The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (10 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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VOL. XIII.-NO. 14. NEW WEDNESDAY. MAY 16, 1877. WHOLE NfJ. 638' lht lolnuco ltaf !&.TAJD.IIIKD 186t,.) IS PUBLISHED IVEBT WIWIBDAT KOUllll, BY 11Thc Tobacco Leaf" PnbllshiD[ Co.l Fult"n St., New York. EDWARD BURKE --------Editor JOHN G.GRAFF -Business Manager llir All Letten oboald be plalaiJ oddraaod .,T11a ToaAcco L&AF" PuaLISHIHG Co. Terms of the Paper: SueGLs Coruu ............. 0 v ...................................... :10 w#-11.-b<.r that the cost to the ye'I'IY or 810Gtlaly aabecrlber ia L&iS TJIA EIGHT ... w ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS ABROAD. GoAT BRITAIN ANu .-;A,ADA ............ fs-04 ...... HAMI!UI'<> Tti.B CoNTIN&RT 5.04 &TC,, VIA AffCLAND 5 c.... ...................................... 5<4 o orclen for th .. will be coneldered, .... ellaccompanit!,1 :::-r correapontling amount. &-Remlttanc.;c: in Instance, .. ID&cle by m oac:J v r Uer check or drafL Billa .. an.bte to be atol en, and can only be aeot at ... to -.endet'. (For .Atlon-tisir Ra.t1 sw.,tA Pdre-] IIJ8IIISS JllltTtll OJ ADVIBTI.SJ. Toax. Tol>eo "",..,.' Aber It De!olo, hul. -Baocb lit Fiachor J S. 4r Co.,C.:hatlwll Sq. II: S 1: 7Doyor. Xaufm&9 .bros. & Dendy. IJ9 A s Grand K.erbe Sptesa, 1014 to 1020 Secoad Ave., aud JIO to 1'4 Fllty-follrlh t.vy Bros. 125 a 117 Broome Llcliteuate\n A.l: Bro. J4 II Boery Lichtenatelo Daos. & Co. 161 Bowe17. Wetlllel t.f. vr. II Bro, H Bowery Beldellberc It Co. S. aod 66 R- E .& ..-1 Bowery Smith M M .P Vesey Stocllelloerr M 4r Ce. 9 and 94 Llhi!rtr ltraJtoa & tltenD, 17l and 18o Purl llatro II Newmark, 76 Park Pl"'tflrers of l"iu S..... Cit Boonett. Sc beuck. & Earle, S3 tn sT Park Place Foster, Hilaon &. Co. 71 ll: i,.;ltamben SaDcl:lez, Jiaya &: Co., ISO. I]S & 1St M. Lane. s-TU..u Pnd Ciz:an. Almlrall J. ]. r6 Codo.r Garda F. s67 Water Goaalea A .., Water Measenre r T H. & C o Maiden Lane .Pucul L. 1 -w M'\' Sucbez. Ha1 AI Co.. 1p to 134 Malden Laae. Sco\"llle A. tl. 4; Co. 170 Water Seldeoberg a Co. 14 and 86 Read o llolomoD M .., .&. 1\ Maldeo Laao v .... a: Bernbelm, 181 Pearl ell & Co. l'trM Walter Friedman & F .. loe, lOS P_. w-. Eller AI Kaeppel, PearL "I bor V.llhrtloea & Co'l" Peul Manufacturers of KIY Wll tJMd u.,..n.r U a... Oi.r .... Do s.n Fred't & eo.. .., u w..-Mc:Fall &: Law.on, 33 M\ltTlly. Seidenberg & C o. 84 aod 86 Reade / ilol F/41" .UI SNr" Ci,-n. Ale George, 173 Water Jhnufuturlr< if Altllln GootU. We\1 Carl, s.,S Grand of CJ.., Pito Batter H. 1r 8rotl:ler '' Water Buehler & Polbaua, 83 Obambers l)emutb wm. & Co., !rfJ' Broadway Goebel J. k c .... 119 Y.aidea Lane Beu A. lit Co. 4J Llt.erty. X.' iho a Boudy, ug and 131 Graad of Bri.,. Pil' OJ S.Olltr' .ilrtklts. Boehler lr; Polhaoo, IJ Ctrambera Deal'Dltl Wm. & Barve.y & Ford, 365 and J67 Caoal. Hea A. & Co. 43 Liberty, K.aGfmlllD Broa a. Boodfr Uld J ,..,_ ao;aU 11 !locker, 90 Clramben. z.,.mr., LJ#rill __ tl. R. Broadway. Gll'old, &berman c loots, 1:ao Wlliia.:a Argoimbau, Walli s & Co_ 29 &: JC 8. \VUUam. "c-::l.ortrew lJ., 55 Water Weaver & St,.rry. 24 Cedar. Zu.r icaldu & Arguimbiu, Pearl iclu. HH Her's R Sons & Co. 6 o Cedar. Sdliel'ellu W. H. A:. Co., 110 and 111 / Licn'k W. 47 C<'. May Brot.bera, 37 Malden Lane Cigbr Stamp Canceller. Cooke G K. & Co. 91 Chambers TH.u;.-CtdJw frr Ci"preJU M.-nufachlrinr. Cro.ley J W. 33-4 Broadway P lee-rs. Ci.-ar Pack.en' Society, S. &-Co., 175 or E M. Oatterdam. 109 NorfoUr. ALBAXY lf. T, ManN(tKiunrs of Tobao. Greer' A.. Boa. tin BALTIMOK.E. TtiMtO .,.,.(JIIIII. Barker &: W ag: anes:, 29 South G.,lioyd W. A-I< Oo., 33 South. Ga.uther, 1... W. 9 South Gay Kerckhoff Co.. 49 8oth Chulee Kremelberg, J. D, and Co. .Mallory D D.; E. 1.. Wenck, Manager; .._e, and 48 South Charrea. Merfeld & Kemper, 117 Lombard Parlett B. F. & C o., 91 Lombard. Schroede-r Jot. & Ce 81 IJxcb.ange Place. Tate. Muller tJ Co 69 Eschange Place Wi.ebm.,-er Ed. & Raay. ToMcco (;Qmmissiu Mer()/ianll. FallenatelD &. Sou. BRIDGEPORT. CO:NW. Paciurs / Seed uf Hawes. E. V. 66 Water. BROOKLYN, lf. Y. Plug Ma,hintry. Tubal Cain Jrou W .orks, 111 to t3t Water Jltia, f Cluwinr 11rul Smokiur Ttt. /Jaccc. Flaal John F. & Co., 176 and 178 First. CHICAGO, W. WMI#sale DftlU,-s i SuJ. Lta.f tld Havo.114 To!Ja.. ctt Subert B. 14 N Canal D-'"' in utzf To4tcco d Citrl. ;,. Maurer c. F., 187 Clark. i Lef ToMeo. Sa.ndh.acen BrM., 17.Weat Raudulpb. M-f.ctrtrl if Fi C.t CMwit ad s...liar., ftd DtPitro ift lAf Tol>.ceo. Beck It: Feldkamp, 12 ancl24 Water. CilfOIJOifATI. Dllw1 i Havana and OottUstu u'!f ToHuiJ. BeaUeu Heon. 1)8 \Ve1t Second .Kallar R.. ll Brot.tacr, 115 W,t FrOGt. ;., Spani1k at1d (}igar Llaf TD6Mco. Meyer Hy.& Co., FrooL W aakelman F & (.o. Sa Froo' Jhuf.ctrmro of FiM-Cul Chnln"l SmD"'"C 7\> Space Broa. 1: Co., !!0 aod 54 But Tuud. LHf Tob- lholl#ro. Dt)tu'la&DD .... w ... t',I'IT. n. p, Vtu .. and Front llorria W. G. 87 W. Froot Mtuulla&hn"P"S 11/ tllld hi Ltf 2 obacco. K.rob1a. Fetu & Co 161 165 N. Third, cor. Elm Lo..,.thal 8 II Oo !I<> Weot Foarth. Tietig H & Bro., :riS W Fifth Well, K.aha & Co., 134 Main. Skeet M<141 Cig' Mnlldl. D11bnal Napuieoo &: Co 441 and Plum Luif J .. A. 91 W Froat c;rr-811 .. Gelae B. II: Brother, 93 Clay LJVERPOOL. Jlac. Smytlae F.\\". & Co 1o Nonh Jonu. J.O"UJSVILLII. K,.. f'" Pl"!f Tob#cco M.ojM"'""" FiDler/ a Broe., Jacob. State o Ken tacky Tobacco Muafactarlng. Co. "I T.hct C.,.i11io M,c.tinu. Wicb G. W. & Co., 191 Weal llaia.. To6acco BrD!urs. C1Uaway James J'. comer 9th ud Market. Gunther Geo. F. Hartbill Alex. Eleventh aad Matn Lewla Ia WI Weat Malu Meler, Wm. G.. 4r: Co., s6 Seventh. NuhM. B Praroft" W F., SN Wen Malo Sk,_r t110d Dlakr in Catli"g To6tu11 Jobn W. TobeCD (Jo,l11in MlriJa,l. Nowliu B. H. It G. H But if the growth of the G:ity bas been slbw and steady, it can not be said,on the other hand,tbat lhere has been any lack of ability to conceive, and courage to execute, the most stupendous projec.ts which pro111iaed to be for the benefit of the city and i ts inhabitants. No town or any size on the continent can boast of an. re "'agnificent lllA"ItlsBUBC., o. De :lin-in .Uaj Tol!aao. Schaberth, H. 0. :NEWARK.._ Jf. J. Oampbell, Lane & Co., 48 .tsroa.d. NEW ORLEAJJ'I. La. Tobtacco Factora and .MircAtats. G1J.nther & Stevensou, 16a Common Kremelberc, Schaefer and Co., 186 Common, P6ru;ru Tobacco talld Cirareti11. Brooks VIm. J. 82 PETERSBURG VA. CttMissUnc flhnA:a.t. enterprise than the building of the Cincinnati South Railroad, a work now looked upon here as almost com pleted. To have carried such a work so far, even in a siipshod and careless manner, would have been some thing to be proud of. Certamly, this feeling of satis. fac!ion is not lessened by tbe knowledge that the road, as far as challenge comparison with any similar structure in the country, for the solidity,strength and elegapce of" its constructi on. With this enterprise once finished, Queen City a powerful 21m toward the Gulf, and i s prepared to enter the competitive !Ioper. Lelloy 1ft Bous Malllf/ddflrws II/ Ptur a.U s ,.,.r a..J Deuirl in L1/ Venabl< S.: W. 1ft Co. pRIJ,ADELPBIA. TobMCO w.rd.oMUI. Aoathaa, M & Co. no N ortb Third Bambt"qrer L. a: Co. ur Arch Bremer Lewie, Sons, 3u North 'I1drd. Courtney James A. 53 North Front Do baa tk Taitt,' 107 Arch. Du.nn T. J & Co ., t!!jtb and Vine, )tieenlohr Wm .-Co., Soutb Water 'Loeb J ooeph, 62 N orth Font '1.. McDowell M.. E: & Co 39 North Water. Moore & Hay, 35 North Water"' Santr j. Biualdu & Oo., J1 North Yater. Sarver, Ooolr. a: Co., 1e5 .Monh Water Steiner, Smith Bros. & Knecht. Race. ,Teller'lirothera, 117 North Third. Vetterlein J. & Co., 135 Arch. Wartman M & Son, 13 North Fifth. Well s A. j ., Third and Ave Woodward, Garrett & Co ., 33 Sorth Water Imp. of Hav. Tob. ad Cigtzrs, an d Dealer i Sud uf Cc:'Stas J. 131 Walnut of Plug Tobacco. )JUle r, MeKraw & Co. nJ-218 Carter Manuftulurer of Snuff nd Smoking Tti-/I(Jccos. Wallace Jvt 666--672 North Ele\'entb M.JtMnrs .j Cicr llatcbelor Bros.. 8oS Market Hildebrand. &:: Klingenber., S7 North Seveath Xnecnt. Smith & Co, Third St. Ludy ]no.). 2'311< 5>S S :ootlr. Theobald A. H Third and Poplar. Wello A.] rhlrd and Girard Ave. Ullited SUtea Claar Manufactory, ltb & VJue. BrttMr. Fougeray A R. J3 N. Frout Mft 's A g t. for Plug d SmDiti11g KeiiJ F. X. Jr. c6 Arch Manufact'ts 1( .4pjk and Brirwood Pips. Grottenthale r V .._u LCJcust Manufactu r er s of Clay Pip<;. P ennington, Price&: Co. 19 North Seventh PI'J:TSBUB.GH. Pa. M4fsnrs of Slf. we,...u& Ero., 79and Sr Smithfield. I Manujuturers "E:rcdsior S/J1411 Rll" and Otlur ToiNucos. Jenk.lnaoa R. & W., :r87 Liberty. B.ICHIIOND Va. M6,.tillll. WIH James M & Pelton, 07 Thlrteeotb. Leaf 1ojacco Bro"' Dibrell Wm. E., Jo Cary. llHioll.. ADlrs ;,. Licorie< Past< na Mjd Tobtu:cD. Wright J. & Co. 1 Tobacco ROCHMTEB. Jf. Y. of Tobtto. Wbaleo R. II: T ., 18 &PIUJIGFIELD. x ..... IaUth B AI Soo, 10 H.ampden STOCKPORT, EJJG. Mauf. of .l!"aohinuy for Roll, Spn and Twz."Jt Toluzcco. Andrew J E. H. liT. LO"UJS, Mo. W .DormltaerC, 6: R. &: Co., ISJ llarllet. C11m,.1uio" Mtrt4tJnll. Belviu & Co., uo North Second Buyl1"11{ Leaf Ttt6a.cctt. Ladd W. M., Nortb Main Tobauo B'Atr Hll)'llel J'. E., 11 So;oth Second TOLEDO, OHIO. Ma,..ftlldwr r' II/ Clutllir .,. s,M,r 6..:ul. Charles R. WUTFIIIJ.D. --1'/Wro -' DMiwl ;, s-,__, T....._ Buc:baaau Jolla C. struggle for the trade of the in cotton and tobaoco, with prospect of success. Already the trade of Cincinnati in tobacco J.las increased at a creditable and even surprising rate. business which was compara unimportant only a few years since has become one of the most notable branches of trade. -KROHN, FEIS. S & COMPANY. No firm in the city shows more unmistakably the marks of progress than that of Messrs. Krohn, Feiss & C'ompany, the well-knowri cigar manufacturers, whose new building, just completed, i > one of the most notice able among the structures which line Third Street. The firm, which consists of Mr. Louis Krohn, Mr. Feiss, and Mr. Moses Krohn, has shown not only tl,rift and care, but also a praiseworihy spirit of enterplise. For the past fourteen yean this firm has been. doing business in Cincinnati, and during that period have established a national reputation as of cigars; and within this time they have, also, become extensively as dealers i n leaf tobaccg. It was quite as much by their energy in making their facilities equal to the demand made upo!l them, as by the direct ness and honesty of their management that they have won so enviable a positio n in the business &Immunity. Business with them has been conducted from the first on a solid basis of cash. They were thus enabled to buy at fair rates from the producers without depending too largely upon a costly system of Of late their trade bas been so much enlarged that they have found it necessary to seek more commodious quarters. The factory at the nolthwest corner of l'hird Street and Central Avenue was four.d too cramped and dark fq_r convenience. It was, also, situated at too great a distance from salesroom on Vine Stleet. The two departments are now consolidated in the new structure erected expressly for their purposes THE FACTORY. The visitor in Cincinnati, as he passes the corner of Fourth and Elm Streets, can not fail, if be looks down the bill along Elm, to notice the new block at the south west corner of Elm and Third Streets. He will discover, without a question, if he is even remotely interested in such matters, that this prominent structure is the one to which allusion has just been made. Messrs. Krohn, Feiss & Co. have occupied their new place but a few weeks, yet the appointments of the establishment are [ already well :The uuilding extends on Elm Street from Th1rd to Unwn Street. It has thus three frontages and abundance of light, a convenience which can only be thoroughly appreciated by manufacturers who know how to estimate the value of it in every de partment of work. The structure is six stories in height 1 and occup1es a surface uf ground about sixty-three feet front by seven:y-two feet on the sides. STORAGE. Beginning at the very bottom within, one finds first FRED'K DeBARY. & CO., 41 a 43 W'Brren Street, New York, SOLE ACENTS FOR THE PRINCIPE DE CALES" KEY I CIGARS, AND THE Cc:Ic:s.O. "" CIGAR FACTORY OF NEW YORK. I 84 & 88 1\EADE STREET, ,NEW YORK, Importers of Ha,va,na, Toba,pco, ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF THE Ll ROSA ESPANOLA KEY HAVANA-CIGARS. LUtrJ.I IIUlOR., LEOPO.LD F&IS., XOII& IIUlOIUFo KROHN, FliSS cl CO., MANt1F.ACTtntEJ\S of CICAltS, AND DEALERS IN BE.A.F TOEACCO:J 161, 163 & 165 WEST THIRD ST., IFILl. CINOINNATI, 0. Eifty per Cent. of Material Saved IN THE MANU.FACTURE OF C::I:

