The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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VOL XII.--NO. 17 NEW-YORK. W:B.n)NESDAY, JUNE 7, 1876. WHOLE NO. 589 IS PUBLISHED < l E'V!li WZ.DNESDAY UORNING BY IHll TOBACCO LEA I'' PUBLISnNG CO, Fulton St., New York. ,. !1 HAGER, -Editor. "'m:C 'tO:UCCO LW" l'tm.!salliG CO. Terms of the Paper : StRCLE COPIES, ... ... JO CRK" 'S ON& YttAR, ,....... $4 ao IIJX MOKTHi. .. / -.. '. $2 tn aEr 'R.ememo.r that tbe cost to the yeaily or ID.onthl) .ubecrlber i1 len than Cmt1 ju ..... ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIO>S ABROAD Gil: RAT BRITAJ!f AND CAHA.l91A, .. .. ll4 HAMBURG AND THE CONTJN&NT, 16 o8 At1STRALJ.A., .i:TC., VIA ENGLAND, .. S6 o8 CuBA, J5 04 No orden for the paper conaidered, uyless accompanied by the correapondinr amoanL Remtttancelsbou1d, in every instance, be made by money-order, check or drafL Bills are liable to be stolen, and can only be sent at the greateM\ riai. to the tender. THE TE>llACCO LeAF commends itself to every Olle iln any way interested kt tota(:co, either as ffW'er, maaufactUTer It _gives annual ]J aa immense amount rE'_garding the '"wel:d," and il-.elC a vn.d4 has long been recog.nize: d u lltaodinf at the head ofspecial trad-e p ubiicatins. Jla mar.o. e t reports are full and and frolll evc:ry ot the glo:e where llobecco ill sold. atr lt is the ONLY weekly J*!!Jlication exten alvely devoted t o tobactm. '" [Fe Third Pare.] BUSINISS DJREI!'TORY OF ADVIGTISEKS lfEW YORK.. Agnew W. & S ons. 3S4 and a86 From street Abner &: Dehl1, 190 l'e.arl. Alleo JuLian, 173 \Vate r Appleby A Helme. 133 Water. Barnett S. tal Maicit:n Lane Basch & Fischer, -'S5 \Vater Blumlein A. &: Co., 222 Pearl. Bo......., & Frith. 7 1\urnng Sllp. Brod M., 14-7 Water Bulkley, Moore & Co.9 74 Front. Burbank & Nash, 49 droad C-ardozo A. H 66 llrood Crawford E. M. 168 Water. Dohan, Carroll & C o 104 FrouL DuBois Eugene, 7! Fr,..nt Eecert W m. & 171 PearL En..,lbach, F. 13 Sbtl> Av Faik G. 4z Bro., 171 Water. FatDlan &: Co., 70 aad 71 ltro&4. Fos:. Dills & Co., Friend E. &.-G. & Co I7S \Vater. Frbcben, Roess & Schulz, \'Vatez Gardiner] M. 4 Front. Garth D Sen & Co., +4 J;,!road. Gassert J f.. & Bro., 16o Water. Gerahell... 1: Bro., 191 Pearl. Guthrie & C.P, 225 Front. Hamburger f.& Co., 1 5 1 Water. Hawes, Chas. B., 119 Maiden Laue. Herbst &: Van Ramdohr, 189 Pearl. Hlllma< G. W .. So FronL Kinnlcut Thomas. .,, Eroac!. Xoenlg & Subett. 339 Bowery. Kre!D eberg & Co. 16o Pean. Lacbenhruch & B .. o., 16.4 Water Lam,tte A. C., U3 Lederer & Fischel, :1113 Pearl Levin M. H., 162 Pear). lfack Alexander, a6a Water Maitland Robert L. & Co., 43 .Broad. Martin & Johm!iOn. 79 Merfeld, JCemper & Co: 131 Maiden Lane. Meyer A C. L & 0 tJ Beaver. Oatman Alva, 166 WateJ. Oppenheimer, M & 'Brother, 138 Water. Oitlnger Brothers 48 Broad St. Price Wm. M tt9 Maiden Lane. Qa,ln. J. P & Co., 39 l3rad. G. '79 l'ead. Sawyer, Wallace lr Co., 47 Broacl. Schlegel G. 166 Front Schmitt J t6> Water. Sclu'aedu & Bon, 178 Water. Schroeder &: Koch, 346 Pearl. Sclaubart H. 46 Water Scov!Ue A. H. & Co., r7o Water. Sptuprn, E. tr-Co., 3urlini' SHp. Spiuner c. H. us ""ater Slein Co. 197 Duane. Straftoa & Storm, 191 Pearl. StrobD. & Reibenstein 176 Front. Tag, Cbarlea F. 1: Son, 18.4. Frvm.. Tat&'ellhont, F. W. 68 Broad. Teller, A. 19I Pearl. Upmanu, Car1, 178 Pearl. Wuwrmao H. 101 Maidea Lane Wrillbt.Richards & Co., JO Broad. Ctn11missitnt Ml1"tJr.ant. Jti)"De& Brotben & Co., 46 & 4S Excb&lll'e Place B"yer of Tobatco. Jt.euseos G. !5 Broad. Ta6tJCCO Broltlr Cattus John, n7 Fischer Chaa. E.&:. Bro., 131 Water Fischer, Frt!derick, 41 Broad Hollander Louis, 148 Water. O.bome, Char lo F. .Hroacl Rader M. & Son. 133 Pt:arJ. Shack A. uq MaiQeu Lane M anu{ac tJtrerJ of Toh.cco. Anderson John & Co u4, u6 and n1 Liberty .. Appleby A Helme, 133 \Vater. Bachanan & Lyall, 54 Broad. B\Whnc::r D. Jl3 and :J'S Duane Goodwtn & Co. 207 and 20 Water Hoyt Thomas &:; Co., 40i Pearl Kinney Bro1. au West Broadway Lorillard P. & Co., 1 6 18 & 'o Chambers. McAlpta D. H. & C<' cor. Avenue.;.> 'ltt'WW! :Miller Mrs. G 1!. & Co. 97 Columbta Pioneer Tobacc.o Company, 134 Water ..4ents for Che-dM,,.g T obattll, Itt. Hen A. & Co. Libertv Weiaa. :FAler & 220 Peul Milnfactorers if Cigra. Belcher, Park & Co 35 Warren. Bondy l:harleli, 53 Bowt!ry Frey .Bros. & Co. 44 Vesey Glaccum & Schlosser, 147 and 149 Attomey. Hartcoro J. A., l' Bowery Hdlbruner, &. Co., 234 Second St. Jacoby S. & Co.,..,., Chatham Sq. & 4t 7 Doyor. IC.aufman l::Sros. & Bendy, & 1 5 1 Unod Kerbs & Spiee, 3S Bowery Levy .Bros.. us & 137 Broome Lichtenstein A di Bro. 34 liz 341 ){ Bory Lichtenstein B1oa. & Ca. 268 Boweq. Mea.4el M. W. & Bro, 15M Bowery Neub\U'J;:er !>1. 383 Pearl Orgler S. M and o86 Greenwich Seidenberg & Co. 8.; and 86 R ,eade lmlth .a.. 11 BowerY Stacbelltorg M.. II: Co: 9' and 94 Liberty 8tftlton & 9t.erm, 178 and 1So Peari Sutro I& N.......Uk, 76 Park Place Tabel &: Rohrberr. 171 Pearl. & Habn, 290 & 2 91: M-Ttartrs of Fit ll..v" Cit.,. K.upruwl<:zA &: Bro. 333 Greenwich R\vera Garcia .,rMaiaen Lane. SaDchu, Haya &. Co., IJO, 13J 4t 114 J4. LaDe. l_,.,.trl .f HA"' 7'ob-.u CigMs. Almlrall J. ]. 16 Cedar Garcia F. 167 Water (]oDS&Ie& .A. &67 Water Jrll(irallja na Peel .Puc:ul i.. B"'tbtir a Co. 1s6 'IV&t..Pobalaki P. & t;o,, 197 Pearl 1Uvera. )knut=l, 71 Lane :o.aa.cbe&, Hay a & Co., to i34 M&Wen Saa Ju.liai> J., J;S Water. .._.,., M. s, l.alle ... a Benuteun, lti7 W eu & w. os r'Uu: Wr.ltcr Friedman"' Freioe,J03 P w-Ell .. K.a"''P"'I .. ., Pnrl. 1r:bor V. )lan.luca"" (.:o.,., 1CS5 Water of Kq Wru a...t /..,.,..,..of b.-u u,,.,.,. De Ban Fret Eabds and Trrrnz Pack d J)eakr 'Suet L4 4-Lowel1 M. E : & Co.', 39 North Water. Meyers & R a ndakl, Market Moore. & H ay. 35 Nortli \\'ater Sant J. Binaldv & Oo., 32 N orth Water. .deil Jehn B. & Co ,531 South Second. Sorver Cook & Co., u:s North Water Steine; Smith Bros. & Knecht, ,2'5 Race. Teller :Brothers, n7 North Third. Vettt=rl ein J & Co., 135 Arch. Wartman M. & So?.' North \Vi:! liS & lhtrd and Gtrard Woodward, Gilrrett & Co., 33 Ma1tttjRttur North Eleventh Manvjatturtr: of Grgar1 Batchelor Bros., So8 Market Hildebrand & Klingenberg, 37 Seveoth Knecht, Smith & North lhud St. Ludy Jno. J. 5>3 II: 5>5 S. >oth. T heobald A. H., 'l'bird and Poplar. Wells & Roberts .. fhird and Girard Ave. United States Cigar Manufactory, tstb & VIne. Manufatturtrs of Fine Cigars. Free hie A. M., 64 North ront Klein H. E. Fourth and Chestnut. 11/ a1Ul SmoAi,.r Hickman, & Co., 2U-,I8 Caner. Tobuco B,.oll#,.. FOillferay A. R. 33 N Front PI"rl'SBURGH. Pa. Man.facr orcrs l>ufl. Wul1tetn Helli'J' 115 Myrtle aveuue .. vj Tobaao Poucls Pittr We,.....,NIA OtM Tol>tZCcos. Moral>an B ., 3M H<>nCHICAGO. W. WM/H414 Dlr "'Sud L,,.f aMH-TIIHRebmann, KoeniK" & Subert, 14 N Caaal. DtaS4rs i Lui T.-44UO ud Cigro. Ci'r4,.1 tul .DMW i Ali.urK C. F., 187 Clark. Dt.lrrr i L=f Tobacro. 8aodbageu Bro1. J 7 West .. M .. ujacurrtrr if F ilM Ct Ctrn.JiL aotl S...iiaz, ntl Dt.lm i utif T..._. Beck &: Wirth, Jl and J4 Water. Tacu M*MftlehrnJI Adamo Henry H. I Lake ToOe11 Mwc/1411i1 Waaservogel, Heinman & Co., 4 S tate CJli(CIJOr.A.TL BeaaAeo Heon, t6165 Pearl MaUaylllcb 4ft :llrothcr, W--.t Froat. IJtJJkrs.,. spa .. isk and Vigf T""-u. )(eyer Hy., 46 Fraut. Wukctlman F 6: (.o. h Froo M-J-m if Fme-Cw -S""'king T.,__ Ket>Dewecr F. & Bade, 373 315 and MaiD Bpeau .Broa. a. Co 5> aud 54 E.ut riUrd. uaf Tb4Clldated Tobacco Co. of California, E.. !lriu. A.-ent, 30'1 &PJI.D(GFIELD, llrl-. Bmttll a. &: eo .., Hampden ST. LOUIS, llrlo. Tob.cco .li)onDitze< C, & R & Co., 123 Market.. ec-musio Mcrcii4Ra. Belvin & Co., no N ortb Second BfiJ't1"1 f L14( Von Phul & Ladd, 23 N orth Main Tobacco Bro/ter Rayne1 J. E "7 Second TOLEDO, OHIO. "/ C/uftJiJitr .a.d S'lltUIIcMlc iaccDs, Hessinger, Cha.rles R UTICA, l\1. Y Fint 0.. Clu ... mg tiN*t Tohtstco. P1eme Walter B WAREHOUSE POINT, CoJU&o P a ck4r of Sttd LeafTobaao. PA. ----WESTFIELD.,..,. .-.. s_. .r-t T......_ Bruchmann john C. \ I : SIX.TBBN OBNTS per Pound Uniform on Tobacco and Snuff and DOLLARS PER THOUSAND ON CICARS, AND ONE DOLLAR AND FIFTY CENTS ON CICARETTES. CROP PROSPECTS. That there has been a material improvement in the planting prospect with i n a few days is now an admitted fact. A single week or less of fine growing weather has so changed the situation as to considerably lessen the anxiety previously prevailing respeqing the acreage to be planted this year. A full crop is, of course, out of the question, but with any thing like favorable seasons from thi s time forward it is tolerably safe to calcu lat e upon a three-four t hs crop m the West, \Yhich is a very much better prospective condition of affa irs !han the 0ne apprehended say, ten days or a fortnight ago, when rumor gdve nearly every th ing up to the bu gs and other enemies of the young plants So much depends upon the seasons, however, that the situation is still in vested with elements of danger, but, happily, there are noVl sufficient signs of promise to divest these elements of their more portentious features and tJ.1 e belief that the earlier anticipations of evil are not destined to be realized. Even the Clarksville region which has experienced more than its share of trouble from insects and bad weather, and where the probable planting has been rated ah the way trom a quarter down to a tenth aver age, is now thought to be able to set about half a crop. Clarksville and Hopkinsville letters dated abowt the 29th ult. and read to us within a day or two,respectively run as follows ;" No improvement in crop prospects." "I rode through the country and iound the plant-beds in a most deplorable state. You can hardly see any thing green on the ground, so eaten away are th e plants by the bugs The planters have all commenced to set the small plants." Fortunately roince these items were written, a favorable cl:ange has taken place. Special advices nearlv a week old give one-third of a crop already planted to Clarksvilie, and more thap that to the Green River region. A Paducah of the 3d instant says :-"Splendid season since Wednesday ; all grades half to a cent lower; the greatest 'bulls' concede there wili be a three-foarths crop IgJ?oring both Taurus and f l?'sa in this connection, this telegram has a cheery look and import Mr. Wallace, as seen in his circular in another column, feels warranted m allowing a full planti ng to Eastern Itentucky and Missouri and, three fourths of a full one to Virginia. Our own information independent of his is in consonance with the estimate of that careful and competent observer. Certainly with reference to !llissou ri there can be no doubt whatever, a largely increased planting being promised in that sec tion. Evansville intelligence indicates; a full average for Indiana. Con cerning Seed leaf prospects little has been or is to be said as yet. Indifferent weather has beer! the _,... __ ..,. I .& FRED'K DeBARY & co., 41 43 'W'arren Street, New York, SOLE ACENTS FOR THE SALE OF THE 1 I EL PRINCIP E DE GALES t : CIG.A.RS:J. JIIANtiFAOTVB.ED A!l' TH.E KEY WEST t:BANVH OF' TIUil VELitJIB.ATED EL PlUNOIFIIi D11i GALES l!IANV. l P'A(JTORY 011' HA.VAlU brv ANA-ciGARs. KEY.IWEST SEIDE:J.\TDBRG a co., 84 and 86 READE STREET, NEW YORK, Proprietors ofthe LA. ROSA. FACTORY. KIMBALL, GAULLIEUR d: CO., KEY WEST AND IMPORTED CIGARS, 29 Warren St., New York. -.. G. W. HILLMAN \ Plug and Smoking To'ba.ccos from Virginia. a.nd North Carolina. Factories. ( The Celebrated Golden Cut Ca.ven8ish Smoking Tobacco. Mer ALL 4 LAWSON, STREE"1", N. '' ll.t:URRAY york, 33 MANUFACTURERS OF THE "EL CLUB. DE\ Y ATE" KBY ,,WEST_-BAV AN A CIGARs. -!-... H 1 VAN A T 0 B A C C 0. CAUTION! We hereby notify All parties who Infringe on our Trade .Mart; { w. tc c.--f Acquired under the Laws of the United States, that they wlfl prosecuted by Law, O:Bloe.. 65 Pine St. WElL cl: CO. OC'J'OBEJl 6, lli'2'4. chiei impediment encountered by the plants of this j paid for. It must not ?e th?ught, as has ;variety of tobacco and save here and there an instance been assumed, tbat durmg th1s penod the busmess of h' h bl t ded th ir develop the country really stood still. While a system of rigid not even t IS as apprecJa Y re e and enforced has prevailed in almost every ment. From the East the most rehahle mformatwn 111 h o usehold throughout the land, the necessary wants of our possession comes in the reports of local visitors ref orty -five millions of people had to be provided for. ceniJy returned from there, and it is all of an encourage These people have been fed, clothe d, housed, and ing character. An average crop will without doubt be warmed, perhaps not so lavishly as io former days, but still suffic i ently so to keep the wheels of trade in move. planted in Connecticut and Massachusetts, and as much ment during all this period of depression. Immediately may probably be said of Pennsylvania Prices, and not after the panic, trade came to a dead halt. Presently plants, will determine the acreage in Ohio. and Wiscon-it began to revive, although with falling values. Those sin this year. who had stocks of goods on hand transacted business The outlook, as a whole, is reasonably assuring. at a constantly increasing loss. There was a general distrust of the future, and the spirit of speculation was CHEERING SIGNS. entirely crut

