The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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r VQL XII.--NO. 11 'I Kaufmann Brdl. & 1:29 a .nd 131 Grand ij}tdntttO' tetf Importm f Limict Past. H Ansado N ;R. u Old Slip. IS PUBLISHED Brinckerhoff V W 47 Cedar t IV!iY WE-D-NESDAY KO-!NING-Jl! S.herman & lnnis, no WitUam I IV allis & Co .. 29 It 31 8 William LEH" McAndre,. James o., ss Water, Weaver&: Sterry, 24 Cedar. 142, Fulton St., New /'ltnJtmntt Ar icles. _- Schietrelin w. H : & Co., 170 anci wuuam. All Letters shoU:id be pla.inlt Havan.a C::.f{ar Flavor. "flU: Pll'ltll!m!G CC Fries A1ex. & Rros., 16 College Place Terms of the Paper-' .. Htlherl.s R. Sons & Co., 55 StNG_ Lit CoPrd, / .... .,.. .,. 10 cu.-i Weaver & SterTy, :a,Cedat ONB Y&AR ... Ill .. .. .. ... ft) J Lt 'I &.l;x MoNTHS.. t C--....! .11:.. J 12 10 < &eu aj e6aGCo IllJptttfo'fJ. :.. _..:... !-\.. ,.-'. ..... J I ... J, McJ. & Co. 127 & 129 Water. &-R.efnemh'"er that the coSt to the yealty or Finke Charles, 155 Water. 6onth1J ubst:riber i6lus t"- E;rnt Cmts p,. Linde F. C. It Co., J Water. ..,.,.., _, McAleer-, }1'. & A. & Co., -.Water ". ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS ABROAD, JliaaMBN, AND THB CON'IJNENT, -oS Guthrle & Co., F _ront. AusTRALlA, &Tc., VIA. ENGLAND, ... -:4 T116acttJ I_tu.fe&titm. NEW YORK.' WED:NESDA Y, APRIL 26, 1876. -vVHOLE NO. 583 CLARKSVILLE, ll'euu. Ltaf Tohacco Broiur1 Ol>Tk, K H. & Berg &. Co. 16o l't!atl. Lacbenbruch & B.-o. 164 Water Lam;,tte A. C., U2 Ledere' r ,trl"\'llch:rl, n3 Pearl Levin M.,. H 16:1 Pe-arl. N.ack Alexander, 161 Water- Maitland Robt!rt L. & Co. 43 .Brootd." Martin & ]ohm;ou, 79 Frout M.erfelc:!, Kemper & Co., 131 Maiden Meyer A. C. L & 0., 42 Beaver. Oatman Alva, I66 watef. M. & Brother, 138 WateL Ottinger Brothen 41 Broad St. Price Wm. M., no Maiden LaDe. Ouin, J.P. & Co., 39llroad. lte\smann. G. '19 1-'earl. Sawye-r. W & Co., 47 Broa4. Sclt\egel G. J66 Front Schmitt J. 16:. 'Vater., Scllroed..-& Bon. 178 Water. Schroeder & Koch, :a46 Pf:ad. Scllnbart H & Co x.,6 Water Scovi1le A. H. & Co., I70 Water. Sptngam, E. Co., SJ!p. Spttmet C H. uS Water s,t,ein & Co., 197 Duane. Stralto1l & Storm, s9r hart. Strobn & 176 Front. Tog, Chatles F. ll: S?n, FN"*Tattenhontt, -F. 'W. 68 Broad. Teller, A. 191 Pearl. upnnw:.o. Carl, 17i Pear1. WaeaermaD H. 101 Maiden Larte 'Wrl!lbt,Richards & Co., 30 Broad. (-Menlt.ants, Brother& & Co., 66 & 48 Excbaace Place Buyer oj TobdIIn & Co."" u6 and "7 Liberty. API'Ieby 4 Helme, 133 Water. BochaaaD &: Lyall, S4 B11.cmier D. 213 ud Duane Goodwon & 0.. 10'1 and :ooy Water Hoyt Thomas & Co:, 4"'l Pearl Jtluuey Bros. 141 West Broadway Lorillllrd P. 6: CQ. 16, ,& & :ao ChambeTs. D. H. & CO. oor. Avenue D :t-: Miller Mn. G. B. 6: Co. 9'1 Columbia Pioneer Tobacco Company, 124 Watt f 4,.,, for Chrwing and S..iit To6"'"' 1tr. Hen A. & C... LibertT 'Weill, Eller&: Kaqpel, Mu8ft&"''fTI of '% Belcher, Parlr. &:Co., 35 WaneD. BODarleo, 53 Bow..,-FreJ .Broo. & Co. 44 V eaer Glai:cnmlll Scbi08M1', V and 149 Attora.,-. HatloOI'II ] A sr BowerJ Hellhrooer, R.ooenthallll Co., Secoad St. Jacoby s. & Sq. & 1 & 7Doru KaUa>anllroo. & Boody, u9 8: s Gfamd Kerbs a. Spies, 3S Bowery x..yllberg .t Co, S. ancl86 Reade laalth B .0. II -.y Btacbellterg M. &: Co. ,. and H Llbertr lltnltoll & !!term, 178 ancl I8o Pearl llotro A NeWmark, 76 Parlr. Place Tabel & RohrberJI, ''' Pearl. Wanper & Hahn, -111119-1 8owerr. MMs-'""""' of Tfa S..lttu Cit..-' :&aaprowic:.,&A. 8: Bro. t,aiChamber. RiVera & Garcia,71Maiden Laoe. Saach .. Hara & Co., I.JI>o 131 II :U M. Lue. J.ptrttr of Htl9tl ToHian American Co. ] A. Lukanint 53 Broadway.-of Basch J. &. Co., 135 Chatham. ..Banl1, Gennan-Amertcan, cor. Broadway and Cedar. Itt!erttal Rromue Books. ] ourgensen, C. 37 Liberty. axd .Dome.stic lJa, berger, M. & S. 44 Ma,.,ifacturer of Fine, Long a1Zd Straight Cu.t Cavendish. Louis N. 71. John. Manufatiure,.s oj Metal and f.Vooden Skow Witk a11d fViikout Smoking ApparatNs. Wn1. & Co., 501 Broadway.-of Show Strauss S. 179 & "J8I Lewis. Dealers iu Cigar Bo.:e Cedar. Eifert John F., 291-,95 Monroe. 1 Uptegrove & 46S-47S E8st Tenth. Sq/e M4'""f_ctu"'" oft he Original G1"tell Seal. Emmet W. C-. Pine. ALBANY N.Y. Ma1Zu[t1Ctrntrs of Tobac., 37 Gay Gunther, L. W. 9 South Gay Kerckhoff Co.. 49 South Ollarles. Krei:nelberg, J. D, and Co. Loose C. lt South Charles. Merfeld & Kemper, 117 Lombard Parlett B. F & Oo:, 93 Loin hard. Paul 'Wm., South. Schroeder Jos. &: Oo .. 8r Exchange Place. Tate, Muller Ce South.. Ga.y Wenck E. E 46 and 48 South Charles. Wischmeyer Ed. & C.o., 30 South Catvert Tobacco FaCtors, Gieske A: Niemann, 78 South Cbarle1: Hoffman, Lee & C'..o., '3 E.xc'hange Plaoe. MAtuJ.facturtrs, ttc. Marhnrg Brother., 145 lo 149 S. Charles St. WUkena H.&: Co., x81 Weat }'rat&:. Pacom if S..J.-Leaf To'Htlt, Becker :Brothers, 98 Lombard.. SnJiff Mam1(11Ci'II.1"W6o Starr R. &teo. S Sontb Calver' n,aUrs in Cluwinr, a.tul L"fTHtuus aJCi(ars. Rosenfeld S. & Co., -.3 Exchange :Place. Pa.teut Stem Roller. Kerckhol! G. & Ca., '49 8outh Charles. Tob.rcc(1 Fertilizers. Lorentz & R.ittler. BOSTOJII. OotJ1111inicf! MerCAtJtsll Holyoke 0. @ u Central1fhar 1 Dtalers tn Hava11a ""d Dom'Siie Eea.f..To btste a1ld Cigan. DaTen110rt A Lesg, 59 Broacl. .... an.:v. Commzssioa MerohDnls. f'allnat'eiu & Son. BRIDGEPORT, COlfJr. Pukn's f Sud .Utif Hawea, E. V. & Soa, 66 Water. BROOKLYN, Jr. Y, .Xa.,.fut,.rwl -/ TIJIH&CCtJ. nag John Co., 176 ancl 178 Fint. Ms.Uitut'J.' 'Wnlsteln Henry, 15 Myrtle aveuae. MaMfut"'" oj Tobacco .Poud Moutk. I'itatco Zlnll G. 'W P-1. 6--D1altr1 i C!uw-,,lratld Tod.c&#. S.Jrown's Bmo. &-CO., 147 Mala OHIC.AGO, DL WMUIAII Dl,. "' S1N 1teismann, Koenig & Subert, 14 N. Canal. Dtt1<1r1 i Luf To4.ec0 d Cigri. CaseS. S. & Co, Water M""'ff""""" of Csif""' tutd DNIW U. J4allfer C. F., 87 Clarlr.. Du/trs i Ltaf ;robueo. llalldllapn Broo ''!..West Raad .. lph. Jtt,.ufac'"'"' of Fin( Cut CAtYDig ntl U.g1 tuSti Dealm in Lt-f Beck & '\filth, 1:1 and 14 W a.ter. Ma'llfl(a&tp,..,,, Adamo Henry H. I Lake cmcmN.ATI. Dtaltrs io Havana aflli DotMsti& Le11f TtHc<. Besuden Henrv. Pearl Miller&. Co., 124 Jlalla7 Rich a11rethcr; w.....,t Front. Dealers in Spanish and Gigar .Uaf ToiJtJ<60. )[eyer Hy., 46 Front. 'V ao1.elman F., & (.o. 82 of Fine-Cut Ckewing .,.a Smoki11g TohaCCJJ. Kennewel( F. & Bade, 373, 375 and 377 Main Speace .Sro&. & Co., 52 and 54 East Tbbd. Ltaf J'obacc Hohflll.ann. F. W .. c:or n. e. Vine and Front !.J.orris W. G. 71 W. Front ,l{anu/ulu'!"l ol Cif'ar1 and Dltll.1 Ill Leaf Tobacco. Krohn, Feiss & Co. u6 Vine Lowl!ntbal S & Co., 1 n West Third. Weil, Kahn & Co., .134 Main. Zins JacoP & Bro., rS East Seco:a.a Sheet Metal Cigr Mo,.tds. Dubrul N aooleon .166.68 West Second. Leaf Toba&cc PrapeF.A. DURHAM, N. C. &.ding Tol>uto. Blai::ltwell 'W. T. & Co EV AN!I'VILLE, I.a:d. Tohacct1 Merclt.a11ts. Mom. C.]. & Co. Coaa. PacA!YI and {)eiJk,.s. Barnes ..t Jerome, 236.State. Biohop, J. & Sons, i6 OIITERD.&.lll, HOLLAND.-Meson. SCHAAP & VAN VJ.:EN, Tobacco Broten. ,, AIVTwii:RP, BELGJUJI,-Ms. YICTOR FORGE, Importer of Leaf Tobacco, Rue des Orfervts, 25. B<il!I:ORE, !IID,-Ms!!rs. ED. WISCHMEYER & CO., Commis alon Merchants an4 Dealen lu Leaf, PluK" Tobaccq aud .Cipr1, 39 South Calvert Street. "' BREl!IEJ!(1 GERlllANY .-Me;.n. F Al.LENSTEIN &: SON, Tobacco 'Commission Merchants. a 1 Dix j. & Co:, :a17 State: Jlabbard N. &. Co., 345 Statio r Lee Geo., 150 State. London & BidWell, n6 and uS State, Shephard&: Fuller, n4 State. CHICAGO; ILL .:.Mr. HENRY H. ADAMS, Tobacco and Cla-ar Manu "' facturers' Agent, 8 Lake Street. Sisson A. L. & F., 134 N.ain. Welles C. & QQ., 154 State. Westphal Wm., 228 State. HOPKINSVILLE, K,- Tob&C&o Broitrs. Clark, M. H. & Bro. .JANESVILLE, Wta., Packer and JJealer in Seed Leaf. Feudrich Franeis. LANCASTER, Pa Dealer .in Leaf Tobacco. Schubertb c: G: Skilt:s & Frt:y, 61 and 63 North. Duke. LIVERPOOL. Samuelson Edward & Co. 6.a Dale Smytb.e F. W. & Co., 10 North john. LOUISVILLE, Ky. Plug Tobacco Finzer J & Bros., 194ciJacob. t Manufo.cturtrs of :Fi1u -Cut Cloewig, ,,.d Smoking Tohacco. Robinson Ma!lufacturing Company. TQhactD Cmmissio, Merthat Wicks G. W. & Co., IQS Main. Tobaccu Brokers. Callaway Jamea F. Ninth and .Market Gunther Geo .. F. .... .1. '_.. J. Meier, 'Vm. G. & Co., Seve\lth. Nash, M. B., 371 MaiO. Jobbers in all lmmon. F. ;iaehnel & H. Norman's Cigar Makiqg Ma chine, B6x 1477 nt and 1.33 Levee St. -PADUCAH, K:r. Tobacco Broklrs. Clark Y H & Bro. PEHRSBURG VA. Toluzcco Commission ,i/erd:ants. Roper, LeRoy & Sons. PHILADELPHIA., Tobacco Bambf..rger L. & Oo u 1 Arch Bremer Lewis, Sons; 323 :north Third Daley james I& Oo., N. E. cor. Third and Rae"' :L>ohan& Taitt, 107 Arch. Donn T. J. &. Cb., I sth and Vine. Edwards, G W. & Co., 6.a N&rth Front. l!.'isenlohr Wm,. & Co., IIS South \Vater :McDowell M. E: & Co., 39 Water. Meyers&; Ra.ndali, 259 Market Moore & Hay 1 :13 N orta Water Sank J Riualdv & Co., 32 North Water. .tleil John B. & Co ,53L South Second. Graeff & Cook, tcS North Water Steiner, Smith BrQS & Knecht, Race. Teller 'Brothers, .1\7 Nortb Third. Vetterleln J. & Co., Arch. Wartman M & Son, 13 North Fifth. Wells & Robe'rta, Third and G\rard AYe. Woodward, Garrett&. Co., 33 NQrth Water Marmfacturer of Snuff tmd Smoking T hiiCCOJ. Wallace Joe. 666-67.1 North Eleventh MiJ11U{actur5 S. ootll. Theobald A. H., Third and Poplar. Wells & Robet;,t s .fhird and"' Girard Ave. United States Cigar Manufactory, J'sth & Vlue. .J{anufactur;;s of Fine (.-'tgars. F-reebie A. M .. 64North Front Klein H. E. FOurth and Chestnt. gf r;.";:c'::'inr aJIII SnuN"r BlcluDan, MeJ"n & Bro., 79 and &1 Smithiielcl. "Excelsior Spu,. Rll'' aflli ()t/ur Jealdn..;n R. & W., 287 Liberty. Dealn-s in tznd HavatUJ .Uaf T .. OaC&fl. Mao! &; Grote, 313 Liberty PROVIDE:NCEo R.I. Cary. Mlll B.. A. Co,.missiou Me,Jclt.anis' tlu, SZ1 tif Na ... J To!Auc11. Wright J. & Co. :a.ocHERTER Jr. "Y. ManofactlJurs of Toluuto. Whalen R. It T., 183 Stale. Dtaftr i Ltaf Tobacies. Mooely D. E., M!ll street. SAN FUNCISCO. The Consolidated Tobacco Co. of Califomla, .B. :Srigg!J, A15ent. SPRINGFIELD, --.. Smith H & Co., 3:0 Hampden ST. LOUIS, Mo. Tobo.cct WAreiJoust.t. Doimiber C, &: It. & Co., U3 Market. Tobacco Cr;m;,ussic1i M1rchan11, \Vall, Behin &Day, Sxo North Second. -Buyers of Leaf Tc6ao. VO'O Phul & Ladd, :13 North Main Tobacco B,.okr H'aynes J. E., 27 Second UTICA, N. Y Mtsnu/acturtrof Fine Cut Ch""'"l t10tl S..dig Piert:""' Walter E. WAREHOUSE POINII', CoJULo Parker of Seed .UafTobaceo. Parker R. A. WESTFIELD. M ..... P"llwl c...t D.4/ln U. Sud LM/ T--., BuschmaDD John C. -Cil'ICll!(J!(ATI, F. A. PRhGUE, Leaf Tobacco Inspector, 76 West Front Street. CLA.R.KSVILLE, TE:.N.-Messrs. M H. CLARK & BRO., Lear Tobacco Broker-s. DANVILLE, V A.-Messrs. PEMBE ON & PENN, Tobacco Commi5sion Merchants. HAVANA, CUBA.-Mesors. J. F BERlJ>IDES & CO. HOPKINSVILLE, A' H. CLARK & BRO., Loaf Tobacco Brokers. f LANCASTER, PA..-Mr. C. G. SCHUDERTH, Dealerin LeafTohacco. LIVERPOOL, ENG}.AKD.-Messr& COPE BROTHERS & CO. Tobacco and Cigar Manufacturers, 10 Lord Nelson Street. L()lJISVILLE. KY.-Mcssrs. WM. J. LEWERS, Secretary of tl>e Tobacco Board oi Trade, E leventh PDd Matu Streets. MlA.MISBl!RG 01110.-Aiook to be fiur.ished by the Government, under such regulations as the Commissioner of Internal Revenue shl!-ll prescribe, of the number of hogsheads, cases and pounds of leaf tobacco purchased or received by him on assignment, transfer or otherwise, and of whom pur chased or received, and the number of hogsheads, cas es or pounds s old uy him, with the name and in each instance of the persvn to whom sold, and, if ship ped, to whom shipped and to what d ist rict. One of these books shall be kept at his place of business, and shall be open at all hours 'to the in sp ection of any i n tern al revenue officer or agent, and the other sha:J, at the end of each and every year, or upon the discontinu ance of business of any leaf dealer, be ha[ldt:d over to the collector of his district for t\le use of the Govern ment An d !!very dealer in leaf. tobacco who neglects or refuses to keep the bdoks herem provided for and in the ,manner which shall he prescribed by the Commis sioner of !eternal Revenue, or to'transfer to colKEY. WEST HAVAN.A:-CIGARS. SEIDENBERG a CO., 84 and 86 READE STREET, NEW YORK, Proprietors of the. LA ROSA ESPANOLA W. HILLMAN COMMISSION MERCHANT IN MANUFACTURED STREET, -NEW YORK. Plug and. Smoking Tobaccos from Virginia and. North Carolina Tlfa Diamonct Go en. Cut Cavend.ish Smoking Tobacco. -McFAliL &. LAWSON, 33 1\.IURRAY, S'1"'REET\ N. Vo:rk, MANUFACTURERS OF THE CLUB DE Y ATE" 'KEY WEST HAVANA C IGAR.S. We hereby notify an parties who Infringe on our Trade -....{-w-. -.-c-:-f Acquired under the Laws of prosecuted by Law, he United States, that they will be Oilloe.. 85 Pine St. OCTOBEJI 8o' lector of his district, as herein provided, tile duplicate copy contaiAing his daily transactions, as aforesaid, shall be liable to a penalty of 1soo, and Shall be fined not le11 than $1oo nor more than 1s,ooo and imprisoned not less than six nor more two years." PACKING TOBACCO. That section 3,362 be and the same is hereby amended by striking out, in the clause relating to fine cut chewing tobacco, the following words :-"Except that fine.-cut chewing tobacco may, at the option of the manufacturer, be put up in wooden packages contain ing ten, twenty, forty and sixty pounds each ... CAUTION-NOTICE ON TOBACCO. That section 3,364 be and the same is hereby amended by striking out, after the word "cautioned'' i n the notice, the words "under the penalties of Jaw not to use pacltage again," andr by inserting in lieu thereof the following worcls :...,-''Not to use either this package for tobacco again or the stamp thereon again, nor to remove the contents of this package without stroying said stamp; under the penalties provided by law in such cases;" and that said section be and the &arne is fo,uther amended by adding thereto the following words:-'' Provided, ,That on wooden packages con taining cavendish, plug, twist or fine-cut chewing to bacco, having the manufacturer's name stencilled, stamped, indented, burned or impressed into the box in a leg1ble and durable manner, the proprietor's or manu facturer's name may be omitted from the notice prescf'ibed in this section.'' _. IMPORTED SCRAPS, (:UTTINGS AND CLIPPING That section 3,377 be and the is hereby amended by a dding thereto the following words:-" Provided, T\lat scraps, cuttings and clippings of tobacco imported from any foreign c o unt r y may, after the proper <:ustorns duty has been paid thereon, be withd 1 awn in bull< with out the payment of the in ternal revenue tax and trans ferred as mater ial directly to the factory of a manufa(:. turer of tobacco or snuff, or of a cigar manufacturer, under such restrictions and regulations as shall be pre scribed by the Commissioner of Internal Revenue and approved by the Secretary of the Treasury. WElL tS: CO. I EXPORTS. That section 3,386 be and the same hereby amended by striking out all the words in the proviso thereof after the words fifty dollars," and inserting in lieu thereof the following words:-" Nor until evidence satisfactorv to the Commis ione'l' of Internal Revenue has been' furnished that the stamps affixed to the tobacco, snuff or cigan; entered and cleared for export to a foreign countrf were totally destroyed before suc h clearance ; nor unhl the claimant has filed a bond, with good and sufficient sureties, to be approved by the colEecto r of the district from which the goods are shipped, in a penal sum double the amount of tlie tax for which said claim is made, that be will procnre, within a re,p.sonable time, evidence satisfactory to the Commissioner of Internal Revenue that said snuff or cigars have' been landed at any port without the jurisdiction of the United States, or that after shipment the same were lost at sea and have not been relanded within the limits of the United States." DUTY OF MANUFACTURERS RESPECTING :REGISTRATION. That section 3,387 be and the same is hereby amended by striking out, after the words be conditioned that" i'n the second s entence, the words he sh3ll not employ any person to manufacture cigars who has not been duly registered as a cigar -maker." That section 3,389 be and the same is hereby amended by sh: iki ng out after the word "manufactory r io the fifth line, the following words:" :and the names and residences of every cigar-maker employed in his district," a nd inserting the word "and" in the fourth line, after the words ''carried on." PACKING AND STAMPING CIGARETTES. That section 3o39Z be and the same is hereby amended by adding thereto the following wo;rds :-"And provided further, That every manufacturer of cigarettes shall put up all the cigarettes that he either manufactures or has ma d e for him and sells or removes for consump1i0n or use, in packages or parcels containing ten, twenty, fifty, or one hundred cigarettes each, aod shall $ecurely aiiix to each of said packages or parcels a suitable stamp der oting the tax therecn, a11d shall properly cancel the same prior to such sale or removal fol" consumption or :FAC'l'ORY O:F L BASCH .. 36 Chatham Street_, ____ _______ __;__ _,


