The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


General Note:
The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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The University of South Florida Libraries believes that the Item is in the Public Domain under the laws of the United States, but a determination was not made as to its copyright status under the copyright laws of other countries. The Item may not be in the Public Domain under the laws of other countries.
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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', VOL-XI;--NO .. 45. WHOLE NO. 565 t.... f of Brirzr Plfn .. lllfPO"'" Low .... llal a. "Oo., Ill '1t'eot Tlolnl. lrl'U" ta s-rr'J;,' 4rtulu. JC.aJoa a co., ,,. Mai. w-. L I Broad .... 0 ZiDe, J-'>. Bro., 18 Eaat,Secoad. is' PuBtlSHD 1 -"'""' .._, Metal Cigr Mo..td1 IJ:V!l! W'tDNESDAY KOININCI Kaufmann Bros." J9 and !3! .er t.bat the cost to tire l:;.r)y or lit Sterry, CBACCO LttAF comm.ends itself '-0 ever:y StraJlSS, s. 17Q &''*'Lewis. S.d.i11g TaliMu. -one k'l an )I way ion tol::acco, ..... either as Wkk Williim. Co:153-161 Goe:rck. Blackwell W'. T. &: Co grower,mana.faeturerMdea\er. Jt$'ives annualB ,_J_ _..J L-J:N. __ J .._.....,. ly an illl1Uene amount 6f information n:-garclin<'J' IX, 1.64111',. .,,... ltiKI' ".,..I &. l.all. the ''Weed," and thus con!lltitutetS ttcelt a fJa;.& Daly&. Co., a63 Kaldell Laae Meri!i41fls. that bas long been as ... Crc Ribb'"' Morrie C. J. ltc Co. atandmgatthe head uhp.e<:taltrade & Maurer, 23 & 24 N'. w;lUam. H.&RTI'OBD, CoJUI. lk marku reports are full and and., Lobenstein & Gans, 101 Maidea l aGe. l'adtrr 1Juln1. !=orne !roll\ eve:ry q101arter ot til' where Wtcke wm. 41: co. Goerok BarneJ A Jerome, State. ..... is &Old. ... s h ] a. So 6 lir It lo the QNcv.....,.,kly publjcatlop e.teu S,..nish Cig11r Ribbont. IS op, "' nsl 4 I I d d t t .. ,. C d Dfx j. It Co., ::;tate. .. 1 vo y evote o o, A.lrolrall J.J., >6 e ar. Jlabbard N. o1r Co., "'45 State [Fw Aa..rlisi"z Rstn,. Tlti..-d P"Z"'l Mnuftmrtrl if T.Otto Tin : -Foil, Lee Gee>. State. J. j .. 3 9 Clooby& 16 3 & 165 Malia..,-I.oudDa A Jlldwell, >16 and oi8 81Mtc IUSINW Dl&l{l'ft&f or ADVK&TISUS ... p..-s f '}';,.Foil. W itteaaao Brothers, 31 Maiden Lane J Welles "C.&; O" State. :NEW r'1 0 RK. TobiUco JJ"Uir.r. Weatpllal Wm., 218 State. Tobau ,-,,.,.,.,,' ( Howard, Sanger & Co., 10? Cham hen Stod Llaf To/Jac:o bisjit:li#n. Agnew w. &: Sone, 184 Jmd 1116 Ftoal st.,.,., .Abne1 & Dehls, 190 :Pearl. Allen Julian, Wafer. ApPleby a Hele. Water. .Auerbach Simon. 13& lA: 138-" Water1 1 Bar'nett S 121 Maide-n Lane & FiacheJ, 155 Water Blakemore, Mayo & Co., 6a BJOad. Bowae It Frith. 1 Burling Slip. Brod M., 147 Water B-glkley, Moort> 6: Co.., 7<4 Froot. Burbank A Nuh, 49 llltMCI Cardoao A. H. 6<1 Broad Crawford E. M.. 16B Water. Cohn S. & Co., 151 WtOI'. Donart, Carre'.! & t,:o Froat: Pullom Eureae, 75 ll'f<>Dt Bgert Wm. II< Co., 171 PeaL :1!...-elbach, It'. '3 Sbtb A G. A Bro., 17,. Water. Jauaan .V Co., 1" &lld 72 Dills & 1"-' Wr.-ter. Friend E. l$l G. & t,;o., >9 Maldcu Laae. Frischen, Roe:ss &: Scbub, 147 Waler Gardiner.;. M Go., S.. Fi-erg & Co. 16o Pearl. Uchenbruch & Br'>,, t64 "ValLI Lam,tte 12-a J.,ed.erer & Fischel, 213 Pearl l,.eV\n M .H.1 1 6 t P("arl. rt J Water 11tla1Uaod l<.ulooJrt 1.. /!1. Co., <3 Jlroa.d. Martin & Johnson, 79 FroAt Merfeld, Kemper & Co., 131 Metiden Lane. Meyer A. C. L & 0., .u B e aver. Oatman A lva, :a:66 Watet. Oppenheimer, M. & Brother, Water. Ottinger Brothers 41 Broad St. Palmex & Sooville, Water. Price \Ym. M & Co. 119 Maiden Lane. Ouin, j P. & Co., 39 Brbad. Read & O l d SHp., Richey H. A., 86 Front Reism.anu. G. 179 Pearl. Salomon, S. 193 P earl. I Toi>JtCcD LIIIH/1. Hurlburt B. F .>SO State Tb>ijl; Lltho.,-hl Co., 3 & ;.; VeeeJ BOPK.IRVILLE; K'.J' a:a North William Tlbicio Br'oAtrs. Cipr-IJo,. L.obtiJ ad Clark, M. H It Bro. HeJ)peDIIelaiier A Maun:r,., olr "'! N : William. WllllrOII&a. A., 51 Obatham. -- 11'dbd'uo .. W, It CoJ _..,William. Stll611inK Tebatco. Mfrt, ![ Kiii'"Y. Bnn. llaaio-Cif. .. u Cl!.riatman .a Co cor. Ml .. ioalppi and Peul. Klone, !'. S. 141 West Broadway. oi.AlfE8VI1.LE WU. A-J1 for Per14t11 To6McQ """ Packn lmll .IJtJoJN. in S8i. Le4f. -. cq-._,,tlu. Feadridl J'rancis. Tbe. Ha,...fdcl....-.o.f.ilaiU.S. Solid To; Ml.U. LOUISVILLE, K.:y. KJeio, H. E. a: Co., J3, Water n1 14 N M .1: Cir"' .M.Mid p,.., nd S:rtzpt. .r, ug o ctD II'., 51 Flnzer J .t Br011., -1-96 jacob. Menufar.turer of Cigar MNulti:r:. Manr. M.lnufat P. A .., German. Scloonrlin,.., William c-, ta:l< now imposed on manufactured tobacco, and if this BoJd W. A. & Co., 33 South. HEW N'IJ. La. f r b ])rwelo\Y. and Cn., 31 Glian & Taitt,"" Arch. reasons for believing that the subj' ect hns been suffer,ed ._ T.Oi!ct:o Ed..,artaler In Ha-rJ11na 1111J Ik111;, C1ty Wor s : ; : Turner,_Bres.; lleliienber, co S. and u Reade L411{-To6atco 1 .> M Gooclman, Sec.; M. H,, Mau.-er. e -xpectation or desae that 11 WJII be approved but Zl kG w _.P 1 J 1 RICHMOND Va r II 1 f' f M.lll co: 9 Libell'ty 0 ., .-"!r < C:.ormittk Jllfm-'. v because It IS mora. y certam t 1,at, even I a maJonty o llnitoon 1:, Sterm, 178 auer-""HIOAGO, m.' c--usitHJ Mmlranls w Stole v Mwas introduced in the Senate. Mt relv to suggest the .J fact'Nreot. 'li ;,ur V. Martinez & Co., o6 O..:edar .Dtal"s '"Spanish a1n other Twtsto tbau myo,.n, I GIVE lfOTICIII '1'0 THill TRA.DE TR&T &LL T'lf'II'I'!I 8li'II'IIIREB POR IIA.LB mrDBR TRill BR.urJJ AaJD IMI.T&TIOK8 VIILB!I8111A.Cii PA.CK.A.GB RIC.I.RR lilY BJU.JIO A.lfD TRA.D& XA.&K, WITH JIY UG!U,TUR'IIl ATl.'A.CRli:D, AND lf()JIIII II GIIINUrNE UliiLICil\1 IIIVIIIII-;J II4JI A.JLOllh IT 1.. BA.IIID WI'I'R TRill PRIIITED WORDI !. L. J;IOTTUIIR'I ORIGUU.L BA.KlfJ\1.!.!_ LA w:aN'CE LOTriER. 1. E.J lYicDOWBLL a co.; .. pRj House this winter, there is not a man in the House_ ought not to have been raised last March, and that it is I I w it h the exception of the friends before alluded to, who, now, and bl\S all along been, highfr than is warranted in view of other consid ratio ns, partisan and public, by the necesSities of the Government, or in harmony would move that it be don. e. The talk and yet with the of:equality which should underlie to in, both in and out of C.ongtess, has for taxation and all other relations "between the Government its object the shaping of events bearing upon the next and the people. Our PLATFORM has for many months. Presidentia l campaig n and no other object under the been a standing declara. tion of our hostility to the exist9, ing rate of tax, and an indication of what in our jud( Now, against the cunning evinced in thi s nkely laid ment would be a rate more in c0nsonance with pn:sent: scheme there is not a word tt;> be said. As a 'specimen requirements. But for all this. we do not want and weof political craft it is perfect. Against its fairness, also, feel the trade does noot" want, any discuss:iol't as-fairness is u nderstocd in party tactics, no word ,of ob looking to a reduction of the rate based 'upon a prospect jection need be utterea. But in the name and in the of no better than the one afforded by 'the pollt interest.of the entire tOP!ICCo trade of the CO!Jnlry, we ical manceuvering now privately, partially so, going 'on are jusJified i11 protesting against the derangement of in Washington bwsiness which :will inevitab,Jy follow a prolonged agita When Congress. is ready and willing "to reduce the' tion of the tax ,in Congress, whether the subject taxes on the, manufactures uf tobacco, all of be -introduced there in gooci faith and for the commenc-various branches of the. trade wilf be Iound only to

emplat' common with the resolutiOn designed 1 0 affect that purpose upon its. II in the We elieve it passage.! :::;! ,_ __ ',_ I


, 1.l B .E T084(JC0 LEAP I If at th1s tune, or later on, a d1spostton and abthty THE 'do do of 187o, 25 cases at 7c; New York crop of I873, BREIItEN'-164 cases. I95 cases on pnvate terms; Ohio crDp of 1873, 400 FoR'I DE FRANCE-:a hhds. shall be shown m Coo.greas to take up the tobacco tax and dtspose of 1t in conformity witb this consistent mode of procedure, we can, we beheve, guar anty a untform and hearty approval from all branches and classes of the tobacco trade. But, tf agitatiOn lYith out fruit, or wllh frutt too long contmgent and, too long deferre ma1l contra,: ora tn Tennessee. PoLrcE ASD REVENUE !TaM -The cigar manufac tory of Mes!>rs Haworth & Wtlhams, Cl)rner of Greene and McWhorter streets, Newark, was entered ear1y yes terday mormng and robbed of 27,000 ct gars. The lou is e sttmated at Jr. IOO. THE INDOMITABLE JoHN -Mr. John Brougham, happeDIDI' to be seated by the side of Coroner Connery, of New York, an\1 feeling thinty, latd to that gentleman, "What will you drink?" "A httle claret," responded his fnend. "Claret I" e.xc:a1med Mr. Brougham; "Claret for a Coroner! Why, there's no body m that!" r APP!ItECIATitD.-THE TOBACCO LEAF, a JOurnal espe cially deYoted to the tobacco trade,is among, pleasant ly remarkS tbe Danhlty Ne!Vs of December 8, the most welcome of our It IS a large eight paper, pubhshed weekly, and contams a full expo atUon of the state of the market all over the country each week. It i& mvaluable to tobacco dealen. A GooD CnOJCL-Mr. J .. \: Hacteorn, formerly of the firm of Hartcom & Hahn, and sub.equently of Hartcorn & Gershel, the well-known cgar manufacturer, of No. 86 Maiden Lane, has recently added another element of popular1ty ard strength to his house by tak into co-partnership w1tb him Mr. S. Arnholz, a gen, tleman made thoroughly famihar with the cigar trade m all its branches. by long association m a position or re sponsibil!ly and trust \\tlh the Messrs. Lichtenstein Bros. & Co of thiS ctty ---THE LARGEST SALE OF LoosE ToBAcco -At Oak! Warehouse, yesterday, says the Index anti Appeal of Dec. 9th, waa bad the largest sale of looae tobaccG ever made at any one of the warehouses in Petersburg in one day The receipts during the last four days have been tmmense, and each succeedmg day the sales have been larger than on the day preVIous. The mspectors of Oaks sold yesterday 457 lots, Welghmg I rs,ooo pounds The buyers were all present, and nearly the whole day was c o nsumed m the sellmg GoNE TO HAVANA -Mr M. J Eller, of the firm of We1ss, Eller & Kaeppel, tmpgrters of aJtd dealers m Havana t..,bacco, of 220 Pearl St1eet, left the c t ty, a few days smce, on h1s usual annual tnp to Havana, If an early representatiOn m the .W:avana market iS conductve to favorable results m connectiOn the1r busmess, 1! will then be seen thnt thts enterprismg young firm have reason to congratulate themselves upon the prompt!lude Mr. Eller has exhab1ted m ava1lmg htmself of hts opportumty o operate m the mterest of the houses. That tt w aa a fair average week is about all that l:an be satd of the mterval that has elapsed since our last review of the leaf tob lcco market. In nearly all de partments of the leaf trade there has been a steady de mand, but activtty m none. Seed leaf was in sllghtly demand, but Western and Spanish showed a trifimg decrease. Pnces were steady and of about the usual late degree of firmness. For export a moderately good exhtbtt is shown in the record of transactions in Western lear, and the purchases on manufacturing ac count were also comparatively satisfactory. No noticeable effect, except a strengthenmg one, w\nch 1s excellent as far as tt goei, has been produced here as a result of the turn of affatrs at the Southwest. Nor, on the other hand, 1s any other to be aniKipated. What may at present be doiog for special reaSOIIS 1a new crop can, m the nature of thmgs, have but little ac fiuence upon the remunder of the old, as the status of the latter is fixed by its quanuty and the needl. that per tatn to it. Our correspondent below covers the movements in connection wtth new crop pretty