The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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. ... .. I -.J < -,_ VOL X.--NO. 50. NEW YORK. WEDNESDAY, JAN. 27, 1875. WHOLE NO. 518 I lht of Briar Pif"s .. J ltor'"' '!I I Ll' Artidde F. 0. & Co, t4J Water. Ga&AT BRIT AIM AHo CANADA -E Of Tohco l'r1U1r1. BR&IIEN, HAMBURG'AHD THE CoHTINBNT, o8 Guthiie &: Co., ns Front. AUITRALI .... BTC.1 VIA ENGLAND, NtUitnJ411iMMCtl bu}ti#1c. CuiiA, 5 04 Hoodless W J. & Co., William. No orden for the paper considered, unle8B MtJtlu{acturw-s oJ Cigr IJoJte4. accompanied by the co.rrespoodlng amounL Erlabs H. W. South. Remittances should, to ev'try instance, be made Henke It Jacob, ,.. &: 195 bJ money-ord.,.r, check or draft. BUll are liable Wtclr.e Wllltam & CCl., 155-161 Goerc"tr.. "? be stolen, and can only be sent at the greates\ of Cigar & sn,., Firwru. riak to the sender. Strauss Simon, 818 fifth. .. THK TtnAcco LBAY commends itself to every Cigt2r Box, teUr aNti GtAir IYH/b, ooe in-any way interelted In tobaEciO, either as Dingee P.M., .t Son, cor. Sixth anti Lewta. manufacturer or dealer. It Jilves annual Wardrop R. 203 & JCS Lewis. ly an immense amount of informatto! n regarding ClftJr ll.ibb.Po. the "weed," and thus constitutets lt".:lelf a fiiJiil G., 83 Franklln. ""t:N"' that bas long since been re-cognbed as Heppenbeimer & Maurer, u & 14 N. William. atandlngatthe head ohpecial trade publlcationa. Wicke, Wm. & Co., 15s s61 Goerct l.owcmthal S. Oo., 111 West Tbtrd. Well, Kahn & Co., 13-4 Maln. I lins, Jacob&: Bro., t8 East Second. Slsetl !.fetal Ci;:4r Moulds. Schwlll & Dubrul, West Second. CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. L. & A not N'ater. Junker & Niemeyer, 175 Water. Tobacco. IILakemore, Mayo & Co., (JQ Booad. w-n.. .C ;,:, Bowne & Frjth,7 Burling S!lp. "" llfJI ...... v.....,,a, G.n,. Cigr Mo11lth. hristmao $o Co., cor. Miisoippi and Peacl. Brod-M. ,3 Maiden Lane. Brown, A. & F. 57, 6 Lew10 .JANESVILLE, Wb. Bulkley, Moore & Cb.,J4 Front. Erlchs H. W., '53 South: Pad:er and Dealer in Sud Ltaf. Cardozo A. H. 66 Broa J I..obensteln & Gana, 101 Malden Lane. Fendrlch Francis. Crawford E. M. wat e r M,..,,.fdcturn's of t!u U.S. Soltii To; M1111Us. LA:NC.A.STEB., Pa. Dohan, Carroll & Co. 104 Front. Klein, H. E. & Co., 193 Pearl. D eale r i11. Uaf Tobaccfl. DuBois Eugene, 1! F.-not C-ig"' Mold Prell Strallt. Schubertft, C. G. JCgert Wm. '7' Pearl. Brown A .&: F., 51 Lew!a. ,-LIVERPOOL E Boelbacb. F. "Slxto Av Manufatte A. c., "' Pearl. Inumal Revmue Btiols Wlcb G W Oo.1_! llaio. Lederer& FllcheJ. 213 Pearl lli 116 Wall. ac "!I Edwards, G. W. &: Co., 6 North Front Kalmus M. 131 Maiden Lane Becker Brothers, 9B Lombard. Wm. It Co., us Sooth Water K.ellaDd, P., rliB Water. IkolS German. 1. Rlualdo It Co., 3' North Wa!er. Sla.ack A 1,q lfaiden Lane Schmidt & .deil, .Bt South Second. &U81NESS DI&&CTORY OF ADVBBTISERS lht .lobacco NEW WEDNESDAY, JAN. i7, 1875 IIEW lDVERTISEIEIITS THIS WEEK. SIXTH PAGE. Hildebrand & Klingenberg; Maoufacturen oraod Dealers in Fine Ci&ars 37 N ortb Seventh Phlladelpbla. A M Freebie lk Co.; Maaufacturora ofEchaaiYOiy Fine Clgan <3 Nortb Frot Street, Philadelphia. Tate, Muller &I Co. ; Tobacco Commlufoa Merchant.; ss South GaJ Street, Baltimore, Md. NOW READY! TEI:EI TOBACCO TRADE I DI-ECTORY, FOR 1874-1875. Most Work of the kind ever Published. EVERY MANUFACTURER'S COLLECTION DISTRICT GIVEN. Price, $4.00: By Mail, $4.50 "THE TOBACCO LEAP" PUB.CO., 142 Fulton B'beet, 1\T.'.Y. To the in other Cities. Thejollowing firms have kindly consented to act as our agents for the sale of the Directery in the cities named. Orden left with them will be filled at the ratel -of Four Dollars per copy: BALTIMORJI!. ED. WISCH;MI:YER & CO., Commloslon Merchants and Dealers in Tobacco and Claars, 39 South Calvert. CHIOAGO. ADAMS & LEWIS, Tobacco Manufacturors' A cents, 8 Lake Sueet. CINCiliOIA.TI, WR., MALLAY &: BRO., Wholesale D ealers hi Leaf 'l'obacco, and 117 eat Front Street LOVIBVJLLE. LJUNGBLUTH & CO., General Commission Merchants and Ia oaf Tobacco, 33 Tblrd Street. PHILA.DJDLPHJA. WM. & CO.; Paekera aad Bealera in Le&f Tolllcco; u! Sou tb Water Street. PITTIIBURGH. BY A. NEW LAW WHICH WENT INTO OPERA.TIOI't ON JA.l'IUAilY 1, 187111 WE ARE NOW COMPELLED TO PAY THE POSTAGE IN ADVANCIII OX ALL COPIES OP THill LE.AJI' SENT BY US TO OUR SUBSCRIBF.RS. 1 THEY SHOULD, THEREJI'ORE, BE RECEIVBD BY THE LATTER OJI' CHARGE. NO POSTH.A.ITER HAS .urY RIGHT HEREAJI'TER TO .MAKE A JHARGE FOR POSTAGE, AND .ANY ONE DOING SO, SHOULD DR REPORTED TO US. M11u{11ctUrtrJ of To611ltul Cipr. Manuf.cturers. uf Fine -cut Cluwinr nd Hoyt Thomas & Oo;, 404 Peul Rosenfeld S & Co., '.l Excbanca :Place. Stnokinc Tofxlccrs. AS WE NOW PAY THE POSTAGE INSTEAD OF THE SlJBSCRIBER, AS JI'ORIIIERLY, WE HAVE .ADDED THB AJ!,IOVWT TO OUR SUBSCRIPTIONPRICE,WIUCH IIIAK:Jill OUB PRESENT TEIUIS AS II'OLLOWS, :KiDoeJ Bros. t4t :Weat Bro.87 Llbertr. J Ucbtensteia Bros. & Co. 116 Boworr. Cod s B B f Mendel M. w & Bro, 15K Bowery rown ro 106 Dealers in Domestit 11nd Leaf To: re.cent meellrg o the National Fine-cut Association, bleaba...,.-M. VT. kuco. h d' v. Co-opentive Cigar Maaal'r Co., ,9 Weot 1 c .. ,.,. Ma a. Grote, 3 Hfiron Ave. W ICh ISCUSSIOn was fully reported at the time in these and all6 CHICAGO m M< "Qt b columns. We say" incidentally," as the meeting was Schwarz & bl, 3 Bowet'f. Wluu..U Dlr ,,.-Siii/Let>f ... -T.Otu:co anuJac urerB 0J u.g 0 I J. ects generally. The question is not a new one in the Batro I> Newmark, 76 Place llaare1 C. F., Clark. Tabet & Robrberg, 10 Park Pl-. Dt./,, i uaf Tobauo. WI Jameo :-.: Cary trade, and our correspondent Roanoke retails the Wancter II< Hahn, S90 Ill 1190 llewwy. llandhqeo Bloo., 17 Weot Randulpb. LM-f Tobacco Brows. f Fi., S..u Cfr of Fin Cllt CA""i"l S.d-MUts R. A! struggle in Congress a few years ago, when Gen. Arenoberg S. H. 49 Wb.ltehall J n. l B.OCBEfiTEB. lf, 'Y h Boady Charleo, 531Bowery r. 11"" Valen X.&: T., Lh State. Be11ce George, r 9 Pearl Tot:acco JJf,.,f=Jr"'s Ap.,Jr. Dttlltr in L<11if Tohacc Meens, ll.eclared himself to be "a small-packa,e man." Greenkall A., west Broadwar. Adams & LewlB, 8 Lake Kasprowicz A & Bro. Clllmbe< Wlulesak in Cir11rs tuUJ ToS.u11 llooely D. E Kill atreet. / ad that gentleman remained in Congress, it is ,14111, La... cor. Fifth Smith l i ly that he would, ere this, have again broug the of H ..... ,. T.H. Dt.lm Ha'lltZtuJand.Domesti&L H""f'"l-' Pcoant, ). \A.,,.. and" BrOadwoy Wanltefmao F., & co 8> Froo Breck, a: yo.,,.,. OUve. ndon.and it is anno11nced what, time is Pob&lskL" Guerra. 83 Wllli&IIL. M.1 "IIChs -" /iJ' c, c. STK.A.CUSE lf Y Mora, J. M. & co., 61 Water. '!t rerr "./ ut nnvi"'Z """' nding to the arpuous d11ties o( the Lega-. Soloznoa M. ,. 1:. Maldea St11111tinc T._. Padus uf Sd 1-Nf a,.d Dar, 77 W'atar ..... ,..._, /1, _., 'f. *' in favor 0 all packages. ltlob.l'-&':"'-'"' YIM Vu ....... LL.t:S..-'----!BI .IPPLIRY CTIAR AUMrJOWe M.tmmnt 1MD FRED'K DeBARY. co., 41 & 4J WARREN STREET, NEW YORK. SOLE AGENTS FOR THE SALE OF THE BL DB GALES .CIGARS, M a nufactured at the KEY WEST BRANCH of the eelebrated El Principt' de Gales Manufactory of Hanu. ANJJ IMPORTERS OF HAVANA CICARS. C W, ALLEN. JLLIS, Fine-Out Chew-ing Tobacco, A D. ELLIS. 11, 13 & 15 VINE STREET, CINCINNATI, OHIO Era"-Ch Otlices at i3 liver Street, Chic:a.go, and S. W. Corll!r Front and Arch Streets, Philaie!phi::.. Tra.d.e o=Iy KE; WEST :a:A V SEIDENBERG & CO., 19 Dey Street, New York, Proprietors oC che. .LA. ROSA ESPANQL, A FACTORY KEY WEST AND IMPORTED GIGABS, 26 Gedar St., CP. 0. Box 46 i 6.) New York. n HORACE R. K ELL Y tc CO., (Successors to ROBERT E. KELLY & CO.,) IMPORTERS OF HAVANA TOBACCO, 34 'BEAV R STREET, NEW YORK. EMA.NUEL HOFFMAN & SON, I IMPORTERS AND PACKERS OF LEAF TOBAOC 149 Water Street, IIIMANUii:L HOFJI'MA.X. ... M. co., 257 G. W. HILLMAN & CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS a-MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, SO :r:aONT ST:a3ZT, N::S:W YO:aE. . SOLE AGENTS IN NEW YORK. FOR "FRACRANT FLOWE.RS" Smoking Tobacco in Drum, DOUBLE ANCHOR DURHAM, DIAMOND QOLDEN CUT CAVENDISH, r 1 ALSO, PLUG TOBACCO FROM ll'HOKA.S TAYLOR .. co., W. T. BLACKWELL, J, W. GJBION, SALMON .. HA.IICOtlK:, TURI'Jlf .. BB ... T. c. WILLIAMS .. CO., R. A. PATTERSON .. co., NOLTING .. BlJRTON, LIPSCO'JUI ., DOWD, and. other Jl'aetorlea. Assorted Stock on Ll.beral Terms. /Wecial Brands fu1"nl.shed for Owners''...._ Nor is,there any considerable number of manufac turers, we judge, who to initiate a movement of this kind on their own account. From the epinions of several leading of the trade we print it will be seen that, though agreed in prin ciple on the small-package question, t!:.e present is not considered a proper time to take action. If the object of our correspondent, Roanoke," was to elicit an expression of views on the question, he must be satisfied that his opinioi1s in favor uf small packages for fine-cut are those of the New York trade generally ; but he will also note that the co-operation of tne\Vettern trade is considered necessary to carry out such a reform in Congress. From the expression of opinion which the resolutions of the National Association elicited from the Western trade, it is evide'nt that such co-operation will not now; b e given, aml that a considerable change in the views of Western cutters must fiut take place. The latter deem the small package proposition diametrically opposed to thei. r in terests, and it is natural for them to exhibit their antagonism wheuever the subject is intr<'duced. not likely that any action will be taken .for a long time to come-unless the ex-Ohio Congressman. should re turn from his foreign mission and take up the gloves again on behalf of tlteGovernment. But as the income from and cigars is larger to-day than ever before. We do not now propose to argue the subject on its merits. We are only stating the aspects of the present situation. The Eastern trade would seem to be almost a unit in favor of small' packages as a principle, though opposed, as a body-; to the agitation of theq)uestion at the present juncture. The Western trade may be fairly said to united against the change from pack-ing in bulk t. the compulsory use of packOLges not .ex ceediri sixtet. n ounces. In this osition of atfairs, it i:s it is not likely that any official will undertake to revolu_: tionize the fine-cut trade to stop frauds that can not be very general and which do not appear to seriously affect the revenueWe would like, however, before lea.ving the subject for the present, to enter a protest agaimt the tone of certaill W1'iters in Western journals T:ho have discussed the sub ject. Invective and appeals to sectional feeling are not the proper weapons for those who are sure of the justice of their cause. It is very easy to shower abuse on every proposition that emanates from a certain section, but it is scarcely a or dignified mode of discussion. The advocates of ('>&eking in bulk-may be right, and oui Eastern friends may be wrong,' but abusing the latter never convert them to a sup. port of the former practice. Let us have arguments, gentlemen, stated fairly anJ without feeling, and the two sections may in time agree; but nothing valuable can result from heated assertions and foolish appeals to some fancied superiority of the West over the East; or the East over the West. We think that "Roanoke" will among the Western supporters of bulk pack ages, men standing quite as high in their _own communi ties as any cutter of the East, and vice JJtrsa; and that the charge that pa<;king in bulk ia advocated because of lhe facilities it aft'drds tor fraud, falls harmleu /".17 l'tiAA 91\_.,ft ft.,,... ... ,. .... .... _. nAI,....,._AA


