The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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\ /O. L. XII.--NO. 47. ht lgbaccg ltaf IS PUBLISHED llVUY WEDNESDAY KORNING, BY Tobacco Leaf" C0.1 Fulton St., New York. -JWARD BURKE --------Editor iN G. GRAFF-Business Manager r All Letters should be plainly addressed ToaAcco LAr .. PuaLtSHtNG Co. Terms of the Paper: .. r Reraember that the-cost to the yeRrly or Jtbly ubacriber ia L&s.S THAll EIGHT Cs.NTS Wauc:. SUBSCRIPtiONS ABROAD. A 'I' BITAH'4 AWU : -t.S-04 IUI&H, HAMI!Utt/. Ao-.1ol rH& CONTINENT nJIALIA, &TC,, VlA i!.I'CLA:iD ,, !1-04 eA. 5 fo ordera for th" )"&per wi11 be considered, acccmpanie,t cerrespontling amount. 'r llemiltarK. in every instance, nade by moaey check or draft. Hilla liable to be tolen, and Cliu only be seot at createat riak to the ecnder. {Fw A:JwrtUir R4MI Tkirfi Paty. ] SIIISS DI&Kt'TOKY or ADVIRTlSIIIS. EW YORK, Tl1b.Ctc IY IITIAGUI. er & Dehla, 190 'Pearl. a JoUan, 171 Water. r,h &: Flscites, Water ne &. Frltb. 1 Burling Slip. I lrl., 147 Yfater dey, Moote & Co., 1 J'roa.t. bank & Nub, 49 droad !O&<> A. H. 66 llroad ffonl E. M 68 Water. alii, Carroll & Co. 104 'f'roat.. :ol& Eua:ene, 7$ fr,..ot ,.,_ Wm. &&: Co., 171 Peart !Ibach. F. 13 Si.s:tb A., aan & Co., 70 aod 12 B ro.d. Dills & Co., Wter. ad E. Ill <.;, & Co., u9 Malden Lane liner. J. M. 84 Front. t h l). J., Son & Co., 4-4 Broad. JeJl j. L. & Bro., J6o Water. 'ibel L. &. Bro 191 Pearl. :rburrer J. ilk Co., Water. fn, !.:has. s., 119 Maiden .W.t Brotben, t83 Water. 1m&&& G. W So Froa.t. oKat Thomas. Broad. lz. Suhe1t, 319 Bowery. & Co., 16n Pt=ar\. ueabruch &. B .. o.1 164 Walt.'l' C., 11:1 .Peul, \eift:& Fischel, :113 Pearl iu M. H., 16:. Pearl. "ttm1tein Bros. 1 u Bowery tland Robert L. &: 43 .dread. tin &. J obnson, 79 Front erA. C. L & 0., 41 Bt:aer. 21ft Alva, 166 Wate1. nger 8rutht:ns 48 Broad SL e '\\"m. M., nQ Maiden Lane. ]. P./11 Co., 39 llread. Jmaon. G. '79l"earl. f,e'l', Wallace & Co., 47 Broad. \tt J. t6o Wter. I' 8J Koch, Pearl. aOart H ."} Co .. '6 Water rvllle A. H. &z Co.1 170 \Vater. o._.-n, E. G Co., c. 3urliug Slip. UDI!r C. H u8 Water. drH, Taylor & Co., 45 Broad itl 4r: Co., Duane. Jt:>D & Storm, 178 & So ,Pearl. .b.o & Reitzenstein, 176 Front. oo, Jobn R., 217 Canal Cbarlr.s F a: 5on, S.. Fr,,nt -bor8t, F. W. & Co. 61 Broad. fee-, A 191 Pearl. l8Speon, S E.& Co., .5 and Broad aauu, Carl, 17& Peart. & Co. 165 Water Toharco Baltrs jor Export. it.rle A c-. us Froot. CtJM,i6$itm M1"bttl1. a Brothers & Co., U' & 48 Ex(:baaae Place Buytr oj To&uark & Co .. 13 College Place .l)ejot 1/ tlu ., Flor tkl Su"'' Cigwr1. ,.a GeO!'Re, 173 Water of .Mttrluzum gnd A'""'' Goods. <;arl, 3')8 Grand J.,,.,,.., ., a.., p;,.,. W.. &-BmtRer, 71 Water &:: Polbaus, 83 Chambers wm. &: <.:o 501 Broa.dway J. & Co 129 .Maiden 'Lane \ : 1>r. Co. Lit..erty. o.anu drcu": It Bondy, 139 and 131 Grand (tUhtrer of Briu PipeJ d lmpt;Ttrrs '.1 Artic les. dtr & Polbaus, 83 Chambers SJ# Wm. & (};0., SO Broadway J .t )'Qrd, 36$ :md 367 Lana!. k4t Co .u .Lbeny, t no .Hro!:l. & Bundy1 :u9 and 131 Grancl, 99 lporterl rif Patte N. R. '4 broadway. L -.... ,.,_ :lu.oia, no Wtlliam II< 2'} 1<3 8, WU!Iam Water Ari:i>l., 101 Manufactu.rtr's ..:::d iclu Hillier's R Sons & Co. 55 Cedar. Scbeffelin W H. & Co., 170 au.d 112. William. Havana Ciuar l"riev Alez. &: Rros. 16 Place M.,..factvrn-1 of Powtk,-rd Hillier' k. Sooa liz CO., '5 Cedar. Weaver II Sten:y. u Cedar &ttl Lt'!J 1 oliAUO b.putloo, &: Co. X Water. Finke Cbarles, 155 Water. Linde F. C. & Ce:, J4J Water. /1Ujli#11. Hood.less W. }. & Co., 45 Broad ToHc'o ''"ur1. G11tbrle & Co., us Fro,t. Jlfanuftuturffs '!{ Cit'" Bo""' Ericha H. W. So11tll. Heokell Jacob. 3195 Moilroe. Straus-S. J7Q &: 181 Lewta. Wl(:ke William It Co-, u-161 Goerck. Cigat Bor B ords P/aninK Brown A. A F., 57 Lewis. J)calers ;,, S/IIINI#k Cig-ar Bu Eifert John F., M:ooroe. Upte1rove &: Gednt:), 465475 Eaet Teath. St-id gnd Cig.,. Ri66tt,,. J. }., t6 Cedar. H eppenheimer &: Maurer, u a J4 N. WUilua. Lobenstein & Gans, ror Maiden lane. Loth Jow & Co. +44 Broome. Strauss, Simon, Lewis Wicke, Wm. & Co., 153J6I Goerca. ManufMlurtrs if Tobacco nn-Fil. Croeke ]. ] .. )8 Crosby& t6311t t61 Mulberry hnjorters of Ti"' F11il. W ittemann Brothers, 184 William Tobcco .Baggint Howard, Sanger & Co., to 4!18 Broa4way Tob.uco LUel. The Hatch Lithographic Co., 3::11 & 3-4 Heppenhejmer It Maurer u Nerth WilHam Cigar-Box LJhcls 11nJ Triurr.t & Ma'arer, n & 2 N. WUtlam.. Wa.lffChu. A., s- Chatham. 1".baccrJ &tJi,.r IYIJ%. JZh1taer 'W. A Oo., 197 William. .M4n{n of Kinnl!)l Bros. RMIIif' Kinney F. S. 141 Wed Broadway. RussiaN Cig-amt.1. ckmeyer & Co., 48 Broad and 4S New Saatc"y lr MattJ!ott6Ys Ruuian ManuractutiDI Co. J. A. Lukanin & Co., S3 Broadway. ManufDcturers of Cigartttt.s. Basch J. IJJ Co., 135 Chatham. Straps and Out.Urs, Ger- t;;:r Rrown, A.&. F. 57, 6.1 LeWis Erichs H. W ., :153 South. Lobeutein Ill Gans, .101 Maldee W.e. Jllantifaf Ttr O.tto and Cigilrs. Daeaport oiL Lecg, 119 Broad. Deaf.e s ir1. ail Kil1.ds of Leaf Bemie l::.m.ery, 331 Central Whaft. Ma.,ifaecond Kallay R .:i Brother, us W...,t }'toot. Deakrs m Spanilz and cJigar Leaf Meyer Hy., 46 Front. Waru:elman F.,&: <...o. 8:1 Froo' if Fine-Cut Clznui"l 11na Smoking-TDhiiCCO. Kennewe" F.& Bade, 373 37S and 377 Maio Speaca 8ro111. & Co., .5:1 ct.Dd 54 East l'D\r4. LtAj Brdm, UtliV'mann. F. W .. n. 111. Vto8 ao.d !dorns ,V. G.71 W Front MtJnultuturul of Crran "'"' DI!IJ/ir ;, Leaf 1 obacco. Krohn. Felss &: n6 Vine S & Co. 150 Wetit Fourth. t-fewburgh Brctbers & <.:o, 76 & 78 M ai n \V til, Kahn &: Co., 1)4 .M.atn. Zins jacob & Bro., 18 East Seeouf!. .3/uet Metal CigAr Mo..tds. Dubrul Napoleon, 166 West Second. Leaf PraaueF.A. .!ua, F.a,.,. B. A: Brother, 93 Clay NEW WEDNE8DA Y, JANUARY 3, 1877. Leaf' TobDcCo Clark,)( ; H. &< Eertb., H. C. NEW .A.R.K, If, J, Oa.m.pbell, Laue & Co., 4 8 4 NEW La. tmd Gunther t6a..Common Schaefer and Co., a86 Commou. Aiency [11r TO/Jacco fill Brooi.s Wm. I. 82 Clark Ill. H. & Bro. PETERSBURG VA, Toluuco ComtHi56i.Dn Merc4ants. Hoper, LeRoy & Sons. PIQioADELPIUA., Ware!JIUitl. Anathan, M. & do. :a:lo North Third Bambt"<./f And Smoking To /l(l.uos. Wallace J.s 666-67a North Eleventb MiJvfacturcrs './ Cig4r1 :Batchelor Bros., So8 Market Hildebrand&: KlingeniJerg, 37 North Seventh Klein .H. E. Fourth and Chestnut. Kne(:ht, Smith & Co 131 .North Third St. Ludy Jno. J. 523 & 5! :>otb. Theohald A. H .. Third and Poplar. Wells A ] rhtrd and Girard Ave. United States Cigar Manufactory, JSth & Vlne. oj and Snwkinz Hi(:ltaaan, & Co Carter. To/Jacco Fougeray A. R 33 N. Front Mj1's Agt. for Plug nd Smokit7 So;tll Secoud TOLEDO, OHIO. Mautf.u!urtr of Clinr and S_,ki11r 'lo bMCIII. Messinger, Charles R UTICA, }II, Y /46/MlMrer of F Cut CAttt loba.,o Plen:e Walter B. WESTFIELD. Ka.u. PMIIH ctui D,tatln ... Suit LMI r--.. Buc:baawt jolut C. States and Dominion of Canada. Every Name and Interest Alphabetically Classified and Arranged under State heads, 10 that eacb STATE, CITY anci TOWNSHIP sb1ll be complete in itself. P:B.ICZ .... oo. ADVERTISEMENTS. ONE PAGE ....................................... QlOO. HALl!' PAGE ............... ........ -" ao. QlTARTEB. PAGE ................. ......... ,U. Send Subscriptions and Advertising Orders to "TOBACCO LEAF, PUBLISHING CO., 142 FULTOlf STREET, NEW YORK. TEI:EJ x.EI.A.F .-yonela "Jt1h.J'Itftere has been much besides the pageantry incident to the recog nition of our country's hundredth birthday I<' inspire and perpetuate the grateful recollc;ctions of our people. Calamities affecting not only individuals, but communi ties as well, have alas! not been infrequent, but we have enjoyed the blessings ot c o ntinued peace and a fair measure of business prosperily. Our crops of all kinds, including the great staples of commercii, have been abundant, and the finances have steadily tended in the direction of improvement. Referring to the tobacco trade in its entirety as one of the representative industries of the country, we find more for gratulation than regret in the exhibit of the past year. The Jist of familiar names inscribed upon the deathroll of the year, though embracing those that could be spared only with sincere sorrow, happily is shorter than the previous one-the previons one i1self in some degree briefer than its predecess ors. The to bacco harvest last autumn was a large and, in the main, good one. The production and sale of the manufac tures of tobacco, though something less t!Jan in 1875, have yet been enorrr.0usly large. Of leaf tobacco the sales and exports in 1876 were in the aggregate con sid erably in excess of those of 187 5 If from the account current of the past year shrinkages in values could be eliminated, the balance sheet would be deemed reason ably The promises of the new year-wa1vmg possible political embarrassments plainly discernible now, whatever may hereafter obscure them, in the declining gold premium; the favorable balance of trade, which brings gold in instead of driving it out ; the steady, full volume of exports, and the reduced volume of imports, which indicates-occasional apparent indifference to the contrary notwithstand ing-a wholesome foreign need and demand for our supplies, and the amplitU dealin g in plug tobacco in this cily are of having an export tobacco bonded warehouse established for the storage of manufactured tobacco intended for exportation is clearly shown in the annexed series of interviews, obtained durjng the past week by a represer.native of this jour nal. The v.iitws expressed are the utter an 'ces of members of the firms named, and in each in stance represeu t the language used by the. per sons interviewed, not a word been adcled or omitted in transcribi ng the notes of the stenographer. gentiemen who favored us wit h their opinions on this oc casion hnve been literally followed in the repro duction of their remarks, because we desire to present a report that will exactly indicate the sentiments en t er t ained by our local tradesmen with reference to the es tablishment of an export bon ded warehouse at the port of New York. In former reports on the same subject we neglected to embrace the views of our locai manu. of tobanco. Mr. Siedler expresses disapproval. Mr Whitlock makes a sing l e qualification, it wi:I be noticed. I! export warehouses are established, he wishes it left op1ional with manufacturers to ship abroad through them, or direclly from their manufactories, as may seem to the m most desirable. A predsely similar reservation appears in the observations of Messrs. Bulkley & Moore OPINIONS OF MANUFACTURERS AND MBRCHANTS. P. LORILLARD & Co.-MAYOR CHARLES SIEDLER.We fear that in the event of export bonded ware hou s es being established in New York city and other ports of entry, that it will be simply opening the way for the re eslabli:;hment of the old s t yle class B bonded warehouses, which permitted manufa cturers in Virginia to ship goods to a port of entry, to New York, for in stance, ostensibly for exportation, but, in most instan-::es, the tobacco after having lain in warehouse some little time was usually s old for home consumption. Under that system many abuses crept in to the great detriment and injury of manufacturers residing in New York elsewhere. The last law in relation to bonded ware CIGABEr.L'E FACTORY __ OF J. BASCH a co., at 13& Chatham Street. New York. I


.. :% TOBACCO JAN_ 3 houses implied, in spirit and lo:mer, that goods privileged sold exclusively for exportation in bond, so that goods exporter in the city cou d be ot>tained on a petition to entry in export bunded warehouses in New York and may be removed from tlie place of manufacture to favoring its establishment. Personally we do want an elsewhere should be sent abroad, but by an erroneous either of these warehouses, awaiting sale and a market; export bonded warehouse if we shall be obliged to store construction of the law the consignee 'I'{ as permitted to provide;! manufacturers may be permitted\o traosport or warehouse all goods that come here for portation. withdraw the same from warehouse upon the affixing of tobacco manufactured per order, direct from the facWe want a warehouse so as to have go o ds on hand at alamos and sell the same to the home trade. If we tory to a port of debarkation-under transportation bonds a moment's notice to supply orders of all sizes, and should have a re.eoactment of that law the same result as now existing by Act of February 8, 1875, Form A A. orders which we have not time to get on from Virginia. would sooner or later take place. Under this law a Inasmuch as the Government permits foreign goods to But when we have time we want to ship direct from the large number of manufacturers were be removed in bond from tbe port of importation to manufactory, and not be bothered by warehousing, or fostered into life and being... Almost any one who had other ports in bond without exacting payment of duty the farce of warehousing, and subjecting ourselves or a slight knowledge of tobacco manafacturing, with the until withdrawn for sale or we think a the manfacturers to the expense of a month's storage addition of a fair character, and a limited dmount of like privilege should be extended to those manufac-and all other charges which we would have to pay. Un money could engage in the business of plug domestic goods for a foreign market. An export less we can have the privilege of shipping as we do now, tobacco in remote places of Virginia, North Carolina warehouse at this port would be of advantage to Vir or wa r ehousing as we choose, we, personally, do not and elsewhere. As as this tobacco was boxed he ginia manufacturers. They may have a stock of goods want a The present law need not be could ship the same under transportation bonds to a on hand which they desire to sell in order to be eaabled changed at all. Let all goods for direct shipment come consignee at a port of entry, draw a gainst the same for to reproduce stock, and by the establishment of a on as tp .ey do now, consigned to Collectors of Customs, three-four ths or four fifths of its value, and with the bonded warebowse they will be afforded an opportunity and all goods for the warehouses consigned to Col money received make up a second lot, and so on ad to consign goods to responsible merchants, who will be lectors of Internal infinitum. The result was an overloaded market, and, secured in any advances they may while awaitmg MARTIN & JoHNSON.