The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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':)VOL XIII.-NO. 17. ..... ] NEW YORK, WEDNEBDA Y. JUNE 6, 1877. WHOLE No. 64:1 lhe lobatto ltaf EITABL-ED 116 ) IS PUBLISHED IVD! 'WI:DDIDA! KOim'G, BY ''The f!Jbacco Leaf" Publlsb1Da: Co., FuUun Bt., N-York. EDWARD BURKE ---:----Editor JOHN G. GRAFF-Business Manager llir All Letton .-ld be plolaly addr-..4 .. Tall ToaACCo LsAr f'vaLgKJNG Co. Term of the Paper: SINGLE Corlaa ......................... ao CenU. ON& Y&Aa k'o S1x MoNTKa ., ............................ J.lo U"" Jte .. ember that the cntt to the yearly or aoathly sub.criber ll LUI TKA.X KiGHT C&l'llll naWJUUt, ANNUAL SUBSCRIPl'JONS ABROAD. OaaAT ISaiTAIJC ANU .-;,..ADA .. f5 BaaK&N, HAMI"U"'" .... THil CoNTINENT s.o4 AusTKALrA, a-.c,. WI !1-0+ CUBA .................................... : !1 No order. for th" r-eper will be considered, anless ';:of .;erropontl.iag amount. U"" Remiltanct=t .:..,ald, lo ewer,. luatance, be made by moRe1 01'Uer, check or draJL J:Jilla = ODIJ be HUt at (For AdrJN'tisi"r Rtz1111 ue Pdp.] IUSIBISS Dlm1'm OJ ADVUTISIB8. JfEW YOBX. Tobuo W' ..,.,.,.,.. AbDer &r Deblt1, Pearl. Basch a Ftscber. Water Bowne Jt, S. :15 Pine Brod. M., 147 Water Bulkley &: Moore, 7-4 !'root. Cardoao A. li. 66 Hroad C..:ntwford E. M. a68 Water. Dohan, Carroll & Co 104 froDt. DuBois Eusene, n Fr,.Pt Egert Wm.. &: Co., 171 PearL Bnre1btrch. F. 13 SixttJ AY Fox. Dnta a Co. II[J Friend K. &: c.;. &. Co., 129 Matdea Laue GardtnJ. S.. Front. Garth D2. Son & Co., 44 llmocl. GuMrt Bro., 16o Water. Genll.el tl furl. Hambu aer 1. a Co., 11\t Water. Hawes, C'haa. 119 Maiden Laae. Hublt Brothel's, Ill! Water. Hillma4 G. W.. 8o Jo'rnnL Koent(l' H. 329 Bowery. 41: \A., a6n Pearl. Lacbeubruoh & B'"o., 16-4 Watct' A. C., JH Lede16r& Fillchel, 213 Pearl Levin M. H., 162 }'earl. Lichtenstein Bros. ua Bowery Maitland Robert L. & Co., o4J Martin & 79 io'roat Meyer A. r':l. L & 0., 42 .Deawer. Nath G. P .S Broad. a Steinecte, 1)1 Maiden Lane O.tizaan Alva.. t66 Water. OUinrer Brothers ,.s Broad St. (!)wen Frank E. )9 Uroa d l'rlce Wm. M., ug M.aide Laae. I Quia, J.P. 1r 0>., 39 d,, G.. aSS t"earl. Sawyer, Wallace&-C< "'Bro ... Schmitt J. SJ3 Thrd Ave Sc::boverling H. 142 Wa.ler. Scnreed & Bon, 178 Water. Schroeder &: Koch, 2..,6 Pearl. ...da.ubart H. A Co '"' \V.W Scoville A. H. & Co., 110 water. SptnQam, E 6 Co. c Burlin(l' Slip. C. H. nS Water SQuire, Tavlor & Co., 45 Broad &. 17S & 1& Peul. Stroho & JleiUenstdn, 176 } 'rout. Sutton. John R., 217 Caaal Tag, Charl4'!8 F. a &m, &t Fr.,a.t Tat.&eaborat, F. W. Jt Co. 68 Broad. Thompaoo, S E.& Co., 54 and s6 Broad Upmann. Carl, 171A Pearl. Van Ramdonr & Co. 165 Water 2'oiai nd Gt .Broadway. "La Fermt' Crgare!Jes. to.:ck111eyer &: Co... s Broad and 48 New Ma'!tttjadurer of ::stmi-Ciga r Cigardtu. De Fnrest D. W, Post Bu:z: 3734 & Russian RUIIian Amtorican Manufacturiue Co. J. A. Lukanin & Co.,52 Exchange{llct-Mrtrs ofCigruus Thomas H. 76 Barcl ay Moonelis A. 3411 Third A\e. Siebel Joseph M. & Co., 135 Chatham. Sutton Jobn R 217 Canal. of TurAi.rlt and Citaretlet, nd Marr.ujactureu ol Geuidj( Smoking Vallau1i V. h6o Broadway. llti.NW/nMrr,.. P/ til t "Bl11e GJ.u" AU Ci'pntlu. Friedman M, 203 I' and Ouf.tln 0..-. t;;,.,. Erlchs H. W J!i3 South. Lobeateio It Gans, 101 Malden Laae. Manufat:.Ju, oj Cig11-r Borgfeldt l'll. loi. !'liD .East t9th st. Depot {or D11Brul &-' CD.' Cigr Mould,, Ordeostein H. 3o6 Broadway Patmtlmprovtd Tobact# Cutttr. K.lnney Francis S., 14-1 Weet Broadway Wolteia He1uy, 114 CeutJOC, Gennan-.A.mencan, cor. Broadway aad Cedar. .BtHJIIs. Jourgeuaea, C. 37 Liberty. tuui ::Jowuslic Sternber"er, M. & S. 44 Ex<:hange' Plac.e. 11j And WINNI,. SAow Fic"rvs. Dewuth, Wm. & Co., 501 Broaoway. M-./-lwrwr S.._ J--.p. StraliA S. 1'79 & 181 Lewis. So/1 MHu/_acill,..n-il/ ilu Orig"E'N4./ S1tal. Emmet W C .. 74 Ptne. P.l{ltflt Cirar Casn. SamuelS. Oedar. -)' Howe Sc&le Co., Page & Co. 3 Parlt Pl. Ge'IUral AudiorteHs. Betts, Gerard & Co., 7 Old Slip & 104 Pearl sL Show OaJu. Fraser John H. A:; Son, W. Broadway & Reade. Impwter of Frend C,grette .Ppe,... Mar Brother&, 37 Maiden Lane Stamp Canttller. Cooke G K. & Co. 92 Chambers TPiul.' 'offices at central and readily accessible points. At present the office of the collector of the Second District is at the corner of Canal and Thompson Streets, and that of the collector of the Third District at the corner of Third Ave nue and Seventh Street. As the northern boundary of the Second .District is Twenty-f o urth it may be thought the present location 9f the office is as good as any that can be selected, it being about equally dista nt from the Battery on the one side a nd Twenty-fourth Street on the other, If the office of the Third District shonld be continued where it is the circumstance would afford satisfaction to the large number of cigar manufacturers and th e tobacco manufacturers now registered in that district, but would be pbjected to by the tax-payers of all kinds residing in the upper part of the city. The professed aim in con solidating the districts was to save to the G'wernment annually some thi rty six thousand dollars in the collec tion of the revenue, an item of some impqrta nce to be sure, but one that will be gained, if gained at all, at the expense of the tax-payers it is to be fear,ed. Though a people who are in the habit of turning night into day in their employments as. well as their amusements, time is H A y A N A an important factor in "the cakulations of New Yorke rs, and many of our small c igar manufacturers can ill afford the loss of time invo lved in frequent long journeys to collectors' for stamps and other p urpo ses. The aggregate value of such losses will I y 0 B A CC 0. 220 Pearl Street" York. FACTORY. to the Government. At the recent conference with prominent cigar manu facturers at the office of Messrs. Lichtenstein Brothers & Co., of. this city, Com_m, issioner Raum, it wil! be remembered from our report -of that occurrence, ex presseGI his intention to make such arrangements as would of the disposal of branded boxes, labels and other mate.rial affected by consolidation, without in.convenience or loss to owners, a nd this he will, of course, endeavor to do. He should, too, and perhaps DIRIGO CIGAR elk IANUPACTUBBBS UP PINB FRANK McCOY,] 101 :SO '\IV ER. Y, [EDWARD T. McCOY !,;VTTE.R BROS., Dealers in LEAF TOBACCO, Chicago, Ill. Western :Manufacturers--will fina it to their advantage to deal with us. ....... ,. ..._ __ I


