The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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VOL 20. lht l!;baeto IS PUBUSHED IIV'JI'f W'm)DSl:IA y MOlmiNG BY ftiAOOO LEA I'' PIJBLISBI NG 00, :l4!l .Fwlton. st., New York. c lli:AG:Im, ..Utor ftl tauoco r.ur l'llll.llmlft co. T..-m ef the Paper: SrMGLK Cota. 10 Carrs ON&Y...._.. ... k .. Jllx MONTRS, 1 f> 10 .... that to ;.e ,;ar)y or eonthl) "becftber i lllluJ,. Eir/ot Ceflt In-- ANNUAL SUIISCR!PT!O:NS ABROA:P. GUAT BRIT At AlfD CANA:!IA, BanntN, HAMBURG AND nut CONTIN&NT, 16 o8 AUSTRALI.A.1 &TC., VIA. ENGLAND, .. 16 :.i CUBA,.. ... No orde.,.. for the paper conaldered, unless accompanied by the correspoading amouut. .Remittance should, in every instance, be made ,, money-ordl!'r, check or draft. Btlls a:re lllble to be atolen, aod can onlr be aeDt at the .areaten rial< to tbe aender. t' 'THa Tf)BAcco LBAF commencls i.taelf to verr one in anr way interested Sn' totacco, either as manufacturer or dealer. It Jivesl annual ly an immense amount ef infonnat1on re,P.rding tbe and thus Constitotes il!elf a v4tk that baa l onalince been recognized as atandln,.at the head of special trade pubUcationa. hi market reports are full aq,d etbaustlve, and j:Ome from every qurtcr ot tll.e rlot:e "Where lobacco is soJd. liiF' lti the ONLY weekly publication exten-alvely4evoted to tobacco. ._ [Fw Advwti6tMr R.M'.t IN TAini P4rt.] BUSINESS DllECTOII. Of ADVERfiSE JrEW YO,Rit, GalliJionr H. Cedar. J.,.rur, ,, a., Pi,.,, Batjer H .to Brother. 77 Water Deauatb Wm. A Co., 101 Broadway Goebel ) .t Co .. u9 Maiden Lane Mllj'tUIMrt1 .,j y. .S....Urs' .4ruclu. Demutk 1Vm. &: o., 501 Broadway btp.rl1mbaa,l9 .t 'I B William James 0., SS Water Weaver Sterry, Cedar. Mattufcturn'J "'"""'*tf b iclu. Schielrelia W H. & eo., 11<> en9 Water. Jo'inkc Ct.arles, Water. Linde F. 0. 4k Co. 141 Water. Tohacco ?rtntr. Guthrie & Co., us Front. N ata',,a/ To6auo Itujutio11. Hoodleos W. j. & Co., William. Manujauurn-s oj Cigr .Bo11e1. Erleho H W. 253 South. Henkell Jacob, ,.., & 195 Monrpe. Wicke William & C o !3-I6s lioerck. tJf Cig'a.r .Bo.x1s Cr-Sl.tiUI Strauss Simon, 179 &: ISs: Lewi3 Cigur Bor, U:J.r ttnd ot.lzel,. The Hatch lJtbopapkic Oo,, 32 I< 34 Veoey Heppenbeimer II: 1-tiurer u Nortb William 1t wlnl Trrtlf: a: Maurer, u II: 14 N. WUllam. WwtrOball ..&.., 5t Cbatb-. 1obQrc &,tit W'IIJt. Zlnooer 'If. Iii Co., Willlam. Mfr. rif Kin'")! Bros. Ru11i1111 Kinney F. S. t4 West Broadway.' Cit"' Mo..Jds, Bolkley, Moore & Co., ?' Front. Borbank a N uh, 49 .droad Cardow A. H. 66 Broad Crawford E. M. 168 Water. Dohan, Carroll jl; Co 1<>4 front, DuBols Ea.1eue, 75 Frnnt E"uert Wm. & Co., t71 Pearl. J!nelbacb, F ,,Slab Av jacoliy S II Co., 2"9 Falk G. & Bro., 171 Water. Tatman &. Co., 70 &Dd 71 il:l'oad. l'os. Dllls I: Co., fS Water. Friend E. & G. & Co., 129 Malde.n Lane. Frlacben Roen &: Sl;hub, 147 M:. &: Co., 8.6 Front. Garth D. ., S o n & Co., 44 Broad. {: L A Bro., o Water. Genhel & Bro., 86 Maldea Lane. Gatbrle a C_,. Front. Hamburger I. & Co., 1 s 1 Water. Hawes, \.:has. a., u9 Maiden Lane. Herbst a Van Ram8ohr, 189 Pearl. HiNaw. G. W. & Co., So Front. Hoffman Emaauel& 149 Water ... K.ab &. Co., 179 Pearl Klnnicut Thomas. Broad. J::..enlg & Sobert, 52'1 Bowery. Kre:netberg & Oo., i6o Lachenbru'Ch & 164 Watt r Lam 'tte A. C., 1:12 Pearl. Lederer & Fischel, :113 Pearl Levin M. H., 16J Pearl. McFall a HOiflll, 33 Murray. ).Jack Alea:ander, 161 \Vater Maltlan<;d. Martin 1!1 johllllOn, 79 Front Mayer ).eseph1 SoRa. n Water. Meyer :A. C. L A 0., Beaoer. Oatman Alva, 166 Wate1. Oppenheimer, M & B-'>er, Water. Ott! apr Brotberl! 41 Broad St. Palmel a Scoville, I70 Water; W m. M. a Co., J '9 Maiden LaDe. Oolo, J P & Co.139 lfroad. ll:ead & Ca., '' 0 d Shp. llelamnan. G. "' Pearl< RoHnwald, Jt. 6Bro., o;,45 Water. Salom""' 191 Pearl. Sawyer, Wallace .t Co., 47 Broad. Schmitt J. a Co., 162 Water. ScbrGeder & Bcm. 1 1)l "fat OJ', Schroeder A Koch, > Parl. Sclt.ubart H. a Oo., i Water s.fopra, ;B. a Co., J lloulln Slip. spttzaer c. H. IN Water Stein Co., Duane. Stral!oa olt '9' Pearl. StJ"obla If. 1'16 Front. Tl&' Chari F. II: Son, FNn&. Tataeahont, F. W. 68 Broad. TJtnmpiOn ]"""Ph&: Co., 8j Frollt u-. ()arl, u& Pearl. WaaaermaD H.. 101 llaidea Lane WrtPt.l!. )4, If. Oo.,J9 .&oad. Zftlg H 148 Water. CfiM"'islitiM Reyneo Brothen & Co. 46 & 48 Ezcbaare Place Buy" oj Renoeoo G. 55 Broad. Tobue<> Broun l!enrlmo A. 5 Burling Slip .oremskJ, .E., 143 Water .._. l'locher ()ball. E. Jlz lilro., '3' w alar J'liiCher, Fre6erick, 41 Broad Kalmu M. 16q Water Jt:ellaocl, P., 168 Water. Charlet. F., S4 Brpaol Rader M. Iii Son, 1331'earl. Shack A. ){alden Laae Sc:Junltt J. Jr. 162 Water Mttnafactrer if Tob.uco. ADdenon John .t Co.,.._ u6 and 117 Liberty. Appleby Helme, 133 Water. BDCbanan & Lyall, S4 Broad. D, s6 Delance1 Goodwin & Vo. 007 and ..., "fater Ho:rt Thomas .t Co., 40f Pearl ltionef Bros. 141 West Broadway IleAl pta D. H. II Co. cor. Aveaue D u d NUler Mrs. G. B. l!z Co. 97 CollUDbla Pioneer Tobacco l:olllpany, 113 Front Af"'' for .S.o!ioc T.b-,., rtc. Hen A. & Co. Libert., Welu, .Kller & Kad Oo. Looee c & Co. 117 West Lombard Merfeld & Kemper, 117 Lombard Parlett B. F. & Co., 9 Lombasd. Paul Wm., 17 Boutb. Schroeder }oo. Iii Oo ... 81 J:xchanp Place. Starr .k H ua:&:i ns 1 s Patterson. Tate, Muller "' Co., !2 South Gay Wenck E. E., and 48 So.utb, Cbat101. Wlacbrneyer Ed. &> Co., 30 South Calvert Tobacco F.zCtorJ. Gleoko .t Niemann, 78 Sooth Oharleo: Hoffman, Lee l!z Co., '3 EJ:change Plaoe, Mll"f"'tortrs, eu. Marbnrg Brothers, 145 to 149 S. Obarleo SL w UkeD11 H. &: Co., 181 West Pratt. PIKillrl if .S.4-IA.j Becker Brotben, 98 Lombard. IHllitrl io Hfl'l),,. d Dotie IAf Tob' 11flli Ml.o'!{llCtortrs Cig Liberty lhralton &;. lit')rm, rJf and 18o Pearl Batro 40 Newmark, 76 Pari< Place Tabel Ill. Rohrbefe-, 70 Park Place. Wangle Rabn, l!z Bowery. of Fiu a--Cif Bondy Charles, ss Bowery BeArt!D& Htmry J. 65 Pine lienee George, S Pearl X .. prowicz A. &: Bro. s8 Chamber Mora J. M. & Co. 62 Water Rivera & Garcia. 71 Maiden Lane Haya It l:o., 1301 J)S &. 114M.. : l.aDe. l..p.rtcrs if ILni T.buto, Almirall J .'J. 16 Oedar Costa Jacinto. 183 Pearl G6u'cia F.167 Wa\wr A. 167 Water lteUJ Horace lL &: Co 178 Pearl lftran;ia ltl:o. u Pucaal E. BrotHer &Oo. 156 Wat P.,balakl Ill Caerra. 83 WWoam. Mora, J. M. & Co., 62 Water. Rivera Manuel, 1 Maiden Laae llolomon M .II. .E. LAD 1/ep l!z 8emoelm, 167 Pearl Veaa, .Martinez Br<*., 19" J'..t. Wen tlt Co. 65 .l'in@O Walter Friedman & Freise, 803 Pearl W ll!iU. & Kaeppe'l, tJO Pcar.L 1'-vr V. Martine &. Co., 16 Cec1ar Dcalttrs m Key WVtrr:l < U. &ry Fred'lr. &: Co., 41 a. q w ..... Ltf Tobatco Zlok G W 198 Pearl. Manufacturers oftlrape Soga1', Bufialo Grape Sugar Co. Mauu/cturers & D1t:l1rs i L1a/. Cluwtng and Sm11llinz To6acu. Cody S. Brown's Bro1. &. Co., 147 Main Ca,IC.AGO, m. tn L1a./ a.1UIHatNJ.,IITH.u11 Reiamann A., 14 N. Canal. /)tillers in IAilj TobtJCco .ond Oaae S. S. & Co., 149 South Water tif CJg-a."' nd D1a!lr ;,. Maurer C F., 187 Clark. Dtkrs iw Lr11f TobtMco. Saadbagen Bros., 17 Wes t Rantivlph. Milfctllrm if Fi C.t Cht'fl>itrz S.o.t d io Lt.,{ TH-. Beck It Wirth, u IUld 14 Water. !l'l!Ct.ICCD MaMII{advr"s A,..t. Adams Henry H. I Lake OINODfl(.A.TI. Dnoig ad Smolting Tobaa11. Robinson Ma:avfacturing Company. Tob11uo Mwch;,tl. Wlcu G. w .t Co., 19! Maio. Brohrs. Callaway Jaines F. Ninth and Market Gunther Geo. F. Meier, Wrn. G .. & Co., 56 BeveDth. Nash, .M.. B., 371 Main. 'Jobbers in 11ll kinds if J,],JrtJ ant! Green 4 Meier, JOJ West Main. D' Sn R & W., 287 Liberty. Dealers in DomestU IZ11d Havatra Leaf To. baa:o. :Maul & Grote,_}23 QUINCY, ILL ManufaclurerB of Plug Gem City Works; E, R. Turner. Pree.; .M. Goodman, Sec.; M. Heidedcb, Manager. B.ICHXOND V a. Coinion Wloe Jamea M. '3"S Cary Leaf TobacC() .Brolwrs. Boyd James N. 1317 Cary l(lllo it. A. Cqm,illiou ?Z.:!:. StJ/e tif M.,._ Wrigb,t J. &-Co. Jr. Y. if Toi>Me said, has the trade grappled with '! sudden emergency with more alacrity or better efft::ct. We invite Commissioner Pratt, and those in whose favor he. is acting in this disgraceful business, to a careful perusal of the information which we are enabled to spread before him and them in this instance Ii confirmation were tequired of the truth of what we have written below in regard to the encroachments of the Government continually to be expected, would not this coupon project furnish all the evidence anybody could reasonably ask for ? The article on the need of a National Association was in type before the an .nouncement of proposit10n to ruin cigar and now, in the ligbt of that implied determination, it reads prophecy. 'IHE .N.EED OF A l!I'A.TIONAL BACCO ASSOCIATION TO' that they will be tion with the Bunker Hill centennial was the opening of & If it could be serviceable in no other way than in box of cigars manufac.tured in z76o by Cyrus Green guarding t be interests of the trade against (afterwards of Revoluuonary fame2, at a tobacco store on . upon tobatco in its forms. Continuous en are the inevitable sequence of the system of taxation for tobacco; there can be no. doubt about that. Having commenced by treating tobacconists as a class of tradesmen requiring strong and! exceptionally harsh measures for their control, it will be deemed to re,lax the rigors of those without practically admitting that severity had previously been e?tercised, and the present. policyP with an attempted constant increment of aggressive force,' 'Ifill therefore be persisted in, and, in the absence Of concerted opposition, continued to the end, whenever the end shall come. In resisting these inevitable: encroachments a national tobacco association could not. fail to be exceepingly useful. No argument is required to illustrate this fact; it is obvious to any person capable of reasoning. To prevent, or modify prospective legislativ e abuses of power, however, is not tbe only, nor even the chief incentive to the immediate of a large and permanent of tobacco tradesmen; though this is a labDr to which an organization might devote itself with an assurance of frequent occu pation, and the hearty approval .of those in whose behalf its efforts might b!! exerted, There is other work for an -.sociabon to do; some of it not less, and some of it of more importance than preparing for future emergencies. 1'helmistakes of the past have to be corrected, if they can be. There is a trail of injustice traceable all through the hiitory of the last ten years that needs to be blotted out by the inauguration 40f more libe ral andi equitable laws; or failing this, e'xhibited for public scrutiny and condepmation in suc:h a manner as to bring the blush of shame to those 'Who are responsible for its origin and continuance. For this work, as well as for other work; a Natio nal Tc-lbacco Association is. needed. Tremont Street, Boston. 'l:he cigars were found in a good future leg-LSiatton of an serv1ce stare of preservation and of flavor. Three of the alone should commend a national assoc1at10n to the cigars were to Gran.t. favor of everx member of the trade desirous of defend were again repacked m an atr-ttght case, with a copy Of ing his natura -rights. Frbm what ha been it is easy to the Boston Herald an account ol the celebra fi 1 7 d k d "Th' box is not to be opened until m er what wtl be, and no event of the future 1s more t1on, ,an mar e IS f 1 h h f the second centennial anniversary of the battle of Buncertam o rea 1zatton t an 1s t e occurrence o Hill. ference by the Govunment with those who pay taxes The tobacco interest has for several ye'!rs been, and for many years to come will ee, one of the principal sources of revenue to the Government, and for reason, in addition to all other reasons, its representa., tives have the right to demand that tl:e f r liberties shall


