; 71 at 10 to -leaves ofer z,8oo packages manufactured as received goods not including co:Dmisstons. 1 per cent on the 1 I4 40 at IS 19.5o; 7 at :zo to 25.50 I box at here, and this does not include our home manufactures. gross amount of sales on constgnments. I per cent on 7 bhds Brown County. Ohio 2 at 8 go, 9.25, 3 Cigars-There ts reallf no change to note in domesttc the amount of disbursements for vessels account. I at 10 to I4 so; 2 at 19-75. 27 7'5 76 bhds Owen Co, goods. Ctgars are constantly movmg off, and there per cent. on the amount of fretgh,soo bales. ArC!ark & Brother, Leaf Tobacco Brokers, report -Our Bnght lugs, common.---------------_ 8 @ro rivals iof the new crop have beeq commg in since sales last week were 374 hhQsThe market reBnght lugs, medtum to good. __ .. __ .. 11 @16 our last tssue m constderable quantities, and tt is expecmams acttve at full pnces, wtth some irregulanty how Bnght lugs, fine smokers -------.16%@30 ted that more w1ll soon follow. Owmg to the fact that ever. Medmm leaf was near btgher, other grades Bright lugs extra smokers _-----_. the tobacco is not yet thoroughly cured, and that most were w1thout matenal change. We quote common lugs, : Bnght leaf, common to medtum ________ ro @12 of the "Vegas", so far sent m, 'are 10complete, no 6U to 7*C.; good lugs, 7U to gc.; coronion leaf, Bnght reaf, good to fine ________________ r2_%@I6 transactions of Importance have heed effected. Judgto ro}:(c.; medtum leaf, roU to rzc., good leaf, n}:( Bnght lea(, extra fillers ............. ---11 @2o mg from the quantlttes already m the market, the yteld to IJC.; fine leaf, to selections, IS to Bnght wrappers, common -------------18 @2S thts year wtll pr velof;a very mixed descnption-vtz., a The weather continues moderately favorable Bnght 'wrappers, medtum to good _______ small proportion btds fatr to be supenor to any we have for the growmg crop, though we are agam needmg ram; Bnght wrappers, fine------_____ S @75 had for many years past, other portions wtll gtve a with good rams now, heavy dews would be suffictent to Bnght wrappers, l extra .... 8o @ISO pretty fatr quality, but the greater part wtll most mature the croJ?. Mahogany wrappers, common to medtum .. r S @22 undoubtedly be of a very mdifferent, not to say mfenor HOPKINSY.ILLE, Kv. August 14 .-Messrs. M. H. Mahogany wrappers, gcod to fine ... -25 @40 class. Lomas tobacco, as for mstance Ceja de Clark & Brother, Leaf Tobacco Brokers, report :-Re Mahogany wrappers, extra. __ ... ____ --4S @6o Luna, Callas de San Felipe, Lms Lazo & Mulo, is well ce1pts since last report 237 hlhds, to date u,4 o6 bhds, SAN FRANCISCO, August 13.-The Commerctal developed, and wtll, regardmg flavor and qualtty, be of same llme last year R,962 hhdls, sales smce last report H e rald reports the market very slack for all descnptions, the best class. In the Llanos however only m certam, ( 1 d hhd ld 1 ) 8 hhd d both of manufactured and leaf, pnces altogether nomtlocahties, as for mstance, Juan y Martinez, Granadillar, me u mg 129 s pnyate y 47 s; to ate V p L -l f 1 o,87g -hhds; ume ttrAe year 8,g78 hhds. Our nal The exports were 4 cases tobacco to Mex1co. Passe teJO, tlotos ena part o Rto Hondo, can market was btgher was on the medtum grades thts ST. LOUIS, August 16.-Mr. J. E. Haynes, Dealer m a good and fatr leaf be procured; 10 the remam10g week, and 10 other respects unchanged We quote Leaf Tobacco, reports Recetved 639 hhds, agatnst dtstncts the leaf is almost tardzda. Of the best quality Jugs 8 to common leaf" 9u to Io:r.(c medtum 63S the previous week. The market has been only a small part 111ill be temprano the rest all medzo leaf, 11 to I3f' ; good leaf, to fine leaf, acuve firm smce our last, and pnces are htgher on /tempo for which reason the latter descnptton will be a to chmce selectiOnS, x6 to 17*c. The every thmg:offered. The crop news from Kentucky and splendid article for the Umted States market. The prospects of the growing crop contmue unfavorable Mtssouri ts very unfavorable, and gtves great buoyancy convtcltort that the present crop w1ll be a very short A large portton<>f the crop was planted late 10 July; and to the market. Sales from Thursday to yesterday, one, ga10s strength d:nly, and it will in all prObabthty 1 s sttll very small, though with favorable seasons 00 mclustve, 350 h!tds: 2 at $3o@soc. (poor sweepmgs), not produce abo\e one-half of last year's yteld; the doubt much of 1 t would grow off raptdly. There were r at $2.80 (scraps), 4 at $3.00 (s craps) 4 at $4@4. 9 0 really supenor class wtll therefore be m very small a number of orders from plamters filled on our market (scraps), 4 at Ss@So, (trashy); 12 at 6@6.go; 59 at quauttty m consequence of thts, holders have very htgh thiS week, and we find that tthe feeling extsts among 7; 42 at 8@8 go; 78 at 9@9.90; 53 at $ro@ro 85, pretentwns, asking to day: rst 7ths $240 to $3oo, 8ths them qutte generally that really fabulous pnces wtll rule 35 at f.rr@ 11.75' x8 at $u@ 12.So, 9 at $r3@13. 7 5 ; 4 $I2o to $r6o, 9ths $so to $ 8 o ana f.2S to 14 for the next year. at $r4So@I4S, 4 at hS-25@IS 7S 3 at f;16@I6. 5 o, remamder, accordmg to qualtty, selectiOn and bulk; these rat $I7; rat $19.75; 1 at $, x at $22 so, 1 at pnces are understood te be in gold. It is not supposed LOUISVILLE, August 2I.-We report as follows $25; 2 at f.27.2S@27 so; I at $28 75 ; I at $29; 2 at that the leaf \\Ill be ready for manufacture and shtpment The market has been acttve, Wtth good offermgs, and f.3o@ 3o so; I at $3I ; I at $34 ; I at 5 so ; I at before September or October. Semt Vuelta AbaJO. steady prices for nearly all grades The sales at the 37' I at $46' I at S49 so, and ro b 10 9 710 @g so; medmm shtpping leaf $$; good do lots in our market, well sweated and 10 good condtuon The Boone House sold 207 hhds 89 hhds Kentucky f h 11 t th U t d St t d 1 $rr.oo@u so; factory dned shippmg leaf, short dark, or s 1pmenr, espec1a y o e nl e a es, an on y leaf 3 at $56, so, 36 per roo lbs; 2 at I7.75, 15 so; S $g.oo@ro. 2s; long dark do $; bright factory a very small portion suitable for Germany. O wme to at to 14.75 12 at 13 to I3S, 16 at 12 to 12.75, h t h ld d d f "' t ,. tl dned leaf suitable for manufactlmng $11 7Srs.oo, s or crop, o ers eman rom .,7o o .,9 5 per q 22 at II to II-75 16 at IO to 10.75 13 at 9 to g.Bo. d t t t d 1 d medtum manufactunng, $ro.oo@@u.oo; good do paper, accor mg o assor men an c asses; regar mg 76..hhds dp lugs: 4 at $9-10 tog 7; 1 9 at 8 to 8 9; $IJ.oo@2 o.oo ; medium bright wrapping 1eaf hs.oo@ quahttes, we refer to particulars gtven in our last 38 at 7 to 7; IS at 6.3o to 6.go. 12 hhds Indtana 35 oo i goo 12i 6 at :xo to I0.7S 3 at 9.6o to tobacco are advancmg datly. for the best, and f.Jo tof.35 pe qtl. forlower descnpttons g,go; r at 8 go. 5 hhds do llllgs: I at 17; 4 at 6 30 to FOREIGN Remtdtos -Of the old croJ) there is no stOck left, etther 6 90. 19 hhds do trash: I at $7 ; 12 at 6 to 6.9o; 4 at h th t th t bac f b th AMSTERDAM, Att""'St 8.-Messrs. Schaap & Van ere or 10 e coun ry; e o co o e new grow S to 5 95 ; & at 3.os, s.85. 6 bhds Ohto trash at $5.30 ot t'k t w t h t Veen, Tobacco Brokers, renort: For the past week we commences o arnve m IS mar e e repea w a to 5 have to report the arnval of 8,u6 bales of Java, also we have already satd m our last tssue 10 reference to The Ptckett House sold 235 bh,Js: 130 hhds Kenth d 1 t h' h th 1 b sales of 144 hhds Maryland. The stock to-day conststs e goo qua I y, w IC lS very supenor, e co or emg tuckylea1: 311t $6o, 59. SI j 4 at 30 to36 so; 6 at 21 d k d It t X ctl h t 's dr th of 481 hhds Maryland, 95 do Ohto, 1,762 bales Rio ar an qua I y s rong, e a y w a t reqmre IOr e to 29; 4 at r8,, r6, 16 ; 4 at 15 to rs-75; 7 at 14 u t d St t F G 1 a 11 t t Grande, I,J70 do Sumatra, 28,638 do Java, 7 50I do I'I e a es. or ermany on y sma par IS sut. to 13 at 1 3 to 13.75 12 :>.t 12 to 12 7S; 2 S at Java (monkey's hatr). We are samplmg the Java. and able. No sales have been made on account of the htgh II to II 75 j 38 to I0.7Sj 14 at 9 to g.go s:r t fth Veg er s who are fir.. Sumatra tobacco, which will be brought in the market pre enstons 0 e u 0 ... .rom .,so hhds do lugs: 8 at f,r8.75,' 17, 14.25, 14, 13, II 7S t '* ld b 1 c d g to assortme t 1 u Upon the xst and 2d of September next. 0 P7 go per a e, ac or 10 n se ec on 11.25, Io, 23 at 8 to 8go, 20 at 7 to 7 901 6 at 6 so to d It L fill be bt d fi "' t BREMEN, <:Lufy 31.-0ur special correspondent rean qua I y. ow ers.can o ame rom f'34 o 6 So 18 hhds do lugs and traslh at 1;6 20 to 8.7o. 6 hhds ./ 8 tl n. e adn de G i e V' h Ports :-Kentucky-Recetpts, owmg to the btgh Amen.,3 per q paper. m u n s.-' e ave do trash: 2 at $8.1o, 8 So ; I :at 7.30; at 6 30 to 6 90. h d fi 'fi t Is f poo al't h can pnces whtca deterred Bremen exporters m the a a ew mstgnt can arnva o r qu I y ; ow 12 hhds Tennessee leaf and lugs: r at 13 so ; 2 at 11; d t 1 a e e ected to c t k t States from operating for thts market, continue hght ever goo s rong c asses r xp orne o mar e 4atror.>ro7s,2atg,gso,Jat8.JSo,78o. I2 y Nth bst dJ th '=' hence sales are agam moderate, espectallw for thts time soon. 0 mg new a ransptre unng e Repert from Seven&y-ftve per Ceat. of tbe Crop of' Ji.etaeky. From the Aug. r 7. In the last week of Ju'ly Circulars were sent from the office to two or more cttizens of every county m the State, of wel!