The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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VOL. XII.--NO. 50. Ike lohacco ltlf -JS PUBLISHED lVII! WIDDSDA! DNING, BY Tobacco Leaf" Pnblish1Jli "'II'V"''"t Ar icle& Hillier's R. Soos & Co. 55 Cedar. S.:ltd'ellu W. H. & Co., 170 llD4 "" William. HavatUJ Ci"ar Flii'VM. ,.riel Alex. & Rr01 ,4 CoUea-e Place f PIJI'Wdn-Mi Lil;twi. Hillier's R. So11111lll Co., 6o Cedar. Weaver a a. Ced.IU &eJ u".f 1 ""ceo lnJtcttioa, B,_l I< Co. WatOI". Finke Charles. M-Water. F. C Co. JCJ Water. N..u-.1 NEW WEDNESDAY. JANUARY 24, 1877. WH.OLE N o. 622 u.r Brouro, Clark, )(! H. 4: B!o. c-m.iuio MertJA-1111. Pembertnn A Penn. Wioe :U. 4 Peyton. MlllfMfaduta of Smolriog w. H. D.AYTU:K, O. lltf"*f.chwrTs o/ p;.,..c.u. .J s,.;,.,.r To""'NEW YOR,K, WEDNESDAY, JAN. 24, 1817. FRED'K DeBARY & 00., 41 a 43 W'&:r:rQa.-Street, New York, &OLE ACENT8 FOR THE PRINCIPE DE CALES" EDWARD BURKE --------Eartor Hoodleaa w. J.l a .eo.,4s ,. TJJ.c, 1'ru11r1. & Co., JJ3"'J1 J E Second. t Pla.H'IT.!Hue t..".-ttlr. H<>lea & Pr draft. Billa are liable io be alaleJ>, sud caa -.Jrbe -at llle .,-eotat rl.k "'llle oeDder. [F.,. ,ftlwrliML R.U..., TAm/ PzrJ lliSJJISS DIUt1011 OJ BW YOBK. Tob.uto Aluser & Deblo, 190 PearL Allu JuliOD, 170 Water. Buell & Fkcbet. Water Bowne R S. 7 Burliug Slip. Brod M., 147 Water :Bulkley, Muore &: Co., 14 Front. llurbODI<. & Nub, 49 droad Cardooo A. H 66 Broad Crawford E. M Water. Dohan, Carroll & Co 104 Froot. J)uBoil Eulr"ne, Front lluert Wm. &: Co .. 111 P..,.L Buclbocb, F. 13 Siatlo A Foz. Dlllo &: Co. q, Water. Friead E. 6 G. A Co., 109 Malden Laoe Giardloer } M. S. FrooL Garth D. ., Son & Co., 44 Broad. Guaert t L & Bro., r6o Water. Genhe1 4lllro., 191 Pearl. Hambor.,er f. a Co .. 151 Water. Hawes, Cbaa. 8,, 119 Maidea Lute. Herblt Brotben, 183 Water. Hlllmaa. G. W .. 8o Front. K.tnok:ut Broad, Jtoeaig & SubeJ.I, 329 Bowery. &.re:metberg &. Co., 16o Locbeul>ruch & Bo. 164 Water .o\. C., 121 Pearl. Led r & Ft.chel, Pearl Le.ln H., t6:a Pearl. Llchtensteiu Bfoa. 121 Bowery .Maitlaud Robert I.. & Co., .6rOIML Martin & 79 Frout Me7er A. C. L & 0., tl Oatman Alva, 166 'Vate1. Ottinrer Brothero 48 Broad St. Price W"m. M., ll'il .tdaideu lADe. Oulu, J. P. & Co. 39 :Srood. 1lei111Wlnn G. r 19 _tJearl. Sawyer, Wallace It c ... 47 Broad. Sc:luoltt J 162 Water. llcboverh"DC" H. -..a Water. Sclu'eCM!H & Bon, 111 Water. ar Koclt, 046 Peul. Sc:llubart H. & Co.. 146 Water Scoville A. H. & Co., '1" Water-. SplnjiUG, E. 8 3urlt,. Slip, SplUD'!r C. H n8 water S.nlres, Taylor&: Co. -'S Brae.t Sklu .. Co., 191 n .. ae. Strailon &i Storm, 178 ar 18o P-L StrobD "' :Reitoeu\elu, 116 1'.....,'Settoo, Jobu R., Caual Tag, Chart .. F. 1!: Sou; It Fr.,.. Ta..-orwt, Y. W "' Co. 61 B.-4. 1'b0iapsoil, S :&.& Co., 54 and '!(! Boood UptD&DD, Carl, 171 Pearl. Yaa R.am4o:)r A. Co. Water 7lo.h4cto .&.ltrs Guthrie & ('p,"' 225 Froot. CtiMiuitM .HI'WI&tMU. JleJDea B rot ben & Co. 46 &: 48 -.-. .. Place Buyn-oj TM1tJu11. Jleaoeua G. 55 Broad. Tobc. Cotta Jobu, u7 PeorL Fl.cher Cbu. &. JSI Water J'lecher, Fn:4edck,t Broad Oobome, Charlet. F., 54 llroaeial, 1o6 Cbambero. of .... L BoDdy Cbui.,., 53 Bowerr Glaccllm Jk ScblosKr, .141 and 149 Att.orlleJ. Hartcom J. Bowery Heilbtuoer, & Co., SU SecODd. St. Hincbborn L.. Jk Lo., S, Wter Jocob:r S. Ill Co., -<.;bstJum Sq ., 5 & 7 Doyer. lta.ufmBJ> .Hros.. Ai Bondy, 129 & 151 GraDd &.et'bl Spleu, 101-4 to 1010 Second Me., aA4 )10 to 314 Fiftyfotnth Levy llroa. u5 & 1>7 Broome Llcllterurteill A. A Bro. 34 Ill Bowery Llcllteuotein Bwa. oil Oo. o68 lleudel H. w .t. Bro, 15X Bower, Neubw-ger M. 185 Pearl leldeoberr 1!: Co. It and 86 Reade -til E. A. 1> Bowcrr Sbcllelllerc M.lll eo: 9llUid 94 Libert:r araitoD & at.rm, 178 and 18o Peul Ba\1'0 IJ Newmark, :>6 Park Place MillltJ'""'"" f r-a-... t:if-. Bounett, S.:benck & ll.arlc, U. 57 Parll Place "looter, HUooo Ill Co. 77 .'ll 79 \;umber.. K.uprowiu !:).. 133 G reenW!eb S.cbu, Ha.Ya & Co., 130> 131 I< 114 II. t.-lport9 .Maideu Line Hen A. & Co. 43 Lll,erty. Kaufmauu ibo.. a: .Uoridy, JJ9 aDd 131 G.and li&A".J'"''"""' rif Briar Pip< nJ Mlpo>UTI OJ S.ders' .4niclt Buehler ... Pol!Jauo,lls Cbamben .Oemntb Wm. & soa Broadwat' Harvey II Ford, 365 aod 367 Ct.Dal. Hea. A. & Co. 43 .LibenJ, &aufmaDD J::b016. 61: :SODd,., U9 aDCIIJI GftDcl. .lk lleclte<, 99 lMJniiT of .u-;u ". Alaudo N. R. 14 Broad-. (lal"ord, 6heraaD a loDll, 180 WIIBa8 At Lab./1 and Tr;,ing. Heppenheimer & 2 2 & ,. N .. Wil-liam. Wu.lffOhu. A 5 Ohatbam .. T1bcco &aling War. %bluer W. & Oo., vn Will hun. Man(r<. rif .Kinnq B-. K.iaDe7 F. S. 141 W Nt .Uroaoway. .. La Fn-me"' Russia. Cigaretts. Ec:kmeyer & Co., ..S Broad and .S N.ew Soatclty b Russ.ian Ci'garettu. Ra.ian Amflrican ManufacturinC' Co. ] A Luk.anin & Co., S3 Mtzr:uftJcturerl rif c;gare tUS Bascli J. Ill Co., 135 Chatham. and Or..t.ttM-s. GigJZr ( Browu, A. II< F. 57, 61 Lew1a Erlcha H. W ., IS3 South. Lobeulteln & Gans, 101 Vatdeu Lane. Cigar Mgu/a1. Borrfeldt N W. so East 12th ot. .l'atmt Improwd Tobaecc Cutt< r Kinney ""Francis S., 1.41 Weet B.roadway TDuu9 South G07 Baster & Bitd, :u 6oJd W A. & Co., 33 Boutb. Droeoel W. ad C<>., 37 Gay Guutber, L. W. 9 Sootb GaJ EVAN&VILLE. I.a.d TtJbacctJ COM.Missiotl M<>rrio C. J. & Co. HARTFORD. Cot&a. Paclttrs 1111J Dtaltrl.. D i x j. It Co an State. IAe Geo., State. Loedon & .Bidwell, u6 A.nd u8 State. Sisen, A. L. 4 F., 134 Maio. Westphal Wm., u8 S tate. HOPKINSVILLE, K7 Tob-cto BNJAtrs. Clark, M II. & Bro. Pa. Licr.Ter ;, uaf TOI>tuco. Sebubertb, C. G. Skiles Ill Fro,. 6 1 and 6S North Duke. Eq. Samuel110n &: Dale SmytbeP. W & Co., IoNorthjOOn.1 .__LOUISVILLE, Ky. .rl-u .!f hlanufaaurtrl. Finzer J &'Eros., 19-4 Jacob. ManMfaryig l''atlllritl Qnd D4aitrt ;,. uaj To baecMger Co., u i A reb Bremer Lewis, Sons, 3u Jiortb "I'biJ'd l Courtney A4 53 Nortb. Fro.nt 1 Daley It Co., N. E. cor. Third 1111<1 R..., llohan .&> Taitt1.107 Arch. Dunn T. J & u., 15th and Vine. la.seulohr Wm. & Co. us &ath W01ter Loeb Josepb, 6::1 North F ront .McDowell !d. E : Ill Co. 39 NortlJ Water. Nerers a: Itaodall, >59 Market !JY nn: READY FOR DELIVERY ABOUT January, ...... W'dl ec;.,taln the FULL ADDRESS and REVENUE DISTRICT of every CIGAR and SNUFF' MANUFACTURER and DEALER in the UNITED as also the Address of every Person in any way c:onnected with the Tobacco Indlllltry of the United States ADd Dominion of Canada. I EYery Name and Interest AlphabeticaDy Classified and Arrznged under State heads, 10 dtllt each STATE, O,TY and TOWNSffiP shaD be c:omplete in itsel FlUOlD S4.00. ADVERTISEMENTS P.t........................................ eteo. llALP PA9lll... ---..... ,-.... ao. P.t.a---... Send Subscriptions and ()rders to ropAcco LEAF" rususHrNG co., .. .... .. iH :nJL"''' S'I'BEB'ro JIEW YOJUt. 11":J:I:ID TOEI.&.CJOO TeW A P -' ..,. I 0 tldo n.oJf lo eYWy eae iD any -yl-.eoted ill '!'sillacco, eltb07 oo a.-, IIana-, or Doaler. Jt an11oally ulmlaeDoGot lllanutloo reaardllli Tobac:eo IUid tta ...... -..,..,., aod tbu -"D*e lllldf a ...... tba1 bas oloce 01 the bead ef trade pabUcatlODL Ito market reporto an lal aDd ....m.-he, -.1 come froio e..,. qaanor ol the ToWcccl II oold. Jt io the cnLY Weekly puWicatia uclUlftly 4e'IOIMI lo earr-_. ...... sellcited. NOTICE. Our friends everywhere will ,confer a favor upon by" notifying us of' business changes of all kinds that may De made on or about the first of January. .SEIDENBERG a co., 84 and 86 READE STREET. NEW YORK, Proprietors of the LA ROSA ESPANOLA. FACTORY. G. W. HILLM.AN; OODISSION IERCHANli IN MANUFACTURED TOBAOCO, so. :FB.OlVT STJIEET, NEW YOJUt. Plug and Smoking Tobaccos from Vll'ginia. a.nd North Carolina Factories., The DiamOOld. Golden Cut Cavendish Smo.'dng Tobacco. MCFA.Lt '&. LAWSON; 83 1\.I:URRA...Y N. York, MANUFACTURERS OF THE "EL CLUB DE YATE" KEY WES.-B.A. V Al\14.. CIG;,AR.S. WEI.SS, HbtER & KAEPPEL, IMPORTERS OF THE '' Kerckhof .. Co.. 49 South Ohuleo. Kremelloerg, J D, aud Co., Merfeld & Kempor, 117 Lombard Moore&. Hav. 3S North Water Baok J. llinaldu Oo., J> North Wa!.,. Sorve:r, Cook & Co., Je! North Water ( Steiller, Smith Broa. Ill Knecht; 105 .Race. Teller Brothers, 111 North Third. Vetterlein J. & Co., 135 Arch. THE VIRGINIA TOBACCO MANUFACTURERS AND THE GOV-, ERNMENT. t o aa cc o. Parlett B. F & Co., 91 Lombard. IBcbroeder jOfi. &: Co .. lh Exaus. Hawoo,ll. V. 66 Water. BROOKLYX, lf, Y, 1HfMf.,a,,,.s '/ THactxJ. J'Jacg Johu F, liz Co., 176 1111<1 178 }'lm. CHICAGO. DL n. Lui T..._, "d Cit'' Ma,..fiJChlrYr f Cirr ad .D.dllr iM TIIJ6Mu. M.auer C. F., rl-7 Clark. Du/er i LMoth. Theobald A. H .. Third and Poplar. Wello A J rhird and Girard Ave. h h f: 11 d fi h th United Stotea Cigar lllanufactorv, 1stb &: VIne. counts t at ave a en un er our notice, we m er t at e M,.,.oifN:t.wwz atui s,..,.,.r revenue officials are applying to the transactions of tobacco Hklaaoa, lileeraw. & Co., .... ,s Carter. manufacturers' rules similar to those for sev,e_ral years Tolu:&e&D Br.Jiur. F<>og..,.:r A. R.. 33 N. Front applied to cigar manufacturers under the thirty poUJJd '. -220 Pearl New c. Mft' Agt. ftw .Plug "ad Smoking Tobacu. rule. Tobacco manufacturers, the same as cigar manu-Kelly F. x. Jr o6 Arch factur.ers, are required to make entries of their material PITTSBUBGB. P&. pUTchased and the amount of their product. A Form is M..rifM""'"' rif s,,. d d b h R B h' h h werma11" Ero. 1![aod 8 Smithfield. prov1 e y t e evenue ureau on w 1c t e operaM,.,...pturn-s "Exulsiw Spun a..J tions in detail of manufacturers are reported annually. SOLE CG-., IMPORTERS. OlllnTobatau. :R. .a. w., ,.., Libert:r. This Form when returned to the collectors should slllow the total quantity ofleaf tobacco bought, and the waste therein in 'cident to conversion, the latter being credited to manufacturers by the Government. In making up the accounts heretofore of manufactl.,rers, it is stated iR 65 Pine Stree-t, Ne-w York. PROVIDENCE, B. I _.., Cigars. FarriJt.rtoa W. P .. a6 W estminste.r. BICJDIOND Va. c;o.,.;uio MercU.t.; Wile Jamet M. & Pel loU, 27 Tblrteeath. Ll,f 1dacco Broun ,Dibrell Wm .E., 1.410 Car,-. lla a. .... The followmg gentlemen were appointed members of I in disappointment and further delay, extending up to the committee:-the moment in which we write Experiences of this Dlr ;,. arr koll, Sprln I r and Twi.s.4 To!JdutJ. Aadrew J. E. H. ST. LOUIS, lllo. 1Yart4ouses, Dorm.mer c."' ll... & Co., Market. TobtJCet C:.mmruio11 .AicrcAQltt,. Belvin &: Co., ;no North Second Buyer Leaf To64cco, Lad.d w. JL, '3 Nortb..Main J Tobacco .Broker, sO;th Secolld f DELAYED DRAWBACK.. light the Commissioner of Internal Revenue has received to satisfy him that ten per ceDt is too much, and five Num.erous C01J1plain. ts reach us from merchants. en per cent. enough to allow for waste, we are not ,gaged in the sale and exportation of plug tobacco in th i s in the statement s relating to the subject. city ; of the protrai:t'ed delay to which they are frequently The Lynchburg have passed the fol. al J subjected in c btai"ning drawback, to which they are er. lowing preamble and resolution, offered by Gener tax paid tobacco shipped to fore ign countries. Holmes Smith, which were unanimously adopted:-. Instances are reported of the withholding of drawback if'lureas, An assessment has been levied by the Commissioner of Internal Reyenueagainst many manseveral months after the filing with the revenue author( ufactuters of this city, other poi?ls in this disities of the landing certificates, and other papers, which trict, for an alleged deficiency m of plug to sho11ld secure its rendition at once. Two such instances bacco for the year 1875 j and have been mentioned to us as connection The principle on whic h ,the assess':'lent is with tobacco shipped bv firms located almost directly based 1s altogeher euoneous, nod tf enforced wll worli injustice to the mar.ufacturers of this district, and in opposite one another 10 a' down town street. Frequent flict serious injury upon tbe most important interest of applications by the in these two cases to the -f-.. of ctu.;,.r """ .s-1ru,z '.111this city and surrounding country; therefore Revenue Bureau at Washington have resulted only in Hi:<... Rtsolveri, That a committee of five be appointed to references to the internal revenue collector of the district TOLEDO, OHIO. MMaiarer. <.."barleo R. visit the Commissioner at to lay before ._ him the facts in the case,.and procu;e, if possible, such 8:::.:::;,."j{,..;:t:" r....._. 1uliogs as justice "' whence the tobaccos refened to were shipped, and inquiry in co tif ormity bas


