The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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\ .VOL XII.--NO. 32. NEW WEDNE8DA Y, SEPTEMBER 20, 1876. WHOLE NO. 604. Viht lobacco ltaf IS PUBLISHED IVIIT WIDN!ISDAT KOli.NlN(J, BY 11flB Tobacco Leaf" Co., :1.42 .Fulton St., New .York. EDWARD BURKE -------Editor JOHN G. GRAFF-Business Manager l:r All Letters should be plainly addr61sed .. Til TOBACCO L'&AP" PUBLISHIHG Co. Terms of the Paper: Sn&c;La CoPIIL5 ........................ 1oCente. :: .::: .: :: .:: .. ::.::: U'"' Remember ,that th e cost to the yearly A v ,._ "' Co., 70 ao.t ,. ......s. J'os. DUla & Co., 1r5 Water. J'rieod E. & G. &: Co., 129 Malden Lane G&tdloer .J M. 04 Froot. Garth D. Son & Co., 44 Broad. Gauert j. L. & Bro., 16o Water. GenheJl... & Bro., 191 Pearl. O.thrle &: c ..... Front. HamburgeT I & Co., 151 Water. Hawa, Chas. a ug Malden Laoe. Hert.t lr. Ramdobr, 189 Pearl. IHllaalo G. W So Front. Khmkut Thomas. <;a 8road. ltoeulg & Sube1t, K.re21e1ber g & Uo. 16o Pear\. Lacheubruch &: Bro., 164 WatCI' Laante A. C., JU Peart. I..e.set-er& Fischel. 213 Pearl J...eorlD M. H., 163 Maitland Robert L. & Co., 43 Broad. Martin & Johnson, 19 Froat Merfelc!, Kemper & Co., 131 Malden Lae Meyer A. 0. L & 0., 411 Beaver. o.tma.n Alva, 166 Wate1. Ottlnpr JlruthHO 4lllroad 9t. Prlc;e Wm. M 119 Maiden Lane. Q.dD, J. 1' & Co., 39 llread. '&etsmaan. G. t 79 t'eat'l. Wallace & Co., 47 Broad. Schlegel G. a86 Front Scluoltt J ''' Wter. .Sclaoverhng H. 142 Water. SchrHciel' 1 Bon. I'J8 Water. Schroeder & Koch, 3+6 Pearl. Scll.ubart H. 41 Co 1-46 ''rater ScoftUe A. H. & Co., 170 \Vater. Spti1JIUII, E. IY <.:o Burling SHp. =ner l:. H. u8 Water Co., 197 Daane. 1oD & Storm, .UJI Pearl. Strobra & Reiben-.tein, I'J6 Froot. T.., Charles F. It Son, 184 Froo&. Taq.borot, F. W 68 Broad. Telfer, A. 191 Pearl. Upoii&IUI. Carl, 171 Pearl. CoMMissitm Mnlf.a'lfts. ROJDee Brother Ill Co. t6 & .a .K&c:hUJce Buytr of TolJa&u. R-1 G. 55 Broad. T.t>.rec:o Broun Cattaa John, u7 Pearl. JI'\Kber Ch.a.!l. E. &: Bro. 13r Water l'lacher, lt,rederick. 41 Broad o.bom_e1 CbarJe .. F., S4 lSroatl Rader M. & &m, 131 Sbaclo. A. 1>q Jlaiolen Lane b iclu. CLARKSVILLE. Hillier's R. Sons & Co. 55 Cedar. Luf TobtCI> Scbe1lelin W H. Co., 170 and an William. Cla-rk, ll: H. 1c Bro. Hava"" CiJ:a' Flvw. D Tries Alex. Ill Fros., 16 College Place -... ILl.E, V Mawilfact11,.1.,.s-tlf Licwla. CAiuio MtrCjJJt Hi1Her '11 R. & Co., 55 Cedar. Peabertnn & Penn. w eOTer & Sterry, u Cedar Wlae M. & Peyton. Sml lftsptttlrwt. DAYTOlf, 0', &: Co. 178M Water. Jli{tJ,WfMtWW,.I Df Fi114-Ctd lid s,,;n.; Finke Charles, 155 Water. t6Mu. Linde F. 0. *'Co, ,42 Water. Cotterill, Fenner & Co., U.Jll7 E. Second. McAleer, 1''. & A. & Co., 147 Water Hogtea 6 .. Tobatco Gathrle & Co., ,.S Front. Graves G. N.ANBURY, Co-. ) Toi>acco DD'ROIT, Mtoh. Hood less W. J. &: Co., aa WitHam. HtlttM/aotNnrs f Cluwi"r i Matzu{acturus oJ Ci: .Boxe1. TobMCtJ. Erichs H. W. 353 South. Barker K. C. &: Co. '4 &: 76 jefferson avi. HeniLeU Jacob, 211 .c a Moaroe., Parker_. Holmes 41 Ca., 57 Jeffersoa Straass s. & 1&1 Lewis. Walker McGraw Co 31-3S Atwate r Wick Wnnam & Ch ,53-161 Goel'ck. Ha11a,. and PacJ.:n-3 / SNIJ -Leaf To!Jacco. Cigr Bor, C.d.r tlorlur iYHt/1. Lkhtenberg G. B. &: Congreos st Eut Daly & Co., 163 Malden I.oe DURH-AM, N. c. CJcR Ribbt>"' Smol:iy; ToH45 State ],jtwl,n "' Ti" Lee t ubt!, a.J Triir LANCASTER, Pa. Heppenheimer & Maurer, 31 a: 14 N. William. Dealer itz Leaf Tobacco. Wu!IIO!wr. A., 51 Obatbam. Schuberth. C. G. 'J. .. bacco Stali"t Stilet lk Frey, 61 and 63 Nortll Duk.e. Zlauer W. a: Oo., William. LIVERPOOL, Eq, if BrtJ.t. Ru,; Cit"""'" Samuelson EdWird & Co. 62 Dafe Kkloey F. S.141 West Bruadway. Smytae F. W. & Co., o North J obo. A.r-q /Dr c_,. a,,., LOUISVILLE. K.7. Ci,.antU. Plug Tobacco Dt1Bol1 Broadway. Ftnzer J 194-190 Jacob. 8tra1JM tiM Vutters, c;...., t;;,..,. M../61. NtmuftUhlr., 37 Gal Gautber, L W. 9 Soatb Ga7 MufcturertT ltnlton & Bt&rm, 118 and 18o Pearl llatro 1t. Newmark. 76 Park Place Tabel & Rohrberg, 171 Wancler &: Habn, 290 & :19a .lowery. A#4ftw,..,,.,,., f rr B. North Eleeotb M4o'ifr.rrn if Cigar Bat.cbelor Bros 8oS Market Hildebrand 1: Klingenberg, 37 North Seveatb Knecht, Smith Jt Co., 131 North Third St. Ludy ]no. J 5'3 & 5>5 S. >Oth. Theobald A, H Third aDd Poplar. Wello & Roberts. fhire .88" Frod'l< & Co lorttrl of LUri p..,. Aosado N. R. -4 Broadway. Gifford, Sherman a l nnls. uo W'!lham Argulmbau, Wallis Ill <.:o 2cj 4:$1 5. \'fUllam :llcA.ndn::w James C., 55 Water Weaver .,. ::Sterry. Oedar. Lut ,.,;d Cigr<. ll.illa 11.. A. M-..'"aelnr / Cizr ...1 Dulw;. THtlu ROCIIERTEB. 11. Y, Maurer C. F., l..,-ack. M. .I'. of Tobttao Du/tr& i Luf a .. J,,.,.,,., 0 llaDdhalren Broe., '7 West Rlndulph. Whalen B.. a: T., 18 State. a Milof.c,.rm o.f Fi C.r c-ig ftd s-.1-SAN FRANCISCO. n.g, uJ in Ltf Tob-. The Coll8olidated Tobacce Co. of Oillfonrta, Bee* WlrtJa. :12 and a 4 Water. E.. :Sri&"g::t, Aeent. 201 Froat Tal Aclama HeArY H a Lall.e SPRINGFIELD, CINCIJOI(ATL D<.kr ;. H-aa D""utie u'lfT""-. ..._._ Heur .. 16t-165 Pearl Mallay IUch II Brotllg-, FroDt. Dealn1 '" Sp..nillt tsnd t.Jigar Leaf TD6a aod 54 J:;aat Tblrd. Ltf 7- Broom. Uollrmano. F W cnr. o aod Froat lllorrts W. G 71 W Froot A/-..1-n 11/ C'KD'' ttrrd Ihal. bl L8af Tobacco. Krohn, Yetas & Co., n6 Vine ,l..ow.totba l S. Ca., u 'W eat Third. Newburgh Brothers & Co, v6& 78Jrlaia Wetl, & Co., Ma.a ZlDa j uob Ill Bro., 'B Eaat Seco"". S/uet Mrtal Cigar DDbnl Napoleon. 166<68 Weal Second. 14/ i111j#el._. F ..... F. A. .Stn1,nc CiprB,z FacUwy. Geiae B. II: Brother, 93 Clay Bmlth H. & Co., 10 Hampden ST. LOUIS,lllo, W Dormltzer C, & R. tk Co., 123 Kartei. ComrJuuitJ Belvin & Co., :no Notth Second T11Hu#. Von Phul & Ladd, >3 Nurth Main Tohtuco Brokr Bla:rues.J.E.. 17 So,.th Second TOLEDO, OHIO. Ma.,ftlf.Ctwrlr a-.d T9o Jrleaaincer, Charles R. lJTICA, 11. y Fiat Cru ca,.."'l-s.dig Pl.-walter B. WAREHOUSE POiliT, "- Padn-of &ed. LeafTtJ6aao. Parker R. A. WESTFIELD. M-. p,..;,.,, .,.., ;. SMI Lilli T-.-. Boucbnunn j obn C. 'THE THIRD BIE FRED'K DeBARY. & CO., 41 & 43 'Warren Street, New SOLE AGENTS FOR SALE OF THE, EL PRINCIPE DE GALES DrBHLTDRY c 1: a .A :a s :1 "ILL5UJI'AC'l'lJB.lim AT Tll1ll KEY WEST .f;B.Ali!CH 011' THm CELEBilATED &L PlUJ!JOIFiii Olio GALE!I J1AN1f,. ToBAcco TBADB NOW BEING PREPARED BY THE "TOBACCO LEAF" PUBLISHINO CO. READY FOR DELIVERY ABOUT 1,. 1S77, Will contain the FULL ADDRESS nd REVENUE DISTRICT of every TOBACCO, CIG R and SNUFF MANUFACTURER and DEALER n the UNITED STATES, as also the Address of ever Person in any way connected with the Tobacco lndu y of the United States and Dominion of Canada. Every Name and Interest Alphab ically Classified I and Arranged under State heads, 110 that each sTATE, CITY and TOWNSHIP sb:11l b11 in itself. $4.00. ONE PAGE ........... ..... ............ ..... 100. HALF PAGE.... ............... . . .. .. 110. Q,U.A.B.TER PAGE.. ..... ..................... ll5. TOBACCO lEAF" PUBUSHIN. G CO., t.._ 1 148 FULT011 STREET.,-liE YOB.K. I T _::&:llll Eam.A.::&"' Com.m ends ittelf 'tO e,.ery oDe in aoy waY iotere.ted lo either as GroWer, hla'iJa.f&ctilrer, or D.!aler. Jt givea annually ao immense amount of nformatioo regarding Tobacco and 1ta manufactures, and thus constitutes a rJIUh that has lona sloce beeo recognized as sta'udiog at ihe head of apecial trade publica boo& Its m.Uket reports are foil and e.zhaustive, nd come from every quarter of the globe where Tobacco is aold. It is the OMJ.Y weekly publication ecJulively devoted to Tobacco. Conapondeace Olicited. SMUGGLING CIGARS. --"Customs Inspectofs McCort, Hogan and Normore captured at an early hour yesterday morning from the steam:>hip City of Havar.a, Captain Phillips, from Mex ico and Havana, lying at the Upper Quarantine, s, ooc Havana cigars of the choicest brands, of Flor Cilel Fumar, Escercion, Regalia Britannicas, etc. They were turned into the Custom House seizure room last evening, and will be sold for the It is almost impossible to take up a morning paper published in this City without encountering a paragraph in substance resembling the above. This is not the only, even the latest, announcement of the kind to which our attention has been called during the week; but we select it, for a few words of c0mment, because, brief it is, it very fairly describes the nature and ex tent of the offence committed, and. the punishment to be lnfticted t.ipon its perpetrators. As certain as the Havana steamers arrive at this port just so certain is it that somebody-usually the subordinates, it is only fair to state-connected with them .will be found trying to obtain an incr ease of earnings by spiriting foreign cigars ashore in violation of law, afler the goods have been taken away fro1n the smugglers and turned into the seizure.-room of the Custom that is the last the public is apt to hear of either the goods or the smugglers, until the next succeeding arrivals of the steamers, when the old story is repeated by the capture of other lots of choice .cig; in the hands the same parties. This st;tte of things h::s been c<;>n tinued without intermission, and without perceptible change irr the programme on either the side of the smugglers or the Government, for several years, and the question obtrudes itself, Would it not be just as well, and possibly a l ittle better, if some varialion, even if only for the sajte of variety, were introduced in the manne r of disposing of these cases? _\s the law provides for the confiscation .of ves s els by which goods are brought .here in f1 aud of the revenue1 why is it, it may be asked, that these steamers are allowed to openly defy the law -without incurring any r isk or inconvenience than having the illicit cigars conveyed in them turned over to the Customs authori ties? Tbere seems to be singular laxity on the part of the higber authorities in this matter. The subordinate officials are vigilant, and apparently desirous of breaking up this system of e;adi'ng the law witn res pect to the importation of cigars, as is proven by tlje l in shirking the respons ibility of meting out to tl:le culprits and their abettors the full measure of punishment provided by law. The confis cation of one of the steamers by which illicit cigars are bn;>ught this port, or, what would amount to the same thing, compelling the owners to comprom ise by FACTORY OF IU.VAl!IA KEY WEST HAVANA-CIGARS. SEIDENBBRG a CO., and 86 READE STREET, NEW YORK, Proprietors of the' --. LA ROSA. ESPANOLA FACTORY. G. W. HILLMAN CODISSION MERCHANT IN MANUFACTURED 'TOBACCO, -so :FRONT STREET, NEW YORK. Plug and Smoking Tobaccos from Virginia. and. North Carolina. Factories. The Celebrated. Golden Cut Cavendish Smoldng Tobacco. yep ALL 4 LAWSON, 33 ])IURR:A.V N. MANUFACTURERS OF THE .''EL CLUB DE YATE'' KEY WEST-IIAVAN A CIGARS. WEISS, ELLER & KAEPPEL, IIIPORTEBS OF THE '' BOSE BR'A.ND '' 220 Pearl Street. New 'W. c. HAVANA w-EIL SOLE & -co_, IMPORTERS, 65 Pi:t.Ie S-treet, Ne-w York. the payment of the value to avoid forfeiture, would speedily diminish the number of cigars smJggled llere in the regular Havana steamers, and limit what smug gling might thereafter be done to the Jess pretentious craft that ordinarily are supposed to be the ones most likely to ePgage in such traffic. The head of -the Treasury Department is probably of the opinion that the cigars which escape capture are so few as to make them of little consequence to the. Gov ernment, and he is content to allow them to e sca pe so long as from those that are he succeeds in obtaining, through comprom i ses, forfeitures and penalties, for -conversion into the Treasury, something more than double the amount of duty sought to be evaded. But there is mere than the Government's interest to be cared for i1;1 this connection Besides the regular impmters of c i gars, whose contri@utions to the revenue, t.hrough the enormous duties which they pay, entitle them to tpe fulle s t poss i ble o[ protection, there are manufacturers of and dealers in domes t ic cigars whose interests have also to be consisered, and who find their trade much more affected than is generally supposed by the competition of imported cigars which reach the market without customs or interflal-revenue tax. This dishonest traffic can be, and should b e, stopped without needless delay. The existing on the is ample for its suppression, and we ask for its prompt and vigorous enforcement for that purpose. MORE ABOUT THE RETAIL CI GAR AND TOBACCO '.l'RADE Nothing is more than that our implied cen in last wee k 's ToBACCO LEAF, of that class of dea e ; s who, for s el fish ends, have Dearly ruined the rO ta i ] cigar and tobacco trade in this city, w ill 8e thought unmerited by the persons to wJl6m it was intended to apply, as also by still another class of political econo mists, who assume t o believe that tbe general welfare of a community-in so far as welfare is affected by the cost of individual and collective maintenance-is best subserved by low prices. It is a p:art of the philosaphy of some p eople that the world is an oyster, designed es pecially for a favored few to eat; or a lemon, which only those of the longest reaca and strongest grasp have a right to squeeze and suck. We do not pro;JOse to argue in advance with such people here. Our o!}jac t in returning now to the subject partially discussed in our previous ltading article 1s, to a.dd thereto such re flections as seem properly to belong to it : were prevented from occupy i ng their proper place in the former summary of by lim it ations of space. The general tendency of prices is downward; citation in proof of this fact i s needless. Every body is to admit it. Consumers have clamored for lower prices for years, and at thi3 moment are asking for (urther reductions ; and according to tbe investigations of a morning they are obtaining what they FACTORY _OI'.J. BASCH & CO., _atJ3t5 Chatham Skeet, New