-We consider it verv necessarv consequently, the price of plug tobacco was at such a sale for export. Sales for export would undoubtedly, to have an 'export tobacco bonded wareh;use low ebb that no manufacturer engaged in 1his line could be largelY. increased if there were warehouse facilities lished l in this city. Merchants lose many orders in earn any money. If they made an article suitable here io1: tobacco sold thropgh the me chants. Take co,nsequence of nut having goods here ta deliver when for home trade competed against manufacturers at the existing condition of things for example: up to the wantele Presidential election business for export was purchasers are subject frequently to delay:s that prevent wages ar.d various other incide!Uals. tf t!\eir tobac .co very satisfactory, an prices were maintained. the consummation of trmsactions on foreign account, was suitable only for common export trade they found ti{Dulated by the demand, it may be stocks Londo Liverpool, and other markets abroad, secure the market glutted to such an extent with concurrent at the centers. Si ce the sale tl)at otherwise in every instance would be effected go.ds that the commitsiob men cou1d not realize a liv-election trade has een depressed, and If the greater here. Buyers fill their orders in tbr>se 11'larkets in3tead ing profit. This system fosterea into existence anum-facilities afforded y export warehotiS ere available, of in this. England and other foreign countries get the ber of irresponsible manufacturers who had b.ut little the J surp)us !_ock thus ,accumulated cou} d be sent to trade belenga to the United States. Und11r the knowledge and less reputation, and whose sole object lhem, and the-merchants _could nalka market..ior them, i.Dg condition of things, in place of an American seemed to be to see how much they could undersell and so increase the volume of exports. merchant getting the commissions to which he is en-WHAT THE HERALD OBsERVED -The Boston Transcript says that all true music is in the middle notes. We had remarked this fact when a member of the Philharmonic Society fond ten cents in a paper of to bacco. TOBACCO FACTORY.-Mes$rS. -Roulnac & Co., of Dur ham, N C. are having lumber placed upon the vacant lot on the Railroad near the factory of Messrs. Z L. Lyon & Co., for the purpose of erecting a tobacco fac tory. HENDERSON, KY.-The Henderson Nnus says:-There are r8 stemmeries and dealers in our city, who will average a million pounds each this season-maki ng J.8,ooo,ooo lbs. handled at this point, most or nearly all of which will shipped duect to Europe. WESTERN TRADE MATTERS.-From our Chicaco cor respondent we have received, in conjunction ;ith his regular weekly report, a series of interviews with promi nent Chicago bus i ness firms, which will appear in or n 'ext issue, the heavy snow storm having prev ented the arrival of the copy 'in time for insertion in this number of THE LEAF. IN MISSOURL-[.from the St. Louis ltcan.J.-I he farmers this State are directing their to tobacco Witn an earnestness which promises to reyJVe cultivation of that staple, ao.d make it wl:tat It was SIXtec;,n years ago, one of the leading pro ducts State. In 1870 the whole amount of to ra1sed in c Mjssouri was 12 ,J zo,48 3 pounds in r86o 1t was 25,o86,x96 pounds. There was a falling off. of o ne-half, from 186o to x87o. This attnbutable ch1efly to the abolition of slavery during the decade alluded to, for tobacco cultivation was a labor had been. almost exclusively intrusted to slaves, as 1t mvolves .,twice as mach work as other crops. Our farmers, however, are not satisfied with the small prico of and 25 a bushel for which they have sold tberr corn the last ten years, and are looking round for staple that will bring them more money, even thogh It may demand more work. Tobacco at present prices S4 t:> a hundred, wi_ll bring twice as much per or wheat, and It u observed that those countiea have adlu;red to it cu_ltivated it in coonect;PlJ with corn are, now, 10 condition than devoted to. gram. Considerable crops of tobacco were raised th1s year in counties where little had been cultivated before, and the result is so satis CHICAOO ITEM.-The Secretary of State has is s ued that extensive arrangements are being made to a lict:nse f o r the of the Maine l'atent CiIncrease the area next year. One difficulty in the way gar Machine Company, of Chicago; carital 000 been the absence a home market for the crop. Chicago Cigar Manufacturmg Compan/ he purch&se and h_andhng of the weed large capital, roo,ooo. The corporators of both thesecom' capital for the erecuon of prizing and coop panics are C. W. Mann, J. B. Cass, A. J. Cooper and .enng houses for the_preparat. oo oftheleafforsbipment W. H. Stephenson. Europe,orfactones for manufacturing it into chewmg and. srr:okmg forms. Small establishments for this work, we .are multiplying in the State, and, though the pnces pa1d for tobacco in the interior of the State are considerably below what the crop brings k1 States,_ they aro; good enough to stimulate the tivatioo of II matenally. The crop next year will be half lar&'e as that of 1870. SMUGGLED CrGARs.-Captain Brackett, Special Treas ury Agent, seized during the weelc about zs,ooo fine and a large number of cigarettes sltlug gled mro thts port on board of the steamer Columbia. The value of the goods captured was about We would again ask the revenue authorities how long they are goine: to permit frauds of this nature to be perpetrated without confiscating the vessels in which they are effected ? their neighbors, inlitea4 of endeavoring to excel them. DOHAN, CARROLL & Co.-As and dealers titled the European merchant gets them. Our merchants, As a natural sequence, the good fame of American toih plug tobacco i'o the city of New Yotk; as citizens of for instance, make a contract \tith buyers, and upon the bacco was injured to suj:h an extent in the markets of' fnese United Stp.tes, we blusli: to be compelled to call arrival of the goods contracted for-they rejected by the world that instead of a growing there is a diminishpublic attention to the fact (for i n so doing we feel that the buyers, in their opinion, they are not up to A NEw LEAF ToBACCO FlRM.-Messrs. L. Spear and M. S : Held, for several years connected as salesmen ing demand for the same. It was also alleged against we are insulti11g the intelligence of o r law the standard, but in the judgment of the mercliants they and travelling agents with a prominent leaf tobacco .BONDED W AREUOUSES fOR EXPORT OF TOBACCO AND CrGARs.-The Washington correspondent of the Brooklyn l:(nio"., under date of December 27, fn the tanff b1tl, known as the Morriso:t bill, which seems to sleep the that knows no waking on the of tbe Committee of the Whole, there is a pro vision for the manufacture of cigars of Havana tobacco for export only. It is proposed to manufacture cigars in bonded factorie -s. Any one interested can understand the system by which such a thing could be done, and it is guard .ed in way proposed by the .J?epartment and sattsfacrory to the trade. Th1s proviSIOn adopted by the Committee of Ways and Means. It rs proposed to take this from the bill and pass it as a separate measure, in order that some Internal Revenue matters proposed to the committee may be attached and passed with it. If the Solons of the House can get the Presidential sea-sickness ?ff. their stomachs it will be done. In this connectio11 It IS J?roposed by_ a number of Congressman, whose constituents are mterested in the and Virginia and export trade, to add a proviston creatmg boncled warehouses l for export of tobacco, lor export alone. Before 1872 there were b mded houses at seaboard cities where tobacco could consigned, the consigner rect.img ana the commiSSIOn merchant be empowered sell bv sample for export or home consumption. There wasan awfuJ fight over it, and they were abolished by the act of June 6, 1872. Ever since then there has been an effort to re-establish the .m, but the attitude of the Treasury D epartment was so strongly against them, that the effort never shape. The department urges now tl1at 1f the modified proposition, tobacco bonded warehouses for export only, be adopted, the gathering of Immense stocks at th e seaboard in pledge for ad the tobacco, would be the for their precipitation upon the home market, to the disadvantage of local manufacturers. Neither the bonded factory nor the tobacco bonded warehouse questions has yet .assumed an aggressive form, owing to the political excitement here, b u t thtly are brewina as promising a these export bonded warehouses that very many irreguwhom we must feel have been imposed upon by shrewd are better than tile samples sold. But being rejected, firm in this city, have form ed a copa rtnership for the larities and frauds took place. Instances were reported advisers) that under existing revenue laws we are the merchants are compelled to put the goods in cussale of Havana and domest i c Seed leaf tobacco at 169 to the Revenue Bureau where manufacturers, in order hibited from carrying in bond, for export at this port o( toms' warehouse, there to a walt a purchaser. As buyers Water Street. This young firm commence business; h d 11 d' 1 1 k d under favorable auspices, having energy, enterprise and to cover up t e1r ev1ations, had packed a large numentry, Plug Tobacco. To make the matter plainer, r.o genera Y IS Ice to ta e goo s seot to warehouse under 'd h b 'ld h . expenence to at t em m u1 mg up a trade and repu ber of boxes am:! caddies purporting to be plug tobacco, shipper freighting a vessel for a foreign port and desue Circumstances It IS difficult to find customers for tation for themselves, and we d oub t not they will SMC but, in reality filled wit!! bricks, stones, rubbish, etc., siring .plug tobacco as a portion of his can go them, and, when found, they will only pay tge lowest' in attai ning a permanent position in the purs u it in and exported them to foreign countries ; they being upon this market and procure in bond specific styles or prices for them This is but one instance of the many which they have engaged. credited on their Government books with a certain qualities of tobacco adapted for the market for which annoyances now endured. In anv other commercial ---quantity of tobacco exported, when in reality the tobacco his cargo is intended. Nor can an exporter with an country in the world ships can tobacco stores P. LoRILLARD & Co.'s OFFICES AND CoUNTII;G b h RooM .-Haviug comp leted their additioR to their manu-had been sold in the United States clandestinely order in hand fro m a foreign port, for a specific style or m ona; ere It IS impossible to do so. r c ,actory m J e rsey 1ty, Messrs. Lorillard & Co. have and without the payment of taxes. If the port quality of tobacco, fill it on this market. For example, G. W. HILLMAN & Co.-We deem it of vital imtransferred their offices from Chambers Street, this city, of Richmond possessed the same commerci-al ad van-an exporter to-day waits upon us with an order for fifty porta nee to have an export bonded warehouse here for to the first floor of the buiiJing recently added to the tages that New York does, and we were privileged to or one hundred packages of Virgini a tobacco for immethe accommodation of tobacco merchants We are north wing of the factory, a considerable portion of h b h h d' h' 1 fil 1 which has been set apart for the offices and counting s 1p our to acco t ere m t e same manner as the Vir1ate s 1pment we are power ess to 1 it. Not being constant y hampered in our business by not havin .0a one. f fi T room o the rm. he apartments are commodious and ginia manufacturers desire, therE' might be a proprie ty allowed to carry it in bond here, our only alternative is Goods sent here for shipment abroad but not accepted handsomely furnished. The old sample room at 20 in our regarding such export warehouses with favor, and to apply to the manufacturer in Virginia by wire or are in danger of being seized 'by the revenue authoriChambers Street, will be retained as heretofore for the we would receive a fair exchange or q"Nid pro quo. But letter; should chance to have it on hand in factory, ties. As, for instance, a lot of goods may come on convenience of local and other dealers. in the proposed warehouses no corresponding ad van we may get it in a week; were he compelled to manuhere and be rejected by the purchaser for not bebg up tages accrues to the Northern manufacturer for the confacture it two weeks woulcl be required to place it on this to sample. No other CIJSiomer can be found for them cessions he would have to grant. These with many market. Through this inability to promptly fill orders immediately, and consequently the goods are put in other reasons we could give are sufficient to justify us much of the exporting trade formerly centered in New General Order Store. Perhaps it is impossible to find a in opposing the of bonded warehouses York has been driven to other points in this country customer who wants just that sized lot, and as the lot apparently for export. In our judgment, the only perand abroad. absorbed it large!) for the can not b e broken you have to find a customer whom sons who are really desirous of having tbe so-called provinces, and, to some extent, for Engl ish markets. th e tobaccc suits, who w ants, in other words, just that bonded re-established are the commission Virginia (owing to the absence of an expor.t bonded number of packages. As such customers are not merchants of New York and elsewhere. 