The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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I VOL XI.--NO. 22. NEW YORK. WEDNESDAY, JULY 14, 1875 WHOLE.NO.-lht lobatto IS PUBUSHED ...... IIVIIY WJmN!:SD.A.T !Y TD fGBA008 LUI' PUBLISHING 00, 1.42 Fulton St., New YOJ!'k .... -._;,_ -.::tos. .A.ll o.taoUid be :pl&iDlJ' HI !CIUCCQ LIU'' 1'111LlmlrG CO. Terms of the Paper : SJNCLB COPJ..S, .. JO CENTS ONaY.d.a, f4:ae 8Jx MONTHS.- / .. ..,..._ l fa 10 -ltr Remembe-r that the cad. Koenig & Sobert, 339 BpwerJ. Kre2lelbel'g A Oo., 16o Peart. & Bto" Wat< r Lam3tte A. C na Lederer & Fischel, JIJ Pearl Levin M. H., 16J l'earl. )(cFall &: Hopo, Murray. Mack AleKabder, 161 Water Maitland Robert L. & Co 43 .Brod. Martin & Johneou, 79 Ftoat Mayer }eeeph, Soa1. tM Water. Moyer A. C L & 0 .. Beaver Oatman Alva, WateJ. Oooeuheimer, M .t Brother, 138 Waterr Oitlnger Brothen 41 Broad SL Palmn .1\: Sccmlle, Water. Price Wm. M &: Co. It9 Maiden Lane. Ouln, J. P & Co., n BR>ed. ll:ead & CG. ''Old snv. R.elamann. G. 179 P e arl Rosenwald, &. 1::: Bro., 14S Watel"i Salomon S. Pearl. Sawyer, Wallace&-co,._.., Broad Schmitt J. 15 Co., r6a "'ater. & Bon, 178 Water. Schroeder Ill: Koch, Pearl. Sdubart H. 15 Co., 146 Water Splagana, E. #-Co., $ Burling Sl i p Spiua;r C. H. ull Water Stein Co. 191 Duane. Stnltoo & Sterm, '9' Pearl. Strolao & Reit&eoateill, Froot. Tag, Chari .. F It Son, S. Fru..._ Tatge.bont, F. W 68 Broacl. ThnmpNn Joseph & Co., 83 Fr011t CUi, .,a Pearl. W aaserm aa H .. tol Maid ea Lane 'W ri&llt. B. M, 1ft Co., ll9 Broad. Zweig H. s,.S Water. c-..u,,;,.. lllwtru. .. ts. Reynea Brothers lA: Co., f6 Ill 41 EschaaJe Place Buy" "/ Tillltu&IJ. Reuaeaa G. 55 Broad. To6CO ]J,..}tlr, Benrimo A. Slip Boftm.-ky, E 143 Water Cattua u7 PearJ. Flacher ()has. E. & llro. '3' Water Fiec:laer, Fcederlck, 4I Broad Ka!m111 !14. Water Xelland, P., r68 Water. O.bome, Charle. F., 54 Broad. Rader M It Son, Pearl. Shack A t2Q llai8en Lane Schul.ltt J. Jr. > Water if Tobto. .A.a.denon John & Co. 114, u6 aad is7 Uberty. Appleby a Helme, 133 Water. Bachanan & Lyall, 54 Broad. Bacluler D, 356 Delancey Goodwin & Co. 101 and 309 'Water Ho,-t 'l'homas & Co: 4"i Pearl JC.lnney Broa 141 West Broadway llc.Aipln D. k .t; Co. cor .&.venue D .and '1'Kllier Mn. G. B. & Co. 97 Columbia Pioneer Tobacco Company, 113 Front At'"" for Smolic Tobar, "' Hen A. & Co. Weiss_ EUe r &: .Kal!ppel, no Peul MArifMhlrtrs if Cigrr. Boady Charles, S3 Bowery Focter .. Hilson & Co 19 Cka.mben Frey Bra.. &: Co. 44 V eaey 149 Attorney. Hartcorn j. A 86 Malden Laae. Jacoby S. & C o. aoo Chaillam Sq. & 5 & 7 Doyer. Xaufman .Bros. a Bondy, n9 & 151 Grand Kerbs &; .Spies, 35 Bowery. Levy .Bros 10 & 72 Bowery Llcbtenatelo A. & Bro. 3+ & 3X Bowery Lichtenstein B101. & 04iJ. 268 BoWC1"J'. Meodel M. W'. & Bro, Howery Nnburg_et. M. 183 Pear) N. Y. Co-operative Cigar Manure Ct>. 201 Chatham Square Qrg.ler S 297X and 286 Greeawicll Befdeoberg & Co. S. and 86 Reade 11 Bowery Staehollterg M. Ill Co 92 and 94 Liberty ; ltraitou & literm, 178 and 18o Pearl 8atro A 76 Park Place Tabel & Rohrberll', 70 Park Place. 'If ancJ & H allll, & B..,.ery. if Fi .a..Bondy Charles, j3 Bowery .Hebrens Henry 65 Pine nee George, 195 Pearl Kasprowicz A. 8i Bro. 158 Chambe< Mora J. H .1\: Co. 6a Water Rivera & Garcta, 71 Maiden Lane Sauchez, Haya &. Co., IJO, 13::1 & 114 M. Laae. of H'"' AimirJl J. J. 16 Cedar Costa J acioto, tl3 Pearl Garcia F. Water Goazalea A. Water Kelly Horacolt. j:-Oo. :r8 Peas! lllranaa If. lrCo. .i:'eul Pueui E. Bn>tloer 41 Co. ''' Water Pohaloki &: Gacrn. Is William. Mora, J. H. & Co., 6a Water. R.iven Manoel,_71 Maiden Lane M & &. h Kalclen -.-&BIIfJIJJetm,lt7.hul 'li'till.OD. i! .1'1 Walter Friedman 1: J'reloe, ..., Peut w.-.l!.Uer P.rL 1;.;. V. llartlnu II Co, 16 Cedlor J)ealws ;,. Kl)' Wrll llflll a.,.r-1 fl IUw ... 0/t .... De &ry Fncl'l &: eo. ., a 41 w-' Cit'" Mo.ltl. }aco-.y 8. ok Co., 009 Peas!. Gtr Cif Moaltls. Brown, A. & F. S7 Lewta Erich H. W ., .,3 South: Lobe ostein & Gaos, 101 Kat den Lane, Na-fddw,..,., f tlu U.S. Solid To; MIIUlds Klein, H. K. & Co., 131 Water Cigr MHIJ Prm tJotl St,r-J> Browa A. lr F., 57 JAwlo Manufar.turnof Cigtzr MnJds. Borgfeldt N. Jl. Harlem:&. F't Depot, White Miluf;uturus of Mna/ Mo.Uds a11d Sllafrrs. & Lockwood. S4 Malden Laoe MMIi11 T.hacco Bar Zellenka B./ Fourth. .!'aatii Jmprned Cutin'. Kinney Francis S., 141 Weat Btoadway WutsteJu Henry, 6? Third uL p,rme" RwlliaH Cigareitt.S Eckmeyer & Co., Brqad and 48 New Qads. German-J..mencaa, cor. Broad..,.yand Cedar. Intn-nal .Rtven.u Boolls. Jourgenaen, C 3'1 Liberty. Ftweil"' ",a fl#mestic A4Nkrs. Sternberger, :M. &: S. -44 Exchange Plac.e. of Fint, Lol{ and Straight Cut Cavmdi slt. Pecare Loui s N. 71 John, Ti" Foil /or Cirar1Hes. Wittemann Bros. 37 Maiden L ane. Slfow Ca.rtls anj LaSe{$. Vflttemann Bros 37 M aidea Lane Tlte Sn"pley E,g;,., r W 'Ude R W. Agent, n Coartlandt Street ALBA.lrY Jr, T Manufuoiul'lerin Leaf Tobacco. Scbultertb, H C. :.EWARK ... Jr. I. Campbell, LaDe A Co., 484 HroiAI. NEW 'IDLFOBD, Ct. P.e/11.,. "iulDttilW i" Seed-Ltaf 1'o#ll(tD. Sclloverlinl{ William lfEW ORLEA.Jr'l, La. Tobauo FtUto" d c;n..,;,;,, MutAu. tcremelbera, Schaefer and Oo., Oarondolet. PA.D11C.AB, KJ, To/Jao;o Brolur. Ciuk, M H & Bro. PRUDELPBIA. TobtUto Bamb-C.tting MacJ.ioer1 bacco. Wulateln Henry, 25 Myrtle aveuue. Maul & Grote, 3l3 L i ber.y. B11FFA.LO, N.Y. WW11h Dtllltr i Ba"'""a tt11J D1tautic Gem City Tobacco Works; E, H. Tumer, Prea.; Uaf-Tobaec. M. Goodman, Sec;,.;_M. Heideiich, Mauarer. Zlnlt G. w Pearl. RICHMOKD V a. Manufac.tu rr r s of G rape SMgar. Commi11in Mtrelaotl, Bufialo Grape Sugar Co Wiae James M. 1305 Cary Cirr M,.u/ulurws !!>' Dealtrs ;,. Letif, Cluw-Leaf Tobacco Brol

I JULY 14 ------- .._ 1 I 1 this country-comprised within the period succeedin& their views on some of the features of Jhe eoliectiop of ment and tax-payer2 I tka aot at present i'ee' 86 h h tax, etc., and their suggesttpns generall.r I thmk good necessity, as has been ptbposed, of a preseolaHoward Ives, 42 do; Fischer & Kelhr, 27 do; Kun hardt & Co., 2 do :1 1 o-t ey wtll ..find that this very Fana.h theory as only could come out of sucn a mingling of representatton of the v1ews of the trade to this office through EXPORTS. From tjle port of New York to fore1gn ports for the -co ored much of the action of Congresa from the tive interests, and I feel waganted in saying, that the gentlemen selected to vtstt for that purof JUJy-tbe eattre stocJt pasaage o( the first tu-bill to the present day. -Befeeling of the trade is not-one of oppoeition to your Depose. pnlv 7,909 bales;-aga.mst 26,568 at the same time last tween this false assumpuon on the one hand; partment, but one of to join you in any thing You will communicate these my views to the' year L and the year before last. The stoc and a12 apparently firm conviction that our friends likely to protect the Government-and -the manufacturers' manufacturers and Importers who have communicated of Yara, too, a decrease as compared week endin& July IJ, were as follows: .ANTJGUA-J hhds h d united interests. Your obedient servant, to this offi.::e through you, m such manner as you may w1th 1873, the quantity this year held on the rs_t mstant a u. legi:slators were bound to re-JOHN STRA.ITON, think advisable. Yours Respectfully, amountmg to 3 68 bales a,nd on the same m I873, BAHIA-I case. BARBArDOES-4 hhds. BERMUDA------;3,125 lbs. mfd. BRBKEN-2r6 hhds, 497 cases, 13 ceroons r,234 lbs spect oa .the other, is it strange that the action of Sec Nat. TiJb. Ass'n tlf Ike U. s. D. D. PRATT. Crmzmuszontr 1 3,178 bales. Last year was ':o Yara m n.arket ?n Congress has beee, the past fourteen years, what JoHN $TRA'ITON, Esq, July I Of other of Spam;h tobacco th7fe Js, mlli. i t has been. Is it strange that as time paased and, by Nxw YORK, July 2, r875 .Secretar-y Natwnal Toodcco Assn. of tke [J. S, as usual, next to nothmg here. Under these Circumpersistence in well doing, our interest has gradually HoN. D. D. PR.ATT,' CiJmmissioner iJf Inte,nal RevNos. 178 and I8o Pearl Street, New York sta"!lces the market should be, _and is, buonnt tf -not utue.--jSIR:-1 have been requested by the signers of the active. .-emerged from this cloud of opprobrium, that its condiincl_osed memorial to forward the same to you. You THE TOBACOO :Manufactured-We have heard.of some fair sales of tion as a keavily-tued industry bas gradually improved? will observe that they are manufacturers of cigars, domg Ca.vend1sh tobacco during the week, pnnctpally for home WJ:t# need, now, ttherefore, is a little self-assertion business in the City of Brooklyn, in tbts State. The DOMESTIC. J:rade, but busmess on the whole may be as sh way tlhe absurd and hostile theories of feeling is very genera1 among the cigar manufacturers NEw YoRK, :July I3, I87S indtfferently good. Trade should be better m t f 'th I th Jd 1 dl The tobacco market exhibited no new feature last department now that the second hal of the year bas ,the pas_t and place the tobacco trade of the country on a week. G enerally, business was dull, though in some been entered upon, and dealers have no longer the ex level t)le most respected branches of our com. in the event of your showing a Slmtlar destre to meet departments of the leaf tobacco trade, and especially in cuse of desiring to keep stocks down for the sake of the 'merce. we need to conquer that respectful heannc at with lhem, to have the meeting yery general, 1 f you seed leaf, tnere was enough doing during the week to July inventory, wh1ch make a prac the hands of Coogreu which other equally importapt would issue a circular letter to the Collectors in the relieve the general leaf market from the charge of absorice of takmg w1th a vtew to seemg th_ey stand interests receive and that. attentio.n which shall enable dtfferent Col lection Dtstricts, and _in it name a day_ when lute dullness Indeed, it may be said. of seed leaf that financi;t11y. In fact, there are already, signs of 1m prove 1 you would giVe them audience, w1th ihe suggestiOn to there was a very fair demand for 1t, the times and all rpent in an increased number of small orders from -<>ur nationa legislature to carefully mvestrgate but all manufacturers the Collectors) to mc::et in tbmgs consioeted quarters for a long time sendmg for <:a uses of complamt and our measu13 ?f }Vasl}ington by' from dtfferent points the For Western leaf the mquuy seems to have been con su p plies. In the