The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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. VOL XII.--NO. 33. NEW YORK. WEDNEBDA Y s EPTEMBER 27, 1876. W H'JLE, No. 605 ; IS l'llltltHiiot .4r iclu. Hllllcr'o R. Soaa & Co. 55 Cedar. Scllefl'elin W H. & Co., 170 &Rtf na Wllllaot. Havana c;,,.,.r F!.vM". I'rlel Alex. I< Jlroo., ,, Coli Place M'.w.f._.ctrwrl tl/ Ptl'flNkt:.Wl L.f ToiMC53 South. 11f Cluuli"L c1Cd .. 1 '"T obaCC4. Barlter IC. C. 4z Co. 74 & 76 jel!eroon ave. Parker, Holmes & Co., 49 57 jeffersoR Ave Wa.lker, McGraw Co. 31-3S Atwater 1 Terms of the Paper: Heokell Jacob, 195 Monroe. Strauss S. I?Q & 18r L ewis. Wicke William li Co .. 153 Goerct. [,..Jtwters f Ilavana arul P.ctUrs tl.f L'af TtJhae&11. CIGARS, lllA.NUFAC'I'11B.EII AT THE K.EY WT &RANCH OF THE CELEBRATED EL PRINOI)1.; Dill GALES 1llAlnt-aNcLa COPIBS ...... ........... ....... to Cents. ..:: .: ::.: :: ::.. :: 8iir' Remembe r that the cost to the yearly or monthly subscriber i L&.M THAN EtGiiT C:&NTs l'<WK&K. ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS ABROAD. GR&AT BJUTAIW AND CAADA .. D.4-Ba&M&N. HAMBURG AND TI-l& CONTIN&NT ... !5.04 AUSTRALIA, &TC, VIA ............. 5 -04 CuaA .. ........... .. 5 04 No orden for the paper wt:tl be amsldlered, nleH accooapanted by cerrespoo4lna amount. Remittance should, in every instaoce, be made ily rmoReJ order. check. "r Bille are-liable to be etolen1 and can o 'ol1 be sent at tbe greatest ri.1k to the seoder. [Few Ativerli.tiC R4Us IN T4i'ni lfiSIHSS DI&RL'l'ORY OP ADVIIKTISIRS NEW YORK. Cigr Box, rnl titer w .. Daly&: Co., 163 Maiden Lane Ctgar Box Brds Planinc Mlullint Browu A.. F., 57 Lewi Deal1r1 in Spaisll. Ci'ga.r Ceelar. Eifert John F., 191-195 Monroe. Uptegrove I< Gedne.), 465-475 Eaot Teath. Sfid d Gtrman Ci' Ribo A.lmirall ;. ]., 16 Ce&ar. Heppecbelmer & Maul'el', n I< t4l!l'. WllllaJa. Lobenstein 4k Gans, roa Maiden Lane. Loth joe. & Co ....,. Brooaie. Strauss. Simon, Wicke, Wm. It Cv., S3J6c Goerck. MJturtrl of Tiw ... Foil. Croeke J. ]., 38 Crooby&: 163 & Mutbony /m/Jtwltrl o f Ti11 FtJil. Wittemann Bwthers, 184 William. Tob .Bttggi .. g, Howard, Sanger & Co., &.1o7 Cbamben Lbclr The Hatch Lithograpbic Co., _31 & 34 Veeey Heppenheimer &: Maurer 11 North Williaib Cig11r-1Ja x Lalx!& ttnd TrillliJ! Agnew W. & Sons, d4 and JS6 Front tree\ & Maure r a2 & J4 N. William, Ahner & Deb1s, J90 Pearl. Wu.lfrChas. A., 51 Chatfi:a.m. Allen Julia n 172 \Vater. 1'1bacco &taling 1Ya%, Basch & Fsc:het, 1..5.5 Wate r Zlnsser W. & Oo., 1 ; 7 Wntiam. Bowne & Frith. 1 .Rurliug :Slip. Man{n. "r Kinnev Bros. Ruui11" Cir.rtt,.M .. Brod M 147 \Vater "./ -, Bulkley, Moore & Co., 74 Fnmt. Ki-nn e y F. S. t.u West Broadway. Burbank & Nash, 49 rlroad ArtMJI fer Pt,g'N4 TtJ!Jacco nd C""" HusR Cardozo A. H. 66 Hroad Crawford E. M. 168 Water. DuBois Tbeo., 69 Wet Broadway., Dohan, Carrell & Co. 104 Front. Strap& and OutleT, Germ., i,llr MoMitfs, .DaBoia Eugene, Frnnt Brown, A. & F S7. 61 Lew1e G. B. & Co., 68 Con&TOIO at. East DURHAM, 'N. C &ralil rTeD.ct.o. Blackwell w. rr. & Co EV VILLE, Iacl. c,,;,;o,. MtrcJu,ta. Morrlo C. J llt Co. HARTFORD. eo-. PcAtrs .,a DNler1. Blabop, J. &: 46 Market. Di:r : J. & Co., Jl7 Rabbard N It Co. 145 State Lee Geo., so State. London & Bidwell, JJ6 anti u8 State Bbe]Jib.ard 1: Fuller, :114 State. Westphal Wm. n8 State. HOPitll!iSVILLE, K7 Tobcco Broitlrs, Clark, M. H. & Bro. L.AlfCASTEB. Pa. Dealer in Leaf Tolmeto. Sehuberth. C. G. Skiles & Frey, 61 and 63 North Duke. LIVERPOOL, Samuelson Edward.&: Co. 6a Dale Smythe F 'IV & Co .. N'orth John. LOUUVILLE. ,Ky. Plug-Tobacco ManujiururtrJ. F\oaer J 4 Bros., J94Jacob. Manufactur:jit1rl. -. Greer T.H.u .. c-.,;,.;n ,Mn,;...,, Gunther, Steventon &: Co;, 162 CommoD Jtrwaalberc, Bch e(er. aad Qo., 186 Common. Arn-e:/ to, P1n"9w Tobtuu "d Brooll.o W m., I. CJ N tof .Ptlf'ifut aatl q;I'!""'{ J Pernet, ]as. E.&. Co., o43 Nat"chl!z ... I p :&,.. Tooacc Bralkn. Clark 111. H. & Bro. 1 1 (. I IPETERSBUR,G. v A. Ttlb.uctl Cowtnus 1zil" Merc.441ill B.oper, LeKoy!!! Sons. piiiL.AJ)ELPHIA.J Gnthrle& cfl. s Front. a?. .BALTIJ(OBE. M#'fl't"Ju,t TWco J RoJaes Brotblroa. &.Boody, 119 & s Lane : n r 43 to. 129 and 13, Grand M .. of.utllrer< if .Brir Pipes tl lf17 Liberty, 'PRQVIDE.N'CE, R.I. Farrinctoa w. l'. us Dyer. r lUCHKOXD Va. cO..;,;; .. Mvr.U.U.. NOlting'5 Son A. W., E xc;;hange Wioe Ja"""' M & Peyto11o >7 Thlrt"""tb. Leaf 1'tJbtuw IIBoyd '3'7 Dibrell Wm.. E., 1+[0 Cary. Mllla .tl. A. ROOJIMTJtB,, Jr. 'Y. Muujtu:uu..-r if To.O.Cco. Wbalel> R. &: T !So Sute..,;;;;a SAN I;RANotS()O. The Consolidated Tobacco Co. oJ Califol'nla, E. a07 lroat SPIUNGFIELD,. :Ma.u. Smith 1L & Co., 10 Hampdeli .. ST. LOUIS, Jzlo, Tobscco JIY.arlluRIUJ. Doimltzer C; & Jl. & Co., I&J llat)ett I C .. mtuilllrrc4tmll, Bulvin & C::q;.; no North Seco'nd .. 11( Lef TolJacco. Voa'Phul & Ladd, 3 North Mala Jhyaea J :1 Sotb Second TOLEDO, o:a:IO. Manuf"cturer o/ ciuuing and Sm.alliNg' 7o- /JGCC:tJJo Messinger, Charles R. UTICA,JI,Y of Fiol Ca CM.-r _, .S.rdi"f ToNc. to us, within a aay or two, that there were substantial Despite our large receipts we have managed to keep reasons for a fair degree of activity. He our supplies down, so that at the end o! the yea; we said:-" We have had ste11dy buying by the Regies, shall find the market in no degr,ee burdened." and the manufa<:turers have been buying constantly in This is certainly a favorable view of the situation, ancl the West and here, the last mentioned latterly. taking a it is not without some warrant in existing circumstances. little more from this market. With this buying There is now no probability of a material dt:cline in the on the part of the.Regies.and thE[ manufacturers, there monthly volume of exports during the remainder of the has De en no heavy of stock; Exporters season; and in the event of it!> lkeeping up to the current anq manufacturers have bought to supply actual wants, a verage, the J is likely to be below therefore we are inclined to look for a steady de-rather than above the average of the preceding two mand from each source. With reference to 34,269 hogsheads, or 46,445 for purchases by Spain, and France, It may sai4 1876. Lef T4/Jacu l,;p&#-.. Pr"'fllo F A. su-.. ,. (l.trord., &berman a: I nuie, 110 WUW.. ---....,._ )l.d.nd.rew Jameo C., 5 ...._ September 1..----------4---------37,I87 October ----------------------33,903 November r._--.-..... -----.29,7 26 December t.----------_::, January I----------------.-----22,093 It will be seen from tbis statement that, if there that Spain usaally works her stock down pretty close. We' can not, depend upon large purchases Italy and France, on the other haod, seek to keep a hereaffe'l' by the Spain to September 1 had supply oil hand, and on account. of their leniency to importe from New'York during the current year 5,463 during the range of high' prices, caused by hogsheads, and from New Orleans 573 hogsheads; i$ sh9tt crop of 1874, was total, 6,o36 hogsheads. Th4f cont.ractor we believe Ge.iH B &:: Brother, 93 Cla1 '"'(ver" 8terTJ, _J.4 Cedar. ;:(I' b.+ t..( _:F.A.C'.rOBY 01\J. BA80H .. 00-. at t36 Chatham Street. New


r TH unti l Apnl, I877, m wh1ch to CQmplete the first mstalr ment of 12,ooo hopheads, and he w t ll, t?erefore be gove rne d b y hts convemence and mchn a t10ns m respec t to hts purch ase s m the mtenm,' though s ome of them Will u ndoubte dly be made betwee1t now ana January ,I. F1an ce gav e out no contrac t las t year, but the buyer has be en a steady o pera tor th t s year s mce the award was an n o unced He may, and may not, t a ke an apprec1ab l e q u a nttty m addtt1on betwe e n now and the ctese of the year Hts purcha& e s here t o the rst of September amounte d to 7,059 i'uogs heads, and at New Orleans to 4,671-tog ether, I r,7 3 0 ho g sh ea ds, wh1r.h 1 s 6 8 7 h og s. by Wayne & Ratterman. All our labtl! and leaf stored e l s ewhere bemg safe1 and havmg next day after the fire ordered all necessary fixtures for the factory, we wlll n o w very soon be in perfect runnmg order, and be able to execute orders promptly as usual. Our present. loca tion 1 so 'Vest Fourth Street, ts far supenor to the old o ne, and finely adapted to make a firstclass cigar fac tory, bemg large and very light and m a s hort llme w11l be made one of the b est appomted fa ctones Ill the country Thankmg you for past fav ors and trustmg you w11l unav otdable delavs lately occurnng, and to rt;Cetve further patrona ge wh1ch we will endeavor to ment, we rema m yo urs very truly, S. LowENTHAL & C o heads m excess of tme htghest number for the prev.ous FINE HAND M A D E CtGARS -Messrs. L. Htrschhorn fiv e y e ar s Italy has b o u ght thiS year w1th exceptional & Co have opened a new manufactory at their ware hberaht y her purchases t o September I 111 th1s c1ty and house, No. 89 Water S treet, for the production of fine New Orleans reaching 21,25 2 h og sht;ads W 1 th refl r-hand made c 1 gars Tht s firm, it ts scarcely necessary f to remmd our read e rs rank among the most prominent ence to ner further wants th s year, w tt h t hos e 0 ctgar manufactunng firms m this cny. For twenty-Franc e a n d Spam, there 1 mu c h un certamty The onl) three years Messrs Hl,s_chhorn & Co, have been engaged thm g that can now be sa1d w .t h defimteness I S that thej here m the manufacture and sal e of ctgars on a large buyer 15 a t present oper a u n g w th m oderatiOn scale, the1r transactions m and pnced F h n ark ts and frum home bu)ers tt 1 5 c t gars, especi ally, dunng th1 s peno d probaoly exceedrom t e ope m e mg II) the aggregate those of any one other firm. 111 the sate to anticipate lfurther free purchases the I c ountrv. 1 hough makmg a spectalty of the mediUm present season, and there 1s I}Ot mu c h doubt ttiat the grade:j of goods, the firm have also dealt extensively 1n Reg 1 es wtll a lso do somethmg to reduce stock as u s ual. the finer and more expens1ve grades, and thetr patron:> In lookm g over the e x p o 1 ts of the year It ts having of late mcreased the1r demands for fine hand h h b t d ease ever made Seed and Havana c1gars they have been mduced not 1 ce able that t ere as e e n a 5 ea Y mer Y to estabhsh a manufac to r y t o r the exclu s1ve productiOn mon t h exc eptmg May, when they fell behmd those of that class of good s I n order to meet the growmg of A pnl Dunng t he firs t quarter the mcreasc demand for the b et t e r g r ad es q f c1gars the firm have was shght but i the second and the first two for aome t1me ente rtam e d th e mtenuon of fittmg up an montfis o f {he third tlie monthly mcrease was very large. establiShment t o be devoted to thea' manufacture, but tlie obs tacles-o wmg to their scartttv-m the way of As th1s branch of the trade has been, so It may contmue obtatnmg sus:h Seed eaf wrapp_,ers as were wanted for to the end of the year, m whtc h case the mvent01y for the P-Urpose m v1ew constramed t h em to defer the exe1877 w11l be reduced to the dm1ens1ons of that of 1876. cutton of thelf design until quite recently, when the Up to September r the exports were m excess by S,Z17 Connecticut wrapp-ers of the crop of 1875, wh1ch are bo sheads of thos e of I8 r f o r the same penod, and thought to be very ces1! able, became 1 he g 7 new manufactory ts now m full operatwn, and ts under sull larger than thuse of I873 I he average for the tlie management of Mr. 'l homas G Lutle.,a genth; man e tght months would g1ve a total for the year of well known to the cigar trade of thts and other elites, I04,227 hogsheads, agamst II7,772 h ogsheads r e ceipts and one quahfied for the position to wh1ch he hlr.S peen by th e method of averagmg by an of many years as a leadmg c1gar manufacturer. One of the brands of hand-made c1gars MINOR EDITORIALS. THE CAUS E oF DELAY -Desmng to announce tn th1s tssue of THE ToBACCO LEAF the 'fobacco, C1gar, Snuff and Ctgart;tte Awards at the Centenntal Expostllon, we have delayed publication tJnt!l tht mornmg, for whtch, m v1ew of the laudable motiVe, we h01ve no doubt we shall be excused by our patrons. upon wh1ch spec1al sktll and care w11l be bestowed m tts manuf.'tcture and preparation for the market is the THOMAS MooR E brand, a name dear to the adm1rers of good poetry-and hereafter, doubtless, to the admtrers of good ctgars-wherever the English language ts spoken. The tnauguratwn of th1s new enterpnse has resulted, as already mumated, from the necessity for enlarged facti! ltes to accommodate the growmg trade of the firm, and 1t w1ll be conducted m conJunction w1th, though enurely dtstmct from, tbe other branches of the ctgar trade hitherto prosecuted by the firm. Messrs Hm;chhorn & Co. have th" reqUisite means, sktll, ana expenence to make the1r new ven:ure a signal success. The firm ts composed of L Hirschhorn and Edwm Emstem. M E S SRS. S LOWENTHAL & Co 1S L o s s BY FIRE rYe are authonzed to state that the loss on stock' de stroyed by fire at the warehouse and maHufactory of Messrs. Lowenthal & Co., Cmcmnatt, amounted to w1th a salvage of $r8,ooo The stock was sold for account of the insurance compames. THEN AND Now.-Io 1675 the Massachusetts Colony had very hm1ted notioas o! the value of tobacco. One of 1ts laws runs thus-"lt is enar.ted by the Court that any person or persons that shall be found smoakmg tobacco on the Lord's day, going to or coming from the meetmgs, w1thm two mtles of the meetmg ho1,1se, shalT pay twelve pence for every such default to the collome's use" Genaan Tobaeco IntelUaeure. [From the .Deutsche Tabaks.zeituflg, eptember 8 ] FROM THE P 1\.LAT!NATE or BADBN, September 4WHh the begmnmg of the tobacco cuttiRg season we meet m dtfferent newspapers regularly every year with some reports wh1ch state that the new tobacco IS "too small" or of too low quality." So th1s year we have before us several such reports. wh1ch declare thts year's tobacco crop to be of Imperfect growth hen at the same t1me 1 the greater part of the plants are yet in tbe field and tn THE FI R E BALTIMORE -Sneenoger, Tay or & Co' the best condition. One of these reports even msmuates, tobacco dealers, No. 319 Balumore Street, whose warewith some degree of the possil)illty that the house was damaged b the fire on the 23d inst., .are whole-Of thiS year's tobM;co may be spoiled m the msured m the Huuson, of New Jersey, Fire Association field by frost by end of August "--Fortunately these of Phtladelphia, a a d Farmer's of York, Pa., for (whu::h look somewhat bke covert each, theW heater, of New York, and the German, wtshes) have not been realized. of Balumore,.