The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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I n ".:0 VOL XI.--NO. 37. NEW "'fORK Y, OCT. 27, 1875. vVROLE NO. 557 at ls&att.-IS PUBUSHED .._.. \ r :riD'!' "'VJJ)HIBDAY KC!NING BY m ftBAOOO LUI" PUBLlSBING CO, .FuUon St., New York. 1lll ibH?i .. -.ual;._ .&a-r..& aaowd b. ]llaJDlJ' &d.dreuecl "!l'alli 'tCUCCG LUJ"' 1'11!LI81J11G CO. Ternw of the Paper: StMGLIE Corras, Jo CaN't'S ONaYua,... -.--f4N 1\ix MoNTJU, j, --1 f 10 "'=>-.... .. W llememtier that the coot to the year)y or moo.thl) u.bKdber l.u tJu.,. Ei'z-At CrtU ,jn-.t. ANNUAL SUBSCIUPTIO)lS ABJlOAD. GauT BaiT AUf AND CAHABA -' _,. Baa.,., A"D THE CoKTUfKMT, t6 o8 AUSTRALIA, &TC.., VIA ENGLAND, 56 .. c ........ ........ ... No Gl'dera for the paper conalclered., anlea accompaaled. by the cCNTespoadiDC amounL 1 R.em.ittaDcee abould. I eYMy ioataa.ce, lte made by 11100er, .. rurpr 1 a Co., s Wat ... Hawn, Chae a 119 MaldeD Lane. H .. bot It Vaa R .. dobr, 189 Peorl. Hill.,.... G. W lit Co.,lo Front. Holaaao limaauel & Soc, 149 Water KinD icut Thomas. sa Hfead. IC.oeal& 6: 339 B owe r J Kre:m.ctbel'.!t Co. 16o P e ar1. Laclunalmach & B ... .,., 164 Watt r Laantte A. C 121 Peart Leclerer 6 Flochel, 013 Pearl M. H., l'earl. Mack._...,., 161 'Watw Maltlalld R obert L. a Co. 43 ll, Martla a jobuoo, 79 Froat MaJer Soa a 1 n W ater. Kemper &: Co., 131 Yaide Lao e. llleyer A C. L a: 0., 41 Bee.-. Oatman AJya, 166 W ate1. \o o-helmer,lll. II Brother, a]l Water. Oitlupr Brotbere 41 Broad SL Palmet Scoville, 110 Water. Prtoe Wm. M It Co., 119 Naldea l..uM. Quia, J. P. It Co .IJ9. Broad. ao..ta eo. o R.lcheJ H A 86 Front R-a. G. 179 Pearl. ao-awakl, .1:1. A: Bro., 1145 Water. SaloawD. S. 191 -t'eart. Sawyer, Wallace It C o. 47 Bro.d. ScbJeael G. 166 Front Schaltt J. & 16 Water. lc:llreeder A Bon. 17fl Wakr. Scluoeder 6 Of6 Pearl. Sclllabart H. & Co. 146 Water 5p1apn1, &. #-Co., Burllac Slip C. H 118 Water Slela A Co.1 197 Daaae. Stnitoa & :>tona, 191 .PUI'J Strobo !It keihenatelo, 176 Froal. Tq, Claarlft F. a Sora, 184 F..-. 1', W. 61 Broad. T...__., JOeepb 6 Co., a3 Froat Lane Wr!Pt.lllcbardo & Co., J9 Broad. c...u.; ... Jt.., Brotben 6 Co U A 41 ..,..._,. Place e .. ,_ of r-.u llnHDo G. 55 Bnacl. 11,..,., aor...a9, B .. 145 Water Catta1 u7 Pearl. l'loclaer Cbu. E. II Bro., JI Water Fleclaer, Fo:Merlclr., 41 lln>acl P., 1a w-. OollorDe.Cbari .. F 54-llaclw ll. II Sou, Pearl. Sluoclr. A. 1;./ V 141" Fl#r .UI Sow" Cicen. Ale: Geot; 1:!!" ater .,a.,....,._ ...,_a.-Bftltber, 17 w-Demuth Wm. ll Co so1 Broadway K.aufmaaa Bros. lr Bondy, 119 and lJI Grand Goebel J. A Co.. u9 Maiden Lane MII .. J.ulrtrl if Brillr Pitt J r.,.rltrl S.1Ur1 ArtidtJ. Demutll Wae. 6 Ci:o., llroaclway Kaufmanu. Broe. a: BoodJ, 1a, and. 13' Grand. I-/*'ln'l f Li..,iu p.,,, Brlnckerboff V. W ., 47 Cedar Gnord, Sllen:a:m Iaale, 110 WlW. .. Gom .. Arrlmb.,., .ti:J. Wllllaa McAndrew Jame8 0., Watft Weaver4t8teny. :14Cedar. ...,... w. a..,,. w. r-t n.-&.-.& t{ n ., LM4f Tobacc41. IC10ba. ,. ... A Co., 110 Vloe I 6 Co., ,., Weot TJalrd. Well, Itaba Co., 134 M ai n zt-, ]&Celt ...... 11 Eut Sltm llltal c.p.r Ahll!tis. Dwllnl NapoiOOD, 146-a West Secoad. or ... ...... Clartr. : .... Bro. Manufdurtr'J J'...,.,,,.t .Ar icla. D..&.JrVILLE, V&. SchieffellD W. H & Co., 1,0 a4 111 William. cGiiliaiU;;.&---,eUt. H a vaniJ Ci1ar F1vtw. Pembertoa & Peaa frl A lex. lit Rroe r6 Colleee Plac e Uti} DOby.t <6!' 'Ill.-.., lluaeo Jr-e,l)6 8tate. I Ti Fil. Blob .. ,}. II Soae, 46, Witt__. Brotben, S7 Maldea Lue _. Bllbbi.N N. Co., 04( Stato rY < Jl IAe ""' I S0 Ita to. ToPMCI llll:1"f ..__ :i. BWwell, 1ri aad 111 ltalto Howucl, s...,.r .t Co., .I: ,., Cllualoon r...e B. a: z.. ..., It 4" T1MC1 ..._.. .. Del.eeuw,6Aorl-. The Hatcla Llt!u>pplalc Co., J1 A y_V_,. E t_Faller, 1148tate Heppeabelmer .It Haarw Nortla '111'1111-Ill!'., u Kala; a,.,. Bort L.WJ. J Tri.,.,;"K' ell eo 0 .... C.., I M 8tate. Heppeahelmer 4k Ka11rer, 10 II 14 N. WIW... 118 8tateWu.IJI'Cbu. "- 5 Oloatlwa. &ttl Laf THo Pnclrictl Jroado. Erlche H 'Ill'., '"Booth: a Lo G ... ., Kalclea Loae. ---;,.u. M-f- .L 141 U.S. SoiiJ Tf M-"16. Klein, H. E. 6 Co., lJI Water Scil11Mrtla. C. 0. a,.,. MMJJ p,.., J ....... Bro ... .&. .. J., 57 Lewlo .. Jtbel'. 'llf. 6 Co .. 1oNortlljo11D, Cir-r MnJ.U. a,.. Borrfeldt M, M. :l!arlem R R. i't Depet, White .!'fur TlbMacl-'1'; Oam.Pbell, Laao & Co., 4a4 Broaoi. BA.LTIIIOBE. T, ... ., ,..,.,._.,.._ William Albnclat P. A. ooCer.aa. KEW ORI,EAK La.. llo)'ll W.A. II Co., U 8outh. TIHt T.uur .OJ O..illioo Mire-,,, Dfteel W. and Cc>., !7 GaJ -.... ,_ G1011tber, L. W 9 Soutll Gay &raa-11 llchaefer and C..., s Caroadolet. Kerckhoi'*'Co. 498oot11 Obasl P.ADUCAB, KJ. J. D, ...... 0o. o,;,.ur. Looeo C. & Co 117 West Lomharcl M H .1: B Merfeld&: Kemper, 117 Lombard "' Parlett B. F. II Co.,.,, Loaobucl.. PRII-ADELPBJ.&. Paul W m., Booth. i'J., /#' .,,""""-8c:broecler )oo. II 0... 11 :Escbu,. P1Me. BambHpr L. Co n Arch Starr .. 15 Pattrnon llnmer Lewil, Bona, Sll B ortb. Tbltd. Tate, Muller & Co., 5I Boutla Gay Daley J..,.. .& Oo., N. K. cor. Tblrcl ...a :Raco Weack E. E., 46 and 4l !!oath Charloo. IOiohaa A: Taitt 101 Arch. WlocluDeyer Bel. & Co., Je Boatll Cal .. rt, G. W .It Co. b Nortll Jroot. T1Uc<0 T-on. :SU.Iobr Wa. & Co ns lloutll W-GIH!r. .tt Nleiuaa, 7l lloutll Oharleo: Kc Dowell .IL E: 4k Oo 39 NorUo Water, HAolfa&ll, Let 6 Co., '' Excbaap PI&M. Ker-n .It Rnulll, M.rt,q .. ,.,.,,.., '" e.u J. IUualdo .& Co., s N..-tla 'Waw. Marlnal'l' Bro"'to 149 S. Ollarteo St. S.IIIIIJclt It .dell, 51 Soath llecoacl. -"-H .11: o..., ,,, W..t Pratt. SorMro, II"Uln.U Dlr ,,. s,J .. ,.THil Wbalea.JL 6: T., Ua State. Rclomann A., 14 N CaD a! Dt.l ... in uf Th .. L IJifilctrm of Fi., C c;,..,;.t: J S.U. ST. LOUIS. llo. ior, i L.".f T.u-. T_.,,. H'rdoMt. Back .It Wirth, II &11cl14 Water. T...-...... M.....,(Mt-.'1 A,-1. DonaltlerC, A:&. A Co ., Aclamo Henry H. I LU.e TobMto Clruioo CIXCIJfWATI. W.U, Bello .It Day, 510 North Seoo11cl. LF TH.u:u. .......... Hoory 4 Bro., r6 1 1ts Pearl Voo Piau! It Ladd, J3 Norlla Mala Xallar JUc:la. :ar.tbcr, 115 Wnot F-t. TH.te llrolw o-krs iff tlll4i rJiz-r U.f T.&M&. Bllr-1. &., If Soatb s-.1 Y Woar..l..,. 6 Co. II r.-.,_.,_U Fi Qrl .M M-".f_,,., '.{ FiiUCfll CMiMir 111111 2""-SIIIM/wr T"-. 1"-Wllltw B. .... m..... BJ-.Bnoo. ate:j:.:c:-" _.w-, /:t- .,..._.._ Yulle.-&.JLs.. m. THIRD PAGE. F. J'endrich & Co., JaneiVille, Wlecoaela; T SltaatioD Wante d .as Sblpphoa' Clerk, ric. TO THE ENGLISH TRADE, u'1._,I-IE L .. WW be l'oud I2WV' to .a.n AMERICAN TOBACCOS. R emittances mut be 1<>. ld.Yerpool. Twenty Free, te United l. :nr IIJIW Yoax POSTAGE POP. LB.&." '1!0 va Wl'hl THB SVB8CRIPJIIOJI PAPIIIR 'VALL XOT liB .IBK'I'o XOWJIBP.uD OB, OR '1' ..... 01P1 TEAll, 11X BOII'nll, ...... JO lnoreaee the froM.the WHd to PORT MILYORS, no less than two distinct assaults by the Revenue Bureau, to say nothing of the increased tax so lately levied by As no one could have rredicted these attacks a year ago, neither can the most loyal and Jaw-abiding citizen fore t ell H>-day what new device may be concocting at Washington to harrass our industry and interfere with that "pursuit of happine s s which the Declaration of Independence asser t s to be one of the inalienable rights of the citizen. If T H E LEAF has done any thing for the protectio? of the trade in the Past; if its course bas tended to arouse it to a sense of its danger while it assured those in oower that unprovoked and un' < warranted assaults would be repelled and measures of retaliation taken; if it has, in short, at all effect i vely filled the role of the watchman upon the tower in the trade interest, its services should be retained since ;t is most probable that they .will prove of equal value iil the future. It is pleasant, too, to know that our advo cacy in the constantly recurring contentions between the trade and the officials, is becoming more and more effectual. In the two recent instances to which we have referred, the trade has virtually won the victory. When the new of Internal Revenue stirred up" our friends by propoaiog to lt&lllP every cipr with a "coupoa-atamp," thut reviviac u a Ofi&iaal propoai-.FRED':&: & 41 d! 43 1Jirarren New York, SOLE ACENTS FOR THE SALE OF :THE IL PBilfGIPE DE GALlS ., JIA.JIWACI'IIIUI:D AT TIIB KEY WUT -.urea 05' TJIB BL PROOIPa D& 8ALJ18 JUKV:I'.&.CI'ORY 05' JU.V.A..Ao G.&ux.x.zzu:a. KEf WEST -AID IMPORTED CIGARS, 26 Gedr (P. O.Box45!5.) New York. R KELLY co., (Sacceuore to ROBOT R. KELLY & CO.,) ImpOrters of Ha. va.ila. To a.D:d, 1 IOI!B Agents for the u. -a. of' the Brand "PICARO. 1 '78 PEAB. L STREET .. NEW YORK. L BJI.lliVEL HOJI'B'JIAN. '/'. G. W. HILLMAN & 1:0., OODISSION IEROIANTS. IN DmAOTUBBD !OB!OOO, 80 FRoliT NEW YOBX. Plug and Smoking Tobaccos from Virginia. North Carolina Factories. The Celebrated Diamond Golden cut Cavendish Smpking Tobacco. We hereby notify AU partie who on our Trade Mart; { Acquired under the Law of the United by Law; 8tatee, that they will Otlloe, 86 Pine St. tion a foe exceedingly ancient, and a fallacy whose in herent absurdity had again anll again been exhibited, there was a natural demand by the trade that THE LEAF ,.bould enter the lists and expose the utter foolish ness and cruelty of 1his proposed encroachment on its rights. Thi s demand was met by a hearty response and, as the result, in his letter of the 6th of July last, Mr. Pratt, while deprecating the naturally strong feeling of the trade upon the subject as unwarranted "excite ment," quietly receded from his untenable propt>sition and acquiesced in the wis hes of cigar manufacturers with no uncertain sound. Again, with reference to the branding'' muddle, to which we have recently yielded considerable space, it will be seen from our last issue, that it is not proposed to continue wholesale seizure of cigars which be made under a strict technical construction of the law, but to let the matter rest until the next Fession of Congress-now not far off-when a little common sense may, by speciallegis1ation J;>e instilled into the enact ment. Thus it will be seen that we can point to something accomplish

( York patrons. they have established No. 171 Pear1 Strec;t. r. Tos.cco IN Hu:mARY.-Tbe Pt LlrJYtl that the Minister of FinaiOI!e bas 4eclitied the o&:er to ldase the tobacco monoply. WrLD-CAT" l.fONEV.-Wend PbUfips cfedits Horace Greeley with having said t'O a lecture COTr\mittee, who paid him in We bank bills, that if conveoiect he would prefer to have a well-executed co;wtufeit on 1ome Eastern bank_ oCT. 27. ------------------------- Inspected this week ..... --------Inspected previously this year. __ ........ n,86J hbds 708 hhds 33,045 llhds TotaL ___________ -------------45,61:6 Expqrted of Md. and Ohio since January ............... 26,rsr hbds Sbtpped Coastwise same period 51250 hhds __ Year. 4oQ72 7 1 i 4,128 I,99I 4,093 TotaL ..... ..... 496 1,466 28,828 Year 1874_.: __________ I,23Z 5 68,417 Yeat r87J----------.:.. 467 1.095 52,798 _Of_ sales this ,week 9 hhds of '75, u4 hbds ongmals,. 74; 55 hbds reviews, crop of '74; 23 or1gmals, crop of x8s h _hds rev. iews, crop of 73 No change to make m quotations, whtch are about as follows ;QUOTATIONS. Ricll Jirozm. Nondescnpl. Heavy. Com. lugs.-4 @4Y. 5@6 6@7 Good lugs .. 4Y.@s 6@7 7@8Y. Com. leaf.-5 @6 7@9 8Y,@n Good leaf. 6 @7 9@12 n @14 Fine leaf.. 7 @8 r2@r4 r4 @17 Ex.doleaf. ---I4@r6 17 @2o No bright plug workers on market this week. Colory. S@ro IO@IS rs@r8 r8@21 21@25 25@32 NEW ORLEANS, October 22.-0ur special corre spondent reports :-Our market ha.s shown but little activity since the rst inst. The sales are 104 hhds of which so hhds low grades were for export, the balance to local manufacturers. The stock in first hands sums up 2,345 hbds, comprising about so hhds Africans 750 hhds Clarksville and Paducah leaf 450 bbd; low leaf without decided character, r,ooo bhds sound c_ommon to good lul?s and 7 5 hbds frosted. Q.uota twns are almost nommal; lov1 td medium lugs, 7c.@1y.; good lugs, 8c.@9; low leaf, medium leaJ. 12c.@r4; good leaf, fine le :afand selections, r8c.@:zo. PHILADELPHIA, Odobet zs.-Arthur R. Fougeray Agent. reports ;-lm regard to pnce of Plug tobacco, there is evideBtly a nearer prox imity of opinion between buyer and seller the past week for some time past,_ with sales improving to some extent, especially in. low grade while sta.ndard brands contmue to purchase to supply datly wants. Thts, makes to some extent an inc-rease


