The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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fT VOL xrr:--N-0. 26 A NEW Y"ORK. WEDNE8DAY\ AUGUST 9, 1876. WHOLE NO. 598 ;;ht l!tn,bact; ltaf IS PUBLISHED EVEBY WEDNESDAY KOB.NING, BY "The Tollacco Leaf" .em. 142 Fulton St., New York. EDWARD BURKE --------Editor JOHN G. GRAFF-Business Manager 8"" All Letters should be plainJy addressed u THK TOBACCO LKAF" PUBLISHING Co. Terms of the Paper: COPIBS .... : .. : 10 Cents. .J::;H; :::::::::::::::::::: ::: :::: Remember that the cost to the yearly or monthly subscriber i s L&ss THAN EIGHT CaN T5 P&R WKBK. ANNUAL SUBSCRIPT.IONS ABROAD. Ga&AT HRlT/t.IN AND c .... ... $! .. 04 HAMBURG AND THE CoNTINBNT AUSTRALIA, BTC., VIA ENGLAND 6.o8 CuBA s-o4 No orders for the paper will be considered, unless accompanie d by cerrespon Eling amount. ldr Remittances should, in instance, b e made by mo:::.ey order, check or draft Bills are liable to be stolen, and cau only be seot at tlLe greatest rin k to tbe sender. (Fur Rates su TJn'rd Pap. ] IUSINilSS BIREUTORY OB ADVE&TISi NEW YORK. Tobacto Aaew W & Sons, 2i4 and a SIS Front etreet A.llaer & Dehls, 190 Pearl. Allen Julian, 172 Water. Helme, 133 Water. Basch & Fischel ss Water Bowne & F 'nth. 1 Burling ollp. Brod W:., 147 Water Bulkle y, Moore & Co., 7-4 Front. Burbank & Nash, 49 rlroad Cacdo10 A. H. 66 B road Crawford E. M. 168 Water. Bolwl, Carrell & Co 104 Front. DaBols Eugene, 7S Frnnt Bcgert Wm. & Co., PearL :ao.elbach. F. 13 Slxtb Av Falk G. & Bro., 171 Water. iCo?,0 Friend E. & G & Co., 175 Water. Gardiner./. M. B 4 Front. Garth D. ., Sen & Co.,,.. Broad. Gauert J L. & Bro., 16o Water Genhel L. & Ero., 191 Pearl. Guthrie&. (',r.. :ns Froot. Hamburger I. & Co., 1 5 1 Water. Hawes, Chas. B., 1 Maiden Lane. Herbst & Van Ramdohr, 189 Peaxl. HlUDUtt. G. W So Front. Xlnni.cut Thomas .;J Broad. Koenig & Sube1t, 329 Bowery. & Uo .. 1 6o Pearl. Lac:henbruch & BriJ., 1 64 Water Lam.,tte A. C., au Pearl. 'Lederer& Fischel, 213 Pearl Levin M. H., 162 Pearl. Maitland Robert L. & Co., B,_d. Martin & Johnson, 19 F ront :U.erfelrl Kemper & Co., 131 Maiden Lane. lleyer A. 0.. L & 0., 42 Beavet. Oatman Alva, 166 Watet. Oppenheimer, M. & Brother, I38 WateL Ottinger 48 Broad St. 1 Price Wm. M 119 Maiden Lane. Ouin, J.P. & Co. 39llNad. ael81Dann. G. 179 Pearl. Sawyer, Wallace & Co., 47 Broad. Schlegel G. 186 Front Schmitt J x62 Water. 8choverhng H 1-42 W ater. Scbreeder & Bon. 178 Watet". Scbroedet & Koch, Pearl. Scllubart H. & Co Water Sc.ovlUe A. H.&. C o ., 170 Watet. SptDIIUD, B. 8 Co 3urllnr Slip. Spltmer c. H. u s Water StelA Co., 197 Duane. Straltoa & Storm, 191 Pearl. Strobil & R.eitzenstein, 176 Front. F.&: Son, 184 FrtJnt.. Ta bont, F. W 68 Broad. Tel er, A,. 191 Pearl. Upmano. Carl, 178 Peart. C11mmissiM. HnvU,tl. ReJD Brothers & Co., lo6 & 48 hcii.Up Place Buyer lfj R.eaaena G. S! Broad. TobCO Brow Cattus John, u7 Pearl. J'ischer Cbu. E. &: Bro., 131 Water J'tacher, Frederick, 41 Hroad ;;; &haclr. A. uq lllal 6 1! & o Cbambe,..., Jk.Upln D. H. & Cu. car. A"""" D IUid Killer Mrs. G. B. & Co. 97 ColllDlbla Pioneer Tobacco C..:ompaoy, 124 Water AI"'" for Cluwing and S..lisz To6ca, 1u. Hen A. & CQ. LibertY Welao. Eller & Kaqpei, uo Pearl Wiae &: Beodheim, ao6 Chambera. M4nftrtro of Ciz Betcher, Park&. Co., 35 Warren. Bondy Charles, Sl Bowery Frey Bros. & Co +4 Vesey Glaccum &. Schlosser, 147 aad 1t9 AttomeJ. Hartcorn j A : u Bower y HeUbruller, Kostmthal & Co., 234 Second St. Jacoby S. llt Co. co Sq. ot ot 1 Do!Jer. l(aafman .bros. lib BoodJ, u9 & 151 l:Jraud lterbs & Spies 3 5 Bowery Levy Bros. us liz U? Broome Lichtenstein A. & Bro. 34 & 3X Bowery Llcht.&tein B101. & Co. 268 Bowery. Xeodel M. W. & Bro, s)jl Bowery Neuburger M.. 1S3 Pearl Seidenberg & Co. 84 and 86 Reade Bmltla."M .4. u Bowery Staebelloerg M & Co. 90 and 94 Liberty Btnltoo. & Storm, 178 an,d. 18o Pearl &ctro & Newmark., 76 Park Place Tabel & Roh rberg, 171 Pearl. Wueler &: H ahn, 290 & 29:1 llowery. f FiiU BR- Cir Foster, Hilson & Co. 77 79 Cham ben. llupruwic:zA. & Bro. 233 G reenwich Rivera & Lane. San'chez, Haya & Co., 130, 132 lk 154M. Laue. bllporttrs of H'llan;z To/NJu.o .and Cig ;.rs. A.lmlrall J ] Cedar Gorcla F. Water Gonzalez: A. 16-} Water l'ue1&&1 L. ISO Wale< :RJ.vera Manuel, J 1 Maiden LaDe Sanchez. Ha.Ya & Co., 130 to 134 Malden LaDte. San julia n J ., 88 Water. &olomoo M !<; s, Maiden Lane Yep.& Bernbeim, 187 Pearl WeU .-, Co. 65-!'toe Walter Frledmo & Freise, 003 Pearl Welu. Eller & K.a"llpel, '"' Part. l; bor' V. M artinez&. Co,, 165 Water Manufacturers o.f K1y W William. DAYTON, 0. Havana C i uar Flvor. of C-ut and SmoRi,_r To-Fries Alex & :RrOs., 16 Conea-e Place Jbaccu. o/ PowtUred Cotterill, Fenner & Co., JI3 117 E. Second. HiJJier' s R. Sons & Co., ss Cedar. Pease s Tobacc o Weaver&: Sterry, 2 4 Cedar Hogleo & Pease, Thtn:t S t. and Canal. &ed uqj 'lcoacco Inspettlon. G I G WDANBURY. CoD.D. Rensr.l & Co. Water. raves Finke Charles, 155 Water. DETROIT, lllich. Linrle F. 0.& Co. 1-42 water. Ma,Nfacturer.s of Chewinrand McAleer, }<" & A. & Co., 147 Water Tobacco. Tohacco Preutrs. Bark.!r K C & Co. 14 & 76]e fterson ave. Parker, H o lm e s & Co. ., 31 Gay Gunther, L. W 9 South Gay Kerckbolf 6o Co.. South Oharleo Kremelberr, J. D, aod Co. Merfeld & Kemper, "1 Lombard Parlett B F. & Co., 9' L ombard. &chroeder Jos. &: Ce .. III Es:chaoge 7Jace. Tate, M uher & Co., 52 South Gay Wenck E. E., 46 and 4 8 South Cbarlea. Wlac:hmeyer Ed. & Co., 30 South Calvert Tobauo Hoffman, Lee &: Co., '3 Ecbaoge Plaoe. MII"M{a c twrtra, etc. Felpe r F. W. & Son, fl.rger L. &r: Co., in Arc h 1keme r Lewia, Sons, 3:u :r.orth Third. Daley Co ., N. E cor. Third ancl Race L>ohaa & Taitt, 107 Arch. Duon T J & Co., aod Vine. Edwards, G. W. & Co., 62 Nortb Front. Wm. tt Oo. us Routh Water McDowell M.. E ; & Co. 39 Nortla. Water. Meyers & Randall, 259 Market Moore & Hay. 35 North Water San J Riualdu & Co. 33 North Water. .B.eil ohn B. & Co ,531 South Second. Sorver, Oook. &: Co., tcs North Water Steiner, Smith Bros. & Knecht, RaGe. Teller :Brothers, 117 North Third. Vetterlein J. & Co., 135 Arch. Wartman M & Son, 13 North Fifth. We1l s & T hird and Girard Ave. Woodward, Garrett & Co., 33 Nonh Water u.f Snuff and Smoking To{,.uos. Wallace Jos. N orth Eleventh Manvft1Ctrtrs of Cizrs Batchelor Bros 8o8 Market Hildebrand & Klingenberg, 37 North Seventh Knecht, Smith & Co. 131 Nortb Third St. Ludy jno. J. 5>3 & S>S S ootb. Theobald A. H Tblrd and P oplar. Wells at Roberts.. l "hi rd and Girard Ave. United States Cigar Manufactory, 1sth &: Vlne. Manuftlcturers of Fine Cigars, Freebie A M., 64 North Froot K lein H. E .' Fou rth and Chestnut. of Clu-wir iMd Smokinr Tobaccos. Hickman, & Co n:a-218 Carter. Brokn-. Fou geray A. R 33 N Frout Pl'l.'TSBURGH. Pa. MJ,nuftJ't. CHICAGO, m. WluJtsall Dlr in Seed Le07 i'roDt SPRINGFIELD, Hau, Bmlth H. ot Co., so Hampden ST. LOUIS, Ho, Tobacc o W ilrcluJMUI. Dormitz:er C, It R. &. Co., 113 llar&et. Tobacto C ammusion Belvin & Co 210 North Second Buyers o/ Lea/ Tobacct.t. Von Phul & Ladd, 23 North MaiD 10bacco Bro;e,. H'aynea J E., 2 7 Second NEW WEDNESDAY, AUG. 9, 1876. SUBSCRIPTIONS AND ADVERTISEMENTS: The f ollowing firms have kindly c onsented to receive Subacriptiona and Advertisements for THE LEAF:AMSTERD.&..Il, HOLLAND,-Messrs. SCHA.tP & V,AN l':L:EN, Tobacco Brokers. ANTWERP, BELGJUJI.-Mr. VICTOR FORGE, Importer of Leaf Tobacco, Rue des Orferve11, _BALTIMORE, JIID.-Messrs ED. 'l'ilSCHL\4EYER It: CO., Commission M e rchants and Dealers in Leaf, P l u g and Ci&&n .. 39 South Calvert Street. BREMEN, GERIIANY .-Messrs F ALLENST.EIN & SON, Tobacco Commiasion M erchants. CHICAGO, H ENRY H. ADAMS, Tobacco aod Cipr Manufacturers' Agent, 8 Lake Street. -CINClNNA.TI, OMO.-Mr. F. A. PRAGUE, Leaf Tobacco Iospecter ,0 W e s t Front Street. CLARKSVILLE, TEI!IN.-Messrs. M H. CLARK &: BRO., Lea f Tobacco Brokers. DANVILLE, VA.-Mealra. PEMBERTON & l'ENN, Tobacoo Com mW;sion Merchants. HAVANA, CUBA.Messrs. J. F. BERNDES& CO. HOPKINSVILLE, KY.-Meun. M. H. CLARK & BRO., Loaf Tobacco Brokers. LANCASTER, PA.-Mr. C G. SCHUBERTR, Deale r In LeafTobacco. LIVJ!IRPOOL, ENGLA.ND.-Mess rs. COPE' B ROTHERS & CO. Tobacco and Ciaar Manufactunn. 1 0 Lord N elaoA Streeto J.OUISVILLE. KY.-Mr. WM. ]. LEWERS, Sec r etary o1 t beT bacco Board of Trade, Eleventh and Main Streets. IIIIAI\IISBURG, OHIO.-Mr. H C SCHUB)i:RTH,Dealeriu Leaf To bacco. 1 NEW ORLE,Al'IS, LA.-Messrs. SCHAEFER & CO., Te>batco Factors and Me1chant.f 186 Street. PADUCAH, KY.-Messrs. M H. CLARK II BRO., Leaf Tobacco BrOker. PETERSBURG, VA..-Mears. LE.ROY R ER & SONS, T uba c c o Commisaion Merchants. PHILA.DE'LP.BIA, PA.-Mr. A. R. FOU !actnrers' Ajleat,"" 33 North Front Street. .A Y Mao a RICIUIOJooD, VA.-Mr. R. A. MILLS, Toballco Broker aod aioo .Mero;bant Tobacco Excb&nl'e Shockoe Slip. ST. LOm8, 1110,-Mr. ]. E. HAYNES, Deal., J o Leaf Toba<:co 17 Sovtla Second Street. or:EE:m TC>:B.A..OOO X.:ID.A..::P Commends itself to every one in a n y way Jn Tobacco, either as Grower, Manufacturer, or D.!aler. It gives annually an immense amount of information reg;lrd i n g T obacco and tts manufactures, and thus constitutes itself a HU&um that has long sin c e been recognized as standing at the bead of special trad e publications. 1 t s market reporU are fu iJ and exhau sthe, and come from every quarter of the globe wbtire Tobacc o ia s old. It is the ONLY weekly publication e x c1usivelv devoted to Tobacco. Correspondence solicited. THE REPORT OF THE SUB-COM 1 tMITTEE OF WAYS A!fD MEANS The Report o the Sub Coouui4 of W ap1 and on the subject of the tobacco tax, which with the aid of a Supplement sheet we recently made public with its to the CoUlmittee o,f '\Vays and Means, was a document of uncommon merit. It fai led of adoption after it was submitted, for the that long before its completion it was decided that there should be no change at th i s session in the rates of tax on the manufactures of tobacco. The members who prepared this report l abored under the disadvantage of knowing their work would be disap proved by the majority of the Committee of Ways and Means on the ground of inexpediency, and by a portion of the trade in whose interest they advocated a reductioll of the taxes, on account of the derangement to business which a change in the tax-rates would produce unless effected as soon as proposed. Bu t they did not, it appears, allow this discouraging prospect to affect their industry or zeal. In the face of thts and other impediments they continued their labors without abate ment, embracing in their investigations nearly every thing of interest to tobacco-growers and manufact urers, and as a result or their persisteRcy and diligence the Govern ment and tobacco interest both are put in possession of a volume of facts that otherwise might not have been collated, and that hereafter will be of great service in the of legislation to the requi rements of the revenue and the tobacco trade. The aim of the Report is to show that. the present taxes on tobacco and cigars, but especially on the former, are too high; being oppressive both to the producers and the manufacturers of tobacco. The rt!port discusses, however, other phases of the tax question; some of them, we think, with less ability, or, perhaps we should say, discrimination, than is shown in considering .the oppressiveness and inequality of the tax. Thus, in commenting on the shifting within a few of the burden of the tax from sections of the country heavi l y fre i ghted to sections lightly affected, nei ther the cause of the change, nor the assumed advantage resulting from it, is indicated. In the same counection;moreover, reference is invid i ously made to the fact that the debt ot the country is held, untaxtd, chiefi.J in the Eastern States; much less of it in the Wes tern, and scarcely any at all in the S outh." To this qualified insin uati o n several pertinent responses might be made if d ee med advisable. We shall only remark that the committee could not have been immindful of the fact when making that allusion that the havi n g of a debt t o hold is a misfortune that might arid ought to have been averted; that the West and South were not the privilege of holding as much of it as they chose, and that it is a commenda ble thing, since the holding of it somewhere was made necessar v 1hat a section of. the rountry was found in the hou; of need and able to hold the larger portion of it : Z.U.f Tobacco. Krohn, FelS5 & Co., u6 Vine S. & Co ua West Thlrd. Newburg h Brctberli & Co,. ?6 & 78 Main W t:il, Kahn & C o ., t:s4 .Mc.m. TOLEDO, OHIO. Manufact14rer of Cluvtinr aud S111.0kinr llaecos. With respect to the shifting of the burden of the tax from cenain sections to other sections, it might (have be en added for the sake of p e rspicac i ty that this T ... result followed of nect!ssity the change that transformed ZLn jacob & Bro., 18 East SecomJ. Shut MLtaJ Cig o r M!d:r. Dubrul NaJ>Oleon. West Second. Lea/ I111jiectUm. l'ragoe F. A. SU>am Cip..-..Boz B. & Brother, 93 Clay CLARKSVILLE, Lusf Toluuco Broiltrs. Clarlr., M H. 8r Bro. Me!isinger, Charles R. UTICA., Jl, V Mauf.utort'if Fi Cut CA.,..IIl.(-S.o.ti"l l'oh.tco Pterce Walter B.' WAREHOUSE POINT, Co-. Packer o.f Seed LeafTobaceo Parker R. A. WESTFIELD. Hau. P..isting tax upon the annual product of at least of those industries which were, in consequence, com2s,ooo ooo p oun ds of tobacco ranges from 6oo to Boo pelled to bear an undue proportion of a burdeo that per cent. 011 the orginal c ost of the mate rial, while the entire remaincler will average at least 200 per cent. shpuld been shared hy all. Many million pounds _of leaf tobacco will be sold this In treatmg of the eftect of the tax upon agnculture, vear by : he grower at the place of production for not or that portion of it associated wit h the production of [more than three ce llts pe.r pound. A package weighing tobacco, the Committee have made good use of the I,co:> pounds, wluch onngs the farmer S3o, requtres,.. j ----


