The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


General Note:
The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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The University of South Florida Libraries believes that the Item is in the Public Domain under the laws of the United States, but a determination was not made as to its copyright status under the copyright laws of other countries. The Item may not be in the Public Domain under the laws of other countries.
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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.._: .. VOL 39. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAy, NOV. 11, 1874. WHOLE NO. 507 lht IS PUBLISHED IVU1' 'nii'IIA1' KODIHG i1' TU TIBAOOO LIU'' PIJBLISIING 00, .li'NUoA Bt., New York. JISWJLT BJUamr.. llditqr. .roBJr o. &....,... --......... r .&11 LR-*-14 'be J>la1a17 644.-\o "I'll fOUOCO UU" tlllt.mallt CO. Term of the Paper : 9JKcL& Cotas, 10 CtNT5 0Na Ya..A.a, k., lrx MONT!I51 Sa oo TKd MoMTHa, ., oo lliF' tlaat the cost to the ,rearly or i6 U11 til. EiPt jw ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS ABROAD. G.uT BatT.UM AMD .. "4 HAauJtG AX TJUt Oo,.TtNaMT, o8 AtlSTilALLA, &'I'C., YJA EMGLAND, ... ,:,1 cu.... ... No arden for the paper Cotlatdered, a na acc::ompaaled by the c:OI'fttllpondinJ amoaoL R.emittanees altoold, ia OYa'J' lnRtaace, be made by moaey-order, check or draft. Billa are liab1e to be atolea, aad c&D olllJ be Hilt at Lhe peatel\ riak to tie oeDder. POS'I:AGE. The lc..-1 rate of on Ttttt Tou.c'co acldreMed to fts replar u bticriben, ia &!1; coplea loJ lette-.camen Will jll-hatul lh .,._ 11nal or quarter!]' pootaae to the carrtero, talllor their receipta. If ally i.ltber ntes ue demand ed, report the Cacu to the loc:ai.Pootmaate<. lliF'The poot&l(e ou eop(ea dlrec:ted "' nbICriberalt>RowYork City llu beea poepaicl by the pubilrcllen. -TH& TeaA<.to LtAr coameacb ttseH to eYe1"y oue (n UlJ inte.-ted Ia tobacco, eithec u maau Kturer or dealer. It ivea annula an immenee lm4hmt of tnfonnatiOa rerrardiag "weed," aad tboa coaAtitatM Jtaella tNUU lnl6&11"' that baa long atoce heew. recoplzed aa staudioa: at the head of i'PeCial tnl4e pabllcatloaa. Its market reports are 1"1111 aad ubautive. and come from every q,urter o1 tlae atoke where tohac:co Ia oold. 1 : ltF' It Ia the ONLY weekly es: II vel J 'OOted to tobacco. IJ"w Rtth-Tlti.W Pep. ] DINISS DIRBeftlf Of Welsa, Eller .t.Kaeppel, oo Pearl. LMOathal8. II: Co., 111 ""eot Third. Ybor V Martinez. A" Co 16 Cedar Well, KabR & Co., r;u Mala. lp.rur of Key Wut a.ui H-u Ciz""' Zlns, Jac:ob &t Bro., 18 Eaat Sec011d. Do Buy Frecl'lr. & Co., 41 1r 45 Warrell Slleet Cig'6.-Mtndds. Gaullleor H :16 Cedar. Sehwill & Dubrul, 166Weat Seeoad. M_u.,.r, T'. H. &1: Co. let Maldeo LaDe. .J.AKK8VILLE, T._, I.- tf C/9 P/ta. LMf T_.M BroAm. Batter 11. A: Brothel', 77 Wate,r Clark, lll: 11 .11: Bro> Demuth Wm. -&1: CD., 50 BroadwaJ M.uf'""''"' of Brir Pip<""' '.! D..&XVILLE. V a. &.ohr' Articltl. eo-;11;0 .ZU:U.cA4 DemaU. Wm. A Co., 501 Broadway Pemberton & P-llc.A..adrew James C., ss'Water IWJccD. We Sterry.,, Cedar eouentt, Matfuf.etuwr'J .A, icl&. Hogleo a: Peue Third St. aod Cadal. Sc:hlefl'eUo W. H. & Co., 170 ailld I72 W J 11iam. G G1 .f.A10111BY, Ooaa, HUller's R Sana&: Co., 55 Cedar. raves Jmpter of Glyurin<. DETROIT, KtaJa. Pek"""Y Loolll, 7 Borllor Slip. M-ft:hnvrl/ Cfrnvi11r "'" s_,rm.r 3uJ Lui Toueco .htlf'Cctloc. T.o.-. J MJ, ,i Co. 117 L ,_ Wate<. Parker, Holmea & Co., 5$ 57 Jel'usoo Ave ss Water. G 7 Ci'g'ar MiiiiiJs. Linde F. c. & Co, ,,.. Detroit Cjgar Muold Co., Cougreoo &1: Fourth. J Tobco 1'remr1. PacRUir LID/ Guthrie & Co., n5 Frot guoHAM N C Nati,../ Tll&ucJJ hcs/11tci(p. "" :P, ., ,... Hoodleos W. J &1: Co., 2> WilHam. :Blackwell W. ,,..,., Mnlfujactur R R. Freipl Buildiac. Jd door froa Elm St., New 'i'orlr.. TerwUIIa:er I: Loc:i<......t; 'Maaafactaten of Preatlee'a Cigar SbapiDI( Moald aod lletalaera; 54llal"" York. 'WE IU.;W'E RIIOErl'I.Y PA.ILBD 'N RIIOEIV. 001'1-IDDBIB.A.HLIII lJJIII or XONIDY, BEC;AUD P.