The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world. Page 1-2 missing.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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DEC. 29. ended Novfmber so, 1873, 4,49I,469 lbs; I874, S> 8451401 lbs; I875, s os6,8gs lbs. For eleven month s ended November 30, r873 75,88I 317 lbs; 1874, 72,8I7,oo3 lbs; 1875, 44,265,454 lbs. Home con sumption of manufactured tobacco for the month end!d 30 November, 187 3, s,727 ,325 lbs, 1874, J,891,378 lbs; J875 4,155,6oo lbs For eleven months ended )ifo vember so, 187 3, 40,845 290 lbs;. 1874, 41,890,596 lbs, 187 5, 42,97", 138 lbs. Exports of unmanufictured to bacco for the month ended November 30, r873, I.-22o,839 lbs; 1874,979 981 lb3 1875, 899.777 lbs. For eleven months ended November 30, 1873, 13,957,820 lbs; 1874, 1417zo,J70 lbs; 1875 12,I66,488lbs.' Vnman ufactured tobacco in all Bonded Warehouses for month ended November 30 1873, 82 144,009 lbs, 1874, 95,2 u lbs; 1875, 79,6r4,sss lbs LONDON, Decemlm g.-Messrs. Grant, Chambers & Co. report :-The past week has been one of extreme dullaess in this market for all descriptions of Ametuan tolxuto; this m a good measure lhaa been caused by the inclemency of the weather; but apart from this there IS a strong indisposition on the part of buyers to operate and the total sales are only of a trifling character. Kentucky Leaf and Strips have attracted httle attention and there are no transactions worthy of note. Vtrgmia Letzf and Strips have also been neglected, fine, bright of the former m request. .Maryland and Oiuo, without of fine bright color, moves off slowly, the sales have been but trifling. Cavend is h continues neglected and prices are rather easier. THE THIRTY-POUND REGULA TION IN BROOKL Yli. [From th e B r ookly n Eagl e Dec e mber 21. J A well-attended meetmg o f local cigar manufacturers was held at No. 13 Myrtle Avenue, on evemng, December 20, wllh Mr. Curtiss presiding and Mr G e orge Emblez actmg as Secretary, to take further ac uon concerning an alleged tllegal extra r-evenue asses s ment tmposed by the CommissiOner of Internal Rev c:aue The object of the meeting was stated to an Eagle re porter by a ctgar-maker substantially follows The Revenue Law of 1874 tmposes a tax of s r x dollars on every thousand c1gars manufactured, but makes no proV!SIOn as to the s1ze of the cigars, whach are all taxed at the same rate, grea' and sm all alike. The Comm1s s10ner of Internal Revenue m ade a rule, however, that it should be assumed that for every thousand manufactured thirty pounds of leaf tobacco had been used, and that at the end of the year, when the manu facturers should make the1r anmual return s to the Rev enue Department of the numbu of pounds of leaf to bacco used and the number of cigars manuiactured from it, they should be a!>sesseci an addtt10nal tax of six dol lars for every th1rty pounds of leaf tobacco used m ex cess of a proportronate number of cigars, allowmg one thousand ctgars for each th1rty pounds of leaf tobacco. Th1s extra assessment tbe e a gar-makers beheve to be unlawful, and while they declar e thear w11lmgness abd desrre to comply with all just lawful assessments, they intend to oppose the one In questiOn by testing its legality by means of a fnendly surt m the Umted States Court. This meeting and previous ones have been held to the matter and to make ar.rangemcnts for car rying on and paying the expenst'S of the prospective case, and as there are 78o ctgar-makers in the Eastern and Western dtstricts, the matter JS one of Importance to a large class of cillzens, who would be pP.cumauly af fected by tbe assessment, m sums from several hundreds to se v eral thou ;and dollars each, accordmg to the extent of theu busmess. Messrs. Met2ger, Long, Hayes, Conklm, Isaacs, Jan uary, Mouis, Gerhauser :.nd Embler, of the Special Committees, appomted at a previous meeting to obtam subscnpuons_ from manu{actlUers, to defray th e ex pens es of the proposed te s t su r t, r eported Jlrogress, a nd were instructed to csntmue the work of collectJO p The matter was d1sc ussed at great length, and a C o mmittee was appbmted to draft a letter addressed to the C omrn rsswner of Internal Revenue, at Wash l ngton, statmg the positron of the manufacturers, and askmg f o r mfor m a tJOu as to ius attitude and mtent10n and such other general mformat1on on the su b Ject a s he may desire to 1m part. A Committee was also appomted to report a plan for forming a permanent orgam.zatJOn, and at about 1o:rs o'clock the me!!!ing adjourned ull next Monday evemng, at the same -....... Western Nortb Caroliaa TobaecD'" Crop. EXTltACT OF REMARKS O F COLONEL SHELTON. At a meeting of the Executive Committee of the North Carolina Agncult ural Soctety, held at Raletgh on the 9th mst., as reported by the Richmond W.!Ji6, Col onel Shel t on o f Ash v rlle, was called upon for informatiOn as to his expenence in the culture of tobac co m the county west of the Blue Rrtlge. He has done so in the followmg remr.rks, wlitch we present t i.hed the Government will get more revenue than it does now from cigars. The meeting declined to recommend the abolition of the bond requtrereent Section 337I was considered at some length In connectiOn wtth the thtrfy pou11d regula lion. Mr L1ch tenste u sa1d that so far as the members of the Asso c1at10n were concerned the thuty-pound reg ulatiOn, as enforced !>v the Revenue Bureau, was not of matenal consequence; as the members all made tbe1r ctgars of Ieos than t h trty pounds of tobacco per thous and He thought, as a matter ,of nght, that allowance should be made by the Commtssiore for scrars,which,tt appears, he does not do in making up estimates of the tobacco consumed by manufa cture1s. Mr. Peetsch was of the opmron that great hardship was sometimes en dured by small ctgar manufacturers through the en forcement of the regulatton Large manufacturers were not so much affected by the shrmkage of tobacco as the small o nes were, because in usmg a large num!:>er of cases tbose whtch mrght h a ve shunk disproportionately would be offset by those which had shrunk but h:tle. But the small manufacturer who bought from one to lour case s per year mtght have, and often did have, the misfortune to get a largely decreased wetght in each case. He had nNhmg to offs e t hts loss. No opin ion was expressed resp e cting the legality or illegahty of the regulation, and no further dtscusston was had upon the subJt'Ct. vVtth reference to the cancellatiOn of stamps by means of stencil plates, as requ1red by regulatiOn, mem bers declared therr preference for a different instrument. They objected, also, to the r e qu1rement th'lt the wav e d lines should extend three quarters of an inch beyond the 5 ides ol the stamp, as 1t makes it necessary to place the s tamp so far away from its proper place at the end of the box as to mar tlte appearance of the box. Be sides .this, it was clatmed that It subjected manufacturers to penalties for om i tting to cover the prescnbed l 1mtts on either side of tlie s t amp. In the haste of can celing 11 was 1mposstble to malc.e .measurement exact. It would be enough merely to r('qUlre that the lmes should extend on to t!,le box without prescnbmg a The members exj:ressed a desrre to have the law so modtfied that they would on l y be obhged to make weekly en tnes 111 their Government record books, as much labor and expense would be saved thereby. :rhe members favored legtslauon compelling farmers and aucti oneers to make entnes and returns of sales pre cisely as leaf tobacco dealers are obhged to do under lhe Jaw. The business of the meeting was embodied in a senes of reSQlutlOns, and a Commtttee, cons1stmg of Messrs. Smtth, Kmd1and Peetsch, was appomted to mcorporate the resolutwns in a memorial to be forwarded, after ob taming signatures, to the Commissioner of Internal enr.e-the Committee being furthermore instructed to report at the next meeting whrch, It was dectded, fhould be held J t the same place on Monday evenmg, D e ceJil her 27. 1 Meoeting of Deeeuaber :11'. There were present u t the meeting on Monday even ing representatives of the following firms :-Lichtenstem_ Bros. & Co., E. A. Smrth, Sutro & Newmark, Carples & Kuh, M. Neuburger b.: Co., Charles Bondy, Levy Bros., and A. Ltchtenstren : T!le Prestdent of li-te AssociatiOn ami Mr. Smith again officiated The Secretary, Mr. Smith, read the memo rial prepared by the Committre. The following IS the MEMORIAL. To Ik e HoN. D. D. PRAI'r Comrnisstonu of I11temal Revenu e U'asltmgton, D C.