IUAY 16. MINOR ANJ} -.rm fnlflilfi,\ay hi C\nain-Jl'et&hco.l .. Sales This doctrine 1s fully supported by the latest English' for the convemence and disciphne of the hands are -I nati is from fair 10 StOcks of cigars, mahufi ured By John H. Draper a: Co., uz Pearl Street, on Wednesday, cases of Lee vs. Haley, 5 Chy. App. cases (Law R.) ISS, THE TOBACCO LEA 'F. really admirable. Tney are from the. -"--' oRE ci""'r an.d t-'"-cco store tobacco and seed tobacco are light! our friends are May 16, at I2 o'clock Mon, in theirstore, thirty tins Vanilla Beans. and Wotherspoon vs. Curne, reported in 5 House of d "' "T' .ou...... .. .,-"""' f 1 to b t th t Tb od By Burdett a: Dennis,..,., Burlin .. Sl1p, on Wednesday, May 16, Lords and Ira'sh Appeals (La R t "' o8 ami find themselves in the entry openmg upon tne WI e of Hrrsch & Co., 13I Bowery, was burnt on the 3d too care.u operator,; over uyda 11 arne. Se go 1 at o'clock, at Archer'-Stores, .Basin, Brooklyn, six cues d j "' h f N Awl epor 5 and Cbmmodious atatrcas" which.... leads to the upper Goods 'to the value or, $4 ood hing a circular poses on the corner of Second and Elm Streets, near the TREASURY DEPARTMENT, OFfiCE oF IN'fERNAL} Eaterbrook, 47 Barb. 455 In aaotber pol'tion of the building there is another stlUI' every Thursday morning to embrace the auction sales elegant structure of Krohn, Co. It is a massive REVENUE, WASHINGTON, May II, I877. It bemg apparent that the use of the words" St. -case and elev tor for use, espectally in case of fire ln of leaf tobacco at the ToBACCO ExCHANGE, as an nounfive story iron-front brick bulldmg, with all modern SJR :-Your letter of the 9th mstant has been rece1ved, James" by the defendants IS intended to defraud the ced last week, we shall shortly change the date of pub-improvements and an honor to the trade of which the in whach you say that "dealers in c1gar leaf tobacco pubhc into the belief that when they huy cigarettes with addition t t ese elevators there is a small hoistmg hcatton of THE LIAF, 50 as to make it the medium for owner has be;n a member for so many years, and a great deem tt necessary and desirable to send per request those words upon the labels that they were buying machine or dum waiter for the transfer of small pack-conveymg early intelLigence relating to those sales. amprovement to the locality where it is erected. Mr. stnall from two to s1x pounds-of leaf cigarettes of the plaantiff's manufacture, the Court will ages from one story to another. Xhis ltttle Henry Be suden's great enterprise was never more clearly !obacco to ctgar manufacturers and leaf tobacco dealers necessarily interfere for the protectiOn of the pubhc. It saves the labor of several hands who would otherwase NoTICE.-.,Messrs. red'k C. Linde & Co. give notice prqved than just now, he bemg a man of ample means, m remote from the to.bacco markets. The is urged that the defendants' labels are no amltatlol)s of h hi to the trade that storage on Seed leaf tobacco Ill thetr to ret1re from business pursuits; but no, he prefers to applymg for samples or_der goods on recetpt the plamtiff's. I am led IrresiStibly to the conclusion be employed in mere errands. To render tt t oroug. y warehouses afler May I w1ll be IS cents a month per wor and remain a member of the trade that made h1m an of samples and sometimes not. It do order goods, that the adoptwn of this label by the defendants was convenient it was necessary to connect each room with case, certlficates for each case. Stored 111 bulk, no independent man and an esteemed citizen of th' e "Queen the samples previously sent are inc.luded in the entnes solely because tney thought the public m1gat be deevery other room by means of speakmg tubes. Over ce rtlficates, cents a month per case. All certifi. City."-Mr. J.P. Spence, of the good old firm of Spence pf tlie leaf dealers who sent them 10 thear GovernaJaent ceived, and the dafferences were made in the hope that one thousand feet of tubmg were used for this purpose cate!l to above date can, by -paymg up accrued Brothers & Co.; and brother of the eminent of the leaf tobacco record books. If no goods are ordered on they might avoid, possibly, the dangers a rasing from the By this mgenious arrangement it is made possible for storage, be 'Changed to those of present date at the re-Western fine cut trade, 'Dr.,Spence, jtist returned ftom rece1pt of samples, the samples may or may notnse of a periect Imitation. I am of the opimon, there-duced rate:-Adv. s-st. the South, where be lias sojourni g dunng the. accqrdm. g to the habtt of leaf tobacco dealers-be fore, that the plaintiff is entitled to an injunction rethe proprietors to convey their orders to any room winter on account oi ill health; and I am happ_)U.o state entered m the record books. the law rel.at10g to strammg the defendants from the use of the device of without interference with the work of any other room. CouRTEOUS MENTION.-Messrs. M. H. Clark & Bro. that his condttaon is much improved, and that his many the sale of leaf tobacco at retatl, ts u lawful to. dtstnbute the "sun's rays" upon their cigarettes, and also from OFFICES AND ,SAMPLE ROOM. write us :-Hgp_kinsvrlle, Ky.; May I :z-Your gemal and friends \Vest and East may soon find him a gam at his s 1 m pies m the manner and for the purpose mdtcated ? the wse of the numerals and the use of the words up to the seconi floor we reach the sample accomphshed representative, Mr. Graff, made us a short post of duty.-Mr. B Fnngart, one of the oldest dealers and as tt lawful to charge a gaven price for the same "St. James" in connectiOn therewith. The plaintiff is visit and met a cordaal r eception. Vve regretted that he in Seed leaf tobacco of Cincinnati who of late was estab-enter them on the books of record as sample;; so' d, m entailed to judgment with costs. room ,j!.nd offices, t.he entrance to 'which is on Third could not spare us more of his valuable time after the lished in New York, and later m Hartford, returned conformity wuh regulatiops relatmg to other entnes of Street. These really models of elegance purposes of his visit were accomplished. to the scene of has former success, the city of Cincinnati, leaf tobacco?" in appomtments and finis The wainscot and Gtlier -We had the pleasure of having your Mr. Graff with where he intends to stay, enjoymg the social c 1 rcle of In to your wqumes I have to say: I s t. That m woodwork is done m beautiful black walnut, carved in ui for a of days this week. He m.:t hosts of has old friends.-N Lask, a gentlema,1 honorably known the opamon of thas offire there would be no VJOlatwn of OPENING OF THE N.EW YORK TOBACCO EXCHANGE. fnends and appeared well pleasftd with congratulations 10 the Cincmnatl tobacco trade and connected wath the law relatmg to the sal e of leaf tobacco com matted by the Eastlake style. It is at once tasteful 'nd elegant. as to his healthy a,ppearance, as well as. the compliments several firms aRd 10 vanous was found a d eale r 10 his furnishmg such samples of leaf as the The sample room occupies the rear portion of the stcry. paad TH!i: ToBACCo LEAF and D i rectory. He left for drowned in the Ohio_Rtver. He was on a busmesli tnp trade usually furnash to persons desmng to purchase In front are the offices. From the hall tbat leads from mland markets Fnday me;ht. to Louisvalle when he was last seen. Mr. Lask leaves a leaf who hve at places remote from the tobacco markets. Pursuant to ar.nouncement the NEw YORK ToBACCO ExcHANGE was opened at No. 39 Broad Sta eet at 1 r A M. Tuesday, May IS. A full hour before the com. mencement of the sales the large room constuuting the Exchange was filled wuh gentlemen prommently connected wuh vanous branches of the tobacco trade. All, or nearly all, the represenlaUves of the firms dealing in Western leaf m thts city, whether as factors, buyers, manufacturers, cutters, JObbecs,_exportefS or speculators, were vasa'EIIe about the place, and seemed, even before the sales commenced, to be greatly interested in the enterprise about to be inaugurated, and sincerely de sirous of contributmg by theu presence to tts present the main door you are \lsher,ed throllgh a glass door W. J. LEWERS, Louisvillt, Ky. wife and four children in rather uncomfortable circumzd. lt would not be unlawful for a leaf dealer to charge into the public office. The rooQl i lighted from the stances.-Among the gentlemen I met at Cmcmnata a g1ven p1ice for s.uch samples; and whether charged or BRISTOL-GooDsoN, VA., AND TENN, May .11 1877. were Messrs. Edmonston, Pappenheimer, Ottmger, and not, 1: would be has duty to enter them. on the books or street y )ar e P.lateglass windows. The desks of the --[CorrespondenceRachmoml l/lsjalch.l-Ourfarmers hav_e Cullman-the latter of Fox, Dtlls & Co.-of New York record as samples furn1shed to the parties to whom they bookkeepers are shet off f;om the ordanary VISitants by been for the past t e n days bustly engaged m c6rnplan twere sent. Yours respectfully, a balus rade surmounted by a wule top p rDper to be ing and oreparmg' for a large tobacco-crop. The toGREEN B. RAUM, Commissioner h b 1 t bacco-raisang mama is prevatling to a great extent all SHOR'.l'S. Edward Burke Esq Edt tor of THE TOBACCO LEAF used a a desk. Oonosite. the opemng t t IS. a u s raue f hrougn Southwest Virgmia and'East Tennessee. and an Fulton Street, New York Ctty. I is the uon vault used for the of immense amount wtll be raised the present year. The The Internal Revenue collected $136,621 41 for the papers and books of the firm. In the rear of th:s public pnce; or whach it sells m our warehouse give great en-tax on cigars and tobacco from St. Lou as tobacco men. office is the private office, shut off ftom the other apart courag ment to the farmers, and they consider it the Drummers are now known as "commerc1al evanA. Word l4t Thomas Carlrle. and future success. Prominent among those to be seen, b h t h I Q 1 gehsts. ments by plate glass partitions. The lower half of these est-paymg crop t a t ey can cu ttvate. u1te a arge h' h quantity of the tobacco that is sold here loose is prized A correspondent of the Rtchmond Dispatch, writing EDITOR TOBACCO LEAF ;-Please allow an English in addition to the leadmg factors, manufacturers, cutt rs, manufactUI er to ask, Can Mr. Carlyle build a fairer exporters and brokers, were the rep1 esenaatives of the temple on the treacherous sea of clamor and rumor European Regtes in New York, Mr. Reusens and the than can England's most bnlhant statesman on the rock Rey es Brothers & Co. From other caties were to be of veracity? Is the blow (so untranscendentally) given seen Messrs. Dormltzer of St Louas, McPh,rson of to the head of his race just and well directed, or does Louisvalle, Dr. Thomas of Cincmnatl, Greer of Albany, the power which gave ;t life dwell but in a degenerate and Campbell < f N:ewark. glass panels is of ground and figured glass, w secures and shipped to Rachmnnd and Lynchburg; besides 111 lich from Spottsylvania County under date of May 4, states the privacy necessary to the room. Ove_r the graJe IS a very large quantity is manufactured in Bristol, there that the tobacco plants are looking well, and that it is the suggestiye -motto, carved and galt in the mantelpiece, being two or more large factories here, each working likely that less 1han usual will be planted, and more "Be dtligent in Busmess." many hands. attention given to corn on account of the low pnce of tobacco and h1gh pnce ol corn. STORE ROOM. CALIFORNJA LEAF ToBACCo.-W have received by Both Paris-green and strychnine are bad for the shell, made barren by that winter of one's being which T!Je arrangements ll)ade for the occasion were ample so often cotls aod freezes our better senses? in all respects save in jthe ma1ter of spact', so large an And so those brilhant shafts, glittering once with wit assemblage requirmg more room than was available for and dastant vaston, electnfying an applauding world, the openiog The sales-room, however, will be becausP. they flashed from a soul then ptuely great, now extended shortly, whed accommodaton will be afforded palls upon the sense, callmg forth censure rather than for as a gdtbermg as is !akely to convene on any praise. All of whach shall I ascnbe to the wtndmg up one occaswn. A bouyttful lunch', wath liquid refresh of hfe's ltttle day-to the approaclnng end of his event-ments, was to which the guests did justiee ful career, or to an exchange of reason for jealousy? H dunng the progress of the 5ales. The third floor is occupied as a store room. express from a promtnent c1gar manufactur1ng firm in tobacfo fly, but good fc;>r tobacco plants. Paris-green filled wttli rows a d tiers of bc.xes, the exterior of whicq San Francisco a sample of Leaf tobacco grown in the costs 14o cents per pound, strychnme $3 per ounce. is suffi 'ent to make the smoker long even for a glimpse southern part of the Rtate of California. Our opinion Farmers can take their choice. and that of members of the tobacco trade of tins caty is Tobacco plants are abundant in Halifax Co., Va. at their contents. solicited upon the ments of the specimen sent us. To The Ohto Legtslature has passed a bill to establish a working hours the most artimated portions of us it appears to be a tobacco that will ultamately have a tobacco warehouse either at Ma11etta or Bellatre, and the manufactory are, of course, in he remainmg three good marke value, provaded at ts properly cultavate<.l to create the office or inspector of leaf tobacco. stories. The cunous v1sitor should beJ?in, so to speak, and cured. It reveals quallltes that are pnze d by our A tobacco fact'Jry has commenced operations at f k I manufacturers, but they are not suffi cten tly pronounced Abmqgon, Va -lhe first to do so. actuated by none of these, what then he have THE SALES. Englahd do? Sa, snore and revel o "chop" and junk, Promptly at I I o'clock A. M. the vet e ran tobacco at the top, in the chronologt<; .J order Cigar rna mg. 0 to m ake 11 an object of desare 10 them at present. It as H on. Stonon Cameron of Pennsylvama IS a tobacco the topmost story he would find, first, on right hand qutte leafy enou;:h for but a s lackmg m body m the front, the sweating room, heated by in and thm. For smokers H would be I{ it were winch there as ample room for sweating hundreds of a shade or two bnghter. VtrgiAta Leaf of a s1malar cases at once. By the u>e of steam au equable heat 15 character but of a pos1tavely useful type sells here at barley juice and weed, or dance !asci u s lyon a brother broker, M. R ader, of the firm of M Rader & Son, took nat10n's grave because It dared to protect It self ? No, Ins pos1tion as auctioneer near the center of 1he sampleno! Lassuude away! "John' I S up and dressed, he's table that strets;hed across the Exchange, and inaugu heard the cry for help, and no cry comes to h a m an vam "lated proceedmgs wath the followmg bnef but appro He'll help to appease the agony of that poor pnate address:I o from 16 to 17 cents a p o und. secured throughout the apattment, rangmg mm 1 IO to 120 Fahrenheit. This room ts, of course, almost hermetically closed In the rear is the casmg room, w .t h ample for the process wnh whtth, of .course, even the least expenenced tobacco man is { amihar. grower. At present V 1 r g1ma t obacco 10spection matters appear t o be m1xed. Ass JOn as p os,wle "'e shall ende3vOr to tell what has been postttvely dectded upon by the trade in th e Old Domtnton. Toba cc o raised on F lat R1ver, Orange County, N. C could have been sold th1s year for per pound for firsts and 7 5 cents for pound for seconds, but the owner rt!Jeded the offerrs. Removals. NEW YoRK.