fully, and it only remains for us to add a few observations made bv a local fact<>r recently returned from the reg1orr of the present par!lal actavtty. Loose buyers," he says, "1n the Clarksvtlle reg1on are going ahead at a raptd rate, buy Ing very freely, and paymg much h1gher pnces than the tobacco ts bringing on the brea'ks." They are paying for common crops lrom 8 cents up to cents. The tobacco ts bought by stemmers and country dealers The dealers are poss1bly buying on foretgn orders, em anatmg, possbly, from ,ths market. The planters are delighted wtth the pnces they are receiVmg, wh1ch is not to be wondered at smce they are about 25 per cent more than they expected. Why stemmers are payin& more than they need to. 11 less puzzhug, puzzlmg as it may aeem, than why buyers for rehandling should fol low along behind them and pay about as much for what they reject as they pay for what they accept. One buyer, at least, is certamly doing so." l he movement in all 1ts phases is something 'of a puzzle at this dtstance from the scene of operations, wh1ch scene is extendng too From Mtssouri, where 6 cents was lately thought to be a hberal, even an unex pected figure, advtces come that any thing lower IS hardly to be mentioned. So much for extension. IL IS good to pay hagtr' pnces, and 1t ts good to get htgher pnces to return, but ts England gowg to take all the stnps that are bewg put up m the West and m Vir gima and tf not, who and 1f nobody, what then? Moderation shown m buymg thts wmter wtlltnsure a prosperous trade next summer-a consummation much to be desired after the losses of the year now closmg as the demand can not fail to be actave. lf prices are es tablished at a proper range. But tf moderatton do not ptevatl at thiS time In thiS regard, the Other advantages of the S1tuat10n, promlSmg as they appear1 may avatl, it is thought, but little. Messrs. Sawyer, Wallace & Co., {eport .-Weslun Llaf-We have nothing of interest to report concernmg our marke1, whtChJogs along steadtly wnh an average December busmess. The sales of the week amount to 847 hhds, of whtch 668 for export, pritlcipally low grades at 6@8 c ; 7 !O cutters ; 42 to jobbers ; and I,3o to manufacturers. Rece1pta have mcreased, be mg double the week previOJJS, and mclude old, dry Western leaf, new Vtrgmta mostly for export, and little lots of ne111 Western. Of the latter, some few wrappers have u@rsc; tem at Gnt und, aa theoe refer "' moot aotaaus supply-only 6o6 bales "On the first of the month-to old cropo wh1cn have bcea held aearly a year, and tbe profit on would have been a matter of not a httle concern to the wh1ch must naturally esale'bere. Of coune e'fery re-sale must be NanfMhlnti-A moderate week's bus111.ess been at ,,. adnllce, and, therefore tlle prtce obtamaltle by tiM powen worted in thiS trade. Neither for export nor home alway be llllllewbar )owet M&a our wade baYe there beeD sales of 1mportaoce, though bus-QUOTATIONS OF WHOLESALE PIUCE8 mess has been done as usual on account of both. The Wt>Uri\-L1gbt lo>af. c\A. P.....,./.,.,a-Crop t873 14 @II IS mfiuenced, as 1t always is, adversely by the Comnon to good tug 8)( 04-Cron t873 t f tb B r d tiC cor. sump Common leal....... 9 @u ltaaalr Lou.... ,)( Jljtolf cull om o 1= season. uyers .or omes I4..Uum.. .. .. fiJ N..., Yr-' ? and r873 Uon wtll only take, pendmg the hohpayS,JIISt enough to Good .. ... .... Ruaalll&' Lots ...... -., k h il h t d Fine ,. .. '' w._...--cr..p rl73ho eep t err assortmen ta up unt t e season o rest an tieloctlon. Mae llunntn& Lou ........... 11 t bil t d 1 d I e chefly cutting tugs .. 7 @10 Jorng,._ accoun a 1 y IS over, an 1a es, accor mg y, ar do do teat ,. @s BannaJU. com. eo @ 85 of a retail character. It seems to be believed that be Clcirl:ltJi!U ,.,,, w .. ,.,.,. Dlotrf&C. do Good do 87"/ill. d dd h 1 b f k h Common to gvod lugo 7 @ 9" do Flue do Vs'i 1 OG Sl es a mg to t e a or o countmg stoc t e carrymg Common led .... .. ,0 @u" .. a ScKArs.... ..... .,o @ 75 of old goods over to the account of the new year IS a Kedtnm lear u @rs J;;xtra Fae ...... 1 15 @ 1 :Ill Good .. .. Yara,l and 11 Cut, assorted, Bs @90 reflection upon the industry ,_Pr bus mess tact displayed Fn ... .. .. ... t6 @<9 11 1 "' old 1 Blift Tu: :14 eta the: year before, and dealers, therefore, are generally res.tecuoaa,. ........ 0'*' 4 r -d a d v,rgan...-per ponn luctant to purchase beyond thetr 1rnmed1ate wa"ts as the wrappera, bright.... .. oo .Is '!_IIMI-JI4 uoaT. s .. ld d t 1 At th t I t h do fancy .. 160 t!t16 oe "' ..,..uv 0 year raWli 0 a C ose. IS par ICU ar I me, OW do. dark..... 4 s Fine... .. ... ... 86 ever, it ts constdered that 1t would be good pohcy to smoker bright .. 3 Good. .. .. ...... .... .. 28 @SO k b h ld k d 1 Lugo, g;,.d .. ... ... 6)1 1Medinm .. 28 @SO ta e mto t e new year as muc o stoc as can rea 1 y OAo-tnor to good com s r,y7 .om"" a............. .. O be secured owing to the probable future light supply, BrownandGreenloh 1 llilediumand 4ne red 8 @ro Llgbt Prc88ed ALe ... 26 i @40 the growing scarcity and augmentiag pnce of leaf sutt com to med. opa11gleol. 1 @ 9 Cluarur I--nne so @lltl bl h k ld k k t t 1 bl Fine opaDglelllo yellow ro it! lLelllnm.... ... 26 @:Ill a e .or w at 15 nown as o wor rna mg 1 o era y t'd to com eomm011 ................ @2t certain tbat !l will be sought when the oppor-mon .. .. ... ... .. 5 6 Ncroy .P.u.di-Flne 86 @tO tunity for obtaming tt is less favorable than it appears :a\ N-r HcrV h"""' to be at present. Thts is an intimation, dtflenng only ltedtum 9 @n J'loe ....... 25 830 Good to fine red .. u fi-1! l'a 1n phraseology, that reaches us from every market Fancy..... ... 5 ftC!/ 1'u/Jooc..,. -LoDg10'o 28 @SO h h f d li U c 6 Navy, 4 o &lid 6 1. .. 26 @SO w1t m t e range o our COliJitnumcatton, an a ter rna .. pper onmry .. :111 @SO Gtouudloat. new...... 4 @ao mg due allowance for the emphatls of those destrous of w ... (Val u !neb 'MI "1lotatloa ll'or !lee Leal!' Too. Brljj'hl Gold Bau, 81neh 3S gtvmg an Impetus to trade, tl has to be admitted that -o ndtable .._ Ho A: Boady. at @loll the Idea IS based upon sound premises. We have plenty Nvy htcad1-Fillo ..... :111 @28 of new leaf but not enough of pld to enable manufac.s,, and B18 Kedlum ........... 20 '-26 d t h h h 't h II b ld d Flllero .. ....... ... .... '"@ 9 N,.., HoV POVftdo-nw..turers to 1cta e t e rates at w IC 1 s a e so an second ........... FiAe ... ..... .. .... @26 It seems hkely that before they can substitute the new Common Wrappers 0 Qou>rt.r h.....U-Fine 2 5 @2S Good Wrapper ...... 35 liOOil such pnces wtll be demanded for the old as will compel Selechona .. .. .. so ........... 20 @25 h h h h b d Secondt-Ct9P rfrS74 .. 15 @:oo Common to medium 18 @:10 t em to mstst upon g er pnces or t e etter gra es Ftllers-Crop ,874 .. 1 @ 8 n ... ....,roowo ......... 111 @:Ill of manufactued goods now held and to be produced M.usae! p aad r87a PoeltotPioeu ............ 20 @U Flllen .. 1 @ 8 Negr., 7'wrill ... .. .. 30 by them. Itts true; that as much has been predtcable seconds ............ 9 @n 2'Arly-2VN, ............ 41 @110 for a month or two past, but then, addttlonal confirm a-Wrappers @3o 10'' and uo IlL Runnlnr LoU u @oo Fine ......... ..... 28 (i)26 uon 15 furmshed m each recurnng week's consumption, rmnsylvlria-Crop rS7 raad t87 Good ... 20 I I Fillers ............ ... 8 @to Common atJd mel&-ll.)l r !II not on y of leaf but of manufactured goods as wei.. Gnaulated Smoking Asoorted 1.<-ts ... ,. @<8 Medium t ood 8 -Mr. M1lls gave as the total stock of old leaf m Rtch Selection 30 or ".. D b 1 k p,,.1UJ'lv4,, .. -crop 1s73 ....... 6-J@I 20 mon .. on ecem er r, on y 2,35s p!Jc ages agamst 4,7oi Futen ....... s @ 8 a packages at the same ume in I874: and even thts small Auorted ................ 0 8 s "d':!;c.H""' '00 d h I II Se'ectioos. -to @so n ..:::11 ... 90 quantity COmpnse e O:JServes, "on y a very sma pro New Ynk Stah-Crop t873 rap" er .. 45 f Fillers ............... 1 8 Connecticut Seed ........ I!@ 35 portion o useful tobacco, the greater part bemg nondeRunnmg Lola ... .... 9 @ it c scnpt stuff." In the s111all remnant of the Western crop, SelecUoM .., llib .... 90 t h dl t t t th t b h o,u.,..._,s73 Crop Bappee, French ...... -"' 1 oo 1 IS ar y necessary o s a e, ere c:rn no e muc F 1 h I d Co,.,.cttCJI 6> Mau.-Crop r870. "0 & A 876 Ilia ne1., .... erywh.:re 1g t, acd 1t WI 1 be seen that there ts groun Wrappers .. ..... ro @n G & F 29 fer the that carrymg old stock Ill to the new F!i1.;,....: 8 9 year ts good pohcy. Crop ?4 '"@ 8 Ynnrria" .. .. ..... 2$ 'b II C11H & 1872 and t873 'Z A ., 23t 115s 20 A correspondent at L1 erty, Va., as fo ows :...,... Fillers 7 "MF" ........... 20 "I wrote you a few hnes tn June, when we were havmg I'"" 'Y'"""' "-Crop <87 'R. R ............ !lll .._. Runntng Lots 1e @IS uw S, ................. 21 an tmmense amount of ram wlth very cold weather for Wrapper Lots .... ... 14 B "G. s .................... the t1me of year, and st:1ted that a large amount of to. DOMESTIC RECEIPTS bacco had been damaged I now see that not only the 1he amvahrat the port of New York from domestic low land but a good proportion of the upland suffered. mtenor and coastwtse ports for the week endmg De The leaf that ts now betpg put upon the market, wlule cember ::n, were 915 hhds, 228 trcs, 16 qtr trcs, 2,bnght and lookmg well to the eye, 1s far from a I46 cases, I I bales, bxs, 796 three-qtr bxs, 292 hlf fatr arttcle, and one would suppose from the saght of a bxs, I 56 th1rdoxs, IJ2 qtr bxs, 72 etghth bxs, 385 cood p1le that there were from seven to etght hundred pounds dtes. 77 kegs, 12 qtr kegs, 1 bbl snuff, 4 bx-s ptpes, II m 1t. But when you look at the ticket you wtll find cases cgarettes, c:>nstgned as follows.are but four and a half to sax hundred pounds, BY THE ERIE RAILROAD-Goodwm & Co., rz hhds; and It has been so on all lots, with very few exceptions, Drew & Deane, 67 do, A. C. L. & 0. Meyer, 18 do, so far this season Whtle there ts satd to be a large Pollard, Pettus & Co., 34 do; J. D. Ketlly, Tr, Io do, crop, we now think (and we teel that we have good Burbank & Nash, S4 do; Wngh, R1chards& Co, 2 do, reason for H) that the new crop wall fall far short of out J.jiP Qum & Co., I do; Ptoneer Tobacco Co, 2 do, expectations Old stock for manufacturing ts not to be Garrett & Gnnter, 6 do, S. S Edmonston & Bro., I do, had, and all our factones have been for three Juhan Allen, 54 cases, Order, 49 hhds. months, and some longer, for want of stock. New leaf BY THE HUDSON RtvER RAtLROAD-F C. Lmde & has been selhng low, but at present wntmg 1s command Co, S I cases; Schroeder & Bon, 30 do, C. H. Spttz mg much h1gher pnces. Manufactured has been slow ner, 40 do; H. A. Rtchey, 12 do, Lederer & F1schel, u of sale wtth the manufacturers at th1s pomt for the last oo, J. R. Sutton, ro do, A. Uen & Co., 2 do. th1rty days. On a vtait ta th:: several factones I find BY THE NATIONAL LINE-Sawyer1 Wallace & Co., 7 they all have a fatr stock on hand (all old stock) of hhds, D. J. Garth, Son & Co., 149 do, Pollard, Pettus medtum II mch plug, very httle common, and I don't & Co., 55 do; J. H. Moore & Co., 3 do; Burbank & think there ts over five hundred packages of really fine Nash, 7 do; Order, So do, 17 cases. in all the factones. On a vist -to Lynchburg, I found BY TKR NEw YoRK AND NEw HAVEN STEAMBOAT about the state of affatrs, w1th the exception of LINE-E. M. Crawford, ro6 cases; M. Wlbe, 9 cio; H. any great amount of medtum ; m fact, there wtll be a Selling, IO do; A. Stem & Co., 1 do; Allen & Co,, IQ great scarcity of medtum long before the first of May. do; S Auerbach, 6 do; Levy & 7 do; A. Mtl Of fine stock there ts a great scarctty, owmg to sl ort ler, 14 do, Ch:!s. F Tag & Son, 8 do, T. H. Spencer; crop and early frost m I874, and tt will sell for h1gh 3 do, A. L. & C. L. Holt, 30 do. prices wherever found. Danvtlle stocks are hgbt !D all BY THE NEW YORK AND HARTFORD STEAMBOAT grades of twtst. Frornt all that can be learned, the old LINE-H. Wasserman, 6 cases; I. Hamburger & Co., stock ofmanufactured tobacco ts much lighter than 28 do, Stra1to!l & Storm, Io do, E. Ro,enwald & Bro., 1hought for, and wtll be m good demand as soon as the 15 do. real facts are known." BY THE OLD DOMINION STEAMSHIP LINX.J. H. Smoking-Purchases for holiday consumption and Moore & Co., 3 hhds; E. M. Crawford, 4 do ; Sawyer, decoration compnsed the bulk cf the transactions m Wallace & Co, IO do; C. G. Francklyn, 4 do, 99 trcs; lhts branch of busmess durmg the past week. Dealers P!oneer Tobacco Co, I do, IJ do ; J. D. Keilly, Jr., 23 constder the trade of the week a hght oe for the season do, r do, 95 cases mfd ; J os. D. Evans & Co., 28 hhds, Czgan-About the same demand that 1has prevatled 54 cases mfd, so three-qtr bxs do, 1 I hlf bxs do, W. 0. m thts department for several weeks past was observaSmtth & Co., r6:a hhds, 43 trcs, JSO cases mfd, 43 threehie: dunng the week Jtl5t closed. The mqutry ts contm-qr bxs do, s qtr bxs do, rs etgbth bxs do, 1 case smkg ; uous but not noucealtly acl!ve, and embraces full aa F. S. Kmney, trc P. Lonllard & Co, 3I do, Busortments. chanan & Lyall, 31 do; R. L, Mattland & Co., 16 qtr Gulti opened at II3}.