/ I ) use, under such regulations as the of Internal Revenue shall prescribe ; and all cigarettes imported from a foreign country shall be packed, and the st'amps cancelled in like manner, in addition to the import indicating inspection at the Custom House before they are withdrawn there from.'.' CAUTION-NOTICE ON CIGARS. That section 3,393 be and the is hereby amended by strikir.g out after the word printed," in the third line, the words "together with the proprietor's or manu facturer's name;'" and that said section be further amended by striki 1 ng out after the word cautioned," in the notice, the words underthe penalties of the law, not to use this box for cigars aga i n," and by inserting in lieu thereof th e following word:;: "Not to use either this box for ci'gars again, or the s tamp thereon again, nor to remove the e,.;>ntents of box without said stamp under th e penalties provided by law in such A check, it is gratifying to nott', will be put upon the Supervisors for the convenience of ihe recipients and to illicit manufacture and s;J!e pf cigarettes by the prctvision simplify the keepin& of accounts. each package, instead ofeach boll:, Of cigarettea Although the project to aholish the office of Super to be stamped. No branch of the tobacco interest bas visor has received the sanction of the Com'l'ittee of latterly suffered so much from the evasion of taxes as Ways and Means and the Finance Committee, it had its the legitimate cigarette manufacturers, the existing law origin in the office of Internal Reve' nue ; and in referrin1 enabling dislfonest men to evade the paymer.t of taxes to It 1hus fu we have, therefore, treated the proposition almost without fear of detection. The provision conas o .ne emanating from the Commissioner rather than as cigarettes in the Morrison bill will effectually one recommended either 10 or by the people. stop rasca(ity in this Indeed, we feel ourselves ia a position to state that se caks." The of imported scraps, cuttings, and clipfar as the p'!ople are concerned, the tax paying portion, pior;s of tobacco from the internal revenue tax of least, they woul:d prefer to have the office of Supervisor four fents a pound will bel'etit some cigar retained. We happen to be familiar with the object turers, al'ld will not do ariy harm to importers of and at by the Hoo. David A. Wells, form,erly dealers in Havana leaf tobacco, provided the import Special Commissioner of Rennue1 when he advised the duly on t\te same is kept at its presept rate of fifty cents institution of the Supervisory system DOW recommended BRANDING CIGAR BOXES. per pound. to be abolished. The studies and investigations of that seen and learned during .this loilg interval, we war in saying not only that the Commiuioner'a an ticipations will not be realized, but, also, that in recom menditlg the dismissal of Supervisors and the elevation or' agents to the position from which Supervisors are to be deposed, he has taken a step that not prove than prejudicial to the interests of the revenue and the interests of the.people. JIINOB. EDITORIALS. OUR CHAMPION PooR MEN.-Jones and Sharon, the owqj:rs of the silver of Nevada. sheuld be glad to bear that something practtca! to result from the eaniest appeals and sound argument of the Cincinnati Memorial. SHORT CROPS.There seems to 1M! a general failure this .year of "aubstitutes" for American tobacco. Hold ers of Seed leaf especially may take That se ction 3 397 be and th same i s hereby amended The bill embraces several of the writer on the subject of taxation led him to the by striking o ut the words with o ut burning into each made at the. December meeting above referred to, but conclusion that in addition to the officers already prob h b d d ) b f 'd d r d I t 1 R RETURNED.-Mr. Thomas J. Hall, cigar ox wtt a mg tron, an m s erlmg m 1eu t ereo ignores others, of which we have no space to speak in vt e 10r u o er our n err.a evenue system, ano t her the words, w i th out stamping, indenting, burning or I d t' d d turer, corner of Greenwich and :Uarclay Streets, has re this issue. We shall refer to them hereafter Where c a._ss, possessmg a mmastra tve an 10 some egree, turned from a pleasant trip of two month's duratt'on to impressin g into ea ch box in a legible and durable man d' 1 r d so much that i s really good is secured, it would be inJu-JU tcla unctions, an rankmg betweeft the Commis-Cuba and Mexico. ner ;" and .that said section be further amended by adding the r eto the follow i ng words: "Provided, That dicious to complain because all that was sought is not sioner and the then next highest official grade, assessors T cigars packed exp1:essly for export, and which shall be obtained. Our chief apprehensi on is that our Western was demanded alike in the interest of the tax-payers and th OFF SA KoBAc,cot FbACTOf:RY.-On thpe ndight of d r .. e .22 ms. ems s o acco actoryon ur ytown exporte to a 10rengn country unrier the restrictions and cutting friends will consider their interest invidiouslythe G overnment. He saw that both for the purpose .of Hill, near Sunbury, Penn., was destroyed by fire. Losi regulations prescriibed by the Commissioner of Internal affer:ted by the bill. In case they, shall dQ so, we can at enabling the Government to secure an efficient and abodt Revenue, and approved by the Secretary of the Trea-h d r h 11 b f h r h' this time on 1 y repeat the intimation already gt ven, onest a mmiStratJon o the law throuah a vast number sury, s a e exerrpt rom t e prov1stons o t ts s ectton, I .. and als o from the provisions of section 3 ,3 9 3 of namely, that now is tQe time to make their eeotiments of subordinate officere"acattered a!! over the country, R e vised requiring a Jabe1 to be affixed to each known. 1 and affording tax-payers an opportunity to obtain box." b .. aut ontat1ve imormation relating to -the Jaw and their .lboliUon of Snpervlson. The amendments recommended in this part of duties under it, prefer eomplaints or seek redress fdr the bill are in tile main commendable. More could The propos it i on to clispense w ith the' .services of grievances, real or imaginary, it was pecessary, abso have been "dvocate h t d h Supervtsors of Internal Revenue Will be haded by vtolutely necessary to have establishe d t t .. Wit ou preJU tl:e to t e mterests 1 f h 1 h )'fi d a coovem n h G ators o t e aw wll most unqua 1 e JOY Already t t d ( ffi 11 11 () t e overnment, and wuh advantage to tobacco and s a tons, a gra e o o cers mte ectua y and legally at the mere suggestion that such officers may shortly J'fi d h c l,.EAP YEAR PRIVILEGE.-" YOU hain't got any chewing about yer clo'es, hev :you ?" asked a Fort Scott gtrl of a young man she was escorting to a leapyear party. ACCIDENT AT THB LORILLARD FACTOAY.-Michael Coon, aged r:Z, died on Saturday from the effect of in juries receiYed OD Friday, by being crushed between the elevator and the floor at Lorillarq's tobacco manufac tory. cigar manufacture : rers, but thert! are enough conces. . qua I e to represent t e ommtsstoner .1n au mtormesions to m a ke t he bill a decided im rovemeot on the ce.a:se t o I'IUmerous. Ilhctt. have bediate capacity. He accordingly advised the appoint. p gun tbetr unla"ful busmess lO we larger cities of the t f t t fi ffi b k s SIX CASES OF s;oLJtN.-Between Sunday extstmg law, and wre presu!"e tt w1ll, on that account, men o wen Y ve o cers to e nown as upervtsors mght and Monday mornmg s1x cases of cigars in bond meet w i th very llittle opposition from either branch These do not seem to fear of Internal Revenue, and by the Act of July 2 o, 1868 were. stolen from Pier 7, North River The prOperty f the dtstnct officers whose lime 1s so much occupt"ed th t b f ffi dde was In charge of th N Y k d B I T o the tobacco trade Fme cut m anufacturers-those . a num er o new o cers was a d to the exiStmg e ew or an a tlmore ransof the West object to the abolition of With the routme that they ca. n force of Internal Revenue officers. This number by a portation Line Company_. __ the p1iv ilege ,C>f packing cut tobacco i n bulk. But the take no ttme to ferret o. the !aw .This subsequent regulation was redUfed to leu. The wisdom A SENTIMENT WE EcHo .-In cAmmeriting on the underlying mot i ve that has impelled the Commisssioner duty should be devolved on appomted of Mr. Wells's suggestion was early realized; and has silver dollar guestion, an able writer :-"If the of Interna l R e venue to advise its abolition is without for the purpose whose tun e IS not eollrely taken up never been questioned by our people. Supervisors have Government IS to help any one in these times, when the doubt the desire entertained b h' t d f 1 with the fillipg out of blank forms and the collection and not only discharged all the duties prescribed for and Treasury and the people are poor, it should not be Y 1m o t s pose o t 1e f 'fh d f S the propnetors of the Nevada stlve i constantly trouble arising from !be packing care 0 moneys. e ulles 0 upervtsor of Internal expected of them, bat have continuously performed in r Ill oes. in bulk packages of tobacco that only experts can de-Revenue to a officers other services have contributed very maDID NoT "SEE !T."-A few days since a jury in termine : hether it is adapted to smok i ng or che\Ving Bureau theu respective dtstncts, and to asstst m tenally to the' advantage and satisfaction of the GovernGa., it would be a good joke the preventwn and detectton of all frauds. They may e t d ih t 'If h to bnng m thts verdtct :-"We, the jury, unanimously purposes.. The Fme-cut man1:1factu,rers of other sec. f d d m P an e ax-payers. t e average annual c;:ost of agree to disagree." They did so, and the JudO'e rctions, as well as the West, have bui l t up a large trade gfficers or rau an may transfer c.ertam offithe system per office is lz3, 77S, for the ten offices the plied:.-" I, the Judge, unanimdu sly fine you Js e:ch." in bulk chewing tobacco, and to many of them the procers from one place of duty to another, which powers aggregate c o st must be II37.7SO per annum; and we posed change will be very disagreeable. Th y may have not conferred upon ;'QY other officers, from would ask Commissioner l'ratt to inform the Commtsstoner down to the lowest. For the purC d th bl' b 1.. d however, feel th a t f refrain papers. ar powers are are not familiar with the operations_ in tbe supervisory .., th f . but they (Ire restncted to the terntonal hmtts of thetr districts of the South and West but we d k'n e expresston o an opmton adverse to 1t.\ A lIDI. .. o ow, as 1 1 b .. b h C own dtstncts, whtch are so small as to render the detec a resident of this city and believe we can s b t t' t ar vtew may a so e tal!'en y t e utllng trade of the f . u s an ta e We t _,1 ... t r r h tton of any constderable raud by them tmpractlcable. the averment tha t the Supervisor of the district f N s m ucn even tt ts sa1e to t at the proposi. d f h S . 61 ew t ; h II t d 1 d b Wt t h the at o t e upervtsor m summonmg wit nesses York annually returns to the Treasurv of th U t d ton to ave a cu an granu.ate to acco packed 1 n b k d J e 91 e n k f and examtnmg oo san papers outstde of thetr dts States taxes otherwise uncollected and uocollectabl t "'ac rangmg rom one to s1xteen ounces wtll e a d 1 b 1 If h b tncts, very much better results can be attamed. least equal to the amount which the Commissio spee 1 y ecome a aw. t ere J& to e any prot-est oer s to this clause of the bill, we advise our f riends to act It is proposed to confer on the twenty-five revenue mdtcates entire annqal cost of proroptly i n the matter, as there is evidently no t i me to agents similar powers to those now possessed by Super-mg ten Supervtson o ffictts We are of the opmwo, spare. visors, such as the administering of oaths, compelling that Supervtsor Tutton, .. of Pennsylvania, IMPRpVING ToBAcco.-Mr. Pedro Rodriquez, of It.of Third Avenue, New York, patentee of a new method of inlproving Leaf Tobacco requests inanufacturers of an.d dealers in Leaf Tobacco to send to htm, wtthout charge, to prove the excellence of his method. A ToUGH. STORY.-Some one is rOil1ancing in the newspapers to the effect that the Grangers have invested in their various enterprises. omtt to state how much was sunk in the California bank established by them, and bO'I'I largely tobacco is repre seoted in the g,rana total. .. I VALUABLE SBATs.-I1 appears that the San Francisco brokers" hold over" their New York brethren as to the of their privileges at tht: Stock Exchange, since we find It asserted that there are too seats in tbat institu tiol), and since last year their price has advanced from till now are vainly bid for one. THE ANNUAL PLANT COMPLAINT.-A Louisville cor respondent of LEAF says :-" Our annual plant com plamt has made Its appearance in some localities and no doubt will be epidemic i n a week -or so. Not' gnly the plants, but, in some instances, the entire beds have mysteriously disappeared. How is that for a start ?" APRIL 26 n Street, hul'ned on Wednesday night, was soon extinguished. The stock of Messrs. Weiss was slightly Outt REPR'!SENTA.TIVE IN PHILADBLPHIA.""'70ur Mr. Graff. arrived in Philadelphia on Monday, and proceeded at once, after his energetic to canvass the trade of that city. He proposes to a thorough survey of the Centennial from the standpoint of the cigar and tobacco interests, and we shall lay before our readers in our next issue, many Exhibition items. The latte; part of this week he will be in Baltimore, wltere he ex pects to find the trade as thoroughly alive and active as ever. CIGARETIEs.