upen Its m a nufacture the payment of $240, wh1ch Or 96 less than $s m the year I875, so an amount, with accumulating mterest and suffic1ent profit mcrease of tax $2o per cent. has reduced revenue. to cover the nsk 0f sellmg on cred1t to the dealer, fol-In view of the fact that many objects that might lows the tobacco to the consumer. be made amenable to taxation are exempt, the" The average yield of tobacco is about 1 000 pounds tee remark m closmg, "there is a strong call for a more to the acre; there 1s, therefore, undes thls system of tax d ation, an ahnual tax levied of upon the producllon equal distnbutlon of burdens, m or er to secure an ef ea<;!} acre o f tobacco land. It strange that growers equal share m the blessmgs of the Government." They of toblli:CQ are restive agamst thi5 contmued dtscnmmarecommend a moderate mcrease m the number of taxa tiOn agamst the1r mdust ry, and urgent for permiSSIOn to ble objects, and advise in the possible event of a falling reach the consumer w1th unRlanufactured tobacco free off 10 the revenue from the reduction of the taxes to 16 of tax ? b t cents per pound on tobacco, $5 per thous11nd on cigars, "A vast quantity of cheap smokmg to. acco, a moun -ing annually to several m1llion pounds, IS made by cut-and on cigarettes, the restoration of a moderate ting tobacco-stems, which are now only wo_nh cent income tax: a suggestion that will be objected to by no p ,er pound, and the expense of manufactunng them IS person who considers how much more easily rtaxatlon t c.overed by another c e nt. 1 000 pounds cf this, there-can be borne by reahzed wealth than by product JOn fore, costs, ready for use, only $ ro, the d1rect tax of which is $ 240 W ith an additiOnal cost of $20 to meet the One among the recommendations of the Committee requ 1 rement C:f law in packing: 1t in small papers, label which will not be approved by those engaged in the mg, stampmg, etc makmg the actual tax f,26o upon the maRufacture of tobacco is the to allow pro value of $to." ducers "to sell f,xoo worth of tobacco to any person So, too, with the following remark made before the without tax." If 1t 1s r.ght to allow them to sell hoo Committee by Mr. Gathn of Miss:>uri worth, it 1s nght to allow to sell f,roo,ooo worth. ... Let me say that we manufacture any quantity of Gen. Tucker accordmg to the report, avows h1mself m tobacco which the poor man smokes, which pays sodo favor of the lesser privilege Is he also in fa-per cent. In words, we sold at cents a poun ? tobacco made from stem, which pays 24 cents tax I vor of the greater one? And If not, r by not That part of the Report upon wh,lch most labor has MINOR been bestowed, and wh1ch w1ll be of permanent value on account of Its statistics, 1s the one m which the Commit tee have compared the amount of revenue derived frqm tobacco in success1ve penods from r8!i9 187 5, inclu s1ve, under the different rates of tax, and shown that the lesser rate is more productive than the greater. Com_ paring the returrls from June 6, I8p, to March 3, 1875, a penod of th1rty two months, dunng whtch time the rate of tax was 20 cents a pound, the Committee find that the sum of $6r,77o,68o.89 was c o llected, or an average of r,9J0 333 77 per month. They aJd :-> 'Ji'hus takmg this penod of two years and etght months, we have an a ;.nual average revenue under the 20 cents tax of. .. ----------$23,t64,005.24 Revenue for nme months, and estimate for three months of 1 S76, at 24 cents tax, as above. ___ ._ .--23,122,619.14 Making a deficit oL----------------$41, For a period of stxteen months follow10g Apnl, r865, the texes ranged at 30, 35, 40, and 15 cents-average 30 cents per pound-and the revenue rece1ved was at the rate of $9,167,245. pe_r annum. For the twenty four months next succeedmg, or from July 13, r866, to July 20, 1868, the taxes were 15, 30, 40 and centsPRODUCTION OF ToBA CCO AND Ct GARS.-During the past fiscl)l yea-r Io7 ,g64,osr pounds of tobacco and c1g.ar_ returned for tuatton. "' THE TOBACC O INTEREST DURING THE LAST FISCAL YEAR.-The enormous sum of $J9,79.5,27-5 43 IS the contnbutlon of the tobacco mterest to the United States U'reasury for the fiscal year endmg June 30, r876. I j OuR THANKS.-The Commissioner or Internal Rev enue will please accept our thanks for the s tatem e nt, published tiLanother column, relatmg to the productll!ln of tobacco, c1gars, ctgarettes, and snuff, and the revenue denved therefrom, durmg the fisaal year 1876. E xPORT O F 'Si!ED LEAr .-Our market report sho w s a better demand the past week for Seed leaf. th1s mtelhgence reac hes the country the farmers may still further advance their pnces They are now re ported as askmg mo r e than sh1ppers can realize. OuR SEED LEAF REPORT.-The detailed reports of the Messrs. Ftscher Qf the transaction in Seed leaf m this market are espect'llly interesting. These gentle men were the first to suggest the tdea of class1fying sales so as to present a weekly exhibit of the amount of business done m each vanety of tobacco. average 2 8.J1 cents-and the revenue received was at THEEDGERTON {W1s ) Independt1llofJuly 29_says:-F J I The past has been excellent for the weed and two the sum of $29,58o,r 14.48, more than was ever denved before from any rat e of tax. Now compare th1s result of eight months at 20 cents the first mne months of I876 at 24 cents, as reported to the Comm1ttee by the Commissioner of Internal Revenue:l a st ye a r was s et out. 1 h e drouth from 0.n,eF1anklzn -Ab out one half of the usual crop was set fourth to on e -half of the plants w e re killed m the ht!Is out, and about one-thud of this was killed by the usual Those whtch e scap e d these calamiti e s are scarcely growenemies of the crop, a 1ded by grasshoppers of a new va mg at all, hut are m many mst a nces buttomng and cab nety, 1 t 1 s satd, wh 1 ch hav e recently mad e thetr appearance THE NEw YoRK ,WoRLD ON THE Tor Acco CROPbagmg The leaves a re sm a ll and altogeth e r v e ry un10 this sectiOn of the State. The early plantmg 1 s Jookmg "Tobacco has been injured by drotlth on the :AtlantiC promismg "The worst pro s p e ct for t h 1 r ty two y e ars," tolerably well, but the balance-by far the greater portwn coast and m Tennessee, but there is growth m as one of our corre spondents express e d 1t o( the crop-Is lookmg very badly It 1s estimated by Misso ri; and efforts at a speculative advance, based Southwest-The best returns we hav e receiVed (though somQ.that no t more than one fifth of a crop c an be made. on the assertion 'that the crop wtll t:Je a short one, havli! are far from grattfymg) were fro m th1s dtstnct, comFloyd -Nearly a full crop was put out. The crop is not had any important success. I f is very natural that posed of the counties of Carroll Wythe, Pulaskt, Roalook ng well though in some localttles the dry and hot 10 that duecuon should be Um1EI, when th e y poke, Montgomery, Smyth, Washmgwn, Floyd, etc, we t 1her h a s mJured It to some extent. Very nearly an remember the dtsasters which overtook the speculation the stapl e her e wttb the s a me dtsaster m average crop will be r a tsed. t Revenue at 20 cents for e1ght months .$19,72o,o76 32 Revenue at 24 cents for nme months -. 14 D1fference in favC'r of 20 cents.- --. $707,969 tll Or, reducmg the result to a compansou by the yea:r .Revenue at 20 cents for a year-------$29,58o,u4. 48 _Revenue at 24 cents for a year ________ 25, 349.20 D,fference in favor of 20 cents over the cents' rate _________ .: ______________ $4,2Jo,638.28 Or an increase of ov e r i s per cent." The following umlllary Covers Important penods pre yiously noted, and v1ewed by 1tsell IS exceedmgly sug gestive :-; Purod July, 1868, to Ju ne, r872, 4 7 months.... .. $JJ,998 65-4-C)6 ]11ne, 1872, to M arc h, tS,s, 32 months La ... t 8 mnnlhs, averaged f o r 16 cents on Smoking, ezc lu-atve o f stem s 3 2 oents oo Chewing and S m o kmg etc. ()n all kinds, !lO cents 10D all kinds, :1-4 cents f o r a yea r 2 5 "Similar results," observe the Committee, "Yitll be !leached by the statisttcs as to ctgars. By the law of r8il the tax :was mcreased from Is ]per thousand to The Commlss!onel' has furmshed, at the request of the committee, facts from wh1ch the (ollowmg results are made out:From March 3, r865, to July 13, x866, at hoper M r6 ____________ $3, 98,787.84 Or, averagmg for a year ---_ 2,624,090 88 From Jul} r3, IS66, to Malrch 2, 1867, at in 1873-4" otb e r parts of the State, 1t was not to a.n equal d egre e, G hland.-Jus t about half of the u1sual number of THE NEw INTERNAL REVENUE eoMMfSSIONER. and probably With good seasons a half crop, as compare& hills 0:re set out. From one thud to I one half of the General Green B Raum was coniirmed as Comm1s With last year, can be ma de-10de ed, rather more than were ktlled by the hot and dry weather. The crop r d d d that, for more attentiOn IS yearly giVe n here to the gr?wa It stands ts looking very badly, and IS at least a month Internal Revenue on the 2 mst., an Imme 1 b A fi 1 f b d ately quahfied and entered upon h1s duties. It 1s to be mg of to very ne qqa lty 0 to acco IS raise behmd m 1ts growth hoped that General Raum w1ll b-: Commissioner iR fact 10 s b me portwns of this dtstn c t -ThlS county does not ra1se much tobacco as well as 10 name. H1s predecessor, a man of Souths tde; etc -East of the Southwestern be A\}out the saPne quantity of land was planted as last year. capactty and estimable character, was unfitted for the tween the oth e r sectwns mentioned hes much of the terAbout one-thud of this was k11led by the dry weather posltlon because he allowed h1mself to be swayed un-ntory where the tobacco for whi c h V!rgmla ts so famous What 15 standmg is rather backward, but domg tolerably 1sl ra1sed It cons1sts of the counttes of Chesterfield, 11 duly by a schernmg assistant Dinwiddie, Nottoway, Powh a tan, Cumberland, weHalifax -This IS one of the great tobacco-growmg PERSONAL -Mr. Alex. Forman, of Dohan, Carroll & Lunenburg, Pnnce Edward, Charlotte, Appomattox, ountles of the State From adv1ces rece1ved from Co., has returned from hts ocean retreat on Long Bl!ckmgham, Bedford, d 1 fferent po10ts in the county we estimate that Island. 1 Franklin, Craig, etc etc Except 10 the ve only about two fifths as mu c h was planted this year as Mr Joseph D Evans has been enjoying for a few counttes n o t one-fourth of a crop can be made e last. Here too the r.ut-worm and the protracted drouth the moun tam < m of V1rg1ma. He returns to town s a me evils, though 1": greater degree, whlchb affected It have made 'sad havoc wtth the small and tender plants, m improved spirits. other portwns, prevatled here. In those a leavmg now m the 1ield only about three fourths of what Mr. J C. McAndrew, the well-known Importer and the seasons were more propitious and a be ter yteld wtll was set out The effect of the weather may be seen manufacturer of licorice, 55 Water Street, has recently be the result, though still the crop even there will not most d1sastrously on what 15 left It 1s "wretchedly returned from an extended busmess and pleasure tour average one-half of that of last year. Some few planters bad"; "could not look worse "small and unprom 1 smg"; through C anada and the Brit1sh Possessions. In a few set out very early and some of the plants have taken "sorry, runnmg up small andspmdhng"; "narrow and days he will sa1 l for London, m pursuance of hts annual root and thnved. 1 he later plantmgs done megular," and many otaer expressiOns of like character custom, to attend to the interests of his house m that and as a consequ e nce the field s )[esentf a very ;r are used m descnbmg it. city. and uneven appearance, not at a gratl ymg to t e t n y Hanover -About one fourth of an average crop was REVENUE RETURNS FROM TOBACCO, CtGARS1 CIGAR E'ITE:s AND SNUF1" FOR 'IlHE LAST FISCAL YEAll.-The follewmg is an official statement, received, showmg the receipts-from the sev-eral sources of revenue relating to manufacture tobacco, mcludmg snuff and c1gars, together with the quant1Nes of chewmg and smokmg tob a cco, and cigar on wh1ch tax was pa1d dunng fiscal year ended une 30, 1876. These figures are subJeCt to farther reviSion, and are therefore not to be taken as absolutely correct Quantzfzes. a :Receipts. planter put out here and at one half of that was killed by I The Prospect.-It Will be from what we have the hot and dry weather The hvmg plants m most sec stated and from the deta1ls oelow,:hat the prospect tlons are lpokmg ., very badly very poor mdeed" ; IS very d!scouragmg "Ve ry gloomy, "the worst for "worse than ever known., fifty y e ars not one fourth of a can be raised under L(}uzsa.-Fxom fifteen points in thiS county we learn th e most favorable circumstances, are some of the com there was about two thirds of the plant10g ot last year mettts made by those who reported the condmon of the Nearly half of thlS was killed hy the effe cts of the crop for us Our own e s tim a te, after c o?stderweather and worm ; the former c a using the plants to ing all mfonnat10n we have recetved, IS that w1th fa grow spmdhng and uneven, g 1 vmg a very gloomy pros vorable seasons anrl a f a ll posstbly one thtrd of the pe c t for even one-fourth of a full cr o p crop of last rear will be ralsed-not more: Lunenbufgh -Fnm all portiOnS of thiS county we AUG 9. are som e ot the express1ons regar d m g Its p res e n t appearance. !Pit/sylvania -Lying ri ght in the mtdst of the tobacco growing region of Virgmia and N o rth Carolmatthe re ports from th1s g reat county ind1cafe the re s ult m all that section. Owj;lg to the scarc1ty of p lants not one-half, rn many ins ances not one-fourth, of the u s ual crop was planted out. Fully one th1r of thts was k1lled, after being transplanted, by: the worms and the hot and dry w eather whtch followed Those plants wh1c h survtved are in the greatest degree backward for the time of year, being small and mdifferent, none of them bem g ready to top as :yet. The fields altogethe r present a most gloomy appearance, and the worst prospe;;t for a crop wh1ch has for many years been seen Prince and Stafford-A very small crop plant ed, and that was r e duced fully one thtrd by the hot and dry weather, and IS now looking poor, very poor. Prince Edward-This county, always noted for 1ts fine tobacco, will not this year produce more than one half of Its usual cutting The scarcity o f p lants pre v ented only a bout on e-half of the ordmary c rop from being set out, and one fourth of th a t was k1lled m the fields by the hot and dry weather. In one n e ighborhood, and th!S no fa:r example for the whole county, fourteen out of Sixty-two planters put out no topacco at all. The growmg crop IS Yery unproousmg, and one of the best judges and most observant men m the county or State says that not over one-fourth of a crop can, under the most favorable circumstances, be ra1sed. Powhatan -About one-half of an average crop was planted Of thi s one half was killed m the h1lls, and that which escaped is lookmg very deh c ate and small, with a poor prospect ior even a good yteld from that wh1ch stood Roanoke -More than onehalf of the area put out last year was piant e d Abou t' one-th1rd of th1s was killed by the hot, dry weather, worms, and grasshoppers. The standmg crop looks very badly. Suss t x .