-Henry Behrens, front Bowery to and _81 Bowery Cn;ctNNATr, 0.-Joscph How, Deale r in Leaf Tobacco, from West Front to 244 West Pearl Street. LoUISVILLI!, Kv.-Laff, Goldsmith & Co, in Cgars and Tobacco, from 56 and 58 Seventh Slreet to 1S5 West Ma1n Street. Everson, Wilson & Co, Tobacco Manufacturer, from 479 West Market to 440 Weot Green. New Fil'llls. tortured son, and, I hope, stave off the com ing blow MR. RADER's ADDRE3S. whach may shatter, too, her home of a thousand years GENTLEMEN .-Appeanng before such a highly re-and every fond endearment sheltered there No, no, spectable assembly m thts new capac1ty, I ask your Sar Thomas t you can't lop off the hmb of that poor boy, kmd mdulgence 1f errors or omissions should occur. however bad, ano fire h1s precaous home w1thout finng The MANAGING CoMMITTEE have, by their circulars and John's heart too. H e'll take a pup at the boys, anyway, the estabhshment of certain rules for our mutual guid And while you sip the dehcwus draughts from that ance, gaven you all the necessary points I beg here John's mactivlty, I'll go and scrape up a ft:w thousands only to draw your attention to Article 6, by which the of lopped off limbs-the sweet fruit of that reposmg sellers reserve to themselves the nght of ejecting any deity-wit h whach you may decorate your peaceful scroll. bids deemed too low, and I hope this right will be exerCan I arrogate to myself one claam to peace wh1le my c1sed wuh the utmost dtscretion. All bills wtll be ren brother calls for atd beneath the tyrant's clutch of war? dered dtrect from the sellers to buyers. And now let Peace-m blood I us go to work wtth mutual good will. If my God says right, Thus in Yoked the 1sales were opened and bidding I'll echo, Good I began. Prior to the commencement of the auction sales You, Thomas, may fintsh that pipe in peace, while I one hogshead wasldisposed of at pnvate sale by Squires, shal>.e the blood from my and pick UJ> a few more Taylor & Co. Mr.).oJis Rader was the purchaser, and of those httman chips; but for God's sake ijon't pll me sold his at a fair advance to Mr. back again, or; like the fair monarch wlio j:laims, without Charles E. ,Hunt. I NEW Yotuc:.-Premium C1gar Manufactory, 5 College Place Jacob Stahr & Bro., Dealers m Leaf and Havana Tobacco and __._.._ ___ of C1gars; 187 Bowery. CINCINNATI, OHio.-Samuel W Frost, C1gar Box Manufacture>; a clatm, a protectorate over the Greeks among these Messrs. Blakemore: Mayo & Co. were first on the I too may venture as over plactd .pipe, list of thetr offerings compri11ed 10 hogsheads CIGAR MAKERS' Descending to the fourth floor we fi11d an immense hall li.:hted by twenty four large windows and occup1ed by rows of tables at which ait the cigar-makers, engaged in their busy and skillful work. Some four hundred workmen are now employed there, though the room is by no means full. The tables are lighted by a novel was at 7 He and excellent plan. The gas, instead of being in drop-CoRRECTlON.-The letter of Messrs. D H. McAlpin lights from the ceiling, is earned up through the table,so & Co to the Commtssioner of Internal Revenue, which (hat each workman has a light of his own. Tbe system appeared in our last iss1,1e in coQnection with the ,matter of checks prevailing, not onl) in this department of the under the bead of "Paper Packages for Packing Fme work but in others, is: of the most perfect sort. Cut Tobacco," would have tead, if published as written, as follows :- It is proper to say that the comfort of the employees NEw YoRK, Apr1lo!1., 1877. has been carefully studied'. Every floor throughout the GREEN B. RAu.M, Comwussioner of Internal buildmg has w er J:lb and wash rooms fol' then use. Revenue, Washmgton, D. c., -JI:o IGK D AR S1R-Our has been called to the Sea less and Dove-tailed PaRer Barrels and In speakmg of tile factory 110 men t ion has l)een made as ttahle .IJlanufactwe obacco 10 We of the la1ge amportataom of "'Messrs. Krolin, Feass & find them supenor, to 4n othe r package, so far Co., of Cigars, and thetr large trjlde an Key as convenience and power are concerned. West dgars. 1 T as lbranch of the trade, the only one Will you be so kmd as to mform us, at your earhest pursued by them 011t side of the sale of goods of heir conYenaence, whether we have a legal rie;ht to use these own marliifa:oture, wall stilf conqucted in the same packages for the above me11tioned purpose and much oblige We find we can cancel stamps OR th.:m much manneT as heretofore. It may be said for the cred1t of mote effectually tha on wooden ackages. theCmcmna. tl Custom House, as compared wllh that of Yours very truly, D H. McALPIN & Co New York, that these gs:ntlemen bere 10 Cmcinnau are A CARD.-HooAcE R. & Co., succ.,..o To RT E enabled, b per Onlll aUenuon to the matter, to secure KELLY & t:o 49 WunN o Box 3) -Roco,.numg tbelegh J mate demand of the 1 rade for fine aav'lna Ctjlars at low pncea, we hillVe g oods from Cut>a as quickly as any house in New York tbemanufa.cfu re of the same at Key :ra., to be of liUCh q ua ity aud worlunan C1 ty. Tbis promptness considered, it is r.ot to be a hlp can n 1 fall to supplv t l want. I brlngwK to puhhc notice th C1gars uude r the b1 ttnd BO'VQ,UE"r DE CAYO HUE SO, we wondered at that the custom olltaaned, and so long re--the1nde that nothw w ll Uldt undone to msure he conunuous de livery of Cigars of untform quahty aod make, m to wtuch, w e ta1ned,by the Messi'S. Krohn, Fetss & Co. should be SO lim t our..,lves to ouch a quaat.ty as can be l;'ropedy made under our l ca,,l attenhon to the Jollow1ug 5tna, of whtch we will gave large IW it as, or it should be so rap ad y uu:teasiqg. I d Ri k 1 10 LONDRES GRANDE n ..... May SllCCeS)I, whach t):tey IJO honesty earne be REGALIA Rt:INAS lro LONLJRES GRANDE 2a. 10 .RiiGALIA C.:UMMt:: Jl .. l'AUl J-:)o CONCHAS 1a 1-20 thears m thas new .. nd grand enterprise. We refer our RE<,ALLA LONDRl..S ,. ... ,..o coNCHAS ,. 120 d t h d f th fi tb fi t f N EGA LIA l 1]'1 A .. ....... 1 oo LONDRt:l; t.:ORRIENTES lo .rea ers o t e new car o as rm on e rs page o REGALIA PRINt.:ESI\ 1 20 Rt::INAS. .. .. .. 1 1 0 I FLOR PREN5ADOS .. .. .. I 10. <>Ur paper. Beopectfully, HORACE R. KELLY llr CO.-.Ah. 519 to 525 Wet Sixth Street. M GosilUeb & Cp., Dealers in Tobacco and Cigars; Sixth and V me Streets LoUISVILLE, Kv.-Meguiar Helm & Co Propnetors Nmth Street Tobacco \Varehouse. G1tbert Hudson & Co, Cotton and Tobacco ]:<'actors; 47 and 49 a d so dam-age the p1pe tf nor the holder. J. D. factory lugs, 5 hogsheads Mason Couoty trash, and -4 hogsheads common lflenderson wrappers. The first IMPORTANT TRADE-MARK CASE. named were offered oqe with the privilege of ten. The T. I. ---lot was started at S4 and was sold to M. Rader & Son The follow10g is the full text of Judge Van Brunt's at $4 SS One hogshead with the pnvalege of five was E1ghth Street, near Mam. Green & Gartm fsuc(:'essors to factur ers; a8o Mam Street. opmaon m the case of Kmney ys. Basch, whach has the next offering. This started at S4.00 and closed at Armtrong & Gartin,) Cigar Manu-cently been the subject o f comment tn the trade:$4 .85 Tne remainder of the entry was closed out at S/fL.'77 SUPREME CouRT OF NEw YORK. } t-nces rangaag from $ to $u 25. Messrs. Garrott ------Vf Francis S Kmne_v vs. Basdt, tl. a/. & Grinter offered 6 hogshc;ads, comprisirg 2 Clarksville BuslneM Chanaes. Rowland Cox and Cnarles Meyer for plaintiff. lugs and 4 Lou1sv111e leaf. They sold respecti'vely at MoNTREAL, CAN.-Hcnderson & Son, Tobacco Pipe C. Fme for defendants. S4 90 to $7.00. Messrs. D J. Garth, Son & Co. offered rers; out of bu.mess, succeeded by W H. D 1xon, under style Van Brunt, Judge:-This action is brought to restrain good lugs mamly, w1th one hhd suitable for wrappers. w. H D1xon & Co. an alleged infringement or lmltallon of certam trade Theselgentlemen were;offereJ prices raRging from $4.05 BuFFALO, N. Y.-F. Levm & Co, Tobacco, dissolved; Phihp marks of the plamt.iff which he has attached to certam to $t 1 Messrs. Robert L Maitland & Co. offered I 4 Levm continues. cigarettes manufactured by h1m. The defendants cia 1m hogsheads embracmg good lugs to good leaf, and in-TRoY, N Y.-D. O'Callahan, Tobacco and C1gars; sold out or h 1 b 1 h h h h selhng out. that t e a e s w IC !!ley attac t e Cigarettes manu-eluding and Swtss wrappers. The prices bid OTTUMWA IowA -W s Lea, Cigars and Tobacco; closed by them are not such amttatie Mason County cuttmg leaf., for which were bid from Ronald Webb & Cfir, Nmth Sareet Tobacco Warehouse; d1ssolved d h d d bol b h th 1 Robinson Manufacturing Company; d1ssolved. m t ose '!0 r s an stm s w e P am$4 90 tc $6 90. The bids, however, were all promptly CINCINNATI, 0.-Henry Eppstem, Cigars; succeeded by Samuel uff claimS .were trade-mar A bare mspectton of rejected. Messrs. J. H. Moore & Co. submitted Gottlieb. the labels m question shows a doubt that those 11 hogsheads for sale, nondescrip!s, old leafy O.-M1lls .t Deontt, Tobacco; of !he defendants :were adopted m order to the lugs and Africa :'Is; The bids for these goods were$6.25 w. s. G1llett, Wholesale Tobacco; d1ssolved, Elam S. Allen & Co. pubhc 10t0 when they purchased the ctgar t t t d M F k 0 ffi d b d o .,I0.75, par re1ec e r. ran Weu o ere ut MtcH.-Smlth & Firth, c1gars; d1ssolved; Heury ettes of the defendants' manufacture that they were those wtthdrew a hogshead of Varginia lear. Messrs. Pollard, conhnues. of the plamuff's manufacture. As far as the use or the .Pettus & Co. entered 12 hogsheads ran&ing from OMAHA, NEB.-E. A Simpson, Cgars and burned out, ''sun's rays" are concerned, It seems to me the common factory to Dow medaum leaf. Tne bids for los $4.000 to $6,ooo. plaintiff has eatablished beyond any reasonable doubt these goods were from $s 00 to 9 5 o. All but one ac-RoVND ToP, TEXAS -G. Chfford & Co., Cigar Manufacturers; that he first adopted the deVICe m connection wllh t d u S 'f 1 & C ffi d 6 h dissolved <:ep e ...essrs. quares, ay or o. o ere ogs hiS manufacture of tobacco., 'I he e.v1dence to the head of common lugs w bach 140 Reported Fallares and Business Arrangecontrary upon the part of the .defense IS most When this last lot disposed of, which was effected ments. and unsatis factory. has entarely about I o'clock P. M, the sale' were adjourned for the to any nght to the exclusave use of the word Cap dav, with a vaew to resuming them at I I o'clock A. M. WINDSoR, ONT.-Jacob M. W1lson, Tobacco and C1gars, attached oral, It bemg cleady shown that that word has been 10:day, Wedne5day, May J6. by Shenff. used 10 wllh manufactured tobacc<_> for many Mr. Louas Rader alternated with his father t.luring BuFFALo, N Y .-Adam Sneidwlnd, Tobacco; Juolgment agamst pnor .to ItS apP,ropnallon by the plamtlff. The the progress of the sales and contnuuted very much to for f190 24 I t b d d I h f NEWARK, N. Y.-]a'111son & Co, Cigar Manufacturers: suspended on Y rematntng ques ton to f! const ere t le ng ,.0 the entertamment of tine assemblage by humorous pa)ment. the plamtJff to the excltJSive use of the words "t. comments and salhes of wat. The total offerings were SYRACUSE, N Y.-John P. Frost, Cigars, JUdgment of record James" and the figurt:S" upon hu; labels. It has 97 hog-heads, total sales s6 hogsheads, total Withdrawals L. & D Jacobs, Tobacco, of record. been urged upon the part of the that geo-and rejectiOns 4 hogsheads. and the lowest and highest NEw YoRKw,l,iam Me affe, Tobacco and Cigars; suspended graphacal names cannot be the subject of a trade-mark, pnces 3 and cen1s per pound. T MAss -H. D. Moulton, Tobac co; a dvertised to be nellher can numerals, wtuch only serve tndlcate the From what bas been already stated it will be seen sold out by Shenff. nature kmd or quahty o f an artacJe. It ts tue that the that the expenment of auctton tobacco sales 111 New PHILADELPHIA, PA -R1chard H. Graham, C1gars; closed by cases C i ted by the defendants sustam propo York IS an entire Considering the local e>ecuuon. :.ataons, but the later cases have proceedca. upon attractions of the da, namely, the Carnaval procession Leons Ra\ltch, C1gar Manufacturer; fa1led. d fli d bl 1 d fi h J ALLEGHENY CtTY -George Ossman, Tobacco; closed by exe-1 erent an more E:, !No -J. D F luck, Cgars ; sued t d k t d j t t J d ST. Louas, Mo.-Eugene Sterne, Smoker 's Art1cles; called meeting ra emar 5 IS now suppor e mam Y 0 preven rau s hawe much reason to be satisfied with then undertaking. of cred,tors upon the pul>lac. If the U>e of any words, numerals or The qualuy of the new crop, which comprised the bulk BALTIMORE, MD.-Robert Jordan, Tobacco and Manufacturer of symbols, ts fr. r the purpose of defraudmg the of the offering5 and the earliness of the season both Crgars; fa1led; out of busmess. public, the Courts wallmterfere to protect the pubi1c from corilbmed to< ffect the 1111auguration of the movement, McNally, Tvbacco and Manufacturer of Cigars, reported to such fraudulent 101ent, even though the askmg but 10 spite oi all obstacles it is an admaUed success, in have absconded. f h C h h I DEERwooD CuY, DAKoTA Tn.-J. Werthe1mer & Co., C1gars the mtervenuon t e oun may not ave 1 e esc usave evdence of which the quantity sold and pncea obtamed and Tobacco, as51gned. r1ght to the use of woros, numerals or sya1bols. may be confidently citt.d.


