The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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r...... I -. : cr j .... _; t .. \ VOL XII.--NO. 36. 8Lbt WDbaccg ltaf JS PUBLJSHED WEDNESDAY YOBNING, Ell "The tobacco Lear H PnblisbiD! co., Fulto n St., New YOJ'" EDWARD BURKE --------&1' JOHN G.GRAFF -Busine MliiJager 1107 All Lttero oluuld lae phdo!J Rdareaoed .,TKK TOBACCO Lau.F" PUBLISKINC Co. --Terms of the Paper: CoPIJtS ........... ............. JGCents. J::.:H s .. :: :: .. ::., :: .: :, ,: : ,, .:..'::!: liiil"" Remember that the co-.t to the yearly or monthly tul.ltScriber is LESS rnAM Ct1T CaNT& PBR WllKX, ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIO! Lane # Gardiner. J. M. S4 FronL Garth D. h Son & Co., 44 Broad. Gassert]. L. & Bro. 16o Water Gershel L .SZ. llro 191: Pearl. Hamburger l. llz Co. t5 1 Water. Hawes, Cha!J. 8., n9 Maiden L aoe., Herbst &. Van Ramdohr, 183 Water. Hillmat. G. 'V 8o Front. Jtlnnicut C.l Hroad. Koenig & Subett, 329 Bowery, :K.:re:neatlerg ,-v_ C o t6n LachenbrUch & BT"o,, t64 Wat'-"1' Lam.,tlc A. C., ua J-!e a rJ, Lede r & FlRchel, 213 Pearl Levin .M. H 1 6:a .P.:arl. Maitland Robert L. &. Co., 4-3 Brocul. Martin&. Johnson. ?9 Frout Merfelf.! Kemper & Co. 131 Maidea Lane. Meyer A 0 L & 0., 41 Oatman Alva t66 Wate1 Ottinger Brothers 48 Broad St. Parker, G F 218 Fulton Price Wn1. M., tt9 Malden Laue. Ollln J P. & Co,, 39 :!\read atUaaaosa. G L 79 !"earl Sawyer, Wallace .t 47 Bread. Scblnltt J t62 \Vater. lkhoverling H Ja Water. .Bon. 178 Water. & .Koch, :146 Pearl. Sollubart H. & C o 146 'Vater Scoville A. H. & Co t70 Water, SptOJrUD, E. N Co., c 3nrlina Slip. SpluD'-1' C, H. nB Wa ter Squlree, Taylor & Co. 4S BFOad &&eln & Co.L 197 Duane. Strahon & Morm, 191 Pearl. Strolua &> R.eitzeosteta, 176 Front. Tag, Cha.rlf!i J.'. at Son, .4 Tal&'eahorllt, F. W. 68 Broad. Teller, A 191 Pearl. Tbompaon, S. E., 54 a ad 56 Broad Carl, 171i l"earl. .Balers jiW' Export. Gathrie & ("p us FronL c,.,;,,i, MHYM'" iftlanNf4Cturn-'J .iT icl&. HI IIIIer's R. Sons & C o Cedar. W H.&> Co., i7o aacl 111 William. HIJV4M Ciu ar Flruo J': ri es Alez. 16 Collel'e Place / L""'cn-ic. HI IIIIer' a .II (.'o., ss Cedar. w eever ... ....,..-.-enRe11t t: l A Jflolle a. f .nt Linde F. (I.. C.., :Water. IdeAl_, f, o1l A. j Cb., 147 Wate< H......,.W. J Nero :r,..,.,..,, GuUuie It Co.,"" Front. M-.taqrr_trs of Ci:r Jlon. Er!c ho H .... keJI li9S .r.,.. S 1 l n u r & -.11 LewJe. Wicke W Cn .. ls:t->6r Goerct. Cigtn o.Bo.Us Plalling MaditJL. DrowuA.. Jr ., S7 l,oowio. CiiU" Bo.# Eifert J o hn' M. Uptegrove 465475 Eut .... tb. S,.ti!PoA ,.,.._ Cit ...... .l.lmlrall ;. ]., J6 l::leppeohelmer a )laurer,_ 02 &: 4 :N. William. LobeDBtelo It G8n -lokinme. Stnu a S!moo,_l']9 '"'"'a Wicke, \Vm. &: Co., 1!3 161 Goerck. M,.f.ctorcrs Tob11cco Cnelte J. J .. 38 Oroob7lt 163 & ili4 l;wllt'l of TiN F()i/, Vittemana. Brothe1"'8, 184 \VUl\am To6Mto JI"U,it H-ard, 5&D&"er & Co., 105 .It '07 Cbambe111 To6to Lahti,. 'lrhe Hatch Lithographic Co., 3> &10 Veoey Heppenbcime r A Maarer M North 'William CigtU -8., 37 Gay Guutber, L. W. 9 South Gay NEW YORK. WEDNE.8DA Y. OCTOBER 18, 1876. WH.OLE No. 608 uq Toi>tue< Broun Clark, M; H. 1: Bro. ; DAJIVIL:I..E, v ... O,,ifrio M.trcll4nts. .t. P.,..n. M. kPe)'toa. t f I DAYTON. o. Df and Smqin,r. T(}-"'1 ..J .lbacco-. Cotte r il l, ilner .t Co 113 117 E. Second. ... f P1414' 1 T ted t..'uiilf'. Hog! e n & Pe..., Th.ifOi, St. and Canal. G G DAlfJIVRY, Coaa. nves W. D.aOIT, Mloh. MAnw/IJ""'{,"n / CluwiHtr and Smokinr T.#Mcco. IJJrker K C & Co. '" lz 16 J ave. Parker. Holmes & Co. 4 9-57 J e fferson Ave Walker, M cGra w Co Atwater Jr .. .. '!I /Java-,.,..; Paelurs u LeaL T.Wacco. G. B. & Co., 61 Congress ot East DURHAM, N. C. &oo.!ill,c 2'o""eo Blacli:well W. 'J;'.Ilt Co EVANii'tiu.LE. btl. CmMiniou M1rc!uucl.1. .M.orrlo C. ]. Ill Co. HARTFORD. Co-. P.cltrt 11"d l.haltrl. Blolaep, ] & Sons 46 Markoi.. Di J. & C n., 217 State. Habl>asd N. & Co., t-45 State Leo c-, State. London & Bidwell, 226 and :J :aS State. Sbepbard & Fuller. :z ..,state Weatphal Wm., 128 State. HOPJUNSVILLE, Ky T.b.cco Brolllr s. Clark, 14. H. & Bro. Pa. De.akr ., Leaf T o/Jiuco. Schuberth. C G. Skiles Ill Frey, 61 and 68 North Duke. lbt lolntcco NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, ocr. 18, t87 6.' YH' E THIRD BIENNIAL Toucci TuB NOW BEING BY THE "TOBACCJJ LEAF" PUBLISHING CO. READY FOR DELIVERY ABOUT January 1, ( ) Will contain the FULL ADDRESS and REVENUE DISTRICT of every TOBACCO, CIGAR and SNUFF MANUFACTURER and DEALER in the UNITED LIVERPOOL, Sa.muelso01Idward &: Co. 62J)afe Smythe F. W. & Co .. ao North j obn. LQUISVILLE. Ky. Plug Tobaccc Piozet' 1 A. Bros., HH-t jacob. pl Cluwig Smoking Toltacco. STATES, as also tbe Address of every Person ln any way connected with the Tobacco Industry of the United atUI States and Dominion of Canada. Robinson Ma,ufacturlng C<>mpaoy. TobtJ((O y,,;,;o, MweAall. Wicks G W. & Co., >9 West lllaio. Toba Bro. PETERSBURG VA. TtlhtU'" LeRoy &Bona. W11re..touua. Every Name and Interest Alphabetically and Arranged under State heads, 110 that each STATE, CITY and TOWNSHIP sb:ill be complete in its81f. $4.00. ADVERTISEMENTS. ONE PAGK ...................................... ()100, H..A.Lll' PAG.IC .................................. .. 5(i. PAGE ............................ .. lll. Send Subscriptions and Advertising Orders to 11 TOBACCO LEAF" PUBLISHING I'ULTOII' STREET, JI'EW YOB I Commeode itself to e?ety oae ia aay way iutereeted ia Tobacco, ettber u Grower, Maonfacturer, or Daaler-. Jt gles aonoally ao lmmenee amounto1 otonnatioo regardin.r Tobacco ud 1ts maoafacteree. aDd thGS coosttta.tes ltoelf a tldl tbat bas IODII olnc:e boea recogaalzecl ao otaradlog at tlae head qf opeclal trade pobllcat!oaL Ira marlael reporta are follancl eala&uot he, and come from ewel')' qoarter of the rlobe where Tubacco Ia eold. It is the ONLY weekly puhllcatloo exlualvely dnoted to Tobacco. eorra.,.,... deoce soUcltecL 18'75 CONNECTICUT TOBACCO. As long ago as July, when even the majority of the holders of the 1875 Connecticut tobacco crop seeme d but Dartially aware of the uncommon merits of the to ---------FRED'K DeBARY & CO., 41 a 43 'W'arren Street, New York, SOLE FOR THE SALE OF THE EL PRilfCIPE DE GALES CIGA.:RS:J .A.T -'I'HE KEY W.IC&T liOIUltCJH OP TilE Cl.ICL&B&.I.T&D &L PJllliCIFIIi Dill WlLJCS lllANV, KEY WEST SEIDEl\TBBRG a co., 84 and 86 READE STREET, YQRK, Proprietors of ttle !.A ROSA ESPANOLA l :trACTORV. yep ALL 4 LAWSON, 33 J\IURRAV STREE'1,, N. IIIPORTEB.S' OF THE J ROSE BRAID llOJDee 'Brothen & Co. U .. 411 .i.zchu,.. Plaa Buyw t>j Jt.eueo1 G. M Broad. Kerckboff Co.. 49 &.outb llharleo .Kremel'berg, J. D, and Co. Merfeld & Kemper, 117 Lombard A nathan, M A: Co. North Third )fu:nO..rger L 1:: Co. Arcll l!remer Lewia, Bona, 32 1 North "J"'bird .. aacco grown in the Valley that year, we ventured to express in THE LEAP the opinion, formed upon our per sonal observation and the testiiHony of a few dealers in whose judgment confid.enc'! could be placed, that the molit favorable anticipations be saf ely entertained respecting the inherent good qualities and usefulness of the crop as a whole. Since that t ime we have occa sionally briefly allud .ed to the subject, and uniformly in commendation ; later information derived from many members of the t rade, doring and subsequent to the sampling of their packings, confirming in all respects our early impressions regarding it. It may now be stated as an undoubted fact that the crop is absolutely the finest ever raised in the State of Conne cticut. We have a vivid recollection of the celebrated growth of 1864 and also that of 1 867, b'ut .do net hesitate to pro nounce the crop of 1875 superior to either of them. In all the essentials that go to make good tobaccosize, texture, color a n d grain-this crop is rich beyond expression. We yesterday saw in the sample room of a Street dealer two hundred drawn numbers which were positively marvelous in their beauty. The numb ers indicated superb packing to begin with, every leaf in each hand being of uniform length and almost of uniform breadth; but, over and beyond this fact, in ToboJ5 South Caler' Patnd Ste.,. Roller. Kerck.hoff G. & Co. 14Q Charles. To61cco LoMDU & Rittler BOSTOll. Ooiuio MtrcA11111U Holyoke C. 0 .. Central Wharf. DCt Brouro. l)nhnnano. II'. W .. o .e. Viui'J IUld Froat M.orrla W. G 71 W Froat Man .. ta.&t,.rtrz 11f Cttra" iJIIIi .Dea/6 i Llf 1'obacco. K.robB. Feias & <.:o., n6 Vine Lo.::utbal 8. & O o 150 West Fourth. .Newburgh Brothers&. Co., 76& 7I.Maiu Weil, .K.antt & Co., 'j-4 M ... ,n Zlna jacub & Bro 18 East Secon". Sheet Mttal Cil[r M! d1. Dubrul Napoleoo, 166-t68 Weat Second. Lea/ :r .Otu:t:A Pragoe F A : St,.o Cira.,-Bo.z Geioo! B. 1: Brothct, 93 CI&J DIey j ames & Co., N. E. cor-. Third and Race laloban 4t Taitt, 107 Arc b. Dunn T. J. Ill Co., and Vine. F.dwards G W .lCo 62 North Front. l!:i.enlohr Wm. us &uth Water Kc1Jolwe1114. E : & Co., 39 North Water. Meyers .!t RandaW, 159 Market Moore & Hav. 3S North Water Bank J lliualdv & Co., 30 N orth Water. JieU ehn B & Co 1Sj1 South Second. Sorvet, C ook & Co., ac5 North Water Steiner. Smith Bros.& Koecht, Bace. Teller Brothen. u7 North Third. Vetterleln J. & Oo I3! Arch. Wartman M. & Son, 13 Nortb Fifth. Wells & Third and Girard Ave. Woodward, Garrdtt & Oo., 3J !5 S. ooth, Theobald A H., Third and Poplar. Wells&. Robert&. 1'b1rd and Girard Ave. United States Cigar Manufactorv, & Vloe. Maufdure rs of Fine C il[a rs. Frechle A.M 64 North Front Klein H. E. FOurth and Chestnut. M a:a:lf.fitchl.nn Df d "lltok-bc.c, Me-zra.w &: \,;o., 312-218 Carter Braltt1'. Fougeray A R. 33 N. Frout Pl'l'TSBU&GH. Pa. MonujtKturtrs 'of Snu ff. Weymandl Ero., 79aod 81 Mamsja3 North Main handled by dealers and manufacturers alike with the 1'obacco .H).ynesl. Jt., ,7 So;th Second full assurance that it is a safe investment, and TOLEDO, OHIO. certain to yidd a profit to holders from first to Man'll/a&Jurer of Chi'IMi"g' and 'I oI 6tu: c os. last. "If 1t have any defect," sa1d an expenenced Messinger, Cbarkoe R. humorously to us, "it is that it is too goc>d, too UTICA, 11. v wrappery." So fine. and silky is leaf in the better F in< Cat .uul packings that m&nufactnrers can obtain "fiuts" from Plen:e Walter B. WAREHOUSE PO:nrT, Co-. Ptuker of Smi .Uaf1'o baao. Parker R. A. WESTFIELD. 111-Parltrr ...... n ,. s.r....t T....._. Baadu&annJobDC. tip to butt. There is actually no In the earlier stages of the fermenting prol:ess, we can recall a pre vailing apprehension that the crop might prove too light in color for the present taste for dark cigars; but, happily, this ap_Frehension is, as a rule, shown to baye pnpul a r d es ire. The manifold virtues of this tobacco are made the What the city of Havana bas for generati ons been as more appreciable, now that they are manifest, by the a source of supply and. distribution of fine cigars throughstudied conservatism evinced regarding it from ihe time OUt) the world, the city of New Y