w 11 request collectors not to sul>JeCt manufacturers to trouble and expense n regard to bonds lhe law leaves the quest on of bonds to the d1screuon of collectors and the Comm sswner, there lore cant ot tfhe woulcl mstruc them to accept w thout scrutmy the bonds reg stered n diStncts r prev ously adm n stered by other collectors He may however request 1t to be done and we hope he w 11 do so as 1t would be an nternun .. ble labor and annoyance a d a great expense to have to file new bonds The thousand or more manufacturers of the old _Thud D str ct marchmg W1 h thetr bondsmen up to Gen Weber s office to gtve new or renew old bonds would be a s ght more grotesque than agreeable Such an exh b1t1on IS unnecessary as 1t may be taken for granted that the bonds as now recorded all ngbr The collecto s retamed are em nently worthy of the favor shown them and as much m1ght be sa1d of those who have been dtsplaced had they been selected to contmue Mr Coster of the Fourth D stnct has been for many} ears an efficient coll ector n the d smct whtch he now vacates Mr Archbold of the Thud D stnct has occup ed h s pos1t10 onl} about two years but has succeeded we bel eve g v ng a sfact on to both Government and tax payers Both as a representative of our German populattun and m further recogmt on of h s serv1ces as a. Un on soldter Gen Max Weber was ent1tled to the pos t on he has rece ved Collector Blake could have afforded tog ve place to a less wealthy man but the Governmellt perhaps could not so well afford to d1spe se w1th Ius expenence :FINE-CUT AGAIN. Our remarks last week relat ve to the low ra es at wh ch &orne of the m nor grades of fine cut ng to bacco have been sel ng have been approved by those oterested n the manufacture and sale of that ar cle od we have been urged I v both manufacturers and to refer agam t() the subJeCt m thiS number of llur paper Wtth th s request we readly comply although we are not certam that we have an arld1 onal word to say that WI I contnbute to the atta nment of the end we m v ew when the prev ous art cle wa wntten-wh1ch was 1he hold ng of convent on of cutters at s me central on for the purpose of agree ng upon a un form scale of p tees that would be f;urly remu erat VI;' to tha cutt ng t aJe and sa sfac ory to consu ners From the commun cat ons we have re ce ved and seen dur g the past week w e are JUSt li e d m the assumpt on that the trade-manufacturars and dealers-are unanimous n the w sh that some method may be dev sed for preve n ng the further sale of tobacco at pr ces be o the cost or pro:luct1on and the o ly ap parent d fference of op n on 1s as to the pract cab 1 ty of prov dmg any means for accomphshmg tbe object sought to be effected m that d rec 1011-some doubt ng the of a convent on f one were held havmg more confidence m the benefits denvable from the lei berat10ns of the trade 10 conve t on assembled On th1s pont tt may be sa d that at the worst more good than harm would flow In many ways from a conference on the quest on of pnces and 1f no agreement was :reached the s tuat on would be no worse tl an It 1s now Personallv we have cons derab e fa th 10 ass oc1allons convent on, and comb na ve proceeamgs and effort that fa th havmg been heretofore mater ally strength ened by tne pos t1ve successes ga ned through these agenctes by the d fferent brancl es uf tne tobacco trade and no ably by the fine cutters when act ng m co tcert for any g ven purpose The reve me leg slallon of the country bears ample test mony to he potency for good of the C ncmnat and New York F ne cut Tobacco As soc at ons Every body m the trade IS fam har w th the r ach evements and they need not be rec ted here What the New York State F ne cut Tobacco Asssoc1a t on accomplished m 1ts day 1r the matter of pnces a cons derat on that IS pertment m th s place-may be learneci by persons unacquamted w1 h us hstory by refen:nce to ts records from 1863 to 187 5 a penod of thuteen years m wh1ch It estabhshed and rna nta ned undeviatingly a range of pnces for cut tobacco of all va neues that would now lbe cons1dered a cunos ty The method of procedure was SlrAple and hke The members of tl e As oc1aton who compt sed the cutters of the entire State :md 10cluded one or t from N cw Jersey mr.t togetl er usually at the Astor House 10 th s c ty dec ded that certa n rates for certa n of tobacco were proper adopted them and steadfastly adhered to them and JObbers reta lers and consumers hav ng no voice n the matrer took the goods at the es tabl shed rates What was done by A.ssoc auon we confident ly bel eve can be done 10 convent on by the enure cutt ng trade of the country It only needs the determ nat on to meet agree and ab1de by the ment New York Toledo and Detro t are reported to be selhng fine cut from the factones at lower pnces than are charged elsewhere We do 1ot know whether thts lS so or not New York manufacturers and J bbers aver that they have been forced mto low pnces by an enormous mflux of cheap goods Whether th s IS so or notts not essent1.1 here Certatn tt 1s that every cutter and JObbei from Balumore to the westerly stde -of the M1ss ss pp1 Rver ts heart ly s ck of and d sgusted w1th the n;tgn of low pr ces wherever t ongmated Some cutters are settmg the examp e of mdtv1dual effort to es ape from the slough mto wh ch trade has fallen bv dechn ng to se 1 med1um grades any longer at .-u nous Iates and confinmg the1r operat ons exc!us \ely to the better and h1gher pr ced grades Thts m tself 1s a commend ble because manly step but t can effect no good purpose unless all do the same There lS a demand for rned1um pr ced goods and tt ts proper that they sheuld be made and sold and every manufac turer that IS so mel ned should make and sell them But they should be un formly sold at pr ces that w 11 be remunerative If some manufacturers under the present d scouragements d1scontmue the1r product on wh le others cont nue to fi.ood the market w th t1 em at the current rates those who d scontmue w II have effected by the1r actiOn on y the loss of a port on of theu as It was-and Its transfer to compel to s M01eover wh le gooas of a k ndred though mfer or class arre obtamable for consumpt on at low pnces the r ultimate effect upon the better classes ts unm stakab y bad They prejud ce good goods and tend to drag them down to the1r own level 1 he manu facturer the refore who n dec! nmg the fu ther pro duct ou of medmm grades of tobacco says to htm5el( Tl e pat o tage wh ch my fine goods have secured IS really as much a s I want and w 11 not be affected by the compel 1 on of the grades wh chI have abandoned IS n a fa1r way to make a very grave m1stake The com pet t10n does affect h1s fine goods m a very appre c hble degree Already the reputauon of the best grades of fine cut chewmg tobacco ts 1mpaued bv the 1nfenot grades that are accepted as theu representatives by a certa n poruon of the commumty Be theu 10 t!uence good or ev I however these mfenor goods to be made to meet a common want and 1t will be some rn t gallon of thctr pern c ousness 1f they can be made THE TOBACCO LEAF. JUNE 6 and sold at a pr ce that w1ll com-pensate for theu pro duct on If 1t w 11 pay to make them theu product on will contmue to be general and manufacturers will be thus placed upon au equahty If fifty or even less of our promme:1t cutters w1ll meet m convent10n we beheve tt possible for them to agree upon a scale of pnces that would be acceptable to and adopted by the maJorty of the cutters of the Umted States If thiS ts done and done we see m the future contmued prospenty fOr the fine-cut trade If It s not doue we can now d1scern only a continued augmentation of the ex1st ug demoral zallon In the event of the hold1ng of a convent on we JUdge 1t well to clearly recogn ze the d st net on between JObbers and ret a lers Jobbers m the r vanous capac1lles are th great d stnbutors of fine cut as well as of other vanehes of goods and to them by d1scount or o herw1se pr ces should be so adapted as to