The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


General Note:
The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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The University of South Florida Libraries believes that the Item is in the Public Domain under the laws of the United States, but a determination was not made as to its copyright status under the copyright laws of other countries. The Item may not be in the Public Domain under the laws of other countries.
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T29-00488 ( USFLDC DOI )
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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Shack A. uo Malua Lau s-ff M.-r .. n.....-... Sclualtt J. Jr. Wlllo!t Stan' R. I< Co. s S.atll Calvol" /t&flf,_,,.., of r-... ToiNut lltlli Ci&'"r .lAlz. J Co -- Ll Elalon J.D. a Co., 117 Secoad ""'.....,. 0 n4o 116.. ..... ,.. IH.U..;, s ... .-.-"r C!onuir. _. Lotif AJIIIIoi>JAHelDie,n Water. ,.,, 54 Brood. Jllldaoer D, 1 De!MaceJ lloaeDfolcl S. I< Co., Mt-Ctlllir MAN;.,,.,, .l..ewJ Broil .,..a 71 Bowery Walatela H ... .,, >5 MJ111e Lich-tela. .t.. 411 llro. S4 a ;s.)( ........, .........wo 0 LlcbteaotelaBJoo.lfOo. tAIIcnrerJ'. B ... ,.,..A.L Jf. Y, KeDclei W. A Bra, tJ,.....,. rM/1..h' lk.J Watet' SaDcbez, Ha1allt Co., JOo ISJ a K II. '-. i"':, tl Dulw1 i Lu.f 1l ., Beak lrtb, aaocl14 'W'ater 1_,..,,, illrNoo "-u, .,. ... ....,. Ma-r--.r, A-t. Almitall ],_]. 16 Coclat Mama Henry H. I Lake C ota jachito, 113 Pearl OIJIOUQrATL Garcia F. Water Gooaalez A.167 Wate< Dulwt K.ell7 Horace R. II: Oo. 178 Pearl a....teo Heorv &. BTo., 161 Pearl .. :=f: ::::" I:/''r116ammunicated to a (ew of the Bureau officials in the strictest confidence, it was soon found that the care fully-guarded secrets began to leak out. however, Mr. Bristow's plans were too hearly-mattired for the bribed subordinates of Mr .Douglass to do much harm, and on the uth inst. the friends oi honest :;overnmc;nt had the pleasure of learning that on the night be fore the officials had seized over thirty of the -largest distilleries of the West and probaltly struck a fataUwow at a system of fraud by which tile Ring are said to have profited to the extent of a million of dollars annually These facts being admitted, it is not necessary to seek far for the cause of Mr. Douglass's removal. Although no one charges him with personal k!low-ledge of the cor ruption in his Bureau, or participation therein, what shall we say of an official under. whose very nose such proceedings are possible? Either Mr. Douglass was guilty of takiog his share of the million, or he was grossly incompetent for the discharge of his official Jutfes. We leave to his friends and defenders the choice 1 of the ugly alternative. Plain people will not, however, hesitate to declare his unfitness, nor remain longer in doubt, why he unwillingly "stepped down and out I ToBACCO I:MllmiA.-It is anmounced in recent Irdiaft advices that in Northern Arracan fully 4,ooo acna of land aro under tobacco cultivation. : I ..


... MAY t2. T,BE COMMISSIONER CUT ON FINE of u:ade and commerce are of more portanee her and November ? Planting must necessarily be than the convenience of collecting the revenue. ]l r two, en it ll, warm &gala. m the r6tlt ,belated and hence the hazard is increased time. The revenue could be collected more readily if all the tobacco i:n the country were made by one manufac turer, but nobody would think of claiming that because this is :tn admitted fact, only one manufacturer should be allowed to make tobacco. Equally absurd is it to eo.ntend that because some smoking tobacco might be sold without the' payment ot tax if disposed of, under any guise, in bulk, no tobacco manufacturer should make, pack in bulk, and sell, as fine-cut chewing to bacco, -any other of cut. chewin& than what was known in 1868 as fine-cut chewing tobacco. Regard the position of the Comtllissioner in this light and bow untenable it appears! Yet, it is to just this conclusion, and no other, that his hia practice aad his precept tend. We bold with Mr. Helme, .as we always I held before that genUeman 11tterance to hlS views at'the meeting af the 23d ult, that the interuts -pad tilere were several frosts wbich first killed efeiT The 1=ontQ,cts for supplying the l!'klians with tobacco If coosumers demaP4 a grade o! toBaCCO that they .th ing, 1;bon notWPg, then the bugs It seell:ls eo de maee, and as usual, the awards have ndt can bQtb aad w, manufacturen should -have ou. JO, 187S waoralizt even the weather to have any thing to do in several bidders the privilege of making tlilat tobacco, and packing it Undtst.mgmshed by any not1ceable feature, the weelt tobacco and it certainly tobacco en t felt ]Ustiled lh ttntenog"a .Protest against die way in bulk a the coo lrade o{ summer, to them the lllttention and rendered even an average one doubtful. Still activity in cigar_s. of all mterested w1U soon be dtrected. do not regard one impossible with an extraordinary The Cuban ctgattmakers ha! returJed to WQT at -.""