nature of thmgs stocks m the country l 1 ef. precedmg day, so as to converse and adjust a profined to small lines to jobbe r s, shlppers an manufac s h ould be very matenally reduced by this time, and Even under the old ou('(:ast tlleory Yf should not be (Qr ,yQ.ur ap QYal, a111 svre the trade would turers, the demand from the latter source appeanng, in orders may be expected to come forward more freely. een agai n requested authorifative advicea. dtsconl, the one subject over which manufacturers, le care proper-in this lowest v 1 ew of the case-in the t o forwara to. you the inclosed protest st ed qy the In this paragraph, if we except crop mtelhgence, dealers and consumers have contmually argued, and inst ce Ih 10 e 0 her? Should the goose lhat principal cigar manufacturers in Boston. I vouch for whtch is fully chromded m the report annexed, is emwith whtchall have from the first been d1ssausfied. the genuineness of each and every stgnature. thiak braced all the news worthy of spec1al mentwn in this 'fhe exports for June 458,9_r9 pounds, agamst the golde killed oot even to get at its supyou will soon see, if you have not yet seen, that the prodonnection that has be err brought to our nottce. .j.8r. 4 I I in May and 483,492 m Apnl. d valuable intestines, but stmply throwgh eareiess-posed coupon-stamp meets with the most decided obMessrs Sawyer Wailace & Co., report :-Western SmiJkmg-For smokmg tobacco the week has shown n and neglect? Reduced to this absurd concluslon jections from all points. These men are 1 n earnest. Leaf-The market since ISt inst. has been if poss1ble, an average inquiry-July mqutry, understood. Orders of the Congre.Ssional trutment of our mterest They mean to do nght, but they feel the unnecessary !Pore miserab!y dull than heretofore, the repo!ted come in ste:1.dily, but few of them are for large hnes, is t once exposed. and harrassing requirements under whi,ch the trade has being only r IJ hhds; but w"e heal" that somethmg bes1des buyers appeanng desirou.s to purchase only m a reta.1l Wh t d 1 to h lib9red in pJ.It, and tnstead of tbe1r Ion hoped-for his 'been done with the 'We note I6 to way and for current requtrements. 1 a we nee s secure a more. pstrent earmg for relief frdm some of it,s ._pe' rplexities, another cloud ap65. to shippers, 32 to Csgar-s-Except that representatives of the cigar trade v1ews of the trade, whtch we bl!11eve tQ tight pears m 1. \lll;)rse form tlian before : This is a large and Western advtces talk yery senously ef the Injury sus ave felt that'owmg to thetr earnest protests the coupono s. A ilDsfthtUicr' e o(tffie tax-rate laaf'sE! 1 l'rilport:i!i and m aDilmteUileDt tained by the growing erop from continbed rains and stamp project was likely to be abandoned by those th e llrdll&e&t :/cssible a ntms are a obt the many t Teptesents, and e lenti,ded floods. A deal h_a.s been drowned out, and the recently in recommending its adoptiOn, there lS the objeot of C or rathtl' ill W& td a gen_erally ts badly m the ..And a telegram 0 change to note w1thin their crrcle. Trade continues M -C Y ftd I have tiie 'honor to rematn your obedtent servant 1ust rece1ved reports no of heavy Hooding fair. I eans 0 add to the l'C11enue h'cb the 'JOHN' ST I'l'ON tams." -I Go/.1 opened at nsU and closed at II s3c(. f.1lllng o1fin cu!toms receiptshMl temporanly aitili.bished. lst weelt 2<1 weet, 3d weet. 6th weelt. 6th weot. Ttal Foreign Exckar. 6e.-Messrs. M. &-S. Sternberger, T do b ed anuary._ .487 454 594 565 11 Th t e f th k t o t IS it was propos among other methods, to in FINIS. February. -598 402 484 3IS r,8oo Bankers, report as o ows :-e on o e mar e < the tax on tobacco. But our trade replied that TREASURY DEPARTMENT, OFFtCE OF INTERNAL} March.---357 373 446 45I r ,8so and firm. Rates rule'lVith very slight variations, WASHtNG'roN '.l 1 6 8 5 223 hke week. We quote. Bankers, nommal rates 2re to secure a larl!:er revenue from the weed, 1'-e 'a .. ... ury I I 7 ApriL.---I77 sSr 642 81 I 4,20 I d d 1 '' SIR -Your two letters, dated June 3 o and July 2 M and for 6o days and eman ster mg "'ust be reduced 110t increased, and supported the asserinclosmg protests numerously signed bv)tbe cigar manu-+ :ay. ---477 JOZ J3? 1 4 r7 667 3 '200 respectively selling rates 4863c(@487 for 6o days, tion by the cogent argument that_ every re1>&ccor-LongiO's 90 @-W men ted by the authonty g e t th C Good to ana red ... ..... u @r! Navy, and 5 a .. 90 @36 tv n o e ommtsstoner, m be disposed of between now and September, r876, t Fanc y.... .... 15 @ Pocket Pieces ......... 2CI @136 case Of sale Or removal WltpOUt the Stamps afperiod of ahout fourteen months, 94,81 8 cases, requmng ::.: : l ra:: fixed for t he payment the tax to esumat.e the amount an average sale ol about 6,772 cases per montH', against Rough & Beady .. .. ... 40 @et of tax omttted to patd and to make an a monthly avera a e for the past SIX months of about Q.uotauo-sbeled .Poulld -Fine ... .... 27 @SO therefor, any constderable amoQnt of revenue 1s bemg es <> b""eo e .or Medlnm .. ....... 22 p 1 t d f h th th f d 5r530 cas 1 Trade. Nll"f Half p,..,.d ... 11d 7'/;lrdllos an 1 so, e er _m opmiOn o expenen_ce How much our cigar manufacturers will requtre durCo nnect.eNt Crop '87' and FiDe ....... .. ,113 @SO revenue officers and af 1 ntelhgent and pracncal Cigar ing the fiscal year that commenced on the ISt instant F!llers ............ ... 9 Qols, Eller & Kaeppel, I2 cases smkg, Io bbls do; I do, snuff; M., 6o cases smkg, 2 bbls snuff; ortler, so hhds leaf. Bv NoRTH RIVER BoATs-Blakemore, Mayo & Co. 2 hhds; H Henwood, r (io; order, 369 do. COASTW!l;E FROM SAVANNAH-P. Lonllaril & Co., 12 cases. CoASTwrsE FROM NEw ORLEANs-Order, Io6 hbds. BALTIMORE, '.July Io.-Messrs. Ed. Wischmeyer & Co Tobacco Fommisston Merchants, report :-Re ceipts of all kmds of leaf were small the past week, as IS U'\ual dunng the grain For Mary/anti the demand continues fair and the market is held very firm. Of Ohio, we only note sal es of 35 hbds taken by shippers at unchanged prices. No engage ments of th1s have yet been made for ac count of Frenl:h contract. We contmue our quotations Inspected this I week :-216 hhd!t Maryland; 355 do Ohio; 7r do Kentucl$-y; I3 do Virginia; total, 655 bhds. Exported same period -Per steamer Nuremberg to Bremen, I3o hhds Maryland, 36 do Ohio, 35 cases seed leaf, 79 hhds Vtrginia leaf, I6o do Kentucky, and 84 do Virginia stems;1 per steamer Scandinavian to Liverpool, so hhds Ma'rylljnd tobacco; per steamer R1ta to Liver pool, 48 hhds do. Tobacco Statement. Stock on hand in State warehouses, Jan I, r87S------------------.. ------14,627 hbds Deduct loss by fire Jan: 6-contents of warehouses Nos. 1 and 2 ----. -.-----2,764 bhds u,863 hh@1.20 co ected if each mdtv1dual ctgar has affixed thereto a Kentucky ts not hkely to be used by our cigar manufac8 @o .......... f.6o$coo small paper.,sta mp ?" turers in place of seed, and, accordingly, 1 nlay fairly Assorted ....... o >5 fiii"" .. ,. 90 TotaL_--__ ----. '--------___ Less shtpments (Maryland and bhw), since Jan. r 1 x87s -----------------32,031 hhds ro,450 hhds ber was not only hkely to cause excitement but to for the advocate of such a measure well "mented reproach and condemnation of those to be ag gneved by 1t. Mr. K1mball could also have informed < him that the cigar-trade was paying its taxes promptly and fully, and that-, therefore, to propose such a thmg as a stamp for each cigar was to wantonly msult both manufacturers and consumers of cigars. That stage has for some time been reached in the cigar trade, and the t obacco trade generally, when if reltef can not be afforded oppression must stop. The has already gone far enough in the way of persecution. NEw YoRx:, Yune 30, I87S HoN. D. D. PRATT, CiJmmzssiiJnu-Df Internal Revem, Wqslunglon. SIR: -I have been delegated by the s1gners the two protests inclosed to forward the same to yc;>u, the request that you give them )Our careful I may the same time avail myself of the opportumt:y presented to suggest that, as, after many years of tnal, the trade now is better known to your Department, and your Department is better known to the cigar trade than formerly, you might wtth safety in'Vtte a number of the large respoosible cigar manudacturers from dtffereat pomta, to meet you and hear Second_-It should be dectded to adopt this manner be assumed uoon the of these figures. that, Jet at'd connect1cut .. of Stampmg Cigars would the advantage to the tra, de of trade be dull or brisk, the proportion of poor and mdtf -F11lero .. ... ............. 7 @ 8 Ordmary .............. @ re usmg Clgar boxes afr. d d t r Runnong Lob ..... ... 9 Oheroot.o and Sixes .. 11 00 @13 Ou or a equa e compensauon .or ferent leaf be large or small there ts no dtscernable S electona ............. o s n .. .ff-lllaccoboy ...... 86@--90 the al o_f affixmg the reason why the seed leaf market shou l d not be strong Oh- Crop Rappee, French ...... --@ I oo Thmi For tmported cigars as 1t Jd t '-F1llers .. .... ..... 1 @ Scotch & Iund;rfoot -86@-90 wou no .,e at tlus moment, and let the ne\'f crop be large as i t may .Running I;o\1 .. o @u Common --@-66 practJcal to unpack, stantp and repack before removal why it should not continue strong to the end of this and ... s @:oo -c;!...!.c':, from customs bonded warehouses, could 1m porters the following season at least. Running Lots.. ..... a @ A O. s ................ ---.f1. out great dtffi.culty and export to manufactur Messrs, Charles E. Fischer & Bro. Tobacco Brokers, Wrappe n "G. a." 490 'Ill ca....... ers,, the necessary starnps r3 I Water Street, report as follows :-Althol1gh in J:1[POBT QUOTATIONS. II' G.. 'Ill cues. ... 28}> I ld I th k t f iC&A"S761bs. net.. ..... 2QX .. wou a so an you o avor me 'iHth your quan!lty the sales this week fell short of those of the c ..... ao 20 l r m ton or sugges w lC. m_ your op1010n being in Connecticut and Massachusetts, crop of 1873, p ,,.,..,tvana-Crop r81 JU." ...... ::::::: : ::: 110 '!'ou ? be of mterest or value ID, constdenng this subof which, one entire parcel of nearly 400 cases was Runmng Lots .......... lo a. :L".... ................ 