2 TB.E TOBACCO LEAF. JUNE 1 J the wherewtthal to grattfy all hts reasonable wants. The agricultural mterest was never in a sounder condttton. The crops have been abundant, and our great staples find ready markets at remunerative pnces. Stnc:e x863 Amencan wheat has been gradua!ly Rus sian wheat out of the markets of the U mted Kmgdom. In x869 the total imports of wheat and flour-I cwt, ?f flour being reckoned as equal to cwt. of wheat m zram-into the United Kingdom from north and Russia was 9,287,236 cwt., against cwt. m x874 a decrease of :nearly fifty: per c ent. m five years. the imports of and leur from the United States into the Umted Kmgdom mcreased from 15,320257 cwt. in r869 to 27,2o6,952 cwt. m 1874. In short while the Russians sent in r869 nearly two-thuds as wheat and flour to the Umted Kmgdom as was sent from the Umted States, in 1874 they sent but a httle over one-fifth as much. These statlsttcs have caused much alarm in Russta, and the commerce of Odessa has suffered accordmgly. The stgns the times are ab"odantly encouragmg. They seem to mdt cate that the great commercial and classes of the country have adjusted the1r busmess on an un precedently low scale of value. They the hope that mdustry is learnmg to produee w1th hvm: profit at present rates. $25,714,8oo are coin certificates, and are in s1lver coin and bullion, leaving an actual gold balance of $33.596,io7. Compared wtth the Apnl statement this shows a reduction in the gold balance of over seven any parues selling tobacco, shall be reqUired to m ake returns of sales of the same and keep recard of sa1d wles m prec1sely the same manner as 1s now requaed of dealers in leaf tobacco." And the}' add:-" Th1s, we think, is a regulation necessary to be made for the protection of the Govern{nent and the honest manufacturer, PROPOSITIONS FOR INCREASED TAXES Now IN ORdescnpt10n of the various disorders whtch he believes may be traced to to bacco. The Lan&et m cnllCISing Dr. Rtchardson's work thinks that his statement,; are pro bably m the main accurate as regards the smoking Vq, was called to the chau, and in a few well chosen words stated the obJeCt of the meetmg. On motiOn the following gentlmen were appointed a committee on resolutions -Andrew Pearson, Jacob Fned man and Wm Y. Daniels. They shortly rer;orted the fcllowmg:-In hts divine mercy, God has seen fit to suddenly take from our midst our friend and John C. Partridge ; therefore Resolved, That we the tobacco dealers and manu facturers of Chtcago, acknowledging the will of the Al God, and bowing to H1s infinite w!sdom with humble submtsston, feel, w1th a potgnant gnef, that an honest and upnght merchant and an affectionate and loving husband has been removed from among us. In recently oR the amended Revenue Btll by Mr. Morrison, we avatled ourself of the to refer approvingly to certain amendments embodted m it m the interest of cigar manufacturers. We also remarked at the same time that several add! tiona! amendments suggested by the NatiOnal Ctgar Manufacturers' Assoc1at1on ,had been omitted m the Bill, and expressed our intention to to them on a future occasion. The pressure of other 1mpohant mat ter on our columns has prevented any allusion to the subject until the present moment. We now propose to briefly notice the matter in detatl, and one of the for doing so is in order that the destred may be embraced in tlhe new Btll that is as in process of formation to take the place of the Mornson Bill, which was strangled m its tender on account of the provision requmng fine cut chewing tobacco to be packed m small parcels. In conformtty with. the pressed desire of ctgar manufacturers the Mornson Btll provided for the onussion of the manufactwrer's or pro prietor's name on the caution notice, the abolttion of regtstration of and for the use of other instruments tha'n irons, when desirable, for branding cigar boxes. These were all con cessions of a very satisfactory nature, and 1t 1s not to be doubted that they will be recommended in the successor of that unfortunate bill. Concessions second only to these in importance were sohcited in conJunction wtth them, but for some reason received neither official nor Congressional consideration when the Mornson Btl! was takmg shape m the hands of the Committee of Ways and Means. It 1s to be hoped will be incorporated m the substitute now prepanng and to be presented, 1t is NEw CouNTB.RFEITs.7Cou{\terfeit $5 notes on the F1rst N at10nal Bank of N 01 thampton, Mass and the Merchants' Nauonal Bank of New-Bedford, Mass, have bee" received at the Redemption Div1s10n of the Trea sury pepartment. Miller & Worley, of 305 N. Second Street, St Lou1s, are among the iatest, as they are among the most e nterpris ing manufacturers o[ plug tobacc;p m that busy city of the West. The firm have a la1ge and well ap;;omtii!d factory, with facilittes for making all styles and grades of plug tobacco. Mr. A Miller was fur fourteen years identified w1th the house of Christian Pieper, the well known tobacco manufacturer of St. Louis, whtch fact of itself is a guaranty of his ability and slnll in the produc tiOn of popular vanettes of mamifactured tobacco. A press dispatch dated Chtcago, May 31, contained the following sad announcement: "John C. Partndge of the Chicago tobacco trade d 1ed suddenly yesterday of heart disease. He was vJell known m the commercial wotld as a man of mtegnty and honor." Resolved, That we acknowledge w1th pride the stnct integnty of Mr. Partndge as a business man ; as one whose record in life is a fit one to be imitated bv young men ; as a lesson as to what untiring industry and honesty may accompltsh m a long busmess career. supposed, in a few days. Besides the obligations named, cigar manufacturers wish to be reheved from the needless labor of makmg da1lv entnes in thetr Govc:rnment record books. They and truly so, that it is almost imposstble where the business is large and many workmen are employed, to make correct daily eotnes of transactions in the books. Neither the distributiotl of matenal nor number of cigars made can be accurately determined so as t6 be recorded every day, and unless these items are accurately recorded it is evident the information sought by the Government is of little value when obtained. If only reqUired to make weekly entnes, manufacturers claim they would be able to record their transactions correctly llnd withoat appreciable inconvemence, as the1r labor accounts :are generally adJusted once a week, and what is of more ,importance, would avoid the anxiety and, nsk they are now subjectecl to m being compelled under penalty to comply with a provision ,of law that is altogether imprac -;ticable. To quote their own language, they say :-"We -can only make approximate da1ly entries, and would prefer to make our entries weekly and wtth certainty, and not have to depend upon the makmg up, of our monthly reports to correct the record." As no advantage to the Government IS derivable from the present necessarily imperfect observance of the statute, an amendment should be made that wtll hghten the burdens of manufacturers and make feasible a faith ful compliance wtth the terms of the law. SNUFF IN MisSISSIPPI.-The Enterprise (Mtss.) Co1111er says -" The physicians of thts place are becoming senously alarmed over the prevalent use of snuff among th e ladte s The doctors say 1t is creating havoc With the lad1es and destroymg the1r offpnng." Two YEARs FOR SrxTv DoLLARs' WoRTH OF CrGARS. -Frank Hughes, of No. n9 'r\'tlham Street, who, on the mght of May 25. broke into the liquor store of Charles Kuhns, No. 365 Bowery, and stole $6o worth of c1gars, was sent to the State Pnson for two years. OuR DoMESTIC MARKET REPORT.-Made up, as 1t ts, of the best thoughts of the best Tobacco Market in the country, the Domestic Market Report m this 1 ssue of THE LEAF is exceedingly valuable to every person m any way engaged m the Tobacco Trade. Special attention 1s mvited to it. THE GREENBACKERS INSANF..-A cotemporary, referring to the recent soft-money gathermgs, remarks Several conventions have been held for this purpose, but they have yet produced no evidence that the Green b:1ck Party anywhere exceeds in number the returned as insane m the census reports of x87o." AN 0RTHOGRAPHICAL REASON.-A asserts that Jt is not gerally known why Zach. Chandler once dechned the Spamsh missiOn. It was because somebody told htm that there was no" w" m the Span ish language. As there is no w" in Spanish, he couldn't see how in the dickens there could be an} whisky m Spain. THE ExCHEQUER IN RICHMOND.-Our Richmond correspondent wntes :-There has been no business change:; worthy of note, excl'pt that our respected friend and old cit1zen, D. H. London, Esq., who has been engaged m busmess in New York ior the past ten years, has returned to our c1ty, and intends making ilits bts future home. Hts SoN ADMifTED.-Ex Mayor George P. Hier, the well-known dealer in leaf tobacco of Syracuse, N. Y., has admuted to partnersb1p wtth htm hts son, George S. Hter, the firm now compnsmg G. P. Hter, N H. Plumb and G. S Hier, the style Cnlles-why THE LEAF should not reach 1ts New York city patrons early every Wednesday morning, as it is mvariably matled m ttme for prompt d1stnbution on that day. A TOBACCO Q.urn IN THE WRONG PLACE.-At Green ville, N. J., recently, a brute named Charles Stngleman, a tatlor, res1dmg on Bay Street; quarrelled with his wife and, after beating her, forced a qu1d ol tobacco into her mouth and kept It there untt l she became 11l. The wtfe is stxty years old and upon her statement made to Jus tice Delloway, the husband was arrested and held to Wtth reference to the cancellation of stamps, manu facturers are renderea liable to constant difficulty w1th the revenue autbonties through the negligence or haste of their operattves. The law requires that the stx waved cancelling hnes shall extend not less than three-lourlhs of an inch beyond each stde of the itamp. Now, without measunng m every instance 1t IS 1mposs1ble to tell whether the extension is under or over the limtt pre scribed, and m what manufactory of any pretension to magnitude is it to be expected that measurements w1ll be taken when sometimes thousands of stamps are can. celled daily? The requirement 111 unreasonable and answer. ought not to be persisted in. The new bill should be {ramed so as only to require that the lines extend not REMEDY FOR THE FLY.-Dr. Sypert, living near ess than three-fourths af an inch one side of Clarksvtllc, Tenn, has found a perfect remedy for the t he stamp, leaving the other stde to the result of chance, tobacco fly. It 1s Simply to sweep the tobacco bed clear of all bugs or trash, and then put over tt a sheet made by wh1ch they might be more or less prolonged. In of thm, cheap domestic, eostmg five cents a yard. The addition to frequently rendering ctgars hable to seizure domesuc 1s put on wtth a few small stalks to raise it and 111anufacturers to penalties for rmproper cancellaabove the plants, anti pmned closely at the edges. It tion, these needlessly extended hnes d1siigure the boxes admits l1ght and the plants grow well under it 10 perfect Th security. to the prejudice of the goods in. them. ey, moreover, often prevent the use of desirable and necessary embel lishment, manufacturers not daring to apply themfancy labels, etc.-lest they cover up one end of the tines. "We find," remark the manufacturers, "several modes of cancellation more econo.nical in ltime and labor and fully as effective as the stencil plate, as, for the rubber canceller allowed, we to be used by manufacturers of tobacco. The extensiOn of the waved hoes on both sides of the stamp unneces sarily disfigures our boxes, compelling us to leave a space of blank wood between the edging of _the box and the and leaving us at the mercy of mcompetent workmen who may not extend the lines fully three quarters of an inch each side of the CoNTRAC1ION oF NATIONAL BANK CntcULATION The b ooks of tne U. S Treasurer show that dunng Apnl bonds to the value of $553,SOO were secure national bank notes lssJed, and in bonds were withdrawn for nauonal bank notes surrendered Thts shows a contraction in national bank circulatlon for the month of over $2,ooo,ooo. The contraction m na llonal bank circllllatJOn for the eleven months just ended was nea1 ly --THEFT OF CIGARS FROM A GROCERY STORE -Early on the mormng of the 3oth ult. the grocery store of W1llard H. Jones, No. 684 Third Avenue, was broken mto by Michael Walsh, of No. 331 Avenue A, who stole worth of c1gars, wnh whtch he was making off, when Officer Stemcarnp, of the Nineteenth Precinct, he:umg a nmse m the hallway, arrested him. At the Fifty seventh Street Police Court Justice Ktlbreth com mitted htm for tnal in default of $2,ooo bali. Another amendment demanded alike 10 the interest of the Government and tlne cigar trade i,s one makmg 1t incumbent on tobacco-growers trJ keep books of record b G ANOTHER REDU::TION IN THK PUBLIC DEBT-The ln which to enter sales of leaf to acco. rowers, reduction 111 the publtc debt month of May was packers and auctioneers. are of the $ 4,61 7 5 r 5 and for the elevea lftiOBths nearly mtlopinion, should be subject m thts regard to the same lions, wh1ch !S twtce as great as the reductiOn lor the lation that dealers are. They observe:-" We would correspondmg eleven months of the precet.lmg fisca l regu t that all growers packers auctwneers or j year. The com balance is of which {drthet sugges GERNHARDT & VORNBROCK, ST. Lours -These gentlemen are manufacturers of fine Havana c1gars at No. 114 North S1xth Street, St. L o uis. They are suc cessors to Messrs. Dunker & Co., who occupied the same premises, and conducted succ essf ully the same pursUit for twenty-six years. Mr. H. W. Vl!lrnbrock was connected w i th the former firm for about twenty years. Messrs. Gewhardt & Vornbrock dt"al exte? sively in cigars of thetr ow n manufacture, and also In all styles and grades of tobacco. Abundant ab1lity, capital, credit and skill comprise some of the elements of success in possessiOn of the firm. "THE NEw TICKET."-Our attention has been directed to a new ticket" for tobacco samples, used by Bensel & Co., Tobacco Inspectors, of thts city, for which they have procured from the United States Patent Office the sole right to pnnt and use. It is claimed that the new style of ticket presents advantages to the trade which no other ticket ; as buyers of tobacco, in looking over a large lot of samples, can wtth less trouble than heretofore required, examine numbers, weights, tares and dates, which are presented at a glance, thus saving much unnecessary handling of sam pies. The ticket speaks for itself, and must be seen to be appreciated. THE WESTERN LEAF SPECULATION.