The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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VOL XI.--NO. 29. NEW l&t VPadmtto I IS PUBLISHED ...... r WJZNISDAY :tr!(jBNING BY THI fi:BA008 LIA '' PUBLISBIN,G 00, I 14!1 Ft&UMt, se., New York ..... KGJIIB., llo:Bd.ltor. "01 IOWCO LIU" l'llil:JUI:IIQ QO, Terms of the Paper : SJNULK COi'J&S, .. 10 CKRTS ON& Yt::AR, ... ,._ ..... ......... k 2e .. -.. fJ rc &" :llemembe< tbat the cost to the year), or month1) aabscriber is leu iiul Ei'r"t Ctnts jer _._ ANNUAL SUI!SC.RIPTIO)IS ABROAD. ca.AT AND CANAlliA -04 liaMaN, HAIURG A:MO TK&CowTJNaNT, $6 o8 AUSTilAUA, .ETC., .VIA ENGLAND, J6 .,S CUBA, -.. -.. .. $5 04 No order for the paper considered, unless accompanied by t'be correspondin g amoun.t.. Remittances :should. in be made by aODeJarde-r check o r draft. IUIJs are Ha))ltr l o be stolen, aod can only be sent at the greatest ri&k to the THa TOBAcco LEAP commends itself tO> every one t11J1 way interested kl, either as e:iufacturer or dealer. Jt fcives annuat-ilae.. -.IIHCN, has long since been recognized as etandiogatthe bead ofl!lpecial trade publlcatiens. lta market reports are full aud eshautive, and :t:ome from evrry quarter ot tlae glo!e where IDbaceo Ill sold. lidJ'"' 1t is the ONLY weekly publication exte:n .tvely de-.oted to tobacco. \ [.Few Adwrli6i R.tnllh TAr'nl Pap.] &USINISS DIRECTORY or ADVUTISIBS JIBW YORK., TGbiiCCQ W IIINAOIIII .. -A.,aew W. & Sons, 284 and 286 Front street A boer .!1: Debts, >90 part. Allen Jalfan, 17.2o Water. Appleb7 .a Hefme, a3 Water. Auerbach Simon. 138 &. Watu. Barnett. S. ut Maiden Lane Bach & Fische1, ss Water Berliner Julhu, 103 Peari., Ma1o & Co., Broad. Bowne It Frith. 1 Borliog Slip. Brocl M., J-t7 Water Bulkier, Moore & Co., 74 Front Hurbartk & Nash, 49 .droad Cardo3o A H. 66 Broad Crawford E. M. a68 \Vater. Dohan, Can('ll /ll Co. 104 Front. DuBots Eu.cene, Frnot Eggt:rt Wm. & Co t71 Pearl. En.,.lbach. F. 13 Sixtb Av Falk G.&: Bro., 171 'Fatma.n t.z Co., 70 aod 73 ltrod Fox. Dills&. Co, 1.15 W4ter. 'Friend E. & G. & Co., Maiden Lane. Friecben, & Schulz, 147 Water Gardtner.J. M ll. f;o., 84 Front. Garth D. ., Sen & Co., 44 Broad. GUiiert. J. L. & Bro., 16o Water. Gershel 1.. & Bro., 86 Maiden Lane. Guthrie dz. (:n. n11 FronL .L -& Co., 151 Water. Hawes, Lha!:l. B., u9 Maiden Lane. & Ven Ramdobr, 189 Pearl. G. W. & Co So Front. Hoffman Emanuel & Son. t49 \Vater K.innicut Thomas. 5:1 Hroaa. Koenig &. 3:19 Bowery. .Kre:nt:Jt>crg & ()o., 16o Peart Lachenbruch & Bro., 164 Watll' Lam,tte A. C an Pearl. Lederer&: Fischel, n3 Pearl Levin M. H., a6:a Pearl. McFall & Ho,lllln, 33 Murr;,ay. ldack 16J Water Maitland Robert L & Co. -43 Bro-.d. Martn & jobnson, 79 Mayer Sons. a:u Water. Me,er A. C. L & 0., 41 Oatmao Alva, .166 Watea.!nbeimer, M. & Brether, 138 Water. OtU11ger Brothen 41 Broad St. i'almet..t ScowUle, -'?0 Water. Prtce Wm. M:. & Co., n9 Maiden Laue' Quia, J P. & Co.139 Broad. Jtead & Co., 0 d Sliv. Richey H. A 86 Front Reiamaun. G. 179 Pearl. Rosenwald, .E. AI Bro. 145 Water. >9> Pearl. Sawyer, wallace II Co., 47 Broad. Schmitt]. & Co., 16a Water. & Bon, 178 Water. Schroeder & Koch, 146 Pearl. Scls.ubart H. & Co 146 Water Spinl{&ro B. ,.; Co., S Burling Slip. SpiUner C. H. uS Water Stein &. Co., 197 Duane. Straiton & Storm, 191 Pearl. Strobn & Reitzenstein, 176 Front. Tag, Chatleo F. It Son, FrvD$. Tataeohotst, F. W. 68 Broad. Tbnmpsen Joseph & Co., 83 Front U1JmaDD, Carl, 178 Pearl. Waasermao H. 101 Lane Wri&bt. E. M, & Co.,39 Broa53 Water. Bachaoan & Lyal 54 Broad. Baclooer D, 156 DolaDcey Goodwin & Co. 2107 Water Hoyt Thomaa If, Co;, 404 Pearl KiDDef B,-o!:l. 141 West Broadway llcAipln D. H. & Co. cor. Avenue D ud T-: Miller Mra. G. B. & Co. 97 Columbia Pioneer Tobacco t;ompany, u3 Front .Jc" for Chrzving and S.olir Itt, Colell H., 168 Water Mea A.. & Co. LibertY Weiea, Eller & Kaeppel, aoo Pearl M of Ciz'vo. Bondy Charles, 53 Bowery Footer, Hllsoo .!1: Co., 79 Cllamben Frey Bros. & Co. 44 Vesey Glaccwn & Schloaset', 1-47 and .1<44 AttOrDoy .. Goodwin E. W Front .. Rartcorn J. A., 86 Maiden Lane. Jacoby S. & Co., 200 ChaUWn Sq. & & 7 Doyer. Kaufman .Bros. Bondy, u9 & 151 urand lt4:!1"ba & Spies, 35 Bowery Levy Bros. 70 & 7:1 Bowery Lichtenstein A. 4t Bro. 34 & Bowery Lichtenstein Jhos. & Oe. J68 Howt:'l'J'. 'Mendel M. '" & Bro, Bowery Neuburs:er M. J83 Pearl N. Y. Co-operative Cigar Muurtr Co.11 ao:a Chatham Square OrgJer S. 297"' and :z86 Greenwich & Co. 84 and 86 Reade Smith 'E .6., 1 1 Dowerv Sw:belloerg M & Co: 9knli 94 Liberty 8traaton & titorm, 178 aud 1So Pearl 8utro 4!. Newmark, 76 Park Place '!'abel& .Kohrberg, 70 Park Place. & .390 & 39J Bowuy. of Fitu lUu Ci(JJ" Boody (.;barles, Bowery Betlrens Henry J. 65 P ine Kasprowicz A & Bro. 158 Chamber Mora J. M. & Co. 6> Water Rivera&; Garcia, 7 1 Maiden Lane Haya & Co., 130, 132 & I;H M. Laoe. lporterJ of Ha-uD'IItl Tobcco, Almlrall T. J. >6 Cedar Costa JaCinto, 183 Garcia F.167 \Vater A. a6_7 Water 1teUr HOrace R. I:; Co. 178 Pearl l&iAnia 1. &(..;o JU .k'carl Pucval E. & Co. 156 WatM Pobalski. Guerm &: Co 197 Pearl Mora, J M. & Co., b Water. & Bcmbeim. 187 Pearl Vqa, Martinez & Eros., ooPearl. Vi' ell .it 06. 65 Walter Friedman & Freise, 203 Pearl w.-. l:Uer & no Pearl 1 >.ar V. Martina & Co,, o6 Coclu of; CltZ? Pip#.J. Batter H.&' 77 I Manuracturrrs t1f CitrtJN IUIIi .lhtunt,. Demuth wm. & Co. 301 Broadway Kaufmann Br(lS. At Bondy, n9 and 131 G r and Goebel j. & Co ug Maiden Lane MQniiJMturers of B,.iar Pipts a"J f1 Smclurl Artidu. Demutll Wm. & o., Broadway Kaufmann Bros. & Bondy, u9 and J 3 Gra.nd lmpGrttrl of LiJrite PQStt. Brinckerholf V. W., 47 Cedar Gttford, Sherman&: Innis, JJO Gome1.t Arguimbau, ck 31 S. '\\ llham McAndrew Jaines C., 55 Water Weaver& Sterry, J.f Cedar Ma,,.f,ct"r'r's 1-63 & >6S Mulberry Tobuco Bagging. Howard, Sauger & Co., os-&: 107 Chamben Tohacco LQbe/s. The Hatch Lithographic Co 3:1 & 34 Ve!eJ Heppenhelmer &:: Maurer u Nor:b -w:.nuam. Cigar-.BoJt Ubelt and Tr'"''"l!' : Heppenheimer & Maurer, 22 &-'4 N. W1Jbam. Wuaft Chas. A., 51 Chath:n:n. 1'obacco &a/ing Wax. Zlnsser W. & Co., 197 William. Man{rs. of Kn1tt)' Bros. c;gartt:es. Kinney F. S. 141 West Broadway. C igar Mold1 J acoloy S .1< Co >O1.ein Henr:y, 67 Third ave. "Li'l Russian Ct'g-arettd. Eckmeyer & Co., ,.s Broad and 48 New BanAl. GermanA.mer'lcaB, cor. Broadway aud Oedu. Inter11al .Rromue Boolls jourgenseo, C. 37 Libert7. Foreigw alfd ::JDIItflllie IJHkrn. Sternberger. M. & S. 44_Exs;:hanae Pla-e.e. Manuj.cturer of Lotti[ .,.d Strllight Cut Cavmdislr. Pecue Louis N. 71 Jobo. Tin For'!/"" Witt:emann Bros., 37 Maideo Lane. ShiiW Cards and L abels Wittemann Bros 37 M'B.iden Lane. Matmfnct"Nnrof Slurw Casu. Core Wm. H., U $ Chatham. Pl11g To!JaccoLunrpAfackz.'n e De Forest Machine <;o., Front ALBANY N. y, Manufa y a, ...... Marriott G. H M., German. S-.Mff ( Starr R. & Co. >S South Calver" To6acto nd Cizar L abels. Eblen J. D & Co., 87 Second D1fl.lers .,,. SmoRinr, a1Ul Leaf Tol!fl.tclls Rosenfeld S & Place. F1rliiU1r4 Lorentz & Rittler: BOSTOJI. Ocmmiuio11 J.1,rcUntJ Holyoke 0. 0 ,. Central Wharf. Mamifactu,-n-s i?J Snuff, Sweetser Brothers, xo South llarkt BBEMBN, GBBKANY. C#mmi11iOif MI,.CMt. Fallen stein. W. F BRIDGEPORT, CONN, Pacller..s f Sttd uaf Tobcco._ Hawes, E. V. & Son, 66 Water. BROOKLYN, N. Y. Flagg John F. & Co., and 178 First. TobacOD-Cutting Wulstein Henry, 25 Myrtle aveuue. BUITA.LO, N.Y. W!altsgje JJc ier i11 Hru11na 11nd Doantit Leo{-Tobarco Ziok G. W., 198 Pearl, Manufaclfrers of .Suga,-, Bufialo Grape Sugar Co. C"rar lt'Ianu.ftaeturers & Dealers iLtQf, Cluwzng and To!Jatf'./1. Cody S. Browns B1:01. & Co., 147 Main CHICAGO, Dl. Wlwl14a/6 Dl1" in S11tl A.,'" N. Canal. IJ.Jer in Ltaj TobaCOIJ 11nd Ciga CaseS. S. & Oo., 149 South Water tif Cil(ars 111ul D141h-,, Maurer L:. F., Clark. L eaf. Ttlba< Krohn, Fein&: Co 110 V\ne [,c'\,h:ot hal 8 cl: Oo., tu W el!lt Third. \Ve il, Kaha & Co., 134 J.l.aln. Zins, jaco8 & Bro .... a East Seco"il Slutt Mdttl Cigar M,,.ftir. Dubrul Napoleon, r66 68 West Second. CI.AfKSVII.LB. Tean. rzf Tobacc. .Bro!r.rr. Clad;, lll. H. & Bro. DA.NVILLil. Va. Com,.istio Pemberton It Penn Ltaj To(Jacco Dtaltrs, Sheppard John M .!1: Co. DAYTONoO Manufacfflf'tf'l of Fin1-Cut a';J. S1tK-o#inr Tll lba cco. Cotterill, Fenner & Co. JI3II7 E. Second. s Tobacco Hoglen & Pease, Third St. and Can-al. DANBURY, Co .... Graves G. Vf, DBTROI't, Jliola. Manufacturerl of Clrtwi11r 4Hd SmoRinr Tobacc.. Barker K. C. & Co. 74 & 76 Jetlerson ave. Parker, Holmes & Co., -49-57 Jefferson Ave Imjwterl of Havana "" Paelurs Suti Lichtenberg G. B. & Co., 68 Congress st. East 10'111., Eaat: &dies. -CirU Campbell & Co. DURHAM, N. C. Sllldi"f Tl.m, W, T & Co EVA.NftVILLE. Inti. Tobacc o ComMissioM MerciM-nts. Morris C. J. It Co FARHVILLE, VA. Jl!qtmfacturers of T-.uiJt. Read C. C. 11:: Co. IL\.RTFORD, Ooaa. 'dtr> lind Dtt.Jrr>, Barnes &Jerome, '36 $tate. Bishop, J &Sons, 46 Market. R11bbard N. It Co., >4S !;tate Lee Geo., 150 State. London & Hi dwell, u6 and uS State. Pease H. & z. K .jO & 40 lLarket Salomon&: DeLeeuw, 6 Asylum Shephard .t-Fuller, 2148tate. Sisson A. L. & F., 134 llain. Welles C. &'On., -4 Wm., uS State. Seed ?'af Thhtu:o Inspution. Hurlburt B. F. 150 State HOPKINSVILLE, Ky Toh11cc o /Jro-r.r, Clark, M H. & Bro. INDIANA.POLIS. had, Manufart.,.-crs of Jil 11t-Cut ClmJJiwg na SmoliiugT obaLco. Christm.&-n Co cor. Mississippi and PearL JANESVILLE. 'Wis Packer znd ])eater in SUd Uaf. FendriGb Fra(lcis. .D eale r iu Leaf T"bacco. Schubertlt, C. G. Smyt.b.c F. W. & Co >o North joun. LOUISVILLE, Ky. PIU /J Tobacn Ma,ufactMrtn, F!nzer J & Dros., '?4->96 Jacob. of Fine-Cut Chewing au S.JZoki11g Tobacco Robinson Manufacturing Company. c,,,;,siOII Mt,,ktJrut. Wiclso G. W. & Oo., >9! Mai.J). Tobacco B,.okers, Callaway James F. Nioth and Market Gunther Geo. F Meier, Wm. G & C o., S6 Seventh., M. B., 371 Main. Jobb in all iir.d1 of Manfcturrd TobMto 1.,_.11J Cttrs. Green & Meier, .:1011 West.Main. Dea l er in Leaf Tobacco. Pragoff, W. F. ,-8 3 Eighth. < Stemme-r and Dettl!!r itz Cutting,Tobaao. Clark, James, Thirtt!enth and Rowan. LYNCHBURG, Va. Maniifacrurm of Tof>ateo. CarToll Jobo W Stoae, joAn W. Tob11eCo Oommiuion Merchant. Now Jins, Youneer & Co. KIAMISBURG-. O D,3/,r in L'a f Tobacco, Schubertll, H C NllWAB.K_. N.J. Campbell, Lane&. Oo., 484 .Bro if Cig11r> Batchelor Bros 8oS Market Hildebrand&:: Klingenberg, 37 North Seveath Steiner, Smib Bros. dt. Knecht, 225 Theobald A. H., Third and Poplar. ManufacturuJ of Fine Ciga rJ, Frechie A. M. & Co., 43 North Fro.nt Tobacco Jir"'iur. ]annev David B. no North Water PITTSBURGH. Pa. M4nufa SmitllfieJd. .Yanufa;u Rei/" and Otlur Toba&cos. Jenkinso n R. & W., 2 S 7 Liberty. Deatn-s in Dotmstie and Havana uaf To baao. Maul & Grote, 323 Liberty QUINCY, ILL Manufacturers of Plug 1 obiiCCI1. Gem City \Yorks; H: Tumer, Pres.; M. Goodman, Sec.; M. Hel<1euch, Manager. B.ICHKOND Va. Commission MucU.ntl_ Wise James M. '30! Cary Leaf Tohaeco Brohn Boyd James N 1317 Cary Mills!.<.. A. CIJ'IItmissiuu ltfen::ltar.i4 for tilL Ssle of Manw.J facturd Wright J. & Co Y. MIJ11ufacrut of/ Tobacto. Whalen R. & 1'., 18 State. Dealrr in ,Ltaf TobDtco.. Kooe\y D. E., Mlll street. DetJitrs i11 Le11f Tobarn. SAN FRANCISCO. The Consolidated Tob:aco:> t.:o. ot California, 8andbagen Bros., 17 West Rancioipb. of Fine Cut CA..wing and S..oiig1 tZnd Dttz!t1'1 in'Lttif 'Beck & Wirth, u and :14 Water. Toc-acco Man11/actureY s Azex't. Adims Henry H. S Lake Cll'(CINNA.TI. .D.Illlrt i Havana and'K Letif TobQCC(), .Besuden Henrv & Bro., 161 Pearl llolhsy Rich & Brother. J15 W-..t Froat. Ikains I Spanhh and Vigar uaf Tqof#et!. )[eyer Hy 46 Frout. Wuaelman F., & Co. 8t Froo E Brii'g:5 Agt:nt, 207 l"rout -SPRINGFIELD, lias Smith ll. &-CO., 1o Hampden ST. LOUIS, Mo. Toh.cco WIJrtilDMSU. Dormi tzeT C, & R. & Co., 123 Market. Tobauo Ct;,mmusio11 Mtrtlumll. Wall, Rehin & Day, North Second. 11{ L4&( Tobacco. Von Phul & Ladd, 33 Norlh Main TGbQcto B,.ohr Ha,._ 1 E ., Soat!> Second Alanujacturers tif Kry W"t 11ntl r.,.n.,, f1 MIPI'Ifc:vrm of Fi.u-C..s ,.,.d Smol-in Tohacco. UTICA, )e. V F i CMr CA,..,., i S..lfttr Tohcuo a- ar ... P BarT Frecl'ls & c... 4> .. 4J w..,_ r,. eur H s6 Cedar. SuuieulM:rg & Co., 8.4 aad 86 Reade Dejflt of t!w ., Flor dei S111,.." Cir-n. Alcee George, .173 Water Kenae-" F. & Bade, 373, 575 and 577 Mala 5aaod!N -Tidrd. Leaf Tl> .8""'' ll"tt.natmu. 'II'. W n e. VIae aDd froat Front P!et'CII Walt,.,. B. lhi lobarro CJ NEW YORir, WEDNESDAY, SEPT. r, t875 NEW ADVERTtSEIENTS THIS WEEK. THIRD PAj;E. Duck Island Tobacso for Sale by David B. Philadelphia, Pa, HouaJe& to Let for Ciaar Manufacturlnc-. EIGHTH PAGE. Wm. H, Core, Show Case&; 133 Chatham St.reet, New York. TO THE ENGLISH TRADE, Short Tobacco Crops and Blah Prices in America. --READ "THE LEAF" BEFORE INVESTING. SEND SUDiiiCRIPTIOlU TO OOPJI BBOB. ck 00., J.I'VZB.POOI.. .. Twenty Shillings Per Ann m, Post to all parts of the United Kingd'om. POSTAGE. POSTAGE FOR "THE LEAF" llltJI'l' ltOW DE PAID TO US WlTll THE SUBSCRIPTION PRICJE, OR THE ,APER WILL NOT BE SENT& ONE YEAR, SIX JIIONTHI, OUR PLATFORM !'Ott 1S75. Increase the Revenue from tbe Weed to FORTY MILLIONS, by Fixing the Tax .PERMANENTLY at .SIXTEEN CENTS per Pound Uniform on Tobacco Snuff FIVE DOLLARS per Thousand on Cigars. !f Congress desires to protect and foster the tobacco industry, from which an immease revenue is annually derived, it will, at its next st:ssion, grant the following measures of relief : I. The abolition of the unnecessary and annoying cautionlabel; or, in other words, the abolition of the requirement compelling the names of manufacturers to appear on packages, whether on the caution-label, by brand, or otherwise. For all the purposes of the revenue officers, the State, revenue district, factory number, and Collector's signature, are suffici ent to enable them to trar:e with unerring accuracy and dispatch, an irregular packar,e of t o bacco, snuff, or cigars, directly to the manufacturer. To .demand, in addition to these eviclenc es, that manufacturers' names shall be printed or branded oo packages, is not only to cause unnecessary labor and annoy :.mce, but also--what is infinitely wor se-to oblige dealers to gr. atuitously advertise all over the world the name of every manufacturer whose goods they may happen to sell. li. The establishment of an export bonoed-ware-house inthe. city of New York. IlL The oftha taxon snuff to twenty-four cts per pound instead of thirty-two, as at present, and placing it on the same footing as other preparations of tobacco. The omission to make this recjuction when the uniform of twenty cents was adopted for manufactured tobacco generally, was an oversight which Congress, as an act of simple justice to those interested in snuff, should hasten to remedy. IV. The refunding of the tax to those holders of .manufactured and smoking tobacco, who were compelle.i to pay i t a second time on the passage of the present stamp law, in order to place their goods on the market, and the issuing of free stamps to those who have paid the tax under the old system of collection, but who still hold the goods, hoping against hope that justice will :finall y be done them. V. The abolit ion of the cigar-makers' bond. This bond requirement ceased tQ have either justification or utility when the cigar-tax became. payable in advanr.e by stamps; it reflects discreditably and unjustly on an honorable and influential trade; it compels responsible and self-reliant tradesmen to solicit from friends and acquaintances favors for which it is humiliating to ask, and which, in the nature of things, are seldom or never cheerfully granted; it prevents, in many instances, poor and humble workmen from becoming useful proprietors, and is therefore the c a use of whatever illicit production is chargeable to their account; it enables Collector s of revenue to frequently extract money from manufacturers for making out new bond-pape rs under the plea of a necessity for changing, examining, or re newing bonds; and, finally, it does not exist in the excise regulations of any other country, and ought never to have found a place in those of the United States. VL Permission to leaf tobacco dealers to sell at retaiJI from original vackag es, t;J licensed buyers without restrictions. AN EMBARRASSED YouNG MAN.