The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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. T VOL X.--NO. NEW YORK.'WEDNESDAY, j OCT 28 1874. 1.. ,.. ,.. f. WHOLE NO. 50S: lht ltolratto IS PUBLISHED IVElY WEDNESDAY EY II TBI feJACOO 1KU" PUBLISRING 00, 142 FuUon St., New York. -_;._ All Lettera U.ould be pl&inl7 add=::f to Weiss; Eller. Kaeppel, 220 Pearl. l.t'wol!ntbal8. 6: Ott., Ill West Third. Vbor, V & Co 26 Cedar Well, Kaba & Co. 134 Mala. t.f Kty W11t anti a..,,.. .. a;, ... ,. Zin, Jacob Ill Bro., .a East Second, De .8ary Fred'k & Co., .; & 45 Warren Sluet Cig-' Ahultis. G aullieur H 16 Cedar. Schwill &: Dubrul, a66t 68 West Second. MesseoFr, T. H. Ill Co. 161 M&i d e n Lane. CLA.B.KSVILLE, Te-. b.po.,lrl of C/.1 Pip.s. Baller H. It Brother, 77 Water L<4 To6CD Demuth Wm. & Co., Broadway Olark, )(; H Bro. MJtulllrrn of lJrir Pipes Imp-.ttr s DJ DAlfVILLE, V 8*ltn' Article. Mtrelllllf/1. a 41 & 43 WARREN, STREET, NEW YORK. NE'f YORK. WEDNESDAY, z8, 1874 lEW ADVERTISEIUTS 'nus WEEL "'1'111 'rOUCCO LilA!'' l'VliLIIIIIIlfO 00. Terms of the Paper : DemuU. Wm. &: Co., 50I Broad-y P emberton & Penn. SECOND AND TH)RD PAGES. lJiorl"' f P.-. DAYTON, 0. First l4ortrace Premium. BoDdl of.the ladastriarEsbibition Co. for Sale-. { r 1,EL JIJ\IR'OIPB DE StM Gt; B Cor1as, : 1o CBN1"S GUI"ord, lhermaD a Innis,,;., William THIRD PAGE. Gomez 11: .JI S. William Ma,N/aclunr 11f Fi1UCut lf.Nd Ti'- Wanted a Sateaicua in a Cipr Houae. Jl:an_!lfac,tiU'cd the WEST BRANCH .of th-e celebrated El de Gale-; Manufactory of Ha.._., OH Y ttAR, $4.o 8tx MoNTHS, oo McAndrew jam.N 0., 55 Water Jb.cco.. Situation Wanted. Weaver& Sterry. 24 Oedar. ,Cotterill, Fenner&: Co., ll3117 E Second. ., '. J AND Taau MoNTHS t1 oo liiiF" Remember that the coat t o the yearly or aoat]\ly 1ubecriber i s Uu til" E ir"t Ma'J'f/IICiuurs b iilt3. P iau'l To/Jac c o c,.ttn-. Schieff.eHn W. H. & Co., 110 and 171 William.. Hogle n & St: and Canal. XOTIOB rii'O 8VBSOBIDa8. ti!IPORTEIIS OF HAVANA CICAIIS. _,._ ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS ABROAD. 0.1lAT B ITAIJI A N D CAHAB A t 04 :BaaMK, HAwauaG A N D TH& o8 A uSTJtALIA,. a Te., VJA ENGLAND, 6 ,:,& CvaA, -. --f5 04 No arden for the paper con.std e r ed, unless accompanied by the Remi\t.Uicet: sbould, in every iDs tan r e be made by mooeyorde r c h eck o r drait. B il : s .are liable to be stolen, and cao onl y be aent at h e ... greakl\ riat to tJ:aeeeDder. 1 M.,.,,tt.,..../ P.....Uh5 Le1111is. l Rabbar N 1S Market. .. New York City hu by 1 CJKIIT Jtibb1111. Lee Geo., 1 s o State .... _"" t tbe publi&benJ G., Ia Franklin. -London & Bidwell, n6 .. ttl 1 THE TGBACCO LEAF ttself t o eery "'Heppenh.etmer a Maurer, u &: 24 N \V illiam. H. & z _K. 40 & 42 !Lar .k.e t one h i any way inter:e1ted In tobac c_o, eithe r as Wicke, Wm. & Co.,13.5 r6r Go e r c k. Salomon & DeLeeuw, 6 A1ylom t growe .r, manufacture r o r Jt JlVes .. ,.isA Cigar llib b o u ShePhard,& Fully r, 21,..State.1 r, Jy a n 1mn1ens e amount of1nformat10n regardtng J J"T'-"-d Sisson A L. & F 134 !laiu. the n."eed/ a.Dd thus itulf a Almirall ., '' ar. 1 ('" r We lles C ,&: c., ; 154 State. "'-'CU"' that has long since been recognize d as if Tch.uo TtnFDii. Westph.t Wm u S f stoodingat the llead ofspeci altrade publications. Crooke 1. J 38 Qroaby& 163' &: 165. Mulberry HOPKINSVJLLE, Kr I t s marke t r eports are full aod es:hau6tive. a n d B4Ui. Tolhrt lo oro"rs. t c o m e from every qva1"ter o1 the glot:e where H oward, Sange r & Co.1 of& 107 ham:bere Clark1 1\'1. H & Bro. 1 tol:laceo Is sold. TaiNt L btl lliF It b the ONLT w eekly publication ex 1 INDIANAPQLIS, ln4. olve l r devottd to tobacco. The Llthowrap>c V:eoey M mtufllCturn-s '!{ .fii'ni!-Cut Clmuin nd [.Fw Alhurlisi"r Rates sl'e Tlt:i,-d Pz,..] Heppenheamer ._Maurer tJ Wtlliam r-okt'tt "'o"acco. Cigr-BM LU.Z. tl Triig. """ DIRUTORY or ADVIIIISioBS Heppeaheimer It Maurer, 2J &-2,j N Willia m Cbristman"' Co., cor. lssissippi and Pearl. NEW YORK. T1luut1 'lrnhtJIUII. A P ew W & Sons, 184 aad 186 Froot_st.reet. Abner &: Dehls, 190 FearL AUeo julian, Water. ApplebJ'A Helme. 13J : 1 :Appleby Leonard L. F. 131 Water. Auerbo<:b &'Meodenon, rsl & 13SH Waw 1S11111ett 163 lVIlter. -:Sedirier JuliUs, 103 Pearl. BellrbDo }), & A., U4 Water. Mayo&: Co., 6o BlNI&d. llowDe &: l'rlth, 7 _Burling Slip. llrod M., ,,. Maldea Lane. Bulkley, Moore A Co., '1. Froat. :a Dohan, Carrell It Co. 104 'Froilt. DuBois Eqeae, 75 Frnnt .Beaert Wm. 171 earl. J!rurelba<:b, F. 11 AY Ji'alk G. &t Bro., 171 J'Mm&n &: Co. 70 aDd 72 11...,.4. Foz. Dlllalll Co. 115 Water. Friea E. & G. & Co., u9 Maiden Lane. Gardlner.J. M. & C o. 64 Front. Gutb D. ., Son Ill Co. oH Broad. Gauert J. L 8r. Bro., t6o Water. Genhell.. & Bro., U M&lden Lane. Hawes, f:l:aS# 8 119 )f.idea Laoe. H erbet Ill V au X&Jadobr, alg Pearl. Hillaw. G. W. &: Co .. lo Froat. Hoefen Wm. C. a4:1 Pearl. Junker 8z Niemeyer, 175 Water Kau & l:o. t'earl 1 ... KIDnlcut Tho mu. so "Broad. Koenis; & Subert, 329 Bowery.!ll eiOerg & Oo., 16o Pearl. -J,.acb enlinuch & Bt"o., 1 6 4 Water L'lm'ltte ,.I\ C tu P ea rt. "" Ledere r FiSchel, 22 Cedar, LeTin M. H., t6a Pearl. XeF&ll &: Hogan, 33 Murray. ..; MaitlaDert L. & Co., 43 Broa4. Martin&: Johnson, t66 Water. Mayer j oseph, Sosas, Meyer A. C. L & 0., 43 Norton, Slaughter & Co "'. 7 Pearl. 1 WollfOhas. A., 5 Ohatham. JANESVILLE,-Will, Tobct &.ling IYt11t. 1 Paeker and ealm : i fi ae'd Zinner W A: Co., 197 Wi)liam. Feudrich Francia .. Manfrs. of Kintu)' Bros. Rssit111 c;g;,rntrt. .J LANCASTER, Pa. Kinney F. S l41 Weat :Broad-y. -, Cigar MoltiJ. Dalr in uaf T o b a u o jacoby S. a Co., 109 Pearl. Schabertll, C G unker &: Niemeyer, 175 Wat-.r, LIVERPOOL. Eq, Ou.tter&, G.r. c;,.,._ JW.ItiJ, Samuel-Edward Ill Co. 6> Dale &own, A Mt F. 57,61 Smytlle F. W. & Co. ; 30Nortb John. Erlcha H. W., 233 Soath: II LOJfDOlf, Z.U,, Lobeastein Mt G..,., 101 Malden LaDe. Tolxu&o Mn&!ranE. Jo!lchaella, S. ar. Co., 195 Pearl. & C G ha M .. ,../ddtlror / tiN U. Toj M i uJds, ftolllnaoo ]. A o. .. 15 r e s m X.lein, H E. & Co .. .A.Irloa .M.ui &rr : TQ/JtJtq Ma-dtant. Zellenlra R., a65 Eut FQQrth. p :Holrmlihb D J >.4 Rae Mopdor-F"*'r/ ToiNtao .f'aW.gts. _,- :NEW-TOB.K. Polnduter, A. & Co.1rto Water. FttrWardmg Agmis. Cig M./4 Prr11 Sir"t Hotlmattn, Henry tJi Co. 41 tetlar JlrownA., 1c Lew!o. a7 Patmt lfrtnud To&zao Cutiff, Plug Tobuu Kinney FraDcis S .. 1-41 Weat :noaer J .t Br01.1 194196 facob. MtJnuftJdulnrs l Fine-Cut tJntl German-Amellcaa, cor. Broadway .aDd Cedar. Stnoltitlg Toba<<11. z,rrll'fltr Q 1YHd. B.obin1011 Manafacturing Hoey Joseph, Broadway. Com,iuiM Ahrt.U* In/nwal Booh. Jor--eo, c. 37 .Liberty. Wicks G W. & Oo. 195 llain. --, To/itlcc Brllhn-Cigwr-Meter, Wm. G & Co., 56 Seventh. Appleby Claar Machine Co 131 Water. N h M B M t Fvnip atul DDml'stic BIIIIM ,-$. B,.;;c.!;j and D .. in Tq!JauD M a'II'U Sternbera:er, M & S ExchanJre PlaCe.' / a c t unrs' Supplies. LtnJi$iau Pe,-i?'" S,oAinr J ungbtutb & C o ., 3 3 Third. W ilson, Geo. B., J4! Wate r. JD' blrl !.inJ. JJ,.,,14,.11ttN,.,tJ Cirrette 'T Stein, A 20:1 NaS SIJl. r' .Jm.J D o111en; c Czgars o f Fi11e L ong' n J Str aight Grel!!n & Meier, ao:J West Main. Cut Cavtndi s h Tuhao 0 G. & Co., llain. Pec are LouisN. 7 john. o..J r Dttdtr i !Ailf T ohauo. Pragoff, W F., 8 3 E ighth. Sho w C a.rfS S ummeran d D-MADE CIGARS EXCLUSIVELY. 257 Dealers In Leaf' Tobacco, PEARL STREET! fiEW YORk. advocating they can not cl early see. They much prefer dilating on the old topics that appear so significant,' but really mean so little-argumentative stool-pigeons for helping candidates ro office-and vote for l e aving "well enough a lone." Thus the .. anxiety dis--T. H. IESSBIIGBK, pl a yed a t Washington at the last sess i on of Congre ss, t. _H. MESSENGER & CO.,, that the financial disput e then an d there be set tled, so that it "need not be introduced into the can vas s"-meaning the agilaiion over the elect i on of Congressmen. Although this did not hap p e n the President' s veto in f a vor of a speedy resump tion of specie payments and the of our currency to a gold standard,' has so far demoralized the paper-money men and indefinite that they only declare themselves and their purpqses in a few of their strongholds in the West. In this section, the hard money men predominate in both parties, and infla tionists constitute a timid and unimportant minority. this is true of the contest, there is lit tle doubt that, however suppressed i n th,: canvass, the financial question will loom up again so soon as Cong ress shall have assembled. The fight last sessil?rt was .& DIPORTICB.S AND DEALERS J.."'J BAVAKA e1"E ,, c;f'n. :Neoogv York.. G. W. -HILLMAN & co., ,CODISSI.ON IERCBANTS MANUPACTURBD TOBACCO, SO :I'::R.ON'l' S'l'::R.lCll:'l', 1i IIi W yoaz_ SOLE AGENTS IN Nl!W YORK FOR too bitter to give reason for supposing that advantage inflationists of the arst "FRACRANT FLOWERS" Smoking .TObacco 'i-n Drumrsr that offers to thrust forward and force upon D_OUBLE DURHAM, mAMOND QOLDN CUT CAVENDISH, the nation their own peculiar v i ews. Of course, during ALSO, PLUG TOBACCO FROM President Grant's term oi office, these can not prove ul'l'HOlii.A.S TAYLOR-'!-co., w. T. BLACKWELL, J, w. GillSON, IIALMO!I &:. HANCOCK, TllRPIN &:. ao... r I 1 T.C.WIII,IAHli&:.CQ., a .a..PAT'I'EII.IION&:.CO., NOLTJIIG&:.BtiKTON, timately successrul, un ess they shou d succeed in obLIPICOIIIII ,._ Pwery Neuburl'er M. 2 8 3 Pearl N .Y. Co-operative Cl ar Manure Co., 19 Wes t Houston. Orrler S. 2nH and 286 Greenwich. Schwan & 8pobr. 13 ll<>w.ery. Sefdenbei'g &:: Co. 19 Dey Smith 1:!1 .a.. u B owery M d< Co. 257 Purl St.ralton & Storm, 191 P earl 8utro Newmark, 76 Park Place Tabe1 & Rohrberg, 70 Park Place .. Wangler 4r Hahn, 2"90 & 191 :Bowery. of Fitu. IUn Cifrt B e hoens Heory J. 65 Pine Gree Dhal'l A., 41 west Broadway. Hollander H. U5 Malden Laae .._ Mora J M. & C o 6 W"'ter Sanchez, Hay a & Co. 1]o,132 & Lane. Tfl! Grnu Gigr P11 Bro., 79aRd Br mlthfiel Bufialo Grap e Suga r C o Manufacture rs UExu lsior Spun R_ll, and C izar &--, L e af, C ke.-"' .... Otlur Tob ac cos .. neg-and Smokin,r_ TtHmcr o J enkinson R & W., 287 Liberty. C o d y S Brown's B r o s. 6 E:rchaEB:!: D t a k rs in Domtstit flnd H a vana Lea f T o BVB.LINGTQN. VT. .llfanvfact'Mr,r s of Tob acctJ C a ses. va..,:( o 1 Ma 1hew s & bavis.. M'au l & Grote, 3a!'..!.nn Ave. QUiliiCY. ILL.t. OWCAGO, W. Manufaclurf/1'1 of Plu g WMl,lt Dealer and Havana Gem City Tobacc o Works; E, H. Turner, Pres.; Re1smau_ n A., 14 N. Canal... M. Manaeer. I lJealers i11.,_Leaj T ob.U..A Coamiuio11 Oaae S. S. A' Co South Water Chris\ian &: Goon. Ma,.ufachlrl r o / Ct, 11M D 1 ale,-;,. TD6accd Wise jamee M. 1303 Cary Ji!.aarer C. F., 1 8 7 Clark. -' Leaf Tob(J.(J Dultr1 io Ltf ToHuto, i,g, J DtDIIrt in Llf Tbllcco. Whaleo E. & T., 18 State. Beck &Wirth, utnd24 Water.. .._ DMitT ;, lJtJf Who lesa l e Dea fer in Ci/{Dr s and TUUti<0, Jo!ooely D E., Mill streeL Luenen George, tr East SPKDIGFIELI), ClllfCDOfATI. -Smldl H. &-Cofao 11a;p,eea D.uslm i Havana and Loaf 5x.,i.,..J;!l lleaoclen. & Bro., Pearl Donnitzer C, & R. (&Co., us HarJCut Cluwinr tmd 1(, T, Smoking T o Hcco, Packers of Sud Laf anti [Joa!vJ in. Allen ._ Elllo. n VIne. Topaao. KenDeweg F. Ill Bade, 373, 575 and Barton, Joseph, & Co. eo Open Houae llpeoce Broa. "Co., !2 aDd M Baal T rei-Gea /-Ma,.,t[adu"'"'. of Plug To to. M!:f:O. c:. ;i:a.t Water a _Marpby, ,a H-ood. 4 11'1'1C a ]1; y Ltf ToiNttxo /Jrltrt. D'>brmaau. F. w .. cor. n. e. Vtne and Froat M.,M/tutaf'l" of Firu Clfl Cl,.;_, ud S..!i: c n -ldm... "" r--. ., ,._, u if'f Waat.l' B.. 1 .. l Thomas, W, 'WE&TPIELD -..... Manufa

