The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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VOL XII.--NO. 19 lht mntmuo i IS PUBJ.ISHED .,. t (IVIBY 3Y IBI TOOAOOl LEH'' 00, 142 Fulton St., New -. J Jllllllli.Y KAGBR, Zd11tor. ft!: fOJ.I.CCO LIW' :PtrJtla:m!G CO. Terms of the Paper : StMGL& COPJKS, to ON..: YEAR, .... -lbX MONTHS. .. J! } J:a :tn B" 'R.ememb"er to iar)y or =hl} aubscriber is [,ss t.ta Ei'gMt mt1 je,. ANN-UAL SUBSCRIPTIONS tABROAD. GaAT BRtTAlx AN CANADA, r -f1-C4 8RKMEN, HAMBURG AND THK CONTINRNT1 f6 o8 AIJ'STRALIA., Tc., VIA ENGLAND, ai6 CuBA, f:s No arden for the paper un,leas accompanied by the corresponding amount. Remittances should, in every instance, be made by money-order, check or draft. Bills are li;;ble to be stolen. B1ld cao only be sent at the erea:tes \ ria& to the sender. THE T0BAcco LEA:v commends itself to ewery erg & Oo., r6o Pearl. Lachenbruch & BTo., J64 Watl.'l" Lam :Jtte 1 u Pearl. Lederer&: Fischel, 213 Pearl Levin N .H., 1611 .t-earL Kac'k AJe:a:ander. J63 Water Maltla.Dd Robert L. & Co., 43 Broad. Martin & johnson, ?9 Froat MerlelC, Kemper & Co., x31 Maiden Lane. Meyer A. C L & 0., 4J Beaver. Oatman Alva 166 "Vate1. Oppenheimer, M. & 138 Water. ottiuger .Brothers 46 Broad St. Pdce Wm. M ug Matdeo Lane. QuiD, J.P. & Co., 39 l{eiamann. G. '79 tearl. Sawyer, Wallace 8r Co., 47 Broad. Schlegel G. 166 Front Schmitt J 162 Water. ScllrGed.,. & Bon, 178 Water. Schroeder & Koch, 246 Pearl. Scllubart H. & Co 146 Water Scoville A. H & Co_, 170 Water. Sptnprn, E. Co., c 3urliq Slip, Sptuner c. H us Water Stein 6. Co., 197 Duane. Stnl1on & Storm, 191 Pearl. Stroha & Reitzenstein, 176 Front. Chari" F. & Son, 184 FN!U. Tatgenhorst, F W. 68 Broad. Teller, A. 191 Pearl. Upma.on, nS Pearl. H. 101 Maiden Lane CDfllmissitm Menleant1. Brothers & Co. !l.6 & 46 :Place Buy'r o/ Tt!bacco. Renoens G. ss Broad. Tobacco B,..ll, Cattus t27 Pearl. Fllcber Chas. E. & Bro., 131 Water. Fischer, !<'rederlck, 41 Broad Hollamie r Louis, I48 Water. Qoborn_!'1 Charle ll' ., 54 llroatl Jtader M. &: Son, 131 Parl. Shack A. UQ Maiden Lane if Tobacn. Allderaon John & Co. u6 and 117 Ltberty. Appleby ,a; Helme, 1 33 Water. BDCbanan & Lyall, S4 .Broad. B11cll.ner D, 2r3 and 2 Duane Goochnn & Co. :107 and aoy Wateor Hoyt Thomas & Co., 404 Pearl X.laney Bfo&. u.1 West Broadway Lorillard & Cn., 16, t8 & 20 Cbambertf. D. H& Co. cor. Avenue D aud '1-: Mliler M>s. G. B. & Co. 97 Columbia Pioneer Tobacco <.:ompaoy, 124 4j"9> Bowery. of Fiu BIMI,. .. Citi K.upruwiczA. & B,ro. 233 Greenwich Riffra Garcia,,rMaiden Lane. SaDchez, Hay'a & Co., t]O, 133 & 154 M. Lane. Jpor:ers of To6tJCn a11d Cigan. AIUW'&il T. 1. 16 Cedar Garcia Water Gonaalez A. 167 Water Mi.ran.ia GtCo. na ?earl '.uw:nl L. 156 Watel Rivera Atanud, J1 Maiden Lane Sanchez, Haya & Co., 130 to 134 Malden Lane. San jlllian J., 88 Water. lolomon M. & B. S-; Lau. 'Vep & Hemoeim, 167 l'eul Weu o:; t..:o. etl. Z'UU! Walter Friedinan Frelae, 203 Peut WIU. EH.e: & no Pt!arl \ bor V. Manlne.a & (;o,. 165 Water Manufaaurers of K'Y West if 11""''"' (t''zrs. D B" Fredtr: & C(),, .... a o11 lfanea KimUall, G aullieur & Co., 29 Warren. McFall& 33 Murray. Seidenberg-& Co., b4 and S6 Reade R"dvers of Florida Havana 0/{ars. Bdcher, Park & Co .. 23 College Place lJe.fol of tiu "Fior del S u r Cz"r4rs. Alces 173 \Vatel' .lmi-Qrltlrl Q/ a., p;,,, Batter H.&: BrotUt-r. 11 \Vater Demuth Wm. & Co., 501 Broadway Hen A. & Co. 43 Liberto. Kaufmann Bruw. & tiondy, 129 and 131 Gr;a.od G.>ebel J & 4-:o "9 Walden 1,-ane MarzufQctUrers qf Briar PipcJ nd lmpfJI,rs IJ &noAers' Artulu. Demuth Wni. & o., 501 Broadway Heu A.,& Co 43 Liberty, Kaulmaoo liro! i) o u d y 129 and 131 Gntnd Re.jall & 99 ltnporttrs 1-{ L it-lWitc P111t1 Aaaado N. k. 1 4 broadway. v w.,47 Ccuar Glftord, Sherman az: uo W!iba Arguimbau, Wallis & Co 2q & 3J B. WilHam Nc.A.nd.rew james C., 55 Water Weaver& Sterry. 34 Cedar. Manufacturer's i:'l1111t>nfll! k Schiefrelill W. H. & Co., 170 an i. Harlm R. R. F'tDepot, White MuJlin Tob11cco Bagl' Zel1enka R., East Patmt ImpriJ1Jd Tobacco Cutftr. Kinney Francis S., 1"1 \Vest Broadway Wulstein Henry, 67 Third a ve La. Fertne'' Russian Cig-arettes. Eckmeyer & Co., 48 Broad and 4S New Saatcky b Ma-,rgtnlby's Russian CiJ[arettes. R-ussian Amt'rican Manu(acturing Co. J. A, Lukanin, S3 Broadway. Manufacturers if Cigarettes Basch J. & Co., 135 Chatham. Bds, Gennan-Amer\can, cor. Broadway and Cedar. bztert:al Revenue Books, Jourgensen, C. 37 Liberty. Forei'gn 4nd J)g,estic J:a'1,1,kers. Sternberger, M. & S .u EscbangtfPlac.e. MmifiSCturer of Pine, Log a11d Straight Cavenrih-11. P e can' N. 7' John. Mamfactu,-ers Qj Met4l aNd Wqode, Show Fig-uru-With. a11tl Wit/tout Smoking Aj;jJwratJis DeJuuth. \Vm. & Co., so1 Broadway. Manll{actu,-er of SAow Firvre. Strauss S. 179 & J8I Lewis. Dealers i,; Sjauisl; Crar Bo.x Ceda.r, Eifert John F., 291-2'95 Monroe. U.pte8'rove & Gedney, 465-475 East Tenth. S11f t Manuf_n.ctur'r of tlu Orr'ginal Gree tl Stal. Emmet W, C 74 Pine. Patent. Ci'gar Case s SamuelS. L. 57 Cedar, ALBANY N. Y. Afanufact, of Tobacco, Greer's A. Sons. Broadway. BALTIMORE. 'ItfNuco W11r1Aouses .. Albrecht P A, 16 South Frederick Barker&. Waggner, 29 South Gay Buter & Bird, n Boyd W. A. & C o., 33 South. Dresel W. IIDd C4"., 3'7 Gay Gu.uther, L. W. 9 South Gay Kerck.b0ff & Co.. 49 South Charlea. Kremelbei'Jl, J. D, and Co. Merfeld&:: Kemper, u7 Lombard Parlett B. F. & Oo., 9' Lombard. Schroeder J 01 .It ()a.. 8.J Exchange PI& Tate Muller .o Co., 5:1 South Gay E. E 46 and48 South Charles.. Wlscbmeyer Ed. & Co., 30 South Calvert Tobacco FaCtors. Hoffma n Lee & Co., '3 E.l'change Plaoe. JlJ,II(twrtrs, eu. Feigner F. W. & Son, 90 South Charles .Marburg Brothers, to 149 S. Oharleo St. Wilken H. & Co., 181 West Pratt. Padcrs if SrtiLhto Co111mr'ssion Wasservoge!, HelDman & Co. J 4 State CIKCIKKA.TI. Ik.Jirr i Havana and.Dumestic Ltate!. Rvbbard N. & Co., :345 State Lee Geo., 1 so State. London & Bidwell, n6 and n8 State. Shephard & Fu1ler, 214-State. Sisson A. L. & F., 134 Main. Westphal Wm., 228 State. HOPKINSVILLE, KJ' Tobco Clark, M H. & Bro. .JANESVILLE, Wt.. a,nd JJedkr in Seed LeaJ. Feudrkh Franeis. LANCASTER, Pa. Deliltr in Leaf Tobauo. Scbuberth. C. G Skiles Ill Frey, 61 and 63 Nortll Duke. LIVERPOOL, Eac. Samuelson Edward & Co. 62 Dale Smythe F. W. & C o., 10 North john, LOtJISVILLE. Ky. Pft-1g-TQbat:co Manufilct:uerl. Finzer J & :Bros 194-1QO Jacob. 'Manufacturers of ./'z1u-Cut Cluwiwg atl Smoking Tobacco. Robinson Manufacturing Company. Tobacco ComMission Wicks G. W. & Oo. a91 West Maio. Tobacco Brokrs Gunther Geo. F. Lewis Brotht!ri, 348 West Main Meier, Wm. G. & Co., .s6 Seventh. Jobbers in all oind if M&nfactrttl Tobauo Imported and Ctgrs. Green & Meyer. West Main. Drying Factor ies ece!vo Subscription and Ad;erti8ements forTH& LEAF:. AIIISTERDAlll, HOLLAND,-Meun. SCHAAP & VA. N Vl>EN, Tobacco Brokers. ANTWERP, BELCHVJI.-Mr. VICTOR FORGE, Importer of Leaf Tobacco, Rue des Orfervf:s, 3,5. BALTI.MORE !IID.-Messrs. ED. WISCHMEYER & CO., Commis sioo Merchants and Dealeri iu Leaf, Plug Tobacco &Dd CiiarS, 39 South Calvert Street. BREIIIEII, QJ!l'RIIIANY .-Neurs. F ALL!:NSTEIN & SON, Tobacco C ommiaeioa Merchants. CIDCAGO, ILL.-Mr. HENRY H. ADAMS, ToiN&cco and Manu facturers' Agent, S Lake Street. -CIIIClllliATX, OIDO.-Mr F. A, PRAGUE, Leaf Tobacco lospect<>r 'J(J West Froct Street. CLARKSVILLE, TEIIII.-Nesors M. H. CLARK & BRO., Leaf Tobacco Brokers. DANVILLE, VA,-Messn. PEMBERTON & PENN, Tobacco Com mission Merchant&. HAVANA, CUBA.-Messro. J F BERNDES& CO. HOPKIIISVILLE, KV.-.Meun. 114. H CLARK. & BRO., L;>af Tobacco Brokers. LAIICA8TE.R, PA.-Mr. C. G. SCHUBERTH, Dealerfn Leaf Tobacco, LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND.-Meaors COPE BROTHERS & CO., Tobacco and Clpr Manufacturor&. 10 Lord N el110n Street : LOUI SVILLE, KY.-Mr. WM. J. LEWERS, Secretary ot the To bacco Boud of Trade, Eleventh and Main Streets. JIIAIIIISBU.RG, ONIO.-llllr H. C. SCHUBERTH, Dealerin Leaf To. brM:co. 111l:W OBLEAIIS, LA.-Messrs KREMELBERG, SCHAEFER & CO., Tebacco Factors and Commission Me1chants, 186 Common Street. PADUCAH, KV.-M .. srs. M. H. CLARK & BRO., Leaf Tobacco Brokers. PETERSBURG, VA.-Mesors. LEROY ROPER & SONS, TuO.cco Commls5ion Merchants. PHILADELPHIA, pA,-Mr A. R. FOUGERAY Tobacco Manu facturers' A&'ent, 33 North Front Street. ._ RICHMOND, VA.-Mr R. A. MILLS, Tobacco Broker and Commis" sion Merebant, Tobacco Excha_nre, Shockoe Slip. lilT. LOUIS, 1110.-Mr. J. E HAYNES, Dealer in Leaf Tobacco, South Second Street. OUR PLATFORM FOR 1876. Increase the Revenue from the Weed to FORTY by Flxlng the Ta_ x 'PERMANENTLY at SIXTEEN CENTS per Pound Uniform on Tobacco and Snuff and FIVE DOLLARS PER THOUSA-ND ON CICARS, AND ONE DOLLAR AND FIFTY CENTS ON CICARETTES. THE OLD STORY-WHAT IS FINE CUT CHEWING TOBACCO? As will be seen by the official correspondence pub lished below, the old and troublesome question of what constitutes fine-cut chewing, tobacco, as contemplated by the statute in defining the manner in w!lich cut chew ing "and cut smoking tobac:cos should. be packed, is again before the Commi!lsioner of Internal Revenue. The Commissioner, it will be observed, wants to do what is right in this matter, but don't exactly know how, aod so he evades the responsibility of rendering a de cision in the case before him, and leaves it to be deter. mined by the parties directly in interest-that is, by a Hildebrand & Klingenberg, 37 North Seventh Knecht, Smith & Co J31 North Third St. Ludy Jno. J. 5'3 & 5>5 S. loth. Theobald A H., Third and Poplar. Wells & R oberts .. fbir

2 THE TOBACCO pos es although so mamp ula1e d that tt m1ght be and was to s ome extent u sed by them as chewmg t o bacco, wh1le the m a nufactu r ers there were not allowed to pack s i m1lar grades o f tobacco oth erwise than other grades of cut and granu late d smoking tobacco are requi re d by law t o be packed. I inclosed you a copy of my letter addressed to the Hon W. W. Ketcham, whtth I presume he has for warded to h1s constituents, 10 answer to the remonstrances addressed by them to h1m. I have only to add, that before I can comply wath your request to "m &truct the Revenue Collector of the Scranton dtstnct not to cause your c11stomers there trouble on account of the same," you w1ll have to satisfy the and the manufacturers there wilh whom you come mto compe tition that vour tobacco 1s entnled to be packed m bulk, bemg what it cla1ms to be-" fine cut chewing to bacco." If you fail to do that, an4 the Collector shall make a setzure of the tobacco, you w1ll then be offered this alternative-either to have the tobacco returned to you, and packed as smokmg tobacco in retail packages, or establish befort: the Court your nght to pack and sell tobaccos similar to the which I have re ceived from you and from Scranton as this tobacco is Yours, respectfully, D. D PRATT, Commisst/J,W. packed. not r The thread or textu r e bemg admissible, and all m all the quahues most popular with these who mdulge other requ1rements bemg complied w1th, where does the m the weed The pnces at wh1ch It sells m the mark e t Comm 1sswner draw the hne that separates chewing l eaves a liberal margin for profit to the producer, while tts producuon offers no formidable obstacles. In fact, from smokmg tobacco, 1f not m the quality of the leaP all that IS requtred IS patience and an honest determma--and, 1f there, by what nght does he do it? lion to do the work faithfully. here 1s eith=r at fault, or its appltcation makes Mr EdQlond Bourgeois, whose family for a half cen-sad work of the Comml.Ssioner's argument. tury have been noted as manufacturers of Penque, who The simple fact 1 s, the CommissiOner, smce Jnne 6 h1mself was engaged many years m the busmess, and "ho 1s aow agent for the manufacturers of St James r8p, has been trymg to reconcile the irreconcilable Parish, in thiS ctty, has kmd!y given liS the following To save h1m1elf a world of trouble, and relteve cutters descnptwn of the mode of culttyation and manufacture from these harassing seizures of then property, he of thts tobacco, which we lay before our readers as well should either advise Congress to allow smokmg tobacco worthy of not only a careflJl perusal, but to be la1d as1de fQr future reference. to be packed in bulk, the same as chewmg, or adopt MODE OF .CllL1"IVATJON. so\De notch agreed upon by members of the cuttmg Sow the seeds m carefully prepared beds of nchly trade wh1ch shall represent the coarsest cut or thread fertilized ground in_ your garden,._ any time between the admissible m bulk packages, as he was advised to do r6th of December and 1st of January After the plants at the influential meetmg, called at his request to conhave attained a height of six mches-say about 1st March-transplant on some damp and day sider the matter now under revtew, m th1s city, April In preparing land for growmg this tobacco, plow deep 23, 1875 If, as heretofore, the Commu1s1oner shall w1th subsoil plow, and then throw up ndges say : If you allow tobacco to be packed m four feet apart, and transplant on top of these ndges, bulk you let the 'straw.cutter' m; and If you arlopt a leaving three feet space between each plant. Cultivate h with plow or hoe to keep down the grass until toppmg ; gtVen note on some standard cuttmg machme, the vawhen that is done lay your crop by riations m machmes will leave you and thts office withOn ncb land the-plant w1ll grow r.ap1dly, an w1ll TR.EASURY DEPARTMENT, OFFICI oF INTERNAL } out any real guide," then all there ts. to be sa1d Is. throw out fourteen or eighteen w a few weeks. REVENUE, WASHINGTON, :June 15, 1876 "There IS the end of argument, seizures are m order, It will then be. necessary to top, leavm_g on Your letter of the 13th instant, with mclosures, has and are to be contmued 1 The fine-cut tobacco manutop more than eighteen leaves. If the land 1s poor 1t been received. I !have carefully read the opm1ons of f: will grow slower, and ten leaves will be enough to leave tobacco maaufactul!'ers of your cny upon the sample of acturers of this country o1.1ght to have the privilege of on the plant below where it 1s topped Care will also tobacco submitted to them bv -, Esq. Admlttmg selling all the tobacco that consumers demand of them, be taken after toppmg to break off all the suckers as the sample submitted to be precisely similar to the let so long as.o.they pay their taxes-and 1t is not demed fast as they appear. of tobacco of your manufacture seizure at Scranthat do pay all, and liberally-on all they sell, and The greatest trouble m thts cultivation is to keep the ton, these several opunons do not seem t? me to the CommiSSIO_?e_! wo,uld well employed m shapmg plant free from the worms whtch mfest it ; this can unly the question as to whether the tobacco m questiOn IS be done by persons going constantly through the fields that grade of tobacco which manufacturers ancl the to mvest them with the requisite pnvilege be searching for them and destroymg them. To neglect trade generally recognize as "fine.cut chewmg." The tween now and the adjournment of Congress. this IS to allow your crop to be certainly ruined question is not th.e tobacco is smoking tobacco, As soon as the tobacco is npe cut the whole plant in codtradiSUncuou from chewmg tobacco-but is 1t the SOJI-mTBil!iG ABOUT PERIQUE TOnear the root, anel suspend upon cross st:cks in a barn article bad in view at the time the law was made, and BAQCO !rom wh1ch the sun 1s excluded, but where there'1s a that was then known as fine-cut chewing, and allowed free cuculallon of a1r to allow It to dry perfectly. to be pa::ked m bulk for the reason that that part1cular JI(ANUFACTURE. In the previous issue of THE LEAF ment10n wa s made [Wh th 1 11 d d h f .:lass of tobacco was required to be put up so mo1st en e eaves are we n e t e process o man-and datup that It could onlybe packed ui un-fo i i or m of the fact that W e st e m Tobacco :Journal of June 9 ufacture begms. Strip the leaves from stems without ulk packages?charged TH:r. LEAF w1th having copied, without credit, teanng them, and form mto half-pound twists-a pro-The optmons submitted, so far from favonng that an article relatmg to Perique tobacc fto the '.Jour-cess familiar to evey tobacco cultivator-byt keep suf Idea (at least the preponderance of those oplmons), nat's columns. In the same connection we stated that ficient untwisted to answer for wrappers. Then pack with the view!l entertamed by this office, and these regululy m t o a stro n g box, made for the purpose, in the letter addressed to Hon W. W Ketcham, a copy the article referre-d to was copied by-THE LEA"F from a about one foot square, a layer of twists and a layer of of which was inclosed to you Balumore exchang e, where 1t appeared Wtthout acopen leaves alternately, and put m an ordmary screw Therefore 1 see no reason for changmg the decision knowledgement of Its source, presumably on account of tobacco press and tighten down to a very considerable of the oflice already commumcated ,to the Collector, its source being unknown. We remarked further that pressure. E ach day thereaft ei for siX or seven days and contamed m m_v letter to you of the 8th mstant, of h b nscrew the press, take out the tobaeco, and aft e r t e su stance of the article seemed 1 Ike fam1har matter b h h h d f releasing the tobacco on condition that it be returned opemng It out, ru toget er wtt your an s-as 1 to you and properly packed in retail packages, .or that to us, and promised to reproduce m the next succeed-washmg 1 t-for some lime, domg the. same to the leave!