-A young merchant, according to the Monmouth Atlas, called on a lady a few evenings since, and was shown into the parlor. The lamps were unlit, and just before the lady's appearance he removed a large quid of tobacco from his mouth and threw it out of the window, as he supposed. The lady appeared with a lamp, and the most prominent object in the room was a very embatrassed young man gazing at a big dunk of pinning abe lace curtain to the un-open window. WHOLE NO. 549 DeBARY & co., 1 a 43 'W'arren Street, New York, SOLE ACENTS FOR THESALE OF THE IL PRINCIPE I DE GALES QIGA.RS :J !IIA.NtJFACTUB.ED AT THE KEY WElT BRANCH. OF THE CELEBRATED EL PRINCIPE DB GALEI JU.IIV-FACTORY OF HAVANA. KEY WEST --__ SEIDENBERG & CO., 84 k 88 Reade Sweet, New York, .Proprietol'8 oC th._ LA ROSA ESPANOLA FACTORY. B. KEY WEST CIGARS, (P. 0. Box 4515.) New York. HORACE R. KELLY -CO., (Successors to RODERT E. KELLY & CO.,) Importers of Havana Tqbacco a.nd Cigars, Sole Agents for the u. s. of the Brand "FICARO." 178 PEARL STREET. NEW YORK. EMANUEL tOFFMlN & SON, IMPORTERS AND PACKERS OF LBAP TOBACC. O EJIIANUBL uoJI'FliiAN. 149 Street. New York. rJos.a:PH E. uo .. ..,MA.l'f. G. W. BJJLLMAN & CO., ODISSION IERCIANTS IN. IANUPACTURED TOBACCO, SO FRONT STREET, NEW YORK. Plug and Smoking Tobaccos from a.nd North Ca.rolina. -Factories. The Celebrated Diamond Golden Cut Cavendish Smoking Tobacco. BA.VANA 1'0B !CCO& j I .. OAUf. l 0 N We hereby notify on our Trade I all parties who Infringe { w c--:. r Acquired under the Laws of the United States, that they will b prosecuted by Law, Oflloe, 65 Pine St. OCTOBJ:Jl & \ MORE CHEERING SIGNS In our issue of August 4, we printed certain edito rial remarks on the general financial situation under the heading "CheeringlSigns." Though appearing a few days after the failure of Messrs. Duncan, Sherman & Co., it had really been written prior tq that event, and we preferred to let it stand as written until a space of ime should elapse sufficient to enable us to judge calmly of the effect of the.disaster upon the course of trade and finan cial matters generally .Such a period has now inter vened, and we find that great as the shock at first proved, it has done no serious injury to business at large, the connections of thehouse having been foreign rather than domestic and their transactions of such a character that the actual loss will fall inside a compara tively limited circl e ( Indeed it is one of the most singular phenomena of the times, that so large a failure could have occurred, sweeping away what was gener ally considered one of the strongest houses in America and yet so slight an effect be produced in commercial circles. Nor is it a less gratifying feature of the unfor tun ate occurrence, that so little ten dency towa rd "panic'' was shown after the first news of the event had been re ceivtd. Had a house of standing gone down in the summer, or autumn, of 1873, we can esti mate the terrifying effect that the news would have pro duced. In connection with the other great failures of that year, it would have further paralyzed all enterprise and rendered our subsequent recovery still longer and more difficult than it has actually been. But the fnancial situation has happily changed in two years. The bloated condition of disease has given place to the re duced dimensions of convalesence to be soon let us hope, by the soundness of perfect health. When called upon to resist the shock of the "panic" of z873, we resembled a huge air-bubble whic.h the slightest couwas certain to dissolve into hin air. We were ripe for a commercial disaster and it came. We had courted it by pursuing methods that could have D() other conclusion and it answered to our We could not logically eject our visitor, however unpleasant his arrival might have proved. But today we look out upon a new horizon. The creations of our own Imaginings have no longer the power to overwhelm sound and unsound institutions in a common ruin. we are doing business on a much more r 'estricted scale; our enterprises have been largely shorn of that dangerous element o1 expansion that so greatly iacilitated the ruin of two years since. Individual tubs-to use a homelyr metaphor"-stand on their own bottoms, a!ld the. best:. houses-those that really form tfle strength of our financial bulwark-are so that senseless panics can not shake them from their secure position. That this is fact and not theory, is indorsed by the occurrences following the of the failure in question. Wall Street was decidedly "panicky" for at few hours, and gold danced through the gamut of alarm and trepidation; but the unreasoning tumult lasted but a brief period and it w as at once seen that not the slightest danger existed of a li::eneral "scare." It was also at_ once acknowledged that the occurrence had been the result of causes having their inception years ago, and that the disaster should really be credited to 1873 rather than to the current tw e lv emonth ''!lith the recognition of this fac t came a feeling of returning security and a general admission that the mode of ttransacting the busi neas of the country must have ind 'eed been reforp1ed so alar' ming an event could be announced without r.reating a wild furor before which strong and weak must. have succumbed alike. Thus wt find that though cast down we are by: no means annihilated, that the perioe of commercial


TO& cvo L.EA pression through whtch we are passmg has 1ts redeem ing aspects. We find 1t dtf'licult to behne that the THE TOBA.COO MARKETcountry is really sounder to-day financially than it was DOMESTIC. two years ago, because the false prospenty of that NEw YoRK. Aucust 31, IS7S pertod bhnded our judgments to the truth. Then bust Increased sales without any noteworthy change m other respects, make up the record of the past week m ness was brtsk' now 1t is dull. Then new ratlroads the leaf tobacco market. For Western leaf there was were being proJected "p has had'"all the faults that ever one crop of to the price of their manufactured article, fearmg, tf they bacco was he1r tom that sectwn of the country But dtd so, that the 1m porters would take advantage of It to as regards Its being as some have sa1d, a crop hke that ratse theu pretensiOns also. The result has been that of tS7o, I have to say, it 1s stmply not so, The JUdg for nearly twelve months manufacturers have !:Jeen comment on the tobacco seems to have been based upon pelled to pay the pnce for leaf wh1ch the importers dtcwhat fi.Iers and seconds have been seen. People who tated w 1 thout any correspondmg advance i:n the pnce dtsparagc the I 87 4 tobacco seem to forget that It was of manufactured article. bought at a very htgh pnce, and that where tt was judi-The present look out 1s any thmg but encouragmg. cwusly selected It was selected very close, and what We have from all quarters ( exceptmg Vtrgtma) accounts ever was poor was taken out of the wrappers Where of serious injury to the p1esent growiHg crop from ex the packers have bought good tobacco and put tt up cesstve rains, have now contmued for nearly four properly the wrappers are coming out beyond recent ex weeks, and whiCh must materially lessen the product of pectatlons.J The tobacco ts curing mcely and the thts year's growth In these Circumstances IS 1t w1se in quahty IS supen0r. It burns well, all of 1t, and the trade to allow every opportumty for increasmg thetr I believe when people get over the1r fnght and uegm profits to shp out of thetr fingers And not only so, to sample the wrappers they wtll find as fine wrappers but the present mm1mum pnce of the manufactured m the 1874 crop as were ever found m any o her. But arucle is, in a great many cases, below the cost, and a the tobacco 1s not all good-some of tt ought never to small advance upon tt would only save a loss. Now IS have been packed at all. the ttme for the Central Assoc1at10n to gtve us the "reAs yet there seems to be no one desirous of bwying )table mtelligence" they undertook to provtde for us last the new tobacco either m the field or on the poles, and May when they melt at Leeds, but since whtch time they the farmers do not expect it. They reaped the benefit of seem to have souglnt a modest retirement If the Asso-the rashness of buyds last year and do not expect a c1atwn is good for. any thmg, 1t ought to be the adJustrepettUon of the occurrence. They are. more men! of a mtmmunn pnce at a pomt whtch would yteld over, fully convmced that they wtll have to stnp and a profit, leavig 1t tto others to get a better profit tf they select the1r tobaccu properly. They are also begmnmg can I knotv the dtfficulties m the way of accomplishto realize that times have changed a little, and tf Con ing thts, but surely the success cf our Scotch ahd Irish necttcut tobacco 1s to be an article of commerce from brethren proves that 1t is practtcable, and what they can which merchants are to denve a little profit, that 1t must accomplish is surely within our'reach also. It does not be bought for considerably less money than 1t has been meet the argument to say that owing to the greater bought for m the past In other words, 1t must more variety of kmds manufactured by the English trade 1t nearly aproxtmate m pnce the tobaccos whtch can be can not be done, as it is quite clear there must be a used as substitutes for 1t, The 1S7o tobacco has been minimum puce in every case at present; and all that I benefictalm at least one thmg, namely, it has taught contend for is to have th1s mm1mum pnce fixed by the1 manufacturers that other tobacco besides Connecticut whole trade at such a pomt as will really leave a can be used for good cigars, and in some instances and not to descend month bv month, and year by year, other varieties mRy be preferred. to a lower deep sttll. Peot>le in making calculattons respectmg the con----------sumption of wrappers in thls country do not seemto SEVILLE-Weaver & Sterry, 900 bales liconce root. take into cons1derat1on the fact that the method HAvANA-Strohn & Re1tzent;tetn, 64 bales tot>acco, of makmg ctgars l>y the atd of molds requires only about H R. ltelly & Co., I45 do; H. R. Kelly & Co, 4 casee half the quantry needed ten years ago, and henr.e the ctg,rs; G. W. Faber, 5 do; M. Rtvera, 4 do; H Ives, error as to the quanllty that must be had and used up. 18 do Purdy & Ntcholas, 5 do Acker, Merrall & ConOne other thought occurs to me 10 conclusiOn, and I dtt, 35 do, Park & Ttlford, 22 do, W. H Thomas & wtll state 1t m the form of a question I would Is Brother, 34 do, Perea Brothers, 5 do. there anv good reason why we should contlhue to buy EXPORTS. and sell-Connecticut tobacco at marked wetght wheu From the port of New York to foretgn ports for the the tobacco of ;.ll other States and countnes ts bought week endmg August 31, were as follows: and sold at wetght) ANwERP-I32 hhds, I 11 cases Messrs. E. Ftscher & Brother, Tobacco Brokers, BREMEN-S8 hhds, 58 do stems, 34 cases, to ceI3, Water Street, report Busmess has been fau th1s roons. week, wah sales of I,245 cases of seed leaf, of wh1ch, CADJZ-365 hhd 440 were taken tor export. Detatls as follows CIENFUEGos-6,oi5 lbs mfd Connecticut, crop cf IS7o-SQ cases at IOC; CooN ISLAND-I hhd, 30 bales. Connecticut, crop of rS7I-Io7 ::ases wrappers on pn GREYTOWN-4 bales. vate terms, Conaectlcut, crop of rS73-T62 cases filHAYTIEN Pl!lkTS-4 hhds lers and seconds at Connecticut, crop rS73-HAVANA-xo,523 lbs mfd ISO cases wrappers at 35@ 65c ; Connecttcat, crop IS74 }ACKMEL-I hhd, So bales uo cases fillers and secoads on pnvate terms: New KIN GSTON, JA -3 hhds, 3 cases, 4 ,2q Ibs mfd York State, crop r873-61 cases fillers and seconds at LA GUAYRA-1,336 lbs mfd Pen!]sylvama, crop of 1873-70 cas e s 1 LAS PAuus-r8 hhds, 55 bales. wrappers at 26@4oc, Ohw, cr op of r873-r8o cases LIVERPOOL-x88 hhds runmng, on pnvate terms, crop of I873LoNbON-197 hhds, 72 cases, 2 220 l bs mfd us cases at 6@7c, sundnes, 130 tases at NASSAU, N. P.-23 cases, I bale, 2,269 lb s mfd. 5 @20C., PORT AU PRINCE-I hhd, 25 bales. Spamsh-For Havana tobacco we nottce a more ST KITTS-I hhd ltmtt e d demand than usual, the reported sales bemg mST PIERRE-20 hhds definttely stated at between 30<'1 :'nd 400 bales, at go@ SYDNEY, N S W -s,rS6 l bs mfd rose. A week ofhght ransacuons ts so rare an occurDOMESTIC RECEIPTS. renee m th1s department as to IDVIte spectal recognition, The arnva's at the port of New York from d omestiC which IS here'lrit;h accorded. mtenor and ports for week endmg Aug Jl.fanufacturedTne cavendtsh trade was Without 3 I, were 95 I hhds, 12 trcs, 6 9 hlf trcs, 103 qtr trcs, spectal feature. There was a moderate demand for ex 2,sr4 cases, 77 pkg, 47 bales, Io butts uS bxs, 135 port goods but the actual Shipments do not appear to three qtr l>xs, 8s hlf bxs, I3r thlrd b ks -rog qtr bxs, so have been m proportion to the apparent mqULry. The pat ls, 35 kegs, L6 caddtes, 24s cases ctga,s, 3 cases week, m fact, like the month all through, has been an ltconc e, I72 boxes p 1 pes, constgne:i as follows. md lffc::rent one for both home and f o reign trade nor By THE ERIE RAILROAD-D J. Garth, Son & Co, 6 does the JObbmg demand appear to better advantage hhds, Kremelberg & Co, 49 do, Pollard, Pettus & Co, than the wholesale dealers have expel:lence:i 4 do, w 0 Smith & Co., 32 do; J P. Qum & Co, S do; all the hindrances mctdent to a month of bad weather, A. C. L. & 0. Meyer, 27 do, H. A. Suan & Son, 4 do, and, as a consequence, thetr sales and their wants have Thos Kmmcutt, I do, R L. Mattland & Co., 1 do, been meagre, whtch Circumstances has, as a matter of Sawyer, \-Vallace & Co., I6 do; Drew and Deane, I do, course, to a cotrespondmg extent. E. M. Wnght & Co., 5 do Burbank & Nash, 31 do, August, ordmanly, LS a fatr busmess month but thts Bunzl & Dormltzer, 21 pkgs, order, 14 6 hhds, 32 pkgs. year It has an dull one 1D thiS branch of BY THE HUDSON RIVER RAILROAD.