!'1!1,.. f 'l' ad_vance m i de and from 'all w..that.iannea ar.a. Ajle p!4._ra per l.lle .tri btgher pnces are warraa e fbr leaf. !n working w i th an ene!gy whick deserves success. ot;te exceptl?n _'havmg felt constralne to them the w.ords of a?d the optmon of several, Factors Although our business last mo!lth was a great imwtthout .nststmg upon the rcductioa. are dLSposeQ. to Iris 1st better prtee&. The Wester a prove ment on its immediate predecessors, the demand end havmg come, how much. better 1t would ha markets have all advance,d from !l cent to a cent and was confined pretty much to shipping sorts. Our home for all had the never had a begmpmg. a a pound and we don t f-:el diSposed to sell at old trade c o ntinues in a depressed condition, but we may Our Manager _wntes .us some c;mr pnces w:; can not get tob a cco !atd down here at the look for a gradual revival as the stocks .of tpe manufac-manufactur:mg friends are pnces. . t ured article are reduced. The greatest obstacle to a .of the dtfficulty they ll_leet m-trymg to the1! Goyem 1 he news concernmg prospects,. effects continued activity ia the .small qu11ntity of good subme_nt books, w1th r_espect to daaly aa re of the late frost, etc., are stlll very conf11ctmg We stantial shipping leaf on rale suitable for the prevailing qu1red by one of ..the rulmgs of the Commtsstoner of have been shown two letters written by equally respondemand Internal Revenue. Perhaps the oDly thing that need. sible parties in Missouri which convey entirely different Please keep us well pQsted this month of the apbe said upon the subject at this time in reply is, that !mpressions as to the of the upoa the plants pearance of your plant beds any thing in this con!lection which is clearly impracti m that State, one dec!armg bad been d?ne, The French Regie bas advertised for 3 400 hhds cat>le. can not! and ts .not be enforced. and that the damage was quite seve_re. lndtana Ohio, 2 ,8oo Maryland, and .1, 6oo Virginia, to be In rulings,_ as m Statutes, more 11 samettmes expressed and,lllmo1s a_ccounts are also at vanance upon cated June 15, prox No KeDtucky called for. It is than the same that the contractors for last year will pay for : Go/t/.opened at and closed at the same rate. to her Here are two Kentucky letters to a c1ty firm whtch feit on the deficiency (supposed to be 6 000 to 8 oeo Fonzgn Exchar..[e.-Messra. M. & S. Sternberger, are suggestive of hopefulness The first is from Ohio hhds) but we hear they have the whole of this to Bankers, .report as follows: The Exchange Market County, and the second, aacl most unique, from Butler decide. very finn. We quote :-Bankeu, nominal ratea are _TIW tuns as _f?llows .-"In reply to Virginia Leaf-The receipts of Virginia leaf fell off 488"' 491. for 6o days and de!Jland sterli_ng rer mqu1ry regardmg the cond_tton of tobacco apin, and the week closed with but little addition to-spe.etiYely; sellmg rates for 6o days, 490@ f cab say lb_at,th"e late freeze will the plant!RI' the stock. Thus far for the year we are about r,ooo for demand; Commerc1al, 6o days, 486@486Ji. of tlte' crop m _the least, and there w1ll not be one hhds behind the receipts for the same rime last year. 3 days, sn};(; daya, less planted 1n consequence of the freeze. Neither We note sales of both bright and dark wrappers for Commercml, 6o days, Retchsmar_ks-Bankers, tlte bue_s troubled them_ as yet,and prospects are now the week, but, as usual, in smllll quantity, and at pre3 days; 95U; days, Commerctal, 6o days, here wtll be nearly twtce as much tobacco planted vious figures . as m a1_1y former year. You may rely upon Seed .Leaf-The sales of seed leaf were I,410 cases.-Futgllls-Messrs Carey & Fre!ght 'Brokers, .fnfi a "-as I have JlO tobacco s!lll, !lnd don fwish ,Jpinst s35 the previous and 1 361 the preceding week, repon tobacco fr:tghts as, foUows:--Ltv.erpool, per o ave Just a tnp to the mouth of showing a rath e r better feeling and inquiry as we write. steam, 305-; per 27s.6d. London, per steam, Mii!IMIII!l-t1_tlle tiver, and took pams mquue of those wbo k;now The '"?arket may be upected to improve per sail, Glasgow, per steam, 30s. m to "the. Proet>ect now -tliat we are reaching more settled and all Brtitol, per 355 Havre,. .per .steam, 3'111-Aat. otber tbmgs:-" More tobacco manufacturers are beginning to experience more w.eJ'p, per steam, JliS 6d.@.sS Bt:emen, per; steam, was sowed fri January and February animation in their department .of trade. Prices are :32s. Hamburio-per steam, 325 6d. J tt_ ngs, n r 862-rf:l63, bu\ wben cam.e, ,rt. Lfl]ured unchange::l. I'Aaii'IGV'J.AB. KOftGB. he up,l,Jtterly destr.oymg lOme. Tbe seed Charles E. Fischer & Bro., robacco Brokers, report Orowen of aeed leal tobacco arc UlltiODcd .qainat .. :1. m e ruary and March was and was as follows: reportc4 .. nd oecd leaf u fiunlohlai t1ac prica tbat me ly put t>ack. At the freeze the p lanters were all The demand for shi}lping remained very light should be for t!lem at mat l:and, u thooc refer ia mlltt inatancea "llltliii iiil. l!r ..,A.IIIII-W.t.s111ci!j&M;tl d and all the plants ktlled, and !IO. aked Stimulated, howenr, by great inducements offered in to .old cropo whu:h been nearly a .JCU. and the pro&t on .. ilo sweet mtlk and sowed agam which aeed has not the sha e f 1 t C fi bt t E b which auaac uauallf mclude the lDterest oon captal '""*"-Growen b n d b h P. o very ow ra es o retg o urope, a out. cannot eapect een ID.tllc cue of new cropa tooell them-ii>r tlu: -.,. !Jle up, ut WI no ou t, t ough m=-y. be late. 700 cases, principally State and Ohio, found takers "for prices u are awaed oa a re-eale ben. Of ..... nrr ....ale m b. Thoie! planters that have not sold their last crop of that purpose. at an ..t ... nce, and therefore tile price o 'btain.W. t.,. tha ..