The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world. Page 3-4 missing.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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The University of South Florida Libraries believes that the Item is in the Public Domain under the laws of the United States, but a determination was not made as to its copyright status under the copyright laws of other countries. The Item may not be in the Public Domain under the laws of other countries.
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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VOL XI.--NO. 35. lilt lolmttf IS PUBUSHED [ 1V111' "R'mlDBDAY KOUING liY Ill ftiAOOO-LIAJ'' PUBLISHING 00, Jl'tcUoR. St.,. New Y:ork. .... -." .. abould be pl&1nl7 rill 'l'OWCO LUJ'" 1'VIL%IIDII CO. Term of the Paper : SIMCLB COPI&S, .. -. 10 C&H't'l 0Na Y&AR, .. f4 .-lllx MOMTKS.. '\,. \ Ja 10 =---.. ... _,.,._ _. Jl-'ber that the coot to the _.a, or =hi' oobocrlber u IN$ U... Ei1U tiiill ;w AI'NtiAL SUBSCRIPTIOXS AB&OAD. GauT BatTA111 AND CANABA. -04 HAacauaG AMD TH& CoNTIH&H1"'. t6 o8 AuaTJtALU., &Tc., VIA .. f6 :4 CvaA, .. Sso.t-Jrfo or4en for the paper conaidered, aa.le. aocompaaled bJ tbe c:orreopoadlnl' amo .. aL Remlttaacee hoold, In evri'J lutance, be made ltJ moner,-ordrr, cbeclr. or draft. BW1 are liable to be 1to en, aacl can only be HDt at the rtu\ rlok to the oeader. Til& TeiACCO LA commODdl lt .. lf to every e liD UlJ WaJ iotcrefied. kl tobHco, either U It .-Iva aa.naalJy aa immense IUDOUDt ef iofot"'D&tfoD raranliDC the 'weed," aod tbu1 coostltutn ltelC a wuU __.. .. tbet )l.u loJll' 1iace been recoa"'lbed u -dlqat the bead ofopeclal trade pabllcatlna. Jte reports are full and edlauatiM, and _. rr-eYerJ qarter ol tloe pote wbere bacco Ia aokl. lOr It Ito the ONLY"'""Iy Jl'lblle&tloa eden alnlJ to tobacco. l (F..-R.Uf-TAinl P.P IVSIJIS8 JIIIOHIY or !BYIITI8118 JI.W YORK. TobMct II' .,.,hML 1 Apew W. a: Sono, 184 and o86 Fronl street Ahner A: Deblo, Pearl. Alleo Jallan, 1:71 Water. .t.pple.bT Helme., 133 Water, Baocb A: Filches, Water Blakemme, Mayo & Co., h B-.1. Frith, 1 Barllac Slip. Brod M., 147 Water Balkley, Moore .II Co., 74 J'rooL Jl11rbank A Nub, 49 J!road Cardozo A H, 66 llroad Crowford E. M. 168 Water. Dolua, Carroll It Co 104 Froat. DaBolt Eupne, 7! J'Tnnt Wm. Ill Co., 171 Pearl. :IDftlbach, F 13 Slxtb Av F.ak. G. A Bro., 171 Water. Fatman It Co., 70 and 71 llroad. Fos. Duto &I Co., ''-'Water. l'riea4l E. & G. & Co., 1,9 Malden Laae. l'riiCheo, Roeu & SchuJa, 147 Water Gudlaer./. .M. A: Co., 84 FrouL a.rth D :1 Soo &: Co ., 44 Broad. GuHrt L. 6 Bro., 16o Water. Qenheil., a !lro., 86 MaideR l.aao. O.thr\1 A c.-. ItS Front. Hamba.rlrer I a Co. 151 Water. HaChaa. a., 119 llakl.,. Laae. Berbot Vn Ramdohr, 1S, Pearl. HlllmaJ, G. W. A: Co., lo Emanuel&: Sou, 149 Water K.lnnlcut Tbomao. 51 Jlroacl. ..Koenll A: Sabert, 5'9 BowetJ. lere:ne&bera: II Oo., 16o Pearl. A 8f0., 164 Wati.C' Laantte A. C., ra1 PearL Lederer&: Flachel, ill Prl Lo.ta 11. H. 161 l'oarl. Mack Aluander, 161 Water MaitlaD Robert L. Ill Co., 43 Broad. Martin It JohDOOD, Froat MaJer Solie. rtt Water. llmeli!, Kemper I< Co., '3' Maldn Lane. Meyer A. C. L Ill 0., 40 Beaver. Oatman Alva, 166 Water., M. 6 Bratlaer, tJI Water. Oid-Brothen 41 Broad SL Palme1 a Scoollle, 1,0 Water. J'rice Wm. 11. a: Co., 119 Maldea LaDe. Ollla, J.P. a Co.j n Brood. Reod 6 Ce., .. 0 d Slip. Rieber H A 86 Front RollanD. G. 1?9 Poall. ._.,wald. .& .t Bro., Water. Salomoa 'S. ttt Pearl. Sawyer, Wallace Co., 47 Broad. Schlol'el G Froot Sobmltt ). & Co., r6 Wler. lchreeder & Bon. W alcr. Schroeder & Koch, ::a..,6 Pearl. H. & Co., 146 Water Sp\ni!UD, E. 8-Co llurlq Slip. sr,:uoer C. H, 116 Water 5 ID DDIP Jko. i14 a JMX Ltchteoateia Broa.. & Ce. a68 Bow.eQ'. Men.el M. W. &I Bro, !X llo'"I'J' Nelllau11rer M .S3 Pearl N. Y. -co-operative Cigar Manuf'r Co., 101 Chatham Square OratorS. '97X and Befdenberg II: Co. 8 4 and 86 Reade Baa.itla "E ..... u :Bowery r StacbelloerK M & Co. 92 and 94 L\ berty ltralton & tstenn, 178 and rSo Peacl 811tri> ll Newmark, 76 Park Place To bel& Rohrborg, 70 Park Place. Wan1ler It Hahn, 190 & .,, BoweJ7. of r,,, a...-Cir- Bondy Charles, '" Bowery Kuprowlca A. & Brn. 158 Cbambet Rhera & Garcia,71 Maiden Lane Sanchez, Ray a & CQ., t30t Ill r.J4 M.. Laae. r;f Almlran J. ). r6 Cedar Co.ta jacinto, a83 Pearl. Garcia F. 167 Wator GonzaJet A. 167 Water Paacaal L Brother & Co. 156 Walter Pohal skle Guerra & Co., 197 Pear 1 R1vera Ma1,1uel, 71 Ma1den Laae l!olomon M. Ill. t;. 6\ Malden Lan Vega & Bemhehu, 187 .Pearl .t .Broa. IQCI P...-L w-ell Co. s l-'1oe Walter Friedman & Freloo, 103 Pearl 'llt0Ja1. Eller I& K.""J>pel,..., Pnrl. Yi.ilr V, llartlaea 41 Con 16 (;-Dematlo wm. &I eo !OI Broad-'l KaufmaaD Brol. a Bondy, 139 aD IJI Grand Goebel J. A Co.. 119 Maldflll Laae M .. f""'"' of Briar Pi;<1 .. I-twtUI .r .S.oud .Artie/.,_ Demutlo Wm. &I o.. so Broad-J' K.aufmaDD Broe. $ BondJ, n9 and tJr Lkwico P-. Brinckerhoff V. W., 47 Cedor Gt.tford, llaerman A-Inola, 110 WUUaa Gomeo"' Arplabaa, .t '' 8, Wllllam llcAndrew.J .... O !! Water WeaverA:IteftJ, Oedar. l'i-f .,d,. ida. ScbleleiiD W. H. & Co., aa .. 171 WIUlam. Havana Ciuar Flvor-. l'rlel Alez. & Rroe., 16 Place M.,..,La, Hawes, E. V. & Son. 66 Water. BROOKLYJf, W, Y. Mts11.,/a&i14rerl 11/ Flagg John & Co., 176 and 178 FlnL Tobaceo-C.ming MJ,ej;,.,,_ W:ulateba Henry, Myrtle aveuue. BUFFALO;N. Y. H'Aalwtl .Dtllicr ;, H""'a Douic Zlok G. W., Pearl. Cipr 6--Dealn-s i Lef, '"t' antt THaer-4. Cody S. Brown's Bros.&. Co., 1-47 Main BURLINGTON, Vt. Toi>llf:co Cases, Mathews & H ickok. CHICAGO, Ill, Wlulrsalt Dlr "'Sud anAH120Htco RoblnaeD Moowactwlna Compaay. the Tax PIIIIMANENTLY at .EilNUEL HOFFMAN & IMPORTERS AND PACKERS OF TUM" c...;,,;,, WlcM G. w. "' Oo., 19! lla!D. 'I'IIM&D Brt1Mr6. Can-1 Jomeo F. Nl.oth &Dd Market GWllber C.eo. F. Mel, WDL G & Co., 568eveuth. Mull, AI. B., 371 Maio. Jobblrt i II litb of T .,,. """ Doutit r:z,., Green A: Meier, 101 Weot .MaiD. IH.!v i Lei( To6-. Pro10lr, W. F., 83 Eighth. Stma,_. tJttd .haler ;, 'rol>act<>. Clark., Jam.n, Tbirtt!enth and R.owao. LYJfCHBUao.v .. Ma.tofas. Kohl Henry .t Co .. 66H72 North Eleveoth ll'llolcun4 Dt.!cn, "' .Bamberpr L. 111 Oa. u Arch M.lftoNTI' of S.ottA Mf. Stewart. Karb,R alpb & Oo., us Arch Moif"'"''"' of ci, ... Batchelor Broo. Sol Market Hlldebraad ibtugenberl', 37 North Seveulb Bteluer, Smlh 11<011. A: Knecbt, USA. B., Third ud Poplar. Mauf .. tturtrs f'FiM CigaTJ. Freebie A M .II Co., 4l North Froot T#ltiCe# Brp.Jur. J JuaaOT David B. r:oo North Water PITTSBURGH. Pa, M.f"'"" l &,,nj; & Smithfield. "E:culsuw Sp...; R.!r' and Otlur Tol>ac(DS. Jeukl.ooon 'It." W., 187 Liberty, Deakrs in DomLstic HaVf cigar b!lxes 6, 1872, concludes as follows:-" Anti pruvitletl jurtlu' of., any. other country, ought never to in vio la tio n rff law, and as a con sequence of this viola-That wood, metal, paper, or other materials may be have .found a place m those of the UnttedStates. . d VI. Permission to leaf tobacco dealers to sell at c1gars, 1t 1s ed, setze m vanous separately or in combination for packing tobacco, s1!'111f,.; I retail r from original packages, tv licensed buyers withparts cf the oou.ntry. and cigars, under such regulations as the Commissioner out restriction s. Because of its utter in adaptability, cigar man .ufadurof Internal Revenue may establish." ers long ago abandoned the use of the clumsy branding-In the face of this prevision does Commissioner Pratt A6ol_,.., of FiiU-C..t a.t.wnrc -.1 setdeuberg .II Co., 84 aod 66 Reade v Fi Clli ... -.s...ti"l Tu-. A SHARP Bov.-" Have you any five-cent cigars?" tr Yes, Sir," replied the clerk. "Have you any for ten cents ? "Yes, Sir. "Have you any for fifteen cen'ts?" pursued the would be purchaser. 11 Yes, Sir, we have," said the clerk, handing out a box. "Would you take a fellows's last cent for a cigar?" hither indig nantly queried the customer. "Yes, I would," snap pishly returned the clerk. Well, there," solemoly said the as be one cent on the counter, and walked off with a fifteen-cent cigar. irons in vogue when the law first made the branding of suppose that Congress intended that paper or tin-boxes cigar boxes incumbent on the trade, and adopted, in shoula be branded with hot iron; and, if not, does he stead, an ingenious 5ubstitute -,vhich only made a not then see that a branding-iron was not the one thing neater, more compact, and more legible impression, but indispensable when the section first quoted was framed 1" which could be used with greater convenience and dis-The last amendment shows that only an indelible patcH. Space need not be taken up with a demark was the one thing indispensable in the mind of scriptidb of this useful instrument, it is enough t& state Congress. Why, then, does he pennit or dtjse to that the inscription required by law was ei'ectually teizcd cigars in boxes, whether of wood or ti DJII o/ 1M "Fur .Ul S..,.., 1r1. .Alces George, 173 Watef' J._,, ,, a.., Pif>- B&" H. Blotloer, 11 Wat.. !Cea-sr I'. &I Bade, S7S. 575 au m .llaba 8-B.--. ud 54 aut T-. Lcf T- JlrMorr. D._, F. W .. -. a. e, Viae ud F-Plen>eWalterB.