... .. JAN. 27. 2 --000 M A JU[ET live cents per pound Why this 'great d1screpancy? weghers, etc., a general order store or a bonded ware hMse will have to 'be provided as well for the use .manufacturing shippers as for others, and why not do the senslbla thmg at once and establish export warehouse and have done wttb tinkering? The chief recommendation to the amendment, as we at pre sent VIeW it, IS1 that It Will SOOn make apparent the necessity for an export warehouse here, and then, we shall probably get one; or fa1hng then some liberal ruhng by the Commissioner of Internal Revenue and the Secretary of the Treasury with respect to a general order & Co, 5 do, J. R. Sutton & Brother, Io d9; order, 8 do. BY THE NATIONAL LINE -Sawyer, Wallace & Co, 6 hhds, W 0 Sm11th & Co, :zoo &o, Pollard, P'ettus & C-Q., r.f do; M. Wnght & Co, s do; order, u do Of the Western trade. We find granulared goods from th1rty cents to a dollar a We dislike to te compelled to 'make observations of drug m the market when compared w1th the demand fiJI' tb1s kind, but the mat:lner m which the subject has and sale of other supenor well-known bran1ned on a 1e-oale here. Of cuurse every re-sale m111t be at an ad vance, and therefore tne pnce obt:unable by th8 powert will serves :_,,As for the new crop, we that not more alway be somewhat tower cnn our quotatoons than fifty per cent of 1t IS atnpped and ready for dellv QUO'FATIONS OF WHOLESALE PRICES. ery We have not seen much of tt, but from the best b JYt:sttr-R-Ltgb.t d ctl mforma t ton that we can o tam, Jt IS commg m unsatlsC ommon to good 11180 10 @ n w,. .... ,,._crop .a7 .. 73 factory. The leaf IS :very dry and husky, and the colors Comm o n teat 13 Runn nr Lots 9 lilo l o rtlgnare of every kmd, but mostly too hght On ac c ount of G ood ... .... .. 16!i HavanFU Com 86@ es h h f I d I h Fone 19 @at do Good d o W @ 98 t at, t e proportiOn o ow gra es IS arger t an was ., s d o F ine o 1 ,00@1 15 expected, makmg the cost h1gher for them than ever L1J!U cutt>ng tug a u @16 do Extra FiDe I 20 1 26 d o do l eaf 16 @ 30 Yara I, II Cut 9S@ 1 00 before 'Vater IS used very extensivelY. m packmg, Glpp1D(' Leaf n omina l ,._ .,._ splendid, but was never etler. e can reca no penod E xtra Fone d.. nominal M eouum.... ... .... u @llO when the probability of reahzmg m the future renumer Logs .. ... nominal Colllmon ... ...... @i4 Smok e r s bri&"bt nominal Pou'IJd.l \ 61 ti7f alive pnces, for good old seed leaf approx1mated nearer Ohw-ID'ortogo<>o-LoJl810'o Fl led to y ellow @ >5 Na'7, 4 o and 5 @ M matlon The same cause, too, that makes th1s consum... .. com F't"lfera, Bolla 60 @116 mauon poss1ble w1th reference to destrable leaf, w1ll mou : 3 = (Va) 12 mch 3: :u assuredly affect favorably the status of that whtch IS cam,;:on .. 9 llrigllt Gold Baro hneh 611 @70 less des1rable So that, even f the of last Jear lledmm ..... 10 @ u a. Bead:r @85 Good to ftao red. ..... II @15 N. 0 l'O...,.__Flll .. should not prove as good m all respec s as caul be Fancy ... .. s @>.., "11 e. .... 47 "'"" Bv THE OLD DoMINION STEAMSHIP LtNE -Kremelberg & Co, I30 hhds; Buchanan & Lyall, 3 do, H. Henwood, 9 do, W. E Duncan & Co., 2 do, 20 trcs, J. D Evans & Co 5 r hhds, 4 cases mfd ; J. H Moore & Co, I trc; Tobacco Co., 4 do, Arkell, Tufts & Co, 5 hlf crcs mfd, 68 qtr trcs do, 28 cases do; Martm & Johnson 21 butts mfd. II cases do, 77 do smkg, M. M Welzhofer :z8 cs smkg, 4 buckets mfd, 4 caddtes do 4 hlf. caddtes do, Dohan, Carroll & Co 7 3 cs mfd, r 2 hlf bxs do, 10 third bxs do; H A Richey, IS cs smkg II do mfd, ro hlf bxs do; Bulkley, Moore & Co 6o cs mfd, I7 hlf bxs do, Allen & Co, 200 cs smkg; S. Langsdorf, 68 do, A Hen & Co, 40 do, D & A Bendhe1m, IO do, M Hirsch, 5 do, J. R Sutton & Brother, 4 do; Bonnett, Schenck & Earle, 5 cs mfd, Jas H Thompson & Co 6 hlf bxs do; G W Htllmm & Co I do, Brothers, s 1 qtr bJCrs do, I case ctgars, order, 2 cs mfd, 4 caddies do. COASTWISE FROM KEY \'VEST -Fred'k de Bary & Co, 8z cases cigars, Seidenberg & Co, 36 do, H Gaul heur, IJ do, J & J Eager. 3 do McFall & Hogan, 2 do, Leon Rodnguez 2 du, S eidenberg & Co, rs bales scraps; V Martmez Ybor & Co, I4 do. BAL TI:'10RE, :January 23 -Messrs. Edward W1sch meyer & Co, Tobacco Com miSSIOn MerchjllltS report Rece1pts of leaf tobacco contmue very light and the market IS qu1et all round, tbough firmm tone, as a rule bemg md1sposed to' sell except at full cuuent 'Ve have no sales of spectal1mportance of etther Maryland and Oh1o to note. We quote agam as follows -Marylan;)., common frosted, $6 so@7 50, do sound common, 7 so@9 oo; do medlUIJl, 8 so@9 do good do, 9@1b do leafy brown, IO@IJ do bnght red to yellow, I4 oo@I8.oo. Upper Maryland, bps, 7 oo@9 oo do brown to red, IO oo@II.oo; do yellow spangled'; I2 oo@ rs oo, do extra do, l6.oo@ IS oo, do fancy, 20 oo@3o oo. Ohto, frosted, 7 oo@ 7 so. do infenor to good common, 7 so@8 so; do greemsh and brown, 8 so@9 so, do medmm and leafy brown, 9 50@1 I oo; do mediUm tO fine red, 9 SO@ IS oo; do common to medmm spangled, 9 oo@ 1 do fine spangled to yellow, I3 oo@3o oo. Kentucky, common to good lugs, xo oo@u oo, do heavy styles do, I2 so, do low to medmm leaf, I3 oo@J:s oo, do good to fine do, r6 oo@I9 oo, do selections, 2o.oo@28 oO'., common to good lugs, 9 50@12 oo, do mon tO mediUm Jeaf, 10 50@I4.00, do good tO fine do, I4 5o@r8.oo, do selectwns, 2o.oo@:z5 oo, do stems and' prrmmgs, 4 so@7 00 Inspected th1s week -23 hhds Maryland; '172 hhds Oh10; 8 hhds Kentucky, 3 hbds V1rgmia total, 206 bhds. Exported same penod .-per bark-Elmrranda to Geneva, Io6 hhds Maryland and Ob10, 97 hhds VIr gma tobacco. Tobacco Statement. Stock on. han a 1n State warehouses, Jan. I, I8']S----------------JOSS by fire Jan. 6-coQtents of warehouses Nos 1 and 2----. ---InsP.ected thts week ........ ---'... __ Inspe(;teq previously, smce Janu:ary I .. u,863 hhds 206 hhds P7 hhds tertam 1t, that the meetmg held here a short ttme ago was for any other specific obJeCt than to co-operate wtth them m their opposition to the hundred-dollar tobacco clause m the 'Little Tariff B1ll A statement, article, letter m1ght wllh propnety be pubhshed to that effect Fr0m the unfriendly remarks about that meet 1ng which I have seell in THE TOBACCO LEAF, COpied from Western JOurnals, I have felt that a demal of some t>f the assertions ought to be made, and I would myself have, written m reply were 1t not that I was of the opmton that letter wnung for public or use IS to be mdulged, or IS best mdulged m, only when 1t IS un avOidable Henry Clay, as you wlll remember, thought he h wntten too many letters ; and there is another _. ross the nver who IS now, probably, of the same opm1o respect to h1mself. On this occaston wished, there IS httle llkehhood of tts provmg an un : N::';:V ; ... THE LITTLE TARlFF BILL.ThiS latest offspnng of profitable crop to ;my one, provided, 1t IS not held too q.ubot.attoa .f.::l'um :. .' .' .... ::.:!: :: TotaL----M----1--_,----d-0 --h--)htgh 10 the first place for those who h:we to place 1t -.,.. Pl>tmdi-FlDe +.s .@10 Less shipments ( ary anu an 10 our natJonallegslators, 1s now 10 the hands qf the Presce Tanua"' I gss h 1 h d b h upon the markel Good or bad, 1t w1ll all be wanted, c.,., .. ce""t-Crop ,a,, and ..... "'.:'1;: 111111' ........ -= n 1dent, for approva or reJection, lt avmg passe ot Fill 1!i""'f ...,. but, at the same ttme, It must be remembered that the en Pk"'' ..,., 4S u _.,.,.. houses smce our last 1ssue Its only section refernng Second .. .. .. 11 @I ... Lea t k L h hhd bad will be worth agieat deal1ess than the good, and Commoo wrappen .. o lts In Boo ..... .. vmg soc m ware ouses ____________ II,SJI s to tobacco was pnnted m a recent L EAF, as havmg been f k li r: d l Good Wrapper& ........ as NUt 35 "'to M r t d T b Th k t t b M F b II Sh ld h L 1 the mistake o as mg too roue Or roun ots.must ndt, Selectlona. .......... ,. 811! T'r' .. .. ure o acco-e mar e IS qu1e usmess mcorporated m r aster s 1 ou t e ttl e c .. -A .. ........ .. b fi d 1 h a1 f h be made where the mdu:anona lead to the supposttlon l Mawu:,.,,.u,._ roplw,a -- toa lll' eing con ne to supp ynig t e actu wants o t e Tanff" become law, we shall repubhsh the sections Flllen tJ l'lllle l E d h 6 lb L' 1 d that the of tiad or mdtfferent is 1 Secondo.... .. .. ... !J aoo.i'",l ... @!13 trade xporte t IS wee"" 7, 47 I to tverpoo an .tuestion. Spanuh-Havana has been m great demand through. .. 30 i': I4,2S2 lbs. to tHe West Indies; total, 21,899 lbs. Re" HosTILE ATTITUDE ? "-We find the out the week, and we hear of sales effected to Nodh"" to rood ....... 811 @fiO. ceipts per Baltimore and Ob10 Railroad from Danville, r II rr--h f ty extent of soo bales at Soc @I 25, w1th a lot of wrappers A rted L to ,. 181& Geodto fine.... 10@1 :10 246 boxes, ISS cad;i1es, 24 cases, 20 eiahth boxes, IJJ xo owmg myste m one o our. Cl CO sao 0 @3 ,. b temporaries We confess dl!\1-'""" '"norant of the fact at $2 so. Of Yara we note Ioo bales I. cut, on -5electioDI 30 I SoedandHnana, qtr bxs, 53 th1rd bxs, and from Lynchburg, 28'7 u, IO I f PI,..IUJIIVtUUa-Crop 1813 pel' I( t5 00@76 dd 'p N .li lk u that Government has recently terms. 'Ve hear, a so, o transactwns in new Fillers. .... I @o d a Conn s-i"" 3 0 OO@to ca 1es, er oro steamers, 71 p .. gs ; per R d t "' IL A ssorted ... 00 d o a o Secondo '"""3t oo Richmond steamers, 227 do. of hosuluy. <;an any one expla:m? The ctgar dealers erne tos, a ,.r Selections ..... "" @5o New Seed OoDD. """" Of Hoboken have resolved to unite w 1 th the New York, Crop prospects were reviewed very fully m our last N .... Y Stoau-Crop 87 and wrapper 211110@30 oo < CINCINNATI, 'Yanuary 23.-Mr. F. A Prague, B d & C d f Fllero .... .... .. 6 I Penn. do do do lT 00@211 00 J Brooklyn and Jersey C 1 ty orgamzauons. The neceas 1 ty Issue by Messrs ern es o an m extracts rom Runnn&' Loto .. ao 3s Ohi o do do do 17 00 !13 00 Leaf Tobacco Ihspector, The market for leaf f h h b db h h 1 d pnvate busmess letters. Smce the date of that issue, Setectons ... .. 20 I8IJO 0om1. Flller and st. tobacco has fl!lly mamtamed dunng the past week the o t IS un1on as een create y t e osu e a tutu e Oks5 SIM. Nevertheless, our friendA will allow themselves the mexpens1ve plea I bebeve that m the fUJture 1f all who are enoaged m'the &ure of" c11mmg down" for a subscnption to THE LEAF manufacture cC fine cut tobacco Ill the We.s could be for the New Year, they wtll have the satisfaction of brought to see the advantage of small packages, lt benefiting themselves and us Unless we would u1tlmately be gr.eatly to advantage to adopt greatly mtstake we shall have a good account from them, as much so as @S .... I9 s_o, 2S at 20.25@28. 27 hJads very fau pnces.Good sales could have beev effected R'd:nlng :.:.': ,4 w..u1s1 Ex" tao 111a.11et Co., and leaf: 1 at ,II, oo; I9 at 20.7 5@ at a moderate concession m pnce, but thiS was not in 13 L 28.75, 4 at 30 oo, 30 75, 30, 32 oo. :19 hhds Owen 0 b JS,J-?3 Yo J ............ the xem of tbe market. ur grocery uyers speak of Runnllll[ Leta. ... u!i@u z. A." !130 ll>o ...... .. .. Co Ky, trash, lug: hand leaf; 4 at 8@9; 10 at I.o.oo SOlne Improvement With them 10 bUSiness the ,: ::::: .. :,:,::; 7 at I6 75; 8 ;Lt:zo.zs@:z8.00 2!J hhds rwee.k, and express the hope that they wtll !!?.9n be able N..., Y: -cnip 1 ... ::::-:::::::::::::::: Pendleton Co. Ky., trash, lugs and leaf. s at 12.25@ to mcrease-th$r orders for tobacco Medrum grades ::.: I4-7S I7"1lt 'iS so@I9 oo., 7 at 20: 25@29 oo. !{) J-111, Aflllp-son &-C11 ..,.-All we deem 1t to on th1s suhJeCt ts, that we are m the mam satisfied of II mcb wi.ll be wanted an unproved demand IMPORTS:' At tht: Globe Warehouse, 75 hhds :-8 hbds. Mason with lhe present law as 1t IS wttb xegard tcr tlie manner of packmg6ne.c::ut cltewmg tobaaco Thoma Httyt-There are manythmgs m th1scon neotlon that peed-not now be satd I hold, however, to 1mpomt fact, that all tobaccos should be put U{!On the Vlarket wtth the manufacturer's name, as 1s customar;r.wllh all kmdsof goods, tobac 'co bemg rid 'exception to( the rule The reasons are obvmus and do not reqmre to bP. set forth It 1s a VItal prmc1ple of trade What IR the use of gettmg up a ,supenor artiCle unless the manufacturer's name 1s to be known ? !"buy a supenor arucle, or lme of re handled leaf tobacco, 1ts actual cost to me 1s :fifty per cent over and above goods wluch are not rehandled I go to work and cut It, a customer comes m and lluys a ten pound pack .., age of the best at the same t t me he buys a s1xty pound package of a fau grade or quahty, costmg fifty per cent less, he takes both to hts reta1l counter, and when the pa1l IS ennpty he fills It from the What IS the result 1 The Government, to be sure, m th1s mstance, IO!'tes nothm g, IS not defrauded, but the manu. facturer and the cons.umer are defrlluded, because my pume tobacco 1s madce to sell the mferior quality. Th1s 1 s one ob1 ecuon to paockmg tn bulk The next ts, m the hmory of our busmess no manufacturer has ever suc' m a reputatiOn for supenor excel Iehce m his goods, who has confined hts busmess exclu SIVely to packmg fine-cut tn bulk. Now, nothmg so forctbly IllUStrates thlS fact a5 the reputation and pnce of the different qual1t1es of granulated smokmg tobaccos on the market. We find granulated tobaccos are oblrged by law to be pa:cked m packages not exceeqing, and the pnces for the same, at whole ALTIMORE -One has only to look at the announce ments of 13usiness Changes m another CCillumn, to see that our fnen