( and closed at the trcs, 433 cases mfd ; C. E. Lee, 20 cases mfd, :a8 three Fflretgn Eullanrt.-Messrs. M. & S. Steinberger, qtr bxs do, 4 hlf bxs do, II qtr bxs do, 27 Btnkers, report as follows :-Exchange very firm, hut e1ghtb bxs do, 1 keg, 8o cadd1es do; H. A. DOt much doiae;. We quote:-Bankers, Dommal rates Rtchey, I9 cases smkg, 30 do mfd, 256 three are 486 and .wo for 6o days and demand Sterling qtr bxs do, 23 hlf bxs do, 31 thud bxs do, 261 ,respectively; selling rates for 6o days, 489 for caddies do; E. Du Boi!, 49 cases mfd, 364 three-qtr demand, Commercial, 6o days, Paris-bxs do, 20 hlfbxs do, 10 th1rd bxs do, IOS qtr bxs do, 3 days, days, 516}.(; Commerctal, 6o 74 kegs do, qtr kegs do; Dohan, Carroll & Co., 183 days, s:ro; Retchsmarlts-Bankcrs, 3 days, 6o cases mfd, I2o hlf bxs do, 67 third bxs do. 4 qtr bxs do, days, Commercial, 6o days, 95 4 caddies do; Wtse & Bendhetm, 54 cases smkg, xo do Ftngnls-Messra. Carey & Yale, Fretght Brokers, ctgarettes, 4 bxs ptpes, Martm & Johnson, 31 cases smkg, report Tobacco Fretgbts as follows .-Liverpool, per 41 do mfd, 67 hlf bxs do, 40 caddtes do; A. Hen & Co., steam, 52s 6d.; per sail, 375 6d. London, per steam, 207 cases sn\kg, 1 do cigarettes; Bulkley, Moore & Co, 45s; per !ll.il1 35s. Glasgow, per steam, 45s. n cases mfd, three-qtr bxs do; James M. Gardmer & per ateam, 45s. Havre, per steam, 4ss. Antwerp, per Co., 3I cases mfd, :as hlfbxs do; Allen & Co., 6 cases steam, sos. Bremen, per steam, sos, per satl, 40s. mfd, :ro do smkg; M. Lmdhetm, 109 cases smkg; S. Hamburg, per steam, sos. Langsdorf, 14 do; C. & F. Schneber, 9 doj Bowne & IMPORTS. Frith, :ao do; Fltls & Austin, s do; D. Bendhetm, 8 cto; The amvals at the port of New York from foregn J. R 6 do; J. W. Carroll, I2 do; A. & L We1ss, porta for the week endmg Dece:mber 2I, mcluded the 2 do, Jos. H. Thompson & CP, 2 hlfbxs mfd, s qtr bxs followmg constguments .-. do' G. W. Htllman & Co., 20 hlf bxs mfd, 20 thtrd bxs HAVANA-Vega & Bernhe1m, I92 bales tobacco, A. do, Blikemore, Mayo & Co, 83 three qtr bxs do, Or Gonzales, s8 do, J. San Juhan, I 53 do, F Garcia, 84 der, 44 hhds, 3 trcs. do; J. Llera, SO do, V. Lopez, 59 do, A. Iselm & Co., BY THE NEW YORK AND BALTIMORE 32 do; C. W Wtlkens, so do; .G W. Faber, 7 cases TION LINE-Funch, Edye & Co., 79 hhds leaf, Gnn cgars, H. R. Kelly & Co., 7 do; L. & E. Werthetmer, nell, Mmturn & Co., 17Z cases do, W. 0. Smtth & Co., 5 do; S Lmmgt on & Sons, s do; Mtchaehs & Lmde6 trcs do, S. Auerbach, II bales do, M. Falk, I6 cases mann, I do; Falkenstem & Co., 4 do; Purdy & N1chosmkg, F. Engelbach, 12 do; Allen & Co., I do, H. A. las, 4 do; Chas. T. Ba1:1er & Co.,' 23 do; A S. RosenRtchey, s do; A. Hen & Co, 220 do, Dohan, Carroll baum & Co, 4 do, Vega & Bernheim, r do; M & E. & Co., 24 bxs mfd; N. & J Cohn, 2 bxs smkg; N. Wtse, Sa!omon, I do, J Lleta, 8 do; Kunhardt & Co, 28 do, I do, Wetss, Eller & Kaeppel, 2I cases smkg, x bbl Acker, Merrall & Cond1t, 18 do; Park & Ttlford, r8 snuff. do, Howard Ives, 14 do, A. Iselm & Co, 16 do. CoASTWISE FROM KEY 'VEST-Setdenberg & Co, 43 EXPORTS. cases ctgars; Fred'k de Bary & Co, 6 do, V Maw. From the port of New York to fore1gn ports for the nez Ybor & Co, 4 bales leaf tobacco, IS bales scraps, week endmg December n, were as follows :Setdenberg & Co., 6 bales scraps. ANTWERP-89 hhds, 20 cases. BALTIMORE, December I8 .-Messrs. Ed. Wtschmeyer AsPINWALL-10,397 lbs mfd. & Co., Tobacco Comm1sston Merchants, report.HRISTOL-J,692 lbs Ulfd. Inspectwns of Maryland Tobaccuare sull liberal, but of DEC. 22. other kmds contmue nom10al. Receipts of Maryland are mostly ground leaves, which are sttll dull and dtffi cult ol sale, but fGr new crop there is a fair mqu1ry, and IVOSt of the receipts found buyers on arnval at steady pnces. The market 1s, however, netther acttve or spe cially firm, Of Oiuu we have only to note sales of 70 hhds to shtppera and home manufacturers. No hmg domg tn other kmds, stoc\s of which are verv small. Pncea are nominally unchanged. Inspected this week, 688 'hhds Maryland, ro do Ohio, 2 do Virgtma stem, total 700 hhds. Exported same penod : Per steamer l.etpztg, to Bremen, 42 I hhds leaf tobacco, 19S do stems, 92 cases seed leaf; s hhds leaf tobacco to West Indtes and South Amenca. Tobacco Slaltmrnl. Stock on hand in State warehouses, Jan. I, I87S---------------14,627 hhds Deduct loss by fire Jan. 6-contents of warehouses No. I and 2------2,764 hhds 11,863 hhds Inspected this week.-.. ___ 700 hhds Inspected previously this year ...... 38,743 ahds Total. ___________ -----------51,306 hhds Exported of Md. and Ohie> sinee. , ut January ... ....... .355 hhds Shtpped coastwtse same ttme. 5,8oo hhds '-----) Total ........ -----... 40,1S5 hhds Stock in warenouses this, day and on ship --board not cleared-----------II,ISI hhds Manufactured Tobacc()-We are without any new fea ture to note ; trade rema1111s mactive ; pnces without change Exported. 9,423 hhds to Bremen and 1,003 to Ra. Recetved per Balumore & Ohto Railroad from Danvtlle, 436 boxes, 138 caddies, 25 cases; do from Lynch 1 6o boxes and 7 5 caddtea ; per Richmond ste11mer, 2,096 packages. CINCINNATI, December I8.-Mr. F. A Prague, Leaf Tobacco Inspector, reports :-There ts no change tore port m the market for Led!f Tubam1. Prices for all grades, of both old and new, have ruled steady, and hav.e generally bee" accepted. Low goods of 0/uo Seeti a lit tle firmer. The total offenngs at auction for the week were 329 hhc!s and r6g boxes. At the Bodmann Warehuu5e, 85 hhd& and 82 bxs: 68 hhds and 3 bxs Kentucky and Ohio cuttmg tobacco at fs.8o@z8 zs; 6 hhds new at J4@15; u hhds and 9 bxs new West VtrgmJa at $J.90@Io, hhds and 2 bxs new Ohio at $4.10@6. :ao; 3 bhds and 70 cases Ohto seed at $4 17 so for fillers, binders and wrappers. At the Globe Warehouse, 86 hhds and 1 box: 7.5 hhds Kentucky and Ohio cuttmg tobacco at $4.8o@ for common smoker&' to ftne cutting leaf; I 1 hhds 0hto seed at for smokers and fi:ters. At the Miami Warehouse, 54 hhds and 44 bxs: 54 hhds Kentucky and Ohto cuttmg tobacco at $6.3o@ 25 for common smokers to fine cuttmg leaf, 44 cases Oh10 seed at s so@I3 for fillers, bmders and common wrappers. At Planters' 6I hhda and 25 bxs: 6o hhds and 3 bxs Kentucky and Oh1o cutting tobacco at .._ $S@27 3 bxs at $5@I3 for common smokers to fine cuttmg leaf; r hhd West Vire:inia at $8 6o; 22 cases Ohto seed at $3@7 90 for common filleu and binders. / At the Morns Warehouse, 43 bhd and I7 Ins. 42 hhds and 3 bxs .Kentucky and Ohto cuttmg tobacco at $5.05@24 for common smokers to fine cuttmg leaf; 3 hhds new at Ss 25@9 90; 3 bxs new at $5 10@9 6o; I hhd Ohto seed at $5os; I4 bxs Wtsconsa11 seed at $3 @8 os, for common fillers and bmders. HARTFORD, December 2o.-Our spectal corre spondent reports .-We have to report sales the past week o! about 75 cases 1873 crop wrappers, mostly to a Cleveland house, at from 20 to 35c. Also a lot of 104 cases 1874 seconds on pnvate terms. As to the I875 crop the stnppmg ts well under way, say about one-half of It stripped out 1 here have been several of theN ew York packers here the past week takmg a at the crop and they all agree to one thing-that there as ndt as much fine tobacco in the crop as was thought to be a month ago : Not more than one half of the croo will be desirable. However, the growers still thmk they wtll be able to get pretty near old pnces, but as busmess ts, It ts very doubtful tf the1r wtshes will be reabzed, fQr there 1s no prospect of Hartford packers takmg hold of the crop at any of the pt1ces asked now, unless some New York packers force them to do so or stay out, an event whtch 1s not likely to happen th1s year HOPKINSVILLE, Kv., December Io -Messrs M H Clark & Brother, Leaf Tobacco Brokers, reports -Re ceipts to date 40I hhds. Sales to date 301 hhds. Thts is the openmg sale of the next season, and a very satis factory one to the planters, who obtamed better pnoea than they were prepared to expect. Much of the offermg was m soft as ts usuatly the case th:s early in the season, and pnces would not have been so full if tt had not been for the strong competitiOn between stem mers, who seem bent 6n puttmg up a large make of stnps th1s season. Pnces thts week were as follows: Lugs, 4}.(@5*c; low leaf, medium, good leaf, and fine leaf, u@13c. Tire offenngs so far show leafiness but not much body and very little fat. And nearly every crop ,shows some hhds more or less brightish. LOUISVILLE, December u.-Mr. Wm J. ;Lewersl Sepretary of the Tobacco Board of Trade, reports.-. Recetpts this week about s5o hhds, all of whtch was new tobacco, and put on the market as fast as recetved two-thtrds It is faulty tn some particular, 1t bemg of hght we1ghts, badly mtxed, or m very soft order. We have had some very fatr heavy tobacco thts week, and some really good cuttmg crops; the former bringing from for lugs. to 14c. Col good leaf, the latter 5c. for lugs, and as h1gh as for the Except tho good wetglat lugs and leaf of heavy body, which is taken by shippers, nearly all the bala:nce is ta...en b) our home re-driers and re handlers. Some few stemmers have commenced picking up a little of such as 11uits their purpose, while the others are making preparations for an acttve campatgn so soon as our market wtll show a sufficient quantity to keep them gomr. We behne that when all hands go to work, we will have a very hve ly market for all stemmir)g and export grades. We bear that through the Owensboro and Henderson districts, that buyers are paymg 2c. fmt trash, and from 8c. to IOC, round for balance of crop, delivered in the hand at factory, the proportion of trash to the crop is about one fourth. We also hear of cons1derable bought m the Clarksville dtstri9t at from 7 to 9c. for crop round, loose. We nonce a slight falhng off in puces on common lugs and low leaf (new crop), in the past few days. Inspeclzunsfur Week. Warehuuses. Week. Mt:>11llt, Year. Louisvtlle ____ __ ,. _____ ----91 I96 400 l Nmth Stre$t---.. --95 210 727 Ptckett ----387 527 983 Boone--------63 IS6 23% Farmers' ............ --_ I04 345 su Kentucky Assoctatwn ... __ 68 167 278 Planters'.--........ 163 356 516 Falls CtY---.. --I3 39 39 Grange.------------6 9 9 TotaL------990 2,oos Year I874 ------------39S 1,sso Year 1873 ---... ---9!15 21079 Of sales thts week 382 hhds of old tobacco pnvate sale; balance 6o8 hhds at auctton. Of above, 528 hhds were new, and 462 hhds bacco. Prices fur New Tobaccu m Hugs heads. Ltght We1ght .. .......... ___ .... Ltght Wegh Crop, round .................. 13,696 5 3z were -at old to3 to 4c. 4 to 6c.