-kno111n character and mtel ligence, sohcitmg information with regard to the pros peels of all the staple crops. Our prmted form of m qutries extended to the various cereal products, leaf tobacco, and the hog crop, and our correspondents were requested to thoroughly investigate the matters presented, m the mterest of the pubhc, as well as on the ground of a favor to ourselves, and to make up as tm partially as posstble estimates m the form of compara llve percentages. For 10stance, in the case of tobacco, we callec! for esttmates of the proportion whtch the breadth of land planted bore to the acreage planted at the corresponding date of r873, of the relattve condttwn of the crop at the two dates, and of the comparative backwardness of plantmg m the present year This wtll serve as an tllustratwn of the thoroughness of the 10vest1gation wht ch we sought to make through the assistance of our fnends. No tm portant feature of the S ttuahon was omttted, and at the same tJme no super fluous matter was introduced. We to day the result of our mquiries with regard to leaf tobacco. Our circulars have been returned, duly answered, from fifty counties m the State, aod wtth few exceptions two or more from each county. The counties heard from pro duced, according to the latest repor t of the State Auditor, seventy-five per cent. of the whole crop, 'and each sectwn ts more or less fully represented. The exhiblt therefore is, to all prachcal purposes, a comp'ete sur vey of the tobacco prospect m Kentucky. The answers are dated on or after Aug. I, and as the plantmg season before the end of July, a subsequent mcrease of acreage was tmposstble, and the only future contingen Cies are weather, season and frost. We have not take11. the shghtest liberty wlth the per centages reported by correspondents, excapt to form an average of the dtfferent reports recetved from the same county. The reports have agreed with each other sm. gularly well, and to a number of instances different correspondents hving m dtfferent sections o! the same county, have made tdentlcal esttmates. The figures are not our own, but are those of representative men on the ground, with ample opportunities for formtng tehable optmons. There are certamly no other trustworthy sources of mformation accessible to other statlSttcians, and, as to the accuracy of the reports, we are not called upon for further argument than to state that we beheve them to express the candtd JUdgment of substanttal and mtelhgent meu. Comparisons are made with 1873, whtch was a full crop year. The first column of figures represents the percentage of acreage planted, based on last year's acreage, the second shows the relattve percentage of condttion, and the thtrd IS an estimate of the compara. ttve lateness 10 plantmg, expressed m days / 'Ve nave added two columns of the actual yield of tobacco m pounds m the several counties m the last two reported years, as denved from the official figures of the Aud1 lor's Office, the latter be10g somewhat m excess of the product as esltmated by the Agncultural Department of the States. Assummg that all other condtttons except acreage are equal m the two years com(l'ared, the prospective yteld, ascertamed by calculatmg for each county separately and addmg up the results, ts about thtrteen per cent. of the crop of 1873 It ts not as sumed, euher on our part or by our correspondents, that etther the special or aggregate estimates followmg a1e absolutely correct, but they are probably as faithful a statement of the case as tt ts posstble to make: hhds Indiana leaf and lugs 2 at $12 ; 1 at II.7 S, S at V h k h J last month, small lots of Q.uisa have made their Io@ro 7S; I at 9 90; 3 at 6 6o@6o of year \ tthm t e past wee' owever, pnees have appearance iti. Manzanillo. for whtch $28 to '$30 gold The LouiSville House sold 240 hhds. 2IO hhds Kenbeen pad here for heavy leaf winch wtll bnng are asked. Gtbara.-The new crop IS calculated at Counties. age tJOu late 1872 1873. tucky leaf, and trash. 2 at $28, 20 so; 5 at 14@ weed" to our shores, at least of thts sort ?ur about r8,ooo bales, more or less, one-thtrd ofwhtch is 6o 30 r,o68,6s8 14; II at IJ@I3 75 ; :ro at n@r2.7S ; 38 at II@. pnces for lo w grades, and _fau lugs and cuttmg, already in the stores of satd place, the rest remams yet Adatr_ __ --_J2 25 48 SJ:I,JSO I,486,sgo II 75; 35 at ro@ro.75; 29 at 9@9 go ; 21 at 8@8 95; tmportmg partly vanous pfenmgs. Con m the country to be oaled. From what can be JUdged Ballard---_2o so 6o r,g6g,soo 3,J2I,62o 35 at 7@7 go ; 14 at 6 Jo@6 9o. I hhd Tennessee leaf Jacket-Swappmg has been gomg on of late of the bales examined, the leaf is of better quahty than Barren -. -. 20 so 30 r,sos,ooo 2,826,gso at 'f,ro.75 :rs hhds Intiiana lugs and trash at f,g' masmuch as buyers have been tradmg lots among last year, bemg sound, though of small stze, natural Bath .... -3S 3S 2 I I6,So3 33,88s 6 at 8@8 70; 6 at 7 90: III at 6@6.8o I at 4 05 each other; also tmporters have been buymg from consequence of the long drouth dunng the plant10g Boone._-. -zs 30 47I,82o r,o77,T44 4 hhds Ilhnois lugs at $8 40 7 70 7.6o, 7 10 6 10 each other and from second bands, to some extent, such season; the color IS however pretty. The crop is very Breckinndge ro 6o 30 3,1o2,6Qo 4,379,150 The Planter's House so!d r8 S hhds : x83 hhds K.enpurchases reported to be for Amenca',l account. short, and scarcely suflictent to fill the contracts made Caldwell---. 20 so so I,876,Js6 2,g20,07 2 lucky leaf, and trash : 3 at f,6g, 48-so, 41 2 at 31, Among the sales to note are: 39 hhds dectded heavy for Spa10 and Chth; the owners ask for assorted lot& Calloway.--.2 Ioo I,476,roo 2,4g6,ooo 36 so; ro at 20@28; 5 at r8@r8 75: I at I7 75; 6 t6 leaf, from medtu:O to selecttons, at 74 pfenmg; roo from 'f,r6 to $r8 gold per qtl. Bass.-For sales as CarrolL. ____ .20 4S 999.719 1,926,oso @r6.7S ; II at IS@IS-7S; 6 at I4@I4 75, 12 at I3@ hhds do, runnmg .ot, at ?s pfenmgs' 25 low mefollows firsts, 'f,u; seconds, $8; thtrds, f.s; paper Christtan 9 zo 6o 6,66s,8s5 7,2J2,I30 IJi 2S at 12@12.75' r8 at II@II.7Si 7 at ro@ro 75; dtum to fine, at 6S pfenme: 32 hbds lugs to per roo tiras. Ctgars.-The falltng off m the demand Cltnton . 20 so JO I3r,ogs 386,447 I6 at 9@9o; 2:1 at 8@8.go; 27 at 7. II at 6@ mediUm, at SI pfenmgs; and 2S hhds fatr cuttmg lugs, advtsed m our prevtous report IS sttll more observable, Cnttenden .... r 3 so 30 1,445,330 2,303,857; I at S go. 2 hhds Indiana trash at $7-30, 6.6o. at 44 pfenmgs. Stock m !rst hands, July 23, I,953_hhds; except for fine "Vitolas." There bemg very few ordei s Cumberland ro ro 45 I,291,62o 2,172,926 The Exchange liouse sold I76 hhds:-r68 hhds reco:tved S10Ce, 393 2,J46 bhds; dehvered from England, Germany and almost all other quarters, Davtess lo 6o 40 6,6s:J,SSS 9o, s9o Kentucky leaf, lugs and trash: 3 at 32 so, 20.5o, I8.7s; smce, 2.P: do i stock m fi,rst hands, July JO, 2,ros hhds. common Sizes such as Conchas, Londres, Reinas and Frankhn. ---20 25 30 289,590 6o6,79o 2 at I7, I7,so; 3 at I6@r6. so; I at I5S, 5 at IS@ stock and 10Stgmficant recetpts have Medtanos, are neglected, so much so that milkers genFulton _____ --30 7S 6o u6,o6s 336,462 IS 75; 9 at; r6 at 12@12 75; 34 at u@ curtatled m thts growth, and sales ,from erally would concede a dtscount on list pnces. Our Graves. __ ----IS so 45 2,791,420 s,242,755 II 7Si 27 at 10@I0.7Si 13 at 9@9 9o; 24 at 8@8 90, hands are on y 2S hhds common lugs at 35 pfenmgs. manufacturers have been compelled to make a great Grayson. ____ 5 7S 30 77S,920 2,03S,6oo 20 at 7o; 9 at; 2 at SS, s.go. 8 bhds A couple hundred hhds were sold by second hands, and reductton m the number of thetr hands, and 1L ts there-Hancock rs so 4S I,384t36o 2,144,334 Tennessee leaf and lugs I at hi.75i 2 at ro,, conststs of lugs at 34 td 35 pfenDJ_g,s: Stock, July 23, fore htghly Improbable that the operattves wtll be able Hardm -----95 30 30 3o6,z9o 2 at 8, 8 go; I at; 2 at 6, m first hands, .230 bhds. received smce, 49 do; total, to effect an aavance in their pay, as was feared some Hart. ---S so 40 2,I2J,63o 3,II9,942 Tbe Nmth Street House sold 196 hhds -ror hhds 279 hhds dehvered Stnce, 59 do' stock ta 6rst hands, months ago i there IS nevertheless a fair demand for Henry--. 20 9S :u 2,o8g,ogo 2,s68,6oo Kentucky leaf at $g@r8. 86 hhds do lugs at, July 30, 2'20 bhds. -8te1s.-Recetpts are large, mostly good workmen for Regaha stzes. Our prmctple manu Htckman .. _ro 40 JO 238,590 8ro,478 4 hhds leaf at $g.9o, 9, 9 so, 8.6o. 4 hhds Kentucky stems, which re held on facturers have 10timated thetr intention to advance thetr Hopkms -.--z 25 55 2,982,277 s,ogr,8so do lugs at $6@8 25 I hhd Kentucky trash at $6 90 hhds Kentucky stems rere at pfermtgs. quotations, when they begm to work the new leaf, owmg Larue .. --.. 10 <;o 30 434.904 921,g03 The Kentucky Tobacco Assoctallon sold 6r nhds Small lots of Va. were dtsposed of at 14 to 18 to the constderably enhanced value of the raw matenal, Lmcoln .. ro 6o 30 33,129 53.352 KeR-tucky leaf, lugs and trash. 3 at f; rs, 14-so, accordmg to quahty. 