The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


General Note:
The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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/ / VOL XI.-NO. 41. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, NOV. 24, 1875. WHC)LE NO. G61 lht '"*"' IS PUBLISHED IVIIY WlliDNESD.A.Y MoaNING R TBI TeBAOOO LU t'' PUBLISHING 00, 142 hUon. St., New York. "lluali... All loetteu aboUid be J>l&JJ>.l7 'm:C fOUDGO LIAI'' PIIBLIIllllfl 00. Terms of the Paper : Snu:;ut CoPlas, so CaM,._ OJflt YEAR, .... H l.lx J3 10 lli'r that the coot to the y;u)y or monthlJ aubtcrlber islN1 t,_, Eirftt Cmt1 p,,. ... ANNUAL SU:I!SCtUPTIOJI'S AB.ROAD. GRF.AT BRI'PAJJf AND CAN ABA -H 04 BRHMaM, HAMB\JRG AND TMa: CoMTIN:NT, o8 AUSTRALIA, &TC., VlA ENGLAifD, CUBA, --! 04 No for the paper un ess KcomJ,?anted by tbe correspo111diog amouoL 1 Remtttances should, in ioataucee, be made by money-order, cbeclt or draft. Bills are liable to be stolen, and can ooly be sent at tbe greatea\ riak to the sender. Tw.a LEAP commends itself to every ODe tn any wa.y interested '"tot:uco, either as 8fttWeT, manufacturer ordealet'. It ,KiV'el annually an immense amount ef information and thus it .. etr a vatU ..uw,. that bae lone since been recognized u tanding at the bead trade publlcatiens. Jb macket reports are full and exhaustive, aud !Ome from every qaarter ot the sto!: e where ltbacco Ia oold, ....-It ia the ONLvweetly pubHcation exten .Ively devoted to tobacco. 1 [Few .AhwtisiPU" Rail TAt.'rd Pap.] IHSJNIS8 BI&ECTORY or lDVIIfiSIIS :NEW YORK. TQbauo 1YrtOIIUI. Agnew W. & Soua, 18.t an4 al6 J'roat etreet Abner A Dehls, 190 Pearl. Allen ja1ian, 17, Water. Appleby A Helme, 133 Water. 't.:!!X Water. Ba11cb & Fischel, Water Blakemore, Mayo&: Co., 6, BMad. Bowne &: Fnth. 1 Barllnc Slip. Brod M 147 Water Bulkley, Moort& Co., 74 Front. Burbank & N a1h, 49 droad Cardozo A. H 66 Broad Cta'lldord E. M. 168 Water. Cobn S. & Co., Water. Dohan, Carrc.U &: Co. 104 Front. .DuBois Eugene, 7S Frnnt Jlnert Wm. llr Co., 171 Pearl. Buelbach, F. '3 Sixtb Av Fallt G. 4 Bro., 171 Yabaan & Co., 10 a.nd 12 Fcm. Dille It Co., llf!l Wa.ter. 'Friend E IIi G. & Co., 129 Maiden"Laae. Roess & Schulz, 147 l\'ater Gardiner. j. M. & c;o., i:l4 Front. Garth D. J Sen&: Co., 44 Broad. Gulert J. L. & Bro., o Water. Genhell.. & .Bro., 86 Malden Lane. Gut.brle &. C".t>, :us Front. 1. &. Co., 151 Water. Hawes, C.:: bas. B., u9 Maiden LaDe. Herbst lr: Van Ramdobr, 189 Pearl. Hillmah G. W & Co 8o Front. Hoffman Emanuel A Son, 149 Water Klaaicat 'homaa. 5 thead. Kortmi& & Subert, 329 Bowery. X:re:neaoerg & Oo., 16o PearL Lachenbruch & B"o., 16.& Vfatlr Lam-.tte .'\.c., 111 Lederer&: Fischel, u3 Pear) LeYin M. H., t6:a-Pt>arl. .. Mack A1e:r.aoder, 16:1 Water MaiUand Robert L. IIi Co., .o:to d. Martin&: Johnson, FroAt Mayer ]91lepb, na Water. Merfeta, Kemper & Co., rs Maidea Laae. Me)er A. U. L &: 0., u Beaver. Oatman Alva, 166 Wates. Oppenheimer, M. & Brother, i!B Water. Ottinger Brothers 41 Broad St. Palmec a Sco.,.itle, 170 Water. Price Wm. M &: Co., u' Malden Lace. ORin, J, P. /It Co.!Ji ltead & f:,o., 0 Shp. lllchey H. A, &6 Front ReismaDn. G. l19 Pearl. Rosenwald,.. & Bro., r45 'Water. Salomon S .192 Pearl. Sawyer, Wallace .t .. 4? Broad. ScllJeael G. 166 Front Schmitt J. & Co., 161 Water, Schroeo7 aDd 109 Water Hoyt Thomaa .t; Co;, 404 Pearl J(loney Bros. 1.41 West Broadway Lorillard P. & Co., 1-6, tl 4 ao ChamberL llcA.Ipln D. H. & Co. oor. Aveaoe D ud llllier Mn. G. B. & Co. 97 Columbia Pioneer Tobacco C.:omp&Dy, 123 Ai"'ts for Cluwing and S..ltlt Tobcm, Hen A. & Co. Llbertv Wetn, Eller&: Kaeppel, 110 Pearl Ahfhl.,...., if ..... Bondy Charles, 53 Bowery Foster. Hilwo & Co., 19 Clu.mben Frey Broe. &: Oo. 44 Vesey Glac<:....-lt Schlouer, 147 'IJid 149 Attorn-,.. Hartcorn j. A 86 Maided Lane. Hel1brouer, R.oseothal &: Co., 13 Second St. Jacoby S. & Co., :roo CballwD Sq. 6: s .t 1 Doyer. 'kaufma11 .Mros. & Bondy, u9 &: 151 Graad Kerbs & Splea, Bowery Levy Bros. &: Llchtensteio A. 4li Bro. 34 lk Botwery Lichtenstein B1oB. & Oe. 168 Bowe:ry. Mendel M. vr .t; Bro, Bowery Neaburger M. a83 Pearl Ofl{ler S. and. 386 Greenwlcll Sefdeuberg 1: Oo. 84 and 86 Reade u Bowery StacheHterg M & Co. 91 and 94 Llboerty Btnlton & 8term, 178 and 18o Pearl lkltro & Newmark, 76 Park Plac:e Tabel & RobrberJ', 171 Pearl. W&DIIet & Hahn, 190 olll 191 ao-,, Mil""",..' if Tiru a-.. Cf Boady \.:harlea, 53 Bowery Kuprowlcz A. & Bro. 158 Claalllbe!r Rivera. & Garcia, 71 Maldeo Lane SaDchez, H&J& &: Co., IJO, ap & H M. Laa ... if H- 1'oo6oocn, Almlrall J. J. 16 Cedar Costa Jacinto, 183 Pearl. Gollcla F. Water Gonzalez A. '" Water K.eny Horace R j; Co. ?8 Pearl a.tno.ia )', .tCo. n1 Pltall Pucu.l E. Brother & Oo. S6 Watew Pobalakl, Gaerra & Co., 191 Peart Rivera Manuel, 71 Malden LaDe San Julian J., 88 Water. Solomon M .t. E. h Maldn l.anfo Veaa & Bernbeim, 187 .Pearl v.,_.a, .Martinez Hroe. oc Peart. Well & Co. 65 Piae Walter Friedman & Freise, 103 Pearl \If.,..., Eller .t Kaeppel, aao PearL 1;.;,r V. Kartlnu & Co,, 16 Cedar -Manrifammtrs of K.., W.rl alld .1 H- u;ziVl, U.. Fred'k & Co., 41 llr :u w......, Ga ulllear H. 16 Cedar Seidenberg&: Co., S. aa.d 86 Reade D1P.t f tlu "Fl#r .UI S..r" Cipr Alee! George, 173 Water lP<>r- ., a., PJpa:. :&tier H'. A Brotor. 77 Deauth Wm. & Co., so Bro&dwall' Bros. a Bondy, U9 andl lSI Grao4 Gee bel j. & Co.. u9 Maiden Lane MaMfactMrtrs of Briu Pipes d lportrrs !I S..oktrs' Articlts. Demntll Wm. &: o., so BroadwaJ' Kaufmann Broa ..... Bondy. 119 and 131 Graad IMJ>tlrltrl f Licwict PtJJU. Brinckerhoff'V. W. Cedar Gfrord., 8bermaD lnnis1 tJO WiHiam Gomez&Atpimbau, i9 8. William McAndrew James 0., S.5 Water Weaver 41. 8teiTJ. 24 Cedar. Ma,.uftcs. Ertehs H. W. >Si South. Henkell Tacob, 3\f-< &: l95 Monroe. Strauss, s. 17q & 181 Lewis. Wick William 6 Co., Goerck. Cigar B (.tur d ot!tu DaJy & Co., 163 Maiden Lan.e Cttllr Ribbe111, Heppenheimer & Maurer, u & 2 N. William. Lobenstein & Gans:, 101 Maiden I aoe. Wicke, Wm. & Co., !3 Goerck.. 3p4islt Cigar Ribbons Almirall J.j., 16 Cedar. M .. u.fottrtTJ if TobMco Tio-Foil. Oroekacoo llrUr. Bo)"d Jamee N i3 Cary KiUa It L COIII,itnft Mn-clcaN.Is /or tlu Sa/1 q/' M4,,., (uhlrtd Tobaeu. Wright J. & Co B.OOHMTER .... 'I'. Mn,.fUiterr if, TobtJCco. Whalen T.,u, State. Dtllicr i Laf Tobw. lt:ooely D. E., Mill street.. SA1!f FR.A1!fCISCO. The Conaolldtlti:d TObacco Co.of California, .E. :Sria-gs A&eot. ,07 FroDt SP..B.IlfGFIELD ._ Smttb B. &-co.--;-ao.Hi"m'Pdei ST. I.OUIS, Mo. Tobco W llrtiiDUIII. Dormlt&er C, & R. A. Co., Karket. TolHzc'o Comruios Mrck1&t. Wall, :Behln lc Day, so North ..-BwJin-s 11,/ L'af THacu. Von Phol .t Ladd. 13 North:Mala TobiiCCD Brolte" Wanl:elmau P' & Co. 81 Froo" Mllstrif-.rm of Fisu-Cut Cltntmtf StMMgTo._, Keanewea: F. & Bade, 373, J75 and 37? MUll 8-ce Broe. lo Co., 51 uc1 54 But Tlitrd. -" Jllo:r-:T.ll., .., Soatb Secoad UTICA,li.Y' Mllttu/hhrably, has ever estimated. As in the case of th.: Ninth, so in the other districts that were combined in this city. It is in the sparsely settled ponions of the coun

/'. ---. NOV2i tion of fraud" by any such acqutsitiOn as fifteen new THE I from )he general prostration of trade bu r THE.. HunsQN' RIV&ll R.A: LJtoAD::;.:F If. es, and generally the whole crop pnzed in one cask, h does not the s1ationary, not to "" retrogressive, charac-57 cases ;wm. Eggert & CQ., 10 db., F. C Lt de & CO. talten pnncip'ally bfe rehandlers, at prices ran,.n from revenue a and, we believe, fur t hermore, t at re0 1 J r ....;. -,... )\ D M&STIC. ter of the co merce n this staple, as thus exbibHdl, in I;,O dG ; urder, 84 do. -"', I 3 to sc. SQme ew hogsheads of good, rich l aud nts should ''clothed by law wtth power Nxw YoRK, NOflemier u, I87S dtcate an opposing element somewhere that needs to BT THR. NATIONAL LINE-Pollard, Pettus &'Co., !':; le f, neatly handled and fair weights, have sow; 4Y.I@ to ake setzures of property, admmister oaths, and The week has one of ac:YJity U\ the leaF be wahdrawn in order thou more vJtahty fxpans1on hhds ; P ,..Lonllau:l & Co., 12 do Order, 3 do. 6c for lugs, and 9@ 12 for the leaf; so let_ e small ob mspect!On of books and papers" not now avre & Co, I2 cases mfd, 24 into and report particulars-their a ors egmmng an 'I' 1 6 k d r ota ..... __________ ..... 29,7 4 days, SI6l(_, 6o days, 520; Commercial, 6o days, caddtes do, Wtse & B e ndhenn, 32 cases sm g, 1 omid, ending there. 