-for each, Trade, of Camden, N J To av01d beg charged w1th ooes1dedoess or partland P.ea ody nd Assoc1ated, of Baltimore, ahty we have 4Pxam&ned a great many of our repprts each The msurance w1ll cover the loss from dtffe rent regions of our Palatmat1!, and be.1des IofAITERS-Havana, September, ao.-Tbe V"11il1 Cubtz ts again urgmg the necess1ty of prontbltmg tae latroducupn mto CUI:ia of P rto R1co tobacco. It says sotne days ago a from that island brought a quantityof tobacco whidl, when exammed by a com petert commtss10n proved to be of San Dbmmgo growth It rs satd the commJSSton nottfied the Custom-house Col lectoJ, who said he could not mterfere, because the doc-uments were order, the tobacco bemg shipped in Rtco, but that he was lnvesti&ating the matter. that bave convinced ourself of the state of the touacco plants by personal inspection. As a consequence of the rough weather in May a11,d the first half of June the young tobacco planta in the beds developed very slowly. The bad to take place a little later than usual, and therefore the cutting had also to be late. Although we had (after a very hot and dry summer) since the 2oth of August a change of the weather w1th lower temperature and several prolonged rains, th1s change came too late for the early tobaccos of the Fall.placer and for the grelrter AT HoME AGAIN -We are pleased to note the return part of the "tHarc!t" of Baden. These tobaccos were borne, after an abse-nce of nearly two.c years m Europe, already npenmg and remamed short and narrow-leafy of Mr William D_!;muth, of the firm of Wilham Demuth but strong, JUSt the quahty wanted for and spm& Co manufacturers of show figures, and 1m porters of _nm_g tobaccos by tbe manufacturers. Of CtiJ:ar and dealers in smokers' arncles, etc, 501 Broadway. as we bear from numerous places, not one leaf wa_ cut Mr Demuth VISited Europe m quest of rest and recre-on the 2oth of August, and even now only a very small atwn, and havmg pleasantly passed the better part of quantity has been gathered. two years m the attamment ot these objects, he returned As the whole vegetatiOn came mto growth agam at Jtome by tbe steamer Russza, a few days smce, 1 n the the end of August, the tobacco plant, of course, d1d not -t:njoyment of excellent health and sptnts. stand still, and our growers, who were three weeks ago somewhat downhearted, can now say," We shall get an useable tobacco and need not fear pnces under ten gulden per centner." Several large growers even affirm that the I876 tobacco w1ll be of better quality tlian that of last year, but th1s 1s to be stated With certamty only after the curmg of the crop. ToBACC O SALESThe Raletgh (N C ) Sentmel says1 he tobacco sales take place m Durham four days in the week Dunng the past twelve days over 75o,ooo pounds of the w ed were sold m tbilt flour-tshmg village. Col. w,J 'D80n, of the Planters' warehouse, was here yesterday and reports that there were over 7s,ooo pounds on hand to he sold when he left. Durham b1ds fa1r to soon outstnp Danv1lle nd Ricbmond as a tobacco mart The Danv1lle D41/y. N.AWs reJoms.-Outstnp Danv11le How preposterous' You are not" bully" enough. As to thestate of the Ba'llanan Pfaelzer tobacco have no information whatever of a personal nature, tiut we learn that 1t ts also satisfactory, especially in the upper aistrict. After all we shall probably bave tb1s year very good strong cuttmg and spinmng tobaccos, and hghter and sausfactory ctgar tob:fccos m sufficient quanRECEIVED DESERTS -On the mght of August 24, !Illes for the years need. The general w1ll com a bur gla L:bfQke 1nto the ctgar store of Joseph Paruschek, mence next week, and a bad harvest ts now perfectly No. 30 Broome Street, and was abO{)! to teal some prop-out of .q uestion. erty when he was seized 15y of wbo A. 0. (Mark Brandenburg), September 5 held h1m until an officer arnved. In Part I, of the Only a few days more, and the whole of this year's tO Court of General Sess1ons, Monday, the Intruder, who bacco crop wtll be housed The harvest thts year took turned out to be a stone cutter named W1lham Wedekm, half the ttme tt usually does, an evtdent proof of hvmg at No. 4II Ea: 3 9 do Stock m first hands, 7 492 do Esmetalda-Stock m first hands, 550 pkgs. Flortda-Stock m first hands, 28 c a ses Turkzsh-Sales, 226 pkgs. Stock m first hands, 3,043 pkgs Sumatra-Stock m first hands, r 859 pkgs. Varm a s Leaf-Stock in first hands, 1,234 baskets. J(annas Rolls-Stock m first hands, ro8 baskets. in first 1iands ;li ro bales East Indta Tobacco-Stock m first hands, 150 pkgs. 'M"extco-Stock in first hands, 153 pkgs. yamatca-Stock m first hands, 5 r s e r .Matu rm-Imports, r62 pkgs. Stock m first h a nds, r62 pkgs. Sold to arme -95 cases of Seed leaf and 72 pkgs of Brazil RISE AND PROGRESS OF THE TOBACCO 'IRA.DE OF CINCINNATI [ Frum the Western 'I obacco :Juurnal ] I n wntmg up the leafIcier dealers here), for the European market, and;of course It sought the easiest and cheapest routes to the seaboard ( wh1ch, m the absence of the great system of railroads which now envtr'lns us) were New Orleans, Baltimore and Phila delphia. At these points, were located such houses as Hanson & Penrose, M'!rcer & Antello, John Sullivan & Sons, Schumacher & Co., L._ W. Gunther, Shultz & Crafts & Murphy, Gunther & Rodewald, To nan, Pomdexter & Co. and R. S. Mattland &.Co., all able and worthtly represented m all the tobacco growmg d1str1cts of the West by some one of the firms or em ployees of thetr houses. In that day mformallon on the subject of tobacco was not as w1dely d1ffused as now. Newspapers rarely contamed m the1r meager commercial columns any allusion to tt, and Cmcu)nati papers were a blank so far as it was concerned. This suited dealers m the country ex actly. In th1s "close corporation" way of doing thmgs was thetr proit They ere instlle and posud, by theu seaboard merchant, while the grower was outsi.U and knew nothmg, hence was at the mercy of a united com. mumty of buyers Warehousemen here no doubt rec. ollect well the outcry that was made against them in the infancy of the1r busmess by these old veteran coun try buyers when they ,.,ere discovered sendmg the1r c1rculars to growers. They would been kept m darkness still, 1f the ever aggress1ve newspaper had not worked 1ts way into every hamlet and household, and dtffused hght on leaf tobacco as well as on all other subjects to the mmates, young and old. Th1s was the personal tntluence operating to keep the trade m Its old paths. Another influence, quite as strong, and co-operating with It, was the money power. For a dealer to have g<5ne into a bank at 'Rtpley or Maysvtlle (the sources from which tobacco got the1r money) at that day with a ttme draft on a Cmcmnat1 commtss1on merchant, tf there had been one here then engaged m handling leaf tobacco, drawn against a shipment here, for discount would have cost h1m h1s credit w1th the bank for "a year and a day" at least, 1f not perpetually. These respect able gentlemen at tbe head of those mstltut10ns, "Old Bob.'' Taylor and "Old Dan" Evans (not called so diS respectfully however), would have squared themselves behmd the1r counters and restmg thetr hands on them, m a sepulchral vo1ce and a frown all over the1r faces, would have, under thetr gold rimmed spectacles, gtven the applicant such a what-do you-take me for?" look that he would have gotten down on hts face and crawled out of the house, and never have gotten up unttl h.: was gunshot distance away at least. But an appl1cant for discount With a months' draft on Shultz & Hadden, New Orleans, with "Accepted, C. Shultz/' on the face of 1t, was mv.ted mto the D trector's rooms, and toasted w1th a c1gar at least 1f not mvtted to "tmb1be," and pressed to call frequently. The name of C. Shultz m that day was a power m the land, and worthily so He was a thorough bus111ess man, reliable m all thmgs. Honor to hts memory. Would that we had many more such. In a word, a draft on Cmcmnall was no better than a note dtscounted, w1th the cost of collectwn taken out to the detnment of profits, whtie a feast of fat thmgs were spread m a four months' draft on New Orleans. There was discount for exchange betwen the two pomts, and when the draft matured the preceeds were mve s ted m lime drafts on t!le East, at a discount of course, and these were sold to the country merchants m the tobacco d1stncts at a prem1um m the way QfEastern exchang!-Of course the money power favored sh1pments to these outs1de markets-and these two Influences held rhe market fast m Its old paths for a quarter of a century at least, as we have These were the "Jetties" thatkept th.e channel deepened in front of CmCJilnati, and floated the rich cargoes of tobacco past her to the other points named. But durmg thts penod there was all the ttme an eddy setung mto Cmcmnatt and small quantities were dnftmg tnto her port as 1t were. rVest Vtrgtma sent her trreg ular s1zed package, the Mason and Owen County dtstncts sent the1 nondescnpts that would not bear the expense of shipment to potnts farther away All undesuable to bacco, espec1ally as A foundatiOn upon which to butld a permanent market Yet our well.remembered contem porary, John Odell Prather, w1th considerable boldness, and prophetic confidence m the fut ure lett a I'(Ood tlon as Supenntendent of the Maysvtlle and Portsmouth l'acket Company's wharfboa t t o establish himself as a warehouseman, up town," to attend to th1s, perhaps, transient trade. Th1s he d1d, and earned for h 1 mself tlte tttle of P10neer in Cincinnati Tobacco Trade," by wh1ch he was ever afterwards known. Hy mdustry and mtegnty, even with such poor m atenal upon whtch to work, Mr Prather succeeded m makmg a larg'! bus mess, whtch he held for many years At th1s Ume the manufacturer of tobacco by machmery for consumptiOn was confined almost ent1rely to the cuttmg of smokmg m this 'c1ty but comparat ively a SJDall amount of even th1s was made by Dteckman & Son, Tangerman & Morman, H1lgeman and Fred. Ken neweg, though that largemmded, whole souled gentle man, S1meon B. WJ!Itams, known to us all, d1d for a wbtle _cut smokmg by the thousand barrels, to h1s cost, however, and he soon abandoned tt. The chewmg world, then m hhssful gnorance of" fine cut chewmg," was CQntent With plug, whtch was supphed to them m all Its vanous styles and sh:J.pes, from the common SIX tw1st to the finest bnght plug, by thc1sewell known firms, W. B Mooklar & Co., Gedge Bros, Moore & Semour, Harry Glorer, Tom Dempsey, Shep Newptan Galbro & Co, and Homer Hudson, m Covtngton, and Neulsen & Mursman and Carpenter & Ford, m Cmcmnatl, and by those commtss1on dealers m old V1rgm1a plug, Rawson, Wllby & Co, Compton & Hughes and Kennett & Dud ley S1meon B Wilhams d1d make some fine cut and John We1ghel (the father of"Jack and Van") cut, at the corner of Longworth and Elm, h1s celebrated Gum my chewmg, a compromue between plug and modern iine-cut, wh1ch was so satisfactory to h t s trade (entirely local) even to thts day. From the lakes came Calvm Branson and John Hanna for theu supphes of stock for the1r cut smokmg, for the1r Pmery and Lake Trade, and occastonally an estray cutter from Western New York, ltke John Disbrow, came clandestinely, as it were, to p1ck up s111mething for thetr use. But as yet Cmcinnall had only a local reputatiOn, and gave but meager promtse of her great future. These outs1de cutters cormng here were hke the first swallows in sprmg, only gtvmg prom1se of the summer to come About thts ttme Charles B()dmann was persuaded, reluctantly, to assume the auction warehouse busmess JUSt vacated by the death Qf R. K. Love, who had run 1t for some ten months The venture was a fa1rly re munerauve one, t!lough confined to the commonest sorts of tobacco. It was not so much so, however, as to cause others to rush Into It as an tnv1tmg field for mvestment. And here the trade rested for some years, and almost jusufied the often repeated assertion and pred1ct1on (used by some of o1u present dealers, then country buyers, when consulted relauve to the startmg of another house) that a leal tobacco warehouse could not hve m a free State; that bemg the product of slave labor, m the main, it must have its market m a slave Scate, and the fact that such markets ex1sted then only m St Lou1s, LouiSVIlle, Clarksville, New Orleans, Rtch mond and Bdtlmore (Philadelphia and New York bemg comparatiVely trivial exceptions) was pointed to as proof urelragibl e of the soundness of the proposttwn. Th1s 1dea we1ghed heav1ly on the mmds of parties contem plaung such enterpnses 1 0., and, was an other for the slow development of the trade here. But progress, very manifest and gratJfymg progress, had been made. Two more auetlon wareho.uses were started by young men, who bad but "httle to lose and all to make." But full of hope and energy and bgsineS capac1ty, they went 1n With a v1m and worked m a wAy that resulted as wellm butldmg themselves up as build dmg up the market we allude to Morris & Chalfant and Ph1ster & How, who started in 1858, just after the pamc o! 1857, and just prior to the war). Country dealers who had sent in their nonde!ICripts had concluded to send some nice Cutting "juat to try us." The great modern mnovahon of "Fmecut chew"-the chew of Young America-had started .from its Northern buthplace on tts JOUrney southward, and on 1ts aggressive warfare on "old fogy" plug (wh1ch 1t has now pretty well "sat down" on). Northern and Eastern cutters were commg, here regularly, and were gradually learnmg to rely on us fur the1r cuttmg stock. Havmg advanced to the "color hne" on their finecut tkey found what they needed m our colory Burleys. Old jobbers hke Henry Besuden, John son & Roberts, C. A. W1thers, Sylvanus Wnght and Henry Kruse, were divesting themselves of all incum brances m the way of Cuba, Havana, Connecucut and Oh1o seed and