-Sussex IS m a cotton and peanut country, but sh\1 a httle attempt at growmg the weed ts made With a very poor result for th1s year, as 1t I S noth10g to c ompare w1th last yea r." In d. f e w spots, where the weath e r has bee n m o r e seas onab le the plants are loook10g tolerably well w 1th promi s e o f small though fa1r c rop. Washmglon.-More than the usu a l crop was put out, and nearly all of 1t I S standmg, havmg esc aped the c alam ttles wh1ch befe l the weed in other portions of the State. The pl a nts are lookmg well and grow10g f,nely, bemg ,.-1 w ell advan ced and prom1smg full y1eld. I A BRILLIANT INVENTION._.:A New Yorker, accordmg to the World, who recently passed a night m one of the New Jersey hotels, is. the reputed author of an mventlon of extreme Ingenuity and great possible usefulness. The essential features of ths remarkable mventlon conSISt of a series of net-work trap doors; a system of mi nute glass tubes connected with a powerful automatic pump ; an exhausted rece1ver with long rubber Sitckers, and a clock-work arrange men t to operate the whole. A neat iron frame-work, adaptable to any bedstead, con nects the vano us parts, a10d completes the machine. Upon retiring to bed the fortunate proprietor of the ap paratus adjusts the fr'lme-work, spreads the netting over the bed, apphes the rubber suckers to the jomts and cracks of the bedstead, sets the trap-doors, winds the clock work, and turns m for a mght of peaceful repose. Hardly has he closed his eyes when the fun begms. The mosqUitos, after reconnoitering in vain for some easier mode of gettmg at the sleeper, sat! mto the open traps at the precise moment that the bed bugs are being drawn uresistihly mto the rubber pipes by means of the exhausted rece1ver. As the vtctims reach the center of the machme they are rapidly but gently se1ze d, placed in po s ition, the glass tubes are mserted m the1r s1des, and the automatic pump begms to operate, swiftly trans fusmg the blood of the tnto the ve10s of the bed-bugs, whlle, by an mstantaneous compensating ar rangement, that of the bugs IS hurled into the artenes of the mc:osqu1tos. They are then permttted to retire by a back door and the operation IS complete. The mosquitos havmg acquired the na( ure and tdeas of the bed-bug, Immediately begm to ram their heads off in the fuule attempt to get mto some imperceptible crack, while there is no more entertainmg moral spectacle in the woi!d than that of a bed-bug situng d'!spondently on the floor and wondermg bow on earth he 1s gomg to probe a victim without a prOtboscts ; to smg, "I want to be an angel" withou t any smgmg apparatus or, without w10gs, to dodge the p1Ilow fired in vengeful wrath. The ablest advocates of other metheds are said to have g i ven the1r allegiance to the new system and the tm portant problem IS regarded .as vutually solved. 1 Crop Corres)H)odenee. Lynchburg ( Va ) ;{uty 3 I, 1876.-EDJTOR TOBACCO LEAF -I thougltt I would wnte to you from tb1s large tobacco-growing section of Vtrgmta, and g1ve you the prospects of the growing crop. We had the most protracted d routh in this section since the year 1845, and some even go back to I 838; in many respects thts drouth has been more disastrous than the one m 1845' (on account of the intense heat) to the growmg crops of corn, tobacco and vtgetalales. The early crops. such as wheat, oats and, grass, wh1ch were nearly all matured before the dry weather set in, were good. For s1x or seven weeks the ground has been intensely hot and dry, for there has been no ram, except m small localittes, for that length of ume. The early Spring was cold and the first tobacco plants were nearly all destroyed by tbe ms e cts, and those resown were generally too small to plant before the drouth set m, and consequently m th1s State not over one-half crop was set out before the dry weather commenced and scarcely any since, as it was too dry and hot to water and plant-very little has been planted since Much of that which was planted has d1ed m the hill. I have seen plants 12 tnches high dead and dying from the excessive heat and dryness. Under these Clrcumst!l.nces, I put our Vugima crop at one-half. I have traveled some myseLf and consulted with the planters from all sections of our State and all agree with me, except wtth. a secuon of the State near the mountains where there has been partial rains. We have had some good rains wtthin the last three days aAd I waited for it to ram before I wrote this letter, it will take good seasonable weather from this time out to make a half crop. Yours truly, CHAS. w. STATHAM. rate from $ 2 to $4 and $4 (:!us 20 per cent. accordmg to value, 7 months.-Or, averaging for a year--------From March 2, r86j, to July 20, r868, I 7 months, at 5 pei M ----------------3,372 670 90 Or, averag1ng for a } ear -. ... --2,349,53 r.8o From ]uly21J, I868, to March 3, 1875 at Is, 79 moptho ________ : ____________ 50,o47,238 48 Or, averagmg for a year---------7,6o2 ,IIl o 8 .But we can give1a better est1mate by each year show;ng how the revenue mcreased under the $5 tax year by year:Cigars and cheroots ____ 49 Cigarettes ----------135,462 54 Manufacturers of c1gars.. I 53,075 26 Snuff _________ ---. r,o6x 467 64 Tobacco of all descnpt'ns 25,694,398 05 Stamps for to8acco and snuff ntended for eJealers m manuPd tob co Manufacturers of tobacco Peddlers -of tobacco.J_6,694 30 109,633 79 3,320.84 6,6r5 2o8.38 II,37S64 35,o66 5o Number. 1,828,782,297 77,4o7,r66 Pounds. 3,317,o86 I 07,064,05 I From our exchanges we learn that 10 the States of learn that only a half crop w a s p u t out, and nearly one Kentuck.>: and Tennessee the crop will not average over half of that was killed 10 the htlls by the worms and hot one half, m parts of them not so mu c h as that. In MIS and dry weather. That standmg 1 s looking badly. In soun a full cr o p was planted, and the prospect untll remany places It is cabbagmg Baltimore, Au,sust 5 x876 :-EDITOR LEAF -The cently was good, latterly, however, much complamt IS Meclden1Jur.-F1om fifteen points in this county our fo\lowmg report of the growmg crop of Marylar>d and made of senous damage by flood, and the same com adv 1 c e s are that about half of the u s ual crop was planted Vtrgima tol;,acco we have tab.en from a valuable source plaint comes from oth e r States. In North Carolma our t Ot that which hved after bemg set out at lea s t one-and may be mteresting to some of your readers :-All advtces are not at all favorable to a full crop. The mdt has smce been killed by the weather and worms. accounts concur that the growing cr6p in Maryland can cat10ns are that throughout t_he State not more than half 1 he rest 1s scareely growmg at all, and Is loolung very not be but a nry short one. The plants were scarce, the ave.,-age crop, under auspicious weather, can be raiSed. badly. One-fourth of the average crop IS the highest having been greatly damaged by the fly and afterwards we gtve the returns by counties estimate we recetved of what the yield would be. by worms. Within the last month a protracted drouth, t869-----------------------$4,960,952 67 1870---------------------------5,7r8,78oo4 J87I-------------------6,598,I73 24 rSp.------------------------------7 566,15686 1873--------------------------------8,940,39148 2 4 187 5 for 8 months, $7,09719132.84, aver-aged for ayear.-----------------10,646,899 26 1875 for last 4 months, at $6, $3,o42,451.27 averaged for a y ear-----.--9,127,353 8r F1rst 9 months of 1876, mcludmg cigarettes.-------_------------------8,4oo,IJ5 Add average, of course, from oi year before at $6 for three remammg months ----------.------------2,28r,838 43 Deductmg c1garettes as of year 1875 ---65,443 42 TotaL----------THE DROUGHr IN NORTH CAROL!NA.-From par lieS who have traveled through the mam tobacco belt of North Carolma We learn, says the Danv1lle News of the 29th, that the dry weather has played havoc with the growmg crops, especially corn. In some sections there has been no ram for etght weeks or more and the corn crop wh1ch promised an abundant yteld at one time has been greatly 1mpaued and, should the drouth -::ontmue, w1ll prove almost a total fa1lure. As to the tobacco crop, our mformants say that there IS a com plete failure m many sections. Farmers who dtd not plant more than one-half an average crop say that one half of that has been ktlled by d10uth, and the few who dtd plant a full crop with good seasons assert that thetr J4melta.-The area planted this year IS rather more Montgomery -Our mformation IS to th e effect that especially in upper Maryland, bas retarded the growth than one half of last., year. Of the quanttty planted very nearly a full crop was put out, and that it has stood and caused It to mature too s o on, indeed bel ore It was nearly one-hair was by the hot and dry weather, very well The crop 1 s now lookmg qmte well generally, half grown. Reports fr0m Vtrgmia and North Carolina and for want or. ram IS Still dymg 10 the fields. though on the high lands It is rather infenor. say that the crop of. !87 s. which IS now bemg marketed, standmg IS sma1l and uneven. It IS the most unpromtsNelson -In former years some very fine tobacco was b large. 1 he "breaks" are and have been m Rtch mg crop ever known at thts season cf the year, and can raiSed m thl:s county. A httle over one-half of the crop mond Danviile and Lynchburg larger than for many not, m the estimatiOn of our correspondents, make more of last year was planted out thts season. Very nearly years: Yet, notwithstanding this fact, pnces have than one fourtn of a crop. one-half of thts was killed in the btl! by the weather and steadily advanced since about May r, the same grades Amhers!.-The acreage IS about three fourths of the worms The standmg crop 15 mfenor. Indeed It IS now rultng from 25 to 35 petr cent. above the rates of crop of last year. In th1s county disasters to the young satd to be l.tht: worst crop ever seen in the county. that date. The demand 1s very acttve; large orders are plants were not so great as m many others-only .. bout f 1 in each of the markets menttOIJed for sh1pment and on one fourth of them bemg killed, in part by the worm, but Nottoway.-A half of the area o ast years crop was chieft b the Jon aad protracted spell of hot and dry set out, and about one half of this k1lled by the speculative account, creatmg an active competition beweat!er.y The as tt stands IS suffenng for ram, ts drouth whtch preva1led over all thts sectton of the State. tween shippers, manufacturers and speculators. The backward' and looking badly None has been topped The s tandmg crop looks badly, and not over a fourth of growmg cr o p set out thts year is estimated at from oneh I ]j d half to two-thirds, and the plants giVe every ev1dence of Yet except 10 favored locahues and farmers are despondt e usua crop can e r215e fli 1 d [ h If f h 1 maturing very short and md1 erent m qua tty, an 1 not ent as1to results Patnck -Only about onea o t e usua crop was d b r !J t d th k f b If f h 1 h Ab f; th f th t as killed gather" e,ore we rna ure run e ns o emg Appomattox.Not quite ha o t e average year Y put out t IS year. out .oneour 0 w cau ht b the fall frosts \'\hlch weuld be equal almost to crop was planted and more than one e1ghth of th1s was by the hot, dry weather fhe balance ts very sorry J g Y 'f li E W & C killed by the eviis which hare proved_ so dtsastrous in "the gloom1est prospect for ten years," "very mdtfferent," destruction. Respect u Y yours, D. 0 c 'J ..


AUG. 9 THE TOBACCO MARKET. DOMES riC. NEw YORK, AugustS The footmgs fo.r the week 1ndtcate a fatr l y acuve bus iness m the tobacco market. For Wcstem leaf the de maud was, as usual. ch1efly for Regu; account, and the sales aggregated, as reported, about I ,ooo hogsheads, whtch IS a substanllal exh1btt for the commencement of the month. We note the absence of cutters from the market, and ltght sales to manufacturers, but jobbers operated wnh average freedom. The home trade on the whole, not1ceablv dull, and but for ll:he transactiOns of the Regie buyers-there would be httle worth men tionmg to report. Just what 1s the cause of the apathy in the home trade IS difficult to determine, un less, for one thing, 1t can be satd the home buyers are ant1c1pat ing more favorable terms through the fullness of re ceipts. But this conJecture, even 1f entertamed, w?uld be but a poor attempt at a solut on of the matter, smce shippers do not appear to be mfluenced by the receipts, nor any other Clrcum.tance, apparently, except the range of pnces, wh1ch now seems sattsfactory to them, as, for aught we have observed, it also IS to buye rs for domestic use. The purchases m the Western matkets for home account probably afford the true explanat ion of the seeming lethargy here Rece1pts continue hberal, but so do exports, of one kmd and another, and 1f the la1ter are kept up to the late month l y averages, stocks will not largely accumu late at the seaboards, even 1f the former reach by the end of the season, as 1s now sometrmes '13o, ooo, and, possibly, 1 4o,ooo h ogsheads. That, owever, is the uncertain element in the case. The for the French contract are satd to amount already to two-thirds of the reqUirement for that purpose; Bremen has taken over 8,ooo hogsheads wh1ch, w1th only seven months of the year el apst>d, IS a pretty full complement, viewed w1th reference to the annual average-I2,ooo or IJ,ooo hogsheads-of that market; and the other European buyers-Reg1es and open markets-have all been purchasmg latterly with more or less liberahty, and 1t 1s, consequently, not imposs1ble for exports to fall off somewhat, m whtch event stocks must accumulate if r eceipts contmue as full as at present. Messrs Sawyer, Wallace & Co. report:-Western Leaf -The sales reported amount to 998 hhds, but 1t is supposed thlt about half of thts sold last month and not reported till now, and the market ha, been apparently quiet We note 34 to manufacturers, IIS to JObbers, and S46 to shippers, mostly to Regte buyers, w1th a few lots for Bremen. lst week 2d week Jan __ 473 I,o68 Feb __ 2S6 645 March 300 694 ApnL 947 May_x,382 I1274 June_ 192 946 Ju1Y--73I 862 Aug._. 