--will tobacco, of course, say that all plants We ca9 also report sale of about 100 cases low seed alwap be oomewhat lowe r.Dan our CLuotailo.aa. kill ut that sold they c:an all le .af fo r cutting purposes. The home trade took about QUOTATIONS OF WHOLESALE PIUCEi untry With plants. Now, as tbe freeze did not kill 500 cases Business in this branch is very moderate, .,. __ uptleaf. I cbiC e plants a squall has up that the bvg has purchases are being made to supply immediate w.tnts ........ rr enced to eat up all the If that does not only. Total sales 1 410 cases divided as follows: 11oc11um................ N.., Y .... .lst..u-<:rop 1S,aaa&.a,;s. ff, all the pla_nts, then w_e wtll get :up a drouth and Connecticut crop, r873 So cases wrappers, t8@4oc., Good -Ruaalar Lots........... t 11 d C 11 k II d b J'lno '' @u Wi...,;,.;.crop ,.,..,,. em a an I not a 1 e_ Y that then we shall do do so do seconds, ro@r4c., do do 70 do fillers 7@ -................... "' 0.5 lluDDIDr Lob h -'" t t d f th h ld t: I LllrblcuttiDB i'IIP u @ ,.....,._ av uo season to se ou, an 1 at s ou .at then 8c. Massachusetts crop, r873, ISO cues wrappers, IS@ cfo 4o 16 o30 Ba....,I'ILOom. to mulaall have t? fall back on the old dodge of drouth, r8c. State crop, I8?3o400 cases low running :;: :: too much raua, to French the whole crop. Yoa know do do do, 5 1 do second, rrc. Ohio crop, 1g73, 213 Qomalaalaaf........... 13 014 Yara,I. Cut............. B" as how th_e plante,r.s can manage the_ news to try and make low run nina, 9 r Lc., do do do, 73 do wrappers, I 3@tsc. llledlum leaf 15 0 17 II Cat ............. 1 .01 rs A d h Good : 17 liJ19 .,.11/ai-M.-Ia Boad. an n sot e goes on, with incrop, 1g73, 73 cases 9@zoc. liDo' 19 Oo1 cxeastng to !he of hlS letter, ut we lack Sundries, ;so cases wrappers 7@ roc. 0 '5 E _xtra 111 0'111 tOOIII to do htm Wragpen, clart......... &8 @>o F. &II 4t85 A Lou i sville, Ky-., lettl!r referring to business in that Mr_Fischer, Tobacco Broker reports:Hoa:; !; : C market says: "Prices on all grades have made a Recelpts thiS month : Western, r 4o8 hhds; last year, Com,..oa to good .. u 16 Oommo:a : 026 cided advance, espe(:wly 10 on good substantial ones. 3,826 d o New Orleans, none; last year 29 : 1: Buyers show a Willingness to taTd 15 QKart erPtllntlo. .. Fine .1111 0811 t f k b th 1 1 C b r c--tic.u-c...p and S,B. Qo -at FUien.......... ...... I!IB ;fir"':: !lltlbe............ lll Their monthly circular contains the following:$6o@65 gold per qtL for good medium quality; $8o@ 10 015 n.:&. : : -.............. :: American Leaf Tobacco.-Receipts in April, 1875 (in95 gol d11per qtL for and best tobacco. Remedios :: a Jlf) eluding 6oa Virginia), 2,964 hhds; 1874> rr,o43 hhds. are su very much in demand for the Unlte1l States, 011 A Goon Inu..-We are pleased to know thatthe wellSince January r, I87f(including :1,428 Virginia), 8,327 but as the stock is nearly reduced to nothing only a IMPORTS. known and justly celebrateQ. goods Of ..Bryant ..May hhds; I874, a6,458 hhds. Including New Orleans,. the few small lots were sold at gold per qtl. The Tbe arrivals at the port of New York from foreign of London, Patent Safety Match Manufacturers, are to receipts of Western crop are 6,976 hhds this year, 1flW crop is now nearly all brought in, and several Vefor week ending May u, included the fol be introduced into thi through tile bonae ol against :as,r49 hhds last year. gueros of the Partido as well as the Vuelta Abajo lowmg constgnments:-Messrs. Hill & Cooke, No. 712 Broadway New )"or.k. Exports in April, I875 2,979 hhds; I874, 3,584 hhds. districts have begun_ with packing in their respec:tive BRKXI!.N-r-H. Brock, 352 bales tobacco. This i!' a move in the right directioo. In England the Since January I, I875, 9,I31 hhds; 1874, 11,898 hhds. Escogidas. Some bales of Vuelta J\bajo libre de Pie CuRACOA-G W. Wicks & Co., 8 kegs tobacco. 1 law compels the use of the Satety Match, and it would Includmg New Orleans, they are 9,779 hhds this year, tobacco have already arrived here and show, aa much LIVItllPOOL-F. S. Kinney, 49 bal es tobacco: be better if the same aw were infon:e h ere as if would against 17,699 hhds last year. as one may judge by the yet unfermented tobacco, &ood MARSEILLES-Weaver & Sterry, S bbls oil 'esame. sa've us from an annual loss of million;r ,of dollars' worth Sales in April, I875, 4,2oo hhds; Ii74. 