4s our home consumptiOn ts about 8,ooo hhds per Retclrsmarks-Bankers, 4' 1days, lo/days, 4 do ctg a rettes; Jos D. Evans & Co., 20 cases mfd, 6o This simple functwn could be much more readtly ex month, the above exhib1t, 1t is evident, prom1sesno Commercial, 6o days, 94f.C half bxs do, so qtr bxs do; Jos D. Ke1lly, Jr., 30 cases ercised )>Y Supervisors' collectors, and deputy collec surplus of old stock when the new is rea{}y for use. Ftetghls-Messrs. Carey & Yiale, Fretght Brokers, m,fd, 154 three-qtr bxs do; 'H. K 'rhurber & Co, 25 tors, but as the law has provided for revenue agents, Messrs. Sawyer, Wallace & Co. report :-Utestem report Tobacco Fretght.s as rollows: Liverpool, per cases smkg, I box, D. Bendhe1m, 6 cases smkg; T R Leaf-We have to report contmued activity in our sos; per satl, 35s. London, per stea{n, 40s ;ser Sutton, 20 do; P. Stemhart, 2 do, W Bendhe1m, 42 do. they must occasionally do something to seem to earn market, wtth sales o! I,8I6 hhds dunng the week, of sail, 3 os.' Glasgow, per steam, 3SS Havre, per steam, Bowne & Fnlh, 35 do; A. Hen & Co., 440 do, M. Lmd the eight to ten dollars per expenses included L al which 1,386 for export, mostly to Regie bEyers, and still 4 ss. Antwerp, per steam, sos Bremen, per steam, hetm 7 do, S. Largsdorf, 7 do; Jas. M. Gardiner & Co., lowed them whether they work or play. If opportunity largely to Spam; 296 to manufacturers, 8o to cutters, 47s. 6d.; per sat!, 45s. HambiHg, per steam, sss. so cases mfd, Allen & Co., ro do, G. W. Htllman & 45 ....... 496 1,277 Year t874 .. ----------------------790 3,064 Year 1873 ................. _________ S3I r,o25 Of abrJVe 496 hhds, 78 were new, :.169 original old, and 149 old revtews. 247 of them were sold at auction, for priva t e sal s, and I90 numbered and sbip!' e d to England. Prices, the same as at of last v1z, for old : Rick Frozen. Nondescript. Htavy. Col""Y Com lugs .. 4 @4Y.! sYz@6y,! 6Y.IY.! 8@Io Good lug s .. 4i4@5 7Y.I ro@IS Com. leaf.. 5 @6 7Y.I@Io 9 @rr IS@I8 Good leaf. 6 @7 Io @I3 II @14 r8@2I Fine leaf.. 7 @8 13 @15 I4 @I7 21@25 were afforded, tt onlv feu to say, men, hke the and 54 to JObbers. :I'AB.TJ:OUI.AB NOTJ:OB. Co, IO qtr bxs do, Jos. H Thompson & Co., 6 halfbxs I h Wtthout any change in quotations, there ts armor, do, rOdtr, 42 hhds, 4 trcs. average 111en ..,...U d earn the compensatlon t ey Growers of seed lcat mbacc.o are cauuoncd aamat tL..t. 1 "' r hopeful feelin in the trade as our 'stock in warehouse or ,. Bv THE MEw YoRK AND BALTIMORE TRANSPOR1' A b f h h repo r ted sales nd of seed leaf as furnJ.Shing the prices tba( receive; out in the a sence 0 sue opportumty, t ey are, and on sale decreases, and the demand at the same time should be obt>med for t!>em at first hnd, aa these refer m moot mstances TION LINE -Henry Hofmann & Co, 50 hhds leaf, and only can be, excressences upon the revenue serseems to increase. to old crop wh1ch have been held nearly a year, and tbe profit on Pollard, Pettus & Co 6 do, Funcb, Edye & Co, 2 5 dE>, vice, and instead of being reinforced, ought to be dim in We hear of but little new crop changing hands yet, which must naturally mclude tbe mterest on capital mvested Growen 1 bx do, F.'W J. Hurst, I72 do, M Abenhetm & Co, Ex. do leaL IS @17 17 @:zo 25@32 Sound sweet tobaccos of any descnption are scarce, except of cullmg kmds, and all of that IS in the hands of dealers. No bnght plug workmg tobacco on market this week d ld b bl ']] b I cann o t expect even 1n the. case of n e w crops, to sell them for the sam e d = R 8 b .8 k k C ished m number. The present chief nf reifenue agents an It wou seem pro a e It WI e ate m commg procea .. are obuined on a ale t.ere. Of course every re-sale must be 40 cases o; n.. A. Ieney, xs, p gs sm g; yrus is a man of wnquestwnable ability and energy, and won forward. at an advance, and, therefore the price obtainable by tho growers Will E. Lee, 8 pkgs, 4 third bxs mfd; VI' eiss, Ellet & Kaeppel lit week 2d week, Sd w eek. ""week 'lith week. Tolal always be aomewhat lowet tnan our QUOtatiOns so casei smkg, 2 bbls snuff; M. Falk, r8 cases smkg; his promotion to the chtefship of the corps by the help January .. 4S4 594 565 2,I00 N. W 1 se, 6 do, Allen & Co, 3 do; Carhart Brothers, February 598 402 484 315 r Soo QUOTATIONS OF WHOLESALE PRICES. he rendered m bnnging the Wh1sky Rmg to indictment M .. otto. p,,.,,., vama--Cropos73 S so pkgs mfd; Martm-& Johnson, 2 bxs do; Order, 19 trtal; whtch IS tbe most notable achievement yet ::: 223 : ........... 9x @1.;Ji hhds leaf. wrought by the Revenue Bureau, perhaps, Treasury May .. 477 337 I 'I7 667 Mootum .... .. 12 "Y Nn Yw.tStat-ctop r872""d 1873 BBLTIMORE, November 20 .-Messrs. Ed Wtsch302 ,.. 3,200 Good .. .. .. .. ,. 1>!)16 RunnmaLots .. .. 8@9 C h N h) f b d 'd ffi d d J 6 8 ;Fine 16 @ 19 w. ..... _crop.s73 meyer & Co, Tobacco ommtsswn Mere ants, report, Department. evert e ess, 1 some o y 1 en t e an une.-. 42 5 7 30 490 I1593 J,doo S e l e cti.on'' .. : : Runntna Lot. ... : .. .. 7 ,.6 1 h h k I Tb J 1 68 S 6 6 '"' e mspeclwns t e past wee were very arge e dtssatisfied with the Ring had not s quealed," as the u Y ----o 574 07 5 9 2, 30 Ligbteuttlug lugs 1 cg,. A t 8 8 8 4 ,6oo cto d o l eaf .. u BavanaFll. Com. So @ 8 5 marke t continues steady though quiet. Maryland conrogues term disclosure, the Ring, fo1' all he would have ugus -. 397 40 91 I, 94 r,oio ClarksV1ll < and Western mtnct cio Good do 7Ji@9e tinues to collle in freely, but the movement in it is ltmd ldb f II Sept -----294 1,290 I,I67 I12I9 930 4,900 fcomwon 10 g...od 1"1! 7 @gX do Fme do 9s@ 106 known or could have one about tt, wou e m the u October 1 ,14 337 6 6 Common leaf. .... o @uX r.o Scurs ............ ,o @ 1S tted. Shipments however are quite act1ve, contmumg to 97 5 2,14 4, 00 i\Iedmm leaf 12 Extra Fine ........ l 15 @ I 26 tide of prosperity at thts moment. Nov..... 53 I I,s8o r,8t6 3 ,921 Good ..... .. .. .... 14 C.. Yara,land)I Cut, assorted, 85 90 work a reductwn of the stock m warehouses. Of Ohw, The truth of the matter is, these revenue agents are Vi,.gtnta .Ltaj-There h a ve been only a few transacBond Tax :uots Kentucky and VITginia receipts are light, and we hear t 1 aft b d < h k A p;_,...,._ perpound of no movement of Importance in those vaneties. We an4-aJari*s hive been a purieged c)a s, and the f "e wns n argmta e o co reporte .or t e wee bttght.... lib PoUII....,.l th t d t h h Seconds ............ Fino .. .... .21 @28 The .men of seventy-six protested against the tax-c1rc es an was repor e a our prev1ous wntmg, t oug Common Wrappers .... 20 s Qtwrur Pournii.-Fine 25 28 gatherers sent to them from abroad. a fa1r average business was done dunng the week, the .. ::::: liOOit ........ ,.. 20 li: ales reacbmg 1, 200 cases, ma i nly for ex(J9 against S econdli-Crop, r ,g1 15 @20 Common to med!nrn l8 Commissioner Pratt recommends that these roving 2 200 and s9 6 cases announced for the pre .. @ 21 auxiliaries of the Government-they not officers-cedmg two weeks. Good old wrappers F1Uers. .. .. ..... ... ... 1 Is Twilt ....... 30 38 r Seconds 9 It fttr""'IWN .fl @50 be made officers and mvested with official powers and reached that point when the reduced supplY' mi e' .. : .. :::::: ,5 30 IG'a and Cl'o. Jan. r, I87S Stock on hand in State To bacco warel;louses.. -------... -----. Deduct loss by fire ___ .......... ----hhds 2,764 hhds u,863 hhds Inspected this week ....... ___ ...... -..._ 1,196 hhds Inspet:ted previously this year. ___ ....... 35,56o l:thds TotaL ___________ ------------48,6I9 hhds Exported of Md. and Ohto since ISt January........... -31,038 hhds Shtpped CoastWISe same time .. s,6oo hhds prerogatwes Practically, the Bedomns of the desert expecteil lo JDCrease the quotable value of what re ;8;; .. ".'. ::: :::: il would be fitter custodians of the books and papers of mains to he so!J, but further thari as showmg augmented l''.!:;;,a:i.ia ::.: .. ::: 1! &:a .. l7X@I9 Total ............... ----..... .36,638 hhds strength: from week I? week, no cltabg tSl'e' peioaept Sel-;,'c!tons .. .. 30 @35 um ........ 38 Stock m warehouses this day and on shtp ----tax-payers than these men; for the forn,er do have 1blem !egard to them any more than m redecf to oCher Pmn.rylvaa-Crop1873 .......... G!@I20 board not cleared--------r1,98J hhds d h h .. h b t h I tt I I d d I P t A h k Fallers ........ .... 8 @10 H ,_ mee c. -"" .1: ,r, t d 'T' b 1'h k t t tents an t eJr omes are m .. em ut e a er, a as gra es aa c asses. nces are s eayy an t e mar et Assorted .. .. ....... 20 avaua .................. $""""foo .-.atiUJac urt .1. o aurre mar e con mues very h h I" generally exhibits a favorable appearance as v1ewed wt'th Selections .............. ..., @so .. 6 11" ..,! 90 qu1et, wtth hght rece1pts and only a hmited J. obbmg de" Homes ave t ey none. Nrw 1a,3 or .. ... s nd reference to the future. Contemnlated from the stand Frllrs ... ... ....... ,. fit Caliaectu:'QI ..... 35 mand. ExportF to Rio 2,598 lbs, received per RtchThat for special occa&mns a purposes tbe ex1genf th ... .._ Runmng Lota ...... ... @8 Ordfnary........... @ s d k d N r lk pomt o e pr....., .. t a .... s v e, a ell as brisker Selections ............. 20 @3o Cberoota IIIld u -<)@18 0o mon steamers 2,039 pac ages, an per ono steamCieS of the Revenue Bureau require, or can make advaodemand,_ia mo e 1 s to des as IIIIo Is a 04,_..,873 Crop sn .. .ff-Mat;coboy .. -86@go ers 22 packages. oL.- t d sk'llfr' Fillers. .. ...... 7 TJI .. ...:W 1 eo tageo IoUC setVJC!eS o trust an I ..., spect m:)re rem, priCes fOOds Ruqnlng Lots ....... o ..," un Y .. Sli@oo CINCINNATI, November 20.-Mr. F. A. Prague; agent or two is not to be denied But the that at Che yield ou mle profit, and"'at tn e worst, .. 15 @ = ::fl Leaf Tobacco Inspector, reports .