998 Sd week. 720 66z 847 936 2,246 470 1,348 4th week 792 345 476 1,934 2,457 412 4.0S9 5th week 347 Total. 3 2 soo s,ooo 4,8oo S,soo 3,200 7,oo o 99s The cucular of Messrs. M. RaJer & Son observes:Kentucky Tobacco-The of th1s season's crop seems now to be settled to that effect, that in the South ern secllons but a small crop 1 s set out, and that 1ts quahty wtll much depend on a favorable season, wh1ch so far has not be en very proml!ung. The previOusly reported firrpness of pnces has been fully mamtamed, and substanl!al grades of leaf are held h1gher, as the supply is but hmited The demand dunng last month has been heavy, as exporters, and particularly Regie buyers, showed a d1sposlllon to secure all that w a s deemed su lt able, takmg about 6,ooo hhds, wllule to the home trade only about r,ooo hhds were sold. The cucular of Messrs D J. Gart11, Son & Co., states:-We have to record an active market dunng the past month, the sales reachmg a total of 7,ooo hhds. Transactions were restricted mainly to two demands-France and Italy-the former t2kmg the largest propor tion. Outs1de trade IS yet qu1le langutd, though at the close of the month 1t was somewhat more pron.ising, and glVmg s1gni of increased business dunng the present moDth. Several httle l ots of lugs and leaf were taken up for the Mediterranean :and the North of Europe. Stnctly German types are in small supply, and transactions m consequence rather c1rcumscnbed. Bremen sh1ppers, takmg advantage of the known defi Ciency of decided leaf in the crop, have been ltberal competitors at Western breaks. Home buyers d1d but httle dunng the month. New Orleans sold nearly 4,ooo hhds, princ1Fally Regie account. The general crop ac counts from the growing distncts to latest dattts are of such character as to confirm estimates of a short planting m the aggregate, and to justify the 1mpress1on that the extent of tbe croj) under cultivation in the distncts wtll hardly reach threefourths of a hght aver age. In the Clarksville and Western 'districts a half crop is now regarded as an outside estimate, and from Tennessee our advices lead us to infer that the area under culnvat1on shows a larger defic,ency tbau m Ken tucky. The cutting-tobacco counties are satd to have secured an average planting In the absence of complamt from Indtana and Ilhno1s we are led to that the crop cond1tions m those States are favorable, and that they have secured an average plantmg. latest mformallon from M1ssoun represents the crop Sit uation as less than was md1cated durmg the early part of the month, and late estimates pomt to a result about equal to the crop of I87S It IS our opm IOil, judgmg from our present stand-pomt of observa tlon, that, wltb favorable weather, cond1t1ons from now out, two-thirds to three-fourths of an average Western crop wtll be made-The sales o( the month were d1s tnbuted as follows.-Export, 6,I27 hhds, manufacturers, 632 do, jobbers, 7 I do; var10us, 170 do. English mar kets report more actiVity, principally m western stnps Bremen act1ve dunng the first half of the month; more qutet. The monthly circul a r of Mr-John Cattus, Tobacco Broker, says.-Kentucky Tobacco-The month JUSt past has been qu1te an agreeable surpnse to our tobacco market in regard o the volume of business transacted Buyers for the different Regues and open markets entered ours w1th a w1ll, buymg qutte freely whatever desirable goods were offered. '1 ransacuons for the moath aggregate about 7,ooo hhds, of which for export 6,Ioo hhds, and 900 hhds for home trade. Our market has ruled very firm, and the lost ground of June has been fully recovered, principally so for all heavy bod1ed tobaccos for whtch the demand is very large, while the lower grades, as lugs and ;,ondescnpt tobaccos, contmu e to be neglected. The Western markets, wh1ch are reported as considerably htgher than ours, have had the i r vanous fluctuatiOns dunng tke month, but close some what off from their h1ghest penod. New Orleans sold several Important lots for France and Italy at, as reported, better figures than ruling here. The accounts of the growmg crop are of a coJJfllcting nature and It is yet rather difficult to determine m how far too coptous rains m some places and too excessive heat and drouth m others have mjured the same. The subsequent weather wJII, tn a great measure:, dec1de tfns quesuon, and 1f the same should only be moderately favorable a three-fourth average crop would not be to0 h1gh an estimate. The circular of Mr. Frederick F1scher, Tobacco Bro ker, remarks concernmg exports :-Exports of Leaf Tobacco and Stems m hogsheads from New Orleans:FrDm Jan. I to J'uly 26, I876. rS7 5 I874 Hhds. Hhds. Hhds. England----.. --------6221 31S I,o46 France----------------2,540 I2' I I,392 Bremen.--------------3,22o \ 322 ; 3,491 Hamburg------------o o I33 Rotterdam and Amsterdam: 9:11 o o Antwerp-------------o o 590 Spain------------------573 748 J,942 Africa. _______ --_______ llo 0 0 Italy ___ -___ -__ --___ -__ 3.4 1 042 66I South Amenca __________ 0 2 JIS Domestic Ports-_-------1,47 5 7')6 2,SI7 Totals ___________ r2,oo4 3 349 I2,IS7 Rece1pts of Tobacco at New Orleans -From January 1 to July 26, 1876, 24,356 l>hds; same time tR7s, 3,031 hhd s ; same ume 1874, I4, 2r2 hhds Stock on hand at New Orleans, in warehouses and on shipboard not cleared, Jul y 26, 1876, 141Io8 hhds; last year, 3 do. VtrgimaLeaf-We can r eport a good demand for the better grades of V1rgm1a leaf. The sales for the week compnsed bright mahogany and bnght wrappers of good quahty at pnces rangtng from 25 to 6o cents. T here was a s light mqutry for bnght smokers at from 17 Yz @22c, and a few sales made wi:hm those figures. Seed Leaf-In tltls department an excellent wt:ek's busmess has been done, the sales reaching abolit 2,7eo cases, of wh1ch r,zso do were for expo rt Mes s rs. Chas. E Ftseher & Bro., Tobacco Brokers, r3I water Street, report as follows conc ermng Seed leaf :-Compared wtth the past three or four weeks tnere was a dec1ded mcrease m the amount of busmess done. In all about 2,7oo cases changed hands, of which the hugest dea:hngs were m I87S crop Pennsylvama. For export I125o cases of all kmds were sold. The demand for Ohto crop I874 and I87S continues at present pnces, also for 1875 crop Pennsy!vama, ofwhtch kmd qu1te a number o f sales have been made for the above purpose. In the absence of good assortment of old tobaccos the demand for home trade continues more or less to supply Hljmed1ate wants, w1th a d1spostl10n on the part of dealer to defer purchases until more of the 1875 crop is being off ered by stnpped samples. Canneclzcut-This kmd met w1th a fau mqutry only, sale> readung about 320 cases, of wh1ch the followmg are the detail-4o cases crop 1871 and 1872 at I4c, IIo cases crop I873 at 7@Sc for fillers, and 25@4oc for wrappers and 150 do crop 1875 at 14@15 c for seconds, a.nd. 7c lor fillers. Massa{ftus'etts was dealt in very lightly; so cases assorted at 8c, and so do wrappers at I3c, all of the crop 187 4, were sold. New York State-We hear of a small sale of 23 cases fillers at P e nnsy /vama-In this the largest busine"s was done, the total amount sold rea ching I,Joo cases of the IS75 crop, a large portwn of wllich IS mtend'ed for shtpment to Europe. Prices paid were for fa1r lots at 14@15 for good assorted ro @2oc, and some extra l_9ts as htgh as 22@l4C are reported. Oh1() 1emamed m good demand. 700 cases were sold, ef whtch 8o cases crop 1873 at 8c, 370 do crop r874 at c, ant.! 250 do crop 1S75 at all of wh1ch for export. Wisconsm-The grow:h of 1S7 5 meets with little favor Low pnces alone wtll mduce sh1ppers to take hold of it In all 300 cases found t a kers at for crop IS75, and so do old crop at 7c. Spamslz-A steady demand preva1ied throughout the week for Havana tobacco, and the reported sales amounted to about soo bales w1thm range oi our quota tiOns A Havana letter of recent date intim ates that some of the manuhcturer& there wtll have to close fer the want of suitable stock to meet the1r requirements. Manufactuted-There has been some actiVIty in this department of trade since our last, a.nd better pnces have been realized. An observer writes us as follows. "I would report a good demand for 1 I-inch bright quar ter pounds and Iz-mch. Nearly every thmg low -pnced was taken up as soon as offered. Such goods would still me e t w1th ready sale. The d e mand seems to be for goods at 3S@45 c for II-tnch and goo d to fine quarter pounds and fine bnght pounds. 'For export there have been some good orders whtch were not entirely filled, owmg to the advance in tob a cco and parties b em g hmtted with respect to price. Some very common goods were quitted at a l o w pnce, about 300 packages. It IS smgular that our Connecticut merchants Will not antiCIpate the trade that always comes m July and August, and have stocks to store and sell. For the last three years the trade has been gettmg away from here, an'd 1t 1s the fault (no denying it) of our merchants m not providmg for the of the1r customers, thereby dnv mg them elsewhere." SmDkmg-A fa1r demand for smok ing tobacco of all grades 1s reported. Ctgars-The leading manufacturers and dealers are moderately busy on orders The current demand q on tinues steady. Importers report a regular demand. Gold opened at 1 II Ji and closed at I 1 8Foretgn Exchange-Messrs. M. & S. Sternberger, Bankers, report as follows :-In fore1gn exchange there was not much doing for -the last week or so, and sellers are willipg to do basiness much below the nommal rates. Gold has been fluctuatmg m accordance w1th the reports from Washmgton m relation to the prospects of the re peal of the Resumption Act We quote -Bankers, nominal rates are 488Y, and 490Yz for 6o days and demand Sterling respectively; st!lliBg rates for 6o days, 490 for demand; Commercial, 6o days, Pans-Bankers, 3 days, 515; 6o days, 5I7Y.@51S71\; Commercial 6o days, 520. Retchsmarks-Bankers, 3 6o days, Commercial, 6o days, 94 FrezglztJ-"}.1essrs. Carey & Yale, Tobacco Freight Brokers, report 'that there has no change since their last report. IMPORTS. The arnvals at the port of New York from foretgn ports, for the week eudmg Aug. 8, mcluded the followmg consignments :."..LICANTE-Arguimbau, Wallis & Co., 3,158 bales he once root; G. Amsmck & Co., 2,6Io bales do. SEVILLE-W e aver & Sterry, so bdl s hcorice root; Banng Btothers, so cs hconce paste. HAVANA-F. M1randa & Co., 2II bales tobacco, F. Marquez, 64 do, Martmez Brothers, 346 do; A. Gonza lez, 143 do, F. GaJcla 418 do; Wm Eggert & Co, 63 Q.o, Vega & Berohe1m, 40 do; J. J. Almuall, S4 do, Wt:JI & Co., I7o do; Kunhardt & Co., xes do; W. H. Thomas & Brother, 33 cs c1gars, M1chaehs & L ndemann, 3 do, Howard Ives, I4 do; G. W Faber, 1 ao; H. R. Kelly & Co., 2 do; S. Lmmgt0n & Sons, 2 do; Chas. T. Bauer & Co, 2 do; C. PalaciO, 2 do; K:.mhardt & Co., 6 do; Jacmto Costa, t do; Park & Tilford, 27 do. EXPORfS. From the port of New York to fore1gn ports, for the week endmg Aug S were as follows :BRAZIL-I pkg (t9S lbs) mfd. BREMEN--x,oo9 hbds, 2,447 cs, 2o bales. BRITISH AUSTRALIA-6 hhds, 2S8 pkgs (521244 Jbs) mfd. BRITISH NoRTH AMERICAN CoLONIES-7 hhds BRITISH WEST lND!ES-2 hhds, 39 pkgs, (41IJ2 Jbs) mfd. CANADA-47 balt:s. CANARY ISLANDS-2 hhds. CuBA-I,So pkgs (14,752 lbs) mfd. DANISH WEST INDIES-4 hhds 1S pkgs (1,007 Jbs) mfd. DUTCH WEST INDIES-I I bales. FRENCH Wnsr INDIES-4 hhds. GIBRALTAR-SO hhds, 147 cs, 320 pkgs, (56,236 lbs) mfd. GLASGOW-415 hhds. HAMBURG-ICC hhds, 143 CS, 220 bales. HAVRE-35 hhds. HAYU-2 hhds, 98 bales. LEGHORN-11I36 hhds. LISBON-12 hhds. LIVERPOOL-1,779 hhds, 34 CS, 358 pkgs (6r,495 lbs) mfd. LoNDON-675 hhds, 151 cs, 4II pkgs (71,279 lbs) mfd. THE TOBACCO LEAF. NAPLES-455 hhds ) NEw GRENADA-2 hhds, 81 bales, 44 pkgs (4 ,319 lbs mfd. PERU-83 pkgs (12,TJO Jbs) mfd. RorTERDAM-37 hhds, cs r.&ILTIOVIIA.Il l'f'OTIOB. Growen of seed tobacco IJ'f cautioned lfllnst .ct.epung th ... reported aalea and quotatJona of aeed leaf as furn1ahmg the prices that should be obtamed for tbem at first l:.and, 11 these refer In most mstances to old crops wh1ch have been held nearly a year, and the profit on wh1cl-l. must naturally tnclude the Interest on cap1tal Invested. Growers cannot expect even ln the caae of new crops, to sell them for the same pnces u are obt:11ned on a 1e-sale here. Of course every re-sale must br a t an advance, and therefore tne prtce obtainable by the growers w1ll always be somewhat lowe1 tna.n our quotations QUOTATIONS OF WHOLESALE PRICES_ W tstern-L\gb.t l ea f 1 Crop 1875 Common to good lugs 5" @ 1M II Assorted Lots 5 @ 6 Common le:tt 8 C rop 1S,3. Medium f-u Lots 8 @ 9 Gooll :: ::: j New yq,.,{: State-Crop 1873 and 1874 1'51ne 16 @8 Assorted Lots .. .... 1 @ 8 eler.tJOns 1 Wzsco11S1n-Crop 1873 and 1814 Heavy Leaf-1 rt d L t 6 @ '-' Lugs 7 @ 9 I sso e o s .. .. 71'1 Commou 9 @Jo ltoreLgn -:Medmlll uM@14 Hava.n a.PU. Com. 65 @90 Good ....... --" .. (rt'IJ.La LeafI and 11 Cut assorted @9o heavy J Bond Tax cls. m ed. t o good 11 per pound, do extra s b1p'g, 14 @ 17}2' Poundi-BRJGB'I'. Bnght Yello w Worktng1 fine ........ 45 @GO Ftlh:rs ......... 10 (qJ15 1 F Joe 35 @i Wrappers .. --20 Good ................ 28 @3 l:lrtght Yellow Smokmg-1 Med1um 23 (g)2 LUll!'! .......................... 8 @ 10 C Omrecn 18 Medtum to eood .......... 15 @20 1 Lf,.!ht Presscd.extra.llno 35 (OJ4: Extra fine ..................... 25 @35 Light Preued tit..e 30 @)Sts Ohto-Ino r to good com. S Quarter I'tlundi-Fi.ue. 28 @30 llrown and Green1sb... 7 1 ... _,,,,_,, 2 @26 M.edtumaudflnered 8 @1o : ....... ao @ 2 3 Com to m e d spangled. 1 @ 9 Navy Pounds -Fine 26 @35 'Pi n e epanglOO to yellow 10 @S 1 Jlarvl6 Medium. .. ... .. .... .. 8 @ 9 Pocket P1cces.... ... 25 @1:JO Good to fine red .. .. 9 @u Bright 1\V!St (Va) 12 !ncb 26 0 Fancy .... .... 13 @Jo Bnjl'ht Gold Bars, 6tneh 36 @-i6 lfvper Country ...... Rough k Ready,,_,,, 26 @35 GJ ouud leaf, new. 3 10 BLACK Q,uot.atlon Seed Leal' To. No."'J 25 @28 bacco auitable f'or Home M.edmm 18 @25 Trade. Na"!j Half and Tlnrds-Comuctzcut-Crop 11871 to tS,3. Pine .. 18 @ 26 F>llers .... """" ""' 9 Quart tic Wrappers .... IS ('lmes Runmng Lots 8 @u Havana ............... u $6o$oo Pen'luylvania.-Crop J8?t and Seed and Havana.. 4o@ 90 Fillers.... .. .. 7 (g)Io u Scrap fi.ller 4S Assorted LC'ts .......... 12 @,& Connecticut Seed :35@1 35 C 8 Ordtnary .... 