> you establish your nght lO pack such tobacco m bulk ing issue of THE LEAF the article which the '.Journa' already open, and then twist IJack again, pack and twist packages m the Court. claimed as having been written exclusively for us col-hard as before At the expiration of time the to-Yours, uro, ns by a "valued correspondent; whom tt named, bacco will be found !o be growmg dark It will only ID. D. PRATT, CommiSsioner. h h h k h .. be necessary then to take out and rub evtry other day, toget er w1t t e s etc w ence, It appeared to us, the and finally, 10 a week or two, only once m fifteen days ':In thts. correspondence, besides a desue to be just "valued correspondent'' denved hls most Important until the tobacco bec:omes perfectly dark throughout. ..,nd an lnclmation to get along as eas1ly as poss1ble with mformation on the subJect of Penque tobacco. Be law Then lt mus t be allowed to remam m thll press for two a difficult problem, there ia made mamtest a dispositiOn the two promised articles are presented, the essenual months, without hemg disturbed, after wh1ch It w1ll be ready to form mto catrots, the form m which It IS shipon the part of the Commissioner to overlook certam featu ee of each bemg mclosed m brackets. Despite ped to market] facts connected w1th the question of packing cut tothe paraphrase m wh1ch the valued correspondent" [Th1s IS done by first untwisting and spreadmg out bacco which have a very noticeable beanng upon it, clothes the matter purloined from the sketch repub all the leaves smoothly, usmg those leaves which had and wh1ch have to be considered 1f it is desired either hshed m THE 1oBACCO LEAF m September last, the been reserved for that purpose for wrappers. Lay the to state the question fairly or suggest means for remedyfountam from wh1ch h1s msp1ration was drawn IS made \\ni ppers on a table, aud take four pounds of the open leaves m your hands and roll up length\\lse-hke a :ing the ev1ls that exist. apparent. ,The followlllg IS the article which we dtd great Cigar-on}y tuckmg m the ends with the wrappers In the letter of June 15 to the manufacturers the not cred1t, because we could not, not havmg seen It m as you roll When complete l y c o vered envelope the CommissiOner says-" The question IS not whether the the :Jo11mal. roll m a thm cotton cloth, aud take a cord-size oi plow tobacco IS srnokmg: tobacco, m contradistiRCtion from PERIQUE roBACCO. hoe-and wrap w1th moderate pressu r e, aliowmg the [The cultlvatiOn and manu f actu r e o f thts luxury ova co rd to g o =opuod a bout on e m c h apart In the after chewing tobacco-but IS It the arucle had m VIew t first commenced tn this pansh [what pansh !--ED noon of the s ame d a y u rm rap the cord, a n d wrap over the t t me the law was: made, and that was then known as LEAP ] over seven t y years ago, by -a man n a med Pierre agam as cl os e as the cord w 11l go and exertmg all yo!M" fine-cut chewmg, and allowed to be packed m bulk for Chenet, more famili arly known t o the mhabitan t s by the po wer to c!raw I t tigh tly ThiS mu st b e d one s o as not the reason that t.t particular class of tob a cco was re-name of "Ol d Penque. Indeed, rnny o f em sup-to let:fe an y p art o f the 'loll uncovered by the cord, b d d b uld pose to this day that that was h1s true name.] a nd, wh_en iii& fimshed, the carrots must be latd away quired to e put up so motst an amp t It lt co [Pietre (or Peter) Ch e net was called P e rique (or m so m e cool, d ry J;,Pom, and the proce s s IS comp l ete only be packed in tin-foil m bulk packages : Peter} by somE of the early Spamards, and Ill ozder to I t will be r e ady for use Ill a couple of m o n t h s although, This 1 s the point that h11s always been made by the dis tin gutsh the tobacco manufa ctured by him I t w a s wine, 1t I S all tqe better the g reater the age It aas. (:omm1 ss1oner of Internal Revenue whenever tlie que d Penqu_e t o bacco. In a few years the tobacco o f Still, 1f t h e t o bacco has been Imperfectly cured, 1t will on ef-p>ackmg has come up> and It IS the steadfast, .. "014, Pel:Ique" obtamed some local reput ation.. .,JUld it not keep, and soon become u t ter l y worthless. It IS ..._ b u flOt long till tw I'IOClall u s ual to s hip to market m Octob e r, although some '-1\erence of the C o mmiSSioner to tt.1s p omt tu .. t a:r t At th b k t f th 1 t th farmers never sell until the1r tobacco IS at least one e rea mg ou o e a e war e r e wa s SOTjle caused ali the trouble to the tobacco trade and tbe' lftt for It 10 New s, but outstde of the l(,e a ; old] Th1 s msures a good pnce, but it requ1re s Office of Internal Revenue that has arisen m cOD.\e.,:tion Slate Louisiana It was k aown t he wnh It. The Commi S Sioner while rigidly holdmr; er war M1a-..,.aad.Ior tile Tba. Q)l tif the swamp regions of this .State appears $1 to b e peculiarly adapted to the cultiva tiOn of thts to trying to hold, t!Je trade tQ thiS restncted interpretat bacco, hut we beheve tha t It could be grown profitably of the law overlooks or ignores :he fact that the dogma ililt>-l ... any::vhere, and, 1f the proper care be taken in !involved millS purely one of Ins own contrivmg. The e u n ng and mamr.fac t urmg, -would prove profitable. The mserted m a mortise m a tree and the oth e r year Its mcreased pnce wtll pay about 25 per cent. m the trade has thereby been done. end loaded wttli weights, the power for pressing ferest, and m four years It w1ll ell for over double 1ts is produced. EOr the first week the plugs MUS't be ongmal pnc e It does not impr<.ve after four years of In the letter of June 5, the Commissioner rematks:-k d 1 d k d f h h h age, but will keep for an mdefimte length of ttme ta en out a1 y an re-wor e a ter w 1c t e operatiOn "'And i.t i11 exceedaDgly embarrassing tG this office to becomes less frequent, until at the end of thirty decide ypon mce a point of fact in the absence of tt:e tobacco 1s_,c0hstdered ready for puttmg tilto carrots. any statutory defimtJon to a1d It ; and particularly so These carrots or plugs are usuaHy about fc:Hrrteen mches when there ts clearly mamfest a disposmon among long and two and a half mches m d1ameter, weighmg manufacturers to condemn m others what they would four pounds. After formmg them in this shape, they are covered With canvas and lashed firmly with heavy gladly and wilhne;ly allow m their own practice." That cord from end to end. In thts condition they are ai lS just what we now and have always contended. Then lowed to remam for several months, and often thus sent is no "stat11t,ry tlefimtum," and yet, the to market.] [When taken from the rope the tobacco IS makes a definitiOn that, while being without warrant of in fit conditiOn for use, but If kept for a year Its flavor is greatly improved.) On account of the fine aroma of la.w, stifles improvement, enterpnse and progress. But this tobacco many persons suppose that 1t IS not pure, manufacturers do not "condemn Ul others what they but sweetened and flavored m the manner of many would gladly and w1a!mgly allow m the1r own practice." other brands. Such is not the case The regular Penque They only condemn lthe Imperfect admm1stration of the tobacco is the s1mple leaf and nothmg mort!. Its fla vor law or regulation that fails to hold all to the same ac111 obtamed by care m manufactunng and tS denved entirely from the native juices of the leaf. countabthty. Haymg repeatedly asked for and been Th b d t .. e art cle hich e d d d b e SU JOIBe IS t1 I W W I ere It, Ut demed the privtlege of selhng m bulk a grade of cut 1 which the valued correspondent d1d not. tobacco demanded by a certam class of consumers, manufacturers ask that neither favontism nor careless 'aeiS be shown in execuuug the regulation, be it well or -ill founded. Tile Culture and .lllaanCac:ture oC PeriQue Tobacc. [From The Tobacco Leaf of September IS, 1875] fFully seventy years l1,gO, observes the New Orleans Wee.ily the tobacco grown and manufactured m St. James Pansh, m this State, and known as Perique, had obtamed great celebnty among our population for Its fine flavor and its highly aromatic odor, whether it was used for smoking, chewmg or m the manufacture snuff.) In la .ter yeau tt was brought into competition w1th tobacco from all over the world at the ireat Exh1 btttons of London, Pans and VIeDna, and obtamed the highest prem1ums at each. MINOR EDITORIALS. THE NASHVILLE ToBACCO FAIR -The Tobacco Fa1r, eld at N ashville, Tenn, on the 13th 1-4th, 15th, 16th and I 7th 1nstauts, will be duly noticed in our next issue. WEDDED AND MATED.-On Tuesday, June 6, Mr. J. T. Emenck, the popular Superintendent of the tobacco and cigar department of the who l esale grocery house 0 { Sprague, Warner & Co., Ch1cago, was untted m marriage to Miss Effie A. Sawyer of that cily. The happy pa1r are now m New York preparatory to a tour of the States. J :REvivAL IN OUR CrTY BuiLDING TRADE.-A cotem porary asserts that before the close of the sulllmer the plans f o 1 new struct11res, dwe l lings, stores and tenements, filed with the Supenntendent of the Department of Buildmgs, wtll, from present mdicanons, exceed in number and importance any thmg we have seen smce the summer of r8p. CIGAR ROBBERY IN jOHN STREET -On the night of the nth mst, about 11 o'clock, Denis Mullane, a pnvate watchman, saw Sullivan, a sailor, aged mneteen residmg m Jersey City, and another/oung man out of the fanlight oi the c1gar store o Max Cook, Nos. and l.i John Street, with r,goo cigars, valued at 523 1. attempted to capture them, but Sullivan's compan ion threw one of the boxes of cigars at him, whtch struck him m the face and knocked h1m down On re gaining hiS feet he gave chase and succeeded in captur mg S11lhvan. Judge Wandell held Sullivan for tnalm default of II,ooo. the chances of the vanous aspirants, bopmg for v ictory and drea ding defeat m the Convention at S t Louis, when the Warw1cks of the Democratic f>arty assemble there next week to choose a standard.bearer for the commg autumn campaign Thts prospective event r<-1egated to the shades of the past, the mtervemng months between 1t and the November may be devoted to tll.e pursUit of wealth, health or pleasure, as befits the needs, tastes or temperaments of our forty-odd m1l l10ns of Amencan sovereigns. THE MORRISON TARIFF BILL.-Special ad vices to THE ToBAcco LEAF denote that the Morrison 'fq,nff B1ll w1ll be reported to the House on Thursday What change, If any, has been made m the anginal propOS! t10ns relatmg to Imported tobacco and cigars 1s not an nounced The Sub-committee of Ways and Means, havmg m charge all matters connected w1th tobacco and c1gars under the mternal revenoe law, will subm1t their report, through General Tucker, of VIrgmta to the Ways and Means Committee to-day They will report, according to announcement, in favor of a uniform tax of sixteen cents per pound on manufactured tobacco, and the rates apphcable to cigars and cigarettes pnor to March 3, 187 5 They will also report favorab l y on the project for exporting domestic c1gars m bond di rectly from the manufactory. On the latter subject a New York w1ll be heard for the last time this mornmg [Continued from Seventh Page ] the following sales of leaf tobacco and stems for the montli of May:-Weslem-Kentucky: 13 new lugs, common mrxed and eingy to brown npe, With some leaf, at 33 pfenmgs; 21 old heavy dark lugs at 35*, 12 old smokers at 29; 35 new common to good common Louisville lugs at 32*, 29 new colory Mason County cuttmg, fron. lugs to medium, at 47; 21 new LouiSVIlle and Evansville leaf, for spmmog and cigar purposes, at 59*, 12 new fleshy colory cutting leaf of good quality at 47 pfenngs, all from store. 14 6ld common lugs at srYz; 19 new, common and good ordinary Louisville cutting, at 37 ; 36 new Paducah and other leafy at 34, 20 new Clarksville sh1ppmg lugs at 34, 13 old Clarksville lugs, low leaf and better do, at 44 12 new Cmcmnat1 cuttmg lugs, common aver age, at 37*, II new spmnery LouiSVIlle leaf at 6r ; 20 fine new Saucers at p. t ; 21 new Cmcmnati cutdng at 46*, 25 new LouiSVille leafy leaf, with 6-8 reducmg hhds, at 56*; 27 new LoUisville cutting with some cigar bmders, at 45*; 22 new do leaf for spinmng and cigar purposes, contammg 3-4 somewhat fallmg off hhds, at 70 pfenmgs*, 30 ntw leaf, runnmg from lugs to low, medium and good to fine, from New Orleans, at 64 ; 12 new Cmcmnat1 cuttmg, a fa1r average, at 44 ; 77 new lugs (comprismg 29 cuttmg valued at 37, 35 Louisville lugs valued at 33, and 13 Clarksville lugs valued at 36 ) at 35 pfennigs average; 20 New Orleans spmners, dark mediUm to fine, order nsky, at 68; 23 New York cigar leaf, thm textured, at 63 pfenn1gs 20 common cuttmg at 4011 pfenmgs; 78 New Orleans spmuers at 69, 20 new Louisville leaf at 63, 25 do do lugs, common to good ordmary, at 32, all to arnve M 1ssoun: 21 old lugs, crop of '74, at 32 pfenmgs* : 15 new calory St. Louts lugs at 34*, 4 new injured leaf and lugs al all from store; 40 new lugs, running from greemsh com:Oon to good common, wllh some colory lugs, the whole con Siderably mixed and order only tolerabl) certam, at 32 pfenmgs, 14 substanttal cuttmg at 43, 11 new lugs and low leaf at 42, 26 new low leaf, cuttmg and leaf, 58, 10 new lugs and long at 47 ; ro new lu g s at 32, all to arnve. Seed Leaf m hhds 83 hhds old '7:) crop at 72 and 28 do at 273iz@28; 37 do at z8Jiz pfen mgs, all to arnve. Vtrgmza-so hhds new very com mon lu g s, In very high order and runumg mto pnmings, at 23 pfenmgs 16 new cuttmg mixed, part colory, part dmgy, at 40* 66 new redned lugs to some common leaf, without much color, at 36 86 old leaf assorted at p. t ; 7 old: dark lug s at s btown dry, c uttmg, cowr, at 35. 