The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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VOL. XII.--NO. 37. NEW YORK. WEDNE8DA Y. O CTOBER 25, 1876. vVHOLE N o. 609. lh m b I f I Mamifacturer'J havome :11' icle;,. It tr lt\t Hillier's R. Sons & Co. 55 Cedar. ,\I ,U "-"'"'"' 0 4tM Scheffelin W. H. & Co 1.70 and 17:1 'Villi aiD IS PUBLISHED Havana Flavot. EVEBY WZDNESDAY BY "The Tobacco Lear" Publishing Co., 2!12 Fttltv n St., New Y01 lc. EDWARD BURKE --------Editor JOHN G. GRAFFBusiness Manager liiir" All Letters sho'Jid be plainly addressed "'TK& TonAcco LEAF" PueLISHJNG Co. Terms of the Paper: SINGLt Coru!s ...................... 1.0 Cents. _, :: .::: :. :: :: U'"' Remember tbat the cost to the yearly o.r monthly suUscribt:r is LHSS 't.HAN E I GHT CI!:N"!'S PER \VBK. .AN!lUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS ABROAD. GR&AT llRaTAIN AND CANADA ... -f.s-Oo4 BREMEN. HAMBURG AND THE CONTINENT 5 AwsTRALzA, HTC11 VIA ENGLAND ........... S-01. C UBA ... 504 No orders for the pape r will be considered, unless accompanied by ct:arrcsponriling amount. &-Remitttnces should, in eo.very instance, be made hy m ca.e y order, check or draft. .Hills are liable tn and onl y be sent at the greatest ri.;k to the sender. [For A .lve Rt,fu su TJ,.i,.d Pap.) IUSINESS DJ&WfO&f OF ADVERT18nS NEW YORK. Tobacco WQrtlltJMael. .Ar.ew W..._& So ns, :aS-4 and Front street A ner & !Jehls, 190 Pearl. Allen julian, I73 Water. Baacb & Fischet, 155 \Vater Bowne & i''nth. 7 Bo.rhng Slip. Brod M., r <47 Water :Bulkley, Moore&: Co., 74 Front. Borbank & Nash, 49 .rlro a d Cardozo A. H. 66 Broad Crawford E. M. 168 Water Dohan, CarrC'\1 & Co. 104 Front. l>uBota Eugene, 75 Bcge:rt Wm. & Co., 1:71 Pearl. Buoelbach, F. 13 Slxtb .Av Fotlllan &: Co., 70 anli 1 llr....S. f'oz. Dills & Co., Wuer. Friend E. & G & Co., r29 Maiden Lane Garcllaer.J AL 04_ Front. Garth D. ., Son & Co. 4-4 Broad. Guoert J, L. &: B r o. 16o War. Genhell.. & Jlro 191 Pearl. HamburKer t & C o., l SI Water. Hawes, chas. B., ll9 Malden Lane. Herbst & Van Ramdohr, I83 \Vater. H illma4 G W So li'ront. Kinnicut ThomnA. Hroad. Koenig & Suhett, 3:19 Bowery. .. -.:z (.)o .. 16o P earl. Lacbenbrucb & B,o., 164 WattT LamltJ,e A. C t2J }' earl. & Fiscllel, 213 Pearl Levin M. H., t.63 Pearl. Maitland Robert L. & Co. J -43 .Broad. :Martin & johnson, 79 Front Meyer A. C. L & 0., 42 B e ave r. Oatman Alva, t66 WateJ. Ottinger Brrtllen: s Bro
Brolr CattuA john, u7 Pearl. J'iecher Chu. E. &: Bro., ISI Watec l"lscher, ri ck., 41 Broad O.bome, Cb.arlttb S' ., 54 Broatl Rader M. &: Son, 1 3 1 Pt:arl. Shack A 1:19 Maiden Laoe. of T"Mn. .&..Dderson Jphn & Co. II41 116 aod 117 Liberty .. Appleby 4 Helme, 133 Water.l Budaanan & Lyall, S4 Broad. Ba.clmc:r D. J13 and Jl5 Duane Goodwnt & Oo. 207 and Water H..,.t Tho ma & Co. ..,.. Pearl K.laney 8toa UJ West Broadway LorUlwd P & Co., 16 20 Chambers. IleAl pia D. H. It Co cor. A.veaue ucl Ml.ller 1\fro G. B. &: Co. 97 Columbia "Ploae e r Tol>acco 184 Water 4" for C!uwing ami S.olioz Tob.c"' .,.. .Alle:a & C o I73 and 175 Chaa.ber&4 .Hen A.. &. <.:G. Ltbenv 'IVeioo, Eller & KuJ>Pel, al8 Peul Wise & Bendhei:n, lo6 Chamber-. if CJ.K .. .Fries Alex. & Rros., 16 College Place of Lico,.!u. Hillier's R. Sons & Co., ss Cedar. Weaver&. Sterry, :14 9edar Seed i.eaj 1obacco Insptetlo. Hensel & Co. 178M Water. Finke Cnatles, 155 \Vater. Llnde F 0. &: Co, 14, Water. 1\okAleer, 1-'. & A. & Co., r47 Water Nati(mal1'o6acco Ins flectilm Hoodle!s \V. & Co. n William. T obauo Guthrie & Co., us Front. Ma.tufactunn of, B oxe1. Erichs H. W. >53 South. Henkell Jacob, :llf_{ & 295 Monroe. Strauss, S I7Q & 1BI Lewis. \Vi eke \VUliam & Cn., tS3-I6I Goerclr:. Cigat Box Planbg 1Ma Lombard. Schroeder jos. &: Ca .. 81 ExciUIDJr e Place. Tate, Muller> Co s South Gay Wenck E. E., 46 and 48 South Clw'les. Wlacb.m.eyer Ed. & Oo., 3Q South Calved Toba F.ctor1. Hoffman, Lee&: Co.., 63 Ezchaoge Plaoe. .MA"{tutllrtn., nc. 'Felper F. W. &: Sou, 90 South Charles Martmrg Brothers, 1.45 to Lf.9 S. CharJ.e S L Wilkens H.* Co., 18I Weet Pratt. Packrs of Tolu.cco, Becker Brothen, gl Lombard.. ManM/a&i*rer.. Starr R. &)Co. :15 South PaU11J RoJk,. Kerckhoff G. & Co. 149 .::5outh Cbarles. Toh uco F1Yfiiizn-J. Loreou &: Rittler BOSTOII. OotJr,;,,;,, MtreAa1JII Holyoke C 0 ., u Ceo t.ral Wharf. CLARKSVILLE. Lta{ T o ba rc o BroR!anufactur9 Broad. BREMEN, Genaaa,.. Tobtlcc o Comm iss'iClfl Merolwnls. Falleaatein & Son. Packus of Sud uf T "'-:11t1. Hawes .E. V. i6 Water. BROOKLYJI', N.Y. "./ Flarg John F. & Co., 176 and J78 l' ... irst. I,.potter tlf Hvo114 To/J:co a11d C igarr. Rnera Manuel, t8 Court MileAirp. W'ut.teln Henl'T, Myrtle a-veuae. Mturufuturers if Fiu Dcal'z. RiYera & Garcia. 18 Court CHICAGO, m. Wlulllsall Dlr in s,m Uf R.eiaxnann, Koe11il' & Su.bert, 14 N Ca.aal. ,. L1111 IJ c ;1.,. JJIM',.,.,. tif Cirars t:uul D1.Jn-,,. TH.&c. llaurer C. F., 187 Clark. Dettltrz i Ltttf Toi>Mco. llaDdbaceD Bros., 17 Welt Randuiph. Mtt'!JCNrers of Fi Ct Chntz .S..oliag, and Dt4iera in Utif 'Beek &Wirth. sa and a4 Watu. Arn-t. Adams Henr.1 H. a Lake OINCilOJATI. Dtttlcrz i Hava"a and Donustu Lto/ Tob.ecc. Bel5ud.ea Henrv. 16J165 Peark Kallay Rich&: :Brother, 115 W'--.tFroGt, Dealt's m Spa,.izfl a1td !auf<>etKTUJ of Sz.ulf. Weyman & Bro., 79a.nd 81 Amithfield. MfZ,.UjDCturers "E.r CIGARE'l"rE :F ACTOBY OF ___ BASOH _Qlaathun __ Sbeet; _ll'ew I


THE TOBACCO LEAF. do so i:a order t o th e re q uir e ments o f the bus 1 ness -of the fi1m. L o ca t e d o n t h e d o c k, between the bulk head a nd th':! new v. are h o u s es Nos 6 a nd 7 is the In specti on S hop, now being enlarged. .shop is now oflarge d i m e11si on s, but when the 1s com?leted it will b e the largest in the country. It will contam two lines o f s c r ews, each hoe comprising twenty screws, thus affording oppo rtumty to "skid" hogsheads of tobacco a t one t1me-an unprecedented number, accord ing to the testimony o f persons famil iar with .the From the p iers to the shop car-tracks are la1d, by whtch hogshead s are q uickly transp o rted fr o m tke first ware hous e to the shop f o r ins;; e ction A bnck wall sepa rates the sh o p from warehou s es Nos 6 _and 7, in con form ity w i th the requirements relating to m s urar.c e NOS 6 Al'ID 7 are two of the finest buck warehouses to be seen either in Brook l y n or New York They are respecti v ely four stories in height sixt y -fiv e feet in w !dth, by one hundred and six t y five feet in depth, and together f orm a front extending across the center of the roomy dock, measur ing on e hundred and thltly feet in b read t h. The v:alls are twentv-four inches at the base, and the bu 1 \dmgs are throughou t The floors are supp'lrted by massive columl's resting up o n stone foundations. Each door is lighted by numerous windows, thr o ugh any of which a ho gshead of t o bacco o the lar g est size can be passed without c o ntact w1t h the casing Iron shutters cover the wmdow openings a n d render them secure agamst fire or oth e r source s of risk or danger. The hOistin g apparatus c onnected with the hatc h is by a stea m engine, an d ratses hogshead of tobacco to, or lo w e r s it from, the upper stori es in an alm ost itr..per ceptib ly b rie f space of ln. t two bu1lding-s fiv e thousa nd ho gsheads of tobaec o can be st o red w1t h e7tse. Fire-proof w all s surmount roof of eac h butld/ Adj oining N os 6 and 7 are warehouse s rand 5,e:1ch three h u ndred fee t l o n g by forty-fiv e fee t w1de, w i th well hgh t e d b a semen t s o f s imilar dimen s ions. Wareho us e No. 2 SUicceeds th os e just mentioned, and is two h u nd re d and n i n e t y f eet in leng th b y one hundred .and fifty feet in w id t h. The basemP nt of th1s structure i s al s o of the same size as the budding uself. Warehous e No.4 connects with No. 2, and I S two hundred feet long and one hundred and fifty feet wide, the basement embra cm g as in th e preceding in stances the ent1 re gro1,1nd area of the ed1fice. No. 3 const.tutes the e ast erly e xtr e miy of the prem ises and is en ered from the e as t on C on over Street. Thi s budding meio se s an of two hundred by ene hundred and twe nty-five and has a basement of the same leng th a nd breadt h. Nos r 2 3, 4 and s, like warehouses 6 a n d 7, are all fire-pro o f a nd in every respect well adapted for storage purposes. They are accessible through numerous broad entrances from each of the three streets already named and by which they are bounded. A car-track through Partition Street on the, with lateral branches leadmg m t o each structure, renders it feasible to convey thogsheods directly from the pi e rs or the Inspection Shop to the vanou. bmldmgs for storage without appreciable delay, and, in like manner, to transfer them from the stores for shipment ol!' local distribution. The. ware bouses 11nd piers combined will store in safety and secunty againH every posstble nsk birth, ne was for many years identified wtth the tobacco mterests of his native Sta te and sect1on. At 6ne pe riod he ranked among the lar gest tobacco planters in Kentucky. He was also for four years one of the four tob acco inspectors appointed from among four thousand app!icants by the Governor of the State of Ktntucky to offic iate in the warehouses at Louisville For the past fiv e years he has been connected witll the Henwood Inspection Warehouse of Jersey City-now discontin u e d. The New York office of this Inspection is at 45 B10ad Street, and is connect!!d by telegraph with th e stores. Major Berry will perform the duties of inspec tor. MINOR EDITORIALS. FOR MORE.-Harrison County, Tex., is d e vel opmg as a tobacco growing section. No 'PoRTO Rrc o ToBAc c o.-Havana, October r8, 1876-A decree has been issued by the Capta ip Gene ral of Cuba ;>rob1biting the introduction mto the Island of Cuba of Porto Ricg tobacco. FIRE IN A CI GAR SToRE ...:...F. Zoffer's cigar store, No. 827 Ga t es Ave nue, was d a m aged $roo by fire at ha!f-past 12 o'clock th1s morning. Insured in the Germania Insurance Company for f,t,ooo. Cause of fire unknown MEETING O F GERMAN CIGAR M AKERS -A mee t ing was held at Walh a lla Hall, Orchar d Stree t of the Ger man cigar manufa ctul'ers, on. the evenmg of the qth inst. After the transacuo n of rouune busi n e ss the evening was occupied in m a king arrangements for the annual ball, wh ich is to be gtven on the uth of December at Walhalla Hall. ToM MOORE AND LAFAYRTTE.-On our seventh page w11l be seen the advertisement of Messrs L. Hirschhorn & Co .. of th1s c 1 ty, contaimng well -cut likeness e s o f the poet Moo re and the soldierstatesman Lafayette. These c elebrate d names have been selected by this welJ-known fir m to represent h v o populaT b rands of cigars which th e y are n o w m a k i ng in the1r new m an ufactury in W a ter Street. AN A USPICIOUS WEDDING.-Miss Emllla Val entin e Straiton, the bea u t iful and a c complished d a ug h t e r of Mr. John Straiton of the fir m of Stra iton & Sto r m, th1s c1ty, was uni t ed in marriage on the evening of October 11, at the resid e nce of her pare nts at B a y s i d e Long Island, to Mr. J. Spencer Smith The un i on t s an auspicious one in e very respe ct, a n d the young cou p le nre to be congratulated on the prospect before them of endunng happine ss NoT DEAD.-The statement which has been pub lished in the daily papers announcing the death, by be mg r,\ln over by one of the Long I s land Railroad trains, of Mr. Frische n, of the fi1m of Fris chen, Roess & Schulz, Leaf Tobacco dealers, 175 Water Street, this city, we are !lappy to state, is erroneous. Mr. Frischen is al i ve and w ell. His brother, recently arrived from G e rmany, had the misfortune to lose his life hall Wad e B1g L1ck; Ro. G Ha!J, Danv ille ; James Hancock, Lynchburg. SECTiq N 3 Tobacco--Manufa ctured. Best Specimen of Fme Plug or Fancy Styles of M a nufactured Tobacco, Diploma B est Specimen of F me StRo kin g Tobacc o, Dipl oma! WThe tobacco exh1b1ted und e r this s e ctiOn must have no marks or b 1 and s and will be known by a oUIT) her to be put on whe n offe r e d '.Judg es--On Plu g --Ma j o r C V. Winfre e Lynch burg; A Su mpter, L ynchburg; F Rorer, B1g Ltck; Dr. J o hn W Sal e L 1 b e r t y On Smo k i ng .