3,8oo hhds. brilliant leaves and colors and easy burning. The two HAVANA-A. Oatman, 197 bales tobacco; l\1. & E. of property. The Safety Match lights only on the box Since January 1, t875, 9 hhds; 1874, rr,7oo hhds. first vegjls of Parridos have been exported, one for Salomon, 421 do; F. & Co ., 3i4 do; .1\.. Iselin and is entirely free from phosphorus and unpleasan; lneludmg New Orleans, they are 10,240 hhds this year, lire men and the other for the Austrian public adminis& Co., 94 do; F. Garcta, 283 do; M. Rivera, 87 do; H. odor. The details of the wholesale destruction of again5t hhds last ytar. tration. Tht; assortment of these vegas was, I bale u R. Kelly & Co., 58 do; Palmer & Scoville, 46 do; Weil property in the cities of Portland, "Boston, Chicago and Of the sales 3,300 were for export, of which I,5oo Qr @4-tJ, r do sa, r do 6 _a, 2 do 7a, 4 do 7, 3 do 7, 7 do & Co., I4 do; & Bon,l42 do; F. Calcagnius, Oshkosh are fresh in the minds of our readers, and tile over, substantial leaf for Italy, 700 do being shipped to 8a, 14 do 8, 17 do 8; each Vega so bales, and prices 4IS do; .G. B. Ltchtenberg & Co.,;Detroit, 136 do. dictates of common sense that encouragement Lon_don, perhaps Ioo. Bremen, .4oo common for paid. $26@29 gold per qtl. tobacc? was of a good & E. Salomon, :z8 cases cigar..; E. Pascual, Biother & slaould be given to the introduction for domestic use of Spa10, ana I I 7 to Chth, and 70 Afncans to Boston; quality and color and easy smokmg, yet tt showed falter Co:, 3 do,; G. W. Faber, 14 d _o; H. & Co., 1:1 a match that affords so great a p;otection from fire. jobbers bought I8:z, mostly Mason County; manufac_ de Pilon, as the vegas were taken too early out of the do, Fred k de Bary & Co., 1 do; Ftlk:her & Keller, 5 turers 333; cutters 387, of which us ltiason County. Pilones. This circumstaftce happens very orten with do; Chas. T. Bauer&_ Co., 3 do; R.eoauld, Francois & PossiBLK RECOVEitY OF MR. RoB.BRT A. Oawsn:DT. The market is firmer, but not quotably higher. The the first vegas, as everybody in the trade is anxious to Co., 2 do; Park & Tilford, 2o do; W. H. Thomas .t. -There ;ue same hope s, that this young gentleman-main ciitrerence is the greater readine111 on the part of be the shipper of the first new tobacco. Exchanges ag. Brother, 2 5 do; Acker, Merrall & Co 1 ndit, 35 do; Howard who, during a temporary aberration of mind, caused, as buyers to pay our quotations, wltich were rather nominal golli: New York, 6o days, per cent. P; New Ives, 43 do; Purdy & Nicholas, 4 du. alleged, by embarrassment in business, on Wednesday The market then seems to be fairly opened, at least for Yor!t. 3 days, 2@3 per cent. P; London, 6o days, EXPORTS., last', attempted suicide by shooting himself in the head shipping leaf, at tile pbint where it left off at the. New per cent P: Spanish gold, per From die port of New York to foreign ports Cor tho with a pistol, while sitting in Prospect Park, BrooklynYear, buyers then just l011ing expeuses of holding until cent t P. week ending May I r, were as follows : may recover from the effect pfhis wound. A gentleman now. We may also mention that our uotations apply Manufaduwd-Generally, the week has heen eon ANTWERP-roo cases, 12,786 lba mfd. who saw the invalid on Saturday writes to us as follows: equally to old and new crop, with the exception of new sidered a dull one in this department, though in some BELIZE-I hhd; 325 lbs mfd. -"The surgeons performed the operation of trepanning lugs, for which as there is no demand. instan<.es a fair business has been done. Trade comBLACJt Rrvu, J A.-76 5 lbs mfd. successfully, and, strange as it may seem, found the There appea:rs to be a little more movemeqt in the mentis as follows.: "We have seldom seen less inclinaBREMEN-S bhds, 77 cases. bullet at the very edge of the brain, a nd remeved the English markets, at former prices. The Continental tiou for business than now." DuNJtDIN-r,886 lbs mfd. same. This morning I called at the Hospital anti found markets remain as dull as ever, Geing appal'ently able "Only a moderate business done this week Some GusGOw-u,67r lbs mfd. that he is doing well, has his reason perfectly, and bids to get" along without our grow lb. demand for old stock r 1 inch, of which there is but litH.ursu.RG-S44 cases, 41 balet fair to recover." A morning cotemporary referring to have been light at the Western breaks, and tie. Gwcers complain of slack business but they conHAVANA-g8o Jbs mfd. the occurrence says:-" Mr. Ohmstedt is a native of this, tO!il;ether with the unfavorable prospect for the next aider the prospects are good." "Business this month KINGSTON, }A.-2,059 lbs mfd Germany, and abou t thirty years of age. He was for a crop, has resulted in an ad.-a nce of 1 @:ac, with a tendency has been fair but not by any means active. Stocks are LIVKRPOOL-I oo hhds. number of years a member of the highly respectable firm to higher prices. It is estimated that about onestill very light of all kinds, but more particularly I 1 inch, LoNDON-:157 hhds, I3,:190 lbs mft'd. of Ohmstedt Bros., Havana, Cuba, doing a commission bali the crop has been disposed of, and that this which sells as fast as it arrivea." M&LBOUitlfB-12 hhds, 33 cases, 84,055 lba mfd. tobacco businesa. He came to .New York about four month will aliout finish up the soft cured pGrtion of the A Lynchburg, Va., letter observ'es :-"The prices or ST. ]AGo-r,os6lbs mfd. years since, and established himselfinJPiatt Street, as an remainder. raw material, high as they bave been, continue to adST. PIUU-lJO hhds. importer of Spanish tobacco. Later he manufactured our. last we ha:ve bad. all of vance higher and higher daily .. 1'he belief is DOMESTIC RECEIPTS. cigars, but was not very successful in business. 'He weathqr, Frst ten days oJ. dunng whtch tbat the balance of the crop w1ll be 1Jl tn stxty days! The arrivals at the port of New York fnRa domesf was highly by all who knew hlili." ppreheDS4ons wex h.u&bed at; :&Iact; then, cool, dry What shall we do for stock to work 1n September, Octo-. interior and coastwise porta the week endi.P& Jt.b; WILL BUY A FIRST MORTGAGE PREMIUM BOND NEW YORK_INDUSTRIAL_!XHIBITION 4tlt Premium Aa.t1ne1 ne 7, .., en llond ,.,


