The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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VOL X.--NO. 34. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, ocT. 7, 1874. WHOLE NO. 502' lht IS PUBLISHED IVUY' WJilnaDA.Y KOUJNII l3Y fD HBACOO LIH'' PUB11SIINQ 00, New York. ;r ._..a'll' JbBliG. G -.Lil Letten abould be plalnl7 &44-to .. ':II ftUGOO LJIU'' 1'VIlJIIWia co. Term of the Paper: ltt;ii.a CoPsa, -.. ao Ca1n-R OM& Y&A&. -.. --r. ... MOIITM, .. .. .. .. ... 00 Tau )loJIITKI, .. ao llir R-ber that the oo4t lo tile yeuly or aboctlber ;, "" a-EIPJ c-. Jw ..... ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS ABJtOAD. GII&AT BIT..u AND C...lliABA .. 04 ..__., H.-auG AND TWa OoTBC .. 'I', 18 &TC.,YlA .. D. .. .. c-...-.04 lfo ...,... ro. tb paper Cli>IIOidend,..,. -IIMcl by U.e correapondlnr -at. Remit-Ohould.ln eftry hUitaooa, be made by _,. ... .s.r1 ebock or Clroft. Billa are liable 1o 'be I&Oin, aDd caa oolJ be HOt It tJI.e lrMtU\ rlok te tile ooDi>lebf IAooud L. r. IJI Walel. .A.-'-b & llondenotl, JII a W.U.r. JlarMU A l(ock >6s Bearlmo D. &: A., Nater. 11a7o a eo.," 11-. ....._.. Slip. .Brod II., J' Laae. BalkleJ, II_.. A Co., 14 FI'Oat. Canlalo .A.. H. us PeaaL Qawfonl lt. II. 161 Wal. 1 noe.-ean..u a eo., 104 rtoat. E-e,7511"Pt w-. ''' Peort.. :lliiiel*k. J'. ,. Sbllo Aw J'lllk G. A Bro., 171 Water. ,._ L a o. a.Fo., ., Haldoo Genli-}. Jl. a I O.o l4 froot. Gu1ll D. :J Soli A Co., 44 !3RMIIL o.-t J .._ a. B.O:, do Water. 0en11e1 L. a are., u Mal4a 'Ooalllrie a eo., aaJ I'IOilt. HLt141oo go w_.. HaWM, Oaa. 119 Maldn Laae. l'lerbaf a Vaa Ramdolu-, Peul. Hillmao G. W. a Co., So FINOL Hoefon Wm. C. J4l l'earL Juloer a 1'1-.,er, Wate<. ltau & lA '79 Pearl IUaDkt 5J Bn>ed. lt.eealc a Silbert, 3-19 Bowery. 4r: Co., 16o Pean. l.adoeDiona<:h a B"'., Water Lam>tte A. C.,, .. Peart. Lederer A Fbcbel, u Ceclar. Levla M. H., 162 Pearl. llcJ'all a Hogaa, 33 llamay. Malta-<1 Rol>ert L. & Co., 43 Jkoo.d. Martha & Joboson, t66 Water. JUJU Jeeph, Soas, na "Water. 1 Me:rw A. 0. L S. 191 Pearl. Sawyer, Wallace lr Co.,.., Broad Scbei"er E. .N.., Pearl. SchmJtt r. Co., t6'3 Water. Scboverl[nl' Wm. n9 Water. Sebreecier & Bon, 178 Water. Sclttoeder & Koch, 246. Pearl. Scloubut K. A; Co., 146 Water Broo. & Co., 75 Maiden Lane Sptapra, :S. & Co.; 5 Burling Sllp. c. H. 104 Water Stein It Co.1197 Dune. St.raitoa & MOflll, 191 Pevl. Strelua lleitzeuteio. 176 Front SuiaDocbor & KoCmaDD, i8 Maid"" LaDe. T ... Cbarlea l'. & Soa, 184 F. W. 61.Broad, 1J pm&Da, Oorl, 171' Pearl. Mi Ai Co,. 391Jf014. Zwetc H. ,.,a Water. W e1-. EBer a: 280 Pearl. Zi na, ] acob & Bro., J8 Eat SeClOIICI. Ybo<, V Martines. a Co., >6 Cedar Slant /lrkttJI Cip.-MIM/ds. SJJN.J. Scbwlll &Dubrul. 166 WHt SecOGd. G<>oUe F. A. & Bro. OJ,ABKSVILLE, T_.. ]Ja,_,.., of Kry Wlpll. St. Hl!Her'a ll. Soao & Co., 5 5 Ceclar M,.-f,.otowwof C'-"ir tuu1 S-c GlytniiU. oliomy t.o.. 7 Bvlloa SUp. Parker, Holmea "Co., 53 57 Jee.A .. .., Cigtu Moultls. Sn4 Len Wta. ToN..-. I...Mio. : PaclaJr and DMJJ.w. in ,_ LM4f. ; :noe -Co., Jt "' ,. v_, :r.adtlcb Hli Mauer ulf-W.IU!aal LAJfC.A.STQ,' Pao OtB-LtaheooteiD a Gano, lot Halclea J,aae. Hohaaa D. J. S4 R,.. :llopdor 111cUolla, s. Co., '" horl. Miull. i TIH lfEW YOJLIL -Alnll. Ze11oiaaloa.B., -+s J:aat l'ollrtlt. &lmaaa, Hen_!I Co. 41 C" ..... P. LOUISVILLE, IF r.u.a...-. A. a eo., 110 Water. PfiiK Tobacco MilotifMtMTWI. iiiMII Prm lkr.,... !\D] ,.Broa ]aeol>, c-. lltJ-ftawbe.-L. a: Co J North Water. MAu(MIMrlt'IJJ Itt. Lewia, 3JI l'kird. Marbarg Brothers, to 149 S. Ollarlea St. DOhan It Taitt 10, Arch. WUk.,.. H. A: Co., 181 Weot PralL BdWIIrdlo G. W. A: Co 6o North Fn>ot. > Plllr. of S.riLwery Levy 7f? & 1'3 Bowery Luy, D. A Co., 90 ancl 92 BowtrJ, LichtelfSteio A.. Bro. l-4 & 3'" .l:Jowe:r'y !-ichtenstein BJos. & Co. 268 Bowery. IIJera, Brpe. & co. 202 Ch..UU... oq-.Mend.el M. vr. & Bre, 15X Bowery NeuDurrer M.. 183 Pearl Jf. Y C(H))>eUiivo Cigar Manul'g Co_, 19 Weot Houtou. Orgler S. 286 Greenwich Schwarz & hr, 1! Bowery, 8ekl.euberg Cn. 19 Dey Smith H ..., u Bowery Stachellterl M. & Co. 257 Pead Strait.on Jt ltena. 191 Pearl 8utro 4tJ Newmark, 76 Park P-. W&n&ler a Kahn, 1ft.,, Jlo_,. MIUIft"'" Fi Cifoar Henry 1 6S Pine Qteeohall A., -4) Wftt ISroadway. HollaDch M.cEirot:_Buii Broad. of Cign .B GERHANY, 8o8 C..,.,IUIO Mtre41MU. Steiner, Smih Eroa. & Knecht, U5 Falleoateln, W F Theobald A. H., Thirdand Poplar. BBmGEPORT. COlfllf. lt><''"' of &b. Whalen R. A:. T., IS.. State. of li101< Cut CAck &:,\firtli.. u and 14 Watft. "' '" Q Whofua!e "' '"'" Touuo. 11 1 Jlaa, Laeraen George, '" East Randolyb Bml-11 o. n_ H ,Cl]I(CINN.A.TI. "' """' 10 aa.,..ea O..Ucn i Hmuhbdcu;. ToHcco C.iuio MerclwJlJ1. liAIJer HJ., .0 Front. wall, BehiD A: Day, s North 8eooad. H., Wt"u.t ._ Tolucc JJrohr SeAmao, L. Air Ce, J Waat l'n>DL J L '-SI!Yera J H., Vine BoyaN -1 1"7 Solita Second Wankelnun F., .t Co. b ,.,_, C.f:'U',oul A,..U.. M-utjiiCtOIT 'J75 ODd WI KAlil va. .......,. .. Co., 5'-54 -TbiJ>d, BartoD, Joaepb, Co., So Open Bloc*. Manu(actwl'wl Eut c-a.. St. Geeclaaa MtltpbJ, .a mer ... eo. o. P Nertb 8aHDa. uof T.._o BroUn. ll.eaJiter Chao. soEutWaUr Dnb""'an. F. w .. cnr. o. "-Vtue aDd-.,; )1. V '}'_ a:Co. qo l'oarl' p_.l -... .. & co. wa .. 1'":,';!;. /. A., .-UJ

2 makmg iarmhes, sell h1s tobaccCil to them, and compel them to turn m the1r c1gars htm at a certam pnce, wh1ch pnce rs so low that no .-egular manutacturer can compete with 1t Notwiths'tandmg a former statement m your paper concerning the earmngs m a certam tenement-factory, we thmk,._m order to mstltute a proper companson be tween the> wages earned m the tenement and those earned m the regular factory referred to, It ::.hould be stated of how m1ny heads the tenement famtly con s1sted OCT. 7. s)upments has exerted a hardenmg mfluence Qn ex ch ._n ge rates. The Pru5s1an bank rate havmg beeR raised to { cent. and the expected rise m the B!lnk of England rate has product;.d a more acbve1market wllh rates, three days stght contmental and demand sterhng bemg espec1allJ strong. We quote :-Bankers, nommal rates are 486 and 489 for 6o days and demand sterlmg respectively; sellmg rates, 485 to for 6o days, 488 to 489 for demamd Commerctal, 6o days 483 to 484, Pans-Baners,J days, 5 n to 1378; 6odays,sts% to 16U' Commerctal, 6o days, 518U to 20 Retchsmarks-Banke-rs,' 3 days, 9678 to 96U', days, 95 to 9578 Commerc1al, 6o days, to Pruss1an thalers, 3 days, 7278, 6o days, 7I 9-'8 Frankfort-3 days, 41 }.( ; 69 days, 4oU. Am sterdam-3 days, 4IU' ; 6o days, 40U Swltzerland-3 days, 513}i ; 6o days, 516U' Antwerp-3 days, 51378, 6o days, 5 16U". Fretglzts-Messrs Carey & Yale, Fretght Brokers, report tobacco fretghts as follows -LIVerpool, per steam, 25s@3os, sa1l, 17sl 6d nommal, London, steam, 27s. 6d@ 30s. sail, 25s. Glasgow, steam, 30s Havre,. steam, 35s sa1l, 30s Antwero, steam, 35.375 6d sail, 30s Hamburg, steam, 37s. 6d Bre._, steam, 375 6d 1' .All TIOVI..&B. .OTIOII. Groen of seed leal tobacco are ClilUIUoned agamat the reported ulet and ,uotat1on1 of seed leaf u furnnhmg the pr1ca d1at should be for them at 6nt hand, as these refer tn mott 1111tances to old cropo' wh1ch have been fleld nearly a year, and the ,Profit on whach mUJt naturaliJ 1nclude tbe Jnterat on up1tal nveitccl. Growers cannot expect eert lD the eye of aew cro[pl, to aell them fur the same pr1ceo u are obt21n
  • wnable by th& powen wll alwaya be aomewbat lower tAan out QUOtations QUOTATIONS OF PRICES., a @o 1!1@ IMPORTS. The arnvals at the port of New York fran: fore1gn ports for the week endmg September 29, mcluded the followmg consognments : MALAGA-'-Gomez & Argu1mbau, 742 bdls hconce root SAvANILLA-P.m, Forwood & Co., 159 ceroons to bacco. HAVANA-Tobacc
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    OCT. 7. do Pollard Pettus & Co. 79 do, B. C. Baker, Son & auction for the week were 1,225 hhds and 184 bxs as Kentucky leaf, lugs and trash ':-4 at $2o, xs, 14 75 42 hhds at $8@48, and J box at $u 75 To-day out by hmttatiOn of time. The only Influence, 1t Is be 14 do: Eill & Erother, 6 do; J.P. Qum & Co. 13 follows: I4so; 4 at 13@13.25; I at, 3 at,zx@II-75, 3 at mar\:et unchanged. Very little manufacturing tobaccos lieved, wh1ch can counterruct th1s would anse from too do' Mayo & Co. 32 do, R. L Maitland & At the Bodmann Warehouse, 409 hhc!s and 119 bxs; IO@I0.75, 2 at 9, 9So, 3 at 8.90. offered. Sales 33 hhds : I at lr 70 (sweepings):; 5 at many attempting to realize at once. To day closes a cd. 19 do; P. Lonllard &: Co. 2 do; W. 0. S < mith & Co. 152 hhds Mason Co. Ky. trash, lugs and !eaf; 4 at 19 05 Messrs. Jungbluth & Co., Tobacco Brokers, report:h 30@7 90; 7 at $8 Io@8 90; r at 19 90; 4 at $1o 25 month of remarkable acttvity in trade and buoyancy in 19 do; A. H. Cardozo 3 do; E. Hpffman, 49 caEes; @9.85'; x8 at ro@r4.75; 62 at IS@I9; 65 at 20@ The market closes to day with a firmer feehpg than pre @ro 75; 6 at Su @II 75; :z at $u@u :zs, 2 at $13 values. The bulk of tobacco sold, and 1ts proceeds in Bunzl & Dorm 1 tzer, r do; order, 304 hhcils, 94 cases. 29.25, 3 at 31 25, 34, 34 25. 139 hhds Brown Co. Ohto' va1led the first of the rhonth. Rece1pts dunng the month @13 75, 2 at $14 75; I at $r8 so; I at $23, rat $z6. money, exceed the aggregate of any month m late I!Y THE HUDSON RIVER RAILROAD.