1heir reasons warehouse here, and inability of her. manufacturers to always, nor often, availabre it may be a longtime before are manifold, but almost selfish ones. In the obtain advances upon their product suitable for export) the lot can be sold under these limitations At a lmo s t first place, the y encou(aged manufacturers at remote has been forcP.d to substitute the foreign markets-any time after the expiration of a few days a notice points to tobacco to this city without stint or limit, London, Liverpool and others-as consigning points, as may be received, the goods are immediatel y which resulted in an overloaded market and "cheap there tobacco can be carried in bond and advances ob exported su i t will be commenced on the bonds, anol the provisions;" in the second place, it enabled commission tained upon it. This damaging condition of things was tobacco reported for seizure. In view of the fact that merchants to con t rol said manufacturers, they ad forced upon us by and through the of a few these goods are in the hands of the Government, the vanced money on their goods and whenever thev de-manufOLcturers, who imagined that through this depriva-mere that such a thing as their seizure is sired they could slaughter the goods, whether the tion they m!,gbt t3rottle the commission merchants. To possible is s im ply scandalous-nay, outrageous-and was profitable to the manufacturer or not, and they accomplish this they sought and obtained the influence makes a lllan blush to think he is an American citizen. were tiure of their commissi : ms and charges 00 matter of the Revenue Department, and through Congress the. There 1is no other Government under the sun, possibly what happened; in the third place, it afford<'!d them screws were put on. We well remember, during the that of the King of Dahomey excepted, where s uch a petter facilities fer selling to the export trade than the &truggle for the retention of warehouses at this thing co'ii1 d be done. Why, a merchant can not even get manufacturers at New York and vicin ity themselves port, a statement made by the now ex-Coma sample of his goods to show to a customer without a possessed, as they always had a large stock of tobacco miSSioner of Internal Revenue, Douglass, in the rosample-order from the CuHom House and the attend-on hand which they ceuld at a moment's notice. in lunda, of the Capitol at Washington to a member of ance' f a Government officer, for which a charge is the fourrh place, they object to the present system beour trade in the presenc e of a prominent :Worthern made, and to suppose that it is possible to defraud -cause they must now draw their supplies from the manufacturer which plainly conveyed the feeling and under 1sach circumstances is simply absurd. remote manu factories with tax pa1' d sta 'f d d intention of his department. Saitl he, _"Our intention mps 1 es1re JosEPH D. EvANS.-Mr. Evans, when ca:ted upon for borne consumption consequent'y the 1 d is to kill off commission merchants and middle men, 1 r a vances are an expression of his v i ews in relation to an export larger, and this appears to be irksome to some of them. they have long enough been living as leeches upon the bondetl for this city, after declaring his be and, m the fifth place, they object to the present manufacturer, by compelling him to pay five per cent. lief in the necessity existing for such an aid to the tobecause it often happens that the buyer d commission uo. on his tobacco passing through their f N y k esrres, perbacco 1commerce o ew or referred the writer to haps five or six 1-undred boxes for export to be h d hands." He illustrated his position by the. following s tppe his previously published opmions on the same subject. b certain vessel within sa t e t d 1 Said he, "If I have a horse for sale for Y a y; w n Y ay s time or ess, As the members of the to@acco trade are generally fa b ut not having the article on l1and 1'n bond th which I want one hundred dollars, do I put him into the 1 ey are miliar with the abe arguments heretofore advanced by Obll.ged to tell the buyer they can not h th d hands of a horse dealer and se .ll him for ninety-five dolave e goo s that gentleman, they need :aot now be reproduced to ready l n time and may oerchance lo 1 th b Iars simply to allow him to make five per cent. commi s se a sa e ere y. show how earnestly he has contended, and still conwherea< the manufacturer resi.di'n t N sion on my horse? No, 1 sell him myself "or one g a or near ew tends, for the restoration of export bonded warehouse York City probably has facilities for manufacturing the hundred dollars and save my five per c ent. So we wish facilities for the convenience of tobacco manufacturers, t't on a. day's t' Th' d to protect the manufac(urer from the commission same quan I Y no Ice. IS a vantage the merchants and shippers. New York manufacturer has, and for this he pays chants who have been so lol'lg living upon him. So far d d JosEPH H. THOMPSON & Co We have been desir roundly, but which the commission merchant desires as we are a vise no argument more weighty than this to deprive him of. The Virginia manufacturer now was advanced in favor of the abolishment <.>f warehouses ous of an export bonded warehouse in this city for possesses all the advantages of the manufacturer here, here-no fraud was charged; no plea that they were some time as we believe it would facilitate our bu si ness and increase the general volume of tobacco exports. except the benefit arising from manufacturing in New not required for trade the only argument was that f C We feel assured that our trade would be augmented York cit y and for this he is compensated by having o the ommrss10ner and those used by monop olis ts II from the fact that within the past two years we have cheaper labor, rent, and incidentals. To grant him the which are sti rehearsed, and when carefully read and privilege of competing directly against the manufacturdigested will be found to be stronger in support of our had many orciers which we could not fill because we 1 f h r d1d not have the tobacco on the spot. We, conseers in New York city with bonded goods, and perpetu-_ c aim or a ware ouse than ,or our being deprived of k h d' bl f 1 h 1 quently, lost the orders that needed to be filled immeally breaking the mar et prices, is a thing that we can t e m 1spensa e ac1 1ty lor t e egittmate prosecu tio n f 1 b If h G diately. We are of the opinion that the tobacco not consistently r;ountenance for a moment. If the o a egrt1mate usmess. t e overnment's provmce IS 1 11 1 b 'ld merchants ere would be satrsfied With a warehouse to Government WI) a ow the re-establishment of so-called to ,aster a monopo y, to u1 up one mterest upon the d f 11 f h ( d be usetl exclusively for export and would not :ask now export banded warehouses, rt Will be fostering and own a o anot er an an rmportant one m the hoe . f f ) h h f 1 f or hereafter for the pnvtlege of w1tbdrawmg for home favonng one class o manufacturers to the prej of c commerce t eo IS t e re usa o the Revenue De. 1 11 d d c consumption. Why It was only day before yesterday another c ass, equa y eservmg Its consideratiOn and partmeot an ongress to accord to us warehousmg protection. facilities just; but on the other hand, if it is the of tbat we have sold fifty boxes of tobacco, but lost BUCHANAN & LYALL.-We Congress to refuse to foster and le,.islate for class 5 the opportunity because we had noc the goods on hand. view of this subject. We would not like to see other monopolies, then are we, the experters, commission e a t em e a ctory In Irgima ut cou not take a sort of free-trade o e or I W h d h h f V' b ld f I d d merchants and dealers in plug tobacco in the City of get them here 10 time. manu acturers tram me e m omg business. The point with us is to hav e honest manufacturers protected We New York suffering under a gross and glaring injustice; rather favor facilities which the Government may grant a despotic exercise of power, from which we should at :MJ:NOR EDJ:TORJ:ALS. for the accommodation and security of manu"acturers once, or at the earliest practicable moment, be relieved . ENGLISH ToBACCO W Al'ITRD.-N Ikltme IS the name of integrity. The greatest pos si ble amount of liberty com. by the esia blishment here of warehousing facilities of the new Russian general, and Turkey needs England patible with the safety of the revenue is what we would ample for the proper prosecutien of our business. to back 'er more than ever now. be willing to re, commend. We can not see that any We must sooner orr later have justice done us. harm or wrong can be done by the of an "The mills of God lfrlnd slowly, But they grind e:r:coeding small." export bonded warehouse. We, as manufacturers, have no objection to the Virginia, or other manufacturers. sending goods he re to a Government store, in charge of a Go vern ment officer, for the purpose of exportation. PIONEER ToBACCO COMPANY-E. J. WHITLOCK.-We have no objection whatever to the establishment of a bonded warehouse in t he port of New York, or any other port of entry, for the bonding of tobacco to be BuLKLEY & MooRE.-We should be very glad to see an export bonded wart:house established here for the convenience of the tobacco trade, and would recognize the inauguration 0f one as a step in the rigllt d i rection I for giving the New York nlerchants proper facilities for doing bu siness. Such a warehouse is required not only for the merchants, but for the exporters of manufactured tobacco, and there is no doubt that the nam e of every FrRE IN THR BowERY.-Our friends, Messrs. E. Deutsch & Son, cigar manufacturers, 187 Bowery, we regret to see, have been bt.unt out through the acciden tal burning of a hat manufactory in the same premises. A GooD DAY's BU5INESs.-A Petersburg corresppnd ent of the Richmomi Dispatch says :-One of our lead ing tobacco manufacturers a day or two ago shipped by the Old Domin[on Line 7 s ,ooo pounds of rna nufac tured tobacco to aforwardingmerchant in New York for exportation. A good day's business for Christmas week, A G oo D 'FrRM.-Mr. F. W. Tatgenhorst, WestP.rn leaf tobacco factor, 68 B road Street, this city, has admitted to partnership with him M r H. S i ebert, a gentleman for many years connected witfl h i m as an attache of his office and warehouse. Among the younger members of the Westem leaf tobacco trade of New York, no merchant ranks higherin publie esteem than Mr. Tat genhorst, and we doubt not the popularity of hi s hous e will be st\ll further enhanced by the acquisition s ecured to it through the acce,Jtance of Mr. Siebert as a partnt'r. The new firm h a s our best wishes for their prosperity. RoBINSON & A)>IDREw's RoLi. TwisT AND SPUN roBAcco MACHINERY.-During the we were lavored with a visit from Mr. J. E. H. Andrew, manufacture r and proprietor of the above-named tobacco machinery. Accompanied by his lady, Mr. Andrew, since leaving the Centennial Exposition, hab been making the tour of Canada and the Western S t ates, with a view to intro ducing his machi n ery i n tobacco manufactories in those sections His machinery is very popular in all parts of Ellrope, and only needs to be tested to become popu lar here. He returns temporarily to England on Saturday uext. VEST COAST MExiCAN CEDAR.-An observant cor respondent writes u5 :-Though considered a dull sea son we found on visiting the establishment of Uptegrove & Gedney, that their mill of seven saws was in full oper ation When we consider tl!e capacity of these saws is about s,ooo fee t per day each, a simple calculation revea l s a production a(Jproaching eleven millions of feet ,Per annum. The httle box mclosmg the fragrant cigar and usually looked upon as a trifle, thus assumes small importance. An item of particular interest to the cigar ltlanuf acturer as well as smoker, ;s the grea t importance which attaches to the material of which this box is composed. Naturally, it would seem that the secur i ty and symmetry of the box would be the chief and onlv desideratum-but extensive manufacturers have found i t important to examine closely into the kiad and qualince of snow and ice. Market dull. No calls for '74 leaf; '73 commands 8@8y,a and is in fai r demand. Crops of 76 leaf, for which xoc was offered a few weeks ago, c a n now, it is be bought for 8@9c. Buyers .hold best crops of '76 at zo@nc. More than one half of the late crop, it is estimated has already been purchased. The average w i ll r a nge closely in the neighborhood of roc. Mr. ----, of this vicinity, so ld a crop of '76 leaf amounting to about xS,ooo pounds, to ----, of Cincinnati, at 1oc some time recently. strong effort at legislation. .. G. K., CooKE & Co.-RuBBER HAND STAPs.-TI e Boston :Journal of Commerce observes :-The utility and even necessity of some contrivance in banks count ing:houses and other plac_es which will do consecutive numbenng, or even print cards or envelopes, is beyond question. Such a device was after for yean;, while the necessary operatio06 were Imperfectly performed by metallic stamps, alto gether unsuccessfullv, un til Mr. G. K. Cooke invented the rubber hand stamp. The latter marked a new de' parture in their line, and was at once gladly hailed as an means of accomplishing all that was necessary to be done. Not only did Mr. Cooke invent tbe but also simple, effec tive and cheap machmery for secunng Its Perfect operation, and the perfected invention was displayed at the late Exhibition. Mr. Cooke embarked in this business some nine years up to which time there had been no attempt made to use the rubber stamps for general business purposes. At that time what were called rubber stamps were only m:ade of glue and other flimsy stuff. Mr. Cooke being young and energetic, determined to bring the business up to its proper level, and to supply the marKet with a perfect artic.le, which by its moderate price should take the place of an expensive and noisy metal stamp. That h e has succeeded is shown by the approbation his work receives all over the country, and the unsolicited testi monials which he holds. There is scarcely a bank in the United States that does not use his patent Rotary Self-Inking Stamps, or his patent ink made ex;Jressly for rubber stamps, wlilich d0es not clog or gum up the stamps, flows freely and dries quicklv. The advan tages which rubber s.tatnps have over metal ones are cleanness of adaptability to print on any surface, durability and cheapness. Rubber stamps will produce an impression with a slight preSEure, when metal ones would need a sharp blow, which gradually batters the latter