7 co lory, bu t a httle heavy cut mg a t 4.(, 44 commo::J. to good common lugs at 33 ; 65 new brown l ug 5 by J a nuary sample s mcludmg 14 pnmmgs 31* 27 old leaf, of not much quality, a t 54 12 old lugs, from very common to go o d common, sub sta n tial, mcludmg; r hhd scraps at 33 r8 new common shor t lugs, early samples, at 25* 5 dry, colory leaf and stnppmg lugs, at so all from store, 6 hhds new dmgy light lugs a t 30 pfenmgs, 125 new lug s, from good com m o n t o good leafy, wtth some l o w leaf, a t 33 ; IS new fine yellow cutung at 49*; I2 yellow c o l or y cuttmg a t 4 8 39 long fillers, mcludmg 3 fa1r l eaf and 9 reductng common to good lugs, somewhat colory, at 45; 85 lugs, common to good common, light brown, at 33*, 10 new lugs, short brown mouldy, at :zs*, u new, from good lugs to mamly medtum leaf, With some httla goad and fine, a desuable lot, at 53 5 fine saucers at p. t., 3 1 new yellow colory North Carolma cuttmg at so all to arrive Stems-V!fgtma 69 old s t ems badly moulded, at rs*, 63 old VIrgtnia and Western manufac turmg stems at p t 13 fine bnght Vugm1a 'Stems from New York at 20, 6 black heavily hconced do at I3, 38 dry brown coarse, mcludmg 6 fine bnght do, at ro* 3:z miXed, dry brovm and short hcoTJced do at II pfenmgs, r6 fine colory do at 17 do*, 5 r fine me diUm, brown, slightly hconced do at 10 slightly licenced, somewhat colory, part short and gntty do, at 51 dry brown coarse do at 9@10 pfenmgs; 28 moulded at 9 pfeumgs*, all from store. Kmtucky-t88 Wes tern manufactunng stemN at 7@9 pfenntgs, accord mg to quality and order; 41 do at 9 do, 70 B r ooklyn stems at 12 do, all from s t ore. The sales marked are real pnces, the rest w1thm the 1:1sual allowan c e of 1 to 2 pfenmgs, h o wever of on l y r do. The market closes strong and greatly ammated. Q.uotatwns for new sound tobacco m hogsheads Kentucky-common to fa1r lug>, 30@35 pfennigs; good to fine do, -40@45 ; low leaf, 45@50; mediUm do, 55@ 65; good do, 70@75; fine do to selectwus, 8o@85. M1s seun-common to fa1r lugs, 28@35 pfenmgs, good to fine planters' lugs, 36@4o, low lt!af, 40@45 medium do, 5o@ 55, good do, 6o@7o. Vtrgmia-common to fa1r lugs, :r8@35 pfenmgs; good to fine do, 36@40; low leaf, 45@50, mediUm do, 6o@65; good do, 70@75, fine do to selections, 8o@9o. Cutung-Western, m parcels as to color, quality and conditiOn, all the way from 38@50 pfenntgs. Vugmtado do, 40@55 StemsWeitern stnppers, 9@11 pfenmgs, do manufacturmg, 8@9, Vugm1a do, all the way from 9@20. LIVERPOOL, '.June r.-Messrs. F. W. Smythe & Co, T obacco Commission Merchants, report :Througho ut all May we had Improved demand for Amencan tobacco, resulung m sales to manufacturers, shippers to Alnca, and exporters to the Continent materially exceeding our usual monthly average for good and fine tobacco were fully mam:amed, but for medtum and mfenor grades they remamed nommally unchanged. So far, accounts of unprom1smg crop pros p::cts have had httle effect here. Imports, 658 hhds, dehvenes, 2,044 do. Stock, :z2,..J46,, agamst 27,929 same time last year. Weekly Figures-Imports, u 5 hhds; delivenes, 517. Stock, 22,259, against 27,734 same time last year. Respecting the particlllar to\,acco under consider .at1on we offer no op1010n of our own, but the que51lon may witl1 propriety be asked: Upon '\\hat just grouad was the seizure made, 1f, as the CommiSsioner Ill his tetter to Mr. Ketcham: adm1ts, the tobacco, "though not so fine as the best grades of fine-c"Ut chewing, it 1s, in the opinion of th1s office, cut sufficiently fine to an swer the designation of fine cut ?" Was 1t, then, the 'luality of the leaf that made It Illegal to pack it in bulk ?-and, 1f it was, how long IS It since the Commis aioner has assumed the nght to dtctate the quality of fine-cut chewing tobacco? A new and great stride :Seems to have been taken here. Suppose the manufacturers in this instance, for purposes of their own had .chosen to cut leaf that cost from twentyfive to thuty cents a pound, instead of the cheaper grade they d1d .cut, could it not be paeked in bulk ?--and if not, why [For many years the process of 1ts manufacture was kept a secret m the famtly and among the descendants of P1erre Chenct, or as the Spamards called htm, Penque, the ongmal manufacturer of the tobacco from whose soubnquet 1t has taken its name ; but as these became more n1.1merous the secret has so spread that it no longer remams one and the busmess IS open to any farmer who w1shes to embark m 1t.] That Penque tobacco must always meet a ready sale among smokers particularly, no one who has ever tned 1t can question, as no tobacco ever produced excels It Messrs. Edw'd Samuelson & Co m their monthly report say: -Unusual actiVIty was displayed m our market during the earlier part of the past month, the demaud for North Amencan tobacco bemg almost general, manufacturers, dealers and exporters were on the alert, and an espectal feature was the reiterated mqutry DISTRACTING ELEMENT LEss.-The Cincinnati on the part of the former for Western Stnps. Contmental Convent1ou havmg adJourned, after successfully combuyers were a gam on the spot, on the lookout for med1uru its labors by the of G0vernor Hayes, wrappery leaf, but fathng to get m agam at prevwus of Ob1o, as the Pres nommee

JUNE 21 THE TOBACCO LEA. F. THE TOBACCO MARKET. The Messrs. F1scher report :-Havana in fair de88 do; S. E. Thompson, 118 do; D. J. Garth, Son & Co., pkge do, I7 three-qtr bxs do; A. S. Rosenbaum & C(l., mand; sales about 700 bales at 8o@IISC 40 do; J. P. Q_uin & Co., IS do; Blakemore, Mayo & 96 butts mfd, 86s caddies do, 20 cs smkg; Dohan, Car-Manufactured-Medium black goods for export were Co., 39 do; Jarvts & Co., 135 do; & Nash, Io6 roll & Co., I8 cs mfd, I93 hlf bxs do, 15 third bxs do, in fair demand, a number of orders for that class having do, E. R. W. Thomas, u do; Pollard, Pettus & Co., 17 40 qtr bxs do, 989 caddies do, so hlf caddies do; MarDOMESTIC. NEw YoRK, .'June 20. & J b k d b d hlf been received. For tax-paid stock, brightli especially, do; Garrott & Grinter, 95 do; F. W. Tatgenhorst, I2 tm o nson, II cs sm g, 4 o m,1 5 xs o, I There was considerably less business done in the leaf the inquiry appears to have been moderate. The views do; w. 0 Smith & Co., 8 do; Thos. Kinnicutt, 8 do; bx do, 56 caddies do, 2 hlf caddies do; C. E. Lee, 7 cs tobacco market last week than during the period pre-of buyers are a iittle below of manufacturers, the J. H. Moore & Co., 12 do; H. A. Richty, IO pkgs; mfci, 5 blf bxs do, JO third bxa do; E. Du Bois, 20 cs viously reported. Neither for Western or Seed leaf was latter being affected by the full range of prices rulingMaddux Brothers, 3I do; AUen & Co., 6s do; Wise & mfci, Io third bxs do, 30 qtr bxs do; W ise & Bendheim, the demand good or even as good as might have been for leaf. Little appears to be doing in anticipation of Bendheim, 8 do; Order, 663 hhds, 3 pkgs. 33 cs smkg, I do mfd, I6 cs cigarettes, I bx perique; expected from the glimmer of animation recorded in future wants. For some grades of goods a trifle more BY THE HUDSON RIVER RAILROAD-Garrott & GrinBulkley, Moore & Co., 41 cs mfd. 15 qtr bxs do; Jas. last. For Havana tobacco the inquiry was fair, is asked, though, perhaps, not obtained. Pnces, as a ter, 3 hhds; K.remelberg & Co., 94 pkgs; J. R. Sutton, M Gardiner, 2S cs mfd, 40 threeqtr bxs do, so hlf bxs while in Virginia leaf but little was done. rule, are steady, and moderately firm. 45 do; c H. Spitzner, I37 do; Joseph Mayer's Sons, do; H. A. Richey, 45 caddies mfd, 34 third bxs do; A. But for the purchases for Bremen, which appear to Smoktng-Dealers reJlort a fair demand, wita no 89 do; M Abenheim & Co., 45 do; F C. Linde & Co., Hen & Co.,I cs smkg, 3 do Cigarettes; M Lindheim, have been made at full tijl;ures, the transactions in West-change in the general situation so do; Fitts & Austin, 25 do; Carl Upmann, :2I do; A I7 cs smkg; R. Stein & Co., I do; Fitts & Austin, 7 ern grades would have been exceedingly light, a fact Cigars-A regular inquiry from all the usual sources L. & C. L. Holt, 8 do; Order, 48 do. do; John Blakeley, I do; Jeffreys & Co., 3 do; D. Bend made the more noticeable on account of the moderate is announced in both branches ol the cigar trade. BY THE NATIONAL LINE-Garrott & Grinter, 47 hhds; heim, 6 do; T. A. Youngs, 3 do; N. Wise, 20 do; C views of holders, which are now, owing to improved Gold opened at and closed at the same W. 0. Smith & Co. 36 do; J. H. Moore & Co., I6 do; P. Brown,'}. do; G. W. Hillman, r cs mfd; R. W. Cam and improving prospects westward, such as to present rates. Pollard, Pettus & Co., Iol do; Jarvis & Co. 13 do; eron & Co., 62 do; Allen & Co., I do; S. Barnett, I no impediment to liberal operations. The crop intelli -Foreign E xchange-lt.!essrs. M. & s. Sternberger, Henderson Brothers, 4 6 do; A c. L. & 0 Meyer, 4 8 bale leaf; Blumenstein & Co. r cs cigars; E A. Smit h gence from all sections is of an assuring character, and Bankers, report as follow s :-We have had for the last do; Blakemore, Mayo & Co., 92 do, Sawyer, Wallace I do; Order, 27 hhds. this circumstance, coupled with the fact that the closmg week an exchange and gold market entirely devoid of & Co., I7 6 do; Buroack & Nash, u do; R L. MaitBY 'l'HE NEw YoRK AND BALTIMORE weeks of June are usually rendered more or less inac interest, and besides a slight decrE'ase in the gold pre-land & Co., I2 do; Kremelberg & Co., 27 do; A. H. LINE-Funch, .Edye & Co., 3S hhds; M. Hirsch, case tive by reason of the custom of counting stock during mium, no change whatever has taken place. We quote: Cardozo, 18 do; P. Lorillard & Co., 42 do; Thos. Kin. Allen & {:o., I do; M. Falk, I4 do; N. WlSe, S that period, exerts a very decided influence on the -Bankers, nommal rates are 488 and 490 for 6o nicutt, '18 do; S. E. Thompson, 28 do; Order, 276 do, do; E. Spingarn & Co., I9 do leaf; .Order, 28 hhds. and wtll in some measure account for the leth-days and demand Sterling respectively; selliag rates 57 pkgs. Co>\STWISE FROM KEY WEST-Selden berg & Co. 7 I argy in tbis department of trade for the past week A 4s7 for 6o days, for demand; Commercial, 6o BY THE PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD-A. C. Lamotte, cases cigars; F. DeBary & Co., 48 do; McFall & LawPadacah letter de ted the 19th instant says at least three-days, 4 86@ 4867(, Pans Bankers, 3 days, SI2 I hhd; Ch<\s. F. Tag & Son, 10 bales; G B. Wilson, son, I3 do;. F. Marrero, 4 do; Straiten & Storm, I8 bales fourths of a c ro p bad been planted in that district up 6o days, 5I6_%@517 Commercial, 6o days, s2o; 200 pkgs; Goodwin & Co. 2 do; C A. Whitney & Co., Seidenberg & Co., IO do; E. H. Gato, 3 do; V to the J.6th of June. The estimates for Ciarksville Reichsmarks-Bankers, 3 days, 96; 6o days, 95}(@ 2S do; Carhart Brothers, 40 do; Order, 3 do. Martinez Ybor & Co., 2 trcs. range from two-thirds to three-fourths of a crop. As 95J6; Commercial, 6o days, BY NORTH RIVER BoA'Is-Sawyer, Wallace & Co., 98 CoASTWISE FROM MooREHEAD CITY-Allen & Co., in Indiana and Illinois, it was not intended to make a Freights-Messrs. Carey & Yale, Freight Brokers, hhds; Poilarrl, Pettus & Co., 2I4 do; Kremelberg & 2SO pkgs; John Devenny, 2 hhds, I tree, full planting this season, a lower range than the above report tobacc o fre ight s as follows:-Live1pool, per steam, Co., 9 do; Garrott & Grinter, 41 do; S: E. Thompson, CoASTWISE FROM NEw ORLEANSDohan, Carroll & might reasonably be anticipated. The Henderson dis4os; per sail, 35S London, per steam, 325 6d@3SS; 54 do; Blakemore, Mayo & Co.,4 do; Burbank & Nash, Co., 20 cases; Order, 27 hhds. trict is still credited with the ability to pitch a full averd E s & c b 1 0 d hhd Ed w h & per sa1l, 3os Glasgow, per steam, 40s; per sa1, 35s 24 o; pmgarn o., IO a es; r er, II3 s, I7.-Messrs. 1sc meyer age crop. A Missouri letter of June I 3th to a city fac-Bnstol, per steam, 45s; per sail, 35s. Havre, per steam, I pkge. Co., Tobacco Commis sion Merchants, report :-Receipts tor observes:-" I send yoa a letter to say that we have 45 s. Antwerp, Rer steam, 47s 6d; per sail, 37s. 6d. BY THE NEw YoR K AND NEw STEAMBOAT of Maryland and Ohto to!Jacco continue quite free and had, within the last twenty-four hours, the finest rains Bremen, per sail, 37s. 6d. Hamburg per steam, 47s-. LrNE-Wm. Eggert & Co., 54 cases; T. A. Bence, I do; market active, both in sales and shipments, with prices You ever saw. --was here to-da_,., and says the rain H -rr1 N L k b & B h d A 6d. "'-em, 5 d9; a c en ru .ch rot er, I 5 o; ruling steady. For a ryland there has throaghout exteods all along to the Missouri River; and a letter rAB.TIOV:AB. !I'OTIOB. Stem & Co., II QQ; Chas. F. Tag & Son 24 do; B. At-been a good demand for all the v a rious European marfrom F ayette says the season i s a splendid one in How-water, 31 do; Bunzl & Dorm1tzer, I3 do; G. Brown, I kets, and the greater part of the receipts have found ard and adjacent counties. This will doubtless make Growen of seed leaf tobacco ue cautwned .. tepung th'do; Straiten & Stor{ll, I do; S. Auerbach, 5:1 do; H. purchasers on arrival at steady prices for desirable tobacco Slu1n'" somewhat and po sibly harder to sell reported sales and uotationa of seed leaf as furniahing the prices that 'f Meyer, L do, S. Barnett, 2 bales. grades. The low grades, however, drag as they have for svme lime, but with everything favorable lroin now should be obtamed for t!1em at Grot hnd, as these refer 1n most Instances B N y H S L l b l I to old crops which have been hold nurly a year, and the profit on Y THE. EW ORK AND ARTFORD TEAMBOAT INE done throughout the season, and are only sa a eat OW on, we shall not make more than an average crop, and which must,narurally include the interest on capital invested. Growers -F. C. Lmde & Co., 2 5 cases; Charles F. Tag & Son, -prices. Sales for the week amount to about I,ooo hhds. after a while fair prices will rule. But the' bug' spec', cannot expect even n the case of new crops, to sell them for the same I 4 o Jos. Sehgsberg & Co., 4 do; E. & In Ohio, the demand for which is principally for France I judge, IS dead fur good." pnces are obt>.ined on a re-sale here. Of course resale must b e Brother, IO do; Joseph Mayer's Sons, I2 do; Stra1ton and Dmsburg, ther e has been some movement, and we Com casuall y on the prospect a factor re at an advance, and therefore the price obtainable by the &rowers will a lways be aomewhat lowe titan our quotations. & Storm, 56 do; Havemeyers & V1gehus, 89 do; \-Vm. note sales of about 420 hhds. For Kmtucky and Virmarked to us:-" My opmion is that throughout the Eggen & Co., 9 do. ginia there has been little inquiry, and we have heard Summer tobacco of a decidedly good character, such as QUOTATIONS OF WHOLESALE PRICES. BY THE OLD DoMINION STEAMSHIP LINE-Thos. Kinof no sales. We continue to quote as follows:-Regies and the hke, will be m demand at, perhaps, Wt<n-Ligbt leaf. et! Crop tt hhd -o d & C d S E Th d d f d d b 1 F 11 d h w comn1on to good Jugs. @?!!It Assorted Lots ........... 5 6 mcu 17 s; _,_.,.ea o., I3 o; ompson, Mary ian -common an roste ,.3@4; soun compresent pnces, ut ate 10 tne a and urmg t e ID commonleat.......... 