DEC. 22. r&E-TOBACCO L.llA.PI Good Weights and Fait Order. the retirement of his father, proprietorship of the large THE REVElfUE FROM TOB.A.OOO Nondemanufactory, corner of Barclay and Washington Streets, IN GREAT-BRITAIN. C,.. and intended after his graduation to devote himself to __.__ He:zvy the businesa in which his family had achieved fame am! Statlllltlc:t for 1814:-Sm'anlll' .Bodied. Colory. fortune, For the young and exemplary life thus unex-The nineteentb report of the Commissioners of her Lugs __ .... ----_ to 4 to 6c pectedly terminated sincere regret w1Jl be felt by a wide Majesty's Customs on the trade of the country has been Common Leaf ...... ______ to 6c. 6 to 8c circle of friends, and to the afflicted parents and other issued, and contains a good deal of interesting informa-Good Leaf.._ ___ _____ 6 to 9c. 8 to uc members of the family the sympathy of a ftaternal trade tion. We extract the following particulars concerning Fine Leaf. ______ .... ----9 to 14c. 12 to I7C will be extended. the tradf' :-All grades of old tobaccco, very firm at the advance The quantity of tobacco imported in x873 having been noticed last week. We are havmg a severe cold snap Remarks at the Grave of Mr. Charles Wirth, larger than any previously recorded, and the stocks of bJ' the Rev. Mr. w .t'loto. h 1 h d f h which will curtail our sales lfor a while. t is article having beea very arge at t e en o t. at The following beautiful tribute to the memory of the year, it was scarcely to be f'xpecteil that so large an 1m-NASHVILLE, TENN., Demnber x8.-Messrs. J. M. late Mr. Wirth, of Chicago, whose demise we C S C f th Ca 't 1 T b \V h portation as .d,r7s,:ns lbs of leaf tobacco would have arsey, on "'o., o e PI o o acco are ouse, recently chronicled, by his pastor, has been translated fV report:-For the past week our market has exhibited from the German language, in which it was spoken at been :required in the year 1874, yet we find not h t t d h be fi r d t b only that this extraordinary quantity was added to our muc ac lVI y, an as en very rm ,or goo o ac the grave, by a talented young friend of the deceased, cos. A large portion of our receipts up to this ti:ue and forwarded to us for publication:-stock in bond, but that a larger quantity of and h d 1 f d 1 f. d other kinds of manufactured tobacco was warehoused ave consiSle mam y o non escnpt ea an poor A worthy heart ceased beating ; a valuable life lugs, and much of it in bad order and p(Jorly handled. has passed away. We are filled with sorrow and tears. i!l the year of which we are writing than -at former bacco, to be then brought ashore from a vessel from Antwerp, into a cab in Lower 'Thames Street. These men were detained in prison for four mont!ls. We re gret to have to report that to a not inconsiderable amount still continues to exist at Portsmouth, where tobacco and tobacco stalks are systematically ashore from ships of the Royal Na\'Y in com mission there in the harbor and 10 the dockyard. Many se1zures arising_ out of this traffic have been made in the courfe of the last year. In one case private information led to the seizure of a box of 49 lbs. of tobacco stalks being removed by rail to London, and, from the inquiries then made, it was ascertained that more than half a ton weight of stmilar packages r reasonably sup posed to contain the same kind of goods, had been for warded to the same address in the course of t)le preced ing four months. TUE PLEAStrR!18_ OF WIN'.l'ER. WHAT HE WAS. THINKING ABOUT.-0Jd ?.Irs Du flicker stated to a neighbor the other n i ght, while COil" fortably sittmg in front of the fire, that she had "allers had a great notion to learn to smoke," she did so love the "aromy of to backer." She added: "I would hev learned long ago, dear knows, but I heerd wunst that a man had his tongue paralyzed by .smokin', and that s!ieered me out: Lord knows I wouldn't want my tongue paralv..zed, fur I couldn t talk none ef it was Here the old gentleman, who had been silently gazing into the fire, drew a long sigh There's no telling what the old fellow was :tbout-no. Removal NEw YoRK CtTY.-Jac'nto Costa, lmporter of Hava na Tobacco and Cigars, from 183 Pearl Street, to 97 Maiden Lane. \ Ollanges in Buaines3, 0 sal ti th t k t t 5 hhd r I period, so that taking the two classes together-vix.: [ ""t' D L ., ur es or e pas wee o 4 s, as O Hardly can we yet realize that an eye dear to us, which rrtJm tze anvur_. J.Nt I hhd R b ts & C od I [ 6 unmanufactured and manufactured tobacco, the decrease All h 1 1 to th 1 ows: :z s. o er on o., go ea, .,1 x. o, so oft and cheerful met us, has closed; that the band seasons ave p easures pecu tar emse ves. :z do medium, 9, 8 70; 1 do common, 8.25; 3 do lugs, s, whose warm pressure we 50 often have felt is cold; that in lhe qqantities imported is only about 5 per CP.nt. as W.inter hasdt.s pleasures also. There are no watermel s, 4o; 4 hhds Weakley Co., leaf,,, xo, the mouth of the \\Orthy man is silent, the sphere of his compared with the very exceptional imporat,ion of 1873. ons and new peaches in winter, but then there is no sud9o; 6 hhd!i Weakly Co., mediUm, 9, 9, 9 8.8o, 8 7s, activity empty; hardly can we realize that we have lost The effect of this large addition to our ordinary supplies den and precipitate risings in the night. We all feel, to 8.25; :s: hhd Weakly Co., lugs, 4-so; 1 hhd Smith Co., our fnend, Charles Wirth. Far away the news 'of his in tv:o consecutive years is that we had in bond at the a more or less degree, the severity of winter, but it bears good leaf,; :z do, mediUm, 8, 7.8o; x do, lugs,.(; death is carried; wherever it penetrates it calls forth end of r874 sufficient for two years' consumption in this particularly bard on tire falnily which burns wood Es I hhd Benton Co., good leaf, 9Si 4 do, medium, 9 sorrow and tears. How many of us have prayed that country without any further introduction of the article, pecially i(that famtly has a boy to cut the wood. A:. NJwYoRK CITY.-}. A. Hartcorn, Cigar Manufactur er; Mr. S. Arnholtz admitted; firm name now Hartcom & Arnholtz. Forthcomin.r A.uctioD Saler. 8 7 hd lBe t c m n 6 6 the total of all kinds in the wart'hoses on December 31 1 th t' k f ro le crtl1 n t bl d .3o, -90, 1 so; 3 o s 0 on o., com 0 o, God may preserve yet the life of this worthy man. Now ong as e s JC s "\reo um rm o.., o rou e nee 6 6 6 do I 5 4 4 I do lugs 4 So last having reached the extraordinary quantity of 95, b h d b t e er pt ')p there are sb k 1 "'e o, 40; 3 ugs, 4 o. o, 4.3o; we have nothing more to ask for him ; his allotted time e appre enue u m v Y :r c s on., r hhd S C d I f. 2 do lbs. IndeeJ, in the month of October rhe stock h '' d b h h s not to the b b't f 4.40, 4.30; I umner o., me tum ea, 9.oo; has passed, his career ended. t an otuers, an a oy w o 7a ,.. m a 1 o I I f. 6 d I hhd in bond was, in round numbers, xoo,ooo,ooo lbs., the k d d BY John H Draper & Co., 112 Pearl Street, on Wed nesday, December n, at xo e'clock A. M., iq their store (by order of Hon. C. A:. Arthur, Collector:) Assorted Merchandise seized for violation of the Revenue Laws, comprising :-Cigars, and Cigarettes. At 12 u'clock Noon, at the >Store of Messrs. Palmer & Scoville, No. 170 '\Vater Street, New York, by order of A. H. Scoville, Assignee in Bankruptcy, in the matter of Daniel Whalen, Bankrupt. Large and attractive safe of 37o,ooo Fine Domestic Segars. Seed and Havana, Clear Seed and Clear Havana, hand-made, well put up, packed in the best condition and ohhe choicest ow ea, .25,; 3 o, ugs, 4.5o, 4 so, 4; 7 s We are gathered together here, bowed deeply by the givmg three cuts to a stic 1s not prepare to un er-ob. c 1 r 8 7 7 5 7 7 largest ever known. It is scarcely necessary to say that d th t'l't f c 1 'f th t' k d iOn o ., common ea., -70, .2' .2o, Io, yoke of deatb,feelingdeeplythe sorrow surrounding stan eultyo gtvJng JOUl' us I e SIC un er .,_ -c lu S 4 0 I hhd,.o r the bulk of this vast importation-v1z.: 53,soo,ooo lbs. d t h ld ha en to evceed t'n Je th th ,; 4 ,.._ Jon o., 4-IO, 3 ; -'-' us. We are so .ar .from h1s l>irthplace, let us cast a cons1 era tons ou PP ng e C K I hid H h Co I S --came from the United States, the proportion of th A b t 11 of a ho ef'' gan o., y., ugs, 4i :r 1 ump rey ., ug, glance at his past. o ers. oy IS na ura y p w, sangume 4i I hhd Davidson Go., low leaf, s.So. Our departed, never to be forgotten fnend, was born stemmed to unstemmed in this quantity being '56 and nature, and easily falls into the error that the long piece PHILADELPHIA,.Dullllllber:zo.-Mr. Art.hur R. Fou-in 1831 in Giesent, Hessen Darmstadt, the son of a mer4 3 2 per cent. respectively. will be lost in the-pile. But we have always noticed, geray, Manufacturers' Agent, reports:-The past week's chant; he also, eftdowed with valuable experience, SMUGGLING. and we have &iven years of study to the subject, that business has been'unpleasantly quiet in hard Plug goods, chose this calling. The lively interest he felt for We give below, in the same form as in our last re just as sure as -is a stick in the wood-box longer so much so,.tt is irksome to attempt to make up a reAmerica induced him to go to :Baltimore in I8s:z, and in port, a statement the quantity of tobacco and than its fellows and the stove, it is sure to tum up when port, in fact, there appears to be a feeling of general 1sss he, with the friend of his youth, founded the vrell cigars seized in the U01ted Kingdom in the years r873 the head .efthe house is replenishing the fire. You have distrust and apathy pervading all branches of our spe-known .finn of Beck & Wirth in Chicago. Successf)ll in aud ISH rnpectively :him put that piece in the srove. Heiia invariably cial trade at the present time, which you find strongly busines1, he sought in x862 to achieve a better condi TOBACCo AND CIGARS. in a hurry when he does it. He lifts off the lid at the exemplified in actions anll words by paying a "pop" tion in life and was married to his early beloved, now 1874. 1873 Increase. Dect'se. front, and pokes the stick in. It lacks about two inches visitto a11y of our large New Year heine; in deeply afflicted, wtfe, and passed with her thirteen, short los. lbs. Ms. lbs. of going down. He wiggles it; but it doesn't go down. such close proximity and the desire to show a good re-thirteen, but the happiest years of his life. London_-----3,712 3 079 633 He takes off the other lid, and sees that the stick is suit for the past year may have its ia1luence, but what-In business he exhtbited great talent, activity and Outports------7,0 2 6 I6,x84 9 r 58 plump against the end of the stove, and yet lacks a g. ever may have been tile result to eaeb member of ow perseTetance, and be knew how to--guard the honor of '----inch or more of taking its propet: position. The glory trade in the past, Jet us ferYently hope the first of the his firm. When in October, 1871, that terrible catasof a man is his legs. He lifts his toot and gives it a year 876 may usher us Into a more encouraging, sta-trophe broke. in, his firm was aubjected to Total --1o,7J8 19,263 8,525 kick. It is still there. The stove is just seventeen ble, and prosperous year for buaiaess generally-it will heavy, unavoidable losses; he and his pactner held And also a $tatement showing the number ef seizures inches in length, or one inch shorter than the stick. certainly be a welcome stranger to many. I have howfirmly to the principle: "Courage in adversity, even and convictioRS made in the United Kingdom in the Still that difference has no weight with him. He kicks ever the pleasure .of reporting; owing to the limitf.d should our last resour e fail, and all is lost, we must save years 1873 and x874 respectively:-it again. The heat is blinding, the delay is maade11ing, stocks of old work in store, prices of manufactured hard our honor." Herein he was true to himself. This is 1 1874-Incr'st. DICr'se the defeat is torturing. His wife comes ia, as oil upon toilacfo are well sustained, oothwitbstandmg the dullness, the secret through which he gained the hearts of his Number of seizures -. x,1s7 1,2 ro 53 the waters. Then he swears, and kicks, and sobs, and the credit of which is due in a great measure to the ju-friends. Rich in virtues, kis benevolence knew no Num. of persons conv'd I,OC)4 x,174 So kicks again, and yells, and still kicks, \lDd calls upon dicious management of the manufactureri who have bouads, and neve; have the needy left him empty We do not attach much importance to an increase or Heaven to witness his shame, and kicks madly and pas carefully avoided over-stocking the market. handed. But the brightest feature in his character to decrease in the aggregate quantities of tobacco or of sionately, and screams at the top cf his voice that he will Receipts from South a.nd West :-s74 boxes, 305 be here especially mentioned, was his reverence and spirits seize in each year, as indicative of change in do it, and falls to kicking again, and consigning the stove cases, 4IS caddies, 10 kegs, and 8os pails. love for his aged parents. For his wife no sacrifice was the practice of smuggling. The quantities are always and boy to a fire whose fuel is not affected by the mar-Smoking TobaccoThe demand for granulated goods too great; for her his love and devotion kuew no bounds; relatively small. The large -decrease in the quantity of ket. Then he has to be led away, gently but firmly, keeps up much better tham any other portion of our for her he had so pleasantly planned the days of their tobacco seized during I8H "compared with that seized while the patient wife, remembering her vows at the at trade, which would seem to indicate that smokers have future. But unnoticed the evening draws near to dein x87J-viz.: a decrease of s,525 Jbs.