-The market for of such a number, or a few more, is :tn entirely Iffeten h is w ofit at all. Runutur I.ota. 8 @o Olirnto pnces current last week. Okio seed not so firm, the date 0 ov bO IO, follows:EXPORT QtJOTATIOJfl. ;;} G." 430 11> =.::: offerings being of very cemmon and infenor sorts The ber -ran pot be made lhe npt to 10 of f.ur tobacc raiset;S too.k theu c,.,,,'"t a-K ... -crop c & A,. 37& ll>o. net. ..... 29Y. total offerings al auctton for the week were 422 hhds. crease the pre en u ber y, ml!a!eeH to othM,P.Iaps where 3!t<: and 10'" 'IVJ:'re asked, w e en mg ovem er 23, me u e t e will be app'rovet1, or n; advislrtile, that will subject tax-but left wtthout bu v yin I am alrtiost parties following cons1guments :-87 hhds and Oh10 cuttmg tobacco at k d 1 h 1 BRISTOL H B t' & B th b 2," 75 for common smokers to fine cuttmg leaf) 41 P ayers to greater ns s an annoyances tun t ose t 1ey askmg the latter pnce wtll get tt, as they are experts in .a Jer ro er, I so xs p1pes HAvANA Ve & B h 6 b 1 t b OhiO Seed at $2 Ss@r3 for common fillers and now endure. puttmg up t0bacco. They realized last year very nearly .-ga ern etm, ZI a es 0 acco; binders. the same figure for thetr tobacco, and 1t was no tobacco Sutro & Newmt..rk, 4<> do; V. Lopez, 85 do, F. Garc1a, MINOR EDITORIALS I44 do E Hoffi a & S d E p & c At the Miamt Warehouse, 61 hltds and 55 boxes: at all in comparison wtth thiS year's crop. m n on, 1 SI o, uig o 30 do F Garc a s L' t & s 6o hhds Kentucky and Obw cuttmg tobacco at It is_presu!Ded by he growers where the best tobacco t ro cases cigars; mmg on ons, 3 NEWSPAPER ENERGY.-The Duream (N C.) Tobacco -do H Ives 3 do W H 'I'homas & Brother 2 do @3o 75 for common smokers to fine cuttmg leaf; I was ra1se d thts year vteld wtll average about r,' ; Dlant has added rour columns to irs sheet, and gives 96 r.. Kunhardt & Co 47 do G A'tnswt'ck & Co d A bhd East Virgima at oo,-r hhd and 55 boxes Ollio c '' 6oo to 1, o cas we but t bacco, I think, ., 1 o; h f bet'ng a lt've go-ahead J'ournal S Rosenbaum & C d G w F b d p d Seed at for fillers and binders to good ot er stgns 0 wtll not_y1eld abQve I,ooo to r,roo to the acre. o., I o; a er, 10 o; ur 1Y BALTIIIIORR.-The wide-awake and active tobacco S;,amsh.-A mal ked .improvement upon the transac-& Nicholas, 6 do, V. Lopez, do; Acker, Merrall & wrappers. r Condit 2 5 do 2 d p k & T'l' d At the Morns Warehouse, 70 hhds and boxes: trade of the Monumellltal City, again deserve our smcere t10ns of the prevtous week was observable m the Havana cases plea ura; ar 1 or 21 cases cl'ars 1 do c d R G 70 hhds and 2 boxes Kentucky and Oh1o cutting tobacco t hanks for generous atronage. The liberal spirit that leaf,market at the lose .of busmeas for the period under o 'P1 a ura; aymon arcta, I case r smkg tobacco at oo, for common smokers to fine cutting dtctates this latter can not but conquer the prosperity it review, the repqrted sales amounting to r,soo leaf. sr:/%t<:hly "There is that that scattereth embracmg, among some cho1ce ve1as .,t.$t.oo@.fot i! EXPORTS. At the Planter's 4 8 hhds: 4 8 hhds Kent! d d t h th" re k h G dB k d a d d 1 8 fi '(hat From the p ort of New York to foretgn ports for the au oa aB ye ennc e mar s t e oo oo an n upwar s, mes as ow as 7 c an rom to !)OC. tucky and Ohw cuttmg tobacco at for the aphonsm applies to ccmmerce as well as to morals. Charles E. Ftscher & Brother, Tobacco Brokers, Igi week encimg November were as follows : common smokers to fine cutung leaf. Of course we belteve that judicious newspaper support Water Street, report as follows :-Compared with the ANTWERP-I 2 4 hhds. 1.. can never impoverish. prevwus there was a dectded fl\lling off m the vol BREMEN-3 19' cases. DANVILLE, VA, .Lvovember 20.-"Messrs. Pemberton lime or bU!Iln 8 tlone, brith fltr liome trade and export, C!KNFUEGOs-6,385 lbs mfd. & Penn, Tobacco CommissiOn Merchants, report:AN HGNORKD NAME.-We nottce that H. Nolting, B hh,., 6 lb fd s 1 t 1 h d 11 h d I ,.. t.he total sales not exceedrna I,200 cas;es_ A most OLIVAR-2 us, s m : mce our as report our sa es ave gra ua y c ange SOD of tile well-known A. W. Noting, who diJ busmess .,..,. r D Of of which was for shtppiTig. The fom;wln" are the de UNEDlN AND WELLINGTON-s7,6u lbs mfd, r case from old to new tobacco. the former there IS now for many years in Richmond, Va, as a dealer and exo 1 h' a ,., b fi d tails. Connecticut crop, I873, I Io cases wrappers at ctgars scarce y any t ouere .. recetpts emg con ne Porter of V1rgtma leaf tobacco, has recently decltned G SGO hhd 1 1 1 t h 1 tt p r th' h I8@3SC; Connecticut crop, 187o, 3 0 5 cases do at 1 rc, LA w-9 s. near y exc ustve y o t e a er. nces Or IS ave the sale of manufactured goods and again resumed hts 7 50@8 50 ; medium Shtppmg leaf SO@ I I; good shtppmg do $rr.5o@I2 so; med1um manufactur mg do 11 so; good to fine manufacturmg do $13 @I7; medium bnght wrappmg Leaf $20@30; good do do S35@45 ; fine and fancy do fso@8o. Wednesday, Nov r7 -Recetved; 29 hhds, aga1nst 42 the prevtol sweet Offerings have been very ltght, wtth on the Saturday and Monday. There IS no change m pnce. Good sweet fillers firm; but common and unsound dull. Sales T1 ursday, Fn. day and yesterday comprised 34 hhds. $3.1o@4 7o; 4 at 8 at f>7@S7.9o, 2 at 3 at @9.35; 8 at $1o@ro 7S 4 at I at $r3; I at f;r&; J at S16, and 8 bxs at f; In the same t1me 1 hhd was passed, and bids were tejected on 15 hhds at f>5.20@13. 7 S To-day, qutet and unchanged. Sales 5 hhds at f>4-70, :$6,' $9.20 and and 9 bxs at $3.80@7 so. 1 hhld was passed, and b1ds rejected on 3 hhds at 4o@r.7 o. We quote -Iufenor and light we1ght hhds lugs at f>4 so, factory lugs $4 o:>@ s.oo, planters do, f>S so@7.oo;. common dark leaf, 50, medlllm sJuppmg ]eaf, SO@II.oo, good shippmg do, $; medium manufacturmg do, fro; good to fine manufactudng do,-$13 o c @ 17.oo, medtum bright wrapping leaf, oo@3o.oo, good do do to $45; fir.e and fancy do, SKILES in PennQlvania Leaf 'rohaooo, -61 aaa 88 North Dllke St., Laaoaater, Pa. --,-...-


NOV. 24. FOREIGN. AMSTERDAM, Oct 30 -Messrs. Schaap & Van Veen, Tobacco Broke1 s; report : 'fhe salea. of ]a"a tobaCCC for the week just ended aggrepteJ' I 1,357 oaJes qf Java 496 of Sumatra toi:Jacco. A good deal of the avawas good and offine quality, whtch as usual was well paid for. The common quahty was neglected and g1ven off at lower terms. Sales of Maryland were limited to 25 hhi:ls. As the year comes to 1ts close !he arnvals are al5o restncted, a.llld we have only to ment10n 441 bales of Java tobacco. Stock to -day-4o8 hhds Maryland, 1,772 bales R1o Grande, 71501 boles Java, (Monkeys' hair), n,616 bales Java, and 293 bales Su matra ANTWERP,' October 29.-Mr. V1ctor Forge, Jm. porter of Leaf Tobacco, reports.-Our market bas been for months enurely without any inte re st. The small crop of I874 added to the h1gh prices rulmg m America for all grades, prevented mostly all of our tmport\;r S of tob'acco from sending out orders to America Only about JOO hhds of t874 crop made thetr appearance here, of which 100 hhds only have been offered for sale The whole business of the year ruled o n resales of old tobacco from speculators' hands to home consumers. has..Bot.h o httle Amencan tob acco receLVcd here as durang ,the past and if p Qt:es had mgh mu c h longer, our manufacturers who se flostjy, G1rr:nan, lqd1an, anc;l tob j q a l!l J. eft th e d l of Jl. tea o t f!U nately )1lere. seems f to e a re actiOn A vtces rom Amenca n;poved a a !, a1111 o arket followethmg, previous pnces bemg mamtamed v11th d1fficulty. Imports of unmanufactured tobacco for month endec:i JISt Ocl ., 1873 I0,299 J46 lbs, 1874, 8,794,72I lbs, 1875, St-497,9J6 lbs Ten months -ended 31st Oct., r8:73, 71,389,848 lbs; 187'4, 68,97r,6o:z 'bs, I875, lbs. Jiome consump tion of unmanufactured tobacco for the month ended JISt October, I873 J,cj)1,2JZ l bs; 1874, 4 042,795 lbs 1875, 4,071,969 lbs Ten months ended 31st Oc;.tober, r873, J7,117,965 lbs, I874, 37.999,218 lbs; 1875, J8,8J6, 538lbs. Exports of unmanufa.ct ured tobafCO for the month ended JISt October, r873, 1,::zo4,:15Jl lbs, I874, I,48I,-788lbs; I87S l,:n?,tll9 lbs. Ten months ended 31St October, I87J, 12,7J6198r lbs, r874,1 13,740 ,J89 lbs, 1875, u,266,7u lbs. Unmanufactu ed tobacco in bonded warehouses on JISt Qctpber, 1873, 82,820,48'3 lbs, 1874, 971oos1ss:z lbs; J-175 8f,too,693 lbs. The above tables skow that in tlie past ten month& home cont -TOBACCO LEA..I sumpttpn had wiDle __ L..didn't of ter= had decreas'd 40 25-roo, ex1 ots r8 so-roo per cent. backer," sa1d a prisoner m Sprmgfield Mass, )US1 as he and stocks rs Jtj-100 er cent co m ar cd wtb cor 1 was l eavmg co urt. no proof been produce.d IN & Ule Lon .ue all comm< ;m, an d pe.rhaps on the same fJ!rm. don W()rld: -"Tiie smokets efEdmburglnhou look ro Any bu.ld ng whtc h will protect the tobacco from ime lt. Accordtng to the summary ofIhe new Edlnl-lurg h me t weather( and 'will ad mtt ont,1nue wnhout change, col9ry descnpt10ns only asked for. Cavendish has bee in 1ttU e demand, but AN EXPSNSIVE is sa1d that not long since Mtf:a HuSllel !l Khan entertamed the Sli b of Pers1a as hi s house in Teheran for a whole day. The Shalt and received muy presents, I:z,ooo i111 cash for 1mself, and jewels and roo Cashmu shawh foP his ladies. The entertainment cost H,ussein Khan 2o,oo o The' Shah never visits any one withou t ex pectmg to receive ,Presents. Among the people whom he VISite d in Europe there may be some who dtd not at the llme think of gLVmg monel or jewels or shawls. It IS sttll tim e t o forward thetr donatiOns to Persta, any thing handsome or dear wtll be thankfully recerved. A MOUTHFUL EOR CIGAR SMOKER:i.