all cigar stocks, and gtrding them. selves for the contest with the younger jobbers like Sul hvan & Co., Worthmgton, Power & W1lcox, Baker & Co., Rtchard Mallay & Bro Frank Power, Dr. Thomas, Hanks & Co., Cox, Crawford & Co, who, "hke the eagles gathermg where the carcass is," had entered the hsts as competitors for the favors of the cutters and manutac turers who looked to us for supplies, and who promised hvely competition tn th1s way. About th1s ttme the now celebrated and umversally used Wh1te tobacco was dis covered, whtch filled to the full the want of cutters fer color" and quahty, and our growen dtscarded the olortatlon IS so small -Nor 1s th1s all Perndleton, Grant, Boone, Harrison, Flemmg, Henry and h 1stonc "sweet Owen" Counues of Kentucky sh1p dally, on well-laden cars, thousands upon thousands of pounds of the' mcotan vegetable :0 th1s market, ovet the Kt:n\ucky Central and the Cin cmnatl, L oUISVIlle and Lexmgtoo Ratlroads, whtle hundreds of tnousands of pounds come by wagon over the good turnptpe roads of the counttes nearest to Cmcin natl, dnfnng along the natural current to the great cen ter of the cuttmg leaf and floe cut market of the world. On these accounts Cirncmnah must contmue to be what she I S now, the metropohs of th1s branch of the tobacco trade Her prospenty, m th1s respect, will as rapidly wcrease as the growth of tobacco bas enlarged m the reg10n enc 1 rclmg th1s pomt. It IS an und1sputed con cluston that tobacco factones (especully fine cut fac tones) have ad vantages over all others m the country. They are present and have all of the rece1pts of the raw matenal under eye on arnval and have the first selec tiOn and btds. It IS not necessary for a Cincinnati manufactunng company to lay m large stocks of cutung leaf and pay interest on large loans from the banks to secure the necessary matenal and keep up the1r bramls, as there IS not a sale day in the week that stock can not be found suttable for any brand or grade of goods su1ted to the demand of consumers. Denommated "foreign buyers" are necessanly dnven to the extreme of buymg leaf tobaccD m Cmcinnati, pavmg freight to New York and ether Eastern and Western markets for the same arttcle that we have at our own doors, less all thts extra expense of fre1gi'lt, commlSSJon, percentage, etc. Our home manufacturers thus havmg the advan1 age over all others. As an exemphficat10n oi the rap1d growth of the to bacco trade of Cmcinnatt, we subjc>in the followmg offictal statement from Frank Prague, our mspector, the Chamber of Commerce and Internal RP.venue Office. The movement of tobacco of all kinds, at Cmcin nati, durmg a penod of thtrty years, each ending Au gust 31, will be seen f.-om the following tabl e RECEIPTS. LEA}. .Boxes and M:rnufcl'd Years. Hhds. Bales Pcllgs. r845-46-------... 6 o78 655 6.918 1846-47------------6,2oo 8u 9,241 1847-4 8---------l 1,21.3 14,815 1848-49-----------3,'t71 12..463 r849-50------------2,2r3 877 I7,77Z I8So-5I-----------6,7el I,697 19,945 I851-52 ____________ u,46o 1,996 23,o6o r852-53-----------7 ,88I 2.478 48,:zor 1853-54------------8,744 3,u8 30,235 1854-55------------' s,:z09 2,3121 24,8o:z 1855-56-----------5t70Z 2,129 33,024 I856-57------... -4 837 2 663 40,994 rSs7-5s ____ 4 603 33,745 6,87r 5 o,33o 1859-60.----------' 7,239 49t552 186o-6r_ __________ 7,001 r86r-62 ... ------3\,944 13,1..,... 1862-63------------337261 6,981 31,683 r863-64----------, 53.769 14,669 50,063 7,447 22,807 r865-66 ___________ "11754 39,296 r866-67----------_64,350 424 37,796 I867-68 ____ _______ 42,392 3 636 24,607 I868-69------- ,978 4,753 z6,545 r86!)-70-----------46.s6J 9 53 187o-7I------------56,283 g,o83 ,.61,497 I87I-7Z------------4S,877 :u,176 .., .59,535 187:z-73 _. ___ -6r.876 5,278 89,65o -73,093 4 123,714 !874-75-----------45,234 5 114,925 SHIPMENTS. 1845-46-----------3,803 1,473 1846-47 __ .. ------6,on 27 J 9,718 1847-48-----------3,8r:z 123 9,352 I848-49-----------3 309 126 7,497 I849-50-----------4,847 77 6.904 I8So-5I-----------z,8so to6 r8,345 ISSI-52-----------=-e,Su -,_.629 24,761 1852-53-----------6,902 1,341 3I,Bj't ( I853-54----------9,353 3>370 J0,74I I8S4-S5----------4,968 3,307 z6,o77 1855-56-----------3,075 #.:17,745 I856-s1-------t .::::.. 4,054 s,'S:zJ 34,:z98 1857-5s ____________ 4,588 5,798 3 2,27 9 Ill58-59 -------4,493 Si----45,o3o 1859-60---------6,IZ4 4,074 49,88:z I86o-6I------------I4,23Z 3 43,141 r86r-62------------27,9S5 7,928 75, 968 I862-63------------29,736 6,492 65,457 r863-64-----------48,277 n,a63 8:z,o8r r864-6s------------51,369 312,97I 45,955 I86s-66.--------....,-4o,665 10,776 51,292 r866-67----------l.-.57,o.69 13,493 45,587 I867-68.---- .,-. x868-69 --------36,oJo 6 18 = 3 8 6,862 ,r99 8 1I49 I87o-7I---------so.'54r uo,6s:r 146,771 1872-73------------59,r69 4,897 I74,749 r873-74------------66,o94 4 ,365 1874-75------------43,249 8,776 217,392 The monthly producuan of cbewm.&,_ (fine-cut and plug) m th1s (Hannlton) COUniy, he tax pa1d the Government on the same for two years, will be st;en from the followm!LIIfable, idftii51IM 'tsj @uh.Lewls Weitzel, Collector of Internal Revenue m the F1rst Collection D1stnct of Ohto. CHEWING (FIJNrCUT TOBACCOS. 1874 of .Dates. .?lbJI'll'!"! -Stamps. August. ________ .... ----365,67o $73,134 oo September -------------329,665 65,935 oo October. ___________ -------336,49g-oo November.---.------------272 ,490 6o Decem!:>er ________ --------18 ,75 37, 35I 6o January----...... 39,Q98.7o [ Condu deli M the Seve_nlh Page ]


,. SEFT 27 THE TOBACCO LEAF. THE TOBACCO MA.B.KET. DOMESTIC NEW YORK, Seplemlm 26. Contmued activity prevailed Ill! the Seed leaf market last week but m Western leaf there was not a gn:at amount of done. The principal purchases of the latter were for manufactunng account, and mamly for plug manufacturers. For export the transfers were hghter than usua1 of late, ne1ther Regies nor other shipping buyers operatmg, save to a modera e extenta fact to be noted, though nol to be wondered at, as a bnef resp1te has been well earned, and w1ll be read1ly accorded, in v1ew of their act1v11y for a VIi h1le past. Messrs. Sawyer, Vvallace & Co. report :-Wtslern .Uaf-We have to note rather more mqutry for manufacturers; but, aside from tuis, the market continues quiet and uninteresting. Since our prevwus repor Vie bear of sales amounting to I,IJ;O hhds, of which onJy about one-half were actually made duuiig the week just closed. They were divided as follows:-487 for export, includmg one parcel 0f 212 to the Italian Regie ; 538 to manufacturers ; 56 to cutters, and 49 to jobbers. Recent letters from the sect1ons complain of serious damage to t!be crop by worms, and also report 11 good deal of tobacco bemg prematurely 6o days, Commercial, 6o days, 527 Re1;;hsmarks-Bankers, 3 days, 95; 6o days, Commerctal, 6o days, Carey & Yale, Tobacco Freight Brokers, report Tobacco Freights as follows :-Liverpool, per steam, 45s; per sail, 35s. London, per steam, 4os, per sa1l, 35s. Gl asgow, per steam, 4os. Bristol, per steam, )OS. Havre, per steam, 45s. Antwerp, per steam, 45s, per sail, 40s. Bremen, per steam, 47s 6d; per s:\il, 37s 6d@4os Hamburg, per steam, 47s 6d. P AB 'I'M'U'J.AB. :N'O'I'ICJB. vt .ced lcilt tobac'-u ae cauooned alaihlil "" ... cpung tb<.. reportt:d sates 'lnd q,uotatlons ot seed Jeaf aa furn11hmg the pr1cca that s.bould be obr..tned for t!lem at fint l:and, u these refer m most instances to old cropt wh1cb. haYe been held nearly a year, and the profit on w h1cA must naturally tnc:lude the Interest on capiuLl Jnveated. Growen canl)ot expt even 10 the: cue of oew cropa, to &ell them for the ume pncc:a u arc Oft a 1e-sale here. Of cuune eYery rc-aale mUJt be at aR ad Yance, aad therefore tbe pnce obtataable by the powera will always De aomewhat lowe man our quotat.tou. QUOTATIONS OF WHOLESALE PRICES. loaf eto. EXPORT Q.UOTATIONS. Comn1oa. to pod lug. :" f! C11,.,..t,cvt & Mau -Crop ?4 Commoa leal.. ........ ll;9 Aooorted Lots.......... 7 @ 93 ii/1 Srted Lou.... ... 6X 8 Fine... .. .......... .... t6 F tllers...... .... .. ... .. 4 cut through feat of early frost. Jan_-473 I,o68 720 792 347 3,40 SeJecbono.......... .... 17 '"'' NIW Y.w.tStak-Crop 181 to 1874F b 286 645 66z 345 2 soo Vlrguua Lef-Aaorted Lob .......... (5 a c --6 DarkJ heavy lugs ...... -. 1 @ 8), P"'"'71vanu..--Crop March 300 694 847 47 s,ooo AIISOrted ......... 4 @B ApnL 91:!3 947 936 1,934 4 ,8o o do enn.slltp'g, 11. Wrapper .. "" @35 M 8 6 4 8 SOO Black Wrappers .. and IUai'U'u-Crop ay-I,3 :1 I,274 2,24 2,457 I,I I llnabtWrappers AIISOrte4 ....... 5 June_ I92 946 470 4I2 I,I80 3,200 Common to medntm .... jj5 '874: 6 @ 1 July __ 7 3 I 862 I,348 4,059 7,000 :::':i;;";.,."t'n fine:.:::.: !'; : Flrld41-Crop t974 and 1875 AugI1524 976 1,265 21337 71IOO Smokers ............ ..... 7 @ 8 Sept,_.201 665 11260 I1I30 3,256 Common. 88 a 95 OAto-In'or to good com @ 6 Goo6 course, the other. The transfers embraced nearly all ................ 7 @ 8 kinds, with a considerable portlOR of 1875 Connecllcut, Seconds .... ..... to Gold Bars, 6mch 85 @(5 Of W hich good reports from all quarters contmue to be Wrappen ... 2 0 falo Rough & Ready ... 26 1i1135 Seh:cllODS. -. 4S BLAOE received, from manufacturers uot less than dealers. CroP. +1 Nay Pollftd-F1ne ....... 25 @28 As will be seen below, full figures were reahzed fur ."::::::::::: Medium ............. 18 @25 f l f h h I Wrappers........ .... 13 @2o NtJt111 Hti/1 Pou'IWIA .stlcl Tlitrdawrappers o t us sort, some o w 1c we earn, were Selecuon ........... ls ................. 18 @26 for Germany. Crop 875 Quarl5 commOD ............ -@-SA In all3,400 cases changed haDlds, of which I,6oz casts Wroppers... s @40 AmeneaaGntle m o .. --Iii 88 for tbc latter purpose. @5 dtscuunt to Connedicut-In this a satisfactory business was done, Crop .s,. A.. o. s ... ___ ... .. ,_ -18 P articularly so 1n wrappers of the I87 5 crop, of which cr! .... P Lots...... .... @u G 2old8v l l d d h "G. 0." 460 115 cu...... nearly all packmgs recent y s:tmp e an s owmg welllne Aooortod ... s "t. G" 480 11s eueo.... 28)0 sweated 'and good tobaccos were r:eadily taken by the traae, also several fine parcels for shipping. The total .... ::: ,! S:& "1 c. yea"................ 3019 I bed d t b t d f II 'Z. A. 2liO lisa .... .... sa es reac 950 cases, IS n u e as o ows :-450 WuC, 5 do, S. L1mngton & crop 1874 and I875 ,at for assorted, and 7C Sons, -.5 do; H. R. Kelly & Co, 9 do, A. S Rosenbaum for one lot contaimng few tillers and some of the 1873 & Co., I do; A. Alvarez 4 do ; l'ark & T1lford, 24 do, crop. Acker, Merrall & Condit, 20 d o Wisconsin-This article remaining neglected so long EX PO R rs. found takers at 47-(@sc for assorted lots ctop 1875 to From lhe port Of New York to foreign ports, for the the extent of about 550 cases. week endmg :september 26, were as follows :Our special report !rom Bremen, datecl September 9, Al.ICA;NTE--"44J3 hhds. says :-The demand for Seed leaf seems to 1mprove at BREYEN-I.34i hhds, 269 case, 362 bales. present prices, partictJiarJy SO for wrapping tobacco for BRITISH NORTH AMERICAN COLONI-12 hhds, IO the mterior. Owing to the prr!sence of other competing pkgs (1,223 lbs) mfd. k1nds, which JRaY be preferred, it is, however, questiOn BRITISH WEsT INDIES-S pkgs (8oo lbs) mfd. able whether there w1ll be arny material advance. ReBRITISH l'ossBSSIONS IN AFRicA-6r hhds. ceipts by last steamer were very small and readily sold. CENTRAL AMERICA-So bales, 21 pkgs (3,239 lbs) The following are the salt's for the week ending Septemmfd. ber 9:-89 cases 1874-'75 Ohio assorted, 46 do 1873'74 DANISH WEsT INDIES-3 pkgs (48o lbs) mfd. Ohio assorted, I03 do 1875 Ohio assorted, do 1875 GIBRALTAR-tor hhds, 559 cases. Wisconsin assorted, 49 do I 875 Connecticut fine ashhds, 7 8 pke;s (13,728 lbs) mfd. sorted, 51 do I874 Stale asso:rted; total, 400 cases. HAMBURG-roo hhds, 27 bales, 25 pkgs (4,312 lbs) Spanish-For Havana tobacco there was a full mfd. average inquiry, and the sales as reported reached about HAYTI-2 hhds, I8 r bales. 6oo bales. hhds, SI4 pkgs (94,850 lbs) mfd. The Messrs. Fischer report :-Havana remamed in LISBON-59 pkgs (7,023 Jb,) mfd. fair demand at 90@95c for good, and J;I@I.oS for fine LEGHORif-418 hhds. filler lots. Sales \\ ere madt amounting to about 6oo LoNDON-848 hhds, 3 cases, 369 pkgs (58,845 lbs) bales. mfd. Manufacluted-During the earlier portton of the MARSEILLES-444 hhds week business in tms department of trade was moderate, N APLES-532 hhds. but toward the close improved so that an average weekly NEw GRKNADA-I hhd, 72 bales, IS6 pkgs (14,350 volume of sales was effected, with abottt the usual prolbs) mfd. portion for export. Pnces arre steady and, a6 a general VENEZUELA-IS pkgs ( r,27I lbs) mfd. thing, in the main satlsfacltory to buyers and sellers. DOMESTIC RECEIPTS. 1 Exports for the week, 2oo,r2 I pounds. The at the port of New York, from domestic Smokmg-'Chere was a faur 'about Io,ooo,ooo lbs the previous year EVANSVILLE, IND., Seplembtt 22.-Messrs. C. J. Moms & Co., Tobacco Comm1sswn Merchants, re port :-We have nothing to add to our last report save that tobacco is now bemg put to the kmfe m ,.orne coun ues, while m olhers It 1s yet qu1te small. We can safely count on three fourths of an average crop Our sales are over w1th unlll the new crop to move. LOUISVILLE, September Wm. J. Lewers, Secretary of the Tobacco Board of Trade, reports-Re cetpts th1s week, 470 hhds. INSPECTED AND NUMBERED THIS Watel10uses. Wetk. Louisv1lle ........ ------I 57 Nmth Street ....... ----.-299 G.lben's-----------.. o P1ckett .......... ______ Boone. ____ ------------Grange ... ________ .. ___ Farmers' .... --------__ Kentucky Assoc1at1on. ___ Planters' ....... ...... __ Falls Ctty_ ...... ______ __ 490 Jl>6 WEEK, ETC. Month. Year. 7r7 7.947 1,109 IS I,246 648 I0,31 I 6,o6s 6o 7,089 4,2 ,8I 6,5J7 Total-----------1rear I87S-------Year t874-----------Year r873 I,696 .. 4J94S 55,2I2 440 I,451 27,026 2,o8s 8,613 6t,8r5 6rz 3,259 5 r,54r Week. Year. Original New ------I1352 4515I4 Origmal Old_____________ o 2 ,JZ!S New Reviews ________ .... 312 4,283 OldRevlews ..... ____ .... 