The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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VOL XII.--NO. 22 NEW YORK. WEDNESDAY, JULY 12, 1876. \tVHOLE NO. 594 lht I&Jlmtto IS PUBJ,ISHED I :EVDV ftDNESDAY l!Y' TOBACCO LEA J'' POBLISHR{G Cer that the cost to the yeaily or monthl) r"s les.s ilt4-n Eirht Cents jtr ""1NN UAL SUBSCRIPTIONS AlliiOAD. Gt&AT BatTAtK AND CANA!IA, 04 DREMBN, HAMBURG AND THR CoNTINENT, $6 oS AusTRALIA, .&rc., vrA Et:GLAND, .. S6 fS04 No orden for ... the paper considered, unless accompanied by the corresporrding amount. Jtemittances should. in eve-rr instance, be made by moneyorder, checker draft. Bills are IUhle to be and can only be sent at tbe gn:ate S\ risk to the sender. 'THE TElBAC C O LEAF commends itself t o every one itn any way interested S.n tobaei:co, eithe r as crower, manufacturer orwdealcr. It ly aa imruense amount ofinformatton r egardi n g the "weed," and thus c o n5titute!S ittelf a vr:-dt .-IHfl tha t h a s IQng since been recognized as ataudingat the head of special trade pub-:katieus. lt9 macket reports a r e full and exbJU!itlve, and p>m& from ot the glo:e where aobacco b sold. 5r It is the ONLY weekly pu!.tll.cation erten atvely devoted to t (lba c c o. 1For .A.dtllrtisi11.Jf" Rn.tN sr' Third Pn.g-l'.] IUS! NESS Dl REU'fORf or ADVBIITISERS JfEW YORK. 1Y11r1Aouus. Aguew W. &: Sons, 2i4 and a86 Front street Abner & Debts, 190 AJlea Julian, J7J Water. .Appleby a: Helme, 133 Water. Basclt & Fischel. '!5 \Vater Blumlein A. & Co. 122 Pearl. Bowne A: }"rith. 1 Slip. Brod M., 1.47 Wa.ter Bulkley, Moorf' & Co., 74 Front. Burbank .t Naab, 49 droad Cardozo A. H. 66 Broad Crawlord E M. 168 Water. Dohan, Carr<"U li: Co., 104-Froat. DuBois Eu,eue, 7S Frnnt Bnert Wm. A Co., 171 Peu-l Eu.-elbach, F. 13 Sixtb Av FaJ.k G. A" Bro., 171 Wa!er. J'atman & Co., 7" and 71 llroad. Fo1:. Dills & Co., 1!P!I WaU:r. Friend E. & G. & Go., 171 Water. Gardi.ner.,. M. B4 Front. Gartli D. ., SGn & Co., 4-4 Broad. G&S!Iert J. L. & Bro. 1!!o Water. Gershell.. & Bro., 191 Pearl. Guthrie & C'.t>-, u s Front. I. &: '151 Water. Hawes, Cbas. S., l19 Maiden Lane. HerbBt It Vaa Ramdohr, 189 Pearl. Hlll-G. W tio Front. X.innkut Thoma!!!. c.2 .Broad Koenig & Bowery. e1berg & Oo., 16o Pearl, Lachenbruch & B'"o., 164 Water Lam >tte A. C i :Ji Pearl. Lederer&: Fischel, 213 Pearl Levin 'M. H., Pearl. J t: Ji[a\tland Ro9ert L. II< Co t3 S.od. Ma-r-tin & Johnson. ?9 Frout }(:elllJ!er a Co., IJI MaiGtD Unc. .Meyer A. C. L & 2:., 4> Beaver. Oatman Alva, 166 wate1. Oppenheimer, M. & Brother, 13& Water.. Ottinge r Brothers 48 Broad SL Price ".. m. M u; Maiden Lue. Ouln, J P & Co., 39 "dread. lleismann. G. 179 .t'earl. Sawyer, Wallace & Co., 47 Broad. G. 1 86 Front SchDlltt J r6:r &hoverllng H 14-2 \Vater. ScllreeGer & Bon. 17S Water. Schroeder&: Koch, 246 Pearl. Scllubart H. & Co .. 146 Water Scoville A. H. & Co., 170 Water. SpintfU'D, E G t:o., c 3urlinl' Slip, Spluner C. H uS Wter SLeln 6; 191 Duane. Straitoa &; ::>torm, 191 Pearl. Strohu & Reitzenstein, 176 )"roDt. Tag, Charles F .... Son, r8.4 Fr..nat. Tatjj'eDhontl, F. W 68 Broad. Telfer, A. 191 Pearl. Upmann. Carl, 17l Pearl. Co111H"1is.s:"tm MnTIIallll. Reynes Brothers & Co., &: 48 EKchup Place Buytr trj To6atto. Reo.&eas G.'!S Broad. J Tol>tu:t Brows 13r Water Fischer, ) "retlerict. 41 Broad Hollan4e, Loqi:!!l, 148 Water. Osbotue, 54 Broa4 1 Rader M. &:: Son, 13' Pt:arl. Shack A. nQ Mai4cn Lane MaufctrtrJ of To6.cco, A.ndencm John & Co. H4o n6 and uy Llberly. Appleby Helme, 133 Water. Buchanan & Lyall, 54 Broad. Ba.clu:ld' D. 2t3 and 215 Duaue Goodwtn & Co. 207 and 11CJ9 Water Hoyt Thomas & Co., -Pearl lC.lnnev Bro.. 1.&1 West Broadway Lorillird P. & Co., 16, 18 & oo llcAip\11 D. B. & Co. ow .a.,..D :t-: Muter Mra. G. B. & Co. 97 Collllllbla "fioneer Tobacco Company, 124 Wat-er Jllrtnts for C!ttwing and S.oli "t Tucu, "' Hen A .t C.. .<3 Libem Weiss. Eller & Kaoppel, no P-1 Wiae & Bendbelm, Lo6 Chamber .. l/44SJuflldllrttrl of Cit Belcher, Park&: Co., 35 Warren. Bondy l:harles, S3 Bowery Frey It Co. 44 Veaey Glaccu II< Sclllooaer, 141 and 149 Attonl.,., Hartcorn j. A ., ll Bowery Heilbruuer, Reaenthal a Co., J)4 Secead St. Jacoby S. & Co., 100 Sq. & 'It 1 DoJ .Hroe. & endy, 119 a lJI GraD.d Kerba & Splea, J! Bowery GI-fford, Shennan Innis, no 'Wl.iilim Arguimbau, Wallis & Co., 29 &< 3 8, WilHam --------McAndrew James C.L55 W ater Wea\e r & Sterry. 24 uedar. Mallu(llduri!YJ h iclet.. H illic=:r's R Sons & Co. 5$ Cedar. Sctlielfell n W H. Co., 170 aact 172 WUUam; Havana CiiTtZr Fries Alez. & Rros., 16 Collea-e P lac e "/ LicD,il'. Hillier s R. Sons & Co., 55 Cedar. Weaver &: Sterry. 14 Cedar S53 Henkell 2'f.t & :ot95 Moproe. Strauss, S. 170 & tSr Lewis. 'Vicke William & C o., 153-.t61 Goerc'k.. Bu, CPkr ad ot/trr Woods. Daly & Co., 1 63 M&idenLane D..tUIVILI.E, V a. Co'IIIIJiuio Me_,rcUntl. Pemberton & Penn. Wise .t.l. & Peyton. DAYTOJf, 0. of Firu-C11t aNd Swuii"C tbac cD. Cotterill, Fenner & Co., 113-117 .E. Second. Ptut'6 Taba cco t-"14/tlr. Borleo .t Peue. Thira SL anjl OraG: ....... 1JBY 0ollJI, D:Ell'ROIT, llloJa. f Clltnm"r and SMtJJ:in.c Tobacco. Barker K. C & Co. 14 & 76 Jefferson ave. P ..... Hohnes & Co., -49 57 Jetlenoo Ave Walker, McGraw C::o., Atwater "f and Padurs if Sud LtafTchaCCtJ. Lichtenberl" G. B. &. Co., 68 Congress st. East DI'JfDIOllL, Eaat lndi.,.. Cigar Campbell & Co DURHAM, N. C. Blacltwell W. T II< C o EV .All& VILLE. lad.. Crgar RibbG"' TolJacco Commission Heppenheime.r & Maurer, 22 & ,.._ N. \Villi am. Morris C. J. &: Co. Lobenstein & Gans, 101 1\laiden l aoe ,JIA.BTFORD. CoD.D. Wicke, Vm & Co., 153 Goerck. PtZc/lr.s tlnd DetZltrs. S<>aish Ciga ; Ribbom. BiobnpJ. & Sooa. 46 Market. r Dil: ) R C o ., :117 A.lmiralt ;.]. 16 Cedar. Hbba.rd N. i: Co., 245 State Manuj11cturers if Tobacco Tin Foil. Lee Geo. State. Oroike f.] .. 38 Crosby& 163 & Mnlber!Y London&. Bldell, JJ6 and JJS State. Jmjttwters of Ti'! _Foil. 1:511epbard &:: Fuller, Jl.4 State. Wittemann Brothers, 1 84 Wllham Staton A. L. & F., 134 Main. Tobcco .Baggit Westphal Wm., JJ8 State. Howard, Sanger & Co., 105 & 107 Chambers BOPitiJJSVILLE, K.J' Tobacco Labtls. TohiJCto Broker s The Hatc h Lithognphic Co., 3a k 34 Vesey Clark, M. H .&. Bro. Heppenheimer & Maurer ., North William .JAJfESVILLE, With Cigar-B o x Labels and TrimmioJ(S. Pacli:tir znd Dealer in &ed LJ.j. Heppenheimer & Maurer, :1:1 & 24N. William. Fendrlch WulffCbas. A., !I Chatham. LANCASTER, Pa, 1'oban w. Cut Ca11tndis!t. jolm W. LMIAN. '' JobQ, Tohcoco v-.,;,;., .JoJnda Ma"'!-fPCI1ff'"t1"s t!} M'tal, '"'d Wt.ttUJnt Nowl..ipa ouuaer It Co ]1,p..-s-il'tlk61od'ltYI-1S""""'-'AHarwt.. MIA .n n Dmu h, Wp>. & Op., Sot groadwaf. ---.,.,1'!"" ...., !J Manftlcttt,..r of\Sit= ll!:irTf.""' Strauu s. 1'9 fllh Lewis. 1 Sch\lberth. H : C. f.l Dcalti's ;., C'z:r .Boz Jf:EWA:RK 1 Jr. J. 1 ') ; E1ifeft.Jolin F., 29' t-:195 Monroe. Campbell, Lane & Co., 4 8 4 Uptegrove & Godne), 46s471.East Tenth. JJEW ORLEAJJ". La. Sf?( I M.,ufactulyr o/ tiu Gru11 Seal, TobllCtO Co11n11iuion MlrcAtJt. Emmet W. C 'i4 Pme.. Gunther, Stevenson & Co., 161 Com moo Patmt Ctrar Caus. u lbe Schaefer and Co. 186 Common Samuel S. L. S7 Cedar. .n..rem.e rr, A LB.&.JI'Y X y Agtncy /or Perique Tobacco and Cigarettes Brooks Wm. I. 43 .Natcbez. of Tobacco, PAD1JGAH, Ky. Greer"s A. Soos. il llroadwa,.. Tcbaccc B1"okt1"s. :BAL'rDIIORE. Clark 111. H. & Bro. Tolco IYrdouws. PETERS:BlJRG VA. Albreclat P. A. 16 South Frederick Tohacco Comm,.ssion Merchcsnts, Barker & Waggaer, 29 South Gay Roper, LeRoy & Sons. Baxter & Bird, u Commerc. PHII-ADELPHIA, Boyd W A-& Co., 33 South. Tob11cco WoreAujt,, Dresel W. and ()<>., 37 Gay Gautber, L w. 9 South Gay Aoathan, M & Co. :ao North Third Kerck.hoff ;Co 49 South Charles. Bambf'rger L. ... !\"rc h K.remelberg, J, D, and Co. Bremer Lewis, Sons,_3_u .. ftorth "l'bird. Merfeld &: Kemr_, 117 L ombard DaleJ jilmes & Co., N. ""'E. -cor. Third aocl Race: L Lomba d Dohan &. Taitt, 107 Arch:. Parlett B .F. 0 92 T Dunn T. J. & Co.t.ISth a_nd""Vlne. Schroeder Joe. & Co .. 8J .ExchaJige Place. Edwards, G. W & Co.; 6:a: North Front.. Tate, .Muller & Co., 52 8outb Gay c a th W Weuck E. E., 4 6 aDd 4s South Charles. :t:isenlohr o., ns ..,ou ater Ed. & Co., 30 South Calvert McDowell M.. E: & Co., 39 N orth Water. 1. 1r> Meyers & RandaW, Market .J..OIIJIIctl .ractor1. Moore&: Hav. 3 s ,Nortll WatfFt ... >Hoffman, Lee & Co., '3 Piaoe. Sank J Rinaldu .t; Co., 3> North Waler.{aclllrtr& ttc. J:leil eho B.&: Co ,531 South Second. Felgner F. W. &: Son, 90 South Charles Sarver Cook & Co., 1cs North Water M.arburg Brothers, 145 to 149 S. CharJea St. Steioe;, Smith Bros. & Knecht, Race. Wilkens H. & Co., 181 V/est Pratt. TellerBrotb.ers, u7 North Third. P urs ofS.J. Ll11if 11htluo Vetter1ein J. &. Co. 135 Arch. ac Wartman M. & Son, 13 N ort b Fifth. Bedjourn ing at the watering places, or other coqntry resorts, can procure th1s journal from any of the news agents. Where it may happen to be ifconvenient to obtain it in this way, copies-one or lnore-will be mailed direct from this office on application. WES'l'EB.lf LEAF FOR 'I' lEIALF YEAR PAST AND EWSUIXG. I I > & ;ales o'f ,,Ves'tern leaf in this' d ity for the past six months give promise of a fair year's business, and the same observatiou is true applie d to he other markets a( the country. The tot!ll reported ties here have been 27,400 hogsheads, against I6, do in I875, and 28,7oo do in 1874-the latter year memorable for the specula tion indulged in, though the impulse of t!le speculative movement was not appreciably felt in this market until July. There has been a gain in the sales here during the second quarter over those of the first of 5,6oo hogs heads, which, to be sure, is largely made up of the purchases efft:cted in May. But even V!ith. out this item, there has been an absolute gain of 2,359 hogsheads, a circumstance due to the increased activity of shippers and the regular trade in May. The' receipts this season have been uncommonly full,' largely exceedi::g those for the same time in 1874, and, comparatively speaking, a lmost trebling those of 187 5 IAcluding g,284 they have beEm from January I to July I, 58,522 hogsheads,against 22,699 in I87S and 52,294 i n I874 Embracing New Orleans the re ceipts have been respectively as follows :-I876, 70,I33; 1875, zr,r76; and r874, 6o,I46. Reasonable freights, improved crop prespects, and the better outloo k m foreign markets swelled the volume arriving here in June to 19,389, against 10,649 in May. The sales and exports of Western leaf in this market for the past five years h:ive been as follows: WESTERN. ReceiPts Hhds. Sales. Hlrds. sz,6oo J Expo1(s. .Levy .Bros. 125 &. 1J7 Broome Lichtenstein A. & B..,, 34 It 3' X BOwetT & Vo. J6880_,-. lleadel M. W'. A :llro, 15X Bowery lllattf&tnr f PITTSB.. a l'lag John F .II< Co., 176 and 178 Fl'nt. Jll,n".fctrtrs of Sff. Tobtuco-C..ttit JJ41jdiu"'. Weyman & 79and S. Sm1thlield. t87I-77,745 ':dl72---. -----so,8r8 1873---------95,029 I874---------I02,62' 7 4o,opo Hhds. 82,3I3' 53.r 19 94,86<; 74,026 54,83I Neobllrger Ill. ol3 Pearl Beldenberr & Co. 84 and 86 Reade Bmltla A.. n Stacbell>era M. Ill Co. 91 nd Liberty Btralton & Sterm, 178 and tio Pearl l!otro & N-rk, ?6 Park Place Tabel & Rohrbere, 171 Pearl. W&Dlller & Hahn, 190 &: 'IJI !lowery. Mlm'''"'"' f a-. .. c;,.,, Footer. Hilson & Co. 77 lfl: 79 Chamben. r Jt.aapruwic:zA. & Bro. 233 Greet}wich R.lvei-a k Garcia,7Maittca Lane. Sallcllea. Haya Ill Co., 130> 130 &: 134 W ...._ of r.-., 11nd Cigars, AJmitaD J. J 16 Cedar Gan:la F, Water Goluil A. Water Jllranja M'. A Co. ou Pean PaKoal L. J$6 w .... :Rivera. M.auut:l.11.J4aldeu LaDe &ancbez, HaJa Ill Co., 130 to '34Malden LaDe. San Juliab ., 88 \Vater. llolollloll M, & il r-. Vep. & elm, 187 Pearl 1 Well & OoJ s .1'\oe Walter Frled,man & Freise, so,s Pearl Weiu. Eller A Kaepp<,l, uo PoarL \ bor V. Kartiuu II: Co, 165 Water Manufacturers of W.ll ..ul J.f*'Un fl' h...u De ..l$an Fred'k & Co., 41 & 43_Wanea KimUall Gaullieur & Co., 19 Warren. Mel'"" aU& Lawson, 33 Murray. Seidenberg & Co., 84 and S6 Reade itecti11ers of Florida Havana Cigars. Belcher, Park & Co .. '3 College Place ofU&# '' FiortkJ S.r" Ciror.s. A Ices George, 173 Wa.ter f lrat>.,Hr< or Cl, Pi,., Batli r H. &: .Brother, 11 Water Demuth wm. & Co., sot Broadway Hen A & Co. 43 Liberto. K.auun.cuJu .Uru:s, & .Hondy, 129 and 131 Grand G87 Liberty. Morahan B., 3tSG HDt. DIII/Hs ,,. Spanislr a,d Vigar uaf To6tueo. IIIIJer Hy., 46 FroaL W!UUteialaD F., & Lo. Sa Froot M.nf__,u, of Fi111-Ct11 CM-wi"f na St111Jking Toi>rsCI'A. KeooeweK F.&: Bade, 373, 37! aa.d 317 Mala. Speace Bro.. .. Co., 5 and !4 Eaat Tllird. Lt.[ T obac.o llro!ters, l)"tu"mJ\nU. F w ..". n Viae and Froat "fd.orrlo W. G,71 W. Froot Manufuturws fl! -" DMJ.rr ;, Manufactu.urs of Tobuco. WU!tll ':k. lr T ., 18> State. Deakr iw Ltaf Tobcos. llloaely D. E., llill sl300 III,SO\) 72,6I7 59,8oo 7I,83o The exports thus far this season have been 34,745 hogsheads; and estimating the receipts, saies and ex ports for .the year upol'l the basis establishe\i by the business of 'the six months< closed, we have of Western leaf: R ueipt1. Sales. Exports. 98,476 54;8oo 69,490 The close of the year, there is reason for thinking, w:ll show something better than done in and exports, if not in receipts, the conditions apparentiy being favorable, prices especially, as_ compflred with those at the 'same time a year ago. Eliminate the speculative transactions in I874 from the above' tables, and it will be seen that the regular trade of the current year is likely to exceed the average indicated In the footings. Both the range of prices here and the stocks held in the leading foreign markets favor the conclusion that the exhibit of sales and shipments at the end o f Leaf Tobacco. Krohn, Felas & Co. u 6 Vine S. & Co 112 West Third. Newburgh Brothers & Co, 76 & 78 Main Weil, Ka.hR & Co., J34 M.cun. [ December next will be l arger than is shown in the esti TOLEDO, OHIO. h d Manufaclurtr of CMDing and Sm.king Tomate. As respects pnces, t e annexe quotatlons are Zios jacob & Bro., 18 East Second. Sheet Cigr Dubrul Napoleon. 166-t68 West Secood., T46.uco huft&ti4t<, Prarue F. A. Sera, Fa<w.J'. Geile B. & Brother, 93 Clay CLAR.KSVILLE. Ltaf Brottrs. Clark, II! H &< Bro. p .Messinger, Charles R. suggestive :UTICA,!'. Y F i Cut CA""'"Z S.iiq FOR WESTERN LEAF IN THE NEW YORK 1876, AND 1 875 To"- Pierce Walter B. WAREHOUSE PODJT, CoiUio Paclur of Seed uafTobacto. Parker R. A. WESTJ'IELD ..._ Pltwo atUi DwWn ita S..S .c.-; T._. Bnacbmaon Jobn C. MARKET I, Lugs.-----Cornmon Leaf Medium c!o Good do !876. Light. 8 @9 u @I3. !875 I876. Light. Heavy. 9 @II 7 @ 9 II @12 9 @xo 13 @15 I4 @I6 I 8 75 Heavy. IO@Il 12@13 14@16 16@18 I .FRED'K DeBARY & co., 41 a 43 'W'arren Street, New York, SOLE ACENTS FOR THE SALE OF THE II. .,BINCIPB DE GALES CIGARS IIANUFACTVILED :J AT 'JIBE KEY WEST CRANCH 011' THE CBX.EBR.\TED BL PRINOIFJtl D11: GALES lllAN11. '. FACTORY 011' HAVANA. KE WEST HAVANACIGARS.' SEIDENBERG a co., 84 and 86 READE STREET, NEW YORK, Proprietors of the ROSA ESPANOLA. FACTORY. GAULLIEUR cS: CO., KEY WEST AND IMPORTED CIGARS, I gs Warren St., New York. G. W. HI.LLMAN, COMMISSION IERCBANT IN MANUFACTURED. TOBACCO, ---sO-FRONT STREET, NEW YORK. .. .. Plug ancl Smoking Tobaccos from ViPginia and North Carolina Fa.ctorles.,, The celebra.tecl Golden Cut .. Ca.venw Smoking 'roba.cco. I MANUFACTURERS OF THE "EL CLUB DE Y.A:TE" KEY WEST: HAV A CIGARS. We hereby notify All Infringe on our Trade Acquired under the ,Laws of the United prosecuted by Law, States, they that wl ll be Oflloe.. 85 Pine St. WEIL a eo. Fine do 1 4 @16 r8 @ 2o .I6 @I7 I8@2ojhave not yet been received, bul they will all show a Selections do 16 @t8 20 @25 I7 @tS 2 .0@25. -steady, wholesome gain. u With regard t<> stocks, the condit1oh a b'road on June --... r was as fo!Jo .\Y_l! :'-. : WHY SHOULD WE NO_ T DOMESTiC CIG:A:RS? ,, J876. 1875 Hhds. ftllds. In our issue of February I6 the following paragraph Liverpool. .. ---------22,446 27,929 London ........... ____ ,u,s6o 15,123 appeared:, Bremen ___ -----... 768 1,853 EXPOR TING DoMESTIC CIGARS.-We have reason to Sh win a decline this ear of 10 I" I hogsheads. The state that the apparently knotty problem of 0 Y how domesttc cigars can be exp.or.led...under the regula-June shipments for Bremen will scarcely do more, If so Lions incident to our internal revenue law without dis-much, than offset the in the interim. So dosing their origin (?) is in, a fair way toward a solution that on account of the decrease of stocks, with a con-that will be satisfactory to the cigar trade. No chan&e of the present partial actiity, the foreign. de-in the law is In our next issue we prob. fi ably be able to giVe particulars. mand IS tolerably certam to meet our antlctpattons rom . that quarter, leaving inducement of mo1!erate prices .In the Issue, that Februal1_' 23, th: out of the question altogether. The one seeming hin-annexed article was drance to the realization of a well rounded year is the gral?h and edttonal embrace the ,first mtJmahon scarcity of the rr.ore substantial grades of tobacco, which, pr,inted in this country that. it was possible to make a if available, would doubtless be purch.ased beyond actual countries for ci.gars ih necessities as a precautionary measure. But as the the URtte d States. We are that tt IS. estimates relating to the new crop generally concur in while to note .these facts by shown us a lacing it at not more than three-fourths of an average, day or two which have been, received from Germany one obstacle will probably prove Jess of a deterrent and. other parts of Europe, and which, besides acknowl than mi.ght otherwise be exp-ected.. There is, too, a THE L.EAF as source :"hence the drought to be dreaded,, thqugh nothing, a s we write, is obtamed m format!On c.oncermng the e;t said about it, from the blistering, parching weather of of Amencan ctgars, contam advance orders the past fortnight o r more. Such a heated term as of production, to be from. have been subjected to here, if it extended, as it must thts c.ty a s soon as arrangements for exportmg them are have done, to the growilig sections, can not have faijed, perfected. to make itself prejudtcially felt, even where the late rains In all parts. of the world _where tobacco, crude or manufacturer!, ts made an article of commerce or con-have been more than abundant as well as elsewhere. suniption, the tobacco grown and manufactured in the Our correspondent:; at Louisville and Hopkinsville United States is held in special favor. It would be diffi. show good comparative results in those markets, the cult to discover on the globe a habitable spot former indicating sales to July 1 to the extent of 37 6xo where tobacco thJs country has not at .some tune or another found 1ts way, and where once rt has been hpgsheads agamst 21>95 last year; and the latter 1 enjoyed it has not ever afterwards been preferred to other Io,419, agamst 8,88t. From the other markets varieties by those accustomed to trade in-or consume to-eiGABEnE FAC'rOBY J. BA8CH_ _CO __ at_13& Chatham Street_. New York. .. I ..