20 bhds We_stern manumuch however will depend on the demand, and we are Ltvmgston 25 30 994,943 r,so7,8oz 3 at I3@I3 7S; 2 at u, I2 so 6 at rr@II.7Si Sat ro factunng stem were .sold 12 pfenmgs. Stock, July of optmon that should this continue ltmited, they wtll Logan------5 so 4S 2,557,0S4 4,126,s8S @ro 7 s Io at 9@g 9.5; II at 8@9 90, ro at 7@7 go; 9 2 3' 2 679 ?hds ,recewe? smce, 1.'220 do;' total, 38 99 not be able te estabhsh their pretenstons Those makers Madtson .. 10 So 3S 13610 66 0 at 6@6.9o; 2 at 5 hhds' dehyenes (w.cludmg transtta), 842 do' stock ln who had commenced to work the new tobacco have been Manon._----S so 6o 97,6oo 348,4zo first hands, July 30, 3,057 hhds. Seed Leaf-Was r d d fi d h 1 I Marshall 4 so 30 772,s56 r,8r8,7.i6 MIAMISBURG, OHIO. August 15.-0ur spectal coracltve and htgher pnces were obtamed. Good runnmg .orce to estst, n mgt e eat as yet too green. t ts McLean ...... rs so S to ro 2,369.425 reports as follows bas been quite_ a lots Ohto, 1872 crop, may be quoted at 45 pfenmgs, probable be Meade.--_. 8 40 4 S 341 550 falhng off of sales dunng the past week, compared wtth whtle some large holders insist on much htger pnces. turne out many-quantity e ore cto er or ovem er. McCracken. -2S so 21 2,3I7,700 J,J2J,2IO sales of the prevrous week, on account of growers' New crop whtch are much m favor, art: Exchanges.-Thoug_h qutet, the market bas been Metcalfe -----Io 45 6o 854,0S9 1,739.786 tdeas ruun10g so much htgher m pnces than buyers can bnnj;!ing high figures. Stock, July 30, 10 first hands, firm enough, the small supply ofbtlls on hand, mduc10g Monroe ______ 10 100 45 3 s 8 401 863 573 afford !o payfor goods to swpplytheexport demand. aboutro,ooocases. selleratouphold formerrates; but yesterday they be-Muhlenburg._ 2 25 45 1 124 2rr 2 ,471 647 We notice so'!le sales {or borne trade as htgh as u@ HAVANA, Aug I.-Messrs. j F.llerndes, & 'co. gao tot rule w;aker, and and Ohio ,..---. ro so S to ro 2,486,400 4,SJI,4SO ISc.,thesebemg smal crack crops, and although buyreport: ImportantDecrt'e.-TheGaataoftberbthJul,Y mg \56@ er ect;e. p e so 25 187,940 350,251 ers generally active, very small q_uanttlles contams a decree by whtcl! the government estabhshes on@ton,g 0 ays, 1 p 1 Hperbcent. 6 ., dans, o@ays, Owen--------30 6o 30 2,240,700 3,214,700 changtng hands. Prospects fcor the growmg crop sttll 137 13 per cent. am urg o ays, 133 134 R ll 10 60 8 about the same, and a good ram in a day or two an annual tax _of per cent. for two years on cap1tal, per cent. p; New York Currency, 6o days, u6@rr8 susse ------25 6o 4 ,229 ng,7I8 would very materiallyhelp that portion of the crop realandpersonalestate. Thecollectwnofthts_ taxwtll percent. P.; NewYork Gold,6o days, I3Sr36 per tmpson ...... u 40 I,IJr,68s r,8s6,no already topped. We have occasionally a few mghts be made 9uarterly 10 a? vance, begmnmg from the rst cent. P. Spamsh Doubloons, IP@143 per cent. P. lylod r ----__ r:z 95 45 7Js,sso 1 675 of July of the present year and endmg on-the same day Tod ----- .w so 3r:t 2,953,530 3,g88,86p that are rather cool for the good of the weed, with the of the year 1876 The proceeds of this tax, jomtly wllh LIVERPOOL, August 8-Messrs. F. W. Smythe & Trigg. __ -----1S 10 45 J,I46,Iso 4,ns,r4o extreme heat dunng the day those of the contnbuuon of 10 per cent .on profits, wtll C o., Tobacco Merchants, report -Dunng Trimble -20 40 45 894,940 I,J81,790 PHILADELPHIA, :i4.ugust 4 -Mr. E. w. Dickerbe applied to the following purposes: ut. To the gradtfie week JUSt ended there was conun\led mqu1ry here --20 so 6o r ,936,a36 J,475,704 son, Reporter for the Tobacco rrade of Phlladelphta, ual exuncuon of the debt of Treasury of the Island. for Umted States tobacco, but it is absolutely impossiWashmgton .. Io so 40 soo 6,7oo reports as follows: Western Leaf-The receipts for 2d. To meet the monthly deficit in the present budget. ?le to say to what extent purchases -.ere aade. AccordWebster---S 10 45 J,444,7SS s,o/s,ofSo last w.eek were. vlz.: on Monday, 89 hbds ; on Tuesday, 3d. To discharge pending obllgdlons ftom ""PrevJOUS' to the best of our behef_transacllons were cbtefly of 96 do; on Wednesday, no do&; on Friday, 72 do; and budgets. Export Duties.-The decree of the :r8th of character at full pnces. For a few _weeks pas t on Saturday, 78 do; total, 455 bhds. The sales outstde Apnl, proVldmg that oa tbe xst of Aagust duties would 1t has been generally understoodithat owners 10 the West of thts were but S hhds. be levted at the rate of 75 per cent. m baa been and 1n V1rgm1a, who held stocks in thts country, had Sul Leaf-The rece1pts were about 300 cases, aoo altered as On and after-the 1st of next, ordered them to be withdrawn from sale wllhout limits Connecticut and 100 mixed. New Connecticut wrapduties will be collected: so per cent. ingold coin, :15 of ttme or of expen are 'now comins upon the market. The salea per cent. io hank bills witll an increue of 1od per cent. tent laave tranap1red WlthlD th11 mterval, from which we I ""' _. .. .. ..... .. Former crops in the counties reported.------------ -71,884 ,360 Former crop in the enure. State---------.--------,207,:t6I 1S8,I84,929 Pra.pecuve yield in 1874, 13 GUt. of crop. 3 CHILDREN AND CIGARS -Two charactenstics of Marshal MacMahon are satd to bte hts love for chtldren and hts fondness for good ctgars. CONNECTICUT TOBACCO PROSPECTS.Throughout the best toba:co of the Connecllcut Valley, the townshtps tmmedtately on the nver and those adjoin10g them, the new crop says a Hartford Journal, looks exceed10gly well. It has gro"Nn with remarkable rapidtty during these first twenty days of August, and much of tt ts now in a condiuon to warrant cuttmg. Indeed, some of the growers have already begun cuttmg. Such lots are seen m East Hartford, Wm t dsor, and (we believe) South Windsor. The great bulk of the crop however will not be cut before the first week m September: From all that can be learned by appearances the crop of '74 Will include a great deal of Supertor tobdcco. Of course much wtll depend upon weather and other m determmmg the success of the drymg and swea tmg: but every thmg now promises a leaf of superior quahty. Changes in Business. NEw YORK CITY.-Basch & Ftscher, Dealers in Leaf Tobacco; Mr I Basch has admitted Mr. M. L Ftscher; firm name now as above. CmCAGO, ILL.-Frank Pyre & Co, Leaf Tobacco Dealers; Mr. C. Smith withdraws; the busmess Will be contmued by the remaining members under the same firm name. DETROIT, MicH.-B. Hesslein, Ctgar Manufacturer. firm name now Freedman, Hesslei n & Co. KANSAS CITY, Mo.-Z. 0 Smtth & Co Wholesale Tobacco Dealers ; dissolved; Z. 0. Smtth contmues under his own name. Advertisements. I W. J HOODLESS. C.E TAYLOR Late of K.eotucky VI. J. BOODLESS & CO., NATIORALTOBACCO IISPICTIOI, Rece!ving & Forwarding Foot of Van and Partitimn Sts., Brooklyn. Btll a t l .t'obacco care National Inspection OFFlCES WillJam St.,p. Y.1 PartUtoalt., Brook17a 493 5 NEW YORK, Augus t '4. ,s7_... Mr M L "F1scher has been adm1tte. to day as a partner m my ballDeaa 111 The finn wtll be c hauged o .Basch & F1sebe1 lJIJ. BASCH, 496-It. Dealer 1n 155 Water Street. WEST INJJI4 BAY auk. very. hlgl> proof and 8avor dl;;blled expreSIIy, and used here and tn the West Indies, for Fla;onng CJgara :t 1 q ba(;eo '3 so per..pllon, Bottle_.v]s ru. 7 ] CARLE, 15 Old Snp. FOR. FLilers and Seoon.U. '73 Crop, abo .oo cue W Wrappeo. 13 Crop Coll!lectica.t alao a lot of Connecticut rappe n 49> 499 EDWARD AUSTIN, Cona.. "L-,OR IIALE.-One Second-band Roger'o Tobacco Cutting Machiae in good ruon1ng order, Apply to 7 ALLEN, DUNNING & CO, TouacCOQ!sto, Pateraoa., N.J. HAVANA CUTTINCS tc SCRAPS Recetved by wHlcly Steamen f'rom Key from the renowned factor of EL PRINCIPE DE GALES, (Martine Ybor )1n bales pf tJoft xoo lba .E o,r sale througb STli.AITON .!< STORM Agents, 488-500 '9' Purl Street. For MoisteD.lng Lea! or Fme-Cut :loUcco, K!EQtJiaao,by evt ry Leaf Grewer Cll'ar and Tobacco Manufacturer and Tobacconist Coat tn.81nl' s. S. CASE & Co. propneton, Chictago Ill Samples at the o8ice of Txa TOBACCO L&Ar, 484-.,6 ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY 1525,000 DRAWN EYERY 1'1' BAYS. ClaM 910 to be drawa Aug 30t 1873 I css 913 to be drawn Oct. ... lhp:.. u 9H .. Sept 17, u 9I4 Nov 8 11 I ., _9u O c t 4 '-' 11 9lS u Nov. t6' WHOLE TICKETS f oo ONLY, Hal