-SIR -In order to r e lieve us from what we thmk are unnec e ssary restnct10ns and burdens, and to stmphfy aRd make more effective the laws and regulatiOns for the collection of lntl!rnal Revenue from the manufacture of cigars, we would respectfully suggest : F11 st. That Sectwn S be amended by stnkmr; out "the of the manufacturer or proprietor," only leaving the Factory number, Dtstrict, State, and the no tree, and that it be further amended by requiring th'!-t after July r Ill76, there shall also be plioted -on the label Sectton No. 3,4o6, or as much thereof as shall be necessary to state the penalty involved in using the box for ctgars again .Jecond 1 hat the first part of Section No. s.397 be amended by stnkmg out the words "Without burmng mto t'!ach box with a branding Iron," and tnsert m place thereof wuhout stampmg, mdentmg, burntng, or im a leg1ble and durable manner." Thzrd. That the regulation that the name and resi dence ot each cigar-maker be registered, be abol tshed, and instead thereof that each manufacturer be requued to m ake monthly returns of the number of ctgar makers employed by him Fourth. That the regulat i on prescnbi ng mode of can oellauon of stamps be amended by stnking out tke words "the use of a stenctl plate of brass or copper il' wh1ch there shall be cut not less than s t x waved hnes long enough to extend not less than three fourths of an mch beyond each stde of the stamp on the box," and in serting instead thereof not less than s1x waved lines to extend not less than three-fourths of an inch beyond one s1de of the stamp." Fifth. That regulation concerning the use of the cau tion label be amended by adding to the words and when ORce so affixed they can not be removed or any other substituted therefor," except by the manufacturer of the cigars Szxth That the sectiOn prescribing the keeping of the manufacturer's book be amended by stnking out the words "shall epter therein every day," and insert there for "shall enter therein weekly." We would further suggest th make returns of sales of same and keep record of satd sales in prec1sely the same manner as is now re qutred ef dealers in leaf tobacco We would further suggest that the spact:left on stamp for the ms : rtlon o f manufacture1 s name, etc. be enlarged and left perfectly plain The Secretary the n read the subjoined explanatory stat'!ment, prepared by himself, and des1gned to accom pany the mem onal: 1 EXPLANATO R'( STATEMENT. 1 Our reasons for askmg amendment number one are, that the proposed change wtll save us the expense of havmg separate lots ol cautions printed for each cus tomer, as we are now to do, each jobber wish ing to appear a s a propnetor, Jt wlll render unneces sary the change mentioned in number fiv e, whtch clause, under the present regulations h as been very oppressive and the cause of heavy losses m the sale of c1gars re turned to us f o r various reasons, it Will not m any way retard the effic1ent collection of the revenue. Our reason lor askmg amendment number two is to giVe us more latitude n the manner or mode of brandmg our boxes, the necess1ty of wbtch is apparent. Our reason for s ugge s tmg amendment number three is that the re g ulatiOn, as It now stands, I S perfectly 1m practicatlle m a factory wher e there IS any constderable number of hands employed, as there are changes datly, and somet t mes t ourly, and we think the monthly return would tully meet all the requirements of the G o vernment Our reasons for suggesting amendment number four are, that we find several modes of cancellation more economiCal in t i me and labor, and fully as effective as the stencil plate, as for instance, the rubber wheel cancellor allowed, we bel eve ; to ce used by manufac turers of tobacco ; that the extenSIOn of the waved hues on both stdes of stamp u'hnecessanly disfigures our boxes, compelling us to leave a space of blank wood between the edgmg of the box and the stamp, and leav mg us at the mercy of the mcompetency of workmen who may not the lines fully three quarters of an mch each stde of the stamp. Our reason for suggesting amend m ent number five ts, that when crgars are returned to us whtch we have shrpped to a firm whose name as proprietor we have mserted in caution 'label, we ct:>uld more readily d1spose of the same 1f allowed to remove the label beanng the firm's name and substituting If our suggestion number one be favorablv receiVed 1t will render unne cessary any change in tius regulation ; but 1f such be not the case we can not too forc1bly recommend the above amendment. FAlTHFUL To HIS -W. B Thompson died accordmg to a ppomt m ent a t Lewisb ur g, A rk. last week. He smoked a eaga r on t h e scaffo ld, afl d k issed hrs hand to the ladtes who wer e present." FIRST 1HlS SEAS O N.-Tht first cockroach of the seasen ; say s the Coutter :Journal, was seen skulk ing about the eattonal table last nigh t m search of pas e., He would have had his rascally Lrains knocked out and his throat cut from ear to ear, but fo r the fear that his friends and acquaintances would come to th e funeral !!nd forget to go home agam. NoT SENSIBLE.The head of a turtle, for several days after its separatiOn from the body retains and exhibits animal life and sensation. An Irishman had decapitated one, and some days afterward was amusmg htmself by puttwg m tis mouth, wh ich. It b1t wrth Violence. A lady wno saw the proceedmg, exclatmed, "Why, Pat nck, I thought the turtle was dead?" So he IS, ma'm; but the crather's not sinstble of it.'' I WHo CAN BEAT IT ?-Holland's Warehouse in this ctty, says the Danvtlle Daily News of the 24th ult., sold on Tuesday last a crop of tobacco of five hundred pounds ratsed on I ,seo hills, being an average of three plant s to the pound It brought an average of $rs per cwt and was grown by Miss Dods, who hves near Re!ds v Jlle, N C. who is only 14 years of age She is the daugh er of a very mtelhgent and respec t able gen tleman fr:om Eng!and, who settled m that ne t g h borhood about five years ago, and who h a s been very s uc c essful m cul trvatmg the golden leaf. If any onr. can show a better exhtbrt in rat sing tobacco, age anJ se x considered, it IS now in order foT them to be heard from. We might further say that grown men would be proud of the..number of pounds raised upon an equal Rumber of hills cultivated by thts lady. -----C U L TIVATI O N O F CuB A ToBACco IN VIJI.GI NIA -A tract of land n !ceutly purchased m V1r g1ma on whrch was to be tned t he cult r vat10n of Cub a o r Havana tobacco. The party making this purchase and experi ment, it 1s satd, have succeeded m raistng a double crop of a very fine quahty. Tile product is being mad'! up mto cigars at a f a ctory in Carolme County, V a ., which are selling as rapidly as they can' be manufactured at $2o per thousand He asserts th a t the g e nuine Cuba tobacco can be raised m Vtrgtma, and equal in every respect to the anginal product. Farmmg lands jlre said to be offering at very l o w pnces, and 1 t would not be surpristng, ere long, to see "real Havanas," of Vtr gmia tobacco and make in the markets. We copy the f o regoing, says a Richmond paper, from the Baltimore Sun of Saturday A century the kind of tobacco referred to by the Stm was extensively cultivated in Vir gmta, at and near Varina, below Richmond, but owing to the ViCissitudes of the times and other causes, noted by the htstonans of the coloma! and revolutionary periods the cultiVation of that class -of tobacco was abandoned. New Firm.. PHILADELPHIA, Megraw & Co., Ban ner Tobacco Factory, Manufacturers of Plug, Chewmg and Smokmg Tobaccos, 212 and 218 Carter Street. Advertuements. W J. llOODLESS. C .li:.TAYLO'R Late of K e at"'*J Our for suggesting amendm e nt number s1x 1s, that it IS an impossibility fora manufa c tur e r o f c1gars em ploying many hands to comp'y wit h the regulalion con, cernmg datly entries, we can make approxtmate entnes, and would pre f er to make our entne s weekly and wrth certamty and not have to depend upon the makmg up of our monthly reports to correct the record W.' HOODLESS & CO KATIOIALTOBACCO IISPICTiOI, Receiving & Forwarding Wa.rehouses, Foot of Van Dyke and Partition Sts., Brooklyn., B t ll a11 .1. obacco car e Nati o n allosptction. OFFICES t 2 2 William St., N. Yol Pu-t1Uoalit.1 Breo ...... < ? SS# FOR SALE. A Freoh Supply o f Our suggestion as to returns being made of the sale of leaf tobacco by other than licensed leaf tobacco dea!ers ts a regulatiOn, we think, necessary to be made for the protecuon of the Government and the honest manufacturer vVe regret to state that 1 t IS a matter of common report th:tt many manufactur rs buymg thetr leaf direct from the growers do not make full returns of the same m theu report!l to the Government. After a bnef diSCUSSIOn, the memonal was unani mously adopted, as also was, Without debate, the S!Jitement mtended to accompany it. 100,000 Pouft d!li Genutne Flav or, lor S MGKING TOBACCO Manufacturers, tn lots to suit purc hasers, at lowes t figures MA.RBU R G BROfHERS 147 and S C harles Str e et, Baltimore, Md. PENNSYLVANIA. CIGARS IN ANY QUANTITY, AT JROlli el..D 'tO el..