/ oar. 21. in the l&iif&gate of receipts, sti!l are that the bulk of tne crop will have arrived in town about aCting very caut i ously andl contmue to shlp m _very the end of December. Vuelta Abajo.-Receipts during l*lited amounts, eJCcept in orders and are seemmgly September, 18,9oo bales; previously urived, 22,.400 detennined to wait and see what effect the new crop bales; total, 41,300 b a les of the m7tJ crop and Qf these is going to have on tl-.e market before they enter 2o,ooo contmue in first l;lands. The. demand is good largely mto manufacturing, and judging from tone and some 3,ooo bales of the new t>een shipped of your various correspond lence from growmg leaf during the last days of September, partly for Germany districts, it would lead to the concluston they have and :(1artly for the United States, costing from $35 to acted wisely. Receipts from South and .West, $65 Gold, according to assortment, selection and boxes, 6 9 6 caddies, 384 cases, 30 kegs, and 1,310 palls. quality. For old leaf tobacco the demand is not so CigarsThis class of o ur are. now good. The sleek in first hands is however some 3o,ooo constantly having an improvement m the1r busmess, bales, among which there are some good lots at from and some of our large manufacturers of fiae goods are $50@90 gold. Low tillers of good quality find ready beginning to see li&ht ahead, while our low grade manusale at from $2o@25 gold, inferior quality from $14@ facturers are kept very busy, in fact it is now difficult 19 gold per qtl. Semi Vuelta Abajo :-240 bales mw to obtain any quantity of low grades, for as soor> as crop fetched $4o gold per qtl., there remain some 700 offered on the market they are picked up, hence I conbales held by orig inal holders at $35@45. Partido.sider the cigar ttade in an impro'ling condition. Receipts here during September, amount to 2,6oo Llaf liome for the past bales; arrived, 7,ooo bales; a total of9,6oo partakes the same improvmg mfiuence of bales. New Ctop.-Sales small, of no consequence noticeable in the DIO!t of our branches; t!HS IS partlcu from $28@32 per qtl. gold. What is chiefly shipped Jarly the case with leal, which contains the requisites for for Germany just now is part of_ the contract for 6 to ma.king fine goods, and laolders of the same feel_ com9,ooo bales f stock in first hands ::,soo bales old leaf. fortai.Jle, shGwing no desire to sell except at the1r fig-Low fillers of this tobacco in demand at rg@z3 per qtl. ures, while with !Vedium and low grades they are gold for good and $13@18 for inferior quality Reme disposed co meet the views ,of buyers, i n order to make di e s, of the old crop there remain I,ooo bales for room for the new crop, believiog it will have to be which $30@38 gold is asked, of mw crop only some plac6don the rnark'et at a much lower price than usual, r,6oo bales have arrived here which holders have been bea110, -of these-grades -are moving. Our export unable to sell at 134 gold. Among same there are continues with to cases of Pennsylvania leaf to some 700 bales with excel lent fillers which might be e.t.:1adies, and 30,240-pounds to Europe, of Western had at $32 gold per qtl. Low fillers old and ne1v $1 7@ and Virginia leaf, per America.,n line of steamers. For 23 gold per qtl. Gibara.-Several buyers have left this domestic use, 31 0 cases Connecticut seed leaf; 385 for -that place to see whether they can do any thing at cases Pennsylvania seed led; 78 cases Ohio seed leaf; $I7 gold. per qtl. Yara and Quemado de 86 cases New YorkStat.e seed leaf; 84cases Wisc ) nsin hear of no sale of importance from said places. Bass. 'State seed leaf; 176 bales1Havana leaf. -Ist, 2ds, $5; 3ds, all in bank bills per 1 oo tiras." Cigars.-The manufactories Villat y RICHMOND, Oclobtr 23.-Mr. R. A. Mills, ToVillar, Meridiana, Flor de Muriru, Cabanas, Flot de bacco Broker and Commission .Merchant, reports:-Morales, .Punch and Colonial, have commenced working Since my last report there is nothing new to report. the nt'l# lc4j. !3usiness is, h .oweve rLfar from satisfacOuimarket remains firm. The transactions were 363 tory, that is to say, there is not the same in it hhds, 64 trcs and 23 bxs. I continue quotations:-as we are in the habit of seeing at the same period m Com. t' Medium. Good to Ft'ne. fot, mer years notwithstanding that cigars improve daily Black lugs--------9 @Io in aroma and appearance. have as yet Black leaf ________ ---13 @2o confined themselves to worldng with preference tb!! Bright lugs 9 @12 13 @14 smaller vitolas. The first class manufact'urers have Blight led.---------to @ r3 14 @rs supplied themselves with leaf of ex(tl/tttt qoality which Bright smokers II @15 I6 @3 is however not quite ready or quite iu the right state Brightwrappers.------r8 @30 4o @6o forworkingand itwillbe onlyinthe course of some Extra bright wrappers are nominal at 65@8o months that consumers will be able d1.1ly to appreciate SAN FRANCISCO, Oci,ber 14 .-The Co1r1mt1'&ia1 the good quahties of the ,toba-cco of 1875 A strike by Htralti reports :-The stock of Connecticut Leaf is large the workmen has commenced in several of our larger and steadily accumulating. Sales in lots within the factories, and there is great fear that same will be fol ra.nge of IS@ soc, according .!o grade. The market for lowed by the majority. The manufacturers will do all Virginia manufacturedis without movement, and prices in their power to suppress this strike; as same would unchan&ed since' the last auction sale. prove very injurious to their already reduced profits 'l'OBAOOO DAJIVILL& VA. ..t.anual Meetln.-oC the Tnade .&Moeladoii-Be port of lhe Preside'-e Yr's Jl'lpresFaets and Conelusions-Tbe Warebon11e (lues tioD-C,fop Prolpee&a-Eleedon Oi Odleen.lnspec&lelltJ. [Fr.,fJJ-t.te Da,-uilk(Va.) Daily NtWs, Oct. 4-J "' DANVILLE, VA., Ocl. 1, 1875 To the Danville, V-a./ Tobacco Association: GENTLEMEN :-In tbi$, my annual report, I shall at tempt nothing more than f-o !iYe you the statistics of the tobacco trade of for tht:; last three years, which you will find as fo1l.ows :, FOR THE ENDING SEPT. J01 lg73 1872. P11u1ftis. Price. October ......... 449,589 $ 4410IL7I November. 79,i-7&.7-s Decerpber .:;-. S.S99o'J2 ..43,s!l6.9o J anuary 2-- _-.I February. 2U,291JA9 March, ________ I,J4o,g.p 140,734 ApriL : __ r1131,I81 144,I98.59 May ------Z,4Z7,I09 269,902.96 June ........... I,397,083 17r,611.52 July --------r,6os;o6J ui,559-4I August. ___ ---. I,8I5,591 Z5I,4:Zo.86 Septe:nber ______ 856,445 II4,625.93 Total. 1,842182o.23 Average, $1 r.64. FOR THE YEAR 18(.4 x87 3 .Po1mtis. Price. October------22,589 November...... a7,321 December -.... 247,8o6 15,035 1874 January. ________ 99r,x87 ;February.-- .I,IJ3,J49 lrlatch ApriL._. _-..:z,o93,679 ---' 2,I76,II7 June ______ .2,164,I04 July -----2,343,628 August.. _______ 2,138,144 September ...... r ,048,732 Total.. 16,r 47,715 Average, !lir3 72,584 .01 1'17,675 205,:159 20Jo736.8J a,!C)J96359 391,688.72 uo,659-50 222,105 FqR THE YEAll XNDINC SEPT. 30, 1875 1874 .Pounds. Pri&#. October----668J4-0.3 u8,197 November .... t,112 ,.295 222,786.33 December...... 95 1,689 1961798.43 1875. January -----1,137,187 February -- r 436,749 March 1,88o,5I s ApriL ____ _;_---1,467 ,g28 May __ __ __ -_. r,576,837 June_- ---.-. 1,49:b948 July 1 .. --- I,001,478 ... __ -- I,n3,122 September...... 838,270 279 JT7,CXJ7.27 J8z, s88.6o :a5 8,8IS.64 373,82I.JI 304,833 I86,276.4o I85,ogo.47 139,285-32 ST. LOUIS, OtMber 13.-Mr. J. E. Haynes, Dealer and especially se to our smaller manufacturers. Ex in Leaf Tobacco, reports :-Received rn hhds, against changes.-London, 6o days, bank notes, i73@175 per 57 the previous week. Thursday being our usual Fair cent. P.; gold, 20@:rt per cent. P. Paris, 6e days, bank holiday there was no public sale. Friday the offerings notes, 138@H4 per cent. P.; gold, 7@8 per cent. P. were Uberal considering the reduced receipts, manufac-Hamburg, 6o days, bank notes, u8@13 per cent. P., turing grades brought very steady prices, while inferior gold, per cent. f. New York, currency, 6o days; and common grades continued dull and weak. Saturday, hank notes, u 2@u4 per cenL P.; gold, per offer iogs were moderate and the market quiet and un cent. D. York, currency, 3 days, bank notes, u6 changed. Monday, very little tobacco was put on the @n8 per cent. P.; gold, per cent. D. New York, breaks and the market was unchanged. Yesterday, gold, 6o days, bank notes 140@142 per cent. P.; gold, offerings ,..-ere liberal for the season and the market 7@8 per cent. P. Ne:-v York, gold, 3 days, bank notes, I45I47 per cent. P.; gold, per cent. P. TotaL t4,679,4U strong. without quotable change in prices. Sales from 72 73 A $ Spanish doubloons, 127tL@128 per cent. P. verage, ,.20.45 Friday to yesterda_ y inclusive, 107 hhds :-1 at 1.55 / Th b fi h h t th 1 f t b t d ) ( b} 6 @ LIVERPOOL, Oclober 9.-Messrs. F. W. Smythe e a ove gures s ow a e ea o acco ra e (scraps and sweepmgs; 1 at 3.10 t u ; at 4 4.50; z f 't d 11 It t t h t 6 6 8 @ 8 8 8 & C o., Tobacco Commission Merchants, report :0 our CL Y IS gra ua Y mcreas10g. IS rue, a at; sat @ 13 at 7 7 -90; 10 at @ o; t th h t r 8 th b f d 8 @ Throughout th2 past week the trade continued the1'r owmg 0 e s or crop 0 1 74. e nnm er o poun s 8 at 9i at ro@ro., s; 22 at u 11.75; 14 at 12 ld t' h f 11 h t f h t 1 policy of -making purchases, day by day, of tobacco so ms season as a en s or o t a ast, 1.495,295 @12.75; 3 at I3-2.5@13j I at 14; 5 at I5@ 15 j I d Y t th tb h d th t d SUI. table "or the1'r 1'mmediate requirements only, while the poun s. e on e 0 er an e amoun pa1 out at; 1 at 19.75; 1 at 34; 1 at 37; 1 at 42 so; I at '' h b t. b "8 686 w fi d h h 1 6 I h hhd demand ror export, was on a very hmited scale, only a as een m e Y 23 2 e n t at t e tota 44; 1 at 45; 1 at 4 n t e same tlme 20 s were 1 r thi h be $ b l h f b d 66 hhd $ hhds haviog been taken for Apica and the Continent, average 0 r s year as en 20 ; w 1 e t at o passed, and Ids were re1ecte on s at 2.40@ th 1 t s $ 6 d f th 1 27 50. To-day the mart1et was easier all round, there prices were generally steady, but for the lower grades e as wa 43 an e preVIous year on Y being no orders to fill and no outside buyers. Sales 2 7 and lugs, some little we akness, and continued $t 'tbs d' th did [; II 6 @6 to be mani"ested. Imports, 349 hhds, deliveries, 386, 0 at notWI tan mg e crop a short m hhd :-3 at f'3<>; !I af 4@4.3o; 2 at ; 3 at d t 't h ult d t th t d f 8 8 r...g 6 stock, 27,642; against 33,65a same time last year. poua s, ye 1 as re:. e o e grea a vata&e o 1-40@7. e; 3 at .go; 1 at 9; 7 at Io.75; at the producers, and they have nG room as a clau to u@11.75; I at 11.25. 1 hhd was passed, and bids MANILA, August 17.-Messrs. Peel, Hubbell & complain, as the amount of moey realized, upon the were rejected on S hbds at $6.6o@Io.zs. We Co.'6 circular says :-LeafTobacco.-At' the sale held whole, has exceeded that of any preulous year. quote: inferior ud .ght weigat hhds lugs $4.50@ inst., there were no bids handed m for the leaf It is hardly reasonable, however, to suppose that s.oo; factory lge planters' do f6.oo@7S; then offered. By the rules governing these sales the the tot a l average for the incoming year will reach the common darlr. lear; medium shipping leaf same assortment must be twice offered again at inter present, but from all indications we may expect an; good shipping do medium vals d three weeks and at same prices; failing purincrease of several million pounds. manufacturing do $; good to fine manufacchasers the upset prices will then ee reduced five pe r I am happy to state, that as an association, we have turin"K do $13@17 ; medium. bright wrap ing leaf cent. each twent;('one days until bids are eventually moved on very hannouiously, and no questitms have $2o@3o; &ood do $35@45 ; fine and fancy do so@&ci. elicited from the public. Cigars.-At the Government sprung up calculated to create or party Oc/Qbtr 2o.-Received ro3 hhds, against 111 tl}e preauctwn held on the 6th inst the following lots were r lin d b h b h b '* ,ee gs. vious week. :Receipts an usmess ave ot een sold :-15 M. No. 1 Habano, Fortm, at par par ,;io per The question of controlliag the proprietors of the ljght-a.)hght decrease in both from the previous week. M. no M. No. 2 Habano, Cavite, do do $10 50 w;trehouses in regard to their claarges for selliQg, was The market was dull and drooping on Thursday; a perM. IO M. No. I Cortado, Fort.n, at_ do do '$20 settled about the commencement of the season, and little iinner on Frida.y for low lugs, and since then perM. 170 M. No. :1 Cortado, (9 lb.) Cav1_te, at do do they were left to make their own arrangements with the changed. TlJe crop has been generally housed intthis " perM No.3 Corrado, at do do producer, or to establish among themselves some uni State and throughout the country, and is more than an $9 per M. 1,5oo M. Nuevo Habano, Forlln, soc.(i?j6I form rate. And it is to be hoped that no member of average one in quantity and quality. The crop is un -prem par '$r2.5o perM. 1,8oo Nuevu Habano, CavJte, this As ociation will at any time hereafter spring this usually leafy, with very little of it worm-eaJen, green or par to $x par per M. z,ooo M. Nuevo question, but let the proprietors of the warehouses and frosted. Business from this on w ill be &mall for some Cortado, Fotun, 13c.@so. prem. par $12 .50 per M. tfie planters fight it out on their own line. lising Collpae oa e tu: q Upon t a \lb;ec I have nothing to recommend, but shall leave the man llfacturedl eo act ;n this matter as t!1eir better judgment may dictate-. There are several other points to wh:ch 1 would like to call your attention, but I do r;ot thi9k it prudent to mention them in this report; I shall, aowev r, bl'ing them before you at an early day. Thanking you, gentlemen, for the courtesy and respect you have manifested toward me as your presiding officer for the last twelve months, I remain Yours truly. P. W. FERRELL, President. The report was Ii1tened to ith marked interest by the Trade:. The next business in !order was the election of officers. Mr. Ferrell was electeti Ptesident, and Mr. and Treasurer. Messrs. C. G Holland, _yv. W. Worsham l',nd J. R. Pace, Sales ComShelton, 51i'nson, Penn, Skinner and were elected Co!I)m)ttee on Arbitration. r Mr. E. 1',1. :P.ace ofletl:d a re.olution that we instruct to tpe,'fo Convention, which meets in Richmond on the z6th of this month, to Lise their best endeavors for the abolishment or' the State inspection laws, w)li h was passed by a unanimous vote. After some unimportant bUsiness, the meeting ad journed. produced the Wltite BarleJ>ia ltrong, black, coarse river hill land, and u nderlayed with limestone Although it is well known to the country dealer that the best quality of white burley is grown 09 this kmd f 1 d, exper1ence has satisfied us that aay good, strong, old or land that wiill produce any other call of_cuttiag tobacco, will prochace this. In 1867 I g&Ye th1s growth of tobacco the narne of White Burley, owing to its similitude in size and text11re to the ordinary Burley, and to almost its whitte when thoroughly rffie. 'tfie cultivation Is the same as for aay other cutting obacco. "TRASH Wendell Phillips speaks of the Venetians using paper money. Doubtless Othello had just re ceivec!..hik pa in that currency when he exdaimed, "He who s als my purse steals haslz I" oF T oBAcco INsPECToRs IN VIR GINIA.