2 THE TOBACCO. LEA.PI be respected,'tbeir rights recognized and their legui' mate desues grallfied. Not one of these things is do!!e by the Governmellt under which they .-bida they do so much to sustain. In proof el this we point I. to the recpairement ; IL the taxes of 1868-69, aod Ma.rcb 3, 1875; III. the o;il.l\lua 29; 1875 fobacc to be hid of the st closcd,1ex ..... 1 1 4()5. ; rr saL s oqe as tran;t er s.U, 251. per concqlied, IUir esumably, per steam, 35s. Havre, ....... ,_ cflave reached the Antwerp, per steam, 37s. 6d. notice and lteocil-plate irements; IV. the tions regarding-the sale of leaf tobacco ; V. the nnl\lliihi;.1 tion against the packing of 101okiag tobacco in bulk; VI. tbe of e&port bonded warehouses for the accommodation of exporters of manufactured tobacco; VII. the exceliSive rates oof taxes imposed upon snuff, :and chewing and smoking tobacco ; VIII. the manifold vexatious and burdensome restrictions relating to the manufacture and sale of tobacco, snuff and cigars. d\IIL..eeason .thaf usuallyseta ilnrith Hamburg, per steam.-JTS 6d. and business must to languish ._a __ .... .. a-_.ft_ .. _.. can move Tile dread oi suffer r Gf>"WI of '"II leat tobacco uutloned 1ng from ttie mamfold a_gQnies-rl foi' t!>em ar Gnt had, ao these emin m01t ,nslllanc.o atmosphere. Other causes, to be. sure, could 15e citea, cropo hne been held Rl:arly a ear, and tire profit on aod perhaps ought to be, for the prevailing apathy in whiCh rpuat naturally include the Interest on capital mvested. 'Growers the tobacco market. Yet, after all, since the mere citation of reasons, good and bad, can not aflect a change at an advance, and therefore tne price obtamab!e by the srowm will for the better, It IS probably as well to let events pursue always be oomewhat lower man our uuotatioru. their course without' much special comment until the QUOTATIONS OF WHOLESALE PRICES ile these remain, no person in any way end of the. torpid spell is reached, when moralizing may JVttteo n-Ltght Ira! eta. Okw-Crop 1873 cts. ide,n;fie with the tobacco interest can afford to rest be m order. Common to good lugs. Runninf L o u ............ ao @u!l ta. Common ]eat...... .... @aJ New Yor Stt.....-Crop 1871 aud 1 873 under the imputation which their existence implies, Our leaf market, hewever, it may be said, is both llcUwn.... ...... ...... Runnln11 Lots .. ....... 9 @u h d d II th 't h'l d ... Good ................ -'"" until he has done all he can to have them removed, or eavter an u er an 1 was aw 1 e ago, an ueavter Fine .. .. ....... .. ,9 @ 1 Runmnr LoB ............ 7 t&9 a good deal, th;!.n th-ere is any good reason for, all 8electlon ......... ..... >< @s or..,..-mak., the11t nubhcly odtoas. Thera)s a moral obligation L1qbt cutting Jags....... u '@16 Hav"'!"Fil. Qom. things coqsideJed. Nobody pretends there is, or is do do leaf ... ... r6 30 .. o Good do upon each mem\)er of the tobacco trade never to b 1 f h 'II b d 'f h Clarknnlle and Jf'<3ten> Dlstricl. @ 24 ... .kr tli.e. accOII)plisbJUent of the obJ' ects ID view, pns OD. so ong Olaln ame y em as a some mg, MaMtland-F'st'd to com -":ay Poundi.-Fino ...... a.; (i.iQ ,. _. probably much, to t!o with the seeming tendency toward mou .......... ...... 7 !iauy Haif Pound& and :llo leaf-that even if 1hould be inaugurated, it relaxation here. _The prolonged absence of the ex Seund Common ...... <" 'l'l&;a,_ Good de. J'me ..................... could not be made to hold together long enough to peeled demand from this city anrl from the home manuMedium................ 9K u .l'ancy Tobti<--LongiO' 30 facturers, owing to the depression in trade there and Good to ftue red......... -l 'Navy, 4's and 6' ........ 3 0 effect any appreciable good. Those who entertain these Fancy.... ... 15 @:ro Pocket Pieces.... .. ... 25 everywhere, seems to have inspired a feehng of diStrust Upper country......... 1 s Br<.gut l'wiBI (Val 12 meh 85 opinions, though basing t.bem upon what they conceive GroiUidll, ........... :.. 6 @u Brlgbt Gold Baro, &Inch t6 5: at the West which has reacted unfav ri'bly, o some ex Bough & Beady ......... .a @30 @40 @35 @35 lill65 @61 to be the experieDCe of the traie, reason from tent at least, upon this market. B t then, a week of q,uotaUoJU 'or Seed To. Buc,.. Tb d I d ld h 11 ... u&able Navy Poundt-Fm ....... 2T @30 eraodeotls pre1111ses. e association of Grangers exmo erate y acuve tra e wou JDOre t an J'estore a o... Kecllum ............... :n @ 28 d "h h b round the spirit that has been needlessly allowed to Trade. 8""1 HaV Poundl'lmtl 7\Urda-' c:epte tnere as, per aps, never een in this country a c 1 1 Ct 8 d 878 Fine .................. 23 @SO more extensive or more effective association of tradesmomentarily relapse, and this may occur at any time. ... .. 9 Ouartwl'oundJ.-J'iue 2R @2S Neither in tbe Western markets nor in this market is Seconds ........ -. u @15 UoOW! ...... e to._) Lou ......... 9 15 vuel'OO SID 8IDI .... C0@18 0U llk '!;"1 """ .,--al."'tiJ "" Selections .............. >o 30 bochy ...... -86-90 amply demonstrated both a capacity foil! usefulness and bought 2tl hhds, 'obbers 30, 04w-rs73 Crop. -ppee, eu ....... -1 oo the quality of cobesivent!ss is from the merest 434Prices have gradually weakened ,I = .! .. n t .... .1. I d f r since the crop was planted and show a decline of fully S elect1ons ............... l @2o caoGenUemau .. -1 oo '."7'ce a 1.., recor .. nstea o 10rmmg a new organi R gi 1 f ,., .11 d Wuc""" -Crop 1812 _,..,on.,., eu ..... ou:y. c per lb. OD e e ea y e WI en eavor to give cor-Runmng Lots ...... 8 @o A. o. s ................ --t;18 :.ati.on it.111ay be thougbt just as well merely to r11':1ve rect m our next. The advices from the Wrappera ................. @ .. a 0.. ... IIi .,.old tli ld ... -.,......, .. 28 eo one. On this point we do not feel called upon growing crops are all favorable. EXPOBT QtrOT.A.TIONS. :?G.", 63oll!caaeo .... ,28J> 0 & A 8t5 lllo. net....... 2 9}; to expreSS an Opinion, as the matter can be better delot-lid eek, 3d wee\. 'til weelt. 5th weolt. Tolal Con,.ttmd oo MMs.-Crop 1s70, G & F."... .... ... .... .. 29-" d 1'. -"January: 487 454 594 565 2,100 Wrappers ............. ro "Wallis Ex." lllo. net.. 29 :term1ne m COI\ICren...::. Either plan is practicable, and February. 598 402 484 315 r,800 Ruaar Lou .......... 9 -io -C.yCa"........ ....... 2s ... d t r h h CtJ1&. &-M,......Crop r8t2 aod I .. tnurrlat .. ... ......... Is requ1re o pu one oft e ot er m operation March 357 373 44 6 .otSI 233 I 8s Fm ..... .... z. a.." Billa............ 20 Ws are e .L.tenninatJto do so. A 1 --8 6 8 o p,..,.sylva .. ia-crop IF ..... .............. 20 '"'I vu pn ,.I77 S I 42 li 4,200 RunnmgLots .......... @ri R.K." .................... 1 20 Shall ""'-a w-L'-g Nati' ""'"! XoLeoo May 477 302 .... 7 I 417 667 3 200 Wrapper Lots ...... ..... @r ""' 8 '...... ...... ....... 21 .,. -'"' _.,,... .._..., v..,.. ua --' Pt11nsylfltsn-Crop r873 .. 1f @t8 "G. 8 ...... ............. .. AssociatiOn P is the questi6n now to 567 3o8 49 1 IMPORTS. those d1rectly interested. ._,e shall do our part towatd Mr. Frederick"Fischer, Tobacco Broker, reports: Re The arrivals :lt the port of New York from foreign 'huildi1JI up .of an associatio if one be determined ceipts this month-Western, 7,453 hhds; last year, ports for the week ending June 29, included folu,rs:z do ; from New Orleans, 465 do, last year, 16 do; loWiilf and to tbe full expression of opinlon 0}1 from Vugmia, 389 do; last year, ll64 do; total, this A:LICAJofTE-Weaver & Sterry, 507 bdls licorice root. be subject may be had, communicatiOn& to THE LEAF month, 8,307 do; total last year, 12,032 do. Receipts BRBMI!:N-E. Ro!ienwald & Brother, 366 bales tobac Alrom aU sources are invi.ted. this year, Western, r 8,942 hhds; last year, 43,997 do; co; J Goebel & Co 550 cases clay pipes. New Orleans, 505 do; last year, 2,36o do; fmm CARDEN As-Order, I case cigars. JUliO B. .EDIT8JI.IA xa. P&RSON.AL.-Mr. William Vigelius, of the firm of 'llavemeyer & Vigeliue, leaf tobacco dealers of Pearl Street, this city, we are gr-atified to le.arn is recovering ;lcom his severe illneas. Virginia, 3,o6I do; last year, 4,899; total this year, GLASGOW-Order, IOO boxes clay pipes. 22,5o8 do; last year, sr,os6 do. Sales this qtonth, 1,555 MANILLA-Ira Bursley & Co., I case cigars. khds; exports, 4,562 do. At New Orleans.-Rece1pts MARSEILLEs-Weaver & Sterry. I46 bdls licorice from January I to June 23, I875, 2,582 hhds, against IS bales lavender flowers, 5 bbls oil. u,637 hbds in I874Sales this month to June 23,216 do; Rio JANIURo-E. F. DavisQn & Co., 1 box tobacco. exports, do do, foreign, 6o do; exports do do, domes JAGO-Brooks & Co., I box cigars. tic, 460 do; total, 520 do. Stock on hand and on SEV!LLE-Jas. C. McAndrew, 16 cases licorice paste, shipboard not June 16>, 3,994 hhds. 3 bales do root. IN PURSUIT or veteran Tobacco Vtrginia Leaf-Agam we have no recorded sales to SMYRNA-Jas. C. Andrew, 3,435 bales licorice ::Bro!;er, J. S. havmg denved so much benefit report in this staple: A llttte has arrived during the root, I,3o9 cases do paste. ..,t;o health frwn the use of wpter at Sharon week as usual. HAY ANA-H. Schubart & Co., 337 bales tobacco, J ngs last "IOMOD, we tmderstand, J AI 11 er1Jisit witbia a few1Ja}S to that favored localit &td f.eof-('>.n of about cases, nearly mua 58 do; Schroeder & Bon, 6 do; G. Am with his lMil fdedd we h h Y ode-half of sums the transacsinck & Co., case cigars; H. Schubart & Ca., 11 do; recov::d t:rem hs prot e. tiona for die week in c)epartlaent of trade-. This is Chas. T. Bauer & Co., 5 do; Park & Tilford, 46 do; J. .Is ra.._ m IS -about 8oo.-cases 'lessJthan.for the week pteviously re. Llera, 16 do; Purdy & Nicholas, 6 do; G. W. Faber, 6 do; F. Garcia, 2 do; Carples & Kub, 2. do ; Howard MessrS. Charles E. Fischer & Bro. Tobac co Brokers, I ves, r6 do; :Fiqcber & Keller, I do; Acker, Merrall & 131 Water Street, report as follows :-Compared with Condit, 31 do, 2 picadura; E. Hoffman & Son, 3 C6., 22 bxs do, 17 oo 3 bi-s do, 5 bu 21 cates smkg, 4 casa-mfcl, 4 qtr JUNE'30 29; 2 at 32.25, 32.50. 29 hhds O.ven Co., Ky., dis:ti:t new: 5 at $lo@I4i II at I5@I9; 'l at 20@ 29.25. 12 hhds Pendleton Co., Ky., new trash, lugs and leaf. 2 at $8.25, 9.5o; 6 at 11.5o@r4 75; 3 at 1/3, 19; I at 20. 10 bhds and I2 boxes West 3 at $8 .ro@88o; Sat ro.75t4; 2 at 15. 75, at 3 do at 8.6u@9.6o; 6 do at 10.25 ifS., I8.75. 2 boxe\1-Southern In C&Se9 Ohio seed fillers, binders hS@J; 57 at 'IS5Si ro at 6 9 o; I7 :t _,10@1 15: 3 at 15.25, do; .C. E. Lee, 13 cases tnfd, tnree-atr 17. bxs do; M M. Welzhofj:r, -36 case ... -tireMorris WaTehouse, 8 libds. and r box -u dd lugs,; at ; u hhds and 2 boxes West V1rginia: 4 at do heavy styles do, Io.5o@u.oo; do low to mediurl\.leaf, 12.2sr4.25; 7 at 15.25@18.25; r at 30 25; :z bxs at n.oo@I4-50i do good to fine do, 16.6o@19.oo; do 7@ 1 3i I box Indiana at 9 2 hhds Northern Ohio selections, 2o.oo@25.oo. Virginia, common to gooc:! at S9.30, lo. 5 hhds Tennessee at $9.7o@1o.:z5. 75 lugs, 8.oo@ u.oo ; common to medium leaf, u.oo@ cases Ohio seed fillers and binders: u at IS@S-90; 30 14.00; da good to fine do, 15.00@17.00j do selectiOns, at 6@7.90 j J 3 at 8@9.60 j 9 at I0.50@I4.50 j I at 2o.oo@a5.oo; do stems and pr1mings, 2.5o@6.oo. I5 Inspected this week-995 hhds Maryland, 374 At the Morris Warehouse, IOI hhds and 2 bxs .