& per :M: Purchased f o r Cas h o r Rec etVed o n Constgnme Dt. W, p, FARRINGTON, .Jobloer or Cl.aro, 1 2 5 Dye r Street, Pro v1denc e R I OWL, M,-. l'vewmark d1d not obJeCt to the omission of names on the caution-notices, but thought the manufac turer's name should also b e omitted m the brand on the bottom of cigar In the mterest of JObbers this ought to be done. Mr. Carples, Mr. Kun and Mt. Lev y shared a s t mllar opmiOfl, and Said that, masmuch as Imported c igars were not required to have erther cautiOn not r ce or rev enue brand upon them to protect the Government, there was no reason why domesuc c t g a rs need be subject to COL:DE AND CAKDINAL Smoking Tobaccos,, so mvidtous distinction. The Presid ent said from conversation he had Tecently ha::l at the Revenue Bureau m Washington he was con fident the omtssion of t h e manufacturer's name m the brand would not be assented to Mr. Sm1il1 remarked th a t It wou l d be a protection to manufacturers to have thetr names appear m brands. To he satd : "I mtght abandon my f a c t ory to morrow and mtght be succeeded there by another per son. Shortly thereafter goods of an irregular character might be found upon the market bearing Illy old factory number. Under such cir c umstances unless my name appeared upon the boxes1 uregular goods made by my sucr:esso1' mtght be charged to me." After some further consideration of this queslion it wa drsposed of as indtcated m the memonal, and Mr. Newmark moved that the member m Congress from the c1ty distncts be a sked to seek a reduction of the tax on crgars to $5 per thousand. Thi s resolution was sub sequently amended to mclude other members ,of Con gress, and a committee was appobted to open commumcauon to th1s end wnh the trade other Cities, and as amended was passed. The subject of selhng leaf tobacco at actual weight was bnefly r.onstdered, but wtthout other actiOn The meetmg then adJourned GRAMMAR ILLUSTRATED.-" Will thiS pipe smoke free ?" asked a 1'!ho was purchasmg a p1pe "Of course 1t wtll, 1f you can get your tobacco for noth mg," was the reply. ------LEAF DEALERS' BOOKS TO GO T O WASHINGTON:.._ TRRASURY D EPARTMENT, OFFI C E OF INTERNAL REVENUE WASHINGTON, Decembe r : U 1875 --The books for the curre n t year prescnbed by law to be kept by leaf tobacco dealers wrll be collected (new books IJemg dts tnbuted m place thereof), by the Collectors oflnternal Revenue, and promptly forwarded onrthe xst of Janu ary, 1876, to thts office, u istead of to the supervisors as formerly. D. D. PRATT, CDmmtssioneY. TOBACC O IN NEw GUINEA -Great mterest has been aroused by the receipt of letters irom stationed m New Gumea announcmg tmportant dts covenes there. The nver named Baxter has been traced for ninety mtles and found to have a depth of from e1ghteen to two fathoms. Ev1di:nce'of cultivation was found consistmg of en dosed land.cropped with to bacco and sugar cane. unknown birds and the tracks of buffalo were also seen. 'A portion of the Macleary expediuon has smce gone there, and i{ is ex pected that detatls will be received in a few months. I liiANUJ!'ACTURED BY STRIITOH I STORM, 118 lr 180 Pearl Street. DlJTI-ES ON FOREIGN TOBACCOS AND CIGARS ForeJg n T obac c o d u t y 3 S C p e r p ound, gold F oreign Cig:us Sr so per poun d an d 2 5 per cent at/ v alorem C1garettes, S 7S perM. under three poundl; pver three poundo, $6 per l\1. importe d Cigars aad Cigarettes also bear an Internal R e venue tax of $6 p e r M t o tJe patd by st.1mps at the C u .. t o m H o us e {Re v enue A c t 1 ) a s amenw:li.Da' amount. This rule w1l ID.vorilhly be adlLereQ 10. ADVEG.'.riSING RATES. PR.OJI TIDI DATE otl1l RA.TKI J:I'Oil A.DVIIIRTI!JilliG IN ALL CASES WILL ::rNV A.RIADLY BE A.S .POLLOW8: ONE SQUAIJ,E (14 LINES), OVF.R ONE COLU!IJN, ONE YEAR t3li.OO, DO. DO. SIX IIIONTR8 17 .eo. DO. DO. THREE liiONTH!I 10.00. OVER T'WO COLUJ1111181 ONE YEAR !18.00. DO DO. SIX JIONTH8 3li.OOo DO. DO. THREE MONTHS 17 .o,. TWO SQUARES (28 NONPAREIL LINES), OVBR TWO COL'Vl11Nii1 ONE YEAlR t:tt!!i.OO. DO, DO. SIX JIONTH8 -!18.00 J DO. DO. THREE !I(OIITRS 3li.OO FOUR SQUARES (56 NONPAREIL LINES), OVER TWO COLIJ.IIIl'l'l!l, ONE YEA.B. tllliO.Otl. 1)0. DO. SIX liiONTHI 1 J &.OOo J)O, DO. THREB l'IIOI!ITB8 60.00e FIRST PAGE BATES Omll: 8Q IJAR E, OYER TWO WID& COLUX58, ONE YEAR TWO 8Q.UA.RES1 OYER TWO WIDB COLU!IIl'I'S ONE YEAIC:..: 300 00. THB.EII:IIQ.llA.B....., OVER TWO WIDE COLU!IIl'I'S, ONE YEA.B., 450 oe U"' NO 01'1' TIII8 PAGE TAIULN WOR LEI. TIIA.. Oltllll YEAR, PA.YA.BLB F'ULLY Q A.a-. NO DEVlA.TION II'ROB TJIBMB T&B.KIJ. TaiJU) PAGE RATES Ol!IE IIQ,IJA.B.E, 1 NONPAREIL LINES), TRaEE tlls.ooj 111X .IIIONTH!!l, 40.00, Olllll: YEAR, '1!1.00 'I'BAl'IJIEIII'I' A.DVBB.TIIEJIJI:lft'8 o TIIB THJ&a .A&&. 30 CICII'IW P&R LIKE 11'01( JUCII :llii!IERTIOl'l', ....... A.IAJIIJII Q "BVIIJIII:SI DIRECTOKY 011' ADV&aTUEI\1," W'IRIIT PAQJJJ, 0-'nU..a( ttli.O .. .-w:w.-o.a.,.un,


' t.'H E '1 OBACCO DEO. LE:lf. FORMAN. M. J DOHAN. THOS. CA,IlROLL. WIU.IA11t WlCKYyM. WICKE $c CO., A. ;a<.>Ei:ii.oll:&, MARTIN & JOHNSON, DOHAN f1ARROLL J. CO MANUFACTURERS m 79 FRONT STREET, BULKLEY MOOR g. CO ; II a, ., BOXEll Bet,WA.r,L.STREETANDOLDSLIP1 VIRGINI: TOBACCO Tobacco Commission Merchants, Tobacco Commissien Mercha,Jits, -vciRK: ;FN;;;. io4 .FRONT STREET. 1-__, .. tm -T "t r I NEW YORK. g : Agents for the fotlowmg well-knownVirgmm ana: N. Carohna Manufacturers: .P. 0. BOX 4385. W. OLIVER,_lUchmond, Va I Wn'fGFIELD & LAWSON, Richmond, Va. Agents for the following well-known and reliable Manufacturers: V ...... .._'11!11_. -BOB. _.. ... 0 }. va. Va:. _. .....,_ -.. -.... -..-AI A v 1 R.T.i'AUCETT,Durha,;,N.C 8. PACE, w. J. YARBROUGH a SOlS, . I & co. Va. COOPU & WILLIAMS, Oxfo rd N .c. TURPIN a BRO., H. &REAlER, OF _HAVANA .LEAF TOBACCO The spectal attent10n of the Trade IS called to the following established Brand's : L. J. BRAIT a co., L H. FRAYSER a co., AND MANI1PArnRBRS OF THB MANUFACTURED 1 W PEIBERTO. R W OLIYED EL PRINCIPE DE GALES BRAND OF HAVANA AND KEY WES-BBeouttes, P. P s whole and X Cadd1eo B!d.Ned's Choice, Ms, Ms, P P's. 1 1 9 1 1 ,.,.. trg1n1a eauhes, 3 S, 48, andJJ4S D C. Mayo & Co. Navy lbs. JOHIR. PACE I co., JOHN CARROU, and others. I ,26 'CEDAR ST., NEW YORK. Ks, and )is, P. P., in who le, -SOLE AGENTS FOR THE ORIGINAL !is: )(s, P P's ::.._::.....;::::_: tl_n. .. boxes, Canor. and long to's. '14 Street, -------IUGIKI DU BOIS, GOmSSIOIIHBCHOT. c 48 & 5 0 East Second St., ALEX FRIES & BROS 6 l'.ollg C harm, 6 1nch Tw':'t,m t'!' fo11, X caddi.._ Mayo&Knight, Navy, Xs, )Os, .'( s, P P 's. & long os; Cable Oil DODDe D h .&1 "'e"' -.... Charmer,6and.u-ibchtwut.. ouc e, crNCINNA'fr, I I BET. WARRBN AND. Lucious Weed, 1[-tnch plug. SKOKJNG, in bags ofn, ""' .!(. s, !(sibs. 1 i... OHIO MURRAY srs., Chas. Jr., 9 -incb liptprei!IM4. Gold Bug. \l'irgi.nia's Choice. 4& and 6s, Single and Douule Thick. OF NEw y oR K. bs. Gold Medal Ixron. "' ... '&'. O hve r s Choice tbs. Otive. O l d ibo. Caeyque. Stav ALSO, AGENTS FOR THE CELEBRATED_! Reward or-il.dustry,,lbs. Choice. "' Virginia Belle. Pride of the NaUCNl, Nugget. Pioneer NEW YORK LONE JACK & BROWN DICK SM;OKING TOBACCO.';, HAVANA CIGAR FLAVOR. oz. in one gailon of\Vhis!'y aad sprinkled on the Tobacco, gives to the"' most common articles the fl:wor:f')[f h e finest P.B.ICE ... e2.n0 Hnttlfl n-r 4 l"eathcrstone's Crack Shot, lbt... Reward ofint!ustry. Hilly O u t of Sea, }ls, Jo)s, P P's. ......._ Owen' s Darham. Pride of the Natioo. .t*AUL CALYL Harvest Queen, Xs, Xs, P Duke's Durham. Dandy Lion. J H Th J C .:! Large of Manufactured of Every Desqription, Suitable for the Home Trade a8d for Foreign Markets, oons"tan."t1y on. ::EI:an.ct: EJ C> 'VV' N' EJ F ::El. :I: T ::13: 7 Burling Slip, NEW YOB!, Tobacco Comm iss ionl M ,erchant s, And Sole Prorrietors of the Celebrated Brands of Smoking Tobacco: J Honey Bee, Early Dew, l'rairie B lossom, Bed Biver, Powhattan, Enterprise, Old E:entuck, Old Log Cabin, Cow Slip, Planters Choice,. Pioneer of the West, Sout4, Our Brand, Honey Dew. Also, Sole Agents for the United States for J. P. HAW K!NS & CO.'S GOLD F LAKE. F. C. LINDE. C. F LINDE. C. C. H AMILTON, S. MARCOSO. R. A S HCROFT. NE'"VV YORK SHED LBA.P TOBACCO INSPECTION. INSPECTED OR SAMPLED Certificates ,iiven for every case, and delivered case by case a s to number df Certificate. :N. B.-We Also Sample in Merchants' Own Stores. F. C. LIN .DE tc CO., PRINCIPAL OFFICI!ll!