2 'l'B.E TOBACCO JULY 12 bacco fo the advantages whtch nature has bestowed m sml and clima te, our pro ducers added skillful husbandry and from tht s fav orable conjun ctiOn of nature and art a staph:: h as resulte d th a t has attracted and per mal"ently se c ured the appoval and commendatiOn of trades men and con sJmers eve rywhere Our manu fac tured tobac c o, also, whe ther c h e wmg smokru g or s nuff, has long enJoyed an d w tll prob a bly alway s r e tam a repu tabo n for ex c ellenc e s upen o r to that attachmg to stmtlar producuons ongma tmg 111 o th e r co untne s f o the t as te skill and e nterpns e of our m an u fac turer s thts g r a tlfym g fact 1s chiefly due the mheren t v trtu es o f A m e n ca n leaf bemg alw a ) s a s a"atlabl e to f01e1gn a s to dom es tic manMeans, to-da) expressed the optnton that the commtttee would on Tuesday or Wednesday week report fa vorably upon Meade' s revenue btll, whtch has so long been before 1t 1 he report wtll recommend the passage or the bill almost entire, espectallv that portion reducmg the tax on spmts to fifty cents a gallon. Thts btl! em braces the provt ston agreed wpon for establlshmg bond ed export ctgar manufactones m Rtcbmond but samples may be drawn tn any of the' ]Ctmlinued from Fznl uf Suppleme"t] tobacco markets 10 the State where tbe tobacco ts offered tune l:imgle Thtck IS, 3s, 4s ss, 6s, tos, etc, Un for sale, and tf not by a sworn mspector, then the sam branded and Spectal Brands Neptune Bnght D'ble Thtck pies must be authenticated as to ownershtp, wetght, etc, 6s, Neptune Bnght 6s ( s mgle), Neptune Bnghr 9s. two credtble wttnesses, who shall cerufy the same: Checker Bars, Golrl Bar 6s, Gold BaT Ss, Acme Bflght before a notary or JUSttce of the peace Entnes must lbs Flora Bnght ss, Bnght and Dark Cut Cavendish, be made at the office of the secretary of the Soc1ety World's Fatrand Ruby Brands Navy,Fme Cut Chewmg, pnor to the tst day of August, and the owneu ot sam Acme Brand. mg vigorously at a 1 ptpe of the commonest clay kmd She made -a sudden start t::> htde tt but, percetvmg b)'\ a smt 1 e I could not repress, that she was dtscovered, she put a bold face on the matter, and told me that ladtes 111 that secuoa, wilh few exceptions, SIJIOked more or less, and she supposed Yankee women Gldn'r smoke because 1t was so dlf'ficult to get good tobacco at theN orth I dtd not combat the tssue thus complacently put forth, but stmply satd they dtd not seem to have any fancy for tt ufacturers In one bran c h onl y o f o ur t o b a cco mdu s try have "e hitherto fatled to obtam an app rectable r e cogmtwn m countnes other th a n our own For Amencan c tg ars there has nev e r been a n es t ab h shed foretgn demand Pnor to tne late Ctv tl \ V ar here domestic ctgars were ex ported m hmtt e d quall1ttti es and e'en smce m still s m a lle r p roportion l:Sut th e annual expo r tation has ne\ e r at a nv tim e l>een wha t mtght b e c alled large, and dunng the seaso n s wh e n t h e more showr e xmbtt s h a ve b een made t he tot al h:u; pr esented a m e a ge r outline m c o m p annsctously become quite a distmcttve feature of the Exhtbttlon, and attract a great deal of attentton, particularly from people of the North and foretgners who have never heard a "dark} song" before ----pies must make all necessary arrangements for thetr These tobaccos are all for salem nearly every JObbtllg prr.servatlon, prol'luce them at the hme called for by the and retail tobacco store m the Umted States, and for the judges of awards, and take care that they be on exhtbt elegance of thetr fimsh, as w e ll as for thetr style and non at the Fatr The from whtch such sam quality, they have acqmred an extenst v.e and permanent pie s are drawn shall be, at the time of such drawmg and reputations I hey command rearitly the h1ghest pnces offenng, the property of the planter, who alone shall be that are reabzed for manufactured tobacco m any ol the the rectptent of such prem1um Tobacco may be either markets of the country sun cured or bf the process of firmg TheJudges are fhe grE>wth of the busmess of the hous e of Buchanan B C Cray, W D Gtbson, James A Scott, i\.leJt aware, at the (tme, to what an extent they had really commttted tnemselves to the fancy They do not exerctse It m pubhc places, on ratlroad cars, m thetr doorways, over the wash-tub, and whtle cookmg, as wo men, whtte and colored, do m the South. Your wtfe' s dresses de not remmd you of a stale bat room, nor do remtmscences of Ktlhkmmck overpower the perfume of the pomade wbtCh lends a glos to the brown tresses that you pnze so well You do not find frag ments of Solace or Natural Leaf m your coffee, neither ts the bosom of your shut ornamented wtth snuff pat terns, noned m TH E CI GAR J u DGES -1hunctay last was devoted by the C e ntenmal c1gar Judges to an exammat1on of the c1gars at the E x posti!On Smokmg not bemg permitted m the Exbtultlon butldmgs, the JUdges would labor under a dtsadvantage on that account tn reachmg a concluston as to the tastmg and burnmg quahttes of the cigars m AGRICULTURAl. HALL, were 1t not that m pomt of quality, a" as appearance, the;. ctgars exh1b1ted there pFesumably all first clags, s o that, after tastmg samples of each v anety, 1t wou l d l1kely be as hard to dechne the. three degrees of comp;mson as 1t IS when basmg an opuHon on the e xternal appearance of the tem pu1g objects The. natural law .ol -eompensatton ts a cvnsohng one a nd ts equal to every emergency Two obstacles, ansmg from lo c al ctrcu91stances have ;J. Go.cbel at Co., New Work, Groua'lerode. appeared to stand for se v eral y e a r s m the "av of an attempt to create a foretgn demand for ctgllrs (Fmm th e New York Cruckerv a11d Glass J'ollmal] made= her e one bemg the h1gh c ost of productton, and Thts house has a handsome stand, m the Mam Build the other the r e gulations mctd ent to the executiOn of the mg of the Centenmal Expo!>!lion, whtch ts unque m mte rnal t e ve nue l a \\s, the l a tt e r seemmg the more 1m deatgn It ts made of French walnut reheved with gilt portant I he tendency of the se r e gulatiOns as hereto hnes The base ts of dark wood with ltR:hter colored fore gener a lly mterpretoo, has been to tost e t the preJn panels Upon tt.ts art: dtsplayed spectmens of "clay," dt c e ex1stmg agamsf c1gars made else\\ here th a n m burned" and raw' cructbles for jewelers' use, and vana, nmsmu c h as they have appeared 'to requtre Ltlhpuaan coptes of glass makmg pots On a shelf the ongm of all c1ga1 s should be mdt c ated on the pack above these are specimens of pot shells One of a g e s conta mmg them whi c h m v iew of the pre judt ce re accordmg to a cerufi cate attached, ts from a covered ferred to, h a s b ee n tantam o unt t o preven t mg th eir s a le -pot whtcb had been m use m the factory of the Pwneer on thetr O\VD m e nts 1 h e for e i gn de a ler c ould not be Glass Co, Brooklyn, NY, for ntne months and three expected to goods howe\er exc e llent, whtch the days, a second, from the Jersey Clly Fhnt Glass Works, moment they 1\ ere offered for tr a de or c onsumptiOn had been m use stve n months, and a th1rd had a cer would be reJected becaus e they were not made m H a ttficate from Hagerty B.os & Co, New York Ctty that vana In New York dunng th e pa s t ten year s and at It was taken from a p o t whtch had been t o use fourteen K e y W e s t for nearly or qutte a s long a ttme, milhons o f weeks The pot from whtch thts was taken was un c tgars hav e annuall y b e en made that tf pla ce d on th e tr broken at the end of that ttme This spe..,tmen ts m ents a l o ne m any o f the markets would coated w1th a nch blue vttreous glaze Jars contammg h a v e a tta m e d a cpopulanty equa l to that of the ctgars samples of raw clay, burned and ground shell are mm made m Havana They \\Ould have done s o because gled w1th these Above them nses an elegant frame they wer e m every respec t as good as those emanatmg mclosed between two Connthtan columns wh1ch sup f rom Havana It I S not, pos s tbl e to p rod4 c e anyw h ere port the on the apex of wbtcb IS perche!J finer Havana agars than are at"-al t mes pro curable at an <\.mencan eagle wttb outstretched wmgs, standmg the leadmg Key West m a nufactones, or from the promt upon a block of clay wbtch bears upon us face the nent marwfadurers of the North At Key 'West the monogram of the house In the body of the frame be chmate ts the same as t!!Jat of Cuba, the tobacco con low ts the great feature of the whole-the cer sumed embraces as m the northern manufactones, selec uficate from many of the most promment glassworks m t10ns from the chmcest 'egas gro" n on the Island of tbts country Cuba, and the operatiVes are all graduates of the Havana ''The undersu1:ned, Glass Manufacturers, .sed manufactones In New York there are also a great the German Ptt Clay of Messrs J Goebel & Co, 129 many Cuban workmen employed m makmg Havana Matden Lane, New York, for several years, tesufy that ctgars, while the skill o the Germans, Amencans and they find tt supenor to any arlicle of the kmd ever EngliShmen engaged m l th e same branch of mdustry here brought to the Umted States, and pronounce tt without 15 of the htghest order 1 o other condtttons favorable to an equal as to punty, freedom from foretg!l mgredtents, competttlon wtth nade ctgars m toretgn markets cleanness and endurance 111 the furnace must be added the present ability" of our manufacture1;5 [The 'Certificate has been removed, and m tts place t o fumtsh ctgars at lower rates can be done by man there ts now a catalogue of the pnnc1pal ptpes of the ufacturers 111 Hava na. Thts IS not true of all grades, but firm, destgned for the Amencan market J A LE SSON' FRO M FRANCE-A HIVE OF INDU5rRY France seems to possess, (remarks an able wnter), more mtrmstc vitality than any other countrv Her recuperaflve energy IS stmply wonderful Up to the day of the Franco Prusstan w'lr, the populallon, tf not declmmg, was at least not progressmg, but statlsttctans have lately found that the effect of that war hRs been to augment the proportion of btrths Dr Benjamm Rush noticed the same thmg m conneclion wtth our Revolu uonary war-that tt made the marnage bed more fertile but dtmtntshed the proporuon of acctdo:ns !rom chtldbtrth France has goue forwatd more rap1dly 111 mdustnal hoes of than aAy other Euro pean country A centu[y bankruptcy and starva tlon seemed to be the mevita\Pie destmy of the country It was worse off than Turkey ts to day Wheatbread was unknown to the peasantry, and ncb and fetl!le Norrnanay was a desert filled wnh cnngtng beggars ln q88, Duke Charles of Wurtemburg, wrote "France ts at the last gasp, and the most drastic reR\edtes seem enurely 10 vam fhe K1ng ts more than weak, the <:tueen addtcted to every knd of dtsstpattOn, and JUStly odtous to the people, commerce, agnculture, credtt, all are prostrate In 1793, bankruptcy was confessed, m 1795, she was at war wtth all the world, m 18oz, had tnumphed everywhere and had zs,ooo holders of gov ernment bonds In IS3o these rentlers were '2oo,ooo, m 186o, 1,ooo,ooo, and to day the Government has four mtlhons of credttors among ils own cutzens From z815 to ISS r the cash value of the s01l and agr! cultural improvements rose from 39,544,ooo,ooo francs to 83 744,ooo,ooo, or 116 per cent, and the present es'Imare uo,ooo,ooo,ooo francs In 1&rs France had nearly 33,ooo,ooo acres m cereals, mcreasmg th t s area annu ally over 2oo,o?o acres until It reached 42,ooo ooo m IBSS In IBIS the wheat product was uz,ooo, ooo bushels and m 1873, :ZJ2,295,64o bushel, or more than double France ratses very nearly as much bread and meat as her people she pays for much more than she buys wtth her exports of cheese, eggs, poultry, c1der, frutt, etc The annual value of the wane crop ts about $4oo,ooo,ooo, and the annual excess of exports over tmports amounts to three fourths of thiS France 1s a vast htve of ntcely balanced mdustnes, and puts a fine skilled labor value upon all that she tmports--tm porting, as she chtefly does, raw matenal for manufac ture and re-exportauon. She buys coal and tron and aome raw sugar and raw cotton and stlk, but her stlk exports are nearly as valuable as the cotton exports of Great Bntam Smce r86o, when France secured Free Trade, her agnculture, commerce anJ manufactures have been tmmensely developed, and of late years Fr11nce has been mcreasmg the quantity and !me of her exports by sendtng goods m constgnment to all the markets of the world. No country m the world, per ha p s, produces '(.sO Jllanf dtfferent thmgs for sup plymg thel var1ous wants of ItS own people as France, and there ts no ctvth:zed nahon that hves so regularly, stead tly and comfortably wtthm tts own means and lays by so much surplus mcome every year of some grades tt ts We are also producmg m thts "They attnbute Its stnkmg ments tn no small degree country at the present trme enormous quanttttes of low-to the fact that Mr J Goebel, of the firm, hu made the pnced ctgars s uttable for Amertcan market s not wtthm an espectal study for years, attendmg 111 person the jiR!Sdtcbon of the Umted States Government, and at the German pzts, and selectmg the s uperior grades especi8lly for those of SOuth Amenca Were It not that of clay, for the purpose or mtroducmg 'l'nto lhlS COUll the tdet bas prevailed that our revenue regulatwns made try onli' such as wete of unequaled excellence Dated rt practically tmposstble to slup ctgars tcY those matkets March, 1876'." [F1om the C l,(tnnalt Pnce Cun-enl, J'um 29] wtth a lkehhood of selltng them there, 1t IS probable that (Here foUow the names of a large number of firms We devote a large portion of our space tbts week to a larg.: trade would ha' e been for some t1me established located m all parts of the U mted States] mformauon regardmg the grow10g crops In the deF ortnately, we noy, hayereas Goebel & limes,' mm;t be based upon agncultural prospenty, and :buyer dei11res to keep that matter a secret. fhe brand Son, at Grossalracmxle a pot room, a ptpe factor-Y, for thts reason, tffor no other, the prospects of an 10crease on the bottom of boxes of can be du;;>ensed Vltth wtth blowers, etc, at work 1 hese pamtm s are very m ,he surplus capital of the country by the productiOns wbeo the ctgars ire mtended for, expo attoa and are ex mterestmg, as il.tey show the workmen at' thev va nous of the sot! becomes a matter nf tnterest to men m all ported a manufacturer desues to export ctgars posts, and brmg before the eye the ac1ual worklllg of kmds of busmess, and even to those who have no bust he should omit havmg h1s boxes branded at the manu the bus mess The glassmen talie great mterest 10 Jlless-laborers as well as capitalists-those who have no factory where they are made, and shtp them wuhout as ts evtdenced by the number whQ VISit the stand mcome at all, as well as those who have a fixed mcome brandmg after they are filled 1 he wparent nmdrance 1'he speeunens, o [ ctv sbawa are from the Company's In VIC,W .of thiS fact, we have taken considerable pa10s to heretofore eXIstmg on account of the brand resultei:l from new mme, and were taken out th1s year fhey are said seek mformatton from rehable parues m several hun the prar-ttce of the ctgar trade m r e cetvmg thetr boxes to surpass any thtng tn that hoe that bas been produced dreds of counties m ,the West, and, 10 reply to our mter already branded from the manufactones Netther. the and exported to thts cquntr} After leavmg thts stand have brought out'the reports presented 10 law nor the regulattons requ1re that they should be we exammed some clays exhtbtted by other parties It thts connectton, whtch have been condensed so as branded or otherwtse embelltshed until they are sold or IS strange, but th2 shown by Gundlack Brothers, from to furmsh the mam facts as comprehensively as posstble for consumptiOn mmes m the same place, showed a large sprmklmg of In glancmg over these crop reports, the fact stands uon, anut by far the larger num whtle, as we wert: mfonned, Goebel's pot day, espt:ctally ber report the mcrease as about zs per cent 1 he corn selected for glass purposes, ta1ker, $40 For the guidance of planters the tollowmg regu a 10ns must be observed -Hogsheads of the first two clases must wetgh not less than 1,3ao pounds net Dark wrappers not less than I,ooo pounds F1llers and smokers from packages of not less than soo pounds net Brtg,nt wrappers from