The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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VOL XI.--NO. 43. NEW YORK. WEDNESDAY, DEC. 8, 1875. WHOLE NO. 563 ltu ltwlmtto IS PUBLISHED '"' !3VZBV WEDNESDAY KOBN!NG B! !BI TOBACCO I&H' PUBL[SBING 00, 1.42 .Fu'ton New :York. -. ..t.11 hoiiid be p!alnl:v "'l'B!l !I'OB.A.CCO LUI" l'l!lltllllllfG 00. Term Of the Paper : lnfGLB Cotrss, _.. 1o CaN,-a ON.: YaAR, .. .. .. .., 14 t lur: MoNTHS. -/ f2 8"" T{emember that the <:ost t o the yeaily o r IDOnlhl) .ubscriber is Ius tMH Ei'rlit Cmts -k. ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS ABROAD, GREA T BTUTAIN AND C.ANAflA., .. ... f' "4 DREl4N, HA).IBURG AND THB CONTINE:tlT, 6 cB AusTRALIA Krc., Vt.A ENGLANo, ... 6 ,:,8 CuBA, !i o,. No orders for the paper considered, uulesa by the corresponding amount. Remtttances Should, in evny instance, be made by money-crdf!or, cbeclc. or dnft. Bills are Hable to be stolen, and can only be sent at the greatest rbk to the aeuder. THR TesAcco LEAF commends itself to every oae to any way interested ;.n totacco, eith.eor as rrower, manufactu1cr or dealer. It gives annually an immense amount regarding the "weed," and thus it-elf a vad; that has long sioce been recognized as 1taudingat the bead ofapecialtradcpllbUcatiens. hs mar\:et reports are full an'd exhausthe. and !roUl quarter oJ the glo!.e 'Where *'hacco is sold. lir Ills the ONLY weekly publlc:ation e>ten tdvely devott-d to tobacco. [FDr Rat Nt Third Pa:1.] lUSINESS DIREOTORY OF NEW ;lrORK.. Tobauo 1Y llrllt#UJel. Ar.ew W llt Sons, 2S.. and 286 Fcont street A ner &: DehJs, 190 Pearl. .Allen Jullan,' t7a \Vater. Appleby Helme. l33 Water. Water. Baw:h & Fischer, "'5 Water Blakemore, Mayo & Co Btoad. Bowne & Frllh. 7 Burling Slip. Brod M., t47 Water Bulkley, Moort" & Co., 74 Front. Burbank & Nash, Lombasd. Pau{ 'Vm. 17 Routh. Schroeder Jos. &; Uo .. 81 Echange Place. Tate, Multer & Co., s South Gay Wenck E. E., 46 and 48 South Charles. Ed. & Co., 30 South Calvert Toh4cco Factors. G\esk" & Niemann, 78 South Charles: Hoffman, Lee & Co., '3 E.zchaoge Plaoe. Manu{a&tM1'trs, eu. Marborg Brothers, to 1.49 S. Charles St. Wilkens H. & Co., 181 West Pratt. Pa tk m if St.J-Leaf 'Ah11cto. Be< Brothers, s l Lomba d. Snuff Ma-,t.u/aciurers. Starr R. &lCo. 25 South Calvcr+ Dealers in Clz.rwing-1 a,uJ Leaf TtJlJ4CC03 Rosenfeld S & :Place Pat1ut St1m 8. &. Oo., 1 u W Third. WeB, Kahn &r Co., -Maio. Zins, Jacob & Bro., 18 East Secottd. Sheet Cigo.,. MM.!ds. Dubrul,Napoleon, ,68 West Se<:Qod CLARUVILLE. T ...... Luf ToiiMco Broun Clark, ll. H. II: Bro. DANVILLE. V a. Cotr.minio Mtrc.II.IJnts. lht l.ohacc.o NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, DEC. 8, 1875. lEW IDVRTISEITS TillS WEEK. SEVENTH PA(;R > Pemberton & Penn DAYTON,O Manufacturers of P.i1uCwt a;J S'IIIQ/dnr lbacco. B. Mo.aban, Tobacco Pouch Mouth Piece 36s Hoyt Sheet, Ttr N. Y Cotterill, & Co., HJI17 E. Second. Peau' s Hoglen & Third St. and Canal. G G DANBURY. Conn. raves W. DE'I'ROIT, Mic'Ja. Matutfact-Mrer4 Cluwir Toluuu. Bat'kc:r K .. C. & Co. 14 & 76 Jefferson ave. Parker, Holmes & Co., all en w ens & Roberta, Third and G irard Ave. d 'eavor t o p1 ove by them at once the correctness of QUr "\V"oodward Garrett & eo 33 :SGrth Water Manufadur.-r of Snuff and Smoldng Tocaption and their appositeness for the illustration of the hucos. proposition implied in it. The of manufacwa1tace jos. 666-67.2 North Eleventh Kerc'kRoO' G. & Co., 14q ::!outh Charles. Muufaetu.rerl' Agntsfo ... Virginia 11na North Carolina Plug a1tJ Snoki" g 1'obii3 Llberty QUINCY, ILL until 1840, when 6,787,165 pounds went abroad. In ManujattwtrB of Pl/1{/ '1 OOatllJ4). Gem City Tsliacco works: E, H. Tuner, Pres.: 1841; 7,503,644 pounds were taken for foreign account. 111. Goodman, S.,.;.; M. Hcidedcb, Manager. In the interval from t85 I to t86r, both years inclusive, B.ICIDIOND Va. Co"''f'iui o M,.,e.,u. but omitting 1855-tiie record for that year being illegi. Exchange. ble_:_the shipments were as follows: :uat 1'olxue o Brdm. Polmds. Pomuls Boyd Jamee N. J3t7 Qary Dil>rell Wm. E., o"tary. r8SI--71!35,358 ... ,._ 1852 --8,466,153 I857-7.456,666 1853 ...... 101561,?92 I8S8 ___ .II,2I0,5 75 WrightJ.&Co. 8 5 W. Y. I 54--Jo,273,I z 86 6 M.ilnftrt"' if Tohuu. x8sS---I o ____ x7, 97,209 WbaluR.II: T., !Sa State. 1861 .... 14,7031363 Dr11ln-i Ltllf T 4h4tcoJ. l!loaely D E., Allll street. During the wa.r the foreign trade fell off. very mate-The rially, but even through the that period the exE. Aent, 2"' Front port was conside,rable, as will be seen py the SPRIMGFIELD,Maa. Smltbli.&-Co .,so.Hampmrr if Dealers in Spa,.ilft and Cigar uaf T if FintCt.t and Smoking Tob11cco. Tobauo Brohr or in 186o, were I 7,697,209 pounds. As long ago IDI.yneeJ.E., a7 Second UTICA. }1 v as 1853 we exported. in that year 10,56r ,692 pounds, Jl'fJ (}i(IVI, De Ba" Fredt & Co., 41614.3 Wurea Ga allit:ur H 26 Cedar Seidenberg & Co., 84 and 86 Reade De,)oi u.FitJrd1l SuY' Alces '73 \Vater ol C/(lf PifH H & 11 Water J)tmutb wm. &: Co so Broadway Bros.' & Bondy, 1:19 and 131 Grand Goebel J. & 0o.4 129 Maiden Lane 1 Kennewell F. & llade, 373, 375 and 317 Mala. Speace .Bro3, Co., 52 aod 54 East TBird. Ltf Tobae

/ r After makmg due al lowance for the d 1 fference m the gold premmm, it 1s e v1de n t from these quotatwns that manufactured tobacco was much h1gher m 1867 than in I875 Our exports of thLS staple should now reach, or ex ceed 2o,ooo,ooo pounds annually, mstead of wh1ch they are only half of that quantity ; and, what 1s worse, they are thirty-five or forty-we lhave not calculatP.d 1t-per cent. below what were fifteen years ago. It wotild be unrea.sonable to contend our national 'legtslabon 1s alone respons1ble for the present condition of th1s once great branch of commerce; and 1t would be equally unreasonable not to ndmtt that that has somethmg, much, '!I f a ct, to do with 1t. -In our judg m=t the abolition of the old bQnded warehouses, and the refusal to es tabhsh export boEded warehouses for tobacco m phee of them, 1s one of the pr11ne .causes of tbe aecaae ce of the export trade in tobacco Given an export bonded w arehouse 10 tbe c1ty ef N-ew York, and elsewhere 1f needed, and we belie v e that within three years from th1s t 1 me the exports would reach those of I86o and I86I. This belief can not be fully jLlstified, it is true, by the stahsucs thus far mtroduced, or by .any others that are ava1lable; 6ut 1t rece1ves confirma twn m the every day expenence of every tobacco merchant engaged in the export trade, and is greatly strengtnened and partially p oved by: the statlStlcs sub m1tted. Because the late Comm 1 ss uoner of Internal Re.venue was to the warehouses established by the act -of July 201 I868, he prevailed upon Cong1ess not only to abolish them by the act of June 6, I872, but to refuse ever after to our exporters a warehouse for export purposes only Nobo dy now cares any thmg abo1:1t the that was so summanly abol1shed, but the tGbacco trade 1s almost unan mous m the op1mon that an export bonded warehouse for tobacco m New York i s de manded, alike m the mterest of the trade 1 lself and the interest Government We look w1th some confi dcnce to CornrniS&ioner Pratt to undo, or seek to undo, the m1sch1ef wluch a to o c o m p l a 1 s a n t C ongre-ss mfhcted upon the t obacco mte rest a t the sohc1t at10n of ex-Com miSSioner Douglas s. In other wotds, we lo o k to han, and c a ll u pc..n h t m, to r ecommend at an e .. rly date tO" Congres s the e stablishment of an export bonded w a re : house !or tobacco m thts c 1 t y MINOR EDITORIALS A QUEER WAY TO Do IT -It is said t h at-Germ a ny 1s manufactunng H avana c1gars from tobacco r:used in the Umted States of Colombia. A S uFFICIENT REA SON.-Custo m e r (to map seller of Paris)-" Ah, there 1s Russ1a-but-I do not see Mos cow" Shopkeepe r (runnmg h1s' fin g e r over the map) '' Ah, Monsreur ets that Moscow was burned ToBACCO AHEAD --The totalmternal revenuerece1pts pts the State of N e w York for the fiscal year e-nd ing w1th June la st, and oftl'l1s amount tobacco and c 1gats contnbuted the enormaus proportwn cf $7,633.35I.4o, or a little more than ()11t-llalf. WEDDED AND HAPPY,-Mr. S N McCork" e, of the well-known firm of McCorkle & Bowman, tobacco ..manufacturers of Lynchburg recently umted h 1mself m 10 M1ss M L Pat e, l ong the re1gnmg belle of "tthe anstocrat1c town of Bedfot;d, Va. A tour of f he Western and s o me of t h e Southern States was the mat y pleasures mc1dent to ausp1c1ous union. ALL ALONG THE to acknowledge m each mstat.c e the cordta l g reetm & extend e d to h m 1 bv the fne n d s of THE 1 OBACco L EAF a l o n g the hne o [ his rece n t travels in Pennsyl'llama, D elaw a1e, Maryland and V1rgmw, but findmg 1 t t o do s o M r Graff ava1ls bim $e\f of the alternative le f t hun of return wg thanks m gro ss t o a ll those w1th whom hu; busme s s relatwns bro ugh t hnn m cuntact durm g h1s tnp, f o r the many courtes ie s and f a vors rec eived' at the1r b a nds. CHANGE O F FIRM -Ill health a n d a desire to its improvement m reti'rel)lent nas induced Mr. H e nry Mehl, of the firm o f H Mehl & Co, snuff ancl to Sacco manufacturers o !Phila delph1a, to Withdraw f r om the house w1th wh1c h has been s.o long 1d t1fied. The busmess of the old (irm is now under the management .of the l:lJCCeedmg p;trtner, Mr. Joseph Wallace, lJ. g en tlemen ot capac1ty and integrit y who wtll fully sus t a in the established reputatiOn of h1s populaF maJJufactory. CAN BE RECOMMENDED -Buyers or sellers of1 le a f tobacco m the R l c!lm oncl, "?a market are few, 1t m ay be presumed, wh o are n o t fam1har wnh the quahfications of Mr W1lha m E D ebrel, leaf t obacco broker of tha t c1ty For m a ny ye a rs an act1ve and trus t e d worker among the slollful brokers of that g r eat tobacc o m-art his reputatiOn has e x tended even b eyond the sphere of his loc a l acttv1ty, and wherever h1s name is k n'J w n he is comme n ded as a c ompetent a n d rehable age nt m t h e purcha:>e and s a l e o f leaf tobacco. COMPLETED HIS L ABORS -Th e old firm of H Sch1mdt & Co, p a c ker s o f l ea f tobacco and deal ers m leaf t o bacco and pgats, o f P h 1 la d elph1 a1 has been d1ssolved by -the retirement of Mr. Schmtdt, who having reahzed a competency and fimshed h1s work. has retired to Europe for a season of rest and enJoyment. M r J. B. H e il, the succeedmg partner, has associated w1t h b1m MT. A Wagne r, long a n effic1en t workmg member of the house, and under the style of J. B He1l & Co., contmues the busmess upon the same scale of magnaude, and w1tb the evtdences of success, that prevwus ly d1st1n gmshed the management and career of the former fi1m. PREPARATIONS FOR THE CENTENNrAL.-Messrs George W Edwards & C o the w ell-known leaf tobacco and c1ga r dealers, of Ph1ladelph1a, are erectmg 1n the v1cmity of the Centennia' Exh1b1tLOn grounds a hote l ca pable.of acce>mmodatmg between five and six hundred pers ons It IS to be conducted on the European plan, and Wlll embrace a ll the popular fea t ures bel o nging t o a n1st class hot e l. In the same ne1ghborhoo d,-al s o, the managerntnt o f the e s tat e of the s emor Mr. Edwards are bu1ldmg anot!Jer h o tel o f very larg e cl1menswns. The fnends o f Messr s :Edwatds & Co. in the tobac co t rade wdl be likely to r e m ember the host elry proHded b y m embers o f tll e1r fr atern1 ty wh-en they v1s1t Philad el phia mJuly 1 1 exr. A BRANCH HousE AT C rNCl N N A TI -Mr W 1ll1a m Eggert, p a c ,.er and dea l e r m Se e d Leaf a n d H ava na / tobacco, of I 7 I Pea rl S tre et;thts c1ty, bas e s t a bli s hed a branc h hous e at 9 4 Matn Street, Cmc1anat1, for t he bet ter acco mmodation o f h1s Western p a tron s under the firm of Egg e rt Mill e r & Co Mr Egge 1 twa s f o r man)' years a promment memb e r o f the C1ncmr.at1 tobacco lrade befor e e n g a g1ng m bustne s s m N e w Yo rk, and the of h 1 s o l d conn ectwns in that city will dor1btle s s b e a s a gre eabl e to h1s former assoc1ate s i n trade there as 1t 1s lik ely to b e pleasurable and ad v antc.georls to h msdf. In the words of t he b e a rer of the mformat1on u po n wh1ch th1s paragraph IS based, "May the new firm wluch once mo r e bnngs h1s name m assoc1 at1on wlth the t obacco merchants of the West be as successful as the old one." THE TOBACCO LEAF 'J.'B.E TOJIACOO A iit werp and Holland ____ .. ,. 1,901 3,520 done abQut them, the -vu!ws. of buyers and holders be--=---SpainandPm'tugaJ. _______ -----9,1o3 I0,952 mgaoartfrotnahalftoacenfapound DOMESTIC. Mediterranean.------......... -I,673 3,724 Seed L eaf-We have had anothe r dull week in seed NJiiW YoRK, Deb e mber 7, I875 Italy and Austna.. .. ___ ----_ ... rs ,884 23,922 leaf ctrcle s the sales footing up only 1,048 cases against The month of November showed, as previousl y n:tiSundry Exports ..... ----. 2,4r9 2,96:0: 644 cases a week ago. The rec01d of the month of No mated it would show, a fa1r exhibit of transactwns in vember, too, shows a marked falhng off from th-at of the Western leaf, the sales amountmg to s,8oo hogsheads, Totals_ ---. 