20 1ect. Had the respoRses made to enqumes been taken out of our market. For export, 6ss cases and for .. :! @B :::_::.::::::::::::::::::, : 21 as generally tn faviJr of the adoptiOn of the home trade 929 cases were taken, makmg a total of IMPORTS. stamp on all Cigars as they have been so far as recetved r 5 8 4 cases ag:linst 2 ooo reported last week The The arrivals at the port of New Y-()rk from foreign lol same, I should liave used the inf?rma-a;e the sales ':-Connecticut crop, 18i3, 169 ports for the week ending July r3, included the foltwn thus obtamed only lty way of a recommendauon to c;:ases wrappers, 2s@4 oc. ; Connecticut 18p, ro6 cases lowinr: consignments: for such a change m the law as would author fillers and binders; Connecticut crop, I874, AN111VERP-Avery, Penabert & Co., roo boxes clay t e adopuon and use of such a. mode of stampmg ISO cases seconds and fil(ers on private terms Con pipes. c1gars necticut and State crop, r872-r873, 300 illers ?@ LIVERPOOL-Weaver & Sterry, 25 bales gum. Thankful to ctga.r for the1r prompt Conuecticut and Massachusetts crop, r873, 4SO HAVANA-F. Garc1a, 304 bales tobacco; Sanchez, response to the mqumes. submitted, and the generally cases private terms; Ohio, I873, 309 cases, Haya &: Co., u8 do; L. F. Auja, n8 do; Vega, Mar courteous ma?ner 10 which those mquities have been Sundnes, Ioo cases, 8@rsc. tinez & Brothers, u6 do; M. & E. Salomon, 97 do; answered, wilhngand'glad as I shall, at all times, be to Spanish-The sales of Havana have been rather Jacinto Costa, 8o do; F. Garcia, Io cases cigars; S. rece1ve from the trade a_ny suggestions wb1ch they may under late weekly exhibits, the quantity changing hands Lmmgton & Sons, u do; Jacmto Costa, s do; A. S. have _to make on_ the subJeCt the !lresent law and its,since our previous report amounting to 45o 1 bales, as Rosenba11m & Co., I4 do; L. & E. Wertheimer, 5 do; pracbcal. operations, or lookmg to any alterations or against 6oo bales at the date of our last wrtttng. Prices G. W. Faber, 5 do; E. Pascual Brother & Co. 4 do; changes m the Ia'!' by future legislation with a view to continue unchanged, and ranged during the week from Chas. T. Bauer & Co., :z do; E. Spingarn & co:, :z do; the better of the Ulterests alike of 90@ us accordmg to grade purchased. As shown by. H. R. k Co., 2 do; H. K. Thurber & Co., 2 rio, Leaving stock in warehouses.----------u,581 bhds Manufactured continues dull, but as receipts and stocks are small pnces are maintained Exported 283 lbs to Rto ltecelVed per Baltimore anrl OhiO Ratlroad from Danv11le, r,I83 pkgs and from Lynchburg, 593 do; per Richmond steamers 512 pkgs; per Norfolk steamers, 302 do. CINCINNATI, Yuly, Io.-Mr. F A. Prague, Leaf Tobacco Inspector, reports :-The market for l eaf tiJbacciJ has ruled qutet durimg the past week with a ten dency to higher pnces towra.rds the close Very little old stock is being offeretl, lholders still being sanguine of a reaction in prices within the next ninety days. Receipts of new continue fair, but are mostly of low and inferior sorts. The total offerings at auetion for the week were 233 hhds and r63 boxes as At the Morns Warehouse, 93 bhds 'and I box :-26 bhds Mason Co., Ky., district trash, lugs and leaf: 2 old at $8.I5@8.6o; 3 do at u.25@14-5o; 2 do at r7@ 18.25; I new at 5.8o; 3 do at 6-45o; 8 do at xo@r4-25; 5 do at 15-75@18.75; :z do at 20@2o.75. 2 hhds :BrowQ. Co., 0., at f7r s, II.5o. 49 hhds Owen Co., Ky., district trash, lug;s and leaf:-I at 5.8o; 8 at ?@7-90i 8 at 8o; I8 at IO@I4 -7S; 8 at IS.25@ 19-7Si 6 at 20.25@21.75 s bhds and I box West Vtr ginia: 2 at $s, 7-25; 3 at 8.25@9; 9 at I box at 8 .:as. I At the Bodmann WareholUSe, 59 hhcls and IOI bxs :-9 hbds Co., Ky., I at $n.75; 3)tlrs@Ig.2s; 1


' JULY 14.. l'"DE at 20; I new a 7.; 3 at 21 hhds Brown do ; total, in markets of the West, do. Ia----""-f5(),-and 3 boxes at 7so, I0-75 and 30.00, I hbd was Co., Ohio, district old : 5 at 6 at 20@22; I at first they claim to be ne11rly througli for this season, the passed, and bids were rejected on 30 hhds at 25.25. 19 hhds Owen Co., Ky. new : I at l9.15 ; 9 at highest expectations is frpm Paducab, wh'ere they think t8.oo. We give a statement of the tobacco movement .UXOR EDITORLLL&' KEY WEST CIGARS.-Key West sends 156,ooo cigars to New York every week. So stated. II.2s@ 14 .s-q; 8 at .15.75@ I 9 75; I a t :n.5o. 9 hhds they will receive 400 bhds more, 6,ooo bbds after of this city for the past six months. We qtrote : and 2 bxs West V I rginia: I a t 8 at 10@12.25; 2 this time, last year. St. Louis, we bear, eicpects very Inferior and light weight hhds lugs, 14-50; ToBACCO MANUF4CTURERS' KxcHANGE.-The Tobac bxs at 9 _25, 9 _75. 3 bxs Indi1ana seed at h@7-SO98 little more; Cincinnati will likely receive more than. all factory lugs, 6 oo@6.5e; of>lanters' do .oo; co Manufacturers' Nnlional Exchange recently met at bxs Oh i o common seed : 3 6 at $4 .25@5. 9 o; sr. at 6 @ balance put together, nearly all of which i3 of "cutcommon dark leaf, 7'@9o; medium shipping leaf Lynn Mass., and re-elected the old officers The next 7 7 o ; 5 at 8 @ 9 .50; 5 at 10.7s;@I 4 25 ; I at 2t. t i ng grades as is their stock now on hand. We have 10 .5o@u.5o; good shipping do, u .'Oo@13-5o; medium meeting w ill be held at Wilmington, Del. At the Miam i Warehouse, 49 hhds and 37 bxs :-8 very light stock of that description in our warehouses manufacturing do, 9o@n. so; good to fine manufactur-hhds Mason Co., Ky., districlt :-s at Jn_(!:9I8;-So;_ 3 new and do not look for any more this season ; W will be ing do, 12@17; medi.luit bright wt.irung Jeaf, 18.oo@ WHAT or IT ?-At High Bridge yesterday (July 4 ), a at u.25@17. I 3 hhds Brown Co., Ohw, d1stnct : 1 satisfied to get 3,ooo hhds from all quarters, but do not good do do, $35@45; fine do do, 50@7o. morning paper reports, :r,ooo Germans drank 5 000 at ,.7 _25; 3 at u@16; I at 20; 5 new at 5 @ 8 .25; 3 at expect that many. We have been receiving consider1 Tobacco !:.'tat't:,.mt. Hhds. glasses of beer, smoked 3 ,000 cigars, and fired 1 000 7 .25. 5 hhda Owen Co., Ky. new : I at able of remnants from Clarksville and Hopkinsville this Receipts at warehoiJse in June ___ ------_ .. __ 21I5I slwts over the counter of the air-gun man in celebration 1 9 .45; 3 at; 1 at 15. 2 3 bhds Pendleton week; most of which is frozen ,lugs, some of which is Receipts througb shipments c ___ __ __ -:_______ 970 of the day of Independence. Co. Ky.: 1 old at $7.75; 7 do at ro@,4; 3 do at being sold every day. Offerings for week etc., as fol, -----=I5@I8; 2 new at 7-os, 7.2o; 3 do at 8 65@9-90; 3 c!o at lows : Total of t he moQ._th"'__ ---- -3,12I !?:r-DoMINGO -AND HAYTI. News received fcow Io@J+7s; 2 do at; 2 do at 2I.5o, 22. 37 cases Week. Month. Year Receipts from Jan. I t? July 1 .... 5,9u P T ata, SF, ommgo, 1s tot e effect that the Ohio common seed: IO at f2, 3; 19 at 4@530 ; 2 at Exchange -----27. 33 I,224 Receipts through sll1pmebt'S'., ':; '=-:-. and t he last treaty wtth, 7 ; 6 at Io.2s@u.50 Louisville ____________ -30 64 2,988 1 ... ery Part new crop of tobacco At the Globe Warehouse 32 hbds and 24 bxs :-18 Ninth. _____ __ --------26 46 3,56I Total I to ,Niy T t... IS' rcm. Late of W 1. IIOUDtESS & RATIONAL TOBACCO IISPICTiOJt, lt 8G Forwa.r&s War! hOuses, Foot of an Partition Sts., Brooklyil. B 1 ll a ll .to bacco car e Natlonal Ins pection. OFFlCJ!lSt-22 WUlJ&,. St., N. y,1 PartiUoa St., -..-D'OutiLA8s. (Late COliiM I SSIONER OF INTERNAL REVBNUE), j ORNEY AT LAW Planters ___________ 54 94 2,798 ................................ 1,732 A l e ctanl etrimrltan.d i nronfeet ; \:;:1 \:;:1 s k J 1 IW9 .. and a circle complete." :lll'o. "..A.."S ... s .... --.... 2 Owen Co., Ky., b'ef; al f9.5o, I hhd toe u Y I. .......... .................... 22 9 What did he haye ibth. e wagon?-'fobacco! ..,_._. WefstVirginianewatlk,o ueases6h10seedleaf: TataL ...... ..... 334 S6 I z:z; su -, ,n, ,,.,t,,, m -w WASmNGTON.D.c. 2 at 11J-90j 1-J I at 8. Year !874---------I I96 I,9SZ 4 280 BREMEN, Yune 25.-0ur costespo-ndent t e-FAR REACHING.T he advantages afforded by THE -rm:i iiA'I'CBBB ... Y,uly 3--At the Bodmann 75 hhds and 76 Year x873---------I I34 42,I'56 pqrts :-Kentucky," _'There has'Jbeen sea cely thing ToB Acce LEAF as a H advertising medium have a ..._ 8 boxes :-16 hhds Mason Co Ky. }tr asb, lugs and leaf : 2 The following i s the exact status of our sales for doing in the 1 as e two weeJrs. In consequence of the si!nificant illustration iii the business card, pubhsbed m W iA -..CJ;IAS AJIIJ FU.$1_0,. $I4i Io at IS@.I!h 4 at-20@26.50 33 hhds Brown Co., week and year, to 1 oth inst :-Of the sales this week favorable crop pro.J>pects in .the States, .buyers ,have, fu another, , Campbell & Co Tobac;:co 1 frJ.;;the ,.ell-knowo wodta.<>f .. 0., district: 7 at I4.75; I2 at IS@ I9 so; 14 at 2 9 2 hhds were original new ; I4 hhds original old; 18 the fr.qm the matket. It does" ) t PI nters and Ci arWt tterthanalloth ttict: 3 at In@ I4-7 5; 5 I6@ I9-so; 2 at 20, 20.25; II,542 u s ongma new; 4 ,9o 0 0 ; 1 209 n w Jean ma,r ets on account of 1ts scatCity, Ill! t ere 1& extendea of I'.llE LEAF, a d of the c h eapet, M a t c h S a fwnh 1 h' ve.n Five Retainers. do at r6, 16.25, 20. 27 hhds Owen Co., Ky., district for several weeks past The market during the week Weeks receipts 238 Stock in first hands this day o ce an gave oo a1 to ta e t e w o e t mg mto. h b d fi fi all d II,700 cas"s. court." What the cbare was for which bail was given Seven Sets Mou ds (hood). aew: 1 at $7.85; 4 at 8@9.8o; 9 at ro.5o@14-75; gat as ecome qutte active an pnces rm or. gra ,.. ,. IS@I9.25i 4 at 21@24-75 I7 bhds and 3 bxs Boone We auote as before'. LIVERPOOL, Y exporters have transpired; At the Planters' Warehouse, 25 hhds and r6 bxs :-'half a cent RecE:ipts are falling off quite rapidly and consequently there is very little business to record. This 3 hhds Mason Co., Ky., at 15-75@I6.75. 2 hhds Owen many think the crop in. T,be weather is nothing new however, as from time to time a similar Co., Ky., at 9, Io.5o. 5 hhds Boone Co., Ky. new: 2 at dry and the many rams wh1ch' we bad some time; smce state of things has been, experienced by u!', and no 17 5o, 8 7o; 3 01.t u so, 12.25, r6. 6 hbds and 4 boxes did but little damage to the growing crop. We quote doubt hereafter as heretofore, a temporary suspension West Virginia: r at 17so; 3 at 12@I3.25; 2 at I6.25, fwsted, common lugs, medium lugs, of demand will be followed by a resumption of activity, 16.7 5; 4 bxs at 8 io, u 25, 16.25, 41. 4 hhds Illinois good lugs, @9 ; common leaf, @u; so that at the end of z875 the quantities taken for home new: 2 at $u.5o, I4.5o; 2 at !5 17. 