-C. H. Spitzner, trash lugs and I at $8.70; 33 at ro@ r4 75; 5 I at have been very large for thiS time of the year, though 38 hhds factory dried were passed, and b1ds were reJectyears, and w11l compare favorab l y w1th the most active 502 cases; Joseph Mayer's 407 do; J S. Gans & J S@ 19.7 5 49 at :zo@:z8.:zs ; 5 at 30.25@36 so. J9 deliveries exceeded by some 1,049 hbds., and sales some ed on 5 hhds at h 8o@rs so. We quote Factory trade during the 6ush times <;>f the war Pnces have Son, I 3 o do,l3unzl & Dormrtzer, 1oodo; Kerbs & Sptess, hhds Owen Co. Ky. trash, lugs atHi leaf. 3 aL $8@9S, 3,ooo hhds ,during the month. The buoyaccy of the lugs at $7 oQ@8 so_,_ plante1s' do $8 so@ro oo; com shown a steady upward tt!ndency, th ough there were a I 39 do; Chas. F. Tag & Son, 36 do; A. Oatman, 83 do, I2 at I0.25@I4 ; 20 at IS@I9 25; 4 at trade 1s a stnkmg reminder of the excited market dunng mon leaf $ro oo@J r oo; medtum shtppmg leaf $r I oo few days of temporary depressiOn, oc casiOned by large Havemeyen &-Vigehus, 166 do; Schroeder & Bon, Ill 57 hhds Pendleton Co. Ky. trash, lugs, and leaf: I at the war. There IS quite an on all grades, but @u; good du $I3 oo@rs so) medmm manufactl :mng receipts from the mtenor towns There IS a matenal do; M. Oppenheimer &. Brother, so do, Lederman $9.20, 29 at IO@I4 75i r8 lit r5@19 25j 9 at 20.25@ particularly on cutters and manufactunng leaf. The do hx so@I3 so; good do $IS oo@r8 00; medtum advallce estabhshed on alll grades, t1le prmCl p a l gam Brothers, 5s do; E. Rosenwald & Brother, 85 do, M. 24.50. 5 hhds Boone Co. Ky. : 3 at Io@I+so; 2 at sales to day were over 6oo hbds, 200 hhds of which bright wrappmg leaf $25 oo@35 oo, good do $4o@so i beml'!" m nondescnpt cuttm g and manufactu nng l ellf. Westheim & Co. 19 do. 1 rs@xS 3 bxs Southern Ind1ana l!t l8.4o. 17 hhds were sold privately at firm figures. We quote pnces as fine do $6o@9o. Full can not be had for The two last show the grealtest advance The leadmg BY THE NATIONAL LIN E.-Sa'11V1er, jWallace & Co. 98 West Vtrginia. J 1>9 xo at IO@J4:J.S, 6 at lS 25 follows -L1ght grades-Common lugs, $7@8 ; good light weight packages and toba co out of condttlon features m the monthly movement as stated bel ow, are hhds; Pollard, Pettus & Co. 398 do; R. L. Maitland & @17 so 2 bxs do at 1>7 So, II 75 II4 cases Ohio lugs, 8@9.50; common leaf,; good leaf, FOREIG these a reductiOn m the rece1pts amountmg ro r ,3oo Co. 9 4 do; J. H. Moore & Co. 12 do; Blakemore, Mayo seed fillers and wrappers: 25 at 6.75; 26 at 8@ ro ; cho1ce leaf, 1 Clarksville AMSTERDAM, Septe,ber 19 -Messrs Schaap & hogsheads as compared wJth last month, a gam of 2,roo & Co. 69 do; A. H. CardozGl 36 do; E. M. Wnght 1& 9.9o; 54 at 1o@I4.50i 6 at, 3 at grades-Common lugs, 8@9 so; good lugs, ro@u ; Van Veen, fobacco Erokers, report :-Our last reoort hogsheads 1n sh1pments and nearly 3,0'po h ogsheads Co. 6 do; P. Lorillard & Co. 48 do; M. Pappenhe1mer 'At the Globe Warehouse, 23I hhds and 21 bxs: ro7 common leaf, 12@14 ; good leaf, r4@16; chmce leaf, made mention of dtfferent parcels of Jav.a Tobacco !"sales. The proce _eds of sales are ooo m excess 92 do; Henderson Brothers, 30 do;]. D. Ke1lly, Jr., 29 hhds Mason C-9unty, Ky, trash, lugs, and leaf: I at r6@?o Cuttmg Sorts-Common smokmg lugs, 8.50@ wh1 ch would be brought in the market by subscription, of last aggregate, and the average va l ue per do; J. S. Gans & So\1, 43 cases; 248 hhds. "' $7.05; 3 at 9.20@9.65; 3S at w@r4.75; J6 at 15.25@ Jo, good smokmg lugs. 10@23 ; meJmm leaf, 13@r5 as usual, on the r6th mstant. we had subscnpt10ns hogshead IS h 53 against ;t;136last month. A noucable BY THE PENNSYLVANIA R.AILRoAD.-P. Lonllard & 19.25 32 at 2o@z8.25. 95 hbds llrown Co., Oh10, fine leaf, 15@25i choice leaf, 25@4r.5o Manufactur on the znd Il)st. to the amount of r,7oo hales, mostly point also 1 s that the sh!Jlments have exceede d there Co. 35 hhds; Havemeyers & 266 cases; J. S : trash, lugs, and leaf: 3 at $8 6o@9. So, 2o at leaf-Black wrappers. f,rz so@rs; b F1tts at 1725 3 1 cases Ohio seed fillers and wrapbales, Spanish; by Lewis Sons 750 cs and ber 1 oth, r874, 3,207 hhds rece1ved smce, ro6 hhds, & Austen, 42 ao i-.D. &.A Bendhe1m) 28 do; A. S. pers: 1 at f.s.So I4 at 6.3o@7 9i 7 at 8 3S0 i 9 r40 bales; by Dohan & Taitt 20 cs and 94 bales; by total, 3 313 hhds; delivered smce, 135 hhds; stock m Rosenbaum & Co, 2 do i M. M. Welzhofer, 39 cs smkg, at 1013 11 cases Connecticut do 4 at $ 6 75@9 so; Geo. W. Edwards & Co., 385 cs and 142 bales; by W. first hands September 17th, 1874, 3,r68 hhds Seed I21 caddtes mfd Maddox I! rot hers, z8 cases mfd; 4 at 11 .3 at 16 7 S@r 8 25 E1senlohr & Co. ro6 cs and 7 3 bales; by Frishmuth Bros Leaf-During the greater part of the past week the SITUATION WANTED. March, Pnce & Co' I 19 bxs mfd; G. W Hillman & Co Tht: Phtster house sold 8 hhds Brown Co. Ohio, & Co., 46 cs; by Sm1th & Heil 395 cs; by Sower, Graeff market was qmet, buyers havmg seemmgly supphed A well expennced fravelllng Agent wants a o a L eaf House. 75 do, I qtr. bx do, 40 caddies do' M. Rader & Son, trash, ltgs, and leaf. I at f,6 IO; 6 lit I>r@I4 s; I at & Cook 400 cs and 20 hhds ; by Stemer, Smith Bros. & thetr wants. At the close speculation stepped in and Good reference glven Add ... ss p p 1 OBACCO LBAF office 50Ht Ioo three qtr bxs i G. E., 4 do, 42 hlfbxs do, I7 2 Knecht, 168 cs and 190 bales Spanish; !>:Y Teller Bros took froJU the market a early r,4oo cases. Runmng l ots, w J HOODLESS. c E TAYLOR. 8 third bxs do; Jas H Gardller & Co., 16 hlfbxs do, DANVILLE, VA., S e ptemb e r Pemberton and by J. Vetterlme & Co. 297 cases and 30 bales Span new Ohios, could still be bought at so pfenmgs, wh1lst Late of Kntuck1 7 5 third bxs do; E. Du Bms, 8o do, so qtr bxs do; & Penn, Tobaeco CommiSSIOn Merchants, report.ISh. The report is not full but totals so far are 3,303 Cs present Importing panty IS much higher. Stock m first w J HOODLESS & c 0 order, 5 cs mfd, 2 three qtr bxs do, 3 b lfbxs do, I qtr Smce our last report there has been a datly falhng off and 884 bales, Spanish. The sales were, so far as rehands this day 7,ooo cases. "' I I ., bx dp. m our rece1pts. The old crop is well mgh exhausted, ported, 300 cases. Connecticut wrappers have advanced LIVERPOOL, Sepfembtt 12.-Messrs. F. w. Smythe RATIONAL TOBACCO JISPECTJOV, COAS'I'WISE FROM IlALTIMORE -Katz & Co, 4 hhds, but that that 1s. offered fetches extreme figures. Several m price. I & Co., Tobacco Comm 1 ssion Mdrchants, report. Dunng '1 Martm & Johnson, 25 cases; We1ss, Eller & Kaeppel, small parcels (fancy wrappers) of the new crop, were Manufactu,ed-Tbe receipts for four days last week the week just ended, receipts have been 1249 -Hhds Receiving & Forwarding 'Warehouses, 79 do; Chas LuhDg & C'o, 12 do; order, 30 hhds,"2 pgs offered thts week, and taken by speculators at from $35 were :r:58o bxs; best 350 cs; seeelleaf leaves 2,330 Dehvered, 4 8 4 Jeavmg m warehouse, Jr,Jr3 Foot of Van Dyke and Partition Sts., Brooklyn. CoASTWISE FROM KEY WST.-Ctgars-Setdenberg to $7 5, if we may take these parcels as an mdex of 'the bxs, mfd. VIZ.: on Monday 107 S hxs ; on Tuesday 163 24 064 same t 1 me last year. Our market has been very Bllla.l >obacco care Natlonallnspccllon & Co., 52 cases i Fredk de Bary & Co II do; H. crop1 't1s indeed a fine one. We quote: PriminJ:s, do. ; on Wednesday 975 do.; on Thursday 367 do. The qwet, httle or nothmg l domg for export, and the few wuiJa,.. st.,[N. v.1 Partltlonst., Brooklyn. Gaulher, 13 do; A. R Gondolfo. Scraps-Seidenberg @$6; lugs, common, 8@ro; do medium, 10@ 12; do sales were not quae so large last week as dunng the sales made to the trade stnctly retatl, but at well mam544 I6 bales; V. Martmez Ybor & Co., 9 do. good, 12@15i leaf common, ro@r2; do medmm, 12@ three prevwus weeks. tained pnces on basts of the followmg rev1sed quotaFOR SAL Bv NoRTH RivER I!oATS-Order, 297 hhds. 15, do nch and w1xy, rs@ r8, smokers' mediuJ11 bnght, C1garsThis branch of the trade IS more satisfactions :-VIrgmta and Kentucky Stnps-Common, 8@8 y. E COAST\VISF, FROM NEW ORLEANs-Order, 6 hhds. 12@14; do fancy, 2o@4o; wrappers, medtum, r5@25; tory than for a long time past. As we pass our largest medium, g, good, roYz @n; fine, u Yz@ u. On account o f death,' the Lease, Good Will, andl"atures o f a MaouBALTIMQRE, October ::.-Messrs. Ed: Wischmeyer do good, 30@50; do fancy, 6o@r.25. Qla{IUfacturers we mark that they are busier than usual. Vlrgmta and Kentucky Trade Dried Leaf-Dry short .... Tobacco J obbing Busmess, wah a large trade, & Co., Tobacco CommissiOn Merchants, report:LOUISVILLE, Otlobtr 2.-We report as follows:-RICHMOND, October 3.-Mr. R. A. Mtlls, Tobacco filler, sound: sYz; part wrapper, 6Yz@7; good, 7Yz@ First-Class Retail Store, Receipts of leaf tobacco are decreasing, the inspections The market has been very acttve. The offenngs were Broker and Merchant, reports .