JAN. 3 THE TOBACCO :MAB.K.ET. _._ ... DOMESTIC. NEw YoRK, :January -2. A moderate amount of business was transacted in the leaf tobacco market during the past week. For Weslern leaf the principal inquiry was for Spain and fr account. The month's exhibit dis closes sales to the extent of some 5,ooo hogsheads, wlaich is fai for the season. Messrs. Sawyer, Wallace & Co., report :-Western Lf.-The receipts of the month, including Virginia, were 1,6r 5 hhds; exports 4,8o6 ; sales 5 ,ooo, and the stock in warehouse shows a reduction of 2,788. Of the sales 3,430 were for export, one-half of which for Spain. Manufacturers took 1,:no; cutters 5I, jobbers 233, and 71 were for unknown destinations. We make a slight reduction on lugs, and there have been occasioual concessions, but the market laas been, on th e whole, very uniform, and the sales beyond our usual December average. Cold weather at the West still in terferes with the preparation of the crop, and what lit tle bas been done has been in the right direction towards easier prices. This we must look forward to in order to t!lo bqsineu safely. Jat -'t. 2clwelllall parcels throughout week. Cigrs.-No change is reported in this department. T\le demand contin11es regular. GM4 opened at 107 anc closed at F.,Dp M. li. S. Sternberger, :Biwkers, as Exchange macket i.s THE TOB.CCO v ery fi_ rm, and is to harden mere! especially if l DOMESTIC LOUISVILLE, DecemiJer 30. Mr. W-:1. J. Lewers, the shtpmeuts of golu from Europe contmue to be as 0 The arnvals at the port of New York from domestt c Secretary of the Tobacco Board of Trade, reports:large as they now are. In other words, should o:,old de-mterior and coastwise ports for the week end!ng were No sales this week on account of holidays and the lon g cline further, exchange .,ill rise, and at present gold is 1,235 hhds, 20 trcs, 194 qtr trcs, 1,242 cases, 1 pkge, co ntinued cold, dry we at her, rendering it impossible to a drug in the market. Whether it will cominue so is a 23 329 three qtr boxe s, 76 half boxes, 86 qtr handle tobacco in the country. question very difficult to solve. Every body appea rs l boxes, so kegs, I case cigars, 24 do, 3 trcs snuff, 11 Rereipts this month.-------------------656 hhd s be long in gold, ane it costs from 7 per cent. per an bbls do, r half bbl do, 3 crates do, 30 box es do, 5 bbls Deliveries this month .. .. ---------------1,985 hhds num to I.32 per cent. per day to have gold g um, 2 do lavender leave s 1 uo laurel leaves, r case --st ill, people do not seem anxious to s ell gold short, for licorice, 1 do orris foot, consiged as follows:LQaving stock tl)is day __________ --------5,863 hhds i f that were the case there would be more borrowers, Bv THE ERIE RAILROAD.-Oelrichs & Co. r2 hhds; Stock this day last 5,846 hhds and the carrying"Jates would naturally be The A. C. L. & 0. Mayer, 5 do; Order, 250 do. INSPECTION FOR MONTH, YEAR, IUC. best advice for importers and exporters is to buy and Bv THii: HuDSON RI'{.ER RAILROAD.-C. H. Spitzner, Since Since s ell t heir gold just as they want it, and to keep 30 cases; F. Garcia, 16 do; Allen & Co., 5 do; Wise Mo nth. NtJv. I, 1875 Jan. I, 1876. hands off any speculation We quote :-Bankers, & Bendheim, I3 do; H. & G. B. Farrington, 40 do; Year r876 _____ 1,557 65,21I 6o,S6s nominal rates are 484 and 486 for 6o days and demand F itts & Austi n, 6 do; Bunzl & Dormitzer, 8 dn. Year 1875.----2,655 -------sterl ing res1-ectively; selling rates, for 6o BY THB NATIONAL L!NE.-P. Lorillard & Co. S7 Year 1874------1,761 -------days, 4S53f. for demand. Commercial, 6o days, 4S1 hhds; F. W. Tatgenhorst & Co., 3 do; Pollard, Pettus Year 1873-----:z,63I ---@481 Y.. Paris-Bankers 3 days, 517 Y.; 6o days, & Co., I 2 .do; Order, 20 do. The business of past 12 months divided as follows:52cf1!. Commercial, 6o days, 523}i@525 ReichsBY THE PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD.-E. Spingarn & Original New _____________ ---------T,4IS hbds marks-Bankers, 3 days, 95}(; 6o days, 94}(@94y.. Co., xo ca ses; E Laugenoach, I do; Lemon & Otten Original O ld-------------------------I,297 hhds Commercial, 6o d a ys, 93}i. berg, 5 do; Appleby & Helme, 2 trcs snuff, 3crates do; New Reviews----------------------6,158 hhdi Carey & Yale, Freight Brokers, 6 bbls do, I half bbl do, 30 boxes do; W. W. Utter, 1 Old Reviews.-------------------------1 ,992 hhds report Tobacco Freights as follows :-Liverpool, per trc snuff, 5 bbls do; D. B en dheim, 1 box cigars. Of the above original new 8oo bhds had been num steam, 45s; per sail, 35s@37s 6d London, per steam, Bv NoRTH RIVER BoATs.-Order, I8 hhds. bered and sampled in other markets, about I,ooo bhds 37s 6d; per sail, 3os Glasgow, per steam, 45s. Bv THE NEw YoRK. AND NEW HAVEN S-rEAMBOA1 were from city re.handlers, and 8I4 hhds was of this Bristol, per steam, ;c;os. nom i nal. Havre, per steam LINE '.-Fox, Dills & Co., 24 cases; Straiten & Storm, year's crop, all of which being deducted, and then adding sos. Antwerp, per steam, 47s 6d@sos; per sat!, 42s. 6d 43 do; E. IRosenwald & Brother, I3 do; M. Westhtim r,9S5 hhds of crop x875, sold in November and Decem Bremen, per 6 te am,4 7s 6d@sos; per sail, 42s 6d. Ham-& Co., 6 do; J o s eph Mayer's Sons, 4 do; W. M. Price b er, I87 5, we h ave 50,789 hbds origina l s (first offer burg, per steam, 57s 6d & Co., 6 do; A. H. Scoville & Co. 93 do; Davis & Day, ing) of ttle crop of I875, inspected in this market to date. rABTIDV:r.Al\ ROTIOB. 7 do; H Welsh, 3 do; Dohan, Carroll & Co. I pkg. Of our stock on hand there is not over 300 hhds that 'By THE N.EW YORK AND HARTFORD STEAMBOAT have not been inspected, and about 500 Sampled for LINE.J oseph Mayer' s 6 ca;es; Stroho & Reitprivate sales, making Soo hhds in first h a nds. It is all zeRstein, 26 do. surmise as to who are the principal holders of the reGrowen of seed. leat tobacco are c autioned against ac..epung t]; .. reponed aala and 1uotations of teed leaf u fW"uiahing the price that should be obtaiaed for t!lcm at 6nt t:a.nd, as then: refer in most instances to old cropa which han been held nearly a year, and the profit on whick muat natu.rally iadude tbe iotueat on capita.l inveatcd. G rowers raQnot even ia the case of acw cropt, to r;ell them for the aam t prices u arc obtained on a here. Of couru: every re--aale mu st b t at a A ad vance, and therefore tne price o bta.inabl e by the growers wi ll always be 1omewhat lowe.t ti:tan our quotations. QUOTATIONS OF WHOLESALE PRICES. LirlrtL/-C mmon to good luge. Co1umon Jea t .... Good ................ P'tne .. o Selections ............. Bright WESTERN LEAF. c\li. H,avy L,af-5 @6>1 .......... ...... 6)1 @ 7-" Common .... __ .... 8 ,)j lledhUXJ ............... 10 C:iood ............. oo 1 3 @1s Fine ooo (il--Selecuons o VIRGINIA LEAF'. Cts. 6 @ 8 8 @ 9 JO @u ll @13 .. t6 U) @18 Dark, heavy lugs ............ 1 @ 8)t Common to medium .. ,. 17 do low leaf..... r do med. to good 1 ,"'(4;13 Good .................... 30 do extra s.bip 'g, li (i:i)l7.Ji Black Wrappers .......... 18 @1:1 Ftne to extra fine .......... s Dapple wrappers ........ 2S BY THE OLD DoMINION STEAMSHIP LINF.-Toel ma i ning s,ooo hhds, but two things are certain, viz.:Rose & Co., 323 hhds; W. 0. Smith & Co., 2S do, I9 Last spring "big buyer s still clun g to a considerable trcs, 77 qtr trcs, r case lc_af, 315 do mfd, 165 three-qtr amount, while our ho111e plug manufactu rers have quite boxe!> do; F. E. Owen, I trc; C. J. Francklyn, 97 qtr small stock s, and what they have is of late purchases. trcs mfd, II4 cases do, IJ.I three-qtr boxes do ; Dohan, PHILADELPHIA, 5 l1hds. o f all grades at full figures, giving their especial Ground l..,f, new....... 3 @o -k' d 1 1 f LE F 1'0 BAl-TIMORE, D --m bt 3o.-Messrs. Ed. Wt'sch attenuon t o pac mg au se e ctmg new styes o granuCoNW&IicltiCrop -SEED A' RHOME TRIIDE. l a tect' goods for the holidays, and jud o ing from the .PmuytvHi4meyer & Co., Tobacco Commission Merchants, reports : ., Crop B' un ique style of package and quality of goods offered on Ffllel'S .................... Second!L .................. 8 @o fal2o >s Fitters .................. 7 @ 9 -There is scarcely any thing doing in .Uaf Tobacco at the ma rke t labors should undoubtedly be rewarded Lots .. .. ...... '" s pres ent, r eceipts are Vf'.ry small, and we he>.r of no w Jo'ittero .. ............ 7 @ 9 sales worthy of note. Prices are, however, nominally in a pecuniary manner. :; unchanged, and we s till continue our quotations :-InSeed L eaf. -The demand for Seed leaf for use Wrappers ............... 13 Selections ..... ...... Crop 187! Nnv v spected this week, 33 bhds Maryland, '17 do Ohio 29 the pa> t week will convince the most skepttca that this Crop '8 74 do Kentucky, 5 do Virginia, total, 8 9 hhds No foreign branch of our trade suffers more than any other at the Fillers .. ... .. . .. 6 Seconds ....... .......... 10 ;; Selections ..... ......... 45 Lots ...... .. .. 8 @,. close of the year. There are too TMany necessary and .. @s exports. Tobacco Statemmt. positive requirements, and circumstances to affect it. /lf"ass.dtu.tdtsCrop 1874 Assnrtt'd. o ......... -. 7 W rappt!T',.. ............ 10 @l 9 Assorted Lots ...... ..... 7 @ 9 January I, IS 7 6, stock on bane in State Especially hence, while stocks are excellent in the Setoctions ................. warehouses, and on shipboard not b a nds of dealers, betler than ever for number of years, @o Wis'/::d':S,';:'a lllinoi-Crop J cleared ________ ................ 12,386 hhds a very meager business is reported. What goods AssorteJ.. .. .. ........ 6 @ 8 I d h k 89 hhd s are sold a very satisfact ory price is obtained. Export Crop ...... .......... 6 Wrappers ... .......... 9 Inspected t ts :-vee1--tb-_---------------60,S2 S hlld s trade partakes ofthesame sl uggi sh feehng, and shows SEED' LEAF FOR EXPORT. nspecte preVIOUS y IS year ...... d W ] f A Ctmutimt & Mass.-Crop ,g,._ N= York State-Crop 1g72 to r74o ---__ only 196,ooo poun S es tern ea tO ntwerp, VIa Assorted Lots .......... 1 sx Assorted Lots .......... 7 @ s steamship Vadedar:d. Sales for domestic use were 76 6 @ 7 Pnuuylvo.7Jia-Crop 1S,5. 7 3 303 hbds 1 .... -... s Assorted . ........... ,4 S Expert, Maryland and Ohio, cases Connecticut, 51 cases Pennsy vama, 42 cases As><>rted Lots 7 @ Wrappe ............... "" Clfss J S bhd Ohi o, 21 cases Wisconsin, 65 bales of Havana and 6 CropS,,.. .......... 9 WiscO>ui,.aruiiUinois-CropBs- :;;mce. anuar)' I-------.. 5 s hhds ofWestern Virgmia and M ar yland leaf, with reAsserte d Lots ........... 6 @-Assorted ................. s"' coastwise same penod Filteu ........ .... 3>t@ 4 Crop &13 and IB74o 59, 78 hht's ceipts from all points of 87 cases Connecticut, r26 Crop Assorted ............... : 6 @ .1 p I Oh' \\7' Lots.......... 6 @ 6)( F/or/4-Crop ,874 aod 875 Stock in warei:l ouse this day and -----cases ennsy vama, 52 cases 10, 27 cases tsconstn, Ftlers .................. 3X@ ASS<>rted ................ 7 @ 8 h' b d 1 So bales Havana, and IOI hhdsof Western and Virginia on s 1p oar not c eared_____ 13,5I8 hhds SPANISH LEAF. leaf. Ha..-.J YaraMamifactu,.ed Tobacco.-We again report a dull and Common ............... ss !!!! 95 Asorted Jot s ........... 85 @0 @50 Extl'a. fine u ........ 45 @60 FiDe................... 30 @)40 GoOd................... 28 @30 Railroad, from Danville, 244 boxes, 22 caddies, 5 cases, any thing is coming forward, and the little oifered has Navy Half Pound. and TltirdoI4 bundles ; do d o from Lynchburg, 82 boxes and 26s not been in quality or packages suitable to meet the !'ioe .................. 18 @26 caddies; do per Richmond steamers, I,4 44 packages; order demand noted by us of lat e, viz for shipment to Med.illm .............. 2:::1 (a12t;: f ;ommcn .... . 18 PreMed, extra fine 3!.i (tik4G IJgbtPre ... d fir.e ...... SO 4J)S5 Qt..artu I'wndi.-Fine. 28 (a.30 do per Norfolk steamers, I05 do. Virginia rehandlers and manufacturers. T h e two regu A Happy New Year to the enfire StaffofTHa: LEAF. lar days for pu'!:!lic sale are Tuesday a nd Friday. On Pius and Four .......... 20 @25 BOSTON, 'Yanuarv I.-Our S"ecial correspondent Frid>iy there was no animation in the market. Sales 5 Medhun ................ o 24. @26 Corumon ........ ..... o. 20 (.(A2S .............. 18 @26 J J rhhd 8 d d 6 11arontad :!'win .......... 2 G <'16 reports:-The tone of the tobacco market has not varied s new crop f'2-S0 3 3 5 3 0 an 4 an ...... ... @OO sin ce my last, every thing remaining quiet, and the con -hhds old crop; part damaged, at 3SP, 3.6o, 3.8o, 7o, FiM .................... zs @26 sumptive demand being small for all k in ds and 22 (the last' Vi r ginia wrappers). Bids were Na"Y ..f'otlndt.-Flne ...... 26 @.35 lfa."Y Ralf Pound.! and ThircM. Fane .: o 23 (flJ28 Fancy ToiNJep at 4-70, and 6.8o, stocks preparatory to receiving the new which will soon -and 11 hhds o!J crop at 2.9o@17 -50. there make its appearance, although late advt::es from the were no offermgs. We quote old to West indicate small receipts at the warehouses, occagood dark lug s,; do do bnght do, sioned by the extre111e cold weather, farmers being uncorpmon dark leaf, medturn dark sh1ppmg able to strip their crops. Stock on band here is con-leaf, gooil do do d? $9@Io; common man siderably less than at the same time last vear. Receipts le af, $7@S; medtum do do, $; duriflg the past year 1 ,ooo hhds, against 431 hhds in g ood d? do, Io@r2.50. New crop: lugs common 1 875. to medtum dark and red lea f from 4 5o@7So; boxes and Bright 'l'wist [Va) 12 incb 26 BriJ!ht Gold!rs, 6 inch 35 Rongh 1>: Reaay.... .. 2G CIGARS. Havana, per M ........... $50@$1501 Seed, perM ............... 18@ ) Seed and J:J.avana, 88 Rappett, Fr4!och ....... -@ 1 l'IO Subject to discount to tho Wbt)le S;:RICAN CoLONIES-IZ hhds. BRITISH WEsT INDIEs--Io hbds, 79 pkgs (Io,334 lbs) m fd. CANADA<-2o bales. CHIN.A.-2I pkgs (4,6gzlbs ) mfd. pkgs (3 0,413 lbs) mfd. DAJ!ISH WESr INDIES-2 hhds, 2G pkgs (6 ,96 lbs) mfrl 'FRENCH WRST INDIES-Z.O hhds. Seed leaf.-Trade in this branch exhibits no new feasmall packages from soc@$I. per Ioo l bs less. ture, although the belief strengthens that with the pres-Statement of and offered for sa.e at ent demand on manufacturers, th e inquiry for a time our ..Jn St. Lams, for 1876, as fall<;>ws :-: will be for a finer class of goods than that they have Stock 10 warehouse, January I, 845 hhds ; recetpls m been buying. at wareho u ses, 70 do; .rece ipt s in December CHICAGO, Dec e mbet 3o.