-F. C. Lmde trade. & Co, 71 cas es, S. Lederer, Io do; H Schubart & Co, For low pnce II inch there bee"; the past week 206 do, Jos Schmitt & Co ., 30 do; Joseph Mayer's the u s ual steady demand, and tne usualmabtlity to supSons, 40 do w. M Pnce & Co., 4 do, Chas F. Tag & plv tt m full measure. Wtth the advent of work made Son, S 6 do, J. L. Gassert & Brother, 6 do, !:ichroder & of new pnmmgs we shall be able to do better w1th th1s Bon, 42 do; order, 7 do. class of trade than IS now poss1ble, though 1t Will be BY THE NATIONAL LINE -D. J. Garth, Son & Co., some t1me yet b-efore goods of thts 1 descnpt10n wtll be 12 hhds, Blakemore, Mayo & Co., 17 do; Thos. Hoyt & avatlable-two months, perhaps-and they must necesCo., S do; P. Lonllaul & Co., 53 do, Kremelberg & sanly be undestr<.ble even when obtama.ble. Co I do Burbank & Nash I6 do R L Mattland & Smokmg-There have been further transact1_ons on Co: 12 A H. Cardozo(& Co., ;0 Sawyer, Wal Southern and. Southwestern account" m smokmg tolace & Co' ., 24 do, E M:' Wnght & Co, 23 do, M. bacco cucles mce our last report, but the aggregate Pappenhetmer, 2s do, Allen & Co., so pails, order, Il9 sales for all sources seem to have been rather moderate hhds m quanti!) The local trade IS still apathetic, though B; THE PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD -HavemPyers & all the lime sometlnng, as dealers express Lt. Vtgehus, 40 cases. Ctcar>-The ctgar market exhtbtts no percepttble BY THE NEw YoRK AND HAvEN change. A steady, average demand IS reponed by LtNE -C E Ftscher & Brother, so cases, M Westboth manufacturers and importers. helm & Co., I6 do; H. Selling, 16 do; E Deutsch & Go/4' opened at and closed at Co., 2 do; J. Sehgsberg & Co., 3 dn, Fox, Dtlls & Co, Foretgn Exchat,se -Messrs. M. & S Sternberger, 5 4 do; Chas. F. Tag & Son, 67 do, Blumlem & Cohn, Bankers, report as follows -Exchange market very 6 4 do; Wm. Eggert & Co., 54 do; A L. & C. L. Holt, qULet and scarcely any demand worth menttomng 3 0 do, Koenig & Subert, 5 do, Alva Oatman, I do; We quote .-Bankers, nommal rates 2re and Schroder & Bon, 30 do; Juhan Allen, 2 bales. @4SS for 60 days and demand Sterhng re BY THE NEW YORK AND HARTFORD STEAMBOAT LINESpecuvely, Commercto.l, 6o days 484. Pans-Bankers, E Spmgarn & Co, 129 cases; H. Schuban & Co, 68 3 days, 5I3}i, 6o days, Commercial, 6o days, do; Havemeyers & Vtgehus, l53 do, Fox, DL!ls & Co J srgrs@szo. Retchsmarks-Bankers, 3 days, 9Sya@ 7 2 do; E. Rosenwald & Brother, 12 do, A S Rosen-96}-8, 6o days, 94.%s;-a, Commerc1al, 6o days, baum & Co., 2S do; N Lachenbruch & Brother, 3 I do, 94rB M. H. Levm,:25 do, Lemon, Mandelbaum & Co., IS do, FrezgMs-Messrs. Carey & Yale, Fre1ght Btokers, Stratton & Storm, do, A, L & C. L. Holt, 3 do, H. report tobacco fretghts as follows -L1verpool, per Selhr.g, 1 6 do; A. Cohn, IO do. steam, zss, per sat!, 22s 6d London, per steam, 35s, Bv THE OLD DOMINION S'lEAMSHIP LINK-A. C per sail, 27s 6d. per steam, JOs. Bnstol, per Lamotte, 2S hhds, IO three qtr bxs mfd; W 0 Smtth steam, 3SS Havre, per steam, 45s, per sat!, 40s. & Co, 59 hhds, n trcs, IIS cases mfd; C G FranckAntwerp, per steam, 37s 6d. Bremen, per steam, 37s Iyn, S hhds, ro hlf trcs, 43 qtr trcs, zoS cases mfd, E. 6d Hamqurg, per steam, 37S 6d. DuBois, 59 f trcs, 6o qtr trcs, 4 cases mfd, ro do, l'IOTICJJ. 35 kegs do, 125 three qtr bxs do, Allen & Co, Io butts mfd, S cases do, Dohan, Carroll & Co, I case smkg, Growcn of seed leat tobacco are cauuonrd agam11t ... epnng d: .... reported aales and \uotatlons of seed lea f a s furnishmg the pm:es that 99 do mfd, So hlf bxs do, 35 thtrd bxs do, 3S qtr bxs should be obtamed for t:lem at first !:and, as these refer In most Instances do, s cadd tes do; Martm & Johnson, 75 cases smkg, 4 to old crop6 wh1ch have been held nearly a year, and the profit o n do mfd, 5 h l f bxs do, 30 thud bxs Bulkley, Moore wh1ch mus t naturally mclude the mterest on capital mveated Growero & Co r case smkg, 8 do mfd, 66 thud bxs do 7 I qtr cannot expect even Jn the case of new trope, to sell them fur the same bxs do, 4 caddtes do; H. A Rtchy, 3I cases mfcl, S nccs .u are obt:Uned on a re-sale hen. Of coune every rc .. aale muat be an advance, and therefore tJle pncc obtamable by the crowera w1ll caddies do, J os H Thompson & Co, 25 cases mfd, 10 always be aomewhat loweo man our quotations. pkgs do, Blumlem & Cohn, 2 cases tobacco, N. Wise, QUOTATIONS OF WHOLESALE PRICES. '5 cas es smkg, M M. Welzhofer, SI do, Bowne & waw,._!Jigb.t:te.r. ct -OAzo-Crop I873 cts Fnth, 40 do; !::). Langsdorf, I4 do, C. E. Lee, 4 do; Comwon w good lugs S)\@to.!4 Runntnl Lots ..... 9K @o" C B tl d A H & C d D Commonleat...... .. ., @u N.rwYwkStatot-Crop>87>an<.lt873 arna1t ro lers, SO o, en o., 23S Oj MOO!wn 13 ll;s Runnmg Lots 8@9 Bendheim, 7 do ; J as M. Gardmer & Co 20 cases Good ... ... ..... w'6"'"'-,..__crop 1173 c w & A L r w D h Fine ...... 18 @:ao Lota .......... 7@8 m1d, eaman, 3 cases tconce; m. emut .. ...... >o HavauaFll Com 87-" 90 & Co., 172 bxs pipes. L 1gbtcatt1ug lag 11 do Good do 92"(<"'1 00 BY THE NEw YORK AND BALTIMORE TRANSPORT do do Iea.f '5 @>5 d Fl '"" A Clarksmlle and w .. c..-n District 0 ne 1 10@1 :ro F nch E .lye & Co I37 hhds leaf bx () to good lll8 9 x.o ScRAPS .... 70 @ 75 TION A-U u 3 S leaf........... u S'3 Yara,land 11 Cut, assorted, @ do, H Henwood, 6 hhds do, I. Hamburger & Co., 1 bale )Iedlum leaf .lt&fOU/atur.a.-In Bond u9Jts do; F. Engle bach, 5 cases smkg; M. Falk, s do, H. A. Good @ perpound S d J H Th & C d All & Fine :oo Pbuncii-B.ataBT. R.tchey, o; os. ompson o., S o; en o (q/5 Extra 11ue ........... ll6 @75 Co, 20 do; H. Welsh, 10 bxs do; Robmson, Lord & Wradppers. dr k a Good .. 36 @4l o 12 o, as. n ar mer o., 20 xs m ; ar''ll'"b lght 1 0 Fme @81 C d J '" G d" & C b fid C o a r Med>um 3 1 @85 h B tb d d R d J 'k" & C d .::. 'h 0& do. o., 47 0 :. @ 0 Bv NORTH RIVER BOATS.-Order, 65 hhds. Med!uwaudllnered 11 @ .. 2 @36 C K W P G W. Com to med. apr.ngleJ. to @28 OASTWISE FROM EY ESTer Steamer eo. Fine ."' yellow s 0 : Clyde. Se1denberg & Co, 94 cases ctgars, Fred'k de .ltarvland-F "' dto com E)(@ 1 Navy HaV .Pb .. na. G1ld 1 Bary & Co., 4S do, V. Martmez Ybor & Co, 14 bales Co;,;;.;.;, .. : : 7 'i 8!i Tkirdl-scraps, Setdenberg & Co, :zo do. Per steamer Clude. Good dG 8)f@9 Fme 28 @30 .,. Medium so @W Fred'k deBary & Co, 43 cases ctgars Setdenberg & Good t o fine red. 11 @s Navy, 4 and 3"" 80 @36 Co 53 do, H Gaullteur, IO do, Setdenberg & Co ., 20 Fancy @:oo Focloe t Picceo 26 @la6 Upper c;.onuy 1 s Bngbt l'wlst eva) 12 !ncb. bales scraps Gtoundlear. n ew. .. 6 @n Bria-ht Gold Ban. 6moh 4tt Boagh & Beady 40 @et BALTIMORE, A u c. 2S.-Messrs Ed. Wischmeyer & Q-uotation !leed Lea:t To. . 27 @30 Co Tobacco CommiSSIOn Merchants, report :-RebiUlcoa aitable Home odium 211 ce 1 pts of Maryland tobacco have been large the past Na"'J HaJ,f Pounds and Tht.rdo-Trade. F1ne .. .... .. 2s @30 week and the market steady, wtth good fa1r demand Con .. eclt.C187 Nller s .. .. ... . 8 Cal>o to good. 38 @M louses Jere, t e pnce pat was extreme y satts.actory Assorted Lob lll @iS II d h t d bt f II 'fh h Se!echons ... .. .. 30 -@JS Good to fine .......... to se ers an wtt ou ou very u IS pure ase, Pmnsylvama-Crop Ct{lars-llorueouc. made so early in the season would seem to mdtcate. F 11 s @to Hava na._ ..... -, ....... $6oS too 1 ers Seed and Havana .. 90 that the quahttes of the new crop are already k n own A!sorted 20 @25 u u Scrap fill e r .... 1 5@ s Select>on. ""' @5o conaectlcut Seed s 35 and must necessanly be of a very favorable character. Nrw YokSt..U-Crop '873 @ 8 Ordmary. .. IS@ >5 I .l hhd M I d 8 d Oh F1llers .... .... 1 @8 Chetoots &nd Stxes. 11 OO@ I3 ou nspectew thts week I,322 s ary an ; 5 o w; : @Jo Snu.f-Maccoboy .. ... 85@-90 6 do Vtrgmia, total' I,4I3 hhds Cleared same penod O/uo-I873 Crop R a ppee, Frenc h ...... -I oa per steamer Lezpzezg to Bremen 378 hhds Maryland, F1llers 7 ,7,ii = d V do Ke t ck 114 do V 1 1 t SR_u1encnt!tnogn5L o ts ... : .:: ; o5 @>o .A.merloanGenUeman -@l OO I2S 0 trgmt:!, 9 n U y, 1rg n a S ems c 8 IM,..,. eu ..... ,c, 67 cases seed leaf; per shtp Duzsberg to Rotterdam, 937 Wz.rconsm. rop 1 72 @o A.. O. S., ................ _&d.18 hd M I d d Oh d V d Runmng Lots 8 ....h s aryan an 10, 350 o 1rgm1a stems, IO o Wrappers s "G o."' 460 Ill c ... a.. Kentucky, 4 do Vtrgmu. tobacco; 22 hhds Kentucky EXPORT QUOTATIONS, tobacco to Demerara cc""'t'""' 6-Ma .. -Cro(, t87o. "G & F "' ... ... 29 Tobacco Statement. w rapr,ers to @1 r WalllS EL" 4.60 lba net 29 S h J Runn ng Lots s @ 9 I. c ,. Ca" 28 Stock on hand Ln ta te ware ouses, an Co &M .. ss-Ctopl87andi878 Ynnrrla" I, rS75-----------------------I4,627 hhds Ftllers 7 Z A .. 239 Jbl!l D d I b fi J 6 f p,,.,.,,, ,,.,.,a.-Crop ,a7 HF "' .. 20 e uct oss y re an. -con tents o Ruantng Lots 1 ts R B .!'. 20 h N d 6 hbd Wrapper Lots .... @IS "W.s, ...... ............ 21 ware ouses os. I an 2----------2,7 4 s Pe...syltHJ1Ua-Crop 1873 1:4 eG. 8 ...................... fMPORTS. The arrivals at the port New York from foretgn ports for the week ending August 3r, included the fol lowing consignments : ALICANTE-Weaver & Sterry, I,341 bales hconce root. BARCELONA-Weaver & Sterry, s6:z bales licorice root. BRRMEK-J. Goebet & Co., 750 cases clay ptpes, NAPLES-Weaver & Sterry, no cases hconce paste. RoTTERDAM-F. C. Muller & Co., t case snuff. n,S63 hhds Inspected thts week... ---.. -. ----I,4I3 hhds Inspected prev1ously, smce Jan. t. 27,129 lahds TotaL------------------------40,405 hbds Less shtpments (Maryland and Oh1o), smce Jan. t, IS7s -----rS18r4 Shipped coastwise same penod.-.-4,0I9 Total.. -----------.. ----U,S33 h!lds SEPT.J. Leavmg ttock in warehouses and on shtp-board not cleared-------------------'7 hhds Manufactured have been moderate the past week and the stocks are bnghter than usual at th1s season of the year. The inquuy from jobbers IS good and most of the arrtvals are takea by thc:m at full pnces. The Southern trade is brighter than bad been anticipated, there being but few buyers from that sectwn m our market thus far. Exports last week. r,S67 hhds to Amenca; recetved per Balttmore and Ohto Ratlroarl from Danvtlle, 76I bxs, 370 qtr blls, II2 hlf bxs, 155 caddtes, 40 cases, and from Lynchburg, 243 bxs, 239 qtr bxs, 14S caddtes, I 19 cases; per R1chmond steamers, I1334 pkgs, and per Norfolk steamers, 3 rS pkgs. CHICAGO. Aug. zS -Mr. Henry H Adams J To bacco and Ctgar Manufacturers' Agent, reports -People from the East who become dtssat1sfied with the West, espectally with changeable character of the weathell", were wont to say that we had etght months wmter and four montlfs cold weather As far as the p resent season is concerned toe remark 1s nearly true. No year in tbe memory of man has been a parl!llel of the presrnt, as fa.r as Chtcago IS concerned About the first of July we had a few days of warm of weather and thought our heated t er m had commenced but m less than a week we found over coats a luxury and fires at evenma a comfort The chmax -ras reached last week, m"' the frost expenenced in ma n y sectt ons of the W est. We were particularly Intere s ted m the reports from the tobacc o growmg dtstncts, and have taken c ons 1Jerable patns to ascertam the extent of the mjury The severe frost VISited Mmneso f a, 'IV1sconsm, Central and Northern Iowa, Northern and Central llhnoLS and Western Mtch tgan Our reports mdtcate cont;tderable damage to the tobacco crop growmg m those sectwns, but the reliable reports of the past few days show that the damage is not as great as the first reports would lead us to believe. In the low lands tt thought that one-half of the crop 1s damaged, wlule on the high grounds the IDJury w1ll be slight The acrealf planted to tobacco th1s year 1s considerably larger than usual m the sectwns nan.ed, and 1f no more frosts are expenenced until the crop 1s out of danger, 1t 1s thought that there wtll be a fatr aver age crop m quantity althou2;h tbe quahty may be some wha reduced. In a ,week or ten days more we may be able to giVe some stausttcs m regard to both quanttty and quality We have expenenced some genume hot weather dunng the past week, and 1t has had its on trade While m many lines 1t is reported dull, yet there are many signs of uuprovement. Some of our large houses report that dunng the week they have had as good, 1f not better, trade than dunng the same ttme in any prevwus year. A canvass of the busmess of the city has been made by a gentleman connected with the commercial press, and he gives 1t as hts optuion that the prospect for a healthy fall trade was uever better. Dunng the week there has been a good demand for fine-cut and Eastern-made ctgars-much better than for a month past County tnde begms to come 1n 10 fatr numbers for the season, whtle matl orders are m good supply. Plugs are movlll1g slowly for tre same reasons whtch I have noted m previous reports The stocks on hand are ample for present demand, and unless some thmg new turns 1!p there wtll be but httle forward move ment in that lme for some weeks to come. From all that can be learned there ts much to be hoped for m the comtng Fall trade. Our datly papers have all been tootmg the1r horns about the wonderful ttmgs to be ex pected by-and by. If the conclustons of our best observers are correct, the interviewers and the mtervtewed are soundmg notes a little above concert pttch. In the 1ssue o{ the 27th mst the Ch1cago Tzmes publishes a senes of mtervtews between 1ts reporter and some of our promment busmess men m whtch the follow tng passage occurs R -What are the prospects for Fall trade w1th you, Mr. Blank? Nt. Blank. They are first class. We have splendtd crops of small grams. I llave no doubt we shall save our corn, and then look out for busmess We can feel the effects already. Our correspondents all tnnte 10 saying that the farmmg commumty feels exceed mgly well. and from Iowa and Mmnesota reports are ac t ually enthustasuc Indtana and Southern Illmo1s have suffered a little, and among the Roosters along the Wabash I thmk J there will be pretty hard ttmes. But otherw1se the outlook IS very encouragmg. I tell you (w1th a kmdhng eye) we are all nght, and Chicago is to day m a better cond1twn than any other ctty m the Umon They actually f