-Smce my 8, fine co lory, 8Yz, IO@I I. Vtrgmta and Kentucky ExDOing. good busmess, centrally situated ID PbliAdelphla For parllcular thiS week being a little under r,ooo trcs, but the market moderate, but all grades were taken readily, and anum-last report our market has shown a steadily advancing port Leaf-Lugs and low leaf, 4@4Yz; Contmental, apply to A. H. WALTERs. continues very strong and buoyant m tone, with the deb'er of the sales were pnvate Receipts continue to detendency, and wh1le the advance does not JUStify a rnacommon, S@SYz; good Contmental, 6@7Yz; Africans, 5o-t "'Walaut St .Ph,Jadele manrl active, though the htgh pnces asked tend to recrellse. Prices were firm, with an upward, tendency. tenal attention m my quotations, I would rem11rk that good to fine, ?@8Yz. From Board of Trade returns, FOR SALE I F M l d h h b fti h r ts d fi es e bt d fi all arades a d fi d th b d t t t k 1 aoo,ooo Lbs of as fine a grade of '73 Tobacco as Ohto can nroduce ...... stnct business. or ary art t as een an active THe sales at the d1 erent ware ouses 10r the past week my ou I e gur ar o ame or ... n ne JUSt rece1v e su JOIDe ex rae s are a en. mIt .. composed of the choce crops of Green and Montgomery .. mqu1 ry, pnnc1 pally for Bremen and England, and the were 1 ,842 hhds as follows.-black wrappers are worth r8 to :zoe.; new-pnmmgs 5 to ports of unmanufac tured tobacco-Month ended JISt Fo[l!arl!.c u larsaddress J. lHO S HARBINE, 6I/' Th d bl d d f 8 lb d 8 6 88 sor 2t. Alpha, Brown Co' 0. market may be written firm, with the offenngs hght The Ptckett House sold 440 hhds:-143 hhds Kel\7z c. ere 1s cons1 era e amage repor, te rom August, r872: 7,5o ,rzo s; o ao, 1 73, 14, 95, 2 the sales for the week add up soo to 6oo hhds; all at tucky leaf: 4 at $ 3 o, :zo, 2o 19 so; 5 at 18@J8 75; 4 at some sections to the growing crop from the recent ram -do; r874, 17,943,934 do. Etght months leaf, lugs Bnght leaf, common to medium ________ Jo @12 been 3,62j hhds.-Dehverles, r,4o8 leaving in ware to good lugs, $8.50@9 so, do heavy styles do, 9@10; and trash: 3 at $I7Si 3 at r6@r6 75; 6 at rs@rSi 13 Bnght leaf, good to fine----------------12Yz@r6 houses to-day Jr,844against 25,215 same time last year, do low to medtum leaf, ro@r2.50; do good to fine do, at r 4 @r4i II at I3@I3i 12 at u@U.75> 3 at xr Bnght leaf, extra fillers----------------17 @llo without includmg about 6oo hhds now m port but not 13@r5, do selections, 16@r6. Virgmia, common to @1r.75; 5 at 10 25@ro 75, 7 at 9@9.90, 4 at 8 So@ Enght wrappers, common -------------r8 @25 landed. Throughout. the week sales have taken place FOREIGN DUTIES ON TOBACC(\, ..,. good Jugs, $7@8; do common to med1um leaf, 9@ro.5o, 8.90 1 at 6 3o. 1 hhd TenDessee leaf at $r L75 1 Bught wrappers, medmm to good _____ 27Yz@40 from day to day, generally speaking, m a hand to mouth 'IaAustna, France, ltalv;nd Spam,the tobaccocommercs m o uopohzed B h fi @ r h 11 h b h fl bygoverument,underdtrectionofaRegJe l"GermanythedutyonAmer-dogo.qdtofinedo, r2@r4; doselett\cns, rs@r8; do The Farmers House sold 348 hhdsKentucky leaf, ng twrappers, ne ___________ ------45 75 way,,or omeuse;severa ots ave eentaKenc Ie y IABelglUmtbemJX"'tosreckoned stems and prtmings, 3@4. Inspected thts week, 5s4 lugs and trash: 107 at pnvate sale at 111 1.7S x--at 2o, 2 Bnght wrappers, ',extra.--------------.. 8o @rso for Afrtca. In Doth Instances pnces have been realized after deductmg t! per cent. for tare The dut1 ta 3 francs 20 cenhmes IL ($2 40 gold) per JOoK1logn.mmes loo Amencan lhl equ.a.l-4 Sll ) Jn hbds Maryland, 390 do Ohio, 2 do Vugima; total, at 19 ; 2 at r8.75, 7 at 17 Z5@I7 9 at 16@r6.75i 17 Mahogany wrappers, common to med1um ... I5 @22}2 wh1ch could not have been senously expected three Holland the duty ... s cents,gold,peruoklos (SoAmen canpound d I d d M h e good to fine 2 5 @4 h tl \ d b t d Jb d bemg eqttal to 127 lulos ) In RllSsla tile duty on l e tobacco u 4 r oubles .;o 996 hh s; ceare same peno: 253 hhds Mary-at15@I575, zoatr4@1475i 5oat'I3@I3.15; 30atn a ogany wrapp rs, -----o mont sago,m I!> erwor sa ou? pe.r a vance kopebperpud, rpud,andonctgars land, 8 r do Ohio, 122 do V 1 rgmia, 95 do Kentucky, @I2.7 5 ; 32 at r r@ II 75 ; JS at Jo@ro 75 ; 3 at g@ Mahogany wrappers, extra.----------. -45 @6o on strlps and first class Africans. On dn!d leaf how- o cop per pud "pud'.hl equalto about 36 Jbs In k d V 6 T r h h t b t I Amertcan ounces r 57 do Kent:uc y an trgmia stems>; 651 cases Seed 9 90 ; 14 at 8@8.90, 16 at 90; I at 10 ; 2 at SAN FRANCISCO, 14.he .__ommerczal ever I e Improvement as no een prOf Or JOnate y as. ---leaf to Bremen per steamer Oltzo; 1,458 hhus Mary2.25. He,ald reports as follows .-Pnvate telegrams from the great. 1 8UTIESON Jf'D land, Vuginia and Kentucky cases seed leaf to 'f.he BooneHouse sold 2I3hhds: I83hhdsKentucky East anno.unces a dec1ded rise in the pr1ce of J. E. LONDON, Se"'lemb e r 24.-Messrs. Grant, ChamForetgnTobacco,dutY3!<-pen>o d pld. l Foreip <..'igars,Jo7 stamps at the Custom House. b k "' ""t"' l:i. C 1 1 k r A b h J t fRevenue Act I 93 ) :JA "' <.; A to Amsterdam per ar _..,afemifas, 138 hhd Ohio to at atlr6@16 75 ; 7 at; 20 at roc to J4C per lb. The advance on abe C01 1s I4C: our mar et or mencan to acc9, t eon Y ransacuons Thelmportdutyonmauufactured e>eeata:-Tlie t O l h cc o Tobam1 Statement. IISi :l8 at Jo@Jo.7.5i 24 at 9@9.90; 17 'at 8.90; 2 adds considerable strength to our market, and Callses me!ltS or buyers. Exporters ha;ve shown a des1re to also be packed according to the made here Stock in warehouses and on shtpboar,d, jlt7.69, S l5 I'eonesseeleafj I at$I7; 3 16@ an advance on quotations here of sc to Joe, although what f}ted tb<:m e:ven at the advanEeg,fites tliaf are t ..k-_ "2 t ; \ not cleared Jan'y r, 1874----------I4,368 hhds. J6 75 ; 6 at IS@I5 i 6 at I4,2S@I4 75 j at n, n.25 as yet no sales of magnitude havo here been made at dem.mded, but the supply of sutable descnptions has h: t m.,. r..:a t tg; t a f Inspected th1s week. _______ ----9 67' hhds. u hhds do lugs: 3 at $1 I, 1, 4 at Jo@ro.25 ; 6 at these enhanced figure:<. There li also a shght Improve-restncted the1r operations. Ke tucky leaf and stnps Inspected previously, smce Jan. 1 __ ____ 49,736 hhds. 9@g.g.o. 7 hll'tls Ind1ana leaf: I at $ ; 2 at 14, I4.50; ment here m the pnce of Connecticut Leaf, good wrapcoiltinue to be taken in quantities at full pnces. 15 J'UBLlSJIED 6s,o8o hhds. Maryland and OhiO, cleared, r874 41,412 Reinspected and shtpped, coastwise, 5,6oo .... ---47,012 Stock m warehouse this day and on --shtpboard, not cleared ... -.. __ ____ r 8,o68 Manufactured Tobacco-Demand contmues active w1th bnsk sales at full prices. rece1pts decreasmg: no exports th1s week. We note the followmg rece1pts, -B1 the Baltimore and Oh1o ratlroad from Danville, Va, 1,235 boxes, 62s qtr bxs, 250 third bxs, 55 hlfbxs, .1:,343 caddtes, 68 cases, 711. kegs, and from Lynchburg, Va., Sr4 bxs, 25 hlf bxs, ro three qtr bxs, 36 ca6d1es 410 pkgs by Norfolk stearmers, and 107 pkgs by Peters burg steamers. CINCINNATI, October 3 -Mr. F. A. Sprague, leaf tobacco mspector, reports : The market for leaf tobac co conunues buoyant With pnces generally on all grades. The hogshead of cuttmg leaf wh1ch took the first premium of one hundred dollars, g0ld, at the Cmctanati Industrial Exposition, was sold last week by Messrs. Holmes, Black & Co., of the Planters' Ware .houae, Catlin, Esq.,a promment cutter of St. Lou11 Mo., for SOf ;per The total offerm&s a I at 13 ; 3 at-x :z.@12. 7 5 J hhds do lugs at $Io.75, 10.75, pers now held at 40@5oc, being a rise of 5c per lb. Virgmia Leaf a : nd Strips-Nearly all the lower classes of EVElY JCOINING 9 6o. During the month of ,August &orne 19,soo lbs. were sent the former are now sold ; of the latter there 1s httle B[ "THI fOB!OCO .Ji&!f' PUBLISIING OOIPANY The Planters House sold rs8 hhds :-r 58 hhds East, bemli: the product of the Gtlroy Factory (Culp offering. Marylan,d and Oh10 wpen of gd'od light color FuUOP. 'Street, New 'Eork. Kentucky leaf, lugs, l nd trash: 3 at 1>79, 42, 30; f! at process) Th1s, we thmk, 1s the begmmng of a v ery sellS'atan advance-on prev1ous pnces. Some considerJ H'llll!rJtY RAGBI!., r_ Edltn 25.27; J at r9@r9.5o; r at r8 2s; 6 at 17@17o; 14 at 1mportant trade m Califorma. tobacco and Crgars. able sa1es have been efft;cted.l Cavend1sh has been JOHN o. oa.&nl', _Jlaaln_.._ .... 16@16 75; 2 at rs, 32 at 14@14.75; as at 13@ The expo1ts were 5 cases tobacco to Japan and 55 pkgs operated m more fro:ely, and pncer of all descnptwns 13.7S; r7atu@r:f.,5; 9atLI@II 75i} 3atJo@,I.P.i to Victoria. are firmer. able, 17 at 9@9.90; u at, 3 at z.r0@7 90. vhhd ST. LOUIS, September, 30.-:W:r. J E. Haynes, dealer 1 Rates of A'clvertlslna-. do scraps at 1>3 8o. 32 hhds Indiana ani:llu s 3 at in leaf tobacco, reports .--;Rece1ved JSS hhds, agamst THE LoUISVILLE LEAF MARK.ET.-The Courter',Your-OvkR Oint l. : $'o ... 3 at $r6.25, r6, 15.25; 7 i_t r4@I4.75; 5 at 13@r3 7 5; 5 at 47 r the prevwus week. Thursday the market was nal remarks The warehouses eport the heav1est ov"" o,.8 cow .. ,. ooe Year ---... --. -35 00 u.7 5; 2 at I 1.25. I r :so, 2 at to.sQ, 1 10,7 5 ; firmer all round. Friday, and Saturday it was day's bus mess lhat we remember to have ever recorded rwo SQuARES, over One Column One -------------s oo @ 6 8 tn8 8 fihd T l f d M d d fi Y As w1ll be noticed however, on reference to the II.St of 0"" SQuAu, over Two Colum .. One Year -----65 00 4 at 9 9 o; 3 at o. 2 s enneesse ea stea y. on ay 1t was act1ve an rm. esterTwoSQuARltS,overTwoColomgo,OneYear ---. ..... at $8.40, 8. day manufaclunng grades were firm, but lugs and sales, a gt>od share of the trade was private. The sales FouR SQuARltS, 0""r'I'wG Columns, OeYear .. "" Tbe Nmth Street House sold "I49 hhds -I r.f hhds shtpping leaf were easier. Sales from Thurs-probably present a larger proportion of resold :.