J -ll THE TOB,ACCO LEAF. ,JAN, 24 CARL UPMANN'S 1CIRCULA.R. The tobacco circul a r prepared for the use of hts European c orrespondents and fnends by Mr. Carl Upmann, of this city, IS usually one oi the most graceful, as well as comprehensive publtcations devoted to the revtew of the tobacco trade of the Umted States issued from the press of thts country. To a thorough knowledge of his subject, Mr. Upmann adds the graces of a culttvatea wnter, and his reviews, accordmgly, are as elegant in style as they are exhaustive m analysts ,and research. We make room for the following trans-. lation of a portion of hts observations concerning Seed leaf in his recent annual report. He says :-valued at S6oo. He shouted (or assistance, and Officer Flynn arrested Brennan. Held m default of h,coo bail. BURNING or MAJOR FLooD'S TOBACCO FACTO'RY.[Ly,chburg lllews 10 ]-Last mght !.he tobacco factory of Major John H Flood, on Jefferson Street, between Seventh ,a nd Etgbth, was burned. Major says that the ongtn of the fire was a mystery; that 1t seemed tO have ongmated m the engine-room; that his clerk, who was in the office, had no idea of the cause of 1t, that he had spent l3o ooo m estabhshmg hts business; that his stock on hand was very large; that he was, probably_ the value o..f hts stock, but that he coyld not then even guess at the amount o f his loss One bundredand stxty boxes of tobacco were saved, but an enorriwus quantity of leaf tobacco and much valuable machinery, together with the buildmg, are a total loss. have mcreased roo per cent. over the correspond-558 cases Seen leaf, 33 bales St. Dommgo, 110 Car-p a s t years dealt in in, were almost e11tirely mg penod of last year." men, r,ooo do E a st Indtes, I38,6I6 do Java, 14,290 do neglected. f.he tmports embraced only 6t8 hbds in "You and Mr. Russell were connected with Mr. Sumatra. Stock on Janua"y r, r877 :-774 hhds Mary bond. So much for false packing and b a d mspect;on. Partridge for a number of years, \'l'ere you not, Mr. Ian?, 35 do V1rgtma, 75 do Kentucky, 5,ooo bales East No'! that we have the total dehve n es of the year before Indtes, 9,322 do Java, 430 do Sumatra. It must be conceded that our monthly sal.:s have if "Yes, str." BREMEN, December 21.-Mr. Fntz W. Seeger's reany thing, under estima ted; for, as u,83o hhds "How do you account for this increase in trade?" port 15 as follows:--. been cleared, we may reasonably assume that "\Ve have made extra efforts and kept a larger lme Week Ending December 21, I87 6. fully 2o,ooo sold, and havtng already shown that of goods than during previous years. As a !ule I do ,llavana.-Imports, 250 ser; sales, none; stoclcs in general of our offerings did not vary much not thmk the tobaccu houses in Chicago have first 2,r8o ser. Prices per pound-Wrappers: m 1t has. been necessary for us to make thetr trade, though I know of some bestdes ourselves I, from 65 o to 9oc; pf; do II, from 300 to soo pf, wrapany matenal alteration our of prtces, excepting that have done so. The first four months ofthts year pers and fillers mixed, from I8o to 300 pf; fillers from for the lower grades, owmg to excessive stocks. there Wa6 no trade to amount to any thing; owiug to the I 4 o to 250 pf. -are certataly depreCiated m value. The market for condition of the roads, th t s whole Weitern country was Cuba.-No tmports; no sales; no stocks in first Western stnps continues to be fairly spported, the finer u11de1 mud for four months or more." hands. grades commandmg 1ull quotations, and we have no Wkat are tne prospects for trade iu I877 ?" F/ortda.-Imports, 4 cases, stocks m first hands, 30 reason to_ appre?end that fleshy tobacco, I thmk they are good ; corn and wheat are bnnging do.-Prices from 45 to 250 pf. leaf or st11ps, ts ltkely to recede 10 value; as the quanttty a ood price; the weather thus far this wmter has been s;ed Lea'f-Imports, 2 845 cases; sales, r,I35 do; of. su':h ?D sale ts rapidly diminishmg. We, however, fav rable for the U1ovement of gram, hogs, logs, etc. stooks m first hands, 8, 370 do. Pnces 1 per pound-thmk 1t nght to state that with regard to strips a report trade in thts country depends u 'pon these articles I irom I 3 o to :vo pf do II from 6o to Ioo reaches us that a collapse has taken place in the Lon the pnces they bnng. We look for a larger inpf; mders, from 45, to 65 pf, 30 to 45 pf. don r_narke-one Brokers' ctrcu l ars, in two conse in our trade next year.'' On uture deltvery, 90 cases. secuhve tssu e s nol!Cing a decline of fully d on the our cor espot,d .ent next called on Messrs. Franklin, none sales r 39 ser stocks in better, and Id on the lower grades. If thts be really Veagh & Co. and met Mr. MacVeagh, Who IS one firs hands, 6,(8o do. : per pound I, so, t hen "!anufacturJrs in t?e south of must of ur conservative merchants. fr01\l 8o to I 20 pf, do II, from 6o to 7o f, bmders and have prev!Ously been under great dtsadvan-. ',VP,Jt, bars ee wtth Y u cutting goods, from 40-to so pf. tages, but .we are mchned,to thmk that when the du mg 1! .._ Uly fRF I dotombia.-Importsl, 864 ser; sales, 6 r do, stocks in reqUirements of a JO.bbers have been fully met, t!t Well, our busmess has mcreased about 10 per cent. firorl hands, r8,68o do. 1?nces per pountl-Ambalema, market wtll be found speedily to rec over itself. may Th s is a natural mcrease ; we have made no extra from 6o to 250 pf; from 6CI to 15 pf; Carmen, remark that the dirkt tel:etp_ts into Scoland and the eff. rts to sell goods this year." f-rom so t o 1 80 pf; Palmyra, from c10 to i iSo pf. outports of. were _m excess of former years. H t1Ji1' year's ll(e xican .-Stocks in first hands, rsol pkgs. Prices ,we_re m mmtmum supply _dunng tile tio s ?" r 1pound-from 7 0 to ISO pf. pas:year that tt wasimpoast ble tQ do any thmg ltke th\') Mos utealy. Exme1alda-Stocks in first hands, 920 pkgs. Prices busmess the emand, s;alle d for, anc;l 11e have "But not only does the home trade in Seed leaf give us very little cause for congratulatu;m, even the export trade was.lfar fr m satisfactory, the mcrease m the'quanttty exported to :he contrary notwt thstand mg. There is nt> dvubt hat.Seed leaf ag. ave t aeco an ctgar epartment ITurkish.-Sales 22Q. stocks 10 first hands, !ight slow of sale. Cave11dtsh has been operated connecuop wil.b bemg under 3 So do m to a tnllmg extent. e a man. '5yava_:_ N 0 transactions. MELBOURNE, November I.-Mr. H. C. of I next callect on 'Messrs. Alien & Elhs, Manufa"Cturers u N t 0 Messrs.. Fraser & Oo., Tobacco Brokers reports-Since .mamao ransac ons. o fobacco, Ctnctnnatt, wuh a branch house Prices all unchanged. our report the market has been very firm, and bet '*re, m r;harge of Mr Ellis; here I was fortunate ter pnces havlt been realtzed tbaa those obtatued preepough td meet b d th 1'--,. LIVERPOOL, Janua_ry_ 6 .-Messrs. F. W Smythe viously. Stocks being vtrtua!ly in the hands of one 1 "Mr. Ellis, pow IS tradeJ & Co., Tobacco Merchants, report. t-,Ve firm_, rates wtll must have an upward tendency, es1 "Ask, M;r. Allen. t 1eJ btm com e [up here _once a have had _a qutet holiday week took pec1ally as very httle tobacco 1 s advised as coming for }'!!ar, so that I can look lnm over, ana when he LS nere, sqme Strzps! an_d dry Leaf, askmg for. hght colored ward. The stocks in the adjacent markets bemg uea,ly I I use him." tt it Mr. Eliis? ,, ,, $he re9utrements of OUT market. -vw:eek's Import, ;!45; bj:mg so much higher than the old rates, buyers must Mr. Elhs-"Who's answenng these questiOns, you or, 463; stock, 36,227; agamst 26,846, same get used to values before operating to any ex ?" ttme last year. tent. Coloma! manufactured tobacco is going off freely How do you a ccount for this increase, j Messrs. Edward SamuelaQn & Co.'s report savs:-the rates now asked for Imported LS contributing ave you made extra efforts thts year i.o tr;ad';? ;rhe in Nort.h tobacco month doubt, to the present readv sale of the Coloma! Mr. Allen-"No sir; lt IS stmply a po not requtre any espectal notice, statmg that Some fine lines of :aromatics were disposed of last week that we are entitled to. We endeavor to.furntsh goods tJ;l.ey compare favorably w tth tbose of 1ts predecessor, at very full prices. J Light pr'essed r!!ahzing as 6d, and d.t a low figure, and if people c!o_n't appreciate it, 1t constsled, lD ?3JOnty of cases, of numerous retwist, :zs. Quotations for all descnptions are h 1 gher. ain't our fault, but results show that they do.'' tat! sales, amountmg tn the aggregate to about r,5oo Twtst.-Prices aiC! higher than last month stocks well Ho\v about profits, Mr. Allen?'} hllds, embracing eveJ and includmg held, and only about equal to our requirements. Stocks l 1 Well, owing to profits thiS year, have hhds strips,_ leaf, an Oh10s, sold at our pubin the adjacent colonies are low for tbi.s season of the l)een less than prevtous years ? 1 11c aucuon. Th11 arnvals amounted to H6o hhds, of year. A large parcel of "Raven" and "St. Andrews" I 'How much territory do you cover] Mr Allen?" wh1ch 332 wen! from Ph1l.tdelphta, 24z 190 was quitted privately at a price withheld. Tens.-No Well, we go east-as far :aBoston, (that's a place N e':" York, and Io6 Bosto?-; and the were transactions to no1e. Quotations for first brands htgher; near Hull), west to the Mtssoun Rtver, to Mmneup to a full averaa;e, VtZ. :-_191 Vugtma leaf, 234 medium buJ little inquiry. Aromatics.-A sale -and so far as the south don t use linestrtps, 698 Kentncky leaf, sr r stnps, and 84 by was held l _ast Wednesday. Some choice cuts to any extent south of Cmcmnatt. -total, 1,7 hh:ls; of these were exported 346 hhds t e. were d1sposed of, the btddmgs were fatrly sptrited, and "What are the prospects for the future, Mr. Allen?" 122 to Afnca, 70 Melbourne, 35 35 Spam, 20 better prices were 1 obtained. Only the finer 10 demand [ "We thmk they are good;_ seems to me. we have Antwerp, I4 Blhta, I_r IO l\tarsetlles, ro Havre, at present. The bulk of stocks is now held by one firm, truclt botlorr!. \}'e to mcrease our trade next 6 Buenos Ayres, 5 Rto Janeiro, 5 Bordeaux, and 3 Isle the above parcel being the only lot m first hands in this ear very materially of Man. I876.-In glancmg over the figures which market, outsJde sp_eculators Twtst.-The ouotations are "Have you had many failures the past year?" indtcate done in this rparket during as IS 3d to IS 8d; Anchor, "No; so far, less th&.n m 1875; I tlunk the weak past year, tt IS satisfactory to no.te that the debvenes IS 6d; Elack Swab, IS Sd, Raven, rs Sd; St. Andrew's, pnes are pretty well weeded out." hue been on extenstve scale m alm_ost all the van-rs 9d; Our Game, IS 7 Shellard's, u sd; Mal:eppa, "Mr. Eilts-Corne Allen ; you gomg to dmner wtth ous growths ot Umted States tobacco : mdeed, they rers 9d; Black D1ari10nd IS 6d in half and quarter me o o are you gomg to talk wttb --alr semble very closely those of r874, though, unlike that tlerces, and -No;thern, 7d to Sd; best 1 The tnterview ended; the correspondent of THE eventful year, there was an of e1ther ex-brands; medmm, 7d to 9d; Southern, 1 s sd to rs LEAB was 11iolmtly urged to eat, but as t:sual, declined. cttement or speculatiOn, notw!lhstandmg the hvely best brands. Half Pounds.-Northern 6d to 8d South state of things which existed in the West, dunng the ern (Tortoise-shell), 9d to IS rd Southern rod months of April and May Our manufacturers ha..-ing to rs 4d. Aromauc -Western' Halves none been e ducated vtew such ;>eriodtcal agitations wtth none; Southern Pounds rod to rs 3d;' Ltgh;.Pressed perfect mdtfference, pursued the even tenor of their Pounds rr 6d to ::s 6d Halves none Twtst rs to zs wars by simply what ther, required meet Pocket' Pteces, IS 2d IS 8d;. Gold Bars, I; 3d to I; thetr current trade demand; nor there any mduce 8J; Navy Half Pounds and Pounds, IS to IS 3d; Eights, ment for them to depart from th1s course, when the Stxes, &c IS to IS sd. Leaf for Manufacturing.