18@ rop 1 7 3 Cheroot.e and S1xcs .... 11 00@13 Oo Assorte d Lots 20 @25 1 Wrappers ..... .... ..... 30 @so Snuff-Maccoboy 85@-, 88 Crop 1814 Rappee, French 1 OQ Assorted L ots,,, ____ u @ Scotch & lundyfoot -85@85 Fllers ____ .......... -6 @ 8 Common ........ -@ -66 Crop 1875 A.mer1can GenUema.n -{a) 88 Assorted ............... tS fih's Subject to d1scount to the WheleNew Yo1R State-Crop 1 873 sale fradF Assorted Lots 10 @IS Lteartce. CurrenC,JI Crop A. 0. S.,,_------18 Assorted L ots...... . 8 @u Gold. Oltt4-Crop 1873. ,. G 0.'' 460 Jb..caBf's.. Assorted Lots .... 8 @IG u..Jt G 4.30 Jh ca.5e8.... 28 h Selections .......... IS @IS uo & A'' 375lbs. net. 29 M "'Wal'is Ex/' 4.60 lbs net 27 EXPORT QUOTATIONS. ''I c yGa"... ... . so CQTUitcut &Mau-Crop 1874 'Z. A" 230 tt;a ,,,,, 19 A >sorted L o t s.......... 7 @ BJil 'lldF .... ............ 19 s-co nd s ... 6 @ 7 X c B. :n:.. . .. .. 19 Flllers 4 X' sX uw S, ... .... 2 1 Okro-Croo 1874 1'G. 8 .. ... .. Assorte d Lots.. .. .. .. .. s @ 6 DOMESTIC RECEIPTS. 1-?k T L !em & Co, 1 bx do, H. Welsb, 10 qtr bxs do; Carhart Brothers, :zo do, 99 thtrd bxs do G W. Hill man, 24 do, 3 hlf bxs do; DeL. Cleveland 5 l:S hconce; Weaver & Sterry, 3 do; I. Ottenberg & Son, I bx p1pes. BY THE NEW YORK AND BALTIMORE TRANSPORTATION LINE-Hoffman & Hatch, Io bhds leaf M. Falk, 15 cs smkg, Allen & Co., 3 do; We1ss, Eller & Kae ppel, ro do; N. Wise, 6 do; Moore, Jenkms & Co., 55 th1rd bxs mfd, so qtr bxs do; March, P1ice & Co., 6o thtrd.bxs do; Carhart Brothers. 25 do. COASTWlSE FR<:>M KEY WES'I-Se1denberg & Co., 40 cs cigars, 10 bales scraps; Fred'k DeBary & Co 19 cs cigars; McFall & Lawson, 8 cs cig ars, 6 bales scraps; L Rodnguez. 2 cs ctgars; W. J !Sherman, I do; Stral ton & Storm, x6 bales scraps, E. H. G a to, 2 do ; Order, 4 cs c1gars. CoASTWISE FROM NEW 0RLEANS-J. S. King, Io pkgs; Order, 3 hhds. CoASTWISE FROM MooREHEAD CITY-W. Duke, 2 cs; Order, 2 do, 4 bdles. COASTWISE FROM CHARLESTONJ OS. H Thompson & Co, :zs pkg. CoASTWISE FROM FERNANDINAJ H. Bergmann, 3 pkgs. BALTIMORE, August Ed. Wischmeyer & Co., Tobacco CommiSSIOn Merchants, report -In spections of Maryland tobacco contmue very hght and market active, though 5ales are restncted, on account of the hmited offenngs; we note sales of 400 to soo hhds, compnsmg all grades, at full pnces. Ohzo comes for ward more freely and is m good fair request. Sales for the week, amountmg to Soc hhds, t ake n for Bremen and Dutsburg. Holders are firm at unchanged prices. Re ceipts of Kenturky are small and holders are very firm. Virgmia leaf has materially improved compared wtth the previous week, on account of short crop prospects. 'Ve rev1se quotatiOns .-Maryland, common and frosted, $3@4 ; do sound common, $4.50@6; do good com mon, $6 so j m1ddllng, $S@9; good to fine red, $9@12, fancy, 13@2o, upper country, $5@25; ground leaves, new, $3@ro. Ohio-Inferior to good common, $4@6; greenish and brown, $7@7so; medJUm to fine red, S@ 10, common to mediUm spangled, 7@9, fine spangled to yellow, Io@rs. Kentucky-common to good lugs, $6; Clarksville do, $7@9; com mon leaf, 9 @1o, medmm leaf, $Io@II, fa1r to good, $12@14, fine, $Is@q, -selections, $18@20. v.rgmla -Common and good lug s, $6 so@S so ; common to medium leaf, $9@11, fair to good do selec tiOns, $xs@zo; stems, common to fine, $2@4. Inspected this week-469 hhds Maryland, 763 do Ohio, 32 do Kentucky, and 9 db Vugmia, total, 1,273 hhds. Cleared same time-Per shtp Success to Rotterdam, 595 hhds Maryland, 62o do Oh10, sS V1rgima, and 240 do Kentucky tobacco,-a nd u8 hhds Vtrgmia and Kentucky stems; per steamer Casptan to LIVerpool, 43 hhds Ma ryland, 45 do Kentucky, ;;.nd 22 do Virgm1a tobacco; per steamer Braunschwezg to Bremen, 93 hhds Mary land, IS6 do Oh10, 613 do Kentucky, 390 do Vugim'\ tobacco, and 20 do V1rglma stems. Tobacco Statement. January I, IS76, stock on hand m State warehouses, and on shipboard not cleared ________ __ .. _____ .... Inspected this week ________ -------Do previously th1s year. __ __ Export, Maryland and Oh10, smce I2,3S6 hhds I,273 hhds 36,706 hhds so,J6s hhds January r_ ___ .. .. ----28,42I hhds Sh1pped coastwise same penod_-4,3oo hhds 32,365 .hhds The arrivals at the port of New York, from domestic Stock in and on sh1pboard not in tenor and coastwise ports, for the week endmg Aug. cleared ___ . --------___ .. 17,644 hhds 8, were 3,2SS hhds, 8r trcs II h\t trcs, s6 qtr trcs, 2 Tobacco-The lmprovement before re. eighth trcs, 3,829 cs, 53 pkgs, 35 hxs, 364 three-qtr bxs, ferred to by us, based on enhanced cost of leaf and the 1S8 hlf bxs, 174 4tr bxs, 279 third bxs, 4S cadd1es, 7 pro spect of growmg crop provmg short, has gained fur kegs, 39 bales, 7 5 cs c1gar s, 5 do cigarettes, 8 do It cor-ther strength the past week, but h a s not yet imparted ice, 5 bxs pipes, consigned as follows-any spec1al activlly to buyers, who take only for present B Y THE ERIE RAILROAD-Burbank & Nash, 120 hhds; wants. Rece1ved per Baltimore and Ohw Railroad:Pollard, Pettus & Co., 69 do, D. J. Garth, Son & Co., From Danville, 2,77S boxes, 456 cartoons, 30 kegs, and zo6 do; J.D. Keilly, Jr., 94 do: Garrott & Grinter, Sr 12 cases; and from Lynchburg, 6o2 boxes and rso cad do; Buchanan & Lyall 2o do; Jarvis & Co, 35 do; d1es; per Norfolk steamers, 209 pkgs, and per Rich Tho). Kmnicutt, 23 do; S. E. Thompson, 21 do, F. W. mond steamers, r,7or pkg:;;. 'ratgenhorst, 67 do, Blakemore, Mayo & Co., 87 do, CINCINNATI, August 5 -Mr. F. A. Prague, Leaf M. Pappenheimer, 21 do; Sawyer,Wallace & Co., 306 do; Tobacco Inspector, reports :-The market for the past J. H Moore & Co. 3 do, Kremelberg & Co., S3 do; week has continued strong for all grades of cuttzng lug,s W. 0-Sm1th & Co., 51 do; R. L. Maitland & Co., 15 and leaf tobacco, wh1le no special advance has been noted do; T Messenger & Co., 4 do; Order, 519 hhds, IS m prices over those of the previ9us week. Nevertheless pkgs. 1 they have been well ma1ntauied. Receipts and offerings BY THE HuDSON RIVER RAILRO.&.D-Thos. Hoyt & have been fully up to the average, the latter amounting Co., 4 hhds; C H. Sp1tzner, 297 cs; Joseph Mayer's to J,os6 hnds and 158 bxs, as follows. The offenngs of Sons, 23S do; M. Lmdhetm, 103 do; S. Lederer, 16 do; Oh10 Seed are more liberal and pnces Improving. M_ Abenheim & Co., 6 do, E. Rosenwald & Brother, 4S At the Bodmann Warehouse, 2S4 hhds and ioo bxs: do, Fitts & Austm, 10 do, H. K. & F. B. Thurber & -279 hhds Kentucky and Oh10 cultmg tobacco: 14 do Cu ., 20 do ; Carl Up mann, IOI do; Funch, Edye & Co ., old at $n.25@22; 26s do new at $4 50@21 for common I7 do; Kremelberg & Co., 44 do; Order, 45 do. smokers to fine cutting leaf; s do and 8 bxs new West BY THE NATIONAL LtNB-Pollard, Pettus & Co., Virginia, hhds at h so@9JO, boxe-, at 156 hhds; Garrott & Grinter, 13 do; H. Henwood, 17 92 bxs Ohw Seed leaf: 42 at 2@s.7o, 12 at 6.o5@7.8o; do; Kremelberg & Co, 23 do; F. W. Tatgenhorst, 19 17 at 8@9 r6 at 10@14 75, 5 at 15 so@I9So for do; Sawyer, Wallace & Co., 10 do; Blakemore, Mayo fillers, bmdus and wrappers. & Co S4 d ; Burbank & Nash, 73 do; Toe!, Rose & At the Planters' Warehouse, 266 hhd$-and x box:Co. 2 do; A. L R1chards, 12 do; R. L. Manland & 253 hhds Kentucky and Oh10 cuttmg tobacco 47 do Co., I do, S. E Thompson, 5 do, J. H. Moore & Co., I old at 9 20@21; 206 rio new at 4@25 25 for common do, C. E. F1scher & Brother, 12 do; Order, I27 hhds, I4 smokers to fancy cutting leaf; I3 do new West V1rgm1a cs. at4. 20@Ix.75 Bv NoRrH RIVER BOATS-S E. Thompson, At tbe Globe Wareliouse, 1S1 hhds and 6 bxs :-r79 63 hhds; Blakemore, Mayo & Co 58 do, Burhhds and 6 bxs Kentucky and Oh10 cuttmg tobacco: 7 bank & Nash, s6 do; remelberg & Co., I8 do, hhds old at 7 40@16; 172 do new at 4@2 1.25; 5 bxs Sawyer, Wallace & Co : 22 d9; Garrott & Gnnter, 17 at 6 05@9 95 for common smokers to fine cutUng leaf, do, Pollard, Pettus & Co, 42 do; A. C. L & 0 Meyer, 2 hhds Southern Indiana at 7 so@23. 20 do, F. W. Tatgenhorst, 5 do, D. H. McAlpm & Co., At the Mtami Warehouses, ISS hhds and so bxs :-I2 do; R. L. Maitland & Co., 6 do, Order, 233 do. 157 hhds and 1 box Kentucky and Ohio CLltting tobacco BY THE NEw YoRK AND NEw HAVEN SrEAliiBOAT at 4@23 for common sm okers to fine cuttmg leaf, LINE-Chas. 'F. Tag & Son, 26 cs; L. Mendel, 2I do; I hhd new West V1rgtma at 8 so; 49 bxs Ohio Seed S. Rossm, 37 do; Bunzl & Dormllzer, 74 do; Levy & leaf: I3 at 2@3 95,9 at 4@5-95 9 at 6.30@7.8o, 5 at Neugass, 97 do; Husch & Co., 1 J. W. Hoffm1m, 5 8@9.95, 9 at ro@I3 75,4 at 15@rS for fillers, bmdcrs do; D. Pearson, 40 do; W. M. Price, I do; B. Grotta, and wrappers 9 do; M. Westhe1m & Co., 7 do; L. Gershel & Brother, At tne Morris Warehouses, 167 hhds al\d 1 box :-xs8 I do; Fox, Dtlls & Co., 51 do; A. Oatman, I bale; H. hhds Kentucky and Oh10 cuttmg tobacco: ro do old at Welsh, I case ci g ars.; 148 de new at 4@2r 25 for common BY THE NEW YoRK AND HARTFORD STEAMBOAT' smokers to fine cutting leaf; 8 hhds and 1 box new West LINE-A. H. Scoville & Co., IIO cs; E. & V1rgima at 6 40@1o.7s, 1 box at 3.50, I hhd Sou(hern 63 do; I. Bt]ur, 358 do; B. Grotta, 20 do; Chas. F fag Indtana at 10 so. & Son, 10 do; A. Oatmao, r8 do, A L. & C L. Holt, EVANSVILLE, INn Aul(ust 5.-Messrs. C. J Mor7 do, Stra1ton & Storm, 20 do, E Rosenwald & Brother, ns & Co., 1'obacco CommtssJon Merchants, report:-65 do, H. Wasserman, J 4 do; Havemeyers & V1gehus, Our markt:t has been act1ve and dec1dedly firm smce 95 do. our last report on account of country and BY THE OLD DOMINION STEAMSHIP LINE-F. S. fore1gn orc ers, and we note an advance of c on lugs Kinney, I hhd, S. E. Thompson, 2 do, F. W. Tatgen-and 1 to rY,c on heavy sh1ppmg leaf Receipts are horst, 29 do; A H. Cardozo, 21 do; Garrott & Gnnter, moderate without any rejectiOns. We notice an occa9 do, Thos Kmmcutt, 35 do, Pollard, Pettus & Co, 7 swnal ram tu the Louisville dtstnct, while in .Indiana do, Allen & Fancon, I do, Burbank & Nash, 9 do; P. and the Henderson districts we have not had ram enough Lonilard & Co., I do, 8 trcs, F. E. Owen, 2 do, I I do; to lay the dust for thuty days, and ts badly needed at Ptoneer Tobacco Co., I do, 9 do 3 bxs; Jos. D. Evans present. The hot term was succeeded by cool weather, & Co, 9 hhtls, 6 cs mfd so three qtr bxs do, so hlf bxs remmdmg us of October. The crop IS d01ng badly, and do; Jas. D. Ketlly, Jr., 2 hbds, I:l trcs, 1 hlfl!ce, Ioocs f10m the best information we can get we w11l have to mfd, 23 three qtr bxs do, II qtr bxs do; W. 0. Smuh & have a very late and favorable fall to ra1se balf a crop. Co., 204 hhds, 27 trcs, 20 qtr trcs, 2 e1ghth trcs, I69 cs When we say a half crop we mean all that portion of mfd, 12 three qtr bxs do, Buchanan & ,Lyall, 2 hhds, I I Kentucky west of the Louisv1lle diStrict. We know that trcs, John Devenny, 3 trc;;, E. Du B01s, 10 hi! trcs mfd, our fnends m New York do not beheve half they see and 36 qtr tr cs do, ISO cs do, ISI three qtr bxs do; Dohan, nothing they hear, and m our judgment they will wake Carroll & Co, 59 cs mfd, II9 hlf bxs do, 40 tlurd bxs up some fine mormrig and find the Western "locust" do, 6oqtr bxs do, Jos. H. Thompson & Co., 3 cssmkg, swarmmg the New rork market. Our market closes 9 do mid, zs bxs do, 20 three qtr bxs do, 2 hh bxs do; firm and we quote: -Trash to common lugs $5@6 Allen & Co, 5 cs smkg, 9 do mfd, 14 hlfbxs do, 5 kegs med'mm to good do, 6 50@7 so; common to' med1uU: do, 5 cs Cigarettes, & Bendhelm. 44 cs smkg, 6 leaf, 8@9' good to fiae, IO@I3So, very little of the do, 14 cs ctgaretles; Moore & Co, 2 cs mfd, latter arnvmg. 1 7 qtr bxs do 2 kegs do, 4 cadd1es do; Martm & John HOPKINSVILLE, KY, July 29 -Messrs. M. H. son, 2 cs smkg, 4 do mfd, roo three qt1 bxs do, 26 qtr Clark & Brother, Leaf Tobacco Brokers, report:-Re bxFs Hen & Co., 492 cs smkg, 4 bxs p1pes, HT. K. cetpls smce last report, 318 hhds; to date, 13,164 do; & D. 1hurber & Co, S cs 8 qtr bxs do; A. same time m 1874, 1o,S36 do Sales since last report, Youngs, 6 cs smkg; J F. J Xtques, 5 do; Jos. Long, r 40S hhds; to date, 12,042 do; same ume m 1874, do, R L Maitland & Co., Io cs mid; H. Colell, 4 do, Io,o48 do. Our market very full and uregular. Pnces Fats & Austm, 10 do, C. E. Lee, 3 do, W. H. Scheffe-gradually stiffened on all dark styles of leaf and lugs, dev elopmg mto an advance of at>out }.( c, but afterwards eas"d off agam and closed at about the closmg pnces 'lf last week. L1ght descnp:10ns were about }.( c lower than last week We quote common to medmm lu<>s 6 @ 7}-(c, good to fine lug s, 7Y.@SU, common @ro, mediUm leaf, good leaf, 13@16; leaf, 16Yz@I7_%. Crop prospects have not ma tenally changed ; and though planters connnue loud in the1r complamts, they seem to cons1d er the present scale of pnces full high enough, and are stlll free sellers as fast as they can prepare the1r tobaccp for market. tlLOUISVILLE, August 5.-Mr. Wm J. Lewers Secre tary of the Tobacco Board of Trade, rP-ports:-Recetpts thts week about 1,6oo hhds, about 300 do ol was from M1ssouri factone s SALES OF WEEK, ETC. Watdzouses. Gilbert's ____ _____ .. __ P1ckett. -.... -. ______ Boone ____ -------------Grange.---_________ : __ Farmers'. ________ ----__ Kentucky AssociatiOn. ___ Planters'. ___ .. _______ Falls CttY----------Loulsvtlle .... --__ __ -----Nmth Street .. __________ fJTeek. Month. 5 5 32 3 278 153 153 0 0 230 224 125 I25 I40 133 2 I 21 3 II 267 224 20I TotaL----------1 532 1,407 [ 01z Seventh Pagt). New FirJDs. Year. I46 S,2Sr 4.731 6o s,90I 3 5,406 S79 6 360 9>422 NEw YoRK CnY.-C. F. Meyer, broker in leaf tobacco, 205 Pearl Street .. Wm. Frredlaender & Co, packers and dealers in leaf tobacco, 9 Bowery NKWYORK CITY-N H. BJrgfeldt, manufacturer of c1gar moulds, 5 10 N meteenth Su eet R Z e llenka, manufa cturer of bags for smoktng to bacco, from 202 East Seventy-fifth Street to 227 East F1fty th1rd Street. CHICAGo, lLL.-Tansill & Chandler, cigar manufac turers, dt ssolved; Mr. H e nry B Chandler continues under .. tyle of H B. Chandler & Co., 29 and 3 I Wabash Avj!n!le. Advertiserl'l.ents. W. ], HOODLESS. C. X TAYWJlLate of" W. Jw HOODLESS & CO" NATIONAt TOBACCO Rece,1Vlllg & Forwarding Foot of Van [)yke and Partition Sts., Broeki'lr. .. Btlc a1l .1.obacco care Nabonal lnspechon William St., N, Y.J Partition lit., B...,..ltlY1I:I. 4 ?3# 1 c 1.-43 Natchez Street, --New Agent for the GENU 'NE Grand Point St James Parish, Pertqne Tobacco. SOLE AGENT FOR c. C. IIDLLAUDON, GE9-E. BOVEE, A.. DA.MARE, J. A. MALARCHER, J, A. RICAUD, IIIAI!f11-FACTURERS OF O:J:G-..a...a.::EJTTE&, ENVELOPED IN CO.RN HUSKS, PERIQ,UE SOLD ONLY BY THE POUND AND UNDER. FULL GUARANTEE, A. FULL SUPPLY OF)(, )i, 1, .