The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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I -. I 'J 'J II VOL. XIII.--NO. 1. NEW-YORK: FEBRUARy; 14,1877. WHOLE NO. 625 ,, t lkt lolratto ltaf t) IS l'f'IIY WlliiSDA.T KOIHmG, BY Manuf.cturn-'J "'IIVM'"t ida. Hilllcr'oll Sooa k Co. 6o Cedar. Scllldelloo W. H. A Co., 170 alld "'{ PftiHinYti Licn-iu Brlakerllolf V. W. 47 C edar Hillier' Jt, Sooa 4k Co., 6o Cedar'. CLA.RitSVU.LE, Ltaf Tu'K DeBARY & -00., 41 a 43 Street, 5ew Vork, ''fte i'obacce Leaf11 Co Weaver ttl Stfrrl', 14 Ced&J Sm/ 7 oluco T>o.,.ttlo, Jlewel Co. Water. Jluke CUrlee, ss5Water. Wioe ] M. Ill Peytoa, .Muaufa 'l"'er of Smkig TIII>Mt T rowbri d,lfe W H DAYTOlf, 0. SOLE ACENTS FOR THE NEW YORK, WE?NESDA Y, FEB. Ih t877-O'D'R. 81., NettJ York. Uade r. o Co. 141 I NHMM T-ItUjti#IO. Hoocl)eu W. ] .. Co., 45 Brood ns Froat. Tol>uco l'nutrl. -.t F i'"-Ct .a r .. .,.,.,.41', Cotterill, Fenner A Co., u)n7 E Secood TIIIMCII C::vtln-. Ho11lea .. Peue, Thlrol St. aad Canal. Tobacco Tra,de '' EIZ PRINCIPE DE CALES" llr All Letters shoool be plainly addr .. Taa Toacc o L&AI'" PviiLrurNG Co. Term of the Paper: llacLa CoriO ... .... 0 oiO C ents of Cic lHitcl.. 'Er1clla H. w. n Soootb. Heakell Jacob, .. 195 Meuroe. Straar_? t fQ A t8t Lewis. Wlctla Willi-II Cn., -161 Goerct Boz B .. rds P laning Madit. JrowaA. 4t r., 57 Lewis. l)uoln-1 ; Slllill W. T. & C o I.a4. READY IN ABOUTFACTORY OF NEW YORK. ANNUAL SUBSCillPTlONS ABROAD. GaaAT BarTA Ill un ; ;ANADA ........ f5 04 Baa M aN. HAMfUJI'C. Anlol TM& ConTUI&MY 5 04 AIJaT&At.IAt 8'r'Cu 91111 irt+GLA:rtD 5A4 CvaA ..... ... .. 5 No or4en .!Dr. tho. ,.ill be CODOidered, Dlea accomv a l e d cerresponllllor amount. 8"" "R.emitt:ln ..:a 'ih eYuy lna ce, be made by m oaey eHJer, ehec:k ordraJL Billa .,..liable .to be otoleo, and <.Ill oniJ be .... Ike l"ea..,a t ri.ek to t h e aeoder, l'-ltl,. Tltil'd Pzw.) Heppeolle:imer a M aurer, tt lr 1 .. N William. Lobensteln It G a n s Jol Maideo l Loth J oo. & Co. 444 B roome. strauss, Si.mOn, 179 Wicke, Wm. &: Co. 1 5 3 161 Goerck. M/MIIU'trt '.I Tobauo Tio-Foil. Creeke J ]., 38 Crosby&: 163 .!1: o61 Mulberry /MjcwlWI l r;, Ftu"l. Wlttemaoa Brothers, 184 William Toba .Jlauic.. ... Howard, SaD&er A Co., 46:1 to 468 Broadway Tobco L4btll ' Hatcb L IU.ocrapbic Co,, s II< 34 Veoq Cig6rB o;r L4hic DsJ1o1a En-75 F, 1 <1'"""''-"-!" f. !1 61Le..,. -.--<." p L 153 8outb. :.nett Waa. A: 171 .. G aaa, 101 lbldeal Laae. Sl""t,!;.,, J Cig Mndds. J'rin4 L G 6 '&:, ,., llbldeo Lane -Bore(aldt .ltast 19tb at. QuoUaec. ]. Ill. :\F"""'. ... D}'&. Sattoa, Joh R., 311 Caaal Tq, Cbul F Soa, oS. I'NIIl 'J'..,__, 1'. W .t; Co. 61 B....-cl. Tb_paoil, S Co. 54 aad 56 Broae. Chuleo '1., 54 lln>H llad W:. SoD. .t Pearl Sback A., 119 Maldea Laae. Jbufro of Sflloki"g and CJ.nuin g To.r....,., Aaderwa Job.a & Co. 114o 116 &Dcln7l.lbertr. Appleb)-A HeliM/ 135 Water. BiCiwloD 4t Lyal 54 Broad. Bvckaer D. and Duoe Goodwtll li. 00. 107 aud Water 11oJt ThomM & Co., -Pearl Broe. '"''West BroadwaJ' J.orilwd P. It Co., 16, oa It 10 Ch&mbera. IJicAlplla D. H. & Co. eor &.veooe D uo4 Teath: Miller Mn. G B Ill Co. 97 Columbia Tobacco <,;otnpaoy, 134 Water ..... fu CMwing ruz' S.dillf T,.,. ... '" .AfieD & Co., 73 aod Cham.bera. H ... A .&C.. .. LIIMnY WLie N ltl Bowery WIM & Bcndbclao, ao6 Cbombcn. -fm of Cj[..-o. lloody Cbarl, 53 Bowery GlaccluD Ill Sclaloolc:r, 147 ODd 141 j. A., Bowery "f ToH& ... Oreer'a A. lleDao "'"Broad war: BALTIXORB. TtNlct IY Albnc:bt p, A. 16 Soutb Frederick Barker & Wag:anel', 29 South Ga., !!aster IJr. Bird, u Commerc Boyd W. A. & Co. 33 Sou tb. Dreael W. aad (]<>., 37 Gay Gooatber, L. W. 9 Soutb Gay Kerckboll .. Co.. 49 lko"tb Obar .... KrtiDelberJ, J. D, 011d Co. .Mallofl D. D.; E. E. WCDC!r:, Manal'cr; aacl 48 South CharJeO. Merfeld at Kemper, 111 Lombard Parlett B. f. & Co., 91 Lomhard. lk:laroeder J oo .t Oo.. 8 Excbaop Plaao. Tate, Muller ""' Co., 69 Ezchanwe Plac,., 'Wiaclameyer Ed. & Ge., 3g Calvert Toboweu 111.. B 11t Co. n North Water. we believe it may be trul y said, its influence and use.Me7ero 4t Randall., Market Moore&: Har 35 North Water" fulness have appr,eciated in a corresponding ratio. Bank lllualdu .\Co., sa Nortb Water. 0oo11 ':'"tB.c., There is not a commercial city or port on the glohe to Teller 117 North which THE TOBACCO LEAF, in considerable numbers, is Vetterlelo J. & 13.5 Arch. b d Wartmaa M.a ,3 Nortb F iftll, not sent weekly to paying subscn ers, an Its contm Wella A. J Third and Girard A?e. 1 J Woodward, Garrott & C o., u Nortb Water uousl y crowded advertismg co umns attest ItS popu ar/mp. of Hav T ob. a tl and Daltr ity amonv all branches and classes of tobacco tradesmen Sud u-.f. ., C Mtu J. 131 Wal nut as an advertising medium. At no time during exof Snuff nd St110king T11iatence has it been more prosperous, or even so prosl>a< & -dy, 119 It 151 Gnacl a..-1014-tp soao Second Awe. &Del t tisements do not need to be informed that tl:e patronage Uaited Stot Cl11ar Manufactorr, 15th&: VIae. from that source has been precedent. M4Miff.tmlnr 1! In several instances of lat.we have been obliged to Hktaaa, Mecraw & Co., J-118 Cuter. O.iuin Mlrcu Toi>< Brur. decline, for want of room, advertisements that would BOSTOB. JIO to J14 fllty-foartb Jlr'oe. s II .Bnooae .t.. II Bno. M & sK Bowwy Llcbteaotela B1oo. & Co. 168 I( ......... -'"'........, .... ,_1 WdeDberiJ a eo; a. aocll6 !hade ll .... II Bowery A: c.; 91 &Del 94 Ubeit7 ..,.._A178 and lo PMII latn II N-k. 76 Parlr. Pr.--'--! ,._ s-.. Clfr BODilett, Sc beuck 6: Earle, y to s7 Parlr. Place J'_te<, Hllooa Ill Co. 77 ll ._ l;umben. lluclaea, Ha:raA: Co., IJIIt 1p & 1M Ill. ..._, ,_,.,.., of U.. r.u. .. ti Cicar. J o6 c-. G.n:la f', 167 Water (JeGzalez A. W, Water PaKooal L. s Water Saocbelo H a,. Co.. IJO to M Malci011 Lane. Seid.e:nberl' & Co, 84 aa.d 86 R.,ade JloloawD .!11. ""110. '' M.aldea L.ouo Vep & Bembelm, .1'-1 HIJDM 0 o .. 11 Ceatral Wbarf. roooi eny A R. 33M Frout have attractively embellished its pages, and contributed /)ustit Llaf To IIi A t r PI d S 1 71u-. "" .... I g ,or ug -ng """"" very handsomely to its ordinarily receptive exchequer. -. KeiiJ F. X. }r. oo6 Arch .,...,_.,... Len ae B.-4. As a rule, this can rarely be said of a public journal, J)ui,.1 in .il Kinds of Ltaf PITTSBURGH. Pa, h B..a..Emery, J Ceatsal Whuf. 1 S*if'. special or general, want of space wn which to accomM-,futwwsofS""'*'"C ToH&audr:.icarr Ero., 79_&Ddl1 iaaa!Ue&cl. modate advertisers being one of the most infre lladclia, F. L ... J A., Haaovcr. MIJf.I Mercutt. lication in order to make room 'for the disposal of flacl }obu )'. & Co., aod Flnt. I M p Tlil t tb d d r CHICAGO. m. w sa Jam e lton, '7 r eco some of the favors of our frien s, an .or the past Leaf 1-oju.I / 1M "Fl#r .UI Sow'' Alces 17jWater of ti Goods. W cis Carl, 398 Grand I.,,.,.,,, "' a., p;,_ Batlfl' H. 4t IJrotk..r .,. Water Baebler & Polhaua, S, Oba mben o-stb Wtno1k 5:01 .tiroadway GMbttl ] & C..:o 1:19 Maiden Lane Hn A. It Co, 43 Ut.erty. fmano Bro.. A Boody, 129 aad 131 Graa4 ,._llJ"''"' f Bd _p;,_, .. rJ J.,.r11r1 1J ..)a.,.,. Art idtl. S.ehlouo. ST LOUIS, Mo. shortly. the statement made is significant, the responsibilities .of its position-what j o r rna! ever good reading as are to' met with. in_ any of the K011oewote 'f. It Bade, 373, 375 and 371 ,Malo BpeaaceBroa. eo .. '' aac154 ButTIIIrd. T.OMeo IY6rth*"' and seems an appropriate matter of record; not so has d one this ?-as to leave nothing to be demanded or of the time, dail y or weekly, can be seen in T Hf: To Llf T...., ];Mira. Dormitz:erC, & R. & C o., JJ15 .. ..... ,.. .. coT.. .' e. VIae &Del Fruat TobliCeo r;.,,,.,ui much, however, in justification of any parqonable van-desired. We c;to only assert that it has sedulously 'J!ACCO LEAF, without doubt; while as regards ll,orriJI W. G, 87 W Froot B elvia .!1: Co., 0 N orth.Second ity that may be felt by reason of the fact on which it, is sought to fairly discharge the manifold dutieS pertain-information relating to the special interest tO w h ich it M_,./tuhlnrl f Cipn -./ hf Bwyer I Leaf T ..O... c LtJaif Tobacco. Ladd w M., 23 N ortb.Mala based, as in acknowledgment of the liberal, the remarkto the satuat to:l m which it has been placed, and is devoted, it will h ardly be deemed an exaggeration to ToDMto B,.Ghr Kroba Felas & Co., u6VIoe llaJD.1, ., So:>tb Secoad, .able, the steadfast. support that has betn, and continues where failure ia to be traced the magnitude of its, say, it always has been and probably always will be Loathal S .t Co. 150 Weot Foortb. 1 N .... burgb Bro tbora" Co,. ,6"' ,a MaiD to be, vouchsafed to us. w bile on one of his Southern tile breath of its domain, rather than the absence of without a .peer. That it has improved in achievement, Wcii.,K.aha.!tCo. '*_...,... TOLEDO, OHIO. ztoor 111 Bro .. 18 Eut Secotld. Ma-f.m.r,. ..; ... ;,.r '" s,.w,.r and Western trips some yean ago the Business Man zeal io its work, has to be cited to answer for the cause. if not in aim, from year to year no observant reader will Dubnll Meoolaaer, Cbarlee ager of THE LEAF, in a private letter to this office lieIt is not within the s _eope of ordir..ary human ability to think of gainsaying, and that its aim will be as hiJ::h t L ... f 1,..11;,.. scribing his agreeable recepti,on everywhere, wrote, we master and tbe innumerable questions involved and its achievements as creditable in the future as Prape 1'. A. 9 W Froat WEirl'I'IELD.-d d h d d b 1 s- Cir-6-T.._. remember, the following words among others: "The an an w1t an m ustry so pervasave an so t e past no one is tkely to doubt: o.I ... OF JOSEPH J.Yi. & at 135 Chatham. Street. New YoTk. l \,. \.