-Messrs. J. & Co., Cigarette Manufacturers, of 135 Chatham Street, are among the tradesmen in this bnnch of business who are making noticeable progress. The combined efforts of the leading .fir!flS e?gaged in the 111anufacture of' cigarettes are resultmg the of a comparatively new and mdustry this country A considerable reyenue is annually derived by the Government from thts source, andevery year its amo1o.nt is increasing. !"essrs. Basch & Co. been engaged several years 10 the manufacture oi cigarettes. and have established a lucrative trade, their goods being in demand in all parts of th e United States. "MANUFACTURER," JJ!TKRSVILLE, AMELIA COUNTY, VA.-We have the pleasure of tbe acquaintance of the who adve rtises on our third page, over the aboYe 11gnature and .address, for a situation with some tobacco manufacturing, strippiar, or leaf and cheerfully. offer our t:stimoi]y in support of tlte assurance he gtves of expenence, competency and gene ral trustworthiness. Manufacturer" is well and fav orably known throughout the Southern .States, not only !t a capable operator in each of the pursuits named a.nd to one of which, after a temporary absence, he de: s.ll'es to return, also as a person qualified by educa llon and expenence to achieve success in still more exacting spheres of human How TO END THE REBELLION IN CUBA.-It is beiag urged upon Govl'!rnment, that discrinlinating duties should be lev1ed upon all slave-grown products. This w ould, of course, include Havana tobacco. U. S. Minister Sanford thus writes to the Secretary of the Treasury, regarding sugar :-The -expenses of the war in Cuba are paid by the slave owners there, who exact them from the United States in return for their sugar. A practical measure of this kind could not be called an unfriendly act against Spain, and would be a fair and fatal bldw to the war and to slavery in It would t .he culture of sugar in Lou tstana, Texas, and Flortda, attract capital and enter prise, and vastly increase the prosperity of those States. TOBACCO MACHINERY.-Mr. H. Wulstein, of 25 Myr tle Avenue, Brooklyn, successor to the old patent macbioery fir m of Borgfeldt & Deghnee, will durang the Centennial Exhibition have his principal office .a.t his store, No. 67 Third. Avenue, cor. Eleventh !:;treet, for the. of visiting New Yprk a?d_ desmng. to tobacco machinery. Mr Wulstem has, dunng the five years since he succeeded Borgfeldt & Deghnee, pro:ved a successful business man, and was enabled lately to,purchase a number of valu ab.le patents in tobacco machinery, making him, it is the owoer of the largest number of patents in machinery in the United States. Mr. Wulstein IS al,so sole agent for the United States for some Euro pean firms-for F. Flinsch in Offenbach of Main, among others, whose celebrated machine for packing manufac tured. tobacco he. sells. His own constantly improved for cuttmg and granulating tobacco, and espe ctally the later ones, ue to be found in almost all parts ?f the globe ; and one of the first, having lately been by an attachment, which enables ctgar manufacturers to cut their Havana fillers instead of stripping them, has found its way into some of a'ur largest manufactories. A very simple machine for the purpose of avoiding the wasting of Havana sterno; with out-cutting or running them through stem rollers, will also soon be offered to the trade by Mr. Wulstein. Our frieods in the Cavendish trade will approve of the giving of testiJlllony, etc.; in words, to make whose district DeJa the privilege conceded to them of omitting of them twenty-five Supervisors to take the place of the Maryland and the Dtstnct of Columbta, can furnish turers' or proprieters name in the caution notice Fine ten dismissed. If any obJection exists as to the class evtdence of al!"ost as large returns from his district as Cut manufa cturers, on the other hand can not' share in of officers proposed to have abolished, is it not im Supervisor Sewall of New York calil from the district this p ; ivilege, as their paper or foil will not proper to confer precisely similar powers upon which he presides. The of the public admit of the branding or stencilling of the names. class greater i n number, and if any harm has been done, pnnts are not hkely to forget that the Supervisor of New :Dealers in Caven dis tobacco would also prefer to have capable of doing much more ? York ,collected last year a single railway c:orporaofficial indice ott their packages than is afforded When we have the twenty-five revenue agents with back taxel.' amounting to about hoo,ooo. Large 'by the imprint of the State, factory number, the powers of Supervisors, where are the'' t o summon sums were als? collected other corporations. The district, etc. witnellse!l to appear and ? They h;ve no ofiices annual from the old tax on Legacies and WILL MR. JoNES ExPLAIN ?-if silver dollars are ADs wen 1 Corres ... deau. blessings, .will Mr. Jones, of Nevada, kindly BALTIMORE, April 20, 1876. Dealers in leaf tobacco will not welcome the addi nor abiding place TheY. are here to-day and there have been made very large through the tiona! labor of keepi ng two books, but the labor, after to-morrow. They could not even conduct a corre mstrumentahty of Superyisors, who have given this why there IS a general 11prising in Califomia EDITOR ToBACCO there not a case against the. trade ? ollar, once so popular, but now sufferwherein the Internal Revenue Department brought suit mg frem an and consequent depreciation of a .cigar manufacturer to compel payment for de from five to ten per cent.? You can take a horse to fictency m leaf tobacco ? How did it terminate ? 11 '11 h 'd' d 'tb ffic rs h c1 1 r d matter great attentwn. :a wt ave tts compensation m avo1 mg the necesspon ence wt o e avmg no enca .orce an sity of having to rel i inurning, or impressing in a legible and durable 111anner." The words quoted from the bill are exactly those recom mended in the memorial prepared at the meeting of the National Cigar Manufacturers' Association, held in thi city in last, a full account of which was Jished in THE TOBACC O LRAF at the lime. 1he cigar trade bas. contended earnestly for the right 1 >to brand with any implement adapted' for the purpose, ,so long as the impression left upon the boxes waa both l egible and durable. Commiss ioner Pratt and his Chief of Mr. Kimb all, early manifested a disposition to concede the justness of the claim made by the trace, and they have now prcoved their smctrity by causing an amendment in harmo111y' w i th the general desire on this subject to te incorporated in the bill. If the bill be comes a law, ciga r rna ortfacturers may use a b randing .iron or any thing else reasonably effClctive for branding cigar-boxes, and seizures on account of alleged unlaw : ful bra.nding, like tho s e of a few month11 ago, which dis. _graced the revenue servrice because the law was absurd, wiil be events of rare occurrence. Tbe recommendation of the Commissio 'ner is really in their convenience Just such administrative capacity aiid tl'lat there should be twenty-five Supervisors-but just such official facilities as they alone, in the absence to be called revenue agents. It would be muc:h more of the Commissioner can afford, and who utterly abhor complimentary to the Superv i sors if the name was the revenue agent system sought t0 be substituted in retained. The same object aimed at by Commist!Jeir place. To abolish Supeavisors and revenue sioner could be attained by recommending the abolition agents with supervisorial authority is, first, as a rule, to MEETING' OF THE STOCKHOLDERS OF TH& To of the employment of revenue agellts and increasing th e relinquish the services of an intellectually superior LEAF" PUBLISHING CoMPANY.-A meeting of the number of Supervisors to twenty-five. class of men; second, to exchange men known in and Stockholders of "THE ToBACCo LRAF" Publishing 'd' d h Company was held in the Editorial Rooms of Tu& "'oThe Commissioner is reported as saying that the rest mg m a community an avmg accessible qturters, "' ... BACCO LEAF on ;;,aturday, at wh i ch an. annual dividend a mount allow ed for salaries and expemes of the late and time and inclination tp attend to the wants of taxh k d 1 d on t e stoc was ec are and officers for the ensuing Supervisors iveraged $13,775 each it to be payers, for men comparatively the l'ublic, year were chosen. All old officers were unani true that such amounts have been allowed, what bt:aring and who, for '.he want of established guarters or office mously re-elected. can that fact have upon" the other as well known fact room, must cue tax-payers before t'hem at hotels or BuRNING OF THE LATB SAMUEL Aus'fm's ToliACco. that each Supervisor bas caused the collection of taxes other unofficial places, and who, owing to the exigencie11 During the of r 7th in st. the dwelling-house and that otherwise would have been succes:;fully evaded, in of their service, which may locate them in New York at all the out-butldmgs 10 Suffield, C't., to the amount many times the above named sum ? He might one time aoQ. in some othet State at another, will not estate of the Austin were deitroyed by as well \ have addc;d that during the la!!t fiscal year 50 have and can not have time to attend to the tire. The property mcluded a .tobacco barn, containing d f 3o o of tobacco. : Seme hve stock were bunted to ea tn t e stoc arns. The whole property was many ml. llt'ons were allowed for salaries and expenses of nee !1 o tax-payers ; and third, to re-introduce what d th h k b collectors and depui;r collectors of Internal Revcmue, the public will persist in calling-disguise it as. hest it insured for k6,3oo, which only partly covers the loss. which might be saved by abolishing those offices. The may be d 'one-A REVIVAL OF. THE JAYNE SYSTJ:M, revenue has to be collected-, ana. it .can not be done and the people have condemned. without the proper officers. So long there is any It is n!' answer to this last clause to l>"aY that the twenty necessity for the imposing of national taxes, there should five revenue agents are now and ha e long been in ex be a supervising officer whose duty it shall be to visit istence, and no objection is made to them. Their district officers, examine their offices and accounts, iovesoperations are even now, wheq their tigate charges against them; and in all respects hold authority is liinited, because the system whic!I they ex them, as well as the tax.payers, to a rigid accountability. emplify is repugnant to the spirit of our institutions. Witbout such, an officer the Internal taxes will be colBut the present objection is as nothing compared with lected unequally, as one collector will enforce the law in what it will become if they are invested with additional his district one way, and another in a different manner. authority. Some would be rig1d; and some would be careless or It is hoped, and probably confidently promised by lenient. There would be no uniformity, and no protecCommissioner Pratt, that the revenue agents will be tion to Lhe honest tax payer able to do all tbat bas heretofore been done by both In relation to the compensatioa and expenses of Supervisors and revenue agents. We should cheerfully Supervisors, it can be said in exrlanation that the statute embrace the same view of the matter if it were possible limits the former to per annum; his personal to do so, but it is not. We have been a student of In expenses for traveling, etc., would not that ternal Revenue history since the ) nauguratidn of the amount in addition ; the balance o{ the above.named system here in r862; while the studies and observations average sum of Sr3,77 5 is expended in office rent and l of Commissioner Pratt on this subject mainly began, it cl .erks and the payment of expenses belonging to the is probable, only last year when he was appoiBted to Internal Revenue Bureau, which are ra:d through the the office he now occupies ; and f.:om what have .. IN .. John Straiton, Mr. Seiden berg, and a representative of Mr. Martinez Ybor of this city, are now in Washington seeking to vent th.e proposed increase ef duty on Havana to bacco, and to secure certain privileges to tlie cigar trade under the tariff law. These gentlemen are capable of affording an the information that is required to enable to legislate wisely and well in relation to to bacco and Cii!:ars. SEEN THROUGH A GLASS DARKLY.-The pious effu 'ii6os of luminous cotemporary, the Sun, are very queer affatrs. We suggest that it engage upon its edi torial staff Dr. Kenealy, ot,: fame, who is about to come over to us, and who proposes to .en lighten our ignorance upon the subject of holiness With the disbarred barrister to do its religion, the Sun's teachings would be quite as unique, and probably more sensational, than t1iey are at present. A CIGAR MANUFACTORY SLIGHTLY DAMAGED BY FIRE.-In this city on the 20th inst shortly after 10 A. M., a fire broke out on the fou t th floor of the build No. 22 South Street, occupied by :A. & S. Weiss, ctgar manufacturers. The fire, which had originated fro!D some sparks from the building in the rear of No. REPLY.-We do not remember any such case. Onr correspondent probably has in mind the case of Strich against Coster Qf this cit,., so often referred to in ,the co}umns of this journal. But in this instance suit was not brought to compel payment for deficiency, but to recover tax assessed and paid under pro test under the thtrty-pound rule. Strich, a ciJitar manu facturer, sued Coster, a revenue collector, in the Circuit of New York in I 87 5 for the re.:overy of about $69 wh1ch was collected frem him in 1872. Strich proved that in making up the assessment &llowauce was not for 300 of tobacco which were detroyed by ram, and that tf allowance (or thiS quantity had beeu made there "!ould have been no deficiency in his ac count. The JUry was of the opinion that the plaintiff was to credit for the tobacco desu:oyed and htm the full The validity o( tbe thuty-pouod rule has really never been tested in court. CoiTespolloil.eaee. : April24 .2..EDITOR ToBACCo LEAF: Thia afternoon I took a cursory view oC the arraoge !"ents the exhibition of goods manufactured tn our hoe at the CmlennU.l grounds, and found to my astonishment the East, West, North and South W!'re all going to be elegafllly ani/ largely repre In fa.ct, &o elall,tely has each representative of trade own exhibit, that it a!ld spectal nottce for each in order to do the1 JUStice they so The trade need not fear that our space .wtll be vacant. Of course, all ia yet in its infancy, but Agricultural Hall, as well as all the otlter buildings, presents at this time the appearance of a and busy workshop. F. NJ.wYoRx, Aptilu, 1876.-EDITOR ToBACco LEAl': reply to the communication of factor T. in your last tsse, we leave to say::-If factor T. will take the trouble to inquire of the four firms he names therein how much ol the 3,ooo hhds-new crop which were sold dunng the month of Marc!I last of which we claim to placed .the part,' were' sold by those firn\s dunog that penod, he wtll find that their aggregate sales of that sort did not amount te one-fifth of the above quantity. their quotations or those state4 by us, based ol! actual large sales are ',' market prices," we must to the trade and the chantable instituflions, for whom be feels so liberally, to judge of. As we are on most friendly terms with all of our we advise factor T. to address himself personally and ,dtrect ua, as we. snail be glad to tender him all the mformatwn he desues to obtain. We shall hereafter decline to continue an .anonymous newspaper contro versy, and prefer to leav e it to the judgment of the trade at large to decide whether we have deviated from tbe conse;vat!ve po!icy which it been our aim and study to mamtam durmg,the long penod of our activity. Yours respectfully, M. RADER & SoN.