flackages of not less than 1 so pounds It ts des1rable tllat the tobacco be all sampled A THREATENED DROUTH -A Tennessee letter, pub 115bed ta conJunction wttlh our market report, contams the first mhmatton we have seen ot posstble drouth m the Southern tobacco section resultmg from the recent hot weather Ram m excess ts generally the complamt from the plantmg reg10ns A tnp m any drrect10n here at the North wtll dtsclose the fact that all vegetatiOn ts suffenng greatly for the want of ram The grass every where looks as tf 1t had been toasted b} a fire and we have been apprehen s ive that the tobacco h e re and at the South and We s t would be lDjUred by drouth MEAD'S REVENUE BILL -WASHINGTON, :July9 -Mr. Mornson, Chatrman of the Committee of Ways and what there ts of 11," etc, all of whtch shows that the quality of the wheat wll be unusually good and the wetght very heavy, wbtch wtll go far toward maktng up foi the delictency m the amount sown and the apparent light y1eld There ts generally teported a snort crop of barley and a fatr crop of rye and oats Grass ts fine everywhere, ;lnd tf the wea1her 1S favorable for cunog, Ohto will have a very large and fine crop of hay Potatoes are domg well Peaches and pears generally poor, but other frutt ahundant In Ind1eoa the same general features are shown b) the reports as m Oh1o, no pombl giVe a latr mdtcauon of the whole State The of corn, wtth few ex ceptlons, IS gtven at 20 to :zs per cent. mcrease, wtth a good stand and excellent condlltou, and thiS ml\y be taken as the average, the few reports gtvmg a large mcrease brtRgmg up the average on those wlucb report about the same as last yeac, and thnse few locaht1es wht!l'e there IS a small decrease Wheat IS reported at one fourth to one half a crop, but of good qualuy Ot.lier gram seems to be about a fatr average Grass abundac.t Potatoes fine Fruit medtum The reports from llhnots 10d1cate a large mcrease n the of corn, but not so large as m Oh10 and lnd ana The average tncrease IS probably about IS to zo per cent for wbtle the general report ts zo to 30 per ceilt mcrease, there: are some sections showmg a de. crease Its condttlon, wtth few exceptiOns, IS prom Ism g. Wheat, however, IS much better th11n m Ohto and Indt ana, the esttmates bemg from one half to a full av e r age crop. Other gram ts generally 111 a favorable condttton, and the prospect for frutt good In Iowa there IS a large mcrease m the acreage of corn, probably an average of IS per cent wllh fine pros pects for a good crop Other gram ts domg well, although there are exceptional complamts tegardtng wheat l he crop of hay will be large mencement of therr career to the present time fhey dtscern e d at the outset that m orde r to wm dtstmctton m a pursutt already, and for a long ttme, embracmg names notable for h t gh a chie v ement, tt was neces sary for new competitors for popular favor to estabhsh at the begm mng a reputatiOn both for sktll a nd rehab i hty, and to thts end they have umformly labored That th e tr efforts have Leen crowned wtth emment su cc ess 1s mademamfest not only by the umversal populanty of thetr produ c tiOns, and the eager d!:mand for them a t all trade centers, but also by the populanty of the firm ttself, the esteem m wbtch 1t IS held bemg general and endunng More agreeable, as well as more competent gentlemen than compose the membership of thts firm It would be dlflicult to find They promptly secured and can not fatl to mamtam a Ieadmg pos1t10n among the great tobacco manufacturers of the Umted States Auswen to ::orresponden&8 R & F, PHILADElLPHIA -fbe mformatton yeu destre wtll appear m .our next Issue ::orresJH)ndenee, Eon oR 1 oBACCO LEAF -We are ctgar manufacture-rs m the l h1rd D1str1ct of thts ctty, and have been 10 formed that tt ts the mtentlon of the Government to do away wtth the f hud Dtstnct and to consohctate It wllh the l btrtv second Distnct, the office to be down m Cedar Street If such change should be made 1t Will entatl great bardshtps on us small manufacturers, wtth out m the least benefitmg the Government We are taxed heavy enough now, God knows, what wuh the cash outlay for stamps, the tnne lost m pastmg them on, the lime lost m pastm,2; on caution labels, can celhng stamps, keep10g revenue books, makmg returns, and gomg through all the many details requtred of us, our lime ts pretty well occupted, and we do all th1s work wtthout any recompense We buy our stamps when we need th e m, m small quantlttes, and have to go to the collector's office several limes a week Lucktly for us the office has been located tn our neghhorbood, but 1f th1s consohdauon takes place and the office of the col; lector w1ll be m Cedar Street, as I am mformed, JUSt thmk of the hardsbtp 1m posed on us We wtll have to lose two hours' ttme at least every ttme we have to go to the collector s office These two hours wtll be taken up m walltmg to and from our factones, but that may not be all There are about 300 manufacturers tn the Thtrty second Dtstnct, and the clencal force lh the collector's office there IS no doubt arranged to attend to 300 manufacturers There are about 900 manufacturers m our dtstnct, the thtrd, and you Will at once percetve that we wtll, tn addtlion to time lost m walkmg the two m1les each way, lose constderable ttme 10 attendmg to our busmess m the office of the Collector, "'betller tt ts m makmg re turns, buymg stamps. or anv other busmess that m:oay call us' It matters httle who IS to \ile Collector, J;;ut tt seems wrong to us to break up a dtstnct, and to put 900 manufacturers to a deal of 10convemence, because '\ Collector 111 the Thtrty second Dtstnct, who bas only one thtr.d the number of manufacturers m h1s dtstnct, has greater polmcal mfiuence than other Col lectors have Has the poor man no nghts at all m th1s country? Will you see th1s IDJUSllce take place wttbout ratsmg your votce and usmg yuur pen agamst this outrage ? We hope not I Investigate th1s matter at once, or It wtll be too lo.te Help us with your mfluence, agttate thts questiOn thorouJO:;hly, lay thts matter be(ore the au thoctles a WashmgtonJ and perhaps they wtll prevent thts. great IDJUStlCe from betng accom;;l1shed SEVERAL CIGAR MANUFAC'l'URER S WOMAN A.ND THE WEED. Yet, m a qutet, covert way, and such precautions to msure concealment as are, at least, a tnbute of re spect to the conventronahttes, smokmg ts all the whtle earned en by goodness knows whose Sisters and daughters and sweethearts and w1ves. In boardmg houses of more than average respectability I have, 10 vanous ways, been made aware of the fact someumes by revelations of a pracflcal nature, somettmes bv trrefragtble cnams ., of evtdence aomettmes by duect dtsclo sures, made m moments of confidence by some one among a gUilty cotene less reticent or more recklesr. than the rest One bouse I call to nuod, 10 wbtch my room, l:iemg thoroughly tmpregnated wtth the smoke myself had made, was selected as the ladtea' rendezvous, m the belief that the effect of the 1ncense thetr c1g31s and ctgarettes tmght waft around" would be confounded with and lost m the pungent odors emttted from my ptpe Bat I have come home earlier than usual, and smelt too fresh a fragrance to be explamed away by lame excuses. The female panah ts, almost w1taout exception, a great smoker She and the Celuc crone who broods away extstence over apple and candy stands are the only vanetles of the sex who so let the light of thctr ppes and ctgars shme before men as to glonfy theu mdulgence by the open candor wherewith tt 11 mdulged 1hroughout Europe only old women smoke ptpes, ex cept m some of the mtmn::; dtstncts 111 England Smok 10g there at all by women l!i fashiOnable nowhere but m Spam Even the example of the Empress bas failed to render 1t so m France It has never found favor m a hgher cucle than the demz monde Whtle tebacco for smokmg has had few acknowledged votanes among women of exalred social statton, snuff has enjoyed considerable dtstmctlon as a tttttllant of hgh born female noses, from the exqutsttely chtselled ayuthne of Lady Betty Hay to the deliciOusly ptquant nez utrousse of the Duchess of Devonshire. Women of quahty, a century and less ago, could not sttr wtthout thetr snuff. boxes-splendtd little Jeweled, enameled re ceptacles of an e tghth of an ounce or so of perfumed mild rappee The coquetry ef the snuff box wtth them waa u elaborate and euucma; an art as that of the fan, and there was but one.iavor a WOIJian of those days could grant a man greaten than to ltave hts mtmature mserted 111 the hd of thl$ tmportant toy Q_ueen Anne snuffed mordmately, as dtd Her Grace of Marlborough a cucumstance which suggested Lord Bolingbroke's famous sneer "The nauon 1S goveraed by a patr of snuffers-no wonder the light of us glory IS extmgu!Shed The admunstratlon of snuff nasally remamed m vogue for many years As a faahton tt was at tts betgbt about the penod wherem Thackrray bas latd the plot of hiS "Esmond" and "Vugtmans" The beauttful Beatnx, no doubt, archly 10haled a gram or two, now and then, as she was so cruelly tormentmg her poor CGUSID, as, 10 after years, when she became the wtcked old Bernstem, she took 1t by the thumb-and finge1-full m the presence of royalty In thts country, old ladtes of the most prectse and pohshed antecedents and assoctattons contmued the anctent manner of ustng snuff long after the Revolution was accomplished and moat of 1ts memones bad be come dtm shadows of the past. At whllt ume snuff was perverted to the vtle purpose of "Dtppmg," or "DI&;g10g''-as tt ts someumes called -does not clearly appear lL ts to be presumed that 60Ctety IS mdebted for tbts ha.btt to tlie Indian There ts an abongmal flavor of nastmess about It that seems to tncontroverttbly estabhsh the fact at once Dtppmg ts the practice of thrustmg a softened slick mtG snuff, contamed m a cup or other vessel, and then rubbmg 1t mto the space covered by the tnstde of the BY SCHUYLER BRIGHTLY upper bp The process IS a very 11Cken10g one to see, [Concluded.] 1 suftictently so when perfor111e& by a young and pretty The weed, whtch, m the days of James the Count.,r gtrl with a sound and even set of teeth, but when thts blaster, prelattcal pnests and puntanmcal pastors altke ta not the case, 1 t IS absolutely revoltmg vtuperat1vely denounced, has always first been used tn Yet wherever one goes through the extreme West, the some kmd ot ptpe It ts more than likely that Poca So.uthwest and the South, one dtppmg and sp1tt1og. hontas mdulged m a meerschaum of her penod, as fe Of thts, though, we have been told before by many males of her race are suoposed to have done for genegraphtc wnters, and tt ts no longer new but of the fact rat10ns prevtous At any rate, we Str Walter Ra that dtppmg has been Introduced mto New York little IS leigh's testimony to the fact of hts seemg Indtan women known and the statement that siJch IS the case w11l sur smokmg when he first came upon them m the wtlds of pnse and alarm all who hav i1ad expenence of 1ts North Carohna But 1t ts uncertam when the pracuce abommable concomitants and fearful consequences was first mtroduced among whtte women, most proba. It was first brought to tbts cuy by creole and colored bly, however, early m theseventtenth century, among female emtgrants froTB New Orleans They commum the meaner class of enforced colomsts deported from cated the mfecuon to thetr stster outcasts, and the dts England to her settlements m Vtrgtma The hab1t m-ease-for 1 t can be called by r.o other name-grew by creased and "pread w!lh the mcrease and spread of pop .slow degrees at first, but surely, and bas been growmg ulallon through the Southern country, uultl now women now some twenty-five or th1Tly years, ttll u IS raptdly as of a respectable grade m soctety rr.ay be seen smokmg summg dtmenstons wh1ch some means should be de clay p1pes and strong tobacco, wtth scarcely any effort Vlsed for checkmg So long as tt was confined to the at concealment, even m the presence of strangers class who first adopted 1t httle )tarrn was done. One I remt:mber, when out as a newspaper correspondent' vtce more or tess 1,. but an mctdent m the record of thetr w,Hh the Army of the Potomac, lodgmg at a pleasant wretched 1 ves But the terrthle ev1l IS nakmg tts way farm near Brentsvtlle The master of the house, a 10s 1 d 1 ously 1 nto more respectable etrcles of soctety staunch Umon man from New Jersey, had a very charm It may be satd that thts ts only a hl>eral "guid" pn1 10g daughter who dtd nut smoke at least she never let gu11 for all the offenstve mdlJ:Dlt)' whtch ch'ewm&: tobacco me see her She expressed extreme averaton to the by man has heaped upon the olfactory seo1118ihues of pracuce, and spoke w1th horror of tts prevalence, and -woman It may be left to heaJtby-minded women she declared that young and tenderly nurtured gtrls, IDeto dectde if' there 1s any parallel. longmg to the nchest and proudest famthes m the neighYet, as before stated, the ev1l JS steadily ud percep borhood, smoked to an extent that would be regarded ttbly expalldtag There 1 s not a tobac:coallt m town as dangerously excesstve even among men and not who does not lteeo a spectal ktnd of snuff for the ex ctgarettes, nor etgars, nor yet elegant little chtbouks or press accommodatton of women. It 11 a partial secret narghtles, fashtoned to sutt the1r dehcate hps, but short, of ttie trade, only famthar to the 111,1tiated but the traC black dudheens from the North, and ptpes of nattve 111fie wtll soon be conducted openly, unless wutaan herself venuon made Qf a reed stuck mto a bowl of red earth can be mduced to rehoqutsh or refram from tlae pernior a corn cob CJous l!abtt whtch austams 1t ""But how do they learn to do tt," I asked "where Of the chewmg of tobacco by women m either "plug' do they acqu1re so shockmgly depraved a taste?" or" fine cut" form 1 t 1s scarcely necess'ary to speak. It "Claddren here," 5be aatd, are left enurely to the 18 done to some extent among the agricultural peasantry care and company o( tbe1r negro Aunues,' or Mam of South Germany among the Indtans and the pnaliltc:s,' and these keep the ptpe constantly gotng tnceswhiles aJtd negroes' of the South TbU: manner of ensantly When ts only two or three years olcl, joying the weed does not prevail with wOJDen m New cunostty and the mstinet of tmttatton tmpel 11 to grasp York It would, perhaps, be difficult to find a at what seems an attracuve playtbmg, and baby like, to cases 18 the whole c 1 ty put tt 10 Its moJuth At first, the effect, of course, ts When Str Walter Raletgh-most fasttdtous and gallant nauseatmg, but the little ones Innocently persevere, of men-brought the fragrant weed tct the acquamtance until the v1le taste and odor t>ecome endurable, then of ctvtllzed man, and, consequently, of woman, be little agreeable, and eventually, an mfant passton _Soon as th ht t hat vtle purposes It might be put. they can talk they beg for leave to 'do as auntie does,' oug 0 w and the poor Ignorant nurse thmks It 50 cunom' to see Had he tmagmed the me rest fraction of the dtsas-de chtle puff de smoke Jes like any growed pusson, that trous results of hts dtscovery. he never would have ac she encourages the attempt, until it develops mto a c;on cwmphshed hts twelve years of compulsory board and stant and meradtcable craHng" loflgtng 111 the Tower of London In less than twelve I remember, too, when 111 Raletgh, wtth Sherman's hours, aq11a tuphana, or some other sutctdal agent of the army, boardmg at the hQuse of a lady whose husband penod, would have been taken m a large enough doe bad been a Jeadmg lawyer and one of the most culuvatcd to eflectually exptate the prospecttve evtls from meu m the State She, herself, thouJ!:h forty years of bts mtsgutded of enterprrse, and, so far as one life age, was till a handsome woman, by no means aefictent could be regarded as an adequate sacnfice, have atoned 10 etther manners, 10fotmauon, :>r I sur-for the fearful miSchtef whereof he was destmed to be priSed her, one mornmg, rockmg m a chatr and puff. the author.