SHARP PRACTICE. On Wednesday last a case was tned before Judge Charles M. Clancy m the SeconJ J udlcJal DIStnct Court, of th1s c1ty, m whtch unmistakable md1cauons of sharp practtce were revealed. A Mr Rauth, c1gar manufac tYrer, No 9 Bowery, brought sutt as ass1gnee agamst Messrs Weber & Engel, propnetors of a restaurant at II 6 Nassau Street, for a bill of c1gars sold to them m November last by a Mr Kamsler, former propnetor of a c1gar stor.e m Broadway, amount101: to seventy odd tWeber & Engel 10debtedness for the amount cla1med, but declmed payment on the ground that they purchased the c1gan in question on the representatiOn of Kamsler that they were Imported c1gars They brought several experts as Witnesses to tesufy that the c1gars were not 1mported, and among others, Mr Carle, stamp mspector of nnported c1gars at the Government Public Stores in Washmgton Street Th1s gentleman testified tbat the c1gars be ore the C urt were not Imported, account for the proceed1ngs of the revenue officials m the mstances referred to. Want f space obllge us to defer th1s unttl the present tssue of THE ToBACCO LEAF fn this matter for our consideratiOn, M.r. K1mball observes Ill a note to us -"As considerable exc1temeut has been produced of-late, espec1ally m th'e States of Vtr wma and North Ca,rohna, m cons:quence of a large num ber of assessments made dunng t e month of December last agamst tobacco manufacturers for apparent deficien Cies m the1r accounts w1t the Government for the year 1874, I have thought 1t m1gnt be a matter of public mterest, and of spec1al mterest to manufacturers of tobacc;, and e;1gars to explam, as bnefly as the subJeCt would adm1t of, th()ugh unoffictally, the law 1mposmg upon the CommiSSIOner of Internal Revenue the duty of makmg such assessme101ts, and the mode of domg 1t With the subsequent actwn thereon The renson why so many assessments were mad m December last was owfug to the fact that proper explanattons had not been rece1ved, and as the law hm1ts the ume for mak1ng tu two years, wh1ch ttme expired on the Ist of for the year x874, 1t b ecame neces sary to make the as,essments on the prm:a [ac1e ev1dence of cefictenc1es 10 order to save any nghts wh1ch the Gover men t m1ght have" R KJ!\UfALt;'S EXPLANATION OF THE AND THE INTERNAL REVENUE UNDER IT. ofcigarertes smuggled mto th1s port through-the agen "The Act of December 24, 1872, wh1ch abohshechhe of employees connected With the steamers arqvmg here ofiice of assessors, 1m posed uoon the CommiSSIOner of from Havana, and m more than one mstance we have Internal Revenue the duty of makmg assessments of indulged m very strong of the practice of all taxes and penalties 1m posed by the law then m o force, as well as taxes and penalties occunng under allowmg the tl>rJlllcape,pumshment by merely previous mternal revenue acts, where such taxes had payt n a g \1\e goolts thus frad-duleotly not been duly pa1d by &tamps, at the time and in the soug 'tO plaeed In n. the'-ID&r\ We 1have tn-manner provided by law It also conferred upon the ststed that the vessel! tn wh1ch and ctgars Comm1sswner authGmty, aqd requtred h1m to make m are smu.,.gled here be made amer!abte to forqumes. and determmauons necetsary for the makmg b -{)f such asses s rrrents (See U mted States Rev1sed fetture. to the Ga,vernment, even though the owners and S t atutes, SectiOn 3 I8a) managers were not aware of the vwlat1ons of law per-!n add1t1on to thts general prOVISion of tbe law for p_etrated m them, this extreme measure be111g necessary the assessment of taxes and penalties, there IS a spec1al to msp1re sufficient VIgilance to put a stop to the ev1l provision (see Sect.on 3371) authonzmg the assess In the a gregate a very large quantily of ctgarettes IS ment of taxes upon tobacco, snuff, or c1gars sold or re g movea for sale or consumollon without the use of the sa1d to be brought to tlus port annually, In fraud of the proper stamps Here aga\n, lt 1s made the duty of the revenue, and every one breught enters mto compet1Comm1sswner of Internal Revenue, wlthm a penod of t10n wlth the productiOnS of Ol4r h :mest home manu not more than two years after such sale or removill, facturers .; In the same way the reputable home upon sMch mformatwn as i'te can obtam, to estimate the a ount of tax wh1ch has been om1tted to be pa1d and manufacturers are swbJeCted to the unfavorable compe-to make an assessment therefor In order the !IliOn of manufacturers res1dent here, wh o do not bestCommtssloller m1ght be m posseSSIOn of the mformalion tate to evade the payment oT fhe tax Imposed on necessary to enable h1m to nsutute these mqumes aud cigarettes made m th1s country, and. between both the determ1aat10ns, and to have offic1a l data upon wh1ch to foreign and nat1ve gooos sold' m V!Olat1on of law they esttmate the amount of tax wh.Jch had m any case been om1tted to be llaJd, and thus enabled to d1scharge the hue, apparently, ample grounds for the complamts duty lmpo.sed upon' hun-by the proviSIOns of law to wh1ch th,ey make C1garettes, 1t ts stated, upon wh1c)l wh1ch I have referr ed the several Collectors are re ne1ther nor mternal tax 1s pa1d : are sofd m con(J_uired, at the close of the' year, after bavmg recetved s 1derable quantities to unpnnc1p!ed dealers 10 c 1gars the annual mventottes from the manufacturers, anfl also r tob 1 k d d h t upon the of busmess by any manufac an.., ae3:o, sa OQn eepers an ruggls 5 0 pu. turer, to render CommiS loner a report of the trans them m old stamped boxes and retail them out to cusactwns of each and every manufacturer for the previOus }o.Meu With 1mpumty. Instances are refef'!'ed to where year, or for such part tl1ereof as he may have been .manufacturers, or theu agents, engaged m 1lhc1t pro uc engaged m the busmess of manu(actunng tobacco, snuff Ron have uy from faw-abtdln"" manufactllrers or c1gars To fac1htate the mak1ng up of these reports, 6 blank.forms are futmshed Collecton. These forms are empty stamped bGxes, appareptly for the purpose of reaJTan?ed so a> to admit dtstmct entnes of all matenllls fi.lhng them w1th cJgaretteaJilade m (raud of the revenue and products held or owned by the manufacturer on the .Persons d1sposed to evade the law m th1s way are first day of January, or on commencmg busmess Also faVoi'ed by the law Itself, wh1ch only-requues a revenue fall purchases and s 1les of matenals, the quantlly of stamp denotmg the payment of tax to be placed on tobacco and the number of c1gars manufactured, the aggregate amount of sales of tobacco and c1gars, the the box m wh1ch the Cigarettes are packed Once the matenals and manufactured products on hand at the stamp 1s broken, 1t 1s 1mposs1ble to tell whether a box close of the year, or on d1scontmJW1g and an has been used once or twenty ttmes, and avallmg them account of the value of slamps on hand and purchased, selves of thts facl11ty, dishonest manufactureis and and the value of stamps used for the penod covered by dealers can and do unquestlOnabl refill boxes mthe report These blank for ms are filled up by Col' lectors from theu own record boo s, and from mven-abstract reports of the transactiOnS of tobacco manu facturers show, m a maJOnty of cases, some deficiency apparently calhng for an explanatiOn, or, m the absence of such explanatiOn, warrantmg assessment. These defi::1encies, pnmanly, are r.egarded and treated as only apparent. They may result from one or all of the three foHowmg causes -F1rst, the report m'ly not an amount of taxable product& proportiOnate to the matenals wh1ch appear to have been used, second, the taxable products actually reported as produced may not all have been subsequently accounted for as sold, removed, or still on hand m the factory where they were made and, th1rd, the Collector's account of stamps sold to any g1ven manufacturer may not t.ave bet!n suffic1ent m value to pay the tax on all the tobacco he has reported as sold In each case a prectse state mentIS made of the manufacturer's account, showmg wherem the deficiency appP.ars, and the Collector IS m structed to furn1sh sa1d statement to thP. manufacturer, and receiVe from h1m, and forward to tbe CommiSSioner, any explanatiOns he may w1sh to make also to correct any errors or mistakes wh1ch may have been made 1n h1s own accounts, or m compllmg the report from b1s records, and from the manufacturer's own mventones a no mon t hly returns, and, 1f deemed by htm necessary to send an amended report and make such explanatiOns 1and recommenl!attons as may seem to him JUSt and proper Assessments are never made by the slOner, except 1n cases where gross and palpable V jo la tlOns of the law are repo rte d, wJthout g1vmg t he manu facturer ample tune and opportumty to be heard m ex planatiOn, and to have the report of h1s and the findmgs of the CommlSSlonerjthere::m, carefully revtsed. In review ing the pnmary exammauon of these re ports, full benefit 1s accorded to the manufacturer of all facts and CirC umstances connected wtth k1s manufactur mg operattons wh1ch he can show to have existed, and wh1ch reasonably have been expected to, and whch actually did affect the final results of hts opera t10ns, rendenng Jt unposs1ble for h1m to have obtamed results wh1ch would have been possible under other and more favorable condlttons If there 1s a fa1lure on the part of the manufacturer to furmsh any explanatiOn for h1s apparent deficiencies, and, m the absence of any recommendatiOns from h1s Collector to the contrary, after the lapse of a reasonable t1me, the Commtss10ner make s the-assessment upon h1s ongmal findmgs And further, 1f after a careful ex ammat10n of such explanatiOns, m any giVen case, as the manufacturer may have filed, or h1s other persons m h1s behalf, and, a thorough, rev1ew of all the ev1dence, th e re sttll appear to have been tax,es withheld whtch sbould have beenpa1d; the Comm1s stOner m akes an assessment In either of these cases, before such asses s ments are collected, an op portumty IS g1ven the manufacturer to show, tf he can, that the assessment IS erroneous anel Improper, and, 1f he succeeds m domg tlus, the assessment 1s rem1tted: 1-' I have thus endeavored to show that. m this whole matter of makmg assessments, the CommiSSIOner of In ternal Revenue IS not only performmg a duty wh1ch the law Imposes upon h1m, but that, m the performance of that duty, great care 1s taken not to do any InJUStice, 1f 1t can be avo1ded, to the tax-pa:, er So long as the Government shall deem 1t necessary to collect a portton of Jts revenue from manufactured tobacco, some such careful superviSion on the part of the Government over the entne busmess of manufacturmg and d1stnbutmg the same w1ll be necessary m order to secure a UDlform anel thorough collectiOn of the taxes 1mposed Such superviSIOn can not well be obJected to by all those who not only acknowledge the extent of the1r obligations under the law, but who honestly and sedulously stnve to fulfill those obllgat10ns Many of the leadmg manufacturers of the country have from tlme to ume expressed the1r approval of the course pursued by the Comm1 ss 1oner of Internal Reve nue m passmg under reVIew, once a year, thea own t ransact ons f.s!de from the fact that lt tends to check and prevent the puttmg of tobacco and c1gars upon the market m fraud of the revenue and to the detnment of fa1r and honest competll10n, 1t has the further effect to stimulate them to obtam the best re suits poss1ble from the1r outlay of capltal and labor, and, to th1s end, makes th em more watchful and more careful of the1r entu e busmess MINOR EDITORIALS AND NEWS ITEMS CoNVALESCENT -We are pleased to state that fnend, Mr Charles Fmke, tobacco mspector and c1ty we1gher. has fully recovered from a senous 11lness o(.some SIX week's duratwn Mr Fmke Will be able to attend to h1s busmess tms week. 1 cr LICORICE TOBACCO MANUFACTURERS' SuPPLIES -In an attractiVe advertisement on our th1rd page, Mr Delancey Cleveland, broker and dealer m "hconce and other articles mtended for t obacco manufacturers' use, mv1tes attentiOn to the fine stock of goods wh1ch he IS now offenng for sale at rs8 Pearl Street, th1s cny A voN DALWIGK-Th1s gentleman authonzes us to state that he has established h1mself as a commiSSion merchant at Elberfeld, Germany, andi sohc1ts the pa tronage of tradesmen m the United States) des1rous of cons1gnmg thetr goods for sale to a responsible and ex penenced agent located m that c1ty. M1 von Dalw1gk's references ue numerous and first class The tobacco wlll not become hara-;nd bnttle, and even the finest textured leaves receive no InJury_, but tmprove m coler and quahty To msure sweatmg of even green and wild tobacco,. req_u1res a treatment of only a few days After the S'l'leatmg process the to bacco kept for any length of time without fear of detenorauon 111 quality, color or texture. Reported Failures and Business Ar rangement&. BINGHAMTON, N. Y -John Thorne, C1gars; g1ven b11l of sale SYRACUSE, N Y -John Qutll, C1gar ManufacturerJ chattel mortgage for $5o on tobacco NEWARK, N J.