-, 4 POUND CUlROTS ALWAYS ON HAND. SDIPIIIENTS MADE TO FOREIGN COVN'X'BIES, :IN BOND FROIII NEW ORLEANS IF DESIRED. THE ATTENTION OF CONSUMERS Ill CALLED TO THE FACT THAT THE GENUINE PERIQ.UE IS NEVERIIOLD EXCEPT IN CARROTS. 5119-6 TO DEALERS IN CIGAR MOULDS.29 Cases of Bast Finished &ERIIAIIImported OllAR-.:; MOULDS. A. SAMPLE LOT' OF 20 SIZES, AWD 100 TO A CAiiE, ARE HEREBY OFII'IIIRED FOR SALE BY CASES OR THE LOT, FAR. BELOW COST OF IMPORTATION, TO CJ.OSE CON-SIGNMENT. APPLY TO CHRISTOPH W'ITTE & -CO., 200 GREENWICH, ST., New York. Address P 0 Box No ill2 (!94-5').8) FORSALE. A Fresh Supply of ., too,ooo POuRds Gerlume Flavor, lor SMUKlNG TOSACCO Manufacturers, 1n lots to suit purchasers. at lowest figuru .... III.&.RBUltG BROfHERS. 14! t47 and 149 S. Charles St:tect1 Baltimore. M H W. P. FARdNGTON, Jobber of' Cljraftlo S ;5 US D;:yer Street, PrOvidence, R. I FOREIGN DlJTIES ON TOBA.CCO, In Austria, France, Italy and Spain the tobacco commerc e 111 monopoltze oy ge"Yemmenl1 under dtrectton of a Regte In Germany the iutyon Amer 1can leaf tobacco is 4thalers per oo lba. In Belg1um the impost 1 a fter deducting t.S per ceo.t. for tare. The dTUty ts 13 francs, ,o centimN ($2 4ogold)per 100 Kilogrammes (100 Americ:an lba.. equal 4.SK kilos) fa Holland the duty Ia 18 cent8. gold, per 100 kilos, (28o Amencan pounda being equal to 127 kilos.) In ltus&ia tlle duty on leaf tobacco ls 4 roublea_.. kopeks per pud; on smoking tobacco :a6 rou ..JOC'Ap. per pud, And on c1xara 2 r o u Jo cop per pud. TbG "pud" is equal to about 56 Amenc&D l bs. JoTurkey the duty ia so ceota, gold, per nX .American ouncee. DUTIES ON FOREIGN TOBA.CCOS .AND CIGA.BS. Foreign Tqbaccd, .. duty 35c per pound gold. Foreign Cagan, f2 so per poUnd and 25 per cent. ad vtt.lurnn Imported Cigars and Cigarettes a lao bear an laternal Revenue taz of '6 per M, to be paid by at the Cua. tom House (Revenue .Act, ) as amended M:arcb 3, 1875 flle import duty on manufactured tobaccQ.IS soc per lb, Leal stemmed, 3S,C; Stems, tSC per pound Scraps, ceat. ad vakl"''"' In ad4itlon to thfs duty, tbe Revenue tax on tbe same kind of tobacco made in thts country must. be patd 1. he tobacco must also be packed accordiac to the regulations gQ.verruug tobacco made here. 1 COPE'S TOBACCO PLANT.:.....A. lK>N'l:HLY JOURNAl f o r I:Smokera Published a.i No 10 Lora .Nelson atroet, Ltv...erpoo1 .. 1::ug hmd w_here aubecriptiona DlAY be adcbeBSOd, or to the ToBA.ocu LEAF Pnce two shUUnga (En gUsh) per ann\tm ""\ rrad e 20 sll1llings per fnOh'. No advertisements for a 11borter penod than au. monthe. M&ehlDery f o r llusmess A dur..:.., Annouocementl, &o ls per bue. No ore!er f o :rAd't crU$ BldCu":d unless o.ccompan:led by the c rres pond1DC amoUllt 'Ihu J:u le in"arlllbly be a dhered to, ADVERTISING RATES. ONE SQ,UARE (14 NONPAREIL LINES]. OVER ONE COLUMN, ONE YEAR Cit DO DO. SIX MONTHS 11.00 DO. DO. THREE MONTHS 10 00 OVER TWO COLUMNS, ONE YEAR 68 00 DO DO. SIX MONTHS 32 0.0 DO DO. THREE MONTHS I7.00 TWO SQ-UARES (:JS NOl!P.&RBIL LINES). OVER TWO COLUMNS, ONE YEAR J116.CIG'-DO DO. SIX MONTHS .... ... .... .... 68 00 -DO DO. THREE 1\IONTHS ... -82,00 l!'OUR SQ.UARES (56 NONPAREIL LINES). OVER TWO COLUMNS, ONE YEAR. ...... ........ J220 00 DO. DO SIX MONTHS 115.110 DO. r DO. THREE MONTHS.. ............ GOOII FIJlST PAGE RATES, ONE SQUARE. OVER TWO WIDE COLUMNS, ONE YEAR Sl66 .08 TWO SQUARES, DO. DO. ONE YEAR 801100 THREE SQUARES, DO DO. ONE YEAR mi.OII I1i7 NO ADVERTISEMENTS ON THIS PAGE TAKEN FOR LESS THAN ONE YEAR, PAYABLE FULLY IN ADVANCE. NO DE VIA'IION FROM THESE TERMS, THIRD PAGE RA..TJCS, ONE SQ,UARE (U, NONPAREIL LJliiES), THREE 1\IONTHS .. .. .. J25 011 SIX 1\IONTHS 4000 ONE YEAR .. .. .. .. .. .. .... ., ..... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 7& 00 TRANSIENT ADVERTtSEl\IENTS ON THE THIRD PAGE, 3 CENTS PER LINE FOR EACH INSERTION. NAMES ALONE IN "BUSINESS DIRECTORY OF ADVERl'lSERS," FIRST PAGE, ONE YEAR ................... Jl2.!f


M. J. DOHAN. n r os. CARROLL DOHAN, CARROLL & 00., TOBACCO Merchants, 104 FRONT STREET, 0. BOX 4365, NEW YORK. Ager. ts for the f o low iog w ell-known Manufac t urers: B. PACE, w: j, -YARBBGUGH SOlS, TURPIN I BRO., -J, H. GREAHR, L J. GRANT i CO. L H. FRAYSER I CO., T.w. PEMBERTOI, R. W. .tOHI R. PACE CO., -JOHI W, CARROLL, and other a. SOLE A G ENTS F O R ORIG1NAL Oblc Coli, Donne 4s and 6s, Single and Double Thick. A LS O, A GENTS F O R THE tONE JACK & BROW' N DICK SMOKING TOBACCO. THE T _OBACCO LEAl'. WILI.!A)( WIC K E. -WIVI. WICKE: tc : CO., .. 1 MANUFACTURERS OF J CI:GAR BOZBS! a 153, 155, 157, 159 & 161 Goerck I NEW YORK. f -IATERIAL AID SlJPDIOI .. Dealers in Spanish and German Cigar Ribbons A. HEN d: CO., SUCCESSORS OF EDW'D HEN. 43 :Liberty Street, < P ; o. Box 36281 New IMPOBTHBS UP MBBBSCHAUM, BBIHB & CLAY PIPHS SPECIALTY -OF-J SMOKERS' ARTICLES. I I I 11 rl FOR MARTIN&-JOHNSON, I COMMISSION. MERCHANTS, No. 79 Front Street, -New York. A PARKER. ROSS H. HOLMES. JS, COLT. SIMO N MANDLEBAU M, SpeciaL PARKER, HOLMES & CO., Manufacturers o f the Celebrated NERVE And other B ran'ds of Chewine: and Smoking Tobaccos, 63, l'il'i *' 57 Je11'eraon Ave. :DETROIT. IOCR. AUG. 9 VIRGINIA BUGIIIE DU BOIS, co DISSION IHBCHANT, rB.ORT STB.IIIIIIJ.', NEW YORK DILLS & flO., I mporters of SPANISH AND PACKERS OF s EED LEAF TOBCCOS Large Stocks of Manufactured Tobacco of Every Description, Manufacturers' A gents for the sale of all Popular Brands of The NERVE ls seld by Fln t-class DeAl ers ltrougbout the Unl t e d Stat es, and w e claim it r:o be the B Es T FINK-CUT 1.'o a Acco that ca11 be made. The W holesa-le Trade a Specialty. S ui tablefortheHome T radea11dforForeignMarkets, VIRGINIA, NORTH WESTERN Ma.nufa.ctured, Smoking & Fine Cut WISE & BENDHEIM, 106 Chambers St. & 121 Bowery, N. Y 1 !IS WATBB. STJLBBT, :NEW YORK ll IJ .11 n a lt '. w. T. Blackwell & Co.'s GENUINE DC'RHAU: Tobacco. (!llEL ..... w. C>GAR,, il I M. R. LEVIN, 14PORTER of HAVANA AND DEALER IN ALL K INDS O F ---' L EAP -TOB,ACCO, 7 BURLING SLIP, NEW YORK. 1. Mo.nuf'o.cture d FINE CVT, I } LI C F L C C HAMILT N S. MARCOSO. R. ASHCROFT. F. C. NDE. INDE. 0 FAVORITE DARK N A VY ; M anuf'aetured by Spaulding & Merrlek. 162 Pearl Street, lew York. B. SCBOVERLIIG, YORK ENCHANTRESS do do; OLD G LORY; SWEET do do; ': SEED LEAP TOB!CO INSPECTION HONEY AND PEACH BRI G H T NAVY. A n d a ll Popular B rands of FANCY a n d PRESSED. CHARM OF ; SWEET BURLEY; QUEEN BEE; T R UMPS; WIG WAG; B UG LE; TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. Certificates Q"iveu fer ev e ry case aad case by cas e J a s t o numbe r o f C erti ficate. N. B.-We Also Sample in Mer.chants' Own Stores. F. C. LINDE & CO., Philadel.phla Branch-E. w. Dickerson, 139 N. 3d st. PRINCIPA L Water Street, a n d to 1 8 6 Pearl Stre.t. Water1 ,. ... 76 ., 7 8 G r c!enwich S treets1 an:l H udson River Rail Road Depot, St,_Jobn's J?ark, G; REUSENS, BENSEL a BUYER O F 'TOBACCO INSPECTORS TOBACCO, I Water Street. 66 ""'OAD STREET, NEW YORK-CASES RECEIVED AND CERTJF.ICATEo ISSUED AS USUAL. ESTABLI S HED IN 1862. .. CHARLES FINKE, F. A. McALEER co., f OBAOCO I NSPEC,OR,_ 'TOBACCO INSPHCTOBS 15$ WATER ,. :N'evv Y'ork... Ordero lfor SampJlntf ln the Country ,!Jromptly atteaolJ d to. rccUNTRY SAMPLING.PROMPTLY AT'!'ENDE D TO. PHILADELPHIAII!BRANCH """' 147 Water Street, NEW YORK. I JONAS J!ETZ, 6i NOBTll FRONT STI!.EE'l'. ALEXANDER _\[AlTLAN D. L. F S MACL EHOSE. ROBERT L. M A I T LAND. ROBERT L. MAITLAND& CO I Tobacco and Cotton And General Com mission Merchants, JlaoAD sTaii:BT, i mmw; ADVANCEMENTS MADE ON CONSIGND IENT S TO LONDON AND LIVERPOOL .<\gents {or :W:essrs. WK. C AKEI!.ON 3& Calebrated. Brand.s of Ma.nufa.ctured Tobacco \DOLPH STROH!< GUIDO IlBI"TZENSTai N D. J GARTH, SON & co., STROHN It, REITZENSTEIN,W (Successor. to CHARLitS B. FALLEN>TEIN & Co.,) .MERCHANTS, c01nmission Merchants I ALSO DEALERS IN DOMESTIC; NO. 44 BROAD ST., And o f D. T. Garth, l F 0 REIGN T 0 B A C C 01 Y_o_R_K_. 176 FRONT STREE'l',_ YORE: ., -QJ ...... QVIl'l A CO., SAWYER, WALLACE lt. CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS No. 47 Broad Street, NEW YORK. r. W. TATGBIBORS'r. 'rO:B.A.CCO AND a m rmmr. 88 BROAD STREET, ll'E'.'i" YOJtlt. TOBACCO PAGTORS, Western and Virginia. Leaf, Q i39 BROAD STREET, P. 0. BOX NEW YORS:c TJIIiMAS KIINICUTT, D:N'l'tl'CIY and VIRGIMA Leaf Tobacco, No. 52 BROAD STREET, NEW YORK. PRESCOTT BURBANK. GEO P BURBANK & NASH, I a P ai ls and Barre l s. : &o1e Agen.'ts for E T---PILKINTON a GO.'S CELEBRATED II FRUITS A FLOWERS ll 'Dan R ive r Bo uquet,' 'Gol d IIGODONWEALTH I z e n Sceptr e 'Pl anters Pnde,' J < I 'Farmerli.Cholce,' and SKOEINC 'I'O:BACCOS. ll are fav o r ably known i n ina d d rle r th. eir ''\WF_ '" d n E C From Tohaoco gro. wn u'S PLO WRI0HT &. CO. -4' Basinghttll Street .Logo d cit Britai n F .. h 6 .. to a l b. price 15 dolJ.a r s pet l,ooo, free n on I O ?o s.-Havanah Pattern we1g mg :> M. OPPENHEIMER lt. BRO. DEALERS IN SEED, LEAf 180 HAVAnA TOBA-CCO, 138 WATER STREET, NEWYORX. CHARLES A. WULFF, Litho g;apher Printer &nd M anufac turer of A L arge .Assottm e n t Colistan tl y on Hand._ !P Ql'latham St., cor. William. N.Y. RIVERA & GARCIA, I J.taaofactann ol -CIGA-RS, Audlmportenof HAVANA LEAF TOBACCIL 71 Maiden :Lane, N. Y ,..


AUG. 9 THE TOB'ACCO JACOB HENKELL, A. H SCOVILLE CO., MANUF ACTUREll ti tSUCCKSSORS TO PA.Ll!IER &>ScOVILLE,) CIGAR BOXES, IM:PO.RTE:a.s OF S:PA:NISH AND JOBBERS IN ALL K INDS OF LEAF ..... TOBACCO, No. 1170 WAIJ.'EB. SIJ.'llEEIJ.', NEW YOB.K. SUPERIOR MAKE AND Prime Quality ot CONNECTICUT SEED LEAF WRAPPER OF OUR OW!i PACKING. CEDAR WOOD, F. BAEBNEL & B. NORMAN'S 293, 295 & 'Af Monroe St., Cigar Making Mac hine. NEW YORK. TBI &IBIAI AMERHAI Blll, BRO.&.DW AY, C e dar S t. :NEW YORK, .AoU'ALK ()(J,pUal, $1,000,060. MERCHA_..T -And Wholeaale Dealer in Eec1 facUlty affor.:Jed t o Dealers and Correspo:odenta cons is tent with Sound Banking. H. ROCHOLL, President. WM EGGERT & CO. IMPuRTERS OF EI:AVANA AND DEALERS IN ,.. ,.. SKID LIAP TUBAC CO, POST OFFICE BOX 1477> NEW QRLEANS, LA. 171 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. HERMANN BAT JER tc BROTHER:J E. oa:cFRIEND., COKMISSION '-IMP.ORTERS oF liDl)OrteraandDealenln C1ca.y LEAF TOBACCO, '77 W.6.'I'lC:R S'l' :NlCW TO:a%-129 Lane. BowARD Fai&KD, l Gvs FRJRND, NEW YORK EowARD FRIHND, Jr. M. & S. STIRRBIRGER IIIUISI Alii BD .... liO. &4. J!l][VILUIJGI!I PLA.Cill, N, Y, Dnw Bills of Ezchange on the principal cltle. of Eu. rape; iuue Circular Letters of Credit t o Travelers. ..ut arant Commeteial Credits ; r eceive M:oneJ 40n 0. paait, subject to Bight C_hecb, upon which i 1ntere.t WIU be allowed; pay particular attc:DUon to the NegoUatior --< Loans. J. SCHMITT & CO. IMPORTERS 'OF & DEALERS IN Leaf 162 St., New York. J. SCHMITT, C. JOST. M. W. MERDEL & BRO., !MANUFACTURERS OF CIGARS AND DEALERS JN LEAF TOBACCOf; Sheet Metal .. Cigar Moulds This Is the only au :table f o r Manufacture of Fine is well kuown to be the aromas. The prodGCed by this Mould do n e t require turning, as no creaf! is Shown F o r Circulars, NAPOLEON DUBRUL, Soli'".!.-Patentee of the and Sheet Metal Moulds, & 16S W. Seooud St., Cincinnati, LEVY BROTHERS,. oif' FI:t'TE CIGARS LEAF 191 Pearl. Street, New York. BOWERY, NEW YORK. 125 & 127 BROOME ST. NEW MANUFACTU RER OF THE CEL.EBRATED BRANDS OF 2 7 MANUFACTURER OF CIGAR DO.XEP ANDIMPOR"l'ER {W GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS o OS'EmE!,'trCX &; CO., and F. Manufactlrta DC.ALE:R IN Cigar-Mould Presses, Straps am1 Cutters, Ji 263 SOUTH N. _Y. -. _, SIMON M ANUFACTURER OF CICAR BOXES tc SHOW FICURES Dealer in all kinds of Ciga:r Ribbons, GERMAN CIGAR MOLDS, P RESSES, STRAPS, CUTTERS, &C., AND MANUFACTURER OF THE PATErtr SELESMOKIIIG SHOW 179 dt 18..1 Le-vv:ls: S"t, 'York-A.llldnd.s o:f Figorei Cut to Qtlcr Repaired.. in th..e Best Style. The T:a:a.dc A. BROWN, MANUFACTURERS OF CIGAR MOULD 'PRESSES & STRAPS... r; CUTHRIE &. co., Ch T b 225 Front Street.. COPE'S TOB. AOC' ()PLANT Fine-cut ewlng 0 acco CODISS!O.N MERCIIANTS.-' Oneida. Chief and Sunset._ Cigar Cutters & all ether for Manufacturing Ci!n:. -TOBACCOA;BESSERS. A MONTHLY JOURNAL FOR SMOKERS. SCHAAP tc VAN VEEN, PUBLISHED AT No. 10 LORD NELSON STREET, LIVERPOO,L, keta. TOBACCO PACKED IN HOGSHEADS Price, Two Shillings per Annum. T 0 b a c c 0 B r 0 k e r s AHNER A DEHLSJ : Whc1e Subscriptions may Ue addressed, or to ''THE TOBACCO LEAF" LILtP I "J 180 :Pearl St., [Qaxo. JJiA:NUFACTuaEas or -: ___ NEw Yoa.:. .. J NEW YORK. .=:;a. .. ell. LBDERIR & FISCHEL. 1'U"m CIGAR Fllvo R. HAVANA TOBACCO, 'PEAIL SW:'1'. Cisar, iMPORTERS OF GEAMAI CI'3AR MOULDS. 57, 59 & 61 Lewis St. bet. Delancey and Rivington NEW YORK. -BEPPENHEIMER & MAURER11 -' Amsterdam, Holland. ENCRAVERS A .ND PRINTERS, BY STEA.JI[ POWEll-AND HAND PRES!!Ji:S CO:M::MZSS:I:ON' and Agen'C for the Renowned po.!ll!!'l'A.NTLY oN nANDAND NEw DEsxaNsliiADE To JRDI!IR. GRAND POINT St. Jame S La., PERIQUE TOBACCO, 22 and 24 NOB'rK WILLIAK SntEn. YOR!t And.Corn JOHN F. EIFERT, Also. i:rr Fine Havana. a.nd. Domestlc CE.D.AE,DEALERI-v\TN 0 -OD; ee 'West :Broa.dwa.y,BZW YOB.K. MERF-ELD .. & co. r-FOR CICAR,BOXES, SMALLEST $2.00. SENT. C. D. IKPo:a-rz:as OF :EAV.A.:NA, .a.nd 291, 293 &. 295 MONROE STREET, NEW YOrut. ,i"BRO:: ,REILBIUII, IMHAL & tl TOBACC9S P;:;: MANUFACTURERS oF 181 Maiden Lan.e, New York. Pnblls. IHng s.-. 130. 1sa. 134. .. c I GARs, CONSOLIDATIB TWCCO CO. UP GALIP-OBm,-. New York, LEAF TOBACCO, 234 SECOND sT., NEw.YoBK. s..a. .. l partic'uiar!y favored Qf every description at Lowest .frices. SEND FOR PRICES. I lJ CLARK & BRQTHW All Cigars and 'l'obacco Kanufact'ltl'ed by ua are of CALIFORNIA GBOWll' L!AF, J n. J!UJ., No. York. A" OATMAN CURED BY THE TJ:N F'OJ:L. moBAC co BROKERS KASPROWICZ & BRO. IMPORTER OF bacco, JO UN .J. c ROOKE, Fine s e K s II 1 I MANUFACTUR.RilS or prices compete with th e better class o'r Domestic C1gars. "" liNE HAVANA CIGARS, HAVANA TIN CAPS, HOPJUNsvxLLE, Ky -And Dealer in Domestic DEPorn AND DELICACY oF ruvoa 'tl'NS'D1U'ASSED, BOLLING MILLs, ss c:a.osBr &na 163" ---------PADUCAH, Kyo 233 Creenwlch Street, while they contain LESS NICOTINE than tobacco cured by any oth e r known procesa. :t.roLBERBV STREETS. NEW YORK. TABEJ. A ROBRJERG,' o-.J-.D-ALV. ____ ____;;,.;.;;;..;.;.R.-W.;...,LK ....;,,... :NEW YORK L' A F TUB ceo .-. J. A. HARTCORN, OAL y & co., A. c. L. IIIEYER, J F. 0 MEYER. .lill 11. Office and Saleswom, No. 207 Front Street, San, Fran CISCO, Cal" I of Fl. ne ,.1. ars A. C. L. & 0. MEYER, And Branch Office,I2o Water St. New York. Flne Clg;ars "" a Foreign &. Domestic Woods, FoRwARDING AND t'66 Water Street, Exclusively for the J'OB:BmG '!'BADE, 1.63 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And Dealer in ,EGG HARBOR CITY, N. J, SPANISH CIGAR BOX CEDAR BEAVER sT., NEw ...-oRK. NEW YORK. M. SALoMON, AL.OMON :E. s..,.LoMoN. LEAF TOBACCO, Brancta Office, 111 PEARL ST., ., AddressbyPostP.Q.BoX5>7J. M. a E. s 21 B 0 wE R y 'Y'or:J&t. -------::-__ A_S .... Pt_ofia_, ltJ..._r paitltothefbrwardmg o f T obacco E. SPINGARN & CO,, PACKERS" OF SEED LEAF, NEW YORK. CAMPBELL LANE Q. co AND IMPORTERS OF GLACCUM 0. SCRLOSSER J. SAN JULIAN. MANU'FlCTURERS OP., ., L G EPRaclt se-Hof.: BRo., HAVANA & DOMESTIC TOBACCO. Havana Tobacco and Cigars, W\NUF'!TURERS o IMPORTEK 1. roB.&cco AID CIGARS, : No.6 auRLINc sLIP, as MAIDEN ... N. y. :Fine HATll AbNA SNUFF.PiPi's, SEED LEAF TOBA-cco, A o 0 0 L A B E L s' 14'7 .. U9 A'l'TOB.Jr.EY STREET, Leaf 0 aooo, J:tl:nuuES AT 484 BROAD STREET, IDJIRI 19:4 STREET, &--.....,_ ILt.uamuua. UX.X.OPC