--John D. Holt, Lynchburg, Israel Moore, Lyuchburg; J C. Franklin. Answers to Correspondents H ALIFAX, N. S., Oct o b e r 19.-EDITOR TOBACC O L EAF: -Are ther e a ny rules laid d own definmg the posllwn and power of f o remen of to bac c o manufactori es ia the differ ent States and in Canada, and especia lly m Ken tucky? Having lat ely come into possess1on of a fac to ry, I am not posted as to the control a foreman who manufactures the tobacco ought to have. By answenng the above you will much oblige a I TOBACC O MANUFACTURER. REPLY.-We know of no formulated rules relatmg to the func!l6ol'li or prerogat ves of f o remen m toba cce manufactories, either in the Umted States or the Do minion of Canada. Foremen in all establishments are suppos ed to be subordinate to their employers. If em ployers choose to invest them with privileges which be long only to tb they may do so ; but no fore man can claifu .s a right authonty to assume prj vtleges a l ways and nece s sarily mherent in proprietorship Wl!h respect to the proprietary attr ibutes and relations, foremen stand upon the same footing exactly as other unless they are spec1a!ly empowered by their employers to act in their stead. A foreman may direct m matters purely within his province, but he can dictate ne1ther within nor without his provi n ce, except when author ized to do so by his employer. The right of dic tation is a sove re1gn one, and enures exclusive l y to the sovere1gn h 'ead or master. premises. S o well constructed are all these bUI!dmgs ations, we should have been to record that the insurance rate o n them ts much lower tllan on the acceptance of Mr. Agnew of the proposed nomina other warehouses devoted to tht: same business. Among twn. He is an tobacco merchant of high standi ng the man i fol d advantages of the premtses is their accessi and ability and just th<:: kind of man that is w anted as Correspoadeaee. T 11 Chief Magistrate of this city As Preside nt of the NEw O RLEANs, Octobu r 3 r876 bihty f rom all dire c ti o ns. hey are conventent to a Dock Commis s ion he rendered valuable services in the EDITOR T oBACCO LEAF ir-Tht s climate, t!he lar g e Brooklyn tobacco manufactories, as also to eff o rt made to improve our Dock system His declina-though breed i ng yellow fever and other malarial diseases, those of New Y o rk, by means of lighters. The great tion of the honor sought to be conferred upon h1m w tll is superb for Improving l eaf tobacco, and it is not to be railway and other transportation lines which bring to he regrette? by his fellow-citizens. wond e red that cigar manufa(turi ng has greatly aug bacco for delivery at the port of New York all discharge mented m the last few years Befou: the war manufac 1 h CUTTING AFFRAY.-A. J. Giles, one of the colored turers used Kentucky, M e x 1 can and Havana leaf exclu their fre ight at these stores by ighters wit out. extra employees in the tob>tcco factory of D a niel Lyons, Esq. Slvel and Notthern t ob accos were known but by nam!l. -c harge for delivery there. The expense of cartage is of this c1ty, yesterday evening, says the Dan ville ( Va.) Shortlv after the entry of the Umted S tates army into saved by reason o f the fre1ght bemg taken d1rectly from News of the. 21st, "sassed" a co loreq girl named Laura thts city, Mr. S I.:. N a sits mtroduced C o nnec t icut and the tran sportatiOn hoes by the lighters and con11eyed at Brooks, an employee in the same factory upon which Pennsylvania Seed leaf, a n d ever smce that t i me that the gentle Laura retorted by attacking h i m wnh a piece 1 f b b th t 1 r th k "f once to the wa r ehouse s thus di s p e n si ng al togethe r with fl c ass o to aclo ecame e ma ena O r e rna mg v of glass bottle in ictmg two very severe cuts on h i s c 1 gars. M o re espec1a ll y the Pennsylvama leaf is the the use of carts or dray s T o shippers of tobacco to hand, one of the gashes near the wri s t penetrating to general favorite, and, it m a y be stated, IS almost exclu foretgn countnes, the facilities afforded by the location bone. and severing an artery. Thli wound s were sJVely worked. That the matenallmproves, not onl) by and perfect i on of arrangements of these warehouses are sewed up and dre s sed by Dr. B. B. Temple and at last the supenor manner of mampulating but also through accounts Giles was doing as w e ll as could be expected, h fl f 1 th t 11 of the most admirable character. Vessels of the heav1est t em uence o our c 1 mate, e wruer asser s, as we as draught as previously stated, going abroad can at all no more serious consequences being apprehended than the widespread and well-deserved reputation <:!Ur cigars an enforced retirement from work for some da ys. The have gained all over the Uni ted States. In com ;equence times enter the spacious slips, their fre ight w i th gnl was taken before Jusl!ce Moseley and 1! appeanng of this reputation the demand f o r N e w O r leans goods exped i t iOn, and Sat\ the uce d i rectly dowr. the bay to the In-evidence that she had acted under circumstances of increases daily, and as natural sequence the cigar ocean. The bu1ldings are all erected on sohd, natural she was let off by paying a fine of manufactories multiply. In former years we had here ground, a circumstance of importance in many ways, JJ a couple of hundred so called manufacturers, not a single at the warehouses. M B. D a v ds is again in the fie ld, and now four Eastern buyers are makmg ,t lively for the farmers; aad our resideR! buyers are not tdle, as 'I! e leam that one man alone has lately bought over three hundred cases of old and new crops. We also Jearn from good authonty that one firm IS buyir.g large quantities of the old crops at ao average of The new crop is being contracted for at 6 @ 8c, and the tobacco tracl'e and' prospects begm to assume a lively hue, and we look for a lively trade and better times. Mr. -IS operating around Stoughton, and has se cured the services of--, who has the reputation of being an expert in handling the weed in all conditions --has sold his '76 crop at 6c. We have no sales to report, as it is a!most for u s to get them only when farmers are delivering; but, if th ey will hear to our offer this week, we shall be able to quote some of the crops that are being bought. There were rsr cases shipped to Philadelphi a a nd 40 cases to New Y ork th1s week False .Jouraalism. NASHVILLE, TEN N Octob e r 14, 1876. EDI TOR NEW Y ORK ToBACCO LEAF ;-Dear Sir Please msert m 1 your paper the mclosed article. We have had no sales tllis wee k or we would report. Yours truly, W. A. BETHEL, Secreta1y 7ob a cco Boar d uf Trade By authority of Tobac co B o ard of Trade. [From Nashville (Tenn. ) Ban n e r O c t o b e r 14] We have seen and read an article wh1c h appears as an ed1torial in the U. S To b a cco '.Jou rnal of the 3d inst., pubhshed in New York headed," A Word to Farmers, whtch has attracted the attention of the trade h ere. Not, however, from the vast amount of intellig ence an d truth forth in the arucl e, but from ils b e ing almo s t entirely void of truth. It is not burdened with either sense or truth. We are at a loss to determine whethe r the article was the pro duction of ignorance, or a natu r al taste for telling that wh1ch i s untrue. \Ve are inclin e d to the belie f that It was the production of a combination of tgnorance and mclination as aforesa1d. I will here quote one para graph of the article referred to W1th the exceptiOn of a sm all section in the S tate of New Y o r k where the t.pbacco plants have b een severe l y d a maJ;:ed by hail sto rm, e v e r y t obacco-ra1smg State of the U nion has produced a tobacco crop wh1c h for magnitude and sue cessful development of the plants ha s no equal in the annals o f the h i story of the country. Irom cally speaktng, the aut hor ts well versed in the hi s tor y of hi s country, both past and present. He puts the State of New York down as havmg suffered damage by hal l ,;wrm. I here state, for the ben e fit of the au t hor, that tf New York State should f a il to produce a s m g le plant f or the nex t ten years, It would not b e known by the t rade. T h e quantity produced by the S tate of New York is so sma!l that the productio n or non-productwn would not be felt by the trade. I furthermore stat!" for the benefit of the author of the truthless article, that Vtrg t nia, Kentuc ky a nd Tennessee much the large s t tobacc o-producing States m the United Sta t es, have not produced th1s season o ver one-h al f of an av e rage crop. This we ,hiuk ts a very lib e ral esti ma te. We t h mk to o large, as at least one half of the pl a ntmgs of Kentucky and Tennessee have been forced p rematurely mto the barns. A good portion of it had not p roduced the first suckers Thts detracts very matena lly from the plant, both m we1ght and quality. We t-stimate that we have one-fourth of an average crop of well-matured tobacco, of much better quality than the last year's crop. Our mfo1 mat ion is that the Missouri crop has been cut green, which lessens it materially in weight and quality. Indiana and Illmois both have about the1r u s ual crop, but of superior quality. These States are both small tobacco-producing States. The Henderson dtstrict of Kentucky reports three-fourths of an av erage crop, and of superior quality, foUited mamly for the stnp market. The cutting rof Kentucky bas a full crop; we are not informed as to quantity or quahty. This, h"owever has but httle influence on the Western export leaf. The writer aga in states:-" Raisers of tobacco should, above all, know the ments and sho r tcomings of their stocks." We here state, for the benefit of the producers, that they Will have to lo o k to some other source for the wanted information than to the arttcle headed A Word to Farmers." 'fhe author also states:-" The grower of tobacco must try and be governed in h1s sales by direct but truthful reports from the tobacco markets, and by the! merits of his own stock." This is good advice. But be careful, Mr. Grower, not l o look to such editorials as the one f rom which we quote, lest you be led astray. No branch of trade is ever benefited by the publica tion of false reports. The nearer we can get at the real situation the better. The more truth we tell, and the less untrutfi, the more wetght we have, and the more benefit we are to tbe trade. We have known men to become wild and excited while laboring under f a lse impressions made by the publication of false articles, and thereby become hope lessly involved in debt, and, instead of becoming auxli haries to trade, they become heavy drawbacks. We should like to see the author of the article re ferred to harmonize it w1th the statistical reports fur nished some weeks since, m watch the status of the crop was fully estimated. By authonty of the Tobacco Board of Trade. W A. BETHEL, Secretary. ABOUT PERIQUE TOBACCO. 1 one employing than forty to fifty hands. N9w we .and more espectally in that Jt msu. res a natura even DESTRUCTIVE FIRE IN LouisVILLE-Loss OVER ha\'e three large factories, one employing one hundred GRAND POINT, ST. JAMES PARISH, LA.,} and who l esome temperature throughout the enure area. $6oo,ooo .-Louisvtlle, October 17.