-George Koehler, C1gars, mortgaged or made bill of sale NAZARETH, PA.Joseph George, C1gar Manufacturer, ass1gned. CINCINNATI, 0 -H Nahnng & Son, C1gars, chattel mortgage for $325 DANVILLE, ILL George Dudenhofer, Tebacco and C1gars, chattel mortgage for $soo GALESBURG, ILL -Shults & Mayer, Tobacco, askmg an extensiOn DAVENPORT, IND -H C Watts, C1gars and To bacco, chattel mortgage for $rso ASHLAND, KY -Dav1d Cohn, C1gars, attached by Shenff. Los ANELEs, CALA -Barnett & H1rshey,, sold, or sellmg out. Business Changes. NEw YoRK -G. Re1smann, Dealer m Leaf Tobacco, removed to r88 Pearl Street S E Thompson & Co Tobacco Factors and Commis SIOn Merchants, d1ssolved S E Thompson and E P G1lson contu'lue. D S. Moore, Tobacco CommiSSIOn Merchant, new firm, 62 Water Street. C S Phlltps, r88 Pearl Street, Tobacco Reh;mdler, new firm New York Tobacco Company, Ctgar Manufacturers; succeeded by Schonlank & Stuart SPRINGFIELD, MAsS -H Snmh & Co Leaf Tobacco ; dissolved, Snuth & Son contmue. NEWARK, N J -James M Doremus, Tobacco, sold or sellmg out NANTICOKE, PA -F S Lape, Tobacco and C1gars, burned out BALTIMORE -Braum, Matfeldt & Co, Tobacco, dissolved LIBERTY, VA Sale & Co Tobacco Manu1 facturers, d1ssolved now Graves & Sale CLEVELAND -Mark Richardson, Tobacco succeeded by Rose & Neff KNoxvrLLE, TENN -Lockett & Betterton, Tobacco, dis solved, Lockett contlnues OsHKOSH, Wis -Baum &, N1hlman, C1gars and Tohacco, d1ssolved, each contmues alone OBITUARY. T GREENFIELD, W1thm tne past few days we have learned w1th regret of the death of Mr T Greenfield, leaf tobacco broker, of New Odeans Mr. Greenfield was formerly con nected w1th the tobacco trade of th1s c1ty, but h1s sue cess m busmess not equaling h1s anUclpatJOns, he re moved to New Orleam, where for several years he has been engaged as a tobacco broker. He was a corre spondent of th1s JOUrnal almost to the date of h1s cleo cease. LEONHARD HEYL MANHEIM, BADEN, :January 191 1877 -In sorrow and affh ct10n we beg to announce the deatn at Worms, m the SIXty th1rd year of h1s age, of Herr Gehe1mer Commerz1enratb Leonhard Hey!, member of the Upper House of Parliament, Spamsh Consul, Ritter, etc after a lmgenng 11lness Sohc1tmg your condolence we sub sen be\ respectfully, LEoNHARD HEYL & Co { JACOB L SMITH definitely With c1garettes surreptlltously produced..and tones and monthly returns made by the manufacturers, purchased To prevent the contmuance of th1s pract1ce as requued by law. On rece1pt of thper heads, forrfatle11 along w1th several other proposals; des1gned tf the addJtlons and other anthmeucal computatiOns are in the mte'Test of the c1gar trade. Both the Comm1s properly correctly made To an analysts, to see tf sioner of:,Iuternal Revenue, 1f we remember correctly, the quantity of stems made appears to be greater or less and the epresentabves of the cigarette interest urged than the natural percentage; if tke scraps, or the CHICfGO, Ftbtuary 9, r877 -Mr Jacob L Sm1th, a gentleman well known to the tobacco and grocery trade throughout the country, d1ed at h1s res1dence m th1s c1ty on the evemng of the 8th mst, after an 1llness of two weeks Mr Sm1tli, a young man, had been mtimately connected wJth the tobacco and grocery trade of thJ.S c1ty for some fifteen years-for the last ten years be was the Ch1cago agent of Messrs Harns, Beoee & Co, Qumcy, Ill and Myers & Drummond( now "The Dausman & Drummond Tobacco Manufac tunng Company,) Alton, Ill He was also agent for several of the largest packers of canned fru1t and vege tables m the country-mcludmg Thomas Kensett & Co Baltimore Mr Smnh was a man of mdomltable p luck-an untmng wwker-a man who made few 1f any enem1es, but hosts of fnends H1s early dem1se IS regreted by our en !Ire trade, as was mamfested at the meetmg held th1s afternoon At a meetmg held th1s day at the office of Messrs Best, Russell & Co by the wholesale grocers and tobaccomi)tS to take act10n rela tive to the of J L Smnh, the followmg md1v1du als and firms were present -Geor ge H1bben, of H1bben & Co, Ch1cago, J A Fisher, of Gould, F 1sher & Wells, Ch1cago W. J Quan, of W J Quan & Co, Ch1cago, Charles W Mernam, of Harmon, Mernam & Co Ch1cago, J S & W G Meade & Co, Ch1cago, WJ! ham Best and W H Russell, of Best, Russell & Co Ch1cago, McKmdley, G1lchnst & Co, Ch1cago, G REISMANNTh1s popular and well known dealer N C Draper, and J G Dav1 s, wah Re1 d, Murdoch & m Seed leaf and Havana tobacco, for so many years F 1scher, Gh1cago J W Swafford, with Allen & Eilts, located at 179 Pearl Street, has rem oved to the comma Cmcmnati and Chicago, T T Emerck, With Sprague, dtous wareh-:>use, No r88 Pearl Street, adJommg rhe Warner & Co., Ch1cago, Henry H. Adams, Chicago, great tobacco mspectton warehouse of Fredenck G: Samuel Boker, of Spauldmg, Mernck & Co, Chicago, Lmde & Co. That Mr Re1smann Will secure mcreased Ingram, Corbm & May, Ch1cago, Kautzler & Ha'l' busmess facthues m ;h1s new location IS both an obviOus g 1 s, Ch1cago H C. Champ1 on, Ch1cago, D S. Mtlls, and graufymg probabthty. Ch1cago, Pearson & Snow, Cbtcago, Wllham H 1Flagg, Chtcago, H Frank BO'Ise, of Bmse, Pay & waste, 1s excessive, 1f the proportiOn of sweetemng the adoption of an amendment of that nature, and there matenals to the quantity of leaf used IS such as to can be no doubt that 1f the suggesuon had been heeded md1cate a con ect report of each, or otherwise To com and acted upon by Congress, there would now tie very pansons, to see 1f there ts a proper correspondence and few, 1f any, c1garettes, domestic or Imported, sold here agreement m the general results, tf the relauve proper m vwlation of law Ctgarettes are packed as is gener Uons between the aggregate of matenals and the aggre' gate of productwns are such as are shown from concur ally known, five hundred In a box, that 1s, twenty five rent reports of expenenced and careful manufacturt:rs. tfunches contammg twenty c1garettes each, the tax upon Under favorable co9d1t1ons for manufactunng, wuh Which etghty seven and a half cents,or .-one dollar matenals of good quahty and m good cond1t10n, and and seventy five cents per thousand, and Simply by an where careful and accurate accounts are kept, not only CIGARS FOR THE CHINA TRADE -Messrs Foster, Conkey, Ch1cago, F W Ruffner, wtthP Lonllard & Co, Hilson & Co, manufacturers of fine Havana ctgars, 77 New York, Charles Goodman, of Goodman & Rettig, and 79 Chambers Stteet, th1s ctty, have extended thetr Ch1cago, Beck & Feldkamp, Chicago, J. N. Love, trade even to far-off Chma. For the c1gars wh1ch they Ch1cago; Metzler, Rothschi!ds & Co, Chtcago, Albert export to that d1stant country, they have devised and Alford, Clucago, F W. Bedell, Chtcago, Dame! Hams, are usmg boxes embelhshed wnh Chmese characters of Harrts, Bebee & Co, Q..umcy, Ill Samuel H Aus and designs, wh1ch Impart to them a novel and attrac tm, M. E McDowell & Co, Philadelphia, W T Black live appearance The firm also, we believe, pack c1gars well, Durham, N C H N Vail, Thomas Kensett & Intended for our local markets m the sallie style of Co., Baltimore. boxes George Hibben, Esq, was chosen Cha1rman, and of all the manufactured tobacco produced but also of C S PHH,IPS' LEAF ToBAcco SwEATING EsTABLISHamendment dlspensmg wlth the stamp on the outside the stems, scraps, and useless waste the actual MENT-The process of sweatmg leaf tobacco under Mr of the oox, and prov1dmg for a stamp of the value of loss on matenals not thus accounted for I shown not to C S Phil1ps' patent, of late m use by Messrs Fredenck three and a half for each package or bunch of exceed five per cent. C Lmde & Co, or New York Cny, and supenntended twenty c1garettes w1thm the box, nearly or qu1 te allllh-:Numerous reports wh1ch have been filed m the office by Mr Phthps, Wlllln future be earned on b) h1m and Cit traffic m these goods can be lmmedJatel extm of the CommissiOner show that m the manufacture of for h1s own account, at the capac10us estabhshment r88 h d Th dd t 1 1 b y fine cut chewmg tobacco, and also of cut smokmg Pearl Street. For the above purpose he has fitted up gms e e a 1 IOna a or and expense InCident tobacco, where the matenals are worked m a damp or 1 the new establtshment w1th every appltance necessary thereto, mvolved m the use of stamps for packages moist condltiOn, and the manufactured tobacco packed for the perfect and successful sweatmg and the produc would be cheerfully borne, we are assured, by manum th1s condtllon, the actual loss 1s much less than five t10n of dark colors m all kmds of leal tobacco Mr facturers, m coms 1deratton of the protectiOn which they per cent, and often there IS a gam of from three to Ph1hps has for several years past been connected With would afford agamst the competition of those who five per cent, an actual balance m favor of the credit Messrs Fredenck C. Lmde & Co, the well-known In- L s1de of the manufacturer's matenal account. Ia ex-specters, and dunng that urn.: has been da1ly brought under the exls.tmg system, succeed m placmg the1r ammmg these reports, wtth the v1ew of ascertamm: mto contact wtth all the vanous crops and packmgs of _goods upou the market Without the payment of tax whe;:ther the manufacturer has made suitable returns Seed leaf grown, on the nature of wh1ch he has be-The ctgarette mterest IS a growmg one in the Umted m taxable products, for the matenals wh1ch he !umself stowed mmute attention and careful study, wh1ch enable States, the annual taxable productien now approxJmat-acknowledges, or IS otherwise ascertamed to have had, h1m to successfully carry out h1s des1gn. For the ht 11 tt :l b th 1t 1s 10 all cases assumed, 1f nothtng m the report shows thorough sweatmg of leaf tobacco, he has developed ang etg Y ml Jon cagare es, an on account of tts to the contrary, that the manufactlirer has been operat-several Important pom1s by h1s patented process By present and prospective lmportapce, and on account of mg upon matenals of good qualify and 10 good condthis process be msures mou1ture 1n the leaf, evenly dis the moral obhgalion of the Government to protect the tion, that he has actually bad and the matenals tnbuted, and a careful exammauou of the leal before who are fa1thfully paymg thetr taxes, the wh1ch have been charged to h1m, and that he ts bound sweatmg enables h1m to regulate the amount of heat provaslon of law relatmg to the stampmg of cigarettes to show correspondmg results m manufactured goods, neressary for the fuJI development of the tobacco l h ld b d 1 h d f, th h d or, fa1hng to do so, may properly be called upon to ex By h1s method he entirely avotds water-stamed leaves s on e spee 1 Y c al}ge or e one ere suggeste plam the reasons for h1s fa1lure a11d damaged ups. Dry tobacco wlll become soft and or a better one 1f such can 1:-e dev1sed. Such an exammat10n as I have descnbed of these moistened, and no breakmg of the leaves 111111 occur. J. G Davts, Secretary On motion, Messrs. Adams, Q..uan, Baker, Mernam and Ruffner were appomted a comm1ttee on resolutions, and shortly reported as fol lowsWHEREAS, It has pleased the Almtghty to remove from our m1dst Mr J L Sm1th, who has been connected with the tobacco and grocery trade of thts ctty for some fifteen years, and, Whereas, we recogn1zed m Mr Smtth an acllve busmess man, an honest merchant, and a gen 1al fnend, and, Whereas, we w1sh to express our sor row at his death, therefore be It, Resolved, That m the death of Mr. Jacob L Smtth the tobacco grocery trade of Ch1cago have lost an energetic member, the commumtyan honest cttlzen, and w1fe a kmd husband Resol'lleti, That 1n humbly bowing to the Dtvine w111, we wtll ever chensh the memory of our deceased fnend and co laborer Resalveti, That a copy of these resolutions be for warded to the fam1ly of the deceased, to THE NEw YoRK ToBAcco LEAF, R1chmond (Va) .Dupatd1, Danvtlle (Va) NII'Ws, Chicago T1mes and Tnlnm1. After feeling remarks by several of the gentlemen present, eulogtsuc of the deceased, the resoluuons were unammously adopted. After arrangements for a gen eral attendance at tht: funeral, which takes place to morrow, the meetmg adJourned. HENRY H !\DAMS. FEB. 14 [ Contmu ed From Tlurti Page [ Tobacco, reports -RecelVed 8z hhds, agamst 36 the previous week We note a good order demand both for lugs and leaf of the new crop, w1th some mqmry by manufacturers 'for bolh old and new stock The receipts contmue lignt, but wth a ontmuatto n of the present mild weather liberal am vats may be expected soon. Fnday there was a good demand for the new crop for manufacturIng purpoes, and the olfenngs brought good pnces for the quahty wh1cb. was mdifferent Sales 1 hbd old crop at $7 8o, 5 cks (500 to 6oo lbs each) new crop at 3 90, 4. 