-47 Ohw; I do Virginia; total, r,370 hhds. ElCported same and I box Mason Co., Ky., district trash, lu:;s and period:-per steamer Ollio for Bremen, 269 hbds leaf: 3 at $8.75@9; 6 at 12.25@I4.25; I4 at I5-50@I9i MarylaQd, 249 do Kentucky, 8r do Virginia; per 1 5 at 20.25@29.50i 2 new at, 7.6o; r do at 9i 3 Guillermu for Liverpool, 22 hhds Maryland; per do at 15. 5o@r8; 2 do at u; I box do at 8.40. 40 hhds steamer Caspian for Liverpool, 30 hhds Maryland, 30 Owen Co., Ky., new trash, lugs and leaf: 7 at $8@ do Kentucky strips; IJ hhds tobacco to the West 9o; IS at I0.50@14; 14 at 15-SO@I9-75i 4 at 20, Indies. 22.50, 23.25, 34, so. IO hhds and I box West VirTo!Jacco Stalemmt. Stock on hand in State warehouses, Jan. I, 1875-----------------... ., 14,627 hhds Deduct loss by fire Jan. 6-contents of wa!ehouses Nos. I and 2----.. ---2,764 u,863 hhds Inspected this week ................ _---. 1,370 hhds Inspc:<.;ted previously thiS year ........... 17,967 khds TotaL.----------------------31,200 hhds a;inia new: 3 'at f,6.75, 8, 8.90; 5 at 10@I4.75; 2 at 15@I6.5o; I box at 4 hhds Ohio seed at ho. At the Miami Warehouse, 82 hhds and 31:! bxs :-24 hhds Mason Co., Ky., diitrict trasb, lugs and leaf: I at S9.5o; 5 at xo.25@14.25; 10 at IS@I9-so; 8 at 2o@ :zs.5o. Io hhds Brown Co., 0 =--I at 13; 5 at 15@19 4 at 22.75@24 .50. 30 hhds Owen Co. Ky., trash, lugs and lea1: 3 at $8.sso; 9 at 10.25@14 75; 9 at 9 at 20.25@25. 18 hhds Pendleton C o., Ky.: I at $7; 3 at 9@9.05; 7 at ro.75@13o; 11 at r8.75, 19o; 5 at 20.25@23.75 38 bxs Ohio common seed: Less shipments (Maryland and Ohio), I at $3 90@5 9Si 17 at 6@1i 7 at 8@9.60; I at 12.5o. 8,984 hhds At the Globe Warehou!le, 75 hbds :-29 hhds Mason Co., Ky., dtstrict: a at $8.os, 9; 6 at ro.2S@I4i 7 Leaving stock m warehouses------u,u6 hhds at 15-75@19 75; 14 at 2o@25.7S S hhds Brown Co., smce Jan. I, 1875 -------- ...... 'Manufadured Tobaccu-Trade in this branch 11 hght, Ohio: I at$9.75; I at 14.50; 3 at, 21. 32 owing in a measure to the small stock and extreme hhds Owen Co., Ky., trash, lugs and leaf: 8 at $8.:zo@ views of manufacturers. Exported this week to Bremen, 9i I4 at 10.25@I3o; 9 at 1:'i-So@I9S; I at 20.75 6,245 lbs. Rece1ved per Baltimore and Ohio Railroad 9 hhdsEastern Virginia fillers and wrappers : 2 at from Danville, Va., 295 bxs, Io cases, 35& 45 $12.25, I3 .5o; 2 at rs, I7.25; 3 at; 2 at 30, qtr bxs, 2o third bxs; and from Lynchburg, Va., 85 5I 18. 4 qtr bxs, so hlf bxs, roo caddies; per Richmond At the Planters' Warehouse, 33 llhds:-9bhdsMasou steamers, 1,328 pkgs, and per Norfolk do, 39 do. Co., Ky.: 4 at Su.75@ 13.25; :a at 15,; 3 at AN OLD LANDMARK Gcmtd. -The old tobllcco 'factory of P. Lorillard & Co., on Wooster Street and 8olath FJftb Aftnue, between Spriag aud Broome Stree bas succumbed to the steady demand for wholesale business houses in that neighborhood The building is almost level with the ground, and m its stead il erected large buil.din&s more suitable for the present de .-and in that -quarter. our report of last week we notice a large falling off in sacks scraps. 1 the volume r/ business done dunng the past eight days. EXPORTS. Home..hade supplies itself but sparingly, and for export From the port of New York to foreign ports CHICAGO, :JutU 26.-Mr. Henry H. Adams, To 21.25@25.25. I4 hhds Owen Co, Ky., new: 3 at bacco and Ci(ar Manufacturers' reports: Sr.9o, 8, 8.6o; 7 at 10 25@ I4.50; J at 15.25@16.75i r at There bas been a little improvement in business dur23.50 hhd Pendleto111 Co., Ky., at $:zi. 9 hhds ing the week just past, nothing but still decidedly West Vuginia: 5 at ln-so@14.25; I at 17. 25;. 3 at for the better than for the three or four wee.ks preceding 2 3 zs, 2 5. Z7UNI Thursday last, June 24, th opulat b lGir in manufactured c of ttli city, was 1mi rriage at Christ "Churcb, South Brooklyn, to the beabtiful and accom of Brooklyn. For ...,... were in progr.ess, throurh the agency ..of fnends, to make the occas10n of their weddmg a :10premely pleasurable event in the lives of the young couple, and among other arrangements made for this purpose wu an exq11isite musical entertainment under the direction of Professor Caswell, orgatiist of Christ Church. The happy bride and bridegroom are enjoy ing their honeymoon at Lake George, whither the best wishe& of a host of friends will follow and abtde with them. he demand is a very limited one only. The total week endlnt June 2(}. were as follows : amount of sales d1d not exceed I,ooo cases, of which ANTWER-7,573 lbs mfd fur export 423 cases. The distribution was as follows : Aux CAYES-I07 bales. crop, I-81J, 175 cases wrappers, 22.@35c.; BRAZIL-I5o lbs mfd. Connecticut and Mas.sachusetts, I!l74, 40 cases fillers BREMEN-1o2 hbds, 25I cases seconds, 8@r6c.; dQ do do,, printe terms; bales and 10 bales scr,aps, by M. & E. Pennsylvan,ia, r87J1.!10 case New Salomon. I York, 1873; 129 cases low: IU m g i)i@8o.; do do roo HAMILTON-1,436 lbs mfd. cases r5@16c. ; Ohio, 18,73, 144 cases running, HAVANA-14,I97 lbs mfd. Connecticut, 1870, 40 eases fillers, 7c., Suadries, KINGSTON, JA.-3,023 lbs mfd. IOO cases, 8@15c. LA GUAYrtA AN:O PORTO CABELLD-739 Jbs mfd Spanish-For Havana tobacco there wa.S a fair de LIVBRPOOL-89 hhds, 4 cases. L mand throughout the with sales of abo ut soo bales, hhds, I,938 lbs mfd. at 85@II2C. We have also heard of transfers at $1.30@ NAPLE5-437 bhds. $x.Js, indic3ting, it is unnecessary to add, a readiness POINTEAPJTRE-20 hhds. on the part of buyers to meet the views of holders when PoRT-Au-PRINCE-roo bales. goods are of the class requ1red even if the market, the PoRTDB-PAIX-30 bales, 4 bxs ci11:ars. general market, be in some measure depressed. ST. JAGo-,7oo lbs mfd. Manufactured-In manufactured tobacco we hear of DOMESTIC RECEIPTS. no j;ales of special moment, either for export or home The at the port of New York lrom domestic JrS, 25 qtr bxs, 293 Caddies, I08 ... durmg the tea months of the current year ending for !lees under, rather than over, or on a par, with ask cases cigars, I box do, 2 bxs snuff, consigned as ,..(\.pril compared with the same p.:riod a year ago. ingrates. Though in some instances, it is the ex-follows:"rhus1 the value of our importations of tobacco and pectatioas of buyers are nearer the point of agreement Bv Tl:lE ERIE RAILROAD-Burbank & Nash, 229 l.c1gats in the ten months ended April3o, 1 874, was with holders than they have latterly been. Why V1rhhds; Pollard, Pettus & Co., 44 do; J P Quin & Co., r. ,llJ .. ili 1'875. $s.78J,S63. The v;llue of our exgima lea:f should contmue all the time stiff when other 71 do; Dtew & Deane, 45 do; E. M. Wright & Co., IO : ports t/lll was, r874. S 2 8 ,:z99 ,88s; 1s75, varieties are apparently relaxing a trifle, under the pres-do; Sawyer, Wallace & Co., 55 do; R. L. Maitland & 1 <;$a_Aj}8J,"'I9, tQtal vahle of foreign imports for the sure of dull times jlnd crop prospects, is Co., 28 do; Blakemore, Mayo & Co., 144 do; D J. ten mc;n;tths endmg ,Apnl 30, was $459,675.479, against one of the insoluble mystenes v.h1ch the buyers of Garth, Son & .Co., 37 do; Toe!, Rose & Co., 24 do; $49s ,3o5,669 during tile corresponding ten months of manufactured tobacco encounter as they revolve in Buchanan & Lyall, I4 do; Bill & Brother, I J. D. :'1874--a decrease of S35P30,190. These statements their minds the complex elements ofwhich the market Ke1lly, Jr., 24 do; Thos. Kinnicutt, 2 do; order, 578 .included the value of goid a ad silver coin and bullion is composed. So they aver, at all events, and there is hhds, so cases. 'imported during the period named, amountmg in I 3 7 4 no doubt of it. Well, perhaps all there to be said Bv THE HuosoN RIVER RAILROAD.F. C. Linde & to $25,554,697, and in 1875, to $17, 700 ,8 76. For the abo11t it is that the fact appears to exist, whatever may Co., 94 cases; P. Lorillard & Co., 10 do; H. Welsh, 83 ten months ended Apri13o, 1875, the total value !!If combe the reason. do; order, 3 hhds, 93 cases. modities, the growth product, and manufacture of the .)moking-'Dlere is no change to note in reference to Bv THE NATIONAL LmE.-P. Lorillard & Co. 3 9 United States, expoTted to foreign countrW,S was $ 532 ,. smoking tobacco. The demand is fair, only that. hhds; Sawyer, Wallace & Co., do; Burbank & Nash, .o6r9,766, against $;s73,072,I89 for the corresponding Ctgats-In cigars there has been a steady but not 29 do; R. L. Maitland & Co., 248 do; Drew & Deane, ; period of decrease of $40,452,423. This deactive trade. The event of the week in this branch of 23 do; Blakemore, Mayo & Co., 19 do j W. 0. Smith & is mostly in the breadstuffs exported as combusmess bas been the announcement concerning the Co., 38 do; Kremelberg & Co., I do; J.D. Keilly, Jr., pared with the ten rmontbs of 1874, the actual amount proposed coupon stamps for cigars. All classes, im12 do; Pollard, Pettus & Co., I2 do, Toel, Rose & Co., the decrease beirug $30,9I3,85I. In our cotton shipporters, manufacturers, and dealers are very much op25 do; order, 388 do. ments we fell off !ljZ!,S,299I; oil, $9,933,124; tobacco, posed to the adoption of these stamps. Bv THE PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD.-Order, 84 .Sof-,112,466; hides, i$z,osJ,519i tallow, $I,89o,4u; disGo/a' opened at II7 }.(and closed at the same rate. < tilled spirits,l8s6,r9,9, which represents a decrease of Foreign M. & S. Sternberger, 1,9xo,o88 gallons. The products in which the greatest Bankers, report as follows:The tone of the market is -increase oce:urred are manufactures of brass and copquiet and steady; buyers will be favored by the small ,per and hops. Manufactures of brass mcreased from demand of exchange. We quote: Bankers, nom1nal $ros,S28 m 1874 J8oo,o4o, copper from $446.447 to rates 2re and for 6o days and demand $ I,569,95 I, and hops from to $,I,2)!2,7 40. The sterling respectively; selling rates 486 @487 for 6o total value of merchandise exported durmg the month days, for demand; Commercial, 6o days, of April last was S49,163,712, a decrease of Paris-Bankers, 3 days, 6o days, rcompared with Apnl, 1874515rs;,iCommercial, 6o days, Re1cbsmarks-cases. BY THE NEW YORK A'<'D :!'lEW HAVJ:N STEAMBOAT LINE-Blumlem & Cohn, 48 cases; Wm. Egg