-8d !"ean of the majority of ou'r stocks was taken 10 Is, Stnps, I rd to rs 9d. C!gars.-Chl\roots, 50s to mto for 1t must borne m mtnd that alsss; Manillas, H S., 57s 6d to Sss, according to wetght; [ Co11tinued from Page 7 ] era! far below the precedmg year. Although 1m. portatwns ol the dtfferent kmds were generally ot more tmportance as regards the quantity, pnces were much lower because the quabty was generally very poor. Above all thmgs thts must be said of_ our chtef artic!e, the yava tobacco. Operatwns of Importance m th1s leaf could not be executed by want of choice. Except two d1stncts, the quality ol this kind was very poor, and when, as an exception. a good parcel came in the market the competition was very strong, and left no more room for profit. We bad much more short leaf than other years, and besides a great deal was for the C1gar manufactory of no use, bemg most:y of rather thtck leaf and bnglH color All such tobacco had to be sold f o r cuttmg, and, of course, could but fetch a very low figure, and caused an enormous loss to the bestdes keeping out o f the market several thousand bales, whtch being good crops go in second hands and procure a bnsk trade. The Sumatra tobacco on the other hand was considerably the tmportattons were of much more importance than those of the precedtng year, and as the Java tobacco could not fill the reqUirements of the !Tlanufacturers, thts sort brought still htgher pnces. The importations aud trade in general of all other sorts of c1gar tobacco, as Btt:zzl, Cubtl Havana, etc., were of very little consequence, onlv Seed leaf caused more movement than for some yeirs. Several parcels of dtfferent q ualtues found thetr way to our market and were generally readtly sold. The quahty of the Maryland crop of I87S was ve1y sat Isfactory, and many of our cutters have provtded them selves for a bad season. We bad not much vanatwn tn prices; all the throughout the goo& qualities were well patd for, and common sorts even htgher, as the leaf was wanted f0r mlxmg with the very short Java to bacco. The tmports of Kenlucky and Virg1ma were of very little importance, and, except a single parcel of good leaf, consisted mostly of ground leaf. Stock on hand January I, I876 :-45I hhds Maryland, 9,085 bales Java, I,o441 do Sumatra Imports dunng the year :-6,941 hhds Maryland, 163 do Vtrgmia, 326 do Kentucky, 5,900 bales Rto Grande1 6oS cases Seed leaf, 33 bales St. Dommgo, IO do Carmen, 6,ooo do East Indtes, IJ8,88o de:> Java, do Sumatra. Salesduung the put year :-6,618 hbes Maryland, rz8 do 251 do Kentucky, 5,9oo bale11 Rto Grande; J j t l J' .. I I though our suppltes were numencally l.arge, the absence Ormor.d's, 35s. 1 of fine tobacco of nearly every grade was seriously felt. Stocks-Melbourne, October 21, I876267 hlf trcs, The autumn sampling can not be said to have brought r,243 qtr trcs and kegs, 3,084 three qtr bxs and boxes, much rehef, as by far the greater f10rtlon of both leaf 4 320 mfd; 242: hhds and casks 92 cases 591 and strips turns out to be deficient in the qu:t.littes and bltndles unmfd, 887 cases Sydney, deemed most essential for profitable use, we are October 20, 1876--204,517 lbs mfd 546,452 lbsunmfd, consequently left very much 111 the same posmon as we 44,939 los ctgars. Adelat?e, September 23, I87Q-7r, rwer.e at penod last year .. much for OUT home 799 lbs mfd; 8,770 )bs unmfd. I 1,764lbs Cigars. Gee traae. Contmuentai.-The pnnc1p'll feature was the long-Brisbane October :zo I876-98 689 mfd heavy of substantial an:i l<;>w medium leaf to 8,355 los ctgar;. Dunnedm,' no returns' Auction 1the ltahan ports. For other markets there was a small -October 6-Ex shtps: 54 three-quarter boxes Across general demand throughout the year, but latterly even the Water tens, all faults, per lb, 8 half-tierces Bar thts has tatled off. However! w1th our present stock of ret's Anchor T\\ist, no, I7 halftierces,ldo, \oaf, f:om whtch ample selectto.ns may made, look 48 quarter tterces do, 1o7.(d; 24 three-quarter-boxes to an resumptton of busmess. It wtll Across the Water tens, do, Ex Reminxton: 4 nottced that our total export<> ID r876 are r, roo hhds 10 quarter tterces raven tw1st, rs 8d. Ex Allaltab11d 2 of may be partly accounted for by cases St. Andrew's rs 4 quarter tterces do, the requuements of the trade, the IS Hid; 2 quarter-tierces do, IS 7}(. Ex: Carmarllzen fi!l;ures bemg 2,292 hhds last year1 agamst I,70:1 m Castle: 12 three quarter boxes venus tens, IS n I875 We can not, expect these heavy shipthree-quarterboxes do, IS 7}.(d; I three-quarter-box all ments to contmue, as we have reason to believe that a the Rage tens pocket p eces, IS 1Ud; 6 quarter-u::rces considerable portion of the common grades d1spatched, Raven tw1st, rs 8d; I three-quarter-boxes Two Seas the spring of last year on the_coast un tens, IS 8d, all more or less damageti. October 25. dtspose? of. At the rate ot whtch the sampling of last Ex Regent, &c .. 1 cases Vtctorv 1210 twist, 2s per lb; 4 year's 1 _mports has been_ progressmg, we look for a do 6in twist, 2s; 2 cases Impenal Ruby B E 6m !;OmpletiOn of that the present month; Twtst, 2s, 5 cases Eldorado, 2s 4 cases Wedding and ample opportumty has now been afforded to lead Cake light-pressed, 2s 6d; 2 cases Victory gold bars, 5 to the concluston that we we_re not far from the mark in to lb, IS 8 5 cases do pocket pieces 12 to lb u descnbing the crop a1 luggy and in charac9Xd; 2 cases do D. T. 4oz, 5 to lb, rs S"'d; 2 ter. Out of 5,o6o hhds of V!rgtma leaf Imported, not do Gold Rod Nines, IS SXd; 2 cases do sixes, IS 8*d; more than a fifth could be describ_ed as substantial cases do Navy fives, IS 8d; 2 cases do Gold Rods 2 fleshy tobacco, and o_f 3,428 hhds stnps, even a smal!er he1gts, Is S*d, 2 cases bnght Virginia srrips, Is 9d; 1 I proportion of fine spmners are to he found; the remam cases Black Swan Twist, all faults, rs 4Xd. Also, ex der bemi!!: thm, narrow and mtxed, 11nd could only be George Thompson, un account of whom it may concern: classed as very medium and common fillers. The cases Over th: Water black pocket-ptecell u 33( d 33 Weste":l Tennessee, Indt-cases do fives, IS 2Xd; 2 cases bnght poe ana, Illm_ots and Mtssoun-:-sent us 14,25I leaf, and only ket-pieces, rs 2Xd; :z cases do, sixes, IS ad; 1 case do 7,977 Stnps, tn both of whtch the absence of good covers twtst, IS 3}:{ d; 3 cases You Can't Overtake Me hright 111 conspicuous, and fine colory pocketpteces, IS aXd; 3 cases do stxes, rs 2ci; 1 case ceedlngly scarce. M:uyland and rhLo, whtch .wc;re tn do twist, IS JXd, or leu damaged by sea-water. I J .. -::.


THE TOBACCO LEA. I\ THE TOBACCO MAB.KET. I ported the result of another bad crop season, i n view of the high prices of the principal commodities and DOMESTIC. heavy Goverrment taxes. Rain came to their relief on S. Strubel, 4 do; Fabbri & Chauncey, I do; F. Know land, 3 do; S. Fuquet & Son, Philadelphia, 6 do .. EXPORTS. NEw YoRK, :January 23. the rst at 2 .30 J.. M., and poured abundantly during lea f tobacco market opened and dosed quite three or four hours in the most important districts, and satisfactorily last week, the demand being b.oth _fMir!y the good done by it easily be calct:lated when to active and t;eneral, all classes ol buyers partlctpaung m day all reliable reports state that this will be the largest the tratrsactions. In Seed leaf little was done for exgathered during this century; the quality will port, but the home trade was measurably brisk. For also prove' genqally good. This ra,ge cr p, together Wetitern leaf the inquiry was good, both for home use with stock in planters' h.ands-unsold and shipment, manufacturers having purchased with nofrom last season, on account of the heavy importations ticeable liberality, as, also, did cutters; while of commoner and cheaper sorts from Domingo operated to about the usual extent, as indicated by late a!fd other places through, a1Hi as Porto Rico leaf, free averages. to business, a factor observed::of duty-will very likely Clluse, er" long, a decline in "There is mor.e domg than there was, and at steadter actual prices, which are considered to& high by export prices, I think. Manufacturers have beewbuyiog more er!l as well as by local manufacturers. The present as freely, and, while we can not quote prices higher, we pect of the fields indicates that there will be a full sup think they are steadier._ In some instances,_ buyers are ply this year of both wrappers and but any ex now taking goods at pnces whtch they de.chned pay cess of rain in future would dim inish the quantity of thP. in December. The need of fuller assortments ts per-latter, which compose the bulk of shipments to the ceptible. We want good weather, so that good tobacco United States, the former being generally taken for can come forward. Last year our receipts of new to-Germany. The local cigar factories will not require of bacce up to this date were over 400 hogsheads, with both much more, if any, than in r876, because the in-300 more in transit, while this year :we have only recreasing cigar industry in the United States, North and ceived 4, with none in transit; nor have we heard of South, 'and in Europe, tells heavily on their orders from aay of our neighbors who have been :more fortunate." thos e countries. The idea which emanated from some The extreme cold weather is evidently keeping tobacco of them of increasing the duty on exports of leaf is ab: back, and tbe appearances are that when it is permitted surd, and meets with no favor; even the VutliiJ .Abajo to move--other conditions continuing favorable, prices, planters are such a measure, .and would rather especially-a fairly respon.aivt'market will be fourod the suppression of all present duties on their here upon its arrival. "All desirable tobacco of the product, as the best way of competjog in fo .reign. mar From the port 9f New York to foreign ports, for the week ending January 23, were as follows: ARGENTINE REPUBLI C-6 hhds. BREMEN-127 hhds, 17 do stems, x,874 cases, hhds. GLASGOW-2 cases. IV.MBURG-23 hhds, 38 cases, baskets, x (90 mfd ... HAvR&-9 cases. HAYTI-9 hbds, I$J bale;, LISBok-,-241 hhds. LIVERPOOL-r8 hbds, r pkg (90 lbs) mfd. LpNDON-54 trcs, 6 hhds. M;ARSEILLi"5-JI4 hhds. PORTO RIC0-39 bales. RoTTERitAM-26 hbds, 49 caaes. U S. oF Cor.oMBIA-179 pkgs (r4,138 lbs) mfd. VALENCIA-JSS hhds, -40 cases. 1 -VENEZUELA-3 hhds, t3 pkgs (1 139 )bs) mfd. ExPORTS FROM THE PORT OF NEW YOR.K 1;0.FORBIGN PoRTS FRQM }AMUAR.Y r, r 87J,1To JANU,.RY r6, FROM OFFICIAL SOURCES, REPORTED ExPRESSLY FOR "THE To.BACCO LnF :"_ old crop," remarked another factor, "is in a firm posi -kets with other products, which '\re tion1 and must remain ao, u it will be some time before the world to be inferior in quality. wbat cood there is in new -crop will be available.'' Statistics. Compared with the same week last year, the &ales !or The following shows the ex porta of leaf tcbacco and the past six days have been almost .as three to one, or cigars dro,JJI Havana, accordiQg to the custom-house 1,993 hogsheads the week just closed, against 7ao clearances. (The quantities represeqt quintals for leaf Africa. __ Antwerp -. __ Agentine Repub Bremen--- British Australia British Guiana British Honduras British N.A. Col20 2 hogsh!'ads the third week in January, 1876. Last year and thousands for cigars). the total salea for the meoth .were 3,408 hogsheads; th:is ToaAcco. CaAas. 3 year they already reach, as reported, 3,475 Th.e ,816_ c,a15_ -,a14_ ,a7&. ,875_ ,874. ___ son therefore,, begins favorably, and the feeling among To Uoilod Stateo ... -79o853 9.,.94 no,99-4 76.88s 76+1' 9,,970 ChilL--------Jiact'ors ,s suggestive of as much, even without reference To Groat Britain .... .. ,!16' "3 '"' 36,7 "S Cisplatine Re)?. 5 1'q Spain ....... u,at., 35,51:1 9:-297 '5#' C l b to the record of sales. To Germany ...... ----.. ,69,3 7''36 75> >o, 0 om ta.- W II &; C W. 1 To ... .. .. .. .S5S ,8 >5-13 .,,a,.. Corunna .... 