MAY 16. IMPORTS The arr va sat the port of New York from fore gn ports for the week endmg May 15, mel tded the tollowl.Dg cons gnments LoNDON -Order 2 5 cases hconce paste MISSINA McKesson & Rob ns 18 cases I c or ce paste HAVANA A H Scovtlle & Co 109 bales tobacco F GarcJa 95 do V Mat nez Ybor & Co 120 do :M H Lev n s o do Jac nto Costa 72 do Guerra & Lopez 355 do We ss E er & Kaeppel 161 do N I achenhruch & Brother 161 do G Falk & Co 91 do H R Kelly & Co 6 do M1chaehs & Lmdemann 3 do Purdy & Ntcholas 8 do S Lm ngton & Sons 10 do G W Faber 6 do Howard Ives 14 do M E De R vas 1 do A Owen 9 do Ku I ardt & Co I do A S R osenbaum & Co 5 do Esberg Bachman & Co 8 do C T Bauer & Co 2 do C Palac o & Co 4 do J Eppmger I do W H Thomas & Brother 20 do Park T1lford 20 d o Acker Merrall & Cond t, 14 do 2 del p cadura t EXPORTS From the pot of New York to fore gn ports for the week end tng May 15 were as follows AFRICA -6 pkgs (720 Jbs) mfd BREMEN -97 hhds 131 cases BRITISH AUsTRALIA-143 hhds 467 pkgs (86 254 Jbs) mfd BRI1ISH NoRIH AMERICAN CoLONIES 12 hhds so pkgs (6 053 lbs) mfd. BRITISH WEST INDIES -16 hhds 7 cases 42 pkgs (6 464 Jbs ) mfd CANADA -34 bales. CISPLATINE REPUBLIC -21 hhds lO bales FRENCH WKSl INDIES -19 hhds GLASGOW -100 pkgs (12 033 lbs) mfd HA?.JBURG -15 hhds 380 bales. HAVRE -16 hhds stems HAYTI 4 hhds 7o bales LIVERl'OOL -107 pkgs (15 193 lbs) mfd LoNDON -242 hhds 15 cases 455 pkgs (67 5 8 3 lbs) mfd l PERU -10 pkgs (I 6oo Jbs) mfd RoTTERDAM -S5 hhds rio cases SALAMA)'!DER -364 hhds U S OF CoLoMBIA bales 25 pkgs (2 260 lbs) mfd VENEZUELA -2 hhds, 10 pkgs (20.2 lbs) mfd lb:roa:rs PROM TRK PoRT OF Nxw YoRK TO FoREIGN PORTS FltOM JA UARY I 1 877 TO MAY 15 1877 FROM 0FFJC AL SOUJ.CKS REI OR ED ExPilESSLY FOR THE TOBACCO LEAF Hluls Casu Blu Lfu Hlul Ca u .Bales LIJs 4.66 Genoa. 3 6 l G bral ar 362 1 2i8 7 28 22 22 l74 G 3 3 65 139 86 8 9 Hambu If 946 Havre 1 75 Hayt 3 m 3.9>9 648 73 17 7a8 8o L verpool 5.4 2 2 449 London 21 J 056 Mane lies 10 831 210 "3 30 8 2S. Naples 1 053 ..-...: 33 70:163 N Zea a11d 112 Peru so Porto R co 3 J 523 Oporto to 6 312 9 Sanunder 798 s 6 646 Seville ,62 68 879 136 138 Trieste 20 Valenc a 758 112 18 Venezuela 112 1 034 30 DOMESTIC RECEIPTS The arr vals at the port of New York from domestic mtenor and coaatw se 1 orts for the week e d ng May 15 were 2 '71 hhds 91 Ires qtr trcs 3 033 cases 22 pkgs 16 bbls 1 crate 101 boxes 212 three.qtr bxs 485 batf boxeo 986 thud boxes 286 qtr b:a eighth boxes 549 caddtes 3I bales, 133 c1gars 8 do Cigarettes 1 trc snuff I4 cases do 14 bbls do 16 half bbls do 54 bxs do 14 crates do 5 Jars do S cases I conce cons1gned as JollowsBY lHE ERIE RAILROAD -Sawyer Wallace & Co @9 10 @ 3 W: con n and Ill no @10 and 87-4-o Asso te.J. Wrappers SEED LEAF FOR EXPORT 3 @ 4 4 @ 5 s @) 7 7" 9 @ 0 .. li>l 5 @be 3 @ 8 @ 2 18 @25 6 @ 8 9 @ 5 & Ma.11 -Crop 874 Yo,...k Stale-Crop 872 to 1874 Assorted Lots 1 @ 8K Asaorted Lob 7 @ 8 S conds 6 @ '1 P1muylvan a-Crop 187$ Flllen @ Asso ed 14 @h s @ 9 Wrappers 20 @35 Crop s71-w; s tJHs Nand IQ,,o .r-Crop 875 Assorted Lots 6 @-Assorted 4)(@ 5 F lie s 3K l'Ax 24 CllNTS PaR PouND l:lLAOK 50 @60 <1150 55 o 211 @30 23 @l:ll; 18 @O 85 ... 5 Sit @35 28 .. ao 24. @26 28 @23 Navy Potmy Half P.,...,d, tmd Tliird1 E' ne 2S ( l'a.ncy 2'oNe<&-Long10 1 28 @80 Na:vy 4 e 5 llllll Pocket Ptcces 26 Brigbil'wtst (Va) 12 !ncb 28 Gold Bars 6 mch 85 Rough & Bead:r 26 @33 ('!)40 @35 CIGARS Havana per M t50@S15 0 j Seed perM ao.d Havana per M 4:0.@ 90 2.5 @:Ill !10 @ 23 u @18 20 @2.5 18 @26 26 @116 46 fijlOO 23 @26 18 1i'20 16 @16 I84t o GRANULATED SMOKING TOBACCO Medium to pod sa., M I Good to line 64,@1 20 SNUFF 85@-881.A.mer can Gent eman ---l(fj, 88 -@ l OU Subject to d scouot to the Whole lli@-86 oa e Irado -@-6b L CORICE Ofwr& Gn d MF C80 IIi coo.. 2RX R K 43\olbeue 2BJ-i w 8 0 a: A 375 lbs n et. 29!-i G 8 Wall s Ex 2 501@5 30 3 at $6 551@7 65 3 at $8 IOI@9 90 I at $to oo 2 boxes at $4 501@7 20 4 hhds and 53 boxes New :Southern lnd ana -4 at $ z zoiQJ6 85 3 boxes at $5 651@7 40 I94 cases c gar leaf -188 Ohro 46 at $zl@3 95 67 at $41@5 90 at $6 IOI@7 95 17 at $81@9 6o II at $10@14 75 4 at $15 1@ 1 8 oo 7 at 20 501@>6 7, 1 at $30 6 cases W sco s m at $4 551@ 6 6o for common and fillers tn fancy w appe r s The mo thy c rcular of R chard Malley & Bros says -O"mg to the very dry hars h weather preva I ng at the beg nn ng of the month JUSt closed there was but a I m ted bus ness done n ou market du ng the first half of the month about wh ch t me we had severa good rams and although they were gene ally succeeued by cold har h w nds they brought us moderately ncreased rece pts and 11 s o be hoped that from th1s forward the weather wtll perm t of hand] ng and sh1ppmg m such quant t es as the wants and large y mcreased trade of our market requ re whther at th s moment twarm soft and balmy w1th lowenng clouds tndt cat ng more ram tn the near future Not ths and ng the generally bad weather and dtfficulty of handbAg and sendmg the new tobacco to market the bus ness of the month was fau the rece1pts bemg 2 282 hhds and the del venes 2 830 hhds t hus p oduc ng a further reduct on of 548 hhds m the stock n our market and leav ng us v th 3 365 hhds m the wa ehouses on the Ist of Apr I The sales wer e well attended by our home and sGme fore1gn bu} ers dur ng the mo th and as a rule b ddtng was good and pr ccs of a ll grades both uld and new vas full and firm except the lowest grade of ne v lugs wh ch fell back h alf a cent dunng the week JUSt closed and now are se I ng at three t o four cents accordm g t o qualtty condmo etc I he qual ty of the old leaf be ng offered IS unchange d and cons sts large y ot smokers ar 4 756 I 716 2 229 2 509 2 3 927 2 798 423 209-tO 2I 889 ll 848 27 869 CA.UTION. It hav comet my know edge that in severa nstance. L quor ce falsely repre sen ted as heiDI' of my maaufacturebas be eo oft"ered for aa1e by part to uit their own pur poties who havl:! no authority to my brands be present serves o CAUTION all Manufactu e-rs against the nme and to give lilotice that hereafter every case of my rna., factve w 11 be brande d wtth my T ade Ma k acqu red u der the laws of the United States RD.J unprincipled peno.n coun..terfe t ng th 1 Trade Mark w be r goroH.sly p ose cuted JAMES DREW, Wuk Year 1,264 t6 3 0 3 Il2 2 023 98 753 113 I 856 on Monday 7th nst vtth apparently better and an n allon th a for some week s past Tue sday Wed es d ay an d I h u rsday an advance estab shed of %; to ?fc on alllo v gP season One old good Kentucky reJected to day at $28 Amon g the sales pr ately th s week f om first hands were 47 hhds select ons heav y bo I ed filers at $1 1 87 10 hhds at $11 and 30 hhds of good at $8 50 Ou ting tobaccos w ere n good demand fine sell ng at outs de figures of last week v th an advance of soc on all grades of good crop from common lu gs to good leal Cond t o much better th s w ee k Comn on smokers both dark and colory m fan d emand the Ia ter firmer common nondesc pt steady will sales of old at former figures Some good hhds of sh pp ng ve e d spoed of up to$ 13 One Clarksv e Afr can style about 26 nche. at $11 75 Stnctly he av y and un form are st II scarce Repoxts from Ind ana and port ons of th s State nd cate that the pia hng w II not be so large as contemp ated the h1gh pnces of corn and wheat mduc ng farmers to turn t he1r atten t on mo e than they thought of to such and less to tobacco ra s ng the com ng reason RICHMOND May 12 -Mr R A M ls Tobacco J!roker and Commss 1on Merchant reports to TH'E"' 'TOBACCO LEAF -S ce my ast r eport there has been a shght Improvement n the general to e o r our market and p tes for des rable grades are sl ghtly better The transaclions were I ro5 hhds 127 Ires 74 boxes I cont nue my q uotat10ns Dark common to good lugs 41@6c leal common to med urn 61QJ8c good 91@IIc fine and wrappet')' 12 a)I5C brg ht fillers common 8ru>9c med urn to good toiQJac fine 131@15c extra r61QJr8 wrappers mahoganv common I21@I5C med urn to good 181@25c fine extra, 401@5oc vrappers b 1ght common 141@ 6c me d urn 181@25 good 27 35c fine 401@70 extra 651@70 ST LOUIS May z -Mr J E Haynes Dealer m Leaf Tobacco r ports for THE TODACCO LEAF -Rece ved 675 hhds aga nst 72.1 the prev ous week There .has been lttle or o vanat on m the market f on tJ e cond1t o n last noted 1 he order and qual ty of the offen gs hav e mpro ve d somewhat and the market has co sequently ap pear e d rather firmer on some days than heretofore but has been un formly slow for nfer or and lots out of cond t on 1 he demand has been good for good lug s sh1p p ng leaf of good substance and every th1 g des rable fo manu factur ng that was n good keep ng order !Sales fro m Thursday to yesterday clus ve 391 hhds 1 at $1 401@1 50 (scraps 39 at $2 I@> 90 140 at $31@3 90 66 at $41@4 90 37 at $51@ 5 90 46 at $6 1@6 90 29 at $71@8 90 14 at $81@8 70 3 at $9 al9 40 3 at $10 25 1@10 75 2 at l\I21@IZ 50 1 at $14 75 2M sso ur .rapp ng leaf at $2ai@Z2 50 4 V r gm1a d o at $28 $30 $34 501@36 2 do at $4> I do Ke1 tucky do at $33 50 and 25 boxes at $21@7 50 In the same t me b ds vere reJected on 28 hhds at $2 6ol@9 8o 6 do V rg Ia wrappers at $251@47 and 1 box at $o 8o To day a very large part of the offer ngs was mfer or n qua ty for wh ch low pr ces were accepted wh the better grades were steady Sales 90 hhds 11 at 2 JOI@$2 90 49 at $31@3 90 13 at f41@4 90 8 at $5 S 50 4 at $6 301@6 So 3 at $71@7 So I at S o I M1ssour wrap per at $18 25 and three boxes at $2 JOI@5 20 B1ds were reJected on 24 hhds at $z 8ol@9 6o Quota! ons -Infer or tr8Ehy lugs $2 501@2 75 com., on dark lugs rough I ed 2 901@,3.25 falf to goad dark ugs 3 401@3 So fa1r to good hnght lugs 3 751@5 nfe 1 or nondescr pt leaf 41@4 75 common dark leaf 51@6 med um dark leaf 6 501@7 so medJUm red leaf 71@8 good red leaf 91@ II med urn halfbnght wraJ::>p ng leaf 12 SOI@I5 med urn bnght app ng leaf 181@25 good to a r br ght wrapp ng leaf ]OI@SO Tobacco n boxes and small rregu ar packages general y soc!@ $1 per 100 lbs less than quotatiOns tor u I s zed hhds WINSTON N C May rz -MeF#Ts J L Penn & Co Leaf Tobacco CommJsston Merchants reportto THE ToBACCo LEAF -Today we quote -Pr m ngs and frosted stock !Yz to 3c lu gs common 3 Y. to 5c Jugs good 5 to leaf common 6 to 1Y.c leaf good 8 t" IOC smoker do 6 to 7 do good 8 to Ioc do fine 10 to ISC do extra 17 to 2oc wrappers c mmon bnght to 16c do good to 22c do fi e 2>-Y. to 3oc do extra 33 to 4oc do mahogany common 12 to 16c d o good 18 to 22 Yzc do extra 27 to 35c Rece1pts fo tile pat week hea est of the year Leaf dealers do ng but I ttle manufacturers be ng anx ous to obtam theu stock keep the market m a ltvely condi hon FORRIGN AMSTERDAM Aprtl 28 -Messrs Schaap & Van Veen Tobacco B rokers report to THE TOBACCO LEAE' -For Ame a" tobacco the market was without a 1 y sptrtt for the last fortn ght Certa nly the pohttcal c rcumstances have much In flue ce upon trade m general Sales of Maryland were ltmtted to 75 hhds 2 140 bales R o Grande 1 598 bales Sumatra I 56o bales Java and 100 bales ofMamla tobacco found buyers Arr valscon s sted m 10 431 bales Java and 239 bales of Sumatra Stock to day 577 hhds of Mary and 19 do Y rg n a 65 do kentucky 4 ooo bales East 14 8z8 do Java 8 50 do Sun atra 100 cases Cavend sh LIVERPOOL May 1 -Messrs F W Sm) the & Co Tobacco Comm ss on Merchant report to I HE ToBACco LEAF -We had rather Improved demand from the home trade d r ng the past month wh ch res !ted n reta I sales to a moderate extent A few parcls of 1876 mport were taken for Afnca but very 1 ttle was done for the Cont nent Pr ces have not shov.n any mater a] change Import; 294 hhds del ver es I s 88 hhds stocks 30 5:1.6 hbds agamst 23 hhds t me last year MANILLA, March 23 -Messrs Peele Hubbell & Co s says -Leaf Tobacco The Officta Gaz t e of the 3d nst announced that the foliC>\\ ng upset pr ces had been fixed for the crop of 1876 -No 1 Cagayan $55 p qq 2 do $46 p qq PLUG TOBACCO, TO:B.6.CCO, SMOKING tOBACCO AND SNUPP. Office : 2 0 Chambers St., N e Yor k., EMPLOY 2 000 HANDS PAYU S GOVERNMENT $3 00 0 THIS VF.AR 3 d o 1,';25 p qq 4 do $u p qq No I Isabella $6o o qq 2 do $5o p qq 3 do $28 jl qq 4 do $ 12 p qq quanttty to be offeJed and date of first auct o 1 to be adv sed later C gars Of the 992 8 m I offe ed for sale at the pub! c auction on tile 18th mst .tl e folio n g lots were d sposed of -2 m I Imper a! Arroceros oar par $401@50 perm I 4 m I Vegueros do par par 11371@50 do 2 mtl Regal a do par par 1\331@75 do 2 m I Caba lero do pa par $33 1@75 do 49 mtl Londres do par par $I71@85 do 8 m I d do 2c prem par $I71@S5 do 8I mtl 4a Habano do par par f;8 do 1 m1l 5a. do do p a par $6@Jo do 50 m I ,a. doMes c par par $20 do zoom I 2a do do Jrl par $11 8 prem par $t0!