The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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E"ddw-ar o. 6o ... e Borgfeldt N. :a. Harlem R. R F'tDepot, White -w JJ M4oufactu..-trs of Metal C iar Moulds and Smythe F W & Co..pNorth Joha. LONDu:N, Ens. Shaptn Tobacco Mne Aa,.ti Tendlllt::er & Lockwoocl, 5 4 Malden Laue Hotrmann J. A & Co. 4 .. >5 Gresham Mli ToiJiruo Jlt Zellealta R., o65,East Fourth. Afrioa. J'alnlt l't.rO'IUd TobaCCIJ Cuttt r ToDIU 67 Thlrcl ave. "L F""''" R.usia1f. Ciiarett, s Forward1111 AgmtJ. Eckmeyer & Co., 48 Broad and _..a N e w Hotfmann, Co. 41 Cedar Bd. LOVUVILLE\. K,-. Germaa...&merlcu, cor. BroadwaJ aDd Cedar, Plug Tob41Cco MtzUJtlt:tllr"' E"trtwtr 011 1Yooi/. Flaoer J & Bros., 194-196 }aeob. Hoey Jooepb, oo Broadway. of Fi.u-Cut Clwwic ail 1 Irmmal i?t'llmue 'Smo!ti"l{ Tolxua. JearpaoOD, C. 3 7 L ibert)'. Robinson Yanufacturlaa-Company. Cigdr MtuAinLS Toh.cco C...iti M6rclwat1. ApplebJ Cigar Machine Co '3' Water. W'lclta G. W. & Oo Kala, Fwftp.,. 0#-.tU. a ..-..... Tolxu e o Brohrs. Sten._..,., M. & S 44 Excbaap Pla<>e. Gunther Goo. F L""ui-/'n-ip# S,_flillr T-. Meier, Wm. G .t: Co 56lleveDth. WU100, Geo. B 1-4, Water. t Nash, .M. B. 371 Main Mtl1fufelurtr 1Jj".Fiw4, ..U Slfaigllt TD64ccoB...,/ur a.Jo-lw ;,. TD64ce MaHIICut Cavtndi.sA. / fct,_,..., S*iflilt. Pecore Loolo N. 7' John. I Jall(b1uth & Co., 33 Third. iw II Aidl of Toi41Cco Manuflurn-of SAw lpomd .,.J D ... w Ctt Core, W. H. :M3 Chatham. Green & Meier,-Weot Maio. Fllilftw Cir11nttu. Taclaau (). G. 1: Oo., JU )[alD. Wlttemaaa :I:!. .t:.:!.t. lhlliu ;. .l.Lf r.u. ... Wlttemaan Broe 37 Maldea Lane. Prq-otr, W F., 83 El11bth. -ALBAlfY Jl', Y. Summ, ad Deakr in Ctting To/Jae., 37 Gay Glllltber,_L. W. 9 South Gay Nowllao Yo11Dt::er & Co. 1 Keic:ltbou ., Co 49 Booth Ohar l eo. JII A 0. Kremel'loerg, J. D, aad Co. in .Uaf T.Outo. LoMe C & C"o., 117 Weet Lombard Scbulaerlb H. C. Merfeld & Kemper, "7 Lombard -JI'EWABK ... Jl'. ;J, Parlett B. F. a: Oo., 9' Lombarcl & Co 4i4 Hroad. Paul Wm. '7 Booth. ftJi:W (lt, Schroeder ] ow. lr Co .. 8t Exchaage Place, PaclMr a'iul JJ,aur "' SeeiJ:L1af THMt. Tate, Moller & Co., 52 South Gay Scboverli!'::0 William Weaclt E E., 46 aad 48 South Cbarlee. .IIEW OBLEAJI'I, La, WlecbmeJer Ed. & Co., 30 South Calvert ToiNuto and ComMiuio,. M6rcUrJ11, Tbtzrco Ftzeton .Kremelbere, Schaefer and Caroadolet. Gleolte& Ntemaaa, 78 Boutb Obarleo: PADUCAH, A1 Hotrman, Lee & Ca., Ellchaa,.e Plaoe. TIJbao Broll n. etc Clark. M H & Bro. Marburg Brothers, to 149 S. Charles St. PHJT, A DELPHIA. Wlena H. It Co 181 Weet Pratt. Tob.,,o WATdotUu. Ptzt:llrrt of S..J-Litzj ToiHuco. Aaatblia :11. & C o., uo North Third Beclter Brotbera, 98 Lombard. DambtW11'. Me Dowell H E : & Oo ,_39 North Wate<. Stllrr R. & Co. SOOth Calver', . Moyers & Randall, S9 Market Tobacco tznd Ciga r IA6 tls. 8auk f. Rhialdo & Oo., 30 Nortb Water. Eblen J.D. & Co. 87 Sec""d &bm1dt It Jlell, 53' South Second. D1lwu",. g,._tJJR.,r, Cluuu'r ..J L eaf7 0lnucos Sorve.r, Graeff & Co ok, 10s North Water C i ra,.s. Steiner, Bmith Broa. a: Knecht, HS1Bace. Roaeafeld S. & Co., <3 Ezchange Place. Teller Brothers, 117 North Tblrcl BOSTO:R! VeUerleln J. & Co.,"' Arcb. Grniuie MlrcAtum Woodward, Garrett IE Co., 33 Nonll Water Halyolte o. G., 11 Cea.tral Wbar Manuftulurn-> Fine-an Cluwing tznd Manufact.Ur..-s Snuff. s.,olcinl{ To6tscrrs Bweetaer Karltet Frlobmutll, Bro. & Co., s North Third. B 111 GEBMAliY. D'"' '" C.ia., Muoltnt. :Bamberger L. & Co. 3 North Water. FalleDOtela, W. F M.factrrrt of &otcA OOJilll. Stewart, Marb,R alpha Oo., ns Arcb Padurs f S u d .Uiif TbaeciJ. Mtznfctrrra of Cizra Kawea, E V & Soa. 66 Water. Batchelor Bro:t. 8o8 Marke t 11. y, Hllclebrand & t<.liag eaberg, 37 North SeveJ>tb tt/ TtlltJikl. Steiner, Smih Broa. A: Knecht, II! F1an' Jobn F & C o. 176 and 178 First. Theobald A. H Third and Poplar. Tobtzt:co-Cutti"l Mtze!li.,ry. .Mauftzelurtrs of Fi,.e Cigars. Walateln He!l"J_o_!LMyrtle neaoe. Freebi e A.M. & Froat BUFFALO, :N.Y. Dttz/, i H.,a il Domic To/Jacco .Mtrdumts. UD{-TobtztC. Hemphill wm ... Oo. 143 Fin\ ave Zlak G. W., Pearl. 1 M.nujtzMco C....ini M6rtUrlt., JJ.krs ;,. Spa,.;,;. atUI Cigar Lmf TliiNuc.. Wal, Bel1'1n .t Day, 510 North Becoacl. Hy 46 Front. Tobtzt:to /lrokr Newboqh H., St Wlaut Seam L &: Co w :r Hayoeo .1. K., South Secoad aal "3 est rout. Toi>Mco Sllero H., 47 viae B --L c v Oil W aBe man F & Co. s2 Frouf rec .&.AUMJerten .. o., U4 ve. .11/tnorifttetm '!{ Fitu-Cw CAn1mrt: QIU/ SYKA.OUSE. Jl'. Y. SmtJ!ting Ptu!urs tJf Sud Llaf and DftJI6r1 1ft DISTRICT IIYEN. Price, $4.00: By Mail, I --"TBB TOBACCO LBAP''"PUB.CO., 1451 Pulton Sbeet, To.. the_ in other Cities. .-. -The following firms have kindly consented to act as our agents for the sale of the Directory in the cities named. Orden left with them will be filled at the rate of Four Dollars per copy: B.U.TDIORE. ED WISCHMEYER .t: CO., Comml81loa Mercbaatl aacl Dealerol a Tobacco aacl Olgan, 39 Sooth Calvert. 1 CHICI.&.GO. ADAMS It LEWIS, Tobacco Ma1>ofactoren' Apato, 8 Lake Street CJl'l(ll51'(.&.'1'1. R MAL LAY It BRO., Wbohlale Deaiero Ia u.f Toltacoo 115 and 117 West Froat Street. DANVILLE, VA. Pemberton A Penn, Tobacco CommlAion Merchants. 1 DUBHAlll, N. C. J R. Mon-ie, Editor "North Carollaa Tobacco Leaf and Cotton Plant." LOVIBVJLLE. JUNGBLUTH & CO., General Commlaaloa Merclu11tl aad Broiers I a Leaf Tobacco, 33 Third 1 LYNCHBVBG, VA. Nowlins Younger&: Co. Commisalon PHILADELPHIA. WM. EI!>ENLOHR It CO. ; Pacltero aod B e aters Ia lAaf Tobae<:o ; 115 South W ater Stree t Pl'l"l'tiBURGH. MAUL It GR@TE, Wbel..ale Dealero In Havana and'Domes tlc Leaf Tobacco, 37-4 Penn Ave RICHJIIO!ID, VA. R. A Mills, Tobacco Broker. ST. LOVIS. C & ll. DORMITZER & CO., Commluloa Mercbaata aacl Deater. in Leaf Tobacco, Uland U3 Market Street. POSTAGE. BY A NEW LAW ,WHICH WENT ll'ITO OPICIU.'I'lOl'l 01'1 JAIIUAllY I, 18T5, WE ARE :SOW COBPELLJCD TO PAY 'IIIUC POSTAGE IN ADVANCE ON ALL COPIES OP "THE LJC.&.F SENT IIY US TO OUR SllBBCBlBRBS, THEY SHOllLD, THEREFORE, BE BECElVBD BY THE LATTER P::E'I.ELE OF CHARGE. NO .POSTB.&.S'l'ER HAl RIGHT HEREAFTER TO A CHARGE li'OR POSTAGE, AND ANY ONE DOING 80, SHOVLD DB REPORTED TO US. AS WE NOW PAY THill POSTAGE INSTEAD OF THE SUBBCRmER, AS FORBERLY0 WE HAVE ADDED THill Alii011111T TO OVB SUBSCRIPTION-PRICE, WHICH llAKEI 01JB PR.ESE:NT TEIUIS AS FOLLOWS, ONE YEAR, !IIX .)I[ONTRS, -tt-,20 :a.Io THREE MONTHS, 1.011 11iF NO PAPER'WILL BE SENT WITHOUT OF THEilE Alii011111TI lltiOB.E INJUSTICE. JmJ,,WESTHD CIOABS, 28 St., ck on Libe-ral TeTmtJ. Special Brands furnuih.ed for Owners' """ B 4 V AI 4 T 0 B l C C 0. cAU T I 0 We hereby notify all parties who Infringe on Mart; { w. tc c. [ Acquired undeT the Laws of the United States, that they wiH be prosecuted by Law, / (Miloe, 85 Pine St. exactly the same principles that govern the supply and demand of other staples. Make tobacco clleap and you increase the sale ; increase its and you lessen it To say that those who us!! tobacco will have it at any price, is p artially true, but it is equally true that "'""' ', On the 18th inst. Mr. Dawes, Chairman of the Comcheap IIIey will use more than wlun deqr. Else why has mittee of Ways and Means, during a debate in Coma lpwering of'the taxrate and of mittee of the Whole on the new Tax Bill, playfully the article taxed, been invariably followed by an insuggested an increase in the tax-rate on cigars, cheroots crease in consumption ? As a fact, the weed is so well and cigarettes, weighin1 over three po1Ulds per M from ap preciated that any thing like a reduction jn its cost is $5 to per M and on cigarettes weighing less than sure to increase its use. And still, in the face of truths three pounds per M from $1.50 to l$:z per M-an so undeniable, Congress proposes to add to the cost to amendment which the House, in the same playful mood in order to add to the revenue I Was ever and without the slightest protest, accepted. Of course, folly more palpable ? Horace R "'Oo. S4 B..w Mayorp J. M. & Co., 14 Cedar. IOraD d a "J'. .teo. u Pearl Pucaal 1!.. Brotller Oo. W11ta PCUDt. ). A .,,._ aod to BniadwaiJ l'obalalti It Gaern. 83 William. 11-. J. M & Co., 6 Water. llak>IDOD M. & E. Maldea 1.-. Vep & llerDhelm, Pearl .. _llartln .. "'Dr-. ......... 'Will a oo; 15 Ptlle AJiea ... Elllll. II VIae. a-T.W.Uc.. XODD-F.&: Bade, 373. 315 aad'm .Mala Bu1oe, Joseph, & Co., 8o Eut o-, Opera ._ Br-. 51 ... d S4 But Thlnl. BoUa Block our tobacco friends will think that if their staple is taxed It may be said, on the other hand, that, although the in its manufactured forms of Cavendish, fine-cut and principle we have laid down is fundamental, the slight smoking, is no good reason that, when rolled i nto rise of four cents per pound on tobacco aud one dollar cigars, it sho.uld meet any more lenient fate-which is per M on cigars _is so slight that it can be as readily quite true as an abstract proposition ; but our pos i t i on collected as are the present rates. In reply we would is that there is not the slightest necessity for additionsay that, under ordinary conditions this might be true; ally taxing the weed iri any form. To say that it is a but, unfortunately, the country is at present in any thing luxltry and should be resorted to in every recurring de-but a normal condition, and the tobacco trade suffers in ficiency in the revenue, is an argument worthy the common with other interests. When trade is at a stand childish intellects of those use it. Did they know still, what folly for the merchant to mark up his goods I thing of the tobacco interest, Q.ley would comp And still this is precisely what Congress propose1 to call hend that the commerce m the weed is regulated by upon our trade to do. In the face of u hard timea" and business depression everywhere, we are commanded to proceed to make business more difficult and times duller I It is true the manufacturer can as easily pay twenty-four cents as twenty if he c11n succeed in getting the increase from the dealer, who must, in tturn, charge it to the sumer. But is not the experiment rither a dangerous one to make at the present writing? Leaf has advanced to such an extent that manufacturers find it ell:tremely difficult to cover t\le cost of production to say nothing of realizing a profit. Before th < e proposal to advance the tax was made in Congress, the manufacturers of Virginia and elsewhere were calling up10n us to use all the elo quence at cur command to induce retailers to raise prices. In reply the latter protested that it was difficult, sometimes impossible, to get even the old rates for their goods, to the existing depression. This was quite true, al)d placed the manufacturer unpleasantly be tween the two horns of a dilemma. Compelled to 'pay the most exorbitant prices for : his raw material, he waa unable to obtaia a correspond:ing advance for his goods when manufactured. This certainly was bad enough, but in step our sapient Congr essmen and insist t hat,four cents per pound ac:!ditional shall be added to the cost of the goods I If the ret1iler was unable l:o obtain the old rates, what chance will be have to saddle we sh9uld say, unable-consumers to pay the Congres-Welllr l'rledmall .t FnUe, ,oos Pearl Welaa. Eller & ,.., l'iul. 'YI* V.llutiaeo li Co,, 16 Ce4u ..,_, f{ Wut MNI De .Buy J'rad'lt .. Co &: ., Oelllliellt B. 16 Cedar. eo. m......_x.. y t:liJ Pf#rat ..... B.A'Initlilr, ",._ ........... c.. ........ of Plur TiiiNuttJ. Koolter so Eut Water GeecllaD a MIU')JIIy, 18 1tuamoad. ...,...0 a :N Y Lutf TtHD.. BrU.n. .., ..... n--. 1'. w .. cor. e. Vme u4 :riwllt .M s-Ai"l 4 Ooll ... BllildiDc 11114 71 Weat Plen:e Wallllr B. 1 n.-aa,&.a.w, Jill' ".-Z1wt.WI Itt. ..... -;, T< ... J .... c .II ....... VIM I --t, &. Jl. A...... 1111tJPI!iJU IIUIID aftDTim nftft ftnwr'"'nl!'ft-.' ...., .. ...... ,...."' ............ ,. DIIIIIID tiiM IMIDI1a I!IIIDDI D'DD 11111'1 .. 11-llft 'nat I! tG1 Wlii'IID .. V, I