-The Governor made the following reappoint ments of fobacco inspectors for Richmond and F;lrn,. ille. -There were wenty -three applications for these illspectorships before the Governor :-Shockoe Ware house-For the State, W. H. Perkins ; for the own ersJ W. ,H. Kennon. Seabrook's Warehouse-For the State, Edwin J. Harvie; for the owners, Wm. Jeter. Public Warehouse-For the State, I. B. Davis. Mr. Harvie was transferred from :Mayo s W arebouse, which is closed. .F.a.m;lVille, Warehouse-Farmville: W. T. [Correspondence of The Tobacco Leaf.] Johnson, for the St:lte : Randolph's Warehouse-R. A. NEW YoRK, October I-5, I875 Booker, rot the Stafe. No person baa been nominated EDITOR ToBACCo LEAF-SIR :-The facts of the case as inspector, on the part of the owners, of Public Ware in the matter mentioned to your r. Graff, and upon house, Richmond, for Farmville Randc;>lph's which we splicit your tbese:-In the month Warehouses 'at FarmVIlle. of September, 1874, we 30 hogsqeads of tl(lbacco -------scraps, which we re-sold the. day following to an out-of-New Fi:r;om.. town arty, to whom we proceeded to ship them. The tobaccos were in different inspections ; fiveio'r six hogs. & Co., dealers b Leaf heads of the lot being in Hen wood's We gave Tobacco, Messr.s. HeQ.x:y J Str?thoff and John McLach certificates to our cartman and be received all but one !aft have formed a the above firm hogshead, which could not be fourd after a two days name; :JU earl Street. search. Soon after that fact had been reported to us, we .. received a. message from Henwood that the missing hogs-Forthoomiq .A:a.etion Sales and that if we. would furhisb him By John .ILDraper & CQ.,. r n Pearl_ Street, on Fri. W)th shlppmg dlrectLons would ship the hogshead day, October 29, at 12 o'clock_, noon, 20 bales Hav&Da us free of cartage, to wh1ch we agreed. On the r:cetpt-Tobacc:O,T sold without reserve. ofthegoodsourcustomer, telegraphed sforthewnterto By Gera etti & Co., 7 Old and 104.Pearl come out and see the identical We Street, on Fnday October 79-'at IT o'clock, noon, one of the staves and got so'!le of tile which wlthin tile store ..(per Inspector's samp' es), 46 cases not was rotten, but of a tftfferent qual1ty of Connecfic"t Leaf 2 bales Havana Tol:illceo, from what t_he sample for, the 10 the 14 hhds' ..KetJtucky Tobacco, 45,ooo Domestic Cigaft. hogshead bemg leafy wh1le the sample was very stem my. We also noticed Jhat whilt the hogshead was-covered with dust, the number looked freshly painted. We 9 !!, ordered the hogshead returned to Henwood, which was w. 1 llOODLESS. done. C. E. TAYL()Jt, After waiting for a long time to do us justice in the premises, he having finally refused to leave the case to arbitration, or to do any thing, we asked him to send us a certificate!and sample: for the hogshead. The weight was for lbs net; the new certificate called for 1,no lbs net only, showing a loss of 1,045 lbs. This was satisfactory evidence to us that our never had beeA found, and that some other unclaimed hogshead from the late fire had been delivered us in place thereof. The hogshead had never bj!el;l opened except by the removal of a stave, as above stated. What course sh;Ul we pursue in the matter? Yours tru:y, ALLEN & FAUCON. HoNORING TH& PUMPJUN.-We read in a recent Paria letter:-" One day this week is to take place-that cere mony of our autumn markets, the Crowning of the Pumpkin. I believe the cus tom is not very ancient, though it dates, say the learned, from the year One. But the year One in France is within the memory of living people; there are pessimists, indeed, who think that chaos will come agair>, and the :ftnis Franek, before the extremest span of human life is reached by those who date from l'an p1emkr de Ia RepublitJUt. However, be the custom old or young, it is firmly rooted. The chief dealers of the Hailes in that line are now choosing their Pumpkin King. All market gardeners who own a fruit of extraordinary size send in their claim A decision is made after long comparison and much s!udy. The very biggest and fairest of all pumpkins competing is picked out, is adorned with a paper crown, and is raised upon a gilt board hung with ribbons, and adorned with !itt! fiags. Four giants, chosen among the portion of : the Hailes, and suitably attired, carry it all around the market. ]!:yery stall keeper is bound to rise and do obeisance. Flowers and VfYgetables are cast befqre the king. Two noteworthy market women present an address, and there is abundance of innocent foolery. It is the day of the Hailes, and every ladt does her best to make the crownin& a success. T n the king is very solemnly sacrificed, and his mem ers are put up to a uction. It is proper llimg am ng his subjects to have a fragment of his M-ajesty in the soup that night." Late of lteatllltll' W. J. BOODLESS & I.&TIOIALTOBACCO IISPECTiOI, lteoeiviil.g 4G Forwarding Wanhouses, Foot of Van Byke and Partition Sts., Brooklvl\o Bill ail '.l'obacco care Na'boo.allnspectiOIL OIJ'Pmll:lt-:U WUU...It., S. y,, PartiU-S&., Bnoldw 491'544. DO:&SALE. .' A Fresh S11pply of 100,008 Pouads Genuine H .DEI!lRTONGUE" Flavor, lor SMfiKING T(),BACCO ManufactoTets1 I in lota to autt at lowest Apr-. BRO.l'HERS, 14.5, 147 and t49 S. Charles Street, Baltimore, Md. P'OB. a a y.m. 1873 SEED LEAr TOBAOOO. Tbe Jot contains 23ft cases F ine Wrappen, 3li cases Binders, baluce FiUen. This Leaf"bu been 1electett from Twenty-five Thousaoci Cues raised ia Wbcouin; waa packad anJLauor.ted in CMU" warebouM, aad 11 well adapt:M for Cicar We feel confiden\ there has .aot been a lot of ;,rptiac;.cq to ours offered in the mnketl sioce 1810. ()0,, -5> 'J:i! ]aneovUI., WIL .a. -oamc Wlao koo-lhe Enrliah DESIRES A SITUATION Ill a Wbol& aale Tobacco Store or Comuliaaion Hou--.e u SBJPPI:NG OLEJU[, ETC. Small Salary Good References. Addre.,, J. H., cue N. R. ANSADO, TOBACCO BRDKIIBS l RCIOTS. Lowest Prica and Sal$les of Maryland anti Sound Kentucky Spinning Strips. 1 Apply at th.ia to J. H. FROST. CO., BRU;JIIIWICK: TOBACCO (Pendleton, near Mancheater, England. ) llllllliDT DESIRED. A GENTLEMAN .OF LARGE EXPERIENCE In the Leaf Tpbaooo Buaine And thoroughly co'mpe tent, derrire a situation as TRAVELING SALES MAN for a responsible Seed Leaf Houa or Western Solicitor for ern Commlsatou Tobacco Hoaae. Best of refereaces. Addreee A.. 0. H. Cincinnati, Ohio, care CuAs. BoDMAKN. time. Sales from Tllursday to yesterday inclusive I, l22 Nuevo Cortado, Cavlle, per M. EKI must recommend that the me n as a hhdi: 3 at $1.30 and $1.40 (swefpings); 2 at change.-The rate h&:s been mamtamed at 4s for bodr should have some uniform living rate as a fair S.3J0@3o : 2 at $4.:1o@$4-40; I at IS ro; 6 at $6@ first class banker's credlts at 6 months, and some co'Inpensation for their time and labor ; and no one 6.8o; 6at $7.40j I2 at $8@8i II at $9@ shouldattempt or think for a moment to violate it. WHITEBURLEY'fOBACCO-lTsOR!GIN AND HISTORY. vu Pnnn'&l' an SPOilt 9 i 2 7 at Jro@ro.75; 1 4 at Jn@1 1.75; 7 at Sr2@ GREAT 15 QuAOKERY.-Tl:ie Sta:mo dut on patent And then o hand I would re cPm the -This kind of tobacco [writes of a BJl ftlll IJIJ lit b JlltD IJJUl( II I:J medicines manufactured in Great laat ')'ea&to be Wl_lhng to such as would Western cotemporary) made lts.appearance m the WE ARE THE SOLE A.GitNI:S YOI'lt FOit. new at .go@8. In the same time I8 hhds were amounted to over $571 6to. JUStif, bandlmg of their m _auch a year I1164,. near the of Higginsport, Brown ALL HAVANA CIITTINIIO AND' tHtDIPS as to y1eld 111 them the largest mcome, and let thiS County, Ob10. I:! the spnng of the above named year, 1w 1 1 uo OURA passed, ltids rejected on 6 3 hhds 1 8 -20 PoLICE AND Rl1VENUE IT!i:MS.-On the 2 sth inst., in Qf charges be finally settled. one, George Webb, procured from G w. Btrldey, of that aTe made 'In lhe renowued ractorleo of EL PRINCIP!: DE CALES 55 To-day, the offerings were fair for the season ; low this city, in the United States CircuLt Court, before And while I am under tbe head of warehouses I must Bracken County, Kentucky, a small portion of tobacco tV. Martine. Ybor & Co.,l and LA ROSA ESPANOLA, (Seidenberg fl aftd Common grades' a ll'ttle stronger other grades th )' 1 B 1 H Co.,) ... West,and earereceivcdweeklyinbalesofaboutooto Judge Benedict and a jury, Claudius "kftd Charles Gomez. insist tlfat it is of very great importance to the ttade, seed, of the kmd en known as 1tt e ur ey. JOlbs. !'!f-1Clll:l tdlao PP;laOA'ftOIIr. steady. Sales 27 hhds; 2 at $3 10 (trash and were brought to trial, caarged with violation of the inttiat the By+aws should be strictly enforced by the a part of this seed and groweli a bed of fine-looking w STRALTON & T.Oil 1 na PrJ St. scraps); 1 at $ 6-so; S .at lfi72o; 3 at $8 .:1o@ ternal revenue laws, in offering for sale cigars not in Sales Committee. I am sorry to say that while I trust plants, but when ready to transplant, fopn'd among them 8; 5 at J9-40@980 ; 5 lit S10 2 S@Io.75 ; I at $u ; bundles or boxes having the req11isite internal revenue it has resulted in no material damage to any one, yet a chmce one of a peculiar white or yello w color, and l'olbwnQji D.IITimii 2'0B..6co, 2 at $u; 1 at II9 so; 1 at 135; 1 at $46 and one stamps thereon. After hearing the testimony the jury but very little attention has been paid this year to a supposing them to be diseased or dwarfed plants, pulled box at 17 Bids were rejected on only 2 khds at returned a verdict of" not guilty" in the case of Claudius strict conformity to our By-Laws: A law that 1S not them up and threw away. The next year, being ltr acler dlrectloa of a Kelr! In Germani tbe $ 86 We quote: inferior and light weight hhds Gomez. The former as discha rged and the lattllr reenforced amounts to no law at all. The large crop to scarce of seed, be sowed the remainder of this old seed, 4So@S; factof lugs $5; plal)ters dq manded for sentence.-ln the United States District be marketed will require syst to mana.,.e it satisfac-and again found a portion of the same kind of plants 1111. equ tltow.J nr ,f 50 common dark )ea1 50@8 50 medium 'Hollancl tbe cluty !a tS ceula, gold, per 100 ld!Do, (olio American po..-#'vt::f Court, 7,900 cigars seized at No. 560 Broadway, and tory to all parties. And tlae protection of the ware-that he had thrown away ...,e prev1ous year. This exeqwa1 to,., t.iloo.) Ia RtUola ti:Je dut1 on I-.f.tobaccoa 4 ronbln..,. shipping leaf $ ; good do $l2@rB; supposed to have been smuggled, were c;:o_ ndemned by houae men, as well as the trade will call cited the curiosity of Mr.-Webb and others, whose at-,.euperpadJ 011 -ot.intr tobacco t6l'!JII-"""""' perpud,aad medium manufacturing do $Io@11.5o; good to fine f: I I. J h C n, h fi he B L hic:h h db ll d h tr I k. I trou .oocop.perpud. Tbs"r,ad"lf-ltoo-,&'Amertcaalba ... manufacturing do $I3@I? ; medium bright wrap de aut, no <: a1mant appeanng.-osep. anne y and your attentlol) tjl t e rst t y aws, w tentJon a ca e to t ese s ange C?P p Tvite1ta&cluty 11 socenta, 10 d, per Amedcaa...,nceo. leaf"aoa30 do. do 1 and fancy do Thomas McCarthy, youths, were conVIcted of robbery reads thus: ''All sale:. for Q&Sh, uules1 otherand they were mdlle occupied by a Mr. Buebold, at I67 Gwinnett centre of tl:le finest tobacco regions, both of Virginia pounds, on account of its bitter taste it would not lte safe sale. The subscriptions of :Java tobacco had, as usual, Street, Brooklyn. The seizure was made on the comand North Carolina. to plant any portion of the next crop of this k.i,pd o(.to a grand res11lt. The aales amounted, by subscription plaint oi Charles Jost, of Schmitt & Co., Albany, and The reputabon of the tobacco sold on our market is bacco although considerable seed had been saved T.he and in public sale, to 23,961 bales, mostly all of superior Mr. Strauser, also of Albany, tobacconists, from whom spreading wider and wider every year, and with the plant beds that were sown of this seed in the ysar x866 quality, answered very well to the qualities. over $I,OOroker, with per cent. above the averoage. It is presumable therefore of 1867, induced many of the enterprising planters of hair), 7,sor do; Sumatra, I,835 do; Rio Grande, r,77z. misappropriating $r,847. Babcock was employed that the whole crop throughout the United States will be Brown County, Bracken County, Kentucky, to HAVANA, OCtober 9.-Messrs. J. F. Berndes & Co., by Messrs. Armstrong in I872 to attend to the payment a full average. plant largely of this kind of tobacco; and its culture has report :-Tobacco.-Leaf Tobacco-During the past of duties on goods imported bf the firm. In this capaI would suggest to the planters, that in marketing been gradually mcreasiqz throughout the entire district, month considerable act1vity 'has prevailed in our market city he received fwm $1,847, being the their tobacco, they have the large as possible used for producing cutting tobacco until the present and transactions .of some magnitude taken place. due on a certain importation This sum, it is alleged, he and thus expedite the sales, and also realize more for time, when it would be difficult to find any person in this The provincial markets in gll,nerat and in the Vuelta failed tp use as directed, and did not properly account their goods. large tobacco region so ignorant of his pecunlarl interest .Aiiajo particular are verr active. _We expect for. He was held in $z,ooo bail to answer. There is no agitation at present in to memoria. as to plant any other kind. The chara-cter o the soil ADVES .. .l'ISnlG RATES. PRO Tb:lll D.A'I'8 OUR lt..ATJIIII :I'OB. ADVBB.Tllllll'& OASES WILL INVARIABLY BE .U O:NE LINES), OVJI:R OII'Eo(JOLUllll'f, ON AR eu.oo. DO. DO, SIX MONTHS 17'.00. DO.. THREE IIIONTB8 10.00. v-... w:u..COLtJIIINI, ONE ae.e DO. DO, III IIION'11RS 3lJ,oe, DO. DO. THREE MONTHS 17' ,oo. TWO SQUARES 4:t8-NO AllEiL LINES), OVliiR orwo ()OLUBllfst oNE YEAR eua.oo. DO. DO. SIX MONTH8 81.eeJ DO. DO. THREE !lloNTas aa.oe I'OtJa SQJrARES (56 NONPA.RElL LINES!, OVJ!lll TWO COLUMNS, O>IB YEAR .lliO.OO. uo. 11x MONTH : 1u.oo. ,_, DO. THREE IIOift'Rs ISO,GO. I'IIUJ'l'PAGE RATES OQJ'w\Vg&R 'l'WO .. O'VI!!R TWO WIDB COLVJDi-tle&.oe, ONJC Yll:.&.t<, aoo 00 'I'IUliQiliiiUTA.REI, OVER TWO WID& COLtn!Drs OIIE 'YE'.&R, o&ao.o U"' NO :.&.DVERTISEJIIENT'S ON TRU PA.GII: TAX&S II'OR LE18 THA.M Ol'flll YII:.AJI., P&I.ABL8 lroLLY 111 y.&IIICE, NO DII:VIA.TIOIII FR.O!Il THEilE TER.JU, .&-. THIRD PAGE lU.TES OliE IMI.UA.B.K, (14 NONPAREIL LINES) TIIII.EE eli'IWtf, '. es.oo1 IIIX BOIII'l'llll, o&o 00 011111 Y&AB, .,a:eo' 'I'IU.NIIENT ADVBB.TISE!IIENTS 01r TJIII: TIIIJUt A&&. 30 .... LINE lii'OR E.&CR Dlli.II:RTIOS ..... ALOD 111 "BUSII'fEI!IS DIRECTOKY 011' ....... -:.'l'lg_l\l," PIR.IIT PAGE, ONE Y&.Aal tilt ge YOIIoK, A...U u, u.-a.