@ 50 do So mil 3a. do do par par do 450 m I Nuevo Habano do par par $12.1@ 50 do 20 ml d do do Ic prem par $tZI@5o do 50 m I 1a do l' ort n 33c to 34c prem par $20 do 200 m I 2" do do j\1l4o to 126 prem par $101@5o \lo 31 m I a. do do par par$<) do 1 oo<> m I Nuevo do do s6c to 59C prem par $r21@50 do I m I I .. Cortado do par par $20 do 296 mtl Nuevo Habano Pr ncesa par par $121@50 do 100m I do do do 3c prem par $121@50 do 40 m Ida Cortado do 30c prem par $9 do I ooo m I 2 a. do $16 to ,ol prem par 101@50 do 400 mtl 3" do do to 51c prem par $9 do 1 ooo m I Nuevo do do to 170 prem par $121@50 do 5 mtl do do do par par $121@50 1 otal 5 132 m1l Exchange has fluctaated constderably and sales last week were made at 4 for 6 months credit b1lls on London but adv ces from Hong kong of a full there have caused our rate to dechne and dast transacuons are 4-3.%:1@4 3Ji The Govern ment have JUSt pub!Jshed an order proh b t ng the further mpor tatton of Mex1can dollars Exports -To Smgapore per Pragu11, 2 368 mtl c gars (117 m 1 for London) 12 qqls leaf lor "Cad1z and Liverpool, per Cadrz 50 m1l ctgars f6r New York oe1 Ed th 20 m I c1gars for Hongkong and Amoy per S11lvado 11 760 m I ctgars MELBOURNE March 21 -Mr H C Fraser, Messrs Fraser & Co Tobacco Broker reports for THB ToBACCO LEAF as follows -There s but I ttle to report n th11 staple smce the departure of last rna I A very small bus ness has been done a d there !Jas been but a very lim ted nqu ry Only one publtc offer ng was held dur ng the month The pr ces reahzed were un sat1sfactory but although the rates accepted at thts sale were low yet unless a demand ar ses there s little prospect of 1mprovement A sale of Cameron s IS reported pr vately compns ng ten tw st etc General busmess has been very dull dunng the month 1n fact dur ng a per od of many years past we can not remember such depress on as prevatls at the prese t t me Some fine par eels w II be subm tted after the Easter holtaays whe 11 ; to be hoped there wtll be more demand and better pnces w II obta n Tw st-Two I nes of Sbellards were offered at au chon but the b dd ngs not cora nll: to 1mporter s I m t s they were w thclraw from sale Tens-A sale of some 6oo packages Venus s reported by pnvate treaty 1 he pnce has not transpued but sa1d to be at a less rate than that obtam ng last month Aromat cs-No pr vate transactwns to record The only qu t ances have been at auct Tw st-The quotat ons are as u der -Southern Is 3d to IS 8d Barret s Anchor 1s 6d Black Swan Is 7d Raven Is 9d St An drew s Is 9d Our Game Is 77fd Sbellard}! IS 7d Mazeppa IS 9d Black D amond Is 6d m half and quarter t erces a d cases Quo tatoos qmte nommal Tens-Northern 7d to 8(! best brands mediUm 7d to 9d Southern IS 4d to Is 6d best brands Half Pounds-Northern 6d to 8d Southern (1'ortotse shell) 9d to Is Id Svuthern Black, 1od to IS 4d Ammat cs-Western halves none pounds 1one Southern pounds Iod to 1s 3d L ght pressed pounds Is 3d to IS 9d halves none Twtst Is to Is 9d Pocket p eces Is 1d to IS 5d Gold Bars Is 3d to IS 8d Navy half pounds and pound. Is to Is 3d E ghts S xes etc Is to IS 5d Pnces nom nal Leaf for Manufactur ng-8d to IS stt ps, ud to 11 9d nom nal Cigars-Cheroots and Man lias H S 57s 6d to 57s accord ng to we ght Ormoud s 3'S 6d to 35s Stocks -Melbourne, March 10 1877-176 hlf Ires 1 248 qtr trcs nd kegs 4 620 three qtr bxs and kegs 4.904 cases mfd 452 hhds and casks 108 cases 694 bales and bund es unmfd 836 cases c gars Sydney March 16 1877-165 768 lbs mfd 303 426lbs un mfd 45 842 lbs c1gars Adela1de Ma ch IO 877-139 o96lbs mfd 20 668 lbs unmfd 16 924 lbs c gars Geelong-Br sbane March 9 1877-90 355 lbs mtd, 6 425 lbs c gars Auct on Sales -Febru ary 23 -Ex M rrmrus 138 three quarter boxes Y ctory tens 6d per lb And on account of whom t may concern net cash ex li'Iarp < a I case Queen ufthe Seas pocket p eces Is 6}-(d 1 case Flower of All Nat ons plamers tWISt IS sd II three quarter boxes Venus tens Is March I4 -Ex Confi dence 18 quar ter t erces Barret s Anchor tw st Is Id per lb 4 one e ghth 1erces do IS 2 %;d 14 cases do all aults Is To close accounts ex Ladoga to three quarter hexes Anchor tens 4 cases Bar ret s Crown navy pocket p1eces lid 7 cases Barret s Crown navy fives 9 7.\d 9 cases Waten ly navy pocketp eces Is 1 cases d(> fives Is 2 cases do D T fives I case do pocket p eces 1 case do Sunny South twtst twelve. Is IJ4'd 2 cases Clotb. of Gold hght pressed 91n Is :>. cases do ha f pounds Is d case foujour Cakes Is ?fd Ex Corddw 3 cases Cloth of Gold 9 n w de h6ht pressed IS 2d Also w th all faults ex Crty of Md bo,.rm 5 qua tort erces Barret s tw st 9J4d Ex Mercury S. quarter tterces llarret s tw st 8d Ex G r sed11lt 1 one e1ghtb. lierce Barret s tw st 8d Tobacco Ja Jl..rbeatts. MONTHLY RIICEIPTS SALES STOCK ON HAND SINCE JANUARY I 1877 C omp ed from tables prepared by Atexander Harth 11 To bacco Broker Lomsv lie Ky 'jll 11 Aprl 4402. 4143 203 4 41J I 720 Sal11 n Al>il 3 500 3 000 '55 2 865 I 564 I 900 5 869 2 396 I 714 959 I 68 5 I2 000 6697 96oo 156 not rep d not rep d I6 317 6 853 5 131 3 010 2 630 I 619 1877-. s..u. 14 500 5 soo 2 826 not rep d 17 96S. 9 3493 57<> 2 259 "J84 7 1 7 B r""n Atwz1 I9 -Our toba co market remams st II dull wtth the only exeept o of Havana tobacco of the new crop wh ch 15m an mated demand But the recetpts bemg very small yet there are no transacttons of any amount to be menhoned 13 seroons. of new Havana arr ved by tl e steamer Fankfott were sold out first hands on the spot at good pnces 1 he foUowmg table shows the transacttons of the week endmg to day -Havana Cuba Imports Sales. 132 Stoclcla finJt haad1 .. 420 ser Dommgo I 418 s 3l'lo ser Colomb a 655 33 990 ser Braz I 4.454 25 490 pkgs Flo da 30 cases Seed Leal 7 IO 5 1 zo caes Man lla 100 6oo pkgs 7 able of 1m ports and exports of tobacco at Bremen from :January I to March 31, 1877 West Ind an and South Amer lmporu ExporiJI Jean tobaccos 7 024,658 North Amer can tobaccos 6 539 970 Stems 2 950 II 032 to 885 62 pounds 105 4820 pounds I 993 66o pouads SKILES FREY, P.11.0kers and DealenfiD. PeDDSylvania Leaf, 61 and 68 Duke St., Laucqi;er, /


'IIJEX, I : DOHAN. THOS. CARROQ, DOHAN, OABBOLt &;, CO., TOBA:CGO Mere han ts, 104 FRONT STREET, -C). BOX 4c3&a. All1!f.ts for the followiQ" well-known a!)d reliable Manufacturers: I. B. PACE, W. YARBROUIH a SOlS, TURPIN a BRO., C. T. BINFORD, 800DMAI a MYERS, L. H. FRAYSER a CO., L J. BRANT a CO., R. W. OLIVER, T. W. JOHN W. CARROLL, and others. SOLE AGENTS FOR THE ORIGINAL Gable -Coli, Donne Douche, 4e and u,, Single and Double Thick. "AtSO, -A6EN'fS FORTHE CELEBRATED. : -LO.NE. J .iC, K & B 'ROWN DICK SMOKING Large Stocks of :Manufactured. TGbacco of Every Description, Suitable for th e Ho!l'e for Foreign Markets, ,g. e p 1; 0 o :n. s ."t a :n. 1; l. y o :n. ::EI: a :n. d.. :RO:ST. S. HI&B TONBD SIOIIN& TOBACCO 25 PINE STREET, .NEW YORK. F. C. LIND!>. C. F. LINDE. C. C. HAMILToN. S. MARCOSO. R. A sHCROFT. NE"'\V YORK SBBD LBAF TOBACO INSPBCTION. TOBACCO INSPEc-TED OR SAMPLED. Certificates ,.tven or every case, and de1ivered case by case, as to number of Certi6C':lte. N.; B.-We Also Sample in Merchants' Own Stores. F. C. LINDE & CO., 'A Philadelphia B .ranch-E. W. Dickerson, 139 N. 3d St. PR.IllllCIPAL OPFifJE8-1.42 Water and 182 to 186 Pearl"Street. WaterJ 2'4:, 76 "' 78 Greenwich Streets, ani Hudson Rivet' RaH Road Depot,_ St, ] obn's .I? ark. 1 BENSEL d: CO., TOBACCO INSPECTORS WATlCE. ST:aEET. CASES RECEIVED AND CERTIFICATES ISSUED AS USUAL. OUR BRANCH HOUSES. J HIER & CO. Syracu tie, N.Y.; J. R. Elmira.. N.Y.; H. FORREST, Lancaster, Pa. ; E. WISCHMEYER & CO., Balt1more, Md.; J.P. CARL, H a tfie ld, Mass. CHARLES FINKE, m:AY INSPECTOR, French :Pa.per,. 152 l. SA!tiPLING AT. -s:: MAIPEN LA-NE,.' TO. .. .. -. [' PitiLADELPHI.A BRANCH 'Houss ... u :NE:W Y()RJt:_ JONas ME'l'Z s4 NCBTE FBONT S'mE!'l' : i : . ALEXANDER MAITLAND. L. F S. MACL;EHOSE. ROBERT L. MAITLAND. :< ROBERT MAITLAND & CO.,. Tobacco and Factors=' And General Commission Merchants, BBOAD S"'''LBBT, l'IIIW 'I'OBK. ,u>VANCEMENTS MADE ON CO:!ISIGNM.ENTS TO LONDON A:!ID LIVERPOOL. for Messrs. WM. CA'I4EltO:N & Bl\O!S Celebrate! :Srancis of Manufacture! To'c:!.Ceo. D. ]. GARTH, CHARLES M. GARTH, HENRY SCHROEDER. n .,. G-AR. T:EI, de co .. COMMISSION MERCHANTS 44 Broad Street, New York. BRANCH HOUSE: GARTH & CO., Ninth and. Market. Sts .. Louisville, K E. P. GILSO.. G. REUSENS, S.B. TBOMPSOI .t, CO., s. E. TOIIPSO"' .BUYI:R OF TIBUCO TOB A -ceO, j leneral C11111D111Ion Merchants, ee STREET. 54 & s6 BROAD sT., NEwvoRK. P. O. Bol< 3698. NEW YORIL f SAWYER WALLACE It, co. :.. Qvm' A oo., KERCRAN;S, TOBACCO PAGTORS, Western and Virginia Leaf, No. 47 Broad Street, BROAD STREET, ,.. NEW YORK. H Snnnur:T. F. ,TATOENHORST,,& CO., TOBACCO -ANDGUERAL 61;1 .'BROAD $TREET,. NEW YORK, OTTIBGER & BROTHQ) _, LEAF TOBACCO ... BBOAD STBIIIlT, N'e"':"''7 T'o:rk.. ,.,. 0. BOX li,'707, :NEW YORK AND GEIEBAL BBOAD STB.II::E:T, York.. A. H. CARDOZO, TOBACCO & COTTON AND General Commission Merchant,, No. 68 BROAD -T T H E T 0 B A C C 0 L E A. P. WIVI. WICKE tc CO., MANUFACTUUERS OF C:I:GAR BOXES 8t.ACKW8%at.. CENUINE DURHAIVI TOBACCO -AND-w .. VA N I T Y FAI R T 0 B A C C 0 AND CJ:GARETTES. M:A:NUFACTUBED TOBACCOS: FAVORITE DARK NAVY, ENCHANTRESS DARK NAVY, SWEET MORSEL DARK NAVY, HONEY AND PEACH BRIGHT NAVY, AND ALL POPULAR BRANDS OF FANCY AND LIGHT PRESSED. FINE CUT 111A!f17F.ACTURED BY SPAULDI:NG & KERRICK: OLD GLORY, -CHARM. OF THE WEST, SWEETBUHLEY, q,"qEIIIN BEE, TRUlllPS, WIG WAG, BUGLE, IN PAlLS AND BARRELS. DEPOT FOR E. T. PILKDfTO!f & (l0,'S CELEBRATED .. :r:a;tJITS 8G FLOWERS 8G CODONWEALTn-1 Tobaooos. 11ir PRICE LISTS FllRNII!IHED ON APPLICATION. "a H. WULSTEIN, (SUCCES SOR TO lJORGFELDT & DEGHUEE), PATENTEE (AND SOLE IIIA:!IUFACTURER IN THB U,. S.) OF IMPROVED TOBACCO MACHINERY. CENTRE ST NE'W'YORK-r.O.Bo:z:5091. CONSTANTLY ON HAND THE BEST IMPROVED MACHINERY FOR CUTTING, GRANULATING & SIEVING TOBACCO by HAND or STEAM POWER. A va:riety of for Ciiar Manuf;1cturers, such as for CuttlnJ or Granolabng and other Fillers for Ci gars, Stem .Rollers, Bunching Machines, Stemming Macbmes, and other for Crushing and Flattening the Tobacco Stem i n the Leaf Cigarette Machirles, .etc. The attention of Cigar Manufacturers ia especially called t o my newlyimvroped Hand Tobacco Cutting Machine for Cutting Scrap Fillings for Cigars. lnto a Retainer ina inoist etate, and .the so-form.e1 cake is puf into the box oftne Machine for cutting. The same cuts from 8oo to 1,200 lbs of Leaf Tobacco per day from a to .a inch as saving fully33 per cent. over the former way of man1!facluring C1gars; avo1dmg the no loss m stems, or other waste; no dust i less T obacco required, and better and IS the only practicable and reliable way of making a uniform mixed Cigar. A l the lead1_ng C1.gar of York City using this Machine., Extra Feeding Attachment for Cuttlog. Fme-Cut C:hewtng or for Cigarettes. For the same purpose-, of C'Utting Havana and other Flllers for the manufacture of Ctgars, I now offer m y lately-invented small-size GRANULATOR on which can be cut into ev.en scraps in a without making dust o r shorts. thts purpose, and enbrely d1ffereot from m y same s ize Granulato r for malung Ktlhck1mck or Cigarette fobacco. It works the Stems as well as the Lea,es, and hVV'B PBilB.LESS CARD BOLDER. Patented in England, France, States and Canada. Tha Benefhs of the Card Holder applied to Cigar Boxes are Many. It prevents the CHANGE OF CARDS from one bo:t to which is a frequent source of a n n oyance. :a:. It presents the Card in full view, whether the Box i s full or parthllly empty. 3 :Every Card t an a.e c.Utitlnclly seen, should the box be in the front or bac k of the use. 4 The Card can be ADJUSTBD TO A N Y PostTWK, "'Nn 1S Nto.Vl:'.:R IN THK WAY. The Holder can be attached to the E ox in an inst:mt. 6. J t wi II las t for years 1 Jt presents a uniform 3ppearance and has a.n attrac tive effect. 8 fRHQUKNTLV C!GAR!Il ARK DAMA GBD from Handling a n.t A -ing the Prk e Canis; thhs av n il1s it. s sretttl)' appreciatt"d py Trade, ;,;nd aiJs the purcha::;er in sc:ections. So1e THE STEELE & JOHNSON MANUFACTURING CO., lllo. 78 Reade and 99 Church Streets, _New York. DEPOT."\VITH .A, HE!f & CO., .RS IN' f :Place' _DOMESTIC .And Importers of. FOREIGN TOBACCO :176 FRONT STREET. .._.. ,, YOU:. FELIX GARCIA, York.. YEGA i BERNHEIM, IMPORTERS OF HAVANA TOBACCO A:n.d. OZG-.A.:R.S. "" '!8"' !'lAir. STIEE'l'. NEW YO!tlt !VS !'B.O.T STIUIII"l', 'NEW YORK. POX, DILLS & CO., 1 Importers of SPANlSHf AND PACKERS OF SEED LEAF TOBCCOS I l!TS W.&T::E:a STILZBIJ.I, NEW YORK. E. M. CRAWFORD, IMPORTER & DEALER J:o< LEAF lee """'?'ater Street, p, o. BOX 3U9. NEW YORK: M. H. LEVIN, IMPORTER of HAVANA AND DEALER IN ALL KINDS OF LEAP TOBACCO, 162 Pearl Street, llew York R STRJN!!CKE, ll. NEUBURG&&. NEUBURGER & STEINECKE, Imporlera of SP AJIISH and Dealers in I.EAF TOBACCO; COMMISSION MERCHANTS AND PACKERS OF SEED LEAF, 131 Malden Lane, New York. H. KOENIG, WHOLESALE DEALER IN HAVANA aND SBHB LHAF TOB.A.OOOSI, No. 329 Bowery, New York. B. SCHOVIRLIIG, ALL KINDS OF SBBD LHAP TOBACCO J4,2 WATER ST., :NEW YOJ\K. Q'" House inNew Milford. Conn. d W & _CO. DEDLl!El\G 14 co., 16o PEARL ST., NEw YoRK. J. Il. XUKELBEBG IG CO., BALTIMORE, M .. lW::ULUIG, SC!Wli'D IG CO., NEW ORLEANS, LA. DEKELBEDG IG CO., LoUISVILLE, KY tiiiiWOI 11l'HAITS. IMPORTER OF HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO A.n.d Cigars! 167 Water Street, CARL UP_MANN, CRAB. F. T!G & SQK, :NEW YORK. :Manufacturers of RAPPER, CoNC'RKSS and ScOTCH SNl'FF, and every grade of Smoking Tobacco 'W'EYM.AN & HUO., 79 & Sl Smithf!ald Street, rittsburgh Pa. I JOSEPH J. ALMIRALL, IMPORTER OF "ONLY FINE" HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO 16 CEDAR STREET. NEW YORK. PRICE LIST OF SPANISH CICAR RIBBONS: Broad Red, sR 7l, $t.;5 F.11p111nnla. 5 8 yarrls, I 7:: N'arru-w Red, or 'FJgaro. J'l yard:c, t.35 CASH, T 0 BA CC Q lmporten of SPANISH and Deale .. In all k;-ndo o6 AND mHR!f. Mllln!Jt LEAF TOBACCO, 178 PEAnL S'I'D!T 184 Front Street, O:w Y9BK 1'1'BW '2'0BK. WM. M. PRICE, E. SPINGARN & co., LEAF TOBACCO, 19 Maiden Lane NEAR w ATER-sTREET, NE'W-YORK. NEW .,_... urs. ... ".,......,.. ....... ...,... ..... G. R.EISMAl\TR, J. L. GASBI!RT: Jl. L. GAssERT Commission Merchant, J. L.. GASSERT & BRO;' ,AND I>&ALB IN ALL KINDS OP CODISSION MERCHilTS: LEAF TOBACCO, AND,.DEAL.KRs IN ALL KINDs uF 1 1SB ::Peazol StZ'eet, LEAP TtBACCO _,. NEW' YORK. No. 4 60 Water St., N .ew .N. & BBO,J BASCH &. FISCHER, 164 Water. Street, Ne'lliiYork, lMPORTERS OF HAVANA. AND PACKERS OF SHHB LKAP .TOBACCO, 155 Water St., NearKaidenLoe, NEW YORK. CO,, AID CIGARS. AND DULifRS IK SNUFF. PIPES, etc., .-rGRIES AT 4U !!ROAD STREET, IP.!IRI AND Ill CALDWELL. N. WKOLESAL'K D .. ALKRS IN HAVANA & DOMESTIC Leaf' To"baccD. L. GERSBIL & BRO., .. PACKERS AND DEALERS IN ,, SEED LEAF 191 PEARL STREET,'l L. GKRSHKL1 S. e;aqH&L ,_ ..:,::,. NEW YORIC