;free circulation of our dom e sllc cigars to an extent that 'WOuld make their merits known as they ought to be to foreign consumers. But progress, despite impediments of every kmd and degree, is nevertheless being effected ander the enlightened labors of our and each succeedmg year shows an augmentation of the aumber of American cigars exported to foreign coun .tries, and a decrease in the number of foreign cigars imported into the United States. When our Customs :and Excise regulations are so adjusted, as it is pre they will be, as to insure the placing of the best productions of our cigar matnufaftories in tbe markets of Europe on terms of equality with the pr-oductions of the mamufactories Havana, there is little doubt that the supenor merits of some of our most popular domestic brands will have the effect of sup planting many of the famous Havana brands there, as they have already done here. The leading cigar manu -factories nf New York, it may be said without disparage ment, expressed or implied, to the manufactories of other cities, are now the chief producers and distributors of the cigars consumed by the jobbing trade of the United States, and when vur fiscal policy permits their products 'to seek an outlet abroad untrammeled by unllecessary ClOSt and limitations, 1t 1s by no vain expectation to anticipate that they will then become the principal producers and distributors for the cigar-consuming world, as the manufactories of Havana have long been. The" enormous development of the cigar interest of this city is seen not less in the immense consumptiOn in all parts of the country of cigars made in the principal fac tories here, than in the elegant and Imposing buildings occupied for business purposes by the leading manufac turers. Twenty five or thirty years ago, when that manufacturer who produced from two to three mtlhon ...cigars annually was looked upon as a veritable Colgssus, .::almost any place W;IS large_ eDC(Ugh and good enough to make cigars in ; but when ten, t wenty, thirty, forty-and possibly upwards-million o.cigars are not an uncommon yearly product of some of -our great establishments, few places not specially erected for the purpose are thought large enough or fine enough l'abor at their disposal, their business would, in all pro bability, break down from its own magnitude; but all their operations are conducted with so muchskill and regularity that no matter how great or sudden may be :the rush of business, no hurry or -disorder is ever seen. Every operative in the factory performs a set duty in -which be or she becomes skilled from constant practice. The various classes work together in separate wards ander the watchful eyes of their foremen, and the pro -cess of manufactunng each individual cigar may1 be >Rlidily followed from room to room, until from the sim. ;ple leaf it becomes perfect, and is packed finally with .others in its box. 'The Messrs. Lichtenstein are essentially eclectic in their operations, manufacturing cigars to suit the means and requirements of all of the community. The .ealtby merchant of up-town as well as the modest ttadesman domg a quiet! retail business, or the hard stn1ggling operative, all alike find their tastes consulted .and graujied by this colossal firm. "'The chief cause of success with the Messrs. Lichten stein, after all, is the earn est care they give to the com fort and well-being of those they employ. Unless for bad conduct, which necessitates dismissal, or their own re!Oolve to seek work elsewhere, the employees of the arm are wont to remain in the establishment year after year. The house has earned for itself a most honorable uame ih this regard, and many a cigar operative waits .anxiously for some vacancy to occur which will permit {him or her to enter what iis a as well as a work shop." This' extract very fairly d'escribes the business methods .and business standmg of tlhe firm, and leaves little to be THE TOB.A:CCO LEA F OCT. 18 added on these points reference to their annual production and sale of cigars, however, it may be stated that large as is the quantity ment:oned in one of the paragraphs quoted, it is actually under rather than over what they annu&lly produce and sell. Taking, as a criterion, the business of the house for the past three months, as recorded on the books of account, its trade for the current year w1ll considerably exceed forty nul lion cigars. To produce this vast number of cigars the firm are compell'!d to rent and occupy not less than twelve large buildings; and e\en with all these in use from basement to attic, they have recently felt con strained to commence the erection of another structure to form an extension to their principal manu factory. When th i s extension is completed-to com mence which an additional house had to be demolished -the manufactory will form a continuous structure from the Bowery to Elizabeth Street, a distance of fully two hundred feet. The main MANUFACTORY, as at present constituted, comprises two elegant build ings, numbered respectively, as bef01e stated, 268 and 270-the lattt:r erected for the firm-Bowery. It is five stories high, with basement, and has a frontage on the Bowery of fifty-eight feet, with a depth toward Eliz abeth Stn:et of ninety .five ft;et. Viewed from the front the premises are very attractive being constructed In part of granite, and i n p art of b r ick and gramte harmo and tastefully blepded. Externally it is one of the finest business places in the Bowery. The first of each buildmg is rented by the firm to other par ties, and devoted to the sale of merchandise. Survey ing the inner portiOns of the establtshment, on every s1de is visible the evtdences of an immense trade, con ducted in the most systematic manner. The basement is devoted to the storage of Havana tobacco, of which there is a large stock-of the best quat1ty-constantly on hand, and to ; ther purposes The second floor of number 268 is used as a ship p ing room, where the I cigars are packed i n cases for shipment; and, as may be readily imagi n ed, the scene there daily pJesented is an animated one. On the th1rd floor of the same build ing the stripping is done, a portion of the room being occupied by the bunch-makers, who prepare and form the fillers for !lome of the cigar-makers. The casing and curing tobacco departments are on the fourth floor The fifth floor, in connection w1t h the fourth floor of number 270, is occupied by the cigar-packers employed in the establishment, and is also used as a store-room for stock, packed and unpacked. These two floors are illuminated by exceedn;gly effective skylights, which enable the packers to secure the utmost perfection in the sbadmg of cigars. The rooms afford ample facili ties for the employment of from fifty to sixty packers. The third floor of 270 Bowery is filled throughout its entire length w1th cigar-makers, some of whom are engaged in making cigars by what is called the hand system-each workman performing all the labor incident to the making of a cigar-and others in rolling up the bunches made for them by the bunch-makers employed on the third floor of No 268. The rear portion of the st long, and a case similar to that used for spectacles. The pipe will contain about enough tcbacco for two "wh1ffs," and must then be re plenished. Mr. Kimball, who has just had one sent him, calls it the "tantahzer," a fit name, for it would undoubtedly tantal1ze more than satisfy the "barbarian" of phistf.Juntry. II / 1 h FoREIGN TRADE MARKs.-Secretary Chandler has rendered a decision in relation to the registration of trade marks for foreign applicants. He says : "It appears from the Acting Secretary's letter that there are no treaty st'lpulations with Great Britain upon the subject of trade marks, the treaty of 1794 with that king dom having been canceled long ago. I am of opinion, therefore, that under the operatio!l of Section 4,937 of the Rev1sed Statutes, no person, firm, or ::orporation resident of or located in the Kmgdom of Great Britam should be privileged to have trade marks registered in the United States Patent Office so long as there is no existing treaty or convention between said Government and the United States, which affords similar privileges to ci:izeos of the U mted States." Th1s early frost and hurried cutting only contribute was .made i!l New York, and the b11l was accordingly to make the tobacco crop of the season still more infedismissed with costs. The same doctrine has been rior m quality than it otherwise would have been. asserted in numerous cases, notably by the Hous e of Planters who were driven to cut largely on Monday Lords in the famous Leather Cloth Comp,any's case. were, as a general thing, not prepared to do so. They It may therefore be takea to be the established rule that did not have the house room. They are now compelled wherever it appears by the trade mark itself or by any to go ahead and cut large cuttings under great disadthing used directly in connectiOn with it, that the art1 clt: vantages, and, of course, can not make the tobacco of is not at the place where it IS really made, a court such quahty as they would under more favorable c1rof eqUJty will refuse to grant relief. cumstances All this wilr detract from the value of the It has also been decided in a recent case that the crop. Even frost bitten tobacco w1ll sell next year; applicatiOn of a trade mark:, although perfectly legal in anY" thing called tobacco, we suppose, will find a marItself, _to vessds or packages which are represented to k et; but we much fear that all interests will seriously c?ntam a greater quantity than titey really do contain, f e el th e effect of a falling off in the returns rom the w1ll prevent a recovery. This doctune was announced ckief money staple 0f this section in connection with a case which mvolved the marks of Bed fori/ ( Va) Star.