I 3 FEB. 24. sional Surely tbe \-he But after tha tbe reaction, aud it, 11)'0 e L 49 } 287 lba. mut 20 at 20@27. 15 hhds Brown Co., 0. : 1 at lr4 75 ; 8 is not great and_ hts knowledge of pl'actic..l 1 co DOMESTIC. losses than all thegams secured beforehaBdcan hbcti S l4"9I lbs. mfd. l!.t 15.25@I7-75; 6 at 22@2 9 25. 5 hhds Owen Co., merctl b business, when is ,_.1 NEw Yoa-.r, .J,brwaty 23, xJO.s. to. Sl'. R ctgars. K'y., at-$n, r6 75, r6 7 s, x7 7 s, 24.35. .. v' has been no apparent increase in S.ur")JLAS-I75 lbs. mfd At UorhsWarehouse, 35 hhds and "o boxes:alow, the meTcbant seeks to attract custolr!, Wa,.., LufThe market continues w:ry qu1et, the demand Cor cigars, but a run through a rew of t'"-leadm &liT A MA!!THA-1,798 lbs mfd,. hbd c ..v. 0 d 1 hbd (' 88 ld '' = 2 7 s aaon o., ...... trash, lugs and 5 at Jro I)Ot drive it away ; but Congress has a WIS sa es ......... <451 s ror export mclu....,ue so .m manufactories demonstrated that even in these dull days DO""sTIC RECEIPTS. ,..13 1.5 t "-, b tlSta b .:J\ r B -JOU>o ; u a rs.:rs rg -so; IO at 8 dom superior to such o 1rdmary common sense 1 1 5...-Dt, uLjust -ro2 PJ. !'Ston; 5 to. im_mease productio_n and sale are effected weekly in ,The the port of New fork from domestic Owen Co., I al $-zg; 7 at zo@z 7 ; 30 boxes Of course the same arguments that are to be advanced 'tlrweet. Mh week. TetaL this.ctty. The cases m process of pac!Ung and sh1!j! coastwu;e ports for the week ending FeqrU.ary Oh1o seed fillell f bml;l.ers and wrappers: I 4 at 7 ro@ against any present mc l rease of the tax on tobacco and January -48..7- 45'1-594 s6s 2IIIO m nt, as one hurries through the ro oms devott fo 'ld, :were J86.-hlids g._ /Io halltr.cs,-6 qtr t rcs, I7 7i ro at 8@9 7s: 6--at I I 7S.@I-4o. ctgars on account of tbe depressiOn into which February sg8 402 these processes, are so numerous as to le:lve the 10d_ e tgilth trcs, r,S13 c.ases, IJS three qtr bxs, 2-7-4 At. the Planters Warehou&e, 1g hh'ds and r6 boxes:-Congress b the lemlation of the ast has thrQwn u.s, Yrrgzma !-eaf-In V1Tgmla lea1there has been but m doub! as to whet.her or not there IS not, after _!!1 bxs, f' t d 79 qtr .b xs, 'l,rSr8 caadtes; .r.._bj:JL ro hhds Ma56n S>,. Ky. llrash lpgs and leaf. I at Y c:o- P ltttl e done smce our last revtew Manulacturers are re some m1sapprehenswn concermng the general snuff, ZA9 cases ctgan, iS: bales scraps, so b s pipes 7Q :i at u 175@r3; 4 at r5 75@r8 so, 3 at 22 75@ are cogent agamst any constderable addttton to the tax ceiVIng direct such liMs as they have purchased through of trade, and suggest the 1dea that the ttmes are as constgced as 24 so. r8 flhds Brown Co., 0., trash lugs and leaf: 1 ofthe cpuntry at large If the revenue has rallen t heir agents m Vtrgmta and a small quantity IS arnvmg good as BY :THE ERIE RAILROAD-E M. Wnght & Co., 3 hhds ; i t i$.13' 8 at I 5 75@19 ; 9 at 2 I 2 5@26. r6 cases off, Jet economy be practise d and prospenty be courted by t o or(\ e r of de alers; mall, however, not a great deal. Regardmg tbe additiOnal dollar tax, 1-tt\e I S Sai d, or D J Garth, Son & Co., 13 db order, 6 do, 7 cases Ohw seed fillers and bmders I 2 at $7. 10@7 .go, 2 at C 1f_ ise financial legislation mother dtrecaons and not by T he general leaf market contmues without amma twn apparently thought, by enher manufacturers or d eale rs. BY THE H U D SON RIVER RAILROAD-]. D. K l elly Jr. S 30, 9 Io, 2 at ro.2s .S, tlie crude methods of taxati on to which only tyros reth o u g h there more inqumes a:nd perhaps more ex The general feeling, however IS, t h a t wh!le the m-ro hhds; C H. Spitzer r63 order, Jo d o CLARKSVILLE, 'fENN J Fdtruary M J I I J ammatwns, dunng the p as t than durmg the prev w u s crease IS not enough to burde n any bod y 1t IS qut t e BY THE NATIONAL LI NE-1 hos. Heyt & Co ro hhds H Cla rk &.Bro ther, L e a l Tobacco {eco;t sort at the first alarm of ,lecreasmi reveaues. It has week referring more e s peciall y to the market for Wesenough to put every body to a lot of unnecessary bo ther A. H. Cardozo, 6 do, Pollard Pettus & Co 4 do, otd r We can sull scarcely be satd to have a tobacco been a very cunous featur e of the present debate on tern leaf the sal es o f wh1ch were as abo ve repor t ed 111 .one way and ano t her, and for th a t, m o re than any 22 do. r ec e t pts a nd sales small, amountm last week this subject, that Mr. Dawes has been <-ompelled to There ts no apparent change m pnces here, but m Rtc h thmg It to b een de s igned B B Y THE P.I'NNSVLYANIA RAILROAD-Order, 22s cas es to onl y ro hh ds tobacco We make no chanie m quoswallow his arguments a dvanced a year ago in order to mond a c cor-ding to private letters shown us, the ten d en c y a moun IS .so sma at manu acturers can not we m Y THE NoRTH RI VER BoATs-Order, 2 8 hhd s ta t wns which sull apply to the old crop, alld quote com-IS ad T h e a J e th e h a s b f able f crease thetr pnces t o an equal extent, and th ey w d l .Bv THE NEW YORK AND NEw HAVEN STEAMBOA1 mon lugs 9rLrn.10uc. good 1 / 'support. h1s demand f be -correct tb1s. .l appears vtrwe Y \t ''.1 !sa era e 1 em a .en olt, 9 do, Joseph Mayer' s Sons, 36 d o @l2rc. Our unusually severe wmter deJa 1 the N.ow, because there has been a sltght off m the Fortunate m the quantity grown, as com pare d wtth m connectiOn with the eXISting pr6 8ts to manufacturers Schottenfels Brothers & Maynz, 6 do z Sellmg 6 do ment of the new crop Rain has been but custom-recetpts, he at once cries out like a frightened the yield in other ectiOn s the Virgima crop of J874, o n som e of the nHlor' grades .of Imr, o r ters wtll, A Oatman, 3 do. a l l'iays by cold freezmg spells. The cro bein ca p ha dl do othe sethe ofit b l no dou'lilt be duly thankful for theu BY THE NEw YoRK fiND HARTFORD STEAMBOAT LINE small w1ll be handled rapidly, wlien suitable child fi the darlC, and asks for for ty m1llztJnii Unforthe Tilt s lo;ic:l That class of ctgar sll'\okers, seems we! l enough to -E. Hoffman & Son 30 cases, L. Gerschel & Brother, The loose tobacco m a rket. seems rather mo t e tunately Congress IS so generous the money of uon from th e Circumstances and 1 s worth mentioning remark who most enjoy tJ1.etr fragrant Havanas, :il do; H. Schubart & Co. 30 do, Fox, Dtlls & Co., 9 do. acuve at 13 to rsc crop round. others that be wtll probably get it; A'tld What Will be; nly buyers here rlon't always appear to make and, for that matter, other vanehes also, when they are BY THE OLD DoMINlON STEAMSHIP LrNE-A. C LaHOPKINSVILLE K Fib the result with more revenue, all thoughts of economy th1s deduction from the premises estabhshed. Good 111 th!: condtti?n wh_lch the genmne Havanese motte, 2 hhds, P. Lonllard & Co. 37 do, 32 trcs; J H. C lark & Broth L' f b e !2.-Mtssrs. M will vanish from the Congressional mind. Its present wrappers, and dark, when avatlable here, and are sa1d to 'lie mcreasmg theu orders for P. Quin & Co., 4 do, 7 do; Buchanan Lyall, 6 do ceJpts since last 88 :t ers, re::rt:-Rewanted, bnng good pnces, as they do ever; where, a[\({ domesuc c1gars that are packed m tLu,boxes1 made 7 do; w. E. Duncan & Co., r6 do, 5 do; W. 0 Smith time last ear 1 16P0 hhd S 5 to ate 475 ss, same spasm Will prove but temporary, and the Lobby, for the a muclunay be said for destrable.leaf generally But aftel' the style of the ordinary cedar box. The desi red &; Co' 30 hhds, IS trcs [0 hlf trcs mfd l7 eighth trcs bhds t r t 6hd s. a!es last report 35 moment "squelched," will be blaatant wlth a new lease of as much can not be said of other sorts Lugs are n6t moiSture, it 1s clatmed, 111 certainl y assured in these do, I97 cases do, J. D.' Evans & Co, 8 'hhds ISQ three0 0 kate I9Jth s, s3.!me .11 e ast yea\ 6:zg hhds. life l Shall we ever arrive at the epoch wh,en our natiOn looked after with the eagerness that mtght be expected boxes. The problem at first to be solved m connection qtr bxs mfd 70 hlf bxs do 63 qtr bxs do. PIOneer To-ur m:r e alliS 'lVI an; wmawm, thoug pnces re al affairs will be managed with ,any thing like honesty, when the future is taken into account. 1:-f othmg 1S, Lt ts wtth their use was, how to brand wtth the burnmg uon bacs:o Co.,' IS trcs, :z ; AtM:ell, Tuf:s & Co., 6 qtr ange d. I e quote frosted lugs, 7 and when patnotism and not greed shall charactenze -true, but-these more especially "The asking pnces," prescnbed law. This difficulty was dtsposed of by trcs mfd, 2 cases 'do; Dohan, Cl!-rroll & Co' I70 cases JI ;4 d'o f uc; C:bfijmon leaf, observes a dealer nobody wtll pay," and the won combimng,wood and tm at the bottomufthe box. mfd, 24 hlfbxs do, 25 third bxs (10 3 qtr bxs do I o:Y! Th' tum ea 1 4 1 c, good leaf, the counctls of our chosen rulers ?" der 1S, why? Further along there \\Ill probably Golti opened at and closed at li4JS caddtes do; H, A. Rtchey, IS case's mfd :zo hlf bx; do co sst' eo ved and undesirable, l!IIJI'OB. EDJTOB-IAI,S. VntGJNIA SPEAKs.-On the uc.l inst., 1n the U. S. Senate Mr. JohnV.on (Dem., Va ) presented resolut1ons of the Vir&tnia ag11nst anymcrease ol the tax on tobacco A ToBACCO MANUfACT-URER IN LucK.-We note that Mr W. R. Macdonald, the wc;ll-known tobacco manu factu rer of ,lrbura iile, has just been awarded the handSOIIle sum of S 971ooo by the Mtxed Commis6ton at WasHington for a cotton claim which was, originally, of a much larger amount. OLD SEED LEAr.The Connecticut and Massachu setts crop of 1874 is now said toile considerably less in quantity than previous estimates have tndtcated. 'l'his ctrcumstance will sull further add to the value of old leaf, and especially to the r873 crop, which will soon be the 110le for the finer work of the mal'uf.c:turers. "From present appearances, material for the grades of cigars will not be easy to obtain by and by'. at figures that manufacturers can afford top y. Tn PROPosED lNcABAS&D DuTY ON CIGARS -It is estimated that tiul 1nqe-ase:i to: on CIPft will raise nearly additional revenue, takmg_ the returns of last year as reported by the Commisstoner of In ternal Revenue as.. a basls. According tO" the same report there was receiVed !:ear> from and cheJoots, foretgn and.,. domestic, 9,289,896. 'I: he tax on that class 1s increased twenty er CCjnt., whtch would be lt,$57,999 The increased tax oa the lower grade of cigarettes would about yteld J8,ooo more. f&E lNDUSTIUAL ExHIBITION CoMPANY.-Iu tbe pre dullness the mind turns with peculiar aVIally rte any !i,cbeme precuniary returns for a 91MII outlay tlJifcrtunately most of these arc deh1sioD1, tl;le lbdustrial Company, of this ctty, baS' i11t pon a plan 'by wlllcli' a large -return may legttlmately be secured from an exctedingly limited mnt. Oo the 6rst prox as w11l be seen 1iom an elsewhere_, a thiid premiam aUotme t" tnll take place. 'F.uii In tflast -week John Haynes, aged 35, a tobacconist at Washington Street and Park Place, fell on the walk near hiS store last evening. He was taken mdoor, where, after a few moments of stertorous breathing, be died. The sup posed cause was heart dJ.Sease.-Isaac Febrich, Ia e proprietor of a ctgar establiShment at No. s6r Broadway, has been held m $5,000 bail by Commissioner Shields, to answer a charge of fraudulent banltr-uptcy, j n obtaiJil ing goods on cred1t while msolvent, by falsely represent-.. ing thltt he was possused m ore than to meet all hi$ hA8ilities.-Cu.,tom-House McCourt and Hogan se1zed 2,66o cigars on the bark' Itit:JM, from Cuba, at Btooklyn .' 1The cigars were 10 a was hidpen away in the vessel's cargQ of sugar.-A fire occurred last week in the butlding No. 284 Front Street, owned a,nd occupied by Wtlliam Agnew & Sons, iamage $.roo.-_cJJ.Kom:.House Inspector Hogan tetzed I6,ooo cigarette& on Lhe steamer City New from Havana. be less diffi c ulty in gettmg pnces Foreign Exchange-Messrs. M. & S. Sternberger, IO third bxs do, 5 do; M. M 'welzhofer 76 I log y bl ros!e an new to-bacco, and Se e d Lear-A moderate busmess was done m Seed Bankers, report as follows: The unfavorable conqttJOn cases smkg, 1 do cut, 3 caddies mfd A. Hen & Co. z6 btagccounfimneerc e wetghts, 111 really useful heavy to-'.1. ( h E h M k h or cuo1ce was on sa e Leaf durmg the week. The lrome trade bought o t e xc ange ar et cpnttnues, owtng to t e unset cases smkg, 4 do mfd, so bxs ptpes, MaTUn & Johnson L N spanngly, and the demand for export was pnncipally tied coudittQn of Gold ;-althou&h the feehng lS a shade I 52 cases smkg, 14 do mfd; Blakemore, Mayo & Co.: Y CHBURG, February 20.