The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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I. VOL. 30. NEW YORK. WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, 1876. WHOLE NO. 602 lhe lolntcco leaf IS PUBLISHED EVEBY WEDNESDAY KOBNING, BY ''The Tobacco Leaf" Publishing Cg,, 142 Fulton St., New York. EDWARD BURKE --------Editor JOHN G.GRAFF -Business Manager U" All Letters sbould be plainly addressed ,.THE ToaAcco LaAF" PuBLISHING Co. TQrms of the Paper: StMGLtt CoPIEs .. Jo Cents. .:::.. :: .. :: :: ..:: .:::. liir Remember that the cost to the yellrly or mootbly aubecriber is LKSS THAN EIGHT CI!NT3 naWKKC. ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS ABROAD. GAT BRITAIN AND CANADA ..... f5-04 JlaaltBH, HAMBURG AND THE CONTIN&NT 5.04 .AnTKALtA, ETC, VlA ENGLAND ,.,,,, 5 .04 CvA ..... ..................... 5-04 No orders for the paper will be considered, waten accompanied lty cerresponting amount. U"" Remittances should, in f':.very Instance be made by moRey order, check or draft. Bills are Hable to be stolen, and can only be sent at the greatest rik to the sender. [F#l"' Rt#l 111 Tlcirtl Pa,re ] 1118JJI&Il DlllfrN!tY OJ ADVEITISI NEW YORit TQbacco 11'artAQUfll, Qnew W. & Sons, aS and J86 Front street &: Dehla, 190 Pearl. Alleu Julian, 17:1 Water. A Helme, 133 Water. Basch & Fischer, Water Bowne&: Frith. 7 Burling Slip. Bl'od M., 1<67 Water Jhllkley, Moore & Co., ?-4Front. Bar bank & Nash, 49 .droad Cao:doao A. H. 66 Broad Cnwford E M Water. Dohan, Carroll li: Co 104 FroDt. DaBoia Eqene, 75 Frnst J!oert Wm. & Co., '7' Pearl. -Ibach. F. 13 Sixtb Av FMt G. & Bro., 171 Water. l'atman & Co., 'JO and 7:1 Foz. Dills & Co lf5 Water. Friend E. & G. & Co., 175 Water. Gardiner./.. M 84 Front. Garth D. Son & Co., 44 Broad. Guaert J. L. & Bro., 16o Water. Genhell.. & Bro., 191 Pearl. Guthrie & Front. Bambur_er I. & Co., 151 Water. Hawes, t:has s., u9 Malden Lane. Herbst&. Van Ramdobr, 189 Pearl. IUIIma" G. W .. 8o Front. Kinnt.c'llt Thomas lli.:l Broad. Koenig & Sube1t, Bowery. K.rezeloerg & Co., 16o Pearl. J:;acheobruch & Bt"o., 16 Water Lam,tte A. C., 1:1:1 Pearl. Lederer& Fischel, :113 Pearl Lerin M. H., 16a Pearl. Maitland Robert L. Ill Co., 43 Breod. Martin & Johnson, 79 Front ll.erlelC!, Kemper&: Cou 131 Malden L&ll 176 Froa'-I!CharlM F.&' Son. Fr.- h-t, F. W. 68 Broad. er, .& ,. Pearl. -Oar!, rl Pearl. Ci1.U. Nnv...,._ ..... & Co., U It .ll .. yw "./ r .._.._ 11.G. 15 Broaol. Tob.oceo BriW foba, u7 Pearl. 11\ocAer CbM. E. a: Bre., ''' Wa.., l'leclla, Fre4erlc.k, 41 lJroad o.\Jenae, Cbulh F., S4 Broaol .... Sola, .,. p...,.J, ...... A. '" Kol!len Laae Mf.utarcrl if ToN< ... ..... ..ou. Joha Co. 114, u6 aa4 117 Ubertr .AloPiebrA Helae( 133 Water. idloaan &: Lyal Broad. D, 813 aad .s GoodwtD a Co. 0<1'1 aDd I<>; 1hW Thomas a Cu: 4"4 Pearl ltlsiaeJ Broa. 14' Wut Broad-y J,orillard P. &: Co., a6, aS &: so CU.."-w. lli:Alpla D. H. & Oe. cor. A.eaae D ulf.. T...: Iilli.,.. Mn. G. B. A: Co. 97 Cohaml>la l'leaea; Tobacco Compaoy, 124 Watw 4 .. for C!uwing and S.olioz To6M"' '" .ollleo and >73 Chambero., .H A. ... c.. Libert 1V.U.. Ell.,. A: Xa..ppel, no Peui 'W'Ioe & Ber,aolheiaa, 1o6 Gbam...,n. .Jb,.fMilmrl if CitSol-. Park A: Co., 33 Jloady (;b.arlec, Bowery a Sclalouer, 1.47 and 141 Atta,.... llartcon J, A., 11 Bowery 8eilbrvaer, .il.oseDtbal A Co., S.Coutd eJ S. & Co., ,l;hatlaam Sq. lt J 1: 7 DoJ afeu llra.. JIGady, 129 A 151 ,.raaC orbo & Spieo, 55 Bowery 115 & ,., B.reoae .&.. Bro. 34 a .. .._ Udttel*-eia :&soa. A Oo. & Bowe17. ll.olel Wf'lr. &llro, Bow_,. lf,a--lll. ol1 Pout lleloi..,berl a: Co. 14 an4 86 R laalda n Bowo<)" ltacbellaerJ II. &: C.. t and 94 Llbor1:J 8taltoR a .,. aDr"" ,; Clr p;,_,, BaUer H. & Brorher. 11 WateT Demutb wm. & Co. .sea Bruadway Goebel j. & Co.. 1:19 Maiden Lano Hen A. & C o 43 Liberto. Kaufmann Bros. II ..Bondy, 129 and 131 Graod M.nlljllcturers of Briar PiptJ .,J !I :Jmdtr," Articlts. Demuth Wm. & o;-, so BroadwaJ Harvey & F otd# 365 and 367 Canal. Hen A. a; t.:o. 43 L1beny, K.au1mann Hro s &: Bondy1 129 and 131 1Grand .Rejall & Hecker, 99 Chambers. bnj:HJrltrt. of Litoritl Pm. A.nsado N R. Broadway. G1ft"ord, Sherman & Innis, uo Willtam Arguimbau, WaUis & Co 2g & Jl B W IIIllam ll.c .A.adrew james c., 55 Water Weaver&. Sterry, :14 Cedar. Manujizcturer'J .Ar Hillier's R. Sons & C o. SS Cedat. Scbeffelio W. H. & Co., 170 aild n:1 William. HavantJ. CiPt'LT Flavor. Fries Alex. & Rros., 16 Collea-e Place cf PMVder1d L ictwU#, HUller' s R. Sons & Co., 55 Cedar. Weaver & Sterry, u Cedar &ctl Leaf 1.o6acco Inspccllo. Reniel & Co. 178>6 Water. Finke Ch.arles, Water. Linde F. C. & C o 142 Water. McAleer, F. & A. & Co., 147 Water Tobacco l'reuen. Guthrie&: Co., us Front. N atiof411.l T ohauo l Hoodless W. J. & Co., n Manufacturrrs of Ci!f.'" Bor04 Ericbs H W. >53 Soutb. Henkell] acob, :1q3 & J9S Monroe. Strauss, "S. 110 & 181 Lewis. Wicke s3-161 Goerck. Cigar Bor, U:J., anri w .. tlo Daly & Co., 163 Mai den Lane Ctgar Ribh. Heppe:nheimer & Maurer, 2J & :14, N. William. Lobenstein & Gans, 101 Maiden lane.. Loth Jos. & Co. 444 Broome. Wicke, Wm. & Co., IS.J Goerck. Spaisll Cigar Ribbo Almirall J. J 16 Cedar. if Tobaao Ti11-Jf'oif. Cr.,..k.e]. ] ., JS Crosby& a63 & 165 [Mjffllrl Tin Foil. Wittemann Brothers, 184 WiUiam Tob11.ccQ 1Jagginz. Howard, Sanger & Co., 1os & 107 Cham.ben T ohllcco Labelr. Tbe Hatch Lithographic Oo., 3' ., 3f Gay Gautller, L. W. t Soatb Gay Kercku Ce.. 4'1 iollth cu.c.. Kr-elloerl(o J. D, aad Co. 'Meriel &: K.eaper, 117 Lombarol Parlett B. F. II Co., '' Lombard. llcbroeder Joo. lt 0 81 l:.&chllDfl'e l'IM. Tate, M.1tller C., Soutb Gay Wenck E. E., 46 and -48 South Charlea.. Wlocluaeyer li:d. & o 30 lkuth Cal .. n Ttbuo F.ct1r-1. Ho&u, Lee &: eo., '3 Eachaas-P--. M.,ll[Mlllrlra, rtc. Feler It. W. It Son, ,o So\lth CbarlM .Marlturg Brot.hen, 145 to 149 s. Charl 91. WUkeo.. H. 6: Co., 181 V/est Pratt. of Snti-Leaf To'-"' Becker Brotben, 9l Lombar4 Ma.,.v/acJ-.,..,.. Starr R. &:JCo. >S South Calve,. PG.tna.t Ste K.erckJaofJ G &-Co., 1 South Cbu!oe. T-i.ICC# Ferii/i.n-. L .. t& llittl.r. BOSTO CLARKSVILLE, Leaf To;,acco BroUrt. Clark, :r.r; H. & Bro. DANVILLE, Va. O,mmiuio Pemberton & Penn. Wise M. & Peyton, DAYTON,O. of Fine-Cut SIIUitt.c T#tbacctJ. Cotterill, Fenner & Co., 113 1 '7 E. Second. ', Pease s TD6acco t.:-Ntter. Hogleu & Thir4. St. and Canal. Graves G Conn. D&TROIT, Hioh. Hatcufact-uren of Cluwi"r n.d To6a&C4J. Barker K. C & Co. :r & 76 Jefferson ne. Par"ke_r, Holmes & Co., 57 jeffersoa Ave Walker, McGraw Co., 31-35 Atwater lM_jt]rlers of Havana and Padun / Sufll L 1a.{ Ttt/Jarxc. Lich_teoberg G. B. & Co., 68 Oongrese Itt. Ea.t DINDIGUL, Eaat hulie Ci'gar Campbell & Oo. DURHAM; N. C. &colinz Tofutcto. Blackwell W. T. & Co EVAN& VI,I.LE, lad. Co,,issic,, MlrcluJ-.:/$., Morris C. ] &-Co. HARTFORD. Co ... ftzdt,.s and Dtal''"' Blsbop, J. & Sons, 46 Market. DiJ: J. & Co., 2I7 S tate. R\lbbard N &: Co., :145 State Lee Geo., State. London & Did well, u6 a.nd uS !tate.. Shephard & Fuller, ai4 State. Westphal Wm., uS State HOPKINSVILLE, Jt,., Tob c'o Brder s. Clark, Jrl. H & Bro. LANCASTER, Pa. Dea l er ;,. Leaf Schubertb. C G. Skiles & Frey, 61 and 63 Nortb. Duke. LIVERPOOL, Eq. Samuel11on l!.dward & Co. 6:1 Dale Smythe F. W. & Co .. 1o North Jo"bu.. LOUISVILLE. Ky. Plug Toi:uu'o Finzer J It" Bros. J941Qb jacob M4flufaaurers o[ l'"ine-Cut C/uwiz anti Smoking TohaccD. Robinson Manufacturing Company. Tobacco C,m,. iuio Mudtf. Wicks G. W. & Oo., :191 West Main. Tcbacco .Brokers. Callaway James F. corner 9th and Market. Gunthe r Geo. F. Lewis Brotht!ra, 348 West Main Meier. Wm. G. & Co., s6 St:venth. :fobbcrs in all iiodr of ManofCY Till-au BrVIm. I. 43 Natcbes. PADUCAH, K7. TtHnacc B,Mr1. Cluk )(. R. & Bro. PETEB.SliURG VA. it'n-c4a.._ !toper-, & Sons. pun, aJU.PBIA. H'ree,, .Auatku, M. C e .. N ortb Thir4 Baml.Mwrger L.4t O e Ill Arch :Bremer Le-wie, Soul, 3tJ lfortb ntrd Daley Ja.aes Mi C o. N. E cor. Tblrlll aa4.1tac:e Dohaa a: Taitt. 107 Arch. Da.aa T. J. Ce., and Vine.. Edwarlle, W a: Co 6J North l'roa.L Hisenlob.r Wa. & Co., us IJouth Watec lLcOowell M.. E: 6 Oo., 39 Nort..\1 Meyers & Ran the fu,ture; in which the new crop will of necessity \-e a most important factor, by means of wbat ie now known concerning it, erroneous conclusions are as likely to be reached as correct ones, th e data thus afforded being inadequate tolhe formation of an accurate opinion on the subject. For all that is positively known regardinf either the volume or the usefulness of the crop grown this year, the trade is at this moment but little better prepared' to pass judgment upon it than it was in Au or even in July. A month or so hence it would be possible not. only to calculate with some degree of exactness the a'Ctual number of cases of tobacco pro duced the past summer in the various Seed-growing States, but also to partially determine to what extent the crop would be subservient to the purpose!> to which it 'is to be devoted. As it is, conjc-::ture, as already inti-mated, is the only basis for calculation ; and, such being the case, we, in with others, must avail ourself of that source of information to aid us in our observations and deductions, until a more reliable one is obtainable. .For the year r875 the estimated growth ol Seed leal was as follows:Connecticut and Massachusetts.---4o,ooo cases. New York ___________ .._ _________ Io,ooo cases. o..;..;ui MrreU., ll.elJOke c. ,. Central Whari. J'recliie A M 64 North Fro11.t 1'-lein H. E Follrth and Cbestnllt N-f-Wl f Pennsylvania .. ----,-_----.,----3o,ooo cases. cases. DM/n-s .;. H11rmna .,.d D--L-f r,. ;#c" .,d Cicr. DaT-..-n .a:. Lecc. 1111 .;... .. Hickaaa, 11 -e.ataw & Co., 1u-u1 Cartee. THfacu F .. p<&1 A. R:.:u N. )'ruut PITTSB11ROB. Pa. /tl.-ufMtrlrl if S.f'. Wisconsin __ :.,. __ .,----------"-----u>,ooo cases. BJIIEMEN, O.:ra-7. T.Hcc a...unoo M..W.IIIA. hll-.l,a II Son, BIUD&EPORT. CO:NX. f'Mlur< f SuJ uf T .-_ v."wotw. 'W'-Ul & llro., 79and Ia S.Udai.ol& "E;rcet#w S;-RMI'' -.J Otlur T.HccN. Altogether, Ios,ooo. cases. Judging by apptarances. and 'rumors, the returns for 1876 will show variations in all these figures. In the New England States less has been raised this year than last. A gentlemau. who recently traveled through the entire length of the ConBIILOOJU.Yx, l'f, T. k..,.fiM1Vrl f T.4et.. 111 ... ]no F. It Co., and 17& 'F'WaioWo _,., w,ru. a ....... OBIO_.GO, DL I#'MHMirl Dw,,. Swi .f,.f _.H_T_,__ ReilmaiUl, Ir;:oeuil A Subert, 14 N CaDal.. o ...... ;. Lut T<'>.-" Cic" M-f.ct.rlrf Ci'rn .J a. Maa.rer C. F Clark. IRItrt i Lf ludlaqn Broe., 17 Weot ll.aDGulpla. l4ofetrRANCH OP TUB CELIIIBIU.'JIJCD JilL PRIJIOIFJi; DB OALII:S KANV-FACTORY OP HAVA.t.. KEY .'\VEST. HAVANA-CIGARS. SEIDENDBRG a CO., 84 and 86 READE STREET, NEW YORK, Proprietors of the LA ROSA ESPANOLA FACTORY. G. W. HILLMA 'COMMISSION MERCHANT .IN MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, 80 FRONT STREET, NEW YORK. Plug Smoking Tobaccos from Virginia. and North C?-rolina. Fa.ctorieso The Celebrated. Diamond. Golden Cut Cavendish Smoking Tobacco. MFALt &. LA. WSON. 33 Y N. MANUFACTURERS OF THE ''EL CLUB DE. YATE" KEY WEST HAVANA CIGARS. WEISS, ELLER & KAEPPEL, IMPORTERS OF THE \(t1) .BOSE '' T OBACCO. 