3 !lhds medium leaf, 12@14; good leaf, fine and use and for export will show the pregressive increase of Northern Ohio at ls.g ,o, 6.20, 7 .25. I 4 Ohio seea: selections, I 7 @21 ; oi the last the breaks are almost about 2 per cent. over 'the deliveries of the preceding 2 at f.5, 5; 2 at 5-7fl, 5 75; 5 at 8@9 75; 4 at to@ entirely bare. year. Imports in June t() date 588 hhds against I,54I 12.2_s; I at IS-75 PHILADELPHIA, yuly I2.-Mr. Arthur R. Fou-S:ime time in 1874, showing a ma1ked falling off in our At the Gl0be Warehomse, 23 bhds and 2 bxs :-to geray, Tobacco Manufacturers' Age!lt, reports receipts. Imports this week 283 bbds; deliueries, 377 hbds Mason Co., Ky., disttrict: 2 at IJ-SO; 6 at owing to the extreme dullness of busmess usual at th1s Stock 27,050 against 22,804 twehre months ago. 15@I8.75; 2 at 21, 21.25 to hhds Brown Co.; Ohio, season of the year, with the additional drawback of unEaRATUM.-In Messrs. F. W. Smythe & Co.'s weekly district : 2 at $u, 12.5o; 3 at I7o@r9.75; 3 at 2o.75 settled prices receipts of manufactured tob!Jcco for the report of 1st June, the words "at low prices" ought to THE SPRING CtGAR-MOLD.-Our atteption has been "-aUed.._t_Q. n ar molds, which tke inventor believes will revolution i ze the trade in mold cigars, as it will make cigar-molds lJIOre universally used than eve r "This improvement vtill insl!lre the free smqking of the cigar. It is made so as to ha. ve a spring-tension at the small end of the cigar, which will yield to the surplus tobacco that may be put in the mold, consequently avoiding the risk of making the cigar so tight as to prevent its free smoking This im provement can be applied to old molds as well as to new ones, which will be a great saving and convenience to manufacturers." The improvement June 29, I875, by Mr. Napoleon Dubrul> tlie well known inventor and manufacturer of the cigar mo!d l:nown as the Sheet Metal aqd Creaseless Wooden Cigar Mold of Cincinnati. @23 I hhd Owen Co ., Ky., at f,6.8o. 2 bxs West past week remain JigP,t-m fact, were it not for the UO be en printed" at '/ifln prices." Virginia at $7 .6o, 8'.8'o. expected demand for small work, we should have bad LONDON, :July I.-Messrs Grant, Chambers & "A FRIEND FROM j'\MEI 119 West ,Front Street, OblclDD.a.ti.. : DUCK ISLAND LEAF.< 235 CASE S of CHOICE DUCK IBLAN'D TOBACCO in rnolar Iota. [54>ltl I DAVID Jl. J.I.JOIEY. N. WA:TIII& liT&EE'I', TOBACCO BROKER, PHILADELPHIA., P.A. FOR S'ALE. QS SJ!I!ID J.IIAI', .&.l!i'D 1873. This lot ,contalna:235 FINE WRAPPERS ; 33 CASES LltAT' BINDERS; BALANCE FILLE Rs-and compriset l:ielt well adapted for--<:itfar ... FENDRICH ct. CO., HAVANA LOTTERY-OF CUB4Covernment Lotteries. 'SAXO.NY, & HAMBURG. One Prsz.e bl o n t)"o tickets. Prire s he d alld inf2rmat ion iiiA -o--We'fZe the SQLE AGENT'S IN NEW '!'Oitt: FOR) ALL:HAVANA.CUTTINGS AND tha t a r e m a d e in t h e renowne d factorie! of EL PRINCIPE DE .GALES, (V. Marti n .. Ybur & Co. j to our former quotations. For the last ten day5-We bave \ISing their best endeavors to the ddficult1es of and contemporary li terature in the United S t ates.." bad some very heavy washing rains, and some fields of the ttade and meet the w,ants of consumer, for the THE FISCAL YEAR. AND LA ROSA ESPANOLA, (Seidenberg & eo. ) I d b 1 f W est, and the aa p1e are received weekl y i n bales o faboutloo t o 130 !bs. tobacco are reported entirely submerged and frencbing heavy injudicious tax pace up?n t at _c ass o our PpLICX..AND RE VENUE TEMs.-William Coleman age badly. Farmers can do nothing but sit still and see trade J>y the -last Congress, makes 1t trouble'rne Internal Revenue receipts for the fisp al year 16, and Ora Goldson, age I7, were arrested in the act PRICES FURNISHED APPLICATION. their tobacco and corn ruining for want of work. Unless some to manufacture pr fitably to all parties. ending June 30, I875, The Secre-of robbing Luke Brennan's store No 48 Gregory Street, we have some dry we.ather soon we will have at least a Leaf export d-emanu speaks in very t!\Ty of the estimated them at 'J. c., with l!_Orth of cigars and in their 53 STRAITON & STOR'M, 178 a 180 Pearl St very inferior crop. We quote :-Frosted and common for iiself, a well-directed deand the Comm1ss! oner of 'Reve!lue at $ro7,.possession. They were committed for trial by Judge FOR SALE. lugs 4 U, to 5 c; medium to good, 6 Ji to 8 ; frosted termmat10n to mcrease weekly, while our sales for home ooo,ooo. The excess theh1gher 1 s c os .Keese...-'Laughran's cigar store:in Wasliington was re100 000 Pouwdo Flavor, and 1low leaf, 9 to 93t ; common to medium, g3t to II ; consum_ption, considering_ the seaso n of the ye_ ar, ar e oa to $3,ooo,ooo, whtcb ,I S que to the add1t1onal tax-es centiy robbed of goods amountina i n value to $I 000 lor SMOKING TOB A CCO Manufacturers, ;1'4 ;1'4 { I f f I 1 d b h d ff f J "" '-' m lots to suit porchll!lelllo at lowoot fil'lr good to fine, n to 15. very fa1rfor all grades w 1th a u o pnces ev1e y t e tax an tan -acto ast wmter. This esta'blishment is prommently Situated on Eennsyl-MARBURG BROfHERS :July 1o-For the past :-eek there has been a healthy hear of a sale to one of our ma11ufactur.en.of IOO The, custems receipts for the ,fiscal yea footed' up vania" Avenue.-Frank McKenna entered Frank 143;,., ,and '49 s. CliarlO. Street, Baltl;,.ore Md. demand for good to fair of leaf, but common and of fennsylvama at an excellent and can contmue in coin, and in cun:ency, o aalaon at I4I Mulberry Street, and having DUTIES ON-FORE:IGN TOBACCOS A.NDIJIGARS. low grades continue dull without material change. Reto report dark col ored leaf st!ll after by ?ur. total of JI57,590,408. The esuma\ed the t e'ated his friends until a Whad becr;>me re :liorel,.. To-&icco, t:TJa ultld, gold Foreig n Cipn, h I d h k bhd f h r tl L. 11 t f 11 t e ts fi .-... fi aJ r t 162 090 o. h d k H h pound and cent. 1d11alit-tflf, Imported crars aio bear a a 1nteTua, ceipts arq very Jig t; sa es unng t e wee 53 s. manu acturers, w o are penec y1wl _u;tg o p_ay pnce, cus oms rJ!C 1p. or uIS sc ea a questep Klotzso to "bang t e nn s..up. e t en Revea .. tu .,1 $6 pe<>M,, by sqmpa at the custom .11001...._ We have been visited wit]i very rall)s for the past if leaf is only what they, need. For export th1s week, The llctua! rece1pts, tbe(efofe, are $4-, 09,592 e =lltl'l" more and cigars and on Kfotzso's relRe.ven"" A.:t. 3,) a,nP.4d l"-rcllJ.3 I Jr I d' d 8 d t E Thi t be b d ':I T r-' ..Tb etmportdu.ty ..onm.anUfactn ,t:edte oaccotasoc._perlb;Learstemmed'. two days, which wi l throw 'the 1armers back again m 30 cases to West n 1es, an I 2 I ,4 4 pou!l s o urope, s estimate, 1t mus rem elll ere was fusal t lion or the order, he shot h1m m the sse.; st .ems, ,5c. per lb, In lo this duty. tile .Re,-enu< tu o n the the cultivation of their croP.a and will otherwise inJ ure of Virginia and Western 1Ieaf, per Amencait and Red m advance of the passage of the Tanff bill. :U sho"'s McKennl a then w i\t borne Klotzso'Q wound 15 seoou\. same lund 9tobacc o made In thl most be_ paid. Thetobaccomut h 1 f b fi th j r' "" aisn be pack e d a\:cording goveTOlDif tdbaccomade hero. the tobacco plants by "frenching" ana drowning out; Star Line. .For domestic use, I96 bales Havana, 362 that t e arge expectations o t to e customs -MicJtael O Brien nleaded guilty to burglarv in the we already hear of parts of crops bemg abandoned for cases Conl)ecticut, 528 _cases Pennsylvania, aud 78 revenue by this bill have not been i_n any a ble lhird degree On Ioth_ of this month he broke into l.pOBEIGN D1l'TIES ON TOBA.<:co. 1 d Th fi h In Austria, Pnnce, Italy aDd Spab., want of time and labor to cultivate. The market closes cases Wisconsin. degree rea 1ze e customs rece1pts o t IS' ,y__ ar he liquor store of fames Roche, No 72 James Street, .. eromeJQ,underdlrectioaofaRe,.;e. JnGennanythedutyonAmerfirm for to fair leaf_ 1and lug, but. dull for lo_ w and RICHMOND to.-Mr. R. A. Mills, Tobacco are f.s,466,p5 less than those for the_ fiscal year endm,g and' stole $401 worth of cigars and $10 in money. Three icaoleoftoboccols 4 thalers petJoo loo. In Belaium J J 8 Th S f b after deducting 15 per c ent. for tare. Tbe dut7 ia 13 franc a, 10 ceutimt .. nondescnpt kmd. We WI!. not change our quotatiOns for Broker and Co mission I Merchant reports :-Our re-une I 7 4 e s estnnat_es .o t e C,!!s-,.ears in the Penitentiary WltS the sentence imposed by ISo goldJper oo American !hi. s" kliOLJ lD'. the present. c;eipts w ere' small for the There toms rece}pts for ensumg fiscal the Court.-Clarence "feller, a youth pleaded guilty to HOPKINSVILLE, Kv., yuly 9.-Messrs. M. H has been a feeling in our market for the ooo; f there IS not an reVI,-al of 1m recejving f,6o worth of cigars, the proceeds of a burltope per pud; on smoking tobacco o6 r oo. 40c o p perpud, and on dgora. Clark & Brother, Leaf Brokers, report :-Re-past tilree days and prlc'fs are slightly better with an be but little of th-e r c tpts glary at the prem i ses of Rudolph Richards, lbo. 1"'" ceipts last report 74 bbds, to' da, te, :z,98I have been several large plug approxlm 1 No. 4I Fulton Street. The burglary was committed by same t1me last year Io,248 hhas; sales smce last report in 0 r lU'Jiet the past week, and 1 look for a The_followmg shows Stephen Gemelin, who pleaded la s t week, and QOPE' S TOBACCO PLANT'-A MONTHLY JOURNAl. 26 hhds, to date, 2,396; same time last year, 9 bhds. brisk trade the balance of the year. Tbe transactions of certtficiltes of depostt the Treasury De-was sent to the Penitentiary. The boy was sent to the The offerings were small this week, and contained a full were 905 hhds ; I68 tierces, 23 boxes. I continue quotapartment from I-nternal Revenue dun!lg the year Ifouse of Refuge.-Officer Bowe of the Fifth Precinct, Pricetwosbllllngo l Engllah)peraDI>uw. --. proportio'b of frosted and undesirable tobacco, which tions :-Dark common to medium manufacturing lugs, ended June 3 1875 compared wah receipts from while patrolling his post saw a man coming out of the seems _to have no fri _ends_. Our market wiLS m_arked by 7 gQ.9c, good lugs to common Jeaf, Io@nc the same source dunng year ended Juno 30, window of the store No. 35 Lispenard Street The .., Anuouncem ento, &c. l o -per Iiue. ... '".' ,..r;, .. r u ... u ""' IW 7 2 8 d b d b ] '-d b nnleu accompanied Uy tbe e rrea:p u ndin g amouut. Thltii :rulto an er:ure lack of ammatwn, and showed a dech,n, e of medium to good leaf, I2@I5 ; fine leaf, 16@ t8; extra, I 74 :-officer arreste 1m, an su sequent y ascertamc t at lllvartablybe B.