THE TOBACCO LE.A.Fo I H CO., fill (SUCCESSORS TO P ALJIER & !K:OTILLE,) C II GA XES, :WCPOR L .EA1:1: TOBACCO, Ko. WA'l'BB STB.EET, KBW YOBB., S UPERIO!l Prime OUatltJ of COliNEC!TJClJT SEED LEA.F WRAPPER OF OVR. PWN CEDAR WOOD, ;"STRAIT ST'ORM, 293, 295 & Monroe St., MANUFACTURERS OF CIGARS,, NEW YORK. .....__DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 178 & 180 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK WAREHOUSE 0 E LEGANT t;IG.&R SBOW CASBS :s ';J ) :POR HOTELS A'ND &1\0CERS. ()or. W. Broadway 4 Reade lt., New-York. TBI &ERIAl MfERUAI BAlK, BROADWAY, cor. Cedar S t NEW YOBK. Copital, $1,000,000. Every fa cility afforJ e d t o D ealen: and Co:T espondents consistent with So" und H. ROCHOLL, Prosideat. Ill. F. READING, Cshlr WM EGGERT & CO. JMPURTERS OF I N SKID LBAP TUBAC CO, Ill PEARL STREET, IIEW YORK. Branc!!., Mai n st., C i ncinn&ti 0 'E. & G. FRIEND & CO., Importers a n d Deale r a l n J.E.tP TOBACCO, 129 Maiden Lane, .3us F !ull:.-ro, NEW YORK jR., S. BARNETT, Importer of BAV 4.1'1 A A N D JOBBER lN SEED LEAF TOBACCOS, 162 Water Street, lew York. 1: S. STBRIBERGER, liJBIIGI AID BAD. !Ia 4 E :J;VHANGE PLACE, II. T. Draw Btns of Exc hange on the principal cities of E urope i ssue C lrcu ar L etters of C redit t o Travel e rs, and g ra' n t Commercial C redit s ; r'cei ve Mc.ney on Depo!ll t ubj e c to Sight upon 'Which t:;st will allowed; pay particular ,a.ttention to the 'Neptiatioo of Loan s J. SC:AMITT,. IMPORTER OF AND DEALER IN LBAP TOBACCO. 162 Water Street, New York. CUTKRIE & CO., COVVTMIOlf AND TOIACCO FOR EXPIRY. Leal ToRcc:o praoe41a b ales for the Weot ladleo, Maicaa aad C.trai.American Porto, ud 10U.. k e t TOB A CCO PAO:KED IN HOGSHI':ADS. AHNER & DEHLSJ -D E ALERS IN LED TOBACCO, 190 St., K>CKA& L AHN&O, NEW YORK. lOHN A DaHL&. LEDBRIR & FISCHEL. DEALERS I N Seed LeaC AND HAVANA TOBACCO, .,, S'l'UI'l', w I H. TERWILLIGER, LATE OF TERWILLIGER & C O., PATEWTEE OF THE Welded Ste'el a.nd Iron T H MESSENGER, s. LARREUORE. T. B. MESSENCE:R"' CO. IMPORTERS AND DEALERS Ill -AND-. PA:STE, 161 MAIDEN LANE,. NEW YORK. LEA F TOBACCO IN BALES HOGSHEADS FOR FOREIGN M.\RKE T S ALLEN. CO., a 73 and a 75 CHAMBERS ST., NEW YORK, WHOLES.\LE DEALER S AND A GENT & FOR All New York Toba..cco Factories: P. Lorillard & Co., D. H. McAlpin & Co., 'I'hos. Hoyt & Co Ete. ALSO AG E N T S FOR W. T. & m. MAHBHB& N". o SEAL OF. NORTH CAROLINA And Other Br;ood s j JOS. G. DILL, TURPIN BROTHERS, JACKSON, TURPIN &. CO., A n d a. N umbe r of Othe r Factories. J SEND F O R PRICE LIST. AWARDED the HICHEST MEDAL and DIPLOMA At the Centennial Exhibition. t o Producu tMfinut Work Malcuno crea,ein tM bun chu. Maku a perfect head. Pruervu flavor oj t M tobacco. Til. wrapper with th1 fiUer perfectly a i n hand-11141k cigars lllo or lhe BllncbellocuD17. A 'o M O R E DURABL E than Wood en Molds. Oyer 300,000 in U se. ) .,.a tbl a,,. .. .,.J INtf'ta sing GIVE TREK A TRIAL. Of our manufacture ar e guar anteed mperior in quality and finuh to any o t her fer mutr alod L !A of Blu1. S PECIAL SIZEI M ADE TO O RDER. N. DUBRUL & C01 M.ANUF.ACTUR E R $1 OJ:NCJ:NN .A."r:t, 0 H. No. 3 0 6 Broadway, NEW YORK. r ADOLPH MOONELIS, TBIB.D AVI:KVB, K!I'W '2'01\B., MA N U FACTt'RER OF TH)i: O F 1\IL AT A N"" Z AS OFFICE &. K. coon & cu 92 Chambers St. WEW YORK. T H E ABOVE I S A N O F OUR IO::J:G-AZL .&TAJ.\!XP OANO&ITJiElB.. Used and J::ndor.f!d b y the Principal M anufacturers. ""PRICE OF ST.A.JIP, w i t h M anufact u rers' name, Lor. ,ti oD. B o x g f D a t e s good f o r lLigbt Yean Pad. Figure, etc::. complete, t4-.50 (;l. O. D. -,WALTER FRIEDMAN & FREISE,--IMPORTEBIIIO.. F-llVAN .. fOBACCO,; 203 Pearl Street, New York. ; Spanish HERMANN BAT JER tc ; PACKERS OF DOMESTIC COJIXISSION XERCHANTS & IMPORTEnS OF LEAF T0BACCO. OI--.y -77 ST., :N::S:W YO::a.E.. F.A.OTC>::n.IE&: 614, 816, 618, 620, 714, 716; 718 NINTH STREET; and 420, .422, 424 and 426 TEITI STREET. OFJriCE-53, 55 and 57 P.A:RX FI..AClC, N E ""\iV YORK. Licorice Paste, WISE & BENDHEIM, POWDERED LICORICE, 121 BOWERY,-. New York,, And a ll other ialsfor Fla vor i n g used by Manufa c turers, inc ludingthe finest soL E AGENTs FoR THE w ELL-KNOWN E t 1 O"ls ssen 1a 1 R..T.FAUOETT&CO/S w H. Schieffelin & eo PAVOBITB DUBHAI &:1\!XO::K.:XNG-TC>BAOOC>, ALSO, JOBBERS Ill ALL KINDS OF VIRGINI A & NORTH CAROLINA PLUG AND S MOKING TOB, \.CCO S 170 and 172 :wiLLI.Ut STUB'l', N!W lOBE. SANCHEZ, HAYA t< CO., &. 134 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK, B.-W'. lG:EUCBS, OF CiGAR DOXEF AND IMPORTER m GERMAN CIGA-a MOULDS of OSZltJBVCX liG CO., and F. liOCDIJUNlll Kall u!ao:t'la bc..\.LD JN Cigar-Mould Presses, Straps am] Cutters, -,. 283 SOUTH .TF(EET, N. Y. V. V ALLAURI, 1260 BROADWAY, NEW YORK, SIMON DIRECT IMPORTATIO N OF MANUFACTURER O F Tnrki8b LOaf -TOfiHCCO. and Gi[HrHtlHS' CICAR BOXES t< SHOW ALso ?.lANUFACTURER oF Importer of and Dealer in Spanish Cigar Ribbons, YIIIDJE SMUIIG GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS, PRESSES,r STRAPS, CUTTERS, ETC.,, AND CIGARETTES. WM. G L ACCUM, JACOB SCHLOSSER GLACCUM lr; SCBLOSSBR IIIANVFAVTUilERS I)F US RJ:VJ:NGTON BE'W YORK. Prop nd a u d "HIGH AND DRY .l' ()'" .. .. ;,,. n .. nu.-t .. tn -. A 181 J.BWIS STB.BBT, li'B'W 1rOBB. AU Jdada oC li'lflureo Cut to Order and Repaired In the Bel t Style. The Trade SuppUetl J .&LL-TOBAOCO Internal Revenue The Origi n a l Jnt e m:ll Revenue Publtahin r ....... C. JOURCENSEN, SOL& ltJf CBSSO R T O .a SMITfl, P. 0. Bo 5,'-7, 3'7 LJiliCB'I'T 11'1'., W 'lr Bran4!Dg Iron.a 1114 StencUa a SpealaltJ. ::PB.XN'TX:NG Of err d eocrl ptioq at L-PrlSEN D FOil P R!CltS, And Dealer in Domestic LIP TOBACCO. FURNISH E D BY 166 Water Street, N E W YOBK. a TIN FOIL. JOHNJ. CROOKE, M ANUFA C TURER OP' DU'BOVIID TJN FOIL AND BOTTLE CAPS1 'IU t. BDBP.J' B PROUD PLAIN AND COLORED. THE HAT C 0 M P Y, 32 A 3'1 VBSBY STB.IIBIJ!, a'B'W 1r0l\B, ,. AT GREATLY BEDVCED MISPIT CARPBTS. Englllh lii'I1Bsels, Three-Ply an4 Ingrain, also, Stair Carpe t s V ll.ugs, Crumb Cloths Oil Cloths, etc., very cheap at the Old. 11.2 F-u1"to:n. S"t., "Y'ork. Carpets Car e f u l y Packed a n d ent t o a n y part of t h e Ur:ited States Free o f U \lL Oba r BOLLmG MILLS, 38 CROSB 'i &nd 163 & 165 MU'LBDBY STBEETS, NEW YOBX. S .,, F E s. J. A. HARTCO RN, CHARLES s. HAWES, THOMAS G. LITTLE, FineManc "igof ars Fine Lea TOB1CCO swe 1TI"p @'"Send f o r Explanatory C i rcular. J. A. BENDALL. JULIAN ALLEN, SeedLeaf and Havan&. P ATENT INSIDE WORK AND Unokilled Labor can be Empl oyed i n Makin g 11""' MArna .... n Dll 11 D IIINGEIJ CAP,. Require d i n And Dealer i n ------...... .. GUATEST o r T H E AGL LEAF TOBAOCJO '1Ve"VV "Yc:>rk. a 92 Pearl Street, wo lla:f'e Complete Wltltout It 11 la r o r c all n djurie fnr ynur I E V ,., A 'ft7'1l'S oe 'd rt "'--:No. &4 MAXDEB L.Az. 'W. :a. TERW'J:LJ:,.J:GER. 2 a a 0 wE R y, .QAV"'' ,gn ppo w..w. 1VSI'W 1rOBJL N euWUliuaStreet WBW YORK. M anulactnrcrandPnpn t o r T ootlmoula l a .t List lurnishoa oD appllcatloa: 11 MAIDEN L.\liiE, NEW YORK. l'IEW YORK, 172 Water Street,. N. 'Y


\ 'THE T 0 B A. C 0 0 LEA. F. ... MAY 16 ,rJatlMelphia Advertisemeu.tlll. Baltimore A.dvertisemeot&. WESTERN-ADVERTISEMENTS-I usTERI ADVEir&SEIIEtn. I BERRY BESUDEN, t'l. "W::M::. A. BOYD & CO., KNECHT, SMITH & CO., R.MALtAY a BRGf DXALIUt IN I .. LEAF 7o;ACCO, LU.F TOBACCO, IUC:S810BI TO .I'NI:IlfEB, IJIITH BaOI. ... KIOIIbero, N. Y., ... B.A.TTIN naos ThW st.. P..u:J Betw ... Ville aad. Race Streets, TRB STATB 01' KBNT1JCKY IANUPACTURING QO., MANUFACTURERS OF Choice Brands. of PLUG TOBACCO,. Aad Patentees of the Celebrated Brand of PROGRESS,. MADE IN ALL SHAPES AND WEIGHTS. 11<7 EVERY PLU r HAS O U R P!I.TENT FASTENER AT TI-fF. END. '"0 ..,_ S. LOWENTHA:r; & CO., MANUFACTURERS FINE. CIG.ARS, AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 150 'W:&:ST FOVBTB ST:a:&::icT, CINCINNATI, OHIO. F. G. Tobacco Works, Toledo, Ohio. R. MESSINGER, -MANUFACTURER Th..; Qe1ebra1:od. "F. G." AND NATIONAL LONG CUT SMOKINGS. Also, India. n and Sun Flower Chewing Tobaccos. ]Acoa WaiL. AARON X.'AHH A. Wau.. H11.s w v TiaTic, ARNOLD Th.THi, COIIECTICut IEED WF Tobaooo, Stat11 St Be.rtford. ComL EllERY BElliS, 1 eater in all Kinds of 1 l LEAF TOBACCO, INSPECTOR AND BAILER, 32 C::IIKTILA.Ji WBABI',, BOSTON. HINSDALE SMITH &. SON, to H. SMITH & CO. ) PACKERS AND JOBBERS OF Connecticut Leaf Tobacco ,. 20 HAMPDEN ST., Springfield, Mass. H 1 N SD.ALit SMI "rH, E. H. SMITH. C. 0. HOLYOKE, COKKISSION KERCHANT In LEAF and MANUF .AOTURED TOBACCO, 12 Central Wharf, Bosttnt. Southern Advertisement LEAF 0 B A c 0 TE vnLLE. B &"0 F.w. FELDNER It, SON, Weil, Kahn &Co., H. TIETIG & BROTHER, J.M.WIS&,Danvllle,Va. P.Wua,Ricbmond,VIU \J ( lA '.IJIU "JU ., WOB.KS (SucceasorstoS.LowBNTAL&Co.) MANUFACTURERS OF --'JAMES M. & PEYTQN WISE, lfo. aao St.., Tobacco Commission Merchants TO CODISSION MERCIWi'TS: an4 WiloleaaleDealersla p a BISCHOFF DBJl&} \lL JLWll U LEAF TOBACCO, FortllePun:hase of lYIOORE a BAY, LEAF TOBACCO, 134MainSt..Cincinnati.O,,-218 WEST FIFTH ST.,-TOBACCO. P k C li,..,.'L-... .L-D. "-" -le'" 69 Exchange Place Depot with F. Engelbach. CINCINNATI. u. 444reas u at B!chmoud or Danv!lle, a.c ers, ommiss1on 13 IIXTII AVENUE, NEW YORK. As you may wish to buy;n theoneorthe other market-SEED tc HAVANA n. B!iiiiB. & wA&GNEii;' L:.; .;::o WM. E. DIBRELL, J350NoSrthEWPatller-st., Philadelphia. TOBAOOO L.EAIMFPORTETD anod DBOMAESTC!Cco co., LW TOBACCO BUill. L 0 E B, Commission Kercha.nt, oFFICE.' coLLEGE BmLDmo. 2a..a.aor or:a::x:n.::o or 14.10 c---st:r-t PACKER AND DEALER rN Anil 87 West FrQnt St., C!ncimlati. ciNCINIU.TI, oo1o. -" I E .A. F T 0 :n 0 E. E. WENCK, Manaa:er. T R c""'"" T. P .... c.. w H. .A AND' '-../ '-../ 46 and 48 ST. CHARLES STREET, BEKRY MEYER a co., MA-NUFACTURER 0 F c I CARS I.W.aor.Lombar41t.,BALTIJIOBE,JID. Stoclt of DAilK E-IWEATED WRAP-. PER8, ofwlllcllwemakea Specialty. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 62 NO.RTH FRONT STREET, PHILADELPHIA, PA, ]os. S<:JIROBDBR, A. NICOI.ASSKii. And Wholesale DealersiB MERFELD & KEMPER, JOS. SCHROEDER & OHIO AND CONNECTICUT J. B.JcBOWLL & CO., JULIUS VETTERLEJN & CO, CommluloaandWholeaaleDealeraln LEAF TOBACCO, TOBACCO Seed Leaf and Tobacco 4:8 Front st Cincinnati, o. G a} ('I v :1. HAVAIA t 17 Lombard Street, ... .&1m CIGARS, F. W. DO.IRMANN, RBBl' lllRfCnant&, sole Agents for tit. BALTIMORE. JID, .J_ ... n Exeha ... e Place, nALTIMOR& LEAF TOBAC"O BROKER. 311 NOBTH WATER ST., PJUJaB.A.OOOS : BCLIPSE" BRIGHT NAVY.! 1., J(a, 3:, 4e, Sa, 61, 71, 81,91 and 101. ''IT. GEORGE" BB!QHT IIAVY, 1, "Ill 3e, 4:, ue, 6s, 7a. 81, 91 aud l.Oe. V.RGI!IlA DARE" BIUGHT NAVY,lo. 3o,llo, Go, 9oand lOa. ,. ANJIOT LYLE" BR.IGHT IIA..'VY, 1, 3, 4-1 th, 619 7, 81, 9 aDd lOa. "V:NIO:N .JACK:" liiAHOGAN'i' POUNDS, X llo. "ST. POUNDS, ,!1'1, 5, 61, 'f, 8, 91 aad lOe. FIBE :rWDT of eeveral gt"ades Bright and Mahogany uoder the f->llowiDg AD:II%B.ATIOII', '' '' TJIOB.M 'ND1r, '' "BIIAT 01' CIOJ.D," t1c. "JiiVB OAK,"" II'ABOB," DB SOTO and c::oQVIIB.OB.." The followmg are OUR Ar-nt. for the Sale oflllANUFACTiJRED GOODS: c. W. VAX ALITINE, No. 13 Central Wharf, Boston, Wa!i&.; P, CA. VAXAQH, N05 41 aod 43 Waba1h Aveoue, Chlcgo, Ill.; A. HAG EX .. CO., No. 6J N. Front Street, Philadelphi&, Pa.; Jl', H. CHR.18TIAIV, Galveaton, Texae i .JOHN TITtr., Chtclnnati, O. ; T. W BELL. }io. 4S Magazine Street, New Orleans, La ; J. E. X A YO'. No. 216 N. Second Street, St. Louht, Mo.; IIERMAlf ELLIS, No. 67 S. Street, Halt i mort", Md.; COOPER .. CO., Cor. J..ladiiKin aud Front Sts., Memphis, Tenn. J H. PEMBERTON'. JAS. 0, PKN'IN. PEMBERTON & PENN, Tobacco Commission Merchants With a long exjNtimce in the busine-ss offer their services to jilt otdets for L e a} gr Manufllqured Tobac.os. vYILU!J J. E. HAYNES, DKALB.It. IN WESTIUUi LEAF TOBACCO, 27 South Second Street, St. LOUIS, J. ICE, YA HA VIING EIGHT YEARS' KXPB.It.IKNOE, OJfen his Serviceo for tlae PURC:HASE of LEAF TOBACCO to the Baake and Bo11lnen Vn renera11r. J, L. PElflf, ]. 0 PENN. J. L. PENN & CO., COMMISIION MRCHANTt FOil THE PtJR.CHASK OF x.z..... Toa&cco -AJID-. BRI1 .ME H