2 THE seek. All o f which 1 5 n ght and as tt should be. The number of local and out of town bu v ers. Through the cost f o r a long time o f nearly every thmg consumed and eioquence of Mr Draper remarkably full IJrlCes were rece1ved for the goods disposed of. consum a b l e has been a great deal more than tt ought to have been, and 1f thts admtsston was a truth as applt cable to the leadmg articl e s sold m retatl c1gar stores as 1t 1s to those sold elsewhere, we should have no fault to find w1th the operat ions ::>f "Cheap Johns and their abettors, and neither this nor the preceding tesumomal to their 10glonous achievemenu would have been written. But such is not the case. In no part1cular 1s there simiiarity between the retail prices of other mer chandise and the class of goods m ctgar stores to wh1ch refe rence has been made. The consumers who have soU gli a d obtamed a reduction of prices in consumable articles generally have just1fied the1r cla1m for reduction on the ground of the hberal profits reahzed by dealers under the rates established by the war. But consumers of tobtcco never thought of such a thing as askmg for chewmg tobacco at reta1l at an average advance upon jobbmg cost of six tenths uf a cent per one ounce PETITIONERS NoT WELL PosTED -An exchange says -"A peutwn w1ll be presented at the next sessiOn of Congress by the to!;)acco-growers of Boone County Mo praymg for the repeal of the law WhiCh Imposes a tax on leaf tobacco. The petition w1il be drawn up and pre sented m due time to every farmer mterested 10 tb1s branch of agnculture."-There does not happen 1o be any tax on leaf tobacco., I Read THE TOBACCo LEAF regularly and become wise. --ON HIS WAY TO WASHINGTON -Mr. Israel Kimball, ch1ef of the tobacco divtsion of the office of Internal Revenue, passed through th1s city on h1s way to Wash mgton on Mo;aday last Mr K1mball has been spendmg a few weeks wtth hts fam1ly at Portsmouth, N. H Arduous labor m the serv1ce of the Government has senously aff.:cted the health of faithful pubhc servant, but we are glad to perce1ve that he has denved much benefit from the relaxation he has recently enjoyed m the country. package, whtch, as we have shown, is now the A TESTIMONIAL Shultze, oftb1s ctty Lao rate, unt1l the" Cheap Johns" voluntanly tmttated them caster Examzner and Herald of the 13th, observes, has into the practtce of do10g so. The cost per gross of beea in the employ of E. Rosdewald & Br,p tobacco fo 11 chewmg tobacco has va;led but ltttle, if any, dunug bro kers, of New York, and has served them faithfully for the past thirteen years. Hts employers have held hts the past five or stx,years, aad with this fact consumers mtegnty and faithfulness in the h1ghest esteem and pre were about as familiar as dealers themselves, as they sen ted to htm, as a testlmomal of that esteem, an elegant also were w1th the retatler s profit margin, the free and gola watch of the latest an:i most 1mpro\'ed pattern. It open dtscusston of the tobacco questiOn in connectton l!lears th1s 1nscnpt10 n "To iWm. Shultze, from E Rose. wald & Bro. New York September 8 1876." w1th taxation havmg made nearly every body acquamted with the art and mystery of the tobacco trade. A ;hght AN IMPROVED CIGAR-Box Bo.tRD PLANING MAcalculauon when foil tobacco was selling at retail at an CHINE -Messrs. A & F. Brown, manufacturers of Ger average o! etght cents per package to which pnce It man Ctgar Moulds, Straps, Cutters, etc, are selhng a large number of the celebrated Ctgar box Board Plandeclmed when the talC was reduced from forty to th1rtylng Machmes produced 10 thetr Nos 57 two cents per. pound, enabled people to see that to 6r Lew1s Streer, th1s ctty The1r machme IS used average profit to the reta1ler dtd not exceed thtrty per by all the pnnc1pal ctgar-box manufacturers. It planes cent ; wlule pnor to that t1me, almost from tne mtro one hundred and ten ready cut boards per mmute, and d f I needs onlv one man to attend 1t. It does the work of ucuon o th e art1c e, the profit was nearer one hundred fi d d t b tt h th I It ve men, an oes 1 e eJ t an any o er p aner. per cenr, consumers thus reahzmg how moderate costs only $300 without, and 3"5 w 1 th, wooden box at was the g am, It bemg even less tha n the wkolesale per tachment. centage of gam m some b.ranches of trade, would have as soon thought of demandmg the gratuitous dtstnbutton <>f tobacco as an abatement of preva1llng rates, tf they had not been tempted to do so by the mconsiderate achon1 of dealers more sohcitous of self than of selfrespect. S1mtlar observations are equally true and appos1te With reference to smokmg tobacco and ctgaretres, as noticed m our former artlcle, and to c1gars, grades of which are now retatlmg m stores sixteen, and twenty for twenty five cents, that a few months ago readtly hrought five cents ap1ece, or four and one sixth cents when sold stx for twenty five cents, as was the custom. a consumers have been ta.ught and encouraged to de grade thetr own manhood and the trade they assume to patrontze by a small number of persons m th1s city, whose 10dtfference to the obhgatlons of busmess com1ty is of such a posmve and pronounced chaucter as to make of them phenomenal types of tradesmen, the hke of which has seldom bet!n seen here, and they w11l now haggle about the dtfference of a half a cent m the pnce of an arttc l e without blushtng, when, befon: becommg habituated to the ex1st mg cond1t1on of demoraltz otlon, they, as a rule, wou l d have scorned to cavil at the pnces and pro fits of a storekeeper. We have oursel f latterly seen well-dressed men, sorely suffenng for the want of a .chew of tobacco, go from store to store m quest of a .package of fine cut, for wh1ch they would only pay s1x cents, when the pn ce was seven. 1 Twenty years ago the nllerchant who would make a practice of selhng g o ods below the market rates, and .espectally below the pomt y1eldmg a reasonable profit, would have been cons1dered by hts fellow-tradesmen destl\Ute of that apprec1at1on of fa1r dealing with asso ciates wh1ch should charactenze the transactiOns of high-toned busmess men. At that time, too, the jobber who would sell goods at retatl at lower rates than h1s retatl customers could afford to sell for, would have speedily lost h1s patronage and been shunned as a Pa nah. Let us have a reformation m the present d1s gracefui practice The of two thousand re .lallers m New York demand tt :MINOR EDITORIALS. I TH INDIAN AwARDS -Messrs P. Lonllard & Co been awarded the contract for supplymg the IQdtan tnbes w1th bnght navy plug tobacco: for the ensumg year. The pnce btd and accepted by the Government was fifty five cents per pound.-1 RETURNED.-Mr James C. McAndrew, Ltconce Im porter and Manufacturer, 55 Water Street, returned m the steamer Spazn, on Sunday last, from a brief v1sit to b1s London house. The late storm made hts homeward voyage any thmg but pleasant. DAMAGE BY THE STORM.-Balt1more, Md September xS -The damage to r.otton, tobacco and other produce stored on the docks and m the VICJOJty of the basm by tf.e h1gh water last mght 1s est1mated at from twenty to th1rty thousand dollars. ----GENERALLY SuSP;ECTED -The Western Retail Grocer, Loutsvtlle, observ e s -A trade tnck m the fine cut 10bacco hoe Is to buy two or three buckets of choice brands tO Commence Wlth, and as many more of mferior, unpopular or cheap brands at the same ume Then yon "kmder g1t things m1xed" and when you want that bucket whtch 1s full of common fine cut, the qutckest way to get 1t Is to 1ts contents 1nto the other one w1th a fiAe label of a cho1ce brand upon it, and sell It all for the htgh pnced, regardless of first cost. Th1s may to a certam extent explam why the sales of h1gh pnced fine cut so vanable out of proportion to tts populanty, and why 'the demand for common IS regular and heavy If th1s thmg IS not stopped somebody 'ttl find 1 t out I THE WoRM IN VIRGINIA.-Thts, says the Chatham Ir1bune, has been a year fretghted w1th tmpedtments to the tobacco cro p Last, but not least, the dreaded and destructive tobacco worm made 1ts appearance m count less and unprecedented numbers In ordmary fields we learn that an average of seven hundred worms to the row of tobacco IS a common thmg. One man told us that m h1s neighborhood, m a field of 1 ,8oo htlls, 4,400 worms were captured and k1lled, and every farmer knows it 1s tmposstble to kill all m a field. In som e 10 stances whole fields have been !nerally destroyed, leav mg here and there a solitary plant to mark the locality of the planting. Vanous theones are advanced t o ac count for the seemmg unusual quanl'ty of worm s this year. S o me say the spnng was unusually propltlous for the hatcht g process and attribute 1t to that cause Others say that the number of flies were greater than usual, but giVe no reason why. CHARGE AGAINST PoLI C E INSPECTOR McDERMOTT A commumcatwn was rece1ved f1om Counselor Goodncb, representmg S e nor R a mon X1ques, of No. 95 Bleecker Street, preferrmg agamst Inspector McDer mott for breakmg mto h1s premtses wtthout war rant of law The affidavit set forth that Senor X tques a c1gar store on the first floor of No 95 Bleecker Street. On the mght of the 9th mstant, Inspector Me Dermott, w1th a large fo r ce of men, broke mto h1s apart ments from the-rear, rushed through the sleepmg room of Mme. X1ques (whor was m bed tl!J, smashed) wmdows and dtd other damage, and vwlence to the lady for protestmg agamst therr forc1&le entry. The affidavtt further states that Senor X1ques has no con nectton whatever w1th any of the other tenants 10 the house The occas1on of the Inspectors forctble entry was the ratdmg of fhe. Allen's game on the second floor Fmdmg Allen had barred h1s door McDermott gave orders to smash through the rear and get m under any Circumstances. Answers 'o CorresP.ndeat&. PETERSBURG, VA Septembn13. r876 EDITOR TOBACCO LEAF -D1d I not see pubhshed m your paper, about two years ago, a cncular from the Revenue Department g(anllng c1gar manufacturers the pnvtlege of putting up the1r scraps as smokmg tobacco, Without bemg compelled to gtve bond as smokmg-to bacco manufacturers? I thmk the cucular statea we would not be requtred to put on a caution-notice. The collector here knows nothmg of such a ruhng of the department Please gtve me all information concerning the crrcular, if you remember 1t. Yours, etc., MANUFACTURER. REPLY -We can not now remember the Circular re ferred to by our correspondent, though there may have been one of the kmd 1sseed from the office of Internal Revenue, in wh1ch event It would have very hkely been MEETING OF CIGAR PACKERS.A meeting of tha'cigar pubhshed m THE LEAF. If .. owever, our correspond pat:kers was held m Kloeber's Hall, No. 289 Broome ent wtll turp to Special 85, :R.ev1sed, commonly known Street, during the week for the purpose, as reported, of as a Tax Manual for C1gar Manufacturers," and reorgamzmg the Protection Soctety m connection with printed and cuculate LEAF, the registratiOn of trade marks has been rendered so mamfestly expedient that every manufac turer who values