--I APRIL 26 THE !fOBA.CQO THE TOBACCO JIARKET. DOMESTIC. NEw YoRK:, April25. As business goes, the week just closed may be said to have shown some activity. In Western leaf there was a slight decrease in the sales compared with thasere corded m our previous writing, and in Seed Leaf and Spanish, or tobacco, a considerabl.e !ncrease; Regie buyers havmg, as 11sual, been the pur chasers of the first named variety-though cutters bought with some freedom-and operators on home account the leading buyers of the second. The leaf market generally is m what may be called a good condi tion, as prices are firm, as a rule, and not high, or not so b1gh as to affect transactions. Western intelligence, both with respect to advances there and the depreda. tions of the fly and bug and fros&, has a bracing but not iBtoxicating influence, and the indications are that much the same state of affairs as that now exlStmg in the market will continue pretty well along into the summer. Steadiness seems likely to be the some poss1ble misfortune to the prospective crop alcone being capable of deranging the present order of thimgs. Correspondents, as usual, differ regarding the amount of mjury done to the plants, but all :seem to agree that some injury has been done. Complamts are numerous from the neighborhood of Clarksv1Ue and Paducah. A Clarksville letter of the ISth mst. to a local factor says. Since writmg you this morning I have seen a number t>f parties from the country who rucpressed great uneasiness on account of the scarc1ty of plants. I saw th1s one of the largest planters in this county who offered for a guaranty of a sufficiency of plants to set out his crop. Another offered $5oo, and both of these men had sold and delivered their last crop. Never withm my knowledge has such a scarcity of plants been known, or the prospect at this season of the year been so unprom1smg. The cold weather made almost a clean sweep, add the fly is taking the balance. Many are now sowmg afresa, and the plants with the.most favorable weather can not be used before the last of June. The crop is bound to be late and short." This, and much more in the s&me vein, iis contained in the letter. A letter frGm Paducah dated April I7 says:" I made a trip of three days through Ballard County this week and found three fourths of the plants destroyed by bugs, and the planters digging up their beds ani 1 Runntng Lots......... 8@9 Good............. Wtson.&J11--Crop 1873. Fine ... .. llrp @15 I Runmn,-Lots .......... 6,.:@ 7 X Ywrz,.UJ. Luzf-Dark, heavy lugs .......... 4:}4'@ liX Havana.}'"1J. Com. So @ 85 do lW leaf 8 @11 4o Good do 87K@95 do med.tosood12 1 'do l!lne do a.oo@t do extra Hblp g, U, @lG j Extra Fme 1 us 1 2.5 Bright Yellow Workmg-Yara, I Cut, ..................... 81 @95 Ftllers .................. 10 @15 j do II Cut 1 .1o@,,15 Wrappers 20 :5 1 Mhufaetured-In Bond Tax J4 cts. Brtgbt Yellow SmoklDij per pound Lug"' 8 fa@lg l'bttnum to &ood 1 6 5 I Extra Aile ..... oj6 @60 Extra tine ................. 25 F ::J6 Go.AI\ Ofno-In'or to good com. f./!)7 me .. Browu and GreeniBil 7 K J GoM. .... !IS @SO Hedianu.nd ftne red 8 @o 1 .. 23 CGm to mod opongle.l. 7 @ 9 I Uomm t n 18 @ epanglect to 10 @JS 1 Preased, extra tlne 85 {C.UO 1 ,l(corvla11ght Pi-e ... d, tlno .30 @3!5 mOD + Quarl;; .. a 11 00@13 01 hllers 1 @ 7)! Sau.ff-Mu:cob<:.y 85@88 Running Lots . 10 @r. Rappee, -@ 1 OQ Seleet.ans ............... 1 s @ao Bootch & lnndyfoot 86@-85 Wucp,ur,._Crop Common .. -@-Ruomag Lots. 8 @ro AmeriC;iD Gentleman -@ 88 Wrappers ................ u @1.5 dtscount to tho Whet e. EXPORT QUOTATIONS. L""'ru:<. Ou"'"'Y Co,.tut,cut 6--Mtus -Crop 187o. A. 0. S ..................... --18 Wral'lpn .. ,... 8-Koiho Gold. Runmng Lots ... 1X 9 "G o. 460 tb cueff.... 28" Seconds and. FUlen-"l\ G: so t'b cases.... 28}i Crop ... 7 @7-K "C & A.'' 875 lbs .. c, .&-Ma11-Crop 187a and 1:878 "Wal11S Ex."" oo lbe. net.. "' l'tunmngLots ... I. C. yea.................. 30 Fillers...... .. ...... 5X< 'z. A .. 28ll tho......... 119 9 1872. "ld.F," RunnlDI' Lots te @tc B. Jit."' .................... 19 Wrapper LoU 14 @18 "W, S, 21 1873 14 @18 "G. 8 IMPORTS. V1rgmza Leaf-There were some few sales of VIr ginia leaf, but owmg 111eagre supplies enough to mvite remark. The mquuy contmues fatr for good working stock for both !lome ana' shippmg account. Our manufacturers are only moderately busy, but they evmce a disposition to purchase witlh some freeCilom if such grades as they requue were obtain'lble. The market wauld brighten up with fuller and better sup plies, but whether they wil1 be spared from the fountam head, and 1 f so, how soon, is the problem to be demon-The arrivals at the port of New Y01k from foreign strated. ports for the week ending April 25, mcluded the followSud Leaf-In this department of trade a coming consigntuents :-p aratively good business was done the past week, tne ROTTERDAM-Kaufman Brothers & Bondy, I42 pkgs 6 tlay pipes. sales reaching 1 ,soo cases, agamst I 1t3 cases pre-viously announced .. Th': f?re 1gn demand HAVANA-Sanchez, Haya & Co., 239 bales tobacco; light and reveals ao sign mdlcattve of future tmproveVega & Bernhe.lm, I6S do; M. Lilienthal, do; F. ment, but improvement, in the nature of things, must Garcia, UI do' F. Mu.anda & Co., uS do' Merfeld, eventually come, and, in the intemn, the only thing to Co., 73 H. R. &; Co., 4 cases b d n is to wait atiently for 1 ts arnval which IS bectgars, M1chaehs & Lmdeman, I do, Stratton & Storm, e : e P 1 do; A. S. Rosenbaum & Co., 2 do; Acker, Merrall & Chas. E Fischer & Bro., Tobacco Brokers, Condit, I9 do; & Tilford, 16 do; H. Thomas I3I Water report as follows concerning Seed & :;other, 3 do, Kunhardt & Co., 9 do, Alfred Owen, leaf :-Business for home trade during the past week 7 EXPORTS. was fairly act1ver for export but .litt}e was done, foreign ad vices regardmg Seed leaf contmumg unfavorable. Connutuut-Of this variety the I874 crop received most atte.ntion Sales e>f 2cc cases seconds at and 4oc cases wrappers at I4@I8c were made. To this may be added about crops I87I and I873 in small lots, making a total of 700 cases for the week. Massachusetts met w1th very hmited sales, in all not over IOO cases IS74 crop, at prices varyiugfrom 8@13c. New Yotk was dealt in to the exteRt of I2S cases, mostly crop 1873, at 8@9c. Ohlo-Sales,reached zso cases,. of which 94 cases crop I 87 4-7 5 at 5 c, and so cases 187 3 crop on private terms. Pennsylvania-The sales of this kind were confined to that of I874 crop, of. which iR all 26o cases challged hands at Wisconsin and W1slem remained negl.ected, not over 50 Cf-SeS were sold at To the above about Ioo cases sundries may be added, malung a total of about .1,5oo cases for the week, of which only ISO cases for sh1ppmg. Spanish-For Havana tobacco the inquiry was also better than whea last reported. All that has been said and written of ajfaus. m Hav.ana and on the plantations of Cuba is evidently not making a profound impression, or more activitv than there is would doubtless be wit nessed in thts marftet. Yet it is manifest that the mass of mtelhgence has not been without influence, as more is done and doing from week to week than weuld other wise lte effected. Nor is there a01y thing in the latest atcounts to change the previously reported aspect of affairs there. We again hear of purchases intended for New York that have been transferred to Havana IPanu facturers at an advance upon prices which the }oods were likely to bring here. So long as occurrences of th1s nature take place, it is toleraotr certain that former accounts had little or no exaggeration in them. The Messrs. Fi!.cher remark in relation to this staple -"Havana was in good demand; sales of. about 700 bales at 8sc@$I, and some extra fine Vegas at fi.I5o .Manufadured-Dealers report a moderate ,business for the week. There was somethin IJ done for both ex pGrt and home trade in all the. usual. styles, but apparently' no special demand for any particular style or class of &oods. Inquiry and offers in ab,undance are notice able: for goods that can not be sold as low as buyers appear to desue, but as this is not a.n uncommon occur rence there is no reason for refer ring to it, except for the want of a better item. The market is steady, and the stock on sale, thuugb not is attractive. regular, but not noticeably active in quiry was obllervable m this department. Cgars-There baa been no apparent .chanite in cigar market since our last nouce of tt. Busmess 1s fairly act!Ve. t Guld at iu}i, and closed at IU"' t>id and uz}S asked. Foteign E:xthange-Messra. M. & S. Sternberger, Bankers, report as :-Exchange remains fi.rm and commercial paper 1S very scarce. We have nothing new tg report in either exchange or gold market. We From the port of New York to foreign ports, for the week endmg Apnl 25, as follows:BRI!.MEN-47 hhds, 82 do stems, 3Io bales, 8o cases. BRITISH NoRTH AMERICAN CoLONIES-17 hhds .BRITISH WEST lNDIES-:Z hhds1 25 bales, 68 'pkgs (6,o6g lbs) mfd. CANADA-I 5 bales. CUBA-150 pkgs (11,357 lbs) mfd. CADlZ-44e hhds. GLASGOW-3I hhds, IOO cases. HAMBURG-333 bales. HAVRE-223 hhds. HAYTI-318 bales. LISBOH-94 hhds. LIVERPOOL-87 hhds, 33 cases, 141 pkgS (21,405 lbs) mfd. LONDON-33 hhds. Nxw GRENADA-40 bales, IS pkgs (3,223 lbs) mfd. VENEZUELA-I case, 61 pkgb (12,021 lbs) mfd. DOMESTIC RECEI-PTS. The arnvals at the port of New York from domestic interior and coastwise ports for the wee'k ending Apnl 25 were 2,405 hhds, 113 trcs, sr hlf trcs, 8s qtr trcs, 43 eighth trcs, 1,780 cases, I,o7r pkgs, 43 bxs, 227 three qtr bxs, 354 hlf bxs, 30 third bxs, 61 qtr bxs, 23 kegs, Io8 cadd1es, 24 hlf caddies, 40 cases cigars, 1 I do cigar ettes, 35 bxs pipes, cons1gned as follows: BY rHE ERIE RAILROAD-Blakemore, Mayo & Co.,41 hhds; Garrott & Gnnter, 63 do; D. Dorrs & Co., 3 do; Sawyer, Wallace & Co., s6 do; JarVIS & Co., 59 do; Pollard, Pettus & Co., 59 do; Thoa. Kmnicutt, 6 do; S. E. Thompson, 93 do; D. J. Garth, Son & Co., 59 do; S. S. Edmonston & Brother, 9 do; Burbapk & Nub, rr1 do; F. W. Tatgenhorst, 4I do; P10neer Tobacco Co., 2 do; J.D. Keilly, Jr., 13 do; J. H. Moore & Co., 8 do; Chas. F. Tag & Son, 4 do; Bum:l & Dormitzer : 3:z ,do; E. Rosenwald & Brother, 9:1 do; M. Lindheim, 1-41 do; W1se & Bendhe1m, 55 do; Order, 276 hhds, 86 BY THB HuDSON RIVER RAILROAD.-] T. Murphy, 5 hhds; C. H. Sp1tzner, 238 pkgs; Frischen, Roess & Schulz, 6 do; F. C. Linde & Co., 42 do; Wise & Bend heim, 6 do; S. Orgler, 2 do; J. S. Gans, Son & Co., 44 do; Order, 7 do. BY THE NATIGNAL LINE.-D. J. Garth, Son & Co., 31 hhds; A. C. L. & 0. Meyer, 46 do; S. E. Thomp&on, 36 do; Garrott & Grinter, 58 do; S. S. EdmoDston & Brother, 12 dp; D. Dons & Co., 8 do; P. Lorillard &. Co., 40 do; Thos. Kinnicutt, 25 do; Drew & Deane, 12 do; J. H. Moore & Co., IO do; R. L. Maitland & Co., 40 doi Burbank & Nash, 20 do; Sawyer, Wallace-& Co., S do; Pollard, Pettus & Co., 120 do; Jarvis & Co., 167 do; Kremelberg & Co., 24 do; Blakemore, Mayo & Co., 36 do; Order, 152 do. 1 BY 'lH& NATIONAL LINE.-Kremelberg & Co., I8:z cates ; :M. Weithelm & Co., 9 do; N. Lachenbruch & Brother, 4Z do; M. Lilienthal, 31 do; G. B. Wilson, 150 pkgs; C. E. Lee, IO do; Carhart Brothers, 30 do; C. A. Whitney & Co., 7 s do. BY NoRTH RIVER BoATs.-Sawyer, 'uanace & Co., 72 hhds; S. E. Thompson, 28 do; Pettus & Co., 25 do; Burbank & 'Nash, 1 f.o; "F. W. Tat&enhout, 25 do; Thos. Hoyt & Co., 6 do; Order, 33 dl.l. BY THB NEW YORK .AND NEW HAVEN STEAMBOAT LlNE-M. Wesfbeim & Co., 3:1 cases; Bunzl & Dor mllzer, 41 do; Levy & Neugass, do ;M: Abenhe1m & Co., 3 do; Have meyers & Vigelius, 65 do ; C. E. Fischer & Brether, 3 do ; Joseph Mayer's Sons, 7 do; S. Cohn&: Co., I7 do; S. Auerbach, ro do; M. Oppen b.eimer & Brother, 5 do ; Fox, Dills & Co., 30 do; A. L. & C. L. 51 do; Chas. F. Tag & Son, I do; Esberg, B.1chman & Co., 37 do; Chas. T. Seymour, I bale. BY THE INBW YORK AND HARTFORD STEAMBOAT LINR-Strohn & Reitzenstei11, 35 cases; A. L. & C. L. Holt, 36 do; A. Stein & Co., 10 ao: E. M. Crawford, 20 do;, Cbas. F. Tag & Son, u do; L. Gershel & Brother, 34 do; N. Lachenbruch & Brother, 29 do; H. Wasserman, 6 do; Havemeyers & Vigelius, 51 do; Bunzl & Dormitzer, :z do; Stra1ton & Storm, 21 dtt; Jos. Sehgs berg & Co., 6 do; S. Cohrt & Co., 3 do; E. Rosenwald & Brother, I8 do. BY THE OLD DOMINION STEAMSHIP LINE-Drew tc Deane, 3 lthds; S. E....Thompson, 30 do; J H. Moere & Co., 2 do; F. W. Tatgenhorst, 9 .do; Garrott & Gnnter, 17 1lo; Allen & Fancon, I do; Moses & Cohen, I do; Burbank & Nash, 4 do; Pollard, Pettus & Co., 7 do; P. Lonllard & Co., 7 do, 30 trcs f W. 0. Smith & Co., 73 do, 34 do, 51 blf trcs, ro qtr trcs, 43 eighth trcs, 174 case:s mfd, 35 three qtr bxs do; J. P. Q..uin & Co, 2 trcs; P10neer Tobacco Co., 13 do; L Porkorny, r do; J. D Keilly, Jr., 13 do, 56 cases mid; R. W. Cameron & Co, 25 qtr trcs mfd, 40 hlf bxs do; E. Du Bois, so do, 49 cases do, 23 kegs do, 12 nlfbxs do, Io qtr bxs do; Mar. tin & Johnson, 85 cases_smkg, 14do mfd, IS bxs do, 238 hlf bxs do, 20 third bxs do; Dohan, Carroll & Co., I9 cases mfd, 70 three qtr bxs do, 1 S ltlf bxs do, r6 caddies cfo; Jos. D. & Co., 4 cases mfd, 47 three' qtr bxs tlo, 39 hlfbxs do; H. A. Richey, t2 cases smkg, IJ do mfd, 40 cadd1es do; A. Hen & Co., ro cases smkg, 6 do mfd, 4 do Cllflrettes; C. E. Lee, 2 cases mfd, 5 th1rd bx:s do, 4 cadd1es do; W1.5e & Bendhe1m, 33 cases smkg, 7 do cigarettes; H. K. & F. B. Thurber, 3 cases mfd, 21 qtr bxs do; Bulkh : y, Moore & Co., 34 cases mfd, 4 cad dies do; C. & F Schriber, 7 cases smkg; M. Lindheim, 18 do; N. Wise, 2o do; T. A. Youag, 2 do; H. Colell, S do; Allen & Co, 7 cases mfd; W. H. Crossman & Co., uo do; Jas. M. Gardmer & Co., 75 three qtr bxs do, Jos. H. Thompson & Co., 5 bxs do, 10 hlf bxs do, 5 th1rd bxs do, 30 qtr bxs do, 16 ::addies do; A. W. Morton, 28 caddies do, z4 nlrcaddies do; E. Cohen, 3S bxs pipe!!; Order. 