&.TRo WILl. PICBaUT Ill BA.Jnlt BIJ,LI TH&OUQH TIDC MA.ILII, WB_ A.JUI, OF COVBsa, vr Bli:IPOl!l" li'OB .A.l!IY BO:.EY TIIUI F60LIJIILY LOIT, B17T I'l' U A!OiOYi:ltG TO VI 'II'IU.'l' OUR li'RIBDJI IHOULD BE 10 caa-11:111., no lJII ua XO-V Oft.DEBI--VIIIli""()VBRKY. Wicke 'William .. c,_, 155'-Goerct. Read C. C. &1: Co. Fipm. 1HE .JBSUE. t Cit,,. lhr, CtUr Hlur 11'Htls. Bara""es II: Jerome, 136 State. --Diogee P. K., "Son, -cor. 81xtll and Lew!L Bishop, J. & SoAo, '' Mark The..most imporhm ,-bf all questioQJ that IJ(ay now be Wardrdp &Daly, ao3 -&: .,S Lewis. B11bbUd N. A Co., 1i llarket. c.,.., RiJ>bol'l. Lee Geo. State. said to be under the consideration o the American Ora.mer G., 8:1 Frao\Hu. Loatdon & Bidyell, and u8 State. ) -Heppenhelmer a: Maurer, ,. a: 24 N William. Peue H. z. K .., liE 42 !ol.arket peop e, IS the financial one. Whether lhis or pubWlcke, Wm.. &: Co,, l$! a6r Goerck. Salomoa & DeLeeuw; 6 Ayla -""i.i CiIIT RiM Shepbard 11: Fuller, State. lie m:!n is elevated to lhe Presidency at the next general vr- 8iuau A. L. & F., 134 .Umlrall J.J., Cedar. Welles o .t Co., soi State> election ; whether Democratic majority in the nt!xt MiJflllftu,ra of Tobeco Ti-Foil, Westphal Wm., uS State. .,. J. ; .. ss Crooby&< 's "' 165 MaJI>errJ BOPJUJISVILLE, Jt,.. Congress is large pr small ; whether the knell of Repub TdHt 1.41><1 d Triig. Smoking Tobatco. Heppeohe.tmer"' Maurer,., a: ,4 N. William. Cluiotmao & Co., cor. MlooiMippi-aud Peart. be more "rapid in the future than it has thus far been ..&.. -s Okatb=. -JAXESVILLE, Wia. under the administration of Gen : Grdnt-whatever may JJ E W y 0 RK. Tobam Sealing 'P in case a second "panic" visit ua, it was induced Brod .U:., J< )bideD Laae. K.lelu, H. 1!.. &: Co., '93 Pearl. ALGIERS Africa Bulkley, Moore a: Co., 74 Froat.. Cit M-JJ Pm, &rp. To6acaeb, F. n Av Polndester, A. a: Co., uo Water. LOUJSVILJ,E:. K,.. for wrecked business and dark commercial prospec:s. MANUFACTURERS OF J:!!: l!!..o.,.;,,:.J; .... .;;._._ Manuftuturm of.SA!ItaJ Citar M011lds and Plug Tobacu MAriftrm. He will very likely be. the first to recognize the blunders U LA JQR.lJDI" liUJ LA pJ RFBCTQ" C IGARS, For. Dills & C'et., JS Water. 'Aapen. .. 1 A:. BrOs., .fJacob. J Friencl E. It u. & eo.,,., Malclct> Lane. Tenrillla:er & Lockwood, 54 Mai!leoi La.,., .,FiJY-Ctd Chnoig an.i that have caused his misfortunes, and will not be slow .. & .. to place blame where it properly belongs. It is v 'CT JIJIIIIIIIIQITS or LEADF JPOB.TED B a""" = i-and Ceilu. ... therefore the part of. wisdom / for our fellow-citizens 4.a IIlli 11 a lfl Jll1JII). Hamburcer 1. & co., Watn. .. ... "'""c" generally, and especially those engaged in commerce, to HAND-MADE CIGARS EX1"'LUSIVELY. Hawes, Chas.. 119 Maiden Lane. Hoer BrOid'Way. .. Meier, Wm. G &: Co., 56 SevePth. ..._ Herbot Van R .... dolu, Pearl. Ilfln'lfaJ Rnlfflllll BH.ts. Nash, M. B., 37' Main. put aside all partizan feeling and coolly: examine the Also, D--...-.:0 -Le-lfr Tobacco. 1 Hlltm.aJ& G. W. &-Co 8o Froo.L jov,.eueD. C. J1 Libert;:r. Br11klrs ,.,. D1a.llrl. ;,_ MQIUJ AU Hoererow .... c 2Peod. c;g.,.MIIdhu.t fChn'<:h a: Btte A. c., "Pearl., Mnufuturer J Fiw: Lrnrg -J S"traigltt l)uur in Luf ToiJto. 1 Lederer .o Flochel, Cedar. CuJ C.vmdi,.. Progolr, w. F., a 3 Eighth. to the most superficial observer, that our finanDIPORTBR8 AD DEAI,BBI lliJ 1. L.&:JUtEIIIORE. Levlo M H., 1b Pearl. Pecare Louis N. 7' Jobll. Srtm""r ad D .. aler ;, Cwtitf g Tbacco Mm'wofSlww CAN.: cia! troubles are self-imposed. With every thing Martin a: Job010u, 166.Water. Coro, W. H : p Chatham. 1 LYJKlHBUitG. Va.given to us that a land could ask in the .-::.1., Maye< Jeoepll, Sou,u'Water. .rr .. MaJ.rifact..nn 'if:To!auo !!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!1 !!!!!!!! !!!!!!!! MJeT A. o. L a: o., j3 Beaver. Wlltemana BU L. L. way of natural resources, we still find oprselves in 1 Norton, SlaJI&'htet' &1: C.., 41 Broecl. SUw C#Wdl ,.,.. Lakls. I Carroll J. ;vr. OaUDall A!YO, &66 Wate1, Wlttem.,.\, Broe:;,lt Maideil LaDe. John W. debt, with a depreciated Cllrrency aqd a heavy load of t d : M.te.ia taxation. It is true that our debt arose from a civil .....,. U.e '' I Polmea a: Sc:ocriUo, '7" Waw. A. Soaa. 111 --.s-y, tr I ld t II 'd b t th hi t f th J 1 y Prloe wm. M. A: eo., '9'Makieol :t.-. wawuao.. o. s ugg e we cou no we avot u e s ory o e J p L Co ... lskrilf Ullf Tll6tKco. Jt::-,.c.; ,9or.nltu. Schu.,.rtlo,H.c. 'J past ten years bas proved that tho people are able and JSro. ::a,e1_ Mai. d.e:n.. La. ::a.e, G p d. .&JbneW--. l .--. .. -..... y .. C.O:, ,.,Mu.s..w-JlorclW' .LAOO., "'Wout!J. c--pbelt,La willing to meet all indebtedness 1J6 a rule, do not BLAN Celebratea aft...t .. York.. Jtnm.-.r,J.D,'ddOo. P..clrw LNolwn.Su .. ') ___ ;: "" ...,. propose to payment of any amount j'ustly due. G : .i. W. ) H J I:L-MAN' ,-R... co., S&WJ, allace 11: Co., 47 Broed. Merfeld A: K-. "' LombU'd Schoveill,.., !lam The trouble has been that the willing horse has been Lombard. lt ....,.. abused. The wild scheme has been entertained of pay-CODJSSJON 1I1m ftD IWTS b -BNUP ICTURED TOBACCO =, k':: ing off an immense debt during the period of a single .JJID.B11 Ba11 = a t lic:laub..t H ... eo, <6-Wat_or &d. II Co., 30 Spath Calvert Breur.-< d h h Jd h b !;peDoer, Broo. & 15 .u:&lde" Ln Tohu ,.,... Clarlt. M. H. a: Bro. generation, an energtes t at s ou ave een ex. SO :J'2t.O::N'T 1<1 ;a: W TOE.E: spt.....,.,B .