\ : r WILLIAM WICKE. 1.-0B.AVCO LEAF, AUG 26. A. R.OESLEII., Y. Oommoldon llrlereh-.. ,AL:x. FORMAN. MI. J. DOHAN. WM.',. WICKE fc CO., DOH.AN, -CARROLL & MARTIN & JOHNSON, BULKLEY MOORE & CO. Coni. mission Merchants, STREET, FRONT -104: \__ P. 0. BOX 4385. NEW YORK. Agen t s for the followi ng weli. known and reliable Manufacturers: J.fB. PACE, TURPIN & BRO., L. J. GRANT & CO .. W. J. YARBROUGH & SONS, J. H. GREANER, T. W. PEMBERTON, J.OHN R. PACE & CO., L. :fr. & CO., R. W. OLIVER, JOHN W. CARROLL, and othus. 'Sole Agents for the Original CABLE COIL, BONNE BOUCHE, 4s and 5s, Sing le an d D ouble 1 Thick. Also Agents for the LONE JACK BROWN DICK' SMOKINO TOBACCO. Large-Stocks of Manufacture. d Tobacco of every r Suitable for the Home Trade and for Foreign Markets, kept constantly ou hand. BO'W'NE & FRITH, 7 SLIP, NEW YORK, Tobacco CoJD.mi&sion Merchants of the Celebrated Brands ofSmok:i:Og Tobacco: Boney Bee, Dew, Prairie, Red River, Powbattan, Enl9rprfse, 0!!3 KIIDtuok, Old Los cv..-, ':ow Blip, Plantens' Choloe. Pioneer of the West, Bunny Booth, '\Or Bruci, BoceyDew. 1.1.., '1lole Ag..,t.for the United Stale!! for :1. P. RAwll,of &: CO.'S GOL FLAKE. t66 WATER STREET, Between Malden Laae aud BurUDg SUp, N:JiliVV 155, 157, 159 & 161 Goerck St., -_ ..... NEW, YORK: Tobacco Commission A:GENTS FOR THE SALE OF .ALL THE BEsT-M!miAf. AlB mmllll Jm STANDARD BRANDS OF VIRGINIA & NORTH CAROUNA Dealers MANUPACTUBED & SMOKING TOBACCOS ..... Agents for the following well-known Virginin and N. Carolina : .. adoille, V a "' a, W. J. GENTRY & CO., R1chmond, Va. W DUlCE, Durham, N.C. MA YO & Kl!IG'HT, Rlclunond, Va. l R. T. FAUCETT, Durham, N.C. I M P 0 R T_ E R 0 Fi;NHD LTHBE(A _F .... T 0 8! C c:o I HARDGROVE, TOLLARD & oo., Richmond, Va. COOPJ:III. & WILLIAMS, Oford, N.c. )A n ___ G'. The special attention ofthe'Trade is called to the followi1lg established Brands: EL PRINCIPE DE GALES BRAND OF HA.VAJiA .1.ND KEY WE!IT; ,J liiiANUl'ACT1JRED. JIIAllrol'ACTURED Virginia Beauties, P. P.'s whole and X .CaddieS 01d Ned's Choice Xs, }fs, P P 's. CEDAR STREET, NEW YOKK. v;rgiuiaBoauties,,,,.,,.nd4S o.c.Mayo&Co.,Navy lbs. Farmer'sDaughter,JS, .. ,andl(s. D.C.lhyo&Co., Navy, )is,and)is,P. P.,inwhole, ., Sallie Willie, J and 3 Plug Twist. J(, and J( caddies. Sallie Willie, .0. C. Mayo Oo., 3s, 45, and tos. Y Invincible, Fig. W. J Gentry & Co., Navy, )ts, J)s, P. P's, FRANCIS S. "V'INNE 'S Oriental, Fig, m tin foil, K lb. bore; fanqt. and.l<>njl' ,0 9 Charm, 6-tncb Twtst, in tin foil,}( q.dd,!es. Mayo& Knight, NayY, Xs, }{s, P. P's. & long tos. PA'IJ:IENT IMPROVED TOBACCO CUTTER. In bags of u, This improved Machine for cuttingTobacco Js con structed with a single knife working upon inclined bearings and operatin g "'ith a sliding shear cut upon the tobac co, which is phaced in a with sides at .;Jht p lei Old Ken tuck, lbs. Caeyque. Star. Reward of Industry, lbs. Oliver's Choice. Virg in ia Bell e Pride of the Nati&n lbs. Nugget. Pioneer. tbL Nation. Harvest Queen. }l;s, P P's. Duke's Durham. D an dy Lion Farmell Choice, Ks Us, P. P's. FiJucett' s Durkam.. Parti ... ular at-tention given to putting up special brands for SOLE use <: bwners &ol.e .Ac,e::n:ta :tor -VIRGINIA I 74: FIWN:J' Street. KREIIELBERG & CO., 160 PEARL ST., New YoRK J. 0. IIREIELBEIIG & CO. BALTIMORE, MD. KREIIELBERG, SCHAEFER & CO. NE\V LA. BLAKEMORE, MAYO & CO., I GENERAL This machine will cut any kind ef toba.cco, and. cut it perfectly. Plag, Twist, Perique in Carrotts, and any similarly hard prepared to baceoa can be cut in their hard state, without any casiug, 'or any other moistening to aoflea. E. T. PILKINTON a CO.'S COMMISSION MERCHANTS,_ them. It makes no shorts, ca.n be run by hand o r steam pow er, requires no skiU to OJ? erate it; its con:'ltrnctio n JS ofthe moshubstantial kind, slo w to wear and difficult to disorder. Price of machine com plete. with Press (r>ox 4 Kx6 .uo in c he s), net casb., OFFICE:' 141 WEST BROAD. lWe'\V York. N B.-The attentio n of manutacturers of Cig&t"ette aAd Turkish, and all Fancy T oOaccos, Straight Cuts. Bright Leaf. etr. .. i.;; n1rtkululv c.allP.d to this machine:. CELEBRA'1'ED 62 BROAD STREET,'-. NBWY6BK. WALTER, FRtEDIIIAI .! FREISE, ''PH HITS PLOWER&" "Bird's Eye," lndispeo-''CHMMONWHALTH'' sable," 'Golde n ScepB _.. tre, "Planter's PriEle,'1 u Farmer's Choice," and SKOEXNC -TO::B.AOOOS. lliTPRICE LI!ITS li'UJtNISHED ON APPLICATION. IMPORTERS 01' EDWARD M. WRIGHT & co. KATZ &. co., HAVANA TOBACCO lln al c V h DEALERS AND EXPORTERS OF Pearl Street, tJtillBf OID1lllSSlOn mBrc anli} .. ALL OF H Broad street Leaf Tobacco, 179 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK NEW YORE. I'. 0. :SQX 2484. l CHAS. F. TAG & SON, W. 00.1 lmP?rten ot SP A.NISB1 and Dealers in all kinda of LEAF TOBACCO, APPLEBY & HELME, JAMES M. GARDINEJl, -CHARL&S M. CoNNOLL-,.. James lVI. & Co ToBACCO All Sty! ofManufactun4 To. for Export, and Tax. paid, i n '-" to our old and I CODISSION COTTRELL. WHITE FE.A.l'HER, _-1 -& 73 Front St. LEGAL-TENDER, Young Swell, SILVER CLOUD, [NEW YORK, AND Fig, GlLEElUIACKS, TEliiPTATION SANCHO P.ANZ.A, THE HUB, etc. b', c. c. c. HA.)(CLTON. -s. h-IARC030. R AsHc!torr. VORK ToBAcco INSPECTION TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. Certific_ateio givn lor every case, and deUvered case by cage, as to number of Certificate. N. B.-WE ALSO SAMPLE IN MERCHANTS' OWl STORES. F c; LINDE tc CO., Water Street. tO> 186 Pearl St, & :a"-_!J WRaUter, 173 Froat, 74, 76 & 78 Greea'llll'illh Streeh, aad 1, -ooa er a R-d Depot, 8t. Joluu Park. t;H-A-RLES FINKE, J. Me J. BENSEL & CO -:JNSPECTDR, TOBACCO INSPECTION, r55 WATER STREEl, -127 & 129 WATER STREET e- SEED LEAF Leaf To 'bacco No. 86 :M..ttiDBN 'L.A.N'E, Jl e. T & Maiden Lane, NEW YORK. t ... IPD'eM. C. C 1Pi:NO.E8. BPENCS. ---NEW YORK. 1211'Blf BTBB.X, _New York. I'


< .. AUG. 26. rHE .., .llo..-' .um JOBJIBBS OJ' ALL Kll!mll CW 1101EI PIIOB_ ONLY $400Dr VERT 148Y TERMS: Floshlof ofters yon a HOlliE, with the advantages of both City and miles from New time 1 5 mloateo!-IDj trains Dally-k tickets by e.v Rall Road 8 c:enta. SUPERIOR.. MAKE AND-Prime QuaNty ot LEAF TOBACCO, J'Iaehinr has the best Churches, Scbeo1s, Markett, etc., and ls so near New York that you em market or seek-amusements there mort romfort and in lell!l time than from many parts of the c1ty lt!elf. The a'boYe is a new house welt built, S minutes walk from BRIDGE STREET DEPOT and the village store, has.."l:J room.a, besides Cellar, Gu. \Vaterl Sewer, and Marble .Mantels The grou..nda, 37 ;(xroo arc planted wjth young fruit and shade trees; streets curbed, guttered. and sewered; &Ood walks. CEDAR, WOOD, 293, 295 & 297 Monroe St., ., NEW YORK. II. a S. STIRIIB:IBGIB. nmu DD uum, .... NO. 44 EXCHANGE PLACE, N.Y. J)raw Bills of Exchange on the principal cities of EU rope ; iesue Circuh\r Letters of Credit to Travelers, and grant Commercial Credit9; receive Moner on De PJait, subject to Sight Checlu, upon 'Which interut will be allowed; pay particular attention to tb.o Negoti atior -..f Loans. .. 11. W. MIIDIL & BRO., I '-fMANUFACTURElts OF 0 I G .A. R S AND DEALERS IN LEAF BOWERY, NEW YORK E:SEN W. GOODWIN, DEALER IN LEAF TOBACCO AND P%DI'E CJ:GABB. No, 226 Front Street, Bet. & Peck Slip, :WEWYORK. WK. AGNEW II SOBS. 'fohaoco and Oommis8ion Memhanta s..a. ,,.,.d -a Froot NEW YOBK. 8AUI .a.u. nmmw tear TGbaeco for Export and loDll 111. Leaf Tobacco b!lled in anr packap b,r pr e ss for export. AHNER f &. DEHLS, DEALERS IN I:EAF JOBACCO, 190 Pearl St., MlCHAitLAH'lB3,1 NEW VQRK ]OifN A. DEHLS. -..1 Ex .NoRTON. ]. SLAUG.HT&R. B. H. WISDOM NORTON, SLAUGHTER & CO., ( TOBAttD AID tDTTOI AND General Oo:mmisgion 41 BROAB STREET, Y. Y. READ Be oo:, SuccEssoRs TO ISAAC READ, MERC.HANTS, And Dealers in Virginia and Western Leaf and Manufactured 2"obacc11, Licoriet, Gum, etc., la Old SUp, ll'ew 1r'9rk. : B.lRIBTT a MACI, Importer o IIavana LEAF TOBACCO No. 170 Wate-1 Street, New York. L.lP ALMER A. H. SCOVll.LE, WEISS, ELLER& KAEPPIL, IMPORTERS OF AND DEALER IN HAVANA J:OBAGGOS, 220 PEARL STREET, AND ALL SPECIALTIES MANUFACTURERS. R.HILLIER'S SONS & lJ.O;:J OFFJ'dE, l!-4n NEW YORK .. MANUFACTURER PINK B!VOA CI&ABS, 49 West Broadway, COR. TB;OMAS ST., NEW YORK. CHARLES S. "AWES, PACKER & DEALER IN Fine Connecticut Seed Leaf ; 119 MAIDEN LANE, I N'e"PPT York. E. V. Hawe1 &. loa, co ... LOBENSTEIN & GANS CJ.LE AGENTS AND IMPORTERS OF THE GENUINE w.J,. M.' lt:espectable families who wish t o economUe will find that CHEaP board In the city costs moresses, Straps anu Cutters, At. SOUTH STREE'F, N. Y. E. PASCUA.LTBROTHEKT&iC;o; : COKlCSSION AND '_. Havana LEAFlTOBA--c.O_ O ) r 1Sd WATJ:B. S'l'IU:.'l', lniW 1rOB.B. P. 0 BOX road. Accounts and Correspondcm;e of Merchant!S, Banks, Bankers, etco 0. H. SCHREIBER. Cashier. .A. P.AR.::K.::&I 00,;9 NO 44 8'1'BEET, J1E1V YORK, Sole Agents for the CONSOLIDATED'TOBACCO COMPANY OF GILROY, CALIFORNIA, Manufacture ro o the Celebrated 1 <llOY PEBIIBI. G8fll 111AB, AD lmR Tlla. 'Abo fCor their CHOICE BRAIQ)!J Oli' CIGARS,. Equal in quallty to the BEST HAVANA goods, at one-half their cOst. Call and examine betore buying PL.&l!ITATIONS AT IAN FELIPE, li'.&V'I'ORIES AT GILllOY SIMON STl\.&USS, .. l'II.UillTACTCllER Oli'' Cigar Boxes aJ1d Show Figu!es, AND DEALER Ill GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS, PRESSES, STRAPS. CUTTERS, &C 818 F:lfth. S'tree1;, (Bet. Ave D and Lewio St.,) N'e'PITTorJ&. All klndo of Flpres Cut to Orde;r and Repaired bathe Best Style. The Trade Supplied THS Ni y I CO-OPERATIVE CIGAR MF'O co., No. -19 W. Houston Street; cor. Mercer, LA.IlGE AND FIIIIE!JO!ITMEI'IT OF I'!IGA.RS ON HAND-ORDERS PROliiPTL T .atO.L.IInD, 1.F.O. MftiiL A, J, L, & e. METER., FORWARDiNG .AlrD Commission Merchants, E. DIOSELY, DEALER IN Bl VAll a DOMISTIC lVo. 1M Pearl Street. NEW YORiio d LEA. F TOBACCO .... JIJiiDU ,Espedalatteotioo iolnvltedto an I ............... AIL """"' o Euter I Patent Impro'l'84 German Kouli!s. TO::EI.AOOO, No. 43 Beaver st., New Tork. LEAF TOBACCOS I V SCBEJDJR y Y!.A.'P Any desired size and shape made to order. 1 Alldreea by Poot, P. 0. Bo1, 6171 172 Water Street, N. Y, Bpeolal attention pMd to the forwarding ot tol"'!!IO Ill. ALSO COMMISSION MERCHANT ---TOBACC Office, cor. Congress & Fourth Sts. of -... ..,. .... -a. "iO .um u :noADw.a.v, NEW von uat. DETBorr, liiJcu. _____ ......;;;.... __ II:' ---1 :K&.e on oale Ill ldodl of 'l'OBAOCO for IIXPOit! AND PACKER OF A ...._ ao MIRANDA lc co. IDdHOIDVB& J. SCHMITT & co. ....... &.