220 Pearl Street. New .York. -w-_ c_ HAVANA TOBACCO. oe.!!l SOLE IMPORTERS, O:Bice, 65 PINE STREET, New York. a 'nd 25,000 cases. An indifferent demand and unsatisfactory prices have doubtless done more to curta!! the crop in Wisconsin than any other cause, though com plaints respecting unfavorable weather from that quarter, as well as others; have been common. The yield ,JNill. probably amount to less than last rrar. Possibly an estimate placing the aggregate product of the past summer follows will not prove w idely at variance with the when they are :-New (.ases. New .. -----------7,ooo do Pennsylvania_ J-----------.... -do Ohio __ ____ .... -------3o,ooo do Wisc<>nsin arid Western States __ Io,ooo do TotaL_------------..:---------II7,ooo d'1. Assuming this quantity as the maximum limit 'of the new crop, we are brought by the addition to it of the old s1ock of all growths now available for sale, to the consideration of the visible s.upply and i'ts bearing upon the future of the trade. Accepting as appr<:>ximately correct the estimate of stock on h and at the beginning of the year, namely 17o,ooo cases, we should now have a tcital supply, old and new, of 238,407 cases. The stock on hand on January 1, 1876, being 1os,ooo cases new and 6s,ooo cases old, equaling 17o,ooo cases, and the sales since to August 31, ult., amounting to 48,593 cases, we should have been, upon the basis of these calculations, in possession on September 1, inst., of, as before observed, 238,407 cases. by resolving our data so as to bring the Account up to the close of current calendar year, we shall be enabled to see conjecturally the conditions under which the tude will commence oper-tilions on] anuary r, 18.77. The sales in the New York market for the past eight months have averaged 6,074-"' cases per month. Applying this rate, less the fraction, for the remaining fbur months, the aggregate sales for the period will be 24,296 ca.scs; leaving us with 214,1 1 I cases to start, with i n I817. The direct sales from first hands effeeted in other markets during the year will probably, be very nearly offset by the unincluded stock held at the begin ning of the year, so that it would seem unnecessary to vary this result on account of them. The following table shows the estimated stock on hand on January I for each of the years named:-I873----------------------------192,ooo cases. 1874----------------.... ------_;so,ooo do 1875--------... ---=-----------z8o,ooo do 1876----------------------------o,ooo do 1877 c : o The sales for the next four .months may be larger than we have estimafed, and the growth of the pas! year may pr_ove smaller than is indicate d by our suppositit:ous table above. But even if by a freak of chance both calculations should b:wven to be representatives of the t;IGARETTE FACTORY OF J. BASCH & co., at 135 Chatham Street New Yo-rk. -'


2 THE TQBACCO LEAF. .actual facts 111 the mstances to wh1ch they respecuvely -.relat e, 1t w11l be seen that the posstble stock of Seed leaf With whtch the commg year may open will neither be unprecedentedly large nor matenally lar-ger than the annual average". and that hts factow ts now m running order, and ready to fill the otders of the trade wtth the prOIT\itl Tl L, P ;p -PAPERS ON THE LAW OF TRADE MAB.KS. At the same .tfrne it ts obvious that the quantity is of sufficient magnitbde to discourage buymg tobacco on the poles, or the paying-of h1gh pnces to farmers m New England, Pennsylvama or elsewhere. Fortunately there ts no ev1dence of, an intention on the part of our .dealers to do one or the other. N_or IS there among :growers any expectation that etther w1ll be done. The btter are fully conscious of the small profit margm whiGIR!ealers for several years -in successiOn have had (o on tent 1hemselves w1th, and they comprehend very 'V c early that there is nothmg m the present or prospective situation calculated to materially enlarge that margin. H we could confidently look forward for the balance e mfluenced by both considerations, anti also by the lnagmttlde of the German crop, noW-r-eported to be in some degree a failure. The home demand wtll esselitially vary from what It has been. Color and quality as well as pnce are Important considerations here at th1s time, and the former will have an Important .bearing next year MINOR "'BRIGHT NAVY PLliG FOR THE INDIANs.The Govern -ment has advertised for the usual annual supply Of bnght Navy Plug tob&c o for distributiOn among the Indtans. ? ONLY ONE MoRE 25 CENT DAY.The managers of the Centennial Exposition have designated Saturday, September 9, as the next and, apparently for the present, last day upon whtch admtsston to the Exh1b1tion can be had for 25 cents. AcKNOWLEDGMENT -We are under obligations to the management of the "Verem Fre1hgrath" for an mvtta tton to the1r opening ball and theatre at Lync Hall, Forty Second Street and Stxth Avenue, on Wednesdlly evenmg, October II. CoRN VERSUS ToBJAcco -A recent tnveler in the Connecttcut Rtver Val l ley informs us that m the reg1on of Hatfield, Deerfield, atnd adjacent places, he saw fields -of corn wavmg where tobacco was formerly the only crop to be seen. tude. I I -I I f M 'l.. SPECIMEN LEAVEs:=Through the courtesy o e:osrs. W. T. Blackwell & Co ., the well known tobacco manu facturers Of, Durham, N. C., we have been enabled to mspect two specimen of new tobacco whtch we suppose were culled-from some crop already cut in the vtclntty of thetr manufactory. We can usu11lly judge the rrients of tobacco betfer by tastmg than by lodkmg at it; but m this mstance tile sense of stght 1s suflic1ent to assure us that we shall not err in pronouncmg the sam pies sertt us a5 the representatives of very supeuor grades of bnght and mahogany wrappers. Messrs. Blackwell & Co wtll probably see to 1t that the crop from wh1ch the exh1b1t sent us was taken w1ll eventually find its way mto thetr own establishment. THE CROPS -Whtle m the country Wednesday, writes the edt tor of the .Border (Va.) Express, we noticed that a great improvement had taken place from the late rams m the corn crop. There wtll be a splendtd crop of corn made m the river section, and on the uplands the corn 111 lookmg superbly The tobacco crop has tmprqved very greatly, and between here and Col. Hunt's we noticed pretty good plantmgs. about worn.out Jane seen they are among those who have endeavored to do hllnor to the occaswn. Th:e exh1b1t of thts fac to ry ltli tire Agpcultur,al Butld ing (Aisle G, No u ,824), to a judge of fine domestic, ts worthY,of notice. Thecreputatton of this firm ts upon the1r fine Cuban made work, of wHich they make an.elegant but modest 3o to t8s per M. Mr. Thomas T Dunn some ten yeaxs smce commenced b1:1smess at thetr present retatl store, southwest corner of F1fteenth and Vme Streets, at that time not larger than IS by 9 feet, manufactunng alone; h1s mdustry and perseverance ratsmg nim to the postUon r.e now occupies of one of the most successful cigar manufacturers of Philadel ph1a." (Jrop (Jorrespondenee. FELICITY, q., August I876.-EDI-TOR TOBACCO LEAF -rr'he weather here IS every thmg that could be des1red for a large sound crop of tobacco in this section of country The high water has destroyed some httle m our low creek bottoms, also back m low fiat land where the-water collected and stood on the ground, wh1cb scalded tt. All such are bemg cut and housed, and will not be a verv destrable class of tobacco. A few days more wtll put us in the mtdst of harvesting one of the most excellent crops of whtte tobacco ever raised in Clairmont or Brown Counties It w1ll be a croo With the least worm-eaten tobacco ID It of any I ever saw. It w1ll be a well matured crop not so many red leaves as are usually seen, on account of tts bemg topped lower than usual. The top leaves heretofore have been short and red, but th1s year they w1ll be as large __as any on the plant and wtll be as good in color [WRITT:KN EXPRESSLY FOR "THE NEW YORK TOBACCO LEAF," BY ROWLA.ND COX, NO. II From the precedinl!: paper the reader will have gath ered a fatr 1dea of what constitutes a trade mark ; but a reference to some of the promment cases whtch ljave mvolv:d nghts of an analogous nature w1ll afford a more complete apprehensiOn of the subJect, and tend to prevent mistake. 1 It ts probably not to be doubted that, even where there is no direct ,mfnngement of a trade mark, there may be a spectes of fraud whtch the ceurts wtll check If a party has adopted a pecu11?.r way of puttmg up bJs ( goods, ernploymg colors, laoels, and other md1c1a that have never before been used m connectiOn wtth the same class : of merchandise, whtle he will not be protected m the exclustve use of that wh1ch he has origmated, he w1ll gam great strength as a su1tor m a court of chancery, and the appropnat10n of h1s method wtll be enJomed, tf there ts even a remote ImitatiOn of h1s' trade mark. For example .-If A puts up srnokmg tobacco under the name of CYcLoPs," wraps It m black paper havmg gilt letters upon it, and sells Lt by the dozen m an oval yellow b0x havmg green letters, and B should put up a tobac:-co of the same class, packed m the same manner, usmg the same colors and same shaped packages and box, and calJ tt AMAZON," there would be an actionable injury. But If B used blue mstead of black for h1s pack ages, and red mstead of yellow for hts box, there would be no legal ground of complamt. The logic of thts 1s, that a purchaser seemg all the d1fferent mcidents wh1ch have been natu rally associated with A's goods, does not scrutmtzf! the marks ras closely as he othenyiSe rn1ght, and IS tlierefore mi s led. But m thts branch of the subJeCt many subtle questwns are encountered which 1t IS mex pedtent to discuss. As will presently appear, 1t t s at least courtmg very uncertam controversy to attempt to enlarge the doctnne as above stated The mstances where tt obtams are not numerous, and to reach a ne;ht conclusiOn m respect of them mvolves an examltlattOn of every Circumstance. They are, m bnef, cases for a careful and prudent lawyer. Of much the same are cases in wh1ch 1t ts sought to prevent a man from u s mg hts own name thts top1c has been often d1scussed by tbi courts, and may be satd to be settled by a recent case dectded by t'he Court of Appeals of New York. The rule Is, that every man has a nght to use bts own name m any busi ness be may choose to embark m, and to attach It to hts goods but he must not so use and attach it as to rn1slead the pubhc. For exampl.: -If A. Adam IS en gaged m the manufacture of ctgarettes, and uses red wrappers, another A. Adam could not be restramed from undertakmg a hke business; but 1f he used red wrappers, or m any other way Imitated the goods of the ongmal A. Adam, a court would not hesitate to compel htm to des1st. The law w11l not absolutely mhtbtt, but w1ll uuect. It wtll control the manner of theuse, that fraud may not be protected under the gmse of a legal nght; and wherever fraud IS made out, to the extent that 1t 1s shown the courts w11l grant rehef. It was stated m the preceding paper that geograph ICal names are not trade marks. Thts ts stnct ly true where they have an understood geographtcal rneanmg; but where they have not, and are only techmcally geo graphical, a different rule obtams. Thus "NEw YoRK FINE CuT," CHEROOT, ENGUSH PLUG,'' would be merely descnptive terms, whtle "ANGOSTURA," Or" CHAMPAGNE," Or "THEBES" m1ght be employed 1D connectiOn wtfh tobacco, and would doubt l ess be sus tamed as lawful trade marks. The rule m respect of th1s clas s of words may be stated tersely as above namely that they are open to objeet w n when they are, in the1r understood m ea nmg, geographical, and not merely because they are, or may have:!' been, the names of places I But, as was stated m the last paper, where an article becomes by reason of the place of tts manufac ture, tf the name of the place has not ItS ongmaJ meanmg, 1t may be prott:cted as aU non-re s tde nts RETURNED FROM TRAVEL.-Mr Simon Strauss, manu facturer of c1gar boxes and show figures, and dealer m molds, pJ:ess<::s, straps, cutters, nbbons, etc., 179 and I8I Lewis Street, returned m the steamer Ne.:kar from a pleas!nt tour 1n Europe. Very respectfully, etc, A GROWER Thus it has been held that a manufacturer of sauce (Jrop and Market News. A \MILLION PoUNDS_'_O_F....,...P-LUG TOBACCO SOLD BY A FIRM P. Lonllard & Co. are 'r.eported to have sold ,ooo ooo pounds of plug tothe m.:>nth of August. Our other local manufac turers also dtd and are doing a very large busmess Orders 1n excess capactty to fill tht:m. The Miamisburg (0) Bullet1n, Sept. r says :-The '7 5 crop ts sttll mov1ng Pnces range close to 4c John Mount restdmg two miles south dehvered 12 cases ,74 leaf, Tuesday, at 4Yzc Weather contmues htghly favorable to the new crop, about two th1rds of wh1ch, In thts sectton, has been housed. Late plants have excellent pro!\pects. TH Anv A TAGE OF ADVIi:RTISING IN THE TonAcco lliEU."-The princ1pal member of one of the largest to bacco warehouses m this Citrassures us that h1s adver ttsement m THE TOBACCO LEAF secured m two weeks additional pauonage sufficient to pay the cost of the ad verttsement.many umes over. DAMAGED ToBACCO AT AUCTION.-On September I5, Messrs John Draper & Co. will sell the enttre stock of tobacco, etc., of Messrs. Allen & Co, recently damaged by fire. The stock appears to have been but shghtly IDJUred, and its sale probably affurd opportumty for secunng full assortments of manufactured tobacco at low rates. I ua TRADK MARK ARTICLEs.Mr. Cox has the sec ond mstalrnent of h1s valuable senes of articles on Tpde Mark Law and Practice m thts number of THE LEAF. Our fnenas Will denve mstruct1oa .!lnd enter tamment ipy::wsely followmg Mr. Cox fr?m the coo: mencement to the close of h1s essay on th1s trnportant subJect CIGARETTES TwiCE TAXED.-Mr. E. Peruet, of New Orleans m wntmg to Hon. R. L Gtbson m relation to the fold tax on c1g arettes made of l'e.rique t oba1:co, referred to in., tast issue of THE LEAF, says, if the matter ..could be regulated so as to allow a rebate of the tax paid on tobacco, Louisiana alone would manu: facture annually roo,o "h1>gsbeads there were exported t n tS,S,S, 26,279 cases and bales, m 186o, 32,852 and m t86 5 6r ,6x6 Numbe .. of p ounds not 1ocordedm those years Ia 1 87o and 1875 number packages. not gtven, only the In r870 there were a85,74 8 88r pounds, all s orts, and 10 223,C)01,913 p ounds Of "manufactured, numbef of pounds are not gtven tn 1870 and r 8 7s, onl} the value In l 87o1t was $t.,S8l,985, an