----------------------4omparison in quality to t9bacco from sa111e parties, (scraps); 1 al4JO do; u at s.xo@SCl_(casks and tubs); last year. From this time fo""ard we will have to de9 at 6@6.9o; :n at 790S 116 at qjjl-90; 18 at 9@ pend on our stocks In warehouses, for sale-, as the 9 90; 24 a.t IO@Io.75; 27 at n@u.7s; I4 at u@u. planters' tobaccos are about all in and what little is l:ft 75; 6 at I3@r3.50; 7 at 14@14-75; 3 at 15@I5 .50; 3 now in the cenmtrv is in the bands of dealers who will at I6@1 6.75i I at; 1 ,at' 18; I at I9i rat 20; 1 at forward as faSt 111 prized. Several large dealers have 21.5o; I at; r at 25; r at.tSSO; 21 boxes at 2.50 now closed up, tbeir last being received here this week. @20. In the same time 6 hhds were passed, and bids Among the receipts this week. is about too hbds dry were rejected oa 81 hhds at and 1 box at 17.25. ,leaf from Missouri:directfrom factory. Our stocks have Tc-day the market was unsettled. Sales 47 hhds: 1 at not altered materially thw lllmnth, receipts, shipment 8 at 7.1o@7o; 7 ;&t; II at. 9@g.8o; 4 and sales, all about the arne. Stocks so l d and unsold at to@1o.5o; 4 at rr@r 1.75; 4 at 12 25@12 .75; 1 at about Io,ooo hhdl, willaive exact figures in nc:xt Sales 13; 3 at r4@14-75; i at 16.75; 1 at; 1 at; per wee k, etc., to date-1 at 37-so; and 6 boxes at 4o@tJ. 1 bhd was passed Weei. .Mon th. Year. and bids were rejec.ted on :t4 hhds at Keotucky AtiOclation.... 51 u8 1 593 We quote : Inferior -and light weight hhds lugs, Pl:tnters -----49 300 2,663 6.25; factory lugs, 6 so@7.oe; planters' do; Excbuge.... 57 189 r r53 common dark leaf, 8.75@1o so; medium shipping leaf, Louiaville 107 483 2,89I rr@12.5o; good shipping do, IJ.oo@I4.,o; medium Ninth.................. 5Z 348 3 489 manufacturing do, n@r.s; good to fine manufacturing Pickett ------J .. 87 48o 5,I92 do, I4@I7; medium bright wrapping leaf, 2o.oo@ Bopuc ----------------67 200 I,S48 30.oo; &ood QO do, $40@50j fine do do, ss@8o. Farmers------85 456 3,161 FOREIGN. ,.--AMSTERDAM, :June u .;...Messrs. Schaap & Van Tocal. 555 21,690 Veen, Tobacco Brokers, report :-This week was in 1,218 5,182 40,045 tobacco a very busy one, 9,6oo bales were sold OC IU this weltlt.AJI bhdl irere original new, 29 with great competitiWl for cigar lots;. 2_,goo bales remain hhds new reviews; 6o hhds original old, 35 hhds old reunsold, lM&ing of common quality; 493 bales Sumatra viewsf'orthe "{ear, 1o S35 hbd r,r54 hhds fetched good prices. Nex l week we have again in the new reviews;4,871 hhds origiinal old, 4,830 hhds old market 8,ooo bales Java and 540 bale" Sumatra tobacco. reviews. Imported, 19,ooo bales Java, and 6oo hhds Maryland Pnces: on Monday sales w rere very light, and there tobacco. Stock to-day 703 hhds North Carolina, 1,762 appeared to be an improve t ment in prices from last bales Rio Grande, 4,530 do Sumatra, 37,192 do Java, wetk, but the rains of that night must have caught the 7,5oo do Java Monkey's hair. most of our boyers out, withorut umbrellas, and washed LIVERPOOL, :June 5 .-Messrs. F. w. Smyfhe & the bit of l>tiffeniRg out of them, for on Tuesday we C o Tobacco Commission Merchants, report :':_Sinc e had fair aales and prices were lower on f!ozen lugs, we sent you ourweekly report of 29th uho. there has and I C. lower on all common to good leaf of frozen to been rather more business done in strips and dried leaf nondescript grade&, there was a general dull feeling on {0 manufacturers at well maintained prices Some alt,. pricea have through the week. There small lots of leaf have also been taken for export. 1m is a good deal of soft red-hot tobacco being opened ports for the month, 187 hhds; del:veries, 38: hhds; now; it looks mighty bad, being frozen l!,nd so out of stock, 27 734 against 23,226 hhchi same time last year. cOTJdition that no one but a rehandler can do any thing :June Iz.-Throughout the week ended to-day there with it, and sells from 4 to as to qualit y Quota-has been continued demand to a moderate extent, saies tions for tobaccos in good order, and weight : embracing strips and dried leaf, chiefly of the better Rich grade, s for home use at firm prices. S'!veral little lots Fro zen. Nonlucript H e a v y. Colory. have been sold for on basi s of previous quotaL u gs .. ---53{ 6@ 7 8 @ 9 1 3 t : ons. Imports for the week, 19 hhd s ; deliveries, 309 Com leaL. 7 @ 8 1 3 1 5 hhds; s t ock 2 7 444 against 23,104 hh d s same time last Good leaf. @8 8@10 12@ 1 4 15@19 year. On reference to subjoined Board of Trade returns Fine leaf.Io@I3 1 4 I7 r9@22 u is gratifying to observe that the quantity of tobacco Ex. do leaL 13@I7 11 25 22 of all gtowths taken for home use during the past five Plug makers' kinds embraced in rich heavy grades months had in increased to 2 5 a Ioo per cent. as com In price tbe old and new are about on an equality, but pared with same periiJd in J874. It may be interesting the old has decided i n quli ty and having further to remark that for many years past the wants of lost all the weighr it. can. consumers have steadily grown about 2 per cent PADUCAH, KY., June 23.-Messrs M. H. Clark & from year to year, so that, with above demonstration Brother Leaf Tobacco Brokers, report :-Sales for before us, it is satisfactory to see that even under exist the week weTe rejected. ing exceptional circumstances of the article in the Receipts are fallmg off quite rap1dly, though. the offer-markets of the United States, the normal rate of in ings are kept full from t_he stock on !ecetved sotne crease in consumption in this country has been fully time .since. The aualtty was a gam mtserable, even maintained. From Board of Trade returns to 31st ultC'. more so thatl the week. previous. The market was very just received, ihe following extracts have been taken, quiet and off upon all an.des, more especially showing that in the past five months imports have in thing below good leaf. We 9uote: Frosted creased 23 74-Ioo per cent.; home consumption 2 common lugs, medtum lugs, 7@8; good lugs, sa-r&o per cent; stocll: 27 16-too per cent. ; while excommon leaf, to@ 12; leaf, ports had decreased 3 30-100 per cent., as compared g9Qd leaf, zs@r1c.; fine-leaf and &electiOns, with corresponding period 1874Imports of unmanu-PHILADE.LPHIA, :June 28 _:..Mr. Arthur R. Foufactured tob!ld:o, montp enoed May 3i, 1!73, 4,I79,021 geray., Tdt.cco Manufacturers' Agent, reports :-Owing lbs; 1874, 2,373,668 lbs ; 1875, 2,26o,o86 lbs; five to the continued depression of business, w.ith the addimonths ended May 31, 1873, 17,5I2 J 583 lbs; 11l74, I4, tinn of the IIMial dull .... in the extreme hot weather at 225,446 lbs; '1875, 17,6o2,704 lbs. Home consumption this'leaaon of the year, of manufacturd tobacco of unmanufactured tobacco, month ended May 31, r873, remain slim, -the demand !being limited to small work, J,833,651 i bs; I874, 3,so8,990 lbs; 1875, 3,755,662 lbs; which, so far, meets with ready sale; as this demand five month!l__ended May 31, I8731 r8,71.6,335 Jbs; 1874, however, baa suddenly sphnng up, manufacturers have 18 (63,746 bs; 1875, 19,235 996 lbs. Expqrts of un not as yet been able to over-crowd the market, and manufactured tobacco, month ended May 31, I87J, hence sales so far are remunerative to manufacturers 1,26o,6u lbs; 1874, 1,242,74I lbs; 1875, 952,743 Jhls; and satisfa c tory to dealers, it is to be hoped that by months ended May 31, I875, 6,o56,7o2 lbs; 1874, judicious on the part of"manufacturers and 6,240,233 lbs; 1875, 6,096,552 lbs. Unmanufacture. d consignees this very pleasant result ll!ay continue, a tobacco in Bonded Warehouses May 31, 1873, 52,172 wish certainly desi red by all, but it seems difficult to 022 lbs; 1 874, 68,674,715 Jbs; 18751 87,327 724 Jbs. control to lasting Receipts from South LONDON, :June 17.-Messrs Grant, Chambers & and W"tst, 7 1o boxes, 482 caddies, 210 cases and 952 Co. report:-There is no change to report in our mar pails. "' ket for Americah tobacco, t-he transactio ns continue of a Cigars-Our manufacturers of fine goods still receive retail character, and holders do not appear at all inerders at full figures, and are doing their best to meet dined to part with their stocks except at full prie&S. the demand and give the satisliaction re quired ; dark Manufacturers who are nearly out of stock pUichase colored leaf with quality what they require for their immed iate need, without Low &rade goods bnngmg a better pnce showing the least inclination to buy for stock. K. t k fban heretofore, wtth a very fatr demand. 1 fi en. u c :,' Le ,, :11 b F rt th d d f d leaf anti strips-n the ormer the busmess doae tS tn-aJ o f!tro-. or expo e mues ffing owing to the small supply ; in tnelatter only fine speaks. for ttself ID terms of apl?robatton, wtth not!:tmg classes have bad any attention Virginia leaf and occurnng to mar oqr prospective hopes. F?r strips-Bright descriptions of the former hav b ht purposes our usual sales are fully up t? any thrs extreme .rates also good rich spianing s.eason of ye_ar i and when take mto. constderathe market is rare. Maryland and Ohio move off slow! tloa the untformlty of the .of b'!smess, I see nl bri ht classes are sought aft r c. no cause for any unusual complatnt tn this branch of 0 Y d e aven z.t e -d Th d d r _,_ k 1 d 1 "af f 11 transactions have been confine to fine grades, common ...... e. e eman .or w.t -co ore e o a ualities ne lected. c kmds continues, -and when sales are made results are q g satisfactory to both buyet and 'Seller. For export this Ajr.l I9.-Mr. H. C. of week, 32 cases Pennsy lvani a West Indies; 1 73 ,. Messrs. & CC? Tobacco Brokers, report: / 674 lbs. Virgin i a and Western leaf to Europe, per hands market m manufactured has been macttve of P. T Wright & Sons American line. For domestic dunng the. 9ast Several lots have been use, 183 b.ates Havana leaf, 363 osses Connecticut do, but pnces realtzed. a of tn 402 cases Pennsylvania do 85 cases Wisconsin do some mstances, a decline m pnces..has been exh1b1ted. Business has been dull, and the trade are RICHMOND, J..u'!e .26.-Mr. R. A. 1\ltlls, Tobacco complainin' much about the present depressed state of Broker and CommiSSion Merchant, .reports: Our trade. Stocks are large, and a reaction sets in, for past week a slight weakness we can not expect quotations will be maintained. A There IS .dectdedfy more d1spos1t1on to sell less to shipment of Childrey s manufacture was offered by buy. Wtth the above remarks, I shall my auction but the prices bid 9eing much under those quotatwns, as every one 'l'll'ho knows or feels a!'ly mterest accepted at the last sale he agents would not sell .A in the understand i t and to those parcel of ISS packages Tens, Two Seas, and Venus: was :who do not tt As I have before stated o ffered at auct iol'! on a!XOUnt. There was IS. doubt but a very large crop of tobacco m but litt l e competition, and only twelve three -qtr boxes Vugm!-8, North Carolma, and the West has been planted were' quitted at last sales rates. The future of the and favorable seasons for the of the year market 'looks gloomy. We do not, at present, see any there wtll be !1 good crop Now underchance of a_n feeling although the ad vices from standmg and. that there wtll be a large a.nd the producing country llre such as to warrant the ex _crop year, what about the preser_a pectation o f an advance on rates previously ruling That ts a q11:est10n wh1ch every one must answer for h1m-Teus-The inquiry during" the month has been but sel_f, !lnd I n<_>t get any of my numerous readers limited and prices are not so firm. Stocks in second op!n1o I must gtve mll!e I do not see from. my staad. hands are not so large except those held by one firm pomt .ho_w lea f can be posstbly any lower the next on speculation account. Medium sorts have been almost crop 1s m and ready for use. course &a)'lng what entirely neglected, the demand for this class having day or mGlnth or year m ay bnng IS mere confallen off considerably, the colonial manufactured article J ecture:' one runs cons1derable nsk tn bemg looked has taken its place to a slight extent with country buyers. upon as etther a fool or a knave who to say Half-pounds-Nothing doing Aromatics Business the future o ( the w ill be, and allowhas been very unsatisfactory, only a small trade inquiry '1!1 my rea ders to.plaee me m dllemf!la, I below existing for certain lines that are scarce. At present gtve the_ and contmue quotatiOns: prices are not so firm (in some sorts from 3d to 4d. per transactiOnSwere 1,33-3. bhds, 2 Io trcs, _and 52 boxes pound Jess). Twist-There are no transactions to note; Dark common to medtlltm manufactunng. lugs, 7, 8 very little inquiry; Jots offered at auction were not dis @9c.; good lugs to common leaf, to@uc; ,posed of, the prices bid being 80 much under the ex med;um to leaf, 12@15 ; fine leaf, 16 @!8; extra, pectations of importers. A lot of Barret's Anchor in bngbt tillers CO on, O@I 2 ; medtum, r 3@ cases and all faults, was sold at u. rs; gOOd to fine, 16@:zo; common IS. 3d., and IS. net cash. Last month' s rates can s1nokers 13@15; med1um, 16@2o ; good, not be maintained ; stocks In the hands of the trade are 3 o ; to extra, 35@4o; wrappers, common, IS@2o,, large i'nd'there is little doing. Twist-The quo l ations medtum, good, 3S@so; fine, 5?