. .( .. 2 ruE roB A. ceo LEA.P OCT. 28. .WHAT IS TO J3E SEEN IN, A BROOKLYN In the vestibule of the Canton Church ha.ngs a placard with this announcement: "The use of tobacco .in this house is prohibited ." .. !' ,-1 F NE CROP OFL TOBACCO Al!iD bacco, with lowest 3o ooo p > ounds. THE ST. Lric to totSat:co has been forced up will make it rma ufacturets tO retort almost graces.'' 1 irrdm!ing i mmen ts are reminded that we !Day with propriety refer to a remarK in the report of our New co&r.pon dent, Mr. T. Greenfield, published il! our last i5'sue. He Ir allthe Western tobacco papers and monthly tobacco cir-culars would report sqld and unsold ill--their market it would interest tbe HEAD or FAMILY.-A gentteman who purchase This, a iLUle amplified (or the sake of ex-c I-911ICI1tness1 is exactly our O'lfn idea. Vl(e think it would = a box of peaches at the entral Market yes erday, rebe Qf the greatest ossible interest to the trade if in m1arks a Detroit cotemporary, looked ior a ooy every market statements were made monthly who would carry them home, and presently he (ound a similar to those made in this city and New ()rl(lans, aged lad seated on a tiench eatmg tlie last remnant giving receipts, sales and stock on band. Nothibg can -a pea.r. The man asked him if be wouldn't like to earn be more discouraging than an effort to make up at any ten cents by carrying the box to such a number and time an exhibit of the tobacco remaining unsold in the street, and the boy promptly replie he wouldn't. various markets of the country, and, at the same time, Why? queried the man. ,. Why?' echoed the boy, no kmd of information is actually essential r to "because dad the other day, and now I'm the bead tradesmen tnan a knowledge of just this fact. Such of the family, and bow'd I look lugging peaches 1 d ld h b b'J -.a_ round?'" know e ge. ave ee.n o IDesttma .., va ue all ::..J;broqgh e past _when sp..eculaTHE ofour readers tiou was., ampant, an all ki ds of rumors were :app regarding supplies, present and'" p os--lsaouln. seCOnd terr as ti:(o was a fair business done in sees ctty, and tfits, It ts !S eql,livalen ldt'tast week, 'nothing otherwise noteworthy 0C election. Speaking to the motion to nominate by accurred. The sales were as follows: 250 cs. 1873 Con clamation, which was naanimously apprOYed, E Sunecricut wrappers j!.t 30@4oc; roo cs. do Pennsylvania, isor J. W:Harmao said that 6efote the mOtion en, private tenn!: 250 cs. do do New York at -f'Ut-he desired to tay-.a-few-word&. About-tme years. 13@17c sso cs. do Wu onsin at 9@Ioc; 94 cs. ago the convention-put into nomination the name of Wisconsin wrappers at 15c; ISO cs 187 I and r8p Con Frederick A .' Schroeder, who wa!l' that-time almost wrappers at 15@25c; :roo cs. do 1873 fillers at unkno,w'! to an d he knew that 8@9c; and x,3oo cs. Ohio at 11@rac; total, 2,894 cs -then Mr. Schroeder was una.wate of. he action wliich It may be mentioned that one of the current rumors tb{( convention hacl thl{en. Tbimanner in wh. icli he nuikes' the of J be-larse J-ot(of Ohio re liid. managed {he campargn, Was familtar to all. Since ferred to at;our former w.,riting. r < .. perfect:Bismarck as from the Yal\er there is nb itent of'niws requiring H,e !Rs:-L:!ie jnvalid. on Randall's Island as lopking -we'n. "' in {riet)ds pus\ftess than .ana the: su_?den and unttmely .death' of Col. D. repdrtwl ai?I?eari> to. havt! Been donl; The Archte Pell ; of-thiS caty, from -hemorrhage of ,.the lungs, sales wef.e 350 bales at a _nQ..j;ome on last. Col. was o Jbe 'vegas on a t ab.9ut $r.25. f -pe Co., lfUCUObt'el'!r,1D .P,earl Street, nd A it .. vana letter dated Octo6er 17, to a city firm, th@!olill g_uite.ayoung "JVQ. 1Qr "You are right in calling the prices we mentioned hoiiorab11j al\_cid\StiQguill=e repu ation tn civil life, as but we are sorry to say1liil: we deffl't l!!rpect! e He o e as'lheJ quaotity If the will_ ;bel fY m,em rs of the t?l:iacco next crop be earl )'laUd may go do'Yn1 trade .as the efthe plaa, noticed 10 but diis cu not be d'ectdl!li till mber. The new 'THE ToBAcco LEAF, for gratuitously distnoutingcoutribu! Parthtos are said to be almost a-tetal and only bacco to the disabled soldiiln a few thousand bales can be expected." Randall's Island, some of whom served uncfer b1m in the NaniffUiur'ed-The week appears to have been a war. The liberal donations of our merchants and manmoderate Qne -:iJa this department of trade. Sales are ufacturers enablnded tobaccos were hght, and labor of d!stribution1 they are likely to experience especially during the fatter part of the week." !n the death loss both of their rations nd-their friend. opinion of aaotfler, tlie past was the-4"Uest week of the Gal'th, SQnk_ Co..Jo7 compared with last or any week_ for the past (ou r F W. Tatgenhorst, this was not owing to any decline in pnces but uo ... 1ro2 do.; R, !(. d that most country shippers have sold enough .. Co..,..'%'] o; ru-=tmtmrs.,_ he warehouses for 'their advances, an::! -eo -7-! cfo; I no obligation to sell, are eithet boUdel/ & cl: Ito their stock or are selling spar} & Co ; BiJi light sales thebalance I r#q; total oBierings foe the week w,ere 824 r 54hh s, 65 case.; .... r64 bxs. as iollo ws: H!J ps:oN RIVER. RAlLRUAD-Joseph Rodman Wareh and S w y er, 'fal 1 ali5@19-75i 6o at zo@ a\'e; a atj4-so, ,J9_.hhds Owen Co., Ky. trash, ro8Clo; G:'Reis lugs _nd.!_e":_: z _at l9-:945 ;_9-a ro@r4; 6 at t6@ I9-so; do E. 2 at Co., Ky., trash, lugs RosenwalptE LJNE-Blakemore, Mayo & Co., 2 at $g, 10.75; 2 at l3-5C> 3a. 3 bXs. a,t rO@,ri .7S 6 Afau.-Crop 187o ... ..... ...... 8 9 Runmng Lots. 7 @8 c,, M.,..-Ctop 1872. Follers.................. S 116 Pes,?loa.,,a-Crop I872 Running Lots . .. 8 Ou Pea-.qi.,.-Crop B7J 14 018 0/uo-Crop -13. : llunnlnf Lab ............ 9 ili'I10X Nnv Y67": Sta.k-Crop 1871 Raaal.,. ........... ?Ji-8)( do do r87J ........ S @ Nftfl Y.,.....-Crop tS,o. wr,ppen ... ............... 8 @o Ruanl.,. Lots ...... .... ?X@ 8)( "G 0." 480 lb CAlf's ur. G." 430 I1J caaea .. 4 C & A..' 376 lb&. DeL "G F ................. "WrJI18 Ex. &60 Ilia. net .. -"I. c. yea" .............. .. Yuarl;ia'' ......... z.A."liiiOIIIo .......... .. <(liP." ................ ,, R. 11. ................. IMPORTS. The arrivals at the port of New York from foreign ports t9e week endmg October 27, included the following consignments : _j:lhds SawJCer. Wallace & Co.1 45 do, l': Loriiiard & bxs Southern Indiana at $8@9.60. h'bds Missouri at 59 o; Polhrd, P tus & Co., 172 d At the Globe Warehouse, I33 hhds and 30 bxs: 6r hhds : 7 J! A ;" 1 hhds Mason Co., Ky., trash, lugs and leaf: r at 9 .2o; 10 BY TfLE PENNSLV".N!A RA!LROAD-Havemeyers & at 12 @14i 27 at; 23 at 20@26 zs. 57 hhds Vigelius, 146 cases; A. S. Rosenb aum & Co, !l.l) q o ; Brown Co., Ohio, lugs and leaf: 12 at $rr@I4 -7Si order, 552 do. 1'8 at 15.25@19.25: r lihd Owen Co ., Ky. at $ 14 BY THE NEw YoRIC' AND 't{Ew HAVEN STEAMBOAT hhds Northern Ohio: ro. $8.7o@9-9o; 4 at Io. ;rs@ LINE.-Le y & Neugass, 13S ,s. Cohn & 9 27 hhds Brown Co., Ohio, leaf at $20@26.50 do; A. L. & C._! ; Holt, 4 do; _M. Abenheim & Co., 3 fo boxes Ohio seed fiJlers and binders: 3 at, 3 8o, do; R. H : ATkenburgh, 33 qo; A. C. Lamotte, ro do; s;. 2o-at 6.25@7 -75> 7 at 8.5o-75 J. Seilgsberg & Co., 67 do; E. R,osenwa!d & Brother, At the Phister Warehouse, 129 hhds-so hhds Mason r6 do; A. O.atman, 8 do; L. & ;Brother, 5 do; Co., 'Ky. trash, lugs :tnd leaf: 2l at $1o. so@ "i4 !ts; IS Schottenfels B'l"otbers & 34 do; Wm. ;t,:gger,t, r at rs.25@I9; 14 U. f 0@25-7S 46 Brown Co., do; Ghas. F. 1'_ag & Son, 13 do; Joseph };byer's So(IS, Ohio_,' trash, lugs and lea(: r scraps, at $5.2o; sat Io@ roo do; A. !;:ohn, 31 do; B. Atwater, 38 do. ; 20 at IS-so@rg ,so; 20 at r8 hhds BY THE NEW YORK AND. "HARTFORD Co., Kr ,-lugs and leaf: I at $9; 7 a t ro.25 L1NE.-Z. Selling, 40 cases ) Straiten & Storm, 8 1 do; @14 SOi ro at I.S@I9 15 hhds Pendleton Co., Ky. Fox, D i lls & Co 15 do; J?. & G. Friend & Co., 53 do ; trash, lugs 'and leaf:' 1 scraps at r 1 at II. 2 s@ r 4 7 5 ; A. H : Arkenburgh ; I09 do; Spencer Brothers & Co., SJ 2 at r6@ I7 2 5 i I at ::13. do; Wnr. Price & Co., 2? do; H. Schubart & Co 1 6 do; At the Miami Warehouse, HJ hhds and 25' bxs-56 Chas .. rag &cSon, s 3 do ; A. Stein & Co. ; 7 do; G. hhds Mason Co. t<-Y trash, lugs and leaf: 14 !if $Io.25 Reismann, r 3 do; A. Oatman, 65 do. @r4.5d; rs at 2S at; 2 at3o. 2s, Bv THB Qr;o DmiiNION STEAMSHIP.,. JI-35 S 1 hhds Ohio, trash, lugs -and leaf: Rader & Son, 2 hhds; Wallace & Co., 3 do; I at 19-so; 12-SO, I4-i5i II at rs@r8.75i. 3L at 20 J. Garth, Son & Co., 67 H. Henwood, 20 do; Jarvis 6 at 30@J4.25 3 hhds Owen Co., Ky., at h3, & Co : 21 do; P. L _orjllard & Co., 6r do, II trcs ; Blake' .. o hhds Pendleton Co., Ky., lugs and leaf: 2 more, Mayo & Co., 7 do, I.OO :three-qtr oxs mfd $Ir.75, 12; 8 at 2 0@27-50. a hhds West Virginia at Buchanan & Lyall, 1 trc; J.P. Quin & Co., 7 do"; w: @ri:.7S < 25 case.s Ohio seed fillers, binrlers and E. Duncan & Co., 8 do; W 0. Sf.itb & Co. 22 blf trcs wr.appers; 3 at 8 at 8.o5@9 75i 14 at ro@ mfd, 20 qtr trcs do, 253 cases do, roo three-qtr bxs do; Morris Warehouse, 113 hhds :--90 hhds Mason Martin & Jo!)nson, 6o butts mfd, 2 third :bxs do;45 cases Co. Ky., trMh, J 1gs and leaf: 2 at $ 7 50 8. 7 s 19 at Dohan, Carroll & Co., I 24 cases m[d, 6o tbr.le-. qtr do, 42 hlf bxs do, 47 third bxs do, 5 qtr bxs do. Io@ 14.65; 26 at; 43 at 20@29.25 12 hhds R 1-H>rnum C _o. Ohio, lugs and leaf: 2 at $13.25, 14.25; 6 H. A. ichey, 2 cases smkg, II do mfd, 14 hlf bxs do -' @ @ 8 b M. M. Welbhofer, 47 cases smoking, 24 caddies mfd 6 at' 1925; 4 at 20 2 75: 3 b ds Pendletorr third bxs do; A. Hen & Co., 4T cases smkg, 2 Co ;Xy., at f,lo.5o, 13, 18. 6 hbds Grant Co., Ky., leaf I do pipes; Ottenburg & Son, 3 cases smkg, 2 hlf so. 2llhds West_Virginia leaf at $I5-2S, mfd, 5 bxs pipes; J. H Thompson & Co., 10 smkg, I bx do; L. & E. Wertheimer, as j:ases mfd, IS CLARKSVILLE, TENN., Octoberi9.