. -':Philadelphia ArJ : vertisements. Baltimore A.dvertisemea.ta. KNECHT, SMITH & CO., ""\'VM .A.. BOYD & CO., DEALERS 8V.SCE8SORS TO STEJlliER, SJIIITH BROS, ... .IOII!:CHT, / &EALERS lN ALL KINDS OF L A r wr o B A c c o tmPAcTmn on LBAP TOBACCO, A'ND JllAlWPA.crtrlt.ERS OF .A.KD DEALERS IN CIGARS Will A BOYD, ) S 131 1Vortb -rhird Street, Z'lailadelphia. 3 3 SOUTH T:, BALTIMORE. L. "VV. G-UNTHER!!I TELL.ER = ; B ., 'GENERAL COIYJMISSION MERCHANT, AND TOBACCO FACTOR, AUG. 9 EASTERN ADVERTISEMENTS. _._.. _;.;lii.,.... ........ .J>and Toledo Advertisements. J. DIX & Packers and Dealers in HENRY R ALLAy & B R 0 IN -LKAF Dealers in LEAF TOBACCO, 1 16 a .nd 1 1 7 West Front St., Between Race ed .Elm, OINOINNATL 0. LEAF To BA ceo. 1211 STATE CONN. ,( lfl. 163, & 165 Pearl Stret, CINCINNATI. Wfl. WESTPHAL, COMMISSION liERCllANT, And Dealer In ID LEAF l'n.ckers, Cgmmission Mel-chants, and Dealers in Foreign aud Domestic Leaf' Tobacco, 117 North Third Street, Philadelphia. No; e &TELEET. MD. ObaOOOJ LOUIS KROHN. LEOPOLD FEISS. MOSES KROHN Stat."' St .. Hartford. Conn. Advancements Made Oil Consignments to my Address. CEO. KERCKHOFF co., KBOB"' PEISS Q_ "0 .-A. & F SJSSON, Packers of Seed Leaf 11, S U ., AND DEALERS IN.SPANISB.TOBACGOS, MANUFACTURERS OF No. 134 MAIN L. BAMBERGER 8c CO., X 49 South Charles St., Baltimore, Md.<, GEo. KERcKHOFF. GEo. P. UNVERZAGT. :::N Conn. "Lo .... BREMERs SONS, i Wholesale Dealers 1"LEArn AND1 MANUFACTlmED TOBACCO, NO. 322 NORTH THI;ftD STREET, PH'ILADELPHIA. A larl!'; assortment of aU of LEAF ToBACCO constantly on hand. M. ANATHAN & CO., ; Packers, Commission Merchants PACKUt.S AND WHOLESALE DEALERS lN LEAF TOBACCO, by -1'' JAMESDALEYtc CO., K&'IUEAST COR!IEB. 'J:BIBD .A.KD RACE STREETS. PHILADELPHIA. Ail kild!i of Leaf Tobacco and Re-packed in cases, ranging from 30 to 70 p ounds, at the Lowes rket Price guaranteed actual w eight and free 1rom frost-bitten7 uncured o r rubbish leaf of any kind Aleo Supply Store of every artlcleconnected with the trade. 1 4 !1. B.-Orders for small cases receive prompt attention. ,.,\. lYIOORE tS: BAY, Packers, Commission Merchants &. Dealers in SEED LEAF tc HAVANA TOBACCO, F BECKER. c. BECKER. -BECKER.. NORMAN HUBBARD & co BROTHERS, AND DEALERS IN PackersandDulersln '' PACKERS, CQMMISSlQN MERCHANTS. CONNECTIOt1T SEED LEU ANDWAOLESALEDEALERiiN LEAr TO.BAcco, Foreign andDomestic Leaf II U STAT:a-r:U:IIT, OMBARD ST BALTIHORE MD -HARTFORD, CONN, No. 98 w. L and Salesroom, 126 Vine Street. _,_.. __ G W. GRAVES, Factory and Warehouse, 244 & 246 W. Bd St., J'ACD11 AJO) .. BA.""" ,,. c:n"Bh E:O.. :m .A.,:!; '%:: ::!,9 aT. .:r AMES" :w. :SOYD, tured and Leaf Toba c co. "'U --63 Ez:chan e PlAce Baltimore Kc1. JQS. S.CBRQJDER._& ,CO., OlTICE, 4 COLLEGE BUILDING, OHIO, 1UBJ:B t BBOQB, N & T A I T T H E TTLEIN g 1 Commloolon and Wholeoale Dealers ID DOHA. 1 WEauthorbeSIGHTDRAFTforamouatofTAX, .. ..,. .. ,.. .AlO) &-.1 71 '""est St.,.. _, ___ ,. ).. Kanuf.edTobacco. w &lVllli 'v;:: F. PRAGUE,-Na. ;}REET, .An! Importer of Choice :Bran!s of P. A. ALBRECHT. .&1m CIGARS, DJiUV:Q.Y MB.a, ,. .,AF TOBACCO 10'2' ARCH STREE'I' BA V ClCAl!l.S' Wholesale Dealer in 11 El St .Loulttand Lou1sv e ve semen e. lo.3llorthlthSt., ommlSSlOn .au.erc an s, 1 YIRCINIA s OKIN p Ge-nerarcommission Merchant, And aoa Chestnut Street of!lce,S.W.ICar.lSth&ndVineSt.reets, tLONE JACK lAND .. BROJN. DJCK, BELVIN" & CO., C.lrlBOB1111Jl &CO .. 1 PHILADELPHIA. '-V J Dale nnd n V tn Manufactory, 12th Street, Lynchburg, a.' lmDOrters oT IUVANA CIGARS; e rs aJliL lJ0nnpJSSlOR J. RINALDO SA11K & CO. TOBACCO, AND JJENERAL COMIISSIBN NO. 31 North &II l(o .. 30 North Delaware A:weaue, J, :Rinaldo '"m. M. Abbey. PhilaA i lpl:aia.. fosepb Brooke B. BElL & : 00.; Lea.f Tobacco Wa.rehouse, .,\LSO Jn1LL LIJ(ii;ll OF CIGARS A:NID JLUIV I TOBACCO 631 South 2d Street, 1t ./' PHILADELPHIA..... a. M&Jl .. ADO&.I'H W.ACJf&a. A. '.i!lrOrderarespectfullysollclted andpromptlyattendedtn.'7'' PriccLU.t 'sentonapplicabon, AnC:I In" LEAF TOBACCO, R. A. MILLS, 1 E co N o lVII s T" G. w. HICIUIAN. EDWD T. liiEGRAW, J. A. BORTON Leaf and ManRfactnred fllo bacco li.21& l23Karketst.., bet. Kaln a..Seconasts., TOBAcco eROKER TOBY .1 1 ST. LOUIS, MO. un :ara.nd .BAITITIJD moB ceo p c 210 h. CoJD-iuion Merc'hant, DEALER IN LEAF TOBACCO, -1,1,0 Jl ll a w WICKS co Office In Tobacoo Exchloftte, :Shockoe Slip, HICKMAN MEGRAW & CO VON PHUL I& LADD, 1"'....,!.,,._ ... .. /' --.v A OF ALL KINDs OF LJIAP TOBACCO., BUYHRS, Vir[inia, Missouri, and KQnfucty. LB BOY BOPIR & SOil PLUG, CHEWING & S!OKIIG TOBACGOS, : oro:& Nos. 212, 2l4, 216 and 21 B CARTER. STREET, j 291 x!reot,. f!MMISSIIIN MERCHANTS, rB:r:r.ADB:r.r:a:rA; ra. G.o. w Wtc&s. N. Fom. :ftanull'ltaa, FINE CICARS, AND DEALER IN Spanish and Domestic Leaf Tobacco, K. W. eor. 3d A Poplar Sto., Philadelphia. Gao. w. EDWARDS. jos. M. PATTDSON. DII1ED CJI!AB'IAilJFICfUY JOHN J L UDY Five Brothers Tobacco J. E. HAYNEs, 1 H. PI!Jor.BERTO!f. JAs. G. PEN !_

ArG 9. SUTRO N EWlYIARE, MA.l'iUFACTUBERS OF I p:I:G.ARS:J. AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO. 7.6 NEW YORK. KERBS & PIE S, :Manufacturers ]lne Cigars, LBAF TOBACCO, New York. 1.ou1s spuss. and Dealers ln AOOLPH KERBS 35 Bow THE TOBACCO LEAF. / cutters were offered, como. etluon for them was lively to their positiOn. Manufacturers of Hard to [ Continued frum T.. 'hird Page.] r 1 THE CusTOMS'OF GJtEAT Year 24 oo6 tbe buvers for that city paying extreme prices to secure baccor continue to mrorm t 1e1r consignees and agents BRITArN.-The Pall Malt I 875-- -sos soS,. 4s,092 them. At the close of month, the market ga\'e indi-that they m11st' ,advance prices, while what goods are G Th C Year r'874-----------r,53 6 1 '7 5""' d b h h d ld h Ic! fi t II db d t R zette says:-" e omYear 45.8os catiQ.D&-of ;m advance in an t e 1g er gra es. so t e o gure:. are s 1 a ere o. ecetpts rom r c 873 -.. 7 6 5 1 053 1 d s h d w L 86 dd. 8 k missioners o ustoms, m Week. Year. Such advance was realized, and pnces rem am una tere out an 72b nxs, 5 ca Ies, 72 cs, 44 egs, their aimual report, advance Or' 1 N 3 6 r8o as thPy have been now for the last month or two, due in and I,to2 pails. Igma ew: ..,. _______ I,4H be d S k' M f: fG It d dC t d 1yery reasons Original Old. _______ ___ 3 a measure to the prospect of mg t;:o d D mo m.g.ers ranu; u ,or he 1evm$ t fath ast yea1 r, New Reviews. _______ . ro6 3,I93 for cutting leaf to be infl\le':lce )It e a ohl ta11ne dry. s 1p on .. or fersh. at u p1rtcesk:. dstt r' Or t e mass o t e popu aOld Reviews. : :.----_ .. 2 on to?accos in sections not so "t' g y avJU gmg .rom hie amount o t IS parttcu ar m o tion, was a very prosperous Light fluctuations in prices of all grades of nondei ored m JUdgmg from present goods coming into the marke\ at this time, the apathy one The Commissioners script' and grades below fine Jeaf 'of moderately heavy _-Crop }',respects-;:J'he 1teno: of a great many o! the of business is felt in this branc.f1 al.!o, notwithstanding admit that trade was de-bodied. No change .in really heavy bodies Jugs or le'lf. the last half of the a round number of these goods can be bought for a pressed, and that a depres-or cutting kinds. Market closed to day steady la5t mont'n, from particu]a, sect1ons country have small amount of money in comparison to other'branches sion ol trade usually, after a week's quotations, viz:beeo ve&y as tq the conduw.n and P!ospect of trade. time, lowers wages. Imieed, QUOTATIONS. of the growfug a:ll to the r!"'pres-Leaf Tobacco.-Sales of leaf (0( pur-they concede that wages Heavy siorl df a great fallmg off m the probable yield seaposes) the past week, show a slig:!rt Improvewere reduced. But, on the Nondescript. DDdied. Culling. .son .:-It is conce-1--f---.. 6 6L @872 grL2 ... ing off from there w i ll be the result, but when we fincl ued inquiry in regji.rd to n e w with the :re. h ammon ea----}z@ 7 2 9 < H d 'll b d k a rate twice as great as t e G d d 8 a. rL ro 11 @r 4 correspor:ide nts stating that the condition things there ow 1t sweatmg r-an wr 1t e a:r In f 8 d oo o ,. -, .. -72 72 I E d mcrease o l 74. an conF' d rL.., 12 r-.15 14 @ r8' applies with equal troth, to the entire crop. o. f the .state, co ICHM,OND, 5.-Mr. R. A. Mills, tea, dried fruit, and some parts of thts State and Tennessee every day th1s now and all w!:Jo have had know-Broker anu Comm1ssmn Merchant, reports. :-A!' mdl that is, from most week, and judge that every section has had one or two mg what tobacco plants can stand m of grejl.t caterl in my last, we yery gene.rat rams throughlar,::ely by the good showers, waich have dpne much good to the todrouth on the hand, or excessive rams on out the tobacco-growmg f31Vorable sea v.orking classts. bacco and corn crops; and with some of the same 'other, .]ways will be, that faimen who crop; that IS to say, with very favorable seasons and a greatest increase took place. State except the cuiting where they will have declare their: pla nts burnt up from too mucjq .sun late fall we will. make 4o,ooo Our tin A d d to this that the numb e r at least a full crop. What we lose in quantity oi the or want of ram or rumed from too a,re JUSt ues very firm Without any noticeable change Jn pnces. 0 f PauPers rel!eved la!t dark we hope to make tip in quality. as ltkdy to be agreeably surpnsed thus year m that res-The tra.nsacuons were: z,61!1>Z hhds, z:z-4 45 bxs. yea:r was about. thmy thous. Messrs. Lewis & Brother's report says :-Our market t an a<:re medium leaf, good rs@r6c,. the classes m gen1 cents on medium and good leaf than the quotations planted and S_ou.thwestem extra I 7@.I8c. '1 he above pnces are for sh1ppmg era! ;'ere thus shown tQ_ of last mont!l. There was a good month's business but what Is recetvmg, and wtll receive the most ass J tluand ern brace ai J grades,. from common lugs to fi:neconti have had some money to transacted, and the prices .obta i ned, especially towards ous ?are and attention, so. as to the largest crop nential and English shipping. Manufacturing lugs are s I? end and as the least the close, were very satifactory to tNe planrer, and the and even yet, wlu\e there tbe le.ast h-ope of from 7@ roc; co!flmon leaf, &@1 rc; good r z@r4c;. skilled and most depende. nt feeling indicated a still further advance. The tobacco It wdl ?e earned on tn the West, fine, rs@r8c; ellitra bnght fillerd and 2o, 25@ ofi them needed .less. reltef is arriving now in very good condition, and the offerings as It 1s m Vugmta; more particularly Ji)OW, that the 3oc; extra black wrappers, 1il'@2oc. Bright wrappers from the, It seems to at the breaks are composed principally of leaf, from the and cry gone forth a\..Jout a short .crop most proare worth from rs@Ssc, accordi ng 11:o quality; mahogany follow undeniably that they rgedium to the better grades, with but a small proporI be .traveler by the Short tine Rai:lroad, bewrappers, 15@6oc. must have been better off tion of lu"'s-the larger bulk of this cla;s having made tween here and C?vington, Kentucky, can not but be "T. LOUIS August 2.-Mr. J. E. Havnes Dealer in than usual. The ex:plana"' h M r t k tl h 1 t f t b planed '-! J"' db tts appeara:nce ear her Ill t e season anu.actu.nng s rue w1. 1 t. e arges quantity o o acco ever Leaf Tobacco, :-Rece1ved 1,426 hhds., tton of th!s suggeste Y the leaf IS parttcularl) sought after the htghest pnces, and gro-.vmg m d1fferenLstates of forwardness (accord1 372 the ocevwus week. The market has contmued CommissiOners sounds at f b b h h f 1 ) f, b t 8o ] s loog d wtth no prospect, at present, o Its emg oug t any mg to t e tune o p antmg or a ou mi e a mvanably s.tuong our last weekly report, wtth a & B. J'OSTB1t. BD. HilSON. RUDoLPH 'BELIAIOB CI&!R IANUPACT.ORY. sight h ke a ptra ox:. cheaper and manufacturers will soon find it necessary that road, after leavmg Co1ington; not that the aggre.steady upward> of prices. All classes of buyers It IS that Y I 8 7 5 to the prices on the1r goods. This quantity produced wil l be la!ge in itself, but :-shippers, manufacturers anp speculators-have been was an exceptwna 1Y prO>in the market Is attributable to the CJ;Op pros, 1t IS mdtcattve of what 1s no doubt bemg done furtht;r in the market every diay, ;md at times competition was WYMAK Per o u s.year. h Wtters ?n pect which, within the past month, has presented a in the interior, wherever it can be done. Be that as It 'i> risk. Thursday colory l'ugs and most manufacturing t?ese subjects, t e ommtsvery' gloomy and cb;mged aspect. The in the may,. a.nd judging as as one pos.sibly can the grades were and shipping were steady observe, are too apt beginning. were drawfed on account of a scarcity of confltctmg accounts received from dtfferent parties and and firm. Friday, offerings were better a11d the market to JUdge of the harvest by plants in proper time for transplanting, and the greater the difficully of getting at truth of the matt!lr, .I am was stronger, especially for manufactluing grades, with the wheat crop alo!'le. portion of the pl,anting was late; the weather, however, of the opinion that the enttre crop of the West. Will ?e an active demand. Saturday's brea'k was small, and Y .. doubtedly the wlieat proved auspiciel:l& for awhile, and hopes were entera three-quarter cr_op, prov!ded W:! have no senous dts largely nondescript and light weight packages, but all bad s t year But the tainedt that, continued favorable wea her, an averaster to It, and wlth a very favor_able season b encefor desirable offerings were firm. Monday tbe market was wheat crop now on an average crep would be rai5ed in the west-that the deficienward,. we see not far ot an crop, when steady and firm. Yesterday's offerings were liberal and age of .represents lcs.s cies in some localities would becounter-balanced by an the nme arnves for us to know. :\dnutung that t.he of better quality than the previou : s days of the week, than one-rnth of the over averaged yield in others-but the late planting Clarksville, Tenn., and some of the Southern counties and the market was stron"'. We hear from the Mis e u! t u r a. produce 0 e bas disappointed expectations, the drouth in many disin Kentucky give oNly half a crop, we have large souri River counties t'Bat are now complaining United Km. gdom. tricts has no beriously it, excessive ra ins producing which yield heavy bodied toof dry weather, and that the crop is not growing. It is one year With another the have so damaged the crop Ill other sectiOns (such bemg baccos, whtch wtll .g1ve th.ree-fourths to. avarage thought that not over one-half to two thirds of a crop value ?1 the wheat may the report from Missouri) that over threefourths of a crop, while the ennre cuttmg tobacco d1stnct (whtch can be raised in those counties. Sales from Thursday estimated at2 crop in the entire-West is despaired of, while the estinow supplies so very large a proportion ?f s?rts to yesterday inclusive 270 hhds: 1 at 6oc. (poor scraps); Ill round num?ers, t a 0 mates of a great many are placed at even less. for purposes whi c h the hea vy tobacco 1 at 1-3. 