@75; extra, 8o are as under a. 4<1. to Is. 9d. ; Barret' s @,Ioo; _shtppmg lugs,. 9, n:edtum to good leaf, 1s. B l ack Swan, 15 ?d.; Raven, IS, 9 d.; 12@16, fine, I7@Ig, extra, Andrtl't'S) u 9d.; Our Game, rs. Shellard's, ST. LOUIS, Yune 2J.-.:\fr. J E. Haynes, Dealer IS. sd.; Goldeq 1!1. 5d ; Woolly K i ng, IS. 3d. ; m Lea{ Tobacco, reports:-R.ecetved 590 hhds, agamst 'R"lands1 IS. 6d.; Giant, IS. 4d.; Onward, IS. 3d. ; 907 the previoua week. The market has been Blacji; Diamond, IS. sa.; in half and quarter tierces since our last, and pri:es have ruled lower for every Impo rter's limits. Tens-Northern, 7d. to 8d. thing below good manufacturing. Thursday, b r ands; med1um, 7d. to gd.; Southerp, 1od. to 1;. except fine colo r y salable-except at a dechne best brands. Half-pounds-Northern, 6d. to 8d. and mwe than ,half th e bid& rejected. .Friday, Southern (Tortoise-shell), 9d. to rs. rd.; low grades low; good m anufactunng steady. Saturday, (black) Iod. to IS. Aromatic-Southern Pounds d ull and. lower to sell. Monday, sellers submitted to IOd. to IS. rd.; Light Pressed, Pounds, as. 2d. to the dechne asked on Slaturdty, and the small break o{ Twist, IS. 6d. to 2s. 6d.; Pocket Pie ces, IS. 4d. to rs. 12 hhds u sold Yesterday, ex-6d.; Gold Bars, IS. 6d. to u. 9d.; Navy, Halt-Pou11d'S cept f? r grades, the _feelm& wastirmer, but no ad-and Pounds, IS. to Is. 3d.; Eights, Sixes;e J c., u. to Js. vance m pnce was Sales from Thursday 3d Leaf for Manufacturing-Sci. to rs. 2d ; Strips, IS. to yesterday 1c.clustve 177 hbds: 5 at J2.6o@2.90 rd. to IS. 3d Cigars-Cheroots, none in first hands; T 0.11 A C v--u involw a vast n:pease a1nd amount of labor for the trade, without, in the least, benefiting the Government. Imported cigars could not be stamped in the same ay without material iAjury to them, and by 111aling all exception af imported cigars tile for fraud would be increased, hence, as I have said, the Government would not be benefited It would enhance the price of ciprs, thus injuring the consumer as well as the manufac:t'fl'er. If I am not mistaken, this stamp is not a new but, on the con!Jary, has been under consideration '*" 1everal ytiBrs and was shown to me some time ago by the late COfDtni'ISioner Douglass to whom I stated some of the objections, and who three persons could be trusted to do this work properly. The cost of production would be so much enhanced as to make our busiueSI u a pro6table. We' learn that they w il t Jesve the busiaess before aa111rnitting to 1110 a replation. tha' we now pay l2o per thousand for making would cost us :5 or l26 to make. We have trouble enougb as i t is with our record books, but what would it be if we had to keep a record of these mil!io of coupOilts I ( c_, 011 Sevefi/A Pa;e.) A.dvertuememta. seemed to ):le so impressed br the objections as tore-w. J. HOODLEss. frain from advocating its adoption. It is a patent, and I it evu-i& adopted. the Goverfiment ar the traiie-p_a_y pretty liberally for it. I do not believe tbe eommi ssioner a,pproves of it through a,n,y uoworthr n\o f ive / but simply through a mistaken o its utility, as at tirst glance it to be ll' gaod device. Manillas, H S., 6os. to 62s. 6d.; OJmond's, 3SL Stocks-Melbourne, April 10, 1875 480 hlf trcs, I,917 qtr trcs and kep. 6,6Qs three-qtt bu aad bu, 4,966 cases mfd 1241lbds and casks, 113 c s, bales and bundlea 1,046 cases cigan; ey, April 9, r875, 451,26o lbs mfd, r,r49,884lbs unmfd, 42,276 lbs elgars; A:delaide,April 3 I875. 139 324 Jb.S mfd, 12,433 lb's unmfd, 17,331 lbs cigars; December 26, I874, 26,98I lbs mfd, ISS Jb& cigars; Btwbaue, March 5, t&75, u6,839lbs mfd, 7,o68lbs cigars; Danedin no re turns Auction sales.-April 7, Ex Britisll 20 cases John Mahoney's navy tens, 9*d per lb; 21 cases Barret's Anchor twist, ..12}6d. Also on account of whom it may concern, ex BritisA Co,me,ce ; 10 qtr tr.:s, Barret's Anchor twist, IS 2d; 2 cases do, 7 cases Barret' c;-rown navy-pocket:pieces, twe!Yes, 2 cases sixteens, Cloth-of Gold R and R fives, n }fd; 4 casc;s f Iilty s j 'xel\ 4 cases John Mahp ney's navy tens, Qr less damaged by sea-water. April I!i, Ex Galetea: 12 three -qtr bxs Two Seas tens, s 7 d per !b. Apr if r6-0n account of whom it may concern, ex Elizabetll ; I case Old Dominion D T. navy threes, 8d per lb ; 5 cases Grape leaf navy sixes, 1od; 6 cases Crown navy1fours, u}fd; 6 cases pocket pieces, six teens, II 2 cases do D. T. fives, u;(d; 10 cases Waterlily navy fives, a6 caSe { .A:ncbor twist, IS 2 U d; 2 I qtr trcs Anchor twist, IS more or less damaged. quotation!; are all in Bond. L. :Ja c oby&Co.-We are totally opposed to the whole thing, as it would add greatly to the expense and labor of manufacturers with0ut yielding any appreciable good to the Government The cost of applying these coupons would be as great as t'hat attending the application of the little fancy bands which we put on some (Late COMMISSIONER OF lNTlllll.NAL REVEKUE}, Cigi\rs, .and which we estimate from our OVfn experience A I'll T ftl r y A' L Al( at about $s per thousand. The better class of dealers ,L V D A will not refill boxes in defiance of law, and the few beC011POX OIG.a STAMPS. longing to the less scrupulous class who may be inlf(): 1 1418 :1' S'l'::IUIJI'r. Tbe Pro....._d-Ouara,.. l'e br abe Inter-a c l ine(\ to evade law will not be, and can not be m-541 T "lWisBIJfGTOJ!I', D. o. : ,. ....----deterred from doing so. There can be no .,.., Reveaae A.utborttlea-A ::opoa lleveoe devised that will enable the Government to collect the SAft.l!f1E' Stamp ..... Eacll Clpr-(Jipf' ... aftletaren, tax any better than by the present system. These wu 11ATGBIS AID FBSIIS. lmponers aad Dealen to be Treated. v.s IC stamps would have to be adjusted very carefully, and rro.. .....tu o t l::oald not be Trusted-Views oC the see what t i me woul d b e tonsumed in the operation. AN:r' -.lilA Y., London, Trade Regar41DI' the New Pro,lec:t. Congress imposed an addi:ion::U tax of one dollar per Our Fusees B a m e i n W i n d of Rain. Our Wax Matchn ataod tJJe. T'f ]] h d M h 1 d 1 (: d-jooftbetropidibettertbllaall"otllenr. "e o owmg extraordinary intelligence was received t ou.ean m arc ast an scarce y a 111anu acturer cboa at, Match Safea in the world. Our Safety Motch e o lla'ht only 00 u.. by telegraph from Washington a few day s since :-"A has been able to obtain the amount of the extra: tax bo!r PTI .., .n.blu., 86W 1\looc:<> IJr. d L from hi s customers. M a nuracturers have had to bear Vienna. 1873. Libe ral discount to the trade. Send for Circular. [ 1 33545J new estgn 10r ctgar stamps ts prepared by the Internal BILL & C00'll"''ll S 'ltroaclw N.Y. Revenue Bureau In add i tion to the stamp now placed th e loss and will h av e to bear the cost of this proposed _, 0 e !"1""-rt, "'!' ffi e: .. on the outside of the cigar-box the stamp has coupons new burden for the same reason, as it l s {I'Ot l i kely P!fi'DlTIII Lnt-:p IBn'D attached, one of which is to be placed ou each cigar dea1ers are to pay $5 m o re per thousand for their -IU.111i8:_ ,(JIJJI,GI :. after it has been manufactured and before packing in just to accommodate t he Government and help 687 Ka.rket Jfewar 1 lf. the box. The stamps and coupons are made for boxes it introduce a new patent for the benefit of somebody The uodenolgned tak tho liberty to inform all Doal!!tSID LeafTohac"""' o f twentv. -five, fifty and one hundred cigars. The adopwho neirher knows r.or cares any thing about the re-and C i sar M aoufacturen, that our Mr. Osc.a .. Knab has perfected.,. .... veoUoo by mean a of which badly toba c c o cube made to bni'Dw.!l tio n of this design will effectually prevent cigars from qui rements of the cigar trade. and to g h a ood ash e --and tha t we are prepared to restore t o b accot. being packed in boxes that have been previously tmed Edward A. Smith-I shou d s ay the thing was imcaHO, so tbattt Ordenloltat ow o&ce wHt and on which the old stamps may not have been depracticable in every way, and among otl'ler ways ; i n this : be atteaded tate RIJio.ta fSaiJsc A R KNAB. stroyed Each cigar as well aa each box will bear evi-How YJri.ll we be able to put up our pressed cigars, W M 1111 ZOERNTLEIN, dence of having paid the tax ; and a$ stamps and cou which !rave to be llllUiipulllted while they are moist ? 5sS"!i7 l soL& AGBNTs roR TK& GHT 0 P&>A,. pons ar'! furn ished with consecutive and corresponding The stamps would be liable to fall off, or be so much ARTHUR R, J'OUGERAY, 33 lfOrtb 1ront 8!.1 Pllil8dC}Dbia.. numbers, any attempt at fraud will be readily detected. damaged as not to be capable of meeting the require. AND oR MAnLuo, Commissioner Prati. has prepared a circular for issue to ments of tbe Government. It would be a source of E, WISCHJEYER I CO. :Jg SOUtl CalTert &l Baltillllft. Revenue Collectors, directing them to present the new great expense to the manufacturers and tend to mar tl-.e 1 t coupon-stamp to cigar rnanuf!lcturers, and report their appearance of the guods If the Government would FOJR. ATiW. opinion as to the practicability of applying the coupons enforce the present law and regulations regardPLUG fOIA.CIG JIAIJIJIIRY to cigars." mg the sale of leaf tooacco, there would be no need of .. .Dispa/(/z to the Associattd Press. resorting to any such troublesome mode as this promises One "McGowan Hydraulic lit am and "A committee appeared before the Commissiouer of to be. One Stone" Make Plug Machine. Intemai,Revenue to day, June 22, to argue the L. Hirullhom &-Co.-It is the most ridiculous thing Two Iron Finishe:-s, with Irons and 'tm... to the of a new design by which ever devised. If they could show they were defrauded Five Retainers. cigar& shall all bear a stamp in lieu of the general stamp of the revenue there might be seme excu!te for resorting Seven Sets Moulds (Wood). new used to protect the national interest&. The idea is to this expedlent, but every one knows is next to im-All in complete oroier, and will sell cheap. Aress to have the cigar bear upon itself the evidence that the possible to defr:\ud the Government under the existing tax has been paid by having a coupon attached to the law a11d regulations. Calculate the domesti-: preduction SHINKLE It LINFOOT. ;q cigar. The considers that there is now of last year at 1,7oo,ooo,ooo cigars, and even a dying 119 'West front 'Street, Oinc'mtno effectual check to the unlawful sale of cigars, but bemaa can realize how long it would take to put the .... .;;,;,...;,;,;,;,.;.;.;...;,;;,;;;;;,;;;;;;;;:;;; fore adopting or recommending any new method, and stamps on so many. Enforce this measure and it particularly the m'ethod suggested by the advocates of 11ould reduce production 25 per cent. In one of its S3a 8"RD .Z.BAP, the new stamp, he prefers to take the preliminary move aspects the prgject recalls an anecdote concerning un .AliD 1181'3of conferring with collectors in the districts where the Jules Favre and Prince Bismarck. When the. Prussian Tbla Jot cAs'Es .FlNE WRAPPERS; 33 CASU LUr tobacco interests are extensive, and learning through demand for the large indemnity was made Favre obBINDERS; BALANCE the111 the views of manufacturers upon the subject. The jected to the amount; saying that if a phson comweU adapted for Cipr M auufacturlac. F. FENDRICH & CO., inv.utor.s andd. The tobaceomYou can put Jewelry, s ks, crapes, etc., m a small com-tra e. but you_can not put c igar in that manner. Thomas H. H all-I think the propos i_tion is objecI'OBEIGl'l Dlti'iiii Oil' WOJI.lCCO, 3 Thts scheme ts il blow upon this mdustry the effect of ttonable, as we now have trouble enough m gettmg the Allatrla. Fra11Ce ItatyaadSpaiD which the Government has t>O idea of. l t will awaken goods ready for sale. Everybody i n the New York trade t.y:.. --, .... dlrec&a ora Rqie. Ia GermanJthedutyouAh I h f h d Th b 11 d th h 1' 1 '11. icaaleaftobaccola4tbaleroporroolbo.. 