1 .-: Theweather.Cas been more CJ:Qp of which is bettor have off ered. favorable for the grow1ng improving. At;gust 28.-We have no receipts, and warehouses are closmg out stocks. Sales this week, 19 hhds. Market unchanged. We quote ,frosted, at common lugs, 6@8; good lugs, 8 @ 1 oc; common leaf, I o Y.@ 11*:>; medium leaf, 12@14c; good lear, The weather is favorable and the crop co to 1mprove m quahty. DANVILLE, VA., 'August z:8 -Messrs-Pember ton & Penn, Tobacco Commission Merchants, report.-Re celpts with us continue good, offenngs for the most part bemg confined to colory tobaccos. Of these fine flavored wrappers are m good request, though gettmg rather scarce. Common and med1ullll more plennful and sell mg comparatively lower. Good sweet fillers also are m much demand and readily taken by our manufacturers at prices satisfactory to the seller. Common and med1um fiUers scarce and pnces well sustained. Pnm ings of the new crop are now commg m and selling at from I@zJI.c, also we have seen a few parcels new leaf, quite colory and of good flavor. The growmg crop m this immedtate section is:in fine condtuon. We quote :-Pnmmgs (new croJl) I @z Y. lugs com common, (old) 6@8; do medium, 8@to, do good, ro tillws leaf common, Io@u; do good and mediu Jt@IS; do fine, 16@zo; smokers common, do good, u@18; do fanc y 20@30; wrappers, common and med1um, r8@28, ,do :fjne, 30@ 45; do extra, so@7S r 0 ''HUB" POETRY A Boston poet reminds us in the following rugged, if not melltfluous ltnes, of an omissiOn on our part wh1ch we hcpe he or some other correspondent wlll enable us herealler to 5upply. In your reports I see, more's the pity, No mention made of this great bub and cay; Why Boston should be left out in 1he shade Is due -to lack of knowledge, I m afra1d. We'd have 1'0U know dear Mr. Ed1tor, B o ston makes a first-class debt-or credttor ;Though twice burned up, we are not bltghte d, And hardly relish bemg slighted. The price of ca>endish continues "fi r m, 'T1s strong, you know, and hence the term; In smoking, fine-cut, mild and strong, Prices are fai!'-and credits long Cigar; I quote in fair demand; But customers, with cash in band, Grow scarcer 45 the months go pastIt's duller th1s year than the last I CROP NEWS. ST. LOUIS, zs.-Mr. J E Haynes, Dealer in Leaf Tobacco, reports .-Rece1ved 456 hhds, agatnst 382 the previous week. These figures show mcreased gross receipts, and there bu been a corresponding In crease of offermgs on the breaks and sales. We con tmue to note an active demand for all good tobacco smtable for our home manufacturmg tiade, and pnces for such stock very stiff and i n some cases htgher. Supply short of demand. Good shipping al s o continues m demand and scarce. N one offermg. Lugs and com man shippmg leaf have been neglected and lower to sell, and our quotatious are r::arked down. Sales from Thursday to }eSterday mclusive, 218 hhds: 7 at s @s.90 (trashy and small 13 at 6@6 9o ; z6 at 7@7 90 21 at 8@8.90; 34 at 9@9.90 21 at 1o@Io.7s; 22 at II @11 75; 19 at 12@12 75; 16 at IJ@I3; 10 at 14@ 14 75; 5 at I5@ I5-75i 1 at 1 6 J a t I7 25 j I at 18 25 j 3 at I9@ 19 2Si 2 at 20j I at 21 50, I at 22-50j I at 23; I at 24.50 I at 25.50j I at 28.5o I at 29, I at 30 50; 1 at; z at I at 39 1 at 42.50; 2 at 47 @47 so; 1 at 5 I; and 8 bxs at 4@25. In the same time zi hhds were passed, and b 1ds were reJeCted on So hhds at $s-xo@3L To day, steady and strong. Sales 45 hhds z at Ss .8o@ 5.9o; 5 at 7.2o @ 7o S at 8.5:>@8 7o; 6 at 9 @ 9 go; ro at Io@I0.75i I at u; 2 at I2j 3 at 13-25 @ r3 s o, 3 at IS@IS-75 ; z at I7.25@ 17 75; I at 18 25, 1 at I9"7S; 2 at zo; I at 41.50; rat Green Vale, :Jo Davzess Co., Ill, Augus/22.-A cor59; z bxs at 5@5 25; I wagon load loose at 9.40. B1ds respondent wntes -"A very severe frost occurred here were rejected on u hhds at $ 5 to Iz 7 5 We quote: last night,;damaging the; tobacco crop greatly. So ea!ly Inferior and light weight hbds lugs lis 25@5i factory a frost IS unknown to the "oldest mhabltant." Tht> lugs, 5 7 5 @ 6 7 5; planters' do 6 25@8 oo common dark damage can hardly be estimated as yet, but is consider leaf, 8 25@9 7 5 ; medtum sh1ppmg leaf so; able. Hardly a crop escaped. Wisconsm has no doubt good do do IJ.OO@Is.oo; medmm manufacturmg do, suffered from the same Io-so@ r2 so; good to fine do do IJ.oo@I7 oo; medmm Harljord tCt. ) Tmus, A ug 28.-0wmg to the conbnght wrappmg leaf, zo oo@3o oo good do do 35 oo to tinued and regular alternations of copwus rams and hot 45 oo, fine and fancy do so (to to 6o oo sun, since the thad week of July and especially during FOREIGN the last hventy d.tys, the growth of the tobacco i n this BREMEN, Augnst 1 J-Our special correspondent the best section of the tobacco growmg regivn of reports -Kentucky-The market has continued qULet Connecl1cut V a lley, has really been somethmg remarkas before. To note are merely the sales of 39 hhds able. Previous to the week of July the crop was Mtssoun leaf a t 85 pfennigs, and 25 hhds fine Kentucky generally rather backward; m partacular fields, un at 102 rfennigs. Buyers continue t o hold back from a usually so. Now, the tobacco IS m remarkably fine want o sufficient cwnfidence They say that manufaccondlllon, and we have never seen 1t lookmg better. A tu1ers overstocked themselves last year. Statistics, few growers, m East Hartford and ne1ghbonng places however, go to show that no one country which Bremen have already begun cutung lt Some began as early as supplies received last year more than ats usual share the mtddle of August. But the great bulk of the crop of either Kentucky, V1rgima Maryland, or OhiO to will not be cut before about the xoth of September or THE TOBACCO CROP. In an article based upon mformation recetve d from correspondents, the LoUisville Cou rir-:Journal of the 23d mstant presents the following interesung deta1ls the tobacco crop -We confess to surpnse at the very large acreage reported for tobacco. It IS materi ally m excess of the es timates made by the Department of A g n c ulture and o f all pnvate statistics of wh1ch we have an y kno w ledge; but there is one pecuharity which entltles t h em to great confidence: ;, e., that our numerous corre spondents m all sections of the State have, Without c o nsultation arrived at similar conclusions. On the other hand there is a a gree me!!t as to vast losses through the flo oding of l ow lands, through the enforced suspenSI O n of culti v ation, resultmg m stmted growth and a very "foul'' co h d u ion, as well as through 'french!pJ( t-o :.. "t the exceedmgly small receipts, in the worst event. Next bury, the area planted to tobacco will exceed that-of :t 9: month we may expect activaty for the usual fall trade. last year It IS too soon to pronounce positively upon -----______ ------I S_tock in first hands August 5 2 09 8 hhds; rece1ved the quahty; bjlt the mdlcations are that the crop of '75 smce, I74 do; total, 2,272 do, delivered since, 8 3 do; will be a very good one also in that respect. The stock m first hands Au,ust 12, 2 1 8 9 do. Vngima, weather promises to be favorable for hanging and pre Maryland a11d Ohio-Of Virginia IOJ hhds leaf were panng the crop for packing; and 1f the growers in the disposed of on private terms, of Maryland 200 hhds "cJ:olce" towns w1ll be careful m sortmg and selecting found buyers at 47@51 pfenmgs; in Ohio nothmg domg. theu tobacco, and not permit any mixture of mferior Stock in first hands 335 hhds Vugmia; 55 do Maryland; lots with thetr best m packing, tbey will find theu 155 do Oh10. Stems-There seems to be no fresh deaccount m the better market pnces for the first quahty. mand for Vtrgmm or Kentucky stems. There are no Th1s IS a matter about which too many growers are not sales to report th1s week, pnces remain unchanged. sufficiently parti cular. A small admixture of second Stock m first hands Au g ust 5 4,o 9 s bhds; rece1 ved smc, rate tobacco in the package of an otherwise A 1 article I25 do; total 4 220 do; delivered smce, none. Stock always has ,the effec t to knoc k nown the rates m first hands August 12, 4,z2o hhds. S u d Leaf-A when the buyers appear, and the latter are a!ways so large busmess was done 1n this stapJ e this week S al e s keen and part icular m the1r exammatwn that no adulWat-ehoustt. Week. Month. Year. Planters _______ ---76 434 3,412 Exchange ________ .... __ o o 1 270 Louisv1lle.-----------59 245 3 ,365 NmthStreet. ____________ 19 123 3 ,760 P1ckett----------134 7o6 6,265 B o one ________ ------23 8 6 1,788 Farmers. ____________ 64 250 ;:!,7SI Kentu.c k y AssocJatwn __ -. z 9 8 1.. 1 ,8x 5 amou n t to 2,o o o cases from store and 400 cases to arteration escapes them. nve, generally at rather better pnces The portwn of The aggr e g a t-e val u e ofthe crop, in th 1 s county alo n e seed leaf 1s f avorabl y affe c; e d by t he high pnces rulin g IS h ke l y to reach abo v e thts year. The lar g e for Brazil tobacco It I S tho u ght that Brazil w1IJ conpackmg houses here and m East Hartford wtll be likely tinue to rule hi g h th rough f all. Sto c k m first hands t o h ave p l enty of bu smes s. Total--4 0 4 1,925 2 5,426 this day 7 000 cases. C olum b us (Fa ) Coumnt-The tobacco crop is n o w Year 1874---;--1 ,68 9 6,6 9 3 53, 035 bemg cut-It ts perhaps the largest teld to th e acre o f Year I 873 79J 3 SJ 4 8 8 LIVERPOOL, Aug. r 4 -Messr s F W. Sm y t h e & ; ---------, o ,2 2 any'.crop e ver r a 1sed m Lancaster County Whethe r t h e Of ln Pectlons th l eek hhrl f P t Co., Tobacco Comm1sston Merch a n t s r e p o r t -In our s s w 43 s w e re or nva e qualtty IS as fine as former years or the wet weath e r wtll sale, balance we offered at auction, of wh ich there was last weekly report we observed that smce r eceipts of mjure it or not we are unab1e to say. Cons derable re)ectl on accounts from the Umted States t ouchmg damagm g Marlboro (.Md) Gazette -The eaiiy promise of a W e notice no change t'n pr1'ces all frozen and common rams, holder s had taken a firmer stand cnnces, "' large tobacco crop w tll not be fulfilled The constant low grades dull but sound goods to fine 1 af ve acti e swns, .but lllOie espec1ally on the bet ter grades, c onse' e ry v rams hav e bee n very destrucuv e, and w e behev e there and film We quote Same a last eek q uently both buyers and sellers d td very little, preferrmg :s w VIZ : will not be housed more pounds of tobacco than last R to wa tc h for eff e cts of weather in the W es t on th e growt e n 111g crop there, before comm lttmg themselves to year, when the c rop did not reach the average. On the Fro zen. Nontiescnpt. H e a vy Color y. low and light lands the plan t s have been drowned or C I /co t / 6 6 r / operahons Imports, 432; dehveries, 477, stock, om ugs_5 @ !r:a@8 8 @ 1o 6 6 scalded, and most of the later planting could not be G d I I/.@ 6 &>. 8 2 ,77 agams t 25,507 same nme las t year. o o ugs_-4 } 2 5 ':::1 7 @ 10 10 @15 worked on account of th e \\et weather, and has conseCom. leaf 5 @6 7 @ 9 10 @IJ IS @I8 LONDON, Aug. 19 -Messrs G r a nt, Chambers & quently bee n overrun by grass. The accounts of th e Good leaf. 6 @7 9 @12 13 @ 16 r8@zi Co report :-There is no thmg of t mportd.nce to note m destructio n of the OhiO tob a cco crops by rain h a ve Fine leaf__ 7 @8 I2@I4 16 @I9 21@25 oqr market during the p ast week, the transactwns in already had the1r effect upo n pnce!>; and of the Mary -Ex-do leaL ____ I 4@17 19 @ 2 s ,25@ 32 Stales tobacco, with but one or two e x ceptlons, contmu e land crop It 1 s sa1 d, m the report of the Balhmore Plug.makers kmds embracea in 'nch heavy quotaonly of a ret atl Gharact e r, the bulk o f the u s u a l buye rs market, that "the unfa v orable weather and damag es twns. Included m our offenngs th1s week we had some holdmg off from op e ratin g a nd m c onsequence of th e sustamed m Southern Maryland have t e n de d to very good Virginia bnght wrappers knocked off at from late ad vices hol ders show no mchn atio n to the least strengthen pnces" Will our B a ltimore papers take our 25 to 45c wh 1ch prices were ref used, also some good concession. Kentucky leaf and stnp s hav e had w ord for 1t that t h ese report s are not e xaggerated, and cutters at zo to z6c which were also reJectea It apsl ightl y m ore attention but tran s a c t i o ns h av e not been make a no t e of the fa ct? They have been ve r y r eucent to be a conceded fact that the Owen and Henry general. VIrgi.nia lea f and stnps of fine b e ing o n the subj e ct. 1 COUNTIES. COUNTlE S Q ;a ;: -----I35 40 75 I S O 33 6o I20 25 6o 150 25 16o 45 8 g 125 35 II O 30 ISO 40 110 20 1 2 5 25 I 3 S 30 So 12S 30 7S l2S 2 8 8y 120 8o I2S s o 8s r40 6o 55 135 s o 10:> 120 40 75 lOS 25 7 0 12S 2 5 ss 130 4 0 7 S 120 s o 8o 110 25 6s rso so 6o The adverse reactwu m the export trade, on the con trary, whtch set m a month or two ago, has continued u.nchecked, and must tend to create a degree of VIty mother quarters. The exports in Ju:y were 503,556 lbs hghter than m 1b74, and barely half those in I87 3, thus increasing the deficiency m the .seven months to a proportionate extent, as h e rein under shown:Unmafac h&red Manufacturd. and Snuff E xPoRTs. 7 months ended J uly 31. Month ended July 31. 1875. 187( 1 8 73. 1 8 75. 1 87'-18'Ja, lbs lbs lbs l b s lbo. lbo. 7 ,768,1 82 8,897,972 9, U 8 ,621 7 98,639 1,65,033 1,756,4.7G 956,276 1 073,!78 1 0 5 8 170 1 9 1,388 233, 188,742 T otals. 8,724,(58 9,971,450 1 0 ,086,791 1 428,181 1,895,218 The effect of these changes upon the stocks m the bonded warehouses of the Umted Kmgdom was to re duce the on hand this year, and augment the amounts held under bond in 1874 and I87J, so that the surplus remammg over on the Ist inst. was not nearly so great as prev1ously represented, compnsmg not more than 7,567 124 )bs. as compared with last year, m lteu of I7 796 3ozlbs. at the commencement of July, viz .:Unmanu(adured Manufactured and Snuff ........... b Total s __ .. e c rease m July Increase ID do. . 1875. lbs-3,136,757 85,080 896 3,8'19,06-r STOCInd of th1s county, and I n all of my trip I saw but one Ballard __ 8 ,321 w 8o 1 ,508 1,,70 00 ( 5 04 555) 7"5 lit 77 Nassau St=t. Of the 404 hhds mspected and numbered th1s week good qualllles, common difficult to place stand of tobacco tQat wtll make more than half a crop. Barren ........... _,_ 2 ,670 80 126 3 ,935 85 265 hhds were "ougmal" c rop_ 1874; 71 hhds re v iews, PER MANENTLY C ED A B d t h b It has been raming during the past month, Wit h but few ___ 13390 8 hhds al" 8 UR .-n gepor man a s een B rid ill'19 4 crop I 74; 7 were Orli:'ID crop I 73; 61 hhds d f h r 1 -days of fair wea ther. T h e tooacco c ro p w 1Jl not only g e .... .. 2 7 0 91 s ,s7o 7 9 8 k' hhd f 1 cure o t e 1 0 0 1sh habit of carrymg tobacco and cart Butler .... -----1,5 81,!80 96 l,iH t,i60 sa reviews crop I 7 3, rna mg 272 s o "or1gma s of 'd 1 t"k H be short in quantity, but greatly m1ured in quality Caldwell __ .... 