-:::. but noue taJ..eq I Kentucky leaf at f,ro@J5i 2l hhds d o lugs day to yesterday inclus1ve, 261 hhds: 5 at $2 so m th1s market than at any recent date, and there seems COLUMN IRATES 3 hhds do trash at 8.70, 7 7"'5 9 hhds larksville @2 70 (scraps): 3 at .. 6 50f.ll6 90 (funky and trashy) to be a necessa,rv dtversion of the at:entiOn of bu)ers. HALF A COLUIIN, Three Montbo --- -----------$75 00 J f' HALF A COLuMN, itx Months ....................... 1::10 oo leaf at rr 75@16.25. 7 at $7 .w@7 9e (part trashy). 35 at 90, 24 to stocks m warehouse, in consequence of the aruvals HALPA CocoMN,OneYear ............. ---... "" The Exchaoge House solcLros fias .-g6 hhds Ken-at $9@9 90, 52 at Jo@ro 75; :tl at $n@n 7 5 ; from the country or origmalmspections bemg made----::::: ..... tucky leaf, lugs and trash: 3 at f>rg, 17, 4 at r6@16 so; at Jp@u 75, n at f.r3@13 15; 14 at $14@14 75 quate to supply the1r wants. SpeculatiVe holders, m ONs CourMN,One Year ... ------45"" 6 @ @ @ 8 " 8 h h b l d ]J h 'FIRST PAGE RATI>S ati5 ISi sati4 I4ZS, I?atiJ IJ7S. at I?at.,rS@I57S,Iat,r6,4at.,r7@I775iiat,.r so; WIC categerymay ecasse a woarecarrymgtoOaSQuARB,OTe
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    . 'I:OBA.CCO I M J. DOHAN. WM. WICKE co., ., WI' OH AN, CABBOLt & CO., cio.A.ii""B' !; TOBACCO Commission Merchants, 104: FRONT STREET, .:JP'. 0. BOX NEW YORK. Agent for the following well kn<>Wn and reli able Manu fact urers : I ::f-:R :PAC E TURPIN & BRO., L J. GRANT & CO .. W. J. YARBROUGH & SONS, J. H. GREANER, L H. FRA YSER & CO., R W. OLIVER, T. W. PEMBERTON, JOHN R. PACE & CO. JOHN W. CARROLL, and Agents for the Original C ABL E COIL, BONNE BOUCHE, 4s and ss, S i ng le and Double Thick. Agents for the Celebr a ted 'IJJNE JACK & BROWN DICK SMOKING TOBACCO. Large Stocks of Manufactured Tobacco of every description, SUitable for th e Home Trade and for Foreign Markets, kept consta ntly ou hand. BOWNE & FRITH, ''" 7 BURLING SLIP, NEW YORK, Tobacco Commlsslou March&Dts Boney Bee, Barly Dew, Pndde BJoaom. Re4 Rfver, Powbe.ttan, Old Keutaolr, Old Lo Cal'.AR, SUp, Planten' Chatoa. 'P roneer of tbe West, Swmy Boatb, "lQi Bnuld, &:oaey Dew. .' lw for ll>e United Ria ... for J". P. 1U. wk:.:,lf & 00.'8 GOLD PJ..U[B. c F. L tN'OB. c. c H A.Nrt. T ON'. 5. M '\1tC 030. R A s KCR.QFT. NE""" YORK TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. given for every case, and delivered case by case, as to number of Certi.6.cate N. B.-WE ALSO SAMIPLE IN MERCHANTS' OWN STORES. F. C.' LINDE tc CO., RINCIPAL Water Street. aD!l18:1 to 18GPoarl St .A.REHOUIIEII-14/i Water, J'73 Frooat, '7., of& .. '78 Groeawich lltreete and 1 !1 : 8 UDdtloa River RaU ..... Depot, lit. Johaa Park. CHARLES FINKE, LNSPECTOR, 155 WATER STREET, J. Me J. BENSEL & CO., TOBACCO INSPECTION, 127 & 129 WATER STREET. f "York. ..., lrC'Qllll'l'ltY IIAJIPLDG PROJIIPTLY .A.T-. 1.. e TllliD&D TO. CER'I'IFUlATES ISSUED .&.ND CAIIEIIDE LIVERED SDQLY OR IN LOTS, IIOlYIEI PBIOB OILY $4000! VERY B!SY TBRISI Flaahl'!f often 1011 a ROJIIE, with the adna'-ol both aad l:o=try-6 mllea from .New YaR.-Exp,.... time, 15 ::'!:.'::.teo-003 tnlu tickets by l!few Rail Road, 8 FluhiD(l' hu tlae best Cloarchee. Seheolo, Markets, etc., and io 10 aear New York .Ut you caa market or aeek aauementa there with moro and ia 1time tlwl from aur put. of the cltyltoelf. The -lo a new hoeee, well built, 5 mlaetee -lk {1'0111 BRIDGE STUJ:.T DEPOT aDd tile rillae steo, bas n rooms, baldea Cetlu, Gu, Water, Sewer aad llat-bte Mantels. The pbuted wltll y<>lllll' fruit and obade treeo; otreeta cui:Md, pttered, &Dd eewend; J100Ci walla. tteooectahle families wh<> wish t<> e, which II placed Ia a bolf with aides at ri(ht analee aad Dottom. parallel with aahl knife. Thia machine will cut a ny kind ef tobacco, aoll cut lt perfocUy. Plu1, Twill, Perique Ia Carr.ottli, and hard prepared to caa. be cut io their hard .tate, wftti.out auy casing, tor any other moilteaing to aoftea. them. It makes no shorts, can be run by hand or steam er, requires no skill to operOLte it; ib ceuetrucUon is of the most 1ubstantial kind, slow to wear and dU!i cuJt to diiJOrder Price of machine complete, with Prew& {bnx x;,o t210 oct casll. Snuff, Prenc'h. .Rappee Snuff, Americe&n Gent. Bftuffw Scotch Bnufl1 LundJI Bnu.,,, ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF THE FOLLOWING BRANDS OF PURE VIBGINIA SIOmG Ra,iJ Road; VIZ: 'lur, Choice, 1 Pride of Henrv Countv, --Black T 1\.LSO --. -om, I REGULAR HAVANA TOBACCO. Put ap ta BotUeo, aa ..... n aa In HaU"-Gtllloa &ad Gam-o ... QtrABT BO'l"l'LE, UI.r -GAI.LON, GALLON', 5.00 P S.-Will sampleofTobaccCJ, u prepared!by thb nat'or, to aay address, fr ee of claa.rge. Ol'IE GA.LLOl'l PREPARE El'IOUGH TOBAOOO FOR Ten Thousand Cigars, WinOH OO!R'II ta.oo. Remember, we Guarantee it not to Lose its Flavor, 8l7T :wi:W.. BOLD FOB TBAR8. It La a nc:eea, aN .ome hoosee are uinl' aa billfll u forty pUoo. 111onU.. .N"othia.r iaju.rioaa, bat beo&icial. .. IPPLIBY CIGAR 11ACBIIE 131Water St.t N. Y MARTIN & .-JOHNSON,: 166 WATER STREET, : I Between .Malden aad BurllaC llllp,. NEI\IV l Tobaccq. Commission Merchants, I AG:!pNTS FOR THE OF ALL 'rH.E STANDARD BRANDS OF-YIRIINIA 16 NORTII CAROUNA MANUFACTURED & SIOmG TOBACCOS Agents for t-he following well-known Virginia and N. Carolina Manufacturers : ROBERT W. OLIVER, Rlcbmoad, Va. J WfltGFIKLD & LAWSON, Ricbmogd, Va. D, C MAY.O & CO., R.ioo-<1. Va. WOMACK Ill INGRAM, Hl>odaviUe, Va. W. J GENTRY & CO., Rl"cbmoucl, Va. W DUKE, Durham, N C. MAYO & KJIIG'H.T, Ricbillonng 1o' s. C harm 6-inch ill tin foil,)( cW.die-. Mayo& k.aJght, Navy, J{s, J(s, P P 's. & long 101. Charmer, 6 a11d nlnch twiat. Luscious Weed, u-onc:h )!!..,, SIIOKDfG, ia bags of ra, M. )(4 ; aad "' lbs. Obaa. Henry. Jr., pr......_ Gold Bug. Virginia 's Choice Ambroaia, lbs. Qold lledal. Ixi'en. Oliver's Choice tbl. 0'\ i ve. ROBe.. Old K.eatuck, lba. Star .. Reward of Industry, lba. 't O liver s Choice. Vlrf\nb. Belle Pcide. of the Natioo, lbs. Nugget. P ioneer. Featbe,..ton es Crac:k Sbot,llia. Reward Dlladultrf. !lilly Bucl<. Out of Sea, "s, ){a, P P'L Owea..s D1M' Pride of the N ation. Harvest Queen, >' 1, J.{s, P. P"s Duke's Dllthalil. D&adJ Llou. Farmeri 'Choice, "s, P. P' Paw.cett'sllu.rlaam. Parti ... ular at-tention given to putting up special brands for SOLE use flf owners. OCT. 7. BULKLEY. MOORE A CO. VI RtGINIA' Tobacco Commiaion Keicbants .. '14 FBONTStreet. IREIELBRG & &9., 16o PEARL ST. New YoRK. J D KREMELBERG & Ctl., BALnMoRE, Ma KREII!ELBERG, SCHAEFER & C9., NEW ORLEANS, LA. BLAKEMQRE1 MAY.Q & .C(J., &o1e 1 GEIERAL B. T. c a .. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, CELEHRA'rED 82 BBO.&.D BTBEI:'l',, 'JBUITS $ PLO\VJIS" ''CHDOmiLT[' NBW tre," HPlanter 'a Pride, Choice, arul WlL TER. FRIEDIAII FREISE; SKOEINC 'l'O:BAOCOS. li7PRICE Luor. IrUBJR8HED 0.111 APPLICATIOl'f, DIPORTERS OF EDWARDM.WRIIHT&CO. KATZ&. co., BAVANATOBACCD Ge11n11111 f1niii1Di .. ; J h DEALERS AND EXPORTERS OF Jl(jiQl liUIIIWW!oD ere a.Dtl ALL'""""""' 203 Pearl Street, Broad Leaf" Tebacco, NEW YoRK. 179 PEARL STREET. NEW YORK BQX MS4. XEW YO:BlL CHAS. F. TAG & SON, fmpodera ol EJP ..L!IIBH, aacl Dealen ta all klDdo ef ]AlliES M GAIU>INEito CHARLES M. O:ONNOLLY. James lYI. Gardiner a Co.' Tobacco Comission llerchants9 S4 :rront atreet, New York. RECEIVING DIRECT ll;R.OM VIRGINIA CONSIGNMENTS OF MANUFACTURED TOBACCO. EXPORT ORDERS FOR PLUG TOBACCO ,... PROMPTLY FILLED. L. F. S. MACLII:r.t:OSE. L. & TOBACCO FACTORS, (}IJ.; GENERAL COMIISSION IERCIIANTS, 43 BBOAD 8'1'"" ll'. '2'. Advan c enw.nts made on toW. A & G. & CO. LIHRPOOL. JOS;M,MAYORGA. j.HUERTEMENDIA. I J. M. MAYORCA_tc .. CO., IMPORTERS OF HAVANA TOBACCO, .AND. DE.ALEBS IN FINE H.AYANA CIGABS, 14 CEDAR ST., NEW YORK. ::EEav-a.u.a-or. :v oa. M. SALOMON, E. SALOMON .. M. a E. SALOMON, PACKERS OF SEED LEAF, AND IMPORTER'S OF # J Havana. a:n.d Cigars, 85 MAIDEN LANE, N.Y. .. FOX, DU,I.S & 00., IT(JO(lUSOU TO EGGEBT, DILLII AND OOJIPUY. IMPORTERS OF SPANISH AND PACKERS OF DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCOS J75 WATER STREET, NEw YoRK. EST ABLYSIIED 1822.. -. UCOPIIB.I.GEI SlUFF," YEGA, r-1ARTINEZ & BRO'S, Manulactnred ouiT by IMPORTERS OF LEAF TOBACCO, :1.84 .Front Strut, G. REISMA:NlV, Commission M ercharit, AMD D'&AlJK Ill ALL EDfDS OW (EAF TOBACCO, 179 Pearl Street, :set. 'l'iu .t Oe4ar, NEW YORK. ----------------------KOENIG & SUBERT, DEAI:-ERS Illl ALL KINDS OF LEAF & BAVAR.I 'I'O:B.ACCOS, lfo. 329 BO"RBBY. (bet. 24 1i 3411t.L,) H. !Couu;. } NEW YORK. B .. su .... T M. LACBENBRUCH & BRO., No. 184 Water Street, New York, W'YOLRSA.LK DEALERS YN HAVANA lL. OOMES:fiC Lea:f Tobacco. !UEBB!GII & IBDBBSOI, Leal' Tobacco AND OZQ.JJ.B.B1 13S and Water St., m:w !t8lt. crrf. M. OPP.ENHMR & BRO ... DEALERS IN SEEm, L.Af AID HAVUI An TOBAc co ... 0 B..&,.,.. 0, lnfrl:_rmea< oa ourcop,rlwht w111 be rlawoaoly proo '' A V V oclll AND STREET, SAWYER, WALLACE & CO., COMMtsSION MERCHANTS, No. 47 Broad Street, SPEICIR -BRDS."f&{ CO .. COKKISSION DltCBANTS, Dealers ia Leaf" Tobacco lfo. 75 .llaid.e:u Lane, NEW YORK. T. Tl. SP.ENC.lll. C. C. SPENCE&. A. SPBNCJI. CICARS, 190 PE.ABL STBEET, NetD York. ]OS. SULZBACH&IL. I FRED. HOFJIANl!f JfEWYOBX E. M. CRAWFORD, AND Sulzbacher & HofmaJJn; CODISSION MERCHANT DBALns IN itis w:...tTEB sTBBE'r, SEED LEAF NEW VORL Has ou ale all kla.d1 of Leaf Tobacco lOr It &part for Hoe uae ARD HAVANA fOB!CCO, 118 M.AIDBN LANE, UP ST .Aili.S, XEW Y8RX. FELIX CARCIA, IMPORTER OF ANA LEAF TOBACCO, (J&OW. T GOTIEIUlEZ). ... AND CIGARS, ALSO Or Til& W&LL K:'NOWX Brdnds ofeiprs 'La Garotina' & 'Hcnrv Clay. And Sol e Ag't for :Brand "Prof. Morse/' and ''SARATOCA," 167 Water St .. New York L. GERSHEL & BRO., Packeas of a11d Dealen ln SEED LEAF TOBACCO, No. 86 L..A.NE, NE\U YORK. OTTINGER & BR!JTHRR, KENTUCKY LEAF. TOBACCO, 41 BROAD STREET, NEW YORK. WILLIAK K. PRICE &. CO. LEAF TOBAC-CO, 119 MAIDEN LANE, w...: M. P1ttCW, I NEW YORK F: A }AYNK. JOS. MAYER'S SONS, lltfdwlts. ..,.._ .. Loafl 1.22 r BrMr, -New York. I