'JULY 12 :THE TOBACCO-MARKET, DOMESTIC. NEW YORK, july I r. The business of the past week in the tobacco market has not been large in any ,department, but there have been regular da1ly S:\les which in the aggregate amount to a reasonably fatr total for the season. The week succeeding the Fourth of July is rarely an active one, and in the present instance there has been the diSBdvan tage of excessively hot weather to contend against. The heat for the most of the time has been such as to make it almost impossible to venture upon the market ; en, at all events, to make it much more agreeable to pass the sweltering hours of the day ice-water, fans, easy chairs and newspapers were readily accessible, rather than where work was to be done, an4, as a necessary the volume of sales show a corresponding decrease compared with those of the preceding week. Still, as before intimated, the last six days have been by no means dull ones, and but for the prev10us com parative activity would pass for moderately brisk ones. In Western leaf there has been somethmg done by all classes of buyers, the Regie ge_ntlemen, among other5, evincing a to participate' in transactions adapted to their requirements, wh1le the purchasers for German account have been steady inquirers for the class l()f goods latterly sought and taken by them. Among the sales we Bote about 100 hogsheads of hght leaf, for prices are w1thout appreciable change; while for rich heavy sorts, for -which an mcreasmg de mand, an advance may be noted. For common lug s there Is little tJr no inqUiry, and prices are reported easy. Crop advice& are less promising than they were. A local factor just returned from a tour of inspeclton sayos. -"In the Clafksvtlle and Western district I do not believe there will be more than h illf a crop In the lower Green River district serious damage has bet:n done by '\he rain and floods. Iii the upper Green R iver dis trict possibly three-fourths of a crop may fie rarsed. But the whole of the tobacco looks unpromismg wherever it bas been set out. In Missoun they have a good stand, and up to the past ten days there was a fair prospect for a goAd crop." A letter from Macon, dated July 5, says --" We can not make a crop 'of tob acco in th1s State with such weather as we liave bad and are having. Plant s can't grow m water and mud, surrounded by weeds and grass. Heavy ant! contmued rain s ; every thmg overflowed ; farmers three to !our weeks behmdhand wah their work. This is tht! 5th o[ Julv and tob.ICCO l ooks )ll$t as 1t. rlid when first plan teo, a r n d the ground in a worse fix. The prospect IS the I h av e ever 'een for a crop. "Ve can't make haRf a crop unless drop all e se, which they c a n ncot do." A letter of t'le 8th, I rom Springfi el d, Ter.n., says:"The p lantmg 1:; now abou t over and we feel confident that one tlurd of a crop I> a l a rge esttm a t e, even m acreage, and ""1 equ trt! a late fall to make a onechtr d crop 1n pound,," Another letler l un' -New Providence, Tenn., July 6.-"Weathe r dry and hot. with every a.p!Jeanmce of drouth, not over" Q UARIER of a crop now standing, and I gwe t! as my suut'fe c om'IC/Ion tlzat 110! Qne-1/ur d of a : crop w1ll P< rqued w /Itt> un:medzate sec/iQil thz s -year. You won't believe th1s, nnr d .d I unul I carne here.'' The following 1s from :-\'I have made ex tensive inquiry m the last t e n dlays m regard to the crop prospects, anCI after com;,>J.ring all mv notes and reports from the different section>, I m 1ake the general average as follows :-West Tennessee has July I, about one-third of an average crop-stands bad. Clarksville diatrict has set a th1rd or 40 per cent. of an avetage crop; what is set doing well up to tpis time Upper Cumberland has set from one-quarter to a third of an crop; wllh favorable seasons f1om this tlme on and a late Fall, these sections will set from half to two th1rds of a crop, but to do th1s we must have good sea sons for the next IS or 20 days. You w1ll please remember that tobacco set in the latter part of Jttne and in July nQt,. with the rp9st favorable seasons, OVef JOO Or 350 pounds to the acre. 'Should we have good 5easons, and should we be able to set the 'amount of tobacco that I havre mdic:ated, sav about a two-third crop, we can not reasonably expect more than an average of 300 or 3SO pounds to the acre, which would not -give us more than one-third or 40 per cent. in pouhds of an average crop. If these three tobacco aections prodwce th1s aeason or 40 per cent. of an average crop I shall be most agreeably surprised; the next rs or 20 days will !Iettie the matter. It is not a questiOn w1tlt u& whether we will raise a full crop; but the question now 1s, will we be able to set out half or two-third-; of an average crop, and what that half ..or two-thirds of a crop set out this late m the season will produce?'' "Evansv11le, Ind., July 7.-In our coupty here all low lands are drowned out and the tobacco abandoned, and we hear the same complaints from Kentucky. Indiana will positively not 'raise mucn over half a crop. Kentucky is pur at two-thirds in the best localities. We enclose a slip out of to day's paper:'-' Kentucky Crops-The crop of tobacco in Henderson County this year w1ll not be a two-third5 y1eld. Mr. Wm. Elam, on the Knoblie ro:ld, informed us last week that out or sixtyfive acres which he bad planted, the rain de stroyed tbirty-tive acres; and Mr. Jos. Dixon, on the same road, has lost forty-three acres of his croJil. Be ides these losses, Mr. Faulkner, on the Mad1sonv1lle road, will lose fifteen acres of hts crop. Messrs. J as. and rank LocKett have lost about twelve acres; Mr. Walter Lockett about twelve acres; Mr. John and Strauch an Hopkins about e ight acres ; and indeed every farmer in the c;ountry who planted any of his land in tobacco, which is on low bottom w1ll lose his labor. Corp, wheat and oats, however, are lookmg fine, many farmers are busy resetting tabaccosuch as can get the plants-and cutting their wheat.'" M;,essrs. Sawyer, Wallace & Co. report :-Weitern Leaf-There has been more Reg1e inqu1ry since rst instant, with a continued demand from German Shippers. The sales reported amount to 731 hhds, but they are supposed to be larger. We note no change in prices for ordinary sorts, but fat selections are c h1gher and scarce, especially medium leaf, at I4@I5c, which is most wanted. Low colory Mason County goods are also wanted at 7@9c. The adv1ces from the West con tinue unfavorable. Contmued nuns have done much damage by drowning, scalding and frenching, besides putting the crop itJ the weed..s. In the Southern, coun tiea of Kentucky a half crop is now an Olitside estimate, still they will continue plaJlting this month. Vuginia a half crop; Maryland a half to three-quarters planted. bt week. 2d. week. 3d :week. tth week. &th wrek Total. Jl!.n: 473 I,o68 720 792 347 3,4o8 Feb-_ 286 645 662 34S Msrch 300 694 847 476 ----s,ooo ApriL 9113 947 936 I 934 ---4,8oo May. x,38a f,z74 .2,z46 ;>4571 1 ,r.p 8,soo June_ 192 946 _, 470 412 1,180 3,2oo July--73I 731 The circular or Messrs. D. -J. Garth, Son & Co. ob serves:The excess of business duri!lg May and the improved crop conditions gave us a rather qu1et market during the month pa&t. The transactibns were mamly confined to the bette! class of leaf of heavy desct1 ption for export, while lugs and low to medium grades of leaf were to a great extent neglected. bought very spanngly, haying lam m very fa1r stocks during the month prev1ous. The trade w11l no doubt soon adjust itself to the altered condition of things, and we can reasonably assume tl:iat we shall have a regular market again m due, course Qf time. During our dull spell W c:stern markets were well maintained, parlicu larly for leaf af mertt. Crop accounts have THE TOBACCO LEA: F. continued to improve ; fr9m some sections, however, there IS great d1vers1 ty of opuuon regardmg the extent of the Jillantmg. A large crop 1s accorded to Missouri, an average one to the .Green River or Henderson district ; one-half to two-thirds to the Clarksville region, and three-fourths to the Paducah or Western district. These, howe ver, may be regarded as outside estimates. V1rg-mza Leaf-We note the sale of some smokers and that is about all. If there were fine bright wrappers here they could be sold. Good lugs and shipping leaf are also wanted. Sud Ltaj-The reported sales in this market were r,I6o cases, agamst, r,4co last week. We hear of another liale ot a thousand cases Pennsylvama to bacco in Bremen. Referring to crop prospects an East Hartford, Conn. letter says :-"The crop in the field is very poor for the time of year on account of drouth. We are all dned up. If rain does not soon fall there w1ll be no help for the crop." Messrs. Chas. E. Ftscher & Bro., Tobacco Brokers I3I Water Street, report as follows concernmg Sees leaf :-Busmess during the past week was quiet w1th sales of about I,r6o cases at unchanged prices CQnntcticut-Ttie' principal dealing of th1s kind con sisted m I87 5 crop seconds anrl fillers, of whtch 350 cases were sold at 13@15c for former, and 7c for the latter. Besides this, so cases crop 1874 wrappers at ISC, and about roo cases t8p-1,873 m small lots were taken, making a total of sao cas es Massac!iusells met w1th httle notice, and also New Y"rk .5/a!e, m wh1ch kmd sales m a jQbbmg way were made only. P e nn sy lvatzia was dealt in to the extent of about rso cases, of wlnch 100 cases in small lots, cropr875, partly wrapper lots, at 2o@28c, and so cases r874, low grades, on private ierms. ALICANTE-Baring Brothers, 1 5oo bales i'corice root, so cs do juice. BoRDEAUX -Du Vivier & Co., 25 cs juice. CHAMPATAN-J. W. Wilson & Co., I cs cigarettes. LIVERPOOL-Order, 26 pkgs tobacco. S. Kinney, 1 bale tobacco; Order, s do HAVANA-Martinez Brothers,ZI9 bales tobacco; Gonzalez Brothers, 27 do; F. Marquez, :u:z do, F. Miranda & Co., 213 do; F. GarCia, 2lr) do; C. T Bauer & Co. 3 cs c1gars; G. W. Faber, f! do; C. Palacio, 2 do; Fred. DeBary & Co., 2 do; H. R. Kelly 5 do; F. Gar cia, 10 do; W. H. Tliomas' & 29 do; Acker, Merrall & Cond1t, 25 do; Purdy & Io do; H lves, 5 do, Michaehs & Lindemann, 4 do. \ EXPORTS. From the port of New York to foreign ports for the week ending July I I, were as follows :ANTWERP-99 h!Jds, 177 cases. BREMEN-3II hhds, 635 cases, I do Jbs) fufd. BRITISH 22 cases, 211 pkgs (45,438 lbs) mfd. BRITISH WEST lNDIES-2 .hhds, J_I pkgs (670 Jbs mfd. CANADA-37 bales. CUBA-129 pkgs (I 5,300 lbs) mfd. DANISH WEsT INDIEs--3 hhds. GEN0A-63I hhds. GLASGOW-127 hhds, 28 cases. HAMBURG-4 c.-ases. HAVRE-7 hhds. '> LIVERPOOL-I,j87 hhd;, 146 pkgs (26 067 Jbs) mfd. LONDON-591 hhds, ISr pkgs (20,852 lb>) mfd NEw GRENADA-37 bales, IS pkgs (r,372 lbs) mfd. PoRTO Rrco-47 bales. ROTTERDAM-48 hhtls 308 cases. VRNEZUELA-2 hhds, II bales, 2S pkgs (2,836 Jbs) mfd. Ohz11-Sales of this kind reached 480 cases, all told, at for low runnin g crop, r87s; s}.{c for fair assorted cr op, I875; S*@6c 1'or a ssorted crop, r874; DOMESTIC RECEIPTS. and 15c for wrappers, crop 1873 l.fhe arnv a l s at the port of New, York, from :Jomestic, WzscMsm and ItfmQt s met with little inqu i ry We intenor and coastw ise ports for the week ending July hear of sales of about 30 wrappets o f the latter 11. were 5,9 7 2 hhds, G8 trc s 52 qtr trcs, r,ro7 cs, 979 kmd on pnvate terms. pkgs, r tub, 3 bx s rss three-qt r hlf 46 Spamsh-Fo'r Havana the demand, was third bxs 2 qtr bxs, 1 c ad, z l;>bls snuff, 3 cs cigarettes, light e r tha n of late, an<\ th e report sales only amounted consigned as fpllow s :-to about 400 bales at 85@ 95 c and $t@r.Io. DY THE, ER tE RA!LROAD--R L. Mairland & Co 89 The Meosrs. F1scher report:-Havana was m moderate hhds, Sawyer, Vallace & Co, 18s do, Blakemor e, M ayo demand. Sales about 400 bales at 8s@95c, and some & C o., 37 do; D. J. G a rth Son & Co, 96 do ; F W. Tat fine parcels at $1@LI. o. r I ge nhor sl, 6 do; Pollard, 'Pettus & Co., 14 do; Drew & Manufact"!red-:-Busm .ess.m Cavendish ci rcl es w as atr Dean, 1 rio; S E. '1 ho mp son, 4o d o ; B urb a nk & Nas h \.lunng the mqutry bemg fully up to th_e u s ual Hand 64do; Garrott & Gnnter, 28 do: Kremelberg & Co S ard for both export and consumptiOn. Pnces he re are do, 1 h as Kmmcutt, 28 d o ; W 0 Smrth & Co, do; unchanged, but we hear of advances m Rtchmond on <;;has. F. Tag & Son, 5 do, Fox, [J1 lls & C o 40 pkgs, account ot the cost of leaf of two cents a pound on fine W ise & Bendbeun, 26 do; Order, 2 ,0 53 hhdo, :z2 pkgo. grades We learn also of who have B Y THE HuD SON RIVER RAILROAD-Sa wyer Wallace otopped w o rk unul there be, 1f there 1s to b e m ore & Co, 1 1 l,bds, J a r v 1 s & Co., 2 do; Joseph Mayer's Sons, equa h .y m the pnces.o f le a f and 273 p kg ; Wm. Egge rt & Co, 26 do ; C. H. Spitzne r good,, Grocers report an Improved mqutry, but m-204 do; J. R. Sutton, 20 d o F. C. Lmde & C o 5 do, crease l necessay for careful scrutmy m the case of H. K. & f, B. Thurber & Co, 25' do; S. Ledeter, rs do, orders fr o m parlles not thoroughly l.nown. Carl Upmann 49 do Kremelberg & Co. 46 do Order F k ... hd d '' ''' Smokmgo r smo rug to ... acco t e eman w as f! do. steady for general BY THE NATIONAL LtNE-Sawyer, V allace & Co., and dealers report a regular 90 hhds, F w Tatgenhorst, 54 do; Buroank & Nash, mquay. \lllhout noticeable change. 109 do, Thoo. Kmmcutt, 2 do, A. C L & 0. Meyer, 4 Golil opt:ned at III* do; 'Jarvts & Co., 12 do; Garrott & Gnnter, 49 do; D Forezgn M & S. Sternberger, D ows & Co .. 3 do ; S E. Thompson, s o do, Kremelberg Bankers, report as follows last week ex & C.J. 14 do; J H. Moore & 29 do; Pollard, Pettus change rates (at least for Sterhng) have been ra1sed. & C o., 6 8 de; Blakemore, Mayo & Co, 3S do: Ottinger Sttll t11e sellmg .rates have a Brothers, 7 5 do; p Lon11ard & Co., 5 t do, C. E. Fischer change. Gold shows, m accordance With predictiOn, & Brother, 40 cases, H. Welch, sz do; Order, 681 s1gn,; of weakness, and w1ll probably dechne yet. We hhds. quote nominal rates are 489 and 491 for BY rHE PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD-C. E. F1scher & 6o days and demand Sterling respectively; selliRg rates Brother, Ib cases, G. B Wtlaon, ISO pkgs; M. Lindheim, for 6o days, for demand; Com 11 do; C. A. Whitney & Co., so do., 6o _?ays, Pans-B,ankers, 3 days, BY NoRTH RIVER BoATs-D. J. Garth, Son & Co, 6o days, SIS@SI6j.{; Commercial, 6o 196 hhq, Thos. Kmnicutt, 17 do; F. W. Tatgenhorst, days, 520 Re1chsmarks-Bankers, 3 day:;, 9S?1i@96; 5 do; Sawyer, Wall ac e & Co., 258 do; S. E. Thompson, 6o days, 94%@9578 ; Commerc1al, 6o days, 78 do; Blakemore Mayo & Co., IS3 do; Garrott & Fretghts-Messrs. Carey & Yale, Freight Brokers, Grinter 93 do H Heowood 26 do Burbank & Nash r h f II L' I ' report tobacco 1re1g t;; as o ows:-tVetpoo, per steam, 46 do; Thos. Hoyt & Co., 6 do, Order, 54 do, 82 cases. nommal 4os; per sad, 3SS London, per steam, '3SS; BY THE NEw YoRK AND NEw HAVEN SrEAMBOAT sail, 32116d: Glasgow, per steam, 40s, nom mal. LJNE-Sciuoeder & Bon, 5 r cases; S. Barnett, 13 do, BnstQI per 45s; per liad, 3SS. Havre, Jatob Meyer, 3 do; T H. Spencer, I do; B Grotta, "!6 4SS; sail, 37s 6d. Antwetp, per steam, 47S6d; do; B. Atwater & Co 9 do; E Crawford, so do; M. per sat!, 37s. 6d. Bremen, per steam, 47s 6d.; per Westheim & Co., 2 do. Sail, 37s. 6d.@40S. Hamburg, per steam,, 47S. 6d. BY THE NEW Yo R K AND HARTFORD STEAMBOAT Z'AB.TIGV'IiAB. l'I'O'I'ICJI. LtNE-Wm. Eggert & Co., 27 cases; H Schuba_rt & Co., 8 do; Chas. F. fag & Son, I48 do; E. & G. Fnend & Co., z8 do; J ostph Mayer's Sons, 22 do; Fox, Dllls & Co., 3 do; F. C. Linde & Co., 3 do; M H. Levm, 7 d9; W Wasserman, 40 do. Growers of aced teat tobacco are cautioned qatnat ..... too.cpuna tl; ... report041 ules and ,uo!ationi of aeed l .. f u furmahins the proceo that ahould be obtained for t!tem at 6nt t:and, u these rerer in moat inatances to old croeo have been held nearly a year, and the profit on wh1ch naturally include the interest on capital investecL Growen cannot eipe't even 1n the cue of DCW crops, to 1ell them for the same pr1ce1 u arc obt:uned on a reaa.le here. Of coune evcr:y re-sale must bt at an ad vance, and therefore tile price obtainable by tbc crowen wtU always be IO{Pewhat lowet man our Quotations .._ "' "BY 'THE OLD DOMINIO:>l STEAMSHIP LINE-Kremel b;rg & Co. 3 hh ds; F. S. Kmney, 2 do; Burbank & I do; Sawyer, Wallace & Co., 2 do, 10 trcs P. Lonllard & Co., 7 do, 2 do ; P1oneer Tobacco Co., 2 do, QUOTATIONS OF WHOLESALE PRICES. 15 do, 3 bxs ; J. D. Keilly, Jr. 3 hhds, 1 tub; W. 0. ll"8 Asoorted Loto ........ -7 @ 8 55 three o.,r bxs do, 5 hlf bxs do; Dohan, Carroll & Co., Wuconlm-Crop 1873 and 1874 Havy L.a./- ssorted Lots_ ...... 6 @ 7M 31 case s mfd, z qtr bxs do; Wise & Bend helm, IO cases Lugs J 1 @ 9 OommoD .... .. 