& u:: ., SE.El) LEAF TOBACCO, IMl'ORTus oF IMPORTERS oF"' DEALERs IN Commission Merchants, 'FREY BROS. & 00. Manufacturers of FINE CIGARS, and Dealers in Leu Tobacco, Mill St. Rochester, N.Y. .a:. Leaf Tohacco,LEAFToBA:cco: CICARS RITICA," Dn'O ...... o 182 Water 8t., New York. 197 Duanwueet, 44:Veeey .Street, .. '.v ork. LIDIRIR a FIBGBIJ., 222 PearlSt,New York. J.ll-CHMITT, New-JYorlk. .. -SANCHEZ, HAYA & CO,, .umnnuBnr .J E. SPINGARN & CO. SCHROBDBR & KOCH B.&R,.CORI & GIRSBJL. EA. V .6.lll' 4 T03AOCO a.aa. 1.34. D o M EST.. I c M ... .. "' "' FRJEDJAN & OBftiNGER, PACKERs oF c:: J .. ........ CTuu .. OF I AND CJ:GA.B.8 MAmENLA.NENewYork. L f T b mvA& nnlf]ji(ITIC TOBACC 0 CLA.TE OF ST. L0UUI, Mo.) SEBD LBAP, Fi:a.e ..... fiiiSTcW.iruviiACIGABS ea 0 acco :!!.D.=NCSLIP. LEA,,FDealmlaallkhi!lol ANDDEALERSIN No. 22 Ce4ar street, New Tort. Alii> IXPOIITDs 0.. 166 WJI.TEB STREET. NEAR WA'l'lJR-STREET, TOBACCO BAVAHA TOBACCO LBAP .. ft"' BRANCH, No. 3"1 .&v:Cwtrl: B Hafala Ci1lft i Lrdf foUO. :tmw 'YOaK &a .. n>ran" 246 Pearl Street. New York Cit 1 .... La, .. ,. c ... ,_ .... w. F. G. RE'USElfS, '. I 147 w+'l'D 8'1'.. yon J. -E. HAYNES, TOB I "CO "ODISJ. A. H. ROB'ERT E. KELLY co. ANTQNIO CONZALEZ, i. H .... ... TOW-JAI. or TOBAmJ cfl!iwPnv I .1CTORY 34 B!AVEB S'l'UE'l', :NEW YOBX, DIPORTEB. or l IN WESTERN Pemberton & Penn, r 0, 11 _IAYAJ! CI&iAinmA.I.W J.!EAF. tOBACCO, .r. BREMEN A NOAD TRIIIIT' .C C --!' And Sole Agents fDr the Brand AND 2., South Second Street .;ertluirst1'VIs t1J jill fJrdvs .for 11ZWTOSK. YORK SUPE.RIORDEJOSEIIRIIVJQIOT" CARVAfAL'. S CIGARii St. LOUIS, Mo. LMlf"'MIIfiiVIIdulft TIIINI<,; KEY WEST FLORIDA. :J 1.61 JP" ..t.TXB 8.T., NBW .YO ,. L-. .OAHYW.I, YAp


. 6 Stalne:., Sm.lth BJ!"'S. a.-KDa9Jat, DEALERS JN ALL KIND$ 01' LEAF TOBA.OCO!J And Manufacturers of and Dealet-s 'n Oir/ars. 225 RACE STREI!T, PHILADELPHIA. STEWART MARKS, RALPH. & Manufacturers of Ralph's Scotch Snuff, ANii FINE: CIGARS, :D.To. 118 .A.R.OEI: T-. ).bert Sloowut. J-eo P. lllarb, Aleua4er llalpb, Johll W. Woodoide, Samael A.. TEIJ.ER BROS., Paolters, Commtssfoa l!llerabants, ud Wholesale Dealers in Porelan aDd Domastl.c L-f' -robacco, 117 North Third Street..Philadelphia. IVOOD'IVA.RD, QA2B.B2'r & 00., )TOBACCO, CIGAR AID &KIIBAL COIIISSION K :Z :B. C E 4 :N' 'r S ,.,. J8lio Water St. and 32 No.Delaware-Av., Philadelphia. No: 14,3 Firat Avenue. Pittsba.!'lh. c L. BAMBERGER & 00., DEALEBSIN LEAF And Manufacturers of all Qrades of Gigars, 1\To. 8 _1\T. Water Philadelphia, Pa. \":1 .,. ----"'\V"M. A. BOYD & CO., WHOLIISALE DBALDS IN IAIIPICTUDI mJ LBD TOBACCO, Clll K, :::: !: :gg; I 33 SOUTH ST., BALTIMORE. TH08. W VRO:IIJI)R, j GE0. KE1!-CKHOFF. GJ!.O. P. UNVItlotZ.AO'L GEO. KERCKHOFF & CO., DEALERS IN COINECTlcrJT, 1U V ANA ill YARA LW i'01f!CC8, ... .Alm CWARS No. 49 8. CHARLES STREET, BALTIMORE. ll. WILKElVS a CJO., I MON_{JMENTAL CITY TOBACCO WORKS, KQ, l8l WES'l' l'U'l"l' S'l':&!E'l', ll.&L'l'IKOU, JU.Bn.AND, lfAXUPACTti'IUtltS OP' ALL JUIIDS OP sDIIIG AID CBIWIRG TOBACCOS. AgenU 1 Jl, J!'ALK:, au, Bowm'J', J!r, T., .t> BA'l'Tnl BB.Ot!l,, 1.3 If. Tlll..t lh.1 ftna:: F BECKER. C. llECKER. L. BECKER. BECKER PAGKERS, GOMMISSION. MERnHANTS, AND WAOLESALE DEALERS IN Foreign and Domestic Leaf Toba.coo, KO. 98 W. LOKBABD ST., BALTIXOILE. liD TOBACCO FACTORS AUG. 26. ADVEB.TISEIIENTS.' Advertise:meau -A-d-ve_rt_l_se_m..;,;.;;;,;en..;;t...;e;;.; ..;.;..__ cASBros'WKLLEB. .L. & IIAAII. C. WELLES A CO., Henry Besuden & Bro., CONN. tEAF RICHARD lLLLL.A.Y. J.AllEII KALLAY. R.MALLAYABR DLLL D' Dealers ill LEAF TOBACCO, LEAF TOBAOCO, lt:-1163, & 165 Pearl Stret, Between Race Aad. Elm, or E:. x S"nEl!T, ) OINOINNA.Tl 0. CINCINNATI. S. LOWENTHAL co., MANUFACTURERS '"'OF FINE CIGARS AND DEALERS IN' LIAr TOBACCO NO. 112 WEST STREET. CINCINNATI,. OHiO. '. ]A.c:c. w .. AARON KAHH. A. WaiL Weil,Kalm&Co.;. {Su ccessors to S. Lowa:NTHAL & Co ) Muufactu.rera Wholeaa.le Deal en iD, I CIGMIS& TOBACCO l34 SL, Ciucinnati, 0. I liFSole All"'lta for "El' Telerrnf<, Braud of Clpii BROKERS, Of/loo, :loo. 4 COLLEGE BUILDING, HENRY MEYER, OOIDUSSIOX MEBCHAJn', SPENCE, BROS &. CO., of the Celebratecl Aod a variety of other grades of Fine-Cut Chewing & SrRoking Tobacco CDfCDDrA.TI; OHIO. SIMON MANDLEBAUM, Special. PARKER, HOLMES & CO., Manufacturers o f the Celebrated N E ,RV. E ADd other Brands of Chewing and Smoking Tobaccos, 53 ._ 5'2' Jeenon A:ve., lDETB.OIT, IIICH, :MANUFACTURERS OF 126 Vine Street, TO:&.AOOCJ. 154 &ate Street, B. a z. K. PB.A.SB, BlCALBB8 Ilf ConneoUcut Seed-Leaf .... ... .. ... .. J 'I'OIJ.A.CCO, 40 & 42 MARKET ST.,Bartfbrcl,.-Cozm. Wi:. w&TPHAL,: COliOIISSION liEJtCllANT, Alnd Dooler 1D. 1 LUF T -obacco, State St., Hartford. OODJL .A. .! OONNEOTIOUTSEED LEAF TOI B.ACJOO, No. I.34 MAIN STREE_T; 126-la& Hartford, Conn. G. W. GBA.VESJ-PAatlUt AND DB.ALll'tt IN FJJE CONNECTIQUT SEED-LBJF .-oBACJCO, -DANBURY, CONNECTICUT. H. SIIITH & CmllDlisxiBn MerchaBU and J obbm :;o. 20 Hampden Street, SPIINcmBLD, K6.BS. Boston Advertisement .. O. HOLYOKE, KERCBANT M. ANATHAN tc CO., 1n LEAF llAlflJF A.C'l'URED E. R. W. THOMAS, u c. Central Bosttnt. ..&nd OommisBi<:m. Merclliln'D ""o Alld Wbo!Male Dealer io. 63 EzchiDgt Place, llaltimcre, Kd. CO 118101 MERCHANTS, WE authorize SIGHT DRAIT for amount ofT AX, with BILL OF LADING attached to Draft. and will CASH a.dvaDGeS oo receipt at Tobacco. "lB South Charles St., Q H I 0 5 C 0 N N E C T'l C U T a. PARLETT & co. W DRESEL "CO WHOLESALE DEALI!ltS IN e I 1J KA.lllD'ACTVUD LEU AD IIIHIK& 87 GAy STRE::ET, 1 AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN fl'ereip and Dom8stic .Leaf Tobaccos. NORTH THIRD 8T., .. NJLADELPHIA, To a .a.. c cos, WJ!'IKOII, KD., ,,., Cigars, Ptpea, Etc., TOBACCO ALSO \ COID41SSION KE:&CUN'l'B m s.w: or, EOIIJSSIOJ !IRCIIAR'S. 1 _92 Lombard and 5 Water St., W. & CO., tEA 0, [ BALTDIORE JID, 11, ... WA.TJIIIII. IT., PIULADELPIIJ.A. ... 10 .. l!r.IECOIID IT., ST. LO-.IS. A. AUUCH'I'. L CHROI> .... _P.....,H---JL_A_D,_.IL_P_BJ __ :A_" _-PH-IL. _oN__,N L W GUN'.rJIEB I A GEN!:RAL HAvANA \ E. W. DICKERSONj OFJ'ICE: Nc. 139, N0:&'1'3 '1'liiiD S'l'iEi'l', rmLADELPmA. ... ,. ... '.Ai Weot IDdlell ..J oAfrlea Lt0era1 adnsu;emeu.ta made oa to fll7 .... odd... UNGER & co., I MARRIOTT '""A U'lnll A AP ihi!it CIG 4 'DC! WUI ctvelhelr POI'IQual to the oale aJid pur ..UW1..,oi:A\JJ.,O..,..... ,.,... CllUeof _AndDealerinallkinoisof Lea f Tobacco. LEAFB A C C Q; liF'LibeA Ad-madeoo CooalcnlleoU. AND CICAR IUBBONS. i No. 25 German St., Baltimore, Md. ORDERS PROMPTLY FILLED. LEAF TOBACCO, 46 :Front St., Cincbma.ti, 0. ... _F. W. DOHRMANN, LEAF TIJB.ICIO .BROKER, N. E. Cor. and Front Streets. P. 0. Bex 3212. CINCINNATI, 0. COMMISSION BROKER,-========== ';IN ALL JUNDS OF To',, P. 0. Adclft., ClliiVIlll!r.I.TI. o. 1MliUVILLE1 Xy, CLAR1t8VILLE, TeBa. SOUTHERN ADV'TS J. W. CARROLL,., Sole MuuUcturer ot the Famou1 aDd Wol'ld.-l{e. aOWDed Brands of Vlr&inia Smoking .M Read the TOBACCO LEAF j LONE DICK, -------LYNCHBURG. VA. \.. I pEAS E'i l aoiidted aad :o.>remptly attet>cl8dP. T b l JOHN w. s-roms, 0 acco Ow..or &ad of the World-ReoOWD.ed -'"'. *-*oc," The Most Perfect Machme '" LntClmVB.G VI.. the World for all grades I of Fine-Cut, Chewihg and Smoking; m m llY :rms,.-cuss :BOVBIS, JIAJWPACTUUD IY' liOGLEli & PEASE, DAYTON, OHIO. -R. A. Mn.LS, TOBACCO BROKER I UD Office ill Tobacco ExchlllfiP, Shockoe Slip, BIClDlOfiD, Y .A. THOll. H. CIIA.LiiEJls, II Beekmaa St., If, T ., ke ... ateok CBRISTIAI a GUIK, ST. LOlJIS,-LOlJJSVILLE AND BUFFALO ADVERTI!!IEM:ElTS. ... Merchanta for the u Pu.rchase ,. of VIIGIIIl WI' TOBACCO,


. -AUG. 2ti. TOQ-t'-CVO, LEAP. 7 -& N E w "1\1 RK I THE "DANBURY MAN'' been at to make the capture, but they itous Ifyou '1Unh iiifohll'lt'llAI; J.T,;&;.J::i; ,-O.N ToBACCO IN LoNDON.-accept the situation. call at our office, and we willshow you samples of The editor o the Danbury various crops in this country last year, and also .....___ JtCA.NUFACXUBEB!I OF NI!Ws thus humorously TOBACCO samples of t!le high-priced Kentucky. The {I:!otfdon) Circlt! says: We continue our notices ... Ifill""""!! '.A. """"-411111:::1!. writes from London: I COTTERILL, FENNER & CO., of the tobaeco manufacture in the metropollii by dealing '-" .A. .-. _,_ iii:::::::ll, know of no place unless it ,&,J.etre ot om JllaaafaeNorth Star Tobacco Works, with th t 'of cigarettes and their very near relatives .I!ND DEALERs IN -is San Francisco which turerst '*'' ,.,. Orowe....,_Bvw the Weed No. u7 East Second St. cigarros and cigarill os The smoking of cigarettea in -r 0 B 0 0 Q 1t more of .ii displ'}y of may be Ra"'tred ahd Sold f'or n-om M to 30 this country is a compar,atively modem fashion, and 1ts c1gar and tobllcco cents. CONSIDERATE.-A gentleman, on presenting a lace their manufacture here a still more recent introduction. 76 PLACE NEW YORK. than Londo n. We can unWe published, in the Dayton weekly papers 0r three collar to his adored one, said, carefully: "Do not let Perhaps there is no more philosophic reason to be given derstand it in the former weeks ago, an articl'< advisiug the owners of the toany one else rumple it." "No, dear,' she Ieplied : for this fasl ion than for IJI:&nv-olher fashions, some of place wht!re every !?ody bacco now rapii!lly maturing to change the character of "I'll take it off." which is mere caprice, or, as iiii tpe case of dress, may smokes and many chew, it from that gr,own herewfore, and ollly suitable for be traced to manufacturers atnd shopkeepers, who well b t h L d h AN EccENTRIC PtrNISHMENT.