-The late frosts did no damage the manufacturers of the famous Hennessey brandy. to tob a cco so far as we have been enabled to learn. Its The marks used by the defendant were an exact coun a"ppearance, however, !las shortened the crop1 consideraof those employ_ed by the plaint1ff, but it appearbly, as mauy planters were forced to cut earlter than mg that the bottles which were repfesented to contain they otherwise would have done, and much tobacco has quarts and pints, contained less than the stated, been cut green The bulk of the crop kas been cur in and the Court refused to grant relief. 1\edford and Franklin. 1 It h_as also been in cases that a repre:nalifax ( Va.) Recorii.-In some instances we learn sentatwn that an arttde 1s patented, when it is not that the farmers are cuttmg their tobacco, ripe and green patented, is such a false statement as will disentitle the ahke, from fear of frost. Generally, however, they are plaint1ff to rehef. This pomt was decided by the House only cutting what is ripe, and gettmg the rest in a con-of Lords m the Leather Clolh Company's case above d1tion to make a clean sweep whenever the signs of referred to, and the doctrine there announced been frost make it necessary.-We regret to learn that the affirmed in a number of cases by the courts in th1s damage by high water on the Staunton River was very country 'Jhe defence of misrepresentation bas been senous, both on the Halifax and the Charlotte sides. preseitted in other forms, which need not be recited, MISFIT CARPETS.-Mr. J. A. Bendall, whose adver-Mr. Charles Bruce, of Charlotte, bad 4oo,ooo tobacco lt w1ll suffice to state that wherever there is an actual tisement appears m another column, explains the na t ure h 11ls submerged and ruined. His corn crop also suffered mistepresentallon, direct or indirect, then is at least a of h 1 s trade as follow" :-These Misfit Carpets are not heavily. Indeed, it is said his losses are estimated strong probability that any suit, however meritorious it always such from a miStake m mea, urement, nor are as high as $Io,ooo. may be lD other respects, will fa1l. they mis-miltches', as some pose, but are carpets Danville ( Va.) Border Express -A large tobacco Another defence which is frequently relied upon is wh 1ch have : been selected, frequently, by persons of plant was brought into our office from A. W. Daniel's that the plaintlff is not the owner of the trade mark, or, exquisite taste and excellent judgment, but who have farm, about six miles from the city. the damage as it is usually expressed, not the party ia mterest. A been prevented from taking them (after being cut and done the leaf by frost. Mr. J. M. Pnce, \\bo brought the very general misconception ex1sts as to the proprietormade) bv circumstances which are occurring every day plant in, says that Mr. Daniel has 2o,ooo plants like the ship of trade marks. Numerous registrations have been in hfe. -D1 sappointment in rec e iving moneys promised, one shown, which is nearly ruined Mr. A. P. Whafield made, and not actions have been instituted or in securing houses expected, these and a thousand has informed Mr. A. Dibrell that, on h1s way from by persons who had been appointed the sole agents of otlaer causes contribute to keep up a constant supply of Greensboro' yesterday, he saw field after field in the foreign housP.s. While the fact that a person is a sole every kmd of carpet from the plamest to the richest of same condition, that _the f;umers informed him that agent gives him a right of action against any one fabncs. Also when an importer has but two or three they would cut unt1l m1dmgbt but what they would have using the tracle mark applied to th11 goods for rolls left of a large importation it is sold to us at a disit all down, as they expected another frost. If this is whic!l he is acting as agent, he has not in law anv count of 25 to 30 per cent. The same is true in very sad cond1tion here,, what may expect the crol? to true ownership in such trade marks; on the contrary, many cases where very large commission houses find It be m the more mountamous count1es of Floyd, Patnck, the ownersh1p remains absolutely in his principal, and necessary to close out a lot of rolls of p_atterns Bedford and Re>anoke. discouraging whatever acuon, whether m the patent office or m the in order to make settlement wllh tbeu consignees. fact 1 S that the nearer the tobacco IS matured the more courts, is taken, must be directly by the pnnc1pal, m These, with bankrupt sales and (what is known to the injurious the effect of the fr?st upon it; and the short-order to be trade as) job lots of every descripuon, are made an exness of the crop makes this sad news more to be AnJther defence that is frequently urged, is a negelusive specialty at th'! Misfit Carpet Depot. Send for regretted. lect to prosecute infringers. It is customary for the dea price list. Address J. A. Bendall, Misfit <.::arpet Danvilk ( Va.) News.-From several reliable gentlefendant to allege, that by reason of the neglect of the Depot 1u and IT-4 Fulton Street, New York. men in the city we bear that the damage to the tobacco pfaint1ff to protect his nghts the trade mark h.a's ceased crop by frost was very great, particularly so in Rockingto be distinctive in Its character, and has gone to denote THE BENEFITS OF THK HEALTH LIFT ExERCISE.ham, Henry and Stokes counties. The greatest damage, quality. But this defence is palpably so contrar) to We have lately been enjoying a practical trial of that however, seems to have come from a general cutting of equity, imposing as it is on the owner of the trade mark admirable and concentraled form of exercise, The Butler the crop green, the planters feanng a repetition of the most onerous and unreasonable duties, that it has not Heallh-Lifl; and after testing it for six months, can v1s1ts of old "Jack." There is more ammation in the been in the past, and is not likely in the future to be g1ve our sincere testimony to its sterling merits. During leaf market; but from all the Information we can gather, couatenanced by the b1gher courts t


OCT. 18 THE TOBACCO LEAF. THE TOBACCO :MARKET. 6o days, 525. 3 days, 95; do; Pollard, Pettus & Co., 19 do; D. J. Garth, Son & 6o days, 94, Commerctal, 6o days, 94 Co, 66 do; S. E. Thompson, 34 do; Burbank & Nash, Carey & Yale, Tobacco Freight 12 do; Wallace & Co., 20 do; J. H Moore & Bwkers, 'nport Tobacco Freights as follows .-Liver Co., 6 do; Oelnchs & Co., 7 do ; Order, 72 do, 36 pool, per steam, 4SS; per satl, 35s. London, per steam, cases. October F. A .. Prague, Leaf which de:1let s can handle profittably and still !eave Tobacco Inspe ctor, .reports :-1 he offenngs of Leaf a fair and remunerat ive margm, and hence with the Tobacco at auction this week have not been &o large, demand from hnme manufactu1 ens added to the inland owing to Tuesday bemg election day. Prices have been and far Western, we can report a very sati sfactory busiste>!dy for all grades, t he market closes firm at about ness done the past week. One of our large packers the same range of pnces as wer e curre?t week. reports ISO Pennsylvania, part old and part ne.-. The new crop 13 now about all cut and m the barns solcl shtpped to San Franctsc01 at profitable figures.. without damage from frost. Low grades of Ohw Receipts, 302 cases Connectic ut, 305 do are from a half to a cent htgher than last week. Tne 69 do Ohio, I8 do New Yo rk State 5 8 do Wtsconsio total offenngs at auction by the warepouseswere 221 bales Havana, nd 16o hhds and 876 hhds and 238 boxes as follows: leaf tobacco; w it h sales for home consumptiOn lilf 2 !)S DOMESTIC. NEW YoRK, October 17. The leaf tobacco market was fatrly active the past week sales m all departments ranging ra ther above the On Seed leaf there was a n unusually brisk trade, the dema nd embracmg all vaneties, and ,the 40s; per sail, 32s. 6d. G l asgow, per steam, 4os. Bv NoRTH RIVER BoATs-S E. Thompson, I4 hhC:s; Bristol, per steam, c;os. Havre, per steam, '\s. Ant-W J. H oodless & Co. 23 do, Thos. Ktnnicutt, 8 werp, per steam, 47s 6d; per sail, 40s. Bremen, per sail, Sawyer, wallace & Co., 24 do; Order, 95 do, 38s 9d. Hamburg, per steam, 47s 6d. cases quantity disJlosed of being very large. For \Vest ern leaf the inqUiry was less spmted, though the transactions reported are in excess of those of the previous week, and It is not improbable that were effected which have yet to be announced. Regte pur chases comprised very much the large r portwn of the aales consummated ; m fact but for their operatiOns the aggregate of the week's business would have. been SIT\all. "There was more inquiry for Regie purposes, bat prices were not quite so steady as dunng the latt er 1'43,\'.l'IO'U.I.AB. NO'.l'ICB. BY THE PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD-Chas. F. Tag & Grow011 of leal tobacco are caut1oned r01nst .ueptmg tl (. Son, 69 cases ; F. C. Ltnde & Co., 85 do; P. Lonllard reported ulea and ,uotationaof aeed leaf aa fumiahing the proces that & Co, to pkgs; Order, 120 cases, 273 pkgs. should be obtained far t!1em at first !:and, u these refer 1n most instances BY THE NEw YoRK AND NEW HAVEN Sl"EAMBOAT to old crop whtd. have been held nearly a year, and the profit on LINE-Chas. F. Tag & Son, 6o cases; Joseph At the Warehouse, 230 and 9I boxes: cases of Connecticut, 363 do Pennsylvania, sr do Ohio, -220 hhds cutt}ug tobacco: 72 do Ohw at $5.30@@26. Io do New York State, 38 do W1sconsm, 20 7 bales. 