-is mainly actar, throws the obstinate stick out of the door, patie11tly taken to the pipe as a cheap medium to obtain peace stroy his well-laid plans. In the piime of life, in the counted for by the 4ircumstance that one seizure alone replaces it with one ef the right size, and 'subsequently and thoughtful reflection .. Let it come and go. height of manhood, the body denies him service, and we made in 1g73 comprised 7 152 lbs. To the number of coming across the boy ; takes him patiently by the ear Leaf Toliacco-The market for the pa!t week for home suddenly find him confined to the sick-bed. One day the seizm:es made and of the convictions obtained we and raises him upon his toes immediately. or export purpose presents nothing of importanr.e. A of ternble pam followed by another, 0ne hope gave w_ay_ look for evidence of l.reater value. In both there has f d '1 b h d d I;; THI!: MISSOURI TOBACCO CROP.-I promised you an moderate amount o goo s s da1 y c aqgmg an s, an to another. What human hands could do tO' nurse h1m been a small decrease in x87-i as compared with I873 h d f f d r fi d Th h 1 d h d Hem, writes a correspondent of the >American Grocer, usmg t e wor s o one o our tra e, at sat1s.actory g-was one. en t e rna a y attacks lum wlt renewe_ It is always difficult to draw satisfactory inferences from h k d d'ffi Jt 11 d b I' h a bout the tobacco c. op of Chariton and Carroll counures ; t e same party remar e 1t not 1 cu to vigor; a en eavors to save im, or even re 1eve IS these r eturns, as it is obvious that, while increases may IT f ) h h h k' d f d 'd 1 f d h 1 f h ties, Missouri, and as I have a little spare time I will se 1 you on y ave t e rng t 10 o goo s, eVl ent y pain, proves uti e, an t en sank the ast star o ope be caused by an increase of the offence of smuggling, 1 n d th' h f h' 1 fulfil my promise. These counties are in Northwest meamng co or, qua 1 y, an quantny,. some mg our o d ts_ sc;m .h h h )'' f may alfso arise ffifrom greatder skil.l vigilance on Missouri in what is known as the Wakanda bottoms crops of tobacco have lacked for some time. Receipts: .ms, my nen s, rs m s ort t e career m t e 11e o e part o our o cers m etectmg 1t, and that the Th 11 ttl d h 1 d'd f t' 76 cases Connecticut; 123 cases Pennsylvania; 51 cases our departed and dear friend .' Our loss is irreparable. same remark applies in respect of From the se ; en_ 11 tarms, mg Ohio, 40 cases VJ'isconsin; 102 bales of Havana; with With him we bury a noble heart, a, doting husband, a reports, however, that are made to us, and from our 0 e[. t o;ns runs sales for home use, 87 cases Connecticut; 1.28 cases dear relative, an esteemed friend, one of our most popuown inquines and observations during pur tours of in:IS ury and teodn.b b7te LS grown Pennsylvania; cases Ohio; 28 eases New York State; lar and respected cit1zens. Here we are to say farespectiou at the outports, we have no reason to doubt { de cu b Y.: 1 'th men, 76 cases Wtsconsin State seed, and 121 bales Havana; well to him. Sleep quiet and Undisturbed; to the cool that this tempting and long-established violation of the arf Sl eh Y e : 1 f th:irw 0 1 e with 69,872 pounds of Western leaf exported to Europe earth your body be en trustee\; even should we never Jaw is graduallr diminis!ring in degree, and giving Jess 0 e 0 weed via steamers. .. meet again, we have kno_wn you, lov_ed frequnt occaston for the serious which ar;7I, 000 000 RICHMOND, December 18.-Mr. R. A. Mills, Toyou, respected you, and m our hearts you sull hve w1th used be wtth 1t. case County about 5,ooo,ooo The tobacco bacco Broker and Commission Merchant, reports:-us. a good lllustrahon of smugghng practiSed on a raised this year is the finest quality and l:olor that was We are just on the eve of the Christmas Holidays, For your honor_ed lady and deeply affi1cted w1dow, scale by the crews of vessels engaged ever raised in that section ; it is now brought into hence, there is very little doing in the tobacco market. where can I find words of cor.solauon I can ':lot_ tell L!l the regular trade between London and con Brunswick a.il1 the other towns pre paratory to sorting The transactions are not of sufficient magnitude to interyou what my heart now feels and how pamful Lt ts to tmental potts where tobaccbacco t8 5cc per lb: Leaf steWlmed, 3!5r. ; Stems, rsc. per pound; Scraps, 30 per cent. valoroc. In addtht)ft to thilduty, the Reveoue tax en the same 'kiad of tobacco made in thla ountry mud tJe paid. The tobacco must abo be paci.ed acCOrding to the t.el'ulat \CUI penunc toltacco here. FOREIGN DUTIES 01'1 TOBACCO. In .Autrla, Fraue, ItaiJ and Spain, the tobacco commerce IIIIIODoPoilted by gevernmenl, under dtrecttoa of a R..e(ie. In Germauy the Am rcauleaftobacc::o ll. thalel"' per 100 lblo ID Belgium theimpoatilreckoned after deducting per cent. for tare. The duty ia 13 fraac:a, JO ceatlmea ttr....,gold)1>CHoo Kllo!n--(oo.Amerlcao lb.. eqlllal 4SU kiloo.) la Holland the duty ia tl ceo bit gold, per 100 kilo.. (tBo American poanda being equal to '"7 klloa. ) In :Ruoola tbe duty on tea!tobacco It roubloo 4" kopeks per pad; oo omoklnf tobacco roo. 4D""P-per pad, aod oobclpra t rou. ao cop. per pud. Tbe "f.ud "is equal to abowt !6 Aaerlcanl I. lD Tutkey the dutr lo so ceotltiO d, per Americaaooanceo COPE'S TO:BAOOO PLANT.:_A JOURljAI tor bmokero. Publlobod a* No. 10 Lord NoleoD otroot, Liverpool, EDit J&nd waero ou-..lpliono maJ be odr-.a. a. to 0.. Toluooo r...&>' o.--:Prlco two ahUllnga (Eilglllh) per OJW8llll. Trade Advertioomeota, !10 obiUinga per IDob. No adY.ertlaemeoto rellel< .. for a ohorler pel'lod IliaD lis mCII>tha. ll&ehloeTJ lor 151<>, 1111aloeH Addrw &el!l. Auuouuce;menUI, .-,. 1 per HDI8. No fDr Ad"Yuti.Biag wtll be u:>ol ol7 lhe c rreopoocliJIC UlOWII. Tbie l'U1e wU lny..-labl)' be to. ADVE.&.'J."ISIKG RATES. PBOK THIS DATil: OIIR RA.2!&. FOR ADTBB.TUIItA :rN ALL CASES WILL :rNV ARIABLY BE AI JI'OLLOWS: OXE SQtJ.AlU! ( NONPAREIL LINES), OVFIR OllfE COLU.It, ONE YEAR t3S.OO. DO. DO. 81X MO:NTH8 u.oo, DO. DO. THitElll Jl0111T118 10.00. OVlllR TWO C:OLU:.XI!I, OKE 'Yli:AR .lt&.ee. DO, DO, SIX MOIITRI!I -3S.OO. DO DO. Tllltii:JI: XOJITH8 1 'J' .UOo TWO SQUA.B.ES (d NONPAREIL LINES)/ OVER TWO COLUIIINS, ONJll YEAR 8111.00. DO. DO. SIX MOliiTJIII III!I.OO J DO. DO. TIIB.lll.ll BOIITD8 3ll.oe FOUR. SQUARES NONPAREIL LINE!U, OVER TWO ClOLUJUI8, ONE YEAR tllltO,OOo Do. DO. SIX 11101ITIII!I U II,OOo DO. DO. THREE 111011TH8 60,00a From the account of his last moments and final death, as furnished by his classmate at Yale, it is inferred that the young man died of a111 epileptic fit. According to the statemeo.t of this iuformamt, the deceased retired to his lodging connected with tl:le college at about 8 P.M. on the evening of the 17th imstant, complaining of feeling tired, and said he would try .to take a little rest. In about two hours from thatt time be was seized with a vi olent fit and died almost immediately. A singular coin cidence is mentioned by lnis classmate, to whom the de ceased was very much attached, and who remained faithfuily by his dying friend until he breathed h1s last. The-watch of Mr. Lillentlllal suddenly stopped running on Thursday night at half past 10, the precise moment 200 to 400 lbs 4 lbs. off. verance to discover it. The information was in writing, the Border Council be requested to take the necessary 400 to Boo lbs., 6 lbs. off. far from precis and anonymous, and the writer never steps to induce its members to furnish specimens of not 6oo lbs. and upwards, 8 lbs. ()ff. applied fo1 the reward to which lte was entitled. At less than one pound of the best yellow leaf tobacco l'mST PAGE RATES OIIE !lc.J UARE, OVER TWO WIDE OOLllliiii, O'llfE YEAR ti05.00o TWO SQ.UA.RES, OVER TWO WIDE COLVX11J8 of his death twenty four hours later, and could not be set in operation by its owner. Mr. Lilienthal would have beeo, had he lived, 22 years of age in March. He was a young man ot fine personal appearance and splendid promise. He was expected to;graduate witn distinction in July next. On the first of December he assumed, in consequence of I We hear that tqe debate on this question brought out Grangemouth, 69 lbs. of cavendish tobacco were seized grown by them, to be examined by a s:ommittee apgood arguments on, both si.;les, and without the full in the forehold of a steam vessel, and its ownership pointed by the Grange, who shall select from the various knowledge of the facts, as ur'ged pro and con, we can not acknowledged in different proportions by threi! of the specimens furnished the best, anct the here give our views as fully as we would like. We can crew. Another case of this sort occurred in September same placed in a neat case covered wtth glass, w1th the only say that from our knowledge of the tobacco trade at Hull, where the police -captured two men in the street name of the grower, St'ilte and county, and also the of Danville, their well-known liberality in building up carrying 32 lbs. of tobacco, which they bad just brought name of the Grange presenting the same, and that the and sustaining this as the best market in the State, that ashore. On re-rummaging the vessel notl)ing was found, samples thus. selected be ,forwarded by the several they, no doubt, have considered well their action; if not, but subsequently one officer belonging to it called the Granges to A. G. Taylor, Secretary of the Border we here urge them in their prosperity and to attention of our officers to 74 lbs:-more tobacco on cil, who will make the necessary arran!fements for theu consider well any" step that would antagonize the harmoboard. Again, in London, ia November, the police exhibition at the Centennial to be held in the City of ny and popu,lanty of the Danville tobacco market. arfested four men in the act of putting x8o lbs. of toPhiladelphia in the year'1876, / Ol!llll YEAH 300, OOo THREE lq,UA.RES, OVER TWO WIDE COLlllll!l8, ONE YEAR, 00 U" ItO Olf 'I'ID8 PAGE TAB.&W FOR LE81 THA:W ONE YEA.It, PAYA.BL& FULLY Dl .Aa-. VANCE, NO DEVIATION FROM TIUI:IlJ: T&JUI.I, THIRD PAGE RATES Ol!llll IIQ.UAitlil, (14 NONPAREIL LINES), TRitEE liiOIITIU, tliii.O&i RII MOW'I'HI, 011111 YJUR, t'6.00 'I'B..I.J(SDIJIT .&DVlllRTIBEJIEIITtl 011 TRill TIUJUt PA.CfJt.\o ciCJITII PEil LIII POll. :BACH oaaa'l'lo. D "B11.UO:t18 DIR.O'I'O&Y o ADY--:-0 .. Y.II.UI( tllloO ..