-The most destruc-and twenty-five hands, and the other two are putting on OctofJer 13, r87 6 The vast rooms have only to be seen, one after an tive fire bas visited Louisville in many years more men every day. There are several who employ To THE EDITOR OF THB ToBACCo LEAF:-Szr-As other, to enable tobacco to realize how well occurred at 1 o'clock this morning. The flames were from thirty to sixty. The ctgars made here are of ex-the manufacture of Per1que tobacco is occupying condiscovered in Hecht & Harris's clot'king house, and d k h' b k d d bl 1 b a.Eiapted the.v all are to the economical as well as safe cee mg wor tp, emg .ar supenor m rna e an s1 era e attention at t HS tune, 1t may e to f thence commumcated to Davis & Haden's liquor store, nttmg up of boxes to tho se received from Havana. No your readers to know somethmg about it. Unlike all storage of tobacco. The basements are JUSt 0 the Carson & Daniel's grocery and A. Levy's clothmg house, moulds are used, and yet there is no factory, workmg o ther tobacco, Perique is never s o ld m the leaf, and ev l'ight depth, and the sotl -beneath them just of All establishments represent wholesale firms, and moulds, that can produce such handsome s t yle and fimsh ery producer is compelled to manufacture hts crop be the r ight degree of humidity to preserve weights bloTc;, o;ned by Thorn:r & Co. of of cigars than are made here by hand. Those d i fferent fore placing it upon the market. There are about forty and !'event loss 1from shrmkage or drying out. mcmnau. e sprea across t e street to cigar manufacturers need from :z,soo to J,soo cases of tobacco-growers in this pansh, each one of whom 1s li P 1 d d h r block, damagmg the Alexander Hotel, George Pennsylvania leaf tobacco alone not taking the Havana censed as a manufacturer, in accordance wtth tke laws Th seem also espec1 1ally wel a apte to t e per.ect w w k & c t b d tt h d c G ey IC s o s 0 acco an co ouse l!-0 and other grades of leaf mto account. We are m hopes of the United: States. The manner of plantmg, cutti preserva tion of the tobaccos, or other Sevter's hardware store. The Falls City Furmture Facthat this branch of business will keep on increasing, vating and gathering the crop ts much the same here as Regie sorts, as the sweatmg process will be gradual to_ry and other houses were also damaged: The loss and may, through the excellent quality of the article elsewhere. The step towards making It into Penth, the examinations being less until the whtch the tobacco c ommerce of New York 'has long rebe found in every city in the Umion with thts tvt y prevat s m IS mar e, an a arge n d h h b '76 crop-probably more than half-bas been pur-tobacco is considered fully manufactured. It is then th e y are enabled to supply with the unequaled solitary exceptiOn, oes not see t at ere to acco k fi d f u 1 h 1 d chased at an average of roc. Plantera were surprised ta en rom the press an put mto carrots o vanous c:ac'Jl'l. tt'es now at Lhelt command, and for the favor thus Improves wtth age, w u e m every ot er ocauty tt eh d f b ll d f, th terioratc:s. Retail dealers know that here a better qua]. and literally taken by storm, but now that t ey are acstzes, an a ter emg a owe to rem am a ew moo s rendered by them, the Leaf-tobacco trade of this city, tty of tobacco at a lower price can be purchased than customed to the rush, some of them are inclined to put in the rope used for bmding ir, is then ready for market. and of South and \\Vest, will promptly tender their anywhere else outside of Havana. Buyers come here up the prevath!lg figures, and we are mformed that a Until very recently, the demand for this tobacco has b 1 1 h iew have refused roc, and will hold for 12@rsc. On been quite hmited, on account of tts high price and the appreciative acknowledgments. once a year. It IS a so ute y necessary to awalt t eJr the other hand, buyers are disposed to lower rates, and difficulty of putting it up in convenient packages for The firm of Hoodless & Co. comprises W. J. Hoodarnval. Dealers are compelled to carry heavy stocks, d d 1 1 f 1 l'fi and to do so requires large capt tal and very often heavy contend that a constderable portion of the new crop use, without estroymg the e tctous natura ragrance lJess and Ben Berry. Ot the persona qua 1 caloans They, as a class, perhaps find more reason to must be sold for 7@8c. for which it ill noted. Th1s difficulty is now almost en-tions of these gentlemen it is scarcely necessary to complain of the banks than any other. It is sometimes A few transactions w11l represent the course of busillrely obviated by the plan of cuttmg the tobacco beb d 'th th r h d neQQ tior the week and south fore putting 1t into carrots, now successfully practiced speak. Mr. Hoodless has een connecte ."'. 1 e. 10necessary to borrow fi.ty and c:ven a un red thousand ,... .---------, h 1 C h west of town, and ----and----, west of at the suggestion oi Wm. J Brooks, t e New Or eans spection of tobacco in New York and lls v1cmtty smce dollars at a arne. onstgnments, t e most secure h 1 f h b d b ds f 186'9, and is known as a thoroughly reliable and compe -------, O tent buamess man He will act as the financial and ever, comes round at the expiration of ninety and --,northwest of this place, sold for IICj and-[From Our Home :Journal and Rural Soutllland.J businFss manager of the firm. Major Berry has a wide thev either borrow or force a sale. Q.uestionWhy --,east of town, sold for 12c. \Ve find the following 10 the Soulhetn Cultivator for reputation among tobacco. growers, dealers and shippers then is capital so dtffic11lt to obtain. We know it exists, ( Wu.) I,dejmdenf.-The tobacco market October:-tn the and Southern States. A Kentuckian by and that many wealthy foreigners are glad to accept as s very lively, though but a small amount is bemg de "We are not acquainted witb the manufacturing of "" OCT. 25 Peuque tobacco. In the days when 'we bor e a brain about unsubject to c o nfusion ,' w e used to buy it from the manufacturers of N e w O rleans and smok e it. 'Tis too much f o r our prest:nt capa cit y W t h in k the manufacturers keep their secrets pretty well. We are told it is made in several citi e s. This is what old smokers who have left it off tell us; and our nerves a measure of assent to it Opium and C a nnabis lnd1ca (hasheesh), etc .. by the aid of brand y or htgh wines, are used to flavor it. It is folded and twtsted, and powerfully cempressed hy means of a cord. They say 1t' acts ljke liquor w1th abundance offus1l oil, and makes drun k come quick.' We have 'wntten to a fnend f o r the process, by which a venerable patri;uch of C latborne County, now d e ceased, used to prepart a pure article during the war NoTE.-It ts said that Pierre Chenet, of the parish of St. James-, called b y the Spania rds by the ntckname of -: Perique, is the inventor (>f perique tobacco. This is a mtstake whtch should not be allowed to go uncorrected. P1erre Chenet might have improved the process of manufacture, and so have g i ven its present nam e to it, but the process of makmg this k ind of tobac c o was known to all the Southwestern Indians o f Louisian a Texas and Arkansas, and is still made m a rud e way by many of the tribes. As m ade in Louisiana it is a pos i tiv e l y pure tobacco without any d o c to r i ng Some of th e Indians, as the Caddos, Kiowas, and Pascagoulas, though m a king it in the same manner it is now madt, were in the habit of boilirtg down the root of th e wild plum or Sloe, and the leaves from t i me to time with the decoc ti on; but thos e Indians who c:>uld no t get the w.!d plum d 1 d without it and r e all y made the bes t tobacco. The pro ce s s us e d in Louisiana, m the paushes of J e ff e r3op, Lafourche, St. John, St. James, AscensiOn, Assumption and on Red R1ver, amo n g th e Creo les, is that taken from the Houma and Bayou Goula lnd1ans. The tobacco is raised as any other tobacco, w 1 th un u s u a l care to keep off wor ms. When cut it IS dried in the air, suspended 10 tlte u s ual mann er, but in the shade, and no fir e is eve r used. When thus dried, it is stripped of it s and ste mmt::d; the leaves are put i nt o twists of one or two pound s the old Vi r ginia twist; it is then put mto .a s tr o n g box, usually an oak box, in whtch V1rginia che wing tobacco had been; it is packed t ight into th1s box a n d !JUt undler pres s Tht twisted should be mam p ulated m the same wav as the rest, every d a y that the tw1sts are worked, but shol1ld always, after workmg over be put one over the other and flat. These wrappers should be sprea d ou t on a table, enoggh to cover a roll or carrot, then two or four or five pounds of the un rolled twists should be stl!'aightened out and made into the form of a cigar, as big and long as the arm from the elbow to the hand; t his sbould be carefully ro lle d with the spread leav es and the e11ds tucked in squarely with the wrapper. A cord or plow line should th'en be ughtly wrapped from one end to the other of this roll, and allowed to remain on it for some hours, when the process should be repeated three or four times-by which time the carrot s :llre complete and may be laid away m a ceo! place. Thongh it may be used imme diately, it improves by age until ten years old. Th1s is all the secret of perique tobacco-patience and care. Cisarettes and Boys. An exchange thus expf'esses itself about cigarettes with boys at the end of them :-Cigarettes. you know, are little cigars just as little boys are httle men. Hence they go well together, dgarettes. In Warrenton they are always together, doubtless from that h1gh sense of the fitness of things <'n which the W arrentomans plume themselves All the boys hereabouts have learned to smoke them. (As the word boy has become obsolete, '1\e shoul d say for the benefit of our younger readers who have been born since it passed out of use, that it means a male spectmen of the g e nus homo under twenty one years of age ) Well, then, the boys think it essential to the demon stration of manhood to smoke, and so they acquue tlie accomplishment by dint of efforts worthy of a better cause. Poor little how sick they But they "try, try agai." "Labor conquers :1ll thm gs," and they finally acquire the habit of puffi n g without any qualms of stomach anti with great mental sati s f a ction. When the y begm to fee l firm in emitting blue wreaths from their hps, the ne x t step is to learn to send a double column of smoke through their noses. This done, the highest feat of the boy.smoker awaits and mv1tes their efforts-inhaling. Oh, bli:;s ineffabl e W hen the juvenile puffer can draw a mouthful of smoke into hts lungs speak a few minutes, and then, w1th a calm couctenance and tearless eye, permit it to pass slowly from hiS open mouth into the outer world. EducatiOn is now complete, virihty is demonstrated ; the boy takes his place, he thmks, at r2, 14 or r6 years of age, in the ranks of me111. And now in full attestation of h1s nght to be ranked with men, he must smoke always, regardless of his health, the comfort of other people, or of the proprietE es of life. He meets a lady in the street ; they stop to talk a few minutes. Presto he whips out his Bob White" and his Gambier," rolls up dexterou!tly a dainty cigarette, cracks a match on the sole of his shoe, and puffs away in the fresh face hefore him, with a look in his which says, "Don t you wish you were a man?" And standing still or walking with the lady, silent or chatting, he is whiffing all the while In pauses of the dance at a party, either, because of his thirst for to bacco or his desire to be considered a great srnoker, he joins a party of l;ttle men on the porch of the hospita ble manswn of his host, and, together, they get up such a smoke as to frighten the uninitiated into apprehen sions of a conflagration. Returning with h s veteran compamons, they load the atmosphere of the parlor w1th fumes from tho:lr foul breath, more fitting for a bar room, and very tr mg to the olfactories of refined lad1es. Yuu may see lhe little men at the church door, be fore the a collec t ion of small steam eng i nes in breeches-for they smoke, smoke, smoke. Rushing out of church when the sound of the bene diction has died away, tb.ey again steam up, and puff aw l' y along the line where thdr elders and betters pass out, to tretr infinite annoyance. Can not the boys see that they are doing a very boy ish and very foolish thing? CaR not they be made to know that tkey are mjuring their health, weakening their nervous system, and i njuring the little mind they have ? Will they not learn that to smoke in the pres ence of lad1es on the streets, or to leave them in the parlor for the society of their cigarettes a half-a.dozen times an evemng, is a vulgar and upgentlemanly thing, wh1ch a cultivated gentleman would not have done ten years ago for all the ctgars m Havana? Will they not understand that their performances at the church doors are very ridiculous and gTOssly disgusting? Let them know, once for all, that the men whom they strive to im 1tate heartily regret that they were ever boyish enough or silly enough to learn to smoke, and look upon them-the poor copyists of their vtces-w;th PITY.