SEPT. 6 THE TOBACCO MARKET. DOMESTIC. NEw YORK, September 5 The footmgs of the week show a very fair busmess m the leaf tobacco market smce our last report. In Seed leaf, esp.:cially, the transactions were unusually large1 wath an mcreased proportion for sh1pment. Of Western !eat the sales were also apparently large, amounting, mclustve of those previously unreported until the end of the month, to 2,538 hogsheads. The sales for the month exceeded expectations-not only of this, but 'Jf other varieties of lea! 'as well. The exports of Western leaf were remarkably large, havmg been, 1f we m1stake not, but once before equaled m amount m a single 111ontb. On the othehand, rece1pts were also verv hberal, reachmg, as w1ll be seen below, r2,6o6 hogsheads, or, if Vugmia be also mcluded, rs,os8 The exports were zo,9r4 hogsheads, 5,856 hogs beads ahead of the total rece1pts-a Circumstance cal culated to steady the market, and wh1ch, though not apparently necessary, was a thmg to be des1red, m v1ew of the prospect, now pretty well defined and admitted, of havmg altogether about 14o,ooo hogsheads at the seaboard for the season The contmuous purchases of the Regae buyers, and the firmness at the West, have thus far prevented the rece1pts from makmg themselves unfavorably felt upon prices here, but with the of the rst of September 1t IS customa1y to cons1der the Rege season about over for the year; and should it prove to be so in th1s mstance It remams to be seen w!:at effect the arnval of stock so much m excess of anticipations will have upon the pnce of goods hereafter offered. Mr. Wallace appropnately notes below the remarkable stead mess of pnces for the past three months, but can the same excellent feature be confiaently predtcted for the ensmng three months:? Italy bas had r8,ooo hhds; Spam about 6,ooo r,soo of wh1ch are sup posed to have been on the old contract, leavmg her prospect1ve requuement between now aRd April 7 ,soo bhds. Now, assummg that Spam completes her pur chase, that Italy w1ll take 3,5oo m addlllon to what has a'ready been taken, and that France will want 3,ooo, then 14,ooo hogsheads, It wtll be seen, represent what will go abroad for Regie account; and th1s quantity, t will be further seen, was almost covered by the receipts of the past month The German crop IS reported as likely to y1eld a reduced quantity thts year; and in the event of the report provmg correct, further hberal pur chases of Jow-pnced goods may be an t iCipated for the Geman trade. M;essrs. Sawyer, Wallace & Co. report:Westun Leaf-Receipts dunng August (mcludmg VIrgmla) rs, os8 hhJs,; exports, 20,9I4 hhltiOns 111 value, Good leaf IS scarce, and bnng full former quolatwns when of fered, while ncndescnpts are plenty and eas1er. The weather durmg the montl1 has been all tltat could wished for bnngmg on the crop, whach we th:nk pomts to three-fourths of an average m case of a late THE TOBACCO LEAF. frost. Th1s however 1s about the general estimate, and a frost w1thm s1x weeks Wl)uld reduce it to an unusual extent A Simila r Improvement noticed m the Vargm1a crop, and buyers are confident of a full one hal1 1f not more. ExPORTS OF TO!JACCO FROM NEW YORK FROM AUGUST I 10 31, INCLUSIVE. Great Bntam ---............. II,972 hhds France -------------------543 hhds South of Europe ________________ 5,561 hhds North ofEurope ._ ____________ 2,365 hhds North ofEurope Stems .... _______ .z6o hhds West lnd1es, S Amenca and Mex1co 139 hhds Other Fore1gn Ports.... . 74 hhds TotaL.---.----.-----. ---. 20,914 hhds From the cucular of Mr Fred Ftscher we collate the synops1s of Exports from New York and New Orleans, from rst January to date. actions. We have no reason to change our opmwns as to the new crops, with the exceptiOn that should the dry weather continue, the prospects for good crops will be more doubtful, particularly so m the New England States Sales -Crops from r87o to r873-New Eng land, 300 cases; Ohw, too do, of which for export, I9 do; Wisco'!sm, 100 do, of which for export, 69 do. Crop of \874-New England, 8oo cases; Pennsylvama, 200 do, New York, Ioo do, of wh1ch lor export, 41 do, W1sconsm, roo cases) of wh1ch for export, so do. Crop Qf 1875-New England, 1,o2s cases, of wh1ch for ex port, 200 do; Pennsylvama, 21ro8 do, of which for ex port, so8 do; New York, so do; Oh10 (mcludmg crop of 1874), 2,133 do, of which for export, 21IJ3 do; Wis consm, 389 cases, of which for export, 389 do Total sale3, 7 ,405 cases, of which for export, 3,409 do Ex port of Seed leaf since January r, 25,6oo cases, same time last year, 17, q 1 do Faber, 1 do, Purdy & Nicholas, r do; Kunhardt & Co, 4 do; M1chaehs & Lmdemann, 3 do; Howard Ives, 7 do, H. R. Kelly & Co., 1 do; W. H Thomas & Brother, 32 do, Acker, Merrall & Condit, 14 do; Park & Talford, 23 do, Howard Ives, 7 do; S Fu2:uet & Sons, 3 do, L Gerschel & Brother, 5 bales cuttings EXPORTS. From the port of New York to foreign ports, for the week endmg September s. were as follows ANTWERP-248 hhds, 179 cases, 107 pkgs (15,217 lbs) mfd. BREMEN-203 hhds, 9 do stems, 20 cases, 156 bales, 86 ceroons, 10 pkgs (78o lbs) mfd. BRITISH AUSTRALIA-10 hhds, 330 pkgs (57,362 lbs) mfd. BRITISH NoRTH AliiERICAN CoLoNrEs-zo hhds, 13 pkgs (r,III lbs) mfd. BRITISH WEST INDIES-IO hhds, 2 cases, 45 pkgs VIse our quotations as follows -Maryland, mfenor and" frosted, $3@4; do sound common, $5@6; do good common, $6 5crSO; do middlmg, $8@9; ao good to fine red, $9@ u; fancy, 13@2o; upper country, $5@25; ground leaves new, Oh1o-Infenor to good common, $4@6; greemsh and brown, $7@7; medmm fine red, 8@ro; common to medmm spangled, 7@9; fine spangled to yellow, 1o@r5. Kentucky-Common to good lugs, $, Clarksville do, t.7@9; com mon leaf, 9@Io; mediUm leaf, Jro@u; fa1r to good, $u@r.4; fine, $15@r7; selections, f,r8@2o Vag1ma -C?mmon and good lugs, $6 so@8 so, common to medmm leaf, $9@u; fair to good do, $12@14; selec tiOns, Sr5@2o; stems, common to fine, $2@4 In spected thts week-1,597 hhds Maryland, 6r7 do Ohio, 15 do Kentucky, and 6 do Vugmia. Cleared same pe ned.-Per steamer Galatea, for Rotterdam, 87o bbds. Maryland, 124 do Ob10, 154 do V1rgmta, 52 do Ken tucky leaf, 70 hhas per schooner ':fohn Holbram: for do, 782 Maryland, so do Oh10 tobacco, and 5 ; l)hds VIrgmla stems, per schooner Edit!t, for Amster dam, 566 hhds Maryland tobacco, and Io hhds V!rgmta stems; steamer Htbetman, for Liverpool, 2 hhds. Kentucky tobacco. Totals Consumptlon, and etc 1 87). I874 Hlufs H!rds 14,20$ J4,944 u ,o.u 6,905 IS 94:J 13,241 :J,]IS 7 7 t07 'l a.s68 1 6,496 5 '8 1 2,369 8J,484 66,t78 on ships not cleared, 13,666 JO,J98 I 1875 Hhds 9o6 353 3"94 1,8.7 7 14 11,138 1,519 I876 Hhds 29 857 11,73 0 111510 :;;:3 996 t S 782 2 o4s ss 797 6,004 Spamsh-There was agam marked activity m H:wana the sales equalmg those of the precedmg week, at pnces rangmg from 9oc@$1.30. The sales for the month were 6, bales. '1 he Messrs. Fscher report :-Havana contmued in good demand. Sales agam were very large. In all r,8oo bales changed hands Pnces remained unchanged but firm. For fair from 90@95c and good lots f,1 and upwards were pa1d MONTHLY STATI!Jt1RNT OF STOCKS OF SPANJSH TOBACCO Havana Cuna. BU. Bls DlSapp'd from New York and New Orleans 96,150 76,476 46,307 92,401 Stock on band, August I, 187t> Mr Fischer adds the followmg explanatory note "The Received swce shipments per bark 'Templar,' 550 hhds, and ship 'Vtgillate,' 881 hlids, cleared for Cork for orders, have been heretofore mcluded m the column of exports to England for May and June. These, togther with the shipments per brig 'Stockton,' 392 bhds, and ship 'Theresa,' 962 hhds, heretofore reported for Gibraltar, making 2,785 hhds mall, havmg arrived at Italian ports, are transferred to the column for Italy Messrs M Rader & Son, Tobacco Brokers, observe m theu cuc1r1lar -Kentucky Tobacco-The last 1111onth passed wtthout any str:kmg events, but With a steady demand, chiefly for Reg1es and other export destmatiOns, and a moderate mqUJry from the home trade. 7,1oo hhds were sold, of which 5,soo do were for export Pnces ruled steady for deo1rable goods, while common and nondescnpt sorts are rather neglected. The fate of th1s year's Western crop w1ll now much depend on a favorable season up to the m1ddle of next month It seems now to beyond doubt that 10 the best sections but small crops can be made Stock en hand September 1, 1876 13,:a83 167 Stock oo hand, September 9,8o9 16o S to..:k on band, September 1, 1&]4 n,679 100 3' .Manufactured -Rather better mqu1ry was noticeable for Cavendish of all gra<.les, aud both wholesale and J0bbmg dealers report mcreased sales effected. The large grocers announce an Improved demand from their customers and prompt payments In quarters where dragging collections have of late been the rule. Local manufacturer:. are overrun with orders and are workmg their establishments to their lull capacity. Smokzng-For both c1ty and country trade there was more busmess done 111 smokmg tobacco last week than for some weeks prevwusly. CigarsThe prevwus moderate activity preva1led in the c1gar market throughout the week. Gold opened at btd and closed at b1d Forttgn Exdtange-Messrs M & S. Sternberger, Bankers, report as tallows -Exchange and gold market both have been verv weak, the latter wllh more violent fluctuatiOns than the former on account of the strenuous efforts on the part of the Bulls to row agamst the cur rent. Ultimately the Bears won, however, and we say agam we shall see both m exchange and in gold lower pnces before we see h1gher o nes, especially in ex change. The heavy exports, actual and to come, and the comparatively shght 1m ports can not but depress the market \Ve quote :-Bankers, nom mal rates are 486 and for 6o days and demand sterhng respechvely, selhng rates, for 6o days, 488 for demand Commerctal, 6o days, Pans-Bankers, 3 days, 5I5@516}(, 6o days, 518_7S@5r8U; Commer cial, 6o days, Re1chsmarks-Bankers, 3 days, 95Yz@9SU; 6o days, 94U; C9mmercial, 6o days, 94 Ji Carey & Yale, Tobacco Freight Brokers, report Tobacco Freights as Tallows -London, per steam, 40s; per sa1l, 36> 3d. Liverpool, per steam, nom mal, per sa1l, nommal. Bremen, per steam, 47s 6d, per sa1l, 4os. Hamburg, per steam, 42s 6d; per sail, nommal. Antwerp, per steam, per sail, 40s. D J. Garth, Sen & Co, m their circular, also remark -The past month was a