-Messrs. Nowhns, for fillers and low assorted lots. The dtstnbutiOn and .stronger, and all Exchange, Sterling as weU as Coni!2 cases mfd, 5 three-qtr bxs do; P. H. Hart, 2 cases Younger & Co.,_ Tobacco CommiSSiOn :Merchants, re pnces for the week were as fo-llows: :zoo cases 1g73 nental, advanced slightly under It We smkg, 5 th1rd bxs mfd, Allen & Co, 495 cases smkg, portThe contmuat10n olf mclement weather and the Connecticut wrappers at 35@ 4 sc; 300 ca;;es 1g72 and nommal rates are 483 and for 6o days and demand Bowne & Fnth, 20 do, D. & A Bendhe 1m II do; bad of the roads have prevented 1s73 do fillers at 7 ;Ji@8 )( c, 7 5 cases I87I do wrappers Sterlmg respectively; selhng rates 482 3{ @482 for Heyman & Loewenstem, 5 do J Blankenstem 10 do bungmg m thetr tobaccos, hence.rece1pts on private terms; 100 cases r87J do seconds at 12@I 4c; 6o days, for demand ; CoiJlmercial, 6o J. R. Sutton, 4 do; C G 4 do ; H' Welsh; ave een small. The market continues active so caseS. do do at zo@ II 17 5 cases 1g73 w15constn, days Paris-Bankers, 3 ays, 5 r67B' 6o :z do; F. H. Leggett & Co., 2 do, Moore & Co., and pnces rule fully to former. quelattons. We deem 1t runmng, at g _u @ 9 c I7 S cases do do do State at 9y.@ days 5 ; Commercial, 6o days srS:J.i. 2""5 cases mfd; E. DuBois, rs do, J. H. Thompson & Co, unnecessary to change qu otattons. ro}l,c; <40' cases do Pennsylvania wrappers on pnvate -Bankers, 3 days, 94)(@94}1,; 6o days, 95@95)(.1 :z do Maddux Brothers, 32 do ; James M Gardiner & PADUCAH,. KY., Ft!Jruary M. H. terms, and so cases do Ohio runnmg at roYzc Total, Sarey & Yale, Brokers, reCo., 150 hlf bxs dlil, I3 qtr bxs do, 96 caddtes do; Ap Clark & Br?ther, Leaf Tolbacco Brokers, report :-Re I,r6s cases. port tobacco fretghts as follows :-Liverpool, per steam, pleby & Helme, I bbl snuff; C. E Lee, r6 cadd1es mfd; ce1pts contmue sml!ll and the tobaeco of indifferent Commentmg upon the state of the market, a dealer 35s.@4os.; per sat!, Lopdon, per steam, order, 179 hhds, 14 cases mfd, :zo hlf bxs1 de quality and m bad order, sales for the week 011ty 6J Jemarked-" The heretofore repotte prospective 35s.@4os; per sat!, JOs. @:ps. 6d Glasgow, per stdam, CoASTWlSE FROM KEY WEsT-Per steamer Czty o f hhds. The market is very qmet 3.nd almost devotd of scarClly of tobacco appears to have been overrated, and 30S.@35s. Bnstol, per steam, 4os.; per sat!, 30s. Havre, Austm-Seidenberg & Co., 83 cases ctgars; Fred'k de mterest We repeat last week's quotations: CoRlmon Pr-esent prices, therefore, appear-to be m favor of per sal!, JSS Antwerp, per, 37s. 6d @4os.; per Bar;y & Co., 68 do; H. Gaulheur, IS do McFall & Ho to good lugs common leaf, u@I3c; medtum buyers." This observ ation was intended to he general sail, 3os : Bremen, per steam, 45s. Han. burg', per steam, gan, 4 do, V. Martinez Yoor & Co, :il2 bales scraps, leaf, good leaf r 5@ 17c; fine and selections, m 1ts 11Pl>licatton, aud ether leaf m(lrkets as 45s. Setdenberg & Co., 17 do. Per steamer State of Texas r7@I9C. of Se l;(af, and, as ageneraJi.zatiop15 r.&aftCVJi.Aa .OI!I':IOB. -Fred'k & Co., 30 cases ctgars; Setdenberll & PHILADELPHIA, February :u.-Mr. R. essentially correct. 'llhougb it would be a misapl>reGro ... era of eed lui tobacco are cauttoned aganot o.-cpthtg the Co' 38 do' H. Gaulher, II do; Seidenberg & Co., 1 3 hension to infer frorn 1 t tbat the general leaf market 1 s reponed oalea nd of oeed leaf ao the prtceo tha bales scraps V. Martmez & Co,., zo do. Tobacc? co hung forward qmte freely, as, manufacturers weakening, because not the case, so far as we should be obtained for c;.,em at first !:and, as cheoe refer a moat mocances BAJ:_.TI)19R,E,Feb,.uary 20.-M.essrs.Edward Wtsch are anx 1 ous to have the same removed befare the new a ve learned, in any-department A fatr interpretation to old crop& haclYcclebc:enh held nearlr a .JUI'1 an-d '!' proG fit on meyer & Co., Tobacco Commission Merchants, btl! can posstbly go mto effect. It should be borne' f d wh1ch must naturollyn u t e tnterat on capita tn a. rower T < I I .., .J d h bb o the wor s woula pernaps, be th1s: There 1s now more cannot expect even tn the cue of new crops, to oell them fur the aame Here lS some .1Lt e movemen.t m a1 y,anu leaf, most mm at t e same t1me, our JO ers have had laying harmony between the vtews of sellers and buyers than prtceo., arc obt:uned on ate-sale here Of cyurae every re-oal e m'l't be of the lots conung forward bemg taken up on arnval at m the nands of some of our Southern and Western there was when the future seemed to promtse higher at an advance, and therefure tnc price obtainable by tha pvwc,. w1ll steady pnces, m other descriptions there 15 nothtl'g manufacturers, very good size orders, which they have pnces than have -yet heen reached, or than can be always be somewhat lowe man our quotatons. domg, though w1th !tght stock holders are very firm and ordered forward, from tune to time, a. needetl thereb Teached m the dull year upon which we have entered .QUOTATIONS OF WHOLESALE PRICES.. wuh the opening Qf navtgation a hvely busmess 1s saving the outlay of tax, but now they prefer' to ma When, mother \fOrds, speculatton seemed more pro w a ,..-LII!htleat cu. cto anticipated. Pnces are generally and we the unnecessary at OD<:e, rather than t<' bable than hard times. Quotations contmuing steady ::: .... ,c.o quoteagainasfollows:-Maryland,commonfrosted, tn.e chances ?f the uncertainty of the pqnge of all round. th1s will not be constdered, even by the author, u..uum. .... ......... li.-.. ,.,...g,._ @7.50, do sound common, 7.50@9 oo; do medium1 8 50 '!lew bill, the extra stock is not neede._ a poor translation of the ?bservation quoted. : .. :08:d do ;: @g. so; do good d9, 9@l1o, do leafy brown, Io@IJi do for the present, busmess purposes. Receipts: 8z boxes, Spanish-Havana fillers were m good demand and ..... .. .'... 3'5 11 bnght red to yellow, 14-0o@r8.oo. Upper Maryland uo cases J from all sources. sales of new and old amounting to about 6oo bales at :: vm. I Cut.. ........... So@ 85 ups, 7 00@9 oo: do brown to red, ro.oo@n.oo; S,mokmg Tobacco-Orders still contmue to fiow into 90C@l,I.o5 were made Other lines at about fir '5 were Clara..uu aad 'f..,_1 yellow spangled, 12 oo@zs oo; do extra do, r6 oo@ the countinjl-room of the manufacturers of cut and dry Cowmon to ugo u,..- 0 fr d 1 d od fi 6old. For Yara there was also a !inquiry and G7. eommonte..t.... ...... '3 rS. oo, do fancy, :zo.oo@3o.oo. h1o, oted, 7.oo@ an granu ate go s, or the reason tut very few of b&lcs I. cut were sold at 78@8oC, bllles II. cut ;:::: .. .:i : ro :;g 7 50; ,do infenor to _gQOd c9mmqn, 7;; do have any surplus stock of this pantcular a f. r9@$r. u, tbe latter figurq anging ll.bove our 1 .. ............. M.............. u tts o greenish and brown, do medmm and leafy kmd of manufactured J[oods, hence such lll&llufacturers quotations, wh1cli we revise to correspond All accounts ...... ........ lltos ('=i. brown, 9@II.OO; do to fine red, 9So@Is.oo, are no,w esy as bees, and all are workinl their full ffi.Qmi'Havana go to strengthen the postlton of the wragpero. clark do eommon to medtum spangled, 9 oo@r:z.oo; do fine capac1ty, Jn order to fill al'l the orders they can before tQbacco here on Those of have i.';at., .. n omloal Ltcrht Presaed, ;\<. spangled to yellow, IJl oo@jo.QO. Kentucky:, corpmon the newrelh1 rgo of four cents pe'r pound can 'possibly deferred the1r trip s to Havana ere still 1n no haste, .... :. :O":J::l :: to good lugs, oo; do heavy do, be la.1d .oAt a large quantity or. that grade apparentl!'j, to go there. And those who have been there 8moken, ....... D O IIliDal ,9dmmon ..... .! ........ 4:1, do low to med1um leaf, 13 oo@Is.oo, ao good of go g ds y; recetved. I Oluo-ID'or to go!'d com 7 }'@9 "'""' .l'btdl --l...-t t s week the SAles are' certa1nly enoouragmg. rrent wants. Those who have faith m the fulfibpeot FIUero ...... 1 a to 12; 6 @60 u,863 hhds F5Jf the demand still contmues at full of>the threateRed increase do not appear to have been =..;.:::. :; :,:: ... 1;! ............ ..... this ....... ---.. too hkds tlg,ures, whtch IS very Slllhsfactory to holders, but the very much disturbed ab.out 1t as they bought but a RuaDinr.Loto, .... o ... tJ Idspected prevwusly, s1nce January I r,r45 hhds old leaf :s datly becomtrng 111arce, p11rttcularly so w 1th :.a h I T I' P'""'"/pJria-CropS.uad-Br Ota ulated 8 lrlng .. 3-1 @75 g \)od of P 1 h'ch -trwe_ more t en usua. he--attel'-Class of buyers was Fllers... .. ......... 1 M':.i, ..... tomo d :.::,86tIIO lc '1 ennsy vama, w I cause l"""mg around m shgh t1y allgme"t.,d nvm....,rs, however As 1orttledoLoto !:, 8 Good to linf.:': ..... : 60@1 20 :rotaL __ ... -------------__ I'>, roB bhda o d Pennsylvama to advance very matertaUy. Since my I'" Of<" ec 0 ..... Clgaro-tl<'meotlc oJ I t th ld I bl fi ; and had there been any bargains l'ovailable woulli .S73 leed JJa.U. 1 Less ship,Jpents (Maryland and Oh10), 1 as ,report e o re 1a e rm of Teller Brotllers have "THE LEAF" AT TKB E"sT.-Our Bulimesa Manager probably have left the market with a reduced supply on ... : : :: .! per M ....... .a qn oo siac11 January 1 ..... ,.............. 979 hbds met With. some loss on the1r valuable stock of leaf by Ius returned after a most brilliant busmess tour in New hand But bargains Ill tobacco--tre DOt at th1s t1me Setectious ............... 40 fl!o =;g:::: water and smoke, caused by a very bad fire 11ext door I d 1e fi 1 f b b 1 fi N..., y,. i Si" ... .... 211 oo@ao 00 .....,.vtog stoc m war n,ug hhds Y 0 owever, un erstand usually bnlliant one. Our warm to our so, tbe volume of transactiOns differed but little from .:::: Penn d o d o do u oo Manufactured To6Qc&Q-,fbe proposed mcrease m the whole has been adJusted satiSfactorily to both many friend !I, at the East for their continued apprect-,yhat we ...have:of late been accustomed We ne. O J w.:o .. 7s C1vl!; @ iit.' : 17 23 00 the tait has rather the market, bat .llS yet the insurance compames and tbemselves, as it should a\i no{ our work. recogrution has a value qute amung other transfers, a lot of black work, about ..... :::: 'IITIIpper ......... -:.20 lJOiiDIO oo priceS not be written though 'Should the adbe, for we can not spare Tel.ler Brothers COUnSel out of apart from money, and which is peculiarly the reward of packages, and of tir.ights ti: ii!Oil of h good ahd ....... : .... s Z:: dttiohal be jtnposed they will very probablf improve. ourtrade for any length of ume. success in JOurnalism. When the merchant sells hts medium grades There were a good many mqu 1 ries for 9 Oo ...... 86@98 The market has been very quiet the past :week, rece1pts .,. for the. week 8s,66o chi\!By to Ant g ood s no part of b1s personality-of 50 to II mch that resulted m nothmg further than inquiry ... .... ()'i. .. s eoo.:." laodJtoot:::: thaug\1 heayy. Received by the Bllltirhore and Oh1o werp 0or domt!sucuse, 125 bales of HavanW ieaf, I45 goes w1th purchased article; but' 10 the owm1; to .the firnr views of holders. For export very !'?, -c!p :. = =t1 from DanvUle, Va.1jS98 caddies, r,391 boxes, of onnecttcut see11eaf, 286 cases of Ptmnsyl-fale 9f a. newspaper It &S different. f.. cuuc;.nt Qf, symhttle mqutry was nGllceable 'Wfllllf,f.7[. .... ... ,., 3 LtCOTtc ev,n ... _,. 88 qtr. bxs, I99 th1rd bxs, so M bxs, bl.\tts, 85 cases, van1a do .J pathy is estabHshed betWeen the editdr and the regular & from the of 1 C#R,;',"'.; ;,.,:_(:;0j,' 4 0 s ...... :: ........ -4i9-a<11 anq from J.ynchburi, Ya. 1336 boxes, :25 qtr bxs, .February 19.-:M"essrs. Le Roy, sbscnber whtcb 1s utterly unhke any other transaction wntten Wttbm a few days,-has been shown wh10a l'llers. .. .. 6.l(!P ;;11a 0:: 111 111 ........ 2811 400 blf bxs : per Norfolk: steamers, r 337 pkgs ; per Boper & Sons, Tobacco Merchants report ..... b b "' p,,.,.._,{Vt<,..,.-crop '872 -28" "D h 4 d d d W h d h k' I o ..,...,eas .,....,.actl!r. JS _ears pass thiS e states m su stance, m answer !o the a eal of a '1UIIDL..rr Lou .......... J 0 ._ .. B71111a. aet,. 