OCT. 25 THE TOBACCO MARKET. DOMESTrC. NEW YoRK, Oct9bcr 24.':! The Leaf tobacco market the past week, shows no noteworthy change A )ittle more busmess IS reported in Western and pnces in that department of trade seem to be lackmg m firmness. In Seed leaf less has been done than dunng the precedmg week, nut the sales reported m our last 1ssue were m excess ot the average, so that the fallmg off for the week now review is not to be considered as iudtcatmg a declme m the general volume of busint:ss. On tbe contrary the sales have been large in thts branch of the Leaf trade, and the footings only seem small by compauson -r with the larger number previously reported. For Western leaf the mquiry was just about the same .the past week as it was the previous week, but unre ported sales, made prior to our last cdltwn, added to tile current summ a ry, gives it a slight preponderance m the numbe r of hogsheads snld. So, too, with respect to pnces. For the past few weeks, rates for some graties have been more at buyers' than sellers' option, and at thts moment they are probably no more in favor of the former than they really were a fortnigh t ago The cond1tion of the Western leaf market is essentially good, and any irregulanty perce pt1nle in the matter of prices is traceable to the des!fe to s ell, rather than to any definable circumstance conducive to unsteadmess. THE T -OBACCO LEAF. wa r news from Europe; bur now the golJ a nd exchange markets have assumed thetr normal sta te agaip. We quote to day -Banke rs, 6o days, sterlmg, 482 483Y,; do 3 days, do, 4S5@485 C u m me r cta l, 6o days, 48o@48r. Bankers-6o days, Retchmarks, do 3 days do, 94Y3@955; Commercial, 6o days, Reichm a rks 93Y3@947i Bankers-6o days, trancs, 52o@s2r7.(; do 3 d ays, do, Commerctal, 6o days, do, 525@527Yz. Carey & Yale, Tobacco Freight Brokers, rt>port Tobacco Fre1ghts as follows :-Ltver. pool, per ste am, 45s; per sat!, 35s. London, per steam, 40s; per .sail 32s. 6d. Glasgow, per steam, 45s. Bristol, per steam, Havre, per steam, 45s : Ant werp, per steam, 47s 6d; per satl, 40s. Bremen, per steam, 47s 6d; per sail, 40s. Hamburg, per steam, 47s 6d. & Co 376 cases; A. Cohen, 82 do; Chas. F. Tag & Son, 30 do; Havemeyers & Vtgehus, so do; S. Ruppel, 97 do. Order, 37 do, 6o pkgs. Bv THE NEw YoRK AND NEw HAVEN SrEAMBOAT LINE-M. Westhetm & Co., 7S cases; A. Stein & Co, 2 do; Wm Eggert & Co, 3 do; S. Auerbach, 3 do; Davts & Day, r do; M. A b enhe1m & Co, r do, M Opper, 7 do; G. Reusens, rr do, G Barnng-er, 3 do; M. Wolf, 15 do; F. H. Leggett & Co r do, F. F Ives, 149 do; E. Rosenwald & Brother, 70 do; Joseph Mayer's Sons, 46 do; M. Westerhold, r do; M. Jacoby, 42 do; Chas. F. Tag & Son, 2 do; A. L. & C. L. Holt, 45 do; H. Welsh, I do, 2 pkgs, r case cigars. BY THE HARTFORD LINE-Joseph Sons, 30 cases; H. Schubart & Co., 17 do; Moeller Brothers, 31 do; L. Gershel & Brother, 28 do; Straiton & Storm, do; H. Wasserman, ro do, Frischen, Roess & Schulz, PAI\TJCV:r.AB. NOTICB. 127 do; E Rosenwald & Brother, 6s do; N. LachenGrowen of seed leal tobacco are a@amst ... opung bruch & Br othe r, 7 do; H Schoverlmg, 47 do. reported sales and quotations of seed leaf as furnishing the pr>ces that BY THE OLD DOMINION STEAMSHIP LINE-F. S should b e obt3med for t!>em at firot hand, as these refer in most 1n.stances Kinney, 4 h hds, F. E Owen, r do, 6 trcs ; P. Lonllard to old cr ops whtch have been held nearly a year, and the profit on & Co., 32 do, 4 3 do; W. O. Smith & Co., 296 do, 87 do, which must naturally include the interest on capital mvested. Growers t8 qtr tr cs mfd, 4 etghth trcs do, I40 cases do, Pwneer cannot expect even In the case of new crops, to sell them for the same pt!ces as are obtained on a 1e-sale here. Of course every re-sale must br Tobacco Co., 7 trcs; J.D. Keuly, Jr., III do, 20 cases at aR advance, and therefore tne price obtainable by the growers w11l mid, 52 three-qtr boxes do; Arkell, Tufts & Co., 40 qtr always be somewhat lowe1 man our ouotat10ns. trcs mfd, 75 cases do; Dohan, Carro!! & Co, 25 cases QUOTATIONS OF WHOLESALE PRICES. smkg, r2r do mfd, 6o three qtr boxes do, 55 caddtes do, 2 third boxes do, rs6 caddtes do; Allen & Co., 26r IV'tstt1 n.-L1gbt lc&f. eta. Crop c ommon 0 good tugo. 5)( @ Assorted Lots 6 @ 6)( cases smkg, 57 do mfd, 40 hlf boxes do, 5 qtr boxes do, C oruwon t eat .. .. ... @8)( Fllers 3X, and at very fa1r figures, but the bulk 1s con fined to the crop .of r875, and chtefiy to Con necncut. [ Co1ztu, ued on Seventh: Page ] Dissolution.. PP.I:ILADELPHIA, PA.-H1c kman Me"ra.v & Co., To-bacco dtosolved. Re.m.ovals. Mess rs. Sawye1, Wallace & Co., repo1t:-Western Leaf-The Regte demanc mentioned In our last con tinues; otherwise the market 1s quiet. The sales re ported amount to r,466 hhds, but we thmk them larger. We note 1,r44 for export, pnncipally substanllal Green River, Western District and Clarksvill e smtable for Italian Regte, 147 to 84 to cutters; 8r m jobbers, and ro to speculators. Pnces are eas y and irregular. We on ly know the d e cline on one lo r and that was exactly one dollar and four cents per hundred pounds. However, we will not change our quotat10ns till we see f arther. Fine.................... t4 @6 Fillers 0 4 4 c ses s k d rd k s d I b d p I Selectwns @lJ8 New Y.-k Stai<-Crop 187a t o a m g, 2 0 m1' 5 eg O, 5 q r OXeS O; au H e a v y Le<>/Assorted Lots .......... 7 @ 8 Frankel, I case smkg, I stxth box mfd, 4 caddtes do; 7 @ 9!fltl.rua-Crop 1875 J H Th & C f;d hlf b d Common. 9 @1o Assorted ....... 14 !ih8 OS. Ompson O., 25 Cases m 1 5 OXeS o; :llediuru ...... uX14 Wrawers ......... ao @35 \V1se & Bendhetm, 12 cases smkg, IS do Cigarettes; A. H. Clark & Brother, Leaf Tobacco Brokers, report:W e bad no sales las t week. Our offenngs t.kis week were 26 bhds; rejectiOns, I r hhds; sales, rs hhds-a beggarly showing of business, with a stock in our ware houses of over 2,ooo hhds. But holders believe the crop to be smaller than estimated, and refu se to submit to the decline accepted by other markets as a just one. We quote common at 4@5Y,c; go od lugs, 6@8c; common leaf, 87.(@9Y,c; medtum leaf, 1o@uY,c; good leaf, r2@r3Y,c; fine leaf, selections, 16@ r 7 The weather, sin ce the housing of the cr op, has generally been warm and dry-favorable to a good cunng of the crop. NEw YoRK CITY.-S. Salomon, Cigar Manufacturer, from 192 .Pearl Street to 426 and 428 West Fortieth Street. Ooo d 1-4 @15 W:sco1r.stH. and lllt,ot.I-Crop 18-75 H & C k _, d Fine................... @ Assorted .. .... 4xll!l en o., I case sm g, I .. o c1gars, 4 o ctgarettes; i>e>ecton ........... '6 tiih8 CropS73and4 Jos. D Evans & Co., 8 casesmfd, 4 boxes do, V:rg-11ua. LeafAssorted 6 @ Merfeld, Kemper&< Co, Importers and Packers ot Leaf Tobacco, from 13 r Ma tden Lane to Baltimore, Md. Dark, heavy lugs ........ 7 @ 8lt flltwida-Crop 1874 and ?5 J as. M. Gardmer & Co., 6 cases mfd, 30 hlf be xes d o ; ... 7 @ 8 Moore, Jenkins & Co ., 5 cases mfd, r bbl ptpes; H. K. do extrasb1p'g, U @17)t Common 88 "95 & F. B. Thurber & Co. 50 cases smkg; M. Liu dbetm, Black \Vrappns 18@:n Good. 97" a1o5 Bnght Wrappers. -FIDe uo ano 54 do; W. A. Robinson, 3 cases jllfd ; R. L. Maitland BROOKLYN, N. Y.-H Wulstem, Tobacco Machmery, from 25 Myrtle Avenue to 114 Centre S t reet, New York. lstwee"k. Jan_473 Feb __ z86 March 30c ApriL 9M3 May.r,382 June. 192 July __ 731 Aug._ 9 98 Sept ... 201 Oct_ 470 2d weelc r,o68 645 694 947 3d week. 4th week. 6th week 'l'otal Common to medium .. .. '7 Yar<>-& Co., 5 do; Wm. B'roadhurst, 12 do F. H. Le0<>gett & 7 3 o8 Good ... ...... 30 Assorted lots ,85 a 9<> 20 792 347 ,4 me to extra fine ....... 45 M-f'u:t11n-1n Bond. Tn 24 eta. Co. 2 do; Bulkley, Moore & Co., 5 do; A. C Lamotte, 662 345 2,500 Smoke<> ....... 17 .. perpound. 50 three qtr boxes do, H. Welsh, 10 sixth boxes do, 847 476 Dapple wrappers >5 @3o 6 rff;:C,d_In'or com : Exttu. Ane. ......... .. Carhart Brothers; roo caddies do; Arguimbau, \Vallis & 93 r,934 ----4, 00 Bro"IVD and Greemsa 7 X FlOe................... as .. a Co., 1 case licorice; Order, 1 hhd, 3 I res, 9 cases smkg. 2,246 21457 r,I4I 8 50 0 Medmm.ndfinered 8 @>o Good ................. 28 @8 t d 1 a "" Med,um .............. .. 28 Cl!l2 BY THE NEW YORK BALTIMORE TRANSPORTA 470 412 I, r8o 3 20cf l:om o me spang e 7 "' t;cmmcn ...... .. .. .. .. 18 C spang lod to yello w 10 @ Pressed extra fine 36 (oil{ TION LINE-Funch, Edye & o., 571 hhds 4 boxes leaf; 1,348 4,059 7 ooo Jlllrtllme ...... 26 '' '' 1,37 I 1,4 3>3 Good to fine red ... 9 @a NaHal' Ilmnds and Thirrh Brothers, I36 thtrd boxes do, Bulkley, Moore & Co., I 2 J Fancy.4.. ....... 13 @ 2 0 F v 3 Vtrginta L eaf-The demand for Virgmia eaf has couna Na"'l Haif PoundRtJftd 2Yoif'daC K W S & C 6 mar et a roun Selections ............. @J5 Fino ........ .... .. 18 @26 OASTWlSE FR0M EY ES'letclenberg 0 2 Seed Leaf-A continued good demand is percepli-Crop 1875 Quart.r .Pm.ndor -Fine 25 @28 cases c1gars, 6 bales scraps; Fred'k de Bary & Co., 19 f. 11 fi h h d Fllers .. ...... .... .. 7 @ 8 liOod 20 @23 ble for Seed lea, and especta y or t e orne tra e. seconds ............... '3 @ ... 16 @IS do; L. P & J. :Frank, 5 do; Perea Brothers, 4 do; .For export, also, the inquiry is fairly kept up, and the Wrappers, good, .. .. s 3o .POuaRIIFour ......... 20 @26 McFall & Lawson, 4 do, L. Rodnguez, 3 do, M. Barh fine.... ... 35 a 40 Pocket Pior., ............ H @011 BALTIMORE, October 21.-Messrs. Ed. Wischmeyer for the week embEracFe. allhvari;_tieBs. T 1 b B k ........... 1 @ 9 ............. 23 @26 & Co., Tobacco CommissiOn Merchants, report :-In ..Messrs. ISC er "" ro., o a ceo ro ers, rappen ............... '0 '3 G od 1 8 S Crop 6 ,.,a 35 @lB spectious of L eaf show a still further reductiOn of 131 Water S t reet, report as ftOllows concernmg eed Assorted................ Granulated Smoking ... receipts the past week. The season for active sales is leaf :-Busmess m our branclh remained fairly acttve, .. iaMedium to good ........ @U drawmg to a close. Offerings of fresh samples are ltght although the quantity sold falls short considerably from Crop 874 Good to line ............ 6 4@1.2 0 Fllers ................. 1 @ 9 G\gors-J1omes11c. and sales necessarily restricted. The market is without our last week's report. The demand IS about equally Assorted Lots .......... Havana ... ................ $6oSoo any change worthy of note, and it remams yet to be seen divided between home trade and export, and runs prm....... ... .. 6 @ 8 "?:I what effect the war question m Eastern E.nope will have cipally on wraJ'ptng goods of al! descriptiOnS. In all Assorted ............ 1 8 lect to d1scount t o the Whele9@12, fancy, 13 @ 2o; upper s2s; ground 16c, and so cases 1873 crop, wrappers, at 18@25C. Select10ns ............... ,4 @18 "L"e lra cases.... 28!> 1 d II @ K k c&:A"3751ts net. 2'-" spange to ye ow, ro 15. entuc y-common to at 8@r6I'-'c. EXPORT QUOTATIONS. x.'' t60 lbs. .. 27" d 1 6 @8 Cl k '11 I @ r c goo ugs, .so .so; ar sv1 e ugs, 7 9 ; co111mon J\i(w Y01k met with less inquiry Not oven so cases ; 8 7@ leaf, 9@10; mediUm leaf, 1o@JI ; fatr to good n@14; crops 1874 and r875, including some sinal! pa!'cels for Sconds ................ 6 @ 1 'MF." ... ............. 19 fine, S@I 7 ; selectwns, r8@ 2o. Vuginia-common export, were taken, at 67.(@8c for the latter purpose. .......... 4 l1!l 5 and good lugs,; common to medium leaf, Pennsylva11ia-A fair business done m this kind. Assorted Lots .......... 1 @' "G. s......... ............. @ f d d @ I ,.. 