4 40, 4 8o, and 6 so and 6 bxs new at 4 ro, 3>30, 3 1So, 4, 4 25, and 6 6o B1ds were reJected on 6 hljds old at ,3 70 Yesterday, there were mcreased offenngs, mcludmg both new and old crop The old crop failed to bnng satisfactory pnces, but the new crop was all sold at good pnces for the quahty, wh1ch was poor Sales 17 hhds new crop, 6 at $3 90, 7 at 4 90, 3 at 6 20@6 6o, I at 7, 6 hhds old crop 5 20, 5 40, 6.2o, 7, I2 75, and I5, 8 bxs new crop at 2 90, J,o, 4. 4 20, 4 So, 6 6o, and 7 20, box old CroJil at 3 hhd old crop was passed, and b1da were reJected on 6 hhds old, crQP at 1\3 So 2o,"and S do old V1rgJnla wrappers at 19 6o! Of the ne11' crop 6 hhds were factory lugs at $3 75 to. Weqqpte new crop -Common to good dark lugs $ 3 50 30, do do bnght do, 4S, common dark leaf, 5 6, medium dark leaf, 6 50ta7-SO, fa1r to good dark leaf, S'ii19 Old stock from $I to $z per 1eb lbs h1gher Wdnwiay, Ftbrury 7 -Mr J E Haynes, Dealer tp. Leaf To bacco, reports -Rece1ved 104 hhds, aga1nst 82 Jhe week The market IS qu1et and unchanged. The demand 1s good for new crop both for manufactuqng and fillmg orders, but order buyers have as pet been unable to do much, a8 most of the new crop sen t to market so far has been In packages too small for ship ment Manufacturers ar.e prepanng to &tart up, and han taken most of the offenngs of the new crept generally at steady pnces, but a httte lower for lugs and common leaf B1ds for the small offenngs of old crop were mostly reJected Fnday sales com pnsed 12 hogsheads new crop, 5 at $3 70, r at 4 6o,.,. at 5 SO s So, 2 at 6 soraJ6 6o I at 7 Io, T at 8 40, 6 do old crop at 4 so, 5 20, 6 so, 8 70, 8 So, and ro, and r6 bxsnew atz 6oraJ8 10@16 so 1 2 hhds old crop were passed, and b1ds were reJeCted on 9 hhds new crop at $3 SO@S IO, 9 do old crop at S 6oraJ8, 5 do old VIrgJnla wrappers at 25 so, 3:0, 36, .8, and 40, and I box old at 5 35 Yes terday, sales 7 hhds new crop at $2 So, 3 to, 3 so, 4 8o, 5 6o, 5 90 and 7 so, I do old crop at 6 20, and 2 bxs new crop at 7 Io@8 So B1ds were reJected on 4 hhds new crop at $3 10 6o, and 8 do otd crop factory dned at 8 2o@8 so We quote new crop-.:.Com mon to good dark lugs, $3 S0 )o, do do bnght do, 4 5, com mon dark leaf, 5 6, medium dark leaf, 6 sora. 8 so, fair to goool dark leaf, 8 9 Old stock from I\ I to a per 100 lbs h1gher MONTHLY STATEMJ:NT Stock m warehouse January r, hhds ,985 Rece1pts m January at warehouse Io8 Rece1pts m January sh1pped through so Total rece1pts 1n January, ISS Shipments m January Otrenngs m January at warehouses .. 99 D elivenes from warehousesm January 2lJ Stock m warehouses February I, 1S77 88o The followmg extracts from the annual tobacco c1rcular of J Yv Booth & Sons, St Loms, has been m type m this office smce about the 1st of January but have been crowded onr from week to \\eek by the pressure of other Important matter -I he Messrs. Booth obse:rve, concetmng transact10ns tn the St Loms market Rtctipts Hhdr Shzpmmts. 1867 t8,S84 1 6 273 IS68 I2 266 S S96 r869 10,128 8,2I4 1870 rr,I93 7,642 187 I .. 16,523 11,243 1872 I2,676 9'37 1S73 xg,o6z I4,68 4 1 874 22,88I I7177Z >1S75 I3 IIO 11,574 I876 29 204 24,221 Hogsheads sold tr,2I7 Hogsheads reJectell 5 2491 Shipments dunng 1S76 through I3,112 hhds Sh1pments dnrmg 1876 from warehouses II, ro3 bhds 17,466 30,049 hhds. C1ty consumptiOn dunng 1876 4,862 hhds 29,077 hhds. Stock 111 warehouses January I, 1877 972 hhds. The general depresswn pervadmg all branches of business the past year, operated unfavorably for the manufactu mg mterest of our c1ty, but shU the year's work proved far more sallsfactory to tho

t FEB. 14: ,THE TOBACCO MARKET. DOMESTIC. NEW YORJt. Fellruary 13. The leaf tobacco market wa., steady but quiet last week, exporters continuing to buy sparingly, and the home trade purchasing only for immediate wants. The reported u.les of Western leaf were in excess of those announced in the previous issue of THE LEAF, reach 879 against 451, but some of them may have been effected, though not reported, the week pre cediug the last. The distribution of the sales were as followa:-roo to manufacturers, 593 to exporters, 20 to cutters, rs6 to jobbers, anti 10 on speculation. O f the expom, the Spanish buyer took. 256 hogsheads. The mar.!Mt feels th!! want of new rece1pts to make up_assortments, and if they were to be had, it 1s probal:fie more buaineas would be done. Leafy lugs are in request at about 5 cents, but their scarcity m akes m them .. impracticable as though they were not wanted. From the Southern and Western break markets intelligence IOCS tO shOW that priceS are pretty Well SUS tained there as a matter of necess1ty, .a Clarksvilfe letw saying:-" Tobacco trade in a blaze; every body" -meamng farmers more particularly-" asking ro cents, and I know," continues tlie wnter, "of some crops sold as as 11 cents a p ound. ,.. Eviderrtly the qperat1ons of t e stemmers, rehandlers and driers have not been wilhtnrt theirinftuence on the mmds of the husbandmen. It is evider.t that not much money 1s to be ft)ade on tobaeeo bought at either of rates, unless a better market tha n New York at the present time is somewhere to be had to send i t to. The strmi g element in this mat'Jret jus t DOW is the continued backwardness of p ewr1tock, llhich gives a leewa1 on b11ls that other wi!te mi.J:ht f a ll due two m onths ear her than they 'will Uiiilog C:IICUmstances; fuyond tins, t oo, there is another str0l1g mfluence 10 t h e IDfer enual f act tha t' the new crop has no exc e s s of really des1rable tob\'-cco in susains. a,nd m ust c ttntle to sustain, tlie vallll! C!f"Stocl: m that description wheuver avallatlle. Wallace & Co's u s uaHreport, up to th e h ou r o f g oing to press bad r eached us much o u r regre t ld '!"ek 84 woN. week. lith week T o tal January .. lr lt3Sl 866 659 s,obo Februar; 451 877 1,330 Y1rgima .Uaf.-A fair demand existed for V1rg m1a wrappers a n d s m okers f o r l oc al manufa ctunng p u rposes. B n gbt leaf I S setlinc or h eld, weD up i n Richmond, and tpe prospe c t o f low price s Cor 1 t IS s aid to be any t hing but promi s1og. Some new black wrappe r s are now av:ulable here 1 &e(l Laf-The mquiry for Seed leaf was agam moderate, the business done in t except about x oo cas es, b emg all for home trade. Messrs. Charles E. F11cher & Brother, Tobacco Broke rs, No 131 Water Street, report as follows concermng Seed leaf.-There waa less dOUig tbi1 week. Sal e s were made amountmg m all to 1,300 of w bich Cor export 1 oo cases. received a fau amount of attention. In all4oo cases, m.-tty wtaJII!t" crops 1874 and 1875, changed hands, for wh1c h frIS to :>$c Wiili patd, was dealt in to the e xtent of Io6 cases assorted at N",.. Yw.t Sl<*--0 th11 kind I 34 cases, part crop 1874 and U!IOrted 1111d part wrappers were taken. For the f ormer !r 7 to IJC:, aad the latter, IS to 1Se was reali ze d m,.,.W.IIia-Notbmg parllcularly noteworthy transptred in tbia 10rt. T h e sales embraced low assorted lots at 13c, and Wl'l11Per8 at 3oc, amounting 10 ail to 200 cases. 0/Uo met With a fair demand at low pnces onl y. In all 350 caaea ColP'CI taken, c:oaai"'ng of crop I173 I 8 74 and 1875; part for export and part for: home trade For assorted Iota, from 5 to c and for good assorted lots, from 6 to was rdll&td. ,...,......,_Nothillg wa s done in thia artide. Besides the allour 100 cases a undrie a have been diapoaed of at from 6 I Our sptdal Bremen report, January ,. 7 :-Our market remains dall, and in t h e absence ol any demand from the mtenor a further declille 1n the pnces of Seed leaf may be looked for Sal e s for the week foot up ss case s dtvtdmg .. follow -43 case s Con necticut crop I874, at 46pf; 31a case s Ohio, crop 1875, at 3 8pf; I4S cues Illi n ois, crop 1!174. at 29pf a t auction; I8 cues Con necticut, crop 1 875, at sopf; total, SI S cases. "Corres po ndent" wnlti ua : -LANCASTER. 1' A., Ftbrua, !." Raioers have pretty n e arly a ll tin rshed strippin g thetr tobacco althoug h m aome few 1 nstauces, tObolCCO IS haagiu g on the poles llqyers arc busy at buying the wml .. t very full figures for fine goods, very few pa1cel s have been so l d in our section less than 20c lorjwrappers, IOC for and sc for fiJJcri --sold her crop of I" acratoKerba & Sptess,e shipped d the preseart week some of our buyers having made early Pllir were IJ...,.fldlinc in ""ed. dllllllg tae fin"' qcl i{._ dealen, who hne been estilaacing eases could aee bow mu<:f packed Ia lbort, they would soon change mataoce, A. expects to fill twenty cfoes wtth crop maay C:lfCS to hil shed; after packing be !liS Fo'Jire"en cases, about s ,IOO pounds, where he expected 7.500 pound .lrlr 11. sells his crop, estimate s ooo pounds, 112dts ap only 3,100. candid op1mon is that tf our Seed leaf section, known u gomery, Darke, Warren, Preble and Miami a>unties, 11':12, 000 cases good tobacco, tlurt u no mort to turn 0111. The pole aweat portion of the crop bas maJe f ull y one-thud less merchzn m able t8 marks,) at Langenbrucken and Ubstadt, (about pounds at from m fuks.) In the Palallnate about Soo,ooo pouaG, .-tly mfenor gooda, were sold at from 17'i>S4 JUr.ka. .1/"u/tlk Gn-ru o 'Jts,ntsr.1 21.-Tbe de llr tJae 1876 "roundleaf" ("Rundblatt") I S not brisk yet, ldll. aeverallots were sold at r8 marks per roo pounds, a price not reached here wtthin the last three or four years. The reason of !halt I-' result will be found in the amall quanttty of tobaccos gr9W8 hue laat year. N otwtth s tandiog, we do not expect the furCOIII'M of the aales to be as favorable, as there are couidera ble quan$itiea of 1875 tobaccos and of old fermented goods 011 hiUid yet, IUid a decbne in pnces tn other tobacco rc g 10ns has oc cuQ'ed. lle&pccdDg the purchase of other middle German t o bacc os atat. aa followa: At Eschwege were paid for "Rundblatt" 18 marka, for "Sp1tzblatt" from 25@:&6 marka. Thuringia "Sptlz blatt" bas not been dispooed of, but the pnce will pr o bably not ex ceed 18 marks. The o ld reputatiOn o f Nortlm f o r productng the dezrm tol!lacco in the whole of Germany, has been c o nfirmed this year 8jpliJII pnc:ea were paid there from 3D'iil33 marka per 100 .-.. aood de111and existed for Hanna toalld die aales reached Boo bales. Messrs. Fischer report: ,__ wu ia good demand at ullChanged prices. Sales wUI loot ... t.t.S. _,fatt,.td.-Asdescribed by a dealer iUJd pill thia department wu fair the palt week. The laid :--''Trade naa been fair with us for consumptlon Pri-.W pcla arc fum, and the prospects ar1> they wtti coatiaue-. A s leaf doe s not promtse favorably, good atandard goocla 11o their OWil u the cost of leaf mcreaaes;" The Tbe local trado, 1s passably gnod, but at the o2at uc! 'fftst lite markets are dull, and will Ulltil the uilonal lrou es are disposed of. It was qutte brisk there in .1lObda shipped i n the fore part of that month did not reach their aestination until February, lbc anow blockade, andlln, u dealers have the January good s on hand, tqe demand from those sections ts !light." Tbr ex.ll!' rts for the --. W.rjf I'-P7 powada. T .verage lnqu iry for ass ents is reported by cloale!., botll Cur aed coubtry trade. / THE TOBACCO LEAF. Ctgars.-A umformly steady demand continues in Dutch West Indies the cigar market, and there is as u s ual, no new featnre to report. French West Indlea.... 27 GIJ opened a t and closed at the sam e rate. Genoa. . .... 1,311 : Fornp Ex11Nwp. -M essrl. M & S. Sternberger, Bankers, re. Gibraltar... I49 port as follows :-Exchange i s a httl e we a k e r th a n tt has bee n for Glasgow xo8 the last few weeks, especially '!t erhng In g old the tluctuallono Hamburg I 29 have not bad s o wtde a range, and lite gold pre mium has steadi e d Havre I40 233 179 9 down to about W e quo te.: :Banke rs, nommal r a tes are 4847f H a yll 18 and 486 for 6o d a ys and d e m a nd sterling r espec tively, selhng rates L1sbon. 326 r9S .%. Marseilles ... r,6ox 177 '53,676 t"" 6ollays, Commercuu,&:> day s, 94J(rls, I h al f b b l 35 kegs, cadd1es, II cases cig arettes, I3 trcs snuff, b bls d o, 37 balf b blii do, I crate do, 24 jars do, consigned as follow s Bv T H E ERIE R.AD. AD.Jarvis & Co., 8 hbds; Order, 45 do, 15 pkgs BY THE H uDSON RtVI!B R AILROAD -M. Abenbeim & Co, 6 cas es, Ke r bs & Sptess, 90 do; E. R osenwa ld & Co., 58 do; C. H S p1!zn e r, I II do, M. H i rsch 40 do Bun z l & Dormitzer, 49 do, S chwar z W ell & Co, 25 do H. Col e ll, 20 do; J. R. Sutton, 10 do F. C Lmde & Co. 56 do, Order, 40 do. B,Y 1 H & N A IICNAL LINE .