3e 3,I81] Auction sales for week, 1,090 hhos, the remaming In crease 111 numbers was mostly tobacco sampleu for private sale. The only plivate sale reported th1s week was a lot of select Breckenridge County leaf: 40 hbds at ISC, for export. There were also :;roo hhds num bered (not sampled), and being forwarded to New York. A general weakening 1n pnces has been nouceable through th1s week. We now quote:QUOTATIONS. Heavy Bodted Nondescnpt. --Cutbng Moderately. Really. Com. lugs 4 @ 5 5 @ Good do. 5 @ 6 8 Com. leaf 6 @ 9 8 @xo Good do. 1 6}2@ lS 9 9 @u 10 @12 Fme do. 8 @ 9 9 @11 II @14 I2 @I4 SelectiOnS ---I r @ 14 I4 @I 7 nommal. Faulty m cond1tion or we1ght, from to 2c under above figures. No bnght wrappers offered this week. Fme weather st1ll contmues. Our September new moon did not bnng us 1ts usual cold snap, nor has our equmoctlal weather been any set back to vegetauon of 3 any descnption We have had light showers the pl'st :,ew days, ,temperature unchanged as yet The weather w1se have postponed frosts to Octobe r IS by wh1ch time the tobacco crop of Kentucky w1!1 out of th e way. We now look for th-e finest crop m yuahty we have. had in very many years, and enough 1n quanllty to qUiet the fears of those that may have look ed for a famme. LYNCHBURG, VA., S e ptember r8.-Messrs. Nowhn Younger & Co, Tobacce> ComrnlSSIOn Merchant s re port: of tohacco not been larae the last few wet:ks 1 he market has ueen dull owmg to the bad cond111on caused bv the ra1ny season' Pnce lower f::>r all grades. We quote as follow,. crop p11mmgs, 75c @f,2 so; old crop pnmmgs, $r@3 ; com mon old lugs, 4@5; good lugs, 6@7, fine lug,, 7@ 8 .so: yellow llie;s, 1o@15; common dark leaf, 6 @8; good dark leaf, 9@1 1; fine dark leaf. '"12@14; common workmg leaf, 7 @/S, good wc>rkmgleaf, 9@r2, fine wolk mg le:tf, I3@14; common wrappers, 12@15, good rs@rl:!, fir:.e wrappers, 20@40. extr a yellow 40@6o. [ Contmued on Sevmtk Page.) New Firm.. NEw YoRK CITY G F Parker, Tob1cco Commi>swn Merchant, 218 Fulton Street. Auction Sale. By John H. Draper & Co, I I:z Pearl Street, on Thursday. Septt!mber 28, at r2,Vz o'clock, m their store -hhds Kentucky 'lobacco, damaged by water. Rem. ovals. Nxw .,-ORK CnY -R1vera & Garrc1a, Cigar Manufac turers, irom 7 1 Ma1den Lane to r8 Court Street, Brook yn N. Y I M. R1vera, Importer and Dealer m Havana Tobacco and C1gars, fro t, P01111D CUIRO'I'I .U.WAYI o HAJiD, 801.P.KIICiiT8 JUDE TO lll'ORICIGll IN BOJ19 FROM :NEW ORLEA.J.III!J D!' DBSIRIIID. -, v THJC' .ATTEJITIOII OF COIIItTJIDI:RI!J U CALLED TO THill FACT 'l'IU.T THill QE!Il1IliE PER:IQ,VE IS l!IIIIVBR IOLD EXCEPT nl CARROTS. L.,OBS.ALE. L' A Fresh Supply .. r 100.000 Pounds Genu1n., 'DE:ERTOS"GUE Flavor, for SMOKlN rOHACCO Manufacturus, t n lob to sutt porc:hasers. at 1owe1t figures MA>tBURG BROTHERS t4s, 147 and u q S Cbarhe Street m.nrt> Md Wanted, A SMALL SIZED SECOND HAND PEARL TOBACCO CUTT In good Address" C1JTTER," Oflic.e TOBAcco J. .. c.A-1" 6o-i-2t WANTED.-A YOUNG MAN OF' GOOD ADDRESS A Nil BUSmess abthty would llke tn mttkt' wuh .omtt Ciif&r vr 'Iobacco Manufacturer as SALESMAN I.N llO!::iTON AND NEW ENGEAND, has sorae Prtvafe Brands whu:h, are popular io thts marKet for parttcular!S 1 6o5o? '1[:, fiOX :noo. BOSTON P 0 PENNSYLVANIA CIGARS IN ANY QUANTITY', AT FROiil $1il "tO $18 per ::JY:_., hrchaaemeot. W. Po FA.RB.lliGTON, Jobber ot: Cigar., 125 D:rer Street, Providence, JL I _,.,. FOREIGN DVTIES ON TOBACCO. In Autrla, France, Italy and Spain, the tobacco commerce JC monopolh:eA oy geerumenl, under dtrectloa of a Reaie.. In Germany the :iutyon Amertcauleaftob&cco b 4 thai en per too lD1. lm Belgtom the1DlpMttareckoned after deducting 1$ per for tare ... Tbe duty lA 13 franca, 20 centime ($> 401old)per 100 Kilogram (ooo Americ&D lbe. equl 4Sll' ktloa.) Ia Holland the duty 11 18 cent.. gold, per aoo klloa. (tSo Amencau pouud1 being equal to IJ7 kdo.) In Jtuaia tM dwtr on leahobaccoia roublea.k.opeU per pud; on amoklns tobacco 36 ro'U 40cop. per pod, and on ctpn rou Jo cop. per pod. Tbl "r.ud,. is eqUtalto abOut 36 America.o.Jt. Ia Turkey the duty il soceata, ao d, pet nX Americanouucee. DUTIES ON FOREIGN" TOBACCOS Al'ID CI.G.&II8. Foreign Tttbacco, duty 3SC per pound gold. Foretan C1gan, $2 SO rer pound and 25 per cent. .J v.Un,. In:tported Cigars and Cirarettea &lao bear an Internal Revenue tax of S6 per M, to be pald by alampiJ at tbe Cus tom House (Revenue Act, f92,) u amended March 3 J8?S The Import duty on manufachu'ed tobacco ta soc per lb ; Leaf stemmed, 3SC i Stems, asc per pound; Scrapa. so per ceat. ad val#wm lo ad4htioG to this duty, the Revenue tu OA tile same kind of tobacco made m tht country 1DUU be patd '1 ho tobacco moot atoo be pa

Ager.ts for the following well-known and reliable Manufacturers: B. PACE, W; J. YARlliOU&H I SONS, TURPIN I !JRO., J, H. &REAMER, L J. GRANT I CO., L H. FRAYSER I CO., T. W. PEMBEftTOI, R. W. OLIVER. JOHI R. PACE & CO., JOHI Yf, CARROLL, and others. SOLE AGENTS FOR THE ORIGINAL Gable Coli, Bonne Douche, 4& and 6a. Single and Double Thick. .. A. BEN d: CO., No. SUCCESSORS OF EDW' D HEN, 43 Uberty Street, . Dmr!LBDG .-CO., BALTIMORE,' M-. DJ:QUIDG1 SClUII'D .-CO., NEW ORLEANS, LA.' nmn:x.JEIG t CO., LoUISVILLE, KY. FALLENSTEIN & SON, R'EYNES BROTHERS & CO,, TOBACCO COMMISSION Kerc.hants, LE _AF TOBACco, BR&.ME N :::t\Te""DV York.. JAS. M. -GARDINER, TOBACCO COIIMISSIOI MERCHANT, S4 lrront Street, New York, IS RECEIVING. DIRECT FROM VIRGINIA CONSIGNMENTS OF MANUFACTURED TOBACCO. Export Orclers for Plug Tobacco Promptly Fillecl. P:OJBO:J. snso. WILLIAM M. PRICE, LEAF TOBACCO, 119 MAIDEN LANE, New York. CARL UPJIANN, ... 'TOBACCO AIID mwJ. COIIUSIU J DCH!Jt _178 PE.UI. S'l'DI'l', -liJIWTeall FELIX GARCIA, 1 84 Front Street, KIIWlrOB&. G. SCHLEGEL, 'Wllolaale Dealer Ia Sm Lw m lhvut Tumtn, 1S8 lrront Street, NEW YOU. G .B.EISMAIVBT, Commission Merchant, AXD DIIALZ& 1H AL1. ltllii'DS OW LEAF TOBACCO, 1 7s ::Pearl street, NEW YORK. -------------------N. LACHENBRUCB & BRO., E8TADLXSIIED 1822. This Improved Machine for Cutt!nJr To is construc ted w ith. sinwle lt:aife -rldnll' upon ut:OPBIIBAGEI SlUFF'" beariQga 1=1nd w1th a cut upon the tobacco, which iJ placed in a oox with sadea a Manafactured onlr by IMPOR:t"Ell 011' HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO No. 16; Water Street, New York, right angles and botto m parallelwoth sa1d kmfe. WEYMAN f& BROTHER, Tbis machine will cut anT kind of toba cco and cut st J'erfecf1y. n d t be A Plug Twist, Perique in and any similarly hard tobaccos can be cult n thetr oar sta e Scc::ured hv \.etters s-atent.Decesa r n WHOl.BSALB :D&AL&RS IN DOMESTIC without any c .. lng, oc any other mo1at onlng to ooflen thm. 1 is oorcopyrlght will be rlaorouly proa It makes no shorts,can be run by hand o r p ower, requires no skUl to operate tt; tts coD.Struct on N::Wed of th., most aubstanti;al kind. s low tn wear and ddficult t::. lh"order. .A.nd. Ciu;ars! Leaf' Tobacco. PRICE OF MACHINE COMPLETE, with Press !box .;)2x6uo lncheo), 1210 netca oh. Offic&-141 West :Broaclway, N, Y. N. B.-The attention of manufacturen of C15farette a:nd Turkish, and all Fancy Tobaccos, S t ra.Jght Cuts, Bright Leaf, etc. etc., is particularly called to thuJ Maclune 167 Water Street, cHARLEa A. WULFF, :NEW YORE. LithogJ&pher, Printer, a1ld Jlanufuturer of W. H. TERWILLIGER, MANUEL RIVERA,. IMPO:R.TE:R.OF ::B:A V .A.N A LEAF TOBACCO Brand '"A.' C. Y." PRENTICE'S I LATE OF TERWILLIGER & co.. CIGH (IHIDDIP MOULD PATEl'liTJ:E OF THE 11 a} llflliU Welded Steel ancl Iron IMriiLOVJ:D & RETAINERS. S'CRltSS and. AN'D CIGARS, "CA!ANNAB.' 18 COVIILT BTIILJJJIT, BROOKLYN, N. Y. YEBA & BERNHEIM, IMPORTERS OF RIVERA & GARCIA, HAVANA TOBACCO C I S, SNuF',andeve rygrade ingTo bacco. A:n.d OZGA'B.J!I.. HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO j WEYII-.IAN BRO., [ !79 & Sl Smithfield Street, Pittsburgh, l'a. l8'7 !'BAm. STUE'l'. NEW !OiL 18 COURT STREET, BROOKLYI, II. Y == R ZELLENKA BASCH a. FISCHER, co., lo!anofacturer of" all kinds ot OOORTERS OFRS :a:OFAV ANA AND PACKE ros.acco ABD CIGARS. 1 I r.;;;;S, SKBD WP -TOBACCO, sNuiF:PiPE:'s,etc., 155 WateJP St., '1CTORIES AT 4U BROAD STREET, IEWARI Mould .. re used lnmaklnlltbe FlneotBraDdl c: 227 East Fiftythird Street, New York NEW YO IlK. DID m VA.LDWELI.. It. 6. of Havana Ci11ars and a cknowledged by all who have \ Kear Kalden I.aae, orde.K EpromyptSiyTauenOd;,;' .. T. OBA""O PIPE. WORKS. TOBACc-O BAGGING Un!ldlledLabor can be Em-11Ji U UU IMITATION SPANISH liNEN floyed In Mak!Dfl Buacheo MAl'IVFACTURERB OF FIRIT-C::LASS I C:J.--. y .. F.Al\TCT STRIPES, Warranted eYery repect SeDd Cor C irca-_ ... And allW.da of Goad.ued for puttlog up Smok-lu or call aod for -.. 7 baa Tobacco. A I.a. eomplete a-ortmeot of W, H. TERWILLICEII,. I TON PR I -CE .JI_ co limokers'Aru.;leofortbeTrode ..,afacturer and Proprietor, PINING ur; IIOWHD SAIIGEI & M MA...-. LAD, ..W TO&&. 10G a 10'7 CHAHDE'RI!!J 8'1' Alft) I'Oa FJUCE LISTS. 18 llorth .. Yenth St.. Pllllatlelphla. NEW YORKo


SEPT. 27 THE LEAF,. 5 .J.&COB BIIIILL, MANUFACTUREa ., CIGAR BOXES, SUPERIOR MAKE AND Prime Quality of CEDAR WOOD, A. H. SCOVILLE & SO., !SUCCEIIORII TO PALHER. ol> ScOVILLE, I IKPOR 'I'lilRS OF S:P.ANISB AND JOBBERS IN ALL KINDS OF LEAI1-.... TOBA.CCO, :No. WATEB. S'l'B.I:J:T, KJ:W YOB.B.. ..;COJOIECI'IdUT SEED LEAF 'CVRAPPER OF OUR OWN PACJUNG, ALLEN & CO., 293, 295 & Monroe St., [ 1 '2'3 & 175 CHAMBERS ST.,,NEW YORK, NEW YORK. 1 FB.A..S::ElB.'& WARitHOUSE 01 E L EGANT CIGAR SHOW CASES 1;3 '') t;:J I'OR HOTELS AND Glt.OCEB.S. lor. W, Broad-y&: Rear '-"'EJAOCO, I NEAR WATER-STREET, NE'W'-YORK. 172 Water Street, N.Y ., __ auroa.uua. 'J. J. DALY. t. JI. WILJCIML ,OAL Y & ()0., Formgn & _Domestic Woods, iriNiirca&Aii iOi ycioAa A SplllaHJr 166. Water Street,' NEW YOBK WK. m:nnllaa ii oo., MAMUFACTV&UI or ,. .. TOBACCO SEALING WAk. Aad Importers of Glyeerin&, Dross. GomB, &c, 189 WillillDl St., Xew Z'odl. GOI:BBZ &. CO., Importers and Manufacturers of GERVA,N SCOTCH IN Cia J.: !:'!pes, n. .. e Cl1ar are neatly rolled in Havanab p attem,;u Bavorcd; ilRd_a.r e on thl! .premises by Hemnch Goebel. Sohoe, KIIIIB. WIE:Bm.i. II CO., f*t&tioll Worb, mncU;ul, Xad:u l:':ell4acy, IDa1a. llltlllt lrlll' ... 'rMt ....!... From Tobacco ,..own :md cured under their.,.,.,. neeniwloa. Thne Clt';ars are known in iodi-. I ILl ..-..,.. AGEII'T:<-M!iSSIH. F. S. PLOWJUGH1' lr CO. 4' B .asinshall Street Londuo, E. C. ISA P. S.-Haanah Palteru Ciaar, 's to a lob. price J4 dollan per t,ogo, frH in IJuad, in Gt. Britain. ..., ea --.... JJIIPOR.TERS 011' PACKER, COMMISSION 'MERCHANT And Wholeoale Dealer tn TOBACCO, 191 New York. 4STRAITON.&i -STORM, OE CIGARS, DEALERS IN TOBACCO, 179 &. 190 PEA.RL:STREET,' NEW YORK. WISE & BBNDHBIM, 106 (!BA'OEJtS S'l'UE'l', and 121 BOWEl!.Y, SOLE AGENTS FOR THE WELLKNOWN R..T.FAUCETT.SCO..'S P!VOBITB DlJU!I &:MO:K.::I:NGr TOEJ.AOOO, ALSO, .JOBBIIIR.S ur ALL xnn>S 011' VIRGil'IIA ol> NORTH CAROLINA PLVG .urD SliiOKIJIG TOBACCOS, THEO. DU BOIS, 00.1\!I::M::J:SS:J:C>N' Agen'C for the Renowned BRAND POINT St. James. La .. PERIQUE TOBACCO, And Corn Husk Cigarettes. Also. Dealer in Fine Havana and Domestic Cigars. 69 'West :Sroad'W'!'Z S11.W YORE. MERFELD ... K 'E'M' PER -&:--c o. r Aetof'Oon-JD--1'1871. by oi!OW-llieo., tn the Oft!cw cJt'"'"fhe Librarhm Uhblrt.on. Licorice Paste, POWDERED LICORICE, GUM ARABIC, OUVE Oil, OTTO Tonqua Beans, And all other for Flavoring used by indu ding the "' Essential Oils; W H. Schieffelin & Co., 170 and 172 'WILLIAK S'l'UET, OW YOU. E. w. :muo:BS, KANUF.\,CTUilER f>F CIG.&B. DOX:EF AND GERMAN CIGAR of OSEFBBlfCit CO., &114 F :IW.ufact.'IU'II. '" ., DWALD lN Presse!!, Straps arKJ tutters, 1263 SOUTH STiiEET, N. Y. ,.J SIMON MANUFACTURER OF CICAR BOXES tc SHOW Importer of and. Dehler in_ Spanish Cigar Ribbons, GBRIJK CIGAR MOULDS, PRESSES, STRAPS, CUTTERS, ETO., 1 1'!78 &. 181 .I.I:WIS sTB.J:J:T, RJ:W Y'OJlK. All kiDde of' Jl'tc1ue Cnt to aad Repaired the Bet IMJ'I The Trade S..ppll F,oruas or The Smoking Tobaccos manufa c tured by this .:;ompany are perfectly pure, possessing a H _ava. na Ciprs LCaf Tobam :OEl"m AND DELICACY OF.I'LA VOl!. tnm1BP ASSE:D, whlle they contain LESS NICOTINE than tobacco cured by any other known process. Wangler & Hahn, I:DGAB. :BB.IGGS; Ageut, 'JLUOVrACTVUU.,. Office and Salesroom, No. 207 Front Street, San Francisco, Cal., A IOYtHJ for thi Year; S e K s s And Branch Offic;e, 120 Water St., New York. -. sELLS AT SIGHT. M. SALOMON, M. & .E. PACKERS OF SEED-LEAF, A N D IMPORTERS OF Ra vana To bacoo 85 MAIDEN '"':\NE,o N. "{. .. xo. 2oo :a:2t2 BOWDY, NEW YORK. You offer alrienc;J a cigar from the Cen1eanial Case, whic::h UJiUed, and att e mpts to -take one yeu touc h a secret spriD.g: the vani.ah .. and In their stead 0-ppeai's the Spirit of'76" In the form of a JiiABEL RO-II atriklngly Continental, to the astoniah-& ., ., meot and dtsmay o f the would be smo""'ker. lilliPLANA.TION WITH EA.CH CASE, Manu!actnrers of Prloe $6.00 per doL F #'W. LOTS of X dozen or leas can be sent by maiL IDG ..,lgars, S end your ord,.rs to C. F. A. HINRICHS, Dealer in SMODBS' 'OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, :19, 31, 33 PA.R.X PLACE, l'f, Y, bcl'IIBively-for tlle J'OBIDT& TBADE, EGG HARBOR CITY, N. J, Branoh Offioi, Ill PEARL ST., 'Tc::trl&t TOB. A .CO 0 LABELS, : For Smoking and Manufactured-Tobacco; J. A. HARTCORN, nea. il'lloRNISHED BY -'---Munfacturerof GIRARD JITTS & co., fBE B.l TCJi -LI'TBO Gl.A'PIIO C8!PANY .. Fine Cigrars. L:I:TH:oG:a..a.P:&::&JB.a, :. LEAP ATOeBACCC) COMMISSION MERCHANTS, asa & a4 VESEY sTREET, NEw 21 a owER v 1 OLD sTL1;E iio4A'iltsTREEr. AT QREATLY.REDUCED PRICES. j NEWTORK. Internal Revenue Books. TIN FOIL. The Orlrmal lDteraaJ Pabllablntr 5e-. ;c. JOURCENSEN, .JOHN .J. CROOKE, rsou 8VCC&ISOa '!'0 UTI& IIIITR, MAKt.TFACTUftR of' P.O.Boz s,..,, -. a'J LIIDIBTT liT., .,.. TI mrr. I lTD BOTT' 'Jil CAPS, ... ,., hi uillacD. 11 l u JU1 .lJJ!I A.IID COioOR.KD.. or ....,. .e ._ ..._ IOLLDTI mi.8, 38 010111' &114 113 i 1a -D lOa n.ICU. mJDIT I'J'IIIti,IIY mi. ILACCUM & SCHLOSSER. PATENT&. PiDG""'Cigarsl u'1., us noBKET I 229 BiOADWAY, mw yo:ax, ( WM. CI.of.CCVM, 4NW'fY,QRK tWACTJ.C&IlfC.AiasaLATIN COTO .;. .. '-.... i:a,.4t PATENTS &ND TRADE MARKS aad RIP """ :DoT. Othor &.oola. Wiio>d ..-aaPooa Til ....... COVB'ft _. PATD'l' ...