9 I r; a1r to goo o, I2 I4; se et:ttons, 15'!:120; cases changed hands, of which 250 cases assorted. IMPORTS. stems, common to fine, 2@4 Inspected this week, 26r crop 1874 :n.NTWERP-217 h s. on s 1P oar not c ear e ---IS, 3 s Outsi de figures of really heavy bodied quotations for mostly yellow and heavy l).nd the latter on acB hhd 6 d .r r. d d 'T' b 'l'h k t th b h f fi 1 REMEN-17 s, 1 4 o stems, !F3 cases, 292 ure "0 acco.e mar e 10 IS ranc plug-makers' ktnds, if sweet. No bright wrappers on count of laTge pT note eceivers market thts month. Sales during the past week are as fllllows:-Cobnecti-BRITISH AusTRALIA-r8 hhds, 18o pkgs (43,685 !bs) are well supplied wlth stock, but there is no ammation cat, crop 1875, 6o cases, at 90 pfennigs; New York, do mfd. in the trade. Received per Baltimore & Ohio Railroad NEW ORLEANS, October 13.-Messrs. Gunther & I874, 46 cases, at 39 do; Pennsylvama, do I873-74 CANADA-38 bales. from Danville, I78 boxes and 92 caddtes; and from Stevenson, Tobacco Commbsion Merchants report leaf, 108 cases, at 62 do; W1sconsm, do 1874-, 46 cases, CANARY IsLANDs-z9 hhds, 6 cases, 4 pkgs ( 349 lbs) Lxnchburg, 215 boxes and 10 caddies; per Richmond The past week has devo:loped very little ,movement in at 37 do, Ohto, do 1874-75, I48 cases, at 37@40 do; mfd. steamers, z,ro8 packages: and per Norfolk steamers, this market for Leaf. The weather has been generally Ohio, do r875, 98 cases, at 27 do. Total, so6 CuBA-21 pkgs (r,636 lbs) mfd. z66 packages. harsh and dry allowing facrors but few opportunities to cases. DANISH WEST lNDIEs-4 hhds. CHICAGO, O(/oher 21 _Mr. H. H Adams, show samples advantageously. The Italian buyer was Spamsh.-For Havana tobacco there was a e:ood de-DUTCH EAST 1NDIES-z hhds, z8 bales ; g 0 pkgs ( 4 ,411 Tobacco and Cigar Manufacturers' Agent, reports:-! out and took a few small lots, though not more than 111a11d, the sales reaching 8oo bales. Astde from the lbs) mfd. have nothing worthy of note since my last. Sales have rso hhds all told. The French contractor took so hhds, fhe market is wtthout special feature. GLAsGow-49 pkgs (8,624 lbs) mfd. !teen fairly active at the following prices:-Manufac-and Il)aaufacturers and other buyers 55 hhds, makmg a The Messt s. : Ftscher report:-Havana was i n fatr deHAMBURG-r6o hhds, 3s cases, szs bales. tured Tobacco-Common, all styles, sing l e and double total of 255 hhds for the past seven days. Receipts mand, sales reaching 8oo bales, at 90@95c for fatr, ana HAYTI-IS hhds, 95 bales, 6 pkgs (s6o lbs) mfd. thick 42@45, medium do do, 46@48; chorce do do, so@ were. very hght, as is usual here at th1s ttme of the year, $r@x.Io for good fillers. LIVERPOOL-rr7 hhds, s6o pkgs (ro4,8t8 lbs) mfd. 52 Bnght Work, all styles, smgle and double thtckrunmng up only 54 hhds. Exports, 30 hhds to New Manufactured-An observer writes us:-" We would LoNDON-26 hhds, 81 pkgs {n,r6J lbs) mfd. Common do do, 46@48; medtum do do, so@s4;, York. Stock OR shtpboard, on sale and Ill warehouse, report generally a very quiet market for tax-p aid goods, NEw GRENADA-34 cases, 207 bales, 29 pkgs (3,86o choice do do, s6@6c;o; fancy tw1sts, bars, etc., n,s6r hhds. more so than (or some weeks, although we have to note lbs) mfd. s8@7S Fine-cut-Common, $38@42; med1um, 45@ October zo.-The.week has appeared less actiVe some purchases of fine tobacco and also some standard PoRTO RICO-I hhd. 42; good 52Ns8; cho1ce, 62@.72; fancy, 76@8o. any some ume The sales repo:ted 'Drands of meqiullil IIinch bright. Travelers from the SEVILLE-333 hhds. Smokmg-Common, 27@37; granulated in paper .35@ are mcons1derable, though It rs known that different jobbing houses are just starting out, and cusVENEZUELA-r6 pkgs (r,568 lba) mfd 40; do do, cloth, common, 3lS@45; do do, medium, 48 of greater or less magmtude have be e n accomplished, tomers have done the Centennial sight-seeing and gone DOMESTIC RECEIPTS. @S2i do do, good, 6o@7Si do do, choice, 8s@l0o the particulars of have been suppressed by both home, and now we expect to wait for orders, which we The arri vals at the port of New York from doiJiestic Ttade in cigars has beea largely confined to the buyers and seller.s. I he Italian ?uyer out to !; Burbank & Na6h, 45 good busineos dobe by the auction warehouses m Leaf businf>ss credited to mampulators of Manufactured s,oking-An average demand is announced for do; R. L. Maitland & Co., 4 do; P. Lonllard & Co. 37 tobacco. The ofterings sh.ow some httle improvement .Plug tobacco, the past week, conunues to exemplify the smoking tobacco, both local andl country buyers c!ealing do; A. H. Cardozo, 10 do; J. H. Moore & Co., 9 do; in qualtty, but not so much as was hoped for, there be predicuons and strengthen the views so freely expressed to about the usual extent. Stocks, though not large, Blakemore, Mayo & Co., 2 du; Kremelberg & Co., 20 ing a much larger proportion of unsound anu funked by the prominent members of the trade for some ume show full assortments, and are attracdye m q10ality and do; G. R.eusens, 34 do; Garrott & Gnnter, 2 r do; tobacco than usual at thts season of the year. Prices past-thai then and there the bottom of commercial appearance. 1 Order, 29 do. have been steady, without quotable change. Nothing trade had been reached and the tide' turned; henceforth Cgars-For cigars there has been a regular and BY TH& HuD&ON RIVER RAtL:ROAn-Chas. F. Tag & new in Ohio Seed, the offerings bemg chiefly of the low we must necessarily advance towards prosperity and moderately active mquiry. The market is ithout spe Son, 4 hbds, 99 cases; J. R Sutton, ro cases; M. Lind and common sorts, for which the market is very quiet. confidmg mercantile attamments, leavmg individual cial (eature in other c.espects. beim 198 do; Josepb Mayer's Sons, 86 do; C. H. The total offerings at auction for the week were t,oox to depend upon w1se judgment, firm resolution Gold opened at J09* and closed at 1o9Y' Spitzner, 367 do; F. C. Lmde & Co., 9 do; M. Abcn hhds and 294 boxes, aa follows:-and yndmching perseverence to insure positive, practi htip M. & S. Sternberger, helm & Co., 125 do; R. H. Arkenhurgb, 128 do; HneAt the Bodmann Warehouse, 302 hhds and 193 boxes: cal enjoymept. 1 therefore sincerely hope nothi::.g may Advertisements. W. ]. HOODLESS, BEN BERRY W. 'HOODLESS & CO}'. IATIORALTOBACCO IISPECTiOI, Receiving & Forwarding 'Warehouses, Foot of Van Dyke and Partition Sts., Brook4Y""-Bau all"J.obacco care Nabonal Inspeclioo. OFFtC!Ii:lh-1111 WUUam Ito. N. Yol P...UUoa Ito. ..... _.... l-544-SQUIRES, TAYLOR .t, CO., TOBACCO AND GENERAL COIIISSIOB IXRCHAITS',. 45 BROAD STREET, NEW YOD.K WM. I. BROOKS, 82 Cravier New Orleans, La. Agnt for I h e GENUINE Grand Point St. James Parish. PerionB Tobacca. SOJ.E AGENT FOR GEO. E, BOVEE, A. DAMARE, J. A. lii'ALARCHER1 J, A. RICAVB, II,&Jrll'FACTURERS OF PEJR.:J:QlCTE C:J:G-.A.R.ETTEII!!I, ENVIIILOPED IN QOl\N HUSKS. PERIQ,UE SOLD ONLY BY THE POUND AND 17l.'fDBR FULL GUARANTEE. A Fl1LL SUPPLY OF J{, K, 1, ll a, 4 POUND C-'.RROTS ALWAYS ON HAND. S!IIPIIIENTS .MADE TO FOREIGN COUNTRIES, IN BOND FROJI NEW ORLEANS IF DESIRED. THE ATTENTIOII OF CONStl'JIFlRS II CALLED TO 'I'll& FACT THAT THE GEl'flJINE PEIUQ,UE 18 l!I'EVIIIR IOLD EXCEPT IN CARROTS. 589-6>4 CtTY OP Naw YoRK l o l NSPscnoH, l..ONG !JOCK ::,ToRitS, J&Jt<;;EV CJTv 4 1876 NOTICE-TO THE LEAF TOBACCO TRADE OF NEW YORK A.ND VICINITY :-The u ndersig-ned begs to an nounce hHJ in tent1on of rettrtng from the of lns p ectmg and Storage of Tcbacco at the earliest momeut, and would therefore n :que!!ll that no more tobacco be sent to warehouse,.Loug Dock Stores. jersey C1ty, for mspec hon after this date H .\RO HENWOOD. 6o SALE. A Fresh SuwiJ ot f-100,000 Pounds Genume u Dc.ER;rONGUE" FlavQr r for SMO KiN 1 OSACCO Manutacturers, Ill lot t o su1t purchasers, at 1owut figuresMARBURG BROfHERS, t4c;, 147 ami r.c9 S Ch:::.rle!.l B:tltmr..e, Mrl IN ANY QUANTITY, AT FROM $1s:!l 'tO $10 per :Btl:., Parcbased for Cuh Gr Received on C:DSipment. W. Po ll'All&DJGTON, Jobber Clp .... US D7e< Street, Pr<>dence. R. I FOREIGN DIITIES O.N TOB .. U::vo. In Au.skia, Frauce, Italy and Spain, the tobacco commerce Is m.ODop&tlnd by government, antler dlrectiOD of a Regte. In Germany the dut7 on.. American leaf tobacco ta f thalen per loo 1bi. In BeJJium the lmOOil ta reckoned after dedacttn t! per cent. for tare. Tbe doty II 13 fra.aca, .,.. centimes (t:a 40 gold) per roo K1logrammes (ce Amencau lbs eqoa14!5 tlloo.l ID Holland the duty Ia 28 eeato, gold, per oo kilos. taBo Amenoa"' pounds beioi' equal tQ 127 k.Uos.Je In Russia the doty on 1eaf tobacco Is 4-roables 10 topeka per pad; on -.moktng tobacco 26 roub1es cop. per pud, and on cigars' roo, per pud. The upud" l equal to aboat S6 American lbs. In Turkey tile du.t7 is $0 ceats, per American ounceaein Enaland the duties are on unmaaufactured: 1temmed or atrip ped aa.d ua.stemmed., coa.talalnc zo Jbs or more of molature lo 100 lba weight thereof {be.Wee 5 ber cent.., aod an additioaal cbarge of "per cent. on removal from boadecl warehouaea) 31. per lb; coatalaiog leu than. 10 lbs of motsture In every too lba weisht (ezclusle of the e:r:tra charges noted alJoye) J11o 6d pelldlac ""'oWlt. Ti>ia ru16 wi1 lnariably he adilered to. ADVERTISING B.ATES. ONE SQ,UARE (It, l'IIONf'.ARIIIIL LDJBIII OVER ONE COLUMN, ONE YEAR ........... P2o._ DO. DO. SIX MONTHS ................ -' 11M DO. DO. 10.00. OVER TWO COLUMNS, ONE YEAR. 11800 DO. DO. SIX MONTHS. -.. ............ lr.I.QO DO DO. THREE MONTHS TWO Jlq.UARIIl8 (28 KOl'rPAREIL LDJEII OVER TWO COLUMNS, ONE K:AR ... .. ................ 116,00 DO. DO. SIX MONTHS ....... ..... .. .. ll8 00 DO DO. THREE MOJILTHS ..... .. -.... .. .. 82.811 FOUR SQ,UARKS (56 NONPAREIL L15&SI. OVER TWO COLUMNS, ONE YEAR .... .. .. : : .llliii.IMI DO. DO. Jfix j\{QNTHS ............ .' .. : DO DO. THREE YONTHS .. ... .... .... .. GO.OO. FIIlST PA.GE RATES, r-ONE SQUARE, OVER TWO WIDE COLUMNS, ONE YEAR .. 186.011' TWOSQUARES, DO DO. ONEYEAR .. 80000 THREE SQUARES, DO. DO. ONE YEAR .W.OO lliJ'" NO ADVERTISEMENTS ON TlUS PAGE TAXEN FOR LESS THAN ONE YEAR, PAYABLI: FULLY IN ADVANCE. NO DE V1A'l'ION FROM THESE TERMS. TDIIlD PA.GIIl BATIIS. 011111 IIQ.UAB.E liONPARJCIL Lll'fBI)1 TJfUl& MONTHS..... .. ..................................... ..... SIX MONTHS ................................................ .... ONE YL\ll ........................................... ......... 'J&;II, TRANSii'.NT ADVERTIS'IlYIDITI OK TBII: THIIlD PAGZ, .. CENTS PU LUll: J:OR !tACH IBU1TJON. Bankers, report as follows :-During th-e last week meyers & Vtgelius_, 123 do; Order, 4 hhds, 26 cases. -289 hbds cuttiug tobacco: 85 do Ohio at J6.6S@2S-75i occur pohtically, or otherwise, to destroy tbis happy &here was c:ons1derable excttellllent in gold, caYsed by BY THE P&NNSYLVAMJ.A RAILROAD-]. S. Gans, SoDa 204 do Ke11tucky at for common amokers change or mar the eDcouragi11g prospects.j HAlOS ...U.ONJI: llil H :BUSlKESS D1JUDCTOtlY 01' AI). J:UUIT PAOli:, Oll& YKA).., ,. ., .,., ............