.. 1' u Jt1 'I'OB.&CCO LEA" ibearing a perfectly burnt perfectly leg1ble, and perfectly Special T11x Manual for C1gar Mll.1lutacturers 1 has indelible brand ? been Wilhm the time 1sslkd reis s ed, con We believe that under amendment quoted, tin "taining tbe most impor.tant sectton31 of the, law rel&tipg to the matl!lfacture, \"emoval, lillie, etc., of Cigars, With a .are legally branded whqn the m summary stateme.H of the_ c:juties, l'iab!litiea', and scnpt10n 1s 1m pressed thereon through the mstrumen privileges of eagar under the Internal tahty of a cold steel dLe and aqua jurlu. Tee nght to Re11enue law. > Th1s manual LS published 1n the GerJIIan use tmboxes carnes wath 1t the nght to brand them as well as !he more tha:1 saxty w 1th whatever is adapted to such material. Wooden thousand have been d1stnl:!,uted; tiy this office gratu1:ously to--the mantsfacturers ot an& to the boxes, we also believe, are legally branded by whatever trade for the express purpose as stated in eaid manual, instrument will effectually bum the inscnption into them, of callmg the attention ot all 'manufactunng or sellmg be it iron, copper, or other metal cagars to the penal sections of the law enforcmg 1ts The following is a c:opy of a letter recet ved in th 1s vanous requ trem e nts I can, therefore, regard the .cit in Jul :vaolataon s of the law wh1ch you report m no other hght Y Y than as mtenllonal and w1lful, and as md1catmg, on the TREASUJtY DBP,tl!'MENT, OFFICE OF } part of those manufactmers gualty of such v1o latJOns a INTERNAL REVENUE WASHINGTON, :7uly 29, 1875 purpose to have their own way m this matter, law and Sut:-1 have rece1ved your letter of the 27th 1ost. regulat1on!" "tO the contrary notwrthstanaang. Such -al&o by express two eagar boxes made of tin-one you betng apparently thetr purpose 1 shall gtve them an state to be of the firm of ,Liclltenstem Brothers & Co., opportuony to trr conclusums. 'As before d 1 rected, .and has been some time used; the other from E wall of all such cases, and report ,the Zachanas. These two sample boxes are m every re same to this office Yours respctfully spect wath the exceptlpn the one from L1chD. b PRATT: Commtssl ner tenstem, Brothers .t Co has a Circular ptece of wood inserted into the box, on which the rna ufac turers' name, and number of :wh1ch the box will contam, burned m w1th a burnmg 1ron The same facts ate on the box from E. Zachanas equally legible, distinct and permanentlr. impressed alleged lli&O to have been burned m with a burnmg-1ron You mquire if th1s latter box satisfies the tequirements thJOg of manuf-acturmg leaf wall contmue to get and th&t agreeable jlatUre IS to be enJoyed before the c l ose consequently grow dear, and so busmess drags along of the current year, that every body must adrna t, and it from \\>eek to week, satasfymg nobody, and wearyi:Pg may be rll at tHe ammatlon, pa.rual thougr It be, now every b o dy wnh Jts perpetual sameness begmnang to &e apparent on all s1des 1.S the precursor Dealers contanue to aver that two essentials to of a llveher trade dunng the remamder Clf the autumn the revival of trade are. first, an export bonded ware The wa,h however, 1n tlus uastanq!, as in many another, house 111 tlus caty, and second, an amendment of the pr father. to tne thOUlJht, as the s1gns few, revenue law m relataon to the cautiOn notace requare e11en 1f there,y calculaterl to lead to the expecta ment. Thas averment IS not new but 1t Is true. tlon that the year's busmess wall end In any essenual Smokmg-Busmess in this branch of trade has been partacular better a han It began and contmued up to steady throughout the week and somewhat more active a recent date An unusual rev1val of act1vity would than when last referred to m the same connectwn, there now be required to make the year even an av,erage one, havma been an mcreased demand for both country and and the .:chances are \hat It will finally go upon the local Dealers descnbe tra=e as moder record as the poorest year for busmess, takmg 1t all m ately good. 1 all, that we have had for a long tame Czgars-We have no change to record m th1s trade Meanwhile, 1t 1 s to note the present rmp r ove m either the domestic or toreagn branch, both havmg ment even though ciestlned to be of as bnef as bet:n fa 1 rly active it has been l ong c o mang Our manufacturers, however, complam of a new gnev-Transactwns m Western lea{ for the week show a ance sprung upon them by some of the country rev vaned and general i n qmry, sal es hav; ng been enue officia ls, who are alleged to be se1zmg c1gars fur eff e c ted for near1y or qutte all loca l and fore1gn pur uon compl1ance wtth the law m relatwn to brandmg As poses, em bracJD e< Afm; ans, Ger.10all, I tallan, French and the sub] ect 1s referred to on our first page it need not be d omest t c 1panufactunng vane ties One of the d1scover dwelt upon here. 1es of the week IS the gra1ify1Qg one that a con s ,derable Go!tl opened at n6;6 and closed at u6. p cruon of the purchas es latterly cred1ted by popular Exchar.,se.-Messrs. M. & S Sternberger, rumot to Italy, because effected by the Itallan buyer, Bankers1 report as follows -The Exchange market have really been made bv that Prince of ooerators in altbougli showmg very little signs of actiVIty, IS a shade the mtereot of France. We call this a grat1fy l ng dis firmer m tone. We quote.-Bankers, nommal rates are co very because we are thus made aware that the 480 and 484 for 6o days and demand Sterhng respectively; ea of trade 1s more comprehensive than \US generall,y Sellmg Rates, for 6o days. 483 for demand; supposed. Two vessels, we are mformed, wall sa1l, or <:;ommerc1em at 6rst l:and, u theae refer m moatmstances with a pen or pencal' but to wnte With one leg over the and o7' to JObbers. The market is perhaps a httle to old cropt whJcl'. have been hel d nearly a year, and the profit on In answer, I have to say that upon an exammation of the brand m questwn, 1t seems to this office that 1t is .nqt burned mto the tm w1th a brandmg-1ron, but that 1t is pressed in With a dae on which ink or some other .coloring matter had been placed, and that c1gar boxes thus branded do not meet the requuemeuts of the law and consequently can not the approval of f h d ffi J h t d iJ th ..1 th b t th 'II I f 111h1ch must naturally mclude the mterest on cap1tl!.l mveat.d Growers arm 0 a C aar IS not SO I CUt as to wnte Wit one Sea Je, l:o mon U ere lS Stl nO go:;nera ac IVJty, cannot expec te.en m tbe cue of new crops, toaell them I'9J the oame arm over the leg of a cha1r. and con ;mued large rece1pts are agamst lt. Exports also pnces u are obtamed on a oe-aale hue. Of coune every re-sale must b are free, and The factthat yessels ha'IJe been engaged to at an advance, and theretore tne pme obtaUiable by mc growen wll THE SECRET DISCLOSED-" Jake, whar you get s1ch take 2,ooo hhdS"'to France, llt hopeful to holders, althougb always be somewhat Jowe1 cnan our quotations. fine 'bro1r:lered sh1rts as dat you had on at de meetin' the tobacco has been purchased, that Government bemg QUOTATIONS OF WHOLESALE PRICES. las' night? 11 asked Pete, as' Jake stood at the postoffi< e still 5 oon hhds short on last year's contJ act w,,.n.__Ltgb.t Iaf cto. Wrapper Lots @IS <" I c to goo d lug s 1 @ 9 P tnnS)IivaHta-Crop 1813 14 @x8 office. Very respectfully door, trying to stLck a bent btass pin mto the back of lst wen 2d weet, Sd weet. tn weet 6tb. wee!< Tolal ommo n 1 1 9u @ u O hu--Cro, ,573 cts J ,,_ 8 6 C ommo u ea .. )'!I R ; r--. h1s collar and anchor that article m posatton. anuarJ--4 7 454 594 5 5 2 1"0 !!,6oo '"'".":: .. :. .. : The Attorney Ge11'1!ral, it would seem from the sub. joined d1spatch, is disposed to take a considerate v1ew of the subject, and so, 1t should be added, may be the CommLSsioner, the seizures referred to possibly bemg w1thout h1s sanctiOn WA&HINGToN, Octuber 7, 1S75.