9 o SIJlkg, 3 do c1garettes; Martm & Johnson, 22 cases smkg, lrledum ...... uK 4 li&V&D&Fil,Com. S s @oo 5 do mid, A. s. Rosenbaum & Co. 10 c ases smkg, J. F. Good.................. @ do Good dt 92 ('!198 Ftne .................... 16 do t 'oue u oo@s J. Riques, 1 do; A Hen & Co., 100 do: G. W. Hillman, Se! ectlOU& uo .... 17-. @18 F.:ctra Ftne 1.115 I.a r-d C E L d B JkJ M I C 6 Vrgmta Luud. BY THE NEW YORK AND BAL',I'IMORE 'fRANSPORTA de extra a b1p'g, U @16 Poundi-EBlOIJ'I. Brla'ht Yellow Working-Extn. fiu .... .. ... .. 4s liiiW TION LINE-A. C. Lamotte, I hhd; R. & C. Dege ner, I F1llero .. .. / ........... to Fone ............ .. ;)6 do, Flmch, Edye & Co, 11 do-, We1ss,Eller&Kaeppel, Wrappen ............... 20 @'5 Good............ ...... @3 Smolong-Medmm .............. 23 @2 8 casGS smkg, 2 bbls snuff; N, "V1se, 6 cases smkg; M Luw .................... 8 <,omm< n .............. 18 Falk, 24 do, Allen & Co., I do '1 A. Kasprow1cz & Medtum to a;ood. ..... _.. ....... 15 15"'0 1 Pressed, e xtra line 35 Extra fine ............... 23 @3G L1ghtProsed fiLe .. --30 Brother, I do; C. E Lee, 2 do ; Moore, Jenkins & Co.1 OIo-ln'or t o go<-d COD1. S 1 Quart e r l'o uJidl.-}"iue 28 (p. 00 llrowu and Greenlell. 7 K 1 1\leolum ....... .. ........ 28 @26 46 third bxs do; March, Price & Co., 3 cases leaf ;'funch, Jiledlnn .. ud fine red ... 8 Corumon .......... 18 @2 0 Edye & Co., IOJ cases do. Com. to med. spangled 7 @ 9 Na'IJ!J Pounds -l!me 26 (f 3G Hne opanglen to"yellow 10 @s CoASTWISE FROM NEW ORLEANS-Toe!, Rose & Co., to com-Na111 Hal) Pownd s at&d Th: artU & J S G & mon ................ 3 @ FIDe .................. 23 185 hhds; :Bl;lkemore, Mayo Co., IO do, ans Seund comwou. sX An.y @30 Son, 1 do; Order, 94 do. Good do 6 NaTJ, 4' aud 5o ....... 20 (ij:80 J H B lrledinm................ @ 9 l"oelretl'loceo .. ......... 2 5 @'30 COASTWISE FROM <>AVANNAK, ergmann, S Good t o line r e d .. .... 9 @ u Brtght !'wiSt tVa) m c h 22 (a)40 pke;s. t'aucy...... ... 13 @ 2 o Bright Gold Bau. 61nch 80 @,40 Upper counuy ,6S2 R ough" Beady ........ 26 fA35 BALTIMORE, '.July 8 -Messrs. Ed. Wischmeyer & Gtonod leaf. new... . 3 @to BLAO X "uotatt.;..,.'Corl!leed LeaCTo. N&oy.Poufld-Fin ....... 2/i @2S Co., Tobacco Merchants, report :-Inspec-lla&eo a..ttable Cor Home Mediuro ............. 18 @26 tions of Ma1yland tobacco contmue light, but of OhtQ Trade. NOA>JI HaV Poundo """ 7'/urda] b ] F "" d h L L h t b c ... ..,ct -;11 -Crop ,871 to 73. :Fine ....... __ .. _21 @26 more 1 era. or "'"ary.\md F 26 @21! a mod dem4nd, pnnc1pally for France, Bremen and Seconds ................. 10 @15 uar ,1ne I) "' Common Wrappen .... 18 @25 uood ................ o @23 Holland, and most of the arrivals have found buyers at Good Wrappena 3 0 @ o Common to mediwn 16 f 11 'l' h h I b f d d Select lons ............. 45 @ss ......... 18 @26 pretty 11 rates. ere as a so een a a1r eman CroP. . Second.-..... 8 10 Ct.gar3-1)(\meat1c. '-=' W rappers ............... s o H o...a 4, do sound common, $Aso@6; do good common, Runnuag [.oU...... .... 8 @, avaua .................. ,.. p,,....,.,,.. ,.,.-crop ,57 and t87a. Seed and Havana .. ..... ""-90 $6.50@7; do middling, $8@9; good to fine red, (al n Scrap tiller 15@ 4! ,; Connecticut Seed ......... s@ 3! $9@12; fancy I3@20j upper COUntry, j ground Crop 1873 Ordtnary .................. 18@ '5 leaves, new, $3@10. O! to good comABs'orted Lots .......... "" @S Cheroot& and ll 00@1 S W mon, 4!4@6-, greenish and brown, 417@7", mediUm tO CroWPra1ppe8 n ................ 30 @so S"'lff-M'accoboy ; ..... 86@88 f' f' 874-Roppee, French ... ... --@ 1 "" fine red, 8@10; com 'mon to medium spangled, 7@9; Auorted Lots ......... n Bco,.h laadyfoot .. 815@-815 U K t'olleno .................. 6 8 commo n ............ --@-611 fine spangled to ye ow, 1o@15 entucky-common Crop -.merican Gentleman 88 d 1 "6 @8 Cl bv"ll' ..... d fl @ Aoa01ted .............. S @2! SubJec t to diecouut to the Wbeleto gOO ugs f' SO SOj ar l n;; 0, 1'7 9j COm Nnv y.,A;Stat-Crop 1873 sale lrade. mon leaf, 9@Io; mediUm leaf, .. 10@11; fatr to good, ortedLota .......... o @s Lic orico. eu ..... ncy. fine, $x5@I7; selections, f,t8@2o. V:rginia Crop 1874. A 0. S ................ -18 Aorted Lots .......... 8 @12 Gold. -Common and good lugs,; common to Oku.-crpp1873 "G. C... 460l!>c .. s ... 28Ji _,. 1 f eorted Lots...... .... 1 @ SX I 'MF ................. 19 l:>ec:onda ................ 6 @ R. R.".................... 10 Cleared-98 hhds tobacco to Liverpool, 55 do to West F1llero ................. 4X(S) slJ "W. s, .................... Indies, 04i4--Crop 1874 11G .. 8 ...................... .. Assorted Lou.... .. l @ 6 IMPORTS. The arri vals a t the port of New York from foreign ports, for the week eudmg July u, inch:tdednd steamers, 3,550 pkgs, and per Norfolk st:amers, 8o pkgs. / CINCINNATI, '.July 8.-Mr. F. A. Prague, Leaf TobaccQ lnj oeclor. reoorts :-The observance of the Fourth as a hohday ill the reaso n of our having to repo' rt so small a wee k's business in L eaftQbacco The offer mgs at auction were mostly low grades of new, for wh1ch the market seems a httle easJer, though are not quotably lower. Shippers are not offeppg many of their better grades, believing that afler the stock of old yet on hand i s consumed, manufacturers will be willing to pay h1gher Reports from the country continue very favorable as regards thc-growmg :The tut-al offer ings at auctiOn forthe week were 8 9 6 hhds and 118 boxes as follows :At the Bodmann Warehouse, 195 hhds and 71 boxes -168 hhds Kentucky and Oh10 cutting tobacco 36 bhds old at $u@18; 132 hhds new at $4@rs.5o f o r common smokers to good cutting leaf; V ir gima at i7 boxes at $3 25@30; 3 do old Ohio Seed at $3 os ; 54 cases Ohto Seed leaf: 21 at $2 55@ 3 90 ro at $4S, 12 at $6 50@7 8o, to at $8 IS@r3, I at' $ r6 so' --At the Morns Warehouse, 196 hhds and :cbox hhds Kentucky and Oh10 cuttmg t obacco: 3 do o l d at $ 11.75 @ 13 I83 do new at $4 for com mon smokers to good cutting leaf; 4 do and 1 b ox n e w West Vugmia at $6 05@9 40. A t the Mtamt \Vareh o use q6 hhds and 38 boxes q 6 hhds Kentucky and Oluo cuttmg tobacco: 5 do old at$ro.75@x6; I7rdonew at $3@IS7Si uboxes at $; 27 casesOh. o Seed at $2@1375forfillers, l>mJers and w rappers. At the Planters' Ware house-, r85 hhds an d 3 boxes.r 71 hhds and I b o x Kentucky and Oh1o cuttmg tooacc?: 17 d o old at $t175@ t5 .25; 14 do and 2 boxes new West V1rgin 1 a at $3 30@1 1.25; :z boxes at $2.95At the Globe Warehouse, 1 so hhds and 5 boxes148 hhds an d 4 boxes Kentucky and Ohio cuttmg to bacco : I hhd old at $I3 75; 147 do new at $3 so for common s m okers to good cuttmg leaf; 2 do and I box new West Vir gm1a at $2.40, CLARKSVILLE, TENN., j uly 3.-Messrs. M. H. Clark & Brother, Leaf Tobacco Brokers, reoort:-Our recetpts continue good, and our sales for-the week am o unt e d to 672 hhds. Our mukct was rather Irregu lar and h1gher on some grades, and we make correspondmg changes m quotatiOflS, quotmg common lugs at s@6j.{c; good lugs, common leaf, 9 @ Joe; medium leaf, good leaf, _IS@If;Y:;c; fine leaf, 17@t9c Our rece1pts in June were 2 383 hhds; sales, 2,205 hhds-showmg th a t planters were well sausfied wllh prices currt!nt. Our' receipts to date are 13, I 8 7 hhds hhds ; sales, tv, 322 hhds; stock on hand July 1, I,7o8 hhds-of which buyers held 1,873 hhds, and p la nters z,835 hhds. 'Plant ers are complaimng that their stand is not good, many of the small and te Qder plants dying out, causmg n.uctl replanting. The weather contwues showery, which IS favorable for the crop. We are now at a cntlcal period of the season, and good planting rams will be much needed during the next three weeks. HOPKINSVILLE, KY '.July 8.-Messrs. M. H. Clark & Brother, Leaf Tobacco Brokers, port:-Receipts since last report, 273 hhds'; to dafe, 12,I63 hhds, same time in 1874 10,248 hhds. Sales smce last report, 402 hhds, to date, 10,818 hhds; same, tuneo in r874, 9,o9I hhds. Our market showed no new features, and pnces ruled much the same as last week We quote common to medium lugs, good to fine lugs, 7@9c; !;ommon leaf,9@} o7,(c; medium leaf, 10y.I@14C, good leaf, fine leaf, No cho1ce selections offered. Crop prospects do not show 'lny Improvement since last reporr, and the most san gume among our planters are becommg discouraged. The prospects are, no doubt, worse in this distnct than in any other In the West. LOUISVILLE, '.July 8.-Mr. Wm. J. Lewers, Secre tary of the Tobacco Bqard of Trade, report s :-Re ceipts thts week about 1,6oo hhds, of which.. about 300 hhds were from Missouri factories. SALES WEEK, ETC. Watehouses. Wee k MQ11/h. Year. complatnt ftom any point east of us, and very little from the counues bordenng on the Oil1o Rtver below us tn Western markets July I .-LouiSVille, 1 r,717 hhds; Nashvdle, 1,400 do; Clarksville, 4,7o8 do; [Continued Qll Sevenlh Pagel .a.ctvertuements. IV. J. HOODLESS, C. E. TAYLOJILate of Xeotael9 I. J. HOODLESS & llTIORILTOBACCOIRSPICTbwi, !'on{arding._W areboaaell1 Foot of Van Dyke and Partition Sts., Broekiyr ... Bill all J. obacco care N abonal Iospectioo. 011'JM:CIII:fi&-lali WWJam St., ll. y,1 Partluoat., a ... -., 495-!44. :WESli END HOTEL, ChestAut'celow Sixteenth Street; PHILADELPIDA, P A. PT, W. 0, T. oi'OKES, Proprietor. Late of '' Hol'man Houae'' and.'' James.' New York. 585 WM' I. BROOKS, 48 N.ew Orle_, Lea Agent for the GENUINE Grand Pniat SLJ ames Parish, Perique Tnbacco ,. I!IOLB .&GD:J.'_ FOR. C, C. JIJLL.&11DON, GJII:O, E. BOVEE, A:. J, ..A l)(ALAJlCHIII:R..J-.&. RIC.&tiD, IIL&!fti-11'A.CT1JRERS 011' PEIR.XO'IUE OXG-AR.EITTl!IS, El'IVELOPED m eoa.x-Hl7SKs. .PERIQt1E SOLD ONLY B-Y 'l'IIE PO'VND .&l!IID llliDEB.FtiLL GtiA.RAliTEE.-A II'ULL SUPPLY OF ](, X, t, !I A.. 4 POllliD Cl\RROTII .&LW,.&YS ON H.&ND, .DIPIIIIIIIIT!I lii.&DE TO JrOREI&ll COti!ITBIES, Jl'f BOIID :FROII JIEW ORLB.&l!ll' III'J)EIII&EDTHE OF CON!IUIIIF.RS IS CALLED TO THE FACT THAT THE GEN'VIliE PERIQ,tiE IS liEVER.IIOLD EXCEPT Ill CARROTS. TO DEALERS_ IN ClbAR MOUlDS 29rCases of Bast Finished GEllMAN Imported CIGAR :MOULDS, A SAI\lPLE I.OT OF 2 fUZRS, A.l!ID 100 TO A CASE, ARE HEREBY OFF'ERED FOR SALE BY CASES OR TfJE LOT, FAR BELOW OOiiT OF IM:PORTATI. O N '1'01 CLOSE CON-SIGNMENT. APPLY 1 0 CHRISTOPH WITTE & CO,, 200 GREENWICH ST., New-Y<>rk. Addre'S P 0 Jln< No 4412 [594-31)8] W.&NTBD TO BUT. JOB LOT OF CHEAP AND SEED AND HAVANA CICARS, SUIIABLE FOR l'HE WESTERN TRADE. Also a Job Lot o t Plug and Smoking Tobacco. AdJren:ttouce, JOB LOT, Care 'loaA. Cco l..KAF Office A POSITION &S TRAVELLING AGENT OR SALESMAN for a LEAF TODAC 0 BOUSE I s want1ed by =l r.ompetent young man who has h a d several ynrs e:oc:p e nel}c e u Sa1eannan w 1th a proouoent Leaf Tobacco F1nn in Water Street, tb1!'i city The best of funusbed ApphcattonsmayUeaddrcSl'ICd t o offic e ofTHti: 1 OBACt.:o LEAl": SITUATION"' W ANTJCD hy a fir!iit clas!2S Salesman m a Leaf Tobacc o HoUiie Has ha.o:;ful u ae of Steam 1n the Manufacturmg o f 'l'o bacco and the handlmg of or Stnps, d a S.tuabon etther 10 a Kanufactunng o r and Leaf E:-5tabhshment Ha" bad many yean expenence m severa l of the largest 1\fanufactmriog and Strlpptnc &tabhshmenf s 10 Vtrgtnla. B e :tt of Refereaces AddreliS '-1\IANlJF&CTURER.'' Amolla County. Va. A t'reoh Sopply of l.ttO,OOO Genuine "DEII:RTONGUE" Flavor lor JIOK.lNG l Ofi.Jl.C<..:O ... 1n lots to sutt pu.r cbasers, at: 1 MARBUJlr. BROfHERS 145. t47 and 149 S. Cbules Street. Baltimo-r;:e, Md. PENNSYLV AlUA CIGARS IN ANY QUANTITY, AT FROM $1f3 'tO $18 per :BtL, Pan:based for Cash or Received on Coul,....eot. W. Po 11'.&RB.Jl'fGTON, Jobber oC etcal'llt s ny.. litreet, a. 1 ...,......,."', 574 5 86 OWL, COLDEN CROWN, CARDINAL tc CAPITAL Planters' .... -..... ----204 23.4 Falls City ........ _, ___ ,__ 9 9 4 '805 SDI.okinoo 759 -Tobaccos, S,48o R,434 II:A!ftl]j' .&CTlJRJCD BY STRIITOII l STORM. 118 l 180 Pttrl Stntt. 123 Louisville .......... ----19 i Nmth Street. ...... -----223 Gilbert's-------------9 Pickett ........ ------203 221 z66 9 228 6,834 FOREIGN DUTIES .0111 TOBA:CO. Boone.---. --. ---- IIO 0 IIS 89 II7 4,I 68 In Allltrla, France, Italy and Spain, thetobaceo...,....on:ela-s->11""' 60 ey f!M'on>meDh under dlrectloa of a Retrie. I:n Germaoy the Jutyoa Amer: lean leaf tobacco Is 4 thalenper co IDa. In Jl:eiPIUDtbeimPNtlancbD .. Grange------------Farmers' ..... -----' -_. Kentucky Association, __ 0 133 y8 S 2 IS The d10t7 ie 13 fnlaca,oo cU.. t$s,o10 roldlpersoo Klloarammes (100 American lbrl. equal 4l" I Ia 3 04 7 Holland the duty Ia af cent., j!Old, per 100 lllld, Colo American poDIKill __ beillr eqaal to U7 lllioo.l ID ltnoola tile dutJ> oa Jaltoba.,..lo 4 ...,.bl ..... kopeka per pud; on tobacco 16 rou ..,c.op. per pad, and OD I,IS3 1,31S 38,92S aroa.ooeop perpud. :rhe"r.ud"leequaltoabout56Aaerlc11Diba. Ia 334 s61 22,SI r T,.rlley the duty Ia soc:enta, 10 d, per_nX AmerlcnOllllceo. Total. __ _____ ---Year J87s---" .... ___ Year 1874------------r,I96 1,952 42,38 o DUTIES ON FOREIGNTOBAC::COS AND C::IG.&KS; Year r873 ............ .. J, 134 2,2 IO 42,156 Fore1gn Tobacco, duty 3SC per pound go1d. Foreign per Week. )'ear. pound and :JS p e r cent. ad u.-lore"' Jmported t:tgars and Ctgarettes a ls o --=-bftr an.Jnternafl Revenue tax of 86 perM. to be paid by !damps at lbe Cus-Orij{inal New. . --_ I,OJ2 3t,o6I tom House (Revenue a.uomended Marc h 3, 1875 0 al Old 8 TOe Ullpoct duty on manufactured tobacco 18 s oc per lb; Leaf s temmed, ngln -------------2 2,2 0 35 C j Inadittum New Reviews ____ .114 'l.o8 9 to dnty,the Re"enue tax o n the same kJod..oftobacco..mild!!mlhis country must be p<1id 1. be tobacco must a1so be packed accO[dmg to the Old RevieWS ... -.---...... 5 2,495 ,regulations governmg tobacco nade h e r e Market opened Monda)( with prices a shade higher on all grades, except very -common lug;; this feeling has conunued th rough the week, w1th an mcrease in the better feelings. We sold dunn-g week several cutters at pnces varying from 14@17c; a few medium Ken tucky bright wrappers at 17@3oc for one hhd; 1,; hhds ot Missouri extra long leaf to rehandlers at an average of and probably 20 hhds of medium heavy bod ied Kentucky leaf at We dJd not have a single hhd ol really fine heavy bodied th,J.S week. QUOTATIONS, Heavy Nondes c ript. Bodud. Cutting Common lugs .. ____ 4 @s 6 Good do ________ s 8 7 @ 9 Common leaf. ______ 8 @ @11 Good-do ---..... 7 @8 li @14 Fme 8 @9 12 @rs 14 @18 Selections. ___ ....... @ .-IS @191.{ nomina). Bright wrappers of Kentucky growth, I7@3oc; do do Virginia, zo@6oc. Reports from the count(y are not nearly so as a week ago In that part of Kentucky, lymg south of ,Green R1ver, wh1ch embraces lhe Clarks')'ille d1strict, the planting 1s not over one-half tli.eir usual crop and very poor prospects for what is planted, the frequent ra i ns and extremely bot sunshine following havmg the effect to the young phints. They usually commence toppmg the middle of July, at present 1t is 1mposs1ble to se.e the plants from one end of the row to the other ; had plants from Henderson and other Ohio River counties sent to them, but very few lived after being transplanted. There is alsQ considerable complamts from tht: Green River and Central Kentucky count1es, mostly on account of the size and look of strength of the plants to stand the hot weather_ and extreme late less of planting. We hear no C OPE'S TOBACCO PLANT--'A J.fJNTHLY JOURNAl. forllmobro. Publlahod ..t No. 10 Lord NeiJIOD street, Liverpool, land, where suboorlpUona may be ad4r.-,"" II> the ToBAooo IJ..uo Ori'JCil Prloe two llb11llnp (IlngUob) per ann""'.-'( :10 !lb.illiDgs pel' Inch. l'!o ldvertloemento ....,.,,,el for a rhorle r period Ulan m .. ootbo. JofachiDeey for Sale, BualneBOt Adem. He, Announcement., -l8 t>er line. No for wnli.Je\.."VU o ldered, nnl-&l1 be "" ADVERTISING li.A.'J.'SII. ONE SQUARE (lt. Ji'Ol'I ,PJll\EIL LDIU), OVER ONE COLUMN,. ONE YEAR DO. DO, SIX MONTHS -DO. J;!Q, ,. THREE MONTHS OVER TWO COLUMNS, ON,E YEAR ... DO, .DO SIX MONTHS 'no. DO THREE .Y0N"IHS TWO I!IQ,UA.RES NONPAREIL J.lliE8). OVER TWO COLUMNS, ONE YEAR ... DO. D O SIX MONTH!L .... .. .. DO DO "!HREE J140NTHS .......... -FOUR SQUARKS (liG NONPAREIL laNES), OVER. TWO COLUMNS, ONE YEAit DO. DO SIX MONTHS DO. DO lHREE MONTHS 11'1RST P.&GE.R.ATES, -l $32 r e lT.Ct 10 ce 6800 321'0 1 7 < 0 $116.CO 58 0 32,l0 115 r o 0000 ONE SQUARE, OVER TWO WIDE COLUMNS, ONE YEAR $16u re TWO SQUARES, DO DOl ONE Y t:AR 300 (1(1 THREE SQUARF,S,_ DO. DO. ONE YEAR <60.00 g-NO ADVERllSEMENTS ON THIS PAGE TAKEN FOR THAN ONE YEAR, PAYABLE FULLY IN ADVANCE. NO VIAllON FROM 'IH ESE TERMS, THIRD PAGE RJI.TES. 'ONE SQ,tiARE ( 1t. liONPA..B&lL I.llllll:.), THREE MONTHS $'.!15 00 SIX MON fHS 40 00 ONE YEAR --00 TRANSIENT ADVERTISEMENTS ON THE 'rH t'Rb "PAGE, 30 CENTS P E R LIN E FOR E.(