73,442 Ir6,s8 prevwus month, the sales reachmg only s,ooo cases of the largest number reported many one 'month smce Cn'smpt'n and on)h1psnot cleared,etc __ ,z,s92 12, 339 wh1ch 2,292 for exp01t, 9,ooo prevwusly sold, mNovember, 1874, when the sales were 8,2oo The ex-cludmg 3 2 r4 for export. Pnces are unchanged ports of the month exceeded those of the previous D1sapp d fr Q m New York& N. Orleans-86, o34 128 926 Messrs Charles E F1scher & Brother, Tobacco Brf> month by I,2 r hog"sbeads; they bemg 6,555 )0 Novem The ctrcular of Messrs. D J. Garth, Son & Co. says-kers, I8I Water tr1eet, reports as follo,,s Th1s week ber, agaif'st 5,340 in October, whde the sales for export We have to record an act1ve market dunng the m o nth has passed w 1thout any thmg particularly noteworthy oc were 682 m excess for the past month. Manufacturers pas t, the sales rea(;htng a total of 5,8oo hhds, cons1der -curnng. Sales embracmg nearly all kinds were made, purchased with mcrea.ed hberahty, asalso did cutters ably m excess of any previous month smce the com footing up to r,o48 cases gf wh1ch 117 only were taken and jobbers, the first named takmg 858 hogsheads, ms_ncernent of the present year, and wb1le, perlpps, the for sh1ppmg. The followmg a-c,e the C o gne cll agamst 552 n October, a gain of 306; cutters 3 2 3 bqsness was somewhat more hberally d1stnbuted than cut crop of I873, Ioo cases wrappers at 2S@ 4oc, Conagamst 204, a gam of II9, and JObbers 362 agamst z84, dunng October, the bulk of the tranSllctwns was on ac necttcut and M"-ssachusetts crop of 1 87J, IOO cases a gam of 78 -count of the Spanish Regie ManufactureTs partc1p ated rnnmng at I2@zoc; do crop of rg73, 36 cases wrap The purchases for Spam absorbed, a c emslderable to a m cderate e ent only NotWithstandmg the gradual pers at 3oc do crop of 1874 46 cases low runnma at quantity o f lugs and l o w l eaf, and the e Wlth the sa] es exhaustiOn of our small of useful leaf the home Sc Ohw of 1874, 47 runnmg al6Ysc, and shtpments a? 'ranee, an all other suurces, _trade appear to feel no particular anx1ety""for the future, crop of 1873, 24 cases fillers at 5 .Yzc; State crop of reduced m mspecuon warelouses tu 24,912 hogs-and contmue to buy for 1rnmed1ate wants only The 1873 74, 68 cases runnmg at 7 @' 9 c l?en n sylvanu i crop heads, whereof but I3,500 appear on sale. to t al s t ock on m this market 1s now about I4,ooo of r874, 477 cases run9m g on pnvate terms; do crop of --in other of the leaf trade, le\s activity hhd s, largely composed of low to fair lugs and non de1 ? 73, so cases running on pnvate terms, sundnes, roo was oBservable. scnpt leaf The want of assartment 1s now quite appa cas es do at 8 @rrc. FOr the w;ek ending tbhere nho 5?ecla l (ead rent, and IS one of the hmdrances to m creased busmess. For the mon t h the ci rcula r ot Messrs J S Gans ture to mentron, the salea avmg een 1 g t, as reporte Reg1 e leaf answenng to types 1 s m very small su p [)\y & f b B k th market bas b l ;:,o ns, o a c co ro ers, say s e e ow. and Bre men descriptions have nearly disappeared f r om offe r e d no new feature, the tra n sactwns havmg ltaf-Messts Sawyer, Wallace & Co. report. market. Our advices from the West repo rt but ltttle been moderate, both f o r export and home con Rece1pts last mon t h, mcludmg Vlr g mla..' 2 3 49 hhds, ex progress m mo\mg the new crop. Loose buyers have sumptwn. There IS a fair mqu1ry f o r good wrap ports, 6,sss hhds; sales 5,8oo llhds, OJ wh .ch 4,226 for done but httle owmg to the d1fference m v 1 ews between pers of the crop of I873, the s c a r ctt y of wh1cn export, largely of lugs a11d low leaf, for Spam at 6 @ 8c, seller and purchaser regardmg pnces In the Clarl s k t lf 1 f It S 1 C f 87 8 d h "' h d p h -m a es, se senous y e a es-rops o 1 o I ]I a.n t e remam .. t'r 10r orne tra e. 11 ces s ow no v1lle d1stnct some: few crops reoorted of medmm quahtv d 8 C t t d M h t 7 S h 1 b h d 1 a n r 7 2 on nee 1cu an assac use s, o cases, c ange, a t ou'g we re uce our quota w ns t o c orreshave changed hands at 7@8c per lb round wh1c h aJJ f h f t (;] 8 8 f h h d d d h f h k Th o W111c or expor, 435 cases; 110, case s, o w. 1c pon tore uce c aracter o t e stcc e receipts pears l :11gh The Henderson n.arke t has not yet fully f rt 0 cases. Cro of 18 -Co n neclicut and of new crop are small A few wrappe rs have broualft d b t all 1 1 b ld t f or expo 5 P 73 r 1 "' opene u some sm parce s 1ave een so a rom Massachus e t ts, 4g6 ca!'es, of wh1ch f o r expo rt, 77 cases, IS@dk, and a tew ugs have been take n by shippers a t 2 c for hash up to Be ana gc _fo r lugs and l eaf wh1ch N y k f h h f t h ld Th h 1 h ew or 335 cases, o w 1c or expor, 103 cases, t e s a me pn,ce as O IS rn.6Dt opens qmet y, wit 1s regarded by con espondent as very full cons1 derOhw, 4S7 cas es, of wh1ch for expm t 3 6 9 cases. Wts-sales of 2 39 ?hds, of wht c h to manufacturers, I 2 to mg the quality. English markets rep ott only a ruoderate consm ( croos of I 87 3 and r 87 4 ) I 233 of wh1ch cutters, 3 to JObl er:, and r6I to sh1ppers. We....hear of the demand being nearly exclusively confined for I,o6 4 cases. Crop 'or' I874 -Connecticut domg yet at the "\Vest 10 the new crop, and that to l eaf, and stnps of qua lity and color, fo1 thes e rrices and Massachusetts, r,ooo cases, of which for export, 493 -uEc. s. Gold opened at I I4 U, and closed at I I 4 Fu rftgJz E xcltarege -Messrs. M & S Sternberger, B67 312 0 0 ho lders showed wtll m g to list e n t o any f a u 1 S pamsle-A regula r demand was had for H av ana t o June. __ -__ 42 3 e 8 4 90 I,S93 3 o o o o ffers of b uyers Of new tob 4 cco, crrnliYsr.>.TElLI!NT o r sToc"" o sP< Tocco ,:; 1 f 1 h @ h @ 1 1 H a v ana. Cuba Sag u a vembe r cucular -Amencan Leaf Tobacco -Rece1pls ea, tg t, IS 17, ea,y, r7 I9, se ectJOns, tght, m Bls m s Dis m November, r875, (mcludmg 517 Vtrgmia,) 2 349 18@ z3, heavy, 20@22. Maryland an d Oh1o 1"'()cacco Stock on hand Nov 1,187 5 1 6,87 9 355 h :1ds; I874, 6;Sdi hhds. Smce rst January, I875, (Ill-;? a lt1more I learn m specuons of Maryland to Reeemd smce 7 '323 35' cludmg s,6r 8 Vllgima.) 44,176 hhds r874 rzi,304 bacco ha\e b e en quite free whtle tho se of Olher grad. e,s ; : o n hand. D e c 1, 1 8 7;) l 6 6116 S t ock o n ha:nd Pee 1 1874 8 5 3 9 100 5 3 6 Stock o n hand, Dec 1, 1873 ................ ... u,o8r r,ooJ BELIZE-132 li:>s mfd. BREMEN-33 hhds, I,784 ceroo s, 140 hhds s t ems 47 c a s es, 9 d o c1gars. BUENOS AYR ES-4 cases, 50 Cui DAD B oLIVAR-3 h b d s r6 bales g,r3o lbs mfd. C uRACOA-s o b al es 2 38 4 I u s mfd GENOA-455 bhds GLAs cow-s hhd s FoRT DE FRANC /'-r2 hhds, 20 cas es. HAMBURG86 eases, 8 48 3 lbs mfd. HAYTI-9 hh d s, 355 lbs mfd / K r N GS10N, }A -3 bal e s 1 o87 lb s mfd. LIVERPOOL-I4b hhds, 72, 349 l bs mfd. LONDON-38 / case s PARA-I case c1gars PoRTO CABELL0-2,ro.3 lbs mfd RoTTERDAM-8t hhds, 49 cases. ST. Krrrs-4 hhds. ST. A NDRES-I hhd hhds, 4 bxs. DOMESTIC RECEIPTS The an ivals at the port of New York from domestic hl1ds Incl u d 1ng New O r le a ns, the rece1pts of Western were mcons1 derable The market for the past wee k w as crop are 4o,8 8 o hhd s th1s year, agamst 120,231 hhds qmer, wtth very httle to note m the way of sales of any last year. Expo rts m November, 187 5, 6,sss hhds, descnptip n. Maryland 1s w1thout any matenal ch,.r:g t r874, 3,8o3 Smce ISt January, I875, 49,72I 1h quotatwns, but for Ohw they are considerably lower hhds, r874, 70,367 hhds Includmg New Orleans, market for some t ime has only been nornmally they are 52 255 hhds th1s year, agamst 82,4IS hhds last tamed at prevwus ly mflated pnces We rev1se year. Sales m November, I87s. s,8oo hhds; 1874 quotatiOns as follows Maryland frosted, $s@6, sound 8;200 hhds. Stnce ISt Januarv, I87S.38,68o ahds, common, 6 @ 7; good do, 7@8, m1ddling, 9 @rr, go o d 1874, I Io,9o0 hhds Includmg New Orleans, they are to fine red, I 1@25; fancy, 14 @ I9; uppe 1 country, 6 so 4r,7 I4, hhds th1s year, agamst I29,679 hhds last year @25; ground leaves, new, 4@ro. Oluo-Intenor to fhe pnncipa l feature of last m onth's business was the good common, 5@7; and brown, 7@7 so, me large demand for lugs J!,nd low leaf for Spam, wluch was dmm to fine red, 3 @ ro, common to medmm spangled, read1ly met by holders a t prev 1 o u s pnces Buyers f o r 7@9; fine spangled to yellow, I o@ IS J S G a ns & S onThe market open ed dull, towa1ds the m1ddle of the month. S everal larg e parcels of Havana fillers were t aken p Y the trade. T o wards the c l ose of the month busmess relapsed m t o qmetness The sales a lt og ether have been 3,ooo bales. Yara re m amed m statu q u o mtcnor and coastWise ports for the week endmg De cember 7, were 530 hhds, 6o trcs, 1,4o6 cases, Io, I bbl, 34 33 boxes, 63 three qtr boxes, 190 half boxes, 3 2 thad boxes, 34 q tr boxes, 109 cadd 1es, 23 kegs, 167 cases c1gars, I case c1garettes, consigned as follows: 'By THE ERIE RAILROAD-Burbank & Nash, 6o bhds; P1or.e e r T obacco Co do D J. Garth, Son & Co 4 do; A H Cardozo, I a o ; S a wyer, \Va l l a ce & Co. 6 do' D. H McAlpm & Co, 44 do 2 boxes, Order, 103 IO pkgs. France and Italy operat e d mod eutely, bes1des wh 1 ch TutJacco Stalemmt little was done [or export. The hom e trade t o ok a faiT Stock m wareho uses and on sh1pboard, not average. We class1fy the s a l e s as foll ows -4,226 hhds. c leared D e c 3I, 1 874 I4,6 2 7 bbds for ex port, 323 to <>utters, 858 to manufacturers, 3 6 2 Deduct loss by fire, January 6, I875---2,764 hhds to JObb e rs and f o r a wonder, 31 to specula tor s and s ;nc e 1 s t 1874-to m an1fact ur e rs, ,5rs h hd s, cutters ; 4 3 92; jobbers 9 ,9or, export, 33.410, s p e cu latw n, 49 777 I87s-to m a nufac t ur e r s s ,oi4 hhds ; cutters, 2,487 ; jobbers,, 2 5 8 2 ; e x p o r t 2 7,703 ; lat1 on, 3 52. F ew uew hhds av e be e n re ce 1ved, and these gene r ally t oo thm Perhaps a dozen, wrappe1 s have b een solJ at rs@ I8c. S e v e r a l lot s o f samples o f V1rginia pnmings were sent o n and retur n ed, for want of buyers. A sm a ll lo t brought 3_% for Canada. We re d uce our lowest quQtatlo u s f o r lugs to mclude factory trash, h1therto unsalable We do not d1scover lbat our reduced pnce for low grades h a s, as y et, m creased bus1rress with open market, though 1s more mqu 1 ry. Our stock f heavy lea{ 1 s so nondescnpt, and the demand so small, that we reduce quotations tor suc h to a p anty w1th hght grades, as being near the truth m wholesale transact1ons !Jont/ely Statem ent of th e Stock at blSp ectzo ns Stock on hand Nov. r 1875-...... 29, 726 bbds Rece1ved Emce ------------- .... I 269 hhJs 30, 995 hhds D e li vered since ______ _____ --------6, o 83 h hds S tock on haudDec r t87S-----. ... 24 ,9I2 hhds Of wh1 c h 13,500 o n s a le sui l a rgely composed of lu g s a n d undesirable n o n dt:scnpt leaf. I875 Hhds Stock m Liverpoo l Nov r-_ 28,074 Stock m L ondon, Nov r_. rs, o27 S t ock m Bremt>n, Nov. r __ 2 ,6 46 Stock m New Olleans,Nov :zc4. 2 763 Stock m Baltnnore, Nov. 26_ -II,4 88 Srock in New York, Dec. L-24.9I2 I874 Hhds. 3 3,8os I8,830 2,644 4,6'72 5,874 so,o67 29 ,025 I5,731> 4.742 II,735 !6,724 I4,455 84,883 125,892 92 419 Titere appears to be a regular consumpuve demand going on m England, w1thout 'much change m pnces, the low grades still neglected, though offered cheaper. We belt e ve Bremen still ex1st s, but hardly as a tobacco market. After the new year when our German fnends find the1r pocket s full of the new gold comage, they may want a chew, and let us know. Tfie Western' markets go on reducmg stock, and desirable goods rathe r appreciate m value. They have yet a few thou sand hhds unfit for homr use, whtch may find the1r w a y ta the seaboard. From our correspondence and th a t of our ne1ghbors, ami fr o m the m spectlon of samples we JUdge that the new crop 1s wetghmg out hght, and tha t the qua hty IS as dtsa p pomtmg as the \\eight Stemmeis have begun actively at Clarksville at 7@87'z, and fine n c b crops Will bnng 9 @Ioc. We hear of scarcely any tiang done el s ewhere, and business prom1ses to be late. Expolfs of Tobacco from N e w Y o rk f rom Nov. I to 31, mcluseve. ..Hhds. Great Britam,---------------I,o57 France, .. -------------2,o38 N o rth of Europe,---------------' 371 of Eur@"pe Stems, ...... ----.... 248 South of Europe,/ ----2 692 'Vest Ind 1 e s, South Amenca and Mex1co, I3 r Other Foretgn Ports, ____ r8 TotaL----------'---.... ----6 555 From the c1rcular o f Mr F red F tsch er, we c ell a te the f oll o wing sy,nops1s of e xports fr o m New Yo r k and New O rlbns, from ISl J anuary to date. I872. I 3 73 Hhds. Hhds Great Bntam -----. ---. ------16,138 34, 6 7 r France .. ---. -----------. 8,577 13,271 Bremen and Hamburg._. ___ :__ ---I7,H7 23,565 r 1,86 3 hhds Inspected thiS w eek 0 0 0 0 .. ______ 64I h h ds. Inspected prevw u s ly smce ISt T a11uary, I875 .... ----36 7 5 6 hhds Total. ...... --------49 26o hhds Maryland and Oi:Jw cleared smce rst Jan-ualy, I875 .. ---------3 8, 268 bhds Stock m warehouses th1s d a y and on sh1p board not cleared th1s day ____ ..... __ ro,992 hhds Se e d leaf tobacco has been mo r e qu1et dunng the past month, w1th sales of about 6 900 cases, of whtch 3,3oo do for export, an d balauce to home trade and JOb bers ?nces have ruled pretty steady and show very l1ttle change as holders se_em to be wtllmg to meet the d e m a n d at the present pnces. Fme old wrappers are c;ommencmg to become scarce and are held at fir m pnces The sal e s of th1s mon t h d1v1de as follow> 3,ooo cases Connecucut and Massanhusetts 8oo do Pennsyl vania, 700 do New York State, I,roo do Ohw, r13 c o do West ern; total, 6,900 cases. Export s m c e January r, 1875 29 I43 cases same ume, I874, 67,394 do, same ume, 25,7I2 do. T he det ails ot the Spanish contract to be adjud icated Dece m ber 28, are as follow s.-/ C"l .. >-ri >-ri >-ri ?--=; b;al 0 0 VI p ;....j .P-o.. 0 :::: '< s ;; 0' ... rr < ()0 '"i 0 ....,;r OQ M c.n .. co rn UJ ;'E. O-o-r 0 "' -'< '-< ::1 "' 0\ a. 3_ ... = .., .... 0 0 0 0 0 l.n 0 .;. 0 0 0 0 ... "" -00 0\ 0 0 0 0 (I) ...... ::s .... () ::ll 00 CP .....;,-,....,. pl :::S 0..-ooO o c.. u o-o-,...;:r 0 o-;:r" g-8,_> g .: '< : .... .... t (',;"" t S .., c.. '< t [ .. "" .. "" ... l.n _, 0\ 0 0 0 0 0-0 -0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ... 0 0 0 0 0\ ooj-000 00 ..,. 000 00 0 0 0 0 0 0 I 0 0 .... 0\ flO 0 0 0 .;. 0\ .. 0 0 0 I I ...., 0 or ;;;" I .., tJ\ 0 0 0 0 "' 0 0 0 0 0 I I I&' I o I I I !::.. 00 00\0 t< 0 0 0 ""' 0 0 0 0 0 0 ;:! .... 0 0 0 0 0 0 "' V\ '-" to-. N f..) \0 _J0 .00-J" <>.., 0 0 0 .... 