MAY 16. THE TOBACCO Su ... RO l A PROGRESSIVE CH!NAMAN.-Ab .1r ..-= :Tong & Samuels, Chinamen, and part IIA1"JF. A.Ol'11RERS OF ners in a cigar store at No. 495 Pearl Street, ow1ng to lack of busmess, I c-r. r::!.. A severecl their conl)ection on April 7 .... SamueLS gave Ah Tong $120, directed hun to get thaee post office N I TOBACCO o rders for $40 each, which were to be )V}I. & CO., II mailed to H1p Woo & Co., of California, NEW YOB.I[. t o payr. n old Ah Tong .. MANUFACTURERS AND IMPORTERS OF I KERBS & S lESS, :Manufacturers of Fine Cigars, And Dealers In LEAP TOBACCO, 1014, 1016, 1018, 1020 SECOND AVENUE, 310, 312, 314 FIFTY-FOURTH STREET. .ADOLF KERRS, 'YC>:FI.:J:S:;: LOUIS SPIESS. B, :r.t. FOSTElt. KD. HILSON. RUDOLPH WYMA N RELIANCE CIGAR MANUF ACTORI. w FOSTER, HILSON &, CO:, 77 & 79 Cli:AKllEaS ST. 3 Doors West of :Broad war, N. Y .. MANUFACTURERS OF Fine Cigars, AND SOLE PROPRIETORS OF THE PATENTED WILL0W CIGAR BOX. Ia: HtRSGHHORN & GO. :No. SS.'W.6.T:Z:Et ST:Et:Z:&:T."NE'W YO:Et'E, MANUEACTURERS OF EINE HIND: MADE CIGARS, AND SOLE MANUFACTURERS OF TillE AND' LAFAYE'r.l'E Er JOSEPHS, RERS, 634, 636, 638 & 640 SIXTEENTH SI ftltH' PRIZE BJU).t.L. VDI:l'DIA EXHIBITIOII', 187'3. :NEW YORK. AND VIENNA,:-) Austria. M. SALOMON, M. a E. SALOMON, PACKERS OF SEED LEAF, AND IMioORTERS oF Havana Tobacco and Cigars, 85 MAIDEN N. Y. A .R:TICILES, the money nrders, but Instead ot mallwg them to Hip Woo & Co., he q.Ient:y reconverted them into money by for gin g Samu:::ls' name, and applied the money to his own use. AN ExTRAORDINARY SMUGGLING ScENE.-Not long since th e Custo m house officers on the road from Co ,.,.ines to Deulemont, France, received an intimation that an attempt would te made to run cons iderab le quantity of tobacco during :he night; and, further, that the smugglers were determined men, who woul u not scruple to re ist t o the last ext,.emity. Two men wete detailed for the duty, and, arming them selves with a m usket and sword bayomt set. off for the place indicated on a wet, cold and dark nigh t. On reaching their destination they found a liule hut 50:1: Y,' NE"W YORK. ..., r J ( Centennial Medals awardea: for Beauty of Design, Skill Displayed. in Fabrication, in which the men employed in repairing the roads kept their tools, and, as an icy cold rain had began to f'!-11, they were glad to get into its shelter, partic ularly as it .. !forded a good lookout over the country. They had arranged that they should watch alter nate hours, and one, therefore, thr ew himself on the floor and went to sl'!ep. The watch of the second man was ap proaching its terminat ion when, through the gloom, he caught ;ight of the figure of a man about 300 yards from the and coming straight toward h im. Within half a dozen yards the stranger stopped and blew a whi,tle l oudly, whi.:h he took Jrom lib pocket. 'He almost immediately by three other men, and the officer, not k nowing what might" happen nexl, quietly awoke his comrade and told him what was going on outside. Ou a sudden the Joor of the hut opened, and one of the men entered. T oe officers hid lhemselv es in a dark corner, with their a rms in the i r hands, and awaited the course of e\ents. The stranger was evidently unconscious of the ; r presence, and taking the tools or I the workmen, left the hut. The sky I h a d cleared a little, and through the I window the officers could see, enveloped POPULAR..STYLE .IJ and. CHEAPNESS. ... in a cloak, some thing lying on the I ground, in shape and substance much 1 resembling a corpse, and which did not stir. surprise was increased when ihey saw the fvur men commence digging a large hole, into which the tht ug was unceremoni o usly thrown. The moment for action had arrived, and the officers burst suddenly out of their ambush on the men, who, uttedy, con founded by the sudden appa ition, fon&with took to their heel<. One of the officers fired, without wounding an one, and then>ued the runaways, his comrade, havi[lg been doub!ecl up b y a well d irected punch in the wind," being tefi)porari!y hors de combat so far as running was concerned. t The first not only pursuPd but captured his m<:t.n and brought him back to his disabled ally, with whose assistance the mat was sec ur e ly bound. Then came the un r olling of the m a ntle wrapped r ou.Jd the corpse, which was fou!ld to consist of 400 pounds of tobacco cigars and other cont"raband articles The smug-1 gler. s had found out that info rmation had been given of their movements to the Custom house, and having agreed to postpone their expedi t ;on to better times, had proceeded to bury the con trabapd goods under the very of the Custom : hou

'THE TOBACCO LEAF. Tobacco Manufact.urers. JOHN ANDERSON & CO. MANUFACTURERS OF THE SOLACHun TOBACCOS LICORICE. I ------LICORICE PASTE. WAIJJS eli co. Tobacco manufacturers and the trade Tnbacco BrnkerR. JOHN CA"fTUS.TOBACCO BROKER 114 & 116 LIBERTY S'FREE1' ;-, -NEW YORK, -llel' to,direct the attrnlion of the De\ l ... n in Tobacco throughout the Uni1t: d and the World to their CELEBRATED -soLACE FINE.;CUT in geReral are particularly requested to examine and test the superior properdes of this LICORICE, which, being'now brought to the highest perfection is of. fered under the above of brand. 27 Pearl Street, NEW YORK. CIW. B. FISCBD & BRO., Tobacco Brokers, THOMAS. HOYT 8c CO., MANUFACTURERS OF F:INE-CUT CHEWING AND SMOKING '!!'OBAOOOB t1c. SJ.VV'I'I'. CHEWING TOBACCO. which is be1ng once maa. u lacturcd under the immeoiatc ot the MR. JOHN ANDERSON, and oow stand, as tormerly. without a rival. Orden forwarded through the usual channels will will meet prompt attention. We are also SOLE AGENTS for the brand 1'. a. a o. Acknowledged by consumers -to be the best in the market. And for the brand of Licorice Stick KOIIJi t1c. 00., 191 WateSt., NEW YORK. TH.OS. KINNICOTT, KINNICUTT & BILL, J. F. FLACC & CO.;, 1'78 &. 178 FIRST ST., BROOKLYN, E. Dot In all respects equal to CALABRIA. BROKERS IN OUR BRANDS (;:HEWING: v,.B"B_k._IID....,JI, B' A'.nOB'AL Manufacturers oflhe Celebrated Branda.. Consumers and J obbeiS would do WESTERN & YIRCINIA BUGB'!l' OWZJI', 2lftJlA CA VIIJI'DIIIJI, :II' ABOB. Harvest, Surprise & Seaside well to apply direct. Ltteorlee Root, leleet and ONI.JaiU'}" eoa etaattr ou. haad. LEAF TOBACCO, 404, &. tc06 P&Al'tL ST., NEW YORK, .&. II.. SMITH l G l p --S. COMSTOCK. eoera a ....... en. W. LOCKWOOD, Special. CfGARETTES, TOBACCOS "' IDCEPAI'ER. ll&!a:zy, and llellwether, Granulated Fircsioo, Jolly Boys and Red Jacket, Loll! cnt All Grades 8nu11'. UI WEST BROADWAY; NEw!oRK. WlBUCiiANAN & LYALt::LL. Office :-64 :Broa.CL St., Ne-w Tork.-P.o.uox 1n:a. Factory:-No. 2 FIRST DISTRICT, SOUTH BROOKLYN. MAN UFACTURERS OF THE FOLLOWING CELEBRATED BRANDS OF PLUG, CHEWING e.Bd SMOKING TOBACCOS_ PLUG. X a, 31, 4a, &a, 8, T, s1 9, l8l. 1e, """ 3 .. 4-. 5, 6e, 2' 8a, 8, lO JIAGGU: =CHAN AN', :too. "'.JACK Oil' JUlllCil PHILIP. CiiR.&PE bt Po-.... TECU1118EH,I0 PEER.LaeL ARIUIMBAU, WAUIS & CO.. &2 BROAD ST., NEW YORK. 29 .t 31 S1r.1th W'llliam Street OHARLIUI F. OSBORNE, LICORICE PASTE AND STICKS. Q .... W4lo II'. w. s. IITERt? EXTRA, P. II. BARACCO .A.l!ID PICill\' A.TELLA1 DE ROSA, EXCELSIOR lULLS .... J.I'OWDERED LICORlCIIlt OUIII ARABIC, OLIVE OIL, TOII"UA BEA.lU, And a'l Soecialties for Tooacco Manufacturers. :Patent Powder-ed Licorice. WEAVER & STERRY, Importers NO. 24 CEDAR. STREET. I 0 L OWDE'RED ,P LIOORICE JAMES G. OSBORNk, roba.c co Bro'lcery No. ;J& BROAD STREET, NEW YORK. M. RADER & SON, TOBACCO BROKERS No. 50 Beaver Street, NEW YORK. A. SHACK. TOBAG.CO BROKER, No, 129 Maiden Lane, NEW YORK .. POWDERED LIQUORICE. FINEST Q,tiALITY. Jlaaafaetare4 at Povghkeepsie, New York. GIFFORD, SHERIAB & INNIS, II' H REGIXEJIT, POVKET PO:OBS, ,... AC M lli!IONll: &T. PE RsBlJRCil, Moscow. wAR--cor.AYtnlle-D I Teath St., lew Yerk. lAW, ODEliA, DRESDEN. JfEW YORK, P o Box 4786. .MRS. 8. B. MILLER & CO., tOBACC 0 MANUF !CTORY, (l'ETEP :"'. COLLINS, JiluiT.) 97 Columbia Street, NEW'YOBK, llAJfUPACTUaaas CLUUTB.D n. G. B. Maler & Co. Chewing and pmoking Tbbacco, thb only Genuine American Gentle -n Snuff; M,..;. G. B. Miller & Co. Macco.boy ud Scotch Snulf; A. H. Mickle & Sons' Forest 1lose and Grape To&acco; Mrs. G. B. Miller It Co. Reserve Smoking and Chewing IF All ord:rs promptly executed. THE CELEBRATED Established 18sq. ORIGINAL GREEN -SEAL,'' And other Choic e Brands of MEERSCHAUM SMOKING TOBACVOS cut from Virginia Plug, W. C. EMMET, Sole Manufacturer, 'l'-! .. A.KERICAN EAGLE H [ U II; DB'rBOIT. MICH. l Aslde from pac:kln'/: our "AMEIUCAJI EAGLE" aDd "CLI PER In the oaual obed woochn paekaa-, ,,;, Mi..., and 6o lbo., "'" aJ.o pot both of th-pad eo up Vee'! Dkelyio 0Na Ou:Nca Tuf .roiL PACCAMI ilacked In AC and X Grooo boxeo. J.ibenli.,...... DIAde to the Jebbinc trade. article Tonka Beans, First PremiUm Angosturas in casks, AWARDED AT Balsam Tolu, in Original Tins, The Centennial Exposition. Clucose, French, in casks. PRICES CURRENT ON APPLICATION. LICORICE ROOT-A.ra.oa and AU-ate. V. W. BRINCKERHOFF, Selected and Ordinary. ZURICALDAT &. ARGUIIIIBAU, X:aii:POJE'l.TEJE'l.. tOll PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. .&'T CEDAR STREET, N. Y. FANCY. ( PIPES -IN-BRIER AND FANCY .WOODS, MANUFACTURED BY HARVEY a FORD, SALESROOM-366 & 36'1 CANAL STREET, NEW YORK, FAgrQRY-LEDGER. PLAQE. PHILADELPHIA, BUEHLER tc 'POLHAUS, BBiliB i08[iiiiSCBiUi 0& CLAY PIPIS. And all Kinds of SMOKERS' 83 Chambers and. 65 Reade Streets, New York. REJALL & BECKER, MANUFACTURERS OF IEBRSCHAU! & AlBER GOODS, AND I:IIPORTERS OF FRENCH BRIAR PIPES & SMOKERS' ARTICLES Street, Y'ork. 200 C H M ne uuty .:ocale madcl willl .Protected Beubcp. P lGI a .General Ai''ts,. l'fo. 3 P.AJU[ PLAOEtiJIIEWYO*K. a.aed by the followina emuwat P. LORJLL.A.RD .... CO, New Yorlr BtJCRA.Jr.A.ll .... LYALL, 'New \'orlr;' JAS. D. PACE .Rtchmond Va P, B.& YO .... BRO., B.l.fl!CC:ond,'Va.; E, W. VE .&BLE 6 vo., Peteubu11r VL ntiS&& 1111011., Loatavtlle, IC.J. HENRY WULST.IN, c-- to ao....-ea.t& .._._,,, !'!: ( CEIITRJI: ITREET1 NEW YORK. P 0 B o z 5091, f"ewYork. B\' HAND OR STt:Ar.t .-owE9CO. A large variety o( Hachiaery for Cilfar Manufao turers, as f o r Cutting or Ha\'a n a and othe r Fillers <.:hrara, Stem R.ollera Bu.achin.c Wa. Stemmtng.Macbines, and also .Machinn f o r rushtng and Flattening the T obac o Stem i n I be teaSf Macbines. de. Apent i n tbt: for F FLINSCH' S (Offenbac h on M ain Ger Machines for Packing NA.NUJ'ACTUUU o TOBACCO SEALING WAl, Aod Importers el Glyceriae, Ja., a-, Ac. 189 William 8t. .,.. zo.-. Z. GOIIBBZ t1c. GO., Importers of 'GWMAl'f AD 8CO'rc:ll Cia pes, Heinrich Goebel Solme lanulne lrossalmerode Pipes, 128 Maiden Jiane. 1r, EIIT.&.BLIIRED trea. GIRARD BITTS 1: CO., General Auctioneers ANnCOMMISSION MERCHANTS, STORE AND SALESROOM: 1 OLD SLIP & 104 PEARL STREET (On e door from Hanover Square) KEW YORK, Cigar1 Manufacturers Are informed that we are abte to auppty the Trade with &ntclaos PACK'ERS at abort notice. Pl ... e 43 Liberty Street, oppo<e Post Office, 0:1' SXOEZ:RS A:a'rl:C:Lli:S, DEALERS IN C TOBACCO, SECARS, SNUFFS, &c. addres s to tile ;1GAR PACKERS' SOCIETY, S MICHALIS & CO., s li:. Houton Street : orE' M GATTERDAM (C...troller of Vacaaclea), lot Norfolk S treet, N .. :V:ork Cit)'. fiOIBBI TOBACCO COIPAIY, O:F. BB.OOXLYN, N. Y. BUSINESS OFFICES: 124 Water St., New ork, 16 Central Wharf, Boston ; 26 Lake Street, Chicago; E-t 51 IORTB WATER STRIBT, PBILADELPBII Factory: No. 1 First District, N. Y. THE CELEBRATED THE CELEBRATED "MATCHLESS," ='PRUIT GAKE," MAHOCANY, All Sizes; '' P X 0 1\T ::EJ :EJ "R. Dark, all Sizes. A compariM)n of our Celebrated Brands o f PLUG TOBACCOS will com i nce a11 partiu o f tb.e WON-DERFUL MERITS contained theJein. PLUG TOBACCO. HERBST BROTHERS. HAVANA tc SEED LEAF Q TOE.&SC:S;,-11s3 WATER STREET,' NEW YORK. :.'11 LIBERAL ADVANCEMENTS MADE ON CONSIGNMENTS. <4 JOS.EPH LOTH & CO., MANUFACTURERS OF ALL KINDS OF CIGAR RIBBONS. CONSTANTLY ON HAND A FULL AS SORTMENT AT LOWES1' MARKf.T PRICES. -Paetory 1 .. 1....,.: WEST tc5th ST., 4,&4 DllOOXE ST, Ne-vv "Fork. AL&X. E. v AH RAKDOtU. VAl 141110 &: CO., LEAF TOBACCO, l&f WATEI ST., lEW YORK. Caah AdvaDced on Con!'i.Jnm .. nts.