secure to them the patronage of the retatl trade Thts recogmuon made and prov ded for c ut ers should cons der whe her It IS not eas1ble to part ally obl terate the color hne wh ch ts dong so much to depress the1r traae A freer use of substant al leaf even 1f n o t bnght wou d do much to help the consumpuon of fine-cut tobacco MINOR Bv rELEGRAPH -I:ou 5V lie Ky 'JU11e 4 EDITOR toBACCO LEAF Have had fine ra ns and season to-da, Oit n 1gs hgbt but eas1er generally C01nmon lugs twenty five cents and all med um Grade fifty cents lower than c ose of last wee:c DOING W.ELIJ -Mr Joseph S c hm tt has resumed bus ness a 1d IS now located at 893 I h rd Avenue where he s aeal ng n leaf tobacco and manufactur ng fine c gars He has a h a ndsome store and employs 10 b s fac ory about thlf y hand, He wr es us that he IS do og well NEAT B1 T NOT GAUDY -A prettv young Jadv whose Chnst an name 1s Anna took a ctgar from a young gentleman who h d not pluck enough to say he w1shed to marry her twuled t playfully benea h h s nose and looked archly at h1 n popped tl e question thus Have Anna? THE GROWTH OF 1 ODACCO IN -Senor Don Sebast an Vtd a l y Soler n n ng eng neer who was re cently sent to he Cen enn .1.l EKh b on as an offic al representa e of the Ph I pp n e Is an ds has been dts patched to Cuba a s a s1 ec al com n ss oner by the Span sh Government to study the growth of tobacco n that tsland HEAVY OR DER -Da vtl(f News Mr T B Pace of R chmond who vas 1 1 Danv lle last week bought from cer a n partes here over o ne hund ed and fiftv thousand pounds of lea f tobacco old stock Now th s don t look so much Ike dull Urnes Mr Pace 1s a most accurate and succe sful man and tl s speaks volumes for the prospect m the weed I I" 1 owN -Mr Edgar Br the a len ted manager of the Con sol dated 1 obacco of Cahforma 1s m the city h av ng arr ved a few days stnce He has brougl t w th h1 n for ex I Jb on amples of Cal forma grown Havana tobacco of the crop of-1875 wh ch the company he represe !ts p opose to place upon the market ._ EXAGGERATED BUT I RUTHFUL ....J.Bur/111glon Ha tJkeye How often-oh how often-we find a man vho w li pay eleven dollars for a box of c gars w bout a quest on or a moa1ent s hes tat on who w 11 contract h s brows and start back tn speech es, horror ana s are for ten stra ght m nutes at the tte n to one p ece of dress brad ten cent' tn a dry g Qods b il that h s trembl ng w fe hands h m PURSUING HER LOVER -M ss Henr etta Woods a res dent of W 11 amsbL r g recovered a verd ct of ooo damages m the Brooklyn C ty Court for a breach of prom se of n arr ag e from l errence Monett a Cigar dea le at 222 Grand Street Judgment was perfected 10 the case after wluch the defendant was exammed m supplementa y proceed ngs as to the amount of h1s property He swo e that he was not worth any thtng and the plamt ff subsequently d scovered that he had $2 ooo m the bank She caused h1s arrest on charge of perJury and Judge Walsh held htm to ba I n the sum of $r ooo AcT OF THE AssEMBLY -Petersburg ( Va ) Post May u We pubhsh below an act of the Assembly by request of parues mterested -Be 1/ enacted by the Gen ual A.sstmbly 1 hat any person corporation warehouse steatu or canal boat comm ss1on merchant broker or factor sendmg the tobacco of any planter or other pe son to any warehouse other than the house to wh ch t ts marked by the owner or h s agent shall be deemed gUlhy of a miSdemeanor and upon co wtct on thereof be fined not less I an twenty dollars nor n o e than fifty dollars on each package so sent 1 h s act shall be m force from 1ts passage THR ToBACC O MARKETS IN GERMANY -Through repor s f om the var ous tobacco markets Berl n Deutscht Tabak Zttfmg learns that the trade IS \ery dull all over Germany Owmg to the tr fimg demand for manufacturea tobaccos and c1gars the purchasers of leaf 1 ema10 on the reserve wb1le sellers have nca des re vet to mcrease the transactions by reducmg pnces A I ttle more acttv ty may be expected 1f the reports of the bad harvest at Java are confirmed as the manufacturers of c1gars m Germany mostly use for wrappers Java tobacco and w1ll have to look for a iubst tute 1f no rece1pt> are to be expected In the !at er event tl:e tobacco market may become some what an mated the stocks on hand of Amencan wrap per tobaccos bemg very hmJted THE NEw BoY -Deltotl Free Press The other dAy a small boy arr ved 10 Detroit from Eaton County with a v ew of becom ng a boot black and a gamm They called h m a hard nut o ut there but yet he was a very mnocent lad compared with the post office gang The boys here rece1ved h1m kmdly posted h1m as we 1 as they could and yesterday mormng he was found n Moffat s Alley as wh1 e as a sheet and look ng hke death on a pale horse You ve been try ng to learn to chew tobacco h ave you) asked the officer who d1scovered h m I only c chewed up one plug rephed the lad as h1s tee h knocked together I lh nk what a Is me 1s the smell of these bnck bu ldmgs and the s gl t of so much Sidewalk I w1sh I was on a f farm OFFENDERS AGAINST rHE REVENUE LAWS -Brook lvn (/. 10 1 June 1 D Cnscolb a c gar dealer at No 645 Futon S reet was arraigned th1s mormng before Un ted States Comm ss1oner W nslow on com plant of Stra lon & Storm of New York charged w th refilhng c gar boxes of the r reg1stered brand Capadura 1 h1s s a serted to be both a vwlat10n of the revenue laws as well as that of the trade mark of the fi m The Internal Revenue Depart nent ex per ence more trouble from th s stvle of fraud under the revenue laws among c gar dealers than any other method Messrs Stra ton & Storm are determ ned to proceed agamst all dealers who are found perpe.arat ng such frauds or mf ngmg upon theu trade marks Cns collo y,as held under $I soo ba I to a watt the act on of the Grand Jury -Mr Harry Young son of Dr Edw rd Ch1ef of the Bureau of S at stlcs Wash ngton da10ed for the m1ntstry yesterday June S THE FRENCH REdtll CONTRACTrhe French for Kentuclcy tobacco has been taken by the fnends of Messrs Toe! Rose & Co and that for Vug n a tobacco one half bv the same firm and one half by Messrs Charles Lui ng & Co PLEASANT MENTIOJr -1 he uaf (Ch1cago) May 3 Mr Graff: of THE N Y LEAF was 10 the c1ty last week He was well receivee by h1s old fnends and made many new ones The pubhshers are deserv g of great credit for the handsome Dtrectory recently by them Success to 1 HI': N Y LEAF 1 here s room enough for us both But 1f m the course or human event one of us has to go under, we shall modestly excla m stmoru prtores TRADE WITH Pl>RTO RICO -The Un ted States Consul at Porto R co reaorts to the Department of State hat the proh b1t on agamst the Import&! on of potatoes from any ports but those of Spa n has been removed Formerly large quantn es were tmported from the Umted States and the opportunny IS aga10 presented for th1s branch of trade The tmportallon of tobacco from the United States It IS reported w11l be so taxed as to amount to proh bttlon THE TOBACCO T'RADR DIRECTORY -F.ztmers Hom 'Journal Loqlsvlle Ky, May 24 We have rece1ved a copy of th1s work It as 1t cia ms to be a complete jl;Uide to the tobacco trade of the U nued States of Canada and of Havana It contams the addresses of all who are connected w1tb the tobacco mtere&t It IS arranged alphabettcally and each mterest so d1sposed as to appear convementlv classified where 1 geograph1 cally belongs thus makmg every c ty State and sec 100 complete m tselC The pr ce of the bo<'k IS 20 by matl post pa1d Its cl .. med and we th nk JUStly that th s 1s the most comprehens ve Trade D rectory ever pub! shed To any one nterested n the tobacco nterest we would consider the bbok md1spensable Published by I HE ToBACCO LEAF Publish ng Com pat y 14z Fulton Street New YNk C1 y .