counterpart of the month previOus, and transactaons were of about equal magm tude, and mamly absorbed by the Reg1es The open markets of Europe dad comparatvely little, shippers cla1mmg that there IS no margin for profit, and our home trade was exceedmgly JangtId until near the close of the month, when there was some show oi revival, one of our leadmg manufacturers takang about 300 hhds low to fau fillers for plug work We hope the fall months w1ll develop mcreased achVIty m th1s branch of our trade, and manufacturers be mduced to lay 10 stocks m quan t1ty. The accumulat:on here of desuable goods at reasonable pnces for manufactunng purposes has beer. on a liberal scale, and our regular home buyers wall no doubt find Jt to their mterest to examme stocks here before spendmg their money too freely at the Western breaks in c o mpetitiOn with \estern manufacturers Rece1pts at mtenor markets contmue on a hberal scale for this season of the year, and pnces for all useful descnptwns are well ma:ntamed. Seaboard rece1pts are also qu1te full, and md1cataons now pomt to a total of 135,ooo to 14o,ooo hhds for the current year, wh1ch goes to sustam the extreme estimates of quantity of the present PAB.TIOVJ.AB NOTIOB. crop The conditiOn of the growmg crop m somP. sectiOns Growers of seed !eat tobacco are cautioned agatnst .. epttng tt.c. haS matenally Changed, and prOSpeCtS for an InCrease reported S>les >nd ,UOtatlons Of seed leaf as furmsbmg the prtC01 that m yield considerab ly strer.gthened. It IS now conceded should be obtatned for t!lem at fint hnd, these refer In most Instances h 1 h h r h f 11 b c1 h to old crop whtch have been held nearly a year, and the profit on t at a Ig t t ree iOUrt S 0 a crop WI e rna e at t e which muat naturally mclude the mteest on cop1tal mvested. Growera West, allowmg, of course, for continued favorable sea-cannot expect even ID the ca&e of new crops, to sell them fur the same sons and a late fall. The Clarksville d1stnct proper as are obtuned on ate-sate h=. Of course every re-sale must be has recovered less than other sectiOns, and our friends at an advance, and therefore tne prtce obtainable by the srowen wtll Seem COnVInCed that not OVer One-fourth tO one half always be aomewbat lowei tnan OUr QUOtations, crop can be produced, even wath the most favorable QUOTATIONS OF WHOLESALE PRICES. weather condttlons. West<>n-Ltght leaf ct. Sconds. ... ....... 6 @ 7 The monthl_v Circular of Mr. John Cattus, Tobacco Common to good lugs sl!l 7!!1 Fillers .. 4 s Common !ea t ... 8 @ 9 Ohto-Croo 1873 Broker, says -Kentucky tobacco has remamed m good Mdmm .. .. ... .. ... 9!!1 lil) u Assorted Lotll.... ... 7 @ 9 11 h h h h b h r d Good u @ Crop 1B1 request a t roug t e mont ot 10T export an Fine. ...... .. ,4 -@ Aosorted Lot. ... home trade, and sales foot up the satisfactory result of Selecttons @IS Ftllers d Heavy Lea/Crop S,s 7 ,roo hn s, of which for export, pnnc1pally for the south LuKs 7 @ 9 Asorted Lots .. 6 of Europe, 5,5oo hbds, and balance of 1,6oo hhds for Common .. .. 9 @zo Fillers .. .... 3!!14 .Med1um I I}i@t4 New York Stau-Crop 1872 to 187 home trade Pnces for leaf and heavy bod ted tobac-Good....... @16 Assorted Lots .......... 1 @ a cos have ruled qmte steady, and holders seem to be Fme ............... 6 17 Pen"s,.lvan.a-Crop 6elecuona .... 17 @18 Assorted ,,. (i1 S content With the present rulmg values, at whtch they are v, .. K""a Laf-Wrappers :10 3 5 11 11 h 1 Dark, heavy lugs.............. 1 S)t artd /UtntJti-Crop 1813 qu1te WI mg to se w ereas ugs and nondescnpt to-do low leaf 9 Assorted 4x 5 baccos remam neglected, quotatwns of which are more do med tosood ll.JI'(<'d com 4 6 IS most proplUOUS for the pia !its In their matunng and l!rown and Greeni&l!. 7 K Bond. Tax 24 eta Medium and fine red a @to per pound ripemng, we may, therefor_e, look for a good quahty m Com tomed spangled 1 @ P!lundi-BBIOllT. h d h Fme spangled to yellow o @IS E 11 5 ""60 t e commg crop, an m regard to t e quantity, I see .!lavland-F't'olto com ura ne ...... 4 '"' th t h [. t t f th th mou ..... .. .. -3 @ 4 Fme ... 35 @i no mg o c ange my or mer es 1m a eo a ree our s Seuud Common. .. 4!!1 6 Good ..... .. ... .... .. 2a @S average one. Good du 6K7 '( .. .. .... Vzrgzma Leaf-For th1s vanety, the demand for the Medium..... 8 9 55 (j!.i Good to fine r e d 9 @u Ltght Prease d :fir..f'l 30 @35 week has been hmned chaefly to bnght Fancy.... ... .... 1 3 @2o Quarter Pounds.-Fine .. 2a @330 Crop Br.ght '!'wist (Va) 12 :.ncb 26 @40 Seed Lea '-So far as quantlly IS concerned, an excelWrappers .... 14 o Brlgh Gold Biro, s mch @<5 :I Crop z873 Rough & llad;y.. .. 26 (i35 lent busmt!sS was done m this department last week. Fillers .. 1 8 Bucx Messrs. Chas. E. Fischer & Bro, Tobacco Brokers, Seconds .. ---....... 10 @I3 ,vavy.Pound.1-Fme ..... 25 @28 r31 Water Street, report as follows Seed ........ : :S Medium ...... 18 25 c 8 "' Navv Half Pound.< and Tlurdsleaf:-Busmess m our branch continues fauly active. ........... s Ei.De ........ .... 18 @26 Sales tliis week were made of nearly all kmds at fair Seconds .... .......... a Quater.Pounds-Fine 25 @ 2 8 I Wrappen........ .. @o t>oorl .. .. .. 20 @ 23 pnces, amountmg In a I to about 3,000 cases, of whiCh Selections ........... 2; @35 Common to medium 15 @18 about' I ,550 do were by sh1ppers Crop '87l 8 J't:.erand Four... 20 @25 C F11lers ......... 7 PocketPiecn ......... 18 @25 onnectzcu! rece!Vei!l a moderate !>hare of attention. Seconds ............... I3 11!'6 NonrM A 0 S ............... Wtsconszn and It/mots-Of thiS kmd 100 cases of the .. 6 @zo "G o" 400 Ill ca... ... 28v, former at 4y.;@4U for shappmg, and IOO do of the latter Selections.... ... ... I4 @IS G '3 Ill cases d d d f ''C & JL." 370 Hss. n e t. 7'J On pnvate terms tor home tra e were IS pose 0 Waco""" aud 11/m.u zB?J Wallis Ex" 460 Jbs net 2 7 Mkessrs J S Gans, Son & Co, Tobacco Brokers, re6 @6 .. :.: .': mar Ill the1r September Circular -Seed Leaf-The Wrappers .. @s MF 19 f 1 d EXPoRT QUOTATIONS. R. E.". .. ........ ...... 19 summmg up o the ast thn\y ays' transactiOns IS very Cumtttwt .;,o Mas. -Crop ,874 uw s .. ... ........ .... 21 sausfactG>ry In fact, 1t IS the first tame m many montho Assorted Lots 1 @ 8X "0. s .................. .. that busmess, although generally speakmg It has not IMPORTS been very good, has at been le[i!Jtlmate, m so far The arnvals at the port ot New York from fore1gn that p11ces of old tobaccos have reached a pomt wnere ports, for the week eudmg Septembers, mcluded the fol a margm 1s left to our much suffenng JObbmg tra de. lowm g COI1Signments :-The export demand has been good all the Oh10s of the BoRDEAUx-DuVIVler & Co, 51 cases hconce paste crops of 1874-5 that were offe rt:d were ireely taken, HAVANA-F Marquez, 65 bales tobacco, F Miranda and at an advance from last quotatwns the same pref-& Co, 96 do, Strohn & Reuzenstem, 25 do; A. Oatman, ert!nce as mentioned for the growths of 1875 has con17 do; Wm Eggert & Co, 63 do; A. Gonzales, 124 ao, tanued Pennsylvama crop of 1875 meets with favor J J Alnmall, 83 do, J de Rivera & Co., 3 do; Vega & abroad, but are too hgh to admit of larger trans-. Bernstem, 250 do, C. Palacw, 4 cases Cigars; G W (5,253 lbs) mfd. CADIZ-340 hhds CHINA-4 cases (78o lbs) mfd. CUBA-38 pkgs (6,730 lbs) mfd. DUTCH WEST lNDIES-37 1bales, 67 pkgs (4,690 lbs mfl'l. FRENCH WEST lNDIES-32 hhds, 5 Cases. GENOA-40 hhds. GIBRALTAR-140 hhds, r,28o cases, 241 pkgs (z8,r3o lbs) mfd. GLASGOW130 hhds, 21 pkgll (3,496 lbs) mfd HAYTI-I hhd, 52 bales. HAMBURG-Ioo bhds, 140 cases, 10 bales. LIVERPOoL-1,o39 hhds, 33) pkgs (44,982 lbs) mfd. LoNDON-786 hhds, 76 bales, l!8 cases, 102 pkgs (1:1:,1 13 lbs) mfd. [ .on Second Page]. Auction Sale. By John H. Draper & Co., on Fnday, September IS, at 142 Duane Street, at I2 o'clock, the en tire stock of Me; Kremelberg & Co 88 do, Bunzl & Dormitzer, 115 do; Schroeder & Bon, 44 do; C. H. Sp1tzner, 156 do; Lachenbruch & Brother, 31 do, M. Pauhtsch, 39 do; P Lonllard & Co, 20 do, Order, 10 do. BY THE NATIONAL LJNE-Toel, Rose & Co., 194 hhds; Blakemore, Mayo & 'Co. > 81 do; F. W. Tatgen horst, 14 do, Garrott & Gnnter, 171 do, Pollard, Pettus & Co., 41 do, S. E. Thompson, 54 do; Sawyer, Wallace & Co., 26 do, J. H. Moore & Co, 7 do, R. L Maitland & Co., 10 do, D. J. Garth, Son & Co, I4 do; P. Lonl lard & Co., 51 do; Kremelberg & Co, 5 do, A H. Car dozo, 2 do; Burbank & Nash, 27 do, Order, 244 do, 51 cases. BY THE PENNSYLVANIA Bo11, 42 cases, Havemeyer 385 pkgs. RAILROAD -Schroeder & & lOS do, Order, BY NoRrH RIVER BoATs-D. H. McAlpm & Co., 48 hhds, Jos. H Thompson & Co., ro do; Pollard, Pettus & Co., II do, Sawyer, Walla(P. & Co., 24 do; Blakemore, Mayo & Co., 137 do; S. E. Thompson, 20 do, Order, 214 do, 6 pkgs. Advertisements. W. J HOODLESS. C.E TAYLOJl. LateofXea...,.. W. BOODLESS & COP' RATIONAL TOBACCO IISPECTiU, lteceiving & Forwarding Warehouses, Foot of Van Byke and Partition Sts., Btll ail obacco care Nabonallnspection "\VIlllam St., N, T,l Partltlonlt. Broo .. -493 -.....-WIVI. I 43 Natchez Street, -New Qrlecin, Arent for the GENUINE Grand Point, St James Parish, Perique To&acCO' .. BOLE AGEliT I!'OR C. C. llDLL.I.UDOl'f, GEe. E. BOVICII; FACTlJIUUlS OJ' -P:IIIB.::JI:Q'C'EI BTTl!J&, ENVELOPED IN eOB.N HUSKS. tiE SOLD Ol'fL T BT ..TilE I"OUl'fD .I.KD l71'fDE& FULL GUARANTEE. A. Fpl.L SUPPLY OF Jt, )(, 1, II & 4. POUND C.o\RROTS ALWAYS ON HAND. SDlPliiENTIJ IIIADE ,TO FOREIGN .OOUNTRJE!I1 IN .BOl'ID FROX NEW ORLEANS IF THE ATTENTIDN OF OONIIUHF.RS II CALLED TO TID!: FACT THAT THE GEl'fUil'flC PERiq,UE 18 NEVER SOLD EXCEPT IN CAI\ROTS Wanted, By a young man well acqua1nted and conversant with the Seed Leaf an4: Havana Tobacco trade, a pos1tton as TRAVELLNG SALESMAN .. -Address 6o:il2t C C nffice of tbts paper. Wanted, IN a first clas1 C1gar Factory, a competent FOREM :'\N f o r fine w ork_ Address 6o2 2t "FOREMAN, office of TaK L:a:Ar. FORSALE. A Fresh Supply of 100,000 PouM.ds Genume Flavor lor SM0KlNG TOBACCO Manufacturers, 1n .. 145 J,..7 and 149 S Charles Street. Balttmnre. M d. JOHN H DR, -'PER, Auctioneer. BY JOHN H. DRAPER &: CO IFRIDAT, SEPT, 15, IS'T .A:t 14.9 :J::J-u.a.:n.e IBJ1 :ree"t, AT 12 O'CLOCK, BY THE NEw YORK AND NEW HAVEN STEAMBOAT LINE-Joseph Mayer's Sons, 57 cases, Fox, D1lls & Co, 46 do; A. Blumlem & Co 5 do; W. M. Pnce, 100 do, ll1 order of the Underwnters, Eot1re Stock of Messrs. ALLEN & CO'._. B. Grotta, 25 do, DaviS & Day, 1 do., S. W. DaviS, 17 very slightly at the1r l ate stores, 1 rand 73 Chamben Street, do; J. Swartz, r do, D Pearson, 44 do, A. Roesch, II New York, cemonaing a large assortment of SMOKINC, FINE CUT & P.!LUC .1"--0BACCO,... ALL BRANDS OF THE LEADING MANUFACTURERS, IDOMESTIC CIGARS, SNUFF, ETC do; Chas. F. Tag & Son, 1 do, M. Westhe1m & Co., rs do, Wm. Eggert & Co., 7 do; Levy & Neugass, so do, F F. Ives, 91 do; E. Rosenwald & Brother, ro do; Bunzl & Dermitzer, 3 do, H. Catjen, 1 do, Order, 5 do, STOCK CAN BE EXAMINED DAY P.EFORE AT ABOVE STORE ( 6o2 2t] 142 DUANE STREE 1 D. H. Decker, I case c1gars BY THE NEW YORK AND HARTFORD STEAMBOAT LINE-E. Rosenwald & Brother, 5 cases, H Wasser man, 3 do; E. Hoffman & Son, 7 do, M. H. Levin, 108 do; Joseph Mayer's Sons, 130 do, Jos. Sebgsberg, 3z do, A. Oatman, 6 .do, W. M. Pnce, r8 do, L. Gershel & Brother, 19 do; Fnschen, Roess & Schulz, 9 do. BY THE OLD DoMINION !:hBAMSHIP LINE-Sawyer, Wallace & Co., 7 hhds; D. J. Garth, Son & Co, 8 rlo; F. S. Kmney, 3 do; Kunhardt & Co roo do, Blake more, Mayo & Co., 6 do, J. B Mo0re & Co, r5 do, Pollard, Pettus & Co., 2 do; Burbank & Nash, 35 do: PENNSYLVANIA CIGARS... IN ANY QUANTITY, AT FROM $:J..g 'tO llll.B per :act:., Purcbased for Cash or Received on Corungnm.ent. W, P FARRINGTON, .Jobber oC, I US Dyer Street, Provtdeoce. R.. -FOREIGN' DUTIES ON' TOBACCO, In Auatrla, France, Italy and Spain, thetobaccocom.m.erce ltmonopoTfzeA oy gYernmenh under dtrecUoo of a In Germany the iutyonAmer.. ican leaf tobacco is -c. thalers per zoo lba. In Belgium the lmpostla reckoned after deducting I! per cet for tare. The duty is 13 francs, JO centime ($3 ,.o gold) per 100 IC.tlogrammes ( 100 Amencan lbi., equal -43}{ kilos ) Ia Holland the duty ts t8 ceo!a, gold, per 100 kilos. b8o American pound being equal to u7 ktlos.