0 0 0 0 0 0 / ... """'j:c:'g i,'; g 8' d-0 .90 1 .g .g o_o_o;:; 0 gg g 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 No1E T he contra-ct will be adjudicated at Madnd at noon, Decernber 28, I 87 5, and the t1me for the final de livery will exp1re defimtely December r, r878. Vzrgm z a Leaf-We have no sales to report m lh1s department 1 here ts still mqmry for fine bnghts and httle stock to me e t It with. The few primings that are here have been looked at and that is about all that has been Manu factur ett-Busmess fa1r m th1s department, there havmg been a sl1ghtly demand for both and shtppwg account There w a s mqmrv for b n ght tw1s t out of order an d a few sales thereof at low ptlc es. T he re were a f e w sales, al s o of Ios and quar t e r pou nd s of poor quality at I3 @ IS cents As1de from t hes e HemS" th e market pre s e n te d ro f eature spec1 a l r e ference Pnces are steady and the f e e h n g IS that old goods a re more likely t-9 a d v a n ce than decline The re c en purchas e b y a h e a v y loc a l sh1pper o f a larg e l o t o f tobac<>o o f C a nad1an rHanufacture 1s one o f th e mctderJ.ts w h1ch 1t lS th o ught m1ght not have occu r red 1 f o ur legts l at 1 ve poltc y w as d es 1 gned to do as m uc h fu, dom estic m a r ke t s as It does for f ore 1gn. S m o kmg-A s eacly but moder a te trad e I S reported m tlu s bt a n c h of bu sm ess C tgars -We h a v e h ea rd of n o c han g e m recorded statLlS of the ctgar trade. A good but not a ctn e demand appe> to be the rul e of the market. PA.I\TIOV:LAl\ 1\TOTICB. Growe rs of seed leat toba cco a r e t1oned ag.amst "" c;cpt1Rg tb, repo r te d sale s tnd of aeed leaf a s furn1 s h m g the pr i ce s that sho uld be obt amed for at 6rst t:and, as these refer 1n m ost mstancc:s t o old cro p s whd have been held nearly a year, and the profit on 1j\:h1ch must na t urally mclude the mterest on cap1ta.l mves t ed G ro we n c anno t e x p ect e\ien m the. cace of new crops, t o sell the m for the price s u are obt:1me d on a 1e-sa.le here.. O t course eery re s ale m ust be at an adv a nce, and' theretore tne pnce obtama.ble by the growen w11J alwa ys b e lowe .man our quota tions. & M a ss -Crop 1870 Wrap p er! .. ... ro @ 1 r R unmng 8 @ 9 S ec onds an d F illers--Cro p 1 8 7+ 7!l 8 C"n & A-lass -Cro p 1S7a and S73 Fillers .. 7 !l PIH'IUjlivanra-Crop It un mng Lots u @IS Wrapper Lots Manutatur d-In Bond Ta.x 24: o t s per pound P Ll Rht Presse d e.4 0 Qt..larler 1-'ound-B. -Fine 30 @3U t M ecimm... .. 25 @2 8 C ommo n .. .. 2:2 @ 2 4 Na.L"1f P o un&.-Ime 3 5 @1':1:0 lt aoy H alf Pou:nd-$ and]. Tfnrds -BY THE HUDSON RIVER RAILROAD-Garrott & Grinter, r hhd, .Fox, Dtlb & Co., so cases; Jos. Mayer's Sons, 44.d0 BY THE NA TlONAL LIN!l:-Po ll a rd, Pettus & Co 3 hhds; Blakemore, M ay o & Co 7 do; D. J Garth, Son & C o I do, A C L & 0. ;Me y er, 13 do, S tralton & Sto rm, 4 d o ; P Lonllard & Co 7 do, Order, 5 6 do. B Y T H E N E W YORK A N D N E W H A VEN STEAMBOAT LIN E -H S e lhng, I S c ase s S c h r o eder & Bon, 49 do, C h af F. Tag & S o n, 40 do, Bu c h anan & Lya ll, r9 do; Allen & Co., 13 do A L & C L Holt, 14 d o ; N. B a ch 4 d o Chas. F S.: ym o ur, 1 bale. BY THE NEw YoR K A N D H ARTFORD LINE & S t o rm, r o cases, A. S R osenbaum & Co, 299 do, A Stem & Co,, r I do, E R osenwald & Bro, 9 do, Roess & S chulz 7 c!o ; Order, 5 do. Bv THE OLD D oMIN ION S TEAMSHIP LINE-J D. Ke11ly, Jr, 93 hhds, Funcb, E dye & Co, I9 do, PIO neer Tobacco Co, 6 trcs, 0 Smith. & Co, 102 hhds, 10 cases mfd, C. G Francklyn, .38 trcs, 30 cases mfd; H. K. R1cbey, 5 cases mfd, 20 kegs do, 39 half bxs do, 9 q t r bxs do, I09 cadd1es do, Dohan, Carroll & Co, IO cases mt d 3 ke g s do, Iu half bxs do, 12 th1rd bxs do, 2 q t r bxs do Bulkley, Moore & Co, I37 cases mfd, 13 three qtr bxs do, 76 half bx s do, 20 th1rd bx!> do, r2 qtr bxs do, W1se & Bendhe1m, 7 cases smkg, 5 bxs do r case Ciga r e ttes, Marti n & J ohn,on, 44 cases mfr.l, II do smkg, J o s D Evans & C o I case mfd, 6o half bxs do; A H e n & C o 226 c a ses smkg; Allen & Co, 2co do; J. VI. Car roll, I do ; J os H 1 ho m pson & Co 5 cases mfd, R. W Came r o n N. C o 4 5 d o ; H e nry W e ls h I do :c. E. Lee, r d o ; Blakem o re, Mayo & C o ., 50 three qtr bxs do, J. S G ans & S o n 25 bxs do, D Bendheim, 2 cases smkg; E DuBo1s, 6 qtr bxs mfd, N W1se, 5 half bxs d o 5 qtr bxs d o Order, 9 trc s 3 cases smkg. BY THE NEW "\;OR K A N D BALTIMORE TRANSPORTA-TION LINE-W. 0. Sm tth & Co, 9 trc s leaf, Wm Eggert & Co., r c a se do; M Abenheun & Co, u do, We1ss, Eller & K a ep p el, I case smkg, I bbl do, M. Falk, 20 casessmkg, F Englebach, 6 do, N W1se, rs do; G. W Hillman & Co 6 bxs r111fd C OASTWISE FRO M KEY WEST-Se1denberg& Co., II4 cases CJgars, Fred'k' d e Bary &.Co.,26 til.o, H Gaulueur 25 do, Mora, Martm & Co., 2 do; V. Martinez Ybor & Co, IQ bales scraps; Se1denberg & Co, 14 do. BALTIMORE, D ecembe r 4 -Messrs. Ed W1sch, meyer & C q. Tobacco Comm1 sswn Merchants, re p o rts -Rece1pt s of Maty!and T obacco contmue very free for the season, but of other kmds only nommal. The mark"'et for Maryland, though mact1ve, exh1b1ts more d1spos1twn on the pa1 t of buyers to operate than was noticed last week. The crop of Maryland ground leaves w1ll prove much large r than many ant1c1pated. In Oht o there 1s scarcely any m ovement, and we only note 'sales of about so h hds to shlPJPers. In Kentucky and Vzr gzm a we hear of no liansactwns. 'Ve r e v 1 se hst o f puces and quote to-day as follows : M a ryland frosted, $5 o o @ 6 co, do common to good sound, 6 oo@ 8 oo, d o 1mddlmg to fine, 8 oo@ u co, do fancy, I 2 oo @rs oo; do up country, 6 so@ 25 oo; do do brown to red, oo@n, do do yellow spangled, 1 a oo @15 oo do ground leaves, 4 oo@ro oo; Oh10 mfenor t:> good common, 5 oo@7 'co, do and bro wn, 7 oo @ 7 so, do mediUm to :fine red, 8 co@ r o co; d o common to med1um s p a ngled, 7 oo @ 9 co; do fin e spangled to yellow, ro oo @r.S co; V1rgtm a com m o n t o g o o d lug s '6 so@ 8 so. do common to mediUm 9 oo @ 1 r o d ; do good to fine, I3 oo @ 16 o:>o, do se le cuons, 15 oo@2o co; do stems common to line, 2 oo @4 oo. Inspected th1s 763. hhds Maryland, 11 d o Oluo, 6 do V1rgm1a; total, 78 I hhds Cleared s am e perwd: Per s t eamer Nurnber g to Bremen, 433 bbds !\f a ryland, I38 d o Ohw, 54 V1rg1ma, 43I do Kentucky, I34 do stems 207 seed le af; per ste a mer O ltt o to Bremen, 332 hhds "Maryland, 83 do V1rg1ma, 8 6 do Kentucky, 250 do stems, 89 cases seed leaf, 58 ceroons tobacco; IO hhds to the West Ind1es 1'obacco Statmfmt. Jan. r, I87S Stock on hand 111 State To-b a cco warehouses--------.-------14,cJ:z7 hhds SKILES & FREY, in Peu.Ds,.lvauia Leal Tobaooo, 81 and 6 8 North Duke St., -..-I -....,. I J \ /


DEC. 8. Deduct loss by fire -. -------2,764 hhds dampened each t une almost enough to take from the -----poles and stnp, and, as a general thing, our' gro w e rs have been sens1ble enough to leave their tobacco hang and add to the color of tnat whtch has cu1 ed well Frosts have done no damage thl5 season consequently "fat 'stem" and frosted leaf 1s not t o be calculated on from our seCtiOn, but \\ e have any quantity of tra s h, of both Inspecte d this week. -...... -- Inspe<;t e d prev1ou s ly th1s year-. --.. n ,863 hhds 781 hhds 37.39? hhds TotaL----------------------501041 hhds Exported of Md. and Oluo smce rst January... -... 33,537 bhds Shippea CoastWISe same time-5.6so hhds of the r 874 and 187 5 crops PHILADELPHIA, D e c e mber 5 -Mr. Arthur R. Fou geray, Agent, reports .-The rec t ipts of Manufactured Plug tobacco the pail week shows about Total ........... -------... ,I87 hhds the usual amount of pkgs, the most of wh1ch however Stock m warenouses this day and on shtp----ts shtpped by manufacturers m consignment, m the board not cleared --.. ---------ro,854 hhds hope of 'bemg able to find a market, thereby eRabhng ,Manufactufltl Tobacco-There is very light demand them to return a clean floor and 'Sheet on the rst of the from the trade, and very little activtty ts n'ottceable in year, with the pnv!lege of commencmg afresh; at the the market. Prices still continue in favor of buyers. same time sales have falle n off very much, which is gen Exports, 4,528 lbs. to and 4,039 lbs. to erally cu s tomary thts season of the year, as our JObbers West Indies. -Received per Baltimore and Ohto Ratl also des1re t o have as hght stock on hand as possible, road, from Danville, Va., 734 bxs, 17 caddtes; and from when they take their mventory, he9ce thF.y are buying Lynchburg, Va., 140 bxs, per Rtchmond steamers, 2,578 only as they actually need for 1m mediate wants. Not pkgs, and per Norfolk I 57 pkg3. wtthstandmg all these facts, I have yet to learn any no CINCINNATI, December 4.-There has been a dettceable devtaUon of pnce, especially m first class goods, cfdealy better fee li ng m the market for Leaf T obacco dur-but the barrenness of buyers on the market may have mg the past week at prices that were generally higher s omething to do with it, while common grades for Smok on all' grades. The prevailmg soft weather is very fa mg purposes, are somewhat lower. 'Receipts from vorable for handling the new crop, ancla few hogsheads South and West: r ,o2r boxes of tobacco; 410 cases of it are now daily appearing on tbe breaks. The total do; 565 caddies do; 45 keg s do; 1,283 patls do. offerings at auctton for the week were 390 hbds and 129 Smokzng Tobacco -Manuf a c turers of mt and dn and boxes, as follows.gtanulated conunue to sttll shtp on orders, upon wh1ch At the Bodmann Warehouse, 85 hhds and 112 boxt's. they are dmng a good busmess at -the usual pnces -8s hhds and g boxes Kentucky and Ohio cuttmg to-Leaf Tobllcco.-In the p as t week the sale of seed bacco at $ for common smokers to fine cuttmg leaf, for domestic purposes, contrary to expectawns, leaf 3 boxes West Visg mta at 4 8.6o@r8 25, 100 has suddenly dropped below the usu a l average, whtch 1s cas:s Ohto seed at 4 soSO for fit iers, binders and explamed to a certam exteut by the custom wrappers. of the Government requmng all manufacturers to make At the Planters' Warehouse, g8 hhds and 2 boxes -a <:omolete return of stock and matenal on hand De-8? hbds Kentucky a-nd Ohto cutttng tobacco at $24@ cembe-r JISt of each year, therefore tht s class of buyers 24.50 for common smokers to fine cutting leaf, 1 r t.hds are uow busy workmg up thetr odds _:lnd ends, m and 2 boxes West Vtrgmta at 4 7o@u so, 2 aL otder if p o ss1ble to start stratght the begmmng of the new year. Such bemg tht: case, I shall not be a ble to At the Globe Warehouse. 89 hhds and I box :-78 report but very meagre sales the balance of the year,hhds Kentucky and Ohto cuttmg tobacco at $4.50@ as a correspond mg result 1ece1pts have accordingly 2r.7s for common smokers to good cutt ing leaf; 3 hhds fallen off, whtle our export of _Western sktpptng Ohio seed smokers at 5 30@7 go, 8 hhds (new) West leaf shows up hll;ndsomely a _dmg sttll another ltnk to Ohio at 2 .9o@5 .25. the cham of evtdence, provmg Its cons_tant advance; At the Miami Warehouse, 64 hh:!s and 13 boxes:-ment. and ultt!Date success rem am unch angea. 6s hhrls Kentu<;!cy and Ohw cutting tobacco at R ec e1pts: 7 5 cases Connecticut seed leaf; 145 do. 30 fn common smokers to fine cutt t ng leaf, J hhd West Pennsylvama do; go do Oh10 do 48 do Wtsc:onsm Vtrgmta at 6 7o; 1 box do at .3 zc; 12 cases Indiana seed do; 1q2 bales do; 310 hhds of "\Vestern do; at s@8 for smokers and fillers. 130 cases do; roo tterc e s do; wtth sales for home ac 'At the Morns Warehowse, 54 hhds and I box :-54 count ?f I Io cases Connecllcut,aseed leaf ; 192 do Penn hhds Kentucky and Ohw cutting leaf at $4 so@18.s,? sylvama do; 7S d o Ohw do; .1o do New York for common smokers to good leaf; I box at 8. do; 40 do vV1sconsm do, 156 bales of Havana lear; LOUISVILLE, December 4.-Mr. Wm. J. Lewers with exports v1a ste a mers to Ltve1pool and Antwerp, of Secretary of the Tobacco Board of Trade, reports. We:tern leaf 72S8 lbs. We nave had a very active market th1s week all grades RICHMOND, December 4.-Mr R. A M1lls, To of both olrl and new going off freely at a small advance bacco Broker and C o mmtsston Merchant, -Be over last week's prices, over one-half of the new selltng low I gwe stakment of stocks, etc. I would remark 1 s ltght-wetght, and a good deal of 1t very soft that of the old stock remammg on hand OR the rst mst InsjJecltons for Wuk there IS only a very small proportion of useful tob:!c co, Warehousu. Week Mot:t/1 Year the maJOtlly bemg of nondescript stuff. All Planters.-----...... 8r 5 9 21g good tobaccos are m bnsk demand at pnces. Falls Ctty __ ___ __ _ 7 7 7 I ref ram from g vmg quotatiOns, w1th our present Louisville -... -------______ 2 7 2 3 227 and poor s to c k 1 t 1s tm poss1ble to gtve reliable Nmth Street -------85 54 571 quotatwos. Pickett. ___ ----------.... 77 6g 525 Comparative statement of mspecttons, recetpts, de-Boone _______ ... .. _ 42 3 o I06 livenes and s tock s for the months of October and NoFarmer s ............ -----I4g I 24 291 vember, J874 and 187 s -Hhds. Tcs. GraQge_____________________ 3 3 3 Kentucky Assoc1atwn --.---37 :2g 140 TotaL ........ --... 5o8 3g8 2 ; o89 Year I874-='--------------627 579 4,492 Year 1873 .. --..... ___ ----410 4Io 2,183 Of thts w ee k's transactions 78 hh4s were numbered for shipment to England, the balance, 430 hhds, sold at aucuon, v1z 2g1 hhds origma1 new, 2 do new rev1ew, III hhds ongwal old, and 26 hhds old revtews. In our sales of new tht s w ee k, were some very goo d dark heavy bodte d l e af whtch sold at from u to I47fc, also some new c utting leaf at 13 to 177fc; the latter IS t aken mostly by our re -dners. A s a general dung pnces ate more satis f actory to 1 the farmers th a n \\as e xpectt'd parttcularly to those that handle properly and have suf. ficten t quantity to make goed wetghts, but to thu se tha t rat s e but a few hundred pounds and send 1t to market jt looks as though (at present pnces) they ought to swear vengeance on the "wee.d'' aud nev-er trouble th e m selves wtth it. It ts prett:,:. bard to rat s e a ct d p er 100 lbs. Monthly Stafement. Receipts dunng Nov at warehous< s Do do sh1pped thro ugn .... Recetpts from Jan I to Dec. I at warehouses .... ___ -. _-___ __ .