8 9 l Crop IS do; M. Abenheim & Co., 31 do; W. E. Duncan & mon, $4 5G@ SSO; good do, 6@6.50; middling, 8@ ter, when the general demand has abated, with the pro-Me.dinm................ u i Assorted Lots ............ 8 9 C d A H C d d A 1 & F d b bl d II d f 11 k d h Good ................ -u I New York State-Crop 73 and o., 4 o; ar ozo, 4 o; I en aucon, 8 o; 9' good to fine red, ji9@ IIj fancy, I3@2o; upper couna e u ness m tra e o a m s m t is country, it IS 6 A @ G & G d p L '11 d c d $ Oh' Fme............... ..... !' ssorted Lots .......... 1 8 arrot t nnter, 4 o; on ar ex o., 29 o 20 try, !!1 ss w 0 S h & C 68 d 8 d d Bl good crop because I never knew a late crop that was : do Good do s,""lg)95 m l; mit o., 1 o, 4 o 5 1 0 i au. dium spangled, 7 @ 9 ; fine spangled to y ellow, ro@rs. d Th f 8 1 h h Fme .................... 16 7 do Fine eo oo@ s velt & Whtton, j trcs; P10neer Tobacco Co., 9 do ; Kentucky-common to good lugs, $; Clarks-not a goo one. e crop o I 7 3 was ater t an t IS SeJecu on .. .. .... ... ,7 @ S : Extra Fme '"5 ,,,s Chas F Ta & S d Ah & Dehl cases .11 d @ I f @ d 1 f 'll b d t 'th th t' f th Vr.naLeaf-1Yara,1Cut, ................. g on, 2 o; ner s, 2 Vl e o, 97 9i common ea, 9 ro; me tum ea 9Io one WI e, an ye WI e excep JOn every Daik heavy lugs ........ 6,\, ; do II Cut leaf, I bx do; & Guereau, 20 qtr trcs mfd, 20 @Ilj fair to good, $12@14; fine, $IS@I7; selections, heavy tobaccos, it was one of the best crops, and the ddod ; Bond. Tax >4 cts. cs do; H. A. Richey, S cs smkg, 13 do mfd, 21 kegs $r8 @ 2o. Virginia-common and good Lugs, most satisfactory te handle that has ever come forward. d g dd d hlf b b d J R do extra sh:p'g, a @ 1 6 'Pound.!.-Bmaa:r. o, I 2 ca Ies o, 3 xs ao, r .I qtr xs o;; common to medium leaf, $9@u; fair to good do, The heavy tobaccos lacked body all through, but the Brigbt Yellow Work:ng-1 E fi 5 @50 S k & J proportiOn of npe, sweet tobaccos was very large. 11i 4 cs fm g; d 7 $I2@I4; selection s $15@2o; stems, common to fine, There was scarcely a hogshead resampled late in the Br:gbt Yellow ............ .... 23 @12 SII_I g, 3 m Ioo l xs o, 5 xs o, 7 $2@4. Inspected this week, 1,409 hhds Marylan.d, 977 season that did not decidedly improve." Lug ..................... t Jomm 6 @6" Navy, 4's and 5's ........ 20 SV ettes; A H e n & C o., I07 cs smkg, I do mfd, I do ciga rfor Liverpoel, 30 hhds tob acco, per bn2: Mississt"'"'z, e ssrs. awyer, Wa. ace o. .-" m 8 9 Pocket PJCces 25 'ii'SO -'If YY< ................ .... ...... ettes, Frtts & Austm, 10 cs smkg, J. F. J X 1 ques, 6 do, ror Demerara, 10 hhds tobacco. L Th k h b 11 d 11 Good to fine red ... 9 1 1 Bnght J'wist (Va) 12 inch 22 (f:940 J.l eaJe past wee as een an unusuo Gold Bars, Gmch so Henry \ 'Velch 4 do; P. Steinhart, 2 do, D Bendheim, Tobacco Statement. the sales amounting to only 470 hhds. We note 366 to Upper Counllers ... .' .............. 6 1 ll' Twist .......... 30 37 balesr Straiten & Storm, r7 do; F. Marrero, 2 do. Export, Maryland and Ohio shtce 300 694 847 476 5,000 Seconds ........ -9 an n.rty-Z'wo& ....... ..... 45 @OO BY THE NEW YORK A:- department qave been Fillers.................. s 6 Good to fine .......... _. 5<@1 20 do; C. Stricker, I do; Weiss, Eller & Kaeppel, 6 do, 1 c eared ............ --,....... -. 21,oo3 s o 'JSeconds 8 @ro k <'d b I a: h p & C 8 Mi ,,r. I d 'T' b Th f h light, though receipts fo, r local use have increased a wrappers ............... ,5 @ >a keg, 3 p gs m1 2 b s snuu; Marc rice o., 6 anuJ ac ure .1. o accoe rumors o a c ange m little. Of both bnght and dark we hear of desirable RunntngLots ........... 8 u hlf bxs mfd, 46 qtr bxs do; Order, 6I hhds. the Governmer.t tax have been entirely dispelled, and t8?I and t87t. d h c h d selections to be had. A Richmond letter of the I 7th Ftllers .. ......... ..... 1 C.Yo "Scrap fiKer CoAsTWISE FROM FERNANDINA-J. H. Ber&mano, 3 the tra e can operate w1t pertect satety on t at groun says:-" Our market has adva11ced n l. w crop now ......... @8 pkgs. but the market is still mactive with prices unchanged. planting is pat down at one-half. I think it will not be Assorted Lots .......... o >5 CherooU. and S!xeo .... 11 00@13 0 COASTWISE FROM MOOREHEAD CITY-Order, 12 pkgs. Exports this week, I,67o lbs to Demerara. Received rnch more; It may possibly get to two-thirds." ................ 30 @so CoASTwiSE FROM NEw ORLEANs-Order, 52 hhds. per Ealtimore & Ohio Railroad from Danville 496 bxs, Seed Leaf-A very noticeable dlecrease as compared Aaorced Lou .......... u u Sc<>lcb. & .. SO@-Tne arrivals at the port of New y01k from domestic 162 caddies and I4 cases; and from Richmond, 49 bxs. with the previous record appears in the aggregate of ................ 6 8 = ports for the week endmg June 20 were 4,Iso hhds, 35 Per Richmond steamers, 955 pkgs; and per Norfolk sales of Seed leaf, 900 cases, against 1,6I7 representing n!,-;;:fsid;;.:.:-cr;,r, ,s;;s 5 diScount to the Whletrcs, 79 qtr trcs, I ,r88 cases, 1,r6I pkgs, 9 bxs, 6 7 three steamer s, I04 pkgs. the total reported transfers in tbis market fo( the week Lobi .... ""'" 10 s Licortet. Otwntu:y. qtr bxs, 5 2 7 hlf bxs, 79 thir-d bxs, 93 qtr bxs, 96 butts, CINCINNATI, J'une 17.-Mr. F. A. Prague, Leaf just closed. The demand embraced all varieties, with Aasortod Lots .... .... s A. 0 s ...... ........ -Goll 1 ,9ss caddies, 52 hlf caddies, r45 cases cigars, I9 do Tobacco Inspector, reports :-The market for Leaf To-State and Ohio growths leading, the latter chiefly for .... ...... 8 o "G o." 480 II> c.... cigarettes, 34 bales, S cases licorice, consigned as folbacco has ruled steady during the past week, without any S I f b 6 8 P I "} ... G... ao Jb caaea.... / 1 h h f, th export. aeso a out oo cases. I 75 ennsy.vama Selection ................. 5 @.S "0kA."37&ll! l ....... 29Y. lows:-matena c angemprtcesovert osecurrent or epast were made at Lancaster on pnvate terms to New York EXPORT QUOTATIONS, BY THE ERIE RAILROAD.-D. J. Garth, Son & Co., two weeks. The offerings at auction have been large, buyers. For e:qrort the inquiry was about the same as c.,.,.et.,:ut c,. Mau.-Crop 874 z. A." 230 lbs............ 19 121 hhds; Sawyer, Wallace & Co., :216 do; Burbank & but' chiefly of the low and common grades. The total a e ate o our as review, ne1 er etter nor worse. ................ 6 @ 1M 'R.K.".................... 10 Nash, 70 do; R. L. Malt an o., 73 o ; .. o enngs a auc 10n or e wee were 1 122 s an t th d f I t 'th b Assorted .......... 7 @ "JIIF. ... ...... .... .. .. 1 9 I d & C d S E fli t t' f, th k hhd d And this reminds us of a suggestion in this connection. Frllers ............. .... s@r3.25. Mess. rs. Chas. E. Fischer & Bro., Tobacco Brokers, From the port of New York to foreign ports, for the Order, 12 do. At the Miami Warehouse, 179 hhds and 65 bxs:-report as follows concerning Seed Leaf :-Busmess week ending June 20, were as follows:BY THE NORTH RIVER BoATS-Sawyer, Wallace & 178 hhds Kentucky and Ohio cutting toba cco: ro hhds during the week remained quiet without any change in BREMEN-23I hhds, 656 cases. Co. I 37 hhds; Garrott & Grinter, s3 do; S. E. Thomp old At $u.25@19.75; I68 do new at $3.95@20.25 for prices. Sales were made to the extent of 900 cases, of BIUSTOL-26 hhds. son, 44 do; Kremelberg & Co., 40 do; Burbank & Nash, common smokers to fine cutting leaf; I hhd new West -which for export about JOO cas5. BRITISH WEST INDIES-2 hhds, so pkgs (II,375 lbs) 3 do; Blakemore, Mayo & Co., 9 do; F. w. TatgenV 1 rginia at $5.25; 87 cases Ohw Seed leaf fillers, bind Ctmnecticut remained m moderate demand, in all mfo horst, u do; R. L. Maitland & Co., 12 do; Order, 7 9 ers and wrappers: 29 at $2@ 3, 25 at S4 .2 'S@So, 9 about 200 cases changed hands at I3@16 for 1874 crop CANADA-36 bales. do. at t;6o, 9 at $8.Io@.9, I4 at $IO@I4o, 1 at wrappers, 20@35 for 1873. CuBA-r63 pkgs (I5,414 lbs) mfd. BY THE NEW YORK AND NEW HAVEN S'D.AMBOAT J65.10. Massachus etts-Of th1s kind about 100 cases were DuTCH WEST INDIEs-36 pkgs ( 2 122 lbs) mfd. LrNx-Wm. Eg&ert & Co:, 32 cases; Schroeder & Bon, CLARKSVIL,LE, TENtr., J'um ,I2.--Measrs. M. H. taken at 10 for wrappers, crop I874, and 8@9 for GLASGOW-55 hhds, 1 case. I8r do; E. DCMI&cb & Co., 4 do; M. Jacoby, 2 do; Chaa., Clark & llrother. Le Tobacco Brokers, rep&rt:-Our assorted lots. HAMBURG-86 cases. d F. Tag & Son, I4 o. sales last ..yeek were 474 hhds. The market was dull .lvew York S,tate-250 cases, mostly I87s crop, were HAYTI-5 pkgs ( 8 76 lbs) mfd. BY THS, NEW YORK AND HARTFORD STEAMBOAT LINE ana devoid of life';" arfd pnces' w it h irregularity sold, part on pnvate terms and part at' 7@9c. LIVERPOOL-4S5 hhds, 29I pkgs (S2 2 I lbs) mfd. Fox, Dills & Co., Io cases; Wm. Eggert & Co., 3 do. [Continued o1t Seventh Page]. Ohw-Business in this kind was almost LoNDON-541 hhds, 6o pkgs (9,669 lbs) mfd, 40 cases. BY THE OLD DoMINION STEAMSHIP LINE-D. J. Garth, confined to the 1875 crop, of which about 300 cases VEBEZUELA-3 hhds, O bales, 69 pk&s (6,sos lbs) & Co.-,4 hhds; Fuch, Edye & Co., 5 do; Thoinas were taken at mfd Kinnic' uttJ 20 do; Burbank & Nash, 24 do; H. HenPenllsylvama-But very little was done in this DOMESTIC 'RECEIPTS. wood, 7 do; Read & Co., 10 do, Garrott & Grinter, 3 Io. o cases will cover the sales of the The arrivals at the port of New York from -iiomestic do; P. Lorillard & Co., 19 do, 32 trcs; John Devenny, pnvate. interior and coastwise ports for the week ending June s do, 3 do; J. P. Q.uin & Co., I do, I do; Pioneer ToWisconsin and Western was dealt in in a retail way I3, were 3,s78 hhds, 213 trcs, 20 qtr. trcs, 967 cases, bacco Co., 2 do, I9 do, 2 bxs; W. 0. Smith & Co., 138 only Besides the above we hear of sales of I87S Pennr,ros pkgs, 5 bn, 100 three qtr bxs; I8o hlf bxs, ISI do, ::!1 rio, 27 A:Itr trcs, 167 cs mfd, 10 three-qtr bxs do; s_ylvama, at Lancaster, to New York parties on private third bxs, I 3 I qtr bxs, 4I bales, 170 caddies, 6 eighth Jos. D. "Evans & Son, 'IJ hhds, 376 hlf bxs mfd, s qtJ terms, amounting to about 6oo cases. bxs, Io hlf caddies, :22 kegs, 2 bbls snuff, uS cases bxs do; Jno. H. Thompson & Co., 2 hhds, 5 cs mfd. 2 Spanislt-For Havana tobacco the demand continues cigars, 6 do cigarettes, consigned .as follows:-hlf bn do, I8 qtr bxs do, s cs licorice; Cbas. F. Tag & compai'auvely brisk, the sales reaching about 700 bales, .BY THE ERIE RAILROAD-Goodwia & Co., 6 hhds; Son, 7 trcs; Arkell, Tufts & Co., IS qtr trcs mfd, 35 cs at 8o@nsc. Sawyer, Wallace & Co., 52 do; R. L. Maitland & Co., do; R. L. Ma.idand & Co., 37 qtr ucs mfd, 18o cs do, ReJDovals NEW YoRK CITY.-Theo. Du Bois, Tobacco Com mission Merchant, flom 206 Pearl Street to 69 West Broadway. New Firm.s. NEW YoRK CITY.-C. G. Clarke & Co., Wholesale Dealers m Ctgars and Manufactured Tooacco; Messrs. C. G. Clarke and C. K. Cross have formed a copartner ship under the above style ; 21 Old Slip. .4dverttsements. W, ]. WOODLESS. C E. T A YLOJI!. Late of Ke...-, W. J. BOODLESS & COP IATIOR.<OB.&CCO IRSPECTiOB, Forwarding Wa.rehouses, Foot of Van Byke and Partition Sts., Btll a ii 'iobacco care Nabonal Inspe<:tion. OFPlCEia-:.'1 William St., 1'1, ToJ Part:IUoa lt., a,.....,_ WEST END HOTEt, Chestnut below Sixteenth Street, PHILADELPHIA, P A. 3't7B.O:P:S:AN C. T. JONES, Proprte&or, Late of" Hoffman House" and St. James,' New York. SB$ WM. I. BROOKS, 43 .Natchett: Stt'eet, -N.ew OrlecitU, La; .Arent for tbe GENUINE Grand Point St James Perique Tobacce. IOLE AGENT FOR C. C, llllLLA.UDOJ.II, GEO, E. BOVEE, A. DAJIA.IUI:, J, A.. IIIALARCHER, J. A. RICAVD, lll.l.lii1JFAOT11RERS OF PEJ::E;I.ZQ"C':BJ 0%GAR. :mTT:J!I8, ENVELOPED IN eORN HlJSKS. SOLD OJ.IILY BY THE PO'UND AND l75DEB. FlJLL GtJARA.!IITEE. A FlJLL SUPPLY OF J(, )!1, 1, ll .. 4 POU!IID CARROTS ALWAYS ON HAND. SIIIPJIIENTS MADE TO FOREIGN CO'UNTIUEI, IN BOl'ID FROM NEW ORLEANS IF DESIRED. THE ATTEI'ITIUN OF COl\IS'UHERS Iiil CALLED TO TIIJII FACT THAT THE GENll'I!IIE II KEVBB.IOLD EXCEPT JN CARROTS. FOR SALE. A PIRST-CL.A.SS RESWENCE, AT FLlJSBili'G, L. I. THE HOUSE IS NEW, L.ARGE, TWO STORY, ATTIC AND BASll MENT, WITH ALL MODERN IMPROVEMENTS, Gas, Lai:e Water, Sewer CoiUlectians, SPLENDID LAwN, Comfortable Stable; only I Minutes from Depot; 104 TRAINS DAILY to and from Station. Address, .K:. K., "ToBAcco LxAP" OllceJ Or information can be obtailled personally at the aboe oli.ce. A POSTTRAVELSLING AGENT OR SALESMAN for a LEAF TOBACCO HOUSE is wanted by a competent young man who hM had several years expenence as w tth a prominent Leaf -Tobacco F1rm in Water Street, th1s city The best' of reference furnished.Apphcattonsmaybeaddressed to SALESMAN, office ToBAcco LEAP.-A B.AB.IJ OHA!I'OIJ !'01\ DIJAI.IIB.S 11'1' OIGAB. :MOU'I.DS, 2,900 OF THE BEST FINISHED, HlPORTED GERMA.l'l WOODEN CIGAR MOULDS WI L BE SOLD CHE.'\P TO CLOSE CO.:I!SlGNl!IENT, For SAMPLES apply to CHRISTOPH WITTE & CO., 200 GREENWICH ST., Address P 0 Box No 4412 "lXTANTED.-A of Large Expeneuce 10 the MANUFACVY TURING and STRIPPING BUSINESS, thoroughly competent and famthar w1th the successful use of Steam tn the of Tobacco and the handtmg (If Le::1f or Stnps, destres a S1tuat10n etther tn a Manufactunng or and Leaf Estabhshment. Has had many years experience in several of the largest .Manufactunng and Stnpping Estabbsh ments 1n V1rgmia, Besi oi References. Address h lt.lANUF AC'rURER," Je\ersville, Amolia County, Va. FORSALE. A Freb Supply of 100,000 Flavor, lor SMOKING TOBACCO Manufacturers, lD Jots to sutt purchasers, at loweallgur'WPMARBU!tG BROrHERS, 145. t.f7 and 149 S. Charles Stre.!t, Baltim ore, Md. e1o "tO e1a per l'wcbaaeri!Jnment:. W, p, FARRINGTON, Jobller d 574S86 ....,.._. __ II$ [)yv litreet, Provldeoce. 1l. I OWL, COLDEN CROWN, CARDINAL tc CAPITAL. 1'11AllltrF ACTl1RED BY STRAtTON I STORM. 118 I 180 Peart Street. FOREIGN DlJTIES ON TOBACCO, In Austria, France, Italy and Spain, the tobacco commerce i oy govemmenl, under duecbon of a Regie. In Germany the iutyon ican leaf tobacco is 4 thalera per too lus. In B e lgLum the impost ia reckoned) a fter dedudtng 15 cent, for tare. The duty ts 13 francs, so centime. {$J ..,ogold)perrooKilogrammes(tooAmerican lbe.. lulos.) I-. Holland the duty is 18 ceoll. KOld, per 100 kllos. (18o.Amencan poaodabeing equal to 127 kilos.) In ltussia tbe dut1 on leahobaccois 4 roubtes.., kopeks per pud; on smoking tobacco .t6 rou. -to c.....,p. per pud, and on ciKat 2 rou 20 cop. per pud. Thl u pud" is equal to a. bout 36 Amencan lbs. ID T\ltkey the duty ia socenta, JO ld. per nM Americanounce1. DUTIES ON FOREIGN TOBAC:0S AND CIGARS Foreign Tobacco, duty 35C per pound, gold Foreign C1gus, $r so per pound and :zs pet cent. adv4lor1m. p"r M. weagtung thrt:e pounds; ovt:r three pouod5, 16 per M. U1gars and Cigarettes al1o ben an tax B NONPAREIL'LINES), OVER TWO COLUJUI'I, ONE YEAR S115.00. DO, DO. SIX MONTHS 58.00J DO. DO. THRE& MONTHS FOUR SQUARES (56 NONPAREIL LINES), OVER TWO ,COLUllllVS, ONE YEAR t'I'IO,OOo Do. DO. SIX MONTHS 115,00o IJO, DO. THREE MONTHS 60,00, FIR.ST PAGE BATES 0..: IQlJARE, OVER TWO WIDE COL'U1'1110, ONE YEAR tl65.oe. TWO IQ'UA.REI, OVER TWO WIDE COLUXNS Od YEAJC, 300.00. THREE SQ,'UA.REI, OVER TWO WIDE COLUMNS, 'ONE YE.&R, 4.110 811 1\F 50 01'1 THill PAGill T.A.IUL:& FOR LEIS THAll' ONE YEAR, PAYAI.BLE PULLT U1 AliaVANCE. NO DEVIATION FROM TIUI:IIII: TIIIRJIU, THIRD PAGE BATES ONE 8q,lJARE, ( NONPAREIL LINES), THREE MONTIIS, t'llli,OoJ IRX MOJITHI, o.oo. o:uc YE.&.:a, n.oo TBA.NIO:liT 01'1 TID: 'l'luaa. 1 AJ)VERTISE11.11 :I'IRI'l' PAGE, OX& Y., fl ..... ..w ........... SKILES & FBEY,I!.a9kers_ and PeDDS)'lVBDia Leaf Tobaoco, 81_ and 68 North Duke St., --..,. 1':1 \1 rr. _-, ...