!l EX. FORMAN. M. J. DOHAN. THOS.CARROLL. D.0BAl'f, CARROLL & TOE.A.CCO Commission Merchants, 104: FRONT STREET, NEW YORK. P.O.BOX ..,._ Agents for the following well known and reliable Manufacturers: J.!B. PACE, TURPIN & BRO. J J. GRANT & CO .. W. J. YARRR.OUGH & SONS J. H. GREANER, L. H. FRA YSER & CO., T. W. PEM:SERTON, JOHN R. PACE & CO., R. W. OJ.IVER, JOHN W. CARROLL, and otmrs. Bole Agents f o t the Original CABLE COIL, BONNE BOUCHE, 4S and ss, and Dou'llle Thick. Also Agent& for the Ce lebrated LONE JACK A BROWN DICK SMOKINQ TOBACCO. Large Stocks of Manufactured Tobacco of every description, Swtable for the Home Trade and for Foreign Markets, kept constan tly ou hand. BO'W'NE & F"RITIJ:, 7 BURLING SLIP, NEW YORK, T obacco Oom.misslon Merchants Sole Proprietcm, of the Celebrated Brands ofSmoldngTobaoco: Bee, Early Dew, Blouola, Red River; Powlwlttan, Enterp rise, Old Keutuok, Lee Slip, PiaDtem Choioa.. 'Diouec of thew-, Smmy South,,. \Or Braud, Boney Dew. IJ&O Sole lht'! Umtffi States fo"r J. "P. HAwi:-.. & 00.'8 GOL FLAXE. N = a sa c F. LIN DB. C. C. H .o\MrLToN. YORK EED-Lm TOBACCO INSPECTION TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. Certificate!! given for every case, a11d delivered case by cate, as to number of Certificate. II. B.-WE ALSO SAMPl-E IN MERCHANTS' OWN STORES. F. C. LINDE tc CO., INCIPA.L OFII'ICE-14,jl Water Street. aad 18:1 &o 188 Pearl !it. .REHOUIE8--14,,. Water, 1'1'3 Front, 74,, 78 A 78 !ltreeto, and 1, jl, 8 HudooD River Rail ll.oa41 Dopot, St. Jobao Park. -"' CHARLES FINKE, J. Me J. BENSEL & CO.) I'OBAOOO INSPECTOR, TOBACCO INSPECTION,. IlL. J 55 WATER STREET, 127 & 129 WATER STREET. N'e-,;.u York.. .-ootlWTJlY IIAMPLING PROMPTLY AT. C.KR'l'lli'ICATEI! 1811tr.ED AND CASES DB- TBNDED TO. LIVERED SINGLY OR IN LOTS. # 'l:O' B CCO LEA.IJ, \ttL;.)( WitWM. WICKE tc CO., MARTIN & JOHNSON, MANUFACTURERS O F 79 FRONT STREET, CZGA,I.t. .BOZB. Be&.W.Y,L8TREETAlmOLD8LIP, 0 0 l-'101!1"" 155, t57, 159 & Tobacco CommlSSlon Merchants, .. AGENTS FOR TI:IE SALE OF ALL oi'HE BEST -JAB llB SlJPDIOI IAIJ STANDARD BRANDS. OF VIRGINIA A NORTH CAR8UNA Dealers MANUFACTURED & SMOKING TOBACCOS Agents for the following well-known Virginil\ and N. Carolina Manufacturers: W. OLIVER R ichmond, Va. j Wll.'fGF .IELD & LAWSON, Richmopd Va. (?' 1Fo' D C MA Y.O & CO., RtchJNon. C. Mayo at Co., 3S, 45, and JOS. lnvinciiJle, Fig. W.J. Gentry & Co., Navy ]('s, 1'. F-. Oriental, Ftr, 1n ttn. foll, K lb. boxes, faa.cp. and so's. 48 & 50 East Secon d St., ALEX FRIES & BIOS 18 ( 11 Charm 6-inch Twist, In tin foil, )S c;_a441a :Mayo.IIKIU,t.t. Navy, Xs, .'ts, P .l"s. a. long'""' 0 ege Place, Charmer, 6 and u-inch twiat. 1 ., B'ltT. W ARJtlJ.N AND Luscious Weed, u-snch J?.h.JJ. BMOKIJI'G, in bags o u "' ]4.,, ad X alba.. OHIO. MURRAY STs., Hen7b Jr. 9-inc:h llFlt Golcl Bul'. Virgiola' s Choi ce li!ANUFACTURERS OF NEWy -oRK 1bs.1 : Gold Medal. limn. Old Ken tuck, lbo. OIC !... Rose. _.HAVANA CIGAR FLAVOR. Dluolved -i oz. in oae pUoa o Whlaky aad spriakled on the to the coauitOD artiCles the A.:.vnr M the J'i'lleat Havana Cinrs.. 1 PRI('R ... 4S. On .,. 4FRANCIS S.' KINNEY'S PATENT CUTTER. This i01pr6ved Michlno for cutting r l'oba.cco I. t!OR atrocted with a aincle knife workioag upon incH ned beartap, and operatin g with a ll dlnc lbear cut apo n the tobacco, whicb i s pl"eed in a With aides at right anglel and bottom paraDe! with ulol knlfo. 'l'bia machine will cot any kind ef toba c co, an4 cut it perferJ. Solo A&'eDtl for C. .A. 1 ACKSON .. CO'S. c.!-. bntecl Bra.odL ALEXANDER MACK, IMPORTER OF BlVD! AND PACKER OF s::m::m:::o TODAGGOS,' 162 Water St., N. V. M. H. LEVIN, UP HAVBl And. Jlealler m &ll :thida of TODACCQ. lSl PEARL ST., flEW YORK DDELliE:BG k co., r6o PEARL ST., NEw YoRX. J. D. D.EKELBE:U t CO., BALTIMORE, Mlt. EUKEL:BEIG, SC:IUD'D t CO., NEW O.R.LEANS, LA. :rum.uaG IIi CO., .. ...-LomsviLLE, Kv. BBCH!m. BLAKEM8RE, MAJO A CO., GENERAL COMMISSION 82 BROAD STREET,\ Eo\&bUabed, In 1862. G. REUSENS, F. It, A. McALEER & co., BUYER MANUFACTURERS OF THE=--T 0 B AC co, :'RAIL ARE RECEIVING DIRECT FROM VIRGINIA CONSIGNMENTS OF TURED TOBACCO. EXPORT ORDERS FOR PLUG TOBACCO PROMPTLY FILLED. NBJY YtJ:ZU!. WALTER FRtEDIAI FREISE, -leaded to. I 14S Water Street, 1515 MOAD STREET, e Jn'!W 'YORK. JrEW YOBK.. .... .. -. .. .... 1.. MAITLAND & TOBACCO AND FACTORS, &BNERAL COIIISSION IBBCHANTS, 4.3 BB.O.A.D ST., 1\T. Y. Adv2llcemr.nt made on to \V. A. & (,. 1\: <;u .. l.wn tooL. 1 TOBACO 0 --LABELS, _!='or Smoking and ManufacturecL Tobacco, FURNISHED BY !BE BA TCB LITHO & BAP BIO-' COIPANY, :urr:EOG-:n.A.PELm::.RoS, Btl & 84 VESEY STBEET, NEW YOBK, --p-. AT GREATLY "REDUCED PRICES. GUIDO R.JTZ&NITEIK, -snoHN A R EITZENSTEIKt ALSO IUU.LDI 1M DOMESTIC D. J. 'GARTH, SON a: CO., (So.cceon to CHAaLBI B F ALL&HSTKIM & Co. ,) ommission Merchants, NO. 44 BROAD ST., ROAD MiLLS Maccaboy Snuff, French Rappee Snuff, American Gent. Snuff, Scotch Snuff, Lundy Foot Snuff. ALSO OF -THE FOLLOWING BRANDS OF PURE VIRGINIA SMOKING TOBACCO. Via: Rail Road, Our Choice, Colorado, Uncle Tom, Navy Cllppl_ngs, Black Tom. 133 Water and 85 Piue Sts., N.Y. J. CHA8. APLLEVY For Price List .6.d4reu &pply &a &bOTe. GEO. W. HELME AMD r..OT&JIIS OP J Garth, l ... Chu.M.Garth, NEW YQRV 1'0 B. E I G X T 0 LAC C 0. I-H-en.;,ry-Sc-hr_od_e'.;,' e 176 Frontstr;:;vcK :1. :.. QVDW oo:;-CO. SAWYER', WALLACE & CO., COMMISSION MERCHANT TOBACCO PAGTORS I .. SAN GILROY. Western and Vlrgmla leaf, All Cig&rs and. 'l'oba,co Manufactured. by us are or CAI.IFCBNIJ. .. LEAF, No. 47 Broad Street, NEW YORK. i39 BROAD STREET, CURED BY THE CULP PROCESS, P D. BOX !fEW YOB.g. TBGI11S IIBIICUTT1 'I. W. TATGBIBORST. xmmron ana vmtum: TOBAcco L r T b J.ND ea o acco, S-mmm. No. 62 BROAD STREET, 88 BROAD STREET, f NEW NEWYOR \ t-----------PRESCOTT BURBANK. GEO. P. NASH. BURBANK & N ASli, FATM.A.N & CO., C9tton and Tobaooo w Factors, ,.. D CCMMISSION Q /k. 7lJ BRO.lll STREET, Nl':U l'OBI{, TOB.!-'000 ;a CIDISSJIIIUt'HAm. 48 BlL!AD ST. I lr. -Our Cigars are fine r in flavor than ar. y made in the United S tates, of American Growth Tobacco, and are pronou n ced by competent judges equ a l to thos e imporled from Havana, whi l e our prices co mpe te with the better class o f Dometic Cigars. SMOKING. TOBAOOOS. The Smoking Tobaccos manufactured by this Company are perfectly pure, e Jllll"l'E and :cm.ICo\C'l OJ' FUVCI VNSnPASSl:D, while they contain LESS NICOTINE, than tobacco cured by any other known prGCess. IIDG.&.B. BB.IGGS, Ageat,1 Office and Salesroom, No. 207 front Street, San f rancisct, Cal.1 M. SALOMON, M. a E. $ALOMON, PACKERS OF SEED LEAF, AND IMPORTERS OF Havana Tobacco and Cigars, ... 85.MAIDEN LA.NE,_ N .. WILLIAM M. PRICE & CO. CAB.L._UPIIA.NN, IMPORTERS OF LEAF TOBACCO, HAVANA TOBACCO II9 MAIDEN LANE, .1. SSUJIDCJAJT. 203 Pearl Street, w ... M. Paoa, t NEW YO R 1{. 178 PEABL S'l'BD'1'1 I'.A.J.I Po O. BOX 8168. NEW YORK. FOX, & CO., CHIS. P. T lG & SOR, Importen of SPANISH aad Dealers In 'all klndo of IKPOB."''Z3.S OF S:P.A.N%SB, Aln) LEAF TO.BACCO, .184 Front Street, PACKERS OP SBED LBAP TOBACCOS, '176 Water Street, New York. 1'01W1E'OB.K. ESTABLJ:el:IED Hif.lg, "I:DPIIBAGBR BRUFF," JUnafactarecl onlr by WEYMAN BROTHER, S..:..recl t.., Pateat, December 16, l6s. A 'll'ill be rt..,...,aalyproe and every grade WEYMAN & ., 179 k 81 Slnithfleld Street, I'!tts'llurgh, I'&. VEGA & BERNHEIM, llll'&anra VEGA, MARTINEZ & BRO'S, G. SCHLEGEL, Wholesale Deale< In IMPORTERS OF .BA v SUD Lm m B!n11 Towtus, CleARS, JIJO 8TBBET1 New York. 1ee Froz:a. t Stz'eet, NEW YOU. _T COSTA, &. R. E I Slll A l\TJI', niPORTETR oF Commission Merchant, Ha, vana, 0 bacco, .... D DEAL ..... ALL XlKDS o ADd SOLE AGEN r for tbe Brand of Clprs, LEAF ro BA ceo !JA 183 :!'earl St., ew Tork. 2.'78 :Peaz-1 Stzoee't,""' FELIX CAR CIA, let. \'lne a; c.a.. NEW YORK. IMPORTER OF ----------HAVANA LEAF KOENIG a. suaERT, ( J'l OM T GUTJUit&:t). AND CIGARS, ALSO OP THB WBLL. lo.."':NOWN Brands of Ci!ars 'La Garolina' & 'Hem Clay. And Sole Ag't for Brand "Prof. Morse.' and "'SARATOCA," 18'7 Water St., !lew York DEALERS IN ALL KINDS OF LEAF & HAVANA TO:BACCOS, No. 329 JIOWEBY. (bet. a! a; 34 Sta.,) l NEW YORK. N. LACHENBBUCB & BRO., F. MIRANDA & CO. HAVANA TOBACCO IMPORTERS OF No. 164 Water Street, New York, OW YOBI. MANUEL RIVERA, IMPO.R.TER OF ::a: A. "VA. N A. LEAF TOBACCO Brand .. A. C. V." AND CIQAR.S, !re.nA "CAE.unf.AS. ,1 MAIDBJI' JiAlDI, JIEW YOB.K.J IIAV AlA LEAF TOBACCO AND OF THE BRAND OF CICARS RITICA," !122 Pearl St, New York. --------------------WHOLKSA.LB DaALBJtS IK HAVANA It DOMESTIC Leaf" Tobacco. ANTONIO CONZALE%, M, OPPENHEIMER A BRO. IJIPOBTEB 01' DEALERS IN IJttJUJ l.tJf IOlrJttlJ', SEED, LEAF lifO HAVUA AND TOBACCO, j L. CARVAJAL'S CIGARS,"' 13B:WATER STREET, ,. I w .ATEB S'P.J NEW YQBK. JrEW Y8BK. I


/ OCT. 27 JACOB BlllllLL, MANUF ACTTJRE .. ef CIGAR BOXES, SUPERIOR MAKE AND Prime Quality o!f CEDAR WOOD, 293, 295 & .297 Monroe St., NEW YORK. WM.IGGIRT & co. IMPORTERS OF HAVANA AND DEALERS IN "' SCOVIIJ:r., XKPOJt. T:BJt.S 0:1' SP.e..Hl:SB AND JOBBERS IN ALL KINDS OF LEAF IVO. 11JO WATBB 811J!'B.BIIT, JrBW 11.'01Ul.. L. PALMER. A. H, COJOIEC'rlat1T SEED LBA.F 'WJLAPPER 01' O'UB. OWX PAOKDIG, HERMANN BATJER tc BROTHER, .. COKKISSION DRCHANTS &. IMPORTERS OF pc:>Ei. 77 W .6. 'l':&::a S'l' lSI'li:W YOE.E.. WEISS, ELLER 1: KAEPPEL. IMPORTERS OF AND DEALERS IN Jl, Importers of_ Spanish, .A.Nn :P.AOJIE:mB& O:IP ...,., .. ) See Lea;f IJI WATER ST., N. Y. PRBJ.\ITIOB'S CIGAB-SBAPIIG IOULD i BITAIIDS1 -P!Lteated Jaa, llltla, 18891 aad Jfa:r !134, 18fU 'PleH Mouldo are used In malting the Flueot Braad1 of Havaaa Clgaro, and acknowledpl by all who booe used them to be tlae best Jdoald ever invented.. SCHRODER tS: BON; 178 WATER STREET, INEW YORK. SIB LIAP TOBACCO, f71 PEARL add 78 PINE STS., REW YORK. E. & 8. FRIEND I, Cll, lm;K>rten and Dealers Ia HAVANA TOBACCOS MakosooereaselntheCigar. Dunoblo and C010pact. Unifonn Ia wefs!ot aad liM of the .Cigar. Laber can bt empleyed io making Buodl.., Lass Skll Is r.qalred In tnlt"&o Jlrice as.oo per Bet. POWDERED LICORICE, GUM ARABIC, OLIVE OfL, OTIO ROSES. LIAP TOBACCO, IU Malden Lane, o FAt&Mn, } Gus Fa:tllND, EowARD Jr. NEW YORK. a S. SIIRDBBGIR -11-CIABDS, aao S'l'., :R'3W vo:az. LOBBNSTEIN & GANS, -SOLE AGENTS AND IMPORTERS OF THE GENUINE W. Ill: Jl(; OIGAR MOULDS, PRESSES, STRAPS & CU':fTERS, Importers o German and. Ciga.r Ribbons, NO. t01l!tiAIDEN LANE, l!JEW YORK. W. .0. H JI:XCII&liGIII PLAClB, To o...;, Blll8 al> Exloanp on tn prlaclpal dtleo or E .. -I lane Cln:alar Letten of Cndlt to Tnmolen, adil -t c;ommerclal C,..ho: .....,..,.. .Woey ea D .IIOIIt; .. ..,. to ... bt Cbecb, apoo wiW:h la-ot Will be allowed: pay particlllar attooU011 to t11o NeJoU IG 00. u.s. SOLID TOP CIGAR IOULD -I'PG co. E. XLED:l & CO., Proprietor.s. IMPOP.TEllS OF,a. DLU.ER:S IN Leaf Tobacco'! 1 62 Water St., New J SCHMITT, C. JOST. W IIBBL & 'BRO., ,. [MANUFACTURERS OF 0 I G A R S AND DEALI>B.S IN LEAF TOBACCO, BOWERY, NEW YORK WK. AGNEW 41 SOliS, toba.oco and COmmission HercbaDta ..... ouu!l 8&6 Front NEWYOBK. BA valox &AU .ALL Dii8U&Ul tear for Export ali llame Ia r-r Tobacco baled In_, IV._... 1c preea for export. CUTHRIE & CO., 225 l'ro:a.t Street.. COVVISSION KEB.CIIA.NTS. AND TOBACCO pBEIUa, Lear Tobocco pre11ed In baleo for the Wnt Indleo, Mexican and Centtoal Amerlca.a Porta, aDd othec mar .. TOBACCO PACKED IN HOGSHEADS. WK. SCHOVERLING, l'ACKEll. OF AND DEALER. IN SIID-LBAP TDBlCCO, NEW MILFOIU), GOJIW. Lltrerot Caab advanceo made aa Conslp111ento. of the "ell on&wo U. s. Solid T11D Ci[ar MonHl. ... ........... ... MANUFACTURER OF CIGARlYIOULDS, Patentee of Closed Head Moulds, Palelllte of the Single Spring or (JRoby) Moulds. ORDERS TAKEN AT THE I'AC'J'OR.Y HARLEM R. R. FREIGHT BUILDIBO. WIUTE ftnEET, F.oor 19, (ad Door from Elm nr at MESSRS. S. JICOBf I CO .. Ollie No."'" Chatham Square, NW YORK. KAUFMANN BROS. & BONDY, OF FINE CIGARS, 1518 131 CIB.AIVD SIIJ!'IUIIIIIJ!', KBW 11.'0BK. Sheet Metal Cigar Moulds ?;---. 1 I-. I ,;" j J ; Tbio b tho only Mould su.:table f o r the Maoufactur.e of Fine HavMla Tin i11 well kuown to be the best preaervwtive of ..telicate aromaa. The bunchet produced by tblli Mould do nr.t require turning, as ao crea,1la abown. } "or Circulars, addreSI IAPOLEOI DUBRUL, So l e Patentee of the Creueless Wooden and Sheet Mtal Cirar Mouldo, .t; 168W. Seoon4 St., Cincinnati, 0 .. ----.. LEVY. BROTHERS, 'M'a.n"Urao-tu.rera e>f FIN E CIGARS AHN!A!RS 125 & 127 BROOME ST. NEW YORK. tm TOB!CCO & 'A. OATlYIAl\l, Warranted perfect In e-r eopect. Sen4 for Clrcala., ot andjudae yourselves. TIRWILLIGIR & LOCKWBOD, M'AifUP'ACTVRitRS AND PROPI&TOR5, 54 Kaiden Lane, -NEW YORE:. MANUFACTURERS OF CIGARS, [AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, & -180 l'EA.ll.L STREET, NEW YO:BX. JOHN STRAlTON. GEORGE STORM. E. ROSENWALD &: BROTHER, IKPOJ:t 'l'::S:J:tS Olr SP .ANlSB, AND PACKERS OF LEAF TOBACC-O, 145 Water Street, New York. MERFELDr KEMPER & CO. Dn'OJ:t 't'::S:J:tS Olr :B.A. VAN A, and SEED LEAF TOBACCOS 181 Maiden Lane, .New INDIAN H AVANAHS, Price lit Dollars. per 1,000 In London, In Bond. pattern, are well ftavore4, aad are made on the by D8SBS. c.ui1'JILL li CO., Platation Works, Dln4igul, Xa4rll l'reaideucy, India, From Tobacco gTown aud cured under their wn rupe!Yltlon. These Cigars -are faora8\y knnwn in india.. AGENTS-lJESSRS. F. S PLQWRIGHT & CO., 41 Baslnghall Street .Lon4oa, E. C. P. S.