167 hhds. BY THE NEW YoRK AND BALTIMORE TRANSPORTA TION LINE-Toe!, H.ose & Co., 74 bhds leaf; Funch, Edye & Co., 76 do, 3 bxs do; M. Abenheim & Co, 3 cs do; Wetss, Eller & Kaeppel, 2I cs smkg, 3 pgs do; F. Englebach, 3 cs do; M. Falk. 43 do; N. & J. Cohn, r do; N. Wise, 4 do, Allen & Co., 21 do; Wise & Bend heim, ro bxs mfd; Cyrus E. Lee, IO do. COASTWISE FROM KEY WEST-Seidenberg & Co., 35 cases cigars; Frederick DeBary & Co., 4 do ; McFall & Lawson, r do; Stra1ton & Stotm, r 1 bales scraps ; Seidenberg & Co. ; ro do. CoAsrwiSE '{ROM CHARLESTON-Jos. H. Thompson & c:;o., 4I pgs. CoAsTWISK FROM pgs. CoASTWISE FROM NEW ORLEANs-Order, 5 hhds. BALTIMORE, Apri/22.-Messrs. Ed. Wischmeyer & Co., Tobacco CommiSSIOn Merchants, reJJort:-There is no spec1al change to note m the market for tobacco. ReceiptS of Marylaud have fallen off cons1derably th1s week, the lnspectiuns being only 8:z4 hhds, against I,459 do last week, but for fuis description the demand con tinues fairly active, and all desirable lots find buyers on arrival at ftill pnces ; common leaf, however, is neg lected, eXcept when holders SDOW a WillingneSS to meet the v1ews of buyers. Of O!uo ,the rece1pts are begin ning to be more liberal, but there IS nothmg doing in it, the large sh1ppers being still out of the market-only note sales of IS hhds to home manufacturers. Nothing to note of V1rginia or Kentucky. We re. new our last quotations :-Maryland-Common mon and frosted, oo@4 oo ; do do sound common, 4S0@5o; do good, 6 oo@6.5o ; do middling, 8 oo @g.oo ; do, good to fine red, 9.oo@ 1 I .oo; do fancy, 13. eo@:zo;oo; do upper country, do ground leaves, new, Ohio-Inferior to good common, s.oo@7.oo; do greenish and :brown, 7.oo; do to fine red, S.oo@Io oo; do com mon to medium spangled, 7.oo@9 do fine spangled to yellow,.ro.oo@rs.oo. Kentucky-Coll)mon to good lugs,; do Clarksville, 7.00@9 oo; do common leaf, g.oo@ro.oo; do medlUm leaf,; do. fair to good, rz.oo@r4-oli?; do fine, do selec tions, r8.t>o@ze.oo. VITginia-Common and good lugs, 6.5e> ; do common to medium leaf, g.oo@u.oo; do fatr to good leaf, u.oo@r4.00; do selections, I5.oo @2o. oo; do stems, common to oo. Inspected this week--------824 hhds Marylano. do do do __ -_ 282 do Ohio. do .do do '_-----I do Virgu'lia. Total.. ...... ----I,I07 do Cleared per steamer Ohio for Bremen, 258 hbds Mary land, g8 do Ohio, 9S do Virginia, 222 do Kentucky and x87 do Xirgiaia stems; also 277 cases seea leaf. bark Gamalul for Rotterdam, 697 hhds Maryland and 4 do Kentucky tobacco. 9 hhds tobacco to West Indies. T11bacco Sfatemlnt. Stock on hand in State tobacco ware houses and on shipboard not clea:ed Jan. r, I876-----------12,386 hhds Inspected week ..... -----------I,107 hhds Inspected previou:and 7S caddies, and fro.m Lynchburg, 577 bxs and 32 caddies; per Richmond steamers, z,714 pkgs, and per Norfolk steamers., 26 pkgs. CINCINNATI, April 22.-Mr. F. A. Prague,. Lep.f Tobacco Inspector, reports continues to be a good stron: market for all grades of new cutting Leaf, a11d all auction has beeo tak.:n at prices fully up to the eJ!:pectations of shipper11. Prices for old cuttmg stock have been a shade stronger this week, but holders are expecti1111; a better demand and are offering very sparingly. Fine Ohu seed wrappers are in active demand at h1gher prices. The total offenngs at auction for the week were 6 r I hhds and 244 bxs, as follows :-At the Bodmann W;;.rehouse, 165 hhds aDd 206 bxs: -I6S hhds Kentucky and Ohio cutting tob!lcco: 7r hhds old at 94 do new at for common smokers to fine cut.tiog leaf. 206 cases Ohio seed leaf: 69 at $3S; 4Ci at 4 go; 32 at 6@ 7.90; 39 at 8@9.80; 27 at ro@14-50; 18 at 15.75 At the Miami Warehouse, 131 hhds.and bxs :-130 hhds Kentucky and Oh10 cutting tobacco: r6 hhds old at $6.o5@17; IJ4 do new at for common smokers to fine cutting leaf. 1 hhd and r box West Vugima at :15 cases Ohio aeed leaf: u at; 6 at 6.25@7.25; Sat; 2 at II.25@I5. At the Planters' WarehouH, 124 hbds and 7 \>xi:-102 hhlis Kentucky and Ohio outung tobacco: SI llhds old at f,6 10@14'0; 51 do new at 18 hhds and 3 new West at f.3@II 4 hhds and 4 bxt common Ohio se'ed smokers at f,2.o5@5. At the Morris Warehouse, 97 hhds and I box :--92 hhds Kentucky and Ohio cutung tobacco: 19 hhds old at"; 73 do new at fo"r.wcommon smokers to fine cutting leaf. 5 hhds and r box new West Virginia at f.5.75@9 6o; I box at 7 At the Globe Warehouse, 94 hhds and 4 bxs :-87 hhds Kentucky and Ohio cutting tobacco: 59 hhds old at $4S@r8.s.o; :z8 do new at 3So@I3o for common smokers to fine cutting leaf. 7 hhds and 4 bxs common Ohio and seed smokers at $3@5. NEw YoRK CITY-S Ruppel, Dealer in Seed Leaf Tobacco, from 3ro Pearl Street to r84 Water Street. S. S. Edmonston & Brother, Dealers m Leaf from 5 r to 66 Broac;l Street. D. Buchner, Tobacco Manufacturer, from 256 Delancey Street to 213 and 215 Duane Street. Pioneer Tobacco CG., from I23 Front Street to 124 Water Street. Belcher, Park & Co., Receivers ef Flonda Havana from 35 Warren Street to 23 College Place. Fnschen, Roess & Schulz, Dealers m Leaf Tobacco7 from 147 to 175 Water Street. A: Blu111lein & Co., Dealers in Leaf Tobacco, from 2:z6 to 22:1 Pearl Street. CHICAGO, lLL.-Chas. Vogeler, Cig:u Manufacturer and Dealer in Tobacco, etc., from 49 to West Madison Street. VA., April 22.-Messrs. Pemberton & Penn, Tobacco Commiss1on Merchants, report :-Smce our last repo:t rece1pts have continued small. In fact the weather remains so dry and wu'idy that 1t IS utterly impracticable for our farmers to market their tobacco. Prices on all griides are fully up to former quotations. We note an advance on the finer grades of wrappen, some parcels fetching as as $7s per Ad'Veriisetnents. hundred. .All through th1s sectwn there IS much com plamt among planters 'in regard to rhe destructiOn of plants. They say all the early ones were killed, and those that after are not in a flounshmg cond1hon at all. The planting evidently will be a late one. We deem it unnecessary to alter tormer and con tmue them. HOPKINSVILLE, KY., Ajrzl 22.-Messrs. M. H. W. J. HOODLESS. C. E. TllYLOJI. Late of W. HOODLESS & RATIONAL TOBACCO IISPBCTiOI, Forwarding Warehouses, Foot of Van ()yke and Partition Sts., Brooklyn.. B11l a.ll .1. obacco care Nabonallnspection. WUUam St., No Yo! Partition St., 4 93+ FOR SALE. A FLRSTCLASS RESIDENCE, AT FLUSHil!IG, L. I. Clark & Brother, Leaf Tobacco Brokers, report: Receipts since last report sox hhds; to date, 6,830 do; same t1me in r874, ),9o8 do Sales last re port, 395 hhds; to date, 5,979 do; same t1n1e m. 1874, 4,83c do. In consequence o! the great destruction of plants by the fly. our market became mnch excued, and prices advanced xc. We qu::te common to medium lugs, good to fine lugs, common leaf, medium leaf, 10@t3c; good leaf, 13}4'@ fine leaf, rs@16c; selections, The selectwns were composed-entirely of fine dark manufac turing wrappers. and Swiss wrappers, and a few hhds that m1ght be taken for balers, but for lightness of body and color, which constitutes a peculianty of the grow:h of last year. In the matter of the destruction of plants by the fly, we are having over again the expenence of I866, and it would be well to bear in mind tHat very late sowmgs of seed brought plants that year in t j me to make a good crop; and even as recently as last year plant beds were burned en the 21st and 22d of Apnl, from which plants were set out by the rst of June. Many planters are now burning fresh beds. I THE HOVSE IS NEW, LARGE, TWO STORY, ATTIC AND BASE--MENT, WITH ALL MODERN IMPROVEMENTS, Gas, Lake Water, Sewer Connecbans, SPLENDID LAwM, Comfortable Stable; oDiy 8 Minutes from Depot. 104. TRAINS DAILY to and from Station. Addresa, K. K.., LKAP'' Office; Or tnformation can be obtatned personally at the above office. WANTED. l!' a well ESTABLISHED CIGAR HOUSE, .A" YOUNG AND EX:Pl:RIENCED TRAVELER m that hue. Address P 0 BOX, 4.406. LOUISVILLE, Aprii22.-Mr. Wm.J. Lewers, Secre tary of the Tobacco Board of Trade, reports :-Re ceipts this week about 1,5oo hhds, most of wh1ch is included in sales of the week. We notice a decided Improvement in order, but a large proportion of hght we1ghts, the general character about the same, bemg very deficient 10 body but of fine s1ze, silky tex ture, and small stem and fiber. Really rich heavy leaf occasionally presents itself, and it brings up in the "teens" for both good auq fine leaf, and from 7@roc for lugs, and from 9@ 13c for co,mmon to good leaf. These figures are for choice crops, which cut a small figure as regards quantity this year, surely at a not ratiO than I to so. Prices were firm and ;;trong the first of the week, but for the past few days J1 falling off was noticeable on all grades of nondescript and low grades of moderately heavy-bodied tobaccos, '1\hlch, taken together, is about two-thirds of our breaks, the other th1rd bemg of cutting grades; plug makers' kinds and a few really rich heavy export tobaccos have re mained firm. Dunng this week we have sold a few hhds cf Kentucky bnght wrappers at from r5@35C. SALES FOR WEEK, ETC. Watehouus. \ Week. Month. Year. Farmers' .... -------... Kentucky Association ..... Planters'_ ............ ----Falls City .... --------Louisv1lle ........ -.--... Ninth Street.-.... ------Pickett ......... Grange .... _______ ______ 219 642 ISS 394 176 480 38 103 224 653 370 J0H>3 1s4 66s I94 sn I I 3,300 I,89r 2,678 400 2,86o 4,727 3,735 2,162 52 TotaL __ _______ -_ I,S6J 21,80 5 Year I87s,--...... -----_ soo 2,298 14,8rz Year I874----------------2,187 27,196 Year r873-..... I,299 6 442 25,083 Week. J"'ear. Onginal New .... ------I,361 I5.,568 Original Old. ___ ---_. ___ -_ 8 2,16o New Reviews------... -II3 1,267 Old Reviews ..... ____ .... 79 2,!ho The sligat shrinkage in values of the kinds mentioned before bas not been enough to cause any change to be made in quotatiOns without a closer _s:lassification, which I think unnecessary. QUOTATIONS'FOR NEW TOBACCO. Nundescript. Common lugs .. ____ Good dO------Commonleaf.. _____ S Good do --.. Fine ... --------8 @Io Selections ____ ... ___ @ -. Heavy Bodi1d. 5 s @ 6 6 @ 8 8 @10 10 @I4 I4 @17 Cutting. 4 @ 5 5 @ 7 7 @ 9 9 @12 12 @r8 18 @25 Bright wrappers, sc. 1 Dark wrappers and other kinds su1table for plug makers embraced in heavy bod1ed quotauons. No sweet old leaf opened this; week. We sold 87 hhds of sour old lugs at prices ranging from it having been bought and held here since spring of 1874. MIAMISBURGH, OHio, April rs.-Our special correspondent reports :-The tnnsactions for the week ending w1th the aboye date will foot up, 1 ncludng all grade11 of 1873, I874 and I87 5 tobaceo and delivered only at our place, very to soo cases, and of this. not over ro6 cases has gone forward to Eastern mar ket; by th1s we notice the greater portion of the goods are held bac k on speculation. A great many growers do not propose selling their tobacco to resident buyers and take very low pnces for it; in consequence of this more tobacco IS at present being shipped to the Cin cmnati market than to my knowledge has ever been shipped before from our 1mmed1ate v1cinity, and in many instances less money is realized by shippers than had they,sold at offers made them by buyers,here, and we judge the losing parties over balance the parties that make a gain by thetr adventures; as a party remarked to me dunng the week that a shipper of quite a large lot of 1872 and r873 tobacco lost f,3,ooo by not his tohacco here, instead of sending 1t to Cmcinnati. PADUCAH, KY., Apri/21.-Messrs, M. H. CJark & Brother, Leaf Tobacco Brokers, report :-Rece1pts [ Contznued on Se11enth Page.] Changes in --j Nxw YoRK Crrv-Vega, Martmcz & Brothers, and in Havana Leaf Tobacco and Cigars,. dissolved; the business will be contmued under style of Martinez & Brothers. 1 A.W. Harris.&Co., Tobacco Manufacturers, dissolved. FortheoJDinf Auction Sales. Br. Burdett & :19 Burling Slip, on Thursday, Apnl 27, at u o'clock, at 128 Water Street, (by order of Mr. Dessauer, i,s decVning business,) Seed Leaf and !Iavana Tobacco, Offic Furniture, Notes, Book Accounta, etc. Oil Wednesday, May 31 at u o'clock, within the store, 13,6oo cho1ce Havalla cigars, seized for violation of the reven\18 lawa. DISSOLUTION. The Partnership heretofore eztshnaunder the firm name of VEGA,. MARTINEZ & BROc; Hi this day by mutual content The bus rness wall be conbnued by MartiDez Brothers, who wdl stgn tn hqutdataon_ New York, Apnll9 1876. RAFAEL VEGA. FRANCIS MARTINE Z B MARTINEZ, MANUEL MARTINEZ, tt By B. Martinez:, Att'y BY BURDETT i DElliS, 29 Burling Slip, OM THURSDAY, APRIL 27, At 12 o'doclc, at No. uS Watf!r Street. (By order of Mr. WM. DESSAUR, who )S dechmng b u smess) PEREMPTORY SALE. The enbre Stock of SEE D LEAF and HAVANA TOBACCO, now on hand, t o he 8old to the bidder. Also. Office Furniture, etc Also, NOTES and BOOK ACCOUNTS, etc Catalogues mornmg of sale [S83xt] A 'YOUNG who has an Extensive Trade and Acquaintanc::e. LEAF TOBACCO Destr .. to make some arranaement "With a firm only. Satisfactory references gnen trom present and paat conoeottons. Address W. L, M tb11 office WA.NTED.-A C.ent1eman of Large Expenence in the MANUli'ACTURING and STRIPPING thoroughly competent and famthar wtth the successful use of Steam m the Jdanufactanng of To bacco and the band hog of Leaf or deatres a 5ttuatton either in a Manufactunng or Strtprmg and Leaf Establishment. Has had many yean expeneoce m several o the largest Manufactunog au..d Stripping Estabhah menls in Vua:mla. Best of References. Address '' :MA.NUFA.CTURER,'' Je\erav11 re. Amalia Coanty, Va. $11:. to $20perdayathome. Samples wortb. '' hee tJ CO Portland, Mame. SEND to G. P. ROWELL &: CO., New York, for Pamphlet of too pages, hsts o f 3000 newspapers, and estimate shOWlDg coat of advert1s1ng. $12 a day at home. Agenb wanted. Ou1fit and term11 free TRUE & CO, Augua1a, Ma1no.. FOR SALE. A Fresh Supply of 1 .100,000 Pouds Genume "DEl!lRTONGUE" !Flavor, lor SMQlKING TO&ACCO Manufacturers, to lots to suit purchaeem, at lowest D,.ures .MARBUI'tG BROrHERS. 145-, 147 and 149 S. Charles Stredt, Baltimore, Md. PENNSYLVANZ&CIGARS IN ANY QUANTITY, AT FROM $19 "tO $18 per :H ., Pon:haaed for Caoh < Received on Couoll!DDleDt. Wo P. FAB.B.DGTON, Jobber of' Clgara, 574586 UJ D7er Street, Providence. R. J OWL, COLDEN-CROWN, fc cAPITAL Smoking Tobaccos,. I!IANUFACTURED BY STRAITOH t STORM, 118 180 Pearl Street. DUTIES ON FOREIGN TOBACCOS AND CIGA.RS 'Foreign Tobacco1 duty 3SC per pound, gold. Foretgn Ciprs, $1 SO per pound and :15 per cent. ad valort:m. <...:1garettes, S1 7 5 per M. -wetghtng three pounds, over three r ound!, $6 per imported and Cigarettes. also bear an Intern a Revenue tax of$6 perM., to h e patd by stdmpJS at the:: Cu:s.tom H ouse (Reve.Du.e Act, ,} as ameoded Much 3, S? S 1 mpon duty on tobacco H! c.oc. per lh !lltemmed. ,"'stc: m s 1sc per pound, S craps, 30 percent arl valoreM lu to thh duty, the RevPnue tax en the sa m e kmcl of mad,.. 1n tlu" ou-n' ry matlt ue pat d. fhe tobacco .must al:.o be packed accototUI!f to thd re&; ,a tous govermng tobacco made here FOREIGN DUTIES ON TOBACCO. Jn Auatrla, France, ItalJ and Spain. the tobacco commerce II mouopollze4. oy under direction of a RerieIn Germauy the iutytm A mer ican leaf tobacco ia 4 ttialers per too lDs. In Belgmm the1mpoet 11 reckoned after deduci.ipg t5 per cent. for tare. The duty Is 13 fran, JO centunea ( 40 gold) per roo Kilogrammes (>co American lb&o. equal 45)1' klloo ) In Holland the duty is JS cents. gold, per 100 kltos. (18o American po'OUd. beln g equal to u7 kilos. ) I a llussia tbe dut1 on leaf tobacco le 4 kopeks per pud on smoking tobacco 26 rou .fOC"P per pud, and on c1gara 1 rou 20 Gop pe; pud. r,ud" i s equal to about 36 American lba. ID Tatkey the duty is socentl, go d1 peru-" Americanouucn. ....,.. \ COPE'S TOBACCO PLANT-A JOURNAL for ::smokers. PllbHehed a.t No. 1 0 L ord !lr4elso n 'ltreet, Ltve r poo l l:.ugr: W.ti.Cre subscrtptLons m&y be addteHBed, or to t.he ToBAooo LUF OFn' & Pr1ce two ahllling1 tEnglid1) per annt:tm Advertleemeots, 20 aJJ.1llings per Inch. No .._,vertiRementa tor a ,llorter period than aU mouths MacbiDey !or Eah JJil&Uut.fJB &o. la "Qer Uue. No or .. er for v.."iJl \.JtH;.uu. 1dilerM. unle ... accompanied Ly the c rreEpondwg &monut. 'lhla ""' .. tnvrtably be lldhere