211-" ... mon o, 307 o. e aQ l IS wee s stattttica con-C1idel'lt trows stronger,_udjts be mmd of the correspaodent for the abohtton ot the ;luuon notiCe Loto,. .... 1 : Gwa11&: :::_ .; ,;;. ,;.: ... CINCINNATI, Ft6riiD"' :o.-Mr. F. A Prague tiiiUe hgh r both of loose and m hhds, scarcely to h h I\ fi d n ........... 1 13 14 vJ ..... .... .T h d d p reader greater. It IS pleasant in our own case to aote t at e-1s we satts e wuh the extsnnr gulat10ns Cor 04'-Crep .8,-13 .. I c ,ea ........... 28 Leaf Tobacco Inspector as follows:--Con. t e emap nee have fluctuated some but no that t!"s often unfelt infiuence-ispreseoL It be the manufacture, packmg, branding, and aale of manu .. tmued unfavorable pievents much being dQne matritat cpange si.Qce las.t quotattons. our 11m to always exert 1t so as t9 secure for the factured tobacco, that so far as the knowledge of hlS Ruanlog Lot ..... 9 Clln 2tl:IO in kaflobauo. Prices are unchanged, but firm at quo srArEr.tEN'I-WRJtK IIHDIMG na, 19, 1875 t t t th t 'b) b e t d r h I N'D Ruon 11 Lots 7 G. e ......... ...... 211 forwa'l'd our breaks being genewlJ reulfls of old .stock Hhd HLhdo l'eb. "n Feb. '9 75 01' CoURSE a ptatter of it to recomrrtend";addttional legisl a4on IMPORTS, j I .Ihe of'OhiO seed mostly of the poorest w HUI .... 9.. expects now t.hat an_w1 wrll done in. Cifngress, on t 'l\ e-spbjec Thts is chatacteristtc, botl1 'tne arrtV1lls at the of from f5o-; I4 at I5@19 25; r:z at "2o@ an unsettjeftancc oi' the men who have bel=? so earnestly so9 do, A. S. Coa{8 J. B. lm:s 'apd lea[ 7 at 14 75 17125 20 -factw110gr p nterest Below I give thee traDUCtwns d A(ter exlnb1t11oo eL to _publ,i.A $emithe repeal ofth1s req'!irem.ent, and, also, an exI qat= r & Co' ze 7 /'' 3 at !,t6, 45.:z5: 7;' e9puu.u.e quotatlons an ment, as Ul lD. the ltsefflabd the port wafehouse for tobacco 1!1-thls City. 1t would have p. '. beri qo, If, a rr Co' bOxes Qbio seed ..Allers, and 20 at .. .. ......... --... 427 k r to dtscard Itt, It wou1d ,,. folty for any one to been well to have giVen roor.e their deAcii:er, & onl:i t, 31 do, & Tilford, 23 at 8@9.9o; at' to@'t4.5o 3 'a't '5@ lnspedlons .. ---_ ------2 p k ': m-ore beconu' tg conduetin the satrie fn have yet I'l do; S. Lmnagton &: I4 I8 1 } Salic; .... ._ ______ -. refereiM:W to matterS affecting the tobac:c9 tndej Jri)lhe 1 has been tnoreamoking tobacco do; _Purdy & NtCholaif, 19 do; F. Gorf:QfU/f. s, r6 At'.tbe. Mtami 98 hhds and 38 Delnehes. ___ : ... ------- ------..... so6 pkgs of an .(sw of the tht; Pa than for several weeks previOusly, but pkgs CJgarettes. 42 qhds Mason Co., Ky. ,. trash, \luga..and le.U: 4 at !d Warehouses.-....... --. _. 4,030 hhds: the r868 r li.Dtl like the quanttty orJmanly dtsposed of 10 an. EXPORTS. Jro.7 .')@l4Si 4 at ,J,; 29 at u@29.75; 5 at Same date 1874 ............ --.... ----3 ooo bhds gmnmlc r both caven9ish toBo!>!BAY-I'oJ cases. hhds California at 15:so 38 ie4d ', lags, very .8%@ d101rfhte, .tr.a-.US9 I :6 .. ,.. 'ex .... ,.J ------------"107l'@lii ; &I' to 0 e n at w s pn: 11 ble amoonN:>C ext\la busiAeu donO(U .. Dl 1 Cu;K!'u&oos-,.Il,:I4J lbs, I!lfd. At the GlObe Warell.oUH 4S hhds -25 hhds Mason. lack .af, commoa a .... _,... ---...... ..,..._u were 1 'l cl the effort1oosave ao centjn-the c01t of .. .'A ,1 Co, Ky., trash, lugs and leafl I f4($Ij.i 4 'f c, (' l J c tL' ( t ... 'J lJ i J..l lJ I J .. ro ,..,. r t ... J .aao WILL auv A FJRsr MoRTGAGE PREMtUMBoNo oF TijE NEW voRl< IN-DUSTRIAL" Bond ( /


-' THE TOBAV()O LEA. .I', Black leaf, good .... cigan, but sudl orderS can not be filled by the mana'l'S.: TAX OVTB.AGE g entlemen composing the association have had long and Thursday, February 25, at u o'clock, at Nos 45 and47 1ca4 facturers until such time as they can find an outlet for intimate acquaintance with the operation of tile manuPark Place, 6oo cases and boxes tobac:o, etc. BlaA::k lea{, extra --------------their lower grades. We have to note the change in .&eUoD tbe Bo11H ., JlepreeeataUves oa factur1ng business, and they protest that any increase of Bright lup, common-----------------Io prices of the two factories: Aguila de Oro and Paz de to 1111a.e dae Tllx Cl hx will be alike injurious to the trade, the Government Brirht )JJp, medium to gooll. --- .. I4 @2:z China, which have put their prices-entirely on a gold .-an aDd c.....-eates-Preaeet et tile leadlel'll aod the plant=ng interests. The manulacturers have Bright lup, fine smokers .............. zs @35 basis Manufacturers hope to obtain the early part of w__.. ... leelleaal J;epelaUea. submitted to the present tax, which they regard r be lugs, extra smokers .. the ceming crop in time to work up in June, but to us In Committee of the Whole in the House of Repre heavy, believing it would be thehigbestrate established Bnght leaf, commoa to medium ....... II @I3 this seems an early e&timate. 'Excbanges.-Against sentatives, on the IBth inst, the New .Tax Bill being unby the Government nntil a less tax might be considere4 WESTJIELD, MAss.-Harrison, & Co., Packer" and dealers in Leaf dissolved; Mr. W. H. -Har-rison continnes under his own name. Bright leaf, good to fine .. : ___ .13-"@I7 gold show a further decline; we qao1e to-day nominal: der consideration, 'the committee passe!i \he cpnsid sufficient for of the ;evenue department. An Bright extra filler s ... I8 @:z:z London, 6o days, Bank notes, 133@135 per cent. P.; eration of the second section w'bich ibcreases t1ie'tax mcrease would mJure most sen?usly of Rem.oYala Bnght wrappers, common Gol:!,> per cpent GP.ldPar@is, days, baDnk nHotes, on tobacco from twenty to cents a pound :.mployee,s whTheose onJy stsuppofrtht 1S dCI" CtTY,.....W Dieua uer Wholesale dealer in Bright wrappers, medi um to good .. 2772 40 112'<:'u yper cent. ; o t :z} 2 per cent. amM G k 1 ( ) f Ohi d 'k h poymen. repor o e ommisswner o tne ,.., @ b 6 d b k p G ld r. unc e rep. o o, move to str1 e out t e .., bo h t d fi ( d t ) .__ Lei"1' a&IQ .. frQqu !is tQ Street Bright wrappers, fine----------. -45 75 urg, o ays, an notes, per cent. ; o d t' H k d h t t' h ld b Aevenue s w t a un era orty an stx een cents,..,. .. I'd @ r L t D N y k C 6 d b k secon sec 10n. e as e I a taxa 100 s ou e 1m ..... Je than h t t th BosTON MASS -Emery Bemis Tobacco Inspector, Brightwrappers,extra-----------!)o 7 7 72perceo .. ew or urrency,oays,an d h rd ar bet h .... erevenuewas ss _o,ooo,ooo;taaax 1rty- 'U'aho...,oy wrappers, common Ito medium ... I5 @:z:zr/ notes 8:z@84 per cent. P : Gold, per cent. pose Wit some rep to equ Ity ween t e sec two (and sisteen) cents produced in round numbers from 24 Indian Square to 3 2 Central Wharf. ..... o 72 t1ens The a ga1lon tax on whisky was a heavy tax Mahogany wrappers, gcod '-tOo fine __ 25 @40 D. New York Currency, 3 riays, bank notes, 85@87 per on the West and was so generally understood. And ,ooo,ooo; and t!'e present umform tax of twenty Mabo&any wrappers, extra.- -45 @6o cent P.; Gold, 14@ per cent. D. :r-{ew York Gold, now another heavy tax was pnlposed that would fall on cents has numbers $34,ooo,ooo; thus lfewrtrm.s .. FOREIGN. 6o days, bank notes, Io7@1o8 per cent. P.; Gold, 4 per the West and South entirely. He protested against such ahawmg that a dzmmutzon of tax has e nlzafutd t be reANTWERP, FtlmltJI'I 6 .-Mr. Victor Forge, Imporcent D. New York Gold, 3 days, bank notes, I 10@ discrimination. This increase tax would not affect Con- Fre9uent 10. the ter of Leaf Tobacco, reports :-The month _of J \LDUaJY III per c;ent. P ; Gold 3 per cent. D. Spanish Dounecticut tobacco, !or that was used in cigars. laws to d1strac. bus!ness, and are highly passed 'without any sales of importance and only a (ew bloons, bank notes, u6@I17 per cent. P. Mr. Dawes said he proposed 10 offer an amendment InJUnous to thi s large taxyaym" as well as to 1 lots, amounting to about 6o hhds, ctJ:anged hands; noLIVERPOOL, February 1.-During all January the to increase the tax on cigars. the Government, and the 10crease of the of the \ thin& has been done for co nsumpt!On, _and traoaactions in United States Tobacco were below an Mr. Buckner (dem ) of Mo., called attention to the Government would pe but temporary. 1he mterests of BosToN, MAss -B Co. dealers in a d Importers of C1gars, Tobacco, etc.; 78 Street. Chas. W. Wilder dealer in and Importer of C i gars and Tobacco; 58 Kilby Street and 98 Water Street Nichols & Macdonald, Cigar ManufacturerS' and Leaf Tobacco Dealers, I 14 Broad Street. l rnaaufactu(ers raised their pnces, they w1ll be obltged average extent with little or no demand for home use ; falhng off in the export of whisky ariCil tobacco, which,he planter and manufacturer are clo!lely allied, any \ toraise them muc)l more to reach present fii:ures and there was inquiry for export but not much was done, and attibuted to the taxation on these articles. InJury to the one be almost mstantly felt by the it is to be feared they will not dlo it so long as they the e s timated sales durlnf the pasr month would nat ex-Mr. Dawes reminded him that exported whisky and other. If the tax _Is the manufacturers can have of substitutes and at low prices. Stock J _I, ceed 6oo hhds, the smallest b u siness transacted in any tobacco p a id no tax not pax remunerative :p>nces to the planter, and the \ Virpila, 48; Kentucky, 3 05. Sales, January, .V:trgmta, mouth ior many years pnces however were withou t Mr. Harris (dem ) of Va. protested against the pro present crop has now been ascertamed beyond any 21; Ktutuclly, 6 5 .Stock, February r, Vugm1a, :zo; change. Imports 1,8 31 .Dehveries I s 99 Stock 3:z,posed increase of the tax od tobacco. ?oubt to be the smallest for manf past, \ Kentucky, z8o. 873, agajnst 27,667 a t s11me time last year Mr. Beck (dem ) of Ky. denounced it as another m the great gr?wmg of MISsoun Ken Feb 6.-Messrs Schaap & Van Veen, Tobacco Brokers F e bru a ry 6,-Messrs. F. W Smythe & Co Tobacco hlunder and ar ued that Jt would dimimsh instead of and V1rgmia. 1 he Association 1s satisfied that repPrt :-Our market is sull very dull. We ar e almost Commission Merchants report:.:....The inacti VIty men increase, the re;enue. any mfcrease of tax at th1s time mha y sof embarrass without any choice in every kmd o. f the arti c le. B y w_ant uoned by us in our re p ort of the 3oth ulto. has continued M A I t (d ) f Oh' 1 d 't t m a nu acturers as to even prevent t em rom competmg d h h h t h k d d h b d 1 h b r. y r em o 10, a so oppose 1 as a ax th t 1 of American tobacco, an t e 1g pnces o t 1s m unng t e past s1x usmess ays, sa es ave een of on the p or man s tobacco, which, of costing or e ra w ma ena W W. Wilde, dealer in Leaf Tobacco and Cigars, I47 Milk .Street. Geo. H. Jones Importer and Dealer in Leaf Tobacco, 98 Water Street. 0. L. Gillett, dealer in Leaf T obacco, and Cigar Manufacturers Agent, 63 "&,ilby Street. C. G. Clarke & C o Wholesale dealers i n Cigars and Manufactured Tobacco, 5 Broad Street. BRtD,OEPORT, CoNN.-Excelsio [ C1gar ould Co., Rosenberg & Simonson, proprietors. our manufacturers furmsh their costumers with subst i strictly retail character to supply the liw.ited demand of h i m not more than ten centb a pound, would be made tutes of Java, East Ind i an and German and manufacturers. done fo r export. Prices to cost him forty to fifty cents. Tea and coff e e were the stock ofthese sorts all over the world is so heavy generally speaking without change. Imports :z68 hhds. no more necessaries of life than tobacco was. They that they can manage generally without the American Deliveries 400 hl\ds. Stock 32,6 58, against 2 7 ,3I5 a t wer e stimuJants alike, and had by custom become just Wbea Will Tbeir Follies Cease l [Fro m the Dur h a m (N C ) Toba cco Plant] S. A Grant, C1gar Manufacturer, successor to S. Simonson t'obacco We had some subscnptions of Java tob a c co, same time last y ear. as mu c h a necessity, the one as the other. of whi ch 200 1 bales found buyers. Of J.1ary la n d tobacLONDO N, :Jan uary 28.-Messrs. G rant, Chambers Mr. (rep.) of N. y .