Commission Merchants, and Wholesale Dealers in Poreign a.D.d Do:m.estic Leaf' Tobacco, 117 North Third W. EI"RENLOHR & CO., PACitlltS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN L BAF. T OBACCO, ll15 8. WATER ST., PRILADELP,IIIA.,,.... :.. -------"-... W. EI8ENLOHR, S. W.CLAR&. P'IIIL. BONN. BAMBERGER &: CO., DEALERS IN LEAF, TOBACCO, ... /And Manufacturers of all Grades of .Arcil St., Philadelphia,eP':l ----And Dealer In CONNECTICUT SEED LEAF Tobacco, StatA St Hartford. Conn. FINE CONNECTICUT SEED-LEAr ... OBAOCO, DANBUE.Y, CONNECTICUT. t .. LEWIS BR.EMER'S SONS, Wholeaale Dealers ia Office and. Vine Street.. B SMITH & CO and 244 & 246 W. Bd St., COMMISSION MERCHANTs s,. WILKENS a CO., -IlL EAF" AN :C KANUrACTURED TOBACCO, NO. 322 NOR.TH T,..IRD STREET, PHtLAbELPHIA. CINCINN.A.Tl:,. 'OH%0. A1VD MONUMENTAL TOBACCO WORKS, No. 181 WEST STIU'l', :S.U.'l'IKOBE, JU.I!l..Un), .. @A large assortment kinds of constantly on band .f! !I;_ANATHAN & Paokers, Commission M:erchants --F .,.. '"' AND DE'\LERS IN L:.EAF TOBA.OCO, ;N'o. aaQ North Thir.d S't., Philadelphia PackerS, Commission Kercha,nts & Dealers in SEED LEAF tc HAVANA TOBACCO, Maaulactllten of alllr.iacla ofl CCO AJll) sNIJFF,' ED. WISCHMEYER. .,. HY. WISCHMEYER. ED.t.WISCH:KEYER & co., .,Merchants, ,... AND DEALERS IN TOBACCO &:. CIGARS,. ., .. 39 SOUTH CALVERT STREET, NEAl!-LoMIAR D STanT, BALTIHORE' -TATE, MULLER & co.,. w K, G, E. WAGGNER. BARKER & W !fi&NER, LEAF BA C C Q IMPORTED and chy, l'EAF TOsar.r.o BALTIMORE, liD.-. "'" SNUFF 29 South GaJ St., Baltimore, Mil. R. STARR & co( rHOS.W.BAXTER: 3 5 Water-st.; Philadelphia. MANUFACTURFRS OF BAXTER & BIRD, )J, E. McDOWELL & 00. JULIUS VITHRLEIN & CO. S N U F F -.-oaAcco S. LOWENTHAl. a 00., ACTURERS FINE CIGARS, AND IlEALDS m LEAF 'I'Oi.A.CGO, NO_ 1.12 WEST THIRD STREET, CtNCI.NNATI, OHIO. F G. .Works, Ohio. CHARLES .R. TOBACCO--, Seed Leaf and 25 SOUTH CALVERT ST. COMMISSION :MERCliANTS, HAVANA HUFFMAN,. LEE co., 12 COM MEJlCE STltEET, General CommiSSIOn lcrchanb, solo Agents forth TOBAcco BALTIMORE, Md. Leaf Tobacco 39 NORTH ST., Pllll& "U.s. Solid-Top CIGAR MOULD,": CO'IMISSION MVDCH nnoo, .jos. S..."JnOEOER, A. ....,....,_....,...,......, lir Arentsfortheoaleofallkipobo( :Maunfac. 13& ARCH ST., PHILADELpHIA. Pa; liD. 41111) 'OS SCBROJDJR .A. CO lured aryl I 63 Ezcban P1 B<.lmore xa. u a;; ... H E KLEIN p ace, Commission an d Wholesafe Dealo(n In e e J WE authorl&e SIGHT DRAFT for amount of TAX, or.., a.., A-Maaafa.cturer of with BILL OF LADI NG attached to Draft. and will .........-... """' Cigarfi, JD& :Manufa.cture d Tobacco W Imporier of Choice :Srandll of P A. 'ALBRECHT. AND CIGARS, MEYER., 107 ARCH STB. El&T',\ B.A, V Ql:C.A.JitS, Wholesale Deale r to N .. 11 Exehange Pl"ee, BA.LTIII(ORE. COMJUSSIOX XERCHANTo DOHAN & TAITT,. CIIISSIOI uMs, CONNECTICUT LEAF TOBACCO. NtJ. flO Hampden Street, SPRIIGFJELO, MASS. E H SMlTtt. f C. 0. HOLYOKE, CODISSION KERCHANT In LEAF and MANUFACTURED TOBACOO,. Central lVhat:f, Boston. J4dress 'I1S at B:Chmod pr Da.nville, Va.,, you may wish to buy in the one or the other market \... Phtladelph_ .. ta. N. E. sTs., I Leaf TobaCCO AAdWideaaiDealerlu W DRESElo. CO OHIO. !i:CONN E CTICUT WM. E. DIBRELL, PHII,ADELPRIA. AND CleARs, "' ., ;.EA'P TOBACCO, LB' ToBcco BBD'VD 16SI'aEDEIUCltST BALrDIORE. 87 :.EET,, St.,Cinc:innati;O. B.: cr,lslj I -Jlr B JWU,. ;' Forand WHOLESALE DEALERS In Z. z. WllliiRC::S:, tJ' D ., 1410 Cary Sb:eept LW un mnnm T b shi To B..._o co F. w. ooRMANN, .STEIA"M RICHMOND. VA. .. .... .0 comsiolf mcmrs. LE? .. CI&.a: Box PmBRl. (A: w:' NiiLTINauoN;_ :, L. WIJ.J..S & fttJJiRTS, pHILADELPHIA. Pa. A R FOUGEBAY AY ST EE -.., S t 1\. ti\g; Manufac turers of /"OSEPR wLL---CB 48 &: ST. CHABT,ES ST., CINCINNATI, o. 93 Cl R l, ucc7s r 'c G 'o efu--arf!iiiJ ... A, I .. e.w. eer.Lombanlat .. BALTlliiORE.)ID. TABA.c#!fo P.o 733. .T ... O Succes>leaale D ealers In 33 N th F t St. mRD.J "c 0 BRO 11RS TOBA't:CO EXGHi\lt'GE, --Pa. 666, G6s, St., Havana. a.nd Ya.ra .Tobaccos, or ron Merchants, r ':R.;lcl:UD.oll%d., 'V' ... I 17 Lombard Street, Pl,fLADELPif: F.1. PA, lriLDBRAND A KUNQENBER8, _, T J 0 UN N & C 0., MD. Brethertoa Bulldtac., CLARKSVILI;E, TeDD., R. A. MILLS, .--I ... r :w ro NORT.:i JOHN -HOPJUNSVILLE,Xr, ,.. TOBACCO BROKER IINI.&I.GABS, CommISsl'on "'erch'!nL(! 'SolejManufaeturerofJ.he and World-Renowned Brand o( .um A w r VIRCINIA SMOKINC TOBACCOS Gen'tua; Commlaslon Merchant,. !:a!:=.!::;. rtoNE u.cKJ,AND anowN &"co.. c.artDDBIITZBHtct ...... T .... .. PHILADELPHIA. A. m:. FRECHIE 12th Street, lynchburg, Va, Imnortcrs Of.HAVA"A 'f1JGARS. ,. Dealers an4 : _..;.. _____ J. RJI'.&LDQ 'SAltl,l: CO. MANUI'ACTU(EROFTHE 9 '"-Orderarepect!ullyoollcltedandp r omptl;attendedtpplic:cKs. N. FuREY PHILADELPHIA. .. --.-;, .. PAI'\VILLE, VA. --.,.. Gzsifow.D-EnwARiff&TTcO.,K. UIO'Ell ;rbuN. l J J.UDY, J. E. ttouNGER & co., ( S 0 ....... -..,. rt u. t f 1 b t d I RUDOLPH FINZER, NICHOLAS FlNZER, DEALER IN Wl>:STERN l. ..,..,,.. ""'i WHOLESALE DEALERS IN' T. J. CO., ;""' .. ,,. .. 6 rae T oucc o &CIGARS tSnnnyside. and JJttle _Wandorer LEA' F : T -OB,ACCO And Wholesa l e Dealers1n .. f t FJ V J B R 0 S 'U AVY .. "'. F o ... 'A" c l'!t.. Th 11 AROMA" Clgara Specl.,ty,1 .... 0 z G-.A:. ,, ; Will theiir persoual to the sale and pur ---LEA T V "'''' .:,_ : TOBACCO Z] South Second Street, Tcbaoeofb 6.2 North FrontStreet . .,;. :SMOKING) TOBACCO Qmce 194 a; 196 .tlcoB f'I'., St. LOUIS, lvlo. L_._ .. ,eaf 0 ac, co. lOS W.-...TI:Jl ST oilap"!i'C4t len. Foreign and lfOOOI a t lm J f I .. \. ., ---.,.:-"ILAPELPUIA. and Mu"l>LI!t. K'l'> llir Ube:r Ad \'&Dee. made on Conaignmenta. PIIIL.&.DELPHIA ... ..