-Messrs. M. H. three-qtr bxs do; H."K. hurber & Co., 3 cases mfd 7 Cl ink & Brother, Leaf. Tobacco. Brok ers, report: bxs do ; Allen & Co., to cases smkg; Rowne & Fnth, ur sales show a full mcrease, amounting to 393 32 do; D B I5 do; :r-i ndl: eim & L_an&s for the past week The market was very active, do 1f, do; ,C. E. 20 do; L. Mtller, 14 do; F1fts & and also very irr egular : J'he avefage advance was Austin,pOmtll 300 'bhds by 4 Vlfd; E. DuBois, 10 do; "Bulkley, Moore & Messrs. Harrison & Shelby containing much fine a!ld Co., roo bxs do, 39 third bxs do, 54 kegs do, 2:i caddies choice leaf which had been held back from market, and do; J. D. Evans & Co., so three qtr bxs do ; J as. M. showing a grade of selections which !).ave. not appeared Gardiner'& Co. t22 blfbxs do; 324 caddies do; Schroeupon our books for months. selections of der & Bon, s .bales; W : & A. Seaman, r case Ji&orice; L : Swiss1 wrappers, Africans, and sold up to :14c to Heyniger .&.CO, so b;g; order, 14 hhds, 3_.trcs l Prices approximating these could probably 3 cases, 3 hi( 1 have been realized any time in past three weeks had By NoRTH RIVER BoATs-Sawyer, Wallace & Co. : these kinds appeared on our We quote common 2co hhds, 148 trcs; <>rder, 359 hhds, 45 cases. lugs, to 97.(; good lugs, ro to u*, common leaf, CoASTWISE FROM BALTIMORII-F. A. Goetze & Bro II}(" to medium leaf, 13 to good leaf, 15 to ther, 4 hhds. 1 fine leaf, I7 to ; selec.tions 19 to 22; fancy CoASTWISE FROM NEw ORLEANS-Drew & Deane, so selections 23 to 27: In our last report of rzth' we rehhds; order, 223 do. ported the frost of that morning, which was generally COASTWISE FROM FERNANDINA-} H. Bergmann, 2 light, and did but little damage except in a few neighbxs. borhoods. As the rzth was much cooler than the uth, CoASTWisE FI_tOM SAVANNAH-Schiffer & Hess, 5 bxs. indicating a second and severer frost, we supposed that CoASTWISE FROM KEY WxsT-I'er sttamer Clyde; Ci all the tobacco outstanding would go into the bouse gars-Frederick de Bary & Co.; 68 cases; Seidenberg & that day. It has been reported to us that that was not Co., 62 do; H. Gaullier.,Io do, scraps, V. Martinez the case, and--that much of the late tobacco was left Ybor & Co., 9 bales; Seidenberg & Co., rs do. Per out, and caught the severer frosts of 13th and 14th steamer Ctty of Cigars, Seidenberg & Co., 71 The crop is now all in the bouse, except some patches cases; Frederick de 'Bary & Co., 33 do; H. Gaullier, 9 of frosted, still left out to sweeten and cure upoh the do; scraps, Serdenberg & Co., 17 bales; V Martinez hill, much the bes;t way generally. The indications are Ybor & c_,., 12 do. that the crop will find its way to market quite early BA.L TIM ORE, Octobtt 24.-Messrs. Edward WischLOUISVILLE, Octo/J:er 23.-We report as follows: meyer & Co Tobacco Commission Merchants, report: The market has been active, with finn prices. The The market continues very strong and buoyant for Ma-sales at the different warehouses for the past week were ryland and Ohio Leaf, but receipts of Maryland are very 1,412 hhds, as follows: light and the dealings in it are necessarily restricted Tlie House sold 451 hhds:-153 hhds Ken from this fact, the sales this week not exceeding roo tucky leaf: 5 3 at 19.25@I9; 3 at r8@ hhcfs and the high prices demanded fer Ohio check 18.5o; 10 at I7@I7-so; 17 at r8 at rs@ transactions _in tbts 4escription. Sales were made early I5Si 23 at I4@14.75; 23 at 13@13-75; 35 at u@ in .thewe:ktoaspeculatorofalotof rooo hl\ds, C'lnu.7s; r6at1rr@11.75 6thbdsdolugs: ratJr2.75; sisting of a line oflow running red, sold at 8?( cents. II at n@rr.7s; 30 at 11o@ro.7s; 17 at 9@9.90; 2 at W,.. note some new crop ground leaf, but of very poor 8 50, 8.90. r hhd do trash at Jro. 93 bbd.11 do leaf and quality 'In Kentuckr Vuginia business is at a Jugs at priva t e sale. 66 hhds Tennessee leaf: 5 at $20 stand, there Being no stock of either on the market, @z4; 9 at I9{W19-7Si 4 at r8@I8.75; 7 at J7@1775i but' for these ;varieties the market continues very 6 at r6@r6-.75; 13 at rs@r5i II at '4-@1:4; 6 a t We revise q_uotations:-Maryland, comI:J-25@13; 5 at sr hhdsdolugs: Sat mon frosted, f,_s@6; do sound common,; fu@IZ.25l' I9 at n@rr.75; 17 at ro@10.75 ; 7 at 9 8o clo medium, 7.50@9 ; do good do, 9; 90. 13 hhds Indian:1leaf: 2 at $14.25, I3-7Si 3 at do leafy brown, 10@ rz; do bright red to yel12@12.2s; 2 at I I@r I-75 r bhds do lugs: 5 at fro low, H@zo. Upper Maryland tips, 6@8 ; do brown to 7 at 9o; 1 at 8.70. ANTWERP.-Order, 6o5 cases pipes. C.a.LCUTTA.-S. Batersby, i case cigars. LIVERPOOL.-Order, zS hhds. red, 9@1o; do yellow spangled, 12@15; do extra do, The Farmers House sold 274 hbds Kentucky leaf, r6@r8; do fancy, 25@30 Ohio frosted, 5@6; do in lugs and hhds leaf: :rat, I9.5o; 3 at ferior to good common, 6 :so-50; do greenish and 18@r8.75; 3 at r7@17S; 10 at x6@t6.75; 19 at 15@ brown, 7 ); do medium and leafy broy:n, 8 .sel@ I5i 9 at 9 at I3S9@'3 75i 2 at, rq; do me!lium io fine red, 9@11; do common to me1 12..7s; 1 at II-75 5 b11ds lugs: 5 at Sut@I2.75i 13 at -"' dium spangled, 8@12; do fine spangled to yellow, 13@ u@II.75i :u at ro@ro.75; 13 at 9-Io@9-90. 159 hhds 25. Kentucky common tou good lugs, 8.50@9-50; lugs at private sale 5 hhds scraps at $4.25, do heavy styles do, 9@ro; do low to medium leaf, ro 3 2.90, 2.8o, 2.50. MARSEILLES.-Cbas. Luling & Co., 4 cases tobacco; order, r 5 cases licorice NAPLES.Weaver & Sterry, roo cases licorice paste. SMYRNA AND SCALA NuOVA.-Jas. C. McAndrews, 27 5 cases licorice paste, 3,204 bales do root. HAVANA.-Tobacco-F. Garcia, 283 bales; V. Mar tinez, Ybor & Co., 8g do; H. Schubart & Co.,; J M. Mora & Co., 2S do; M. Rivera & Co., 75 do. Cigars-G. W. Faber, r8 cases; Cbas. T. Bauer & Co. 6 do; Purdy & Nicholas, 7 do; Howard Ives, 19 do; W H. Thomas & Brother, 2 do; Park & Tilford, 30 do; Acher, Merrill & Condit, 27 do. EXPORTS. From the port of New York to foreign ports for the week endmg October 28, were as follows: ASPINWALL-640 Jbs mfd. BREMEN-302 hhds, 689 cases, I64 bales. CURACOA-19 bales ; 8,670 lbs mfd GIBRALTAR-400 hhps, 4 cases GLASGOw-42 hhds. GoREE, W. C. A.-40 hhds, HALIFAX, N S.-53 hhds. LA PoiLE-1,428 lbs mfd LIVERPOOL-13 hhds, 541309 lbs mfd. LoNDON-36 hhds, 40 cases, 130,420 lbs mfd. POINTA-PITRE-10 hhds, 8,472 los mfd. PoR:r CHALMERS AND LYTTLETON-32,048 _lbs mfil. St. ANDREWS-18 bales, I,t6o lbs mfd. SRVILLE-390 hhds. DOMESTIC RECEIPTS. The arrivals at the port of New X ork (rom domestic interior anq cq_astwise ports f9r the week ending Octo ber 27, were 2,6'09 hbds, 178 trcs, 22 hlf trcs, 20 trcs, butts, 3,035 cases, 115 bxs, 325 three qtr \xs, 83 hlf bxs, 9i third bxs, 5 qtr bxs, 104 pails; 370 cad dies, 54 kegs, 53 bales, as3 cases cigar!, r case pipes, 55 bxs do, 1 case licorice, consigned as follows:,; do gciod to fine do, 13@15 ; do selections, r6 The Ninth Street House sold 16g hbds:-6o hhds @ .16. Virgiqiacommon to good lugs, 7@8; do common Kentucky leaf at Jro@19.25. 43 hbds do lugs at $7.65 to medium leaf,; do good to fine do, u@r4; @n. 5o. 2 hhds do scraps at 1-7, 4.25. 3 bbds Clarks do selections; do stems and primings, 3@4. In ville leaf at $13@14-75 bhds do lugs at f8.6o@ spected this week, u7 bbds Maryland, 538 do Ohio, 4 u.5o. do Virginia; total669 hbds. Cleared same period: 470 The Boone House 11old rsr bhds:-6a hhds Kenhbds Maryland, 73 do Virgibia, 20 do Kentucky, 155 do tucky leaf: 6 at 3 at 19@19-75; 5 at 17@ Virginia stems, 376 cases seed leaf per steamer Nurem-17.25; 14 at r6@I6.7Si 23 at rs@rs-7Si 12 at 14@14.buc to Bremen; 473 hhds tobacco, 156 cases seeq leaf 75i 6 at I3.25@I3 7Si a atU-75; 1 at 11.25 61 hhds per bark Edward to Bremen. do lugs: 2 at J't5, 14; 9 at 12@12.75; 11 at II@II.75i To/Jacto Statement. 29 at t0@10.75; 7 at; 3 at 8.zo@8 9o. I7 Stock in warehouses and on shipboard, bhds Indiana leaf: 1 at fi6; 3 at 1S@1 S; 2 at 14; 5 1 d J 8 14 368 hhds at 13@r3 75; 3 at IZ@12.75; rat; 2 at 10.25. not c eare any t, 1 7+----------hhd d 1 $ 6 I d th k 669 hhds II s o ugs : 2 at II@II-75; 3 at ro; at 9.30@ IS wee ___ .. --------Inspected previously, since Jan. I------52,466 .hbds 9 The Louisville House sold 144 hbds :-r 20 hbds Ken T 1 6 tucky leaf and lugs: 5 at $2r@:z3; 2 at 19.25@-50 ; Maryland 7.53 hhds. 5 at 18@18.75; I3 at 17@17.75; 13 a 16@16.7S; Reinspe<;ted and shipped, coastwise, 6,ooo 20 at 151 5 -75 ;_ 8 at IO at 13@13-75; 7 at ___ 50 394 u@u.75; 6 at 11@11.75 ; 21 at ro@ro.75; 6 at 9 30 StoclC in warehouse this day and on i 3 at 95 ; I at 7 .70 24 bhds Indiana shipboard, not cleared ..... ________ 17, 109 leaf, lugs and trash: 2 at fir7 1I3; 3 at 12@12 .75; Manufactured The market was a little 2 at 11'2 5' 11.7 5 ; 4 at I1o@ro.75; 9@; 3 at d h 8.90, 7.20, 6.20. quiet l!Lst week, the dema.n fort e being supThe Exchange House sold us hhds Kentucky leaf, pliPd. Receipts are light and stocks arereduced. lugs and trash: 1 a $r8.2s; a at 1 7, 17. 50 ; 9 at Holders generaJly firm in anticipation of still bigher r6. 2s@r6.75; 42 at 5@15.75; 1 6 at 14 @ 14 7s; II at prices. Exports this week 265 lbs to the West Indies. IJ@I3 .75; 5 at u@u.75 ; 4 at; 7 at 10 Receipts by the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad fcom Dan@Io.75; 7 at 9 5o@g,8o; 3 at 8.90 ; 1g at 9 :ro@ r8 ville, Va., 861 caddies, 1,270 bxs., 300 qtr bxs, 90 third The Planters House 50ld 71 hhds:-SI hbds Ken bxs, 92 hlf bxs, 10 bdls caddies, 55 cases, and from tucky leaf, Jugs, and trash: 2 at, 26; 2 at 18. 50 Lynchburg,3o8bxsand:zshlfbxs. Persteamersfrom r8.7Si rsati6@l6.7s;; 7atr4 @ 14 .7s; Richmond, ao pkgs, and per Norfolk steamers, 274 5 at 13 .25@13.75; 2 at 1275; 3 .at s; 3 at pkgs. 10@10.75i 4 at 9@9.80. r hhd do scraps at S4.70. 19 CINCINNATI, Octoler24.-Mr. F. A. PraiUe, Leaf hhds lndtana leaf and lugs: 2 at, 14; 4 at IJ@13Tobacco Inspector, reports as follows:-We have tore7s; 2 at 121 12-75; 4 at; 6 at ro@ro.7s; 1 at port a large off in the olferings at auction as 9 .40, I 2d Drawfnc, December 7, 1874. Ev..-y Bond


