The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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v 0 L. XIII.--N 0. 7. [B8TAJIUBJDID 1884.] NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY. MARCH 28, 1877. vVBOLE NO. 631 (EIITABLIIIJED 186 ) IS PUBLISHED IVEI1' WEDNESDAY KOIHING, BY "the Tobacco Leaf" Pnbllsbin[ eo., Uf4 Fullott St., New York. EDWARD BURKE --------Editor JOHN G. GRAFF -Business Manager _. All Lettero ohould be plalal,. addre11ed THa ToaAcco L&AP .. PvausHI.HG Co. Term a of the Paper: StiiGt.a Cortu 10 O Yu.a SJX Y'ON"FHI 1 10 uRe .. ember that the cost to the ye-rly or aea\hly btcrlber la LUS TIIAM EIGHT CaNTS raa,W&IUt. ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS ABROAD. 0.&AT BRITA111 An..::ANADA ,, .._.N, HAMeVJtG ... M TH& CoNTlN&NT .. 5 .t\WTRALIA, ltTC,. YlA .i!.NGLA..'ID !I ..Of CUBA ....................................... 5 No orden for th wUl be conetdered, accompanied S,.. t..""erreapon4lng amouot. .r R.em.htant.-ea In every Instance, be made by moeJ aaUer, check or draft. BUt. are It able to be 1tolen1 and can ooJ7 be aent a.t &U arutcil rl!: .. ,.d.,., [ForAiiwrlititfr RaJ<&.,. S.vnlk Pdg-&) IIIIIIJIS llumtlr or ADVBTI8118 :sw YOBK. TtHlho & Jf5 Water. FrieD Co .. 146 Water Scoville A. H. & Co., J 70 Water. Sptn,.arn, E. tY Co., c Burling Slip. C. H. uS Water Squires, Tavlor & Co., 4S Broad Strai.ton & Storn., J?'8 & rSe Pearl. Strohn &:i Reitzellstein, 176 Front.. Sutton, john R., 211 Canal l'ag, F. bl: Son, 18.t. F:ruat. Tatr.Wont, F. W. & Co. 68 Broad. Thomp&on. S K .&: Co., 54 and Broad Upmauu, Carl, 111 Pearl. Van Ramdearl. Mnlu11Us. R.eJlleS Brother Mr: Co., j.6 &: 48 Excba Place Buyer oj TIJ6aceq. R.euaens G. SS Broalf. ToblltCo Bro&r1 Cattus John, u7 Pearl. Fl.cher Chu. E. & Bro., 131 Water' J', Frederick, 41 Broad Osborne, F., !4 Broad. Rader M. &: Son. 13 t Pearl. Shack A., U9 .Maiden Lane. Mr" of Smoking Chewing Toi""' .A..Dclenon john & Co. n.f., u6 and 117l..tbeny. .A.Ppleby A Hehnet 133 Water. BUcballan & Lyall, 54 Broad. Ba.elant!t D. 213 and t!i Duane Goodwm & Oo. 207 and aoc; Water Hoyt Tbom & Co., 4<>4 Pearl KiJloey Bro. 141 Weat Broadway Lorillard P. & Co., J6, 18 & :to Chambers. McAlpin D. H. & Co. cor .A.vouu D ud Tenth: Miller Mn .. G. B. 1ft Co. 97 Col-bla P\ODeer Tobacco Co.IRpaoy, -+ Water Att fr and S.ol.i-r Tobatcu, 11c. Allon a: Co., 173 and '7S Cbambero. Hen A. & C.. LlbenY Wise N. 111 Bowery Wloe a 1o6 Chamhe,.... MlffMtMreio B1oa. a. Co. Bowerl'. M ..... ll4. Yf. & Bro, Necxburaer M. 183 Pearl Seldeuberrlt Co. 114 aod 86 Reade Smitb 1' s l3owery Smith M. M. -4-2 Vesey Stacbello4 ud i6 Reade Dbert'J Kaufmaon lSros & .SondJ1 ug and 131 GraDel. RejaU & Hecker, 99 Chambers. JrnporttrJ of P111t1 N R. 14 Broadway. Shennan .tv. lnnis1 uo Wtlliam Arguimbau Walha & Co_ 2<} It 31 S. William lllcAndrt:w }ame C., .55 Water & Sterry. 24 Cedar. Zuricaldu & Argutmbau, r02 Pearl i'vmmt .4r icla. HiJ lier'a R. Sons k Co. &o Cedar. ScbleBelio W. H .t Co 170 and. 112 Wilha.. il/ Licn-ke Brlakerholf V. W. 47 Cedar Hlltier'11 lt. Sons & Co., 6o Cedar. Weaver & Sterry. 24 Cedaa Swl L<".f '1 1bauo SnJt-<11 ... Re118el &: Co. 178"' Water. Fioke Charles, IS'S Water .. IJnde F. 0.& Co., Water. NaJUmU TtJ6acctJ bufledit:m. Hoodleos W. ]. & Co., 4S Brod TrJbiuc() Guthrie & Co., Front. of Cit'" Bo..e. Erlchs H. W. South. Henkell Jacob, 2'f_. & 295 Mooroe. Strauas. S. 17Q & r81 Lewis. Wicke William & Co .. \53-161 Goerck. Box Bo4iA and Cuman Clg r A..lmlrall J.j .. 16 Cedar. Heppecheimer & Maurer, n&. J.f N. William. Lobenstein lJr Gans, rot Maiden Lane Loth Jos. & Broome Stnoss, Simon, 179 Lewh Wicke, Wm. & Co., 1.53161 Goercl. M;rnujturers if TobutJ Tt-Foil. Croeke J. J 38 Croaby& 163 & Mulberry tJ/ Tiu Foil. Wittem&Dn Brotb.ers, 184 Wllltam Tohu Jlaggit Howard, Sanger & Co., 46' to 468 Broadway Tohco T-Ile Hatch Lithopphlc Oo., o1: 34 .... Heppeoheimer & Maurer, u & 24 N William CiKar-BoJt #nri TrmhiK &: Maarer, 21 8r 14 N. Wilham. WaUfChu .A.., Sl Chatham. 1ibacco &ali"f Walt. zt-W.oi:Co., 197WIIIIam. Mtm(rt. of Ktmuy Bros. Cir,rm ... KIAney F. S.141 W-Broaaway. La Fnwu'' Ri." Eckmeyer & Co., 41 Broad and ..S New SQAtcll.y _,. Rtutian RUMian Am,.rlcan Pdanufacturinc Co. J. A. Lakauln & Co., sa Extbaage Place. M4nufac1Mrert of Cigarettu. Sichel Joseph M. & Co., 135 c-hatham. Sutton John R u7 Canal. Jmporttr of Turkisk Ltta nd Domatie Leaf To batco and Cigars. Davenport A Lecg, 119 Broad. D11d" s in 11il Kinds of Ltaf TohD/ko. Bemls Emery, 32 Central Wha.f. Smoldnt Tobacco nd Cigars Raddin, F. L. & ]. A., 136 Hanover. BBEMEN, Genaaay. Tobacco C4Jmmissia. Fa,lleustolll & Son. BlUDGEPORT. CONN. Paektrs f Sud Leaf Toouco. Hawes, E. Y. (-6 Water. BROOKLYX, N.Y. Pl11g Tohacco Mochintry. Tubal Oatn lrou Works, 127 to 13r Water .1Vlan1tfacturln .,f Chewing-and Smokiuz fMcc;q, Flail' John F. & Co., 176 and 178 First. CHUlAGO. W. WluJI61ale DMlers in Sud Ll/ nd Hav4114 Toba.e11. "' Bei.smann, Koenig&. Subert, 14 N. Canal 1n Llat T'J."'cc. nd Cigrs. of Cipr6 IR-"r m To6acct1. Maurer C.. }'., 187 Clark. DtlS S. >otll. Theobald A. H .. Third and Poplar. Wells A.] rhird and Girard Ave. United St..tes Cigar 15th & Vlne. Tob.ccD Brolt1r. Fougeray A. R. N. Frout Mf's Agt. [or Plrrtrt of Snulf. Weyman & Bro., 79aod 81 Smithfield. Manujulurers "E:cr:elsiur Spun Rll'' and Otker Tobaccos. Jenklnoon R. & W., >87 Liberty RICHMOND Va. CommiJsk11 MertUnts. Wise James M. &. Pelton, 3'f Thlrteenth. .lAaf '1. .Brourt. Dibrell Wm. E., I.f.IO Cary. Kills lt. A. Dlrs in Licorue Paslt 11na Mjd Wright J. & Co. 1 Tobacco Eschanae ROCHMTER.lf. Y. M11..ifctunn of Tobacco. WhalenlL .t T ., 18 State. SPl'iUNGFIELD. :M ..... Smith B. & So, ,.. Hampden STOCKPORT, ENG. Manuf. of Fat .. t l':!ac!tinery for Koll, Sjun atod Twist Andrew J E. H. ST. LOUIS, Mo. T"*Me Dormltzer C, & R.. & Co., Tohacto Cornio11 lJ(ercA:ant. Belvin & Go., '10 North Second 11/ L1a/ La.dd W. M., 23 North_ Maio Tobauo .Brokr 1.lll 17 So"th Se<:oud TOLEDO, OHIO. Mant4ftufur r and 7 IJMCCtl4o Messiager, Charles R. WESTFIELD. Mau. PukH-s mi Sud Ua.t Suschtaann John C. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 28, 1877. "11EL:m X...Alr c-m ... c!. ltoel( to enr,. ouelu any way lnterntod ID T.......,, either a Glower, Manufacturer, or Duler. It 1hea aaouallJ&D ....._ .. amonnt o1 formation reaardinl' Tobacco and 1b m.anufactarea. ud allli coaatltutes :ltaelf a _.. that hu lone ainu beea recognl&ed u atandlol' at the hor apee1a1 trade p11bllcationa. Iu market reporta .,. llall and eshaust lYe, aad come from eYery qurter of the globe wbere Tobuee la eold. It is the OKLY ,...kly publlcatiOJJ ucluolvely rleYote4 to ToCcornopoa cleace aollcited. KO'l'IOIJ. FRED'K DeBARY & CO., 41d 43 'Warren Street, New York, '' EL. SOLE ACENTS FOR THE PRINCIPE DE CALES" KEY "VV"ES'1, CIGARS, AND THE ,,, ,, CIGAR FACTORY OF NEW YORK. MR. c .M. SCHAFF RAN, of this Office, wil1 commeoce the distribt:; within the next few days. Our numerous frienas alonl' the route between New York City and Bo:s1on wlll oblige us by recogn1ziog Mr. Schaffran aa our dulY accredited Agent for tbe Sale of the DIRECTORY In tbe section indicated. 'l'BIJ TRADE FOR 1877, NOW DELIVERY. A Complete Guide t.-. the Tobacco Trade of the UDlted ltates, Dominion oC Canada, aad City of Havana; States, Towns and Addreuu of Every Person i11 any way c.oDnectecl with tbe indll8try, alphabetically arranged, and each ltitere&t so disposed aa to appear"'Conveolently claaified where it geographically belongs; thus maldn&" every State, City, Sectioa. and Township in itself. Number of Internal Revenue, Collection Districts of every Tobacco, Snuff, Cigar and Cigarette Manufacturer in the United States and Territories given. The Lar[est, lost Perfect and Most Comprehensive Trade Directory :zv:a::a P"C"l!J:LlSJD:lJ. P:RIC:Z, $4. l"JUCE BY liii.AJ:L, .420. When sent by Express the usual charges will have to be paid b)' the .1-te ceiver. AGENTS. BALTiliiORE, JIID.-Messn. ED. WISCHMEYER & CO., Tobacco Commission Mcrchants,39 South Cah ert St1en. CHICAGO,ILL.-S. L. BULLINGRR, 69 Lake Street. CINCINNATI, 0.-Mr. F. A. PRAGUE, Leaf Tobacco Inspector, 93 We:-t Front Street. DANVILLE, VA.Messrs. PEMBERTON & PENN, Tobacco Com. minion Merchants. LOUISVILLE, KY.-Mr. WM, J. LEWERS, S.cretaryof the Tobac co Bgard of Trade, EleveDth and Main Streets. LYNCHBURG, VA..-Messrs. B. H. & G. H. NOWLINS, Tobacco Commission Mer<:hants. MONTREAL. CANADA.-Messrs. S. DAVIS & CO. NEW O.RLEANS, LA.-Messrs. KRE.IoiELBER(;, SCHAEFFER &: co. PETERSBURG, VA.-Messrs. LEROY ROPER & SONS, Tobacco Commission Merehants. PHILADELPHIA, PA.-Mr. A. R. FOUGERAY, Tobacco Broker, 33 North F'ront Street. RICHJIOND, V..&..-Mr. R. A. Mif4LS, Tobacco Broker and Commis siou Merchant, Tobacco Exchan_gt:, Shoe oe Slip. ST. LOUIS, MO.-Messrs. C.lll R. DORMITZER & CO Dealers and Commission Merchants in Lt'afTobacco, IH and 1:13 Market Street. L IVERPOOL, ENGLAND.-Messrs. COPE BROTHERS & CO., 10 Lord Nelson Street. THE DIRECTORY. From all sources we are in receipt of communica ticns rendering praise of our new ToBACCO TRADE DIRECTORY. Special praise is accorded the improved classification, by which any address sought may be found in a moment. As in Philadelphia, given the number, it is pos&ible to tell the exact location of a house in any given block ; so in the Directory, tr e name known, the page upon which it will be seen can be determined nlmost before the book is opened. The hinding, typography, and comprehensiveness of the book are also favorably referred to by all those from whom we have beard since its delivery commenced on Saturday last Thi5 uniform appreciation and prompt acknowledgment of the merits of our work are circum stances that are very gratifying to us, as it is thus made wanifest that' our efforts to produce a serviceable Trade Directory have not been expended in vain. Non sub scribers will do well to forward their orders to us at once, as we can not now tell how soon our entire edition will be exhausted. Sent hy mail the cost of the Directory will be $4.2 per volume; when sent by express it will be subject 10 express charges to distance INTERN A.L REVENUE RECEIPTS FOR THE PAST SEVEN :MONTHS. Through the courtesy of the Commissioner of Inter nal Revenue we are enabled to collate and presenl herein f0r the benefit of our readers a statement of the monthly and total receipts from the of tobacco and cognate sources for seven months of the current fiscal year. This is the fir!it time the tobacco trade bas been afforded an opportunity to ascertain the actual extent of its monthly contributions to the N a tiona! Treasury, or the aggregate amount of money paid in so long in advance of the annual report of the Internal Revenue Commissioner,and the favor conferred upon us at our request by Commissioner Raum in placing us promptly in possession of such timely in. formation, will be duly appreciated by those for whose contemplation the informa1ion is designed. Beginning with cigars anrl cheroots of all descrip tions we find from the exhibit fllrnished us that there SEIDENBERG & CO I' 84 a 88 READE l\TEW YORK, Importers of. Havana Tobacco, ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF THE Ll ROSA ESP!ROLA KEY WEST llAVANA-OIGARS. per Saved .c:Ec;;...&.:H.. ae::x: ............. No No Plan1ns I 1'11& ENTIRE LOG CUT INTO LUIIIBJIIR 1 OUT, DRIED A.liD RliiA.DY FOR USE Ill TilE SAME DAY TIUC JIOIT IMPORTANT INVEI'ITION EVER BROtJGHT TO THR ATTEJITIOll OF OIGARBOX III.A..K.&B.I. LARGE DEALERS ARE INVITED TO EXA.llllliE OUR III.A.CHiliEII Ill OPERATION. GEO. W. READ & CO., 186 to 200 LEWIS ST., foot Fifth and Sixth Street, E, NEW YORK. ll

spec1al ta x $13, 8 36 o8; retail dealers 10 leaf tobac co, who are charged t;so:> spec1al tax against $25 to who le sale dealers $666.67; manufacturers of c1gars, spectal tax, $r7,oo6.u; manufacturers of tobacco, $751.75, dealers in manufactured tobacco, $199 8oo.17; peddlers, ISt class, $68.7 5; peddlers, zd class, $3,4 7 3 0 r; ped dlers, 3d class, $2,408.96; peddlers, 4th class, $942.57; The collectiOns from all the sources above named were as follows :-July S3,u2,366 os, Aagust September $3,672,604.29, October N o vember $3,I2$,I38 December $z,85I1909.17, January $3,o4o,g ,v.s6; total, $23,257,7 55.22. om the returns for November, December and January, the .cuneus may try to calculate the influence of the uncer tainty attendmg the Presidential election. For convenience of observation we group the fo' low ing items : Received in seven months from tobacco ap parently manufactured m the interim Tobacco.------.... ----$t5,852,o77 42 Snuff. __ ----.--. ---------634,547.24 Cigars __ -.. 6,364,68o 36 Ctgarettes, tax $1.75 perM... 158,492 38 Cigarettes, tax $6. oo per M... 1,140 oo Reducing these aeveral amoants to their equivalents n 'pounds and thousands the following result 1s hown:-Tobacco .. -------66,0501322 pounds Snuff________________ 1:,982,o6o pounds C1gats.-----------t,o6o,78o,36o M. Cigarettes ..... --9o,567,074 M. Cigarettes.--------.. 173,333 M. .A.t this rate of production, the close of the current fiscal year ending June 3oth next should show the fol lowing aggregates :IIJ122911:n Snuff................ 31399,360 pounds Cigars _____________ 1,8u,48o,6rs M. Cigarettes.--------155,257.839 M. Cigarettes-------. 297,138 M. The same rates oftax yielded in 1876 in-Tobacco _________ ... I071040,2JJ pounds Snuff.---------... 31317,o86 pounds Cigars--------- 1,825 so,302 M. (:igarettes...... 77o417,r66 M. A comparison o{ the latter two tables shows a considetable apparent inctease in the production of to bacco and snuff, a decrease in cigars, and a very large in cigarettes, the gain exceed10g one hundred per cent. REPORTED FAILURE.-Mention is made of the fail ure for fJo,ooo of a house in this city, identified with the c1gar manufacturing and willow ware trades. OF INTBR&;T.The leadinx article in this issue ofTHK LEAF 1s of mterest to trlldesmen, as it shows what the tobacco trade has done dunng the current fiscal year .despite the prevalence of dull times. How T o BLUE GLASs.By cutting off his cigars :and saving half his car-fares every man may fill his bouse w1th blue glass windows. By a strange paradox, blue panes mak.e life supremely bhssful. CoRRECTION. The advertisement of Mr. D W. De. Forest, c1garette manufacturer, as pub!tshed last week on our fifth page, should have read, Pnce ll.oo, less 10 per cent. per M instead of $ro. oo, less 10 per cent. IN PARis.-X. lights a c1gar, then to his valet, with a horrible gnmace; "Jea.n Baptiste, where in thunder did you get that cigar ?" 'In the Qlue porcelain box, -s1r." "You illimitable 1diot! How often have I told J'OU that the c1gars in the blue box are for my friend!> ?" PROSPECTIVE PARTNERSHIP DISSOLUTION.-Messrs. Frischen, Roess & leaf tobacco dealers, 17 5 Water Street, are reported as contemplating a change in their firm by the retirement of Mr. Schultz, who will engage in busmess on his own account. TRULY SAm.