-P. Lon liard & Co., 4 hhds, Funch, Edye & Co. 8 do; A.. Messm g er, 5 do: Dav1d Dows & Co 13 do, H. Cardozo, 12 d o ; W. J H o odless & Co. ; 1 do; Order, ro d o. BY THE PENNFL VANB. R AILROAD.-L. & E. Werthetmer, 67 cases leaf; M H Levm. 39 d o Schr oeder & Bon, sr do, & V1ge li us 30 do, A S Roscn.baum & Co. 37 do, E. & G Fnend & Cu 1 box do J oseph H Tho m pso n & Co, 8 mfd<; Appl eby & Hel me, I3 Ire s s nuft',,ao do 37 h alf bbl s d o I crate do, 6 r b x s do, 17 J ars do, IO case s t ob a cco r b b l do, I h alf b b l do, J. W":"McCp:llough, r b b l a n uff, 7 J & r s do B Y 1HE NEW Y o R K AND' N Ew HAVEN ST EAMBoAT H. A:rkenb u r g h, 2 cas es ,M. We.tbe m l & C'o., '28 d o G. B c n'nger, rs do; Have m e y e r s & 18 d o ; A. H S cov tlle & 2I do, R os enwald & B ro th e r r d o D a vis & Day 8 d o Mue ll er 20 d o.' E. \"' C ra wfor d, 24 d o L. Gersbe l & B rother, 20 d o ; Fox, Dills & Go., 10 do; Wm. Eggert &.Co S do, M. Abenhe1m & Co 1 d o li,Y HE NEW Y ORK A N D HARTFORD STEAMBOAT LINE & Storm, 6 cases, r M H L e vm, 12 do; H 1 Sc h ovorhng, 9 d o G Berrnger, IS d o Ltchtens te1n Brothe rs & C o 15 do, E & G. Fncnd & C o ., 7 do; J S. Gans' S o n & Co, I 1 d o ; Bunzl & D orm t zer, 4 do. BY N oqH RIVER 'BOATS.-Sawyer, Wallace & Co., 23 hhds BY THE OLD DoMINION ST EAMSHIP LINE -Appleby & H e lme, 34 hbds, M. Rader & S on, s6 do, F E Owen, r do, xS trcs F S. Kume y 2 di5, 9 do; P L onllard & Co., r8 d o ; W. 0. Smttb & Co. 14 hhds, 4 half trcs m t d 37 qtr Ires d o 95 cases mfd; P10neer Tobacco Company, 4 trcs; Arke\1, Tufts & C o .. so qtr trcs mfd, 44 cases do ; A ll en & Co 250 cases amkg, 8 d o mfd, 35 k e gs d o, 1 e1ghth box, 20 caddies do; Martin & Johnson, I02 cases smkg, 19 d o mfd so tbree-qtr bxs do, 2 cases cgarett cs, D o han, Car ro ll & Co 95 cases m f d, 20 three qtr bn do, 9 hal: bxs do, 68 caddtes do; Bulkley, M oo re & C o 51 case s mfd, 20 half bX$ d o, 10 qtr bxs do; E DuBo11, 100 cases m f d, 6o tbree-qtr bxs do, 40 qlr bxs do ; Jos D Evans & Co, 91 cases mfd, 30 three-qtr bxs do, James M. Gardtner, 25 cas e s mfd, so half bxs do, Wtse & B e ndhe1m, 27 cases smkg, 7 do cigarettes, A. C. Lamotte, 40 cases mfd, 30 three qtr bxs do; J R Sutton, .1"1 SCS smkg; J W. Carro ll, 6 do, J Falk, II do; Wtlha m Bro adnurst, 39 cases mfd, R W Cameron & Co. 62 do, C E. Lee, 127 caddte s do; H K. & F. B Thur ber, 2S half bxs do; W H. Scbcffeiein & Co, s caddtes do, A Hen, & Co, 2 cam sp anglrd, 6.00 @ 8 oo; fine spang l e d to y ellow, 10 oor8 50 common to medium leaf, f alf to. go o d leaf 12 OO@ I4 oo, selections, IS 00@20 oo. Inspected thi week, I67 hhds Mar yl and, 10 do Kehtucky, total, 177 bbds Cleared-Per bark Tt!ltd, for Bremen, 163 hbds stems and 678 do Sud It'![ tobac co; per steamer N urobu r/{ 30S bhds Maryland, 35 Ob1o, 3I Kentucky 176 hhds Vugima stems and 572 cues Seed lea f tobacco, per sh1p St Patrick, to Liverpool, :19 hhda, 8!J bales and 24 hbds to Wes t lndtcs. Toluzuo Stttllt January 1, 1877. Stool< on band in State Tobacco Warehouse and on sbtpboard, not cleared., Inspected thts week .. .. .. .. ........... .. Inspected prev10usly thts year : ................. .. Exports of Maryland and Ohto amce January I .................... Shipped coastwise same t1me ....... .. 1,683 hhds 400 hhds Sto c k i n warehouse this day and on shipboard not 12.,911 hhds 177hhds :147 bhda 13.295 hhcb 2,o83 hbds cleared .. .. ... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 11,212 bhds Ttl6a.ra BOSTON, Ftbrouzr y ro.-Our special correspondent reports : The tobacc o market the past few weeks bas expencoced no change, it being ettber dull or qUiet but in general irregular, -..nd it will undoubtedly remain in a quiet state until the polmcal panorama ts fully unrolled, and from the present outlook we have good reason far supposing that the ead will be amYed at soon; so In the coune of a month we may expect a better feeling withtn bus\neu for !Perchants can then operat e on &ome establiahed ru l e. Km IWJky -Operat1ons in this braacb have been too llll1all to quote. l'be small demand, together wtth small aupply of old and tbc shght movements m new at the Weat, accounts lor the prev;Ullng qa1etude at this time, but within a few months we may look for a cyciane that will sweep in a stOCk adequate w meet any demand. Jo &u//mfthe traoaacttona bave been slight and confined wholly to a jobbng trade, hut in tbts we may expect more inquiry a s manuJacturero 1n general assert ilaYii!J taare orden than they can fill for the better claas oi .g dlllll. a ...... durlag past few weeks some 200 cases, most,iy Cpnocct1cut running lots Ha vana. -There appeara to be more m"'iry for this class of gooda than for some months preVIOU; priCes 'lritbout change, good fillers bnng lng from I oo to $1.15. Receipts pMt week, zso bales t o Emery B em11, Jr CINCINNATI, ro.-Mr. F. A. Prague, Leaf Tobac co Inspecto r, reports:l'he market for uaf tobtuco presrnted no new features of mtercst duhng the past weelf Rece1pts of new were o11ly moderate, and almost enttrely confined to low and common grades, generaUy m bad keepng c ondttton The demand for old cuttmg stock continues active at full pnces Ohio and Wz1t o"st" cigar leaf 1 s in fatr supply, but IS c h1etly of very l o w and common harts, for wh c h very sausfactory pnces are obtamcd. The t otal offcnogs at ltucton for the week were 715 hhds and 177 bo x es, as follows:.; l A, M''am1 Warehouse, 153 hhds and 13S boxes -r53 hhds cutting too. ceo 22 hhds Ohto at 13I hhds Ken tucky: 35 new at 2 6o @, 96 old at 4 .80r.i>IS 75, 3 boxes at 13:0 boxes ctgar leaf; 76 caoes Ob1o: rs at 2S51i> i 3.Bs, 29 at 4-00'i>5 So, 16 56 cases I Wisconsm at 2 7 5 @ 13. so Cor common smoken, binders and Africa................. 74 Aheante .. .. .. .. 419 Antwerp .. ---.. 2 0 5 ArJenhne Rcp11bhc.... 37 Brazil .. .... .. ... 12 Bremen.......... ..... 1,361 BnU s h Australia 187 Britilh East hld1es ... Bnllh Gu1ana ...... Briush Honduras .... BriMh N. A .()oioniea Bnli ata-welll' Indica s 3 77 Jl Caa:llla.... .... Chili...... Ctsplatlne Republic .. Colombia .......... .. Ooruana. ........ Cuba. ... ........ Dantsb Weot Indies 7 533 9 4-r common smokera to fine cu.tt1ng Jcaf. 3 hbds and 6 22 740 !:axes West Virginta at 2.9()-95 "'7 cases Ohio Seed leaf: 8 at 3fiS97 7 at 4 00@ 5 oo, 3 at 7.00@7.50, 8.6o@r ... 7S .. .... At the Globe Warcbouse, 146 hhda and 4 boxes:-132 hilda r,6o0 cutcing tobacco: 30 Ohio at roa bbds Kentucky 5:1 new at 2 05@8.9(), so old at 2.8or.i> 12 oo for common smokers to fine cuttinjl leaf. 14 bhds and. 3 boxes ll,!;W West Vugima at 30fil8 90 for smokera an.d fillers. Prioatz 'Salts.-12 bbds Brown Couaty, 0., at I!SO, 10 Owen County, lty., at' At the Moms Warehouse, 1114 hhda and 4 boxes :-16 bbds cutNO CHARGE FOR BUYING EXCEPT BY SPECiAL AGREEMENT. CORRESPONDENCE OR INTERVIEWS SOLICITED. REI'ERENCES,-By Permission. Messrs. P. LORILLARD & CO., New York ; l l The PIONEER TOBACCO CO., New York; BUCHANAN. & LYALL, New York: The ADAMS TOBACCO CO., Moreton. AND O THER LEADING HOUSES IN THE TR.UlE. ling t obacco. 6 Oh10. 4 new at $3 IO@ 1, 2 old at 9 So. So hhdE Kentucky: 23 new at 3-IO @ II.SO, 57 old at 5 20 @ 19 for comm o n smokers to fine cuttmg leaf rl hhds and 4 boxes new West Vtrgima at 2.00 @ 7 for common smoken aftd fillers. Statttn<"t of Bun""' done for Ja"NII"JJ, I877 -The followillg sho .ws the receipts and sales of eac h Auction Warehouse.1 Rtatpts. Salu. ..., Hilda. r62 278 133 52 Boxu. Hhds B o zes 5I9 456 Bo dmann ... ......... 131 462 lanters'.... .. . .. 14 439 G l obe .................. I S74 Moms .................. .. 117 4 247 Total-. ... .. ...... 742 675 1,878 TOTAL BUSINES S I'OR MON TI). H!lds. Sto c k on hand, J aouary I s.40S Rece ipts dunng month.... .. .. .. .. .. 742 Total.... .. .. .. .. ................ 6,147 Total sale s for month 1,878 Total delivene s for m o n th.... .. .. .. 1 .42 5 Stock on band, February I.... 4,722 Stock same time last year .. .. .. .. .. .. 4.945 Total oft'enngs old tobacco.... .. .. 1,1195 Total offenngs new tobacco 329 525 13:0 zo ro 48 135 Bo:us. 1,012 675 CLARKSVILLE, TENN Febru ary 10 -Me ssrs. M H Clark & Brother Leaf Tobacc o Brokers report .-OllT rece1pta continue ltght, and s a l es are still drawn almost enttrely from the old stoc:k, and amounted thts week to 75 llhds, the quality 1eu1'111ly w..u poor, but pnces remam firm We qu o te common lugs at 5c, .toad lu g s at common leaf, p1edium l eaf, @Uc; good leaf, ll"'i>I3C; fine leaf, sele c \lons, 17c. Scarcely anything Is opened whtch classes above med1um leaf. The weather contlnne s mild and pleasant, the ground-hog suns hunself, and the planten burn plant beds. DANVILLE, VA., Ftln:wal;y Io.-MessB Pemberton & Penn, Tobacco Coman.sion Merchants, report -Receipts of the new as full, and probably some impro vement m quality over last week. Offerings of old stock larger, but made up mostly of common and 6c; good, extra, leaf, common .dark, 7t418c; good 8/Qaoc; extra, none offered, lugs, common bngbt, good, 9'i>I2c, g"od to tine, IS'i>2o c leaf, bright common, 8 @ IOC, good to extra fillers, 11@ 13c wrappers com mon bnght, good, tine, 2S'i>3Sc; extra, Old Stock.-Smokers, common to good, l5C; fine, extra, wra p pers, c p mmon brights, 20 @ 30C; good do, 301i>45c, fin e to extra, 451i>6oc; ma hogames common, 12"@ 1St.; good, I7rJ5C; extra, 40@Sc. liOPKINSVILLE, KY., Ftbnury 9 -Messrs. M H Clark & Brother, Leaf Tobacco Brokers, report .-We have JUt cloaed the fint aale of the seuon, and with a small sale and a large board or buyen bidding Wal lpinted and pnces ruled qutte as htgh .. was expected. 265 hhda; aame t t me last year, 2,771 do; aales, 54 do; same time last year, 2,310 do. The sale con sisted m;unly of old tobacco, bought last summer on speculation or held IJy planters for higber pncea. lJ1 both cases the result waa a keen to holders, who had not expe c ted a dechne of 2C to 4c, hence about half the offenngs remain llDSOld.' W ct quote common to medium lugs, good to fine lugs, 7c common leaf, 1" @8 >'c ; medium leaf, 91i> IIC; good l e&J, and fine leJf, The oft'ennga of new were ceneraliy in Wretched condltlan, and show a great dClll of coarM, flimsy, green stuff, and very little of really ripe, good color As we have now had some days of favorable weather fur hal\(ilmg we ezpe c t to see the sales steadily increase in size. LOUISVILLE, 1 0 -Mr. Wm. J Lewers Secretary of the Tobacco Board of Trade, reports :-Receipts this week about 900 bhds. SALlES FOR WEEK, ETC. Farmen' .. .... Kentucky Assoaation.. ........ Planters'.... . ... LouiSville ............................ .. Ninth Street.... .. .. ............ .. Gilbert .............................. .. Pickett .. Boone ..................... Year1876 ........................... .. Year x875 ............................ Year I874 .. .... Sales to date, d1vided as follows -Onginal New.... ... .. ............ .. Onginal Old .. ............. New Reviews ...... ; Old Reviews .......................... .. Q U OTATIONS. Wu!t. 1,072 1 ,211 392 Mtmtll. y,..,... I6g 430 Ill 549 I87 szo 282 690 191 s6g 0 14 341 887 81 293 ---Nolllkstrilf. Htavy Iht/uJ Common lugs .. 3 4 Cuih,r 3"@4 Good lugs ............ ..i 411V 5 Common leaf ........... 4 li>S 5@ 7 Good leaf... .. .. .. S @6 7Io 4 Fine leaf............... .... ro'i>I3 ro @Il_ Selections.... .. .. .. .. .. .. 13@ 14 13 tlU4Jo( Sweet old tobacc o in demand, particularly kinds suit able for plug work Sour old v e r y dull. Meaan. Wm. G Meter & Co, Tobacco Commission Merchants report :-The rece1pts of old betng exhausted and cold weatbc; haVIng prevented the handhog o f new crop, tbe lransact10ns of fast month baye been hght, add Inadequate to the demand Ou r stock of qld being much reduced, is pnoapally taken for mland con sumphon at a bberal advance over quotations of January 1 Of. fenngs of new IU far ha'Ve glvea no satisfacltba, and ev 1dent 1t 15 that a port ton of the crop has been cut green, is worm-eaten and lDJurcd' by froU. Messrs 11w & Bro.'a repot say,:-During the first part 0 January was greatly retarde.d 01;1 account o( the extreme cold, but, w1thm the past two weeks, under the effects of mUd and soft weather rece1pts and sales ha..e been qu1te lberal, Wlth an acuve market. ThreefQurths of the offenngs consisted of new tobacco of all grades m t w1tlt a good demand from stem mers and re-dners at fall pnces. The sales of the n e w crop In cluded some very good rect :md dark leaf, wtth susbtance for lp'!'ners and wnrppcrs, but the bulk was cuttmg leaf, a p orhon of whteh was a good quahty. Of old tobacco very little t liat was de Sirable offered, lid anytbmg aultable for manufacturing fillera. Tuled high, wttb-an advance o( one cent per pound o ver Decem ber pTices, old cutting and heavy shtppmg leaf were tn liauted a upply and 1emamed firm. Cigar leaf is ddlicult to get hold of on aount oC.ta and atogte manwacturcra will have to resort to new leaf for wrappers much earlier t h an usual The condttlan anMfo.