-A Jersey man recently k tl t 1 r h" d r 11 t' 1 1 u ere In on on, w ere clgar leaf, to that grown in the South and for now 1a a c 1ang:! m as 110n won er.u y s 1mu a es h d d r.' bit off the end of his wife's nose, and an eccentnc b B 1 'II 1 t r th tt you may pass a .,.n re m facturing into cllewbzg tobacco. usmess; ut t 11s w1 no accoun .or e c1gare e : KERBS & -SP)ESS, h .. magistrate held him in $J"oo bail to keep the piece for f: h f h 1 r r r d men on I e st.eet It n0t Sill!ee the pu)>lication of the 2rtic1e referred to, we as 1on c:> t e l\St .ew years; .or manu.acturers v an one smoking, the s hop dis-bave been unceasing in our efforts to obtain the c.o:o psix mo til. dealers i cigars can hardly have been its instigators, as play is a ph'en0menon. The eration pf o.tu ,tobaeco and have met with rea, How THE PLANTS LooK IN PtTTSYLVANIA COUNTY, a smoker will now often feel satisfied with a few whiffs pipe is the favo.rite, but son able success. We have also obtained all possible v ..,.-A correspondellt writes as follows: "Spme planters of a cigarette, which only costs but a fraction of the that is generally smoked ininformation concerning the probable success of the exreport the rot, and uthers are troub, le with grassvalue of il11 ordinary cigar. It :s more probable that doors I presume itte reaand are coilvioced beyond a doubt that the hoppers, which are eating holes i_!l tfie leaves. smokers themselves demanded the cigarette, being son Londoners do not tobacco no growing in our fields can be sold for 10 to The summer so far has. been so very cool as to seno usly taken with continental custOIJl among "swells"; and smoke 011 th e street is out 30 cents, if our method of lettillg it get ripe, cutting retard7the growth of tobacco. and instead of its emg a further, we a1-e inclined to thi that motives o f ec ono my of regard for the atmo s a nd curing is adopted. large-bodied leaf and stalk, is narrolv leaved an cr spind .have had something to do with t.he matter. Really which already con-In former article we offered to take and contract ling, and presents gberally rather a Freuchy look." good foreign cigars hav e become so dear of late years tains 11bout1 all the smoke it for 100 as it stands in the field. W& now increase that eveu rich men1 when feeling a craving for a few can stand. The price:; of that quantity indefinitely, and will contract with any one Too MucH oF A Goon THtNG.-An English paper minutes' s.11 oke, and not havjng' time to get t hrough a cigars are lower here than who bas a crop already "topped," or that will b e suggests, ,Sfl-Y)i the San Francisco News Letter, hat c igl}r, at l ast felt that they coul d hardly afford to begin in America, but. the quality ready to top OJ,l or before August 20. We will assum e smokmg be permitted in churches, in order to increase an expensive Havana, and throw it away before it was is inferior. A twelve-cent all risks of "frost in the shed," and will pay 10 c ents the number of attendants ou the means of grace. With half smoked; nor could they, on the other hand, fall is very high-priced per pound f o r all of it. We p la ce no limit on the .a_ box of Victorias, leg al drink "-i.t., a five-gallon back on interior cigars. Cigarettes, therefore, made of and the six cent weeds are quantity we wrll purchase keg uader the seat-none but pretty girls in our neighthe best Turkey tobacco, seemed to meet a certain re t he highest price Ill general A ,great many growers have concluded t o try th e borhood, good music, and horr.cepathic doses of sermon quirernent, and consequently, perhaps adopted use. In the small villages plan ana: take the chances of th market rather than we think we stand it. A hice, ina,ne discol}rse, almost-as a necessity, a fashion. The "upper it is difficlllt to.find a higher-sen at 10 cents. q such we say :he indications are a.bout nothing -in particular,' delivered in a monotone, ten" were the leaders in it, several of the "lower tens P priced c iga r t"an four most favorable for your receiving tfle higheSt price for would doubtless accord well with narcotic stupef.t.ction, followed suit, an d though the fashion has not y_et Thei r people do not use a crop was ever sold in Ohio. and get one Into quite aheavenly fiame of reached the stilllower,strata of smoki"ng society, yet the-Blanuf'a.ctluers of' Pine Oitlars, 1 AND DBALBBS IH LBAI" them and the transient On the other the low price at which Ohi o seed 1 consumption of cigarettes is now en0rmous, and daily trade is not sufficient to pay leaf still seils in New York, and the fact established CHEERFUL TRADE-ANTICIPATIONS AT RicHMOND, VA. increasing .' And lt here is much to be said in favor of j the keeping. Chewing to by "monthly rtport of Department of Agricul-Says the Whig of the 15th: Two weeks from this time this new fashion. It is a delicate and dainty method oi 1 bacs;o excepting the _Plug, ture," that there will not be over three-fourths of a cro_p the summer ends and autumn commences. However smoking. A real Englihh "swell" well dressed, as he "30 BOWERY, :NEW YORK. Lova-A.' LICBTDmm a BaohiB, IIANUFAOTURERS OF 11 ELK". and "ONWAHD" .. ;H. HOLLANDER, MANt:;FACTtTRER OF e I Q A R s Cigars, .u Dnltn HI IollAr 'l'QBACCO, 125 MAIDEN LANE, 3+ 341 Bowery, mew. u.utX: NEW YORK. N .EW YORK. TIN FOIL AGENCY AND DEPOT OF P. W. FELOJfEJL Ill SON'S. ---Successors to CROOKE, F. H. BISCHOFF'S BALTIMORE FHILIUiD11lftM: CAPS Fr. ENGELBACH, "l&Ot.LDIG! MILLS, 338 CROSBY and 163 & 165 21 S1%t!1. An., OW YOUZ JWLEEIB\" STUETS. NEW YOU. can n o t be obtamed In of cigar leaf grown in the United States this year con melancholy" the qays may then be, sentimentally coninvariably is, smoktng hiil cigarette, witll that quiet im One tobaccomst firm Js in the opinion expressed. in our former article, sidered, it'is quite certain that from a business point of perturbable air lfhich is his ch ie f characteristic ar m Ldpdvn. tned to smuggl! .that if the rop raised on the old plan and view they will b!! more lively _and praductive of joy to tistically exhaling the smoke from between his lips, or some ,of 1t her_e, hut, puf made suitable for cigar lt!af tl>e average price of the many than those through whrch we have lately passed. titillating the mucous membrane as he passes it througk chewmg crop wil not aceed that obtl!,ined for the last three Evidepces of preparalion for the "fall trade" are already his aristocratic nostrils, delicately holding the while the an article, crops. 'vVe would not entertain a groposition to conapparent, an 'ct there is reason to believe that a heavy fragile of his pleasure between the first and h1s whole stock was contract for it at any price, for cigar leaf, knowing as we do, amou11t of. business will be done. The advance in the fingers of his well-gloved hand, is a pleaeant fiscated. He confidently the extent to whic tbe markets of the world are glutted price .of tobacco was a While a large propor picture of a smoket:, and one likely tO disarm the pre told me there were other wite this kind okobaeco. tion of the crop had-been sold qefore the rise, yet the Judices o{ members of the Anti-Tobacco Society, and ways of Wliile cigar uaf abounds so plentifully there is, and :tmount remaining in planters' was sufficient to all lady objectors to the habit of smoking. So dainty, costly and lllJunous than has been for several years, an absolute scarcity of make manv of them feel exceedingly comfortable in the delicate and witqal a method of indulging_ in finetit too.acoo c/lewi11g leaj; and the highest estimates of the growing region of the pocket. The rponey paid lor this tobacco the fumes of the fragrant weed is cigarette-smoking, that ''?to England._ fo.r the crop of ir do not exceed--one-third. was practically brought into the State fot that purpose, the only objection to-it is the fear lest our Engli!;h ladies t1on of Uavelmg Amencans. As a resu l t of this scarcity this kind of tobacco is and was, therefore, 110 addition to our available capitaL may take to as many ladies ba've done on the Conti He i b:and manufacsold i n Cincinnati ever! day large quantities at auc-Large sums of money, boarded since the will now nnt. Still, as a' matter oftaste, we will hope that the tured m B lttmore It as tioq for cash. The report of these sales can be seen be brought out agaill and put into circulation. From so -called" weaker" sex will not adopt the fashion 0 ( pure _fme-cqt. t ltke every day in either of the Cincinnati -papers. these premises we conclude that there is justification for smoking tobacco, even though in the exquisite o chewmg fiddl e-s t rt n g.,s. We quote the follcwing from the Cincinnati Commera more hopeful feeling in respect to the "fall trade," cigarettes. In making cllolce of a cigarette manufactory waa man named cia/ of August uth: soon to be commenced for our descFiption, we had, to use an Hibernicism, no staymg at my ho teL To encourage many growers wl;lO :his year will have choice at all, for there is only one really large manufac-He. came from Pennsyl only a _patch' compared with a crop, we give the result ELE; HANTS AND TOBACco.