, JAN. 27. THE TOBACCO I s I sales at the dtfferent warehouses for the past week were 9.5o, common dark leaf g so@xo so; medmm dark do VmGINI.A. TOBACCO INSPECTIONS tate or many ctty should be converted mto pnvate 479 hhds a d 2 boxes, as follows:10 75@12 oo; good medmm do u oo. No bnght Li warehouses, the Governor may appomt one or more The Farmers House sold 74 hhds:-8 hhds Kentucky leaf offermg, consequently .llommal. Old stock Sx to vely Times at Pe&enborg, of mspectors for such cJtles, who, when req_uested by the leaf J at f;16 so, I5so, xs zs; :z at IJ; 3 at u.7s, u.75, $2 higher on lugs and from to h h1gher on leaf. tbe _gxchange-Heated Di!ltlnsslonowt.ers to do so, shall mspect the tobacco, the fee for II. ro bhds do lugs: 2 ijt 14, IJi 3 at II@ II 25; 2 at FOREIGN. ResoloUoos au4 Rtei'S--'A. Drawa Game-; such mspectlon to be fi.xed by law and to be pa1d by xo, 3 at g 8o, 9, 8. 12 hhds do new leaf: r at $22.BREMEN, Duemhtt 31.-0ur special correspondent Bolb Partie. Bol4 the field. the owners at the ttme of the, inspe<.:t10n. Such m so; I at x6; 3 at 14.25, I at 13.25; 4 at u @u 75i :z at reports -Kentucky.-Qu1te a fau busmess was domg At Petersburg, Va., on the 12th mst., the Tobacco specters shall not be mterested in the,purchase or sale, II.75 10 hhds do new lugs. rat 2 at II, II.thts week. Sales amounted to :z!b hhds, whtcll looks Exchange met to cons 1dtr tlte question of tobacco 10 of any tobacco, e1ther for the1r own account or for 25, 4 at to@xo 75, J at g So, g.4o,; 2 hhds do new like the commencement of Spring. Trade buyers see spect1ons now before the Le,;islature. others. They shall neither d1rectly or mdirectly be trash at '$g 65, 8 to hhds Tennessee old leaf and lugs the nece)!SltY of laying in supplies from the Jimited Mr. Josepli E Venable called the meeting to order interested in or connected with any warehouse. They 3 at IS 25@15 s.o; 2 at, IJ :zs; 2 at n 7S, u; 3 at stock at an early moment. Among the sales to note at 12 o'clock, when Capt. :Wm E Hmton moved a sus shall be appointed in the same manner as the aotaries 1, g so, 8.75 J hbds do new 'leaf at I4 14. are so hhds Old New Orleans, '72 crop, strongly feroF the rules m order that those who bad prepubhc are now appomtea. 1 1 19 hhds Kentucky old leaf at pnvate sale at h8 each. men ted, at 64 pfenmgs; s:z hhds leaf, New York samVl<>uslv applied be admitted to membershtp. Mr. Martin satd the mspect10n laws are contrary to The Picket House sold 27J hhus: 214 hhds Kentucky pies, put very leafy at 95 pfenmgs, 58 hhcls Clarks-Mr. NoltenlUs obJected on lhe ground of the estabhsh the spult of the age. Every man has the nght to old leaf zoo $zo at rooo lbs. each; 2 at 21 so, ville, running from part lugs to fine at 87 JS ment of a precedent which might work injuriously : d1spose of hts produce as the law dtrects. Cot20.50, 1 lt I7 7S 4 at 16@16 :zs; 4 at rs@xs 7S; 1 at hhds low medium to fine at 102 pfennigs; l'tc. These Mr. Hinton advocated the apphcat10n as a vatter of ton ts pot inspected, nor are cattle or peanuts. 12 75; 1 hhd do at II so; hhds do new leaf: 2 at are all full pn.::es as heretofore. The market can be jusuce to the applicants who were mostly new Tobacco alone ts an orphan and needs the protec18, r8.7s: 2 at 16 75 xs, I att IJ 75; I at II 25; 2 at called rather firmer. Imports m r873, 23,736 hhds, who, by the rule, would become members to-morro.v, t10n of the Governmen. If he nas twenty-live hogs Io so, xo 75; 7 hhds do new hags: 1 at 13 7Si 2 at g so; imports in 1874, n,s56 do. Dehveries in x873, 19,970 and whp would be affected by any acuon taken by the heads of tobacco he could not shtp them to Europe 4 at 9o; 4 hhds do new trash at g, 8 40, 8 20, 8; hhds; dehvepes m 1874, 14,139 do. Stock m first Board and Trade. Without bemg inspected Where ts' the equ1ty and 1 hhd do trash at 6 go, I hhd llllmois Pew leaf at 14; 3 hands Dec. 3tst,, r873, 41g4 hhds; stoclc m first hands Mr. Noltenius urged his view of the question when JUStice of such a law' As to the complamt of the hhds lpd1ana lugs at g go, 9 3o, g, 2 hhds do new lugs Dec. Jist, 1874, I6I r do. 'Vugtma.-In th1s growth Capt. Hinton took the ground that there was no' legally farmers about m1ddlemen, 1f all of h1s accounts were at g, 8.9o; JJ at pnvale salf! there was no busmess thts week. Imports m x87J, 5,792 constituted Tobacco Exchange m thts c1ty, as 1t was a settled he would go fishmg five Urnes as often as he d'id '1 he Louisville House sold llo hhds I4 hhds Kentucky hhds, Imports m 11874, 7,144 do. 1Dehvenes m I87J, chartered tnst1tutwn whose privileges and powers had now. He would stake hts reputation as a gentleman leaf and lugs I at I7) 2 at IS, I6.7s; 3 at 15.25@15 75; 6,128 hhds; delivenes in 18 4, 7 384 do Stock m first been lost, by a violatiOn of the rules made for 1ts gov-that pnvate warehouses were cheaper; give them an 3 at 14 50@14 75, rat 12 2 at 11 7Si 1 at xo 7S; r at hands Dec. JISt, r873, hhds, stock in first hands ernment. equal show, and m stx months pnvate warehouses g.8o. 4 hhds do new leaf and lugs r at IJ so, 2 at 12, Dec. JISt, 1874, sS8 do. The 1mports thts year of Mr Hinton the law m the case providmg for the would dry up the publ1c ones. As to State mspecuons 12! 50, 1 at xo, I hhd lnd1ana 11ew leaf at II. Vtrgtma consisted mostly of low grades,1w 1 h!lst bf Ken-annual elechpn of officers wh1ch had not been earned bemg necessary to keep up the reputatiOn of Vtrgnua The Nmth Street House sold J7 hh'ds -xg hhds Kentucky on the contrary, they com1tr1sed mostly the better out, and whtch he contended was fatal to the mtegntv of tobacco, he demed 1t. More pnmings went seen now tucky leaf at Sr4 25@24 so; 4 hhds do lu2:s rs,u, grades of leaf. Stems -Whith1n the wuk there were the Exchange. than twenty years ago, and st fi that was burnt then is, g 35, 5 hhd,. do new leaf at r6, 13, 13, 12, r r. 5 sold 170 hhds Brooklyn Stems at 16 pfennigs, and 81 The cha1r here asked Mr Hmton whethe< he w1shed sold now for V1rgm1a tobacco These resolutiOns do hhds do l'!CW lugs at g JO@ 10, 4 hhds Tennessee new hhds common hconced stems at 1 7@ I8lpfenmgs, the Exchange to cons1der the 1pphcatwns for membernot prevent the sale of tobacco, but gtve to every man leaf at 12 50@15 75 / common to med1um Virgtma stems are m request,whilst sh1p presented, or the questiOn of validtty of the hts nghts If tbe resolutiOns are adopted Petersburg The Planters House sold 27 hhds and r box Kentucky the finer sorts are at presenQ neglected, as w11l be seen Exchange. w tll become the banner city to carry out the wtshes 'of leaf, lugs and trash J hhds old leaf at $2o, rs, 14.2s; J from the followmg statisucs1 the husmess in stems th1s Mr Hmton sa1d he preferred to discuss the questwn allmterested hhds do lugs r at r I 25, 2 at g@g so; 20 hhds do new year has been unprecedentetlly large. Imports of Va., of powe1s of the Exchange Mr. C A Tackson seconded the resolutiOns. 'leaf low lugs. I at x6 25, 4 at I5@ISo, at, 2 stems m r873. 3,ogo hhds, 1mports of stems in Mr. Robt. C. Osborne ho::t e arose and asked that Mr. Capt W. E Hmton sa1d 1t was wah great reluctance at 12, 12 7 s, 4 at, 5 at; J at 1874, 8,o77 do, tmports of stems 1873, J,355 Hmt_ on renew the applications for membership before that heapproached the discussion, as he felt that qe 8 6o, 7 2o; r hhd old trash at 7 70; I box lugs do; 1mports of Kentucky stems m 1874, 7,1J6 do. proceedmg further m the diScussion. was speakmg to a packed Jury. The resolutions were at g so. Deliveries of Virginia stems in 1873, JOIO hhds, dehvMr. Robt. A. Martin moved the applicants be res1mply monstrous, and he felt satisfied that if the gen-The Kentucky Tobacco Association sold JO hhds enes of Vtrgima stems m 1874, 6,473 do, deliveries of ceived into the Exchange The rules were suspended tleman who ofierea 'them, who was as far above susJhcJOn leaf, lugs and trash II1 hhds leaf and lugs 2 Kentucky stems 1n 1873, J,J8g oo; dehveries of Ken-and all the applicant. were unanimously elected. as any man could be, had cons1dered them carefully, he at 2 at I8.7S I8.5o; 2 :at 17, 17.25, 1 2 at 16.25, tucky stems m 1874, 5,177 do. Stock m first hand of The dJSCusston thelt reverted to the legahty of the would not have uttered them. The-statemeqts were ISSi 2 at 13 7S, IJ so; rat u.:zs; 18 hhds new leaf, V1rgmia stems, Dec. JISt, '1873, 27s hhds; stock in first Tobacco Exchange, when Mr. Noltemusoffered the fol wnhout foundation, m fact, they were false The lugs and trash: 1 at x6.75; 2 at 15.25, 15. 3 at hands of VtrgmJa stems, Dec. JISt, 1874, x879, do. lowing rP-solutlon: assertwn that the law reqmred tobacco to be broke four IS.2S@I4 I at IJ.75; I at 12; Sat II@II so, J at Stock m fi111t hands of Kentucky stems, Dec. Jist, 1873, Ruolvtd, That this association holds and understand!!> times was false; the trade that so ordered, and; 2 at g.6o, 7 70: 1 hhd dO" trash at 7 30 1 rg hhds, stock m first hands of Kentucky stem, Dec m to Article III, Section x, of its Constitution the gentleman who sp0ke last was one of the n,umber The Exchange House old 12 hhds and r bOx Ken-31st, 1874, 2,078 do. The stock of stems 1s 11ery firmly that 1f at the annual rr.eetmg, no election of who enacted the requirement and he demed contradtc tucky leaf and lugs: 1 r hlids leaf and lugs. 1 at held, and pnces next year may be h1gher m vtew of the takes place for want of a quorum th: old officers hold twn of the' fact. :z at I7 3 at 15, 13 75, 11.25 2 at 10; 2 at g.8o, general strong position of all low grade tobacco. Seed over and contmue m office unt1l thetr successors shall A misconception of the language used led to a col9-IQ, I at 8 So; t hhd new, at; x 'box at 10. leaf-A few scattered sales are reported thiS week A have been elected to fill their places. lislon M thiS time between the speaker and M,. A G, The Boone House sold 6 hhds Kentucky leaf and large sale of about 1ooo cases old Ohios of common Mr. Hmton claimed there was an amendment to Martm. lugs: 4 hhds leaf at xz,so, 12 so, xo so, 2 hhds quahty at about so pfenmgs, has been consummated but the constitutiOn of the Exchange, and read the law m Mr. Hmton resumed, wht se1zed for vtolauo of the Revenue laws. Removal.-BAL1"IMORE, llfn -L "\V. Gunther, Tobacco Factor and General CommiSSIOn Merchant, Jrom go Lombard St. to g St. Gay St. Hawkms & Co., Tobacco and Cotton Commission will "temcve xst, to the Rtalt Bu1lc!ing PHILADELPHIA, PA -Htldebrand & Klm:;eoberg, Ctgar manufacturers, removed frOl!Il 1g S Nmth St. to 37 N. Seventh Street 1 Arthur Hagen & Co ,Tobacco Manufactureb' Agents, from 15 to 6J N F.ront Street. J. A Courtney, Tobacco Manufacturers' Agents, from IS to 45 N Front Street ST Loms, Mo.-W. E1senlohr & Co Packers and Dealers m Leaf Tobacco, from ro and 1 ::z N Second Street t0 18 S. Second Streeot New Firm.s. BALTIMORE, MD -Starr & Huggms, \\holesale dealers m Leaf Tobacco and C1gars, IS Patterson Street. 1 Tobacco Exchange, F Roderer, propr)etor, 14r W Lombard Street 1 -Hamburger, Horntha\ & Co, of To bacco, C1gars and Snuff, Messrs. S. & H. Hamburger, J P. Harnthal and Wm. Detches have formed a co partnership unde1 the above nam e go W. Lombard Street .' J. C. Wartman & Co, manufacturers and dealers tn C1gars and Tobacco, Messrs. J. C. Wartman "nd C. F. Wood have formed a co partnenh1p under the-above style. PHILADELPHIA, P A -Chas F Trego, Ctgar manufac turer, 7 35 Market Street. F. X. Kelly, Jr., Manufacturers' Agent, 45 N. Front Street. M1ller Br.others, Tobacco Warehouse, Messrs F D, C. H. and :W ,<; Mt11er h:tve fotp!.ed a co-partnership under the above style ; 256 N Thttrd Street. A. M Frech1e & Co Ctgar manufacturers ; Messrs. A. H. and_E. S Frech1e have formt:_d a co partnershtp under the above name, 43 N Front Street. P.bihp H Erthe!ler, dealer m Seed Leaf and Havana Tobacco, 2J8 Arch Street. Adverttsements. lugs, good lugs, :roti@r2c; common leaf, r867 28,8go cases, 2g,Joo cases, J,9IO cases ment of the Exchange m the matter of electing Lts gov Mr. Mcllwaine satd that the language used by the 12@13'/c, medtninleaf,rJ:Ji.I5ILc;gqod,x6@x7'/c, x868 I7,73ocases, r8,S6ocases,, 2,78ocases. ermngofficers. gentleman was obJectionable and made 1tapomt of W.J.HOODLEss. C.ETAYLOI' A 72 72 86 g Late of Keotue'kT fine leaf, r8@xgc, the quotations applymg mainly to old I 9__ x ,4go cases, xg,g3o cases, 1,340 cases. Mr. Hmton msisted that it was an amendment and order w J BOODLESS & crop. The showed a fa1r proportion of the I870----S,77o cases, 7,ooo cases, no cases. must come under the rule for such made and prov1ded Mr. Hmton, resummg, said the !our breaks were not 1 1 CO., new crop, but they were generally of poor quahty, x87I----I, ooo cases, 980 cases, I30 cases. m the conslltuti(mand by laws governmg the requtred by the Stat e, but the Exchange, and re'l.d much m1xed m the same hhd, and generally m soft 1872---78,g6ocases, 6s,g8ocases, I3,uocases Mr. R A. Martm satd that he held that unt1l new from the Iothsectwn of the Bylaws to f>Ustam his IATIORALTQBACCQ IJSPJCTIQl( order, and were taken matnly by our factory men A r87J x6,88o cases, 2s,soo cases, 4,4go officers were elected, the old ones held over and were assertion. Beceiying & Forw"..Al .... Wmhouses, moderation of the weather with warm rams, would soon 1874---SJ,88o cases, 44,630 cases, IJ,740 cases. the legal officers of the Exchange, and further th:J.t the As to the merit of mspectwn laws a comm1ss 1 on glVe our m?.rket a fair assortment of new leaf. The staple is firmly held, awaitmg a better develop Exchange Itself was the proper exponent of the cons(! merchant had told htm a few days before 1f he held-the Foot of Van Dyke and Partition Sts., Brooklyn. l'HILADELPHIA, yanua1y 2s.-Arthur R. Fouge-ment of trade, either m Spring or Summer. tution and the admimstrator of Its by-laws He claimed same posmon he would hold the same VIews. They Blr aollobacco core Natlooal Inopection ray, Manufacturers Agent, reports The receipts of manLIVERPOOL, :January 2 -Messrs F. :W Smythe that the Exchange was a legal body to all mtents and assail the law because the State Inspector sells at two William St., N. Paruuoa st-, BI'OOIlon merchants were not only mspectors, but 0 P i tL b d h ld b h h 'd h t h h c. 't ne nze n Averaj'e on two hckets Pnzes cubed and iDformatioo rhea, wh1le manufacturers may consider themselves justified firmly mamtained. Warehouse returns JUSt made up to 011s 0 Y s ou ear on t etr ,ace t e ev1 ence of lbe t a t ey were pure asers, manu,acturers, repnzers and WACHSMANN a> co., Baakero, m, does not 1Jleet wtth favor from the IS conJISt ulto shows our stock to be 3z ,941 hhds in this port, legahty and the powers of the body which gave them every thmg else. The chtef ment of the mspecuon laws P 0 Box 3316 !S<>< sssl 75 & 11 Nuuu Stteet. Sidered premature-the demand Will not warrant the and the est1mated stock m the. three Kmgdoms sum up extstence. was that they prohtbtted any dtvlsJon between the m-FOB SALE-A Fresh supply of atep. Smoking Tobacco.