-----GLASS FRoNT' 'JZbBAcco TuBs -The Board of Trade Tobacco Works tepresented by Power & Stuart Toledo 0 have devised a useful and ornamental package for bulk fiRe cut chewmg tobacco fhe1r mve nt on )S called the New Patent Glass Front Tub With Show Card combmed The front p ece 1s used to protecl the glass m shtpp ng It I S covered w th a label of new and elegi).nlt'w orkmanshlp and s arranged w th hooks so that It taken off and hung up as a show card Among he rna y advantages of the glass front IS th s one -bes des exh1b1 ng the qual ty of the goods t has a tendency to keep the tobacco most thus preventmg tl de enora ng m any w a y Th s package s e egantly fin1shed IS an ornament su table for a 'Y store s durable and very useful 1 he packages are 1 ned w th the best qual ty of hn ng paper and w 11 1 ot reta n the smell ot tobacco When emoted and cleaned they can be ued to great advantage as show cases for all k p f cereal goods teas coffees sp1ces prunes and all kmCls of nuts green and dr ed frulls etc A PLEASANT ExCURSION -On Saturday afternoon last the employf'es of Messrs Bulkley & Moore and a few fnends a,t the firm s mvlla ton started from thl'lr store at 3 30 P M on one of the r trucks tastefully decorated and hav ng fot r horses attached preceded by the firm and their h ends n two landaus on a tnp to Isla no arnv10g .. t Mr Vanderveer s new and ele!g.nt hotel at i5 30 Wh le sup pet was be ng prepared the young nen ndulged n a few athlet c spurts to the apparent del gQt o( some of Mr Vanderveer s summer boarders .. fter wb1ch they proceeded to the large dwmg room where they found a bountiful spread awa111ng them It ts necessary to state 1hat ample JUStiCe was done he eatables a few appropr ate remarks by Mr Charles J l::iulk ey the party adJourned to the parlor a 'tui-"1Jert: there treated to some very fine mus c by the M1sses Vanderveer and by Messrs Bretell McE van Black McGurn and Bola 1d There we e presen bes des tne members of the firm Mr Fred Wesson Thos Watson Wm G Adams and R chard Kolb The employees were represented by Messrs Joseph Boland Hugh McEwan L R Pome1oy H B West Frank West and the po ter Chadwtck The par y broke up t a late hour every one returmr.g home well pleased l.!;lth P1e r excurs on Reported Fetlures and Business .&rrnnl(e ments Bolmer C gars mortgaged o C gar M anu acturer mortgaged or made a K Dow & Co C gars offenng to compro n bankruptcy C ga Manufactur removed rem o ved SHORTS -The European war may-advance the pr ce of Russia leather pocket books and cause newspaper men a g eat deal of trouble to take care of the r money and yet leave room m their pockets for kmfe and tobacco themselves and d1e Keep ponl ry away and bran and green may be used Plas er aopl ed to the h1l w 11 prevent wcrms from ea mg plants Plaster spr nkled on plants after every ram dnves away ants as well as worms Bran attra"'ts ants ro set out small plants when the ground 1s m sood cond tlon 15 better than to watt for large plants when the ground may be m poor cond1t1on In dry weather, when setung plants fill the holea w th water Tobacco however w1ll bear more drouth than 1s a:eneraliy supposed Some prefer planung before rather than after a sh:>wer -The tobacco men of Cauo Ill contemplate holdmg a Tobacco Fatr some bme next month -The Weekly Pu611c Opzmon 1s the name of an Illustrated e1ght page paper pubhshed at $2 per annum at Trenton J The paper 1s nchly worth more than the su bscr pt on pr ce STRIPS AGA.Ill. -In nolle ng the amval last week of Mr C W Spoiler J r the types represent ng I and e were spectally not ceal le for their absence [ Fr11"' the Wertern Tobaeco :Journal Wzne and Ltquor Reporter] -A senllment aptly quoted and prett ly turned I S that with wh1ch Mr Wallace closes the mterestmg account of hu recent observat ons at the West In a number of the JOurnal a few weeks back we took occas on to suggest to the growers of tobacco m the Mason and Owen County dtstncts the advantages that m ght accrue to them by turnmg their attenuon more to the growtng of tobacco suitable for stnps., and to some extent relax ng the r efforts to produce the -R1chel eu was wrong when he sad There IS no such word as fall He s s11re to fat! who tr es to please every body That s one of the th ngs that can1 taccent on the a-be done Moral Don t ry wh e cut mg We have JIQCe bad frequent conversa t10ns on the subject w1th old and expenenced growers of s tr1p tobacco and wllh pract cal stemmers and we are sat sfied th t there 1s even more reason than we at first supposed for th1s change on the part of growers 1n the d stncts alluded to arod as these growers are now about prepanng tbe1r ground for pltchmg the1r crops we made no polog} for agam mtroduc10g the subJect for the purpose of stating these as they have been stated to us -Donaldso w lie (La) Cnu.f. Wb1le Mr Gonzales was paddl ng on 1he Am te R ver m h s canoe a large fish flopped out of the wat and struck h1m v olently across the face knock ng h s p1pe from h s mouth bru s ng h s countenance qu te seve rely and splash ng h m f om head to foot w th water To cap the cl max the ashes falhna: from h s p pe set fire to h s clothmg but as so:>n as Mr Gonzales recovered from h s amazement he ex tmgu shed the me p ent conflagrallon and paddled thoughtfully home mus ng upon the novelty of h s m1shap and wondenng what spec es of the nnny tnbe th s audac ous fish belongeri to NOrES OF TRAVEL GRAFF-BY l!JIR CHICAGO w th ts wonderful enterpnse has seen many changes n our bus ness removals d1ssolut ons and new firms are the order of the day as 10 any other c tv of Ike d menswns but the bu ld ngs now occup ed by the trade are magn ficen structures co nb mng beauty ano grandeur Messrs Beck & Feldkamp sue cessors to the emtnent firm of Beck & WITth have moved to a more central and prom nent locat on n Dearborn Street The r warehouse 1s grand w th large frontage and office fac It es A better stocked estab l shrnent for the sale ofleaf tobacco and ever3 t!ung else n the tobaccon sts ltne can not be eas y found Mess1s Metzler Ro hsch ld & Co also well known n our trade have moved t o a splend d !a ge bu ldmg corner of Lake and Sta e Streets Messrs Lowenth'l.l Kaufman & Co whose name and reputat on g ve them rank among the sohd firms of Ch cago have rece II) e1 larged the r de p a tment for p pes and smokers art c es tb s be ng thetr pet bus ness Our ow domestic p pes are sold largely bv then but n add ton to th s tl ey mport d rectly f o:n Eu opean marke s Mr Kaufman has JUS t returned from a tr p to the C o n t nent wh her he went for bus ness purposes TJ e em nent Western groce y firm of Sprague Waner & Co who rank prom ne tly as tobacco men ar also mov ng mto a fine UJte of bu 11 ngs "h1ch occupy a whole block on Randolph Street