THE TOBACCO LEAF. JUNE 21 :M. J. DOHAN. THOS. CARROLL DO.HAI, OABROhL & 00., TOBACCO WILL; WICKWM. WICKE tc co., A. MARTIN & JOHNSON, MANUFACTURERS OF 79 FRONT STREET, BULKLEY MOORE & CO. CJ:GAR BU\XBB. Bet.WallStreetandOldSlip, 1 1 YORK.. .. t5s, t57, 159 & t61 Goerck st., Tobacco. CommlSSlOn :Merchants, VIRGINIA Tobacco CommiaaieD. :BerchaDte t3ommission Mere han ts, 104 FRONT STREET, AGENT8 FOR THE SALE OF ALL THE .-rr; Ae --* O, BOX '381. NEW YORK.. for the followi11g well -kno w and relia ble Manufacturers: PACE, I J. YARBROUBH & SOlS, tURPII & BRO., J;ll, IREOEili L J QUit l. CO., L H.. FRAYSER & CO., :r. W. PEMIERTOI, R. W. OLIVER, JOHI a. P_AOE a-CO., JOHI W. CARROLL, and otften. .. SOLE AGENTS .FOR THE ORIGINAL Gable Coli, Donne Douche, 4a and &a Sln31e and Double Thick. NEW BUT m stmlllm Dealers m Spanish and German Cigar Bibbons. A. HEN d: CO., SUCCESSORS OF EDW'D JIEllf. 43 Liberty Street, New York. I IIPOBTHBS UP MKBBSCH!IJI, BBIIB &: -CLAY PIPBS. SPECIALTY -AND-STANDARD BRANDS OF VIRGINIA .t. NORTH. CAROLINA MANUFACTURED & SMOKING TOBACCOS Agents for the following well-known Virgini1\ and N. Carolina ROBERT W OLIVER, Richmond, Va. / WllYGFIBLD & LAWSON, Rkhmond, Va. D. C H A Y.O & CO., Rich'llonrl, Va. \'/Ol'I:ACK & Meadoville Va. W. J GENTRY &: CO Rfownera. .,_ 8o1e .&se:a.t. :ro:r B. T., PILKINTON l d! CO.'S CELEDBA'1'ED "' -''DDnUITS e ''GBDO'mrBa 'Tr r D ;J r II "I tl HFarmer's Choice," and Jl "' Jill S::U::OEINC TOBACCOS. .,.PRICE LISTS 'III'UllNISHED ON APPLICATION. SUCCllSSOK TO iorgfelclt & Ileghuee, PlTEIT TOBACCO IACHIIIBl, S7 Third Avenue, NEW YORK. Const:. ntly on hand t h e Best Improved Hand and Steam Machines for Cutting and Gr a nulating Tobacco. POX, DILLS & 00., Importers of SPANISH AND PACKERS OF SEED LEAF TOBCCOS WATIIB. STB.JIBT, NEW YORK. ALEXANDER MACK, IMPORTER OF BlV AliA AND PACKER OF SEED LEAF TOBAGCOS, 162 Water St N.Y. M. B. IMPORTER of HAVANA AND DEA t.ER IN ALL KlNDS OF LEAP TOBACCO, 162 Pearl Street, lew York. DEKEI..B:UCi lG 00., I6o PEARL ST., NEw YoB.L J. B. DEi:Ot.l!EBG Al CO., BALTIMORE, Ma. !WlHELllEBG, SCILUl!'Ei & CO., NEw ORLEANS, LA. DEKELEEBG IG CO., LoursviLLE, K v. WALTER FRtEDMAN FREISE, IMPORTERS Of' BROTHERS & CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS HAVANA TOBACCO Ne"VV York.. "e A -18 llzchailge 203 Peart Street, NE.t,W YORK. JAS. M. GARDINER,CBAS. F. T .&G 1: SOl, Importen of SPANISH and Dealn In allllindo of TOBACCO COMMISSIOK MERCHANT, S4 Front Street, Ne'W Yozok., LEAF TOBACCO, 184 Front Street, IS RECEIVING DIRECT FROM VIRGINIA CONSIGNMENTS OF MANUFACTURED TOBACCO. KBW 1l"O:a&. Export Orders for :Plug Tobacco. I'rompUy Filled. SCHLEGEL, P. 0. BOX 5080, WILLIAM M. PRICE, LEAF TOBACCO, 119 MAIDEN LANE, New York. 1822. "t:OPIIBAGIR SlUFF,' Manufactured only by WEYMAN BROTH'ER, '\.ettere Patent, December 16 1865. An ::::rmen' c on ourcopyrlglrt will be rlaoroulyproo every WEYMA:N .& r79 & 81 Sl!1lt.hfleld Street. Pittsburcrh, Pt.. TOB.lCOO POUOII lOUTH PIBCIS. "Rifie Team Loadoc" Ma.kes a POUCH CARL UPJIA.NN, TOBACCO .!;. AND mnu _,. 178 P1ABL B'rDm', liEW Y811& Wholesale Dealer iu Sun Lm m 11Avu1 1Sta Front Street, NEW YOBX. G. RBISMAJVR, Commission Merchant, HAVANA LEAF TOBAfJCOj. AlfD DKALitR '"ALL 01' LEAF TOBACCO, ALSO OP THE WELL """0"'" 17S Parl S1::1:tMrt, Brands ofCi[ars 'La Carolina' & 'Henrv Glay. :Bet. ee.w. NEW YORK Sole Ag't for Brand 11 Prof. and "'SARATOCA," 161 Water St., !few York I MANUEL RIVERA, 1 IMPORTER OF :0:.& V .&N .& LEAF TOBACCO Brand '"A. C. V." AND CIGARS, :Brand ," C ABANliAS. fl MAIDIIK J.Al'IJI, WEW YOB.X. -YEOA & BERNHEIM, IMPORTERS OF HAVANA TOBACCO N. LAOBENBRUCH & BRO No.164 Water Street, New York. WHOt.aSA.JiiE DaALaRS rtf HAVANA fc DOMESTIC Leaf Tobacco. M OPPENHEIMER & BRO. DEALERS IN SEED, LEAF UD HAvaNA TOBACQO, f38 WATER STREET, KEWY8RIL .A.:nd OZGTr.&3:Ua. e '!S"' ?lAit. STiEE'l'. NF.W YOI!.lt. CB.lRLIS 1. WULFP, F MIRANDA 8c: CO antJ Maata- IMPORTERS 0F ClaAR AND TOBAcco uans, BAVlll LIIF TOBACCO Out of the Poorest 'l'OBACCO BAG. AND oF THE BRAND or Patent Transparent Crystal 81Ha .. Caa be eaH;r Attached or Detached. CICARS "RITI"'a.,u ;MZJif!lAZ. BIQKB, I& PATENTEE AND PROPRIETOR, A VA GJ..'ba:D"' Street 0 : LIDIRIR & FISCBIL. ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF THE FOLLOWING BRANDS OF .... B OR.liUN,I6iHo,tSt.,BrooklJ 22.2 Pearl St, !few York DEALERS IN Seed Lea:C AND AVANA TOBACCO, PlAit. STUI'l", m:Y TOlE. A. H. CARDOZO,---' TOBACCO \ COTTON FACTORY .uro Ko. N BROAD ftBEET, Jr. Y. PURE VIRGINIA SMOKING TOBACCO. VIa: Rail Road, Our Choice, Colorado, Uncle Tom, Clippings, Black Tom .. e 199 Water and 88 Pine Sts., N.Y. J, CBAS, APLLEBY. For 1'rlce :List A44rea or ap:plf U Ibm. OEO. W. IIEL.'I'&& MANUEACTURER OF ALL KINDS OJ' ...-ANfONIO CONZALEZ:, RIVERA & GARCIA, UIPORTER OF Manufacturen or MUSLIN AND LINEN TOBACCO BAGS, J 201 Eut. Se'Vent.1-f1Ah St., Hw Yort. Orders promptly to at the shortes t notice !avaua ltaf lobacctr, C 1 : G A R S AND ADd lmportere of -L ; CARVAJAL'S CIGARS, HAVANA LEAF TOBACCib J.6'1' w_,."'liJB sT., NEJY YOBK. '71 ::U::aic!en :Lane, N. T.


JUNE 21 TH.E TOBACCO : JACOB. Bllllt.L, l _., MANUF ACTl1RU -1 CIGAR. SUPERIO:R MAKE AND Prime Quality of J CEDAR WOOD, 293, 295 a: Monroe St., NEW YORK. A. B. SCOVILL E "' CO., tSUCCESSOllS TO P ALJIIER &, SC6VILLE,) IMPOlaTlCl\S Olr S:PA:NISB AND JOBBEI!S IN ALL KINDS 01' TOBACCO, .o. 190 II'BW YOB.K. SEED LEAl' WBAPPER O:P OUl\ OWK P.A.eEJJrG, WEISS, EliLER &: KAIPPIL, Importers of and Dealers in HAVlNA lOBACCOS, Qopital1 -$1,000,000. Every acillty al'orded. to Deal e n and Correspondents cooaiatent with S ound B a nking. H. BOCHOLL, l'raideot. 820 ST., INiiiW TO:a.E. WM IGGERT&CO. HERMANN BATJER tc BROTHER, IMPuRTERS OF :a: .a. v .a. N .a. COKKISSION MERCHANTS & IMPORTERS OF LiAPL&TONBACCO; _C1a.y ipc;Ei. 111 PEUL STREET, lEW YORI. 77 W'A.TZl\ ST., l:ir::SW' YO::aE.-1ranc!1, 94 Kaiu St., CinctDDat!, 0 'E. & 8. FRIEND & CO,, I,_rten aod :LEAP t'OBACCO, 129 Malden Lane. i.EDWAit.O FJtt&IID, 1 rCvs F RIEND, NEW YORK i&DWAilD J'&tBND, Jr. 0 & S. STIRIBIRGBR D AID BAmBt LOBENSTEIN & GANS, SOLE AGENTS AND OF THE GENUINE W. & M.' lYIO'ULDS, STRAPS & CUTTERS, Importers of G arma n a.nd. Spa.msr. Cigar Ribbons, WEW YORK. -. .. __ KAUFMANN BROS. & BONDY, .._ 110. 44 JDX(JJLUIIGE PL.A.OE, 1'11. Y, of>rawBIIbofEschaogeonthoiprlnclpal cities of Ea. FAC .. URERS OF FINE CIGARS fOil; t.ue Circular Letten of Credit to PI& oRAl! j l"ant Commercial Cre41tB; :Qt-: rp!!llt oublect to Bight 'ChecU. upon which 1mg &, 131 CI\A!ID S'l'B.JI:E:T, lni'W TOB.Jl. will bealfowed; paJ particular attention to tbe NerOtl-atlor--{ Lo...._ -;:: J. SCHMITT &; CO. IMPORTERS OF & DEALEltS IN Leaf Tobacco, 162 Water St., New York. J. S CHYITT. C JOST. W. MIIDBL & BRO., {MANUFACTURERS OF CIGARS AND D EA L E R S IN LEAF TOBACCO, BOWERY, NEW Y CUTHRIE & CO., 221) Front Street. Sheet Metal Cigar Mould Thi s is t h e Mlly f o r Manufacture of Fine is well kuow n to bet h e iilelica t e aromas 1.' h e b y thi s Mould do n a t is show n F o r IIAPOLEOH DUBRUL, Sole the Creaseless and Shee t M etal Ci gar Moulds 156 & 16SW. Second St. Cincinnati, 0 LEVY BROTHERS, J.\f.l:a:n. <>:f FIN'"E CIGARS 125 & 127 BROOME ST. NEW YORK; COPE' S I OBAO C O PLAN' .1, (!OMMISSIONAN:'ERCIIANTS. A MONTHLY JOURNAL FOR SMOKERS. TOBACCO PB:tSSERBt A. STEIN a CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS, aud Dealers lo all DescrlptloDS of LEAF TOBA'CCO, 197 Uuane Street, .A.I!TEtN, 1 New York. I S T EIN. I partlcuiar!y favore:d. PUBUSHED AT No. 10 LORD STREET, LIVERPOOL, ENGl.liD, Price, Two Shillings (English) per Annum. Whete S u b scriptions m a y b e a d d r es sed, or t o aTHE TOBACCO LEAF" OFJI'IlfJE. LEAF NEW YORK. No._480 Water St., New fork. A OAT11r 'AN .1. KASPROWICZ & BRO. "-'..Lao MANUFACTURERS OF IMPORTER OF PINR HAVANA CIGARS, HAVANA j I H. CLARK & BROTH!l And Dealer in Domestic BROKERS, t:m TOBACCO, OL.A.aKSVJLLE, Tenn., ....._ AND DEALERS IN 166 Water Street, ,.. DOPIUNSVILLE, Ky' LEAF TOBACCO, P.A.DU()AH, Kyo 228 PEA.BL STBEET, --------NEW YORK. [J.].DAOCY.ALY .& COH.WtLIC!lfS. A. c. L. MEYER, J F. o MEYER. E. SPINGARN & 00., Fore1gn &. Do:Stic Woods, .A. I HAYANA& DOisTICTOBAlm. NEW YOBK. tea lllAIDEN, YoRK. COKKISSION MEB.C:EANTS, No. 6 BURLINC SLIP, SPANISH CIIAB BOX u BE.A.VER ST., NEW YORK. J SIIIOIIIIJ. of Tob:lcco & ......-. M.D. JI41J'081UW. LUI.. .. Dlll8&a& -AN..;.;.E...;;.;;e.;..;;.;;.;..;;.c_ 0;:.;.. to foreip coaatrieo. 8 R o :r. QO:E:llii & 00., lit MAN:J.CTURERS OF., 'J l. Q In "J .. .. CIGARS, EE0 LEAF TOBACCO Cla1s: ... D!'! pes, SNUFF, PIPES, etc., Heinrich Goebel Sohne, AT 484 BROAD STREET, IEWlRI 1fH PE..ti..BL STBEET, ltlllliH ........ ride Plptl, AND Jlll CALDWELL N. $J ; 12g Mpidea l.aae. '2'. G F A l K & B R 0 Importers of Spanish, PACKER, COMMISSION 1MERCHAN"r Aatl Wkol9ale Dealer 1D LE.AF 191 Pearl Street, New York. MANUFACtURERS Of CIGARS, AND DEALERS IN LEAl' TOBACCO, 178 & 180 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. BASCH & FISCHER, IMPORTERS OF HAVANA SHBD A c c u' 155 Water St., lear Kailien Lee, NEW YORK. JULIAN ALLENl Seed-Leaf and Havana TC>B-4.000, 172 Water Street, N. Y. ROSS H. HOLMES. js. COLT. SIMON MAND:LEB AUM Spclal. PARKER, HGLbiES & CO., M anufacturers o f t h e Celebrated NERVE An"d othe r B rands o f Chewint and Smoking Tobaccos, 53, 55 It-ir Je1feroa ATe. ;DETROIT, JIUCH. The NERVE is s old by Firstc la ss ttro u ... b out the United States, and we cla1m 1t < o b e "the u B Es T FtN R-C U T ToBACCO b e made. The Who1e.sal e Tra d e aSpect alty SCHAAP tc, VAN VEEN, Tobacco Brok-ers. Amsterdam., I-Iollai:td. INDIAN HAVANAHS, Price 16 Dollars per 1,000 in London, In Bond These Cigar s are neatly rolled in Hav a nah pattern, arP. well ti;.vored, a n d a r e mad.;, on .thu :!..fESSil.S. & CO., P lantation 'Workll, Mad.."aS .resldeney, n_ Th se a : r e f a v o ra8ly known tn From Street ;LondoD, S: B :. :::,-.:.. ::.. -= d 1la f r e e t n Bon J SCHRODER d: B -ON; 178 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. -TM":PO::ELT:IilEUI OP AND PACKERS OF DOMESTIC .. WASSERVOGEL, BEINBACB & CO., Gr ::&J N E :B.. .A. L Commissioil:Merchan ts No. 4 State Street, CHICAGO. Licorice POWDERED LICORICE, GUM ARABIC, OLIVE OIL, OTTO ROSEi, Tonqua Beans, And all other Maberials for Flavoring used by Manufacturers, including the fioesC Essential Oils, W H. Schieffelin & Co., 170 anli 172 WILLIAM STBEE'l', NEW YOU. B. W'. :B:EU:CES, MANUFACTURE R O F CIGAR AND IMPORTER OF GERMAN CIGAil MOULDS of O!mmt'JC!: 1i CO., and F. BOCDLKANN Kanu!actva D&ALal'IK Cigar-Mould Presses, Straps anu Cutters, 1 283 SOUTH STiiEET, N. Y ._ j w -& F. BROWN, MANUF ACTURERS OF CIGAR MOULD PRESSES & STRAPa Cigar Cutters & all ether Machinery for Cigars IMPORTERS OF GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS. 57, 59 & 61 Lewis St. l>et. Delancey and Rivingron NEW YOBK. ., BEPPENBEIMER & MAURER, t;l Prac1::lcal. E NCRAVERS AND PRINTERS, BY STE.A.lll POWER .A.ND HA.ND PRESSES. C6Joft'.A.NTLY'ON DA.ND .A.NDNEW DB81958 liLUJE TO .JBDBRo 22 a.n4 2t lit01'1'E WILLI.Ut STIHi, lfEW YO!lX. JOHN r. 4 'DEALER IN CEDAR -w-OOD FOR CICAR, BOXES, .IKPO:S."l'lCl\S 0:1' HAVANA, -291, 293 & 295 MONROE STREET, NEW YOIUt PACKERSsSEED LEAF JOBACCQS Attention paid to sawing, and Planing to or:er. 181 Maiden LADe, New York. -IP--Internal Revenue :Books. SANCHEZ, HAYA & CO.,; Tho Orlg!Dal Internal ReYeaue Publloblag -(.) 130. 1380 1340 TOBCCO CD UP o'mouua ;c. JouRcENsEN.. :MAlDENLA.l(E.NewYorlb a) a a JlJIU Wtu., P.o. K. FIUljiST "L .. E'UIRA;;'Ev ... GIG' oo I &D4Stencill a Specialty, 11.1!1 ll .... .a. N :uw I x.. I P E. a-I x.. n. o Y. Hanna mnrs & Leaf'Tobaccn. A j All Cirars and 'robaccc Kanufact11.'1'ed b1111 of CALIFOBNIA GIWWN LIA!', SEND roa PIUCES. CURED-BY THE CULP PROCESS. TIN FOIL. -Wangler & Hahn, Our Cigars are finer in flavor than any made in the United States, of American Growg. ToMANUPAcTUJtns or ba, cco, and a r e pr_onounced by competent judge_s equal to those imported from l!avana, our JOHN .J CROOKE F 1. n e e .-:r 0,"1t9 .-.., pnces compete W i th th e b e tt e r cl a ss of Domestic Ctgars. a .,_ .._ ill" SMOKING TOB.AOOOS. TIN FOIL .... AVAD C,._ BOR""TT-TTi' CAPo, N0.290 &292 BOWEBY. The Smokiog Tobaccos manufactured by this ..::ompariy arc perfectly pure, possessing a Al1 JJJ!J 1.1 NEW YORK. :DEl"l'B AND DELICACY OF rt.AVOB WStiVASSED, PLAEV .U.'D COLORED. wline they cootaba LESS NICOTINE than tobacco cured by any other known procel!ll. BOtLING KILLS, '38 Cl!.OSBT 11!14 163 & T AJL 1, JlQBBJIRI : liD GAB. :BB.JCJGS, Ageat, K'JLBfiiY S'l'I!ETS. NEW YOil.X. A 1 Office and Salesroom, No. 207 Front Street, San Francisco, Cal., J. A. HARTCOR N, .Maall!act":s.or And Branch Office,x2o Water St., New York. D Fl.DC Cigars, .s; ... lne 1gars, Jb:ctuatvely ror JODING 'l'W:m, AlldDealeri o EGG IIA.RDOR ()ITT, N. J, M. S.U.OMON, M. a E.-SALOMOlV, E. SALOMON, LEAF TOBACCO, Branch otflot, PACKERS OF SEED LEAF, 21 !n!.R y' EDWARD A. SMI.,-Ht To ILACCI! ... !.u!!I!!-OISER. MANUFACTURER oF l as MAIDEN N. y. .. Fine Ciga.r&j Piae TOBA {J 0 L s, o. 11 Bowery, -d T b Jco SCHLOss..... For Smoking and Manufacture 0 acco, Proprletoroofthecelebntedbrancb "RepubHc and Hlgb. &Gd Dry." faorite brands mado J. SAN JULIAN. P'URNISHED BY TIE. Bl 3nd :BAVDiA a2 & 84 VESEY STREET, NEW YOBK, Leaf Tobacco, AT oREATLY0REDUCED ,PRICEs. Dealers 11 Tobacco.. 88 wa11 --' -___ .&1 Yeeev Street. New Yark