2 ,780 106 s,:uo 3,17 o 95 h h 5 hhd h d b d h k d n ges oose m ue same poe et. ts ptne e xploded Calloway .. -__ 2,i9G 2,2so 98 705 650 n7 w JC 3 s a een nu ... ere mot er mar ets an d bl ff r The amount p l nted this season l a rgely e>rts tlus week speaks Itself in teen they d1d not mmd tins, and became more workable makes a bad crop, both m weight and quahty. Long figures th a t can not .be misunderstood, w ipmg away the afterwards. The cha1rman sai d th a t there was no obcontmued rams endanger the entire crop on low lands, doubts o the m ost mcredulous, while the sales m our jecuon under the act for children who had attained the and damage that on uplands, makmg 1t thin and w o r domestic marke t for home purposes, contmue very fatr age of thirteen being em p loyed if they could pas!; an We already he:!f accounts f rom vari.ous quarters that I I h h d 1 exammat10n. Mr. k 1 chards otserved that two-thuds of the stalk IS rottmg and the plant falhng That wh1c h espt:caa y w en t e ul ness of generally 1s h d 1 h 11 t al, en mto c o n si deratiOn. A 9/ery good figure Is obtamed those employed were g 1 rls. he cha1rman thought 1t escapes t IS or ea as st1 to run the gauntlet of wha t on all grades of leaf, generaJ ly, and If dark in color would not be an unreasonable condttwn that children of IS called "fire," caused by e x cessive wet, and by whach good m quality, pnce 13 nil object to the manufactule/ t hirteen should be able to read, wnte and cipher fairly whole fields may be bhghted forty-eight hours The Export I 5 cases, to West Indies; 3Io,7 201 pounds to Mr_ Richards sa1d a great many ch1ldren in these factoram of the past three days wh1ch to be general Europ e of Western and Vu_gmlan leaf, VIa. steamers to nes were :such as had lost one or both of theu parents, w11l tend to aggravate the s i tuation. Li 1 d A t F h and they had just suffic1ent comply with ( Yfu.) Aug. 20.-Tobacco in verpoo an n werp. OJr orne consumpt'on, 276 the requirements of the School Board and no more. this viclmty at preoent bids fair to equal the crop, cases leaf; 35 I do leaf; 87 They wanted no extension. In answer to Charles Du _and growers would be jubilant at the prospects if the C:\Ses Ohto leaf; 28 cases N ew York State; 25 cases k h ld w1sconsm; 1 8 9 bales Havai1a leaf. Cane. the witness they had scarcely yet found any mar et e out better inducements for quahty. Q.u1te difficulty in obtammg hands at t)urteen years of age, a number are holdmg thetr '73 and '74 crops yet, hopmg SAN FRANCISCO, August 19 -The but the number of applicants was gradually daminishmg. for an advance "m the sweet by-and-by," nd 1f that He1ald reports :-We are rece1pt of supplies of They found in a tobacco factory that boys did not work time ever does cases now stored away w1ll new from t he. causmg pnces to ease off a tnfte utisfactorily. Of late years there was a marked immove eastward 1mmed1ately Growers south of us are pnce of '!'anufactured does not keep pace provemenwn respect to the number of girls who had begmnmg to the early plants. the late advance m the tax of 4C per pound. That recerved a certain amount of educatiOn. Replymg to nsed comes the pockets of. dealers 11,\ the trade, Lord Balfour, Mr. Richards stated that he had never Ni.w ToBACCO SOLD.-New Orange County, (N. C.,) an to c tautlon. The exports were tried working on the alternate system Mr. Brand: Is tobacco was offered and taken on the 24th 1n10tant at I .case Cigars to V1ctona, 88 pkgs tobacco to the Sand there anythmi !pecially unhealthy m the process of the Roanoke Tobacco Works, Danville, Va., at the w1ch Island!', and 3 do do to Japan. making up tobacco? Mr. R1chards: No, nothing. round figure of 24Y, cents per pound. Statistics of the tobacco trade in the United1Kmo-dom observes the London Tobac c o Trade Revie w o f August 14 are m the mam the same as those of a month smce, a n d the mos t f a vorable feature t o nol!ce I S that con= sumptwn contilaues to progress at a highly s atisfactory rate. The J mportatiOns, though a httl e more important than in June, were not o ne-half those m July, 1874 and for the seven months were dec1dedlv moderate, wh1le as c ontrasted wllh 1873, the fallmg off was still mor,e re m arka ble, the prec1se details bemg I MPORTS. 7 months ende d July 81. M o n t h e"C.ded July 31. 1875 187 4 1873 187 5 1874. 1878, Unm a nufac-lbs lbs lbs lbs lb!J lbs 26,182,9811 :111,661,390 32,821,649 4,847, 426 10,6i7,Wi and Snuff 2,065,70 3 2 ,'191'1,6 16 2 632,2.80 1 24:,025 4:G9,403 2 92,32() 2 7, 038, 639 ,971,45 1 purts ,.Cl,W,Oh: ,7.&.0.061 7 624: (65,776 As above stated, the c o nsumpllon of tobacco, in re tainmg an mcrease over former years, 1s the ch1ef, if not the best, evidence of prosperay m the trade generaUy that can be produced, and a further Improvement hav ing taken place during July, the aggregate clearances of the seven months are unprecedentedly heavy, the totals for each year standing in the followmg order:- Hcn&a t:oNSUM P T lOH 7 montho ended July S1_ Month ended July Sl. 1876. l87f. 1878. 1875. 187f. 18'Ja, Unmanu!ac: lbo. lba. lbs lba lba. lbo. M::;!ct;.;i :1'1,018,1103 26,317,721 21,770,1711 a ,ll6f,ou s ,848,:1118 and Sad '1'18,t89 7d8,f01 715,9M 113,1189 112,110'7 110,008 TIDtal. s,m,.-r1 BAVOA AID SCB!PS. WE ARE "!'liE SOLE AGENTS IN NKW YOJIK FOR ALL IIAVANA CUTTINGS AND SCRAPS that are made m the renowued f a c t or>ea of EL PRINCIPE DE GALES (V, M artine& Ybor & Co,) and LA ROS.A ESPANOLA, (Seldenberll" c Co ,) Key West, and tbe same are recetved w eekly tn bales o f about teo to lbs. PRICES F11RA"1SHED UPON APPLICATION. 531 STRAITON & STORM, 178 a 180 Pearl St.-DUTIES ON FOREIGN TOBAOOOS ANDCIGAB& Foretgn Tobacco duty 35c. per pound, F oretgn Ctgan, S a s o per p ound and 25 per cent d v 11ltwr"' Importe d c1gars also bear an Jntenaal R e v enue taJ: of $6 per M., to be paur by atampa at the Custom lio1ue.. (Reenue Ac:t, f9J,) u amended March 3 r17! The 1mport duty n manufaetared tobacco 5oc. per lb 1 Leaf stemmed. 3.5c Stems, 15c per lb. In addibo n to th1s duty,' .Rev enue taz on the same lnnd of tobacco made ID this country molt be patd The tobacco m dat a l s o be pac:ked accordlaa to the replaUons t obacco made here FOBDGN DIJ'nD ON TOBACCO, Ia. Aaatrla, France, Italy and the tobacco commerce 11 moaopolbe4 'by under direction of a Ke&te. In German,. the dut7 nn Amer .. ican teaftobacco i s 4tbalers per too lbs. In Belgmm theimposti1 reckoned after dedu<:ting 15 per cent. for tare. The duty 1a 13 franc a 20 centime. 40&0id)per 100 Kllogrammes (oo Amerle&ll lbo. equal 45!1' klloo.) In Holland the duty Ia 18 ceull, j10ld, per JOO lr.ll..._ (18o Amerlcaa poonclo. being equa l to 1:17 ktlos.) In R.uss t a tbe dutr on 1eaftobaccols 4 kopeks p e r pud, on smoking t obacco 26 rou 4DCOP. perpud, 011.n d on Ct&'&B 2 r oa. 'o cop per pud. T hti u f.ud" IS equal to about ]6 Amerlc:an lba. 1o T11rkey the duty i s 50 centlt rod, per u X Ame-rlcan ouncea. COPE'S TOBACCO PLANT-A. JOURNAl fo r l:lmo k ere Publtt h e d UNo 10 Lord :Ne liQil JJtreet, L lve rpool Eng l .md aere subacnptlo u s w a y be add JEsued,. or to the ToB.&.cco LEa OFnQ&. .Pnce two shilliDga (English) per annum "' 'l, rade A dvcrUsemeota, 20 sb.tllings per 1Deh. No for a llortec: period tha n & U. mouths Madtinery l ol' li A-.1urt:!' es. A nnouncem ent. .. &c. ls per line. N o !Cir Arlvf' rtlsi.U g will t.e cnn stdet-M u nless a cco m panie d b y the aWouut T hi3 "h (DvJLrlably be adhered to. ADVE.&.TXSING RATES,. FB.Olll THIS DATE OUR R.AT'ES FOR ADVERTISING rN ALL CASES WILL INVARIABLY BE AS FOLLOWS: O:NE SQUARE h4 NONfPAREIL LINES), OVF.R ONE ONE YEAR DO. DO. SIX MONTFIS 1'2'.00DO. DO. THREE JIIONTHS 10.00. OVEB. TWO COLUIIINS, ONE YEAR 511.00, DO. DO. SIX JllONTHS DO. DO. THREE IIO:!ITJI8 17.000 TWO SQUARES (>8 NONPAREIL LINES) OVER TWO OOLUMNS, ONE YEAR .115.00. DO. DO. SIX JllOI!ITHS 58.00J DO. \ DO. THREE XOI!ITBI 3i.410 FOUR SQUARES (56 NONPAREIL LINES), TWO OOLtJIIUfS, ONE YE.ul. .i80,00. ..,.., DO. liRX MONTHS 115,00. DO. DO. THREE ::M:OI!ITHS 110.00. I'IRST PAGE a.&.'l'ES OliE IIOUA.IIE, OVER TwO WIDE COLVJDrl, ONE YEAR .UI5 00 TWO' 8V;U&B.E8, OVER TWO WIDIII OOLU.IIN8 ONIC VEAH.t_--- 300 00 THREE !HLUARIIIa, OVER TWO 'VVIDE COLU.liUfS 011110 Y.EA.a, ---, o.oo -.F NO OW TRJI PAGE TAKILN POll. J.EII TH.ull OJIIJC Ylll.t.R, P..t. 'I' .&IILil1 FULL 'I" Ill ABV.&l!f

M. J. DOHAN. THOS. CARROLL JlOB AN, CARROLL I co:, TOBACCO Commission Merchants, 104 FRONT :!P.O. BOX 4386. STREET, NEW YORK. Agents for the folloWing rell kno'11111 and reliable Manufacturers : 'TURPIN & BRO., W. J. YARBROUGH & SONS, J GREANER, 1 .. J : GRANT & CO .. T. w. PEMBERTON, I JOHN R. PACE & CO., L H. FRA YSER & CO., R. W. OLIVER, t JOHN W. CARROLL, and othErs. I &K Agents for the Original CABLE COIL, BONNE BOUCHE, 45 and s s, Single and Double Thick. Also Agents for the Celebrated ONE JACK & BROWN DICK SMOKING Large Stocks of Manufactured Tobacco of every description, Suitable for the Home Trade and for Foreign Markets, kept constantly ou hand. BO"'\VNE & FRITH, 7 BURLING SLIP, NEW YORK, 'Tobacco Com.m.isslon Merchants t&nd 'Sole Proprietors of the CelebrateP,Bra.nds of Smoking Tobacco: t Boney Bee, Barly Dew, Prabie Blouom. Red River Powhattan, EDterpTfae, Old Eentuck, Old Los CatAQ, SUp,' Planters' Choice. "'ioneer of the West, Sunny \Dr Brand, Honey Dew. ij ., .'Jso Sole A!lf'!rtl".lor the United States for 1. P & CO.'S GOLD PLAKE. ...... F. Cl. Lnma. G. F.LWDE. C. C. S, MARCOSO. R Astt.c:ton t YORK m-LEAF ToBAcco INsPECTION. TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. Certificates given for every case, and delivered case by case, as to number of Certificate. ft. B.-WE ALSO SAMPLE IN MERCHANTS' OWN STORES F. C. LINDE tc CO., INCIPAL OFFICE-142 Water Street. and 18:1 to 186 Pearl St. Water, 173 Front, '74, 78 & 78 Greea-w-lch Streets, and 1, lll, S Hudaon River Rail Road Depot, l!lt .lohD.s Park. CHARLES FINKE, J. Me J. BENSEL & ca::-J!0C0 INSPECTOR, TOBACCO INSPECTIONI a55 WATER STREET, 127 & 129 WATER STREET. "York.. CERTIFICATES ISSUED AND C,\SES DE irC01111iTR y IIAliU'Lil'I'G PROl!IPTL Y AT LIVERED SINGL V OR llli LOTS TEliDED TO. TD. E 'I:OBACCO LEAF, lriLUAM WliXWM. WICKE tc co., A. JlOESLU! MARTIN k JOHNSON, MANUFACTURERS OF 79 FRONT STREET, CJCGA.R BUti)C:E8 Bet,WALLSTREETANDOLDS.LIP, 1 ]SJ:EhJV 155, 157, 159. & 161 st., Tobacco CommlSSlOn Merchants, AGENTS FOR THE SALE OF ALL T:EI.E .NEW YORK. Bf.Sl-JAmJM. AJB fAD STANDARD BRANDS OF VIRGINIA & NORTH CAROUNA Dealers ana MANUFACTURED & SMOKING TOBACCOS Agents f 9 r t he followmg well-known Virginil\ and N. Carolina ;v. Richmond, Va. I Wil'tGFIELD & LAWSON, Richmopd, va! liG'RT, Ric.bx:rocd, Va. R. T. FAUCETT, Durham, N.C. IIPORTEBS OF HAVANA L HARDGROVE, POLLA-RD & 'C0., Richmond, Va. COOPEil. & WILLIAMS, Oxford, N. C. t:. AND MANumTunRs o THlt EAP TftBACOO, The. is called to Brands : EL PRINCIPE DE GALES BRAND OF HAVAliA AliD KEY WEST, Virg inia Deauti"'', P. P.'swhole Ca4diea 01d Ned' Choice, )(s, )js,P. P 's. Heautid, 3s, and D. C. Mayo & Co., Navy 26 CEDAR ST., NEW YORK. D.C.Yayo&Co., Navy,)(s,and)is,P.P.,inwhole, Saliio Willie, and 3PiugTwist. )(,and)( caddies. ...... .. Willie, n. c. Mayo & Co 3S_, 49, and Invincible, Fig.W. J. Gentry & Co., Navy, ]4s, -Jh, }ts, :P. P's, 48 & 50 East Second St., ALEX "'JRIES & BROS 18 lloll6f1e Place CINCINNATI, I I' BET. WARkBN.AND t ., MURRAY STs., OHIO. MANUFACTVRj!:RS OF NEW yORK, HAVANA CIGAR FLAVOR. Dissolved 4: oz. in one gail o n .of )Vhisky a ad sprinkl ed on the Tobacco., gives most articles the finest Hav:tna. Cillars. PRICE r.T Bnt. t ll'l of' 4 'Onnr.--w. FRANCIS S. KINNEY'S PATENT IMPROVED TOBACCO This improved Ma chine for cutting Tobacco i:s constructed witb a s ingle l:nife wo rking upon inclined b earap.d operating w ith a shdmg shear cut upo n the tobacco, which b in a box: with side s at right angleS and bottom par allel with said. kni fe. This machine win cut any kind tobacco, aud. cut it perfectly. P l ug, Twist, Peri'l: .Ue in Carretta, a n d any simila rly hard prepared tobaccos can be cut in thei.r hard without any casing, any ot'her moistening t o soften them, It tnakes noshorh, can be run by hand o.r .steant J)OW er, requires no skiU to erateit; its construction is of the mostsobstantial k ind, slow to wea.raod difficult tp d iso rder Price of machine compl-ete,with Press (bn:t %3oio.ches), $-210 net cash. ; OFFICE: Ht WEST BRO>U)WAY, Ne'v York. N. D.-The attention or manutacturers.of Cigarette Turk-ish, aad all Fancy T obaccos, Straight Cuts, Leaf, etc., etc., is. called to this machine. .: APPLEBY & HELME, Oriental, Fig, tn tin foil )i lb. bores, faac:p. and 10'11. X caddiea. Mayo&lUn&'ht, Navy, }{s, _s, P. P's. & long tos. Luscious Veed, 11-tnchplu.g. SJIOEilfG, in bagsofts, '!{s. J(.s, aad J6s 1bs. Henry, Jr., 9-ioch li&ht preseeL Gold Bug. Virginia's Choice. J\mhro"ia, lbs, Gold Medal. Ix.ion. Choice lbs. CM.ive, R ose. Uld Ken tuck, lbs. Ca.eyque. St;ar j of Industry, lbs. O liver's Choice. Virginia Belle. Pride of the Natien, lbs. Nugget. Pio neer. Featherstone' s Crack Shot, lb&. Reward of Industry. }lilly Buc k Out of Sea, ,Ks, J.)s, P P's. Owen' s Du.rham. Pride of the Nation. H arvest Quee n, )ts, P. Duke's Durham. Dandy Lion. FarmerA Choice, ,Ms, P P'L Faucett' s Du.rftana. Parti cular attention given to putting up special brands for dOLE use (;f ownerL Sol.e .4.c;e:n.1:a :for E. T. PILKINTON ; d CO.'S CELEBRA'l.'.EI> -,PBUITS PLOWHBS" "CHDOIVWBALTH" n .. tre," "Planter s Pnde, Choice, and SXOKINC TO::S.A.OCOS. llirPRICE LISTS FlJRliiSHE. D Oll APPLICATION HENRY W'ULSTEIN, SUCCESSOR TO lilOrgfelc1t & DeghuH, -PATENT TOBACCO macmBBY, 25 Myrtle Avenue, BROOKLYN. Constantly on Hand the Best Improved Hand and Ste a m Machines for Cuttinoand Granulat i ng Toba;co. EDWARD M. WRIGHT & _CO. REYNES BROTHERS & CO., General Commission coMMI-SSION MERC:HANTS 38 Broad Street, NEW YORK -& &11. 48 !lxchange J/'lace. jAMES M. GARDINE.a. CHARLES M. CoNNOLLY. James IYI. Gardiner & Co. Tobacco Commission Merchants; S4 :Front street,. York. ARE RECEIVING DIRECT FROM VIRGINIA CONSIGNMENTS OF MANUFACJ SEPT. I Y. Oommfmon Xerell..._ BULKLEY MOORE & CO. YIRGINIA Tobacco Commission Jierchant1 .-Tn Aec "J: 14: St-reet. IUGEIE DU BOIS, !r5 rB.Ol'IIIJ!I SIIJ!IB.BII'l', NEW YORK t'AUL <.:A&.t'L Jos. H. Thomoson & Co., 83 Front St., N. Y. Ageats for the following wei lknown and justly eel brated Manufa.ctur(!rs of Virg\uia T obaceto: C. A JACKSON & CO.; D. B. TENNENT & C0.1 REUBEN RAC:LAN D; WiLLIAM H. 0. HOBSON, Petersourg. Sole Aa-enta for C. A. JACKSON ill CO'S. Cel., brated Branda. TINFOIL, WARRANTED PURE TIN, J'Oll. Wl!Al'E'ING CIGABS ana CIGAD'l''l'IS, and :t.INWG CIGAll. BOXES. WITTEMANN BROTHERS, !3!r Maiden J.aae, II'. 'I'. Lithogra pha in SU.PERIOR Col ors anJ Design. ( and mounted in appt o11ed style. E .rti mate1 gi'll' 3T MA.IDEll LANE, NEW YORK. DEKEL:SERG lG CO., 16o PEARL ST. NEW YoRL J. Ji). XUKE:L:SiiG lG CO., BALTIM0RE, Ml!t. UEDL:SEIG, SCIWlFER 8G CO., NEw 0ItLEANS, LA. Il:BEDL:SEBG .t CO., ,. LOUISVILLE, KY. BLAKEMORE, MAYO & CO., GENERAL .-COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Eot.abllohed, ln 1862 G. REUSENS, f. & .A. McALEER &, CO., BUYER OF 1 MANUFACTURERS OF THE TURED TOBACCO. EXPORT ORDERS..FOR PLUG TOBACCO r PROMPTLY FILLED. 62 BROAD STREET;\ NEWY8BK. -r o B A c co, RAIL .ROAD MILLS lD14a 'Water Street, 66 MOAD STREET, Maccaboy Snuff, French. Rappee Snuff, NEw Yo:ax. w lfEWYORK.: American Gent. Snuff, S-cotch Snuff, t AN :a::R.MAnLAND, .RoBERTL.MAITLAN Lundy_Foot Snuff.' 1\ 'r 1a. MAITLAND & ALSq MANUFACTURERS OF THE FOLLOWING BRANDS. OF ToBAcco AND FACToRS, 111J.. fURE VIB&INIA SMOliN& TOBACCO. 41ENERAL COMMISSION Via: Rail Road, Our Choice, Colorado, v 1ll Uncle Tom, Navy CUppings., Blafk Tom. 43 :DB.OAD ST., K. '2'. 1aG W .>!ldvancem'Y'tS made on toW. A. & G. MAXWeLL & co LIVERPOOL 00 ater and 85 Pine Sts., N.Y l'OBACO 0 -JLABELS, Smoking and Manufactured.J Tobacco, FURNISHED BY rBE BATCH LITHO&RAPHIC COMPANY, Ia & 84 VESE:Y NEW YOBK, AT GREATLY REDUCED _PRICES. .a.Q!W &TROHN. GUIDO Rltl TZSNST1t1N, D. J. GARTH, SON & CO., -ITIOHN & REITZENSTEm, csuccesson to CH.mEs B, F .. & ;o.,) ALSO Dl!ALltRS '" Corr.mission Merchants, DOMESTIC NO. 44 BROAD ST., AND JMPORTitRS 01' J. Garth, ( chas.M.carth,' NEW YORK REIGN TO L.a. 11 1.76 Front Street, NEW YORI. SAWYER, WALLACE & CO.; WMMlSSION MERCHANTS, .No. 47 Broad Street, :1. J!'. QVIK &11. CO., TOBACCO FAGTORS, Western and Virginia leaf, !39 B_,OAD STREET, .r. CHAS. APLLEBY. Fer-Price List Adi!reas or apply as GEO. w. HELME 'Tim liD TOBACCO CO. OP CALIPOIDm, r ACIIJ!IOI\IIIS AT GILROY. 1-:LAKTAIIJ!IIORS SA N FAE L I p E. All CigaTs ana. 'l'cbacoo Kau!Uictured b;r us are cf CALIFORNIA GBOWN LEAF, CURED BY THE CULP PROCESS, CARL.UPIIANN, WALTER FREISE, HAVANA TOBACCO mmt 203 Pearl Street, 178 P, O. BOX 2989. NEW YORK WILLIAM M. :PRICE & CO. LEAF TOBACCO, II9 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK. I NEW YORK. CBAS. F. TAG & Importers of SPANISH and Dealers in all kinds of FOX,. DILLS & CO., IKPO:a TZE.S OF AND PACKERS OP SEED LEAP TOBACCO.S, 17. 5 Wa.ter Street, New York. LEAF TOBACCO, 184, Front lJIBW 'I'OB.K. ::ESTA.BLil!!IIIEI> 1822. "COPERBAGEK SlUFF," VEGA, MARrlNEZ & BRO'S, G. REISMAl\Tl\1', IMPORTERS OF, Manufactured only by WEYMAN ft Secured l--'f 'Letters Patent, December 16, r86s. An lnfringemen' < oQ oU<'copy

' SEPT. 1. rHB JACOB BIIIELL, MANUF ACTUREll. tllllr CIGAR BOXES, SUPERIOR. MAKE AND Prime Quality of CEDAR 293 NEW RK. WM. EGGERT & CO. IMPORTERS OF HAVANA AND DEALERS IN SHBD LHAP. TOBACC0,1 111 PEARL and 78 PINE STS., NEW YORK. E. & G. FRIEND & CO., Importer aod Dealers in LEAP TOBACCO, 1 29 Malden Lane, E D WARD FRfRND, Gus FnutNu. EowARD FRIJ;!'ND, Jr. NEW YORK. M. & S. STBRRB'IRGER fOWGI AlB IIAJIIH, And Importers of V uelta-Abajo Tobacco, 62. WATER ST., NEW YORK. M. W. IIBIDBL ll BRO., 'MANUFACTURERS OF CIGARS A N D DEALERS JN LEAF TOBACCO, 157f BOWERY, NEW YORK WM. AGNEW & SOBS, Tobacoo ana Com.missio Merohanta 1184. a.ud. Frout St_.'Co :NEW YOBK. JU-n\o" SALJI ALL DE--teat TobnetQ for Export and BoJU I& I Lear Tobacco baled In any pel;kep b;v 1c press for e:x:port. CUTHRIE & CO., 225 Front Street. COMMISSION UERCIIA:NTS. AND TOBACCO PRESSER& Leaf Tobacco pressed i n bales for the West Indies, Jiie:rican and Central American Ports, and other mar kets. TOBACCO PACKED IN HOGSHEADS. CONN. J..ibtral Cash advances m a d e on Consignments. AHNER & DEHLSJ DEALERS IN LHA.P TOBACCO. 1SO Pearl St., :HrcHAKL AHNBO.,} NEW YORK, JOHN A. DEHLS. READ 8c Co., SuccEssoRs TO IsAAC READ, UOMMISSION MERCHANTS, A n d De-alers Virginill and Western Leaf and Manujadured Tobacco, Licorice, Gum, etc., 1g Old Slip, 1'1ew "2'ork P.AT:'Nte:a ecov:rr.r.z-IXPo:a -r:a::as OJI' SPAlnSB, AND JOBBERS. IN ALL KINDS OF LEAF 1'10. 19'0 W.4'1'BB. s'l'BIIJI'I', IUIW "2'0B.B. L. PALMER. A. H. CONNECTICUT SEED LEAF WRAPPER OF OUR OWX PACKJNG. WEISS, ELLER & KAEPPEL .. IMPORTERS OF AND DEALERS IN HAVANA TOBACEOS, Our Moulds are auaranteed to be more DURABLE, at i;ast .... 2 5 per cent. Chea&aer tliaa any other Mould 1old. Oftlce and No.''a Water -Street.N' ............ W. H. BORGPELDT, MANUFACTURER" OF CIGARMOULDS Patentee of Closed Head Moulds, Pate11tee of fhe Single Spring or (Jacoby) .Moulds. ORDERS 'rAKEN AT THE FACTORY, HARLEM R. R. FREIGHT BUILDING. 'l.VIllTE STREET, F .oor 291 (2d Door from Elm Stre1t ; or at & CO .. Ollire l'n 100 N.W YORK 12g &. 131 GB..A.1'1D STB.:B:B'l' 1'1:BW '2'0B.E. :alE au. o:f' 70& 72Bowery,-New.York. & iiit;:= A : OATMAN, COMMISSION MERCHANTS Leaf Tobacco, lllo. reo Water Street, Hew York. JOS. MAYER'S SONS, .A.:JlD I!f DIPOil'l'liB 07 ::Eia. van. a DOMESTIC ; Leaf Tobacco 166 W A.TEB STBEET, 122, WA.TEB STBBET. A. H. CARDOZO, H. WASSERMAN,, Hew York. TOB.AC110 COTTON F .ACTORY Dealer in all kinds of ,A KASPROWICZ & BRO lJ \ll HAVANA AND DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCQ, PINE HiVANA.CI'sARs, 101 Maiden Lane, New York. 158 Cham;:,ers St., AND General CommissioJl, Merchant, No. 66 BROAD STREET. N .Y. Frischen, Roess &, Schulz, __ __,;;,N;..;;,E_w_Y;.;..o,...n,.....K;.... E.' M. CRAWFORD, SIMON A'IJ'JJB.B.A.Cll, T 0 B A c c 0 LIAJ"fOBifco. LMP TOBACCO 147 w A'l'ZB ST., 138 A Water Street., NEW YORK. NEW YORK. LEDERER & FI:SCBBL. SIMON SALOMON, DEALERS IN Importer of -d Dealer in Seed Lea:C Leaf Tobacc AND HAVANA TOBACCO, 213 l'EAIL S'Ili.Ei:'l', AND SEGARS, Wo. lH Pearl Street, NEW I:OB ... ,NEW YOU. L. GERSHEL & BRO., .... ,______ KENTVCKYj.._ ... SEED LEAF TOBACCO, LEAF TOBACCO, No. 86M..4.TDRNLA.NE, 41 BROAD STREET r. GB ... IIBLo NEUJ YORK NEW YORK. .. G lCSI(&L. --... Packen of DeAlers ln AND COMMISSION MERCHANT 168 W A.TEB STBEET, NEW YORK. Has on !!Jale aH kinds of Leaf Tobacco for Export au4 for Home use. JULIUS BERLINER, \ 'Iii Leaf Tobacco; 203 PEARL E. SPINGARN & CO., D&.u.ml8 1H HAVANA & DOMESTIG TOBACCO. No. 6 BVRLINC 8Ltp, NEAR WA TER.STREET, I. UJI&. R4t1CIIIU.Ua, a.uL IJIIDf'GAU. --------... --RD. ,. Importers of' Sp-aui G. lrALK. H. COLELL, Sole Agent for K. c. BARKER & Co.'s Celebrated AMERICAN-EAGLE -FXNE1 OU-.:t OH FIVV'XN'G-TO::BAOOO, ALSO PACKER Of SEED AND I M PORTER OF HAVANA TOBACCOS, 16S Water StreetJ Ne'W' York. MAMU P'ACT UW.ERS AND PltOPJtlBTORS, 54 :Maid.en La,ne, NEW YORX. MANUEACT.URERS OF CIGARS,' AND IN LEAF TOBACCO,, :.178 & lSO'PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. JClHN STRATTON GEORGE STORM. E. ROSENWALD & BROTHER, IX_Pdl\ Sl?ANJ:SH, .AND PACKERS QF LEAF TOBACCO, 145 -Water Street, New York. J. SCHMIJ"T & co. I s. BARNETT, IMPORTERS OF & DEALERS IN IMPORTER OF HAVANA f AND PACKER O F Lea Tobacco, s::mE::o x..E.A.F T O D A C C 0 J SCHMITT, c. JOST. 121 MAIDEN LANE, N ; Y. BASCH &. FISCHER, IUFORTERS OF HAVANA SBHD A c c I' 155 Wate St., Near!!:aiden_l.ane, NEW YORK. M. H. LEVIN,-,MPORTHB. oF BAVAN! And Dealer tn all kinds of T O:BACCO l82 PEARL Sl., NEW YORK JULIAN. ALLEN, Seed-Leaf Havana 172 Water Street, r-J. Y. ALEXANDER MACK. IMPORTER OF HAVANA AND PACK:Jj:R OF SEED LEAF. TODAG COS, 162 Water St .. N.Y. D. W. DE FOREST LUMP MACHI.NE. Round Work. Hand Work Imitated by Machinery. -. We {:all the atteution of .. Manuft\cturers o f Plur Tobacco t 6 the .De. L mp Ma cbi_ne. During the last two ye ars this Machine has excelled all other Machines (both in quality and economy of work) i n making Piug Tob:teco. The Machine occupies but four square feet Mannacturer is independent of skilled labort ali a boy can learn to run the lu Th: is ro\ind : Fillers straight, w ith sqaare Wrappen run twi ce as f a r as by haod. No wrapper Scraps get in with the filler. It does n o t Ctush the tiller. -Its capacity i a from two to four lumps per to the factors and certificates below, and respectfully sohcit your attention person1111{t doe s not cut the on the edge of the lumps when p res sure Maclu'nt!s Manufactured and Sold by THE DE FOREST JIACHil'i'ER"f' co., 27'9 Front Street, Ne'Y York. Price 6 i och, I JOO. 8 -inch, $315 n-in., 178 WATER STREET; ::r.M:PC>aTEI::a.8 OP-& AND PACKERS OF DOMESTIC LEAF 1'0BAeCO JlANTJFA.CTUR.ER OF CIGAR AND IPORTER OF -GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS c OSENU'O'CX tG CO., andr .. Hanufactli:C J)CALBJt IN Cigar-Mould Presses, Straps Cutters, 263 SOUTH STFCEET, N. Y. THE GERMAN AMERICAN BANK, BROADWAY, cor. of Cedar St., NEW YORK. Ca'Pital. -$2,000.000. EVERY FACILITY AFFORDED TO AND CORRESPONDENTS CONSISTENT WITII SOUND BANKING. H. ROCHOLL. President. Q. H. SCHREINER. Cashier. A. & F. BROWN, MANUFACTURERS OF CIGAR MOULD PRESSES & STRAPS, Cigar Cutters. & all ether Machinery-for Mannfacturin! Gi!ars IMPORTEHS OF GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS 571 59 & 61 Lewis St. bet. Delancey and Rivington Sts. NEW YORK .Y. CO-OPERATIVE CIGAR M'PG CO:, 202 CHATHAM SQU.&BE,. J. A. BARTCORR, M'lnufacturer of Frine Cigars, and D ealer in LEAF TOBACCO, 88 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK. IUVERA & GARCIA, .. Manufacturers of Wangler & Hahn, Fine NQ. & 292 DOWDY, NEW YORK TABBL I& RDIRBIRG, il or FINE CIGARS, C 1 G A R S Salesroom, No, 70 Pa.rk Place, And Importers of HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO" 71 Maiden,N. '?'. ---S.' ORGLEB., Manu' facture r of tlie best Brands of FINE CXG.A.R.S, Also, Pmprietor or the Brand "Cuba Libre," 297t & 2.SG Greenwich St., New YQrk I 'FREY EROS. & CO. Manufacturers of FINE C1GARS; and Dealers in Tobacco, Bet. Greenwich St.&!: Coll eg e P lac e NEW VORL Internal Revenue Eooks. Th6 Original I eternal Revenue Publish-ing 1-t:::)use. C. JOURCENSEN, SOLit SUCCRSSQR TO ESTlE 8: SM!TH, P. 0. Box 5,6>7, a7 LIBERTY S'I'., N llranding Irons and Stencils a Specialty. P:R.:J:N'TXN'G Of every description at Lowest Prices. SEND FOR PRICES. EDWARD A. SMITH, MANUFACTURER O F Fine Segars, I 1'1o. 11 Bowery, TESTlMONIAi.S 4 RcHM<>No, VA. 4 Ygrk. IIJEW YORK. This is to certifr-:1at ] purchased last fall Six (6) De Forest Luup Machines, and having tested them have ordered TEN additional Mach.inea De Forest Machine, _im MY _judg is SUPH RIOR t(, HAND WOkK 10. tnaDlpUJa-E 'CKMEYER & C ,O., EBEN W. GOOD'W'IN, LUmpSo SAVES in WRAPPERS and ecou o-Sole Age:ots for the DEALER IN mizes LABORTW&NT .. PBRCT.B.PACE. "L.A. F'EEIM"E!"' LEAF TOBACCO ,Gh, P&.T. JIABCJR 30, r BUSSIAI And FINE CIGARS :ustified tn awardinr: you with our hearty eadoraement of your syltem I I The work Is perfect, it postbe DeCeMBiaryffeatuJ of Is more ... 8 Broad and 48 Sts. No. 226 Front Street, It savelgreatly in WRAPPaas, als<. i n cos t of auu actu ug. oar I? h h tl u e .as com "t B & p S Y 'D'IF. cli n e d h ge out of ordeT, and turns out from three t o fivelumpsperm_1nute, H o in-JllEW YOaK. p .. 0. BOY, 4-hw. Bet. eekman eck hp, 4.c.W p arsed witt! the old style. w e shall at ooce adopt THB>I ta the p BUCHANAN & LYAL't. I you may attain the success you ment, we remain, yours, etc., :l.tJtNcv. ILL u, Illr. D. W. Da F<>oasT, 179haFr"f Sl"!-1 N. SAN C H E Z H AYA & CQ GLACCUM & SCHLOSSERj MAc HUI&S purchased of vou, t t t ey glve us en lte SAT IS M fa:1 crumiDI_ as many ae ono M.,.UiUFACTl11tBIS OF turers of Tobacco to a?opt YOUR system. Your CRUMPINC ACHI& u; Vttl'J Ule HARRIS, BE!BE a-f ., hundred lump per m1nute. Vorr reopecllullyyours, etc., Mor

SEPT. 1 'Philadelphia .A.d..-ert:lseaeDte. VEB.TISI.:JKEN'lii. Clnck'lnati and Detroit Advertisements. CASSIUS WELLli:S L. B. A. BOY.D &;, G::lO. RICHARD lULLAY. JAMES lU.LL.A.Y. B & B c. WELLES A co., Henry esuden ro., CONN. SEE'o LEAF () Steiner, Smith Bros. & KDecht, DEALERS lN q F LEAF TQBACCO, R.MA, LAYA DII:ALEllll 'm .And Manufacturers of qrul Dealers in Cigars. 225 RACE 8TREE1", PHILADELPHIA. -' Dealei's EAF TOBACCO,' I LEAF TOBACCO, TEWART M ftKS, LPH _... 00., D IS z. K. PB.&SE, Manufacturers f E KI:RCKHOFF. GEO. P. UNVEli-ZAGT. GEO. K.ERCK.HOFF & CO., 1. 163; & 165 :Pearl Btret, Scotch Snuff,. --, AND FINE! OIGARS, ;Dii:ALER)S IN 1 COmCTICUTl IAVAHA AND YABA WF TOBACCO, :Between Race aad ElD:i; OINOINNA.TL 0. CINCINNATI. Connecticut Seed-Leaf TO'B..ACCO, No. 1111 .. lll.en -...L JP,, Alezancler Ralph, John W. Woocblde, Samuel A H en dri ckson-B.QS., Packenl, CoJnmfufoB Merahmts, and Whole$Ue Dealers in Po:relp nd Domest!c Leaf'T.,bacco, 117 North Third Street. .. Philadelphia 1VOOD'IV.4.RD., Q.4a.RB2'2' & ao., iTDB!CCO, CIG!B AND &BIBBAL CUIIISSION K:Z::a. CD:.6.NT S ,'' l8 No. Water St. and 32 No. Delaware A.v., Philadelphia. Ko; 143 First Avenue, L. BAMBERGER & CO., DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, And Manufacturers of all Crades of Cigars, ll'o. J 11 Arch st.,.. Ph.Qade1phia, Pa. .. i E. MeDOWEtt & CO., TOBACCB AI GIDBAi CDDISSIDN RCIOTS, .. 39 North Water St., Phlladelphia; Pa. .. Agents for the sale of all kind!; of Manufactured and Leaf Tobaccos .f81 r -LEWIS BREMER'S SON-S, Wbo.lesale Dealers in "LEAF" AND MANUF ACTUltED TOBACCO NO. 822 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. lirA larg-e assortment of all kinds of LEAF ToBA CCO constantly On W. EISENLOHR.-& ... CO., PACKEKS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN AND MANOF'ACTtmERS OF CIGA.ll.S. No. 49 CHARLES -87R'EET, BAL:TIMORE. jF:-m;;cx.E'R, 10 C.--BECKE!t. t k. J!.ECK!Ut. (."\ BEOK.ER BRO'TBEBS, PACKERS, COMMISSION AND' WAOLESALE DEALERS> lN Fore-ign and Dome&tio l:.eaf '.robaooo, NO. 98 W. LOiriB.A.RD ST., BALTIIriOB.E, MD .., B. WILKENS a 00., MONUMENTAL CITY. TOBACCO. WORKS, NO. 1Bl W!:S'1' PltA'l"l' S'l'ID'1', llAL'l'IKOlt!, :awm.AND, MANUJ'ACTURXRS OP ALL KINDS O F SMOIIIG AID CBIWIIG 'l'OBACCOS. fii Agento1 M, FALl[. t200h,.,,.ll T., &> B.l.'l"l''ll BROI., U ji Jll'. Third St., PbUa. ED. WISCHMEYER HY. WiSCHMEYER. ED. WISOHKEYER & CO., Commission Merchants, r l I S. LOWENTHAL & 00., MANUFACTURERS"'OF FINE CIGARS, AND DEALDS m LEAF 'I'O:BACC.O, NO. WEST THIRD STREET, CaNCINNATI, OHIO. ]A.COB W&IL. AAtc.ON KAHN :E. A. W&IL. W eil, Kahn & Co., ( Successors to S. LowNTi-IA1.. & Co .) Manufacturers and Who lesale Deal ers in CIGABS i LEAP TBWCO 1 134 Main St.. Cincinnati. W. MORRIS, SPENCE, BROS. &. CO., Manufa cturers of the Celebrate& :AIIIBROSI.A, a variety of other grades of Fine-Cut Chewing & Smoking Tobacco CINCDfN'.A.TI, OHIO. M. H. CL_ARK BRO., Leaf, LEAF TOBACCO BROKERS 1 AND DEALERS IN BB.Q'R I LEAF. PLUG 'TOBACCO 8c CIGARS, OFFICE, ( COLLEGE .BUILDING. C::LABKSVU.I:C,TENN. a 39 SOUTH CALVERT STREET, 4 And 71 West .FroDt St., Cblchmati, l NEAR LOMBARD STI!BI-t., IM 11\,rLL.A F. W. DOHRMANN, COMMISSION B R 0 K E R, 126 Vine Street! ( ft 40 & 4:Z ST Barttbrd., Cenu. -WI!.STPHAL, CODIISSI011' CONIECTICIIT IUD LEAF Tobaooo,, Sta.te St. Hartford. Conn. .1.. L. & F. SISSOI, 1 Packers Dealers in CONNECTICUT SEED f.EAF T OBACCO, ; No. 134 MAIN STREE_T, U$-l88 Hartford, Conn.: ..a NORM'AM HusnAR o.. T o. KlNO. NOR'MAN HUBBARD Packers aad Dealers fa CONNEC'!'Ietrr SUD LEAF TO' B 'ACCO 2-&S BTAT8 BTJU:.T, HARTFORD, CONN. G. W. PACKD AN.D D&A.LEit ltr FJNE CONNECTICUT SEED-LEAF t.JIOBACCO,. DANBURY, -----------R. & .cot. G. GIESiE. ED. NIE1lANN. LEAPTOBAC8o BROKER, S MNFAURF F NIEMANN N. E. Cor. ;IN ALL KINDS OF H SMITH ,_ co Leaf ', g: ., CINCINNATI, 0 : c 0 M Ml s s I 0 N MERCHANTS p, o. Add r ess L9UI8VILLE, Ky. Jill -D OINCINNATI, o. CLARKSVILLJjl, Tenn. .1'0BBJIBS9 D,. E. M 0 s E L y, CONNECTICUT LEAF DEALER IN No. 20 Bampden Street, >.J HOFFMAN, LEE & CO., TOBACCO FACTORS CINCINNATI, o. 25 SOUTH CALVERT ST, P. 0 BOX naa. .And Commission Merchants. ---------'18SouthCharlesSt.,:Saltimore,Md. F. W. SMYTHE & CO., HAVANA & DOMESTIC SPRINGFIELD, MASS. TOBACCOS Boston Advertisements. C. 0. HOLYOKE, w. DRESEL "co., W .EIBENLOHR, S.W.CLARK. PHIL. BONN, WEauthorizeS!GHTDRAFTforamountofTAX, 37 GAY STREET, Commission 14ercha.nts, Bretherto11. 