-When you go to a book auction, don't 'bid on an old Greek work just because it is going dog -cheap. A Greek book to a man who does'nt understand the language, is of as much use as a meerschaum ptpe and a pocketful of smoking toeacco is to a yellow dog. ROBERT HuRM.-We have the pleasure to announce that this gentleman, member of the firm of N a term ann .& Hurrn, leaf tobacco merchants, Bremen, is now in this city, where he w1ll remain for a short time, and then make a of the tobacco 5ectioos of the West and Southwest. BRISTOL, EAST;SSEE.-The planters of this new town of 4,ooo inhabitants have commenced within the past two years to raise tobacco, and believe the soil of that section is capable of yielding excellent wrap pmg workmg and shtpping leaf. The yellow wrappers grown there they claim are unexcelled. REJALL & BxcKRLThis popular firm who, as eur ;readers are aware, are manufacturers of meerschaum and amber goods, and importers of smokers' articles, at No. 99 Chambers Street, have bee'? by their m creasing patronage to approfnate to thear use the en tire upper portion of the estabhshment now occup1ed by them. ToLLAND CouNTY, CoNN.-A Somers ..vrites us that Messrs. ---, of Spnngfiela, Mass., have bought a few lots of tobacco in Somers at 10 cents for wrappers and 4 cents for fillers. In Tolland," adds "most of the old tobacco in the south part of the town' has been sold to parties in New York at from 4 to u cents a pound." ToBAcco.-We are assured by those who ought to know, says the that IS a large quantity of tobacco m thts section awattmg sh1p111ent to market. The crop last year was a good one, and very little comparatively has been sh1pped. The sale of th1s tobacco will reheve very perceptibly the present finan ..cial depression. CHEATING IN SPIRITS AND TOBACCO -The Commis sioner of Internal Revenue says he will try to d1mmish the fraud on the revenue in certam secttons of the South m spuits and tobacco. To this end he has increased the number of spec1al deputy collectors in the places where the frauds are perpetrated. Will this effect the object sought ? STK:MMERY AND RE DRYIIfG EsTABLisHNENT.-From Mr. William Davies, aJgent for Messrs. George Camp bell & Co., of London, Liverpool and-Glaagow, we have received two tutefully framed photographic views of the new tobacco Stemmery and Re drying establishment re cently erected his ffirm at Henderson,_ 'ky. Judging ,by the illustration sent us, the stemmery IS well adapted to the purposes for which it is mtended. The building was erected in fifty days, is 180 feet long and 90 feet in breadth, and has a capacity for drying I,ooo,ooo pounds -of strips at one time. THE TOBACCO LEAF. MARCH 28. UNITED. Mr. Edwm Etnstein, the accomplished partner o t Mr. L. Hirschhorn, of the firm of L. Hirsch born & Co., ciga; manufacturers of th1s city, was recently united in marnage to M1s s Fanny Hendncks, the beautiful daughter of Mrs. U. Hendncks of Ftfth avenue. The honeymoon trip of the happy conple will embrace a tour of Contmeutal Europe. They Will leave York on April 25, and the best wishes of their hosts of fnends will accompany them unlll they return to us again. MEETING OF TOBACCO FACTORS.-A meeting of some of the Broad Street leaf tobacco factors was held on Monda} afternoon at whi c h matters relatmg to the Western leaf tobacco trade were buefiy dtscussed. The meeting was by calling Mr. Murphy to the cha1r and Mr. Garth, Jr. to officiate as Secretary A committee conststmg of Mr. Blakemore, Mr. Pettus, Mr. Taylo r and Mr. Garth was appointed by the chair man to prepare a paper expreisJve of the object of the gentlemen 10 attendance to be submitted at the next me e ting. In our next succeedmg issue we shall be able to announce the subject under consideration, the transactions thus far bemg only prelimmary to possible future Important action. --How TO RAISE ToiM.cco PLANTs.-r Corr e spondmcc of the Rural World]-Take some of the seeds that you want to sow, and throw them on hve fire coals, and, if they pop, they are good; then burn a b1g brush pile, or log heap, about the ume t3e ground is thawing out in February or March. Then d1g up the ground and pulverize 1t well; rake the bed level, and sow the seed; th e n brush in the seed with a brush by hand ; then tramp the ground hard, and smooth and cover the bed thm with fine brush, to keep off the frost and reflect the heat of the sun If any leaves or trash blow on the bed, take them off. After the frost IS over, take off the brush also. If the ground gets too dry, water it, and if any gra,s or weeds come up m the bed, pull the 'll out.-Knox county, Ill. WM. EssEx. THE PROPOSED GERMAN ToBACCO TAX.-The Spei rer Zulung says:-"The prOJeCt or the German Govern ment to ra1se the duty on fore1gn tobacco in order to cover a deficiency of 25,ooo,ooo thalers in the Reichs Budget, is assuming a substantial shape and has be come a subJeCt of animated discussion m the press. We are in recetpt of a South-German newspaper, the Speiur Zeitung, which contains a leading article upon the matter strictly in favor of a higher duty on fore1gn tobacco. ')uch a proceedmg, as a necessary conse quence, w11l result ultimately m the raising of the tax on domestic tobacco, and this will, without doubt, pre vent a great many small farmers from growing tobacco any longer, and lead them back to a regular farmer's occupation, which will tend to tke imJ_Jrovement of the agi iculLure of Germany. SMALL TALK IN THE COURIER-JOURNAL.-There is a pleasant way of meeting the annoyaoce of tobacco smoke. Non-smokers, by da1ly partaking of onions will find that they can emit almost as much as the pipe-wagglers and the cigar-burners. Irt cases where there are five smokers to one non-smoker in a room, garlic is more useful than the onion, and close conversations will sufficiently discover Its merit!l. The onion has been too much neglected. It is healthful, and no one is ever so rude as to complain of it. Raw, and d1pped m pure vmegar, it 1s delicious food. Fried, its flavor and aroma are even more distinctly brought out. It wouldn't be much additional expense to the railroads te provide onion cars" for the onion-eaters, aad the street-cars could easily post a notice directing persons with onions to occupy the platforms. CoMPLETED ...: A visit made du1 ing the week to the nearly completed extension to the cigar manufactory of Messrs. L1chtenstem Brothers & Co., :a68 and 270 Bow ery, fully justified our anticipations of its perfect adapt ab1hty to the purposes for wh1ch it was inter.ded, as desen bed m THE ToBACCO LEAF last Autumn, when ground was first broken for the erection of the structure now added to the former main buildings occupied by the firm. Some slight accessories have yet to be adjusted, when the establishment will be thoroughly eqUipped and m running order. Several hundred operatiVes are now employed on the vanos floors, and there is ample room for as many more. The manufactory proper is five stories high, and in l e ngth embraces the entire depth of the block from the Bowery to Ehzabeth Street. It is supphed w i th every apphance for service and comfort, having engines, elevators, hot -air heating apparatus, and allother modern ) mprovements. DESIDERATA IN SMOKING.Accord:ng to Dr. Ber thaud, in the 7 n6une Metii c ale, whatever be the mode of smoking, direct contact of the tobacco with the "mu cus buccalis "-mucous hmng of the cheeks-and the teeth must be a_voided ; should be smoked in an amber, ivory or enamelled porcelain mouthpiece ; to smoke, by relighting them, of cigars that have been extinguished, together with the system of black ened and juicy pipes, must be avoided, as it is the surest way of bemg affected by nicotine ; every smoker would cio well, if practicable, to rinse his mouth after smoking. and it would be well to subject pipes and bowls in wh1cll tobacco bas been burned by frequent washmgs either with ether or with water mixed with alcohol or with vmegar. The cigarette is preferable, by reason of its slight quantitative importance and the paper, which in terferes with the contact of -its contents with the buccal mucous membrane; but to reahte all the desiderata in this case 1t would be necessary to have the papelito" made of flax thread and to abstain from the practice which has become so universal-o! retaining the aspira tion at the back of the mouth, so as to pour It out of the nostrils afterward. THE NATIVES OF LAPLAND. -The men are physically a fine race, and are generally honest and iudustrious, with an air of independence and straightforwardness. L1ke the poorer Swedes elsewhere, they are greatly gtven to the use of tobacco in all forms, and besides smoking and chewtng in the usual approved methods, they actually eat large quantities of snuff, helping themselves, as the Highlanders ts and large hands and feet. The older women look worn, but never have the haggish and almost bru talized look which ts not uncommon in old women in other countries who have led hard, out-door lives. The general expression of countenance is somewhat pathetic, though they seem contented with their strange, solitary and joyless hfe, and we could never get any of then, to confess that they would care to chanie it, nor even to complain of what, as it appeared to us, must be the terrible monotony and hardship of the long, dark winter. MIGHT HAVE KNowN lT.-A desolate looking man appeared oa Market Street, Philadelphia, Friday, with a cigar box under his arm, and murmurmg at intervals, "It's too bad; 1 might have known it, though." Then he unbosomed himselt to a bystander, and the facts were ehc1ted. The man had come from Burlin&ton County, N. J., and was met on WatP-r Street by a fellow having the appearance of a sailor. The latter had smuggled, he said, a few boxes of cigars, bad one con taining roo left, ana would aell it cheap, especially as his craft sailed for the West Indies at noon. The Jer seyman tried one of the cigars, found it good and then handed over for tbe box, s upposing he was getting genuine Havana s He carri e d It arOL:nd and probably shook it somewhat, as when be opened it a gain about three layers of cigars, and those very Inferi o r, were found, the layers being ker;t up by a p t ece of card board, past ed m the box about two inches from the top. The balanc e of tke interior was filled with-air. The ruralite took the afterno o n train for home, assertmg that every time he visited Philadelphia he would w a tch for that fellow and have him sent to )all if 1t cost a whole year's crops. ON THE STRASSE.The Ring Strasse writes a V1enna correspondent of the New York World, pro rotses to become the handsomest street in the world It is twice as broad as Fifth avenue, with a bndle path on one side. It encircl e s the entire city prope r hence its name. Tll.ere is a new univers1ty buildmg gomg up. a Pahas de Jus !Ice, a Parhament house, a royal museum and two other buildmgs. They are to be of solid stone, and not of stucco whtch m Germany is so common The Ring Strasse is the fashio!lable afternoon promenade, and the people are remarkably nice-look. ing.The chief types are the Jewish '' swells, the officers, and the mothers with marna geable daughters. There are very few of the less respectable lad1es of the city to be seen on the Ring Stras s e. They swarm m the streets around the Graben, however, in large numbers. Whether the mamageable daughters are pretty or not is a subject wh1ch has been much dis cu!sed. The girl who IS above the average here in the matter of good looks has generally pretty hair, pretty eyes, a good complexion and a good figure, but it is hard to lind a pretty mouth or a gtd who dresses iu good taste. These fam1ly p:uties oi th1ee are very amusing. The savage old mamma walks in the middle w1th a daughter on e1ther side. Notwithstandmg the old lady's vigilance, I think the giris are apt to cast side glances when a brilliant umform passes by. The men affect the English style, and some of them succeed tolerably well, as there are good tailors in Vienna. Almost every man smokes whether he is with a lady or not The fashionable "weed" is what is called here a" Virginia," kind of long thin cigar, with a straw running through the mic\dle. They draw very badly and last a long t1me. The highest price paid for them is 24 kreuzers, or about 10 cents, and a man who can smoke a pipe all day and feel no bad effects will ordinanly succumb under a "Virgima." Business Changes. BALTIMORE, MD.-Geo. T. Bickley, Tobacco and Ci gars ; deceased. GALESBURG, [LL.-Kimble & Co., Tobacco ; closmg out business. Scbutts & Mayer, Tobacco; dissolved. NoRTHVILLE, MICH.-E. S. Horton, Tobacco, etc. ; sold out. NEW ORLEANS, LA -J. Wid Ballester & A. S. FerRBn dez, Cigar Manufactuers, dissolved ; Ballester con tinues. GALVESTON, TExAs.-Reinecke & Lossow, Tobacco nists, dissolved; Lossow con1inues. Bf?ported Failures and Business Ar ranpmenttt. MoNTREAL, CA.-Jacob Ollendorff, Tobacco; judg ment against. LYNN, MAss.-William Tabour, Tobacco; chattel mortgage for Ssoo. WoRCESTER, MAss.-Brown H. & Co., Cigars; mort gaged or made btU of sale. BuFF ALO, N. Y.-Francis Kohlbeck, Cigar Manuf2c turer; judgment against for l2o2.35 RoCHESTER, N. Y.-Wm. A. Weeks, Cigars ; judgment aga in s t fo r t; 12 1.9 I. SPRINGFIELD, ILL.-W. T. Smith, Tobacco and C1gars ; offering to compromise at so cents. CHARLOTTE, MICH.-George E Brackett & Co., To bacco, etc. ; ass1gned. SAN FRANCisco, CAL.-Fong Y U1 & Co., Cigars; at ta c hed. E:schan.-e Market News. N i amisbut'g Bulle tin, March 23 -Weather variable and unfavorab le to stripping. With the exception oi one or tvro pops, including d a maged leaf, recently bought at 7c. no sales or offers relatmg to the late crops are reported. Old crops are bemg p1cked up at 7@8c. Quite a number of really good crops of '76leaf co1:1ld now be bought hereabouts at 7@8c, but the best grades are held at prices ranging all the way from ro to n@xsc. St. Patrick's Day has passed without the usual sowing the weather bemg too cold for thal sort of work. We understand that a move will soon be made upon the late crops in Darke County at 7@8c Manella (Pa.) Ttmts, Manlz 24.-For some time past the tobacco buyers in this vicmity have been eR deavoring to cause a decline in pnces but without avail. The rates paid a month ago are still adhered to, and we hear of many better offerings being made but the growers still hold on hoping that better price s will pre vall a month hence. Tkere were some sales this week, and it is probable there wtll be many more next as there are quite a number of buyers in this vicinity. There seems to be a disposition among farmers to rent tobacco land to none but experienced growers who will take pains to raise a good crop, Edgerton (Wis.) Independent, Match 23.