533 Messrs. Sawyer, a ace o report: -ts ern To Other P art---43 35, .vs 3,&,7 ,,.35 3.os4 C b Leaf-We note a continuance of the lively general de-.. __ ..... __ ,04,95 33o7,5 ,67,]88-""iSs ,59,9 5 _,0 ,635 mand reported in our last, resulting in sales of 1 Since the rst of January there were shipp-e-d, per YrenchW. Indies --;6 Exporfterts took 77 357hhhdhsdsm, Clyde, for New York, 67 bales leaf and 1:z,onc Genoa __ : _-__ 627 pam; manu ac urers, 1 cigars. TABACO. G l II 3 24 -.--.. 2 ___ ... -100 U,712 14,300 r,6oo \ MANHAtTAN TIN-FOIL WORKS, Patented Ootober I 0, 1876, til 1:) "' til 0 "' Q llll u ;:;: -1 u a: -I ::llll o( ... t-19 0 ..:40 ..: E-t -" ::> ..i t-1 0 IZ-t Bv THE ERIE RAIL11.9AD.-Kerbs & Spiess, '2. 6 pkg:;; -w, J. HOODLE,SS. _. : Order, 4 do. liEN BERRY BY THE NATIONAL LINE .-Tbos. Hoyt & Co. 4 hhds M. Abenheim' & Co., '6 do; J. H Moore & Co_, 4 do: Bv THE PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD.-L. '& E. Wertheimer, 33 cases leaf; Havemeyers & V igeli us, 17 do; A. Cohel'l, 42 ilo: S ; 79 do; Ej. Spiog_arn & Co., a7 do; Josep'b Mayers Sons, 20 dd; D. H1rscb & Co., r case cigars; John P. Whiton, r do, J. A. r do; E. S. Mendel, I box do; Appleby & Helme, 2 trcs snuff, 5 cases do, .28 b9ls flo, JI half bbls do, 89 boxes do, 12 jars do, ro kegso rlo, 26 cases tobacco, 2 half bbls do, 4 pails do; Weiss, Eller & Kaeppel, 1 bale leaf; Thos. Hoyt, & Co. I box snuff; Ge,org e Vright, r case eigars: W. J. HOODLBSS & CO RATIONAL TQB4CCO. IRSPEC!i0Ji, & l'oma.rcllng Wa.r;hctllel, Foot of Van Dyke and, Partition Sts., Broeklvr-Hi1i ail J.vbacco C:.u.:e 'NaUona1luspuct.ii)O.. OFFICES :-5 Broaol Street, N. Y.; .;,.rtttinn St., 4 -344 ( xo@nc; 389 hhds, at .n@12c; and jobbers asgow______ 95 116 hhds. Prices have been very futl for these home HAVANA; :January IJ, 1877.-The additional arrival Hamburg.----5 uade selections, but the have curtailed our small of buyers from the United States, il:i well as from other Havre-----stock of such-and, indeed, black wrappers are scarcely parts, has impo.rted during the week some animation in Hayti----13 179 9 BY NoRTH RIVER BOATS.-Thos. Kinnicutt, 6 hh!is. Bv THE NEW YoRK AND NEW HAVEN STEAMBOAT 9o LINE.-:-Charles F. Tag & Co., 70 case.-; !A. rH. ,Scpville -------& Co., 25 do; J. S. Gans' Son & Co. 43 do; Schroe--------der& Bon, 23 M Myer, 14 do; L. Muller, 5 do; SQUIRES, TAYLOR i. Co., TOBAOGO AND GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS to be had. A simtlar inquiry has prevailed at the the Calzada del Monte, which is -the prototype of, or Lispoq -------241 Westem breaks, at s ti ffening prices. Milder weather what may be considered the New Y<;>rk Water Street J_,ivt;rpooL---r8 -8 5,567 B. Atwater, 3 do; J. Rey, 1 do; H. P. K35, gold, per qtl. New Zealand_Africans, the demand for new leaf promises to be unuSeveral other vegas of Partido and Vuelta Abajo, of Porto Rico -112 sually late this year. 1 200 to 300 bales, were taken at prices ranging from $33 Oporto________ 20 w-. lklweek. tthweek Total. to $5o, gold, per qtl, accordin' to grades and quality. Rotterdam---:z6 103 39 2I -'---Jan._ 81 1,351 1,993 t 3.475 Good leafy Remedios and Partido are at present Valencia----. 355 40 Virginia La f.-Manufacturers-local ones-have scarce, and what there is here from the country is held Venezuela---3 7 -I,139 made some good of Virginia stock SinCe our by three o r four houses, whose pretensions are such ----.last report, fin!'! brights and mottled wr-appers thatit hecome. s a matter of speculation either to bold 3,977 3,519 .8os ing the principal transactious. Whatever is really good the good s or' to sell them. New arrivals from the ROUCB. our manufacturers are clearly oin the humor for appro-country may influence prices, because under the present Gro .. en of oeed !cat tobacco are cauttoncd Jainn ac.cpons th<. priating, and their selections for the p;tst week can circumstances I I can not trace any eagerness on the part reported aa1a and 'uoutiono o f seed leaf u fiaraiah..., tbc priceo that f b 'ers to purc"'ase at .e.g es h"ch lea should be obtained fur t!lem at 6rst ... d, ao tltae _, "mtanc:ca hardly fail to give ooih themselves "nd their o atron_ s o uy :u 11 ur w I ve no m.rgm 'I k t l"k N y k I h d to old crop which have been held neady a year, and the profit on sathhction. We notice in the available-supplies. now r10 a mar e 1 e ew or ave seen a goo which mutt naturally iRclude the inrto Rico tobacco is still pending in Madrid. "f':t,per;;;; ;:;: Seed leaf:-A fair amount of business was done None can prognosticatq the final decision as yet. If oHIO AND MARYLAND the week, principally for home trade, the demand being the influence of Cuban .. planters prevails-that is, that .. i 3 @ 4 chiefly for good wrappers t moderate no tobacco c o uld come in legally from not even Porto Medlumalld fiDe red.... s comonOD4..... 5 6 R tw "th t d th l"t d th S h Corn. to med. pnglod, 1 @ 1 Good de. prices. European ad vices concerning Seed )eaf remain teo, no 1 5 an tng e eqlla 1 Y un er e pams Jilin to ;yellow_ o Medium,............... s @ 9 unfavorable, and with the .exception of a ,few small lots, flag, then the lower grades of of this isl'}nd Good to tiDe red......... 9 *" not exceeding so cases, nqtbing wa11 done in that diwill enhance considerably in value, as soldiers -and ... :::: =:; rection. Tne tutal sales amount to I,sos cases. other classes of lesser means have be provided for, G r oiJIIillear,....,........ 3 @a Ci(lmredulll remained in fair demand, meeting with and so far the Porto R ico tobacco was used to great SEED LEA'f FOR\HOMK TRADE. I h b r b C..,oaJicwt-Pnoou:r_lvtl...,._ sales ot 35 cases, crop 187 3 at 25o cases, crop extent to supp Y t em; t ere,ore It ts o vtous that c 8 Cropo8'14o :rs74 wrappers, at rs@:zoc, 2oo cases, crop r875 asprices, nq matter how large the crop may torn out, wili s @ 1 Flllen ......... 1 tit 9 d 0 h f Seconds ........ -8 @o Assorted LGts u @S sorted, at ro@r6c, ami wrappers at 18@3oc, ,making a not rece e n t e contrary, rom the many arguments wrappen; .......... l!"o Crop s-b t" I d "d j Selections .............. >l @lS Fillers... .. .. .. . 7 @ 9 total of 4 8 5 casts of this sort. gtven y par 1es !Diereste oo oppos ite Sl es, lt IS atr Crcp ,875. Asoorted ....... N -Crop PmnsyifJilnia received considerable attention, resultSmoking-Both for local and interior trade a steady ............ _. 6 @ 8 ing in quite a number of mostly to manufacturers, demand i s .announced. The sales have, as usual, em-Wrappers ............. ,. 9 3s amount ing in all to 832 cases, of wh ich no, crop 1874 braced general assgrtments. Stocks are not large but S EED LEAF FOR EXPOli.T. 6-Ma:.t.r.-Grop 1S74 New YorA: Si4k-Crop 1872 to 1'67+ assorted, at about 350 cases wrappers, crop they are well selected and in all respects attractive. Assorted Lots .......... 1 @ s" Aaaorted Lot.,. .. 1 @ 8 8 0 t d 6 e 10 ted crop 0' a s Th 0 tn k t 0 h d T d s::cond6.... 6 @ 1 Pnuuzlvania-Crop li?S. I 74, on erms, an 2 2 cas s as t ._:g r -e c1gar ar e IS unc ange ra e conr1ners ........... ...... 4 5 Asoortod ................ 14 B 18751 at r6@23c. -tinues brisk, and all tqe leading manufacturers are busy i!;l; .... ,. .... 7 Ci!l9 Wrappers ............ .. ., @3 5 W:uonsin remained neglected. with orders and in ordina ry call demand. Crop ,s74 WuconsiHmdiUiou>U-Crop a,s /d d 6a..6 C ) d I/ Aasorted Lots ... ... 6 @-Assorted ... .... 4M@ 5 LANCASTER, PA., yanuaty r6, r877.-To-day(TuesC:io _openc at ro y u no cose at ro6}4 Fillers ........ ...... 3xli!l4 6.,. day) .most -of our tobacco-raiSers are r.busy taking their Fore:gn Exchange.-Messrs. M. & s .Sternberger, Crop S,s. orte .... ............ .,. Y d B k t (I ]} B h h E h d Alk'ortid Lots ... ..... 6 @ 6" Florid4-Crop tB14 and J8?-S tobacco from the poles. esterday 1t commence to an ers, repor as o ows:-ot t e xc ange an Fillers ..... ............ 3x@ 4 A_,rted ................ i e s rain, and .this morning it was foggy until about ro Gold have forbthe last few days been devoi d of SPANISH LEAF. h' h Th J b Havanal Yarao'clock, when it cleared off, and the wind from the any t tng wort menu mng. eon y thmg noticea le Commoa .......... .... 88 @ 95 Assorted Jots ........... a 5 @9<> west changed, making it colder. The tothe extraordinary sttength of commercial Reichsmarks GOOther hand, jusr as anxious to purchase. I do not think for 6o days and demand sterling respectively; IS QoCry, we desire to-otfer for Salco Co., 92 do; Order, 30 Ires, to cise-s mfd at very low prices fbr Cash the fd1lawing :-CoAsTWISE lf'ROM N:&w 0R:LEANS.-0rder, 7 5 pgs. COAS"l'WISK FRO)( KEY WEST.-Seidenberg & Co., 3 Laro nowtmfnl ydnnnlic Dmnnno 33 cases cigars, 6 bales scraps; V. M artinez Yilor & r t .(:. (jJlW WR f 10000&1 Co., I do, 6 balesand 3 trcs do; L. P. &; J. Frank, 4 ......, ___ __ of .., __ .__ .. .. cases cigars: McFall & Lawson 3 o. F. Manero 2 ae.gbt .rom top of Platten to heac, ptece, 6 feet. Aloo do; L. Rodr1guez 2 do ; B Dtaz, 1 do; J. Sherman, r do. as BALTIMORE, '.January Wischlbe abon Pr,_,., with il!'praved ...... aeMta. meyer & Co. Tobacco CommiS S ion Mercnants, repo' .s: .,. .. h" h h f el -' R f r -f b ll d h are Ig enoug to carry rom tw ve to oft een blocks and ecetpts o L.ea to acco contmue sma an t ere 1 Cr c N Do ,_, ..,.._,_,_ ,. \ n_othiog to note in Matyland descriptions. Tbe-Diarkei. ames 0 avy or u,..e .._,_,., Pug. t Alaa, W J .. I in general eniains quiet and nominal "as u > u:ll at ihis 3 StiDE JftiLES A .RAILROAD TRACIS. season. 0f Ohi11 we note the sale of 6oo hhds leaf, taken for account of Italian contract at private terms, also 200 mostly scraps, to home manufacturers. We revise quota_t io ns, writing the tnarke per 100 lbs lower on Ohio and Kentucky and the higher grades of Maryland, and quote now as follows :-Mary land-Inferior and $J.oo@4.oo; s ound com mon, -$5.oo@6 o o; good, $6.s o @ 7.5o ; middl ing, ,8. oo@ 9.oo; good to fine red, fi9.oo@ro.oo; fancy, $12.oo@ I5.oo ; upper count;y, $4.oo@2o. oo; ground leaves n e w, $3. oo@8.oo. Ohio-Inferior to good common, fi3.oo@ s.oo; greenish and brown, $; medium t o fine rea, $7.oo@9.oo; common to medium fi6.oo@ 8.oo; fine spangled to yellow, f;Io.oo@ rs.oo. Ken tuckv-Commoo to good lug s $s.oo@7.M; Clarksville, $6. oo@8.oo; common leaf, fi7.oo@8.oo; medium leaf, J8.oo@9.oo; fair to good, Sxo.oo@13.oo; fine, fi.oo@ ts. oo; selections, $15.oo@r8. oo. Virginia-Common and good lugs, $6.5o@8.-5o; common to medium leaf, fi9-00@11.oo: fail' 1o good, 12 .oo@r4.oo; selections, $I5.00@ 2o.oo; common 10 fine, S'-oo@3.oo. Inspected this week, 40 hhds Maryland, 23 do Ohio, I do Virginia. Total, 64 hhds. Cleared same perio d per steamer Megantic to Liverpool, 20 hhds Maryland to bacco; per _bark Vicar to Rotterdam, 579 hhds Mary land tobacco, 5,275 hhds Virginia stems. 6 .bhds leaf tobacco to We:t Indies. (Continued on Pa.rt.} Wanted. All of the aoove are in coodition. Addtess P. & CO., 16. 18 1.114 20 ClWIBEBS S'I'UE'l', N. Y. A PARTNER in aRd repn:ssenting a TOBACCO MAN:t.JFACTORY, hea.dqul\rten Kansas City, ld:o,, territotY l SO to JOO eO?.Ch w .ay, good a eqnaiutance w i b. the trade, es tbliahed, oo Dovice, bavrDK over ten io Tnbacco and Cigars, having tnqutrles for Cigar!!, es to makt! arran"emf'.Gh witb. Manufactureu and Jobbers a.od M cbaDtes to sell umc. References Addres!ll 6::1o-2t B. B., P. 0. Box Jac k5n'tl, MichiJCan. L"'ORSALE. J:' A Fresll Supply ot 100,000 P ounds G enuine "DEER TONGUE" Flavor, 1or SMOKIN G l'O!:SACCO Maaufactur<'n, in l ots to suit purchasers. at lowut figuree MARBURG BROTHERS. -4-7 and 14q S Charles Street, Baltmore. Md. FOREIGN DUTIES ON TOBACCO. In Astrla, J'raDce, ltaly and Spahl, the tohacco eoauaerce ta tiled by fO"CrnmeDt under directioo of a In Geraaany the duty on Aaerican leaf tobacco Is 4 tkalera per :Ia> lba. In BelwJnm tlto imoost II reckoaed after deductinas.s pe1' ceul. for tare. Tile dut7 is 13 franca. JIIO centimes sold) per 100 XUo,.rammea h American lbs equa l 45.H kiloe.} In Holland the duty is 28 ceata, gold, per soo kUoa. (s8o American poonda b.toa equal to 127 kitoa. re,!n RUssia the dutr on leaf tobacco is 4 roable. 