-....... Do do shipped through _. 103 hads. 85 hhds. 9,871 hhds. J 16I hhds. Total. ----------------IJ,225 hhds Total recetpls to_ Dec nst 13,032 lihds. I'DE-TOBAC)O-LEAP.t at private terms, zo hhds Maryland at ..j.o pfenmgs, 18 hhds Oh1o at so pfenmg:s, and 133 hhds ground leaves at from 36 to 3g pfemugs, accordmg to quahty, were sold Stock, November 18, 162 hhds Vtrgima, 37 5 hhds M a ryl a nd, 162 hhds Ohw, 13 hhds Bay, 3crubs none Stems-The market was qutel; r6 hhd s c o mmon and medum Vtrginta s s ltghtly mou l dy, were ch, sposed of at 12 pfenmgs. Stock November II, m first hands, 3,I59 hhds; dehvered since, 63 hhds. Stock, N ovember I8, 3,og6 hhds. Sad LeafThe week's sales from first h a nrls are roo cases from store and IOI cases to arnve, besides 400 cases runmng Ohws from speculators hands, at so pfennigs. 47 cases Ohto fillers and bmders brought 44 pfenatgs, and 31 cases '72 Connecticut do do at same pnce: Week's receipts, 40 cases. Stock m first hands th1s day, 4,7oo cases. ITALIAlf, TURKISH AND RUSSIAN TOBACCOS. HoNOR WHERE HoNoR rs Du&.-Mr: L. M. Armis t ea d the noted proprietM of the Highland Tobacco Works, of Va, has receiVed from the Em p e ror o f Austna the medal and d t p loma of merit for his Occidental" smoktr.g tobacco exhtbt !ed at the Vtenna Exposttwn. The dtploma 1 eads as foll ows .-"The World':> Exposlt!OP) 1 8 7 3, m Vtenn a.-The Industnal Ju ry has awarded to Louts L. Anmstead, m Lynchburg, V1rgii1ia, United States of Arnenca th e medal of ment. E Scbwicuert, President of the Imperidl Exposttion Commtsswn Schwarz Sanborn, General Dtrector Vt enna August 18 I873." The medal bears the followmg. mscnptwn:-"World's Expostl!on, 1873 -To mentFrancts Joseph Joseph, Emperor of Austna, King of Bohemta, and Apostoltc Kmg of Hungary." ft can hardly -beth 'ought too much to say of lhts sktllful ami enterpnsmg manufacturer that he desetves all the honor he has achteved. LIVERPOOl;, Nov. 2o.-Messrs. F. W. Smythe & Co, Tobacco Commtssion Merch:lnts, repo1t -The ex treme dullness whtch has <;haractenzed our market for some ttme past, contmued dunng the week endmg to day. Manufacturers have taken small lots datly for theu Jmmedtate reqUirements, while exporters have kept al most en t irely out of the market. Prices for the Detter grades have been fairly well main ained, but quGtauon!' for tobacco below medmm must st1Jl be accepted as OO tirely nominal. Imports, 307 hhds; deliver irs, 3g8, 27.74g, against 33,32I hhds same time last year. LONDON, November I6.-Messrs. Grant, Chambers & Co., report -Our market for Ameri can growths has contmued very d..Jl during the past week, and there are only a few reta1l sales to repo1 t, conststing of selectiOns of the finest graues for the tmmedtate requuements of the horne trade. For export the transactiOns have been on a very hrntted scale, owwg to the pauctty of stock on thts market. Kentucky Leaf and Strips-Fme spmnmg and bnght auahttes of former have been sought after, but m the latter there has been but little done. Vtrgmta Leaf and Strips-Some sa1es have been effected of the late imports, in wh1ch, however, there ts but ltttle that can be classed as fine. has been dull of sale ; transacttons very hmited. Maryland and Okto, wtthout blight in color, dull of sale. Numerous specie s and vanettes of tobacco are cul ti vated m Italy, the mo s t tmportant of whtch are the com mon to bacco (Tabaco Braszle, Tabaco Mono c os), called a lso Erba santa, Ntc oftafla rust tca, L., the Vtrgintan to bacco ( Taba c o C a taro lrcceu) (N:cotzana aztrteulata, Benol), Calt :u o (Ntcotuma Tabacum, var ), Cattaro rtccto (Nuoltana macrophyll a) tobacco with l arge leaves ; and the Kentucky tobacco. The cultiva ton of tobacco requires particular 1 care, both in s owmg and in transplanting, in order to preserve_the young plants from frosts and weeds. The plants reqtme watering ttll the month of August, if the weather _is dry. SllHeen or cightee11 leaves are left on the plant; subse quently leaves and flo.wers are cut off After the leaves are gathered, which takes place from August to beta ber, the drying 1s pro ceeded wtlh; tho:n c omes the first ExTENDING BusiNESS -For the fermentation, which is obtamed by pl acmg the leaves twn of ht s growmg tr ad e, Mr. A. M. Freechte, the pop m heaps of a certain size-, which are turned over as ular Philadelphia ctgar manufacturer, has removed from occasion r e quires, according to well know rules, till the No 42 to 6 4 and 66 North Front Street, where he has middle of November, by whtch ttme the tobacco has ample facttities for conductmg a large busmess. Mr. acquired tiS special properties. From expenments Freechie manufactures fine ctgars exclusively, one of his wade by M. Ach1lle Bruni, of Barletta, tt appears that leadmg brands, the Economtsf, enJoymg, as ts claimed, excellent tobacco may be prClCured by leavwg upon tl!_e an extensive sale. He destres t o have 1t known that he V trgima plants about eighteen or twen f y leaves. KenIS the' only manufacturer beanng hiS nam e, a nd that be !ucky can bear as many as twenty IVI' O leaves has no connectiOn wtlh any other house Whtch in fhe manufacture of tobacco IS earned on not only W i th formation we would cheerfully publish at ht s request the md1genous tobaccos, bu_t also wtth -those from under any circ u m lances, but m this we Indta, America, Vugtma, Kentucky, South especial pleasure m domg so, as we recagmze our obU.. Carolma, Havana, l urkey, Hungary, the Palatmate, gallon to h 1m 10 the fact his newspaper files conetc At Napte s the wdtgenous tobacco forms about tam what unfortur1ately our own do not each success one thtrcl of the manufactu re, the proymc e of B e netve of THE LEAF since 'the date of 1ts veno produces tobacc? to the value of Ioo,ooo ducats, first publicalton Thts I S a compliment we duly appre but m_Northero Italy tt ts supplanted by foretgn tobacco, elate. It 15 the way of journalists. November 25.-The market for Ame r:can tobacco has continued very dull dunng the past week, and the only operations to report are some trtfi i ng transactions of the better classes for home trade purposes, at full prices. For export there have been but few mquiries, with our present ltm1ted stock there is but a poor scope for business. Kmtucky Leaf atld Strtjs have been but lit tle dealt i n some sales h a ve been effected of medium classes of the former. Virgmia Leaf St1ijJs hay e attracted but httle attentiOn, and busmess has been only of a retatl character. Maryland and Ohzo-Fme colory descnptwns are m dem1nd, but there ts only a poor supply. Cavmdulz has been but httle dealt m. LOGICA L AND PROBABLY QutTE TRuE." You never saw my hands as d:ny as that," satd a mother reproach fully yesterday to her httle etght year old gJTl. "'Cause I never seen you wpen you was a girl, was the prompt repl}. A THEA'IRICAL ARTIST -CarpeaUJr, the late sculptor, was very affected while at work now insisting upon smokmg a ptpe, now theatrically assuming attlludes, a nd now rushmg funously forward to ;add another piece of clay. A RuLE THAT WoRKS BoTH WAVS -Ladtes who de mand w oman's nghts wtll feel the: n s elves greatly shocked at a practical applicatio n of their prmctples at Welsbport m \Vales. In consequence of sicknes_3 a man was compelled to seek relief from the poor rates, which was granted. But his w1fe bemg a healthy and prosperous woman, was asked by the guardtans w do somethmg for his support. She 1 efused, and now the c : lUrts have made her c o mply. s not th1s another gnevance for the sex? POLICE AN:b REVENUE ITEMS.Five boxes of cigars, valued at $ r 5 were stolen on Monday evenmg from the wmdow of Soloma n Debrino s ctg a r store, No. 69 HudsrJn Street .:..Ten boxes of c1gars, valued at f,r oc!, were stolen on Thursday afternoon from the store of J J Juamvelle, No I Pme Street, by a pair o f sneak th ev es one of who m engaged th e atten twn of the clerk whtle h i s accomplice walked off wt l h the cgars.-1'he base ment of the build ng No I381 T lmd Avenue occupied by Samuel J on as as a cigar factory, w as broke n mto on Monday mght, and I,ooo ctgars, val ued at $70, were car ried off It is suspected that a foi mer employe, named Henry Gtswinde, was conc e rned m the burglary -Two tamps, named Cha rles Herl1ck and Mtchal Ryan, on Fnday evemng JUSt after dark, sneaked toto the prem Ises No 437 Broome Street and stole $I2o worth of C i gars, the propert y of Wm. H. O ConPor. They re turned about 'an hour after to renew the tbelt and were arrested They were held to amwor.-Special Treasuty agents of Col. F E. Howe's office se1zed on Monday, 500 of the cbmcest brands of Havana ctgars, hidden m a store near the H a va n a steamsh i p wharves .-Forly-t hree hundred c g,rs and 350 packages of ctg1lr ettes, that w e re mtended for the h oilday trade, were setzed by Customs o fficer C harle s Kane, Monday, m tne steamer Ctty of Vaa Cruz -Ninety-six cases o f c1gar ettes, suppose d fo have been smuggled into this port on t he steamer Ctty, of N eUJ, Yor k from Havana, w e re on M onda)" condemned by default in the United States Dtstrict Court -Special agent Russell, a ss isted by in spector s Btbbens and Ftdeau, acting under instructiOns from Col Frank E. Howe, spectal agent of the U nited States Treasury in tlus port, se1ze d on Monday 2,ooo ciga 'rs on boa rd the German steamship Herman n, from Bremen, n o w lymg at Hoboken. The ctgars were n{)t on the rnamfest of ves s el. New. FtrJD.. NEw YoRK CITY -Levy &' Wolf, C tgar Manufac turers ; Messrs. Jacques Levy_ and Lou1s 'Wolf have formed a co -partnersht p under the above style, 70 and 72 Bowery. A.dverttBements. whtch ISlHeferred. The of N aples and Mtlan produce about 2,ooo,ooo lbs per annum. There are manufactones-of tobacco for smoking (ttmciatt) tobacc o for cigars, and tobacco for rappee and other snuffs, more or l es s strong, to suit different tastes. The tobacco manufacturers have no spepal processes or part icular machmes worth noting; they are content to meet the requirements of local demands. The example of Stelly, where the production of tobacco almost wtthout restnction, and the recolle cti o n of privileges formerly enJoyed, excite a desire on the part of Italian tobacco g owers to regain those privileges, and i:. w. J. HOODLESS. c. Sardini!l anJ the Southern provinces, where the tobacco w J HOODLESS & co plant thrives well co,mplain t s are made of re3tricllons 1 1 '" which ltrntt and pat aly s e the trade. A free JTIOI.I.LTOB CCO IISPICTI O manufacture of tobacco would undoubied ly confer great A A ., economtcal advantages, but th is concession to the re Receiving & Forwarding Warehouses, qu1rements of free trade would have the effect ef drying up a valuable source of national revenue. The culture Foot of Vatt Byke-and PartitiOJr ., N:JOidVO.. produces about s,ooo,ooo pounds per annum, but the B1ll a 1 abac c o care Nabonal fospecbon greater part of the tobacco worked up IS foreign the WWJam st., N. v., Partition st., Breold,._ entt re annual amount operated on bemg 3o,ooo,ooo pounds. The fol'etgn fabncated t obacc o annually Jffij:O:ted amou nts to about soo,o oo/. m value The total value of the annual sa les of the Italian admtmstration ts about 4,ooo,oool The qualtty of the Italtan manu facturers 1s in'fenor to those of Austna. We no w come to Turkey. The tobaccos of the Levant acquire each year an mcreasmg reputatiOn Their qualtty is gen e rally very good due to the charac ter of the climate, the nature of the sotl, and a lso t he spectal care giVen to the culture, gathenng, drying, and packmg. The best tobacco in the Ottoman Emptre IS allowed on all hands to come from YenidJE.' tharason, this reahsmg much the same price as that of SincVuelta AbaJO of C uba. In the preparation of tobacco in T urkey the leaves on being gathered are immedtately su spended for dry mg. 'fhey are mot s tened beir.g packed, leaves of th e same quahty and collected at th e same time bemg generally placed together. The only operation to which tobacco ts subj ected IS submitting 1t to a kind of torre factiOn stm'lar to that which gtves Its qualL!y to French "Caporal." It is mvanably cut very fine by means of a kmfe movtng between two 1ron gu1de s FOR. SALE. A Fresh Supply of 100,000 P ouftds G e nu10e "DEM.RTONGUE" Flavor, tor SMOKING TOBACCO Manufacturer., in lots t o suit a t lowest 6gures MARBUitG BROfHERS, 145, 147 and f49 S Cbarles Street, Baltimore, Md. CASH! CASH! CASH! Elii'NSYLVANIA CIGARS, In any quanllty, PURCHASED FOR CASH, 1fat Low Fi.trUns. 1,000,000 CIGARS AT 'FR.OJI 112 TO 813 Por Thousand WANTED BIMEDIA'IELY. w. P. Jobber P 0. LOCK BOX 814. 115 Dyer Street, Provtdeoce. R. L L!sB-s7ol FC>H. S.A::a:...:E. 335 CASES 1873 SEED LEAF TOBACCO. The lot contamg 235 Fme \Vrappers, 85 cues Bmden, balance Flllet'll. 'I ht s Leaf has been selected from Twen Tbousancl Cues ra1sed Ia W1scoosm, ,vas packed and m our warehouse, and li well ada_ptecl for C1gar Manufacturtni We feel the r e has not been a fot al. W1acoos1n Tobacco equl t o ours o ffered 10 the markets 1870 II'. ll'llll!IBRICH' oft, CO. Janesville, \VJ&. TOBACCO BBOKHRS & MBBCBOTS. Wanted Lowest Pnces and Samples of Maryland and SoundiKentucky Spinning; Strips. Apply at th1 s offie, or t o 5 55-6t J. H. FROST & CO.. BRVXSWICK TOBACO II'ACTORY, ncar Manchester, England ) IIG.&GEMEIT A GENTLEMAN OF LARGE EXPERIENC.