1 'r B: E T 0 B LEA F J [ Conti,uetl from Third Page.) inediti"m do do, "9@ro; goo'd do 0011tumPrion, 2 per -cent. ; while u:pcxt 1w1 SEPT. 27 NBWIVIARK, SU'l'RO ) KANUUO'I'URJ:RS OF OLD JoE SEGAR--Mor-1 0., SepkmiJer 14.-0ur special cerdo, i 1@12; good red or brown shipping leaf n .so@rz.5o; tkcnaset/13 71!:1oo per cent.; stock, 3 5 0 100 per cent., the respondent reports ::..:...we have llga;n had "anoJneJ unfine do' do dod 3@ l5; C:Qill.Jl\On.}facturing do do as compared wJth corresponding -period of I875. Im-Post avers, up a favorable week's -weather for the crop nr>w in shed, and; medium do de"tto,; good do do do, port-11 of. Unmanufactured Tobacco ....::; Month eRded --so .. Old from all sec:ions we bear the. cry, "Tobat;co is pole1 2@I4; medium fiall bright wrapping leaf, I8@z5; good 31, 1874, -17;943,934 lbs ; r875, lbs Segar. smt> e sweating badly," although it is as yet only confined to do do, 35@45; iin-e do do, 6o@7o. Our rS76, rs,3oo,5r9 Eight months ended August 31; a segar the faerie grace the lower tiers. We have seen sone which, if quotations refer to tobacco in sound condition and 1874, 47,595,324 .lbs; x 875 30,859,025 Ibs; 1876, 40,-AND ALERS IN LEAF TOBACCD76 PARK PLACE, NEW YQRX P ,Ma11ufacturefS .. II. FOSTER. BELIANOB IANUPlOTOlY. t=OaTER, HILSON & CO., .77' t 'IS. cm.unns ST. 3 Wilt of Bl'oa4WI11 .N. 4..--,. MANUJ'ACTUltEllS OF ine ;;;;.. Cigar8, AND SOLE PROPRIETORS OF 1:HE PATENTED WILLOW CIGAR 180X. T.,' HtRAM GRANcaa. Sept. WALDll .CII., MANUFACTURERS OF FINECUT CHfW!NG &SMOKINGl TOE*ACCOS, 31, 33 &. 35 Atwater St., East, DETBOIT, JDOB. I. LICIITIKITBII & BROTBBB,. KANUJ'ACTU._:&Ji.S OF THE -. 11 and "ONW' ARD" ClWU.ES S. EA WES,' PACitEJt. .AND DEALEJt. IN !"me COllllecticut SeGd Leaf, a A!'DII'II' of an exp e nenc .ed party. stripped right, will make two-rh i rds fillers instead of full weight 'hhds, except lugs. 014,dl I Home Consumption of Unmanufactured CoMPLAIN OF. D ULLTIMES. one-third fillers, or as should only have made this season 'FOREIGN. ended August 31, 1874, _3,735,?0! -Even theN ew York cigar one-quarter or one-fifth ; filleJS. It is a hard matter :o :AMSTERDAM, 9.-Messrs. Schaap & Van lbs; I875, 3,834,093 lbs; 1876, 4.1 r r,2oo lbs. Eight the damage done, an(! I am si\tisfieli i t is 'T'obacco Brokers, report :-Since our last report moflths ended August 3 r, _18i4, 30,I03,422 lbs; 1s7s, butt gatherers, an exc ange h 1 'd ? r. v ..., o 8 7 6 Jb s 6 1 complain of dull greater l an many lave any1 ea or WI very important transaction s in Java tobaccc took place; 3 4 s; x 7 'JI,59S:530 bs. Exports of'Untimes. They say the stumps 2,ooo ca,ses tobacco of !ill old yet remam 2 4 ,215 bales. were week; good qualities arealmanufactured Tobacco.Mouth ended August JI, are fewer in quantity, poor.:er m gwwers h I0,503,464 l.han in the good old times. parties at 9@ IOC; at the latter .pnce sale t he demand was petter, an.d 6r8 hbds found buyers. bs; 1875, S,392,893 Ibs; 1876> 7t237,236 lbs. Un.. .l!l1porte'd this week, rd,666 bales Java, 747 do Sumamanufactured Tobacco in all BODded BEITER Tn'u;s AT HAND. PADUCAH, KY., Septemblr r6 :-"Messrs. M. H. Clark tra. Srock to date, S52 .bhi!ls Maryland, 32 do Kensst .3Ii '1S74, S 6,gn,76o lbs; I875, 82,777,209 lbs; -On every side _says the S&i& Brother, Tobacco Brokers, report 'lucky arid Virginia, .. bales, Rio Grande, I ,ooo do 1 79, 8 79,911 lbs. entiji& Ameman, evidences &has; t9 dati!, 20,542 hhds.. S! Ba:vs :;3 scrub, a,nd 66o !\tems Tht: course of the pomt an 5 o; fo pleasantness"tl'iat s-eem to play about the faces anr; conmarket v/as up to the ISt of the I!Hrovembent. sdo goohs versation of ties. In sa. strong when sales-.slackened and it became evident that a !uti a e een re .. ce to l e h b h' d 'II b bare boards or ve near opet at l ts p ,oslllv_e a vancement wt ecome Pt;rwas--set-tmg 1n. wtural enougb and to be exb h d ry f h manent, hence we harl thts!'e as a .new feature m pected after an uninterrupted activity "ith daily large t em' the prob ucts 0 t e mercantile and whi ch w ill sure! y a i d very rnatransac:tions .. up that time. For five or six days suecountry ave een unprece11 h tu f h -' 'l t ffi -. d d h 1 tena y m ere rn o t at grea:t uestt era c ceeding tllere were scatte ely any transfers in Kentucky te an t ere xs at ast confide ce p k f th h d fi v b h'l h -n me cuts part a e o ts appy 1m-an e w m tr,gmta growt w 1 e owever in some to reprovement. 1 J M 1 d d 0 d "' 1 sume traffic wah a prospect ATY an ,An ..more so rn hro, roo erate sa es conf ft r h h Exported, v1a steamer Lord Cl:ve, to LIVe,rp weeks 2,416 b oxes, 3 I"'OWihs reported. But as buyers have by T 1 mere ants an manu.actur-dd' 8 k d .1 .;, ota S-----------------.. 2,, 647102:1 5Z9,404.4e> ers Can now resurrect l"e cactes, casces, 9 _egsfafin 3,I2do pa.1ds: d flts"Nm&>l-;ud m. i_atr stocks. w e may expect to see a: lesser T b d ll' 1 1 t ere ts no epartment of mamuactures in this city old time commercial confitt_gars.tac ol ned an me mdm grfa of _preva\ h!lg than hereto. for e. Tb; e h d f d 1 k h con xque o wor mo erate y, an report or ers rom general pos1 tron q1ouo-h healthy we may reasont at gtves stronger ev1 o or that gives dence, wfebma} 00 or t e the interior and city trade increasmg; while lower ably lfilok for a fair to the balarice Of more promise of a great future than that of tobacco. awn o etter ttmes very d 'f f k d h d'l I d 1 l'Jotwithstandinb.i the embarrassments growing out o( a gra j!S, I ret> smo rs an smoot are rea 1 Y.'JP ace .. the_ year. fhe sales of Kentucky tobacco from January ... soon. at full figures. '1 1 to gate I r,7oo hhds, arid of Virgiriia' about c;h,nge m tlj,e which depSmoking Tobacco.-M. ufacturers of cut, dry p.nd 6,3c:56. hhds_ When we recall to mind the exhausted recate, and other market_s seem to "A SNUFF CASE."-The 1 b ha e bee Io 1 d th ftm h h fi .ated are now tb.;: 1Vprovement condition ,:09. last spring and the no-doubt v n 5 ng e w .. c are m. busme ss,.and a _mcrease oLo.rders, liberal of our this year, the above thts ctty has m : att;nall_y xncreased rts With bu)ers more ready a:nd W!llmg to pay regui;J.r no t a ppear large. Pnces dunng the month busmes, s 1a of_prodochve m. dustry. The collector Second District Virb t t 1 d t th t f h b with_9ut the unpleasant artering so on the ruled For rich heavy" leaf holders o a pro uc ron, m IS C?un Y 01 c ewmg to ginia,) says the Richmond last Six months. strove for an advance to confNm with the steadily infine-cut and to the _returns of the m-:::t:fe Leaf m leaf for domest1c use i41-Western markets, which buyers ternal revenue office: _for the year July 1, z875, has made raprd stndes;-m the way of a as steadily resisted. Useful substantial low grades may, 2>952? pound3 compared "!1th ,02 2 pounds the United States yesterday, and dectded advancement, the two weeks .. It 1?, however; be quoted improved suet! being, for rn the of 2,034,6 ,64 JudgeR. W. Hughes presidtrue that a large poruo!l ?f th7 IS the moment at light supply and fair demand. pnund., 10 companson wtt h 111 I873 74, an in g. It is contended the m a l:!reat to yield m qual-The' bulk 6fthe sal e s of Ke'ntucky tobacco consisted of of o;er I I per cent m the former ahd 43 per part of the plaintiffs, as snuff 1ty, quantity, and mdrcauon dark colors so spinniug parcels of Clarks.ville growth, running assorted, cent. m the manufacturers, that the act str?nl?IY m the Pen. nsylvama crop of I87 5. from lugs or from mediu m up tp fine and. But the actual ness of .Cmcmnatl, to of Congress oft Sp, em braeThts IS the County tottons, at> about jo@7S pfennigs 'for the former, and 7 5 sh g u.ld be added two as its 31St section did, while new Connecticut IS meetmg, wtth @So do, for the latter ;!Ssortll}-&nts. Small parcels. of t;ttres on the south ban_k of the st cr6p to handle our leaf do, wblle a {ew parcels of leafy Paducah lugs manu ac ure ovmg xs m necessarily, the entire 6Ist merchants l have for several years. fetched 42@43 do. Cuttln,r, neglecfe<;t the previous for the year endmg July 31, Wa$ r-,3:43section oftheactofCongress _Export tra_de IS domg Jts a;ha:e To month, again re ceived rbe attention of 1>uyers, and sold returns from the std'eofthe r.Jver of IS6S. This necessary Liverpool, V!a steamer Lotti !me, of to a con5ideiable exterit lull though sligluly better. last year to the of August, so that implication was SU!i le:'-f, 26?,696 lbs; to Ltverpool, vta steamer prices than b efore. Missouri leaf and lugs were deai: a IS true to .a pound can not be ma?e. tained by a su sequent Ohto, I me, of Western leaf, 207;05Z _lbs; tn in to a moderate extent at about 6o pfennigs for medium Strll the of_ that year Wtll,answer for compa:atlve la;use of t his 31St sec 4ntwerp, vta s_Lea_ m. er Vaderland, Red Star hne, of assortments, and 'at about 70 do-for aYerages o f medium purpose. to figures,.the pro. of tion of the act of 187'2, 'l!ly b tb h d k t b c d Western :lnd leaf, lbs; to Barbadoes, to fine leaf, and at 38@42 do for parcels of fair to good 0 c ewmg an smo mg 0 acco ov1ngton an which all snuff and tobacco via brig G. E ..Didl, of Pt>nnsylvania and Western leaf, substantial lugs. Th' e business in uat.v/anil was refor the year r8 73. 74, was pound!'. in bonded warehouses on the "' Th ld k th d h h ; 14-.65" lbs; with _receip ts 6r8 ca_&es.Connecticut,_ 910 stricted b_v the smallness of receipts and offerings _1s wou e_'. e pro ucuon tn let .ree "uly, r87z, the day ttie t r C t C d N f h v c_ases Pen. nsylva _ma_, J63 cas es Ohto, '59 ca-es \VisconPrices ran..,aed from 36t;lo_:2 pfennigs for par. cels, accordCl tes o _m_cmna t, ?vmgton an _ewp!lrt o c ewt 1g the act went into effect, was 1.::1' d ok t b g 6 .. 66 L d sm, 45 cases Ilhno_ ts, bales Havana, aod 405 hhds ing to quality. Ohio was active wi,hin the range of 33 an. sm m., 1,s55 703 39 CO][Kl .1.11 TS1 was repealed in respect to any matenal 1mprovement m pnces, and mamfest more recetved, from a source,. on of the any portion of snuff which disposition to meet thf! views of buyers. Good so ,und German tobacc unchanged. @7o do; goon leaf, 7o@So do; fine leil C to seJ ecttons, per h .ead' in 18 73 The taxes of tobacco realised to the facture, and all this under Sales 58 hhds; 6 at $4@4.70; 8 at 5@5.8o; 5 at 6@6 6o; 8 5@ 100 do. .in. as to quality in r874 5 more than one-third of the total duties legislation purportinga/o1uer i 3 at 7 9o; 6 at 8.3o@8.8o; 5 at 9@9.90; 6 at ro@ and color, 3 6 Pfenmgs; Vtrgtma do d AJID HIS. GTBEB. BR.A.l.ID8 OP 'Al'llKDR PAI'J'B, ALL OP WRJ(lJI ..UU: GIVIl'IG .KICilEAJIED SA.TISII'AOTIOl.l, A.SIIIftAl.IClBD BT T1111 B.APIDLY GROWiliG .DRWIJID AJID Elllw 'DII.E AB8E11CE 0P COIIPLA.JlllTa. CA.UTION. It ha.tnr come to my kDowtedro that, In several Instances, Liquorice Paste falsely represen.ted .. beiDJr of my maDUfacturo baa beea offered for sale by parties to llllit their 01111 pu.,_, who bavo ao authority to eett my brands, tbe preseat aerveo to C.A.'UTIO!f all Tobacco Kaunfectaren apltbe oame and to Jriye oottce that laereafter every case of my manufac ture will be braaded with my Trade-Mark, acquired under the laws of 1 h e United States, and any unprincipled peraoa conterfeltlng this Trade-Mark will be ri&oroual,. proaecut e d JAMES G McANDREW, 55 'W'.&TEB. STB.EBT. NEW YORK. ,. ing to-day. Manuhcturers made strictlv retail purmanufacture into preparations for the pipe, and chases, but inquired for good sti-ips witHout, however, cigarettes, a;'ld snuff. Purely matter-offact as the finding what they wanted. They will have to wait for treatise is, it reads lightly, and with that feeling one has the sampling of tbis year's import, which may be said in perusing any thing that to one's stock of knowl to partially commenced. African bu 'yets were in edge. Scarce a word is wasted in com .ment; the only the market, but they were so to plea s e and th e tr opinion which the n.uthor ventures to express in the whole offers were sp l.ow tliat very little business could be done at tide is ont'! as it happens that we do not fully concur with them. Little or nothing was done for the / Conti in. It is that although the dem:tnd for cigarettes has nent. Imports, 1,t7o hhds; deliveries, 490; stuck, largely increased of late, "the taste for this effe111inate 29,867, against same time last year. From Board form of smoking material is an exotic little likely to be nat of returns to 3nt ult.,just received, the !>ubjoi. ned uraiize::l among us.'' A robust smoker like Mr. Dunextracts have beenlaken, showing that in the past eight mng can afford to despise cigarettes. Let him be gratemonths imports had infreaset/29 66-roo per cent.; home ful for the po5session of a fuU-ftavored taste.