h1s marks wtll scarcely hesitate to record them If thetr p1racy ts a cnme; if nat registered, therr p1racy IS ground f o r an ordmary y trade mark may be the subJeCt of registra t ion he language of the law IS, "any lawful trade mark." The reg1strat10n 1s made by the Comnuss1oner of Patents, who proceeds as far fl.S ts practtcable tn exact pursuance of the letter of the statute, gutded by h1s mterpretat10n of the adjudged cases. The trade mark 1s m no sense "patented." Satd Judge Blatchford m a late case"The CommiSSIOner has no authonty to 1ssue any letters patent for a trade mark, or to 1ssue any certtficate contammg a grant thereof." The nght, however, IS vone the less certain, and smce the en act meat of the new law above referred to 1s as much more effectual than a patent as a cnmmaliS more effectual than a ctvtl remedv. To conf11r any right whatever the reg1stratwn must be made 10 exact pursuance of the Revtsed Statutes. Ever-y formality and condttwn, from first to last, must be complied w1th 10 every parucular. The courts c m reference su Ject. great ea as en wntten an sal conm a sectton of country around thts place and covenng There are many instances whtch are so clear that they d f are almost axwmauc. The puacy IS apparent at first a surface some r 5 or 20 m1les m dtameter, an a ter blush. Of these nothmg need be said. It IS the wetghmg all the mformauon I can obtam, wh1ch mfor m;J.twn 1 beheve to be reliable, and companng the cases" only that call for exammat10n, and to these tt w1ll be exped1ent to confine our inqurries. present crop with an average crop for the same secuon It is not to be doubted that the decisiOns of the courts of I am forced to the opmion that tf we repre.s are not harmontous. For several years the current of ent an average crop by roo, we should represent the P re>ent by 25, or one-fourth This I beheve to be tru'e adJUdication has been crossed by confltct10g rulmgs, unttl the law ts now in an almost unsetled state. as to the number of h1lls now standing, and I do not, thmk that the condtllon of the growmg crop compares The first A'!lencan adjudieatton upon the questton of at all favorable wtth that of an average crop. The mfnngement that tended to make a rule was Partndge vs. Menck. It was there la1d down that the trade mark surface m culuvatwn IS not only small but rhere is a very bad stand on thts surface-much of the tobacco was only mfnnged where the 1mttat10n was so close as was planted very late 00 account of dry weather at to dece1ve a prudent purchaser. The court said m plantmg time and the scarctty of plants, and has been effect that 1f the stmulauon was only such as to m1slead a observer or a heedless customer, there wa-s no damaored matenally by the late and frequent and exf d h t lei b h d Alth h the s ., rau t a cou e reac e aug ca e was cesslve rams. dectded by the Court of Appeals, the htghest court of Tbe Tobaeeo Crop. A correspondent of the Datly (Va.) Nl'llls wntes to that JOUrnal under date of the 14th as follows .-From last Apnl ull ri'ow the feehng as to the tobacco crop of Vtrgmta and North Carohna has been ebbmg and flow mg by the mfluence of th1s and tha t report as 1t seemed to betoken the destgn of a speculator or the real miS fortune of a planter. Your correspondent has watchfully awa1ted the fllll development of the crop under all the VICISSitudes of season and weather, and now that only one dtsaster can reasonably be looked for, he desires to g1ve to all a fatr statement of rhe growmg crop as learned frem gentle men of d1fferent pursutts-some buyers, some sellers and growers ol tobacco; s'Jme merchants, some manu facturers of tobacco, some pubhc officers who nde over the1r dtsttlcts .. nd observe wnhout btas, some sohcttlng agents for se"mg -machme companies, some for general merchandise, and some for tobacco comm1sston mer chants, and from all these vaned sources I have care fully estimated the crop now standing 10 the field, and can not see from tne statements 1.aade more than a thtrd of an average crop in weight. The cuttmg bas begun the State, 1t dtd aot put an end to controversy. On the contrary-owmg, perhaps, to the fact that the deciSion was rested on other grounds-the tofenor courts of New York dnfted away from 1t, wh!le m some of the other States 1t was practically tgnured. The famous ruhng m the Amoskeag case, made years later, wh1ch was d1rectly agamst the earber case, was read 10 New York and elsewhere as the safest law, and cttec! wtth commenda tion on all occasions. In the Amoskeag case Judge Duer stated the rule as follows :-" In an tmllatlon of the ongmal mark upon an art1cle, or goods of the same descripuon, the name of the propnetor may be om1tted -another name, that of the IIDttator himselt, may be substituted-but 1f rhe peculiar dev1ce ts co1ned, and so comed as to mamfest a destgn of m1sleadmg the pubhc, omtss1on or vanatiou ought to be wholly disregarded. Its object, we may be certam, was not to commumcate the truth, but to escape the penalty of falsehood. A fraud 1s 10tended, an unlawful gain IS meant to be real Ized, but tt ts beheved or hoped that at\ IDJUnctiOn may be av01ded, and a cla1m for profits or damages be re pelled The fraud, however, tf a court of equny 15 true to 1ts pnnc1ples, wtll be suppressed. and its frutts be 1J L. 20 Intercepted or restored. My conclusiOns on this branch of the subject are that an m;unclton ought to b e whenever tlu destgn of a person who tmtt ates a trad e mtsfk, be h1s des1gn apparent or proved, IS to tmpose Ius tnvn goods upon the publu as those t1{ the owner of the mark, and the lmilat1011 is suck tluzt t!te success of the ees1gn i s a probable or even posstble conSt'fjtlence, and that an mjunc tion must be granted whenever the pubhc is m fact m1sled, whether mtentJonally or otherwise, by the ImitatiOn or adoptwn of marks, forms, or s v mbols wh1ch the party who employed them had a nght to appropri ate; and th1s for the plam reason that when a nght of property has beeR thus acqutred, Jt must be protected." This salutary rule was recogmzed m New York and very generally acted upon for a quarter of a century, but can not be satd to be the law of the State to-day. W1thout examm10g the possible fluctuations 1t suffices to state that from the time .Partridge vs. Mencli was dectded until the present year the subject of mfnnge ment remamed 10 abeyance. At the la e t term of the court, however. the subject was constdered and the doc tnne of the old re asserted. But, happily, the dects1on 1s not of as great force as 1t mtght have been. I t s mfluence, as w!ll presently appear, will scarcely be felt m a large maJonty of the cases that anse, even where there are grave doubts. Georgta, North Carolina, and perhaps Mtssoun, have inchned toward the New York rule, wh1le Coonectlcl!lt and California have taken pos1tlon 10 favor of the owner of the trade mark It Will thus br. seen that ts a conflict of author ity as to the rule by wh1ch cases are to be measured when tried in the State courts. The rule is oue thmg in New York, another 10 Connecticut, and another IJl Pennsylvama In the Untted States courts it ts an open questiOn. Remarkable as It may appear, the books wdl be searched tn vam for a smgle carefully pre pared opm10n on thts subJeCt wntten by a Io'ederal judge. Sttll the language of the statutes of the Umted States are of great asststance 10 the prem1ses, and go far to ward neutrallzmg the dects.10ns which tend to curtail Important ngbts. When an authontative decision Is rr.ade, there IS eve1 y reason to suppose that it wtl! be in accord w1tb. the Amoskeag case rather than agamst it, and w1ll sustain the v1ew that the manufacturer should be protected against cunmng as well as clumsy fraud. Bu t under all Circumstances, every case must be de cided accordmg to the particular facts on wh1ch 1t depends No rule can be la1d down that w1ll be umver sally applicable-and, as a consequence, there w11l al ways be more or less uncertainty AuTHORITY OF AN AGENr Io FILL UP BLANK FORMS AND ITS EXTENT -Washmgton, September 14-The followmg dectston has rendered bY. the U mted State:a Supreme Court.-No. 859.-H. G. Angle, Ap pellant vs. Northwestern Mutual L1fe Insurance Com pany.-Appeal from t he Cltrcu1t Court for the dLstnct of Iowa.-Persons dealmg with an agent are entitled to the same protectton as m dealmg with the pnnc1pal, to the extent that the agent acts w1thin the scope of his authonty. Pursuant to that rule it ts settled law that where a party to a negot1able mstrument mtrusts 1t to another for use as such, w1th blanks not filled up, such instrument, so delivered, calfries on its face an implied authority to complete the same by fillmg up the blanks; but the authority imphed from the ex1stence of the blanks would not authonze the person mtrusted with the mstrument to vary or alter the material terms of the mstrument by erasmg what IS written or prmted as part of the same, nor to pe;-vert the scope and meanmg of the same by filhng the blanks wllh stipulations repug::tant to what was plamly and clearly expressed in the mstrument before 1t was so dehvered By vthJe ofthe tmphed authonty, such a depositary may perfect tn his d1scret1on what IS mcomplete by filhng up the blanks, but he may not make a new mstrument by erasing what wntten or pnnted, nor by filhng the blanks wtth stip ulations repugnant to the plat nly expressed mtenllon of the same, as shown by 1ts vmlten or pnnted tetms. (Goodman vs Stmonds 20 How, 861. Hank vs. Neal, 22 Id, ro8) Such reference to the pleadmgs w H be unnecessary, as the qu e stiollls presented for deciston anse chtefly out of the facts deduc1ble from the proofs exh1btted m the record. Suffice 1t to say m that regard that the sutt was mstttuted by the complamant to pro cure a decree that the b ond and mortgage and the two fire ms\!lrance pohc1es descnbed m the b11l of complamt were dehvered and ass1gned to the respondents Without constderatton, and to obtam a decree settmg astde satd bond and mortgage, and for a return of sa1d pohctes, the same havmg beeo delivered to the respondents as additwnal secunty for a loan of $ro,ooo, the proceeds of wh1ch never camb to the hands of the complamant, and he charges tha t1the proceeds of the loan were never forwarded to h1m by hLs authonty; that 1f the msurance company ever pa1d the same 10 current funds to the person through whom the loan was negotiated, upon any order s1gned by httl), as pretended by the respond ents, the order was forged by the party who presented tt, or by some person mterested, to cheat and defraud the complai.1ant out of the mO>ney. Serv1ce was made and the corp