148 do Kentucky at 4.65@22 for comm?n smokers Havana, and I2 hhds of Wes ,ern and Vtrgima leaL to fine cutting tobacco; 9 common Oluo Seed at Ex!Jorted to Port Spain via bng Alice Lea, of W esterD> 1 do West Vugtma at 3.00; 3 boxes and Pennsylvania leaf, 3,970 lbs; to St. Martm's per Vugm1a at 3@8.75; 88 cases Seed leaf: 48 do Ohw schooner Y o hn Atwood, of Western and P e nnsylvama 3 .50@ I s.5o, 40 do W1sconsm at 3 Io@9 for fillers, leaf, 3,682 I bs; to L tverpool via steamer Indtana, Ameribmders and wrappers. can hne, of Western leaf, 277,6oo lbs, and 8,8oo lbs of wh1cb muat natun.lly mclude the intcreat on capital Invested. Growers S d cannot expect even 10 the cue of new crops, to sell them fur the same ons, 3 0 ; Wm Eggert & Co, 33 do; Davis & Day, l'ricea u are obuined on a ><-sale here. Of cuurae every re-aale mun be 4 do; T. H. Spencer, 2 d o; B Atwaer, 2 do; Fnschen, a t aa ad .. ance, and therefore tne pnce obta.tnable by the growen wlll Roess & Schulz, I do; L Miller, 3 do. always be aomewhat man our quotatlom. BY THE YORK AND HARTFORD STEAMBOAT 1 part of last month. Some con cessi o ns have been made on the lower and mediUm grades." The remarks quoted describe the market as it appeared to an observer, and they tally w1th the general view as otherwise ascertamed. Messrs Sawyer, Wallace & Co. report :-Western leaf.-There has been a fair Regie demand smce our last, qtherwise the market has been quiet. The sales are called 1,371 hhds, but we think some lots have not been reported. Vve note 1,1137 to shippers, 120 to cutters, 7 5 to manufacturers a nrl 38 to jobbers. Pnces oo Regte leaf are said to be lower and irregular. 1 Not much mquuy for lugs. lst week. 2d week 3d week 4th week 5th week Total Jan_-473 1,o68 720 792 347 3,4o8 Feb __ 286 645 662 345 2,soo March 30c 694 847 476 s,ooo ApnL 9113 947 936 I,934 4,8oo May-I,382 1,274 2,246 2,457 t,141 8,soo June_ 192 946 470 412 1,r8o 3,2oo July-_ 731 862 1,348 4,059 7,ooo Aug .. 998 1,524 976 1,265 2,337 7,1oo Sept._. 201 665 1,:z6o r,13o 1,244 4,5oo Oct-470 I,37 I Virgima Leaf.-Quotatwns Will wobably best de scribe the state of th1s market for the week. "'Ve have sold some bright wrappers and some smokers," s ai d one dealer, and he added, '"The market m Rtchmond Is very much higher. Shippers tell us to hold our goods, especially bnght goods; 'unless,' a letter to us 5ays, 'you can get a good profit we do not want you to sell.'" Another dealer sa1d, "The market is ta1r. We are dmug quite a busmess in brights, which are scarce. We have some fine shippers here, but buyers seem to pre fer to get what they want 1111! VIrginia, where they pay more." Seed Leaf.-As noted 'above the sales of St:ed leaf were large the past week, booth for home and export use, but more especially fo1 r the latter. Details, as usual, are g1ven below. A J anesv!lle, Wtsconsin, letter of recent date says: "I have got five acres of gocd tobacco nicely housed. It is cunng up splendidly. We have got a mce crop in the State this time, though there is not as much good tobacco as there ought to be, because a good many old growers cut' three weeks sooner than they ought. They even got scared m August and topped thetr tobacco and cut 1t at the same fme. There came on rain afterwatds that made nice tobacco of rather plants." Chas. K Fischer & Bro., Tobacco Brokers, I31 Water Street, report as follows concerning Seed leaf: We can aga m put on record a very actlve busmess With large sales, botll. for home trade and export. Nearl y all kmds were dealt m at unchanged prices. The total !a!t:s reach 4,745 cases, of wluch for export I ,8oo cases. Cotmutuut kept 1n good demand; sales were made as follows :-8o cases crop 1872-'73, at 13@25c; ISO cro p r874, wrappers, at I5@17; 53 cases, 187 5 crpp, fillers and binders, at 7@8c; too cases r875 crop, at I5@25c; 2oo cases :r875 crop, wrappers, at 20@25c; 225 cases fine 1875 crop, wrappers, at 4o@soc, bemg m all 108 cases for the week. .Massarhuselts-Ioo cases m small lots Will cover the week's sales. prices ind ced dealers and man ufacturers lO take hold of quite a number of lots of the 1874 crop. In all 1,312 cases changed hands at 11.@ 13c; besides the above, about 35'? cases fine assorted crop 1875 were taken at 2o@zsc. OAio-Sales of this kind, were co fined for shipping, for wbich purpose about 6oo cases, crop 1874-'75 were sold at 6}'8@7c. New York-Quite a business was done in this article, sales amounting in all to 6oo cases, the bulk of which for home trade at 10@18c for shipping; for fillers and binders, and ?@S:c for assorted lots was paid. Wtsconsin-Was very active, sales amounting to 900 cases, mez;tly of the I87 5; lJTICes p 7 Assorted Lots ......... 6 @ 6.1 IS o;' avemeyers & VIgelius, 445 do; N. LachenCorumon !eat.......... 7" @ B K F 11lers 3"(ial 4 bruch & Brother, 20 3o E. M. Crawford, 25 do, G. 'MAdlum. .... ....... 9 oJ.t Crop l87S Good ... . u 'i Asoorted Lots . 6.1 6" Reismann, 8 do; L. Gershel & Brother, 34 do, A L. & Fine: .... 6 bllers 3-" 4 C L H It d H S h 1 7 d A H S II Selectlons @18 0 1 135 O, C OVer mg, Oj COVI e Heavy Leaf-Assorte d Lots .. ...... 1 @II & Co. 65 do; M. II Levi n, 26 do; Fox, D tlls & Co., I6 anAd wrhapppe1rs. W 1 8 hhd d b tendency, especially on desirable fillers and bright t t e anters are 1ouse, 1 5 s an 47 oxes [ Contzt,utd on Seventh Pae.] Lugs 1 @ 9 Pennsylvfima-Crop 1875 d G B d G Common...... 9 @o Assorted ........ @r8 0; arrmger, 10 o; B. rotta, 6 do; H Schubart Medmm 'u"'t4 \Vrappers 20 @35 & Co., 25 do, Good....... ..... 14 @ts Wuco,u1n and ll/Jnou-Crop B Fine.............. ..... @<6 Assorted ... 4K@ Y THE OLD DO.MlNfON STEAMSHIP LJNE-L Ger'6 S 6 she! & Brother, IS hhds; F. S. Kmney, S do; Kunhardt r82 hhds cuttmg tobacco: 4I do Ohto at 1 5 45@22.25; 0 141 do Kentucky: 9 old at $5.9o@I9S, 132 new at Change in Bo.sine&s. Dark, heavy lugv ..... -. 1 @ 8Jo J.l""da-Crop 1874and & Co., 100 do; Pollard, Pettus & Co., 1 do; Pwneer do l w leaf-9 @ll" Assorted.... ... .. 1 @ 8 r b do med togood ll)t(Oi13 Haf}(Zna-r 0 acco Co., I hhd. 13 trcs; A. c. Lamotte, 9 do, I do extrasb1p "g u 1 7 -" Common .... 8S .. 95 case smkg, J.D. K e illy, Jr., '2", hhds, I I trcs, 3 cases Black 18@22 Good a105 Bnght Wra ppers-Fme. no mfd; W. 0. Smith & Co., I2 do, 5 do, 50 qtr trcs, 75 Common to medlUm 17 @'S Yarafd C G ood... .... 30 Assorted l ots .85 a 9" cases m 10 threc-qtr boxes do j w. E Duncan'"" o., Fme to extra line .... -45 (i:s MGnu.fa&lnrd-Io Bond. Tax >4 cu. 17 trcs; Dohan, Carroll & Co. I trc, 27 cases smkg, 5 Smokers .. -'7 "-" perpound. do mfd, 25 half boxes do, 20 third boxe5 do, 140 cad Pound! .-Fme 26 @:36 s sm g, 10 oxes o, I ca 1es m ; Good to fine red....... 9 @ n Na"l! Half Pwmd! and Thirds A. Hen & Co., 52 cases smkg, 4 do ctgarettes, 140 4.25@r4 25 for cE!mmon smokers ta fine cuttmg leaf, 3 hhds and 3 boxes ne w West Vugmia at; 44 cases common Ohio Seed leaf at 4@7 for fillers and btnders. At the Morris Warehouse, 175 hhds :-175 hhds cut ting tobacco: 2 do Oliio at $5.o5@16, 163 do Ken tucky at. 4.15@22.25 for common smokers to fine cutting leaf. At the Globe Warehouse, 92 hhds :-92 hhds cutting tobacco: 26 do Ohio at '/..-; 9o@r6.25; 66 do Kentucky at 4@22lOr common smokers to tine cutt;ng leaf. NEw YoRK Cl:rv.-S. Goldsmuth & Co, Dealers iB> Leaf Tobacco, dtssolved; Mr. Hermann Herz conllnues. under h1s own name; I9 Bowery. -Removal. NEw YoRK CITY.-Herbst & Van Ramdohr, DeaTers in Leaf Tobacco, from 189 Pearl Street to I83 Water Street. NEw O RLEANS.-W m. J Brooks, General Agent for Perique Tobacco and C igarettes, from 43 Natchez Street to 82 Gravier Street. Ad.verttsements.Fancy ..... ...... J3 @'0 3 r a Upper Oount"Y ..... 5 >5 Fme .. 2 ""< boxes pipes; Jos. D. Evans & Co, I2 cases mfd, 50 G1ouudleaf, new. 3 @1o l'czncyTobcccoi-LODglO' s 28 @80 Navy,4"oand so .. .. ., @>6 threeqtr boxes, 4 thmi boxes do; Jas. M. Garchner, 25 Q.uot.atlon Seed Leat" To-.Pocket PlCCOS .......... 25 @laO cases mfd, 30 half do, Allen & Co., 5 cases nl'"d, DANVILLE, VA, October I4.-Messrs. Pemberton & Penn, Tobacco Commission Mercha nts, report: Since our last report receipts of Leaf have continued exceedmgly llght m this market. This in a measure IS BEN BERRY attributable to the want of a season for handling tobacco, w. J. liOODLESS. the recel'lt cold, windy weather rendenug It too dry and al s o have been closely engaged cuttmg w I J. BOODLESS & baeeoo 8ultab1e tor Home Bright rwis t tVa) lZ Inch 26 ('!)40 Trade. Drit!hl Gold Dare, 6meh 36 @:4.5 286 do smkg, Jos. H. Thompson & Co., 2S cases mfd, Rongh It Ready........ 26 @36 CtJ,IUCiiC11i Crop 197,.. F1llers ....... ---5 BucK 24 da smkg; G. W. Hillman, 20 cs smkg; Hirsch, Vtc@ Navy Pounds-Fine 26 @'!8 tonus & C:.:o., 40 do; D. Bendhe1m, 5 do; M. Lmdheim, Medium 18 25 28 rio, T. A. Young, 2 do; C. & F. Schrieer, 6 do, Leo @o Nat171 Haij Pounds and Thirdsand cunng the new The early appearance of frost in JATIQVALTQBACCO ISPECTI ftWI this section not onlv damaged the tobacco on the bills, '' 8 W rappe r s ............ ... 13 @35 Fine 18 pold Miller, 8 do; R. W. Cameron & Co, 59 cases but necessitated cuttmg it wh"le it was in a green sappy :Receiving & !'orwa.rding Warehouses, conditiOn-a. result greatly to be deJ?lored, as there is Foot of Van and Partition Sts., Selechons ................. :35 Crop 1875 Flllers ............. --1 Secoads ...................... 13 :. :; Selections.. .. . .. 45 8 QK @il son Bros., 5 do; M Abenheim & Co., I do, M Falk, Crop 187+ Ftllers................ ........ 1 Assorted Lots ............ u Crop 1875 Good to fine. __ .... ---6i@l.20 @ 9 c.gars-l>Qmeottc. 24 do smkg; Allen & Co., 3 do; N. Wise, 5 do; Weiss, s Havan---S6oSoo Eller & Kaeppel, 1 I do, 2 bbls snuff, C. E Lee, 17 and Havana ......... 40._ 90 @ 8 "Scrap filler 15 45 pkgs mfd. Ftllers ... 6 Assorted .................. 18 \Vrappers as Nnv Yo.,R (a.>s Counect1cut S!ed ....... 35 CoASTWISE FROM NEW ORLEANSS E Th @> Ordmary... .... .. . @ >S F ompson, Crop 1874 Ohoroot .. nd Sl:m 11 OO@IS w 2 hhds. 'J. a'-.. / 0 -11, T L-. 8 a .::::::. 'i.CoAsTW:sE FR0M KEY WEST-Seidenberg & Co., 65 Assorted Lots Crop 1 tne Assorted .. 8 > 5 Scolch & luudyfoot ; 85-85 cigars, ro bales scraps; f. de Bary & Co., 65 Oommon ........... --@-61i LP &J F k8d bl o.o,_crop ,873 merican OentlcmaD .. -_liB cases Cigars; ran o, 5 a es scraps; AHOrted Lots ........... s @10 d 1cuuot to the Whole-McFall & Lawson, 6 cases ctgars; L. Rod1guez, 2 do; Select1 .005 14 8 r..cone<. Curnncy L. Fernandez, I do; W. L. Shennan, 1 do, Perea w,. .,,.,,. ""'" Ill"""-Crop 3 A. o. s .. --II Bros 1 do and Gold 6 @ s "G o." <460 15 oaeea. :tfl 7' B 1 TIM ORE 0 b Wrappers 9 s ,..., G." .ao 11; cases.. .. 