-The to bacco market continues moderately active. Prices continue firm. Buying is progressing slowly and trade moves along without any exc1tement. There are many good crops yet in farmers hands and the p1cking is st1ll good. Weather for working purposes has been excel lent. Quotations-14 cases '76, sc; '76 crop, 6c; 20 cases '76, 7c; seven acres '76, p. t.; five acres '76, 14 case!! '76, ; r6 cases '76, Slztpments--New York, 44 cases; Elmira, N.Y., 44 cases; Philadelphia, 22 cases; Chicago, r6 cases ; Lancaster, Pa., 44 cases; total, week ending April 3 r, 170 cases. t:orrHpoad.eaee. GJt.0WlNG l'ORVIGN TOBACCO IN TH& CONNECTICUT VALLEY. WINDSOR, Marek 20, 1877. EDITOR TOBACCO LEAF:-There have been several attempts made here to ra1se Spanish tobacco, wh1ch IS a very neat and delicate looking plant m the field, as every plant is very heal t hy looking, and few mongrel plants are to be found in a whole field of it. It was thought by many that It would be the most profitable kind to ra1se for the following reasons :-The grount;\ leaves do not drop down into the ground as those of the Connecticut Seed leaf do, but stand erect thus avertmg bruises, tearing and ground sweat, and as the whole of tbe leaves grow in th1s manner, the grower would have an opportunity to hoe and work the tobacco at any time, not being prevented by wilting down in the warm part of the day. Then, we could set the plants about twice as thick in the field as the old Seed plants, and the leaves would grow a great deal thicker on tbe stalks. Spanish tobacco cures of a nice even colOI', each leaf curing of one color from bottom to top, and generally dark brown, unlike the Connecticut Seed, which some times has many d1fferent colored leaves on one stalk, thus giving a very large proportion of wrappers. The texture of the leaf is, very nice, it having a good prominent grain, and it also contains a good deal of elasticity. lt was thought by the growera here that they had found something supenor to the old Seed, the pioneer growers having sold some Spanish Seed crops a s h h as so to 65 cents per p o und for w rappers. The firs t growers hereabouts were Wm Hoskins, Thrall Brothers, and M Dunn, and the1r crops w e re sold In 1874-some to Messrs. Clark & Samiels, and some to Messrs. wood & B1rge, and tnese buyers hoped they had got somethmg really desirable. They bought 1 t 1n a green s tate. Now, I will tell you what they have to say about i t at this t1me. Their observations tend to di s courage 1ts growth, and thetr reasons are very good ones. I chatted with Mr. Birge, and I learned that h1s opinion was that the sweat is imperfect, the leaf look l ng when swea t ed as though it had been varnished. When first wrapped on a c igar it looked very well, but in a few days 1t would begin to crack and sp01l the smoke of the c ;gar; this bemg a senous objection to the manu fac t urer. I next saw Mr. Clark and he said the same, with the addition that one case was enough to satisfy any manufacturer for ever So the growers can not sell it 1f they ratse 1t, and wtll have t be contented with the old Seed leaf and take the market as it may be, for we have all got enough of Connecticut Seed on our hands with o ut trying to raise something we can not sell, and s o we content ourselves with calhng the attempt to ra1se Spamsh a fa1lure, although the growers, so far, have received the est of growmg the crop. H. THE MANUFACTURE OF CIGAR ETTES. the secr e ts of the ill effects of the cheap cigarettes. The b11rning of the lin en paper clearly demonstrates the presence ol a f o reign substance that must b e hurtful. It 1s a common thing for the g 1 rls employed i n the factory to support a family by their labor, and the par ents will driv:: them out to work when they are really mcapable of doing so. In all such cases the girls are sent home and the physician prescribes for them free of charge. ll"he report of this physician, for the last six months, shows that among 450 hands in th1s vast there were dunng the t1me mentiOned only four acc1dents, s1xteen sick applications, five days lost by sickness, and not one death. This, certainly, is a most excellent showing of how a first-class factory, properly conductec\ on sanitary and common-sense pnnc1ples, may be made, not a task house, but a place where 01en and women may earn their daily bread wtth the cer tamty that they will be well looked after. It must be borne in mind, however, that this is the description of a firs t-class cigarette factory. Would there were more hke it, and our first art1cle need never to have been wntten, to attract the attention of those who are being poisoned by cheap 1ll-made cigarettes. WOOD PIPES [ Condvded from a f o rm e r Issue] 12. Tmt Asa.-The Ash (Fraxmus excelnor) has in youth a white wogd, at a riper age a brownbh-yellow [From tlze New York M e rcury ] wood, which at the heart inc l ines more to a brown. It An article in the New York MercU1y recently, regardhas broad annual zones, small specular fibres, and ott ing the mjurious effects of Cigarette smoking, has caused the inner surface of the annual zones, wide pores. As qutte a commotion, not only amo'lg smolters. but among it is dense and hard, espectally when it grows on stony, manufacturers. In order to g1ve both sides of the stenle soil, it can be delicately and beautifully worked, question, a Mucury reporter was dispatched to make and does not tear. It is firm, uncommonly tough, in further investigations. He visited the largest cigarette young trees coriaceous, tending toward a silken bril manufactory in the country, that of Kinney Bros., 14r liancy The ash veined woods, which are often con West Broadway Here, if anywhere, could be seen the verted into keads, are equal in hardness to the box operation of cigarette making in all its details. This vemed woods, and have the advantage over these or question ot; cigarette-smoking is one of so much saninot being rimose, even when perfectly dried. They tary importance that it is almost criminal to overlook have a very beautiful and pleasing appearance, with the adulteration of the genuine article that is so exten veins, speckles, and waves; therefore they are not sively indulged in by unprinci;Jled makers. A member surpassed by any foreign wood. Ash veined woods are ot the firm consented to give the fullest opportunity for mto four sorts: the white, the red, the investigation of the manufacture of first-class cigarettes. dark red, and the brown, and each of them takes, The first thing inspected was a portiOn of the vast stock according to the mode of treatment, different colors, of tobacco consumed in the manufacture. Staring the and a difterent play of tints, according as the wood is writer in the face was a barrel of Virginia ;tobacco worked transversely or longitudinally. Of the contaming 1,o77 pounds net of smoking material. The four sorts the brown has the advantage therein, that next thing to be seen was the Turkish tobacco, which through treatment with weak sulpllate of iron a beauti is imported in medium sized bales. There is a marked ful da!k hue is obtained. Many kmds, however, need difference between Turkish and Havana and Virgima treatment with no chemtcal mgred1ent, and mere polish tobacco The leaf of the first is much smaller aJild of mg with oil gives them the highest degree of beauty. finer fiber than that of either oi the latter, and will but When in ash woods of this description the woody fibre little more than cover the palm of the hand. The wnter is short, the longitudinal side of the piece is as much was informed that it would be an expens1ve matter to punctated as the transversal side, and uot waved as is adulterate this with opium, as the latter costs four commonly the case, whereby the whole resembles the times as much as the tobacco, and hence it would finest:,marble. The white ash veined wood bas over hardly be a profitable operation. It. is, however, some that just spoken of the superionty that it admits of times done in the so called Turkish smokinl!' tobacco, easy chemical treatment and of coloring, is less Iimroae which is sold at a high price, an inferior quality of to than the previous sort, yet (for pipe purposes) must;.lie bacco bemg used. Standing close to these bales was at least four weeks in a mo!st war m place. Moreover, a large barrel filled w1th tobacco stems. These are fre it is not so heavy; its natural color is a brilliant silky quently used by the smaller cigarette manufacturers, white, which sometimes deepens into a tint like coffee but m fir!tt-clas!l houses they are either sold or thrown with rmllk in it, and sometimes has streaks of grayish away as worthless. Before going further it may be blue, as 1f it were marble. well to describe the process of cigarette-making, which rs. ELDERTREE.-The Black ( Sam!JUnJ$ embraces eight distinct branches. Ftrst, comes the nigra) has in youth a soft wood and large medullary takin_g of the tobacco direct from the hogshead, from (p1th filled), tubes, which in the course of years more whence it passes to the process, second, of casing, or and more lose their pecul iarity. The wood becomes dampenmg; third, is the stnppmg; fourth, the pressmg hard,, tough, and b y r e ason of its fineness, is and cutting; fifth, the weighmg of the tobacco in the easily workable. When carefully dried, it remains free amounts to be given to each hand; sixth, the manufac from rents. In color elder-wood resemblea hazel-wood, turing; seventh, the cutting and trimming of the ends en hardness and toughness, birchwood. of the cigarettes; and eighth, the examination and 16. HoRNBEAM.-The Hornbeam (Carpmus velulus) packmg. On the next floor is to be seen the process or Wlute Beech, has a hard light yellow wood, with of casing and strippinr,. A long room, at one end of broad specular filaments. The central wood of old which a hydraulic press-of which more anon-is at trees is mar ked with beautiful br9wn stripes, and, when work and at the other two rows of women, squatted on stained black, has a great resemblance to ebony. low benches, \are hard at work, some "casing," the 17. BUCKTHOI!.N.-The common Buckthorn ( Rham otbers "stnpping." The former are surrounded by vast nus has a white wood when young; the piles of the and are straightening it out. It older w o od grows brownish or reddish. This w o od has has been dampened by a process pecuha1 to the K i nney a glittering silky appearance, is dense, finely zoned, Bros. The old-time-and would it were altogether obalmost as hard as box, is eastly turned, takes a bnlliant solete-practice was for the operator to fill his or her polish, and, along with the splend1d!y veined roots, can mouth wtth water and squtrt it in a spray upon the leaf. lle used for p1pes. Imagine, gentle nicotian, smoking tobacco that had 18. THE LINDEN.-The species of Linden are di b e en limpr e gnated with saliva from a diseased mouth vided into the Summer and Winter Linden ( Tilia Here, though, 11 is altogether different ThJ< Kinney or Grandifolta anti Tilia cordata sparvifolia), Bros. h a ve an mventlon of their own, something after and are, so far as the characteristics of the wood are the style of the vaporizers sold at drugg1sts, but of concerned, almost identical. Both h-ave a light, soft, much greater force, which throws a powerful spray of somewhat spongy wood, which, he wever, is tough. But clean, pure Croton water upon the tobacco and dam-the wood of the Winter linden is on the whole some pens 1r. Opposite to each of the women is a large bin, what tougher, harder, and coarser, is not so easily into which the leaf is thrown From these it is passed worked, can be chemically treated wtthout dtfficulty, to the "strippers," who, w1th a dexterous twist of the takes nearly every color, does not warp, and is free right hand, pull the stem from the leaf, and it is then from rents. In old lindens very charming speckles are ready for the hydraulic press previously referred to often found at the stem-end; this speckled poruon can This press is an invention of the Kmney Bros., and does be converted into beautiful pipes. its work most efficaciously. Into Its receptacle is 19. THE MuLBERRY.-The Mulberry Tree, both the packed tightly a bunch of Vuginia and Penque tobacblack and white ( Morus nigra et alba), has in the co, to the rlepth of about five feet. The operator turns heart a wood seeply yellow, with fibres long and fine, a a crank, thelplunger'descends, and in aboutla quarter of wood tough and firm, which is distinguished by dura a minute there 1s taken forth a solid cake not much bthty, aad takes a good polish. The waved and, more than eight inches thick. Thts cake is pas.ed at speckled wood of the Italian sorts of this tree, finds once t o the cutter-another inventiOn of Kmney Bros.-much favor for pipe beads. a bnght-eyed boy turns a wheel here and a wheel there, 20. THE HAWTHO:rtN.The atem woo4i and Ule pulls a ptston, and, presto 1 the cutter begins to chop stronger branches of the Hawthorn ( Cratag1u aria) away. How it does 1ts work may lle estimated from are among the hardest German woods. The stern-wood the fact that it turns out from r,2oo to r,soo pounds of is, like the acac1a wood, long fibred, yellowish-white or fine-cut tobacco a day. Before leaving this room 1t reddish-white in color, does not warp, can take a good must be remarked that, although there is a vast amount pohsh, and is one of the favorite woods for turn of tobacco being tossed about, there is not a particle of 21. THE OLIVE TRER.