---. :e EX. FORMAN. M. j. DOHAN. THOS. CARROLL. CARROLL & co:, Com. mission Merchants, -. 104 FRONT STREET, NEW YOBX. Agents for the followitng well known an: a Manufacturers : .f-IB. PACE, W. J. YARBROUGH & soos,' -'TURPIN & BRO., J. H. GREANER, J.. J. GRANT & CO.. L. H. FRA YSER & CO., T. W. PEMBERTON, _,. R. W. OLIVER, JOHN R. PACE & CO., JOHN' W. CARROLL,' and othErs. for the Original CABLE. COIL, BOUCf{E, 43 and ss, Single and Double Thick. Also Ageats for the Celebr<.ted ON JACK & BROWN DICK SMOKING brge Stocks of Manufactured T ebacco of every description, Suitable for the Home Trade and lor Foreign Markets, kept constanUy on hand. G. F. LINDE. c c. H .\.:Kn. N"E'VV YORK LEAP toBAcco INsPEcTioN INSPECTEQ OR SAMPLED. Certfficates tOr every case, and deltvered case by case, as to number of Certific3te. N. B.-WE ALSO SAMPLE IN MERCHANTS' OWN F. c: LINDE tc co., OFPitJE-14-1 Water Street. to 186 Pearl St. Water, 1'13 Front, 7<1, 76 & '1'!1 Qreenwieh Streets, and 1, 8\lludaon River RaU :a-d Depot, St .Johna Park. t;HAHLt::S t 11'4-K.t., 'l JNSPECTOR, TOBACCO iNSPECTION, WATER STREET, 127 & 129 WATER STREET. C) t Y'e>rk, 8A.IlPLING PROJIPTI;.T AT CER'l'IFI4:lA.TE8 188UED AND CA.SESD&e 'l'ENDED '1'0. LIVERED SINGLY OR lN LOTS ..c'ti>X.ANDER MAITLAND. ;. .F. S. MACLEHOSE L. MAITLAND & .. \\ 'ft TOBACCO AND COTTON FACTORS, C IJ. AND &ENERAL CO.I!ISSION MERCHANTS, 43 BB.OAD ST., ll'. '2'. Advancements made on consignments toW. A. & G. MAXWELL &: CO., LITERPOOL .M. !.SALOMON, E. SALOMON,., M. & E. SALOMON,. PACKERS OF SEED LEAF, AND IMPORTERS OF Bavana and Cigarsl!l 85 MAIDEN L:\NE, N. Y. OBACO Smoking and Manufactured J Tobacco, FURNISHED B\' BE HATCH LITHOGRAPHIC COMPANY, .a2 & 84 VESEY STREET, NEW. YOBK, AT GREATLY -REDUCED PRICES. GUJDO RIUTZ:BNS,TBIN, .tTROHN & REiTZENSTEII, D. J : GARTH; SON &: CO., .. (Successor:;to CHARLES B. F ALLBN!tTEIN & Co.,) I -.... ALSO DEALBJtS IK DOMESTIC Commission. Merchants, NO. 44 BROAD ST., D. ]. Garth, l C REIGN TO :L.ACCO" NEW YORK. Al'fD JIWOilTJtRS OP 'I'D E JULY 14 .. WJtUAM WlciC& t WM WICKE T tc co-., .. t., I 1 _55, 157, 159 & 16l __ Goerck, st., ... 'MARTIN k JOBNSON 79 FRONT STREET, Bet, WALL STREET Al!I'D OLD SLIP: 'YO::A.B:.. Toba,cco Contmission -Merchants, BULKLEY M OORE ct-CO. VIRGINIA AGENTS FOR THE SALE OF ALL '1'HE STA.NDARD BRANDS VIRGINIA i, NORTH CAROUNA Dealers & _SMOKINQ -Agents fot' the well-known and N. Carolina ROJ!ERT W.OLIVER, Rlchmo_ nd, Va. 1 Wll'fGFIELD & LAWSON, Richmond Va. tf'-1 D. C. lilA Y.O & CO., gtch'llonO, Va W01'1ACK & INGRAM M d 'II V' V ----Ill": -o-_.. o W GENTRY&C R. h d V ea ov1 e, a ... .. .. -...,. .... A .a a. v """ ... ., lC men, a. W. DUKi Durham N C f MA 0 & Kli!G'KT, Richmond! Va R. T. FAUCETT, Durha,.;, N.C. IIPOB'EBS 8F HAVANA -LEAF IIIA'DACnO HARDGRovE, PoLLA'RD & co. Rtchmond, v.. cooP&a. & wrLLIAMs, oxrord, N.c. AND ""N"""cTUms ov THB 1 UjJ U is called to the Brands : EL PRINCIPE GALES BRAND-OF HAVANA. AND ltEY WEST, P. P.'s whole and X Caddl08 .Gld Ned's Choice, )to, Jts,P. P's. U: F:rJ,ONT Street. 26 CEDAR ST NEW D.C.Mayo&Co.,Navylbs. I YORK. 35 40, and .l(s. D.C. ){ayo&Co., Navy )ts and Jts p p ln whole Jt.'lr.::.c::. X,and.l(caddies.' ., .' EUGBIB DU BOIS, .._ Invincible, Fi .g Mayo &Co., 3S,.fS, and tos. ______ _:. ____ .:...:....._;__;_..:;:.,_:__:::.......;:,.;...:::.....; Oriental, tt.n .. boxes, Co ., Navy, Jis, Jist Xs, P. Ps, "' cIssiol-mcmr, 48 ALE. 1 Xr FRIEs & BROS., 16 CoUege Plae,., X caddMayo Navy, }!s, )is, .'( s, P. P 's & loBg '"" Luscious Weed, n-mch P!lll SMOKIXG, in of Is, ,J.(s. Ji.s, aRd .%'s lbs. OHIO, NEW y 0 R K 9-illcll lxjlht prellleandy Lion Farmer;._ Choice, "s, Ji1, P P's. Faucett' s Durltam. '-.-Particr E. T. PILKINTOl\1 & .. COlS ''PBHITS. ONWHM.Tf' tre "Planter's Pride Choi-ce; ao'd NEW YORK.. !'AUL CAL".. Jos. H. Thompson & Co., 83 Front 8t., N.Y. Ageta for the following well-known and tutly eel bra.ted Manufacturen of Virgiuia Tobaccot C. A. JACKSON lk CO.: D. B TENNENT & CO.J REUBEN RAGLAND: WILL{AM LONG: H .. (J. HOBSON, Petoroburg. Sole for C. A. JACKSON -a: CO'S. Cel .. ---llnted Branda. SKOEINC _TOBACCOS. U"PRICE LQH PURl!I'ISHED ON APPLICATION. TO SHAPLKY IN&IIl HENRY w ULSTEIJ, EDWARD M. WRIG-HT & CO. General 38 Broad Street, .,CCBSSOR TO .. 3 to 15 Power. iorgfeldt & Deghun, Complete, ready to run. Best and cheap 1 PA TilT / est. compact, TOBACCO and econou-.:-IACBINBBY, 25 Myrtle Avenue, BROOKLYN Constantly on Hand th e Best Improved Hand and Steam Machines for Cuiting and :robacco Send for descriptive Circular, with. price list and te,.timonials. R. W. 'WILDE, 22 COURTLANDT STREET, 'NEW YORK.. DmtELBEBG & CO., 16o PEARL ST., NEw Yoltlt. KATz & co. : :. D. DEKELEE:BG"' co., DEALERS AND EXPORTERS OF BALTIMORE, MB. ALL KINDS OF SOUEFD & co., Le. af Jrneb NEW ORLEANS, LA, .a. 8000, XUKELBEII.G "CO., P.o. 4s5s, J 179 PEARL STREET, e LoursviLLE, Kv. NEW P.o. BQX Z4Si.. NEW YORK. MEUBAm. JAMES M. GARDINEII., CHARLI!S M CoNNOI.L11. Ja111es lYJ. de BLAKEMORE, MAYO a co., GE"ERll robacco Commission Merchants; S4 :Front s treat,' :NeW' York. COMMISSIQN MERCHANTS, 62 BROAD STREET.\ ARE RECEIVING DIRECT FROM VIRGINIA CONSIGNMENTS OF MANUFAC... NEW Y61tK, TURED TOBACCO. EXPORT I)RDERS FbR PLUG TOBACCO ,.._ PROMPTLY FILLED. WALTER FRtEDIAN & FREISE, IMPORTERS OF WILLIA}4 M. :PRICE & CO. CARL .. UPJIANN,-c LEAF TOBACCO, ... HAVANA TOBACCO ng MAIDEN LANE, Gmm &niiiSSIOIIIItBAJT. 203 Pearl Street; NIW YORK. .178 PEABL S'IUET, NEW ,YORK .. P. 0. BOX 2969. NE-W YORK FOX, n DILLS& CO., IXPOE.'I'lDE.S OF SPAHISB, AND PACKERS OF SEEDLEAF TOBACCOS, o 175 Water Street, New York. cos. F. TAG SOli,Importers of SPANISH and Dealers in all kinds of LEAF TOBACCO, 184 Street, o KB\V 1E'OB.K. For l'rloe List .Address Cl' .., abcn. GEO. W. HELIDC. "COPBRBAGBRDSRUFF,'' .VEGA, BRO't;, MAnllfactured only by G. REISM.&l\Tl\1',. Commission Merchant, ._ / CI<;ARS, l90 PE.A..BL STBEET, New York. :IAOilVTO COSTA, IMPURTER OF WEYMAN & BROTHER, HAVANA TOBACCO Secured'!>" '\.etters Patent, December !16, 186S. An. :fj::fi"metit on our copyright will be r!goroUllly pros .--AND D&ALBR IN ALL KUIDS OP' LEAF T .OBACCO, 179 Street, NEW YORK. Bet. Pine &:. Cedar;. Havana Tobacco, KOENIG & susERT, and SOLE AGENT for the mrand ofClrars, DEALERS IN ALL KINDS OF LEAF:. & HAVANA CotnerofCe4ar, NEW YOBK.. 17G FrontStreet, :1. P. QVIK "co., THI.CDJSDLIDATHD TOBACCO CO. OP GAJ.JPOBNJ! M. B. LEVIN,. TOBACCO PAGTORS, / FELIX CARCIA, No. 329 BOWEll.Y. (bet. 2:1 a. 3:1 Sts.,l IMPORTER OF HAVANA.LEAF .. Ni;w YORK. (T'IOM T GUTURR!:z). ..., ftTBB OP HAVAN! Western and Virginia leaf, SAN FELIPE. GIL R 0 Y. And Dealer in &llli;inds of i39 BROAD STREET, All Oigsrs and 'I'obacco Kanru'actured b7 us art or CALIFORNIA GiOWN LEAP, t':AF -T9:BACCO. P.o NEW YORK. CURED BY THE CULP PROCESS," IS2 .PEARL ST., NEW YORI I TBGM.&S IIIIICUTT, W. T.lTGBliBORST. DJ'.t't1cn Pond. VIIGIMA. To:s.Acco Leaf Tob&cco .. AND lllllli tiiDID IDmiT. No. 52 BROAD -SmEE'l', 88 .BROAD STREET. Ni!.'WYORL 7 ATII.6ll' tit CO., au.d Tob&oec. ... t .. -EBC ors, .. ....... & 1'1 8BO.lD STBEET, .. .:_ NEW 1'01.1! NEW YORK. .. BE'USENS, BUYER 011' KEWYOBK. Oar Cigars are finer in flavor than made in the United States, of Americaa Grown Tobacco, and are pronounced by competent judges equal to those Imporied .liom Havana, wbilc our prices compete with the better class of Domestic Gigars TOBACCOS. The Smoking Tobaccos manufactured by this Company are pure, a 0 Dlll"l'H and. m:IJCACY or !'LAVOB WStrBl'ASSED,,.. e while they contain LESS NICOTINE, lhan tobacco cufed by any other process. \ I BDQAB. IIBIGCI8, AgeDt,\_ Office and Salesroom, No. 207 Front Street, San F Cal. GEOBGE, BE:MC!1, Manufacturer oC Fine Cigars, aDd Deale:. Ill. LB.&P TOBAOOO, No. 195 PEARL ST., New York. ::P:R.%1\TOX::P...&x. CI.AI'l'D 041. m.A.KOND 'll'IDTG, FLOJ 4el !'nAI, SILVII LAD, !IIOUIGIOI._ AND C 1 G A R S _N. L!CBE:NBRUCH & BRO., ALSO OF THit WBLL K-NO\TN every grade of g Tobacco. ofGi!ars 'La Carolina' &'HEBI'V Clay. No. 164 Water Street, New York, And Sole Ag't for Brand "Prof. Morse.",, WHOLlllSAL" DKALEas IN and sARATOCA," HAVANA It DOMESTIC WEYMAN & BRO., !79 & Bl Smithfield Street, Pittsburgh, Pa. VEGA & BERNHEIM, 167 Water St., :New York wroanaa ow F. MIRANDA & CO., !MP

JULY 14:. E. & G. FRIEND & CO., and Dealeral n LEAP TOBACCO, 129 Maiden Lane, 1 NEW YORK EowAao FanrKD-.]r.l a S. StiRDIRGIR liBIIGI AID llBmK Bmm, And lmportero of Vuelta-Abajo Tobacco; 8tl W A.TER ST., NEW YORK. Yl. MBIDIL a BRO., 'MANUFACTURERS OF CIGA-RS AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, BOWERY, -.-. NEW YORK WK. AGlllllW 6 SOli'S, !oba.oco and Commission Me:rch&nf& J1S4. and sa&e Frollt l!!llt;...._ NEW YOBK, B4nloN aALII..I.LL DE&OIUPIW-tear Tobaeeo for Expert and loJU Ia Lear Tobaeoo baled in ant p8(kap 1v iJ press for export. Wll SCHOVERLING, U. S. Solid ToD lonl! Ou.r Moulds ate paranteed to be more DURABLE, and at least 26 per cent. Cheaper thaa any other'Mo u l d sold-Of'lloe and Salesroom. No:l31 Water,Street. N.-H. _BORGPELDT, MANUFACTURER OF. e .CIGARlYIOULDS,' Patentee of Closed Head Mo1llds, Patl11tee of the Single String or (-Jacoby) Mtulds, -ORDERSTAKEN AT THE FACTORY, HARLEM R. R. l'llEIGBT B-UILDING, WHITE STREET, F1oo.r 29 (2d Doot from Elm Street I; o r at IIESSRS. $. JACOBY I CO .. Office No. too Chatham Square, NW YORK, OUFIANN BROS. & BONDY, ANUFACTURERS OF FINE CIGARS, 128 & 131 GllAXD STB.JIIIT, li'JIW '2'01\B.. :t'ACKEit OF AND DEALER IN SIHD-LBAP TOBACCO, Sheet Metal Manufacture of Fine Havana Cigars 1 :i u 'NEW MILFORD, iowellltuowntobethebet preerv:.tiveof .JeJicate uomas. 'l'he bunches produced HEBlVl.ANN BAT & ooaommON M!Wi1Wf1'8 :QRO .. Al'f'D IMPOKTEB.S OF CLAY RIPES, TER-STREE'l. STRAITON .&STORM. MANUFACTURERS O F CIGARS, __,. [AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 178 & 180 'PEARL STREET, NEW YORE JOHN STRAlTON ... GEORGE STORM. A. & F. BROWN, MANUFACTURERS OF CIGAR MOULD PftiSSES &: STRAPS, Cigar & au ether Machinery for Mannfactlll'ing ptgars .ADd. :::Bo::.;.ee, iMPORTERS OF-MOULDS. 