} In llusst a tbe dutr on leaf tobacco is 4 rouble,.._.kopeks per pud, on smoking tobacco .t6 rou per pud, and on CJK&J"8 rou :ao cop per pud. Th& "r,ud "is equal t.o about 36 American lb Ja Turkey the duty ll so centa, ao d., per n X American ounce1. A H Cardozo, 17 do, P. Lonllard & Co, 20 do, 19 Allen & Faucon, 2 do, 4 do, S. E Thompson, zr do, 2 boxes, W G Smith & Co. s8 hhds, 52 trcs, I I qtr trcs, 4 eighth trcs, 76 cases mfd, 7 thrPe qr loxes do, Tobacco Co., IO trcs, F. E. Owen, 6 do; J. D. Ke1lly, Jr., 26 hhds, 3c cases mfd, 2 half cases do, DUTIES ON' FOREIGN' TOBACCOS .&.ND CIGA.RS; 95 cadd1es do, E. DuBois, so qtr trcs n1fd, 5o three qtr boxes do, 8 qtr boxes do, Dohan, Carroll& Co., 163 cases mfd, 76 caddtes do, 61 half boxes do, 35 thtrd boxt!s do, 15 qtr boxes do. Martin & Johnson, I4 smkg, 25 mfd, 100 three-qtr boxes do, Bulk ley Moore & Co, 20 c ase s mfd, 20 half boxes do, 105 three qtr baxes do, Wise & Bendhe1m, 24 ca s t!s smkg, 16 boxes mfd, r:z caddtes do, 15 cases cigarettes; A Hen & Co., II cases smkg, 6 do cigarettes, 10 boxes ptpes; Allen & Co., 321 cases smkg, 40 ao mfd, 10 half do, II thtrd boxes do, ro kegs do, 195 cadd1es do, James M. Gardmer, 1r cases mfd, ro half boxes do, 5 th1rd boxes do, 8 caddieS do, Jos H Thompson & Co., 22 three qtr boxes mid 7 half boxes do, 14 qtr Foretgn Tobacco, duty 35C per pound goJd!. Foreign Cigars, f' so per pound and 15 per ceot.IUJ. vtt.klre,. Imported C1ga.n a.nd Cigarettes alao beOlr an Internal Revenue tax of$6 perM, to be patd by stamps at lhe Cus-1orp Hause (Revenue Act, 1931 ) as amended 3, 1875. The import duty oo manufactured tobacco t!S soc per lb 1 Leaf stem.mect. 35C, Stems, t!C: per pound ; Scrapa, O..Per ceRt. tUJ I o to th1s duty, the Revenue tax on the same Jund of tobacco made 10 tbke c o"'ntry must be Jlilld 1 he tobacco must alao be packed accordmg to the regulations governing tobacco made here. COPE'S TOBACCO PLANT-i.A. !K>NTHLY JOURNAl. for Smoken Publtohed at No. 10 Lora NeiB-Wfttcky or NAMES ALONE IN "BUSINESS DIRECTORY OF ADVzrgzma, very little stock of wh1ch IS offermg. vVe re.l VERTISERS," FIRST PAGE, ONE YEAR .................... J12.GF' SKILES & FREY, Pennsylvania Leaf Tobaoco, 81 and 68 Duke St., Lauoaeter(


H.J.DOHAN. THOS. CARROLL DOHAN, CARROLL & CO., TOBACCO :Merchants, 104 FRONT STREET, ), 0 BOX 4386. NEW YORK" Ager.ts for the following well-known and reliable M an ufacturers: T H E T 0 B -A C C 0 L E A F. WILLIAJI WICICI!.. WIVI. WICKE tc CO., MANUFAC'l'URE:RS OF C:IGAR BOZBS 153, 155, 157, 15-9 & 161 Goerck.St., NEW YORK. DEn nmm m SID'WIDB no Dealers in Spanish a.nd Germa.n Cigar Ribbons. a. PACE, J. YARBROUIH. SOlS / A. BEN a co., TURPII. BRO., J. H. GREANER, SUCCESSORS OF EDW'D HEN. L J,QRANT I CO., L H. FRAYSER & CO., 43 ::t.iberty StreetJ V 'Yc::>rk., SAl!IPLING PROJIIPTLY AT TO. .J PHILADELPHIA BRANCH J'ON.AS :METZ, NORTli FRONT STREET. ALEXANDER MAITLAND. L. F. S. MACLEHOSE. ROllERT L. MAITLAND. ROBERT MAITLAND & CO., Tobacco and Cotton And General Commission 43' DB.OAD S'l'B.EIIT,.l'OIW YOB.K. fJADV ANCEriNTS MADE ON CONSIGN.IIlENTS TO LONDON AND LIVERPOOLfor WM. CA:MEBON & :BRO.' S Celebrated. :Sra.nd.s of Manufaetureli Tobacco. I ,'\J)OLPKSTRONN G UIDO Rlt.ITZBNSTDI< D, J. GARTH, S'ON & COr, FRANCIS S. KINNEY'S PATENT IMPROVED TOBACCO CUTTER. i r ... .. SEPT. 6 !This Space is Reserved FOR MARTIN & JOHNSON, COMMISSION No. A PARKER. 79 Front Street, New York. ROSS H. HOLMES. .JS, COLT. SIMON MANDLEBAUM, Special. PARKER, HOLMES & CO., Maiiufacturers of the Celebrated NERVE And other Braads of Chewirur and Smoking T obacc.os, 53, 55 A:.. 17 Jefreraon Ave.. ;DETROIT, MICH. S7 Third Avenue, NEW YORK. on hand the Best Improved Hand an? Steam :Machines for Cuthng and Granulating Tobacco. VIRGINIA 74 FJJ,O N T Street. EUGili DU BOIS, CODISSIOIIHBCHOT, !r5 1'1\0KT STILIIB'l', NEW YORK -FOX, DILLS & no., Importers of SPANISH AND PACKERS OF U2 WATER ST., NEW YORK, U"' PacticaHouse i n N ew Milford, Coon. W. SCROVERLDrG .t. CO, DEliELll:E::BG It CO., 16o PEARL ST. NEw YoRK. J. J. ltUDLl3E:BG k CO., BALTIMORE, M-. JW:KEL:SDG, SC!AEFD k CO., NEw ORLEANS, LA. mm:s:uG co., LoursviLLE, KY. WALTER FRtEDMAN 8 FRElSE, FALLENSTEIN & SON, ( REYNES BROTHERS & co., IMPORTE&S OF TOBACCO COMMISSION HAVANA TOBACCO JKEB.O:e=.ANT, BRF.MEN 46 & 48 llxchange l'lace, York.. JAS. M. GARDINER, TOBACCO. COlVIMISSIOR MERCHANT, S4 Front Street, New York, IS RECEIVING DIRECT FROM VIRGINIA CONSIGNMEN TS OF MANUFACTURED TOBACCO. Export Orders for Plug Tobacco Promptly Filled. P O iBOX 50SOJiiiiFP'! WILLIAM-M:-P .RICE, LEAF TOBACCO, 119 MAIDEN New York. = CARL UPIIA.NN, -.&..........., TOBACCO .I, AND DIU CDIMISUU I 'EICHAit 178 PEAltL S'l'UE'l', -, -"" -'""' NEW Y91Ult FELIX GARCIA, 203 Pear1 Street, YORK. eRAS. F. TIG & SQR, Importe r s of SPANISH and Dealers in all 'kinds of LEAF TOBACCO, 184 Front Street, KBW '2'0BK. GR SCHLEGEL, Wholesale Dealer I n SlED Lw m Hnu& 1SS Front Street, NEW YORX. G. REISMANN, Commission M ercha:nt, STROHN & REITZENSJEIN;'"' (Successors to CHARLES B. FALLENSTBIN & Co.,) .to:MMISSION 'MERCHANTS, Commission Merchants. EST.A.BLISIJ:ED 1822. "COPiliiiAGii SIUFF," Thfs imprond Machine (or Cuttfwg Tobacco is corrstnrcted with a .knif'e wo_rkt'*" if!choedl Jda.nllfactured only by IMPORTER OF AND DIEALER IN ALL KINDS OF HAVANA LEAF LEAF TOBACCo ALSO DEALERS H.. 4 D 0 ME S T I(; NO. 44 BROAD ST., And Importers of D. T. Garth, l FOREIGN TOBACCO, NEW YO_RK. 116 FlWNT STREET, YOll.K Z :r QVJK tk CO -Q ., SAWYER, WALLACE co., TOBACCO PAGTOBS, COMMISSION .MERCHANTS, Western and Virginia leaf, 139 BROAD STREET. No. 47 Broad Street, P o. BOX S,7'07', :NEW YORK. NEW YORK. THGMAS KIIIRICUTT1 DNTUCXY VIRGiliA r." Leaf Tobacco, .. tOOlSsltJI mUT. No. 62 BROAD STREET, fUllll1l5 NEW YORK. 68 BAOAD STREET, NEW YOR u I'ATiiux tk 00., Cotton and Tobacco AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 70 & 72 BROAD ST. :NEW YORK PRESCOTT BURBANK. GEO. P. NASH, BURBANK & NASH, TOBACCO AND &a nmHAm. t;g BB.OAD ST., K. '2. : orrnmm &: BRomm A H. cARnozo, TOBACCO & COTTON FACTOR LEAF T 0 B A c co. General to==on 48 Dl\OAD STB.BI:'l', No. 66 BROAD STREET, N Y. bearings, >nd operating with a sliding. cut on the tobacco, wh>ch,. placed m a """w>th srdes at WEYMAN fl BROTHiER right angles and bottom paralle l w1th sa1d kmfe. Tbis machine-will cut an}! kfnd o!tobacco and cut it Perfectly. Secured 'l.ette r sO:Pate'!lt, Dec;ember 26, 18 63. An :Plug Twist Perique in Carrotts and any similarly hard prepared tobaccos caa be cubo. t:Delr hard state, j on ourcopynght will bo rf&orouly pros without any casing, or any other moi;tening to soften th-P-m . M:uterl It makes no shorts, can be run by:ltand or power reqnires no .sktll to ot?erate tt; tbi coo.struchon ls I of the most substanti al kind, s l ow to-wear and d1fficult to tltsorde r PRICE OF )(A CHINE COMPJI.ETE, with inches), 8210 net caoli, Offl.ce-141 West :Broadway,-N. T N .. B .-The attention of manufimtu-rers of Cigaretblt:and, and all Fancy Tobaccoe, Stra1ght Cuts, Bright Leaf, etc., etc is to this lt I:w:.hine. APPLEBY MANUFACTURERS OF THE &-AIL ROAD _;MILLS ccaboy Snuff, French Rappee Snuff, American Gent. Snuff, Scotch S lundy Foot Snuff. \ Manufacturers SNuFr, and every grade of W'EY.l\'lAN & BRO '79 & 81 Smithfield Street. Pittsburgh, Pa. R. ZELLENKA, Mannf':lcturer of atl kinds of MVSJ.DT & J.DTIIR TOBACCO BAGS9 C 227 Earl Fiftythirli Street, Ntw Yerk C6 Orders promptly attended to at the sl.:lor1est not1ce. TOBACCO 17S Pearl Street, And C i K ars :set. 't'me" caw. NEW YORK. !67 Water Street, :NEW YORK. MANUEL RIVERA, IMPORTER OF :a= ..a. "VAN A LEAF TOBACCO Brand "A. C. AND CIGARS, Brand CAl!ANNAS. JIIAmmm :r.AK:a, 'WEW YORK-VEGA & BERNHEIM,. IJIIPORTERS OF HAVANA TOBACCO And '!.8'7 !' il!'BL S'mEET, NEW YOBL BASCH &. FISCHER, IMPORTERS OF HAVANA SHHD A C c g t 155 Wate:t-St., Nea.rKaidenLu.e, NEW YORK. N. LACHENBRUCH & BRO No. 164 Water Street, Ne-v..1York, WHOLltSALB DllALKRS IN HAVANA & DOMESTIC Leaf' Tobacco. M. OPPENHMER & BRO. DEALERS IN SEED, LEAF AIID HAVAIIA TOBACCO, 138. WATER STREET, NEWYGRJt, CHARLES A. WULFF, Lhh.,.,.p,.,, """"'""" ---"l rUILr ViRGiNiA' OSMGKiiG"TOBiCco. KEYSTONE CLAY TOBACCO PIPE W ORKS. A :Large Assortment Constantly on Hand. c.,atham St., cor. William, N.Y. IIIANVFAC'TURERS OF FIRST-CLASS C:leLy c I S, PENINGTON, PRIC E & co., HAVANA LEAF TOBAGCib FOR PRICE LISTs. 18 North Seventh St., Philadelphia. 71 ::Z:.ane, N. T !Rail Road, Our Choice, Colorado, Uncle Tom9 Navy Clippings, Black Torn .. 33 W'ater and. 85 Pine Sts., N.Y. 8 APU.EDY. For :i'ri: o tlst Address cr 11.-pply as above. GEO. w




'l' HE T 0 A C C 0 LEA. 1'. SEPT. 6 .:P: J:l'hllallelphia .Advertisements. Baltimore Advertisemea.ts. WESTERN_ .a..., EASTERN ADVERTISEMENTS. Cincinnati and Toledo A. BOYD & co., .. o J. DIX & CO.,ll J Packer and Dealers '"' KNECHT, SMITH & CO., ;'\"! 8UOE8SORS TO STEINER, SliiiTR BROS, <\> KNECHT, WHOLESALE :PEALERS IN LEAP DEALERS IN ALL KINDS OF LEAF 'TOBACCO, 'I SOUTH ST., HENRY BESUDEN, M mPACTDBD AWUAP TDBACCU, tiGAHS, IRQ L. 'W. GUNTHER, '.14i TEL:LER BROS., GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANT, P.."lckers, Commission Merchants, and Wholesale Dealers in AND ':I':OBACCO .FACTOR,_ Foreign and DoUiestic Leal" Tobacco, No; o soyrEI LEAF TOBACCO, 1 1 6 a .nd i 1 7 West Front St., Between Race a:e.d :Elm, OlliOINNATL 0. LEAF TOBAOCO, 163, & 165 ;pearl Stret, (OOIUWI OP 111'11Em1 ) 217 STATE STREET, HAR.'loPORD CONN. WI\ WESTPHAL, COMMISSION M:tROBANT, And Deale< In CI NCI .,.ATI. CONIIEI:TICbf SED LEAF -117 North Third Street.._Philadelphia. ll A I. T 1:110 :a II' r. LOUIS KROHN. Liberal Aavancements Made Oft Consignments to my Address. ... LEOPOLD FEISS, T -obacco, MOSES KROHN Stat"" St Ha.rtf'ord. Conn. EI"'ENLOHR.&CO., ,..EO. KERCKHOFF tc co., 11181 FEISS & C l' >!ONo"riM"A"NHUBBARD&Tco:", .. PACKU:S AND WHOLESALE DEALERS LEAF TOBACC 0 Packers of seea :t.eaf ., "'L w=u., -----------J AND DEALERS IN SPANISH TOBACGOS, MANUFACTURERS OF > w.EISENLoHR, s. w.cLARK.. PHIL. BoNN. 49 South Charles St., Baltimore, Md. . ------HARTFORD, co:\N. L. BAMBERGER & co., .. GEO. KERCKROFF. GEO. p, UNVERZAGT. i G. w. DEALERS IN (:; F. BECKER. G C BECKER. PACE&R AND DEAC>< nr I IJ E .A F 7 T 0 B A 0 0 0, BECKER BROTHERS,"----( AND DEALERS IN FINE CONNECTICUT SEEDLE!F r \ And Manufacturers of all Grades of Cigars, PACKERS, COMMISSION M _ERCHANTS, LEAP !OBA ec-o, 1\l'o;a J 11 Arc:il St., Philadelphia,Pa. AND wAoLEsALE DEALER" rN Foreign and Domestic Tobacco, NO. 98 W. LOliDIARD ST., BALTIHORE, liD' LEWIS BREMER'S SONS, TOBACCO, DANBURY, CONNECTICUT. Wholesale Dealers ia "LEAF" AND KA.Nl1FACTtm.ED I TOBACCO, NO. 322 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHtLADELPHIA. lirA large assortment of all kinds of LEAF ToBAcco constantly on hand .ft; M. ANATHAN & CO., Packers, Commission Merchants AND WHOLESALE DEALER S IN l!.EAF-TOaACCO. :No. aao :North Third. St., Phila.clelphia :A NEW DEPAR'l'URE! by -....... B,. WILKENS a CO., MONUMENTAL. CITY"" TOBACCO WORKS, 181 WES'l' PBA'l"l' S'l'UE'l', BAL'l'IKOU, JUITLAml, lllaaufacturera of all klado oiJ -,.. ,_SMOKING .'tOBA.QCO AND SNUFF; .. Agent 1 M. li'ALK, 1210 C .. ambertt, l!l' Yl, lj:. BATTIN BR.OS., lt.ll 1!1, Third St., ED. WISCHMEYER. HY. WISCHMEYER. ED. WISCHMEYER : & CO., Commission ,. Merchants, AND DEALERS IN TOBACCO & CIGARS, a 39 SOUTH CALVERT STREET; # NEAR LOMBARD STJtEET, BALTIHORE'-Office and Salesroom, 128 Vine Street. B. SMITH & CO., Factory and Warehouse, 244 & 246 W. St., COMMiSSION MERCHANTS CINOZNN A 'I'I OHIO .61'11) a'OBBIIB.S S. LOWENTHAL a CO., MANUFACTURERS FINE CIGARS, AND DEALDS IN LEAF TOBACCO, NO. 11'2 WEST THIRD STREET, ClNCINNATI, OHIO. F. G. lTobacco 'Works, Toledo, Ohio. CHARLES R. MESSINGER, CONNECTICUT LEAF TOBACCO. No .20 Hampden SPRlNGFIELD, IISS. E Ji. SMITH. J c. O. HOLYOKE, COJ4;KISSION KERCHANT In LEAF and MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, l2 Central Wha,._r, Boston. Southern Advertisements. f JAMES: DALEY tc co., TATE, MULLER &CO., W.K.SARKER G.E.WAGGNER, BARKER & WAG6NER, "F. G." AND NATIONAL LONG CUT t-:rad = e. ::--:=-:=-""':"""::--LEAF T 0 B A c c 0, IMPORTED and DOMESTIC Also, the Indian and Sun Flower Chewing .L 0 accos. '\ '" MOORE d: RAY, 5 2 LEAF JQBACC.O, .. w"" :uw"'"' & CO., oli-O 8U:oc,., MANUFACTURER OF The Oe1e' Packers' Comml'ssion Mercha.nts &, Dealers in BALTIMORE sTEAM sNuFF 29 south Gay st., Baltimore, Md. Weil, Kahn & Co., F. c LYNCBllUJG, VA. MILL. (.Suc cesso rs to s. LOWENTHAL & Co.) l.ll e g ars SEED LEAF tc HAVANA TOBACCO, R. STARR & CO, '"'"w.u'''" CI&lli&'illJ""Tfti LEAF J.U.O:s lli. :soTil, 35 North Water-st., Philadelphia. S M NFAURF F BAXTER & BIRD, 134 Main St.. Cincinnati. 