-It would seem that tho se destined to profit most largely by the recent speculatton in tobacco at the West, are those who sold on the first alarm of short crops Thosl! who only woke up to the fact that a speculatwn was on foot, after a riae in prices had been established, will prob ably I.Je caught by the ebb of the tide. After a ll, "short r.rop" excttements so early in the season ruely benefit any but tho3e who onginate them. They re semble those flurries in Wall Street, that put money mto the pockets of the members of the pool who start them, but are too soon over to enable the outside pub lic to "get in.'' A MISLEADING 0RGAN.-lt must prove rather mis leading to the readers of a certain journal in th1s city, whtch has taken upon itself to espec1 ally represent the c1gar interest, when they find a loudly-announced "VIC tory for the C1gar Trade," turn out to be something very like a defeat. This was the case with the "thirtypound" in New Jersey, printed in our last IS sue. It was first announced, several weeks ago, by the JOUrnal in questiOn, wtth a considerable flounsh of trumpets, that the thirty pound rule had been an nulled by the U. S D1stnct Court m New Jersey, and that a substantial triumph had thus been achieved for the trali.e. Unfortunat'!ly for the ctgar mterest, the Court recognized the validity of the obnoxious rule. Alas I for the fleeting nature of such jouroahst1c VIC tories! INTERESTING COMMERCIAL TOPICS -The programme of the bus mess to come before the National Board of Trade at tts meeting in this city on Tuesday, the 27th ms1,, bas been Issued Among the subjects to be dJs cussed are the followmg :-"The Establishment of a National Department of Commerce;" "the Currency Question," "the Interference of Trades Untons wtth the System of Apprentlceshtp ;" "the Fast Mat! Servtce ;" "a Uniform System of Legislatlon Regulating the Issue, Negotiability and Transfe r of B1lls of Ladmg, Storage Rece1pts, etc ;" Railroad Freight Charges," "the Umfica t ion of the Laws of All the States Relating to Trade and Commerce;" "the Uniform Gradmg of Grain;'' "the Bankrupt Law of the United States;" "the Rev1ston of the Tanff Laws," "Revenue Reform," 'Amendments to the N atwnal Bank Act;" "Canadtan Rectprocity ,'' and other rna t ters. THE ASTOYISHED INVESTIGATOR -Congressman Black burn, who went to New Orleans as a member ot the commtttee to i nvestigate the Federal offices m that city, tells, it ts reported, an inctdent showing the tact of the parties un de r sus picion and investtgat1on. He went mto a large ctgar store to purchase a box of Partlgas, and, wh1le he was be1ng watted upon, the propnetor o[ the store ordered the cle,k one stde and began opening a better brand and class of ctgars than the clerk had proposed to sell. Next samples of chmce Havana were showed to the customer. Mr. Blackburn was as tonished at the great attention oi the c1gar dealer. He relused his samples, but paid for a box and went his way. Bemg a perfect stranger, and arriving in New Orleans the mormng of that day, he was perplexed by the generosity of the propnetor. But on lookmg at the sign he read, Gonzales & Co." It was the firm accused of bemg at the head of the Smugglmg Rmg m that crty, and Blackburn was recognized as one of the invesugators. On the same day the an nexed letter was sent from the warehouse of Mr. Partndge to Messrs. Straiton & Storm of this city:-CHICAGo, May 3r, 1876 .-ME.SSRS STRAITON & STORM, NEw YoRK Gentlemen-It is with deep regret and sor row that we have to announce the dea1h of Mr Part ridge He was taken 111 yesterday mormng and not dangerous; but at 4.30 P. M. was taken sud. denly away, dymg eas1ly and without a struggle His wtfe was m Raletgh, N. C., where, ;;.fter a short service to-day, his remains were sent for mter ment. This leaves a void here that insptres universal regret, and one that words can 1lly do JUStice to. Yours truly, J AS C. pARTRIDGE & Co. BROWNELL. Thus suddenly, almost without warmng, has passed for ever away one of the most estimable members of the Western Tobacco Trade. In reflecting upon thts pamful dispensation by which an honorable and useful life has been prematurely closed, it is a consolation to learn from this letter that though the shadow of Death followed quickly upon the summons to prepare for dis solution, the deceased mercha;,t elted "eas1ly and wtth out a fiitruggle," experiencing httle ar no suffenng m passing from mortality to immorta!ity Mr. Partridge was belove.! by all who knew him, and not less so in the East, where he was well acquamted, than at the \Vest, where be has res1ded for many years. He was aoout 57 years of age, and was born in County, State of New York. He came to this city m early youth, and en1ered the service ol Mr. Albert Resolved Tha t we sympathtze wnh the widow and family and friends of 1he deceas._ed m thetr hour of great gnef Resolved, That a copy ofJ hese resolutwns be engrossed and sent to the wtdow an d fam1ly of the deceased, as expressive of regard f or him and our feehng of sytn pathy for h1s relatives. Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be sent to the datly papers ; and that a copy be inserted m our trade paper, TH!i: TOBACCO LEAF. After whtd the meetmg adjourned. HENRY H. ADAMS. Correspondeace, EDITOR TOBACC O LEAF .-It Js a matter of deep mys tery to me why the agltauon of the :>mall package ques tion has been renewed. I have not h('ard dishonesty charged upon the manufacturers of fine-cut chewing tobacco. Why then th1s proposmon to interfere with the wishes of the people to havE the fine cut put up in large packages? A change to small packages would be followed by the loss of the motsture and very much of best flavor. Unttl 1t can be shown that the honest collec tor of the revenue from Ene-cut reqnires a change, the people shouad be allowed to have their own way m thts matter. I see that our old fnend who has done so much for the trade m umes past, Dr. T. H. Spence, of Cmcinnati, has again earned the gratitude of the trade, by valuable and needed services m this mat-ter of packages. Yours, etc., WALlER B. p'IERCE. UTICA, N. Y., May 30, 1876. Woodruff, of the firm of Woodruff & Robinson. State of tbe British Cir;ar Trade Subsequently he removed to Raleigh, N. C, [Correspondence of The Toba;co Trade Revzew.] where he soon became promment in the capacitv of SrR :-The spint ot most of the trade circulars has Secretary of a leadmg Fire Insurance Company. This for some time been very depressed, all complaining pos1t1on he held for a number of years With constan1\y more or less about 1he badness of trade. With the fact increasing popularity. In 1853 h1s brother in-law, before us that the Board of Trade returns show that James F. Jordan, who dted about ten months ago, the consumpt10n of toba-cco increases daily, the cause embarked m busmess in Chtc3:go, under the firm style of this fallmg off m the amount of bustness done is of James F. Jordan & Co., Mr. Partndge, thourh remainworth investigation. I attnbute it to the contmually ing in Rale1gh, being a partner and representing mcreasmg quantities of foreign that are bemg Company in the firm. During the commercial cnsis of imported. In the three months ending March, duty x8s6, the house became embarrassed, and Mr. Part was patd on 374,182 lbs manufactured tobacco, agatnst ndge felt obliged to relmquish hts busmess in Rale1gh, 322,296 lbs durmg the same time in I87S In order not and take upon himself the management of affairs in to exaggerate, and t o be on the safe stde, I deduct 74, Thts change resulted in the formation of the x82 lbs for cavendtsh, negro head, and cut tobacco, firm of J C. Partridge & Co, wh1ch comprised in adrlileaving 3oo,ooo lbs for the wetght of Havana, Mamlla, tion to Mr. Partriage, Messrs. Smith, Palmer & Co., and Contmental cigars, or about 3o,ooo,ooo ctgars 1 otherwise, Smith, Palmer & Scovtlle, of New York A Whence comes the taste of the Bntish public for foreign few years later Mr. Lnnn Palmer bought the interests c1gars, seeing that thirty years ago scarcely any fore1gn in the Chtcago iirm of Messrs. Smith & Scoville, and c1gars came 10? Through the lowenng of the duty the since that time the business has been owned and conuse of Havana, and wnh them of Contmental cigars, dueled exclusively by Mr. Partndge and himself. ThO! spread raprdly Formerly, Bntish manufacturers l.lsed, transacttons of the house were very extensive, manufaccertamly, a small quantity of Germ a a and other common tured tobacco and cigars of eve ry style and variety being tob;occos, but mostly they worked Ambalema, Giron, the s;tap!es dealt m. Among t!-te famous brands of ci-Havana, Yara, and Man1lla. Now-a-days they use a gars for the sale of wh1ch the house was noted, was ti:e cart load of German tobacco to a pennyworth of the "Golden Crown," supphed by Messrs. Straiton & Storm better growths. Deductmg what ts used for cuttmg pur of New York. The firm lost heav1ly by the great fire poses, the clearances m Apn! m the port of London, Itt Ch1cago, saving nothing from their immense warewhere most of the c1gar tobacco is warehoused, anci. house with the exceptton of their books, wh1chMr Partwhence nearly all the manufacturers of the Unned ridge succeeded m rescumg from the flames at the peril Kmgdom draw thetr supply, conststed of about 900 of hts life. This 1ernble event even separated Mr Partcases German, 84 bales Havana, Yara, Cuba, and Ca ndge from his w1fe for two days, whom he mourned as nary, 25 bales Sumatra, 6o bales Mamlla, so bales Japan, lost, until providenually found and restored to him. Vast 46 b .. les Esmerelda, rso bales Columbtan, 59 cases seed as was the loss of properly on this occasiOn, however, leaf, and 2 bales Braz1l To thts must be added that to EO prosperous had the firm fer several years been, that other ports, as Ltverpool, Hull, Harwich, a great deal of not a smgle dollar's worth of the1r p01.per went to protest tobacco IS sent d1rect, but nearly all consis:mg of Ger and all 1he1r ob!tgauons were prompt!y met at matunty. man and Dutch tobacco. Recovermg speedtly from thts misfortune, the hcuse has Dtvtdmg the httle there 1s of good tobacco among all smce to add yearly to its busmess and poputhe bad, the result B11ttsh czgar, that bums lanty, ran.lung now, as heretofore, among the largest white, draws well, is made beauufully, but stmks. Some and best of 1ts kmd 10 the U 11ited States. Mr. Partndge of the Havana and Contmental c1ga1s that come m are was a remarkable man in many respects, and in all the just as bad ; but, as a rule, all classes are far superier relat10ns of ltfe merited and rece1ved the approval of to the Bnllsh c1gar m flavor, though they are less well lus associates and acquamtance. !:Ie declined a n0m made, don't look quue so fine, are of rougher appearma!lon for Mayor of Ch1cago, at a time when h1s popu-ance, and burn sometimes less whllt". What 1s the lanty would have readtly elected him He has left a reason ? In none but the very commonest Continental beloved w1fe and manv fnends to mourn h1s loss, but no makes, either Ge1 man, PaEmyra, Esmerelda, or Japan is children. used. Contmental c1gars are so good that the >ale of Our Chkago correspondent, Mr. Hemr H. real Havanas Is very hmlted; and m Germany, where sends us the followmg particulars relatmg to the death thl" duty on fore1gn ctgars IS but a trifle, their saie IS of Mr. Partndge .-mstgmficant, and home -made goods sell there at puces CHICAGO, 'June 3, 1876.-Mr. John C. Partridge, a equal to those of the best Havana ura nds. As the well-known cit1zen and one of our latgest tobaccomsts, Bnhsh manufacturet can well compete wnh the Contm dted very suddenly on t'he evenmg of the 3oth prox., of ent in the producuon of the very cheapest c1gars, that gastnc hemorrh a ge. Dunng the day he was not feelmg sell at 6s 6d, per roo, he IS certamly able to do so wttl'l well, and remained at home, but there was notamg to the htghh puced goods. As a rule-for 1here are a few mdicate any thmg serious unlll about 4 o'clock, "hen, excepuons-the Brltlsh m:otnufacturer sacnfices tl:e fla whtle conversmg w1th a gentleman who had been wllh vor of the cigar to Its appearance. Now, Johu Bull 15 him dunng the day (h1s famtly b e ing on a vtstt to not qUite a fool; J ohn Bull has eyes, 11nd also a nose; Rale1gh N. C), he s uddenly leaned ba. ck in hts chair, he has been gradually educated to dtstmguish a good and m an mstant was a c orpse, dymg wtthout a Slllell from a bad one. He has begun in a small way to Ht5 remams were taken to Raletgh, N. C., to be buned desert h1s p1pe for his c1gar, ever smce Japan and Chma beside hts father and mother. The first intlmatton of were made to serve for Vtrgtma and Turktsh. The pub any thmg serious at hi, office, was the message, "Mr ilc have a better taste than enher manufacturers or Partndge 1s dead." He leaves a wtfe, but no childten. shop-keepers g1ve :hrm credtt for They prefer a good Mr. Partndge was born m Newark, \Vayne County, flavo1ed ctgar, even 1f1tbe rough ami burn a little greyToBACCO NoT So BAD AFTER ALL.-Dr. B. F. N. Y., m x82o. When quite young hts parents removed 1sh, to the typ1cal Bnttsh ctgar, that IS fine l ooking, Rtchardson, F. R. S, in hts Dzseases of Modc,w Lift, to Raletgh, where he rece:ved hts educa!lon and the first ltke a young lady's cheek, but smelb very mdlf is an uncompromi sing opponent to 1he use of tobacco. knowledge o f the bu s mess he has for so m.;.ny years feremly. Commg evenls cast t!1e1r shadO\XS before He refutes, however, the notJon that tobacco smokmg honored. He came to Chtcago m r8s6, takmg an them The trade of the Brittsh c1gar manufacturers causes cancer and consumption. Dr. Richardson ,mterest in the house of James F. Jordan & Co. whole-has b een falhng off for some years, and Jt ts greatl y to believes that there is no ground for assummg that I sale tobaccomsts One year later the firm changed 1o be feared that un l ess a different system ol c1g,u makmg organic disease results from the use of tobac co but he John C. Partndge & Co., wbtch been the s1yle d be adopted-viz: better quality, and 1 nt:Ceboary a believes that functtonal disorders are inseparable from the firm to this day. He was an exemplary busmess ltttle plamer appearance-the puohc w 11l leave the habit of smokmg, and the aut!,or giVes a long man, and by careful management and stnct integrity the B!lush Cigars alone. I am, etc, A. B. C.