& More IS carne:! on ln Turkey, relatively to :he amount of populatiOn, than m any olht:r wuntry. Your tru e Turk has the ptpt: alwa ys m h ts mou t h. It may be est tmated that among thte 3o ooo mhab!lants of the Ottoman em prre 75,ooo,ooo lb5 are smokea -per an num, neatly all be .mg consumed m the ptpe. The an nual exportauon IS of the value of I 7 o o ,oool The revenue of !he tobacco crop 1s farmed, the assessmen t and collectiOn of the crop being left to the mumcipal bodtes. The tax, whtch IS muroury,e, is levied In the Leaf Tobacco Business at the pla ce of preparation, and am o unts to about IS 2d per lb. The obtammg the lesseeshtp for a sene> of years m 1872, was the subject of extreme speculatiOn capt tahsts. The option was .given to bidders of purchasing such part of the t t !le as is received m ktnd at an advance of ro per cent on the price whtch would have been deemed an equ1valen t if the tube had been paid m money-a regul a tion of which it is some what puzzltng to follow the logic. The Government And thorougl>ty competent, dealreo a llitoaatoon as TRAVELING SALES MAN far a reaponllble Seed Leaf Rouo._or Western Bohcllor for an Eastern Commulon Tobacco Houoe. refereac. Addreoo A. 0. H. Chlc1oaati, Ofito, care CwAS BonMANN. condtttons reserved to It one-half of the profits of the k b regu, without pcrmittin'g any interest o be calculated 1llQ; ..a.. 0 SCCOS!I upon the capital charged m 1ts w o rking The exploitatwn o f the nge had evidently a 'ingula r fascination for local financters. The' hst of compettto rs included the J[Al!IUFACTURED BY StORM, 178 a 180 Pearl Strttf. fitm of Couteaux, Caro, & Co., founders of the !talaDUTIES oN FOREIGN TOBACCOS-AND CIGARS Ottoman bank, the Russtan the Soctete Generale, the admmistrato rs of which hkewtse pre sented projects for thetr mdtvidual account, one of which, 1t w r s allegeS" manufactones, whtch produce annually about 3S oo o,ooo lbs we1ght of tohacco, of whtch 26, ooo,ooo lbs are f o r smokmg, and t he balance for ctg ars and ctgarr.t:ru.Ue A dvertil!le m ente. 20 stiillings per inch No advertisements l f o r & e:hort c r p e n o d tb&n 111 months MacWne,. for Eal f', BuaiiUHIB Addfta ... Anuouoceme.ntf. &c. la l,>6r line .-No tor Ad,erllsing 'Will Uecoo atdered. ualesa tLCcompaD.ied by the C "rrerpondiDC amount. Thit rul wU tnvarbbly be a.dh e red to.. w 1ll do a heavy wmter busmess. H erald re po rts .-The trade Iequtrtrnents is good for Messrs. Wm. G. Meter& Co.'s monthly repo1t saysthe season. 1 he mtenor demand f<>T all standard Our market durmg the ear her part ot l as t month h as brands of V1rgm1a man u fac tured stock seems to b e up had a qutet appearance, but wttbm the past two weeks t o the full average, and a t prices long current. We a dectded reactcon has followed espe cta lly m new to h :we no change t o not e m th e pnce of leaf. bacco, whtch we quote from htghei. R e c eipts F OREIG N of new c rop are gradually mcreasmg, so fat "ithout AMSTERDAM, Nov. 20.-Messrs. Schaap & Van sh o wmg any tmprovem ent m condtllon as well as tn VanVeen, Tobacco Broker s, re{:o r t :-We have to men The supplies of new primmgs are exhaus ted t i on for the t week the sa les of 75 hhds of Maryland pnces hav t ng ranged from 3 7f@ 4c; new lugs Ill tolera tob(l CCo of 30 hhds groun d l eaves. The aggregate sale bty fatr order a re worth 4Y.@.sYzc for common, and srf of Java tobacco amounted t o 12, 795 bales, of wh1ch for good. A very Important feature has bee n 4,078 were at auction. The f at r qua!tues are as usual t1:te rapid decrease m stock, which is now reduced to well patd for but the n kmds and sho r t scrubs 2,128 hhds unsold. and 4,443 hhds sold tobacco are neglected, a nd pnces of t hts kmd are still g omg MIAMISBURG, 0, November 21.-0ur special cor downward s Amvals. may be hmtted to 478 bales of respondent reports as follows:-'rhere I S nothing note Java tobacco Stock to day. Maryland, 7 4C hhds ; Java, d 12, 718 ba l e>; Monkeys ha1r, 7 ,5oo; Sumatra, 293, Jtw worthy to from our sectiOn as regar s to any transactiOnS m the "weed," growers n'ot hetng wtllmg t o Grande, 12 make concessiOns to the pn

\ TBE 'lOBA.tJtJO LEA.F., DEC. 8. EX. FOP.MAN. M. J. DOHAN. THOS. CARROLL. 1. Y. OoDUD.lsalon acifWM. WICKE tc co., A. & i JOHNSON, .... MANUFACTURERS OF 79 FRONT STREET, DOH AI, CARROLL & co:,. BULKLEY MOORE lc, CO. CI:G.A,Ir t BOXES Bet,WA.LLS'I'B.II\ETA.ImOLDSLIP, JSIEVV 'YOR.K.. 155, 157, 159 & Goerck_ st., Tobacco CommlSslon Merchants, VIItGINIA Tobacco Commisaifm Kerchanta TOBACCO FRONT P.O.BO% 438$. d J J.!J3. PACE1 W. J. YARBROUGH & SOOS, & BRO., J. H. GREANER, I.. J. GRANT & CO:. i. H. YSER CO., )'. W. PEM,BERTON, ... R. W. OJ.IVER, JOHN. R. PACE & CO., JOHN W. CARROLL, and otbtrs. Sole Agents !or the Original CABLE COIL, BONNE BOUCHE, 45 and 5s, Single and Double Thick. Also Agent& for the Celebrated LONE JACK & BRO'WN DICK SMOKING Large Stocks of Marwfactured Tobacco of every description, Suitable for the Home Trade and for Foreign Markets, kept constantly ou hand. Q BO'W'NE & FRITH, ._. 7 BURLlNG SLIP, NEW YORK t T obacco COJDD1issioD d Sole Proprietors Of the Celebrated Brands of Smoking Tobacco: Roney Bet( Bar!y Dew, Pl'abte B1oaom, Red Rtvel', Powhattan, riae, Old Kentaok, Old L05 Cal' AD: ::Ow Slip, Plant11r11' Choioe. oneel' of tbe Swmy South, \Dr Brud, lfoney Dew. ; Jeo Sole for U,o, Unitoa State. for _J. P. & CO.'S GOLD FLAK!!!. .......zr ... li'.C. LtNDB. c. F. LIND&, c. c. Ho\M:It.TO:t. s. MARC 0 3 0 R.. AsKCilOYT. ( N'E'W YORK EBD-LEAP TOBACCO INSPECTION. TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. Certificates given !or every case, and deliv-ered case by ca!e, as to number of Certificate. N. B.-WE ALSO SliPl.E II MERCHANTS' OWN STORES. F. C. LINDE tc CO., Oll'li'J:CE-14-ll Watir liltreet. a ad to 186 Pearl St. .BEHOUSES-142 Water, 173 ._nt1 7!l, '76 .. 78 Greeawich 8treeta1 aad 1, 2, 8 Hwlooa Blver Ball Road Depot, St .Johna Park. to CHARLES FINKE, J. Me J. BENSEL & -CO "IOBACCO INSPECTOR, TOBACCO INSPECTION, r: 127 & 129 WATERSTREET. 1 -..v.tlK'I'BT SA.IIlPLJ:l'IG PBOJIPT{.Y A.T-CEB'I'IFICATES ISSUED .\.ND CA.SESDIII-..._ TENDED TO. LIVERED Sll!fGLY OR IX LOTS. ------48 &. Wt St., ALEX PRIES & 'BROS 16 College Place, CINCINNATI I BKT. WARREN AND I' MORRA y -sTs., OBuJ, MANUFACTURERS OF l'l E W y O B K HAVANA CIGAR FLAVOR. Dluoi:Yed 4: ctz. in one gallon of Whisky and sprinkled on the Tobacco, gives to the most common arti cles the ftii:Vnr.l\fthftfinestHavana Clnrs. PBipK Rot.t.le nnn .. ,_ ... FRANCIS S. KINNEY'S PATENT IMPROVED TOBACCO CUTTER. This Improved Machine for cuttiog Tobacco ia con otructed wltla a single kJ>;fe workklg upon inclined bear inga: and opera tine with a tiliding shear cut upon the tobacco, wbit:h ta placed in a box with sides at right angleS and bottom parallel wlth knife. This cut any ldnd ef toba cco, anc;l cut lt perfectly. Twist, Perique tn Carrotta, and any similarly hard prepared tobaccos can be cut in thei.r hard state, without any caslug, {or any other moiateoing t-o aoftc them. It makeanoshorts, can be run by hand or steam pow er, nquire' no skill to op erate it; its construction is of the mostsu bstantial k iud, a low to wear and diffi cult to disorder. Price of machine com plete. Pres s (box net cash. OFFICE: J!ll WEST BROADWAY, Ne-w-Yo1.k. N. B.-The attention o f of Cigarette a Ad Tu.rUsh, and. all Fancy Tobaccos, Straight Cuts, Leaf. etc., -et c., is p a r ticlid:a rly callecJ to thi' machiae. APPLEBY HELME, ( 1 Eatabllahed, 1n 1862, G. B.EUSENS,. F. A. MCALEER & co., BUYER OF MANUFACTURERS OF THE RAIL ROAD-MILLS i 1-.s 'Water St;oeet, 85 MOAD STREET, Maccaboy Snuff, French Ra' ppee Snuff, :NEW YoRK. xzw-ro:aE. American Gent. Snuff, Scotch Snuff, :. ..... RoBuTL.MAITLAN_ Lundy Foot Snuff. ,. 'f 1a. M A l T LAND & ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF THE FOLLOWING BRANDS OF TOBACco AND fACTons, ell.. PORE VIRGINIA SIOKINGTOBACCO. GENERAL COIIISSION JER'CHAN.TS, Yla:Rall Road, Our Choice, Colorado, A Uncle Tom, Navy Clippings, Black Tom .. <13 BllO.A.D S'l'., Y. : A.dvancemt'.nts made on CllilSignments tow. A. & G. MAXWELL & co., l.tVERPOOL. 1 aa Wate aDd 85 Piae StB., 1\T. y -r 0 B A c 0 0 Q L A B E L s' .J. CHA.S, APLLEBY. For Price List Address apply u above. GEO. w. HELIIiE !='or Smoking and ManufacturedJ Tobacco,. a -,FURNISHED BY 'fill !BE BATCH LITHOGRAPHIC COMPANY, BS! & 84 VESEY STREET, NEW YOBK, AT GREATLY -rREDUCED PRICES. 80LP1f STROHM. CUIDO REITZBNSTJUN. & RTZENSTEIIC, J' i 11' i l) u 8ttfthaut11, (Succesaon to CHAaL U 8, FALLBNSTEtN & Co.,) Commission Merchants, D. J. GARTH, SON &: CO., 44 BROAD ST., ,;f'O B.EIGN TOE.A.CCO NEW YORK. 176 Frontstr;:;vou. :1. 11. Qvnw co., TJIRCOISOLmATBDgTOBACCO CO. UP CALIPOBIIA, WALLACE & co., TOBACCO FAGTOBS PLANTA.t:IONS I -FACT2RIES' <''hMMISSION MERCHANTS W d v t SAN F'FJLIPE. GILROY. uV estern an 1rgm1a Leaf, All Ciga.ra and 'l'obacco Kan.Ufactured llY ua are of CALIFORNIA G:S.OtmD LEAP, No. 47 Broad Street, i39 BROAD STREET, CUBED BY THE CULP PROCESS, o. BOX 2,707, JfEW YORK. NEW YORK. KINIICUTT, 1 1 1!. W. TATGIIBORST. XENTUCXY. ana vmGIMA Leaf Tobacco, nnm CODISSIOI IERWJT,I No. 52 ROAD STREET, 88 BROAD NEW YORK. NEW YOJtE. \-_ PRESCOTT BURBANK. GEO. P. NASH, BURBANK &. NASH, FATJI.A.N & CO., and Tobacco Factors, D CCM?IUSSION U & ill BBO.&.D STREE"., :Nmt TOBA'CCO .AND &a mcmrs. ._ T. Our Cigars are finer in flavor than ar.y made in the United States of American Growth Tobacco and are pronoun c ed by competent judges equal to th"Ose imported from Havana, wh1lc our pnces compete with the better class of Domestic Cigars. SMOKING TOBACCOS -The Smo 'ng Tobaccos manufactured by this Company are perfectly pure, potiiiCllsUtc& DEP'l'll ani! DELICACY OF FLAVO:S. t1NS'C'Dl'ASSED, r wtoile they contain LESS NICOTINE, than tobacco cured by any other known ,. IIDCIA.Il BlliCIGS, .&geat,' Office and Salesroom, No. 207 front Street, San Francisco, Cal. M. SALOMON, E. SALOMON.'! M. & E. SALOMON, .PACKERS OF SEED LEAF, AND IMPORTERS OF Havana Tobacco and Cigars, 85 MAIDEN LANE, N. Y. I ---" AGENTS FOB THE BALE OF ALL THE' ..... lUG Ill DU BOIS, IIBCBm JfEW YOBK. I'A.UL CALYL ID"PRI(l.E LD'l'll "aroB.l'IISIIED ON APPLJ:CA.'Tl:ON, ALEXANDER MACK, IMPORTER OF HAVIll WRIGHT, ftiCHARDS & CO., General Commission Merchants, I 35t Broad Street, P.O. 4858 NEW YORK. JAMES M GARDINER, HENRY W1JLSTEm, auccasoa TO iorgfeldt & Deghuet, PATENT TOBACCO II!CHIIBBY, 25 Myrtle Avenue, DROOKLYI.'i. .., Constantly on Hand the Best Improved Hand and Steam I Machines for Cutting and Granulating Tobacco. REYNES BROTHERS & CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS Ne'VV" York.. bnufacture d only by WEYMAN & BROTHER, Se cured 'tetters Patent, D ecember 26, t86s. An infringemeu"ou our copyright will be pros .v.tlted Manuracturers S.Nu", and every grade WEYMAN & :79 & 81 Smibhfield Street, l'ittsburgh, l'a. VEGA & BERNHEIM, 18"-' !'EABL STBEET, !OIL MANUEL RIVERA, IMPORTER OF El: .A. 'V .A. N .A. LEAF TOBACCO VEGA, MARTINEZ & BRO'S, G. SCHLEGEL, IMPORTERS OF Dea!er in SEED Lw m HuuA CICARS; ).90 PEABL STBEET, New York. 166 Front StZ'eat, NEW YOitlt. G. Commtsston Mere ant, :S:a, vana,To ba,cco AND DEALKK tK ALL KIHDS OF And LEAF TOBACCO :LA MA:IAGVA, I 183 rear! St., 1Vew York. 17S Pearl Street, "' FELIX CAR CIA, llet. t'ine & Cedar# NEW YORK. IMPORTER OF HAVANA LEAF TOBA'lCO, KOENIG & SUBERT, {raoM T. C\Tl'l!lAU f) _, DEALERS IN ALL KINDS OF LEAF & HAVANA !!. ':t'O'SACCOS, And Sole Ag't for Brand 11Prof.Mor e.' No. 329 :sOWEBY. (bet. 2c1 a; 3d. sta.,) ( and sARATOCA," H. NEW YORK. 187 Water St .. New York s. suaoRT. ------------------N. LACHiENDRUCB & BRO No. 154 Water Street, New York, WHOti.KSALE DIALERS IK AND OF. THE BRAND OF HA YAN1A & DOMESTIC CICARS 222 Pearl st, New York. Leaf' ANTONIO CON%ALE%, M. OPPENHEIMER & IMPOBTER OF DEALERS Il'/ ltJf SEED, LEAF AND HAVANA t,, 0 'AND # TOBA.CCO, r :) L. CARVAJAL'S CIGARS,. 138 W ATER STREET, Brand "'A. C. Y." AND CIG.AR.S, l!rana CAB.ANNAS. !11 ilcmmx J.AlVB, JIEW. YOBK.J i6'1 w .. "'F.""Jt S'P,j .NEW YORK, JfEW YGl\K,


. DEC. 8 / G. r A L K & B R 0 LEAF .. I L. wA'l'Jl:a. s-rB.JJJlT, Im.porters of .Spanish, -SCHRODER Cl: BON," 1ZB WATER STREET, NEW YORK. OP &P.A..M"X&H' SUPERIO:rt MAKE AND Quality of OONJIECTJCUT SEED WRAPPER_ OUR OWN PACJti.WG HERMANN BAT JER tc s --. AND PACKERS OF DOMESTIC COMMISSION MERCHANTS &..IMPORTERS OF. CEDAR WOOD, LEAF T0BACC' O 293, 295 & 297 Momroe St., NEW YORK. WM. EGGERT & CO. IMPORTERS OF .HAVANA AND DEALERS INi LBAP TOBACC[ ,. 171 PEARL arid 78 PINE STS., :NEW YORK. El .t G. FRIEND & CO., t Imponen and Deale .. In LEAP 'rOBACCO, I 29 Maiden LaRe, a.-AltO FRtaMu, j Gus FRJBMD, NEW YQ R K Eowuo htEKD, Jr. & S. STBRIBIRGIR fOIIIGI AD BAlmS, CI--.y 77 WA'l':Z::a S'I' N:ZW WEISS, ELLER & LOBENSTEJN & GANS, SOLE AGENTS AND IMPORTERS OF THE GENUINE W. & M. GJ:GAR lYIOVLDS, PRESSES, STRAPS & CUTTERs,-, Importers of German and. Spanish Cigar Bi.bbons, NO. 101 MAIDEN LANE, :t!iEW 50. t,t, EXCIIAliG PLA:rk.-c;, 1 A..D kinds of Figures Cut to Ot,)er a.:nd Repalretlln t.h.e Best Style. Tbe T_rade A.& F. BROWN, 1 MANUFACTURERS OF CIGAR MOULD PRESSES & Cigar Cutters & all ether Machinery for :Mannfactnrilli Cllll1 'A21d. O:lca:r Bo.:::IE.-1 iMPORTERS OF GERMAN CISAR MOULDS 57, 59&. 61 lewi s St. b!lt. Delancey and Rivington NEW YORK. ____ ,_. TIN POlL, WARRANTED PURE TIN, F.)R WltAI'I'ING ClGA:P.S a n i CIGAl!.:ST1'BS1 an d LINING CIGAR EOXES. WITTEMANN BROTHERS, Maiden l.aoe, 1V. Y. J. A. M'lnufac turer of Fine Cigars, a.ftd Dealer in LEAF TOBACCO 88 MAIDEN LANoE, NEW YORK. 1 RIVERA &. GARCIA, 1 Manufadaret11 o f CI.GARs Internal Revenue Eooks.. ThB Original Internal Rnenue PublishJng i t Alsoadothergrndesof "FREY BROS. & J SAN _JULIAN. Fine-Cut and Smoking 'l'oba.ocos, IMPORTEU OF &Ide !l1lnfactnrcrs of FINE CIGARSl and . IIA vAN A E!\GL)! and "CLIPPER I' in tho us&al I L f T b Daa.lers in Lw Tob!OCO, ; ea -0 ace ntcel11 ln 0NK OUNCR' TJN prou. PAC.IC.A"iE&. packed in }( a ntl "" 4 v .. -.., : .-88 Wall s+ -eu ....,,.._._ 4 eaey Street. r.rew York_ ... -'-.... ._ ROOM u.