-Mr. H e nry H. Adams, sh1pped through, '44 do; total recetpts 111 December, 214 Tobacco and Cigar Manufacturers' Agent, reports:do ; r eceipts ware_houses, January 1 to December 29, ButJ"ew sales for immediate delivery have been made 16,092 de.; recetpts sh1pp_ed January 1 to Decem this week, though quite a number of transactions ha\ e her 29, I3,105 do; total J 2nuary 1 to De occurred deliverable February. I quote :-Manujac-. 2y, 29,197 do; shipments m D e cember, 13I do; tured Tobacco-Black work: CaiJ)man, all style&, single shtpl_nents from January 1 to December z9, 24,176 do; and double thick, 42@ 4sr:; medium, do do 46@ ?ffenngs 10 December at warehouses, Ioi do; total 48C; choice, do do so@S2C. Bright work-Comfrom January I December 21], I 7,486 do; mon, do. do 4 6@ 48c; med iuoo, do do so@s2 c; choice, tes from warehouses m December, 205 do; total dehve_r do do 55@57c; laney style& twist, etc, SS@ 7 oc. 1es from January I to December 29, do; stock Fine Cut-Common, 3 8@4zc; medium, 45@ 4 S c ; good, warehouses December 29, IS76, 972 fhe Is so@ssc; choice, 6o@6 5 c; fancy, 7 6@Soc Smoking-taken fro'!l.the book, _and mclosed find pn_ ce Common, 17@34c; granulated in paper; 35@ 3 Sc; d o in current g1v1_ ng a ll rece1pts for th1s, and also all cloth, common, 3s@.43c; medium, -4-8@ s2c; good, 6o@ through thts ctty for other markets Every thmg IS 67; choice, 78@roo frozen up, and n o rece1p.s or sales be:mg made at pres-CINCINNATI, December 30.Mr. F. A. Prague, ent. Leaf Tobacco Inspector, reports :-Continued cold weather, together with the suspeasion of navig a tion, has caused the business in Leaf Tobacco for this the la st week of the year to be unusually hgbt, only 49 hhds and 44 boxes being offered at auction. Prices were steady at about the same range current for several weeks p ast. 33 hhds Mason County, :Ky., distr ict :-r lat $4.50; 4 at; 8 at S :zo@9.8o; 13 at 10.75@ I3.50; 6 at 15@I8. 9 hhds Brown County, 0 distPct: -1 at 17 at 8.o5@9.8o; I at 12. 7 hhds Pendle ton County, Ky. :-3 at So;3 at H>@l I ; I at 1 7-50. At the Morris Warehouse, 44 cases Wis.consi[,l Seed : -14 at $2@ 3 .95; 13 at 4@5.6o; 9 at 6.os@7 so; S at 8.40@9 .80 for common fillers and binders. The following statement shows the husiness for the month of December, alse total receipts and sale s for the year, also stock on hand unsold January r, 1877 : Hids. Boxes. Total stock in warehouses Dec. r, 76, unsold 6,2So 8o7 Receipts for December _____ ----------426 576 T otaL ____ 6,706 1,3S3 Total sales for December _______________ 1,301 371 FOREIGN. AMSTERDAM, Dec ember 9.-Messrs. Schaap & VanVet-n, Tobacco Brokers, report:-The sales of the past week consisted of 120 hhds of Ma.,.yland, 6 hhds Maryland scraps, and 222 b ales of Sumat ra tobacco. Transportations, none Stock to day :-Marylar:d, 1,o7o hhds; Virginia, 27 do; Kentucky, wo do; Cavendish, 1oo box es; Seed leaf, Ioo cases; East Indies, 4,ooo bales, Sumatra, r63 do; J ava, n,ooe do. ANTWERP, December 2.-Messrs. Schaap & Van Veen, Tobacco Brokers, report :-The sales in the past week for tobacco in gl!neral were very poor. Of Amer ican tobacco only I6o hhds Marylat1d and 8 hhds v;,.. gtnia changed hands. Importations con sisted of 91 I hbds Maryland, 96 hhds Kentucky, and 413 b a les of J ava. Stock to-day:-I,19o hhds Maryland, 27 do Vir ginia; 100 u o Kentucky, 100 ca ses Cavendish, I25 do Seed leaf, 4,ooo bales East Indian, 335 do Sumatra, 1o,oo2 do Java. LONDON, Dem.Jier 14.-:tdessrs. Grant, Chambers & Co. report :-During the past week tllere has been but a inquiry for Ametican tobacco, and buyers have had to be tem:;>ted by quality anq price to [ Continud Se71e.:th Page. J GJ..A.SGOw-Ioo cases. HAMBURG-144 Gases. HAYn-s hbds, 203 b ales LivERPOOL--;::64 bhds, 499 pkgs .(7s,6u l'bs) mfd. Total stock in warehouses Jan. I unsold_5.405 1,012 N 'ew Firms. LONDO))i-84 cases. Total stock in warehouses Jan. I, '76 unsold 5 I ,369 NEw' YORX. C .ITY.-Spear & Held, Whdlesale Dealenl MAR.SE' tLLEs--30 bh.ds Total receipts during the year'.---------32,176 7,761 in Havana and Domestic Leaf Tobacco, 169 Water N..:w GRENADA-99 bales, 179 pkgs (a8,39I lbs) ----Street. mfd. TotaL-------------------------37.572 9,130 Bnoonnr.N. Y.-Henry Behrens & Co., Wholesale YRiiEZUELA-26 4 eases, 72 pkgs (4,342 M>s} Total sales for the year--.-__ --__ -----32,167 S,uS Dealers in HavaDa iUld Seed Leaf Tobacco, aDd m{d. j Total stock in warehou;;es Jan. 1, '77 unsold 5..405 I,OI2 \So Gr3Jld .Street, E. D I Forthcoming Auction.Sale. By L. M. Hoffman's s-,11 & Co., II [ Pearl Street OQ January 3. at 12 o'c!ock, wtthin tbeir ctgan; (Bock and other brar,t.Js), 8,ooo cigarettes s moktn g tJbacco. Changes in NEw YORK CJTY.-F. W. Tatgenhorst, Tobacco Fac tor; Mr. Henry Stebert a d mitted ; firm name no1v F. W Tatgenhorst & Co., 6S Broad Street. Bowne & Frith. Tobacco Commission Merchants, dts s olved ; M. Robt. S B::>wne will continue under his own name; 7 Burling Slip. A. C. Lamotte, Expo rter of Leaf Tobacco -Mr Ernst Muller will sign firm name by u; Pearl Street. BALTIMORE, Mo.-Nehmsmann & Bahlman Mr George K obler admitted; firm name now Nehms:Oann. Bahlmann & Kohler. CINCINNATI, 0 .-Henry Meyer, Deale r in Domestic and _'Havana Leaf Tobacco; Mr. John Oberhelman, admitted; firm name now H::nr y Meyer & Co., 46 West Front S t reet. Advertisements. li, j. HOODLESS. BEN BERRY Jw HOODLESS & CO,. NATIONAL TOBACCO INSPECTiDX, Becei ving &, Forwarding W Foot of Van Dyke and Partition Bro9klvn.-Uitt atl ".tobacco C.ola .....,_._.. .... ""''"'JJ.arti......,'-'"'-.JO &.1.,...,.. "-'Jli.U.u:. ... -3 l .ore i :;n Tobacco, duty 3SC p-::r !ounrl gold. Forelgn $ .1 p,.r pQund an !I 2S per c .. nt. tut valor m. Imported Cijlars and Cigari:ttt'S also an lutt:rnal Revenue tax of $6per M. to be by stamps at I he Cus tom House (Revenue A ct, <;11) :1s amended M;:or h 3 1 Sjs The import duty on manuf:\ctured tobaccn is soc per b ; Leaf strnuned, 35c ; Ste:ms, JSC per pound; Scraps. O cents pound. ln addition this rluty. the Revenue tax em the same kind of tobocco m:.tde in th1 s enuntry must be paid. The tobacco must :Uso be packed according to the teg lations governing tobacco made here. FOREIGN DUTIES ON TOBACCO. In Austria, France, lta1y and Spain. the tobacco comerce Is monomlbed by go vernment, under direction of a Regie. Io the duty on American leaf tobacco is 4 thalers per loo lbs,. In Belgium tile imoost is eck oned after IS per cent. for tare. The dUtJ' is 13 franca, 10 centimes ($2. gold) per 100 Kllogrammes (toe Amerlcaa lbs equal4S" kilos.) Jn Ho1land the duty is 28 cents, gold, per 100 tllos. Americau pounds being equal to 127 kilos.le'n Russia the duty on leaftobaccoia 4 roubles 10 kopeks per pud; on .molting tobacco roubles 1110 cop. per pud, and on cigars 2 rou. ao cop. per r,ud. The "pud" la equal to a boot 36 American lb!l. In Turkey tbe duty a 50 cents, rold, per American ounces. f Jln England the duties are on unman u.factured: stemmed or J!Cd and unstemmed, contai&\DI' 10 lbs or more of moisture in e'ftry too Jbe. weight tbertof (besides 5 ber ceut., aod an additional cbarl'e of )(per cent. on removal from bonde d 'IRtebouaes), 3s. per lb; cootainlDI' leu than 10 lbs of moisture in every 100 lba weight (ezclusive of the extra cbar,ges noted above) 3!' 6d per lb. On manufactured: CaTendisb aud N egrobead teak' or twist), .p. 6d. lb; aU othe:r ktnda -4.s. per lb. 0 'l'OBACCO PLANT-A JOURNAl. l) Jur PuiJliElled &t No. 10 Lord NelBon M.roet, Liverpool. Engia:Hf Wt'lerH aubiJCriptions may be addr688ed,or to Ton&OCO Lli.A.:P CD'nt\&. P,rioo two aW1Unga t.I::Dg.tli!h) per nn"-m. 'I'rade A.dverUBement!J, 20 l:d.Illings per fnch, No adnrtiaementll ror a. .,borter period '&.han six mouths. Macb:inef'7 for Sa le, Buainesa Addres "''l" Annonncemen\1'1, &a. la 'PtJr liue. No for Advertllli.Dg 'Will beWd ..... ,. uulettS accompanied Ly the c vrr6i}londing amount. This rul wil bl"a.liahJy be a.llh ered. to. ADVERTISING B.ATES. ONE SQUARE (14o NONPAREIL LINES). OVER ONE COLUMN,' ONE YEAR ............................ $32.00 DO. DO. SIX MONTHS .......................... 17.01> DO. DO. THREE MONTHS .................... -.10.00 OVER TWO COLUMNS, ONE YEAR .... .... .................. 68.00 DO. DO. SlX MONTHS ........................ 32.00 DO. DO. THREE MONTHS ... ....... .. ---.. I7.CO Tl.VO SQ,UARES (28 NONPAREIL LIJ!IEI!). OVER TWO COLUMNS, ONE Y EAR .......................... $115.00 DO. DO. SJX'J>IONTHS... ................. .... 68. 0 0 DO. DO. THREE MONTHS ............... 32,00 FOUR sQ.UARES [56 NO.t!lPAREIL LINES). OVER TWO COLUMNS, ONE YEAR .......................... p).OO DO. DO. SIX MONTHS .... .... .. -----...... llli.Oo DO. DO. THREE MONTHS ............ ...... 00 .00 FIRST PAGE RAT.Illli, ONE SQU.ARE, OVER TWO WIDE COLUMNS, ONE !'EAR .. JlM.Ct TWO SQUARES, DO. DO. ONE YEAil.. SOlUMI THREE SQUARES, DO. DO. ONE Y.I!.AR .. 4W.IXI 1107 NO-ADVERTISEMENTS ON THIS PAGE TAKEN FOR LESS THAN ONE YEAR, PAYABLE FULLY IN ADVANCE. NO Dli: VIA"l'ION FROM THESE TERMS. THIRD PAGE RATES. ONE SQ.UARE (1. JltiONP.A.REIL LiliES!, THREE MONTHS ........ ...... ................................ SIX MONTHS ............ ........................................ -ONE YEAR .... ................................ .... ................ '11.00 TRANSIENT ADVERTISEMENT!! ON THE THIRD PAQE. 8 CENTS PER LINE FOR EACH lNSERTiOii. NAMES ALONE IN "BUSINE.SS DIRECTORY OF .A.D-'YERTISERS." FIRST P.AGE, ON:E YEAR ...................... Jail SKILES a PREY, Packers and Dealers iD. Leaf Tobacco, 61 and sa North Duke St., Pa. ..


I JAN. 3 JOHNSON, ,; MERCHANTS, j. 0. BOX 4366. COMMISSION PACE, W. J. YARBROUIH &: SOIIIS, tuRPII &: BRO., J. H. GREAIER, L J IRAIIIT &: CO., L H. FRAYSER a CO., A. liEN a CO., SUCCESSORS OF EDW' D HEN, 43 :t.ibe::rty Street, v 5 4 & s6 BROA D ST. 'HenrySchrodr, -PRICE OF MACHINE C OMPLETE, withPressfboq>ixln>oinches), 1210 netcaoh. T.o. nox aeos. NEw voRK-Offlc;e-141 West ::B::roacl"Way, N. Y. :P. QUDV & 00., N B.-The attention. o f man u facturers of Cigarette a n d Turkish, and all Fanc y Tobaccos, Straight Cuts, Bright Leaf, etc. etc., is paqticularly called to thi..s Machine. r SAWYER, WALLACE" co., TOBACCO PAGTOBS :COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Western and Virginia Leaf, W. H. TERWILLIGER, PRENTICE'S No, 47 Broad Street, NEW YQRK. ;39 BROAD STREET, P .O. BOX :.,'1' 0'1' NEW YORit LATE & co. CIGAR SHWG MOULD Welded Steel a.nd Iron & RETAINERS. Patented January u, 1864), and May :13, r87r. THGMAS KINNICUTT J{. StEBBR.T. F. \V. 'TATGENHORsn. I F. W. TATGENHORS:T & CO,, XEN'l'UCXY ancl vmGIMA. rro:a.Acco Leaf Tobacco, No. 52 68. BROAD STREET, NEW YORK. J'ATMAK &. CO., Cottc:m and Tobacco Factors, AND COM M ISSION-'' M IERCHANTS, 70 & 72 ST., NEW YORK OTTINGER & J ... : K E N TUCKY LEAF TOBACCO. "') 48 DBOAD STB.J:ET, 'V<>rk. PRESCOTT BURBANK. GEO. P NASH. BURBANK & N AS:S:, TO.BACCO .AND S A F E S used them to be the best M o ul\1 ever ial'ented. A H CARDOZO P ATEI'IT INSIDE 'IJOLT WORK AND MakesNoCreaseiatheCigar o 9 HING"ED CAP Durable and Compact. Uniformity in Size o l the Char. GREATEST IMPROVEMENT OF THE Unskilled Labor can be EmTOBACCO & ColllTON FACTORY AGE J. Less Skil is Requtred 1n Ftmsh10g No Safe Complete It I I PRICE PER SET. AND I N 5 4 '1\11' a. L 'Varranted perfect in every respect for Circu .. o .LY.I. a l e n a n e I Jar o r c a ll and jud ge f o r General Commission MerchantJ Nearw;1u:mstreet, NEW W H. TERWILLI_CER, Testimocials and PticP. L ist furnished on ap.. M anufacture r and Propnetor, N o 66 BROAD ... Y. plication .. 54 MAIDEN LANE, NE'V YORK -* Constant1y or. band the Best Im proved Hand and Steam }fachines hr Cutting and Granula\ini' To bacco. JAS. M GARDINER, TOBACCO-COMMISSION MERCHANT, S4 Front Street, Ne'W Tork, I S RECEIVING. DIRECT FROM VIRGINIA C ON SIGNMENTS OF MANUFACTURED TOBA C CO. Export Orders for Flug Tobacco Promptly Filled. OOLPH STROH M GUIDO REITZENSTEIN REYNES BROTHERS & CO., STROHM &; REITZENSTEIN. MERCHANTS, Commission :Mercha.nts, ALSO DEALERS IN' -IS -18 J:xchange ::E'lace, DOMESTIC And Import-en of 1 FOREIGN TOBACCO, 1.'7 6 FRON T nEW YOilt FELIX GARCIA, IMPORTE R OF HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO I A d C n. d .. gars 167 Water Street, NEW YORK. ESTA.BLISIIED 1822. uCOPERBAGER SNUFF," Manufactured only by WEYMAN & BROTHER, \.etters :Pat ent, December :36, I8Ss. An infrin,rem.eaC::oo. our copyright will rlaor ou11ly proe fi!Cnterl York... CARL UP:atANN, lTOB.ACCO A N D aB!J. ntlnSUI M DCHAR c:' _178 l'E.U.L NEWYGilX WM. Mp PRICE, LEAF TOBACCO, 119 Maiden Lane, NEW YORK. P .A. 'TENTS. COX and COX, COUNSELLORS AT LAW 2Z9:BROADWAY, NEW YORE, i PRACTICE IN C ASKS aBLATING TO PATENTS IND TRADE MARKS B EFORK THE COURTS a1ul PATENT OFFICE VEBA & BERNHEIM, IMPOB TJ!.RS OF LEAF TOBACCO, 184 Front Street, ... .... E. SPINffARN & CO., D'IA.LZIU!!I IK HAVANA & DOMESTIC TOBACCO No. 8 BURLINC SLIP, NEAR WA,TER STREET, NE"W'-YOR.K. & u.JI1 RAUOliii'A.tTL ,. .... W """""'.A11.1f. G. BEISMAlVBT, Commission Merchant, AND DaALRR JN ALL KtKDS 011' lEAF TOBACCO, 1?9 Pearl Street, Jet. ?.ine NEW YORK. N. LACBENBRUCB & :BBO., No.164 Water S treet, New York, WHOLESALE DSALBJtS IN HAVANA It DOMESTIC' Leaf Tobacco. F. W. FRJSCHBN. J, F Roass, F. S<;uur.z. FRISCHEN, ROESS & SCHULZ, PACKERS AND DEALERS IN Leaf Tobacco 17 Water Street, NEW YORK. OF & CO., fOBACCO AND CIGARS, RA VANA TOBACCO SNUFF: PIPES, etc., A T 484 811010 IIEWIBI And OX<:; .A.B.a., e .&lVD IN C.&LDWELL. 1. StwrP, every grade of WEYMAN .BRO,. [79 to Bl Smithfield l'a. !9" !'E Ail.L STUn'. NiW YOR!t. BASCH &. FISCHER, OF HAVANA AND PACKERS OF SBRD LBAP .TOBACCO, 155 Water St., Nea.r Haiden Lne, NEW YORK. KEYSTONE CLAY TOBACCO PIPE WORKS. -.., JU:ANli FACT URER!I OF FIRST-CLASS :i..pese;, PENINGTON, PRIC E & CO. SEND FOR PRICE LISTS. 18 North Seventh S t Philadelphia. 0 TOBAC:CO BAGGING. I MHATION SPANISH LINEN, FANCY STBIPBS, And alllltltds o f Goo d s u .. d f o r p attil>r up s .... k. i n a Tobacco. .&la&, complet e assortment of Smokers' Artkiea for the Trade. 110\VIftD SliGER & CO. 462 to 468 BroadwaJ, lew York. WM. ZIXSSIIB. A CJO., MAN11FACTU&&&I V fOBACCO SEALING WAll. Aod Importers of Glycerine, Drags, GniiiB, &co 1 W'illiND st.. l'hw xoa.