_ Philadelphia Advertisements. KNECHT, SMITH & CO., ti119CEIIIORI TO ITJilll'IBB, IIIDTII BaM. 4t. KJIJWift', B :EALERS IN ALL K INDS O F LEAF IIJ-OBAC CO_, &D IUJnJ!'.A.C1'1JBEBS OF .a.JQ) DEALERS Jll( CIGA.l\S rtb WJdrd Mreet; ==t tFJ.LER BROS., Packers, CQmmtsllioll Merchants, and Wholesale Dealers in Poral&lllllld Domestic Tobacco, 117 North Third Street, Philade l phia. L. BAMBERGER & CO., DEAL E RS IN f.1 1LE.A.F: TOBACC-O, And Manufacturers of all Grades of Cigars, l\I 111 St., Phllad.alphia,ePa. LEWIS BREMER'S SONS, W h ole sale Dealers ia "LEAF" AND TOl3ACCO, NO. NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. fir A larl!'e assortment of all kinds o f LEAF T oBAC C O c o nst antly on band. # THE 'l 0 B A C C 0 LEA 1'. BOYD CO., WHOLESALE :DULERS JM' lmJPACTDID BD DAP 33 SOUTH ST. BALTIMORE. THOII.W. C L. "W. GUNTHEB9 GENERAL COMMISSION CHANT, AND TOBACCO FACTOR, mo; 9 socr::a G.&.".''r --ll A I. "''1M 0 21. B M -. I Liberal Advancements Made oe Consignments to my Address. CEO. KERCKHOFF tc CO., Packers of Seed I.aaf AND DEALERS IN SPANISH 'rOBACGOS, 49 South Qharles St., Baltimore, :lid. GEO. KERCKHOFF, GEO. p, UNVERZAGT. F BE C KER. J C BECKER. b. BE CKER. BECKER B:R-GIJIHERS,-pACKERS, MERCHAN T S AND W AOL ESALE DEA LERS IN Foreign 'and Domestic Leaf Tobacc. o, NO. 98 W. LOMBARD ST., BALTIJriOR.E, MD JUN E 21 WESTERN ...., EAJ;'fRI lDYERTISEMEITS. Cincinnati and Toledo Advertisements. J. DJX &: CO., .. -"' : JIIHRY BESUDEN J Packw a BRa DEALER I N cnmm sm WP mmm. Dealers in LEAF TOBACCO, LEAF TO BA ceo_ 217 STIJI c-.. -lC.L 163, & 165 Pe:uJcltret I 1 6 a -nd 1 1 '1 West Front St., Between Race Elm, ... Wt.. : WEa"''PHAL. CoJDIISSIOll liE:acHA.NT Alld Dealer Ill CINC:IN NA:I"I. CIINECTICUT SEED LEAF L E{)P OLIY FEISS, Tobacco, State St., Hartfo rd. Conn. A. L. & -F. SISSOK, Packers a n d Dealers in CONNECTICUT SEED rJ:AF '-.rGBAOOO, No. I 34 MAIN ST.REET, .... Hartford. Conn. Ull-1&8 HOJt.MAN H UIIRAKO. 11. 0. JUNORMAN HUBBARD & CO., P .ackert and. Dealers iD CONDC'nCU'l' SUD IJ:AP -TOBACCO 1245 STA "''!I liTUII'l', I HARTII' O R D C OXN, M. ANATHAN & CO., Office and Salesroom, 126 Vine Street. ............... Factory and Warehouse, 244 & 2 4 6 W. 8d St., G LEA F n WHTA Q D B E A N c CO,, omo. -FIJI ::C:c::rwr P ackers, Commission Merchants No. aao North Third St., Philadelphia. _SMOKING TOBACCO AND SNUFF, S. LOWENTHAL a 00., MANUFACTURERS FINE CIGARS, W. EIJiENLOHR & CO., PAC .Kl.I.{S AND W H O L ESA L E DEALERS IN IIBAF TOBACCO, lll:l II, WATER S T PHILADELP.BIA, .to 18 lieliTH S E COND ST., ST. L01riS. W EIBEN LOHR, S. W. C L AR &. PBIL. BONN gen&o 1 111. PA.LK, 1 2 0 Qhambero, N, Y,, .BATTIN BII.OS. 1 N Th.lni 8&., PILUa ED. WISCHMEYER. HY. WISC H MEYER. ED. WISCHMEYER & CO., Commission Merchan-ts, A N D DEALE R S I N LEAF, T PLUG TOBACCO & CIGARS, A NEW DEPAR ... URE t 39 SOU.TH CALVERT STREET, ,& N KAR LoMBA!U> Sr .. u-r, BALTiliiOR.E' by -AND DEALERS m LEAF 'l'OBACCO, NO. 112 WEST THIRD STREET, CaN C I N NATI, O HIO. F. G. ,Tobacco Works, T oledo, Ohio. CHARLES R. MESSINGER, MANUFACTURER OF The Ce1ebra.1:oc1. DANBURY, CON N E CTICUT. B SMIT H & CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS ...AKD .JOJUIBB.S CONNBCTIOUT LBA F TOBACCO. C. O. HOLYOKE, ( JAMES DALEY tc co., TATE, MULLER & CO., W : K .BARKE R G.E,WAGGNER. KR'Ilt.EAST coRNER THIRD AND RAcE sTREETs. PHILADELPHIA. Toba cco C omrn' M h t BARKER & WAGGNER All klod3 oiLeaf Toba c co Re-sele c ted and Repacked In c as e s, ranging f rom 3 0 to.7opound s a t the L owes and n efC an S rket Price guaranteed actua l weigh t and free trom fro .stbitten, u nc u red o r rubblsh leaf of any kind. -.. ''F. G." AND NATIO N A L LONG C U T SMOKINGS. CODISSIOM MERCHANT A lao G eneral Su-pply Store of ever1 article connected w1th the trade. I MPORTED and DOMESTI C ,1...1(;;.;.. = tte ::"' ntio n.-="""""==-=-=:=---T 0 B A 0 C 0, MOORE a HAY, 52 LEAF TOBACCO, Also, the Indian and'Sun Flower Chewin g Tobaccos. In LEAF -. J.maWEIL. A.-.RoNKAHN NEWBURGH BROS. & CO., 1.2 Central Wha,:f, Bosto11. Packers, Commission Merchants &, Dealers in SEED LEAF tc HAVANA TOBACCO, QNo. 35 North Water-st., Philadelphia. BALTIMORE STEAM SNUFF 29 South Gay St., Baltimo r e, Md. MILL. R. STARR & MANUFACTURJ.'RS OF SNUFF, B. ::&:. W ZNCK, Shipping W eil, Kahn & Co., F. llanufac Commmdon Merchant, r -HAVANA ToBAcco : GBfiBfal COillllllS810R s ole Agents for th 39 NORTH W A T E R liT., Phllatlelphla.. "U. So l id Top C I GAR MOULD 1iF' AieDtl for the sale of atl kinds o f Manufac"' _ture4 and Le atToba c co, -u 13<1 A RCH ST. PHILADELPHIA. Pa. -HOFFMAN LEE & co. 46.1: 48 ST. OH.A.RLES ST., w. G. MORRIS, s.w.. cor Lombard lit .. B.&.LTUIOR.E, JIID, L f Tobacco roBAcco : ea COMMISSION MERCHANTS, ...... W -lJAX-TER-. W E -VGEW O R -Tl'f-lJIRD. BB.OKEB., DOHAN & TAITT, 63 Exehs.nge I'lace, llalt.imc:re, Kd. BAXTER ,_ BIRD OFFICE, 4 COLLEGE BlJILDING. B. E. KLEIN t W E authorize SIGHT Dll.AFT for am o un t ofT AX, & 71 VI .do '111-...J. St. ti Waa afactnrer of with BILL OF LADING attach e d t o Draft, an d will T .II ;('IIUio make f4rther CASH advataces on receipt of OBA C CO .AD4 lm.porter o r llr&naa of p. A. ALBRECHT. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, BENR. Y l.YIBYER., 10'1' AJI,CH STREET.._ 3A V .A.:N'A OlCA2tS WboleuleDealerln 12 COMMERCE STREET, COMMISSIOX KEB.CILUITt "'""--"-.a.. "Dh'l d I h' OP'FlCE AN D S ALESROOM, L f T b BALTIMORE, Md. An d Whole sale De ale r in f' I a e p Ia. ,COR. 4,tb. and CHBIJTNVT STS., ea 0 acco OHI05CONNECTICUT tnummt arum, SPENCE BROTHERS It, _GO., 58, 5 ,8, 60 and 62 EJ.A.ST T:at:J:B.D .I!!!IT. CI:N<:INN..lTI, OBIO, F. A. PRAGUE, LEAF TOBACCO INSPECTOR, CINCINNATI, OHIO. PHJI.ADELPBIA. AND CICARS, ]os. 5-.,.onn, A N>co u ss LEAF TOBACCO, "PECULIAR" MICHAEL WARTMAN It, SON' 16 S I'JI.EDEBICK ST B,AJ.TUIOR.E. JOS. SCHROEDER & 48 :Front St., o D.. E. M 0 s E L Y, c I C A R C ommission li!erchQnts.: ... -Commisa lon and Wh ol e sal e Dealerl iD DEALER I N JAMES :IN". llOYD, LBAP TOBACCO BftODl No. 1317 CARY STREET, IUCHKONl), V .A.. IF Giv e s Special A ttention to lt--ight Wrappe& and :ntokers ], M WJsE D anville; Va. P Wua, Richm o n d, ADS M. & PEY'lON WISE, COMlv!ISSIO:bT MERCHANTS: For the Purchase of LEAF TOBACCO. K.Um.\C'l't1UU nn Foiifld M. H. BRo. ; lcta.nuf:t;:dD Tobacco BAVARA 1: DOMESTIC s osm: .k t st "-IIW' JlBIJ IIUliUfnbiUJWJ bbUil LEAF TOBA"COS Addrel a 'I1B at :Bichmonll o r ll&nville, Vo.. 13 W C o -..lND CIGA.BS, LBAF TOBACCO BROKER. .., Ao you may wish to buy l"tthe one or the oth et' m arke t: ..... Pa. lEAF TOBACCO BRQKERS :'o ll Buhauge Plae e BALTIMORE. MillS Rochester, N.Y. WM. ,DIBRELL, W. DRESEL & CO., p o. nox 2na. CIN.ClNNATI, o. B GEISE & B R O LJAP TOBACCO BBOIJl m l'l!l!n nn TnBAPPI -"' uf f... ,. oF 87 GAY STREET, F W .. ., "410 car-Street t811EtTibul llllllU ldiJll u bliU, acturers o -OonnecUou:'t Seed. liD., I I SMYTHE & co.t THIRD IITR,Ji:ET & GJBA.BD AVE, SNUF. F and Tfl]ACCO, ADd WI>Dleale DealersiD rr. 0 -.:::>A c c 0 c I J h t e B p RICHMOND. VA. Philadelphia, Pa. 666,66S,670m 67a. Nm.lllliveuth st. I Havana Ya.ra Tobaccos ... ..._, omm!SSlOD ere a.n s, J&B OX CTOBY PHILADELPHIA. -I I 7 Lombard Street, BODISSION MERG11Al18. BrethertoD B'llilcliapo ll B W-;; NOLTING'S SON,1 11LDEBRAND It, KLIN8EN8ER8, RALT.ot:OBE. MD. \ KanufactmenofandDealersln T. J. DUNN & CO., RROLL _10 NORTH JOHN STREET, No, 93 CLAY STREET, Successor to A. W .NOl ting, fiiB CI&IB S TOBACCO J O of \he Brana or : J Louisville 0 D A!-C 0 Q 1 311 th lt'h st Comm1SS101l Kerch ants YIRCINIA sMOKINC TOBAccos. D C 17 11 '-[ DOBIIT GeneralCommission Merchant, An: 202 : a tnut s W.ICcr. 1 5Ul and Vine l L tN E JAcK I AN D B R 0 w N I A' "BELV:IN & CO.r ... \1 m II. CO.. TOBA CCO EXCHANGE, PHILADELPHIA. Manufactory, 12th Str-eet, Lynchburg, Va. IJilllorters of HAVANA CIGARS,. Ucalers a n d COilllffiSSion lercnants :n.:lobznoD.c1.. 'Va. PHILADELPBI.A.. J. RJIALDO Sltfll: CO. A. Ordenrespe ct f u liJsoliclte d a ndpromptljatten'dedtn. PriccLillt 'oentonapplicauoa. WJ:I And BrokerS in LEAF TOBACCO, R. A. MILLS, TOBACCO, E co N o M Is T" J. A. JIOBTON tear. and Manufactured Tobacco, 121" TOBAcco BROKER GENERAL COniSSION 1RCHANTS, :BreneS. 0! B AJITBJ TOBACCO 'D cTOBY. 210 G.nerat coaua:&ton :uercbam. NO. 3 1 North Wate r Street & DEALER IN LEAF TOBACCO, ll 11 r ll n w Winxs & co f)fftoe I n Tobacco E lcioe sn No. 30 North Delaware A .-e aae, &'lN. FRONT STREET, u I I I'J J.A .... .. l Philadelphia. PHILA DELPmA, PA. H I C K MAN MEG RAW & C 0 YON PHUL & LA DDt Kanufacturers' Agent s fer the Sale of A B. THEOBALD, !' WP TJIBACCO BBYHBt Virainia, Missouri. Kenhlcky Ll BOY BOPBB II SOil JOHN B. BElL & Lea.f Toba.cco W a.reh,ouse, .\. LSO FlJLL LINBIJ OP CIGARIJ Al'ID lllAliV FACTURED TOBACCO, G31 South Sld Street. "' -I.Hilll.. PHILADBLPIIU. -ADOt.I'H W.&Gii' l Sorver, Cook clc Co., lACDBS, COKKISSION MANUFACTURERS OF ALL KINDS OF MANUFAC T U R E R F TOBACCO F INE CJ PtUG, CHEWING & SMOKING TOBACGOS, IIJIIQDAOGO AND DEALERIN Nos. 212, 214, 216 and 218 CARTER STREET, 291 K811treet, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Spanish and Domestic leaf Tobacco, G ao. w W ICJ

JUNE 21 SUTRO de NEWMARK, MANUFACTURERS OF G!I:GARS3 AND DEALERS IN LEAP TOBACCO., 78 PARK. PLACE, NEW YORK. KERBS. & SPIESS, .. l!anufa.cturers of Fine Cigars, and Dealers ln LEAF TOBAOOO, ADOLPH KERBS: 35 Bowery' New york. Loms SPIESS. A. LICHTENSTEIN & BRO'i"HER, CH RLES s H O F THE I A A vv "ELK" and "ONWARD" PAt:KERANDDEALERrN C I C A R S Fine Connecticut Seed Leaf, 118 1'1111A%DI:1V J.AlVJ:, .A.nd Der.lus in LEAF 'l'OllACCO, "'IZ'"ork. I. V. U'WES SON, Bridgeport, Cona. THE TOBACCO no doubt gotten out yesterday and to-d;oy, but it is yet finely. The demand rece n t l y for t o b a cco has b een, too soon to form an estimate of what portion of a crop as pr.-viou s ly staled, larg:ely specul ative, the 11alural has been planted. The quality of the breaks was greatly course of the trade, at home and abroad, i'" sympathy inferior to that of last week. We quote common lugs, with the general depression in all other branches of busitiOUORICE .PASTE. SPOISH .LIRUDRICl mmB LlllUUBIGl s@6c; medium to good lugs, 6 .U@8c; comm-on leaf, ness, being ratherinactive than otherwise, and it is 8@xoc; medium do, good do, thought by dealers of a conservative turn of m i nd, that fine and 14@ 16c. the present movement, based upon a short crop, pre I!HI ADELPHA, June R. Fougeray, mature and hazardous, but it i s evident that the future Manufacturers' Agent, reports :-Notwithstanding the Course of the markets and range of prices is largely de aggregate receipts and sali!s of. Manufadured Hard pendent upon the ensuing condition of the weather, esTIIB 'll'NDER!!IGl'IED COl'ITistrEI!I "1'0 I:MPO.R'I' JU.l!I1JPAC'l'URE PURE Tobaccos, the past week shows only a moderate increase, pecially during the planting season of the next thirty I!IP4111SR Al'ID TtlllEET Ll'lUOILICE o UJIIFQIUl Q.UA.I.ITT A:5D GUA.RUTEED fill d b ]" f b f h days; which will be Watched with interest by those enTO QIVE SATISFACTI05 TO TOBACCO JIAllt1FACT11Bllll USING THE SAME. s am e to e Jeve! rom t e conversati?D 0 t e gaged in the tobacco trade. Witli favorable weather 'I'IIIE OLD ll'AVORI'I'JI BRAND OF J. c y Ca.. 18 ALWAYS RE-U)Y FOR middle-men, tpat the Views of each controllmg party and timely showers, we are inclined to think that notwithDELIT&RT A'l' TRJI SROB'I'EJ'I' 50'1'1CB, ALSO A. o. c. p, 'I' <> AND HIS are gradually becoming more and must ere d" d OTRBJI. BRA.lfDS OF T111UU8R PAI'l'E, ALL OF WHICH .&ali: GIVING I!!TCRIDASED long assume a shape in regard to RflCes which will lead stan mg_ the; estruction '?f the p l ants _referred to SATISII'AO'l'ION, AS INSTANCED BT THill aAPIDLY GB.OWI!I'G .DIIlliU.liD AliD EN. to a and profit>tble busl ness. At the pres-there will hkely be a avera .ge s1ze cro!> 'l'IB.B ABSUCB 011' COJIPLAiliTI ent time, in this market, the demand seems to be con through West, but ID the event of any fined to certain standard brands, while goods of equal ,drouth ?unqg the present month the P!antng wtll CA. UTI 0 N stock 'and as fairly 'handled for the want of local repu-necessanly be cut The demand -tation; are neg1ecte.d. however, should not be any lhasr btheenl todlugs a ned c:r th f c f h d ea., e a er m so t p 1a e or er pr.e.erre e tra e 1scouragement to e manu acturers, 10r, 1 t e goo s th f t d t" 1 h d d 11 h -It bavln.-cometomykaowledretnat,ln several In are what is claimed, time will soon place them where lU e manu ac ure ar iCe as contmue so. u t at otances, Liquorice Paste faloely as being they belong-in the fronr-rank. Patience and work are ?ur manufacturers hav_e ?Ot felt m purchas of my manufacture haa been offer.