-The wood of the Olive Tree tobacco dust in the air. Th1s excellent samtary J"esult (Olea is dense, firm, short fibred, and fine, is secured by a frequent use of the vaporizer before revery durable, yellowish brown red. The wood or the ferred to, which keeps the atmosphere moist and at an root is marked with figures, is speckled aod marbled, even and healthy temperature Ascending to the floor therefore 1t is much liked for pipes. above,the sight 1s presented of hundreds of comely girls :u. THE PLANE TREE. The Western Plain Tree and healthy looking men engaged m the manufacture ( Plala11Us Ocddtnl11lis) supplies a good and beautiful of cigarettes. There are long rows of tables, at which wood. If the tree has often been lopped, the wood, are seated the operators. In front of each is a small finely speckled, and of a yellowish-red color, is in creat pile of fine-cut tobacco and sMall pieces of rice paper, request with turners amd pipe cutters. It can be while at the right of each is a marble slab, scrupulously worked Without much difficulty, and takes a gocd polish; clean, with boiled starch upon it. In front of the table 27. TH.B PKRFUKED CHiRRY TREE.This wood, is a trough to catch whatever tobacco may cirop in the wh1ch is so much valued for pipe and cigar tubes, is process of rolling, and a receiver into which the cigarartificially cultivated. Tbere are two kinds of the tree; ette is thown, when completed. the so-called "Baden We1chsel" (Cerasus Mallalt6) What at once tmpresses the beholder is the cleanliwhich came at first from Persia, and the Turkish. ness observable on the tables, the slabs, and, indeed, With regard to their appearance, they are not dlstin in every part of the room. Here, for instance, is one guished from each other, but only in reference to their of the many signs posted around the room: "Ctgarettehardness and fragrance. The Turkish is harder in the makers must kel'p their starch and stone clean. This wood, but scentless ; the Baden (or Persian) sort is rule will be strictly enforced. No And softer and odorous, whicllllast peculiarity, through long now a word about the starch. In the cheap descriptions smoking, only becomes more conspicuous, and, conse paste is used, and from th1s, undoubtedly, comes some quenlly, causes the pipes to be much sought after, and of the evil effects recorded in our previous article. much valued by smokers. The cultivation of the tree This starch, however, is pure and harmless, and is one has been earned on in Baden for centuries; and it has of the reasons of the innocence of first-class goods. created a considerable commerce and exportation. They have an ingenious plan here to prevent dishon-The weichsel plantations demand great attention, toil, esty among theli handll-for mep and women are mor-and care, if they are to be profitable afterwards. Herr tal and tobacco is a temptauon. Posted in consp1cuous Francis Gaburek, an energetic and intelligent man of parts of the room are extracts from the law}!en-busmess, exporter and landed proprietor at Sigersdorf, alty for theft. A glance at the floor above, where t e benear VieAna, possesses extensive perfumed cherry ginners are Jearnmg and then down-stairs again, to wit gardens, which he cultivates with mch knowledge and ness the cutting, packmg, counting and examinmg. It sktll. His weichsel woods enjoy a great reputation in is a busy room, 'lnd deft fingers are again at work. the commercial world; hence his plantatiooa are con Now we are back in the cozy private office to witness tinually extending. As a cultivator oC the perfttmed the experiment which is to show the difference between cherry trees, Herr GabiUrek d'eserftl to be warmly linen and rice paper. A small sheet of the former is recommended to turners and the makers of pipe stems. taken and held to the gas flilme. It burns slowly, with I think I have preSented with tolerable completenen, a white ash along the rim of the blue flame. When 1t though in summary fasbioa, a list of the wnods em is entirely consumed there is left quite a large mass of played for pipes; but I am far from belieig that I ashea. Now a piece ofrice paper is produced and subtraversed the whole cycle of the woods usable or mitted to the same procen. It bums brightly, and uted iu the manufacture of pipes ; for nrious foreign when the ashes fall to the floor they are so minute as sorts are employed, such as snakewood, violet wood to be almost imperceptible. Here, tllen, is another of aad so on. -


:MARCH 28. THE TOBACCO MARKET DOMES1 IC NEw YORK March 27 The leaf tobacco market has co twued sluggish smce our last revrew March 1t ts now ev dent v ll close upon a mall volume of sales the total transf rs ofWestern leaf to date as reported amount ng only to 1 933 hogsheads and of Seed leaf to a correspond ngly small number of cases ''I ant of assortmet ts has someth ng to do wllh the meager returns but outstde of thts posstble hmdrance 1t 1s difficult to suggest a full explanat on of the preva1l ng apathy among buyer Of the sales ol Western leaf effected exporters took a brfl.e more than one half whtch shows that though qutet they are not altogether mert observers of the market Manufacturers were the next 1argest buyers but therr moderation for a week or two past rs explamed m a large measure by therr prevrous hberal operat ons Jobbers and cutters, and especrally the latter dtd corn parattvely httle-1 ttle as compared wnh the r pur chases on other occas10ns understood The heav er appropnauons of the Reg1e representat ves are re qu red to restore the appearance of pamal amma 10n to wh1ch we have been accustomed latterly but for them we have, to walt for awh1le Messrs Sawyer Wallace & Co report ToBACCO LEAF as follows -Wul< n .Ua.f -There s no charge to note n our market wh cl cont nues very qu et The sa es of the week were 436 hogsheads compns ng numerous small transact ons and d v d ng as fo lows -220 for expo t I I I to manufacture s 95 to JObbe s and 10 to cu ters The weather at the West has con tinued much the same as prev ously reported alte nat ng ra n a d cold and mak ng t d fficult to hand e the crop Pr ces at the Western markets show nc.-eased firmness but the bu k of the sales are still to stemmers and rchandlers shippers not operatmg to any ext eat. bt week 2d week 3d week 4, h week 6 b week To a January 8x I 3,1 I 993 866 659 5 ooo .1' eb!"""fY 4Sl 877 688 434 3 400 March 433 523 541 436 I 933 Yngzma Leaf-Some fatr sales of br ght and dark V rg nla wrappers made to local manufactu ers Refe r ng to affa rs m the V rgm a markets a loca factor JUSt returned ob served to us -l found the lower grades of leaf sel ng h gher tha I expected. For loose pnmmgs the manufacturers some of whom puttllll them 111 common Il ncb are 1 ay ng from 3 t o 4 cents prefemng them to those p zed m hogsheads wh1ch can be bad for 2}f cents Sh pp ng lugs we e t om 4 to 5){ a d lugs such as manufac urers use from S% to 7 cents SMti uaf-There was a shght mcrease over the sales of the prevtous week m the Seed leaf market but bus ness was nevertheless I ght tbe export demand cont nu ng meager though adv ces from Bremen as wtll be seen below are a trifie better The transfers compr sed all var et es and also ncluded a small Jot of Flor da leaf Thirty years ago the latter named tobacco was qwte a favonte here and espec al y n the Eastern and Western States Eastern expenence n tobacco cui ure app ed to th s vanety a ded bT the charm ng cl mate of Flo 1da would develop a mme of wealth m 1ts product on and t Is not a httle surpr s ng that ak led vowers from New England have not w h the r cha actenst1c nnturesomeness ere th s migrated to that State with a Vle:lt' to the cult vatlon of F londa tobacco What No thern enter pnse has done for c1gars at Key West rn ght be done on a larger scale m ra s ng Flor da leaf tobacco Messrs Chas E FIScher & Brother Tobacco Brokers No 131 W atcw Street report to THE TOBAcco LEAF a. follows concern ng Seed leaf -The market throughout the week was dull and un mtercst ng although n numbers the sales sl gl tly exceed those of the previOUS week The pr nc pal demand s for dark colored wrappery goods the scare ty of wh ch man fests tself mo e and more every day The total sales of tbe week figure up to about 1 200 cases, Including about 115 cases for sh pp g pu poses Connult ut was aga n moderately dealt n to the extent of 250 cases crop 1875 the arger ton o f wh ch we e and low assorted Jots at 9@l13c also some wrappers at 18ra>27 Mas tz hustl s-F or t1 s sort a ta r demand ex sts at moderate pncea only m all about 150 to 200 cases changed hands at 8 uc for average lots of 187, crop Nt!W of any nterest occurred n th s art c e so to 6o cases crop 1875 will cover the weeks sales for wh ch from 8 @9 was Pt11n y!TJan a crop 1875 cont nued n far demand a sl gh con cess on n pr ces resulted n sales of about zoo cases ti ers and low at 7@ roc bes des the above about too cases wrappers ( nc ud ng one parcel of AAA at about 40c) were sold Oh o-200 cases c op 1874 5 of wl cl one half for export were SOld from 5}2'ra>6c for assorted and 7ral9C for wrappe lots was rea zed n add t on to wh ch one leafy parcel of 50 cases pa t 1873 crop brought 8c w; nnn-1 he demand for de able lots cont nue far rece pts of wh ch however are very small 8o cases found takers at from 6 Flo aa-Very low pnces nduced part es to take hold of 2 5 cases (mostly wrappers) of this almost lorgbtten article for wh1ch from 5 @Io was pad Our spec al Bremen report dated March 10 says We not ce me eased act v ty n our branch the demand be ng p nc pally for the best a ssorted lo of wh ch sales were made amount ng to 886 cases at unchanged p ces the bu .< of the now rema n ng stock IS more or less ot an undes rable character for wh ch there s but ll very bm1ted demand and a nse n pr ce fot such goods IS not probable details for the week -Comaect1cut crop 1872 5(;) cases at 6o p Connect cut cop 1875 32 cases at 58 pf New Yo k crop 1874 48 cases at 38}i pf New York crop I87S 230 cases at 42 pf Oh o crop 1873 13 cases at 37 pf Oh o c op 1874 5 250 cases at 33 to 4Jipf W1scons n crop 187s 137 cases at 27 pf Ill nos crop r875 126 cases at 35 pf Spams/1 -Busu ess was moderate n th s department Messrs F scher report -Havana rema ns unchanged w th sa es of about 6oo bales at former pnces Manufadu1ed -fhe bus oess m Manufactured To bacco bas been of an average descr pt on though for export the sa es have been I ghter than usual The transfers as reported em braced a I va et es The exports for he week were 54 923 pounds aga nst 14 6c6 pounds the week preced ng Smokmg-A far busmess IS reported m th s spec talty o ders for the country show ng a tr II ng ncrease as becomes the season Ctgats -The demand for c gars contmues good but hardly so act ve as p ev ously announced P ces a e un changed and t s remarked hey n gh be changed for the better by ra s ng them a I ttle There are some grades wh ch com pet t ons and dull t mes comb ned have d 1ven dol\ n below the pay ng po nt the lower grades more part cularly Gold opened and closed at Forezgn Exchange -Messrs M & S SteFnberger Bankers repo t as fo ows to THE TOBACCO LEAF -Noth ng occurred dur ng the last week or so c ther n the Exchange or n tbe Gold market 11h ch s worthy of any part cular menton Altogether bus ness ts very dull n every respect We quote Bankers nom nal ates are 484 ra>486}ffvr 6o days and demand sterling respectively Selhng rates for 6o days 48H(ra>486 for demand Commeraal 6o 482 for pr me Par s-Banke s 3 days sJ4' 6o days SIS% Commerc al 6o days 52Ifrt Rmchsmarks-Bankers 3 days 9,ra>95J4' to days, 94.%' Com meraa\ 6o days 943:<1: Frttghts -Messrs Carey & Yale Freght report tobacco fre gh s to THE ToBAcco LKAF as fa! ows L1v .erpool per steam 22s 6d per saJI London per steam 6d pe s a I I7S 6d Glasgow per steam 27s 6c.J Bnstol steam 40s Havre per steam $8 Antwerp per steam 42s 6d per sail 305 Bremen per steam 37S 6d per sml 30s Hambu g per steam 40s per sa l 30s IMPORTS The am val at the port of New York from lorc&n ports for the week endmg March 27 1 eluded the to low ns cons gnments -BREMEN J Goebel & Co 125 cases p pes BARCELONA -Weaver & S e ry 8<)8 bales I cor ce root lAGENA P m Forwood & Co 179 ceroons LoNDON -Weaver & Slerry 100 chests hcor ce MILAzzo -Order 6oo bales I conce root ROTTERDAM -Wm Demuth & Co 340 bxs p pes A Hen & Co 435 do SMVJlNA -Jas C McAndrew 907 cases licor ce paste I 8o4 bales do root HAVANA-C Palaceo & Co 2.59 bales tobacco 4 cases do J San Ju an 174 do We ss Eller & Kaeppel 53 do J J Almllal 44 do F Garc a 125 do Char es F Tag & Son 33 do Lozano & P end as 26o do Guerra It 39 do Wm Eggert & Co 8<) do Strohn & Re1tzenste n 17 do V Mut nez Ybor & Co 2 cases c gars G W Faber s do L P & J F ank 2 do Howard Ives 21 do Charles T Bauer & Co 1 do Chas F Tag & Son 20 d.o H R Kelley &; Co S do Purdy & N cho as 3 do W H Thomas 20 do Acke Merrall & Cond t 14 do Park & T lford 13 do F Mato 6 do T Ross & Co 1 do M1chael s & L ndeman 4 do ::. Fuguet & Sons Ph ladelpb1a 10 do EXPORTS From the port of New York to fore gn ports for the week end tng March 1.7 were aa follows A1GUTII'IIl hbds 74 bales 175 pgs (21 596 lbs) mfd BREMEN -71 bhds 59 do stems 142 cases 175 ceroons 10 pgs ( ooo lbs) mfd BRITISH GUIANA -6 pgs (1 056 lbs) mfd BRIT SH WI!ST INDIES -23 pgs (2 134 lbs) mfd CANADA -41 bales CUBA.-87 pkgs (8693 lbs) mfd DA11ISH "U'l INDI&s -6 hhds 10 pkga (938 lbs) mfd FRJI:NCH WEST INDIES-12 hhds 10 cases GLASGOW -20 pgs (2 842 ibs) mfd HAY1 -14 hhds 46 ba es LIVEilPDOL -z9 hhds LON D O -34 hhds 96 pKgs ( 3 8 7 lbs ) n f I MEX c o 24 pkgs (8 7 lb s ) mfd VENE ZUELA23 ba es 20 pkg s ( 030 lb s ) nfd EXPORTS 1 HE PORT OF NEw ) ORK fO }5 1 498 3 66o P.&BTIGVJ.All l'IOTIGB. Growen of seed leat tobacco are caut oned ara Dlt ac cp ng th reporte ulcs and quotatJona of aeed leaf as fu n ab na the pr cea that shou d be obUined for l'lem at 6nt hand u thae refer n moat natances to o d cropa wh ch have been held nearly a yea and the p ofit on wh clo mull natural y aclude the nterat on cap tal DYated Growera cannot e:r.pect even n the case of aew crops to aell hem for the samepnca u are obtllned on a e oalc here Of coune every rc aale muat be at ad vance and the eforc lbe pr ce obtunable by the srowen w 11 always be aomewhat lowe toan our quotations QUOTATIONS OF WHOLESALE PRICES WESTERN LEAF c\11 Hl411 Lea/ LuM @7 Common 8 @ 9Jji Medium o @ u Good 3 @i5 F ne @-Seoouona VIRGINIA LEAF Cts 6 @ 7 8 @ 9 0 @' @3 @6 @8 Da k heavy hogs 1 @ 8), do low leaf 9 do med to fi'OOO ll !jil3 oo ertra sh p g a @ 17)!' B a c k Wrappers 8 Iii 4 1 8 7 0 @o @o @8 (a'>W3 30 @40 @I> @lo @33 @40 @45 @36 CIGARS Havana per M S60@Sl50 I Seed per M Seed and Havana perM to:lll 90 GRANULATED SMOKING TOBACCO Medium to 1100d 38a net. G 8 Wall s Ex 460 lbo De 27 DOMESTIC RECEIPTS 30 19 19 19 21 The arr vals at the port of New Yo k from domes! c nter or and coas w se ports for he week e d March 27 were 81S hhds 71 trcs 15 half trcs 63 qtr trcs 1 991 cases 59 bxs 151 three qtr bxs 55 ha f bxs 86th d bxs 47 qtr bxs 102 cadd es 33 kegs 42 ba es 12 Ires snuff 27 cases do ro bbls do 10 half bb s do 1 c ate do 6: J ars do 164 cases c ga s I box do 9 cases c garettes 2 do conce 40 bxs p pes cons gned as fo lows BY ERE RA LII.OAD -D J Garth Son & Co 6 hhds Jarv s & Co 43 do D H McAlph n lc Co 19 do Garro t & Gnnter 4 do I R W Thomas II do J H Moore & Co 3 do J R McDonald 42 cases Order 64 hhds BY rHE HuDSON RIVER RA LROAD -A H Cardozo 6 hhds Sawyer Wal ace & Co 3 do Schwa z \Ve I lr Co tll case J L Gassert & Co 45 do J R Sutton 20 do Bunzl & Dorm t zer 32 do M H Le IS9 do C H Sp tzner zoo do BY rHE NATIONAL L N -Ot nger Brothers 17 hhds Sawyer Wallace & Co 34 do Drew I< Deane 22 do B akemore Mayo & Co 55 do Pollard Pettus & Co 32 do A H Cardozo do Squlles Taylor & Co 8 do Toe Rose & Co 47 do Jarv s & Co 10 do Ga rott & Gr nte 23 do S E Thompson 29 do T H Messenger & Co 2 do H A Suan & Son 8 do P Lor I lard & Co 15 do T H Puryear 26 de M Abenhe m &; Co 5 do 9 cases C E F1scher & Brother 39 cases Order ro hhds By HE PENNSYLvAN A RAILROAD -L lc E Werthe mer 6o cases leaf Levy a. Neugass 5 do A J Rosenbaum & Co 13 do H & Co 84 do Kerbs & Sp ess 79 do L chtenste n Brothers a. Co 49 do L H rschhorn & Co 40 do N Lac ken b uch & Broil er 42 do Sch oeder & Bon 3 7 do M H Lev n 40 do S Ross n 25 do Bunzl & D rn tzer r box do Appleby & Helme 12 Ires snuff 27 cases do to bbls do 10 half bbls do 6 Jars do 1 crate do 3 cases tobacco D H McAip n &; Co THE TOBACCO LEAF. H K & F B Thurb er 1 box c ga s D E Rose 6 c ases do BY Tl E NE Y ORK AND NE" E Rose n a d & B o her 3 7 ca s es A H Cardoz o 56 do Dav s & D ay 19 do C Ah e s 1 do C a les l< 1 ag & Co _,o do Wm E g ge t & Co 6 do E M Cra vfo d 12 do Joseph Mayers S o ns 9 d o F Ste I d o S o n & S o rtn ::r. do C. Ra. th d o Red! I & Sc h zer 9 d o E De tsch & Son 1 d o S Aaube g 14 do Bun z l & D o m z e r 6 do H Welsl I do S Auerbach 13 do 3 bale s BY THE N!!W YORK A N D HARCF ORD S1 E UlB O A T LINE A L & C L Holt IS cas e s I l:l JUT 8 d o Dav s & Day 3 d o H W s se m a n 3 do B v CHE OLD Do' NION S TEAMS liP LINE -Pol ard Pettus & C o 2 hhds Garro t & G n e 5 do S E Thompson & Co 6 do J D Ke I y Jr I do P Lor ard & Co a do JZ do P 0 neer Tobacco Co 3 do 5 do F E Owen 9 do 3 do W 0 Sm th & Co 8 do 30 do 40 cases m d 30 hree qtr bxs do Joseph H Thompson & Co hhd 90 cases smkg 13 do mfd 27 h f bxs do 5 qtr bxs do Arkell Tufts & Co 15 hlf trcs mfd 63 qt trcs do 57 cases do 23 kegs do u three q tr bxs do Jos D Evans & Co 21 ca es mfd roo cadd es do 3 hlf bxs do 30 qtr bxs de Mart n & Johnson 53 cases mfd rc kegs do 44 three qtr bxs do W se & Bendhe m 3 cases mfd 4 do smkg 12 qtr bxs m d A len & Co 33 m[d I 6 cadd es do Bulkley & Moore 48 case. mfd 38 th rd bxs do Carhart Brothers 25 cases smkg 2,5 th d bxs do A Hen & Co 3 cases smkg 7 doc garettes C E Lee rocases smkg 3 do mtd Mart n a. Johnson 76 cases smkg 2 doc gar<:ttes C G F ank )ill 129cases mfd R W Came on & Co 40 do G W Hi! man do James M Gardner 45 do I Falk 13 smkg Dohan Car oil & Co 40 three qtr bn mfd 25 hlf bxs do 23th rd bxs do A Schauer 1 bx do H Koop & Co 25 three qt bxs do D S Moo e 2 cadd es do Moore J enk ns & Co 40 bxs p pes Order 15 hhds 1 trc 14 case mfd 2 do c c r ce BY THE NE 'I YoRK AND BALf MORE TRANIPORTATION LINE Funch Edye & Co hhds leaf 7 boxes do N WISe 20 cas s mkg M Falk 23 de. D Bendhe m 6 de CoAl!'