0.>-tk LBAP TOBACCO BBOKHB, .1. E. McDOWELL & CO., JULIUS VETTERLEIN & CO. TOBACCO -AMBROSIA No. 1317 CARY STREET, s d L I" d 25 SOUTH CALVERT ST. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, BICHHOND.VA. TOBACCO ee sa aD w. G. MORRIS, TOBACCO WORKS. IIFGiveaSpeeiaUttentio ntoll rightWrappel'l BAVARA -: ToBACCO, HOFFMAN LEE co 12 COMMERCE STREET, and General Comss10n Merchants, soleAgentsforth -rokAcco ., BALTiliiORE,llld. Leaf Tobacco SPENCE BROTHERS A CO., 39 -oaTH WATER ST., J>IIJJadelphla. "U. S. Solid Top MOULD," B AJTS 66. 6,8, 60 and 62 COMMISSION UE CH I ]os. A. NrcoJ.Ass:,: -"""'"""'0'J3hF!"'I:2 ::&I.A.&T T:H::J::E'I.D &T. 0" Agents for the sale of all k inds of Maaufac. 135 ARCH ST PHILADELPHIA, Pa. JJl JQS SCHROEDER CQ'"' -.., tureaand Leaf S3 Exchange Place, ll<.imore, KcL g;. 'J OFFICE. COLLEGE BUILDING, CINCI!Yl'U.TI, OHIO, ]. M. WisE, Danville, Va. P. Wua. Richmond, 1 J J AMES M. & PEYTON WISE. COMMISSION .MERCHANTS DOHAN & TAITT, H E '17LEIN Commtsston and Wholesale Dealers m ._. .D. t WE authO

SEPT. 6 SUTRO. & NEWMARK, MANUF.ACTURERS OF C;:t:GA.RS:J AND JlEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 76 PARK PLACE, NEW K'.E R B S & I S P I E 8 8 Manufacturers ,of J!ine and Dealers In I..rEAF TOBAOOO, ADoLPH KERBS. 35 Bowery, I N ew york. Lours SPIESS. .It, U. FOSTER. ED, HILSpN, RUDOLPH WYMAK CIGAR IANUP!CTOR-Y. 77 & N. Y .. MANUFACTURERS OF Frine CiKavs, A D SOLE PROPRIETORS OJ' THE E. ,.SAxToN, Sec' y and Treaa. HtRAK GRANGER, Supt. WALKRR, co., MANUFACTURERS-OF A HEAVY PIPK A rude ly carv!!d stone pipe was lately discovered in a mound at Maysville, Ky. It weighs about eleven pounds, and was made from a semi-hard rock. LOST HIS LIBERTY BY HIS TEElH.-To escape by the skin of the teeth is one th i ng, and to be caught thereby is quite another. A tobacco nist at Greenock, England, on arriving at his shop one morning three weeks ago, found a fine set of false teeth lying on the counter. He then discovered that a thief had broken into the shop during the night and carried off cigars, tobacco and p 1 pes. The burglar had evidently taken out his teeth while he was packing up his plunder, and in tile haste of departure bad forgotten to replace them. The police ascer tained that the teeth fitted a gap in the e:ums of one Blake, and he is now in custody. HAPPY ACCIDENTS.-In an article giving the drigin df many useful and wonder ful inventi01:s from acciden tel causes, a con1emporary says :-One day Lundyfoo t a manufacturer, was drying some snuff, a neces sary process in its prepara tion. Through a little neg .lect, the snuff was allowed (o be overheated, till it be came charred, scorched, or burned. In the view of a prosy jog trot tndesman, the commodity would have been thrown a:way as spoiled; but this manufacturer, notic ing the pungent character of the snuff, and how it tickled the nose, and knowing that some men liked tile nose tickled more than others, resolved to try whether high dried snuff could be brought into favor It not only did. so, but proved a source of wealth to him. Any man may bum a com modity by carelessness; it is the observant man whci ingeniously turns the acci dent to good account. A STRANGER TOOK HIM lN.-The Cincinnati Com mercial says:-Juan San Pedro keeps a little cigar store at No. 1433/z West Fourth S treet, west of Race Street. He has latelv had a very fine watch and' chain, of gold, lying in a case along with cigar-holders, pipes, etc. The fine gold watcil and chain are there no longer. J uap left them in the case one day too long. On that unfortqnate, day a stranger drove1 up to the door of the store in a buggy. He wanted some cigars; his horse was too frisky to leave stanaing there; \\'Oqld J qa San Pedro save the kindness to bring him some light, mild cigars Juan, always accom modati ng toward customers, took a box of cigars, of the G-LC>::B:ii:l kind desired, out to the man FINECUT C 'HEWIN. G & SMQlliNGJi, in:.tbe buggy. The stranger r\ took out tne cigars and paid fan them,. being careful to TOBACCOS, give the exact change. .As he wa:s taking his pay, San 31, 33 &, 35 Atwater St., East, Pedro thought he noticed, in a side glance, a man leaving his store. A few minutes after, the stranger having driven rapidly off, San Pedro be came convinced that he had seen a man leave the store. The watch and chain were gone. San Pedro will wait on no men in buggies. A. LICHTENSTEIN & BROTHER; MANUFACTURERS OF THIE J' ELK" and .. ONW CIGARS, And Dtra In LEAF TOBACCO, Nos. 34 and BOWERY, .EW YORK. DETROIT, IIICH. I CHARLES S. :S:A WES, PACKER AND DEALER IN Fine Connecticut Seed Lea.f, 118 MAIDII:N ZA:NII, "'2"'ork. E. V. liA. W-ES, Bridgeport, Conn. liOUORIGE PIS E. '. SPARR LIRUDBICB. TUUISH LIRUOBICI TIIJI t!XD'ER.SIGI!iED COI!i'2'IN1JES '1'0 l!IIPORT AND JIA.NUFACTURE, PURE SPA.JriiiH AND TVRKEY LlQ.tJ--.ICE OF Ul'flli'ORIII Q.VALITT AND GUARAl\"TEED TO GIVE SA.TISPACT!OY TO TOBACCO JIANuFA.CTtiRER UIING THE SAllE, THB OLD Ji'A.VORITB BRAND 011' J, C, y Ca. IS A.LW.t.YiiREADY FOR DELIVERY A.T THE SHORTE:IIT XOTICE, AL!IO A' 0 c., P. T <:> A.ND HJI OTHER BRANDS 011' T11RIDIIH PA.STE, ALL 011' WHICH A.RE GIVING ICREA.SED SATISII'ACl'I'JON, A.SDSTAJIICED BT TJUII'R.APlDLY GROWING .DEJIA.I!iD AND EN. TIRE ABIJBJICE 011' COJIPLAIIITS. CAUTION. -It havtnr come to my knowledre that, In several Instances, Liquorice P a ste falsely repre:sented as belo,sr of my manufacture bu been offered for sale by parties to auit their owu purpoaes, who have no authority to oell my brands, tbe pnsent oerve to CAUTION :Ill Tobacco Manufacturers aaainst the same and to atve ootlce that hereaftel' every case of my manufac ture will be branded with my Trade-Mark, acqui red under the 1 ws o! 1he United States, and any unprin cipled peraoa cofllDterfeiting this Trade .M:ark will be ri&orously prosecu.ted ... JAMES C. McANDR&W, 55 'W'.ATBR STB.BBT. -l'T:EW YORK. ExTRA CosT FOR ExTRA FINISH.-Washington, August29 .-An exhibitor at the Philadelphia Exhibitibn recently reported to the Treasury Department that his manager at Sheffield, England, in preparing in vo.ices of certain articles to be exhibited, added to the regular market va1ue thereof the increased cost of extra finish and polish of the goods. The exhibitor, in preparing a schedule preliminary to disposing of them in this country, omittet! !!UCh in creased cost, believing him self entitled to the dutiable value over the regular sell ing price in England of ar ticles of a similar character which have not received such extra polish and finish. The Appraiser at Philadel phia took a different view of the matter, and notified the exhibitor that the duty must be paid upon the values stated in the invoice, instead of those set forth in the schedule. The Department affirms the decision of the Appraiser, and has notified the exhibitor that the goods which he desires to offer for sale, although similar to those manufactured for the regular market in are more valuabl e by r e ason of the extra amount of labor expended upon them in add ing increased polish and finish, and that he must pay duty accordingly. L E A F. 1 [ ftom Thitd Pagel. the -past six weeks fully 2 cents per pound. anUfactur-(Continued from Second ing tillers have maintained themselves better than other are of such superior flavor, as compared with what grades; the supply is on the increase, and, for the n_ext was required by old-time tastes the water," Tobacco Statemmt. January r, 1876, stock on hand ip State warehouses, and on shipboard not cleared ________ ...... --..... -Inspected this __ Do previously this year. __ ..... 1 2,386 'hhds 2,235 hhds 44,r7s hhds month or so, they will be more plentiful, as the re-dners_ that we are persuaded the demand w!l be regular here in the country will be closing out their after for them. Taking a general view of the situation ning-leaf with '!Jod y and .texture in fair demand, VO:llh and no product for sale in this cou utry has the sam; only a moderate supply. The reports from the promise of remunerative returns thi s year as tobacco. crop are of a more encouraging has never Nor is there any thing to justify that there 58 796 hhds complaint frorp the cutt\ng d1stncts, and the not planted a full th1s It is an Export, Maryland and Ohio, since c crop iq quarter will be a full and. fine one. of umversal consumptiOn; and.the ttmes must be J anuar 1 ____ : . ___ 6 6 1 hhds 1Westeif1 Kentucky report an m ,.conhard ndeed, the world, 1f the dell'! and will Sh' d Y d 3 3 !::hd threefourths acreage. !he crop oflnouna, r.ot consume what IS produced. It has done 1t hereto-lppe coastwise same peno 4,9oo !! hhd a)l.d is also under. rnore favorable influ. fore, and there is nothing to indicate a radical change St k h :t. d d 41' 5"I s epees and late advices fro:O Virglnia give hope's now of now, in this respect, in the habit or intention ofmimkind. oc 111 ware ouse ay an A ""' 0' Wh 'd h ff b d K on not cleared ___ :. 17, 265 hhds more ._tpan P!i.lf an average. s .. 1 e If fS t k '!l'e cons1 e ,dr e e m .en1 backward both m planting and matunng, a ate ,a IS ue y, an tssoun, to pro uce an art1c e h he markket _mh th_ls to be r equal to that of Virginia and North Carolina, we can as een u an gutet the past wee wit wtt -not flag in our res olution to bring ours "fully up to the out change Rece1ved, per Balt1more and Oh1o '' PH\_I;..i\.DELPHIA, September 4.-Mr. A. R. standard." We must not allow our fortress to r<:'ad, from Danville, t ,77S boxes, 15 cases, and cad geray, Agent, reports:-The past be taken; what we pla .nt this .Spring,. let itbe culti des; and from Lynchburg, 69 r boxes, so cadd1es, ro transactiOns m Pbtg sum up, m vated and manured so thoroughly as to command its cases, 23 half bxs; per Richmond steamers, 2,696 pkgs; the aggre&ate, a lmprovemept, for sta_ndard just due, the "very top pf the market. We speak, nf and per Norfolk steamers, 8 do. brands, manufactur-ers every to course to whi t e men Si,nce the negroes have been CINCINNATI September 2 -Mr F A Prague manfifacture at .sucL figures as to teadly meet the vtews freed many of I refuse ,tn worl vas laborers but Leaf Tobacco bee.f: of dealers, an_d s we :?ave now 'the fir .st fall de to take land shares." 'Fhis bas had : a net well maintained during the. past week all usefui when 11 IS -:?us_ness Will rewill continue to h ave, the effect oft.hro\'VID& on the mar kinds of cutting stock, but are again weaker for the 1 vLvet I.R to ket innumerable malr crops; and 'noth\ng but the most nondescript sorts, which still constitute a large ,p1:1rtion that the _next nmety gve us ducjl .a[ careful and faithful assortmei)t by warehousemen wm of the at auction. Receipts. continue !ibera_l, to keep. the a basis lo:f reasonable uni though It IS generally conceded that the crop ut '7 5 IS :ovrtte and read. tlpng IS certladm h steed: 49 at $3@5 3Si 15 at 6@7.8o, rz at 8@9.4o; r8 and report that, fron1 orders_ they are now tobacco, at Danville, Reidsville, Winston, Milton and at ro.5o@r4 so; ro at andl1ave bP.en_ rece1vmg to be sh1pped they Durham, now reach millions of dollars every year, we Warehouse, 264 hhds and 3 boxes:-253 are le<;J to beheve dealers are contemplatmg a can understand the obligation we owe to Capt. Slade, hhds tobacco: 92 hhds Oh10 at $3@ 2 1.25. r6r c1d7d lmprovem.ent 10 traffic. are dmng and the place his memory should hold in the gratitude hhds Kentucky: 41 old at $7 75@23 75; 120 new at 4@ !he1r to ass1st the dealers m sales, by of our people. While all the upper and western coun-16.45 for common smokers to fine cutting leaf. 1 r hhds Sl.llt taste ,and please the eye of a faStidiOus ties of N q rth Carolina are fitted to produce this type in and 3 boxes West Virginia at $4 30@ 10.7 5; 3 boxes at smokmgpubl!c. ., great perfection, it is doubtful if the world anywhere can J.1o@23. Leaf Toba cc?.