F C LINDE. C F LINDE. C C H AMILTON. S. MARCOSO, NE-w ] .. SED LILU TOBACCO IISPECTIDl TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. Cert ific a te s lor eve ry c:as2 apdde s e by Fase a s t9 numbe r of Certiijca t e. N. B.--. We Also .:Sample m Me.rchants' Own Stores. C. LINDE tc / Stleet, and to 1 8 6 Pearl Street. 7 Water, 173 7 '1 76 & 7 8 Street&, and 1, 2 HUd8en River Rail Road Depot, st. John' Park .. CHARLES J. l'y1c J. BEt;JSEL & co.l fOBACCO TOBACCO 'iNSPECTI-ON; 1 ?5 STREET! & 129. WATER -STREET. N'e"""" Yoi-:J;E;. SAJIIPLIN(O A.T VERTIFICATES ISSUED .&:ND CASESDB-,'TIIliPEP 'fO :"' t'lLJVERE D S I NGLYORlNLo:rs f'O B.EIGll' 178 Front Street, n.w-nu. WALLACE & CO., :&DWJ, [ mwrt 88 BROAD STREET1 N,EW PRESCOTT B URBANK. GEO. P. NAS H I'ATDIAl'f & ao., BURBANK & NASH! Cotton. aid T o B A c c 0 ., Factors, .. A N D AND COMMISSION M;EREHAN'fS, &mm ::?o 72 Street, IJ1 NEW.YORK. U N-. V. '1 M SALOMER!:l FOR PLUG-TOBACCO PROll

DEC. 22' JACOB SIIKELL, MANUF ACTUREJl fi' CIGAR BOXES, MAKE AND ) Prime of CEDAR WOOD, 293, 295 & 297 Monroe St. ,., NE"' YORK. Leaf 1 6:1 Water St., New York. J SCHMITT, M. W. MDDBL BRO MANUFACTURERS OF CIGARS ""AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO:, BOWERY, WK. A.GliEW Ia BOllS. ! ed Commission :Merobaala 1184. a.Jtd Front NEW YOBK. & CO., 226 Front Street, COMMISSION MERCIIANTS, f Leaf Tobacco pt'essed in bales for the West -A. Ports,andothermar c TOBACCO PACKED IN HOO!ilHEADS. .s;: .;,a,;;;a.. W1l. SCliOVER.LmG, t'ACKElt OF AND DEALER IN. SIII-_LIAP TOBACCO; NEW MILFORD, COIOI'. Cash advance. made-on Cta nsignmcats. I t 125 & 127 BROOME ST. NEW YORK. b -4:. MERCHAN'l:: Q,JI'A/LK. AND DEALERS IN LEA-F TO;BACCO, 178 &. 180 PEARL STREET, NEW YO!tlt. J. S]'OIUl. .MANUFACTURERS OF SCHRODER d: BON, i78 WATEB STREET, NEW YORK. raPQ:a.T:El::a.s o .... AND PACKERS oF. DOMESTIC ... DCALB}' IN N-TS CONSISTENT WITH SOUND BANKING. R. ROCHOLL. President.. 0. H. SCHREINER, Cashier. SIJM:ON STRAUSS; 1 CICAR BOXES tc .SHOW FICURES1 ;Dealer in all_kinds of Cigar Ribbons, GERMAN CIGAR MOLDS; PRESSES, STRAPS, 'CUTTERS, 'MINUFICTURER OF THE, PATENT SELESIOIII8 SHOW 179 18.L 'Y'c:>rk.-Cl 1 .. :u Figures Cnt to Orller and Repn Ire d. In dte Deot8t:yhl. 'l'he Tra

l D:Ji;O. 22 A.DVEB.TiSEIIENTS. Cincinnati Advertisements. CA3SIC"S WEl.LE:S. 1. B. HA-4< Steiner, SID.lth Broa. a .. nacht, DEALERS IN IN ALL KINDS 01' ALLAYABRj H B d & B c. WELLES ACO., enry esu en ro., C 0 N N liSE ED LEAF BICJ.LOW l!ALLAY. 'laKES MAL LAY. LEAF TOBACCO, I DE.t.LEHS .. DIP ACTO Oll LB!l TBUCCl11CAM, lC., ::: f: .m: r .33 SOU:TH ST,. BALTIMORE. THOll. W. ()RuXJCR, $ .And H-8/a.ctvren or and Daet" 225. RACE STREET, PHILADELPHIA. STEWARrF MARKS CO L. "W. LEA.F' TOBACCO, LEAF TQBA-CC(), ... of ., GENERAL COMMJSSJQH MEilCBANT' lCl. 163, & 165 Pea:-1 Stret1 J DIX & CO., .2tlcla,.. and .DeGlert ira 1 16 and I 17 WeSt Front St., Between Race ud Elm, CINOIBWA.TL O : CINCINNA. T; Ralph's -Scotch Snuff, AND t::CToR. .A.Nb FINE CIGARS, ... No; 9 Ko. 1111 .AR.02E ....... -I I I A 'D::m:l:.a:Plaa.A. 21 A J. IJ' IM 0 .. B D. )..,eoP.Ibrb, Alaadei'Ralp!J. JobaW.Woochlde, Samul.t..Keodrtclt8oc> mnrnm WD WI mm. 217 TATE STIEET, S. LOWENTHA & 00., Packers, Commfsllioa &Dd Wholesale Dealers 1i:l Poreisu a.D.d U 7 Non hird Str ... t, ...ebilacfelphia, L.'_ BAMBERGER CO., DEALERS lN TOBACCO, ._VAnc;l Manufacturers of all Grades of Cigars, l\To.'J 11 ..&rch St., Philadelphia, Pa. M. E. McDO Ett & CO., TIACCO 011 tu IIIWJTS, 39 North Water &t.t Philadelphia, Pa. .Agents for the sale of all o1 Manufactured and Leaf Tobaccos. Liberal Advancements .Made on Consignment& to my Address. PATENT FINE CIGARS, STII-ROLLKB, iiOR AND DEAI,DS IN LEAF 'l'O:BACGO, r NO. 11':2 WEST THIRD STREET. CINCJNNATI, OHlO. VTILIZDrO 'fHB STEIII roo. HAVAJA jACOB WElL. AARON KAHN :E. A. WElL. It will s a v e ooto spcrcent,of Well, Kahn & Co,, TOBACCO WORKS the 1-r widooat the (.Succesoon to S. LOWKNTaAL & Co.) quall(Jo( the c:Jsars, an4 make 1 Manufacturers and Wholeaale Dealendn SPENCE BROTHERS A CO Fillet wlthoat CIG Ins f.. Ill D TBJcu 56. 58 60 and 82 ., GEO. KERCKHOFF & CO., JIB \1. IIWII'IIUI :m .a.. T OX: :a: z :an & or. .,o s. cHARLBs u., 134 Main St.. Cincinnati. 0. CINCINNATI, oaro. BALTIMORE. Mo. BEC KER. .b BECKER. KROBfi, F.EISS & n., MANUFACTURERS OF BBOKBR PACK.ERS, COM-MISSION MERCHANTS. AND WAOLESALE :0ALI!:RS IN Foreign Domestic Leaf 'l'obaoco, NO. 98 W. LOIDIABD ST., BALTUIO:aE, liD R.AilTPOBD COXW WES.TPttAin COlDIISSIOlf ltbRCB:AX'r, And Dealer Ill CONNECTIClrT SUD LEAF I .,.> .; .. obaco.o State St Hartford. Conn. A. L. 4 F SISSOX, n and Dea l ers tn OONNEOTIOUT SEED LEAF TOBACCO, No. I 34 K'AIN STREET, Hartford, Conn. r LEWIS BREMER'S SON lL wu.KEs oo., "LE4F" AND wmurACTtmED .TOI!CCO, I NO. ::1:22 NORTH THIRD STRIE 'I', PHILADELPHIA. W. & CO., PACKU:{ S AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN T-OBAOOO, 1.15 8. WATER ST. PHILA.DELP.HIA, & 18 IO'UTH IJI:COND liT., !IT. LOWIS. W.I:ISENLOHR, S W. CLARK. PHIL. BONN. llaDuCacturen o( all klndo o( SIIOXING TOBACCO A.liD SNUFP, ED. WISCHMEYER. HY. WISCHMEYER. .ED WISCHJIEYEB. & CO., Commission Merchan-ts!' AND DEALE_,RS IN LEAF, PLUG T 'OBACCO & CIGARS, a 39 SOUTH CALVERT STREET, NEW TAT"E;'MULJ.ER &CO., :a:. lD. w:r-;;. JAMES DALEY tc CO., .. ,Tobacco s,..:,ppm' ORTHEAIT OOB.JJEB TBIBD .AJTD BACB STREETS, PHil. ADELPHIA W fJ All kinds ofLeafTobaccoRe-aelectedand Re.packed ln cases, r anging from 30 to 70pounds at the Lowest -LEAF T 0 BAn c 0 Market Price, goar.anteed actual w eight and free lrom frost-bitten, uncured or rubbilb leaf of kind. V t A lao General Supply Store of every article with the trade. N. B.-o..dero foc omail casea receive prompt auentfoo. $a South Clay Street, AND BALTIMORE, HD. JULIUS VETTERLEI:Il & oo. ... SNUFF s.w.eo LombulliL,B.U.TiliiORE,XD. SEED LEJ.P HAVANA .TOBACCO. R. STARR & COt,. a GIESKE. ED. NIEMANR' SOLE AGENTS FOR. THE MANUFACTURJ.'RS OF GIESKE-0 NIEMANN '(]'.; & &ol.:l.d.-Tqp Oi.gar :U:ou.l.cL" -, S N U F F Gel I ,!-1 ;:;;-= = = -;;;;;;===3i= TOBACCO FACTORS 2r; SOUTH CALVERT.ST. BAtCHELOR BROS MICHAEL WARTMAN & SON, Ana OommKALRS 1 N I ,...d & Ohi L B. FPARLE'TT & Cb. o wHoLEsALE DEALERS m 0 0 HAN & TAITT' A R FOUGERAY 69 8 CHARLES S'l.. BA.LTDIORE. LEA!' Ali]) SIIOKIJI& ri li. TOBACCOS; TIJBACCU JAIPAtTUBW' A&IIT. P. Cigara, 1 to'7 ARCH sTREE-r, 33 North Front St co:IOI.ISsiO:r::r DiCJWot'l'aro:a.s.u.EorSAKE, Philadelphia. 1 .'' J: 92 Lombard and 5 Water Bt., LE.A:J!' TOB.ACOO, 46 :Front St., Cincinnati; 0. F. W. DOHRMANN, LEAP TOBAC N. E. COt. Vme a.nd !'rot!.. Streets. 0. BOX CINCINNATI, 0. F. W, SM.YTHE & CO., Commission Merchants, Brethertoa Bllildh:ap. 10 NORT:-1 .JOH,N STREET. LIVERPOOL, EJIOLA.ND. 1. R. W. TBO.AS, COMMISSION B RO K Eft, --DANBURY, CONNECTICUT. ----------H. SMITH & CO., ClliCINlU .. I, o. c 0 M Ml s s I 0 N MEICHANTI P. 0. Address, LOUISVILLE, Ky. OINCIJINATI, o. cr.AR.litSVIJ,LE, 'l!eJUI.. AXD ..a-o:aJII:aa, D. E. M 0 S E L Y. CODBOTICUT LEAF TOBACCO. DEAUR m No. 20' Hampden. s.&vANA & nomEs1'Ic r sPIUIGFIELo. ss..LEAF TOBACCOS Boston Advertisements C. 0.-HOLYOKE, l4i1l St. Rochest-er, N.Y. PEASE'S Tobacco ##Outter. The Most Perfect Machine in the World for all grades of Firie-Cut, Chewing and Smoking. Df m !Y ALL J'IIS'l'-cLASS li017BIS. COKKISSION .KERCHANT In LEAF a.nd MANUF A.CTUnl> TOBACCQ, 12 Central Whal'f, Boston. ltSTABLISHED S\VEETS.ZR'S PUB:Jl ST.&WDAB. SNUFPS, /Man ufacture0-LI'N_W_AG;_.,. ..... Gn: w. EDWARDa. }os. 11. PATT...oK. 1,.; Orden respectfllJ solicited and promptly attended to .Price Liatfaenton applicat&oe. PIIILADELPHJ:A., BORVER, GR.&IFF & GEO. w. EDWARDS & co.,: :IIA'rBEWS & HICKOK, LH' I' ans VIS, %05 N. WATER STREET, I JU' WIU \ll DBil' T 0 B A 0 c 0 0 As E s, PHD ELPBI.A. 82 North Front Street, _. !a.l.eaf b'IVeot JMI" ,.. .. A..._ PHIL.lDIILPHIA., By Oar ::E..ioad. :f'or :E....ea:r 811:1pper. BURLINGTON VT. '' attention. ThrQugh 1rei"htl to J)Oiuts abroad SC 195 Main Street, at ratd.. .. lBetWt!tn Fifth. and Silab,) I Five Brothers LOUISVILLE, KY, JOHN FlNZER, BEN. FINZER, FRED. FlNZER I R huTO J.u. tf u.-RUDOLPH FINZER, NICHOLAS FINZER, I' --....., John Flnzer & Pemberton & Penn, MANUFACTURERS 6F TOBACCO COMMISSION MERCHANTS, F IV I B R 0 S. I A VY '' 'ltilll 11 lonr experience ;, Hu TOBACCO, 'l,(ertMir.,services to fill orders fo,. lG Salesrccm, 194 ll; 196 JACO:B ST., Ua/-Manti,{Miund ToiHMco, : L0111SVILLE, KY. 4A'NVTLil.E, V' .. ....., Successor to A. W, mlting, \ !rOB:& COO AND 1 Commission Merchant, TQBACCO EXCHANGE, 'Va.. R. A. MILLS, : TOBACCO BROKER .&.1m F. A. PRA.GT.JE, J.BAJ" IJ'OBACCO DI'RBG'I'OB., Qeae.ral CO-Jail&ieD MerehaDt.. Offloe In ToNcoo Exc'*'Po Shockoe Slip, -ODrCUDI.L'l'fo ORJOt BICBHom>. V4


.. DEC. 22. SUTRO & 111CANU7ACTUBJfBII OP CJXGA.EC.S, AND DJ!f.ALEBIJ IN LBA.F PLACE.. NEW YORK. KERBS & PlESS, Manufacturers of !'ine Cigars, aad Deale:rs lD LBAF TOBAOOO, AnoLPH Kl!RIIs. 35 Bowery, New Yorke Louts Automatic Self-Smolring CHARLES S. HAWES, P ACKE R AND DEALER IN Fine Connecticut_Seed Le.a.f, 118 XAJDBlV J.AKB, N' e"'':'V "Y orJL I. V. lUWZS SON, Bridgeport, Conn. 'rOBACCO POUCH MOUTH PIBCBS. Rifie Team Loader" Make s a P e rfect POUCH CJaa. 1M eaoU,y A.ttaehed or Detaehed. PATEN'.fEI! Al'ID PROPRIF.TOR B. IOBA.IUN, 365 Hoyt-St., Brooklyn, N.Y. SHOW FIGURES, MADE OF METAL, IN DIFJ'BRENT STYLES. These Figut:e s a r e fitted up w ith Patent Machine which can be set to make the Fig ure itsel f Smoke, e i ther a Pipe or a C ig a r, in the m ost lifelike man n er. _, Wm.. Demuth & Co;; 601. BROADWAY, NEW YORK S. CORN & PACKERS O F ,. -AllD IMPOllTBBs O F HAVANA TOBACCO, 157 Wa_ter Street. \Near M alden Lane), NBW'YOBK, -a. LIOBTENSTBIN & BRotHER, MANUF A CTURERS OF THE ELK" and "ONWARD" CICARS, ADd Dealen iu LE.6J' TOJ!AOCO, Nos. 34 and-341 Bowery, N .EW I Ready for uae flr"'''roof: cheap and danble. Lin A!!eftl watlted lt1 eefY toft, ofered. How to oave loaka elrectUllJ' aad cheapl.J_la Roola 0 1 klndo." a 100 Pap Book line to OllJ oae taU.. wloe"' tloeyoaw this wean. Witte_...., OLD BOOI'S. IIBWIBOOI'S. 'KC, A SQ. I'T""' '"' Protect yourbulldlap by Slat. Roofla Mllb, foaadrl-, factor! and d...Ulnp a apeclaflt:.c1 Pal at, wldch neitller cracb Ia winter a nma lu -Jlatedala for a _, or lat lloo 0 mer. Ollloblart._.roor. can be palllte AJfD Hll OTIIIIIB. .B.A.JIDII Oli' TUBKIIIH PAft'lll, ALL 011' WIUCR .t.BB GIVING 11'1-CJBIII.t.BII:D BATISII'A.CTIO!f, A.BilUTAliCIIID J1Y TBB BAPIDlo .. GR.GWJl'IG DIIUUBO &liD ABIIEJICJB 011' C::OKPLA.DI'Jlll. JAMES-0. 55 111' ATEB 'I'IBIIilliT. NEW YOBK. R.IC:ll-1fD, VA. ]auaal')' 7 !, Jamee C. Me-tloatl-towdte,.... a.t the...,_ aaaaf'ae; AadTew, h'l Mew Ymt<: :o.r Skr W. a.pect a .. ....... I haft oaplteady lucreaHla tbe demancltror your llq.,rlce. All with )'Oar braaclo of )>otli Spaalob ud Tarlr.IQ the manalactnren to wb010 IMll taatilJ u to Ita r:ce Pule are YO"Jaucb_pleued with Its aulf-lllllfona ud acellnt qaalit7. Yooua, ....., tnl)'1 '-l'eiiiWII&blJ 1 dear air, ._ J, WJliGHT a co; :J'O!ID lniiJ, L W. RlZEJU LOVISYJLUT, }aL __ Ju. C McAudnw, :loq., IILnrcxauaa, VA., .Jaaaary 1, Jamea c. y.,. MewYodl. Dear l!iWI Wa Andrew,Eoq.,N-Yock. n..rs1r: We'haYepl-are t'!-u Ia that Ia oar lllatrlct JOur braada of Spaalall o -v--Tvi&IOLiqiiOdce..,_11aYelalOU!ablyah'enea-turen dwlnJ the paat .., ..,..,the Cl'lallU lla'flar I>Hn Ure A&iofactlou to all ,....llfacturen Dllnr tllem llulfonaiJ, e:r<:ellftt. A We remafa, cf""" olr, ""fY qulllJ be\ucuallona aad u:celleat It aU UJDea. W; ebedien J JOUIJ. IJUNGBLUTR a. CO. r.-lil, :roan tniJ, BT. Lovu, Mo., Jaaauy tl175 JC. Me-w. '1'.1105. L. JOHNSON .t: CO. 4Ddrew Eaq. NYork. IUawida pi_,. nearly s,ooo,?oo. with Australia, ,boo ooo; With Russta, nearl:y Gl,ooo,ooo; with Holland, :19,ooo,ooo; with British Norfh America, above !6' :n, ooo,ooo; with Belgium,:U,ooo,ooo; 'With China, above o;aoo,ooo; with Brazil, ll,early s,O,OOQ; I with Egypt, t40ooo,ooo; with Spain and Canary Islands, above .,ooo,ooo; with Turk (y, nearly ,f?o6, ooo; wlth Sweden, nearly r2; ooo,ooo; with Italy, ro,ooo,ooo. THE RIGHT MAN IN THE RIGHT PLACE.An old lady who presented herself at the polling-booth when Ben the singer, was made a Manchester (Eng.) town counctllor, thought that .. Ben war th' reel mon i' th' reet pleck, i' Council ; .and being an "illiterate" voter, and feeling indebted to the presiding alderman for the trou_blC: her want of education bad intposed upon him, she upon that dignitary receiving a few coppers, wherewtth to "ger a or a smooak, after th' election y;ar o'er, yo known." 