! WISE KEY WEsT -Se denberg 8c Co 81 cases c gars 1S bales scraps W H Thomas 47 cases crgars F DeBary & Co IS do McFal & Lawson 9 do L P & J Frank ::r. do J D F sh & Co r d o A J Kosenbaum & Co 1 do, R Strobel 1 do I box leaf Stra ton & Sto m 33 bales acraps V llfart nez Ybor Co 3 do COAST VIS E FROM NEW ORLEANS -Order 7S hhds CoAS VISE FROM CHAIU.ESTOX C R R11111p 9 pgs. BAL 1 I MORE Marc/1 24--Messrs. Ed Wischmeyer & Co fobacco Comm ss on Merchants report to THE ToBACCo LEAE -Inspect ons of Ma ylaad toha o are a tte heav er lh s week but the rna ket rema ns qu et There IS some demand fo Bremen and Holland pa t cu arly for the bet er grades but the low grades seem to be out of demand Of 011 o we note a sa e of 400 hhds old crop for Ita y on pr vate te ms P ces a e un changed and we renew formel quotat ons Inspected this week 549 hhds Mayland 91 do Oh o IS 9 do V rg n a total 65s hhds Cleared same pe 1od -Per sh p Du sburg Co Rote dam 551 hhds Maryland tobacco 47 hhas do Kentucky ;md 4S3 hhds V rg n a stems per steamer Balh" on for Bremen 172 hhds Maryland 1 650 Oh o 5 384 Kentucky tobacco 268 hhds V rg n a stems per br g Ann< Ingram tor St Johns P R 10 hhds and 124 Dale tobacco S IZt "' nt January r 1877 Stock on hand m State Tobacco Warehouse and on shipboard, not cleared Ins)'ected th s week Inspected prev ous y thls year smce 5 155 hhds 900 hhds 1:1. 911 hhds 655 hhds ooo hhds rs &66 hhds 6,oss hhds .. LIQUORICE SPANISH LlllUOBICI. TURKISH LlllUOBICI. THB tJNDE.RSIGNED CONTUIUES "1'0 IliiPORT AND MANUFACTUIUE PURE SPANISH AND TllRKEY LIQUOiliCE OF UNIFORM QUALITY AND GUARANTEED TO GIVE SATISFACTION TO EQRY TOBACCO MA.Nl/FA.CTURER USING THE SAME THE OLD FAVORITE BRAND OF J C y Ca Ill ALWAYS READY FOR DELIVERY AT THE SHORTEST NOTICE ALSO A 0 C p T <:>-AND HIS OTHER BRANDS OF TURKISH PASTE ALL OF WHICH ARE GIVI:NG SATISFACTION AS INSTANCED BY THE BAPIDLY GROWING DEMAND AND EN. I'IRE ABSENCE OF COMPLAINTS CAUTION. It h>flng come to my kuowledre that In seve al tn atanceti L quor c e Paste false y epresented as being of my manufactu e has been offe ed fo sa e by part ea to su t the own pu poses who have no aa. bo ty to oell my b ands, the p eoent oerves t o CAUTION a Tobacco N:anufac.turen aga nst the same and to &1YC notw:e that hereafter' e ery case of my manufac ture L be banded w th my Trade Mark acqo red onder the laws of he Un ted States and any unprin clpled peno onterle ling th 1 Trade-Muk will be riJorouolf prooecuted 'TAMES 0. McANDREW. 55 New York. Year1876 Year 1875 Year 1874 SALES FOR WEEK Sales of week and yea ETC Wu.t 133 164 228 187 2S7 190 26 391 Moni!J 3!6 353 4S7 4lll 69z 490 41 I 001 3 831 3 374 2 961 6 714 Year 81.5 1 119 [ 389 I 920 1 461 74 s SS3 10 793 II 947 6 498 IS 422 Wi3J4' 3 5% dea t o to only a tr II ng extent tine classes are readily dispooed Common leaf S @ 7 of Esmeralda-Contmues to move off slowly good sound parcels Stock m warehouse this day and on sh1pboard not Good leaf 7 @10 m fa1r cond ton would come to a ready 111arket Sumatra-Un cleared F ne leaf o ra>oo 10 @I3 10 @13 less of good even broWI color IS d fficult to place China-The Mn ,d Tob6 -We note a more act ve ma,rket for the Selections o ra>oo 13 @14 13 IS bulk of the late amvals has been placed A further quantity wlll wants of local deale s genera Jy Sales the past week were qwte Extra crops I to 4C h gher than above be offered at pub! c sale on the 8th 1 stant Paraguay-Is w1th free and the feeling ws much mprove& though there s no change PHILADELPHIA March 26 -Mr Arthur R out change the supply m the market s very tr II ng Braz I. n pr ces as yet Exported 6 17 3 hhds to B erne Rece ved pe Fougeray Tobacco Broker repor s to THE ToBACCo LEAF Porto R co and St Dom ngo-Tbe stocks of hese growths are Bait ore and Oh o Ra !road from Danv e 77 cadd es 144 boxes T ansact ons the past week n Ma ifa r d pug-Tobacco do not un mpo tant fu key-Cont nu s to move off slow y thP v ewlO 5 cases 10 kegs and 54 bundles and from Lynchburg I85 cadd es as evmce that mvest ng, proti able and encourag ng cha ge that of ho ders be ng above tl ose of buyers consequently sales have 198 boxes Per R chmond steamers I 019 packages 380 cases the trade was led to bel eve vould take place n the month of been made only to aIm ted extent Macedon an-The act v ty per Norfolk steamers 303 packages 4 uses per Petersburg March but t hopld be borne n m nd the weather so far has been reported n our last has now subs ded a d transacllons have heen steamers 230 packageo very unfavorable for the nv go rat ng nlluence and st mulat ng confined to small sales of the most co lory classes G eeil'There CINCINNATI Match 24 -Mr F A Prague Leaf effect of the rays 0 a spnng sun usual th s season of the year yet s scarcely any thmg domg m th s growth Algenan Some o the Tobacco Inspector repo ts for THE TOBACCO LEAF -W th wh le all th s s ue st I he b s ness accomplished pa takes of a atedarr vials obi tl s lg obwthlhtare of fa tr coo and sat sfacto y cha acter and pr ces obta ned a e fully up o ask ngs o rea y sa e ut on y r g ea y esct p o s are sa a e o more favorable weather rece pts have been roo e I beral and we Grande-But I tt e has been done some parcels are o"enng at the manufac u ers w th a h o peful look out for the future Rece pts "' are enabled to report qu te an ncrease n the offer ngs of new from all sources 712 boxes 1328 cadd es 910 cases 28 kegs and lower rates Java-Has been n moderate request parcels of good tobac c o at the auct on wa ebouses We also note a dec ded rn had d cha acter meet a eady a e German Unless of good 642 pails of fine cut r ry -provement m both qual ty and cond ton prov ng beyond quest o L.a.' Tl1ha -Sa es and rece pts of Seed leaf the past week qual ty moves off slowly useful c gar descr pllons are scarce dry bat though the crop s a very nfer or one enough useful tobacco cult ng classes n far request Dutch Attrarts but I tie atten cont tmed m the aggregate about the same as n my prev o us e n 0 eg!; tit: po ts and confined p nc pally to secon d s a d leafy fillers w th very grades save very common old smokers Far Oh o Seed wrappe s ttle nqu ry for first class wrappers except they are extrao d nary b\lles 0 ew mport w 1 be offered n sa eon the 8th mstant and and fille s a e n ac ve demand a fu I p ces "h le low grades of da k n co or which now seems to be n poss b e to find but among _,.__, bt b t I L tak I th t h d' Pennsylvan a .sa result h gh pr ces a e demanded wh le lower nu .. ou w r ng u pr ces a a-s WI ou c ange, an both Oh o and W scans n a e dull and hard of sa e The tota g ades are offered at very mode ate figures Expo ed 0 L ver only a reta I busmess has been done Negrohead and Cavend slh offe ngs at auct on for the week were 779 hogsheads and 232 pool VIa steamer Pmnsylvan a of Western Leaf 43 6 ,8 pounds -The former of known bands cont nues to be taken quant t es; boxes as fo lows -To Port Span v a schr En na M. Fcx of Wes e and Pennsyl the latter of good qual ty and make rather more sought after A the M am Warehouse 314 hhds and 124 boxes 214 hhds Sta ks and Smalls Cont nue n requet vama leaf 2 500 pounds Rece pts 123 cases Con nee cut 21 o cutt ng tobacco 3 hhds Oh o old at $12 2S@r6 so 2II hhds Ken MANILA "" -...p 1 H bb 11 & lucky 157 ne at $2 95@II 25 6o hhds 0 d at t>s 10@21 so for cases PenQsy van a 85 cases Oh o 64 cases W cons cases 9 -.uessrs ee e, u e k ti f Ne v Y o k State 92 bales Havana and 35 hhds of Westen and Co s report fo THE ToBA cco LEAF says -&if T oha o -The common smo ers to ne cutt ng lea 124 cases c ga leaf 18 cases W scons nat f>2 oo@ 7 95 72 caseslnd ana 3 6 new at$ 05@ 9 10 V rg n a leaf wh le sa es for home purpQ ses have been IS3 cases Ollie al Gazette of the 3d nst announced that the follow ng upset 3 6 old at h6sra>9 00 35 cases Oh 0 at $3 OO@I9 75 for common Connect cut 248 cases Pennsy l van a 64 cases Oh o 49 cases W s pr ces had been fixed for the crop of 1876 -No r Cagayan $5'> smokes to fine wrappers cons n 13 cases New York Sta e 8o bales Havana and 11 bhds per qql No 2 do per qq No 3 do 25 per qql No 4 do II doAt the Bodmann Warehouse r8s hhds and 97 boxes 180 ofVugm a and Western leaf per qql Nor Jsabela f>6o per qq No 2 do 50 pe qql No 3 hhds and 4 boxes cut ng tobacco 44 hhds Oh a 24 hhds new RICHMOND March 24 -Mr R A M !Is To 28 per qql No 4 do 12 per qql Quant ty to b e offered and date at $3 20 @ 2 oo 20 hhds o d at $8 00@21 oo (36 hi ds Kentucky bacco Broker and Comm ss on Merchant reports to THE TOBACCO of first auct on to be adv sed later Crar -On the 5th mst I2S ne v at $2 s ora> to 50 1 I hhds old at $8 sora> IS 50 for common LEAF s nee m.y ast there has been no change of spec al 9 592 m I were offered for sale at pub! c auct on and the Jollo N ng smokers to fine cut ng leaf 5 hhds and 6 boxes new \Vest V r note and my remarks of last week are apphcab e to the past week lots met w th purchasers 2 n I Impe a! A roce os par pa l\40@ g n a at $2 15@6 35 8s boxes c gar leaf 75 Ohio '3 new at that s thee san ac ve absence of al speculat ve dema d n our so perm I 3 rn I Regal a do par par 33@75 perm 3 m I Vegue $:>. 00@9 oo 6z old at $2 oo@22 75 for common smoke s to tine market and the trade s on y buy ng to meet the mmed a e ros do par par 37@50 per m I ro m Londres do Rar par 17(!!}8S wrappers 2 boxes new West V rg n a at $4 95 Rece pts of new w appe s cont nue unp ecedented y smal perm I 20m I do do loc prem um par I 7@85 pe mil 20 m I At the Plante s Waroho se 150 hhlis and 3 boxes -147 there are two causes wl\ ch have operated to keep back rece pts the Nuevo Habano do 2c p em urn par rzra>so pe m I z6o m 1 do do hhds and 1 box cutt ng tobacco 14 hhds Oh o o d at $1o oora> first and rna n cause has been the ha sh and unfav o abe weather do par par 12@50 per rn I 2om Ia Habano Fort n lc p em um t6 30 6 new at $3 8ora>7 30 133 hhds Kentucky 88 new at $z 6o for handhng tobacco the second s the shortness of the c op and par 2ora>-per m I m I do do do par par 20@-pe m IO mil @II oo 4S old at $485@17 so lor common smokers to fiue cult ng the d sappo ntment of plan ers not eal zing he b gh pnces rhey 3a do do par pa 9ral perm I 520 m Nuevo Habano do I2@JO leaf 3 hhds and 2 boxes 1\ew West V rgtn a at $2 90@7 oo 2 aut c pated It seems very hard for-CUr V rg n a and North Caro perm I 6o m I do do Me s c par par I2@5o perm 250m I o casks new West V gtn a br ght wrappers at $I2 00@30 oo !ina planes to real ze the fact' that the small belt of countrv Cortado do par par 12@50 perm I 75o m I do do do tc to At th e G obe Warehouse I28 hhds and 8 boxes -IIJ hhda rang ng from the Potomac n V rg n a and extend ng though a few prem urn par 12@)o perm I 125m I 3a do do I5C to 21c prem um and 7 boxes cutt t bacco 13 hhds Oh o 2 o d at $8 20@9 so coun es n North C rol na does not embrace all the tobacco par 7@ perm I 2$0 m Nuevo Habano Pnncesa par par I2@50 It ew at f>z 50 @ 9 so roo hhds Ken ucky SI new at $z oora> gro v ng country The transact ons were 826 hhds u6 t cs 46 per mil 5CO m 1 do Cortado do par par I2'iVSO perm I soo do do 10 oo 49 old at $4 IS @13 25 for common smoke s t o tine cutt ng boxes I continue my quota! ons leaf 15 hhds new West V rmn a at 3 85= 9 6o 'or common dark SAN FRANCISCO .r h 6 0 1 .,-'"' '' .JY1arc I -ur spec a cones total ?-4 m J I gs to good fille s 1 box at $5 oo -..vy t / d h d pondent eports to THE ToBACco LuF as follows -At an auc Ex han u t -Rate for th s rna I has advanced {to 4S 4!4 dra>4 4n d At the Morr s Wa ehouse 102 hh s -101 h s cutt ng tobac d h k h d h ,, co 2 hhds ne" Oh oat $7 20 @IO 25 99 hhdS Ke tucky 71 'ew ton sale hel t s wee t e e were so t e ollowmg 127 ba es for 6 mos cred t pape at $3 35@II 75 23 old at $6 6ora>i6 so for common smokers to o d Havana leaf I bale 4a at 3 bales 5 7 4 bales 6a Expo t -To S ngapore 3 438 m I c gars 2 qq s leaf tobacco togood cutt ng leaf r hhd new West V g n a at $ 4 30 I I bales 7a 67 51 ba es 7 70ra>7ol1: o 7I@7IJ4' 45 Hong Kong 1 110 do 3 do to Cad z and L verpool r g o do 9 93oba es 7 12 ba es 8a 76 zo bales ne" Havana I eat ll bales do CLARKSVII LE TENN March 24 -Messrs M H 6a 917f 12 ba es 7a 76 cases old Pennsylvan a 23 cases MELBOURNE :January 25 -Mr H c Fraser of Cia k & Bother LafTobacco Brokers report for THE TonAcco w appers and b nde sat 5 I6 a d r8 12 cases do 15 10 Messrs Fraser & Co 1obacco Broke repo ts for THE ToBA cco LEAF -Our rece pts a e nc eas ng and our offe gs fo the cases b ndets 16 cases 'enders and tiller s r I 14J4 IS and 2o LEAF The t ansactwns nth s staple have been I m ted and ex week were 156 hhds The qual ty was generally p oor and order cepnng n Tw st thee has been no nqu ry One sale of out ol unfit for sqjpp ng and the bulk of the new crop was aken by the AMSTERDAM March. 