,_ r ,. Tobacco 27 hluie -days try 1 ma1 ai!).ed. say for Kentuciy leaf, hip, and scrapr. 1 at 4 at IS@ pound, dried leaf, 6@9c per poun I5-so; 3'at I4@-14-25: 1 at 3 a_t I:IJIS@I2.7S; 3 accordmg to qQality; A!ncans, er ound, but at u@n.75, 3 at 7 at9 20@9 So; tat 8.8o; higber_pnces asked. United States tobacco received scraps at 3 so. during the week 86,r hhds. Delivered, 426. Stock in B petit 1 In fact It would be difficult to conceive-that brighi'work could be better handled. All in all it t!Je best exh1b1tion ever made in Cincinnati, or m the Western countr l'HILADEL1'IUA, Oltt16tr 26.-Mr. E. w. Dicker warehouse 33,652 exclusive of ibeut son, reporter for the Tobacco Trade cf Philadelphia, Imports p{o UnmanufacJUf'ed TotMI:FO.-'Month ended writes as follows-' JOt h. Sept., I872> s,,.o6',uz JIOJlP; 1873, I3,S72,9'l_I : :\ Western Leaf-The Ialit week were 344 hhds, do; I874, 12,s8r,ss7 do. Nitte ended 3oth ToBAcco CuLTIVATION IN viz. on Monday, 111 hhds: on Wednesday, IT4 do, on Sept 18 7 2 292384> 0unds"; rS73,. 6-r,09o,so 2 do; 1n August, r869, the Bombay oagam Fnday, 29 do, and on Sawc!ay, !)10 do.-The sales, so far IB74, 60,I76 88I do. Home consunaptJJOa of .unmanU tnbuted a small supply of seed of the Shiraz :ll\vana and as reported, show a moderate trade. factured toba:cc6-r8 onth 16:ded Ii7:z, other varieties to the superintendents of expen Seed LeafThe receipts wer e some 330 cases, and pourids; .1, qlo-3,7 5 f.0 IB74, .)8 53,ooi ments to the Collectors of Kaira Dharwar the aales 4SO do-comprising 2 s6 do Connecticut, 100 do. mc)ltths ended 1872 and Kurrachee, for expenmental cuitivation t The seeds do l'ennsylvani!l, and 100 do assorted in job lots of povnds; I 7. 3 r!s.13!J 8 do. did well in the hands of ali tlie superinterttlents who re Wisconsin and Island. Ohio is neglected. Exports of tobacco. ont 3C!,th .ported very favorably on the_:plants raised from them. In l'nces are firm; but opinions freely expressed point to Sept., 18 7 2 t,I)8!56 7 poun,d&: 18 73. 1 874, Sind only the soil io which the seed wassownprove un the conviction that the prices reported to have been I,755'37 do. N)ne moths ended 3oth Sep;., 1872\ Io,. suitable In Dhanllar, all the five Vllrieties &;etminated, pa1d for the I874 crop of Connecticut are too high for pounds; I 873 11S31l,69? do; I874, I2,2.58,6or though the MaJ-land failed to some extent,and a consider these t1mes. We shall see. Ctgars arc no higher, and do. U.nmanufact),l,re 10 ]londed warepousc-able t t d f 1r t d Of tr s 8 g d o 88 quaa 1 y o see o eac vane y w.,a l!lecure where will be the margm for the manufacturers? JOt ept., 7z, 57,79S 2 0 poun s, I-<>73, 770 ,II I Latakia and N. Rustica only twenty greseach were sent J T I do 93 708 632 ao '' .. -.Man,.faclure .. -he receipts amouated. to over 3400 '-' 1 .r to the supermtendent; and the quantity in each case boxes for the week. The' 330 cases -j!eed lea! are in LONDON, October 8.-Messrs., Grant,, increased to one pound from the produce of the eluded in the reports, VIZ. on Monday, Z70 Co. report: There 15 no change to report moun mar-ket two variebes of tobacco however we '&"DOt so bxs; on Tuesday, 599 ac e I was tqwsp ante Jato a more s e tei p.a,c w ere Bl k l .< t gur->. thecrop of tobacco contmues good and there is no h "11 th ld b d, both th ac r c......,ex ra ___ ----r -------I Y2=2o t e progress was .. at cou c es1re e B _,.. @ falling ofrin prices. The farmers have every to 'dl th H 11 I3 vanet1es growmg rapr y. e avana espee1a y proB h I d tl feel wei e6ver the pr:esent.out!OOJ<. The cloud th.l\t has d 1 f c. 'l'h fi ng t ugs, me 1um to gpo --------14 @22 ucmg some eaves o euqrmous stze e nst cllt l%s, fine smokeis--------.2S hung over them so long IS paSSI1Jg, and they rWIII soon ting was entrusted to a patel, who managed it accordmg t I tr "'-1/@ get into c ear sunshine. We hllpe hcrwevoer they :unit be -.h t f Th t "' l.)gS, ex n smoaIied .lq taccordance With th e obtamed. He considers tile fault of aU Indian tom "Leaf Too;tbo report; :..:....Re"ce.ived oufn patter gillen. In cross exall)lnatron admitted tha bacco to lie in the curing. The leaf itself is good, and agiinst 31 .,;evious"-Week. With lar e? 1ec:reased In the toan ornamental angle had been it is simply the art of curing that should be studied. He n:e.rpts aud. "Offerir)gs there hu bee; f tVent fu substituted m heu oT (he iie 'Tis, and that the subhimself has cured tobacco of dtfferent varieties,_some of matltet 'sfnl:e our last, lugs and common iea1 stanc:e 6f the labels themselves was nc;>t so subwhich he thmks would hold a good place in the English ruled higher. In addition to the pubhc sales on the stanual as that of the They d1d not however, market, but the fault generally found witlf the tobacco breaks we beard of the sale ou Fnda <*--3oo bhds consider, that the of the angle for the }leur whtch he has cured is that it is too full flavored factori dried at $ale particular/or which were de was an alteratiOn of the trade mark, the bear was Further e periments were carried on in the same disnotmade public. sales f(om Thursday to yesterday the unportant par:learned Judge that a trade tricts with varyiug results. In Sind the experiments mclusive were 140 bhds: r at ,_3 70 (scraps), 1 at 6 So !Jlark entire thmg of a_!l_d tf any part of and their results were msigmficant. In Broach they (trashy). S af 1.:zo@7 ;9Q (trashy and mostly irililffubs) It differed With the one registered ilie whole were somewhat more successful, the supenattenden_thus 15 at IS at 6@6.9oo 20 at Io@t.o 6o .24 dtffered. Jury t'be labels, and saJ d tlley summarising hts expenence :-"Havana, Shiraz, and at l't@n.8o; 19 u@I 2 90 ; ; I at I 3@ 1 "8 at were of opmion they did not a_groe w1th the pattern. -Other. varieties of exotic tobacco will, with ordinary care 14@I4 I at IS ; 2 at I7@I7.ZS; 4 at Ii@l8.7s Upon that the JUdge dtrected a verdict for the and attention, yleld fair and certain crops on ordinary I at 27-SO; I at 31.50; r at 33; I jlt 35, and 2S defemlant, and cerufie4 for costs. black land, and presumable on every other k_md to be boxes at 6@50. In the same 11me b1ds were rejected on met with m Guzerat. By the skilful appltcatwp of IS hhds at $8@24.75 and 9 boxes common Norr.hcrn at THE TonACCO DISPLAY AT THE CINCINNATI INDUS manure, leaf of any desired or peculiarJty of !!.1o1 and 36 hhds tactory dned were passed. To day, TRIAL ExPOSITION.The thousands of visitors and sight flavor texture may be obtai?ed. -T.he of market stiff, with upward tendency. Sales 30 hhds; 1 seekmg people for the past few weeks thronged produce Is so great that, _should 1t be. found pr;J.ctlcable (trashy tub); 1 at 8 .30; 1 at 9.-io, 3 at Io@ the streets of Cmcmnau, and cro1Vded the halls of the cure the leaf well enough to make 1t a sala,ble article I0.7S; 2 at 12.25@12.50; 13 at IJ@IJ 7S; 4 at I4@different del?artments Df the Exposition 1>u1lding, have, m the European market, a source of profit by no means 14 so; 3 at.I5@IS 75; I at r6; 1 at zr.z5, ana;5 boxes at remarks the West e rn Tobacco :Journal, generally devoted would be opened up to the ryot. 7>@7 The only rejected bid was 1 hhd at 9 their attentiOn to the Art Gallery, to beautiful diS For t_he nat1ve market the country plant IS more suttable, 'Ve _quote. Factory lugs at ; planters' do, play o! flowers and rare plants, and to l'ower Hall, and 1t1 cultiVatu:n y the more profitable.: ;_ common leaf,; mediUm where almost every wondt>rful p1ece of mechamsm, that In Dharwar, the supenntendent was enabled to d1stn ti.oo@13.oo ; good do 1 3 .5o@ S tm--; mmd can 'invent have been displayed, but butc seed m sufficient quantities to th?se applymg for it, mediUm o, so! gQO(l 15. oo}tistg from our standpoint ther was -uolbing on exhi.llu fffiindhthe ryots would not cultiyate 1t on a large IRI!) bnght ap}l1u leaf, 25.oo@35 00 ; b1ripn more worthy-of tadmuauon, nothmg more illus scale, g apprehensiVe Of Native tobacco good do, 4o.oo@so.oo; fineao, 6o.oo@fo.oo. Full t at1ve of artistic skill thaD the splend1d apectmef1S of he less hahole to mJury than the exotic quotatiOns can nbt be had for light wc:tght pack;o.ges and tobacco, botb"in the raw material and 1q manufactured vanelles dunng the squally .weather prevalent about tobacco uC Of conditigll.. form The exhibition .:>f leaf was such as to 1 mprt!ss all the tim tlie leaf Is approachmg matuntJ In Khan-3 ,, ___ _____ Removal. plants, put have .had iJ plucked leaf by leaf as they be-1 came ripe 'firre COnsequence is, that the tobacco, wh.tle 1ts fu11 aroma, has lost the harsh _strong VICKSBURG, Mr!s.-L. Blum & Brother, C:gar Manutaste of the Havana, Obw, and now I facturers, have to St: Lollis, M'o. hope \_his time next year to a to for r1l a _....,.. ._ __ specimen af'ihk .-c9b curdlg, t m, I CJuUaaee .. BSI!Ulesa. think, show some Siight" a vance. The plan I have adopted 15 to pluclt lne leaves after 8 o'clock A. ll but only those that hfve r1pe. These I then p..\lt m heaps in a 1110111 well ventilated. These heaps e watched and the tobacco turned to prevent Its heati too much and rotting. In two or tqree days the to bacco obtains a good color. The leaves are then strung together in hans of from ten to fourteen leaves Tlus 1s done 'With a strong needle and twine. The hands are then hung up in drying-room lose to one another. By pro-per ..arrangement of rOpC:S from:-tbt: Ceiling and CrOSS ropes a vcry large_ quantity hung in a room. The tobac-co is-left till the midrib quite dry. The handS are hell taken down and tbe1tobacco is put by in large boxes or baskett lat:t(-rJ11ust be lined w1th paper to prevent mmtld, wl'ucb ek's bamboo as soon as there is ram). The tobacso IS I in thesa till the next moonso b n. As soon' as the ai is 4la p from tobacco is 1to the damp aiT, nd as sgon a:;' it' s f{..&ud pliable (but not am-p )9t s mOotheir..:Out-ini The Shiraz they state, grows too tall, and the leaves, unless the is well headed dow p are apt to become too fine. shall estee Iifavor if you WJJI forward me tl;Ie Soc1ery opilllOif'Of the tobacc.o sent" I (To be Contmued .) CIGAR INDUSTRY AT ":llA,_:A correspondent wntes: "The cigar factory here 1s another cv1dence of tjle returning confidenc e of busmess men. The ne k rm hirs a mll chmeJ worked by a lady, wbtch turns out a beaut'lful cigar at the rate of T,5oo per day. The machme they operate is one of the only four now in use. Mr. R. R. Flannagan has also turned, his tobacco factory mto a cigar factory, and is gcttml out a fine hand made cigar." NEw YoRK CITv.-Joseph D. Evans &:co.'Tobacca. CommiSSlon Mr James H. Evans admitted; rm nan1e uncbabjl;ed. .Pm Ll'HIA, PA.-Meyers &; Bunster, Cigar Manu facturers Leaf Dea ers, d1ssolved; Messrs. Henry Meyers A. J' Randall wtll contmue under style of Meyers & Randall MAYSVILLE, Kv-Duke Frank, Cigar and Tobacco pea ers, dtssolved ; F ank & l'ROGRESS 01' SMOKING AMONG WOMEN.It LS asserted ed that among the most aristocratic young ladies of'the principal cities of Europe-there are many of them who smoke their cigarettes,Je<:re_tly, as regularly as the men do their pipes and cigars. In the Spamsh Amencas 1 t is notonous that the lad1es all smoke cigarett es, and that in some of fhe South and Central Amencan they smoke largest kmd of cigars. TIGHT TIMES AT D-ANVILLE, ;y A.