-Does the gentl e man also co, 94 hhds; and of 0/lio 3:0: lhhds. lmpo rt ed-I ,525 & Co., report : -The market for all descript i ons s of life. Qsltl\ q uJity: quantity, wh1ae those without s t ock gima Leaf and Stnps have been but little operated in Mr. Sayler-1 unde rtilke toNy that tne Secretary of taking a difi'erent v1ew, that we decided to learn the fine bnght of the former and rich spinn ing classes of the Treasury never advocated such a tax on whisky truth by per1101;!al obsefva.tion and, accordmgly one of the latter scarce. Maryland and Ohio are without and tobacco as this bill proposes. He has said, pri 'our employees was sent down to make a e x change, bright description.s wal)ted. Cavendzsh dull of vately and pubhcly, that he is opposed to the whole crops Vuelta s al e, t he market well supp1ied. thing, and that he does not believe that as much Fd.IIJiished with the data and mformat1on he has obtamed, February 4.-Messrs. GraDt, Chambers & Co rerevenue will be derived from it as under the present we are now prepared to furnish our friends w i th the port:-We have to record another week of quietude in arrangement. very aed. exact news from At this market, the only operations being those of small After considerable discussion Mr. Gunckel's amend opening of the planting season, vanous cucumstaoces purchases by the trade for immediate requirements ment to strike out the second section was rejected. combined to the fields full of promise of an Exporters have also purcRased to a nry hmited extent, 1 REVENUE FROM CIGARS. abundant ana superior yield, and it was after a owing in a great measure to the poverty of the stock Mr. Dawes moved an amendfuent to increase the tax of thewe have suitable on the market. Holders continue firm at on domestic cigars from to a I,ooo, and 00 cigar 1Hr'o"dgtr, tbat tfie From tl f e top quotations. Kmlrleley Leaf and Strips-Have shared ettes from h5 o to $3-75 6th to the 8tli: of JanuayY while the was at its ia U!e dullneu, the chief inquiry has been for Mr. mith of Ohio, protested against taxing the of rai':l fell over the Vuel ta Abajo spinning c,lasses. Virginia Leaf afJti ShjsThere is poor man's fobacco 200 or 3 0 per cent. while the great b1ll ooly at points, llu-rh as aranof importance to note, bright leaf is difficult to fortunes of the country remainerl untaxed. He inPilotos, Ceja Ana de Luna and part of Paso findi and commands full .Maryland and 01Ji6 tended at the' prQper place to move a per cent. ViCijo-d BjQ Hondo, 'llfQere thes' e timely rains had up of bright color continues to be sought after, mixed desincome tax would produce of to the :ri d e!lablefl the Y egueros to harvest criptions dtfficult to place. Cavmdrs!J is extremely revenue and would fall on the morr; highly favored much of their crops, which will give an early (temprano) dull of sale, no transactions worthy of comment. classes. 1 Among tile we, particul,arly MELBOURNE, Deamber 2.-Mr. H. C. Fraser, of Mr. Ne&ley (rep.) of Pa., Iemarked that that was the Congr ess is just no w senously contemplatmg the in c rease of t a x on tobacc o. Whe n will the follie s of the dominant p a r t y cease ? A fter th e 4th of March, and we hope for the good of the peop l e that rampant par tis a ns at W as hington who are d y i n g so hard politically W ill never agaip see ligh t officially The G o vernment bas re aliz ed more revenue under the present system uf taxat i on and at the present rate th a n when it Y'Jas nearly double what it now is. But the inducement is r.ot suffi cient for and when there is no blockading the revenue and detect ive force IS entirely too small. But they say we can not run the Government machmery without more mooey, and tobacco must be taxed to meet the extravagant expense of Grant and his sr.eak thieves. The little town of Durham pays more revenue than it took to run the entire State Government of North Car alma under the administration of Hon. W. A Graham, and yet we are told by Mr. Douglass who presides over the Bureau that the tax on tobacco must be increased. The plea is the monies raised are not sufficient to pay the current expenses of the Government. What ex travaga e What roguery! If the change is made it will prove deleterious to the honest manufacturers, the diShonest manufacturers, the Government and the "rest of mankind.'' The honest manufacturers, who pay all duties .and comply fully with all the requirements of the la,w, will be under sold by blockaders." Tlae dtshonest manufacturers will be bound down by revenue officers and detectives and will ult \ mately come out with less than they ,started w1th. And the rest of man kind will be tired out with the horde of officers and detectives trying to enforce the law Let the law stand as it IS, 11otioeWdae Ceja Ana de i[.,ana c\istrict for Its uniforml}' Messrs. Fraser & 'Co. Tobacco Broker, reports:-There worst type of agrarianism. growth. On the other hand, at other e.01nts has been comparattvely httle doing since our la s t, the Mr. Harris of V1 rginia, moved that the tax s .. pelldoas Folly. like San Juan y Martinez, Cabezas, Luis CJyos improved experie, nced during the previo1.1s has should not apply to tobacco purchased from the planter [From the Ri&hmond ( Va.) State juurnal.] de San Felipe, San Andres, San Sebastian, Rios .$eco, the past mGqth's bu sil!ess, and although before the passage of the act, and he warned the friends The Rich.mond Stok :Jourful admonishes Congress Sequito y Feo, Las Tayrones ana Obas, 'Ybich' h\ve there are but few transactions reported, the market is of the colpred race thartbe effect of the increase would of the "stupendous folly: the tax on to less favored by the rams, the pljlnts have been firm. The Ca,,l/a arnved on the 301h ulr., from New be to turn out of bouse aQII home the thduaands of bacco and the result will be that it will up burped by thfl dry weat ber and {he rains uf the York with 138 half aud quarter tierces, 148 cases, and 4 8 c&lorea people in Virginia w'he nGw cot employment in e'!ery factory 10 the for m<_>nths t? come, fo_ F 1t and 27th_, which did so much good to tlie districts tfiree-quarter boxes, increasing stocks of Twist Two tobacco factories. w1ll be an proh1b1Uon agamst w1a,ter workmg previolillly watered, came for the next part, too late for public sales have 'Deen conducted during tbe month, but Mr. Dawes resented very warmly the intimation made and the complete d1spos; of all stock HARTFORD, CoNN.-Norman Hubbard & Co., Pac k ers and dealers m Leaf Tobacco; Messrs. Norman !Jub b a rd and T. 0. Kmg hav e formed a copartnership under t he above style; 245 State Street. Davis & Day, Packers and dealers in Leaf Tobacco, 2 30 State Street. P. Fnngant, dealer in Leaf T obacco, 66 Main Street. F. Ellsworth, deal er m Lea f Tobacco, 44 Street PoRTLAND, ME.-Chas. A. Thoits, Cig a r anufac turer, M1ddle Street. WINDSOR, CONN,-Morris Wise, C igar Manufacturer. .4duertuemeats. W, J. liOQDL,!i;SS. ; TAYLOJI Late of Keatoc1l7 ... J. -J. -IQOIUSS i 00., IHIOIUL TOBACCO IIISPICTID, & !'orwaNiBs Foot of Van Byke and Partition Sts.., Brooklyn. B11l aU '.a obacco cue Natiouall-.pecti,oo. WUUaaa St., X, To! BNOklJ'Ilo 491'54+ tfAVt' OF OUBAi Cerman d.ovem(h..,t Lo erie SAXONY, BRUNSWICK & HAMBURG. Oo.e Average o n two t tckets. cashed and mfor&ab ol)ctvea, WACHSJIA.lliN & ClO-, Baalien, P 0 B o x 33J.6 (5oe-sss.l.1 1 75 f 77 ::itreeL ( FOB SALE-A "Fresh Supply of 10e.o60 Pounds Genume" DEER T ONGUE" Fluor, tnr SM{)KING TOBACCO manufac l urers, in lots to uit pur chasers at LOWEST MAR8UitC BROS 146, lt'l' & tLi"il', :Jr&l::.'l'UIOB.E. D. points. o nlyportionsofthetobac::co. s_efferelwerequitted. The b M G k 1 d h th ecial" had bee handandmtbemarketbeforeanynew purchases will ;:x .. _.. do b b lc1 ll b h I b ld f fi y r u IC e all ot ers lt sp .avor D be d I ....;11 thus d-"'-at its 0 n ob ect and we o f JI:L PRiliJCliPJI: DB IIA.LB8, ( M.rt>oez Ybor, ) o baleo of atiout Clill t-.. Wltauut. u t t e j1e 1 contam ot Idles t at were so cons1st10g o ne aromatic sorts, shown to J!iassachJUetts aatl Coaneeticat, and said be ma e. I t wu if.,... ll' 1 100 l bo. For n l e through r early (11111},1'((JIIQ) midio # erz;Po leaf of good quality realized.full marke 'Th ,ti ments to the adwould despise the Representative who could take 00 w1ll be much the dpes not STRAITON &: STORM, Arents, from tilt: itrlgwted -distnets, _. i!hall haye to lament that jacent interfere with o1:u expo,rt trade, broader view of 1115 duty than that. fall far short of :hat lS now rfce1veQ.. the s-!3> '9' Pearl StrceL .;aeateJ.: part o (. the crop 1s tordzdo and of most and, of course, the !}emanil decreases las these increase. Mr. Ward (rep.) of" Ill. said he had long believed adds: Perhaps there no need for an mcrease '1'2_H'l' -Tbelar,., bulldlol! iAfctior.&rade. Worse, in fact, than the pres:nt crop. Tumt.-V.ery li,Jquirydllring past monP1 .the wh't the geotleman "(Mr. D'awes) had now stated, that ofreve?ue. W,e wonder at It. < s p a r e m o m eats, or all tile t1me, thaJI at: ach!c exc111p oc t at. there an "Over the Water". at auction Is. ot legislation that he had any acquintance with. ,and ana mtllio,ns .of conpf r:un a,t fitst destroyed the :z to Is. 3 3l d., tHree-quarter 'boxes and cases. Halr It lai d the heavb hand of the Government on the class _sum,,ers, w1ll bear addiilonal bqrdens without murmur ouce. Don' t d elay Now Ill the time. voa' t looldor.:workorbaalaeoa elaeed bed wbil aft .J. d JI h ti Li 1 d '-' where uotllyou have ]earned wh a t offew. G STINSO N & Co., P ortland, se s, e er* ( e. oots t at remamed, oun s.-tt omg iii th1s line. Some mcely liandled that was least a le to l:iear the burden. Bllt the gentle10g. Maae. sr6-ot .,.-Fe affeaed by the ILS in f he other districts. lots were offered at auction, but were not disposed of, man (Mr. Dawes) had forgotten to leyy taxation on his !\. DVBB.'T181JIG, cuap Goo. cooatoilr quality. : Vuelta Abajo.-Receipts here during Januaty tained, with an upward tendency. SOme hafiasome Jo'f s The )ines of that gentleman'S: district h a d lately been mg tobacconists, died at h1s re&idepce, amount to 17,234 bales; arrived .abollt o._f T. C. Williams & Co.'s m!lnufacture, disposed extended, the lines of his (Mr Ward's district bad Napa County, Cal., recently, aftet a lmgermg illness don 6BT TH&IIOOK. 99,974 do; a total of 117, 208 do. Of the '73leaf of at auctioll at r'-tes. Light Pressed Founds be'en practically blotted out. But although he was in General Heath served in the Mlexican war, and went to 4:J:::aw! is none left in first hands it being all held lby om--manurealized :zs. 6 in. ana 12 in. Twist, 2s. 23(d and the days of his seriite he that the pending California from tbat country He was for many years a r.;ZID G .&.I(ERICA1f JtEWSPbEB" factuters. The '74 !eat is improving dai l y be prO:, :zs. 1-" d. 'l'he lots were small, l)p.t the prices were much legis i ation was utljust unfair. The most honest and most active and t'an, for : DAII:. Y ,, ,. cess of curing goes on, and parcel s .can lready be hi&her than have been o&tainei.i for some time. truthrul and iair way of getting additional revenue was term as Major-Genera o 1 Itla, an was 'fl ways-note Pnt"(3 F,fi t tlu S ll6"""'r. Spec1111en C opies ao.r found in a good cond1'tion for working M"pping. Our -The market has b""en inactive 1'n Man I lias, and "'r1'ces r h' warm mpathies and generous hospitality Free. eeldv, 10 clubs q f 30 o r more, only *' posta11e paid. Alldrw Tsa .. 1:' the mcome tax, and by it all the deficiencies of the 10r 18 T Rj!u"'h v manufacturers, therefore, who S rather> _than tail inquiry only. Swiss, about the same as last revenue cou e supp Ie NEW ToBACCO WAR.EHotrsr m Rre-HMOND, VA.-A CO:f'S TOBACCO PLANT .....-A UONTHLY JOURN.U. continuing it with this leaf, are cow im th.; ma ket as month. Twist.-The quotations are as under :-South-Mr. Hawley (rep.) of Conn., said be was unable to see b b t d th f ... P urchasers of it, owing tG the prospecti v e ih{erlo r qu'aJ. ern, Is. 4dto lS. 6d.,: Barret's Anchor, IS. SI/d., Black the necessity for any sectional jealousy in the matter new warehouse IS a out to e e o? e of l'l'lcetwoJJbllliDte ..., 72 He made not :be blest objection to the addi!Hrn of Fiftinth apd buildmg WI I o !llllllllll! per IDob. oaa-..