&CD.,sBri!JI&'SRp. pmx.,lloDl:LPJII.. pended in other directions, have bee, n wasted. on this Si>ltzner"C. H. 124 Wateo a--. Loe A Co., 'JE.cbanp PIM>e. -:T'ob(O 'SOLE AGENTS IN' NEW YORK FOR ste.tu" eo.1 o.aae. ,_.,., '" ADathan 11.,. eo., uo North Tlrllil chimera. As a result we find ourselves, ten years after sNorthWater ''FRACRANT FLOWERS" S k" --'obacco 1'n Stroha I#Re.t-ID,J76 ,,_... 'WiltH. A:Co., Weal Pratt. Bremer Lewis, Boos; plll"orthTlllrd. the war, and during a period of profound peace, as far "' mo lng I Sebt>&eher &1: Ho!m .... II Maldeo LaM. P-'- of s.J...Luf r.Ncn. Dohall Taitt 107 Arch. Ta.c. Cbar1eaF.trSoe,'.-t. &ttwardo,G. w. 6 North Frout. off from the hard-pan basis of a cuqency convertible DOUBLE ANCHOR DURHAM, DIAMOND OOLDEN CUT CAVENDISH, ft ..,,.""-.. n. ...:.. ._._ __ Eisenlolu Wm. &Co., n5 Sooth Water Jd h L d d be ""' ,. ._, -we ..--" __, -Kc Dowell M. B; &1: Co., 39 North Water. With go at par, as. we were W en ee surren ere ALSO, PLUG TOBACCO FROM rla'ht. 1!.. _M, A Oo., 10 B-. MUI M.n.t-'-fea. n--...._ E B,.ilra .._,..-,....., ;" !f.ace. path, we have not been able to escape the consequences .Assorted Stock 011 Liberal Terms, .,_ectal Bra?Kh Turn_ (Shed for Owne1s; WJe .oox-ttllln ., a er Stewart Broe 4' CODtre-Market Space Vetterleln :1. &: Co., tn Arch. ________ ,.waw Wooclward,Garrott&tCo.,33YortJJWater of our own reckle)>Sness. Over-trading, induced by a J'lllcbe<,Frederick,4Broad ,,..Cipn of FiHe-cut C.luwi"S: lUi b d f t t'bl h NO ADVANCE IN PRICES Goal, J. 5. A Soco,B6 W&JI. Rooeofeld S. a: Co., e, Charle. F., 54 BI'OU o--;u;.., Mne.ils., IYAol:r._ lkoo.., 3' Brna4. c Bamb,rpr 3 o ater. of T.u.... BREMJllif1 GERIIAJI'Y. Mllf"''"'"' of &orcA &.ff. until the grating of the ship's keel Uf!OU a rock has Altdenoat Johll & eo.,.._ "' aa4117 c. ;,.,.., MPe.ilslll. Stewart. .Marb,R alpll Arc MANUFACTURERS OF _THE Appld>yA'Holme!'" Water. l'alleutela. w. :r M.ofmmra OJ startled us into knowledge of our real position and our llucllaDaD A LT31, 54 B.-_ BRIDGEPORT, COJrJJ. Batchelor Broo., 8o8 Market 'b) d k d d s I d th T b Bachll.,. D,1 _56 DelaoceJ Packers f SuJ uf To/Jacco. Steiner, Bmih Bro0." Kuecht, 115 Race. terrt e angP.r. Such an awa enmg 1 the pamc" 0 ace an 0 e r: 0 ac c 0 s J Goodwin & Oo. 107 """:109 Water Ha-. E. v." SOn, 66 Wat. Theobald A. 11., Third lllld w h II r .. ,. Col ,...,. Pearl 1 BaGOKLYJI', Jr. y, ltttr of &tJ J r d ) h J y T [[ and Flqg Johu F." Co., aod '78 Flnt Cirar-Box .Lah Wolotelll >L Myrtle aveoae. PJTTSB1J&GB1.P-. of Gil.-.r. BUFFALO, JJ, Y. 1 c,.,is.ri ... .MtJoclaatth. be set in motion and the "reserve" issued. But for Parke, Wm: A &1: C'o, 44 Broad: ""k..U Dulr i H_.aa ti Do_.;, Woodward. Garrett &1: Co. Fint ave f T.oi..,, ,,.. i Mitrifmntrm f S.lf. once the President's reticence stood the country in good Hen A. & Cg. Liberty Zlnt G. W P""*' Weyman & Bro., 7k DNUn-tl& su./J.ellf "'" H11r1u4 Gem City Toboeco Work&; E, H. Turner, Preo.; SU)t of economy and time. We are a tweJvc:montb X:erbc A Spleo, S5 Bowery Te<>&o .. .Oo. Bowery. 0.0 11 Co., Water OhrisUan & Guuu. turnmg tQ..O c annes ; we see egJ tma e _en erpnses .. ,.._.. D'""' ;" w1ae Jam .. M. c...,. paying le&itimate profits, but Capital unusually cautio'!s Neobolrpr .u:. J13s Pear "' Ll.f Tobautl Broun b ,. d' d h ld N v. Co-<>peratl Clear .u:aav.r1 ce., 9 Weat Dukra i Lf wms a. A. and more than ever e. ore tspose to gtve t e co 'Houotou. llo&1dhajreft Broa., 17 Weot RaoG..lpll. ROCJIEirrER. Jl', Y, h ld t' r 't 1 t .orrler s. 186 GneJ>wic: .. .t-<-.,1 of Fiu CMt cu.,;t" Mllrifrrm -.1 ToH<... s ou er to VISionary propost 1ons Or 1 s emp oymen Sclliwva & lu, '3 Bowery. iog, d D<..Jus ;, U.f T.._. Wha)eo :&.II: T .,lBa State. Despite this p artial revival of business, however, we lleldeobers Oo. '9 Dey J1ee1t II:Wirtk, .. aucl Water. Dr. u. e. VIne Mel Froa>l .._,_,.,of,;., uted b L :: .11."1-.!t_Rel

2 )lion. Whether or not they w 1 U constder the recent )lectlons as m any way mdors1ng the1r wicked schemes, t is the duty of every c.ttzen to carefully watch their :-and seek to. strengthen, in every ,.y, the hands of the gallant band v,:ho are fightmg at Washington the good fight of honor against dtshonor and natwnal prospenty ag;amst natwnal ruin lltUNOR EDIToRIALSPREMIUMS AT THE WELDON (N C) FAIR -For the best spectmen of leaf tobacco, Mtss Ada Perkins, of Halifax rece1ved a ptemtum. FROM MoNKEY TO MAN -The transitwn iS rhus sen bed ... raE_ r BUY PREMIUM BOND OF !HE NEW YORK ;NDUSTRit\1. EXHIBITION -authorized by State-of New York .. DrDing, December 7, -NOV. 11. 1874. Every Bond -


r 'NOV. 11.' 'I'D E 3 ...._, -NEw YoRK CITi-Benfey & Leaman, dealers in Leaf Tobacco; Measrs. Louts Benfey & Lou1s Leaman have formed a co-partn_ersilip,under above style; 121 Maiden Lane. Changes in Business. Post-Office Drawer 29.