-The past wtek's ctemand Cor Seed l eaf for home use s11ll shows the destre of both do:aler and manufacturer to have such goods orLhand as wtU meet the wtsbes and wants ot the consumer, for all now ask for the I875 crop, mdependent of t h e growth of State; hence, a goodly quant1ty of I875 leaf is bemg latd one s1de for future uoe N evehheles s, all grade$ and kinds have met witll purchaser and at vc1y fair figure s tpdicating an encouragmg busmeas for leaf. li'oi export, v1a stea msh i p Ctty f te Liverpool of Western leaf ( 39,0.00 pounds Kecelpts,hmtted .-IOI cases Connecll cut, 152 do Pennsyl vama, 49 do Olho, 18 do Wiscons tn, 48 bales Havana and :z6 hhds of Western and Vtr gtma leaf, wtth sales for home purpose of 8z cases Connecncut, 198 do Pennsyivanoa 56 do Ohio, 44 do WtSConsm, 65 bales Havaaa and3 bbds of Wesiera and V IT_gtDia leaf. RICHMOND, February 3.-Mr. R. A. Milia, Tobac co Broker and Commsston Merchant, reports :-The better feeling reported m my lat has been sustained durmg the past week, and pnc es for all destrab l e grades of workmg tobaccot1 arc very firm with an up ward tendency, partJcularly on bnght wrappers. Our offenngs are yet too small to g1ve classfficattons reliable quotations but I gtve the range of pnces .-Say common to medium sweet old fillers, good to fine, 13'aHSe; extra, 2oc. Bright wrappers, commoo to medium :&0@ 3oc; good to fine, 3S'i> SSe, extra, 6or.i>7oc; smoken, common to mcdiWD, LO@ ISC; good to fin e 18@ 2Sc extra, 27 @J5C TraDSaCUons for the week were 450 hhds, Ires and 3 0 boxes Saturday, F16ruar;y 10 -Mr. lt.. A. Mills, Leaf Tobacco Broker and Comnuss10n Merchant, reports -There I S no change worthy of m our market IUlce my last report. P11ce hae ruled firm during the past week1 but the buyers showed a lack of amma11on. There 1s sllll a d e presSion upon the spmts of business men, supenoduced by the anomalous condttlon of t he polillcal sitiJ!llion, and there ts no poS&Jble chance fer any real tmpr11v._llt m the bus mess of the country until there is a fin a l adJustment of the present diflicultiu. The tranaacttona were 757 hhds, ro8 trcs, &lid :a6 boxes. I contmue my quotat10na. ST. LOUIS, 31.-Mr. J. E. Haynes, Dealer 1n Lea( [ Conlinud 111 SeeoNI Pge. J .. r


T B E T 0 B A C C 0 L E A. P FEB. 14 .. -!!$ Reserved BuLKLEt&iOO'RE; VIRGINIA Tobacco Commieien llerchant. __ .,.c .... .... I'J! .M.J .DOHAN. THOS. BArf, OARROLL & 00., 'l TOBACCO Scm mission ts FOR 104 FRONT STREET, Dealm m Spil!lsh ana GermaG. o. Box ..:&. NEW YORK. Cigar Ribbons. A ger.ts for the following well-known and reliable Manufacturen: A. BEN cfc CO., MERCHANTS, B. PACE, ..... YIRBIIOU.III SOlS, S110CESSOBS OF EDW'D HElf. TIIIIPIII JIG,, .1. I. BREAIER, 43 Uberty Street, o r U.S N.inl1 t e r to Russia COBISSION IBBUl, I'BOK'J.I BS'B.HIII, ., JO:W YOBK I FOX, DILLS & J Importers of SPANI8Hr AND PACKERS O J' SEED LEAF TOBCCOS 1,.5 WA.IJ'IIa JO:W YOBK, _E. M. CRl WPOBD, IMPORTER A DEALII.R IN LEAF TOBACCO, AND M ANUFA CTu ..... OF THE 1eawa.ter Street, EL PRINCIPE DE G A LES BRAND OJI'HA.VA NA.A.NDKEYWES T CIGARS 166 WATER ST., NEW' YORK. i) l" o. BOX 34'19. NEW YORK M. R. LEVIN, IMPORTER of HAVANA Tlll/ M P S of JI'ANCY aod LIGHT WIG WAGBUGLE, : HENRY' WULSTEIN I n P ails_au.d Barrels. YORK SEED LEAP TOBACO AND DEA t.ER IN ALL K l NDS OF &ol.e A.ce:a. -t :r'or E. T. PILKINTON tc CO.'S SUCCESSOR. TO & DEGRUEE, '.LEAP TO BAC c 0 -PATENTI TOBACCO 162 .... 1 Stnol, ... Yt. .: TOBACC. O INSP,ECTED OR sAMPLED. ert1.8catel give D for everY case, a ndd.eli ered caeebJ cue, as to of C ertUic:ate. -SKOEDI'C 'l'O:BAOOOS. 114 B. SCBOftBLIIG, .ALL Ell!IDI 011' N. B.-We Also Sample ill Merchants' Own. Stores. '". F. C. LINDE & CO., ULBRS lN A D VANCEMENTS JIIADE ON COMSIQl'fliiENTI TO LONDOII AIID LIVERPOOL. v Agent s f o r Kessrs. WK. CAli!EBON .t BltO.'S Celebra ted Brands o Kanuaet.ure4 Tobacco. .. This Improved Maehl n e for Cuttlnr T obacco Is eo n struc ted with a aingle knir o worki n g upon i nclined beatings, operatiRJ wl t b a. sliding s h ea r c u t u po n the tobacco, which is placed in a bOx with aides at right a n gles an d bottom par allel w ith sai d knife T bia machine w iU cut a n y kind oftobacc o1a n d cut I t Per( e cf1y. P l u g Twist. i n Carrotts, a n d a n y similarly bard prepared tobaccos can be cut in their hard atate, D J GAR'f= SON "-CO wi boutanycaal!'lg,oranyoth e r mots t enlngtosoftenthP.m rJ., K t It make' s no shorts. can b e run by han d or steam power, requir es no skill to operate It; its constructio" n is of t h e moe:t subltantial kind, s1o w te wear and d ifficult t o disorder S & ]100 S INIOOT, ,... E. P,.,.. Is. E. TBO.PSOR co.,' JUUU 111 (Succeuotl to CHAa ;zs B. FALLENITBI N & Co. ) PRICE O F M A CHINE C O MPLETI!:, with Presa{bo. 4li6s:zo lnchee), &210 aet caoh O:faca-141 West :Broadway, N, Y. OommJ.SSlOn N D .-The altentlo n orman ofacture nof C laarette a a d Torklah, 811d all Fan cy Tobacco, Straight Cots, Bright etc. etc is particularl y called t o this Machine COPE'S TOBACCO PLANT, General Co11111llllol leroht, l -AMDNEW YORK. 0 A. MOK'l'BJ.1l" J'OB. BMOB.IIaB. .. ( Published at lo. 10 LORD IELSOI STREET, LIVERPOOL, E18UID. :1'. Q"'7D'' A GO., Price Two Shillings per Annum. 'TOBACCO PAGTOBS Q WhlreSoboc:rlptionamaybeaddr.,oed,or to THE TOBACC O LEAII'" 0-ICE. SAWYER WALLACE&; CO. A.IIER.ICAR Sll'BSCR.IPTIOl'f&, 15 crs. PER A:NNUM:,. POSTAGE PAID. I \ w. H. TERWILLIGER, .PRENTICE'S COKKISSION KERCHANTSr .l and V1rgm1a Leaf,. LATE oF TERWILUG ER,. co. CI&AR SJIAPIIG IOIJLD I i ;39 BROAD STREET, ,. t PATEIITEE 011' THE No. 47 Broad Street, 1 P.o. aox .,.,o.,, :NEW YOR W 1 d d St 1 d I : 1 e e ee an ron & RETAINERS J'IEW YORK. TBiiiUS llllfiCUTTi F I V TAT>laHosr. H SzaaallT. DN'rtfCIY aJlci VIiGilnA F w TATGENHORST &; co. I LeSJ T b 'l'O:BACCO iU. 0 8CC09 -ANDNo. 52 BROAD STREET, NEW YORK. 68 BROAD STREET, i l'fEW YORK. PRESC OTT BURBANL G E O P. NASH. ... TBOB:4 CAd olPIBK &iiWB PROOf SNUFF, PIPES, &UDAL lT .u4 BROAD ST11ET, IIEWIRI ...... BB.O .a-s --' -.... OTTIJGIR' & BROTIIQ) A. H. CARDOZO, -KENTUCKY TOBACCO & COTTON FACTORY, LEAF AND General Commission U BB.OAD STB.IIIIT, S A F E S I o( Hann a C i lara,a41 wbo baTe uaed tiMe. tc: be tbe belt M oa.llol ever iWDted. PATEI'fT IIISIDE '1101.'1' WORK J.l'fD lclak-. No Crea e Ia the Cltrar. HINGED C A P Danble and Compact. Ualforml t JID Welhtaed S l ae al tbe Clnr. GREATEST IMPRU" E MENT O F THE Uaakllloaci Labo r eaa be Em, .. AGG ft.Jyed I a Makin' B uechel Less Skll Ia Reqalre d Ia Flalobla No Safe. Co nit_ W z t hou/ II I I PRICE ea.oo PIIB 'Ill' 54 '11.11' .:1 L W'arnntoo l JM!rlect "'"" Y Sead for Clreoa -.1.1 0 .LY.I.aiu.Bn lar' or Ei,. TOBACCO SEALIN8 ..P,ENINGTOif,' PRICE & co., AMJ.ptrten.rm,.n.. ........ i -FOR PRYCE LIST S. 18 North Seventh 8t., Pfilladelphla. IJW WUU....IIt., ... \ ... : ..... :: .


FEB. 14. WAMVPACTUilU-CIGAR u BOXES, SUPERIOR MAU AND Prime Quality of CEDAR WOOD, 293, 295 & 'A!fl Monroe St., NEW YORK. FfiAOa::mD.a WAREHOUSE ELEGANT THI! TOBACCO LEAl\. A. H. SCOVILLE "' CO., (SUCCESSORS TO PALMER .. SCOVILLE,} IKPO:a T:&l:RS OF SJ?.A:NlSB AND JOBBERS IN ALL KINDS OF LEAF TOBACCO, Ko. 1'!10 WA'!Dil\ STB.EIJT, l'I'JIW 'Sr.Ol\B:, COl!niECl'ICUT SEED LEAF Wll..&l'PER OF OUR OWN PACKING. STRAITON .. MANUFACTURERS OF CIGARS,. lAND WALTER .FRIEDMAN & FREISE, IMPORTERS! OF HIVINA "FO;BlCCO, 203 Pearl Street, New York. HERMANN BATJER tc" BROTHER, COMMISSION MERCR.A.NTS &. IMPORTERS OF C:tca.y pe:_,. 77 w:.e..-ru ST.. lllli:W < ... SCHRODER d:, BON, 178 Yi.ATER STREET, NEW YORK. : xM:Poail.mBa OP I OF DOMESTIC CIGAR SlOW CASES t) '-=: l :::::::J DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 178 & lSO PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. ALLEN & CO., GIVE ENTIRE S<'\J'fs 1* 177. F'4c1'Io.N .) I'OB HOTELS .A.WD GROCERS. Cor. W, BroaD.ZE&: 614, 618, 618, 620, 714, 716, 718 IIITH STREET; and 420, 422, 424 11d 426 TEITI STREET. Ill PUlL STIEET. lEW. YORI. or:rl:o:m-ES3, ee and 57 :P .A:aE J?I.ACll: 0 t BraDch, 9i :lilain St.,, C. LOBENSTEIN & 'GANS. ( WHOLESALE DEALERS IN YORK. 'E. & G. FRIEND & CO., Jm.,ortera and Dealen lo. LEAP TOBACCO, 1 89 Malden Lane, Gus FRraMD, NEW YORK. 111. a S. STIRIBIRGIR, FWI&I DB DDilSTit BmiBS. EowARD F&IRND, jR., L&oNAo F'tzw.No. No. of.of. III:DliU.WGB PLACB, 'I', Draw Bills ol Esobau oa the prilidpal cltiee of E111"0pe; tsne ClrcalarLettenoCCredtttoTranlers, an4 JittaDt Commercial Credit a; rocelwe Mooey oa DII!J)OSit, nbjec to Checks, apon which later et will bfl! allowed i pay particular to tiM of Loan!t. J. SCSKX'l''l' I IMPORTER OF AND DEALER IN LEAP TOBACCO, 162 Water Street, New York. CUTHRIE & CO., COKKISSION :MERCIIAN'l'S, AIID (BALERS OF TOBACCO FIR EXPORT. \ Lea Tobacco preued in ba19 f()r the West lnd1ea, Meaican and Ce11.tral American Port, and. ether mar. keu. Tr>IUL:I:>&, 1 PRESSES, STRAPS & CUTTERS, < Importers of &erman and Spanish Cigar Ribbons, No.' 101 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK AWARDED the HICHEST MEDAL and DIPLOMA At the Centennial Exhibition t o DUBRUL'S. PATENT CIGAR MOLDS > THE .JN r Tholl ow Improna Tholl ow Imprond TIN CIGAR :MOLD WOODEN CIGAR MOLDS. Produa tlulfinll Wcwk. Maka no crMu in tlul Naku a pcrjOI!t hMtl Preervu the flavor" of tM tobacco. TM omapper combinu with tlu filkr pi!Tjeclly a in hand-made cigars. No Turolllz oflha Baollt1Neet11A17, Are MORE DURABLE than Wooden Molds Over 300,000 in Use, .,.d tlu GIVE THEM A TBIAL. ....,. Of our manujactur. are guar anteed mperior in quality and I fini8h to any oiMr. Sc! fer mutntd Lilli of B!zes. SPECIAL SIZE& MADE TO ORDER. N. DUBRUL & CO. MANUFACTURERS, CJ:NOJ:l>TN A.TJ:, 0. H. No. 306 Broad.,..,., IIIIEW YORK.,.. 11 L. STAR TOBACCO FERTILIZER, eonth""'1 ...... puceutageol Seed .Lea.c SEED LEAF TOBACCO "lOTASE, AKKONIA" SOL'IrnLE l'EOSPEA'l'll, I AND T"" best r.oulto obtalne oa TOBACCO, au .,.... l H AVA N A T o B A c c 0 191 PEARL STRE.ET, ti'IUclB 160 -B TON, IN B.U.TDIOB.lll. .c.OB.EJiTZ & JUT'l'LEB.. ... nAIL STID'l', NEW YO IE. CHl!.M ICAL SVPER-PliOSPHATE WOR.JtS. B.&TDIOaB. KiUFIANI BROS. i BONDY, ANUFACTURIRS OF FINE CIGARS, 12 ck 131 GILAIID 81,1'1\IIBT, l'I'JIW YOB.K. "" M SALOMON, E. SALOMON. M. a E. SALOMON, PACKERS OF SEED LEAF, AND IMPORTERS OF Havana Tobacco and Cigars, 85 MAIDEN N. L. GKRSHHL, So GM.RSHBL, NEW YORK. A. OATMAN, IMPORTER OF HAVAN" A 0 And Dealer in Domestic LEAP TUBACCO, 166 Water Street, NEW YOBK. TIN FOIL. J"OHN .J. CROOKE, &:M:O::&:.XNG TC>B.A.OOO, ALII(), .JOBBII:RI IW ALL KllVDI OF VIRGINIA olr. XORTH CAROLINA l"LVQ Al'ID I!OKll'IIG TOBACCOS. Aod other Braads of Chlnw 1: Smeklag Tobaooos. ll 7 Jlllii'II'ERSON AVE., DETROIT, MICH. The NERVE is sold by FirstClas! Dealers throughout the United States, and we claim it to be the u BEST" FIN-CuT Tof!.Acco that can be made. 1'be Wholesale Trade a Spedalty, Agents: WlliE & BENDHEIM, 106 Cllambers St. & l2l N. Y. Our Cigars a .re finer in fluor than aRJ made in the United States, of American Grown Tobacco, and are by competent judges equal to those imported from Havana, while our prices compete with the better claaa f Domest ic Cigars. .S::M:C>:K.XNG-TOB.A.OOOS. The 8mo\lu., Tobaccos mano.factnre d hy this Company are perfectly pure, posseuin,sr a DEPTH AND DELICACY OF FLAVOR UNSURPASSED, wbi!e they contain LESS NICOTINE tobacco cured bJ' any other known process. "" } I:DGAl\ BRIGGS, Ageat, Office and Salesroom, No. 207 FRONT ST: San Fran cisco, Cal., .&ND BRANCH OFFICE, 120 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. EngUsh Brussels, Three-Ply and Ingrain, also, Stair Carpets, Velvet >
V'Ar.&Jr .AJm SCOTCH TOBACCO LABELS, 'CI&i. EJpes, TH:roEaH .. ATOJUJIC .. Thoae Clpra...., aeau,. rolled In Hanaah pattem, are -ulla .. O....S, aad are aade 00 tbe b,. Hemnoh Goebel Sohne, IIISIB8. QAlll'ULL IG co., Plantation Works, DIJI4igul., JWru l'reait!ency, Idi&, 1!-I lr I d Pip rromTolo--andcwedaaderthoir ...... apHYi.lon. TbeaeCiproaref ... oralolyknownlniadia. -nu nt osaa. llero 11,8 am 3. VIJSI:Y 8'1'1\BIIT, ... -o ... -, AGENT>;-IIIlSSRS r S PLOWRIGH'l' & CO 41 llul ... hall Street .London. E. C 1ftft ,. --AW .. A a,:.Haftuh Pottera ctpn,' weiridnr 65 1o a lb., price oG c1ou.n per ,.-, ftoe Ln Boad, In Gt. Brltaia. ea ...., A ,. AT GREA.TLY B.EDUCED PB.ICES. MANUFACTURERS OF .FINEST BLEAR HAVANA GIGARH. OF CIGAR I A.ND lMPOR'tER Ol' GERMAN CI-GAR "MOULDS of a: co., ant! F. :noc:riiJ.wm Kanufact.-1 DCALmt 1 N 'Cigar-MOtJid Presses, Straps anc.a Cutters, 1) '283 SOUTH N., Y. S 1 J & JULIAN ALLEN, I .._...vrurvaa;.,. SeedLeaf and Havana J'ine 14'1 UB .A..TTOIIllll'r STIUift. TOB.AOOO, ............ CCV.. NEW YOR .. )&CDa 8CIII.oeaL .... N. Y, ol*-celebrated llnml)s .. .. and RIP ae4 -J.' OtiMdll