THE TOBACCO LEAF. JULY 1 2 M.J.DOHA N. THOS. CARROL L MARTI N & JOHNSON, \ \ WM. .. CD., .. 79 F;RONT STREET, o:RK. 8UI,KLEY MOORE I& CO. B et. Wall Stree t ana O _la Slip 'N:EJ\IV y VIRGINIA OI:GA1 '-Colllmission ... 155, 157,.159 &..i61,Goerck St., ,.o:.-> 1 ""ALE oF ALL "'= r 'I ,. ''I AGENT8 FOR THE -= NEW. STANDARD BRANDS OF VIRGINIA &; NORTH CAROLIN A m& MANUFAGTQRED & SIOKINGTQBACCOS W ILLIA)( WICKE. DO HAJj, G4JlQ.OLL __ Meroha,nts, -FRONT STREET, Cigar lloibbons. Ao-en ts f o r t h e f oll o w i ng well-k nown Virginil\ and N. Carohna M anufa c turers: -.......:,....:._ _:_ ___;;...:.,:.:.._ _____ _.:. ____ 0 j WINGFIELD & LAWSON, R k hmond, V a. R .OBERT W. OLIVER,_ iti'ChmonVd, Va. W01'l:ACK & INGRAM'; Meadsville Va D c. M AYO & CO., a. h Ill C. W J GENTRY & CO. Rlchmnnd, Va. W. DUKE, Dur am, N C A BEN ,.0 MAYO & KWIO'H.T Ri;hmond Ya R. T. FAUCETT, D urham N C HARDGROVE, POLLARD & 'co., Richmond, Va. COOPER. & WILLIAMS, Oxford, ., Th e special attention of t-he Trade is c alled to the foll owing e s tabli shed Brand s : SUCCESSORS OF EDW'D HEN, MANOrACTURED 'MANUFACTU,BED 43 ""iberty Street, (P. 0. Box 3628) New York. v asea ties p 0ldNeds.Ch01ce,}6s,)fs,P.Ps. ... 1rg1m u d D c Mayo & Co Navy l'bs. V irgii:J.ia Beauties, 3s, 4s an I-45 n' C 'yayo&Co. ''Navy Xs and }Ss, P. p,,in whole. l UP UDHD BRJHB CLAY Fanner's Daughter, 3S )j:s. x caddies. ll lWi llll u m 11 .. C IH11CH 111T, Charm 6-mch Tw1st, tn tm fod, X ca M-0 I}J} 11 ll OJ.J 6 and u-inch twist. SMOKING, in bags of '" ,o,;s Ji., aRd lbs. Lusctous weed, u-t_nch Gold Bug. Virgmia.'s Chotce. Chtt.s. Jr., 9 1nc h h r h t p reSIM. Gold Medal ]xion. A mbros1ahlbs. OH e Rose. C olce: lbs. C v 'u-e Star. SPECIALTY --AND'1!1 FJ'WNT S treet. ................ EDGEKE DU BOIS, NEW YORK NE}VYORK. J. 0. BOX 438:. Ager.ts for the follo wing w ell-known and re li able Manufac turers: a. PACE, W. J. YARBROUIH a SONS, T IRPII a IRIL, J, H. &BEAlER, L ..J. &BAIT a CO., L. I FRAYSER a CO., T. W: PEMBERTON, R W JO.BLPACE i CO., W. CARROLL, and others. ,---sDLE :AGE NTS FOR 'fHE ORIGINA L c -ab) e Coli, Donne 4a and and Thick. A GENTs FoR. -'TH. E c EL'EBI$-ATED..: -OF1 O N E r e I & N D I CK SMO KERS' SJIOltlNG .. TOB:AlOCO. . O l d Ken tuck, lbs. lb Choice Virginia BeMe. Rewar d s Nu et. Pride of the Nat}O.Il, lbs. of Industry. B illy Buck. Featherstone' s Crack Sh?t, lbL Owen's Durham. Pride of the Natil:c. Out of Sea, M!!i, Ms. P. P p p D uke's Durham. Dandy Lion Harvest Queen Ms ).)1 5 p Fau ce-tt s D u rka.nt Farmer'& Choice, J6s 7Ss, a.. O L E f NISH ARTICLES. attentio n giv e n to putt ing u p special brands f o r 15 o wn ers. lmp_orters of SPA FOX, DILLS & GO., :. 11 Manufacturers' Agents for the sale. of all Popular Brands of large Stocks of TQpacco of Every Descr1ptlon, VIRGIN I A, NoRTH CAR o Ll N A -& WESTERN Suitable for the H o me Trade a11d Foreig n M arke ts, / \ 1 f t d s ok F' c t T b Kep't Oo:i::l.s'ta:n'tl.y o .:n EJ:a:nd.; ac ure I m lng lne u 0 accos. AGENTS FOR I DEPOT FOR .. .. _A_ 111'\QITH JOHN F. ALL E N & co.s BRANDS oF J w C ARROLL'S LONE JACK ._. : ToBA c c o AND c iGAR-1 BRowN & c LOU ISIANA PERIQ.U E CTi T AND IN IJCI TONHD SJOKIN& TOBACCO, ;, Co.';";ENUINE Dt1;:; Tobacco. 7 BURLING SLIP, NEW YORK. F. C.LINDL C F. LINDE. C. C HAMILTON. S MARCOSO. R AsHCROFT. YORK .... -EED LEAP TOBACCO INSPECTION.-TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. C ertifi cates i'lven fe r ev ery case, and d elivered case by case as to n u mber of Certific ate. li. l3.-We Also Sample in Merchants' Own Stores. F. C. LINDE & CO., Philadelphia Branch-E. W. Dickerson, 139 N. 3d St. PRINCIPA L OFFICES-142 \Vater Street, and to I 86 Pearl Street. WAREHOUSES-14:2 Water} -1'4-t IJG & 2'8 Greenwich Streets, ani Hudson Rail Road W. S. Kimball &Co.'s Vanity Fair Tobacco & Gigarettes. .Man u:fa.c t.ured FAVORITE DARK NAVY; ENCHANTRESS do do; SWEET MORSEL do do; HONEY AND PEACH BRIGHT NAVY; And all Popular Brands of FANCY and LIGHT PRE SSED. FINE CUT 1\ f'n.etured by Spauldi ng&, Merrick. OLD GLORY; CHARM OF THE WEST; SWEET BURLEY; QUEEN BEE; TRUMPS; WIG WAG; ls Pails an d Barrels. BUGLE; &ol.e'ts for E. T PILKINTON & GO.' CELEBRATED "FRUITS o FLOWERS Rh-er Bouquet: 'Go h l : "G011110NWE ALTH z en tt ccptn:,' lllanters Pnde, 1J11U < 1 Choice,' and J llepot, St, John's .Park. :;;7PRICE L ISTS FUR l-'1ISHED O N APPLICATION G. REU&ENS, BENSEL & CO., SKOEINC TO:SACCOS. .,.08BUAYEROCco TOBAC_CO INSPECTORS, .& I 78Yz Water Street. 8 STREET, NEW YORK-CASES RECEIVED A'N D CERTIFICATES ISSUED AS USUAL. ESTABLISHED JN 1862. tli\11\t., & F .. & A. McALEER a co., rDBA OCO INSPEGTOR, RBftCCO INSfHCTOBSe 15 r FRANCIS s:-KINNEY'S PATENT IMPROVED TOBACCO CUTTER. -0.-ders lfor Sampling In C?uatry .,-coUNTRY SAliiPL ING PROlliPTLY AT l!Jromptly t o "l'ENDED TQ, I :...l.47 wa tar -Street, P .HILADEL.PHIA BRANcH, '"'TZ 6 1 NOBTH rBONT STREET. NEW Y O RK. I -..... Jlo!AU'LA ND. :L. F S. MACLEHOSE. ROBERT L. MAll'LA.Nu. ,_ 1\'r L. MAITLAND & t; TOBACCO AND c2r,roN FACTORS, Cq GENERAL COMMISSION M-ERCHANTS, 43 BBOAD S'l' ; N. 'Jr. ;l.dvancement s mad e o n to W A. 8c G. MAXWELL & CO., LIVERPOOL. GUID,O RKI'Il'ZKNST&IN D J s oN & co., "'SJROHN REITZENSTEIN. (Successpra to C HAKU S B. FALLENmJN & Co.,) :OMMISSION comi:mssion Merchants, A LSO D B A1.8RS IN, l. -4 J D 0 M E 8 T I C -NO. '44 BROAD ST.,A n d lmponers of D J. Garth, } FOREIGN TOBACCO, NEW YORK, ..1.'16 FRONT :NEW !O:S.X. e :1. :1'. QV'IX A 00., TOBACCO PAGTOBS, QM'M'ISSION .MERCHA.NTS, Western and Virginia Leaf, r 139 BROAD STREET, No. 47 Broad Stree1t, NEW YORK. J W. TATGERBORST. TO:BA-<;J'CO I .AND uru mrnn. 68 BROA:D" STREET, .NEW YOKL r.A.TMAM. tk CJO., 1lotton and TobaccQ Factors, D COMMISSION -MERCHANTS, 70 & 72 BROAD ST. NEW YORK, :AS Bl\OADISTBIIBJ.I, P. 0 BOX li,'JO'J, NEW YORKe i' ,. ... j lllfiiCU ,TT, DN'l't10IY and vmGIMA Leaf Tobacco, No. 52 BROAD STREET, NEW YORK .. PRESCOTT BURBANK. BURBANK &. N' ASH, TOBACCO _GEIEBAL IUHAitl i .. g BB.OAD ST., N. '2. i lfo. 88 BROAD 8:rBJlBT, N, Y. d h l 1< kin n n inclined This improved fo r T obacco ist is a ;;>ith s ides. at bearings, ;.nd operattn g w 1th a sl.1dmg s he<.Lr cu upon e right angles and bottom parallel wtth satd kmfe. T bis machin e "Will cut any ktnd oftobacco a n d c u t tt P erfectly. b h d t te Plug Twist, Peri q u e in an4 a n y similarly hard prepared tobaccos can be cut m t elt ar 5 a req'uires no skill to operate it; its is of t h e mos t s ubstantial kind slo w t o wear and dlffic u l t t o .hsorder. h P R ICE O F MACHINE COMPLETE, withP ress{box4);,x6<>omches), lfll0 netcas West :Broadway, N.Y N B .-The attentio n o f manu facturers of Ci.g;arette Turkis h and all Fancy Tobaccos, Stra1gh t Cut s Bright L eaf, e t c. etc., i.s particul arly called t o th1 s Machme. APPLEBY MANUFACTURERS OF THE RAIL ROAD MILLS. ccaboy Snuff, French Rappee Snuff, American Gent. Snuff, Scotch Snuff, Lundy Foot Snuff. ALSO MANU F ACTURERS OF T H E FOLLOWIN G BRANDS OF ... PURE VIRGINIA SMOKING VIa: Rail Road, Our Choice, Colorado, Uncle Tom, Navy C "ppings, Black Tom. Water andaa Pine Sts.;N.-Y J. cJLu .a.PLLEBY. !ar l'rice r.Ist. .A.I!areu or aPlllr as a.bcve. GEO. w. HEL.'IIlE So1e .Al!;e:n.-t. :for E. T. PILKINTON c a CO.'.S CELEBRATED -' ''DDnlliTl' '''UD'OimTJ 11Ti' ro Hfarmer'sChoice,"and u SXOEINC lllr'PRIC E LUITS 'J.I'URNISHED ON APPLICAT ION. -V. MAB.TINEZ YBOB. c1c. QO., :t IMPORTERS TOBACCO, EL PRINCIPE DE GALES BRAND O F HAVANAANDKEY,VEST 166 WATER ST., NEW YORK. HENRY WULSTEIN, s uccassoK T o :2orgfeldt & Deghuee, PATEIT J'OBACCO MACHINBRY, 67 Third Avenue, NEW YORK. C onstc.ntly on h a n d the Best I mproved Han d and S t eam Machines for Cutting and Granul a ting Toba cco. REYNES, BROTHERS_ & CO., AND PACKERS OF SEED LEAF TOBCCOS WATEB. S'l'l\JIE'l', NEW YORK. M. H. LEVIN, IMPORTER. of HAVANA AND DEALER IN ALL KINDS O F LEAP TOBACCO, 162 P e a r l Street, N e w York. H. SCHOVERLING, ALL KINDS O F S BHD LBAP ,TOBACCO 142 W :ATER ST., NEW YORK. '1/iiT" Packimg House in New M ilford. Coon. W SCHOVERL ING & CO. ltiUELBEiiG: I' 00., x 6 o PEAR L ST., NEW YoRK. J. DEMELBEBG: & CO., BALTIMORE, Mit. X:S.EMELBEll.G, SC:B:AEFEll. 8c C O NEW ORLEANS, LA. WKELBt:ll.G & co., LOUISVILLE KY. IERtHAm. WALTER FRtEDMAN FREISE, IMPORTERS COMMISSION MERCHANTS HAVANA TOBACCO 'J\Fl::El.C:EJ::.ANT, BRIF .ME N "S .Jr. -18 Exchange JAS. M. GARDINER, TOBACCO COMMISSION MERCHANT, S4 Front Street, New York, IS R E CEIVIN G DIR EC T FROM VIRGINI A CON SIGNMENTS OF -MANUFACT U RED TOBACC O Export Orders for Plug Tobacco Promptly Filled. .... -J> 0 "'O X 5 0 80, WILLIAM M. PRICE, LEAF TOBACCO, 119 MAIDEN LANE1 New York. EST A.BLI8IIED 1B22 "CDPEKBAGER SlUFF,'' Manufactured onl y b y WEYMAN BROTHER, Secur e d December a61 An o n o u r copyright will be rigorously pros fiiCuted QARL UPXA.NN, TOBACCO o A N D GEIDM. 17s Pl!l.A!L s'I$Dr, NEWTOJlK FELIX CARCIA, IMPORTER OF HAVANA LEAF TOBACJCO, ('raoM T GI.JT I!: R R!:Z). AND CIGARS, ALS O OP THE W ELL K KOWN Brands of Cigars 'La Carolina' & Clay. Sole Ag't for Brand 11 Prof. Morse." and n SARATOCA," 167 Water St., New York I MAN J F V ERA, 203 Pear1 St'reet, r NEo.W YORK. l LEAF TOBACCO,' 184 Front Street, IIBW 1rOII.K. __ J G. SCHLEGEL, Wholesale Dealer i n Sm Lru un KAvAn 1se :I' ron t Street, NEW YOU:. _.!._ G. R.EI.SMANDT, Commission Merchant, AND DEALER llf ALL JCIKDS Olf : LEAF TOBACCO, 17S Pearl Street, Bet. t'ine 8c Cedar. N'EW YORK, N. LAOBBNBRUCB & BRO., No. 164 Water Street, New York, WHOLilSALK paALERS IN :a: A. V .4. N A LEAF TOBACCO I:IAYANA. DOMESTIC Brand "A. c. v." Leaf' Tobacco. AND CIGARS, Bra.nd "CABANNAS. M. OPPENHEIMER & BRO. MAIDEN I.Al'fll, DEALERS IN 'WEW YORK. ___ ...;.;;;;.;;;;......;..;..;...____ SEED, LEAF AllD HAVIll .vEGA a. BERNHEIM, ... 0 8 A,.,. o I MPORTER S OF ... "" ever y grade of Tobacco. 'WEYMAN & BRO r79 k 81 Smithfield Street, I'itt slaurgh, Pa. TOBACCO POUCH MOUTH PIBCIS HAVANA TOBACCO A.z).d:' OZGAB.S. e NEW !-O!L f38 .WATER STREET, NEWYGRK. CHARLES A. WULFF, Lithographer, Printer,, F MIRANDA & CO. CIGAR ANDaTOBACCO LABELS, .. p 0 u c H IIA v AIAMLOilr 0TOBACCQ "Ritle Team Loailfr" Makes a P e r fect Out or the Poorest 'l'O:BAOCO :BAG. AND OF THE BRAND OF Patent Transparent Crystal &lass and d ',_ MPIII!'AI. SIGNS, Can be eaoH:y Attached or D etache CICARS U RITI"'A" e 0 PATENTEE A N D P ROPRIETOR, V 51 0n.atb&D1 B'tree1: B.IIORA.HA.N,36GHo:rtSt.,Brookll '1 ,N.Y. Pearl St, New York B. Z!II.I.ENKA, e ANTONIO CONZALE%, MANUEACTURER O F ALL KINDS OF 1 IMPORTER. OF MUSLIN AND LINEN !\Jtt .JUJ ltJf TQBAC99-AND 202 East Seventr-fift.h St., New !ark ._, L. CARVAJAL'S CIG'ARS, Orders promptl y ttende d to at the ohorteat uotlce. :1.6'1 W ,4 "'liJB YO.B.K. RIVERA &. GARCIA, CIGARS, And Importers of HAYANA LEAF lOIACCO -n, :U:aidca. Lane, N. T.


JULY 12 JAOOB BBIIILL, MANUF ACTITit.R et l) -ciGAR SUPERIO:R. MAK.E -AND Prime QualitY of -r-CIDAR WOOD, :lg3, 295 & '-w ,Monroe St., Til &EIIAI AMUICAI BAll, BRO.ADW.AY, cor. Cedar st.lfEW YORK. Cu.pital, $1.,000,000. Every facility afforded to Dealen and Correspoadeata consistent with Sound Banking. H. ROCBOLL, President. THE Q I a ecovlLI..l!;; t!2 co., a s TO lk&.vtfXIli ----=--::tKPoaTJC:B.S OF SP.A.NISB AND JOBBERS IN ALL KINDS OF LEAF Ko. 1!10 WATBB. STB.BBT, KJI'W' %0B.K. OOIOII:CTICUT SEED LEAl' WJi.APPER 01' OlJR O,'WJi J>.ACK.ING. WEISS, ELLER & KAEPPEL; Importers of and. Dealers in aao P:B.A.2tL ST., NZ'W vo:az. WM HERMAI\IN tcBROTHER, :a. .A. v ..a.. N ..a.. COKKISSION KERCHANTS & IMPORTEltS OF SliD pE5. 171 PUlL STREET, IEWlaRI. 7? ST., NZ'W 'Y'Ql\Z. ilUC!:., 94 Main St.., 0 E. & G. FRIEND & CO,, aDd Dealera In LJAP TOBACCO, 129 Malden Lane, Eow ARD Fauum, Gus FRIEl"D, NEW YORK EDWAR D F'""""' Jr. II. 1: S. STIRIBBRIIR lOBIIGI.AID Bnmrn BAlm, F' NO. EXcRANOE PLACE, N. Y, Draw Blllo of Exchaup on the principal cl Ueo of Eu rope; iuue CircUlar Letters of Credit to Travelf9(3. and graat Commercial Cre.lts ; receive Money on Deposit, subject"to Sight Checks, upon which intereat will be allowed ; pay particpiar atteatlon to ltlae N egotllllloo -.( LoaDs. IMPORTERS O F 41 DEALERS IN Leaf Tobacco, I 82 W&ter St., New York. J. SCHIIlTT. C. JOST. DEALERS IN Seed Lea AND & GANS, SOLE AGENTS AND IMPORTERS OF THE GENUINE W & M. OIGAR MOULDS, PRESSES, STRAPS & CUTTERS, Importers of German a.nd Spa.rush Cigar Ribbons, NO, 101 MAIDEN LANE, liEW YORK. KAlJFIANN BROS. & BONDY, ACTURERS OF FINE CIGARS, 1:15 131 GB..A.KD KIIW "2'0B.IC. AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 178 & 180 STREET, .NEW YORK. BASCH &. FISCHER, IMPORTERS OF ItA A SHBD. UAPC1DOBAGCU: 155. Wats.r St., NearKa.ideuLaae, NEW YORK. JULIAN ALLEN,Seed.:.Leaf and Havana 'TOB.A.OOO, 172 Water Street, N. Y. WISE & BENDHEIM, l06 OWBERS S'I'REE'I', and 121 BOWEB.Y, SOLE AGENTS FOR THE W ELLKNO WN "R. T. FAUCETT & CO.'S <" lAVOIITE DUBHAI ---&1.\IJ:OK..XNG--ro:n..a..doo, ALSO, JOBBERS IN ALL KINDS OF VIRGINI A & NORTH CAROLINA PLUG AND SlUOK.ING TOBACCOS. TRBO. DU. BOIS, OO:M:MX&SXON'T, &RAND POINTeftru. .. RiiiioUE _Toliicco, And Corn llusk Cifarettes. Also Dealer in Fine Havana' an Domestic Cigars. SS 'West SJI:W .. VO:aE. = .. SCBBOD-R 4'= BON; 178 W STREEr YORK. j o:r PAcKERs o'"'; : '" LEAF ,..0BACCO I POWDERED LICORICE, GUM ARABIC, OliVE ffil, O'FTO ROSEt To:D.qua Beans, And all other Ma!ierials wr flavoring used by Manufacturers, including the fin.etl Essential Oils,. W H. Schieffelin & Co., 170 and 172 WILLIAK S'I'nEE'I', NEW 'fOIL B. W. :&:J:tiC:B:S, MA;NlJFACTlTRER OF 1 CIGAR DO.XBe-AND IMPORTER m GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS of OsmmB.trCX CO., and F. iOOIC!I.IU.lm Kanu!Kt.n DCALft IM Cigar\"Mould Presses, Straps anu 263 SOUTH STREET, N. Y. Alt1d. Ci.5ar ::Eiox.e, IIIPORHRS 'OF. CIGAR MOULDS. 57, 59 & 61 Lewis St. l>et. Delancey and Rivington NEW YOBK, BEPPERIIIIMER & MAURER, 9 L:l' ENCRAVERS AND PRINTERS BY STEAJI POWER. AND HAND PRESSES. -J and J COJoll'l'Al'ITLY ON HAND AND NEW DESIGNS lllADE TO .>RDER. U i.ud lM NO:B'rlE W!LLWrt .m:W 'iOI!.lt. JOliN F. EIFE .... DEALER IN MEBFELD KEMPER Bi ........... HAVANA TOBACCO, IXPo:arrz:as or :a:A-:v.ANA A FOR CICAR,BOXES, l'LW. muf, nw rcu. SKALLEST BOTTLi!!s, $2.00.. C. 9. D. 291, 293 & '295 STREET, NEW YO A. &TJiU'm .. 00., 1 L. GASSI!RT. :ft. L. UI!IJIOII!ll R. LEAF TOBACCOS l'anlcula Attention paid to saw;n.., and Plan;ng too,:.,. a EJW81Uft J.sL. GASSERT ... BRO.l L D DIU, \1 181 Maiden L:ne, New York. I and Dealera In all ., MANUFAcTURERS OF nternal Revenue :Books. SANcHEZ, HAy A & CQ.,. LEIAF97 DTOBSACCO, CODISSION URCJUNTS, ,. I G 4. a s, T-OBACCO CO. UP GALIPOUIA, uane treet, AND DEALEII.lN ALL K!NDSJOF ... I FACTORIES P.o Boz ,,,.,, 3'7 LDIBR.TY ST.,!(. 'I" FTVEST cnH n lnynr! CIG' no ; New York. L E! F T o,J.e c 0 ... 34 SECOND ST., AT AT :B:anq Irm &114 Stincus & Speci<l. U1 .IJl!I1U1. .Ull ll.ll I ... sA.. N p XL !1: p E.. G-X L B. 0 y. JPR.::E:N"T:E].'Ig"G 4ND JMPORTBRS ow ""'-nt>faeturers particuiar!y favored. 1 NEW Booana (i'l. lrn'I'S 0 Lon.f ""baCCO.. --All "''"'-and Tobacco Kanufactlti'ed b,. us are ofC.&LI!'O:BlnA &!tOWN LEA!', or every description at Lowet Ill lJc &W Gl udl lU 1 I H CIJ RK & BBOiflllli'1) .. SEND FOR. flUCE.S. I ) I No. 480Water8t.,New Y'ork. A CURED BY l*HE CULP PROCESS. TIN FO Wahgler & Hahn TOBACCO BBOKBRs, BRO. OF.U.L of America n Gro\Vll To-IL. .. .., A A8 ba._c::o, and are pr_onounceli by judge_s eq_ual to those imported from l!avana, our, JOHN -. CROOTIE. JIANVI'ACTVRJ MLICAcY. OF H.AVO:a 't1NSlml'ASS!D, PLAD A11D .COLORED< NEW YORK. Ky fl 233 Creenwich Street, And Dealer in Domestic while they contain LESS NICOTINE than tobacco cured by any other known process. I!.OtLING mr.s S8 and 163 & 16() ... u-..c-Au-r' ...:.:KY::.;. NEW YOBK :WLU:B3Y muora. NEW von T ABEL A BOBRBIRG, (J,j.DAI)LV.ALY COH .WILKINS. A. BLUMLEIN & co., LD ap TOBcco, Office and Salesroom, No. 2-2? Front Street, San Francisco, Cal., J. A. HARTCORN, I r ., Commission Merchants nJl 11.. And Branch Water St. New York. IDe vlgars, Foreign &. Domestic Woods, AND DEALERS IN 66 Water Street, F1ne 01g;ars, E:rclusive17 for ike .rol!Bma 'l':BAD:m, LEAF TOBACCO And Dealer in EGO HkB.IJOB. CITY, K. J. SPANisiicaaA'R' BOX 222 PEABL SrREET. NEW YORK. M. SALOMON, M. a B. SALO. lYION., E. SALOMON. LEAF TOBACCO Branch Olfloe, 111 PWL ST.,2 I B 0 W E 'R Y, Toa-l&t A Speclllf voaK._ PACKERS OF SEED LEAF, C-AM--P-BE--- A. c. L. j. F. o. E. & co., AND OF ysCift.osSR. J. ,.. .... A C L .11. 0 MEYr:R Havana Tobacco and Ciooars, M.ANUWiC'lUR:&Rs o., ur. .:; uftVANA & DOMESTIC TOBACCO e -- ....... IIFACTUB.a; OP IIAV ANA! rDBACCO .lRD CIGAU .Fou.wAu.DxNG uD "J11 85 MAIDEN N. '{. 1!1'.:-a t-!-la-a AN1)DkALa.... coMMISSION DILCRANTS Leaf Tobacco SNUFF, PIPES, etc.. BEAVER sT., N.BW YoRK. NEW"-.. L B E L S U't .. 14.9 SrBEET, '--RIES AT .00.1 BROAD STREET -Add .... T b .. _....._ JUUOIIlUUL UJL ..,._ WJI.GLACCVK, NEW YORK 88 wan 8t., -.;IU .... Special attention paid to the forward tog of o acct JACO. ac::aLOssa.. BAMJ"41' .-OJ) IN CALDWELL N. to forelgncoantries. and Manufactured Tobacco, Prop'rietora oftbe celebrated br&Dd l "lt."P"blic Z, CO., aud DrJ." farorite ma<'-R,. FOUGED A Y Importeno andlllauufacturen of ;;"tJRNlSH;ED BY A. ftQijl r ANDp:coTOH THE HATCH LJTBOQRAPBJO 0811!ARJ, 'FREY BROS.&_ CO.. ) a Y.: 1 peS, 5 lmfaam ol Jlll.cJGABS, aatl AGO!. 1_ aa & B4 VBSEY STREET, NE-W YOBJL l) a1 Le u T t....... 33 Nort'L. 'IL... 'St. ltnllnt hsaahHrede Plpn, AT GREATLY0REDUCED PRICES. -; e ers U1 I+ IU Maiden J.aae 1r'. :--. -1 PA.: ....,.._........__ l'OUNGER & CO., L. GERSHEL & BRO ., COVMJSSIQ:N' PIOCI