-The Commiss1oner of Internal Revenue has referred to the Attorney Gc;neral the questiOn wbf,tbu the law requmng wooden c1gar boxes to be braniled w th the name of the manufacturer, -d1stnct and number of hts Is to be construed as .extending to pasteboard and tl,U boxes, Whach are exten Sively used m packmg cigarettes. 'I'ge internal revenue offic1als could not agree, the t:ommiss10oer Il}amtammg that the law must be literally fulfilled, although he does not know by what process tin "!Ill be made to take the impression of a hot brandmg uon. On the p2steboard boxes the heat scorches the surface and otherwase dis figures the package. It 1s understood that the Attorne1 General will decrde that it is not the scope of the law to requ1re busmesa m n to damage thetr wues by a forced coiiStructlon, of tlhe act, which, prior to the pas sage of the Revised St!Liutes, did not present the am bJguaty it is now claimed the law is involveli m. A decision covermg th1s queataom can not come a 1 moment too soon. Meanwhile, le seizures 1be dbcon tmued, as they are s 1 mply d1sgrac ful und:er the circum As we go to press the appended communicatiOn come mto our possessiOn ; TREASURY DEPARTMENT, 0FFr C E OF } WASHINGTON, Sejt. 25, F. SPRINGER, Eso, l7. S Col!ector, F1rst DIStrtd, ..zJurlzng/Qn_, Jow.a-SrR :-I have JOUr letter of the 2oth mat., which you sfkte that ,Mr. R.oseman your trave!!ng deputy, informs you that in almeat every THB FRENCH MERCANTILE NAVY.The French Mer canhle Navy 1s now composed of So vessels of 8oo tons and upwards, 70 from 6oo to 7oo tons, 124 of from soo to 253 of from 400 to soo, 322 of from 3 o to 400, 674 o! from go to 300, 1,373 of from 6o to roo, and 10,036 of 30 tons and less. The number of includeu among these vessels amounts to With an aggregate of 42,942 tons and 57,513 horse power ; roo of these steamers are of zoo Horse power and upwards 89 of from :too to zoo 97 of from 6o to roo, 83 of f r om sa to so, and 8u of 30 and less. The number of vessels annually entenng and leavmg the French ports amounts to 119,ooo, and the1 r tonnage 1s estimated at more than ro,5oo,ooo Of 1hese 91, ooo trade between the ports of the Channel and the Atlantic, and zB,oog m the Med1terraaean. Th coast fishe1y employs ,:zso vessels, w1th a total tonnage of 71,85o tons, and manned by 4o 6oo fishermen FIRE AND REVENUE ITEMS -Ftve tobacco barns in Rqbertson County, ffenn have bee11; 11ed, involvmg a loss of 4o,ooo pounds of tobacco The C(}u r ur:foumal's spec1al .-" Thefires were occasioned by gases evolved from tfle tobacco !.by petcuhar atmosph11ric phenomena."-On the 2d of October the Havana, comma ded bv Meyer, arrived an thls port rtom Havana, bringing a cargo of sugar for Me!Srs. Youngs, Smith & Co, while the vessel Itself was cons1gnP.d to James E. \Vard. '"From mformataon recetved," as pollee oflic'ers say, Spec1al Treasury Agent Colonel F E Howe, set some of h1s smartest officers to watch satd vessel day .and mgbt, he ha lPlt b!Sen tnformeQ. Uijlt It was planned by one of the officers of sa1d vessei to a large number of c1gars ashore. The watch in vam, for Cap tam Brackett and Mr Frdeau, specaal Treasury-agents attached to Colonel Howe's office, .s c Ode$! a tunnkupwal'd o 3,ooo of the cho1cest brands, were to \>e sqJUggleq ashore. -Last week the Cus t om House IBspedoron shlp Columbus, fcCMII Ha ana, iouad secreted on board 2,5oo Henry C!ay ahd La Esp9.n c!1gars. No owner could be found for them, and they aCCQrdmgly were seize({ on elialf' f Uncle Sam. place he Tisits in his travels he finds boxes of c1gars wath th !'lips tttereon "CI.ftCeted by thei.altta!s ehbe manu, facturer6' names, and, in many fases. the name of the ntaoufac:.turer, of the factory and district are THE PIONEER TOBACCO COMPANY 'oF BROOKLYN AND on the Boxes instead of bemg branded;' that NEw YoRK -Havmg m past years rece1ved and been these defects are general wath respect to boxes. of cigars obliged to decline so many orders for their p lug tobacco manufActured in other dtstricts and brougat 'info yours f.rom the West and Northwest, the PIONEER TOBAcco fGr sale by dealer,. You ask to, be mformec,l1fyeu are CoMPANY have been mduced to make extensiVe to duect se1zures to be made m all cases of this kmd. adduaons to the producing capacity of their factory for I that you are no,t only ,authorized ; but you are the purpose of their patrons ia those b_ereby to seize, or to be sefzed, aU secllons of the country. The New Entland trade .c1gars found upon the market 10 yotir. dtstnet under read_ily sought and consumed the larger portion of the not. catullttl as reqwred by law m the manner products of th1s Company's factory, thus preventmg prescnbed m of thLS offij:e. (See Sectaon them f.rom sohcttmg or supplying therr Western order: 3397 U. S. Revised Statutes; also Regulation Senes 6 Now however in consequence of these valuable and No. s, page 20, of Cancellataon.") 1mp;ovements they are able to supply all the You are m. hke manner directed to e1ze, or cause to orders w1th wh1ch they may be favored by the Western be seized, all c1gars found upon the market in your d1s trade and at the same t1me do equal JUStice to the1r trict, packed m wooden boxes, or boxes made partly of 'New England The Company have wood and partly of other matenals, such boxes oi recently estabhshecl a braach office at No. 57 South ciaara so shall not have 6urned .into each box Water Street, Chicago, 110der the management of Mr. w1th a brandmg-JTon the number of the c1gars contained H. C. Champion, a gentleman for many years well and therem, the name of the manufacturer, and the number favorably known throughout the West and Northwest of the district and State, as and prtscnhd by and fully competent to manage any trust confided law, and f)articularly specified 10 of th11 htm. The busmess offices of the Company are at 121 <>ffice. (See &a!Ile Section 3397 of the Revllied Statutes, and r23 Front Street, New York, near Wall Street ; 16 .also Senes 6, No.8, pages J3 and 34, and "Tax ManCentral Wharf Boston aRd 57 South Water Street ) r C r ua .or agar, page 8, under the head of Ch1cago. Their factory at H1cks, Warren, and Baltic '"' Packages.") Streets, Brooklyn, is, With one exception, It is stated, It can not be owang to Ignorance, or want of proper the larget m the world devoted exclusively to the on the part of cigar manufacturers, that manufacture of plug tobacco. The tobaccos of th1s these Violations ?f law and regulatio.os are so common Company take a leadmg poSitron wherever mtroduced, !is you repurt. fhe law on thas subJect has now been because of their acknowledged merit, beauty of ftna!'lh lD operataon more than seven years, and the regulations and dehcacy of flavor. Some of their best brands enjoy .of this o6ice, giving specaal instructions, and enforc1ng very extended populanty Possessmg the advantages -upon the attentiOn of all revenue ofticers the necessity perlaimng to cap1tahsts, th1s Company are enabled to of a compliance on the part of manufacturers of c1gars purchase their whach are of the finest tielec the law relatmg stamP,Jni, canceltioDs in the market, for cash, and, consequently, to sell tng, and and of the1r duty 1n enforcing tobacco of the choicest grades at the lowest possible these provisions, were 1ssued ruC?re than seven years prit:es, quahty cons1dered. Dealers desarous of pur ago, and have been from t1me t.o ttme revased as changes chas1ng fine tobaccos at a fair price have an excellent been mad.e by Conrress m the laW's; and all such opportunity m tbe facilitLes afforded by thLS rehable and l'eVISed regulauons have been placed In the haodt of experaenoed -CQmpany. The officers of the Company uvenue officers and of every manufacturer who made are Geo. H. President John H. Sanborn Secfor the same. In addition. to 1hi$1 rctary E. J. Whitlock, J Sept ____ _m4-1,290 l 167 112I9 930 4 900 Selecllono ............. "'..,. perpouud ..,. 