-& for aA1. e by parties II d d R II mg much ahead of thetr 1,mmed1ate wants and have not purpooes who have 00 authority to genera y rewar e ece1pts from a sections 983 t d, t k h I b dd" 6 '8 k -1 ve commence .aymg m a soc as 1st etr cuseen my braaclo, the preaeat aerves to CA17TI01( AXes, 1,020 ca tes, 99 cases, 2 egs, 1,002 pals. t b t th. f th e h f t all Tobacco llanufactureno against ihe same anCl f o Smoking Tobacco-The past week's receipts of both om a_ o_u IS season e Y ar. ence manu aive notice that lloreaft every case of my manufac granttlated and cut and dry continued light but this is of generally are not selling ture will be braa h f tlvely as well as sh1ppmg grades. Good and fine bnght under the laws of 1he Ualted States, and any uapria. or 10 meas re Y near approac 0 wrappini leaf howe .ver continu e ver scarce and in clpled penoa 00110terfeitinr this Trade-Mark will be the rst of July, when the most of our dealers take stock, h' t'l d d Y a 'bl d dd"t" th -1 a 11 bs b r consequence ave recen v a vance cons1 era y, an ri..,...,..r1 pr..-aled., m a r 1on e usua u summer mont e.ore HS may ll 1 t h t f th' d fi h y have its influence. However, s hould a slight ripple in a_ a e 5 lpmen s 0 ese escnptwns rom t e tr-JA.ltiES C. MCANDREW, 58 'VIr.&TBB. STRBBT. Indian antiquities. A num smoking, and gen rally there 1s a separate compartment ber of rare articles of pottery fo. r ladies. have recently been dug up the anci7nt II? dian bur ( from 7 lztrd Page). 1al grounds m thrs coun!Y went off except upon the fine qualities, which Several of these a re very scal'Ce in .the crop, and, being so, are eagerly embrace from fifty to one sought aAd firmly held. It is a serious question how of closely suitable supplies of red and black wrappers and fin!' la1d gra':'es-most of cigar leaf can be found; the question of price may setm flat rocks-and m t le it by curtailing the demand. We quote:-Common some ol the_ ancient lugs, at good Jugs, 6@8c; common leaf, ?ear Nashville they are la1d medium leaf, m layersofrocks four or five fine leaf, ts@x6Yzc; selection11, r7@19c; fancy selec deep. These vast tions, zo@23c. We had a good rain on the gth, givmg grounds show that th1s another planting season to those who had plants large country was more densely enough to set out, though the beds were well stripped populated centunes a go the week previous, and many plant3 drawn whiCh had some anctent race than It I S better have stayed in the beds a week longer. 1 ThP. now." h d I rams, owever, are a great a vantace to the ate beds; whit:h are improving under the favorable weather, but How THE IRISH PEOPLE i t is yet tO'> early to base a positive estimate as to the IN IRELAND ARE GROWING extent of the crop which will be pitched. RrcH .-A return compiled :Jum I7.-Messrs. M. H. Clark &,!.Brother, Leaf To by Dr. Hancock gives s o me bacco Brokers, report:-Our receipts are moderate and interesting facts respectin g sales light this week, amounting to 334 hhds, on one Irish savings. Last year fourth of wh1ch the bids were rejected, though m 2 ny they increased to the extent were afterwards closed out at priva te sale. The market of 9 8o,ooo, and in ten opened dull and easier, but with the small offerings, and years t h e increase has t he indisposition of planters to submit to any decline as amounted to x2,o6 7 ooo. y et, the market stiffened up and closed firm We quote: trade make its appearance. suddenly, it would put this gmJa markets have pard can crass of manufactures at work at once, as stocks of these nl ot encoudrage cthustomersf Ill shippmsg us goods are extremelv light. gra es o w_rappers, e crop (J our own !ate! furmshes a suflic1ent sllpply of common and mediUm Leaf Tobacco-Nothmg has occurred beyond_ the half brights. There is some factory dried shipping leaf trade past week, except the beginning to come forward, but not much offering, holdmqUiry _as condition of new Per;msylvama, wh1cb, by ers preferring to await a more favorable time for samp-the by, JUdgu:g from w.hat of packers say who ling and placing it Qn the market; with this description have aheady ex_ammea the1r 1t 1s and be the of leaf there is_ quite a disposition on the part of hand only tobacc_o _th1s year. It con tams color, quahty, and lers in the country to ship direct to the English markets all the_ requiSites .. past. week: To LlVer. and take the chances thems el.ves, which will pr8bably po<;>l v1a st_eamsh1p Ilhnozs, Amencan_ hoe, 8r,6z4 lbs ; prove well enough with those having good, desirable to St .. Luc1a schooner E., B. Varlmg, lias, both leaf to shiQ, put judging .from th.e tone of the: English of _which con tam Pennsylvama aod Weste _rn leaf. Recirculars, we would suppose that sales in the home celpt5 for week: rz6 cases C?nneC!ICUt, 262 do markets of common grades would likely prove more 86 do Oh10, 73 do W1sconsm, 20 do New !;atisfactory. York State Seed, 198 bales_ Havana, and 69 hhds Wes!-:June 2.-We regret having soon to report a reern leaf. Sales for use: 2.r8 cases <:;onnec::tlaction, but today, owing to unfavorable ad vices from cut, 251 do Pennsylvania, 42 do Ohw, 51 do W1sconsm, other markets especially from the Kentucky markets, New York State, 192 bales Havana, and 21 hhds and the belic:f prevailing that the heavy rains experWestgn leaf. ienced here during the past two days have likely exST. LOUIS, Junt I 4.-Mr. J. E Haynes, Dealer in tended throug_hout the toba_ cco g1rowing districts of the Leaf Tobacco, reports: Received, I,S92 hhds, against West, benelitrng the grow)ng. our market was r,33s the week. There was little or no change dull and lower all around, b1ds bemg from 25 to in the market for the first three days under review ; but per roo lbs. lower on lugs and from soc to $r.oo taere was less animation, with some signs of weakness lbs. on leaf, holders were unw1llmg Friday and Saturday. The ad vices received on Monto submit to the 'lind a large porlion of the oa:er day in regard to planting prospects were more favorable mgs were prompt1 y rejected. trust the than they had been. Rains had fallen, and farmers m a y prove only temporary, but 1t IS ddf1cult to determme were setting their plants, and tile news had the effect to as to the future. depress prices generally, and cause an inactive marke t FOREIGN. Yesterday the break was large, and embraced some AMSTERDAM, ::Tune s-Messrs. Schaap & Van Nos. 34 and 34! Bower.v, NEW YORK. The aggregate of savings in Common lugs, good lugs, 6@8c; common the joint stock banks, de-l e af, medium leaf, ro@12c; good leaf, 127f posits in savings banks, and @ r4c; fine leaf, 147f@r6c; selections, Indian funds is now zo,-f ancy se l ections, 19@2rc. We again h a ve favorable x8o, ooo In the joint stock w eather !or the late plant-beds, and the portion of the banks there was an increase c rop already in the field. It has rained more or less ev last year of r, 7 8s,ooo ery day this week, and a g o od deai of planting has and of x4 9 oo,ooo in te n been done, though the plants generally were under size y ears. In the P o st Offi ce a nd tender, and will r e quire f avorable weath e r to live FOR S a vings Banks the depo s its T he late beds are growing rapidly, and will, if we have ipcreased 7 o,ooo. The suital4SO@].IO. To day o ffem;gs were tbe large s t smalle r parcels; still, the sales aggregated the rise of of the season, and while good desirable descriptions of 2,ooo h h ds leaf tobacco, divided about as follows, t,ooo leaf continued firm, and generally brou2"ht good prices, Virginias and 1,020 Western Prices were all the while common and medium grades were inactive, and perhaps satisfactory, and show a strong advance. Old Virginia somewhat easier Sales r65 hhda : r at $3-40; 2r at leaf being exceedingly scarce, and badly wanted, ob $4@4 90; 23 at f>s@S-90; r8 at $6@6.2o; 19 at $7@ tained very fuil figures. The better grades of new 7.9o; I9 at $8@8.9o; :n. at f>9@9-9o; 22 at Western leaf were but scantily offered, and fetched, 7 at $IY@II.75i 6 at $H@12.75; 5 at" f,I3-so, when they appeared, considerably more than brokers' f,r6, f,r8.25; planters' lugs, bright do, $5.oo@6 .so; various grades of sound useful tobac os, from common inferior d2rk green mixed shipping leaf, .$5.oo@6 so, to fiNe, light or heavy, no matter whether from Vir common dark shipping leaf, $7@8; medium do do, gin i a, Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee or Indiana, find $8.50@9-so; good do do, f,1o@II ; good red or brown a ready sale, at a profit over American seaport do (supple order) $ fine red or brown do, $1.4 So far, but a small part of the vacuum. created by the @15; fine medium red manufacturing do, $ crop failure in r874 and the small imports to this port goo4 medium do do, f,u@r4; medium half bright in 1875 has been filled, and our hopes are therefore fully Missouri wrapping leaf, good bright, $ justified that we shall have a constantly active and good @3Si fine do, $4o@6o; light weight packages $1 to $3 market throughout the present year. The de!lland for LYlfCHJIURO, VA. Will r"e their persoual attention to the aale and pur cbaH of AT EAST YORK cp., PA.. the L!>ndon is owing LOUISVILLE, Ju11e r7.-Mr. Wrri. J. Lewers, Sec It can be seen by applying to Samuel Kocher Cigar to the larger interest a ) n!tary of the Tobacco B oard of Trade, reports :-Re or to himse!l, about. lowed by railway ceipts first of week were very heavy, but more moderate Leaf Tobacco. liiJ""L iber.. aade oa Conaipmeuta. SVlSSC:RmlC :I'Ol:t "r:EL::El A R. FOUGERA Y, TOBACCO I WUf ACTURERS' AGENT, 33 North Front St., LADELPHIA.. PA. MANUFACTURER OF THE CELEBRATED BRANDS OF Fine-cut Chewing Tobacco Oneida Chief and Sunset. KEYSTONE CLAY TOBACCO PIPE WORKS. MA.NUP A.C I lTRER8 011' FIB.8T-CLA88 CJ.a.y HALLE'S PATEJrT CIGAR. CABINET.-Under this title A N ANCIENT IN D r A N Messrs. Halle, Kesner & Co., of the Centennial Cigar P 1 P E .-T he following is Manufactory, Walnut and 1or S. Second quoted from the Nashville St. _submit for popular approval and (Tenn.) Banner. "We were an desrgned Mr. Halle, to his a unique descnpt10n_, as a for boxes, wh1ch can be Ind1an ptpe of dark-green used after 1t IS emptied of tts contents as an or stone, fashioned after the of furniture for office or family use. The cabinet shape of a human leg and IS three and a feet i':l height, three feet in "If ngth, foot with six toes. It was and twenty _two mche_s It has three drawers capaby Mr. B. S. Phiilips, ble of hold1_ng 500 ctgars. The photograph sent us is on his farm in this county, decorated with likenesses of wax-candles and tapers in and was presented with some appropriate receptacles. Across the surface of thtspecimens oflndian pottery drawers are revenue stamps duly canceled. The cabinet through Col. Thomas Cail: is pyramidal in form and has an attractive look borne, to Gen. Thurston to be placed in his of for debenture stocks, and for past few days., the total for week being about 2,ooo the transfer has been enhhds, the bulk oi which was from country dealers. We comaged by the definition think that we are now through with very large receipts o f which married for this season. We have had in past few weeks, anrf might invest is g ive,n part i cularly through this week, the best of weather for m the Marned Women s handling tobacco, also for planting, where they had Property act of 187o, and a!. plants of proper size, and to forward the growth .of by the gre ater nu':llber o f plants from late sowing. Every thing appears to favor m Russtan .a_nd the prospect of Kentucky 11aving a full average in acre Am e r 1 can bonds l .ge planted by last of this month, which is time enough a bun dance ofcap1talts to raise a good crop should we havcc a iavorable sea shown by the four per cent. son-that is, occasional rains and no frost before mid guaranteed s to c k of t he d l e of October. Dublin and Drogheda and Northern Railway rose from an average price of o in 186s-9 to at the end of 187 5, and the origina l s t o c k advanced in price from an average of in 1865-9 to z3U at the end of last year.-SALES FOR. WEEK, ETC. Wa1ehouus. Boone. ___ .._------------Grange .... ------------Farmers' ..... -------__ Kentucky Association __ Planters' ....... ..... __ Falls City ___ .... _----__ Louisville .... ..... _-----Ninth Street. ...... ------Wtek. Month. 0 r86 sor 0 545 348 659 "J04 64r 937 Year. 3,843 6o 4.734 2 4294 670 4,1119 7,s88 GBRMAN RAILWAY TRAVKL.-How:ever, I don't mean to complain, says a CQrre!lpond!:n.t. ,of tbe Hart Gilb e rt's ___ __ --__ .... IS2 :JI8 25 263 380, 8 37 824 lower than quotations. colorv cutting has continued very good throughout the ro7 6,x J8 :Junt x ..:....Messrs. J. W. Booth & Sons, Tobacco Com past month, and transactiOns were only checked by the ickett .......... __ -----TotaL _____ __ z ; 633 34o97l I875----... ---499 2,119 1874--------------1,199 3 J8,827 r873 ........... I,I92 4,427 J8,4S3 Wetk. Ytar. lord Cour<6nt, of German Year they are safe and Year comfortable ; if you waqt Year speed and dall;} ;you Americans know wkere to New ..... ------r 558 27,6o3 go. A compartment of the second class holding eigfit persons, in a German car riage, is a snug place for a winter ride. It is so ell upholstered that you can ride on the seats without fatigue and sleep at yo\lr ease. The compartment of the first class is in the same carriage, and differs only in a little morE' luxur ious upho.l!?tering. For win Original Old_____________ 4 2,265 New Reviews __ _;_----... 