"'; ;I ; I Philadelphia Adertisements. Baltimore Advertisemeats. Steiner, SJDith Bros. a Knecht, A." BOYD 1Ji DEALERS IN ALL KINDS O F WHOLESALE DEALERS IN ttiANUPACTlJBD AND tllP TOBACCI, CIGARS; &C., l 33 SOUTH ST., -BALTIMORE. rHOS. W CROJIIER.j ':1...., o :o A c c o And Man1t/acturets of and Dealers (n Oigars. ,225 RACE STREET, PHILADELPHIA. STEWART. MARKS, RALPH A co., I L. ""'\V. GUNTHER, Msanucfactourerts ecf h GENERAL COMMISSION alph's Snuff, : A .N Toa--.cco FAcToR. ANQ CIG a 'fta Ne>; 9 ,&OUTEI: G-AY &TB,.:IDElT, U .IE' :(One[doortwest of EXchange Place), I:BfA:I.TJ:MOB.Jl. MD. TELLER BROS., Packers, Commission Mer!3hants, and Wholesale Dealers in Poeign and Domestic Leaf Tobacco, 117 North Third Street, Philadelphia. L. BAMBERGER & CO., DEALERS lJ' TOBACCO, Ar'!c;J Manufacturers of Grades of Cigars, _1\T J 11 St Philadelphia, Pa. lEWIS BREMER'S SONS, Wholesale Dealers in .. LEAF" AND KANUF ACTURED TQBACCO, NO. 322 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. 8'A large assortment of all kinds of LEAP' ToirACCO constant] on hand. W. ,EIR:t:NLOHR & 00.,. l'ACKUtS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN LBA F TOBACCO, l!U II. WATER ST., PHILADEDP.HJ.A,"' 18SOUTH SECOND ST., liT. LO-.Is. W. ElSENLOHR, S. W. CLARK. PHIL. BONN. JULIUS VETTERLEIN a CO. ,. Liberal Ad"V'anceptents Made Oft Consignrnenta to my Address. PATENT STBI-BOLLBB, FOR UTILIZING THE STEIII PUR HAVANA FILLERS. 1 It ,viii save :10 t o cent. o1 the L ea f without impairing lhe quality of-the Cigars. and make a wellworkinaLong Filler withou( Shoru or Scraps. GEO. KERCKHOFF & CD., 411 S. CHARLES S'l" BALTIMORE, Mo. ,,) C. BECKER. L. BECKEB.. BECKER BROTHERS, PACKERS, MERCHANTS_ ANI{ WAO LESALE DEALERS IN 1 \ Foreign and Domestic Leaf Tobacco, NO. 98 W. LOMBARD ST., BALTUIORE, M:D H WILKENS a 0 ,0.,. }lONUMENTAL CITY TOBACCO WORKS No. lBl WEST PRATT STREE't, BALTUl:Oll.E, KABYLAND, Manufacturers o( all kind' s of SMOKING TOBACCO 4ND1SNUFF, .t.gen.ta 1 lll. li'ALK, 120 Cham bet .. N. Y., & BAT'l'IN BllOS., 142 N 'Pitird St., PM!" D'};C. 8 WESTERN ADVERTiSE:JIENTS. Cincinnati Advertisements. CASSIUS WELLES. L. Il. & CO.,-C O N N I D SLBE ED LEAf Te>:a.&ooo. Henry Besuden & Bro., ;RICHARD liALLAY.. JAMES MALLAY. & Blf DEALERS ill Dealers i n LEAF TOBACCO, LEAF TOBACCO, I 16 and I I 7 West Front St., 1. 163, & 165 Pearl Btret, Between Race a!ld Elm, ( OO!l.lli:l& :S: ,ll snUT,) OINOINNATL 0. S. LOWENTHAL a CO., MANUFACTURERS ... OF FINE CIGARS, AND DEALERS m .LEAF 'rO:B.CCO, NO. WEST THIRD STR-EET, ClNCINNATI, OKlO. AAROMKAHH' :E_:A. WittLI DIX S: :... in CffDBt:TIT LEAF TIHIAJ:tO I HARTFORD W"-.. WESTPHAL, CO:DUSSIOli IIERCJU..NT, And Dealer In COINniCbT IUD LAF Tobaoo:-: _,, State SL Hu:tford. CoJUL TOBACCO WORKS. A. L. -4 1 SISSOK., i Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers in SPENCE BROTHERS & co,, and Deale rs i1l CJGOS &: J.BAJl TOBACCO :m.a.,::; s:;:::;::!2 ;.T. CONNECTICUT SEED LEAF 134 Main St.. Cincinnati. o, ::IN<:INNATI, 01110. TOBACCO, -. No. I 34 MAIN STREET;. G .. J[OB.RIS, .. U6-J8I Conn. Leaf Tobacco C 1 GA. R S .. o NRHM"A"N HussARo BEl.O:R.ER,. Packers and D ea l ers in oFFICE. ,4 coLLEGE BUILDING 126 Street, CONNECTICUT SEED LEAF And. 71 West Front St., CINCINNAT I OHIQ '1' 0 B A C C 0 ,_ HENRY MEYER., M. H. CLARK & BRO., COM:IIIISSIO!J M:EB.CRANT,' And Wholesale D eale r in OHIOSCONNECTICUT LEAF TOB..A..CC0, -St., Cincinnati," 0. F. W. DOHRMANN, LEAF TOBACBO BROIIB, N. E. Cor. V"me Streeti, LEAF TOBACCO BROKERS OLADBSVQ'J,IJ,. "..'llNN. E. R. W THOMAS, COMMISSION B R 0 K E R, ;IN ALL KINDS OF Leaf Tobacco;: PA.CK&R AND DEALER I M FJD CONNECTICUT SEEDLEAP. ..-oa.a.oco, DANBU:RY, CONNECTICUT. ..... ------'" H. SMITH & J:O., C 0 MMISS I 0 N MERCO.NTS .&liD CONNECTmUT LEAF TOBACCO. No. 20 Hampden Street, J SPRINGFIELD MASS. Boston Advertisem.ents. l!8llio. Southern Advertisem.ents. JOliN' W. STONE, iole Owner and Manufacturer of the Brands o f Smokin,r Tobacco, "'&.A.EI'wA TOG-A" AND 'os.o ez.a:oc'' a. F PARLETT &. c. B .LICHUNBERG. A Low. s M. sr!IIPSON. Md. & Leaf. wHcLEsALEDEALERsiN -G. B. LICHTENBERG & CO., ::BOYD LYNCim't11G, VA. PIIILAD&LP.U:U., D _OHAN & TAITT, A. R. FOUGERAY, 69SCHARLESST. BALTIKOR.E. B.&NG"l'ACTUBED LEAF Al'iD llllOXIl'lG 11Dm tEIUI MWHAm, MlAmRIBrA&Eit P. 107 ARCH STREET,' 33 N th F t St L f T b COmllSSlONKDC:EAN'l', Connecttcut Seed Leaf To_.bacco, RicHKoNn,vA. Philadelphia. or ron ea: 0 aCCO. 92 1 b d d 5 w PH LADELPHIA. PA. AND CIGARS. om ar 68 Congress .Street, East. DETROIT, .MICH. IILDEBRAND & KLINQENBERG, -""" Manufa dure r sofaadDeale rs i n A FBECHIE No. 20 GermanStreet, NOWLINb, l'OUNGER &. co., WALL, BELVIN 'g, c '-B.llDBMITm ,_co-JAMES M. WISE, PIIIJ CJP lftt' MANUFACTURER oF THE t Nearthe"Carrolltoo," BALTIMORE, HD. IJ(p \\( \\1. 27 'I'; th. S 11 Dll al, '' E C 0 NO M 1ST" scHomER, A. NcoLASSEN. CODISSION MERCHANTS, Commission Dealers a1lll Commissiiln lcrcllanU t., lo. 3l orth ltb St., ::Brand of Cigars JOS. SCBROEDBR & co., and po; VlOviPm;o; Tll;;DALB. ;;n T"BA'flllll LEAF TO B A ceo, COMMISSION MERCSAN'l' And 202 Chestnut street DEAI.ER IN L .. EAF Leaf Tobacco Jl.l JJllill U bbiJ; l2Ul23lWkeiSt.,bet.Ka!nUecon4sta., EICLUSIVELYforthcPnrchasr.of PRILADELPIUA. 64 N. FRONT STREET, ,, f t d T b uo. NOB'm S'ECON:D STBEET, ST. LOUIS. liJ[O. LEAF 'l'OBACCO L RIBALDO SAttK & co. .LY.I.anu ac ure 0 a.cco li7l.ibeG ---110. TOBACCO, A. H. THEOBALD,! No UE-= W'. F. FALLERSTEJR, G. W, WICKS & co. WM.IE, DIBRELL, '&EIERAL COMMISSifrN FIN EUFclc A R "'1MERFELD & KEMPER, m B c VON PHUL & LADD, Agen:dor the Sale of I' LHAP TOBACCO BROKHB .. :.. 10 A8CO ODISSION LBu TOBCCO BlJYBllS VIrrrlllla MYlSOnri and Keitnctv ll.lnaldo Sank.} AND D Ji.ALE R IN And Wholeale Deal ers iD 1 Jlr II II. J 1410 Cary Street, 5 Philacielphia-Spanish and Domesti c Leaf Tobacco, Havana. and Yara Tobaccos, :M:EEl.OEr.A.NT, 23 North Main MO.-TO B AC ft 0 v A. N w. cor. 3d & Poplar Sta., Plllladelphia. I 17 Lombard Street, I BRii.MEN 41 J JOIN B. BElL & CO.c BALT:ot:ORE. M:D. to points 195 Main Street, A. W, NiJL TINS'S SON, 7 DAVID B. JAJJEY, J 0 HN, 0 .A. R ROLL, (Between Fifth and Sixth,) Successor to A. W. Nolting, Leaf Tobacco Warehouse, F" :s th T b W k LOUISVILLE, KY. LINEs oF c'LISOGAas A-D CTT TOBACCO BBQVnR of lve ro ers o acco or E T 0 D A C 0 0 1 -FAcTUREqTOaAcco -.. aJi 1 [LONE JACK {ANDBROWN' DJCI{ J. H. hMn-ro JAs. I$.1#Ua .AND _... 631 _south Duck l .sland Tobaeco a Specialty. J John Finzer & Bros.," Pemberton & Penn, General Commission Merc.bant, .oa. MANUFACTURERS OF -... nx.. ADOLPU WAG,..... 120 N. WA'l'EB s'l'., PmLADELI'mA. Manufactory, 12th Street, lynchburg, Va. "F.J,V 1 B R 0 S. lA VY ,, T.oBAcco MERCHANTs, :n:=:=;:.::.N:;;. SORVER, GRAEFF & COOK, GEG ... EwQ. Enwwuno.EDWARDJos8 M.&P"TTcn"" Orden respectfolly s o licited end promptly attended o Price List sen t on applicatoon .<'6 TOBACCO 9 r) Packers, Commission K.!rcll&nts, u-,, MATHEWS & HICKOK, Ofllce Salesroom, 194 196 JACOB S'l'., oaf 11 .. Manufactured Tokzcco, R. A. MILLS, tiAP-OTiiii'cco WHOLESALEDEALERSIN -sucCESSORSToMATHEWs&DAVIs, LOVISVJLLB.KY.-OAlH'IUI,9'4 ToeAcco BRoKER f ... .. LUP TOBACCO &CICAilS, T o B A oCO"o As E S, I.B42' !;..!, :0 UE, 1..... __ .,._ OSI_IIoithlfront Street. .__ -... ____ -._... _, -a.r :for Lea:t 8J:l1.ppera. vDic:JJDU.-omo. BJ:(JB){OND. TA. B11B.I.IJ!'G'I'05 'V!l'. .... {".