SEPT. 20 THE TOBACCO MARKET. DOMESTIC. NEw YoRK, September I9-Tbe Leaf tobacco market bas been without special feature durmg the past week, as to the amount of business done, which has been rather above the average. In Seed leaf there has been noticeable activity, the sales approaching nearly 3,ooo cases. For 'Vestern leaf tbe demand was apparently brisker than at our last wnting, but some of the sales reportf'd for the past week were really effected during the preceding week. Reg1e buyers have operated, as usu a l, 10 the Jatter_ -variety, their purchases comprising abeut one-half of the reported The exports for other than Reg1e destinations amounted to about I3e hogsheads. The borne trade shows a shght increase, manufacturers having dealt with a little more freedom. The market is steal!)', and dealers look forward to a regular and healthf condition of tradt for the balance of the season. Messrs. Sawyer, Wallace & Co. report :-Westem uaf-Tbere is no particular change in the market. We have to note sales of I,26o h lhds, some of whtch were made, however, during the prevwus week, but just re ported. We_ clas s ify as follows :-798 for export, in cluamO' 669 to Regies, IO for Canada, 298 to manufa c turers,"79 to cutters, and 7 5 to j obbers. The weather at the West bas latterly been very favorable for the crop, and cutting bas commenced in several localities. lat week. week. 3dwee'k. jth week. 6th wee'k Total Jan __ 473 I ,o68 720 792 347 Feb._ 2S6 645 662 345 :z,soo :March 300 694 847 476 s,ooo ApriL 91!3 947 936 1,934 4,8oo May_ 1,382 I,274 2,246 2.457 1,141 8,soo June. 192 946 470 412 r,r8o 3,2oo July 73I S62 I,348 4,059 7,ooo Aug __ 998 I 524 976 1,265 2,337 7,Ioo Sept ... 2oi 665 r,26o Vir,sinia Leaf-In this staple there does not appear to have been a great deal done smce our former re. view. We hear of sales of sm ,okers and other classes, but of none of appreciable magnitude. There is now a fine stock here of useful goods of all classes and grades, and if buyers w1ll only take the trouble to look into some of the sample boxes to be m the ware houses of 'OUr dealers, they can soon satisfy themselves tbat they can do as weU m tl::ls market as m any other in the country. Seed Laf-We have another active week to report in the Seed leaf trade, both home a;1d foreign buyers hav ing been liberal purchasers. From present 10d1tat1ons September will show at the close a fuil volume of sales. Foreign advices respectmg the foreigR crop may have quickened the export a httle, but the Improve ment revealed th1s month in the borne trade is due to t)le impetus which Lhe fall months usually impart to busmess. Messrs. Chas. E. Fischer & Bro., Tobacco Brokers, No. 131 Water Street, report a:s follows concernmg Seed leaf:-The market presented few if any features of spec1al interest. The week opened rather quiet; toward the middle, however, a dectded improvement in the demand for tobaccos suitable f0r home trade was per ceptible, resulting in quite a number of sales of nearly all kinds, pamcularly that of the growth of I87 5 Penn sylvania ai-lin takmg tbe lead. We also call attention to the fact that several small lots of 1875 crop Connecticut wrappers, lately sampled, having proved satisfactory in every respect, were readily taken by manufacturers and out of town parties. The export demand contmued fair, with es of 750 cases, mostly Oh10; th1s, together whh cases sold for home trade, makes a total of 2 s for the week. In Connecticut a fa1r amount of mes s was done. 750 cases, embracing 100 cases crop. 1872-'73 in a jobbmg way, at 20@35c; 208 cases crop I874 wrappers at I3@2oc; 3oo cases crop I87 5 wrappers at 25@4oc (includmg a ch01ce selection of fine wrappers for export on private, terms); ISO cases crop I875 fillers and seconds 2.t 6@8c for the former, and u@14c for the latter, changed hands. Massaclzuutts continued in limited demand, with sales of 1so cases crop 1S74, for which from 7 @9c for as sorted, and I 1@ 13c for wrapper lots, was paid. I rPennsylvania agai n received the most attention. The sales made were almost exclusively assorted lots of the 1875 crop, inc1uding some of the best packings, for which from 21@26c was realized. A small selection of wrappers brought 4oc. 550 cases fillers and seconds were sold at 8c. In all, 1,2oo cases changed hands, of which ISO cases assorted crop 1874 at private terms. Ne111 }'QTk received very little attention so far. Not more than 100 cases, mostly 1875 crop low assorted lots, at were sold. th1s kind the shipping demand, particularly for the growth l>f 1875, keeps good. In all 700 cases, mcluding so cases assorted crop 1873 on pnvate terms, balance 1874 and 1875 crop, at were taken for export. I Wrsconsin aud Illrnois remained neglected, with sales of so cases at for former! and s@6c for latter. Spanish-There has been a ta1r demand for Havana tobacco smce our issue of the I3th, but the sales were considerably Jess than those previously reported. The transfers amounted to about 7010 bales, at prices ranging from S5@I25c. The Messrs Fischer report :-Havana-The amount sold does not qu1te come up to the sales of the past two or three weeks; nevertheless a good demand ex1sts for desirable lots. In all anout 700 bales were sold at 88@ 11 per lb for filler lots Nanufaclund-There has been a fair demand in this branch of trade for eood's of all styles and grades, but more ioquiry for lowpriced 11-inch tllan for any thing else. If th1s class of tobacco lnad been in full supply, good sales could have It would seem as if a mistake were made m our market so bare of this article. The 'demand for it is eager and continuous, and if it is procurable at the factories 1t ought to be found m 1be warehouses here in such quantity as would meet the requuements of the trade. We have beard of purchases made dunng the week from grocers, owing to the fact that at the \\a rehouses only samples were to be aeen. "Sales," remarks an observer, are continually lost through parties being unable to see the lots and havmg only a samp1e to look at." The event of the week, in this department of trade, has been the sale at auction, by Mr. John H. Draper, of the stock of Allen & Co., recently damaged by fire and water, at the warehouse of that firm in Chambers -street. "The s ale of th1s stock was in the interest of the underwnters, and from the prices obtained it is evident that they are going to realize a very handsome profit from the trans acu&n, a Co11siderable portion of the plug tobacco especially-netting nearly market rates. The eager biddmg of out of town buy ers who actually bid against themselves, had the effect of pnces up very materially. Of the plug to bacco sold to buyers from other localities, 6,ooo pounds went to Philadelphia, and 5,ooo pounds to Provioence. A New York jobber took about s,ooo pounds. As a rule, the goods sold above the views of the c1ty whole u.le dealers. regular demand for smoking tobacco is announced. Buyers from the interior haye been in town, and orders for future delivery show some in crease. C1gars-Manufacturers of cigar are generally busy. the demand 1Dc1qent to the season having fairly set in. Importers reporL a regular trade for city and interior consumptloA. Goltl opened and closed at 109;i. Fonzgn M. & S. Sternberger, Bankers, ;eport as foUows:-1 here was little or no change 1n ,either the Exchange or Gold markets. Exchange has grown, if any thing, a little duller, and, as we sa1d before, we do not believe we have seen the low est pomt yet ; th1s remark appertains both to exchange and to gold 'Ve quote :-Bankers, nominal rates are and 485 for 6o days and demand sterling respectively; selling rates, for 6o days, for demand ; Commercial, 6o days, Pans-Bankers, 3 days, 6o days, 521}( Commerc1al, 6o days, 527 Rti::hsmarks -Bankers, 3 days, 9S@95}(, 6o days, 94}(; CommerCial, 6o days, Carey & Yale, Tobacco Freight Brokers, report Tobacco Freights as iollo)VS pool, per steam, sos; per sat!, 37S 6d. London, per steam, 40s; per sad, 35s. Glasgow, per steam, Bristol, per steam, sos. Havre, per steam, 45s. Ant wer p, per steam, 45!1; per sat!, 42s 6d. Bremen, per steam, -t7S 6d ; per sail, 40s. Hamburg, pl:'r steam, 47S 6d. r 4.B.TXC'Ur.4.B. :NO TX CII. Groen. of seed leat tobacco an: c:auttoned aronnst .\.-.:eptmg tl:-c reported oales and quotation of seed leaf as furnishmg the prttcs tht should be obtained for at 6.rst hand, as these refer Ja moat mstanc.c:s to old cropa wh1ch have been hdd nearly a year, and the profit on w h1ch must naturally include the mterelt on capita.J jnvested. Growers cannot expect even 1n the case of new crops, to sell them for the same pnc es u a re ohtuned. on a 1e-aale here. Of course every re-aa.le must br at aA advance, and therefore the price ob tai nable by the groweA w1l1 a lwaY& be aomewhat ]owet tnan our quotations. THE TOBACCO BY THE HUDSON RIVER RAILROAD-E. Rosenwald & Brother, 8S pkgs; H. Cobcll, ro do; C. H. Spltzner, 2S5 do; Havemeyers & Vigelius, 236 do: G o oclwin & Co. I2 do; D. Lindhe1m, 30 do; L. E. Gassert & Brother, 5 do; Bunzl & Dormitzer, 149 do; Jos. Meyers' Sons 44 do; M. Abenheim & Co., 30 do; C. E. Fischer & Brother, Ioo do; W. M;. Price & Co., 2 do; J. S. Gans, Son & Co. 59 do; J. R. Sutton, ro do; F. C. Lmde & Co., 30 do; Wrse & Bent.iheim, 4 do; Order, 72 do. BY THE NATIONAL LINE-Garrett & Grinter, 52 hhda; Sawyer, Wallace & Co., I57 do; P. Lorillard & Co. 29 do; Blakemore, & Co., 9 do; Toe!, Rose & Co, 30 do; F. W. Tatgenhorst, I do; Pollard, Pettus & Co., 47 do; M. Rader & Son, 3 do; S. S. Edmonton & Brother, 7 do; A. H. Cardozo, 6 do; Order, 110 do, 90 cases. BY THE PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD--Schroeder & Bon, 111 cases; Bunzl & Dorm1tzer, 44 do; A. Cohen, 4 do; Order, 46 do, 72 pkgs. BY NoRrH RIVER BoATs-Blakemore, Mayo & Co., I2 hhds; Thos. Hoyt & Co., S doi Sawyer, Wallace & Co., 3 do ; D. J. Garth, Son & Co., 5 do; Order, 257 do. BY THE NEw YoRK AND NEW (HAVEN SrEAMBOAT LINE-Chas. F. Tag & Son, 5I cases; M. Westhe1m & Co., I4 do : S. Auerbach, 7 do; C. F. Wahhg, 17 do; Schottenfels Brothers, II do: J. G. Crawford, 2 do; M. Abenheim & Co., 2 do ; J ose:Jh Mayers' Sons, 21 do; Schroeder & Bon, I do; E. Rosenwald & Brother, 1 do; QUOTATIONS OF WHOLESALE PRICES. Bunzl & Dormazer, 4 do; Davis & Day, I do; E. M. JYtstt'r?I-LtghtJcaf. etA. S"!conds -. .... .. 6 @ 7 C r d d Common to good luge. 5X @ 1 X F1llers ... ...... ........ 4 1!!1 5 raw10r I 0. Cowmonleat.. ....... 8 Oho-Crop J BY THE NEW YORK AND HA,RTFORD STEAMBOAT MRdium.... .......... 9X f,Yu Assorted Lots.......... 7 @ 9 L J h M S L G h 1 & Good ........... .. 1 2 @ 3 Crop o874 INE-osep a)'er s ons, I 3 cases; :rers e Fmo. .................. @ AFssortd Lots ......... sX@ 6.' 9 do, G. Beringer, 9 do, H. Schubart & Co., Selectloqs 1.6 {Sh8 1llers 3-"1@ 4 Havy La.f-Crop ?5I 7 do; A.. H Scoville & Co., 9 do; Bonnett, Schenck & Lugs 7 @ 9 Asorted Lots ....... 5.!io: 6 Earle, 19 do, E. Rosen\\ aid & Brother, 4 do, Swan, Common... 9 @10 Fallers.... .. .. ...... 3}{ a 4 lledtum .. u>'l4 NewYorkSi4ft-Cropi872101874-\Veed & Co 53 do; Fox, Dills & Co., 28 do. Goo d oooOOOhUOoOO 14 @16 Assorted L ots .......... 7 @ 8 B 0 D s L s ome ................... P1eppel, I9 cases smkg, 33 pkgs Fillers --------1 8 .. @25 do, 2 bbls snuff; M Falk, 33 cases smkg; Allen & Co., Seconds ...................... t3 @! 16 Negrolttad Tlout .. 26 @M d .wassacA,uil.r-Cropv and B73 16 do; N. Wise, 6 do; A KasprOWICZ & Brother, I o; Assorted Lots........... 8 nX Tlurly-7Wol .............. !5 @OO N. & J. Cohn, 2 do, S. Auerbach, 2 b:J.les le:ilf. Wrappers .............. to (ihs lO'e and Crop Fmo ................. .-28 26 _.COASTWISE FR0M KEY WES1.-Se1rlenberg & Co., 40 Assort.d............ .. 7 @ 9 Good.... .. .. .. .. 18 M F ]) & L Wrappers ............... 10 3 Common IIJld meiAUI 16 @18 cases c1gars, IO bales scraps; c a awson, 5 cases Cro p 75 Granulated Smoking .. cigars; F. DeBary & Co 2 do; L. Fernandez, 1 do, Assorted .... ------------6 o F. Marrero, 5 do, 2 bales scraps, Stra1ton & Storm, S 1871 aod 1812. F1llers .. ... .... 1 tiho O was tobacco that bad been sold 10 other markets. SALES Ob WEEK, ETC. Watehouses. Falls City_ .. ----_------_ .. ____ ____ -----Ninth Street.-------.. Gllbert's__ ----_____ Ptckett .. --. -- --__ --__ Boone. ____ --------Grange-------------Farmers' ..... ----------.. Kentucky Association __ Planters' . ... __ Week. 23 254 419 0 34I 95 Month. Year. 39 1,012 s6o 7>790 81o 11,420 15 184 7S6 9,821 262 5,679 0 6o 381 6,9:12 124 4,196 302 6,432 TotaL---------1,518 3,249 53,5I6 Year rS7s------------4:12 r,ou 26 586 Year 1874-------------2,171 6,528 59,730 Year JS73-----------I,157 2,647 so,929 Of the mcrease m numbers th1s week 1,402 hhds were sold at auction, balance numbered and sampled for private sale, Week. Year. Original New ..... -------I039r 44,o62 Original o 2,328 New Reviews---------I24 3,97I OldRevlews ..... _________ 3 3oi5S Market very unsettled first part of week, but beca1ue more steady the past few days, closing to day very firm at following QUOTATlONS.' Heavy Bodted. W H 'fh & B h d G "' F b 6 d medium leaf, f.9@u; fa1r to good do, $r:z@I4; selec omas 1ot er, 23 o; a er, o & N 1 d H lions, $15@20; do stems, common to fine, Noudeecnpt. Moderately. Really. Cutting c. Palaci-o & Co., 3 do; Purdy ICho as, 3 0; Com. )u .... 5 5 @ rlL 6 @ 7 6 @ 7 I S d H K & F B Th b & C 8 d A S Inspected th1s week:-794 hhds Maryland, 241 do .. / 2 "72 ves, o; ur er o., o; Good do. 5 @ 5rL 5r.t2 @ 6IL 7 @ s 7 @ 9 R b & C d Ch T B & C d Oh10, IS do Kentucky, 2 do Virgm1a; total, r,o52 hhds. 72 n 72 oseB aum o 7 o; as .. auer o., 2 o Com ieaf 5/,/r.:o 6IL 6IL@ 7x" s @ 91" 9 @II A 0 d A I I & C E b B h Cleared same penc:d :-Per steamer Casptan, to L1ver'2 <::::> 72 72 72 7 2 wen, 9 o; se m o 9 oo; s erg, ac Good do. 6IL!rll 8 7 1 L @ 9 9tL2@12 11 @13 & C d A k M II & C d 8 d pool, 69 hhds Maryland, 98 do Kentucky; per steamer 72 72 72 man o., I4 o; c e r, erra on It, I o; 1 Fine do. 8 @lo 9 @r 1 12 @IS I 3 P k &: T II d d M R ld h If bbls Emtlrare, to Liverpoo 30 hhds Maryland and 90 do ar 1 or I7 o; o en, 4 a c1garSelections ___ .. 