10 kopeb per pod; on tobacco Mi roubles .110 cop. per pod, and on dgan 1 fou. 10 cop. per pod. The 41pud" ia equal to about 96 American lbs. 111 Tarkey tbe d11ty b 50 cents. gold, per u" American ooocea..Jn Enrland the duties are on onaaavfacturedt steamed or et:ripped and llDatnaaed, contaiiac Jo ,.., or more of moiature in cve!'J' 100 ltt.. weight thereof (bnldes 5 ber ceot.., and an additional charge of JS peT ooremoval from bouded. warebooaes)., 3&. pet' lbi contat:ntog less thai), 10 It:. of moiatllte ln nery 100 lbt wciabt Cexcluaive of the ertra. charges ted above) p. 6d per lb. On maoafa.ctare4: Caendiab aad N earohead (cak-' twbtlo ... 6d. lb; all other ld1Wia ... r>lb COPE'S TOBACCO PLANT.:....&. JOURNAl l'o1r Po.blilhed a& No. 10 Lord Nel8on .streM, Liverpool ng, W!'ertt sub&oriptions m&y'be to the Tv:awoo LKAI' 07nc Pdco two shUJinga per lllil\!Ul. "\ tees so "r ave een very saqs acto.y o I e ra1s ers. o ay, 4 172. ans-, an ers, 3 ays 51 74 ; ..... 28 ..,so .r.:tumodFow-a .......... @:u; I do not know of one instance where tobacco sold for 6o days, 521}.(. Commercial, 6o days, Meeditlm _@!8 Addreao, aiing full name and relorenceo, to I ONE SQ.VAR.E 11 4 !NONPAREIL LIIIIES) o d r fil l O I k f h t ] L d Plecea ........... _. 26 Or the week ending January 23, included the folRappee, Freuct--@ 1 oo Suble<:t todiS<:uuat to tho Whele-DO. DO. THREE MONTHS ......... ....... n.oo & 1 d foot @ 85 T: c1 consiating Robert M. Jarvis and Danie-l A. Wbalan, heretofore en.-aged the usual average. The Messrs. Fischer remark:lowing consignments: uo Y 80@-65 sale ra In >he busine.o of Inspoctiou and Storage qf Tobacco-at Clinton and South FOUB. SQ.ti.&.B.KII t5G LINES)' Havana was in fail demand. Sales were made foo ting LIVERPOOL.-Mayer & Co., 20 cases licorice owmoJ> .... ---' Stree\Jl, New York City, has been this day dhaolv e d by mutual consent.-OVER TWO COLUMNS, ONE YEAR .... -------.... ...... Ji'!O.oO up r,ooo bales at 87 for fair, and for paste. J. c. yCa".... . ..... so Dated January .an. ROBERT ll1. JARVIS, DO. DO. I!IX MONTHS-1U>.o g good fillers. Other sales are reponed, but the SEYILLE-P. Harmony's Nephews & Co., so boxes &.. o. s ............ --.. DANIEL A. WRALAN. DO. DO. _THREE MONTHS .................. 60 00 t ntauthentic Jioricepste, "G.O 4GOl&ea 28" '"' .................... 19 FIRSTPAGERA.TES. reJ!IOr S are 0 C a "}' G.. tao II> O&lieo 28l!O "'W s 2l AND NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the busineu of Inspection ONE SQUARE, OVER TWO WIDE COLUMNS, ONE YEAR .. $1811.Di HAVANA, '.JatiUary 5> 1877.-Tbe first day Of the HAVANA-A.S.Rosenbaum&Co.,J9Ihalestobacco; 211"11"0."8:0.::: .:::::::::::::::: o u TWOSQUARES, DO. DO. ONEYEAR .. 300 00 new year has fully settled tbe question of the prospects F. Marquez, 200 do j ;E. Ping & Co., I30 do ; M. Brod "Wallis EI. '460 IIIL nee.. 2'1 and Daniel A Whalan, .. der the name of Jar>is & Company; at THREE SQUARES, DO. DO. ONE YEAR .. of the tobacco crop in the mos.t important producing & Co., IJ8 do ; A L & C. L. Holt, 125 do j Schroeder DOMESTJC RECEIPTS. Clio ton and South Streets, New York City, and the bosinssot Iospectton lli7 NO ADVERTISEMENTS ON THIS PAGE TAKEN FOR LES!J aection of the island-in the Vuelta Abai!J. Up t o the & B o n, 137 do, Weiss, Eller & Ka_eppel, 1 ro do, C The arrivals at the o., do, Martiiiez Bro ihe rs, ary 231 1 IJ hhds, 77 Ires, 4 half 107 qtr trcs, datelt, aDd w ill bereafter be conducted< under the firm name aad tyle of THIJUJ PAGE BATBII. d ONE SQ.lJARE (14 NOl!IIPAR.EIL LDIESI, were sufferir.g heavily from want of rilin1and no ch<;er76 do; Esberg, Bachman & o., 33 do; R Taillefer, I 932 cases, ros pkgs, r68 three-qtrboxes, 147 half boxes, .JARVIS &; COMPAJIY. THBEE MONTHS .... .......................... ................ P6-IIO ful face could be met with among the planters in any box do; G. W. Faber, 3 cases cigar.s ; L P. & JFrank, 4 third boxes, 130 qtr bqxe 5 five-eighth boxes, 1 bale, Thecopartuon ot oatd firm are Sawue!M. Robert Jl. Jamo ud IHX MONTHS ........................... ....... .! .................. 40.1111 quarter. Their hopes of. recovering the effects .of a do; A. & Co., 4-_ do; 'Ch'ailes T. Bauer, & Co., 2 ro kegs, 2 half bbls, 4 pail11,, 261 4Cadaies, 22 half cad-DanielA. Wbalan, w !thothelrprincipalollice at No. 43 Broad Street, New ONE YEAR .......................... ......... .................... 1MO the hurricane, and of able to from rum, do; C. ensel, do;! Purdy & Nicholas; 9 do; How-die,, 5 ca-ses cigars,:r-oox d!J, 8 ,cases cigarettes, 2 trcs York City. -Dated 1 TRANSIENT ADVERTISEMENTII-ON TBJ: THIRD PAIU., 1 were few. Actual starvallon was stanng most of"-the aTd Ives, II do; :Acker, Merrall & Condit, 13 do; Park snuff, 2 cases do, 29 bbls do, 31 half bbls do, 89 l>o:r.e11 !'. LJNE FOR EACH Jl'I'IIERT10N. poorer daises in the, face, ud theycould not have sup I & Tilford, 22 do; W1 H. T.homas & lirother, u ,do; R _., do, Io kegs do, u jars d o, consigned, as follows : w -t D.&l!IIIEL .a.. WHALAB. NAMES ALONE JN "BUSlN:ESS llolUCTOI.Y or AD ( Yli:RTISERS" FIRST PAGli:, ONE Yl:AL ..... ps.Gf I I SK.rLBS a PRBY, .P.wker811Uld :{.eal aaa 6_a


F'O&MAlf. K J. DOHAN. THOS. CARJtOL!. I DOHAN, DABROtL I; 00., TOBACCO mission :Mercha,n ts, 104 FRONT STREET, .J. O. BOX 4366. NEWYORK. Ager.ts for the following weJJ..;.known and reliable Manufacturers: 8. PACE, w. J. YARBROUIH I SOlS, A. liEN a CO., $UOCESSOR8 01' EDW'D HEll'. No. 79 Front Street, VIRGINIA Tobacco Ccnnmi..V.n Merohanu Aee. ) TIRPII l BRO., .1. H. GREAIEI, L .1. HilT l CO., L I. nAYSER l CO., T. W. PEREITH, R. W. OLIVER. 43 :LibertY, StZ'eet, :N'eW' York. New York. .1011 B. PACE l CO., JOHI ff. CARROLL, ad othera. SOLE AGENTS FOR THE ORIGINAL IIPOBTIBS UP IBBBSCBAIJM, BIIIHll & CLAY PIPHS: Gable GoU, Donne Douche, 4a and l$a, Single and Double Thick. SPECIALTJ --.\ND'-. ALSO, AGENTS FOR THE ; -:-oli'-J .lONE JACK & BROWN DinK SIIOKEas TDBADIISTS' ARTICLES. SMOKING TOBACCO. J.a.rge Stocks of Manufactured Tobacco of Every Description, #:" S11itable lor the Home aad for Foreign Markets, K.ep"t Oon.e-ta::n 1;1 y e> ::n ::EJ:a::nd.. ltO:BT. S. :BOWNE, 11&1 TONED SIODNC TOBACCO 7 SLIP, NEW YORK. F. C. LINDS. C. F. C. C. IIAIULTON. S. MAitcoso R. AsHca.oFT. .. J SEBD tUP-TOBJCC_ O TOBACCO INSPECTED OR I C::ertlbtet finn f.w cue, and deU..rred caM by caM u to number of Certificate. N. B.-We Also Sample in Kerchants' Own Stores. F. 0. LINDE & Philadelphia. Branch-E. W. Dickerson, 139 N. 3d St. PRil'fCIPAL Olii'JI'ICII:-t4 Water Street, and u to 1811 Pearl Street. WARBHOUSIC!J-1..-il W a.ter, 7'4, 76 A; 78 Greenwich Streets, an:i Hudso n River Rail R.oad Depot, St, } abn's Park. I G. REUSENS, a 00., I T 0 BAOC c 0 TOBACCO INSPECTORS, \Vater Street. ee ...OAD sTREET, ooUII:s RBOBIVJID AND vzRoni'IcATEo! I 1.8l11111:D A !I 11liU AL, JIEWYORJL' CHARLE, S FINKE, -INSPECTOR, IIHafaoturers' Agents for t1tt salt tf all Popular Brads of VIRGINIA, NORTH CAROLINA & WE-STERN Ka.nufa.ctured, Smoking & .Fine Cut Toba.ccos. A.GEliT!I I'OK I DEPOT l"OR .JOHN 1'. 'ALLEN & CO.ll B;JlAND8 OP .J, w, CAIUlOLL'!I LOftB JACK, !II!IOKIJ'I'G TOBACCO A.!IO CIGAR-I E'l"l'Bll, BROWN DlCK, &c:. LOUISIANA UE, ll1T' A liD ll'l SAlll ATK&S "HYOO," &e. CARROTS. AGBNT!I I'OR E. T II FRIDTS Q FLOWERS II' Dan River Bouquet,' '(;; old-UGODONWEALTH J z en Sceptre,OPlanters Pnde J < J 'Farme r a Cboice,' and I SKO'B'TNC TOBACCOS lirPRIlE LIST!I JI'URJI'ISRED ON APPLI.CATJON -FRANCIS -s : -KINNEY'S. :'PATENT IMPROVED TOBACCO ,CUTTER. R. SUTTON, No. a17 CA:N'At. lillPACTU UP CICillTJES ss--...'1', I JrEW YOB.J[. ( POI, DILLS & CO., :IIANUF A.CTURED TOBACCO AND JOBBER: AND DEALER l!f ALL KINDS Or importers of SPANISH AND PACKERS 01" SOLE AGEl'o"T 'l'OR .J .J. BAGLBT'S CELEBRATIID 1 KAY PLO'WER" l"IMK CUl' 01 CHEWING TOBACCO: -SEED LEAF TOBCC .. Ot.n BIIOAD s':" .. T Looo, E. c., IS:p6.-Sit :-Oa a vlalt t Ktt C.Wiey bo .... w:'C'I much plea.Md wath MUle of your maa'Gf'acblre whlch,.. RO& me 011 Ute 11Ut of til is mooth at)eroeyCity. Theywereoltbe "PHCKNIX" BRAND. Hlalordalllprequeotedaetowrito .. yGUin41 I 1wA------uk tbat J'0\1 would him twG thoo.uod of the same o...-Mt.M. Hit addreu ne R.t H MtOtable Rarl "I w "A-.MiMt ..-............ I Cole,., G. C B. and IC.. G., Drarcot HouM Cbippenbam,Wilt.s, &npaad. If yo ca. have tbe Ciprettea sent to him by an Ezpr-..a Compaay, C. 0. D it w01ald be th.e moet coan&leot way. lftbatcaaaot be done KEW YORK. E.arl Cowley wlll pay for them in any way that JM may aaneat. 8 e YOUI's ainceraly, CEO. H. BOKB:R., Mr. Jobll R Sutton, Nellf York, U.S. Mlalster to Russia M. B. LIVIR, IMPORTERS LEAP TOBACCO, :.:L PB.nrcnoe o11: aALu B&Aim oJI'IU.YANA.Al'I'DKETWE!IT craAR!I, i) 162 PnrS Street, lew York. 1615 WATER ST., NEW B. SCBOVERLIII, JAS. M. GARDINER, TOBACCO CO.MISSIOI :MERCHANT, 84 ::l'ro:nt Street, NeW' York, IS R:I!:CEIVING_ DIRECT FROM VIRGHUA CONSIGNMENTS OF MANUFACTURED TOBACCO. Export Orders for Plug Toba.sco Promptly Filled. -., \DOt.PKSl'a().,. 00100 U!Tolncbesl, &210 netc..,h. West :BroaclW'ay, :W. Y. N. B .-The attentio11 ofmanufscturersof Cirarette and Turkish, and all Fancy Tobaccos, Straight Cuts, Bright Leaf, etc is particu la rly called to this Machine. SAWJER, WALLACE II co., TOBACCO PAGTOBS COMMISSION KERC:S:ANTSs w t d v 'L f. w. H. TERWILLIGER, PRENTICE'S 1 LATE co., CJ&AB SHAPING IHlJLD No. 47 Broad Street, NEw YoRK. ----=:;.:E:.:;;W;....:.YO;:;.:R::.::s: _Welded Steel a.nd Iron & RETAINERS. TBGMAS KIINICUTT, r v. '" TATO!uno T. H s ........ -;o DN'l'tJ'CIY anil VIBGmiA F. Leaf Tobacco, No. 52 'BROAD STREET, -ANDGENERAL .MEBCHAm. 68 BROAD STREET, NEW YORK, NEW YORK. : PRESCOTT BURBANJ::. GEO. P. NASIL LANE It, CO., BURBANK & NASH, roa.&cco lliiRS, T 0 B 0 0 0 i SNUFF. Pi'PE'S, etc., ;mw. moon. *rOftlES AT AU BROAD STREET, IEWABI .,., c---... __,. U BaO.&D S!!' ., 'Jr. .ANI) ... -----.... 'Ofl'liGIR' & A. H. CARDOZO, }. ___ TOBACCO & COTTON :FACTORY, LlA F T 0 B A C C 0, lwlhaat, '" 'BilOAD S'l'B.BIIT,,... lfo, 81 BBO.&D nalmr, Jr. Y. .. 11\U'B.OVBD PIBI & BIJI&f.Ail PIOOP SAFES : I TlleoeKoalbare-la-rtbeFiaeetBI'IIIldo of Ha"aoa Claar&. and actaowtedpd. hJ all wbo have used tbem to be the boat Moul\1 eerlawented. PATBNT Il'f81DE 'IIIOL.P WORK AIID 'lilakealfoCreuelatltoCipr. RIIIIGBD CAP, GREATEST IMPROV'jl:MENT OF. THE : Utfued Labor C&ll be Em AGE -In Moltla!f Buacbeo LeN Sit Ia In N11-Safe-Complde Witlwul Ill/ PB.JCM po.oo PMR liE'!', N 54 'lr.:d Lan Warrantedperfoctla_,-.,.opect Seodt.rc...,.. 0 olliWI.l en e lar o< 0111 &Ad }Ddp let J BBW W. H. I .......... y ....... .. ._...,.., ........ .... M"B.UD-LAd, aaw TeM[, DOMESTIC Aa.d Importlen ()f t FOREIGN TOBACCO, 176 FBON'I' _,. NEW YOH. CARL UPilA.N.N, TOBACCO AND FELIX GARCIA, J-I IMPORTER 01" HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO And Cigars !67 Water Street, :NEW YORK. ES'l:'ABLiiUIED 1822. "COPBBBAGBR SNUFF," M.m..C..::tllred ool y b,-WEYMAN & BROTHER, Secured t-v '\.etters Patent. December 26, r86s. An. infrinl{emea' oa. our copyright wilL be pro! .. ........... WM. M. PRICE, LEAF TOBACCO, 119 Maiden Lane, NEW YORK. P.A.TEJN"T&. COX and COX, COUNSELLORS AT LAW 229 BBO.!.DWAY, NI'W YOBlt, I BRACTJC& Uf CASKS MJ,.ATlNG TO f') AND DJIAL!Ut 111 ALL ICJMOS o LEAF TOBACCO, 17S Pearl Street, :aet. t>me &; eeae, NEW YORK. N. LAOBENBRUOB & BRO., No. 164 Water Str'eet, New York, WHOLBSAL& DK.ALJUtS JW KAVANA DOMESTIC Leaf Tobacco. CHARLES A. WULFF, Ag't, Lithographer, Printer & Manul;tCturer of PATENTS AND TRADE MARKS AlargeAssortmentConstantlyon Hand COURTS .;,i"pATErr OITICE 51 Obtluu11. St., cor. Wtlllaa, lt. Y. VEGA, BERNHEIM, TINFOIL, IMPO&:r&Rs or WARRANTED PURE ltN, HAVANA TOBACCO ron WBAPPING CIGAiS ana CIGdm'IS, and LOON& CIGAi BOXEll. BRO l '19 8G 81 Smithfield St.reet.. Pittsllurgh, l'a. .A.::nd. OZGI-...A..B.J!!J. e 18'1' !'lAm. S'lU'E'l'. NIW !OiL BASCH & FISCHER, IMPORTERS OF liAV ANA SBBD 155 Water St., 'Near Kaidn Lae, NEW YORK. KEYSTOIB CLAY !OBACCO PIPE WOBIS. ":') ..... II1JJI'AC'l'UBBB8 OJI' I'IIUI'l'-CLAJIIII c:tc;a:y :l.pce.,,. 'PEKIKGTOK, .PRICE I: CO., 8i!IW FOR PlUCK LISTS. 18 North lewentft lt., Phlladelpltla. :.. t ., : WITTEMANN BROTHElS, 184 W%Z.I.IAM 8'1'., K. TOBAC:CG BAGGING. lr.tJTATION SPANISH LINEN, P AlVOY STR.IPBS, And all W,do of Goodo ased far patt1o1c P Smolt iqTobacco. Al10, complete a.ortmeot of SIDGken' ArUdea for tbe Trade. HOWMID SliGER & CO., 482 to 468 I Tort. WM. SIII'BBIDIL & GO., IIANOJ'ACTW&&U ,_ TOBACCO SEALING AnUapnrufGIJ.W. lap. 1SW WIIUaa ....... W' ....