-.....,, .. ity of the groll'ing crop, and we _can, therefore, report Swan, rs. sd.; Raven IS. 9d.; St. Andrew's 1s. Our twenty per cent. lax aaHition r-., sat-brit d tHree stones tug]), w1ll full square more activity in our market durmg the past month, Game, IS. sd.; Triumph, Is. 4rl.; a b ttl Qt ob'MM 0 eentll and run back to th e !me of Cardi!0'48t. 'I'ila wu som e 4,soo bales having bee?. taken for Golden Fleece, IS. Jd., J..Sing, IS. 3d.; Raglands, w.tfl a 4 1staod: of say Its lnvarlablyb .. lo. account alone, at prices rangmg from J $ 9o @ r2o gold Is. 4d.; Giant, Is. 4d. ; Ol'lward, Is 30., Importers limits t Y tak h y 1 'Y W storage ca.pac 1 ty w 1u 15e 12,000 hhds, and 1t lS mtended l"'f per bale In add1tion to thtS, about 11ooo bales have nominal. Tms.-Nor thern, 7d. to 8d., best brands; van agtes, e 1 t obu '\'!' e to be a part nter's warehouse which wa" estab-J FGBUGl ON 'J'OBA.CCC'. been exported, costing S@IOO gold, 'thi)e the activity medium, '7d. to 9d ; gd. to IS, 3d., best brand s. are no paupers. e are no eggars. ave an unutT":'k th s t co e InAootrla, i'nuu:e,.Jta,tv and Sp"""a the monopolized of the demand leaveS' us to suppose that most of our HaljPounds.-N orthern / 6d. to 8d.; Southern (Tor terable for Put on the taxeo It sh e d a ew iWI H s a o on e oppo I e rn r. best lots Y(ill be bought up in cours e of the toise-shell), 9d. to IS. I d.' Souther!) (Black). Iod to IS. as you best lltiow' bow and I w i n vote for your bil l" r, after deduct1DJ115 p e T c eut. f o r tare. Tile dutJ Is '3\fra ncs, 20 t;entlmeo month at advancing prrces; Prices {or the new crop 4d. Aromati t.-Western Halves none; Pounds, none ; Mr. Wmtehead (dem.) of Va., movedto 1&1Tlend Mr. DIE S HAR'o .::l.It 1 as confiding l y believed wht;n the, leaf have hardly as yet but most of 'Con: Southern' Ilountis ; 1 od. to Is. I d.; Light Pressed, Dawes' QJ. tile tax. on cigars to propositiOn t to producers of t o bacco to sell one =:qaal to,., kilo l In Russ>a-tbn'.daty oa-lea t tooacco +roubles ... tr ctors be in the Vuelta LAbaj? operati ons are likely Pounds, 2s. 2d. to 2s. 6d. i Halves, one ; IS. 6d. $Io a tbousan d va_M sa'ld !hat th'it nt:rease would 'P ohundreq fre e _of to 'Was 1 o u '!;' :.:\' to !OOn. The 1,1Mlal high Qf the t\l 2S. ; l'ocket Pieces, IS. to IS. 6d.; Gold &ars u : duce 330 000 ofrevenue. ReJeCted. stricken from .. L t e Tanff btll )hat no'tnore Turk thedut i sfift c e nts, old r II Amencao 0 oceo. growers of well kL!JWn Vegas, v.vhich WIH this s e &qn be 6d to IS. 9.; Navy Half-Pounds to IS. !dr of P.t., opp'ose d'Mr Dawes' amendbe heard' of the a nd m i schievous scheme at thiS FOREIGN AND ()JG.t 8. by the scarcity of gocod tobacco, m a!.e s us an. 3d.; Sixes, &c., IS. 3a Lia )for Manu. llient, and argued aga in'$ disturbing existing rate of sesswn of _It seems, however, that It IS n?t '=fil.. Uqn,t"'! P.., ticipate a high range of va1l ue Low fillers i n good factunng.-8d. to ts,; St1i s; 1s. Id. to d., no taxation on cigars. to be got of so easily _In the debate 0d the fhe demand at bank bills per qtl semi Vuelta Ozgars -Cheroots, none n first hands; .1\lanillas H. S Mr. Dawes' amendmeHt was agreed to bill on Thursday, one of Its babes turne up tWIE:e (Revenue AcH,!13. l OTT\:::J '' M y (d .... d th d First in a resolution offer e d bv Mr T!le mportdutyonmanafactared tol!aa:ols\i<'Cperlb; Leaf stemme<' Abajo.--Good parcels su1tabloe for the united States 55s.; Ormond's, 3zs. r. ou n('" em. !L roovtu an amendment to unng :; ay. II h <. asc I s le "l per lb. Ia addttioa to ctuty, the .RMauo t a x o u th 11 f "-' 11 1 h .... y f Geor"'a to allow farmers to se to t eiT emoam e lrln1 madelu tbll c a...t r ,'.mHt: be pai to .to nrl the lar mterest 1 ISJ'UBLIIjHED of ablNt 200 bales for the {k!ited States market lbs cigars; AdP.Iaide November I 4 18 74 IIJi972 lbs revenue. 1 quantltlt!l free of ) o r t tcco-nQ EVIBl Wl:Dm:abA"T llallmTG gol q per qtl. Holdt:rs now asking gold, for mfd, II, 343 lbs. IS 9}9 ibs cigars; Geeloog: Cox (dem._) of N. replied tp Mr. Ward, ofilli":h!ch o afth I'\ '' Bf 'Iii MAttJO 11:\J" PDBLI8118G OOIPANY J14rcela 'Of rood quality "nd W e quote .fillers uf November 7 I874 3s d3 6 lbs mfd no lbs ci ars oms, and the subJeCt of the mcome tax, and accused hJm smiSter refiect10n m_tenae e 1 -00 ou !g 1 -. /Mir q G ali t y paper per qtt I r:-Al-136 8qgfuf 1 o r ; lbs 'cigars and his party friends or a1lowing the farmers of the readily comprehensible MOD thBe pknnciple r 2.2 F too_ Street, New l"ork. thouy h no sales of any note have take n -place in no Auction I 3 'Ej:v .Ji11,.j. cbl\htry to be taxed during the last tea years to tlje home htdustry : As r .. uc ner-Bwer' 1 cut .. . i class, we nevertheless can of Ia te a nom On of it ma'\71 coneerp .:...JS of under tlie Pennsy1vania scouhto '\IDderstan!f what hlSh mollve wabs. e.ore f e was a A s an kdvorti&lnJI: meat am, where lt I s .. .. .......... .................... ..... 450.,. I I b k "-')) "t' h b A W ,., ""'"'6 1 ._. h U S FIRST-PAGE llATiiS. a 10 aa s per IOO Iras. t \ ec:-qtr xes cross ater tens, od., all faults. bacco Auociatioo held at t e Tobacco Exchange pre Fe i_ry. wn,.m t e1r store, CI'!Jt r Two Ide Col= One Year .................. f oo Cigars.-The inactivity commented l in lZ Ei -r. S ases T. illiams & IJtl by ! A ''scot .. sttbw.; o'f tbe' .. M........,_..;.;, sale (jfHa vaaa;....-. ._ .. s ilud T"'os erTwo tde C olumna,OaeYeu ... ........... l 3"'"'" / ......,; ., k : .l. I ..!. ,{;R b l 1 1 1 J __. ---. h' C I T iitl a A ,overT so T-ei S 0..1'* 10 et. Jl"r..., u Y b Wist, l2In, 2S. I34fl; 4 dD, proposed iacrase pf tax, (fon eents .ppr p()UU<\) "POn cbok:e a-C i gars m s lp '1J' ..lliF No oatbts ,ea., paraw. -hve;C&Ol Mlil .use the 74 leaf arF s 1U 111 a mmorny 6-m, :za. :z U d.; 2 Rattlesnake, :u. I caae s8,6oo Cuba Cigars. Also 34 cerdons tobacco, fu"'rt Ia .. ace. Nod. t..,.L .It! !aer. 1 5r g ven such as to the t A Y lo If .J! d, light :,Uc! D1ala ffered by Mr. L. H. Fl.-,.r proaeSliiiiJ :w .A.udes. Qltalocu ill 1 &

\ I \ FEB: 2!. ( -{X. FORMAN. M. J. DOIIAN_, THOS. CARRO.i:L:O WlCKK 1 MARTIN & JOHNSON' Y.Oommtlldoa JlereJa-..;, r. 1 WICKE tc j DOH A ... n:-, B -BOLL J. no ( I MANUU.Gr RERS I 166 w A.TER STREET I -BULKLEY MOORE .t, co. 11;' Uft. "' u B.OI!:II'J :;ohn:nMaldeaLaneanda:ull ... I "Y"Omr. .. VIRGINIA I TOE.A.CCO Commission Merchants, 104 FRONT P.O. BOX 4386. STREET, NEW YORK. Agents for the following well known an.;! reliable Manufacturers: l J.!B. PACE, TURPIN & BR'? W. J. YARBROUGH & SONS, l J. H. GREANER, L J. GRANT & CO .. T. W. PEMBERTON, JOHN R. PACE & CO., L. H. F:RA YSER & CO., R. W. OLIVER, JOHN W. CARROLL, and othtrs. &lie for the Original CA!ILE COIL, BONNE BOUCHE, 4s and 5s, Single and Dauhle Thick. Also Agents for the Celebrated LONE JACK A BROWN DICK SMOKING TOBACCO. large Stocks of Manufactured Tobacco of every description, for the Home Trade and for Foreign Markets, kept constantly ou hand. & .,. 7 BURLING SLIP, NEW YORK, To'baooo Oom.111ission d Proprietors of the Celebrated Brands of Smoking Tobacoo: Honey Bee, Barly Dew, Pndrie me-om. Red RIYer Powhattan, Enterpnae.._. Olc'! B:latuok, 014 LOf c.P' ::Ow llllp,' Planters' Cholc .. Pioneer of me West, 8'1U1J17 Boutb, 'IQi BraDd, lfO..ey Dew. I .leo '&le .A,....t.o t'cr the United !!taW for 1. P. HAwr.:.-d .t: 00.'8 GOLD PLAXB. LINDK. G. I'. LIMO& c c. HAMtLTOY. s. MAotCOJO. YORK BID-LEAP TOBACCO IJSPICTION TOBACCO JNSPECTE D OR SAMPLED. ,lvea for eYI'I'y cue, aod deltvered cue by case, as to number of Cert.Uicate fl. B.-WE ALSO SliPLE IN IERCHlfiTS' OWl STORES. F. c; LINDE tt CO., RlNCIPAL OFFICB-1\lll Water Street. and 18ll to 186 Pearl St. AREHOU8E8-I4ll Water, .l73 IB'ront, '1'4, '1'6 o1o '1'8 Greeo.,ricb 8treetll, aad 1, ll, olo 8 Huctaon B.lver RaU R_. Depot, lit Park .. J. Me J. BENSEL & CO :jiSPEOTOR, TOBACCO INSPECTION, I J 5 WATr:tl STREEI, 127 & WATER STREET. CERTIFICATES 1!18UED AlUJ CA.IIEII.DBLIYERED 8111GLY OR Ui LOTS. I L .F. S. MACLEHOSE. ROBEBT L. MAITLAND. :t\\'r L MA.IT.LAND & \\ t TOBACCO AND FACTORS, GENERAL COIIISSION IERCBANTS, 43 BB.OAD ST., R. Y. m:tde on conSignments toW. A. & G. MAXWJ!.LL &: CO., LI.VERI'O<>L. M. E .SALOMON .. M. a E. SALOMON, PACKERS OF SEED LEAF, AND IMPORTER6 0P Havana Tobacco and 85 MAIDEN LANE, N.Y. OBA.CCO For .8mot'dng and Manufactured Tobacco, JV!lNlSH&D BY !BE BAfOB LITBO&BAPH!O OOIPANY, LITHOGRAPHERS, 82 & 34VESEY STREET, NEW YORK, AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES: -.oLPH ITaOKIC'o -STBDHN & RTZEISTEIN, 'o mitt 11 io ALSO DJ!..\L&U IN DOMESTIC \ AN'D UII"OilTBRS OP J). J. GARTH, SON a: CO., (Sa.cceaaors to CaAaLu B. FALLKHST&IN lc Co.,) Commission Merchants, NO. 44 BROAD ST ]. Garth, l 1'0 REIGN TOLA.Cco. NEW YORK, 176 Front Street, N!WJOBX. J. P. QUI N & CO., M. H LEVIN, TOBACCO FACTORS, IMPOBTIB UP HAVAW!-., And ;Dealer In all kinds Of XO, 39 BROAD huonable Adances made} J:., ::&: ,6. F T Q :B ,6. 0 Q Q on Shipme nts. NEW YORK. 1.62 PEARL ST: flEW YORK F .... W. T ATGEliHiliRST, TOBACCO A Nil iDIBAL &OIIUUU IIUIAJt 68 IAROADSTRE.T;. NEW TOilE.' THOMAS KIIIICUTT, .H.eutueky and Virginia Leaf Tokcco .o. $8 Broad Street, NEW YORK. VEGA & BERNHEIM, IIIPO&TRI or F ATKAN & CO Cotton and Tobaocor '!.etten Patent, December 16, r865. An IIA our copyright will be rlproiJaly proa ttea.ted CICARS, 190 PE:ABL STBBET, NftfJ York. JOS. SULZBACHER. FRED. HOFMANN. "'Sulzbacher. & Hofmann; KOENIG & SUBERT, DEAL.ERS IN ALL KINDS 01' LEAF' & HAVANA TOBACCOS, No. 329 J!OWEli.Y. (bet. 2d & 311 Sts.,) f NEW YORK. N. LACIIENBRUCB I DB0.1 No. 164 Water Street, New York, HAVANA DOMESTIC L(ea:f Tobacco. SEED LEAF &HAVANA TOBACCO, M. & 110' Manut.&ctarers of RAPPKE, CoNG .RilSS, and ScoTCH. S.vw, ud every &nde of Smoking Tobacco. WEYMAN & BRO., 8 & 13 SIIITHFIWI ST., PITTSBUIIG, PA88 MAIDEN LANE, UP STAIRS, \ :NEW YORK, FELIX CARCIA, IMPORTER OF stEII, LEAF liD HlllM TOBACCO, 138 WATER STREET, IEWYOBK.. HAVANA LEAF (rao>< T. GUTUaan). e E AND CIGARS M. CRAWFORD, TOBACCO ALS O OP THB WELL K'NOWN' COXHISSIONKERCtiNT W .ATEB STBEEY', NEW YORK. 6.00 ----------Bra1111s ofCi[ars 'La Garolirra' & 1Hcm Clay. And Sole Ag't for13rand "Prof. Morse," and .'SARATOCA," 187 Water St., New York Haa oa sale al l kinds of Leaf Tobacco for E'-Port an4 for Home uae. P. S.-Wlllsnd samploo(Tobaec.., u by thlol Flavor, to &DJ addreu, free of Olrlil QA.LLOX WILL PREP.I.RB JilliOVGR TOBACCO II'OR Ciga-rs, WIUClH ClOII'I'II OIIL 'Y ea.oe, Remember, we Guarantee it not to Lose its Flavor, 1R1T WU.L HOLD II'OB YJLUU, It l a necea, an4 .ame are u 1ort7 p11oao a moa&h: .. ID,jtlrla ... bat cial. &PPLIBY ClUB &cml ::ea -T 131_'f(ater St., N.Y. ..J SAWYER, WA(LACE & CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS, No. 47 Br9ad Street NEW YORK. SPEBCER ,BROS. CO COltOO:SSION KEB.CHAN'I'S, Dealers in Leaf Tobacoa lifo. '75 :Maiden Lane, NEW YORK. T, il. IPBI!KlE. C. 0. 8PlllrCKB. 4. SPUC& .. L. GERSHEL & BRO., Pack""' of and Dealenln SEED LEAF TOBACCO, Xo. 86 MAIDEN L.ANE, YORK. AUBBB!CB & IDDIDBBJON, Lea, f To ba,cco, andJ IM & Water 8t., -OTTINGER & BROTHER,\ KENTUCKY LEAF TOBACCO,\ 41 BROAD STREET, NEW YORK. WILLI:AK 'K. PRICE & CO. LEAF TOBACCO, ug MAIDEN LANEi NEW YORK. .. ...