-14oli Wat .. r Street, anol 182 to 186 Pearl Street. WAREHOUSE!I-142 Water, 1'73 '74o, '76 k '78 Green..,icl> Streets, and 1, 2, 7 k 8 Hudaon River Rail Road Depot, "* Jo-' Park. CHARLES FINKE, J. Me J. BENSEL. & CO 1 INSPECTOR, TOBACCO INSPECTION, ,t.., 155 WATER STREEl, In & 129 WATER STREET. "'lli?"'o:rk.. SAMPLING PROJ!IPTLT AT-CERTlFlCATE!IJ,I!!!!uED AND CASESDJiloo ll'ENDED TO. LIVERED SINGLY OR IN LOT!!. FRANCIS S. KINNEY'S' PATENT IMPROVED TOBACCO CUTTER. This improved MacMne for cuttin g Tobacco is con s trticted with a single Jmife upo n inclined bear tngs, and oper ating \llilh a sliding Bhear cut upon the tobacc o which is placed in a box with sides at right ar\.gleS and bottom t>arnlle l with. saiKTBU Gr !!:>: J Garth, l E'O a a To i:. .&. c cop ... ..;,_, __ N_E_w __ Y_o_R._K..; 176 Front Street, :I'. QVZB' 00. nw vou. -TOBACCO PAGTORS MMISSION MERCHANTS, Western and Virginia Leaf, 139 BROAD STREET, P O. BOX la,'7D7, NEW YORK_. No." 47 _Broad Street, NEW YORK. T.BGIIAS III'NICUTT Y. W. TATGJRBORST DN'l'UOIY and VIRGm'IA 'l'o::a..e..cco Leaf Tobacco, &mBAJ. mruJT No. 62 BROAD STREET, 68 BROAD STRE.ET. NEW YORK. -NEW VORL ..._ PRESCOTT BURBANK. GEO. P. NASH, J'ATMAX A oo., BUll.BANX &. NASii, Cotton and Tobaooo'rO B A 0 C 0 .-Factors, AND AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS. ;a 70 & 72 Broad. street, \ liEW YORK. u B&o..&D 81!1'.' '2. MERFELD,. KEMPER & co. IMPO::a OF BA VAN A, ancl PACKERSsSEED LEAF TOBACCOS 181 Maiden Lane, New York. INDIANHAVANAHS, 15 Dollars per 1,000 in London, In Bond. These Cigars a!'e neatly rolled in Havanah pattern, are weU flavored, aad are made on the by KESS!1.S. CAMPBELL k CO., Plantation Wms, Dincllgul, :Madras Presidency, India, From Tobacco grown and cured under theb 101Wn These Cigars are favorably known in iodia F. S. PLOW RIGHT & CO. 41 Basinghall London, E C. Cigars, wdghing 6.S to a l b ., price t 5 gouars per t,ooo free in Bond) in Gt. Br1tatn THH CONSOLmATHD TOBACCO CO. UP GALIPORNIA, PLANTATIONS I FACTORIES AT A.T .SA l.V F :J: L :I: P E G-:J: L B.. C> Y.! All C a.nd 'l'obacco Kanufactured by us are of.CALIFORNIA GBO't7ND LEAF, CURED BY, THE PRpCESS. Our Cigars are finer in Qavo r than a.:ny made in the United S t ates, of American Growth To bacco.' and are p ron ounced by co mpetent judges equal to those imported from Havana, while o u r prices compete with the better dass' of Domestic Cigars. SMOKING TOBACCOS. The Smoking Tobaccos manufa ctu red by this Com p any are perfec tly possess ing a DEI''l'R AND DELICACY OF FLAVOR t1NS'O'RPASSED, wh il e they contain LESS NICOTINE: t han to bacc.o cu;ed by any other known pro ce ss. BDCAB. liB.IGCS; Agent, Office and Salesroom, No. 207 Front Street, San FranCisco, Cal., And Branch Office, 120 Water St.,. New York. --M.-SALOMON, R. SALOMON, M. a E. SALOMON, PACKERS OF SEED LEAF, AND IMPORTERS OF Havana and Cia;ars, 85 LANE .... N. Y. Farmer' Choice, Ks Hs, P P s. Faucett's Durham. OS, Ofl!eSOO uc. 0,1 1 Particular attention given to putting up ):>rands for use ownert. ._,. T :for ...._ -83 Front St., N. y ..-:.. PILKIW:Yft11Q-T 1...... ,.0 'S Ageots for .the lollowlog well-kno.wn andjustly oeJe. "" .LW A ... ...,. J brated Manufacturers of Virginia Tobacco: CELEHRA '1'.ED C. A {l(.;KSON & CO.; D. B. fENNENT & COol = ''GHMMONWHAL. TH', Jl tre, ''Planter's Prtde,.. .. .. brated Branda. "Farmer's Choice, an d SMOEZNC 'I'O::S.AOCOS. HENRY W'ULSTEIN, St1CCKSSOR TO llorgfeldt & Ileghuee, PATENT .TOBACCO IACHIIBHY, 25 Myrtle Avenue, BROOKLYN. Constantly on Hand the Best Improved Hand a nd Steam I Mach i nes for Cu tti ng and Granulating Tobacco. ALEXANDER MACK, IMPORTER OF BAVAN.l AND PACKER OF &EE::I> :J:..E.A.P T ,ODACCOS, 162 Water St.. N.Y. M. H. LEVIN, 1MPDBTBB .up HAYANl And Dealer in all kinds of 'I'O:a..e..cco.. 162 PEARl ST. NEW YORK. DEMELBERQ! k CO., ll6o PEARL ST., NEw YoRIC. WRIGHT, RICHARDS & co., REYNES BROTHERS & co., J. XlUlfi!ELBE:a; a; 00:B'ALTIMORE, M8. I General Commission Merchants, COMMISSION MERCHANTS LA. DEDWIG-a; CO., 38 Broad Street, York.. P. 4858 NEW YORK. MANUVACTifRKitOP Brand A. C. Y (?}' M M (!/! M" 01-" _._.. 0'7 WULIT & BELLAMY'S AND Patent Tramvarent Crystal Glass and Mm r L. CARVAJAL'S CIGARS, KZTAL SICNS. DW YOBK-; 161 JJT.AI 'f'li'.B S2'., fiR YOBK


. JACOB BINKELL, MANUF ACTURU fill CIGAR BOXES, SUPERIOR. MAK.E AND Quality of CEDAR. WOOD, 293, 295 _/Jr. 297 Monroe St., I NEW YORK. WM. EGGERT li CO. IMPORTERS OF HAVANA AND DEALERS IN SRHD LIAP TOBACCO, 1 171 PEARL and 78 PINE STS., JtEw YORK. E. & 0. FRIEND & CO., lm.portera and (Q LEAP TOBACCO, 129 Maiden Lane. EDwARD FaiBHD, Gus FRtxNo, NEW YORK EDWARD Jr. o M. & S, STIRIBIRGIR 11111111 m 'BUlliS, IMPORTERS OF & DEALERS IN Leaf Tobacco, 1 62 Water St., New York. J SCHMITT, C. JOST, M. W. MEIDEL & BRO., OF CIGARS AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, BOWERY, NEW YORK WM. AGNEW II 801'18. !obaoco n.nd Commission MerohiDta 884. a.1td. slsu FFont 8-.. NEW YOBK. zm t.ea.r Tobacco for !xpol1 and lome Ia .r.e..r Tobacoo baled In 8'/lf ap ljc press for export. NEW MILFORD, OONN, .a..lberal Cub advances made on Conslgamenta. AHNE" &; DEHLS, DEALERS.IN LBAP TOBACCO, 190 Pearl St., l11CKARC AHNRR,} NEW YORK lOHN A. DEHLS. I .. PAT,:y:a:a IXPO:R.T:Z:R.S OF SPA.Jn:SB, AND JOBBERS lN ALL. KINDS OF. LEAF KO. 1!r0 WATBB. xBW 1r'OPK. L. PALMER. A. H OONJIEOTIOUT SEED LEAF WRAPPER OP OUR OWN PAOKDGo HERMANN BATJER tc BROTHER, COKKISSION

-. TBE .. LBA.P."' 'Philadelphia' Ad vertisemente. Baltimore Advertisem.eDta. 'VY.M. A.; BOYD & CO.; fJ Steiner, Sm.ith Bros. tl: Knecht, WHOLESALE DEALERS IN DEALERS IN ALL KINDS OF MOlJPACTmD m LHAP TOBACCO, CIGARS, &C., l 33 SOUTH ST BALTIMORE. 'rHOS W CROMER.$ LEAF '"I..,OBAOCO, And Manufacturers of and Deale'l's Oigars. 225 RACE STREET, PHILADELPHIA. STEWART. MARKS, RALPH eft, CO,, L. "\V. GUNTHER!' MSanu8ractu0rerts ocf h ; GENERAL .. COMMISSION MERCHANT, Balp ... J,.'s Snuff, ANDToiAccoFAcToR, A,,...;,. FINE' CIGARS No; 9 &C>'CT::a:: GAY *T::a,EET, 9 (One door west of Exchanee Place), -0. .A,R;...,.-, &T .. pH 1 I ll A J. IIJ!IIX 0 II D. ..r..t ......_ J amea P. Marlcl, Ale:aader Ralph, Job W. WO<>CU!de, Samuel A. Hendrlcksoo --:Jiiiilll_____________________ Libera.l Advancements Made 011 Cbnsignments to my Address, TEI,I.ER BROS., Packers, Commission and Wholesal& Dealers in Poreisn and Domestic Leaf' Tobacco, 117 North Third Street. Philadelphia. .. L BAMBERGER. & CO., IN ,LEAF An<;t Manufacturers of all G of Cigars, l\To. J J 11 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa. PATENT STII-BOL LIB, FOR lJTILIZING THE STEl\1 FOB HAVAIA lt will save ao to JS per c:;ent. oi the Leaf without impairinathe quality or the Cigars, and make a well .. working Long Filler without Shorts or Scraps. GEO. KERCKHOFF & CO., 49 S, CHARLES s., BALTJMORE, Mn. F. BECKER. 1) C. RECKER. .b BECKER. WESTERN A:DVERTiSEXENTS. Hartford M.vertise!J!eatf I Cincinnati Advertisements. CASSIDS WEI,LES: L. B. DA4f C. WELLES & CO., AUN.I 1R CONN. SEED LEAF RICHARD liALLA Y JAMES MALLA Y. Henry Besuden &. Bro., DEALEIIS 'ill LEAF. TOBACCO,. R.MALLAY & Dea.lers Jn LEAF TOBACCO, 1 -163, & 165 Pearl Stret, Bet.woon Race ed Elm, OINOI!lUTL 0.. CINCINNATW.. S. LOWENTHAL a CO., FINE CIGARS, AND DEAr,;ms m LEAF TOBACCO, NO. WEST THIRD STREET, .CINCINNATI, OHIO. )ACOB WJtJL. AARON A. W:a:JL. W eil, & Qo., ( Successors to S. Lo_waNTHAL & Co.} Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers in CI&ABS & LID TOBACCO 134 Main St.. Cincinnati. 0. W. G. MORRIS, AMBROSIA TOBACCO -WORKS. SPENCE BROTHERS & CO., 56, 58, 60 and 62 El A. B T T 4:;E :I: R. ::.:::> B T. CINCINNATI, I 01110. KROHN, FEISS & GO., MANUFACTURERS OF J. DIX & -CO., and Dealers in LEAF TDBAtCO. 211 SdTE STREET, .. BARTI:I'ORD COI!Ill. A. L. & .F. SISSOI, j Packer s and Deal en i:n CONNECTICUT SEED LEAF TOBACCO, i-1 No. 134 MAIN STREET, ue.laa Hartford, .., Leaf Tobacco CIGARS,. HON .. cYti'M"ARN HUBBARD 126 Vine Street. CONNECTICUT nSEEDn LEAF M. E. McDOWE[[ & CO., TOBACCO m &HNHBA1 CODISSION IIBCBANTS, BECKER BROTHERs, MERCHANTS. AND WAOLESALE DEALERS IN OFFICE, 4 COLLEGE BmLDING, CINCINNATI. OHIQ .... 08-A,.,. 0 And 71 West Front" St., C"mclnuti, .a. 39 North Water St., Philadetphia, Pa. ... Agents for the sale of all Qt Manufactured and Leaf Tobaccos .& Foreign and Domestic Leaf Tobacco, NO. 98 W. LOMBARD ST., BALTIJ[ORE, MD r lEWIS BREMER'S SONS, H.. WILKENS c!: CO., HENRY ME.,ii!R., 1\f. H. (]LARK"' BRo., at:s SI!IATB STB.IIIJT, & HARTli'ORD, CONN, I Wholesale Dealers in "LEAF" AND MANUFACTURED TOBACCD, NO. 322 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. 8"A large assortment of all kinds of LEAF ToBACCO constant] on hand. W. EIRENLOHR & CO., P.ACKl. !l:S AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, oll.'l 8. WATER ST., PHILA.DELP,HIA, .to 18 SOUTH SECOND ST., ST. LOli'IS. W. EISENLOHR, S. W CLARK. PHIL. !IONN, MONUMENTAL. CITY. TOBACCO WORKS No. l8l WES'I' PUTT S'I'l!.EE'l', llAL'l'IKORE, K.UYLAND, o all kinds ofJ SIIOKING TOBACCO AND SNUFF, geDtl 1 M, FA.LK, 120 Chambero, N. Y.: & BATTil!l BII.OS., ]!