,. :MAY 12. J will be Redeemed wltll a Premium;-as-4Q!fivalent ... --.. p higher, we quote Jugs, fe:U; 17-'4, tsC. spections and Receipts annexed : r ,. loj rnpoa :;as OASBS BIIIID J.AJI, ..-;. l!i'U AlfD 1873. i t g r J f !' .s, ... E Tlalolet coatains CAS.ES FINE 'WRAPPEll.S; 33 OASES hltAI' i BIN !mRS 1 BALANCE FILLERS-a ad! i.eot CropuaUecl.,_;e, '" well adapted for Clpr MakfiactllriDJ. '"! F. FENDRICH & CO., .. 45 ):,753 0 931 Oab ...... 33 Moore's .............. .................... 42 Centre .................................. JJ 0 Well HW 13 0 ,. ., 90 8 574 .... TotaL-----' uo 4 136 ._... o.ta, PHILA:DELPHIA, ro.-Mr. Arthur R. Fou geray Tobacco Agent, reports :-The ;,(plug tobacooa lor the past still remain liaitei, itiug for a of. stock bc.fixe shipping, as at present figures 1t 1s 1mposs1ble to forward w1thout.a very po!titive loss; at business being light, _1obbers are buyiqg Qaly as red by their y l'ants, t!lerelore;bld diminishes slowly, but Its stocks are cbmparatively small, an influx of active tr'!Uie would IOQJl make a reduction of goods and prices stiffen at oaoe,Cal'F' C:HI0-ADAMS It l.EWIS, TobAcco liiADulfactiiJ'ea' Aaenta, 8 Lalle Street. CDICDnfATL ll. KALLAY It BRO.; WlaoleMie Deal Ia 1-rTo""-, us -.a 117 W eot Front StreeL v Jl-bertoa A p .. ,., Merclwlto. c. ]. Cetl ......... JUNGBLUTH 4r CO. Getteral Coamlsllo11 ud Blbloono Ia loiaf Tobacco, 33 Tlllrd lltmeli LYli(ClR111T.BG1 VA. Newllno, Yo11opr II Co., Tobacco I'IIIL&DII:LPII. Wilt. EI!tltNLOHR It CO.; ua4 .. Ia I-r Toba-; oq So11tla W ate< Sheet. MAUL II GRGTE. WlulleAie Deal-111 Ha-&1141 DomuUc:U.Iif TobAcco, 914 P-Ave. B.ICRilOXD, VA R. A. MUio, Tobacco Broiler. 1/1', LOt118. C. 4r R. DORMITZEil II CO., CoiiiUDiooloo Mercloanta and Doalen Leaf Tobacco. 111 aod 113 Market Street. JI'B.OJI Tlll8 DATI!I OUR RATES FOB. ADVII:B.TUDG IN A.X.X. CASES WILL INVARIABLY BB .&IJ JI'OLLOW81 OWE SQ1J.&.JLE 1 NONPAREIL LINKS), OVJilB. Ol!llll ()()L11Jill, Ol!llll YBAB. f3li.OO. DO. DO. llll(IIOJITIIII 1t'.M. DO. DO TBB.Il:lll IIOIITIIS to.oo. OVER TWO ()()L11Jill8,_0l'lll: YJI:AB. IUI.OO. DO. DOo llllt IIOJITIIII 3li.OO, DO. DO. TBJUml --TWO IQU.&.BES (II NO:NI>AlUI.IL -ovaa TWO OOL11JIIIS, OllfiC Yll:,A.B. .041. DO. DO. IllS .... I'HII 118 .... DO. DO. TBBz. JIOIIftU 8ll.oe. FO'IJB SQU.&.B.EII (S6 lfONPAREIL LINES), ovU TWO ()()LVIIII8, 01111: YBAB. tllliO.OO. DO. DO. lfiX _....... -ua.oe. DO. DO. TRB.:I:Ji: oll'l'lls ee.oo. I'DI.ST PAGE R.&'l'BIIa OliB 1817AJIIII1 OVER TWO Wmlll OOLVIIJI8, Ol!llll YIIIA.R .18S.Of TWO "11AB.Il:l, OVII:B. TWO WIDII: ClOLVJDr81 Ol!llll TIIIAK, aoe.oe. TBa'lpii,J141.UU&JiDS1 OVER TWO WUDII; -. 'WIII.lal -- e TBa e TBAllr Ol!IB YIII.Aa, ......... Plllol.'l' or A8-IIO Dll:VJA'I'IOJf .au 'I'IIJII8III Till .... TRIBD P.&.CU: R.&'I'BL Ol!llll IJCI,UARII:, (14 NONPAREIL LINES) '"'. I I


; '" 104: o.acnr:: 4386. FRONT NEW YOBX. Apts for the following well known and n:liable Ma.!'ufactureril : "t { l I ,. JilL PACE, .if: W: J. YARBitOUGH" & SON. S, nTIPIN &! Bltd . J. GREANER. J,. J. &. CO., ,L. tr. FRA YSER & CO., t T PEMBERTON, R. W. JOHN R. PACE & CO, JOHN W. CARROLL, aad ... Agents fQJ the Original CABLE COIL, BONNE BOUCHE, 4S and ss, Single aad Doue)e Thick. Also Agenta for tbe Celebrated ,LONE JACK BROWN DICK SMOKI"B large Stocks of Manufactured Tobacco of every description, SIIitabto for the Home Trade and Foreign Market, kept constantly ou band. J', 0. LUfDL 0 r.LIHDit. c. c. HAIIR.TOI<, R. A9RC ROP'T. VORK fj m-LEAP ToBAcco llsrmcTioN TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. C.irttlateo 11...,. fer rr..., aad delh-erocl cue by ca .. u to aambw of Certificate. I. B. -W SAIPl.E II IERCHIITS' OWl STORES. F. -tc CO., DfCliPAL 0.,.__1&8 Water -*not. aaol ie 1.88 lit. Water, 1'71 '7t, '74J 41>' '78 a--k lltneu, 1, a, a ...._ aa .. r a.u BMA Depot, 1M. ,,..._ -, CHARLES FINKE, J. Me J. BENSEL&. CO., lOB! COO INSPECTOR, TOBACCO INSPECTION, f. 1 WATER. STREET, 127 & 129 WATER .STREET .,J :N'e-.-cotiliTRT IIA!ID'LIIIO PROJIIPTLT AT-> ClER'l'D'ICATEII ISIUED .un> ClAIEI DE-l TJIIJIIDBD TO. LIVERED SINGLY OB I I l-1>1-I..U .. )o..l.!.ll.A:t-1.... L I ) (J'h I .ROBE:R'l' L MAITL \ 'J:08A.C., L 48 4L -'II Eaot Second St., ALBX PRIES & BROS 18 CloD Plaao, CINCINNATI, 1 ., OHIO. MANVF ACTUR.EilS OF II B W T OaK HAVANA CIGAR FLAVOR. Dlolobocl6 oz. Ia oae plloa ofWhioiLJ aadoprloklcd oa the Tobacco, Jiveolo tbe moot cemiDOil artlcleoU.. IIYnf' .Nfhe finest Havana Clan. PR.ICK .... ea.eo .,.. llftttl or 4- FRANCIS KINNE-'S Pl!BI! IIPBOYD .. !OilCCO. CUn1B. TWa lmJII'O"'d Maelllae for -Uq Tobacco lo OOD atrocted With a oiarle kDife WorklaJapoaiocllliocll>oar-1..., 11114 _..,wid& a aHdl& 11aear cut wpoa the lohcc:o, wllicll II placed ID a with aldoo at rlpt ........... loottA>m puallel wiO. aold looclfa. 