JAN. 24 T H E T 0 B A C C 0 L E A. Fo. ... A. H. SCOVILLE 4c CO., FRIEDMAN & FREISE, CIGAR BOXES HAVANAilllPOBTBBJS,OOIJ' BAGGO a aoN, II LEAF, TOBACCO, 178"WATERSTREET, NEWYORk, SUPERlOit MAJ(E AND lio. IVO WAIJ!IIIB '&TILBII'l', .. ,.. 203 P earl Street, New York. X:::ai:Po:a.'".I.":&&R& o:ir Prime Quality Of / OOJillrECTICDT SEED LEAF WRAPPER OF 011B OWN PAOJUJIG. AKD CEDAR WOOD, 295 &: Monroe St., MEW YORK. MANUFACTURERS OF CIGARS, t. J WA.RIUIOUsEOI"ELEGANT CIGlB SlOW CASIS POR BOTELI .A.lQ) GltOCERS. lAND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 178 &. 180 :PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. ew.w ........ ,. .. -.IM .. NewYork. :t 1'3& 175 CHAMBERS ST., NEW YORK, TIE GUIAI AIEIUAI -BAll WHOLESALE DEALERS AND AGENTS FOR ALL NEW YO'DU: .moBAOOO FAOTORIEs (), 11.,000,000. 1\A; I I &err facilltyalforJed to Deaton and Correopoodeots p Lorillard & D. H. :aloAlpin & 1 ooaololellt wltll Sou ad Baaklur. Th B _.. & eo.. Ete. B. BOOBOLL Preetdoat. OS. 0 t7 u t ALSO AGENTS FOR P..&.OTO::a.:J:&JS: -IM, 618, 118, 620, 714, 718, 718 IIITH /STREET ; and 420, 422, 424 nd 426 TEITI STREET. orno:a:-e3, ee a.nci e7 P.A.BE :PL6.ClC, NE"W YORK. o.. ''NEW YORK Eow .. D rac .. o;]a., 0 LaowA1tD J'RtawD. a S. STIBIBIRGIR, IRI DB IISTICUDS. Jlo. H EXCIIAIIGE PLACE; K. Y. Dn Bills or Ezcbaap oa tbe principal citiM ef Eutope; lue Circa ta r Lettera Gf CrMltto Tranlet'S. :alllli wraat Colaeerdal Credits r nceive Moaey"' bJec to Slrht Checks. upon whlcb. latereat will bflt allowed i pay partlcalar atteutioa to t:Jae 1'1ei(Ott.tloa of !.Mas. i. SO"S'M'T'l''r, IMPORTER OP AND DBALER IN LUP .TOBACCO. 162 Water Street, New York. M .IDIL a BRO I IIIIAHUFACTURERS Oi' C I GA :a s AND DEALB"&S IN LOBENSTBIN & GANS WHOLESALE DEALERS IN SEED .. AND ANA TOBACCOS. SOLE AGENTS AND OF THE GENUINE W. & )1(. 4 OZG-.a.:EI. l!WI:O'OLDS, PRESSES, CUTTERS, 1mpert1n of ltr111n ud Splllab Clglf llbbtna,, '101 MAmElf LA.XE, :WEW YOB.K ., -I.EV Y BROTHERS, WISE & BBNDBBIM, lOG CliAlmEBS S'l'UE1', and 121 :BOWDY, SOLE AGENTS POR THE WELL-KNOWN J\ T.PAUCETTa OO..'S P !VOBIT' B DUU!I &l!WI:O::K.:t:NG TO::BAOOO, A, .JOBBIIIBJI D1 ALL J1t111D1J OP VIBGil'IIA. a> liOBTH VABOLIJlrA IJ'LllG AliD TOBACCOS. l!WI:a:n.u racni:re:ra C>f FINE qiG .A.RS ) A Co., 125 R_ 127 BROOM ST NEW YORKe. -' .. DEALRJlS IN .... 'AN CHEZ, HAY A tt CO., a 32 & 134 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK LEAFTOBACCO,. __ u: _______ CEDAR -w-OOI) .. CUTHRIE & 00., FOR CIGAR BOX IANOFAGTIJRERS. CICARe BOXES, lligbaA Kedal Exblbfficm, lB'1G, :heat Sbee'-291, 293 295 MONROE STREET. 'NEW YORK ALSO OW' -:: :pwi=d:..;;to;..;;;S.;;.;;."'"=q.;..;;; an,;;,;;,d"..;;.;,;PI&Df.;;;;;;;;" HAVANA. CIGARS & LEAl TOBACcu; (IIM.EIS OF TOIAOCO FIR EIPOBT.' Hnu.u W ALJr: .. Pret. J E. SAXTOw, Sec'y Md Treaa. GaA.Nfi&a, Supt. W ALDl JC&BAW -CU., Leaf T&-prMM too boardo pet miunte; needs oaly one man's atleDUoa; doeo ouperlr worttoao,.othermacbine. A. & 1'. BROWR. 51 'tc:> 81 :J:..e'017:la &1::ree't. 'V"c:.:rk.. FINECUT.CHEWING &SMOKING! 7 JIAIIUFACTllRERS OF CIGAR MOULD PRESSES, BOX PRESSES AND STRAPS, 190 Pearl St., AmD JJIPORTEas oF GEHMAN CIGAR JllouLns. I TOBACCOS, XtCHAIIL AHN&a,, NEW YORK -' l'h!:HLA. ._ LIDIRER & FISCHEL. J. L. GASSEllT. "If L. GASSE:: I L. GIRSBEL & BBO., 31, 33 &. 35 Atwater St,, DEALERS IN J. L. GASSERT It,. BRO., I PACKERS AND DEALERS IN DETROIT, MICH. : comSSION mCHllTS. SEED LEAF AND DEALERS IN ALL KINDS OF LEAF TtBACCO, THE CONSOLIBATRD TOBACCO CO. UP G!LIPIIBNII, 191 PEARL STREET, 'PLANTATIONS I FACTORIES ') ,.. AT AT BAN F:t:L:t:P::EJ. G-:t:L::B.OY. L. GIUt!JHIIL, NEW YORK s c""'- An Cigars and Tobacco Kanufact111'8d by liS are of GiOWV LEAF, A. STED\1 a co., No. eo Water St., New rork. CURED BY THE CULP PROCESS. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, S. B;,ASPROWICZ' A OATMAN Our Cigars are finer ill flavor than any made in the United States, of American Gro"!" To-IDCI Dealers Ia all o-rlptioDa of bacco, and are pronounced br competent judges equal to those imported from I!avana, while LEAF TOBACCO, FINE HAVANAR ciGARS, G IKPORTER OF pricescompetewitSMOKINGticTOBAOCOS. f 197 Duane Street, l H A V A N A he Smoking Tobaccos manufactured by this .:::ompany are perfectlypllTe, possessin; a 1. New York. 233 Creenwlch Street, DEP'l'll AND or n.AVOR 'D'NmU'ASSED, -And Dealer in DomestiC whlle t!>ey contain LESS NICOTINE than tobacco cured by any other known process. 11\lEW YORK. liJUCIGS; Ageat, M. SALOIION, :E. SALoMoN. LBAP TOBACCO Office and Salesroom, No. 207 Front Street, San Francisco, Cat., M. a E. SALOMON, () And Branch Water St., New York. PACKERS OF SEED LEAF, AND IMPORTERS OF Havana Tobacco and Cigars, 85 MAIDEN ,_:1\.NE,, N. 'y. English Brussels Three-Ply and lugraiu, also, Stair Carpets, Velvet Rugs, Crumb cioths, Oil Cloths, etc., Tery cheap at the Old Place, 112 :FULTON STREET, NEWYOR.K. Oa.rpets ca.refully packed and sent to any part of the United. States free of ohargb. ..,. Send for Exolanatory Circular. J. A. BENDALL. CAI\-IPBELL'S 166 Water Street, Q C> BELCHER, PARK tc CO., SOLE AGENTS .IN THE UI'(ITED STATES NEW YOBK. FO::B. T A Fl O:t:Gr.A.B.S OF 'TELE EL .MERITO FACTORY I JOHN" .J. CROOKE, JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA, 1 TilT FOIL'"'ii"nC'IVBOUR mmt 1i' CAP(f, 23 College Place, Ne-w York. !1 lil1 !!.IJJ!I i) ALL THE C!GAB8 OF THE ABOVJD FACTORY ABE VLEA.B HAVANA.. PL.uJI AliD COLOBJJ:D. TOB.ACO 0 LABELS, For Smoking. and Manufactured Tobacco, ;r, GOBJIIIIi & CO., B. w. :laUOBs, I KANUF .&.CTUJlltlt OF CIGAR .DOXEF'. AND IMPORTER 01' GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS of OSZNBI'D'CE CO., 111111 J'. .. J! Uanufactuw ............. Presses, Straps Cutters, -- SOUTH STREET. N. Y- j SIMON STRAUSS, MANUFACTURKR Or 1' CICAR BOXES tc SHOW FICURES. Importer of Dealer in Spanish Ciga.r Ribbons, GERI!N CIGAR MOULDS, CUTTERS, E'fO.,j e IV' & 181 r.BWJ:S S'l'BBBT, l'IBW lrOJUE. '" JlU klDtlo Il'lpree CRt to Onler atl Repaired. ha the Beot StJ'Ie. The Trade PatenteaOotober 3,1876. J. A. HARTCORN, .., 1:_ l Kaoafacturer Df Fine Cig:ars9 Ill 5 Delller lo LEAF' 21 BOWE-RY, ..1 NEW YORK. ,. .. Internal. Revenue :Boob: lllii; n. Orlglaal Ioteroal .. ....,.ae Pub ..... ...._ II. !i;; ,C. JOURCENSEN, =(,)a eO t IU<."C-.oa TO ana A .. ITH, :1 ,..., :: P.o. 5MJ, a'J' WBBB'R'Y ..,., .... ... .,._-""tOO I IroDa ........... 5 et at t.ow.t....... t, :J! _E t '2 SEND IQR 2JUCU.. ilri.&.BLISHED 1n3, 1-eteec::t.o"" GIBlRD IlTTS & ca ... General Auctioneers ;Inn coMMISSIONNMERCHANTs. t;o E STORE AND SALESROOM: (' FOR TllADK SUPPLIES ADDUS& &A 1 OLD SLIP 104 PEAIL STREET D. w. De FOIIS'l', l'. 0. l!oz 373i, nw YOU. (Ooe doer from Ha-llqtoare) BID'W YOB.L For Sample Packttlleoenclose 1t cents P 0. stamp. BLACOUM & SCHLOSSER, ----1 INDIAN HAVANAHS, Price 18 DoiJare per 1,000 In Loadon, 1ft Bond. Iaportera alld of GEBMA']f AlfD IKlOTml Olar Pipes, JULIAN ALLEN, I ll.\11 ............ -; .,. Seed-Leaf and Havana, Fine. Cigars. 7uRNISHED Bl' THE BATOJI" LITBOGRAPBIO 081PANY, Clpro aOt for Heinrich Goebel Solme, 8talat. lnsubi...U Pipes, 1M aklea r.eae. 1r U'J .,. 1'1 A'l'TO&JIIRr STREBr -.:ro::a.&OOO, ......... ceo-. NEW f J&aMSCII......._ .... 172 Water Street. N. Y. of&.o ce1e-....,., .. ....,.... aod Hl,..b ae4 Jlrr. Otlte' l!imlrllo .....-. ...... btord& I .. 82 & 84 VESEY STREET, NEW YOBK. AT GREATLYREDUCED PRICES. --


. TilE T 0 B A C C 0 L E A F :ll'h.Uad.elphia Advertisements. BROTHERS, Paokers, Ctllmlssloa lcrollant and Wholesale Deater In Foreign and Domestic Leaf Tobacco, .117 North Third9Street, Philadelphia. -PACKERS AND, WHOLESALE DEALERS lN LEAF T 0 B.& C C 0, 11e1 &. ""VV"a:ter .S't., W EISENLOHR, S: W. CLARK, PHIL. BON N L. BAMBERliER & CO., 1 1 DEALERS IN ,LEAF0 TOBACCO, Afld Manufacturers of all Grades of Cigars, 1Voll11-A:.c4 St., LEWIS BREMER'S SONS, Wholesale Dealers iB LEAF" AND UANUF ACTURED TOBACCO, NO. 322 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. Baltimore Advertisements. A. llOYD & CO., WHOLESALE DEALERS IN -mDACTDIII DD LBAF TOBACCO, CIWS, &C., :8JR:.m. I 33 SOUTH ST., THOll. W. llROllllilll. J F. BECKER. C. BECKER. l.. BECKER. o BECKER PACKERS,: COMMISSION MERQHANTS.I AND WAOLESALE DEALERS IN I Foreign and Domeliic Leaf Tobacco, r "' 110. 98 W. LOKB.ARD"-ft "BAL'TIIIORE, KD II.. WILKENS" a O., MONUMENTAL CITYQ TOBACCO WORKS; lSl WEST I'U'l"l' S'I'UET, :S.U.'l'IKOIE, K.UYLAND, f f T l h d aa llauu!acturers of a11 k inde ofl assortment o all kinds o LEAF OBACCO constant 1 on an .81 ANATHAN & CO., Packers, Commission Merchants !!:D. wiscEDHMEYE.R. WISCH .... EYER & HCOY. WJ.SCHi:WhlL""I AND WHOLESALE DEALERS I'N .au. WESTERN ADVERTISEMENTS AND DEALERS IN fl' I CINCINNATI, S. LOWEl\ITDAL a 00., MANUFACXURERS oF .FINE CIGARS, AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 150 WBS'I' :&'O'tnl 'l':B S'I':azliT, J:AN. 24: ElSTERN IDVER'riSEMEITS. .AJn) I'OBJI!IBB CONDCTICUT LEAF TOBACC04 No. '20 Htimp4ert. Street, SPRIIIGFIELD. lASS. "!:..H SIIITK. j In WAF and MA.NtrF AO'I.'UBED TOBACCO, U : Cent,-al Wharf, Southern Advertisements CINCINNATI, OHIO. LEAF T 0 8 A C C 0 Cominission 1.i.J.wJSJ,,Daom v .. P w .. ,.,IUcllmoDd,1'a. l ., AND DEALERS IN J AlES II. & PEYTON WISI, No. aao lCforth. 'I'Air4 St., Phil&d.elphia LEAF, PLUG TOBACCO & F. G. ....... I .SS"ION NEW DEPAR ... URE 1 ... 39 SOUTH CALVERY STREET, .m.&IL ..U.oi:Ulo w r A ,&; ,& N""'R LowsAR D Sfta&T,. Fortbehn:b ... .,c ,i,' JAMES ... ... CO ,!!TB, JULLER &QCO., I f. W. 1!? ., Tobacco Commission Merchants TOBAC#GO .Ayoumaywi.ahtobuyintbeoneortheothermarltet and Wholesale Dealers in SUCCESSORS TO G." AND NATIONAL LONG CUT SMOKINGSr .. or nabbllh leaf ofany k ind. LEAF T 0 B A c c 0, p. B. BISOHOFP' Also, t 'he In" jl a.' n a.nd Sun Flo""'er Che..mng Toba.c'cos.) WM. E. DIBRELL, lC. B.-orders f<>r omallcatlft recel.., 'JII'Oalpt atleatloo. BAL'I'IKORE, JlD, YY YY ,. lVIOOBE JIAY, -69 Exchange Place. Depot with F. Engelbach, J.W TOBACCO BBDIJl BALTlHOn.. 1110), j 13 ilrAI AVENUE, l!iEW YO:a.K. NEWBURGH BROS 6 c Jcoa Wan.. AARON KAHN :E. A. Wai L CXt 1 UerQha.nts &. Dea.lers in HOFFM.AN, LEE .t CO., BwA. KR. B;.;,ILR & WAGG"Gv.:NAGGEJ""RR. .. ..... raCigars :1410 Cary street TO SACCO TOBACCO Ali Manufacturers a01d And Dealer. in RICHMOND. VA. / SEED LEAF fc HAV-ANA 'COJIISSIOl MEBCHAJTS, Cffi10(1 f. IVAI TOlliPD L,E4f TOB_ .. ;a. A. VIIJrS, 35 North Water-st., Philadelphia. G3EzW.ngel'l.ace :sattlmo:e Xd. TOBACCO 0 WI !fa :pla1n treet, ... b J 0 s E p B L 0 E B L r 134 \ .am IIICIIlflati. o. ...-o acco Broker : 1 ... 29 South GaJ St., Baltimore, MeL AMBROSIA ... o i' r ._ PACKER AND DEALE R IN .. .o, I .... E o A F TAOND. B A c S.."H JtOEDU, ............ BKIRY MEYER'&: 'CO., LEAF TOBACCO -. i Geleral 'Commission JJl UllOJ, Sole Agentsforthe JOS. SCHROEDER 1: ;;..-COMMISSION MERCHANTS l'f ae .o&'I'R w.&.TEa rr., "U.s. Solid Top CIGAR MOUt.D, "' Toba.oco Shippm' g CommlaioaaodWboleuleDealenln INSPECTOR ...... Agentsfortheoaleofallklnd.of Manafac. 13-7 ARCU ST,, PHlLADELPHl.k, Pa, LEAF. AKD And Dealers is f AndalltbeBrands of the ROANOKE TOBACCO turedandLeafTobaCC<>.-;a -commissi;n Ka.nufa.ctured Tobacco OHIO AND CONNECTICUT CINCINNATI, OHIO. WORKS ... ,.,,. .,. .. V A DOHAN & TAITT, H. _. 46 .. ST.. ..... .&NO CIG.&.RS. LEAf' TOBACCO. 8 orrlsE & BRo., u BaY BDPB L tiJIIISSJDJ liM, Fine Cigars, s.w..eor.Lom-!K..BALTIIIIORE,lllD. -. .. u E:uJJ.a.ace Pl..,e, BALTI]I[OR&o 48 :fron:t St .. Cincinnati, o. t, \1 JlU.IWI..\ to"Z AH.CH sTREE'I' w Importer of Ohoioe :Brands or MERFELD_ & KEMPER, W. DRESEL A CO., F. DOtiRMAN N, .&TEA:M: TODAO G 0 _.. .... Ph'l d II. HAVANA CICA:B.S, PACKERSOF 87 c B F COMMISSION MERCHANTS I a e pula. omcE AND sALEsRooM, Oo:nneotl.ou.'t&eed. GAY STREET, LEAFTOBAfiCO BROKER J&MI OX -----------liJ.lil. COR. u. and llliiESTNUT wrs., """' I ICTOBY, rBUBSBVB.G, VA. PHILADELPHIA. 1 Awl Wl.,leaal Dealers I a -, oiiWI., a BATCBELOB BROS and Yara. Tobaccos, T 0 B A C C 0 :bi. E. co:. Vine a.nd streets. "PECULIAR" MICHAEL WARTMAN 81, soN, II '1 Lombard Street -CINCINNATI, o. C A R Commission .rt!erchantS: BALTIKOBE. JoiD. ; P.ODISSION P o. BOX :uaa. Forand WHOLESALE DEALERS In ---------JWm'AC'l'tmW, LW UB IAJllrAtTIIllED ,Philadelphia 808 Market St.., ""o PIULADELPmA. o:r:a-AB..