T H E T 0 B A C C 0 L E A l'. OCT. 25 cARRoLL &nco::OLL "'""; WS CELEBRATED II FRUITS.A FLOWERS ll Dan Rive r Bouquet,' 'Qold "CODONWEALTH z en,''Planters Pnde, J < J 'Farmer' s Choice,' and J PRINCIPAL OFFICEI!I-142 Water!;treet, and 182 to 186 Pearl Street. "'\VA.REHOUSES-14.!a \Vater1 74, 76 &, 78 Greenwic h Streets, and Hudson River Rail Road Depot, St, John's .Park 1 __ .....;. _______ 11<7PRIC E "LISTS FURNISHED ON APPLICATION : SKOEUfC TO:S.A.OOOS. G. REUSENS, -BENSEL a CO.; BuYER ,oF TOBACCO INSPECTORS, 'r 0 B A C C O, 1 Water Street. 615 STREET, XEWTORlL CASEI!I RECEIVED ... ND CERT.lFICATih U!IUED All UI!IU!I.L. ESTABLISHED IN l8ti 2 CHARLES FINKE, F. & A. McALEER & CO., f.QBAOOO INSPECTOR, _TOBACCO INSPBCTORS 15$ WATER STREET, -Orclen rtor laoaplkltr ln tho Coaat17 "Y'q:rk.. p-:omptl;r to. rcotil'ITRT .&.Too :"l.47 'Water Street, 'PHILADELPHIA BRANCH NEW YORK. JONAS DTZ, 64 NO:S.T:a: Fll.ON'l' STll.EET. ... ALEXANDE. R MAITLAND. L. F. S ROllER' L.'MAlTLAND. ROBERT L,. MAITLAND & CO., Tobacco and Cotton Factors, And General Commission Merchants, 43 BB.OAD STB.J.IIIT,eNBW YOB.B.. ; I liiADE ON CONSIGNliiEN'l'S TO LONDON AND LIVERPOOL. a for !!estrs WK. CA!!Ell.ON .!G :B:aO.'S Celebrated :Brlllcls of :Manufactured Tobacco. r D. J. GARTH, SON &: CO., S. E. THOMPS,ON, (Successor s to CHARLES B. FALLEN5TKIK & Co.,) f .RANCIS s : KINNEY'S PATENT IMPROVED CUTTER. J I Toba.cco a.nd Cotton Factor, Commission i-AND-This Improved Machine for Cutting Tobacco Is constructed with a .kni(e wo.r1dog 1 bearings, :=ond operating w ith a shear cut upon the tobacco whtch ts placed m a oox wtlh Sldell a right a :ngles and bottom paralle l with said knife. This machine will cut any kind of tobacco and cut tt P erfectly. ........ N .. I ... DIOBAN'l', NO. 44 BROAD ST., l'lug Twist, Prique In Carrot .. and any similarly hard prepared tobaccos can be cut In the!T hard state, Iii' .Iii "' AoW ......, without a n y casing, or any other moistening to soften thf':m 54 & 66 BROAD STREE Cbao M .Gorth, NEW YORK ofth-.mostsubstantialkind,slowtowearanddtfficulttodlsorder .. T D. T. Garth, } It makes no shorts can be run by hand or p ower, requi.res n o skill to operate it; i ts construction 1 S Henry Schroder, PRICE OF MACHINE COMPLETE, with Pross (box 4)>x6xoo tnches), 1210 net caob, p.o.soxa&98 .. NEWYORK. Off.Lce-141 'West :Sroa.c!wa.y, N.Y. ,. Q1JIB & GO N. B.-The attention ofmanufacturersof Cinrette a:nd Turkish, and a.ll Fancy Straight Cuts, I Bright Leaf, etc., etc. is particularly called to this l\lachme. .SJEo. F.'PARKER, TOBACCOFAGTOBS,-w.H. Western and Virginia Leaf, LATE OF TERWILLIGER & CO., tiGARS & LEAF TOBACCO, WeldedTESt;;li)Ji' :;d Iron 218 Fulton &191 Gr11nwloh Sta., I. Y. p. W. TATGERRORST, 'I'O:S.A.CCO -At'D. MEBCHAIT, 68 BROAD STREET., NEW YORK. T .BiilVIAS IIRIICUTT, XENTO'CXY and VII!.GIMA Leaf Tobacco, No. 52 -BROAD STREET, NEW YORK. PRESCOTT BURBANK. GEO. P. NASH. :E'A'l'MA,.X -" 00., Cotton and Tobacco Factors, BURBANK &. NASH, I:DID'B.OVIID .AND COMMISSION MER,CHANTS, 70 & 72 BROAD ST., To B C C 0 PIBB &: BUB&LAB PRDOP XEW YOIUt -miNGO &" BROTHQ1 A. H .-CARDOZO, J KENT"UCKY R LBA f: .. TQ. B A .CCO & FAC.TO .. .. G-tl tommlej011 erclwlt, H B&O.&D' 8TB.JIIIIJI, . VO&"k. 1 lio : 88 IITB.EE'r. B. T. . ... ,_.,.. ,l: ..... PATENT INSIDE WORK AND HJNGEI:! OAP GREATEST IMPROVEMENT OF THE AGE. No Safe Complet e Without It I I No. 54 Maiden Lane, I Nea r William Street, "NEW YORK. IIOF' Teotlmoda1 Dd Prlr.e furnished on appllcatlea s PRENTICE'S CIGAR SHAPING MOULD \ & RETAINERS. Patented January u, and May :J3, d71. And other Brands ol Chewirur and Smoking Tobaccos, &3 &13 I< 7 Jeft'eraoa Ave. ;DETROIT, MICH. The NERVE is sold by Firstclass Dealen lhroughout the United States, and we claim it (0 be tbe'"BssT"' FINK-CUT TOBACCO that can be made. The Trade a Specialty. I I mporters of SPANISH AND PACKERS OF SEED LEAF TOBCCOS W.&TIIB. STJ.U:mT, NEW Y8RK. M. H. LEVIN, MPORTER of HAVANA AND DEALER IN ALL KINDS OF LEAP TOBACC.O, 162 Pearl Street, llew York. B. SCBOVBRLIIG,, ALL KINDS OF B H n L B A p T 0 B A c co s iorgfeldt & Deghuee, 1 42 WATER ST., NEW YORK.. g-Packing House in New Milford. Conn. PATENT 1 w. SVHOVERLING ... CO. ; Tohacco Mac1Iinory 00., U 1 16o PEARL ST., NEw Yoi.L 114 CENTRE STREETl NEW YORK. P 0. Box 5091, New York. lkJ"' So l e Agrnts in the Unltrd States for Ferdinand Flinsch's O f fenbacham-MalB Celebrate d M a chin e for Packin&' Manufactured Tobacco. Constantly or. b and the B est Tm proved Hand and Steam Machines f:>r Cutt ing and Granulatin&: To b acco, JAS. M. GARDINER,_ TOBACCO COMMISSION MERCHANT, 84 Front Street, New York, IS RECEIVING DIRECT FROM VIRGINIA CONSIGNMENtS OF MANUFACTURED TOBACCO. Export Ord.ers for Plug Tobacco Promptly Filled.. p .... oOCPJ;f s ;noHt< cutoo RBJTznNSTBtN REYN ES BROTHERS & CO,, STROHN & Commission :Merchants, :ciM:MISSION MERCHANTS, 4G -" 48 llxchange !"lace, ALSO DBALBRS 1:-i" ., DOMESTIC; And lmpGrt-ers of .N'e""'DV York.. AND FOREIGN TOBACCO, 1.'16 FBONT STREET,, lfEW YO:S.X. CARL UPIIANN, -TOBACCO l J. D. & CO., BALTIMORE, M-. X BEKELllEJ.G, SCUEFEI .!G CO., NEW ORLEANS, LA. Itll.E:W:Lm:ll.G k CO., LOUISVILLE, KY. MIBtHAm: CHAS. F. T .IG &: 5911, 1mporlers of S:P ANISH .and in all kinds of LEAF TOBACCO, 184 Front Street, KB\V lrOJUE. G. REISMANR, Commission Merchant, AJID D&AL&R IM ALL K1ftDS OF LEAF TOBACCO, 17S Pearl Street, :Bet. NEW YORK. N. LACBENBRUOB & BRO., No. 164 Water Street, New York, WHOLESALE l)EALBRS lK Pgvu1n101 1nPHf" HAY ANA DOMESTic FELIX GARCIA, ::_: 1liL Leaf Tobacco. IMPORTER OF NEWTORX. HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO A1.'1.d Cigars! 167 Water Street, :NEW YORK. EST A.HLISIIED 1822. UCOPEIBAGBI SNUFF," Manufactured only by WEYMAN & BAOTHER, \,etters Patent, December 26, YS6S. A n our copyright will be rlgorous'ly pror f'tr.ut eri WM. PRICE, LEAP TOBACCO, 119 Maiden Lane, NEW YORK. MANUEL RIVERA,. IMPORTER OF :n:: A "VA J.\T A LEAF TOBACCO Brand.'"A. C. Y." AND CIGARS, Bran a. CA:BANN AS. 18 COVB.T BTB.J.IIIT, BROOKLYN, N. Y. VEGA & BERNHEIM, IMPORTERS OF I _CHARLES A. Ag't. Lithog:apher Printer, and 01 A Large _._ssomnent Corsstantly on Rllnd. 5 c:t,atham St., cor. William. N. RIVERA &: GARCII; I CIGARS, And fmporten of HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO 8 COURT STREET, BROOKLYI, !1. Y co.l rOBACCtJ AND CIGlBS, AND DEA.LkRS Jll PIPES. etc., 'IICTORIES AT 484 !IROAD STREET, lfEWIRI AND IN CALDWELL. N TOBACCO "BAGGING. IMITATION SPANISH LINEN, r .Al\TCY STRIPES, And all Jr4#,ds of Goods used fo r putt4>g up Smok. ingTobacco. A lso complete assortment of Smokers ArtJ .!les for the Trade hOWAID SANGER & CO., 101:5 & 107 ST NEW YORK. KEYSTONE CLAY TOBACCO PIPE W QBKS. FALLENSTEIN & JJ.&.NUFACTURER8 OFFIR8T-OLASS' I TOBACCO COMMISSION .,, JKFIR.OEI:.ANT, PENINGTON, ,RICE & co., BRii. MKN FuR PRICE L_ISTS. 18 North Seventh St., .. _. r ....


.. OCT. 25 THE TOBACCO LEAFo' 5 SUPERIOR MAKE AND .._ No. 1,.0 WATJ:IB. s ... B.B:B-T, II':B'W 203 Pearl Street. New York. ":l AND CONNECTICUT SEED LEAF WRAPPER OF OUR OWN PACKING. PACKERS OF DOMESTIC :.: Prlme.Quallty of .a.. i) LEAF t MANUFACTURERS OF CIGARS, PACKER, \;.1 LEAF TOBACCO, CEDAR WOOD, 293, 295 & 297 Monroe St., AND NEW YORK. DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, __;:1:...;..78 & 180 NEW YORK. ___ I9_I_P_e_a_rl __ s_tr_e_e_t_, _N_e_w_Y_o_r_k_. __ WAREHOUSE 0 ELEGANT CIGAR SHOW CASES ALLEN & co.,. 173 & 175 CHAMBERS ST., NEW YORK, II COMMISSION MERCHANTS &. IMl'ORTERS OF )FORHOTELSANDG:aocERS. WHOLESALE DEALERS AND AGENTS FOR 01c....y ALL Y9RK TOBACCO l 77 W.A.'I'JCE. S'I'., NJCW' YO:a%Ji llRIIl b 11 JIA, P. Lorillard & Co., D. H. McAlpm. & Co., Thos. Hoyt & Co., Etc. KAUFMANN BROS. & BONDY ALSO AGENTS FOR m T BTAcrfELL & -MAHBUIIG MANUFACTURERS OF FINE: CIGARS, Licorice Paste, POWDERED LICORICE, GUM ARABIC, OLIVE OIL, OTTO ROSEi, Tonqua Beans, H. ROCHOLLr Prosident. n .. hi1 ., 129 &. 131 GB.AND STB.:B:E:T, II'E"V SEAL OF And all other Mate.ials for Fl avoring used by Manufacturers, including the 6nesC Essential Oils, NORTH CAROLINA WM EGGERT & CO. DURHAM, And Other Brands. IMPuRTERS O F :a: .A. "V .A. N .A N". c::. s K K D LH APLEf ONB A c c 0, BROTHERS_ J Ill PURL STREET I NEW YORK. I LODEN STEIN & GANS 94 l! St., Cincilllla.ti, 0 WHOLESALE DEALERS IN E. & G. FRIEND & CO., Jm.porters and Dealers itt LEAP TOBACCO, 129 Mf'lden Lane. Farr-ro, \ NEW YORK EowARO FR&No, ]a., L1!0NARD FanNn. a S. STIRIBERGER roum1 AID BAJDBS, Ill'" 1'10. PLACE, N. Y, SEED AND GliAVANA TOBACCOS, SOL"E AGENTS AND IMPORTERS OF THE GENUINE W. & M. C::J:G-.A.El. PRESSES, STRAPS & CUTTERS, Importers of German and Spanl_sh C!gar Ribbons, No.' 1 MAIDEN LANE, YORK Sheet Metal Cigar Moulds This Is the ""ly Mnuld St>:tablo for the Manufacture of Fint!! H a:ana Tin is w ell kuown to be the ..telicate aromas. The produced by" this Mould do nat turninJZ, as is shown. Ctrculars, address : NAPOLEON DUBRUL, WISE & BENDHEIM, !:06 CRAMliEltS S'I'UEl', a.nd 121 BOWEltY, SOLE AGENTS FOR THE WELL-KNOWN R.T.FAUCETT&CO.'S PAVOBITB DUBHAI TOBACCO; ALSO, JOBBERS IN ALL KII!iDS OF VIRGINIA. NORTil CAROLINA PLVG AND 111. SALOMON, E. SALOMON, M. & E. SALOMON, PACKERS OF SEED LEAF, A N D I MPORTERS O F Havana and 85 MAIDEN -...ANE, N. Y. .. .. ._ ,, -W H. Schieffelin & Co., 170 ed 172 WILLUK S'l'B.EE'l', NEW YOU. SANCHEZ, HAYA '*c CO., l 30, 132 & 134 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK : MANUFACTURERS OF FINEST CLEAR HAVANA CIGARS AND IMPORTERS OF -........ HavaJJ.a Cigars and Leaf Tobacco E. W. ::&:E.ICBS, MANUFACTURER OF CIGAR BOXEF AND Ii\IPORTER m .. GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS of OS"ENElt'!YCX I& CO., ed F. :SOCltELMANN D:ShLRR IN Cigar-Mould Presses, Straps am, Cutters, 0 283 SOUTH STIUET. N. v : Draw Bill of Echange on the principal c\tleo of Eu. rope ; is.sue Circular Letters of Credit to Traveln. and p-aot Commercial Credits; receive MoDeJ on D paait, aubject to 8i8'ht Checks, upon which interellt Wfll be allowed; pay particular attention to tho Negotl atlorlf').'( LoaDS. gbail Street kondoa, E. C. I P S.-Havana)J Pattern Cigars, weigbimg 65 to a lb., price t5 doUan per tooo free ln Bond., in .. Ct. "Britain.. 1118 Ma,ideD 1.888. 1r 1 I .'-NEW CIGAR BOX BOARD PLANING MA E& Sa\e 400 per c.-nt. in fabor; plane5 roo boards pet minute i needs only one man1 s attention; does eaperi ... work t o a u y other macbnc. A. & F. BROWN, MANUFACTURER OF THE CELEBRATED BRANDS OF .! 57 'to, 61 S'tree-t. N"e-ov York. lllANVFACTVRERS OF CI.GAil liiOULD,PRES!IES, BOX PRESSES A.NQ STR.I. .... Fine-cut Chewing Tobacco REPPiiiiiiMERA&IGMAURER\; Oneida Chief and Sunset. EN C ANDsrPRfN T E R S TOBACCO AT -I AT 0!.'1 HAND AND !.'lEW DESIGNS MADE TO .)RDE&. SAN F :X: L Z P E G-X L R. 0 Y. 22.ed lli NOBtl'K WILLIAK S'mEU. NEW YOrut r All a.nd Tobacco by us _are of GBQWN LEAF, 'JOHN F EIFERT' CURED BY THE CULP PROCESS. DEALERIN Our Cigars are finer in flavor than any made in the United States, o f American Grown To bacco, and are pronounoed by competent judge equal to those imparted from E:avana, while our prices compete with the better class of Domestic Cigars. SMOKING TOBACCOS. The Smoking Tobaccos manufactured by this ,::ompany are perfectly pure, possessina; a DEPTH AND DELICACY OF LAVOB. tTNS'O"ltl'ASSED, while they contain LESS NICOTINE than tobacco cured by any other known process. :BDGAB. :BB.IGGS, Agent, Office and Salesroom, No. 207 Front Street, San Francisco, Cal., And Branch Office,r2o Water St., New York. TOBAC 0 0 LABELS, for Smoking anq Manufactured Tobacco, 7URNISHED BY THE BATCH LITBO&RAPBIC-COIPANY, ;: /!!l & 84 STREET, NEW YORK. AT GREATLY.REDUCED PRICES. Internal Revenue Books. TIN FOIL. CEDAR ""W!OOD FOR CICARil BOXES, 291, 293 &. 295 MONROE STREET, NEW YOEX. Particular Attention paid to Sawing, and Planing to order. Centennial Trict Ci[ar Case. r J A. 1Fine Cigars, r. And Bealer iu LEAF 21 BOWERY, NEW YORK. f Wan .. A loYIIfJ for the Centennial Year. Fine s e g U"\ .. S s SELLS AT SIGHT. l THE :TRICK. NO. 290 & 292 BOWERY, You offe r a friend a oigar from the Centennial Cue, which is filled, and as he attempts to take one you NEW YORK. touch a secret sprin g the Ci,ars vani5h and in their _________ ........ ...._ 1 stead appean the .._. Spirit o '' in t h e form of-'a striklngty characterlatic Continental, tq the, astoni&hJOHN .. CROOKE 1 Tho Original Internal PobllsbiDJ ESTABLISHED 1 '703. C. JOURCENSEN, fSOL& IOCC&SSOI TO BSTJ& SMITH, P. 0 Box 5.6"7, 37 LIBEBTY &T., ]!(,'Ito llran41Da lmla u4 Btencl1l a Speclaltf, Of err description at Lowest Prloee. SEND i'OR. l'IUCES. ., EXPLANATION WITH EACH CASE. MANUFACTURER 01' Price $6.00 per doz. TIN FOIL AND BOTTLE CAPS, LOTS doaen or less can be oenl by mall. PLAIII A!1D COLORED. Send your onlrs to BOT.LING KILLS, 38 CB.O!lBY ed 163 .t 165 C. F. A. H INRtCHS, KVIJIEBIY STUE'l'S. NEW YOU. Dealer in SKOXEBS' AtrriCLESJ --------------------;OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, GIRARD IlTTS a CO., General Auctioneers -ANDCOMMISSION MERCHANTS. S.TORE AND SALESROOM : 1 OLD SLIP a 104 PEARL STREET, MISFIT -CARPETS: GLACCUM a, SCHLOSSEBt l English Bnssels, Three-Ply and Ingrain, also, Stair Carpets, Velvet cox and cox, -JO.>NVFACTI>RUS o (One door from Haaover Squarej liEW lC.OJiK Rugs, Crumb loths, Oil Cloths, etc., very cheap at.the 1 COUNSe,llOR$ _AT LAW J"iDe Cig'Qr.aJI 112 FULTQN' STREET, NEWYORK. 229 BltOADWAY, NEW YOBit, U'1.&> U9A'l'TOBNEY Oarpets carefully packed and sent to any part of the. I Ac\.'CJ' '"cAsEs KllLATINc To ..... auecu .. NEW YORK .... Send for of charge. J, A. BENDALL. I PATENTS AND TRADE MARKS celebrated I COURTS .."J"paiEKT OFFICE-:!.;:.Iaiii ond J>q. Other fltorillt IIQaolo _.