67 2,1o8 OldReviews .. -----4 2,996 Market opened Monday with prices a shade higher than the close on Saturday last, and has remained steady and firm through' the week. t:he only kind that is irregular and apparently very low is common grades in unsafe order or So_ld during the week about 25 hhds from cutting district at prices ranging from 15 @18c, a few heavy leaf at r4@16c, two bright wrappers at and 34c The bulk of our breaks are in gpod keeping order, but very little of strictly useful tobaccos outside of cutting varieties. I quote the same as last Saturday with a decidedly stronger feelmg. QUOTATIONS. mission Merchants, report:-Under a strong speculative want of supplies, prices ranging from 44@50 pfennigs feeling, based upon the probabilities of a l,ight crop being for the better lots of Western, and at 45@53 pfennigs planted throughout a large section of the States_ of Ken-for do of Virginia, according to quality. New Clark5tucky and Tennessee, in consequence of the destrucville shipping lugs of moderate average quality havt: tiou of the plants by the tobacco fly, our market, ir. been readily taken at 36 pfennigs, new leafy Louisville common with all the markets of the ruled very do at 33@34 do, and new Missouri do at 32 do. At active throughout the past month, w i th an advancing present, however, better prices tiban these can be ob tendency mqst of the time. Being removed some dis tained. Assorted lots of Western leaf of better quality tance from the section of country referred to visited by have brought 7o pfemrigs, and when reduced with lugs the fly, and our buyers somewhat incredulous and low leaf, 65 do; but. we may _remark at these about the reported destrucuon of the plants, our marngures they were not Without the1r faults m order and ket may have been a little behind some of the other chara::ter Some assorted lots o{ 'Yestern saucers Western markets in respo!lding to the speculat;ve 'have fetched about 70 pfennigs, and some do Vir.cinia. movement, but prices have been gradua lly worked up about 73 do. Really fine selections must be quoted to a point here that we feel confident will compare xo@15 pfennigs Virginia pnmings, unless re favorably with th._t of any other interior market. Pres-dried, have been neglected. Stems have been mode ent quotations, considering the general undesirable rately active, sales being an average of the two pre character of the crop, are certainly higher than could ceding months. Prices remained about unchanged for have reasonably been expected this early in the season, both Virginia and Western, except that, of the latter and if they can only be maintained will likely prove stems, when out of order, went as low satisfactory to parties having tobacco to sell. As to the as 7 pfennigs. Of Western stripper stems none were real extent of the destruction of the plants in Kentucky sold as yet. In fact, until lately, there was no stock ter travel, when there. is no t hing to see, these con:t parrraents are very nice; but and Tennessee, which appears mainly confined to the of them here. Of Virginia stripper stems some are Htavy Southern and Western sections of those States, kr.owp. reported sold at about xo pfennigs. At this writing Nondescript. Bodied. Cutting. as the Clarksville and Western districts, and as to the the feeling for stems seems to be slightly improved. Common lugs. ---6 6 @ 7 probable curtailment of the planting in consequence The Seed leaf has again, been quiet. About Good do _________ 6 @ 8 7 @ 9 thereof, it is impossible to determine with any degree 1,2oo cases of all sorts were disposed of. Old crop for summer I prefer an American palace-car. But when the wind raves over a desolate country there i,; a feeling of in the5e little apartments. The wind<;>ws are all closed, eveay body lights his cigar, the lady, if one to be present, doesn't ever think of saying that she likes smoke-that is taken for granted-and soon the air so. thick that you might tmagm6 yourself in a beer hall enjoying yourJ;elf to the u!most. !loot that vou are obliged to ride in "smoke ; en proqably all the trains there are compartments dis tinctly set apart for the nonCommon leaf.. _____ 6 @7 8 @ro 9 @n of certainty, the reports being so very conflicting, but tobaccos, back of r874, when of good quality and in Good do --7 @8 Jo r I @1 4 the general impression appears to be that there can not dry condition, maintain their values very well, while the Fine ..... _________ 8 @9 14 @t8 likely be exceeding one-half of an average crop set un'74 and '75 crops of Seed leaf rule low on Selections.------@ -14 @19 .U I8 @ 2 5 der the most favorable condition of the weather here-account of their poor quality. Wt note the following Faulty, on account of prder or weight, from 2 to fC after, which it is estimated would lessen the average sales of this staple for the month :-roo case COft nnder above figures. Plug makers' kinds included in production in the districts referred to, from twenty to necticut '75 crop, common spongy, at 25 pfennigs; roi outside figures of "heavy bodied." Exporters strong twenty-five thousand bhds, but as an offset to this, it is cases States '73 crop, an average lot of fair quality, at competitors on all grades of same, and as a general claimed by those who have no faith ill a short crep from 45 do; 100 '74 Ohios, an average lot, at 3S do; thing are the last .ders. from want of plants, that the failure of plants in one 54 cases Ohios '74 and '75 crop at 32 do; 97 cases PADUCAH, Kv., :June xo.-Messrs. M. H. Clark & section will have the effect of stimulating a larger plantOhio cutting, '74 crop, at 31 do. Manufactured to Brother, Leaf Tobacco Brokers, report :-Receipts since ing in other sections, where plants are abundant, than baccQ. has continued dull, and there are no sales to last report, 876 hhds; to date, 14,096 do. Sales, 828 was previously contemplated, thus equal i zing and Erobreport. We find the Hamburg maxket has been press hhds, to date, 13,953 do. Rejections, 73 hhds. Our ably causing a full average planting of a crop throughing goods on tbe market at lower prices than we can market was to higher for all gradesexcept good out the country. From some lew sections of our own sell for here. We trust, however, that with the 1eported and line leaf/and very firm until Friday, whP.n it became State it is 1'eported that the plants have been suffering 9e.tter A.merican for the manufactured article, weak, tnough not qu1.ltably lower, owing to a fine rain I from drouth and ravages of the fly, but as a general this unnatural compet1bon w1ll soon cease. We report which fell Thursday night. A great many plants were 1hing they are represented as abundant and growing [Continued on Suond Page.]


THE TOBAOCO L:BA.I'. JUNE 21 t -robacc o l\oia.n.ufacturers. Tobacco Manufacto.,.ieB Brokers. JOHN ANDERSON & MANUFAC"TURERS OF TIU: m mn TOBACCOS PASTE. JOHN CATTUS. wAx.x.:z:s co. TOBACCO BROKER 114-Md 116 LIBERTY STREET, NEW YORK, 8e;r to direct attentlom of tl)e Dealen !11 Toi>Kco throughol't the U nita<' States al>4 the -World to their SOLACE FINE.CUT c:Jn."WDDG TOBACCO, :m.:X.TR..&.. Tobacco manufacturers and the trade in general are particularly requested to examine and test the superior properties of this LICORICE, which, being now brought to the highest perfection is of. fered under the above style of brand. We are also SOLE AGENTS for the brand 1'. Cl. Cl. o. wnlcla lo 'being once m.,.-e manufactured uodr the> J H 0 MAS H 0 Y T & C 0 'I Wmedlateauperviion of the originator, Acknowledged by consumers to be the MR. JOHN ANDERSON, best in the market. And for the brand aad uow otands, ao formerly, wifhont a rival. Ord.,.... f L' S k forwarded thro111rh tho asual channels ...Ul 0 !Co nee tiC m eet w i tb: prompt attention. ,... lolANUF J\CTURERS OF "" FZM'::&J 0 0 "L" CHEWING AND SMOKING 'I'OB.&OOOS AB'D Slnrl'l'. KOIIJi A 00., J. F. FLACC & CO ., In all respects equal to CALABRIA. u 6 .-. 178 FIRST sT., BROOKLYN,&. D., Consumers and Jobbers would do OUR BRANDS CHEWING : .SUNNYSIDE, HEARTS' DELIGHT, NATIONAL, BRIGHT OWEN, EXTRA CAVENDISH. ....._.. &ad 406 PE.UU. ST JIIEW YORX. Manufacturers o f the Cele-brated Brandl. we!J tO apply direc H S & S d f 'I Lleorlee ROacco; Mrs. G. B. Miller 4 Co. Reserve Smoking and Cb.ewing Tobaoco. n!r' All orders prompt l y executed, !'OCHANAN & LYALL, OFFICE, -&4 Broad street, New York, FA C TORY, 10. 2 FIRST IIISTRICT, SOUTH BRDDILYfl, I J Manufactw:etl of the BRAJmS O:F TOBAOOO' WOB.B.S, S UC C ESSORS TO TOBACCO BAGGING. IMITATION SPANISH LINEN, P.A.l\TCY STRIPES,-And al l lollldo of Goods used for puttij>g up Smok inrTobacco. A..l!o, cop_1plete a ssortment of Smokers' Artides for the Trade hOWAiiD SANGER & CO. 1015 & 107 CHAMBERS ST., NEW YORK. Planet Navy, as, JUt, 411, 6s, 7S. Sa, ;s, soa. Sallor's Cholce1 u, -"' ss, 6s, 711t Ss, sea. .. Challenge, lb::. King Pnilip, Wbiugton, l(o Grape aud Apricot, .1! Neptune, Double Tillck, UI>COIIql>end Joo brt. drk. "ACME"' Fau.CJ JJrt. .Maggie Mitc hel\-Pounda, llarraganaett, T""""""-Alezandra, Peerleu, Sensatton, .._. l'knmdeno, Gold Ban, kchauan, ros, Prtde oftbe R.edmeut )ock o f C lubo. Pieces. Wu.Lu.M 811 ........ .:--;.. DA.YJD C. LYAlL. Kcm.BOl CO., Bole Ag'ts, 31 Broad, :Boston.) J. : E SAXToN Sec'y and Treas. HIRAM GRANGER, Supt. W ALKHB, CH., MANUFACTURERS OF G-LOBE FINECUT CHEWING &SMOKING! TOBACCOS,. 31, 33 & 35 Atwater St., East, DETROIT, KICH. ESTA B L I S HED lS A N D g_ :A l s o a l l other grades o f !"!ne-Cut and Smoking Tobaccos, i"l DETROIT, MICH. .. w oodt:n packages. ro, 40 a n d 6o .. we a l so ppt both. of these gTad e g up vet') nicel y In ON& OuNCK T n c FOIL -rm.c k e d i n J{ and ).1 Gross bo1: e a. :...i b0r:1l ;>rices made to the jobbing trade. AND ALL SPECIALTIES FOR TOiiiACCO MP,NUFAClURERS. R.HlLLIER'S SONS & OFFICE, bAR STRt.t\' IIW. N, Y, l'u.rely an! J'iul:y Pow4ere4 f 27 Pearl Street, NEW YORK. CliJI. B. FISCHER & BRO., Tobacco Brokers, 181 Wata:. St., F. JAMES G. OSBORNE, 2'obacco No. H BROAD STREET,::> J I NEW YORK. 11. Rader & Son, TOB!OOO BROKERS, \ 'j.Sl JIAI%o S'l'lllf, NEW YORK. A. SHACK. fOBACCO BROKER. No. 129 Maiden Lane, NEW YORK. ZDISBIIB. A 00., MANV F ACTVURI 07 TOBACCO SEALING WAX, ADa Importers of Glyeerinc, Drugs, Gnms, & c -WilHam St.. New 'K'ork. TINFOIL, WARRANTED PURE 11N, FOil. Wil.Al'PmG CIGARS allli CIGABETTZS, and. LimNS CIG-An :BOUS. WITTEMANN BROTHERS, 184 WILLIAM ST., X. 1r. N. R. ANSA DO, I mpor ter of the \ Vell .. Known Brands o f LICORICE M4SS, "Ansado's Extra" "N. R. A." and 14 Broadway! New York. GIFFORD, SHERID & INNIS, MISCELLANEOUS. IIISCELLA!lEO'US. J -., S. imOPBLITO ti&AIIm. WI DEIUTB & 60,. T SOJ..a M.AHUFAttUa&.U ew ......._ ,"" ... ..... .. -A .A. ,;. "" i 200 CHATHAM : SQUARE, NJC'W YOE.K '" 5 .. 7, & 9 'D 0 Y E R ST., NEWYOifK. .... _.., AJID AJI'PLI\o.W PIPIS, ll'fll Rtf!BIR lmporiel'l of Ill kiD4I of Artlllla. SHeW FIGURES, -UPTEGROVI & GEDNEY. Uf DEALERS IN NEW YO::&Xo wm a: I 485 to 41& East Tinth Str.-t, Kanufa.otu.tJtpS, GAw Kill, 470 to 47.6 E. U\h St.,) NEW YORK. 1&3 to 161 COERCK o Spanish :American & German CIGAJ LoDa.rtl YeUow 7-8 lz., 3&J'tl, .$1.9& Broa4 Yellow 6 '' 'II ,... S.OO llroa4 Yellow 6-,8 'It l75 Brta4 W 6-8 '11 1.80 I anoia 6-8 '11 1 80 Be! 4-8 n HI. Lon!rea YellDW 7-8 .America1l L 3t "41. l70 LoDdrea Yellow 'T-8 JL 1.5G Lon!res Yellow 13-16 m. 36 l30 Londres Bed: 7 L 3i L70 Londres Yell4w 7-8 German 10. 34 :yds. ll5 Londrea Yellow 7-8 M. 34 Hs. 1.05 Loll4rel Yellow 13-16 liO. 3474&. 0.95 n II. 7ll l60 BrCacl :aea. 6 u. ora 1.60 Broad Yellow 6-8 ,. -m. 7ll l50. Nfo1'1'0'11' Yellow 4-8 JI. ora LliS Narrow Bed i-8 ,: II. 7274&. L35 Harrow Yellow 4-8 m; 'l2 LOS Narrow ie4 4-B JIL '72 ;rds. LU Narrow Yellow Boz !Ubbona 7ll :yds. 0.85 Narrow Bed 72 :yds. 0 90 TERJII-CA!B.-AU Orden will be prnmp U y execukd. Prices o f Cigar Boxes aad Samples of i.Rib b one and LabeJII will be s e n t o n application. WILLIAil WIVKE .. co. TO TOBACCO CltOWERS. ....... TRYTIIB A. HEN & CO. 43 Liberty Street, opposite Post Office, STAR TOBACCO FERTitiZER, TJCE.S or AE. I contaiolng large percentage of DEA LERS IN I PO'!'ASR, Am!ONIA SOL't1BLE PliOSPllA'l'Jl,. SECARS SNU .FFS ... J "!''leh.,.t results obta ined o n TOBACC O, a ..,.,_. TOBACCO -a,C 1 ''!rrltnPeruv.1an Gaan o 9 PRICE 160 1.-'ER. TON, IN B.A.l'.TIIIIOREo _..._... 11.p p tyto .LoORENTZ olt KITTLER, CHEMICAL SUPER-PHOSPHATE WORX.(I, B!o.,.,TI!IIORE. F. G !AWES, Seo. JOSEPH J. ALMIRALL, IMPORTE R OF "ONLY FINE" HAVANA Leaf Tobacco 16 Cedar S _treet, N.Y. :.B.IOB LIST OF Jersey Oi:ty,. M'e,.ov Jer.asey. OFFICES:-161 18 .. CHAMBERS STREET, llli!:W YORK, Tobacco HoUle and Larges t Tax Payers in U S T his factory i s not exce1Jed by any either in Size, AppointmeDU, or by Quality of GM. produced. FoK" fuJI descripuoa, see "N.Y. TOB AC C O LEAF" o f O ct.l3, 1875. We continue t o offer choice brand a 01f Brirllt, Dark and M ahogan7 gra d e s of P L U G or MAN UFACTURE D TOBAC C O ; S uperior F IN'.!:-CUT C fi EWING TOBACC O various kiuda of SMOKING TOBACCO, suc h as Granulated (or Killicknick), and Coarse Cut, an d t'ke Fioest Qualitie s of SNU.tF, a t the moat favorable prices. A critical eua:UnaUoa of the 1oods witb. U.. predliCb of other factories i nvited. A .Price Liot maUed upon applioatio..:


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