28.>; A do er I4.-Messrs. Ed. 'Vtschmeyer EXPORT QUOTATIONS. & Co Tobacco Commtssion Merchants, report :-InConneiwn 6' .ilr, .. ,,-crop 1874. I. c. y Ua" 30 spec nons have further fallen off the p ast week and the Assorted Lots.. ..... 1 8)0 z. A" :130 115&............ 19 1 "t d rr tr" t ) W h 1 seconds................ 6 @ 7 MF. ... ,.. 19 liD! e ouenngs res IC sa es. e ave a so to note a Flllers 4 5 R. &."' 19 less active demand on the part of shippers though Oko-Cron 1873 "W. S, ...... 21 h b J h S Asroorted Louo .......... 1 @ 9 "G. s......... ............. pnces 'rem am wtt out quota e c ange. ales comrnse IMPORTS. about 400 nhds M:zryiand and 85 hhds Olzzo tobacco; 'The arrivals at the port of New York, for the week the former for Holland and Bremen, the latter for home ending October 17, included the following consign-manufacturers and shippers' account. Nothing of moments :, s ment to report m Virgima and Kinf14dty leaf, very little ALICAlfTE-Weaver & Sterry, I,493 bales licorice stock of etther descnption being offered. Shipments root. th"e past we.ek were largely in excess of receipts, caus. BARCELONA-Weaver & Stt:rry, 20 cases licorice mg a constderable reduction of stock in warehouses. paste. We revise quotations as follows :-Maryland-inferior LIVERPOOL-A. Hornby, 12 licorice paste. and frosted, sound common, 5@6; good do, MALAGA-Banng Brothers & Co., so bxs licorice 6.50@7; middlmg ll.oo@9.oo; good to fine red, paste. 9@12; fancy, 13@20; upper country, szs; ground NAPLEs-Order 74 chests licorice paste. leavesl new, 3@1o. Ohio-inferior to good common, HAVANA-F. Garcia, 254 bales tobacco; Guerra & 4@6; greemsh and brown,; medium to fine red Lopez, 17 do; A Gonzalez, 179 do; Schroeder & Bon, 8@Io; common to medium spangled, 7@9; 123 do ; F. M\lrquez, 82 do; Weiss, Eller & Kaeppel, spangled to yellow, IO@IS. Kentucky-common to 9 do; A. Gonzalez, 2o cases cigars; W. H. Thomas & good lugs,; Clarksville lugs, 7@9; common Brother, 19 do; Park & Tilford, 25 do, Acker, Merrall leaf, 9@10, medium leaf, Io@rx; fatr to good, 12@14; & Condit, 18 do; Michaelis & Lmciemann, z do; fine, IS@I7; selectwos, 18@20. VIrginia--common Howard Ives, 19 do; Purdy & Ntcholas, 8 do; C. F. and good lugs, 6.5o@8.5o; common to medium lea( Tag &.Son, I do; G. W. Faber, 6 do; L. P. & J. Frank. 9@1 I; fair to good do, I2@I4; &eler.tions, 15@20 2 do; C. Palacios & Co., 2 do; H. R.. Kelly & Co., 6 stems, common to fine, 2@4. Inspected this week, 596 do; Kunhardt & Co., 6 do; A. S. & Co., 9 hhds Maryland, 89 do Oluo, 18 do Virginia, 1 do Ken-do, C. T. Bauer & Co. 2 do. tucky. Cleared same period: per bark juj iter. to EXPORTS. Rotterdam, 90 hhds Maryland, 517 do Ohto, 2o do VuFrom the port of New York to foreign ports, for the ginia leaf, 25 do V,rginia stems; per ship .Duisburg, to week ending October I7, were as follows :R:otterdam, 390 hhds Maryland, 519 do Ohio, 20 do Vir ...BoRDEAUx-432 hhds. gmta, and 5 bids tobacco, and 309 hhds V1rgmia stems; BREJd'EN229 hhds, 3g0 cases. per steamer Gutllermo, to LIVerpool, 22 hhds V1rgm 1a BRITISH AusTRALIA-7 hhds, 6s pkgs (!4,3 6 3 lbs) tobacco, per steamer Hzberman, to Liverpool, 9 7 hhds mfd Kentucky tobacco, and per steamer Bolttmon, to EreBRITISH GUIANA-25 pkgs ( 2 000 lbs) mfd. wen, 328 hhds Maryland, 102 do Oh1o, 2s6 do Virgima BRITISH NoRTH AMERICAN CoLONIBs-117 pkgs {I 4 ,-anp 294 do Kentucky tobacco. I24 lbs) mfd. Tobaco Statement. BRITISH WEST INDIEs-6 hhds, 5 8ales, s6 pkgs January r, I876, stock on hana in State I (6 ,4I7 lbs) mfd. warehouses, and on shtpboard not CAN ADJ.-6 5 bales. cleared_ --___ -...... ____ ..... CISPLATINE REPUBLIC-34 hhds, IO pkgs (I,620 Ibs) Inspected this week----------------12,386 hhds 704 hhds s6,o87 hhds mfd. Do previously this year _____ .... CuBA-5 pkgs (88o mfd. GIBRALTAR-IIO hhds, 391 cases, -r:21 pkgs (16,469 lbs) mfd. GLASGOw-8 cases, so pkgs (6,156 lbs) mfd HAMBURG-n6 hhds, 37 cases, 368 bales, 5 pkgs (1,soo lbs) mfd. 1 HAVRE-I hhd. HuLL-2o hhds. HAYTI-128 bales. LEGHORN-440 hhds. LIVERPOOL-274 hhds, 510 pkgs (79,84I lbs) mfd. LONDON-78 hhds, 9 cases. PERU-55 pkgs (8 8oo lbs) mfd. RoTTERDAM-36 hhds, 113 cases. DOMESTIC RECEIPTS. The arrivals at the port of New York from domestic intenor and coastwise ports for 1he week endmg October 17, were r,o29 hhds, 47 trc s, 8 hit trcs, 6o qtr trcs, 2,546 cases, 1,913 pgs, II4 boxes, no threeqtr bxs, I6r half boxes, 7o third bxs, 74 qtr bxs, 218 caddtes, 5 bales, 4 case& cigarettes, 2 bbls snuff, r case IIconce, 140 boxes p1pes, consigned as follows :-BY THI!: ERIE RAILROAD-Sawyer, Wallace & Co. ra R. L. Mauland & Co., 12 do; Blakemore, Mayo & Co., 2 I do; Burbank & N 3 do ; Jarvis & Co., 2:1 do; D. H. McA!pm & Co., 17 do; J. H. Moore & Co., 2 do; J. T. Murphy & Co., 1 do; E. Hoffman & Son, 9 pkgs; Order, 240 hhds, 20 pkgs. BY THE HUDoON R1VER RAILROAD-Havemeyers & Vigehus, goo pkgs; J. R. Sutton, 1.5 do; Fnschen, Roess & Schulz, 3 do; ]. S. Gans, Son & Co., 41 do; :Bunzl & 44 do; Joseph Mayer's Sons, 46 do; G. Reusens, 8 do; H. Welsh, 47 do; C. H. Spitz ner, 248 do; E. Rosenwald & Bro., 41 do; S. Barnett, 2 do; H. Schub:ut & Co., 43 do; R. L lrlaitland & Co., 5 hbds, Garrott & Grinter, 5 do; S.E. Thompson & Co. 1 do; Order, 33 pkgs. BY THE NATJONAL LINE-Kremelberg & Co., aa hhds; P. Lorillard & Co., 78 do; W. J. Hoodless & Co., 36 Export, Maryland and Ohio, since January I---..... ----46,770 hhds Sh1pped coastwise same period __ 5 9oo hhds 52,670 hhdli Stock in warehouse this day and on shipboard not cleared ____ 16,so7 hhds Manufactured Tobacco -There is a little more domg in this bra nch, though we can report DO special activ ity. Received per Balt1more & Ohio Railroad from Danville, 520 boxes, ro cases, J can, and 279 caddies; from Lynchburg, 499 boxes, and 324 caddies ; per Rtchmond steamers, 3,oss packages, and per Norfolk steamers, 274 packages. CHICAGO, October 14.-Mr. H. H. Adams, To bacco. Manufacturers' Agent, reports :-I have no material change to note since my last teport. 1'1 ade has been rather hght for the season, owmg largely to unfavorable weather. Our merchants have not dunng the summer, nor do they now look for a heavy trade this fall, and are buying accordingly. Our annual Expos! tl.on closed on the 9th. It was far supenor tv any pre VIOUS ye!l-r-m fact was a perfect success. Tile attend ance was very large. The hotels and retail dealers reaped a good harvest. This Exposiuon does not affect the trade of our jobbers to any extent. Merchants comine; at that time generally bnng their families and pay bqt httle if any attentivn to busmess. The demand for Czgrzrs has been light, and largely confined to In fenor goods. I quote :-Manufactured Tobacco-Com mon, all styles, smgle and double thick, 42@45c; medium do do, 46@48; choice do do, 52@52. Bnght work: common, all styles, single double thick, 46@48; medium do, SO@S4i chotce do doj s6@6o; fancy styles, twiSts, bars, etc., 58@75 Fme Cut: common, 38@42;, &ood, 52@ 58; choice, 62@ fancy, Smoktn_g: common,, 27@37; Killickinwck, acc:ordwg to quality, 45@100. now no probability that the crop can be a desirable one. B1ll au care NabouallDBpection. Prices of late have very matenally advanced in this WWJam st., 111 y.1 Partltloaat., BINWIIQi markd, especially is this the case with all colory 4;.;.9:;.S;;.;-:.:;.. ___________________ tobaccos whtch are eagerly sought after and taken at very satisfactory figures to the seller. Our local manu facturers still report dull trade, and many of them are closmg their factories Of new tobacco we occasionally notice a few parcels among the offerings, not m sufficient quantity, however, to give quotatwns. LOUISVILLE, October I4.-Mr. Wm. J. Lewers, Secreta1y of the Tobacco Board of Trade, reports: Receipts at warehouses show 5 r 5 fhhds. But 203 hhds of these were tobaccos from other markets, city factones, and transfers from one warehouse to another. INSPECTIONS FOR WEEK, MONTH, ETC. Watehouses. Week. Month. Year. u,o98 6,689 6o Pickett.----------153 507 Boone. ____ ------------286 s65 Grange .... ____________ Farmers' .. _. __ ------__ KentucJ

THE TOBACCO, LEAF. OCT. 18 153, 155, 157, 159 & 161 Goerck St., -----NEW 1ST -IAIBIAJ. DB smRIOB -IW Dealers in Spanish and German_ -, 0, BOX (365. NEW YORK.. Cigar ltibbons. Ager.tii for the folllowing well-known and reliable A BEN a co B. PACE, W .J. YARBROU.IH I SOIIIS, ., TURPIIIII BRO., J. H. GREAIIIER, SUCCESSORS OF EDW'D HEN. L J, GRANT l CO., L H. FRAYSER I CO., 43 Liberty Street, bca.c::c;,e COMMISSION MERCHANTS! No. 79 Front Street, New York. EUGENE nu BOIS, ROM a 00'""' "coLTPAiKii"HOWS"&'CO:, CDDISSIIII MJBCBm, Manufacturers of tb.e '; S JIB.OJI'T STJI.II.JIT' J. PARKER. NERVEImWYORK FO:X, DILLS & CO., And other Brands of Chewirur and Smoking Tobaccos, Importers of SPANISH AND PACKERS OF lONE JACK & BROWN DICK SMOKERS' SMOKING TOBACCO. .. 53, 55 lr. 57 Jefferaon Ave. Manufacturers' Agents for the sale of all Popular Brands of La.rge Stocks of Manufactured. Tobacco of Every Description_, V 1 R G 1 N 1 A, N 0 R T H CAR 0 L 1 N A & WESTERN I Suitable for the Home Trade a11d for Foreign Markets, 'lf f t d s k .,_ F' c T oon.s-ta:n.-t1y-o:n. :a::a:n.ct. "u.lilU a.c ure mo .mg 1ne ut oba.ccos. :BOWNE & FRITH, 'RICH TOIHD SIDliNG TOBACCO, 7 BURLING SLIP, NEW YORK. TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED' Certllicatea &iveo for every case, aod delivered case by we, as to aomber of Certiiicate. N. B.-We Also Sample' in :Merchants' OWn. Stores. F. C. LINDE & CO., Philadelphia Branch-E. W. Dickerson, 139 N. 3d St. PltDrCIPA.L OFJ!'JCES-141i Water Street, and J.8fl to 1.811 Pearl Street. W A.REHOUSES-14-:a Water, 76 ._ '18 Streets, an ;I Hudson River Rail Road AGEN"I'S FOR DEPOT FOR .JOHN J!', ALLEN & CO.S BRANDS OF SJIIOKING TOBA.CCO AND CIGARETTES, &o1e Agen."ts for E. T PILB:Il\TTON oo.: s CELEBRATED Depot, St, John's Park. __ ....;, ________________ ........ __ 107PRICE LISTS FURNISHED ON APPLICATION G REUSENS, _BENSEL a BUYER OF TOBACCO INSPECT8RS,I T 0 B A C C O, 1 78Yz Water Street. I CA.SES RECEIVED A.ND CERT.I:FICATE< ISS1JED AS USUAL. I &D MOAD STREET, .FRANCIS -s: KINNEY'S PATENT .. IMPROVED TOBACCO CUTTER. BEWYORJL == ESTABLISHED IN 1862 CHARLES FINKE, F. & A. McA.LEER It, CO., fOBAOOO INSPECTOR, TOBACCO INSPBC.TOBS 1 _5$ WATER STREET, Onle ... lfer Ba.;..pllolg Ia the ceaat27 York. -uy attea.Jd to, !IAliD'LING PROJIIPTLY A.T. r---r TENDED TO. W'a.ter Street, !PHILADELPHIA BRANcH NEW YORK. JONAS DTZ, 64 NO:&'I'll. :r:&ON'l' S'l'li.Elll'!', -ALEXANDER MAITLAND. L. F. S. 'MACLEHOSE. RODERT L. y ROBERT L. MAITLAND' & CO., Tobacco and Cotton Factorsil And General Commission M;erchants, 43 DBO.A.D STBIIBT ,e KIIW '2"0BK. -lDV A!iCEJIIENT!I MADE ON CONI!IIGN.IIlENTS TO LONDON AND LIVERPOOL. } for Messrs. WK. CJ.:t.r!RON & BBO.'S Celebrated Brands of Kanufaetured Tobacco. t s. E. THOMPSON, D. J. GARTH, SON & co., (Succesaon to CHARLES B. F ALLEM!'TEIN &: Co.,) Tobacco and Cotton Factor, Commission Merehants!. l.-A.MD-P. W. TATGEIBORST, TOJ!IACCO ,.-Atmoken' ArtMes for the Trade. 1 d& 155 WatBJ!I st., I ltOWlfiD SANGER. & co., ''19 81 s-n .O-U Street. Plt.talmr-", l'a. NEW YORK. 103 & 107 CHAMBERS S'I'., 1 "' ,... ........... ,. Near Kaide11 LaDe, NEW YORK, .... FALLENsrEtN It, soN, PATEI!i'l' INSIDE 'IOLT WORK AI!ID HJNGEll CAP, GREATEST IMPROVEMENT OF THE .AGE, No Safe Complete Withou! Jt I I 'No. 54, Near William Street: NEW YqRJL U" Teatl...,ulals AAd Price Lilt fW"nlahed on ap-pllaatlell -Al'IUPACTURERS OF PIRST-CLAU TOBACCO Co'JJJSSJON Uoa1tnted Labor can be Em..-. ,flnyedinMakln!fDuncbes CI pe>., Less is Requited in Flntshinc y -ICIII tH.OO PER I!IETo Warraated perfect in rtVery repect Seocl for 'N' h 9 PRICE &: BRI.E N u FOR "PRICE LTh'TS. -18 NOrth ""Seventh St., Philadelphia. .. -:-.-., '-------"--


OCT. 18 l BIIIELL, MANUFACTURE& .. SUPERIOR MAKE AND Prime Quality of PEDAR WOOD, 293, 295 & '497 Monroe St., NEW YORK. FEL.A..SEB..'S WAREHOUSE 0 LEG ANT CIGAR SHOW CASES J11F IJO .U, I!:XCIIAl'fGE PLACE, 11. Yo Draw Bills of Eochanre on the principal citioo of Europe; blue Circular of Credit t o Travelers, and Commercial Credits i receiv e M oney Depolit, subject to Sigh.t Cb.ecka, upon which l.aterellt Will be allowed; pay particular attention to the Ne,oti Loa n s J. soaMI'l'T, THE 'I' 0 B A C C 0 LEA 'l'o. (SUCCESSORS TO PALMER&. 8(;6VILLE,) IKPO:S. 'I'li::S.S OF SF .A.:NISB AND JOBBERS IN ALL KINDS OF LE.AF TOBACCO!#' 1Vo. lifO WADI\ STIUIBT, 1VB"W' YOI\B, fJOlfNECTICUT SEED LEAF WRAPPER OF OUR OWN PACKING, MANUFACTURERS OF CIGARS, AND HAVANA TOBACCO, v 203 Pearl Street, York .a... rc:>I.1e;:r-!!I PACKER, COMMISSION. ;MERCHANT A.ncl Wholeoale Deale r in LEAF TOBACCO .. -' 191 Pearl Street, New York. KEMPER & CO. e o SCHRODER & BON? 178 WATER STREET, NEW YORK, ; T'M'PC>EI.TElD.& OP &P.A.l!llli'D!JEI i) AND PACKERS O F DOMESTIC a LEAF T0BACCC Licorice Paste, POWDERED LICORICE, GUM ARABIC, OIL, OTTO 'l'onqua. Beans, And all other Materials for Flavoring used by Manufacturers, includi ng the fi.DI!fll Essential Oils, 1 W H. Schieffelin & Co 170 aud 173 WILLIA:H S'l'UE'l', NEW '2'0:U. -SANCHEZ, HAYA tc CO., I 30, I 32 & I 34 MAIDEN LANE, NI;W : MANUFACTURERS O F FINEST CLEAR HAVANA CIGARS; .; AND OF Havana Cigars and Tobacco. B. W'. JCE.l:C:B:S, OF CIGAR AND IMPORTE. R OF GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS of OB'EmB'O'CX & CO., and F. BOCEEIJrWm DCALIU\ IN _Cigar-Mould Presses, Straps anll Cutters,. 263 SOUTH STiiEET. N. V_ SIMON S,...I"R.A. USS!' MAN,UFACTURE R OF CICAR BOXES tc SHO!f Importer of and. Dealer in Spanish Cigar Ribbons, GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS, PRESSES, STRAPS, CUTTERS, EfC., J -A 181 I.BWJS S'l'I\BBT, KB'W '2'01\K. AD klDclo ll'lpreo Cut to Orderand Repai.reclln the But-St;yle. The Trode I!IUPI'IIe.l"' ForCigar Box Man.u.:Cac" LEAF TOBACCO, PUBLISHED AT llo. 10 LORD IIELSOII STREET, LIVERPOOL, ENBUID, rs}j BOWERY, NEW YORK. Price, Two Shillings (English): per Annum. CUTHRE &, CO., Wbete Suboc:riptlono maybe addressed, or to ''THE TOBACCO LEA.Il'" OFFICE. 226 J'roDt Stree&. SUBSCRIPTIONS, 'T5 CTS. PER Al'fNUJirl, POSTA,GE PAID.: NEW CIGAR BOX BOARD PLANING MA CODISSION KERCB:A.NTSr U&501.SetondSlALEX FRIES & BRo s lGCollegePlace BALERS OF TOBACCO FOI 'EIPOIT. cmcnm.A'l'I [QHIO. KANUF ACTURERS OF NEW YQRJt, Save 400 per cent. in labor; pla n ell roo boards pel minute; needs only one man'& attention; doe auper&.4 worktoaoyothermacbine. A & F. BBOWB, .... M A NUFACTURER OF THE CELEBRATED BRANDS OF 5'1' 61 Le'PV:la To:rk.. Leaf Tobacco pTessed In bates for tbe West Indtes, CIL ... aL Me.llican and Central American Ports, aad other mar. ... ... teu. '? ,.-..., MAIIUFA.CTURERS OF MOULD PRESSES, BOX :PRESSES AND STRAPifO. Fine-cut BEPPENiiiiiiiA&IGMAUDREB. TOBACCO PAilKED IN HOGSHEADS. I AHNER & DEHLS, c I G A R F L AVo R 1 Oneida Chief and Sunset. Pr&oUoal. DEALERSIN ". ENCRAVERS AND PRINTERS LBAJO TOBACCO l(,c ..... AKNB&,l NEW voR K. __ S_K_A_L_L_E_S_T_B_O_T_T_L_ ....;. o_. _D_. AT 1 AT COl'aliTAIITLY 011 HAND Awo l'IEW DEIIIGNII MADE TO .)RDER. JoHN A DBKI.S. .s .A. N' p z L z p .E G z L C> y. 32 and 3i lilOI'l'B"'WILLLUI: S'rUE'P, NEW YO:S.X. 4 LEDERER' & F'.SCBEL. JJ. L. G LASSERGT. A s s RT' ,: LB. G R A S O SERT. L. 1: BRO., All Cigars and Tobacco ll11111!'actUTed b111S are of OAIJFOBNIA GIOWN LEAF, JOliN F. EIFERT' .DEALERSIN. I I E ex, ,., PACKBRSANDDEALERSIN CURED BY THE CULP PROCESS. DEALE&JN 1: d L .C Our Ciga r s are finer in flavor than any made in the United States, of American Grown T o' AND rtOOISliJQN MERr'U n T TS. SEED LEAP TOBACCO ba_cco. and are pr.onounced by eq.uat to those imported from F...avana, while olll' OED A lJ I) lllllil1 pnces compete with the b ette r class of Domeshc C1gars. VV AVA N A T AND DEALERS IN ALL KINDS-OF' If SMOKING TOB'ACCOS. H 08 AC C 0 J 191 PEARL STREET 1 The m anufact ured by this .BAOOO No. 8 BURLINC SLIP, NANUFACTVUU OF TOBACCO SEALING WAX. Ani lmptriers .r Brags, QaiiS, &c; NEAR WATER-STREET, 172 Water Street, N.Y NEW'-YO.RK. 189 WilHam St., Xew 'Z'GU. INDIAN HAVANAHS, Price 18 Dollars per 1,000 in London, hi Bond. Thete Cigars are neatly rolled in HaYa.nah i)attem, arf! well flaYored, and are made on the prt mises: by KISS3S. CAMI':BELL lc CO., l'lanta.tlcD Works, Dindipl, Xa4raa l'.residency, India, F rDm. !OWn and cured u n der their ._a t'uperrision. These Cirus are fav orabl r knnwn iu i odi .. -AGII:NTlt-XESSRS. r. S. PLOWRIIGHT /!< CO. 41 Baainghall Street .London, E. C. P S .-.a...aoab Pattcra weiahlnc 65 to a lb., price J delloon per -free I n Bood. i n C t. Britaia. L ...... AB11. :1. a.oiiJIBJi a. c., lmpomrs and Mamafafturen of GEIUIAl'f AlfD SCOTOI Heinrich Goebel ,Solm, lenalnt Brossllande ,llpes, IU Maideia Jiaae. T I x EwYOUK; 1 Wangler & Hahn, i \l.ANJUP'ACTUR.tS OJ' ooRNISHED BY THE BATCH LITHOGRAPHIC C8!PANY, LXT:E<>GB.A.P.EI:ER.&, 82 & 84 VESEY S'l'BEET, NEW YOBX, AT GREATLY.REDUCED PRICES A lonlly for tile Centennial Year. Fin. e S e o-s SELLS AT SIGHT. 1 8 THE 'fR,cte.. NO. 290 & 292 BOWERY, NEW YORK. Internal Revenue Eooks. TIN FOIL. You offeT' a friend a cig;lr from the Centennial C;ue which is filled, and as be attempts to take one you toucll a seere t tbe Ci-s nntoh and ln their _::.;,;.... ______ "=-_ 1tead appeara tbe t Spirit of ?6u i a the fonn of a ,Tho O riginal lotemal Reoenue Publlshlnc Po-strikingly characteristic Contir>ea\aJ, ,to the aatoniah C JOU JOHN J CROOKE mentanddlomayofthowouldbesmoke r. RCENSEN, EXPLA.NA.TIOl'f WITH EACH CASE. rooLa IUccusoa TO BSTJB .. SIIITK, MANUFACT\IRRR "" Prill $&.00 per lloz. 1' o. Boll:'"' ., LIB&BTY ST., TIN FOIL &liB BO TT' 'Jjl CAPS %:o!uJ 1114 BterzlciJa 1 4.11 .l.JlJ 1 LOTS or cloen or Ieos can be sent by mail. PLA.Rr Al'fD COLORED, Send yoar orMn to or oOI'Jdeocripuoa at Lowen 1'rl-. BOLLING KILLS, 38 OltOimY and 163 II lBeo C. F. A. HINRICHS, U.JIU> rGa. RJUcES. K11t.BEIIY S'rllll'l'l, :tu:w von Dealer in SKO:rcm8' AnTICLES. ;OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, U'83o GIRARD BETTS a CO ... General Auctioneers -ANDCOMMISSION MERCHANTS, STORE AND SALESROOM: l OLD SLIP a 104 PEARL STREET J _MISFIT -CARPETS: 89, 31, 33 PA.B.K PLA

... G .l"hila.delphia Advortisements. KNECHT, SMITH & CO., TO STEINER, SMITH BROS, .S. KNECHT, DEALERS IN ALL KINDS OF LEAF TOBACCO, A"ND MANUFACTURERS OF. AND DEALERS IN CI?ARS. "" 131 Korth Third Street, Jthiladelphia. TELLER BROTHERS, Packers, Commission Merchants; and Wholesale Deaters in Foreign and Domestic Leaf Tobacco, lt7 North Third Street, Philadelphia. :t15 I.WATER.ST.,PHlLADELP,RIA.,./ r--W .EISENLOHR, S. W. CLARK. PHIL. BONN. LEWIS BREMER'S SONS, Wholesale Dealers in 'LEAF" AND KANl1FACTt1RED TOBACCO, NO. 322 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. -, A large assortment of all kinds of LEAF ToBACCO co nsta'ntl on hand. M. A.NATHAN & CO., Paokers, Commission Merchant$ AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN -r-o BAOCO, No. aao North 'I'hi%'4 St., Philadelphia 'A NEW DEPARTURE--! 'by -._. JAMES" DALEY tc CO., B'.fitEA.ST COB.XER THJB.D AND RACE STREETS, PHil. ADELPHIA. Atl kit d s of Leaf Tobacco Re-IJ.elected and Repacked in cases, ranging from 30 to.7o pounds, at Lowes rket guaranteed actual 'Weight and free trom, uncured or rubbltih leaf of any kmd. ,.. Abo General Supply Store of ewery article :::onnected 'llflth the trade. lt. B.-Orders for cases receive prompt attention. THE 'l 0 B A C C 0 LEA F. Baltimore Advertisemea.ta. --------------------BOYD & CO., WESTERN .4!-.t ... -Cinclnn;t:(lin'd Toledo mJIUCTJIBIDI i"iiiiTiBicc[ CIGAIIS. &C, R.MALLAY & BRO HENRY l 33 SOUTH ST., BALTIMORE. Dealers In THOS. w. CROMER.$ LEAF TOBACCO, L. 'W GUNTHER, GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANT, 1 15 a -nd 1 i 7 West Front St., LEAF TOBACCO_ l(L 163, & 165 Pearl Stret, OCT. 18. EASTERN ADVER'riSEMENTS. J. DIX & CO.,-Packer a11d Dealers in "JIETIT LEAF 217 STATE STREET, HARTFORD CONN. WI\. WESTP_HAL, :MERCHANT AND TOBACCO FACTOR, Between Race .and Elm, (