I' DE JACOB BIIDLL, PALMER SC-OVILLE; C1GA f -IKPO:a'I'$ils OF SPANl:s:a: (! AND JOBBERS IN ALL_KINDS OF SUPERIOit MAKE ; L .EAF TO B.& co -Prime Ouanty ot 1 CEDAR W01lD, fiR I-:v ater N E. ; Connectl.cut Seed-leaf Wrapper of OUII own 293, 295 & 297 Mon:roe St., NEW YORK. & G. FRtEND & Ci[, Im.porten and Dealers ln LBAP TOBACCO, \ 129 Malden Lane. EowAllD FRtaND, .. Jr. t NEW YORK a S. $TIRIBIRGIB llllGI DB t r l\1'0. ZXCIIUOB PL.&.CB, l\1'. Y. WEISS, ELLER.; & KAEPPIL, IMPORTERS OF AND DEALER IN Draw Blllo 'of Ezcl&anlr'! on tJ;e principal cities of to. rqpe1 Circular of Credit to TraYolon, aDa anot Commercial Credit. i receive M.oneJ oo D poolt oubject to 81ght apon whlch Will pa1 particular attention to the NegoU. atlor ..f Loana. I -LttHtiNSTBitl, & G!Nt--:::'Jt.E AGENTS AND IMPORTERS OF THE GENUINE w & M.'-d MORA 1: co., Muullacturen of J'!De CUBAN CIGARS, And Importera of Vuetta-Abajo Tobacco, 6SWATBRST., lfEWYOB;I[, W BIDBL a BRO., 'MANUFACTURERS OF OIGARS AND DEALEII.S IN TOBACCO, BOWERY, El3EN W., GOODWIN, DEALER IN LEAF TOBACCO AN.D J!PZB'B CZGARB. '"No. 226 Front Street, Bet. BeeluMa &. Peck SHp, :wEW ,YORK. W111t. .A.Gli'BW SOli&. !tbaooo and Oommissioll 'MeraJpta 88& and. aae lll'zvDt at...._ NBJY .YOBK. W .&u. DWOfi-"'r !'ollaece for Expert alii Ill, Lear Tobaooo baled In .,., pacU,p 1v c for :_._ .J,iiER & DEHLS, 11.1ALER.S IN-' lEAF TOBACCO, 180 :PeS.Z.l St., lltCHAKL AHifW t NEW YORK. JowN A. DBHLS r RiAD Be Co., 'TO ISAAC :RE., 18 Old Slip, 1Vew 1r'ork ..,o.L--. .,.o .._.. I 1. e. L. & o. MEIE&, "' POBWAB.DIN G .um Commission Merchants, ll'o.. 43 Beaver St., New York. 8peelal &tlenUon p&ld to th .. forwwdtDi of T-lo fONip 001llltrle0. BARIBTT 1:. : 111CI, Importer ofl!avana 'LEAF.TOBACCO 183 Water St., NEW YOR, K I CARL UP:KANN, .. ... TOBACCO AND J'DmL CBHISUBliUtBAIT. 178 P1AiL S'mD'l', P. O. BOX 1988. lii'BW YORK SIMON S.ALO.MON, Importer of and Dealer fa CI.GA. R DIOVLDS tf ...... P:a::a:ss::a:e, I and Cutters. Also 'Cigar lUbbons. J 01 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK. UiS. SOLID-TOP GIGAB MOULD I'PG CO !1._ E. m.m & co., Proprietors. Man1lfac\llren or the ... n k nowo MANUFACTURERS OF-:rtn CIGARS,_ 51 milK I.AIDI, R'!I'W 1r'Oa:ll. Sheet Cigar -----, -----, I IMPORI:CR.ES OF This is the only Mould su:tabte for the Manufacture of Fine Havaca {..'tgan. Tin is well known to be the best preaervo.the of Uomas. The bunches produced by this Mould do nat reqoke turning, as no crease ta shown. Y .l)l'.Cin:ulars, address SCBWILL & DUBRUL, Sol Pateatea and Manufacturers of x .. ,vas, TucK CUTTaas, PRESSES, &e. 166 168 w. SeCo!l4 St., C1Dcbmati, o. BAVDA LBAF TOBC A. O.&TlAN, AND OF THE BRAND OF HERMANN .&:liD IMPORTEB.S 01' PIPES, n W J:fER:sr&ER'l.' NB\f YOI.}1 --STR.A:IT6N &sTORM J -CIGAR MOULD PRISS PS. _.4.--.& :r. B 2 0 1rzr ( ----. MANUFACTURERS OF CnttBrs & an otber laGhillcryfor':Mannfacturing cims; JMPORTERS OF GERilll CIGAR IIDULDS. 57, 59, &: 61, Lewis St., :Delancy&: Rivington NE'W YORK. .. BY C::AB LOAD FOB. LEAF PACKERS. 17Superior to any Shooks used in Connecticut Va11ey. BURLINCTON; VERMONT. / AND PACKERS 0F DOMESTIC 'VV' lY:. A. P B.::&.:. E d:) 0 C> .o Jro. U BROAD STREET, KEW YORK., Solo Agents for tko CONSOLIDATED TOBACCO COMPANY OF GILROY, CALIFORNIA, Manufacturers o the Celebrated &11181 rmm. soLID TBUAB, AID. lOIII& TBBACCI. Abo their CHOICE DRAllfDII 0:13' CIOA.BI, Equal in qnallty to the BEST HAVANA J'OOds, at one-half their cost. CaU and examine belote bUJI PLAliiTATIOIIIII AT IIAII FELIPE. J3'ACTORIEII AT GIILILOY. :EL W. li:ANlJF A.CTURER OJ;;' CIG.A. BOXES, AND IMPOR.Tl!.ll. O.i' GIBMAK CIGAR MOULDS ., of OsENuVcX 8G CO., F. JOCDtJU.NN Kanufactnl DCALa IN ;-road. Accounts a.nd Correspond ce 'of Mer Banlts, Ban\eni; sol i cit ed. .. 0: H SO'BB.EIWER. Cashler. SIMON STRAUSS, /t.', J11).111"17J3'ACTIJRiiiB OF } Cigar Boxes and Show Figures, .Alii'D DEALEB D GERMAN CIIAR MOULDS, PRESSES, STRAPS, CUTTERS, &C 0:1.0 :JPSr&h. (Bet. Ave D and Lewlo St.,) m'e'V17Y'Ork., .. All klndo of Fipr-eo Cut to order ADd Bepalred IU tbe Beot lltyle. Tbe 'l'rade 8uppU.S: \


' n StelDar, Bros. a Knecht, DEALER. S IN ALL KINDS OF, LEAF. TOBACCO, 'fEIJ,ER ........ Packers, Cmnm-BD4 Wholef8le Dealerll m. Po..tpa nd Dew actio 117 North Thltci"Sttet kilidefphta. --" I \ .__. ...... .... .... -. WDO"DI(l'.a:RD, ao.,_ .ClCli.AII CUIMISSIDl K:S:ItC::S:AN'l'S';t ; 18 No. Water St. and.3211o.DelawareAv., Philadelphia. ll'o; 143 First Avenue, BAMB & co -' IDIU.LD.IIX ThE T ... O C 0,. ;..: Anti Manufacturers of aiLdrw.a Bo. 8 _1\T. Water St., Pbthldel ,Pa. I ( A. :OOVD (JO., rr! iiUULERS IN 33 SOUTH ST., SAL'"TilviORE. THOll. W CBOBJIB. ... I P E.B. --.u. 1 -WESTERN A.DVEBTISEJIENTS. Cinglnnatl and Detroit Advertl .. menq. BICliA.RD K..u.LA.Y. oi.AllES JULL.AY. Hen!)' Besuden & Bro., R.MALLAY&BR iDiiiJeN m L TOBACCO TO:a.A.odo. 15#. State Street, EAF __ ....... _"._ ... co_ .. B. a Z. JL PB.&&m,. I tS .and I 17 West Front St B.-.. a Elm.' 168, & 165 learlStret, ..-,. .. ... (_.. Ot lUI....-..) ,. OI!iOIHATI. 0. S. LOWBK-rBAL a 00., MANUF ACTU!tERS FINE CIGARS, ..AND 3 A IN l.EA!' iOWCO, NO .. wkT T ;s:rfiD STR!ElEJT, CJNCINNATI, OHIO. Coaneetieut Seed-Leat .'r<>B.ACCO, 4.c & 42 MARKET ST.,Bartfbrd, Ccmn, ,, ].t..coa WaiL. .A..uwN .K..A.Ju.. A.. WuL. ,.. __ lm. WISCHMEYER. HY. WISCHMEYER. ED.;';\ii$CBiiEYER & Co 8 Mere ants, LEA PLIIG !oii .cbo & ciGARs;- 39 SOUTH CALVERT STREET;-, .. NAR. LoMaAJto STaarr, .. ,.,. -..a.LTIIIO&Jr ... TATE, MULLER & CO., s. :a:. TOB!ttl-tmms, Y6ba.cco Shipping aad Wh:oleA!e AND LEAF ro BAC sa Boath Gay .ALTIKOBE, :MD. -rr PRIL.u.r.PKU. TOBA

' \ SUTRO' & NEWMAR .J/l.A.JHIJI'AOT-FFJUIIB8 OP .. TOBACCO. NEW YORK. F and Domestic -Wootls., ., IL. a 11 ajia, I FINE t CIGAJltS i I Salesroom, Ho, 'TO Pa.rk PJ,.ce, Bet. Gneonolth !!lt. .t Cone,. Placlo, JU good way to reston a man '1pparently drowned is to uiaking pipes out of corn cobs. Fif1y thousand pounds dry him inside out, then were turned out recently in Richmond. JUNGBLUTH GENERAL 00-poJr K"OR&Bft. A.:nd Broker ::1.:n Lea1' TobaopO SOLE AGIIlllrTS Il!IIUI:IITVCEY f'O& c;, .. OD .... III CJ.W-A"'JJlD Licorice ast N'o. aa Ll Q U 0 8 ------. SPAIISH LIRDOBICl THE UNDERSIGNED CONTilnJES TO IMPOB.T AND XAKtTPACTURE PURE IIPAI'IISH AND TURKEY LIQ UORICIIl Or tllilrOBX Q,UALITT AJID GlJAB.ANTEED TO GIVE SA.TtSFACTION TO EVJI: ... Y TO ... (l00 t.1aOG TBE SAME. HE Rlllii'ER!I TO THE VARIOUS A!Nl'IOUSO:S:.IIlli'N A .. li'OO'I', c:OII:Ina.JdNo THE ASSUR!AliCB Rill fiiiVJila AS 'iO 'l'IIIC VlUFO.M Oil' HIS BRANDS AND Hill ABILITY TO s....-PT TbO!III IL THE OLD .. AV081'1!E BEAJID OP ... C. I!l ALW FOR DELIVERY AT THE SHORTES" l'ltK'IC:IIl, ALIIiJI <>. CJ ........ 11::::> AND 111a OTHER BRANDS OP TURKiSH PASTE, ALL or WIQC .. ABIP,GIVING urCKEASED SATISPACTIO!f, AIIJ!DTAKCJIID BT''JO fiKOWUlG DEMAND &ND ENTUUII ABI .. Olr VA., }aaU1ry 7 t&?S C Me tMii bae to wrlte you that tbe difl'ereot manufacl> -.! w t a taren la thi8 part oft}le C09DP'J whom 1 ave aup-Andrew, New York. ear .;>lr:. e tUd brand of both tipaciab and. Turkilh steady increawe to the demand for your All 'r,orlce te are nrwmacb wlth ita uniform the manufacturers to who_m we !ell J u to its J d "ai.ora and excdlent quahty. Youn, tru.l_1.t an reJI!fA:rk& quality.. I Jemain, ear 11r, J. WR!G & CO. 'j"rltnl,, It-RIZER. LOUISVILL, Jan. 7 1s75 Jas. C Me dr.ew, &aa ., t LVNCKavo, VA. January 8, 187<. Jaaaes C. Mc-NeW Yorllt. De Str: We take plns\lfe an 1tatltia A;adrrw, S.q., New Yor. Dear Sir: \ve baveplea1ure that y our of both and Turlds-Ltquorlc 1Wtt that in oar 4illrict yo..-banda of :Soaatsb Paste have s ivi!!Jn entire aattsfaction to an Tu1lib1rLtquorice-Paste t\ave invariably gien en turers during the the 9uahty hvll_l tire saUafactlon to all manufacturer u.ei.n1 unift1rmly excellent. w, rema.l Qallb betiiiWolfo'rll: at all time1. We obedieatlyyours, Jt.J,NGBLU1.H a CO. JOntruty, ST. LouiS Mo. Jnuary 9 t8?! J.mes THOS. L. &: CO: Andrew Eoq., Our Sir:, CoNSTANT UNCER.TAINTX.A Kentucky writes: "One of the greatet oauses of complaint is that the planter never knows what changes may be proposed to tbl' La" fr_om sesioll_. to sen ion of Congress. When he plants his crop he makes calculation for the receipt oj a certam amount of money, but he has no ass*ance that the price may not be. entirel y changed before the crop can be made and disposed of." a speaking trumpet to hts ear and m(orm htm that hts is ead. Flow MU<;H IT CosTs TO DI!IILI!!" A CHURCH.-Edward Walford, of I f., for defiling the SixTH 'coLLBCTION DrsTRICT OP K&NTUCKY.-We see floor of the Methodist Church of that village with it stated. tha.t. tlje firm of Senour, Simrall & Noonan, tobacco juice was fined $8. Covipgion, 'tVe(e the heavist tobacco tax in the ---Sixth District of Kentucky last year. ]'hey l?atd 5!o6,-WHAT JERSEY DoEs.--;-It ia said that America con214.19. sumes nearly twice as much French champagne as is imported and Jersey keeps mumm when asked ToBAcco INsPECTION AT HbPKINS.Yii.LE, Kv .-The where the other' half comes from. system of tobacco inspection at Hopkinsville, Ky., has ,I been changed, a Board of' lnspecto s having been orga-TRA-DE BENEVOLENCE. We learn that Mr. J. B. Pact-, nized, whic'h gives bond, with approved security, to of l<.tchmond, the welt-known tobacco manufacturer hu warehouse. Under .the new system reclamations are made a donation of to the Randolph Macon promptly settled. 1 College, with the prom ise o: Sbs,ooo niore on ce t<1in 1 r co,ndit L ons. : TEE PRICES IN a meetrng of the T obacco Manufacturers Or Northumberland atd PRO RATA.-Scipio Africanu s dressed in his new Durham, held in Newcastle-on-fl'yne o the 3oth ovcl'Jthes, yesterday l .called at 'Harris Brothers, tbe emb tbe prices of manufactured tobacco were. Vhginia {Nev.) E n terpt i H or, a "two-bit cigar sa h." advanm;d in accordance with the adyance in the leaf Would be have it "strong o p 'mild?" Well, Boss." market. said Sci pio, "not too strong nor toq mild.-one dat's ab u t pro rata." I 1 .. PoLITICAL WrT.-On a certain occasion after Mr Disraeli had likened the late c'thinet to a line of extinct RoYALTY AND ToB AtCO.-A correspqddeot #tiog volcanoes, some conservath e members, for wl1om the Santander, Spain, thvs decribe hoj':' the restoration allusion was too refined, were askihg as to the literal of K:ing Alphonso XII was celebrated there:-" Not to meaning o< the figure. A member for ,one o( the London ake my letter too long, suffice it to s y that the Cortege, hs said promptly, "He ineant used-up on to the altar betwee11 the tw es of oldie formed on either side of it. They thoDl gave three MoVEMENT o PRICES IN ENGLAND.-Tile followip appeared in the London '!'ime ,,s of Jan. 22 :-Qwi g to the failure of the American tobacco cr()JJ last year; the prices of American leaf tobacco have adva.nced to very hiih figures, but manufacturers seem to be of opin ion that, considering the enormous stock of tobac<;o in this C:Ol).ntrr. tb,e prices are not justified. At a meeting of the Central Association of Tobacco Manu, whif-h represents the trade of the North of Ei{j!:land, beld"'a ( J.-Iallchester on Wednesday, Jesolutions present high prices of Ameri can leaf, tobacaV.ta he united action of speculati y e holders o in tjl-; United States, and declaring that the ooerations of these speculators could best 6e by English manufacturt:rs purchuing only. to.b.a]!cu required for their immediate wants, and possible tobacco grown in other countries tha!J 'Hie United States. We understand that these resolutions c_reated some animation among the to bacco merchants and brokers in Liverpool, who are s t ill withho\di&J g frQm sale with a view to securing higher prices than those now current. cheers for Alphonso XII, King o! Spain, I may safely sa;r, pnre not n!ipoaded to bYtv;entt ot spec tators. t'l'he mass then dommenced, and instead of a number of Church digoihlcies assi.ttjng with aU (he pomp and solemnity usual on such occasions, was perform!!d by a military chaplain arrtid clouds of tobacco smoke. At the elevation .of the Host the:.Spanish ships in the harbor tired a rbyal sa.lut This was the only impres sive part of the tlay's proceedings, when every one knelt amidst the clash of music atld the thunder of At the conclusion of the mass a printed add'r ess was distributed am ng the soldiery, and they 'l'er.e then marched tQ barracks to enjoy extra rations and cigars." l How A CIGAR-MAttER .WAS PUNISHED.-A corre spondent reporiS that the people of the village of ton1 Hill, distant about six miles from Bridgeport, Ct., .had a sensation during the past days, in which .the colored female cook of a hoarding-bouse and a young white mao were the prominent The young man was a cigar maker by occupation and occqpieii apartmpts in the house referred to. A number 9(....!0ung women employed in the shirr factories of Long Rill., were aleo boarders there. The young man, who' Wer o its most and community one to their final restifll place; 'and that we appoint the every such cask, or O.x, or opackage the au111 t1fins two or more "' illj most highly ed Rtfolved_, That this named memben qf our u pall-of one hundred d.oilars. 2.-T.flat seCtions fifty seven, said r ailroad shall designate b()ard of m wtth atnck .en and bearers: N. L :Bowman, Jno. J. M.S. Langfifty-eight, fifly-mtU and sixty of said chapter be and one or more cars as ladies' famil,-aad frilnds, extend to them th111r hearthome, S. M. McCorkle,. G. H. Nowlin, and J. D. I!olt. thty are hereby ,reeealed: 3.-Be it fortller nracled, ar' r 'cars' in which no sympathy, and in >ken of sorrow for the untimely sth. That these reaolutiQae bie entered upon our reCOfdS, That if any producer or repriz-er shall, in prizing or pas'sebger be allowed b reavement, aDd the great loss which this board\ and published in the city pls, and a cqpy sent to the packing