11 @14 IS @19 IS @23 tt bbl d Virg101a. e es, I 2 qtr s 0 Tobacco Slalemenl. No bright wrappers on market this week. Faulty in NAPLBS-Weaver & Sterry, roo cases licorice paste. condlllon or weight from IL to :zc under above fi.,aures. S W & S b I I t January I, IS76, stock on hanG! in State 73 EVILLEeaver terry, I,14 a es Iconce roo Very favorable weather for maturing outsta.ndmg crop. warehouses, and on sh1pboald not EXPORTS. cleated. __ --_____ .. -----_____ 12,3 86 hhds Weather dry, with cool mghts-nearly cool enough for From the port of New York to foreign ports, for the Inspected this week-------------1 ,052 hhds frost the past two nights. week endmg September Ig, were as follows: -Do prev1ously this year _______ ._ 47,S93 hhds MIAMISBURG, 0., September 9 -Our special corANTwERP-1S1 hhds, I32 cases. resfODdcnt reports :-The past week has not been a BRE!IIEN-346 hhds, 77 do stems, ISS bales do, 7 2 3 6r,331 hhds favorable one for the housing of tobacco, nor has it done cases. Export, Maryland and Ohi o since toQ.acco any good, such as had been cut and housed BRITISH AusTRALIA-67 hhds, 1o bales, 353 pkgs January 1--------..... ------39,148 hhds two weeks ago, and more i!specially that portion whtch (p,6oo lbs) mfd. Sh1pped coastwise same period.-5;100 hhds for want of shed room, have bung too close BRITISH HoNDURAS-3 hhds, 34 pkgs (2,746 lbs) 44,248 hhds from such sheds. We have reports of damaged tobacco mfd Stock in warehouse this day and during the week past. 1FLJ11y one fiith the crop remams BRITISH NORTH AMERICAN COLONIES-13 hhds, 6o" on shtpboard not cleared_____ I7,oS3 hhds to be harvested, and one week of propitious weather pkgs (7,420 lbs) mfd. Manufactured Tobacco.-Market contmues steady will see that portion in shed. Old tobacco continues to BRITISH WEsT INDIES-3 hbds, so pkgs (12,604 lbs) and sales limned. Received, per Baltimi\re and Oh1o roll in lively, and our country is as clean of old.tobacco mfd. Rallroad, from Danville, I,SS3 boxes, 347 caddies, I6 as 1t has been in several years. Our early tobacco can BRITISH PosSESSIONs IN AFRICA-3 hhds. cases, and from Lynchburg, sr8 boxes; per Richmond not but cure handsomely w!lh the weather we are having, CUBA-Io pkgs (1,693 lbs) mfd. steamers, 3,227 pkgs; and per Norfolk steamers, 270 as it is continually moist. DANISH WEST bbds, 3 pkgs (r,o86 lbs do. mfd. CINCINNATI, September I 6.-Mr. F. A. Prague, NASHVILLE, September r.s--;-Messrs. J. M. GLASGOw-491 hhds. Leaf Tobacco Broker, reports:-The offerings of Leaf Son. & Co., 1 obacco CommiSSion Merchants, HAMBURG-Ioo hhds, 323 bales, 57 cases, so bales tobacco at auctwn contmue unusually large. Pnces, 10 10 the1r special report :-Our. market for tbe past stems. the early part of the week, showed an advance on all week_ has bee:1 ve!y qu1et, but pnces are firm and leave HAV:R$-400 hhds, low and common grades, but towards the close, while but llltle margm, If any, between _here and tne HAYTI-S hhds, 128 bales. the market was firm and prices still satisfactory, a bet-The _by act1:1al count to-day IS !,063 hhds. Rece1pts LISBON-14 hhds. tel hoe of goods could be had at the same figures. from th1s ume w11l be scarcely any thmg, perhaps not L1VERPOOL-I,o79 hbds, 331 pkgs (54.545 lbs) mfd. Ohzq Seed IS quiet, If of low and common sort3 but act-more than. a dozen Sn_1ce our last to you LoNDON-Ioo hhds, 134 pkgs (n,544lbs) mfd. Ive and m demand when of really useful kinds. the crops m some have Improved_ a_nd the RoTTBRDAM-139 hhds. The total offenngs at auctwn for the week were 1 33 I growth h;J.s been rap1d. Sull a great deal of tt ts very bhds, I case, II pkgs (1,247 lbs) hhds and 419 boxes, as follows:-' uneven, and much of it hRf "frenched." If we should mfd. At the Bodmann Warehouse, 3 3 9 hhds and 144 cases: have no frost before the I 5th or 2oth of October we DOMESTIC RECEIPTS. -389 hhds cuttmg tobacco. 104 hhds Ohw at Js.o5@ have hopes a half_ though our to be cut green. Our market has shown more animatiOn for the past few days and closed with a slight up ward tendency. The transactions were I ,r 66 hhds, I 53 trcs, 14 pkgs. I continue my quotations. ST. LOUIS, S eplember6.-Mr. J. E Haynes, Dealer in Leal Tobacco, reports :-Received 290 hhds, against SSI the previous week-a large decrease. There was also a large decrease in offerings on the breaks. The bidding was more am mated on Tl!ursday then it was the previous day, and prices were 1er, the offerings being somewhat better, and there was a generally improved tone to the market. On Friday, Saturdax and Monday the market was quiet and unchanged. Yesterday the demand was better, and every thing except common lugs was stronger. Sales from Thursday to yesterday in clusive 233 hhds: 7 at $3 30@3 So; 30 at 4@4 .90; 34 at S@5-90; I8 at 6@6 90. 23 at 7@7 90 ; 36 at 8@8.90; 29 at 9@9 9o; 20 at ro@1o.75; I8 at II@1I.75; 3 at I2.25@12 5o; 4 at 13@I3 .75; 4 at 14 .25@I4.50; I at 15 75; 1 at23; I at24; I at 3r so, I at44; I at 49i I at6g; 4 bxs at 5 so@7.6o. In the same time r5 hhds were passed, mostly re-handled, and bi 1ds wer e rejected on 94-hhds, chiefly factory-dri ed, at $3 30@27 so, and 3 do scraps at r.4o@2.So. To-day, a Barge part of the offer mgs was out of order. Good, sound lots were steady, and lower b1ds were gen e r ally r ejected for other kinds. Sales 59 hhds: 2 at $3@3 So; 5 at 4 @ 4 So; Sat S@ 5.6o; 8 al 6@6 90; 3 at 7@7.60 ; II at 8@S.So ; 7 at 9@9.80; 2 at 1o@ro .25; I at II; 2 at 13@r3.5o; 2 at 14.75; I at I6.75; I at r7.5o; 2 at 19 @ 19 25; I at 2I; I at 22; 1 at 44 and 7 boxes at 3 6o @8 ; I at 21.50, and I do fancy bright M1ssouri at 105. 2 hhds wert passed, and bids were rejected on 46 hhds at $3 It is ap prehended that the growmg crop may be injured by the late cuntmuous heavy rams prolonging its growth at a time when 1t should mature. We quote :-Factory lugs, [Contmued on Sevmth Page.] Change in Business. NEw YoRK CrTY-Chas. T. Baiuer & Co., Cigar Manufacturers, dissolved. New FiriJl. NEw YoRK CITY-Moeser & Juengst, Cigar Manu facturers, 255 Pearl Street. F orthcoming Auction Sale. Bj John H. Draper & Co., 112 Pearl Street. on Thursday, September 2I, at 12 o'clock, noon, at 201 and 209 Water Street, 200 new Machmes for Manufac C1gars, and 30 F1ve Hundred C1gar Molds Advertisements. W, J. BOODLESS. C. E. TA YLOllLate of w I J. HOODLESS & IATIOIALTOBACCD IISPICTiDI, Receiving&; Forwarding Warehouses, Foot of Van Byke and Partition Sts., Brookfvn. Bili atl .a.obacco care NaUonallospectioo. OFFICES s-22 "\VtlUam St N, Y.l Partition St., Brookqllto WM. 1 B R O OKS, 43 :Natchez Street, --New Orlean, La; Agent for the GEN1JINE Grand Point, StJames Parisl, Perique Tobacco. !!OLE A.GII1,l'(T li'OR C. C. MILLAUDON, GE9. E. DOVE ... A. DAliiAR"It\ J. A. JIIA.LARCHER J, .l RICAlTD, liiANliFACTVRERS 011' PEJ:E'I.:J:Q"O'E O:EG.A.R. ETTEJS, ENVELOPED IN GOU,N HUSKS. PERIQ,VE SOLD ONLY BY THE POUND .urD l711DEB. FVLL GVA.RANTEE. A. ll'l1LL SUPPLY 011' ,", X1 1, II .. .t, POUND CU\ROTS .ALWAYS 01!1 HAND. IIIIIPIIIElllft lllADE TO FOREIGN COVNTRIEI, IN BOND li'ROM liiBW"" ORLBA.NS IF DESIRED. THE ATTENTION OF OONSUMF.RI!III CALLED '1'0 '1'1011 FACT THAT THE GENliiNB PER-IQ,VE JI!IBYJI:a IOLP BXCEPT IN CARROTS. .I:' A Freoh Supply of 100,000 Pound Genume '"DE:ERTONGUE" Flaver, for SMOKl TOHACCO Manufacturen, m lots t o sutt purchasers. at lowut ficurea MARBURG BROTHERS. ds, 1-47 and 149 S Charles Street, Baltimore, .Md. Wanted, A SMALL SIZED SECOND HAND PEARL TOBACCO CUTTER In good order Address" CUTTER," Office T oBACCO LKA-P PENNSYLVANIA CIGARS IN ANY QUANTITY, AT FROM $1a "tO $18 per :H.., Purchased fer Cash ar Recei'Yed on Consignment.. lV P. li'Al\IUNGTOI!r, Jobber ot bacco Is 4 rouhleo ... kopeks per pud; on smolclniJ tobacco :s6 ron ...,c...,p. perpud, and on ci1an J rou. :ao cop per pud. Tbfi "pud" is equ.a 1 l to about 36 Americulbl. la Turkey the duty ia so centaJ.eold, per n.U American ouaca. DlJTIES O N F OREIGN TOBA..CCOS AND CIGAII8. Fore1gn duty 3SC per pound gold. Foreign Ctprs, Ia pound and 25 per cent. ad .,.lore. Imported Ci,ara and (.;iprettes alae bear an Internal Revenue tax of ttl per M, to be patd by 11tampe at tbe c .... tom House (Revenue Act, f9a,) u amended March 3 1&,5. 'I'he import duty on manufactured tobacco ts lb; Leaf atemmed. 35C; Stema, ISC per pound; Scraps, so per ceaL In adtlitloa to thla duty, tbe Revenue tu: on the same k1nd of tobacco made in thi8 country mut be pold The tobacco must abo be packed occ:onlia1 to tlae l8JUlatiODIJOTerDi88' tobacCO here. t COPE'S TOBACCO PLANT--:A :MONTHLY JOURNAl for llmokero. :Publlahed 10 Lord Neloon atreet, Ll-.orpool, EDtt land, where onhocrip&lona m111 be r.cl4r-. or to U.e ToaAooo l.K.u' :Price two ahl111np tEDgllab) pel'annam. . l'lo r.clnri!MmeDI8 reoe.-10( for a tborter period ttan 11J. montba. ){r.ehlnery tor l!al. Bnotneu Addree 1ee, & BY THE ERIE RAILROAD-Sawyer, Wallace & Co., I7 Kentucky at $4.o5@2o.7s for common smokers to fine RICHMOND, September r6.-Mr. R. A. Mills, ToTHltEE MONTHS ... ....................................... :: ... puo hhds; R. L. Mallland & Co., I9 do, Burbank & Nash, cuttmg lt

'lilulx. f<>&I'Mio. M. J. THOS. CARROLL DOHAN, CARROLL & CO., TOBACCO 'Jommlssion Mere hall ts, 104 FRONT NEW YORK. 1 Ager.ts for the foilowing well-known and reliable Manufacturers: I I -& PACE, W. J. YARBROUiiH I SOlS, JVRPII I !JRO., J. H. &REAlER, L J. QRAIIT I CO., L H. FRAYSER I CO., T. W. PEMBERTOI, R. W. OLIVER, JOHI R. PACE I CO., JOHI W. CARROLL, and others. SOLE AGENTS FOR THE Ga'blc Coli, Bonne Douche, 4s and 6s, Single and Double Thick. ALSO, AGENTS FOR THE CELEBRATED_.! THE TOBACCO LEAF. WlU.IAll Wlcta. WM. WICKE fc CO., -< MANUFACT.URERS OF CJCGAR. BOXES .. '. 153,155, 157,159& 161 G9erck-:St., ---NE: w I m .norm -:Oealers in Spanish and German Cigar :BibboDL A. HEN_ SUCCESSORS Ol' EDW'D BEN. 43 Liberty Street, cP. o. Box 3628) ew Tork. IMPOBTBBS UP MBBBSCHAUI, BBIBB &r CLAY PIPBS .fND-' f iTh is Space is Reserved 1 FOR V;rn.GINIA MARTIN & JOHNSON, . COMMISSION .. MERCHANTS, No. 79 Front -Street, New York. A PARKER. ROSS H. HOLMES. JS. COLT_- _SIM0N Spoclal. PARKER, HOLJt1E.S & CO., Manufacturers of the Cplebrated NERVE And o ther Brands of and Smoking Tobaccos, Tobacco Cmmiaaien Merchants o_,., .-n; 74 FIWNT !Jt1eet. _____ EUGERI ilU BOIS, CODISSIOIIIBBCHBT. !15 .:E'BOKT STUa_ 'l', NEW YORK WALTER FRtEDMAN FREISE, IMPORTERS-OF lONE. JACK & BROWN-'ARTICLES. SMOKING TOBACCO, The NERVE Is sold by Firstclass Dealers 1'-"'....,.,e .Stocks of Manufactured Tobacco of Every Descri'!'\tiori, Manufacturers' Agents fer the iale of all Popular Brands of ..-,6 VIRGINIA NORTH CAROLINA & WESTERN TheWb.olesaleTradeaSpecia.lty. JIAVANA TOBACCO 203 Peart Street, ;DETROIT, MICH. NEo.W YORK. I Suitable for the Home Trade a11d for Foreign .Kep-t Y o :n. :e:a:n. ct: Ka.nufa.ctured, Smoking & ,Fine Cut Toba.ccos. A[Biftts: WISE & EENDHEIM, 106 Chambers St. & 121 Eowery, N. Y POI, DILLS & C.O., 1 BOWNE FRITH, l J, w. JACK, of spANISH JICJ TONED SJOIING TOBACCO .. ... -. ...J .:.,. .. .. SEED LEAF"TOaccos w. T. &. Co.'s D'O'RHAll. Tobacco. EL il 1its F.C.LINDL 7 BURLING SLIP, NEW W.S.X1mba.ll &Co.'s Va.n1tyFa.1r Tobacco& G1ga.rettes. M. B. LEVIN, -c. F. LiNDE. -c. c. H,o.MILTON. S. MARCOSO. R. ASHCROFT. Manufactured ., FINE CUT, I YORK mD tJIAF TOBACCO INSPECTION. TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. FAVORITE DARK NAVY; ENCHANTRES S d o do ; S W EET MORSEL do do; HONEY AND PE,ACH BRIGHT NAVY, ,O.nd all Popular Broads F ANCY and LIGHT PRESSE D. Xanuf'aeturod by SpauldlD&'""' xerrtek. OLD GLORY; CHARM 01' THE WEST; : SWEET BURLEY; QUEENBEE; TRUJ)IPS, ; WIG WAG; BUGI:E; So:I.e Aae:n.-ts for Certificates iven fer every case, and dellered case by case, as to numbe r of Certificatce ll. :e.-We Also Sample in Merchants' Own Stores. E T PILKINTON. a GO.'S F. C. LINDE & CO., Philadelphia -aranct.-=--E.' w. Dlck e rson... 139 N. 3d 'St. 1 PRINCIPAL OFFICE8-t4-" and 182 to 186 Pearl Street. 'WA.REHO'USES-142 76 &.. '18 Gr!!e.nwich Stre e.t s and Hudson Rher R ail Road DrepM, John's J?ar k G. D;ENSEL a CO., II FR.UITS Q FLOWERS II Dan R iver Briuquet,' G old.;UGODONWEALTH I z e,. Sceptre,' P Janters Pr1 d e ,. < J Choke, a.nd J SKOEZNC TO:B.6.CCOS. CELEBRATED -lii'"PRIC LISTS FURltl'ISHED ON APPLiCATION HENRY WULSTEIN, IMPORTER of HAVANA S UCCESSOR T O AND DEA t .ER IN ALL KlNDS OF Ecrgfeldt & Ileghuee, L II A p T O B A C C 0 I PATENT II Tobacco Machinory, 25 MYRTLE IYEIIUE, BROOKLYN, N. y,, g-S ole A gents in the Untled States for F erdinand Fri n sch' s Of C el ebra t e d M a -162 Pearl Streit, lew York._ B. SCBOVERLIRG, ALL KDID!I Or SBBD LKAP TOBACCO chine fo r Packioll' M anufactured J 42 W .ATER ST., NEW YOBK. Tobacco. Const a ntly o n and the Best Im.. ,,House in New Milford. Conn. proved Hand a n d S team Machine W. SCHOVE&LDG &. CO. f::>r Cutting a n d Granulatin bacco ilaa:UG co., x6o PEARL ST N&w YoR;X. J. :D. & 00__, .nALTII!IOB.K1 MJt. -FALLENSTEIN & SON, REYNES BROTHERs & .co., ... 