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    ' \ / OCT. 7. rBE TOJiA.CCO :LEA.P4 JACOB HIIIELL, MANUTACTYllE._ OF CIGAR BOXES, SUPERIO!t MAKE AND Prime Quality of CEDAR .293, 295 & 297 Monroe St., ;:::\ .. -.. -... t .. & SCOVILLE, m tlDPGB'RU ilJr lf!ARIIB, .AJID lOBBBB8 OP .&.LL Jl.lNDII Gl' LEAF TOBACCO, No. 170 WatM-Street,"' New York. WEISS, ELLER& KAEPPIL, I MPORTERS OF A N D DEALER IN ) -220 PEARL NEW YORK W' 110. H PLACllll, To Onw Billa o( Exclura&'e .., tM pdaclpal cltlero or Jt.._. ........ ; lu11o Clrcilllar Letten or Credit to Tn..,len, .aaCl ...-t COIII.IIlerdal Credit.; recele,Mottey oo D ,Pt, aabjto Sight Cbeeko, upoll which illlerelll ::..;r:=:.; p a y partlcr>iat --to the N8(0U-:k. NqaTOtr T J. SLAVGtiTBit, B H WtS1>011 A CREE N HALL J IORTOI, SUUGHTER & CO.; KANUUCTUilltJt. OF All' iUTIIl nn UVAI17CIC4l 0 I G A. R S General Commission Merchants. 49 West Broadway, LEAF TOBACCO, u BROA.D STR-EET, !t: I.. COR. TBOMAS ST. liEW is, BOWERY, NEW YORK EBEN W ... GOODWIN, DEALER IN LEAF TOBACCO AND J!I"J:KB CJ:GARIJ., No. 226 Front Street, Bet. Beokm"" II. Peek Slip, lrEW YORK:. WK. AGlfJlW 6 SOliS. 4fobaooo and Oommissio:a MerGbazd& 1111.& a.Dd 11186 Front l!!lt;.. NEW' YOBK. JIA ..... u.a ALLDlLiiiiDLFIWW-teaf tellaoee for Expert au Ioiii Ill. tear Tobaooo baled in ar>7 pac.kaaa 11r "' pre98 f o r e zport. AHNER & DEHLS, DEA L E R S Hi I LEAF TOBACCO, WM:. 'lC. HOEFERS_, WHOLESALE DEALER' IK HAVANA,. AND PACKER OF SEED LEAF JO BArCC_ O S,._ '242lPEARL 'liE"W'YOBXi I j LOBENSTEIN & GANS llJLE AGENTS AND Il'IU'ORTK:R.S OF THE llo[,, CIGAR IIIOULDS, P:a:a:ss::a:s, -S'rRAPS0AND CUTTERS, lGl MAIDEN' LANE, NEw YOitlt. e Sheet Metal Tbla is the ollly Mooid s u :table for the Kaoufactore of Fine Haana Cigars. Tin ia well knowa to be the best prese"ative of G FA [ K & B R 0 Importers of .,...,..011 D!I61Ul1'1'! AlrD IMPOB.TEB.S 01' .. C LAY PIPES .. 'm STRAITON & STORM, llUVI'..lO'l'UKaU o BEGrAB.s, ..l..liD I DEALERS Dl LEAP TOBACCO, No. 191 PEARL STREET, New York .TOIDII 8BOBGX IITOIIX. -E. ROSEifWALD & BROTHER, WM: SCHO:VERLING, PACKER O F AND DEAL E R IN SEEDLEAF M"11forc:'l., Oonn .. $.D.d. 1.29 ""VV'ater St., New. York. &-LIBERAL CASH ADVANC.Es-'MADE ON CONSIGNMENTs. CIGAR MOULD PRESSES & STBIPS. .4. & F.'; B .R 0 'IVN, .. .... ..._ KAKUFACTURERS OF Cigar CUtters &1Ifot11er Caars; IIPORfERS--OF GERIII CIGAR IOULDS. 57, 59, & 61, Lewis St: bet. Delancy & R-iviagton, ., .. ... ". B. -w. 'BrRl:CBS, ---SCBRODE. a BON; t7s WATER STREET, NEW YORK. TVPOB."'.r:EJBS OF IIIP.A.m'XBEI: i) AND PACKERS OF DOMESTIC Lioorioe Paste; POWDERED LICORICE, GUM.ARABIC, OLIVE Off., OTT9 ROSES, Tonq118. Bea:as, And aD. other Materials for Flavoriag used by ManufacturersT including the 6nest Oils, W H. Schieffelin & Co., 17Q IZI4 17!3 .WILLIAK. S'l'ID'l', JIEW YOU. & NIEDIEYER. tEtr-ro"JJIC J, I AND DEALERS IN CISAR MOULDS, NEW YORK. ) POHALSKl & IUERIA; .......A. .. u OF TOBACCO AND CIGARS, AID IIIUFICTURERS OF FIJE CLEAR fflVAIII ClliiRS", 83 '\JVJJ,I,IAM S'DU:ET, NEW TORJL D. LEVY & CO:, CJCG&Rs. 90 & 92 Bo"W"ery Vo:..-k. .... 190 l'parl St., "Mc,..ut.AHNn,l NEW YORK. JOIIII A D&MLS. The prodoced not turnlo.r, u &o Ia obown roc Clrcul&z:', tr!idrosa SCHWILL & OUBRUL, v f Sole aDd ManufactAJren of Kxrvu, TU'C C Crrraas, Pa.a as.u, & e. THE GERMAN AMERICAN BANK, II:ANVFA.CTURElt OF -. BBA & Co., SuccESSORs TO IsAAc 1JOMMISSlON MERCHANTS, .A.rul Deakn in Virgim.. snel Westem L6af and Manufactured Licorice, Gum, ek., Jg Old Blip; ew Tork. 166 .t; 168 W. Becon4 st., b. AND IMPORTJ!:.R OF -GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS' o oemmB'D'Cit .tl CO., IZI4 !'. BOCDLKA.NN ll&n11futlU'el Straps anu Cutters, ..... SOUTH STREET, N. Y. 1t .: .um WPOI'1'ZU or1 .. 1 .... ,. "'' .J Ha...Vana LEAF .. TOBAqco_ 1&8 WA'DDI. fiiBW TOBK CUTHRIE & CO., 126 l'reat a&net. AKO TOilA.CCO PllEIISZR& L eaf Tobacco preMed 1 n bileo for the Wes t Indies M exicaa aad Ceo.ual Americ;aa. Ports, and. other mac -tet&. TOBACCO PACKED IN HOGSHEADS C. B. SPITDIB, TOBACCO AND COMMISSION MERCHANT 124 WATERSTREET.C JliFReuooabl e A d-.:eo made oa ihipmento, PATENT. PAC-KAGIJS I :BBOADWAV, COl'lltr of Cedar N<::W \"O:il.I. Capital, 12,000,000. DRAWS BILLS OF EXCHANGE and i s s ue s LETTERS OF CREDIT available at wl princ ipal plac es abroa d. A c counts and Correspon d ence of M erc han .,., Banks Bankers, etco soli ci ted. w 0. H. 8CiiR:INEB.. Cashier. ..&.. PAB.K:.::EI d:t KO U BRO.&D STREET, :NEW YOBX,. Sole Apata I'M till! CONSOLIDATBD TOBACCO COMPANY OF Gll.ROY, CAl.IFORNiA, 1 -Maaufacture ra o the Celebrated &JWI rmm. u on rumc 1111& mAD. .__ 1'-tkelr VIIOIVI!l BB.AlllMt 011' V1&611S, Equal Itt qulity t. tlae !I.EST HAVANA JOOdo, at oae-balf their rcoot. Cali aBd examine b elote bllllliniJ PL.urTA.TWIIII AT lid JI'JIILIPJII. PAVTOBIEII AT GILROY. SIMON STRAUSS, :J; M+JillPAClTuaJIIR or r Cigar Boxes and Show Figu.JGs, A.IID DJilALJIIB. Ill' &ERMAN ClaAR MOULDS, PRESSES, STRAPS, CUTTERS, &C 818 F11'tJ:L atree-t. (B et. Ave D and Le"i St. ,l N'e,;rv-Toz:k.. e Jd ... of F...-. Cat to Order uacl Rpalred 1D t)oe Best litTle The Trade Supplied C ARLUPJU.NN, THE N. co-oPERATIVE CIGAR MF'G CO., No. 19 W. Houston Street, cor. Mercer, ..... 0-D'I. -L. .......... EuGENE D u BOIs, PAVK:Jilll.ll or soKDG TOBA.OOO Promptl y IUpplied, at rednced wHh tbe50 & .. CODISSION MERCHANT WOODEN DRUMS SlllllL tDIIISSIOIIIUBAIT. CoMMISSION MERCHANTS leafMan:ra:r':r& Smoking A. F>OINDEXTE R & co.i Agents, ..... 178 PJAiL STBD'l'1 .t.lll>DULDaDf.ur.JUIIJ>IIOll TOBACOO, LVIDI K:ATIIA.B', 120 WATER ST., N.Y. CITY, P.n. -wYoax. 0 D E ...r 0 S ..:w L Y. SIMOlf' SALOKOlf'-Leaf'Tobaoco; 75FR NTST.,NEWYORK. AiO.L......., u o llftaa. .a.-.-& .-" -o leO Water Street New York. HauafactaredTobacco ohUStlteaaadQaalltleecllEDWARD SAMUELSON CO. 1 l L. & t J1E1D DEALE!l IN laperie of ..tDeal.l",ta J, BIV.I.KA & DOJIJSTIC Leaf Tobacco J. PEsawt ........... .. To'tiacco J AD LEA. F TOBACCOS D & A BENRIKO [BIUNDIIU n APPVUTMBJI'I' TO .... LOaM .,.. Commission Merchants, AND SEGARS, lmQorter of HAVANA CIGARS I -8Q D";L;i'a;;z.iWir-z .. ,. -.-York. w ... ., Peart 8&reet. ImWYOIUI. and lEAF-TOBACCO, .. Enlflan otft-Roch!Bter, N. Y. -IIPCOMSJ6NIIDrl'S 901.1ClTltD AND PR.OJIIPT'SALBS KJ'RCTED. _1, loronrlcDcoantrtea. I SCHEIDER ALSO COMMISSION MERCHANT luJ:AJ.' TOBAPOO, 1 lH W..&.'l'EB-sTB:IIBT, Jar-YoU, J. SCHMITT & CO. llEN 'FREY BROS & 00 %=.porter of, .tO 4lm i2 DOADWAY, NIW YOBlt JULIAN A I I AND PACKER OF ,. MIRANDA co. 1114 uu. IllPORTUS OF A: DL\UU m Seed-anil, Havana Janufactnren gf Fill CIGAR3, ud SEEll LEAF TOBACCO A. OATMAl\1 J;-ea:f Tobacco,, .'Dea,lers in Led Toba,cco.. .No. 213 ST:BBET, 1 II VIlA L.Ap 162 Water St.., New York. 172 Water Street; N.Y. -=---AND o,. THE BllAND ott 44:Veeer:street. fllew York. N'e'OF York. _......,.or J BCH"'ITT C JOOT CleARS "RITICA," .... ---------LIDIRI}t!lJS:CBEL, .!!! Pearl St llew York. E. & CO., .. Seed Leaf, SANCHEZ, HAYA DOMEsTic HAVANA&DOMisTICTOBACCO. ...,__. .. *"',. PACKERSOF 'Fine Cigars EAVANA "l'O:aA.OCO 1L L f :r b N 8 BURLINC SL LEAF TOBACCO: AND CIGARS ew or.. ea 0 aCGO OB.AR WATBR-Sf'RUT,IP, 197 Duaue-ttreet,. BAVAA TOBACCO LE.AP TOBACCO,. .fiRST CLUifiAJii! CIGW I .. \ Wew,-York. Eo. 86 K&iden r.., .. York. )To. 22 Cedar Street, brew York. ""o '""""Tn cw 166 JY ATBB BTBBBT, I. a ..._ 246 Peari.Street. New York C 1-P.'. J .......... .,c.,... __ ,. -c '""' a-m&Dur...turara Avored. 1 B:a.a.l'fcu. N ... a1 AVEl'fUE B Harana Ci!ars & Leaf 'hllaa:o. r :.EW Yoaa. ----------W p FALLIJSTIJJ ROBERT E. KELLY & co ANTONIO CONZ.ALEZ, DETROIT CIGAR MQULD CO f. H JAL .. G. BEUSENS, A. H. CARDOZO 34 m:.a.vza ll'l'BDl', NIW vou, ., or GE!UlANciGAi K011L Pemberton & :Penn, ToBAOOO' CODISSIOM -BTJ_YER.OF .BACCO l COffolf FACToRY; BAUIA miRmiDYAIA:Wl, :::::oc: .. M h1El,OD:.4.J.\TT,. T 0 B .AC CO, .. o And Sole Agents f?" tile BraDd I L. "CARVAJAL"S "-Aa:rdoolrod.UeaadoloapeaaadotoO.... tfz:;,u::::::r t# "ft':at-W.., BROAD .T ... ET -o-at c-mi"' J1We11a11t, .. SUPERIOR DE IIIRIA VICHOT," 16, r..tT.&B tm Nil, .ro.&l[. cor.Congrcss &: Fourth ""'lldtlre u .., lriC KEY WEST FLORIDA. ._ DETROIT, IIIVH. ----...-vu.ur, At No. 123 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. lfBWYOJUL ., BRii.MEN.