7o; rs al4 .J0@4.9o;.2_> at 5@5.9o; 27 at 6 @ 6.go; FO$TER, HILSON A CO., 77 1G 79 CUKDIS .ST. 3.:Doaril'lest of:Broa4ws:y, N. MANUFACTURERS OF Fine AND SOLE PROPRIETORS OF THE PATENTED WILLOW CIGAR BOX. CHARLES S. HAWES, PACKER AND. DEA.LER IN Fine Connecticut Seed Lea.f, 118 MAm1:1'1' I.AIVII, N'e"'PPI:l" T'ork.. E. V. RA 'WES, Bridgeport, Conn. :FOR SALE. 320 Cases of Good PennsJIYaRia Seed Leaf Tobacco,_ BY JOHN DETWILER, AT EA,!IT PROSPECT, YORK CO., PA. It can be seen .. by :t.pJ)lytnt: t o Samuel Kocher, Cigar Manufacturer, Wril{hbville P 'l or to about fiv e miles south of Wrie;htsvdle. !. LICHTENSTEIN '& BROtHER, MA-NUFACTURERS OF 'IHE .. "ILK" and "ONWARD" OIGARS, Aud Dealen in tEAr 'l'O:BACCO, Nos. 34 and 34! Bower-y, YORK. s'tT:Bsc:am:m :ro:a TOB!CEO BAF. KAUFIANI BROS. & BONDY, OF FIKE CIGARS, ID A 131 CIBAJID KII'W '1!'01Ul. TIIJI VNDl!:RSIGliED COl!ITil'lllES '1'0 IMPORT AND I!IAl'ftiii'ACTURE PURE IIPAIIISH AND TURKEY. LI(lUOIUCE OF lJIIU'OBB (lUALITY AND GUARANTEED TO GIVE BATI!IFACTIO.!I TO EYaaY TOBACCO liiANDFACTVRBB. USING THE BABE. TUB OLD FAVORITB BRAND OJI' J. C, y Ca. 18 ALWAYS READY JI'OB DELIVERY AT THE BBORTICST l!IOTICID, ALIO A.. 0 c., P, T -<::> AND HIS OTHER BRAl!IDS OF TURKISH PASTE, ALL OJI' WHICH ARE GIVUG Mi'OREASED SATI.IIII'ACTION, A81118TAJrCED BY TRIC ll.APIDLY GROWIIIG ,DEJII.urD AND EN. 'l'IBE ABSE.NCB OF CO.BPL.UliTII. CAUTION. the whole Mr. Alexander Harthill's Kentucky .robacco Circular fdrm.erly) gives promise of a full and good cr?P Mts23 at 7 @ 7.9o; 42 at 8@S.9o; 44 at 9 @ 9.9o; 36 at duce of the UmtedKI .,do active and the market stwnger all round, most to of the month, the market was fairly active, much steadier forward, I think we have g o otl rea>ons concludmg, but especially for desirable shipping and manufacturing least avora e to it is than during. the previous month, and the offerings gen-as I have stated, the enure Wfst grades. S a les uo hhds; 2 at $J. 90@4.4o; 8 at 5.1o@s.7o; green cr 0 P .5 n erally afforpmg an excellent assortment of tobaccos, shows a proba1:nl\ty of yteldtl'lg a thre.e fourths, If not 12 at 6@6.9o; 9 at 7.I0@7.90i r6 at 8@8.9o; z 1 at these which both for home and foreign markets. Prices of 1st July close to an average one, and even If only a 9@.9. 90; I3 at ro@10.75; II at II@u.75; 9 at 12@ cultivated. n act, were fqlly j maintained fur every thing desirable, with a quarter crop shoull:i be and that of 12.75; 3 at r3@r3.50j a at r4@14.75; I at r5 75; I at of new <:omm!ln tendeAcy to figures afte_ r the middle of the month. better with that than the btg crop of 1875, .with Its hate.. I at r at ao .so, and u bxs at 3 ro@u.5o. 6 IS gradually, From the t5th to the 22d an advance was established, fully mean character. S0me _old and expenenced hands hhds were passed, and bids were rejected on 21 hhds !nffuence of free tra e, which was furth;r.incre.ased, ranging $r.oo on l':lgs in the bus mess, well acquai?ted wah the hopes at $4. io@4r. Two or three lots not on the regular mg wheat an k to $2.00 on, leaf cases,.full:r of which and of are aJ?d wtth the heavy break were offered, but not sold, buyers not bidding up on .m s 0 and will be found stated elsewhere m this cucuhar, under the "bull" mterest wh1ch persists 11\talkmg short crop all to the views of selleiY. the 1!mt;d resp ective and grades tobaccos. During the the time, that my is not as We quQte lugs, common, S4o@s.oo; Its IS qTh !a5t week1 tlle market was greatly stringthened by pur-to what we wtll have, with a favorable season nght factory lugs, fair to j!;oocl, $5.25@6.25i planters' Jugs ly st, eadily h us chases on New York account, dealersi{'rom there, having, along. Early in tht!'month, the prospect duk common to good, 4 5@6.oo; p:anters' lugs: last year value 0 it is said, realize d well on previous purchases in this marpoor, from the effects of too much raw m dtstJicts, bright common lo good, 6.oo@7.25; inferior dark greeng r 0 w n w. eat. i a 8 ket; and again induced to buy. freely all last week, where the great outcry been lately want of ram, so 111ixed shipping leaf, 6.25@7 .25; c0mmon dark ship 23000 000 wm: that 0 notwithstanding that prices were then at their highest, that it would appear as 1f there !eally some ping le3f, 8.oo@9.oo; medium dark shipping leaf. torelgn wheat an w therebv glving good evidence of their pluck, by paying for believing in the truth of the opuuon of one dtsmter9 so@ r 1.oo good da:rk shipping leaf, meal e extreme fi*ures for all descriptions and: grades, but more ested party from the Southern c?unties, who declared red or 'brown do (supple order), 12.oo@r3.oo; .fin; 13!! 00 000 1 re particularly for all desirable manufacturing and heavy yesterday, that if the farmers Ill Kentucky red or brown do, 13o@I5.50; medium red t ere ore, supp Jes us f Wl cutting so'rts, some of the best grades being bid off to had had the making of the weather dunng the last ina do; good medium manufacturing do the g r e t r art 0 our them. month closes very firm for all descriptions month, they coufd not have improved. on the kind they r2o@'rs; medium half bright Missouri wrappingJeaf. rS bread; an e oes so 011 and grade alrhough the last two days, when tl:e breaks bag for favoring the growth of plants. The @;5; good bright,. 30@40; fine do, 50@7 5 Our P 0 fit a;[il e to where very small, there was evidently buoy a ncr in since the 28th ult., has beenall that could be desned; quotations refer to full-weight hhds; light-weight pack se ves. h ter t Sun the market, possibly for want 'of material as much as heavy rains, succeerled by warm cloudy weather, with ages generally lower. f o t t e from any other cause. In the opinion of many, however, not too much sunshine to scald the plants\ .Sach wea Monthly pnc!! 0 .w eat, ace g 0 it is-urged, that even supposing we should have a short ther has extended to my knowledge roo mtles North, Hhtl. the. official reports, 44s. crop, the, same has already been full<> discounted in the easr, but of course,. those fro. m t. he South. It S k h J 1 t d after last harvest It was d I d h t toe m ware ouses, u y 1 ---- ----------2,209 1 ., J f pFices Fealized during the last week and that there is bas not extended m that trecuon. t IS Sal t a only 44s At the end o d th s ch f II r no legrtimate consumptive demand e1ther l;lere or abroaat,tn In-being that it is in contr.1vent them. T e rom t e contment 0 IS tions 15 The weather has been dry until to-day, facturers were the only operators, and their purchases mnc, Paste falsely represented .. beln,.. ion of the provisions of the more for specialties than any thmg else, for whtch they h h d h were confined almost entirely to the better grades of ofmrmanatacturehul>een olreredforsalebyparties are have been all along, to pay full w en we a a eavy ram. leaf and strips. Prices are nominally unchanged. Imtoalllt thekown pu.,._., who have no authority to Gonst;tutiOn of market pr1ces, particularly when they can not help PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 7-:-Mr. A. R: Fougerar, ports, 97s hhds; deliveries, 402; stock, :z3 ,17 5, against oellmy braads, tho preoentaenea to CA11TION Statesmregardto discnmma selves. Rehandlers get a few hhds now and then m Manufacturers' Agent,. reports :-In .summmg up b?si26,317 same time last year. .Yanufacturen llplnot the'and to tion against citizens of other soft although these have been few and far beness of the past week It shows b, ut httle appar.ent lmai"e notice tl!at hereaflec every case of my maoufac States and the regulation of hhd 1 d b 1 b h t d LONDON ulv 2 7 Messrs Grant Chambers &: ture wtn 1>e branded m, Trade.!>fark, acquir_ed. commerce. The cases distween. anada is not disposed to buy another provement; still I am e to e 1eve y t e ac ton an .1 .., i ... ander the taw of the Umted States, and any unpno, until she s forced to, having little or no faith in short conversation of most of our dealers that a hopeful Co .. report:There has more busmess done clptedpe...., conterfeilillg this Trade-Mark will be missed were those of Cap crop theorry. change is gradually being brought at all events durmg the last lew days m.Amencan grovJths. Hor;nc ri&'OtOIIOIJ pr-.:uted.. tains Hopkins, Rue, Wattle, Manufafturing Tobaccos-The offerings have affor-the individual members. of the trade buyers have been seekmg for good. to fine Johnson, Rodgers, Wader, ded a fai assortment of desirable fillers, of all grades, in their and on the streets With smiimg tlons. For ex_Port there bas m.ore Jnqutry Guy, .Fitzgerald, Surlington, but few wrappers. ami pleasant countenances--an excellent omen, and a for the heavy of leaf, of there IS httle. West--JA ..... ES c ...... A :.TnRE -w and Crockett, c I Tob Th t ha e beEn light strong indication that all lee] the long-looked-for change ern leaf and st,tps-In the former ltttle has been done; r .l.f.L,, J.f.LC, .a.:&.._ .. ,,.. U 9 h utth .mg, h accoshbe rece;p s.ft v d l ,11 0-s is slowly and surely coming The great dtsidetalum, in the latter more doing. Virginia ltafand strips, t roug out t e mont wit very 1ew ne an se e. d Go d h d d d r l d d 0 :z bhds of the latter brought and $3 r.oo, the confidence, is begmmng to assume tang1ble an trustu nc .escnpuons m. emaa -;r.r.ary an an "'" '' 55 'VIJ' A ..... ER. STRBBT 8 A CAUTION TO ToBACCO hi best bfiin the finest White Burley sold this year. A worthy shape in the minds ol our merchants.' and, have been httle m. No of the last crop \ '"': "'t SMOKERS. -Don't smoke g d d l gd d r 11 d th h t the word r0 r 1t when this is consummated busmess wtll sampled. Cavend1sh of good quahty m request; com-goo ell)an extste .or a gra es roug ou 1 diffi 1 t NEW in bed, it is much safer to month and during last week, when somc.ftne New York make gigantically increasing stndes, and profits return 1 mon cut top ace. smoke. out_ of it. '----


TBE TOBACCO' LEAl'. AUG. 9 lJ"HOMAS HOYT & CO., 'MANUFACTURERS OF ':' F:r.N'E 0 0 'L' Tobacc' .J Manufact.urer&. l _..LICORICE. ANDERSON 8& LICORICE PASTE.-' MANUFACl'URERS OF THl: -. AND TOBACUS 114-nnd 116 LIBERTY STREET, NEW YORK, to direct the attentioa of the Deal eft! Jn Tobacco tlw Unitec.' Stateo and tbe Wodd to thei r SOLACE RNECUT TOBACCO, wnfc'b. is ibetug 01tee tDOre manar.ctured onder the bnme METROPD11TAN MANllYY, 200 SQUARE, 5 .. 7, & 9 0 0 f Eft ST., NEW YORK. UPTEGROVE & GEDNEY. DEALERS IN MISCELLANEOUS. WM. DEMUTH & VO., THB SOL& IIIANUFA,'I"U&IIJtlo U BRIAR AND APPLE-WOOD PIPES, WfTH RUEEER :BITS, Importers of all kincls cf Smokers' Art!cleL SH0W FIGURES, IN ME1 Also all other rades of Fine-Cut and. Smoking Tobaccos, DETROIT. MICH. Aside from packing oar "AMERICAN EAGLE" and *'CLIPPER,. tn the usual .1ized WOOC1t'D pad:ageA, 1 o, 40 and 6o lbK., also put both. o f these Kfades up very nice ly In ON"s Ot1NC1E Tn1 FOlL PACKAilltS, lacked in "' antJ M Gross boxes. il"'lcea JD.iKle to the Jobbing trade. JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA, a3 College Place, Na-w York. ALL THE CIGAR,!! OF TRE ABOVE FACTORY ARE CLEAR HAVANA. ERNST REJALL, JULIUS BECKER, REJALL & BECKER, MANUFACTURERS OF MEERSCHAUM & AIDER GOODS, AND ll.IPORTERS OF FRENCH BRIAR PIPES & SMOKERS' ARTICLES 1 Ro. gg Chambers Street, "5'.'"ork.. BUSIKESS OFTIOU :E'B.I0!1 J.IST 124 Water St., New York; I OF 16 0111\TTBAJ. WBABP, BOSTOR: SPANISH CIGAR RIBBONS, 40 North Water St., Philaclelph:ia, Pa; I 25 Lake street, Chicago. Broad Red, s-e ,, yards, E8paDola, S-8 7:1 yarda, 1.7& Narrow-Red, or Ficaro, 72 yards, J..35-TERII8-NET CASH. MANUFACTURERS. OF TfiE WELL-KNOWN HENRY WUL.tiTEIN, "FRUIT CAKE" (S...,.,e.uor to Bor.Celd& & A n d bther CELEBRATED BRANDS of PLUG t: F.terbst & Van Ramdohr:, HAVANA. tc SEED LEAF -o :E i 0 j () .... () as ..0 TCE.P.iJCS -0 i189 PEARL STREET, .., NEW YORK. 81 THIID AVEIUE, NEW Yv-. 9 LIBERAL ADVANCEMENTS MADE ON CONSIGN,MENTS. Constantly on hand the nest Hand and Steam -.:-.....:M:;:;a:;och;;::in::;;e::.,s T.;,;o;;;;ba;;;;c;;;;;;o. P. & GO.'S TOBlCCO MANUFACTORY, .. J'e:rsey O:l:ty, Jersey. <:P OPFICES:-16, 18 & CHAJIBII!RS STREET, NBW YORK, til 01dest Tobacco House and Largest Tax Payers in U. S. This Factory Is l)()t by any either In ,Appointments, or by Qualit y or Good produced. For full descripnon, see 11 N.Y. TOBACCO LEAF" of Oct.13,1876. We continue to offer choice brands of Bright, DarJC and Maboianr grades of PLUG TOBACCO: Sup,erlo r CUT CHEWING TOBACCO, varioua kiuds of SMOKING TOBACCO, such as (or K1Uteknick)J and Coarse Cut, and t"'e Finest Qualities of SNU.fF, at the mo1t favorable A critical e.z.amination of tho foods Wltla. t.1:w preducta of other factorie5 invited. I A .Price List mailed upon : CIGARETTE FACTORY OF J. BASCH & CO at_135_Chatham


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