OCT. 18 SUTRO NEWlYI.&RE, MANUFACTURERS OF I CJ:a.A. R S AND DEALERS IN X.EAF TOBACCO, 7 6 PABX PLACE, NEW YORK. KERBS & .SPIE$8, Uanufa.cturers Cigars, '101d Dealers iu LEAP TOBAOOO, KERBS. 35 New York. Lours SPIESS. RUDOLPH WYMAX RELIANCE CIGAR MANUFACTORY. FOSTER, HILSON i, CO., 77 Bl 79 C:EAlCIIEBS ST. 3 Doors West. of llroa4war, N. Y .. MANUFACTURERS OF Fine Cigars, AND SOLE PROPRIETORS OF THE PATENTED WILLOW CIGAR BOX. MANUFACTURERS OF GrX....OBE FINHWT CHEWING &SMOKING! I TOBACCOS, I 31, 3S & 35 Atwater St., East, I I DETROIT, MICH. l. LICHTENSTEIN & BROTHER, ,, CHARLES S. HAWES, OF THE '' ELit" and" ONWARD" 0 I GARS, I PACKER AND DEALER IN Pine Connecticut Seed Lea.f, lie MAmBX J..AlV!I, THE TOBACCO LIQUORICE SPOISH LIRUOBIGl TJJmSH LlllVOBICl '1'1111 CO!'I'I'UflJE!I '1'0 IJIPOR'I' AND IIIA.l'I1JII'ACJTUR.B PUBE 8PA1'118H AND TURKEY o AND IDS OTHBB. BRANDS OF TlJBIUSH PASTE, ALL OF WHICH ARE GIVING :INCREASED SATISFACTIO!'I, AS INSTANCED BY THB BAPIDLY GROWING .DEMAND AlliD :W. TIBE ABSE.NCE OP OOIPL..Ulii'I'8. CAUTION. j' -It having come to my knO'W'ledge that, ia seyerat hr ataoces, Liquorice Paste falsely represented as being of my manufacture baa been offered for sa1e by parties to auit thelr own purposes, who have no authority to oelJ mT brands, the present 1erves to CAUTION :lll { l'obacco Manufacturers against the same and to aivp aotice that hereafter every case of my manufac ture will be branded with my TradeMark, acquired anjer the laws of I he United States, aod any unprin cip.'ed penoa eow.ntedeitio'" thia Trade-Mark will be rlCPtGUsly prosecYted, I -I JAMESC. 55 'VIl'.& TER.1 NEW YORK. THE REVOLUTION IN SAN DoMINGO-SAN DOMINGO, wrappers. Octobr 3.-The r evolution 29 boxes. [ Cofltinued from Third Page;] The transactions were 803 hhds, 7 2 trcs, a_?d still continues. All .the ?T. LOUIS, October r r.-Mr. J. E. Haynes, Dealer in roads are still interrupted, Leal Tobac o,, reports :-Received 159 hhds, against which prevents the exporta-226 the previous week. Thtusday being Fair holiday tion of the tobacco crop t:tiere was no sale at the warehouses. Friday and Satur B us iness is at a complete day the offerings were small, and the market was not standstill. The late hurri-materially changed in price. Lugs were a lillie firmer, cane did much damage to and common and medium wrappers continued very plantations in the interior. dull. On Monday, there were no offerings Yesterf'ighting still continues, both day, the offerings were liberal, and the g eneral feeling north and south. The seawas better. The aggregate saies of Friday, Saturday por-t of Monte Christi is andyesterday were rr6 hhds; at $r.5o@r.7o; 1 at again in posse s sion of the 2 .8o; 7 at 3@3.9o; 19 at 4@4.70; ro at 5@5.90; II at Government, while the port 6@6.go; ro at 7@7.80; 22 at 8@8.8o; 14 at 9@9.90; of Sa mana has pronounced 11 at ro@10.75; 2 at II@I; r at 13; 4 at 14@; in favor of tbe revolutionists. 1 at 15; 1 at 20.50; and 3 boxes at 2.8o, 3 6o and 6. In Matters continue very C'Jmthe same time 21 hhds factory dried were passed, and plicated, but confidence in were rejected on 48 hhds at 2.90@16. To-day, final triumph is the market was steady ancl unchaRged, with a good de prevailing. mand for manufacturing. grades, especially fillers; but A PROMISE TO MARRY THAT CoSTS $6,ooo.-Hen -rietta Woods, a pretty young woman, twenty years old, according to the New Y o rk Sun, sued Tenice Monett, aged thirty-seven, a cigar Eiealer, in the City Court of Brooklyn, for $IO,ooo dam ages for breach of promise. A nurse, who was with her, cared for a plump two.year old infant, the child of the parties to: the suit. Miss W oods, iJ.' attending a dan cing acaQ5:my in 1,V'illiams burg in r87o, made the ac quaintance of Monett, who was at that time a widower. He is a homely man, but has fine black eyes, and is Their acquain tance, Miss Woods avers, ripened into an engagement, and'she kept c;:ompany with him. The !iefence to the action was that the plaintiff previously bore a bad repu tation, and the dancing master testified that he pro hibited her attending his school. The jury found a verdict of $6,ooo in her favor more tha n one-half the bids were rejected, the lots re jected being largely factory-dried. Sales 40 hhds: 1 at $2 go; s at 3@3-90; 3 at 4@4; 5 at s@s.6o; 5 at 6@6.go; 5 at; 3 at 8.3o@8.8o; S at 9@9.40; 2 at 10@10 25; I at 11.25; I aL 11.75; I at 13.25; I at; I at 2z; I at 25; and s bxs at 2 8o@4o. 2 hhds were passed, and bids were rejected on 43 hhds at We quote :-Fac bacco in .sound condition and full weight hhds, except lugs I I FOREIGN 1\_NTWERP, October 2.-Mr. Victor Forge, Importer of Kentucky Tobacco, reports :-The sales of the last m o nth amount to 330 hhds Kentucky, 110 do Vir g in i a, and 28 do Mason County. The market is less active, but firm. Second-hand buyers complain very much, and manufacturers have not vet made any provisions for the winter season. The reports of the Belgian crop are not quite favorable, the quality will be poor, the last heavy rains will have the effect of givmg us a thin and greenish tobacco. The ground leaves are cut and are reported to be beautifuL Kentucky. Stock, Sept. r,.-----.. 953 Arrivals during Sept.,.. 70 4 r,6s7 Sales,.--.. _______ 330 Virginia. Mason Co. 246 I03 8g 335 110 Stock,Octoberi, ..... 1,327 22s 7S IS 2d to JS sci; Navy Half-Pounds and Pounds, IS to IS 3d; Eights, Sixes, etc,. gd te IS 2d. Leaf for Manufac turing.-8d to rs; Strips, rid to IS rd nominal, large stocks Cigars.-Cheroots, sos to 55s; Manilas, H. S., 57s 6d to 8ss, according to weight; Ormond's' 35s. Stocks i Melbourne, July 29, r876.-282 hif trcs, 625 qtr trcs and kegs, 2,96 r three-qtr trcs and bxs, 3,209 c a ses mfd, I hds and c;.sks, I8S cases,6o3 bales and bundles unnifd, 844 cases cigars. Sidney, July 28, I876-218,o78 lbs mfd, 729 597 lbs unmfd, 18,449 lbs cigars. Adelaide, July 22, I876-I i8,954 lbs mfd, g,639 do unmfd, 12_ ,692 do cigars Brisbane Tuly 23, I876-r8g,366 lbs mfd, 358 do un mfd, P,S24 do cigars. Auction Sales-July 12,-Ex Cordelia, 20 Waterlily navy pocketpieces, rs rd per lb; 3 cases Barret's Anchor Nailrod, 9 cases Waterlily navy lives, 3 cases Clo t h of Gold gin 'light pressed, IS 8d; 2S cases Maho ney's navy tens, 87-(d; r _case do, 8}.(; 3 cases C l oth of I Gold 12in light-pressed, IS ; 4 cases Barret's Crown navy fives, 6 cases, Golden Magnet nar row fives, ro cases Sunny South pocket-pieces, rs 2 }.(d; 4 cases Waterlily gold blocks, 7 cases do 6in 3 ply twist, 113,:{ d. Ex A. Castle, 3 cases Cloth of1 Gold 12in gold bars, 6 cases Barret's An chor Nailrod, 9ld; 5 ,cases Old hall=pounds, rsl S cas!!s Bird-in-Hand, 3-ply twist, 9Ud; 5 cases Boomerang R. and, R twist, I case Sunny South 6in twist; IS d ; 2 Cloth of Gold gold rod sixteens, IS o 7.( d; 4 cases Toujours li_ght pressed cakes, IS 1d. Ex Ships-': 3 one-eighth-tierces Barret's Anchor twist, IS 1}.(d; 27 cases Crown tens, 16 one-eighth -tierces Barret's Anchor. twi5t, as per sample, 6 cases Boomerang 3-ply twist, 9d; ro cases Grape Leaf navy sixe s, 1 Id; 5 case5 Btrd-in-Hand 3ply twist, gs o 7.( d; 11 cases Barret:s Crown navy fives, gld; 6 cases Waterlily gold blocks, 1o}.(d. Also, ex 2 H. S. Manilla cigars, each Io,ooo, at 7 ss; and. I case Mule's Ears, all faults, 6d; r case Fjarmers' Delight, all faults, 7 July 2o-Ex Co rolla, 4 cases Two Seas aromatic navy fives, IS pkr lb; S cases Canary aromatic 12in 3 ply, r:; 39-id; 4 cases do tortoiseshell navy fives, IS 2 -d; 3 CaSeS dp 3 ply 6iu twist, IS 2 }.(d. Ex. Memurus, 69 threeVictory tens; Ex Marp e sia, 4 cases Canary 3 ply I2iri twist, IS 2 J{ d ; 2 cases Two Seas aromatic fives, rs 4d; r case vanary tortoiseshell aro matic fives, IS 3d; I case do aromatic 3 ply twist, rs -4d; 2 cases Twc Seas tortoiseshell fives, IS 5 cases do fours, IS rd; 2 cases olo aromatic fives, rs 2id; s cases do 6in geld bars, rs Ex Milrulale, 5 Cses flower of all Nations D.T. tortoiseshell fives, IS std. Ex Roodet, 25 quarter-tierces Indicator twist, aU faults, Ex The o phanc, S cases Two Seas tens, IS Ex Greta. 9 cases Two Seas tens, rs 7cl. Ex Udston, 9 cases Flower of All Nations sponge-cake, IS1 6 cases Star sponge-cake,1s8d. Ex Auriga,5 fases Flower of all Nations sponge-cake, rs I rd; 6 cases golden blocks, rs 8d. Ex Hippolyta, six cases' Two Seas tens, I s 7d. Ex Airlee, 6 cases Two Seas 12in 3-ply twist, rs d. Ex Sarah Grice, 8 cases Two'Seas tens, rs Ex Cardigan Castle, 3 hlf-trcs Our:Game twist, all f11-ults, IS 4Ud. Ex Stanley -sleath, 5 cases _Admiral tortoiseshell pounds, rod. Ex River Lune, I6 three quarter-boxe$ Venus tens, IS Ex British. Commeta, 4 three-quarter-boxes Venus tens Is 7d. Ex Duchess of Argyle, 8 qr-trcs Raven twis.t, damaged, rs 6j.(d; 2 qr-trcs do, badly damaged, IS 53d. ExAirlee, 6 qr-trcs St. Andrew's twist, IS 67.(. Ex Hawarden Castle, 1 case Two Seas tens, duty paid, 3s 6Yzd. Ex River Lune, three-quarter boxes Venus tens, duty paid, 3s 6d. Ex Essex, 2 cases Havana cigars, ro 10 per m; t do,ti Ios; 6do,s; r do, ros. August 4.-Ex Chatanooga, 3 cases Red Rose Chequers 12in, rod. per lb. Ex Lightning, 3 cases Red Rose Chequers I 2in, rod; 1 case Belle et Bonne 12in twist, rs 2d. Ex Favorzte, 2 cases Yellow Bird gin light-pressed, 2s 3d; I case do pounds do, 2s 3d; S cases Victory D.T. IS 5 cases do 2,Yzoz gold blocks, rs 3Yzd; 2 cases do 40Z do, rs s% d I case do 7 boxes 40z. I box 2 do, Is d; 3 cases do bri'ght navy fours, rs 3 cases do fives, IS 3d; 2 cases do pocket-pieces IS 4d; 1 case do gold bars, 8 to lb, IS sYzd; 3 cases do navy sixes, 6 to lb, IS 33 d; 1 case do navy pounds, t s 2 d ; I case do 5 boxes navy pounds, I box gold bars, 5 to lb, IS 4*d; r case do navy sixes, 8 to lb, IS 2 7.( d; r case clo s boxes navy sixes and r box Yellow light-pressed, IS 4d; r case do gold bars 5 to lb, rs 4 d; I case <;:aroline, natural leaf, 2S 7 4 case Gemini gin light-pressed, IS 7 }.( d ; 4 cases do twin pigmy bars, 7 d; 8 cases Harmonic r 2in light-pressed gold bars, rs 2 IO cases do 6in do, IS 8 cases do 6in hard-pressed do, rs rYzd; 7 cases do uin do, Is 15 cases "Crown Jewel gold fancy twist, IS 2d; also, I case Gemini gin lightpressed, all fa lil t s, ISs% d' 1 case twin pigmy .bars, all faults, rs 53d; and 1 case Wrapper strips,all faults, rs o}.