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    6 fPhiladelphia / Steiner, Sm.lth a -EDe'ctit_ DIEALERS IN ALL KINDS OF ( LEAF T .OBACCO, And Hanutactureri of and Dealer-s in Ctgars. 225 RACE STR'EET, PHILADELPHIA. STEWART :MARKS, RALPH & CO., Manufacturers of Ralph's Scotch Snuff, ANii FINE: CIGARS, 1\To. 11D .A.R.O::EI: }.ben St.wart. Jameo P. Marb, W. Woodlde, Samuel A. Hendrickaooo TELL. BROS., Packers, CommisafOil Merohants, and Wholesale Dealers In Po:relp Domestic Leaf Tobacco, o 117 North Third strAA1L_ F 1 CJ.4.R.RB2'2' & C10., AND &BNHBAL I:OIIISSION I x:z:aCB.6.::t:fTS';r .liB Np:Water St. 82 Phildelphia. No: 14:3 First Avenue. Pittsburgh. DIU.LEBS IN LEA_ F TOB.A:.OOO,. And Manufacturers of all Crades of.CI5!J!; o. S_N. Water St., Pa. M. E. McDOWELL & CO., UUI&UUU m &mBAL CODISSIOI ........ n 39 NGrth Philadelphia, Pa. for the sale ofatlckindl' Manufactu,red and Leaf Tobaccos.,8 W. EISENLOHR & CO., PACKEKS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, ; 115 11. WATER ST., PHILADELPHIA., A:. 1ft X.IIECOND ST., ST. LO.IS. W. EISENLOHR, S. W. CLARK. PHIL. BONN. PBILADILEBIA (SEED-LEU. IN&PEGTIQN j TOBACCO SAMPLED 'IN MERCHANTS OWN STORE] r .. I [ -.. lie. 80 li'Ortb Delaware .A.Yeaa.e, M. I. DOHAN. Ph'l d I h' lv ,!Unaldo Suk. J JNO. T. T Al'l'T. I a e p Ia. Abbey. "'l!!!''..ol1cl 1 J-la ..-n ________ 808 Jlarket.St. 1 PHILA.DIDLPRI.\. A. H. THEOBALD, MANUFACTURER OF FINE CICARS, Al;fD Di!:ALER IN and Leaf Tobacco, K, W ..... 14 PqJar 8to.; Pbilaolelphlao -' I SORVER, GRAIFF & G:EO. W EDWARDS. JOSEPH H. PATTERSON fackers, Cammisslon GEO. W. EDWARDS & CO, LIAF""T.iJiA.'C CO Commission Merchants in .... STREET, 'LEAF TOBACCft ill CIGARS, .. .Ga Fnmi l'l11114el:phla, IFSole aptltoi.Dthe lltatH for w P I \OT .;.,-,r-- -TOP MD.W. 7loolt.(;-. \ Balti:mgre Advertisem&nts. "VVM. A. BOYD & CO., WHOLESALE DEALERS IN W LIAP TOBACCO, CI&ABS, WJI: A.: BOYD: JR. 33 SOUTH ST .. BALTIMORE. THO&. W ORO MER.$ :--GEO. lUi:ilCKHOF J'. GEO. P. UXVEIU.AG't. GEO. KERCKHOFF & co., I DEALERS IN COIDCTICUT, HAVANA. ill YARA 1ill TOllACCO, i m :ti..Um':A.artrm.s or CIGW. No. 49 8 CHARLES STREET, 'H.-a CO., MONUMENTAL CITY TOBACCO WORKS, NO. lal WU1' !BA'l"'' STIEE'l', :BAI.'miOU, JLUYLAND, iiANU.A.CTUR!UtS ALL laJfDS 06 SMOKING AID CBEWIIG TOBACCOS. .&:(1'-to, M:'F.&:LK;llllf. Bowery, K. Y., BA.'l"l'D BROil., 14.8 Jr. 'l'hlr41!1t,, Phlla. F BECKER. ) c.'BECKER. r L. BECKER../. BECKBl\ .-: BRO!'!"HERS,' ..... PACKERS, C()}tMISSION' MERCHANTS: AND W AOLESALE DI:A\-ERS IN Foreign Do:m:eltio XO. 98 W. LOMBARD ST., BALTIMORE, liD ED. WISCHMEYER. ED. WISCHMEYER & co., Commis_sion Al>!D DEALERS IN LEAF, PLUG TOBACCO & CIGARS, 39 SOUTH CALVERT ST .. EET, NJtAR LOMBARD STIUtBT, -z. :m. Tob;cco Shippittg RAL TIMORE STEAM S'NUFF w MILL. WJ.;STERN ADVERTISEMENTS. Cincinnati and Detroit Advertisements. Henry Besuden & Bro., RICHARD :MALLAY. J.A.llES MALLAY. R.MALLAY & BR Dealers in -. LEAF TOBACCO. r OCT. 7. Advertisem.enta CASSIUS WELLJ.:B L. B. JIAAB.. C. WELLES & 00.1 D&Al.SIII Ill' CONN. SEED LEAF TC>EI.AOOC>. 15.4 State Street, H.A..B'A'PORD. JJKK. LEAF I IS and 1 1 "1 West Front St., 1Cl. 163, & 165 Pearl S'tret, B. a .K. Between Race aad Elm, 1 C0lB..A.OCO, 40 & 4z MARKET ST.,Hartford, Conn. WESTPHAL, Col!Ou:ssxoN :MERCHANT, And D eale r Iu P U A'ND-DL\LEit f -. ... TOBACCO ,. -DA ,NBURY, CONNECTICUT. H. SIIITH & CO., Commissum Merehants and Jobbers :Merchant MORRIS "&"'REID_, 4,6.t;.8ST.OHARLES ST., LEAF TOBACCO R. STARR & CO. MANUFACTURJ'IRS OF SN_UFF, ROIIH, FEISS 11. J:0.1 N CONNICTIOUT LIAf' TOBACCO :.o. 20 Hllmpden Street, :MANUFAGrURERS O F 25 SOUTH CALVERT ST. I!I.W. cor. LemNrd !Jt., BA.LTDIORE,JIID, Hti'WIALS s .,... J I. io". HI B'IRLi. SPIUNGFIELD, :I4ASQ. I'!" w. DRESEL'" JWnJFACTlJUD IJW' AID 81lOUKG 87 GAy STREET; -roD .a.c c ns, BALmtqu. KD., .. Cigars, Pfpes, Etc., T 0 B A 0 C 0 ALSO coJDGSmM KEBCUNTS m s.u.:s or SAD, BOJIISSJOH BltCII!il'S 92 Lombard and 5 :Water St., r Boston Advertiaem.ents. C. O. HOLYOKE, BROKERS, CIGARS, COKKISSION UERCHANT I I 126 Vine Street, CINCINNATI, OHIO. InT"t''A'F d"'''n:rTIAO.......rD,D And Wholesale Dealer In J.U>A an .IIlA.l.l 1iJ L J. U .Po.r !.R. W. THOMAS, 12 Boston. 46 ::Fr.Oiit Cb1Cinnati; o. COMJ.11SSION B R 0 K E R, .. F. W LEAF B!JOIIR, N. E. Cot:. 'Vme s.n! Froni Si.reet.s. ;IN ALL j{INDS OF Leaf Tobacco, CIJfCiliiKA.TI, 0. IARJIIJVILLE, Ky. CLA.RK:IIVILLE, Tenn, SOUTHERN ADV'TS. J. W. CARROLL," Sole Ma.a.u1acture r of the Famou1 and DO"W'Ded Brands ot Vireinia SmO:k.iDI' Tobaccos, 1 BALTil!IJORE, j -P. o. Box 3212. CINeiNNATI, 0 the TOBACCO LEAF. DICK, LYNCHBURG, VA... A. AUJt&CIIT. L. ICHKOI>BL L W -. GE.NEI3.AL < HAVANA Baed go LOMBARD STREET, 18 l'}lot!!T, (Oue door w .. t of Echange P l&ce). BAL...., ... ORE ...-BALTIMORE; MD. A..... Liberal advancemesat:a made on consipmeata '&o m7 addreeo. i'OUNGER & CO., G.B. M. MARRIOTT r OF_ 1 CIG A ,II!! Wlll ,tTe their persoaal &ttenUoa tg \!!o oale and pur cbue of kinds of :.&:ceo, Lear-robacqo. AND CIQ' AR RIBBONS. '. la"tlhr-Ado:a- .... .te-Coao!JI'ft"'enta. No. 25 G'erm'ariSt., Baltfmore)'Md. ORDERS PROMPTLY FILLED. . Jaa. Sc..-ft. A. Xtcot.ASS&M, DEALER 1M WESTERN LEAF TOBACCO, LEAFAXD t d T b 27 South Second Street, :ure o acco, st Lou1s M AND CIG.utS. o. :Xo. 81 Bzolaac Place. Baltimore. Aw'ARDEP TO L ,. The hlgfteat award ofmeri wflicb co\ild be offered Tobacco at the U niversal Krpost_tioa .. t Tlenna hal ... &WU"ded L. L.. ABBJITJCAD, for his already popular brand O
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    OCT. 7. RE T0-1 1 SU.T_RO & :ttEWMARK, ST. L o urs AS A ToBACCo acre of corn 1 There w of the tenement manufacturers, who fattened on the M-AI!.KET.-Consideren as a h Jd fi a 1 s ou raiSe ve hun w ces misery of their1 workmen, and yet forced them to come tob a cco marke-t, (remarks a instead of ten, and then nunhere and proclaim the beauties of the tenement work. Fall trade may not prove quite s.'> as. we known it in aome previous years, 1t w1ll be mfimtely better than last year, and by next we roay con fidently expect to see a full revival in a.ll of .trade. But tJM!re mus t be n o more wiJJ and need lesk panics, and people who try to excite th.em shoul4 be put down." -r contemporary of that citl,) dred bushels of .inure. shops. Emigrants, whc were inexper i enced in the ways St. Louis is in its infancy, I want to see that kjnd Qf: t of this country, were to these tenements by false yet to day presents more representations, and lived in little bedrooms, ---advantages to shippers than .NT. in whlch t hey slept, "!'.orked, cooked and which eYen any other market in the '-ous d h 1 wor)d. This we ascribe .a. c<>ntame t e c osets. ,J A resolution was offe re?,declanug it t e duty of tbe THE PENNSYLVANIA CRoP.-A correspondent c.fTH E x.;EA.F AlfD DB.AJJEB8 IN TOBACCO,. ( NEW YORK. chiefly to its ieographical Tile Committee of' the Gerlllll Ia MeetiDir Board, of He..alth, in view 1 of the opinion expressed lly LEAF w rites as follows from Conestoga, Pa.: Thinking location and its bearing to bef'ore Dl'. 'Day-Tile a4e. physicians of repute, to abolish the sys tem of tenem.ent that a few lines in reference to the cond i tion of the growing districts and On Tuesday afternoon of last week th ommittee work as soon as p r acticable. It was adopted and .the present crop of tobacco might not ]proye the gr eat consuming secwhich the cigar-makers' mass meeting appo ed on the meeting then adjourned. to the readers of TH E LEAF; I ava1l myself of this tions to which it is the dis. S d l M S { Pl onportunity to writ e you, as to crops, past an.d presen.t, trl 'buti'ng medi um. 1 0 the prev1ous un J' name y, r. John wmton r. ate, T R ) r b h t ]\"' Th D s 'bl 't d th e e of th HK I CHMOND (VA: ToBACCo Exc H NGE ....:.On views of p l ante rs ac t ions of etc. opmg t a tn export ars of home leaf the .r. ever an .r. tel mg, VJSI e e o -e f h B d f H Jth -' 1 db D rst mst., atthe the Ric hmond Tobac co return other n:aders o f THE LEAF will a vor \IS w1t M i ssissippi Rive r affords a oar o ea an ... were court e ous y rece1 y r. E h T d f h "fii t Day, Sanitary Superintendent. Mr. Swint 1 n briefly xc ange, Mr. B. C: .Gray: was re -e1ected presu:lent an reg a rdi11g trade and crops, rom t e 01 eren ready egress t o the Gulf of stated the object which the Cigar -makers' Uni o n had in General Peyton Wise, secreta!Y and Ml'. tobacco-growin g d istricts throu g hout the countr y The Mexi::o, and the Pacific view, namely, to abolish the manufacturing of cigars in James A. Scott was e lect e d presid e nt m place of c10p of 1872 was ver y large ( 39,000. cases ) A g reat Sloe v i a Panama, while M Y b o h "h d T d 1 ., Se 1 d 1 1 t h d there was on 1 y hal f r tenement factories The condition of these factories r. ar r ug .,. o ec me r e-e ec n on. vera ea remammg m p an ers an s, t h e railroads toN ew Orleans he said, was such to be extr e mely to thei; were made .in the ot the standin g as much pfanted in 187 3 and in '12 Land whe n th crop of a,nd G alveston establish a swarming Their employment not only ffected committees, after adJOUip ed. 74 was p) a n ted, considerab l e portion s ""o f '72 and 73 competition which is bound their health to in extent wholiy without parallel d any TE \" s NSl '"'Ro A d t 't th t crops still rem a ining in farmers l!.ands, with dull sal e, to ch ea pen the rates of h d h f h b b d d n co N L. P correspon en wn es a w a s again plant i ng reJuced fully o ne-hal!less.than the t r ansportati-on. A half a ot er tra e 0! any ot er 0 t C: city, ut f ani the crop of Wisconsin tobacro is about all in. The a rea planted in 1373. This, in COJJ!