10 -Messrs Schaap & Van cond ton and fau ty sorts has been held dur ng t he month but the stem me sand rehandlers Tl e rna ket was a I ttle rregular but Veen Tobacco Brokers report to THE TOBACco LEAF -We tobaccos be ng damaged affords of course no cntenon a s to sound not mater ally changed We quo e -Common ugs 3@5C good report sa e of I 8J7 bales R o G ands past week no other sales value Sb pments o Ch dey s we" offe ed at auct on the begm Jugs common leaf 7ra>8c med urn leaf 10c good found place Imported -427 hhds Maryland 312 ba es Java n ng of the month but the hoi day season be ng scarcely ove andthe leaf tine leaf se ect ons and 193 do S matra Catalogues are d s buted of S u6 bales stock tak ng of the d fferent iirms be ng s ill n hand nod spos ton Only an occas onal hhd class ng above rned um leaf as yet ap Sumatra and 88 S ba es Java wh ch parce s are offered by tende was evmced on the part of the trade to operate and the va 1ous. pears upon our breaks The tobacco fly reported to have upo the zoth and nst Upo tl e 2 cl 285 hhds Maryland lines passed The market has a d ec ded dow ward tendency at al eady appearrd n some ne ghborhoods and planlers have taken w 1 be real zed f poss ble by auc on Mocks to day 945 hhds present but we hope for a ncreased export nqury wh ch "'lJ the alarm and a e board ng up he p ant beds and other ways Maryland 19 y1 g n a 6s Kentucky 4 000 ba es East India 205 cause an mp oved feel ng and a more buoyant market Tw st-p epa ng fo the ba tie If Pars green st ychn ne and coa o I do Mamlla 2 739 do Java 5 175 Sumatra roo cases Cavend sh Several lines have been qu tted pr vately at pnces sad to be about will wh p the lly the fly w 11 be wa pped but noth ng seemed to I t Th 1 th t h orne under our no II LIVERPOOL rarth 10 -Messrs F W Smythe & equa to prev uus ra es e sa es a avec av:u ast year .Jr.J< t ce are-75 cases and so quarter t erces Back Swan 35 quar DANVILLE March 24 -Messrs Co Tobacco Comm ss Qn Me hans report to THE TOBACCO ter t erces Ba ret s Ancho a so 6o packages same b and n Penn Leaf Tobacco CommiSs on Merchants report to THE To LEAF -On Y a moderate bus ness was 1 ansacted past week quarter erces one e ghth t erces and cases Tens -Only a small L At h b f th k d f d Manufacturer purchases were on a reta scale wh le sales to reta 1 demand has ohta ned dur ng the month AromaticsThere BACCO EAF -t c eg nn ng o e wee n cat ons avore fu roce pts Later on blow ng March w nds reduced them to a exporters to Afr ca and the Cont nent ve e un mportant Quo a are no transact ons to rec o rd A tine sh pment ofT C W II ams mere tr fie Market showed perhaps some more an mat on tha tlOns a e nom nally unchanged Imports 127 hhds de ver es manufacture w II be offered on Fr day next when fhemarketwtll be last epo ted bu generally pr ces rema ned unchanged We would 44 hhds Sock 3 2 86 S hhds aga nst ss 102 same 1 me last year tested Tw st -The quotat ons are as under -Southern 1s3d to cont nue same quotat ons LONDON March 4,-Messrs Grant Chambers & Is 8d Barre s Anchor rs 6d Back Swan Is 8d Rav n Is 9<1.Co report to THE ToBACCO LEAF -Thee has been sea cely any St Andrews Is 9d Our Game rs Shellard s rs 5d Tr HOPKINSVILLE KY March 23 -Messrs M H sales effected of A, r can Toha 0 du ng the past week and w th I Maze:>pa IS 9d Back D amond Is 6d m half and quarter Clark & Brother Leaf Tobacco B oke s repo t for THE ToBACCO but tew mquues we have to report the rna ket extremely d t erces and cases Tens-Northern 7d to 8d best brands LEA> -Rece pts s ce last repo t 288 hhds to date 746 hhds Home manufacturers st.ow nv ncl at on to ncrease the r stocks 1 med urn 7d to 9d Sou hern rs sd t o rs best brands Ha f same t me last year 919 hhds Sales s nee last repo t 109 hhds and for export there IS noth ng dong Wat< leaf and Strp have PouAds -Northern 6d to 8d Southern (TortOise she! ) 9d to IS to date 272 hhds same t me last year 4 240 hhds Our market part c pated n the gene al dullness of the market and transactions rd Southern Black 10d to Is 4d Aromallc -Weatern halves was ra her stronger th s week On a I new leaf show have been tnll ng v, gtn,. lea.f a d s np have also been 1 tile I none pounds none Southern pounds 10d to Is 3d L ght presseJI ng good useful qual t es and anyth ng of a wrapp ng or sougl tater and "e have no h ng oreport Maryland and Oh10 pounds IS 6d to 2s 6d Halves none Tw st 1s to 2s Pocket sp nn ng character bro ught outs de p ces We quote Comm o there s tie now offer ng of su tah e characte fine classes p eces Is zd to 1s Sd Gold Bars rs 3d to rs 8d Navy half to med Ulll lugs 3!4' {i) good o fine lugs ra>7 common wanted Ctzvend h s du o sale p ces rather dull pounds and pounds Is to rs 3d e ghts s xes etc Is tots 4d leaf med urn leaf ora>r c good leaf Wednesday March 7 Grant Cl ambers & Pr ces nom nal Leaf for Manufactunng -ld to Is St ps ud to no fine leaf o select ons offered The seasons have been unusually Co report -fhere has been but a 1 fl ng bus ess done Am rs 9<1 C gars -CI e oots andMa s H S 57 6d to 85s ac unfavo able for handll g tobacco n the bans but w th warmer uan tobacco dur ng he past week buyers hav ng operated only cord ng to we ght Ormo d s 3SS Stocks Me bourne January weather ou b eaks w I fill up rap1dly and g ve us larger sales for the r mmed ate requ ements and have taken gene ally of the 14 r877 -196 I If trcs and kegs 3 278 th ee qt trcs and bxs 3;fi76 LOUISVILLE March 24 -Mr Wm J Lewers fine t grades For export there bas been but tt e demand and cases mfd 294 hhds a d casks 99 cases 678 bales and bun les t ansae ons hav e been snail Wet rn lraf and sf ps have been unmfd 819 cases of c gas Sydney January 12 r877 28o '}6o lbs Secretary of the Tobacco Board of Trade repo ts o THR ToB ACco n mode ate demand but tl ere have been but lew operatiOns mfd J74. 79 5 tbs unn fd 48 070 lbs c1gars Adela de January 13 LEAF -Rece pts tb s week were I .>7.5 hhds about equa y d v ded V.rl'" a Ia( and p -of the form r 0 ly b ght descnpt ons 10 1 g77 u6 727 &,lbs mfd 11 323 lbs unmld 16 793 bs c1gars between l ght and heavy k n d s of the ght k nds t was neo1 y all demand and of the latter r ch sr nn ng c M yia d and Br sbane January u 1877 1ox 167 \bs mfd 6 ,15 lbs c1gan of very poor qua ty anc.J I ght we gh s the heavy was pr nc pa y Oh o wi en of b ght co>lor ead ly placed at fu I p ces Cavouthe n baccro and he transac 1ons have bee on a 1m ed scale cons st Kentucky from p anters generally well asso ted and prope y g of select ons of the lffiest classes wh ch were offer ng m the handled but no up to usual ql\ality Jack ng body gum and color ma ket su able for home trade pu poses For export there has Judg g from what we have seen the quant ty ot really dark r ch scarcely been any nqu ry low g ades of heavy leaf attract tobacco must be exceed ngly smal one crop of such h, the a ten on of buyers but at present there sa I m ted quantity week at 4}i ro 14 and 18c all taken for plug pu poses As offer ng Now that the ew crop has been pretty generally han WHERE SHE Is -The prettiest g1rl m Rtchmond makes her own hvmg m one of the tobacco factones of that c1ty where she IS engaged m label ng bags of smokmg tobacco yet we have ot had a s ng e hogshead of new b ght wrappers died t s found to be much darker a d w th a Ia ger amount of M O M W lk f A sod a few old ones th s week at 18 to 35 cents all V g n a growth green tobacco n t than was gene ally expected and that 1t ha THE ORAL BVIOUSr a er 0 ugusta, was M ssour has been far y epresen ed th s week mostly low grades no excess of really des rable tobacco n t From another mpor shot at the otber day ami the ball lodged tn a plug of rang ng from 3 cents for commonest lug to 11 cen s for w appery tant source we learn that t shows a great deal of coarse flimsy tobacco m h1s pocket The moral IS <'bVIOUS -Ex leaf Out of five or x hundred hogsheads f om cutt ng d str ct green stuff and very I ttl)' of eally pe g o od colo In subst change y cs the moral teaches those addiCted to the opened h s week not more 1han 30 hogsheads could be classed tutes a cons derable bus ness has been done and for good usefnll d to carry theu tobacco 10 the pocket and not m above good eaf o hese about 10 "e e se ect leaf and sold at grades there s s ill an act ve demand f o c gar tobacco the n wee pr es rang ng fr o m qu res have only been for the be ter and most des rable growths the moutu-Norrutown Herald SKILES a FREY, and. Dealers_in PeDDSylvania Leaf, 81 and 68 Duke St., La!ioaater,


THE TOBACCO MARCH 2A M.J.DOHAN. THOS. DOHAN, CARROLL & 00., TOBACCO Commission Merchants, 104 FRONT Wil.LIAIS WICKwm. WICKE tc co., A. T.h is Space Reserved BiJLKiif&niOO'RE: IS OF C:EGAR BOZB.S VIRGINIA Tobacco Commission Merchants FOR 153, 155, 157, 159 & 161 Goerck St., MARTIN & JOHNSON, 0, BOX '385. All;ter.ts for the following well-known and reliable Manufacturers: J. B. PACE, W. J. YARBROUGH I SOliS; TURPIN I BRO., C. T. BINFORD, 800Dilll I MYERS, L H. FIIAYSER I CO., L. J. BRAIT I CO., R. W. OLIVER, T. W. PEIBRTON, JOHN W. CARROLL, and otllers. SOLE AGENTS FOR THE ORIGINAL Gable CoU, Bonne Bouohe, 4s and 6&, Single and Do.uble Thick. ALSO, AGENTS FOR T "HE CELEBRATED 1 lON. E JACK & BROWN SMOKING TOBACCO. Large Stocks of Manufactured. Tobacco of Every Description, .,. Suitable lor the Home Trade a11d for Foreign Oc:n1s"ta:n. 'tl. y o :n. d.. ., :ROET. S. BOWNE, ..... BI&H TONBD SIOIII& TOBACCO 1 BURLING SLIP, NEW YORK. F. C. WDL C. F. LINDE. C. C. HAMILTON. S. M.o.coso. R. ASHCROFT. NE"VV YORK SBD WF TOBACCO INSPECTION, TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. Certt8cates pven fer every case, aod delivered case by case, as to number of Certiicate. lt B.-We Also Sample in Merchants' Own Stores. F. C. LINDE & CO., Philadelphia Branch-E. W. Dickerson, 139 N. 3d St. PRINCIPAL 011'FICEI!I-14S Wate< Street, and 18:11 to 186 Pearl Street. WAREHOUSE8-l.t:a Water, 'J't:, 78 &. 78 Greenwich Streets, and Hudson ltiver Rail R.oad Depot, St, J obn's Park. G. REUSENS, 8BE1\TSEL a .CO., ( BUYER OF TOBACCO INSPECTORS TOBACCO, DD ...-oAD STR-EET, l!I'EWYORK. :M:AY BROTHEBS DIPOI\TERI!I Otl' CASES KB COMMISSION M:BB.CBANTS 44 Broad Street, New York. BRANCH HOUSE: GARTH & CO., Ninth and. Market Sts .. Louisville, K S. E. TKOMPSOJ(, E. P. GILSO!w Jl' 0 QV%1'1' &. 00., S.I.TBUMPSOI" co., TOBACCO PAGTORS AID -AMD' Western and Virginia leaf, General Commission Merchants, :a9 BROAD STREET, ,. S+ & 5 6 BROAD sT., o aox ,.,'10'1, NEw YoRs:. p, o. Box 3698. NEW YORJL TBGMAS KIINICUTT, SAWYER, WALLACE A CO.,, DN'I't7CXY and vmGIMA coMMISSION MERCHANTs, Leaf Tobacco, No, 47 Broad Street, No. 62 BROAD STREET, NEW YORK. NEW YORK. F. w. TATGB.'HfOtiS'f. C. P. NASH, NEW YORK; !ATERIM. m SID'Elilllll MAD Dealers in Spnnisb. ana German Cigar Itibbons. -AND-ICI:M8AJt.l. VANITY FAIR TOBACCO 1 AND CIGARETTES. M:Al!I'UF ACT11RED TOBACCOS. FAVORITE DARK NA.VY, ENCHA.NTKE!I!I DARK NAVY, S'VEET !IIORSEL DARK NA.VY, B()l'IEY Al'I'D PI!Lt.C H BRIGHT l'IA.VY, AND ALL POPULAR .BRANDS Or FANCY AND LIGHT PRESSED. Fll!I'E OUT, MANUFACTURED BY SP.AULDil!I'O & M:ERIUOK: OLD GLORY, CHA.RJI OF THE WElT, SWEET BURLEY, q,UEEN BEE, TRUMPS, WIG WAG, BUGLE, IN PAILS AND BARRELS, DEPOT :FOR E. T. PILKll!I'TOl!f ct; CO.'S CELEBRATED Fl!.tm'S & FLO WEltS 1r. 11 CODONWIAL'l'R" Smomg 'l'oba.coos. 11i7 PtliCE LISTS II'URl'IIIIIED ON A.PPLICATIOl'l'o '"U B. WULSTEIN, (SUCCESSOR TO IJORGFELDT & DEGHUEE), PATENTEE (AND SOLE MANUFACTURER IN THE U, S.) OF IMPROVED TOBACCO MACHINERY. CENTRE ST., NEW" YORK-P. 0. :Boz 6091.. CONSTANTLY ON HAND THE BEST IMPROVED MACHINERY J'OR CUTTING, GRANULATING & SIEVING TOBACCO by HAND IH' STEAM POWER. A large of Machinery for Cirar Manufacturer, such as for Cutt1nJ or Granulating and other FUiers for Cigars, Stem Rollers, Bunc:hing-Mach inn, Stemming Macbme1, and other for Cr1Jshing and t'lattc:nin.c tbe Tobacco in Ult: Leaf, Cil'.tettt: M.achu:aes, etc. 1.'he attention of Ctgar Manubcturer!i is espedally called to my newly4iiT\}Jroved Hand Tobacco Cutting Machine for Cutting Scrap Fillings for Cigars. :3 1nto a Reta.ineriria moist state, and the so-forme-1. cake Is put into tbe box of the Machine for cutting. The sameeuts from 8oo to 1,:100 lb1 of Leaf Tobacco per day, from a quarter to a half inch wide, aJt desired, &aving fulJy 33 per cent. over the former way of manufacturing Cigars; avoiding tfte stripping; no loss in stems, or other waste; no dust; leu Tobacco required, and better "'ork produced i and is the only practicable and reliable way of rnaldn1 a unilornl mized Cigar. Al the leading Cigar Manufacturers of New City are using this Machine. Feeding Attachment for Cutting Fine-Cut Chewing or Straight-Cut for Cigarettes. For the same purpose, of cutting_ Havana and other FJllers for the manufacture of Cigars, I now offer my lately-invented emctll-size GRANULATOR, on wblch Leaf Tobaceo can be cut Into even sera pi in a moist state, without mating dust or sborta,1 This Gtaoulator Is especially adapted for this purpose, and entirely different from my same size Granulatdr for mating Xi1Jlckiniclc or ct_.arette Tobacco. It works the Stems aa well u the Leaves, and bu a of from 300 to rk.. 48 BllOAD STB.IIIIT,' s A F E s Ne-vv-York.. of Havana Cil'an, and acknowltdged by all who have used them to be the best Moul OE'-LEAP TtBACCO, G. REISlYIANlV, Commission Merchant, AND DEALER IN ALL KINDS OP' LEAF. TOBACCO, 1SS Pearl Street, NEW YORK. No. l80 Water St., New York. N. LAOHENBRUOH & BB.0.1 BASCH & FISCHER, No.164 Street, New York. IMPORTERS OF HAVANA WHOLESALE DKAL&RS IN AND PACKERS OF It DOMESTIC SHHD LBAP .TOBACCO, Manufacturersof RAPPEE, CONGKESS and l!COTCII Leaf Tobacco. SNUFP,andeverygradeofSmoklngT<>bacco. J55 Watez-St., WEYMAN9& BRO 79 & 81 Smithiie!a Street. Pittsburah I' a. Near Maiden Lane, NEW Y 0 RK. GIRARD BETTS & CO., V. GB.OTTB:N'TBALBB., General Auctioneers ESTABLISHED loftl3, MANUFACTURER oF --ANP-COMMISSION MERCHANTS, STORE AND SALESROOM 1 OLD SLIP I 104 PEARL STREET (One door from Haoovec Square) !lEW TOB.K.., Apple, :Briar, :Bo:z:'WoOd.1 Eto., SMOKING PIPES, 412 LOCUST STREET, PHILADELPHIA. ----------SEND FOR CAT.o\.LOGUE. L. GIRBiliL & BRO.,,, 1 XBYSTONE CLAY TOBACCO PIPE WORKS. "' DIANUFACTURERS OF FIRST-CLASS ..... SHED LBAF TOBACCO, PACKERS .A.ND DEALERS IN y ; 191 PEARL STREET' PENINGTON, PRICE & co., NEW FOR PRTCE LISTS. 18 North Seventh St., Philadelphia. -Am Genmy direct. per bark F a LARGE LOT OF C. D. PIPU. LIDERER I,. FJSCBJL1 JOSEPH J. ALMIRALL, CAMPBELL LANE 0. co IMPORTE:R OF "ONLY FINE" HAVANA .. ., ., LEAF T 0 B A c co. MANU'dCTURERS Oil 16 CEDAR YORK. rDBACCO liD CIGARS, SPANISH CICAR RIBBONS: AND DllALUS .. Broat\ Red, sB 7> yards, SNUFF' PIPES, etc., Jr.&pllntlla, .s 8 7'l yards. r 7.J Narrow Red, nr Figaro, 7> yard,, 1 .35 .._,'ORIS AT 484 BROAD STRtET, JIEWJRI TERKS-NET CASH. AND IN CALDWELL.! .J. DEALERS IN Seed Lea:C AND HAVANA TOBACCO, .,, .,_ P:UII. S'l'UI'l', DW TCilt.