-Sales of Seed leaf the past week for show any thing equal to what is now grown regularly in ,.1Bodmann Warehouse, 226 hhds and 103 boxes:-222 home trade continue to. swell up gradually, but mostly Granville and Caswell. Virginia and North C a rolina. hhds cutting tobacco: 62 hhds Ohio at $; r6o of 'Connecticut arid Pennsylvania, with considera ble form a section by fhemsehies. The interests of both hhds Kentucky at 4 .35@ 23; 3 boxes at 5 65@6;_ 4 hhds r875 crop Connecticut changing hands-principally, are identical; and we trust that each ye*ar will bind them and 1 box West Virginia at 5o for common however, seconds; but, strange to say, a large propor-closer together in those ties of brotherhood that should smokers and fillers to fine cutting leaf. 99 bo xes Ohio tionof the sales is confined to in! nd and Western characterize m e n who stood shoulder to shoulder in a. Seed leaf: 59 at 3-4o@5o ;' 22 at 6@7 9o; 7" at trade. Our city manufacturers seem1 to be waiting for struggle, by the side of which the Revolution was as 8@g.7o; 9 at ro@14.25; 2 at a change in business befere they are willing to resume "child's play." Morris Warehouse, 201 hhds and 3 boxes:-193 hhds the ir old-time ways of manufacturing. Prices continue and 3 boxes cutting tobacco: 32 hhds Ohio at satisfactory. 21. 161 hhds Kentucky: 13 old at $7-9o@r3.50; I oox Export trade nolds on well. [AN at 11.75; 148 hh'ds and 2 boxes new at 3@IS-so for common smokers to fine cutting leaf. 8 hhds new West L 0 Barbadoes, rer bng: Wm. Robertson, Pennsylvama Virginia at f3.go@n:.2s for fillers and wrap-pers. and Western lea., 6 9 ,9S lbs; to Antwerp, per steamer Globe Warehouse, 199 hhds and 4 boxes:-190 hhds N_ederland, Red Star !me, 344_,960 lbs;,t g and 4 boxes cutting tobacco: 72 hhds Ohio at $ 4 20 @ L1verpool, per Indzf!na, Amencan !me, Wes.ter n 17. u8 hhds and 4 boxes C>\lio at J@r8 for common leaf, 289,7S4 lbs; w1th 321 cases to fine cutting leaf. 9 hbds new West Virginia o[ Pe8nnsyblvlama,frHo2 cases ofd0h6o, 4hOhdcasesf t 6 8 o 1sconsm, 1 5 a es o 3 5 s o a 14 o@ Western _and Virginia leaf; at the time the, HOPKINSVILLE, KY., September 2.-Messrs. M. H. ing sales :-279 cases of Connecticut, z69 cases of Brother, Leaf Tobacco report:-Re-Pennsvlvania, 86 cases of Onio, 32 cases o( Wisconsin, ce1pts smce ast report, 8z hhds; to date, r4,24r do; r6 New York Statf' 23 cases of Indiana tobacco r68 8 d k' h I same time m r _12,ou o; stoc m ware ouses, bales of Havana, and 21 hhds of Western and Virginia r,140 do. Sales smce last report, 124 hhds; to date, leaf 13,338 do; same time in 1874, 11,66o do. Our market 1 this week was rather stronger on all grades, but not RICHMOND, 4ul[usf 26.-Mr. R. A. Mtlls, quotably higher except on lugs which moved up 3{ c. Broker and CommiSSIOn Merchant, :-Smce my We quote common to medium lugs, sU @ 7 3{ c; good to last report has been no our market fine lugs, @83 c; common leaf, medium w'?rthy of note. Our offenngs conu.nue full and leaf, ro@r23/zc; good leaf, 13@rsc. The crop in the for all deSirable grade& ue well Non-. field is steadily growing, but considering the lateness of somewhat neglected pnces for the is not making as rapid progress as is desirak1Qds are slightly Below gve the ble. Much of it is still quite small in some sections, and and to rst mstant. I contmue my quotatiOns:it will require a late frost 10 make it useful. Our receipts Transactwns for the week 1,307 h'hds, 19-r trcs, 44 boxes. are now small that we shall henceforward have sales Inspections, from .October r, 1875, to September r, 1876', on! on alternate weeks. 43,889 hhds. Stock hand September r, r875: Inspec-y ted, 4,875 hhds; unmspected, 772 hhds; TNal, 5,647 LOUISVILLE, Wm. J. Lewers, Stock on hand September r, 1876: Inspected, rr,r6o; of the Tobacco Board ?f 1 rade, repo.rts:-Re-uninspected 4 ,7 6 2 Stock on hand September 1 r8 76, ce1pts m August, 6 ,930 hhds; dehvenes, 51910 do; stock 5 922 of sold and unsold, September r, 14,692 do; do Septem-1 ber 1 1875 111 277 do : ST. LOUIS, August 30.-Mr. J. E. Haynes, Dealer in .' sALEs IN AUGUST, ETC. Leaf Tobacco, reports :-.Received 864 hhds, Mollllt. ear. r,ro8 previous week. We note an inactive market Y 8 6 6 5 o,z67 during the past week, with a declining terii:lency in prices ear 1 7 ------------. ,go2 -ear 1875----:! ________ z,o74 25,575 on allj!'rades, excepting sound manufacturing s tock, Year 6,86o 53,-zor notably sweet fillers, are apparently .becqming Y 8 4 8, 282 scarce. An unusually large ort.i.on Qf the offerings ear I 73----------------3,530 0 1 N 6 8 41, 126 were in unsound condition and undesirable in quality. ngma ew ..... -----,24 0 1 Old 2,313 With continued ihactivi""' in the seaboard ngma -------------23 ;, New Rev1 ews _____ ,_. 6r6 3,!og cept for selections-and with fav .orable accounts rrom Old R the country respec'ting the growing crop, wliich Is repevew .. -----.... rs 3,119 f d d d d 88 hhd resented to have won'derfyl ly improved during past e o ay an to-ay amounte to 2 s. .... 1 d h' Prices have been gradua!Jy improvipg since 28th ult., two weeks, buyeTS on ower, specu at1ve an s rppmf all kinds participating 'except very common lugs and accouil't; l:iave a to stand off' an really heavy-bodied robaccos, the latter having held its force a. lower range priCes, wbtch they have been A REASON FOR SMOKING. IMPROMPTU PIECE OF COLLEGE VERSIFICATION.) They tell me I am clianging My smell and my complexion, That 'Baccy is deranging My strict That while the smoke ascending Obscures 111y. manly features, I!m v;isibly. descending 'l'ile scale of living creatures. They talk of sapless bacon And meagre smoked-llried fishes (My friends have ahn,ys taken Their from dishes); They think me quite unable Their wretchl!d slang to answer, Till I take up my fable And, ask them, What is Man, sir ?" Why, is not Man the Crater That cyowns Creation's swmmit? What action can be greater Than fire smoke to vomit? -I'm sure I need not mention To men of education That fluid under tension Produces an inflation; And, that if not delivered Of such obnoxious gases, Our olanet would be shivered, Atid ,spun through steflar spaces; Whereas, the fumes escaping Through those volcanic fissures, Which here and tbere are Relieve the inware pressures. Thus worlds are cured a.iling, we reverse the process, And, 'Baccy-sm0ke inhaling, our losses. tToday my heart is cracking, I'll smoket a.nd by to-morrow A erfP.ct coat of bll!cking rr in a measure successful, as wll be seen from our quoown while a l l else declined. We now quote:-tations, which we lower. Receipt up to the present HAVANA CIGAR BRANDs.-In the High Court of time for the year are z6,644 hhds, against 10 hhds Justice, March 2, -before the Master of the Rolls,, the Wilf hide, the trace of sorrow corresponding time last year. The on case of Hirsch vs. Jonas was hearll. This was -a tradeNondecript. Moderately. Really. Cutting. hand in first hands for sale at present time IS estimated mark. case. The plaintiff, who is an importer of cigars Com. lug 5 6 6 @ 7 s}4@ at r,2oo hhds, of w hich about one-half is redried ship-carrying on business m the city, lind sells cigars manuGood do. 5 @ 6 @ 7 @ 63/z@ 8 ping leaf, which appears to be held above the views of G f H d h I b 1 f C I f 6 Iff. r / @ 8 r/ 8 r/@ 8 @ "" factured by emr, o avana, un er t e a e o "Gloria om. ea v:; 7 }z 7 n ro ro o,yers. It is believed that the receipts from thts on d d r/ 8 r/ v' @ rL @ de Inglaterra," complame that the defendants, who Good o 7 .72@ 9 7z@Io} z Io 127z ro 12 must rapidly decrease, which occasions !orne holders to 11' F d @ rL@ r L L@ @ are Genii's London agents, were se mg cigars under me o, 9 11 ro}z r272 n}2 1 5 u 15 hope for better prices later on, but the views of dealers d d r r L @ @ L @ the same label, an move .or an In] unction to restrain Se!ea10ns ---.. I2n 15 IS 197'+ IS 23-as to the "uture course of the market and range of I b d d b 1 k them from doing, allegmg that the label was his ex-Rea ly heavyo 1e quota pons em race p ug-ma ers prices appear very con flicting. There is a good b k d r b h h' h h fr elusive property, having een regstered by him as m s, except .or ng t wrappers, w 1c are wort om for the finer descriptions of Virginia bright wrapping @6 N k th k s ld fi copyright in the .year r869. He did not .suggest, as;s 15 sc. one on mar et IS wee : o one ne leaf., "'t medium grades are in excess of demand, a nd h ld b k 1/. 1 ,?., ..,... usual in these cases, that t e cgars so y the defendblac wrapper at 19-r+c, a so two cutters at ar ... not paying out. Sales from Thursday to yesterday C h t ants were spurious, or of inferior quality to those sold rop prospects are more prormsmg t an a any time inclusive 193 hhds: r at_ 7 at 3@3.90; 32 at h d h h d h b t f tb by himself, but. rested his on an alleged trade right t IS season, an we ave a t every es o wea er 4 10 @ 4 no, 25 at 5@5 go; r6 at 6@6.8o; 21 at 7@7 .80; 1 b 1 c fi k N b h t h d 11 .,.or proprietary title to the a m question, which had ,or past v .. wee s : o section ut w a nas a a 2 6 at 2 6 at 9frll9 9o; 14 at ro@J0Si :: at h d h h h 1 "" "" J been originally designed by his orders, and sent out to the-ram t ey wante t oug we ear some camp amts II@rr.7s, 6 at 3 at I3.25@I3i 4 at ffi h f h s h K t k d t' h h "" Genir with direcliGns to a 1t to t e cgars to be sup-o too muc m out ern en uc y an nroug e 1 at 1 6.25; rat r8; r .at 22.50; rat; 1 Ch' Q 0 It d' t 'ct M t of th' e ea l tobacco topped and P b d d plied to himself. Mr. ttty, ., and Mr. T: L. cu mg s n os r Y at 2s, 1 at 30, r at 3SSoJ 22 xs at 2.6o@r7, an 3 o 1 'ff M h I 1 fi 1 f h' h 'II b Wilkinson appeared for the p amt1 : r. Edl"ard Cut, t e ate p antmg growmg ne y, most o w IC WI e Osage Connty bright wrappers at 24, 54 and 68. In d < p h k th t h ler for the defendants. The Master of the Rolls, who,:.. rea y or t ppmg m two tot ree wee s; en, o as ten th' e same time 22 hhds and r box were nasse_d, and bids h d' h d d h f t h t b 1 d 1 1!:0 in the course of t e 1sc. usson. a e.xpresse a strong, t e matunn o 1, t w ave o e oppe ow, say sx were reJ'ec ted on 1 6 2 hhds at $3 20 @21. 50 To:day, h 1 a n th f t t t r opinion that a man has not a nght to a_ ffi, x a trade mark to eg t eaves, an t en WI no ros o m euere we there was no material change from esterd ay. Sound h h d ld h f th 1 1 to an article not manufactured by himself, except for may ave a two-t 1r m weg t rom e ate p anttobacql, especi ally 3,opd sw .eet tille .. rs, was in 'good deh h ._ d d 1 h {i h f h h the purpose of denoting t at e uas exanune or se-mg, an nxar y t ree-ourt s o an average crop t roug mand, and comman ed satisfactory prices; but common I h d a s 'b h' k t lected, or approved the artie e, said it was the first case out t 1s a a JOmmg tates tn utary to t s mar e an 1 unsound '''as dull and slow Sales 6 5 at d ff 1 h' a 7 ,.. of the kind that had come b!lfore aim i1;1 which a serious Receipts are roppmg o As a genera t mg country 3 10a3 70,. 13 at 4@4 90 1-:!.t 13 at po@ d I b h h < h d ttl \:=r P attempt had. been. made to ebtain an injunction. The ea ers ar .. a out t roug tort e season, an very I e 7.8o, 11 at 8@8.8o; 1 3 at g So, ; 3 at 10.25 @ro.7Si 3 L d f h d Th b lk f t f plaintiff was a merchant m on on, having a corresm armers an s. e u o s ,rom now on at 1 at 13 2s@r3 ,so; 2 at I4@I4-75i 2 at f H of 'II b f f t th t h t ed 1 ed 1 f "" -ponuence a manu acturer at :).vana, whom he w1 e ro ac onf!s a .ave pu up r r ea 1 at 16.25,. 