-Tbe products of the combustiOn of tobacco, tf the combustion were complete, would be carbomc acid ammonia, and water, process of smokmg, however, most of the tobacco IS rather than burnt, and the pt oducts of this disullatwn are qutte numerous and complex. Vohl and Eublenburg, after burmng 150 c.:tgaa, recogmzed wuh dtsunctness, m the smoke, cyanhydnc acid, sulphuretted hydrogen, certain actds of the fatty actd series, namely, form1c, acehc, propwnic, butync, and valenanic, also carbohc actd and creasote, pyridm, picohn, colhdnt, and other stmtlar alkal01dso They found also ammoma, m trogen, oxygen, and small quant1lles of marsh gas and earbohc o:x1de. PHILADELPHIA RESPONDs'.In spite offhehctpate ptfstHi e111itliffg mcll smtil shall be aid the burden of HE ARWINIAN THEORV OF S'ELECTION -A little advent of Messrs. Moody and Sal)k l;y, w.,e a e to proymg that the be st re med1al means are used.' Bravo, five-year-old fnend, who was a l ways all o wed to choose Jearn hat Q.Ur frie'n(}s.. fmind .Dnie to 1Wuoi\(L
em to change the regard whic'fJ ou Phtladelpht 'JVeek a fire occurred m the rear of No. 256 Delancey fnends evidently entertarn (or TH;E L""l!'.Ao W 1rutl Street, IJ.lllret sto11.y brick b\ltl g, occup1ed as a tobacco that no conduct on our. patt ltereafter Joif< 1t thrs b:r ,Davld Bucbpu, The engines arnved esteem. The tobacco tr,ade of our stster ctt m 1ght of promptly, and the :flamu speedrly extnguishe,d course, be more prosperous, but it t so :firt'hly estabThe damage to stock .Is estimated at J2,ooo, nil to the hshed that 1t can p a ttently awa1t the passage of present butldmg at Broadhurst, charge wttH cl o uds 1 nd th'e-d-a'Wtt ,gt-nr( ,.. 9 s was exammed before b e hastened by eyery effort 1n out power. ...:. -'Unlfed States Shields, and honorably d1s PHILADELPHIA, -PA -A M Hopkms, Tot-acco Manu ti:uge.d. tt.e.l'v1ayfield (KyJ 'Momfor says We a e factUr e r aDj:) I (t of-and aler m C 1gars, 6JI AT Hr PosT-The of so an 4,mer t o s sb'lia Boaz, of B o az ,S.tat10 Arch_ S reefi can as Vtce ':5j n m tbe, '-t Ills h:t the 1JIW' tun!1 is large tobacco factory by aFJd engaged e' etvices was firy on urd:iy mg t. The depot, which was COil Chanlfes in Business. rendenng tjS co'ljntry, can not but rmpress even tP.e most nected w1th the factory was also burned s.Mr.-Boy ---careless of all P.arties Self made, in the common had h 1 s factory the Home Insurance Com .t;)1 lg t conc, err>eq ) & the butglary. wei e arraigned a t tlie Street t o r89 West Street. Answers to -u rPe t .Paltc.e Court and were remanded p C E T ._ T .,.-r..., g HILADELPHrA PA.-A. M. Frechte 1gar ManufacDITOR Oll]f>.CCO .<..I!AF O"L1nJ ., uvf Chicago The fo! lowmg report of: the of a meeting of "the Tobacco Trade of Chtcago, called to take appropnate in reference to the sorrq'ilfu L ent, has been for to us for pubhcatLOR :-A meet ng of the Tobacco Trade was held Wednesday, NE?Vll ber117, af ro A M, at the office of J. Friedman. George H1bb e n was called to the chair, and W P Russell ap pomted secretary. The cbatrman explamed the ob ject of the meeting to be to make arrangements to at ten d the funeral of Chas. W!Tth, who dted at hts resi dence, No 539 Mtchigan Avenue, Monday, Nov eml:ier r 5, and to pay su itable rE-spect to his memory. On motion of Mr. Jacob Metzler, Samuel G. Spaul d!ng,Andrew Pearson and F. W. Ruffner were appomted a oommi t tee to draft suitable resoiutions They sub mitte d the followmg, which were unammously adopted. Whereas, Death has invaded our m1dst and taken fr o m among u s our highly esteemed, noble and generous hearted fnend, Charles W utb; transactiOn.' : Resolved, That m hts death the Tobacco Trade of Chi cago and the country has lost one of its brightest orna ments, and that we bear our testtmony to his many ster PREPARATION OF PLANT BEDS IN CoNNECTICUT.-H ling and noble qualiues Courteous, brave and kind m H. White writes in the Country Gentle .. e "W E every relation of life as a friend, true as steel ; as a E., Beverly, Ky p 648, asks for m Hnahd&l on .the merchant and busmess man, the soul of honor and m mode of preparing tobacco plant beds m Co nnec llcut, tegrity. No taint or susrictOn ofwrong-ever s ullied his where tobacco is on a large scale. Tht\ same fair name mode of prepanng plant beds, where lp.rge s 'Ire R esolved That whtle we mourn with and tender our grown, IS pursued by both small and growe s, ind condolence and respect to his bereaved wife, we rej01ce that has b ee n repeatedly described In this journal )anl:l with her that he has left a legacy beyond pnce-an un was so done m the number for April 22d last, a few and spotless marne. weeks pnor to the first appearance of this same ques Resolv ed, That the S ec retary is mstructed to forward tton. The only vanation I am aware 'of IS in occupying a cop} of these resolut1ons to hts famrly, and also the less land proportionately to beds where fifteen to twenty datly papers. GEO. HIBBEN, C!la1rman. acres are grown, than where only two or three are cultt Advertisements. W. J. JlOODLESS. C E. TAYLOR Late of Kentarr W. J. HOODLESS & COU!IOQLftBAcco lteceiving 8v Forwarding Wa.Nhouses, Foot of Van Byke and Partition Sts., Brooklyn .. Bdl atl '.1 obacco care Nabonallnspoctioo. W1JU&JD St., l'llo y,l PartiU-It., FOR SALE. A Fresh Supply of 100,000 PouMds Genume Flavor, tor SMOKING fOBACCO 1n figures 145 147 and 14101 S Charles Street B a 1t1more, Md I CASH I EXl'liSTLVUU CIGA.RS,Iu aoy quantlly, PURCHASED FOR CASH, 1! at Low Flcu...,a 1,000,000 CI&ABS AT !.'BOtti 112 TO 113 Per Thousand WANTED l'MMEDIATELY." W. P. PAR.RJ:SGTON, Jobber oCCipre, P. 0. LOCK BOX 81.4. us D7u Street, Provtdence, R L [558-570) I FOB. SA:J:...E. 336 CASES 1873 SEED LEAF TOBACCO. The lot contams 235 cases Fme Wrappers, 96i caSI!I Billdert, balauca lUI--. This Leaf bas b een aelected from T..,nty five TIJoqeaDII. C.. --...t Ia W tscoasin, wu packed and assorted in our warehouse and 11 well adapted for C1gar Manufactunng We feel confident there has n o t been a lot of Wiaeoaaall To1>&c:co equal to oun offered in the markets 18'ro ->-Ji'. Pllll'IDR.ICH & CO., Janesville, WIL Maryland and Sound Kentucky Strips Apply at thu'l o.ffie, or to sss-ot J. H. FROST & BR11Ji8"\V1CK. TOBACCO FACTORY, n e a r Manchester, England ) 1 Tobacco Business And thoroughly competent, deolreo alitllatleo u TRAVELING SALES MAN for a responllible Seed Leaf Houar-, or Weateru Sohcitor for an Eutern Commi1s1on Tobacco HfU.Ie Best f referene9 AddreM A. 0. H. Oh!o, IIA!'" I W H RusSELL, Secretary vated. The culuvators of tobacco in Connecticut who As truly satd m these resolutions, i n the death of thts grow five to seven or e1ght acres, are few and far be-Sm, okin.g r-J_.,O baCCOS, upnght manufacturer and merch ant, tobacco trade, tween, and those few have too much busmelis on hand not only of Chtcago, but of the entire country, has met to make much'use ot the pen. Havmg never grown a w1th a gnevous loss. Among-tke most prominent, be quarter of the number of acres, m a single se,.,son men was also among the most esteemed members of the trade noned by W. E E., I can only state .!rom observatwn, at the West ; and wherever be was known the intelli-compared with my Itt tie expenem:e. Beds to grow plants gence of hts demtse will be received wllh profound for twenty-five acres-! say beds, for Lt is customary regret. From private commumcations which we have and advisable to have more than one bed m dtffetent Jo. seen we learn that, though for several weeks in poor cations to insure a suffictency of plants.2.requrre from qealth, Lt was not unt1l wtthm two or three days .of hts fifteen to twenty square rods of ground. We do not decease that a fatal termination of hts complamt was have virgm soil for our plant beds, but are obliged to And even' up to the very last rroment of make use of other arable sot!, selecting th a t whtch we h1s life, some of his most sangume and lovmg fnends had Judge to be must appropnate R1ch sorlts necessary, strll hopes of h1s recovery. Fate, however, had o rdained there IS such a thing as bemg too nch, but s om e what otherwi se, a nd aftn a severe struggle and much suffer unlikely. The ground IS covered one to two mches mg he passed away, as stated above on the 15th deep w1th the best partly decomposed horse stable instant, at about half past four o'clock. manure, and mixed in the sot! of the beds to the depth MANUFACTliRED BY STRAITOH i STORM, 178 a 180 Pearl Street. DlT I'IES O:'V FOREIGN TOBA.CCOS AND CJ.G..lR8 -Foretgn Tobacco, duty 35C p e r o ound, Foreign C1gar s $l per pound anrJ 25 per cent, ad t Hriorem lmport,. d C1gars a "0 beotT an Internal Revenue tax of$6 perM, to be pilld by' at the Custom Hoose (h e venu e :a:,) as amended Ma r c h 3 t87s. Th e i.mport duty on manufactured tobacco u ,!OC per lb Leaf stemmed, 3SC 1 Stems, t.S,c.;: per pound, Scraps, 30 per cent acl valorf!Ht J n add1boo. to th1s duty, Revt""nue t:l x an the same kmd of t o b 1cco in this ountry must liC pa1d lhe tobacco must a lao be pacKed according to the replahous govcrnmg tobacco Blade. here--FOREIGN DtJTIE!I ON TOBACCO,' ID A111trla, !'ranee, Italy and Spain the tobacco commerce lmonopoll&ed by goyemmenl, under d1redson of a Rep e. In Germany the dutyc-.o Amer .. ica.n leaf tobacco is 4 thalers per too llls, In Belgtum the impoat i1 reckonod after deducting t! per cent. for tare. The duty is 13 franc, centimea tS 40gold)per 100 K1logrammee (tao lbo. eqnal IUlo) (a Holland the duty 11 J8 ceola. gold, per 100 lr.Jlas. (:180 Amencan pouoda being equal to 127 ktloa) In Jtuu!a tiE dutJ on leaftobaccols "'rouble kepeka per pud; on smoking tobacco a6 rou 40 C(lp. per pud, And on cJpn s roo 20 cop per pud. Thti '' pud" la equal to about 36 Ame(lcan Jbs. Ia Tu: rt.ey the duty ia .50 ceo.ta.. ,oldfr n Amedcan ounces. .... u .. 