JAN. 3 THE TOBACCO 3 JACOB BiNKELL, MANUFACTUREJl 81' A. :E. SCOVILLE CO., CIGAR BOXES, SUPERIOR MAKE AND Prime Quality of CEDAR WOOD, 295 & Monroe St. NEW YORK. FR.AS::&IB.'S WAREHOUSE O F ELEGANT CIGAR SlOW CASES !SUCCESSORS TO & SCOVILLE,) IMPO:R TJC:RS Olr S:E'ANISB AND JOBBERS IN ALL KINDS OF LEAF -TOBACCO, Ko. W.&TZB. STB.EJ:T, KBW YOB.K., CQl'fJJECTJCUT SEED LEAF WRAPPER OF OUR. OWN PACKING, -._S'rRAITON.& MANUFACTURERS OF CIGARS, AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, fl, 178 & 180 :PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. ALLEN & CO., "S : t '13 & 1'15 CHAMBERS ST., NEW YORK, WHOLESALE DEALERS AND AGENTS FOR ALL NEW r YORK T 0 B A C 0 0 FACT 0 R IE s: THI GIBIAI Ult P. Lorillard & D ;H. :McAlpin & Co., BBOADWAY,cor.cedarSt.NEWYOR.K. Thos. Ho..,... & Co. Etc C,a,tal 000 000. 3 v J cp ALSO AGENTS FOR Eery facility afforJed t o Dealers and Correspondent! MmBB& tnmu SEAL OF NORTH cAROLINA i. T. BJ.lmiJ. & H. R.OCBOLL, President. fof. r. RE4DlNG, OaohiM. DURHAM, WM EGGERT & CO. IMPORTERS OF :N'o 0. Ana Other Brands. :a: A JOS. G. DILL, TURPIN BROTHERS, JACKSON, TURPIN & Co.; s B H D L H A' T 0 BAG c 0 And a of Othr Factorieo, SEND FOR PRICE LIST. FRIES & BROS 16CollegePllce, Ill PEARL STREET 9 lEW YORio 'CINCINliATI' 94 St., Cincinnati, 01 [OHIO. MANUFACTUR.ER.S 01' NEW E ; & G. FRIEND & CO.," CL ,-CL I1 B., lmt)Orte n and l)ealen In Draw Bills o f Exchange on the principal cities ef Europe: issue Ci r c u la r and. Commercial CTedl1s ; ra:cetve Mr.n.ey on De-posit, 'ubjec to Sight upOn toter will b"!: allowed; pay particular a.ttenhon t o the 'N erotiation of Loans. J. SCSKITT, IMPORTER OF AND DEALER IN -LEAP TOBACCO, 162 Water Street, New York. 11. W BIDEL & BRO., 'MANUFACTURERS OF CIGARS AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, IS' flOWERY, NEW YORK. CUTHRIE a: co., DEALERS IN Seed Leaf -----1; I l t. i: J : J I .'' i 1 I I I I 1 I r t s. A. OATMAN, L8AF TOBACCO, HAVANA CIGARS 1 97 Duane Street. FINE .. New York, j 233 Creenwich Street, particuiar!y favored N.EW YORK. --1-IMPORTER OF HAVANA And Dealer in Domestic IJIIPORTERS! OF HAVANA TOBACCO, 203 Pearl Street. New York. .&... rei.1e;:a..-!!' PACKER, COMMISSION A .ad. Wholeale Dealer In LEAF TOBACCO; 191 Pearl Street, New York. HERMANN BATJER tc BROTHERlJ COMMISSION MERCHANTS &. OF 77 W.ATJCE. ST., N:ZW YO:RX-WISE & BENDHEIM, :wG CE4]BDS S'l'UJAI, &n4 l21 BOWEIY, SOLE AGENTS FOR THE WELL-KNOWN R.. T. :FAUCETT & CO.."S PAVOIITE DIJUAII &M:O:K.XNG-TO;EJAOOO, AJ.IIO, JOBBERS ll'i ALL KINDS OF VIRGINIA & CAROLINA PLUG AND II!IIOXING TOBACCOS. KAUFMANN BROS. & BONDY, MANUFACTURERS OF FINE CIGARS, 12S. & 131 GJlAlVD S"l'B.J:J:T, KJ:W "2'0BK. t!< HIRAl-t WALKER, Prest. j E. SAx roN, Sec'y and Treas. HIRAM GRANGB.a, S\lpt. WALKBR, CO., MANUFACTURER S OF M. SALOMON, I F.. SALOMON. M. ti: E. SALOMON, PACKERS OF SEED LEAF, LBAP TOBACCO, G-LOBE FINECUT CHEWING &SMOKINGJ TOBACCOS, 31, 33 & 35 Atwater St., East, AND IMPORTERS OF I Havana Tobacco and Cigars, 85 MAIDEN ..::\NE, N. -'(. ... MISFIT. CARPETS! Brussels, Thre e -Ply and Ingrain, also, Stair Carpets, Velvet Rugs, Crumb Cloths, Oil Cloths, etc., very cheap at the Old Place, 112 :FULTON STREET, 1\TEWYORK, Oa.rpets carefully packed and sent to any part of the "" United. States free of bharg&. lfiiir Send for Explanatory Circular. J, A. BENDALL. CAI\IPBELL'S INDIAN HAVANAHS, Price 15 Dollars per 1,000 in l.ondon, in Bond. These C igars are .neatly roll ed in Havanab p attern, arc well ftafed, alld are made o n thu prem1ses by KESSBS. CAll'BELI. & CO., .l'Ja.nt:!.ti o n Works, Din 'gul, Madras Presidency, India, From Tobacco and cured under their T ese are f avora\,ly known iu india AGEN F. S PLOW RIGHT & CO. 4' B'"inghall Street .London, :#. S.-HaYanab Pattern Cigars, weighi ntg 6S to a lb., price a9 doJ.l.a;s per r,ooo, free in Bond, u1 Gt. Br1taia. l I 166 Water Street, -NEW YOBK. TIN FOIL. JOHN .J. CROOKE, MANUFACTVRBR Of' TIN FOIL AND BOjTLE CAPS, PLA.Jilll AND COLORED. lOLLING J.m.LS, 38 CIOimY and 163 at; 165 K11LBEBIY S11EE:T8-; NEW YO:U. OOEBJ:Z & CO., Importers and Manufacturers of DETROIT, MICH BELCHER, PARK tc CO., SOL E AGENTS IN THE UNITED STATES FOB. -LWEI:E O::I:G-..A.B.S OF ':::L"EE:E EL MERITO FACTORY, JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA, 23 College Place, :Ne-w York. ALL THE CIGARS OF 'I'H E ADOYE F llCTORY ARE'CLEAR HAVANA. TOB.AOO 0 LA.BELS, for Smoking and Manufactured Tobacco, GERJIIAN AND SCOTCH FURNISHED BY Cla:tl.D!'f!pes, THE BATCH LITHOGRAPHIC CfJMPJNY, Heinrich Goebel Sohne, .....,. Genuine Grossalmerode Plpes,t'!l 32 & 84 VESEY STREET, NEW YORK. 12S. Dlaiden liane. K. '2'. AT GREATLY0 EDUCED PRICES. '"' 5 SCHRODER d: BON, 178 WATER STREET, NEW YORk, TMPOB.TEB.S OP &:P.A.m"Z&.EJ: AND -:PACKERS OF DOMESTIC Licorice Paste, POWDERED LICORICE, GUM ARABIC, OLIVE OIL, OTTO ROSEi, Tonqua Beans, ') And all other Materials for Flavoring used by including the Soar Essential Oils, W H. Schieffelin & eo., 110 and 173 WILLIAK S'l'IEE'1', NJW-TOII. SANCHEZ, HAYA, tc CO., '" I 32 & 134 MAIDEN NEW YORK, MANUFACTURERS OF _cc-_ .. FINEST GLHAR HAVANA CIGARS, Awarded llighest L!edal Exhibition, 1876, ALSO IMPORTERS 0j' B.. W'. JUU:CHS, MANUFACTURER OF CIGAR BOXEF AND IMPORTER Ot' GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS DEALER IN c e; >.A..R -w-oon FOR CICAR BOXES, 291, 293 & 295 MONROE STREET. NEW YORE:. Partieular Attention paid to Sa-wing. and to Order. J. A. HARTCORN, Manufacture r of Fine Cig;ars. Iii 1-111l"'l t:rJ And Dealer in LEAF :::i212:;E-s_ 21 B 0 WE R Y ,-NE"\V YORK. ). ..,E-tz __ .... Internal Revenue !iooks... l&. :1 The Orllrinal Internal PubUsblo .... o ,C. JOURCENSEN, Cl) .. oo ... u fCU S Ed rsoLB SUCCESSOR T O BSTI& A SMITH, :Z: jl.c'"" P 0 Box 516.,, 37 LDIEBTY ST., ...._ ... (.1"0 .... :i-g Jlr&ncling Irena aDc1 SteiiCill a : Of eve..Y description :at Lowest Prices:. 1 (I) '-SEND FOR I'IUCES w u; 1-"t.oc.C;;. .. ... It: C -='t;;t.l n. E STABLISHED 1'1'113, GERARD BETTS a CO .. General Auctioneers -AND-COMMISSION MERCHANTS, STORE AND SALESROOM: 7 OLD SLIP ll04 PEARL STREET.-E-tttt:32 (' FOR TRADE SUPPLIES ADDRESS D. W. De FOl!.ES'l', P. 1), Box 3734, NEW YOU, (One d""r fro m Hanover Squore) NEW TORK. For S:\mple enc l ()se 2t rents P. 0. stamp. JULIAN ALLEN, SeedLeaf and Havana TOBAOCO, 172 Water Street, N. Y. & SCHLOSSERt a.t.\NUFACTUR8RS 011' Fine Ciga.ras, H'l & 14.9 A.TrOR.N: &Y STR.Eft. "'" GLACCVM, NEWJ:ORIC JACOB SCHLOSS&L of the celebrated u ltepu.,bllc and M High and Dry." Other fl'orito bl'ah

THE 'l 0 B A C C 0 LEA 1'. ,. JAN. 3 .l:"'hiladelphia Ad'Vertisementa. Baltimore ADVERTISEMENTS KNECHT, SMITH & CO., IR'SCBilllOB.8 'l'Q STEmBB., SIUTH BROil. .. KJOIICIHT, BULERS IN ALL KINDS OF 'WM. A." BOYD. & CO., j EASTERN -.-_ --_ ,_,., _ .JJ. DIX 1: CO.,R.MALLAY a BRO HENRY BESUD_EN, WHOLESALE DEALERS IN Paclu'f'a aftd Dealers ln LEAF TOBACCO, AWD :II.AlfUF.&.CTUBEBS OF AXD DEALEJlS IX CIGARS 131 Korth 'Rhird Street; l'hiladelpbia. Dm!&Tml mJ WP TOBACCO, CIGARS, &C., Dealers ID J);EALER cnmmm LEAF T1BAtCO. UP" TOBACCO, 217 STATE ._ L "W G-UNTHER, t 16 a-:td I 17 We$t Front !: ::mJR. I 33 SOUTH. ST., BALTIMORE. 'I'HOII. W CROBIJIB., J LEAF TOBACCO, TEl.i..ER BROTHERS, Packers, Commlssloa lcrcb&Dis; ud Wholesale Dealers In Foreign and Domestic Leaf Tobacco, 117 North Thlrdstreet, Philadelphia. w. _EISENLOHR & COr, PACKER S .4ND WHOLESALE D EALERS IN LEAF TO D A C CO, 11.0 &. .S:t., s: W, CLARK, PHIL. BONN. L. 1: CO., IN (!' ,LEAF:: TOBACCO, And Manufacturers of all Grades of Cigars, J 11 Azocil-St., Philadelphia,Pa. bEWIS BREMER'SSONS, Wholesale Dealers iR 'LEAF" AND MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, NO. 322 NORTH THIRD STREET, assortment of all kinds of LEAF ToBACCO constantly on hand.-ft;. M. ANATHAN & CO., -Packers, Commission Merchants AND WHOLESALE DEALERS' IN GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANT,, ANQ TOBACCO FACTOR,. Betw een Rooe a11.d li:lm, No; 9 SOO":i."Eil GA .'E' .&TB.E::El"r. :a .a. J. "1' .a. o a :a, Mr. B,. WILKENS 4 CO., -MONUMENTAL TOBACCO WORKS, Ho. lS1 WEST I'U'l"l' STBE!T, B.UJl'IKOIE, JUP.TL.UTD, t.fanufacturero of all kin do ofl _SMOKING TOBACCO AND SNUFF, .t.eta 1 M, li'ALK, Chambera, lf, Y,, .. BA.TTDI St., PJ>.Iho wmcHMEYER & Hco::HM'EYER."'"I CoDJ.Inission Merchants!) AND DEALERS IN CINOmNATI. 0. AND DEALERS lN B. SMITH & CO., COMMISSION MERCIMTI A1W'D "OBBBB.S, OODBC'PIOlft' LEAP !OBACOO.. No. 20 .H-pcfftl StrM, Office 1 ;26 Vi_ne Streeta .SPJUIGFtELD, lASS. Factory and Warehouse, 244 & 246 W .. 8d St., c. o. HOLYOKE, r OEXO. COKKISSlON KEitCHANT S. LOWENTHAL a CO., MANUFACTURERS oF FINE CIGARS, DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 169 W:ZST FO'C":a T:B: STJ:l:ZZT, In LEAF and MA.NtJFAOTURED TOBAOOO, :1.2 Central "Wharf, Bosttnt.. Southern ======C=I N=C=( N:::::N=A=T=I '=Q=H=I=Q=. =====0_: J, lll. WIS E, Daovtlle, Va. p, Wna. Rlcbmoad, V"' LEAF TOBACCO, No. aao North Third. St., Philadelphia LEAF; PLUG TOBACCO 1: CIGARS, F. G. Tobacco Works, Toledo, Ohio. _;JWS M. & PEYTON WISE, CHARLES R. MESSINGER, I A 'TEW .DEP .R ... URE .. 39 SOUTH CALVERT STREET, .. ... ,. ...a. ... NBAJt LoKBARD ST11Z!IT, BALTIMORE-. JAMES &CO., Th:N;;:.:::;::od woa1ttEAsT coRNER TRIR.D m RACE STREETS. PHU,AELPHIA T Commission Merchants "f G U AND NATIONAlLON CUT SMOKINGS I All kif d of Leal Tobacco Re-se lect e d and Re-packed in cues, ranging from 30 to 7opounds, at the Lowes an d Wbelesale' Dealer s In TO I I 1 leaiofanykind. LEAF T 0 B A C C 0, F Also, the Indian and Sun Chewing Tobaccos. WM. DIBRELL, lYIOORE a IIAY, 69 ]AC08WE1t-:E.A.Wm. NEWBURGH BROS. i, CO., LID TOBACCO BBDIIl w eil, Kahn & Co., Manufacturer. 1410 Cary S'b:'eet Packers, Commission Merchants &, Dea.lers in HOFFMAN, LEE i, CO., BARKER & W AGGNER i n RICHMOND. VA. SEED 'LEAF 6A HAVANA TOBACCO TOBACCO :?No. 35 NorthWater-st., Philadelphia.. COI!ISSIUN MERCHANTS, LEAJMPFORTETD aond D80MAESTCICCO CIGARS & LBAP TOBACCO 0 E D WE autholesale Dealct'8ltt ......... .&&J.0 BATCB&LUR BRUS N Havana. and Yara. Toba.ccos, T 0 B A C C O N. E. Cor. Vine rrot.-t. streets. .. PECULIAR" MICHAEL SO 1 17 Lombard Street, CINCINNATI, o. No. 93 CLAY STREET, j .}{. PEMBERTON. }AS, G PENN, C l c A R OommlSSlOn Merchants. ,. I BALTIM.PR.E. llllD.. EODISSJOU mrrrr A P. o. BOX Forand WHOLESALE DEALERS I n 11 lJ.IlJll' !. ---------. Wl AID IAJD!JP'mB PEMBERTON & PENN., Tobacco Omnmission Merchants CIJIJCINNATI, O, M. H. CLARK & BROTHER. Philadelphia ..AdvertiseJDen ts. L-,_;;;;;;;;;;;,;;.__.;.PH;;;I;;,;;I";;,;D,;;;EL_PH_I,;,;,;;A;.,I. 0 z G A :a&, HIGHEST PR1ZE. JIEDAL AND DIPLOJIA AWARDED J.T THE CENTENNIAL EXHIBITION OF 1876. BELVIN & CO., Imvarters of IU V.ANA CIGARS TOBACCO BROKERS, With a expn ience in tlu /Jusineu -ffer tluir servius to jill tmiets f01' Lea) fl' Manuftldured TobtMcos. A. J. WELLS, Manufacturer ot FINE CICARS, And Dealer 1a IIIIL'fUliT SUD LED' 'I'BJRD STREET"" GIRARD AVE., 0 Phtladelphia, Pa. D.DBRAND & KLIN8ENBER8, l3 ROB.'l'll riFTH ST., -IJ. W. Y ALTltR, Maau.f' of SN OFF SIOKING TOBACCO, 6G6, oos, 670 an4 m North Eleveniih st PHIJ,A'DELPRIA, T. J. DUNN & CO., )(a.oofactarers of nd Dealen l PIIH. CIGARS, TOBACCO lo. 371orth ltb st., Kerch a. n ts, Ana aoa Cheetuut Street Ofllce, s. W.ICor. l5t.h and PHILADELPIIIA, PHILADLPHIA. : ROBINSON 1i ANDREW'S PATENT MACHINERY For Roll, Twist and Spun Tobacco. Brokers in Leaf and Manufactured AND Glill\"ER.U. MERCHANDISE 210 Mo. Second Street St. Louis, 'Mo. CLAJI,KSVU.t.E, Teaa., HOPKINSVILLE, X;,-1 llAl!IVIt.J,E, YA l'OUNGER & CO., COMMISSION WM:. M:. LAl)D. LYKCBB1JRG, VA. t & l BOBIITZBB &: CO.. Will w leh aad pur Dealers and comnussionllercllanU Leaf' Tobacco. Sucn1100r to VON PHUL &: LADD, IN LE-AF TOBACCO BUYER, 23 lorth Main St., ST. LOUIS, MO. sT. LoUIS, Ho. J. E. HAYNES, DEALER IN WESi'E.RJil I d esire conespondeace w.itb EASTERN manofac Ch..i..-:e BraDd s of Imported llcorioe always on baud. d rl< tnrero,.rn0v illc, Va. ; ,-r- .... .. F. w. FEL&IEB t SOl, BalUmon, Md. 623 .t; somrn !1ot'l .!IT. PmT A LIVIIC.KPOOL. IICJIIGLAJID. \Sarver, Cook & Co.; i -f4CDBS, tm!MTSSTON MERC1WfrS, AIMI i n _LEAF TO:'aACCO, 1'1'. w.._TEB. PHILADIIILPB1..L A. H. THEOBALD. HlmD STATES ti&AI MAIIII'UTBiY. A. R. JOHN w. CARROLL, FALLENSTEIN ASON, o F T. J.:nuxx-ote oo., PropB.; TOBACCO SolvelwR .. DcfactiN...-eriA ... StbM .,.O-KI .... NcwoTrlc)o .... a-AccBorsD

JAN, 3 SUTRO NEWl.YIARK, KANUF.A.CTUBEBS OF AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, '2'6 PARK PLACE, NEW YOBX. KERBS & SPIESS,, Manufacturers of and Dealers lu. LBAP TOBACCO, ADOLF, KERBS. 35 Bowery, Ne w York. LouiS :X., FOS'I:BR, ltD, HtLSeN. RUDOLPH WY.MAK RELIANCE CIGAR FOSTER, HILSON A CO.; 77 k 79 CHAJlD.S S'l'. 3 Doors West of:Bro&dway, liT. MANUFACTURERS OF Fine Cigars, AND SOLE PROPRIETOitS OF THII: PATENTED WILL0W CIGAR oox. FilE OF THE TOM: M:OOB.E !. LICJBTBNSTEIN & BROTBBB, OF THE '' ELB:" and "ONWARD" CIGARS, ltld Dtar.s In WF TOBACCI, Nos. 34 and YORK, WARRANTED PURE TIN, 1'01 WBAnmt1 CI&ABS au! CIGADl"l'!S, &114 LDmr& cm.u !ODS. wrrTEMANN BROTHER'S, 18o6 WZJ.I.IAM S'.r., II. T. CEAnLES S. :S:A WES. PACKER AND DEALER. IN' J'ine Couecticut Seed liSt wama z.AR'II, I 'LAFAYET,l'E CHARLES A. WULFF, Ag't, Lithographer, Printer & Manufacturer of A Large Assortment Constantly on Hand .. 51 Chatham St .. cor. William, N. Y. Patented.. I. V.IIAWJS, Bridgeport, Conn. READ THE "TOBACCO LEAF." -THE TOBACOO LEAF. Olr No. 88 .rosz xo:a a.t:zs, Campanario Street,SPECIFICATION OF SIZES. '. ., ; li 21. CO COIDID.Oft riO N.apeloostes. in fancy do II do common do . Replla Imp' leo, .... do Cola moo do ..... a leo, :: Regalia de Ia Reina esp"l ..... 13 Para l a Nobleea ............ .. Rotocbihho ...... __ .......... 7 E8cept1oaalee ......... ....... ... bloa. l"'u.s Uttra, llncy 16 dQ c:om1DOI1 do 1teloa Victoria ...... tr 15 :R.etna Marla Victoria ..... 13 Roralla K'a ......... <:i I I i 1 B.eplla Btltamca Impt..1-:toi Reaalla Brltaaka ... ...... : .. Regaliachl ROJ-r-----.... do Brltaa.tca chica. 1 ..... d<> cblca ............ 11 .... .. do de Load res .......... 4G de .Non Plus .......... dct de Salon ........ 18 Cazadore Elegaf.tes ........... Regalia R.t:ina dCK fa 1-ro 13 de d e Ia Reina ........... Reinitu ....... ro Etepate. ................... 8 Recalla Prinoesa .. ..... s Infaotet.... .. . . .... 8 Princesa' dor fi.oa ..... J u J Com:bn o Reg'adot Prill eipe ... ............ rto Loodraliao ...... .......... ,,, do ddco fioo ....... u -caudo""' Imp'! eo do Oa lidad ..................... :05 Cau.dof'es de Calidad ........ Sobremeeo de Calidad o 1'9 Brevu .. .......... o ,o8 BalllU .... .. o; a :::: l!; Operaa.... . . ... .1 10 ............ ... '""'1'0 Reinu ....................... to Reana Especial oo. o 11 Commo 11 aut ............... '3 Purcbisen wbo'Wiah to have sizes whic h we are accc..atomed to pack in rro boxes, Packed in I" bo..,a, aTe chal'JOCI fs per mille anal. Fo.-aelectioao e&ei AND HIS OTHER BII,Al!IDS OF TURKISH PAIITE, ALL OF WHICH ARE GIVING I!!!CREASED SA'qSFACTJ;ON, AS INSTA.l!IOED BY THE BAPWLY --GROWUiG D.IiliiA.l!ID A.l!ID TIRE ABSEJICE OF CO.IIIPLAJliTS, .CAUTION. I -It having come to my koowledr&that. i11 se.