}ec_ tio _l) with the fact d d a f o stered mahgnant maladtes and mtroduced m :mu e 1 tt t f ,,., h b th b t r th f oze n Jnerent r o utes to the diseases to an alarming throughout the surroundtah erlpatr o d"':tehseason as e1'hes growf lo that the dry aeason prevented a A tlantic seabo a rd offer the hb h d e p an an 1 as grown l)lpla y e cunng o ear y patches missing fully on-!lalf of the plants: Besides, the s ame advan t a g es to Austra00 t I b t d 11 th t Mr 'win cutting is so far advanced as to give promise of hand -greater part has grown up1narro W :of the !ian and European shipt d no on Y e f a stem' om,;ome color and fine texture-much better iu these Jowt;r leaves dying for want of rain. Taking all these Pers, whil e to South Ameri0 1. ad sf 1 b ct oncemmdgt 1edevJ s 0 t ef 5hY.I 0 n n rorespect s than for a number of years previous. Our I h k r iii .11 h p ame o, u gave a e ate accoun o s w 1 d .. h d facts into consideratiOn, l m a raJr e s tunate w run ca we WI eqon ave a fessional in his extensive practice am o ng pro uct .or 1 e cannot excee prev ,IOus our crop down from 6 ooo to S,ooo cases In the present direct line of steamships un the wretched gar-makers of the tenement estJtmates. Old crop contmues to mo y e at 7, 8 amf 9 month parties baTe purchased on the field perhaps der our immediate control. cen s f 8 d He describes t e children as being peculiarly affecte :l, cases at pr, ices rangmg rom 1 to 'J7 cts. ro11n per t of the diseases engendered by th e ir trade not only pr> T s u lb. This premature buying has run nearly all plantoers fo ehnJoy shippmg duc iag external disfigurements, but breeding inerad1-HE wEET SES OF ADVERTISEMENTs. It IS thought out of the market, many holding at 30 and 35 cts roun and to .ft employiag ma.ker. whose a roe was not made fo stealing $150 of cigars from Simon H Arens-grass. It was plowed with four large horses in .. cpu ntry St. .l-oUis known, but who seemed to be thoroughly conversant berg, of No. 49 Wh1t"ehall st.'-On the sth mst; x,6oo to the depth of 14 inches, and allowed to rema1n m offers. many .and with the q ue 1 tion at issue, said tha,t this smug g led cigars wer e by Spec ial A ge nt Bra:ckett flfat condition during the winter. In the month of peculiar system, wh\ch he called the "sweating system," is com-of C ol Howe' s office, at the corner of Twelfth st. and V ni: March it was coultered ver close!y so .as to cut .from th. {act paratively ne having been introduced into New York vers1ty place. .. -the sod fine, with one hprse coulters:-Imnlediately SYCAMORE FOR SALE, ,hal.t ere only within th F past two or three years. He told hew the coultering, stable manure, wh1ch had remam.ed Suitable for &..eo aad Caddlet, L ams a muluphcity of in the keen f ompetition of the trade, not on l y strong LIVELY TIMES IN THE _under 1>helter up to this time,.was spread over the entire --to soo,ooo tt. ..tach and 5 -B, sawed to widths, dry styles, and grades of men but delicate women and young children are com week a memorable one m the C:onnectlcut V..aiJ.ey sutface from the 'Wagon as it was hauled from the stable ; ft. or more, tobacc_?, which cannot be pelled to take up the work, which ; evt:n to pers'ons iii The neighborhood of was mvaded by .hellV}'; Irtll land was covered with it. Then about aample. LoHa IsLAND SAw AHD PLAtuNa M ILLS, cox. found m marke.t. robust health carried on ULoder the favorable N e w Y o rk buyers" and made m rbe m j ddle of April the coulters. were started again in _1.19 MAIDEN L.ANE, r The c:f th!o conditiOl)S, in properly appointed factories, is fraught new crop on the poles? at, high These "'an 9PPosite direction from the first 0):1 ration, so as to 1\Te""PV"'J!"' .o:rk. .. P,4SE,bop'r, .HEAIUIAN, Supt. troth ltl Simple yet unab with Iq overcrowdeq tenementS, filled with of purchases are C?mmqnly !ermed pow m the manure and cut the sod as fine as possible. __ ...,. .... Mally and the dust ana fumes of tobfl<;co, whole families, brothers, but the present scarcity, repuced sh_ort cr 9 ps The land was then left in this condition until the middle A. TOBACCO No. 129 Maiden Lane, verse the tastes to which sisters and pa ents, have to take their part in the strughave caused so abnormal a co!ldlt!On. of tlyngs m the of May,. when a Jigtlt narrow was passed over it to level cater$. '!_'he up. gle for existence. market that what! under ordmary ClrCUIIJStanccs, mJght the land a,nd break a ny clods which remained. The nver traqe will fake .:. !i,(ter the_ qelegation Dr.' :pay a ?e termed the heJghth of rashness may now be perfectly land Wli-S tlien list e d or rid&ed up, with Watt' s A B but heavy pluts, se'rles of to Mr. Swinton in rega rd' to the JUStifie d by the course _of events W e do n?t to plow, making lists feet apart. As soon as the black wor_k ; tile actual mortality in lhe tenement hctones, the kinite di r ection so as to destroy the me mm gra es w 1 e a I -,., b b b d d T 'd th T also cheering to reflect that our tobacco manufacturers, grass and weeds wh1cu. y t IS tnr.e a rna e a start t or!!Ia, extahs afin t fe b errJA. Riotous MeetiDIJ oa Saoday-Statemeots and wha tever may be true of those engaged io othe; indus bet'ween the rows. The plows were .allowed by the one:. use e nes o acco ,..,_ 1 t Til r 11 :.-. 11 d t . b be' 1 t t ht h b H ""'00 er ... emeo II-' e o ce ,.,a e OD o tnes are sufficiently above the temptation of turmng hoes, their mg mam Y o s ra1g en up any chan puht upS. L"'n<:_e laterfere pennies" to ignore the opportunitv afforded plants wh1ch might hav..-,een shond out of their proPRICE LIST SENT ON APPLIaoxEs ar cAl LOAD IFOR LEAFJ .. It 1s t at m t e t. ou1s b h 1 Th e W'a t !'ttl "" k t b On Sunday, 4th mst., m answer to a call, a meeting b y the present exceptional state of affa f rs m the leaf per pos!llon y t e p ows. er uu 1 e ef uyer. of cigar.makers IVOrking in tenement houses was held market. for them to chop up-the plO"\'fS. passed in both I Y ai / 0 Jmse yesterday at Concordia ,Hall. Befo J e directions effectually saved them t .hJl_ tro\)bte ; an,t Isaac B. Davis, of for the owners, Robert P. sprung up since the last working. The hoes followed lemon of VIrginia it had been called for the purp6se of protesting against May?'s Warehouse-For the State, Edwia J. the pli)ws and pulled 1 dirt to !he plants, by thi& to the red fillers ,of the proceedings at the Germania Hall. Mr. Deutsch Jlarv1e, none r_et recommended by owners. time had grown to a suflidet Size to receiVe 1t. In the and berger proposed Mr. Reiss as chairman. Om: o, the \\ the StatP., H. Owen, last week in July topping was commeaJced ; As the land And .these independent cigar-makers proposed Mr. Strasser. Mr. of Hahfax; for fhe owner Wm Jeter. Anderson's l u ,1d was naturally strong and was now S[ronger, owing advantag_es St. LoUis ts yet Deutschberger-We don't know Mr. Strasser There Mye 's the State, Thomas D. Neal 1 { o its having; beeh in !itmotby sod for five years, and iu 1? a pue;Ile state of .mexpe. were shouts of derision, and Mr. Deutschberger called late of EtttsylvjiQia; yet re b:y owners. additi6n heavily manured with strong stable manure, nenle, a and upon the police to preserve peace. Oaks Warehouse-Fb r the State, 'and a seasonable .. The tobacco had attained ab s.ure Y ap.? giganThere was another outburst of indignation on the Bollmgi .fo the owners.!. S. W J ones, of LuBenburg. unusual size, so the teppmg of the week was pretty well tJC ma:unty ':"hich 111 a few part of the shop. workers, and in the midst of this conCentre or the State, John\'(, Goodwin i put at leaves to the plant. In order to keeP. it years IS destmed to surpass fusion Mr. Reiss dechred that he had been elected for the-o wnets; J n, West Wareho!fse-;-For 'froqr ripening too .;;?\'n, suppose about one-fourth of every tobacco market ":est chairman. He thereupon took the ch'air. the State,_\ r E. Hmton; for the owners B. B. Vaughan. it' waJ; topped at that timt; The next and last working ?f the .Alleghany Mountams, Mr. Relss read a paper stating that the tenement Moor's Warellouse-F"or the State, J ame!t--M. Parham ; was the following week w1th plows, the Watt plow with m vanety scope. houses were beautifully kept and perfect mod e ls of saninone yet recommended by the owners. the large mould board was started in direction the a comparative y short hme r.h f h d N Y k d B I tary wisdom. The reason w!-.y the Cigar-makers Unioc T S T W land was listed, runnm g t ree u rrows.m eac row an. ago I ew or an a !I HE UNNYSJDE OBACCO ORKS.-... Ve are much .. opposed the tenement system was because they wished throWing the h1gh to the hill as It was possible to s pphed the to prevent women fromworking arid earning money, gratified with a vis it we recently paid to the above named do. DuriQg the first weeks in August, the s1pp1 Valley and the Tern .. establishment. To meet the rapidly f d d h The reading of this statement was interrupted by topping was continued rom ay to ay, as t e growth tones with nearly all the demands of their business, now established over twenty h k h 1 loud laughter of the shopmen who had taken posses-of the plants requifed. Durmg t ese wee s t e p ants tobacco consumed but seven years, Messrs. Thos. Hoyt & Co., have. just com. 1 1 h S h' 1 d f h sian of all the front seats. 1 d b 1 d 1 b 'ld' were topped to eitrbt or ten eaves, most y e1g t. ome t IS IS a egen o t e past p ete a very su stanua an e egant ut mg in Pearl ., b T d h 1 sPEECH OF A ,TENEMENTWORKER. 