1'1111 aJKhlae will cat aa,. Iliad .r tolulcco, ao4 cat it .. u,.. PIDI', Twlat, Porlcpe Ia Canoita, &Dd bard prepared. to c be cat Ia their bani otate, without &Ill' lor &n.f oilier -'"tealur to aoitea tbem. It malx-"s:6 illolaeo), 0 Det ... h. OII1TlCE1 lt.l WEI!IT BROAD-' WAY, ll.w York. N. D.-The attentio n of manut:\cturl!lrt Of Clprette, and all Tob&ccol; S&tai&b.t Cet., Biiht L eaf, etc., etc. ,I Is particalarly to tb1s macbioe. APPLEBY" MANUFACTURERS OF THE \ Agents for the following well-known Virginia and N. Carolina ManuCacmrers : ROBERT W. OLIVER, lllclua. ODd, Ya. I WlftGFIELD & LAWSON, Jllch,;,.,l4 Va. D. C. KAY.O & CO. Rlchii!OD<\ Va. WOMACK & INGRAM, Meadlv!Ue,Va. W. J GENTRY & CO. 'R.lchmeDd, Va. W DUKE, Durham, N.C. MA"\'0 &r Klll(}ftT, Riclunood, Va. Ill. T. FAUCETT, Darhoa, Ill C. HAR:DG-IlOVE, POLLA1Ul & CO., Rlclulloacl, Va. COOPD & WlLLIAKS, Oaorcl, N. 0, The special attentioft of the Trade is called to the followit'lg est:rbliahed Brands : IUJI'uJo AOTUBED lrA1n1l' AO'I'17RBD Vil'flala lleaatleo, P. P.'s whole ud Ji Caddl 01d Ned'o Choice, Xo, X, P P's. Vlraiala BMIIIieo, ,.., ...,11114 141D. C Ma,o ollr Oo., NayY lbe. l'armor'o Daa ... ter, aod J(o. D.C.a,.o&Oo., NayY Jil, aod P. P.,la whole, Sallie Willie, o aad J....,.. Twlot. Ji aod Jt c:addlea. Sallie Wllll!t, Fie. J). c \h,.o .to Oo.,.JB, ..., aad ,.,.. laY\aclbleL r11. W. J GeDti'J & Co., NayY, X 'J{o,' l(o, P. P'a, Orltal, f',la' t1a foil, H lit. \teaa, r..,. aatll,oor Charm, 6-lac Twlat, Ia tho le!J." KaJO.tJ 5a1cJot, NayY, Ho, Xo,l(o, P. P'a. &JoDI,.._ Cllanaer, 6d u-laclo twt.t. 'Lucio ... IIISCilt>! IIIIOKJKG, ... hap or II, X J(o, aacll(o ..... Obu. HODJ']', Jr., t-iDcllllpl ,._._ Gold B,... Vlrtrlaia'a Clooloe. Ambroala. Roo. Gold JltiilaL bla TO .. NEW OllLEANSt .LoAo lorgftl4t A Deghuee, a co., .M. PATIKT -LotnSVIl.LJ:, Kv. TUBAttl mmm. DCIIIBBY REYNES BROTHERS&. co., l COMMI'SSION MERCHANTS 25 Kyrtle Avenue, BReOK:LTll. Coi\Stantiy on Hand the Beat Improved Hand and Steaqa Macbinea for Cutti11g and Tobacco. .' Ne'1illl7' York.. 1 U t1l. U llzcllaqe l'lace. ; I BLAKEM81E1 MAYO & co., EDWARD M. WIIIHT & CQ. KATZ & CO., &EIEftll COMMISSION MERCHANTS,_ ft BROAD ll'l'BZZT:O n.JUr. DEALERS .AND EXPORTERS OF General CommisliOI ALL ... ,. ... o Lef' Tebacco, 179 PEARL STREET, 38 Jlroad Bb eet, JfEW YORK._ NEW YORK r. o. IQX JiM. Wll TER F'RtEDill & FREISE, CHARLI!.S M. CoN.NOLL'i. f' DIPOilTERS OF -Jdmes lYI. d: Co. BAVAHATOBACC8 Tobaooo 'Commission Merchants; S"ir :l'ro=.t' street, :Ne-w York. JAMES M. ClAJIDINJtlt, 203 Pearl Street, NEW YORK. ARE RECEIVING DIRECT FROM VIRGINIA: CONSIGNMENTS OF TURED TOBACCO. EXPORT ORDERS FOR PLUG TOBACCO ,... .. 1 ., P TAG ... so -L. & TOB.A.CCO.AlfD FACTORS, &ENEBAL COIIlSSION llBCHANTS, PROMPTLY FILLED. U AiJo a; RAIL: .ROAn MILLS, j: .. M. ... oboy Snuff, French Rappee Snuff, fiMPORTIRS OF HAVANA TOBACCO, 184 Front Street, c U .JIB.01AD 8'1'., K. T. Ad.w:emf:llts made on constgnments toW. A. & G. MAXWJ!.J ,I. & Cu., J.rnruooL. American Gent. Snuff, Scotch Snuff, l ..urn EALEBs IN PINB H.AY.ANA. ciG.tBs, I .. ,. 1roaa. ..,; Lundy Foot Snuff. l ALSO Y:ANUFA<."TURERS OF THE FOLLOWING BR\l'fDS OF u. CEDAR ST., li'EW YORK. -sr o.. a. BBIJIDIA.R, Commission Merchant, M. SALOMON, E. SALOMON .. I'll. A B. SALOMON, PACKERS OF SEED LEAF, AND IMPORTER'S 01' Havana and 80 MAIDEN LANE, N. Y. 0 For 8mctklng and Manufactured J Tobacco, I FURNISHED BY !. BATCH LITB.O&BAPBIC C81PANY, t \liS! & 84 STREET, NEW YORK, \ i AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. I .JIOLP.* S'I'IIOil GUm. &aiT%&MST"&IIf. D. J. GARTH, SON a: CO., PURE VmGIIIl SIOKIIG TOBAGCO. VIz: Rail B.oad, Our Choice. Colorado, Pride of Henry Coun.ty, Black Tom. A.lso _tJ<:.\ NEW YORK. B SUBkW:T. I' .&OJKIIIO 0 .081!1.' .&, IMPvR.TitR OF li "'3. 'l'oba.CC .X. LACIIBNBRUCB & BRO., "' W.W. 0; No; 164WatcrStrect,NewYork, aad SOLI!: AGENT fer tho rad of Cipro, LA MA.T A.G'D' A. -WHOLIOSAL DllAUU IN .o. 113 ztoarl Street, HA YANA DOMESTIC CoraerofOedar, DWYORK. FELIXQARCIA, -Leaf' -TobaCCO. IMPORTK1 01' HAVANA LEAF TOBAAJCO, M OPPENiEIMa & uo.. ( F&DM T GUTJDJIU ). .., DZ.ALER. S IN A. N D 0 I GA. B. S, SEED. LlElF -liD HAVIll Brants mar.. T 0 B 4. C 0 0, And Sole Ag't for :Brand "Prof. Morse,'' STREET, ... and ,,. 8ARATOCA," JrBW TeaK. 181 Water St.. llew York VEGA & BERNHEIM, II'. MIRANDA co. M. CRAWFORD; Qlronaa IIIPOilTRES OF 'r 0' B A C C 0 HAVANA TOBACCO B.&VAI& 1AF !OBIOCQ COKKiSSIONKIICBANT AlfP OJ' THE Jta..&JID OP Jf" ... !l'.BB ll'l'JUUlT, And OZGA.B-8, CleARS Rl'riCA," 'l':Jtw YottL l8" !UnL SDII'l'. nw TOIL D.l Peazol St. ll'ew York. -"=':!:.aHIIIDdoufLe.rT.--r.rJtqertaod SAWYER, WALLACE & CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS, :No. 41 BIOaCI Street, I OftiiGilll & BB9ftlll, ltlf I8)JttiJ, KENTUCKY LEAF 'TOBACCO.' ) ., 41 aROAD 8.TRKT,.._ ...W YORK. Jf" .ATBB B'l' .. NB"W YOBX. NEW YORK. I 11' '.