t 6 .t"hila.delphia Advertis e ments. KNECHT, SMITH & CO., S't'-'!CESSOKS TO STEINER, SMITH BROS. & KNECHT, BEALERS I N AL L K INDS O F LEAF TOBACCO, ,. A"ND MANUFACTURERS OF AlfD DEALERS IN CIGARS .-131 Korth Third Street, Philadelphia. TELLI ER BROTHERS, Packers, Commission Merchants; and Wholesale Deaters, in Foreign and Domestic Leaf Tobacco, ( t17 North Third Street, Philadelphia. W. EIRENLOHR & CO., PACK.Ut S AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, ltl5lii.'\VA T E K S T.,PHILADELP,HIA .. -----W. EISENLOHR, S W C L ARK.. PHIL. BONN. L. BAMBERGER & CO., LEWIS BREMER'S SONS, W h o lesale Dealers iR 'LEAF" AND MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, NO. 322 NORTH THIRD STREET, PH'ILADELPHIA. l Packers, Commission Merchants AND WHOLESALE DEAL E R S IN 'r HE T 0 B A C C 0 LEA :F. Baltim.ore Advertisemea.ts --------...._ __________ A. BOYD & WHOLESALE DEALERS IN MAIVUPACTURBD ANJJ LBAP TOBACCO, CI&AIIl &l 33 SOUTH ST. BALTIMORE. 01'HOS W. CRO!IIER.j L. GENERAL COMMISSION MERCIIANT, No;. 9 SOUTEr GAY &T::El.EET. ll A J:. T J. M 0 :a 1:, Mr. Liberal Advancements Made on Consignments to my Address. WESTERN Cincinnati .. and Toledo Advertisements. HENRY BESUDEN, R.MALLAY & BRO D E AL E R IN Dealer s i n LEAF TOBACCO, LEAF TOBACCO. 1 15 and 1 17 West Front St., lCL _163, & 165 Pearl Stret { O OIOO'K OP :B;:,)( S TREliT ) :Between Race aad Elm, OCT.; 25. EASTERN ADYER'rtSEMENTS. J. DIX & CO., .. Packers and Deal e r s in. cnmrrunr LEAF TIIBACtO, 217 STATE STREET, HAKTPORD CONl'fe WI\ .. WESTPHAL, COMMISSION MERCHANT An d D e a le't lA CINCINNATI CONNECTICUT IE Llf Tobacco, OINOINNATL 0 LOUIS KROHN. LEOPOLD F EISS. .. MOSES KROHN Stat.(! St Hartford. Conn. cEo. KERCKHOFF tc co., KROHN FEIS s CO Packers of Seed. Leaf (I ., COlOOlCTICUT =LEAF AND DEALERS IN SPANISH TOBACGOS, MANUFACTURERS OF 49 South Charles St., Baltimore. Md. 1.1 H A KTFOuo coNN GEO KERCKHOFF GEO. P. U NVERZAGT. c=-:c;;...&;:::EC:.: G. w. GRAvEs. AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOB! .CCO, ED. WJ.l;CHMEYER. HY W I SCHMEYER. PAQtD. AND D&ALEB llf Fnm CONNECTICUT SEED-LEAP I'J."OBACCO,. DUI'BUltY, CONNECTICUT. C. 0. HOLYOKE, LEAF TOBACCO, ED. WISCHMEYER & CO Commission. AND DEALERS IN LIEAF TOBACCO, 150 WZST lrO'O'l:l. TH ST:al&ZT, CINCINNATI, OHIO. COMXISSION MERCHANT No. 220 North Third. St., Phila.c!elphia A NEW DEPARTURE! by JAMES DALEY tc CO., CORJITER THIRD AND RACE STREETS, PIDLADELPHIA. 'rAll klds o f Leaf T o bacco R e -!elected and Re-pa cked i n cases, ranging f r o m 30 to 70 p o u nds, a t the Low. es arket l ?rice guarantee d actu a l weight and free fro m -bitte n or r u b b l a h lea.f of any k ind. A A lao General Supply S t o r e of ev e r y article connecte? w 1th the trade. If. B.-Orders for s m all cases receiv e prompt attentiOn. MOORE d: HAY, AND DEALERS IN LEAF, PLUG TOBACCO & CIGARS, g 39 SOUTH CALVERT STREET, N E A R LoMBARD S ntEID.a. -v ... I 17 Lombard Street, Pl t:LADELPtfe fl. PA. CLARKSVILLE, Teaa., IILDRAND & KLIN8ENBER8, T J D U N N & C 0 ., -' BALTDtORE, JID. --) -Bretl&ertoa B-.fldfap. R. A. MILLS, JbnufacturersofandDealersllo '-LEAF TOBACCO : JOHN 10 NORT:i JOHN STREET, .,. HOPKINSVILLE,KJ'I TOBACCO BROKER PINK &IGABS, I Commission Merchants, So t e ; I D d World-Renowned Braa -plar lilta Philadelphia. p G w w :1 PHILADELPUIA. pm:r.ADm:r.BIA; o. Icx s. N. Fu..... DAl'iviLLE, v A ...... MDL. AI>OI.P. WAGN.... .. EDllu-rinsll(t"c ... ooo"' Ul'"" MIIRl' PJI'IB IAJITl!APfBY. JOHN J. LUDY, Five :S:rothers Tobacco Works J. E. S C ,_ _A_ 0 11 n n AlW ex auuw b O'Jlll Utllb 11 J OHN FINZE R BEK.nNzER, FRED. nNzER NOWL ".fOUNGER co OZ"V"el', 00.-. lliillli Owj L 'l M aoufactureroftheCelellorateSLl'UJ ,---li2S Jl 6li SOV':Jr J!, 1'lmrA. U"l.lloen


OCT. 25 SUTRO a NEWMARK, MANUFACTURERS OF AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 1 6 PARK PLACE, NEW YORK. KERBS&. SPIESS, :Manufacturers of Fine Cigars, and Dealers in LEAF TOBACCO, ADoLPH KERBS. 35 N e w york. Lours SPIESS. RELIANCE CIGAR MANUFACTORY. FOSTER, HILSON A CO., THE TOBACCO LEAF. l. HIRSCHHORN MANUFACTURERS OF FINE BAND IIADE CI&ABS, AND SOLE MANUFACTURERS O F THE tra, while 112 hhds Maryland found buyers. Stock to day, r,rr2 hhds Maryland, 56 do Kentucky, bales English East Indian, 16,325 do Java, 385 do Sumatra. LIVERPOOL, October 7.-Messrs. F. W. Smythe & Co., Tobacco Commission Merchants, report :-Little business has passer! in our market during the week end ing Manufacturers were almost the oniy opera tors, and tbeir transactions were confined to strictly purchases. Prices for old tobacco show no ma terial change, and demanded for the little of the mw sampled make quotaions somewhat nominal. Im ports, r ,I 53 hhds; deliveries, 496; stock, 35, I3o, against 27,642 same time last year. LONDON, Octobe r 12.-Messrs. Grant, Chambers & Co. report :--There has been rather more in Amaican tobacco during the l?.St week. The sat:Jpling of t 'he last import had to be discontinued in consequence o.f the weather. What hl>s been opened pr:JVeJ to be unsatisfactory in condition. For export little has been done. Westem leaf and strips have had a fair amount of attention, but transactions are limited. Vir ginia leaf and st1'ips-In the former a fair business done; in the latter a moderate business done. Ma1ylrmd and Ohio-In the former litt l e done; the latter of light color in demand. Cavendish has been dull oi sale; but li t tle in the market. TOM MOORE AND EJB.AN'DS. Our monthly report is as follows :-There has been LAFAYETTE rather more inquiry during the month of September for the better grades of American tobacco suitable for home trade purposes, and moderate sales have been effected LIQUORICE PASIE. SPANISH LIRUOBICl TIJBKISH LIRDOBICl TIUI UNDERSIGNED CONTINlJES "1'0 IMPORT AND MANlJFACTURE PURE SPANISH AND TURKEY LIQ,UOIUCE OF UNIFORJI Q-UALITY Al'I'"D GUARANTEED '1'0 GIVE IIATIAFACTION TO EYJIRY TOBA:ElCO liA.NVFACTURER USING THE SAlliE. II' THE OLD FAVORITE BRAND OF J. C. y Ca.. IS ALWAYS READY FORi DELIVERY AT THE SHORTEST NOTICE, ALSO A. Q. c., P. 'I' <:::> AND HIS OTHER BRANDS OF TURKISH PASTE, ALL OF WHICH ARE GIVING I.YCREASED SATISFAOTION, AS INSTANCED BY THE RAPIDLY GROWING DEMAND AND EN. TIRE ABSENCE OF COMPLAINTS. CAUTION. -It having come to my knowledge that, in several atances, Liquorice Paste falsely represented as being of my manuf:)cture has been offere e !or sale by parties to suit their own purposes, who have no auihority to aell my brands, the present serves to CAU'I'ION :all Tobacco Manufacturers against the same and to atve notice that bereaftet" every cas e of my manuf ac ture will be branded with my Trade-Mark, acquired under the laws of the United States, and clny unprincipled perso <:oanterfeiting this Trade .. b:J:ark wiU be rirorou.sly prosecuted. JAMES C. McANDREW, 55 ATER STREET. NJ:W YORK. at full market quotations. Tt:e last imports are now beginning to be sampled. Many of the parcels are, however, turning out i n condition, and t3e bulle of what has already been seen b found to be deficient in quality and mixed in character. Respecting the grow ing cru;:> there are various reports, some ad vices stating that much of the late plar.ted tobacco will be found so stunted in growth as to be hardly worth the expense of ga1hering, and the bulk of the cr:1p only of a poor character. In substitutes there has been a good busi ness done at fair prices. The consumption of some growths continues to increase. For cigar tobacco there has only been a mOderate demand. Imports, 3,888 hhds. Deliveries, 767 hhds, against 852 do in the cor responding month of last year. Stock, r6,233 hhds, against 14,858 uo in r875, 17,936 do in r874, I4,or5 do in r873 14,693 do in r872, r8,o44 r87r, and I4,745 do in r87o. Virginia Leaf and Strips-In the former sales have been confined to light classes, of which there is a full sto c k offering. For strips there has been a fair demaud. H a d there been more of the fine rich wrapping classes o fferin;!, further operations would have t of Maryland leaf. the market. Rio Grande-Continues the press and attracted considerable interest. down dar and de feller 10' ICfiMOND 0 b M R A M"ll T neglected, ai:td is difficult to place. Java-Has been We have believed for some time from observation of de bank looked at me an' R c,o cr 2 r.r. l s, od M R" h 1 I h .a d M h freely when offered at moderate prices; harJ er. tees expt:nment t at t1e c neumon uy if prop-den he struck up his nose bacco Broker an CommiSsion ere ant, reports:-scriptions are sought af-ttr. Sumatra-Continues in erly cultivated, wou l d prove a destroyer of tebacco and yelled out, 'What's Since my last report there has been no change worthy moderate request, fine dark are v:anted. worm, and now the fact has been demonstrateJ. Yere name, an' whar ) OU o f note in our market for L;caj. Prices rule very firm, F II M I b h Dutch and German-Have moved off steadily; the sup-o owmg rs r. Rrce s second letter on the subject live?' I tole him mighty with an u. pward tend_ ency, partic_ular Yon ng t wrapf d bl d f h 1 gL."lQg the re .. ult of ht's late exper1'ment.- h h cl d b h h f h 1 o goo servrcea e escnpllons o t e alter are straight, an' den he wanted pers, w tc are to e tg or t e next twe ve limited. Japan-Of good dry condition and well se-Editors Tobacco Lcaf:-I promised after frost to give me to wri!e my name on de months, at least. 1 he transactions 92 r hhds, 7 5 lected continues in favor. About r,300 bales found you the result of further experiments with the tobacc() back, an' fool around an' trcs, I3 boxels. ID e-ukolte for of tobacco buyers at aucuon, and the sound portion brought full W9rm llnd the Ichneumon fly. Not a single worm has fool round, an' I jist picked be@ing so d:d ar fi ug s, mbe. pri.:es. 'Til ere is but little now offaing on the market. escaped the Ichneumon fly, although the "tobacco worm up de manuscript an' wa lked ea 9 12c;_ goo to ne, 13'-'='1 c; ng t ers, com-H N tl d L t k' M ff 1 1 has been more numerous this season than for year., vet out. De family is out of mon to medrum, Io@rs-c; good. to fine, I6@2oc; wrap-unganan-o 11Dg one. a a ta-oves o sow y I h b r 8 k at fair priCes. A few bales of very fine quality bave on my Pace t ere has not een one-1outth as many as 'taters an' meat, an' lu' like pers, 20@ oc; SID? ers, ro@35Cjust been sampled. Negrohead and Cavendish-In the there were last season. I have every thing attractive to settle dat account _for ST. LOUIS, Ortobef' r8.-Mr. J. E Haynes, Dealer in former little clone; the latter, of good quality, in more to the tobacco always in bloom, tobacco. postage-stamps or shIllLea{ Tobacco, retJorts:-Received 99 hhds, against 159 request. Stalks and Smalls-In dt!mand. tomato and mght-shade, yet they do not apoear. In plasters." the previous week. No material c!1ange in the general August, when the worms were so numerous, the Ichneu. -- c0ndition of the rnarket to report, except that there has mon was so abundant that they kille d most of the worms A CAusE FOR FANCY" recently been rather more inquiry for factory-dried Weekly Statistics of the Bremen Market, when about the size of .a large rye-straw. FrGURES.-Old Si, says the leaf, of which description there have been some 250 BREMEN, October 5.