(, Tblrd 8&., -U & ED. WISCHMEYER. HY. WISCHMEYER. ED. WISCHMEYER & CO., Commission Merchants!'-COIDIISSIO:N' :MERCHANT, LEAF TOBACCO BROKERS OHIO;CONNECTICUT 'LEAF TOBACCO, CLABBSVU,t,J!, TJDVN, 46 ."Front St., Cincinnati, o. E R. W. THOMAS, F. w. DOHRMANN, COMMISSION BROKER, LEAF 'fOBACDO ;IN ALL KINDS OF Leaf' Tobacco, N. E. Vine ll!ld Streets. AND DEALERS IN CINCINNA.TI, o. LEAF' PLUG TOBACCO & CIGARS, P.o. BOX CINCINNATI, 0. ..... a 39 SOUTH CALVERT STREET, ,A NEW DEPARTURE! NEARLOMBARDSTRKET, BAL'l'UIOU F. WLSMYTKE & co., .. E. b:v TATE, & CD., :m. :m. w :a::NCE Commission Merchants, BAVARAE&EDOIIBSTIC JAMES DALEY tc Toba.cco Commission Merchants LEAF TOBACCOS ORTIIEAST CORNER THIJU) AND RACE STREETS. PHILADELPHIA. and Whdcsale i n Tobacco Shlppmg Bretherton Buildlngto. Allk!odsofLeafTobaccoRe-selectedandRe-packedincas .. ,rangingfrom]oto70pounds attheLowest LEAF TO BAC c Q 1 MaAr1tetG.Prlce, guaranteed actual weight aud free !r o m fro> t-bitten, unc ured or rubbish Ieafbf kiod 9 "'"" 10 N JOHN STREET, so eneral Supply Store of every article connected '"'ith the trade. C 1 1 ,, h t 'lll': N.B.-Order.-forsma llcaseoreceiv e prompt attention. 52 South Gay Street, a,n 'LIVERPOOL, EJiGLAND. -'Y.&.J.ll St. Rochester, N.Y. BALTIMORE, MD. 46 .t; 48 ST. CHARLES ST.; ______ ___,; 11 SNUFF s.w.e._.LoaibardSt.,BA.LTilllORE,lllD. PEASE'S -JULIUS VETTERLEIN c!: COa' SEED LEAP \AND HAVANA .TOBACCO. R. sTARR & CO,. 6. GIESKE. ED NIEMANR Tobacco SOLE AGENTS FOR Tlffi MANUFACTURFRS OF GIESKE o. NIEMANN s. &o1t.ct.-Top :M:o'Ul.cL"'r, S N U F F, Ofl Cutter. I 136 A.KCD STREET, PHILADELPHIA., PA.. 2s SOUTH CALVERT ST, TOBACCO FACTORS The Most Perfect Mach me in M the World for all grades BATCHELOR BROS ICHAEL & soN, HOFFMAN LEE Q. co And Commission Mere/Lards. of Fine-Cut, Chewing "PECULIAR" Ocmmlsslon ar, ,, "lB South Charles St., Baltimore, Md. and Smoking. Forand WHOLESALE DEALERS lo TOBACCO G. W. PACKU AND l K FJJE OONNECTIGUT SEED-LEAl ..-oBAOOO, DANBURY,CONNECTICUT. ----H. SMITH & COM MISSION MERCHANTS A1VD CONNEC'fiCUT LEAF TOBACCO No. 20 B.a-mpden Street, HINSDALE SMI'TH, s SPRINGFIElD, MASS. .Boston Advertisements. O. O. HOL YO.KE, CODISSION UERCHANT In LEAF and MANlJF ACTUR.ED TOBACCO, 12 Ce1'ftral What1', Bo-ston. ESTABLISH ED SWEETSER' S PURE STANDARD SNUF-FS, Manufactured by .. SWEETSER BROTHERS, 10 SOUTH MABK.ET STREET BOSTON, MASS. WF AND COJIISSION MERCHANTS, IN m 808 0 z G-.A. :aS, 63 Exchange l'lace, llaltlmcre, Kd. w I DRESEL A co., J &. Souther:a Advertisemen-ts PHILADELPHIA., 13 NORTH FIFTH. ST., and S. W. Co ,J; __ .....;,;;.;,_ __ .....;.;;.;...;;;.;;;;;.;;,;;;;;;..;.: WATERaudARCHSTS., WEauthor!zeSIGHTDR.AFTforamountofTAX, 87 QA Y STREET' WILLS _._ OBBRTS PHILADELPHL&.. Pa. with BILL OF' LADING attached to Draft, and will 0 JOHl\1 w S..,.ONE "ang;u'actuRrers or JOSBPB WALLACE. I make farther CASH adv=ceo on of Tobacc8. '3.AL'ml!OII.E, ][0,, .-. A YTO N' 0 H I 0 I A J u ,, TKOS. H. CHALMERS, .) Sole Ownec and Manufacturer of the World-Renowneuppliesalwaysonhand cunmmr mroo SNUFF TOBACco. rnumi efliOOS3lON mCJIAB'I'R _s_t. _Lo_ui_s _Lo_ul_sv_me_an_d_D_etr...:..:.oit,;,:A...:...:.dv.:..:..ert;.:.;.;ls:.:..:em.:.:.;:.e.:.:.:.nts:.:... 0*-0 TDJRD ST .REET&GIRARDAVE., 6G6,66S,-670ad672No.'i.b.Eleventh St., -LYNClDltTIG, VA. Ph'l d I I p I AND DEALERS IN G B LICHTENB.ERG. A LOW. s. M. SIMPSON. 18 e pha, a. PHILADELPHIA. Md. & Ohio Leaf. 8 Cb. G. B. LICHTENBERG & CO., JAKZS lN. :SOY:D 1 B. FOUGERAY, TO'DACCOS, Importers of HAVANA, LEAP TOBACCO BBDW. AGENT. W bolesaieDeaJerla Cigars, Pipes, Etc., No, 1317 CARY STREET, 107 STREE'I', 33. North Front St., L f T b ConnectJcut Seed Leaf' Tobacco, RICHMoND. vA. ... Philadelphia. ea 0 aeco 92 Lombard and 5 Water St., 68 Congress Street East, DETROIT MICH. PH LADELPHIA, 'PA. AND CIGARS, BALTiliiORE, MD. 1 and A. 11. FRECHIE, No. 20 German Street, :lOUNGER & co,, WALL, BELVIN & DAY, P f. ft.JOllUTIIIIIUU f ... CO.. JA_MES M. WISE, JIJI &J&ABS, ;, E CQPJ"() MTi$ T" CODISSION MERCHANTS, Commission Merchants, 27 St., :Sranci 0! Cigars, WLlll .. pur IUBlA&TURill TIUDLB iW TBBAc&a. A.nd 202 Chestnut. Street LEAl' AJID ea .... 0 ac o. lJTC. NO:B'l'B SECOND S'I'l!.EETI ST. LOUIS, 110. LEAF TliOBV 'PHILADELPHIA.' PHILADELPHIA PA. ''a."''Ufa.c"-red Toba.cco ST oroms ... 0 Ch.iwARDs Jos. M PATTso,., Orders respectflly solicited and promptly attended to. Price List'sent on applicat.o. TOBACCO' '1/ftr their services to fill orders /dr.,... -. ..,; GEO. W. EDWARDS & CQ,, :BATHEWS & HICKOK 01l1ce IG Salfli'Com, 194 k 196 JACOll ST., Lea/-Man#faduml ToiKzcco, LOlJISVILLE. KY. OA'fiVIU!.i, VA. WHOLESALE DEALERS IN 1 SuccESSoRs TO MATHEWS & DAVIS, LEAP TOBACco LBP TOBcco L CIGBs JWrUJ'.AC'l'VUIS or 105 N'. 'WATER STREET. ll Jl \ll ll T 0 B A O 0 0 I 0 As E s PJIII4"ELPHU. 62 North Front Street ... ...t.ltYbl'l.eafr..W ... )!olliHMIIAMM By Oar Load :Cor Leaf ab.:l.ppers. P.DlLAPJU.PHIA.. ----BUB.LDfGTON 'V T. GRAEFF & COOK. FICken, Comminioli AND 'WJIOLUALB DI!ALJtRS IN F. PRAGT.JE, A. TOJIAC'GO DI'SrBGTOB, R. A .MILLS, TOBACCO. BROKER .Al

.JEC. 29. SUTRO & M:.dJNUFAOTlfRElllJ OP' CJ :X G1-.A. EC, s, 4JI'D DEALERS IN TOB.A..CCO LE.A.F NEW YORK. K .ERBS & S I SS, Uanufa.cturers of Fine Cigars, aad Dealers in LEAP TOBACCO, New York: ADOLPH KERBS. 35' I CHARLES .. S. HAWES, PACKER AND DEALER IN PACKJ!RS OF S::&J::&ID LEAF AND IMPORTERs OF -THE WHALINGlNTjRES'l:'. -New Bedford is saiCI to have but one whaler left-a schoolmaster. SHE LIKES lT.-A beau tiful and aristocratic Louis ville giri of seventeen smokes a short, clay pipe filled with the strongest plug tobacco. She was born with a love of the weed, and the habit bas steadily grown upon her. MORE GRAMMAR..-Hopo'-my-Thumb is an ele gantly-proportioned, culti vated and witty colored gen tleman. He told a friend the other night that the beautiful Madame B. had kissed him. And you kissed her back, of course I" queried my fr i end. N.o, indeed_; I k isse d her face !' BETTER Go THERE THAN "Go WEsT "A Fayal, one of the Azore Isla11ds, holds out tbi% incen tive to ir:nmigration: "Here you get a bottle cf wine for six cents, a meal for eight ce' nts, board b" the day t wenty fiv e cemi, while fifty cents will buy as much as five d ollars will in the States." l'DE TOBACCO AJID CI&AB.8 AS SOUR-CES OF REVENUE. [From Report of Ike Commissioner of Internal Rromue.] -TOBACCO. The total receipts from tobacco for the fiscal year ended Tune 30, 1875, were thirty-seven million three hundred and three thousand four hundred and sixty -one dollars and ei2hty-eight cents (SJ7130J,46I.88). Comparing the receipts from the several sources of manuractured tobacco, snuff and cigars, speciat taxes upon the manufacture and sale of the same, speciill taxes upon the sale of raw or leaf tobacco, and from the sale of export stamps, with the receipts from correspond i ng SOUrCes for the fiscal yeilr ended June 30, 1874, tlie following results are shown : Manufact'd tobacco taxed a t 20 per pound ... $18,653,043 Manufact'd tobacco ta:lted &r2.f"Ce1Ra per ponnd... 1 9 Snuff, taxed at 32 cents per po!IDd . . . . ,o67 03 Total for the year ended Julie 30,1 875 ...... .. Year ended ::Jime 30, 1874 ...................... Increase of collection& en tob'acco and snuff ....... Cigars cheroots, etp;, taxed at $5 per thousand .... Cigars, cheroots, etc., taxed at $6 per thousand .... Cigarettes taxed at $r. so pet thousand ..... .... ,Cigarettes taxed at lt.75 per thousand ...... ..... 2 5,200,759 51 2 r,938,955 ?9 ------.-31,803 1)2 7,097 >9JZ 84 3 .042,451 '27 40,967 25 24,476 17 ----Total oa cigar s etc., for year ended J une 30, 1875 .. ro,2o5,827 53 Year ended June 30, 1874 ................... .. 9,592124 Increase on cigars, cHeroots, etc. . . . . 872,235129 Per cent. of increase on tobacco and snuff for the I st fiscal year over the preceding year, and on cigars, cheroots cigarettes, per cent. Year ended June 30, 187), received from sale of ex i port stamps ....... .. ..... .... ... _... . $6,981 20 Year ended Juqe JO, 1 874, received from of ex port stam p s. ................... : ... -----. -Increase fro"m sa)e of export-stamp ... .... 245 8o =;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Year ended 30, r875, collected from .. --'" .. lea f tobacco ... .......... . .. ..... .. .. 92,228 33 Year ended J u n o, 74, coltected from dealers in l e af toba c c ................... ..... . 