I ',. '. T B E T 0 B A C C 0 L E A ti.Ex. Jof.J.DOHAN. nros cARROLL WILJ.I.ut wlt.:r..WM. WiCKE CO., MARTIN & JOHNSON, ... DOHAN "ARROLL ... no MANUFACTURERS!' 79 FRONT' STREET, u a, u ., C:I:GAR BOXES TOBACCO 155, 157, 159& 161 Goerck st., TobaccoIGommission m 104 :FRONT STREET, r MA-NUFACTURED & SMOKING TOBACCOS .,.. 'lpf i1bbons. p, 0 BOX 4365, NEW YORK. Ag()nts for the following well-kn0\vn Viriini" and N. Carolina Manufacturers: \...!IIJ p._,. ROBERT W. OLIVER, Richmond, Va. l Wll'fGF!ELD & LAWSON, Riehmond, Va. A fi h .ti II II k d I bl M t: lJ. C .lilA V.O & <;:o. Rlc!nl)on<'. Va. WONACK & INGRAM, Meads viii!, Va. ger.t s ort eo owmgwe nownan. re1a e anu,acturers: V. :IIAB.'l'IKIIZ '2'BOB. .lh o., ..,v-.J GENTRY&.CO ,Ricllmond,Va. w.o!JKE, Durham,N.C V MAYO & KMIOl'lT, Riehmond, Va. R. T. FAUCETT, Durham, N.C. BT.URPAPCINE:._ BRO., W. JJ,. HY.ARGBRREAOillEGRH, l SONS, a' IMPORTERS or BAVANA LEAF T"B!nll 0 HARDGROVE POLLA'RD & co. Richmond, va. COOP!>!\ & oxford N o. Ul IJJI U U1l The special attention of the Trade is called to the !ollowing established Brands : L J. GRANT a co., L H. FRAYSER a co., AND MANOFACTURERS OF THll M:AN;In'ACTURED :MANUFACTURED: T W PEMBERTON R W OLIVER EL PRINCIPE DE GALES BRAND OF HAVANA AND Kli:Y WEST, Virginia Bean ties, P. P.'s whole and Ji CacW!ea 01d Ned's Choice, )fs, )fsbP. P's. I 1 o ftG CEDAR ST NEW 'YORK YirgtoiaBelluties,3S,48,andr.jS D.C.Mayo&Co.,Navyt s. JOHN R PACE II. CO JOHN W CARROU d o5 Far mer sDaugbter,3S,.;.s,andXs. D.C lfayo&Co., Navy,Jis,and)fs,P.P.,in.,.boie, I Ul 'I o I 1ft othlfl, SOLE AGENTS FOR THE ORIGINAL q W.J. Gentry & co. Navy, xs, Jfs, J(s, P. P'o. Cable Coil, Donne Douche, 4s and 6s, Single and Double Thick. ALSO, AGENTS FOR THE CELEBRATED. lONE JACK & BROWN DICK SMOKING TOBACCO. Oriental, F ig, m tin foil, )( lb. boxes, aqd 1o's FRANCIS S. Kl N N Ey'S > Charm, 6-inch Twist,intmfoil,)f caddl.., M ayo&Kntgbt,Ji{avy,)fs,)fs, '(s, P .P's. &longtos. (;harmer, 6 and u-inch twi.&t. PATENT liP ROVED TOBACCO CUTTER. Y/;t In bags of ts, Old Ken tuck, lbs. Caeyque. Star. Reward of Industry, Ibs. Oliyer's Choice. VirgiQia / Be rle. Pride of the Natie.n, lbs. Nugget. Pioneer. tbL Natioo. ..Harvest Q ueen J(s, P P s Duke' s Durham. Dandy Lion. Choice, _Ms, }is, P P Durlum. attention given to putting up special brands for !SOLE use Clf owners. :for APRIL 26.lf. Y. Commission ,BULKLEY MOORE & CO. Tobacco Commisaien Merchants c.-rn .. '14 FrtONT Street. EUGENE DU BOIS, CO.SIOI MBBCRANT, JIB.OXT S'l'&BIIT, YORK POI, DILLS & CO., Importers of SPANISH PACKERS OF 1 ta.rge Stocks of Manufactured. of Every Description, E .. T.,-PILKINTON c a CO.'S ''PH HITS= om 4LT Ir SEED LEA F TOBCCOS S uitabl e for the Home Trade aMd for Foreign Ma rkets, y o :n. ::E3:a:n.d.; :BOWNE "' FRITH I I HIGH TONHD SIOKING -7 BURLING SLIP, NEWYORK. F. C. LINDE. C. F. LINDE. C. C. HAMILTON. S. MARCOSO. R. ASHCROFT. SHHD LEAP TOBACCO INsrBCTION with kn ife working upo n inclined" h.earings, ;:and operating w1th a cut upon tobacco, which is placed ia a box with sides at and bottom parallel wtth s;;ud kmfe. This cut. kind of tobacco cut it Perfectlr. TOBACCo IN Sp ECTE D 0 R SAMPLED :!'lu g Twist, Penqu e m and a n y smularly hard prep ared tobaccos can be cut in their h ard state, w 1thout a n y casing, or any other mo1stemng to soften thP.m, It makes no shorts, can be run by hand or power, requires n o skill to operate it its constructio n is Certificates riven fer every case, and deli vered case by case, as to numbe r of Certlfi.cate. o ftbe most substantial kind, slow to wear and diilicult to disorder. PRICE OF MACHINE COMPLETE, with Press (box 4.l>x61<>0 inches), 8210 net cash. N. B.-We Also Sample in Merchants' Own Stores. Offl.oe-141 West EroaCI:way, N. Y. N. B.-The attention and Turkish, and all Fanc ;yTobaccos, Straight Cuts, Bright Leaf, etc., etc., is particularly called t this Machine. F. c LiNDE tc CO., PRINCIPAL Water iiheet, and to 186 Pearl Street. 'Va.Cer, 173 74, 76 &. 78 GreenW"lch Strceto, and 1, 7 & 8 River Rail Road Depot, John's Park. APPLEBY & t-INK.t., J. Me J. BENSEL & CO -!OBACCO INSPECTOR, TOBACCO INSPECT.lON 155 WATER STREET, .,.. 127 & 129 WATER STREET. 1 N' e"''I'V "'2"' ork.. .. COtJNmY !!Al!IPLING PROMPTLY AT-OERTIFICATES ISSUED AND CASES DE TENDED TO. LIVERED OR IN LOTS, ESTABLISHED IN 1 8 62. F. & A. McALEER & CO., G. REUSENS, TOBACCO INSPB&TOBS. BUYER OF OrdersJfor Sampling in the T O B A C C 0. attenlled to. f 14S Water Street, .. 156 liitRGAD STREET, NEW YORK, XEWYORK. Ad!.X ANDE:R MAITLAND : .. ___ L. F S MACLEHOSE. ROBERT L. 114AITLANJJ :,.-t,.\\'f L. MAITLAND 4 't TOllACCO Aim FACTORS, (liJ.. GENERAL CO!!ISSION ItJERUHANTS, 43 BROAD ST., R. '2'. Advatlcements made on constg-nments toW. A. It G. MAXWE-LL & CO., J.IVERP cured by any other known process. o. oox nw YORK. IIDGAB. lJB.IGGS; Ageat, r. NEW YORK. TBCIMAS IINNICUTT I DlN'l'tJOIY and vmGmiA r. w. TATGERBORSr. Leaf Tob c 'l'O:B.A.OCO : 8(' O, I .mm mmm.t No. 88 BROAD STREET, NEWYOitL GEO. P. NASH. P RESCOTT BURBANIC. Office and Salesroom, No. 207 Front Street, San Francisco, Cal., And Branch Office,e:r2o Water St., New York. M. SALOMON, M. a E. SALOMON, OF SEED LEAF;AND IMPORTERS OF .Havana Tobacco and Cigars, 85 MAIDEN ft. l:. -sable; ''Geldeo Seepn tre,"' tPtanter's Pri-de," WA'l':EIB. STI\IIB'l', NEW YORK. "Farmei's Choice," and SKOEINC I 'I'OEAOCOS. ALEXANDER MACK, IMPORTED OF HAVANA AND PACKER OF Sl!nil:b LEAP : WTILSTEIN, T 0 D A a 0 0 s, :1-,.< PATENT 162 Water S t., N.Y. TOBACCO M H LEVIN, MACBINBBY, s7 LEAF TOBACCO, 162 Pearl Street, ltw York. on hand the Best Improved Hand and Steam Machines for Cutting and Dila:Ll!DG llli CO., Granulating Tobacco. 160 PEARL ST., NEW Yoll:L .;..' J. D. n.Elr!ELllEEG k MJ!I'. UEDL:SEIG, SCUEFEI & CO., _\.. General Commission Merchants, coMMISSION, MERCHANTS NEW OIU.EANS, LA. WmlL:SEli.G k CO., Broad Street, N LoursvrLLE, Kv. .. P. 0. 4858 NEW YORK. -18 c1L 48 llxchange jAMI!.S M. GARDINEK, WALTER FRtEDMAN IMPORTERS OF James. lYI. Gardiner_ a Co. ) Tobacco Commission .Merchants' S4 :l"ront street, Ns-w :Y'ork. HAVANA TOBACCO I 203 Peart Street, NE-W YORK. ARE RECElVTNG D iREC 1 ; FROl\1 v iRGINIA coc-rsrGNMENTS oF MANUFAC-TURED TOBACCO. EXPORT ORDERS FOR P LUG TOBACCO CRAS. F. iJ'JtG & SON, : PR0:11PTLY FILLED. Manufacturers SNUFF1 and every WEYMAN'.& ...,.-"" "-" !79 & 81 Smithfielcl S treet. l'ittsbur gh, 1'&. TOBACCO POUCH IQUTB. BiBB Teant Loader" Makes a Perfect POUCH of the Poorest TOBACCO BAG, Caa be eaoHy Attached or D etaehed PATEN TEE AND PROPRIE TOR, B.JIORAHAN,366 HoytSt.,BrooklJ r ,N.Y. B., MANUEACTURER OF A:LL KINDS OF MUSLIN AND LINEN TOBACC' Q 20:3 Eut Bevent;rfift.h .St., .New Yark. Orders prome!!_y 4lttende d t o at the S hortest notice. MANUEL 'RIVERA, lMPOR'l'ER OF :S:A. VA N .A. LEAf, TOBACCO Brand A. C. V." AND CIGARS, l3ran4 CA!Ami AS. l\141DBR J.Aln.:, llEW VEGA & BERNHEIM, ) IMPORTERS 01' Importers of SPANISH and Dealrs in all kinds of LEAF TOBACCO, 184 Front Street, KBW TOB.&. LEAF' TOBACCO, 17S :Pearl S'tz.eet ; Bet. a; Cew. "NEW N. LACQNB!lUr,JI & No._184 W -ater Strcet,_NewYork. WHOLESALE JJC HAVANA 1l DOMESTIC -HAVANA TOBACCO -Leaf Tobacco. ') .. l 1.. A BRO. F.} MIRANDA .&: co. :SE!D, i.EAF lllD HAVUl IMPORTERSQF TOBACCO, IIAVll.l LID TOBACCO 138.WATR AND OF THE B'JUND 01/' :NEW Ye&K. CICAR8 '' RITICA,'r Pearl St ;New York. CHABLIS. A. WULFP. Ll.thogrGpher, .Printer, and Manu-ANTONIO CONZ:ALE%, tacturer of I DIPORTER OF CIGAR AND TOBACCO LAIRS, lobJttl, Pat111t Transparent Crystal &Ius ud ;Da:TAI. SIGRB, etree't L. CARVAJAVS CIGARS, :1. GOBBIII. c1L 00., !'ATMAN & CO., Cotton and Tobacco -Factors, J3URJ3ANX & :N' ASH, 11 J, J, Dm:' H. T 0 B A c c 0 'A. H. .qALY & !JO., lmporten and Manufacturers of 1 i\ND :W.ERCHANTS, l "'0 & 72 Brqad Street, VEW YORK, AND 'TOBACCO i: COTTON FACTORY roBACCO liD CIGARS Fore1gn & Woods, tDDISSIDJ mmun d D KALIE... :1.63 lllAIDEN :t.AlOl. NEW YORIO: Gl!llllral SNUFF, etc.. SPANISH 'CIGAR BQX CEDAR

JACOB BIIIBLL, MANUFACTUREt eF ) CIGAR BOXES, SUPERIO:rt MAKE AND Prime of. CEDAR WOOD, 293, & -;.r;n Monroe St., NEW YORK. Evay facility afforJed t o Dealers and Correspondents consistent with Sqund Banking. H. ROCHOLX., President. J. SCHMITT & CO. / I THE TOBA'OCO LEA,F__. A. SCOV:.tLL:E tSUCCE!ISOUS T O PALi'IER &;; SCOVILLE.) IX:POE. 'I':EB.S OF AND JOBBERS IN ALL KINDS OF Ko.1,.0 WATBB. STI\BBT, CONNECTICUT SEED LEAF WRAPPER OF OUR' OWN PACKING, WEISS, ELLER & KAEPPEL,' Importers of and Dealers in 220 ::PZAB.I. S'I',, NJC'W YO:al!t j Sheet Metal' Cigar Moulds o Spanish,-.Al!'llr.D or I And. Whoteoate Deater In JMEAF TOBACCO, 191 Pearl Street, New York:.--I .. .. .. \ .STRAITON OF .. )UUAN ALLEN Seed-:Leaf and Havana 172 Water Street, N. Y. i WRIGHT &. co.', I COMMISSION MERCHANTS for the Sale of 'MANUFACTU-RED TOBAC<::O, and Agents ior J. C. McA.NDREW'S . CELEBRATED LICORICE, 5 i SCIJB.OJ)BR, a -1 WATER STREET, ._. NEW YORK : l 1 t -.. ..... I --. PAcKERs: OF DOMESTIC : '!' LEAF T'0BAeco _'-J .... ......... h ..... .._. ... 6 ... POWDERED LICORICE, GUM ARAQIC, OLIVE OIL, OTTO-ROSES, Tonqua B1'ans, And all other Mat&ials for Flavorlrig used by Manufacturers, incltrdingthe-Dnesr : -Essential ons, W H. Schieffelin & Co., f 4 .. 110. e:a. m WILLWC S'l'UI'l', nw vou. .. TOBACCO AND CIGA : AID IIAIIIJFACTURERS Of 'FIIIE CLEAR 'HAVANA CIGARS. FACTORY, 83 WILLIAM! OF.FICE o!t 19'T PEARL ST., W.Y H. W. E:B.IOHS, MANUFACTURER OF CI&A:R .. AND IMPORTER f GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS of .lc CO., !' ... D-&ALER l N I JMPOR'I'ERS OF & DEALERS IN Leaf is the 0"1.1.., 1\{nuld su:tabte for the Fine Hayana Cigars. 'J."in to bet he best aromas. The bUnches -produced Mould do nr.t as no i11bown. F o r Circulars, address N o .' 1 '[ OBAcco _gxcHft>NGE; -VA. ;,. Cigar-Mould Presses, Straps antt Cutters, 263 SOUTH STFCEET ,N. Y. ) 1 r NAPOLEON PUBRUL, '' I 62 si.., Mew York. J. SCHMITT. C JOST. So'te Patentee of the Crease! e s YJaoden 1 Tobacco Cutter. CICAR BOXES tc SHOW Dealer in all kinls of Cigar Ribbons, GERMAN OiGAR MOLDS; P.l\ESSES, STRAPS, CUTTERS, A N D OF THE PATENT ,.SELE-SMOKING SHOW M. W. IIBRDEL & MANUFACTURERS OF CIGARS. AND DEALI!jRS IN LEAF TOBACCO,, NEW YORK CUTHRI_E & : eo., 225 Front Street, COMMISSION MERCIIANTS, ANI> TOllACi:O PRESSERS, Leaf T obacco pressed in b a les f o r the \Ves t M e.xican and Central AmericaD Ports, and other mar k ets. TOBACCO PACKED IN .HOGSHEADS. wM. SCHOVERLING, and Sheet M e tal Cigar Moulds, & l68W. Seoond. St., Cinelnna.t1, 0 LEVY BROTHERS, 1'14a:n. u:fact'l.1re:rs o:f FIN:E 126 & 127 BROOME ST. N W .YORK. COPE'S 'l' O AOC PLA T, A MONTHLY JOURNAL' FOlf SMOKERS. PUBLISHED' AT No. 10 LORD NELSON STREET, LIVERPO L, ENGlAND, Two Shillings Cf&nglish) per Annum. addressed, ?r to TOB.ACCO LEAP" OFFICE. AMERICAN SUBSCRIPTIONS, 75 CTS. PER ANNUM, POSTAGE PAID. FRIES & !OHIO. MANUFACTURERS OF NEW YORK, NEW ca, ,. a :a:a. elL Li.,_..l Cash.advauces made on Cousignmeo.te. \ c I G I a F E 1eo Pearl st., SMALLEST $2.00. SE.RT 0. D. 21ocHABLAHN,..,I NW YORK -------------------. A D1nrLa. 1 ... J. L. GASSERT. L. GASSERT. HEILBUIII' & tL B. J. L. GASSERT BRO., L 1 HAVANA AND DOMESTIC comssiON URCHAITS MANUFACTtJRI!:R S OF lEAF TOBACCO, ANDDEALUINALLKINDSJOF c I GARs,. I IQ.l, LE t p TOBA,CCO 234 SECOND sT., l'riachm loess & .Schulz, A 'n:w ToaK. PACKERS AND DEALERS No. 4 80 Water St., New 'fork. "'A OATMAN li!P .-TDB!CCO, BRO. '"rom t 7!5 Wat Street, PINE HAVANA CIGARS NEw And Dealer. in Domestic LEDERER & .FISCHEL. I 58 St., DEALERS IN A. co., LB. D Seed Lear Commission Merchants llf TOBACCO, AND I 66 Water Street, AND DEALERS IN 1fAVANA TOBACCO, LEAF TOBACCO, a-13 l'E.Al!.L &TU:J:'l', NEW Y OJI. ... BLUM PEARL STREET. l oT'fnmn & BROTHER,\ :. J s. BARNETT, KENTUCKY ... A. c L & 0. MEYER, lliPORTER OF BlVAil --),;-_ FOR,VA.RDING AND AND PACKER OF I J;IAF -TOBACco: COMMISSION -MERCHANTS, ... 41 BROAD STREET -42 BEAVER ST., NEW YORK. ... "' "' NEW YORJ.t. AddrcssbyPostP.O.Boxy1 k 121 MAIDEN LAN N Y at attentiealers in a ll Descriptions of Packera of and Dealers iu LElP TOBACCO, SEED_ LEAF TOBACCO, HAVANA& DOMisTICTOBACCO. 197 .,uane Street. No.6 BURLINC SLIP, A STtUN, l N y rk 191 PE.ABL STREET, NEAR WATER-STREET, I:. Still BW 0 r. L. GSR!HBL. 'I'. J:II'JC'W-YORK. c;"'ar M;wufUturers p 'amcaiar! y favored. s. G&RSHBL. .. ......-. ..... IIWIIU .... The Most Perfeet Machine in the World f9r all gradesJ of Fine-Cut, Chewing ano Smoking. ? IN t1SE BY ALL FIRSTCLASS HOUSES. HOGLEN_ &. PEASE, DAYTON OHIO. THOS. B. CHALMERS, .;: 5:t Beek.ruan St., N. Y. foe the Sale of and where Cutters will find a stock of a lw ays on. band. Ams-terdam, Holland. INDIAN HAVANAHS, Price 15 Dollars per !,000 in London,.in Bond These Cigar s are neatly ro!l e in Havanah pattern/are we!Hiavorcd, and a r e made-o n t ht: premises by HESSltS. CA!ll':SELidc; CO. Ple.nta.t!on Works, Dinaigul, Kaaras :E'tes!deney, India, 179 d:l 1S.J. Le'V'Vis 81;- ::!Sre-vv 'Ye>:rh:.-' A. & F. BROWN, OF PRESSES & Cigar Cutter& & all Gther Machinery for C:iga.:r, IMPORURS. OF GERM.AN CIGAR MOULDS. 57, 59 & 61 Lewis st. Delancey and Rivington NEW YORK. JOHN EIFERT,. FOR .CICA. R BOXES, 291, 293, &. STREET, NEW YORK. Particular. Attention paid to Sawing, Planing to order. Internal -:Revenue :Books. SANCHEZ, HAYA & CO.,. Tho Orlgtaal latemal Renaue Publishing JL>aoe. \ \.. 1.30. 138. 134. ;c. JOURCENSEN, (SOLS SVCC_!SSOR TO BSTl& .t SMITH, I lo1ANUP'ACTUitBXS ,. l'.t> Box 37 LIBERTY ST:, N. 'I FINEST CLEAR HAV ABA Cl"' Dl' lr0111 11.!14 St6ncila a Speci<7. lJJUU) PR.XN'TX::J:SrG AND IMPORTERS OF Havana & Leaf Tobacco. From Tobaoco grown and cure d under their