&,. niGHEsT PRlZE liiEDAL AT TilE cENTENNIAL ...... _..;;;,; ______ ...... u .. "' ,co 1 ROBINSON 1: ANDREW'S PATENT MACHINERY A.. J. WELLS, PHILADELPHIA. Pa.. F R 11 T 0 d l:"f lllaouractur e r ol or o W1St an Tobacco. FiN E C I CARS, And Dealer in ElllrfUH' SUB LW TOI!ttl SN OFF SIOKING TDBAGCO, BELVIN & CO Importers of HAVANA CIGARS And Brokers in Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco AND G:SNERA.L lllERCHA:NDIIIE l 210 No. Second Street, St. Louis, 'Mo. No. 93 CLAY STREET, CIKments L E A F T 0 B A c c ro' G. W. WICKS & CO., South Second Street, Manufacturers' for the Sale of St. LOUIS, Vir[inia, Missouri and Kentnctv --' 1 F. W.SMYTHE &. CO.,-TOBACCO, Commission Kercha.nts 291 West Main Street, LOUISVILLE, Ky. Bllildhap Go. W W1cxs. IUEBRAND & KLIN8ENBER8, anafac:turera of and Dealers i n PIIB &I&ARS LEAF TOBACCO -. Commission K-erch a.n ts, Mac hine ECONOMIZES LABOR and 'VRAPPER,etc., and m a k e s s mooth and even 37 ... rth Tth St ............. It Is eaJJy by hovs or and w :11 make frl'lm Jt inch to tnches in d iameter. This is the lo R0 t ". WJCor.lSt.h ....__ VERY II!I.CHINE WANTED BY AMERICAl!' ]I[AliJUFAilTURERS. Apply Jor Cir collaro VMMII'Uf Q"i au.w. y N"VIIi:..a aod further partit;ulan 202 Ohest.nd Strett "PHILADELPHiA., 1919 HAMIL TON STREET, PHILADELPHIA, PA. PHILADELPJIIA. J E. H. ANDBEW, Sole Make< and Proprietor, STOCKPORT. ENGLAND. Five :Srothers Tobacco F. X. KELLY, Jr., 'J. A. COURTNEY, JOHN J LUDY JOHNFINZER,BEN.FINZER,FRED. FJN Z E R RIIIALDO SAIIK 1: co 0 -MANUFACTURERS' AGENT FOR 1.11 RUDOLPH FINZER, NICHOLAS FINZER Plug&, Smoking Toba.CCO, 63 North Front St., Phila., 1 Maoutacturerofthecelebrated John Finzer & Bros.,a TOBACCO, 106 Arch Philadelphia, Pa. TOBACCO AID CIGAR Snnnusiae and Little wanderer F I v MEANUFACTURERS OF ,. AND COJIDUSSION J B R 0 s N A VY Souo AGliNT FOR Q :J: Q-.A. B.' S 0 8l'1JtiRA1 MERCHANT& HARRIS, BEEBE & CO., Quincy, Ill ; AGENT FOR -TOBACCO JID[t I BUCHANAN 1St LV ALL, :N'ew York; THE STA'I'E OF KENTUCKY TOBACCO Wholesale and Retail dealer !nAil Brands of 9 () :11'0. 3tl'l'orth Water Street *R. w. OLIVER, Richmond, Va.; OJlice k Sllllesro 194 & JA ST -. ... 3'0 North Delaware Aveaue, A.M. LYON & co .. Richmond, Va : ; MANU:i'ACTURING co., NAVY SMOKIN8 J TOBACCO om, -: o w J Rinaldo Saok. ) :MERCRAoN'l'S' TOBACCO CO., Boston, Mass.; LOUISVILLE, KY, Gfl J ,LOU ISVILLE, KV. i 'Philadelphia.. SHEPPARII & .. Va,; F. w. FELDER a SOl, Baltimore, Md. rm &l 'Ot'o 1"ittT A -=--:=---""""='--------------.. Co.-A. H. HIO'Ell IADFUTUY. A. FOUGERAIY \ MANUFACTUR,ER OF 1 .., T. J.DUNN .e CO., Props., TOBACCO J ( f..t.OEEI!.S,OODISSION WDC."UN'DSj -fiNE Cl CAR s.w.cor.FlfteeathiUldVa.e ltneta, VAVTTACTURERSI AGENT-Aud Wholesa l e Dealers In PHIJ,ADEL!'HIA, .Bl4J.1 UJ! LEAF TOi3ACCO _.umDEAU:RJN The "ABOIA" Cigar 33 N th F t St \ d D l f T b ... ta .. ch. or ron 105 R .... TEB SIJ' I Spamsh an omestic ea 0 ., p a _...., 'I ... Fw-.. &IHI iCeyW-1-t-PIILAD"'L"" k" PHILDiii:LP111 Ao l N, W, eor. 3d *-Poplar lit., PhiladelJitia. aa

AN 24: SUTRO a l'LA.NUFACTURERS OF C:CG.ARS::J AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 76 PARK PLACE, NEW YORK. SPIESS, of Fine Cigars, And Dealers In LEAF TOBACCO, 1014,' 1016, 1018, SECOND AVENUE, 310, 312, 314 F FOURTH STREET. V KER RS. LOUIS SPIESS. BoiL F08TBII. ltD, HfLSOij', JlUDOLPH WYWAK BILIANCE DI&Atll !ANUPACTORY.FdSTER, HILSON & CO., -77 .\ 79 clwmJBS ST. 3 Doors West of llroadwa7, H. T h MANUFACTURERS. OF -fl="'.in.e Oi&"ars, AND SOLE PROPRIETORS 01" THE CIGAR BOX. OIGl.BS, AND I SOLE JfAlfUF!CTIJRERS I TOK MOORE LAFAYETTE AND KO:B 4T.:ZS I Street, : Havana. SPECIFICATION OF SIZES. = .. = o; 5 Cazadores de CaUdad ........ 19 Sobnmeso de Caltdad ....... Brevas .......... ........ .... ,.a ........ .. ......... 8 Coocb.aa des Rcgalo ....... : .. n Mediaoos.. .. .. .. .. .. .. --lo Operas ...................... 1.o Eotreacto1 .. ..... ao Relnaa ...................... 1o Reana Especial.... .. .. .. .. I n Comm.e il faut ....... u ..... 1 Ptm::haserl who wleb to have sizee which we are ac:cualomed to pacj in 1-10 howes, packed in 1-2o are carged 13 per tuUle additional. For aelectlooa BKClllaiYely froa trade No.1 aa. extra ef "$5 per mille ie made!. These prices are understood to be all in Spanish Gold. For 6111 orden whle1l CG48e te tiM Manafact11rer from fotei couatrl K P.. ceat. com.m.laJ".. clla '' ELK" and. ONWARD 0 And Dealers In LEAF TOBACCO, Nos. 341 and BOWtR'(., 1i _IIIEW YORK. T 18.50 ; 64 hhds Kentucky: 5 hhcls new at $3.oo@ 9.oo, 59 hhds at $s.oo@2L75; r hhd WestVirginia at $.!o.oo; ro ,cases Ohio Seed at $Z. 95@7.2o. At the Morris \'Varenouse, r28 hhds:-128 hhds cutting ,&obacco l So hhds Mason County, Ky., at $].OO@I9.5 48 hhds Owen and Pend County, Ky., at $!!II5.25 for common smqkers to good cut ting leaf. At the Planters' 127 hhds and I hhds, and r box cutting tobacco: 14 hhrls Ohio at $7:2o@$rJ.oo. rr3 hhds Kentucky: ro hbds 'riew it J2. 8o@8.5o, I03 hhds at '1>7 to $i9.oo, ,r box: at for common smokers to fine cutting leaf. At'lhe Globe Warehouse, 66 hhds and 9 boxes: Total Number of P the Whole lear r876. ... ______ _________ ---------z,15o atls --------------------------------sz,o87 Cases ____ .. ____ _____ ________ ___ _ _ 3 7,8 10 Caddies _____ ______ ----------------52, 95 2 Boxes __ .---__ _____ __ : __ -- ____ 4 4,431 R&CJHP'l'S OF SitKO LI:AF 11'1 For 6 months ending June 30, Comz. Pemza. I876 _________ 5,oto 4.594 For 6 months-189.430 CASES IN 1876. Oh. Wis. N. Y. zo. c;. Ill. State. 791 Subscribe : I E, V.BAWES, THE TOIACCD LEAFm 66 hhds cutting. tobacco: 42 hhds 'Ohio at $7.6o@ 7 So; z4 hflds 'Kentucky at $ for com mon 'smokers to fine cutting leaf. 9 boxes Ohio Seed: 2 '4'at f,4.oo@s.oo, 1 at $6.oo, 2 at $ro.75@ @12 00. from July I to Dec. 3I, I8765,380 51990 Total for the t2 --122 months of I876. I0,390 Io,584 4,666 z,84o 9 r9 COPE'S TOB._cio0 PLMVT 1 A -MONfflliY JOURNAL FOR SMOKERS. IILIND, Prr e, Two Shillings (iEnglish) per Ap.num., r \Vhete Subacri6tions may be addressed, o t?tTHB 0 O..F,PICII;!.J ... SUB$CRIPTIONS, 75 FIRST PRIZE 1\IEDAL, VIENI!IA EXHIBITION, 1873. MANUFACTURER OF ::a.2: E E :::EL & 0 .13: A U :M: AND AMBER GOODS, 398 G IRAND ST., NE.W YORK. Austria. SIMON KANDLEB'ATJM', Speelal. PARKER, HOL!:i8 & CO., Manufacturer. o.f the Celebrated NERVE And other Bnnd11 of t CLARKSVILLE, ':January 20 .-Messrs. M. Total .Number of Cau Received D111ing the Ye,, of r876r-AII Ki11ds. ... ---------------------------ro,390 _. __ __ --, ______________ .,.. __ Io,584 Ohw ---------------------4,666 ttc i i ""---------2,840 New York State .... __ 919 I ;I. G:l;nk_ & Brqther, Tobacco Brokers, report:Oll r rec,eipts are nothing, but with weather less cold our sales from the old stock this week were 35 hhds, m ain ly lugs and medium leaf, without material change in prices. We quote common lugs, 4@5c ; good d com mon leaf, medium do, do, I t.V. @i3c; fine do, 13.}i@ 15c; selections, nominal. We .--have seen in paet week samples from farj!'e number 29;39!1 0 cropsoi this. Section, antf have 1J en much disap-IIECI!JPTS OF "ESTERN, TrRG!NfK AND MAil.YLAND LEAP Iii 0 MHOS AND 'l'lERCRS. "" 1 pointe<\ at the quality of them, bein .g.enerallx Jjght- lui. :f;e .. ces. bQd.iedJeaf of bad color. It otllc! appear as if the 6 months--ending_ 30, 1876, 99s crop was much poorer than and even the For 6 months-ending Dec. r 1876, 3 927 small quantity thought to be for the Bremen 1 534 market must now be still fu.rther red'uced. It is quiet Total. for the t months of year r877, 7,256 I,532 evident that a larger portion of the crop was cut half RI!.CI!IP oF HAVANA TOBAcco TN JJALss. ancfthree -quarters ripe than was rep rteng holiday, bu)ers Wisconsin, Illinois,.. etc ______ ----- ...... 2,374 seem anxious to resume operations again, and the New York State ______ --------.. -----... 755 bidding during the entire week has been very spirited. Our still report trade as rather dull in their line, yet. they are daily making small ship mtnts,_ which aggrej!;ate at the end of each month BALES OF HAVANA LEAP IN BALES. For 6 mon1hs--ending June 30, 1876 .. ..... 5,I38 months-ending December 3:, 1876---4. Total for the. n months, or year, r8?6.:..._. __ :, ___ .9,s u BALKS OF LI:AF Ill HHDS. FOR DOMESTIC USK-WESTEilN VIR.. GlNL\ AND MARYLAND. For 6 -months--ending June3o', IP:76 ----.. soo F9r 6 months-endin.g December JI, 1876 .. :.:: 387 I 8h111rinr a Stnldn2 Tobaccos 5'7 .JJCFFER8011 AVE., DETROIT, llllCH. a fair for the times. We quote as follows: new, lugs, oommon to medium, new, do medtum to good, new, ; smokers' common to medium, new, 7@8; me'dium, to j!;OOd,. 7@8; do fancy, new, leaf, common to me dium, new, 'S}i@7: do medium to good, new, ; do good bright, new, ; wrappers, common to medium new, do medium to good, new, 15@ 22; do fine bright, new, 25@40; lugs, common to medium, old stoc.k, do medium to good, 10@ for u mgnths, or yf!J!-r r876-------------89s-,4" ExPoRT Ol' LEAl' TOBACCO, CpMl'IU8lftG SEED Llss Deal AND JIJII OTHER DB.A:NDif OF TURKISH PASoiJI:, ALL, OF 'WHICH ARK GJVJNG DCllEASED SATISFACTION, AS INSTAI!ICED ,BY 'I'JIB RAPIDLY GB.OWUI, G _DEHA.lVD AND lilll-'l'IRE ABSKNJiil OF COliiPL.UIITS. -CAUTION. Watehouses. Week. Ninth Street----------------187 6 Pickett's ------ ----------. ---9 r 59 Farmers'_.-----------. --------6o kentucky Association.---:.-._--.7 I Planlers'----------------------62 78 Montlt and Year. 238 6 r86 86 76 SJ ro5 102 RICHMOND, J!Jnuary 20.-Mr. 1t A. Mills, To-' baceo Broker and Commission Merchant, r-epbrts : There has been comparalively nothing done in our market since,the beginning of the year. In the absence of all shipping orders entirely con fined to the small wa \S of manufacturers. p:n con-' sequence of the unprecedented cold wint'er our planters have been unable to lprepare their tobacco for and hence receipts are very small. We have recehred nothing as yet from the bright districts, the receipts o 6r4 8 8 2 new being entirely confined to loose parcels from the -It hawing come to my knawled,e that. {a se.,era1 tn. ataoces, Liqaorioe Pute fabeJ7 represented as beinx of my manGtactre hu been ol'eretl foc sale by partie to suit their owa purpoees, wbo have n..o authority to oen my brands,the present se!'YOI to CAUTION all Tobacco Manufacturers against the and to ..,. &'ive notice that berea!tel' every case of my manufac tare wiH be branded with my Trade-Mark. acquired under the laws of the United States, and any UnJ,rincipled perso11. eovnterfeltiDI' thia wiU b6 ricorously proteeu.Uld. Year r8 8 76 ----------- 839 2>32 3 counties. There has been some.inquil):' for. Year 1 523 'r,o96 new bnght wrappers, and, as we arenowbavmgseasonYear'I874-------------------: 532 1 1"9 for h:J.ndling tobacco, orders can be filled., Of sales this week 272 hhds 1 were new tobaccos I';' 10 or IS aays. The unprecedented stagnation of. JAMES 0. McANDREW .. mostly from the Clistrict, a .yery large proportion business from which we have been sufferin g for the past of which was in bad or. der, bei11g soft, Worm-eaten, three molfths still continues, he11ce it js hard to give re mixed kinds in same hhd, dr light weights, and selling liable quotations. The future of our market hangs on. at from 3c to 6c; that in fair 4c 'to for comso many contingencies that it is futile to make predic mon lugs, to 6c for good lugs, up to rzc for good leaf. tions. The late advices from the Capitol Rre more About 4o hhds from couoties that produce heavy-bodied favorable to an amitable adjustment of the Presidential tobacco .at. to 4C for common lugs, to for "muddle," and the general feeling is more hopeful. good leafy" lugs, up to n}ic for very leafy tobacco, sAN FRANCISCO, :Jahuary Io.-The' :Journal otf suitable for dark wrappers ; common old lugs very dull ; souDd old, of any description, in c!emapd at Commerce reports ports: I874, 84,395 packages; t: b r8'75, 56,447 packages; 88,316 packages. Imports 55 Water Street, New York. sligh.lly 'better figures than or past three -mont s, par-during the last have been more than fifty per ce11t. ticularly kinds suitable for plug work. ahead of last y.ear, and have approximated 6,ooo,ooo DEFICIENT ACCOMMODA TloN.-Taking his cigar out of his mouth, the minister said to one of his parish ioners, fond of sleeping in sermon time: "There is no sleeping car on the road to heaven." 'And no smoking Cl\r, either, I reckon," said the man in reply, now :-vide awake. CARLYLE AGAIN.-Carlyle smokes a pipe, and is as grim as ever. When a di>tinguished modern novel ist. called on him recently he said: "1 have read your books with great pleasure. They are amusing. You are just amusing. But when are you going to do something--to write a real book -eh, man?" CHt..RITY.-During t h e recent hard weather the committees tbe Tobacco Associati'ln and' the Relief Association of Danville,Va., succeeded in giving valu able.assistance to every applicant who was found in actually needy circ.-mstan ces. The colored people received a full share of the charity that was dispe. nsed. Soule Brothers of New Milford, who reported 3,JOO pounds of wrappers in the crop. PHILADELPHIA, '.January 22.