(d. Ex Etta Loring, 5 cases Greaner's L.P. gold blocks, all faults, cash. WEEKLY STATISTICS OF THE BREMEN MARKET. by giving Ralp_h, Levy & C o a fair opportu n i t y to def raud their creduors. How much they "put" other cities tn for are not advised .. It will be re collected that about e1ghteen months ago this same said firm f!tiled for hundred thousand doll1ars, but issued their c reditors paper, at 6, 12 and 18 months,'d ollar for dol lar, and the _first two instaUments had b een paid. It seems not a little strange that the establishment should "go by the poard" just. at the time the last payment was due on thetr old paper. They may come out all right, ?ut two heavy ones too, in two years, ts more than Danvtlle ltkes notwithstandino-she runs double breaks in the here German 'Tobacco lntelli&enee. : [From T/ze Pfaelz e l Couriet. J Lud111z6shafen, September 26. ...:.The tobacco harvest m tne can be, 1yit_ h a few exceptions, considfim, hed. The crop IS In gener:1l an inferior one. 1 he leaves are short, and as th e hands are lio-ht we cau h a rdly half a crop in regard weight. fhe early havmg been considerably injured bY: the excessive h e at, are sm a ll and thick. The late tot>acco s at fifst, gave assurance of better quality; af terwards damaged by a series of cold, rainy days. Thetr leaves are some-vhat more tende r than those of the early tobaecos, and' as they were cut too soon from fear of frost, we cannot pronoun.c'e them perfectly tnatured. If we add te this the fact, tha t about 2,ooo acres along the banks of the t.river Rhine could not be .cultivat_ed in t ime, by reason of inundation, we obliged to that the Palatinate will this year fur msh the market with only one-third of the produce of other years. /. L t .1 THE TOBACCO CROP. '-j -?{p Report Cor August and September bT the partment oC A&ric-.Itare, The large tobacco States report ':L low condition:Maryland 72; Virgini a 65; North Carolina, 69; Teu Kentucky:! Ohio, 97; Missouri, 87. fhis mdtcates a reductiOn mAugust of 8 per cent, i n Maryland and. Virgmia, 4 in Tennessee, and 9 in soun; but a gat?of S per cent. in Kentucky, 3 in Ohio, and no change m North Carolina. The condition av erages better in producing less sachusetts,. Io3; Con .necticut and West Virginia, 102; Pennsylvama, Louisiana and Texas, roi; Georgia. 100 In York, Pa., a promising crop is rapidly,. ,. In Maryland the crep was ext<:nsively injureshoppers as soon as set. 0Hro.-Noble :-Too wet for tobacco. Clennunl :Now being cut. Nos. 34 and BOWERY, '110 V '!'I'A'ftY'IIOIII CO"'"' close, I guess," remarked .t:l, yy .aw, olilJ.'l"'tS I .... the man, though seeming JIBW YORK. .. -less interested than before -PERIQUE d: "What's going to be close?" yelled the old man.' "The election." "What election?" 'V'hv, the State. election." "What do I know about a State election in Indiana?" cried the old man. "Who do you take me for, sir?" "Why, I thought everybody knew there was to be a State eiection in Indiana to-mor row," humbly observed the other. "What business had you .to think, sir? Do you suppose all the rest of man kind 1 h i nks as you do? Do you run this whole country?" Never mind," observed the man, as he settle.:! back; 'I did11't know but that you CIGARETTES. JAMES E. PERNET & CO., 43 N a. tohez ::N e'W Orleanel. Manufacture rs and in Periqu"' Cigarettes and Tobacco of the best quality. Ours is the first Facton:y started for the manufacture of Perique C igarettes with Corn Husk wrapper s. We are now prepared to fill orden:s for anv amount of these goods, etther T ,ax paid or in bond,-and will give VERY LIBERAL DISCOUNT to the trade. .JAMES E PERNI<:T, C. C. IIIILLAlJDON, 'Nt::W ORLEANS. COLLEGE rOlNT, ST. JAMES PAR., LA. CIGABJlTTI:S.-Millaud_on's Pemet's Gold Pernet's Banditti Millaudon's Pette N o1l.a, l'enque Tobacco put up m every style We employ no agents, but sell d .irect to the trade at a hberal discount. FINISHED -We judge from what have heard, re marks the Petersburg (Va.) Post of October r2, and from the seasons generally, that our country friends have by this time cutting and tobac_co, and if this be the case we congratula te them on havmg complett!d one of the heaviest and most urgent jobs of the farm and one in which any delay or accident, would involve and damaging results, in all probability. In many cases the yield !1a:. been better_ than ex pected, yet the crop is an mdtfferent ,one m quahty, ow ing to the fact that much of the tobacco had to be GooD PAY.-The Czar took an interest in' p6litics." "You had no right to think so, sir-not the shad ow of a right, sir I Suppose 1 should get into a car and ask you how Indiana was? How quick you would knock me down sir!" "No I wouldn't!" "Then I'm a liar, am I?" shouted the old man, trying to pull off his overcoat. There would have been a row had not the other man hurried out of the car. cut in a green condttoon. The fodder crop is also harveste:d, and the farmers now have a liLtle time to thi11gs easy, and time attention (and action, if need he,), to interest Jf the political questions of the day. Alexander receives, in round numbers, $25,ooo a day in come; the Turkish Sultan, $r3,ooo; the Emperor of AustTia, Jro,ooo; the Em peror of Germany, $8,2 oo; the King of Italy, $6,440; tHe Q._ueen of England, $6,27o; the King ofthe Bel gians, h,643; and the Pres ident of the French repub lic, Ssoo; and tl:le President of the Umted States about $ a parcel of"Black Swan" have been quitted during the past month; and with the country demand which will arise shortly we anticipate higher prices for this class of tot>acco. Some so cases of "Childrey's" Aromatic sorts have been qumed privately. Twist-A better fe_eling has ex!sted and higher rates have been made, stocks not bemg heavy (of the best brands) higher prices may be expected to rule. Tens.-Some of Cam eron's make sold at auction realized higher prices than have obtained for some time past, ca1:0sed by the small stock at present in the market. Not much doing in other brands, except the quittance of a parcel of 'Over Water." Medium sorts an: without enquiry. Aroma ucs.-Several parcels have been sold at auction. For some lines fair prices have been realized; but for light pressed sorts prices have ruled lower, the demand for the latter being limued, and the quantity quitted being more than the trade requirements, at decline in value has followed. Cigars. -Several small lots Havana shaped maml\as have been quitted at full rates. Stocks are light. Twist.-Tbe quotations are as under:-Southern, Is 3d to IS 8d; Barret's Anchor, 1s 6d; Black Swan, IS 6d; Raven, IS 8d; .St. Andrew's, 1s 8d; Our Game, IS 7 Yzd; Snellard's, IS sct. Tens.--Northern, 7d to 8d, best brands; medium, 7d to 9d, Southern, rod to 1s 6_%d, best brands. Half-Pounds.--,Northern, 6d to 8d; _Southern (Tortoise-shell) 9ci to rs rd; Southern Black, 1od to IS 2d. Aromatic.-Southern Pounds, red to IS 3d; Light-Pressed_ Pounds, rs 9d to 2s 3d; Twist. 1od to rs 6d; Pocket Pteces, 1s 2d to r:s 4d; GolJ Ban, first hands, 3,1 oo pkgs. 'Avuage Condition, Siates. Sept e mbe' r. Suma!ta-Stock in first hands, 1,8s9 pkgs. Varinas in first hands, 1 1234 t>askets. Varinas Ro/Lr-Stock in first hands, roll baskets. Manila-Stock in first hands, 6ro bales. East Indian-Stock in first hands, ISO bales. .Mexican -Stock in first hands, 153 pkgs. J'amaka-Stock in first hands, 51 ser. BIG BREAK IN THE TOBACCO LrNE.-Under this head the Danville (Va.) News of the rith instant com ments aslfollows:-Tobacco as a general thing are what pleases our citizens, but the breaks we allude to now was to the grief of some of our best tobacconists. There is a fi-rm in Galveston who represent a large bus iness in the manufactured hue of tobacco, buy and sell very extensively: This firm is styled Ralph, Levy & Co., and has bougbt many pounds of tobacco from manufacturers o! Danville.Tuesday's, however brought sad news to some of our most promi nent tobacco men.' It was tu the etfect that Ralph, Levy & Co. had failed for a very large amount. The sum at stake by Danvillians is aggregated over thirteen thousand dollars a& follows:Fuller & Co _-----.. .. -----.$3,650 G. & D. Ayers----------------------3,roo J. F. Oyler & Co---------------z,soo Johnston & Garner---. __ --------- z,o5o Keen & Keen .. ---.,_-. .. -:-. I, !50 D. 350 Wood & Alexander----------------350 TotaL ---_--------.------.-.---$IJII5o This ill quite heavy for one firm and one town and at one and the, same time. Our dealers supposing the house good sold on thirty, sixty and ninety da_)'s, there103 Co9necticut_ _______ .... -__ 102 New York _______________________ Pennsvlvarii;!. ___ ----"------------Virginh ------_ __ ----_ North Carolina South Florida. ______ -------------_ Alabama---------------:_ ___ M . -----. --. __ Loutsiana _________ .. ----__ ---, Texas _______ ________________ __ Tennessee -_: ____________ : ___ West Virginia ___ .. __ ------______ ---------------------0 h io _. ____ -------.------. --Michigan; __________________ -----Illinois --. ----------- ---. Wisconsin ___ ---------------_ Minnesota_------------ ____ N _-. __ --.- __ -__ 95 101 IOI 101 9I 8o IOZ '77 97 97 WHAT A THING TOBACCO Is.-The Danville Express says:What a thing the poisonous weed is for Danville. Ask a man in this city what he thinks about Tilden's election, he will tell you "If I only thought it would increase the tobacco uop I would take some interest in it." Ask him to give something for the canvass, "My dear sir, I will need all my funds at the warehouse today." "Will you at the club to "1 can't possibly," we are fixin ,up our factory to work at night. I can't go." Talk about tobacco "on the brain," why they have got it Jl over\" :


THE T 0 B A C C 0 LEA!'. :ocT. ts "robacoo l!lla.uufaot.urers.t JOHN ANDERSON t, KANUI'AL"TIJRERS OF 1000 m m TOBACCOS lrHOMAS HOYT & CO., MANUFACTURERS OF ,., FINEl 00':1.'" CHEWING AND SMOKING AlVD SRVrr. OUR CHEWING : ,UNNYSIDE, HEARTS' DELIGHT, BRIGHT OWEN, EXTRA CAVENDISH. H4, and 4,06 PEARL ST., NEW YO...CK A R. SMITH. l Ge I p t A S. 00?\ISTOCK, nera ar ners. F. W. LOCKWOOD, Special. 114-and 116 LIBERTY STREET, NEW YORK, a.g. tG direct tbe attentlou of the Dealers !sa Tol>acco -tbrougbo\ t the Uolte<' States ....0 tllo World to their CELEBU!ED SOLACE FINECUT CJD:WING TOBACCO. .lllc'll Is 'being Ollte mOft manufactnred orrxbr the ka.met and. Ordlaary, eoD atantly on hand. ARGUIMBAU, WALLIS i CO.; 29 8a 31. William Street LICOR,CE PASTE AND STICKS, 0. w. s. Ji'. w. !!. STERRY EXTRA, P. S. BARACCO AND PIG:N &.TELLA, DE ROSA, E:XCELSIOR IIDLLS .S. Ji' A VORITE DJi.L PoWDERED LICORI


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