, / I I -THE TQBACCO LE'A.F. APRIL 26 Bal'ttm.ure Advertlaemea.t&. WESTERN ADVEBTiSE:IIENTS. j EASTERI ADVBnsus. ---':"'"C-In_c_l_nn_a_t_l -----A-dv_e_rt-)s_e_m_e_nt_s_. __ __;;,_ qM:sros wxLU..'!I L. B. f:lJ'hil&delpllia Advertiaementa. BICHARDlULU'Y. HENRY BESUDEN c. WELLES .. co., R.MALLAYABRO 'CONN.DSE{DL.EAF DEALERS JN KNECHT, SMITH & CO., Bt1GClEIIO.BS TO &TEDER, SJUTB IIBOI, KJrECJBT, B!!:.A.LEitS IN ALL KINDS OF LEAP TOBACCO, """\IVM. A. BO"VD & 00., IAHPACTIJID AID LIAP TIIBICII, CHS, ll A'KD M:AlnJI'ACTtJBEBS 01' A.JID DEALERS Dr CIGARS, 131 Korth IJ!'hird Street; Jtlailaclelplaia. Wltl: A: IIOYD,.JB, 33 SOUTH ST.-, -BALTIMORE. WM A. 'BOYD, I TJI()jl. W. CllOJIER. STIWART,RALPB & co., L. -vv-. GUNTHER, KANUFACTURERSOF GENERAL COMMISSION MIRCBAft, Ralphs Scotch Snuff, 'ANDToaAccoFAcToR. a'M"ft I'I..,.E CIQA'DS No;. o aoor::a .. .1... ,a..a. t (One door west of Place), DEALER IN -I ) .... LEAF TOBA-t:CO, LEAF TOBACCO, I 16 and I 17 West Front St., -lCl. 168, & 165 Pearl Stret, Between Race aad Elm, OINOINNATi 0. CINCINNAT;. No. 11D Arch &"t., Phllad.e1ph1.a.. ll A J.T IM 0 B.ll. :D. a.bert Ste-rt. Atonnder Ratptu John w Woodal4e. Samuel A Hendrie'Liberal Advancem.ents 00 Consiillnlents to my Address. LOUIS KROHN. LEOPOLD FEISS. MOSES KROHN TEI.I.ER BROS., 154 State $treet, D.&JITI'OBD. 00101. I J. DIX & CO.,. Packerf and DcaZera '" .. &unmm mB LW 217 SJITE IJREET, .. WEsTPHAL, 1 Comussio:N iiEB.cliuT. ADd Deale< 1n Pac;tkers, Commissfoa l!4emlum.ts, aDd Wholesale Dealers in Poreign and Domestic Leaf' Tobacco, 117 North ThirdStreet, Philadelphia. PI BAYAIA T L. BAMBERGER & CO., DEALERS lN (!: > 1LE.A.F\') T -OBACCO, r Anc;f Manufacturers of all Grades of Cigars, It will save 10 to tS per tent. of the Leaf without lmpairioe the qulitr of the Clr;an, and IDake a wellworltlnll' Long Filler without Shorts or Scraps. G, IERCKHOFF & CO., u S. CBAR.LJCS 8T., Arch St., Philadelphia,Pa. liALTl:Mou:.Mo. ,_ __ ::--:--:--:-:::-:------:----------1 f. BECKER. .I .c DECKER. 1.. BECKER. BR:O-I"HERS, Office and Salesroom, 126 Viae St.eet; .--------A. L. &: F. SISSOI, Paclten ancl Dea(tra tn OONNEOTIOUT SEED LEAF IIJWOBACCO, No. 134 MAIN STREET, J-18& Hartford, Conn. ', Factory and Warehouse, 244 & 246 W. 8d St., oNMONRMAAN HUBBARD & l'locb" aad Dnlers In PACKERS, COMliiSSION MERCHANTS. LEWIS BREMER'S SONS, iR Ali TOBACCO, NO. 8tA NORTH THJRD STREET, PtMioADELPHIA. W. EIRENLOHR & CO., PACKUtS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, au a. WATER ST., PBILA.DBLmllA., &> .18 llOtrrH lJECOND liT., ST. LO .. IS. W. EISENLOHR, S. W. CLARK. 1PHIL. BONN. I lYIOORE d:. BAY, Packers, Commission Merchants & Dealers in SEED LEAF tc HAVANA TOBACCO, 35 North Water-st.," Philadelphia. I. E. & CO., TOBACCO AND General CoiiDilission !erckants, JULIUS VITTERLEIN & CO. Seed Leaf and BAVAI.& TOBACCO, Sole Agents for the AND. WAOLESALE DEALERS JN Foreign and Domestic Lear Toltaoco, NO. 98 W. LOIUIAB.D ST., BALTUIOB.E, liD S. LOWENTHAL a CJO., MANUF ACT.URERS FINE CIGARS, AND "DEALD.S m LEAF rroucco, o B. WILKENS a 00., MONUMENTAL CITY-TOBACCO WORKS, l8l 'WES'1' l'ltl.'l"l' STUET, BAL'1'IKOU, JU.IYLAHD, M.,...dacturera of a"n kiuda oil 11 ... SMOKING TOBA.CCO AND. SNOI'F, NO. 112 WEST TBIED STREET, CaNCINNATI, OHIO. -too Ji. .. ALK. Chamber&, Y., BATTnor BJMJII.,l.ll!r. Third St.1 PhUa ]A.cos WzrL. AARON KAHN :E. A. WaiL. ED. WISCHMEYER. ._..:., .. >. HV. WISCHMEYER. w il Kahn & c ED. WISCHMEYER, & 00.: Com.mission .Manufacturers and WholeaaleDealerslll LEAF. PLUG TOBACCO & CIGARS;. CIGABS &: LW TIIBAGCO a 3st 80UTH CALVERT STREET, 134 Main St.. Cincinnati. 0.:-AMBROSIA TOBACCO WORKS. SPENCE BROTHERS & CO., 661 5 ,8, 60 and 62 :BJ.A..&T ST. CINCINl\'ATI, -OHIO. NBAR LoMBARD SntutT, BALTIHORE' 'TATE, MULLER &00., :m:-..:m WJClCfCE -w. G. MORRIS, PRAGUE, ,Tobacco Commission Merchants T b sh. Leaf Tobacco LEAF TOBACCO .an4 Whdeoale Dealers iu 0 acco 1ppmg LEAF T 0 B A 0 0 0, AltO INSPECTOR, sa South Gay street, Commissio:d :Merchant, oi'FicE. 4 coLLEGE Bmnma. CINClNNATI, OHIO BALTIMORE, 11m. 46 a; '8 ST. CHABLES ST., And '11 West Frol St., BALTIMORE STEAM SNUFF .M. H. CLARK {f{, BRO., MILL. HENRY MEYER, .R. STARR & CO. :<.GIESKE. J>. NIEMAD lEAf TOBACCO BROKERS CONNIC'l'ICt1T SUD LE-U TOBACCO, au s-r A 'l'll aTBJ:B'l', --CONN. G. W. "' l"ACKIUl AND DB..,LBR tN rna. CODBCTICUT SBJIJLBAF TOBACCO, DANBURY, CONNECTICOT. ____ ,._ B. SMITH & ., COMMISSION MERCHANTS AmD IOBBBBS,. CODECifiOUT LBAF No. 20 /JIJ"eel, I SPHINGFtELD, lASS. );;, H. SlltTH. j .0. 0. HOLYOKE, COKKISSIOK KERCBANT In LEAF and JUNUFAartmED \ TOBAOOO, l -Centml Southern Advertiaement 311 III'OBTH WATER ST., PhUad.elphla. 8" .AgeDtl for the aale of an ldoda of Man..rac:. ture4 aad Leaf Tobaccoa -g "U.S. Solid Top CIGAR MOULD," 135 ARCH ST., PHILADELPHIA. Pa, s MNFAURF F' GIES.KE.&NIEMANN OHI05QONNECTIC'UT I LEAF' TOBACCO, 2S SOUTH CALVERT ST. TOBACCO 46 :Front St., Cincin.D.ati; O. 01 4RKRV'IL'E,IJ'BNN, JOHN' w. STOl\TB, J I. H. CLARK & BROTHEl) ioleOwaerand OdHAN & TAITT, H. E. KLEIN, HOFFMAN, LEE i, CO., And Mercha:ms_ ll, BraDCia of Smo\1ina' Tobacco, 's.A:ELA.TOGA" F. RIRJJ.CCO BBOVDRS AND LEAP TOBACCO BROKER IU .lUI 'oz.o 8&.80C*" And Importer or Choice l3re.nds of 18 South Charl&.St.,Baltimore, Mel. Maaufacturer of 'l1WC1J ml:lSIOI MlitHAm, TOBACCO COIMISSlON llllCHAB!S, Oigars, Fine 101' ARCH STREET, BA V ..6.H.6. CIC.6.3.S, Ph'l d I h' OFFICE AND sALESRooM, 63 Emange l'lace,.Bal\!.more, Kd. W. & CO., I ClL.&llKSVILLE, Tenn., L'lNCB:B'!J'IIJ, VA. H. E. Cor.: VIlle and Streets. I a e p Ia. E. COR tb ..... CREITl'llJ'I' ITS., WE,autborleSIGHTDiL\FTfor -oaotefTAX. 8""' GAY STREET HOPKINSVILLE, Ky' ,. pRII,ADELPHIA. with BILL OF LADING attached 110 will i CINCINNATI, O. JA)'ES ;N J:IQY%), BArCHELOR .BROS IDalr.e r.cther CASH a4naon .-lpt of ...._-P. o. BOX ll'733. P.uMJCAH, Ky.. LIAP TUB cr:o BlUm SON, <:G. CfPo., T 0 c c 0 -F-. _w_._S_M_Y_T_HE_&_C_O_.,_ D .. s E L A JUUt, 111m. liDDISSIDH .DRCIWIS. Commission Kerch&nts, RAVAllA a: uomBsTic No. ...,._ _______ r -. Q:i:G;"'Ani!!l. "'..... .... D DKAL&B'SIIf .... _,D a. F PARLETT&. Cb. B:retl&ertoaB'IlllcUnp. LEAF TOBACCOS -nl"-Gl_ .... _llpeda1 __ RTS 13 l'IOilTII II'IJI'TH liT: and i. W. Ce ,...d. 01..: 0 WHOLESALE DEALERS IN WILLS .... ROBE WATER ARCH IITII .&r.L XX .&+& 10 NORTM JOHN STREET, a; PWLADELPHI.A. Pa. 89 CHAB.LES ST.. BALTDIOBE. KAJJ&'P'ACTUJLBD LIAJ' .Al(D IKOJWIG 'rir:ll St R h st 'lT y J Ins I. & PEYT011 WIS111, llaouCactaren of T 0 s ..VEJUOOOL. ENGLA.IID. ,,YU oc e .1.'1. AJJll!J 11 Fine Civ;a:rs, JOSEPH WALLACE. P. A. ALBRECHT, BAC c 0 at. Louie Loulevllle r"-Advertisements. Commission Merchants. And Dealers In Succe""""' t o COOPER &: .VALTU, Wboleoale Dealer In Cigars, Pipes, Etc., Ezcloti""IT for the Pvclaate or SNUFF antsiomffi TBBAccal1 Leaf WALL, ahYIN .t. DI\Y, C.& liiiiiTUB 11: C(. LeO.C Tobacco, Philadelphia, Pa. 666, GE:S, m and. 672 Korth EievaDtll st. AND CI A B..U.TDioBE. MD. Commission Merchants, Dllalcrs 81i GOlll111iSSifJB llercllaD.ts 13t.h vA. PHILA.'DELPlii.A. No. 20 German Street, .,.,.T"" $AL&OP IN WM. E. DIBRELL, LID. TDUCCD Dill 1 .. 10 c.,-Street . VA. -----------------/ (A7 W:[.NiLTINI'S SON,1 1 Successor to A. W. .&COO IILDBRAND & KLINIENBERI, J Neatthe"Carrollteo, B.&.LTJJIIOR.E J!D. NOWLIN ... :lOUNGER &. co., -IAJIII11TllttA m TliAll fRDIPflll; LEAF TO B A. 0 CO, Jthaar&Ct..,..raofaodDealenla T .. DUNN & CO. ,JiaJUJUill .blillJ' UDllbbU, 12U W PIIK CI&AIS, LEAF TOBACCO ... 311ofth ltll St., Commission Kerch ants,., Commlsllon and WboleaaleDoal""lD -WUI Jhethelrpenol>al th:oale :"4 pur '- -f! Liberal Cashadvancesmadeoo And 2od Chest=t. street. --c.,s.w.lcor.l5tha%14Vlnstreets, Uanuf:t'ur:dtoba.cco Leaf" Tobacco. -. G. W. WICKS & CO. PRJLADELPsia.. PHILADELPHIA. I AND CIG.&.BS, I U"Llbor. Ad-.....kOIIConal ... -ta. PHUL ct. 1.:-ADD, I Ul!lufaeturers' Agents iort.heSaleof J. RIRALDO SA'fl a co. A. 11. FRECmE,: u Jll:u ...... Plaee, B.&.LTm:OBE. 1 H. JAS. G. PENN. rriad TODaJICO BUYVBS, Virainia, and Kettncty 0 1 MANUFACTURER OF THE 'MERFELD & KEMPER hiW IJllb a TOB A AND "ECONOMIST". -:tJt)ERA1 comssmN MERCHAB'l'SI ':!.Cigars, Aacl Wltoleoale Deol""ia .,. > Thr'JUI'l! 1reiabta to al>ruad -195 Main Street 110.31 Korth Waterlltreet &> 'n'.'ff!l.,'!l '!l"'d Ya.ra 'l'o"'""C"'S, wrth a tn th e husmus cured at lowetntes. 1 tDI>twoul'lf tbao<1Sixtb,) .A.ND .... No. 30 -Dt>laware .a.......... IN LEAF TOBACCO, (oW6 IIJCM,i "' off" tlwr ser7/Ues 10 jilt Old&IS j'or Leaf ;Ito. w. IVJCKS.l General Commission Merchan4 r.Jtlnaldo8an1r.j 117Lornbard8tre.t, orManujactundTu/Jaccos. 'C'l" th Tba.c w k I.Fmv, LOUISVILLE, KY. 1 Philaclelphia. PHILADELPHIA. PA. BALTIIIORE.IID. DU'VJLLE, .A. NlVe .,l;)ro ers o co or TOBAcco ExcHANGE, I -JOHN FINZER. BEN. FINZER, 'FRED. FINZER J E HAYNES ._ .. .n'h ...... -----THEOBALD &UDOLPH l'lN.ZIIal., NICHOLAS HNZER, ..,_ __ "-B.IIBIL & A. OF JOHN_ -w-: CARROLL,-< John Finzer & -Bros.,a DEALERINWESTERN R. A. MILLS, oD{ 'ICI, LEAF TOBACco; BROKER F.ACTllBED TOBAC(;O, I -O!B.ce, Salesroom, l!l'l, 196 Jlcop, :1'., 27 South Street, -GeJI:leraJ CoIMfoa HeJ'dlaiKo, 1531 loath Spooish and Domestic Leaf Tobacco, Manufactory' 12th Street, lynchburg, Va. Kv. St. LOUIS, ....... omoe'" ToDacoo .shocr.o. Slip, ... ,... .. x.u .. w.w.eor.34PoplariiU Phlla4elphla. I Ll t' t 11 .... .o ADOUH WA.Glf&-.., ?-" Orders rewpectfally soltdted and promptl;r attcndc4 to. '"'C I sea OG aJ'p -._._,":"'W. -,-So-rv-er-, -C-o.-. DITID rum CI&AIIAIIUCTIRY. r ACXIl:U, COJOUSSIOH VEICI4'N'l'B. WHOLESALE DEALERS IN T. J. DUNN .e co., Propa., s 'd d Littl w d And wlloleaale De&leuln w. Streeto, nnBJSI e an e an erer LEAF TOBACCO, LIIP l CIGAil 105 WAIIJIB& S'.j sa North Front 8treet. 0 NAVY & SMOKINI TOBACCO, p!IIT ADJI'LPIIJA, .-... .... llantoc:taren prloaL \ 523 11 616 1017'1'K IOt.h IT., rmA., ----' Ant-w-erp, -" LB BUY BUPIB 1: TOBJLOOO COMMISSION MEICIAITI,. -VA. d!i


Al'RIL 26 SUTROa NEWDI.&RK, JIAlrnF A.Q'.1'1J11.Ei\S OF C:I: G A ::Et S AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO. '2'6 PARK PLACE, NEW YORK. a; SPIESS, ManUfa,cturers of Fine and Dealers lD LBAr TOBAOCJO, ADOLP H KEns. 35 Bowery' New york. Lours SPIESS. SAMUELSON tc CO., DALE England. SOUCITED AND PROKPT SALES EFFECTED. jS. COLT. SIMON MANDLEBAUM, SpoclaL e P!Bm, HOLIES & CO., Manafactunn of the Celebrated NERVE And other Br&Dda of was guilty, asked ber--why she told the untruth, when she replied with great sang froid: "I should not if I believed as you ancl father do; I am a Universalist!" HoT&L AccoMMODATION. -A mao who had gotten a good piece away from home, wanted to know of a hotel cleriC, the other day, "what &ort of' a tavern it was that couldn't loan its customers a pipe to smoke after eatin'." Clerk said he dido't. know. WAITING FOR BETTER TIMEs.-[From tbe Chicago Jollrnai.]-"You are not having many nice dresses this year," said one Chicago belle to another the other evening. "No, I know I don't," was the reply. "But why don't you?'' continued the inquisitive friend. "Well, I'll tell you, Madge," was the answer, "you see, pa says that we've got to scrimp along a little for a while until he can make an 'assignment' or something, after wlllich, be says we can 'splurge'all we_ want.' The friend looked surprised for a moment, and th;"n turning to her associate exclaimed in a burst of confidence: "Why, that's what my father keeps saying; what can they mean?" A RELIC OF THE WAlt. A pipe made by Wm. Kling beil of Columbia, a member of Capt. Hastings' Battery of Artillery, of Philadelphia, was recently purchased from Peter Rodenhauser, by a gentleman of Philadel phia, who iptends exhibit ing it at the Centennial. It was made on the battlefield of Bull Run, and the only tools used were a pocket knife and gimlet. It is or namented with hearts made of pearls taken from Bull Run, a. shield made of the bone of a bullock killed by lhe rebels, a cannon made of a bullet found on General Lee's farm. The wood was dug up on Lee's farm, Ar lington Heigh!s. The other ornaments are made of brass taken off a flag staff carried by the rebel Black Horse Cavalry at the first Bull Run Battle. A HAIR OF THE DCIG. The Homreopathic axiom that "like cures like" forms the basis of a cure for inebriety said to be in use il'l Chewi111: an.d Smoking Tobaccos, t he prisons of Sweden and Norway. The 'following is the mode of procedure: 63, Sll a. IU' .Jeft'enea ;DETB.OIT, lOCH, Habitual intoxication is punished by From the moment when the delinquent is incarce,rated he has no other nourishment LICBTBISTBIR & BROTIIEBi The NERVE Ia sold by Flnt -claoa Dealen ltroughoat the United StatH, and w e c l fhn i t lO be tlte usasT'' VNCUT To.A.CCO that CaQ b e made. The Wboleu.le Trade a Specialty. than bread and wine morn ing and evening; but the 1 CHARLES S RA, WES bread is not served out to i "ELK" and u ONWARD" PACK-ER AND IN him it has been steeped HAN.UFAOTUJlBR.S OJ' THE I c I a A R s 1D wme for an hur. On Pine CQllllecticut Seed Le&f, thefirst the drunkard i 11 'rftB. a -swallowa h1s portion gayly ; .AM m r.I.AJ' 'l'aiAOCO, .