10 li ;n' l COPE'S TOBACQ PLANT--A l 'K>N,'J'HLY JOURNAl tor Public bed ai N(J. 10 Lord Nelson slioe t L tlhrpo o l :ling 111.nd wnere aubiiCTiptions may be adtlltiiAd, OJ:!ito Ul LEa s.. Pnce two ahilliDga tEDglisb) per aDD.IIJD, .. i Mr Wirth was born at Gtessen, Hessen-Darmstadt, of SlX mches-the manure LS welL fined before plowmg Germany, m 183r, and m 1852 emigrated to th1s down-somettmes hght apphcatwns are made late m country tn company with h1s schoolmate and late th e fall and the groun'd plowed, and m sprmg, partner, r. A. On arriving here, and sttll but more commonly manure Ls on y apphed m the spnng, attended by hts hfe long compamon, he entered as clerk the ground bemg fall plowed. ur best cult1 vators use the great lobacco manufactory of Gail & Ax, of Balti more or less guano on the plant lle d, after plowmg down more, where he remamed several years, or until 1865, a coat of stable manure. Some sow SlX pounds of wher> he wen to Chicago, and, ML Beck, founded guano to the rod, some two or thret-times as much, de the firm bearing their names. -:Pros.E..erity., as si_j1;nal as it pencl,ing UJ?On the soil and other cLTcumstanc es St tes Trade A.dvertiMmenta, 20 ahlllinga per Inch No adYertisem.ent s (. for a rhorter penod than ah mon.tba. Machille1')" for Ei.le, Dueiness Al !\nnounoe ment8, & No tor "'o11.1! J \1 w' &ldet .. ..t unles s accompanied by the c rl'eqJODdiDg amount "' lnv&nablybe &dhere E. WLtthaus, H Wag-po p ular busmess houses m Chtcago of brush on the beds has gone past, generally, and the ll'llOJI TinS DATE OUR IU.TII:.S FOR ADVER.TIIm9 ner, C. Vocke, G. A. Schle ns, G 0 Gorter, M. Tate, L By that ternble conftagrat10n, whtch brought desola beds are manured and guanoed m mstead. Beds are IN ALL CASEs WILL INVARIABLY DE All Muller, F. \Vilkens, G A Von Lmgen, T. Von Dartch, tio n to the cny and rum to thousands of her citizens, made m wtdths to sutt circumstances, bemg convenient POLLOWI: J M. Cohn, H Lantz, F. Schlens, F. Kremelberg, C. the firm of Beck & Wrrth, hke so many others m artd tCil stretch a plank across, supported by a ratl at each ONE SQUARE 114 NONPAREIL LINES), Marburg, E. E. Wenk, H Arens, F Feigner, E Geyer, out of the tlJbacco lost In t,beu first end, on wh1ch to s1t while weedmg ,So far a s I am" Ol'rE E Hogend01f, G W Gall, Wm. Seemuller and H. Ntc moments of codstemallon Lt appeared to them as 1f aware, a tableapoonful of seed IS_ s o wed broadcast on DO. DO. THREE MONTHS to.::; ()h. 'On mullan Mr. Hodges .was elected chatrman, and tbetr enttre fortune WJS swallowed up m tbe tlames, each squar:e rod of bed, bemg rolled. I need not say _, W W. W1lkins seretary. The meetmg was addressed and they te !eg lv Jv.1:essrs. Charles F. Tag & .Soa, thal the su:rface of bed ts made clean of all roots and DO. DO. THR.EE MONTHS 17.00. by Messrs. Gorter, Ga1l, Vocke, Seemuller and others of th1s cuy, \Ylih wholl) they dealt largely, askmg addi the hke, which will interfere m after-culture and TWO SQUARBS 1 8 LINES), On m o tion of Mr. Seemuller a commtttee of stx was ap-tiona! credits and the pnvtlege of drawing upon them t.he surface soLI made the finest poss1ble wrtb an or 0V:. TWO .1:t:t. pomted by the cliatr, cons1stmg of Messrs. W. Seemul-for money. The answer rece1v.ed by the embarrassed steel-toothed rake, before the seed IS sown. The after DO. DO. TlfKEl!:MONTos 3li.OO' ler, G 0. Gorter, G W Gall, G. A. Von Lingen, J D. tradesmen was In l}li, Cllitu re consists clean of weeds, and wtll be FOUR SQUArl:its6 NONPAREIL LINES!, K.remelberg, H. Arens, B. M. Hodges, ex-officw, to rna follows :--," Oroet' all he tobacco ana ora "X-fq 1111 or n labor, as the ground 1s more or Jess o;v:m: TWI> CO.Jo"';IIINS, -ture and 1leteruune upon a plan by whtch exponers and money y<>u want." The mc1dent-ts mentton'ed he e weedy; :about' regular weedings all usually bb. DO. THRE&-MON'ftls- 60 0 .. factors maJ obtaiJJ mucll needed redress from the cry-to show how boundless was the confiden-ce the integrity g tverl, s th.ere is but little 'chanc e f r 'We ds to rrrow l'mST PAGE RA.TES I b h h d h f b f h fi h d -.t J tt 4JQllkllEL WIDE COLli .. S, mg a uses w !c perva e t e mspechon o to acco m o t e rm a _1ospu .... m ll06C' J.iLD -i&ne.w:,them 1lm. after the plants get started. The g1[owin11: 05JQ YJ!lo\R' .1o e1u.oo. the State, and to report at a future meetmg, at whtch Happily m thts mstance they needed, after iii, but lnIe "' suflictency of plan t s depends so much on c Ircum 04!QU:A.RES OVEBl TWO WID COLUJIIII "' QNE VEAH -aoo.oo. iecervers, and planters are expected to be help beyond own re'Sources; which proved. fu be stances tlladt is exceedingly d1fficult to approxnDate It; Tllll.ltaSQUARES,OVER 'l!WO COLV.Bl!(ll, present. We understand thaf tile trouble IS that as the and have continued ample, some 1.-:;-.; .. o or thret: umes as much as ONE YEAR, -ol&o.oe "' .,... U"l'IO 01'1 THIS PAGE TA.KJLJI mspectors are now appomted by the State, mere politt-Mr. Wuth was married in I863, and hts domestic re others, and do it better, whtle working for the same wages 'JI'OR LESS THA'W Olli-E YKAR PAYABLE PliLLY m .&Do h k h b d I J h h J d h 1 VANCE. NO DEVIATION FROM THESE TERMS, craos w o now not tng a out our tra e are se ected to at tons wu t e a y w o rs now tb.e sufferer by so-that the most we can tell Is the result of each mdivtd UTES the pos1tions. Our the general bereaveme11t, thougb Wilii8ut i$sue, of uaJ1s expenence. Plants cun generally be purcha,sed ONE LINES), 1ze an assoc1atton and dommate the s1tuauon by bnpgthe sweetest and most devoted Prrzmg hiS at SI pe'r 1,000, and'some s,ooo are required to the acre -ing a strong inB.uence th bear on th: and] honor above all other eartltly ebacco CUring bam, 1 Will only aay, tiere, that 1zed effort and the proper expl'odtture.of money, w11J. one With no acquamtances but fnends." ous style&, from a boarded hovel to L uite expensive I-PAGE, ONE V&.UI\ eu.-q .april 17, 111'8.


... ...,. --l'BE 'iOBA.CCO LEA.J', NOV. 24: Y. Oommtllllion Mereb,.: J JlX. FORMAN. DOHA!, UABBOLL & co:, CituXk wrca:WIII. WICKE tc CO., A. ao&SLJta. MARTIN & MANUFACTURERS OF 79 FRONT STREET; :M. J. DOHAN. THOS. CARROLL. BO Bet,WALL&TR&BT&JIDOLDSUP, 15_5, 157, 159& 16t Goerck st, Tobacco Commission Merchants, N:&IV\7 BULKLEY MOORE & CO. VIRGINIA Tobacco Commilien Commission Merchants, FRONT STREET, p,o .ao:z: ..._ NEW YORK. -f Ata t e s for J P ... & CO.'S GOLD FLA..KE. F c. LtMDa. G F LtMDB. f YORK Toa1cco INsPEcTioN 1 TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. I CertlAcat;, c ; F. C. LINDE tc CO., lliCJIPAL Water Street. and 182 t o i>llahed, In 48 &. 50 Eaol Sec:ond St., 1 'EX PRIES & BROS 18 ., OHIO. MANUFACTURERS OF II B W T O B. IE: HAVANA CIGAR FLAVOR. Dluolved t oz. in oDe .pilon ofWbiek:r aedsprinklcd on the gives to the most common articles tbe flavor.n/the finest Havana. ctnrs. PRIC::E ..... ... llftttle .. ., 4-,Ji;RANCIS S. KINNEY'S PATENT IIPBOVEJ). TOBACCO COlTER. This improved Maehlne for cuttina Tobacco ia con atnu:ted wltla a olngle ltftife workktgupon inclined bearlop, and operating with a 1lldinl' ahear cut upon the tobacco, whk:b Ia placed in a b o x with aides at right aaglel and bottom paraltel wltla s ai d knife. This machine will cut any ltlnd ef tobacco, anll cut it perfectly. Plul', TwiatJ Perique in Carrotta, and any similarly hard prepared tobacc::os can be cut In tlleic" hard state', without an7 cuing, an, other moisteciog to aofte1 them, It makes no shorts, can be run by hand or steam pow er, requires no skill to op erate It; ita construction of the mosttubstaotial Stiod, alov. t o wear and diflicult to disord e r Price of machine com. plete with Press {bo x 4 .uo ioches), t410 net cash OFFICE: 141 WEST BROAD ,. WA.Y, NowYo.rk. :-:. n.