1oBell:iumtbelmpooll&reclloae4 t e umversa wrat o I e tra e e w ole trade ts ts pretty we S8iUSne at t ere tS very ttl e t lCtt after r5 per cenf. ror tare. Tbe dut1 ;0 13 fraoca,10 already angered by the ruling of the 3d of Man:b, and manufacturing done here. The legitim a te trade are and .. ...,cold Jper roo KUogrammeo Ceo Americ:aa lbL eqaat 45-" ltll31 Ia h 'II dd f J h fl Th 1 b b d f f d Holland the duty Ia o8 ceata, l!"ld, pet' oo kliM. t ... Amerlcaapot IS WI a ue to t e arne. e respectable manY --a ways ave een estrous o putttng a stop to rau eqoat to 111 kiloo. ) Ita Rullia tbe duty on leaf tobacco !a 4 roublnfacturers. of cigars have done as much toward the col-and I think from the amount of revenue obtained from kopeb per pud; on omoiAREU. LINES), the packers, or by girls or boys employed for the pur-the stamps wtlllle made to adhere l>y tlte use ..of gum or ovwa "''WO'OOLtr!IDIIi ONE "'!'E&B. ,,., pose, and where large numbers were so engaged, how paste and the ilavor of the cigars will b& impair.ed ,. ,Do. DO, six HONTHB us .._ l d t II h ...... h k f II DO. DO. THRB& JIONTHS 60 ...... cou we e w et .... r or not t e wor o a was done A consumer mtght not remove the paper, aod FIR.ST PAGE RA.T: properly ? 1 We could' nbt watch the operation. not1cmg a dtsagreeable odor or taste, would blame the oW WVARE OVER TWO wmE (;OLVJil!f8 B. of Lu!Ju,stein B ros. c,;. Co.-I have cigar "'hen it was really the gum or that was.. at .lUi& -n:.U.. ., 't "os ...... d h TWO.UARES, OVER TWO WIDE (;OLUIIX., rea t e proposttion of the Commissioner of l.,nternal fault Then, too, how can we apply the stamps to _j) TEAK,. aeo.oe... Revenue to adopt a new coupon-stamp for cigaTs, cig a rs which have to be handled when moist. Til& SQ.lJ.AilEI,OVEaTwowm:rr.()()LVXJIS. 11' J Ga'E Y&AR, -118 ... was surprised that objecti ns to this project were not urt ermore, bundled cigars Gf all &inds might have the ..,.110 !A.DVB.RTIIEJ!IEN'I'8 011 THIS PAOB T....._ as apparent _to h i m and his assistaQt:J -as are to COUPOnS On the outside iayer ana bone inside, SO tha:t P0K J..Eii8 THAN OliE YJCAR, PATA.BLJC JJ'tJLLY Ill AD-';E, 110 DEVIATION JJ'B.O. THEIJJII TIII&JIII. ma!IJlfacturers and imponerl of cigars. il observed by they would no cntenon after all for &uch goods. 'TIIDlD P.A.GE RATES the papers that he desires the opinion of the trade in Alwgether the idea js impracticable .011111 IIQ.V&B.JC, I f'\ONPAREIL LINES), regard tothemattt!r,andasPresident of the National Sanchez,Haya.S.OCo.-Itisdifficulttounnerstandhow Cigar Manuflcturers' Association I have drawn up a anybody could seriously suggest such a tpiug. Any OJra w.,.., letter to t'm t 'nd' t' ch b sh f Jd b l k 1 .1 H ld 'l'tLurtn:liT .&DVERTISJDD:llft o Tid: ........,.. 1ca tng su o JeC tons as, on ort noman o sense wou not e 1 e y to 11roP.ose tt. e wou PAUJC ao CE!I'I'I PER EACH ll!fllllRTIOlll. tice presented themselves to my mind. Our finn, you rather quit business than have LJ,o any such uteless l!f.t..:Bii ALO!IE 111 "au omCTOaY o t l d th b I A.DVER.TI8ER8," li'IRIIT P.AO.B, O.!IE 'l'KA.R ..,...._ may say, are en tre y oppose e sc erne, as tt wou d work. Out of a factory full of operatives perhaps not NEW "'!'OBX, n sn. f


_ ... ------. .. .. ------EX. I M ; J DOIIAN. TROS. CARROLL. JI.Oii.AI, CABBOLL &; :co:, WM. WICKE tc CO.. c -" 0 MA NUFACTURERS O F '%9 .a.OK'l' S'.rB.EE'r, BULKLEY MOORE I. CO. CEGAR. aox:J.CS YO:EUS:. .-. 155, t57, 159_d!. 161 Goe'rck st., Toba,cco CommlSSlOn Merchants, Vt:RGINIA Tobacco Commi.laien lllercha.Dtl AGENTS FOB THE SALE OF ALL 'I'HE IIS'fll; IW SUNDAU BRAtflls oF VIUINIA, .t NoRTH i:AROUNA Mer:chants, : wm ROBERT W OLIVE R Richmo nd Va. I WlilGFIELD &: L AWSON, Richmon d Va ._,. (F'._,. (F' ._,. mE. s MAR.C O .i O. R. A 3 KCRO!PT. YORK ,. -.. EIDLEAF ToBAcco INSPECTION TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. gi vq__n for every case and delivered c ;ue by case a s t o number of C erti fica te.It B.-WE ALSO SAMPl-E IN MERCHANTS' OWN STORES. F. C. LtNDE OiTftlE Water !ltr e :t. -a 86 J:earl !it. REHOU iiiE8-14c:l F' ... nt, 7 7 6 & 7 8 GrMnwlch Streeta, and 1 2 ,_. fJ H-aon River Rail ftoad D "'pot, !It, Johna Park. t;H'ARLI:.S INKE, 1 J. Me J. BENSEL & CO OBAOOO INSPBOTOR, TOBACCO INSPECTION, I 155 WATER STREET, 127 & 129 WATER STREET. Q / 1'G'e""'" York.. cER'I'IFWATE I!I!IU.E:Df.ND CASESDE SAMPLING PROMPTLY .A.T-LIVEREDSINGLYORINLOTS, "" TKJ!IDED TO. ( $\\'f L. MAITLAND & AND FACTORS,. Cq GENERAL OO!ItiiSSION MERCHANTS, 4o3 BB.OAD S'l'., X. 'Sr. made on c onstgnmen ts toW. A & G MAXWll.I, J & CO., J TVERrooL I JIL SALoMON, lYI. & E. SALOMON, PACKERS OF SEED' AND IMPORTER'S OF N,fl Hq;vana and Cigars, 85 MAIDEN LANE, N.Y. TOBACC O oLABELS, Smoking and ManufacturedJ Tobacco, FIURNISHED B Y I. 1 BB & VESEY liEW YORK, AT GREArLY REDUCED PRICES. STROHM. GUIDO REITZRN5 T E1N, & RTZENSTED!:, D. J. GARTH, soN & co::-l fUUUi:l.dDU (Successoro 'to CHARLE s B. FALLEN W.A.Y lh..v Y ork, N. D.-"I'he attention or m anutactu1'MS or Cigarette aAd Tur k-ish, a n d a ll Fancy T obacc o s St. r a.ight C u ts. B rli: h t L ear, etc. e t c., i s p a r ticul:.l rly called to th.i::s mac h i ne. HELME. ROA:O MILLS oboy Snuff, French Rappee Snuff, American Gent. Snuff, Scotch Snuff, .:... Lundy Foot Snuff. ALSO M A NUFACTURER S O F T H E F O L LOWING BRo\NDS OF PURE VIRGINIA SMOKING TOBAGCO. Viz: Rail Boad, Our Choice, Colorado, Pride of Henry County, Black Also "CIGARS. 133 Water ap.d 85 Pine Sts., 1\1'. Y. J. cu.&.s .A.PLLEBY. For Price List Address or app17 &a e.bove. GEo. w, HELME. .! AND rawoJtTBRS or p, 1. Garth, l I :REIGN TOLaCCOg NEW YORK 176 Front Str:; 1__,;,.:r-. TRB CDNSULIDATHD TOBACCO CO. UP GALJPORNI! M. B. LEVIN, TOBACCO FAGTORS, I I 0 o B T-B UP HAVAI! Western and Virginia Leaf, SAN F E LIp E. GIL R 0 Y. And Dealer m allJrFd.s of 139 BROAD STREET, AU Oiga:rs a.nd 'I'oba.cco l4aunf11Ctured b7 u3 &re of CALIJ'OII.NIA G:ROWN LEAP, t:3A:I' 'I' 0 :sA. c co. ... o. bOX NEW YOR. CURED BY THE CULP PROCESS, 0 4 IYI PEABL ST NE' W YORK Ou r Cigar"are finer i n fla vor than any m ad e in t he Un i t e d Stat es, o r Am erica n Grown W"' TBit VAS "'JJVJCUTT,Tobacc o and ar e b y compe te n t j u dg es equa. l t hos e I m p o r te d f r o m Havan a, URI A .1.1 while our pric e s c o mpete with th e b etter class of D o me s ttc C tgars. W. TATGBIBORST. 'I'O:S.A.CCO AND mERAL 68 BROAD STREET,: N E W YORK. .FAT:MAN & CO., C'--!ttton and Tobacco .) :"")ill CCM MI 'SSION M .,/R CHAN1.l"l & 'IS BBOA.D s'ftiEET, n.:.._ nw W'OII!t(; DNTUCXY and vmGIMA SMOKING TOBAOOOS. Leaf .Tobacco, No. 52 BROAD STREET, NEW YORK. G. REUSENS, The Smoking T oba ccos manufactured b y this Company are perfectly p u re, p o s s e ssi ng a I) DEl"l'll a.nd DELICACY OJ' FI.&VOi trnStJUASSZD, t1 -whil e t hey con t ain LESS N I C O TINE, t ha n tob acco cu red by any o t h er k n own p r o ces s. \ ..,. EDGAB BI\IGGS, 1 Office and Salesroom, No. 207 Front Street, San Fran cisco, Cal. GEORGE. BEl'lCE, BUYER oF Manufac-turer of Fine Cigars, T 0 B A C C 0 and Dealer In LEAF TOBAOCO, No. 195 PEARL ST., New York. 86 8ROAD STREET, P::R.XNO%P.A..X.-:&:R..A.1'G'%)8t JiBW YOB.JL CHAn'I'El!. OAX, DWrtOlom ll'IING J'L9B del rtJKAII., SILV!i LAD, ISCUSCION._ \ Farme:;) Choice, Ms, P P '.. Faucett' s Durlo&.nl. '' Partico1lar attention given to putting up special brands for use Q.f ownera. Bo1e ..&.5e::n-t. :tor 83 Front St., N. Y B. T. PILKINTON ( a CO.'S CELEBRATED 1 ''PIIUITS PUJWHRS" ''CHMIONWBALTf' n .o tre," "Planters Pride," "'ifrtt uFarmer s Choice," and SKOEINC TO:S.A.OCOS &"PRICE L:\STII FURNISHED ON AJ.>PLICATION HENRY W 'ULSTEIN, SUCCESSOR: T O :iorgfeldt & Deghuee, PATEIT TOBACCO MACIIINHRY, 25 Myrtle Avenue, BROOKLYN .,. Constantly o n Hand th e Bes t Imprn v ed H.and and Ste a m Machines f o r Cu t ting and G r anulating T o bacc o .Aaets for the foll owmg well-known and j u sUy c .... bra ted Manufacturf'r of V 1rgin ii\ Tobacc o: C. J,. JACKS ON &: CO : D B TENNENT & C04 REUBEN RAGLAND; WILLIAM L O.SG: H 0 HOBSON. Pet-ersoorr. Sol e Aren ta for C. A. JACKSON & CO'S. Celeo brated B r anda. -. DDEL:BEBG 14 CO., I6o PEARL ST. N E w YoRL J. D. :DEHEL:BE:RG & CO., BALTIMORE D:El4ELJaEiG, SOlUEFEB & CO., 0 NEW 0RLJ;:ANS, LA. E:Il.J::mlLl!lEiG k. CO., LouiSVILLE, K v REYNES &. CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS. New York.. 1 4& '18 Exchanre Place. BLAKEMORE1 MAYO Bt, CO., EDWARD M. WRIQHT A CO. KATZ & 00., 1GENERAL G al DEALERS A N.D EXPORTERS O F ener Comnnmon. A L L Kt!

' i t CIGAR BOXES, SUPERIOR MAU A.ND Prime o! CEDAR JIOOD, 293, st5 a: 297 Monro!= St., NEW YORK. wl. EGGERt & CfJ. UlPOJlTERS OF HAVANA AND DI:A.LERS IN Sill LIAP TDB&C&D, .17\ PEARL and 78 PINIE STS., KEW YORK. And Importers of Vuefta-Abajo Tobacco, 82WATERST., NEW YORK. M. W. MBIDIL a BRO., I '1\[ANUFACTltRERS OF CIG.ARS AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, NEW 'WK. AQ EW a soa. obacoo aad Oommissioa Ke:ro:1ia.ilt& .J ,and Q88 ::F-ront l!!lt-'-' NEJY :YOBK.:. JU. n4ox SAJA .ALL DlliMJidJbiW W "" eat 'l'obmo for Etptrt llld DUBII II& r.t' TobaCco baled ..... 1C pres for export. WK. SCBOVERLING, NEW MILFORD, CONN. Liberal Cas h ad\'ances made on Consignments. AHNER & DEHlS, --DEALERSIN Elf TOBACCO; 190 Pearl St., : NEW YORK .JOHN A. f RBAD Be Co., Our Mou1da are euara pteetf to be more DURABLE, and at l eas t per cent. 1 Cheaper .. tbaa any other Mo ld s old. ; Office and Salesroom, No. 131 lt AN. B. BORGPELDT, MANUFACTURER OF CIGARIVJO ........ ,......,. Patent,. of .Closed Head Moulds, "' Palenft\ of fhe Single Spring or (Jacoby) Moulds. !' ORDERS TAKEN AT THE FACTORY, HARt.:QI R. Bt11LDil'fG, 'VHITE STREET, F.oo r '9 (:1ltl DOor fro m Elm Stret-t'; or at ESSRS. S. JaCOBY & CO .. Office No: oo Chatham Squa..., NW YORK. Sheet. Metal Cigar Moulds S Thia ia the only Mould 3 u :tabl e for the Manufacture o f Fine HavaING -. Commission Merchants, No. 43 Beaver St., New York. Addreos by Post, P. o. Box &na. Sp .. lal attention paid to tbe farwwAlng of Toblleoo lof0i'8ljpl oo!Jidriea. J. Ill. MILTON, N.c. NEW. YORK. F. W. SMYTHE & CO., Commission Merchants, Bretherton Buildlngao 10 NORT:-1 JOHN STREET, -. .. 8LIVERPOOL, ENGLA:JiD, JOHN M. SHEPPARD tc CO., Leaf T bacc o Dealers, DAN VI I .y.'Pl, VA. JUNCBLUTH &. CO., Leulsvllle, Kj. ALL TOBACCOS REHANDlED; PACKIN GUARANTEED. ,. All II PACKERS OF DOMESTIC WOERED LICORlCE, GUM ARABIC, OLIYE Oft., 0 'l'onqua Be And aU other Matel's and DesignJi_ and mounttd ;, app,.ved style gi'll<,_ WI'r'rmtANN BROTIIDS. 3 7 JIIA.IDEN LANE, NEW YORK. IL, WARRANTED PURE TIN; FJit WUP1'ING t.n4 ClGAU'l''l'IS, t.n4 LllnNG ClGAB :BOXES. WITTEMANN BROTIIEII, i39' Maiden l.aae, Internal Revenue Eooks. TOBACCO SEALING WAX.