-Monetat y affa1rs, remarks the News, are trghter here now than we have ltnown for seytral month!? The tob ceo dealers and manufacturers seem to be the only class of our c1t 1zens wlio are not h:ird up Our merchants and other busmess men ccmiplam greatly of 1he duUrtess of trade and the difficul-!r of makmg N otwithstandmg the h1gh p'ns;e s 'at' whtch tobacco 1s sold here, the farmers spend-but H1tle of the ancf that lit"tle almost entuely for articles of p_rimc necessity. This evi dence of frugality is, however, a good fo!' the fu ture prospenty of the country. The people are IIvmg more economlcally, and devo.tmg their" surplus mcome to th! Imp-rovement of the land. _Advertisements. HOOD LESS C.E TAYLOR w. J;--HoODws & Loo:;ntucky Rl 'flORAL-TOBACCO IRSPBCTIOI,---.... Forwarding 'Warehouseil, of-Yan Dyke. and PaFlion Sts., Brooklyn. I' ... '). Bill <,ll.{'l.Ne!ttb the scrap, therefore. 111'0111 thlo we cet our oc:rap e mcrease IS OS en..,re y ue t..,t e Supp y om t e We buy from no houoea except matlaa: the linest of stock. Thlo to start U.S. which sent 157 590 000 lbs. in 1873 Japan sent with )They are then sent through our machmery, clean10&"them thoroqbly from aU Then, by a process discovered by our Mr .Remsen lbs., Or more than double the UaQgty In Appleby. tlaey are tateo to the Cure Room, and by the application of I87. Glland 5 .. 9 sn lbs New Grenada 2 199 SSs dllferent herbs, Which takeo some montho, lhey are brou .. ht to the full ., ' perfectton of lbs and Bengal, 2,8s5,893 lbs. The import from Turkey 'FI"' 4. V" .A.N A. TOEIA.OOO fell to I ,f30t5 7 2 ibs., but thiS dechue Of 400,000 lbs. of boot judges bave pronounced them .. uperior In every way. hght tobaCCO iS iD a meaSUre COmpenSated by an lnCreaSe Is DOW Dum lien Of manofactllren OSiOII: them, and U WO have enlarpd our Of the supply from China to 2 ,136,637 lbs. 1\ 'Consider-facilities for prepanng them In larger quantit>es, we soh crt the trade 10 reneral terms. To responsible parties, Uberal prtce, thtrty teat. peE" able portion of the tobacco coming from Holland is not pound. Alwayo send a certlficate that you are a manufacturer. the produce of that country, very valuable tobacco, the APPLDY CIG.AJi KACBINE CO. Produce ot Sumatra and other Dutch possessioM,..-used so,-s<6 131 WATER IT,, lf, Y. for "tbe outstde leaf or wrappers of cigars bemg import ed mto Holland for other markets. The import" in r873 w..ulTKD-A Salesman of good addre ... Jn a 6rst-clau Cogar Houoe, Address, wtth references, toP 0 Box 4rar Manulac1ory as Stoct f h f Shtppln Clerk and Box Tnmmer, best references HOLDEMAN tg6 lbs. o uflstemmed were broug t rom the Umted States,__ Delancey Street, N Y. The' quantity of manufactured tobacco imported m 1873 was J,834,I99 lbs. FOR SALE 300l090 Lbs of AS fine .-a Jnde..of'73 TobacC. as Ohto can producf'. It 1s comp osed of the c hot,ce crop s of Green a ad Montg0111ery Couaties. lo"orparuculareadtlress "{ J THOS HARBI.NE, 2t. J ) J -) f Alpha, Green Co fh. .. THE TOBACCO TRADE OF VIRGINIA -The Tobacco C1rculaa: of.Messrs. l'almer, Hartsook & Co. ; of'Rtch mond, for October, I874, furmsbes the following. comparative statement of the mspections of top4cco (.in 1n Virginia if'uring the past three "tobacco Years" eruhng Septemoer JOth: I 7 I07I'72 i87J'74 R1chmond, ................ 36,173 42,o5! .p,817 Petersburg,. . . . II,Jo2 I3,90Ci". u,s9 L Lynchburg,...... 5,25I 7,o98 5,89d Farmville, ................. 68 ss :'' so EOREIGN. wlio knoyt any thing of the c:ultur e of the ":we-ed," 'ts desh, the fxpenments were specially suceessful, !he f: E 1 1 I t tt t t tb d d -a Total, .... .... .. s2,794 63,107 "62,348 AMSTERDAM, October Io.-Messrs. Scha.ap & Vsn manu aeture or uses. very Mamp e to, d its own pan 8 a grea s reng an Size, an pro The followm table shows the stocks oflObacco-tn Tobacco Brokers, report; The market for Java story of the tml and care )lad been called into a good crop of leaves and quantity of the State JOth September: / tobacco at public sale waa rather dull, owing to the reqUlSIUon to brmg It to perfectton ; not a worm hole, excellent seed. Of. t_!Je vanetles Havana R' h d I F quality, parfially being worm. eaten and partially bad not a broken stem or fibre, not a bruised leaf was dis-the best, and of the leaves whtch were cured m 8 IC mon i nsp'd. or Ins. bun11ng. The sales amounted to 4 340 bales, at public cernible in all the grand array of samples, from the the fa n constdered of good I .,1-"h '7J\.l812 I,r43 sale, and g73 do out of-hand, 'the last bemg of good and golden colored Vtrgmta bright \Uapper, which was sold Ttlf1 eHntendent. cons11lers ilia{ taes Io 4 ---8 I,J53 fair quality, ofthe' ruarkB. ,Kidet-urd '/J;ant were well to a local manufactunng firm for per hundred lbs., exotic vanet 11 could be -Khandesh Wilh e I 6,4o3 495 paidfo[4. of Marylanq bjld!Jouqd l:idyers; by want of down through the list to Indiana and Ohio secll leaf. PX:O!!Pect of succ .e!IS imd-w1th. 1tt e. trouble, .fayored by 8 choice,sales were .limited this tnfle. -'We had no The awards on leaf Best hhd manufacturing leaf, fa1r ueraage ramfall hke the supenntendent at I 74,. Total. s,5ss 8,8.p 6,898 other arrivalS" than 2 s 43 bales of Java StQck to d not less than 6oo lbs., silver medal, Wright & Creighton Broach, he thmks that If the leaf ca11 be properly cured, .. ,. I,78S Maeyl 35. hhds; 'Java 3 I 487 bale.s !dan CincinnatL Best bhd of cuttmg leaf not leu than 90d their culuva ton for European J2e 1 I,95o .J FOREIGN .ON TOBACCO. ,. 'io ITran e 1 2 do Jbs,,.$zoo--in gold, J. G. Prather, Ohilo, Browne Co. 0. remunerative. I ln_a letterJo the Agqcultural.andHor87 In Austria, F,,,iloetobac:cooo-ercelsmonopohzed d .1-' I T -Second beit of same, f,5 o m currency R. L. Young & ticu1tural Society of India, dated 20th December, r87o, 1 4 ZII 9 220 byaovemment.underdirectiono(F.eJi .. -tc __ ,_," 9-: ur spectl\ corres ondent .Son_, Ohw. Best box of 'ohio or Indiana Mr. RobertsonlCollector of Dhar war, gave the results 1I 8 8 7 7 32,::: :: .:: .-. :: 1 63I29 8 repor ne ti eSS' was mo era e. ales seed leaf, $so in gold, Jacob Young, of hiS expe l rieot:l: as.:ri>llows ;..:. --:-- '" 230 (Sa .;o gold)""' %00 Kologrammoo (looAmori<:an Ills. kilos ) In-sum up 151 hhds to arnvc ana from sto e M I Totals, HoUand the duty,, .s cents,M;old,.penook.lloa. lo l In R,P.ula ilie cluty on leaf wbac:cols 4 roubles..., d s!:{ 3 1 b \ 0 leaf, th!: ev ry was a,p Il)tefesting feature and quite a worhave been makmg expetiments m the hope of dtsco.verI 874, 1,347 10 8 7 1 fmg, droug teda fut 9 P JOgars.Sa.' t. t b "I d I M V B the dry air c,{;,-tt" n" aaAms T e difficulty t" to the IS a .r...'tJ statement of the mspectwns, etc., in all Revenue tax of Is per M' lo be )oald- 00 IDCS., iHliO"'lltg> 0 aCCO, Sl Ver me a ""C'" '1 .,.,..--;:r o..-'-o 1"f1 (Revenue Act 93 ) o r h eXJs ng 1spar Y e IS an .hrpenc..," marWegh 11, 1 Cincinn!lti. Best ctgars from American midnb to dry Without making tne tobacco qmte tmttle. the warehouse at Petersburg, for the tobac:o year endkets prevent their Importation. In general; 'th ma-rket .t b s"l 0 I G ld th & N b h C If the tobacco is pac'Ked m hands to ferment with the mg the 1st of October: -"' tobocco.madem this oantr7 muit Se The tobacco must has a qu1eter tone but the feelimg IS firm. Stock 0 t.. 0 acco, 1 ver me a' 0 smi ew urg Ill 0 k also be packed accoodmg to ihe regula\!OOIIIJ>v.,-,.)q $0bae d h c cmnati. Best c1gars trom foreign tobacco, s 1!ver mtdnb not qutte dry, no cace 10 tbe world Will -pre s ,. cqma ere Ist, lm first hdandds, r6e8c6elved smce, 5:n do; medal Goldsmith & Newburgh Cincmnati .Best vent the tobaceo becommg mouldy and bad. If the Hhds. ll!2r tSotta' 2,2B7 Oj ell!Vbere smce, d do, hf?tal, I,sss do. cigars 'rrom Amencan and foreign silver. medal rnidnb is allowed to become qmtc dry, the tobacco be-Inspections to October !sr, IllJ4 tllV h t m #b t a f ems-ut a sma usmess was one t IS week sales b J d d d 1 1 Stock on hand In ected 6 s IS ftlJBLlS b 1 hhd 11 Goldsmith & N wburgh, Cmcmnatl. Best assortment comes qmtc nu e, an s con emne as usc ess. t 1s sp o .-HED cmg.mere y 5 I s, pnncipa Y. common Va. stems at of snuffs, bronze medal, M. V. B. Weighell, Cincinnati. not useless, however. 'Tobacco can not be properly Stock on hand for mspection :;, ................ EVllBY jWII)mAl Karmi @r6Yr,@r hdeld at I5 Best display of tobacconiSt stock, silver medal F J cured m thls country bll the midnb Is omte dry. I Loose tobacco for year, I,sn.soz pounds. BY "Til TOB.lCOO Ll!r PUBLISIIRQ COIP!Nf I _P : oc c 10 rst an s, 3 2 99 Kaldenburg, Cmcmnah. Messrs. Lovell & have the pleasure to forwan.l you two cases, one COD Centre. h.hds, ddo, well men ted thetr success m carrymg off the as taining leaf tobac:o of the vane ties marginally noted "' Hbds. -242 Fulton: Street, ,:New York. oc 1 c f th' m an s, 3,4 their display was su!;h as to mak-: the mouth of the ctlnfrom seed, Sbiraz, Ohio Inspections to October, 1874 2,962 ,.. .. _: c:: b a C sa es o fi e wee sum up 1,2oo sumer of the nicotian '\i_Ced "water" when he looked VJTgmJan, and H1mala)'an ) Th1s leaf tobtacco when Stock on hand msp.ected,. . . ... 677 A ao Advertmna-med>um, wbere>t ,. desired t o reach the Clpr an:. 'V nngmg p accordmg to qualTity. upon the pyramids of fine cut'' in glass cover-packed was perfectly soft and pliant, ami, if it has been Stock on hand for mspcctwn, ................... 24 Trade, not oolyofws the. eek Ii er mg to zt1o cases. hie mg. Mr. Edward Holbrook, also, is worthy o mcnsufficiently closely packed, I hone will reach you w Loose tobacco for year, I,I41,949 pounds. Rates of l'm'!r e h emg we sufpp te< 'ba ctoberdist, I874,--......... z,z3o :_:_:_._._. _:_._. ...:_:_:_:_:_: .:_:_:_._.__:__._:_:_. .:. w JUS en e we a;ve a a an gut eman owmg the advantage on Mahogany Y{Ork, and it ia due to mgly fine, aromauc flavor, the Himalayan no tl.avor toe on n mspes:te ,. ........... -230 0"" si;i.r.;;;th& ............... ........ ... :::: to the fact that our wealthy manufacturers them to say that there no of havtng whatever, while _the Havana, VITginian, and Ohio are to Stock on -hand for inspection, ........ 1 r .OpCot.IQ!"'-O!Ie Year ........................................... 450commonly buy freely are amply supphed for attempted to ma_ke a flashy <:JisplaJ. We were exc:eed1!lgly strong. In fact all these tobaccos, Loose tobacco for year, I,37I,903 pounds. FIRST PAGE RA'T:&S. tune tO customers are clnefly by tbe labels whteh ornamented the caddies and -boxes excepting the Himalayan, are stronger than they should / olllls. !:' those do a" InDited and w ho take from exhtbited by Robert McF. Smith, and gave' Ais gooda be, 1 attribute to my having cut the plants as Hhds.'" l'lutaaiiQu-o..,r'l'wo 'll'"lde Oae Year ............... 450 time lo time on-1y.:trhat tlley .QQI not Wllh.out. Moreclose inspection. Whtle his was not lar;ce, aoon. as one or two leaves appeared to 1st, 1874, ........ ...... 1 r,591 ... year, payaW. over many-ohbe 11re earnestly 1nqu1rJ.Dg for to as to classes, the uniformity m the. nchness of on before the whole of the plaat AIIQ-beocu11e propody -S1aclt 011.bapd inspected,. . ............. 2,02,.7 Tranoleat Advertlseae<>ts on the thml s cento J>U llae for_. bacco of other growt1is than what we receive from the hiS bright work, wh 1ch cons 1sted of lOa, short 8a quar-This year I havot: now gathered a ery lai'p aop o Stock on band for inspectio, ............... I95 ....::;;_.Umted States. ln the retail trade sales of the past few ters and pounds, was not e1t0alled by any of hi; comgood \Obaeco, add as m ha-re not cut It in Loose tobacco for year, 4,SIJ,S22 pounds. R:::I!'=r:!.O,.".:. ... Lv be...,..;:-.... will be Redeemed with a Premium, as an equivalent for Interest. Capital Premium, 00,000. Address, for Bonds and full informationj MORGENTHAU, BRUNO & COMPANY, Financial Agents, 23 Park Row, New York. Post-Office Drawer t