-Mr. Arthur R. lbs. The result has been lower prices for the greater Fougeray, Tobacco Manufacturers' Agent, reports:-part of the year, and a heavy stock carried forward into While receipts of Manufactured Tobacco have been light, 1877. New crop jobacco has sold through the year at still ii 'is evrdent from the tone of conversation of both to sc less 'than in I875, toward the close of the deale r and middleman, that a considerable number of year the marke.t has rallied somew&at. The demand of orders have been given and othe!s are in a fair way for leal for cigar making has been about tlie same as that consummation; and were it not for the storm ar.d confor r875, but as there was a great quantity imported, the tinued freezing weather which has obstructed t:1avigamarket has been for the most part low and dull. There tion and impeded railroad travel, I am of the opinion has been little or no profit in the tobacco trade last year, our would -an increase over the third and the pr9spects at the present time are not over en week of January of 1876 One thing is while couraging. ,The demand for cigars and tobac-co of ( Conli11ued from Third Pagt.} Tobacco Statement. January I, 1877, stock on hand in State tobacco warehouses, and on ship-board not cleared _________ .-.-Inspected this week ________ ________ Inspected previously this year_ __ .... Exports of Maryland and Ohio si!!ce January I ...... _, ___ Shipped coastwise same period 840 hhds roo hhds 12,9II hhds 64 hhds 35 hhds ----business and business prospects are slowly brightening, California growth and manufacture has been good what steps are made forward (even if it be at tbe LUne through the year, and in proportion as the curing ofthe of a dirge) are on an abiding, firm faith that the mer-leaf is rapid will be one still more so. HeavY. export can tile interest for the few years to come must assume orders for the East for Austrailia ha'l'e been filled f. its proper prero11:atives of honor, profit and encourage-during the year. 94 h ds n.ent, especially ii the chair of S;ate is filled by a person ST. LOUIS, 'January 17. Mt. J. E. Haynes, Dealer Stock in warehouse-s this day, and on who shall receive the approval af the people. Prices of in Leaf Tobacco, 14 hhds against 8 shipboard not cleared. __________ -u,o70 hhds goods are well sustained, particularly of standard the previous week. There is a demand, but so little is!und Tobacco.-The market is without any brands, while stocks in store are small. Receipts from offering that not enough is done to a market notable change. SLOck.s in receivers hands are large, all quarters were 398 boxes, 6r8 caddies, 496 cases, 28 Th.e entire offerings of Friday and yester day, whicl) con wilh very limited wants on the part of buyers. Re kegs and 525 pails uf fine-cut. tinue to be the only days for warehouse s ales, comprised ceived by Baltimore and Ohio Railroad from Danville, Sted Leaf.The demand for Seed leaf the past week, only r2 hhds and 8 boxes. The sales were 2 hhds old 249 caddies, 439 boxes and 13 bundles, and fre,m both from city and iuterior dealers, shows a continued crop at $4@9; 7 do new crop at $2.5o (trash), S3-90 L::-nchburg, I6 caddies and 2I boxe), and per Richmond improvement for all grades in some manner, but es (lugs), $4.Io, $8.40, $5. ro, ... Ss .and $7. 3 boxes old steamers, I,269 packages. pecially in Pennsylvania, which seems to be greatly in crop were passed, and bids on 3 old CINCINNATI, '.January 20.-Mr. F. A. Prague, a!l over the country, as the leaf contains all that crop at $4 .90, $6 and h-75i 5 boxes new crop at f,2 ; Leaf Tobacco Inspector, The acti;;ity which I c1gar need.. One of our large packers $4, $4. ro and $5.60.' characterized the market for Seed leaf tobacco last and dealers I:ennsylvama reports to me 3 cases FOREIGN. week has been fully maintained, this, notwithstanding a sold and shtppPd to the So.uth and West, part old ANTW'ERP,_ '.January &-Mr. Victor Forge, To-large increase in the at auction. The demand part at very. and bacco Broker, reports :-Our market was very quiet is chiefly from manufacturers, and empraces figures. Receipts .are hght, vtz_.: 8o cases during the month of December, :124 -hhds Ken from common smokers to fine cutring leaf. The favorIOI do Pennsylvama, 48 do Ohio, 2 8 do tuck.v only changed hands. Prices are sustained, but able weather for shipFing which has prevailed for the bales .Havana and 10 hhds of' tern and there is little or no confidence on 'the part of buyers to past ten days will enable shippers to forward more liberleaf, sales of 78 cases I9o do Penn-enter the market, and to buy more freely. Our stock ally of the new crop, and we hope that in our next sylvama, 4 1 do OhiO, 12 85 bales Havana, is large and well assorted ; there are probabilities for a report we will be able to give a better idea of its and 8 hhds of. Western, and Maryland tobacco. resumption of active business after the New ter and condition than heretofore. Ohio and Wisconsin .The followmg are the rec_etpts, sales and exports of holidays, but, it may be presumed, at low prices. A LARGE CRoP.-The Seed keep very firm at full prices with a constant inquiry this market for \he yeac endmg December I876:-St()ck 1st November: Kentucky, 2,348; Virginia, tohacco crop, in the town of for better sorts. The total otl'erings this week were 665 RIICI!tPTS oF 1'0liACco IN ,'876. ;_ County, roo. Arrivals: Kentucky, 358; Washington, Conn. h a" hhds and 16 boxes as follows:Boxes. Caddus. Cases. Pazls. Kegs. Vu&m la, 5? Sales: December, Kentucky, 2,708; Virproved remarkably g 0 0 d At the Miami Warehouse, 221 hhds and 83 boxes::For months-ginia, 173; Mason County, IO'). Stocks, 1St January, tbis year. A correspondent :zu hhds and cutting tobacco: 212 hbds at endmg June. 3o, Kentucky, az4. ,Totals: Kentucky, 2,482; Virginia, avers the truth of the state-@$24.75; 9 !lhds new at J oo@9 .oofor common smokers 1876 .. -------20,204 18,87I 14,528 25,oo2 8o4 I73; .Mason County, roo. ment that Lewis Canfield to fine cutting leaf. 83...-caaes of Seed leaf: 75 cases For 6 months-. AMS/ERDAM, '.Janu&ry 5.-Messrs. &: r a i 8 e d the past season Wisconsin at f:z.oo@IJ.oo; 8 cases Ohio at $3.90@ from July I to Van Veen, Tobacco Brokers, report:-We beg tC) 70 po'unds of ro.oo for commoa fillers, binders and wrappers. ?ec. 3 _1, r87.6.:z4,:u7 34,081 23,282 27,0!5 1,346 band you a review of the operations in our arti'cle for one acre of ground, At the Warehouse, 125 hbd,; an.d 10 boxes:-I otal lor the --. tbe past year. .The result of the tobacco trade in gensold. the Sillne to the us. hhds cuttmg tobacco: 6o. bhd!l OhiO at $7.00 year 1876. --44.431 SZ,9SZ J7,8Io S2,o87 2, ISO LCIJnlillueri Pag '] \


' Tobacco J.U.a.nutacturers. '....-PLUG-. :PJ.A.IIB'l' KAVY, :h, 81, 4.a, 111,81, 7a, BUCR.A.NA.lf, 10.._ S.. 81, 10.. JA.OK 011' CLUB,.. BJL()R!I CHOICE, ta, X a, 3a, 111, 61, KING PHILIP. t'a, 81, 91, tOo. GRAPE AID APRICO'I'. Clll.t.LLEIGE, liM. lJilliQOrMUERIIlD. W.t.SHINGTON, l(o. "'AC Po... 1 Thklt, brt. drk TEC'fl RH, 101. XAGGU!I .IIIIWH.LL. PII:ERLJr.88. WA.RKAGAN8E'l"J', PAL.III. .ALIIIXANDBA. GOLD BARil. 81UJ8ATIO:N. PRIDE 011' TRill li!WIVIIDER8, POt.:KET PIECEII. lSr .A. "VV :D"'XN':m OUT 1N'G. ACME. SMOKINC AND CICARETTE TOBACCO. VlRGDII.t. BIUGRT CVT C.A.VEIDUR. 'WO:a%.%)'S lr.Am. .&:ND :B.Vl!T. Branch Office: Central Street, Boston;; 7. 0. BOX 996. H. H. TODD, .!get.. Jiii''T .urD .&QIPWCJ'2 &OODWIN & CO., G.W.Gail& Ax, __ 00 I BALTIMORE, .1: .I.LI.V'WU. uc:IN ..... \_ OF THE MANUFACTURE OF -AT-. 207 &. 209 WATER STREET, 121 BOWERY, NEW YORK. I NEW YOttK. WISII, a_.. ECK:IIEYER & co., D B ALPIN & co UOAD ., lEW STREETS, I I m.C .. I SOLE AGENTS FOR THE TJ. S. OF llaou!actureroof,t!le lpan Tobacco Vir[ill 081PA8NIE LAPERlE And all klods of lt.Petenbm'J,KOICOW,'W&Ta.w,Ocleaii,Drtadeu. 8MOKINC. TOBACCO. :.JlW YORK:, P. 0. Boo; 4716-And d<:alen io MIL I a. CO Clpra, l'1ua: Tobicco, Suui, Suu! nov, .MRs. a. B. Lt ., ., .. MANUFACTOilY AND SALl!S!i.OOloll !IBACC 0 TfANUFAG!OBY COR. AVENUE D .t.WD TENTH STREET, NEW YORK ClTY. (PETEil :'!). COLLINS, 97 Columbia Street,. c El ,TH 1 MAliiU1'ACTU&JtJt.S o 'IHL. C&LDK.ATBD i .... G. B. Miller & Co. Chewing and .::; Tebecco, the only American Gentle-CElEBRATED -Snuff; Mrs. G. Jl. Mller & Co. :Maccaboy aliA Scotch Snul(; A. H. Mickle & Sons' Forest and Grape Mrs. .G. B. Miller l:otabllohed IIS9 A Co. Resene Smoking and Chewmg .... All orers prompt!)' e:J:I:(lllted. I ORIGINAL cnmm SRAL II l-i:MDA. 'rOBACGO WORKS I ll.lllli1 iL ]I(AlilJF.A.CTORYo AND OTHER CHOlCE BRANDS 0>' -DDSCIIA'UM SKOltiNG TOBACCOS m. BUCHNER, CUT FROM VIRGINIA PLUG. to RoBtTG:HxtK a: TAUSSIG, W. C. EWE'!', Sole Kanufacturer, JIA]rol!'ACTl7REB-07 'Jt, :PINE STREET, NEW YORK. !Cit-CUT CBIWIRG ns, GRUT CENTRAL TOBACCO WAREHOUSE. uu a.uJ .a.a LICBTERSTEIR BROS ..Jlla.V&Il6 Sixes. Cheroots. PACKERs AND DEALERs IN LEAF. TOBACCOS, l'ride of the TJ. S., llase Ball, 'Wlnoheater, 121 BOWERY 121 Vh'ginir. Ler.f, I.:ycna, Grecian enil., ,llll.prOVemellt, llappr.bu.nock. Bet. Grand aod Deoter St. NEW YORK:. liJGREIT A. W ARDII J. A. Lukanin & Co., HIGHEST A W ARD8 1.. Bus1an Ezhlb!t.loD of 3. I.ondcm Ezhibit.loD, 18'73. 1870. Cem.lmlal !zhibitiolt s. vmm. :Wbl\loll, Sole Apou i1l AU .Ameriea Cor tbe Eioeftt Firm of P'hiladelpbia, 1876. 1873. SAATOBY a MA:NGOUBY' OF &I&Aiifti grfifmsl TOBACCO, THE FIIESTINTHE.WORLD OFFICE: 63 BROADWAY, NEW YORK.:, :ESTABLii!JHED lNa 1 .. FINE-CUT TOBACCOS, EAGLE" : AJID 1:! u "" AIM> all ether JU!c!JobbiAs trade. THE TOBACCO LEAF. JAN.!?! G. OSBORNE, No. M BBOA.D BTREET9 N.W YORK. Bacler & Sea., PASTE. ANI sncca.-TOBACCO BROKERS; MID All SPECIALTIES FOR TOiACCO MAfWFACTURERS. R.HILLIER'S SONS & GO. -l... OFFICE, b4n SPANISH LICOBICB PASTE '"PILAR" BRAND. We bet to eaJl the atteut:lon .of Tobacco Mannfac .. tareu ud Dealets to thla :oVPERJOll. AND PURE article. First Premium AWARDED AT The Centennial Exposition. LIC::OBICii: BOOT-Ara-aJlcl AH11Aa1e. I Seleeted aad OrciiDary. Z171UCA.LDAY .t:. ARGt11.111BAU, 101l PEARL STREET, N..i!W YORX. ..M:. M:." 14 Broadway, New York. .IIPROVHD HOWE SCALES. The ooly 1Mcle with Protected Bearinp. PAGE & CO G:mnDlA%. AG:mii'Ta. No.3 Park Pla.ce, New York. Our Scalu are oHd by the followi.og eminent IDallafac:t arera : -P. LORILLARD .t:. oo., New York; Bt1CHANAJ!I" .t:. LYALL, New York; JAS. B. PACE .Ricbmood, Va. ; P. JIA.YO A BRO., Richmond, Va.; E. W. VENABLE CO., Petesburg, Va.; ll'l!lrZER BROil.., Loolsvllle, Ky FANCY sOKING. PIPES -IN-BRIER AND FANCY WOODS, MANUFACTURED BY HARVEY & FORD, SALESROOM-366 &; 36'7 CAKAL STREET, NEW YORK:, FACTORY-'PHTT, 1>. BUEALER tc 0 AND ALL KINDS OF, SMOKER89 .. ARYICLESt., 83 Chambers and 65 Reade Sts., Yor.k/ BEJALL & MANUFACTURERS OF IEEBSOHAUit1 & AlBER BOOBS, AND JXPORTERS. OF FRENCH BRIAR PIPES It, SMOKERS' N Chambers Street, "'!l"ork.. 200 C II ATHA MJ NlC'W TO::B.K .. -. PRICELIST l .,. ... Spanish 'American & German CIGAR RIBBONS. TOBACCO CROWU8. TBY TRill STAR TOBACCO FERTIUZER, cnntallllog larp per -.,e of l'OrASJI, ADOlGA a, SOLvm.E Pl!OIIl'JU.'l'l, Tbe beat reoulto obtaloe4 011 TOBACCO, _, ... l tn PeruWan Guano A. HEN & CO. PRICE 86() l"E& TON, IN BAL'l'IJIAB& I Applr to .C.OREKTZ a JlJT'rLBBo 43 Liberty Street, opposite Post otnce, Dt:PO::B. 'r:z:RS o:r SKOJCI::B.S .A:B. DEALERS l1t C TOBACCO, SNUFFS, &c. T,:O::&J CHEIIJCAL SOPER.-PHOSPHATS WoaEI, ) B.U.TI.IIIOllB. J'OSEI'lt AT.MJRAT.T. JMPOJlTER OF "6NLY FINE" HAVANA Tobacco PIBNBEB TBQCCB. BI'Cia4 Re41, '7> yards,, f!! OF BB.OOXLytl, N. Y. Eepauoll!! s-1 ?:J yards. J,10 a ..... ow Hed, 0'1' IP.lKarn, .:J!:Jards, J .)5 TERMS-NE'l: CAlUI. J HENRY WULSTEIN. (._-toBe...,clclt U...._,l, l.l. BlJSIKESS OFl'ICF.Sa G) r. 11! JL&. ms, Seo.: I 1 L'UCID, Prea. 25 Lake street, Chicago.r 124 Water St.,.New .141 CBXI!rB.&lio WBAllJW, \ 0 t51 :North 'W'a.te21' St.., Pbil.a.d.elphia, Pa ':' g MANUFACTURERS OF THE WELL-KNOWN : S ''MATCHLESS," CAKE." -_ And numerous other CELEBRATED :BRANDS of -nLuG To B ceo r i for Manufactured Tobac:co. eo-nuy oo baud the Best Haec! .... s..-Ida. c:. biMI!I Wr Cutti m uad Gna.ulatha TCIIIta.ccx& J A WARDED H!GHEST MEDALS FOR PLVG TOBACCO, IFDIJI:C'O'T TO:B.A.CCO, SIOliiG TOBACCO. All OltJ: 1 18 & 20 GllmnlJ8rs St., HOI Y uri. -PLOT -:a,OOO H.UIDII PAT lJ, .. GOVEBlUUIIJI .. '1'1111 YEAR. _BROTHERS, :t HAVANA tc SEED LEAF rro E ACCO 183 WATER STREET,. NEW t -e LI:BEL AD'i"ANC ,EMENTS .MADE ON CONSIGNMENTS, Aux. E. VAN ilAMDOHL V AI BAMDOHB & CO., LEAF TOBACCO, H& WATER ST., lEW YOBL Cub Ad9aac:ed oa ,CIG.&.BET'.rE


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