,.. :.,EX. FORMAN ,__. mission I ) FEONT O .BOX NEW Agents well known and reliable Manufacturers: t r [B. PAGE, TURPIN & BRO L. J GRANT & CO .. I W. J. YARBROUGH & SONS, J. H. GREANER, T. W. PEMBERTON, JOHN R. PACE & CO., L. H. YSER & CO., R. W. OT1IVER, I JOHN W. CARROLL, and BA..OOO rle Agents for the Original CABI,E COIL BONN!! BOUCHE, 4s and s s, Single and .Thick. Als o Agents Celebrated Tbio lmprooed Machine ror c111.tting Tobacco is conat.ructed with a slagle kntfe worklo[(upon Inclined beariup, aad operatio1 with a IHdiDf shear cut 11pon the tobacco, whicla. il pfa.ced hl a l>o with ljdes at right -_ nates aed .POt-tom "J)anUel -wlth aahl knife ONE JACK & BROWN DICK 'SMOKING TOBACCOI L: .... ,.,,.,.will cot any ao4 cut it Large Stocks of Manufactul'8d T of every description; 1 Suitable for the Home Trade and Markets, kept con s t a ntlr ou hand. BOWNE & FRITH, i 7 BURLING si.IP, NEW YORK Tobacco Com.mlsaion M:e:r'chants And Sole Proprietors of the Celebrated Brands ofl!lmoldng Tobacco: lloDey Bee, Early Dew-, Pi'akte "'o !Ill, Ilea ltlvv, Powhattan, Enterprlee, Old Kentuck, Ole! 1101 c.tAa, C:0W &Up. PiaDten' Chaloe, Pioneer of the ,reet, SWIDy Soutb, .. )ar Bnlld, Boaey Dew. them. their hard any caaiug, Cor any moistening to sofieu It malc.esnoshorts, can be rua by halld or steam powof the m os tsub!ltantial kind, sf.ow to wear and difficult to disorder. Pric: e of machine com plete--t with Press (t>o.l-o4,\2x:6 x,;w int:he), uct WiSh. OFFICE: 14l WEST BROI\D \VA.Y, .Now Yo'rk. r 1 Joo So lo AJ!Hito for tho United Stat.. lor .3 P HA. WJG::., 186 PuriSt. 1 WAREHOU8ESl41ll Water, 113 Front, 7-1,, 76 .S. '78 Greenwich Street., and 1, 21 T, k 8 IJndson RlYer Rail Road Depot., St. Johns Park. ,: RAIL MROAxf TH!.uLLs 155 WATER STREET, 127 & 129 WATER STREET. .Maccoboy Snuff -N"ctCIV York.. I cEa-..ncATE!II!ISVE un CASESDE 'W:w. s. S fi' 001JI!ITRY PROMPTLY AT-LIVEREDIUI'GLYORINLOTS. .a.CI:ppee ft'U .. DED TO. .4me7icGn Qent. Bftufl'. IIOIVIB 1 Scotch Bnv.fl_ PBlOB ONLY s.! VBRY WY 'lBBIS! .Fiushlnf oflefll you a UOliDI:, with the ad-..antagel of both City and Country-6 miles from New Yorll-Ezpress tim. e, t! mlnutea-JD3 tca.iu Dili.IJ-Pa.c;ka&e tick ts by New Rail Road, B ceuta.. Fluehla.g has th.e best Ch.urcbes, Scb.ols, Marlr.etA, etc., and is eoaearNewYorkthat you can mKkel eraeelr.amusements there with mor. and to 1-time thaD froa many parts of the city ltael!. The aboe k a new hon5e, well built, 5 minutes walk from BlU OGE STUET DEPOT and tho vlnage stores, has u rooms, besides Cellar, Gaa, Water: Sewer, and Marble Mantels. grounds, S7 JI:IOO are pla.a.ted with you a a-fruit and shade trees streets curbed, pttered, and sewered; aood walU. tlespectable fllmilles who wish to economize will find ,that CHEJ p looard !a tbe citJ coota more than to OWN YOUR OWN AT FLUSHING, Goud oeelt. nhln(toacbarming v!llag:e. Get out at BRIDG STRE!!iT DEPOT. and aok for Mr. NOOltE, coroer of State and Leavttt Streets, 7 Ba.-11..,-IIUp,N, Yl Lundy .Poot Sn.v..,.,, ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF THE FOLLOWING BRANDS OF PURl VIIGJNIA SMOKING TOBACCO Rail Road; .. VIZ: Pride of Henrv Countv, J. Colorado, -\LSO Black Tom, 0 I .G-A R S, 133 Water and 85 Pine Sts N. Y. r 0 B J\: 0 c 0 r.. A: B E L s. J CHAS. APPLBBY. !'or Prlce Lilt dress 01' apply aa:abOTe. : ;EO. w. &BNmB HAVANA PIIIVOIII&. LITHOGRAPHERS, t2 & 34 VESEY STREET, NEW YORK, AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. STROHNe GUIDO KBITZ8MSTBIM. D ) GARTH, SON &: CO., .. STROHN A RTZENSTEII, !i#mmhdou (Succeaor3 to CHAkL&S B. F & Co.,) AUO nBA.i&u IH DOMESTIC Commissi<>n l'lterchantst NO. 44 BROAD ST., AND tMPOR.TliRS OJ' D. J Girth, I .. Chas.M.Gadh. NEW YORK :"0 REIGN TOL.ACCO. ,:H:.;;;on;;.:ry..;;;Sc:.;;;hr;;;,;od:.;;;er;.;, _..;.... ______ 1 76 -Front Street, J. p. Q U 1 N & C 0 ., M. B. L!VIR,. TOBACCO FACTORS, IYOBTBBDr JIVD! 1.114 Dealer in of \ Ad;.nies made} C.,:&: .A, :I" -r QJI;.A.O C Q ?-Sh_f9ment.s. NEW YORK. 162 PEARL ST., NEW iORi IIIIICUTT, r. w. TATGEKBORST. .. ;.nd VirginJQ .. Leaf Tobacco UIIIAt COIIISSIU-liBtBAIT. 68 I .... Ko. 12 Broad Street, YORK. r'\ TORK. -:F A'l'JIIAli & CO., JOSEPH A.. VEG&, Cotton and Toba.ooc. IIIPO.,.. o FactOrs, B a 'V a a IIJio'baooo AND .._. .,. 11110.., 8TBEE'r, C C A It 8 "' OW YORI( 11'1 94114 ft'IP'1'. DW !01& ....., a. o. Do :IT WILL GIVE TO THJD TOBAVCO The Flavor of Havana, Aud smoked it has tkat SWEETNESS AND AROMA j That all Havana Cigars have You can take f OBDI)IrABT TOBACCO, And by applyina-Ao dlrectod, you will get the full benefit ot REGULAR HAVANA TOBACCO. Put up In Q,aart. BotUea, "" well ao Ia HaU'-Gallon a.nd Galloa C&BI P:R.Zo:EJ&: Q17.C.'l' BO'l"l'LE, 1 lLUF-GALLGN! G P. s.-Wnt send sAmple of Tobacco, as tbiJ Fla.vor, to any addre.sJ free of cba.r&e I OJIE GALLON WILL -EPARB ElloeGB TOBACCO :POR Ten Thousand Cigars, WBJCB OIILY tiM I Remember, we Guarantee i\ not to Lose its Flavor, .ilft WJLL &;OLD :POR TJIAJUo It l a hea .. are ulna.,aa.h11:" u forty pllonll a ... a til. N otlaia&' iaJ...W... INL lal. IPPLDI CliWI WACBJII .) If-:. 131 Water.' St., N. Y. ., ... 