and M1ch gan Aven 1e 1 he reputat on and busmess fac1l t es of h1s nrm a e second to none Our a:ood old fr ends Sutter Brothers C r years establ shed m Detroit as m leaf n ordt::r to fac I ate the r mcteas1ng trade toward the M S51SS1pp moved las vear to Chtcago en er prtSmg three brothers firm occupy now a well adapted warehouse on South Water and M ch1gan Avem e The r former and present repu at on IS a guaran ee to the Ch1cago tobacco trade that the r firm w11l add one more prom nent house to the hst of reputable trades men DETROIT -Messrs Parker Holmes & Co manufac turers of fine cut chew ng tobacco d ssolved some t me ago Mr P .. rker coot nues the bus ness wh1ch he has earned on for several years successfullv He gent leman of culture and ab 1 ty and h1s Nerve favor te brand East and West CLEVELAND too has seen con> de a ole change Goldson & Semon a firm for years estab!fhed there as manufacturers of ctgars have added an 1 nportant feature to the r fac ht es m the shape of a large ware house for all k nds of Havana and Seed leaf tubacco fhe1r large tock IS surpns ng for a c ty 1 ke Cleveland and w 11 well compare wltn any In our o"n c ty rhe r trade embraces not only the State of Ohto but s retches across the lakes One of the oldest cu tmg firms m the West Messrs Scltre ber & Co I ave moved nto a large and com mod ous bu ldtng at 74 and 76 St Clau St Special <:orrespolldenee BIG FLUS N Y 7une 3 EDITOR ToBAcco Lt!:AF -Tohacco settmg 1s work of works m the Chemung Valley at present the B g Flats d1stnct much bas already been set and to days (June 4) ra n w I g1ve the planters an oppor tun ty to plant much more Of the 1876 crop but a small proport on has yet been sold Farmers have geneu.lly put thetr tobacco up m good co d1t on expect 1ng to sweat t We recently VIS ed the pack ng hous e of R Love! Esq at Elmua N Y and we "ere shown some excellent samples of the 1876 crop wh ch was sweat ng mcely and showmg good colors We think tl e acreage w II be less 10 th s valley th1s year than heretofore on account of the low f:-r ces preva1l ng for 1he weed but what 3 planted Will be by tl e m<.st successful and exper enced growers who generally makt:: a success of whatever they undertake H LANCASTER PA 'Ju"e 2 EDITOR TOBACCO LEAF -The weather IS extremely hot and dry so n uch so thac plant ng s do!le w1th con s1derable trouble and the maJority of the plants are dy10g Plants are very n ce and plentv so that 1t will not be on account of scarcity of plan s 1f we can not get our tobacco on a start m t me Every body 1s hopmg for ra n by Sundav and Mondav as our prophets ms st that we shall have ran on those two days where the r obsen allons are taken from I can not tell but It would be a God sand f tlfe1r pred c t tous should be venfied An Immense number of acres are to be planted m tobacco th s spnng and f weather 1s favorable f o r a good crop more cases w1ll be ratsed m Lancaster count) than any prev ous year Old tobacco ts played out m the country as none I S to be had and a few buyers from the Cities are look ng after the 1876 packmg some few cases have been sold at roc through for poor tobacco and another s m all l o t ( n cases) at 2o@6 and an offt:r of 23@6 was retused for ano her small parcel Packers are m general through With crop of 1876 but of the weed could stll be bought at low rates for low trash The maJon y rena n ng 10 ra sers hands IS yellow or I ght n color bemg not des1rable for dealers or manufacturer Respectfully CoRRESPoNDENT Notes. The Lancaster County Pa Tobacco Growers Asso c a ton IS dong good \\ork ar ts monthly meet ngs We beheve s m lar organ zat10ns should be formed m all tobacco growmg sections The Lancaster County Assoc at on d scusses all subjects -and top cs relaung to the cui 1va 10n of tobacco Summar z ng the proceed ng of the meet ng held May 21 the follow ng Items of nformat on are furn shed -A CoAnect c11t tobacco grower mformed a merr. ber that lath for h.ang ng tobacco n New England was be ng abandoned and tw ne was bemg generally adopted I obacco warehou s s are be ng bu t m cons1derab e numbers n Lancaster Count} w th cellars under them If as s asserted tobacco cures better w th earthen han wooden floors the benefit ansmg from them may be secured by mak ng large trap doors 10 1 e floors of I ouses as now construe ed It ts desuable to keep leaf most wh le cunng and th s can be accompl shAd w thout open floors 1f tot acco s hung on twme nstead of lath Tobacco cures best m dark damp houses In dry weather sheds should be kept dark and closed and only opened m damp weather Some plants had been set out tbree weeks ago the acrea.2:e th1s year w1ll be large From June 1 to 15 IS thought to be the best ume to set plants Hog bristles are a good cover from frost and sun Plants ra1sed under glass are mfenor to those ra1sed 10 the open au 1hey have tops and small rools and do not well stand tranplantmg One pound of Pans green to three pecks of gypsum (plaster) spnnkled over plants destroys cut worms He lebore 1s also good for the same purpose and so ts wheat bran wuh wh1ch the worms gorge It 1s very ev1dent that the constant effort of growers to produce the wh1te cutt ng has resul ed-m g to the trade a constant 10 of demand :md m produc ng a consequent reduct on m the'PflC.: of'lh1s arllcle once so famous for Its scare ty and almost fabu lous pnce Further augmentation of stocks of thiS k10d wtll not benefit the manufacturer of fine cut for the de cl nc m tne leaf only forces h m to a st II greater pro port enable red JC 1on m the pr ce of the manufactured article while 1t makt:s sales more difficult and to the exter.t of the reduction m pnce mfi cts that much hurt on the grower The growth of wh1te requ res the best new ground, ncb and 1 ght wh ch s becom ng scarcer year after year and by crowd ng the plants as !> the pract1ce tn narrow rows to produce the destred thm small fibred colory leaf extra labor and trouble ts entailed upon the grower n many ways Leaf su table for des rable stnps must be stretchy ougb leathery and wuh good body but not coarse stemmed and fibr<'d JUSt such as the old abandoned (for tobacco purposes) sod grounds wh ch are becommg more plenty every day w 11 produce to perfect on 1 o g ow t properly the plants should be set 11 say two and one half feet a par and m rows say three and one half fe e t apart and topped the usual way In th s w y tl e cult vallon 1s easy and tbe oroduce d o uble the wh te set n narrow rows and the grower gets as many pounds f !lm one plant as he gets from two of the whtte, and wnh an expenditure of but one half the labor on sell n hoe ng toppmg sucker ng wormmg and m all other prucesss necessary to perfect a crop for market In these days of small profi s and close marg ns the ad vantages here enumerated are very greut but they are on l y a part Vvh1le grower of wh1te are worry no and frett ng .. nd full of anx ety over the r fine crops of while the grower of stnp tobacco gets h s crop eady say 1n November, dehvers tt (for the Stemmer wants 1t at the earhest mo ment It can be got ready) and get all the advantages wh1ch are grea ot weig h t tn sao and water s nd of msurance taxes mterest and apprehens on as to the fu ure he gets h1s money and the seasons work 1s closed