MAY 17. entennial t of The --. I I 33 1\lorth Wate:r St:reet, 32 'No:rth Delaware Av.eDua. WAB.EBOUSB ; for Celebrated Brands of MADE BY LAUBENCE LOTTIER, Banner Factory, Rio.hmond; Va I rf = = s / Also for McEL'V..OV & CO.'S Celebrated A:rnerican 1 r 1f, STAR "SMITH. & JOINES" Black a nd Bright Work, 1 "C. CONWAY. "<-' dol do RO. Y ANGY do S. TURPIN" Black and Bright Work, "GILBERT'' do do "CREOLE CRESCENt" do "ESAU" .I 1 do do I I. 1 I r c< BL..ACK CAKE" Blac!C. Sweet Navies, do do do do Bars, do dd do do Cavendisl}., J "ROBERT A MAYO'S" Full Pound Navy, I "HENRIETTA"' Bright Work, "CENTENNIAL" do do "IRON CLhD" do do "KEYSTONE, STATE" do "MERQ.IMAC" do do I l B right and -!' SIX 'A" 'dor do ll "GRANGER do do LAM. ASCO ,,. do do ETC., I II ETC., ETC. Richmond, V a. Manufactured by TURPIN & BROTHER, Richmond, Va. l Manufactured by 1!. H. MAYO& BRO., l Richmond, V a. 1 Manufactured by HARRY C. HOLBROOK J Louisville, Ky ... } Manufactured by LOUISVILLE TOB. MF'G CO., Louisville, Ky. A very .. large and Yaried display of the above will at tbeHinterHall, North 'rransept, .t.isle F. Dealers


Centennial a m TOBACCO, CIGARS AND SNUFF AT THE OEITENNIAL EXPOSITION. A G-R..A:N"D D:J:BPL.A.Y. I SIX STITES REPIESEITED BY MAIUFICTUWS. BBW TOll:&:, PBI'I'IriTLVAKIA, M:AR.YLAND, VIR.GDfJA., :&::8NTVC&T, IIORTH CAJI.OLIBA FULL REPORT OF 'fHAT HAS BEEN DONE BY THE TOBACCO TRADE Two very dtstmct 1mpress1ons are made upon the' mmd of a Vl&ttor the moment he enters the grounds de voted to the purposes of the Centenmal Exposttlon The first relates to the feeble pra1se wh1ch the press of the country has been accustomed to bestow on the effort that has been made m Philadelphra to celebrate, m a cred1table manner, the first Centenmal anmversary ef the Nation's b1rth, and the second, to the character of the ExpositiOn Itself Outs1de of Philadelphia the press seems to have been as chary of pratse, as the preparatiOns advanced toward completiOn, as for a long time 1t was or genume encouragement of the proJect Itself. Not that a good deal has not been sa1d, m one way or another, about the undertakmg Paragraphs and artl des mnumerable have appeared on the general subject, but so far as has come under our observatiOn, m no paper pnor to the openmg has there been any earnest attempt made to show the magmtude or beauty of the work that has been done. A strabger commg here and seekmg to account for such nottceable rettcence would be puzzled to determme to whtch feehng 1t was most attnbutable, envy or drstrust An mtelhgent Phrladelphta tobacco commtsston merchant remarked to us as we "onversed together regardmg both the Exposttlon and the city of Phtladelph1a, that 1t seemed to htm smgular that so httle pratse and so much semt drspar agement of the great enterpnse should find currency througk the med1um of tke press and the unreflectmg port1on of the pul!thc, merl'ly because, apparently, the Centenmal anmversary happened to be celebrated m Phtladelphta, 1nstead of some other ctty of the Umon "For my part," he satd, "I feel a JUSt pnde m whatever reflects credit on our common country be tts ongm what or where 1t may The matenal growth and prospenty of New York, Ch1cago, and other c1t1es of the Umted States, are facts, of wbt ch I am as proud, and for whtch I am as grateful, as I am of the wonderful development and progress of the cuy of Phtladel ph1a, wtth whtch I happen to be more especially 1denufiea Envy, it may at once be asserted, has had notbmg at all to do w1th the lukewarmness previOusly shown by our press and people toward the Exposttton and 1ts chtef Nothmg could well have been more general, hberal and spontaneous than the approval ac corded to the Centenmal anntversanes celebrated last year at Lexmgton and other places, m wh1ch all our CitiZens, native aad adopted, felt a common mterest, JUSt as they really do feel m regard to the one now sue cessfully Inaugurated at Phtladelpbta Distrust, rather than envy, bas been the underlymg cause of most of the hesitation hrtherto evmced m relauon to th1s demonstra tion The tdea of a celebration m honor of the one hundredth anmversary of our national mdependence met w1th general favor almost as soon as suggested, li>ut w1tla the suggestion there came, mstantly, a reahzmg sense of the magnitude of the undertaking, and the dtfficulues to be eucountered and overcome m order to make the celebration worthy of the occasion There has all along been an apprehension that the proposejl effort could not, or would not1 be made successful, and that tt would m tbe end, OWing to tbe d1fficulttes m the way, result m what IS expressively, even tf vulgarly, called a "fizzle Thts apprehension bas done much to temper the ardor and enthusiasm of both press and pubhc, and m a large slegtee accounts for the absence of heartmess and cheer 'n the most of what bas wntten and spo en dunng the progress of the prehm1 nary labors of the Centenmal Commtss1on There has 8 cere deSire fl'lt everywhere for the success of but many have thought thorough succeaa unattamable, and for that reason have reframed from expressmg thetr confidence m 1t m a manner comport mg etther w1th the1r own hopes, or the w1shes of the cttlzens of Phtladelphia, on whom has rested, and still rests, the aam burdens of the enterprise It 1s certain, nevertheless, that from no descnpt10n yet seen m the newspapeni pubhshed m other placesand probably 1l may also be sa1d m Phtladelphta-can an 1dea be formed of the extent and absolute grandeur of tbe arrangements made for thiS remarkable event A few weeks since we gave m these columns the optmon of an observant and expenenced tounst, who sa1d, the ExpositiOn at Phtladelphta was deitJned, JUdgmg by the preJar8UODB, to surpass all the natiOnal expositions that hate heretofore preceded 1t, and In th1s op1n1on personal o'-"auon aariDg the past week enables us to concur :NO'ideqaate conception, coRceming these and other p 1..-, could, m fact, be derived from any wntten latrat llowever fully and faithfully preaented Not ev tbl.-stica of former exbabauons, begmn1ng w1th that In blidon in 1851, and runnmg all the way through the list, by wh1ch the cost, number of exhtbttors, and number of acres under cover are shown, can convey an 1dea of the Rttrachveness and magmtude of the prepa rauon The .Pans Exposition of I 867 had acres under cover, cost $4,596,763, and numbered 50,226 ex htbnors The V1enna Exposition of 1873, had so acres under cover, cost J9,8so,ooo, and numbered 7o ooo ex h1b1tors The Phtladelphta ExpoSition w11l have 75 acres und'r cover, ano the cost and number of ex hibitors will probably be on a S1m1lar of magmtude The on wh1ch the exhlbttlon bmldmgs are 1s itself superb, and worth a long JOUrney to see 'What Central Park 1s tcr New York, Fa1rmount Park IS to Phtladelphta, and 1t 1s wtthm the latter charmmg en closure, and compnsmg a space of 236 acres, that tbe -..ious tlliilples ded1cated to the tllustratJOn of the pro gress of the United States m the usef11l arts and sciences dunng the century that has elapsed smce the nation was established are constructed Taken altogether, 1t may be doubted tf finer spec1mens of the butlder s art, than 1s afforded by the Centenmal buildmgs have ever l;aeen itnessed. Many of them are marvellous m Size, and desagn. Tbe MAIN ExHIBITION :BuiLDING IS II,88o by 464 feet, With a central span of z,832 by uo feet, the longest of this wtdth ever mtro duced m any exhtbttton butldmg The ART GALLERY, or, as It IS called, MEMORIAL HALL, IS 365 by no feet ACHINKRY HALL IS 1 140:1 by 360 feet 'l he AG:IU C LTUR,I.L Bl11LDING IS 8a6 by 540 feet. HORTICUJ, liAIL Ill 383 by: 193 feet, and appropnates to 1ts vaned uses 40 acres of ground These five the most 1mportant ed1fices on the Centenmal Grounds, but there are many otllers w1thm the enclosure that are very large and beautiful. Wtthm, as wtthout, the decorations m all the butldmgs, though for the mos pan 111tended to be temporary, are m the h1ghest style of art, and m1ght remam for fears to come 111 attestatton of the mtelhgence and skdl emplO,ed upon them. Phdadelpha, It as often remarked, 1s a ctty of homes, and the mfluence of the com.fonable ilo111es m wht ch her Mid arUZ111s reside, is clearly seen 1n the elevated st)lle ud Adnurable fimsh of the butldtDgs, 1ns1de and out, even to the most mstgnificant parts The same enterpnse and hberahty on the part of the c:iwens of Philadelphia that bave 1111p1red them to leave no means untned to t celebration worthy of the nattoo. m whose honor 1t ts designed, have also impelled f,hem to make suitable arrangements for the accommo l Supplement MAY 17 J .. cho1ce specunen of cut chewmg tobacco. Arranged on graduated planes are vanuus samples of c1garette1 tn handsome boxes. Cut cigarette t oeacco 1s exh1b1ted m a box of considerable d1menstons that has the appear ance of Stiver At the rear of the case, and w1thm the enclosure are pyramtds and pails of fine-cut JOHN F ALLEN .to CO, RICHMOND LEWIS BREMER'S SONS, PHILA AGENTS The area covend by the exhtb1t of thts firm 1s about two hundred and Iifty square feet Observed from the front, a walnut counter IS seen at the left hand, on wh1cb a sho case of about e1gl t feet m length In this case are several vanet1es of ctgarett e s m fancy boxes. At the end of the counter are two glass prs, one con tammg cagarettes and the other smokmg tobacco Oa :!. counte at the r1ght hand are two Jars filled with "Penque,' a brand called Perfection and varaous samples of straagbt cut tobacco, all of thetr own pro duction. Toward the end of th1s counter 1s a large case, showmg every vanety of cigarettes made by the firm ln the centre of the space IS a gtlt counter case contamrng a golG!en colored tobacco, and on the top of thts case ts a vase havtng s1mllar tobacco m 11, together wtth two large twisted lumps of tobacco m the form of pme apples At the nght of the central case 1s a pyr amid of granulated smokmg tobacco some ten feet m hetght At the left of the center ts a case of plug to bacco, mciudmg several kmds Under glass covers, tesembhn: cake covers, are fumps of plug tobacco, m form and color closely resembhng cakes at a bakery On the left of these IS a pyramid of ctgarettes Stand mg at the rear IS a large vase of what the firm denomJnate "R1chmond No I," smokmg, and at 1he nght of this are vases of cut cavendtih and Navy tobaccos In boxes of all shapes and s1zes are mclosed all v .. netJes of foretgn tobacco manufactured by the firm, such Havana, Latakta, Turkish, etc Piled m profua1on o the c .. ses and at other pomts are boxes of c1garettes At the extreme rear are suspeaded three frames repre senting m vanous ways the style of the firm In each IS the trade mark of the firm worked m leaf tobacco m dtfferent ways Mottoes m letters formed of cigarettes of all st:&es and styles embelliSh still another frame These spec1mens of OIJOuleru are very cuneus, and form an mterestmg back ground to the prcture presented by the exhibtt fhe dtsplay of stock IS full, and has been well selected and arranged for effect, as well as til tndtcate the productive capaCJty uf tile firm P. LORILLARO A CO 1 NEW Y ji,K B. A VANSCHAICK, 29 N WATER ST, PHILA., AGJlNT Th1s firm occuptes a desirable place, embracmg be tween SIX and seven hundr e d square feet Three hand somely constructed pohshed walnut counters, Jomed togeLher, extend round the entue space appropnated by them, each hterally fre1ghted wuh goods made by the firm Standmg at the end of the longer counter IS a pyram1d of plug tobacco boxes 'Of all styles, as alao near the center. In front of these pyram1ds are vues con tammg glass Jars filled wtth snQff. At mtervals along t he counter are five large Jars contaming difl'erent kmds of smoking tobacco, "Yaclit," "Club," "Dog Tat!," "Chal lenge," etc Before the front pyramid ts a very mterestmg memento of the olden time m the form of a glass Jar mclosed tn an outer vase filled With French Snuff, of good color and flavor, made u6 years agosixteen years before the Declaration of Independenceby the first Lorillanl, the Iounder of the house Pyramtds of three pa1ls each of fine cut chewmg tobacco occupy mtermedtate spaces along the counter At the nght band of tbts counter IS a plate-glass and and ebony mounted c ase partly filled w1th cbotce grades of loose granulated smokmg tobacco arranged m alternatmg strata of kmd and color Along the upper layer a r c ananged 10 pyram1dal forma packages of tonacco representmg many of the brands manufactured by the firm, with whtch ts entwmed a pretty slk flag, whose bnlhant colors tmpart a pleasmg hue to the goods ms1de the case Surmountmg the case are three vases con tammg cut and smokmg tobacco, with anotner pyra m1d crownmg all On the opposite Side, arranged on a long counter, IS a great vanety of to'hacco m rose and walnut boxes and bags, and snuff an earthen and other Jars and vases "Yacht Club," the "Three Black Crows," Eureka, "Bonanza," and other brands of smokmg tobacco e here ehown 1n bags of every s1z.e and pattern Extendmg along the th1rd counter, throughout 1ts enure length, 1s a costly oval counter case of plate glass and silver, m whtch IS to be seen, in small parcels, samples of every kmd of .:ut atd grauulated tobacco and srtuff made by tbas -firm, all m the exact form and style m "bach they are espectlvely placed upon the market, as m fact are al thr: goods in thts exhtblt At the rear of the space IS a htgh and m .. ss1ve tower composed of poxes of plug tobacco of all s1zes, shapes and degreel! of beauty. pyramidal m form, and measunng, perhaps, at the base, forty feet m cucumfer ence and fifteen feet m hel'ht: J mg Q d from layers of box are spares and turrell of b o xes of Jars of snuff, nd a multitude of otMr thmgs m fanciful form and color Each box connected with the tower bears a nchly colored label and the name of the brand The summ1t of th e tower ts graced WJth a vase of fine cut In the centre of rhe mclosure 1s a pyra1111 d t !Jeaut1fu\ barrels and patls, aRout ten feet h1gh, nlled wuh fine-cut tobacco m marketable conattlou Around the base of thiS pyramid are placed great bladders of snuff, pads, 1a1 s and bladders fill alllntermedtate spaces In addttlon to mouldmgs, the fronts of the counters. are embelh11hed wtth gilt lettenng, refernng to the ongm ,... bu s mess of tl i e firm As dtsclosed to tlM observer, the exh1bit bas an attractive and practtcal ap pearance KINNEY MEW YORK. I I:M!autaful ebol!y plate glau case rnM(!ted on a table m sze and w1lh the cl(se IS the first obJect that meets the eye of the v1sttor he iP" proac.he!> the spac e allotted to thts firm Rtsmg up m the centre of the s:ase ts a Circular pyramtd compnSIDJ three separate plates of tbtck, crystal glass r"stmg sac cess1vely on p o lished brass ptllar&-about etght m hetght From the apex of the pyramid, on wh1ch placed a finely moulded glass chsh partially filled widl' cut Penque tobacco, nses a curiOusly wrought glass pat tern, apparently representmg the blossom of a Penq.e tobacco plant, several golden Jeave:1 of genume Turkjtll tobacco hangmg from t centre of tt Fro)Il r the base ot the blossom, and r0 the same matenal as Itself, spnng forms of tobacco leaves, whtch completely surround It, malung It one of the most exqutsJte de "g!_!s m glass to be s een m the Exposttlon Butween the ptllars wh1cb support the glass plates are boxes in an m hned posttlon contatnmg spectmem i'of the yariOUS brands 'Of Cigarettes for Whtch the firm IS celebrated The cerhng of the case 1s hned w1th saUl! Formtng an angle w1th the aide of the case 1s a plltt form on wh1ch are to be seen several rolls of Pen11ue to bacco II) the form m wh1cb at IS brought to market Though not large, the exh1b1t is a very tasteftal and creditable one GAIL A AX, BALTIMORE UTHUR BAGUf .!II CO 1 63 If. RONT ST, PHILA, AGENTS. !A handsomely carved rosewood cabtnet, sometbmg hke fifteen feet m hetght a11d breadth, with a ,..ated bronze door at the front, IS a descnpUon that will prob ably best convey to the mmd a conception of d1e ex ternal appearance of the repository of the goods on ex hJbmon belongtng to the above named fir!ll The space secured 1s not so large as the filrm m1ght very well have requ1red, but they have evidently made the best use posstble of the area al tlsetr spo I. Inside and out sJde 1t 1s tastefully decorated, the shelvmg and drawers of the mtenor havnilg the appearance of bnght colored sallnwoqd and oak Wuhm the drawers are samples of the1r ctlt ehewmg tobaccos Above the drawers are f on Two )


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