6 St. bet. Pelancey and Rivington Sts. NEW.YORK. CONK 1 by this Mould do n r t re1uire turning, as no Liberal Cash advances on Cmosignments. creat'l is shown. F:>r C rculars, address 225 J'ront Street, AHNER & DEHLS1 -COKKISSION :t.mnCliANTS, COMMISSION SAWYER, WALLACE & CO., DEALERS IN 166 .t lGSW. Seoona St.., Cincinnati, o. TOBAcoo"'; .;SSEBs, 47 Broatl Street, """:",.. and Central American Porte, and otll& mar. NEW YORK. BRODER a: 178 WATER STREET, TMPO:::El.TEEI.& OP BPA.NZ&EE AND PACKERS OF DOMESTIC B. W. lDUOKS; KANIJF.ollCTURER OF ,,e,.::;; CIGAR. DO BS,. AND IHPORT.ER OF GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS or O!t!lml!.'D'CE: IG CO., and F. :. !OCE:ELlU.lm Kanuflct'I1J'tl! y _.....,., ....--...._ D-BALB:I. IN J. Cigar-Mould_ Presses, Straps antJ Cutters, A a : 263 SOUTH STREET, Jl. Y. ,TBE GERMAN AMERICAN BANK, BR9ADWAY. oor. of Cedar St., NEW YORK. Ca-pital, $2,000,000. EVERY FACILITY AFFORDED T O DE'\.LERS AND CORRESPONDENTS CONSISTENT WITH SOlJND BANKING. H. B.OCHOLL. President. 0. H. SCHREINER, Cashier. SIMON STRAUSS,-MANU'F.o\CTURER OF Cigar Boxes ana Show Figures, AND DEALER. IN G .. fC AU ldad oC Ftgarea Cat to Order anti RepeJred tn the Beat lltJ'llf' The Trade SuppUe4o Y. CIGAR I'PG co:, aoa cHATHAM: SQUARE,, I LEAP TOBACCO LEVY BB OS Leaf Tohoccepreosed lo bales for tloeWeat Iodles, -,. lr.eto. PACKED IN 190 -e""l St' SIEBER. Pre.toleDto } -.... ..._. tJ riO -., e>f: WJII. YA.:NDUS, SeeretarJ'. ....,. .._or-o. NEW YORK. C:J:G..At R& BASCH a. FISCHER ALEXANDER MACK, Wangler & Hahn, RB A ..... ._ ,.. & B N y. ,l IMPoRTERs or HAvAli A IMPoRTIR or 11 vAll J. slaTcoRx, )IAKUFACTtlll&kS o 4 ::!:.r::. a.::;..:.;; sm wr:noi(cco, FineM'"Cigars, Ami Dealers in and Western COMMISSION vERCHA.Nms, Leaf Tobacco\ J T O'":B""AC ..... C 0 L 166 BTBBEf', J. .... New 172 Water Street, N. Y. 203 PEARl ;. : sHo w -s 121 MAIDEN LANE, N.Y.' FINEST A. STEIIV a oo., NEW'rQ&.,, CARD B. W A SSERMAN Havana Cigars & Leaf Tobacco. A. H. CARDOZO, E. & C? ., COMMISSION S. R., :: .. Dealer in all kinds of A. IASPROW C 1: JRQ. TOBACCO COT'rON FACTORY, HAVANA & DOMESTIC TOBACCO and Dealers in all Descriptious of Fll\IE CIG AR.S, WIT'I'EMA.NN BRO'l'JIJmS, HAVANA AND DOMESTIC JdANUFACTUli.ER.SOF AND LEAF TOBACCO Also,ProprietoroftheBraod 3'7 liUIDEN LANE, 5EW TORJL LEAF TOBACCO. PINE HAVANA CIGARS General collllllisaion Merchant. I 97 Duane Street, t "Cuba Libre/' f No. 66 BROAD STREET, N Y. 1.--.ull .. PtveAIU<. J New York. 297i &d!SG Greenwich st.. New York 101 Mru.den Lane, New York. 158 Chambers St., Cigar particularly favored. Roesa &. Schulz, E. EBEII TABI!L & RDBRBI!RG, Tll\TPOIL, WARRANTED PURE TIN, r\ll!. WBAn'lW CIG.US ad ua. r.INING CIG.6.1 IODII. < WlnEMANN BROTHERS, [3,. Maiden R". Ll 'aApCKERS,AtmonEBAL!ERsCrNCO, L JAP. TOBACCO_ Maoufacturersor .:Oea.lers in LeD..f Jill FINE CIGARS, 44 Vesey Street, New Y:ork 147 w A'l'll:lt S'l'., 138 Water Street., No. 2=a8 Front Street, Salesroom, No, 70 Park Place, Internal Revenue Eooks. Bet. Beekman & Peck Slip, NEW YORK E Q K M EyE R & Q 0 'J NEW YOllK. NEW YOBK, Bet.GreenwlchSt.&Coll

I Philadelphia Advertiaementa. .t Stelne,. Sm.ith B:I'OII. & Knaf?ht,. DEALERS IN ALL !(INDS OF ( LEAF TQ,BACCO,_ And Ma'fi!U,facttarers of and Dealers in Cigars. 2.5 #. 'HILADELII'HIA. TEWART MARKS, RALPH ct co:, Manufacturers of Ralph's Scotch Snuff, AND CIGARS, Bro. 118 .& ...r .. --I I I. D::mLPEt%.4,. Jiloen...... }ua .. P. Wub, Aleuader Jtalplr, John W. WOOJAI.J!BS IN LEA!' NO. WEST THIRD STREET, CINCINNATI., OHIO. I )Ace WalL KAHN :E. A WatL, Wen, Kah1,1 & Qo., l (Succea\"'ro to .. AJ. & CoJ Maallfactu s a d )Vholeoal e D en In S i TIB!D 134 Main Stu 0. > SPENCE; BROS. &. CO., Maaufacturers oCthe BROSI.&, And a var:ety of other grades of Fine-Cut Cfiewing & Smoking Tobacco CINCDnfATJ, OHIO. B .. R. W. TRO.AS, COMMtSSION B R 0 K E R, Subscribe for the Tobacco Leaf. 154 State Street, ILUITIPOJIDo CO .. Connectlelit Seed-Leat WK8TPHAL, Co.JDtiSSIOX JI.'.DCJ!.Uft, ADd Deller m CDtliCTICit1' IEII liAF State St ., llartford. Collll. A. L F. SISSOII, Packers and Dealers in CONNECTICUT SEED LEAF TOBAOOO" : No. I84 .Hartford .. Conn .. G W. l -. P.ACitBR AkD DEALER Il'r FJQ comCTIOUT SBED-J.W TOBACCO,. DANBU:R.Y, CONNECTICUT. lnLE.Ar and MANUF A

EWMARK, AND DE.4J.B,B8 I1r LEAF TOBACCO. '2'8 PAliK PLACE, NEW YORK. .PA KIR, & CO., MtDu!KW..:ers of t'l:.e C::elebnt,ed nd othou: Brands o Chewhur .and Smoking T obacco.s, 491 IH, 53, 55, .. 57Jell'e oaA" .DETBOIT, 10(2H. The Nn VE 11 sold lfy First-clan Deal AND HIS OTHER BRANDS Oil' TURKISH PASTE, ALL .. WHICH ARE OIVIliG Ill OBEASED SATISFACTION, AS INSTANCED BY !J'HE RAPIDLY Gl\OWDIG D&.IIIAliiD AND EllrTIRlll ABSENCE OF COl!IPLAINTS. this was simply that the stamp tax is petty and annoying. painted in sepia; "that bloke ain t no uncle of mine; But i( for one man that draws a check there are twenty it's only a frioodly way we 've got." men that light cigars, the proposed tax would cause Ordering a glass for myself, I lit my pipe and handed twenty times as much annoyance as the check-stamp my tobacco to the dwarf, with the inquiry, in a low business occasions. It is, moreover, alleged the voice, "And how is Brummy by this time?" The ex device of coupons on is the subject of a pt.tent, preaaion on the man's face at that moment was some and that a large proportion of whatever is to be saved thing to be remembered in after ))'ears, when you get by inconveniencing the public, is to go into the pocket nervous. It was simply indcicrib;able. If I were to of the patentee. This would explain the urgency with say it was like a bushel basket suffering from hydropho which the measure is pressed for if there is a patentee bia, you would not credit it, and yett it was as much like to be b enefited by any invention to be adopted by t]le that as any thing else I can think of. Government, there is sure to &e a ring of officials inter"Do not be alarmed," said I ; "I am not goipg to ested therein. discover you to any one else ; I simplv wabt to have a It is scarcely worth while to discuss here the of chat with you." the invention. Its profitable use presupposeb a dis"All right," said Brummy; "je!!lt wait till I gets my honesty at present among the makers and venders of brea h. Jiggered if I didn't think you was a detective; dgars, which is by no means proved. As a class the but you won\ round on me, now-will yer ?" manufacturers of tobacco are heavily taxed. There "No," f replied1 "I will not; you are free to go out have beefl many changes in their taxes and a great of this hOrlee. All oiled wltll..yew b-do.of both 5paaiM and T111'kltrb l"k 1 k 'l'h d < d d fi r 1 I I d the m anufacturers to whom we sell thtifyaatoltl I e Jts 00 S. e COnsumers are more aggneve at tne man-art og ght was pu1ek y Kerrect, SO nee n t uniform and escelleat quality, Yours, nry trn.IJ, and remarkablyeaellent quality. l oemaln, dear sir, the prospect, however, than .are the manufacturers ; relate lhll.t over agin but blow me tight! I can't see J. WRIGHT &: CO. J youn ttuly, E. W. RIZE:Il. LouisVlLLa, Jaa. 7 B7s. J c. McAndrew, Eoq., IILvNcHsuaa, VA., Janr>ary s, .s75. James c. Mesmokers of cigars are a unit on the cigar question. A wot that feller a:s wrote it 'ad to \;le sick about. If he'd New York. Dear Sir: We take pleasure ID staUnJ Andrew, Eoq., NewVm-k .Dear Sir: We have pleasure cigar that would not be hurt by having paper stuck to a bi., In my pbce, with a chain round his dire frame, that-your brands of both Spanloh and TurklohLiquorlce ID 11a1iaa: that In our district your branda of Sjlaniah :.r \ Pastehavogiven satlsfacti011 to allonrmanufac-and Turliloh Liquorice Paolo hvelnvarlably ,tven enit they say, is not fit to smoke They claim-the and Physic's best tooth in_ the thick of his fist, then he turers daring t'he put season, the quality bavin&' been tire oattlfactlou !o all mnufacturers uoing them, k h I h h L 1 anifnrmly excellent.. we remalw, clear lir, ?Ory qualltybelnganifMIIltnd escellcat-etall ttmeo. we smo ers-that good Cigars soothe t e nerves. t IS m1g t ave 1e t a b1t quarmy Howsomever, the Jight <>bedi ... Uyyouro, I JUNGBLUTH&: co. remin, clear olr, Y0""' truly, not for Government to interfere with a soot in ttgas tnu; an' it w:u; quite true that there was another BT. Lou1s, Mo., Ja.nwary 9, rBtS ]lmel C. Me--, ,., .. TKOS. L JOHN SOH ._ ,..,..,., :.t : ITT AD the io the .paper. that l was as ugly as sin ; 'cos if I coqld and thts wont d'?, we severe measures is said to To prevent effectually mercy of or malicious workmen, who by leaving git hold ,of him, he should find that I was a good deal furmsh 1 c!gars from being in boxes have 8een preoff the stamp from one or mo.-e cigars in a box uglier than some of the he done." v10usly used, and on whtch the_ old may not entail heavy penalties uRon who, ."I really am not acquamted w1th that person," I re, --been desfroyed." Tfie questton here anse!J: Who ts ll would certainly find it 1mposs1ble to Inspect every pfted. THE TOBACCO TRADE RE f J ? 1 TWEE FRANCE AND AMERI that is engaged in this unlaw u traffic Answer: It is cigar made and boxed. It is petty and' inquisitoria in "Well," said Brumrny, "my father was jest sich anthe very smallest manufacturer, if any, who is generally its nature and it is unfair to unnecessarily annoy fhe other sort of cave as I am-unedicated-but with a CA.