-Thc attention o( or :u:u\ Turkish, aod aH Tolxlc c os, Straight Cuts. Crit.:h t L :'l.r. tr. etc., fd puticulo.rl:r cal!td. to nnc hinc. JIELME. G. REUSENS, F. & A. McALEER & CO., BUYER OF MANUFACTURERS OF THE ...... .. TOB .ACC o, RAIL"" ROA;Q MILLS 148 S'treet, 015 MOAD STREET, Maccaboy Snuff, French Rappee Snuff, nw "YORK. BEWYoaJL Amerca G t S ff S t h Snuff, !Jfx ANDER IM AlTL AND. .:..a.F. S,fMACLEH :0 CH.ARLES B. F ALLKNSTK!N & Co.,) ALSO oa.u.,... CO.JIUD.l.SSlon Merchants, DOMESTIO NO. 44 BROAD ST Via: Rail Road, Our Choice, Colorado, Uncle Tom, Navy Clippings, Black Tom. taa Water and 85 Pine Sbl., N.Y J. CHAS. APLLEBY. Fer Pri c e List Address or app!7. S.' above. GEO. W HELliiB AND JMPOB.T&U or D.]. Garth, l t'O' REIGN TOL.4CCO, NEW YORK 176 Front Str:; YOU. :r. QVI!I A 00., .co. BP CAJ.JPORiJl SAWYER, WALLACE & co., TOBACCO PAGTORS I FACT_RRIES \oMMISSION MERCHANTS w d v 1 SAN GILROY. 11 estern an trgm1a Leaf, All Ofgirs and Tobacco Kanufactured by u are of CALIFOUIA GltOll'ND LW, No. 47 Broad Street, i39 BROAD STREET. CURED BY THE CULP PROCESS P. 0 BOX s,ror, :NEW YORK. Our Cigars are finer in than ar.y made in the United States, of American Gro!th NEW YORK. Tobacco, and a r e pronounced by competent judges equal to those imported from Havana, T JIIJJIAS JJlflfiCUTT 1 while our prices compete with the better class of Dometic Cigars. SMOKING TOBACCOS. ., w. T A TG II BORST I DNTll'CltY and. vmGIJnA. The Smoking Tobaccos manufactured by this Company are perfectly pure, possessiac & TO:BAANDCCO Leaf Tobacco, DIP'l'H &1!.4 Dm.ICAC! or ruvoa UliSUVASSI:D, while they conlain LESS NICOTINE, th.1n tobacco cured by any other known pr11cess. GDWL umm. No. 52 BROAD STREET, t ,. JJDGAB. BIUGGS, Ageat, 88 BROAD STREET, NEW YORK. Office and Salesroom, No. 207 Front Street, .San Francisco, Cal. GEO P. NASH, NEWYO:R ____________ 1PRESCOTT BURBANK:. BURBANK & NASH, FATMAN &; CO., C9tton and Tobacoc. Factors, }ID CCMl\USSION MlJRCHAN1l"SI '\'A' Ill. D BROAD STREET, tlOiill' TOBACO. O AND GIIWL U BBOAD. 8'1'.1 K. M. SALOMON, E. S.ALOMON.O lVI. a E,. SA.LOMOIV, PACKERS OF SEED LEAF, AND IIIPORTEB.S OF Havana Tobacco and ... 85 MAIDEN Ll\NE.._ N.Y. ..... 6 ... Virginia P P!s who1e a.nd J( C..CU.. 91d Neds Choice, Xs, "''' P. Fs. VirgaAia. Beauties, 31 ... aad ,... D. C. Mayo & Co., Navy lba. f".umer's Da.ahter, aod D C Kayo&: Co., Navr, Xs. aud Ks, P. P.,ia wbola. Salli e Willie, 2 aad.sPhagTwilt. "' a.nd J( caddies. Sallie Willie, Fig. D. C. Mayo & Co.,_,s, 45, and soa. Invincible, Fir. W. J. Gentry &: Co. Nny, J(o X a, J(a, P. P'a, Orlen tal, Flg,1a tfa foil, X lb. bozea, and Lonlf oo'o. Charm, 6-i n c h Twist, in tin f:OU. X caddleli. Maro& K.nlcht. Navy, }{s, .-'(s, P .P't. Atoor..., Charmer, 6 and u-incb twlat.. 1 Lu.cious Weed, u-onchpiDJI 8K0KIJI'G. In bap of1a, X a. J(a, alld Xolbo. IUGIII DD BOIS, CDOISSB IIBCmT. C h>s Henry, Jr. 9-lncla lipt p......_ Gold Bug. Virgiol&'a Cbolce. lbs. .. eRK. VEGA c\!; BERNHEIM, JMPOaTaaa or HAVANA TOBACCO NEW !OiL MANUEL RIVERA, lMPOJI.TER. OF :a: A. 'VAN A. TOBACCO Brand .. A. C. Y." AND CIGARS, BraZil "CAI.\NNA.B. V1 WAIDBK :IIAJIJI. OW YO:&K. F. MIRANDA & CO. N. LACHENBBUCB & No. 164 Water .Street, New York, IMPORTERS OF BAV.lll LEAF TOBACCO AND OF 'I'HB JIR.AND OF' HA YANA It DOMEST.fC CICAR8 RITICA," -H.J Pearl st. llfew York. Leal' Tobacco. ANTONIO CONZALEZ, M. OPIPENHEIMER & BROl UU'OBTEB. OF DEALERS IN IJVIUI ltaf IJbletD7 SEIED, LEAF ARD HAWANA AND TOBACCO, l L CARVAJALs CIGARS, 138 WATER STREET 1 .6,. W ""ii:R ST NEW YORK, JIEW YORK,


, NOV. 24. JACOB BIIKILL, CIGAR. BOIES, SUPERIOlt MAll AND Pr1me Ouallty of CEDAR WOOD, 293, 295 & 2w: Monroe. I ; NEW YORII(. WM. EGGERT 1c co. IMPORTJ:llS OF HAVANA AND DEALEltS IN SKID LIAP TOBACC[ 171 PEARLand78 PINE STS., lfEW YORK. IMPORTERS O F It DEA.LERS IN Leaf Tobacco, 162 Water st.,' Mew York. 1 -SCHMITT, c. J061:, 11. W. MIIDIL & JIRO., MANUFACTURERS OF CIGARS AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBA.CCO, BOWERY, NEW YORK WK Ull'iEW BOBS. and Oommissiom. Membaat& liS& a.A4 1186 Fronlt NBW YOBK. .ALL nwu:D- Leaf !obae for Export au l011t Ia Lear Tobacco baled In M'f peckap tV ..... to press for expo rt. CUTHRIE &. CO., 225 Front Street. I PALlJCF!'R. cfc S--IKPo:a T::S:B.S 0:1' SPA.NISB, AND JOBBERS (N ALL KINDS OF LEAF o. 1VO WATBB. STJU:BT, JIIBW 1t"0Jl&. L. PALMEII.. L A. H. !K.'OVll:.L.".:.. OOJOIEC'.ftC1JT SEED LEAF waAPPEB or OUB OWK 1'4CJU](G -HERMANN BATJER tc COMMISSION MERCHANTS &.. IMPORTERS OF CI.aLy pE!i ,. 77 W A 'rli:B. S'l'.. :N::S:'W YOB.E-WEisS, ILLER lc KAIPPEL, IMPORTERS OF AND U. S. S11lld Cigar Moulil. Oar Moulds are guaranteed. to be more DURABLE, ad at l eas t 21> per cent. "ll.eaper than any other Mould sold Oftlce and Salesroom, No ... 131 Water Street,M KAUFMANN BROS & BONDY, MANUFACTURERS OF PINE -CIGARS, 1SI8 c1f. 131 GJL&B'D STB.BBT, II'IIW 1t"OB.Jl. Sheet Metal Moulds T61s Ia the only Mou ld sa:ta)>le for Manufactur.c: of Fine Havaoa Cigan .. Tm is well kuown to be the best preservubve of lll.elicate aromas. The bao.chel produced by this Mould do nut tumlng, all no is shown. For C1rcb.lars, address ,,-, I UL'nll te' SEED LEAF TOBACCO, HAVANA-& DOMESTIC TOBAtCO. No. 6 B .URLINQ SUP, DEALERS IN Seed LeaC AND No. 86 MAIDEl( LA-NE, NEAR W.A:TERSTREE1.', NE'W-YO.RK, HAVANA TOBACCO, m STUE'l', m:w vou. YORK. OTTIIGD & BBQl_lllR} KENTtJCKY. LEAF _TOBACCO: 41 BROAD STREET NEW YORK. Importers anJ :Manufacturers of WM. ZIIISSBB. A 00., AXD SCOTCH MANVf'AtTV&SU 01' cIa l:le E r pes, TOBACCO SQLINO WAk, Heinri ch Goebel Soane, AM laptrien trG!Jceriae, tn,. has, &c. Gtaulnt lroHaiiHrodt Pipes, 1M Wii a .... WOI'IL lllaiden l.aae, K. T. CIGARS Aad lmporten of .DETROIT. 111(/B. AN The NERV,.E Is soldby Flnt-class Dealers HAY A LEAF TOBACCIL hroughoat the United States, and we claim it 71 .... _" ..1 -..... (0 be the "BEST" FINE-CUT TOBACCO that cau -ane, ...... T. -:.-----------be-ma-de_. T-be":""W-ho-le -a.le_T_rd Sp e c ial ty. EDWARD A. SMITH, A!IJ.IAIV'OB OIGU AO'l'OB1t". s. OR.GLEB., OF FOSTER HILsoN & co -rim iermaias, I Pine Sesars, ., Also, Proprietor of the Brand MANUFACTURERS OF FINE CIBARS "Cuba Li.bre o. 11 Bowery, NEW YORL 7S Chambers Street 297i & 286 GretnW10h St., New York ---------------3 DOORS WES'l' OP BROADWAY, -SANCHEZ HAYA & co. 8LACCUM E. M. FOSTER. EDW.A.RD HILSON. RUDOLPH WYI!fAN. I M..\NUFACTURBRS OF 130. 1SJI. 1.-84. IIIII.: -c 1 EsTABLISHED M:AlDENLANE.NewYorkt K, C, BARKER &, C0,1 MANUFACTUilKas u Manufacturers of the Cefebtatod FINIST CWR lU V ANA CIGARS AftOllXEY STBEET FtN-CUT TOBACCOS, JA<:Oa SCHLOOSU. NEW YORK .oVID IMPOKTBRS OP ::! '' AKERICAN EAGLE Havana & Leaf Tobacco. & AHD '' "' Aloo all other eradwo of "FREY BROS, & 0(), J SAN JULI A.N 9 lanllfaam of m Plf1 j lK!, _,.. f BIAMP OVRTAE k..:.. Aside from packing our "AMERICAN "IQ'4ftl) Cllll .... JtAGLE" awl "CLIPPER'" lu the usual 1 L f T o;..:d:.o'!,:' .Dealers in Lea! T aba.cco. ea o 1..-e co, nJc e ly in 0Ka OWNC& Tur FGU. PACIL\"\a s l.ltlf packed In .1{ and X 0.0.0 bozea. y 88 -all 8t ...._, 'W' .do trade. 44 eaew 8treet. -w York -., .... Chewing an.d Smoking Tobaccos, 53, 51., U '.JeenenAYe. ]S, COLT. SIMON MANDLEBAUM, Special. e PARKER HOLMES & C .O., Manufacturers of the Ce l ebrated N E .RVE And other Brands of M'\ aafacturer of Fme Cig, and Dealer la LEAP TOBACCO 88 MA,.DEN LAN.E, NEW YORK. VANUl"ACTURBJlS 0,. Fine l NO. 290 & 292 BOWERY, NEW YORK. T ABEL a, ROBRiiERG. RIVERA &. GARCIA, Manufaoteren of Mann!"acturers of FINE CIGARS, Saltaroom, lo. 171 PEARL ST., ow


I 'Philadelphla Act'verttsementa. .. It, co., Snuff, .. .. M'o. 1111 ST.,. ::E"'::EL11 A J.l>en a..-t. J-P. Marks, Alexander Ralpb, John W. Wood&lde, Samuel A. Hendrickso1> TEI.I,ER BROS., Packera, Commisaioa Merahanta, aDd Wholesale Dealersin Po:.alp and Domestic Leaf' Tobacco, 117 North Third Street, Philadelphia. L. BAMB"IRGER & CO., I IN' LEAF Manufacturers of all. Grades of Gigar.s u J 11 St.,_ Philadelphia, 3 r-M. E. MeDOWELL & CO., .Agents for the sale of all kind!! ot Manfactured and Leaf Tobaceos.:,B LEWIS BREMER'S SONS, Wholes-ale ia "LEAF" AND KANUFACTURED TOBACCO, NO. 3221 NORTH THIRD STRIU PHILADELPHIA. -. IOIVBR, GWFF' & COOK, l'ackers, Commission :ILtrch&nY, AP 'WJIOL,8I.AL& DLU.US Ill LIAP TOBACCO, IO$ N. WATER STREET. PBU.ADELPBIA. .e:. .... ..a.Jty In t.eaf r.. w ....... u ... I s' 9"1 .-_ 'I' li E '1'. 0 D A (J C 0 l.s E A Baltimore .Aclverttsem.eGt.. "WM. A. &C., FOR VTILlZeiG THE STiil:M FIIB IAYAIA r .. 24. Cincinnati Advertisements. .RICHARD :MALLAY .l".AMES}[.ALL A Y R. A LAYA8R, Dealers in LEAF TOBAtCO, lt:-l.. 163, & :Pearl Stret, :Betw een Race .... a Elm, ,OOI'l STREET,) OINOINNATL 0. S. LOllllENTHAL a 00., 'MANUFACTURERS .. -OF FINE. CIGARS, AND !>EALES IN LEAF TOBACCO, NO. 11'2 WEST STREET. CiNCINNATI, OHIO. 0 Utter 1 ESTABJ.:ISHED SWEETSER'S F A. The Most Perfect Machi11e in the World for all grades; of Fine-Cut, and Smoking. IN 'D'SE BY ALL FmST-CLASS HOVIIES. MANUFACTURED BY ROGLEN &. PEASE, DAYTON, OHIO. THOS. H. CHAL:MERS, -' &1 Beekman St., N .. Y. PRAGUE,. I CJDICUiltA'I'I1 ORJ01 PURE STANDARD SNUFFS, Manufactured by BROTHERS, 1Q SOU.'J}H .-RKET STREE/L'" DOSTON1 ltltSS. .:_ Southern Advertisem' e:.{ts. J9HN 'W STOl\IE, iole Owner and Mwufactnrer of ihe W cwlci-RODOWileG Bl'aGd s o f SplOk.ina: Tobacco, AND R. A. MILLS, TOBACCO BROKER Office in Tobacoo Exch-,.., Sltockoe SHp, :&IOHKOND. VA. ..