-The demand has been 57,447 hhds agamst 4g,470 at same bme last year. Mr. S. P. Arrington here seconded the resolution of spector and his patrons, and how wi1Jmg some 1.0 060 Pounds Genume "DEER TONGUE" Flavor lOr rather better than m the month of December, with ad. ya,uaf'y g ...:..Durmg the week JUSt ended we have Mr. Noltenius, whtch was put to the vote and declared were to divide. He said he lost great patronage SMOKING TOBACCO mannfaetufffl, m lots toe swt vanced prices adhered to. Sales however are largely agam to report our market as qu 1 e't, wtthout change m to be earned by the Chatrman because he refused to allow the culhng of samples, and chasers at LOWEST confided to low grades, wh1ch is extensively consumed pnces. There have been some few transactions in Leaf Mr. Hmton calkd for the ayes and noes, when the bad lost Lt time and agam. One meJKhaut had wtth MARBURC ROS. m thiS c1ty and adJommg counties. and Stups to the trade, but nothing has been done for resoluuon was adopted drawn his trade because he would allow h1m to '""'453 11 6 J.''1' 1H'A\-PJR8ftlt.k The rece1pts and exports of leaf tobacco have been export. Imports 14 hhds. Dehveries 6z 9 Stock The communtcatlon from the R1chm911d show three green samples as a fa1r exh1l:llt of the quahty .. B d f 1' d ad b h 1 f h h d f b H W AXTED,-By ao epeneoced Saleornan in tbe very light for the rcast two weeks, owing, ln a measure, J2,438 agamst 27,886 same bme last year. From Board oar 0 ra e was re y t e c erk. 0 a ogs ea 0 to acco e could prove that rebates O(Jiprand l"obatco l'fiiiine H,Trneller and Salesmen. Beat of .... d R D h d b II d fi .c :w fereuce furnished. Address, to the extreme co weather, and the condttlon 'Of our of:. Trade returns the following extracts just recetved are ICHMONDI.. ec 9, 1874. a een a owe or years at entre are house to R 5-t "TRAVELLER, ToaAcco Lau Oftic e nver. Prices are however well sustamed by our leaf gtven :-Imports of Unmanufactured Tobacco. Month Jos. E Venable, Esq, P,-eszdent Tobacc(l T,-ade (lj A. Marun & Co. The charged dealers, who are aisposed to hold all grades at full ende.P December JISt, r87 2, 4,043, I6J.lbs; 187 J, 3 776,{;elenhurg, Pelersbu,-g, Va. that the grade of tobacco was reducing, and that the $5 tO $20 .. believing that spnng wtll show them a still fur687 lbs 1874, 4,888,324 lbs. Year ended December UEAR SIR-The enclosed copy of a resolution unanimspectlon laws were to blame Hedemed 1t. V 1 rginia In their own local> he, dunng pare momeots, or all toe time, than at I I d d b h T r b auy thing else We offer employment that wall pay handomel for eve ther_ advance, and a commensurated profit. JISt, 1872, 4S,S49 700 lbs 1873, 81,J82,733 lbs; 1 874, mousY a opte Y t e obacco Trade of Richmond, the best to acco for twiSt, fine snuff, etc., and hourawork, Fullpartlculan,torms, etc,_oentfree Send ?t. I hear of a running lot of one hundred cases, Penn. 7 7,327 lbs Home Consumpon of Unmanu'"acon the Sth Ill Stant, IS commumcated for the mforruatlon as an ev1dence here was Mr. Noltemus who came once. Don 1 delay Now 11 the time Don't lookforworJoorbuolo-eloe,. 10 where,. uabl you have learned what w" offer G STINSON & Co Port\ '73 sold by one of our old sohd houses, for domestic Tobacco. Month ended December JISt, 1872, J,of your Trade. You w11l us by the among us for no other reason than that Vugmta only Maioe. '516 -ot' use, at full figures, but terms and pnces are pnvate 543 101 Jb,.; 187J, J,874, 4 6z lbs, 1 3 74 J,897 220 lbs. subject of that resolutiOn to the1r attention and by ret:ould furnish the staple he would buy, and the mspec-A DVERT18ING, Cheap {Good s_,.,t, .. ,,., -An perooao wbo 000_ Per P. T. Wnaht & Sons, exports, 4S hhds Western Year ended December 1'872, 42,915,g 5 7 lbs 1 873, pe. aung to th.em the express1on of our hope that they t10n laws were a protection to h1m. '-plate makiDg contracts With nenpapeTI for the lnaertlon of adnr' ., II tiaemeota. abould send eeaC to Geo. p Rowt:ll & Co 4r Park Row leaf, and fifty boxes manufactured tobac<;o. Sold for 44,719,7 52 ; 1874, 45,787,816 ibs Exports of Un-WI concur With not only m the passage of a similar Mr. Noltemus satd the mspectors' marks no Mew York, for theu PAMPHLET BOOK <""''-" uvntlt 1.iu.,.1 cootalo d d 1 f r d 1' b M {_ d d resol tl b t b d d I d fii t h H b b d h in 118!6 of over 2000 Newspapers and estimates, abowiDil the cost Ad.,-er-omesUC use: 300 cases common see ea ; 400 cases mam 11acture o acco. onto en e December JISt, u qn, u Y sen mg a e egatton to co-operate I erence o tm. e oug t, an IS customers re-boemeots takeo for leaduapapen in many States at a tremeodoou reducPennsylvama seed leaf; 200 bales of Havana seed 1872, x,888,7gS lbs x87J, I,Jo8,664 lbs, 1874, 1 ,142,. with us in the effort we are makmg. We believe that a cetved on their own JUdgment, whether the tobacco was tioo from pubhsher rate GaTTHa ooK leaf. 843)bs. Year ended December 31st, r8p, 14 ,726,88o strong, determmed, combmed effort wtll result m sue marked :Western or V1rgmia. Would remark that the trade gl'nerally feel hopeful lbs; I87J, xs,266,484lbs, 1874, IS,863,2IJ lbs Uncess, and the great Importance of thts movement. to Mr Hmton said all thet towns m Vugmta en orse the "THE LEADTHE Df8G AIIIEBIOAJl lfEWSPAPEIV' h b r "' d d BE T ADVERTISING liiEDltTlll t at usmess must Improve, and the good old times manu,actured Tobacco m Bonded :Warehouses Decem)lOUr. 'ra e It to your earnest and 1m-present system. The commiSSIOn merchants cry out DA!LY,$roaye'1.. SEl.U WEEKLY, h .wEEKLY,$ come agam, when capttalmvested in mercantile pursu1ts ber JISt, 1872, 5g,574,645 lbs, 1873, 7g,58x,go4 lbs, mediate attention. Yours very truly and respectfully, that they want reform. I w11l offel" a resolution and jud1ciously \\1.1l be rewarded as advantageously as our 1874, 9S,357,602 lbs. B. C. Gray, Peyton W1se, A Asterloh, Sam'l M. Batley, wtll name the persons who will vote agamst it that 1 s TRoou"" NY close corporations of thiS clty,who receive the1r benefits LONDON, 'January 7.-Messrs. Grant, Chambers J. B Pace, C. L. Barksdale, E. D. ChnstJan, Walter K. to change the fees from to 6sc and from to QOPE'S TOBACCO l'LANT......;A. JOtmNAI. from the merchants. & Co. report -Owmg to the holidays, httle or no bust Martm, C(lmmiJke. soc. The only obJeCtion to the Goemgr' s appomtments fao&moken. Pobllahed r.tNo. 10 Lord Neloon otroet,Lt.erpoal.l!:na RICHMOND, J'anuaf'y :ZJ.-Mr. R. A. M1lls, Toness has been transacted, and dunng the week nothmg Resolved, That a commtttee of five persons be ap-n;, not whether he capable, buf whether he w1ll be.... bacco Broker and CommlS:>IoliJ Merchant, reports ,-has transpired worthy of notice Pnc:s are unchanged pomted whose duty It shall be to express to the Legtsla. come a tool of the trade. He predicted that the GenTr&de.A.4Teri1Mmenta, 20 BhJHng. per IDoiL No oderUJemenu rece.Our rece1pts and offenngs continue small, would be more and a fa1r demand ex 1st for all useful cuttmg descnp-ture of the State, m appropriate form, that It IS the era! Assembly would not mterfere ) with the law aSlt full but from the fact (lf. the wide dtfference benons. unqualified sense of Trade, denved from mt1mate now stands) but he would state to that body hdw the aldere4. unl-.>mpaDied b:r tbo c orr.....,..dlllg amount. nu. mio wu tween the vtews of sellers and buyers which tends to expenence, m the mvolved, and lookmg to the mspectors had been: :tteated here, how th1s had 1Dvariab1:rbelldhore4 to. retard busmess very much. Below I gtve the transacSATISFIBD.-An mqumng man thrust h1s fingers mto mterest of all classes concerne1i, that the Tobacco been managed. Some Jlerson contended that the mertons and contmue qeotatwns. a horse's mouth to see how many teeth he had. The Ins_pectors Laws should be abolished, and ge nerally to chants was the r 1 esnonstble party m tobacco transactiOns, FOREIGN S ON TOBACC(\. h I take SYCh Steps as Jll te d t th 1 h f r t -ln.Austna, France, Tta]yand Spa1o thetobaccocommer<'""lSmonopoJazed Receipts _______ ....... __ __ _. __ J 40 pkgs. orse c OS5!d h1s mouth to see how many fingers the w n e accom P .s ment o how was it in tlie pamc when three-fifths of them went by overnmnt underd.rection of ho Germany the duty oo Au>erDehveries. __ _____________ __ .. 3g5 pkgs man bad. The cunostty of each was fully satisfied. PFfose 1 d by the boatd, an d tli e othertwo-fifths would have followed Inspections. ____________ 33 J pkgs 1 r. 1nton t 1en presente the report of the mmority 1 f there had been very extensiVe reclamations on to ($>"" Rold)-per 100 Klogrammes (1oo American lho eqoal 45)( Jr,lloo 1 In Sales .. __ ._. __ .-"-__ .__ ____________ 236 pkgs. AN :}i;RRQK IN THE DIRECTORY -Through an madver-o.f d Board o(f 1 rade wh1ch took the oppobacco. He asked the appomtment oJ a comtmttee to Stock m Warehouses._._ ..... _____ 3 ,g24 pkgs. tence, the of the prom. ment firm of lnh-thSI e 0 t )e guhest10n, the report has been pubhsheci constder the resolutwns. kope per puo, on mokmg rou 40 cop per pud, and on ctrars p H h & M D In IS paper w tch he a ked f th E r o u 20 cop per pud Tbe _. pud JS equa to about 36 Amencan1ba In Same date 18 74 __ .. __ .... _______ __ J,o7 6 pkgs : ograp ers, eppen e1mer aurer, 111 our !RECTORY, h d s perrnLSSLOn o e x Mr Marlln said a man could sh1p h1s cotton without :rurkeyt l u !dutyl fi(ty cent gold.,., u.J> Amenarg Excess _______________ .. _. 849 pkgs reads "F. Heppenhe1mer & Co."-the name of t11e firm as a; evidence of the opmio'n of the let or hmdrance, but not h1s tobacco. Centre Ware._,UTIES OX FOREIGN TOBACCOS "-ND clOAKS. l:llack lugs, very common _______________ 8'L@ grL until year or so ago. "\Ve regret th1s error and have LC luon tra_ eon t e of mspectwns. hous e was owned by him he could c.lose 1t after thtrty F T b d t d ld F'"'l C' 72 h d d d Mr N lt b l d th d f h oretgn o acco, u y 3;,C. poun go .. ore gu tgars, ,, (OO per 1 :ilack lugs, medium to good _____ -------10 astene to correct It m a secon e ltlon now preparmg o emus o JeC e to e mg o : paper days notice, but under the present law a man hardly had and s per qent, od .. a .,.,., Imported Internal Black lugs, extra ___________ _____ ___ for the press. Of course, as tile firm ofF. Heppenheimer by o; grountl that' 1t was not possessiOn of hts own property. ti1per M to be patd by stampo at the c ... tom H.ou"' Black leaf, common. ________ _______ __ II @ 121L & Co IS nolonger in extstence, It Will at once be seen a Tresse to t ef o acco xc ange of Petersburg. Mr. 'Jun ton said that the reason tobacco was sen to Tne51mport duty on1bman1 tobacco is so-' per lb: ... r etemmeq 72 th t't d 11 he Exchange voted 1 t h th d 1 .. 35C J tems ISC per na tax ou. th, Black leaf, medmm ___________ --------_ a an erro omm1 te espec1a y as the unammous Y o ear e rea mg a warehouse was that unlike cotton tt requires appurteaame kui"1 oftob;u:comadelnth ntry mus t be paid 1 he toh ceo mut Black leaf, good _______________ ------place of busmess, 22 and 24 Wilham Street, IS of the the history of the nances to sample It, and It would not be arrowed to turn aloo be racked accodmg to tbe hero BlaCkleaf, correctlygtven. ThehousemquestJonLS very w1dely que&tiOn, an t!Je cqst of and pqstreetsmtoawarehouseaswtllas a cotton yard. He t;IJI'f. ):F. f Black leaf, extra-------------------known throughout the.counttc andiJeld In high esteem I and other States, makmg thought It was unjust to clcse the wa r ehouses now for ut ev.O' 1/ Bnght lugs, common. __________ ______ 10 @ 13 by the trade w.ho reqUire tob 1 ceo and c1gar labels. Mr. t e cost un er t e: Vlrg1n1a law less than one half of the every inspector had advanced from sJJll to eight lhousand IS PUBLISHED Bnght ILJgs, lbedtum to good _______ __ 14 @n Louts Maurer 1s the name of the gentleman whom our cost under the free warehouse laws of other States dollars, and one knew how difficult ft was for dis-IVEnY WEDNESDAY _KOlUtmG Bnght lugs, fine smokelS.J. ------____ 25 @ 3 S types tgnored, and who 1s now the second partner m the whMere wafiis not controlled by State laws. solved concerns to make collectLoqs. l BY "Tm1 TOB'CI1" tll&r PUBLt'alilN, OOIPAIIIV B ht 1 t k 1L@ firm. 1 < 1 r .1'1., artm o the followmg resolutions, M H t 11 d M M II II h :11.11 11 w W:l Ill ugs, exra smo ers.-----------' -3772 40 whtchwereread. r. 1nonca eon r. c wametote t estorage .. .. B h 1 r t d @ .... 4.2 FuUon.. Street, .JTew York. ng t ea,, commoq o me lum _______ ,_u IJ REVENUE AND FIRE ITEMSI-On Saturday last, m the Resolved, That the President and six members be charges on other comwodlttes and showed that nothmg J naw:a.YKAGl!llt. -- -lldt-tel go otl --------I37.i@J7 tfmted States tucu1t C o urt, Benedtct demed the appomted by the AssocJatwn wlio sliall "'roceed to was stored so cheaply In proportion JOIU G GB.Al!'lr, -lh>lll.n-aaaav ng t ea' eJGtr:r ers.