I Plalladelplllta. Ad verUaemeata. "' Steiner, S111.lth Bros. a Knecht, DEALERS TN ALL KINDS OF LEAF TOBACCO, STEWART .MARKS, RALPH & Manufacturers of GEO. URCKHOFF. GEO. P. VNVEIO:ZAGT. GEO. I KERCKBOIT & co., lph's Scotch Snuff,. DEALERS IN A.IfiJ FINE: CIGARS, J COBNKGTICUT, 11! V AlA ill YABA 1W 'l'OB!CCO, AH om.A3I. aa8 ....... c:aEE ........ H I K. .......... JuaP.Uuto, Al_.llalpla, Jalm'W'.Woodsl4e,, SamoelA.Hodrlcboo 'FELI,ER BROS., Paoli:eta, lbnmlsdoa XeMhants, and Wholeale Dealel'll in 117 Thirp Street, Philaderphia. 8. CHARLR STREET" BAt. TIMOR F. !'ECKER. 4 C. BECKER. BECKER ... o BECKER { BR.OTBEB.S,, __.. PACKE-RS, COMMISSION MERCH.ANTS I A.MD Vf''.SALE DEALERS IN .. l'orej.p O..d DomeStio Leaf 'robaooo, J(O IHJ .. LOMBARD ST., -.&L'DKOaE, liD. IF. Q.JJ.JI,J.l,B'Z''r & CO.,. e B. WILKER& GO CIGAR All GIIIB!L CliiiiSSIDN MONUMENTAL CITY.TOBACCO WORKS, K Z B C B A 111' T S :NO. 181 Wl&'l' !U'"' S'l'UI'l', Wll'IKOII, :ILt.I"ZIJ.ND, f J4Atnn'AC"n1JtwaS Ott ALL XINDS OJ; ; l8 No. Water St. aad 32 5o. Delaware A.v., Philadelphia. SMOIIIG .liD GIIWIIG TOBACCOS. Xo; 148 :l'lrat AYe1111e., Pittllburch. AL 1B0-L .... 1o12 11 TJo-s., Aceatac ltl. F K, ,.. v .. ....... ..,. a-a&.R .......,.., & co., HY. WISCHMEYER. IN LEA.F And Manufacturers of all Orades of Cigars, o. a_m. w :teJP st., PhtJadelphla, Pa. M. G. B.LICBTENBERG. .A. LOW. S. SIMPSON. MANUFACTURER OF G. B. LICHTENBERG & CO., I mpoi:l:ers .... '!.fJjAVANA, GENERAL IERCJims FINE Cl CARS, .. liiO. 31 IV--Wa&ei' ... I AND DEALER IN J!l'o. 30 l!l'ortla Delaware .&veaue. S D l T b 1. Rinaldo Sa.! pamsh and omestrc ea,f o acco, tvm. M. Abbey. Phlla..a-lp, Jooepb w.CI'---IV, W. eor. 34 .,_Poplar Phtradelpllla.. ... LAY Dealera in LEAF .TOBACCO, LEAF TOBACCO, I f5 and 117 Wst Front St. lCl. 163, & 165 :Pearl Stret, lletween Race ud Elm; (OOBl!U 01' r..K ITRDT,) OINOINBATL 0. CINCINNATI. M ... H'. CLARK & BRo., Pro:prienoz-. LB ... TOBACCO UE Inspection Warehouse, !'lOS. 100, ..0 10to WEST PRONT ST., CINCINNATI, OHIO. Au c tion Sal e s Daily, :Aavaa.ces made on F. P. CHALFANT. W. T. 8TEVENSO!r, W. G .. MORRIS, Leaf Tobacco. Subscribe for the 'robacoo Leaf L. JL BAA& TC>lB.A.OOO. 1o4 &ate &reet, :B.UITWO ... .,..._ C8anooiieat .oj.C & 42 MARKET ST., Hartford; Cam. Wt... E :"f'PMAL, Co:onsSio liEl&ClU.lft', J'fORMAM HUBBARD. 'T, 0. IONGit -NO-RMAN HUBBARD & CO., I Pac:k..,. aad Dealers in tilT 'rOBACCO HI .IJIAR BIJLI:aBII,, -.!:.-;;B:Ul;;;,;Tli'O;,;;;;R;;,;;D;;.,, COlVII';;;,;,; __ OE> G. W. -OB.A.OCO, AND oi.D ea.a::ocs,, :r. THCIDlmcl, VA:


, NEWMARK, I ESS, Fine York. Lours m SBAPLBY CliAIU.ES S. :S:A WES: .. PACKER :AND DEALER IN line Cqnneeticut Seed Leaf, 3 to 15 Horse Power 119 Complete, ready to run. Bet and cheap. est. SimpRe, compact, durable and economi cal. Send for descriptive Circular, with price and testtimonia l s N'evv York. E. V.ll:AWES 8G SO'N, Com!. A. Jd(IJU'.tiMSTiJR & mA'Jlifit. -A!J\NUF AOT!l'ltER!"OI! TR:! II ELK" ana R. W. WILDE, 22 COURTLANOT STREET, C I Q R s W !:c-LEAr 'l'O:BAOCQ, Nos. 34 ilnd Bowery, :NEW YORK. YORK. SIMON MANDLEBA UM, SpeciaL PARKER, HftLMES & CO., Chewilut Smoking Tobaccos, 51, 53, 53 4lo 57 Je- A..1,, liiiqB. The NERVE Is sold by Flrst-cla.s Deal Ill's tbrourbout_ the Uaf.ted States, and we claim it to be tho "BaT'" f'IH& CUT TOBACCO tbat C&Jl be made. Tbe Wlloleoale Trade &SpeelaltJ. This nuor by It will brlog the., Color 1 of HavuaL This i s a ToE_ Flavori'if also for Fillers and for Colorlac Wrappers. avaaa. FlaVoring. It ( Will to the Tobacco. the Full Flaor or Havana. and. .fbring_ tho Wrappers to Colon, and when smokll4 it bas tha t Sllfeeta .. aod Aroma that all HaftDa Clean laave: You cao take o( nrdloa..; Toba<:co, aud by applylug this J'laor, aa treeted, JOU Will get the fall bfllelt o( regu Jar Havana Tobacco. Put up In QG&rt BotU.. II Well as In Half-Gallon and Gallon Cana. I PRICE.,.q,....n Bottlea,tJll .31 Ga.UOD, fS t P. S -Will oeed !!ample of T"bacco, as prepared by this Flavor, to aa:r addr .. free of charge. OUB FAMOUS HAVANA FLAVOIUNC--WHAT IT WILL DO. I It will briD&' w ... ppen to loeautiful browtl pr wk col ors, as well .. me time laV01' leaf. It will by cuing the WraHS A1'1D HIS AmLITY TO SA.TISII'Y THOSE USII!I"G HIS LIQUORICE. THE OLD FAVORITE BRAl'ID 011' J'. 0, -y Oa. IS ALWAYS READY .PUR DELIVERY AT THE SHORTEST NOTICE, ALSO .A,, 0. 0 p. T <> AND HU OTHER BRANDS 011' PASTE, ALL 011' WHICH ARE GIVING INC::REAIED SA.TISII'ACTIOlf, A&II!I"&TANCED BY TIUD RAPIDLY GJY)Wili'G .AND ENTIRB .lB&EI!I"CII: 011' ()Oili'LA.i:NTS, J MES C. &5 iW' .A TER .*rB.:BBT. NEW YOBK. ..,_llrafttowtte-,-iMt t1oe ven Ia tlols the liDtt:J whom I have sup-111ied with JOV/1 bran"of ODd Turkish 'Lt.Juo 'cella _,.m and remarkably excellent quahty. J :remain. dear sir, R!C.IIHOKD, VA .. January 7 S Jamee C. McAndrew, Esq. New York. Dear Sir: We u:pect a steady increa!!it in the dema.nd\for.Jour liquorice. All the manufacturers to whom we aell testifJ u to itl u.niform and excellent quality. Yoan, ery Uu!f1 ]. WIUGHT a& CO. Jas=C::. ....., ... .. We take re l.n otatl Spanish TurkiabLiquorlce satlafactioa. to aU ourP.'"'oufacseaeon, the quality havina been We rem6i..llear air, Yery IJU:NOliiLUTH .t CO. Mn .. -n"' 117! James C. Me Slra ltl8wido pleu11ft :1'!!'8 1nl17 E. W. RlZE11.. t_p;,._ao._ I, aSU. J,._C. Me-_ ..... ,llewYork. DearSir:-Welaavepleasur In statlni tliit lu our c1lstr!ct your brands of lipaalsll. aa4 l'11tkilill.lq110rlcol'utA! ba"" IDvarlably giv011 e..,. t1te aatiafactlon to aD maufactar4U'S uSirig them, quality bein1 Dniform and excellesat at all timeL We rema!Q, lr CO. station, or another vesel addorer, and not able would mvolve an Immense outlay on the part o{ manu-to buy 1m t t' 'Vh k h -' 'd t t a < b h f h 1 b d por a 10ns. 1s y a ... p;u seven y cen s .acturers, Qt on account o t e a or reqUJre to gallon It t b t 't h db ell stamp the cigar,s and the nu;nber thereof that would be d hwads ban en_ormousd axf, u 1 alt t.een whad d 1 _, d s h h b h _,1 d e a een tmpose a ter consu a Ion, estroye ... or arnagea t roug emg au" e been fa'thf 11 11 t d d h d than :fifty S econd..:. are large nuinbers of imported cigars 1 u Y co ec 7 an e more which d.n nol be ed without being unpacked millions a. 7ar. It_ patd alrea?y two hundred per cent. p d 1 ot its v lue m taxation. But Jt was a western product wh1ch would a canst erab e deprec1atwn 111 thetr fi h d k t c; 1 1 od t 1 Its value, while if such cigars were allowed to go upon the -It e mar e or tura pr uc s. market without the coupons which would be necess;u y mi t corr\ Qnthe domestic cigars, it would on! serve to increase an a 1 lOna u/ ..; HARD PUSHED.-A. g-eu-{ (Continued from 1hird Page.) .instead of diminish the opportunities for rr,ud, 'and c To tir;:otwaa: yrof uc 6 e t d and tleman about to pass in o Lozano, Pmdas the first place we think it would create a distinction between imported an4. domes keat h wor 0 t:: s a 4 p ;ent the Public Library with. two would add to our expenses from 3 to h per thousa.{d. cigars which would be a severe blow at home 7 to :ro "nts ladies, according to the If the coupon is pasted on or put on with gum the smo : m ...-:hat. stamp lng ea. ch ciga would m' crease the' powu d. This y i elded $ J6d,oobfd.o1oob, srwa0a! Danbury News, found ne ker will have to take iL off, and in so d')ing break the .1. J. ... ,. had a freshly-lighted cigar wrapper, or smoke paper gum and all, and so spoil (he cost of manufacturing very matenally, without any cor-fr prod s h1 d th alse 1 : r:;r, of manu d. f. Th t1 f h' A d '11 h b respond '1ng benefit to the Government. Irsuch stamnn. ., om t e groun 1 h at no \" ellroSyt!._st a Pd ..__eroro. to 1spose o. ere was >t avor o IS c1gar. goo many w1 qu1t t e usmess d b k h k'll l ... 1acturer or, mere an .or a = an ,, pleasant looking boy a.t the and deliver up their licenses. See the expc:nses we now 15 bon: f wf 0 a;e sl 11;e"* tpg, they ml>osea-an additionaL fax of four cents a pound. door, 3nd he asked l}im to have! I and it will beJmppssible to raise the price of our ctgars,_ t e cos wou e wo o our o ars, Pc;1 And }let these prolectionists of every article mtmufac p.olcr the weed till he re. goods. Suppose at thil.seasoo of the vear, which is a M, while, on the other hand, tf done bv. boys or unslhlled d N E I T d hil the ed additional d Th b d d k k f fi workmen, at a tost of from one to two dollars per M ture 10 h ew ugdan 'w e fuy Imd ptos ddan t to tume e oy consente gop tme, we want to rna e up a stoc o ctgars or f ld d bl 1 b th tax on orne-rna e cigars, Te se o a one ceo When lhe gentleman came future trade; we will have to stamp right away all we the manu actw-ey const era e oss .Y e h duties on im oh.tions from Havana. SugaT more out he was so pleased with make, and so ourselves of the IJse of I all the of or to c1gars caused by the1r un any other enters into the consumption of the bOy's honesty that he money so invested, and. we might not be able to spare s 1 u uess. h h ld d th t a addt:o al duty of p. rlh :c S' 1 0 1 b f every ouse o an ey pu u .. n gave han five cents, S'lying money for this purpose. The fdct is, our trade is treated li auu_ 0hY1 g a afrghe. num 1er 0 25 per cent. on ugar, molasses and melado. Iron, "Don't you amokel" ''Yes," aa if its members were a lot of thieves who had to be an s '-' e enttrery at t e !"ercy o r eu emp oyees clothin blankets nd other ar'ticles produced at home said the b.-. "How is it continually watched., a,nd ftom --whom it wait proper to whO' m1ght wllfully, or otherwise, or lose cou h g d fl ve l ttl a d et the tariff -, d h 1 ht t 1 th d ave pal no or ry 1 e, n y that you didn't make off with sq11eeze all that can be got out of them. pons'!". sue oss, or. mtg sea em an has ill}lpensel enhanced the price to the Western conthis cigar then?-many boys A_. only tiling I have to say is that place m the bo.xes whtch had no cou_pons sumers Ter! ei' cent. was added to the duties and would have done it," said the Idea 1s a bad one. The expense wiil be great and could as au must a excess. 1 can not tell yoq xaclly the gratified' gtntleman. "I the trouble greater. The increase of tax has already would be for lltm xamme the mlenqr of rhe amolintpoft'tiis tax paid by the people, of Ohio but don't know abont that sllid put us to great disadvanta&e, and now they propose to each 1t had factory, tG see the peopl of the :firat District alone pay at leut '$r, the youth must be a add still more to our burgens. each ctgar Iiad the proper coupon .. oo,ooo on' items of' whisky and tobacco. pretty hard pushed b o y VIEWS o.E Fifth-Under prpposed. system, Cigars should be o n nand 'as not t&Xt:d j tobaccq on hand was who'd run away with such a Fa!Jer_ Bros.-The. pm_Ject 1s absurdly 1mpraotlcable : before bemg IJacked m the and not betaxed, while foreign goods just loa:ded 00 shipboard cigar as that." The ladies Evc;ry ctgar that we tmport, presuiiJably, would have to as. at present. There are many were entirely exemptea. The consequences are exactly t i ttered but the gentleman -be taken out-v{ boxes cigars never could be obJeCtlo,ns to as as_1de the fact that the manuwhat pndicte&. One-half of the Republican party didn't. put back 1 a op 1 D. When boxes have facturer s capttallays 1dle, m .cas.e a change of box is r in_g tae other half to be entirely COI'I'\Ipt. The been opened are not as attractive as they were should become necessary, which frequently happens, Reveau e is found to have been defr.aQded by THE ATl1lTCT!OM at the us ly, U:nd usually, l we isli to shbw a sample of through many causes, the statpp. would be the cox{nivance of the officers while the most c.on tobacco break ,last Friday, Jbods. opeq a box of cigars without breaking the label. One age of fraud. Any would, therefore,while workriding w1th a lady, remarks a cify daily paper, he ough The price obtained was f,r 7 manufactUTer in Hav.ana goes so far as to put a watering a serious detriment to th_e trase, be unnecessary to be not. to 1et !p.arks from his cir;ar fall per Ioo pounds, the lot mark paper inside of bis boxes, which bas to be torn to for the p:oteetion of the mterests of the Governthe lady1s dress. A recent fatal Winooski(?) weighing 450 pounds. This get at the cJ.gars. We think is rlCliculous. is supposed to have originated in this way Two young tobacco was grown in Santa I 1 here may be other reasons, whtch do not fJI:QK t were riding with a friend, when one of hem re-Barbara County, Californi2, CRpP NEWS. me just at p{esent, why the proposed change should not marked that her feet were Wat'Jll, aJld in the extreme south' west --be effected, hut taking the facts named into from the carriage and ra, dolft\ t"e rou witn _ern portion of the by correspondeD 'l'H& Lp:AF writes from A.eytesville, tion, and also the fact that the change proposed would her clothing on fire She was soon over'taken bY her Mr B. C. Longden, and Mo. :-"I some hat mod if my views of be to the of this !L' .I companions, and the flames h't t Jlntil both ceived here by Messrs. our to'bacco crop expressed in a _forrner communication. have ascert;uned by wrth !fome of pnnoof the 1adies Had been so horribly burned tiat one of Samuel Virden & Co., of The hea and '1Dtn_sture-eave forwarded pal ones, and also, I arnconvmced, to sm,oktngpubtic tlil'm, Miss Mary Daly, bas since died, and the other this dty. Santa :Barbara our beyo d our We done for the reason above mentioned, I would resp,ectfuUy one, Mi'ss Honora Daly., is siill confined to beet It C<.'unty is famous for pia tmg at. this date, p.pb_ably the ear !test sc;t the sentiments of the nianuGctutiDr iuterest ih i-s supposed .the dress was set on fire by richness of :wit and the for thl.l'ly bave more than SIX opposition to the proposed measure. remain yours, sparks from a Cigar wh1ch the gentleman had been tropical ruxuriousness 'pf its of pounds tn this county a,?d the present truly, ;s pCHl'EN.SJE;IN. -smoking. roducts and we trust to cr4 will far any one raised To the Hunqta/Jie The Commisszuner uf Intunal Re. p of the latte .f.. letter to the Rzchmond Whtg from Lombardy Grove The undersigned representing many pf the DEATH OF AN O ,LD J.OB,JI.CCO MERCHANT.::r In discredits the reports of an excess of tobacco plants in ve'!ue. i <1 A correspondl'nt thus : tefers to' the deadi futUJe. It would. 