-eral fn .. stances, Liquorice Paste ialsely repreaented as being of :my manufacture has been offered for sale by puties to suit their owa purpoaes. who nave n.o authority to ell my brands, the present terves to CAUTION Tobacco Maoofacturen agaiust same and to 2ive aotice that bereaftet' every case oT my manufac ture will be branded with my Trade-Mark,' acquired under the laws of tbe United States, and any unprht cipled persos anmterfefting this TratleMark will be rigorously prosecuted JAMES C. McANDREW, 55 STREET. NEW'JORK. (15,ooo q>ls); 4 Cagaya:rr; at 19-so-the rs,ooo qtls 4a Cagayan, r874, at were solei also to the above named firm, No further auction is as yet advertised. To-days stocks of 4a 1874, amounts to about qtls. Shipments of since my last issue were per Spani s h ship v;a Hong Kong, 144 mils, and per British ship Wylo to .Boston, 30 mils. Closing rate of exd111nge on London 6 raonths bank bills, 4S _rtid; 6 months first class documents, 45 zd@ 4S 2 ,7iid ; on Hong Kong, 3 to 4 per cent. discouat. Weeki,-ot' abe Bremen Market. (From Mr. F. W. Seeger's printed Report.) WEEK: ENDING DECEMBER 7 ;. Havana.-Imports, 46 ser.; none; stocks in first hands, 1,610 ser. ; prices asked per pound, from 6so to 90'? pfennigs. none; sales, none; stocks in first hands, none. none; sales, none ; stocks in first hands, 30 cases; prices asked, from 45 to 280 pfennigs per pound. Stui .lea.f.-Imports, 914 cases; sales, 4S9 do (wrap ,pers); in first hands, 5 do; prices per pound: fine wrappers, from r4o to 200 ; medium do, from 70 to 120 pf.; binders, from 45 to 65 pf.; fillers, from 35 to 45 p(. St. Louis, Mo 67 Conneaut. Ohio __ 48 I Toledo, Ohio. ___ 40 Fort Wayne, Ind. 43 Ashtabula, Ohio : : 48 La Fayette, Ind._ 49 Peru, Ind ..... __ 47 South Bend, Ind._ 47 Logansport, Ind._ 47 Decatur, Ill .... __ 57 Jacksonville, Ill. _. 6o Peoria, Ill. ..... s6 Springfield, IlL __ 57 Pekin, IU ___ -.... 56 Bloomington, IlL_ 56 Keokuk, _Iowa. __ 67 Lapo. rte, Ind ..... so Detroit, Mich .... 40 Chicago, Ill ... : 50 Port Huron, Mich. 40 Joliet, Ill ...... __ so Kalamazoo, Mich. 47 Milwaukee, Wis._ so G'd Rapid>, Mich. so Jackson, Mich._ --42 H i llsdale, Mich 42 Lansing, Mich. __ 47 B'tle Creek, Mich. 47 Grand Haven,Mich so -6r 55 43 36 42 36 30 24 3S 3I 2S 20 39 35 26 2:1 42 36 30 24 44 39 29 zs 42 33 2!1 24 42 37 28 23 42 38 :z8 24 52 40 34 29 54 48 36 JO so 4S 34 28 52 46 34 29 so 4S 34 28 so 45 34 28 6r 55 43 J6 4li 40 JO 25 35-30 2 5 zo 45 40 30 25 35 2S 20 45 40 30 25 42 J8 28 24 45 40 30 25 45 40 JO 25 J8 34 2S :Zr 38 34 :zs 22 42 J8 28 24 42 Jil 28 24 45 40 30 zs DomiiJgo.,_Imports, 147 ser.; sales, r47 do; stocks 1 in first hands, 71040 do.; per pound : fine wrap pers; from l!o io 120 plennigs; medium do, from 6o to 70 pf.' ; binders and cutting goods, from 40 to 50 pf. The rates adopted follows :...,..J"' on East bound freights are as Colombia.-Imports, 11293 ser.; sales, r,3ot do; h Class. stock in first hands, 18,9oci do; prkes p,er pound : AmChicago ..... ._ __ ... .-. ___ ___ .. 35 balema, first quality, from 200 to 16 pfennigs; do, .. _.: _________ ,_ 26 second and third quality, from 6o to r:zo pf. Zimn, first Cmc10natt. ______ ............. __ 29 quality, from 8o{ 25 and pro 6o,67o do. Prices asked per pound-Patent and fine: -Patent from 8S to 180 p!; prim;t, from 70 to 8o pf; seTHE LADIES RETALIATE-BUTTONS 'VS. SMOKE.The c unda, from 69 IO 70 pf; tenia, from so to 6o pf; St. Sun says :-The Rev. Dr. Tyng, Jr., recently told bis Felix, patent, from 120 to 250 pf; prima, from 95 to that, if the-ladies of his church would give I no pr; secunda, from 75 to 90 pf; tertia, from 60 to up thett three-button gloves and wear one-button gloves 70 pf. instead, enough money would be saved to support all Porta Rico.-Imports, 1 42 6 pkgs; stocks ill first orphan ho use ; whereupon some of the ladie.> suggest hand!, a,470 do; prices asked, from 35 to so pf. per to their rector the possib i lity of saving out of the cigar pbood Jllgq ey .of the male of the church, from the va1inas uaj.-IIllports, 3 66 cases stocks in first rector down, enough to carry on one or twp asylums. hands, 2 ,6 o o do; prices from 55 to 65 pf per pound. They suggest als<;> that three-button gloves do no t make -ba&ket:>; stocks in first a dirt, or an unsnory odor, and that they have no-dele hands, rso do prices asked, from 125 to 40 pf. per terious t'ffect on the nerves of the ladies who wea;them; pound. wh1le, on the .other hand, the bre1hrea would be cleaner, Twkis/z.-Imports, 8ro pkgs; sales, 303 do; stocks sweeter, and healthier if they would quit the use of fi h d d f f tobacco, and give to the cause of the orphans the moaey HI rst an s, 3020 0 ; pnces rom 35 to 200 P per they txpend on this c arnal Bot the p o und. yava and Sum:rtrn.-Stocks in first nands, 2 120 brethren can not see it through the smCJky clouds expkgs; prices asked, from 30 to 800 pf per pound, haled from the i r incinerated Havanas. ,Mani/a.-Stocks in fir st h a nds, 700 prices COLORING CtGARS.-The Deutsche TabaksZeitung, asked, from 8o to 7 so pf per poiJnd. of December r, publishes a very strong protest by a WEEK. EAIDING DECEMBER r4. Mr. M--. against the practice of coloring cigars, now Havana.-Imports, 323 ser; stocks i n first hands, very common among manufacturers in Germanv. The r,930 do ; prices unchanged. author of the protest says that this procedure can not Cuuao.-No imports no sales, np in first h;Lnds. be deprecated sufficiently, it being calculated to deceive Florida.-Stocks in first hands, 30 cases; prices uncon s umer s and injure their health. The names of changed. manufacturers who are in t _hP. habit of coloring cigars, Seed Lea:.f.-Imports, 2,66o cases; ales, 1 ,8 49 do; he thinks, sboqld be made public, to prote c t honest stocks in 11rst hands, 6,66o do. Prices per pound:-manufacturers from getting into discredit. We consent Fine wrappers ; from 130 to 256 pf; medium do, from 6o says the Zeitu'!ff general, all measures to roo pf; binders, and fillers unchanged. frauds and falsthcatlOns, but the act of coloring cigars Do111ingo.-Stocks in first bands, 7,040 ser. w_e are inclined-not to defend -but to excuse, pro-Colomb ia.-Saies,. I67 ser; stocks in first hands, 18,vtded, the man_ufacturer does not u se any per"nicious 7 33 do. stuffs, because It ts a fact, that the caprices of conBrazil.-Impotts, 614 pkgs; sales, 6o do; stocks in s umers in regard to favorite colors are so changeable, first h;Lnds, 61,224 do. : that manufactarers are often in embarrassment as to Porto r,o4o pkgs; stocks in first hands, how to satis(y them. 1>43. do. "SwEETENim" 2r War 1 L eaf. -Stoc ks i n first hands, 2 600 baskets. ren 'sP lace, and 12, Patrick Street, was charged at Cork I I Vannas 10 first hands, rso baskets. at the suit of the Excise authorities, with had "NEVER SEEN A Wo go out enahy of tool. is' attached by'the ward us, barkmg most fu-"I've got-a l i ttle bill here-$6J. JO." cem/Jer 18.-Chicago railroad men say that the com A f p 1 1 1 0 f h f' d d ct o ar lament fhere was a second charge that nous Y ne 0 t et)\ stop-"Pass it rig?t pver; here's the coin. I'll win five Urnes promtse o theispute points oetween Commodore at his establishtneht, r2 l'atrick_ Street, on July'6, heped sudd e nly, gave one a!much. uess I'll go out and col lect my bets." (E1tit Vanderhilt, Mr. Garren, and Col. Scott, is a very forsearching look at me, put Tilden Democrat to rake in his lucre.) tunate circumstance if_ it holds good any lengtl} of s_old half an ounce caveudtsh tobacco COIJtaining her tail between her legs, time 1 but some of. them have dol.l'bts about its perltquonce, !lot enclosed 1n a wrapper securely fastened, and with a pitiful y elp of man ellcy. The shiopers are app;Ln!ntly well enough and for this the penalty was 2o/ A third charge was, [c. t d fi "'' d D 1 that he co mmitted the' same offence 6n July 11, at terror turned an d fief[. I on mue rom "'"" .cage. sati sfied. They regard the advanced rates as rea s onwalked slowly after her; tnduce them to operate. For export the transactions able and --equitable. A meeting of General Freight Warren's-place;. and a fourth charge was that he had she would look back over hav e been very limited, but there is a better supply on Agents of a l l the Western trunk line s was held here in his posse_ssion_ at Warren's-plac e tobacco containing her s houlder, tl1rn, make t)le market. Western Leaf and Strips.-The. former, of to-day. These gentlemen fixed unifo m rates vn the sugar and not made up tn the form prescribed one or two lunges at me, color, in demand, and stt'ips of fine quality are in basis of the recent compromise from this city to all by law. The penalty r each of these latter offences barking schrilly, tben with reques t Virginia L eaf and Strips.--Fine, rich and principal Eastern points. For some reason they were was 2ol. Afler hearing evidence and considering the ll'ght classes of b t h a e a t d r 1 d a d Oli case, th_e m agistrates said they were constrat"ned by law the same yelp of terror run r w n e ..33 5; Caballero ( Arroceros) May make, offered 8, Grain to the same point: 30 cents, 35 cents, 26 cents, for t_he epds of justice.. Thev also thought that some her behav'or until her sold-, upset price fl33S sold at-; Londres (Arroand 27 c ents. b ld b d 1 ld $ 1 caution s ou e pnnte on those packages, which ter, as soon as he cou ceres) offered 201 sold r6, upset price 17.85, sold at Flour, 6o cents, 70 cents, 52 cents and 54 cents. ld k d wou. traders from breakingthe law. spea for laug;hing, ex.85; Vequeros (Arroceros) August make, offered ro, Hogs, dressed, 65 cents, 70 cents, 57 cents, an plained it. "Yt;r see, that sold-, upset price $37-sci, sold at -; I a Habano s8Y. cents. I MAGNITUDE OF _THE CIGARETTE BusiNESs .,.-[ From tne 'ere dog's never seen a wo(Meisii:) May make, offered roo, sold-, upset price The rates fixecl from the '\Vestern Cities to the seaNnuHaven smoktng of cigarettP.s has man afore! She was reared $2o, sold at -; 2a Habano July make, offered beard are as follows: Fourth class-St. Louis to New become so common 1t has made very serious in in the woo ds, an' I hain' t 3oo, sold-, upset price $, sold at-; 3"' Habano York, 40Y. cents; Philadelphia, 37 'cents; Baltimore,' roads upon the bus i ness of cigar-mak e rs. According never took her nowheres, August make, offered 100, sold-, upset price 35 cents. -to the report of the. Commissioner of Internal Revenue an' thet's jest the fact on'l; $9, sold at-; 11-a Habano (Arroceros) August make, Gr.ain and flour to the same points: 35 cents, 32 for r875, the number of cigarettes mllnufactured in this she dun no what to make of offered so, sold-, upset price $8, sold at-; 5" Habano cents, and 30 cents country, taxed at the rate of $1.50 oer 1 ooo was a woman." It grew droller (Arroceros) offered so, sold-,-, upset price t;, sold Cincinnati to New'York, 29 cents; Philadelphia, 26,V. 27,3If,soo, and of the larger sor:, taxed $:.75 'here and (, sold at-; Habano (Fortin) cents; B ltimore, 28Yz cents. Flour and grain, packages m Havana; or from $40 to $45 in gold-gold hands as we spoke to them. September make, offered sao, sold-, upset price $12.50, 26 and cents. !Cl.. understood, of course-cost, after duties are paic, $145 Poor bung ?ack and sold at-; Nuevo Habano (:zoo) July make, At a meeting of the Agents of &eld, say $165 to f;r7o The explana barked funously w1th warnoffered 3oo, sold -, upset pnce $13-31J>{, sold at-; several trunk lines runnmg out of New York, held m non of thrs charge IS that whereas prior to ing and menace whenever I 1 Nuevo Habano (Princesa) July make, offered soo, sold this city on Monday of last week, the following rates per I87r each .of c1garettes was counted as a single patted one of the other 70, upset price f), sold at Nuevo Habano 1oo pouo1ds on West bound freight were adopted:-piece, and so taxed, now eacl'\ cigarette in the bundle dogs, but if I took a step I (Cavite) August make, sold-, upset price $, sold rst 2d 3d 4th Spe. is held to be ah independent Qiece, and taxed as much nearer her she howled and at -; 1" Cortado (Fonin') Augu s t n1ake, offered roo, Class. Class. Clhu. Class. cia!. as should be taxed for the whole bundle. About five fled m the most abject way. sold-, upset price $2o, sold at-; 2"" Cortaclo (PrinRochester, N. Y _. 45 40 3s 30 zo months ago so many smuggled goods Were in the mar----cesa)July lnake, offered 300, sold-, upset price $, Buffalo, N. Y---r-40 3S 3o 25 20 ket, underselling the honest importations, and still pay-How TO MAKE COLLECsold .-; 3 Cortado (l'rincesa) July make, offered 70, Erie, Penna ....... 40 55 30 25 20 ing enormous profits to the smugglers, that there was TioNs.-There is a bill colsold upset pnce $91 sold at $9; Nuevo Cortado Jamestown N Y 40 35 30 25 :z_o scarc'!ly any sale for the duty-paid articles. It is so lector iii Virginia who kn ows (Metstc) offered soo; sold roo ; pnce, $r:z so, sold Mansfi eld, __ 40 35 jo :zs 20 easy to throw oyerboard from ati incoming steamer to a thing or two. When he at $12.50; Nuevo Cortado (:zco) June make, Columous, Ohw ___ 40 36 j2 25 21 a confederate m a boat a few thousand cigarettes drops in on a Republican, offered rso, sold 1 1 so, pnce $13:31 sold at Spnngfield, Obw. 41 37 33 25 22 neatly wrapped up in sheet rubber or oiled silk and r3 32y/' 3 331 N C t d (P ) t D t Oh 39 35 26 profit on the transaction-400 or soo per cen't.-15 50 he remarks 74 anu ,. r /4-; uevo or a o .-..ugus ay on, 10. .. "T4 "Well they've settled it make, offered soo, sold so, upset price sold at Cleveland, Ohio.40 3S :!5 20 tempting that the wooder is, not that are finally."' $12. 50 t Nuevo Corrado (Princesa) (2oo) June make, Sandusky, Ohio_40 35 25 20 smuggled; but that we have any from Havana that are "How's that?" off ered 3oo, sold 24o upset price J>(, sold at Bellefop.laine, Ohio.4o 36 32 25 20 not. The best Cub;!.n cigarettes are the Panradez Ha"Tilden giv es up the J>(; Nuevo Cortado August make, ofOhio._ 46 4r 37 28 23 bana, Astrea, Chorito, Garcia ami Henriquez. They fight. Enterprise just got fered r,ooo, sold 220, upset pnce $12.50, sold at In_dtanapohs, Ind 47 43 28 24 are of_ the scraps fro_m cigar_ factories, and wrapped in thedispatch ar.d so did the $; total offered 6,778, sold 896. Leaf Tobacco.Rtchmond, Ind. ___ 46 41 37 :z8 23 the thtck, wh1te or light brown Spanish paper Chton;de." An auctio_n_ was _held on the 26th ultimo for the followHaute, Ind. 57 53 43 33 29 that burns w1th a strong smell. The delicious French "Good enough. Hurrah mg quanhues, v1z. :-8 lots of each so qtls (400 qtls): Mad1son, Ind ____ 53 48 42 32 27 paper, on the other ha11d, such as the Papier Persan for Hayes!" (Jumps around r a Cagayan, r874, at $6o; 26 lots of each so qtls ( 1,300 Vincen?es, Ind. __ 63 56 49 38 3 r Sans N orn, J oh, or Riz Ia Croix, is made of and yells.) "By the way qtls), ra Isabela, at 8o lots of tach roo Evansvtlle_. Ind ___ 66 59 52 40 32 hulls, is much thinner, burns without any smell if I've got a little bill of $45 qtls (8,ooo qtls), 4" cagayan, 1874, at S9-so-the 8,ooo Jeffersorwtlle, Ind. 53 48 42 32 27 the artlcle, a_nd IS so_ that if a lighted against you. qtls 4"' Cagayan, r87_4: having been bought by Messrs. New A_lbany, Ind. 57 52 i46 36 J[ sheet of It 1s thrown mto the a1r, 1t IS so almost entirely All right, just receipt it, Baer, Scn10r & Co. lhe next sale took place a on the Loutsv_tlle, ... 6o 55 4 6 39 34 consumed that the eye can scarcely discern the delicate and here's your coin. I'll 3oth ulumo, for 8 lots of each so qtls (4oo qtls), 1 Caga1 enn. 77 69 57 47 40 film of snowy ash it leaves. All ci_garette-smokers pay any man for such yan, 1874, at $6o; 26 lots of each so qtls (I,JOO qtls), Memphs, Tena. 91 84 70 56 47 agree that the purest and most delicious wrapper is the good newsasthal. Now I'll 1"lsabda, r874, at rso lots of each roo _qtls Alton, III .. ---6r 55 49 37 30 thm inner husk of Indian corn. ...