MARCH 28. ;-y MANUFACTNREM. fi cIGAR BOXES, I SUPERIOR. MAKE AND Prime Quality ot CEDAR WOOD, 293, 295. &: Monroe St., "' NEW YORK F:El.AS::EIB.'& WAREHOUSE 0 ,. ELECANT CIGAR SHOW CASES (S a:S ,) I'OB HOTELS AND &llOCEBS. Cor. W .Broadway .t-Reade St., Ne"W York. TBI &IBIAI BAit BBOADW.A.Y, cor. Ced ... St. KEWYOB.:S:. f)o.pftal, $1,000,,000. Every facility afforded to ,Dealera and Correspondents conabtent 1Vith Sound Baokin&' H, B.OCHOLL, Pr.;ldent. X. p, BIILU)IXG, Caoblor. WM EGGERT & CO IMPORTERS OF 0 :::EE .A. V A N A. AND DEJ: ... RS IN Sill LIAP TOBACCa 111 PURL STREET, lEW YORK. 1-.nch, 94 llain St., CIDcbmat.l, 0 .! E. & 0. FRIEND & CO., Jmporten and Dealen In LEAP 'l'OBACCO, 129 Malden Lane. Gus Flti&Mo, NEW YORK Jl!ow.uo Faxuo1 Ja., L&ONA.tto FRri"'o. M: a S. STIRIBIRGIR, mll&l AID DOIISTit BAmllS. N.;. 44 EXCHANGE PLACE, N.Y. Draw Bills of Exchaare on tbe principal cities of Europe isaue Clrcutar LettersofCredittoTra ... elers, and gra:nt Commercial Credits ; r 11ceive M( 1 n .ey on Deposit, aubjec to Sight Checks, upon which tnter ellt will a11owed: paf particular litteution to the N CI'Otiation of J. SOBKI'r'r, IMPDRTER OF AND DEALER IN LMP TOBACCO, 162 Water Street, New York. CUTHRIE & CO., 226 Frent Street. 5 --------I --( A. H. <:;:0.,. FREISE,.; ::tJ.ct:E'O:RTJ::::as oF s:PANis:s: TOBACCO llJ SCHRODER a BON LEA. -iF'.'TO':BA._ c co. HAVANA ... ; 178 WATER STREET, NEW YORK, No. WA.T:BB S'l'B.EET, 1\TEW YOB.B., e ; C>P coNNECTicuT sEED LEAF wRAPPER oF oUR owN PAC:KIKG. 203 Pearl Street, New York. "' L AND ....... STRAITON STORM, HERMANN BAT JER tc 1'ACKERS OF DOMESTIC MANUFACTURERS OF CIGARS, COMMISSION :mtCHANTS '-IMl'ORTEl\S OF LEAF T0BACCO AND 1p4013. DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 178 &. 180 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. T H. Lli:AP TOBACCO IN BALli:. AND HOG SHEA.DI FOB FOBEIGN JIARKICTt!l. ALLEN cfc. CO., 173 and 175 CHAMBERS ST., NEW YORK. WHOLEt!IALJI: DICALICRS .AND AGENTS m'OB All New York Tobacco Factories : P. Lori11ard & D. H. :llcAlpin & Co., Thos. Hoyt & Co., Eto ALSO AGENTS FOR W. T. BLAmLL & .. MAHBBR& DURHAM, SEAL OF m-. o. JOS. G. DfLL, TURPIN BROTHERS, JACKSON, TURPIN &. CO., And a Number of Other Factories. SEND FOR PRICE LIST. AWARDED tho HICHEST MEDAL and DIPLOMA At the Centennial Exhibition. to DUBRUL'S PATENT CIGAR MOLDS THE J'N The:llew Improved TheNewlmprovea '.riN CIG:AB MOLD WOODEN CIGAR MOLDS. Produce the fin..t W 01' k. Makunocreauin thebunchu. Maku a pt:rfecl head. Premvu the fowor of tM tobacco. The wrapper combi1168 with th1 filler pr:rjectly a. in h4nd-maK.:XN'G-TO::EJAOOO, SANCHEZ, HAYA tc CO., ALSO JOBBERS IN ALL KINDS OF VIRGINIA & NORTH CAROLINA PLUG A.ND !IMOKUIG TOBACCOS. I 30, 132 II. 134 MAIDEN LANE. NEW YORK, o ... er aoo,ooo 1n uee, M .u.l..a:.A ... .. I ,,.a,., iNtrltUirrt. e AHD GIVE A. TRIAL. H. No. 306 BroadwaT, .EW YORK. r HEPPENREIMER & MAURERr MANUF<\CTURERS OF l BALERS OF TOBACCO FOR EXPORT. Prao'ti.o&l. ENCRAVERS AND PRINTERS, FINEST ELEAR HAVANA GIGARS. Leaf Tobacco prenedlo bates for West Indl.., Mexican and Central American Ports, and other mar. tets. LOBENSTEIN & GANS WHOLESALE DEALERS JN J BY STEAK POWER A.ND HAND PRE8fiJC.8. AWarded liighest Kedal Jlxhibitiou, 1876, Philadelphia. (!tigat; lobacro and ALSO IMPORTERS OJ' TOBACCO PAI!:KED IN HOGeHEADS, AHNER & DEHLS, SEED rr AND HAVANA TOBACCOS, SOLE AGENTS AND IMPORTERS OF THE GENUINE W. & M. .il O:XG-.A.B. ., AJITLYONH.ANDANDNEWDEIIGNSJIA.IJETO,)RDER HAVANA CIGARS & LEAF IS a.n4 2i HOlTE Wll.I.Wit STUE'i, mlW YOU. DEALER.SJN LB!P TOBACCO, 190 :Pearl St., -KtcJIAlOL AKNn,J NEW YORK, TOHN A. D&KL&. TOBACC9 BAGGING I -IMHATION SPANISH LINEN, F .A.NCY STRIPES, A ad alll!Uido of Goods used for puttipg up SmokinaTobacco. Also, complete assortment of Smokers' ArU.Ies or tbe Trade. t. From Tobaoco grown and cured under their""" upervision. The s e Cigars are fav_orably "'Jodt>. KITLBEBBY B""'I:ETi NEW !OBI. ......... Send fior Exnlanatory Ct'rcular. J, A. BENDALL. AG""ENTS-M.ESSRS. F. S. PLOWRIQHT &. CO., -41 Bas1nghall Stree t .London, C. > t __, ..., s.-t{.11RTlRh P:attt"T'O .... ;e'hif'le' 6< to a lb .. price T5 OP.r l.fY'O. lfl Bon-:1.. 10 c. .,..,tal1\,. J. A. HARTCORN, GLACOUM & SCHLOSSER. :1. ... CHARLES S. liA WES, THOMAS G. LITTLE, ltfannfacturer of 11.\HUPA C,VRZRS OP GEBIIAK AJO) SCOTCH PACKER AND DEALER JN Fine Fine CigarBJ Clay Pipes, FineConnecticutSeedLeaf, TOBACCO SWHATIN& Auct Dealerin l4l't .. lo&l .&.'l'TO:a.Jf>" STREET, Solo Dooot for 115f MA.XDJIJr :r.AIIJ'I, LEAP TOBACCO, "'" .. NEW YORK. Hemnch Goebel Sohne, ::N"e"9117 "Fozok. 192 Pearl Street, JAco scHLosaaa. Genuine 8rossal11erod1 Pipe._... E V 'l'l .:t ort C Proprietor. of tho colebnted braol)a .. R.epo!>llc ., "' ,1;11 onn. YO BE.. :!r;:.lrb and Dq." Other f>

6 THE TOBACCO LEAl ... MARCH 28 All'vertiseDleat.. KNECHT, SMITH & CO., TO STEINER, SMITH llllOS, .tr. KNE(;HT, BEAWI,R,S IN ALL KINDS OF LEAF. TOBACCO, A'ND KA.Nln"ACTUREBS OF .AJID DEAlERS IN CIG.ARSz 131. Korth Third Street, :Philadelphia. BROTHERS, Paebrs, Cemmlsslon Merchants; and Wholesale Beaters In Foreicn and Domestic Leaf Tobacco, H7 North Thlrdstreet, Ph iladelphia. PACKERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS lN LEAF' TOBACCO, 3.1151 &. "V'7" a."ter .S"t., Pb.:l.l.a.d.e1pl:l.:l.a.. W i:.ISENLOHR, PHIL. BONN. L. BAMBERGER & CO., DEALERS lN. e-,LE.AF:\ ,And Manufacturers of all Grades of Cigars, I\To.3 J 11 AJ!ICil. St., Philadelphla,Pa. ----__ ... UE IS BREMER'S SONS, Wholesale Dealers iR LEAF" AND KANUFACTUltED TOBACCO, NO. 822 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADEI.PHIA. 2 lall!'e assortment of all kinds of LEAF ToBACCO constantly on hand. ltl.ANATHAN & CO., Baltimore Advertisement&. ""VVM. A. BOYD & l1!11PORTED AND DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, No. 33 South Street. EJAL".r'X:MO::a.:&J. L. 'W. GUNr.I..,HER, GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANT, AND TOBACCO FACTOR, 1\To; 9 SO'C'T: GA. Y liA J. T & :II 0 a II, Mr. Liberal Advancements Made oa Consignments to my Address. CEO. KERCKHOFF tc CO., .,.. Packers '"of Seed Leaf AND DEALERS IN SPANISH. TOBACGOS, 49 South Charles St., Baltimore. Md. GEO. KER(;KHOFF. GEO. p, Uli'VJI:RZAGT. U EC K E R. C. BECK E R. .L. BECKER. BECKER BROTHERS, PACKERS, COMMISSION MERCHANTSAND WAOLESALF. DEALERS lN "Foreign and Leaf Tobacco, :no 98 W. LOMBARD ST., BALTIJIQRB, liD J B .. WILKEN'S a 00., MONUMENTAL CITY TOBACCO WORKS, No. 181 WES'l' l'U'l"l' S'l'UE'l', B.A.L'l'IKOU, K.A.ITLAND, Mun(actaren of all k !odo ofl SIIOKING T(;BA.CCO AND SNUFF, te, X. .. ALKt 1!10 Clloa-'ben, Jl, Y,, ._ JU.T'I'IJ( BJLOI,. U.ll .......... a&.. PUJ .Paokera, Commission Merchants ED. WISCEDHMEYE.R. WISO. B.......,YEB. .. HeY ows.c,HmER.I AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN ., I WESTERN _ADVERTISElUENTS E'ASTERI ADV!R'riSEMEIT$. -HENRY. BESUDEN I) J. DIX & CO.,. R.MALLAY & BRO f PackM'anaDealersin Dealers in D EALER lN LIAl TBCI. LEAF TOBACCO, JIA.f TOBACCO,' 211 nm snm.:..,....,..,. ._. t 16 a nd 1 '17 West Front St., 98 WEST SECOND ST., l!etw een Re.oe &nd :Elm, Between Vtne aad Race Streets, OINOINNATL 0. CUVCOUII'lVA'!R, WI\. WESTPHAL, COMMISSION JIEB.C!IA.N'l, And Deal In CONNECTICUT SEED LtlF LOUIS KROHN. LEOPOLD FEISS. MOSES KROHN-T 0 b a, 0 0 o iROBI, FEISS co., LEAF TOBACCO," MANUFACTURERS OF INSPECTOR AND BAILER, AND DEALERS IN LI.IP :sa waar, BOSTON. HINSDALE S:MITli & SON, (Sgcce.,onto H. SMITH & CO.) PACKERS AJO) .I'OBBERS OF C&nnecticut Lea.f Toba.cco 20 HAMPDEN ST., S prl ngfield, Mass. Office and Salesroom, 126 Vine Street. H>HSDAL" s .. ,TH, E. H. s ... TH. Factory and Warehouse, 244 & 246 W. 8d St., c. o. HOLYOKE, CI:NCncJ'NATI, om:o. CODISSION KIRC1U.N'1' ,_ s. LOWEDTTBAL a CO., MANUFACTURERS oF FINE CIGARS, AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 1e0 W3S'r :I'OVE.TB STB3la'r, In LEAF and MANUF .A.CTUBED TOBAOOO, U Central BO&tM. Southern Advertisemeats. A F T 0 Com.m.ission Merchants, L E B A 0 C (), ANDDBALEBSIN ., Jms 1. & PEYTQN WISE. No. sao North Third. Sqla f>el1bta to points ahroaclaecared at loweat: ratea. .,. ... --- MERCHANTS' TOBACCO CO Bost o n, 'Yaos,; ..,. __ Pbilac!elpbia. -,sHEPPARII&SMITH.Dvm v ; 1919 HAMILTON STREET,:PHILADELPHIA,IPA. FiveErothersTobaccoWork s --i And othen. ,J. E. H. AQB.EW Sol Ma

... MARCH 28. SUTRO a NEWMARK, MANUFACTURERS OF C:I:G.ARS:J AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, '76 PARK PLACE, NEW 't'ORK. MYSTIFIED.-" Come in and take a drink." "Don't chink." Have a cigar, the!)." "Thank you, d u n't s moke "W-a-a-a-t !" and the ho s pit able Memphian g a zed with staring ey e balls upon this marvellous stranger. 'Well," he gasped, "I'm prepared for a nything n ow, even to hear that Ore gon's gone for Samm i e." He then walked perplexedly away with the air of a man upon whom a great mystery has fallen. CAUGHT.-" It is a very unclerical p ract i ce, and I must say a very un cleanly one. Tobacco! Why, sir, e ven a hog would not chew it!"' "Father C.," reponded the amused listener, ''do you chew tobacco?" l ? No, sir!" he answered, ruffly, 1 with muc h indigruttion. "Then, pra y, which is most like the bog-, you o r I ?" The old doctor's fat sides shook with laughter as he said, Well, I have been fairly caught this time." A F FA B L E AND ECONOMICAL.-A f riend sends in the following to match the fre s h pe o permint story: A--P --, forty-five or fifty years ago, a farmer of Westiord, was noted by all who knew h i m for the slow, dsliberate manner of his speech, the more than Chesterfiel d ian courtesy of his address tO all persons on the most ordinary bu s ine s s occasions, and his excessive care of the pennies. He often visited Lowell, and was well known by the traders there. On one calling KERBS a SPIBSS, Manufacturers of Fine Cigars, -at the grocer's, "Say, Mr. Jones," he said, in his usual extremely polite style, "Mr. Jones, have you any very n ice Maccaboy snuff?" "Yes, first rate." "And have you any very nice ADd Dealers ID LEAF TOB.A.OOO, 1014, 1018, 1018, 1020 SECOND AVENUE, 310, 312, 814 FIFTY-FOURTH STREET. ADOLF KERBS. LOUIS SPIESS. :E. K. l'OSTRL li:D. HILSoN. RUDOLPH WYMAH BELIANOB OI&AR IANUPAOTORY. FOSTER, HILSON & CO., 77 t 79 CliAKl!U.S S'l'. 3 Doors West of Broadway, N. Y .. .MANUFACTURERS OF Fine Cigars, AND SOLE PROPRIETORS OF THE PATENTED WILLOW CIGAR BOX. HEILBRONNER tc JOSEPHS, :CIGAR I.A:NUFAOTURERS, 230 to 234 Second Street, "YC>R.:B... L. HIRSCHHORN a CO. lifo. Be 'WAT:Blt ST:B.:ZJCT. MANUFACTUllERS or1 :FilE Hill: lADE AND SOLE IANUl'ACTURERS AN1> OF TIE TOM: KOORE AND LAFA.YE'r.rE K. II. SKIT&, JI.AIIUW'A.CTURER OJ!' WD -lADE CI&ABS, No. 42 VESEY STREET, NEW YORK. TIB JOBBIMG DADE SOLICITED ONLY. A. LlmrrBIBTEII & BROTBBB, MANUFACTURERS OF THE 41t '' !LE" a.nd "OllW ARD" FOR. OA.TA.LC>G-UE. EXPORTS FOR THE YEARS 1875 AND 1876.