r JUNE 7 THE TOBACCO MARKET. DOMESTIC. NEw YoRK, J'une 30. We have had a dull tobacco market during the past week and that, too, withont any pat ticular reason for it, if we' except Western leaf, which has been quiet owing to t:he subsidence of the previous speculative movement. Both Seed leaf and Havana tobacco have been in hghter demand than at the date of our last report, but the ex hibtt in each instance 1s comparatively much better than in the department first named. There have as usual, doubtless, been sales of We5tern leaf that are not yet reported, but even when these are all told it will be found that transactiOns have been small, speculators takmg little or nothrng, and t:xporters and manufacturers resting content with the good work done dunng the month just ended The lull in speculation was chiefly due to better advices from the plant ing sections, which though still unpleasant enough in some respects and from some quarters, had enough of encouragement 111 them to temper the ardor of thost buymg exclustvely for a future advance. The month has been, as was easily to be seen It would be, a good one for Western tobacco, the sales bemg almost double those of Its predecessor. Taking no account of the speculative purchases, the business done on a regular basis was qmte a satisfactory one as regards magmtude as well as prices, all classes of home buyers increasing their selections as compared with April, manufacturers largely. Exporters were a ltttle less active than m Apnl, though purchasmg w1th freedom Jobbers nearly tnpled their operations, but cutters did not materially vary their account. Messrs. Sawyer, Wallace & Co. report :-Western Leaf-Receipts of the past month (including V1rgima) 10,649 hhds; exporti, s,6I4 do; sales, 8,soo do. The stock in inspections, increased 2,249 hhds. The de mand was general and uniform, exporters taking 3,386 hhds, and the home trade 1,883 The noticeable fea ture of the month was the renewal of speculation for Western account (consequent upon the unfavorable aspect of the plant beds) to wnlch 3,24I hhds are credited, mostly substantial lugs and low leaf. Pnces have advanced steadtly and we refer to our revised quotations for present value. So far this month we only hear of I92 hhds bemg sold, and as we have adv1ces of rains at the "drownmg all fltes and bugs under to 7 feet high," we may naturally expect a quteter for some time. 1st week. 2d week 3d wee\:. Hb week. 5th wrek Total Jan 473 I,o68 720 792 347 3,408 Feb._ z86 645 66:: 345 ::,sao March 300 694 847 476 s,ooo ApnL 91!3 947 936 1,934 4,8oo May.I,382 1,274 2,246 2,457 I,r4r B,soo June. 192 ---------------I92 The ctrcular of Messrs. Sawyer, 'Vallace & Co. for May, says .-Amencan :Leaf Tobacco-Recetpts in May, I876, (n'lcluding 1,206 Virgmia,) ro,649 hhds, 1875 5 hhds; 1874. I2,554 hhds. ::>mce January I, 1876, (including 7,084 Vtrgmta,) 39,I33 hhds; I87S 14,I8I hhds; Ill74, 39,oo2 hhds. Includmg New Orleans, the receipts of Western crop are 49,6o6 hhds this year, against IJ,137 hhds last year, and 4I,88o hhds in r874 Exports in May, I876, s,6I4 hhds; I875, 3,8o7 hhds; 1:874, 4,58o hhds. Sm::e January I, I876, 23,6I8 hhds; 1875, 12,938 hhds; I874, 17,478 hbds. Including New Orleans, they are 3o,ooo hhds this year, agamst I3,894 hhds last vear, and 24,279 hhds m 1874, Sales in May, I876, 8,soo hhds; I875, 3,2oo hhds; 1874, 4,ooo hhds. Smce January I, I876, 24,200 hhds; 1875. I3,ISO hnds; 1874 I5,7oo hhds, Includmg New Orleans, they are 3r,IIo hhds tilts year, against I4,8oi hhds last year, and 2I,562 hhds im I8740f the sales 3,386 hhds were for export. largely to French and Itahan contractors. Spam dtd nothmg here, but has bought 700 lugs in New Orleans at about 6c. Small lots of colory Mason County and substantial Clarksville and Western d1stnct were taken for the North of Europe, and perhaps 2oo to 300 Afncans for England, at J2@rsc-Manufacturers took I,OS4 hhds principally lugs and l01v leaf, at 6@1oc; cutters, 228, hhds; jobbers, 6oi hhds; and 3,24I hhds were bought on speculatio n, principally for Clarksville and Paducah account. We d1v1de the sales smce January I as fol lows :-I876, to manufacturers, 3,334 hhds ; cutters, J ,I eo; jobbers, I ,407, export, I 5, 108; speculallon, 3,24L 1871, to manufacturers, r,852 hhds; cutters, 839, job bers, I,I68; export, 8,745 speculatiOn, :ZS71874, to manufactu1ers, 3,862 h!:lds; culters, I,oso; JObbers, 1,446 ; export, 8,447 ; speculatiOn, 967. Pnces have nacl a steady upwud tendency, especially for lugs and low leaf of the Clarksville order, as thts was mostly in speculative demand. Shtppers were also will ing to pay well for fleshy selectionsr but these are scarce and very few hhds of uniform quality; mdeed, the crop generally IS ver)' badly assi>rted, which is much against lts value. 'Mason County and old stock participated but very httle in the achvtty,cr advance. We thmk we can g1ve you a better Idea of prices by agam dtVJdmg our quotatiOns for hgbt and heavy sorts. Few lugs are offered under 6c., and few hhds brmg our outside figures for heavy sorts. MONTHLY STATEMENT OF THE STOCK AT INSPECTIONS. Stock on hand May I, I876. ----.23,795 hhds. Received smce _________________ 8,o8o do 3r,875 do Delivefedsince ___________ ----5.83I do Stock on hand June I, r876-----26,o44 do 1876I875-I874Hhds. Hhds. Hkds. Stock in Liverpool, May I, 23,832 29,I77 24,218 in London, May I_ 12,032 rs,289 I 3 in Bremen, May r, ----1,409 I,929 3S [ inN. Orleans, May 26, I3,04S 4>365 7,721 m Balumore, May 27, 2o,oo7 I9,419 irJ' New York, June I, :z6,o44 39,693 2::,667 96,369 I09,872 90,8!6 There has been more domg m England-the better grades keeping up, the common at some concessiOn. It would seem that all the markets had to go the same round, and England IS now at the bottom of the wheeL We look, however, for a Conunental den1and to relieve her of qualities unsuited to her home or Afncan trade, and v:lnch shoul d never have been sent there. Even ory leaf In a speculative year, WllJ hkely do better On thts s1de the Atlantic. They never beheve m short crop over there, or m bugs outstde the.r own beds. Bre men began to amend after most of her old substantial leaf had been bought up by Italtan agents, and has smce been followmg our advance wonderfully close. The Western markets nave, as usual, led the van, especially those in the dtovastated d stncts-Hopkmsvtlle, Nash vrlle, Clarksville and Paducah. Louisvtlle, Cmcmnati and St. Louis have been comparatively calm. At the close prices were a little easter, which IS attnbuted rather to a scarctty of money among speculators, than to much improvement m crop prospects. Now, as to plants, they are generally scarce south of Lolllsvtlle, except about Hendetson. We estimate that half a crop IS JUst now a fa1r calculation for their plantmg, and a lull one in Eastern Kentucky and M1ssoun; makmg three quar ter average fo r the We,t, and we suppose this would be true of Vtrgmta. Ic wtll reqmre exceptiOnal seasons to plant hal f a crop m the Clarksville regiOn, wh1ch has suffered most from the msect plague, and as the ran fall already amounb to 30 mches, agamst an annual average of 4Z, the sauatton certamly appears cntlcal. EXPORT S OF ToBACCO FROM NEW YORK FROM MAY I, TO 3I, JNCLU>lVE. Great Bntam.----------------------1,533 France--------------------------.. 7 4 7 d0 THE rr o B A c c o LEAF. NorthofEurope--------------------------9SI do do do stems ____________ .------43 do South of Europe __ ---_.--__ ---_----____ --2,I5I "do West Indtes, South Amenca anrl Mexico __ 7I do Other foreign ports-------------------n8 do TotaL---.-. -. ---------. __ -. 5,6r4 do From the Circular of Mr. Fred. Fischer we ceilate the followmg synopsis of exports from New York and New Orleans from 1st January to date:I873Hhds. Great Britain ___ .----__ --5,684 Frauce----------------3 774 Bremen and Hamburg._ .6,547 Antwerp and Holland I,3o4 Spam and PortugaL------5,786 Mediterranean .. ---------1,420 Italy and Austna ______ .. -s,Ior Sundry exports __________ r,3I4 Totals ______ -------30,930 Cons'ption and on ships nut cleared, etc ________ 7,683 Disapp'd from New York I874Hl!ds. 4,674 J,S32 7I2 I,980 6,or8 r,392 r,si7 1,343 I I,249 I87S Hhds. 2,892 242 I,44I I,2o6 4,II7 14 I 964 natural order of events, unless 1t is wntten that th1s shall S. E Thompson, 32 do; JH. M oore &Co, 4 do; Toe I, be an exceptional year m thts as in some other respects. Rose & Co., 2 do, Blakemore, :Mayo & Cp, 9 do, D L Messrs. JS. Gans, Son & Co. observe in their Cucu Garth, Son & Co, 56 do; Jarvis & Co, I6 do; Sawyer. Jar :-Setd Leaf-In the fore part of the month the Wallace & Co., I77 do; R L Mattland & Co., 73 do, market has displayed great activity. At that period Pioneer Tobacco Co., 5 do; Burbank & Nash, Io do, con,Iderable transactions with a -somewhat speculauve F. W. Tatgenhorst, 8 do; Order, 719 hhds, I pge. tendency have been effected in Connecttcut seconds and BY THE HUDSON RIVER RAILROAD-S E. Thomp fillers, and in assorted parcels of Pennsylvania, all of son, 2 hhds; C. H. Spitzner, 2CJ9 pgs; Wtse & Bend the growth of r87 5 Later, the market has become less heim, 29 do; C. Upmann, 5 t do; A. Hen & do; animated. A contmued desire to reahze on old tobacco ,N. Wise, 3 do; C. E. Lee, I4 do; Kremelberg & Co., has again resulted m the disposal of several parcels of I36 do; J S. Gans, Son & Co., 78 do; Joseph Mayer's wrappers and wrappery lots of th1s descnption, as wtll Sons, 47 do; Order, 98 do. be noticed m our l ts t of sales below. Export has reBY THE NATIONAL & Co, SI hhds; mained Without ammation. Sales of crops from r87o to Thos. Kinnicutt, 13; Garrott & Grinter, 26 do; S ; E. 1873 :-New England, soo cases; Pennsylvama, roo do; Thomson, 4S do; Blakemore, Mayo & Co., Bs do; D. Ohw, 200 do, I 52 of which for export; Wisconsin, roo Dows & Co., 34-do; Pollard, Pettus & Co., 28 do; A. do, so of which for export. Ctop of r874 :-New EngC L. & C. Meyer, 57 do; P. Lonllard & Co., 61 do; land, I,ooo cases, 6I of which for export; Pennsylvama, Sawyer, wallace & Co., 33 do; D. J-Garth, Son & Co, Boo do; New York, 3oo do, 78 of which for export; I2 do; Burbank & Nash, 12 do; A. H. Cardozo, 22 do; Ohio, soo do, I83 of which for export; Wisconsin, 200 w. 0. Smith & Co., I I do; JH. Moore & Co., I do; do, 76 of which for export. Crop of 1875 --New Eng-DeRham & Co., I6 do; Order, 337 d good lugo. Lots.-------s 6 mencemeAt of last month by considerably specuiallve M 1 As.orted Lots--------s @ 9 purchases for 'Western account, which were contmued IMPORTS. Good ........... --" I New York Stale-Crop 1873and 1874 Th -1 t h t f N y k f r F1ne, r4 @1 6 j Assorted Lots ,..... 7 s more or less duriug the month, followed by a liberal e arnva s a t e por o 01 rom oretgn Selections @ I S 1 w,.c0,.sm-Crop I873 and 1874 buymg for export and home trade, until sales reached ports for_ the week endmg June 6 mcluded the follow"t::;: Leaf7 @ 9 I ssorted Lots -------6 M for the month about 8,soo hhds. This speculative mg cons1gntuents -Common------9 @m c 8 v@ C Z ld & -bdl ]' Medium n)l@14 1 om. 2 ;2 ou m ovement, almost entnely engmeered for Western ac-' ADlZunca ay Argu1mbau, IIO s 1cor1 3g gg count, was induce d by the cnllcal positton of the plant-Ice root. Selections .......... ---, 7 @aS ,.Extra J:"m I us 25 mg scarclly of plants, many oJ whtch are said to RoTTERDAM-F. & A. Krull, I box tobacco. v L r1 ura,r Cot, ----@95 H J J Al 11 b 1 b S d lugs 4;,1{@ I ao 11 Cut rc@ IS ?ave been destroye? by fl1es and bugs, and the prevail-AVANA- mtra _32 S a es to acco; ei enl wleaf .... 