1 YlTftAlCI--n.. ,. October.l,142 1,142 Wrappers, bright ..... 10 do faocy.. 0 40 73 Extra :floe. u ooou.. 60 @ 60 Vzrgzma Leaf-Some few sales of Vng1ma leaf are do dau Fme ... .... .. 3 6 and more could have been d1spost;d of to manu0b,{1 iht .. ... ... : .. :::::; f h h h db I bl T u gs, go d .. Comn:< n ...... 2' @26 .actllrers 1 w at t ey wanted a een avar a e he Ohto-ln or to goo com '>9 Preeoed,utra fine 50 tii60 h fi db ht h h b Brown and Oreenllll 9 IP/10 11,.0 ..... 60 ,., 0 mqullywas c 1e y or gooL ng wrappers, w IC emg Med,umandllnered1 d Quartmeeuc m the whatever else maght be there m store Fillers ... 8 @o ............. $6o$r6o Assorte d 'o @25 u fiil 90 for the trade. Ant! yet, Uj?OO reflection, what seems .. 4 so Connectlcut er .. more natural than a reagn of h1gh pnces, as compared r1nrs .............. 1 s ... M w1tb the present scale, when It IS considered how lattle Runmng Lou... .. 9 8 S!tllff-Maccoboy ... 8$@--90 really good tqbacco the re as mall our available stock o! ..... "'"" ::!i = Seed leaf, and the need there w11l be of a gteat deal be. Lob:.:.: .. : u Common . ---@66 fore we can get at what there IS m the growth of th1s S e lections.. .. ll @oo tmeucaoGentlf!mUJ 1 oo I f II d Wu,onszn-Crop 1872 &con.<:t Cu1""1VIKJ' yea,r. Our total supp y o a gra es JS at this tnoment Ruonmg Lots. ... 8 @ 1o A Q, s ............... --@--(.,8 g,reatly below the usual average, and th1s circumstance Wrappera ....... @I! "G o 460 Ill c a s.. G;SI( of would JUStify the antJc1pat10n of h1gher pnces ",.PORT QUOTATIONS. "JI G" 630 Ill ease s.... 28>l trC & A'' tba :aet.. ... 29}\ for good leaf, bec.fuse the proportiOn of that Which IS Co,.outJCut l>' Ma. -Crop r870. n G & F .. g ood must be correspondmgly lessened on that account Wrappero .............. 10 u "Wallis Ex" lisa. net.. 29 Runntng Lots. 8 @ 9 '"I C Y Ca...... 28 But another reason for anncipatmg them grows ou.t of Seconds and Fller_. Ynurrla" .. ... .. 25 the fact that there 1s so in our ava1lable supply .:il; 2:1e : .: that w1ll have to be sold low accoun t of Its mdifferent 1 .. :.::.::.:::::.:: or absolutdy poor quality that full rates must necessarily R unnmg Lots 1 @! "G. s .................. be demanded for all that 1s in any way des1rable fof do IMPORTS. mestlc or even fore1gn use. The arrivals at the port of New York from fore1gn The stock m fir&t hands m Bremen on September 17, ports for the week ending October IZ, Included the according to out' correspondent there, as w1ll have been followmg consignments.-uotaced, had declmed to 5 7o6 cases, but he also adds I ALICANTE-Weaver & Sterry, 1,253 bales hconce root. that second bands were suppH.::l for present requm: ALME!iUA-R. M. Gomez, 1,3:z6 bales hconce root. ments. J LIVERPOOL-F. S. Kmney, 6:z bales tobacco; Weaver Charles.E F1scher & Bro, '1.1obacco Broker!, '131 Water & Sterry, so bales gum. Street, report as follows '*Cseed leaf meets With a de HAVANA-H. R Kelly & Co., 299 bales tobacco' L. c 1 dedly improved demantl, the sales of the week being F. Au]a, 1o1 do; E. Hoffman & Son, 4 do; Charles F. far 10 excess of those ported last week, and principally Tag & Son, 123 do ; Strohn & Rel(zenstem, r 36 do; for home trade. T-Ae bulk of the sales were made m Weal & Co., 268 do; A. L. & C. L. Holt, 62 do; Vega old goods, of the 1 ( 1 8 74 ) crop, Pennsylvama received Martinez & Brothers, I or do; V. Martmez Ybor & Co., most attention :Vve also note a s'lle of a few small Jots 374 do, A. S Rozenbaum & Co, UI do; E. Pascual of new Ohio State seed leaf, crop of 1374 Really Brother & Co., 371 do; Palmer & Scovalle, 136 do; F. desirable old are getting very scarce IO conGarcia, I29do; li.. Gonzales, 120 do, J. San Juhan, log sequence of' whlch, several lots of 1873 crop Pennsyl do; F. Muanda & Co., 9r do; Jacinto Costa, 70 do; G. vanaa (early packed) and B1g Flats State seed leaf to be W. Faber, 13 cases cigars, H. R Kelly & Co., 2 do, A. shipped Bremen to New York, have met wath ready S. Rosenbaum & Co., 8 do; H. Schubart & Co., 7 do; sale at h1pon pnces. The busmess an 1874 Connecticut Jacmto Costa, I do; E. Spmgam & Co., I do; W. H. and Masr acbusetts, has been coafined to seconds and Thomas & Brother, 16 do; Acker, Merrall & Condit, 29 fill 1 f 111 t f do; Park & Talford, 22 do; Howard Ives, 8 do; Purdy & vatC:stei \ .ls. sa es o a ew sma o so wrappers on pn Nicholas, 2 do; Thos. lrwm & Sons, r do; J. Llera, 5 de. Total sales foot up to 3,422 cases, of which for EXPORTS export. The followmg are the detarls :-From the port of New York to fore1gn ports for the Connecticut crop 1873, xoo cases wrappers, 3o@soc; week ending OCiober u, were as follows: Ohio crop 1870, 78 cases, do, pnvate terms; Connecticut BARBADOES-8 hhds, r ,416 lbs mfd. and M,assachu,etts, crop 1873,900 cases running, 15@ BREMEN-6 hhds. :zoe, Oh1o, crop 1873, 150 cues 8@1oc; and BuENos AvaEs-6 hhds. Massachusetts, crop 1874, 275 cases runmng, pnnte CAPE RAYTI-30 bales. terms; New York, crop 1873, :zso cases running ts@nc; GrBRALTAR-r3,684 lbs mfd. Pennsylvania, 1872,350 casesrunnmg,18@3oc; Penn HAMBURG-90 cases sylvania, 1874, 700 casea running, 18@:z4; W!scoosm, HAVANA-9,459'bs mfd. 1873, 538 cases runnmg, Ohw, crop 1874, 81 LrsB:N-u hhds. cases, on private terma1 LrvERPOOL-:Z16 hhds, 43,201 ll:s mid. .fpanu,\ has been the ordanary good demand LoNDON-148 hhds, 57,786 lbs mfd. for Havana fillers, and sale& amounted to about 6oo PoiNTAPITilE-5 hhds. at 8o @ rose. Stock indicated SOiue increase, as PORTAUPJtiNCtt-s hbds, 25 bales. was to be expected, dunng September, but as sttll light PoRT SPAIN-I hhd, :z,u8 lbs mfd. as compared wi;th prev1oua at this date ST. JoHNs, P. R.-15 bales. was more both for home Tullx:s IsLAND-252 lbs mfd. trade and SlllpOleDt Ill thiS department than at the date V ALENCIA-JJ6 hhds. I' .. ,J OCT" 13. BALTIMORE, Octobe,. %-Messrs. Ed. W1schmeyer & Co, Tobacco Commission Merchants, report:lnspecKons the past week were very small. The market tor was very acuve, salesamountmg to ::r,823 hhds, taken chaefiy for Fra'nce on pnvate termi. Included in the above were some con s1derable lots, understood for Dmsburg There are now only about 4,000 hhds Ob10 left m first hands. Of better grades of leaf are m demand, while nondesc.npt sorts are. itutctive Market closes very steady and we renew laat quotati ons. Im_p!>rted th1s week, 281 hhds Mtssour1; 8 bhds Oh1o, r3 hl)ds Kent ucky. 303 hhtis. Cleared same penod per Oluf to Bremen, 540 hhds Western; 59 hhds V1rgm1a ; r83 hhds K"entucky leaf tobacco, Io hhds V1rg1ma, and 8 llhds Kentucky stems, per steam_er -Califonuan, to L1verpool, 105 hhds V1rg1wa and 24 hhds Western tobacco. ""' rToba1co StaltiiUnl. Stock on harrcf in State '1\>arehouses, Jan. r, 1875-------.. ---r4,627 fihds Deduct loss by fire Jan. 6-contents of warehouses Nos. 1 and 3-.. --2,764 hhds 11,863 hhda Inspected this week : .. ... -. 302 hhds Insp.:<. ted prevaously thLS )ear .... _. 32,195 lthds \ -TotaL----J-. ----44,360 hhds Exported of .Md. and OhLo smce rst January........ .. 21,152 hhds Shappe.d Coastw1se same pehod 5,250 hhds Total --.... 