5 .01d Ned's Choice, P. P's. D C. Mayo & Oo., Navy lbs. D.C. )fayo co., Navy, )S's, and Us, P P., in whole, K, aad)( caddies. D C. Mayo .t Co.,_3s, ""' aoul ""' W. ]. Gentry &: Co., Navy, xs, Hs, J('s, P. r-s, atwl.lPnJ to'a. Us, J(s, P. P's. & lone JOS. SJIOKIXG, in bags of ) c.onsig'!ments to W. A. & G. MAXWELl. & CO., LIVERPOOL. ]. HUERTEMENDIA.. 'JUSTO MAYOP.GA: 1 I J. M. IVIA YO RCA. tc IMPORTERS AND DBA.LEBS IN FINE HA.VA.NA. OIGA.BS; t ... 14 CEDAR ST., NEW YORK; :a:a-vA%1&-J, y Oa.. M. SALOMON, M. a E. SALOMON, PACKERS OF SEED LEAF, '8UCCU80Jt8 TO %:GODT, DILLS .lND OOIIIIPUT IMPORTERS OF SPANISH AND PACKERS OF DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCOS. 17S WATER STREET, NEw YoRK. LEAF TO:aACCO, 184 :Front -.WYOU. G. Commission (EAAfD&ATiJBIACC(t, -' 17S Parl Street,. ;. :set. t>me uea&r, NEW YORK. ------------------------KOENIG & S .UBERT, DEALERS IN ALL KINDS OF LEAF & HAVANA No. 329 IIOWEllY. (bet. 114 .t 34 St.a.,) t f NEW YORK. N. LACBBNBBUCJI & BRO., No. 164 Water Street, New York, WHOLBSA.L& DltALIUlS ..ll'f HAVANA It DOMESTIC ( AUERBACI 4 11BNDBB801, Lt;af Tobacco AND 138 and 138)\f Wate: St.., NEW YOU Cl'l'f. M. OPPENHEIMER &; BRO, ESTABLISI.IED 1822.' "COPERBIGER SNUFF," Man..ractured only by VEGA, MARTINEZ & BRO'S, IMPORTERS OF \ WEYMAN I& BROTHER, Secured Patent, December t6, t86S An on ou.rcopyright will be pros HAVANA TOBACCO TOBACCO, AKD 138 WATER STREET, CICARS, J90 PEA.BL STBBBT, New York. JOS. SULZBACHEB., [FRED. HOFMANN Sulzba.cher & Hofm3.Jlll; DEALERS IN SEED LEAF 'A.l'D HAVANA TOBACCO, 88 MA.IDEN LANE, UP STAIRS, JfEW TGBK. FELIX CARCIA, IMPORTER OF of RAPPE&, CONGRass, and ScoTctt HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO BMuFV, every grade of Smolr.ln1 Tobacco. WEY:MAN & BRO., (rao" T. GUTtaaan). -,_.;.' A N D c I GAB. S, SAWYER WALLACE & co. ALSO OF TH& W&LL ICNOWN NEWTOBJL E. M. CRAWFORD, TOBACC. O AND COKKISSICN KERCHANT 168 WATEB STBBET, NEW YORK. H;. Oil tale all kind, of Leaf Tobacco for EEpOrt aD4. for Home ue OTTINGER & BROTHER, KE,NTUCKY LEAP-TOBACCO, 41 BROAD STRET, NEW YORK. WIL1.IA. ll PPJCE & CO. Brands orGi!ars 'LaGaroliBa' Clay. COMMtSStON MERCHANTS, And Sole Ag't for :Brand "Prof. Morse,". LEAF TOBACCO, ng MAIDEN LANE, No. 47 Broad Street, and n SARATOCA," 18'1" Water St., Jfew York ----------------BRO., Pack-ol au DM!en Ia LEAf 1ro.'15 Ka-Ulea LaDe, L.GaltMfa._ N.W YOIIX. l.. ............ '1'. B. ll'&lfGJI&. C. C. IPUC&&. ._ 8Puro& .. r Ww. M. PJuca,} F. A. jAYKL NEW YORK. JOB. MAYER'S SONS, I U..i_.. .............. Loaf Toltaoca, 'U2 W A2'.B:a 82'.8._.2', ) lhw York. -..


NOV.-11. t BIIIILL, ,'/!' .MANUFACTUREJI.., CIGAR BOXES, SUPERIOR MAKE AND Prime Quality CDt 293. 295 & 297 Monroe St., NEW YOIIK. E. & G. FRIEND & CO., lm{>Orteu and De.leral LB!P-TOBACCO, 129 Maiden l,ane, EDWA.&O FRI&MD, l Gus FantwD, AI [W YORK EDWAXD Jr. n a S. STIUBIRGIR AD DIIISTit llllll .o, H JI:XCII.UIGB PLA.CB, Y, Draw Billa of Oil lhe principal clllea or E l'opl; IMue Circular Letten Of Credit I<> Trnelen, and Commercial Cre41ta ; n<:elore.,-ea D. 111bjto Bight Checu, pon which lntereot will De allowed ; paJ particular atWJIUOII I<> &be N oroU J. MOii a cu of Fine CUBAN CIGARS. And Importera of Vuelta-Abajo Tobacco, S.W.&.TERrJT,, :O:W "''OBK. OIGARS AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, BOWERY, NEW YORK EBEN W. GOODWIN, DEALER IN LEAF TOBACCO Pl:-11: OZG&a.ll. No. 226 Front Street, PALMER & .SCOVILLE, el' .&l'ID IOBBBBB OJ' .&.lil. EmDif 0'1' -LEAP TOBJLGCO, J No; 170 -Water Street; New York.. L. }PALMER ,.. A H. SCOVILl.Jl, Connecticu.t Seed-leafWrapperofour own -IMPoRTERS OF AND DEALER :DN" U. S. Solid TDD Ci[ar lelld. 0-u Youldl aro; t. be U .. Yeeat.. ea....., Y ov.,r Y,oald oold. a....,. at.. Y. .. N.:IL 'BOIGPBLDT, : MANUFACTU:ltER OF I r 1 I $paish, QICI-'l.R MOULDS, -., Plftntei of Closed ltad Moalds, bteat11 of he Sln!lt tprlag ar (laoolaJ) Moulds. j ORDERS TAKEN AT.JHE FACTORY, HARLEM R. R. FREIGHT BUILDING. Floor 29, (:td Door from Elm Street); or at MESSRS. s : jjctJBY I CO., Ollice No. oo Chatham Sq11are, NEW 1-:E. ROSENWAiili 8c I z::aato2\ 'l'li3S. o:r SP.6..N%sa, AND -,PACKERS OF DOMESTIC .. CIGAR JliBBOlll } W 1<>-.u.nn., -........ 145 ater Street, New York: WK. A.Gli'BW SOlfa. 'fobaoco and Meroluiaf& 1184. and II-Pront l!!lt__.. NEW YOB!K 1U 8AIA ALL DWI'aa:Fliii88-< Lear Tebaeco for Ex pori alii laiD Ill. Too.-> baled In an1 IIF..,.... preu for export. AHNER &. DEHLS, DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 190 Pearl St., M[CHA1EL AHtc&"l NEW YORK .JOHN A DBKCS. I Be Co., 'SuccESSORs ro. lsAAc RsAD, LUB-NSTEIN & GAlS !;Jt.E AGENTS AND IMPORTERS OF THE GENUINE w & M.' CiG.&R DIOULDS,. P::El:ZSSlCS, AND CUTTERS, WM. SOHOVERLING, PACKER O'F AND DEALER IN TOBACCO; Ne-vv M"==lf', Oonn. and 120 s-t., Ne-\V York. 1 &"'LIBERAL CASH ADVANCE.S MADE ON C9NSIG!I[MENTS. 0 CIGAR oULD PRISSIS a STRAPS. MANUFACTURERS OF \'JOMMISSION MEROl!ANT&. And in Yirpn{a andWestern Leaf and ManujtUtnred Tobacco, Ciiar Cutters & aB other _lachin61'1for llttmfacturin( Gims; IIPORTEIS OF GERIII CIGAR IOULDS. J .. 57,591 &:'6x, Lewis St., bet. Delancy&: Rivington .. -. NEW YORK.