t. --------. -( -1:04 FI{ONT Jr., O. BOX 4365. r I Agents for the following well known and reliable Manufacturers : J.IB. I W. J. YARBROUGH & S9NS, I,-TURPIN. & BRO. J. H. GREANER, L J. GRANT & CO .. L. H. FRAYSER' & CO., I :f 1 i T. R. PACE & CO., t ) R. W. OLIVER, JOHN w. and others.., -I'Q This improved Machine for cutting Tobacco is constructed with a aiogte knife working upon inclined bear. ,, """ r' ings, aud operating with a ilidiog ahear cut upon the tobacco, which is placed in. a box vrith aides at .-lgh t angleS and bottom parallel with sal 188 Paui.SJ. -r -A.REHOO!IEs-1411 Water, J1'3 Froat, f4, '16 &. 1's ". .... aWieh' l!t.reeta, aadJ, 11, 1 .ro:. S Hadaon River Rail Road Depot, lit .Joluu Park. CHARLES FiNKE, J. Me J. BENSEL & ""!OBAVG.O I.NSPECT.OR, TOBACCO INSPECTION, bi. ,155 WATER STREEl, r "Y'ork. CERHFICATES I8811JI:D A.ND CA.SES DESJ\IIIPLING PROMPTLY AT LIVEREDSINGLYORil!lLOTS. 127 & 129 \\!ITER STREET : TEJIDED TO. BOlVIEI I PRIOB ONLY $4000! VERY EASY TBRMS! f80LPII STROHM. STROHN i; RTZENSTEII, Cguuuhdou D. J GARTH, SON & CO., to CKA.JtLill B. F ALLKNSTI!Uif & Co. ,) Commission :Merchants, NO. 44 BROAD ST., AL!() DBAL&Itl tK DOMESTIC -. ... AMD JMPOaTau or D 1 Garth, l .ZO REiGN TOBACC011 NEW YORK, 178 Fro'nt Street, _______ __,; I !!ELYOB!._:_ J. P. QUI N & CO., M. TOBACCO FACTORS, D! !BtJ!flll .. Reasonabl e. Advance! made} L j A 7 -r 0 ::e A O o on Shipments N.EW _YORK. 162 PEARL ST., NEW -YORK. ----------. THOMAS KIRIICUTT, f. W.-TATGKNBQRST,. -Virginiu ..... Leaf Tobacco IBIB!L CDIMISUBI IEBCBAIT. ll'o. sa Broad Street, NEW YORK.' II qROAD STR.T,-__ -p-: NEW '\"ORK. :F .ATMAlf &; CO., JOSEPH A. VEG4., Cotton and 'l'obacoet 1 --.lllrOaTillt OP F Factors, Havana Tobacco P D COMMISSION AND ........ .,.. A.,. BRO-U) STREET, c I c A R 8' : --WTODltl t ...._ ..... -liT SmJI'l', OW YOU -. This machine will cut any ktod ef tobacco, aod cut it per(eet)y. Plur, Twist, Periqae in Carrotta, and atty similarly hard prepared t obaccos can be cut in their hard state, witbOQt any any other moistening to soften them. It makesno$horts, can be run by l'\and o r steam pow er, requires no skill to op erate it; its construction is of the mostsu bstan tial kind, .._ !Slow to wear and difficult to disorder. Price of m-.chine com plete, with Press (oo:c 4}ix6 Xl'o inchel$)1 $-21.0 net cash.' OFFICE;: 141 '\VEST BROAD WAY, Ne'v York. N."B.-The of of Cigarette Turklsh, and all fancy Tobaccos, Straight Cuts1 Leaf. e tc. i s naruculArly called. i:o thts machme. 4 PLEBY MANUFACTURERS OF THE RAIJi:o ROAD MILLS Macpoboy Snuff, .Prenck Snu1i'1 Amertca.n Qent. Snuff, Scotch Lundy .Foot Snuf'f', ALSO MANUFAC'PURERS OF THE FOLLOWING BRANDS OF PURE VIRGINIA SIDliNG TOBACCO. Rail V ,IZ: 'llir Choice, Pride of Henrv Countv, __ __ ---.. -Colorado, / --Black Tom, -\LSO .... CIG-ARS, 'IT GIVE TO THE TOBACCO The :Full flavor of Havana, And when smoked it tkat SWEETNESS AND AROMA Tbatall Havana Cirars haore. Yo a can take ef OBDDI'AI\Y TOBACCIO; And by apply!Dir THIS As ilirected, wllllj'et the beDelit ot REGULAR HAVANA TOBACCO. Put P ja Q,uart. Bottle1, well &I In / Hair-Gallon aad GalloD Caao. Q'ti .&:'1' BO'l"l'Li, 1 llAL!'GALLGN, GALLON, P. S.-Will sample of Tobacco, as by this Flavor, to any addreBS1 free of charge. OWE GALLON WILL PREPARE ENOUGH TOBACCO FOR Ten Thousand Cigars, WHICH COSTS OIILY ta.oo, Remember, we Guarantee it not to Lose its Flavor, IJIUT WILL HOLD FOR YEAR .. tIt is a e uceeee, and some h ouN:S are usln u hlrh u forty faliolll a moath. bul boaoliow. ..... C. 10o. D. 110 c:IBAaGE :I'OB CAll OB BOX, APPLEBY-CIGIR .ACBID : :co. re--131 St., N. Y. &"PRICE 'LISTS ll'URNiSHED 0!1 APPLICA.TIOl!l ''. OCT. 28. -BULKLEY MOORE I, 1 -VIRGINIA KIIEIELBERG & CO., 16o PEARL ST., New YoRK. J D. IIREIELBERG & C6., MQ. KRE!IIELBERG, SCHIEfER & C9. r-:-Ew ORLEANS, mrnw BLAKEMOR1E, MAYO & __ -.. GE_IIERAL COMMISSLON MERCHANTS. 82 BROAD STB.EET,_.NBJY YtJBK. \Ill TER, -S FREISE, IMPORTERS OF -EDWARD M. WRIBHT & co. KATZ &. co., '-HAVANA TOBACCO DEALERS AND EXPOR PERS OF. Genaral ComnnssiOn ALL KINDS OP } 203 Pearl street, Leaf Tebacco; NEw YoRK. 3 Broad Street, NEW-YORK 179 PEARL STREET, ._ NEW YORE; CHAS. F. TAG & SON, P. 0. :BQX 1m poTters of SP .A.NISH, and Dealers tn all klnd.s ot CHARLES :M. CoNNOLLY. -Jam.t)S IYJ. a J "., MES M. GARDlNEit, -LEAF TOBACCO, 184 Front Str:!et, Tobacco Commission Merchants ".'1l YOU. S4 Front _-treat, lilew Yor::\L r-G-.__.;.R_E_I_S_M_A_l\T_N'_, ARE RECEIVING DIRECT FROM VIRGmiA CONSfGNME!I.'TS QF Jo.fANUFAj::- TUR'ED TOBACCO. EXPORT ORDERS FOR PLUG 'fOBACCO ,.._ Commission Merchant, PROMPTLY1FILLED. "' IN ALL KJKDS OY ALEXANDE:R MAITLAND. L s. J.lACLEHOSE. lEAF TO BACC 0 .. ; G 'f 11; 'MAITLAND ,;_ > -' > ft':f. 'ln 1 (l ft 17S P ea.rl Street AND )NEW YORK. GENER-AL MERCHANTS;, 43 BB.OAD Sill-., K. '2'. Advancemnts on consignments to '\V. A. & G Ml\XWELL & CO., LtvEllPOOL, -JOS. Ml MAYORGA. J. HUERTEMENDIA. JUSTO MAYORGA. J. M MAYORCA tc-CO., _-, -r IMPORTERS OF HAVANA TOBACCO, AND DEALERS IN FINE HAVANA CIGARS,. 14 CEDAR S'L. NE_ W YORK, :S:a:"ra:u.a-J'. y Ca. M. SALOMON, E. SALOMON M. & E. SALOMON, PACKERS OF SEED LEAF, AND IMPORTERS OF Tobac(_?o and Ciaa:rs, 85 MAIDEN LANE, N. Y. FOX, DlLLS & 00., ,. 8UCCI:880B8 TO BOOlmT, DILtS AND IMPORTERS OF SPANLSH AND PACKERS OF DOMESTIC LEAF 'TOBACCOS. I7 5 wATER STREET, NEW y OR I_(; KOENIG & SUBERT, D'fALERS IN ALL KINDS OF LEAF & HAVANA No. 329 (bet. l!d & 3r! Sts.,} ( Ji: NEW YORK -' N. L!CIIENBRUCH & BRO._ No.164 Water New York, WHO:LBSA.LE nPALBRS 1M HAVAN-'A & D .Oi'itESTIC It Leaf Toba_cco. _AUERBACH-& DNJEBBON, Leaf' To'baooo AND (:JZQAB.S1 138 i.n4 Water St.., NEW YOU CITY. M. OPPENIIEIMER & BRO 1822. .. COPIIBlGEI SlUFF,'' VEGA, MARTINEZ & BR.O'S, DEALERS :IN -OF SEED, LEIF AID HlV:'Jl Munlfactnred only by WEYMAN lc BROTHER, Securetl h..-'Letters Patent, December a6, 1 865. An on our copyright will be rf.agrou11ly pros HAVANA TOBACCO TOBAC-CO, AND ; 138: WATER STREET, CleAR'S, -DWYOJUL Alanuf'acture nl of SNUFY1 and every grade of WEYMAN & BRO., B & 13 SMITHFI[LD ST., PITISBURG. PA SAWYER, WALLACE & CO., MERCHANTS, I \ No. 47 Broad Street, NEW YORK. 190 PEABL STREET, New York. JOS. SULZBACHEI!.. LFRED. HOFMANN Sulzbacher & Hofmann; -' DRALEltS IN SEED LEA.:F Al

I OCT 28. rHE TOBACVO SUFE 101\ MAP !DAR 1\ltND &-CO., "' ImJ?Orters and Dealers ln Lilt .TOB,ACeO 129 Maiden Lane, EowA:RD Y'RIDD,.-I W Gus Fat&ND NE YORK EDWARD FlU END, Jr. 1: $. STIRDIRGIR r AI Blllm _I\IIIIS, W tra. &f. Ja:Cl!UlfGJC PLAOB, '!'r.Y. J>nw BW. o( JbchanJI" ou lite ptlaclpal cltl .. of Ea. rope; .ilw Circular Letten of Cred\t to Trawelers, and sraot Commercial Credits i receive Mo11e7 on D paalt. subjeot to Bight Cbecka, upon whi..c'h. intereat will lte allowed ;-pay-particular attODtiOil to tho N oroti ..( J. ou 1 co., UaiNc"IGARs, Aad Importers of Vuelta-Abajo Tobacco, 82 W ..&.TElL ST., !fEW YORK. W I.DIL 1: BRO., .... (MANUFACTURERS OF CIGARS J' AND DEALERS IN -!No.-1'10 Waur N-ew .:York. JP .1lER _.. A H. SCOvn.LB, ; own. packing -WEISS, ILLER& IMPORTERS OF AND DEALER IN Ou.r Moulds are KUaranteed t.o be more DURABLE, and at least ll5 .. reent. C.._..rtlla y other Mould 10ld. 198 Pearl St., Y IAD.A.N J BROS.& BONDY, LI!AF TOBACCO, MANUFACTURERS OF FINE CIGARS, BOWERY, NEW YORK 51 MA.IDJiJt'I.ARIJ, KIIW TOB.K. EBEN W. 'GOODWIN,. ---. LEAF ..-WicJI;ISlLA .DEALER -IXAND T AND FZKB CI:G.ARB. No. Front Street, :Set. ,BtekinGn & Peck Slip, : AlmER & DEHLS, DEALERS IN t!IE TOBACCO, 1SO Pearl St., '1olcHnL AH"a, t NEW YORK. J oH H A. DsHLS. r BBAD Be Co., SuccESsoRs TO IsAAC READ, 1JOMMISSION MEiGHANTS, Anti Deakrs in Virjini11 anti Western Lla/ 11nd ManujaduretJ LiaJrice ; Gum, efr., 18 Old Jl'ew 1rork.-' -1. J. RUSIIB.I.UIII: CO. Dn'ORTEB8 OP -HAVANA TOBACCO AND CIGARS; DEALDB lli SUD LEAF 'l'O:BACCO, No. 121 MAIDEN LANE, I : NEW YORK. BARlETT 1: 111CI, Im:eorteF LEAF .. TOBICCD CAR.L lJP:KA.NN, TOBAOCO AND. mDAL COJJJUJBIIIICIAIT. 178 PIABL S'1'BD1' 1 P. o. BOX 1!989. !lEW YOIJK SEED_l:.-EAF TOBA-CCO-S, .... I' 242 PEARL STREET, 'a NEW YORK1 STRAITON & STORM. JU.llUPACTU11EJI8 OJ' I SC--i-V..EllLiNG OF lJJ; ]J<:R "IN -Oo:nn..o. and -12U Nevv Vo.rk. &"LIBERAL ADVANCES MADE ON CONS GN ENTs.0 -' CIGAR-MOULD PRISSES 1:\ STRAPS. ;4 :r.-., B B. 0 W JfT, ., CUTHRIE & CO., 2lb J'zooat Sueei. C. B. SPITZIIR, TOBACCO AND CQMMISSION MERCHANT BY CAB LOAD FOB LEAF PA.CKEBI!f, 17Superior to any Shooks used in Connecticut Valley. VERMONT. .. CR DOMESTIC ,.. 4 lli:ANTJFA.CTURER OF CIGAR BOXES, IMPORTER. OF -GERM.lK CIGAR MOULDS Ccl, and!' ..... BQCDI.MANN *'. O O.o. lfO 44 BROAD STREET, NEW YORJ[, SoleAJI"'ltaftlteCONSOLlDATED TOBACCO COMPANY OF GILROY, CALIFOR.N[A, llaaafactuNro o the Celebrated &ILIIY liiiUI Ul TBIU; AI Will& .1.-fbr Gelr ()BOI()S BU.AlHJS CIGARS, Eqliall!! II EST HAY Alf A goods, at oae-half their coot. Call aad examine betore beJlnr PL.&.NTATIDI'I8 AT I!JAW AT GILB.UY. SIIVIOH-STRAUSS, --, "' 111A!R111'A.CTI1BBB 011' Cigar :soxes &ERMAN CIIAR MOULDS, STRAPS, CUTTERS4_ &C &18 rl1'&b. a-ar-t, tBet. Ave D and Lewlo St.,) "' .Aitlldnda of Flpn ()at toOnler and Bepalre41Jl the Bee t 'Ie. The 'l'l'Me SaptJiled ARTJUtS OF ,, obatt, I ... OB A,.,. 0 B!CCO' Clft"llI .JAG!ORY, IAYAI! mw AD OJAlA UM'. AMD 'fl#h a: '0".Z exP_mmce, nl USI11UJ .& lUI lUI And Sole B A d red alae aad ahape to order. ITer lknr sn-vues ttJ jill IJ1'tiers ftJr V'lrlilia. 1forll CII'8Iila 8IDtiBa: .-: ... SUPERIOR DE: L. CI&RV AJAL'S CIGARs, 07 -!" Q MaiUifadunti T1111tu&tJ, llo. II Wll a-.., .... Tort. 88 8110AD 8TitEET, .'-UY FLORIDA.IKIIIJ, t f 82'.,lfBW YO.& Oltice, Sta. -.ulWt, f/A. Bll.&liCB. 110. :1'1 A .V:taiUii B, YOBK. -: Leaf Tobacco Deaier__si Tobacco, TOBACCO, AND SEGARS, N.Y. y k 44 Vesey_ Street, f4ew or ..... ..