'Vi inia and North Carolina, and adds: "It is now the Cigar manu acturers an Importers 10 the of Mr. Parry, briefly announced:a short time sine; in s 0 nre w at questJOnab_Je, of the month, and not many in our section have Ct.ty ew York, do hereby enter our most THii: LEAF: "W-e regret to haYe to record the deatli at ho...kTer, tf so long a slup fi h d 1 t' d 1 1 t b test agamst the adoption by yo r department o a paten. L erpool recently of Mr p .. rry "he lllZed h h d ms e pan mg an never saw more pan eggars. b {i 11 f, 'd tv .. _... ,... .. mUt, wtt t e atten ant Those who have1planted from the unprecedented ravacoupon-stamp now yo. or your consl ner of the tirm of Parry&: CrQjbifS';:J:pqacC! expenses, can rove profite& the cut worm and' the cool winds, find it very di{oar knowledge of what It purports to be, va :-A Brokers, North John Street. Mr. Parry'Wat one of the able. lftbe Southern route, to eta stano. So from our standpoint, the crop design to coupons accompany each oldest members of the LiverP.ool trade, having pas5ed bpy '_'{fiay of.tlhe J\tlanhc and. nut bdn: plankd, mt:Jst ir planted at -all, be a late and stamp to .bthe to. t:e presen., !lnd a the limit of life accorded to man by the Psalmist. He act c _ra1 way, were com. coupon WI a sena num er flC e o every c1gar-a held in the highest esteem b all w11o p!eted, 1t would vastly a poor qne. we .areconfident the most sen?us to ?lll at the time of hJs decea5'3, wtJJ/ w ... illllltf.,..!l& different. ,CoNVICT bene-of would result from. It. It will be. literally tmin contemplation to present him mlh a .... ,.,,. fit of the labor of her Paris convicts; The cigarettes practicable, _useless, destructwe":nd fn the should express the geQeral respect entert;l _in_eq 0 LIABILITY OF A FRIEND. manufactured, there with the native tob acco are in great place It can only be a expenm t. and b his fellow-towusmea Jx1th in tbe trasle W -A case involving some demand at Sidrtey and Melbourne, and are preferred in enurely as we believe the .sazes on CI&'I'f.!l !{bus has passed away one of rour oldest merchants who important points, observes Australia to the 1imilar productions of the 'English are bemg collected any taxe..! thatl are col bas left in an unstained recora and a. career illatrated the Baltimore of coJony. They are already being exported o the Cape lectable : adoption ?f a would create by most s.crupulous integrity, a legacy to those still June I9, was ended in the tq llndia and Japan. tije Imagt!lable m bearing "the heat and burden of the day," value of Superior Court yesterday as wei a_s the Importation of c1gars, Its mvolvmg which Cre large stock of c1gars wbi1:h are: mtended to be run 111 as memo 1866; and thaUhe patent is void for want of nqvelty. andelbaum & Brother, without payment of duty. The cigars are packed in leadmg of the Ctgar .trade thiS -oty, and w a s Messrs. Charles Talbott, James M. Talbott, Lewis brought suit 'for he amolihf boxes ready for market, and these are placed in an bMr. 87atton, of e Barnes : and other witnesse s testified that they, against M Kern good. T1te india. rubber bag, the mouth of which can be dral"Jl so auona 0 acco ss001.a ton. to the war;' had made the S&lllC' ill far case was very sharply con1 h --"' tight as to exclude water. Upon reaching Delaware HIGH FarcES FOR ToBAcco.-Messrs.Robert A. Ma::which Mr. Marks c auns to old a patent, auu at Breakwater, vessels are always reported by telegraph to tin&. Co. sold yesterday, emarks the Petersburg (Va.) they 'Seen similar mills manufactured by defendant, Judge King and tile Philadelphia Merchants' Exchange, which en4bles News of June I7, for Mr. w E. :Bullock, of Granville Smith as early as r846-'47. Frames made by Messrs. the accomplices on shore to get ready to assist in County North Carolina, seven 'tierces and one 'box of Smith, T;tlbott others from rten to twenty years ago Charles Marshall, Esq. ing the smuggled goods. At a certain point on the at the following p.rlces :-r t i erce at $48 per were produced in court, havin.g, in 'the main, the same! Delaware River, before reaching Philade 1lphia,b the :point hundred pounds; I tierce 1 at $63 do; I tierce at :J)64 features !or which M'r. chi aims to pof ld a the commercial standing e>f being indicate to the passenger smugg ers y a stgnal do; x tierce at J75 do; I tierce at $8..1 do; I tierce at Mr. Jal_Iles Hardgrove testl e at l?"e o the 1rames a third party for the purfrom the parties on shore, the cigab, inclosed in indiado; I .tierce at do; I box at do .. twas mcourt belonged to. a mall wh1ch was in use by f d 1 f rubber bags, are -thrown overlfoard, and picked up by the certainly the finest crop of toJ;>acco of the kmd ever his fat?er as 1$ack as w1tn_ess could and fOSe 0 10 ucmg a sa e 0 shore partiu in small boats. It is supposed this prac-seen in our market, and pnces the best ever obwas still sometimes operated m tile fac lory of lus brother to him, such reprch f h l d 1 lf. T d 1 fh b tice has been go1:1bn at t e port. o P 1_a e p _hia 10r tained here or elsewhere in the State. it is. with pecu-and himse he case was argue at great eng y sentatidn being intended to h b g ive the party" fal'\e credit, some time past success. Phtladelphta bemg Ioo liar pleasure that we c_an this extraordinary counsel. jury, avmg ee,rr mstructed by Judge miles distant from the Delaware capes, from which point for it is the best evidence of the fact that there 1s an Hughes, retired at half -past z o clo and at balf.Jlast rhe party ma!Ong the rep1eled _.__. d c h d 'th 1 d' !i H M sentation was liable fa: the vessels are signa .... reporte twenty-1our ours abundance of enterprise and pluck. left in our midst to 3 o:clock returne w1. a genera ver 1ct or debt," and the jury found a before they can reach :UU, city, offers peculiar advantage make it the foremost centre m the State. T he & Co., on the agreed upon by counsel, for this kind 'J; Ievenue officers have tar.,.. manufacttnina interest here to compete w1th statm_ g that as to the ments of. the case they found the. verdict against the defend -z f tb bb r d r d h b d ant, Mr. Kerngood, for the .recently come snto ll.,. one o e mcba-ru er Bpflc:ulative buyers has made tobacco market verd1ct ,or e.e.n ants on t e ts. sues, ut not _agree amount of the debt and inbags. Complaint is .a that tbe revenue 'cutter now stronger this seaaon tJ!an that of Rtchmond or LJ:ncbthe the claun (usmg the terest The counsel for the stationed at .Philad41phia is too slow, aDd application in fact, many of our manufacturers find 1t to 1ron back, wtth wood stnker an d uon plates, wtth defendant moved for a new will be made to the Secretary, Jty Commiuioner John-tbeir interest to buy much of their stock in Rich-sinker plate to _the bRICk by iron nvets), on the trial. soa, to haft a lll!K oa t ia1md. patent was a new mvent1on.


THOMAS HOYT &: CO .. MANUFACTURERS,:,.. JOHN ANDERSON t, CQ )UNUFACfURERS OF THE SOWB m TOBACCOS 114-11nd 116 LIBE:RTY STREET, NEW l'ORK, Beg to direct Hie attention of the Dealero ht T<-co "" &114 tl>o "' SOLACE FINECUT CJD..'WIJrG TOBACCO,_ whicla Is "being once more manufactured undCI"' the knmed!ate eupervision oi the origiiJ&tor, MR. JOHN ANDERSON, &114 uow lt.'lD .... :AND SMOKING NEW YORK. PHILIP KELLAND TOBACCO BROKER. 0= _AI r-.. i56 DELANCEY. 1ft .,...... ... ,-, ....... ... --. 1ft 168 WATER STREET., NEW YORK. ,-, =thell'. a. llase Ba& WIBclleater. N (II Leu-. aq--. c. 24 CEDAR STREET. .d : -t. a-_....__ ... -UP STAiltS. -, flq D. H. McALPIN -&_co.; ht ____ ..... -. lit nNE-Cl1TT n.A.xou s. KaxEY, 1 VirDR .Leaf and Navy MANUFACTURER OF "IiJmey Broth&'{ CIDebratedBusian CICAIIETTEI AND FINE TOBACCOS, WBSX BBOADW .AY, JIEW crrr. DEPOT & AGENOl Of the Manufacture of G. W. GAIL lc AX, BAL TIMORIE, AT" 220 PIAlU. NIW !'OBit. I WVEUII. ELLER & K.&.EPPEL,.A.ceata LOUIS N, .}ECAU, }_.;rl JOBlr STR.EET. !fEW YOJU[, -MAKUPACTU&J:Jt OP Jilo; Yll: ani Straiiht Gut Canndish SMOKINQ TOBACCOS, rw,.,.., .............. aetaU 'l'ns: -keelt ... t, Perique, TurklolaL Lltakia, Gnen Seal. Gold.., Bw, California, :Enrlllh .JSlrd' Eye, Black aDd Taa. Golden Fl....-, Vlrainla Stralllll.t Cut, Geldea ss-ue. ll!r eARB.O'l'Tiill. ----------------------CAMPIELL LANE& CO. MAN:tcrURER.:S OJ' J fOIACUO liD. CIGIBS, A11D D&A.Lats 1W SNUFF, PIPES. etc., tmoiiE$ IT 414 81010 sTREET, Qllll DB D CALDWELL lf, .Mil. I. I. MILLEI & CO.,oJ !OB!OC 0 .!NUF (PETEB. ,9. COLLINS, :!'basT.) 97 Columbia Street, NEW"YOBK, Uit.JPACTC.T.a&RS OJ' THI. CllLaeJL\TBD .............. llegtW; Pl"'l ,,. ... if, s .. ul/ n ....... .. KANUJ'ACTORY AND SA.I.DBg up Smok in&'Tobavco. .A.l10, complete assortment of Smokera' A tUdes for the Trade .. IJWtRD SlfiGER & ., 10C5 &: l.07 CHAMBERS S"''., NEW YORK. Ci1ar Manufacturers EDWARD A. SMITH, MANUFACTURER OF Xrs. G. B. Mnler & Co. Chewing and Smoking Tobacco, the only Genuine American Gentle .-. 111:!.88,.. -s, n Snuff; Mrs. G. B. Miller & Co. Maccaboy ,.: .A.IaG ...,-and Scotch Snuff; A. H. Mickle & Sons' Fores.t .Rose and Grape Tobacco; Mrs. G. B. Miller _lc Co. Reserve Smoking and Chewing Tobacco. Dr All orders promptly ezecuted. ltfClfANAN &, LYALL, .,... OfFICE, D4 Broad street, New York, FACTORY 10. 2 FIRST IISTRICT, SoUTH BROOkLYN I _..of the following aEJMlU.TED BR.AJIDS OP trCSACCOS Navy, u, "'-, 31, 6s, 71, 81, 9!, Sailor 1 Choice, 11, }6a, ,31, .-, sa, 6s, Bs, 9., 10.. Cballenee, lbo.. KiD&" Philip. Wublngtoo, ,llo, GTOpe and Apricot. o. 11 Bowery, II!IEW YORK. II.ACCUM & SCHlOSSER, U'7.., 149 .&.'l"l'OR.XEY STREET, NEW Y 0 RK Pmprletore of the celebrated branfia "Rep11btic" ... d "Hi&b and Dty." Other fa..-orite wando made onl. Soh"Wa.zoz Spol::l.r, Neptune, Double Tlalct, U nconqamod, brt. drk. u .ACME" Fa.DC)' Btt. MAKUFACTUJt&RS OF ALL JtlNDS en Man! Mltclaell, PoaDdo, I Domestic Jack of Clabo. l"rrde of the RqiiDCIIt .u.u-auc ..... .uo Pocket Pt-. I 13 Boweq, 7 CO.. :;1 ;;;;, ;;,-;. NEW YORK. .ESTA'BL!SHED 18<8. K. C. BARKER & CO., Manufacturers of the Celebrated FINE-CUT TOBACCOS, AJ4EruCAN EAGLE" t'l u A!oo all other of Flnt-C1l t ancl S:nokini Tcbac::os, DETR.OIT, MICH. Allde from packing 1 AMERICAN EAGLE" and "CLIPPER" in the usual sized wooden packages, 10, :Jo, 40 and 6o lbs., we also put both Of these a-rades up very aicely in 0Na OuNca Tn.FotL PACKAGEs, packed in J( and Jt Groft boxe. .t..iba'alpriecl made to the JobbiD&" !,ado. CHARLa P. 0880RNE, AND $PEG FOR TOIACCJ MANUFACTURERS. R.HILLIER'S SONS & OFFICE. 0AR STRl'if-' MIW. Purely ancl :tinely Pow4ere4 IIPAIIIIIH LICORICE BOOT, SPANISH LICORICE EXTRACT, DEER TONGUE, LAUREL LEAVES, TONKA IIEANS, CA. !IliA BUDS, CLOVES AND Cll'liN,A.liiON, ORANGE PEEL, ANISEED, CA:kAWA V SEED, CORIANDER SEED, LA 't'ENDEa FLOWEa.s, GUlli ARABIC,pKAIN UD POWDERED, GUM MYRRH, LUMP AND POWDERED, GUM TKAGAC.t.NT'H, AND POWDEBED, EIIIENTIAL OILI1 OLIVE OIL, LUCCA. CREAM Jlii CAIEI, &EIAliiE OIL LEVAliiT IN BBLil. and all tbe Sreci.alties for Tobacco 'I{ anufacturers 011r wt Powterea CDDJou4 of I'IL'VOI'I, (dated F.t>. t: ydo. ..._. Re


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