-> lietlria, Gu111, etc., 1f. 8Up_, .ew 1rork. ,l. S. R1JSEIBAUM 1: CO. Il\U'ORTERS OF .HAVANA T6BACO A1rn CIGARS, 11!i1 :DIALDS :ttl SUD LI:.U' 'l'OlBAOCO, .fi l!i'o : 121 'MAmEN LANE. J NEW YORK. B.IRIITT } & tllCI, Importer of Ea.vaila > LEAF TOBACCO 183 Water St;, NEW YORK. CART, UPIIA.NN, I ,TOBACCO AND miW. CDIIISSIIIIIUBAft 11a PIAIL s;um, P.O. BOX 2868. -IIBW SlliiOlr SALOMOll', Leaf Tobaoc AND SEGARS, JIWI[a:a. '11'-.o'harer o:r' ....... F& ... !", L. ...... ...., EUGENE DU BOIS, CUTHRIE & C0.,-226 roat Street. C. I, SPJTZRJR, COKKISSION :tmtC!WTTS, T 0 B .A. C C 0 AKD AND COMMISSION M.J!RCHANT '3, L. QASSJIR"I' & BBO., O'UV!SSION Lear Tobaccopreuedlnbalea few tbeWeot I ndies a-.. .&. a.o.d Ceo. teal Americaa PotU, ao.4 other mar TOBAOOO PRESSER& 124 WAT,E{ISTIIEET, e NEWYORK, lOB mB IALE OP -lr.eta. Co:MMISSJON Leaf Manufactured, & rSmoking -==TOB-AC-CO-P.A=CK=E==D !I!I=IU"_R_ ...,_ .... ili?n? .. llb .. lpm_en_ta... ---'lQ)DtiJ.IDI81lULLIU".hue". (J, A. PEUNT ____ ,. Importer of CIGARS -BENRIKO, loitslli"Da and LEAF TOBACCO, ......... _a. BY li'OR LEAF PACKERS. : W'Superior to any Shooks used in Connecticut Valley. ... BURLINCTO.rt.' VERMONT. ALSO COMMISSION MERCHANT, LEAF-TOB.A;COO, IlK AliD U BIOADW&Y, NEW YOn ... .. MIRANDA co. IIOII, HOJql I 111-lOI.i_, M:P'ORTil.ES OF 'J. SCHMITT &; CO. ALLEN, IMPORTERS or & DEALERs IN' -SeedLeaf and Havana Bl'flll LID TOBACCO A. O.&TlAN, / SCHRODER cl: BON, 178 WATER STREETi. NEW YORK. Ali"D PACKERS OF DOMESTIC LEAF T 0BACCO KANIJFACTURER OF CIGAR. BOXES, AND IMPORTE R OF GERMAN CIGAR MOUYS of Otmmltll'CX IG CO.,I!Id F. I V' --" ,....._ -..,. D&ALBa IN' "-Cigar-Mould Presses, Straps anu e 283 SOUTH STREET, N. 1t BANK, l!BOADWAT, comer of C&!ar Street, NEW VOn Capital, -.. $2,000,000. \ DRAWS BILLS OF EXCHANGE and isoues LETTERS OF CRED1T available at all principal plac es abro ad. A cc ounts and Correspondence of' Merchanlls, Banks, ,Bankers, etco solicited. -. 111111. 0. H. SCHREINER. Cashier. -'VV'M:. A.-m d) oo JfO U BROAD STBBBT, :NEW' YORK. Solo A .... ts for tM ONSOLIDATKJ1 TOBACCO COMPANY OF GII.JilOY, CALIFOm.._ SILIIT PDIDI : Wll ill SHII& TJII:8S Alao f'or their !NG I 1.1 v ,., 1: DIIIIESTIC Merchants ; Jro:4a Beav at.. :New: Todt. L; r II A.lldteta .... t, o. lim<' '1 '11. ... torwvdlns or""*""' Kill St. Rochester, N.Y. 'FREY :BROS. & CO. Manufactuiers uf Fm CIGARS, and


. -" .-:;.6 -J .... ....-\. stainer, Smith Brofi\1. a KDacllt, DEALERS IN ALL KINDS OF :E...EAF-.And lJ!Ctm:wfacturertHJ/ a:nd in Olga,rs. 225 RACE. STREET, PHILADELPHIA. ,. JY-Q.OD.TV,4BD1 & ., lOBA&CD, .' .CRAilll-IDIBAt COlliS SID I K -21: 2t. o : z .A. :lCf T S J8 No WI'ter:St; and 83 o.Delaware.Av:, Philadelphia. N-o: 14.b !frllt Avena.e, .. D:IALD8 Il'l -E ..A.. P 'tt' 0 -13 A: C 0 And ManUfacturers of all Cl de of Cigars. o. 8 _ll'. Wate. St., Plil1a4elphla., Pa. W. EISENLOHR & co., PACKEKS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 115 il. W.A.TER ST., PHILADELPHIA.,.._ II,.& U K.SEOOKD ST., !IT. L0..-18. W EISENLOHR, S W CLARIC. PHIL. BONN. JULIUS VET"rER.LEIN a CO.' SBBD LI:AF, AND lllV!NA. SOLE AG'ElNTS FOR THE "u s. Solld-Top. cz:ft.Kar ::M:ou.1cL" Ill ARCH STREET, PHILADELPIIIA, TD B;:f'GBA.0:0-' 1 .. WHOLESALE D'EA'LERS IN A. BOYD & IIIDAmBD ID LW mm, CI&AIS, lC., WJII[ .A.. BOYD, ... f SOUTH T WJII[ .a.. BOYD, .JR. 33 .;:::BAJ:;,TIMORE W. CROJIER. ., GEO. P. VNV KERCKHOIT & CO., DEALERS IN CO:tmCTICUT, 1UV AlA ill YABA. LW : AND Jrt.Um' AC'l'UUBS OJ' .No. 49 8. 8T BAL:TIMORE. B. MONUMENTAL NO. l8l WBr l'U'l'l' S'l'ID'l', \MANUFAcrui:&RS o AU. JCUUlS OF sOKIIG AD CBIWIIG TOBACCOS. A.cea .. :rALK.a F. BECKER. c.BECKER. L. BECKER. J BECK.EJ\. t ;.._ PACKERS, MERCHANTS. HeWLtm, i'OUNGER I!C CO., M. MARRIOTT_ KANtjF A.O'l'tJBD Q!'' 111'111 Jive their personal !Rtention t o the sale and pur \1,1.\J CUR of ... AJ)d Dealec in all kindi of LEAF TOBACC.O; Leaf Tobacco. AND CIQAR RIBBONS. 1<7Liber.: made on No. 25 German St., Baltimore, Md. --------ORDERS PROMPTLY FILLED. J. E. HA:YNES, }08. Sc"""""'*"- A. W>e:OLAIIUII, IN :YESTERN JOS.. SCRDEDIB Qa. y rEA F Commiulon and Who eoall; Dealen ID II ,.=DJrAU CO, ::.:. :-2'1 s o.ufl1 Ka.,ufactured' Tobacco ( A ,,., .. ,. St. LOUIS, Mo AND CIG.&RS. NOV. 11. and Detroit Advertisel'l)enta. cASsros WELU:s. H B d & B C. &c. CO.,. L. B llAAII, .BICH.A.RD JAMES lULLAY. R.MALLAY.ABR Between B.&ce ""d Elm, o:monnu.TJ. o. enry esu en ro., COHN SEED LEAF ("' DE.ALEBS tw CINCINNATI. BROS. &.. CO., '. CGnnectrcut "'""<>B-40()0, i COII111CTIOUT LI!A'f' TOBACOO :,o.; I) Hampclea Sl'I:INGFIELD. :1U.S1L Boston Adverfiaeme.ta. I 0-:. HOLYOKE, DRCHANT ht LEAF and KANUl' AOTURED 'l'OBAOOO, Central J .. W. QARROLL, ... So1e ManuJacturer of ttie Famouil and World-lC.e cowned Brande of Vlrgiaia TobaCCO.: R A. MILLS, TOBACCO BROKER qeneral Comallaiea Merc:'luult,. omce In_ Tobacco ExehllfC', Shockoe Slip, mc;mtom>. v..t... & GUll, fl Commwloa llero:lwlta for the "Puclaaae of