1 PRIZES KILLING ToBACCO FLIEs ...,...Qwing, says the Clarksvllle Leaf, to a l[lisunderstanding in regard to awarding the premiuma o1fex by: .M. C lark & Bro. for the largest number of tobacco fli. es k1lled by a bpy under fifteen years old, the premi11ms were retnrned on Thursday last, tmd the committee awarded the first premium of lso in gold to Bailey Allen, Jr., of this county, 'Yho killed 986 dies and the second premium l f $10 in gold to J. H Gardner, of Robertson County, who killed 826. I STB.A Y WHIFFS. FROM All OLD oon regime n t at Balacl av a on t h e ri ght of his squadron. SMOKER.. While await ing orders the light cavalry sat at ease, _..___ screened by rising ground from the enemy, and most of [ Continutd.l them smoking. Whenl the order for the mad charge It is generallY found that smoking i s conducive to was communicated, and" Atten t ion !" called this woe meditation ; and most of us, when essaying to think out thy warrior, while keenly alert, forgot to take his pipe a difficult matter, hght pipe or cigar as the preliminary of his mouth, and kept on smoking i n sweet uncon step, taking a bird's-eye view of the whole subject, as a sctousness. The officer close by who must have had friend terms it, with a pun as mild as his tobacco. With some bad blood in him, snarleu to the troop-sergeant those of a nervous temperament !he thought thus major, also close by, "Stop that man's grog for two soothed has a decided tendency to vague reverie, to the days,'l as they rode on up the slope. Scarcely had they dreaminess of the mild-eyed lotus eaters. For such it, and were sweeping toward the Russian batpersons, in addition to the charm of the tobacco, the tenes, when a cannon ball dew off with that officer s mere attitude of quiet smoking, the mechanical employhead, "as clean as a couple of billiard balls." Ourphi ment of inhaling and exhaling the gentle of losoph1c smoker just glanced round and ejaculated, ing and occasionally tending the pipe, is a sedative to "You beggar l yout grog's stopped for mote than two the restless frame, and tranquility required days, I guess!" The trOOJI' Sergeant-major was wounded for Intent meditation. Ft>r the best 1;ray tO reach any and taken prisoner ; the smoker came safe back and re mood is to put one's s i :lf in the attitude thereof; and sumed his pipe, and there was no one to stop his grog, nervous people must oceupy their fidgety members whic;;li be sure pe r:elished not less than he i:leserved. somehow, ar.d smok i ng perfonus t.bis office at least as I a veteran smoker who loved his old pipes well as whittling or aeedlework, while less distracting as a sador his old ships, and who ; contemplating the attention. Moreover, the deep, slow breath of the remains of -a-poor dear tiro ken cutty was so carried meditation extracts the inmost subtle aroma of t\)e toaway by love and gr ief, that he place d i t in the post of bacco, which is thus the very choice and sacred incense honor in his pipe-rack, with the inscription: of the Temple of Thought. Nerlected now i t lies a cold dy:form "l'lloagk tate with livioc \Dpirations V:arm; I )lave met with but one instance wherein smoking iJi p e f all9the r c r eatures o frail clay; proved decidedly injurious to philosophy. A young hat 111ore than it for epitaph h a v e t hey? student friend, perhaps a little beyond h i s depth in And did not another enthusiast apostTphize heathen Berkeley, was set upon acquiring a sort of ocular de!shly his meerschaum with supe(best Oly111pian flatterIes ?1 monstr!ltion of the theory that forthright distaace, or' -c toudcompeller !' F oam o' the sea, protenSlOO, D not a-::tualJy seen but only habitually in-Wbeace rose Venus air ..... roe ferred by us, after long practice and educatiog of the On aome poet's I senses, sigbt powerfully aided by touch. For this pur'" Venly, tt ts a stupendo us for medita pose he used to seat himself, when the speculative mood tlon and for. ardent admtratton, that ever smce Colur:n was strong upon hiiJl, in front of a wall (he bad bus was great, not so much .by the dts three such from which to choose in his attic chamber) covery of Amenca as by thP. godlike fortune of thus wit h nothing betweCI! its whitewash and his eyes propagating" divine through9ut all lands, its ; and, gazing intently in pure abstraction, 'sacred fires, fane IS our sky-domed ea:rth, whoae strove to gaze the wall, as it were, into his retina. and altars are ubtctql tous and whose ru;e perchance to draw it along: the optic nerves e"en into flowerof .mankmd1 have burned Without mtermLSslon his central brain ; to perceive it as an immediate sensaand mght; wh1!e the s":art Easter1:1 slumbers the tion, not outward, but intern!ll. Again and again he whtte Western keeps them a-glc:'w; '!l'h1le the Western tried this in vain AtJ ength he discovered, with mingled the as shr_ouds joy and anguish, the flaw that marred the lummanes m 1ts wtthdrawmg He always smoked when philosophising; and although sk1rts discover as many m a tho.usands of his pipe, having a foot long flexible tube, was not in his leagues t?e aq. vancmg day mnumeralevel line of he could not but be vaguely conscious votanes. to thetr duty, ever-fresh. of its presence between himself a.1d tb:e wall ; while the on 1ts path from p1pe-bowls as Jlower-ch:-' vapor, which at long intervals sprang blue from the bowl 1ces: w1th of the dawn th e y.ghtter splend1d, and liagered grey from his lips, an ever-recurring and Hesper of the gloarmng; everywhere expon.ent of the distance. of the whitewash beyoad. they shme forth m the and constant The poor fellow endeavored the experiment without his the stars; nor can clouds ve1l them, nor at pipe; but, no pipe, no philosophy; he could not fix his noqn are they extmgutsh .ed: and they are the attention at all and the result was that he bad most glonous constellations of the glonous Heaven of Keyf, reluctantly to ;ccept the theory in question on its mere of enjoyment, Empyrean of reasonableness, empirical verificatiol' None beatitUde :-0 JUSt, subtJ.e, and m1ghty I fhe less did he enthusiastically persevere in his noble researches i!!to the unknowable; and when we parted he was so transcendentally befogged in the cloudy meta physies evolved from the seething brains and profound of Q;eri!Jany, that) felt justified in ass11ring htm, m an effuston o rapture reciprocated, that ere long he must attain the beatific v1sion, with eyes shut introspective dearly discerning the supreme and saving t}'uth and Non-Bei ng are identical. And thus, after all, tobacco, like wisdom, is jus tified of her children. POSSIBLY THAT AcCOUNTS FOR HIS HABITUAL SEREN ITY.-The Richmond asks: Can not Mr. D. H. LQndon be said to lead an exchequeted existence? THAT rs THE KIND TO RAISE.-A Carroll County tO bacco-raiser bQught and paid for ninety acres of land !rom the proceeds of tbe .sale of one hogshead of tobac co. The tobacco sold for 175 per TH,E ANNUA,L RE G ISTER.-We have just received an advance copy of the An111tal R e gister of Rutal Affairs For good thinking, it seems to me that the pipe is pre for 1 876, published at N. Y by Luther Tucker ferable to the cigar; for gqpd reading it certainly is. & Son, and mailed to any address for the nominal sum The cig'l-r burning away your lips reeks pun of 30 cents.' It is the oldest (and now the only) publi gently in your eyes and nose, and its ash powders you cation pf the kind, and contaius 150 pages of practical with perturbation if you do not frequently perturb youi:matter, interesting to every resident in the country, iiJus s elf \ to knock i t off; but the fire o( the pipe is as far trated with 00 less than r64 beautiful engravings, almost from you at the close as-at the klndling, and its mouth all original. Elaborate almanac pages are prefixed, and piec;:e as cool in your lips, and its ash, secure in the a very useful feature is the "" Farme r's Register," which not. Give me a ciga r for a placid. and gives the addresses of all the reliable dealers in every pensn ; e strol!, m th e sunset, or gloammg, ' to buy some of d fi h 'l:r: b h .. an mspmng are a ew w 1us m t e pau.smg spaces, nation of this dr11m this office can see no reason why all t e present ye;u's crop. They find it not very well cured, h h b h d d 1 h w en t e ram teems w1t new 1 eas gra ua ly assummg the requirements of the law in regard to braqding t e cunng season having been to dry, thouo h the growth r d h 1 r h b "' .orm, an t e pa at e yearns .or t e to acco savor wllh or m.arking, labelling and stamping packages of tobacco was very goo&, the leaf being quite thin and fine. The h k h h' f d d a t .trst as een as t e water t ust o a esert-the eand cancellin"' the stamp thereon, may not be complied consequence is a mottled cured leaf that burns to h 1 hil b k h d f sert '!I ose crue m t rage, w e lt can not e drun can with on this drum and if they are so complied with, its 1s mstea o whtte ashes, greatly reducing its marker noteven be smoked-. use is approved. Very respectfully, justice. value. The same trouble existed all through Now IJ:ngThe true smoker, bornior smoking, to whom tobacco D. D. PRATT, Commissioner. land and the West, and the dealers think the best crop has been through long years a loved friend, ever ready THE VERY LowES r Borwill not bring over ten--to fifteen cents per p ound while t ol t t 1 t u be ld r 1 e, m ruve, c,an u sm 1 e serene y, no TOM PRICE. Solomons & more Wl so .or ess thauover ten cents. Farmers wnhout the de.sp ate Objtucattons of the Hirschfield, according to be loth to accept such low p ,rice.s, but they can afford poor crea t ures afflicted with ni(()tophobia (the peculiar the Chicago Tri6uM, were In the present methods of raisipg tobacco 'Phen, too, monomania demands some name, and I now not if the crop is nCit put upon the market at about these b d I partners m the ready-made .rates, the chances are that it will be sold for less in the whether any e yet stampe ith authority), perma. clotbing business. Ferguson d nently inflated ami. intoxicated ith fumes of confusion was one of their customers. The crop of last year, some of which was bought delusion, the ever-burning incense"of vanity otfered Hirsc.'l1ield fell sick and mad vaned of at 25 cents per p-ound, will have by themselves to themselves. But there are other wise died: came to to be larg'!ly of to stx Gr seven cents acres of that flaccid sort of mind so w.ell indicated by Chicago to buy a bill of per a:nd. subJect to reweLgnmg at New York George Eliott, the type of ho are ready to ad goods after the melancholy pn es mdLcate the l oss of some of the dealers 00 mit that, &p!!aking generally, the radii of a circle have a event, of which however thLs crop, one of them to being "out" tendency Co be equal, but who ;at aame time, 'hink he was unaware. 'Solomon; $s,ooo. The ?ealers say that tbe have been that the spirit of geometry should not be carr.ied too me IUm .at the door duped led by some agncult'!ral papers to thmk they eQuid get far; and these are in the habit of saying, with in solemn satbs and wring(Qt crops, but that the above pnces are as great solemnity, that too much smoking is inju ing his lbands 'in almost high as will be paJ.d for '75 and .74 crops." rious ; as if too awcb oi apy thing, good or bad, speechless anguish, thus adcould be than injurious; as if the whole dressed him: "Ah, Mr. THE ALLENSVILLE (TxNN.) ToBAcco FAIR.-The to question were aot beued. in the very toe much. MANUFACTURED ToBACCo.-The quantity ofchewin( tobacco shipped from Richmond, in bond (for export), and prepaid by stamps, in October for several years, according to the Whig, was as follows : In bond. Prepaid. 1875. -........ 297,632 I,304 405 1,6oz,o37 I874 ----. --.8JZ,6SJ r,6oo,229 I,932,882 1873-----.-7907 54I;712 / 901,619 1872-------I92,668 1,305,683 1,498,35f The quantity of smoking tobacco prepaid by &tamps, in October for several years, was as follows: r87S-- ---.Ss,w:zl I872---.... 74,098 t874------... II8,J42 I87I----IOS,698 I87J--:-----571122 I870.