0 BAOC.,. 0 T 'OBACCO INSPECTORS, .& '-"' I Water Street. -FRANCIS S. KIN. NE'Y'S PATENT DIPROVED 'TOBACCO TOBACCO COMMISSION C .ommission Merchants, I DEMELEDG,. BCBAIJ'U & CO., ( NEW ORLEANS, LA. .Ji.6 STREET, CASES RECEIVED AND ISSUJi:D All USUAL. KEWYORB. -_____ ...;,_..;.;,;;;, __ 'ESTABLISHED IN 1862. CHARLES FINKE, .o..dert1 (for l!lampUag fa tho CouatrJ' :N'e'II:IV' promptly attentlJ d to. r<;OVNTRY SAl!IPLING PROMPTLY AT.. '!'ENDED TO. 'l-47 Water. Street, .-IPHILADELPmA BR.ANCH NEW YORK, JONAS DTZ, 64 :N'O!'I'R. F.liONT STI!.EE'I'. ALEXANDER M,O.ITLAND. L. F S. MACLEHOS E ROBERT L. MAl'ILAND. ROBERT- L ... MAITLAND & CO., obacco;-find Cotton And .Commission Merchants, -BBOAD. STB.I:I1T,eNE'\V YOB.K. JlDV ANCEJUENTS MADE ON. CONSIGNJIIE.NTS TO LONDON AND LIVERPOOL. ror Messrs. WK. CAmlltON & :B!O. 'S :Brands of Tobacco. G Oroo llllJITZIENSTanr D J. GARTH, SON & CO., SJRO.HN & REITZENSJEIN. (Socc....,.-. to C.AJtLilS B. F .m:&NSTBIN &: Co.,) l:oKESSION MERCHANTS, ALSO DEALERS tN'' D 0 ME S TIC NO. 44 BROAE!I ST And lmpor t-ers of D. T. Garth, l 'FOR Efo N T". o"sAcco, NEw YORK. FBONT l'fEW YOU ca ;r. :1'. Q171K A GO., -SAWJR; WALLACE & co., TOBACCO PAGTOBS, CODISSION MERCHANTS, Western and Virginia Leaf, [39 BROAD STREET 47 Broad Street, P.o. uox li,.,o.,, NEW YORK. NEW YORK. THGMAS KIRNICUTT, and vmGIMA LeafTobacc_ o, AIT sz l3ILOAD STREET, -NEW YORK. .: -... ..,-A!j',.. ___ 68 -BWOAD-STREET,. ':NEW'YCmK. ; .. .. . -I t Tobaccoo is constructed with a _knire wo.rktng l bearlrigA, oPerating w1th a !"li ding S hear c u t upon t he tobacco, wha c h ts placed tn a t>o:r: wtth suUs at 1 right angl es and bottom paralld w ith ThhJ machine wlll cut a n y kind o f tobacco an d cut i t P erfectly. P lug Twist, Per i q u e in and a n y similarly h ard prepare d toba ccos can be cut 10 thetr hard abte, w ithou t any caslng, or any other m o i s t e n i n g to softtm thP.m It make s no short::1, can b e run by band or steam p ower, requarc s no slull to tt; tts constructumu of the m ost suhstantia l kind. slo w to wear and d ifficult t a PRICE OF MACHINE COMPLETE, with Pre'"' (box 4}<,x6xoo iache J, 1210 net c alth. Office-141 West Eroa.etwa.y, lCr, T. N. B .-The attentio n of manufacturen of Cigarette and Turkish a n d atl F a ncy Tobac<:os, Straight Cuts, Bright e tc. etc. is p articula r l y called to t his Mac h i ne. W. H. TERWILLIGER, LATE O F TERWILLIGER & CO., 8 PATENTEE OF THE Welded Steel a.nd Iron PRENTICE'S CI&AB MOULD & RETAINERS. Patented' January u. x 8 6 9, and Jday J3 x87 r. ruSc6TT_ Bu'RBANX. ... GO., BURBANK & NASH, DI:I'B.OVI1J:) T 0 B c co PIRI! &: BURGLAR PBDOP GEO. P. NASH. MD COMMISSION MERCIHANTS, S A F E S ; lliiiP1lJGli'll p: 1l'Dflf11Ui19\ ....,.,._ PATENT INSIDE BOLT WORK AND U111.1.1 A. H. -; GREATEST OF THE .::.:.: TOBAtCO i CO'l'i'ON FACTOKl i No Without it!! LEAF., :'fOBACC .urD No. 64 Maiden Lane, a o "a-. WMB, --;a '.f, a-at"_.,_.,. NearWilliam Streer.. NEW YORK. ._ A a -.a.-0'"' Testimouials a ad Ptlce List furoiabed on aP" 88 BBO.AD STREET. K Y. plication. BRIFI.ME N 4& A 48 J:xc:hange :!'lace, York... lCIEMEI,Ell!,G & CO., LotnSVILLE, KY. JAS. GARDINER, CBAS. P. T .$G 1: 1 Importen mf SPANISH aad ? eealen Ia all kln'1 '-!ten Patent, December 16, t865An. lofringemeotollOilrcopyright w!U be rlgoro...,lypros ..::uted CARL UPIIANN t Wboleaale Dealer Ia : Sm Lw mi HAVAJl Toeu, GmB!J. CRIIlSUOJMDCBlft 178 PEAm. S'r:BDl.', -l'fll:W-Y8Ba FELIX GARCIA, IMPORTER OF 1SfB Front Si:"eet, NEW YOU. G. l\EISDJANIV, Commission Merchant, HAVANA LEAFLEAF TOBACCO, TOBACeo 179 Pearl Street, And CiKars! NEW YORK. 6 7 Water Street, NEW YPRK. N. L!CBENBRUCB & BRO MANUEL RIVERA, IMPORTER OF No.164 WaterStreet,NewYork, E .A. V" AN A W'HOLa!ALlt D&A.LBKS Ill LEAF TOBACCO HAY ANA & DOMESTIC Brand "A. C. Y.,. AND CIGARS, :Brand "WANNAS. M.&mBR r.Al\TB, WEW YORK.. Leaf' Tobacco. M. OPPENHEIMER & BRO. : DEALERS IN YEGA a. BERNHEIM, SEED, LEAF AND HAVAil IMPO&TERSOF TOBACCO, BAV TOBACCO 136 WATER AD.CI. OZG.&.B.S. l8'7 !'!AU STUIT. HEW TOIL BASCH lc. FISCHER, lMPORTERS OF HAVANA sm G C 0, CHARLE8 A WULFF, 1 .Lithoga:pher, PriBter, and llanufaetuJar of 165 Wate 2'311aat Street, New York. NEW YORK. Orden' promptly to t the-shOrt est nntlce. lfear KsJden I.aae, A Large J .bao!'tmen* Cor.!ltantly 6n Hand. a C:hatham St., cor. William, Y., KEYSTONE CLAY TOBACCO PIPE WORKS. B.IVERA &. ... "'iies,.-lc 1 GARs, PENINGTON, PRICE & CO., HAYAHADLEAFTOBACCI 1-E:t:->-roR _LisTs. 1 8 North Seventh St., PhUadelphia. I 71 Maiden Lane, N. Y


SEPT. 20 rf} T H E T 0 ll A 0 C 0 L E A l'o A. H. cfc co., C I G AR BOXES, ai=.ANxs:a: A. & BRO"'WN'S SUPERIOR MAKE AND Quality of CEDAR. WOOD, 293, 295 2r0 Monroe St., NEW YORK. AND JOBBERS IN ALL KINDS OF TOBACCO, Xo. WATBB. STB.BBT, XIIW YOB.B. CONNECTICUT SEED LEAF WRAPPER OF OUR OWN PACJUXG. ALLEN & G 0., 175 CHAMBERS sr., NEW YORK, 'NEW CIGAR BOX BOARD PLANHfG MACH II' ,. .. ... WHOLESALE DEALERS AND AGEN_TS FOR p lae; oo b oards per mir.ute; needs only one mao's,atteution; d oessuperi ALL NEW YORK T 0 B A C C 0 FA 0 T 0 R J E S: P. Lorillard & Co., D; H. & 'l'hos. Hoyt & Co Etc. ALSO AGENTS FOR DURHAM, !!I PACKER, 'MERCHANT And Whole1ale Dealer In LEAF. TOB.ACCO -' 191 Pearl Street, New York. FIFE g..J. SCBRODE d: BON, .. 1-78 WAT.ER STREET, NEW YORK.' OP PACKERS OF DOMESTIC ., LEAF T0BACCO .. ... U9 THI UBIAI AMIIIUI BAli, BBOADW AY, cor. Cedar St. :NEW YORK. Cu.p""l, EYOry facility afforded to Dealen and Correspondents :N'. o. mBlJRG SEAL OF NORTH CAROLINA And Other Brands. JOS, G. DILL, T.URPIN BROTHERS, JACKSON, TURPIN & Co.; And a Number o f Othe r Factories. -- SEND FOR PRICE LIST,_ coo.aisteot with Sound Banking. H.BOCHOLL,Preoident: HERMANN BAT JER tc. BROTHERlJ uSTRti'ro:N.& -STORM.' KAUFMANN BROS. & BONDY OF MANrirAcTORERS oF FINE CIGARJ DEALERS-IN. LEAF TOBACCO, fP 1:1St 131 QII.Aln) STB.BBT, :NBW '2'0B.B,; 178 & 180 PEARL STREET,. NEW YORK. Licorice Paste, WISE & BENDHEIM, WM EGGERT Be co. COMMISSION' MERCHANTS & IMPORTERS OF :a: .a -...r..e!S. AND DEALERS IN .7 ,.-::-SliD LBAP TOBACC[ Ill PEARL STREET, rtEW YORK. Brancl!, 94 Kain St., Cincinn&ti, 0 E. & 0. FRIEND & CO., J"""'rten ODd Dealeralll LEAP-TOBACCO, 129 Maiden Lane. ltoA.M) l'RIKlf'D. I Go FRIEND. NEW 'YORK EDWARD FaiR NI> Jr. & S. STIRIBIRGIR PIIII&I m umw. IF 110.44. IID:CJU!I'GE PLACE, N. T. Draw BUlo of Echange on the principal citiee of Eu. rope J laae Circular Letters of Credit to Tn.velen, aaclllftat Commercial Credits; receive Hooey on 0.. pool!, onbject to Bight Checks, DP:f' FINE.CIG.ARS 125 & 127 BROOME ST.NEW YORK: 106 CliAl[liERS STREET, and 121 :BOWERY, SOLE AGENTS FOR THE W ELL-KNOWN R..T.FAUCETT&COlS PAVOBIT E DUWI S:MO:K.:J:N'G-TOEI.A.POO, JOBBERS Ill .&.LL Kll'iDS OF VIRGINIA & llORTH VAROLII!IA, PLUG A1'fD I!IIOKil'iG TOBACCOS. -r.fitNli/FACTURE R OF THE Ci:ELEBRA -TED BRANDS OF COPE'S TOBAC-CO PLANT, Fine-cut.Chewing Tobacco And all other Matuials for Flavoring used by Manufacturers, including the tlaelf Essential Oils, W H. Schieffelin & Co., 170 e.n4 172 'WILLWI STREET, NEW l'OBL : E. W. laUCBS, KANIJFAC'Il'U'RER OF :CIGAR DOXEP., AND U.IPORTER m -_. GERMAN .. CIGAR MOULDS of OSENUlJClt lG CO., e.nd. F. J DCALKRIN 4. Straps an(J Cutters, SOUTH N. y. -1 I SIMON STRAUSS, ': 1\IANUFACT'l'RER OF I CICAR BOXES. tc SHOW Importer of ancl in Spanish Cigar Ribbons, GERMAN. CIGAR MOULDS, PRESSES, STRAPS, CUTTERS, ETC., A 181 LEWIS STB.EIJT' NEW '2'0-BB.. AND DEALERS IN A MONTHLY FOR SMOKERS. Oneida Chief and Sunset. LEAF PUBLISHED AT lo. 10 LORD NELSOI STREET, LIVERPOOL, EI&I.AID, TBEOr ._. DU _BOIS, iiiPOftJEHS OF GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS. BOWERY, NEW YORK. Pr" Tw Shill" (E li OO:M'M"::I:&&:J:ON ::llfiER.OEI:AN"T; 57, 59 & 6 1 lewis St. beit. Delancey and Riving-too Its} lee, o mgs ng sh) per AnnUm.. Agent for the !_?0 GRAND POINT JamBs: La., PERIQUE TOBACCO, BEPPINREIMER & MAURER: ..-r CODISSION MERCJIANI'Itt.' And Corn H u.l!!lk Cifarettes. Praouoa.1 x.:t:thosr.a.pherJ AND 48&58E.SttondSt.ALEX FRIES& BRQS16CollegePlace, Also. Dealer' in Fin& Havana. an Domestic Cigars.. ENC.RA,VERS AND PRINTERS TOBACCO PBESSEBS, (OINCINNATII es West :SroaclW"ay S:Z'W YO::alt. BT STEAJI POWER AND HAI\W PREMIE!I. .. .. &.......,.v=a: B;_'"""" eMER!ELD. & t:O. .. AHNER & DEHLSJ -' v l:KPOlt 'rlCltS SA VAN A, ancl 112 24 NOBTlt WILIJ.Ut STUE'J, NEW von. DETALEoRSIBN cc u cIGAR E L AV oR. JUI.f 4 181 New York. CEDAR TOBACCO GO; OP' G.ALDDIII, .. FACTORIES AT S..A.:DT F:I:L:I:P::EJ. G-:I:L::El.OY .AJl Cig&ra and 'robacco by us 'Ire of CALIFORNIA 'GRaWN LEAF, CURED BY THE CULP PROCESS. 190 Pearl St., NEW YORK. SMALLEST $Z.OO. SENT C. 0. D. LIDIRIR FISCHEL J. L. GASSEB.T L. DEALERS IN J. l. OASSERT l.llltn-, & m. ) coMilssiON MERCHANTS, MANUFACTURERS 0.1!' #W I G A R s Our Cigars are finer in llavor than; a!ly in the United States of American Grown To-R AVA N A T 0 8 A C C 0' .t.ND DEALER. IK ALL KINDSJoF V bacco. and are by competent judges' equal to those impot'ted from l!avana, while our prices compete with the better class of DOmestic Cigars. ala STUET, OW YOU. LEAp ToBAcCo, St34 SECOND The pos5e$inl a FOR CICAR., BOXES, 291, .293 & 295 STREET, NEW YOB.Jt. PartJcula r Attelltion paid to and Planing' to ord-..;.. Centennial Trick Gi[ar Case. CHEZ, HAY A 1.3a. J..a4. lilA lDEN LAN& New Tori. FINEST CLlliifAV iiA CIG!BI AJID I.IIPORTKU 0 .. A. STEil\1' & co., .. XEW YOKK. D:Bl'TH AND DELICACY OF !'LAVO:a 17NIIt11U'ASSED, COMMISSION MEftCHA.NTS, No .f 80 W11ter St., New '( A OAT11M'A while they contain LESS NWOTIN-E than tobacco curedby any other known process. ; : &. KASPROWICZ & BRO. .J.f.L N, )' BDG:AJL :BB.J:GGS; Agent, -Wangler & Hahn, LEAF. T 0 B A c c 0, KANUFACTUHU or IKPOB.TER 01!' : Office and No 207 Front Street, 'San F randscO, Cal., ,,. ... ,.,....,..,..,.. o Hanna l Leaf fabacco. --I;Jranch Office, 120 Water St., New York. A for, the Ctnttnftlal Fine s e g aiJ A.BT! .. Street. PINE HAVANA CIGARS H AVA N f4. .N0.290&292BOWDY.; s L s ........ I New York A d D 1 -D t M. .SAU>MON, ii:: .SALOMON. You oll'er a rrieud a cl!far from tho Ceateanlal cpatJ 'cn'ly favored. 233 Creenwlch Street, n ea er: m omes lC ...... "w. S ./1:J..OMO'IIlT' which Is filled, and .. he attempt. to t ake one ,o.: NEW YORK. -B WJUe-t by mall. .... "" a I83 LAlfE, liEW' TORK. COMMISSION MERCHANTS,.. I 66. Water 85 MAIDEN ... ANE,, N. -y. Send your ordn! to E:z:cluainly for the '1'lAIIa. ODANisK ciGAR 801 cEoAa NEW YORK. A 0 0 0 c. F. A. HINRICH.S, EGG HARBOR. (JITT, J .,. .. !ORK. ., ., r a,. L A B EL s .. J;)ealer lp S KODRS' Al!.TICLES, Bruoh OHiet, 171 PEARL ST. A Sp.claltJ Spee1al attention. to forwardins of Tobac co I 0 ' ; OF EVERY DESCRIPTION; E SPIN' for S k d M be 31 33 PA--P :N'e.._. 'Yor-. _____ GARN & CO., = .. mg_ an anuf,actured Tobacco, "" LA(J:e,m. ..... EBTABLrsaEo nea. LANE i. co. L. a ERSHEL-& sRo., DIUJ.IIBIJlf BY -A, HARTcoRN, GERARD BETTS a co Pactenofaudi>Wenln HA!!UIUOGR!PHIO 08!Pj.NY, PIPES, etc., $EEO LEAF. TOBACCO, 1 _' 8/j &i 84 VESEYOG:a.A.P:a::m::a.s, Ancll>eolerln COMMISSIQN MERCHANTS, .4U BROAD STREET QARI PB.ABL STBEBT, &-m .. ....._ I NEW YOBJL TOBACCO STORE AND &ALESROOH: .t.l'fDilf(}A.LDWELLN .I. ._o_SH"Lo AT GREATLY0REDUCED 'PRICES 21 a 0 WE R y TOLD SUP i 104 PEARL STREET I. GauH.._ GOBBJIJi A OO., i NEW YORK f (OaeclOCII'from Hanover Sqaore) BW YOB.K. .... ZDi8811B & 00., Importerund.Manufacturenrof Internal ltevenue Woks: TIN FOIL j : 'ILACCUM SCH.LOSSER, PATENTS. KAJU11'ACT111l&UCW JULIAN AllEN, GEBMA'J(, AND. Th.Orl,tuat Jntet'Dal Jl.....,a Pabllobl ._ ., f QX JOB Seed Leaf d Cia v Pip c. JOURCE.NSE;;, JOHN .J. ()ROOKE 118'.:-II,UI11FAcCTtr'; OP c and cox, ACCO SEALING V/Al. an Havana .... J5ole Depot for es, .. :. IIANUPACTUUR"" lgars,;l COUNSELLORS AT LAW And lmporlersofGIJWiao. 0ng1. Qaru, &c. T<>BA.OOC>, .' Heinrich Goebel Sobne, ,_,m1 hou 1114ftaallu TJN FOIL ANB BOTTLE 14'1' IMA'ft'OBXEY 8"l'BEET. 22GBROADW.A.Y1 NEW Y6:U:, f 109 112 Water Street, N. Y. lrossahaerode Plpu, lPR.XBizaziva. PLA:r.I'f Al'fD PQLOaJm. NEW YORK raAcnc IN cAou nLA'!'nlc T" : 'Wi.llb.m St., 'XewTodL 11U Maidea l.aae 2. x-......... !Ot.LING JmJ.a. sa CltOSBt ana. 163 .t 16& P"!!""etoro ol'tU eelebrated lrranclo"'R.,abllc PATENTS AND TRADE MARIS. .. ftlelll. lmL:B-EiiY BTiU'l'S nw to--H!wb ...s InJ." Other bTorlte o ... THB --; -teonler. 1 1 COUB'l'S aJUl PATEKT ...