Nov: 24. SUTRO. & NEWMARK, ., JtCA'!flrJTACTUBEBS OF DE.ALBBS :EN A.F TO'lBA.C,. NEW YORK. 7 KERBS. & SPIESS Manufacturers of Fine Cigars, and TOBACCO, 35 New York, l L A t t d in every town_. and liberal f o r use ; "'ptac ti call1 fir root; C&eap ani. durable. 1 \ke tu':l:!, :nd cheaP.Jy n 'Rpofs of all Jn duce m ents + How to Yd ve ea she ec tht Nottee. to-da"t t ltluds," a 1.00 l'i!ge...Bpok be to anr ooe atating where I ey saw 15 a.n ..,..., QT,.. ... onFs NEW;ROOFS, 4l>(i. -" .... .u;a..-; f t ies and dwelling s a !'pectalt Protec t your using: Glines' Slate M 1 ll;s. ac or tt!!t' grtaat. Roof of P aint, wl uch n either in nor runs to sumc o cmitf aiotit'Dalfl-.iWrif(e mer. Olrl shingle roofs 4!an f>-e painted loo\.iog,much Gimes Rubh "' and butld better. otnd lasting loo_lfet than meW shlo.gles. without tOW"o& the paint. fOe o nef ourth flte cost of re sbmgbng. On t ienc ml decayed it fill &.UP the holes and p ores, and roofing to ..the world con,;::rance durability, .and gives a new suUstantial roof that Basts for yean. Curle d oombines the third ihe cost. foSTA.l... ;QARD DUNNING. -The following is cf inter est to our readers: To dun a debtor on a postal card has just been decided by the Su. preme Court of Ohio to be unlawful. The Court held that any thing; so written a!> 10 injure the reputation of any one is a crime. The decision w3S made in the case ot a who dunned a debtor for an oLd account on a postal card, and in that mamer maCle the matter public and to the detriment o f the h tier's credit elsewhere How TO CALCULATE INTER EST.--The following rules are so simple and so true, acc9rding to all business that they should be posted up for refe r ence. There being no such thing as a fraction in it, there is scarcely any liability to error or mistak;e. By no other arithmeticat process can the desired information De obtained by so few figures. Six Per Cent-mult iply any given number of dollars by the number of aays of in teres t des ir.e'd; separate the r i g h t hand figure and divide by six; the result is the true interest on such sum for such number of days at six per cent. Eighth Per Cent Multiply any given am ount for the number of days uvon which it is desired to ascer tain the interest, of such sum for the time required, at eight per cent. : Ten Per Cent-Multiply the same as above, and divide by thir t y six, and the result w U be the amount of iueres t at ten per cent. BACCJ --------presented f o the lady as a simple of friendaccommodation indorsement;" The ship she ju&t marti\:d ; and e as seen remarked,; You have the g tht s .. grGw up and marr.y, now has "Oh, yes!' was the cool re.JOmaer f cro. p of t.htd children about her anrl the twtst of tobacco still ex1sts coun t ry h a ve n!:ver been more favorao lhll! dll; m., to remind her of the giver a nd call up past memories. t he pre s e nt y ear; th e ability of h as not s t nce e tbe better;. th_e prospec tive foretgn .demand WILL HAVE THEIR JoKE.-A cotemporary says:for and the of the crops of the country IS good ; The remarkable absence of a smoky atmosphere during, our importations are light in comparison; manufact the Indianj sqmruer at Omaha and other Weste' rn point ur e rs are making s tock at the minimum co H wir. h is accoum1d for by the fact that the tobacco s e rved o ut l smoke! < on dition of thing s and yet failures anq s u s pefistons follow in an a l armingly rapid manner. com;er va t ive business sense says they are attributable to out side opemtions and the withdrawal of t'Rlate b neSJ> capi taf for the purp0ses r>f speculative inyestmeqt. Making to get ric& has be en the ruin of th o usands, aild i(the les s ons of the p a s t year, though dearly learned> Le'ads to a radical reform, thl! fut ure can wea affo!:_d o STILL ANOTJIBR LIBEL SutT.-It is said that the fa ther of a lewsboy 'in Lafayette, Ind., has brou.ghf s uit for damag s against a newsdealer, because the latt e r state d tha the newsboy was m ihe habit of picking up and smoki the stuipJlS of cigars ,cas t away in h'! streets. piece and clime. 'T'J]e half d o ll a r 192.9 gra ins This piece formerly 192 gr a111s. The quarter dollar now w e ighs 96 415 g raims ; -it for merly weighed 96 grains. The new 2oc'ent we ighs 77.16 grains,and the dime wei g hs 3 8 .58 gll'ains ; th e latter formerly weighed 38.04 grains These are the only silver coins authorized, excepting trade d o llar, which is a commercial piece, and weighs 42 o There is much d ifference of opin i on as to the policy of a new currency of s th r er to take the place of our fract;onal currency,and su ppO'Sed to subsidiarl' to a resumption of specie pay. tnen t s. -Bu t this hoped for aid in a cousummation so much des ired admi t s of some dispute. Whatever tHe esul.r, ,mo1ive was good, though probably the chief ..st1ulan,t was to provide a market for a portion of the very large product of this metal from the argentifepay what ti{ e experien ce of the past has cost." qf the far West, and rhus to stay in a measure th e gt1C1!9ing of Europe, w.hic h were heavy un mCJ;eased supply. The cluef objections urged KANSASJ CouRT USTOMS.-The Lawrence (Kan.) tg the measure were, fir sr, the s ecret manner of purchas:Journa/ alleges that a law student of that cit:y_ re A Bos (W lBciD&NT.-Is thus related: ing the metal; and second, the weigh t of the new coins cel'ltly retqrned from a trip down by the way o! :rwo horse cars meet. A sudden jatr, as first proposed. \'Vhen, some twenty or twenty five \IVhile there he attel!ded tbe Ditt' t Court. Consptcyears ago, gold plenty, the price so far declined h I J d j_,,. d 1.. u '1111.1 0 smok UpstarJseacb t i m 'rouspassenjair: h 'I h h I b UOUS Y Ovt;r t e U g<' e,,.. nGng a Sign, 01 "A broak down? olfthetrack, or whaid Ill compariSOn Wit Sl Ver t a t t e alter ecame tOO val. ing allowea," but the judge himself leaned comfortably Whystvpsolong? ,Thisain' tCourt squair.'' uabl e to ret ain its place in the m i xed of I b k f 1 To hf s comrade then szys one drivair: b ack, his wet flllg the bottles;nrd .rw 00 s 0 I Jlti Say, giv e s a chaw o tobaccair!" that day, and t :.e silver coin gmhered up f o r export desk, whil { his mouth hung a1 mamlnoth m e rs in the pl;;tce of g o l :l. The silver d o llars, containing ninechau'fltl, w ich was doing its best to s ati sfy the judge's SMOKING ouT t \. LADY-AN UN GALLANT AcT.-Con tenths o f pure silv er, we ig h e d 412,% grains, all tbeexPrbitantl demand for smoke. In the jury li o x qine s i d erin g that the following from a British smglJer c oin d own to th e ha l f dim e were oi correspondmen out of tw lve were pulling vigor o usly at pipes ana i t i s n o t very bad. It i s g omg the rounds of the Enghsh i n g weig_ht and fine ness, and as bo th g o ld and, si(ver cigar.c;_, while among the lawyers and visit o r s a similar railway smoking carriages. For, it kncwn, in the s e were a l e gal tender the f ormer only was p lid out, and c ondition of things preva' lecl. carriages s o much envi e d by the la,d' es har mon y the silver wa,s hoarded and shipped. The premium I an i mates the traveller s and they talk JUSt as tf they wer e abo ve gold went up to Io4@ ro5 f o r wl10le s ilver coin. UsE AT LAST FOR A NuiSANCE.-Eacb d a y in this no t reserved first c l a s s B r itons This is not a smoking Eve n the w o rn quar72, which was promp t ly census of the trade previOUS to the passmg. I -the ]'ac war 11111nl:ft!ftrial undertakings in Germany should nave to produce men or patd. A short time" aftenvard mJ 'customer, Mr. C., Act anel there oo,rs a'!_d gtr. lsfemployed acquired a new development, for business had for a r,s.6o,poo or the c_ttme to Boston and dropped in at the store. Some !n the tobacco trade. 0 these at'crahge G1 3d0 where wfiofe at a standstill, the existing stocks had vears' service;but the numconversation. took place abl;mt the shirts, and t.he writer m regular attendance at an evenmf .sc 1 .tfi eJ oeen .dispesed of, and tile people reckoned on a long be ,actually recruited m -oke of thetr enormous pnce and deprecated 1ts neceswere educated the hal timers. n ]Jeriod {)( -undisturbed peace. extenshe requireking ample for sity. said Mr. C., they are the cheapest F ever the s.ystem dtfficult work. The ments of the War Department for replenishing the army deaths, invalius, etc. is ro, bought of you. 'How s6?' I Said he, 'I took wont rem am wtth us more than a week or a fortmght stores which had be.en exhausted by the war, and the .ooo more so that the to4l '$27 m gold and bought the f,72 m greenbacks I sent "':hen thay find that they !ire not to work full resqmptian of many railway undertakings interrupted for\:e of 'regulars and re you.' Another: Some time ago a man and made (Q. ) If the A:ct w;re 10 tho progress of hostilities, produced an abundant se es to I 68o ooo. a fi w purchases. He happened to put hts hand Oll-' a m Glasgow and. all children forcec to go to school, accrO(I of O::ers the old establishments were applied with a brus h and' very-ornamental. One coat We mall such stmple dm!ctions or. PP ls nearly equal to a new layer of :sbinglu Be sure ypu one canroofbia own h.ou.e. 1 stic is strongiJ re BP-I article whinnlltion':"'of the moment was to continue for yean!. sUI plus of 522 000 men, or, my bed m cold weather, m my wagon and to sev;eq.or eight As a rule work for a The receipt of the indemnity, m cireover, an deducting r7o ; ooo fo .c&:_ ;c_ my _and m the when campmg or and:-;then lose ,of them. unlimied credit to all industrial undertakings. Money I General Commission Merchant, a !ties a force of 400 000 men huntmg. But m the war my c.o1hes had nt:Jttly worn We ?i' day, and seven on Sa uruay (Q. ) had never been so cheap; the prices of all goods con at available for sup-6ut. and I could get_ no more, so 1 the shawl to Don t you constder hour.s a O ng for chtldren sequently rose, an1, so long as the rlemand was rnain p)em811ting the fixed war who of 1t. a complete sutt, coat, trousers, wo$,. ? (A:. It IS, Yf!ry hgh work.. The boxs and tained, extraordinatily la .rge profits were made. A estahllshment. From these Mustcoat, and a cap These I wo e every day gtrls.are as hv!!ly. at htfs. further stimulus to speculation was given by the law of figures th Borsmzeitung for more than a year, .unt11 at last I h:;d the good for .QQllle. n TJ;lorruqg: '1 ':L McColl,_exammed Y Mr. 187o, dispensing with the Government conceisiqns concludes that in event tune. to get another .utd theu I sold the old one to Brand, satd: :,,.,'fhe1 emJ?Ior bel on to th.e which were formerly required oefore a joint stock com o, TOBACCO EXCHANGE, 'V'a. .'l. J WRIGHT ct. CO., etcJKeiS:GOK MBBGBAK'l'S fbr the llale of of a war Germany will have a netghbor for t>soo. pooreL jln_\l ffe: earn a to the1r !lany could be formed, and which had accust&ned the d parents., I fiiuqp tp tne .. evemngr--sel!ool,, whtch I frep ublic to look updn sharei as be in.,"' reall'" Of "tll"e'vatue upwards of I,6oo,ooo trame I d rl t" th h ld 1 I soldiers at her disposal, be-Co N-CoBs vs. an mterestmg ar-art1in e.,., ts, Itor, 11at e c 1 ren came stated upon them. Numberless es abli:;hments were sides the La:ndsturm. t1cle in the Ga/Qxy, Juhan ffawlhome say$ !' Ho.w. unhours. Only very young formed into joint-stock companies wllich were much laD11factured Tobacco, satisfactory is the posse sston of a ptpe chtl?ren were n:cbned"to t&leep. As a r'!le thc:y at-better worked when in the bands of private firms; the you. io have secured a fine ptece-lhe best tentJYe Chatrman share capital ofter amounted to two or three times as p1ece m the umverse say-you would not be more happy nf beea qmte sll\11 t llo' mucb the concern was worth, and the profits were ToBAcco IN WESTERN than The whele universe seems_le _agued to years of age to oivided among }he promoters. and for G. McA1VDB.21W'B CEt.EBRATED LICORICE, 110. 1 !OBlt:CO IICBAIGI, RICDORD. V 1. ICEA E. -SPWSB r.: "'t .D. ; > DP ""!) THE 'AO IiliPOR.C1 .&l'(D PVRB 1!1PANISH AND TURK V LIQ lJORifilE OF UNIFORM Q.UALITY AND' GUARANTEED '1'0 GIVE SA'l'llloFACTION TO EVER" TO,UACC:OJI.&.llll'FAC'J."tr.Jlli:R l!JIJJ!IG TilE SAME, "liE RE11'ERS TO 'l'Riil VA&IOU!! il'INOUNCEllllill!VT8 AT FoOT, COlPIRIIIIl'fG THill ASSURANCE HE GIVES AS TO THE UNIFORM Q.UALITT OF lUll BRANDS AND HIS ABILITY TO SATISFY TIIOIJD USING HIS LIQ,UORICE. THE OLDFAVOB:ITEBR.urD OP fr. 0. 'F Oa.. IS ALWAYS.REIDY ;PGR DELIVERY AT THill SJIOBTEST lll'OTKlE1 AL110 .A... 0. 0 p. 'T' <:> AJID HIS OTHJ;:R BRANDS OF TURKISH PASTE, ALL OF WHICH ARE GO'ING IN CREASED SATISFACTION, AS INSTANCED BY THE RAPIDLY GROWING DEMAND tUrD EliTJilE AB8El'I'CE OF COliiPLAINTS. JAMES C. McANDREW, 55 STB.EBT. VIRGIN I A Says the Bristol destro)'ltt. You fetr to put 1t away lest harm. should ed as :::M:r TodJi: our par_ t,trJa.r liJil' age$ go on so long as there was a large :!, and st:quence .sthat emJ?loyment. IS drifitmg uno he been replaced, the supplies for 'the army had been re-in its culture, writes us as have heard that the 01! evaporatts tf the ptpe hat;,d of gtrls. 1 he satd that tile Edu-stablisbed on their fo mer footil!g, and the dimiaishirlg Jt foll o ws :-"You have no pe posed to the. au. longer and more comcallon Act cam e f ,t!Jy mto forc:e, 3nli all c lA)'e were -teeeipts of the railways made then1 unattractive-to pri idea of the va1ue of. the to your precautions are th.e to be educated before they comrl!enced to work,_ vate capital. The increase in wages hap made ,_u.maa. bacco cr p n this [fnXI ty arid nervous d. alter aU (tt there would be no unregulated emP,_IOt\llent Mr, aqt -red gvod,ol much eratJVes m was about twenty-four, from the present German workmen, and that the only than those alluded to bless you, the corn cob can stand u. Be not Oecetved and they were employed m SIX or seven shops. The hope or improvement is to be looked for in the growth above. We on our by this seeming neglect, hov.:ever; trust me, your work at which ch!ldren were employed was very light. of a new generation uncorrupted b)! Socialist ideas. The readers grea.t friend loves cob from heart, feel Its iron of Gt: _rmany has. especially suffered. of thetr poltcy by loss whtle the : ch01ce Vtenna s evamshment SoME FACTS AND FrGUR:ES ABOUT SILVER MoNEY.The great engine-faclories of Berlin have dismissed a NEW YORK. adoptmg the. culture Qf. fo. would chtefly harrow hts pocket. The silver bullion which is now being received at the number of their men, and more reductiQns bacco. It wdl ma:ke thts a Philadelphia Mint is direct from the Nevada \ill follow as soon as the orders which have been for R OWD v.. Janoary II? Jamel c Me thatl ba to write roo' tllat the dllhreat mauur.o. h 't d t J .Au.i:'e'!:: E.q. York. We exP.ct turen In thlapartofthecountrywbola 1 hae oupcas commum Y an a OUTSIDE SPECULATIONS OF BusiNESS MEN.-A LITTLE mines and partly from the Assay Office at New York, some time on hand are executed. In and eteady IOC1'eaaln the your llquorlce. All $'ed wltbyour brands of both Spanish and Tudr.lala tob.acco mart. It PLAIN T ALK.-We commend the following bit of plain and comes in as rapidly as is required for pur-n the Rhine mar.y blast furnaces have ceased to wort(, the maaufactW'en to whom we sell teatify u to ita ee Paste are err much pleued with ita uniform 1 d d th d aolform and excellent quality.. You'"lf.l truiJ:, Temarltably ezcellent quahty. I remain, dear.sir, mam Y secon an lr 1 ate speaking by a Boston cotempora ry to the business men poses. The Assay Office in New York supplies the while the foundries which are s\ill open make but little LoutSVILI ... Jaa. 7 .. VA., January 8, laborers, only a s m a II of New York in general; and our own trade. in panicMint with fine silver sufficient to insure a coinage of profit, as the general over-pr-Oduction has caused a New York. Dear Slro We tke pleaoure ioatatlng AndTew,Esq.,NewVork. DearSir: Wehavepleaave amoun_t of land, and e.ven a ular-" The present year is likely to equal the panic '$I,ooo,ooo per month in subsidiary silver coin. The great fall iri the prices of the year 1872 ,This unfavor-thatJonrbrando of both SpaniBh and TurklahLiqaorlce Ln olatin,& that In our. district your brands of Span loll horse IS not necessary In the f h d b h Paolo h,ovegiven ent.ire aatiafaction to all and Tnrtloh Liquorice Paste have lnYariably ghen en year of 1873 in the and. reported of fail'! res, standard fineness of the coin is made of 900 parts able st:t.te of things IS. -still urt er aggravate y t e work: It bnngs cash, suspensions, etc., but m pursumg a legtttmate busmes, of pure silver and IOQ parts of 'pure copper allqy. We present state of the customs tariil. In 1:873 the obediently yours, JIUNGBLUTH 4 co. remain, dean lr youno truly, and IS easily hauled to marour principal firms, though realizing only small profits set;i l stated on the authority of tbe chief coiller that if ial Government pr.opose:d the abandonnl.eiit of the re iT, Lou1s, Mo., Janoary "' t875 )er diem. Dunng last the proposal, which was entirely in;lccordance with the TOBACCo IN THE CH.EMUNG VALLEY.-_\ correspon of a large twist of tobacco which in point of age is entire business community, and seven-eighths of the failinonth the mines at San Franc1sco and Carson. coined oommyl:ial policy pursued b) the Zollvet:ein in the dent of THE LEAF write:s : -"The tobacc:> in this Valley ahead of any thing we have yet come across in the to-ur es during the year are attributed to this fact. De. oYer 1,ooo,ooe pieces of the twenty cent coins.' Since treaty with France in r862, was modified by was nearly all cured any' freezes' otcurred, save bacco line. The crop from whic!t this twist was made preciations in fancy, mining and railroad shares should be the 1st of last January there has Issued from t Reichstag so that most iroh manufactures, agricultuin the of some small qu:t.ntit ies which were very was grown in the year 1845, and is consequently now charged to the proper account, and the losers thereby the Mint in this city betweep and f,s,ooo,ooo raJ machinery_in particular, should be charged one-hal late. As far as we have heard, the crop is an excep thity years old. We have the twist in our office, and not shield themselves behind the thin preiense of. stag-in subsidiary silver coin. This corn has been transferred of the old duties 1mtil tire 1st of }!!11uary, 1877. tionally fine one, good in colors and fine in quality-in will show it to any one who has curioltity enough to call nation in business. And many of the failures of 1875 to the Assistant Boston, where it will re-representatives of the ironindustcy in Germzriy in fact, the best grown in 1hls Valley in five or six years. and see it. It ism an excellent slate of preservation, as can be traced to reckless indorsements or the issuing of ma'n until such time as the Secretary c;>f the Treasury iligg conces-sion, protested that they' woultl regard We learn that some farmers at B g Flats (where tile 'tfhei( fi,.s.t JD1lcD ;uno the twist It was handed accommodation pa' per. A protested note to a large sees fit to commence the work of redemption. The law it as a final one; but now the time for the abolition of finest tobacco is grown) have already 'taken some nff the to us by Mr. Tliomas H Boisseau, of Dinwiddie County, amount came back to one of our banks the. other day. of r873 _has somewhat increased the weight of the subthe duties is approaching a powerful agitatioti has been and commenced strippmg, and by the next danp who tells us it beep .in ti!e offttJ]at The promisor was regarded as shakey and the mdorser sidiary coin, so that the coins at present issued are a set on foot for their continuance. The proll\oter of spell quite a quantity wiJI be taken down.'' county for twenty-nine years, it. h.t,ving as good, but the'mdorser dtd not come and the trifle heavier than the coin issued prior to the rst this movement; who have a considerable amountotc to her by an old friend and neighbor with the request officers of the bank a mutual fnend call of April, 1873. and are made to correspond in weight ita! at their command, allege that Prince Bismarck favors that lihe retain it as a memento. The original ownet} upon the indorser and ascertam what could be done m with the French coin. At present the subsidiary coins their policy in oppqsition to the Mioisters Delbruck and and grower of it has long since passed away, and when lite premises. The curt reply was, "Oh, that was an now issued are the half dollar, quarter dollar, Camphausen. AN AGED TwrsT OF T oBACco.-We were shown on yesterday, [says the Pet



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