.e THE TOBACCO z.:EAI'. FEB. 14: I Philadelphia Advertillem.ente. Baltlm.ore Advertisem.e111.ts. WES T ERN ADVERT ISEMENTS EASTERN ADVE R 'riSEM E ITS. "'VVM. A. BOYD & CO., J. DIX 5: CO.,"' R MALLAY & BRO HENRY BESUDEN, Packe.r.andDealer"'" KNECHT, SMITH & CO., Qi8Cl-IOBII TO ll' l"'UJ111:110 11111'1'11 BBOL 41< KliBClliT, LEA C CO, AliD IIAJIUFAC'l'VJUlBS OF AJfD DEAI,ERB Ul' CIGABS. 1ft orth ftlrd Street, ftiladelplala. No. 33 South Street. I Deal ers I n DEALER IN LEAl TIUCO.' 'c- L. "'VV. GENERAii COMMISSION MERCHANT, LEAF TOBACCO, .1EAP TOBACCO. 217 STATE ..... Packers, Co111111loD lorchuts1 and WboiUIIe Deater& In Foreign and .Domestic Leal Tobacco, 117 North Philadelphia. W EISENLOBR PACKERS AND W HOLESALE DEALERS IN 1 LEA:Jr T 0 B A C CO, 111J &. "VV"a;ter B't., ... 1 W EISENLOHR, S! W C LARK, & CO., DEALERS lN tp LE:A F o .TOBA-000, /And Manufacturers of ,all Grades of Cigars, N o.'a J 11 Al.'lon St., Philadel h1a,ePa" LEWIS BREMER'S \ V holes a l e De a l e rs ia 1LEAF" AND KANtJFACTURED TOBACCO,t .. .. NO. 322 NORTH THIRD 'STREET, PHILADELPHIA. A l arge a ss o rtme n t of all k inds o f LEA F ToBA.cco const a nt! on h an d ANATH.A.N & CO.,Packers, Commission Merchants AND WHOLESALE DEAL E R S J N AND TOBACCO No; 0 &Oi?OEl &TR.E:mT. :D A J. T 1 M 0 1\ 1: M e Liberal Advancements Made on Consignments to my Address. F. BECKER. 1,) C B E CKER. L. BECKER. o BECKER" BROTHERs,' PACKER S COMMISSION MERCHANTS. Nb W A O LESAL)i: DEA RS IN ., Fo:J;"eign 4 Leaf Tobacco, NO. 98 W. LOMBARD ST., BALTIM:ORE, M:]). B.. WILKENs 4 CO., MONUMENTAL CITY .. TOBACCO WORKS, Ho: lSl WEST 1'1\AT'l' S'l'IEE'l', JLU'!LAND, llolanufaotare"' o f a n kinds ofJ "SJIOXING TOBACCO AND SNUFF, _ED. WlSC:E:D:R-wmcH:tiEYR & He;;;::Hiilln-1 L E A F T 0 8 A 0 C 0 Commission .; AN D DEALERS IN :No 220 Third St Phila.CI.elphia. LEAF,1 PLUG TOBACCO 8c CIGARS, ., ,. 39 SOUTH CALVERT STREET, Iii l A NEW DEPARTURE! __ r DA'byLEY .......... c 0 TATE, &9CO., F. W. FELGNER & SON, JAMES.. ., Tobacco Comm1ss1on Merchants woaaa, :Between Race &Dd :Elm, 98 WEST. SECOND ST.., Between Viae aad Race S t reet s, r CINOIBliATl 0. AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 1e0 W:B:ST :I'O'tT:a'I'B CINCINNATI, OHJ'O F. G Tobacco Works, Toledo, Ohio. ( CHARLES R. MESSINGER, MANUFACT U RER OF WI\ WESTPHAL, CooxssioN MER CHANT, And Dealer In CONNECTrCliT SEED LEAF Tobacco, State St H artfo rd. ColuL EXEB.Y BElliS, Dealer in all Kioda of r l LEAF-TOBACCO,. .INSPECTOR AND BAILER, 32 OIIK'l'B.A%. WBAJU', aosToN. 'outhern Advertisements. ]. M:. Wts, Danvill e Va. P. Richmoad, V&l' & PEYTON COMMISSION MERCHANTS For tb8 Purchase o f LEAF TOBACCO Ad4reaa us at & lchmond or DuTille, Va.. As you m a y wish t o buy in the ooe or the othe r market oa'IUEAST COIUIER. THIRD AJf]) BACESTBEETS. PHILADELPHIA. aodWh lesale:O lersio S U C CES S ORs T O 11f G, AND NATIONAL LONG CUT SMOKINGS LEAF T 0 BA ci c 0 F H BISCHOFF I I r I WM. E. DIBRELL, I :ALTDIORE, lllD. Also, the Indla.n a.nd Sun Flower Chewlng Tobaccos. LB Toncco u uorn IYIOORE 4 IIA y 69 Place; Depot with F. Engelbaoh. nr ll IUUl, !m',, ... ... oJ BALTIMO :MD. 13 SIXTH AVEliUE, NEW YORK. ].ACOBWKIL. AARONKAHI< ;E.A .W&JL. NEWBURGH BROS. It, CO., f Packers, Commission Merchants.&. Dealers in: ROFFMAN, LEE .t co., BAiiiER & w.iG&iii ) SEED LEAF tc H 'AVANA TO BACCOIJ TOBACCO I M PORTED and DOMESTIC 35 North Philadelphia. COIMISSION MlRCHABTS, LEAF TOBACCO 63 l:lwlge P.lace, :Baltimore, Ki!. CIGan' t. 1111 TOBACCO LEAF TOBACCO, JIBI} \ll. IIJlllf !JtS & !JB Main Street; < J!l. .A.. KJ:J:.I.S' Broker J 0 S P Jl L 0 ... B 1 li:E authori&e SIGHT DRAFT for -ount ofT A X PACKER AND D EALER IN "I I 134 Main St.. C incinnati. 0, > ...... c ..... With BII,L OF LADING attached t o Draft, aad wiij 29 Soath St Baltimore Md ( r -W G MORRIS -AND p A. ALBRECHT nros. w BAXTBR. w EDGEWOR'I'H BIRD. 'MANUFACTURER OF CICARS, Whol I D Irl BAXTER & BIRD, Leaf TobaCCO 62 NORTH FRONT STR-EET, PHILADELPHIA, PA. Leaf Tobacco TOBAcco :aB.oKE:a, .. E. McDOWELL & co., JULIUS VETTERLEIN & CO. 16 S TOBACCO Seed Leaf and BA.LTIJioaE, )ld. 1 ""-neral lerch'lta, D. D. MALLORY, o a Daa, A N coi.A$; HENRY MEYER & CO., w= !., "U.s. Solid Top ClQAR MOULD," TOBACCO SBIPPDTO COMMISSION-MERCHANTS, llir 135 .&acu sr., PHILADELPHIA. P Commission"ND Kercha.nt, Ka.nuf.d Toba.cco OHIO .. DOHAN & TAITT,. H. E. KLEIN, E. E. WENCK, Manag;er LEAF TOBACCO, 'IIIIBWR PODlSSJOJ UVUPliiiW MaaafaCetl1rer.of 46 and 48 ST, CHARLES STREET, ... JC:Ke= 48 Front St Cincinnati, 0. lvunbbU 11 B&JlbD.llllll1 Fine J.gars, s.w.eor.LombaraJ!t., B ALTIMoaE,Mn. 10'1' ARCH STREET-,, An4Im.porterofChDice:tlr&ndlof MERFELD & KEMPER, w. DRE_SEL A -F. w DO_ ...__ Ph'l d I h' :BAVANA CJ:CAE.S, 1 a e p 1a. oFFicE AND sALEsRooM, 87 GAY STRE.ET, LEAFTOBACt:O BJtOIER. ---------.., Jl. E o coa. &Dd CHE8TNVT ITI., KD BATCHELOR BROS PHILADELPHIA. T 0 B A C c; 0 N. E. coF-Vine ana Frcr:t St.reet.s. 4 EODISSION' mrnrns. P.o. fn33. 0. LW FoAIDraud .....,.,................ DJUf UUUJJ lUIIllbbU PhU&41elphla(Advertiaem.ents-0 808JIIar:tet s t., AND ----=-===::;.:==-=:.:...:..:..===;.:::.--..:::..--BELVIN & CO., .___;;;;;;;;;;;.;._ ____ I_LA_D_E-LP_RI_A_.. O :J: Q-,4. ::El, HIGRE8'E PRIZE ltmDAL .AT THE CEIIITJCJfJIIA.L 11 ROBINSOR & AlfDREW'S PATEIT MACBDIBRY lDfDDrtRI'S Of HAVANA CIGARS, .A.. J. WELLS, Manufactllret ot FINE CICARS, ADd Dealer I n EIDmm SliD LIAJ TOB1ttl 1 'l'IUBD 8'1!B.EET .. GIBA.RD A. VE., 1 0 Philadelphia, Pa. IUEBRAND & KLIN8ENBER8, Kuufact11rer a of a n d ia PINK CI&AB-S, lo. 31 lorih 7th St., ADd 202 Chtlt1lut Streit. I RlllLDO Sllll & CO. TOBACCO, A N D DEIERAL comssmN IERCHANTS, NO. 3 1 North Water IIU9et ., ao .... Delawan a ....... -....__ __.-. ----== Phila.CI.elphia. PHILADELPHIA. Pa. For Roll, Twist and 8pun Tobacoo."' JOSEPH W lLLlCI. Succ....,. t o COOPER & Vf A L T ER, And Brokers in Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco. AJID G:SNIIi:RAL M li:RCHA IIIDI S E Maaufact ure r 1 o f ltoond Str11t, St. Lop Is" Mo. CUICil!II!VATI O. AMBROSIA TOBACCO WORKS. SPENCE BROTHERS a, GO., 68. 58, 80 and 82 :m A. aT T :ZS:TR. D aT ciNCINNATI,_ OHIO, F. A. PIJ.f\GUI,' :Loaf Toba.coo INSPECTOR, A N D General Commisskm "Merchant. OFFICE I N TO'BACCO..EXCHAII,E,SHOCKOE SLIP, 0 IUCJIIIO:ND, VA. W. B. TROWBRIDGE, Mao u fad:ar e r O f t b e fotlowin g Choice Brands o f SM:OJ{IXG TOBACCO -92 W. Front Street, CINCINNATI O. B. GEISE & BRO., LK BOY IOPD &: SONS, .-T:m.A"M TOBAOCO C B P COMMISSION MERCHANTS, IG!B OX ACTOBY, VA. No. 93 CLAY STREET, CIJ.IICI!VNATI, 0 j. H PEMBE RTON. }AS. G. PEN N. PEMBERTON & PEN N Tobacco Commission Merchants I H. CLARK & BROTHER, With a long e x p etimce ill th e bus ines s TOB.,co offe r t heir s eroires to jill Otd&Ts for Leaj au AJi Mami/tzcture d Tobaccos. C:LABKIVJLLE, Te-...1 ,. IIOI:UUIJIIVD.LE, KT 1 LIVEIU'OOL. El!IIG'LIJ'lfD FALLENSTEIN & SON, ]OBAOOO GODISSION JOliN W. CARROLL, Sol e Maoufacturerot the Famcm s aad-wertd-n fDowaed Brand of VIRCINIA SMOKINC T08ACC08, r.ONE JACK AND BROWN DICK Manufactory: TWELFTH STREET, LYNCHBURG, VA. f n ... d"r resoectfa:Jy aolit;ited and Price Lilt :. '-..


FEB. 14 THE TOBA-CCO LEAF. (J UT 0 ,._ I LocAL PRIDE IN GEORGIA.-The S R &a.' notabl e between the negroes JD M1d d le Georg1a and those on the MAJflJF.A.CTURERS or sea-board-11 diffe.l:::R. AND SOI.E MANUFACTURERS OF Till!: TOll MOORE AND LAFAYETTE dOSIPB d. ILMIRALL, II. W. IIERBIL & DRO., IMPOR'CER OF 'MANUFACTURERS Of "ONLY FINE" HAVANA 0 I G A -.::::J I.E.4.F TOBACCO; ...L" .. 6 Cedar Street, N. Y. AND DEALERs IN'X..xarr. LEAF TOBACCO, OF SPANISH CI8AR BOWERY, NEW YORK. :Broad Red, s-1 72 y a rd a, JSS ___ ..,;.. __________ 3-8 7 3 yards, 1.70 ""' _llarroW' Red. or Fig_aro, 7_!yards 1 .36 TERMS-NE'l' CASH. lTIR FOit;, C.H'ARt.;S .A. WULFF, .Ag't, Lithographer, Printer&. Manufacturer of I A Large Constantly on Hand. fil Ch, Bt,, oor. Wlllta, Jf. Y. l. LICBTENSTEII & BROTBBB, .MANUFACTURERS OF THE e '' ELB:" ana. .. OlTW ARD" OFFICE &. 1. coon & cu. SQUIRES, & CO., ,.OBACCO AND 92 Chambers st. GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 45 BROAD STREET, THE ABOVE IS AN IMPRINT OF OUR NEW YORK. OXGA.:EI. &TA 'MP O.A.N"OE'I' JiF'JR.. and by the Principal Nanofacturen. PKICE OP ITADIP, with Manufacturers' name Lor: AND HIS OTHER BRANDS OF TURKISH PAIITE, ALL 01!' WHICH ARE GIVING HIICREASED SATI!IFACTION, AS INSTAl'ICED BY TIUil RAPIDLY GROWING ,DE.IIIAND AND EN. TmE ABSENCE OF COMPLAINTS. CAUTION. -It ba.tDr come to mybowledro that, I laot&nceo, Llqaorlco Pule faloely feprnODted u belnll' of my IIIUUIII1acture haa been offered for oale by panlea tD oll1t tllelr"'"' J>W'POHio wbo hue 110 autllorlty tD oell my brudo, tile preaeot oeneo tD CA'D'TIOX all TobKco NmafactaNra against the same and to p. aotlce that llereafter every case of my manu rae ture wUI be bruded wltll my Trade-Mark, acqu.ired acler tllo Jawo of tbo Ull1to4 Statoo, nd aay uapria clpled pe1W11 coooaterfc!U... th1o Tra4o-Mart will be ri1orouly ...-w. PBIUQ.v.l BOLD O:.LY BY THE P01JND, &HIPJIJ!!JITI OF CIGAB.E'P'l'E8 AND PERIQ.UE IIIADE TO FOREIGN COUl!ITB.IEI, 11'1 BOND DIRECT FM.Olll NEW ORLEANS. 50 FOR SAL' E I CASES BEST QUALITY DARK 1871 CONNECTICUT WRAPPERS, Uf LOTS TO SUIT PURCHASERS. SALOMON & DELEEUW, HARTFORD, CONN. ADVERTISING RATES. Ol!IE IIQ.U.A.RE (1& Nonpareil Lfel OYer One Column, One Year, S32.oo I Over Two Columna, One Year, do do Siz Month1, IJ.oo do do Six Montbl, b.oo do do Three Month1, 1o.oo do Three Mootba, 17,00 TWO IIQ.U -'REI (a8 Nonpareil Llneo.) OYer Two Cohaaua, OneYear .................... ... ......... a111 .oo clo do Sis Montha, .58.oo I do do Three Mootbs, 31.00 P01JM. IIQ.1JABE8 (Ill Noape.rell Oer Two Colomns, One Year .... .......... ....... fuo.oo clo do Sia Mootha, fus.oo I do do Three Months, 6o.oo PIM.ST P.A.GE RATES.' WARRANTED PLJRE 11N, 'fQI WWJlW CICJ.lll ID4 an4 LDTDrl JODS. 0 I GARS, r Jnd Dllllrl In LElf TOBACCO, JAMES e. MeAN'DREW. One Sqa.are, Two Wide Columna. 011e Year ....... ........... .00 Twn Sqaara, clo do S3ao.oo I Three Square1, do do 00 liirNo Adertloeml'llb oa tllo Pare taken for I than One Ytar Payable Folly in Adancea No dYiation from these Term1 THIRD PAGB BATEII-Oae Square, (1& l'l'opareU Lboeo.) WlnEMANN BROTIERS, -;::::.I.14M as.. 1r. Nos. 34 h .......... -..... : Y_o_r ..... ..... _.... :. T,hree lliloatluo ........ .............. .. ............................ -.s.oo Sb Moatha .................. f.4o.oo I One Y ar... .... .. .. .. .. .. .. 75. oo Traaal 4dftrt.IM1Dnt8 on the Third Pac-e. JO Ceata per Line ior each huaertlon. Naaes aleae in Directory of .AclYerttnrs." J'lnt P,...., o... v... ................................................ -W. J. HOODLESS. BEN BERRY w. J. HooBtEss & KATIOHALTQBACCO lNSP.CTIOI, :Receiving & Forwa.rdi.Jig Foot of Van Byke. and Partition Broeklv11. Bill all '.tjobac c o ca r e N abonat Insoecb o n. OFFICES :-4& Broad Street,..X. Y.; Partition St;, BrooklTD-1 493-544 NOTICE TO TOBACCO MANUFACTURERS. Havi!lg a surplus stock of Machinery, we desire to offer for at very low prices for Cash the following :-3 Poworfnl HYilranlic Prossos. Diameter of Ram 12 inches, height from top of Platten to heaO. J)iece, 6 feet. Also 1 as PI. "C'C ::Bli:T to work in the above Presses, with improv ed style of rachet1. They are high enough to carry from twelve to fifteen blocks and frames of Navy or Double Thick Also, 3 SLIDE TABLES I& RAILROAD TRACKS. All of the above are in first-class condition. Address P. lORillARD &. CO., 16, '18 and 20 CUDEBS S'l'IEET, N. Y. L"'ORSALE. .r A Frtsk Supply of 100.000 Pounas Genuine u DEER TONGUE" Fla"Yer, for TOBACCO Mariufactur ers. in lots t o suit purcbasen, at lowut qv MARBURG BROTHERS, d.5, I.f1 aod 149 S. Cbarle !itreet, Biillthaore, Md. FOREIGN DI1TIE8 ON TOJIACC00 I Aotrla, r ........ ltaly .... SpaiD, tile tobacco _..,.,, llood by aade< dlrectiolt of a .R-.Ie. I a Genaaooytlle dty -Amerieaa leof tobacco Ia 4 tllolera per Ioo 11>0, I a Belai-tM lm.-t Ia reckooed after ded actl111 1 s Jl'!l' -t. for tare. Tbo clia&y 1o 113 fnDc:o, oentlm .. 11>.40 pld) per JOO IC:IIol'rammeo (ooa A-.. IN eqaal 45J' kDoo.) Ialiollalld tbJi datylo ol eeato,_rold, per 1ao klloe. (olo Amorleoa poundo OO< u)f Aaoerlc:&ll ouoces. :Ia Knlaad the datl are oa .ateauaed at atrtp-ped attd ooltemmed, c:ootalalar o lbe or more of 1D06date ta oa lbo. welpt tllenor tbeotdea s ber c:e.L, aad aa acldltioDal ....... el I{ per ceoot. 011 l'e1DOVO! rrata -ded P, pet' 11>; _,...,...-tbaa oo 1111 or mollture Ia eftttJ 100 1111 welallt loacl-.ift of tile clitia ebarpoliad abo .. l 5a!6dJHWib. 0.. -faataredr Caftadlolo (caP ... 6d. perlb! allotloor 111 ...... u.. ..