I j NOV. 11. & MANrn!'ACTUBBBII OF c:J X G1-:EC .A.J!ID DBALEBS IN r I 'NEW YORK. '78 PARK PLACE JULIUS BERLINER, T o .bacca11 203. PEARL STRE,ET, Lol1la Sl'JDO. P M. DINGEE SON, Cor. SIXT:If..&l STBEETS, Commitsi n Merchants. FOR &ALE; 8111111ble for Tobacco Boxoa &Dd. Caddia. .._to --ft. ilacb sB,&&wed to wldtho,dry aoti sea!IOJ!ed, aod a t a l o w figure. N .B.--Co!lsumen can oider 1,000 (t. e;r more, as a aa.rnple. LONG IsU.IfD SAw AND PL.AHUIC MtLLS, COR. lloitD AND THI&J) STa.sTL BaoocLYK. N.Y. Oi!ees: New York, 2'il'earl ana U6 Kaiden Lane PEASE & Pp!LLOU. A. no iiViifoCUS. 49 West Broadway, J.UKII KA.TR..\111, Sole N.Y. PJI.ICE LIS.T SENT ON .A,PPLI CATION. CHARLES JUNGBLUTH. Bff-DEALERS, BDXEt Bf""CAR LOAD FOR LEAF PACKEIS A SPECIALTY. HION.R.Y U-FRANK]U.. &,.. C:J(J., .. GEJO:BAL COMMJSSIOX IIEBCHAJfTS'. And. Broker Leaf Toba.ocb 80roB AGB.l!IT8 IN IUCNTvClK:Y W'Qa JAil. C lllcAXDI\BWI Licorice Paste, O: Ilia d. ru:E-. LIQUORICE: P THE UNDERSIGNED AGENT IN NllW YORK FOR THE.J!ANtJF ACTURER.S OF THE FOLLOW. ING WELL-KNOWN BRANDS Oi' LIQUOR!Glil. --to cautloa "Tobacco Maoofactui'eb laaliist usiog any of tlle na.meTous brancts purportingto be orialDa1 aG4..-auine brands of imported LIQUORICE, but which are adulterated compounds of his braocls, rebolW lD. filii coaD\1)'1 a.nCl ia. IOIDe iaatanca iuf less than. fiity raer cent. of Liquorice: o insure manu PURE AND _GEfiUrNE ........ JCy(Ja li'LB ,AOC l"'' ZA .IlR. VB ... I [A) K6;Cf)" 'Nil' (B) addt"ess their orders to the undersigned in N'ew York, wJ.o_js jhft IN TMW: UKt.TW: rands being_{egistered at couaterfeits"Witl 1Je jeV;ed wllerev,l'll: found, and legal lU!!IUtuted. 1 ,S"uanmtee all Liqllorlce sent out, and refer to the fq_Uowiaw-letw, u M (fl(' the-itate I oler : JAMES C. McANDR.W, oa "gVaun-Elttreet', NEw Yoa.::, 1873 .MR. }AonsC. McAN":ow,N.,wJYork' DarSi.-Woba...,ued.._) Caae&ol of Uqaorice,. qd tbe y have been ,&ULlformly .regular and of eaeellelllualltra ,. Yoero !SignedJ P : L"'ORI LARD & CO DETAINED. Hanil !De another spill-.: Phrebe my glass refill .As I've some \ime to kill, W)lat cjo you ,mention 2 "Boat, gun and taekle nigh, Hor e a'nd trap ready ?"-I Think I:, can manage my Taalt of .detention. I Rowing ? rve had a oout Raining ? then, can't go out! Capital stream foF trout ?_: Not very handy! No, I'll just pen a l ay ; Clear ali these things away ; Landlord another clay, Soda and brandy Anti-Tobaccoite I have no wish to fight; !But, if you douse my l ight, Mind, we sball wrangle. IWhy.. should you !nterfere, With your new -fangled gear', _)An try my course to steer I angle ? f \ Dow .Jeremiah 8wlps suld his Crop of Tobaeeo to !few York. for having found the man whO> was in the habit of ing 7 5 cents for leaf tobacco. Schnorrer felt weak, he felt crushed. Somebody behind him was lavghing Seligsohn, his book keeper, was trying to smother l'lis laugh by 5tuffing his handkerchief into his own dining saloon. He was seen tbe nelCt day, looking for another situation. But S(hnorrer soon regaine .ac<;:o they wanted for the present, and with a characteristic disinterestedness seldom met with in Water S t reet, he told to go across the street; see .Messrr : Blackburn, & Co. He was positive -tbat they would buy his tobacco at a gooa figure. J Now thi s happened to be a hot day, and old $.wip.s, w o haq scarcely reco vered from the 15low his -bores had received, just at t)le moment be tbought he had. found h1s .long-looked.for 7$ cents man, co:nnienced tu feet ratheL bad and seemg a ta 1 : grulflooking man just entering office o Blackbwo Whitevein & Co., he piclther, and with a xelliog eye--only one, the other did not exactly comeJup fo heem-ergencies of the hourand ln"a oice tharsou!lded as i! a bale o Havana was l ,hTowri-fromthe fourth story Into_ the cellar, "141 use it ;foimanure fiist!" He then gave one good full sized gap forwan!, and fell to the dead mao! n the greep qui et churchyard of Oitowo, County, Conn : rest the last remains of the unfor tunate but genial son of" Zacharias Swips and Babetta Su!G.nna-SwiJ:>s uee R!i er. An admiring, thankful w ose .m1 .1t Jeremi a h Swips -had so dabbc!'1 together, and bo ught and erected !1 m arole monumen t over his grave. '1'heftop of the monument was beautifuUx decorated with a crown of imitation tobaccb 1eaves of the 1S.7o crop. 1 a masterpieee. out of the white veins could easily be detected wifh the naked E:ye. The fmnt o[ the contaiqed the following Jleart-rending in: scription : .. '-"Here lies old Jeremiah Swips, For ever now are ciosed-Ris lips "' He slumbers quietly in his case, No more tobacco he will raise.'' I