8 @ll 'Manufact:md-lnBond Tax4cts. mg dry weather bemg unpropitiOUS for the new crop. berg & Co., 239 do;_ M. Rtvera, s8 do; ,1\Tm_ Eggert & do med tofood 12 (q,13 : perpound. Puces have steadily advanced here and are from 3.{ to Co., 72 do; F. Garcm, 86 do; M & E. Salomon 106 do, B dhot y 11 14 @I6 Pound.-Dxm""'-, :74 r1g e ow Extra. fine 45 \lit 50 zc higher than at the commencement of the month. In Merfeld, Kemper & Co., 23 do, R. Garcia, 49 do, Vega FIIlIiem-LoDglO's 28 @30 t ) 1 b h h h Good d& 6 Navy, 4'oand 5'-------20 @30 par tcu ar re ers to our stap e, to acco, t at t oug From the port of New York to foreign ports, for the tuencb @40 l d we e k endmg June 6, were as follows:-Fancy .... --r I3 @a Bnght Gold Bars, 6 mch 89 @40 temporan y a vance pnces, yet It is d1fficuit to find BRAZIL-I case. Upper Country------Rough & Ready. -----25 @36 buyers at unduly enhanced values, which curtail all GIOuudleof, now.-----3 @Io nucx. le .. ammate demaqds and dnve the channel of trade BREMEN-56 hhds, I case. Q,uou.ttonwrorSeed Lear To. Nauy.Pounds-Fine ------25 @28 BRITISH AusTRALIA-Io hhds, 2 cases, 303 pkgs baccoa suitable ror Ho111e Medium --------18 towards the many substitutes Kentucky tobacco has to Trade. Nf1111J Half PurJwUe/nd TTnrd. (6r,r4I lbs) mfd. Con uctzcut-Crop IB7It0 I878!'Lee ------------.21 @2G compete With. Let not the unhappy catastrophe of BRITISH NORTH AMERICAN COLONIES-24 hhds, 50 Fillers----------?X@ 9 QuartcrPwnrty-'l'wos .......... i5 @00 represente m same, and the outstde advance of pnces CENTRAL AMERICA-4 bales, 5 pkgs 1 _665 lbs) mfd. Wrappers ....... ----CgJs lO"sanal2's. has taken place on these gJadts. Selections-------35 @so Fme --------------23 26 u r. ifI h CUBA-166 pkgs (9,87I lbs) mtcl. Crop I87s Good---------. I8 (j>29 nt ISStaplenotmuchhasbeenclone, I 6 Fillers----------6 @8 commonndmeCA"l!.i!Ol 15 @I8 b th b d I d DANISH \VEST .INDIES-3 bhds, 4 ba_ es, I pkgs Second--------------n @s Granulated Smoking-0 ecause not a great ea was one In any vanety ( 6 lb ) fd Massac!.uutts-CropzB7I tOI874-Medium to good .... @K of leaf, and because there IS sull but little Vtrgtma leaf 1'I2 s m Filler----------------5 @ 6 Goo d t o fine 5@1.20 h d b h E GLASGOw-6s hhds. Seconds .... ----------8 @Io C't n 11 ere to o usmess Wll -xcept what goes abroad, HAMBURG-91 cases. Wrapper----------IS @2o gar<-omes c. use seems tO b d V r Runnmg Lob .. --8 @ n Havana ................... $6o@$too e rna e m Hgmia lOT manu actunng HAVRE-4r2 hhds, 4 pkgs ( I,3S7 lbs) mfd. Pem.sylvan.r S 1 z:E h" 8 l h b d A .... orled Lots ..... 7 (!9 8)11 'MF" ---------I 9 .may. a,es_ .ro1 '.>,;port. bxs, IS3 t Hd bxs, 9 qtr bxs, 190 e1g1t xs. 222 ca bconds .. -------6 @ R.R."'---------------... 1u I875------------5,4oo I,o96 cases. dies, 27 bale s scraps, Il3 cases cigar, 20 do c1garettes, FIIlen;. --------------4if(!l} "W.S,'----------------21 3 6 0 tto-Crop 1874 "G. S ................ I 7 ------------7,900 do I1348 do constgnedasfollows:-Assorted Lots ..... ----s @6 Later a better export demand should come m the BY THE ERIE RAILROAD-Kremelberg & Co., u hhrls; L Contznued 011 Sevmth Page]. Changes in B,:uines&. ---. NEw YoRK CITY -Wright, Rtchards & Co., Tobacco Commission Merchants, d1s:olved; Mr. A. L. Rtchards contmue$ under hts owt1 name. Kretzer & Jeffreys, Ctgar Manufacturers and Impor ters of Havana Tobacco, dissolved, now Jeffreys & Co. E. Pascual, Brother & Co., Importers of Havana To bacco and Ctgars, dissolved; Mr. L. Pascual continues under hi own name. Removals NEw YORK CirY.-Gustav Isaacs, Tobacco Broker, from 132 to I33 W.ater Street. A ; Kasprowicz & Brother, Ctgar Manufacturers, from IS8 Chambers Street to 233 Greenwich Street. Jeffreys & Co, Ctgar Manufactrorers and Importers of Spanish Tobacco, !rom uo John Street to 3S Fulton Street W.]. HOODLESS. C. E. TAYLOJI.. Late of Kenldy w I J I HOODLESS & IATIORALTOBACCO IffSPICTio. Receiving & Forwarding Warehouses, Foot etf Van Dyke and Partition Sts., Brooklyn.. BtU aU .1. obacco care National Inspection WI.Wam St., N, Tl Partition it., BN0--493"S44WM. I. BROOKS, 43 Natchez Street, -New La. Agent for the GENUINE Grand Point, St James Parish, Pertqne Tobacco. !IOLE AGENT FOR C. C. MILLAUDON, GEO. E. BOVBB, A. DAMARE, J. A. MALARCHER, J, A RICAUD, lii.UilJ FACTURER!!I OF PER.:EQ"C':I!I ETTE&, ENVELOPED IN CO.llN HUSKS, PERIQ,UE SOLD ONLY BY THE POUND AND UlllDER FULL GUARANTEEA FULL SUPPLY OF .1(, X, I, li ... 4. POUND C-'RROTS ALWAYS ON HAND. iiliiPJIIENTS liiADE TO FOREIGN COUNTRIES, IN BOND FROM l!IEW ORLEANS IF DESIRED. THE ATTENTION OF CONSUMF.RS lSI CALLED TO TilE FACT THAT THE GENUINE PERIQUE IS NEVER .OLD EXCEPT IN CARROTS. Ss,-lii4 A Rare Chance for Dealers in Gi[ar Moulds. I'OB SAI.II OIDIAP. 2,900 OF THE BEST FINISHED, IMPORTED GBRMAlr CIGAR MOULDS FOR CASH-MUST BE SOLD. Country Dt>alers are requested to C.ll o-r Send for Sample. CHRISTOPHER WITTE I& CO., 589-4t liOO GREENWICH ST., Ne"W York. WESf END HOTEL, Chestnut below Sixteenth Street, PHILADELPHIA, P A. :Z'C'B.OP:ZAN :!'%.AN. C. T .JONES, Proprietor. Late of" Hoffman House'' and' St. James, New York FOR SALE. A FIRST-CLAS S RESIDENCE, AT FLUSHING, L, 1. THE HOUSE IS NEW, LARGE, TWO STORY, ATTIC AND BASE MENT, WITH ALL MODERN IMPROVEMENTS, Gas, Lake Water, Sewer Connectians, SPLBNOID LAWN, Comfortable Stable; only 8 Mmutes from Depot; 104. TRAitiS DAILY to and from Station. Address, K. K., "ToBACCo Lup'' Office; Ohpformalton can be obtatned personally at the above office. THE O'VNER OF UNMORTGA<;ED PROPERTY IN Brooli:lyn, New Jersey, and East New York., Ia wdhng to exchanae 1t C1gats, Smokmc or Leaf Tobacco H. COLELL, !88 t t68 Water Street, New York. WANTED.-A C:.entleman of Large Expenence tn the MANUF.AC--1 URING and STRlPPING BUSINESS, thorough! com t t o and fam1har w1th the successful use of Steam 1n the !:; T: bacco and the handlmg of Leaf or Stnps, destres a S1tuabon either tn & .Manufactunng or Str1pp1og and Leaf Estabhshment. Has had man ears experience in several of the largest Manuf.actunng and StnpplD& h-menl sin Vtrgmta. B.est..of References. a 18 FOR SALE. Address ''MANUFACTURER.'' Amolla County, Va. A Fresh Supply of 100,000 PouPlds Genume Flavor ler SM(}KlNG TOBACCO Manufacturers, 10 lots to su1t pourchasers, at lowest figure BROfHERS. I-4S. 147 and 1<49 S. Charles, Baltimore, Md. PENNSYLVANIA. CIGARS IN ANY QUANTITY, AT fROM $10 -to 11118 per :H ., Purchased for Cash er Rece1ved on Consignment. W, P. FAJUUNGTON, Jobber or Cigar-, 125 Dyer Street, Prov1dence,. R.. J OWL, COLDEN CROWN, CARDINAL tc CAPITAL Smoking; Tobaccos, MANUFACTURED BT I STORM, 178 I 180 Pearl Street. COPE'S TOBACCO PLANT---..A lK>NTHLY JOURNAl for Smokerl. Publi1hed M No. 10 Lord Nelllon atrcet, L1verpool. Ena land, where aublortptlons may be &ddroaeed, or to ihe Toa.a..oco LEU' l"l&bly be r.dhere

THE TOBACCO LEAF. JUNE 7 M. J DOHAN. THOS. CARROLL WILJ.lA: WICKE tc co., A. ROEI>Ut. MARTIN & JOHNSON, DOHAN, CAR-ROLL & 00., TOBACCO MANUFACTURERS O'l' 79 FRONT STREET Bet. Wall Street and Qld I I NEW yomr. 155, 157, 159 & 161 Goerck st., Tobacco CommlSSlon Merchants, .BULKLEY MOORE & CO. VIRGINIA Tobacco Commisskln Merchants 'Sommission ts, AGE!'oi"TS FOR TI-J:E SALE OF ALL 'I'H.E NEW YORK. BEST-lAD m m& aRANos oF viRGINIA a NoRTH. Dealers in Spanish and German MANUFACTURED & SMOKING TOBACCOS oe!T'""Tn 104 FRONT STREET, NEW YORK. Ciga.r Ribbons. h II 1 k v N c M f Agents 10r t e 10 owmg wetnown 1rgmll\ ana anu acturer3: .. ROBERT W. OLIVER, Rlchmood, Va. I WllVGFIELD & LAWSON, Ri<:hmond, Va. D. C. !IA Y.O lC: CO., Richwon<', Va. & iNGRAM, Meadsville, Va. V :MAI\Til'f'J:Z YBOB .8b o W. J. GENTRY & CO Richmond, Va. W. DUKE, Durham, Ill. C. ..._ V t IMPORTERS OP HAVANA HARDGROVE, POLLA'RD & CO., Richmond, Va. COOP !i:'i\ & WILLIAMS, Oxford, N.C. Ufl LEAF TOBACO 0 i' The special a ttention of t -he Trade is caUed t?. the followtQg established Brands : A>iD Js, M s, P. P's. .. f Virgis:l ia.Beauties, 4S, and 145, D. C Ma:ro & Co., Navy lbs. --=166 WATER STr NEW YORK. Farmer'sDaughtet;'35,4S,and J(s. D.C.'>1ayo&Co .. Navy, Xs,andX>,P.P.,inwhole, )i\) 1 -r,g_ Sallie and 3PlugTwist.. t, and J( caddtes .... ... ... J(s, P. P's, F Oriental, Fig, tn tlrt lb. b0%es, Cancv. and long 1o's. RAN C IS S K I N N E Y' s Charm, 6-inch Twist, iri tin foil, M caddie-. Mayo & Knight, Navy, }!s, Ms, P P 's. & long IOS.. Charme r 6 and u-ioch twi-St.. LusciO"'-S \Vee d, u-mch plug. SHOKINGY ion bags of ISJ }is. J{s, aRd Xs lbs. PATENT liP ROVED TOBACCO CUTTD 1 lirht pre-. I. Choice ,.. Old Ken tuck, lbs. ..... Reward of Industry, lbs. Oliver's Choice. Virginia Bette. Pride of the Nation, 11>5. Nugget. Pioneer. lb&. Natioa. Harvest Queen, }!fs, "s, P JI'L Duke's Durham. Dandy Lion. Farmer' CboiC-et "s, }{s, .P. p-.._ Faucett' s Dvr:fta.DS.. ( Ager.ts for the following well-known and r eliable Manufacturers: Partieillar attention given to putting up special brands_ for use ownera. .._ &ol.e :tor E. PILKINTON ( & CO.'S CELEBRATED 1 ., sable,'' "'Golden Seep tre," upJanter's Pride," 74 Street. EUGENE DUBOIS, GOMMISSIOIIBBCHBT, IJS 1'1\0XT STILIIIIT, NEW YORK POX, DILLS & C.O., Importers of SPANISH AND PACKERS OF SEED LEAF TOBCCOS llJS WAT:BB STIUIIIIJ!', ''JilliJITS PLOWBBS" "Blrd's Eye," lndispen''CBDOIVWBALTB" .,Fa.rmer's Choice," and SXOEINC U"PRICE LlS'l\11 ')j'UltNISHED ON APPLICATION. :BOWNE "' F:EUT:a: I RI&B TONED SIDliNG TOBACco,: NEW YORK. ALEXANDER MACK, !AV 7 BURLING SLIP, NEW YORK. I F. C.LINDX. C. F. LINDE. C. C. HAMILTON. MARCOSO R. AsHCROFT. SEED LEAP TOBACCO INSPECTION. TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. Certl&cate Jiven C o r eYery case1 and delive red cas e by case, as to number of Certificate. :tr. :B.-We Also Sample in Merchants' Own Stores. ,. F. Ci LINDE & 00., .-r PhUadelphla Branch-E. w. Dickerson, 139 N. 3d st PRINCIPAL OJI'II'ICE8-14ji Water Street, and 18ji to 186 Pearl Street DWAt Water, '14, 76 & ,.8 Greenwich Streets, and Hu.d so n 'River Rai1 Road epo t, ] obn's .f'ark. MAITLAND. L. 1'. S. M'ACLEHOSE. ROBERT L._MAITLAND -,r1.1\t -L. MAITLAND f AND FACTORS, COM!ISSION -13 BBOAD ST., 1\T. '2'. ldv:mcements made on consignments toW. A & G. MAX\VELL & CO., LTVI!Rroot.. TOBACCO LABELS, l For Smoking and Manufactured Tobacco, ;"TJR.NISHED BY THE BATCH LITHOGRAPHIC COMPANY, :;. 82 & 84 VESEY STREET, NEW YORK. AT GREATLY0REDUCED PRICES. __ _,__. 'osr8ToOHN a, REITZENSTTEiNT.:N D. J. GARTH, soN & co., (Successors to CHARLBS B. F ALLB:NSTE.IN & Co. ,) Merchants, D 0 M E S T I C NO. 44 BROAD ST FOREIG .. N lmpoTOBACCO, NEW YORK. :176 FRONT STREET, lfEW YORE: e !'. QVDI' tk 00--::--S-AW-fEft-, TOBACCO PAGTORS, COMMISSION MERCHANTS Western and _Yirginia leaf, 139 BROAD STREET, No. 47 Broad Street, P 0. BOX ,'1'0'1', NEW YORo 88 BROAD STREET, NltWYOilL PRESCOTT BURBANK. GEO. P NASH, I RAIL ROAD MILLS Maccaboy Snuff, French Rappee Snuff, American Gent. Snuff, Scotch Snuff, Lundy Foot Snuff. ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF THE FOLLOWING,BRANDS OF PURE VIRGINIA SMOKING V ia: Rail Road, Our Choice, Colorado, Uncle Tom, Navy Clippings, Black Tom .. 133 Water andss Pine N.Y. ;;J. CHAS. APLLEBY. For Price List Address or apply as above. GEO. w. MERFELD. KEMPER 8c CO. IXPOB. TEB.S OF B.A. VAN A, ancl PACKERSsSEED LEAF TOBACCOS ,.. 