-Little is known, says termed by the trade '' Garret 'f,ha,t this class cigar and tobacco interests. which pay so promptly such splendid head, as as a I've seen liirn butt of owls can not do muc hJlr!D to the Goverpment is a large revenue to the Government. men a feller over a wall like a bull, with that theri! old bacco canied on between apparent, and a manufacturer on a larger scale would agree that the proposed system is patented 10r tlie pri-of his; but I: had a uncle wot le)tn tg read/11.0' not himself to tbeneavy penaltie .and discredit vate emolument 0f the patentee rather dian .foY the was him as ta ugbt me all about these 'nervose ali this country and France. for the sake of making fifty or a. hundred dollars. actual protection of the Government. The manutac-mens.' \ll{qen l was a little kid about twelve,'he u'sed The latter nation taket Would it then be reasonable to subject the most turers say that they are willing to pay all just to say, 'Tommy (that's my k'red name, sir), Tommy,' thousanas of hogsheads of tensive and honest manufacturers of this great branch taxes but they think this one is unjust and oppressive. sez he,' beer's a aliment, and 'baccy's a aliment; cor Maryland, Connecticut,Ken-of commerce to .so expense and, I They' argue that it is for !hem to _super inan' tea, rum, gin,_ an' brandy, an' settera's tucky aad Virginia toba cco may add, tile Tumatton of theu busmess, for the sake of tend the manufacture of every smgle c1gar that 11 turned a All these aliments JS necessary, but yearly, and a late circular of a few hundred dollars less to the GovernmetJt? Would out of their factories; and if any mistake should aliments is dangerous, 'specially if yer misJ of the French Consul-General it not be as rea so able to imprison every one we meet although they may 'be perfectly i nnocent, they either 'em teg'lar. Pienty of necessaries is dangerous: fire is in New York refers to the wearing a black. coat, because person having worn a have to pay a large sum of roo ey or go to law. Upon rtecesary, but fire is whr parish .en-conditions on which the rd ) 1 h d E bo > D d black coat committed 1l mu er imported cigars the is doub y ar vezy '!: gmes r ogs is necessary, dogs IS anFrous- French Regie or Tobacco The adoption ot the coupon ci:;ar-stamp would be must b'e opened, and a one cent stamp .put upon each -else, why muz;des an' collars?' Then he always used Department works it up in -just as impracticable as unreasonable. For .instance: cigar and the cigars replaced nicely, or the buyer would to finiSh up with fTommy, go an' fetcame i 'pmt of to cigars, cigarettes, smokA customer was in want of a certain brand of cigars, at on'ce say that the box had been tampereclwith The fourpenny aliment.!" packed in quarter or half-ooxes d(which is often the whole interests of this branch of wdill hbe Brummy paused for a moment to "wet his whislls,'' case), and I had'l10ne other on h;J.n of that same cigar seriously affected by this new customs law, an t e as he observed ; and, having replaced his glass on the products are offered for sale. except those packed hundred in a pox. As long as Secretary of the T,reas ury will find arrayed aga1nsf nim counter Willi a smart rap, to call 'Uncle's' attention to At the same tii;ILe there apthey llre not stamped I can repack them, and accom a of men against whom, as yet, no char&e of (raud its emptiness, proceeded: "As I said, I never had no pears in the papers of New If b d 1 h' modate my customer, as also myse ; ut if the coupon bas been brought.; eQ.ication; an the on y t mg I ever my attention Orleans proposals, endorsed cigar-stamp should be adopted, my sale would be out to wa s these 'ere blessed 'nervose aliments' that my oldby the French Consul' rela. of the question. All that would be left for me would be DISCOVERy OF 'rHE ENG LIS" unc1e was always a-talking about. When I was tive to the furnishing .of to say: "Please go to my neighbor, he may be able to n.... 'DF DOG-FIGH' sixteen, l sez to the old chap,< Uncle, tell Ull all about large quantities of tobacco d -.a.-. to the French governmental suit you." Common sense ought to teach any bo y these aliments.' manufacturers. The awards that such restrictions would be unjust in the full sense lTo understand the amusing jeu ti' esprit, "''Cos I'm a reg'hir downright hignorant kiddy,' sez Send us five Immediately, aad pcices o r forty. Yours truly, NKW \(ORK CtTY. are to be made to-morroY summer the London Tele!Jrapli one branch of perlite edication, I shall be a little way ,_ Government makes is no made very loosely and afterwards, in its green state, published a revGJlting account of an alleged fight be-on the road to college.' A PPLKBY CIGAR. M'AC H 1 MK Co. G"ll{. : I have used the Flavorer especially to cOlor some wrappers I had, whJch I could do nothing withrthey being o f a mottled color. By your dtrections, I tots.nd t hat all the Leaf came to as fine colors a::t I e ver worked i.a Tobacc o and gave i t a beautiful brown. I wlll take twenty g allons IUld woutd not be without it for d oable the price : Yours truly-, ---. We have upon our booksJuandreds of Customers, which we willlibow to any one who w ill pay us a all speak i n R i n the bighestofterma. It requires either in or applied to the fillera one i'allon for every one hundred lbs., ffiaking the cost o nly one dollar and fifty cen{a perM more on cigars now used by the trade in general. Address all orders 131 WATER STREET, JiEW YORK. ALSO, \ PER DAY. PRICE, ao.oo. r LONG FILLERS. PRICE, $50.00. TilliE, NO H.I.RD HEADS. PRICE, 81.50. .. CAMPBELL'S IN .DIAN HAVANAfiS Price 18 Dplllara per 1,000 In London, In Bond. The.e Ci1an are uoaUy rolled In HaTaDah pattern, are well flayored, ad are made on tbe premi1e1 by 1111811. CAK!Bm.L II CO., Plantr.tloll. Works, DiDdipl, Xa4ru !'rtaic1RC7, From Tobacco IJOWD aad cured uuder their own supervi1ioa. Tb.ese Ciptll are fayorahly Jr.aown ia iudia AGENTs-IIESSRS. IF. S. PLOWRIGHT & 00., 4r Baolnihall Street, London .E. C. P S .-Hannah Pattem Cipn, Wteigbing 65 to a price tG dollars per freeln BoJ, in Gt. Britain. J. WB.IGB'T1 & co., MaB.Oil.i.ltS'a&r tJae Sale of Manufactured Tobae:Co, and Agents 0. Mc.Al!I.Dai:'W'B I CELJ::BRATEDLtC I E, IICBIIJJI. A IUCBMO.D._VA. more and wider pubressed tightly; ten chances to one, that when the buntween a brute of the hllman species-a dwarf known as "'All right, boy,' sez my How's trade?' licity to the:;e demands for die was opened S afford to t;te c1gar-stamp law. \Yhat may come ot converted, and is to join the Telegraph Benyer at a.tanner An here the old _man rn oftopoly that opera_tes unA: H. 1 HEOBALD. o. I have found Brummy-Brummy the dwarf, fi_ mshed the an. the pot a u T PHILADELPHIA, :July 2, I 875. B g th d g fi hter r Sigh. Would yD!I beheve me, SLr, I didn't get a dnnk justly from all pmnts o rummy e o g f h bl d t :H I k d view. The tobacco n;!eb dq_ 'EHE PRESS OX THE COUPON Many persons imagined that Brummy was simply an gut 0 t at esse quar nowe as not reap the profits of an BTAJIIPS. invention of a special correspondent, a sort of hobgoblin, m_uch as I to know. Sa:ys I tq ll)yself, 'Beer ad All the increase born in the heart of the merry Greenwood ; but I knew makes.. .lln spmts makes. lean:. tf yer takes both, yet falls into the hands of the ThP. general principle that Government taxes should better. I am a special correspondent myself; an's of the week, numerous stalls for the kmd I thmk _.I 11 go an see how my under such a system, will nations where improvement in the of governsale of fish, fnnt, stjl.ylaces, etc, ornamenting the gutters. sprats JS. gettmg on. . have at least a fair proporment is taking place at all, it" is most evident in getting Here I found Ilfummy. I knew him the moment I saw _.I thanked Br?mmy fo. r the he had giVen tion of the profits, which now rid of the minor taxes-on sealing wax and candles, on him. Not wishing to alarm the hero, I said: "y. me, and gave htm to satisfy htm. fall to the contractors. The window and dpctor's prescriptions. The tendency good man, I am a stranger hereabouts ; will you As I hand v.:rth him, I could not help nottcmg tobacco crop of the United of such taxes is to make od1ous the power that infiicts kt ndly lead me to a respectllble hostelry, where I can scars his huge l?aw. H;, g,azed on States is of immense imthem. One of the first of our internal revenue taxes to my wearied limbs awhile, and recruit the inner wtth pnde, and saJd, m a Low VOice, I m open still, h d' r th' b th d guv'nor portance in both a local and disappear after the stress of war was over was that man Wit a mo learn o some mg o warm an 0 ? 'd I d 1 li 1 national sense, and it should levied upon carrying a. watch-not on the manufacture wholesome ?" pen sat won e certam Y. be so worked as to benefit of watches, but on the individual possession of one. "If it's a quiet 'pJ.Lb' yer wants, guv'nor, I'll take yer open e ery ume he spoke, JUdgmg him by the stze of the people to the ltighest The tax was looked upon by most people as a conto one where vou can git as tight as blazes, an' nohis mouth. degree. If in the future the temptible piece of business for the Government to be body interfere with yer," replied the dwarf. I simply "I mean," satd he, open to another battle, .1f you French Consuls in this engaged in. At the present tlay any political party that remarked, "Lead on," aDd alter a very few minutes' can t\nd a good dog .. I 1!1back myself for a tenner, get country intrusted with the should attempt to restore that tax would be broken walk I found myself in a snug littld cushioned bar, where your dog where you hke. DmrMus GoGGs. duty of obtaining tobacco down under a stonn of ridicule. there was just room for about perst!ns. As it was for that government under Not leu absurd, however, is the propos!tion now the slack part of the day, we had it to ourselves, with contract will pu9lish the gravely entertained for inflicting a separate tax on each no fear of IDterruption. propoials io a more general cigar as it leaves the. box to go the lips ol the consumer. Now," said I, what will you take ?" 6 manner, they will open a Were there no other objection to such a tax, it wo)lld I;lunno as I woo,'t," t:eplied companic-n. "' t wider field of competition be enough that it i.a a backward step. It would be more whislo', and (to the landlorcl) don't you forget the and call forth more bid!! and appropriate to the mode of government in China than lemon, uac:le I" at better rates; at the same the Unltecl States. TbU very year tbe Secretary of the "lJ that pimply your unfle ?" I inquired, intime the monopoly which Treasury tJao &Jlat. the for creduously. . s existed in this matte sticking two-ceDt tev..., aod note1 "No," rephed tbe dwarf, .with a gnn 11lummatmg h1s would sooabe clilpcued with. pond fbr-aeltiaJ face, till it loQkecl like a of pleasure and sin CoPE'S ToBAcco PLANT.-This attractive publication still steadily holds its way and is annually becoming more valuable. It now possesses a literary character that 111ust give it a permanent interest and render its bound volumes a desirable addition to the shelves of every carefullv-selected libral)'. We quote as largely from its columns as our limited space will permit, bnt our readers should secure itall'eJUlar appearance at their own counting-roems. Having iQ view its specialty its motto might well j1n111., tuum/" 4