115.9[1 88 "' Decreased collec tions from dealer in leaf tqj>acco, --..o-.; JL_ 2 3 55 Year ended Jun,e 30, r8,5, from dealers in of tax, or what modes of collecting the same, or restrictions it might be necessary to impose UfOn the producer, the manufacturc:r, or the dealer in tobacco in order to yield to the Government the greatest amount of revenue, with a just and e'luitable distribution of the burdens of such taxation, and at the same time preserve as much as possible the interest of each of the different classes of persons before mentioned. Different rates and diffe rent modes of assessing and co//ect111g. -The rates of taxation have varied under different enactments, on different grades of manufacturP.d tobacco, from two cents per pound to forty cents per pound ; on snuff, from twenty cents to forty cents per pound; a nd on cigars, frQm.., one_ dollar and fifty cents per thousand to forty dollars per t housand'. _Under som of the laws the tax was made pattly specific and partly ad valonm, with a view of bringing the qualitv and price of goods i n as elements in determining the amount of taJ; which should be paid on a given quantity. But, however just and equitable such a mode of le vyjn g a tax on these mignt have appearea in theory, in practice it was found to be 1m practicabl e and f ai led to produc e satisfactory results. SlAMP SYSTEM OF COLLECTING. By the a c t of July' ;o, x 868, the present system of collecting all taxes on manufactured t o bacco, snuff and cigan by means of s uitable stamps was adopted. This system nece ssarily involved prescribed modes of packing, with certain testrLctions an d lim i tations. It in volved also certain modes_of marking, branding, stamping, a nd canceling stamps, which were specifically prescribed in the sta ute or auth orized to be so pre scribed by regulations. It made the ta.K speciic in all c a ses, and uniform upon all cigars, of five dollars ($ 5) per thousand ; on cigarettes weighing not exceeding three pounds per thousand, one d o llar and fifty cents, (f;1.5o ;) o n snuff, thirty two cents per pound; and on all smoking and chewi n g tonacco two ra.tes, of silt teen cents, the othe r of thirty-two cents per pound, respectively. manufacture and sale o/ the same, and the amount of colkctzons from .all of these sou;ces, for eac!i fiscal yea1, since the adoption of the presmt mode of collecting bj stamps. Fm:11/ yrs mil Coli' tl on tllbr.c : o C ollf.ta on eulkctims etl June JO. sn.lf and e igan-. special taxtr, from all tluse r869 ........ $ 22,JJ2,ot6 31 .... $r,098,6g1 26 .... lzJ,4J0,;'07 57 1870.... .. JO,OI9126J 46 ... I,331.444 42 .... JI,3S0,707 8lr r87r ...... -. J2 158,7u 91 .... 27 .... JJ,s78.907 1& 1 8 72.. 32,13632 45.... r,s99,238 07 .... 33.736,170 sz ...... J2,338 ,249 70.. 2,o48,o53 39... J4 J86,J03 09 874 .. -.... 83 .... 1,970,327 79 JJ,:&42,87S 6z r875 ... .. .. 35.4o6,587 04 .... S..... 37,JOJ,461 88 The total amount of taxes collected on tobacco and snuff from September I, 1862, to fune 30, 1875 is two lJundred and twenty-five million three hundred and fifty s i x thousand two hundred and nineteen dollars and se venty-eight cents These collec tions were made on 944,827,866 pounds, being at an average rate of 231 8JI0 entsper pound. 'The total on cigars, cheroots and cigarettes for the same p enod were 16 Of this sum there was collected..during the first five years, under the grade? and partly _qd rates, r,957,6s6.84, while dunng t .he remammg e1ght ye:1rs, when the rate of tax was specific and udiform on all cigars and cigarettes of five dollars ( and one dollar and fifty ce11ts ($ per thousand, respec tively the 9 ollecti ons were 27 5 33 The foregoing tables and figures seem to establish fully the following propositi ons:-First that the true mode of lev yi ng tax'es upon manufactured tobacco snuff and cigars is by mean s 'Of specific and rates ; secondly, that the c,ollections are the most easily and thoroughly made by means o f suitable revenue stamps to each package after the goods are packed; th1rdly, hat the rate of tax which will produce the greatest amount of revenue lies b e tween the ex tteme rates which have been successively tried under different revenue laws ; and, fourthly, that the best re su.lts thus [ar, other things being hav e been ob-c tamed dunng those years when the rates have been most near: y uniform and constant. Fine Connecticut Seed Leaf, 118 MAlD!llV J.AlVII, N"e'I?V York.. Jl. V llAWES & S.ON llridge"!)ort, Coml. HAVANA TOBACCO, RE'NTs.-A French writtr, M. de Foville,has been mal< i ng a study of the questio:.. that haunts a good many families this winter-that o f rent. Wi thout afford ing any s olution of the iNdividual problem, he gives somein teresting figures of the pro portion of rent to income i n the larger capitals of Europe. He shows that in London it is from one.eighth to cr:.e eighteenth, in Berlin from one-fourth to one-fifth, in Vienna one-t hird, in Paris from one-fifth to onesixth London bears off the p a lm of cheapness. It ;;ou\d be interesting to know where New ork would stand. in the scale. manufactured tobacco etc ..... .......... Year ended June 30, 1 874, collected from dealers in mapuf actured tobacco, etc .............. ... : The more important provisions of, the act of July 2o, r868, were thorou g hly discussed durin g a long session of Congress, running f a r into the summer of that year. The committees in charge of the bill in adaition to such i nformation as the R e venue D epartment could furnish them, availed themselves of the knowledge and ex perience of manufacturers them s elves.. In tact, many of the most important provisions of the law arid most stringent restrictions of the same were adopted, if not upon the s uggestion and recommendation of men re presenting the trade in its var ious' branches, at least with t h eir approval. While it is doubtfp l whe ther of the taz altogether on lobaccp, snuff a n d cigars would have the effect of greatly increasin g the consumptio n ot: the same it-is certain that any material r eduction of the present rates, save, -perhaps, the reduction of .the rate of tax on snuff !rom thirty-two to twentyo fou r cents per pound. would _cause a corresponding in the aggregate 1 57 Street. TOBACCO POUCH MOUTH PIECES. (Near Maiden Lane), l'lEW YORK, A. LIOHENS'UaN & .U.ttll'!".litiK, .MANUFACTIJRERS OF THE "ELK" and, "ONWARD" Rille Team Loader" M.a\.ea a Perfiect C I CARS, And Dealers in 'l'CUCCO, Nos. 34 and '34t Bowery, N"E:W YORK. POUCH Out of the Poorest TOBACCO 'BAG. Caa 'he eaUy Attached or D etached. PATE TEE AND PROPRIIl.TOR, B. JIORAHAN, 366 Hoyt St., Brooklyn, N.Y. 1 Ready for a.!le; practically fire-proof;; cheap and 4urabte. LiTe Agent wanted in every l?WD .,,.red. 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EDWARD SAMUEl;;SON tc CO., HER I!IA.JESTYII AD111IRA.LTV,) 62 DALE STRE-ET, Liv__el'pool, England. CONSIGNMENTS SOLICITE D AND PROMPT SALES EFFECTED. -LlOUORICE P.ASTE. Decreased collections from d ealeas in manufac tured tobacco, etc ........ .... ..... collections Year e nded June 30, 1875, collected from !p ecial o f t o b .. cco and cigar manufacturers ..... Year e nded Jun e 30, 1874, collected from special 16o,554 45 taxes of tobacco and cigar manufacturer s .,.... t6o,615 34 It is to be observed that the present rate of twentyfour cents, per pouncl on all descriptions of manufacC!;IA.NGRS MADE BY THE .A.CT OF JUNE 6, 1872. tured tobacco, save snuff, is within a ve ry small fraction. The bonded-warehouse sy stem authorized by the act the same as the average rate cents) for the fhir. of July 20, 1868, for the s torage of tobacco intended for teen years during whic h such taxes have been collected export, was repeale d by the act of June 6, I872 By and it is fair to that this rate of twenty-iow: the same act th e taX On all manufactured tobaCCO eX per p o u n d is the true revenue-rate, or the rate cepting snuff, was made u niform at 20 cents per pound; whtch, u nder t e present system, will produce the Decreased collections from tob. & cigar manufrs.. 6o 89 Year ended June 30, 1875, collected from special taxes of peddlers of toO.cco ... ......... ... Year ended J u e 3Q, l :gllec ed fo;:om special o f peddlers of tobacco ............... aad by the same law m o re stringent provisions were t t f h G enacted to enable the Government to control the mo\'e grea es amount 0 n rvenu_e to t e overRrnent. While -----Decreased coliections peddlers of toba cco.. 4,043 39 ' GLOBUL us T R E E.. ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 22 00 Year ended June JO, 1875, collected from sources The experiment of plan t ing under formerly taxed but r.ow exempt. the Eucal\'ptus Glc b u lus tn e Year ended June 30, 1874, from sources in the unle l lthy Campag'!a u!fder tobacco formerly taxe d but now exempt 376 o8 a rat e, as th e foregomg figures show, would give m ent of the raw o r leaf tobacco, and. to prevent its sale on the quantit y actu a lly reported for direct either by dealers or the growers for taxauon, 'a higher rate would not only tend to incite thereo.f. These a m endments, opposed to fra u ul en t p10tl uctions and sales, but would enthe t11me by_ a portion of .the trade, have, their courage the growth of the plant and its use by consumers mt? law and .smce llm e has been giVen to i n its ra w or unmanufactured state. test the1r practical ope.ralwns recewed the general ap_ o f R o me, with the object of -' ----'--destroying the infine nce of Decreased collecfions from these sources ....... : 354 o8 proval of the trade, and are now regarded, especiall y Twenty:fiv e of tobacco IS the rhe two last named, as of parampunt to age quanllty used m mak_lng o ne thousand Cigars. This' Qlanulacturers of and dealers in mahufactured tobacco. quanut y ?f leaf tobal:co, 1f cut or l;!ranulated and put up INCREASED OF TAX UNDER THE ACT OF MARCI-i as smokmg tobactr!>, would b e hable, when sol d to a th e miasmatic ex:halations The. total amount Gf t h e foreg bing f o m the ground, has sources aggregates the sum of thirty-seven millio n three < ried for sever years, par-hundred and three thousand fobr hundred and sixty-one ticula rly in the loc ality of the do llars and eighty-eight cents (S,37,J 03,46I.8 8 ), and monastery of St. Paul -Troi s shows an increase as compared with the previous fiscal F9ntaines, w here a pri es year of four million sixty thousand five hundred a n d named G i d as has had the eighty-six dollars and twenty -s ix cents (4,o6o,s86 .26), p : ants under cultivation. In and an increase over any previous fiscal year of two $o rne communications ad million nine hundred and seventeen thbusand one hun 1 t o t h e Societe d' Ac :Ir e d and fifty-eight dollars and seventy-nine cents j (h, climation de Paris, M. Gil 9 171 58) 8 tax in the of six dollars (S6.) When, there-3 I 75 .Ey th.e act of March 3, s, the rate of tax on all ore, the rate of tax is twenty-four cents per grades oft manufactured tobacco was increased twer.t J p o und, the rate of tax on ctgars s!lould be, as it is perr cent. and a correspo_nd ing increase made upon dollars ( $ 6) per thousand, i n order that the of cigars, the tax now being twenty four cents p er pound tax atio n may be P.qually. distributed the two on tr?ducers of tobacco and the this office from which it is poss i b l e t o even laborers employed ratsmg the same, the manufacPAPER BARRELS.-There approximately, the number of employees engaged in the turers of tobacco ana thelT consume tobacco, appears to be n o dQ!Ibt that manufacture of tobacco; but allowing an verage of ra)v manufactured, from the Government re. paper b a rrels are to come fifty persons to each factory, which will probably be n o re ven ue i nto extensi ve use as a sub-found not to va ry materially from the actual number Dlvidtng t h e 119,H5,874 pounds of manufactured to stitute f o r those of wood. It and we have a tota l of 49 150 oersvns thus employed : baq:o and the r ,g6 7 959,662 etc ., on which taxes is _manifest their ..form Thps it will be seen that th-ere were engaged in the ":ere dunng the last hscal year, among bemg of a umform rr[anufacture of tobacco, snuff and cigars during the last million consumers, and they will receiVe a small there must s?ovmg of;. fiscal year 115 49s persons, and in the sale and distFifracuon (about an ounce)less than fifteen-pounds of fifteen per th bution of the same 324,94I persons or 'firms, making an pet and wtth 1t two hundred .1nd fqrty a .gam, obviously, m a ggregatP of 450 439 person!S or. firms directly engaged ctgars or c.tgarettes. stowmg m a vessel, and also in this branch of nationaL induatry. f!te followmg schedule shows the aggregate amount in the' cost of stqrage in PRODUCTION OF MANUFACTURED TOBACCO AND CIGARS. taxes on manufactured tobacco and snuff, j and they are 'Computing the. number of pounds of tobacco and Wlth the different rates of ta:t abd the rare J;ler to have snuff and the number of cigars, cigarettes, etc., pro pound for each fiscal year, for the penod begmnmg wahstood all tnals as toha duced from the amounts of taxes collected on the St:ptember 1, t862, and June 30, xS75 : bility to burst, h a ving been s;lme and we have the following exhibit as the result. Fiscat,.rsncd A1crrau Av're...,u d h h ed Jwty 30o ulkctrlf1U. ltl.s11 twre co/JectetJ. of Assessments Upon the of ...__ ufaeturers, Reodered. on Foraa lU, Cir(ular Lett er No. 25. TREASURY DEPARTMENT, 9F.FICE OF l!'i'TERN1L REvENUE, WAsHINGTo N December J, 1875. SIR :-In re ply to verbal inquiries made with regard to the princi.. ple and the rule a:lopted by this office in the matter ot assessments upon the accounts of cigar manufacturers: rendered on 'Form 144, and esrecially with regard t; certain credits or allowances to be made for scraps clippings, waste, etc. and for other allowances or cred: its to be m de in such cases, I have to say that theo law requi res a cigar manufacturer to return all Cigurs he makes, and purchase 11tamps and affix them thereto for the payment of the tax. If he omits to affix stamps; and sells remoyes witliput doing so. then the CommiS SIOner 1s requtred to estimate the amount of tax om i ted to be p11id upon such information as he can obtain. For this purpose the cigar manufacturer is requir-ed to keep a Government book, and make daily entries of all purchases a n d sal es of materials and products, to make annual inventories, monthly returns etc., the leaf-dealer to keep a book in which he similar entri es, al)d the collector an account of all stamps togethe r with an account with each manufacturer of all his transactions in -which the Government h a s an interest. 1 From these accounts the abstracts on Form I44 are. made These abstracts are all examined by the C oJ?misswner, each manufacture. r s by itMelf. If all1s satis factory no fwrther actton IS taken in the absence of any p osit ive proof of wrong-doing on the part of the manufacture r But if the account shows that more cigars have been made than have been accounted for, or if a sufficient n umber of stamps have not been purchased t o cover the cigars reported as solei, or if the!e is a disproportion between the material had and u s ed, and the number of cigars reported as made thCD a ca.lculation is made of the number of cigars ougbt to. produced and reported from a given. quantity Qf material. SPBISI LIHWCl mDSI Wit m t 1s Pounds : caNTs. ; ... ..a. Lllumcl way to the extent of four Tobacc o taxed at 20 cents pound ............. 93,265,2r6 4 5 .. J2,6'3 8.68 1 2, S 10, 15, zo ........... ao. g6cts "" thousand pounds inside Tobac f o taxed at per pound.. .. .. .. .. 95 186 4 ...... 72761 9 s. 1 s. 20 ...... .. a I.JScts. Pressure. The paper is made Snuff taxed at 32 cents per pound 3.334,478 22 1865 !S,J00,372 15 25 3 35 40, 40 22.C>lScts. f I .. .. .. .. .. .. 1 366 ..... .. 13,038,095 IS, JO, 35. 40, 40 ........ 4 77Cts. For this purpose it i s assumed that for every twenty five pounds of lea[ tobacco actual weight," pounds "marke4 weight," there should have been re ported and there probably were made one thousand ci gars. The differe nce of five' pou8ds between "actual weight" and "marked weighi" is an allowance for shrinkage after the has been prized, weighed and marked, bu t sull 1s sold and bought at original weighl, 1he shrinkage in stich ca_ses having been found to in the of six:teen and two-lftnl: Vl'rDEIIIIIG!IED f:OONT11'111ES '.1.0 IflnBMDfG THE A.a.IURANCE HB GIVES All TO THill VlHB'ORK QUALITY OF HIS BRA.JfDS AND IUS ABILITY TO IIATISII'Y THOSllil USIXG HIS LIQUORICE. TillE OLD FAVORITE BiRAIID Otl' OF 0, y Oa.. 1!1 A.LWAYII RJCADY FOR DIILIVERV AT THE SHOB'1'EST l'lOTICE, A.LIIO .A..<>. 0 p. T <::> AND IllS OTHER BRA.ID8 OF TURKISH PAS'JilE, ALL OF WHICH ARE Gn'ING INC::REASED SA.TIIIPACTION, A.Slli.STANCED BY THE RAPIDLY GROWIKG DEIIIA.IID &JJD A.JIIIEKCE OF OOKPLA.INTII. JAMES C. McANDREW, 55 W' ATiiiiB STB.BET. NEW YOB.K. a,.,...,,.n, VA., Jannary t S,! Jam .. C. lie that I haw to write J011 that the dtef1111t mannW.. Aodrew, Eaq New Yorlt. Dear Sir: We expect a tnren In thllpartofthecountryw!lom 1 Ja .. eateaciJ lncrea1IO cigarettes, 5 per ct. ad val'm from its convex shape, is Year ended June Jo, 1874 ...... ; ............... 1,886,697, t867... .. J,661,9l$4 39 .. .. $2, 4. s. 4x2o per cent. ad valo rem; lao, cigarettes 5 p e r cent. liable to roll in any di-Increase over preceding year................. .. 81,262,164 ad valorem. rection. The paper from ru>VIEW. 1868.... .... 2,951,675 26 .... $5. which the barrel is made is Prior to the act of July 20, I868, the legislation of r86g .. 4o<)6o,952 67 $ 5 -cig arettes, $a. so. manufactured from whc:at Congress with regard to the mode of collecting taxes on a87o s,7l8,78o 0 4 Is. cigarettes, h h 1 f t d t b ff d h 1871 .. -..... 6,598, -4 .... foS, cigarettes, .so. straw; t e oops are on y manu ac ure o acco, snu an Cigars seems to ave .... 7 566,as6 86 .... $5 cigarettes, .. 50. added for protection in rollbeeni and necessarily so, experimental in its c _haracter. 1 8 73.... . 8,94o,391 4 8 . :Js, cigareltes, 1 .50. ing, so that if they become In a country producing the raw material,.and where no 1874.... . 9.592 24 Is, cigarettes, loose, or even knocked off, such had tver before been levied, and therefore 1875 .,.. ro,2o5,827 53 f>s, $6, cigarettes, 11.5o, 1.75 j iS in ,no degJee without any practical experience to serve as it Scnedule showing thiaggregate taxes collected on. tob-am1, tmpatred. was no easy matter to determine in advance what rate> snuff cigars, collected f10rn special taxes on Ike thirds per cent. The adoption of this quantity of lear for one thoua. and cigars is no \ because the law prescribes any defi nite quanttty I