-----No. 49 I & co:,. t )rDBACCI,.rCIGiB :BD-GINHBALfCIIIMISSION_ x :m-:a.c-:a: AN rr ... .. i and 82 .... Philadelphia. Bo: 1.&3 :FiNt A. Yellae, DBALErut IN LE.A_ F TOB..A-000, i-And ManUfacturers of all Grades 0f 3_N. Water St.;_ Ph'ladclp Pa. M. E. "tO., __ TOBACCO AID .GBIIBAL 39 -Narth Water --St.,' Philadetphi&, Pa_ .__._ 8'Agents for the sale of all kinds <;It Manufactured and Leaf. Tobaccos .& LEWIS BREMEft'S SUN-S, Whofellil Delt,lers ia "I.E A1"' A X:O= IWlUFA:,....CTO"""ItED TOUCCO W. EISENLOHR & CO., PACKEKS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN' LEAF 1'0UNGER & CO., G.B. M. MARRIOTT "-' 4 Uft'L'I AOTUli.D OF CIG.AltS. Will give their pmonal attentiou to the sale and pur chaae.:tf And Dealer in all kinds of -LEAF TOBACCO; Leaf Tobacco. AND CIQAij RIBBONS, ... nw. No.r2s.:German St., Baltimot"e.lllld_.._J, _______ ...,. __ ORDERS l'ROMPTLY FILLED. JULIUS-VETTERLEIN a CO. SJED LBAr AND HAVANA SOLE AGEN'l;S FOR THE "u.; s. &olld-Te>p 01g-ar 111 -ARCH P A.: ;ISH'WTT'.f Ko. 81 Ezohap Plaoe, Bal tbaore. : FR H 5 i -:J:.uzury Worka, .. MANUFACTURERS.OF .r :- FINE-CUT CHEWING AND s MOKING TOBACCOS And Wholesale Deale slnl'"' ., Ra"tt'!!l.Lanlt Ya. a. Toba.scos, 15ll'Northl Th1rd St., a.ncl 225 Quarry St., Fhila.delphia.. 1 1' Lomaard street, t BALTUIOR.Jl. MD. d. RIULDO SAil & CO. & T .AtTT,. __ :E:_D_'_ll_L_t...!..;. TOBACCO, TODIPJIII' .. 1'11 ..... 111 VVllfiiUJIRI I AND DJlbbU lllnllbWld, ; THE I I GENERAL con1ssmx JEnmwrrs, 107 __ ARCH STREET,\ 0 0 .. 9 D &?! L X0,31XortllWaterStreetotr. -..... Philadelphia. .smoKiNG TOBACCO. -:IU.NVJ' AC'1'17UII, /., 808llarl:et PIULADBLPHIA. 'A. B. THEOBALD. MANUJ'ACT1.1RER OF fiNE ere .AND DEALER lN RS, Spanlsh_and Leaf Tobacco, ... --lf, W. _., 3d A .Poplar flta., PJaJJaelJ!Iola. ..-...-..: soBVJll, GRAEFF & comr. JOSn'H"M. pacm., lEO. W. EDWAIR & CO, AND WHOLESALB DBALIU. -cia.lty iP Leaf for Weat Judie-#.&ica a-' in the Unite d States for .;the Patet SOLID TOP M oulds aDd EUREKA T<>ct C11t1er. ........... us w A TEa a'!'BEET. JIEWYOB.I[, r Conneem&V r 'I'<>::OACCO, ]ACOB WEIL. AARON KAHN .E. A. WELL W. 11, Kii.hli & Co., (Successors to S. LowENTHAL & Co.} :CJWliUi"-1 134 Main St o. 1 liir'Solr-A,.ent& for uxt Telerrafe" Bra.nd of Cigars OHIOSCONNEtTJCUT 46 i'Front St., Chaniuv8t.i; 0. .. M.AJ(UfAC'l'.URilRS AND JOBBBRS OF Cigars, T cand P.ipes, KROIINJ FBss & co.; MANUF.A:CTURERS OF .126 Vine Street; .. .. tr cr. C-QNNECTJCl;T. r. r lL SMITH & C()., Commi&SUin and Jobber.s .. CONNIECTICUl' LEAF TOBACCO"' :,o, '!?C) RamJiden .Strecl,' Sarnw.. 1 S"""'"'_..,. J. F ? ; ..,_ ........... D, KASS. CINCINNATI, OHIO. In LEAF and MA.mJFAC'l'UBED 1. R. W. !BOIIAI, :roBA_OOO, a Central lf'l&arf, BOBttnt.. COMMlSSION B R 0 K E R, SOUTHERN ADV'TS. P. 0. Address, 1 J. W ()lir()INNATI, o. CL.&.RK!JVJLLE, TeJUI, Solo J4analacturer of the Famoua 11114 Worlcl-lteoi I u011'lled, J!rands,..ol VIrginia SmoldugTobac:cos, B the .TOIACCQ DICK,. LYNCHBURG. VA. a ; PEASE'S o..J;;,:: t::,;, -Tobac--cO' :CUtter. The Most Perfect Machine in the World for all grades of Fine-Cut, Chewing and Smoking; 11D 11: ;.U.L 1'11S'MLASS EOUSIS, Orders respectfully solicited aad 1"1'01l'lPtly a.ttendedJ W. !ITOl\I'BJt 8ole aod. Mmilfl.ctbrer-oftboo World'ReuoWilod Brands olllsmold.u&' To1>.accq, 'L ; AN,b .. *-*ltC*,'' LYNCDtmt!, V J.. TOBACCO BROKE R ... : ...... 4 ... ... Commill11ien Office in Exchalle, Shockoe Slip, mOHMom>. v .A. 11. & BRO., -TOBACCO BROKERS .,.. F .. _w. -slltTHE &'_co.; Commisdqn, JCereta.nts, > ..... .-i. 8TREE? -'/.j. ,Joi'YZIUIOOL &GL.UII),


OCT. 28. LEAP, : 1 irs final, exact and authoritative word. Let the light shone a wa,rm and tosy affection, iike a ray of fur.y Tbe firtt bad emotiOJJ.S wluch make the human heart palpitate showed stood 3:t a distan)e from t e doctor, went on often, too often, that ir was the bosom or a treas-L13 a f.' c q 0 I 20_ 3 PEARL ST-RiET, I NEW YORK. I T./.S'-'-TilL SllllllltiR :., I TOIACCI liD FACTI l t I AND General Gommission-Merchant.S, U B1flHD 8'I'IfEE1', Y. AR.LJ!:S JUNGBLUTH. ,. HEN&Y P GZIIZR.AL OOMMISJIIOX yswarans. l: And. in.. IOLID AQBJI'I'II Ill KBWTUCKY li'OR J.IJJ, C, llleAJIDBZ"". (l ..... Paste, llllro. aa c:1. au---.. :Ky. LIQUORICE PASTE.' TIHE UNDERSIGNED AGENT IN NEW YORK FORTHE.MANUFACTURERS OF THE FOLLOW ING WELI.rKNOWN BRANDS OF LIQUORICE. desires to caution Tobacco Manufacturers agai'*t uing uy of tbe numerous brand's to be origjnal an(Jrenuine brands of imported LIQUORICE, but which are adulterated compounds of hts brands, rebmled in fliis country, and. in some instances co.ntain I!Df len tbaR fifty cent. of Liquorice. .. 1 "" o iasaro maoa acturers obtalaiDg PURE A."i JCyCa FLB AOC P'\' ZA: BR VB ( A) K.t.CO :!111' Vrcnna ( B ) 'S They their orden tto the unde rsired in New York, who is the SoLa:AGBHT IN TH& UtnTa Millg_reetstered at WaaJungton will be seized wherever found, and legal 1 guarantee all Liquorice sent out, and refer to the folloWing letter, a1lo t, chiracter oC the Pin" otter:>-' JAMES C. McANDREW, liD au-..-, :N"_. Y'o:rk. lif&W-3ottCf April ,g, Ma.]AYBSC.McA,., .. w,N.,.;vork: I OOO.Ca.eaor 7011< line.-an !Jis of seltsands it 1 s more t tl a &J also mult1tude>, as whose representatlve l he, reached straw stck and famtshed she call'riei:PI'il=h lm:: a portionof v{ a seagreen color, as if ttttiy her, he thought hi nothing-w a)J is theJtesb.e fi.!:t '' tences, that poor fellow wllo' bOm.unself the hap_P,iest man in tht; y;or ld; at least, he envieil the leP.rosy." der the influences o! an evil star. j r no one, forgot that. be was hungry, that he wa "Good God! the leprosy l_ Holy God! Efisip, the Efisio the most unfoJtin 1 ate ia,_n in his parthat he had l nei ihe r nor brothel", that af rna Only yesterday he came to 'ask alms tLcular r_et;wn, and the mo t man one o ver loved ,The thought tha touche(! his hand. Oh! what a horror.)" j all He was only twentyve years ol agt!, ut Mana loved im never eDtered his mind!.; "But who lila at it is the leprosy-? alUike.a..youlfg mao for excesand, if It had, he woul'd ha e felt remorse for it as fo He been-'il at Mt Eie" I!erhaps, SIVely ugly, and he bad. -abv!Y.S l:leen. m bad health. a crime Of the bea.evole t ntim which man 1 horror. fhe 'so oN manner, b Jl..Q br hers; 'and ous myth : someth i g like the lclea of (;'ad badly stated is but sores or scrofula he s n from!' I; hJDJSeif a spires in man, he had experienced 911 only-name!J "Here, thanks to GOd, we h"ltve t:ver had the but IT r _ed CJ:om him With compassion. Love for him a celestial and mysterithe eprosy, and a devil or a leprosy too. The he had never known,.his mothet,. w o di d Q[ consumpana explaine by lli14 urate. Of Joye be kaew t y said a o last. P\lf de Jared tion spar.tiy a(ter::hjs lli { an_d wh le i lather !;as at Sire; but this be klndiedoy a creature 110 ugl apothecary." sijip qu: was a c rgo of salt tQMonte anJ repulsive as he. w:ts? questions and theSe were mad fro m Viedo. From tha voyage the ne'ler ca.llle back. Oftener than MaJ i a, Efisio !lad a soldo or two in t e window an_d from door old T gossips In his he got milk poclie ; because always pay 'th a singulatly and rs emg propunen Bu spee ily the fe':Lale from s _he goa.ts of grudging band the "\\'1lrk of women; perhaps, becauae the !he rna e ne1ghbors, m h1s boyhood he gorfra ments of toil is for women so exceedingly hard. and painful. Yet, into the only )Vhich. hap to do duty cabbage and also a little bread ro\n eve one. carce_ never liact he his Maria by trying to pay ber as 1 pubjic place ;fMtil'l'l,and house of assembly .I And ly lie a bfe to when and for the tobac!co she had bought for him in IllS t,P.e b!'maa a val ncbe, R'J'Owiug every moment, though h1s repu_tinve 1J?ear3;nce and an undays of distre)s. !\ad learned, howl'ver, that Maria in less han an M&ur a tumultuous and threatening crowd : deafness made h1s ht:l was but that, not being able The was""QJfe, but the opin ions '!"ere as various as the staJTs of one of fb.e poorest co, m the VIllage he to take It liot and hqu1d as are in the habit of brains oftheye poor people As on all similar occaput s?me straw the of the house taking'" it, beca se she had no kitclre9 of her own, she the: brains were divided into those of tigers that hun-to th. e many years. Th1s accustomed herself to eat ground coffee after mix" and t'nose of sheep bellowed in chorus, echo-w:s h1s bts home, this _h'f nest, where a little sugar Ho" the pellS&nts and mariners voices of such a;; wer" stronger Than they Tv htmse r _hiS face"betweetl"hts I hands and With 1115 ha'ICe laughed -at heFif they bad known what -.he all that so manyfongues mul'mured ;-s houted,--arrd body .bunep m straw when hungr): when In labors of the nay, au plJtd be a !abo eveu for tlte most was '\feary f tile w the of the dtstnct bad 1n the most h1dde pocket of her gown, a agile what a Jabot sterile, dogs. of .a, whole v11lage a_t IS heels, and of ground, coffee and another of ugar; aodj not very edifying for the human neart. Into a very ht cabbage and wit stQnes. no Qne s\tw her sh k a tiny pincll of the ne few could have -CQmp!;_essed the synethis of had tn ch.Jl:trades, wit utlearning any one a tin y pinch. o the r. The triflin stimulant reasonings, and, tht\ s4btle being extracted th because the always fJost patience carried her senses into a new world o.f excitament Jd: at f'roR'I the bran, these con-anl-1 dismiss J>efore he acquire any skill _in a of erethism. Well, this sotdo' s -Clrth: of' Deafness 11-nd ugliness were Pnea ; that infectious, soon ever_y he' always carried witn. that Eftsio and Maria there was the was sure ttftake"lt'; -:tnd that, 'as the few hould be h1m from riSing from the mJre"lnt wlilcll his brrt joys, of (IVO poesiet df' two W ealths, ...... ,.;4;r .,l W JWisio OU&ht to be immediately throwrr Lflll 'Vheq employed in 'of a t and atmosphere m.the deepest peerty. t or thrown iato e s.,OT his tie one si!!Y '*tiought he h d understood tben was Efisio; .. s the ill W\tlr whose THis fi Q.QPclusioq, wa arrived at with the told to do; hll as mistaken, sanitary and admim tratwe. au 1 hontJ s f the ty of fire strl,lck b)! 