-Sales from first hands, 2 2 9 6 ser. I am glad to say that my other article was not entirely At 1 an ta Constitution, had hhds sold at private sale within the past few days at of Columbia, 28 pkgs of Brazil, I47 cases of Seed unheeded by the farmers. Many have told me they had some purchases to make, prices ranging from $ W> 100 lbs, m,ostly leaf, 187 pkgs, of Turkish. For future delive!'y, 280 forbade the killing of the cocoon-covered worms, and and as he brought his bun-taken for direct shipment abroad. The receipts are cases of Seed leaf and 199 pkgs of Brazil. Total sales that they were getting quite numerous. A gentleman dies out of the store, he about over for the season,. and the stock on han for o,o77 pk_gs. Total imports, 1 17 do. in a mile trom my placel tells me he has a great said: u! don't undHstand sale is rapidly increasing, which imparts rather more Hava'la.-::.Stock in first hands, 225 ser. many of them on tomato plants. I put a worm under a h h k r 1 d St. Domingo-Stock in iirst hands, 14 684 ser. 1 h how it ar', for a fact, I don't." strengt to t e mar et except Or common ugs an ung ass as as t e cocoo.Jns appeared it, and in fou r "Don't understand what?" !iound leaf, which continue dull and low. Sales at the from Savaililla, 47 sales, days the fhes came out. 1 put a large, vigorous-looking we asked. "Dis hea fo' warehouses from Thursday to ye'>terday inclusive (no 2 296 de:'; stock m first bands, 2 8 54 do. worm under th.e glass; the next morning both worms boss power kind o'way dat offerings on Monday) were only 78 hhds: 3 at $Lso@. B,-azzf-;-lrnports, 216 pka;s; sales, 2 8 do; stock 10 were dead. I suppose they were stung to death. de folks hab got ter doing 1.70 (scraps): 7 at 3@J.8o; I r at 4; 7 at S@s.8o; first S 6 .970 do. I the_ of the d$trict will wid store-truck." "What is 5 at 6@6.75; II _at 7@7.90; 9 at 8.2o@8.9o; I7 at 9@ Seed r47 cases .. grve th1s subJect thetr attentron next season, for there is 1 he matter with it?" "Ebery 9 8o; 7 at 10@; rat I4; 7 b_xs 2. I?@s.8o; I -:vagon Turkzsn-Imports, 757 pkgs sales, 18 7 do' stock, no reason that the tobacco worm sllould not be exter-time dat yer go ter buy loaci loose 6.50. In the same trme b1ds were reJt:Cted m first hands, 3 d_o. minated. The Ichneumon fly is not like the Western something how dey do 'stonon 39 at $3@I3.50. To-day, quiet and nominally first hands, 7 26 pkgs. gr:ul!hopper, coming at long intervals. but has been in ish you wid de prices dat is unchanged. Sales I2 hhds: I at S3.7o; 3 at 4; r Flonda-Stock first band's, 28 cases. the coutJtry for yean;, as old far"mers tell me, and experirit on dem goods!" "Prices at; 3 at 6.40@6.80; l at 7.90; r at 8.lo; I at ro; -Sum.atta-Stock m handa, I,8 59 pkgs. ment has demonstrated that he will .increase fast if pro-are very stiff, are they?" and I at I771 hhds factory-dried leaf were passed VarJ_nas Lea.f-Stock bands, r,234 baskets. tected. Let any one who has the ttme make the calcu"Stifll W'y dey charges yer and withdrawn, and biJs were rejected or. Ll hhds at m first hands, o8 casks. lation. The Ichneumon fly undergoes a comolete nuff for kaiker ter 'lord dem $ 14. We quote lugs, common to Mamia-::-,Srock m hands, 7 IO bales. round, from egg to fly, in ten days. The -eggs i n wastin' a poun' of starch good, S3 5 @4.50; planters, lugs ao do dark, 3 7 500i m first hands, 'So bales. deposited in one worm average about roo-supposed to ter de yard! An' dis planters lugs, do do bright, 4-S0@5i common dark 1.n first hands, IS.} pkgs. be deposited by one fly. The worm season-lasts about yeah hat! Now dars a lit-shipping leaf, 5@7; medium. do do, 8@9; good do, J'amaJca--Stock tn first hands, Sl ser. 1 ninety rlays. 'Think of nine mul:iplicatious in one tie ore wool hat dat I gib Io@ 1 I; common manufactunng do rlo, 7@il, do 5 T D 1 C season. The tobacco fly does not perform his round jn two dollars fur jes dis min do do 8.5o@ro.oo; good do do do; I2@_ I4i medtum half HIPME_NTS OF OBACCO IRECT A,ND OASTWISE.less than thirty clays. See the advantage the Ichneumon UNsTAMPED ClGARS oN LONTG IsL-'ND.-John El sasor, a German, living near Babylon Village, L. I., was arrested last week hy Deputy C.ollector P. J. Hawkins aod sent to prison, charged witht manu(acturing cigars without license and selling tbem without stamps. Orlando Wicks, of Babylon, was also arrested, charged with receiving cigars, but i:-ap pearing that he had received only a small quantity m payment of a debt, with no intent to sell them or defraud the Government, he was released on payment of a nominal fine of $so and costs. Elsasor is liable to imptisonment for six months fipe of $r,ooo, but he is now at home; having bt>en temporanly released, through the interposition of Mr. Hawkins, on accou11t of tho condition of his family. IT DIDN'T SEEM" RIGHT. -A colored resident of De troit, says the Detroit Free Prers, who is the owner of a cast-iron horse and an vld wagon, was hired to draw wme dirt for a yard on Beaubien Street, and when his work was completed the owner of the premises handed him a check for $7.50. "Is dat a seven dollar and a half bill?" asked nit. 'Fore de wah dat hat bright wrappiAg leaf, IS@2o; good bnght do do, 30@ We are mdebted, the Peterbburg(ya.) Index and Ap-has vver it. With the tobacco fly exterminated the 'nd a bin flung at yer fur a 40; fine do, none offering. Our quotations refer to t:>-peal to !he ll:nd of Mr .. Wm. E. land!l in the district wotdd be better tha; any dollar a piece till de stock bacco in sound condition anti full weight hhds, except Mornson for the followmg mterestmg, comparauve state&old mme yet discoxered, for one hand could cultivare Wus Clene 'zastedl." "'fhat lugs ment of llle shipments of leaf tobacco and stems !rom and house ten acres if there were no worms. Petersburg, Va., coastwise and direct; for r875 and r876. is so; the war bas made FOREIGN This statement ha3 been prepared great care and JosHUA M. RICE. higher prices for every AMSTERDAM, October 6.-Messrs. Schaap & is euct io its figures:ATTEMPTED SurciD& ON A RAILROAD TRAlN.-A11 thing." "But how come it Van Vcen, Tobacco Brokers, report:-Sioce our last Statement. l unknown man, apparently a German, attempted las' so lonl{? Dar's whar it report large business in :Java tobaca a wah fur fo' hun'ered dollers ...,, J 8 d S 0 0 land, 24 2,381 bales ava, 43 o uma-ct. I, 75, to ct. t, 76.--330 hhds 89r hhds the bottom of the affair. he'll go now an' sell hissel '1" t


-:.Tobacco 1\'Ia.nufactu.rers. Tobacco Manufacturers. JOHN ANDERSON It, 00. MANU'ACTURERS OF TIIU : m oma TOBACCOS 114-11nd 116 LIBERTY STREET, NEW YORK, Beg to direct ttJ.e a ttention of the Deale ra in Tobacco througho\t t the Stat e s and the World to their SOLACE FINECUT ClrnWING TOBACCO, -...vnlch. is being one e m()ll"e manufactured und8"" the im.mOO iate .supervis i o n o f tl:l.e orig toaU>r, lTHOMAS HOYT & co., MR. JOHN ANDERSON, and u o w stands, a s f ormerly without a rival.. Orders f orwarded through the usua l channds will 4 meet with p rompt aUentiona ;MANUFAC T URERS O F '!I F::J:NE CUT CHEWING AND SMOKING .'t'OBACCOS .&XD Sl'IV'J'J' c J. F. FLAC C & CO.; 1'76 4v 178 FlltST S T., BROOKLYN, E. D., Manufacturers of the Celebrated Brand3 THE TOBACCO LEAF. LICORICE PASTE. CO. T obacco manufactu.rers and the trade in gel'leral are particularly requested to examine and t est' the superior properties of this LICORICE, wh: ich, being now brought to the hi ghest perfection is of. fered under the a b ove sty l e of brand. We are a l so SOLE AGENTS for the brand r. a. &. c. c. Acknow ledged by consumers to be the bes t in the market. And for the brand of Licorice Stick NOEII. &. CO., In all respects equal to CALABRIA. Consumers and Jobbers would do well to apply direct. Tobacco Brokers. JOHN CATTUS. TOBACCO BROKER 127 Pearl Street, NEW YORK. llBAS. B. FISCHER & BRb., Tobacco Brokers, 131 Water St., NEW YORK., JAMES G. Tobacco Broker., 2()0 "'SQUARE, 25 WM. DEMUTH & 00., THS SOL& KANUP'Ac;"TUR.&P U V' .. j -..--_;,. : BRIAR AND APPLE-:WOO:D I I PIPES, WITH RUBBER JUTS, lm'Porters of all klnd.s cf Smokers' Articles. UPTEGROVE & GEDNEY IN DEALERS IN 501 BROADWAy_ SPANISH CEDAR NEW YORK. FOR CIGAR BOXES, WILLIAM WICKK It" CD., 1 465 to 415 East Tenth Street, .w.VIl.lla u:es, uur.roots, 213 i 215 DUllE STREET, lEW YORK. oe 1ianufacturer of the fo11owing Brands of Killickinick fj '0. s., Winchester, J V1rg1n1a Leaf, Lyons, Grecian :BeZ!I!, Jmprovemellt, li&ppa.ha.Jmoek. 61 'V.&li.IVA..& .. Russian American Mfg. Co., & J. A. Lukanin, S ole Agenbl in America f o r the EMINENT FIR M of SAATCI:tY &"MANGOUBY, OF ST. PETERSBtrRG, RlJSSIA, BllSSL\N CIGARHTTHS & TURKISH TOBACCO Tho :IP1.:D.e: i:n. 1:h.e P. 0. Box OFFICE. &3 BROADWAY, NEW YORK. E STABLISH ED K. C. BARKER & CO., Manufacturers o t t hl! C e l eb rated FINECUT TOBACCOS, EAGLE" > A N D > Also all othe r i'rades o f :o Fine-Cut &:Jd Smokinz Tobsccos, ?' DETROIT, MIOH. Aside from pac k our "AMERICAN EAGLE" and 'CLIPPER ,_ 1o the u s tdzed wooo.t-o 10, .o, -40 and 6o 1 .,_e also put both of these J!Tide s u p \'t!'1 mcely 0Na OuNCB T '"' FotL PACJU:"".JL..' 'acked 1n )If anti X Gross bor:es. :;>rioea.....Uo to the trad ARGUIIWBAU, WALLIS i CO.; 29 & 31 South William Street M. Rader & Sen, LICORICE PASTE AND STICKS. TOBACCO BROKERS, a. s.9 w. s. F. W. s. STERRY EXTRA, p, S BARACCO AND PIGN &TELLA, DE ROSA, EXCELSIOR MILLS & FAVORITE !di.Lii P0'VDERED LICORICE, 131 l'EAB.L li'l'BEE'l' I NEW YOR.K. A. SHACK. GUlli ARABIC, moBA"CO I .D u And a' I Soecialtles fer T F T:J3:El EL MERITO FACTORY, JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA, 23 College Place, New Tork. ALL TilE CIGARII OF TfiE ABOVE FACTORY ARE CLEAR HAVANA. JOSEPH J. ALMIRALL, IMPORTER OF "0NLY FINE" HAVANA Leaf Tobacco I 6 Cedar Street, N. Y. :o: X..X&T. OF SPANISH CIGAR RIBBONS. Broad Red, 5-i 1 yards, $55 Eapa:n..ola, s 8 ,, yard. 1.7o Narro-w Red, or _72_1ard, 1.35 TERHS-NET HENRY WULSTEIN, (Suac.r to .. Dehee,) CENTRE STREET, NEW YORK. P. 0. Box s,ogr New Y ork Q-Sole 1n the United States for Ferdinand Flinscb's, Celebrated MacJUaea,..... for Pacf.ingManufactured T o C o n stantly o n band the Best Rand and Steam MaC'hin P!I' (M f nttin.R" TobacCO&. P. LORILLARD & GO.'S TOBACCO !ANIJPACTORY O.J KAN'OFA.Cl'OBY: WASmNGTON, FIRST, WARREN AND GRAND STBEETS, JERSEY CI'l'Y, N. 3. BEGISTEBED NO. 10 5TH DII'l'BIC'l'. THE CONSTANTLY GB.J)Wil\'G DEMAND FOR OUR GOODS CAUSES US TO BE OVERIIOLD AT THIS DA.TE TO TJDI EXTENT OF ABOUT 1,0()0,00() POUNDS; Al'ID Il'r A.DDITIO!'II WE HAVE LARGE COIIITRACTS TO FILL WooD. TJDI UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT TO SUPPLY THE SOLDIEUS, SAILORS, A:ND ll'IDIANS. THIS PREVEl'IPI'!!I Ot1R :rJLLING ORDERS AS PROJIIPTLY AS WE WISH; WE THEREFORE BEG THill 11DliLGEIIICE OF THE TRADE UNTIL OUR NEW WORKS ARE COMPLETED. Ta:z:es Paid V. Stat-es Covernment in Ten Years, $13,753.697.41 A Careful Examinadon of our Price List is requested, as a REDUCTION IN PRICE of Fine Cut has been made. .. .A.Gr-E:NO:J:EJS : B A. V A N SCHAIC K ......... ................... C o rner Front and Arc h Streets, Philarlelphia. A. R. MITCHELL .................. 3 5 Centra l S treet, B o st on. BEST, RUSSELL & CO ........... 57 Lak e Street, Chicago, m H. P. BRIGHA M ................... 15 Central Wharf Bo s ton. F. W. RUFFNER ................. 57 Lake Street Chicago, m: CARL WEIS, MANUFACTURER OF MEERSCHAUM AND AMBER GOODS, 398 GRAND STREET, VIENNA.t NEW YORK" AUSTRIA hierbst Ramdohr;, HAVANA tc SEED LEAF 'I'OE.A.CCO:J 183 WATER STREET, NEW YORK l LIBERAL ADVANCEMENTS .MADE ON CONSIGNMENTS. 1 JAMBS H. PHBNBT It 43 latchtz St., New Orleans, Manufacturers ot PJ:B.IQVEI TOBACCO -AND-PERIQUE CIGARETTES: Orders filled In Bond for Export. I U" Wm. J. Broob lras DO a;ren c y for onr goods. JOSEPH LOTH & CO., MANUFACTUTRERS O F ALL KINDS OF CIGAR RIBBONS .. CONSTANTLY ON HAND A FULL ASSORTMENT AT L OWEST MARKET PRICES. Faetory: 8al.e1room1: WEST 45th lilT '., BROOliE IT. Ne"CV' York. CIGARE'l'TE FACTORY OF J. BASCH & co:.


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