'r BE 'I 0 B A (J C 0 :L B A :r. JUYL 12 KNECHT, SMITH & CO., Sll.UC:II:II801l8 TO STEdER, IJDTII BROS. .. K!IBCDT, BEALERS IN ALL KINDS OF LEAF TOBACCO, g .A.'ND K.A.l'nJFACT'1JlUlBS OF AXD DEALERS D CIGARSt 131 orth '1'hird Street, J!'hiladelphia. A. BOYD & CO., WHOLESALE DE!il.ERS IN IOliJlCTliBIB m U4P 111Bm, CIWl SQUTH I TEIJ,ER ,. BROS.,. 'crmubL l"!wkers, Commissfcm Merchants, and Wholesale Dealers in Po:raip aad Domestic Leaf' Tobacco, 117 North Third Street, Philadelphia. ===== L. BAMBERGER & CO., DEALERS lN ,LEAF TOBACCO, 'And Manufacturers of all Grades of Cigar, s, lVo:' J 11 Arch st., LEWIS BREMER'S SONS, Wholesale Dealers ia LEAF" AND JU.NUFACTtmED TOBACCO, o. 3U NORTH THIRD STREET, PHtLADEI.PHIA. I t AND TOBACCO mo; 9 aocz.a:a G.A"Jir &TR.2ilET, Liberal Advancements. Made oa. Consignments to my Address. CEO. KERCKHOFF tc CO., Packers" of Seaci :tleaf AND DBALBBS IN SPANISH 'l'IB!CGOS, 49, South -Charles St.; Baltimore,lid. GEO. KERCKHOFF, GEO. P, UliiVERZAGT. F. BECKER. C. BECKER. ... BECKER' BROJJ."HERS, --<( PACKERS, COMijiSSION MERCHANTS. AND W AOLESALE DEALERS IN ,..' Foreign and. Domestic Leaf Tobacco, { NO. 98 w : LOMBARD rderaf .... amallcuearecelvcpromptatteotion, LEAF To BA c c 0, IMPORTED and DOMESTIC MOORE a HAY, s:a LEAF TOBACCO, Packers, Commission Kercha.nts &, Dealers in BAL TIMoRt:: sTEAM sNuFF 29 south say st., Baltimore, Md. MILL. SEED LEAF tc HAVANA TOBACCO, R. STARR & CO,, ,No. 35 North Water-I!Jt., Philadelphia. MANUFACTURJIRS oF lD. :Z. W::&::NCE, Cincinnati and Toledo Advertlaements. -o J. DIX & CO.,. '\ PGCker an.d Dealert1 in. LEAP T11BAtl BRO BESUDEN, DEALER IN Dealers In LEAF TOBACCO, 1 16 a .nCI 1 17 Weat Front St., lCl. 163,. & l65learl8tret, Between Race ._,,.l .Elm, -' LEAF TOBACCO, tC0:01Eit OJ' E: ll. STREET,) omam:un o. .. CINCINNATI. LOUIS KROHN. MOSES KJ.OHN-LEOPOLD FEISS. ... 217 STATE STREET, -DARTII'OB.D CO!IU&o COIIECTICUT SEED LUF Tobacco, State St Hartford. Conn. IROBlT PEJSS CO A. L a F._sissox,--11, ooNNEonaut rx A p MANUFACTURERS OF -rGB.A.OCO, No. I 34 MAIN STREET, Hartford. Conn-. 1 a.J.BI ..... 'NOJI:M"AM lHUBI'IA.D. T... O KlWIIt AND DEALERS fN NORMAN HUBBARD & CO., Packers aDd Dealen Ia L -EA TOBAcco I :=a= u u.. Ha Bll'AD asftmal,l', w COJrl!l. Office and. Salesroom, Vine S ... -ee' t IrA" G W GRAVES Factory and Warehouse, 244 & 24.6 W. 8d St., .:.,. AIID ,,. CXNCI:HN .A. Tl, o:mo. ... FmE CONNECTlCUT SEED-LEAP S. LOWENTHAL & 00." MANUFACTURERS"' OF FINE CIGARS, I .-oBACCO, DANBURY, CONNECTICUT: AND :OEALEll.S m LEAF 'l'O:BACCO, R SMITH ,_ CO NO. WEST THIRD STREET, ., CINCINNATI, OHIO. c'b 'MMISSION MERCHANTS F. G Works, Ohio. CHARLES R. MESSINGER, MANUFACTURER OF The Oel.e'bra'tod. CONNECTICUT LEAF !OB!CCO. HJNS!>ALIIt s ... 1n, 1 MISS. J. F BmwllLL. :E. H. SMITH. C : O. HOLYOKE, ''f. B." AND NATIONAL. LONB CUT SMOKINBS KXISSIOM .KERCBA.NT Also, the Indian a.nd Sun Flower Chewing Tobaccos. JAcoaw,,L, AARoNluHH :E.A.wa.L, NEWBURGH BROS. A CO., :l2 Central lYha,.h Bostfm. W Kahn& Co,' Jdanfcturers !Successors to s. LowBNTAL & co.) Fine: Cigars Southern and Wholesale Dealen in ADd Dealers ia PTPIDl' t ... rvau TRDIPPO Jo:am s-.roBT:a,. ldDJIJlll \IIIJUll Wlllllll !r8" !r8 Blaha Street leleO....eraadManafact1lieroftheWarld-KeaowDeol J "-Branda of S.OII:.Iaa To..._, CI.CIIIl!l.t.TJ, o. "'&.4..B..A. TOQ-.4.''134 Main St.. Cincinnati. -. B. lcDOWBLL & 00., JULUfS ViTTIJUJIH & CO. S N U F F TOBACCO Seed Leaf' aad 25 SOUTH CALVERT ST. Commission Kercha.nt. . r .. O:t-0 ..ei:.oc.. 4'-eral,. Co v h +n B1 VAIA -. TOBACCO, HOFFMAN LEE & CO. '8 a: 'ssT. mur.n sT., W .G. fOBACCO WORKS. L-VU,VA." < U1ill liDiliiiOn .mere anlA, Solo Agents for the 0' II. Leberd IN liD), L f T b Uft E BROTHERS' a; / att BORTH WATII:R ST., PlllUadelphla. s. Sol idTop CIQAR MOULD," T _BACCO ea 0 acco SPEIUI ., uQ., . ( u-Ageatafortbtsaleofallkiodaaoflrauufac 136 ARCH ST., coISSIOV VJRCH AlJQIS . .. .. J6'MES SOTll ture4 aud Leaf Tobacco.-. .mm .n m. 411 l l THOS. w. BAXlERo w. EI>GEWORTH BIRD. nno'K EB., :J!I.A. aT T a ::i: R. D 'aT. DOHAN & TAITT, B. 'BAX'fEB & BIRD, CINCINNATI, o .. IO. 1" UJJ n Cllm:IOI OM, FineD btgars, r TOBACCO F A -PRAGUE No. 1317 CARY STREET, 101 rAB.CH STREET, Andimportero!ChoiceBrands or P. A. ALBRECHT. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, HENRY MEYER, LEAF TQBACCQ .,._ ...___.. &... B.A. V .A,lq' .A. CJ:CAE,S' Wholesale Dealerln 12 COMMERCE STREET COJUIISSIOJ( KERCBAJIT, ....,.. 01._. Philadelphia. 11:. sTs., Leaf Tobacco !lid. : AndWbole'oal Dealerlo INS.PECTOR, PHII.ADELPHIA. 1 0 H10SCON N ECTICUT J.M. WJs.,;,Daaville, Va. P.,Richmoad, v"" BATCBEL8R BROS MICHAEL wRTMAN o. SON AND CICARS, OBDBRA-;_ccoLOASS.. LE.AIJ' XOB.ACCO, CINCINNATI, OHlO. ,._)JAm I. & PmON WISE, "PECULIAR" ':' .., 18 sST R a. ., 48 ..___ t s t. l'fi.J-o:l o D E ._ 0 S CO"'''ISS -ION ; "ERC'!!' A '""'S C lc A R '"-m ... '"Slon .... J I ,..o; rvD __ nuati,. ........... E L Y, oiii..IJL a ... WU Coaamiuion and Wholeaale Dealers iu For &Rd .WHOLESALE DEALERS In LEAF AJ1D 1 Dl!ALl!R IN .For the l'an:haae of Ull ill JUllP!mill' CLARK & BRO., Manufactured Toba.tco F. w. DOttRMANN, BAVU.l& DO.ISftC LEAF TOBACCO. PIIILADBLPHIA. AHo LEAF TOBACCOS M4rea u at B.lchmond or :Oanvml, 'lfiLLS & ROBJBTS, w. Ce LEAF TOBACCO BROKERS 11 LJ-AF TOBACCO Mauufactaren of J PRU-ADELPRIA. Pa. :N. E. Cot. Vine &D41'm:..t Streets. Kill St.1tochester, lT. Y. I JOSBPB WALLACB qr.ABBRVILLil."I'IJNN. w. DRESEL I, P.o. BOX 0 B. GEJSE & BRO. LW ul'l'll DDIIDJl And Dealen In SuccesoontoCOOPER & WALTER, MERFELD &; KEMPER 1 Jllllll -T(tJT SUD Lill 'uaaufacturersof : PACKERs oF 87 STREET, f. W, SMYTHE & CO., 14.10 CU'Y. S'b:'Mt 'I'IIIJlD STRBBT .. GJIRAilD A.VE., aJ!ll !l'OBACCO, KD., .aTE A 'M: RicHMoNo. v A. Phlladelphla, _Pa. '. 66?,:648. &114 ;Eleventh St., and. Yara. Tobaccos, T 0 B.A. c c Commission Merchants, CJP.IJ Box PcT .UEBRAND A KliNIENBERG, .PHII,A'DELPHIA. : 1 1 7 Lombard Street, EODISSJQl{ MERCJIAIIS, IJD B Kaaafactarers of aod Dealera Ia T J D U N N & -C Q ., BALTDtoRE. liiDo Bretherton B'lllldhap, 'IEJ PI"''AD.' TOBACCO :JOliN. -vv. C.A.RROL'L,.., 1o NORT:-t .JOHN STREET, No. 93 CLAY STREET, lt .... Rll, -'LIVERPOOL. Eli!GL.&JID, CINCINNATI, o lo. 311orth lth St., C .ommission Kerch a, n ts, lr .. of <.J St. Lo_uls and d.ouJsvme Advertlaementa. I LONE JACK rAND BROWN DlCK, BELVIN & co., t&iB.DBRIITml &CO.. 'Wi!NiJLTING'S SON,) to A. W, D A e G 0 AND GeneralCommission TOBACCO EXCHANGE, 'V'a. J. BIRALDO SAIII & co. A. M:. FB.ECHIE, ... Importers or IIAVANl D6alcrs an4 lcrcbants i TOBACCO,_. "ECMAONUFANcTuORERMOFTIHES. T" 1 af. AdntiMa:tkerds l"b LJ:AF TOBACCO, TOBAR.CCOA. MTTBJRO.s, KED AND G. w. HICKJIIAN, EDWD T. IIIEGRA,W. ;J .... JIIORTOlllo e an i anruactnre TO aCCO 121 "1231f!.rtnSt., bet. Ka!n IGSecoDdSts., n .tm:RAL CODISSmH f :Srancl of Cigars BADBI TUBA' ceo. F!CTOBY 'Am GEliiERA.L JIERCh.A.I!IDISE, dll !. KO. 311fo-Waterltnet.. ., AJID 210 lo. Stoond Street, Loals, Mo.''. LlberaiCaohadnaceamadeonOoaolgnmenta. Qeneral Co...Uuloa Merdlam. lv. Delaware............. G J JICIS & c 0 Office ln Tobaooo En-.., 5boclloe Slip, :Phila4elpbia. A HICKMAN, MEGRAW & CO., VON PHUL A LADD,, . ARs,, PLUG. cBEiiiG&SiOiii& ToBACGOS 'TOBACCO'. Ll LDIEB OP CIGARS A.ND JIIA.KV AND DEALER IN We des1re correspondence w1th EAsTERN F.A.VTlJRE TOBA.cco' S '..I. d Domest' Leaf T L..: Nos. 212, 214, 216 and 218 CARTER STREET, 29 1 West Main Street, COMMISSION MEICHAII'N 881 South 2d Street, plnhm an IC Owcc:o, cured at lowes t rates. LOUISVILLE, Ky. fti'OJ W.eor.3d .. Peplarlte.,'PhDadeij.hla. J!'BJ:J.ADB:r.2'BIA.i Goo. W W1CJ:), J H. }As. G PENN. (A--... T. J. DUNN&) CO., Props urero e e e AS FINZER, R II;; TOJt' & .P.NNj :wHoLEsALE DEALERS IN Sm}'lide aDd Little Wanderer L .iAF TOBACCO TobaoooCommissionMerchants _LEAF TO BA ceo, :LID TOUCGO II The "IROII" Claar I SIJIIIIItJ., .. 0 :J: GA. :a a. "PI' I B B 0 s. II VY ,, So di SCccmd Str Wilk. a long C;),'}ttictzce iii the business To Retail atsldousc.,orFive Ceatoeacb. g Wbolesaleand Retail dealer In AU Brands of TOBACCO, z, u... eet, o.ffef' theif' services to jill otdns for La} '&-.lOS WAIJ'BB 811!'.; ea North Front Street,., .. MKINIJ .TIIACCO, Ofllce" Salesroom, 194 "196 J'ACOi S'l'., LpUIS, lvlo, prManufactund TMcos. PIIIL&DIILPIILlo __ .:___ __ I BZS i aroum S'l'. Pm:.\. I LOVUVJLLJD. KY. ----<-DA.:KVlLLE, A. .. "' .. /


JTTLY 12 LEA 1'. TOBACCO 1 SDTRO .S: NEWlY.IARK, OF C::I: G .A. :J AND DEALERS IN LEAF 7.0BACCO, 76_pA.RJ[ NEW Y.ORK. kiQUORIEE 9ASlE. SPOISH LIIHOHIGl TmiSR .LIIHDlHCH. l THR UNDERSICJliiED AiYD HJS ., OTHER BRANDS OF TURKISH PASTE, ALL OF WHICll ARE INCREASED -SATISFACTION, ASINI!ITANCED BY THE RAPIDLY GROWING .DBJIA.ND AND EN. TIRE ABSENCE OF CO.IIlPLA.INTS. "'. -1 CAUTION. -It having come to my kooirledre that, i n in stances, Liquorice Pute falselJ..repz;esented. as of my manufacture hu been off'ered for tale by parties to suit thei-r own who b_:ve no authority to f oell my brands, the present oenea to CA111'IOX I :.11 Tobacco Manufacturers against the same and to a-tve notice that h_,reaft every case o f my manufac ture will be branded with my Trade-Mark, acquired under Jaws o( the United States; and an unprincipled persoa cmmterfeiiing this Trade-Mark will be ril'otou:t1y prosecuted. r,-C. as. -pver half a crop raised in and North Carolina. lS 6d. Ex A6erystwitk Castle-Damaged by ea water:. .The were 86o hbds, 187 trcs and 30 bxs. 10 cases Elower of All Nations sponge cake, JS I quote:-Dark lugs, 7@8; dark leaf, common, 8@Io; 5 do 6 in. gold bars, 1:1 7 do do 6-in. do fiat, medium, 1I@12; good, 13@16; fine to extra, 17@2o; 3d; 4 do do 3 ply 6-in. twist, Is 4d; s do do 3-ply 1:Hn. bright lugs, common, 8@9; medium, ro@r2; good do 1s rd; 5 do dO' 12-in. Planti!r's do IS 3d; 5 do do (smokers), @ s; fine .extra smokers, 17@30; bright 6-in. do Is 3d; 3 do do D. T. Tortoiseshell do IS Jd; s leaf; 10@zo; mahogany wrap!Jers dark, 15@25; rna .. do do Tortiseshell five, 1s; 8 do do pocket-pieces, IS hogany wrappers, bright, rs@ss; bright wrappers, 15@ 5 do do D. T. :do 1s 4 do don-in. Plal'l'tat10n. tw1st, Is 3d; 5 do do Venus nailrod, IS 7J4d. Ex S .T. LOUIS, yuly 5 .-Mr. J. E. Haynes, Dealer" in Corolla: 4 cases .Ca1.1ary Tortiseshell aromatic fives, u .neaf Tobacco, reports: The market was less animated sd; I do D. T. tens pocket-pieces, IS 7d. Ex Stanley on Thursday, aud bids were generally lower; .but on Slealh: 5 Admiral twist, all faults, IS EHday, w itb large offerings, the demand was a Mat pesia: 2 cases Two Seas Tortoiseshell fives, more lively, and prices were very steady:. Saturday the 4 do doL. t>: wide fives, IS Ex Staffurrl market contil'l.ued steady, hut' a good many of the offer s!t1re: 5 cases Ven11s half-pounds, 'Is zd. Ex Melput of ceni;lition. Monday and yesterday were pomone : 9 'cases Two S 'eas half. pounds, IS zMd. Ex holidll:)'s1 and there were no offerings on tbe breaks. North Anurican; 3 cases Two Seas tem;, I!! 1 hlf trc Black Swan 4 at I2@I2.75i''3 at 13@13o; 1 at twist, IS ; r qtr trc St. Andrew's twist, IS 3J4d; 1 a{ I5.5o; I (Virg}nia); 3 at $z'; 32.50 I case Flor de Cuba' cigars, s,ooo, more or less damaged and 52 at $39@62 (Kentucky); I6 bxs at by sea water, 23s. May,ro.-Ex Fij1i : 4 cases Cloth wagon load foose $4.69 In the same or Gold light-presserl pouncls, IS per lb; 3 do do t1me 41 hhds were passed, and b1sis rejected on 79 hhd> 9-in. light pressed, IS r'I"d; 4 do John .Mahoney's Navy NEWYOBX. at $3.20@49-so; at x@1.5o; I do sweeptens, 9,Ud; 4 do Cloth of Gold light-pressed cakes, IS lings 6 bxs at 3.9o@s.zo. 'l'o-day .the break wa& I3 do Grape Leaf Navy'Sixes, 1 od; 5 do Cloth of irregular in quahty,"containing a good deal of common Gold lightyressed half.pounds, IS 8Ud; 2 I do Barret's; but the market was steady. Sales, us Crown Hns, 8 do Waterlily Navy nailrod, Io; 5 hhds; I at h; 3 at 3o40@J.So; 20 at 4.20@4 90; 2I at do do gold blocks, rs ,Ud; 6 do do 6-in: 3-ply twist, !)II; S@So; u at 6'@6.8o; II at 7@7. 90; 22 at 8 @8.95; 12 4 do Sunny South nailrod 2 do do 6 in. twist six at 9@9.90; 9 at Io@10.75; 3 at u '@n.75; 1 at r2; 1 teens, rs 2d; 2 do do IS 1d; 6 doBoomeran1 bright at $46; 10 ltxs $z:; 2 lots of R : and R. twi!lt, 9d; 8 do Bird -in-Hand 3 ply twist, 9d; samples at 3@4.20 6 h.hd s were passed, and bids 30. do Childrey & Jgnes' N;lV}' gd. Ij;x Ships: z wer e 0.[1 tto_' __ hha!!, :at and I boxat twelves and 2 cases do sixteens, IS 5.6o We quote. Factory lugs; commu $4.25@4o; td; 6 cases Bird-in ;Hand 12-in Jplv twist, 9a; 12 do factory lugs, ; fair to planters' lugs, \yaterlily 6-in. 3 ply 9 3 do Gnl'pe Leaf Navy II d'lTk f common to good, p:anter's gd; 6 do Crown Navy fives, 5 do Barret's bright common togood, ,S.oo@6.oo; inferior dark green-Anchor twist, ail faults, 9tt; 8 do Boomerang X. and R. RELATIVE RESISl 'ENCE I [Ctmtin ued Tki,.d PfUt.] I fftixed leaf,; dark twist, 9d; 5 do Waterlj ly Navy fives, an! faults, I Id; 39 ping leaf,; medium shipping leaf, do Barret's Crown tens, Io.f.j:d; I one. eighth trc de, all OF WooD AND IRoN.-Ex Hopkinsville, z,ssx do; Cincinnati (unsold), 5>577 do;; good dark shipping le:f, 9So@to.s'o; faults, 7Ud. On another account-all faults, if any: periments have been made St. 2,209, cio; Evansville, :US do; Paducah. (estigood red or brown do (suple order,); fine 6 _qtr trcs Anchor twis:, 7Ud; 4 oneeighth trcs de 1->y M. Hirn upon the resist-mated), :r,ooo. Making 30,537 hhds, against 24,J72 red or brown i:!o, @ medium red manufactur 7 }-(d; 7 ca1;es d::> 7d; 4 qtr trcs Shellard's twist, rs d. .. ing power of different species July 1, I87 5.': .., 1'4 f M ing do, 8@9.5o; good manufactunng do, I I .1 case Crown Navy fives, 4Ud; z cases do eights, K E R B 8 & 8 p I E 8 8' o wood compared with that essrs. William G. Meier & Co. report:-W e have to @14i mediilly during the first two weeks of last month, ous to trial in a uath of colza prices nave had a declining tendency. Reports from Miiilthtv Statement. Hhds and Dealers ID LBAF TOB.&CJOO, oil heated to 8o or wo de tht: country1are more encouraging; the weather continStock in wa{ehouses, 1-----------------I,-44$ Tobacco. Law PasSed by the Kentucky grees. The oil was found to ucs favorable,1 and prospects for a full ayer a gc ture at its Last SeMioa. 35 Bowe N Y k d d h' M I d' d 0 i n June at ware,!"!ollses, shipped through.2,924 ADoLPH KERBS. ry' ew or Lours SPIESS. al reslstaiJce, an t IS was are Improvmg. ISSOUCI, n I ana an the hlO RIVer Chapter 458. An act to regulate the sale of leaf to-found to vary in direct radistricts will probably make up for the loss in Tennes1 une shipped through ___ ----------3222' bacco in this Commonwealth by warehousemen and tio w i th the density. In see and Soutnern Kentucky. commission merchants, and tobacco dealers on commiaE. M. FosTEit. ED. HILSoN. ltUDoLPH most applications NKW ORLEANS, :Jttly 1.-Messrs. Gunther & Ste Total receipts. in June. __________ .., __________ .: __ 6,t46 sion. Approved March 8, 1 876. RELIANliE liJQAB VANUF!llllllllfV wood Is a resistance supevenson, Tobacco Factors, report:-The business in io-Tptal shipments in Jq_ne.