t ;DEC. 8. MARX, r AND DBALEBS IX LE..A.F -ro:a..a.cco. '13 PARK PLACE .. NEW YORK. Automatic Self-Smoking OW I FIGURES, MADE OF MET At,-IN DIFFERENT STYLES. These Figures are fitted up Patent Machines which ca:1 be set to make the Fig ure itself Smoke, either a Pipe o r a C igaT, in the most lifelike manner. Wm. Demuth & 501 BBOADWA y, NEW YORK KERBS & SPIES'S, Manufacturers of Fina CigarS, and Dealers In LBA.r TODAOOO, Aoor. Ptr KERBS. 35 Bowery' New york. Lours I J t Ready for use: practically cheap and durable. Lln A.,rent wanted in eft'f'J and liberal offered. How to sawe reo-shingling-stop lea\s and cheaply t n RoBhl of all .bods, a 100 Page Book :tree to aoy oae atatlng where they saw thls NpUee. Write to-day 1 1 OLD ROOFS. NE-wiBOOl'S, 4KC, A SQ. :FT. your b!lildings by u aing Glines' Slate Roofing Mills, foundries, factories and dwellings a Pawt, wh1ch nt:tlher cracks in winter nor runs in sum-Materlala complete for a n e w steep or 6at Roo 0 mer. Oldshin_F"Ie roofs can be painted l ook inamuch Glines: Rubber Roofing cost but about half the P!lce better, andlastmg longer tha n 1 new shlDgles w!Uiout ofreashingling. For Private houses, barns and butld the paint, for one-fourth the cost of re ahina1ing. On ings of aU descriptions it is far superior to any other decayed shinglee it fills up the holes and pores, and roofing 1io the world tor convenience ln and givea a new substantial roof that lasts for years. Curled oombioes the ornamental appearance, durabthty, and it brlngs to their ptaces and keeps qualities or tin, at oneathird tho cost. + This slate paint requires no heati AND Hill OTHER BRAJIDS or TuRKISH PA.IITE, ALL OF WHICH ARE Gn'ING IN CREAIIED SATIIIFACTION, AS :INSTANCED BY THE RAPIDLY GROWING DEJ!IAND AJIID ENTIRE AJISENCE OF CO.IIPL.UNTS, C. McANDREW, 55 WlrATEB. STREET. NEW YORK. RtCHMOMD, VA., january 7 18754 Jfames C. Me Andrew, Esq. New York.. Dear Sit: We expect a 1teady increastio the demandtfor your l!iquorlce. AU the manufacturers to whom we sell testify u to ita llDiform and e.zc ellent quJ.tity. very J. WRIGHT & co : LoVisvtLr .a. Jaw. 7, fth5. ]a!!. C. M cAndrew, Eaq., .New York. Dear Sif: We take plt"asure to stating that your brands of both Spanish and Liquorice Putebave-given entire s atisfactio n to all our manufacturers during the past seasg:n, the quality haviol" been uniformly excellent.. r W remaiw, d .ea r lfr, Yei'J ebedlent!y yours, JUNGBLUTH & CO. &r. Louts, Mo. January 9, Jamea C. Me .&Ddrew Eaq., New l'ork. Dear Sin ltlwitll pieuara that I ha ... to write you that the dllrernlt manufacturers lo this part of' the country wtlom I bave aa.pwith roar braodo of botlo Spaalsh and Turklob. Laquo1.ce Paste are very much pleased with ite uniform and remarkably excellent qualtty. I remain. dear sir yours truty, E. W. RIZER. 11LYMCH&uaa, VA., January 8, 1:87' James C. Me. Andre w, E!q., New York Dear S ir: \Ve bavepleasare ln stating that in our district your brands of Spanisla and Turkiah Liquorice Paste invariably given eo,.. tke aatlsfactlon to aU maaufacturers them beiu,uniform and eicellent at all timea. remaua, dunoir, :yourw truly, ,.-"'. THOS. L. JOHNSON A CO. TOBACCO ropos of Tu,kish repudia -tion: A gentlema'l asked at a tobaccomst' for --a-pack age of Turkish He supplied wit h some l n a t had just arrived.' "There is very li t tle tobacco in them,"'he observed. 'Tis true, monsieuc, l:lut it is 'the new manmr of making -one-half paper," replied the shop-girl. NoT EMBARRASSEP.-An old Virginia pedant said to one of his servants, while en gliged in plowing a difficult p iece of land, peiceive fro m the declivitv of th e hills, and the rotu ndity of the s oil, that you will have to proceed h or izontally." Sam bo, not the leas t embar rassed, but leo kin g very wise and knowing, s a id, "Yts massa, I think that the tobacco dry enough for stripping, sar." of a nail and wash l ine. *. * LOVE AMONG TOB.CCO. It was in the autumn of the year r874. Swarms of In Lane's admirable and rleligh t ful "Account of the little birds were in the air and fi11ttered Man_ners and of t he Modern Egyptians," says arounq in a circle several times, as if taking a last fare a wnter m 1 obacco Plant, which forms so worthy WRITTEN FOR "THE TOBACCO LEAF," BY o. H., well'look at the old home at the nprth before wandering a pendant to S1r Gardner Wilkinson's book on the Away down on the beautiful banks of the Connecticut awa y to the balmy air of the sunny sou(h. Over on the ancient,_ we read (chap. xv.) :-"The most prevafeot Rive.x, a short distance from Hartford, almost hidde n hills the gteen dress of the trees had already changed to means, tn most Moslem countries, of excitini what the behind a group of tall, majestic acorn trees, and _framed the beautiful colors of approaching decay ; a light frost call 'keyf,' "'bi ch I can no[ more nearly traoalate and co vered by the green foliage of rank ivy, stood the had the ground with a whitish hue, and the gray than by the term 'placid enjoyment,' i.s tobacco." In snow-white cottage of the famo,us scientist, the bull at the end of the road was lust ily p e eling forth his. chap. v : on me Domestic Life, he tells us that the to profound thmker, philosopher, and tobacco grower on morning salutation to the mild eyed, quietly grazing cow. bacco smoke d by persons of the higher orders is of a principle, Tobias Peele,-, Esquire. The .. tobacco was safely houseq in large ai;y barns, very mi.icJ. and d e licious flavor, mostly from the H-e was a gentleman with a large bead, covered with and ta5tefully arranged so as to impress buyers the borho?d El_ Lad1keeyeh (m which we may recognize settled, streaky gray hail&, and a largeness of !he leaves. Farmers di ppiay a great deal Latak1a), 111 Sna; the best kind being the "mouutaia seemmgly good -natured physiognomy, mingled with an of discre(ion in (his respect! Our great philosopher; tobacco ,'' grow? on the hills a_bout that town. Egyptiau expression of shrewdness and cunninl!'. The archiCyru> D a rius Peeler, who, since -the melan and o ther Onentmls_ draw 1n their breath freely when t ture of his uncommon figure was considerably. spoiled cboly death of his beloved wife, had ve fy little changed smokmg, so that much of the .smoke d escends into the ty the impudent conspicuous ne s s of his abdominal re-in '1i 1 h the exception nf h i s shirt which had and th e they use Llr "sq10k in g tobacco" gto)l. judge from the appearanc e of his l o wer grown considerably d arker in consequence 'of t o o long mean "drillking s m o ke," or tobacco;" for extremities he had never indul<>-ed to any extent in u;;e, stood in the of his barn, his evl!s ramb word s ig nifies smoke and tobacco, markiDg t he u se of patent leather boo t s, n;r was it doubtful that ling along the symmetrical lines o f tobacco, accomthe1r no other smoke i s worth naming in his extraordinary, largely-developed bards had never panying his -arpaenlly hi ghly satisfaclory in -pectio n by companson wnh this. For the Persian pipe. or nar been adorned by a pair of kids; an extra bite of thumb-nail. gee)eh, in Which the. s\no"ke passes t)lr ough water, and neitherwas it very probable that the t ailor. of our scien: A beaut iful, span of horse s befnre an elegant wh1cb has a long flexi bl e tube, they use a choice Persi.ul tist h a d been suffering from too severe and open wagon dashe d up the roa d and halted at the .tobacco called tumb ak, which is first washed several ing orders, as his hole attire on week-days consisted gate iri front of the Peeler mansion. A young, hand times, then put d amp into the bowl, and t w o or three of a p a ir of blue cotton ov e ralls, one leg of which was some genlleman with a cleanly-;haved face jumped pieces of live ch-arcoJ.l placed on the top. The fuvor generally to hiae in the recesses of the corswifily out of the wagon and tie.d the steaming and IS very mtld and agreeable; but tbe strong inhalation OBJECTIONABLE PIPES.large cowhide topboot, and a c oa rse l inen panti ng h orses to a post. There was something so disnecessa '! i o tlljs mode of smoking is injurious to per Henry Bauemacher, tobac-shirt of not altogether immaculate whi.tenes s Sundays, tinguished, so refined elegantly attired hand-sons of aehcate lungs. Yet it is often recommended for conist, late o f 67 Leaden though, he generally succeeded in transforming himself young g e ntleman, somethmg so ?eep a cou::;h; an one of Mr. Lane's friends, the most celehall -Street, London, apmto someth1ng resembling a great bundle of black cloth In h1s dark gray ey es and somethmg so und e niably brated of the p o e s of Cairo, who was much troubled by peared upon a summons be-or runaway h o isting engine, or abdicated pile-driver, o: characteristi<: abo ut his nose, that the little dirty-faced asthma, smoked the narge eleh a lmost inc essantlv from fore AldermaQ SiT Andrew any thing else but a human being, as his tremendously who, with a part of his shirt peep ing indi sc rim morning till night. In using this pipe the sm oke( Lusk,_ M. P., with large-sized_ black coat-reach i ng neady to the top of the out of a tender P. rt!on of his wa_s the sm_oke in!o 11is lungs as if he were inhaling exposmg for sale p1pes of an back of Ius head-and hts outrageouslv wide black Sitting on the fence wh1sth n g, stopped short m hts mus1 pute a1r. 1 he g r e a t prevalence of liver-complaints in indecent character. Mr.1 ]1ants, _and antediluvia? black_ cloth cap drawn d?wn cal and stared at the hand&ome stranger, Arabia is attributed to the use of th e nargeeleh, and Collette, on behalf of the over h1s ears to the U p of h1s no se, s hut his glonous open-moutl:;ed, w n h awe and reverence. many persons in Egypt suffer severely from the same Society f o r the Suppression ph ys iognomy almost completely view. The young gentl man w a lkt"d briskly through th e gate cauo e. of Vice, prosecuted, and Mr. daily labor. consi!! re d, rai5ing of and up a narr_ ow plan_ k to. the where Peeler I have not, how eve r, referred to Mr. Lane's. book i T Beard defended. I Oc, co, m sccatchmg h1s head and gnawmg at his finge r was yet standtng, lost 111 admiration of h1s tobacco. order to dilate on a stern methods of smoking, which tober information was renails, both of which most ex ;ellent qualities h e knew "Good mo r nin g Mister P ee ler," said the young geo-by thi s time ate familiar to mo s t of u s but -simply ceived by the_ society that l1.ow to. apply alte rna1ely w ith a great aea of vigor :lnd tleman in rathe r too f a m i liar w a y for a gentleman of to 'Dote exqu1s1te accuracy of purpose with which ,meerschaum p1pes of an obunpulstveness. In an unguarded mo:nen t Peeler bad s o d 1stmgut s bed an appearance. Peeler turned slowly ihese s age and di!;!nified Muslims smoke, aimina steadily jectionable description were become the husband of a m_ost estimable lady weighi ng and for a moment ammation lit at keyf, or e njoyment. The dreame r poet, exposed f o r sale 111 defend-two hundred pcunds, wh ch we1gbt, tho u gh, in conse u p h1s usually dull and abstracted ph ys 1 og n o m y at the Charl_es Baudelaire, in "Les P aradis Artificiels," say! ant's w indow. A gentleriian-\ quence of an harmonious consritutro!l bl o ss o med i to s1ght o f t he stranger; but for a moment only this of this keyf (or1 as he spells it kief) : -"It is the ab : so was sent to purchase one, .an a xerage of thr ee hundred dur: ng her m atrimoni-.1 animated look appeared o n his fa ce; quickly he relapsed lu t e happmess. The re is no longer any unrest and which he 'and the detrip In another unguarded moment PeeJer oad into his for me r state of absentmindedness. tumult; it is a beatilude, calm and motionless, a glorifenda r t to get hi m e levated hin1self to th e responsible position o f a fatper H e k new his man. He discerned tbl! tobacco-buyer I o us resignatiOn. All the problems of philosophy. more of a similar kind in tlie of a gir l, with a face resmbling jlt birth an overd n e from all other specie s of hum anity Peeler's ate. sulver.l All fb._e ard110Us .questions against whlch cours e of a few days. For pancf!-ke,. but, after the lapse of seventeen years, had beco m e a byword. Peeler w a s a phrenolog1s t If t he the ologtans cut and thrust, an_d are the despair !be tt was contended changed mto as r os y-<.:heeked, da1k-eyed, handsome a Al_exander D u m as had kn?Wil Peeler he hav e of reasomng ,humankmd, lamp1d and cl ear. --All that the figures re,.Hesented br-unette a s ever stood on railroad d,epot platform f a sa1d: "Peeler! the P.mbod1mcnt of thought contradtclton IS beco m e umsoo. L'lwmmt i!st passe were copies o f w0rks of arl. country town flirting w tth the young m a le inmates of a Victor H_ugo would say: Duu.". He.r e 1s the real aim o f the real sm?ker, the-Sir Andrew Lusk decided stoppiug tr ain by of well-concerted action of the "Pee ler 1s tobacco." end whtch. bts rig"htly usea, can, alw ays approacJl, thatthe represe ntations were and a whit'!han?kt;rchief. A large stock of spch "'T'_oba:t;e is Peeler.'' 1f r.ot qutte attain ; for, be he and rtstless at undoubtedly indecent ; but, Implements ofJhrtatlon was kept on hand foE the above Vots Ia: o the r times as Mercury or mercury, bts sole creecLwith -consid e ring that it was the purpose b y t he lady, who meekly to "Peeler, a lamb without, a b_abo<;>n within." pipe or in mout!l should be that of t he l otusdefen dant's first offe nce, he b e call e d "Arabeila" before she had any power to reas the of tl:us li t tle prod!.tctwp lS : ".!here rs no J O Y but c alm.". The weed wou l d b e sent to ga o l for s1st. Her f a ther, wtth. th e sagacity peculiar to the Dumas n o r Vtctor f!:ugo, nor a distant relat1ve wh1ch t s ncher than all r Jcn flowers _IS ever ready to. fourteen days only. who le feeler generat1o n had early selected a husband of e1ther of thes e lllustnous authors, for reasons glVe soo th mg t'J the nerv e s and sereouy to the mind ot for his sweet "Arabella" in the shape of a man also l!ncontroil a hle, as the choice of parentage was not bun who Will himself, in favorable circumstances. A REMINi SCENCE FROM to the h ght su1l for the of left to him at the of h i s bir th, he would say: and at aus pici ?u_s p_eriods, to receive in full benign DICKENS.-A colernporary leaf tobacco, by the name of ''Bumps"-"Peeler w as _a" 1 mtlu ence; b(t 1t ts d1s s 1pate d wasted by who says:-" Let o-ur last nico -l h eopbli us Brutus Bmnps, Esq., of a great deal o f "Good m o rnmg, answered Peeler dry and surly. mstead of resttng qu1et to be bHmmed with yuletnde. tian extract be o f a cheerful nerve and a highly-n egiected education heiuht 6 feet "How's tobacco ?" suffers hunself to be jerked and hurried and agita!ed k ind and throw ing a pleasant 4 inches, in his soiled straw hat; hair, "''I s'pos all 1t h ard t o fill a {mnping cup. Perhaps we .Briton light on the character of p eop le say it had all o-rown inside age 5 5 nose Large crop?" are In th1s respect tl e g'eatest of all s 'nnets against Dicke11s. In reference 1 0 m i racu_lously large and mouth, e yes', bulky: "No ; s'pos e I bang up but the best.' div ine tobacco,'' _as _Raleigh's Spens er hastened foot races wh ich he had g ot fliet, b:g ; h ands, bigger still; capacity, small; "Have a good crop?' nght w ell to acclann 1t; we, fate-aoven, stHmgest of the up for the vil h g e rs, antl bank account, A :;;oiiH::id euce peculiar to many : S'poo e so." strong f o r labo r, weakest of the wt;ak for inertia, which which to ok p l ace in the Gads-other people. It is not to be expected that the hand' You want to sel l ? 1s no less essentlalm lts t u rn for healthy li f e ; we who h ill on the New Year 's D ay so me, rosy -cheeked Arabella should be afflic1ed with I don't s'p_ose I shall." howto do a lmost every thing, but not how 'to do before he w ent for the last any love towards the rosy-n o se d, bald-he ade d Bumps "Why?" nolhmg wtth ease and. g race and d ;gnity. This the time to America, he says:but as the neighborhood of her birth-place was not "Because I o'p ose jt's sold." Orientals can do to p e rfection, and herein appear to the "We ha d m ad e a ve1y ptelty >_tockt:d wit? an available marriageable mJ!e popula-I'll _look at it any way, said : the young philosopher as an antique patricia n race, white.ourselvu. course and takc:n great t10n she, wllh?ut any outward stgn or demonstration of w1th a depth 111 hts not paymg are_ ever-bu stling plebe tan parvmus Strange.y pains. Encouraged by the love or affe ctiOn, consented. 