.. MAY 12 JACOB BIIKILL, el' SUPERIOll MAKJE AND Prime Quality of ags a: 2!1J Monroe St., NIEW YORK. iii.IGGIRT & CO. DIPOBTE:RS OF HAVANA Ull LiiffiiiCCl 171 PEARL and 78 PINE STS., RBW YOBKo AND DEALB&S lH liEAF TOBACCO, 15" BOWE:R.Y, WK. A.GliiiW ._ 80118. r ana OommiuioK lllniiiiDta ..., ..., lll'rosit :xBrr ro:&x. &\nlo-UY.u.r.DMe --laf fo\acee for E.xpori 1011 111. Leaf Tobaooo baled In eA'f ,-.IV ....... 'lo preaa for export. WK. SCHOVERLING,' l'ACUlt OF AND DEALER IN SIID-LIAP TOBACCO, NEW MILFORD, J ClONJf, Llbenl C..h adwaaceo maole""' Con slpmehto AHNER A DEALERS IN 1BAP TOBACCO; 180 Jle&Z"l St., .... } NEW BRAD 8c: Oo., Suca;ssolts TO ISAAC JlEAn, OOMMIBSION MEROHANTS, Atlll DMkn ;, Yircini anti Wesllm L4af atUI. Lwnfe, Gum. 18 Olcl lnip, 1rork. I 'I' B R T 0 B A C (JG ""'" SCOVILLE, :I:KJ'OJt'l'lDIS .o:r AND JOBBERS IN ALL KINDS OF I TOBACCO, No. 170 .Water Street,New York. 'e L PALKER. A 1L SCOVILLE. Connecticut Seed-lea. Wra.pper of our own IMPORTERS OF AND DEALER IN u. s. SDlid T8J Ci[ar lonld. Our Moulds are paranteed to be more DlTJlA.BLE, and at least per eeat. Clleaper thaa aa,. other Mo.,ld oolcl. Otrlce and 8ateercom, No. 131 Water Street, N. Y. B. BORmLDT, MANUFACTURER OF e CIG.&RlVIOULDS, Patenttt 1f Closed It' lnlds, PIIHIH 1f tilt ,._.. Sarhur or. (JuoltJ) llotildl. THJ: e I'AC'J'OBY. RABLEM B. B. TIU:IGBT'BmLDIWG, WHITE l'rREET, J'ioor 29. '(.!Door from. Elm Stree t1: n r at S .UCOIY & CD., Ollice No. oo'O Cha\ham Sqaar .. Nf\V .YORK. Metal_Cigar MoUlds 1 T hi s il!l the oa.Ly Mould so: tab1e for Mao.ufacture of Flne Havam.a CtgQn i s wel l known to be the best preservo.tiwe 4lelicate aromas. l'he bunches prochaced no SCHWILL & DUBftUL, .. Sole Patentees and MaDufaduren X.NJV&S, TucK Cu-rrns, Paasaas, &e. 166 161 w. Second St., C!:Dciml&ti, o STRAITON MlNURAGJURERS CIGARS, iAND DEALERS IN LEAF 1 No. 191 PEARL STREET, Ntw' YOBX. JOHN STRAITON. GEORGE STORK. -1. R OS.ENWALD ... fc Da'O:S. T.liifRS CD'1 .Aln:SB;' AliD I I PACKERS OF .. DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, I45 Water Street, New York. A. & F. BROWN, MANUFACTURE?tS Of -P;RESSIS & STRAPS, Cigar Gntters & all other Machinery for Manufacturing Cigars SCHRODER cl: BON, 178 WATER STREET. NEW YORK. oP. &P..AX2aJEE. -. POHAiSKI -lUEllA, IMPORTERS O.F TOBACCO AND CIGARS 1110 lliiUFlCTUIERS OF FIIIE CLEAR HIVlll CIGARS 83 WUJJAM S'taEET, XEW YORJL KANIJJ'ACTURE:R OF CIGAR BOXES, AND IliPORTER OF GERMAN CIGAR' MOULDS or OII'IDIVClt co., IZI4 r. :aoonx.v&mq Kan'll.!acRrll t Cigar-Mowld Ptesses, Strap$ antJ Cutters, {!;6 863 SOU:TH STREET, N. Y. TIE GERMAN AMERICAN BARK, BROADWAY, cor. of Cedar St., NEW YORK. Ca'Pital, $2,000,000. EVERY FACILITY AFFORDED TO Dlt,LERS AND CORRESPONDENTS CONSISTENT WITH S01JND BANKING. R. B.OCJBOLL, Prealdea,t. 0. H. Oaahier. r : SllYJON. STRAUSS, \ MANUFACTURER OF I Cigar Boxes and ShQw 57, 59 & 61 Lewis St. bet. Delancey and Rivington Sts. AND DEALER IN 1 ""7;:'-;:--:-. _l' lERMAN OllAR MULD3, PRESSES) STRAPS, I,C, 179 e 181 &IT J.'\T]I!f'gV e E. PASCUAL BROTHER i&; (;c). Allldada eC Flglaru-Cut to Order aa4 Repaired :lAthe Beot 8t;rle. The 'l'ra4e Ba,..UetL. / COlDilSSION m:B.CRANTS .Aml IKPO:&'l'DS or LEAF TOB.AQ-CO lH SllftUmT, 1nt'a7 '2'01\K _aos., P. 0. BOX 3925 a. co., A. CREENHALJL, UANVJACTUII.:ilil. OF -J. II. SHEPPAlLD, lin. TO,., N. C CQ:rDUSSION..... Pill IAVOA. mm JOHN M. SHEPPARD tc co., .. w 8 Leaf Tobacco Dealazts, Leal Tol>act:e pteReC!In Woo lor tho Weot JIMIIeo, 1 49 est road_way' -.A. _, -..... ...-r A Makaa aacl Aaericaa Porta, ... et.Jaw lUI', ...., .......... V I I rA ...... TosAcco1PAcuD IN HocsHuvs. coR. mo:MAS ST., :n:w YOB:rt. JUNCBLUTM & CO., Agents, LouleYHie, kr. __ .. All TOBACCOSREHANDLED ; PACKING GUARANTEED. BA$CH & FISCHER, MACK, -J A BARTCORI D 0 M EST 1 C D!POll,TEB.S OF HAVANA J.PORTIR OF Bl V J.Jl Kmfacta=of 1 s. B ,Jl.Bl\I'E''rT, llo. reo 8trt. York. ANDPACKERSOF Fine Cigars, .t co., Loaf Tobacco mn LBAP -TOBAGCO, { TOBAO OOS, "l!nD::m::O L:J!J.A.P KA.lDENLANENewYork.t 155 WateJ!I' st., l 162 w t St N y LEAP TOBACCO, .: I -r 0 B A c c 0, MANU,ACTURitas 1.66 W.A'I'EB STBBBT, NEW YORK I a er . 88 MAIDEN LANE, s s 121 MAIDEN lANE, N, Y. JliiST CJ:G """' '""" ::::ITT & CO. JUUAN ALLEN, CARD. CA.B.L UP:MANN Hanna CiWS & Leaf Tobacco. .A H. CARDOZO, IJNPollTUS OF&: DEALBRS _IN SeedLeaf and L e f T o b 11!11. c co'' Lit!.rr-fJlutl CIIMW ToBAcoo "1. D&PBDWIC_ Z & RD. TOBACCO ,. COTTON FACTORY, L--- ...._'bacco "' "' -"""""1111"'""'H'"'*'3f7h. &ti-PAND MANUFACTUiil.Ds or -. V TC>EIA.OOC>,. f' WI'1"rrlU.NN PINE HAVANA CJ&ABS, No.::::== T. J New N : Y.. 203 PEARL STREET. f"' n X.uDBK L.UDD.'Bw ToaKo p.0.-.... -...... 158 Chalnbers St., ... Wlll. H. CORE, ---A. STEIN a 00., PREY BROS. & CO. (KitaltllaW .... LIDIRIR & PISCBIL. BROS, a CO., E. SPINGARN & .CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Janllfadnnn of mE CIG!BS, an4 Patentee and Man\ of f ,. b mmm. HAVANA & DOiiisTIC TOBACCO. "'alersin Les.f 1'obacco. Style. o -Lea a, ceo ANDPACURSOF-llo.sau.RLINC SLIP, LEAF TO BACt; :n, wmr1 mAl. m JOOB .ASD LeafTobacco, NZ.&R wATER-STREET, 197 Duane Street,. 44 Vesey New SHOW. 0 SE. 8 HAVANA TOB,cco and CIC.ARS NEW-YORK. A.l!nn, J N y k -" SUFFIELD, CT. .. --...... IUv.BAW. --. .. --I Snu<, ew or I m STUE'%', NEW YOilt. 138 138" Water St., T H. SPENCER, 0 c SPENCER A. SPENCER Cigar Manufacturers particularly favored. SOBROBDBB & KOCH ---"FORK CJ'I'Y. : EB"'"-'P W GOODWIN Patellte