TOBAVVO Brokera. L'o I '\ : b o -tories. F J c oB v & T&baeeo ma.nufaeturers and tlie trade in 1il mR 0 p ni ITAN natJ IIIIRI 114and 1 1 6 UBERTY STREET,... particularly e.I-143 wATER STREET, .IH IJ'lJ Cmruf lllliVllniY NI:W YORK, amine and test tho of 8eiJ to dlred the attetiUooo or the Dealen In 'robaceo this LICORICE, whillh, being DfiW ')rougbt .. .... to the highest perfection, is dt'ac r..-and. 'r. CJ. & G. o. .. TOBACCO 'BBOKIR 5 & 7 Doyr.r .M.Aill .n. \9' 1' J. er ... pervialon of the originator', .. MR. J}OHN ANDERSON,' by r.oliDiftenl to be tH 1-'27 Pearl 8i:leet --.,. wtthool a mat. Onion best Ill the marker. And for the braad of Fine Cut Chewing and .. .. wl11" Licorice Stick '. NEW Y .ORK. & S!oniFF, 30B'N' F.3'%.ACC CicCo pwom."" oo., .CMAS. [, fiSCHER & BRO .. tn all respects eque.l to CA.LABRl .... Tll!&8 IIIIIlS. OUQ iltMC'DS CHIWIIIC 1 ... HEARTS' DELIGHT.: f\Ut ,fn&ohtllg, We have no and }I(ATIONlY.. BRIGHT OWEN '' 114 fkiUlatttl Jobbers 1.1'ould do to app,ly dli'OCt. JX!I' : m () B A C C O Lioorie& select and orclimly, conetatl1 ItA CAVENDISH. ttMtvtST" .. "SURPRISE" IN POlL I n h&Dd. GIQI.EZ & ADGIIIIDIU A1P4 aud' f'S' Pearl St., New York Citv. IVANHOE JOLLY BOYS 8MOK1t.!Q, n '"-Dll I!IO"t' "op. r.HAS. a. HOYT U& & 178 First St., Brooklyn, E. D. 29 'at sr&EET 13J Water Street, Chu. i. n.cller., ,.. N .EW YORK H. W. Fioaer. ... ft i LOUiS. N. PECABE. Uoorice Paste and stick& G.S. ., ): 'Tl .romr STILEET, lfEW YORK, W. 8 .:_ .. .. =i H :Z ; Fine:1onfaiistiiiihi Cut cavendish I < "r --No. 86 .-. 0 ; SMOKJNQ TOBACCOS, P.S.Baracoohndpjpatella. '' _, t .arilisF'"""'. Jr. +'. l!'or ll'fae, Wholeoale aD4I RetaU Tracie -, NEW YORK. .... $ Bu.NDS:-Exceilout, Periqlle, Turll;ioh Latakil<, De Rosa. Gree!f Seal, Golden Bu, Callfocboeo. s. J40C>D CO. (, ... MA.YERBROTHERS, .'. )4.9 & 51 Tchoupitoulas St., New Orleans, La., SOLI DOLESALB I SBLLIIG !GBITS FOR THE STATES OF LOtTISIAN A, KISSISSIPPI, FLORIDA &. TEXAS. a ESTABJlOOK, No. 7 Street, Boston,SOLB AVBm. FOR THE 1'1 :a: W S'l' .A. "l."ZS. NOV. 11. 1 I .. .MISCELLANEOUS. niU DEMUTH & ce. TH& SO.L.Jl MANUPAfrTUit&RS O:W BIUAlt AND APPLE-WOOD PIPIS, WITH lllJBBIR BITS, Iaponm of Ill klW of llmabn' .Ari!lles. SHOW FIOURE8, IN JO:'SAL A)lrt WOOD, A SPJK:IALTY, 501 BROADWAY, !10!..,.. YOBK. zw YORK. Spanish, American & Ge$an CI&AR RIBBONS. Lontlna Yellow 7 Spanish I 3!i yds. 12.1o 11r-c1 YeUew sB 1. 7 ydo. 2 .10 Broad Ked sB I 7:1 ydll a. JS Narrow Red 4-8 I 72 yds. JCapaa.ola sB I 7 yds... 1 10 L-Uel 7 -"i American 1 A 14 yet 1:1o ., LoDdrea Tella'W' ,..a I B !4 :yds r 7s Laatlre YelloW' 7 8 ,. II. 34 yds. J,!!S Loa..rea Red. 7-8 I. 34 yds. t .Bo Loadrea YeU.w7-8 German 34 J4s 1-3S Loare Yellow-13 ; 34 ydti. 1 30 11..-re., Be 4-8 12 yds. 1 .6o llarrowr Bed 4-8 J t 72 yds. J.ts arroW" Yellow-4 72 y ds. J a8 T ,ERMS-cASH. -... I ALL ORDERS .. WIL.L BB P OMPTLY KXItCU TitD. HENRY WliLSTEIN, (II-M .; -r .. 2r llityrtle A:nnue, Brooklyn. Co.-DtiT ll&lld the -.... aDd ........ ...... ----tills...._.. LOMS POIORIY, IMPORTER OF FINE No. 7 BURLING SLIP ., .. NI:W- --) ... J IEAI.It8WO. ,. AM I.perlers,tl Q., : : 18W -Wwiaia st.. ew1rork. LOmSIAIAPDIQUE SIOKIIG TOBACCO Also, Perique Tobacco in Carrottes, U6 WATER STREET tn:W YORK. 43 L;,Jberty &treet,opposite Post Office; .0'7_ TOBAcCo, sECAR8, srUFs; lk. !lN p 0 J L 1 IVIA DDUI& BRO'l'BERS ; Imported for Olgareetu, etc. Wangler & Hahn, AGENCY AND l.>Jt'U1' ());! l'. W. I'EX.GNEB & SON'S, f. H ; BlsciiDirs 1BAL TIMbRE F i D. e S e K a r s TOBAOOOs .-, xo.290&292BOWERY,with Fr. ENGELBACH; 21 s!%bk .Ave., nw YOU i OJIEI:DA "'''JJACOO WORK.S AliD (.; moAB BUCHNER, to ROBITCHECJt & TAUSSIG, Oll' NEW YORK. EDWARD A. SMITtl, KAli'UFACTU RER OF PID.e Seg&rs, Kca. Bowery, FIRI-UT CBIWIRG-lliW YORK. t : .. AND SMOKING AND CI&!RS, / Havua. Sixes, Cheroots, :rr.: ... a IMII!!!II DELANCEY STREET, ..... "'ii!i' ,.,, l NEW YOIUL l''T U9 ATI'OJUIEY STREET, ......,......,.ofthe!oJiowlojrBromdeo(lttLUcxnnaa wK.GL.W:<:V.., NEW YORK iS et'tloe11. 8 .._BaiL Wl_e_. JA"'* ICHLO&RL .. 1rFDJa Leal. J,_ ..__Be... "->iiet ... olthe celebntecl hrauda "Republic" ..., .._. ... -=en.,.._ aa.dDr7."' Other favorite Handa made .. -. B. ORGLBB., !olanailctdrer or the best Jlroads or OIG.A.R.S, Also, Proprietor of tho BraDd "Cuba Libre," 2971-& 286 Greenwich St., New York Sch'W'az"Z dk Spohr, BIPPENBEIMIR & MAURER, Pracrdoal. ENCRAVERS AND PRfNTE.RS, BY 8'1'B.&Jl POWJilB. Al!Q) HAXD PBESIIES. \:o<>ut Floonden. 0. Po&ILet-pie.- Le-Ba4obu:' Loot>-out Doable thick F.mra. 0. Xaclllou:e Half No'ries. Lewl ............ Lo<>k._t Doooble-thlclt st... B. 0. .......... GoNeoo Elpt .... -. Le-Iliad""'' Loelt-oot Doable-thick Tcua. 8. DUI'o" The Pet." P-t'Navy_POWM!o. J.G.DIU .. "MiaoJ..,nle. Le ...... Loot-oat HalfNaviM. G. DID' u Ow-Cholce." J. o. Pill' ButteriiY T-..ilt. J. a. Dill' .. Gip.,. QllMD," 51nl>ltine I 1 r .NEW YORK .CITY. i VAN. _RAMDOHR, .' Havana ancl Se8d T O B A CCr O JS, I8g ;t"EARL STREET, YQRK. LlllERAL ADVANCEMENTS ON-CONSIGNlPtlftS. WITTEMANN BROTHERS, '31 ..._ID L.UrE, liiiEW YORK. B.. ZEI.I.ElfKA, OF ALL XJMDS el' I JI01SLDI MID LDEII roBA.CCO BAGS, 283 Bast olth St., ew YJ!k. Onlc11 Uleded to at ahorwt WM; li. COBE, -.-. (Es tabl.i sh e d 18.s8), Patantee and of Entirely New Strlea of .. mrE METAL AND WOOD SHOW CASES. Patented April :ad a n d Aaeust 1 ath, 1 861; lb.,-rS&o: and Jul:vSth, 187 For wbjch flnt Pr'emtuma have been awatded at the "'Americ&a InstitUte, I86c;, JS,o, tSf,, a&Georgia State Falr,''!6f: Vlrtlelo State.Fair,,s,o Soutll Carolina State Fa1r, 1870 ; Proepect Pack Fair, Brooklyu, L.I., ,.,... N. B.-,-S!.ow Case of every..deacriptlon """otantly on 'huid, aod l'ea4y for t o aay pe.rt JUnited :::. &Dd Caaadaa. AU aalea u -' 1 3a' Chatham St., cor. of Pearl, NW"YORK.


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