THE TOBACCO LEAF. FEB:t! Tobacco Manufact.urers. JOHN ANDERSON i, CO. M.A.NU.l'ACTURERS OF THF. DUCK m nm .TOBACCOS 114-116 LIBERTY STREET, LICORICE. Tnbacco Broken. LICORICE .PASTE. JOHN CATTUSr W AIJ.TS 4A CO. Tobacco manufacturers and the trade in general are particularly requested to TOBACCO BROKER f 27 Pearl Street; NEW YORK. NEW examine and test the superior propertlla .. to dlftlettlleattenu-oru.e DM!enla To..._ of this LICORICE, which, being now tlatoaPol-t u.e UntteII'AVOIUTJI:JIIi.La NEW YORK. POWDERED LlCOBWEo QUill ARABJC, OLIVE OIL, A. SHACK. TO!IQ.U.A. BE.A.llrl. And a'l Manu 'J'OB.lCCO Patent Powdered Licorice. I WKA VER & STERRY, Importers :NO, 2' CEDAR STREET, I IXL - KDBSCllAtnrt SMOXING TOBACCOS CUT FROM VIRGINIA PLUG. W. C. EKKET, Sole Ki.mffacturer, r PillE STREET, KEW YORK. Jll Jl CUT" C B I W II G AND GREAT CEITRAL TOBACCO WlREHOUSE toBACCO AND OI&.I.BS, LICBTIISTIII BROS '-tr <'I'! m.. ts PACX:J:RS AND DEALERS IN .Q.ll; oues. vnaroo TOBACCOS, l'ride V B., !ale Ball, Wiuahater, 121' BOWERY 12 j "V!rgini&, Lyou, Grec1au lltDd, JmiroVemeELt, Bapp&bnnock. Bet,_Gran4 and Beoter Sta. XEW YORK, llaaluEzhibitiODof ] A. Lukanm & Co., 3. Louden Exhibition, HI& HE IT A. W .A.BD8zl' HIGHEST A. W AHDii Iz11! i. 2. Sole A rats Ill AU America or the Finn of I'hlladelphia, 1876. SAATOBY a MANGOUBY' OF BUSSID CIGABiTfif"inOMTUWSB. TOBACCO, THE Fill EST Ill THE WORLD. OFFICE: 153 BROADWAY, NEW YORK. &ST.A.BLJI!HED IM& K. C. BARKER & CO., Maou.facturera ot the Celebrated FINE-CUT TOBACCOS, A 'M'ERICAN EAGLE,. AMD ;. .. & ... AIM all olloer ,nnt. an4 SmokiDg 'l'oba;col, f DETROIT, JUOH. Aside from pa<:klnJI out "AMERIC.ut EAGr. ao.J CLIPPER .. in the .rized wOOGt-D peckagoes, 10, _.o and 6o l bat_. '"'e alao put both of these gnde5 np "Yel'1 nicely ia 0Ha OUNCa Tu1 fon. PACIC.A'IAS1 1-.cked ia M anti .H Greu boxes. 1 l.lbenl price ,_ "'tbe Jcobblnr tude. 'LicoiiC'Ea1PASTE "PILAR'-' BRAND. "W'e ..... to call the allen !loa or Tohac:co llntaren and Dealers to lhla :;lJPEitiOR AND PU U utlcle. First Premaum AWARDED AT The Centennial Exposition. LICOBICB BOOT-Ara11oa ....t .Allcaate. Selected and Ordinary ZURIC.A.LDA Y A> AB&UlliiD.A.lJ, lOll PEARL STREET, NEW" YORL POWDERED, ESSENTIAL OILS, OLIVE OIL, LUCCA. CBE.A.lll IN CA.IiEI, 8EI.&.ME LEV ANT ll'l BBLI, Tonka Beans, Angostura&, in Casks, Balsam Tolu. in Original Tins, Clucoae, French, in Casks. l'iiCEB mDNT ON A:m.ICATION. Y. BRINCKERHOFF, :El!WI:PC>R. T::mJR.. _.,_ ODAa K. "2'. FANCY SMOKING PIPES .. -lNBRIER AND FANCY WOODS, MANUFACTURED BY HARVEY a PORD, SA.LESROOK-365 361 OAXA.L STREET, XEW roax:, FWOR.T-IfMI,R. PT.t,O"F.. PH1L&D"J!J.PHU1 BUEHLER tc POLHAUS, BRIER 0&: CLAY PIUS. And all Kinds of SMOKERS' ATICLES. 83 Chambers and 65 Reade Streets, New York REJ ALL & BECKER, MANUFACTURERS OF IEERSOHAUI & AlBER &OODS, AND IliPORTERS 011 FRENCH BRIAR PIPES & SMOKERS' ARTICLES Ko. 88 Chambers Street, X'e'III:IV Torl&. CIGAREIl'E FACTORY OF JOSEPH M. SICHEL & C 0, at 200 CHATHAM J ;-SQUARE, N3WYOBZ A. HEN & CO. 43 Liberty Street, opposite Post otftce, IKPO::a 'l'DS 07 SKOB:.lCBS .AaTXC%.:a:S, WILLIAM WICKE & CO., Manufacturers, ... 153 fa IS! GOERCK ST., lEW YORK.' -<>--PRICE LIST .....,,._ Spanish, American & German CICAR RIBBONS boa! Y eUow 5 S l!ror.!, Ex 72 '1'41. Broad Yellow 5-8 No.1, 72741. lSO Braa4 Yellow 5-S 2 72 y41. IG& 11'014 Yellow 5-8 3' 73 741. U5 l!:oa4 W. 5-8 i 72 LBO &-8 s: l7& Broa!-H 3 ua 6-8 '11 yda. LBO 6-8 .. :a L76 6-8 .. 3: '11 741. l66 Harrow le4 i-8 1, 71 l66 Harrow le4 iS 2, 72 UO Narrow W i-8 3, '11 LlO Harrow Tellow w 1, 72 7t1-U& Narrow Ttllow i-8 I, '11 j4l. U6 NamnrTellow i-8 3, l06 I.cmn Ttllow 7-8 l, M 7dL lSO I.cmdrel TID.ow 7-8 t 3i "'-l&Q I.cm4rel Y.UOW13-18 3, 3i UO Lou4rel Cb1co 3-i .. 34141-l36 LOD4rea Yellow 7-8 "10, 3i LlO Z.011.4rel y eDow 'I'.S .. l6. 3t ;tl. 1.00 r.onar. Tellow ":ao; :K o eo Lan4rea W. 7 8 i 3t tiL i '10 Lo!Wta W H 2, 3i 7da. lli Box Brobou w 3-1 72 .116 Box li'bbou Ytlln a.a '117& .ao EEtra Sty I .. of RlbbOtlo aade to Ordlr, JUbhou Cat and Prlated any 1ize and tHJle. All Orden promptly esecuted. Prices o( t..:igar ... s.a.ptn: of Rib bona will be sent en "oplicaUon. T.._. Caah. WILLI....: WICIB & en. IIPROVHD HOWH SCALES. Tho only Scale -de with Protected llearln,.. PAGE & CO ...... .... No. 3 Pa.rk Place, New York. Our Scalea are ued by the followlna eaiDeut D&cufacturers :P. LORILLA.RD A> co. New Vorl<: A> LY.A.LL,'New Yorl11 JAS. B. PACE, R 1cbmoud, Va ) P. &YO A;. BRO., Rtchmonc:i,'va.; E. W. VBNABLE A; CO,, Peteuolnn"f, Va. II'INZEB BB08., Loulnllle, PLUG TOBACCO MACHINERY John Robertson & TUIAL CAll 1101 WOIIS, DEALERS IN C TOBACCO, SECARS, SNUFFS,-&c. 127, 129 t 131 WATD S'l'., JIOCILllH, N.Y. PIOIBBI TOBACCO COIP!Il OF BROOKLYN, N. Y. I no. :!.. I.YJ'OID, l'm. r. G. JUWEB, Bel. BtJSIJfE88 OITIODI 25 Lake street, Chicaco. 124 Water St., New York; 141 OBK'rJlA%., WIIAB.I', BOBIIJ.IOX: Nor'th 'Wa.te:l!' St., PbJlac!elp:b.ia, :Pa.; MANUFACTURERS OF TfiE WELL-KNOWN '"MATCHLESS," ''FRUIT CAKE," And numerous .other CELEBRATED BRANDS of ..... .. PLUS 'r0BA.GG0. Manacture H Y D R A V L I() PaE.IEI, PlJJIP8A>V.A.LVE8,11'11111BIICB PaEIIEI POTS DIVIIIHl}l( ...... BOX PBII:Ii"IB8, IROK IE&ID::rrl, B&.DS aa4 PLUG X.UUII'.A.C-Our Macblaery. i1 Ia u.e by the moat extensive Plulf Tobacco ll>laDnfactllftn Ia tbe -rid. AI.., maoufacture Hydrauli c Prenes, Pu..,. aad ValYea for Lead Pipe, India Rubber, S ilver aDd Oil Manufacturen, and or ewt:ry purpoae whereta Pret:ses and Pup are v.aed. The Judges' Report of the very Jalabt orcler. aod Medal aod Dip)oma awarded II the CeateDDial EahlbiUon. HENRY WULSTEIN, .. ar w .. ...,.el4, ... ,) ., c :c UPTEGROVE & &EDNEY, o SPAIISB CEDAR o I'OR CIGAR BOXES. O All's far Ostrum's NailintMachine. .A.ll Ktnda ot: Cl11ar B\bH:ou. Lcm4rts 1l' eUow, 3t y41, $1.30 C&'blzw, ,., 72 l70 73 .. l70, JlrOIAIM, J-1' 72 U6 72 .. li5 ADd otloan at propOrtional prices. FMtlltlllllth St., East Blwer, ---BEW YOBIL 1 llt, CEKTRB STBBET, !lEW YORK. P. 0 Box 5' New York llir Sole Acent tD tbe Untied Stain or Ferdlnaocl Pllosch's, Ofl'eobacb-am-Matn Celebrated Machioa: for Maafadared Tobacco. Conatanlll oa hod tho Beot Hanel and Steam Ma. clllae for CD&tt .. ...t AWARDED HIGHEST MEDALS FOR -PLUG TOBACCO, TO:S.A.OCO, SIDliNG TOBACCO AID SNUPP. Onico: 16.18 &20 Ghambors Sl.,N811Yorl .EJIPLOY li,OOO H.A.JrDI. PAYU. 8. &OVEB101Ell"T 13,000,ooct THIS YEAR. CARL WEIS, MANUFACTURER O"f' ::all: E E B. & 0 El: .A. U AND AMBER. GOODS, 398 GRAND ST., :NEW AND YIENNA,u Austria. JOSEPH LOTH & CO., MANUFACTURERS OF ALL KINDS 01" CIGAR RIBBONS. CONSTANTLY ON HAND A FULL ASSORTMENT AT LOWEST MARKET PRICES. ll'aeUry I 1111- : WIUT ic&th ST., BBOO.IIIE IT ........... TorJL HERBST BROTHERS, tc SEED r D AL&X. E. vAN RAMDOHK. VB BAIIIR &: CO., LEAF TOBACCO, T o B !P.L c c;r: e 183 WATER STREET/ 1 e LIBERAL ADVANCEMENTS :MADE ON CONSIGNMENTS. 186 WATEI ST., lEW YORK, Cash Adftneed-C-lpments. 136 Chatham Street, New York


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