181 Maiden L:ne. New York. THH CONSOLIDATHD TOBACCO CO. UP GALIP ...... OllN--11 PLANTATIONS I AT .SAN' FACTORIES AT G-:J:L B. 0 Y All Cigars lll!d Tobacco Ll:a.nufactured by us are of CALIFORNIA GBOWN LEAr, CURED BY THE CULP PROCESS. Our Cigars are finer in flavor than any made in the United States, of American Grown To bacco, and are pronounced by competent judges equal t o tllose imported from l!avana, whil e our prices compete with the better class of Domestic Cigars SMOKING TOBACCOS. T he Smoking T obaccos-manufactured by_ tliis .::ompany are perfectly pure, possessing & DEPTH AND DELICACY OF l'LAVOB UNSURPASSED, while they contain LESS NICOTINE than tobacco cured by any otller known process. :BDGAB. :SBICCS; Office and Salesroom, No. 207 Front Street, San Francisco, Cal., And Branch Office,f>r2o Water St. New York. M. SALOMON, E. 'SALOMON. M. a E. SALOMON, PACKERS OF SEED LEAF, AND IMPORTER'S OF Havana Tobacco and fill 85 MAIDEN NJ I'A'I'MAlV A 00., 'flotton and Tobacco Factors, :BUR:BANB: NASH, A H. CARDOZO, T 0 B C C 0 TOBACCO & COTTON FACTORY CAitPBELL LANE & CO. liiANU-FlC'IURERS OF rDBACCO AID CIGARS. AND DKALitRS lK WRIGHT, RICHARDS & CO., General Commission Merchants, Broad Street, P.0.4858 NEW YORK. SUCCESSOR TO :orgfeldt & Deghuee, PATENT_ TOBACCO MACHINHBY, 67 Third. Avenue, NEW YORK. BROTHERS & CO., COr.tMISSION MERCHANTS Ne-vu-York.. tk t;S Exchange JAS. M. TOBACCO COMMISSION MERCHANT, S4 Front Street,'Ne'W York, IS RECEIVING_ DIRECT FROM VIRGINIA CONSIGNMENTS OF MANUFACTURED TOBACCO. Export Orders for Plug Tobacco Promptly Filled. WILLIAM M. PRICE, CARL UPJIA.NN, LEAF TOBACCO, Gmm MIUHAI'l _178 PEARL S'I'UE'l', New Yprk. --, NEwYoaa __ ES_T_A_B_L_X_S_I_J:E_D_;_.;_18_2.:..2.::.:. :.:: f, FEt:IX CARCIA, 119 MAIDEN LANE, SEED LEAF TODAO GOs, t 62 Water St N.Y. M. H. IMPORTER of HAVANA AND nEA LER IN ALL KlNDS OF LEAP TOBACCO, 162 Pearl Street, New York. DmrtEL.BDG IG co:, -16o PEARL ST., NEw YoB.L J. J. DEK!LDBG & CO., BALTIMORE, Ma. XUlrtEL:BUG, SCUE!'EB & CO., NEW ORLEANS, LA. XUKEL!ElG CO., LoursviLLE, Kv. WALTER FRtEDMAI FREISE, IMPORTERS OF HAVANA T -OBACCO 203 Pearl Street, NE<,W YORK. CRAS. F. T JtG & SOB, Importers of SPANISH and Dealrrs in all kinds or LEAF TOBACCO, 184 Front Street, K:BW 1rOBK. GR SCHLEGEL, Wholesale Dealer in SKOFF," .. rl IMPORTER OF .. SEID LEAF AID IIAVAJA Secured.'"'"' '\.etters Patent, 261 1865. An on our copyright will be rigorously pros A N D C I Q A R S ALSO OJ' TH l't Wt:L L k."NOWN 1ee Front Street, NEW YORX. Manufacturers of RAPPER, and ScoTCH SHUFF, and every grade of Smoking Tobacco. WEYMAN & BRO., '79 & Sl Smithfield Street Pittaburl!h, P;.. TOBACCO POUCH PIECES "Rifie Team Loadoc" Makes a Perfect POUCH Out of the Poorest TO:BACCO :BACt Can be euKy Attached or D etached. PATENTEE AND PROPRIETOR. B.:MORAHAN,366 Hoyt St., BrooklJ r ,N.Y. B. ZBI.I.Bl'f'KA; OF ALL KINDS OF MUSLIN. AND LINEN TOBACCO BAGS, 202 East Seventy-Mll St., New York. Orders promptly r..ttended to at the shortest notice. [ J.J. DALY. H. WrLICI>IS. OALY & CO., Fore1gn &. Domestic Woods. 163 JIU.IDEN L..ufE, NEW YORK. Brands o f Cigars 'La Carolina: & 'Henrv Clav. Sole Ag't for Brand 11 Prof. Morse." and "'SARATOCA," G. REISMANDT, 16'7 Water St New York Commission Merchant, MANUEL RIVERA IMPORTER OF ::S: .A. V .A. N .A. LEAF TOBACCO Brand "A. C. V." AND CIGARS, Erana "CABANUAS. t'l 1\IAI:D::Eil\T I.Al\T:B, 'WEW YORK. YEGA & BERNHEIM, IMPO RTERS OF AND DEALER lK ALL KIMDS OP' LEAF TOBACCO, 179 Pearl Det. & Ceilll1', NEW YORK, N. LACHENBRUCH & BR0.1 No. 164 Water Street, New York, WHOLKSA.Ll1 DE.A.LERS IN HAVANA & DOMESTIC HAVANA TOBACCO Leaf Tobacco. M. 6PPENHEIMER & BRO. And. OXG-.A.::B.S. '?EAJU. STREET. lrnW YORL DEALERS IN F. MIRANDA 8c co. SEED, LEAF AND HAVAIIA IMPOP.TERS OF T 0 B A c c 0' HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO l38 WATER STREET, AND OF THE BRAND OF CICARS RITIOA," 222 Pearl St, New York. XEW YGILit. CHARLES A. WULFF, ANTONIO CONZALE.., Lii,thographer, Printer, ana .. factuJe.r of' DIPORTER OF CIBAR AND TOBACCO LABRS., lavaua ltaf i#battut wuL;; AND L. CARVAJAL' S CIGARS, 167 W" '"11!R NEW YORK, CO:BBIIZ A CO., Importers acd Manufact urers of GERHA.N AND SCOTCH Patent Transparent Crystal Glass Hd SIG-1\TS, 61. O:n.a'th......, Street FALLENSTEIN ct, SON, TOBACCO COIMISSI.ON D NERCHANTS, 70 It 72 Broad 8treet, 'lll'EW YORK. &EIEBAL AND SNUFF, PIPES, etc., SPANISH CIGAR BOX CEDAR '1CTORIES AT 484 !!ROAD ST!EET, -A Specialt'J : Heinrich Goebel Sohne, Genuine &rossahwerode Pipes, lH Maiden l.ane. N. 1r. BRf.ME N BBOAD_ S'l'., X. 'r. No. 66 BROAD STREET, N.Y. AND IN CALDWELL. N. '.


JUNE 7 JACOB BERIILL, f/1 CIGAR BOXES, SUPERIOR. MAK.E AND Prime Quality of mtDAR WOOD, 293, 295 & Monroe St., ...., NEW YORK. Till &ERIAl AMIBHAI BAli, BROADW A.Y, cor. Cdar St. NEW YORK. ()o.pi.tal, $1,000,00(). Every facility afforded t o Dealers and Correspondents c onsistent with Sound Banking. H. ROCHOLL, President. --. THE TOBACCO LEAF. A. :a:. & co., tSl1CCESSORS TO PALDIER .S. SCOVILLE,) IKPO::RTZ::RS OF SPANISH AND JOBBERS IN ALL KINDS 01" 'LEAF TOBACCO, !l'o. 1'!70 WATBB. STB.J:IIT, !I'IIW TOJLB., CO!IlfECTIC1JT SEED LEAF WRAPPER OF OUR OWN PA. CKI:N'G. WEISS, ELLER & KAEPPEL, Importers of and Dealers in HAVANA TOB,ACCOS, 220 PZAE.:t. ST., NZ'W YOKE. G FA L K & B R 0 Importers of Spanish, Seed'-Leaf Tobaccos 111 wATER ST., N.' Y. G. W'ALK. !It COMMISSION 'MERCHANT And. 'Vholeo.le Dealer lu LEAF TOBACCO, scBRODEB a BON, 178 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. OP &P.A..N'DIEI: PACKERS OF DOMESTIC LEAF T0BACCOf DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 178 &. 180 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. BASCH & FISCHER, IMPORTERS OF AND PACKERS OF SRHD LBAP TBBACCI, 155 Water St., Nea.r:Ma.idenLI!.l!le, NEW YORK. JUliAN ALLEN, SeedLeaf and Havana TC>B..A.CCC>, 172 Water Street, N. Y. J.S. COLT. SIMON MANDl.EBAUM, Special. PARXER, & Manufacturers of the Celeb rated NERVE And other Brands oC Chewirw: and Smoking Tobaccos, o1 53, 55 *' 57 Je:ft"erson Ave. No. 4 State Street, CHICAGO. Licorice Paste, POWDERED LICORIOE, GUM ARABIC, OLIVE OIL, OTTO Tonqua Beans, And all other for Flavoring used by M a nufacturers, including the ia.est Essential Oils, W H. Schieffelin & Co., MANUFACTURER OF 'c."' CIGAR. AND IMPORTER OF GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS of OSENEitTC & CO., and F.. EOCXEU!ANN .. D4Al.&R IN" Straps anL Cutters, 1 S:US3 SOUTH STiiEET, N. Y. ,1 -A.' & F. BROWN, BOWERY, NE V Y CUTHRIE &. CO., FINE CIGARS 125 & 127 BROOME ST ... NEW. COPE'S TOBAO-CO PLAN'I\ KICH. e The NERVE Is sold by Firstclass Delers thr oughout the United Statest and we c laim it f' {0 b e the "BEST" F1NKCUT TOBACCO that cao 'be made. The Wholesal e Trade a Specialty. MANUFACTURERS OF \ CIGAB MOULD PRESSES &: STRAPS,. Cigar Cutters & all other Machinery for Manufacturing Cigars 226 Front $treet. COMMISSION MERCIIANTS, AND TOBACCO PRESSEBS. l.eaf T obacco pressed in ba les f o r the West Iildles1 Mexican aod Central American Ports, aDd other ma.rTOBACCO PACKED IN' HOGSHEADS. A MONTHLY JOURNAL FOR SMOKERS. PUBLISHED AT lo. 10 LCiiD IIELSOII STREET, LIVEBPOOL, EN&UIID, Price, Two Shillings (EriglishJ per Annum. SCHAAP .tc Tobacco VAN VEEN; Brokers, AHNER & DEHLS, Hollau.d. DEALERS I N ,LDAP TUB CCO, 4s&sqE.Setondst.A.lEX FRIES & BROS leconegePlace, n 11. [mClNNATII BET.WANAND INDIAN HAVANAHS 190 Pearl st., [OHio. :r:A:N'UFAcTuRERS oF NEW YORK, .... .... III1 .... B WASSERMAN KESSB.S. CAMPEELL & CO., I'lant:-.t:on Works, I>b.digul, Madras :E'reside;, Inl1i!. c I G A R F l AV I R .. H A v EST I c P s.-Hava.nah Pattem Cigars we ighillg 6; to z lb., doLlars per 1,000, free in Bond, in Ct. Britain. LEAF TOBACCO I F. HAEHNBL & B, NORMAl'S Cigar Making Machine. 101 Maiden Lane, New York. .SMALLEST BOTTLil:S, $2.00. SENT C. 0. D. J Frischen, Roess & Schulz, r. L. GASSERT :d. L. GASSERT PACKERS AND DEALERS IN L. GASSERT BRO_;, L & .. LI!P TOBACCO. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 175 Water Street, MANUFACTURERS OF AKD DEALElil. IN "ALL KINDSJOF C -IGARS, NEW YORK. LEAF TOBACCO, 234 SECOND ST., LBDERBR & FISCHEL. :N'EWYORK. iMPORUHS OF GEAMAN CISAR MOULDS. 57, 59 IS!: 61 Lewis St. b ,et. Delancey and f!ivi_ngton NEW YORK. JOHN. F. EIFERT, DEALER IN CEDAR :-w-ooD. FOR CICAR, BOXES, 291, 293 & 295 li!ONROE STREET. NEW YORK. Particular Attention paid to Sawing, and Planing to order. CO.,: ,C. JOURCENSEN, I MAlDENLANE.NewYork. 'lOll& SUCCB$SOR TO ESTl 'l: A: SM1TH, MANUFACTURERS .11' I P. 0 Bolt 37 LIBEIITY l!IT:, N. 't-o FINEST CLEAR U 'VAN! CIG IU(f lkaM!ng Irena and Stencils a Spem.lty. f ll11 .t1.IUl AND lM.PORTBRS OF H!rrana & Leaf Tobacco. 1 1 every description at Lowest F r ices. SEND FOR l!RIC.E;S. 'Tl.N Ii'Ol.L. Wangler & Hahn, JOHN Fin;NI1-sR ; s TIN FOIL AND.BOTTLE CAPS, I NO. 290 &!92 BOWERY. "PLAIN AND COLORED, NE YORK. ROLLING :MILLS, 38 CROS.BY :;.nd lG3 k 16& TABEL_ o, ROBRBBD.I'!, lr!tTLll&l!.R"l S'I'iEE'l'S. NEW YORX. Gll 0V No. 180 Water St., New Y'or,k. _Jl..-OAT'M"AN J. A. Manu;;:sof A. KASPROWICZ & BRO. .ft.. IDe ll.#lars, DEALERS IN Seed Lea:C IMPORTER OF F 1 n e c 1 g a r s Ezclusively for tlle JOB:BINii 'l'UDB, HAvANA T 0 B A c c 0 J PINE HMAANUVFACTA. Oll"GARS p, Haehnet>s -Patent, And Dealer in I .CCtiT,Y,IJNI. ST., ,;.213 S!U:E'l', NEW YCRlt, l1 H A V A N A .. our NEW and t,MPROVED CIGAR DIAKING DIACHINE1 tile LEAF TOBACCO, I 58 Ch ... Ancl Dealer l"n Domestic It has now been w orking for nearly months iu NewOr!e ans witil the greatet s u cceso, and a LICENSE OTTINGER, & lJIJ.OTHER,\ St., lortileStateofLouisianahasalreadybeensol d. 21 B 0 WE R y EDWARD JJ!t .n"" ::!Among the NUMEROUS ADVANTAGES which we tlaim for our Machine, we will only men lion hMe the following: NEW YORK. o A. SMITH., ,.. LEAF T 0 BACC 0 : : i s a n ent irely new feature. MANUFACTURER OF -KE_ NTtJ CKY A, BLUMLEJN & CQ,, 3 All Ciga rs are of one SHAPE and Srzo, and every one can be guaranteed that it will smoke ea.y. RIVERA GARCIA, ] ..... 4 The Machine up smalle t scrapi as easily a.s the lar111est filler, there to r e nothing l! thrown away. Qi .. ..,.. ( LEAF T 0 B A C C 0 5 Its working, be J a g done ''P'lth the useofthefoot, .... tbe cut shows, requires n o greatstrength of the operator. Mancfacturem o( ne Segar9, I co m m I' ss I' 0 n M e r c h a 11 t s 6. Our ALL s tzr<.<;.Q.(!}\zars, from the smallest Operas up to the la rjj'es t si:ed Impecia!o .II: 7 It i s bu1lteotire l y oftron, and thereftle"D'U', and not liable tog etO'UtofQ'rdtn". c I G A R s 66 W t S 8 Otsr Machine can readily turn out from. s,ooo to t ,ooo bunheS per day. Witb the use o f steam or any other u BB.OAD STB.. ;B.J:T, AND DEALERS IN I a er treet, power,theabovenumbercouldbedoubled. -o. 11 Bowery, ... LEAF T 0 9 We want But U:ll/.6 space f o r our Machine-a leading advantage for factories The Machine is only five feet w JSI"e"''O7" "York.. BACCO l oug,fourfeetbigh.andtwofeetwide. Aodlmporter.sot NEW YORW NEW YORK. ro, When steam i latroduced, a one-11..-se-power e ngine can run with ease ten madUnes, and each of these HAVANA LEAF yn.nAGC" A STEI'II.T ..D. ..,.Q .willmanuradurefromJo,oooto u ,ooobunchesperday. UV .a. ...:; ...,. ., 222 PEARL STREET, tr. Manufacturers our .Machines can produce Cipn a.t the lowest cost, therefore our enables A .BLU ... LEIN. tbemtodefyanycompetttion. 71' .. -"de... ..... BlACCUM a. s cHtosEa COMMISSION MERCHAINTS, a. M .SCKEtoom. NEW YORK. S. BARN'E:llT. 0 Wehaveheree,.plainedonlytheleadingadvantagesofourMachine. Maaufacturers at Cigars will readilY\ .. -ane,6'11 a. j \ KJ 7 understand that the introduction of this M achine will advance their own intet'ests. K..)JCVFACTUttBRS or and De.lers i n all DescriptiODS ot A. C. L. MEYER, J F O. .frYER, IMPORTER OF HAVIVA b Our .Ma1oodine will fulfill all tbatawe claim f o r itJ and we are at all times willing to convince the mo&t skeptical s 0 R G L E B. Fin .n 1:.o 11 y pra. cttca: emonstratton. Weo ... erhe r e withourMachine to the Manufacturers o t Cigars throughout the 1 Cigars LEAF TOBACCO A C L 0 MEYER Umt&dState,ia