. I T 'HE TOBACCO LEAF.. SEPT. 27 .. Tobaooo Tobacco lfHOMAS HOYT&; CO., tal Water St., lo 'beinr once more all" :" I j:):BA.CCOS Planet Navy, 11, "" ,., 40o 5S. 6s, ,.. So, 99. 101. 5allor'a Cbolce, 11, Jil, s.., ..,a, !'J. 6e:t ,a, Sa, -. ''*" Challenll<', !be. A.IDIJ Philip, Wbington, 3ls, .., Grape and Apricot_ Neptuoe, Doable Thick. Uocooaacred, brt. drk. FODCY Brt. JII!Qk MltciJell, Pouods, )larrapooett, Tec__,ll._ AlexiDIIra, Peed-....... tloo, ......... Established J859 GREEN SEAL" AND OTHER CHOICE BRANDS OF MDRSCRAUM SKOXING TOBACCOS, Cut from Vtreinia. Plug. W. C. EKKE'1', Sole Kanuf&eturer, .,,._ Pine Street, NeW" York. J;k"!feia'b:: T'rt.deoftlle ROiimeat IFlouoden, GoRdBan, TIN r 0 I L WU .I.lHl 8Va&.A.Wdl LTAU... it' lmANCB, CtN'I'BA.t. S'I'lt:U'1', B:S'I'CN WARRANTED PURE TIN,-(GJIEIDA 'rOBACCO WORKS A:Jtd). J'O" ...,.,_,.,..._ ,..IJ" m4 OIGABB'1"1'1S, OIGA.B KAJnJI'ACTOB.Y. "" .. ..,_.,. ,,.."' .._ an4 LOON& ClGAl!. BGUS. WlnEMANN BROTHERS, JUlrnYAOTUB.llJI, o:l' 18<1 WIJ.J.I.Allll ST., K. 'K'. CHIWIRG -iNDOians, JAMBS l PHIIIBT &: Gt Sues, Chsroots, 43 11, I 211 DU ... E STIEET, lEW YORK. Vanufactarer of tbe followiDir Braods of K.illicklo.i c k .BB.IQVB TOBACCO -... No-1'r!4e of the 'C'. S., Bua Ball, Winchester, VIrginia Leaf, l ;rana, Grecian Ben4, .Improvement, i&ppabnnocL PERIQUE CIGARETTES. filled In B,.,nd for Export. l r &r Wm. J Bro.,ks ba.t1 u.e fnr our goods.. Russian American Mfg. Co .. & J. A. Lukanin, Sole Agents i n America for the FtRM of SAA.TC:F.iY &f:I[ANGOUBY, J 11JjW TIIBACCD Po o. Box 3llll. OII'JI'ICE,, 53 BROADWAY, NJCW YORC. ESTABLISHED lllf8. K. C. BARKER & CO., M&DIIfacturen ol the Celebratel'-1 FINECUT TOBACCOS. "''ADRICAN EAGLE" .. .... > Also all other andes of Fine-Cut an4 Smotmg 'l'o'baccos, 1'1 DETB.OIT, lUCK. Aolde from vacltiD.JI' ov "AMERJCAK EAGLE aoo:l 1o CLIPPER" lo tbo uoaalwooci.eo pa.chses.: tO, -., 40 and 6o lbw.."A'e aleD both of these Jrl'&des up vet] tcely tn ON& Outtcs TIM I"OIL PAC.ItA&M, in )( and X Groe boJreL __ l.lberal.priceo made lo tile .JobbUoa' trade. SCALES REPAIRED. 'York. FANCY SMOKING PIPES BRIER AND FANCY WOODS, MANUFACTURED BY HARVEY a FORD; s SALESROOIII-366 & 36'7 CANAL STREET, NEW YORK, FACTORYLEDGER PLACE. PHILADELPHIA, BELCHER, PARK tc CO., SOLE AGENTS IN THE UNITED STATES FOB. "1"EIOE O:J:Gr.a..n.& OF TELE EL MERITO FACTORY, JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA, 23 College Place, NeW' York. ALL THE CIGADS OF THJC ABOVE FACTORY ARJC HAVANA. REJALL & BECKER, MANUFACTURERS OF IEERSOHAUI & AlBER GOODS, AND lllPORTERS OF FRENCH BRIAR PIPESA SMOKERS' ARTICLES .MISCEJ.LAWEOlTS. l BJLIAB. .A.lm ..&.J'PJ.E-WOOJt lTDIII'JiiGROVP 0. Gli'lUIPJ fiGURES, : ur !!I !I Cl AU11!1' IN JdE'SAo.L A!m woon, A IIPJ:CIALTY. DEALERS IN : 801 BROADWAY. '! SPDJSB CBDAJl --_ .... __ NEW" vo-:nx. :NZW YOBE FOR CIGA.P.. BOXES, 41& te 47&. East T Strut, ....... .I lU MTR'l'LB .&.V.:NtTII, DllOOKLYN, N. 189 PEA0L STREET r .NEW YORK lir'"'SoleAttntlntbe--t.1tttt edSta'"forti'erdioand I W. FIDicb'a, Olenbao b-am-Main, l:elobrated Machi n es. L B RAL C i o Pacldag MaaDf8ctund Tobacco. I E AD VAN E;MENTS :MADE ON CONSIGNMENTS. c;ono1antly on h,ad the Best Hand and steam wa-PI LORILLARD & uo:s TOBACCO J'eraey J"er.-ey, : ""' OFJI'ICES:-16, 18 ... 20 CHA.MBII:RI!I STRJCBT1 l'Ol:W YORK, Tobacco House and Largest Tax Payers in U. s. This Fact is not e .. produced. full descrlpuon,' see "N.Y. TOBACCO LEAf" of o":J. 13 187 celled by aoy either In Appola-au, or by Qaallty of Gocldo era4ee of PLUG or MANU-FACTURED TOBACCO. Su erior ... 5. We continue to offerchosce braode of Brielat, Dart and Mahoraoy u Gnnuloted(or KUllckalck), aad Coaroe Cut, and TOB.CCO, varioOI kluds. oC SMOKING TOBACCO, sucb loodl with tliwt preduct.J of otber factoriealavited e A Price L' t most favorable prices. A critical ezamiaaUoa of tbe 1s mu upou


SEPT. 27 Jl J J I. Is manu:DJ;ct" in district, Orange Bounty; N. e., 13 from o" Red Sun-cured Leaf, prepared with great-care, and. wa!Tanted free from anY. adUlterations, and as a Smo:Ji:e is not equaled by .any thing at present o:lrering SOLi r&iiff;oii HE IEniBU!ED "!EtLOI ROSE" Slbli B TDBlDI 9 t 'fD I 1:. ,!.j .( Also, Agent_ s for the following.well-kD.own and justly _CELEBR.lTED'I!WANUFACTUREBS OP VIR&INIA D. B. Tennar:tt & '{p. 0. P. & Cb: Va. Chas. W. Spacer, Chas. T.. Banford C. A. & e o : Christian & Cosby William Lc;mg, : ;; ;; Hardgrove & Co J Hobson & Deaton, Ceo. G. & E>. Ayres, Dan valle. AND :1\J:ANV O'I,HERS. :.d ( 1 f ) I, .. "'-t .. J .. .Alw&ll:l on hand,. Larce -.StOcks of Xanufaotured Tobaooo, either for Ezport or Home Trade, to which tile atteD.tioil. of Bten iliad the Tr' U.. is solicited. c


TH R! Names of the Successfullxhibitors. Full Llat tf 1111 r olluco, ar, Qlpnt(a ... S1uH ..,. .... ,. to Prlz11 ia11 ... ltJ ltnte Ill .... POBTUNE'S PAVOILBD PIW I Below we present the names of the Tobacco, Cigar, Cigarette and Snuff Manufacturers who have had the good fortune to be designated by the Judges at the Cen tennial Exposition in Phi:adelphia as entitled to MedSEP' r.21. THE ROLL OF HONOR. 7 S2 Valentine Beitia & Co., Argeatine Republic was the cheap supply of food; but no system of free reached without injury to the tobacco, there is very li W I u d St t N y k N y Cut Smoking Tobacco. trade can secure American workmen food at a smaller difficulty in securing success. The fire s should re-29 u stem, mte a es, ew or ., R bl' B 1 d 'I 1 f d h 1 7 83 M:. Mendes de Andes, Argentme epu 1c, u-cost than at which they now obtain lt. The nat1ona mmain at 120 egr. unu the ea 1s ry on t e ower t1era, Tobacco' Granulating Machines. 44 c. A. Jackson & Co., United States, Petersburg, enos Ayres, Cigarettes. jury to them of the system_ of protection is that they are which usually equires 5 to 10 hours, then the heat 1 T bacc'o 784 {\ntonio Lago y Hijo, Argentine Republic, Bucalled away by artificial arrangements from the cheap should be adva need 5 de g. an hour until it reaches 150 & Co., United States, New York, N. eAos Ayres, Cigarettes. production of food to engage in manufacturing goods deg. At this point wood may be substituted for coal Y., Tobacco in all its Forms (except Cigars). 8n Osenbruck & Co., Germany, Hemelingen, Cigar which they have to purchase at a price much higher without injury to the color, but great care mu!lt be taken 46 Marburg Bros., United States, Baltimore, Md., Moulds. than what they might pay for European goods if only to keep the fire between 150 and 170 deg. till stalk and Granulated Smoking Tobacco. 813 -Lotzbeck Brothers, Germany, Lahr, Snuff, the tanff would allow of their iiltroduction. The aban-stem are tho roughly cured. 4 ,Edward Holbrook, United States, Louisville, Ky., 829 Directors of the Colony of Mucury; Brazil, Padonmentof protection might reduce the price of clothes, TABLE oF HEATS Plug Tobacco. rana, Rolled Tobacco. and so far it wo1!1ld be hostile to artificially produced 85 to 90 degrees.----------30 to 40 hours 4g Salamon, Hancock & Co., United States, Rich814 John B. and Buckini Brothers, Germany, manufactures, but it would not in the United States affect 100 hours. mond, Va., Plug Tobacco. Giessen-on-tbe-Rhine, Cigars. the price oflabor generally to any degree like the effect 105 do ------- ----2 hours. 49 Harry C. Holbrook, United States, Louisville, Ky., 816 P. I. Lanfried, Germany, Rauenberg, Cigars. produced by ihe repeal of the corn laws in this country, 110 do -.. ---- 2 hours Plug Tobacco. 817 August Gans, Germany, Baden-Baden, Cigarfor the simple reason that the United States are not pur-II5 do -------------.. 2 hours. so P. It. Mayo & Bro., United States, Richmond, ettes. ,chasers, but producers of food. We are told that there uo do __ .... -5 to 10 hour.;. Va., Dark Navy Plug Tobacco. 818 Louis Grosskopf, Germany, Koenigsberg, Cigaris already a decline in the price of labor, but it is labor From uo to 170 deg. raise 5 deg. per hour. CI Frismuth Bro. & Co., United States, Philadelettes. applied to those manufactures of which there is already When the tobacco is cured it is best to run it up in the phla, Pa., Fine-Cut Chewing and Smoking Tobacco. 861 !'-so Shosho, Japan, Sp1ra Kawa.' Leaf Tobacco great over-production. top of the barn, putting all the "swell stem" sticks on 52 G. w. Gail & Ax, United States, Baltimore, Md., and -THE RETURN TO TRUE ECONOMIC DOCTRINES the outside in order that it may dry out and not injure Smoking Tobacco and Chewing. 86:z. KaJO Sh1ma, Japan, Satsuma, Stragut in the United States will not render American manufacthe other tobacco. It would be well to build small coal 53 F. w. Feigner & Son, United States, Baltimore, Tc;>bacco. . turers more formidable competiturs. Except in so far as fires from ros to 1 ro deg., and the tobacco out dur-Md., Granulated and Straight-Cut Tobaeco. 863 Ktsh1gwna Sa1-1Ch1ro, Japan, N agasak1, H tzen, the general progress of the nation is retarded by a policy ing long rainy seasons, to prevent it from running red. als and Diplomas, in recognition of the superior merits 1 k II U d S D h N C Ctgars of protection, the question of free trade or of protection When ready to strip it should be well assorted, tied in 54 W. T. B ac we mte tates, ur am, ., b I d f A r II b dl d k d 1' h 1 of their in the various departments of the Ex-Granulated Smoking To8acco. 864 Osaka, Japan, Cut Smokmg acco. has !itt e 1mme 1ate 1mportance or mencan manu.acsma neat un es, an pac e tg t y, so as not to SS John F. Allen Co., United States, Richmond, ). Swnzerland, Ctgars. turers. If protection is persevered in it produces the bruise. position. The list is smbmitted in the order in which it Va., Chewing and Smoking Tobacco and Cigarettes. Lu1 s Manndal Tenenffe, Santa Cruz, usual result of spe'ciallegislation-the favored class of was designed to be announced in the JuDGES' HALL S6 L. J. Grant & Co., United States, Richmond, Va., C1gars. 1 capitaltsts are overwhelmed by competition. If protection THE OLD RENEWED last evenl ng.', Dark Navy ami Cavendish Tobacco. ,882 Cararopulo Brother, LCa1rfo,TC1bgarettes. d is abandoned we have a recognition of those natural laws [From the Commercial Advertiser.] G W 'll. & c R' h 6 S t & C J o ceo an of commerce which have hitherto, owing to the favorable 57 Thomas I 1ams o., Umtecl States, IC 10 4 ou ar o amatca, ea a An who had a terma .. ant wife quieted an out-Through the Courtesy Of Judge Lyn ch of New Or T b C conditions of our country, given us a predom!Dance m ., mond, Va., Plug 0 acco. ilgars. break of 11l-humor by presemin"' the lady wit h a short / h Th & W t J L f 1 o the markets 01 the world. It is quite true, as urged by ... leans, on whom has devolved the duty of acting as 58 William_ S. Kimball &_ Co., United States, R_ oc es1 ompson e zmann, amatca, ea A 1 M ,. h h E 1 h pipe, of which the cost was one-half-penny, and as he ,.. c Ch G 1 d s d b Pract1ca an, t at t e course ,or ng ts ter, N. Y., .r,;.meut ewmg, ranu ate mokmg, an acco. d did so be remarked, with Quakerlike simplicity, that Cha1rman of the Comm1ttee on fobacco Manufactures, i1Jgarettes. 1049 w. Schweigert, New South Wales, Sydney, manufacturers is to take a lesson from the energy an peace was a good thing at any price. There is much C Fl C inventive power displayed at Philadelphia. Both capwe are enabled to lay the Report of the ommtttee on 9 Seidenberg & Co., United States, Key "\'Vest, a., gars. k b b h peace in tobacco. A legend even relates that it was S D & C C d M t eal C1gars ita!Jst and wor man may pront y o servmg w at ex-A d b fi d 1 1 'th Cigars. 105 avis 0 ana a, on r k A d introduced to Europe by a man whose professional busi war s e ore our rea ers Slmu taneous y WI s ap6o McFall & Lawson, United States, Key West, Fla., to6s Van der Jagt & Francois, Holland, Utrecht, cellent wor mencan manufacturers can pro uce, re' collecting that, superior excellence of work is what we ness was peace-seeking. It was, or was not-for doctors pearance in the morning journals of this date. e igars. Cigars. 1 differ-a certain M. de Nicot, French Ambassador at the & u d s N y k 66 Fl C F S z oza Liq1.1once have always in the main relied on. But the specta l'ntent\'on of the Centennial Commissioners was to 6t Sanchez, Haya Co., mle tales, ew or 10 or arenon Y ur, pam, arag Court of Portugal, who orought tobacco under the notice 6 C G d P t N t h 1 d G d C1gars economic advantage which our longer experience of ., Cigars. IO 7 van er e er an s, on_ a, of Catherine de Medicis in the year 156o, or thereabouts nounce the awards in the JuDGES' HALL at about 6:z Edmund Bourgeois United States New Orleans ro68 Bhckann Bros., Netherlands, Arnhem, Cgars. manufacturing industry gives us must remam the same whereas it was probably known in London in IS8s. In c 6 M A d & Co S 'n Cora del Reo for many years, and meanwhile we shall be able to proo'clock on Wednesday evening, September 27, and as La., Perique Tobacco and gar.;ttes. 10 9 ac n rewa pal France tobacco was theref'ore called nicotiane, or "the L ceed as we have done hitlilerto, making further advances N y k h 63 Lowell & Buffington, United States, Covington, tquonce.. . r k 'll E h d Queen's weed," in Englancd it got its more enduring ti-we wnte m ew or at the hour of II. IS P.M. t e D 0 d s p t R 1 Liquonce in mapu.actunng s 1 very thmg t at u; one tom-Ky., Fine-Cut Tobacco. 1072 .ego ,1e a, pam, uer 0 k' l h tle because, says tradition., Francis Drake carried away same evening, wet pres11me the programme as arranged was fully carried out. Our represeatative received the list here published from the bands of Judge Lynch d M l r C ba, H C s struct the wor mg peop e or to !mprove mac mery or 64 W. H. Trowbridge, Unite States, Danville, Va., Il1 7 tgue ane, u avana, Jgar d il the first samples from Tobago. It was the wild man to stimulate energy is an advantage, an wh e these ends Granulated Smoking Tobacco. d h h 1 who taught his brother the calm delights of smoke. The Co F' u d 1 h' are bemg pursued we may rest assure t at t e u (!mate 6S Lorver, ot vOb Dlte States, Philade p ta, FREE TRADE OR PROTEC'.tiON triumph of free trade in the United States will restore best tobacco in the world fior cigars is perhaps that found Pa., Rehandled Lea To acco. commerce to its natural channels, not add to our em-at Cuba, and the best tobacco in Cuba is grown at himself at about 5 o'clock P, M. on Wednesday, with the 66 Consolidated -Tobacco Company of California, [Fro"' tke Londn Times, SeptemberS] barrassments. Vuelta ,te Abajo. The best snuff cernes from MaUnited States, San Francisco, Cal., Cigars, and Cut All through the controversy which has lately arisen on couba, a village at Martinique, where the Empress assurance that it was absolutely correct in every partieSmoking and Granulated Tobacco. the relative prospects of English and American manuJosephine was born. The best Turkish tobacco is that ular, that each name in it had been hOnored with1 an 67 Geo. Alcis, United States, New Orleans, La., facturers one conclusion was manifest-that the future THE C'ULTIV ATIOll' AND ClJRE OF raised in Macedonia. Tombeki, which is exclusively award, and that the public announcement wollld be Cigars. belonged to free trade rather than to protection. Whether BRIGHT TOBACCO. smoked in narghilehs, comes from Pl':rsia. When good 68 T. G. Dunn & Co., United States, Philadelphia, protection may have been useful for a time or not may it looks like new shoe leather used for soles. Tombeki made in the JuDGES' HALL at 8 o'clock, as contem plated. The only condition prescribed by Judge Lynch Pa., Cigars. be a questian for historians, or for the builders of future There is np reason why the farmers of Missouri should should he washed at least three times before smoking. 