10 be t h e futur e affinit y of any uttent1on nor any to the last gemus for stately 1epos e wh1ch m cr icket matches experience, the amorous and bald-headed Theophi\us 'Brutus statement of Mr .. Peeler; and Wit any persons 1s. deemed the af bum anstocrats [ allow e d il;e l a ndlor d of Bumps. he, went th e barn, t\le SCien!tom t he tgn obl e vulgar, IS Ill natiOnS suppOStld to dis-the Falstaff to have a drink* tific ally arranged lioes of tobacco with an air of n o nt i ng ui s h the barbarou s and from theing-booth on the ground. Mistress Pee ler,notwithstanding her gre a t acc umuhrtion cbalance, he stepped out of the bl:iilding, and, with a civilized ; that whic h in persons is th o ught t he siamp of Not t o seem to dictate o r dis-of weight, was a good, true, fattbful and hard-working lo o k of disappoin l n1ent and dissati5faction, m o urr.fully natur al superio!ity, in n a tions is thought the stamG of t rust, I g a ve all the prizes lady. She had h e lped to build up th e r ep ut a l ion o f her said;"I_ am sorry; but it is not what I expect ed'." ua l ur a l infer_iori t_)'; peoples are aominant by that whic ( a b o u t ten pounds in t he husband's tobaccoraising talent by cl ose ai tent ion care I s'pos e It amt I" rephed the old man. marks the1r mdtv1duals s ubservient. We can not preaggregate)' in money. The and uursihg of the growing plants; by the gentle ilarid-"Might buy it th o ugh, if low enough. What will you tend to compete the Easterns in doing nothioa great mass of the crowd were ling and fondling of the ripe and matured leaf, and aft e r take for y o ur crop ?" c but n e ith e r c a n we, I believe, with those Weste rns. w.hc: laboring m e n of all kinds, t he most attentiVe selecting and packing, by th e It is alw ays a n eventful moment in the life of a tobac a re11su a lly accounted the m ost rest less and impatient pi sold i ers, sailors and nav hea' thy-!ooking weed from a mild perspiratio n i nto a hot coraiser when asked what he will l a ke for his crop. men'o When the cit i z e n of the United States ha.i n vies. _They did n e t, betwee n sweat, from thence into the hands of some avaricious Peeler was fully prepared to answer th'!-t question with business in hand or in head, it may wei). half-past ten, when we began leaf specula tor, who generally was overcome by several all the sagacity and discr. etion necessary. He took a aswnish anti abash us to observe with what tranquil and s un se t a rope cold sweats real!ztng severe losses out of his pur-dee p breath; then he l oosened his shirt c o llar by in contentment he will sit hour after hour on tilted chair or a stake; and tbey!left evchase. Such women's influence is 'felt all over-even by serting his forefinger in the s pac e between the collar wiih feet on the hotel-office stove or window-sill, chew: ery barrier an d flag as n ea t tobac c o dealers But there was a year when tobacco and th e throat; then he cleared the gangwa)' of smo k ing newspapers, or very as they found it. TheTe afte r the most favorable auspices, showed throat by a forced cough, and finally, scratclung h1s deliberately chattmg. Wtth oursel ves it i s sad and w as not a di spute, and there signs _of interna l injuri es and general debilit). Before head dexterously with one h a n d and amputating several shameful to see what volumes of fragrant incense are no drunke nne 5 s whatt he d1sease 111 the tobacco bad bhown itself, tremendous finger nails o f the other wit h his teeth, he sai d : gulped in and bel c h e d out (call it nQt inha1inoo and ex_ ever. I niade them a lit tle figures w1ere offered and paid for it. Mr. and Mrs. "I t ell you, my friend; do you see that heap of haling) unrelish e d and ineffectu al, by fellows0in fierce speech fr o m lawn, at the Peeler received several flattering invitations to sell their manure l a ying back there, behind that chicken coop ?" worrx ansl excitement. Many business men now smoke end of the games, saying tobacco a t fif ty a pound. They in dignantly re "Yes. c iga_rs or cigarettes nea rly all clay, while irequently th at, pleas e G od we would fus e d But soon after the tobacco changed its he althy "Well, str, me tell you, Sl!, that I am proud of fumtng more than the1r til-used we eds ; and if one asks do it a gain next year. They brownis h color to a fiery red, as if infl a mmation had set that h ea p of manure; that' s my reputation! No other cui bouo 7 the only rationa l 1eply is, To (he tobacco-cheered most lustily anJ eli;;in ; the ::.urfac e became dotted_ with s i ckly-look i ng y ellow manure for me, sir! None other I" 1 grower and the cig dr-merchant; to them alone can such. per. ed. The road b etween streaks and spots ; the veins grew white and swelled to The stylish young 11:entleman assured Mr. Peeler of tormented con s um p tion of the precious drug prove this and -Chatham was like a their natural size; rap idly the tobacco commenced his entire s a tis ract ion with the qual it of the manure pro !itable It is true that the grave m en of ttie East all d?-Y; and sur!!ly it to sink, and a n unwholesome vap o r e scapi ng from the heap, but expres sed a desire for further i n formation as and the fiery m e n of the South! uften make a show of 1 5 a fine thmg to get such per-leaves fill e d the atmosphere for miles it then grew stiff to the price o f hi s tobacco. violen t excitem ent while bargaining and smoking ; f ee t behavior out _of a r ec k hard and c o l d, as if ha.d it with h i s sir, is the only will _Produce the h o t _haggle is with them a mere comedy and pae t o wn. A rn ong rible embrace ; and death it was-financi ally to nJaF;y, s il ky, hne-burnmg tbbacco; and, sir, 1f there IS a man ttme as IS perfectly well understood by the d isputants other odd!llcs, we had A mentaliy to 0u1ers; bodi i y to the esteemed spouse and around this part of the country that has as fine a piece on _both sides Hprd le Race for Strangers. partner of Cyrus _Darius Peeler, Esq uire. When, after of tobacco as I have, then I ll ask you l ess than forty N o r is it only in busv and worried smokina that we O n e man (he came m secthe lapse of nearly four years,.fter husband knocked the five cents a pound for it!" lose niUc b of the a n d power of eyem on d) ran 120 yards and t obacco to a rampant leaf buyer for six cents "Forty-fiv e cents ?" said the young man, in uaer When at leisure and tranquil we are apt to puff the leaped o ver ten hurdles in a pound re-weight, with a Joss of about om: hundred amazement ; "that'll do it !" and starting for the gate smoke out immediately, insteaii of reta it lone with a p_ipe and forty p o _unds to a .case! and the long-cherish e d hope where his h orse; were impatie ntly prancing and stamp-enough to let work its full spelL Some, indeed, hold. zn hzs mortth and smokmg of ever gettmg any thmg hke the former offer vanished ing the earth with their hoofs, be was about to jump i n at i n t ervals, then emit slowly and through the nostrils- all the time. :If !t hadn't like a never ret urning cornet, the old lady silently went into hi3 wag o n w .hen his eyts fdl full upon the which is a g ood test of the strength and quality of tho for ptpe, I sa1d to up into the little carpetless room in the garret ot the lovely face and form of Arabella Their eyes met tobacco i tor the. nerves thus affected, being seldom h1m at the wmmng-post, ; mow-white painted cottage, looked long and tenderly The dark gray eyes of the fath o mle s s depth of tire subject to t he fumigation, are very seusitive to its influ. would have been the first. o ut over the long, even rows of the rich green tobacco gentleman with the undeniably characteristic I ok about ence. I remember in Spain, where the men when not I beg you,r h; ; and the plants; as if anticipating the meaning o! the nose, and the coal-black pair of eyeballs dancing asleep are ccntiuually makinaand smoking cigarettes,.. answered, but_ 1f 1 t hadn t tlus long and tender look, dropped thei r green surface mischievou sly around in their sock ets of lhe innocent, chatting with a gentleman i:Ju the subject, and been for my p1pe, hung mournf!llly to their stems; and tears, those virtuous bride and future wife of Theopbilus Brutus av owing that I u s ually smoked cigar or pipe because I have been nowhere. little pearls of joy and so.rrows springing from the inex-Bumps, Esquire. Sbe was gracefully reclining in a cvuld not get satisfa ction from the littl e cigareites,. h au;;i able touniain of em o tions, trickled slowly down her rocking-chair under the porch of the cottage, dressed especially in the open air, where.they burnt to my lips pale and careworn face; and her little water-filled eyes in a light trlue merino morning wrapper, and bu > ily almost as soon as ki n dled. My courtto us Senor rerested for a few minutes 011 tlte noble figu re of her first engaged in liberating he r long brown soft hair from a plied !hat I got no satisfaction from the c igaretteS an d only )li'e, who was gracefully r eclinin_ g against a mass of paperrolls. s i m ply gecause I wasted nearly all their p recious infence, lost 111 unfathomable scratchmg bls hai r A sudden ch 'ange of demeanor seemed to h av e come cense. He bade me mar!< how; having s lowly inhaled. and maki\}g innovations in h i s finger nails with ltis teeth. over the aristocratic young mao at the sight of the a good mouthful, he .lm the ,-oClm f o r tht: purpose of enacting a transformatio n scene in h e r bou doir, much to the dissatisfaction an d chagrin of the interesting Zipp. The foTenoon was passe d betwee n the two tobacco diplomats without any satisfactory re-sult on eitlle;; side. I [To he conlinud.] [ 1 o be con!jn ued.) WHY" HuMOROUs?"'-A cotempor:1ry says:-" Every thing about Deuoit s eem s to take on a humorous app earance. The boys at the 'reform school' are kept. busy making cigars." We don'' t see the'' humor." NEw DEFINITIONs. Farmers and mechanics and hard-workiu g tra s m e1.,'' sai.d an intlation orator "out West,''" do you kt ow the meaning of th es e cabalistic u ;nnll or-the bondnolde_ rs, 'five-twenties.'' and Why, simply this in effect-that yo1,1_ shall get up at 5 20 and not quit wor k until 7-30, sa that the bond-holders need not get up next day until 10.40 I" ./


I / I _, S' .E TOBA.VVO LEA l'r DEC. 8. '-coehaooo 'l'obacco Ma.u.Ua.o'turera. JOHN ANDERSON & CO: UOORICE. l.CORICE PASTE. J,IANUFACTURERS OF THE & oo. SOUCI m rrm TOBACCOS TobaeCo anJthe_trade m 114 Md 116 LIBERTY STRE ET. g<>.neral are rar'icnlarly !:? amine test tho properties ot NEW YORK, this LICORICE, whic?, 'Jronght aer to dltect tt.e atte;.u.., or the Dealenlo Tobaceo to Le hi!!:best. perfettlo n lS under throogho,. t the U nite<' Statea 11114 tile w World to their above style of brand CELEBRlrED SOLACE FINE CUT we ere also SOLE A:GEN:TS for the CJD."WDG 'l'OB.A.CIOO, t..."'Bnd. ... _. whlcla t.'beht11 ence _, undd" tile r. G.&. G. 0. THOMAS HOYT & CO.., lmmecliateoupemalonoftheorigloatol', -Acknowledged by eonsnmers to be the MR. JOkM ANDERSON, best in the And for the brand ot an.foow at.'Uids, u formerly, without a r!ftL Orden! "" 'ck forwarded thronBh die amal channel& will ow Fine Gut Chewing and meet with prompt attention. 30JDI':I\3':LACC \SMOKING TOBACCOS & SNU'FF, JIAIIUUc:na&&OJtALLCR.UJKSO. '-OVTJ WARDS CHEWING -lnt 61&fWillg, .flUOl11Ug, ENNYSIDE, HEARTS' DELIGHT, ad 8CIUU\ate4 1 JfATIONAL, BRIGHT owEN. T 0 B A c co EXTRA CAVENDISH HARVEST" "SURPRISE" IN FOIL I IVANKOE JOLLY f30YS '.._.and ,.00 Pearl St.. New York Cit v. 176 & 178 First St .. Brooklyn, E. D. %1(011AS HOYT, CHA!l. o.Hti7.r OHN F FLAGG. ISA;\ co., 600DWIN & 00., ii!':J:&4. MANUFACTURERS'* INODL &. 00.,. In aU respects equa.l to We have no At;ents. Consam9rs an<\ Jobbers would do wen t.o apply direct. Licorioe Root, aeleel; '&nd Dn band. OOMIZ & lRGUJIBIU. 29 i 3 1 SOUTH WIUIAII STRET UGORICE PASTE & ST 1CKS. o. w s. F, w. S. STERRY EXTRAt Broket,"8. 143 WATER STRKET, NEW YORK JOHN CATTU& TOBACCO BROKER 127 Pearl street, NEW YORK. CJW. -B. FIBCIIIR & BRO., Tobacco Brokers;o ;; WatB1" St., NEW YORK.' IS SIAN Fine-Cut Tobacco -48 Broad and 48 New Sts. 207 & 209 WATER STREET, p, S, BARACCO AND PIGJII 1\TELLA, i DE ROSA, EXCELSIOR MILLS&. FAVORITE lltlLLII LICORICE, PHILIP KELLAND TOBACCO BROKER .. 168 WATER STREET., N,EW YORK, GtJII'II ARABIC, TR&xcxs s KINNEY: viJa:DA TOBAcco woRKs AND OLIVE OIL, ,liiBW YORK. 1 NE'W YORK. OF CIGAB. JlANUI'ACTOBY. TONQ.UA BEANS, CftlebratedRussiaB D. BUCHNER, And a'l Manu-. CICARETTES AND Successor to RoBtTCHECK & TAUSSJG, p t t p d d Li JltANtlTACTURXR oP a. &n ow ere conce FINE TOBAOOOS, WEST BROADWAY, l'iEW YOB.Jt CITY. F 1-CUT C B I WING WEAVER & STERRY, : AND SMOKING NO, 24 CEDAR STREET. I fOBACCO AND CIGARS, Sixes, OhAroots, .156 DELANCEY STREET, 1 X L G W GAIL & AX 0)) !lEW YORK. "<. p QWDE'RED fP 'Fi!o1'theU.&.BaoeBaB.Wtncheour. Ida Lea1'. L7oaa. G.redan Bend. BALTIMORE, provement. RP.nnahannorlr. ".----------------------DEPOT & AGENOY Of the Manufacture of _PllARL NEW 70Bit D. H. / & WEis,a. ELLER & K.AEPPEL1 Agents LOUIS N. PECARE, Vil'[in Leaf and Navy ChewinR, MANUFACTURER Oi' line. Lona and Strai[ht Cut SMOKl:NG .&.liD DIUUU ur IIW. \ J SMOKING TOBACCOS, ?or !'ina Wholesale. ad ltetall lJP S1' AIRS. CHARLI!a F. OSBORNE, JAMES G. QSBORNE, robacco Broker, No. M. STREET, NEW YORK. M. Rader & Sen, TOBACCO BROKERS, 133 l'E.UL S'mEE'l', NEW YORK. J. SCHMITT, Jr. I TOBACCO BROKER, 182 Wate St., NEW YORK.A. SHACK. 200 CHATHAMj "'SQUARE,. MISCELLAXEOUS. ; wrBEO. '-DU BOIS, 00......,..,.,-.&ZON 'MER.C1.EE.AM"!:r,. Arnt for the Renowned &RAND POIN'l' St. James. La .. PERIQUE !011008, And Corn Husk Ci,carettes.-Also, Dealer in Fine Havana a.nd Domestic Qigars. :. aoe ':Pearl Street, 1'1 IS W YOBK.. "P a I '. \ --...... mi1AIL 'Alm APPLE-WOOD ) PIPIS, YII1'H RlJBBIR IDTS, %lllparien of Ill kiD4I of llmobrl' .ArUclel. SH0W FIGURES, I IJf )JlnAL ANn WOOD\ A SPXCIAI.TY. 501 BROADWAY. NE'W vonx. IIWAIIIIIB lcoJ _C"J.gar-Box Ka.nuacturers, 153 to 161 COERCK ST., BEWYOR.K. OF "" Spanish American & German CIGAR RIBBONS. :o:Loadrea Yellow ? Spanish E.J:tra 35 ydo. ..; Broad Yf'.IIG'W' 8 u ,,. yJs. a.oo ., Broad y.,JloW' 5 8 u yds. ::r.1 5 Broa NEW Elli'GLAND IITATBB An.d Other iBr&ll., or Tobacco aud CIG.AR S Roanob Smokl111 Tollacco Werkl, II,:. AND PERIQ.UE IN CARROTS, r' 'U .JOHN STREET, NEW YORK. tJegtwl_,' Plug Snuff, Snvjf Flou, 4c.. :MANUi'ACTORY AND SALESROOM CORMEI Of "VENUE D AND TENTH STIEET; Jlew York !IPAllftiiH LICORICE ROOT, SPANISH LICORICE JcX'l'RA.CTt DEER TONGUE, TBBACCO BROKER. No. PIONHHB I TOBACCO COIPAil Danville1 Va beside& other leAding in Vlrgini_a and Kentucky. -JOSEPH J. ALKIRALL, IMPORTER OF CAMPBELL LANE A CO. MANU-FlGTURERS 01> lOBACCO AND CIGARS, AND Ul LAUREL LEAVES, TONKA. .IIEANII, CASSIA BUDS, .-. CLOVES :&NO CINI!l'AJIION, OR.A.JfGE PEEL, I OF-BROOKLYN, N. Y. "0NLY FINE" HAVANA Leaf Tobacco SNUFF, PIPES, etc AT 484 BROAD STREET, lfaiJlRI ODIN CALDWELL. N .1. .. MRS. G. B. MILLER & CO., 4 !OB.lOCO li!NUF .lCTORY, :'!). COLLINS, !'lUsT.) 97 Columbia Street, NEWYOBK, MAlU1PA.CTU&&RS 011' THJ.. CBLBBRATBn ROVER-ANISEED, CARAW.&.r SEED, CORIANDER SEED, LA VEXDER FLOWER&, Glllll ARABIC1GRADi Al'ID POWDERED, GUM li[YRRH, LUMP AND POWDERED, GVM raAGACANT111 PLAKE AND S k T b POWDE.REDt m0 1ng 0 &CCO,-ESSENTIAL OILS, MANUFACTURED BY OLIVE 6U.. LUCCA CREAM J1'l CASES,'! wALTER B. PIERCE, SEiiA.HE OIL LEVANT liN BBLS. 1 a11d all the Sp c omplete assortment of IaDet aYy, Ul, X .s, 45, 5S, 611, 7 8 8s, 9s, lOS. Smoke rs ArtJdes for the Trade. Sailor's Choice ... s.. 5J. 6s, ,., Ss, <)So, '"" LD ANGER & co Challenge, lbo Aing Philip, tJWRnD S 'w.hillfllon, Grape and Apricot, Jieptune, Dooble Tblck, Unconquered, 101S & 107 CHAMHER!o3 ST., brt.dr!J. "ACME"Fucyllrt. YORK. Pounds, .Jrarrapnsett, Tec-..h,..., Peerleeo, H. r J, J, DAVY. lovuden, Gold Ban. .... l'!'ldeoftheRerlment ef Clube. Pncbt Plec..,. DALY &. CO., Fore1gn &. Domestic Woods, _:..WIJ.U.IIM DAVID C:. LYALL. r'ILJ OV IJ CO;, A g'ts, 31 :Broaa. :Boatan. 163 MAIDEN L.UCE, NEW YORK. SPANISH CIGAR BOX CEDAR F. CO s. COHN & co., AND DTKER CUT TOBACCOS. "HIGHLAND GEM TOBACCO WORKS. -"'.,.__. Mfwf .. Jppi aDd Parl Si:reetll, INDIANAPOLis. J:ND, .Jirrnr Yon: AGENCY, A. WULFF, Lithographer, Printer, and Manufac turer of CISAR AID LABW ..lLSO MAIHWACTI1R&R OJI' WULFF & BELLAiriY' S Patent TransDarent Cmtal Glass and KZTA:t. SICNS. 61 CHATHAirl STREET. C IGA:Q.S; 1134 SECOND ST., PACKERS O F SEED "LEAF AND IMPORTl!lRS 'oF HAVANA T11BACCO, 157 Water Street, (Near Mai.Qen Lane), NEW YORK. !. H. CLARK & BROTHER, TOBACCO BROKERS, CLARKSVILLE, Teaa., HOPKINSVILLE, Ky 1 TODAGGO COMMISSION MERCHANTS, !_A. I X::ati:PO::R. TER. g CBDAB. ST t'OWOSRSO ttQUORtCE. A C L.MBYER. J F Q.MEYER. ..... FINEST QUALITY A. C. L. l Q, MEYER, ftanufactured at Peagn\eepsie, NewYork. and Commission Merchants, GIFFHRD, SHERMAN & JNNIS 43 BEAVER ST., NEW YORK. 120 Addres s by PostP. O Box .ST7I Special attention patd to the forwarding of Tobacco fi6-67 i;&WY B-RK, t o foreign countries. BEPPENHEIMER & MAURER, PraoUoaJ. ENCRAVERS AND PRINTERS DY II'I'EAJII POWER AND HAND PRESSES.


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