--.....-, enough; on the second it is :. Nos 34 and 341 Bowery I N-. TorJ&:. les's and he loon NEW TORL A V. !.tWill Ccal. 1t w1th ut'!lost repuls10n. In general, e1ght TRK 1Jl!ID'IIRIIGJIBD COII'I'Unl"'ll '1'0 DEPORT 1 A liD X.&ln1FACTt'RE Pl1RE ..,.&IIUII LJQ.-vc.Ica Oil' 'liln:lroJUI Q.VALITT AJrD ov.uu.!ITEEJJ 'IV GIVB l.a.'I'UII'A.CTIOII TO BI'W8&T '1'08.&.000 -.uroii'.S.C'A1B'IIB. VSIJIG THE IIA.JDI. TIDII OLD II'A.VOB.I'l'll BBA.Dl OW' J, C, -y Ca. U A.LWA.YII, R'll.a.DY II'OR AT TIDII, UIO&T&ST l!IOTICE, AL80 Ao 0 c., I: T.-<:> AliD HJII oor-.B. 011' 'l't7aKUiJI P..&.aTJC, ALL o WIQC)R A.a'll &IVIJIG I!IICR'II ... BD l.a.TIII .S.CJTIOlll, A.Sillll'fAICEJJ'BV TRJ1 :a.APIDLY OaOWIIIO UIIIXA.JID :ILliD 11:1 ..... AIIUKCB 011' CIO:MPLA.DITII. CAUTION. Of ten days of this diet 'brings such utter nausea that prisoners have beeQ known to abstain wholly from the nourishment which is pitilessly offered them. The process once termina ted, the toper, with but rare exceptions, is radically cured,. 1 ( CtJntinued jrDm :I lurtl Pag1). should rule out of proportion with supplies and quahty since last report, 929 hhds; to date, 8,75I hbds; sales, offered We may on this important score remark, that 694 hhds'; to date, 8,438 do. The quality was gener.ovr buyers begin to understand, tbat> prices with you Mlamis6u'g {0). .Bulle/in, Alril .14-Planters ally very Indifferent, though there were a tine Abela 1111.\St rule, as they now are fairly steady-for some time commenced sowtng for the new crop, which will prol> offered. The market wall yery for all grades ei: yet, and that hence, the preasure on values here, mft.y ably fall below the average acreage. White Burlev will cept common and medium lugs wh1cli were somewhn be ComJ'aratively 1ight. The Seed Le-kf muket bas get a fair this year', and il the experiment proves weaker. We repeat our last week's quotations ;-Comno perceptible and transactiona ge&erally successful, Ohio may join with her sister,. mon lugs, c; medium to good lulflo. 5 @6f.( ; annfunt to as much as could be expected from the limi -Kentucky in. produetion of tlt1s variety of the leaf. common lea1, 7 U' medium leaf, 9@u; good leaf, ted aasortmern aTCd .itoclc on hand, and from the small Yn'iavorable seasons and low prices have combined to. 11@13; fine and selections, Weather Con' receipts from American ports. The course of the tnduce Q\U' planters to regard a change with favor. tinues milrket be j,udged by the fQllowing qf a .. W:eellfy April I4.-We do not PHILADELPIDA, April2.f .-Mr. Arthur R. F:ougefew promment and actual \3les :-864 cases of assorteuye{S afraid t load themprocure. from the most prominent countries, foreign sad ilt h'aviog so many of sqlves, with thi!Y do DOt feel sure sell again, toba co seed, and to experiment with the same in the his companions decapitated b d fore the new tobacco becomes usefll), now, most ex ensive way. This seea bas arrived now, con last week, thus .at this late date, 'When tbei SJ?ring buainess is,...n,eat;ly sis ts :lifferent kinds, growa in Connecticut, misgivings to a reporter:-L oter. What little remained in first ha'hds o Old: VirKentuckr and Tenaessee, in climates similar to our "Last night we comlftene!le,d ginia and Marylanii leaf, beett disposed of, was handed 'Ovel'W Mr. Scipio, President of the our-double duty. We -.have in ll retail 'Way at and faic..prices MissO\!Ji of the A ricultural Society, and dlstribu now to watch, for se.J'en is generally aq;:ounted for in 1his market as ted by him among the armers (or further manipula -u haolareoiaetOmykDowledpthai,la ... erat honights a week, from sunset but rea11y he represeatatiop of it, }uit now, tion. .-. Li'l--faloelr rep..__ aa .......,.. to sunrise and remain by the i' very small here. We however, ourselves, sold a Sho I the desired success .follow these experiments, ofmymaDatacturelluoleredforaalebypartlu vessel till she is discharged. 5fnallline of 3r -bhds redried Missouri lUI!f '7 by the tobacco farmers of the Palatinate, ht'l'i beea tonlttl,eiro""' ,...,._..,who haft no authority"" AU of ua believe that the N ew York samples, quite readily. tobacco, poorly situated auiina the last1fewyears, will have cause nt February! IS75, as. in WIJig aa51I6I,444 lbs. J The 'Febrv.ary business llJ "-" .. .,...,. too OAVT.IOB .,. *I Tobacco Maaafact.&ren apm.t the aame ad 1o numerous removals which if properly handled aucl cure4, owil! al.nys command to aing hymns. Although we are not in the habi S of .. notice that loereaft..-rrerycaoeof IIIJmanufac. have just. taken place will attenti8,n here, but Bremen does not-desire those crisp discouraging any experiments to improve the IJUalilj of tuN will be 1lrudM with r Trade-Mart, ac:qalred be productive -of an imtobaccos, which En1land covets so much ; but we grown in Germany, we would give in this case aa4er tbe '-of tb Ualted States, aod ... ,.nprla mense increase in smugwant it soft cured, free leafy and open-o called our advice, not to have tuo great e....,ectation in regard clpled-......WU.. thlo Tracle-Mark will be r -r ghng. Just 1magme your Plaater's curing." We can not press this important to them. According to our opinion, which, of course, JAMES ltlo.A:NDREW, lr) &B 111r.&'li'BR. s&iBBBT. BEW YORK. NoT TRUE TO Hn NAML-Tbe Akrl was any thing LARGK CosTs FROM LIT= but alert on Saturday when, laden to the waters' edge, TLE CLAY PIPES GRow.-A with three Gabinet Ministers and two naval grandees in Williamsburg (S. C.) justice uniform, she came near missing the Brazilian steamer tried a case some time gince, which bore Dom Pedro and hill fortunes. Small loss it involving the larceny of a would have proved had Hi, Majes:y escaped the inflic clay pip', valued at one tion altogether. cent; a Mis-trial was ordered DoN'T MENTION IT.-Dont tell us any more that chewing tobacco !hortens !ife. Thert:'s John Allen, who chew l tobacco, and he 1s not only 104 years and 5 months old, but recently walked all the wc.y from Green ville, N. C. t o Huntington, W.Va., and it didn't take him quite a year to do it, e i ther. And, strength ened and sustaine,.d by the weed, he has been able to drag himself through all those many years without either the help of a wife or the and inyigorating influ ence of a mother-in-law. in the first instance, and a new trial orderen; the pro ceedings tcost the t'Ounty $,32. WELL INVENTED IF NOT TRuE.-lt is related, a little six year-old daughter of a Methodist minister co'l1mit led a fault and denied it. Her mot.her, learning sije self stationed on a 4,oooton too much on the D.linds of our Missouri friends. may not be a standard idea, the experiments with European steamer, with inStems" of all descriptions were dull and dechning, tobacco seed of Connecticut, Kentucky and Tt:nnessee structions to see that no ntil they have likely touched bottom, by which we mean w111, regarding tlu tlunrtifm, sdarcely have a satis(actory sRtug&ling goes on at night, o say, that they can not well shrink any further, if any result. and nobrother officer to 'clearaace shall be left. The only respectable sale of Whoever has beeq thoroughly working seed leaf watclt the 'Pier! That SecI57 bbds dry and sound, butnot fine, Virginia Stems, and Kentucky no doubt, agree with us. retary Bristow has inaugu-was probably on the basis of I3 er ahhough In the Palatinate, we do not wish for cigar ioaterial, a rated a penny wise and reported at 14Manufacturing Stems of all sorts go long and thick leaf, containing' suong doses of pound foolish policy there begging at 9 pfennrgs. Western are still nicotine, but, on the contrary, a kin d having fine leaves is no reason to doubt, and :wanting, and a few small shipments might yet catch as well as ribs, adapted for .export purposes, and -excel the customs receipts will or even I I pfennigs, but as soon as they may arrive lent by a superior brand and mild taste. soon show it. A great deal in larger quatities, we better count on no more than Io. We should doubt, huwever, whether tobacco, grown of :smuggling is goinll( on While we may regard old atock of all descriptions of from the above mentioned seed, will answer our now, and soon it will be tobacco as played out here, we the supply of demand, and therefore would recommend to the agri doubled, aye trebled. Now and too large for present purposes. We cultural societiP.s of the Palatinate, to join for this pur look at the Havana steam therefore advise our Stemming friends and others, to pose, those of Alsatia, where, while under French ships. A steward_ or a mate defer shipments, until the Fall seasoa approaches, when government, several efforts to grow Kentucky seed will buy 1,ooo cigars at we may look for a revival of the Stem '!ith con proved to be satisfactory. Havana fO.. Sioo, and he fidence. Receipt of "new" tobaccos are sttll and ----41---can easily have them carscattering, but when a ripe and well conditioned parcel NoT ALWAYs.-A mao of fine-cut features-the torieci away at night from the of useful quality arrives, it is generally promptly sold at bacconist:. vessel in a row boat with within asking prices, common grades such as lugs muffled oars. He cau al-and low leaf, be theY' of cutting or ehipping quality, BusiNEs s LoGic.-" Why don't you trade with me?" ways get $IJO for his cibeing most current; while the few higher grades thus said a close-listed tradesman to a publisher the other gars, and perhaps more. far received, remain unsold yet. But from now out! we day. "Because," was characteristic reply, : you So the temptation to smugencourage more free and regular shipments Gf all kmda have never asked me, s1r. I have ll)oked allthrougb gle is great, and as matters and grades of last year's crop, and safely prognosticl\te papers for_ an !nvitation in the shape of an stand at present Snil}ggling for it a most (avorable reception. to prices, they I m vam. I never go where I am not to is easy to do. will follow in the w I875 ............ 2,9o3,o2o 2oo,5a.8 r874 .... ;513,540 87.4l& 'l ,6oo,97,& I,46S,762 9I,85' 18p .. --......... ss6,8o3 8o,9c 7 93z,N;o. The prolligious increase in the qua .ltity"bf ty;..p;Ud. tobacco in February, last year, was O'Ning to the pucbases of twenty-cent SlamJ?&, in -anticipation Q( revenue bill increasing the tax to twenty-fo'lllt cents. The bill bec:ame a law on _tile J d March kl;t,. whether before or after the s1gnatJre of tbo is a yet to be decided by the Court of Appeals of the United States. on an (.rom the decision of JudgeR. W. of Vq1Qia. that uatil tbe approval oi the Pres1den'c the Ia wa.a iuoporative. I I ..


. I Tobacco LICORICE. JOHN ANDERSON A CO. LfCORICE II.UrtJFACTURUS OF '11U: HA1'"4 .. SOUCJ W mil co. .l'f'HOMAS HOYT & CO., MANUFACTURERS OF ..:! FXNE 0 0 '1:' CHEWING AND SMOKING l,fOBACCOS A1VD SKVIT OUR BRANDS CHEWING : $UNNYSIDE, HEARTS' DEl.IGHT, NATIONAL, BRIGHT OWEN, EXTRA CA YEN DISH ..a& &ad PE..UU. ST., lV&W, YORK. I.,&OMAJ> HOYT. CHAS. G.HOYT [.FRANCis KINN_EY, MANUFACTURER OF .,nutey Brothflnt' Celebratoolnssian. CICARETTES AND FINE TOBAOOOB, WEST .d.F, 1fE'W" YO:aiE. Ol'l'Y. ) D:.oiJ.I .a.D .&CI .. cnr I Of the Manufacture of .G. W. Gail & Ax, ( BALTIMORE, LOUIS N. P :ECARE, II-w MANUFACTURIER OF Finfl. Lon[ and Sttai[ht Cnt SMOKING TOBACCOS, !'or Fina Wholesale and ltetail 'rrade, AND All SPECIALTIES FOR TOBACCO MANUPACTURERS. 6'. R.HILLIER'S SONS & CO ..\,., OFFICE, bAR STRt.t\, M;cALPIN & .CO.; .urvJ'ifti7DM ow .._ :E"INECllT \ Vir[in Leaf and Navy. Cliewin[, MIW. N. Y. I 15 CARROTS. I""' '11 .JOHN STREET, NEW YORK. SMOKING 7'0BACj:JO. _MRS. G. B. MILLER & MANUFACTORY, (l'ETEP' COLLINS, l'lusT.) 97 Columbia Street, Plug Tob ANI> g, > ..AI1o a l i other a-ndes o f F!nt-Cut and. Smoking Tobaccos, f'1 DETROIT, lOCH, Aside from ou r "AA;!ERICAN EAGLE" and "CLfPPER" in lh uul lized wooa .. n packages. 10, 2 0, .co a n d 6o lbb., oNe also put both of these up verJ nic4!lV in 0N'a OuNC E TIN FbiL ACKA.ri.lts, ; tacked in )! anr1 X G r oss boxes. l..ibeul p&'lces m:t.d e to the Job bini trade. NEW TOBACCO BROKER 148 Water Street, t ,Front Office) :NEW YORK. A. SHACK.. ) BROKER. l No. 129 Maid.en Lane; J NEW Y.ORK. WM. ZDISSJIB. 00., JIAI'tUFACTU&.U.I OF '; TOBACCO SEAUNG WAX. Aud Importtrs of Glyeerioo, &c. 1e!r WiWam. St., ew. TINFO I IL, WARRANTED PURE TIN, FOB WiAPPn-CIGAES and. ciGAll.BT'rES, and. LmiNG CIG:All. BOXES. WITTEMANN BROTHERS, 184 WIX.I.IAM S'r., N. '2'. N. R. ANSADO, Importer of the Well-Known Brands of LICORICE MASS, "Ansado's _Extra" '( N. R. A." APRIL 26 MISCELLA.JiEOUS. .PJUCELIST OF Spanish 'American & German CIGAR BIBB S. _.,_ Teilo'lr 'T-8 k,, 36 $1.9& I !!!tB; i1 .. iNa w a.a n wa. uo &-a n ;11. uo lf&l'J'ft w w n 14L uo l:t:l::tjP-J.I;; Lonchta Yellow 13-16 tit 34yda. 1.30 Lontlrea l.e4 7 L 34 t70!lres Tallow 7-8 Gtrma 10. 1.15 t:l: J:fr:: :: 5-8 D. 71 f4l, 1.60 B:014 Bed H II. 7ll a,, 1.60 Broai4 Yellow li-8 ;: m. 1S l. 60 ... 11: Narrow Yellow 4-8' m, 72y4B. 1.05 Narrow Bell 4:s m. 72 :ydl.. 1.13 Na.Trow Yellow Box Bibbons 7:3 :ydl. 0.85 Na.rrow 184 '19 y4B. O .!X) TER!IIS-CASH.-Atl Orders wUI be pro mptly es:ecmted. Prices of Bo:rea a ad Samples of RibboDs :aod La be .. wilJ. be sent u o appllcatiota. WICKE & CO. TO TOBACCO CIIOWERS. ......__ J'OSEP:S: J. ALMIRALL, f IIIJPORTER OF FINE" HAVANA OF BR'OOKLYN, N. Le&f Tobacco 16 Ce9ar N.Y I iT ..a..N'. e. 10GB, Jersey O:tty,. OFFICES:-1.6, l.S & 20 CH,\JIIJJEllS STBEET, NEW YORK. So an d Ll.rge:: Tax i n U. S This Factory is n nt excelled by any either in Site71 Appointments, o r by Quality o f Gooch prod.u ced For fu ll descnpnon, see N TOBACCO LEAF" of Olt 1 3 1875. We contiuu e to offe r choit:e brands of Cright, Dark and gra des of PLUG or IO!l'}CCO; S uperior El1\".:;;. CUT CHEWING TOBACC O adous kiuds of SMOKING l:OBACCO 5 ch as (or K1llicknick) and ttoarse Cut. and t lte Finest Qualities of SNUr"F, at the most favorable prices. A cri t ica l e:umination {he-coeds with th-e p.rod.ucts of other factories invited. A Price List mailed upon application. I CIGARETTE FACTORY OF J. BASCH &


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