6 PhllBidelphia Advertisements. KNECHT, SMITH & CO., SUQCESSORS TO STEINER, SMITH BROS, &. KNECHT, ];)ULERS IN ALL KINDS OF LEAF TOBACCO, g AXD JIAJmFACTURERS qF AliD DEALERS IN CIGARS 131 Korth Third Street, :Philadelphia. TEI.I,ER BROS., Packers, Coiillllission Mel'chants, and Wholesale Dealers in and Leaf' Tobacco, 117 North Third Street, Philade r phia. L. BAMBERGER & CO., DEALERS lN C 1LEAF.:: TOBACCO, Anc;t Manufacturers of all Grades of Cigars, No 1 J 11 A;rch St., Philadelphia,Pa. -------LEWIS B -REMER'S, Wholesale Dealers ia "LEAF". ANDMANUFACTURED 'TO:SACC!J, N0.-322 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. lirA larg e assortment of all kinds of LEAF ToBACCO constantly on hand .ft. W. CO., I LEAF TOBACCO, :115 8. WATER ST. PHILADELP.HlA, .. 18 &eVTH SECOND ST., ST. LOlUS. W. EISENLOHR, S. W.CLARK. PHIL. BONN. A NEW DEPARTURE! by 1''JAMES DALEY: tc coRNER THIRD m RAcE sTREETs. PHII.ADELPHIA khds o(Leai Tobacco Reselected and Repacked in cttees, ranging from 3oto 70 pounds, at the Lowes ket l?rice, guaranteed actual weight and free trom uncured or r\lbbi&h leaf of any kind. Supply Slore of every a.rtic::le conoected with the trade. l!f. B.-Orders fa.r 6mall cases receive prompt a.ttention. THE TOBACCO LEAF. Baltimore Adv('rtisements. 'VVM. A. BOYD & CO., WHOLESALE DEALERS IN MmJP ACTmD AID 'LHJ\P TDBACt:O, CI&AllS, : :g:m:JR. I 33 SOUTH ST .. BALTIMORE. THOS. W. CRODIER. J L. "VV". GUNTHER, GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANT, AND TOBACCO FACTOR, No; 9 SO!JT:E' ST::REET, :B A J. T 11\10 :a II_ 1\ID. Liberal Advancern.Cnts Made oa Consignments to Address. CEO. KERCKHOFF tc CO.,, of Seed. Leaf AND DEALERS IN SPANISH TOBACGOS, 49 South Charles St., Baltimore, Md. GEO; KERCKHOFF. GEO. P. UNVERZAGT. ED,. WISCHMEYER. HY. WISCHMEYER. ED. WISCHMEYER & co., Comm:tssion. Merchants, o MOORE a BAY, LEAF, PLUG roiicco & ciGARs t k c I I ,, h t .,_ D 1 i 39 SOUTH CALVERT STREET, J" a.c ers, omm1SS10D ... ere a.n s ea. ers 1D NHAR LoMBARD Smn, BALTIJIORE' -sEED LEAF tc HAVANA ToBAcco, TATE MULLER &co. W.K.BARKER C.E.WACGNER. North Water-st., Philadelphia. Tobacco'Commission BARKER & WAGGNER, ll. E. McDOWELL & CO., JULIUS VETTERLEIN & CO. 'TOBACCO Seed Leaf and HAVANA -: TOBACCO Gelleral GOillllllSSIOll Merchants, sol Agents rorth .39 NORTH "\VATER ST., Phill1delphla. "U.S. Solid Top CIGAR MOULD," 8lir Agents for the e of all kind11 of Manufa.c .. ture, d and Leaf Tobacco -y 135 ARCH ST., PHILADELPHIA. Pa. a n d Whrleale Dealers in LEAF TOBACCO, 52 South Gay Street, BALTIMORE, MD. BALTIMORE STEAM SNUFF MILL. R. STARR & IMPORTED and DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, 29 South Gay St., Baltimore, Mel. WESTERN Cincinnati and Toledo Advertisements. R.MALLAY a BRO HENRY BESUDEN, DEALER IN Dealers in LEAF TOBACCO, LEAF TOBACCO, 116 and I 17 West Front St., 1(1 163, & 165 Pea::'! Strot, Between Race aad Elm, CTil'OINNATL 0. CINCINNATL LOUIS KROHN. LEOPOLD FEISS. F. G. Toledo, Ohio. CHARLES R. MESSINGER, JUNE 7 EASTERN ADVERTISEMENTS. :K.E:R, 56' 6 8 80 and 82 uu TOBcco BBOVDD "PECULIAR" MICHAEL WARTMAN & SON, 63 b'ha.nge l'la9e, Baltimore, Kd. w I DRESEL "' co., OFFICE. 4 COLLEGE BUILDING. E .A. T. ar n lUUl, C IC A R Commission Merchants; WEauthorizeStGHTDli.AFTforamountofTAX, 87 G.A-..:r STREET And 71 West Front St., Cincinnati, No, 1317 CARY STREET, Forand WHOLESALE DEALERS In with BILL OF LADING attached t o Draft, and will .L F A PRAGUE RICH-OND, V". make farther CASH adva.uces on receipt ot Tobacce. ...,. .a. LW OB MAJUrAtTUIUO MD., HENRy MEYER IF' Gives Speci&l Attention to Bright Wrappm; 0 I G-AA B.&, rHos. w. BAXTER. w EDGEWoRTH BIRD. T 0 B A_ K<:

JUNE 7 SUTRO a NEWMARK, MAN1JFACTURERS OF CJ:G.ARS:J AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 76 PARK PLACE, NEW YORK. KERBS & SPIESS, Manufacturers of Cigars, and Dealers in LEAF TOBACCO, ADoLPH KERBs 35 Bowery, New York. Lours sprus. A. LICHTENSTEIN & DROrliER, MANUFACTURERS OF '::HE "ELK" and u ONWAfW" CICARS, .And Dealer.s In LEAF TWCCO, Nos. 34 and Bowery, NEW YORK. FOR SALE. :320 Caa11 of 8ood Pennarlvanla Seed Leaf Tobacco, BY JOHN DETWILER, AT EAST PROSPECT, YORK CO., PA. tt can he seen h y apply m g to Samuel K_ocher/. Ciga T lfdaoufacturer, P;:a., or to blm::tc l about milt!s south of W rigklbvtlh: CHARLES S. HAWES, PACKER AND DEALER IN Pine Connecticut Seed Lea.f, 118 MA:rJ)J:lV I.AlVII, :N'e"'OIT Y'o:r-. 11. V. BA WES Al SON, Ilridgepolt, Com. '.1'A F# TOBAECO tEAP. BEPPERREIMER & MAURER, P:raodo-.1 ENCRAVERS i)AND PRINTERS, BY STEAM POWElL AND HAND PRE!!II1i:S, i.obaccs and COJJ!ft!.LNTL Y ON HAND AND NEW DEIIGN!I MADE TO .JRDEB.. 22 and 2i llfOI'I'B WII.LLUI B'riU'J, mlW YOU. TBEO. DU BOIS, JKER.CEI:.A.NT, Agent for the Renowned GRAND POINT St. James. La., PERIQUE TOBACCO, And Corn Husk.Cigarettes. Also, Dealer in Fine Havana a.nd Domestic Cigars. ace Pearl Street, ::NlCW YOaE. MANUFACTURER OF THE CELEBRATED BRANDS OF Fine-cut Chewing Tobacco Oneida Chief and Sunset. J. WRIGHT & CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS for the Sale of MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, and Agents for J. C. McANDREW'S CELEBRATED LICORICE, No I TOBAcco ExcHP>NGE, RicHMOND, VA. .__..... ...... THE TOBACCO LEAF. liQUORICE. Ninth Street.. .. -.-. __ __ TotaL __________ Year I87S-----Year 1874-------------Year r873-----34 6 ,792 allow their go oCis to b e sold in the rnarket at the pres-ent 2,032 977 3I,353 966 942 19,958 I 386 1 ,386 36,249 r ,855 r ,85 5 ( 35 ,88 r price. In corroboration of this fact I l e arn that some of our commission houses have already received instructions to advance prices one and two cents per pound. Receipts from all r,o 8 2 boxes, 8 2 4 caddies, 916 cases, 48 keg s, and I,o98 pails fine-cut. Week. Year Original New ..... ----.::-I ,9 o6 24,174 Original Qld_____________ 77 1,955 LIIIOBICl TJJBmH LIRUUBICl Smoking Tobacco.-Manufac t urers of granulated and cut and dry tobaccos contil'lue to ship in a moderate way, on orders only, at full figures. This class of our manufacturers are constantly seeking new ideas and clesigns of putting their goods in packages, in order t o have prominence and at the same time cater to the whims and taste of the fast i dious smoking public New ___ ---... 49 2,257 TIIJC 11ND'ER!!IGNED COl'tlTI.l'IUES '1'0 DIIPORT AND M.&l'tllJFACTURE PURE SPANIIIII AND 'l'Uli.KEY OF UNIFORM Q,UALITY A1iD GUARANTEED TO GIVE SATISFACTION TO E-..aY TOBACCO MANUFACTURER USING TILE SAlliE. Old Revjews .... ___ .... o 2,967 The early part of week prices were strong at last week s quotations, but with good rains throughout the State on Thursday and Friday, \V.ith extra large offerings, we had a general break down i n prices on all but s tricti)' useful to baccos; the aver ag e decline being more mod era: e, a. slight improvement was noticeable in of the kinds most affe cted the preceuin g tw o days, closing fairly active a t quotat i o ns : THE OLD FAVORITE BRAND OF J. C. y Ca. IS ALW.&YS REA.DY FOR DELIVERY AT THE SHORTEST NOTICE, ALSO A 0 C.1 P. 'I' <:>-AND HIS OTHER BRANDS OF TURKISH PASTE, ALL OF WHICH AILE GIVING lCREAJIED SATISFACTION, AS INSTANCED BY THE RAPIDLY GROWIIIIG ,DEliiAND AND ENw 'I'IRE ABSENCE OF COIIIPLAINTII,-Lenf Tobacco.-The sale of Seed leaf tht: past week was no t what it should be at the present time. The most of our ..Iealers are dull, especially those who do a city and nea r trade, hence what goods were sold are credited t o houses doing an outside trade. Prices, how ever, are well sustained, from the fact that dealers feel s at isfied that their stock is good and must become availCAUTION. --It having come to my knowledge that, in several i n stances, L i quorice Paste false ly represented as bein,ll of my manufacture bas been offered for sale by parties t o suit their' own 'purposes, who have no authority to oell my brands, tho present IMirves to CAUTION Tobacco Manufacturers agaimt the same and tct aive notice that every caSe o f my manufac ture will be branded with my T rade-Mark, acquired under the laws of the United States, and any unprin clpled pei'I01l conterfeltloi this Trade-Mark will be riJOI'OiiOlJ pro .. CIIteeen sales of several hundred couldn't 'ear a w o rd h ogsheads, principally for France, and for both Mary-ora ble weather. 7, 8@Io ; do good to fine, II@I4; clo good to fine wrap" ANECDOTE OF BARON ROTHSCHILD.A Frenc h money lender complained to Baron Rothschild that a nobleman to whom he had loaned ten thonsand fran c s had gone off and !eft no ac knowled11:ment of the debt. "Write him and ask him to send you immediately the seve nty thousand irancs he 0wes you," said the wily banker. "But he only owes me t e n t housand franr.s," s aid t h e money lender. "Precisely," r e j o i n e d the Baron: "and he wili write and tell you so, and you will thus get h i s acknowledg ment." TOBACCO IN TENNESSEE. -A Nashville correspondent of tlle World, writing under date of May 22, says: -The prospect for tobacco does not present so cheerful an aspect. There will be a great want of plants, the weather h aving been very unpropitious for their production. The best 3-nd most trustworthy planters en t e r t a in grave doubts whether there will be enough to set out half a crop.-ext rem is t s claim nor onefourth The damage is un qu es t ionably serious, and will be a serious drawback to this impoverished peop1e and work .hard upon our lab,uiRg classes, who looked forward to the broad acres of tobacco for summer employ m ent. The only ones t o prosper by this disaster are the fortunate few, who hold their purchases for the past few mvnths. land a n d Ohio the m arket ,has been .steady anq firm. No r eceip ts of Kentu cky the past week. Stocks are small and prices firm. We continue ou r quo tat ions Inspe cted thi s week 1,805 bhds Maryland, 838 do Ohio; tot a l r,643 do. Cleared same period, per steamer Leipzig, for Bremen, 450 hhds Maryland, 262 do Vir ginia, 302 do Kentucky, and r3 cases Seed leaf tobacco; per bark E. D. Bigelow t o R otte r dam, 440 hhds M ary l and, Ioo do Ohio 4 do Virgini a, and 27 do Kentucky tobacco; per ship D uisbzn-g to Rotterdam, 434 hhds Maryland, z8I do Ohio, ro do Kentucky tobacco, 250 do Virginia stems, and 1 83 cases Seed leaf tobacco; per steal?er Diego to Liverpool, 2 r hhds Maryland tobacco. Tubacco Stalemmt. January I, I876, stock on h and in S ta te wa rehouses, and on shipboard not cleared----------------------I2,386 hhds Insp-;<:red this week ____ -_. ______ ... 2,642 hhds Do previously thir. year---. --2 I 7 4 7 hhds Mess r s. Wm. J Meier & Co., report :-Our marKet pers, I4@ r6. suncured lugs, common tCll during the greater part of last month has show n con 7 @8; do tv fine, 9@Io; do leaf, common to mesiderable animation and wlth a speculative demand, dium, 8, ro@I2; do leaf; fine to extra I3, IS @z-cr. based upcn crop prospects, -prices had an ad Bright lugs, common t o medium fillers, 8@ro; do goo d vancin g tend ency. We have raised our quotations to fine fill ers I 1@I3; do extra, 14@I6; do commo n to Vz c. on lu gs to 1 and r Vz c. on le af. of m e dlUm smokers, 8 @ r z; do good to fine, 14@20; do choice sh ipping leaf hfVe bee!l sold up t o 197.