and done w th wh le the wh e hangs through the w1n ter hobbles through the summer and found m the next fall hont ng a purchaser Such has been the case here tofure 10 nany very many cases I 1 add ton to these advantages 1t IS very man fest that th s bus ness w 11 grow 10 th s sect10n and a per man en! market be fum shed for stnp tob ccos and the grower may grow w h certa nty of a n arket for lol)g year to come Th s s ev dent from the fact hat str ps of the Mas on and 0 ven County tobaccos are gro mg n favor 10 England and on the Coot nent Wh!le these countr es were not mnoculated with the v1rus of color as were our people they could not avo d to a cons1der able extent be ng educated up 10 that resp ct and they now sympath se m a large degree w h our fash ons on th1s po10t and the br ght s nps of the districts alluded to always now take precedence 10 sale and pr ce ove. the dark stnps of Southern Kentucky and Vtrgm a the or g nal and for years the only producers of them When we sav bnght stnps we do not mean the color that our cutters call bnght but JUst such tobaccos as he old grounds before referred to w1ll produce and such as the present crop has produced m abundance and called by the trade & dark red W th plants from the whtte seed thes str p tobaccos can be produced every t me w th !most absolute cer tamty on the old grounds mentiOned and the pnce will always be found satisfactory and the market a perman ent one 1 wo stemmenes are already at work m Cov mgton and "' th SUitable leaf for th1s purpose m full supp y all the tlme many more w 11 be establ shed and m t me C nC1nnall w II be as celebrated tor her str ps as she IS now for her fine cuttmg We commPnd thts whole matter to the cand d cons derallon of our growers feel ng that tnvest gatton wtll show them that they w 11 find 1t to Interest 10 mak ng the change suggested Conltnued from Tmrd Pa.(e w I be a ca c ly We had the past week 10 or 12 crops from the br ght grow ng counl es of North Carol na wh ch m ght be t e med ep efientat ve cro1 s as they are from the best distncts and made by the oest farmers These crops nd cate o y one fifth of really fine tobaccos one fifth of goa>d one fifth of med1um and two fi ths of common that s to say th ee fifths of the crop w11l be med urn to fine fit ers a d wrappers the balance two.fifths com mon and nondescr pt and n dark and sh pp d stncts the pro pori on of gocod tobacco 10 less than m the h gber d stncts II too soon yet to begm to make pred ct ons about tbe ne::r.t crop There s a superabundance of plants n the country and w th fav arable seasons a la ge crop w ll be set It s now very dry and c ops a e suffer ng The transact ons we 2 9" 101 a 31i>3 go 43 at 41i>4 CjO 35 at 51i>5 go 4r at 61i>6 9" 290 at 71Z>7 go 10 at 81i>8 90 2 at 91i> 9 30 I at to 2 at r2 2)1i>l2 75 r at 13 25 2 at 141Z>14 25 1 at 15 1 at 20 so r at 26 so 1 at 33 th ee or four of the last V g n a wrapp ng leaf 44 bxs a 1 6o 6 40 1 do 22 2 wagon loads loose at 4 4a1i>, In the same I me 6 hhds were passed and b ds were reJec ed on 6r hds a ,, 8o1i>7 70 12 do V rg n a leaf at 91i>43 7 do sc aps at Soc@ r 1 o 2 do wet do at soc and 1 box at $2 70 To day the b eak was a v e ry poor one and pr ces were generally low but good des able grade s be ng scarce we e fi mer Sales 79 1 ds tS al $2 201i>2 90 20 at 3 90 8 at 41i>4 90 9 at 51i> S 90 II at 61i>6 90 5 at 7 J01i>7 'o 2 at 8 I01i>8 20 r at 9 ro 1 at 11 75 (M ssour) at I31i> 4 (A kanas) 1 at 18 S (M ssour) 1 at 24 (A kansas) and 1 box at 4 6o 7 hhda were passed and b ds "e e TeJecled on li hhds at $2 701Z>6 10 Quotat ons -In fer or tr.., hy lugs $2 401i>2 70 common dark lugs rough t ed 2 So 1i>3 20 fa r to good dark lugs 3 251V3 7S (a r to good h ght lugs, 3 501Z>4 50 nfe or nondescr pt leaf 3 7S1i>4 75 cotpmon dark leaf. S'til6 med urn da k eaf 6 S01i>7 so medi m red leal. 71i>8 good red l eaf. 91i>Il med urn ha f br ght wrapp ng leaf 13@16 med urn gh app ng eaf 201i/27 so good to a r bnght wrapp ng leaf. ]01i>5S lobacco boxes and small rregu a packages general y soc1i>$I per roo lb less than quotat ons for ull s zed hhds FOREIGN AMSTERDAM May 19 -Messrs Schaap &. Van Veen Tobaccu B okers epo t to THE TOBACc o LEAF -As the bus ness done n the forego ng "eeks was of very IItle moor ance n ou 6art c es we postponed g v ng you any report The week JUSt ended g ves the follow ng figures -For sale 45 hhds Kentucky 17 hhds V g n a 3 041 ba es Java and 328 bales Man lla For amvals -8 90S bales Java, 3 146 bales Sumatra r 823 bales Man Ia For lhe stock to day -577 bhds Maryland 20 h ds Kentucky 19 988 bales Jzva 6 895 do Sumatra 3,400 do Man I a 4.000 do East Ind an 100 cases Cavend sb LONDON May 23 -Messrs Grant Chambers&. Co to THE ToBAcco LEAF as follows -There bas beel'l little attent on g ven to bus ness dunng the uast week ow ng to the hol days and the t ansacllons n .Amenca has been tnflmg Home trade buyers show no mcltnation to take any hut tbe best grades, and far export clo,saes there s but 1 Ute atten11on Wtsln- he( and drips have been operated m to J>nly a lilDlted extent Pi g11u It/ and stripl have also had but hule attention, only the fine ncb grades are 1n request Myla

.. JUNE 6. 1877 1876 J875 1874 THE 'lOBACCO llrlA.RKET. DOMES1IC To Manufa u en: Cutters Jobbero. Expo ""'' hhd. !Jd 5 393 1 324 2 344 9 726 25 3 334 J JOO J 407 108 3 241 I 852 839 1 168 745 257 862 1 oso I 446 8 447 967 STOCK AT INSPECT ONS 17 243 hhds 8 76S hhds 26ouhh s Del ve ed s nee 4 408 hhds Stock Stock Stock Stock Steck Stock 97 939 g6 369 For< g rna kets cont nued dull and unchanged EXPORTS OF fOB.l.CCO FROM lNEW YORK JiROM MAY INCLUS VE 8 4 hhds 359 hhds 74 hhds ]OS hhds 2f294 hhds 1 89 h ds 229 hhds SKILES"& THE Smokzng -Dealers report a wl'ek w hoat noticeable fea u e The demand was regular but 'l'a n y of a reta I char acter TOBACCO l @ @ 5 s (AND HI" OTHER BRANDS OF TURKISH PASTE ALL OF WHICH ARE GIVING AS INB'J'AliiCED BY THE RAPIDLY GROWI5G DEMAND AND ENTIRE ABSE5CE Oil' bxs 243 I 090 3 154 4 81\o 4 4 224 1 637 43 62 8 2 5 uS 8og 7 902 990 48 905 th-t-. bx s 710 91 CAUTION JAMES C. :McANDREW, 55 Water Street, New York. AWARDED HTGHEST MEDALS FOR J!LIJG TOBACCO, lr:tNEC'C"T TOSACCO, SMOKING TOBACCO AND SHPP. Offlce-lo. FIRST ST., JERSEY CITY, I. J. NewYort Salesrooms 114 Water St one door from WalL 192 3 779 3 6 134 6 go 12 46o8 94 15 55 385 STA EMENf FOR M'oNTH OF :r. AY h ds boxes 3 323 495 4 093 705 7 4 6 I 200 3 790 783 3 626 417 TOBACCO FREY,.JifOkers and Leaf Tobaooo,_61 and 63 D:uke St., La.Ji.oaater,