-Ha.....&h Pattern Cl .... welrblog 65 to a lb., price 16 dolluo per 1,000, free In Boad, ID Gt. BrltalD. BED. IIU..JKSTT .t.DJIID.ALTY,) 62 DALE STREET, Liverpool, England. CONSIGNMENTS SOLICITED AND PROKPT SALES EFFECTED. 1 BASCH & FISCHER, JULIAN ALLEN. Seed-Leaf and Havana TO:BA.OOO, Tonqua Beans, And all other Materials for Flavoring used by Manufacturers, including the fJnesl ES88D.tial Oils, W H. Scbieffelin & Co., 170 ad m WII.LUJr BTID'l', nw YOU. B. w. I KANUFACTURER OF CIGAR BOXES; Gorwii:iGAfto' MOULDS l l of O&mm:B'D'CI .t; CO., an4 J'. Kanufact'IU'tl J)CALU IN J Cigar-Mould Straps anli-Cutters, aaa SOUTH STREET, N. Y. ) TIE GERMAN AMERICAN BANK, BROADWAY, cor. of Cedar lt., NEW YORK. Capital, $2,000,000. EVERY FACILITY AFFORDED TO DJHLERS AND CORR,ESPOND.ENTS CONSISTENT WITH SOlJND BANKING. H. ROCHOLL, President. O. H. SCHREINER, Cashier. STIJ,AUSS, MANUFACTURER OF CICAR BOXES -tc SHOW FICURES, in all kinds of Cigar Ribbons", GERMAN CIGAR MOLDS, PRESSES, STRAPS, CUTTERS, &0.' ANO MANUFACTURER OF THE PATENT SELE-SIOKIII SHOW FIIURES, 179 .,., 18.1. :-, 'Y"ork-1 A.ll kinds Fl;;ureo Cnt tu >Qrlcr and Repaired In the Beat 8tyle. The Trade Sappll ... A. & F. BROWN, MANUFACTURERS OF CIGAR MOULD PRISSBS a Ciorar Cutters & an ether lacbincry for !annfattnriJii b .a:nd. Elc:>::JE.-f iMPORTERS OF GUlli CJ.SAR .IOULOS. 57, 59 & 61 Lewis St. bet. Delancey and Rivingten Sts: NEW YORK, SID LUP TOBACCU, 155 Water St., 172 Water Street, N. Y. s couv .$1_ co CB: A "'LES S '!!'A "fln:IC! II'" !IX .g,A, n oliiWt Near Kal4n LaDe, NEW YORK. J. E. HAYNES, CAO MM. SISTSIBDI a 00., Fine ON MERCHANTS, ANDIMPOJ:.m.sov .. 11 MAm .... --J 180 :l'ea.zol S1:., COMMISSION MERCHANT KrcKAa. AHNaa,} NEW YORK )OHM.&.. Daau. t .um nc LL JUJrlll o DEALER IN WE57ERN aodDo&lenillaUDeiiCriptlouof -- LEAF TOBACCO LEAF. TOBACCO, HAVANA TOBACCO, 197 Dua"e Street. I 67 ltreet. RBAD lk Oo., SUCCESSORS TO IsAAC hAD, OOMMIBSION MEROHANTS, And Dealen in JTirKiniiJ Wutem Laf Tobauo, Lilorict, Gum, ek., 1 Oltl Blip, ew 1rork. Lea! 'Tobacco, 1 llo. 160 Water Street. New 'York. DOMESTIO Jos. MAYER's SONS, Leaf lobacco .&liD .............. Loa.l TJiiiPACTun; o \ 13a. 1a. l"iz:Le lll!!!llil'a.ra -DEALER.S IN Seed Lea.C AND IVPORTBR OF B Af !U BttoAD 8nnr:aT, N.Y., O ct. t, 1874- Laperte:r of Dealer iD ltl A A A M .. on-ll FollST & BumsrtvB: PA.T. UA.BCH 301 Si.,., one J&ars test. we feel Leaf Tobacco AND PACKER OF in you with our hearty endorsement ofyGu.r system of NAVY PLuG TosAcco, S :mElD X. Jill The work is perfect, it possesst>o the necessary features of beam welgbt stratgh\. fillen and. aquare comen. It saves greatly in WRAttP&as, alsL in cost ot Ma.nufacturinc. Your lmprovec is more. durable, 1 .. in ... 0 D A c c 0 J eli ned t ge out of order, and turns nut from thrM to 6ve lumps per m:lnute, whtt::h ts g-reatly m es:ceu as co_mAND SEGARS, .&. .1:a. pareed with the old st,le. Consequently we aba11 at oace adopt THBM 1a tbe pl.ce of the old ones. Uoptnr that you may attaln tb.e success you merit, we remain, yoW"a, etc., BUCHAI NAN & LYALL. HAVANA TOBACCO, 113 !'EAIL STU:ET, uzw 1'011. IVo. 1H Pearl Street, NEW YORii. 121 MAIDEN LANE N Y LL.,7uiU2a,t875 1 1 Mr. D. W. Da FoRilST, 279 Fn"t Strut, N. Y.-We ta\e pleasure in sayin,R' a( er te.tlngtbe .5JXTBBN LuMP MAcHt NBS purchased of you, that they give us entire SATlSPACTION, aod we deem it to the !ntereet C Manuf&9" turers o(Tobacco to adopt v ouR syatem. Yocr CRUM1JtNG MACHilfB ia very u.eful, crurapo.r as aaoy as oae 'L. GERSHEL & BRO., Packers of and Dealers ID D&.A.Lima 1X E PING RN Co bundrecllumpaperminute. Verrrespecttul'lyyoan,etc.1 HARRIS, BEf!E S A & MoNTREAL, CANADA, Ajrz'l :16, t8?5 ., THE AoAMS ToaAcco Co., i1 to 1 have hacl of Btr Forest Lumf Machines in constant use ia this fActirY stnce Auwust last; that I bey tlave Riven ent1re aatiafactioa. and tlia.t pronounce them to e tbe beat Maclaile Cor any kind ofNaVJ work I bne everaeea. ], ADAJlS, Ma...rutrDirWJIr FACTOIUES 'USIBG THE II:AOJDKE. PACE, VA. liilTH, COOK A; CO., ButLtNGTOM,IOWA. Btl()HJ\N.t.N LYALL. Naw YoK. a. c.. OS-1!1. PBTKRS8UPG, VA. HA.BBIS. B&BBJC .. co., QUINCY, ILl.. H. MAYO, RICHMOMB, VA. .. w. VA. .JNO. R. RICHIIOKD. VA. ()HAS. .t. .JA.VIIHJI!I PtrriRSBURG, v.. ABI!IER IIA.RRIS, RICI(MOND, VA. TllfliJ. W.I.TIOII, Balooou.n,lll. Y. '1'. W PEJUI&B.TOJI, AmENL.ANE.NewYork. MANUPACTI!JlBRS ar 14'1' 149 ,A.ftOBJIZT IITB.EE90 FIBIST CLlill HAVANA CIGABS NEW YORK PJUprietOI' < I of t'be branu It-bile and Rlrh Hd Other fuorite hnlllio .,.... AND lKPORTBM OF Hanna l!i!ars & Lear Tobacco, .. ord. PREY BROS. & 00. J. SAN JULIAN9 IMPORTEI.<. OF lalmfacturerl uf Jill CIG!BS, and BA v .&:nr A : Dealers in Lea.f Tobacco, Leaf Tobacco; esey &treet. York 88 WaD St., IVew '2'9rk. ROOJl l.llo


[Philadelphia Ad"Vertisements. "' Steiner, SJDlth Bros a Knecht, DE.IALER.S IN ALL KINDS OF of aNd m Cigftrs. 225 RACE 8TRI!ET1 PHILADELPJUA. STEWHT MARKS, CO., of R l:ph's !fcotch Snuff,1 AND CIGARS, R'o. 111!J aT l.llleR s-t. .T-eo P. Marts, Ale:aader Ralpb, John W. Woodoide, Samuel A. Hendricksoo TEI,I,ER BROS., CommissfQB llllenlhants, IUld Wholesale Dealers In and Domestic Leaf' Tobacco, 117 North Third Street, Phi:laderphia. I 'IVOOD'IV.4BD1 Q.4BBB2'7' & 00.,, I CIGAR AID &BIIBA1-CDIIISS1DI; Km.BCBA:NT.S,"' ll8lfo. Wa-ter St.aad 32lfo.DelawareAv., Philadelphia. llo; 1 Firat Avenue, Pittsbu.rgh. L. BAMBERGER &: co., DEALERS lN 1LEAF TOBACCO, Manufacturers of all Grades of Ci 'gars, 1\To. J 11 .&:mach St., Philadelphia, Pa. Baltim.ore A. BOYD & CO., WHOLESALE J;)JEA:LERS IN IADPICTD DB LHAP TOBACCO, SOUTH BALTIMORE. STHl-FOR lJTILIZING THE STEM IAVAIA It will savh JO to :as per cnt. of the Leaf without lmpalrlnr the quality of the Cigars, and make a well-working Long Filler without Sbortsor Scrap s. GEO. & 49 S, CHARLES ST., : BALTIMORE, Mo'. F. BECKER. y C BEC!tE:R L. BECKER, ... --" .. BROTHERS, -<{ .PACKERS, COMMISSION MERCHANTS. AND W AOLESALE DEALER!> IN -Foreign a.Dd l)omestio Leaf Tobaooo, NO 98 W. LOMBARD ST., KD B. WILKBDIS a CO., MONUMENTAL CITY TOBACCO WORKS, NO. lSl WJ&T HA'l"l' :BAI.'l'IXOPt K.UYUNJl, MANUFACTURUS OF ALL ElKDS OV IMOIIIG liD CBIWJIS TOBICCOS. "" Ageau, Jll, FALK, N. y,, & JJATTIN BROS., 14 2 Jf, Third St,, Phlla. ED. WISCHMEYER. HY, WIS(;HMEYER. ED. WlSCBBExER & co., Co:o&:rnission. Merchants, AND DEALERS IN PLUG Tos.& & a 39 _SOUTH CALVERT STREET, NtLU.aBIIH BR n&AJ&au Dealen1 ia LEAE' TOBACCO, LEAF TOBACCO, I tiS and I 1 7 W_eat Frol]t St. lH. 163, & 165 Pearl Btret, Race ud Elm, OP X:. _ll STREET,) QDJOIBlU.TL 0. CtNCIWNATI. 154 State JU.&TPOBD. OOM'r. D. a Z.IL PK&Sii:, .LU.& .... CoBnecticnt SeetlLeat: 'T<>B.A.OOO, J S. LOWEl\ITBAL & 00., 40 & 42 0ema. MANUFACTURERS' ... OF FINE CIGARS, Will Wll8TII_HAL, AND J>'EALlmS m LEAF 'l'O:BACOO, l'tJ NO. 112 WEST THIRD STREET, ciNCINNATI, o -Hio. -coamco:r ariD UAf ---------:--.........:...:..-....;--:....-...:.. To b -ao o AMBROSIA I ''"' J "''a1 1St u- ......,_..-J.oJULil"""""" ]ACOB WBJL. AARON KAHN A. WKIL. Dli :&8 .u...-cw.vJ.-0. \i .. TOBACCO 1 A. L. & P. SJSSD!f, Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers ill SPENCE BROTHERS 8t, co., Packers ana Dealen n. CIGIBS t ... TIPID co 58. 58,80 and 82 06NNEOTIOUT SEED r.EAF JIB \\1. .IIJil1l' :m .A. & T T :a: X :0. ::0 .-.ozo. t34 Main st.. Cincinnati. o. c:nciNNATI, omO\ ...... TOBAOOO, = No. 134 MAIN STREET, W.. G. MORRIS, KROHN, FEISS & GO., -.w H.a .. rtrord, conn. .,. MANUFACTURERS OF 411 Leaf Tobacco EIGA.RS,I fi.ONORM"Kfi HUBBARD &c0.7 PW:oro aad l3oalera Ia oFFicE, 4 coLLEGE BUIL:mo. 126 V me Street, COND"CTIOtJ! sm WI CINCINNATI, OHIO. j ... _OB AC.""O tnd 71 'West !'roM St., Cincbmat!, 1 .& ..,_ ,. liJUil\Y MB1'iSit9 M. H. CLARK lt BRo., COMMISDOX IIEReJI.tUIT, AAndWlwllesaleDealerm lEAf iJ"-{)BACCQ BROKERS t G. W. GBA. VESt OHIO=:: CONNECTICUT -r.AatU AND JD&At.n n 'J.!OB.ACCO, 01-ABJUI'VIt,!JJ. 'I"IJNN. Flo CONNECTicuT SBED-I.BJP 48 :Front St., Cinnhanati 0 I -.. _. 1. 1: W ,....AS, .: :.) .-oBACCO, :m. 3. Wlliil\fCZ, F. w. DOHRMANN,--_,. COMMIS-SJ(Jll D-D''nKER, r T b Sh, lt"R'Q DANBURY, o aeco LBAF TOBACBO BROIU. lJcN ALL KINDS oF TATE, MUtLER & CO., I lllm&m, Commission Merchant. N. E. cot. vme w rror:t street& Leaf Tobacco, H. SMITH-& CO.,,ssr.c:BAB.LES sT., CINCINNATI, o. P.o.Addre... COMMISStO .MtBCHAN11 an d Wholesale Dealers in 8.W.eor.Lemllaftft.1B.<IBORE,XD. P, 0. BOX OINCINJ!IATI, O. CLARKSVILLE, Te-. .4J!I'D ....... 1 HOFFMAN CO 78 Soutll. Chules St-,Jia.ltbaore, Md. NEW DEPARTURE I ., I' ::_-. O&nmAST w. DRESEL" co., All klndo of Lea! Tobacco Be-selected aDd Repaeted In cues, ranging from 30 to 70 pounds, at tile Lowes WE anth&ri&e SIGHT DRAFT for ameunt ofT AX, 8 7 GAY STREET 1 Markel Price, guaranteed actual weight free !rom frostbltten, uncured or leaf of any kind. BILL OF LADING attached to Draft. and wiU Also Generat Supply Store of every arbcle coooected with the trade. f JDake f.u.rlher CASH advauces on receipt of 'tobace& .. ""',, N. B.-Qr&eu fO small cases receive prompt attention. _.4WIA..,._ ......, IIIJJ TOB.ACOO C8 _qtXAM EGDIS8IDN mCIIDIS. TIAtl IIRWm. JULIUS V.E-:E'TERLEil\1' & CO. SEED LEAP ,AN' D HAVANA ,TOBACCO. SOLE AGENTS FOR THE STARR & .BUGGIJS, COMMISSION Ml!:RCH .. NT8 aDd 'W11!lleoale D.lai.Q In BAfCHELOR BRDS 1 l P. A. ALBRECHT, .. lllaau!acturersof Who!eSaleDealerm ,.._-,..,.-_ _.., ,.-. C A SNUFF and SMOKING TBBAGCO, Leaf Tobacco .-A- 666, 668, 670 and 672North Eleventh St., A.ND CIGARS, a. F,. PARLETT a. PIIILADELPRJA. PHD.ADELPJIIA. N 20 G St t WHOLESALE DEj\LEl'lS IN o. erman ree XABlilAcrvuD LEAF Ali'D sxoxmG A. R. FOUGERAY, BALTiliiGRE, JID, 'TODJlC C 0 S., IJIIIliiPPR. U .IEAIImlJ111., G. B. M. MARRIOTT Cigars, Eto., 11UJ1lbbe DIJI[ hlUJlW IJUI, MAIU!'AO'l'tJ2D 0!' CISA:BB, OOKKISSlONKERC!L\N'rSFOBSALEOFWDl 33 And Dealer in all kinds of 92 L b d d 1': W t S 1 .North Front St. LEAF TOBAcco om ar an a er t., J 9 BALTIM:ORE, MD, PH !.ADELPHIA PA ANO CIQAR RfBBONS, AN.D DEALERS 1N "u.; &. Sol.i.d.-Top 01.gar ::m.:ou.1cL" -.... \AK()H PHILADELPRIA, P A. Md. & Ohio Leaf, BALTIMORE. DOHAN & TAITT, mimBIUmim, 107 ARCH STR.EET,, ... _..,. PhiladetphW!. F. W. SMYTHE &. CO., Commission Merchants, D. E. M 0 S E L Y CONNEO'fiCUT LEAF TOBACCO.' DEALER IN I No. 20 .Hampden Streel- B.& VARA a DOMESTic 1 sPRINGFIELo. lASS. LEAF lOBACOOSl Advertisements. 10 NORTH .JOHN STREET, C. 0. HOL ..XVERPOOL,,ExGL.UD. ,14ill St. Rochester, N.Y. COIKISSION KD.CBANT .,.:;:._.... .... .._,PEASE'S In LEAF e.nd MANUF AartJiED TOBAOOO, I U 0 utter ESTABLISHE D I SWEETSER'S The Most Perfect in ;p11RE tlte World for all grades] S N 'I'T F -._ S of Fine-Cut, Chewing .,.: d S k' .Mamafacture4 bo' an mo mg. SWEETSER BROTHERS Dr m :av ALL I'IIS'l'.cLASs 1o souTH M.A.BKET s'TBEET. liOlTSES. BOSTON, .lllASS. ltOGLEN &. PEASE, Advertieemen-. DAYToN, oHio. JOBll' w. STOmB, THOS. R. CHAL!IIERS, 4 Sole Owner and Wanafacturer oftbe w .. td-Reno-.1 61 Boelunan St., 11. y. Bram.da of SmoWq A "Iii .& A gent fOI' the Sale 6f Machines and Extras, where Cutters will find a stock of supplies a1ways on band. .&. AND lt. Louis and Loutsvllle Advertisements. .. OLD .... c ,H LYNCliiUU, VA. G. JI.LICHTilNl!ERG. A LOW. G. B. LICHTENBERG & CO., R. A. MILLS, TOBACCO BROKER Connecticut Seed Leaf Tobaooo, 68 Street,. East. .KICB. Office In Tobacco Shockoe Snp, B.IOIDIO!ID. "" Hildebrand&. ID.ingenbe No.:zs German st., Baltimore,'Md. .L. W. GUNrHEB, I rg, 4. Jl, lrltUIDE. E.. S. F.RBCBJ!IL ORDERS PROMPTLY FILLED. 1 GENERAL A. l!!!!!l.crLCII.. N 37 N F,."'E CIM.A."S -LEAF AliD SOV'l'B GAY STB.IIIIT, POR TUII: SALB 01 IN 'I'OBAecJG BXCIIA!KIE, o. orth Seventh \l "" (One doorweotofEzchangePlace), Ul1111!lJIIIIII1tflt -tn ll!IL' IPJIIlPr" LEAF TOBAcco BJCBIIOliD. VA. .&1ld Sift Olaestat Toba.cco, .IUUlJIIIliUWI AID hlli1l COMMISS_ IIN MERCHA T U Kerth l'ront Street,l AND CIGARS. SECOND JlTBEI'r, &T. :t.o111s. :.;o, UCL'O'SIVILY for the Purolaa of ..,. PHILADEI,l"HU.. 81 Ezohac PJ.aee. Baltimore. :uoWLINl. I'll Ch.lkellrandsoflmportedlkorlcealwayson'band. LEAF r J RJR.ALDQ S.llf 11 "' T & uv,, ST.I.,OtriS,KO QBACCQ, I & CO. A H 'BEOBALD MERFELD & KEMPER, COKKISSIO""' .. TC!_ -TOBACCO, OF -:------... PACKERS OF .. ..., G WJCVS & co JAXZS :BOT%) AND .Oo:n:neoUou:t&eeCL 1&1: aDd VON. PHUL. A LADD I I A ., LW J.V. JDri BEBER!1 comssmN IERGHAHTS, FINE Cl cARS,' L r .;ofb LB Tftlllfllll nnrls v'M.a.nufa.ct'Uirers' Agents fortheSale 'cf AJU>DEALERIN 117 Lombard Street. 0 acco. Jir DllbbU BIUDR ir(inia, Missouri and Kettuety N-o. 1817 J Span'h dD 'L' afT BALT ..... U"Lober.Ad-omac!eonConolpmenta. ft3N h I '' ACCO ; wm. M. Abbey. ...... IS an omest1c e obacco, __ ...._ __ ....... ----------------A ort Man St., v.&. Joseph Brooke. ,. ........a. w IT. LOtJD, BO', rtF"'.__I B .. ,., w.eor.llol41oPoplarlta.. Ph.Uadelphia. r JOHN o 11111"""1 Wedeoirecorreapoadencewlth '&u;nmwJD&Dufa<;. .......... "r.,... DAVID B. JllliBY, r:LONE .. KY. u TOBACCO BRODB, M A 1-a. PanzmDt. JAI. s .111n11c 'l'o..._ o k lsid T b Sp 'alt anufactory, 12th Street, Lynchburg, Va. J h F & B 1'1 Pemberton & p ai&OUTHSECONDS-EET. u c an o a eet Y o n mzer ros t enn, COMMISC!ION MERCHANTS, v 1 ft ":: Orden respectfolly solicited ond promptly atteuded to. "' .. --W'"""" S"' .,.... MANUFACTURERS OF TOBACCO "OMMreuo ___ _. .. .... ... .. ........ ........................ F I :vI B R 0 s I A VY ,, "' :N. 2'11ft .. BVILCI 'W'.&. L LICBTBN81'BIN & BRO'rBER, rn'tll knr expmena. zn tJu ,..,.__ -----: BOB'VER, GBAIFF & COOK, cro. w EDWARDs. JOSEPH M. PATTERSON MANUFACTURERs oF IIVTLIODI JftlllnBIT f. PO ,. llffer their services to fill 11rde rs for l'ac&era, Comminiol:l K.lrch&nts, &EO. w. EDWARII CO, H ELK" and u ONWARD" IW u I UllU111Jlh .. b Ofil:ee & Salesroom, l94 & 198 JACOB S'l'., Leaf O..lanllfactured TQ/JQcco, HIGHLAND GEM .TOBACCO LIAF"'NDWilOLitSA.TOLJEDBaALAtlKSlNCCO Commission -Merchant:sin c l a A R s MANUFACTURERS Of' _..;...__Lo_uu_VILLE __ _KY_-;....._ ___ _;_ ___ ... f'. CBRISTM.II & ca LEAF 1Pfln!c{1lil !lrn CllllU