( c Re-extra, 25@ 30. Wrappers, co mmon t o medium, ports from the country contin ue unfavorable. Clarks. do good to fine, 3o@6o; do extr2, 65, 75@roo. ville and Western districts so uth and west of Green LOUIS, May JL-Mr. J E. HayAes, Dealer ill River have s uff ered most. The Ohw River, Indianll and Leaf Tobacco r ep o rts:-R e ceived 1,507 hhds .,a gain5 t 826 cuttinj1; district s 'report aLso destruction by insects, b ut the week previous. Dudng the pas, t week th e market are st ill hopeful of planting an average sized crop. We has ruled very stron g, without any material change hear of no complaints from Missouri. in pr ices The demand continues largely of a specula-Mr. Alex. Harthill's Kentucky Tobacco Circular of tive characte' r, and lugs and shipping grades leaf have }11ne I says:-The recei pts for t h e month, while show been more in request than manufacturing descriptions, i ng a larger proportion than formerly of good and Jim The show some improvement in quality and heavy tobaccos, the improved characte r of much of it condi tion; but there is still a cc:.nsiderabl e quantity o was very apparent in the offerings of some of the best small, irregular siz e d packages, and tobacco out of con crops of the Clarksville and Green River districts. The cli t i on, to be found on the breaksfrom day to day, which increased aggregate receipts of heavy types has been has to be disposed of for the bt-st it will bring to reone of the of the sales for the month, due in handlers. The reports in regard to the' growing plants some measure to the arrival of heavy Missouri tobaccos, thro ugh o ut the West continue very conflicting; but it is most of which have come lately, factory dried. The thought that in our own State there will probably result of the sales of such for the month will doubtless be a quantity with favorable weather to !:;ring further receipts of the same, which have neer set a full average crop. Sales from Thursday to yester seen here before in any such quantity as this m?nth, day inclusive 358 hhds: 2 at $1. 50@ r.8o (scraps) ; 2 -a"t in .the 2I5 hhds o[ leaf and 3o6 do o! l ugs recetved. $1 .95 (scraps); 3 at $ 3 $ 3 10@3 .70 (scraps and lugs Wtth a large port10n of the Kentucky crop now to hand, mixed and tras hy frosted tubs); 34 at .$4@ 4 90; 63 at 36 776 hhds :-ve h.av e had. a bet.ter opportumty than heretofore of '$5 @ 5 90 ; 25 at $6@ 6.9o; 44 at $7@7. 90; 6o at $8@ Export, Maryland and Ohio since JUdgmg: as to tts character, from a 8.yo; 55 at $ 9@9 .90 ; 23 at $ro@ o.75; 11 at u@u. 75; January I------ -- 13,062 hhds insP.ecuon of the rece1pts as tt be admttrcd 12 at 1 z@12. 7 Si 4 at $r3 55@13i 1 at $r5.25; 2 at f.I7 Shipped coastwise same period 3,5oo hhds that the. crop of I875 ts 111 wetght ab_out 2.o @q.zs; 2 at $r9 2 s@x9 5 o ; 1 at f,2 z.5o; 3 a t $4o, > 16 562 hhds cent.,. wtth a great wa:nt of and. umform1ty m and f;49 (Virginia wrap pers); 23 bxs at f,z. 4o@2I.SOStock in warehouse and on shipboard not quahty and color, wh1ch I feel sattsfied :Wtll be found to In the same time 2r hhds were pa&sed, and bids were cleared ... .. ---.... t----2,214 hhds the .great bu l k of the recetpts yet to come. rejected on 8G> hhds at fi3@23SO, and 4 bxs at Manufactured Tobacco-The market is withotit any 1.hts fact IS by all who have attended the breaks f,J. 2 o @ y Io. To day, th e quality of the offerings was material change either in stock, demand or nrices. Ex or regularly for dny number of years fair, and prices were steady and full. Sales 91 ported to Rotterdam, 27,542 lbs; to West Indies, r,4n past, and tt may now be accepted as a hhds: 2 at $4 .8o@4 90 ; IS at s@s.9o; II at $6@6.8o; do. Received per Baltimore and Ohio Railni>ad f r om that such ts the case The tobaccos from Mts-5 at $ @ 7 7 o; I 4 at $8@8. 9o; 21 at $9@9.90; 9 at D anville, I,398 boxes, 902 caddies and 5 cases; and soun, so far as more substance $r9@lo.7s ; 4 at f;II@I r. 2s; 4 at I 2 .25@ I 2 .75; 3 at f1'om LY.nchburg, 421 boxes ; r3o cases. Per Richmond but ari defictent .m nchness, and much mtxed $IJ.ZS@ I 3 .75, I at $ 1 6 .zs; 2 Virginia wrappt:rs at steamer s, :or, ros pkgs; and per Norfolk steamers, 296 with unni>e stuff. great a wa n t o! all the essenand 3 bxs at $5 .8o, $6 .30 and s.5o. I hhd requtslle to enabl e tobaccos pass through the was passed, and bids were rej ected on 16 hhd3 at $4.10 CINCINNATT, May 27.-Mr. F. A. Prague, L'eaf trymg of summer m @ 11.7 5, anll 1 Virginia wrappers at $40. We quote;Tobacc o Inspector, reports :-The business done in improve Y sue one nee e surpnse 0 ear m Factory lugs, common $4@5.00: factory lugs, fair to Leaf Tflbacco during the past week has been the largest the future of complrunts as to the unusually quan-good s.zs@5Si planters' lugs dark common to good of the season, and the market <.lecidedly active during tity of the crop of r875 out very S@s .6s; planters' lugs, do $; Inthe .entire week, prices remaining firm for all grades. in that respect. The. condmo n of the recetpts ferior dark green-mixed lea:C $; The offerings at auction were largely composed of new has been good, the bulk of the heavy tobaccos commg common dark shipping leaf $7.5o@8 so medium do' tobacco. Receipts of which have bten very liberal. from coun.try factories in good order, well and do $9.oo@1o oo; good do do good ted The amount of old has sold well at good prices. The proper wetghts, the recent hot telhn g unfavor-do brown de $11.5o@r3.oo; medium red manufacturing rail'ls produced favorable whether for prising ably on much put up by and recetved from farmers do $g.oo@ r r .oo; good medium do do $12.00@ r 5 .oo; and handli ng tobacco, we anticipat e large receipts and NEW ORLEANS, :June r.-Messrs. Gunther & medium half ?right Missouri wrapping leaf $I8. oo@. offerings from now, on. The prospect for the new Tobacco Factors, report :-The tobacco 25.oo; go?d bnght $2 7 50@35oo; fine do cro;:> throughout the tobacco growing dis tric t s ha!l greatly market for May opened under the infhtence of continued L ight wetght packages $1 to $3 lower than quotations. improved during the week, and the bug and drouth unfavorable accounts of th e planting prospects in KenFOREIGN. complaints have been almost drowned out by the heavy tucky and Tennessee, which had already excited aod AMSTERDAM, May 2o-Messrs. Schaap & Van shower ) that have prevailed. No change to note re -advanced the inland markets at .the date of ovr last Veen, Tobacco Brokers, report as follows :-Since our garding Ohio Seed leaf. The total offerings at auction report. During the early portton o f t he month buyers last report the demand for American tobacco was better, for the week were I ,o4o hhds and r6 r bxs as follows : who were disposed to purs;hase found ftc tors to be will 5 1 6 hhds found buyers. I ,6 ro bales. of :Java are sold At the Bodmz.nn Warehouse, 258 hhds and 155 bxs: ing sellers at what may be termed easy figures; how. ia public sale, whilst of 7,298 bales by subscription in 253 hhds Kentucky and Ohio cutting tobacco: 141 hhds evet, only small transactions were a ccomplished, as the market, 1,577 bales were not granted. The compe. old at $11.7 5@3o.oo; I r2 hhds new at 4I5 @ r9.75 for exporters seemed skeptical of the reliability of the West-titian for 1ots containing tobacco suitable for cigar pur-SoMETHING ABOUT TEA. common smoke r s to fine cut!ing leaf; 5 h hds an d 3 ern advices, and under such an imp ression they were poses is very keen, and, though the quality is far below -In a tea suit m this city boxes West Virginia at 7.6o@25.oo for fine fillers and reluctant buyers. As the mon t h advanced, and t here the crop of 1874, these kinds fetch high prices. Cut-last week, it was sh own that wrappers. I$2 boxes Ohio seed: 77 at Sz.oo @ 3.95; 28 being no material improvement in the outlook, a specuting kinds, suitable for the English mo;rket, are well paid the tea m e rchan ts empley at 4.oo@5.85; 22 at 6.oo@7.95; 9 at 8 oo@9 .4 0 ; 15 at )ative demand developed itself, result ing i n a movement f or, when the common kinds-say scrubs-'are left, and "tea tas t ers" to make pur10@14-oo; 3 at 15.5o@I7.25 for fiilers, binders and o f considerable magnitude, mostly for Western account, only find buyers at low rates. Stocks to-day chases; that in the export wrappers. though there was some local participation. The Spanish hhds Maryland, 3,656 bales Su .matra, I7ii29 bales Java, of teas from China the ex-At the Planters' Warehouse, 270 hhds 4 boxes:-Regie purchased a small cargo; the German buyers LIVERPOOL, Ma_v 2o-Messrs. F. W Smythe & ternal marks on the pack-247 hhds Kentucky and Ohio cutting tobacco: 91 hhds took whatever c ame up to their standard, and th e French Co., Tobacco Commission Merr:hants, report :-Notages are erely fancy, to old at $4.00@28.25; I 56 hhds new at 4.oc @ I6.7 5 for contractor bought several hundred hogsheads, all of withstanding ad vices of some excitement and advance attract the. eye, the cus-, common sm okers to fine leaf. 23 hhds and 4 which, combined with what was taken by speculators in prices received from the Western States, our market tqm of the market here may bxs 'Jew West Virginia at $3. 20@I3.5o for fillers and sums up a total sales of 4,130 hhds for the month. The has be'en qrlet during the past week. Manufacturers be, and that often they mark wrappers. demand for _speculation ran almost exclusively upon lugs took some small Jots of leaf and strips, but exporters on the outside better than At the Motris Warehouse, 2 r 3 hh

T BE T 0 B A C C 0 -LEAl'. J:jJNE 7 Manufac turers.' Tobacco :Manufactories Brokers. JOHN GO. -LICORICE f JOHN CATTUS, co. TOBACCO BROKER J.iANU FAC"T URERS OF TH): ., SOUCI m mm TOB!COS 114-nnd 116 LIBERTY STREET, NEW YORK, a._ to d\1'0Ct Hie atlentl A N t> ... '' > AhJo al1 otber grades of Fine-Cut. a.nd Smoking 'rCibacooa, ?'I DETROIT, XICR. A s id e 1 r o m packing our "AMERICAN EAGLE" and CLIPPER Jn th!!> usual uiaed wOOflt"D r o -to an<1 6o t b B75ol Is comma n ding ge n era l a pprO"i'al from the makers o f fav orite bra nd s Its efficie ncy and -.:onomy a r e u nques t i on ed FINEST QUALITY. 18 CIIK'I"B.AI.. w:a:AB.r, BOSTOK: Londrel, or Partas 3H&rdl, ...... Londre1 or Partagaa, 7 -8 35 rards, J.8o PRICES CURRENT ON APPUCATIIIN. :Manufacture d at Yew York. V, W. BRINCKERHOFF, GIFFORD, SHERMAN & INNIS, 1W CIIDAB. ST.. K. ,.. 120 'W"llliam Street, NEWYOBX. BELCHER,-PARK tc CO., SOLE AG ENTS IN THE UNITED STATES FOB.. TEI:E O:J:G-A.B..S TEI:E EL MERITO-FACTORY, JACKSONVILI,.E, FLORIDA, 23 College Place, Ne-w York. ALL THE C IGAR S OF THE ABOVE FACTORY A R E CLEAR HAVAY.t. E RN S T REJALL. JULIUS B ECKER, REJALL & -BECKER, MANUFACTURERS OF MEERSCHAUM AND AMBER GOODS, AND IMPORTERS OF IFRENCUlRIAR IPIPES & SMOKERS' ARTICLES, :No : gg Chambers Street, Y"orl&.. ..--a.ter St.. Philadelphia, .-a Br<>ad Yello-w, 5 s 72yards, 1.7 0 -. ...... ..., VV J Broad, Rood 5-8 71 yards, 1.6 5 JC8paaola s-8 ,, yards. ...,o 57 UTH WATER STREET CHICACO ....... ow-Red,orPlpro, ?Yrd .. 4 i:) TER.M:S JifET CASH. '3. C. CHAMPION, Cenl. W'estern Agent. MANUFACTURERS Of THE WELL-KNOWN HENRY WULSTEI N, -'iMATCHLESS," "FRUIT CAKE/' A n d n umero us ot h er BRANDS of PLUG lor.. Q) :E hierbst & Van Ramdohr, 8 HAVANA tc SEED LEAF TOE.A.CCO:J 189 PEARL STREET, :;. NEW YORK. 67 THIRD AVENUE, lEW YORK, \.. Constan tl y on h a n d the Il e s t fland and Steam LIBERAL ADV ANCEMENTS MADE ON CONSIGNMEN T S M achines for Cu t ti ng a nd G ranul a t ing Tobacco. P. LORILLARD & GO.'S TOBACCO MANUFACTORY, ... Jersey 01:ty, Je:rey. OFFICES:-18, 1 8 .to 2 0 CHAJIIBERS STREET, .NEW eieest T obaeco a n d Large!t T ax Payers in U S This Factoey js n o t excelled b y any either i n Size AppointU:ents, or by Quality of produced. For full descnpnon, se e "N. Y TOBA.CCO LEAF" of Oc-t. 13, 187!1. We c on t inue t o offer ch.oice brands of Bright, Dar k ana J,fah.oga.c.y g


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