1 'bpposit of Wbat:'he h-at! en co.f P--were now occup\ea 'ft nol enough But who 1s ?" placed at .th.e ru der of a b t steerea o .the calamities which rrat e and man could "Yp u have only to touch a lepe r and you are su re to when he was-ordered "to steer t the If he !!ad been heaped on his shoufaers; bu 1n a Jone yourself." . wholly deaf h have of e had smitten by a now ver-y 1 ut, acre the certatn to recetVe b1m at Gaghan ?" SJgll.S; j;!J af, l>Ornetirnes understood, sometimes but wh1oh from tradition has ou ijnorant feflow I Know you that there is he did not gnderstand; an veey often he misunder m Its very name a maledtc!Jon and a condemnallon-a lazerette at cagliari. There theyw,ould'disinfect him stood. He was a hui-i'dred rime worse off than a deaf the leprosy of the ancients, or Greek elephantiasis of with and with arsenjc, .as they would do to mer-person; because, in to r verything'else be was the defying 1 prejudices of" cb'!m lhs e that had just come fron, Havana with the yelregarded as stupid. I m wh1ch h_e hv:ed, had at great l_ength 1 low fever, and then shut him within three or four stout, Yet; stupid the poor fellow was not. Tb he extreme VJvactty of th1s strallge case, m the thick walls in a real fortress." could neither read nor w.rite, and though h,e had never bouse of the apothecary, and in a few hours the a vaIn all these discourses /in all theseproposals, there come into c;ontact with any persons but those Qf the lancbe had formed and _rushed as a of death was bver a hatred more or !ess manifest to Elfisio-a lowest-social position, he had yet as much miQd as, suf-the bead of poor Up to th1s penod, he had hatred tenacious and furious because inspired b fear ficed to make fiim understand and feel aU he folec-ated or desp1sed ; from that moment he was that lnost fruitful mother of hatreds and cruelties. But: of his"'condition; and in the long hours of meditatiOn in abhorred. t . nen in ass, cowardlr and deliberating, it was his den under the staircase, counting the kpt!ts a{ the A.CteL_a.l=g m the: house of h_Js Honor soon seen how much higher woman stands than man bundles of straw, he IJad made;{ bitter stud bf tlie jo s It was dec:ded to ass1gn for lodgmg to Efisio in the morallVorld. ) of others and of his own sorrows '-' Tuwe,-, on the shore of the sea, and to seod Efi_:sio I creahare Who could have Efisio deaf, Efisio whos; wh_.en not him "food from the contri_butio!ls of thought tt? I i>e1f, !110re erty than Job, .tortured by famitte was by contell)pt; Efisio, chanty. fhJS tower was to be' for-PrJS?n, a .. ad.ditlon ?" who himself t_o human but lazaretto ; and the terror holdmg captive a whole voices, an.i .fl!JidWed fr_om the i12S. of :women. the chams of sptte of. a1l was sure to be a better defeuee strong About 1nilt'Our. ot so tl!:rtar:h1id bien deliberating on things, endured life. An: d he'ehdured it, not from moral and. the waves of _the sea. '!he uncultivated mu!what was ta be d'one, wlien at a cqmer of. tnegatheriagand religious convictions becarse he had. a tttude wh1ch anx1e usly wattl _ng for tnt fin!ll place the doctor came si:ht, with his straw. hat idea of duty ana rehgu)n h sion of m?re brown -than yel(ow, wrtlr!l and. withdlon h1 shone two ra s of li htTt"'o Joy..U.e the.1 qf m1en half between that-of self-1mporta?t tilat of a _and. be ed a woman. r,,,of bl$ wmd9w, he con en ted man. His r,ipe bad lived with for doctoron other an_ as-"There is the doctor! lhere is the dOctor I H ill t Ji?ipe and his only pipe; shoulders< al!d hps a-nd hands, be able to tell u w.fl!Jmow w ar'to cr'o.' o M precious be commas 111 pmnts of exc1ama n he doctor, who, in a ViUage where there ere 91 two to J T e m;ljority was a of very little im or j:e, !Jnd of the stalk, 01mm-hav_!! to see. Efis1o at a : d1St11nce han who m a poor country was poqrest-e( an aaw n-to a three inches in length. fhose who were mos Jn,c;lille t'o ,cruelty c.ou.d exalted inte the most man f th 'Ba; w!!1t 1 )ristory that poor pipe bad 1 How many -got understand why leprosy .shduhl.o t lte;ated,Ja a and, surrounded \:)y all,. Wmself. elected-clung to that in&fgnificant fragment crime. Instead of the by the many colored mUltitude of"1fie goocl the J Perohanoo. thtu-' fen>cJous and ll:y: need of For-Etisio this p :pe was the po_em QfJUsJife, 1n the .at 11. swsetJ tol>ac:co or e aid of.1hJJ rm.ed t arlStQ!;-PoRTRAITS BY TELEGRAPH. -An official in the Bava rian Telegraph office has invented a wonderful ap paratus by which not alone autographs, bat signs and even portraits can be sent along the wires. The inver. tor is Herr Hencker, of Mu nich: ancf his ''Eiectto-mag netie Cppying Apparatus," be calls it, has been al ready secured by a Frank fort banking firm. This appai'atus, without -the aid of a telegraphist, can trans mit writing in different lan portraits, plans, etc., to any distance with perfect resemblance to tlie driginal in all points Among other exploits of th is wonderful invention it tele graphed the orening speech of the Singer's Festival which took place tately, as printed surro4nded y gar lands of oak and laurel; also bills of exchange, Govern ment dispatches in cipher, itt Gree znd Heltrew le ers, an airest wara storm questibns. of-'l'hich every human creature has need as much as the of P-:-, the of the a Tb docm Ilfit o\lt -ft hr With hi lung .has need of air. The pipe had all colors and::all of a of tactics;. nght hfi pulled {rolll' the" of Vest --his odOrs. Black as the mouth of the infernal pit, with a 1t -w1th a loud vo1ce, and seconding It snuff-b_ ox; anil llbwly Jo6l tl. All cioetor& rim more-brigbt than ebony, with tints yellow, witb tints by tbeu: deeds, cond"emned_ to Stlence the malcou. h-ave t'o be to ,eold,l\':n, with zones of onyx, with gradations of amber, tents and those disposed to ma t nifest those who are< reading,; in the of porcelain-it vras in itselt a whole glitteJ After the tapse ?f two hou!s, Efis1o shut up m countenances of all a a !everisb fear, of hues It bad also all the 9dc;>rs 110 dear to the tower ; and h1s compatnots, beeommg suddenly he, w.ith. ,fa dit>lomatist, sa w that his r eply smokers Here, ;he en thet:e, the disc:overed for: the -first 'time "that this 1 culttoanswer ien and narcotic aroma of the nicotine; at anotqer po_or ate _bemgbad oe'Yerpossessedabed,and aptly wisely, and that it was easy to co10promise point, a very distant reminiscence of Havana; in short, made h1m the of _an old mattress and ?fa woollen himself; that. all this ferment ot terciQr and o a grand assemblage of uniting., coverlet. Tlley hkew!se upon _him a black hatreds m1ght fll1n eq9al parts on the shoulders of voluptuous. When E6s1o had flO tobaccQ tte, hoping gtfle and cup a spoo n, a':'d a kmfe a!ld fork. Efisio aad on. tho$e of for b_etter times, Wsnose into the ofhjs pipe, Almost every faii)Ily gave h1m a fresh loaf. He The fint ptneh of\sdtlffhad been taken, but no reply and mhaled the dehciQus scents. times he h.a.$(tl}us abundant prov1s1ons fE>r more than a month was The. eyes _of all were concentrated, as caresse_d pipeand 6YE;r many a long league if, indeed, manr could live by bread alone by the fire of a lens, 9D U!.e l :ps of the doctor. But those of medllatlon, contemplatmg one PY one the stains the --or lips, compreSiiag themselves, instead of openscars, and the bruises 0f the beloved and incompa;aale SMOKING IN SAVANNAH.-Im I8J9lb:e Mayor of Saing, and accompanied by a shake of the head and a pipe. Each of tbese...mar!'f1had its own history ; and vannah, Ga., in accordance wit h the law then in furce st1rug of the shoulders, allowed only these words to essome of them kindled cruel recollections, and brought in Boston;'issued a proclamation in which be cape-" Well, I may say te you--" to memory moments of tremendous trepidation. Once under penaLty of fine, smoking in the public -streets of The lips, compressing themselves anew and more the pipe had fallen on a stone, and yet had not been tJiat city. It was then ungentlemaqly to vigorously than at fint, uttered nothing more. broken ; and a st<>ne thrown by some vagabond had smokein public, and none but th-e negroes of the city 1.' here tumult1 a fresh chorus of interrogastruck _it, ret it had defieo the blow. Efisio always were in, the;: habit of doin g so. twns aDd kept hiS p1pe 10 IL pocket reserved fot the purpose-a "But, -dear doctOr', we must provide for the case, and privileged pocket, the most important and the most sa(VA. ) ToBAcco W ARRHousas.-A corres-that is leprosy have to think about." cred of a pnnent torn a hundred places, and pondent {rom Richmond: It is reported that Tb11 allas1011 tOfeprosy was a real hope of safety mended 10 a huadrecl ilaces wtth a hundred differeD t Messrs. E .0. 1 Nolting, C. R. Barksdale, and other thr: is it was a pipe but becallie b, had-cut' on i t one letter (the about $roo,ooo. ::rhe of Mayo's and the the matter m the case; 1t lS elephatJaSlS of the letter M), the ticst le of the word Maria. These Public warehouse bave announced their determination Greeks." were the only kiasea a bad thls-world to.::lll'ert them into private warehouses. 'Phe igbt of "No, it is leprosy-leprosy like tha( of La-and he never remem Jtaving received any. of the lessees of Public to make the cliange zarus." That letter M, r:JI.Y carved on this poor pipe was wfthoul: the consent of the "State is-tlll under "To b, aare; but the lepr9111 of Lazarus was elethe history o a hu it was one of the simplest their CQ!JI!ract they were requireato ii.t. it up and-eJP-1 phantiasis flf tbe Greeks." formulas of ; 11,.. a desire written on a dream it as a place where be uceia 11ft "It is, hO'Weiv..L a Mase,. alld it ia wone it was an imqaense uti of tbe ienses engraved on spectecl; ami be?use the pToprietor (the State) would than cholera or tlhe plapo; an&1 no one ever recovers temple of st pke be deprived of a valuable francchise appertainin: to the froro leprol)'.'' Maria was peasant girl, poor and. pale-inspection of tol'tacco for expe>r C Perhaps, however, "Let WI CODta&iaus; bGtllie ... --, twulJJCVS of age, and she was a very th lessees intend to ask of the StatethrouJh othenl are of aa VPC*&e. optP)11. ScieDCe bas not yet good creature. !n tlie Oaly gray eye which opened JD the LqislaTure this winter 4


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