THE TOBACCO LEAF. JAN. 3 Tobacco Tobacco JOHN ANDERSON A CO. MANU OF TIU: .,......,.,,__ m mm TOBACCOS tl"HOMAS HOYT & CO., MANUFACTURERS OF 1f, FXN"E 0 0 L "' Is rbef n g onee more tna nnfact11red under' the!ate a upervii o n of the ori(inator. MR. JOHN ANDERSON, now &tancb, u former1r, a rln.t. On:lerB ...,... f orwarded through th.e u.aual chaonela ..Ul 8 meet with prompt aM.ention. LICORICE PASTE. W' A't.'t.IS 4iiG co. ECI!Ir:. TE'I..4.. r. a. a. a. Acknowledged by consume rs to be the in the market. And for the brand of Licorice Stick xd:ar. co., Tobacco Broken. CHEWING AND SM.OKING :'OB4.GCOS Al'ID BII'V'rr. J. F. FLACC & CO.;. 1'76 ., us FIRST ST., BROOKLYN, E. .. In all rEspects equal to CALABRIA. Manufacturer& of the Celebrated Branda. Consumers and Jobbers would do OUR l!RAND!. CHEWING : ,UNNYSIDE, HEARTS: DELIGHT, .NATIONAL, BRIGHT OWEN, H S & S 'd f 'I well to apply direct. arvest, urprJSe eaSJ e P Lkortee Root, Seleet ad OrdboarJ', eo EXTRA CAVENDISH. IJaluy, Ivauhce and llellwet.her, IJra.nulated otaaU;r on hand. Fircsile_,JollyBoysandRcdJackct,LoBLCUt ARGUIMBAU, WAlliS aatl 4o06 PEARL liT NEW 'YOaK. .W. SMITH } s. e -OF- CELEBRATED FINEVliT C81PA&NIE LAPERlE Vir[in Leaf and Navy Chewin[, ltPet.erabm-g,KoiOOw,Wana.w,04eua,Drea4en. e.\nd an kind of ](EW YORK, P.O.BOI4?86 -SMOKINC TOBACCO, .MRS, G. B. MILLER It, CO., 4 Flour ANUFACTORY Plug 'I'obacoo, "" -& 8B A 0 c 0 "' :MANVF ACTORV AND SALESROOM I (i'ETEP-:'l COLLINS, !lusT.) COR. AVENlJE D AND TJI:NTH STREET, 97 Columbia Street, NEW YORK CITY. NEW YOBK : IU.NUPACTU.KRS OF THb CKLBII'RATitD an. G B. Miller & Co. <;hewing a!'d Smo!cln & '%eblicco, the only Amencan Gentle ..., Snuff Mrs. G. B. M11ler & Co. Maccabo } pd. Scotch Snuff; A. H Micl' &: Co. Reserve Smoking and Chewmg Tob>-Succ:esw: to RoBITCHECIC & TAUSSIG, '14 PIDe lltrt>et, New 'Yerk. lllAJrl17 ACTUltElL Oll' fiRE-CUT CBEWIRG GREAT CENTRAL TOBACCO WAREHOUSE. AND SMOKIII{G tOBACCO AND OI&ARS,LICBTIRSTIIR BROS .._ -a_ S' Ch ts PACKERS AND DEALERS IN .wa.VQ.lla. ues, eroo LEAF TOBA.CCOS, I'ride oft.he U .S., Ball, Winoheater, 121 BOWERY 121 Virginia. Leaf, L;vons, Grecian :Bend, .1mprovemeat, B.appahunock.' Bet. Grand and Best e r Sta., NEW YORK, 1. Russian EzhibitiO!l or J A. L u amn 0.' 3. HIGHE8TAWARD8:1 k & c Indus 4. Cent.ennial:Ezhibitio 2. Sole Agents i n All America for tile Eminent Firm of l'hl.ladelphia, 1876. SAATOBY a MANGOVBY, oF 1nss1AN ci&Amfftur AonOMfuRnss TnuAcco, THE FINEST IN THE WORLD. OFFICE : 53 BROADWAY, NEW YORK. (J ESTABLISHED UU8. K. C. BARKER & CO., Man.u!acturers o t the C elebrated FINE-CUT TOBACCOS, EAGLE" ANI> A lso aU other grades of Fine-Cut and Smoking Tobaccgs, 1'1 DETROIT, MICH. Aside from our l EAGLE an\J ., CL.IPPI:!:R to the u.sua.l dized W004t"Q packaJ;tes. 10, 40 and 6o .Me a l s o put both nf the s e grade-, u u \'eq nlc:.ely tn 0Nti OUNC'I'I THf F o u PAc K.t .. .._e k e d in J( anrt -" 1 pnces made to lbe Jobbing trade: 29 .t 31 Sout.h Wliliam Street CORICE.PASTE AND STICKS ... w. s ITERR 'Y EX'I'IlA., P. S. BARACCO A.lVD PlQlll DE ROIA, EXCELIIIOR IIILLII 4:. F AVO.RJTB IIJ:..La POWDERED LICOBICE. QUII ARABICt OLIVE OIL, TOJIQ.lJA BEAli'B, And a'l Soecialtles for Tooacco Manu facturers. 131 1'EAII. S'I'ID'1', A. SHACK. .. fOB .lCCO BBOIBR. No. 129 Maiden Lane, Pa.tent Powdered corice, NEW YOIIK. m 24& POWDERED LIQUORICE. AND ALL SPECIALTIES FOR TOBACCO MANUFACTURERS. R.HILLIER'S SONS & OFFrCE, IJ4R FINEST QUALITY. Iuafalltnred at PonglleepBie, Yew York. GifFORD, SHERIAN & INHIS, 120 W'llliam Street, NEW YOBI. lf. R. AISADO, --Importer of the Well-Keown Brands of LICORICE MASS, "AnsCJdo's Extra" :ccN .. R. A." and M:." 14 Broadway, New York. IMPROVED iic0iici1fsTE SCALES. .. PILAR" BRAND. We beg to can 1he atteotion of 'Tobacco Mannfac turer!l and Dealers to this :sUPERIOR AND PURE artlc1e. First Premium AWARDED AT The Centennial Exposition. ::The only Scal e 'With Protected Bearings. PAGE & CO., LICORICE ROOT-Aracoa aad AUeante. Selected and Ordinary. GJI:.:JIP 4 Li .&GJil!I''!I!S, ZlJRICALDil'Y 4:. ARGliiiiBAll, 1011 PEARL sTREET, NEw YORK. No.3 Park Place, New York. FANCY SMOKING PIPES -IN-BRIER AND -FANCY WOODS, MANUFACTURED BY BAR VEY a FORD, SALESROOM-366 1: 36'7 CANAL STREET, NEW YORK. 'F'4.CTOJtY-LE'OGEJt PLACE. PHU.API}'rmA. BOEHLER tc POLHAUS, .. PIPBS AND. Ai.L KINDS OF SMOKERS9 AR1"tCLES, e 83 Chambers and 65 Reade Sts. N 'ew Yor:k. REJALL & BECKER, MANUFACTURERS OF MEERSCBAUI & AMBER GOODS, AND IMPORTERS OF FRENCH BRIAR PIPES & SMOKERS' ARTICLES Ko. 88 Ghalllbers Street, N'e"'VVI7 T'ork.. NzW YO::B.K 'ACJI:NCY, A. HEN & CO. 43 Liberty Street, oppqslte Post Office, Da'Ol:t 'rlC3.S 0'11" SKO'KE'RS A3. DEALERS SECARS, SNUFFS, &c. TEI:E PIONEEB TOBACCO COIP!IY, I OF BROOKLYN, N. Y .. 110. 21. LYi'OID, 1'm. F. IJ. liAwES, Sec. OFTICE.S I 25 Lake street, Qhicago 124 Water St., New York; US CEKTB..4.I. WBAB.r, BOSTOR: 40 North Water St., Pl:Lilaclelphia, Fa; MANUFACTURERS OF THE WELL-KNOWN "MATCHLESS," "FRUIT CAKEll" And numerous other CELEBRATED BRANDS of PLUG Wll. DEMUTH & 0 Til& SOL& MAHUI'Ac;TU& ... U Cigar-Box Manufacturers, 153 to 161 COIERCK ST., XEWTOB.K. ol 'PRICE LIST or Spanish 'American & German CIGAR RIBBORS. 11 I=: 'il :::: l, n lroa4 Yellow W 71 j't: t!f l."ftd Bed &.8 .. j', ti llroa4 Bed 6-8 .. 3. 'II1.11 Broad Bed 5-8 .. t 10 llp&nc!la &-8 .. fl &-8 .. J L811 6-8 3: 7214&. UO l'arrow Becl H l, 71 U6 Narrow Reel i-ll 2, '12 uo Narrow Rill i-8 3 7J 1.10 'Narrow Yellow i-8 11 '11 1.36 Narrow Yiellow i-8 J, '11 UO Narrow Yellow i-8 3 t'l 74&-1.00 Londree Yellow 7-8 3i -... 176 I.ondrea Yellow 7-8 a, 3i i&o Londras Yellow 13-16 3, :H 1.36 l.ondres Chico 3-i l, 3i 741. L30 Londres Yellow 7-8 "10 IH 741 1. 10 Londres Yellow 7-8 1.00 Londres Yellow 13-:16 20, 3t 0.90 Londreslled 7 1, 1.9'5 Bed llo:r llibbon 3 ftydl. .86 V ellowllo:r llibboll 3-8 72 141. .80 R ibbons Cat add Prlated to ou!er ta In., All Orden will be promptlJ' esec-d; Prlc uf Crar. Bono aod Sampl u of Rlbbou wW ... _, .. appllcatloD. A ..,_ WICK. 4:. ji,TO TOBACCO CIIOWIER8. TRYTHJII STAR TOBACCO FERTILIZER, coataioiDg large per ceat&f of ?Ol'AS:S:, AKKONIA SOL'1711LE l'l!:OBPEA'l'l, '!'he ohtained oq TOBACCO, allf' ...,._,.,. ... '" p .. ruwRn Guano PRICE 16() l"EK TON, IN BALTUIOK8o AJP' Y '" .L.ORENTZ cl; RITTLER. CHEMICAL SUPER-PHOSPHAT& WORitS. BA:LTIIIUn-. JOSEPH ALMIRALL, IMPORTER OF .. "ONLY FINE" HAVANA Leaf .. Tobacco 1 6 Cedar Street, N. Y -:n:,. :J:.oxor OF S,ANISH CI.AR RJBBONS. Broad Be., s-B yarda, S' s 8 ,a yards, 1.70 ......,.. .,._..,., JS '.r.&aiU-l'IE'l' CASH. HENRY WUL8TIEIN, --r to Be...,.l4t ., -h-,) AWARDED HIGHEST MEDALS FOR r PLUG TOBACC-O, 'rO:BAOCO, SMOKING TOBACCO AND SIUPP. OMco: 16,18 & 20 EliiPLO'Y 2 ,000 HANDS PA'YlJ.I.GOVlll&lUUUIT a:r,oeo,oee THII YEAR. CARL WEIS, ,... JOSEPH LOTH & MANUFACTURER OF M.A.NUFACTURERS OF ALL XINDS OF MEHRSGHAUM AND illER GOODS, 398 GRAND STREET, VIENNA.@ SOR'fMENT MARKET. Paetory: : WJI:T 4o&&h ST., D&OOXJII liT, AUSTRIA :'!r'orJ&. :NEW YORK' HERBST BROTHERS, J HAVANA tc SEED LEAF TOE4CCO 183 WATER STREET, NEW e LIBERAL NDVANCEMENTS MADE ON CONSIGNMENTS. JD BWOHR & CO., LEAF TOBACCO, 165 WATER ST., lEW YORI. Cub Adnnce d on Conslguments. CIGA.B.E'r.rE OF J. BASCH & CO at :135 Chatham Street, New York.


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