-) Ad'Nrttllemeata. Sm.ltlt. Bros. a K:aeclt.t, D.EALERS Ill ALL XIN'DS OF TOBACCO, .Au of and Dealer ln e.g.,.., 225 RA 1"RBET, PHILADELPHIA. G.B. M. MARRIO JWm' .A.CmJ'BD 0!' OIN.IS. And In all kinds of LEAF TOBACCO; I & co.. AND CIQM RIBBOMio To baoco Wor kfl, ..... MANUFACTVllBRS OF OfEWING AND SMOKING TOBACCOS, st., and 225 .Quarr1 St., Philadelphia. .JIS. SCRQ a CO., .............. n..t.. .... i.'&ATAliD lanfa.cturecl Toba.cco, AlU) CIQAJIS. ... 81 ....... Plaee. Bodttaaer.. :MERFELD & KEMPER, PACJC.ERS OF Oo:nneoUcn:a:&-ed. Aad WlwiiMale D.-I '8'---and Tara Tobaccos, co., FACTO .And Oommi&M

:MAY 12. y Thla Flavor by cashE with It will bring the Rich Colo; 1 of This is ilf'Top Flavoring alao for FUlen &Jtd for -.;olortor Wrappen. Geauioe Havana FlaToriDI' It IWill rie to the Tobacco the Fun Flavor of Havana, and Wnr thew...,_ to Colon, ...... wt.n ..,ok .. II bao that Sweet-... Aloma that all IH\tana Clran ..... Y-caa ta ... .r1mttaary To"-o, and by applylnr thlo J"laYOr;_ u llllrected, you will eet the fall beoefi.t of regu .. Jar Havana Tobacco. Put Ia Qntt Bottlw, u well u in an4 Galloa Cans. PBICE-'laart BotOe., tllc HaU-Galloa, 131 Gallon, 15 ., S.-Will seDd Sample of Tnbacco, u prepar.ed bJ thts Flavor, to anraddress, free of charge. OUB FAMOUS HAVANA FLAVORING-WHAT[T I WILLDO. It will brine Wrappers to loe.,tlflllbnowa or

# T 'OB.A.CCO I MAY 12. ------------------I W .&---"..1.-' JOHN ANDERSON & CO. LICORICE PASTE. l33' 1'UII. S'l'ID'1', "'-9w YORK. Of die Manufacture of UQUOtUCE. 'FINEST QUALITY. toBACCO. IODB, G. W. GAIL & AX, J. Jr. ,AT ROVBB. 110 1 'I Aft W te st. ... EU ... ....... SmolriPK. 'robaooo, 66-67 '. +-,.. LOUIS I PICAI.E MANUFACTUlllED BY "EW VORL wALTER B. PIERCE, NO BOX MOULD. \'JtJo-ftJLD!f, :nw:roBK. 11Tt.&, K. Y, A.. SJlAOX.. a&AIIUrACTUasa or Till 8nD4 AD4u SYCAMO"E P'OR SALE, 1 11Be, Lnl niBtraiPt'Cnt Camtdi&h AGENCY AND DEPOT O.F S.ltable for Tobacco Boze .. a4 Caddln, 'OB 1""0 ... MO!!!O T o .... aA.C.9_9.!L.... .... w. J'BLG:DR. SOJf'B, "" AJj r "f..r ., ._ ___ ..... 8accNn t N.B.-con.uaen c:anonfer IP'G ft. or SOI'ifl ua B.A ..... :-EoceO..t. Periqoe, 1'artdP. Latalda, f H BISCHOFrS BALTIIORE' -pie. No I!lg Maiden Lane c.... s..! Geltlft Calltonla, lEDDIIh Blr4' BOll AKD y,., ... T ....... -..... N. y, -...t...alf .. ome.awtart.rrl'..,ladliiK&1411lLIZII -Gol_d_-..;Spec:;.....tre_, ..,. __ _CI ___ .1'-..J ....,.... .. 1PL\SI!. A-' NEW YORK. .. with ---CIMPIR._L LANE & CO. Fr. ENGELBACH, G:m o :a G m :a., :ovv X x. om, ;:--OP 1381ztll An., HIW YOBI SOLI: AGENT FPJ\ 1 roa.uct.!!.! .. !IBAfCU BAGGIIG. J. -. SNUFF.PIPES,etc., IMITATION SPANJSH LINEN omsAPDIQUE' SIOVJII!. BACC IEWIRI :PAR'OYSTBIPBs WI. A IU MDilUJALPWELLli .J. .AciiiiiW,cl .. ,o..o.....aro..,..Wq .. "s ..... t.' Also, Perique Tobacco in Oar,rottes, lq Tobaoce. AIM, -plete ueortment or MIS 8 MILLER a. CO Smolten' .ArUcln ror the Tn4e. 1'6 "!' ADB ftaEETo JfEW YORK. I -J HOWIID SilliER & co., 0 .&IUF J.OTOIY 1ou &: 107' caAMDEns ST NEW YORK. =:-iiPPIIBIIMIR 1: MAURER, (PETER D. COLLINS, l'luaT.j 97 Columbia Street, .. NEJYYOBK, .......,....,.,_ OP C&Lalt4-nrt lira. G. B. Miller a: Co. CbewiDJ and Smokllns Tobacco, the only Genuine American Gentle aan Snujf ; Mrs. G. B. Miller & Co. Mccaboy aDd Scotch Snufl'; K. H. Mickle a: Sou'Foreat !tote and Grape Tobacco; Ma. G. B. MiUer A Co. Reserve Smoldag and ChewiDg W" A II orden executed. LYALL, 84 Broad New YOrk, FAc,-ollY, 2 m:J.J:Jq.ATJ:D JllUJI'D8 or Cipr Manufacturers ::Praodo-.1 :E.d.d&OIP"!DWAIID SMITH ENCRAVERS AND PRINTERS, BY II'IIJIAIII JIOWJUL AJID H.t.liD PBEIIIII:8 .. ... Xo. 11 Bowe..Y, I\IEW YORK. fJ EST .t. BLJSHED 1M8. K. C. BARKER & M.a...Uac:taren of tllo Celebtate4 FINECUT TOBACC08, ADlUCAN EAGLE" > AMD Iii UJ.pTIIB." a: Aloo all other ,....a.. of !',lu-Cllt i.u4 8111olt!ng Tollaocoa, -DETROIT, IDOH, -Adele from pac'klnll OU1' "AMERICAN EAGLE" .... "CLII'PER" Ia the uou.labed 10, 10. 410 and 6o lba., we aleo pt botS. 01 tbew anodes up '"TYI nicely in ON a OuNca TrN f'01L PACKA.Gas, packed in ..!{ and Gross boxes.. Liberal pricea ma<::e to tbe Jobblnr trade. II 111! H B03TB W1LLWl rrui'J, OW YOU. I 517DIJrllt SOLE UIIUfacn.u IF TIE 1111111111 008. ,, -. < cap.r-lox. am .. .., ............. .., ... .......... i .... 9l llyitle AYeDUe, Ji1Ne11:17a. ................ ... ------.,._ .... Graa..:Jatblc ......-. Internal .Revenue :Books. The OrlciUl Jatenaal R_,.. Pabllaltlq a-:C. JOURCEN8D, (&ou succasaoa asTra SMITH, P.o. St617. aor LDt&aTT _.,, lfiD4IItr frou ui...U. I ..... 01 n.ry It x-Pric-. SEND I'Oll 2JUCU. --MTW&IM., TOBACCOS hi ..... .,..,. ...... ar. 43 Liberty Street, oppotte Poet Otnoe, S. ..,.._ WIE. tR' SM'OKaaa Aa'1'XC%.1E, DltALERS IN SECARS, SNuFFS, &c. FOSTER,' HILSON & MANUFACTURERS OF FINE CIBARS lt. M. FOSTER. !tOWARD HILSON. llUDOLPH WYMAN, P.I.DIBBB TOB!CCII COIP!Il OF BROOKLiN., N.Y. '., X:N'OOlRPO:E'I...A.'-.&":aJ::D ;r II, 1888. 0 ao. a :r.nOJ, l"1''L J. lL SADOP, flea. BtJSmESS OJTICES 123 1\lew York; 18 CENTRAL; BOSTON. l)


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