-Seme man, says the tory of the kind in London, or indeed in England; awi v'!cma, and was an mveteraie financially of the pro ll of two acres raised by John Sacramento Rt!lllrd, who ill the title, gave the even if there had been a choice, it would be almost im tobacco che er "Btfo re Ellis ai'lehOidat atretion: amoun 2 hhds; elepliant at tl!e menagerie yesterday a bundle of to possible to conceive a better one than that of the be left home an Englishprice of best one 37 cents per pound ; amount in bacco. Every one who knows any thing knows that the ment of Messrs. John Wood & Son, of 22 Queen Vic man told hi he could dollars of the crop, $68 5; u7. hhds. Browll County, weed," of a11 olhe..r things, will rouse this fl'herwise, to_ria. Strtret, E. C and PaiJ.mal!, which !alter is. and every Ohio, trash,.J.ugs and leaf, of which :zr sold ;at 8@9.90; docile 'animalto a fit of anger. It l:lld so in still known by name o( 1 Messrs. Wood m Lonaoil d1d!l t 42 at 1o@14-15 40 at rs@r?jiS; 24 at zo@29. \'lhy this case The e _lephant seiZed the o'Qject upon an eslabhshed firm m the (;Igar and til! Hazman's Patent SQBJDT _._ U12'JL should ht, where tliey have exten overboard and had the comIt, bu-t woUld like !t;\ try the experuuent, call at our office and trample to death, and fortunate that the s1ve added to,_ for the1r bus1nesa pany' sued by his wife's at once, an we w1n' make a contract with you that will angered brute rlrd not run a-muck m tl!e cro':l'd, as eleTbeodondi the .first tm wh}ch began the manu father. When he got here be satis f.aclrlry fo you 'in all nspects. pha.nts have done when tobacco 'be n giVen them. ef es IJI E;nglandt 10 the r86o, but and fo' un d no tobacco his We would prefer to have you try it at your own risk, The man who the yesterday should was acquued by Messrs. Wood Ill 1865, and was ter(ible. It was take the chances -of the market, but our anxiety to be caught and flayed ahve for hundreds of )ives smc;e tben,1t been wanderful!y the b_oy's ball to havaal crop that is suitable, raised on in jeopardy. Such a SJUart indiv'dua;l would b honored of are sttll tmportc!d inlo"Englanij, wh1ch {ell m a d1tch. It the new le d speak and act most earnestly by being by so an ammal as ;m elepba11t, ch1efly from Russ;a, but also from other parts of the knew no bounds. He parain the matt and is tQO w-h d a spec1!0e to be worthy the disContment Some of these are first-class, but many of ded the streets like a spec-'' H you your cro,P. cr ra' e 'tall on this tincfoll of being_ kicked.. to death by a jackass. The very inferio.r tobacco: .tobacco almost _invariably ter ou t of He plan, allow us tb urge you to try tire experiment on at boy w s CQ!!veyed Officers Dunlevy-and Cafferty t<> used for IS Turk.tsh. But 1s. Turkey b1ts of cigars, srnokeas trtwo or three buftdreq of your best stalks. If you the offic or.,_ the br'?ken arm was properly tobacco_ and 1 urkey tobacco; some of tne co":'monest mg and all the do so we a'gree to pay \IOU 3 eots more per at ten de td! and he was agam On the streets last worth. no '?acco. He knowledge and experience gained thereby. DEATH oF A PETEttSBURG ( ,VA.) TOBACCO MAm.Acof th1s Messr Woods, as rndeed aUnratwould talk by the hour of The following are the instructions, which, if caref ully' TURER.-Says the Petersburg Apptal of Auguat 1g: The c:lass c1garettes, are manufactured. This tobacco is the tobacco he had observed, will enable you to sell your tobacco for a price community was inexpressibly shockeil and pained yesknown by. the na.fue_ of." Dubee" and comes away ecause of that w ill astonish you, and for ever drive out of your terday, to bear of the sudden death, in Chicago, on the from Yemdge, a of Roumeha, European Tur damaged, and fields the worthless cig;ar leaf you have been raising day previous, of P. Hamilton, a prominent key. An good vanety also from Sal9nica, tmctly remembered havmg year after year, and selling at prices Jess than the cost and highly respected citizen. Mr. Hamilton was .a near even thiS h1ghclass tobacco, thrown a paper of to-of production: men1ber of the large tobacco house of s. as sent-to-this countr>:, IS only the best selected leaves, bacco hunself Top the tobacco as soon as the button appeltrs;top W. Venable & Co., and after a season ,during which he_ and carefully(Paj:ked m small.bales or" ballots," as they years ago last March. Wah it low, throwing strength of the stalk into a few applied himself to business with great he called, somewhat compressed bay, whiciL equal clearness he emleaves, making them large and heavy. The number of started West on last with the view wetg h about 40 pounds each. These are very carefully bered by a congesold est of old-fashioned hand chaff-cutting machines, sand." has been topped early, i n order to have it ripen and get tive chill. first access .of -this dreacl disoroeF wh1ch, our readers are aware, consist of a the> Amencan it in before a freeze, ripe tobacco not being injured by he never ral!Led; and at three o"' dock' Sundayaftern.Jon a?d a kmife, wh1_ch is worked across Mm1ster, to Loll any ordinary frost, he expired. Mr. Hamilton was attended in qis last ill face, cuttmg, at each stroke, a shce of the material as, don h1s JOu_ rn ey home When it is thoroughly ripe, having stood or three ness J:ly Mt. C. Baker Raine, of this city, wh" 1s towards _the bl.ade, the qua!ltity cut each for a bnde, Phillips. went weeks longer than is necessary for cigar leaf, it js ready to be in Chicago; by Mr. Cavanagh, the agent tHere of time falhng 1!1 a m front of the QJachme. The Tur at once to h1s house m the to cut. This is done with a knife made for the purpose. Venable & Co., anti, oi course, by the best medical s1ti.ll key tobacco IS cut m the same way, by hand. The leaves alm?st hopeless of resembles a wide chisel, except that,the handle and that could be summoned. Five teiegrams were sent are_ carefully packed m trough, l\Clross the back of a chew-:JUSt one chisel are at right angles. Before cutting, the stalk ls during the day to Capt. Venable, inforDiing him of the the cutter places h1s left leg, kneeling with his little chew, he. sald to me. split down throug h the center. Being ripe it splits be illness of his partner, of its tapid progress, of its necessanght knee on the He presses his left hand on But Schenck d1dn't use fore 'the knife, and following the the lea:ves escape rily fatal character, and finally of the superveningdeath. the grves the whole mass a regularly pro weed, and. the dev1l unharmed. This splitting is done in as little time as is Owing to the closillg of the office on Sunday morning,' motion towards kni_fe pressing hiJ back -almost w1ld w1tq necessary tGI C\lt-ilie stalk oft' in the ord!r..ary way. Split these five dispatches, with their heavy burden a rrived th1gb agamst. the left arm,_ wh1_ le wnh h1s ngbt band he d1sappomtment. The n.ext it to within about three or four Ulches of the ground, together late Sunday evening. Mrs. Hamilton was the kmfe. For pack1ng rn boxes the longitudinal day h e returnerl to and cut it oft' in the ordiRary W:lY. with sa e knife. at Church, but was sent for, and the news broken to her. stnps of the tobacco, as they fall from solemn l y that r fut it off ar:d hang it over one of your sticks that you On that sacred grief we intrude on further than to tender conducted down a sort of shoot, about SIX mches broad Heaven lipared h1s. hfe he have driven slanting into the ground near you. Cut the profoundest sympathy whi ch belongs to a loss so griev-and when a lenl!:th of two feet has been formed, -LIQUORICE ROOT 1 would_ that and pufsix on stick, and then lay it down on ous. '!_'be deceased was a son ofR. A. Hamilton, Esq., of cutter d exterously hft& the mass, it gently 1 and h1m. And he wtll the ground to w1lt, takme; the usual care to prevent sunGranv1lle County, N. C., anq formerly a resident of Pemto a fiat prece ?f wood, a _nd almost than the BoJ..,alwa,. foe sale iD lou to uit .rare""""' I keep his word bur it is sufficiently wilted, haul to the shed tersburg. He is, we stiilliving. The younger eye can _h1m, turns rt m perfectly uni. ..uu:s c. :-y and hang 1t up. Robert was but twenty-e1ght years of age seven form order, 1t rs ready for packmg m the boxes. He 1 ss Water I&.; lllew T-IL --This plan of cutting is a saving of about of of which 'he had spent in this city in the busimig?t well remark, as J?r. Lynn does to his wondering time. The object in splitting the sta!k is ..tohasten ness, as above related. Four years ago he Miss aud1ence at the Egypt1an "A!ld that's how it's PoLICE AND_ REVENUE_ lrEMs.