29,402 hltds Leavmg stock m warenou s es and on sh1p boud n o t cleared--'-----14,958 hhds Manufa ctured 7 obacco are steady and the jobbmg trade IS fa1r. 8 tock m hands of rece1vers unusually llght for the season, and wath any favorable turn 1\l the demand, pnces would improve, but the busme s s IS lhmted to the actual wants of jobbers Ex ported 9,541 lb to Bremen R ecetved per R1clunond steamers, r,89z pkgs, and Norfolk steamers, 175 pkgs. CINCINNATI, October 9 -Mr. F. A Prague, Leaf Tobacco Inspector, reports:-The market for I,eaj Tu bacco has charactenzed by a quaet feelmg llurmg the en E ire past week, pnces, havmg undergone no specaal change. The offell'mgs: at auction have been qutte liberal for this sea::>on of tpe year amountmg to 625 hhds, tJ.nd 22i boxes as followsAt the Bodmann Warehouse, 159llhds andut6 boxes: 126 hhds Kentucky and Ohio cutung tobacco, at $9@3r for mediUm smoKPrs to fine cuttmg leaf; 24 hhds West Vtrg1ma fillers and v rappers at $6; 2 bxs SoUJhern Ind1ana at So@Io; r24 cases Ohto seed at $2@29. 50 tor common .smokers and fillers to good bmder"' and wrappers At the Maamt Warehouse, 164 hhds and go boxes: 163 hhds Kentucky and Ohao cuttmg tobacco, at @3 l so for common smokers to fiue cutting ; I hhd Eastern V 1rgima at f, 14 7 5, go cases common Ohto seed at for fillers, bmders and medium wrap. pers. At the Planters' Warehouse, ro9 hhds and :z boxes: ro6 hhds and 2 bx,:; Kentucky and OhiO cuttmg tobacco, at $S to 34 for common smokers to nne cutting leaf, 3 hhds West Yugrma, at $7 12@12 .2j. At the Globe Warehouse, 104 hhds and :r boxes: 103 hhds Kentucky and' Ohio cuttmg tobacco at 26.75 for common smokers to fine cutting leaf ; 1 hhd East Vugima at $6.25; 2 bxs lnd1ana at $13 75@18. At the Morris Warehouse, 98 hhds and 5 boxes. 98 hhds and 5 bxs Kentucky cutung tobacco, at $4@31.50 for common smokers to line cuttmg leaf; 5 bxs at JJ, $4, $4, $6 6o @ r4 LOUISVILLE, Oc!obtr 9 -Mr Wm. J. Lewers, Secretary of the Tobacco Board of Trade, reports: Receaptli th1s week very hght and pnnc1pally from other markets. Inspections for week, all of whach was offered at auction, of'\\ h1ch there was consrderable re jecuons Warehouses. W e ek Kentucky Assoc1at10n .. _. 22 Planters.---------. 98 Exchange. __ .--".... o Lou1sv1lle ____ ----r6s Nmth Street-----46 Ptckett----.. q6 Boone._. -.-----. 7 Farmers. ________ ----58 Month. 32 130 0 195 47 233 20 68 1,270 3 4,031 7,oso 1 4,040 Total. ........... 572 715 28,077 Year 1874----1,867 2,73S 65, 652 Year r873----193 378 52,o8r OI the sales th1S week 9 hhds were of this years' crop, 332 hhds ongmals, of crop of '74; 87 hhds rev1ews of same; 33 hhC:s ongmals, of crop of '73; Ill hhds rev1ews of same. Of the 365 hhds of onginals, of crops of f73 and '74, II r hhds had been sampled and num bered m other markets For the year to date, 39 hhds of crbp of '7 s; r 5,499 hhds otiiginals of crop of '74, hhds re\Jews of same, 5,095 hhds ong1oals of crop of '73; 51538 hhds rev1ews of same. These "ongmals" embrace all from other markets and city factor 1es. Owmg to the pressure or partieS wautmg to get shut of quanllt1es of common stuff, our breaks th1s week have been larger than usual. Pnces have weakend on all low grades are barE:ly firm, although we notice a shghtly better feeling to day 1n substantial grades. We had a fa1r proportion of redned leaf on bs'eaks th1s week which was I mostly sold for export at pnces rang ing from 9 Ito 1 1c. for med1um leaf ; the better and II to 14c. for good leaf ; very httle of t)lis class of goods is suitable for our manufar.turers th1s year, last year they took it all. It IS gener. ally wantmg m body and color, and nearly aU coarse bqny stuff There 1S now ngnore than one-eighth of our crop m the ground, wath a possibility of It being all saved all nght, the quantlty this year will not be an average, m a great measure owing to the SIZe of the leaf. Fully one half of our crop will be small tobacco, but of good quahty ; the large tobacco 1S said to be de ficient iJl body Taken allaaround ""e may call it a good 1a1r crop Pnces are very firm on all gtades; no change to make in last week's quotataons, whtch were as follows: Ql10TATONS. Frozen. Com. lugs.-4 Goodlugs._ Com. leaL 5 @6 Good leaf. 6 @7 Fme leaf 7 @8 Ex. do leaf. R.cll NoRtlesdript. Heavy. s 6 6@7 7@9 g@u II U@-l4 14 @17 14@16 17 @zo Colory. 8@10 IO@IS IS@I8 18@21 :u@25 25@32 LYNCHBURG, Oclo6erg.-Messrs. Nowlins, Youn ger & Co, Tobacco Comm1ssion Merchants, report: Receipts of tol;.acco has been larger here than tbe pre cedmg week, cons1stmg prinCIJpally of pr1m1np and low grade lugs and leaf, watb only occasionally lots of old stock. Prices of primings and new lugs and leaf are low. We quote as follows Common primings, good pnmings, line primings, new lugs common, 3@4Y. new leaf short, 6c@7; new leaf !eng, common yellow leaf, Sc@ 10 ; good yellow leaf, Ioc@rs; fine yellow leaf, 15C@25. PHILADELPHIA, Oct#btt 11.-Arthur R. Fougeray, Manufacturer's Agent, reports :-That the past week still finds the Plug Tobacco mtere!>t, represented by the manufacturer on the one hand and the buyer on the other acting on the defeoce, ea cb believing there are no indications as yet to induce 1 them to change their formed convictions, which m connectiion with the unexpected dull fall business, now gaves the dealer the dectded ad-[ C1nlmued un P11ge.]


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" StalDe, Sm.lth a K.Deoht, DEALERS IN ALL KINDS OF LEA.F TOBA.CCO:, ..tncl Mm.utacturer11 of ana Dealer11 i n Cigar11. 225 RACE -STREET, PHILADELPHIA. AR MARKS, A CO., Manufacturers of Ralph's scotoh .Snuff, ANJj FINE: CIGARS, t -0.118 .AJR.O:B T.,. '--' ......_ Jameo P. Marka, AleuDcler R.aJpb, John W' W oo A AltoMXAHH :E.A W&JL, AMBROSIA St&teSt ,Barlford.CoDJa. .. TOB.ACCO WORKS. A L 1: F smsa ;. llaDwacturera and W h oleaale Dealera in SPENCE BROTHElS co r CI&AIJS & WI TIIB!CCB ..... 5! .. : ooNNEcnou:rDsiEi> rxAF ll34 St.. Cincinnati. o.;.. CINCINNATI, OHIO, l j -. "' ..134 JLAIN STRB&T, W. G. MORRIS i\ROHN, FEISS & CO., Conn t MANUFACTURERS OF t UI-181 tflj Leaf Tobacco C 1 GA. R S .. e T.'o """* HUBBARD & CO., olTICE. coLLEGE BmLDma. 126 Vine Street, DsmiD LIA!' ,Ana 71 st..m.nt:iJID&ti, -Q AC co HENRY MEYER, M. n ; & BRo., us ffTn 8-RumT, COJoosSIOJJ RA.RTti'OlU), CONN. LEAF TOBACCO BROKERS G. w. GBA.vESt ?...L:___ .................. "' LEAF ar.ABUWdi.t-11. 'J'mWN, 4-6 :Front St., Clnrinntt; o. FIJB CODECTietrl' SEBD-LBIP --.....-or .-mWl PRAGUE, : fi!OB.A.OOO, D ANBURY, CONNEC1'ICU'l":" B. SMITH & 00., C 0 M MISS I 0 N MEICIIAIITS. .61W'D 1'0 ..... OORIBO!IOU'J' L1AP !08!000. No. 2fJ !Jirut, SPBIIGFILD 11SS l:. H. SllltTK f' Boston Advertiaemea't.L R.,A. MUJB, TOBACCO BROKER


OCT. 13. JACOB BIIKILL, I MANUFACTURE& W CtOAft BOXES, SUPERIOR. MAKE AND Prime Oua.llty of CEQAR WOOD, 293, 295 &: 297 Monroe St., .NEW YORK. -&co. IMPORTERS OF HAVANA AND DEALERS IN IKPOJt'l'OiiaS OF AND IN ALL KINDS 6F LEAF T O .BA.CCO!:' RO. lifO WATBB. STa:allT, JIBW.1E'Q&K, L. PALMER. A. B SCOV"iLLil!. OONJO:CTictrr SEED LEAF WJU..PPER OF OlJB OWlf PAOJU!IG. HERMANN BAT JER tc .. BROTHER, -COMMISSION MERCHANTS & IMFORTEll.S OF c:t.a.y 77, W A sr:a:a S'I' ., lii'Z'W YOaK... J WEISS, ELLER & KAEPPEL, SliD LIAP TO BA.CCO, IMPORTERS OF AND DEALERS IN 171 PEARLarid78 PINE STS., HAVANA IU:W YOBK. E. & 8. FRIEND A 00,, and Dea!en In LJlP TOBACCO, 129. Malden Lane, NEW YORK. a S. STIRIBIRGIR FIIIGI DB BliDit J. SCHJIIT,T, C. ]08'1: W. MIIDBL 4 BRO., .. IH.lNOFACTURERS Oli' CIGARS AND DEALERS IN TOBACCO, 15" NEW YORK WJI. A.UI:W a. BOlli, !ohaoco ad _.. a"d, e&6,F:roat NEW TOBK. JIID,n,curuu..u.r. nw- tear 1'olueo for bport tlf 1._. .... : r-t Too-a baled ID.allf ,.cAp lltr --J 'ic preas for e:l1JOI1i, CUTH ljtiE A CO., Strloet. CO:rbtiSS.tON. KECBANTS. AMD ._ '"TOB.f.CCO PBE81EB& <" Leaf Tobacco_preued In bales f<>r the West ladles, Mexican and Central Amerrcau Porta, and olber maT ILell. TOBACCO l'AGI'JW lJ:." HOGSHEADS. -1Rll. ICEOVULiNG, OF AMD DE.lLEJI. IN S BIJ-LB!P. TOBA[CO, LOBENSTEIN & GANS, SOLE AGENTS AND IMPORTERS OF THE GENUINE W. & M. Our Moulds are .ruaranteed to be more D111LlliLE, and at least 5 per .,ent. 0 aii,other Mould sold-Oftloe and No. f 31 Water .Street,N .. ....... I. B. BORGPELDT, :MANUFACTURER OF -CIGABlYIOULD_S, Patentee of Closed K 'ead Moulds, PafeMH tf fhe Single Spring or (JacobJ) lloalcb. ORDERS TAKEN AT THE .. .I'AC'J'ORY HARLEM: Jt, R. :FRiiGHT BmLDING WHITE iTREET, F loo r 29, (Jd Door from Elm Street'; or at l CO .. Office No. oo Ch.,ham Squire, ftEW YORK. Sheet Metal Cigar .