--------------------4612 Said act reads as follows: u u a JU u' UA I. .. rior to that of cast iton. bacco i:luring the past month can not repOrt-ed as Offerings at. -2 6 Section I, Be it enacted by tile Assem6l, of havi'ng been satisfactory 'in its propoftio&.. Juh'e' usu Sales at -2 064 tke Co,monwea/111 of KentucA.y, That hereafter com-fOSTER, HILSON i, CO., SHAKE OuT YouR P:N-ally is very animl!.ted here; but t .hi the rflbn!l_l's Deliveries from warehQuses.-----------------.z,I6 3 mission merchants srorjng and tobacco in this BACK. P u II down your transactions have oisappointed general expectatienso-Stoc, k in July I __ 2 20 g State shall carefully and correctlY weigh, or cause to be '17 II; 79 N. Y.. vest." "Wipe off your chin," recei sales and exports summing up a total mucH .., 1 weighed, every hogshead, bo)C or bale of tobacco whicll. hak says Jess was In the business thaf was ac-LIVEl)POOL, :Jtme_z 4 ,_;Me$srs. F. w. Smythe & ma,y be sent to such merChant for stora&e Fine t e o_:mda era 'd were Old not hhm; bnt few Co., Tobacf o : MerchaBts, report :-A fair and sale, and they shatl mark, or caw.e to be marked three of sla1!g we parucipated,, the. Germans took greater average week's busmess has been tran acted, thejlome wei_ght one; .head of each ho,..: yesterday w1thm five tiOn, Italy a few ,and 4Lade b.eiag the pti=i.paln>peQtQ.IS Y.e$y little was taken head; and tqb?-cco is stripped, they shall take ,as many. y.oung the balancelwh11e Spalll dli:l. notbing. Ex1 for Afr_ica, andJ we hear of n o sales for the Continent. the tare: weight of each. cask in the tobacco bloods,. and we JUSt on porters lookeL! for eas1er to follow upon. the re Prices are nominally 11ncbanged. Imports, 444 hhds;. been and af1er' of tobacco has pomt of saymg .someports of .tae Improved condl.llon of the growmg crop; deliveries, 321 Stock, 21, 9 68, against 27, 050 same time sold and properly re-coopered, It aj?;ain be AND SOLE PROPRIETORS OF THE PATENTED. WILLOW CIGAR ; S. HAWES, I 0 DE4{.ER IN ripe Couect.icut S .eed Leaf, 11e wmmm N'-1:. V. :EA WIS, llrlageport., Conn. FOR SALE. .320 CaHs of Good Pllnsylvaata Seed -Leaf Ttbaooo, )3y JOiiN DETWlLER, u A'l' EAST PB.OIIPZCT, YORK CO., P.\. l. LICHTENSTEIN & BROtBERl OF -HE "ELK" and 11 ONWAHii" C. I C A R S5 And Dealers In LEAZ' 'l'Ci:BACOO, Nos. 34 34k Bowf:Jrv, NE.W thmg abput .the abommable to this t1me, .pnces have been futly last year. weighed the tiame perse deemed _guiltr,of a misdemeanor. we concluded to re contmue to quqte:-:::Low to medmm lugs, 5@6-;. good rices. For ex' ort there has "i!eeil little done. )ve;f. and, upon con viC lion thereof. he shall be_ fined in a \IUDl ou1 lecture. fine 6 low ? low leaf, leaf and st;;ps l:ieen taken only io alimited of not less than fifty doll!rs, nor more one g@lo, medium good leaf, :t,a@r4 fine cxtent. Fine classes "havE:' chietly attracted attentidn dollars. J ON A BusT.leaf, 14@15;, I5@17. Grol? Vir (eafand -stnps have been operated n, but oni Sec. 3 Bezt fu!tker enactld,_ .hat the proprietors The a nvllle correspondent favorable. weather has been a u spicious m most g .1 b h .__ .l L' I fi ffi Y. f an 'f r commis:;Jon housefor f h R h d . . a reta1 u,me$!t ; HI e ne IS o enng. . _,. o t e 1c moo ""'Kf un the pl,ilntsare tlouflslung, :eucourag:ng .!fi_e OhioJ of brigh t color good c.ondjtion ff duaes collecteu th&s staple, Jt IS thereof, be fined not lttss than fifty nor more than. the, best .mechamcs that can a nee of the t'Xcellent that )lave prevailedj not likely that shut thet r .one ?ollar. s, add shall, ro. on;over, liable tl) SVJiS' OB%liall:, obtamed fro1;n any .por. t e mont Ia yast 111 tbe West ;we thmk a eyes and_ It prdbable pan.r. .. 11 h<: _may have .sus' tiOn Qf. the 0 u nton! and yet I average crop might be planted. During the month re-Parliament meets -.ylll oe thereby. z A Th-a.t as Q!ta: .. w1ll 4,85 9 hhds in :l\1ay, and 6, 921 hhds in ApriL \Ve look' ;ates. are e_llual to ou, r of any such tobacco wak-etlt5use Qr .commiSsion houie one_ I ceipts were small, amounting tO o11Jy. 3,612 hlids, agains>t1 -Sev-eral lot& havt! of at at .Jf!EC.JS._B! macltd, Tha.t -if the proprietM TOB!DCB 'up. small ,houses for a revival tliis month of shipments here, and expect best shall account to person for 'whom he: may have the :numerous, to se: ?Ur receipts at the end of the year. exceed the and has not been large medrum sorts bu. t ht1le or sold any hogsbead of tobacco for less ia five mili:o south of ll are COOiitantly commci J:resent surmises. up to ,date, since the ISt of Sep ern Inquired for. Some. parcels of t.he. best have welghphan the same was sold .and_ charged to p mto our town, and who have ber, we have rec":ived 22,664 hhds. The stock on sale, ?een a t but the comiJlg __ yp_ tQ, chaser, he shall be guilty of a misdemeauor, llDQ pQ-. === to board because they which is somewhat over Io,ooo hhds, affords very fair Importers limitS, were passed 10 sales-9?, ished as in the fourth section of this act, and be liable Spdae get. hou!jes to live 10. to Regit: buyers; but the beUer three>quar.ter I 6 ver the Water to th.e p;uty aggrieved for all damages be may have PJ.Dnl) HOLV"S & GO ,fhere IS plenty of land su1tat>le for Germany and the north of Europe, are tens ... few lines been_ sold sustamed tho::reby. lUUa.Ll, JJlJ!I 1 within the suouf'bs, which is scarce, and areeagerly taken at full figures B)( those. publicly. Ar? a large lot of! vanous) brands SEc. 6. This act to ta'ke effec: from its passage. Manufocturen of the Celebrated owned by men of means buyers, when found adapted to their reqnirllments. hav e .been quitted: Some v ery work N E R V E who will neither sell nor Exports sum np a total of 3.1l93 hhds, distributed' a fol public aldorfuon DisOBEDIENCE SOMI!:TIMES A --'-This heading l.ouild, but are wai!ing fo" lows : -ha:sse ut so ahter t e sta Jef was suggested by the absurd regulation. of the Centen' higher prices; CODllequeRti} hhds; France, S P lilids; England, 205 hhds-rnuch pnces rea I rot come .up e oial Commissioners requiring VISitors (()come previded And other Brands or our town can nQt im.p_rov:e" of which i to be:re: shipped to the Continent-anJ New the agems. nvate y, some 200 ages 0 1 rey s with a fiftv -cent sta:Op o silver piece in to obtaill Chew ins: and Smoking the owners -of lots York, J88 hhds. Exports this year, 9 :a-r bhds. ll)adke behen sold. d@'fwls8t-d. B e admissio; to the Exposition. The might .., w 1 ) J s e 11 at reasonable PADU "' M un er .out ern, 1s 3 rs s nc or, IS d 1 53 s w. CA.1:;1, J'u!y 17.-Messrs H. Clark & BI k Swa n IS 6 d Rave" IS 8d St Andrew's ts 8d. thu; mcornparab e mvent10n for puttmg peo yeft'enoD A"Ve. pnces B h T f 'I' b B k R ac ., 1 bl d d t fi f d' ---' rot e.r,...-ea o acco ro ers, report:-ece1pts smce Our Game, IS d; Shellard's, IS sd; Golden Fleece, P e to t;ou e an e ernng _t em rom atten .mg the .DETROIT, HICB. B N S last repdrt {June 17), 1,267 ds; to date, 5,969 do. d. Woolly 1 ng IS 3d. Giant :is 4d. Onward exhiTllUon, rf the recording wneel allow no be AD EWS FOR S I hhd d d o-nh ffi IS 3 ' d b t L. d h .-. 'bl The NERVE 1s sold by Tintclass U d b' h d h a 1,402 s; to ate, 1.5,94t o. .1 e o ermgs el. Black Diamond in half and quarter tierces irrione, Wit ou anyooo y-t e "'"""ommiSSioners, y, in)prov .ement in quality. There W!lS not o1. fi. ne limits oulte ndminal. @ 8d, excepted--thinking the w orse of them so. g. made. The Whoteoale Trade a Specialty. d. 1 L hhtl offered 1unrrg theiasMwo ma1 ket--b;;t.s "e t "'rand" l'ii.e(fium 7r-.9a. SoutheJ. xod@ IS 7 d 'fhe matronly lady that-used to be-and rf she Is not-1 J -.., t s u-a t c it atmg to -t .. e b fi d '1 d h "'1 d d u s "' "' .,. ' h b'l't bt t b h f h : . . e-en. very m, an 'n1 g a es ave a morec 0 f b ands Half-Pciu 'ricb-N on her .Soulhnow, 101.' er am1a 1 1 y orog o -e-m c arge o t a 106 ChainbBI'S Sl & 121 N y 0 especially medium leaf, we qupte .!eo Higher. iW e:: shell), 9d@ rs rd; :5outher'n (black), od@ porters at Girardl a way, w_e remeiD-I" h d h 1 P quote to good do, jiS zd. Aromatic-Western halves, none_; ber, of.gettmg ar?und piece.of folly 1n a11 old IS e m er co as 61!7 c ; col"mon leaf, 8@'1oc; med1um leaf; o@"uc; e ulliern un 3 10 @Ia id. l:egulatlon adm,ssJon, for tne purpo11e f nhe 81!'ugglcmgbof good' leaf, Ifi4C. The weather has been particularly uonad's 18 ... none. 8d spection, to that institutio n Visito"rs there were for1 m.enor tobacco mto u a; r bl po_31 uav 1 d h d "d C which is said to be carried avora e. poci(et pieceJ; -1.'2 .Gold 3d@1s 6d; mer y, an per aps now requ&re IDHee \. \. .;::--s:::il I N G T 0 J on under the-retence,that LPi:UA, :July lo.7""Artbyr R. ll'aYY 'aod, P9u nds, II!@Ia 3<\; sixeSl t?.P!ocure fc?m Qr other CIVIl func0 .,. ... 11 comes fro! Porto Rico Manuf;fctur i' AieJrt,' featfUUy hot etC., 9d@rua.' Leaf for lfanl.lfacturin& f-8d@'u; strips, a P!mted pr permit to enter the grounds u a I it of some Havana to dep $liOn of busmesa. Wath the mercury at @sss; Manilas, H.S., SSdge was an the n 6 d .; 't 6accos continpe quiet, with buyers aupplving only their bundles 729 cases cigars. Sydney May 5 habit of say1 g 11weetly to unfortunate applicants fw rom a Ia one Y Is pRnce immediate wp.nts while prices are quOted somewhat r876 3I4 668 t'hs mfd 8S9 029 do dnmfd ;6"(>97 admission who confessecl themselves minus permits: extreme y susp1c1ous. u1 ac1' h "Well go in and stay. a!! long as you wis.b t It mors indeed have reached ower. The tr e, owever, still seems dasposed to concigars. Adelaide, April 29, 1 876, 128,887 lbs mfd, 6,. a l)r '! f' G fine their putchasea to goods which are known especially 3 19 Jbs unm"d r 3""" lbs ci.,.rs. Geelong no returns. JU&t Rreceded you who had more tickets 'than they needu s r o m certam erman . r-...,' d d 'th t I'll '-"" h f h l k b od m the marke Fme cuts are an exception to this rule Brisbane May 5 1 8 7 6 74 422 Jbs mfd 35 8 lbs unmfd e an Wen ey come ou uurrow enoug o t ell' p easure par s t at go d d aced ' extra ones to make the record "or yo J bt '' If 'ud es have been late! un. an .o not seem to be pi under the same restnctlons. 8,J6S lbs cigars. DIUledin, no returns. Auction Sales . 1 u .a rig aa to decide betwe!n the Receipts for he past week, f. om all sources, 4 8 3 bxs, 724 -April 2 I.-To close accounts: 10 Hub tbh fact we have divulged a secret which tbe ci ars at five cents and caddies, :r6:r 910 pails. Exported, via steamer Pmn-poQnds, all faults, 8d per lb; IO do Benson & Bom;e kmd l:'ay would prefer to longer. we bg fi h' b sylvania, so lbxs manufactured tobacco Leaf To6accu half.pounas dq 7d. 10 do Sweet Virgi*ia half-pbunds plea,d an extenliatlon an ambltlQ!JS desue to pomt a l ose atldtwehntyveF. w bc -This class f our dealers continue td do their usual do .7ILd ;o do B;lle of Varginia batf-nou;nds do moral tl:tat._may be made without doing harm, at. b d thai sunmer tra wlt manwacturers stt makang the am. 10 three-qparter bx!J R,pbert Buma' tensj rio 2 blf e wts CJ were EO t ere:. urt er. dt h 'II : r the Centennial entrances and a long che h d h t )IJANUFACTURER OF THE CELEBR.ATED BRANDS OF with u;: prirtant iiiqu ry: "How is' the new Pennsylvania sweat-trcs Barret's Crown twist, do, and I qtr trc do, 9d. On tell good dame how felt obliged to her for F Ch T of his labels ing, and what is the condition?" evidently showing that account of whom it may concern, ex Hampski,.t : 1 case spanog us on occas: ons, m her ?Wn IDe-cut 8'm"' 'II 0' obaoco from "Henry Clay" to "Vic-sometl>ing more than usual is expected from this partie Havana cigars, Emanuel Gaicia Chica, in way, years ago, t e live of -e toria Reina, has taken re ular crop. New Connecticut seeuing a large supplettte.nt sheet and appearini; in blue ink of approved Da\io.aal hue. Its originality and wit are only a vart of aa c!larms of the News. The way the.plper is made up. with its variety and adn\irable poise and balance ot matter, would commend it to pop .ular faver even without. its characteristic freshness and hun10r: 0 ...


;. Tobacco 1Wanufaoturers,t .., lfHOMA. S HOYT & CO., .ANUF ACTURJtRS /OP' ,... ... :E"1NE ou-r CHEWING AND SMOKING .AII'D UIVI'I'. OUR BRANDS CHEWING : SUNNYSIDE, HEARTS' DELIGHT, NATIONAL, BRIGHT OWEN, EXTRA CAVENDISH. se4 aDd 4.06 ST :NEW YORK.' ) Geiieral Partners. F. W. LOCKWOOD, Spe cial. fRANCIS. S. KINNEY, G OF "Kinney Bfothent CBlebrated Rnssillll .. CICARETTES AND PINE TOBACCOS, WEST BBOADW.AY, NEW YORK CITY. DBPO'I". AKD AG.BKC'2' I Or the Manufacture o f G. W. Gail & Ax, BALTIMORE,_ -AT220 PEARL. STREET,. NEW YORK. 'WEISS, ELLER & KAEPPEL, AgeD.ts. Tobacco JOHN ANDERSON & .IIANUFACIURERS OF THl!: .._ SOWI m nm TOBACCOS 114-nnd 116 LIBE-RTY STREET, NEW YORK, Bq to direct atte;,tlon of the !11 TobacEclALTIES FOR rooAoco RUSSIAN CIGARETTES, lyons, d-. 48 Broad & 48 New Streets, D. B. McALPIN & CO.. oFFrcE, --a:w YOI\K. P. o. aox 4188, {) "'R cc\' oftbe '1 \. LOUIS N PICAR& CELEBRATED ..;...."' _...;.._--., I OF Leaf and Navy ChBWllllL _-Fine. Lon[ aiid Straiht'Cnt cavendish And all kinds of l SMOKING. TOBACCOS, !'or Fine Wholesale and ltetail Trade, Toli&Cco, Suuf!;Snuf! etc.' !iPAnsu LICORicE RooT, .. AND fERIQ,UE IJ!I CARROTS. .JO:p:N STREET, NEW YORK. i.a. MILLER lt. CO., .. !OBAOO 0 MANUF !OTORY, LLINS, Pa,..r.)97 NEW YOBK; ) IIANUPACTUB.KRS OP TH .. CBLBBRA TB]) Wrs. G. B, & Co. Chewing a!'d Smoking Tobacco the only Genuine Amencan Gentle man Snuff Mrs. G. B. Mtller & Co. Maccaboy and Scotch s nuff; A. H. Mickle {k Jlose and Grape Tobacco; Mrs. G. B. Mtller It Co. Reser\ Londres Yellow 7-8 "15 34 yds. 1.00 l.ondres Yellow 13-16 zo: 34 ycls. 0.90 Londres ll.d 7 1, 34 yd.s. 1.70 Red Box Ribbon. 3 72.yds. .85 Yellow Box B.ibbou 3-S 72 yds. .80 Ribbooa Cut otnd Printed to o1der ia any si1e or style. All Orders will b e promP,tly Prices of C-igar Boxes a ad of Rtbbons \\lll be sent on application. WIJ.Ll&JI WACKE .. co. TO.TOBACC 43 Liberty Street, opposite Post Office, or SKOEJC:aS An'I'XC:t..zs,j TOBACCO :foBACCO, SEhAERS," &c. l STAR copta!lnglargepe c-got 't'O't'.AS!I', AWONIA k SOL trl3LE I'HOSl'RA'l'Br "'!"hi!' best r e!'mlto;; ohtained on TOBACCO, anP o 'ort>r l t o Guano PRICE 860 l"ER TON, IN &: TO BAteD CO liP AIY,----.-cHEMI____.;;;;;CAL POWDERED LIQUORICE. FINEST DfONEEB 1lanafactured at Poughkeepsie, X ew York. 1 ; IMPORTER OF GIFFORD, SHERMAN & INNIS, OF BROOKLYN, N. Y. "0NLY FINE11 HAVANA 120 W'llrliam StreetJ I :J:N'OOR.PO:ELA.TED or .A.N'-Si!l, 1008 L'"eaf Tobacco 00. :E. LYFOBD, PreL F. G. liAWES, Sec. 16 Cedar Street, N. Y. ... ... ,_ BlJSDIESS O:F.l"'CE.S Pl\1011 I.ZS'I" 124 Water St., York; SPINlSH CIGAR US OBKIJ.IB.AJ. 117BA.lll', BOS'I"OII': 1 1 .11 1 "-1 "l!t Brqad Red, 72 yards, $ 40 North St., :Phi a, ...-a; Eopanola, -s-8 72yards, '0 ; =.. Narrow B.ecJ, or Figaro, 7' yards.., 25 Lake street, Chicago. TERMs-wET cAsH. HENRY WULSTEIN, CELEBRATED BlUliDS OF .PEACCOS U ST.. K. 6'1 CED.AB ST., NEW Planet Navy,-ljs, !'" 45, 511, 65. 75, 8s, 9s, J:os. Sailor's Choice, 11, ,., SBJ. 61!, 7&, Be, 911> '"" Challenge, lb!:.. Aing Philip, 'Wiuhlngton, ll, "" Grape and Apricot, Neptune, }X)uble Thick, brt. drk. "ACIME" F&DC)' Brt. .MOWifle Mitc hell, PolDnds, Narragansett, Tec.....,a.-, Alexandra, Peeri-SeuatiOD, J I'Wanden, Golci'Bara. .8uchanan, to&, 'Frt.deofthe Reefmen1 .fJick of Clube. Pocket Pleeea. ;_, WlLLIA>M nAVID C. LYALL Kc!LR01 .t CO., Ag'ts, 3l Broad, ::Boston. Mfg. Co., & J. A. Lukanin, Sole Agents in America Cor the EMlNKNT FrRM of SA .A 'I' C l'.iY & "ltl A NGO UB Y, f IUSSJAi jfiTiiiU .. p, O, Box 8:111:111., OFII'ICJC, 5a BROADWAY, NEW YORK, E. SAxToN, Sec'y and Treas: HtKAM GRAiH>R Supt. .lWALKBU, .. en., MANUFACTURERS OF. G-LOBE FINECUT CHEWING &SMOKINGi TOBACCOS, 31, 33 & 35 Atwa.ter St.,, DETROIT, MICH. : .. '' ... EST.ABL,ISHED 18<8. K. C. BARKER' & CO., 1 Manufacturers ot the Celebiated FINE-CUT TOBACCOS, EAGLE" > !:! AND '' A lso all other e-iades of Fine-Cut au d. Smoking Tobaccos, ?1 DETROIT, MICH. O i&l ;ized wooaen packages, JO, :ao. 40 and !5o also pJ.Jt both of these Jrrade s Up vef') nic ely in 0NB .OuNcs TrN FotL i''lacked in Jt and X" Gross boxes. Liberal ;>rices made to the Jobbing trade. AND IMPORTERS OF FRENCH BRIAR PIPES' & SMOKERS' ARtiCLES -88 Chambers Street, lSI' e._. P. LOBILLABD CIGARET'J.'E)FACTORY OF J. & ( ( to Borgtllldt .S. :i.le51lOe. 11 THIID IYEIUE, lEW YORI. Constantly on hand the Best Hand and SteliiJ! f4achines for Cutting and Granulatin;: Tobacco.


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