6 THE '.r 0 B A C C 0 L E A F. SEPT. 20 Philadelphia Advertisements. KNECHT, SMITH & CO., TO STEINER, SMITH BROil-.&:. KNECHT, El EALERS IN ALL KINDS OF LEAF TOBACCO, AWD MANUFACTURERS OF AND DEALERS IN CIGARS, 131 Korth Third Street, Philadelphia. TEI.I,ER P!lOkers, Commissicm Merohants, and Wholesale Dealers in and Do111estlc Leaf' Tobacco,. Baltimore Advertisemea.:ts, "WM .A.. BOYD & CO., WHOLESALE DEALERS IN HENRY BESUDEN, IAilJPACTUBID AID LBAF TOBACCO, CI&ABS, H., & BRO DEALER IN f: JR: I 33 SOUTH sT., BALTIMORE. THOS. W. CROJIIER.f I:... G :U.NTHER,, GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANT, AND -TOBACCO FACTOR, No; o sour:a &TB..EET. LEAF TOBACCO, I 15 & nd I I? West Front St., Between Race ud :Elm, OINOllUUTl 0. LEAF. TOBACCO. -168; & 165 Pearl Stret, J' : (OOiilliKit OJ' Jl.j)[ CINCINNATI. EASTERII lDVERTISEMEITS. ;j J. DIX & 1 Packera and Dealers in. I 211 STREET, HARTFORD COl.'IS. Wft.. WE8TPHAL, COIDIISSION JIERCJIA.liT, And Dealk .Ia COINlCTICUT SED lUf -:I. .. State St .. Hartford. Cou. 117 North Third ll A r. T J. M 0 ll. B, M Liberal Advancemcn ts Made ot1 Consignments to my Address. LOUIS KROHN. LEOPOLD FEISS. f W. E .IIiJENLOHR & CO., LEA F"" ... Toif i .. A c c 0, ll15 8. WATER IT., PIULADELP.HU. -< '---------W. EISENLOHR, S. W. CLAR&. Pl'IIL BONN. L. BAMBERGER & CO., DEALERS lN 1LE/AF TO_BAC(JO, And Manufacturers of all Grades of Cigars, 1Voll11 A":O St., tEWIS BREMER'S .. SONS, Wholesale Dealers in 4LEAF" AND MANUFACTURED -TOBACCO, 1110. 322 NORTH 'THI-RD STREET, PH'ILADELPHIA. IrA-large assortment of all kinds o[ LEAF ToBA tco constantly on hand .ft. M. ANATBAN & CO., Packers, AND WHOLESALE IN: TOBACC O, :No. 220 North T:bircl St., Philaclelph.ia CEO. KERCKHOFF tc C(). Packers of Seed I:ieaf MOSES KROHN' AND DEALERS IN SPANISH TOBACGOS, 49 South Charles St., Baltimore, Md. K R OB:I, 'P'l' ss & co : &co: li : t -rODA.CCO MANUfACTURERS OF STAT!: ISTB.BJ:T, ;. '\'ORD, CONllf. GEO. KERCKHOFF. GEO. P. UNVERZAGT G. W. ACZ&a AND .DBALltlt tlf F. BECKER C. BECKER. .,.],. BECKER BROTHERS,-.. __: FINE comCTICUT SBED-LUf AND DEALERS IN J>ACKERS, LEAF 1110' BAC,.O, .-oBAcco, Foreign and Domestic ;Tobacco, .Ji: U DANB:URY, coNNECTictrr.. .... llllD_. Office. and _Salesroom, 126 Vine Street.. H SMITH & CO H,. WILKENS_ & CO.,. Factory and Warehouse, 244 & 246 Wa 8d St., COMMISSION MERCUNfs: MONUMENTAL TOBACCO WO}lKS, CINCINNATI, OHIO. A1WD a'OBBBB.Sp 181 msr l'RA'l"l' S'l'W'r, :eALmtOBE, K.Un.m!. CONNECTICUT LEAF TOBACCO. lllanufacture;.ohlllr.ind;oll -l S. LOWENTHAL & CO., ., :No. 20 .Hampden Street, SIIOKING TOBACCO AND SNUFF, MANUFACTURERS FINE CIG A DQ, SPRINGFIELD. llSS. _._, IlL ALK, 120 Ch&Jnbere, 111. Y., .&:. BATTIII BllOI., 1to9 TJa1n1 Ji,t., PUla 11. ., llJ.4) ED. WlSCHMEYER. HY. WISCHMEYER. ED. WISCHMEYER & CO., BILL OF LADING attached to Draft, and will All 1: F A pRAGuE DI!CCU fiBCIJAm, Fine Manufactured Tobacco An! 'I=porter of Choice Brandu! .J.. P A. ALBRECHT Aim CIG.&II8, DEl\TR. y MEYER, TOBACCO 10'2' ARCH STB.EEfT,' BA V ANA Cl:C.A.B;:;t WholesaleDealedn l!l'o.IIEiehaqe BALTIBORB. "coKJOSSIOJr JIERC!IANT, J. M. W11sE, Danville, Va. P. Wua, TGJ I )JWS M. & PEYTON WISI, l CO:LWISSION DRC:S:ANTS F or the Purchase of LEAF .TOBACCO. Address 'liS at l!chmo:!d or Danville, Va..r As you may wish to buy in the one or the othe!' market:. ...... -.. Ph'lladelph. 1a. OFFICE AND SALEsRooM, ,' '1 L f T b Aad INSPECTOR, ].1(. :E. OOR. toth and CRBITN1l'I' ITS., ea 0 acco WM E DIBRELL BATGH&LOR BROS soN, AND C ,ICARS, I w. DRESEL & co., CINCINNATI, LVID T.OBA. ceo ..!'PECULIAR" '.r.!erchants; .. BALTUIOB!l. 87 GAy 48:Front St.;CinCinnati,oO. B GEISE & BRO -nnr IWU, c -J c A R .For and WHOLESALE DEALERS In '3AL'DOU, KD., .. .. 1410 Cary Street lWm'AC'm!:,, LW AID DlliFAttmD" JC. :m. WENCK, TO BA. 0 c 0 F. w. DOHRMANN, .STEAM: ...... 1 LLs !!;. .... eomsmR .. CI&AB Box PACTDRY. cA:. w; llilmNas soN, ,..II g; ,A CLAY STREET successor to A. W, NCSltmg.., JIOSIPB WALLACH.' .. R. FOUGERAJ, CIN.CINNATI, o. No, 93 : ... 0 D A C G 0 .JA-' -!'... SuccetiOOrlltoCOOPER &: WALT.Iffi, & KEMPER TOBACCO' p, o. sqx 2'733. 1 And Dealers i n 1\[anufactw-ers of MERFq.RK.ERS OF t V j 1TJT1iiACTURERS' AG1ji1JT M. H, CLARK & BROTHER.. AND IQDmtrr 1m and SMOKING TOBACCO Oonneeti.c:ru-t&eed .IWU1U.f b11 F w. SMYTHE & CO", General Commission Merchant, .. I 666668 Sl, ; Wl>;-d Yara 33 Front Commission Merchants, q'OBICCO BROKERS, aDEBRAND & KLIN8ENBERI,"'. T. J I D u N N & c 0. I I BretherioD BailcUDp. CLARKSVILLE, Te..... R. A.. MII.I.S, TOBACCO I :vv CARROLL,-< 10 BROKER liD Bllll, Commission Kercha,n ts I Sole ] MOJiafad11tef of tile F am--Worid-Rei>OWDeO. Joo.K.PA=-OTTfH ST'A'FR PJGID Ut1Uf IJlll Five Brothers Tobacco Works J. E. HAYNES, "' c GEO. i. EDWARDS & CO.,_ ltiW.I ll.r.l .. .lUI llll.liU ltiUIY. JOHN J. L UDY' JOHN FJNZER BEN. FINZER, ) 'RED. FINZER ':fOUNGER & co., lso-e .. Coo ,... o., -I -d RUDOLPH FINZER, NICHOLAS FINZER, DEALER IN WESTERN .. v ..., wHoLESALE DEALERs JK T .T. DUNN 4 oo., Props., ... ....,......... -CO"""rrSSION ANTS, I l'ACI!BS, COMKISSION KEBc:I.UT'l'S, ... w. c ..... Flfteeath .... VIae 8treea., tSnnmilln anil IJttle wanderer John Fin ze r < & Bros.;" L E A F 0 a A c c 0 oiiUIU. .u.A LBAP TOBACGO & pun DELJ!IBIA, U. n KANUFACfUURS OF I LYXCBBUR.G, VA, AndWholcnleDealersin .... "lol" Clar aeclaJho...... O:J:GA.B..a.. "FIVB BROS. RAVY'' 'WUI,tYet!oel

THE TOBACCO LEAF. SulftRO ... NEWlYIAR'WP, w. P. C.-The Washing -ofasmall portion of nicotine; and for this reasonnodoub Greek-Nothing in the market. Rio Grande-When burn in a few hours and prodnce a very dense smoke, wh1ch decreases the radiation amd prevents frostI & ...: .Ka. t on Evening Star of the the humble pipe is far perferable to the cign, becaus e leafy, dry, and well butted, meets a steady sale. Java MA:NUF..&C'l'tJR.ERS OF 14th says:-William P. in usin g the latter we of course chew as well as sm oke, -Of fair substance and is in demand, but Copeland, of the New York unless, of course, a holder is used; where as, with a pipe parcels thin in character are slow of sale. Sumatra0 J: a.A .. Bulletin, is in town for a day it is only the smoke which comes into con tact with us smoke disa greeable to you?" is asked more out of respect for cpurtly custom than from any llr6 PARK PLACE NE B.K two-whe eled Cuban vvlante, 5o; planters lugs, do do bright 4rn.5 5o; common dark, W 'V"O which attracted considerable small supply on sale. Abput r,zoo bales will be offt!red .& s h1ppi ng leaf, 6 so@7o; medium do do, 9@to; good do bl' 1 H If b d atte ntion on the Avenue, it d lD our next pu 1c. sa e. unganan-utte and 'in KERBS & PlESS, Manufacturers. of Fine Cigars, aDd Deale:rs ln LEAF TOBACCO, tADoLPH KEilBS. 35 New york. Lours SPI:ESS, b h o, ll@ rz. good red or brown shipping leaf, r r; good dry condition, wouli;l meet a sale Latakia etng t e first vehicle of the fine do do, 13@ r5; coinmon m nufacturing do do, k i nd ever imported into Is in rather better dt"mand, but n of the; med ium do do do, 9@11o. o; good d o do do. ( 1 f h 1 Washington. It is drawn 10.. enpr c 1aracter o t e ast tmports, buyers have conu_@r-4; medium half bright wrapping leaf, r8@z5; good fi d tl 1 f 1 by a horse about as bl g b L d d fi 1 ne 1e1r operatwns to parce s o prev1ous s 11pment. ngwt o o, 35@45; ne do do do, 6o @7o. Out1 N h ..1 d c d' h I fi 1 1 a well developed k 1 'tten. r egro ea .. -an aven ts -n the ormer Itt e bu s iness quotatwns re,er to tobacco ia sound condition and h b d 1 f full hhds, except lugs. as een one; the atter o good !iluality more in deTOBACCO A MILD STIMUman d. Stalks and Smalls-Dull of sale. LANT.-In Central America LIV.Ij:RPOOL, September I.-Messrs. F. W Smythe 'MANILA, Atlgust 8.-Leaf Tobacco-The Governthe lr.dian of native blood & Co., Tobacco Commission Merchants, report :-A ment advertise for sale on the I9th proximo the follow indulges in his ancient chocoquiet, steady business has been done during the pas ing assortme nt :-;=-j4 lots, each so qq No. I 'rsabela at late; the North American week, but p.urchases of all classes of buyers were, as :1! upset price of I I per qq, crop of r ,8'l4; '4 lots, each 'b rule, of a retail character. Good tobacco is ge'ttiug N I b 1 f ,. tn es h ave their Appalach scarce, and full rates have been obtained for the better s o qq sa e a at Uf!Set pnce o "'52-SO per qq, ian tea, and their tea of Sald crop o( r874; 20 lots, each roo No. 4 Cagayan at vador. In the United States, fa es of leaf and Ira ports, r, 1 19 bhCfs; deof $9. 50 'per qq, crop of 6o lots, each and through all the West 54 I do. Stock; 29,I87 bhds, against 27,o66 do IOO qq, No.4 Cagayan ;tt upset, price of $9 per qq, crop India Isles the European same time last year. of_ r875.; 3 9.l9t.S, ea, cjl roo qq, No.4 Isabela at upset 1 d ff Messrs. Edward Samuelson & Co. report :-We have pnce-of $roper qq, crop of r875, Exported :-Liver-races now natura lze qua to report a good business all around in North American' the i r cup of coffee. Europe, b d 'pool, 1:oi m il. cigars; Cadiz, 11,900 qq tobacco; San as weli, has chosen its comto acco unng the month; home manuf act ur ers supFrancisco, ro tllil. cigars; Melbourne. ll>o mil. cigars; mon beverage. Spain and plying themselves. to a fair extent, qut, in the main to Singapore, rs rnil. cigars, of which 4 19 mil. are for I I meet their inuned1ate requiremen t s, exporters have conL d H K 6 t a y drink chocolate ; k on on ; ong ong, 05 mt deeper and the appropriate answer, "Not at all., France, Germany, Sweden ttnued .tO pic up odd lots here and there where any thing suitable has been offered, at about the same ficr. and Turkey, coffee ; Hot. ures as those cut rent the previous month. Weste;n A Sample case. I assure yon," may be confidently predicted in advance. land England and Russia, tea; while miserable Ireland States tobacco, wht:ther in Leaf or Strips of a quality makes its drink of cocoa-adapted for spinning, has been more inquired after and the market for th ese is, i f any thing firmer. and husks, the refuse of the checolate mills of Italy and nondescript grades are perhaps a shade easi er, and comSpain. Everywhere in fact, ?JOn w? ic_h are sale, continue depressed m value. V1rg1ma'-The posrtton o( this remains unn:->n 1"to:x:icating, slightly h stiumlating drink !I are con c anged, some sales a ,;e .reported but at irrE)gular s u med. The habit must rates; and the same apphes to Maryland and Ohios. supply some general want The Impor.ts of Amorican t_obacco consisted of 7 .482 of our na ture, as all these hhds-agamst 2,21-4 hhds m August last year-of which beveragescontainessentially 4,soo were from New York, r,420 Boston, r,326 Phi la the same chemi ca l comdelphia, r8r Baltimore, ana 55 New Orleans. Deliveries 2,348 hhds, viz : _-r97 Vi rginia Ler.f, 253 Strips, 1,20; pounds; and surely parallel facts can be gathered re Kentucky 6r6 Strips, and 8o. Mary lands Exports, CHAPTER I.-It was New Year's morn ing. He had All this is part of the comedy of social life; nobody bee n think ing deeply for a day or two, and the J e was a think of a t taching a particle of meaning to the phras5 Spartan look on his face as he sat down to breakfast. exchanged, yet eve ry body draws a politely sobe r face,. He was u nu sually quiet, though he he never felt the men enjoy their and lhe women endure their better in his life headaches hravely. CHAPTER !I.