-----------__ r8 @2a motloD for tnal m the case of Custom H9use InRtchinond and ._,efiore the proper coymmtttee o," was then taken on Mr. Hmton s substitute, As an .,.bere It Is to reach tlie C>garaa.& "0 "ht 0 @ U' ( h f Tobacco Tnde.uot o.lllyofthbbUtforelgnCQuutdes,ltls t!:oe bestattain-f' wrappers, comm n -------------20 25 spector HarriS, who, It \\Ill be remembered, was found the Legtslature thatLt IS the opmloo of thiS associatiOn. t e mmonty report o Rtc!tmoud Board o!Trade) ble Bnght wrappers, medmm to good -----27 @40 gu;lty of bemg imphcated m the smuggling of about 1 That the Insp.:ctLOn Laws of this State as now in with the followmg result.-Ayes 8, noes 19. Rates of Advertising. Bnght wrappers, fine --------------4S @7 5 20,000 cigars mto this port. He then sentenced htm, extstence, are mjurious to the mterests of all classes Mr. f. W Goodwyn offered as a for the ONE SQUARE (4 NONPAR&IL LINES :lBnght wrappers, ,extra.--------------.So @ISO on the fi.rst and stxth counts of the mdtctment, to two d b h rna or't repo t 1 t b I' h h OvKR 0 "" CowMx, 5'" MonO.. ......... : .............. .. ----l 'oM h t d @ tL concerne ut that t e1r total abolit1on bemg obectLOnJ 1 Y r a reso u LOn a o ts mg t e msprcllon ova Oa CoLuMN Ooe Year ........... ....................... 35 00 a ogany wrappers, common o me tum ... IS 2 2 72 years' lmpnsonment 10 the Kmgs County Pemtentlary. bl f h r 1 laws Lost aye 0 noes 2 S rwo SQuAiuts, over o .. e One Year .......... --------s oo Mah rappers gcod to fine 25 @ 4 a e to a portiOn o t e armmg e ement, they should o.,. SQuA""' over Two os, One Year .... .... 6"" ogany w -----0 In sentencmg h1m, Judge Benedict sa1d that he hoped b h d fi h h '" R C 0 b d d I T c On Y M h t @6 not e c ange urt er t an to amend them so "S to "ur. s orne urge e I Be ration ; he was 'wo over "'0 omns, ear ..... "o.,., a Ol!any wrappers, ex ra. ------------45 o the pumshment which woulti be infltcted upon htm h h f h r .,. h hi ._ Fou SQuAus, .,..erT"" umns, OaeYear.... .. '10 ST LOUIS r:t M J E II d I ld res pee! t e ng ts o t e 1armers, pnzers and owners to t oroug y conservative m h1s VIeWS, and Wished JUStice rr;r La'ler Adverttsemeots In tho same proporti<>o, but none ./ anuary 20r. aynes, ea er wou be a wammg to deter others m the same pos1tlon control and dispose of their property they may deem t (Concluded on Seventh Page) two, three, f011r or more Squares m Leaf Tobacco, reports -Recetved 54 hhds, agamst as he had been, from transgressmg the laws.-Early on best for the 1 r mterests by 1 t optional with them COLUMN RATES 39 the prev10us week. The weather has been too cold Saturday mornmg, the 2Jd mst, a fire broke out on to store thetr tobacco at a pubhc or a pnvatt: warehouse, Chan!:eS in Business. ... .. to bandle tobacco, and consequently busmess has been the thtrd floor of the five story bu!ldmg No IJ Broadto have It by a State Inspector or not, to sell .............. .. nearly suspended smce our las1t, but the few lots offered way, ow ned by Charles Hems and occupted by M or export !6out of the State w!lhout betng forced to ON a CoLuMN, s,. Mooths '30 00 '50"" oo 450 .. (low grades) have brought very full pnces All offerScheller, c1gar manufacturer.! Damage to stock $r 000 have It mspectt:d. NEW YoRK CnY -A. C. Lamotte, exporter of Leaf ONa CoLuwN,Oue Year ... were sold. .Fnday, II hhds I at 6.6o 3 fully msured The second, fourth and fifth 'l'h h h T"bacco' Messrs. Chas. F. Tag and Ernst Muller FIRST PAGE ;RAT:SS I ) 8 @8 2 at, wu t e same regard for the sacred nghts of will pmtly Sign the firm '!lame by powePof attorney. ONE over W1de Columns, One Year ............ So oo at 7.I0@7.SO (sma I 4 at .ro .7o; 2 a,t g 2o@g o, are 1 occup1.ed1 bY. Marc1,1s Schwartz and John Spohr, owners over tftelr property, the proprleLors oi any C O u I Two SQuAns, over Two Wde Columns, One Year ___ .. P,"" t d b t d I L f: tu D I INC!NNAll, Hio.-.,.o mes, Black & Co' dtssolved, THRKB SQUAns, overT .... \Hde Columns One Year---....... -.50 .. I a ro, an J oxes a 5 go, 9 an 9cYO h"'e ay c1gar manu ac rers. ama!!'e to stock $soo, msured. pubh.c should always have the rtght to con11..r C C hhd II d t .. ( t b) 0 h d fi 'I' d ..,.,..essrs. Holmes, Q C Black and M Mullms ,. ,_,_ 4 s, a new crop an common: 1 a ,7 a u ; at Q t e same ay, a re OCfUrre on the tTnru fidor of vert It mto a pnvate warehousP accordmg to the laws II fully'" advance No de-dahon from these 8.Io@8.3o and ro 2S-Our quo allons are for new p. No. 95 West Broadway, occupied by c. If. Smith, Cigar as now m exlS1ence. WI contmue under style of Holmes, Black & Mulhns. on the page, s cents tacl We quote. Common lugs 8.oo@8 so; gdod do 8 5@ manufactttrer. Damage to stock and buildmg : $I 50 3 That 11 th bl h h PHILADEl-PHiA, PA.-Robert G. Lelar & Co., Clgar N oonlenforAdvertlsll beconsldored, oleu r ; m case 1t e pu tc ware ouses In t e manufacturers, d1ssolved; Mr. H. R. Schultz connnues. ....,_,..,ding amq,unt. -l. TWa rale.lrilllJIVA.RIAJlLY be ... will be Reoeemed with a Premium, as an eqtPva! t for lnterect. $100,000. Aodress, for Bonds and full infermation, MORGENTHAU, BRUNO & COM!'ANY, Financial Park Row-:-New-York:LlPost-Offtc:eDrawer2S) \


i .EX. FORMAN. M. ]. DOII.AN. THOS. CARROLL. iOH AI, & I .TOE:A.COO Commission --. 104:. FRONT. STRRET, 1 .. NEW YORK.. Agents for the following well kno..:n and reliable Manufacturers: J.!:B. PACE, J.'URPIN & BRO., W. J. YARBROUGH & SONS J. H. GREANER, L J. GRANT & CO .. L. H. FRA YSER & CO., 'l'. W. PEMBERTON, JOHN R. :ACE & CO R. W. OLIVER, JOHN W. CARROLL, and others. l5e1_e Agents .for the Original CABLE COIL, BONNE BOUCHE, 4 s and s s Single and Deuhle Thick. Also Agents for the lONE JACK & BROWN DICK SMOKI'NG TOBACCO, large Stocks of Manufactured Tobacco of every description: S;u_table for tbe Home Trade and for Foreign Markets, kept constantly ou hand. F G. LINDa:. l ,, c F. LINDE, c. c. H S. :\f ,;,:::o.;o. R A'iH:.lO?T. NE"W YORK EED:Lm ToaAcco INsPEcTION. T-QBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPL:EO. Certificate!. gi.veD for e .very case, and delivered case by caH, as to number of Certificate. N. a.-WE ALSO SAIPLE IN OWN STORES. F. c; LINDE tc CO., RDiCIPAL Water Street. and 18:1 to 186 Po,.rl St. Water, 113 Front, 16 & 78 Greenwich Street., and J, 2, l : 8 llad8oa JUver RaU Depot, St ..J'ohaa Park. vrtnL.L.::, J. Me J. BENSEL & CO., :TOBACCO TOBACCO .INSPECTION, -155 WATER STREET, 127 & 129 WATER 1\Te,;v-York.. -w-co'GWTRY &A:MPLIJII'G PROJIPTLY' AT-CERTIFICATES ISSUED AND CASES DB-TENDED TO. LIYERED 8IJIGLY OR IJI LOTS. .... J ; ANIIER II AlTLAND. L .F. S. )IACLEHOSE. ROBERT L MAITLAND. li. MAITLAND .c!. TOBACCO AND FACTORs, .. &ENERAL COIIISSION 'liBRCHANTS, I 43 BBOAD S'l'., '2'. Advancem f'nts made on consgnmentB to"' A. & _G. MAXW}.Li. 1\: Cu., I r<'oL M. SALOMoN, E. SALOMON.$ M. a E. SALOMON, PACKERS OF SEED AND IMPORTER'S OF .Havana Tobacco ai'l.d Cigars, 85 MAIDEN LANE, N. Y. LABELS, For .Smoking and Manufactured Tobacco, FURNISH&D BY "!DE B AfCB' L .ITHOGRAPBlC COMPANY, LITHOGRAPHERS, 1.' B .E "'1: 0 B A C.() 0 L E A I!.,. WJI.J.IAM Wl E. I A. ROESLI.a, MAR TIN .. & WM. wiCK. E tc CO., MANUFACTURERS OF t66 wATER STREET. 1t "NE'VV YO:Rt:B:: 155, 157, 159 & -st Tobacco_. Commission :M:erchan. s, AGENTS FOR THE SALE OF ALL 'I'II.El NEW YORK. ,. BEST IAMIAL AlB mlllllll 1m STANDARD BRANDS Of VIRIINIA & NORTH CAROLINA MANUFACTURED & SMOKING TOBACCOS Agents for the following well-known Virginil\ and N. Carolina : ROBERT W. OLIVER, Richmond, Va. I WnlGflELD &: LAWSON, Va. D C MA Y.Q & CO., RichiJ!onn, Va. WOl{ACK & INGRAM, Mtadovllle, Va v 1\IAllTIIIBZ lrBOB eo ,,;, j, GENTRY & co., Richmond, Va. w. DUKE, Durham, N.c. I MAYO & KWIGFIT, Richmond, Va. R. T. FAUCETT, Durham, N.C. i)JUDQRTERS OF HAVANA LEAF TOBAnCO i) HARDGRovE, POLLA'RD "' c0., Richmond, v.a. wiLLIAMs, oxrord, N.c lll.( AND MANU.ACTURBRS OP THE : u The iS Called tO PRINCIPE DE GA.LEii.BRAND OF HAVANA AND KEY WEST, Virginia Beauties, P P.'swhole and Ji{;addlea '' Old Ned's Choice, )is, )is,P. P's. OW: '"6 CEDAR ST NEW YORK' V1rgiaia Beauties, 3' and 140. D. C. Mayo & Co., Navy lbs. 1 6 Farmer's Daughter, 3s ..,s, and D.C. )fayo &:Co ., Navy, -"s, and ]is, P. P., in whoJe SallieWillie,oand,PlugTwist. ){,aDd){ caddies. Sallie \Villie F;g, D. C. Mayo & Co., 4!01 and 10S. Invincible, \\T. J Gentry & Co., Navy, )!Is, J)s, Xs, P f"s. .... T.ENT PACKAG' ES to Orie.,tal, Fig, m tin foil, )lib. bo...,o, faDOpo and long ro' s .. 6 -inch Twilt, in ti!l foil, cadcUa. Mayo&J ,Xnigbt, Navy, )is;, }is, Xs, P. P s. & long r os. Charmer, 6 and n-lnch twrlll. SIIO ... '""'G b r v J{ aRd lbs Lusciou!l Weed, u-mch plag. 1n ags o n, ,..,,'J PACKERS OF SMOKING TOBACCO Promptly suppliecil, at ndnced with Cha!l. Henry, Jr., 9 incb. Hrht prHIM. Gold Bug. Vtrgtmll s ChOJce. WO.ODEN DRUMS. A. POINDEXTER & C 'O., Agents, LUKE KATHAN, So l e Manu':o. crur.r, 120 WATER ST N-T. CITY, N.Y. FRANCIS S. KINNEY'S PATENT DIPROVED .TOBACCO CUTTER. I This impro ved Machine for cuttinK Tobacco ia con atructed with a single knife working upon inelined bear tn$!"5, and operating with a sliding abear cut upon the tobaoco, which Ia pl-..ced in a box witb aides at right angleS aod IMJttom parallel with aalci 'kDire. Tbia machine wilt cut any kind ef tobacco, aml cut it perfecUy. Ambrosb, lbs. Gold Medal. Irion. Oliver's Choice Jbs. Rese. Old Ken tuck, lbs. I Caeyque. Star. Reward of Joduatry, lb., Olive'r's Choicts. Virginia Belle. Pride of the Natien,Ibe. Pioneer. Featherstone's Crack Shot, lb&. Reward of Industry. .Milly Buck. Out of Seta, xs, }(1, P. P's. Owen's DUI'ham. Pride Nation.,.. Ran.est Queen, ){a,}("; F. P's. Puke's I !harhaa. Dandy Lton. Farmer' a Choice, })a P. P'L .-F'-acett's Durlu.m. attention given to putting up special brands for SOLE use t f.owner1. I &lo1e .A.5e:a:t :tor 1 E. T. PILKil\TTON a CO.'S CE;LE,HRA::I'::EfD "nm ll e DIO\Vnn ll". ''CHDDmnTI' ru ll r II "Farmer's Choice," and Jill r -SKOEm'C "l'OD.A.CCOS. IIFPR.ICE Lin. 1.1'1JRNI8HED 0.111 'APPLICA.TIO!f. HENRY SUCCKSS02 TO Plug, Twist, Perique tn Carrotta, and any &lmil;irly hard preparW tobaccos cau be cut ln tlii:M hard etate, without any ,or am other moiliteninc to soften them. lorgi'eldt &; Deghuee, PATBIT JAN: 27.'- ll. Y lileroJi-..; --; MOORE & CO. VJ;IiGINIA Tobacco Commission lllterchante -TE' 14 FJf.ON:J St1eet ]OS H.l'HOMPSOJN. t'AUL CALVI Jos, H. Thompson & Co., !lltUITS. 83 Front St., N. Y. Ageats for the following well-known and juatly cele brated Manufacturen of Virrtnta Tobacco: C A. JACKSON & CO. ; D. B. TENNENT & CO. ; RElJBEN RAGLAND: WII.I.IAM H 0. HOBSON, Petoraburr. Sole AgeDto for C A. JACKSON &: CO'S. Celebrated Brands. KREIELBRG & CO. 160 PEARL ST.,, New YoRK. J. D KREIELBERG & C8., / BALTIII\ORE, Mn. KREIELBERG, SCHIEFER & CO. NEW ORLJMNS, LA. mActo .. mm .. MAYO CO., GEIERll COMMISS10N MERCHANTS, BROAD STREET.\ NEW Y6BK. It makes no shorh, can bt> run by hand o steam pow er, requires Do skil( to o p erate It; Its construction is oftbe mostlubstantlal kind, sfo"' to wear anti diffi cult t o disorder. TOBACCO WALTER FRtE1Jill! FREISE, JUCBINBRY, : OF Price of. machine com plete, with Pref's (bOX 4 'ix6 :1:10 inche1), 10 net cash OFFICEr I WEST BROADWA.Y, Ne'W' York. N D.-The attention of of Ciqare:tt e ::tfrl TurJt.l sh, and all Fancy Tobaccos, St-raight CoU. Bri t r ,.,,. '-. ,.,,.,. i" ''"'T ir:!la rlv calltl to this tn'lct,inl". APPLEBY & .HELME, RAIL ROAD .. MILLS Maccob9y Snuff, French Rappee Snuff, American Gent. Snuff, Scotch Snuff; Lundy Foot Snuff. ALSO MANUl''ACTURERS OF THE FOLLOWING BR\NDS, QF PURE VIRGINIA SMOKING TOBAGCO. Viz: Rail Boad, o ur Choice, C :olorado, Pride of County, Jllack Tom. CIGARS. 133 Water and 85 Pine Sts N. Y. '&HNlliiB vom&. I'J' WILL GIVE TO THE TOBACCO The Full Flavor of Havana, .25MyrtleAvenue; HAVANA -203 Pearl Street, EDWARD M. WRIGHT & CO. BROOKLYN. Constantly on Hand the Best Improved Hand and Steam Machines for Cutting and Granulating Tobacco. NE. W YORK. CHIS. F. TAG 1:. SOR, Importers of SPANISH and Dealer in all kinds of KATZ &. CO., LEAF TOBACCO, Leaf TebaccQ, 184 Front Street, -Gftneral Commission Merchant& 1,9 PEARL $TREET, IDIW lrOBll lU:W YORK. 3S. Broad Street, NEW Y:ORK P. 0. BQX 2484.". .G. REISMANR, JQ.mes.lYI. Gardiner a Co. I .. M. Tobacco Commission Merchants, 84 rz-ont s'b:'aet, Na'W' Yozok. ARE RECEIVING DIRECT FROM VIRGINIA OF MANUFACTURED TOBACCO. EXPORT ORDERS FOR PLUG TOBACCO -PROMPTLY FILLED. LEAF TOBACC 17S Pearl Stz-eet, Bet. t'ine. .!G Cedar, NEW YORK. ]OS. M MAYORGA. J.HUERTEMENDJA.r ]USTOM'AYOROA. J. M. M_AYORCA ... tc ) .OF TOBACCO, LEAF & .HAVANA .A}iD DE.ALEBS I.N FI,NE HAV.ANA CI.f}.ARS, 14 CEDAR ST., NEW FOX, DILLS & co., IKPOB TZE.S Olr SP.A.NISS:, 4-ND OP -SEED LEAP TOBACCOS; 175 Water Street, New York. ESTABLISIIED 182:.!. "COPENHAGEN SNUFF," Manufactured only by WEYMAN & BROTHER, Secured \'ly \.etters Patent, December :r6, 1865. An our copyright will be rlgoroualy'proe VEGA, MARTINEZ & BRO'S, IMPORTERS OF HAVANA TOBACCO AND CICARS, 190 STREET, New Tork. TOBACCOS, :t;;'o. S29 BOWEIY. (bet. lld. .!G 34 Sta.,) i-I. Ko'""'l NEW YORK. Ji. N. LACHENBRUCH & BRO., No. 164 Water Street, New York, 1'HOL116ALB DJEALil.S tK lc DOMI&STIC Leaf Tobacco. M. OPPENHEIMER & BRO. DALERS IN SEED, LEAF AIID HlVUA TOBACCO, fi & 34 NEW YORK, AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. And when smoked it bas that ]OS.