-The Chief of the Bureau of Statistics furnisheEI the an ; ly sis of the exports of domestic products during the cal ender years r875 and r876 :-Tobacco, leaf, r875, j18,394 ,66o; 1876, $3210JI,255 Total raw or partially manufactured articles, 1875 $498,o7J ,291; 1876, $s68,IJ517Ss. Total manufactured articles, 1875, $68, 938,527; J876, $69,JI6,J83. Aggregate, I37s. s67,01 1,818 ; 1876, $637,4$Z,168. WAIVTBD. ,\ SITUATION AS TRA.VELl.lfG tor come wellA e stablishecl Cl.Q:ar HOu"e. bat present traYeling in same busineas from Central New Yock and h olds a go,1d .Addreu 6]flt .a. n., rare A. H WaLLINGTON", Syracuee, N.Y. Notice. DANVILL. VA. Much 11, 1877 I HAVE ON.HAND SOME T"VO H'JNDREO THOUSANfl POUNDS of Good Old Smoken; also a lage lot of rood Old Bright F 1l!en aucl Wra.ppers, which I w ish to sell. W. N. SHELTON. onaele people, and tolerance even for those who were uuj'ust and unkind to ward himself. His view about an official career was, that it was like a sea voyage-a proper thi ng to under take and a good thing to have accom plished, in safety, though full of dis com! arts and annoyance while in progress. The snuff-box that was presented to him he always afterward used. It traveled with him in his voyages, and at home occupied a drawer in his writing desk when not carried in his pocket. Taking snuff, however, could hardly be' said to be a habit of his at this period. An oeca sional pinch m the course of conversa tion or of work was all that he indulged in, having been advised that it was useful as a preventive of catarrhal affection to which be had formerly been tubject. Smnking was a lifelong habit, during sea11ons of and WAR DECLARED I la9onous study. He usually hghted TURKEY & RUSSIA! h d u tJNO" Cirarettes. Joj long. ;.nd Meerschaum Holder. 19 cents per pack. a cigar when e sat own to write, vwo Cirarettoa, lOS regular, and Morocco c-... centl per pack. slowly cons11ming il as his pen ran trNO'" Cljrarettes, soa re1ular, Rice Paper and '"Uno'" tobacco, $5 40 p.M. "VitO Clrarettea, 1a. long. Rice Paper and "Uno'" t o bacco, p. M. rapidly over the page, and lighted a &11181{ Clprettea,-reaular, Select VlrlfiDialooa CUI, 5 por M. fresh one when that was B" Everrlivo Dealer ohould order a aupplrat once. a VIBGilUA TOBAOOO STORE, The number varied at diuerent penods, SOUTB BDTR ST., PHILADELPHIA. P.A:. though it rarely fell below half a dozen There used to be a standing joke between him and Dr. Reed, Pro fessor at Union College, to tl.oe effect that once when the two were driving from Albany to Schenectady, sixteen miles, they found tbemselvea out of cigars, and at the first tavern bought a bundle of twenty-five. On reachiug their destination the cigars were all gone. Each acknowledged that be had smoked a dozen, but each insisted that the other bad smoked the odd one. Though he never lived extravaga11tly, he loved 10 live hospi tably, to spend and give freely. When out of office be usually up to hi income ; when iD office be made it a rule to always spend more than his salarv, determined, as he used to aay, that .. the public ahould never a dollar iD his pocket." In regard to political preferment be was ambi tious of achievement, not of office. He sou&ht no place, and was reluctant to accept anf if be saw in so doing be was crossmg tile ambition of friend or auociate.'' WM. I. BROOKS, 82 Cravler Street, New OrleansJ La. GENERAL AGENT for tho GENUINE ADD PIIIT PUB TOBACCO, AJfD QJDO, E. BO"VB c:.LEIIBA.TED Belle Creole, Creole, Peerless. Cen tennlal and "Ole Vlrglny" ...._..,. IIOLD OIILY BY .... JIOVliD. SRI ......... OP A.11D PEJUq,WB IIA.DB TO lrO:aJUQJI -., DlllEOI' _...,. JIBW OllLJU.lU. GIJI.IIAN ol _, ,.. .... espert...,. Ia bul11eoa doalrea te make ."'.1.. uraa-IIUwla-Tbbv.eoBo-clAaf or Cigar Houe .... fe c-a. pw t.1-1w ..cb loeerUon. N'11111a ,Uoae la '"BaAiness Dlr.etcwy e1 Ad.........._ .. Oae Yea.r ............................ ................. f&t..oo ..


LEAF. MARQH 28. Tobacco Manntact.urea::.. ANDERSON t CO. MANUl'ACTURERS OF TH:I.: m omn TOBACCOS 114-116 LIBERTY STREET, NEW Beq to -\l>e attention of the Dnl""" ba To the Stato& ead :he World to their CELE88l'!ED SOLACE fiNECU'f Cln."WWlfG ToaACCO, T !LlQMJ'AS HOYT 21 -CQ -dllio'l>elng once me under-tho lit IJ 'OCi '' hnJoediate iupervU;ie'!ty. 'Without B rlvol. Orders CH.E'"'ING AND .... a JYI "" meet witb pt'O"mpt attention.. a, SK'V:P:P. : J. F. FLACC & CO., t:IB!RnTES, "l'flJW'''JS 'WILLIAM li"UCIIANAN, DAVID C. LYALL. Bl!TCRAlfAN & LYALL, :-54 Broad St., 'Na'W Tork..-P. o. oox nu. Factory:-No. 2 nRST DISTRICT, SOUTH BROOKLYN. MANUFACTURERS OF'IJJHE FOLLOWING CJ:LEB;RATED BRANDS OF PLUG, CHEWING aad SMOKING TO.B.A.CCOS_ PLUG. PLA.NE'I' NA "\ ... V .. 1, 8, 5, 0, 'r, Sa, 9, 18a. SAILOR.ta CHOICE. 1., -'6a. 31, 4. 5&, &a. 'is. 8e, 9a, J 01, CHA.LLIIINGE11bo. WA.SHDIGTON, NEPTUNE, Double Thlek, brt. drk. MAGGIE KITCHELL. NARRAGA.liBBT'I'. ALEXANDRA. SENSATION. PLOUNDERS. BUCHANAIV, lOo. > JA.CK OB' CLUBS. KING PHILIP. GRAPE AND APRICOT. UlliCONQ.UEREU, 'ACIKE" Paaey Brltrht Ponndo. TECUMSEH, lOo. PIIIERLII:B& PALM. GOLD BA.RI-;-PRIDB OF THK REGIMENT. POtJKET PIECES, N A 'VT c:n::TT OEI::J!J"gVXNG-. SMOIOIIC AND CfCARETTE T08ACCO. -nRGINIA. BRIGHT CUT CA. VENDOR. WORLD'S :F.A.Dt AND ::B.'tTl!IT. Branch Office: Central Street, Boston. "P. o. BOX 996. H,. H. TODD, ,Ace:nt. LI'.JORICE. 1 ...._.!obacco PASTE. t JOHN CA TTUS> VJ' .Au.xs l..ille made Wltl\ .l'lrotected Bearin&s. PAGE 1: CO General Ae:'ts, No.3 PARK PLACEo.JI'EWYO:K. (JUr are uaad by the following emtnent manufacturers:-P, LOIRILLARD &. CO., New York; BUCH.A.lii'AN .. LYALL, New York; JAS. D. PACE,. Rtchmond, Va.; P. JtiA..YO &. BRO Va.; Ill. W. VENABLE & CO., Petersburg, Va.; FINZER BROS., Lou;vllle, K'y. HENRY WUL8TEIN, csaece11or to Bcrcrewt Deghuee1 ) 114 CE:NTRE STREET, NEW YORK. P 0 Boz _.5091, New York. Constantly on haad the Best Improved Machine!! for CUTTT'NG....__GRANULATING AND SJ:EVING TOBACCO BY HAND OR STEAM .I'OWER. A large variety of Machiaery for Cigar Manofac turers:Lsu ch as for Cuttin,r or GranulatinR Havana and other .ttuere for Ctprs. Stem Rol1en Bunching Ma. chines, Stemming Machi nee. and also M achins for Crushing and Flattening the Tobacco Stem in the Leaf, Cigarette Macblaea. etc. Sole in B.S. for F FLINSCH'S (Olrenbach on Main, Ger. many) celebrated Machines for Packing Manufactured Tobacco. Plo,rBBB TOBcco coiPwy CHARLES A. WULFF, Agt l1 11 lllt 9 Printer & Manufacturer of OF 'BROOKLYN, N.Y .. OOIPAGNIB LAPERlE -cor. ST. PIIITERSBlJKQ, MOSCOW, WAR-SA;w, ODE.SSA, DRIIISDIIIW, f NEW YORK, .P. o. Ben '786. .THE BRIER :WOODS, 124 BUSINESS OFFICES: Water St., New Y.ork, 16 Central Wharf, Boston; .. MRS. G. B. MllltR & 'l!OBACC 0 liANlJF !CJ:ORY, (l.'ETER. COLLINS, 1/llas.,,) 97 Columbia Street, \1 NEW YOBK, MANVPACTUUJtl 011' WKJo. Clti.Ulttl.IJ'KD ..rrs. G. B. Miller A: Co. CbewiRg -and mokin& Tobacco, the only Genuine American Gentle .. _.n Snuff; Mrs. G. II. Miller & Co Maccaboy ..and Scotch Snuff; A. H. Mitkle &:S<>ns'Forest lt.ose and Grape Tol>acco; Mrs. G. B. Miller & Co. Reserve Smoking and Chewing All orders promptly executed. ONEIDA TOBA.OCO WGRKS. D. BUCHNER & CO. !Formerly S. S. EDMONSTON & .Bao ,) MANUFACTURERS OF FINE-CUT CHEWING : s I 0 KIN GAXD TOBACC 0, 213 &: 215 Duane St., I!JW Y,ork. OUR CELEBRATED BRAJOHI:CRIIIWiliG: f.Uold.en Seal; Ol.d. !l'l.mes, Ent.erprlse, Ill ectar Leaf. FOIL: :l'hcenix, Golden Seal, Snn Flower, N at.ural Leaf, Great Central, .-:oK:IliiG: ''Prl.d.e of the trllited. States, :Jloo.uet; BlackaliiU'a, Virginia Leaf, IDlllckinie& CELEBRATED Established I8SQ.. ., ORIGINAL GREEN SEAL,'' .And other <.:boice Brands of MEERSCH4-Ulll SJIOK:ING TOB.'lCCOS cut from Virginia Plug W. C. ElllliiET, Sole Manufacturer. 'J'4 PINE STREET, NEW YORK GREAT CENTRAL TOBACCO WAREHOUSE. LICBTIISTEIN PACKERS AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCOS, 121 BOWERY 121 Bet. Grand and Bester St NEW YORK, !'INFOIL, WARRANTED PURE 11N, WE.APPmG CIGAltS and CIGA:BE'l'TES, and LININ& OIGAB :BODS. WITTEMANN BROTHERS, ":":!:tUAM ST .. X. '2'. GIIESTAWARDS:l J A L k & c .Russian Exhibition of U antn 0 3. lzld.ustr.Y 1870. i. Centennial ixhibiti :z. Vienna llzhl.bition, Sole Agents !u .Al!A.erica for the Eminent Firm of Philac1a1 a, 1876. 1873. B y .all ........ 'IU"GOUBY .()f ST. PETERSBURG, SAATO u: .I.Y&A..Io Bmio ciGABETTis rnuarn;a THE fiJI EST INTHl WORLD. OFFICE: 52 .EXCHANGE PLACE, NEW YORil. ESTABLIBIIEp IMB. K. C. BARKER & CO.f Manafacturera ot the Celebrated FINE-CUT TOBACCOS, AMERICAN EAGLE" AND s -. .Also all other grades of Fine-Cut a.nd Smoking Tobaccos, DETROIT, JU"CK. Aside from pack In'/. our "AMERICAN EAGLE" alhJ "CLJ .PER '1 in th.e wood.,t:D packages. 10, 40 and 6o lb!!!_, we also ppt both of these .lll"ades up verJ nice1y in 0NB OuNCE T1N Fon .. PACKA!ia:$1 ;,acked in Jl and X Gross boxes. l..iber:JI iJ'rices made to the Jobbing trade. HARVEY & FORD, I SALE&ROOlll-385 & 381' CAN Ail STREET, NEW YORK. FACTORY-LEDGER PLACE. PHILADE-LPHIA. 25 Lake Street, Chicago; BUEHLER tc POLHAUS I 51 NORTH WATER STREET, PHILADELPHIA. ft BBIKB i0ifiiiiSCfiiifi & CLAY PIPES. 1Fttst :psTHERtnU '" A Large Assortment Constantly on Hand. 51 Chn.tham St., cor. WUUam, N. T. ..,... And all Kinds of SMOKERS' ATICLES. U 83 Chambers and. 65 Read.e Streets, New York. -il BRICHT, All Sizes; MAHOCANY, All Sizes; REJALL & BECKER, MANUFACTURERS OF IEERSCBAUI & AMBER HOODS, AND IMPORTERS OF FRENCH BRIAR PIPES & SMOKERS' ARTICLES 1'1o. Chambers Street, :N'e"'PIT "2"<>rk. P :I: C> NEE "El. ," Dark, all Sizes. A comparison or nur Celebrated Brands of PLUG TOBACCOS will convince all partit!s of the WON DERFUL MERITS contained thetein. PLUG T:OBACCO. 6'1 OBD.AB ST., NEW YOB.R AWARDED HIGHEST MEDALS FOR PLUG IPOB:40CG, Fm:Z-C'tT'I' 'I'Ol:IAOCO, SMOKING TOBACCO AID 'IIJP. omco: 16,18 & 20 Gkambors 8t.,Ni1Yort .EMPLOY HANDS. PAY U.S. GOVERNMENT 13,000,000o THIS 1YIIIAR. -WEIS '. MANUFACTURER OF A J03EPH LOTH & CO., AND AMBER GOODS, 398 ST., NEW YORK. \D AND VIENNA, Austria. MANUFACTURERS OF ALL KINDS OF CIGAR RIBBONS .. CONSTANTLY ON li'AND A FULL ASSORTMENT MARKET ( -Paetory : Salearoooaa : WEST ST., 444. BROOME ST. Ne"1i1'17 'Yo:rk. HERBST BROTHERS, 4 E. V AH RAM DOHa. N HAVANA tc SEED LEAF T'JS E A C S e :J 183 WATER STREET,' NEW LIBERAL ADVANCEMENTS :MADE ON CONSIGNMENTS.' VAN BAIDOHH & CO., LEAF TOBACCO, 165 W ITER ST., lEW YORK, Cash Advanced on Consignmt>nts. CIGARETTE FACTORY JOSEPH':M. SICHEL & co., at 135 Chatham Street, New York


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