1 at 21, rat 24, 2 at 2s:.. and 3 boxes 6 f f II ''f I' 1 f h' h b was in tbe habit of buying cgars. Irrr8 9 the. plaintiff or a sau::s to mahu some Itt e o w IC as at 3 96@7 30 Bids were reJ't:'cted on 21 hhds at $3. 50 @ b d k 1'h b lk f 't had a design made, representing a 1ady_ wi:h a hon and een mspecte m past two wee s. e u o 1 s o. We quote:-Factory lugs, common to good $4@ ff b 1 b d 1 k' b d s a trident, and so forth; with the inscription "Gloria de poor stu I emg ong ony, an ac_ mg o y. orne 4 _75,. planters Jugs, do do dark 4@Sso_; pl.anters lugs, do h' d II' II d II d 1 t @ Inglaterra," and sent it to IS coHespon ent, te mg him answers very we an s e s very rea I y a 12 14c. do bri2:ht 4 .so@6, common dark leaf 7@8; E 1 d d M 1 w G M & C 0 k that he had protected 1t tn ng an an thereupon essrs. m. eer 0 report:-ur mar et medium do do 9@1o; good do do II 12i good red or Genir began to use it as' a label for a certain descriptifiln during the past four weeks has unde. rgone no change of brown shipping leaf; fine do do do' do 13@ L 1 ht d d t 1 f h' h of cigars manufacture_d by hm self, e. very box of which mportanct:, except on g an non escnp ea, w c 15 common manufacturing do do, medium h 1 H h' J' bore on it the label m qu esuoo, w1t a statement that we quote from to rc ower. eavy s 1ppmg qua ltles do do do, good do do do 12.frll14,' medium half I d h d f c \!" the cigars were of Joseph Genir, man}l!acturer at Hav-re main scarce an a;e_muc InqUire a.ter. rop prosbr'ght wrappine: leaf I8@ 2s, good bnght do de 3S@4S: .. h h f bl d ana. That being on the face of it a representation that pects lmprovmg; t e weat er rernams avora e, an fine do do do 6or.. 70 Our quotatio11s refer to tobacco f h 1 f 11 f d d d \"1 the cigars were of Genir's own manu acture, how could wtt a at"l a we can expect a crop o goo an esrin sound condition and full weight hhds. able quali!y. As to quantity we look for about U of a the Court make an interlocutory order in aid of the crop in Kentucky; and an .average yield in Indiana, Illi-FOREIGN. plaintiff's asserted right? The pl:1intiff had at present nois and Missouri. T.he Southern District, Clarksville and LONDON, August 24.-Messrs. Grant, Chambers & shown no contract on the part of Genir to supply him Tennessee, under the most favorable circumstances can Go. report as follows :-There has been but llttle done with these cigars exclusively, or not to supply th 'ese not raise over half a crop. .. in American tobacco during the past week, and the trans-cigars to anybody on what principle was Messrs. Lewis & Bro's Monthly Circulars says:-The actions have been confined to selections of th; finest the Court to grant mtenm relief where the defendant market dqring the past month has been somewhat irregu-grades, for which full prices have been obtained. For said "l am the manufacturer's agent, and the article I Jar; at the opening, prices were firmer and a export descriptions little has been owing to small sell is genuine" ? The true meaning of a trade mark ft>eling seemt:d to have again entered the market,. ou't as stock on sale. Western leaf and sttips have been only was, that the -goods protected were manufactured, or the month progressed all grades became easter and a in moderate demand, and prices are without alteration. at least approved or by the owner of the trade m:uked decline of %' of a cent on lugs and 1 cents on Virginia leaf and strips-But little to report in the for mark, wr o in this instance was Genir, not the plaintiff. leaf was noticeable, and continued so until the :roth, mer but for fine strips there is a demand. Maryland Being of opinion that the pla'ntiff had shown no case when the market reacted to some extent, and and' Ohio-Sales of the former trifling; in the latter for granting an interim should order the though at prices some less than the quotationsjn our rather more business done. Cavendish-The better motion to stand over until the heanng, a!ld make the. month's circular. leaf has within grades are in more request costs in the cause. )


THE TOBACCO LEAl'. SEPT. 6 o Ma.D.ufacturers,. Tobacco J Tobacco Brokers. -LI_C_O_R-IC-E-, P_A_S_T_E-. LICORICE. JOHN ANDERSON A CO. TOBACCO BROKER lfANur A<.."TURERS OF THY, .., m mm TOBACCOS 'W AIJ.IS dk co. 114 nnd 116 LIBERTY STREET. NEW YORK, U.. to direct tt>e attention of the Dealere In TobKco -&J>d tbe '!!> CELEBRl!ED SOLACE FINECUT OJD."WWXQ TOBACCO, Tobacco manufachuers and the trade in geBeral are particularly requested co examine and test the superior properdls of this LICORICE, which, being now br.ought to the highest perfection is of. fered under the above style of brand. We are also SOLE AGENTS for the brand -.:ale b. Is 'being oace more manufactured uoder' tho ,.. G .Jt G. 0. AS HOYT & CO.. "Acknowledgedbyconsumer:sto be the best in the market. And for the brand MANUFACTURERS OF and now stancio, ""Connorly, without rivaL Order!! of Licon"ce Stl"ck FINE 0 0 ".1" CHEWING AND SMOKING ;J'OB.A.OOOB AXD IIXVI'I' I OUR !!RAND!! CHEWING : ;UNNYSIDE, HEARTS' DELIGHT NATIONAL, BRIGHT OWEN EXTRA CAVENDISH. 0 ... aad oe PE.&.RL ST., IWJCW TOB.B:, forwarded throuch the aaual cha.nnela wW meet with prompt &"-entiou. KOJII. .Jt CO., J. F. FLACC & CO.. In all respects equal to CALABRIA. us ._us FIRST ST., BROOKLYN, E. u.. Consumers and Jobbers would do Manufcturera of the Celebrated Branda. well to apply direct. Harvest, Surprise & Seaside Foil, .. Onll.aUT, ..... Galu:y, Ivanhoe and Bellwether, Granulated AB8UIM@AU, WALLIS a 00.1 & Fircsiic, J oily Boys and Red J acl:ct, LOlli cut as 31 South William Street 27 Pearl Street, NEW YORK. B. FISQBBR & BRO., Tobacco Brokers, 131 Water St., NEW YORK. CHAK1.i::8 F. OSBORNE, JAMES G. Tobacco Bro'li:er, No. M BROAD STREET, 'M NEW YORK. M. Rader & Sen, 200 SQUARE, MISCELI,A.NEOU!iJ: hiSO.ELLANEOlJS. WM. DEMUTH & CO., TJIS SOL& KAMUFA.!;'TUitL.U .. -...:.._ ...,r J ;4 l i J BRIAR AND APPLE-WOOit PIPES, WfTH RUBBER m'l'S. lmpaN:I of Ill tmcla.Gf Bmoktn' 4rUclll. UPTEGROVI & GIDNEY. m DEALERS IN 601 BROADWAY. SPANISH CEDAR. FOR CIGAR BOXES, WILLIAM WICKI If I && to 47& East Teath Street, Cigar-Box Manufacturers, (Saw Kill, 470 to 476 E. Uth St.,) NEW YORK. 11)3 to 161 COERCK ST., NEW YORK. All Gr&cle SnlJlr. LICORICE PASTE AND STICKl1 TOBACCO BROKERS, A. R. SMITH, J G I p tu A. S. COMSTOCK, enera ar en. -,, W, LOCKWOOD, Spedal. -PRICE LIST. or ., .._ G. s 131 l'E.A!L S'l'UE'1', GOODWIN & -co:;G. W. Gail & Ax, BALTIMORE, DJI:E'OT .A.KD .A.GJIKC"'" Of the Manufacture of -AT2fJ7 & 209 WATER NII;W YORK. ----220 PEARL STREET, lEW YORK. WEISS, ELLER & KAEPPEL, Agent.. ECK:HEYER & D. H. McALPIN CO .. 48 BROAD ll 48 NEW STREETS, Manufacturers o(t!Je SOLE AGENTS FOR THE '.I S OF CELEBR.A.TED FINE-CUT Rnxsian Tobacco Vir[in LBaf .and Navy ChBwin, COMPAGNIE LAFERME StPetersburg,Koscow,Warsaw,Odessa,Oresdeu. And dealers in :NEW YORK. P.o. Box 4786. Clga.ra, 1'll1g 'I'oba.cco, Snufi', Snufi' Flour, etc. G. 8, MILLER & !OBACC 0 MANU FA OTORY, COLLINS, lfta:INDS OP MANUPACTO.KRI OP "1'111. C&LUlt.ATU Wro. G. B. Miller & Co. Chewing and Smokin& Tebacco, the only Genuine Americm JIUI'Il Snuff; Mrs. G. B. Miller & c ,o. Maccaboy -d. Sco tch S11ull'; A. H. Mickle & SoftS' Forest :J.oso and Grape Toloacco; Mr&. G. B. Miller WOIUlS. pAcE tc co. IUCCI!:SSOit !i TO F. B. Bl .r.. 'Z!W'Q.....-.:1, GE.'bl'ERAL AGENTS, CONSTANTLY ON HAND .A. FULL AS- ,E SORTMILNT .A.T LOWEST MARK..ET a.u.nioaa, XD. No.3 Park Place, New York. Jl'aetory hleuoo WliiST 4cu. sT., 4,4,4, uaoor CIGAR RIBBONS. NJCW' YOE.E ACZNCT, A. HEN & 43 Lberty Street, opposite Post Office,IMPOB.TZE.S. OF SKOD:EtS DEALERS IN TOBACCO, SECARS,-SNUFFS, &c. PIONEER TOBACCO COIPANY, OF BROOKLYN, N. Y. I. I.TFOID, 1'-. F. G. :HAWES, !;ea.,. I. J. :'Wil'l'LOOr, TM.. Spanish & German CIGAR RIBBONS. --ton!res Yellow 7-8 lr, 35 rllo $1.90 l!road YellOT 6 72 Y41. t 1.116 l!roacl Yellow 6-8 Na. l, 721'4L 1 '10 Broacl YellOT 6-8 2, 72 748. 150 ll:oacllled. &-8 .. 1, 72 1.10 llroad Reel 6-8 I, 72 1.60 Espanola 6-8 1, 72 6-8 I 72 141, l. e-s a: 7214L 1. Narrow W t-Il 1, 72141-, l. Narrow Roc! t-8 2, 72 l. Narrow Bed i-8 3, 72 yds. ll Narrow YellOT 1, .JZ Narrow Yellow iB S. 7ll yds. 1. Narrow !'ellOW' t-8 3, 72 yd.s. 1.00 Lontires Yellow 7 1, 3i yds. 1T0 Lonarta Yellow 7 3t l51 Lon4rea Yellow 7-8 '' 2]3, 34 Loni!.res Yellow 13-16 3, 34 yds. Lonclres Chico 3-4 1, 3i r;a. Londres Yellow 7 "10, M Lontires Yellow 7-8 15, 3i yd.s. 1. 00 Londres Yellow 13-16 "20, 34yds. 0.90 Lonues lee! 7 1, 3i yell. l70 lted l!ox Ribbon 3-8 72 yds. 0 .85 Yellow Eo:z: lUbbon 3-8 72 yell. .110 Ribbons Cut and Printed to otder in any sbe olyle. All Orders will be prooaP.tlJ executed. Prices. of Cicar Boaes a ad Samples of wlll be sent on.. application. WILLJAJI WICKE *-()(), TO T 'OBACCO CROWERI. TRT >IRE STAR TOBACCO FERTI'LIZER. containing 1arge 'pU centase of ?Ol'ASE, AKHO'NIA t SOL miLE l'liOmrAT!, obtained o n TOBACCO, o tn Guano PRICE lliO l'.Eit TON, IN DALTIIIlORJII. Apply o LORENTZ .t; RITTLE&. CHEMICAL WO!l.KS, B.U:.TIIIIU R E. .TOSEP:S:. J AIJ.tiRALL. IMPORTER OF "6NLY FINE'" HAVANA Co. Resene Smok.iDg and Chewing Toilm"' All order promptly Depot with F. IEttSelbaoh, acAi.Es RE:PAIRED. Y'or:Js.. U IKX'IW .A. -v.11111111, WIIIW TOJUE:, BUSJlrt:SS OJTICJM' FANcY PIPEs_ 124 Water st., New:York; Leaf Tobacco .f6 Ceda' 8treet, N. Y. lJUCHANAN & 1 YALL, orrrc:a, 64 llr.oad street, New York, FACTORY, 10. 2 FIIIST IISTRICT, SOiiTII BROOKLYN, M.;m1lfactw:en Gf the CoJiowrinK'" OEUIBRATED Bl\AJO)S OF I .P:BACCOS "-net Nu7, 481 5, 6-, 75, S., ,., oe. Wlor'a CJtoice, -. Ji, ...., sa, 6s, 7_, Sa, 101. Qtallence, lb:. X:lnc Philip, W...aingt.oe, Jie, .. Grape and Apricot, Neptane, Do.W. TWM. U.c ... quered, .. rt. dtt. F111"7 Btl. lf._oe Pe .. cla, )larrapnoctfo TK1'm-h "'lo .Aieailcb>o, ..._tiooo, BA&GIIG. lii4TATION SPANISH LINEN, F AKOY S'rB.IPBS, .b4 aU ... do .c c-"'" for op;. '--Tobae... AIM, -pleto -t ol ...._, A'l'tNiN Cet tAe Tratfe. ltOWliD SAIC I CO., I.OG 6 I.Or CHAXBERS ST NEW rORIC. CZLBB1U.T.ED =.::::: '"' Gold Jlan, J-clr. of Cluba. f .., WI.&.UMII ZIA.TlD C. L'rALL. J "ORIGINAL X.l& liaload .s,. GREEN SEAL" AND OTKitR CKOICE VEEBSCIUt1K SMOIING 'l'O!AOOOS, Cut &o.m "':f1r,-iala Plac. W. C. iiOII'l', Sole K&zmfact'lll'lll', t'ol, Plae St....t, lfw T-IL. Russian American Mfg. Co., & J. A. Lukanin, &ole A.cent. ia America for tile i'"'' FYl.ll .C (' &'M:AN.GOUBY, .. IUSSID ciiaiim'ST iJiiSH TOBACCO '1"l:1o t:n. 'the -P. OII'FIOE, 113 BROADWA.Y, l'IEW YOlt.B:. K. C; BARKER & CO., Manufacturers ot the Celebrated FINE-CUT TOBACCOS, EAGLE" .... !2. AMD > Also all other i'rades of Fine-Cut ancl Smoking Tobaccos, DETROIT, MICH. Alde from packlng our "AMEII.! CAN E.-\GLE" and "CLU'P.ER"' in the usual. dzed W(V)tt .. o ,o, ,o, 40 and 6o lb!!a., "". t put both o f these grades up vet") mcely 1n 0N'tr. 'frN' ForL PACJC.A .... .as l;l ck:ed ln .It" an-i )i Gross boxes. Liber.:t.l !JT)ces made to the Jobbing trade. .____:o:BRIER AND FANCY WOODS 1e cJmva.&z. WB.Alll', 4:0 :North W'atc:zr St., Phila.clelpl:U.a.. Pa; P::R.:Z:Om :t.a%T. or SPANISI GliAl Rill S.$1 IUI(UF .A.CTUlUtD liT BAR. VEY a FOI\D, &AT,FBII.OOM-385 & 118'1 C.&.Jr.&.L STIU!E'I', JIEW' YOBJL F.A.CTORT-LEDGEIL PL.&.CE, PWILADl,PHLA, BELCHER, PARK tc CO., l>OLK .AGKKTS l.lf. THX UNITKDITATES FC>El. '1" am OZG.A.El.8J e>P rELE EL MERITO. FACTORY, .IACKIONYILLE, FLORIDA Collece 2'lace, Ne'W York. ALL !I'RE OP 'l'HB .A.JIOVB PACTOlt.Y CLEAlt. REJALL & BECKER, W.A.MOJ' ACT11It:I.RI OJ' EERSCBAUI & AlBER OOODS, AKD IXPOI!.T.RS OJ' FRENCH BRIAR PIPES & SMOKEIS' ARTICLES Ko. H Ohaaben Street, ____ ,,_ Bro It. .. ,..c '' rani, Epaaola, a-1 72 yard1, JfaTOW ae:a; T S-lirET CASK, 25 Lake street, C hicar;o. '-'Ill> >45 UANUFACTURERS OF THE WELL-KNOWN "MATCBJ.ESS," .. HENRY WULSTI!IN, to lle.-1& *' And numerous other CELEBRATED' BR. -\NDS of PLUG' TOBACCO. 6


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