69 Gumpert Bros., United States, Phi12delphia, Pa., nationalities, but that in a few years the policy of pronot make as bright tobacco as the farmers of other States It is difficult to understand the source of the pleasure Cigars. tection will be abandoned by the United States would -the climate is so suitable and the soil is so eminently derived from tobacco. If it came from the sense of to our representative the favor extended to THE 70 S. Jacoby & Co., United States, New York, N.Y., seem to be now accepted as one ofthe landmarks of the adapted to its growth, that their neglect in this regard smell we might engage servants to smoke for us and TOBACCO LEAF, in furni:shing it with an early list of the Cigars. political future. _It. might still remain to be considered can only be attributed to the CC'Immon but groundless preserve the whiteness of' our teeth as well as the in-7I F. S. Kinney, United States, New York, N: Y., whether a policy of protection in certain stages of a idea that Missouri will not produce bright tobacco. To-offensivene ss of our hair and clothes. If it depended awards, was the assurance, over our representative's s h c s k' T b d c d 1 b h ld f tra1g tut mo mgo acco an tgarettes. nation's progress may not be a WISe an po 1t1c course bacco which matures early can generally e cured sucon taste we s ou get mcore JOY out' o a q 11d than out signature, that the list :should not be published until 72 Kerbs & Speiss, United States, New York, N.Y., and the legislation adopted by the United States in recent cessfully-that which ripens late can rarely be made of a cigar. It can not belong to the touch, because Thursday, the 28th ;nstant, in order that it might not Cigars. years is a very strong test of this policy. Many contribri&ht. Therefore, it is specially necessary to have plants chocolate pastilles and so; me needle cases feel like ci' 73 TurpiA & Bros., United States, Richmond, Va., butions have been lately made to the study ofthe actual as early as possible. The plant-beds should be burned gars in hand. The sight seems to have part in our be said favoritism had been shown to any one journal Plug Tobacco. position of manufacturing industry in the United States, and sown as soon after the first of January each year as delectation, because tobacco is almost deprived of it 74 L. L. Armistead, United States, Lynchburg, a., and not the least interesting is the letter of "A Manu-the weather will permit; after the seed is i!t the ground perfume by darkness; yet if its savor depended wholly to the prejudice of other journals. This observation seems appropriate, in this place, to prevent misapprehension the circumstances u nder which we obtained the list prior to its presentation in the HALL. Granulated Smoking Tobacco. facturer," published on Wedaesday last in our city ar-the bed should be covered thinly with straw, or with on light, suggests a sage who has lost all mental cohe -75 L. M. Baily, United States, Richmond, Va., Sweet ticle. The writer agrees with Captain Douglas Galton bru1h, which must remain on the beds until spring opens, renee in smoky thoughts, tobacco would give more Plug Tobacco. in estimating very highly the degree of progress made by this prok:cts the young plants from the cold and keeps ple_.asure in the sunshine than in the shadow, and no 76 Lawrence Lottier, United States, Richmond, Va., American manufacturera under the system of protection. the land -rm and moist; when the plants are as large true smoker has ever piped assent to such a statement. Plug Tobacco. That the American population enjoy an extraordina-ry as a half-dime piece, the brush or straw must be removed, Von Helmont, travelling in desert places, avers that .:::77 John W. Carrolls, United States, Lynchburg, Va., gift of mechanical skill we have had many proofs, and it so thal they may get the benefit of the sun. Precaution tobacco protected him for long periods against hunger Granulated Smoking Tobacco. is not surprising that this skill, fostered by a policy of should next bt: taken against the flies, which are some-or fat1gue, aml he declares that be could make immense At this hour we have no opportunity to descant upon 8 D H H 11 u d S S N y h h d f h' h ..._ 1 h b d r h h 7 u mte tates, yracuse, ., a protection and combined w1t t e a vantage o a lg times very ._trucuve. t as een ascertame that JOurneys on 100t wll no ot er sustenance. Doctor the Report of tke Committee on Awards, and must, therefore, defer that pleasure until our next issue. We rejoice-sincerely rejoice-that so many of our deserv ing friends have been successful in achieving the disTobacco-Stemming Machine. standard of intelligence, secured by systematic education, this fly or hue can jump only a short distance upwards, Stephenson, an American physician, observed that to79 P. 0. Cain & Co., United States, Philadelphia, has given native-born Americans a great atart in manu-and may be kept out of the bed by a plank about twelve bacco may be almost counted on as a specific in certain Pa., Cigar Moulds. facturing industry. The capacity, however, to produce inches in width set up on its edge around the bed. Grey forms of inflammatory erysipelas. He covers the inSo Francis S. Kinney, United Stales, New York, N.Y., excellent articles for sale is not suffic:ent to make a great soil with yeUow subsoil is best adapted to the growth of flamed surface with wet tobacco leaves, and keeps them a Machine for Cutting Tobacco. commercial success. We dtffer from another writer, yellow tobacco. When the plants are large enough, they there till nausea supervenes. A member of the College 227 Petroff' Bros., Russia, St. Petersburg, Cigarettes whose letter on this subject we published on Saturday, should be transplanted any time after the 3oth of May of Medicine at Stockholm avers that the dded leaves tinction to which they aspired when they entered the and Cut Smoking Tobacco: in not holding that the excellence ofthe article produced and before the 1oth of June if seasonable, this will give of the potato plant woul.d, the same purpose, lists as competitors for the prizes of merit to be 337 J. F. Semas, Brazil, Bahia, Cigars. is sufficient for this end. The first conaideration is them sufficient time to mature and turn yellow on the and that far better smokmg mgredients may be made awarded at this magnificent and glorious exhibition ; 359 Sadouk Dooruntcha, Russia, Government of whether the goods manufactured are wanted, and the hill. As soon as the plants have commenced growing, from them than from thecoarser kinds of tobacco in Poltava, Krementchoog, Cigarettes and Tobacco. second is whether they are wanted at a price which will they should be worked out, and this should be repeated common use. Much of the tobacco sold at Hamburg and if we feel any regret in connection with the event 360 Saatchiz Mangubi, Russia, St. Petersburg, Cigar. remunerate the producers for the time and capital after every rain, whether the land be free from grass or and Bremen is mixed with potato leaves. The tobacco ettes, Turkish and Russian Tobacl::o. spent iR their production. Under the system of pronot, until the crop begins to ripen. When the plants which comes from Maryland is sort which can which we are recording, it is that some of thoseequally deserving, perhaps-who entered their contributions '\\ith high hopes and expectations are appa rently doomed to disappointment, and will here seek in vain:for a realization of their aims and desires. 361 M. Dooruntcha, Russia, Poltawa, Cigarettes and tection this latter result is secured to the United States have attained the requisite height they should be primed be smoked in short pipes without danger to the mucous Tobacco. manufacturer. European economists hold that the price about ten inches from the ground, and topped at fourmembrane of the mouth. It mingles imperceptibly with i: 362 James Kooschmareff, Russia, Rostov on the Don, of this advantage is a great pecuntary sacrifice on the teen leaves if early in the season, at twelve, ten and the votato lea, and the adulteration can hardly be de Cigarettes, Russian and Turkish Tobacc(\. part of the nation ; but that under the guarantee of a eight leaves as the season advances, as it is desirable that tected. A learned man declares that we are grievously La Ferme .Tobacco Co., Russ ia, St. Petersburg, system of protection capital may be profitably invested, a good deal of the crop should ripen at the same time. in error who talk of "Meerschaum" pipes; we should say Tutk1sh and Russ1an Tobacco and Ctgarettes. in the establishment of manufactures such as those If it is observed that the plants are growing too coarse, "Kummer" pipes, and commemorate perpetually our 368 Mylnikof and Zazoobrin, Russia, lrkootsk, Turk-which have sprung up in the United States has never the suckers should be allowed to remain some time, but obligaticns to the discoverer .of a compound which has For the information, however, of those whose names ish, Russian and Siberian Tobacco and Cigarettes. been disputed. The practical question is will be the not long enough to break the leaves in pulling them off. nothing to do with the sea nor with its foam. Anselm do not appe11r in the present roll of fortunate exhibi369 A. Smoloff, Russia, Roiiitov on the Don, Turkish state of things when the public begin to estin.ate the When there is ripe tobacco enough to fill a barn it should who has written a profound work on pipes, instructs man: tors, we may add that a supplementary report, designed and Russian Tobacco and Cigarettes. cost of protection. The letters to which we have referred be cut, and it is of great assistance to the curer that the kind that they should be of the simplest forms, so as to be 387 Beck & Co., Cuba, Havana, Cigars. present a graphic picture of the collapse which this tobacco should be uniform in size, ripeness and color, easily cleaned, and that there never should be any wood, to embrace the latest-corrections and revisions, is being prepared by the Committee, and will be submitted in a few days, aod in that report names now omitted may appear u entitled td all the honors oi the occasion. As will be seen in tile subjoined system of awards, a DiploiiUI, beautif11lly enpave d Bronze and Special Report of the) udges-the latter describing the kind and distinctive merits of each exhibit-are the symbols chosen by the Commissioners to reward the successful and perpetuate the iame of their manufactures. The Special Reports will be announced in about ten days. AWARDS. FIMT.-Tbe Awards are based upon written reports attested by the signatures of their authors. SECOND.The judges were selected for their known qualificationsand character, and a're experts in departmnts to which they respe<:!ivut it condenses it and makes and Cigarettes. content with the fact that a syRtem of free trade must sticks on the tier-poles. When this is done, it is time to it sententious. Tobacco compresses a long-winded dis437 Jose Espindola da Veiga, Brazil, Rio Janeiro, ultimately promote English commercial interests, not commence the fires. In a five-room barn it would be well course into an epigram. It is at the bottom of the difRolled and Cut Tobacco. because England is thereby enriched at the expense of to build four fires in a row under each room. Old stumps ference between the Welchman's prayer and that of 438 Jose C. Furtado, Brazil, Para, Borba TCJbacco. other nations, but because she has thereby an opportu-or green wood cut in small pieces give a regular heat and Mawworm. "Good night, sir," he remarked to his patron 439 Francisco A. Colaros Moliva, Brazil, Maranhao, nity of doing the best service she can to advance t'-e are best to use in steaming and yellowing. The tobacco saint, "few words are best," whereas Mawworm has never &rba Tobacco. comfort and civilization of other quarters of the should generally be steamed from thirty to forty hours, done with words, aDd would let his pipe out in more 440 Daniel Rocha Ferreira, Brazil, Minas Gerles, world. at 8!; to 90 deg. Fah. when the weather is cool, at 90 to ways than one, while_ that of the more ancient and acute Rolled Tobacco. -THE THEORY OF PROTI!CTION 95 deg. when wru-m, in order to li(et it sufficiently yellow. Briton would keep alight. The smoker wants no other 475 Diaz y Solis, Spain, Puerto Rico, Tobacco. is that capital invested in a particular way should be The steaming should be regulated according to thequanfurniture thatn some German tinder. If he begins to bur474 Jose Rodriguez Fuentes, Spain, Puerto Rico, secured profits which would not be secured by the wants tity of sap in the tobacco. It should not be al' to den himself with amber mouthpieces, clips, anq.pincers, Tobacco. of the customers whose wanls such investment was in get too yellow as it is liable to run red when higher he ceases to be a man, and becomes a cupboard. Directly 475 Juan B. Carmona, Spain, Puerto Rico, Tobacco. tended to supply. The profits obtained unde,such a heats are applied to it. When the best leaves of the the fiist ashes (.ills off it the flavor is impaired, and 484 Pedro Garriga, Spain, Puerto, Rappee Snuff. system tempt a vast of capital to em .ar-plant are yellow enough, the wood fires must be substiunwholesome_. Smoking, which has greatly increased 498 Asker Bedros, Turkey, Constantinople, Turkish tificial schemes of production dependent on proh1bJttve tuted by charcoal fires, commencin&" at same beat. The in recent is, at all events, much better than taking (fobacco and Cigarettes. duties Capital thus employed will secure excellent rna. next step to be taken is to set the color, which is doae. snuff, wbich disgraced the very waistcoats of our foreSOl Jfilian Alvasez, Cuba, Havana,"Cigars. chmery, and after a time excellent workmen, but by advancing the heat gradually, says deg. every two fathers "Had our mused a philosopher, "been 502 Celestino Asay, Cuba, Havana, Cigars. tomers will not follow as a matter of course, and th1s 1s hours, observing great .:are always to let the mercury intended for stholes they would have been turned 503 Valle Saurez & Co., Cuba, Havana, Cigars. the lesson which producers in the States begin to descend before the fires are renewed; the coal the other way." Possibly. And it is by no means clear 504 Juan B. Romero, Cuba, Havaba, Cig;ars. now being; tRught. The favor shown to natwe prod':'ct1on should be put on by the hand rather tha-n poured ftom a te logical intellects that our. mouths were intended for 505 Diaz, Ranees y Compania, Cuba, Havana, by the Legislature allured all the unemployed cap1tal of basket, so as to secure a gradual revival of the fire that chimneys, or they might with more fitness have been Cigars. the country. Manufacturers who invested l_avish_ly, will not carry the mercury above the point aimed at. opened the top of our he ; ads, and every man might 5o6 Enrique, ;y; Hermano, C11ba, Havana, relying on the favoring breeze whch the1r salls, Should the heat go too high in renewing the fires, the have served as a barometer to his neighbor, who could Cigars. found themselves in ruinous competition Wtlh the owners door must be opened, and if that is not sufficient some !lave foreseen the state of the weather by noting whether 507 Camino, Cuesta y Ca., Cuba, Havana Tobacco of caoital tempted into business by the profits secured by of the 1\res should be smothered with dirt or dust, covhis nei&hbor was blinded by his own s moke or otherwise. and Cigarettes. I a sys'tem of protect?" there is a c_ry of ering them at intervals throughout the barn; when tbe youth and love depart from ua and yet tobacco remains so8 Fernando Arnguanaga, Cuba, Havana, Cigars glutted markets ana ove_r-producllon. An arbitrary heat is adjusted the door should be again closed as be. and perhaps it consoles us. It is the only form of 509 Jose Gener, Cuba, Havana, Cigars. policy like t_hat_ of protection na_turall.f produces such re fore. If the advance of the heat is more than five de piness which is left to some who the world has treated 510 Partagas & Co., Cuba, Havana, Cigars. suits. Capltahsts see. that tmpositton of a duty of erees in two hours it is apt to throw the tobacco into a unkindly. "Je te laisse rna femme et ma pipe jete 61o. Conrad Langard, Norway, Cut, twenty per cent. secures certam profits. They may h?pe r.weat, which is indicated by the leaves becoming gumrecoru__m,.nde bien rna. pipe," were the last words of Smokmg, Plug Tobacco, and Cigars. to secure a share of these profits, or of thirty my and sticking together. Should this be the case, the Gavarni's vagabond. 639 Mignot & Block, Netherlands, Eindhoven, Ciper cent. may be imposed cover the1r nvestme_nt. door must be opened and the mercury allowed to des------gars. As a matter of f'act, with a ngorous sylitem of protection cend eight or ten degrees and remain at that point until FtnQIIER: THAN FICTION.-Truth is funnier than fiction 737 Ralph & Co., United States, Philadelphia, Pa., we have a gener.ll coU:'pse of United. State manufac-the tobacco is free from sweat, say from one to two hours, Last month at the assizes in King's County Ireland Scotch Snuff. tures. .Free trade 1s now recogmzerl the comthen the heat should advance 5 deg. an hour as before. Mr. Justice Armstrong suspended Com:t for a' few mo738 G. W. Gail & Ax, United States, Baltimore, Md., mercia! future of the United States, and we A barn of tobacco can be injured by being too slow as QMtnts to g_o and see a man" in the private room Snuff: such a conviction because this system must econom1ze well as by being two fast; when too slow the yellowest whereon one of the jurors, a mad wag, offered a wage; ,739 P. Lorillard & Co., United States, New York the resources of the population now leaves begin to turn a brownish red, on the face of the to a brother who -s no wag, that ht: (the 1olul) would C1ty, Snuff. in setthng the vast tern tones of the Amen can contment. leaf, when this i11 the case the heat should be advanced a invite himself to Qf the 1efection. "Done!" 77 I Thomas S. Gardida, Mexico City of Mexico In estimatiog its consequences, however, we must not be little faster than S in two hours; when too fast the sa1d latter, Away the soft one out of the Cigars and Cigarettes. misled by the polition of this country in the tlays of proleaves on the lower tier will first to spot or scald Ju.ry-box, preceded by the batlifi' of the court, a softer 776 Mandrazo & Co., Mexico, Vera CIUz, Cigars tection among ourselves. It should be that which indicates that the tobacco 1s in a sweat, and @hould still,..knoelrs at tile of the. judge's chamber, and and Cigarettes. becauae a vaat system of manufac:turmJ mdUJtry bas be remedied as before mentioned. It ls impossible to say coolly requests that Hts Lordsh1p woulal oblige him with 778 Baiza & Brothers, Mexico Vera Cruz, Cigars been artificiallv produced in the United States, such a (f'or all cases) how long it will take to run from ros deg. a ?f brandy. It highly comic, but it cost the and Cigarettes. manufacturing' system will derive just as our to 120 deg., it depends entirely upon the condition of the hu place, a Jury had to be f'lllpanelled and 779 Anastasia Ortiz, Mexico, City of Mexico, Cimanufactures of natural growth denve bene.lit the tobacco. The beat should remain at no deg. until the the trial,begun and after seven days' work, at an &ars. relaxation of restrictions on trade. The prmclpallnflu tails of the leaves to curl Wbeo this appear the expense of some of pounds to tho Crown fla Pc Hoapicio cio Puebla, MtziCOr Ci&arettea. ence OD Enililb ll\IP\Ifacturu produced P)' (fCt uacio heat bCI adv&nlle4 with aaflJ n JIO do,. O!Ul lie ilftju')'cllaaptfd.


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