I ,. II '.l'obn.cco .lll.n.nufacturers. Liet9rice. ANDERSON A CO. MANUFAC."TURERS _OF THE SOLACI m mm TIB4CCD S 114 and 116 LIBERTY No. 86 W .ALL .. MANUFACTURER OF "IinnBJ Brother{ CBlBbratBd CICARETTES AND AND ALL SPECIALTIES FOR TOBACCO I!IANUFACTURERS. 11. Bader & Son, FINE TOBACCOS, WEST BBO..d.DW .AY, NEW YORX CITY, R.UILLIER'S SONS & OFFICE, DEPOT & AGENOY Of, the Manufactlli' C of !220 "PJW, S'r41'1', N'IW YOmt I IVEJSII. ELioEit & KAJ:PPEL1 Al!ellta .MRS. B. B. MILLER & CO., !OBACO 0 1IANUF AOTORY I 1 (PETER D. COLLINS. l'luaT.) 97 Columbia Street, NEWYOBK, MANUPACTU&BRS OF TliJ .. CBLBBRATED ROVER' NO BOX MOULD SmokiDK Tobaeoo, SYCAMOJIE FOR 8A&..E, MANUFACTURED BY Suitable for Tobacoe Bono and Caddies WALTER B PIERCE """'"""to n. Inch and s-s .awed to wtdths, dr:r ft. or more, as a 'JTTJCA., N. 'Y, 5ample. LONG IsLAND SAw AND PLANING M1LLS, COR Mrs. G. B. Miller& Co. Chewing and Smoking This Brand of Smoking is ao dark colored andao BoNDAND'l'KIRDSTRKI B. G-E :13. L S 'C> N, &!GAB lilll!tTllllT, -280 Chatham Square, 5 & 7 Boyer Street, SOU IWIUFACTUREIIS =. ;OF liE CELEIIIIHD' A IVIDAI 018411 CIGAI CDTTJI. \ I CAJLD.-WE beg to Inform the trade that we are the &le MaaaCacotthe far.Gilned Mtn!la learned that other partle!J <:ontemplate tm.ttatlng them and Tobacc' of tnfenor quality grown In t'hll'l country, therefore we ca.utlon the publlt not to Jl'Ufthue a9_ Masana C_!gan uot bearlnr aur trade mark on the boxea. S. J A.C>ODY & 'CO. g-. All orders promptly executed. I M ITA Tl 0 N S PAN ISH Ll N EN 1 SOLE AGENT FOR CAMPBEL!-J LANE" CO.,] J P. SARRAZIN'S YO:s.B: ACCO A. HEN & CO. SNUFF, PIPES, etc., NEw YORK. so, O acco tn arro es, 43 Liberty Street, opposite Post Office, 1..-..., U6 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. ._.1UBJES lT 04 BROAD STREET, IIEWlRl II' Ciiar:Mariufacturers J:KPO:S.'l'Z:S.S OF SJCO:B:limLS .A:R.TICX1ES, Wan .. .. TOBACCO, SECARS, SNUFFS, lc.c. F.H.BISCH.DFFStBILTIIORE Fine Segars, lYJADDlJX BROTHERS; (!tigll\ i.obatt.OJUd OFFICE, 171 PEARL Fr. ENGELBACH, coARA.NTJ:.Y oN .&mo NEW oEIJlGss :JlADE TO .>RDEa. IIW TORI CITY Ill Sl.tth .Ave., m:w TO:U: EDWARD A. SMITH, a2 r.nd 2i NOll.'l'E WILLWI: m:w YOU. MANUFACTURER OF (eJII:IDA TOBACCO WOIUU .All]) CIGAR JlilAN1JFAOTORY. tp. BUCHNER, Pine to RoBJTCHECK & TAUSSIG, o.: 11 Bowe_ ... XA!rOTACTUJUUL 0:1' CBI.WIRG YORK. -, -AND SMOKING AND CI&ARS, J:.ewto Jladd.,.a Look-out Fionders. Lewt Jladdu.x' Look-out Double thick Fours. Lewle Jladux' Look-out Double-thick J_.eW"iS Maddux' Look-ou.t Double-thick Ten&. JA,wla Maddux' Navy Poauds. J:.eowl o Maddux's Look-out HalfNavleo. J. G Pil111 T"'''i$t. IMPORTER 0 FEB. 2!. Spanish, American l German CI&AI IBBOIS. Lonolreo Yedow 7-8 Spaaloh I. J5 ydo. ._,..., Broad Yello_.. s..a ., I. 72 tela. a.c. ... Bed 5-8 I. 71 ydo. OS Nanew R.etl .-a .. I. 1 yda. s.S n I. 72 yda. 2!1 Loliulreo Yefto'W' 7-8 American I. ydo. .._...... YeUow 7 II, 34 ydo. ,'.JO r-...a ... ,.& ,. I. yda. lo l.ontlrea 'l' ellow 7-8 Germaa 34 ydo. Lo"'!i&ea. Y.UOw 13-1' 34 yda. ., 72 yell. ) ,., .._., Yellew s-11 ., 10 ydo. llroad ae.t 5-& ., 1 yda. 1.8! Barnw Ye!fw 4..a ., 1 yda. r 4J .....,.... Red' 4-1! ., 1 ydo. 1.1.o Xarrew YeDow 'f-8 ,. 71 yde. 1.11 ........... aea ,,,d >! N....,.w Rl1 ytl. 95 ................ ..-. 7 ,... '"" TERM8-cA8H. ALL OJWKRS WilL &P.KOII.PTL'I &XECUTBDo WJLLUJI WJCKB '*-00, HENRY WULSTEIN, (S-W 8& I*M& .. DesJlk. .J I :' Q) c ..c i :1 i o = (.) .... '-l ..0 0 1-JllPORTER OF FlfiE GLTCERI-NE, No. 7 BURLING SLIP, NEW YORK. .... .sur.- 00., IIAlfVI'M'nra&U or I' I l TOBACCO $EALIN WO. !ad Im"rkn .r GiyUriio, .., Qua, b. IIW WIUiaa lit., ... Z'OI'll. WITIEMANN BROTHERS, 37 JLUDBll LA10C1 l!IJIIW YORK. B.. ZEJ.I.EJrKA. loiANUFACTURER OF ALL KINDS 8F DI118LIN A:ND LINEN TOBACCO BAGS) 2413 Eaat 4th St., llew Y erk. Orders proml'tlY atteacled to at the shortest naX. SHOW s CARD Lillto.f'I'WP/m: in SUPERIOR CtHol'< anJ Desigru, a1td ,_,.ted in approwtl style. Estirnatn giw., BB.OT!IDS, 37 LAJIJII, llliiW YORK. WK. B. CORE, (Eatabltahed Patlentee and Manufacturer of I llittztlr New Stylea of i .I Ha'V'&Jlf.l. Sixes, Oheroots, ..._8 Cio-a.-.111!!!!!!!! DELANCEY STREET, .....,.. llliif', t.""; :NEW YORK. U't'*-1'9AT1'0BXET STREET, ..........._otthelollowlogBrao\ S.. 9'1o >OL 1 G=., dk Spohr, JrieJK:une, Doable Thick, UDCOnquered, brt. drk. .. ACME .. F&DCJ' Brt. liiANft.ACYVaaU oP ALL KlttDS o Domestic = :.. w :..Cbaoon, .. Wilde of the Re,lmeat Jool< of Clabo. Pieces, 18 Bower,v ....... All.----c. LULl.. NEW YORK. rnet t ".,Bole .aa'\r, AND Dealer ba Saaci Leaf' Tobaaeo, 171 Pearl St. & _78 Pine NEW YORK CITY. HERBST & vAN RAMDOHR, Havana aild Seed Leaf .. T O B A.c.. C 0 s 18g :f'EARL STREET, NEW YORlt. LlllERAL ADVANCZMENTS MADE ON OONSIGNIIJr.N'I'S. Patented April H aDd A-t qth, 1862 ; Kay 4tb ; aad]w:r.lth, If Yor, wllolc:h -l're!lll_ .... beea awarded at tbe A-cUI IDOtl-, lt6<; ; aft<>, 1f7a, lf;,GeorJa cousl.2nliJ on hand, ao4 rf!Miyfcw ahfpPIDa to any part of United States ud c....r. All uleo warranted as repre-HDted.. I I a3 Chattwn St., of Pearl, I!EW YORK EOKMEYE'R & co., Selle "LA FEB "'crr;;,. II& SID &m&BJTTP' 48 Broad and 48 New Sts. OW YOIUL o. BOll',

The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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, 1 I I I VOL XI.--NO. 2. 1 I WHOLE NO. NEW YORK. WEDNESDAY, FEB. 24, 1875. lht IDAtt.O :!F..eaf, Mf"" of Brir Pipes d /porter 'if Low.mtba!B. a, co., ,, Weot Tlilrd. (!" S.oitrs' Artie/ll Weil, KahR & Co ru Main. IS PUBLISHED Dematla Wm. & Co., 501 Broadway Zlaa, Jacob IIi Bro. 18 Eut Secoad. IVDT 'W3DDIDAT KOUDill IT lponm of Licorit:t Pw1 SltLtf Mdal Ciger Ahulds. G d Scbwlll & Dabrul, r66-'68 West Second .. m ltBAOOO LIA ,, PlJBUSBING 00, OLABKSVILLE, Te-. .1.414 .FuZtcm St., NetD York. McADclrew Jam c., 55 Water Luf Weaver It Sterry. 04 Ceclar. Olarlt, 11: H. a Bro. :lldltor. Maufct-""' b icla. DANVILLE, Va. Schle .. lta W. H. Co. ,,.. aad William. c...,;,;,. "ftl LIU'' l'VJWIWII CO. Ha'tYina Ciga..-.F'IIIvtw. Pemberton p...., Frl AI It R 6 C II PI Leaf Tolxuco Dtakrs. Term of the Paper : .. ;:: ... k.. Sheppard John M & Co. S1JOCLII CoP-.. hJIDODey-order, cbe<:k or dn.ft. Bille are Jlable Wicke Co. 1s!-J6t Goerclr. ,., .. .n-s 0-' 'L':.7r' if s,tl to and caD only be sent at the greatee\ M"""ftUt,,.e,. ttf Btt.%11 SlltniJ FlZ"'fYI Lichtenberg G. B & Co., 68 Coagre1s st. East r1at 1o tile iencler. Straus Simon, 8i8 nml. DURHAM N, C.' T T L d I U Cirr g,,, C.tkr nd otArr 1J'.,J,, -oAiv "'b-c-o. HB eBACCO BA.F commen 1 t1e to eery Dinaee P ll., A Son, cor. Sinh an4 Le-U1JI' c. 2 .... .,.. ta uy way lntereoted Ia tobacco, either aa ..,.. Blackwell W. T. & Co arower. manufa.cturer or dealer. 111: aivea annualWard:r:op R. 203 &: LewiL ly aD l-ease uaouat of lnformatfoa renrdiag Clg"tlr Rib/Jut. F .A.BIIVILLE, V .A. the u,.eecl, and itaell a OtfUi6 Cramer G. 8J Franklin. Manufacturers -f "I'wi.Jt. .,.ew,. that bas lone Iince been reco111ized as Deppen be[ mer & Maur er, u & N. Wiiliam. Read C : C. & ataodiDi'atthebeadofiJIII&C\al trade publications. Wicke, Wm. & C o., !!'161 Goerck.. BA.BTPOBD. 0.... Ita market reporu are aad eihanotlve, and Sptlill Cigar Ribbou. Pacurs and Dtllirr qurter o1 tlae cJol:e where Almirall J .J., 16 Ceda r Barnes & Jerome, :136 State. _. It l1 the o NLY weekly pubncatlon ex MAtniftarers of T, Biabop, J. & Soaa, 46 Market. alve ) J devoted 1o tobacco. Oro.lte J if., 38 Crooby& 143:11< 165 Mulberry Rabbaro N & Co 045 State "' B L .... Geo.' State. I.Fw A dfHrliti"r R.U1,. Tloi..-d Pp.) ""11" 0 "U'"l LoDdon & Bidwell u6 aad 118 8tate. Howard, Saager & Co., 105 & 107 Cbambero Peaoe H. & z K. 40 It 42 Market &li8INISS DlueTORY OJ ADVBTISUS JI'EW Toh4JCDl otreet Almer&: Deblo, '"'Pearl. An.u JuUan, 17:1 Wate r Appleby .a H e lme, 153 Water. 1 Appleby Leonard L F. 131 Water. ,t,o,orbac:b A M eadenon, 138 It Water. Bamett & Mack, 163_ Water. Berllaer Jull\11, 103 Pearl. Bearllao D &: A., u4 Water. Blakemore, Mayo Ill: Co 6o Btoacl JlowDe a Frith, 7 Slip. Brod M., IJt Maiden Lane. Tobtzcco L..bolt. Sal omon A: DeLeeuw, 6 Aayloa The Hatch Lithosraplc Co., 3' .t; 34 Veaey Bbepbard & Fuller, 214 State. .t Maurer to North "'YUllam Sisson A. L. & F., 134 Kaln. Ciftzr-&x L..btlr Tri.,.;"l' Welleo 0 &: Oe S4 State. Heppenbeimer & Maurer, u & 24 Na William. Westphal Wm. uS State. WoliiOhao. A., 51 Obatbam. S1eti Ltaf Tobac: Inspuli4n. Tobu &lliing 1Ytzx. Hurlburt B F. so State Zlaooer W .t Oo. William. HOPKINSVILLE, K;r M.n{r<. of Ki1t. DoBole Eq-ene, 75 Frnat Baert Wm. 171 Pea rl Biiielbacb. F. '' S btlo A Y 11'1111< G & B Lane. Gsthrle &: (' ... ., 115 Froat. Haillburpr I. 6: Ce., 1!0 Water. Hawea, Cbas. a.. u9 Maldea Laae. Herbot 1: Vaa R.amclobr, lllllawo G. W & Co., 8o Fro1>t. Hoti'DWI Emanel &: Soa, Water JuU. 1: Niemeyer, 175 Water. !Call& Co., '79 Pearl Klaalcat Tbomu. 51 Bma d KeeDII & Silbert, 309 Bowery. 1tre:a.e1betg & Oo., 16o Pearl. l:acllellloraob & Bto., Wa\Cf Lua3tte A. C. u::a Pearl. L .. erar & Flllcbe1, 013 Pearl Ln!n M. H. 161 l'earl. Fall& H_., n array. MalllaDol Robert x.. .. c.., 43 -. MartiD 1: Jolmaoa, 166 Water. Mayer J-b, SOIIo, "' Water. IIA 0. L .. & 0., u Beaver. Oatman A In, 166 WatN. eebDer, M. a: Bnotber, os8 'Water. BJOthen 41 Broad St. & Scoville, 170 Water. Prlae W m. 11. & Co '9 Maldea LaDe. Oam J. P. & Co.! l'l. BrOad. lteadok C.., t 0 cl Slip. ll.elllllaDn. G. 179 Pead, .&. & Bro., S Water. Salomoat..:.S 191 Pst!. l!awp_r, wallace & Co., 47 Broad. Scbilder E. M s 1!-1. Scllmitt J ... Co., 161 Water. Sdoftrlfnl(, Wm. 119 Water. SclllrHd & Bon, 178 Water. 11: Jtocb, S46 Peart. W.abart H. olie1.46 Water 11-. ., ,.Malden LaDe lfi:J.. a. 5 :li ... JIDc snp. SPit C. H : 114 Water Siela &0o.LI97 Stnltoa .. :;tOnD, 191 Pearl. Stroba & ll.eltaeaatela, Fmat. Sallbaclar & Hofawla, U hldftl Laae. Tag, Cbarleo F. llr: Soa Froll&. Tata'ODhont, F. W. 68 Broacl. Tlaompooa Joseph & Co., 83 FroE>t u_..a._ Carl, 171 Pearl. WriJrht. .1<. :v;, & Co., Be o.;narle F., 54 Broad Rader M. & Soal'33 Pearl. Sbac:lt A. 1"'1 Ma den Luo' of ToHt Aaclenoa Jolm & Co. 114, 116 aaclu7 Liberty. Apploby.o Helme! 133 Water, Buchanan &: J.yal S4 Broacl. Bw:lu>er D, 156 Delaacey Goodw i n & Oo. 107 and 109 Water Hoyt Thomas & Co:, 40t: Pearl KiDDer Bros 14_1 Welt Broaclwar Men C H. & Co. 74' Niall!. llc:A.lplu D H. & 0:.. cor. AYODOI D aacl '1'-: Miller Mrs. G. B. & Co 97 Colllmbla Ar..Ufw tA1 T..a.srn. C-J-"7 f GiJrOJJ. Parke, "WJD: A : & Co .w Broad: ..frtou 'for Tob-11, m. Hen A. Co. q Liberty Lupdorl S. 148 y-,l!.ller &: Koeppel, .,o Peul MAnriftrrrs of a,: .... 11oDdJ Cbarlea, 53 Bowery Fot.ter, Hll150D &: Co., 'l9 Cham ben Frey Broa. & Co 44 V eoe y Gla.:CII& &: Scblooae!t 147 aad 149 AtlorDOJ. Gc>o4wiD E. W n6 noat. Hutcora & Gerobel, 86 Maitlea Laue. Jacoby S. &: Co., JOO Chata.a S... 5 & 7 Doyer. Xaafa&D BroB. & Bondy, 51 MaJUn LaDe IC.o Bro. 34 & 3' Bowery L l cblollo\ein BJtOO. & Oo. Bowery. Meadel M. w & Bro, Bowery )Jeabtarl(u M o83 Pearl N.Y. Co-operative Clpr lllaaal"r Co., 19 West I Hnlloa. o..ter S. Greeanrlch.> Scliwan a. bf, Bowery. l!eldnberlr Co. Dey llaitlo L A. n Bower)' Staclaelloeet Ilion J M .lt Co. 6o Walor SeDcbea, HaJa & Co., 1,., 130 & 11541L Lue. lJ-rlor of .AJmln1l J J. ,, Ooclar Garcia F. Watet' Goaaale A W ater Klein, H E & C o., 193 P earl LAJI'O.ASTE!\, Pa. Cig Mold Prm tznd &rp. DNlltr ;,. .Uaf TM>acco BrowaA.. a F., 57 Lewis Scbuberth, C G. Cig.

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