10 NORTM JOHN STREET, CO:M:KISSION KERCHANT In LEAF and MANtTF AOTURED 'l'OBAOOO, with BiLL OF LADING attached t o Draft, and will make farther CASH on receipt of Tobacce. MJ),, -() A c co Mill St. Rochester, N.Y. LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND. JAMES.DALEY-tc CO C8, 5/006 EODISSiflN MERCHOOS. MIB.WJTS, STARR & HUGGINS, PEASE'S Tobacco Cutter. :1.2 Central Wha,._r, Boston., Market Pnce, guaranteed actual free fr om l'ro .l b>tten, uncured o r rubb1sh leaf of any kind. .1 AND DEAL s COMMISSION MERCHANT"' Also General Supl'Iy Store of!' very arllcleconnected w1th the trade. 'M'd & Oh" 't'.ea ""' N. B.-Qrdera foe &mall ca1es recetve prompt attention. J.J.L 10 .. and Wholesale Dealers in ... BERRY MEBL. 84 CU.t I Successors to C .OOPER & WAL TER, Ma11uf actt1I'efl o f BA'fCHELOR BROS "PECULIAR" SNUFF and SMOKING TOBACCO, BALTIMORE. Leaf Toba-cco P. A-., ALBRECHT, \\1boleaa1e Dealer in 1$ l'A.TTBBSO:N' .../ B.A.LTDIOB.E, HD. Leaf"Tobacco AND CIGARS, B. PARLE'TT & J WHOLESALE DEALERS IN No. 20 German Street, KAX'GJ'AcrvRED LEU A1ID sM:oXING Nearthe"Carr ollfon BALTIMORE, MD, TO BAS c Q s G. H M. MARRIOTT Cigars, Etc., MANtll' ACTtmD OF CIGA.ll.S, OOmi'ISSION UDCJWI'M i'OI SALE Oi' SAD, The Most Perfect Machioe in the World for all gradesJ of Fine-Cut, Chewing and Smoking. IN USE :BY ALL FmST-CLASS :IIO"C:sES. MANVPACTUiitl! D BY HOGLEN & PEASE, DAYTON, OHIO. THOS. H cHALIIIER.S, 1 () 51 lleeklllnn St., J,V. Y. Agent fOI' 1he Sale o f Mac-hines and F.:xtras, where Cutters will find a stork of1mppliE"s al wa y s on hand. ST. LOUIS, LOUISVaLE AND BUFFALO ADVERTISEMENTS, 666, GGS, 670 672 North Eleventh St.., LE DTealerOinB allltiA'nds cof 0 o _92 Lombard aild 5 Water St., ,. .... PHILADELPHIA.. __ a,J!: B.A.LTDIOilE. Jm. --Lo __ e AN'D CICAR RtSBONS, GRIP co T:O:E .. ----------', ESTABLISHED SWEETSER'S PURE STANDARD SNUFFS, Nlan ufactured by SWEETSER BROTHERS,' 10 SOUTH :brARKET STREET BOSTON, JIIASS. Southern A.dvertiseDlents JOBl\T w. STONE, iole Owner and Maonfacturer of the World Renowned B raods of Smoli.i.naTobacco, AND 8'-SOCS,'' %. YNCHll'C'tG, VA. R. A. I\m.LS, TOBACCO BROKER CoiiiUII.iuion :Merch3J1.'1., 107 ARCH STREET, 33 North Front St.; a a ., Philadelphia. t A T b MD. ,., TO W t" X & CO PH LADELPHIA. PA. 0 a.cco, Liberaladvanc.-nu .. to "'7 SUOvESSORS A. A: 0 -IJ :RICHMOND. VA. A.M mCHm "' at ,:; NOWLIN&, 1ouNm &. co.:BUFFALO. N. Y JAMES H. WISE, Office in Tobacoo Shockoe Slip, F.. c A. M. FRECHIE & CO. J MERFELD & KEMPER, CO:W.OSSION MERCHANTS, 1ne 1gars, : LYNCBBUlta,v.a.. VON PHUL LADD, C.ltB.DOBIITZKll &CO .. No. 37 North Seventh FINE SIGARS T .OBACCO BUYBRS, DcalcrsandColll11l1INSSiOI11Crchants COMMISSrnNoNMER.CHANT 202 Chestnut a.ncl Ya.ra; Toba.c9os, Tobacco llr PHILA.DELP!UA. 43 Korth Jlroot Street,l I I '1 Lori'lbard Street. -.- 23 North Main St.. LE A'rl 'l'OBA ceo EXCLUSIVELY for the Purchase of ---------.U"Liber. Ad\'aDceomadeonConalpmenta. ST. LOUIS, l\10. A: E F T ceo PUILADEIJ"HIA. MD, "' ., We des i re correspo nd ence -..ith EASTERN manufac, 121 8G '123 St., bet. lUlu & Second StE,, L A 0 BA 1 0 'J R1111'ALDO SA '&II .. CO turers. dealers ana exporters which have careful ST. LOUIS. KO. &&1 AI' a;. A H THEOBALD a ttention. Through freights to pomtS abroad se ,.. TOB.ACt:fO, G. B LICHTENBERG, A. LOW. S. M. SIMPSO:S. c ured at lowest rates. Llbera1 Cash advances made o n Consignments. J' AMES :J.'ir :SQYJJ' .. FINi"u'CICAR;:, G. B. LICHTENBERG & co., .WALL, anvrN & ou, G W WICKS & GO JJIAP 1'tJM;I.BBODB .. ANDDEALERON Importers of HAVANA,' '"'!''W""'""' ., 'No 1317 GARY Ph:llacialphia. Spanish Leaf Tobacco, AND PACKERS OF I VIr[liDa, MlSSOnri and Kentucky RlmDIOND, VA. Jooepb Brooke j 5 .cor. ad&Popiarsto., Phnadelphla. .Seed Leaf 'l'obacco, IUllfACTWB AJD LID TOBACCO Specfal.AttentlontollrigntWrappera S .CH .. IDT ,_ BilL, No. 68 Congress Street, East, .. DETll,OIT, MICH. l\ ltO. NOB'm SECOND STUET, and .. q; DAVID B JADIY _:::-_: 81'. LOptSo 1<0 J LB BOY BOP Ill &: SUit "LEAF TOBACCO" TOBACCO BROKE'R .. _." I r L -ON D JVIif;vA}, sA""NoKDINCBTBoaOAQccos.D J C I Fiv.e Brothers Tobacco Works LOUISVRLE, KY, TOB.AG G 0 a I Dack 1s!and Specialty.' t Jj a" a s. H. PIUIB.UTO.. J..,. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, v 1 John .fmzer & Bros./' Pemberton & Penn, PRIJ.ELPHIA. WAnt s'l'., mADmmA. T Manufactory, 12th Street, lynchburg, Va.' "FIVMIANBuFRAcT0uRSE.Rs1oFAVY ,, ToBAcco cOMMisSioN ... :1'8HB.SBVB.G,_ VA.. GftDVI!D l!D ..II!I:'F .ll. CQQ11' +.-._,... Orders re!peatfwJIJ solicited and pTomptly attended k, .-QVal .. p UIUUil' Clli A.a CEO. W EDWARDS. JOS,PH M. PATTERSON -'tlitJ. II /o11_g exJ_erience in flu !Jusiness,' _________ _, .EDWARDS A w. F. FlLL.ISTIIIl, c. c. READ & co 'l'OBA.CCO. ,. 'l#'trtheirservuestojilltmiersfor HIGHLAND GmM ToBACCO LIAi'-fliiUcQ, ToBAm:o Comssloi r.v--"' .. 6UTortltJ'rontBt., l'hilacltlphia. AUSTRALIAN TWIST F. A.. PRAGUE; .uA.L,..U .IlL .pHn.ELPBIA. ._. & .. ...,._...._. .--, 1110 CUT TOBaccos JirSole aseutaint.he Ualted !!tat .. f o f the Patei, .-. t n1U1 ... laluiDLaffcwWeotllld;n&D dA:Irica IOLID TOP M.oa.ldoaDd ETJ'k.EKA Tack-Cutter. I FARMVILLE, VA. 1.11.&1' II'OJI.A.OCJO X.8l'.O'I"OB, Owaer 'M!ej .. -a Pearl str--. .R..... I DIDIAJIA.POLD. 110) li -lORDIUUt .:) w 4 CINCUfJII'ATI1 OHIO ...


SEPT .. 1. SUT_RO & NEWMARK, JJAN.'UI'.ii.CTTJB:IrR6 OP CXG.A.E&S, .ii.:ND BBALEBS IN LE.A.F 18 PARK PLACE, NEW YORK. KERBS &. SPIESS, Manufacturers of Fine cigars, and Dealers in LEAF TOBACOO, AooLPH KERBs 35. Bowery, New -Lours SIMON MANDi.EBAUM, Special. PARKER, HOLMES & CO., Manufacturers of the Celebrated N ERVE And other Brands of ONLY ONE SoN oF TRA:;K.The story about the sons of Mr. Trask, the auti-tobacco MBn, have got mixed somewhere with that of other Trasks. The Indianapolis Yournal says : It happens that the only son of late LMr. Tias!C is a reporter on the :Journal, a nd has never ust:d tobacco in any form Let the t'ruth of history be preserved." CRAZED BY ToBAcco.The Pulaski (Tenn.) Citiz m says: We are extreme ly sorry to announce that the friends of Mr. Claude J. Woodring have been forced to take steps to deprive him of his liberty for a time, on account o f the prevalent op i nion among our people that his mind i s over-balan ced. His abe rr a tio u is an nounced by physicians to be due tothe exces siv e use of to bacco, and it was determiped lo confine him s o that h e could be effectually weaned from it. An inquisition was held at the county court room Tuesday morning, and a verdict as above was reached." HADN'T ANY "BACCY." A story told by Horace Smith is a good instance of a shock given to affected elegance. A towr: hidy had read much of pastoral life, and once made a visit to the country for the purpose of communing with a. real shepherd. She at last dis covered one, and his crook THEW.EED. ---i Tennyson's "Btook.") I COME from vaunted root, and burn To many a merry sally;_ I sparkle, and to ashes urn, Men's .spirits worn to rail y. Thrice thirtv i'lts that press folks I futnigate like midges; In country, city,. little town, My charm some care abridges. down, You chattering Stiggins with a craze, In little sharps and trebles A hubbub makes in my dispraiseDemosthenes, sans Ay! chatter, with thy face of woe; With bile and anger quiver; Thus Antis come and Antis go, But I'm smoked on for ever. They go aeout, and fume and spout, Against,Tobacco r ailing ; With here and there a lustlv shout, And here and there a Aqd here apd there they get a shake, A s sinuously they travel: ThP.y yell, as comic artists make Them sprawl on ice or grave L I'm smoked on lawns and grassy plo t s By sportsmen in the covers ; My cloud' s blue as forget me-nots That grow for happy lovers There is not'under moon and stars, In this world's wilde1:ness, A plant that mare stoutly bars, Or labor better blesses. -' Bel)old my vaP.or rv and fiow Towrrds where the pure skies quiver ; Let Antis'comi.and.Antis smokes goes up for ever. -Cope2s To/JaC(o .Plant. fN TWO PARTS ; Four-and-twenty eyes were directed to the clock ZABBEDEAUS PF'Ul'.SCH { :N 'l H :he non-smoker inquired, in anxious "Is it. time?" ROAD. Twelve deep voices replied i11 various tones of consdlation and reproof, "Not yet." [Co rresp ondence. J ''How long have I to wait?" inquired the vow-keeper, HARIKARI HousE ,;PLEITSV[LLE, August xs.-Messrs. who could not see the clock, for the reason that it had KINNE ZlNNE & Co., New York.-GENTS: Extraordi been placed behind him and he was forbidden to tum." narily happy to inform you of my safe arrival at this "Ten more!" groaned the victim. "Ten place. Extremely sorry to report business to be slowly ages, you mean !" but surely decomposing. Have had the gratification of Tick, tick, tick, went the remorseless clock; and puff, meet in g on the road four thousand three hundred and puff, puff, went the twelve pipes. one leaf drummers in a deplorable state of At five minutes to twelve, one cried, "You may pick despondency g-enuine exhaustion. Discovered one up your pipe." of them this morning standing on the corner shedding At four m:nutes to twelve one cried "You may place tears at the rate of about four gallons and a half per tobacco in it." hour. Lent him two dollars to get home with. He left At three minutes to twelve, "You may take possesan ago with the of the aid of sian of a match." the for Prevention of Cruelty to Ammals. Haye Things were exciting refrained from w r iting t 0 you these last three weeks on At two minutes to twelve, one cried, "Let us all drink account of lack of orders,jbut am now fortunately enabled to Potts the vow-keeper ." to success as : -All drank. Slup to Mr. Brechmueller, o ne case of Let us rise and await the striking of the clock," cried wrappers, No. weigb_t, 659-67 at 8 cts; the leader. "No'w, Potts, at the stroke of twelve eleven months no te, mdorsed by l?you may co.mmence to smoke. Are vou ready?" secure prompt payment. Have ruade_dtugent wqumes 1n "Y-e-e-s. town about the character and standmg of above party. Amid death-like silence, the clock commenced to H: has been !n b usiness _twelve years sttike. It was a fearfully slow striker. It seemed to qu:te a famd y, of one wrfe thirteen. Potts to take' about twenty minutes between each stroke, chtldren; can not positively stat!,! he, inte.nds and he was counting the blows with every nerve be posaccumulate more hot; nas m sessed. The man whu made the clock was not aware yerma_ ny and enJoys an env1able reputatiOn as an 0 the fact, but he was the cause of a good deal of menon lager. beer;. c ons1dered goodJor be. can tal wickedness as regat;ds Potts. Ten-eleven-twelve! g et. Sbtp goods 1m medtately. l\fr. Patnck 0 Falhhee at last went the clock, and flash wen the match. In who us last mo _mh has to a moment the head of Potts di sappeared in clouds of 0 Falhhee, who clar m s Mr. Patnck 0 Falsmoke; then h i s body went, and then th e whole mat). !thee as a husband. I. from any Never was there seen su c h an animated cloud. His demons tratiOn and succeeded m makmg a scarctty companions rushed to the windows ; fiung them OE_en, at the appearance of uncommonly large SIZed dog o and hung out to gasp. Potts broke his pipe short to an uncommonly fcrocwns outwardness. get nearer the tobacco. He was a ma oJ .smoke : it Groner & Co. arc very much pleased seemed to come irom his moutit, his nose, his ears, his wlt1J the : r purcliase of some o( toba_ cco, eyes and hair; it seemed to come in little streams from me to to you t?e1r entire his finger tips, and out of his very boots. Mingl e d with our way of b usmess, and to pay thetr com ph with his furious p uffings were strange sounds, insane ments and congratulations the firm I the hon?r screeches, g ig antic giggles, and shrill little laughs. to sagac1ty and JUdgment m The n Potts got off his chair, and danced round t he buymg such fin ': .of leaf, of whtcn they have been room; then he lay with his back on the table, and kicked fortunate enough to proclire they furthermore up h i s heels, frantic with delight. Two or three to ex p ress to you the u smcere regret as to biers went rolling on the floor ; but what cared Potts ? the1r maohty to meet the_1r no}e of due next He was restored to his darling to his idoL week, _and they n\ost l?arucularly 1m pressed upou. in his hand, his dog by his pART 1. side, and sheep disposed romantically around "Well!" mquired the doctor, looking Chewin.J!; and Sll]oking Tobaccos, 4-U, 51, 53, 55 & ri7 Je1renon AYe., For an hour Polls was allowed to smoke. Tlieri his my_ nu?d --th_ e lly of_ you .thetr keenly at Potts, pipe was taken from him, and he was escorted home. oehef m to extmgUtsh t he1r From that time our hero has smoked in moderation to our satUif3cuon as soon an and enjoys his tobacco as -all moderate smokers always now roammg around ,the Black HillS with CHABLIS A. WULFF. .D,ETROIT, llliiCH. Tbe Nl!lR VE Is sold by Fint-ciass throughout the United S t ates and we claim it t o be the uBB s T FINs-CuT ToBACCo that cau be made. The Wholesale Trade a Specialty. A. STEil\T a Llt .. traphtr, Prilter, and .. ut COMMISSION MERCHANTS, turer tf &Del Dealon In aU De.crlptiou of CI&AJl AlP TIAEtO LABELS LEAP T 0 BA C C 0, 'LS" OY I 97 buane Street WlJLFP & BELLAJIIYs A 8TOO, frae In Boad, in Gt. Bntain. fain earthenware figures and n OW DlU 0 you smo e ID l e evenmg lD ----------------------------------1 ornaments as "smokers' artiqui red the doctor. W B. I G B m C 0 "Well, perhaps cot more than seven or eight pipe3 .a, a. des," and imp_oseiil. the same loads ?" BIBB.GRAJI'I'S for the Sale of rate of duty as is provided "Oh! not mof'e than that?" t d ft1 b for goods designed for and ''No, not more thah that, without' I sit up beyond my ure .1. 