-- 84,203 The aggregate amount of both Jtinds in October, this year, and two preceding years, was as follows: Chewing. Smtllli11.f. Total. r87S ------,6o2,037 Ss,xo:z 1,687,139 ui,342 :z,o5r,224 1873-------901,619 S7,I22 958,741 lrrOctober, '73, many of the factories were closed in consequence of the financial panic, and traae was partly suspem:led from the same cause. The business of October, '74, was heaviest on record tor that month l"erguson, I am glad to St;e ltacco fair last Saturday, observes the Clarltsvilie T()-Disr:egarding these platitudinarians, the smoker knows you. We have had a loss, batco Leaf of the 8th inst., was a perfect success. The when he has smoked too much overnight by the languor a .erious loss, Mr. Ferp business houses of Allensville, and even the streets, of the next morning, and the }oss of zest in tlie weed. son; Mr. Hirschfield is were thronged with the immense crowd .of men, who But the too much of one man r the golden mean of an dead. He was a ne man, seemed to be deeply interested in the tobacco fair given other; Cor there are smokers and smokers-from him Mr. Fe(guson, and he by Haddox & Bro. At 3 o'clock the crowd assembled wbo through about a a box of matches in thought a great deal of you. tbe large and CO!DIIlodieus brick store room belonga week,' to the soldier who pu1_ his lrulegueuk, or black Many and many a time mg to Haddox&: where 49 samples, s lbs. each, noae ltarmer, to his lips on w r king, and drops it unde r DANVILLK, VA., Danville letter to the when he couldn't sit of as odltobacco as ner grew in Todd or Logan his bed as he drops oR' .to sleef at night I remember Richmond .Dispatc.A sa:ys :-The internal revenue n: bis elbow and take his counties, were neatly opeoed and arranged upon two being told of oue such in hospital, tobacco is ceipts from cigars and manufactured tobacco for last broth, he's said to me. "If lengthy counters, which were placed in the center of striclly forbidden (and where it would be more sanative month amounted to for October last, I could only see Mr. Fergu the room, after which the names of th.ose interested than all the beastly drugs of the pharmacopaeia, as was lros 632 .50; for of last year, $84,oo6 2o. son again I" And the day called, and a vote of judges taken, which resulted fairly proved in the wllo was eli The received f.rom cigars, an item ineludeq in he died, Mr: Ferguson, the m the electiOn of J. L Williamson, of NOLshviile; Jas. joying & surreptitious pipe sitting on his bed, which was the above, was $x31.1Q. sales of leaf tobacco at last words he srud to me H. Smith, of CJarkiVille; J. S. Grumbley, of Elkton; next. to the door, when the doctor and hospital-sergeant Lht= warehouses for last month amountP.d to x,293,I66 were: 'When 'Mr. FurguW. Hughes and Jo F. Gill, of Allensville The unexpectedly visited the ward. He had just time to pounds; the amount paid therefor was $II9,783.51 ; the son comes to Chicago after JUdges then e!ltered samp l e room, when their withdraw the pipe, but the doctor too surely scented the average per hundred pounds, The statement MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, I am dead andgone, be dashad wtth. astomshment to see so many sa m last whiff's still curling in corner. Our delinquent from the warehouses for November _of last year shows sure you sell him the goods pies, and such mce tobacco. To say the least, we denied the charge with the coolness of an old soldier that the quantity sold was-x,1rz,295 pounds; the amount at the very lowest bottom suppose they, or some of them, only expected a a l so an old smoker, and was vainlv searched for the paid therefor $uz,786.33; the average per hundred price.' And 1 will, too Mr. mere sham, as several failures in the way of tobacco pipe. At length the puzzled I d o ctor, quite sure of the pounds S:ro.o3. But not comparing sales last Ferguson. What shall 1 shows have been made in some places lately. You atrocious crime he was quite unable to prove, guaran-month with those of N ovemger, 1874, whtch was m the show you?" go your bottom dollar on our entel'prising cit teed absolution and non-forfe i ture of the pipe if. the midst of the reign of exceptionally high prices, and tzcn, Charley, for when he undertakes any thing it criminal would but confess and tell where he hail seassing over the statement for November, 1873 which THE FOREIG N TRADE OF 1s generally crowned with success, for he puts his creted it.-" Then it's yourself you ought to be searchwas :.1bout the begin ninJi: of Jay Cooke's pan ic, I would shoulders to the wheel, and wllh mental, physical ing, doctor, and not me ; fQ_r it's you is guilty of having rather look at t h e statement of sales for November, and financ1al. strength and perseverance, it is bound a p ipe in hospital," said the hardened and said I872. That I find to be as foilows: Q u antity sold ; to roll. Probably 40 minutes had elapsed when the sooth; for he had deftly dropped it at the critical right 9 26,86z pounds ; a mount pai d therefor, l9o,r8o.25; av judges awarded the first premium ($15 boots) to moment into the gaping side pocket of tne doctor's e1age per hundred pou i ds, We do not under' Mr. William Burbam, of Todd County, the second premshooting jacket, as the latter half passed at first before stand here that Captain W. T. Clark, senator from this ium, (a fine hat) to Mr. Thomas Shelton, of Todd Coull turning on him. Surely this wa:; not a man to be put\county and a resident of Dlnv ille, is a tobacconist, as is ty The samples were again neatly arranged and tbe isned, we cry; even as, having told us of those two conreported in the .Di spatch of las!! Saturday : We do not crowd was in vi tea in to view nature's }ine productions. demned ones in the Reign of Terror, who so densely inde.ed eat, drink, wear, smoke, and chew, and almost As they assembled around the samples .with smiling filled their cell with the wholesome vapor, that the jani breathe, tobacco in this tobacco city, but it's only" in a faces, not a word of disaatisfactic).Q was uttered, and a 11 tor entering to summon them to the guillotine, retired in tigger,'' or i n We are not all seeme d to. be well pleased, enjoyed the hospitali1y hot dismay, half-blinded, and cough i ng furiously, our nists. Cap tam Clark lS one of our most enterpnsmg of thetr fnend, C. W. H. Hopmg. The custom will be sympathetic Carlyle exclaims, 0 my brothers, it is and merchants, bu_t not on that acco_unt any followed by frequent tobacco fairs in thefuture. Thre e l>Urely not you that I would select for executioq_ !" This the Jess a fa1thful representative of the tobaccoJlllte rests and Agents for J. C. McANDREW'S CELEBRATED LICORICE, No. I ToBAcco ExcHANGE, RICHMOND, v A / ENGLAND, t h e year 1874 the foreign of England amounted in value to about Io,ooo, ooo More than s<>o,ooo, ooo of this was with sixteen countries, some of whi ch, _j however, are portions of the Empire. They &tand as follows : W ith the United States, ro2,ooo,ooo; with France, ,o. oo,ooo ; w i th J Br i tish Indi a, above ss, ooo,ooo; with_,, Germany, cheers for Haddox. soldier reminds of another who was in a light-drag -. of this city county. I -, I


, Sm.okinr; Tobacco, MANUFACTURED1BY WALTER. B. P.IERCE, UTICA, N. T', This B:Mld of 1 is a i cdark colored and...M thoroug-hiJ cured as Havana. r AGENCY AND DEPOT OF F. W. FELGNER & SON'S, wcRAINAN LYALL, f. H. MBrOlld TOBACOOS with 10 2 FIRST BISTRICT, UTH. ltfU)OKLYfl; -Fr-"EN"''"r 'BACH ( llanufacturert. Qf the llowtng ..., .. .... ___ ,. ,. \. J J:,.J..J J 1 CEIPRATED -BRA.Jms oF = l3Sizt.h .Ave., nw vou rrO:S4CCOS : -.. .Piaaet-Navy. us, xs. _rq, 6e,7s, Be, 9CJ, ,oa. TOBACCO B 'AGGING Salkn's..Cht>:co .s, ss, 66, 'I" 9!1._ oo. Clulllengo, lb:. I K :ng Phihp, f w.lbington, ')(r, Grape. aJ>d Apricot, > lieptane, _Twct,, --lMITATinN SPANISH I FANCY e:,dra, Peer._ A,nd all. of Goods used.for p\ltti"i' up Smok bon, ingTobacco. .All!!o, complete assortment of' aders, Gold..Bara Smoken; AtUcl for the l'l'l\de. \ ...... :..,c: <. l'r!de of the Reciment -- --. ; 1 HOWOD SAKER & CO, Jack-o ,,.. t ,WU.L'-aV&U.UhlJI n,...JD c. LYALL. 'l:Oili & '1.'07 CH.A..MiiE.R!SJS'I.'., .!s Colt".iq'tt; 31 !roM.. l!oatob. :. NEW YORK. -------.-----,. -. I I .. '.JUqHLAND GEl!\ )'VORK,S. r Jd. DAi.r. H. Wu.x:JII$, 'F. CBRIST.ll-& CO., 7 .DALY,& eo.,;, : --, Fore1 gn &. .Domestic Woods, GEK" ,163lllAID,El'l' r 1 CIGAR BOX i:ND1D.APOLIS. IJO). : t_ A spcialtJ.' ( 1 I f I .,._..'fORK A ,GENCY, 911. A.nft &'tj & < u MANUFACTURERS OF CIGARS, :tl34 SECOND ST., NEW YORK. I H. CLARK & BR.OTHER. TOBACCO BROKE-S, 4 -' CLARKSVILLE, TeDn., HOPKI:NSVILLE, Ky PADUCAH, Kyo ESTABLISH ED 18!8. K. C. BARKER & CO., Manufacturers ot the C e l ebrated FINE-CUT TOBACCOS, ;3 ''AMERICAN EAGLE" II-AlfD s: -,r.IPP!IB.." > Al so aU other grad es of :o Fine-Cut and Smoking Tobaccos, 1"1 D.ETROIT, MICH. Aside from our "AMERICAN EAGLE" and "CLIPPER,. in tbe usualsized wOOOt-D packages, 10, 20, 40 and 6o IbM., we also put both of these gTades up ver] nicely in 0NB OuNCE 'rtN FoJL PACKA'"uts packed in J( and Jt GrOH boxes. Liberal priceomade to the Jobbinr trade. LICORICE. l33 PUlL STUET, -NW YORK. J. $CRM ITT, Jr. TOBAcco BROKEB, Purel7 ana tinel7 l'owurei IIPJlNISH LUlORICE noOT, IIPA.Ji'ISH LICPRICE Ji::XTRA.CT 1 DEER TONGllE, LAUREL LEA.ES1 TONKA. BEANS, l CASSIA BlJDS, ()LOVES AND CINNAMON, ORAJfGE PEEL, JlNISBED, CARA"'"'-'!\ SEED, (JORIANDER SEED, LA VENDER FLOWERS, Glllll ARABIC, GRAIN AND PO'VDERED, Glllll !IIYRRH, LUMP AND'POWDERED, GUlli 'l'JlA.GACANTH, FLAKE AND POWDE:RED, ESSENTIAL OILS, 182 Wate st., NEW A. SHACK. TIN FO.lL. JOHN .J. CROOKE, TIN FOILANDUBOTTLE CAPS, PLAI!'i AND COLORED, 0 BOLLING HILLS, -S8 GBOS:Bil' 11ncl 163 & lGQ / MISCELLANEOUS. 200 ,. C .qATtiM 'c NJCWYOBE i! ,A.. HEN: & CO. 43 Liberty 'street, oJ)posite rtost Office, IXPOB.'l'DS OF SKO'B'EB.S .A.l:t., 1 DEALERS IN S ECARS, SNUFFS, &c. -OF BROOKLYN, N. :1:1\TCOR.POa.A:T::ET.J:> J.A.N'. a. 10801 I -...., I 1 e10. II. ,smomr,sec. E. Wlii'l'LOClt, -Treas. l m:_FICES I DEC. 22. ALL ORD&RS WILL JUt PllOJUTJ:.Y li:XICUTIID. BERRY A. RICHEY, TOBACCO IAIU AnUHIIS' lUI.T. 86 Front St., New York, IOLE AGENT FOB. PBIJJniYLVAIQA, IIIKW TO&K, .. RBW STA'I'Eiil """ Ltwllllldtlu'a Ctltbrattd LHkeut, ADd Other Braado, of Tobacco ud CIGARS. Roanoke SmokiRg Tolauoo Works, Danville, Va .. ()tber leadiDg mauufae: uJ-en I!> VIrginia and Kentucu. JOSEPH J. ALMIRALL, l IMPORT,ER OF .BNLY FINE" HAVANA I Leaf Tobacco ) 6 Qedar ,Street, N. Y. PB.J:CE I.J:ST ; OF SPANISH ,CIGAR RIBBONS,_ OLIVE en, LUCCA CRE.UII IN CASES, JiBa.A.liiE OIL LEV .A.l\I"T Ui BBLS. '' STRUTS. NEW ii'OBlt. tli.IL Front Street, 1\Jew York; .._Lo.udreil, or Partagu, eztra ,-s yards, $>' Londre&t or Parta.gaa, 7-8 35 yards, 1.8o !llld 'all the Specialties for l Tobacco Manufacturers. -Oar Patent !ow4ere4 Compound of :Fla'm'S, (dated Fb. ad, t875ol Is commanding gern:ral approval the makers of favorite brands. Its efficiency and t<:oncmy are .unquestioned. PRICES CURREIT 011 APPLICATI61. Y. W Bf!INCKERHOFF' --R. OF ALL KINDS ElF l'lllJSLIN A-ND LINEN TOBACCO BAGS, 263 Eaat 4th Bt., llew York. Order ; _prorr.ptlY attended to at the ahorwt na i4 ... J "' 'l'OWDSRSD I ttQuoatca A.c C. L. MEYilR. '1 J. F. 9 1 -.; 'FIN EST QUA,LJT)' l ... ; A. : c.-,1 o. : IEYER, l ... nufiotured at Pee11hkeepsie, f!le,W .. GifFORD SHERMAN & JNNISi 43 BEAVEn ST., NEW YOB.K. 1 Address:ty PostP. 0. s ox 1 Special atte,.ionpa\d to the forwardmrof-Tebacco ... tb fondgn covctriea. .,. 1 \\'HARF, BOSTON; 57 SOUTH CHICACO. "EL c. CHAMpiON, Ce-Dl. :Agent. Brnad Yello"W", s-8 72 yards, 1.-,o B.-d;o B.e4' 5-B 7> 1ards, 1.65 B8paole, s-B n yards. 1.70 an-ow Ked, er Jl'lpro, 7' yuds., 45 TEB.IIS-XET CASH. H'ENRY WULSTEIN, MANUFACTURERS OF THE W-ELL-KNOWN c-r Co Borsfel4t ;'MATCHLESS AFRUIT CAK -. ,...... \Jersey Jersey. : OFFICEI:-16, 18 &:. 20 CHAJIIDERS STREET, ;!fEW YORK. Oldest Tobacco and Larre:.t Tax Payers in U.S. This FactOf'y i s nat excelled by any either in Size, Appo i,ntment s o r by Quality of Goods : For full descnpnon, see N .Y TOBACCO LE4 F o f O t t 13, 1815. We co,ntine,to ofl'er c hoic e o f Crilbt., Dark and Mith ogany grades of PLUG or MANUFACTUR.Eu TOBACCO; Superior FIN.& (: .UT CHEWING TO SACCO v a. ious kiuds c f SMOKTNG TOnACCO, s u c h aa (or Kllhckmck), and and QuaJittE"! o f SNU.tF, at tlae moat favor a ble prices. A critical exanlination of the-roods 'Wltll. preducts of other facton.ea mvited. A Price maned upon a pptimttiOD.


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