'ILU. FORM.A.N<. M.J. DOHAN. Suitable lor. the Home Trade and for Foreign Markets, S-ep-t Oo:n.a"ta. :n.-t.J. y a :n. El:a:n.d.. !tO:ST. S. :BOWNE, II&H TONED SIDON& TOBACCO .. 25 PINE STREET, NEW YORK. F. C. LlNDE. C. F. LINDE. C. C. HAMILTON. S. MARCOSO. R. AsHCROFT. YORK SEED LEAP TOBACCO INSPECTION. TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. CenUlcates &'iv e n for every case, and delivered case by as to number of Certificate. N. B.-We Also Sample in Merchants' Own Stores. F. C. LINDE & CQ., :A Philadelphia Branch-E. W. Dickerson, 139 N. 3d St. PRINCIPAL OJI'FICE!!J-\.4-!a a n d 18:3 to 186 Pearl Street. WAREHOUSES14-:J Wa.ter, '74, 76 "" 78 Greenwich Streets, and Hud!lon River RaH Road D epot, St, John's Y a r k. BENSEL Cl: CO., TOBACCO INSPECTORS WATlCB. sTBlClCT. CASES RECEIVED AND CERTIFICATES ISSUED A.S USUAL. OUR BRANCH HOUSES. G. P. & CO. Syracuse, N. V ; } R. DECKER, Ehnira N.Y. ; H FORREST, Lancuter, Pa. : E. WTSC HMEYER & CO., Baltim ore: Md.; WM. \VESTPIIAL, iiartford, Ct.: J P. CARL, Hatfield, Mass. MAY BROTHERS 1MPOJI.TERS French Cigarette Pa.per, 37 MAIDEN LANE, Housa A T PAals. NEW_YOB.K:1 CHARLES FINKE, INSPECTOR, 155i WATER STREET, J.\Te'O<>' "York. lr, and entirely d1ffc rent frrm 1RY same Granulil .. r for making Killlckinlc.k or Ci&arette Tobacco. It works the S t f'mS: :l'k V.ell h ... ,. ;I, C->,paclty or frf\m 3 c o to <40o !bs perday.Ol'he Report of the judges of Aw:..rrl!ll of C::c:nknnial E:r.hibltlon refoers patti cul;..r\ y til tht" uniformity of cutting and hiet' speed with which h cut:! Leaf TnbO"PHSTRO.,. ""'DO UITZBNSTBIN REY.NES BROTHERS & CO., STROHN & REITZENSTEIN.' ( .JUNE 6 VIRGINIA Tobacco Commission lllerchants lfEW YOB.K DILLS & CD., 1 Importers of SPANISH j sEED 'i.EAF'TOaccosf WATBB S'l'Jllm'l', I lfEW YORK. \ E. M. CRAWFORD, IMPORTER a DEALER JN LEAF TOBACCO' l.GS Water Street, p, o. BOX 34.79. NEW YORK; M. H. IMPORTER of HAVANA AND DEALER IN ALL KINDS OF LEAF TOBACCO, 162 Pearl Strut, lew York. R STiliNBCJCa, M. NEUBURGER' & STEINECKE, lmportcn of SP AlflSH and D e a lers in I.EAF TOBACCO; COHHISSION MERCHANTS AND .. PACKERS OF SEED LEAF, 131 Malden Lane, New York. H. KOENIG, WHOLESALE DEALER IN HAVANA AND SHHD LHAP TC>:BA.OOC>S, No. 329 Bowery, New York. B. SUBERT, WHOLESALE DEALER IN H..A. v ..A.N" .A. -AND-DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, t !PHILADELPHIA BRANCH JONAS l4ETZ, Gi NOltTH FiONT S'I':B.EE'l' -K AUFMANN BROS. & ALEXANDER L. F. s. MACLEHOSE. ROBERT L MAITLAND. MANUFACTURERS OF FINE CIGARS, \ ROBERT MAITLAND & co., 12S. & 131 GllAlWD STB.B:BT, lni'W TOllE .... MERCHANTS, Commission :Merchants, ALSO Dli:ALJ!!J:S ll''f. 445 & 48 Exchange l"lace. DOMESTIC; 14 North Canal Street, CHICAGO ILL, Tobacco and Cotton Factors, -....-... -... .... B. SCROVERLIIG, And lmport.en ; of FOREIGN TOBACCO, ALL KINDS OF And General Commission Merchants, PEERLESS CARD BOLDBR. 1.';'6 FRONT STREET,, :taW YOH. The Benefits are Many. \ ds f f t ed, 'l'c* 1 It Jlrevente the CHANGE OF CARDS from one b ox Agents for :Messrs. W:M. CAMERON & :BRO.'S Celebrated l!ra.n 0 ... anu ac :nr lCCQ, t o anoth.r. w h ich is a source or annoyance. FELIX GARCIA It presents the Card in f ull "iew, whether the Box is 9 D. J. GARTH, CHARLES M. OARTH HENRY SCHROEDER. D. CJ". G-.A.R. SC>N" db CC> COMMISSION MBRCIIANTS 44 Broad Street, New York. BRANCH HOUSE: GARTH &. CO., Ninth' and. Market Sts .. Louisville, K ful l or partially empty. 3 Every Card can he ti.\!tinctly seen, should the box be in the front or bac k ofthewcase. <4 T h e Card can be ADJUSTED TO ANY PostTION AND 1s IN THR WAY, 5 The Holder can be ached to the Eox in an inst:lnt. 6. It will last for years. 7 It pre sents a uniform appearancsand has an attractive eH'ec\. ... S. Fft1!.QUI!NTLV AR& DAMAGED Jrom Handling Arranging tht'! Price Cards; thi!i avoids it. r appreciatt'd by the Trade, and aiJs in making selections, Sol.e 1\l.l:a:n. 'a1:f'ac'h1:re s THE STEELE & JOHNSON MANUFACTURING CO., No. 78 Reade and 99 Church Streets,_New York._ IMPORTER OF HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO .A.1:1.d 0 igars 167 Water Street, NEW YORK. :OEl.tlilLllEltG & co., UPJIANN, x6o PEARL :. D. DEDLllEBG & CO., BALTIMO RE, Mit. MIBCH!H X:B.EDLllDG, LA. 178 WJO:!.UDG .t CO., -PEJJU. S'l'lt!ET, LoUISVILLE, KY. ___ --.::.::.;-W;:,.:.;TOillt= TKOMPSOI(. ,_, E P. GIUO": G. REUSENS, I DEPOT 'WITH A. HEN a: (lO., .43 LIBERTY-ST., NEW YORK. ESTABLISHED. 1822. s. E. THOMPSON" co., BUYER OF COPE'S TOBACCO'("PL.A.NT I COPNEBAGEN SNUFF," WM. Mp PRICE, CBAS. F. T .A:G 1: SOl, : AID FACTORS. A J"oa sm:oK:Bas. T 0 B A C 0, Published at llo. 10 LORD IELSOI STREET, llYEBPOOL, EIGLAID, Any .LEAF 'TOBACCO, Importer. of SPANISH aad Deatf"'tl n aH kiad o1 LEAF TOBACCO, 1B4 Front Street, xw ll'OIUL General Commission Merchants, Price Two Shillings & 1>7 JEFFERSON AVE., DETROIT, MICH. The NERVE is sold hy First Class Dealers throughout the United States, and we claim it be the BEST" F INE-CUT ToRACCO that can made. Tbe Wholesa le Trade a Specialty, ]. L. GASSERT. l'l. L GASSERT. J. L. GASSERT & BRO:, E. & CO., COMMISSION MERCH.illTS. HAVANA & DOMESTIC TOBACCO. AND DEALXR.S IN ALL KlNDS OF LEAF TtBACCO, No. 5 BURLINC SLIP, NEAR W.ATERSTREET, NE"W'-YORK No .t 60 Water St., New 'fork. 9. REI SMA N l\1', BASCH & FISCHER, Commission Merchant, Agents: WISE & BENDHEIM,e or, 'U'POR. TERS OF HAVANA o-.. ... IK ALL'""". OF ...:::.::.::.._____:_____:__..:::..:;lOG Ch::;;;;;ambers;;:...:.;..;St. E;.;.;;.;.;.::c wery.:....;;.;_;,, N.Y. bEAF TOBACCO H'""'"' WALK Pre.t. J E. SAxro, swec yAandLTVDD M;G,.BA> yards, ''l l ... ESTIC 31 33 35 Atwater St., East, ss 7 yaTds, 7 'tTDRIES AT 414 B.ROAD STREET, IIE\IJJRJ _, c;v,. Narro'W' Red, or Figaro, 7:1 yards, e 1.35 L f IIWW "'-. TERJIS-'N:ET cAsH. &JQ) m cnnWELt.. :.. ea ... o "'acco. 1 'roEACCO DETROIT,mcH. ...m L. GIRSBEL 1: BRO.,, e ,, :11. :11. PACKERs AND DEALERs IN CliAB.LES S. HAWES, I 1!1 ., LEVY MANUFACTURER OF ..,.. !'ACKER AND DEALER IN 1 roa H:aAcco or BAlD -lADE CI&ARS, SEED LEAP. TOBACCO, Pine ConnecticutSeed THE HATCH LITHOGRAPHIC COMPANY, FINE CIGARS No. 42 VESEY STREET, 191 PEARL STREET' 118 aa Yo-.. 125R127 BROOME ST. NEW Y.ORK. NEw YORK. L.? m. NEw Yo.IfK. :z. v.liA.WJS, eou. A.T G&UTLT JU:D11QI:D PBICU, / g: THE JOBBING TRADE. SOLICITED ONLY, -;___ -


',( JUNE6 J.ICOB BIKIILL, MANUF ACTt1REa ev CIGAR BOXES, SUPERIOR. MAKE AND Prime OualltJ ot CEDAR wooD, 293; 295 &: Monroe St., NEW YORK. FEI.AS::&JB.'& WAREMUUSE or ELEGANT CIGAR SHOW CASIS f< :s 1':: J'OB BO'l'BLS AWD &30C:IEU. CJer. W. Broad.""'7 St., ll'eW" York. m GIIIAI Alii I tAl BAH, BRO.ADW .A.Y, cor. Codar st. NEW YORK.. Capital, $1.,000,000. Every facility afforded t o Dealers and C orre-z>Ondentl CODiisteot with Sound Bankin1. B. ROOBOLL P r .. ideat. M. p, READil'rG, Caohlo<. WM EGGERT & CO. IMPoRTERS. OF El: .A. 'V A N" .A. AND IN SBBD LIAP TDBAGCl m PEARL STREET, IIEW YORK. Branch, 9i Kaln St., O!llchmatl, O E .t G. FRIEND & CO., and ))ealera '!: LEAP TOBACCO, 129 Lane, Gus Eow.'\RP FR\&NO, ]R., NEW YORK. S. BARNETT, Importer of IIAV AliA AND JOBBER IN SEED TOBACCOS, 162 Water Street, Haw York. m. & S. STBRIBERGER, mEI&I AID DOUSTU BAID1lS. No. 44 EXCDANGE PLACE, !.'(, y, Draw 81111 of &zchan&"G on tbe principal citlel e f Europe issue Clrcu ar L etters of C redit to Travelers, and Commercial C redhs ; r ceive Mr.n.ey oo Deposit. subjec to Si&ht C b e chi upon whlch mterest witt allowed ; pay partieu ar attentkm t o the of Loan!!. JOSEPH SCHMITT, IMPORTER AND DEALER IN LEAF TOBAC_oo, And Manufactprer o f lli":EN'E C::::EGr.A..:El.S, No. 893 THIRD AVENUE, B.t. Fifty-third and Fifty-fo11zt h NEW YORK. CUTHRIE & 00., 22& l'rollt Street. t:ODISSION MERCIIANTS, A N D BALDS IF TOBACCO FOR UPORT. Leaf Tohaceo pn!!88ei io bates for ftle West llexicaa and Central American Porll, aad. otbe r mar. keu. TOBACCO PA_Q:KED IN AHNER & DEHLS,. DEALERS IN LBAP .. TOBACCO, 190 Pearl St., J[JCKAO L AKNaa,} NEW YORK JONN A. DsHLS. 