--f '. .. DB LEA DEe. 29 ;&'ebaooo M:anufa.otor:f.tls. -, Tobacco Manu.fact.urers. JOHN ANDERSON It, CO: souCiUD"mi Toiccus 114-r.nd 116 LIBERTY STREET. NEW YORK, 1teg to dltooct the attention of the Dealen Ita Tobacd.o, as {orme1"tv, without a rivaL Ordem. forwarded through the QSual chaonela will meet 'With prompt aM.entloo. JOHN :1' .'r:t.ACC dkCo MAIIU.AC"''Waa& OP ALL GRA.DitS o flut Gtuwiu\J, Jnto'ktllg, ad fkaaulatttt HARVEST" "SURPRISE IN FOIL IVANHOE .. JOLLY I;IOYS SMOKI!.!C 176 & 178 First St.. Brooklvn, E. D. OH:N F i'LAGG. ISAA .. &OODWIN '& CO.,. MANUFACTURERS OF Fine-Cut Tobacco Acknowledged by consumers to be we best in the market> And fot the brand o1 Licor ice Stick INOBL & oo., !n all respects eqool to We have no Agents. Cons11mers a.zu! Jobbers would d o well to ap)ly -direct. Licorice Root, eeleet and ordiDary, oon&taJa117 .Dn hand. & ARGUIIIBAU. 29 & 31 SOUTH WILLIAM STREE1 UCORICE PASTE & ST 1CKS. G IS, w. s. -F. W. s. 8TERRT EXTRA. P.' s. BARA.CCO AND PIGN ATELLA, DE ROSA, EXCELSIOR l!IILLS & FAVORITE lll1LL8 207 & 209 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. OLIVE OIL, TONQ.UA DEANS, OJIEID.a. TOBAcco woaxs AND And a'l Soecialtles for T ooacco ManuCIGAR HAN1T.FA<::70RY. facturers. D BUCHNER, Pattnt Powdered Licorice, :,TAussm WEAVER & STERRY, Importers, FIRE-GUT CBEWIKG 24 CEDAR STREET. AND SMOKING rOBACCO AND CIGARS, Havana Sixes, Cheroots, 256 DELANCEY STREET, ; NEW YO;RJL tr-faemrer orthe following BlaOdsefKn-LICI::M::M:XBS::J:C>N" '1\trF'IIB.OD:.A.J.VT,. Agent for the Renowned &RAND POINT St. James. La .. PERIQUE TOBACCO, And Corn Husk CigaTettes. Also, Dealer in Fine and Domestic Cigars. ... 206 Pearl Street, Nlll'W YO:a.K. ::W:Z W YO:B.K. ACJI:NCY, ) A. HEN & CO. 43 Liberty Street, opposite Post ,Office, lKPOS,T::s:BS 07 SKO'B'E'B.S .A.'B. TXCTES, DEALERS IN TOBACCO, $ECARS;, SNUFFS, &c. .. \ .. JUSCELLA!lEOUS. WM. DEMUTH & r:r .. 1' .. SOLa ,4. BIUA.B .&liD .PIFES, WI"TH llaporiera of allldnds of Smobra Artk SH0W FIGURES ; IN ME'JIAL ANn WOOD, A SPECIAl. 501 BROADWAY. N:J yds. 'Q'r Je"W" Yello...'v ,-8 72 yds. ... Narrow Red -4-8 n 7 2 yds. '! NarloW' YeUo'W' -4-8 ,, 71 yds. 1 Narrow Red .._.a v 72 yd!l ... ll'arrow Yellow-Bex RibboD, 7:1 )'dS. u Nal'row lted Box Ribbon, 7l ytb. c 90 -TEAMS-cASH ALL ORDERS BE PROMPTi.1' EXllCVTII:D. WILLIA.M WICKJII & eo. HENRY A. TOBACCO tAIUF A&ll! 86Front St., New Y < AGENT FOR PEllllfiLVA.. NEW NEW EliQL&ND ST FOR Lewis Maddu's Celebrated Leol .Aud Other Branda o( Tobcco nd CIGA 1 ALSO, Roanoke Smokllg Tobaooe Y t AND PERIQ.UE IN CARROTS I t tl JOHN STREET, NEW YORK.. co., .roB.A.CCO AID CIGARS, >w, Phg Tol>aeco, s.,.,.g, 8n14:Jf Flou,., .t. c JdANUJ'ACTORY AND S.AJ,lti!ROo'M:, CORNEl Of AVENUE D AND TENTH STREET; Hew York Purely ad .Pinaq PowUrea IP.ur'JSH LICORICE l'lOOT1 SPA1118H LICORICE II:XTI'lACTt DEER. TOl'iGUB, LAUREL LEA VESt TONKA BEANS, CASSIA BliDII, .... CLOVES :AND CJlll'llrA.liiOl'i, ORANGE PEEL, PIOIBBB NEW YORK. I TOBACCO COlPAIY, Danville, Va beside& other leca.ding manuf".t in Virgioiaa.nd Keotucks. JOSEFli J ALMIRA!. OF HeNLY FINE" HAVANI LeafTobaec AND DKA LBltS Ill SNQJ;1'F, PIPES, etc., 1-fcToRIES AT 484 BROAD STREfl, IIEWARil .AlQ) D CALDWELL N. ;J. ANISBED1 C.A.RAW.AW" SEED, CORIAliDER 'SEED, LA VEliDER FLOWJUI.S, .. TINFOIL. OF N. Y. 16 Street, N. JOHN .J. CROOKE, MAMU.F.AC T U RE.R aF 4 I PB.%CB li%ST MRS. G. 8, MILLER & CO., TOBACCO lANUFAC!ORY, GUM ARABIV, GR..ull AliD POWDB:RED, 611U JIITRRH, LUMP AND POWDII:RED, GUM 'l'B.AGACAJI'I'II, PLAKE .AND POWDE.aEDt TIN FOIL AND CAPS, I no. a x.mBD, P:e J. :a:. SANBOBN, Sec. E. 1. WB1'1'I.OCit, 'htas. OF BUSINESS OITIOES. SPANISH CIGAR RIBBC ,-. (i'ETElt:."'-COLLINS, l'lloasT.) 97 Columbia Street, NEWYOBK, O P Till> CELJl.B JI:ATKD Jllrs. G. B. Milfer I< Co. Chllwing Smokine Tobacco the only Amencan Gentle man Sn;ff; Mrs. G-B. Miller & Co. MaccaboJ -allCi Scotch Snuff; A. H. Mickle & Sons' Foyest and Grape Tohacco; Mrs. _G. B. Miller .1: Co. Reserve Smoking and Chewmg Dr" All orders promptly executed. !tTCliANAN &, LYALL, OFFICE, 154 Broad street. New York, FACTORY, 10. 2 FIRST IIISTRICT, SOUTH BROOkLYN, Manufacturers of the ._. QI,EBR.A.'l'ED-BR.AXDS OF TO:BA.CCOS Pboet Navy, n, !""' 45, 55, 6s, 7s, 8!!1, QS, toe. ) Sailor's Chmce, 11, }l:s, 45, SSJ .. 68, 7&, SS, 98, res. Challe nge, lb:. lng Philip, Wubiogton, Grape and Apricot, Neptune, Double Thick, Unconquered, brt. drk. "ACME" Fno 7 Urt. Jlalrgie Mltclo.eU, Pouodo, llai.-.guaelt, Tec.......,b,,.., Alezandra, Peerleu., 11ou.nclen, Gold Bat111 J::anan, 101, 'Pride oftbe Regiment Pocke:};':::LYALL. rJLIOY .t; 00;, 31 BroAd. Boston. ROVER Smoking Tobacco, BY WALTER B. PIERCE, lTTIVA., N. T, This Brand of Smokinr is as dark colored and aa thoroughly cured as Havana. AGENCY AND DEPOT OF F. W. FELGNER cit SON'S, Successors t o f. H. BISCttOFrS BALTIMORE TOBACCOS with Fr. ENGELBACH, 1 3 Sinh Aw., U!'W YOU TOBACCO .BAGGING. IMITATION SPANISH LINEN, FANCY STRIPES, And a ll kqlds of Goods used for puttiug up Smolr.loa Tobacco. complete assortment of Smokers' Art.tdes for the Trade. HOWA-RD SANGER & CO., 101S & 107 S'1'., NEW YORK. BIGHLA.liD GEM TOBACCO WORKL J, ]. DALY. H WILKINS. F.' CBRISTM.A.II a CO., DALY & CO., l'roprleton 1114 Maoufactarers of Fore1 gn & Domestic Woods, GEJI'! 163 !IIA.IDEN LANE, NEW YORK. AND DTKER CUT TOBACCOS. SPANISH CIGAR BOX CEDAR e--Mfeeiedppi and Pearl &v-ia, DOJIANAPOLIS nm. A Specialty. Jh:W YORK ACBNCY, 94. .A,.::t1121 81;. l BEIIIIIEB, & / MANUFACTURERS OF CIGARS, 234 SECOND ST., NEW YORK. IL H. & BROTHER TOBACCO Tenn., HOPKINSVILLE, Ky 1 PADUCAH, Ky. ESTABLISHED 18!8. K. C. BARKER Manufacturers of the FINE-CUT TOBACCOS, AMERICAN EAGLE" ;> !:!. AND -Also all other grades of Ed Fine-Cut a.nd Smoking Tobaccos, r DETROIT, MICH fro m our "AMERICAN EAGLE" a.nd "CLIPPER'' in the usual sized wood e n packages, and we also put both of these u p ver3 nicel)' i n ON& OuNCE TrK FotL PACJtAQ&s, packed and }l Gross boxes. Libera l prices made to the Jobbing trade. ESSEl'iTIAL OILI, PLARf A-ND COLORED. OLIYE OIL. Ll1CVA cJUU.M Il'i C.AIEa. : SBIA..liiE OIL LEV .A.1IIT lll'i BBLS. lOLLING K:!I.I.s, 3S CIODY 1118. 163 .t 16& :wLB-DIT S'l'IU'l'l. YOIE. Pront Street, New York; 16 CENT"AL \\fHARF, BOSTON; *" 6'7 soUTH WATER STREET, CHICACO. Londreo, er Partapo, e:r:tra ?-8 35 Loadre or Par&acaa1 7-8 35 yarda, 1 M ud all the Speclaltlee for Tobacco Manufacturers. Oa.r Pateut !'orierea Ccmpou! of flavfl'l, (d.Ud Fob. ad, ,) Is commanding gerreral approval from the makers of favonte brands. Ita eSiclency and c::conomy are unquesioned. PRICES CURREIT 01 APPLICATIIII. Y. W. BRINCKERHOFF, U OIIDAB. ST., K. .A. c. x.. MzvER. J F 0 Mzvaa, A. C. L. l 0. IEYER, and aommission Merchants, 43 BEAVER ST., NEW TORK. Address by Post P. 0. Box 5 '71 Special attention pa1.d to theJorwardtng of Tobacco to fpreign couottiea B.. ZEIJ.E'NKA. MANUFACTURER OF ALL KINDS 91' 191118LIN .tND LINElf TOBACCO BAGS, 263 Eut 4tli St., llew Y wk. 0 rden prom ptJ.y attenclccl to at the shortest Jill ice tlQUOtUnE FINEST anufactured at PGugll'keepsie, NewY "'' rriTFflRD, SHERMAN & ll!O WILLIAJ[-IIT:B.Eri., BEPPENBEIMER & MAURER, a Pra.o't:loa1 Xd:th<> ENCRAVERS ,AND PRINTERS, BY I'PEAJI-POWER .AliD HAND PREShCS. tmento, or by Q"ality o f Goods produced. For full descripuoo, see u N .. Y. 'r()BACCO LEAF'" of O c t 1 3 1&75. We continue to offer choke brand11oof Bri .ght, D ark and Mahoganr .gtade of PLUG or TOBACCO; Superior FIN-E-CUT CHEWING TOBACCO various ltluds of S:MOKlNG TOBACCO such .... Granulated (or and Coarse Cut, and t'e Finest Qualities of SNUttF, at the moat prices. A critical e.:zamioation tbe foods with _&lie prQ


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