JAN. 27. JACOB BIIIILL. 6 F 1 L K & 8 8 0 P A L M E R tc c o v 1 L L E-; C I GAD BOXES' fi) IK:PO:a 'I'lCE:S OF .SPANISB:, A:'-10 so'llBER S A LL KIND'S O F (!! Importers or Sp' a:Dish LE:A.F TOBAnno . Prime ot VV .A.:N"::O P.A.C:JEE::R..IJII OF CEDAR woon, water \'; Seed .;beaf b .accos Connect1cut Seed-leaf Wrapper our own Packing-. 293, 295 & 297 Monroe St. IJI WATER SJ., N.I. WEISS, ELLER" & KAEPP!L, o. lf'ALK. E. G. 1-ltll:ND & CO,, I'" .. Importers and lers in .. LEAP TOB-ACCO 129 Maiden L;me. EowARo Ra taw o I EDWARD Fan ND, Jr. Gu s lruEND, .. NEW YORK I M. li S. STIRIBIRGIR I rou1&1 m uns, 1 AND IN LEAF TOBACCO, 15}? BOWERY, NEW Y p EEEN W. GOODWIN, DEALER IN 'LEAF TOB'ACCO AND F'.IBB OJ:GAaa. No. 226 Front Street, B e t BeekiTMln & Peck Slip, 'l'IIBWYORK. Wllll AGNEW SQli-B. 'fobaoco and Commission MarahaDta 1184 a.nd 1186 Front 8--. NEWYOB.Ko B.A ..-.lrur u LJO .u.r-nw- Leaf Tollnece for Export aad IlL I .-. L e ar TobaAlco bale<\_ln an7 packJI&e 'b1 'ic press for eltport. AliNER &. DEHLS, STBD'r, O. BOX 2H9. NKWYOR 4 k. \ IMP ORTERS O F A'ND DEAtER I N U. 8. Solid ToD Mould. Our Moulds a r e a:uarantud le b e more DlJRABLE9 and at MD per eenc:. Cheaper than ati.y M 6 u .1d i o Jd. y. MANUFACTURER O:t: CIGARlYI,OULDS Patentee of Closed Head Moulds, Pateatee of ; FACTORY, HARLEH R. R. FREIGHT BUILDING, WIIITE STREET, 1'-.. oo r 4 9, (ad Door from El!ll Street'; o r at ME$SRS. S .I.'COBY & CO., oOflic. No. 200 GhatbamSquare,-ftEW, {Q RK B.&V.UA LI.&P T'OBACC A.; AND OF THE J!RAND OP s .IJI 0 N 8 A L 0 ll! 0 N. CICAR8 RITICA," I :il.A.Yit'FACTURE R S OF : s s er.A.a..s; ,. A!fn' DEALJ;JRS IN .LBAP TOBA9q01 No. -]._91 PEARL New Y;ork -JOTIN srn.uroN. E. ROSENWAL!J _, Da'OE.Tli:E.S OF SPAN%S3, AND PACKERS DOMESTIC TOBAO,CO, CIGAR RIBBONs. w t st t N y k eOIUtomtly ou l1and. I 145 a er refl ew 0f BY CAR LOAD FOR LEAF PACKERS. lYSuperior to any Shooks used i n Connecticut Valley.' BURLINC,TON, VERMONT:. I S.CIIRODEit d: WA_TER : YORK. : &P.,A.XD!!IB: i OF DOMESTIC DERED LICORICE, GUM ARABIC, OLIVE OtL, OTTO ROSES, Tonqua Be8.118, An all other for Flav oring used by Manufacturers, including the finest Essential Oils, W Schieffelin & Co., 170 &lld 172 'WILLI.Ul S'l'UET, llt.W YOU. JUNKER & NIEMEYER, h t PORTK RS :A.N DDiiA-LERS IN ALL J.:lNOS OF 19 West lr< ca ""'. Seed Lea, A 1: BRO. E SPINGARN & CO mmission Merchants, JOS. MAYER'S SONS1 JULIU BE:RLiltER, HAVANA&DOif:sTJGTOBACCO., .. V'll'[lnla & Nortllllarnlila SlllllkiD! TobaCCO' :AND -y,. 11 rn K \ Ct41r Btreet, New YDl'k. "' 168 Chamber& St., L. CARVAJAL'S CI-GARS, y@llA JD:W Yoax. :tiJ'I w.4.xE.Bsr.,NBw roRK. N:mw-YoRx. :=......\ New .. JYork. BTBBBT, .. ta.U. JJ4llc.zuvt, ..... ,._,A.. Olear 4 New York. __ -..,._, '"' 203 pEARL STREET, o!.tlfl Y():t:t, : I


    d. Kamufacturer oftbe WerkiR.-d BraD M I DOHAN Ph'l d I h' L....-; .... ST. LOUIS, 110, !J .. 30 !Jortlo. Delaware Ave JNo. T TAITT. I a e p .... St. LOUIS, Q CluolceiiJandeOflmP.,rtedllcorlceal-JIIeDband. H4 ... Liberal Caah.advaACel made on Conslpmenta. GHLA'!m 1110 OTIIER 'CUT -""-'Mtiwl-edppl -d. Pearl DIDIAB,utOLI&o IJQ). f sOBING TOBACCO. Co.WALmmL,l.SSBl_OEnLYIMN e"rchDaAntrs, I G. w. WICKS CO. A, H. THEOBALD, The li l ghesl award ofmortr w!tlcb could be otrered Tobacco at the Unhental.lbpo!!ltlon VIenna, bu, SCBIIIDT .._ BJIL, MANUFACTURER OF. t>eea awarded L. L ..&.allllSTEAD, for hia already popular broad OO(;JDIIUITA.L, and ha ordet > Kanuf&' A -ta for Sale of wr To'Dcco" a Keiifirety wAREHousE: cusANA:N ifo. ncoND sTUET, Ill -, Ala x-..-tared ...t Spanish and Leaf Tobacco, ST yo & 1 A .DICKTATJ:Jl, ... _!TIS. 110, So. w .. .. PlllladeJphi&. 195 Main 63 I --, YOU GOT IT tBetween Fifth and Sixth,) 80-RVDRILA, GBn:::,m&A cnn111. G:r.o ...... wwARos. JosEPH M. PATTERsoN ... 1 fo ;..d Five Brothers Tobacco Works LOUISVILLE, KY. AJU .( UV.ID. OEO W EDWARDS 'Wbolesale Grocen as uoual JOHN FINZEJl, BEN. FJNZER, .FRED. FINZE R GREIN ,_ MEYirit l'fDolttH, Ocmmitlillll K.lrchaJita, I 1 CO, erderdirect, RUDOLPH !'INZER, NICHOLAS FlNZER, All A NDWHOLB.SALBDBALKRSIN CommlSSlOD Merchants in Or of s. LANGSDORF. John Fi nze r & B ros., LIAF TOBACCO, LEAF TOBACCB ill CIGARS If L ARMISTEAD I OU.!IUUCV1l&aSANI>JOaaaao" 10$ N. WATER STREET, / sa North Front St., Phlla4elph!a. I s. ory, s: llth "FIV'l'OifBB-RAii'S'to,XoA VY ,, ) Cigars,;fob&ccoarld Pipes, asu .&'DELPHIA o LYXCIDIUBG, VA.. 0 liOM w.liiAD .a+s, "' !1ir Sole agenu In tbe United Btatee for Pater S LE AGENT, C"' a. S-' 19" o. 196 J C T A -a-I tT In Leaf for Weat TndlfS .,. Afrle lOUD TOP M o vlds an" E'JREKA 148 W A.TEB &Tii.EJ:T1 ......, "' '"esroom, -. "' A O:S r .LOUIIIVILLE :NEW TOBK. .. L011IIVILLE, KT. Jl; H. CLARK & BRO:, Af.:TOBACCO BR(HCERS F. W. SMYTHE & CO., Commission.'" Pzlla ... 1 1 r r.., JllliiGL.UID ; .\'-., ,r.
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    ... JAN. 2T SUTR0 & .. NEWMARK,, I 1 I I BANUlrACTTJREB8 OP AND DIU.LEBS IN TOB..A.CCQ,. NEW. YORK. I KERBS & SPmSS, Manufactu:re1'B of Pine Ciga1"B, AND DBAI.BI.I!tH ItBA TGBACCG, "35 BOWERY, .NEW YORK. j I' ., i.Douu XlDiliS: Loma SPIJ:u. i :a. "W AB::CltOP. P. DINGEE & SON1 203 & 205LEWIS STIREET, DEALE R IN Cm SIXTII AND lilY OTHER BRANDS OF TURKISH PAI'I'IIl, AL 1011' WHICH ARE GIVING ll'i CREASED SATISFACTION, AS INSTA!'iOED 11-!'TBE RAPIDLY GROWING DE.lii.UIID. oUID El'iTIRE ABSENCE OF COliiPLAINTS. .. JAMES C. 55 W'ATER. STREET. I NEW YORK. LomsvtLLE, J a n ,, 187S Jas. C. M c Andr ew, F_lq., New Y ork. Dear S i r : We t a k e p ltas ure in s t ating t b atyo u rbrandsofboth.Spania h and Turkis h Liquolice Past e h av e g i\'e n e ntir e satls facttf'n to all turef s during the pas t season, th.e qualit y h aving been unifnrmJ y excellent. We d ear Sir obediently y o urs, JUNGBLU'tH & C O L OUISVILLa, K y., J anuary 7, t87S"' bluth & Co., Dear S i rs: We take p leasur.e i n giving our at to the excell e n t qualil it-s of the different. hn.nd s o Mr. ] a me4,C. M cAndre w s Liqoortce Paste, n f whic h w e have .,.orke d largely, ancl 1ullyendorae the good o p inion in which i t is h el(t by a ll our manufacturers. Res pectfully y o urs. MUlSSELMAN & CO. LoursvJLLB, Kv., J anuary 7 1 875. Messr s jung hluth & Co .. Gen tle m e n : I h ave consid e r a b le o f M r James C. M cAnd n::w's d iffe r e Jrt bTandsofLiquorice Past e, have always found th,.m. o f f.'xceedin gly fine flavo r quali t y a n d unifC1rmhy-ta fact, in every w a y l'a t is fa c t ory, a n d I take p le asu r e i n U'.!'u d n p _you (lffhe san1e Ve r y trulyyllur,, ED. Jr. Proprietor o f t h e B annt:r Trtbarco Fa-::tory. l .. oursvrLLB, Kv., J anuary 7 1875 Mess r,; Junll bluth & Co, Gentlemf.'n: consiJeraLle of klr. James C. McAndre'!'l' Liqll;nrice ao lrl r o u : t n tbe pa!lt YPcnm mend t o the trade gen e rally. Ver\' t ruly y nurA J OHN f!NZER & BROS. We coc:ur i the .ah ..... e .. TERRY, oi MOSS & GARR. KY Janu a r y 71 .S7 5 Messrs. Jnnl{' blut h & Cn., S w ... ar,. u s i n _sr M r C. McAndrew's dttrereut brmds of Liquorlee Past e and fully: recnmine n d them.lor thelt: s uperio r e xcellence and uniformity in quali t y. l'ruly yo u rs WEISS INGER&; BAT E L OUJSVILL tt, K Y J anua r y 7 r87' Mesns. Jung b luth & C o. Gentle m e n : W e haVe heen v e r y w ell pleased with 11uch of M r J:une.C M c Andrew's brand s o f Li q u o rice Pa&otc a s w e have used. e tc., G ROBIN S O N S e c J o f the Robln! n n Toba 'ccO Manufacturing C o. BT. L ou1s M o., Janu ary 9, t87S James C. Me Andre w E s q. New Y ork. Dea r Sir: It1awith pleasure tba t I hav e to write you that. the differ e n t m a nufac tu_rerf this par t of the countrr wh o m I h a v e s up phe d w 1 t h your Lrands of b oth ;md Turkish Liquorice a r e very muc h pleased with its uniform and rem a r kably e x cellent q ualit y I de"r si r truly K W. RIZ E R RtCHM:OND, January 7 tS7S Jo.mes C Me Andrew, Esq. New Y o rk Vear Si r : W e expect a steady in the deman d f o r } Our liqu o ri c e. All the m anufacture r s to whom we sell t e at i fy as t o its uniform a n d cx ct:llent qua li t y. Vf"l'J truly ] \1. RIGH' & C O lc.VNCHIURa. VA January 6, t87 J a mes C McAndr,w. E"q ., N e w :Von Dea r Sir: W e ha,e p l e a sure in stating t ha t i n o u r district yOur b rand s o f Spanish and Torktsh Liquo r i c e Pas t e l 1ave i n v ariably .. iv e n e n Ur e t o all manufacturers 'lsing them, quality bdng unifnnn and e xcellent a t all time1 W e remain, dear 111ir, truly, THOS. L. JOHNSON & CO. action on the part of Mr. Crooke and his friends ren dered this undesirable course unnecessary. I stant much nervous force, which, gaining vast sway, seeks movement and action. Any one who triea to assign so narrow to human potency, simply shuts up a ON THE USE OF TOBACCO. lion in an osier cage. 00 Soe DeUIJIIts that may be The of smell, transient, are too muc-h the 8eose of smell. neglected in the of human1 civilization, and _they 1 -have not yet led to the 1avent1on or any complex dehgbt. ---. In Europe, the use in prosaic 'form of tobacco, the f Translated fl}r Cope's Tf!bacc, Planlif,pm the Ital:an of essences which we perfume owr garments, and the Paolo Mante-gazza.] tribute which horticulture offers us thr:>ugb the Human civilization has not yet learned 'to fou.nd on of odorous plants, are the onl:w joys granted to this the sense of smell aught but the moderate enjuyment sense. In th., East, the nose is les;s forgotten than with derived from snuffing, which, confined within the narus, and in the chambers of the ricll delivious perfumes row circle of a few sensations, renders us incapable are burned. These c harms, however, are elementary, of into "the most delicate pleasures of that and do not constitute a finished, an artistic recreation sense. Coming dvilization must iill this gap. Meanwhile I, Snuff procures us the rapture of a tactile irritation, of seeking to lift a corner of the curtain whit:h separates a slight perfame; but, above all, it furnishes the charm tile present from the future, may venture to say, that of an occupation which soothes us by. inter-we have got so f;u as to be able tto imagine the path ruptiug, i!l>ITI time to time, 01,1r labor. A,t times which must be followed in preparirng some elaborate de it renders idleness less insupportable to"Us, by breaking lights for the sense of smell it into the; infinite intervals pass from oue .pinch The harmony and the meLody of odors must exist, of snuff to another. our just as concord exists in all the other sensations. It is us from torpor ; sometimes, o ccuptes easy to imagine an instrument containing many odors our hands when m we do where to in distinct compartments, from which could issue the put them or to ?o w1th them. Fmally, snuff and variolis fragrances in gradations learned from experi souffing thmgs wh1ch we can love, they. are ence. Some delicate scents could open and shut the w1th us; and we can season_them w1th a httle concert of perfumes; and, by the harmonious and 1f we possess a_ snuff box of Silver or of gold, melodious arrangement of fragrances, a true music of wh1ch we open before these who humbly odors could be produced. The increasing and decreascontent themselves With snuff-boxes of bone or of wood. gradations of the same odor, the slow exhalations We concede the of .;?uffing to men of and the rapid currents, the harmonic accords and the condlllons, and ladles who, havmg passed a ceralternation of col'lrasts, must furnish the elements for tam age, or who, ben;Jg deformed, have no longer a any the creation of a Music of the Nost::, having its own laws sex; but we solemnly a?d refuse the snuff. and its own artists. Finally, one nostril might be bo box to Y .oung_ and beauuful women, who ought to pre Jated from the other by some simple apparatus, and in serve .the i r delicate and prettv for the odors of thi s fashion a new source of combinations nd pleasures the mignonette a ? d rose. might be sought. No one, so far as I know, has bith-A pleasure which, m a special appeals to erto attempted the accord of two simple notes of fra smell and the 1s that of tobacco, on grance, which cou l d be obtained by a isolation we can speak Without hatred and love, plac1!lg of nostril from nostril, and whereby one nostril co11ld as we do at a pomt between m smell a violet and the other a rose. As to the rest, sat1able devotees who live the whole day m an while instruments of moderate size were made for of smoke, and, the crusty 3:nd fastidious mon use, in public spectacles and in large halls, by e!lem .u!s of tobacco who agam .st the poor means of iftgenious machines singular concerts of' har and accuse 1t of corruptiOn and of monic fragrance could be given, in which the odorous currents, simple or combined, coultl flow from hidden 'I he pleasure of ts very. complex, an.! points, and could be inhaled by the eager noses of the alwlys on. hand. 'J H ....... Pemberto-n & 'Ji"OBACCO COMMISSION MERCHANTS, /fliln a long expe-rience. in flue 1 "'-"their seruis lu jill ortiiers for Llaf .a To!JtuciJ, 4A'NVIJ.LR,. VA. Foreign and,Domestic Woods. 