&II ............... ...... -T:-1.,-r r :---, i7 .,. I I I J I I ,, This b the only M:ou1d for Manuf'actur.e of Fiae Havao:a C1gars. Tm is well k11oWn to be the best preserv..,tive 4elicate aromaa.. The buncbe1 produced by tbls Kouhi do nat require turning, as no crean: ia ahawn. .For Circulan, IAPOLEOII DUBRUl, .....;. ___ Seoon4 St LEVY BROTHERS, PB.BRTIOB'S. CIGAR-SHAPING IOULD & BIT !liDS\ Pateatecl J-. llltll, I lee, -c1 Kay ll8cl, 1171 Tbese Moulds are used in making the P\aeat Branda of Havana Ciprs, and ackaowled,K by all who have used tllem to bo Uoe best Moal4 ever lnveato4 .,. 1 Makes RO creue In the Cigar. Dul)lble Compaet. ...,..A Unlfvnnlty In weight aod size of the Cigar. Unskilled Labor taft be employed lo making BuAches. Less SkDI Is "'qul"'d in finishing. .... -Price sas.oo per Set. Warranted perfect in every r.eapect. Send for or cail and judge for younelve!. TERWILLIGER & L6CKWBOD, MAMU P'ACTURJUtS AND PROPIUilTO'RS, 54 Maiden Lana, N'EW YORK. STRAITON.di. -STORM, MANUFACTURERS OF CIGARS, f IA,ND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 178 &. 1B0'PEAltL STREET, NEW YOBX. JOHN STRAITON. :,- GEORGE STORM. E. & 'BRO-THER, DatQa 'r:a:BS B-::PANISB, AND' .. F PACKERS OF -LEAF TOBACCO, 145 Water, Street, New. York. .MERFELD .. IC":E-MPER & CO. ::a::KJ'O:R. TlCE.S 0:1' BA VAN A, aac.\ SEED LEAF TOBACCOS 181 Maiden Lane; New Y-orli. INDIAN HA_VA.NAHS, Prfce 16 Oollars per 1,000 in London, In Bond. These Cigars are neat1y r ned in Havanah are well-flavored, made on the prem1ses by DSSBS. 00,. l'lantation Works, Din4!pl, Xa4:aQ_ E'rell4ency, From Tobacco (!OW!l anc;l cured un bULDI& IX AU'. lOOND, VA. ClHA8. A. J PllTOIWIUKG, v. A ARIIIII, ""''"""'"' .... WA......._ Y. TO .R.I ......... .sa .. jiiii .. OiiiBs, Pine seau.;' "OuAtaoba,PTeprl-i.ibBr.uord e." Wo; 11 Bowery, ,_.. J .., .,EW YOIIL 297i & 286 Greenwioh St., New York ___ .;..;.,._"'""""" __ _.. AND lJIPOJtTJlRS OP Buan1 & Leaf Tobacco. 'FREY. BROS. & 00. _bnfacturers or rna CIGARS, ant Dealers in Led I Je SA.l'T Jl1LIAN IMPORTEl< OJ" HA'VAB'"A Leal Tobacco, 88 lit., ew 1E'ork.


OCT. 13 :tHE-TOBACCO-NoT CoMPLIMENTARY.-1f Conlinuedfrom Tizird Page.] the multitude of operatives connected with its I?roduc-The ,followin&r is Curiosities in their way are the great reyolvmg gn?d li o n and preparation it would be pleasant descnbed by a Cahfomtan stones, upon which tbe of the cutttng tive to narr.rte but all this must be left to the mference paper:-" A 1entleman macb,ines are constantly being sharpened by of tqe reader.' It must suffice to ;here that in no about tQ mto of grinders, a"d another cu r iosity is :he powerful mach me. other snuff manufactory in the world annual pro our hotels With used for crushing tobacco steiUII Tf'! sugartanks an duction and sal e of snuff so large as m thts one. fhe the other evenmg; _found very large, each coptah,ill& inany f!ounds of sugar returns to the lntemal Revenue Bureau an ave he had a freshlyhghted which. toðer with powdered licorice, is used for rage annual production of snuff io the Ua1ted Sta!es o{ cigar to of. There sweetenin1 the tobacco. One large store-room is filled between three and four million p:>unds, and of thts en was a pleasant looktng almost from floor to ceiling sweetening ingredients, ormous quantity the Messrs. Lorillar? & Co. make more young lad bear. the door, sugar, licorice, etc., all of the finest quality. than one-third. Their snuffs have umformly commanded and he ask':d btm to hold The Granulating Machine is located on the fourth a higher price in the" market than those else the weed until he floor. Into this the crudt; tobacco i s put in where, foreign as well as native consumers g<:nerally When the gentleman came dry and in an instant from one toe pours 1 conpreferriQg them to the brands usually made Europe. out he was so tinuo'us a:m winnowed stream c:parse granulated to-In the construction of these immense tobaccn works the boy's honesty that he bacco while from the other !ide ftows a similar stream the proprietors have considered both requirements of &ave him five cents, sayof finer granwes. whii:h, 11itb the wiltflowe O'!Sl the vast business to be transacted 10 them and the IDJI:, "Don't you smoke?'' aDd refuse, are carried at th same moment by the heahh and comfort > of their employees. Formed as they "Yes," said the boy. "How action of the machine througb separate conductors to -are light atfd venti l ation could __ fail to be secured is it you didn't make ofF tbe .Hcond tloor aud deposited in great bin devoted in the fullest measure In addttlon to these advantages with this cigar, then ?-many to the rete,ntion of each. Some of the bins for holding the most,vision has been made on every floor boys would have done it," vanutated topacco are of enormous size, as may, be in the n1at1d of lavatories, wardrobes, closets, etc. for said the gratified geatleman. JUdged from the fact that, $6,ooo worth of a single the specia l' use qf the operatives of sexes. "I don't know that," brand, whereof a stock of $rs,ooo worth is uniformly physical and moral condition of t he IS exacty said the youth : 1t must carried, was observed by the writer in one of the!Jl, and what II\ight be expected from the_ ex be avery hard boy i t only full. ercised in their behalf. The provmons agamst acctden wh?'d run w1th Any thmg in tht: form of smoking tobacco more tal tire are also complete in every particular, a ctgar as that: The lad1es tempting to the eye than some of the bnght, golden hose, and patent fire i>eing profusely dis tittered, l:ut the: varieties lying id hill-iike heaps" in the bins of this factory tributed all over the premises. A large steam pump didn't. it would be difficult to imagine. capable of throwing about r,soo gallons of per A part of the third floor is reserved for the storage of minu { e, to be made available in case of fire, IS located THE FITNESS OF THINGS. the numerousyariet.ies of paper used in the establishment, in the engine room -David Chew, of Philafrom to worth of this material being The Box Mal! ufacto rv, situated, as prev10usly obK E R B 8 ..&, p J ,1 ... delphia, has been usually visible on the shelves of the room in which it is served, on Provos t Street, is on a scale commensurate 1 vogue in the hou1e, have each bad mO!t _salutary and inspiring upon thejr labor force m and been the means of securing for the admmtstratton of the various departments of the hou&e a anent staff rH' trained superintendents of qUJite excep.ttonal c:apa city. At the head of the Snuff Department 1s a who has been sixty -eigh t years in the service of the Lonllard family, having entered the sn'uff mtll wien but years of age. His knowledge of the art of snuff' can hardly be exceeded by that of any periOD 1ift!!l In the Plug and Cutti ng Departments are two supenD tendents, young men each, but both of house, whose skll and in:elligence are of a high order. Probably the most signal and valuable outcrowth _of this policy, to wniCh reference has been made, fiDCb lts natural exponent m the person of Mr. Charlel partne, ;t.nq manager in the firm of & Co. Entering the service of the house m a mmor capacity 11ili;,n a ooy his talen,tg and were quickly perceived and rewarded, and he rapt?ly rose the enviable position which ]!e now occuptes. It. IS difficult to speak in comp limentary terms ; that the buM;en. of thia AD4 D...Wa in L!l.U' TOBACCO, -,r"ork.. shame and sorrow on whar incident to this depardnent of the manufactory, each are manifold. F-ormerly their factories were located in falls upon the labor ing classes m tts production V. JEAw.