1 d' h few plants which seemed to e vigorous were 1 o ay we count M M C h d h G Jmme?Iate y a ]OJmng t at now by them. topped to ten leaves. About the middle of August the number of factones who are r. erun, a zec rna e a speec 10 erman sayTh1s new edifice fronts on three streets, ruqnmg through h d lth 1 d a"tAr the tobac d 1 11 ing that he himself could only earn $11. Women could froJn Pearl 1 N B f Ch b The oes agam passe over e an ,, co was prepare to supp v a de. h d r o ew c:.wery, corner o am ers. all .J d d u "lled the d Irt h' h make better c1gars t an men, an It was there.ore necesN B d Ch b S 'd h all pretty gener y top He an P as I"" mal1d.s or Western plug, sary tbat the wives should help their husbands in making ew owery an a? ers 51 c as a th hill a'i the cauld get it to stay and scrap:d smokmg and fine cut of ornamentaluon front, with massive columns extendmg uponh fe b Y th s the 'the 1 d cigarf. A whole flimily working in a tenement could h h h f h' h h 1 out t e urrows etween e row way an was every vanety, wh1le the $ "' d I b I th s1x stones m e1g t, t ree o w JC ave a taste.u 1 d k the d e d a d th" b better class of trade is sup earn 3 or ,35, an ay up a a ance at e savmgs balcony. The summit is crowned with an iron Jstc; sho as e f theramapg wgaosoen'dend TISh emgt I d b bank. (Derisive sneers on the part of the shop men.) d' b h "S d T b uone t e cu ttva 1on o cro E res p 1e y two or three large pe 1ment, eanng t e mscnpt1on, unnys1 e o acco f h' -b r tt' nd curing the c 0 commission houses who deal The speaker repeated the substance of his remaras Works, established 1847" We know of no building of o t e.ored. cu Il!gtb ath ho o rip, THE UNDERSIGNED AGENT IN IU: W YORK FO.R THE MANUFACTURERS OF THE FOLLOWI 1 V' in the Bohemian d' h "-. occupied 10 con ten mg WI e rn w rm. n IS lNG WELL-KNOWN BRANDS or LIQUORICK, clealreo to T..O..:c:o Maaafac:tarera aplast exc us1ve.y m 1rgm1a to-Th S tb d th I t f f th Its Jmensions In our City t at surpasses It m arcuJtec. .11 be II fi to th It f Dalng aoy of tile nuJMrou branoh parport:la1 to bo orllrlual aatlweaal ... bnuoda LIQUORICE, bacco and are prepared to e ecretary en rea e et ers o some o e emtural symmetry and solidi tv of construction. N a thing 1t Wl d 1 wte or me 'thg1thve resuf d? :'n but which are adulterated c:omr::d of biJo braacla, rebOiled 1 thil coUDt.ry, aa4 Ia oomo lut&llc <011tala .players, expressing their regrets at being unable to h ld t:Xpenment I rna e as summer WI e VIew o Jmm AND GENtTINE sell goods at !he lowest attend to the meeting. Scarcely had he finished readt at we might say cou e.nhance the IFputatiOn of this h' the number oi worms I used cobalt mixed with Eastern quotations. In M S h d r h f he 1 d f h house for honorable dealmg and for the excellence of IS mg s dro ed J W AOC PT selecting a market, a buyer mgwhen r. c wan erIC 'one o t ea ers o t e the goods manuf.actured. The quality of their brand mblolasses, eviery Jt wak the amesttodwln Jill' /:1 should always consider four shop-men, leaped upon the platform and proceeded to of Sunnyside," and of tr.eir other gbods, is too well ossoms. saw e J.lty sue 't th h Imd.rdepea e 1.. n.-ohould add an e Wit out rn '"' c a n Y de ing of the cigar-makers working in shops to proceed. "We are now approaching the season when dif. breaking it, it was carried to the scaffold, placed in h y an stlaustiCS Mr. Strasser was called to the chair, and he delivered ficult1es in the commercial and fina!nci'l-1 world are small piles, and hupg as rapidly as possible on the sticks. REFERRING t o the abo ve adv ertisement, w e have appointed Jt(r. Ja:mee fJ. M'eAdre'W' o' lle'W' York, oar Enlualve Atre Ill tae lJDI&ediiU.teo for the .. 1e of alllhe Bru>cla ot'Liqaor-lee hecet.otore manufactured by us. .c: =======:-:=c----::==;;;;;;;;;o:;::p .>BERT MACANDREW &: CO. London, EDgland. LIQUORICE ROOT: l l ..... b and 8yraa., ia. Bal ... always for Ale in Jota to saitj'rcha!Jft'S. A.llllll:ll c. HeAl'IDRICW, 55 Watr k., llew Toell. s ow a or severa years b 1 h 1 r I 1 h ht t 1 ht k St L h d th a arangue. a most sure to make t emse ves .e t, croakers not p acmg more.t an e1g or en lP a s on a st1c :t Mr. Schwabe moved that the police be requested to alarmists begin to point out that go.and then placed on the scaffold. On the. day !nd Western t ad h vacate the premises, as their presence was not required. mg to the dogs. Yesterday there were thn;eiiillures of after cuttmg I usoolly house and endeavor to fill the the 0 t r e w d erem (Tremendou appla11se.) dry-goods houses, and of course the rJport was a! once bouse in bne day: As soon as the house is filled a!itl tre f wary an cauThe resolution was adopted, amid rousing cheers, and set afloat that other houses were in ifficulties. If the tooacco properly regulated on the different tiers IOus 0 a uyers. the Chairman appointed a committee of three to acevery man who goes about whispering tliese evi stories wliich 1 s usually done in three days aft er cutting is comWHEAT AND ToBACCo.quai n t the police with this polite requeat. The police could have a patent porous plaster clappe o L yer nis mehced ;' commenced. I usu.all>: use green A correspondent of the left at the request of the proprietor, amid tumultuous mouth, and be sent borne to bed, it would dO liS all a wood, behevmg 1t to be best for dark sh1ppu1g tobacco. Cu1t,lfry Gtntleman remarks: clapping of hands ami loud vociferation. great deal of good. There is nothing at sprea s 50 The fires are kept up for from four. to six days according .. I is well understood Mr. Scbwanderhch tht:n addressed the meeting in his soon as fear and distrust in the business \ world and J it as tbe state of the weather At first I comthat the largest yield h e re per acre of wheat is on land -which bas been cultivated for tobacco-whicp is thl! mJy ... good thing that can be said of tobacco. It is a JlrOper question for the agricultural chemist whether this from any influence on the soil which the tobacco exerts, taking up the coarser elements of the manure and lening those which the wheat requires; or is il to the high manuring and very com1plete cultiva tion of the land ge nerally given to tobacco ? If it is from high and good cultivation, may we not expect such a y1eld of wheat after other crops as well prepared? What might we ellpect after corn manured as they manure tobacco? What is the limit in manur ing for corn, and what is the limit in the pre.duct of an native language, the Bohemian. The tenement workers is in the powc:r of a few timid persons to clo menced with small fires, as tlie cures were rather more forbearing than the shop workers and which may extebd far and wide in the course of a yery up, and gt:nerally 1il tobacco of a good did not)nterrupt him. He dwelt on the hrrors of tenefew hour!. We can only hope that business men-dark color, well su1ted for the In adment life as depicted in the meetini held laat Sunday at brokers and merchants--will resist the 1p0vedition to the number of acres upon the eleven Germania Hall. Mothers while nuraing their babes ment to create a scare, and treat alarmist s as they would thousand two hundred and fifty pouns. Upon these which had just been closed was merely one of the tricks tO cause the slightest apprehension, aad although. the lands stable manure and Ober's compound were usel4 ;

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    8 JOHN ANDERSON & CO. llANUJ'ACT\J1lERS 01' THE SIIUCI m rrm TIIUCCDS Md 116 LIBERTY STREET, NEW YORK, BeB to dln!ct tbe atteatloa ol tke Dealenla Tobeceo uo4U.. .... CELEBRi!ED SOLACE FINECUT CJD."WDG TOBAOOO, WALLIS & 00 UTRA. Toblalo muuf'acturerl and Ule trade in lro!Mlml 'Bre panicalarly rt!CJ11lt!81.ri to amine and teat tbO properties ot Uris LICORICE, wbieb, being to the highest perfection, is uder tke aboYe style of brand. We ere also SOLE AGlilNTS Cor the ,I'".G.&G.O. wbicla h'l>eiag """" _, tlae THOMAS HOYT k CO.. A.clmowledged to be \lie MR. JOHN ANDERSON,. bestill1he marker .And for 1he brand ef """ oow ...-, .. ,.,._.,., ....u....t a rt.a1. o..-. Licorice Slick IIIANUFACTUilltllS (I Fine Cut Chewing and flVOBL &. 00., \ SMDK IKO ToBAccos & SNVFF, :IOJ!l%if cACo 143 t STREET, u YORK-Ja": CATiTUS, nt 1jj TOBf. BROKER I J l< ) Pe&l'l Si:reet,: "NEW YORK. ERTHEILER & SON; liiiBCEI.I. AJrEO'US. AC OBY Chatham Sunare, 5 &i 7 Doyer Street, ,.. SOLE IUIIUFICRIIEliS..:::: M CBDUTED1 OCT. 7. MISCEJ.LANEOUS. \ BIUAB. .AJfD APPLE-WOOD J PIPES, WITH RUBBER BI'lS, IaportCI oliD :tm4a of llmobn' ""'*', SHOW FIGURES, I ,Dr IIIE'IAL ANn WOOD, A SPECIALTY. 501 BROADWAY, NE"W YO:RB:. OUrJ lilt A liDS CHIWJIIG ICNNYSIDE, HEARTS' DELIGHT, lUTIONAL, BRIGHT OWBN, IIIAIIWAC'I'W&MO., AI.L GaA.DU OJ' flat OJWtng, .-mohing, ad 8taalate4 [n an l"66lp(!de equal to C.A.LABRL.. We have nci Consam6!'8 a.nd J obbers -.oald do well w apply dire<:t. Licorice Boo\,..._ aDd o n hand. TOBACCO BROKERS I 1 HEN-RY WULSTEtN, z ...... __...... -FiDe, LDni and Strai(ht Gut CaveJidiu Sterry Extra. :No. stS w ..aL .. $MOKINQ TOBACCOS; P:. S. Bar&coo aDd P'igaeWJa -" +" Por ll'lae, w ... Jeoale aacl B.etaU Tno .... S-""---.... s-,.. .. Cballeop, IIIL X:t.,_ P1>11ip, 'loM>A.,., __ -Woob\ngton )('!. GAPe ODd Apricot, NeptQne, Thick, u_...-, brt. ddt. "ACME" FIIDQ' Brt. F Domrestic Cigars, Flounden, Gold Bl>dlanaa, oea, PricleoftkeRetrlmeot l3 Bow' A.....,. Jac k of Clubo. P<>cket P\ecea. -" 'WILLlA>l ....,......... DAVID c. I.YA&J,. NEW YORK .1fcEtBOn 'BIOS., Sale 4g't.ll 31 Broi4, Bolton:-Gl-:&1 0 B. G E ""gV Z L& 0 N",. SOU :AGENT FOR J. P. SARRAZ.N'S LOUISIDAPEBIQUE.SMO.KING TOBACCO Also, Peri1ue Tobacco i n Carrottes, lU ATEB STJU:ET, JrEW YORK. SAMUEL' JOSEPHS, 'MANUFACTtJil.ER OF .-CI511 CJTTII. ; MA_YER BROTHERS, 49 & 51 Tchoupitoulas St.,. New Orleans, La., lii:Ptle A. 'Yella.e, BrooklyD. .... .... ......_ -. ._. c.u.aa ... ... -... u-.7- 'SOLB= OOLHS.W AGENTS. I .. "JOlt THE STATES OF O{.ruJE' 4 FLORIDA & ER AESTABll,OOK No.7 BtmLINa sLIP, No. 1 Commercial Street; :Soston, ... -. NEW 'YoRKe' SOLB WHOLESALE: SBLLII& lGEDS oo.,'"' I'OR TRB -I 'ild:ZW _,.. i TGBACCO SEALING WB. ::.NJDW ToaE A. HEN & CO. 43 Liberty Street, opposite Post omoe, :J:KPO:a'l"33.s or sxoms DEALERS IN II Daale:r Ia Secl Leaf' Tobacco,. 171 -Pearl St. & 78 Pille St., I NEW YORK CFTY. ., !ad lm .. --.. \ St.; Xew 1rctrk. TIIFOIL. Flne Int.pOt"Utl for CltJM"ettu, .,__. BROTHERS, a,. L&JrB, liQII. w voa:a: .... B.. ZEJ;,.I.EJIKA. 1 or ALL JtiHDS .,. Jlii1111L11'1 .&1ID LDER TOBACCO BAGS,' 163 BaA 4th St., ll'ew Y!ll:t. r Orclcot pemfCU' to at dle-....... .... SHOW: s CARD litfu.::rap'Md ;, SUPERIOR a,.J D Jnt"' a1td ,,. ap['lwed rtyle. Esti1JIIIta gitlfll. 32' I&IDER LA11E, BEW YOBl!L TIN FOIL. JO .. N .J. TIN 'FOIL"AirfBKOfLE l .<-t3, PL.MN AND COLORED. 30!JJNG MILLS, 338 CROSBY and 163 t 186 ll'tJLBJ:BR\' STREETS. NEW YOU. WM:. H. (Eotal>Ucbed Patentee and Maaufacturer oi Entirely New S tyle s of WRITE METAL AND WOOD HERBST sHOW CASES. & VAN .RAM. D 0 H R utb, o S6a; KaJ A hav e been awarded at tk Havana Seed Leaf State Fa1r, 11S,O; Pf06pet Park Fair. Brouklyu., T 0 B A C C 0 s B.-SJ.ow ._of eWirJ deocrlptioo ..-...n OCl haad, shipping to ahy part of Uniteia !!::."'d All aal wamooted .. _. 189 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. 138 Chatham St., cor. of Pean,. i-IBERAL ADVAl'fCJtJUNTS AD ON CONSIGNMENTS. NEW YORK.

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