/ 'PB.R TOBA. VJ 'J:obaoco l!fla.D:ufaoturera. LICORICE. rekera. ---------------------JOHN ANDERSON & CO: ._ICORICE. PSTE. BENRlrllo, S T "'A : ft 0 BY MANUFA(."TURERS OF THE A ..... SOL!CB on mElt TOWCIIS c. w oo. r !f.OBACCO BROKER, ETROPOLITAN _CO., CI&AIDIAI!I:TIJI ..,. which !a 'being once me manufactured und.,. the G M ,. "" immediate superviaion of the originator, ) .&J _. Vo THOMAS HOYT & CO .. 114-Md 116 LIBE-RTY STREET, Tobaeeo ma.n:nfacturers a..'ld the trade in 6 ::B'tT:RLil:TC $I.IP, are rt!iJII.estei w e.x NEW YORK, ii'm,me test tho supe-1-ior properties ot i't"': W 'YORK. Beg to direct tbe attentloa o! the Dealel'll In Tobac:co this LICORICE, which, being no.w ":lrought and the l!t to the highest perfection, is URdel CELEBRi!ED SOLACE FINECUT for t.he CJD.'WIXG i'OB.&.OCO, t..mnd. .... EU8NE TOBACCO BB91BB MR. JOHN ANDERSON, by consJ}mers. to be the and now atanch, as formerly, without a riYal. ombest i:n the market",... And for the brand oi h forwarded through the channela w!II 143 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. Flne Cut c ewing and meetwithpromptattention. LicoriceS:tick r S T & S 30'1i'S:N !I' .FLACC dkCo INOIJL &. co., MJ)KI!CC) OBACCOS lNUFF, MAXVFt.enll&& o ALL GRADES o tn a.ll respects equal to JOHN CATTUS OUrJ llP.ANDS CHEWING: (!!at 8ktWiU4J, ,ftu011.1llt}t 15t]}t"NYSJ't>E, HEARTS' DE,LIGHT, 11w.t (8QUU\att4 We have no Consamers and ... Milt 0...,...., Jobbers would do wen to apply direct. TOBACCO BROKER :KATIONAL, BRIGHT OWEN. 'r 0 B A. C C _. Licorice and ordillary, conmut11 : EXTRA CAVENDISH. HARVEST" tP''8URPRIIE" IN FOIL n band. 127 p I 8" t fo6 Pearl Sl, New York Citv. IVAN HOE !JOYS GOIIEZ & lRGuiMBIU. ear nee BOn: nr.-.. n HOYT 176 & 178. F1rst St .. 8rookl,yn, E. D. 29 & 31 SOUTH WILLIAM STRE"' NEW YOR K. JOHN F. FLAGG. ISAA UJ a .. 600DWJN & CO., LQliORICE -PASTE A STiCKS. OBAS. B. FISCHER & BRO., ,fli Toba.ccoBri>ksters, 0 '""t 207 & 209WATER STREET, .... lSI Water ., 0 (J g t NEW YORK. NEW YORK. .. '-' GUM ARABIC, tM. KALMUS, H t = E4. IDIIJ 'ToBcco BBnm {) i m D. BUOF(:NER, And all ManuIIJUU II .. AIUI,' .ij wEAffit&'STiRW'J':Ortern 189 .t ., r>:1 >:AND SMOKING R fOBAOOO AND CIGARS, I ..,.111 1=14 (') w eo:etb.e u.s. Bae B&B. Wmeheater. UP STAIRS. J.aia Lea LJ'OU. Gn.etan BenL ..d = ia 0 D .... H .. -C-HA_R_L_I:_a_F_ ....... o-a_a_o __ R_N-E, J11 AND $PECIALTIES FOR TOBACC:l : ht f!:4 .......,. ............ -,. MANUFACTURERS. JAMES G. OSBORNg, -l't ... mi:LBBBATBDftNE-(l'lTT HILLIER'SSONS&CO.-l., robacco Bro'lt:er, Yir[in Leaf and Navy C'.f:. oFFrCE, "" uaoAD sTREET. I .....-FRANCIS S. KINNEY, MANUFACTURER OF "Kinney GRle,rated Ruan CICARETTES AND FINE TOBACCOS, I WEST BBOA.DW .ti.Y, :NEW YORK. CITY, DEPOT & AGENOY Of the Manufacture of !)AR srot.t.\' l 11 NEW YORK ; B. Rader& Son, IIIW.. TOBACCO BROKERS I l'Urely and Finely Powdered I 8PA.NUII LI()()RICE ROOT, 133 P:&:.U.I. li'l'UE'l', SMOKING TOBACCO. IHf!M'II P!uu Jl>b-, Bwif1 BW/f FloWr, .te. K.AmtV ACTORY AND SALDROO'H, CORNEl Of AVENUE I AND TTH STIEETo' SPANISH LICORICE EXTRACT, I DEER TONGUE, NEW YORK. I LAUREL LEAVES, TONKA BEANS, 200 Chatham Sqnare, SOLE IANUFACTURERS OF THE CELEBIIITED .,; Ill' )C j 0 Ill z .. ... Ea .... CARD,-'WE beg tn Inform the trade that -are the Sole Manufacturers ofthe far-famed Ma11l igars, and having learne(l other parties contemplate imitatingthem and aubetitutiug Tobacco ofin erior quality grown in this LOuntryJ therefore W8 caution the public DOt to purchase any Manila Cigars n bearing our uade f>D the boxes, 8 .JAC8BY A (;0. MAYER BROTHERS, 49" 61 T,CHOUPITOULAS ST., NEW ORLEANS, LA SOLE WHOLESALE SELLING AIENTS FOR MANILA CIIARS, for LOUISIANA, MISSISSIPPI, FLORIDA and TEXAS. liiSTABBOOK. EATON, No. 7 COMMERCIAL ST., BOSTON, SOLE WHOLESALE SELLINC ACENT8, !:or LA NqVEDAD, MANILAS, a.nd. OVALADOS CIG4ItS, I'OR THE .liEW E:NGLAJO) STATES, O"FF'"AB. 'VV',; 68 KILBY and 98 WATER STREET, BOSTON. SOI.:Z WBO:t.3SA%.3 S:ZIJJNC .6.C::mNT, FOR THE "LA ROSA HABANERA," ''METROPOLITAN DOVB T.&rJ." j "' PATENTED BRANDS OF CIGARS. G. W. GAIL & AX, BALTIMORE, AT cAssiA BuDs, J. SCHMITT, Jr. 1 TOBACCO BROKER, 1 LA. VENDER FLOWERS, GUlli ARABIC, GRAIN AND POWDERED, GUM MYRRH, LUMP AND POWDERED, GVM TRAGACANTH, FLAKE AND PEABL S'r4D'l', NEW. YQBX. liVEIS,.., ELLER & K.AEPPEL! Aseat. LOUIS N.-PECARE, l '71 JOHN STREET, NEW YORK., 4 OJ' Loni and Strai[ht Gnt Cavendish t-SMOKINO TOBACCOS, For FfJ>e1 Wlo.oleoale and Reta:U Tr .. e. BKAIIOS: -ExceliMt, Perique, Turkitsb, Lata.lda, Green Seal, Golden B:w, California, Engll!ih Birds :Black and Tan, Golden Fleece, Virginia Stra,gkt Cut, (;oldeu Spectre, PBRIQ,Uii) IN CARROTTES, rDBlCCO AID 'CIGARS, .A.HD DllA.LDS Uf .; .......... SNUFF, PIPES, etc:.; AT AU BROAD STREET, IEWARI .lKD IN c.u.DWELL N. I Mn. a. a. MILLER & TOBACC 0 liANUPACTORY, (PETER 9. COLLINS, Pl!msT : .) 97 Columbia Street, NEW YOBK, -.ANUPACTUUKS OP TH!. CBLBBl.A'lntn I' l!frs. G. B. Miller & Co. Chewing and Smoking Tobacco, the only Genuine American Gentleman Snuff; Mrs. G. B. Miller & Co. Maccaboy and Scotch Snuff; A. H. Mickle & Sons' Forest Rose anti Gtape Tobacco; Mrs. G. B. Miller & Co Smoking .and CheWing To'bao;co. IF All orders promptly executed. BUCHANAN & LYALL, "" OFFICE, 64 Broad street, New York, FACTORY, NO. 2 FIRST IIISTRICT, SOUTH BROOlLYR 1 ....-I :Manufactw:ere of the -CELEBRATED BRANDS 01' eB.OVER Smoking Tobacco, MANUFACTURED BY WALTER B. PIERCE, e UTICA., N. 'Y, This Brand of Smoking is as dark colored aad as thoroughly ct1red as Havana. AG.l'.NCY AND D Ki'(.)l 01' F. W. FELGNER c!t SON'S, Successors to f. H. BISCHOFF'S BALTIMORE TOBACCOS with Fr. ENGELBACH, l2 Sixth Ave., HEW YORK TOBACCO BAGGING. IMITATION SPANISH LINEN, .. F .A.NCY allJoi#da of Goode used for putti,ug np Smokmg-Tobacco. complete assertmeot of Smoken' Artkles for the Trade. tWWAfiD SANGER & CO., & 107 CHAMBERS S'I'., NEW YORK. Cigar Manufacturers EDWARD A. SMITH, MANUFACTURER OF PID.e Segars, .o; 11 Bowery, .--. YORK. llACCUM & SCHlOSSER, OF Fine Cigars, POWDERED, ESSENTIAL OILS, OLIVE OIL, LUCCA CREAM I1'i CASES, liE SAME OIL LEV ANT IN BBLS. and 1 all the Specialties for Tobacco Manufacturers. Our P&tent Powdered Compcund of FlavQrs, (dated Feb. -.d, ,) Is commanding general approval from the makers of favorite brands. Its efficiency and arc unquestioned. PRICES CURREIT ON APPLICATION, V W. BRINCKERHOFF 182 st., NEW A. SHACK. TOBACCO BROKER. No. 129 Maideri Lane; NEW YORK. :J:lti.I:PO:E'I.T:::EI:E'I. OllDAB. ST., K. 1r. POWDERED ttQUORlCE. FINEST at Peugbkeepsie, New-York. lRFF6RD, SHERIAN & JNN!ff THE lEAF. 6-{1, Subscribe for BEPPENREIMER & MAURER, PracUoal. vAND PRINTERS, BY STE.A.lll POWER AND HAND PREB!'ES. lobarco.and Loadrel Yello'W 7-S cJermaa 34 yds. 1 .35 Loa.tre 'Tello'W' 13-r' J4 ,da. Eapaaola s-B '' vtb. z !So Broa41 Yellow s-8 71 yclo, ,',05 B.,.,... Red s-11 71 yda. P qu"owenow ...s 71f4a. N.......,..,. Red 4-8 1 Jdo. 1.6o aanow TeUow 4 8 ,. 71 yds. 1 .:r 1 llarrow Re.l 4-l .. '' yda. 1 .::.,5 1!1...---YeUow Bent Blbboa, 1 yds. 95 Bunw Ked Dux Rllifoon1 71 yols. '"" TERMS CASH. ALL OGKU WILL BB PROMPTLY 'WIIoLUM: WICJal oo.1 JOSEl'li J. A.LKmALL, t IMPORTER OF "ONLY FINE" HAVANA Leaf: Tobacco 16 Cedar Street, N. Y. PB.IOJJ J.IST OF SP A:tUSH CIGAR RIBBONS,' Londre, or Part:al(a8, extra 7 yardo, 1 Londrea, or Part:al(a8, 7-8 35 yards. 1.8o s .. oad Teliow, 5-8 72 yards, Broad. Red. s-8 72 yards, 1 .70 Eapanola, s 8 72 yards, I.,o Narrow Red, or li'Jaaro, '71 yards, 1.50 TERKS-NET CUH. HENRY WULSTEIN, io _..,.Id, & Desio"-', 1 I .. (1,) \ s::: .s::: () -, ::E a. (I) 0 ::::s () .... () C\1 ..0 0 t-25 Myrtle A venue, Brooklyn, Coaotaatl:y-. oa P:aad the U..t Ha.. ... Steam. lllaelllau tor Catabttl aacl GrallalaU.C ToiNMeo. GOIIBIIJ. 4111. GO., Importers and M anufactnren of GERitlAN AND SCOTCH Heinrich Goebel Sohne, Genuine 8rossal11erode Plpll, 128 -.aideD l.aae, T CHARLES A. WULFF, lithographer, Printer, and luufac hlrtr of CISAR AIJ tABILS .,lLS 0 KA:rrfUJ'ACTURli.R 0,. WULFF II; BELLAMY'S Patent 'rransvarent Crystal Glass and KZT .6.I. SICNS. 51 CHATHAM STREET. TO TOBACCO CROWERS. TRY'J'HE Planet-N &Y"f, u, ,U.s, 3s, 45, SSt 6s, 71, Ss, os, toe. Sailor's Cho1ce, ts, ;.&s, 3s, f' ss, 6s, 7s, 8s, 9S. I08 147 .to U9 ATTORNEY STREET, NEW YORK Proprietors oftbe celebrated brands .. Republic" and "High aad Dry. Other faTorite branda made to on!K. BUSINESS OITIOES' 123 Front Street, 1\lew York; STAR Challenge, lbc. King Philip, Wuhington, .lOs. I Grape aDd Apricot, Neptune, Double Thick, Unconq-oered, brt. drk. "ACME" Fanc:y Brt. :t.fonle Mi:kell, Pouods, :Narragansett, Tocaraaeb,-, Alexandra, Peerleu:, Seosati011, 101 Gold Bare, Jack of ciuba: Pride of tbe R eJriment WILLUW.. unu.MA.M .Pocket Plleces. -!---DAVID C.. LYALL. MoEtlOY' & <0;. Sale"A;'ts, !Jll!ro!l.d. :a. MANUFACTURER OF ALL KINDS QF MUSLIN A.'ND LINEN TOBACCO BAGS, 263 East 4th St., New Yerk. Orders prorr: vtl.Y to at the lihorust no ico ESTABLISHED 18i8. K. C. BARKER & CO., Manufac'turerc of the CelebfateA riNECUT TOBACCOS, AMERIOAU EAGLE p. l lj trl ASD DETROIT, MICH. .fr:::d "u st.zed woO


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