-II SOlt, Bri4geport, CoDn. was once pre-eminently the oving with the precision of clock-work, and with a Wooster Street, or So11th Fifth Avenue, between Spnng and consumption; that tbe_ recenF of Congress Nos. 34 and Bowery, NEW YORK. 1 & C abode of gentility and virtue. celerity suggestive of a fee'ling on the part of each inanc;l Broome Streets, New York; at Nos. x6, 18 and 20 increasing the tax waS unnecessary, as tt wtll nol IIeilbfOllBf, ; 0., We are far from say j ng that dividual that the prosperity of the great institution itself Chambers St eet New York; in the City of Brooklyn, the revenues detived by the GGvMnment rrorn 1t, aJid FACTUR]\:RS 0 Baker .Street ooali-ctlon. fe lm t e socta sea e, t tjle me Fut anu actory, w tc exren s a ong as -ard of profits }Q. e eln,lllenr o tra esmeu o 1m1 e William st., 11 T., l'uiUioalt., ...._.,.. it is respectable, as we have ington Street for the space of one-half the means, and the aggrandizement of those of. supenor m-s44 remarked before, eminently length of the wing Where the Fine-cut Manufactory finarlcialability,andtheexampleofsomeofourclty'sgreat. ________________ ..;.....,;;;;_ W S h .c .au d 1 { Foa IA.LE.-308 CAllES DUCK IS LANE> TO.IIACCO, 1s wrapso ; and its inhabitants, terminates on ashmgton treet t e ..,now .,.anu1actory -dry-goods hou5eS an other exemp ars o vast pecumary: pen, mostly dark colored samples, by Chao. Finke, New 'York. deeply feeling the slur that begins, and embraces the. remaining half of the wing resources ate cited -in" sttpport of the theory thus adm-.t, Addr ... P= ABILITY TO '1'1101 11: UIIIIG RIB LIQ.UORJCE. TilE OW .. A.V.oaft'B -A.l'l'l) 0.. fl" 0. y Oa. II A.LWAYS BIIIADT JI'&B DELIVB&Y .... IIIOa'Tk&T IIOTICE, A.L80 .A.. 0. 0.. P T <:> AllrD HIS OTillUL .urJH1 0.. ft"BKIIIB PA.ITE, ALL 011' WHICH ARE GIVING III CREASED U II'A.CTJOK, AS IIUTAIICED BY THE RAPIDLY GBOWIIIG DEIAIID AIID EKTIB& liCE OF ClOliiPLADITJI. C. McANDREW, 5& :w'.&TEB STRBBT. now attaches to its name, ending on Bay Street. vanced. But wb" afever founoation there may be for the have taken coun,el together idea elsewhere, it iS e.vident 1bat so far as the dis and memorialized the MeT:HE SNiiFF 1 tinguished house of which we are writing is concerned, tropolitan Board of _Were no branch of on m t\lere is ? n the ,Par_t -of management no lfEW YOB.X. to change it. That body t _s, thLS estabhslilnefit tie Stiuff 'Department alone disposition to so dtrect Its resources as to of course, scattered now m would make the place fam.o'bs, to tne of the affect the interestsof less pretentious firms engaged m shis holiday season; but casual observer the operauon!t seem less sorpnsmg than the same 0n the co?traty, aa is in the ttill a zealous standing com some. of ?thers have been referred t_o. The _steadfast maiRte?ance of faul;r remunerauve mittee have warmly taken but not mtncate. here., and the umform cooperatiOn of the house With the prayer of the memorialCapabtltty, power, system and dtrectness of purpose are other similar hpuses in all measures, local, State or ists ia band, and with the observable, but nowhere mystery, and that national, calculated to enure to the general advantage happiest and most &atisfao-U: what IS All the processes seem natural, even trade, the aim of the management appears to be tory results. After much ltmp_le_ B _ut all IS _not though all appears be t avo 1 d everythina that resemble_ s selfishness or ,tends R V J a..c.. J ee C I( that I hnelo -'te yo11 that. the dur.n.t IUDIIfM. h b d h d t t d d th ... ll.:-"S:tr: We Poet -Ia this put ottloe co..tqwboa I loave aul!" deliberatio11 a name has been ex I lte 10 a urne ransl UJ? an own e vanous towatd monopoly; as these thmgs are commonly un eteady Increase I the d.-andlfor your llquortcoi. Au UK wtu..;: brada of both _5paoialo _. decided 00 in the place of doon and apartments to thts .part of the derstood in contradistinction to the legitimate develop.. its old one, and we believe The. art b.r wh tch the Loril!ards ment of individual enterprise and ambition. l-olti""-U, Jaa ,, ..... Jaa. c. Eaq v .... J .. aary ... 'f.;..!Zt..... we are breaking DO confi. succeeded lD makmg. tht:t.r known The personal history of the Lorillard family is so New Yorlt. Dear str, We i&keJ'-"' 18 Atlmw, ll.oq.,.New York. Dear Sir: We lw>e'SIdence in announcing that I nof revealeti by an '!'tpectton well known as to make any bio&':aphical reference to Baker Street ill henceforth of the whiCh they are Tht> neart of her pnnecessary. Their name and fame are interturen duriorr the paat.oeoo, the quallt.J baYIrr beeD the to all mnufacturen usiDrr th-be known as Upp"r Petti-the mystery IS. know. n only t?ttl'ated. woven wt"th the i11.dustrial and financial annals of our 'DIIIfnrmly -..u1111. We d., llir .,_,. qulltt belnrr 11DifonD and ezcellellt at all tlmea. We ..,. Th d f b bt t 1wo rlwo d t ebedlentlyyon. a:'co. coat Lane. e ?r er" us!ness. 0 Jl101D1111 y epar country. For nearly a century and a quarter they have .. ;=,T==ao=/=L.=J=O=HN= =SO=N=II=CO.==::==:=====:;==::=;===:= ments IS revenecl In tha one .. process ..a( occubied the foremost place among the tobacco IUanumanufacture at tbe bottom pf the factu-rers of the United States, aqd from this time for-[ from Second Ptzgt.] I Virginia and Western leaf, 163,330 po11nds, with IO top of the In macbuteS obward their house must rank as the foremost of its kind vantage. So mudt so is this the case that it is exceedof Pennsylvania to West Indies. For home consump served engaged 10 the prehmmary work of reducmg the th ld I fi I h 6 C d 1 f 8 asea Penntobacco to a .;7e su"ttable iior mo ttenID" and subquent 10 e wor ingly difficwt to at l!V-t gures a arge pure aser tton, 4 5 cases onnccttcut see _ea ; 33 c .,_ abl h t can supply hi .aMI, espec:ialiy if the goods are in sylvnia seed leaf; 52 cases Oh1o .seed 7& ca5es fermentatioD. Wben'tbe tobacco bas been to a It is a fe Ia proportloD to prlcu cb&l noi. A lao, all -p&PSID tiM U11lted State aJIII C".uda priDUrr -5 000 cop1ea eac:b laaue. Alao, a.ll tloe Rellctou, Asrt calt aral, ScienUic uoi llecbaDiic&l, Medlcil, lluaiiic, EdacatiODai, Commeon:lal, IDannce, Jteal 'E-state, Sport.iac. Uuica&l, Fuhloa.. and otlaer spocial clua jOiltlllr. nry COJIIIDiete Uato. Toptlaer with a complete Uatof ooer ""'Germaa papen prlntecl ID the United Alao aD .,.1)'11-adertrt >=uy tables of rates, &howtnrr tbe CMt of in various aawspapt"n, aad tYer.y t1:daa' whicl& a betia oer adverti11iqa wnold like to 'kaow. of our large houses sold about 150 cases of fine Con-as reported sold at 51@53 -ee 5 recelp fected snaff, all packed labeled branded and tamped has been to make it to the interest, beyond tbe mere necticut ser:d wrappers of the crop of 1873, which was 433 cases. Stock on first hands this day 500 cases. at the cuing-room, ready to be put in boxu, barrels and matter of salary, of their work-people to become _Pro well selected, uniforJl!!y packed, aad contained color, Th hogsheads for shipment. How, in the process of in their special vocations and thoroughly reilable quality and quantity, at tbe haod$qnw! price of from so Tua: Yt&L D or C4LU01llii.A.. a ufacture tbe sautrs are coane separated in all the relations existina employers anti em .to. 7s cents per po11nc!, aad I-hear ptnehasers are well wme crop 18 mcreasmg every Lear. Th11 .rear tS froid. the &oe-nd the carried away by the cun ployed. The guaranty of contmued employment, of satisfied. So much for cood material, while leaf of pected to exceed. gal bIn te7 yean. a ning mec:baaism employed, and with what delicacy, care mamtenance in illness and old age, and the system of orcliDAry quali ty to find Hie for ls up hill work. Ex-large number or will come acreasmg and_,tkill i& ilbaadlcd sifted perfumed anc;l packed by promotion and ruard. for meritorious ser ce; so loa& in po to E1.1rope via Amer!can line of steamers, of the rresent produ:=t1on almost onewr.u. 1 Addreu G&O. P li..OWELL C<>_.1 41 Puk Row, New York. I