0 a C C 0 exclusively used in the conusual time; then I may smoke two or thr::ee more ." S sumption of tobacco, cigars "I suppose you condescend to wait, after that, till the' ami G. Dlc .. DlUJW' d ff. Th ty C E L E B AT E D L 1 C Q R 1 C E fin snu t de morning before you begin again ?" inquired the doctor, ve per cen ;, !ltY Is lin with a look of suppressed indignatidn. B O.D VI. P?sed upon ,P1Pe c .. es, 'Mostly," replied Potts. "Sol\}eti!llFSJ when I can that the money would be pa1d, but that 1t would be bacco will ana must turn olllt as likeness there will be necessary to await On tracing up the matter !t happiness all around, T"ejoicing all over civiliza v.:as found that the dtsh.Jnest .had come to th1s tion and cigar manufacturers a!ld in leaf tobacco ctty, and that he employed the man to colwill henceforth waddle'!XIgh the muddy .path of lect the money for h1m. The youth agam went to the earthly exi.stence in mutual blissfulness, in admiration warehouse yesterday to get the money, and was de-and estimation of each other. tained aad closely questioned, and finally admitted that -stand ajar, the tobaccO: had been stolen: Caywood and his em-Petrus wm not turu deaf To tb.e manuf acturer of cigar. ployed confede111te were arrested by officer Fox, and Nortothed e alerioicaf l lodged in Hammond Street station, on suspicion. It But without coAcelt I to oay, r_ It iUUfieo me mueb W3$ further ascertained that tne tobacco had been That all of you will tbe day J missed in Louisville, and that t e owners had been Was born Zebbedeaus Pfutsch Illlooking all over town for it A telegram wa,s sent last Ain't I right? l But as t o further transactions evening to John B Moocey, of the Exchai?ge Wareon the road. house, acquai nting him with the facts of the arrest. Messrs. Hengst, Wallach & Co., wanted to buy a dark case of seconds not w 8 ?.( cts. in price. 10 1 TOBACCO EXCBAlfGI, RIC M :A P!Pe 111ot sleep, I get up and have a pipe or two in the mic!dle an?meta dtc of the night; but certainly not more than three or four PoLICE AND REVENUE lTEMs.-G. ;s. Hegeman, cigar mgs or an a_ ot er times a-week." dealer, charged with selling cigars without having paid L IOUORICE RASlE, !.. They could'nt find a ny thing suitable among the 150 samples I h ave with me, you'll therefore send as soon as possible from 700 to 8oo samples of seconds per ex press to above party Send some fir:.t-class references along. ., SPOISH LIIVOBICl TlJBKISll LIRUOIICB. -;;. THE UNDEBI!IIGIIED CONTIWUE!I TO IMPORT AND MA.ND:FACTUBE PURE IIPA.JIIIIH AND TURKEY LIO UORUlB OF UNIFORII QUALITY AND GUABAliTBBD TO GIVE 8A7l11FACTIOK TO BVBRYTOBACCOJIIANUFACTUUER l.' IIINGTI:ESAJIIE. HB REFERS TO 'l'HB VARIOUS ANNOUNCEIIBJIT8 AT FOOT, COIIII'DlllllWG THE AII8VRANCB RE GIVJIIB All TO THill UNJII'OB.II QUALITY OF Hill BRAl'IDS AND IUS AIIILITY TO SATIII.PT THOIIIII 11SING HIS LIQUORICE. ... BOLD PAVOB:JTB B&AND Oti' fr. 0. y Oa. IS ALWAYS READY FOR DBLIVERY A.T 'l'lbii!SHORTEST NOTICE, AL80 .A.. 0, 0 ::E'" T <:> AND JU8 OTHER BRANDII, OF TURKISH ALL OP WHICH ARE GmNG IN ClliiiABED SATIIIFA.CT'IOW, AIIIJUITANCED BY THE RAPIDLY GROWIIIG DIUIAND .UID ;ENTIBIII ABIIIII.CB'OP OOlllPLAI:NTS. JAMES C. M cANDREW, 55 'VITATER STREBT. NEW YOB.K. I thot I baoe to write you t"bat the dllfert maaal'ao-In tbio part of the couatr)' wbom. I ban IUJI- piled with _your braada of both SpaDiah and Turkis h Llc:uaor .cePasteare-.ery m.uoh wlthltl: GDlforDL and teiDarkab!y e....Ueat qnahty. 1-ala. d_olr, lt!cRtloom, VA. January 7, Jamo C McAa.dt'ew. Esq. New YoT"k. D"ear Sir: We expeCt J otoady inaeaK In the demaad1for your liquori<:e. All the maaafacturen to wbom. we .ell telltifJ u to lU IUiiform and quality. Vouro, er:r ]. WRIGHT C'<>. Lout!IVILr.a, J ... 1111! Jaa. C. McAII afir l b,e gained flesh and strength and will, and found his known, can produce a very superior quality of toe es an are no ere ore al l'k A b embraced in that term. At nhervebs commghsohng qwtc: shaucy1 11 eT. h t of bacco bor-ctgaht wrabppers; ut latteriy1 Massdachhu-N y k d B t f t e t ree mont e was ng t we e question was, setts to acco as een poor m qua 1ty an as l ew _or.1 ant tohs on arthad Potts forgotten his former love ? We shall see. not commanded remunerative prices A few good c es s1m1 ar o ose ,ap-., ld d h oealed been classified p A T II. c.rops, so at pr1ces, prove sue a tempta;s colored and lazed n t10n that farmers Jn the part oi earthenware, liable g to a 'It was the last day of the three dreadful months. gave up farll\S almost exclus1vely to the cult1vat10n d t of er cent The scene was a smokine:-room at the house of a of the weed, and the plants were lel.t largely to ta,ke Y. !. 40 Tte de a t friend of the hero Potts. The time was ten minutes to care of themselves. The result of this indiscriminate that midnight On each side of a long table sat six men. culture has been that the h_as' been with classiiicatJOn and rate of Each man had a long pipe in his mouth, and a glass of poor tobacco, and naturally grades from duty is correct, and has in something hot before him on the table. The twelve 'Yest and ,have entered mto cornpetl structed Collectors w ho men sat and smoked witb never a word. The silence t1on, and drtven Massachuset!S and Connecticut have charged a higher n.te made the sceoe the soothing liquor made it to th_e _wall. Poor tobacco will command poor. pnces, of duty to readjust entries mellow dramatic. Sitting in a chair at the head of the and Jt 15 well that our people. are last learning wtlere protest and appeal table, with bright and eager eyes, was Potts. Before of good tobacco 15 not mcreased the 1n have been taken within the him, reposiDg 011 dae mahocany, is a loac, clerm pipe, culture of those who know nothmg about time prescrfbed by law. empty and beildo it is tobacco. tho bualrlell. It is rumored around town, and it has created quite an eXcitement, that Mr. Bonifacius Shimpansee-who em ployed quite a number of hands, s o metimes even as many as two-intends to go to New York uext week to. lay in his winter stock of leaf tobacco. Advisable it would be fqr you to engage the services of several able and experienced detectives to induce the above-named gentleman and cigar manufacturer to buy his leaf to bacco of us and kee' p him from being inundated by other houses. Prevention is the mother-in-l a w of wisdom. I am going to take the first to New Hiudport, where I confidently expec:t to show my samples to a gentieman by the name of Schimche Reiss, who, I understand, intends to go in to the cigar Lmanufacturing business as soon as his eldest daughter, now thirteen, is married. Mr. Brechmul!er, whose order you have discovered on the firsr page, just informs me that in consequence of the audacity I have been guilty of in making inquiries inj town about his character, and standing, he does not now wish to enter into any business connections with us, and indignantly, iefiantly has asked me to accompany him into the coach.,ard where, he chose to mutter he intended to lick the dyspepsia out of me .. I hope not to be judged aggressive or impertinent if I undertake to mention -that my salary, although perfectly adequate to the valuable services I am rendering to our l!steemed firm, will, at an iDcrease of $500 per annum afford an overwhelming source ol delight to yCMir always ever faithful and w atchlul ZUB&D&AUS PFUTSCH


< T-ff E TOO iHC-0 SEPT. 1. 4.'o'baeco Manniac;torieli. -____ :....._ ___ .,. -THOMAS HOYT &: CO. MAl>o"1JF ACT .: I .... Cut Chewing and SMt.tiUNtlS .a: 5 ;: w -Havana Sixes, Cheroots, lA :as6 DELANCEY STREET (') 1t NEW YORK. (') llamafae&trerofthe followlo&' BrandsefKILLICICINICJa =the u.S. Baoe BaH. Lea1'. L,Jroa.a. Greelaa Bena. Q meat. B.-.noa.hann.oek. lJ. H. FB.ANcxs s. KINNEY, J -Leaf and Navy ChewinL MANUFACTURER OF "Kinney Cruebrated Rli8Rian I CICARETTES AND FINE TOBACCOS, 24:1 WEST BRO.ADW .AY, NEW YORK CITY. DEPOT & AGENOY Of the Manufacture of G. W. GAIL & AX, BALTIMORE, AT 220 PE.UL S'ra!ET, :NEW YOBX. WEIS-& EAEPPELtA!renta LOUIS N. PECARE, MANUFACTURER OF Fine. Lon( and Strai[ht Cut Cavendish SMOKING TOBACCOS, For Fine Wholesale and Retail 'l', 'U .JOJOr STREET, NEW YORK. SMOH:.ING TOBACCO. Bega ... Pl"f] Toboeco, S7>uff, s-ff Flou .. .t ... ANl> CORNEl OF AVENUE D AND TENTH ROVER._ Smokinr; Tobacco, MANUFACTURED BY WALTER B. PIERCE, lJTICA, N. Y, This Brand of Smoking is u dark colored and u thoroughly cured as Havana. J\.u!<-!'.Jt.:V AND...L.DE.I:'OT U.l:' F. W. FELGN.ER & SON'S, Suc cessors t o f. H. BISCHOFF'S BALTIMORE TOBACCO with Purely and Finely I'ow4ared iiPA.NJSH LIVORIC1 ROOT, SPAJISH LICORICE EX'l'RA.CT, DEER TONGUE, I LAUREL LEA.VE81 TONKA. JS1Alr80 CASIIIA. BVDS, .,. CLOVES AND CllliNA.l!IO!I, OR.&JiG1 PEEL, ANISEED, CARAWA.'i' SEED, CORIANDER SEED, LAVENDER FLOWERS, GUlli ARADJC,GR.&nf AND POWDERED, GUll lllYRRH, LUJIP AND POWDERED, Glll'tl TBAQACA.NTH, FLAKE AND POWDERED, E!ISE' OIL.I, OLIVE OIL, LUCCA CR1Alll IN "dalties for Tobacc o Manufacturers. Our Patent Powdered Compound of Fla.vers, (dated Fob. o.d, ,) l s commanding general approval from the makers of favorite brands. Its efficien c y and are unques$joned. PRICES CUJIREIT 011 APPLICATHIN. V. W. BRINCKERHOFF, co., rOBlCCO A'D t:IGARS, Fr. ENOELBACH; :J::DtiPO::R.T:m:EL = l3SWJ!. Ave., HEW TOilt D ST., 1'1'. AHD IN 'SNUFF, PIPES, etc., llfi:TORIES IT 484 BROAD STREET, IE\!IlRK :&liD Jlll CD..DWELL N. MRS. 8. B. MILLER & CO., .. : !OB!CC 0 !IANUFACTOIY, (PETEP.. :'). COLLINS, PftuT.) 97 Columbia Street, NEWYOBK, MA.XVPACTU&JIRS OF TH .. J(n. G. B. Miller & Co. Chewing and Smoking ; Tobacco, the only Genuine American Gentle 1D&lli:lnuff; Mrs. G. B. Miller & Co. Maccaboy and Scotch Snuff; A. H. Mickle &: SOliS' Forest and Grape Tobacco; Mrs. G. B. Miller &: Co. Reserve Smoking and Chewing Tobacco. Dr' All orders prom ptly executed. BUCHANAN &, LYALL, ..,. OFFICE, 64 Broad street, New York, FACTORY, .l 10. 2 i FIRST EIISTRICT, SOuTH BROIJkLYN, Manafactw:era of the 1oll..,!ng Planet-N"1 .. 3'1 .... 5 6e, ,., So, 90, JOL $ailor's Cbo1ce, Il1 )is, .lSJ ..-, ss, 68, &s, 91p JOL Cballenll", IIY.:'. King PhU!p, W llllhingtoa )&1, Gnpe and Apricot, Ji'eptune, ThJck, Unconquered, brt. the }ob b lng trade. A C. L M avRR }. F. 0. Mnvsa. A. C. L l 0. MEYER, Forwardln[ and commission Merchants, 4,3 BEAVER ST., NEW Addrer-s b y P os t P 0 B ox SJ7 I Sp:ecio.l attentio n pa1d t o the torwardmg of T obacco t o countriu. UP S'I'Al,.R.& CHARLIE& F. JAMES G. OSBORNE; --. ;' robCICCO-Bro1cer, .-o. BROAD STREET, NEW YORK. m:. Rader & Son, TOBACCO BROKERS l33 I'EABL S'l"UE'l', NEW YORK. J. SCHIDTT, Jr. TOBACCO BROKER, -182 st., NEW A. SHACK. TOBACCO BROKER. \ No. 129 Maiden Lane, .NEW YORK. TIN FOIL. --JOHN .J. )lf;ANU F ACTURE R cH TIN FOIL AND BOTTLE CAPS, PLAIN. AND COLORED. lOLLING KILLS, 38 CII.OS!Y and 163 .t; 165 :laWLBEIB.V STIEETS. NEW YOilt. R.. ZELLENKA. MANUFACTURER OF ALL KINDS GF MUSLI' A'l'D LINEN TOBACCO BAGS, 263 East 4th St New Yerk. Order; J>ro m ptlY atteaded to at the hottet na;ico I -ttouotucs. : FINEST QUALITY'. at Pollighkeepsie, New. 'Yol'k. GIFFORD, & JNNW 120 METROPOLITAN HAVANA CIGARS. CARD. "'E BEG TO INFOR!II OUR PATRONS AND THE TRADE IN GENERAL, THAT WE HAVE ADDED A liiEW DEPART!IIENT 'R'O OUR liA:N:lJPACTORY, VIZ FDRTHE OF THE FINEST GRADES OF PURE HAVANA CIGARS. BY CUBAN CIGAR-MAKERS EXCLUSIVELY, SUPERINTENDED BY MR. JOSE VICHOT, ONE OF THE RENOWNED CI GAR MANUFACTURERS AND EXPERTS IN LEAF TOBACCO OF KAVAN." Ot:R LARGE STOCJK OF THE VERY CHOICEST GRADES OF OLD HAVANA TOBACC'o, IN CONNECTIO!I WITH THE EXTENSIVE EXPERI1NCiil AND WELL PROVEN EFFICIEl'rCY OF !IIR. VICHOT, JIAKES IT DtlPOSSIBLE FOR Ol'HER !IIANUFACTURERS TO CO!IIPETE WITH US IN THIS ARTICLE, WHICH TO-DAY, OWING TO THE POOR Q.UALITY OF IJIIPORTED CIGARI, IS IN GREAT DE!IIA.ND; IT IS A WELL-KNOWN FACT THAT OLEAR HAVANA CIGARS HAVE A F;INBR TASTE, AND MORE AGREEABLE AROJIIA WHILE FRESH, HAVE THEREFORE CONCLUDED TO PACK BOTH IN OUR PATENT TIN A!fD CEDAR BOXES. ARB CONFIDENT THAT WE HAVE NOW PRODWCED AN ARTICLE WHICH CAN NOT BK EXCELLED, AND WILL BE HIGHLY APPRECIATED BY THE MOST FASTIDIOUS SMOKERS. p, 0. BOX 2669. A. HEN & 43 Libe'rty Street, opposlfe.'PostOfflce, Da'O::R. T:z::a.S OF SKOEZB.S a::a TlC::Z:.ZS, DEALERS IN : TOBACCO, SECARS; SNUFFS,-&c. JUIU4WGB GIGAIL I'Aft0&1r. FOSTER,' HILSON: & MANUFACTURERS OF FINE CIGARS 7-8 Spanish Extra35 yds: .... oo 5 8 64 7a yds. JoOO LoDdree Ten.,_ 7-8 Spaaish .!5 )'ds. 1o Broad Yellow 5-8 ,, yds. Broad Red 1 S 7> yd., J 8o XarroW' lled .,.. s 1 .,, yd!. ........... !,8 ,_. ,. yds. 1o Loare YeJln..-, s Amer i can I 34 yds. J.7s Londrea Yello\.v 1 8 IJ. 3 4 y.::ls. 1 Loo41rea Red 7-8 1. 3-4 yds. 75 Loadrea Telln'W' 7-8 Verman J4 ..,.d s J.a_, Loaclre Yello'W" 13-1' 34 yds. Epaa.ola s-B ?' vds. 1 .. 75 Broad Yellow l-8 ,. yd., Jo70 Broad Red 5-8 '' ydo 1 75 ... .. .aew Yellow <48 ?3 yds. Narrow Reel 4-8 '' ydo. 'lO NarroW' Tellow-<48 72 yd_1. 1 1.5 rrow Bed. 4& 1' yds. 1 .ao !Iarrow Yeno .... Box Rib-, '' yds, 90 !Iarrow lled -"Ribbon, ''yolo.. TERMS-CASH. ALL OUBU WJLL lit PROIUTL1' .XSCU"I"SD. IMPORTER OF "0NLY FINE" HAVANA Leaf Tobacco 16 Cedar Street, N. v,. JlB.IO!l .I.IST OF SPANISH CIG.AR RIBBONS, Loaoh:e, or Parp_, qtJ-a T .... onarel, or Pa.rtaga1, Brnad Yellol", 7 -8 3 y:ITd !r, $ t q() 7 8 35 yards, 1 8o 5-8 72 yaTd e; 1 .7 o 5 8 ''yards 5 8 _yards 1 .?0 Broad, Red Elpannla, Nar.-oW' Red, or Flaaro, yards, 1 5 0 TERMS-J(ET CASH RINRYA.RICBIY, TOBACCO IAIDFACTUBIU' c 86 Front St., New York, IOJ.JC AGENT FOB PE11JfSYLVA$.&, NEW A< NEW EJfGLAND STATJi:8 POR Lewis laddu1'1 Celebrated Lookout, ,An? Other Brands of Tobacco and CIGARS. _.1 ALSO, Roanoke Smeklc Tob1100 Werts, Danvi lle Va .. beooide s otber leaclln&' aanWac:taren ill V i ra:iDia and KeiJtllt::ky .. HENRY WULSTEIN, (h- Desl!--"' >; I II. Q) E .t: (.) -., :e a (I) 0 :::::s (.) r+ (.) S ..0 0 1-79 Oham.bars Street, 3 DOORS WEST or BR!ADWAY, JO:W YORK. 2f) :Myrtle A.Yenue, Brooklyn. E. M. FOSTER. EDWARD HILSON, RUDOLPH WYMAN, c-u>..U)' ...f Jlall4 .... -t HaDd ... EOIPOY. 01' N. "r. GZO. :It t'n'OID, Prea. J. :E. SAm!OiN, Seo. BlJSI!fESS OITICES I 123 Front Street, New York; WHARF, BOSTON; 57 SOUT. H STREET, CHICACO. H. C. CHAKPION,-Ce:a.l. Weste:rn Ag.ent. MANUFACTURl;:RS OF THE WELL-KNOWN 'MATCHLESS," "FRUIT CAKE." ; And numerous other CELEBRATED BRANDS of stea.a Maelliaeo 1br C..tUs aDd .............. eo. T o CROWEIII. l L Til. y TBJII -ST-AR TOBACCO FERTILIZER, contalmlng lar&'e per ceDt.,e of i'OTAS:E, AJDIONU .t; SOLVBL!ll':EOSPU'l'l, Tb6 best results obtaioed on TOBACCO, and pr .. ferre:d to P eruvian Guano PrJce, IISS PER TOl'r, IN BALTUIOR.B. I Apply to LORENTZ & Rl'l'TLERo CHEMiCAL SUPER-PHOSPHATE WORKS. j BA'LTiliiORE. WM:. CORE, (Established tBsB), Patentee and Manufacturer of Entirely New .styles of T 0 BAG co. AND WOOD. HERBST & .VAN RA.MDOHR, and Seed Leaf Ar)lencan DJ:I, Fair, t86q; Virgitlia State Fair, t8io South Carotlna State Fair, 1870; Park fair, Brooklyn, L I., T 0 B A C C 0 S B.-Show Cao es of every descrlptl<>n I oo band, aad ready for shipping t o any p art of U o i tmj States and Canadu. AU ult:a warraD Ud: a s reore' HDtecl. x8g !'EARL STREET, YORK. 138 Chatham St., cor. of Pearl, LIBERAL ADVANCZ.MENTS HADE ON CONSIGNMENTS. NEW YORK.


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