4. LICBTBNBTBIK & BROfBEB, MANUFACTURERS OF THE "ELK" "ONWARD". THE TURKiSH TOBACCO REGIE.The question of the tobacco regie in Turkey, which; as it is now applied, represses cultivation and yields on l y the most meagre results to the Treasury, is, a c cording to the Levant Iferald, to be thoroughly investigated by Cabo uli Pasha, M inister of Com merce, who has been charged by the Grand Viz ier for public use. But in the privacy of home, or at the close of a dinn-:r party, why should not both sexes indulge in the tmiversal narcotic stimulant? Would not the ordinary chatter of be .changed into better under the influence of the grave kind liness tbat is born of a quiet smoke?" s1sts of many elements, whtch we to consider spectators. Then other currents could follow, either to one by one. efface the first, or to form a melodious accord with The act of p reparing to smoke opens the scene of a them. 1 series of pleasures, with the easy and interesting occupatioo which is needed, whetber we make ready and light the cigar or fill the pipe. Whoso has watched a genuine and ganial smoker in the act of making his DIVINITY AND FARMING.-It is said that the Rev. Mr. John Anderson, who gave $9,000 lfor a tract of land on the Dan River, Va., a year or two. since, has a crop of tobacco made this year, supposed to be ls,ooo pounds; for whieh he has refused t35 a hundred. This would make nearly enough to pay for the land in one year. It is considered to be one of the best crops i n Rocki11gham County. CIOARS, l.n4 De&let:a in 'l'OBACCO, Nos. 34 and, Bowery, N.EW ____________ ._ __ __ CIIARLES S. HAWES, PACKER & DEALER IN (Concluded from Third Page .) to be done and both sides heard. He moved the appoint ment of a committee to report at a subsequent meeting. Mr. J. W. Goodwyn seconded the motion Mr. S. P. Arrington called for a vote on Mr. Martin's re,:;olution, preparations for his cherished delight, must admit that this moment is delicious. And it can not be otherwise, forasmuch as the hQpe of enjoyment and the satisfaction of preparing the enjoyment with our own hands and without fatigue r are elements which must produce a c harming sensation-whenever, at least ; the attention is Fine Connecticut Seed Lea.f S. H. AitmTSBERG, with this du'Y Tobacco can be made to yield as pro Major T annor thought Mr. Osborne's mot i on out of order. Mr. Hinton demonstrated that it was in order. i n any considerable degree exCited. The second element which as a part into th: s pleasure which is so complex is the sensation of taste, which in the pipe is limited to the relish of the smoke; whe1 eta, however, is added, in the case of the cigar, the sensat ion of the saliva wherewith the soluble parts of the leaves of the tobacco are imbibed. The infinite varieties 'of the pungent and the aromatic form a ToBAcc o IN 1874.-The report of the Department of Agriculture for Nov e mber and December says: "The depressed yield of tobacco was sufficiently foreshadowed in our previous monthly reports. .All the large tobacco States show results ind i c ating a disastrous year to this productive interest. From Mis souri comes the report of a new enem y to this 'Crop, the chinch-bug. A final re port of the crop of 1874 will be made after the receipt of special returns from all the principal tobacco-growing counties, including more particular and complete in formation which may modify in some cases the State percentaJ!:es of yield publ ish e d in the accompanying tables 119 M.d.ID'EN LANE, Ne._-"York. E. v. Hawee .. lfoa, Brldfre\IOrt, Coan. Maoufacttarer and Importer of portionately good a revenue FINE CIGARS in Turkey as in any other countrv, but in order to arrive. at this result it is necessar y to adopt the Major Tan nor insisted on a vote on Mr. Martin's reso lution. Mr. Hinton heldlhis pos 1tion. After a great deal of fillibustering Mr. Osborne's r e s TABIL & ROBRBIRG, Whitehall N. Y. m e chani s m by means of olution was put and losf-ayes 1 I, noes 14 Major Tan nor moved a vote on the Martin res o lution thousand combinations of pleasures, thoroughly known to consummate smokers alone. In general, however, in smoking, the gustatory and taqtile nerves of the mouth are in a "tate of pleasant irritation, of real orgasm and man tastes without eat i ng. Manu!acta.!ers of IT Country Orders aHended $o. FINE CIGARS, Balesrocm, No. 70 Park Place, CHARLES A. WULFF, Printer, &Del lla.nuf&ctUJ8J' ol Bet. Greeawlcb St. & Cotlo g e Place, NEW YORK. BATCHELOR BROS "PECULIAR" ClCAR KAmTr AC'l'VUlit.S, 808 Market St., PBILADaLPHIA. A :tarp Aa110rtment Constantly on Hand. Qltatham St.., oor. William, N. Y G. B.LICBTENBERG A.. LOW. .. S M SIMPSON. G: B. LICHTENBERG & CO., Importers of AVANA, ,AND PACK.EU OF Connecticut Seed Leaf Tobaoco. No. GS Cbngress Street, DETROIT, :rdc:a:. EDWARD :SAMUELSON tc eo. To"bacco Factors. [BROK.EBS BY APPOIA'l'liiEA'l TO '1'JDI LORDS COIIUIUI!IIONEBS 011' REB. 1JI.&.ni:8TY!8 ..t.D!IDRALTY1 ] eg &TB.:m:&J".r, r : LIVERPOOL, Englaud llrCONSJGNMENTS. AND PROMPT SALES EFFECTED. which th is revenue is t o be ra i sed to the special local co'hditions which inflttP.nce production .and consump tion. The regulations at present in force ha, ve been framed without any regard to these conditions, having been copied wholesale from Fra nce, presumable because France obtains the re, suits from the regie system. This legislative plagiarism proves no less unsuccessful ill the case of tobacco than a s imilu effort proved in.the case of mines. 'Ilhe mining laws in copied from a French model, and bave shown themselves to he good for nothing except to hamper the development of that industry which they were adopted to protect Cabouli Pasha, in order-to arrive at the results obtained in France and Austria by the tobacco regie system must deviae a special me chanism suitable to the cn ditions of production and consumption in Turkey, which are unlike those of France and .A.ustria, and render different regulations necessary. SMOKING AS AN ANTIDOTE TIN. FQIL. CRQ.OKE; A CREI:', NHA-L, TO DIVORCE.-Asocialpbil 5 liiii osopher thus proposes to TIN CAPS, PLAtO ..-D COLORBD, IOIJ.DTII 38 Clem u4 '163 .II 115 K'D't.BDU J'l'IDTI. QW T0a1t IIANUIACTURER. OF Pill DJBt CIGOS, 49 West Broadway, C6R.. ST., f diminish the business of the divorce ourts by a quiet smoke :-" Spanish women are not supposed to be more sickly than their sis ters of other nationalities, though 'npt-so pleasant \o kiu. l'J)hacco ;doellolllot seem to hurt them. if the argument was FOSTER. "nrf111' l to be patterned those l1 LSO N & of the OF FINE ClOARS 1 1sh women smoke; they are 1 79 Chambers Street famous for beauty, therea DOOB8 WEST oF BRO..t.DW A. y fore, smoking makes women NEW YORK. beautiful. To continue the B. M. FOSTER. F.nW.o\RD R U DOLPH; WYMAN. J < argumentum a,. nommem CINCINNA'f!1 OHIO. ALEX. PRIES & BROS., 1& ( Jollese Place, there are some reasons-why would be an espec. y oaK:. cial advantage for women. OF HAVANA CIGAR FLAY OR. Bisaolved t oz. in one gailon o f Whisky aaQ sprinkle d ou i'iv4JI t o Ule oaos t common a rticlea the ll aYOr.nffhf! fineMtRa v ana Ciga n 1 f)tW" Jiat;f111L ::Onn1H1. ., j. :u:. SHEPPARD, MILTON N.c. JOHN M. SHEPPARD .tcco., I Leaf Tobacco ealers, :O.A.:N \if I I J E, VA. JUNCBLUTH A CO., Agents, Louisville, Ky. All TOBACCOS REHANDLED; PACKING GU'ARANTEED CHARLES JUNGBLUTH. HENRY U FltANKEL. I CO.,, GEJ(EB.AJI. .A.:n.d. Brok..era :ln. Leaf IIOLE AGEI'I'IIIN Jii'OR JAS. c. llleAllfDREWS CELBBRATED P8..1e, x.oi:J'Xa"V):;r ,r,m, ::a::.7 -. Their lives are usually made up of an infin i ty of small cares. hey would find Uiat a thol.\sand petty trou ble would vaoish oin the cloud curlipg up from .a good cigar. Then,. when the day's work is done, and husband and ife are sitting cosily together by the fire, a mutual1 smoke would bring them ctoser tQ each other, and would tend to create betweeu them that hearty good fellow s hip which is now sometimes wanting. prejudice forqids a woll!a t\ to puff cigar in the street, or anywhere in public, but individual prej 11dice keeps a good many from cloiug the -same thing. .It is d'Oubtfill whether, any one has a right 'to the, air, of a place set apart Mr. H i nton moved to adjourn. Lost-ayes 6, noes IS. Mr. Hinton offered the following rider to Mr. Martin's resolution: -Reslllvd, That, the charges in both private and public warehouses be fixed by law at fifty per eeot:,..of the pres. ent rates. Lost-ayes 8, noes I I. Mr. Hinton moved to adjourn. The.chair thought it out uf order. Mr. Hinton appealed from the decision of the chair. Mr. B. B. Vauglin, Jr., moved to discard all rules, they were business men and did not care for parliamen tary usage. Mr. Hinton showed how it would retard business. The chair was sustained. Ayes u, noes 3 Hinton another rider: 1 all outage fees be aboltshP.d by law in and pubhc warehouses. 1 Tjle chair said he would take the vote on Mr. resolqtions right or wrong. 1 H i nton asked that his (the Chairman's) language be t on record. Tht ridet was then voted on aod lost-ayes 6, noes I I. Mr. Goodwyn moved to adjourn. Lost. The Chairman again said he would put the question on the Martin resolutions. Mr. Hinton offered 'another rider to the Martin reso lutions: Resolved, That the re shall be no charges for storacre on iobaccos in any public or private warehouse. "' Mr. Mcllwaine moved to adjourn. Lost-ayes 9; noes 13. Mr. Hinton said it was evident that unfair action was intended, only fourteen voting members w-ere present,and the house stood nioe to five on the question. He did not think the nine had the right to appoint a committee to go to Richmond. Mr. Hintoh tried to get a vote on the rider but failed, and moved to adjourn. Lost-ayes s; noes 1 r. Mr. Hinton thougllt that if the gentlemaQ would read the resoll,ltion they would st'e their anamolous position. He in favor of a committee to consider the rider and resolutions and report. He had offered every con ceivable form of reduction, and all had been Toted down. Mr. Martin wanted a vote on his resolutions. Mr. Osborne renewed his resolution for a committee, enlarging the committee to five-one from each branch of the trade-to consider the resolutions and r i ders and report. Mr. Hinton advocated it The resolution was adopted A)'es g, n<>es 8. The following committee was elected : W E. Hinton,Jr., S. J. Hurt, R. C. Osbdrne, J. W. Go,odwyn, B .. B. Vaughan, Jr. The meetiRg then adjourned. EASTERN ToBAcco.-Our friend, Col. H. S. Olcott, of this city, informs us that a Philadelphia importer has en ruute the first invoice ever brought 'to this of the small-leafed Samsoun tobacco, grown in the province of that name in Asia Minor near the shores.of the Black Sea. This is said to be the very best quality of tobacco known in Eastern markets. It is itself divided into three different qualities, first, second a .nd third ; the best crade the s:nallest leaves, picked, and free from flaws. It is worth about $3.00 per lb. by the bale, in the leaf, or cut, $5.00. The certificate of the Ameri can Consul at Samsoun shows the above facts to be as stated, I AL osT A TIN FoiL FAMINE.-What might have been a ver serious inconvenience to the manufacturers of fine-cqt tol;>acco was hapl?ily averted few ago by a timely arrangement which resulted m making Mr. J. J Crooke of this city, the p'rinte r, as well as the manufacturer, of the foil wrappers used in connection with finecut chewing tobacco. Some legal against the former printer so deranged matters at .the printing oft\ce located on Mr,. Crooke's premises that, for a time, it appeared as if no wrappers bearing the G overnment revenue stamp could be issued, and those tobacco manufacturers who were aware of the tro11ble that had arisen were a good deal concerned regarding their supplies .for current use, and contemplated a re duced production of tobacco un. til the questions in liis pute were satisfactorily adjusted. Prompt and decisive The tactile s ense of the lips and of the muscles con tri.butes to the pleasure t!trough the alternate and deli cate movements which are neeessary for inhaling the smoke, for retaining it artistically in the mouth, and then for exhaling it. Smell has a very r;art in this pleasure, but cer tainly less than the other elements. At all events, i t is not indispensable; for a of Bergamo, whom I have already mentioned, is entirely destitute of smell, and almost destitute of taste, and yet be finds pleasure in smoking The perfume of tobacco is in haled by the nostrils, along with the smoke which issues from the nostrils; but it can also pass from the mouth int o the nose by means of the posterior no strils. OuR. l'HILADELPHIA R.o.:PORT.-We have made arrangements with Mr. Arthur R. Fougeray, ef 33 North Front St., to report hereafter from Philadelphia, our old friend, E. W. Dickerson, preferring through fll. health and for other reasons, to turn the task over to other, !lands Mr. Fougeray is :an old Philadelphia lllerc:hant, and thoroughly conversant with the tobacco interest. In former he was a member of the well-known firm of Boyd, Fougeray & Co., and ha& for twenty years been actively engaged in the trade. We shall feel indebted if our friends will give Mr. Fougeray every assistance ih their power. The task is a difficult one, an !l should be made as light as possible. Mr. Fougeray proposes to give Philadelphia a good showing, and to do full justice to its varied branches of the com merce in the weed. Those who know how to make the smoke issue in columns from the nose have, moreover, tl!e pleasure of a slight irritation of the pituitary 1 mernbrane, to which is joined the satisfaction of doing an odd and jesting thing. THE DEATH OF TRASK.-SAD NEWS FOR. THE ANTI Sight pays its tribute to smokers, amusing them with ToBACCOITEs.