'6CT. 27. SUTRO NEWMARK, -.JJ.NUF.4..CTURERS 01> a :1: G .A. :.;c, ses, .JJ.].U) DEALERS IN TOBACCO. NEW YORK. Too MucH PAPEll MoNEY -0 U R EXPERIENCE IN REVOLUTIONARY DAYS. Never before in the financial history of the cot,ntry ( ays the vVotld,) has the average price of money ruled S:J low as during the last eighteen months. Since the begin ning of the present year demand l oans in this mar ket have ranged at the rate of from one and a half to two and a half per cent. per annum. And even at this season of the year, when the moving o( the crops alw ays absorbs much floating capital, and the banks generally find them selves taxed to ut most limits to furni sh the West and the Sout hwes wit I-. the necessary cu r ren c y money is quoted at two and a half to three per I cent. in Wall Slleet, while ll our financial institutions are overflowing wi1h green backs and national bank n o t e s. Another element whicb should be taken into K E R B 8 _.. 8 p I E S S 9 consideration i,; the graduai revival of trade aod mai}U ,,,.,.. .. of. -=-e cit rs, .I.V.wa,.u. u.Lg, .1: lJ.!. made itself felt at all btit aDd De era D centres. Thia heiiiltlly a:c-roB TOBACCO P. LORILLABD & 00.'8 TOBACCO MANUFACTORt, ..... ......... erersey C1:ty, Jersey. r __.,.oFFICES :-16, 18 b. 20 CIIJI.!'IDERS STREET, l'IEW YORK. ciJdeet Tobacco tf.ouse and Largest T:ax Payen!l i n S. T his is nnt excelled by any either in Size Appr ,intments, o r by Qualitr of Gooda produced. For full desariprwn.aec "N.Y. TOBACCO LEAF" of 01 t. 1 2 187G. \Ve cQntinue to o ffer choice \trawli of Bright, Dark and Mahogany ,..ades of PLUG or MANUYAC'l"'UREo '1'0BACCO; Superior 1'1 SECUT CffEWING TOSACC..O voiou kiuus of SMOKING TOBACCO, such u (or Killicknick), anti Coarse ut, and the Qualiths f at the mO::$t pdces. A critical. of tb. aoods witll the products of invited. A Price List m *:tiled. upoa application. That is, of cours.,, when he is by himselt or alone his !oving spouse. When in company he sticks to tbe .which he breathed. He was so emaciated and enfeebled that any operation to close up the aperture would have heen and while his death was daily looked for; he still lived on about two mornths. SoUND SENSE oN A CRYING EviL.We cordially indorse the folio\ ing from t he Tof'ld :-"The Editor al Association excursions well ni&;h over for the se"son We are gratified to learn that in many State!l they are uot enc0uragcd at all, and that in otherS: the country journals decline to be represented on them. Indeed, it will be found that in a majorit o( instances it i s not the practical men who make and control the rural newspapers that are conspicuous on such occasion, but rather the editors' friends amd who would almost p'llv tHeir own expenses at full rates for t he .satisfaction of bei g recorded as the representative of the Bungtown Banner abroad, and to figure at home in a leaded long-primer article, beginning with 'Our Own Corresponpent' and concluding with their initial!>. There are tw:> w::.ys in. which these excursions injure the profession. In the Jirst place, they lower its tone and leave on the public mind the impres.sion that the editors can be bought up or influenced with a fr e pass and a half-rate hotel bill. In the second place, the editor gives direcrly about th rice as muchas he gets, and is estopped i n perpetuity irom expressing freely his opinion conce rn ing the corporations or individuals that have thus got the better of him in the batgain. As a rule, the man who lakes a pass limits his )?ublic usefu l ness and lessen his p:rsonal influence. It is to observe that this vtew of the matter has been acceptt d by many o f the 'Conductors of the country journals ; tt will be s till mor e gr t ifyi ng to observe that next year that many others 1l:J ve let the 'editorial excursion' severely .,.,Jcine, and tu be compelled to express their obligatiohs to accomplished and 'genial' railroan or th e 'mine host' who knows })ow to r.un a hotel.' al I .-cJBAO ft..; commercial atMI Wustrfa Ktn.BS. 35 Bowery, ew erk. r.:,n < tivity, coupled e ex... iii ... ii c e p tiona crop s 1 dinner table and the wi'ne that is contained thereon with ay observes ,tbe Loi;)Clon a ten 3city .that may well prompt the queTy what would Review, to bf the popular amusement o f the d41y, ilwi life be to if there were no d in ner parties? He doe-s may be honestly dklared that fot on'e bOdi!St W er not greatly concern himself with the present except to there are ten In man! cases the one worker declare tbat it is in every way a great deal worse than is a worker by necessity and not by itfclinatfor., aud the past. Of wha t use he is to hi f;llow!! k is difficult spends his time in loung i ng. There are com to iay. I ndeed )1e appears lit"lle more than a mere ptH"atively few men who turn their spare moments to sleeping and eating and 1frinking macbifle, aud much account, and there are !I' great many who turn being a machine has no sympathy witq any thin1 that them to a vel-y bad accolll>t indeed. Sy s tematic readi ng does not immediately affect h i mse lf. lte I s so out of is not in ia'shion except among a few thoughtful perharmony with thin&s generally that it is pleasant for sons, a nd but little earnest attention is paid to the a rts people to draw near unto him. As a m:lt,t:er of fa t, ir and sciences except by those p"rofession.d persons "Whb less p-leasant to approach him than it is to approach live through iheir instrumentality. Literary s ocieties a fussy individual who is firmly persuaded that be has. are now and then es l a b lished in our large towns, bJt an object in life, and th a t, withou f him, it would scarcely they are so languidly su -pport ed, and their meetings are possible for the earth to revplve on its axis satisac p; trougbotttlllt ry, has natura Tly itated a k J. 11. SHEPPAltD, IIILTOO<, N .C. J .... JOHN 11: HEPPtA Leaf ll'obaooo D..&.::M V I I .x..-.., Y ..&.. MJitQBLUTH & .CO., Alent8, Leul .. Ue, Ky. AtL l;"OBACCOS REHANDLED; PACKING GUARANTEED, correspondtbl' i e"se of capital to tnm .. et 1 be b'"i nus and move the cteps. But so rreat is supply of c.-pita!, so redu.ndmt is die srock of now lyin11;, idle in bank', that this 'fety Considerable ano l,ID de man for money ha \een promptly met without even raising a ripple on the surface of the 11\oney market, whereas oordfnary crrt:umstan eel the lnancial ncaotiation5 with the r a ising o( I'M'Joe attd tile furn is hin g tJ( eumncy wherewith to rllon file crops haTe had '{he ect of rising the rates oj interest In poin: o( fact, at no pre.ious time has there been such u ueeM of paper circu lati6rl OYer the real wants of tbe country unless we ao back to Revolut io nary day. mo.11ey. In tbo:te 1ood old times no one could complain that "the volume of currency was no<;: equal to the wants of -trade." There was then exactly what the inflation ists and repudiationists seem so desirous of seeing again-" plenty of money." But living was very expen sive-a good suit of clo t hes cost three thousand dollars; a night's with break fast, three huudred dollars; "loaf of bread, Iitty and so .on. It was 50on affirmed that the constant 'rise in values aece:Jsitated a corresponding of money; asd the Govern ment was fully equal to the emergency. N e\1( issues were made as fast as needed for the wat'.tS of trade as interpreted by inflation till the country was bankrupt. Mu9t we g() through the uld round, to the folly of it" too? so sparsely that they do not present cheerful torilv SMUGGLING CIGARS IN LIM& BOXES INTO SAN FRAM cisco.-Says the P1JSI of September 30 :-"That smug gling on au extensiVe scale has for some time past been carried on between Mexican ports and this city has been no secret to the a rtlerides ; an4, acting on information previously received by they made an import ant seizure on Saturday. 'Whe11 the Panama steamer arrived there was an extra force of inspectors at the and the cara,o as closely examined without deta,, resulting in the discovery of a number of boxes marked limes, each one of which contained boxes of choice Havana dgars in ti.IP. center of the iimes, done up in oil cloth. They found twenty -eight contraband boxes, valued at about .J,O'Co. The record of th e seizure oa the books of the Custo House is as fottows: 'Article. said to be owned by Doleghny and consigned to C. Lopet. These goods were seized in the act of beiq& smuggled into this port from the steamship Granatla, arrived from.. Panama, and were found made up into with evident inte)lt to conceal their actual. con sp tt On the other hand, theatres and billiardLounging is, no rooms, and musc-balls exist by the hundred, and disease seems to be patronized by tho'usa t 1ds of people. while that hydra: hlj;. headed mons' (cr 1lre publtl:'-house is never sbo11 of doubt, a kind of 1..0d the aggravated by srnoRing and rlripk :;. 'l'lll!l CIWIIHWM '1'18 _. __.A: I _.AIIfUK Lso-.. ........W _.... -UWMiii ...0 GIVE ....... 5 ... ,U!ft ........ patrons. This being it ia not surpriaing that the tone LIGHTNtNG BuGs AND colored preacher of the people genentlly is !l!lw and that agreat deal' o f in the vicinity of Jackson, Miss.,1is said to have recently ignorance prevail3 among them. Ipdeed, it may addressed h 'is. col)gregation at a revival a:s honestly be said that" the; mlljdnty r wem are gros sly follow! :-" Now, my lllO!Jrnin' frens, you come heah a n ignorant upon all mallers except t ose which pertain l o you mouns, an' rolb, an' babs a mighty stntjjtgle wld de t heir own businesses. ot one man in Ill hundred c ... n aebbil, night arter an' when you's raighty near give you the rnes of ten of the most prominent pJagets !ooae you gits right up an' goes right back into "the which illumine the firmament, it is an uncommon thing debbil's arms agin Now, I tells you, my frens, dat to encounter an individual who can tell the ftarnea of tbe -won't do; you never get_ away from the debbil dat way. plants and tiowers which flourish in the hedgerows, and You's jis like de lightn in' bujl; 1 When you the being who is able to enlighten his fellows as to the an' moan, an' roll, an' boiler, you shows your li&ht like aalieut points of English history is a wonder whom it is de lightnin' bug clo wlien be rai3e his tail an' spre:ML his pleasing to contemplate. All this simply arises from the wings. When you gets up gees roun' an' fact that lounging ha'l become the popular of talkin' an' fool in' wid de you puts your Tipt the day, alike among the respectable and disrepulable under de bushel, an' you jie' liim de.lightnin' buc when clalltles. be shuts down his wings. Den he ain't no mo' like a The conirmed lounger is a fellow upon whom it is dm any odder an' you knows it not easy to look indulgently. He is objectionable alike Now, let's not bab any mo' ob dis lightniu'-bui bisoess, in youth ahd old age As a young man, he lounge s but git down td work aJin de debbil In yearnest." the Custom House otlicer11, to whoin the same were su for examination and thus avoid payment of duties. The owner or importer of said packages atteiJipted to inake an entry of the impqrted iri said packages hr. moans of a fraudulent and false invoice, and fal,;e st'ltement that the aU tained limes, when in fact a large of them actually contained other articlll!'sa1d was not c:Jrrectly entered upon the matrifest of sa\d vessel.' Lopez professed of the contents of the boxes, and stated that tbey were intended for other and oaly shipped through his care." WHAT rs SMUGGLED INTO ENGLAI'm.:._A London co:-"So loD&as human !Mlciel!f 1'81Daine c!OnSdtuted under its existin: conditions, it would be Utopian to expect that smuggling will be deemed a vrrry crime. That the offen.ce is materially blameable, slnce to defraud the revenue deprives the State of a portion of its resources, and thus remotelJ cripples tile action of good government, is obvious .. B.IU'BU '1'0 ..... 