-Rising from fu e table he drew forth his Smoking in th e stre et is forbidden in some cities ; and. tobacco-box, and said to his wife : however we may regard the imposition olf such prohibi Hannah, I'm going to quit the weed." tory l aws from a politico-economic point of view, they are "No!" und o ubt edly defensible on purely moral p;rounds. One "Yes, I am. I've been a slave to the disgusting habit citizt.n has no m o re right to pass a volume of narcotic-laden. for for1y years; but now I'm done with it! Come here, voptr through hi s mouth or nostrils and force it into the Hannah." lungs of another citizen th an he has a right to persist She followed him to the door, and he Bung the box far in keep i ng ill-drawing or soot-dispen-ing chimneys on out into the back yard. Ius hous e when he has a means at hand for abating this CHAPTER III.-Four days had passed. Dried pump-) nui sance to his neighbors. kin, cloves, spice, gum, and dried beef bad been chewed But, granting to the smoker the use of the inn piazza in place of t h e accustomed q uid. The family cat had and the thoroughfares for good-nat ure' s sake, what shall been k lcked out of doors; tile dog had fled; the hired we say of his invading a public conveyance? Until lately girl's nose was up; every peddler in town came to the the omnibuli has been deemed an asylum to which wome n door. might repair in safety when the atmosphere of the sidespecting the use of tobacco. 878 hhds. vrz.-528 Italy, 17 5 Afnca, 69 Aus tral ia, 3 8 The North American InMalta, 21 Antwerp, r6 Gibraltar, ro Mar5eille;, 7 Monte dians are by J Video, 7 Isle 6 Lisbon; and I Jersey. Stock Fennimore Cooper as smok 28,714 agar.nst 27,266, 21,896, 19, r6:>, and ingthe r in solemn 25,278 at thrs penod the prevtous five years. Turkey silence; the Chinese, the -Impons, 279; Deliveries, 78; Stock, r,69z. The recent L IL J'OS'IBL BD. HILSoN, RUDOLPH WYKA'I< Russians, the Italian, the samples d is play and amount of to)or we have not seen RELJAVCE CJO.AR IANUFA,TORY. r negr o and all races smoke. for some years, and the general character of the tobacco "' But you will stick to your resolution, .won't you?'' walks became too thickly ch a rged with tobacco in one asked tbe wife. form or another; from present :.oppearances she is to be "I will or die!" he replied. robbed of even thi s refuge. Mrs. Smith has an errand 11 U U The Irish men (anJ women appears to us to be more uniform than is usually the FOSTER' HILSON--. CO., r poorer districts) are case in this grade. Of Mact:donian and Greek we have ., pict ured by Leach and no quantity to offer; but has' been com i qg in 77 & 79 CliAlmllBS ST. 3 Doors Welt. ofBroadwa1 N. 1' .. others with their inseparable rather more freely of late, and 1s consequentlY, receding MANUFACTURERS 0,. p i pe. The poor of England in value. Of tAV }atter were impor ted r65; Cleared, 6 3 ; CHAPTER LAST.-'Twas dark. Man sneaked around in the lower part of the city, and the distance being con the house-on his knees on the around-siderable and her time of s6me value, she sets out at an fingers clutched au object-lid flew open-moved his early hour :tnd hails an omnibus. The driver is smoking right hand to his mouth-"Yum I yum! But what a fool a from which he occasionally dumps the ashes so I was!" that they are sucked in at the windows of the vehicle and Fl. ne 0 consum e large quantities of Stock, 785 Dalfh and German are not much sought J.gars, tobacco; the rich, the stuaft er at this season. The imports embraced 52; Cleared, MoraL-Don't chew.-Boston Post. s h owe red 9ver the shoulC:ers a nd laps or" hirled into the AND SOLE PROPRIETORS OF THE PATENTED WILLOW CIGAR BOX. Ht&..\11 W ALKlnt. Prest. J. E. Sec'y and HutAJl GRANGxa, Supt. W ALDl CO., MANUFACTURERS OF dent, the idler, the soldier, 149; Stock, r,og5. !lnd Japan-Little or nothing dmng m the l ,atter nice clean, well feathered leaf of the Tbe Icbaenmoa FI:r, or tile Tobacco-Wurm sailor, and traveler, almost D without exception, find com former gr..qwth i s fn f.-ir demand. Imports, 208; Cleared eltroyer. 153; Stock, r,o6g. China only in modera:e r equest. Wes; [From lht Clarksville Tobacco Leaf J fort in their pipe. A storv '" h d f M J h R' Indian and South American quiet in the exteme. Cavn e ave nonce or some time r. os tce, our is told of Dr. Johnson, of 1 h ] d endish only in retail demand. 683 Deliverle", ar mere ant, who IS particular y fon of flowers whom it is said that he never d 11 f d 533; Stock, 3 ,87r packages. an a vegetatiOn, as he 1s o the wee experimenting nnoked his pipe without with the ichneumon fly and tobacco worm, or rather cuihaving first thanked God .for LONDON, September 7--Messrs. Grant, Chambers & tivat!ng the fly, which have become so numerou s that t h e blessing. Surely, from Co. report as follows :-During the past week there has they d estroy every worm and egg tha t appears on hl s all this it is manif est we have been but little business done in United States tobacco. premises. The t o bacco worm covered with cocoons, is yet to learn what is the Tbere have been numerous inquiries for the finest as pretty as a flower and will appear as a curiosity to s pecial function of tob acco, classes, and selectiens of such has been tak e n for homethose who have never seen it. Doubtl e s s they are more and why it has been used, t rade u se. For export little has been done. Wtsti!rn or le ss 011 every farm, but pass uoobserved or uncult i and is in all countries, leaf and strips have attracted but little attention, and vated. In fact farmers make a practice of killing ever y and everywhere the poor the sales effected have been tdfting. Vitginia Leaf a n d worm they find, and oft e n destroy alfriend in the dor and wretched, the aged and Strips-In the former little has been done; ior the latmant worm filled with ichnt:umon eggs, but we give Mr. t he cri ppled will makt: a tPr, of fine, rich qualities there is a dema:1d. .Matyland Rice's experience, which will be found quite interesting sacrifice, even of and Ohio-T!-te former, but triff i ng sales; in the latter a At the solicitation of Mr. I ngra m, editdr of The To-f ood, for tobacco in some fair trade done. Cavendisk is without change. bacco Leaf, I give you wbat I know about the Ichneuform. All this looks like the Oul' monthly circular is as follows:-The durmon fly, or the class that is so dest ructive to the to influence of some deeping the past month has presented no new feature, buy-bacco worm, for there are more than r ,s oo varieties. seated necessity. ln discusers of American tobacco having continued to r estrict About two years sittc e I noticed a tobacco worm, full sing s uch a subjeo;:t as this, their operatio ns to small -purchase rs for immediate grown, covered with white cocoons or chrysalis cases. i t is only fai r to th e opponeed, and to the finest descriptions offering on the Having a curiosity to 5ee what they were, I Jet the fiN ECUT CHEWING & SMOKINGJ nents of smoking to consider market, for which full quotations have been paid F o r worm reniai n It did not eat another square i nch of their chi ef objections to its exp ortation there _has been but little done; there have leaf, but died in one week. Thi s year tb.t!re has use. A terrible form of been numerous inquires, but with the present limited not been a worm on [he place that has not been des blindness c a lled amaurosis supply transactions have been trilling. In all the martroye d by this insect, except two killed by a friend, who TOBACCOS, 31, 33 e 35 At te S has beeu ascriht!d to the use kets in the States prices continued firm, and full quan-did not know I wanted them for the experiment. The Q5, wa; r t., East, of tobacco; but the evideoce tities are reported to change hands. Ad vices state that eggs are deposited unaer the skin of the worm and when -DE of cause and effect is so dif. there is now but little difference of opinion as to the ha tched feed, on the fatty matter in the interior of the TB.OIT, JUCB. ficult to r1" ghtly aaJu st, that I h t d t b b l h growmg crop, w 11c IS conJeC ure o e e ow t e v1ctim until they. become grown, when tl\ey make their ----------------_.;.-------,....-------probably the extreme scaraverage. In substitutes there would have been more appearance on the of the skin, and begin imCHARLES S. RA WES, city of instances of this form business done bad 1,11e stock on sale been of a more exmediately to form cocoons about them, which is per-.&. LICBTBNSTEIN & BROTBBB, WA}oJUFACTUilERS or THE ,, ELX" a.nd II ONWARD" 0 IQARS, lad D ....... WF TOIACCOII Nos. 34 and BOWER'Y, PACKER AND DEALER IN of bl i ndness is a sufficient tensive character; lfrivals of good suitable descriptions formed in about an hour and a half. They then go in proof that there has been will meet a ready sale. Cigar tobacco has been but to the chrysalis state, and:in about four or five days the some other cause for thi s little operated in. Imports-:J,470 Deliveries-fly. comes nut, rearly to depos i t more I believe co n d it ion, or, surely, r,o76 hhds, against 9"4 hhds in the corresponding all the changes from the egg to the fiy state are per among a nation month of last year. Stock-13,II2 hhds, ag11inst r4,formed i\)side of ten days. I believe (and my belief is Fine Connecticut Seed Lea.f, 115t MAmJIJI L&JI'II, 1'11TO"C::i:r Y'or:JL we should find but few with 835 hhds in 1875; hhds in 1874; u 9o8 hhds in based on three years' experience) that if any farmer l!l, V. liA WIS, :Bridgeport, Conn. perfect sight ; whereas, it 187 3; 14,5 r8 hhds in 1 8 7 2; 14,3 7 5 hhds in 187 I; and would let the worms with the cocoons on them remain must be evident to the most 13,8r8 hhds in 187o. Virginia Leaf and S:rips.-In and Jet the fly mature; that in a few years they would JAMES PERNET & CO_., superficial reasoning, that the former only a moderate business done; for the !atbecome numerous enough to all the worms. many great smokers live Loa ter of fine rich quality there has been som e inquiry, but They are so numerous on my place and the worms so 43 lalollu Jt., lew Orleans, great age without any imthere is little now offering. Kentucky Leaf and Strips scarce that they destroy the worm before it is half grown. S b "b Maoofactorers of pairment of vision. Iudiges -Have attracted but little attention; the sales of the I believe that it deposits its egg in the eg& of the toll SCri e 1.0r PBBIQVII TOBAGOO tiou ; is another malady which former have been but trifling. In strips operations fly. also, for that is its habit; for the reason that I -AMI>is frequently att ributed to have been confined ,to the finest grades, of wh1ch there I have seen the tobacco fly deposit hundreds of eggs THE T 0 8 A C C 0 LEAF I PERIQUE CI(tARETTES tobacco; but here again the is only a limited supply, and these are held at firm on a lot of tomato plants. and not a worm has yet been 1 1 y 'nr our same reasoning will hold i:ates. Maryland Ohio-Have inqu ired for, produced on these vine s I have seen many farmers ,, true, as our utterly unscib'ut of the former there is little stock in the market; in who never saw a worm covered with the cocoons. Any entific ann often disgusting the Jatter there has been rath'er raore doing. Some of one who has not can see one at our store at any PAST:E. way ofliving, to which w_e are the late arrivals, having proved of good color, met a .time. all subject, must necessarily ready sale at full prices. Hav_annll The appearanct: of tile Ichneumon By ( vari be responstble for. any deslow ?f of fine quality, the of ordmary ety) is alwa:ys greeted with joy .by the cotton planter, of that Important descnpuons rs d dncult to 'Place. Yara and Cuba-Are which often saves the crop. fac es of the passengers. On the box with the driver is a. policeman who sienjoying a free ride from headquarters to. the scene of his day's v

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