-Let the Antis mourn, Trask is no more the sportive aspects of slow combustion, and 'of the Snuffed out like a candle by the heart disease, at Fitch. changes presented by the smoke. blends with the burg, Mass., on the 2oth inst., at the advanced age of The proof that sight adds to the pleasure seventy-eight, he will find few to wear his mantle-none, of smo'ldng is, that very few find it agreeable to smoke fancy, willing to complete unfinished work. He in darknesl} when no.thing,..remiUns to the eye, but the was born (remarks a cotemporary) just before the close charm of watching the incandescent point of, the tqbacco of 1he last century, in 1797, and entered Yale College at an early age r His graduation was followed by pro;The effects of th,a nic.otian .and of the fessional studies in Andover Theological Seminarjr. He other volatil,e an_ d ordorous principle!i which at"e absorbsettled as a min'ister in the eastern end of Massachu ed and which act on the nervous system setts, and led for many years the quiet life of a country have,_ however, a on the of parson. He had reached middle age, and passed the thereto by. point where most men begin any life w ork, before he the and by lmn!Pn & the general senub1hty joined the throng o( men who crowded the May anai a particular .state of ereth1st1c toli)lor-a proc-ess versaries of Boston and New York : as the members of be S? far _as to be t1'111y voluptuous. Nov1ces organization pledged to put down all manner of evils, sm .okmg are mtox1cated, and suffer Adepts are real or imaginary. Joining .first the Temperance party, mebnated, and, unless they are ':ery they feel he went a step beyond it, and attacked tobacco instead al l over th,e, surface of tthe skm a particular glow, a of alcohol, and the bitter little fly-leaves which he scat slight of very tered broadcast pretty plainly intimated his opinion of The veterans 9f the art netthe1 mtox1cate nor lukewarn reformers who saw nothing wrong in a cigar, bu.t they_ fed by and did in a glass of wine. Kl(eping in g-eneralsympa thlS the sensat1on of dehght wh1ch they thy with the tempel)anCe reform he at least cease(! all expenence from co-operation with temperance organizations,' and All these however, do not ex1st Isolated, an Anti-Tobacco Society was formed, to a very large they to form among an eXtent officc;red and manned by Mr. Trask, which had wh1ch and Its them, thus fash10nmg them little anniversar}( eacb year, and i3 lit$1e ofti.ce.. full dehghtful Futile are. all the questions of qo1eerJ tracts wi1 th woe$1-cuts, jn Tremont which are every day the true essence Temple, at, Boaton. It was no't' an easy task which Mr. of the pleasure of smokmg: for mst ce, wliefher jlad boldfy set himself to do--?othing less than, p_leasure depends on the on smell, or on the at a ume whea the te11,1perance reformation had just s1ght. of these s .enses IS by sole left stranded by the high tide of prohibitory legis sessor of but each t.ts of lation in Maine, New York and fuUy a third of the ple.asure; and 1t.1s merely the d1J_ference m md1v1duals Northern States, to this reforlD, which he wh1ch causes th1s or to be The almost he alone beHeved in, as prominent an object 1eelement, wh1ch combmes res mto one fore the puJ;>lic as the older agitation of fifty years IO_to as the plea-standing apjQJt alcohol. He did succeed, but by un sure of domg somet_lung of diverted no'Y and then ceasing labor, nearly of it done after he was fifty from lab?r, and of mterruptmg idleness; preciSely as has years ol d, tie diii make the cause he believed in about the pleasure of snuffi og. Complete t-horougJlly well known. His leaflets went everywhere, 1s msupportable, even to the laz1est; but and a.s. a )J:ct, yrer he was known to almost lyceum weanes all,,and IS agreeable t? few. Nov.:, the smokmg in New En&'land, and a fashion he had of attacking of t?bacco IS a, true of real through. the religious press, any unpopular politician treaty of peace betweea mactlon .and between or pul>lic ma:n who smoked, and tracing the connection the hatred of labor and the avenn ."'n to absolute repo. se. between his cigars d his sins made his invective When smoke we not workmg, '!'e domg familiar to a very w constitilencyr. Like mo 1 t agl.ta somethmg. conscience can not flmg m our face the tors for social reform, he went out of s ight d11ring the of the word sluggatd when we have a late war, but came bravely to the front at its close with c:1gar or a p1pe m our mouth. The more vulgar, and a series of tracts, th a t found the cause of the war th":refore more smokers, never been in 61110king legislators, and unB.inch i ngly traced every able to find m SIUOking any plea9ure but th1s! and many defeat to a smoking general. True to his principles, eagerly encountered a real martyrdom m order to he supported Mr. Greeley, lhe nonsmoker, rather than )OlD the host of smokers, to find the means of passMr. Grant, in the campaign of 1872. Just after that away some of life. They are, event his work was crippled by the loss of all the stereo and held m sn:'all este.em by real type plates from which he had priated the peculiar who smoke with consaen;e ana scunce-, analyz:mg, polemics of his reform, and a subscription taken up With the of a long the pleasures comsoon after to replace them, proved rather unsuccessfuL prehentled m an odorous c1gar. Of late years he ha.s been to most at. memory rather than I.n any case, of smoking patho-an active force in the c o!Dlmunity His death logtcal for the maJOnty of men; and whoso IS Ingenuous ofheart dtsease where he was long: a pastor ends a life enouJih to desire the innocence of Arca\lia does not spent in a reform 1fhich has gained no disciples to perknow man, and forgets that mao fabricates at petuate his efforts. /

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    . / \ THOMAS HOYT & co .. MANUFACTURER> f IJ'BE.-TOBA.CJCO LEAP,: 'J."obacco lllau.ut'acturel"tl. .. co: LICORICE PASTE. ISEMSKJ; J A c 0 B y & c 0. SOWKm. TOBICDS 00. TOBACCO BROKER, r'EmBOPOLITAV Lioerice. Broken. Tobaeco and the_ trade In l n '. 11 CI&AB 1Wlli.1IJIT 114. and 116 LIBERTY STREET, !wneral a:re particularly .r\!--1 BJIUAJL AXD APPLE-'1fOOD PIPES, WfTH RlJBBIR BITS, lmporiara of &11 k1n4a of BIIMlkm' Artlcles. SHOW FIGURES, ll.'f WOOD, A SE.ECIALT Y. 1 N:B'\V YonK. ne C 11 t and aad now AtandA, u (otaletly, without a rhat! Order& forwarded throq!J tho uaal cbannela will tt meet wltli -pt attention. Licorice Stick 127 Pearl Street, "EW YORK. : W M clwuTED' WJJ.LIAI WfW. l CO., SM )KIN1l TOBACCOS & SNUF. F, JO'S:N 7 .F:t.ACC dkCo ou flii.ANDS CHEWING o SON'NYSIDE, HEARTS' DELIGHT, flllt 51UWili4J >m.ohtng, BRIGHT OWEN, JIUJ 5tanlate4 EXTRA CAVENDISH. T 0 B A c c 0 HARVEST" "SURPRISE'' IN FOIL and 4o6 Pearl St., New York Cn IVANHOE JOl.LY BOYS TRmus 0'" CHAS. a. HOYT 176 & 178 First St.. Brooklyn, E. D. .. JOHN F. FLAGG. ISAAC S JLUIV.A.Cftaa& o ALL G .RADKS o &. 00., tn all respects equal to CALABRi. We hav!l no Consamers ami Jobbers would do well to apvly direct. Licorice Root, and ordiuary, b D hand. OOMEZ & ARGUIIIlBIU. t. 31 SCUTH WILLIAI CHAS. E. FISCHER & BRO TOBACCO BBOIBBS. t3t Water street; Chas. E.l!'locke<.l H. W J'lochor NEW YORK. fJl e Pi LOUIS N, PECAilE, Licorice Paste and Sticks. TOBACCO BRO!ERS, J. S. C.ANS a. SON, 71 .JOHK STREET, :NEW YORK, NA.IfUP'ACTV1U l R 011' LOlli and atrai[ht Cut Canndish SMOKINO TOBACCOS, F.W.S. Sterry Extra. No. 86 WALL STBEET, I I 'IVBIAD 018118 =---= ===--= ( .llLJ'PUSSINGl I&ABIDBLDl CI&AI CUTTIB. rJLADliO liiUUt!t C.&.RD.-WE Inform the trade tloat we are tho .Bole Manuactoaren Cigars, :&Oclhaving )earned that othe r parties contemplate tmttating the m and Tob&cc .. of infe rj.or quality grown in {his E:otmfry, there fore w e caution the vubfic. not to purchase kani1a Ctius u o t bearlnr aur tra.d e mark on tht: boxe s. JACOBY & CO. 166 to 161 Qocck St.Nt. OF Spanish, American &. German RIBBOIS. I g '"' H l%.t For Fine, Wboleaale aad RetaU Trade. Excellent, J,edque, Turkish, Latakia, Green S eal Golde n BM, California, English Bird's Eye Bla c k and Tan, Golden Fleec,.., Virginia Straight Cut, G o ld e n Spec t r e, IN CARROTTES. P. S. Baraooo and Pignatella. Ferry, Jr. De. Rosa. NEW YORK. MAYER BROTHERS, Excelsior Mills and Favorite Mills Londre YeUow 7 Spaolab L 55 rdo. ''""' Broad YelloW" s 8 1 1 yds.. 2 10 :road Bit d .5-8 f 7 yd. a. tS e } ?i 0 PowderedLicorioe. 49 & 51 Tchoup1toulas St., New Orleans, La., Beans, LHAP TOBACCO BBOKBl SOLE WHOLESALE SELLING AGENTS J.oadre Yellow 7 8 1'. i: !:;; !.ondre YeJio'W" 7 8 U. 34 1 55 Londrea Red 7-8 11 I. 3._ yds. r.So Londre Yellow7-8 German 34 yds. 1 3.s l.ondrea YeUow IJ 34 7ds 1 .30 AND ALL SPECIALITIES FOR TOBACCO !3-1 'MAIDEN LANE, FOR THE STATES OF .MANUFACTURERS. -o--. LOUISIANA, FLORIDA&. TEXAS. -FINE-CUT TOBACCO Espanolla 5 8 7J yds t.Bs Hroad Yellow .s-8 ?l yd;. Red s 8 73 1. B s N "arrow-Yellow-..c8 7., ydi-1 4 8 0 ,..d te ., = l:"'RANCIS S. KINNEY, MANUFACTURER OF AND CIGARS, 207 & 209 WATER SfDEET. NEW YORK. D. H. McALPIN & CO., I o()t>I.'II:DB&TBD Leaf Navy ...... ALL Klrr. 0. I SMOR1NQ '.I'OBAC<;JO. /Hgn.r, Plug ToltGCOo 1 Snuff, Sawff .Fwu.r, .. o MANUFACTORY AND SALLiiiRO<': OFFICE, 04R rowosaso ttQuoatcs. "' FINEST QUALITY. 1t Peaglltc.eepsle, NewYork. GITFHRDI SHERMAN & JNNIS 130 NEW-Y-&RK. 1'10 BOX MOULD. TOBACCO 168 WATER STREET., NEW YORK U P STAIRS. F. OSBORNE, JAMES G. OSBORN1!.;1 robacco Bro'lt:er, l\'o. M BROAD STRT, I NEW YORK. 11. Rader & Son, TOBACCO BROKERS, I 133 PEAnL S'mEET, NEW YORK,. A. SHACK TOBACCO BROKER. No. 129 Maiden Lane, NEW YORK Internal Revenue Books Red 4 -8 7J y d a 1, 6o Yello-w-... s 17 yd11, r.t8 Nar.JJOW" Red .... a 7J yds. 1 35 TERMS-CASH. No. 7 CommerciaJ Street, Boston, 1 ( ALL 10RDIUtS WILJ. B E I'ROMPTLV J1XI! Ct1TED. SOLB WHOLESALE SELLIN G AGENTS FOR THE '. l'tltW :BNCI.AN.O .. I GEORGE BENCE, Manufacturer Fine C.iu;ars; and Dealer in "'D a _No. I 95 PEARL ST., New York. :iE CD :::s .... PR.:J:N'C:J:PAX.. BB.AN'DS:. C HARTER OAK, DIAMOND SPiiDTG, !' L Oll. del _SlLVER LAKE, .ESCEl'SCION 0 (.) ..0 0 1. 25 Myrtle A..-enue, Brooklyn, 'Coaetantly 011. Hand the Beet Hand and Steam lllaelalnea for Cutt1n11 and Graav.J.a&hls POIOBIY, I M PORTER OF FIN& GLYCERINE, No. 7 BURLING SLIP, NEW YORK. ....... 00., NAKUrACTVUU OF .,MRS. B. B. MILLER A CO., TOB.CCO MANUFACTORY, ROVER I (PETER D. COLLINS, P..asT.) s 'k 'I T b 3YCAMORE FOR SALE, The Original Internal Revenue Publishing H ouse. 1 TOBACCO SEALINB WAt :C. JOURCENSEN, 97 Street, mo Suitable for Tobaccr Boxes and .Caddies, soL su c cKSSO To ESTis &: sr.uTH, NEW YOBK W TE lb 400,090 to ft. J tnch and s-8, sawed to widths, dry AL R B. P .c.R9E, nlseasonod,aPdatalow6gure. P.O.Boxs,6t7, 37LIBERTY ST., N.Y. > UB A'l"rrRJO:T STREET, .,.,., GLAcetror, NEW YORK JACO SCHLOSS&&. I Proprietors of the celebrated brands "Republic" and ., and Dry. Other favorite brandri toordet. .&. ORGLER, Manufacturer of tRe tjest Brands of FINE CIGARS, Also, Proprietor of tbe Brand ''C 'L: 'Lib re '297i & St., .New tork SohW'a.rz C:. Spolu', MANUP'ACTUt&llS OF ALL ltiNDS OF Domestic Cigars, 13 BoweaT, MEW YORK. REPPENREIMER & MAURER, "' Pra.Otlo-.1 :J:.d'thdsrapher: ENCRAVERS AND. PRJ.NTERS, BY IITEAJ!l POWEll. AND HAND PRE!III:ES. (!!;igat, iobacco and COI.UI'I'A5TLY OII"HAKD AND NEW DllliiiGNS MADE TO JRDER. 311 lll4 :at WILLWI B'!UE.,, NEW YOBlt. NlilW YO::B.E HEN & -GO. 43 Liberty Street, opP,o<e P .ost IKPOJt 'I'JtJtS OF SXOZ:lDUJ .6.1TICL11:S, DEALERS IN J :-, TOBACCO, SECAR., SNUFFS, &c. And of Glyeeriae, Drugs, QniiiS, &c. wmiaa 8t., llew 1rerk. 37 MAIDEN LANI!l, l'flllW YORK. R. ZELLEiKA. M .I ANUFACTURER OF ALL KINDS eF JMl,TSLIN .&.1VD LDEl'f IYIADDliX TOBACCO BAGS, BROTIII;ltS;. OFFICE, 171 PEARL STREET. P sH s IIW YOU I:ITY. v Agents for the following Celebrated Brancl8 of Tobacco: CARD Lewlw Maddux Look-out F!onoders. R. C. llladdu"'" Pockt pleces. Lit!.. oplle SlJ PERIOR 1:1/H. t1 D Lewla llladd1ll<' Look-out Double thic k Fours 11. () .... obu' Half Navlea. ,. op-a a "' mgn$ Lewla Jlladdux' Lookont Double-thick Sbes : H. Cl. Madd""''" Golden Elrht ouoceo. 11"" mau..Ud ;,. EstiOIIIIUt JA'WI M:a4dll:'e Look-out Tens. J. G. Dill'" The Pet," Pounds. .&. '-ft.9' Lewta Maddax' Loo\.-oat Navy Pocnds. .J. G.l>IU'" Miss Jennie." 1Y ... ll.t81.11UWt, .. '1 Lewt ,Itladdu:ataLook-out HalC Navies J G. Dill' "Our Choice." PUI'aButterhTW!st. .J.G DIU'o:'GipQueen,"Smoltlq. 37 I!II.A.IDEII I..UIE, l!IZW YORK. .:.. ........ 1\\atUJ\ IMPORTER OF f WJI. H. CORE, Patentee and Manufacturer of Entirely Ne:w Styles of L E.A.F WHITE METAL AND WOOD SHOW OASES. .HAVANA AND Dealer Ia Seed Leal' Tobacco, 171 St. & 78 Pine St., NEW YORK CITY. HERBST: & VAN RAMD.OHR, :aavana and Seed T : O BAG C 0 S .. I8g l"'EARL STREET, I NEW YORK. LIRERAL ADVANCj;;MENTS MADE ON CONSIGNMENTS. Patented April and August nth, 1862 ; May 4th 186q; and July 18th, 1 87t. For wh.ich first Premiums have been awarde d at t I! American 1870, tS71, 1&72; Geo rg_i a Sla. "1 Fair, t869; Virginia State Fair, x 870 South C a rolina State Fatr, t87o; Prospect Park F air, Brooklyn, L. l. ,..s,o. N B.-Show Case& or every description c o nstantJr on hand, and r eady for shipping to anr p art o f United Sta t e s amd Canadas. All sales warrante d a s repre sentea. 133 Chatham St., cor. of Pearl, ( NEW & CO., Sole Agents for the "LA :Ei':&IB 'M"m" BUS SID 48 and 48 New Sts. ) ..W YORK, --- o, BO., ., ...


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