'I' &a ......... ..,._ ....... li'Mir, I 1 --.urCJS-....... .U--0 ___ .......,.. __ ...._. .__. ............... a.a....-r._..__ ....... TIZ1II OL8 .... I IW _._ Q. 7 0.. B ,UoW.I.TS ......... W'8IL DWLIY'E'RT .l.t'-_....,. W. .&..-.&. 0. CJ ..... 'r .I.!ID HU O'l'IIBa -.un.e WW-......... .&J.Io .. WIIKW .laii MVDIG Ili-CB&.UIIID SA,...&C91011, ............ 8W'-............... 41aeWDI& .&liD EIVTIB.& .._..oe: or ........... JAMES C ......... A 'iOS:&B. STB.BBT. lUlV TOBX. down to l11s business with his pipe in his mouth. Ar rived at his office he does the least possible amount of work that he can until luncheon time. Then ne out of his p ffice and is shortly engaged once agai n in the manufaoture of smoke. Returning (o his he &ets to work rather more languid l y than before and, with of relaxation, remains as industrious as it is in his power to be untiJ. his watch shows him that it is five o'clock and therefore time for bin. to see about ting home. Upon this he locks up his desk and departs. Relighting his pipe, he seeks o"'nibus, railway carriage or boat, and is conveyed as nearly as possible to his 0\Vn aoorstep. Then having satisfied tbe claims of his he once more :flies to hi9 pipe and wonders w h a t he shilll1::1o to pass ,.away his evening. Sometimes he goes on wondering-and consuming tobacco meanwhile -until he discovers that it is time to seek his bed. Mor.e frequently, however, he listlessly and aimlessly sallies forth an-d ab ut untif be comes across a theatre, a music-hall, a billiard oom or a pubhc-pouse, in whtch he frequently succeeds is Obfuscating his fao:ul ties. Finally, he winds up by returning home at a dis reoutable hour with a hazv conviction-which is preliminary trial of Ribbon iron of the best quality is selected for this purinvariably realized-that he W'ill feel "seedy" in the took place a few days ago pose, and converted into tubing in pieces of sixteen feet morning This son of thing bei ng <;ontinued-with little cotemporary) at the i n length, which can be bent cold into any form suitable variation-night after night and year after year it is only :ellCek Galbraith, and excited no for the making of bedsteads, doors, tables, etc. Hollow natural that he should in time acquire a 'distaste for pipemakers, and others, irpn is stronger asd lightet than the solid iron which every thing, the performance of which requires him to number present. The has usually been employed in this way, and it also pusmake an effort. Thus, it .happens that at la s t, even in machine was patented some months ago by Mr. sesses the important advantage of holding the rivets summer-when there are a host of health y sports, at John Liscoo, a practic,l mechanic of Glasgow-a genbetter and of not breaking so easi ly as solid iron tbe some of which he may be profjcient, inviting his attentleman, by the way, who is JlOt a :;;moker, but who evi -latter frequentiy giving wa.y when there is a flaw. t ion-he prefers to stick to the town. Gradually his deatly thinks that if pipes are to he made, they should mind acquires a morbid taint, t he result that he i<> be made as cheaply and expeditiously as possible. Mr. SoMETHING To BE THANKFUL FOR.The phyfoxera led to seek excitement !n a variety of reprehensible and Liston h11!J since then suoerintended the constr uction of has got as far as Cal i fornia, and has attacked the vines dangerous ways. He wiU be found gloating over enteor the machine, and considerable confidence having been The champagne region of New Jersey remains tainments in which wretched women show to what dep.tbs expressed in ifs uitimate success, a of 1 he mtact. # of degradation they can descend; he will bt found pipe-makers in the city have devoted some attention to A A E Tb f II d chuckling at the obscenities of some .. comic singer, it, hoping that, should their expectations be rea lized, 1f b NCIENT PI'!APH e '? owmg rei who would not be treated more hardly than he deserves they would at least be freed .from a deal of the annoycen Y Y s?me anttquanan m a graveyar m entra if be were pelted with garbage as filthy as his own ance to which they eat present subjected through the I The for Margaret 9 departure language, and be will be found endeavoring to prey 'k 'fh h" f 1 11 are certamly conclusiVe :stn e. e mac tne ts o comparattve y sma stze, H upon some associate who is r11ther more green" than b h hT j h h r ,. d ere the bodle of lldarlaret Fay, I k h t"not emg more t ant ee eet tn e1g t, 10ur 1eet an Her w"'"ld ifhecould but her coulan't stay, himself. Woman be comes to oo upon wlt .ue a half in length and two feet and a half in breadth It) Her had bad legs anda baddiab J aundic. ed e ye of the libertine and virtue be mocks with : It were her leg:;; as carried her off." can be dnven by an engme of four-mch or four and a l a persistency t1lat plainly indicates his love for vice. SLANDERING TanAcco MA are enough' a d as it is agreed upon all hands that a State surprised that the Mtlwaukee.News aftrnits.such rubblsll can npt be without a public inc0111e, it' is into cylumns a s the .following four reluctantly conceded that per.sons detected in carrying little girls in Mil waukee, t.wo of them the daughters of a on !L contraband traffic should be punished by a pecuni:-outhut .go mg mto may be ;ts. certamly a m : sconJecture. The mcrease of population do so, for how can a man who is himself debased eta ted that 1ts mechamsm ts of a very mgemous de\ wtll keep up the tobacco business, but there will be a appreciate that which is hizh and emwbling ? scription, and works with much regularity and smoothI c on ti n ual, though perhaps small, increase of the number Still there are people wko have reason to tee! ness .. Two moulds are ker;n at th'! same time, : of To say that an enslaving habit is to grateful to him. Miss Brazenface, the burlesque acA SurcJD:a LIVES FIVE MONTHS WITH HIS THROAT working alternately, but quite dtstmct from each other ; 1 become is to admit that the huma)l race is tress, who has a good leg and shows it; Funnyman, the CuT.-Franz the Bohemiau cigar-maker and the principal motions, which are directed hy a travelinl! in a circle and that progress is rr.erely a n in-comic actor; the singer, whose music-ball songs Holbrook, who some five mouths ago 11ttempted to com earn" attached to main shaft, are four in n u mber significant wabb ling from the beaten track. Most smack of every thing that is nasty; and a crowd of mit on the turnpike east ot Jamaic a village by -naii\Cly, the pressiog blocks. for tightt:ning the mould con tract the hab it in boyhood, or in the vealy billiard room harpies l!ond other of the same humanity cutting hia throat and wrists with a razor, died recently ott the clay, the plug 1or formmg the he11d of the ptpe, peuod between youth and ma n hood and there is nothing are among these. As for himself he goes through life in the Suffolk Cour:ty AlmshouSe. at Yaphank. His the for perforating he shank, and the knife for Lt. :rhe coming gentleman, if he is really everlastingly complaining of its dullness; be rem<.ins case is considered a very remallllltlble one by medical the head whell: formed. At the close of the c;ommg, wtll avmd tobac;co, not only because it is a io-norant .of the master ruinds with whom, if ch.)Se, I men. Although in his attempt at suicide he d i d not tnal, Mr. James Steel, m a few remarks, proposed a source of annoyance to others, but because it is troublehe might bring himself in contact, and therefQre a succeed in severing an artery, be bad bled so much be vot e of thanks to Mr. Liston for having invited them to some to the smoker himself. No man who attaches stranger to elevating thoughts; and he grows puffy and I tore his wounds were attended tn that he was thought be present on the occa6iop, and for pleasure that him self to a cigar, a pipe_, or a pa_ ir of spectacles, is unwholesome looking and of ailments-in a worcl in dying conditi?n.. He was attended by Dr. had afror d ed th em in wiitnessing the p e rformances really free, and the man wtth the ptpe or cigar may at he often becomes for all practtcal purposes, a broken-1 Wtlham Ward, of Jamatca, at the house of Coroner of hi! interesting machine. :Remarks were also made any time become a more disastrous incendiary than Mrs. down man i ntellectually and physically before his time. Henderson, and, although his windpipe was lound to be by several other gen tiemen, all commendatory o f the . Five years ago the r oom in which this paratic mistakes that men make. Barnum Island, where be remained for several weeks machine and that any defects which had been no tice d graph is written looked more l ike a cloud than a place When the lounger is old he does not pursue exactly and finally, although the wound in h is throat had not were of a kind that could be remedied witil comparative of bum an toil, and eve{Y, was a smoker. But the same game that he does when he is young. H?w completely healed, he was discharged at own ren1n"'"t ease. tho se workers are gone J hey have flown away on Lheir could be do &o, for is be not olten gouty or dyspepttc? and went back to Holbrook to resume hts employment the scrutiny of the Customs' officers are as various as they are adroit;, but the engine-reom appears to be in most cases the favorite hiding place. The captains. officers and chiei are usually able to prove their entire innocence of any compli<;ity in the trans actions. The offenders are chiefly st seamen or stokers, and on detec::tion they are duly fined and im prisoned. In. some mstances, where the commander IRON FuRNITURE.-Amoug the recent industria l de velopments in Germatty is the hollow iron furniture, which has been popular for y ears in Al!slria. In Ge r many, however, it is only q uitte lat ely th a t the first large .J.'actory for making this dass ,of goods h as been o pened. .... smokewreaths-gone to meet G ran t, perhaps-The old lounger, perhaps; smokes rather less and drinks of cigar-making. The work did not agree with him, and the five robust young men who fill their places have rather more than hill young prototype. He seldom however; but he gradually failed and was forced to never come under the dominion of the enslaver of their walks more than a mi.e at a stretj:b. The chief busi-cease labor altogether About u,o months ago he was fellows and they can cot be tempted now. Smok ing ness of his life ia his diflller. After ,his dinner instead &4mi.\ted Yaphank At that time the Qllllot become uciYersal; it will never reign supreme, of taking a little pmiit.cxcise, b:e mikes an attempt 1Vhole width eSC his windpipe wtth an open even in Virginia." to read the Times and succeeds in going to sleep ing in it about five eights of an inch in diameter through has laid himself open to the imputation of uot having looked with suffi.eient strictness after his men, a penalty of fifty pounds has been laid on the ship itself. Alto gether and although in the course of the year 1-874 took place of ro 738 lbs. of tobacco and cigars and 256 gallons of spirits; and nearly eleven hundred were the of opinion that the offence ts gradually dtmmtshmg m de gree if not in actual numerical occurrence. It would be course, h ighly desirable that smuggling should altogether; but belore Morality proceeds to throw heavy stones at the "Bold Smuigler," we might ask ourselves whether we have never sinned by surrepti tiously landing a bottle of eau de Cologne orooa volume o( tbe Tauchnitz editions of popular noyels. The last form of smuggling is, indeed, directly fraudulent, since by its means authors and pdblishers are of the frutts of their brains and their enterprise. We should liKe to know how many thousand volumes of "Tauch nitz" will be qaftily smuggled through Custom by home-re t urning tourists between this date and the middle of October.