-On Saturday last I skip City of New York fi om Havana opposite Q.uara curing. The leaf cures in about ten days after it is Leilia, daughter of that sterling and amiable gentleman done!" though the spect.t.tor 1s but little the wiser foe Thomas H. Nell, carnes Oil Jhe business of a cigar t' S d r .0 hung, and is ready to strip as soon as the stalk and stem the late Samuel W. Walkins, Esq., whom be leaves with what he. has seen so neatly effected. But when the # dealer Oil Atlantic Avenue, East New York was me, on atur ay mormng last, at one 0 clock, Spectal are dead. Strip in the ordinary way except that as far two children to lament his unlooked for Joss He tobacco IS merely required cigarette making it is a warrant issued by Justice Wolfort, charged Custom House. Officers Nethercott and O'NeiJ; who possible keep the colors separate.' Put up in amallet a of fine scholarly attainment to_fall from the moutll of machine in a heap With. from a certam conductor on the wer ._on dl\ty In '!small row-boat f:>r the purpose of bands than usual, and wrap the tie close to the end of been enriched by a close observation of mankind a d before 11, hke the chaff from the chaff-cutter. Of course by represel;lting himself to -be Wi/-tcbmg_ the vessel, to prevent attempt by on the stem. This is the souther;;t style, and is desirable nnture, and by the habit of ten'lcious accumulation nof tlle natu_ral arises-'!l'h.J:' not this work done by a detective or m the employ of the company. board bemg made to smuggle crgars ashore, nouced a for several reasons. 1 knowledce of all sorts. His mind, however was rath a macbme, dnven by Similar to those (I::egr;'s He pleaded_ not gu1lty, allld time was allowed him to boat, ma?ned by two men, suddenly 1eave the vessal and lf you sell to us bring your tobacco in as soon as it .is of a solid and practical cast, and inclined to' the patent) we in_ our article on cut" prove : that h1s_ plea was well-foullded. Meantime, bow ?art mto the channel, for New York stri}!t!d. If you bulk or pack it in bOxes for a few gation of principles and the retention of valuable facts toqacco? The s1mple answer IS th1s, Turkey tobacco must ever, rtwas d1scovered that specific charges coulq be _mg th1s. somewhat susplctous the officers hailed days it will /leal aad s ll!to. 1 he it must be deli.vered as soon as and we will tour ofE rope in compaqy wtth Mr. Gordon McCabe (.Conr.luded wuk.) mess m Atlanuc New York, and paid him were taken to the Barge Office, ,but there authonlles redry it. Tolfacco that is iallotred to pt ripe iu the 1111d p10fttedgreatly b_y of ---=.. ----Slim of_J:z. was,m consequence, held in $5oo I? take any steps to holdmg for field, and is .sold as as stripped, will weigh a-fo1Uth 10 afforded. He W&llf108seasedof a Goon R DANnv :-Tiie Rev. Mr. of the bail I? awa1t the act10n of the Grand Jurl:.-Early on,e before a States more than u,sual, Two thousand poqnds acre island an iasuraace Ol\ bls life in a arge We Ada Street Church ia c'hicat:o, whose al last week burglatll entered. Dame! Wahlen s 1 bey were therefor<: allowed to depart. boat and not an UllSual yield. We .uiba\1110me kmva at our d

8 ---' I 'J.'ooac ...:.o ,,La,. __ .._.. .... a....:. ...":l!ii. Lioorice. JOHN ANDERSON & co., LICORICE P48TE. EllENE 181QaKY' -MANUF A<."Tl1RERS OF THE SOLACB AB mm TOBACCOS 114. and ::6 LIBERTY STREET. NEW YORK, 8qto di-rect the attentJDn of the Dealere Jn Toblcco throGghont the U11lted State. aiMl the ...World to their SOLACE FINECUT OJD:WIXG TOBACCO, THOMAS HOYT k CO .. wbicb. Is 'being once m oTe m&Dafacturecl andr tho illl:med !.ate aupervialon of the MR. JOHN ANDERSON, JlAJ>."UFACTIJiitERS (I Fine Cu t Chewing and and now ot.>...U, u formerly, wlthoat a rlnl. Orders forwariled through the uoual charmeJa. will meet with prompt attentioa. \ SMDKING ToBAccos & SNUFF, JOHN :r.rLAcc OUr.t (illlANDS CHBWJNG, JUNNYSIDE, HARTS' DELIGHT, (llat 6t&ewiug, au4 6tatu&latt4 MATIONAL, BRIGHT OWEN, TOBACCO :.1' EXTRA CAVENDISR o6 Pearl St., New. York Citv-. HARVEST" fc "SURPRISE" lti FOil IVANHOE fc JOLLY BOYS 176 & 178 First St.. Brooklyn, E. D. 7'(f0KA!I R'OYT. CHAS. G. HOYT. JOHN F -FLAGG. I. s. WATERS. LOUIS N, PECARI, 11 .JOIIlf STREET, NEW YORK, MAHUPACTURB'R OP Fine, Lon1 Bnd Strai(ht Cnt Cavendish 0 0{ the Manufacture of AT SMOirought t& tbe highest perfection, is c:t.ltdd under til e above style of brand. We ere also SOLE .A.GF.NTS C o r U:e band. Cl. &. Cl. o. Acknowledged by to be the best in tb9 market' .And for tho brand oJ Licorice Stick (NOIJL' &. 00., l:n all respects equal to CALABRIA. I We have no Consamel'll and Jobbers would do w e ll to apF i Y direct. Licorice Root, and ordlilary, conatal>tly ou har.d.. GIOIEZ & IRGUfiBIU. 29 & 31 S(!IJTN WILLIAI STRE' Licorice Paste and Sticks. G. S. W. S. F.W.S. Sterry Extra. P. S, Baraooo and Pignatella. DeRosa. Excelsior Mills and Favorite Mills Powdered Lioorioe. 1 Gum Arabic. Olive Oil, Tonqua Beams, AND ALL SPECIALITIES FOR TOBACCO MANUFACTURERS. Patent Powdered Licorice. W & Sterry, IMPORTERS, No, 24 CEDAR STREET. LICORICE BOOT DI.&.IIOND lllu:.LIJ-POWDER.ED PlJR.E. LICORICE EXTR.ACT-X.lU AllllD PULV LAVENDER. II'LOWER.IJ-POW'D. OR.Al'fGE PEII:L-POWD. OILII-AllflliE, BERGAMOT, CAIIIIA. OILI-BOIE, .TRUIC JDiiii.I.JILIK:, OLIVE !IUIILUIE-CABEI ., JAR.I. IEI.AJIII: OIL, LEVAJIT-R.GE B. "VV"XL&C>N",. SOLE AGENT FOR J P. SARRAZ.N'S LOUISIANA PERIQUE SMOKING TOBACCO Also, Perique Tobacco in Carrottes, 145 W ATEB. STB.EET, NEW YORK. DJ)Il'f CALDWELL !l1CBANAN & LYALL, t6ii!iDA fOB.&cco wo:axs AXD oi'ncE, HEPPENBEIMER .JI_ HAUBER CIGAR 15, 4 Broad York, Praotl.oal. 1 BUCHNER, .. EN CRAVE RS 0 AND P R J NT E R S Succe aoor to RoBITCHECK & TAUSSIG, OJ:LEBJ14TED BRA!ID8 01' BY BTEAJI POWER. AND HAND PR.EBIES. J ioltacco and .. AND SMOKING ':;, f, fs f."; '1.z:8:;,:;,_;:"' CO.DII'l'.utTLY Ol'f HAJID Al'fD NEW DEIIIOSIXADE TO .>R.DER.. 'OBACCO AND DinARS .. 22 1114 u llOi'l'll: WILLIAM m:w YOI!Jt U Neptune. Double Thick, Unconquered brt. drlr.. "ACME" F.;,cy Brt. Hav"'"" s Oh t Magie MitcheU, I Pounds '""-"" li6S, SroO 87 Narragansett, Tec,.,...,b,1oo, I DELANCEY STREET .. II NEW YORK Flounders, Gold Bars, Buchanan, 1011 J of the following BrttndsefKJLLICKINICICI Jack of Clubs. Pride ofth. e RecJment it!ie of' the u.s. Base BalL Wtneheater. wrLLIAM BUCllAMAM POE:ket PiecH. lq(lala Leaf. Lyoau. G.reelan Ben PAVID c. LYALL, RALnnaba .... _._ KcEUOY, BIOS., Ag'ta, 31 SO.ton. Cigar Manufacturers. Cigar Manufacturers. Wangler & Hahn, BOIDY & PROCBASU, KANUPACTtlltE.ItS OF MANUFACTURERS OF J'ine, Fine N0.290 &292 BOWERY, 354 & 356 BOWERY, I' NEW YORK. NEW YORK. EDWARD A. SMITH, MANUFACTURER OF ORGLBR, I :rtne seprs, .. Also,ProprietoroftheBraa4 .0. '11 Bowery, < -Libre ,; YORK. 2970-&; 286 Greenwich St., Nnr Soh s ILACCUM & SCHLOSSEI. : 'W&%'111 -poAzo, "-"'"uav...,.s or Or or J'iz:Le Cigars Dom.estic Cigars, U1 ... 141 ... BTREET, 18 Bowe NEW YORK N EeyW, P"!!'rie!J!fo of the celebrated brallcla "R!'l'ubllc" YORK. a11d Hla'h alld Dry." Other favorite loralili. made __ to order. Gentlemen, the Time has Arriveli1 Our Attomey, Mr. Ovide Dupre, No.6 Wall Stree t, New York, HAS MOST POSITIVE IN STRUCTIONS to proceed against all infringements of Qur Trade-Mark, TO TilE FULLEST EXTENT oF THE LA W The {a1llt, gentlemen is your own ; you have for twelve.JQQDtbs spumed amnesty, and it be<;omes us to verify the promiiiCS we have publi1hea for 'llp.,..rda of twelve month s. 'Ve regyet that the lack of commercial integrity' among sucb a port i on of oar confreres forces us t o the unp:easantness of litigation. "Sad, but nevertheless true In conclusion we wni add that no com].>romise to m ake, ana it is too late to enter tai n an y preposition by us. Tbe matter hiiS, beenp:aced in t he hands of an attorney, and he will submit the only 6asis upon which the matter can be settle d It is useless to writ e to u s in to the matter afte r this date as we to yq_11lo g ene gh already, withot1t ava1l. .... We hope to convince the trade that we are in earnest I n this inove, aaii knox now DO promiSe. w. 1' &; CO. :NlCW YO:B.E .ACIIB' A. HEN & e THE 43 Liberty Street, opposite Post Office, CIGAR PACKERS' :i:KPOE.TDS o:r SKOEZ:aS .A:B.'rlCLZS, S0Gl:ETY, DEALERS N Bespectf'ully i11form the Clpr ManUfacture,. of the 1 (;) Uruted Stoteo that they are now able to fill all orders TOBACCO, SECARS, SNUFFS, &C. wl!b_M-.ben of their Society. --, STORE, I _BROTHERS; :OFFICE; 1 7 I PEA.B.L STREET. 0 lEW YOllK CITY. Agew.ts for the folloWing TobaccO: Le"''rie Hadcla.xta Flounders. i C. Lewta Mad.du.x' Look.-outDouQ,ie thick: Fours. 11 C. Xad.dax'a Half Navies. Le"'Via BadlU.'a l.ook-out Double-thick Sil:es. H V. MaddD.ll:'l Golden Eight ounce!. Le"Wl Maddu..s' Loek-ou.t Double-thic k Tens. J. & DOl' a The Pet," PoundJ .. Lewta Xadda.x'a Lookout N avy Pouads. Q.DIU' u M.iu J eoole." Le'Wia :Madda.x' Look-out Half Navies. J. 0. DIU' Our Choice. J. 0. PW' Butter8v 1'o1St_' G.lMUa -Gipsy Q11een, E66ERT. IMPOR-TER OF J AND CNARL118 A WULFF, Lithoppher, PriDter, &Dd, Jlanufaotu:rer or ..... .. A Large Assortment Constantly on Rand. C:.'l\atham St., cor. William, N. Ye WARDROP & DALYJ 2o3 &: 2b5 Lewis Street, G -DEALERS IN SPANISH CEDAR FOR. CIG.ul. BOXES, Seasonea. Stock always on hand. 1 Dealarin Seed Leaf' Tobacco .... P.M. DINIEE & SON, Cor. S:I.XTH &'; LEWIS STBEBT$1 171 Pearl St. & 78 Pine St., Merchants. 1 NEW YORK c 'ITY. Foreign and Domestic Woods. MANUF.A.CTURER OF NO BOX MOUJ.D. CZGAR.B SYCAMORE 'FO. R SALE, AND DEALER IN LEAF TO:S.A.CCO, Saltal>le !<>r Tobace<> B.n.,. &Dei C aclmea, soo,oooft. lach and 'ti'ldtha drr, end at a lo w 6pre J N.B .. can order ;,o0o fL or more:, -ae &' umple. LoNG lSLA N o SAw AftfD PW\-MING 1\lu.u, coa.J BoND .AND Tw1ao STREtTs, N. y. No. 186 FRONT STREET, XEW YORK. Oll .. laX,rcrt.l7 n.m.a'1'UI'1' .._ ____________________ ...,;.; _____ .. E. C PEASJ.:,Prop'r, 6liUIU4AN,


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