PAGE 8 'J.'obaceo llrlau:afao-turera. ,...._,._. .---.. JOHN ANDERSON & CO. MANUF'AI.."'URERS OF TilE SDUCB on mo TUUCCOS 114-nnd 116 LIBERTY STREET. THOMAS HOYT &, CO., ,: I' Fine Chewing and \ SMDKlNIJ TOBACCOS & SNUFF, NEW YOIIK, S., to_ direct t!>e otteatloe or tho Dealen Ia TothtW(IO<>Ia\ tho Uldtec.l States aa4 the Werid to their CELEBRl!ED 18LACE FINECUT OID.'WIJIG TOJIAOOO, whlcla Is 'beiftll' orlC'II ....,.., mana-re4 GDW the lmmec!l&te ouperviri!Oil or the orlcloalol' MR. JOHM ANDERSON, aa4 aow otanclo, u l'onDerly, without a o.d fOrwarded throap tho uaalchaunela will If meet with prompt 30'1/Z:S .F:r..A.CC dkCo JLUIDAC'I'Wil&& 0 .. ALL GRA.DBS OJ' &.. our. llllAIID5 CKIIWJNG. flat Sllewiugt Jmottnu, am."NYSIDE, HEARTS' DELIGHT, 1lud .. NATIONAL, BRIGHT OWEN, \ 'r 0 B A c c 0 EXTRA CAVENDISH. HARVEST" tc "SURPRISE" IN FOil. IVANKOE tr JOLLY 'OYS 8MOKI!roaght. to the higbest perfection, is c=..t uder the above style of brand. We ere also SOLE AGENTS Cor die l;m.nd. r. a. & a. a. by cons1}mel'l!l to be the best In the marker. And for the bnmcl o! Licorice Stick -tlfOIIL & 00., tn all respeCts eqlll!.l to CALABRL.. We ha'l"e no Agents. Connmers and Jobber& would do well to apply direct Lieorioe Boo\ select and oramary, conltaatlJ &n hand. OOIEZ & lRGUIIBIU. 28 31 SOUTH WILLIAI STIET UCORICE PASTE .t ST JCKS. G. s. w. s. II'. w. s. STERK Y EXTRA, P. S. BAKACCO A.l'ID PIOl'l A.TJllLLA, DE ROSA., EXCELSIOR XILLS oA:. II' A. VORITE IIIILLI .Broken EURNE BOREMIKY, TOBACCO BROKER, 143 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. JOHN CATTUSq TOBACCO BROKER 127 Pearl 8i:reet; NEW YORK.-CDS. B. FISOBBB. & BRO., Tobacco Brokers, tal Water st., NEW YORK. I PHILIP KELLAND I TOBACCO BROKER. 168 WATER STREET.) NEW 200 CHATHAM SQUARE, OCT. 13. .... 1 O.,i Qigar-BG% Kanuf&ct.urers, 1&3 to 181 COKIICK 81'., .-&WTORE. PRICE LD'l' OF American & German GIGAB BIBBOit Lo_....o Yellew s Spaniah Extroas Jd .. .. Broad Y.U..w 5_, ,_ 74o. ,.;... .... Yell-, ,.to. ,..., Drllablur :lac;co, the only Genuine American Gentle aan Sod; Kn. G. B. Miller .t Co. Macc&boy and Scotch Snuff; A. H. Mickle & Sona'Foreat SPANISH CI8Aft BOX CEDAR ltoee and Grape Tobacco; Mn. G. B. Milkr A Oo. Relene Smokiag and Chewing Tok<:c:o. A SptollftJ. W" All qrdcra promptly executed. 18 llltf "-'A"' ). aoIIZJi ... GO., ljl 'D' &. LYALL loaporton .... Manufactllftn of v OFFICE. GJ!!JUIAW .&lQ) SCOTCH 154 Broad Cia v Pipes, 10. 2 FIIIST SogTH BROOIUII De1>0t for Manul&ct,_. of the fo lowing Heinrich Goebel Solme, .,...... CV.UIU.TED BIU.liDS 01' ltnllnt lroHIIIItrode Plpn, 1ae :llaideD l.aae, X. '2'. PlaDet-1favr, zs, ,.s, ss, 6s, 7s, 88, 9s, toe. Sailor's Jlo JUo 48; YJ, 6s, 78o Ss, ,... JOO. ,..._ --.a. lfto Chollenge, lb:. I King Philip, _.._ V t 'WMh lngton, )l(o, Grape and Apricot, Neptune, Double Thick, NANVI'ACTVUU o' brt. drt. u ACM Fa&cJ' .,_ T!:.e.;.-. TOBACCO ALING WAX, =-nden, nan, 101, Oold Ban, of Clubo. l'rldeo(U..Repesot .. WlLI.lMII ..411.U1. Pocket. Pteca.. DAVID C. LYALL, t CO;; te'Ag'tl. 11 Brod. B:l'.l\ b1 Importers of Glyeerine, Drugs, Goms, &e. 18,. William St., Kew '2ol'k. ESTABLISHED 18!8. K. C. BARKER & CO., Manufacturers ot the Celebrated FINE-CUT TOBACCOS, AMERICAN EAGLE" > 12 A N D ): A tso all other &Tades of "" Fine-Out. a%14 Smoking Tobaccos, ?'l DETROIT, KICK. Aside from tnckln"' our "AMERICAN EAGLE" a.nd -'CLIPPER"" in the usualeized wooch : n packages, 10 ao. .-a and 6o lbti., we a of these rradee up ver1 nicely N&' UNCK Tax FOJL P&cxA.Q&S, packed in l{ a Groes boxes. Liberal pric:e11 made to the JobbiDJI trade. TERMS-CASH. :at. Rader & Son, ALL 'WILL Bll P&OIIPT'L'W TOBACCO BROKERS, 43 Liberty Street, opp;:,!!e Post Office, JOSEPH 1 l33l'EAIL s'l'Uzr, Da'O:B.'r::&;aS, o:r sKo_d!t.s. Alit"nCZ.ll:S, IMPORTU OF NEW YORK. TOBACCO,-SECARS,-SNUFFS-&c. "0NlY PINE" HAVANA J. scHMITT, Jr. .J Leaf Tobacco &Buwa:a OIGAB.. r.&CJ1110a1r. 16 Cedar N.Y TOBACCO BROKER, FOSTER, IDLSON & co., ra1cn;F :r.zsT wr N. Y. 182 Water St.,. NEW A. SHACK. MANUFACTURERS OF FINE CIBARS SPA:tUSH CiGAR RIBBONS I J 79 Ch m bers Stret Londreo, ... Partap., ut.... 7-8 31 :r-rdo, 1"1" 3 DOORS WEII'I' 011' BROADWAY, :RJ:W '!'OR][, Loa ..... er P--..., 7-a nJVCio. o.lo Brflad 'Y elleW', 5-I 7'1 yarde, 1.70 B .... d, Ked 5-8 71 JUdO, 1.65 Bapa-la, 5-I yanJa, 1.70 arrow Ked, or Ptcaroo 71 ,...-cis, 1-45 EDWARD HILSON. E. :W:. Ji'OSTIIR. RUDOLPH WYMAN. 'l"arel1 &114 Fmel71'ow4erea. IPA1118R LICORICE ROOT, IPAIIUR LICORICE JI:X'rRA<:Tt rOBACCO BROKER. -r:a::m No. PIOIBBB TOBACCO COIJOY, TEBIIB-XET OAJIB. BINRYA.RICBIY; TOBACCO DEIIIR TOl'IGUIII LAUREL LEA. VIU, TOlfKA. JIEA.Jrll, CAJIIIIA. BUDII, d to the forwardlnr of Tobacco 1i6-67 to cuuntri ea. BEPPENBEIMER 8c MAURER, Pr.a.oUo-.1 ENCRAVERS AND PRINTERS, BY IITEA.II POWER A.l'fD HA.liD PKEU&s. lobacto and COJtft'A.JITLY OliiiA.IID Ao NEW DRGID XAD '1'0 ,)B.D&ao ti IA4 at WILLWI ft'UI'I, D'W TOU. 01' : BB.OOKLYK, :N.Y. uo. E. X.'n'Oin, PreL .r. E. SADOIN, Beo. BVURESS OITIOEa I 123 Pront Street, Rew York; 1 E CENTRAL \\'HARF,' .BOSTON;-57 SOUTH WATER STREET, 1L C. CB'6VP:Z:ON, Cenl. Western MANUFACTURERS OF THE WELL-KNOWN 'MATCHLESS," .,,FRUIT CAKE .. And numerous other CELEBRATED BRANDS of I! LUG IAIUFICTDIIIS' IUJT. 8 Front t., New York, 101.111 A.G.ft .OK JliiJanlnLV.&lUA., JIIIIW YOJI.K, .. IIJCW ft'A.Til:l ..... Ltwls lacklu's Ctldrattd Llokout, And Other llnDcla of Tohooco aDd CIGAllS. Roaaoltt llloklll Tobaooo Wtrb, Danville, Va b<.old .. olher loadlnr ma ... factnnre Ia Vlrjllnla and! Keutu<:...,, HENRY WULSTEIN, c-to ...._..... "" G) c: .s:::: 0 (U :E ;... 'PARKER. ROSS H. HOLMES. ]S. SIMON MAND'i.EBAUM, Spocb' 0 0 PARKER, HOLMES & CO., Man,.facturen of the Celebrated 0 And other-. Branas of ATeD.ue, Brooklyn. :p.-the a-t Jlaacl ... Chewirur and Smoking Tobaccos, -........ e. c.u. ..... ............. (' &3, ss ... s'f.JeihnoaA..-e -'_.UTJtOIT, KICK. Tho NERVE Is oold by Fint-clau Delero throughout the Uoited States. and we claim it lo be tl;1e '-BUT" f'1HKCUT 'l'oaA CCo that ca be made. The Wholcaa.le TraJe a Spedalty. TBEO DU, BOIS, oo...-=vxea:ro.-lKPJELOD:..A.M"'r. TO T08ACOO CROWEIII. ..:,.. ., TRY'l'lllll Agent for the Renowned &RAND POINT St. La .. PERIQUE TOB!OCO, sTAR TOBAcco FERTILIZER, And Corn Husk Cifat:ettes. cnntoluluglargepercentaroor Also, 'Dealer in Fine an Domestic 1'0TAS:e:, .unrom t soLVBLE r:e:omu'l'l. aoil!!t 1 t, -w: -o--o-Tbo best r .. ul obtained on TOBACCO, and.,.._ W .... olll 1 -1 ferred to Guano Prlee, 155 PER TO., IN BALTIJ[ORJII. M:ATHEWS & HICKOK, SucCESSORS TO MATHEWS & DAVIS, KAlm'.AC'l"'TUBS OF T 0 B A 0 C o,: CAS E S. } ,. By Oar Load. fpr Lea:C' &l:l..i.ppe:rs. t .... BURLINGTON VT. HERBST &.._ V .AN. / Havana and Seed Leaf T .. O C 0 18g PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. LIBERAL ADVANC2MENTS MADE ON CONSIGNMENTS. Subscribe for LAt. Apply to LOREXTZ ot; R.l'rl'LERo CHEMICAL SUPER-PHOSPHATE WOIUtS, BA:LTIMUKE. TINFOIL, WARRANTED PURE TIN, FOB WUI'I"'NG CIGABS and OIGAU'1"1'1S,. and LmiNG CIGAB :BOXES. WlnEMANN BROTHERS, ',3,. aide l.aDe-, K. 1r. --i W. P. F ALLIRSTBIR, TOBABCO CODISSIQI


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