--.a:obaoco .ala.uufaoturera. -JOHN ANDERSON & 00: XANUFACTURERS OF THE SBWI m rrm TOucr.DS 114-nnd 116 LIBERTY STREET, NEW YORK, a.. to direct ttle atteatloa ol the Deaton Ia To-. --tile U o it.,.C Stat. u4 tllo Wld to their 18LACE r.E-CUT OIDiWDIG 20BAAXI01 -b rw-. oace liloft .,uhafactan4 aac!M' tllo THOMAS HOYT k CCO,. lmw..satu .. MR. JOHK ANDERSON aac1----. u fonaedy, wltboat a rinL a..... F h lorwucleol throaP tfoe anal cllaaaela will Jne Cut C ewmg and -wltli 30e Kf .... 3'LACC cACo II.AIIW.ACt'WU& OJ' AU-Ci&A.D&S OJ' l.. tiW flit 81&1Wiig, ,fm.oktng, C!c"NYSIDE, HEARTS' DELIGHT, ad tlkaallte4 llfATIONAL, BRIGHT OWEN. I 'r 0 B A. c c 0 EXTRA CAVENDIStl HARVEST" t. ,"SURPRIK" IN FOIL i 4IN and f06 Peart St.. New York Citv. IVANKOI ,.lOLLY IMOKIHQ. 176 & 178 First St .. Brooklyn, E. D. " .&. WULFF:' T OKN r. FLAGG. ISAA .. r, Printer, aad luufat 6 0 O D I I K & C 8 flrtr tf 14.urt1FACTUURS OF \ SMoKINIJ ToaAccos & SNvrr, OUF; BRANDS CHIWING 1 m mtl LAils Fine-Cut Tobacco ..1-LSO JCAWVJ'ACTVaaa OP WULIT II; BELL.AJIYS 207 & 209 WATER STREET, LICORICE. uCORICE PASTE. WALLIS & 00. E:XTRio.. TobMco manutactnrera and the trade in gmeral are )'Utieularly noqlle&te'l w e.'L amme lmQ teat the propertiea ot thill LICOlUCE, which, being nvw ')rought to the higbest perfection, is uader the abaYe ltyle or brand. We ue also SOLE .AGENTS Cor me t.m.nd. r.a .sc.a.o. ) Aclmowledged by CODI1lB181'11 to be the best m the And for the braD4 oj Licorice St.iok -1110"' 00., ln all respects equal to CALA.BRL.. We laue no Co'n.mera and Jobbers would do well to apply direct. Lioorioe Boat. aeleot 11D4 onlllWT, ClCIIINa*11 en band. OOIIZ & IRGUIIBIU. 28 & 31 SOUTH WIWAa STfiET UCORICE PASTE & ST 1CiS. Q. !1. w. s. Jl'. w. 8. STERRY ExTRA, p, 8. DARACCO AND PION A.TELLA, DE .KOlA., EXCELSIOR MILLS ""Jl' A VOKIT-E IIULL8 Patent TrdliS}Ial'8nt Crystal Glass aBtl KlCT..U. SICNS. NEW YORK. POWDEJlED LICOJlJCB, "&&.& m:u.coo1 woau ..t.l'fD II CRATJIAJI S'l'ltEET. OlCJ.AB. XAJfVI'.A.Cl'OaT, TOlfq.U.&. DEAlfS, Internal Revenue :6ooks. p. BUCHNER, And a'l .... OrillaaJ Internal R .. eoue Publlsbia. """"-RoUTCHICIC &: TAIISSICO, o Pattnt Powdered. Licorice. 11 .... ruViR & STiRRY. lmllDrter1, toBAcco m cians, o ... CU)AR WBUT. sEND FoR n1cEs. _;.HaV&Da Sixes, Oheroota, EOKMEYER & co Sole fer "e .... ,....._of the followi'W B.-ur IILUoctICXJ -"LA p.moa,.....," ........ W......., .....,._ .._.. .............. lllSID ._ 5I;wmt tn. H. ; 48 Broad and 48 New Sts. .......... .. --J1BW YOJUL -o. 887, &'lit.. CSL-ATZD nKZ.CllT Vir(in Leaf and Javj ChewinL 'nney Bratimi Celebrated.RBiiaB CICARETTE8 AND FINE TOBAOOOS,1 JYBS':I! BBOADJY .AY. IIJ:W YORK OITY, DEPOT & AGENOY Of tbe Manufacture of G. W. GAIL & AX, BALTIMORE, AT B},JW. s'l'all'l', nw ton EI8111-ELLEB II; JtAEPPEI4 Maat. LOUIS N. PICARE, "> MANUFACTURER Or line. Loll[ and Straiiht Cut Cavendish Alf? .. RI_.,. Ill CA.RRO'I'II, r 11 JOBJr 8TaBET, JO:W YOBK. SMOKING TODA.OCO, .,_.I Plt14 -, -..,, 8-t/ .FloMP,liUJroJ' A.Cl'OltY A.Nl) l.l.L'll:iBOO'Il -COIIIU W AVEIIUE D AID TEIITH ITIEET.' ay York CIP.. B.OVBR. SmokinK Tobacco, MANUFACTURED BY WALTER B PIERCE, It. Y, Tlob Braa4 o( Smokl .. lo u dack colored aad u tluwooah1y ere4 u Havaoa. AlTENCY AND DEPOT OJ.< I'. W, I'ELGKEJI. II; IIOJf'S, 8Receeaon to F. H. BISCHOFF'S BALTIIORE TOBACCOS -N. Y. l'urel1au4 !'1Dal.yl'ow4m4 IPA.inBR LICORICE :ROOT, IPA.DBH LICOB.ICIII JI:XTRA.CT1 DES& T0l!KI1llll, -LA.tTREL LEAVJI:Io 'X'OliKA. -.ur., C.UIIA BVDII, CLOVES AlfD Cll!lliA.liiOll, OBA.JrQE PEEL, AJIIISED, CAliA. W A. r IEJCD, CORUliDJBJl IJCED, LA VEIIDJIIIB.J'LOWJCRI, QUB ARABIC,OK.D!J AliD POWDBBED, QVJ[ JIYB.KII, LlJJDI AlfD GliB TIILA.QA.CA!ITII, JI'LA.KJII AND POWDBJI.BD, ldl!ITIAL OILI, OLJVB OIL, LtTCCA CIU:AII D C.&a,: JIJC.SAJDII OIL LBV AliT Ill BBLS. ud aU the Specialtie for Tobacco Muufacturers 01: l'&tct 1'clriiN4 c.poua or J'l&Til'l, t4alecl Feb. ,..,5,) Is commanding gepe.-al approval from the makers of fa vorile braDds. Ita ellicieocy and oconomy are uoquestiOAecl. PIICIS cuilarT Dl IPI'LICITIU. Brokers. EUGNE BDREMSKY, TOBACCO BBOKBB, 143 WATER STREET, NEW YORK-JOHN CATTU' TOBACCO BROKER 127 Pearl Street; NEW YORK. OJW. B. FIICBBB & DO., Tobacco Brokers, 131 Wata St., NEW YORK. PHILIP KELLAND 0 BROKER. 168 WATER STREET., NEW UP ST AlllS.( CHARLI8 P'. 0880RNII, ]AMES Q. -Broa,er1 ... M ao.u) ft'BEET, NEW YORK. :11. Rader & Son, TOBACCO BROKERS, l33 1'UlLL li!'IUT, NEW YORK. J SCHID'l'T, J !OB!CCO BBOID, 188 st., NEW A.. SHACK .. 10B!CCO DROOl. No. 129 Maiden Lane, NEW YORK. TIN FOIL. .JOHN .J. CROOKE, MANUFACTURBR t:6 TIN FOIL AND BOTTLE CAPS, PL..uiN AJ!iD COLORED. IOt.LING KILLS, 38 CBOSU sn4 163 II 165 KVI.J-DIT B'l'UE'!'I. OW YOU. R.. ZELLEKKA. MANUFACTURER OF ALL KINDS BITSLIN .&WD Lll'VEX roBACCO BAGS, U3 .But ita St., lfew Yk S. JAC0BY & CO., llTBUPILITU tiGAR lAm. 200 CIATHAM 5 .. 7, & 9 DOYEl S!., OCT. 27. lUSCELLANJfCfOS. WM. DEMUTH & CO. Til& SOl.. & OP I BRIAR AWD APPLE-WOO. c o-.;...s_Q_uA_R_E_, ________ N_Ew_Y_o_RK_. PIPES, WI'TH RUBBER Bl'lS, TIIEO. DU .BOIS, OO:HJ'TB&ZON 'M IN ME'ML ANn. wooD, A SPEaALTY. Agent for the Renowned 501 &UND POINT st James. La.. P !OBAOOO; mtlLJI iiCD g 1 And Corn II U I Also, Dealer in Fine llavana. anrl Domestic Cigars. Cigar Box Ka.n:-...L..., aoe Pearl St:l'eet, H:S:W TO:BE. ----------------------1153 to 161 COERCK 8T., D "" ... TOaK A. HEN & 43 Liberty Street, opposite Post Office, IKPOD.TES.S o..-. SK03"F:B.S ABTXCT,"'jS, DEALERS IN TOBACOO,SECARS; .. .. l'f.EW YOIUL PRICE LIST OF Span;sh, American&, German GIGAR RIBBONS. TUMI-CASH. AU. O RDUA WJLL BalAOMI'TLY JOSEPB: J. Atxm.AI.r.,-, IMPORTER OF "arcla 65 E lpaaola, 5-8 72 yard a, 1. 7 0 Narrow Ked, or Jl' ...... o, 1 y ar&' up Smolr.-J a aA Vlll& IT., 1IJC W 'I'OB.Iit. U..Tobacco. A.lao, complete aasortmnt of Adclreu by 0. Box 110 W'IU.IAX-ITXU"C, I 0 !iE'W-'J'-9-B.K. MANUFACTURERS OF THE WELL-KNOWN cd 1111. I. I. MILLEI & CO., ... lOB! CO 0 .!IIUPAO!OJLY, (PErJI.R.I). COLLINS, JUsT, ) 97 Columbia Street, NEWYOBK,-IL\JIIv.ACTU&&a.l o TH .. C&LDUT&D 1m. G. B. Miller lc: Co. Chewing and Smoking Tobacco, the only Genuine Ameiican Geode -Snail'; Jdn. G. B. Miller&: Co. Maccaboy .ad Scotch SnuB'; A H. Mickle & Sona' Forest 1toM and {7rape Tobacco; Mr G. B. Miller .A Oo. Reaern Smokiar; and Chewin Tol:lacco. ar All orders prcaptly exec:uled.. Smokers' ArtJlllltrtcc. .,.v 10CS & 107 CHAMBERS ST., --.....; ................ ................. -----..... -----'].).DALY. BIPJ!!I!!!MJll .. 8 DA'-Y .. co., ENCRAVERS AND PRINTERS, Foreign &.' Dom_esti9 Woods; ar REAJI POWB& AJID IUJID P&JI:Ib ua&UDEX LA.liE,liJCWYOB.Iit. iobarro and o--. Liberal pri-made to &lae Jabblq trade. _'MATCHLESS," ''FRUIT CAKE.'' And numerous other CELEBRATED BRANDS of TOBA.CC0. & PARKER. llOSS H. HOLMES. JS. COLT. SIMON MANDi:JEBAUM, Spoelal P illiR, HOLIES & Muufacturen of the Cel ebrated NERVE And other Branda of Chewirur and Smoking Tobaccos, 3, 1111 ... ll'r J .............. .DETBOJT lOCH. The NERVI!: I a sold by F lnt-claas De lets throughout the United States, and w e clai m I t t o b e the "BssT" F I N & CUT 1'oaA c c o that ca.&& be made The Who lesal e T rade a Specialty. .&THEWS & HICKOK, SvccESSORS TO MATHEWS & DAVIS, JWTtrr ACTVBEBS o:r TOBACCO CASES. By Oar Load. for Leaf Sl:l.i.pper.a. Bl;JRLINGTON 'VT. Herbst & Van Ramdohr, HAVANA tc SEED LEAF rr o :s .A.,_c co, 189 PEARL STREET, NEW YOl


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