1 LEDERER & FISCHEL. DEALERS IN Seed Leaf' AND HAVANA TOBACCO, NEW YC:&X. w. H. TERWILLIGER, LATE OF & CO. I PATII:l'rTEE OF,THE Welded Steel a.nd Iron DIPB.OVBD PlllR &: BllB&tAR PROOP SAFES' ; PATEl'rT INSIDE WORK AND Hll'IIGEU CAP, GREATEST IMPROVEMENT OF T H E AGE. l'ro .... Complete Without It I I :NO. 154 :MAJ:DEN LAKE, Near Wllllam Street,' liEW YORK.. Testlmoaiala lr: Price List IIU'IIIiill:edoo appiTcattoo. TIIOIUS G. LITTLE, TOBICCD SWI!TIIG, IIJIW "''OJUL THE TOBACCO A. H SCOVILLE & CO., !SUCCESSORS TO PALMER olr. SCOVILLE,) IKPO:R TEB.S OJ" SF ANISE A:s"D JODDERS IN ALL KINDS OF ..... r")_""" o B .x c c o!t llo. WATJ:B. STIUIB'l', KJ:W "201Ul, I COJI'lfECTICUT SEED LEAP WRAPPER OF OUR OWN PACKING. r. H MESSENGER, T.H. MESSENCE!t IMPORTERS AND DEALERS Ur LEAP TOBACCO IN DALES AND HOGSHEADS FOR FOREIGN MARKET!!. ALLEN> & 173 and 175 CHAMBERS sT., NEW YORK, WHOLESALE DEALERS AND AGENT3 FOR All New York Tobacco. Factories: P. Lori11ard & D. H. McAlpin' & Thos. Hoyt & Co Etc. ALSO AGENTS FOR W.l & .. N'. c. mBlJRS SEAL OF NORTH CAROLINA And Other Br::>od s JOS. G. DILL, TURPIN BROTHERS, JACKSON, TURPIN & CO., And a Number of Olht' r Factories. SE!'C'D FOR PRICE LIST. AWARDED the HICHEST MEDAL and DIPLOMA At the Centennial Exhibition to Produce tM jimat W wk. Naku no crea.u in the bunchea. Make. a perfect head. Preservu tho jWvor. oj t M tobacco. Tho W7app.r combin,. with tho jiUtr perfectly aa in hand.,.U cigar.. ... ... 1!,,....,, A r e MORE D URABLE tnan Wooden Mold. Over 300,000 ln Uwe, 1 and 'b' d1m11nd GIVE TBEJI A IWUC. Of o u r manufacture are guar anteed auperior in ::SAOOC> J\IAJJt<; WlTHOU'i' PAPKR. LOBENSTEIN & GANS WHOLESALE DEALERS IN SEED HAV ANA TOBACCOS, SOLE AGENTS AND IMPORTERS OF THE GENUINE W. & M. A OIG-A.B. M:C>ULDS, PRESSES, STRAPS & CUTTERS, 11. Importers of German and Spanish Cigar Ribbons, No: 101 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK OFFICE 92 Chambers St. THE ABOVE IS AN IMPRINT OJI' OUR OXG.A.B. &TAM:P O.AN'OE:I:JiE'E1.. Used a n d by tbe Principal Man u f acturers. OF STAMP, with Manufacturers' name, L or. .. tion1 B o s o t Dates good f o r l.:ight Year-s, Pads, Figures etc., complete, $4:.&0 C. 0. D. PRENTICE'S A. OATMAN GI&AR SHAPING MOULD IMPORTER OF AND H AvA N A Makf"s No Crease in the Cigar. Durable & CoP\ pact. Uniformity in Weight and Sin oJ the Cigar. Unkilled can be Employed in Ma'dog BUJacb ea. Leta Skill il Required in Finishing. PRIDE tlll5.00 PER SET. Warn.Atd perfe .r:t tn Sead forClrcu. lar or call and jud,fe for yourael ves. W'. :H.. ""llinuTacturer .. tor. 54, liiAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK M. SALOMON, And Dealer, in Domestic LBAP TOBACCO, I 66 Water Street, NEW YORK. 'J.'IN JOHN J., CROOKE, MANUP'ACTURJ!R OP TIN FOIL AND BOTTLE CAPS1 PLAIN AND COLORED. :S.OLLING lz!ILLS, 38 Cll0Sll7 anti 1S3 &; 165 lz!'C'LBER:S.Y S'l'BEE'l'S, NEW YOU. J A HAR'fUORN, Maoufa cturer o f Eine Cig;ars,_ And Dealer in LEAF 21 BOWERY, NEW YORK, M. a E. S.A.LOMOJV, PACKERS OF SEED LEAF, AND IMPORTERS OJI' Havana Tobacco and Cigars!t 85 MAIDEN ..,:A _NE,_ N F.A.OTOEI.:J:ES: 614, 816, 620, 714, 716, 718 NIITH STREET; and 420, 422, 424 and 426 TENTN STREET. OlrFIOE-e3, ee and 67 PABE F::t.AClD, NE""'\/V YORK. LORIN PAL)IER, New Yor k i W. H. RUSSELL, Cbtcago BIIST. BUSSBLL CO., (Successors to JOHN C PAkTRlDG E &: CO.,l WHO ESALE TOBACCONISTS AlliiD ,SOLE PROPRIETORS OF THE GEl!II"[J'J:NE GOLDEN CROWN'' CIGARS, 57 Lake treet and 41 State Street, ctl"lcago, Ill. ALSO AGENl'S FOR THE FOLLOWING WELL-KNOWN FIRMS,_ p, LORJLLARD o1r. CO, NewYo;k; SEIDEl'rBERG &. CO., New York; w. &IM""-LL o1r. co.!I ,"VANITY FAIR," Rochester, N.Y.; W. T. BLA:CK'U'"ELL .. ()0., Durham, _N.C._; J, l D !I.GLEY olr. co.s "MAYFLOWER," Dtcoit, llic b.; Jr W Vi\.llROLL'S "LONE JAIOK.'' Va. SiPEOI..A..L N'C>-riOE. I would particularly call tbe attent ion of the Traile to the fact that I have set apar t a portion of m y Establish ment for the accommodation of any who may wish to Sweat Tobacco their own way and do not wish the care and expense ?f sweat rooms on their o w n premises. Thet obacco will be c ase d and handled In any man ne r wished, and then place d in i)eated rooms specially adapted for swea t i ng, without drying and crisp ing the le af, or the tobacc'd may b e cased and packed, and then sent for storag e in the heated rooms until Being I make a specia l bu siness of Sweati ng and Rehandli ng of tobaccos, I c a n offer such to i n d u ce any one t o forego the rehandling of his goods him self, a nd take tb e cho ice of either a quick or slow process. I the will give this theirconsiderati o n, and at least favor me with a tnal. For any particul a rs please call o n or address ; 0. S. No. 1 8 8 PEARL STREET. N. Y.. WISE & .. 121 BOWERY, New York, SOLE AGENTS FOR THE WELL-KNOWN R. 'T. FAUCETT a CO.'S PAVOBITB_ DIJIUIAI & :Bi: 0 :K. IN" G-T C> B.A. 0 0 C>, .ALSO, JOBBERS Dr ALL KllO>!I 011' VIRGINIA &. NORTH CAROLINA PLUG AND SMOB:J!IIG TOBACCOS. HEPPENREIMER & 'Pra.otl.oal. Li:th.otp:"' ENCRAVERS"AND PRINTERS, BY STEAM POWER AND HAND PRESiiES. (!tigart liobacco and AN'PLY 01'11 HAND AND NEW DE!IItfxS MADE TO .JRDER. Ia an4 ll!Oi'l'll WILLWI S'rUEi, lfEW YOBE. Licorice Paste, POWDERED LICORICE, GUM ARABIC, OLIVE OIL, OTTO Tonqu.a Beans, And all other Mate.ials for Flavoring used by Manufacturers, includin g the mnt Essential Oils, W H. Schieffelin & Co.; 170 and 172 W'IIJ.Wt S'l'BEE'l', NEW YOU. -.. HAY A tc CO.; 130, I 32 &. 134 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK, MANUFAC T URERS OF FINEST ELEAR HAVANA GIG Aim, .A.we.rdeti .. Highe;t :Metial Exhibition, lS'7S, !hilatielphia., ALS O IMPORTERS O F HAVANA CIGARS &:. LEAF TOBACCO. E. W. :JCB.IOES, JI(ANUFACTURl, 172 Water N. 'i MULLBIW LOVB, IAN UP !CTUIEIS' !&EITS, 19 C. 21 3-AlnJOl.PE OEEXO.AG-0. {.


/ \ f' Philadelphia Ad vert.isom.e:at.. KNECHT; SMITH & CO., TO STEINJCR, IMITH BROS. .. KNECHT, DEALERS IN ALL K INDS OF LEAF TOBACCO, AQ ILUI'UFAOTUR.ERS OF AND DEALERS Df OIGARSo 131 Korth IStreet, Philadelphia. TilE 'lOBACCO X.BA:t's Baltlm.gre Advertisem.&nta. WESTERN ADVERTISEMENTS -HENRY BESUDEN, R.MALLAY & BRO DEALER I N LB!P TOBACCO, 'WM. .A.. BOYD & CO., IIO'OBTED .AND DOKESTIO LEA' F TOBACCO, l\To. 33 South Street. El..a..z.n."ZM:OECEI. Dealers I n LEA.F TOBA.CCOJ L. 'W. 1 16 and I 17 West Front St., 98 WEST SECOND ST., :JUNE-6 EASTERI J. DIX & CO., Packertl and Dealers i n cnmmCVT sm LID a 217 STATE STREET, JI.UlT.-oBD COllnL TELlER B ROTHERS, GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANT,. Bet ween R ace an d Elm, Botweoll v; ...... d Race Streeto, .. -. WE8TPHAL,, C'INCINNATL o. 011tC1l:!11!1'.6.TI. I COlDIISSION JIERCHAKT, Paokers, Commission lcrchantst and Wholesale Daaters 'In AND TOBACCO FACTOR, Foreign and Domestic Leaf Tobacco, 117 North Third-.Street, Philadelphia. #> No: 9 &C::) o r:a: G.&. Y &T:R.:..&DilT. :BAI.IIJ.I.LMOaB, '""" Dealer Ia 'IHB STATB OP' B.BlVTUCB.Y 1 ciiiCTICVT sue LEAF TOBAcco_ Go. T Liberal Advancements Made OD Consignments to my Address. Choice Brands of PLUG TOBACCO, A n d P atentees of the C elebrated Brand o f CEO. KERCKHOFF tc CO., Packers of Seed Lea.f P :a 0 0 n E s s AND DEALERS IN SPANISH., TOBACGOS, :J li7 EVERY THE END. -u 49 South Charles St., Baltimore. M:d. e..., aEo. KERCKHOFF. GII:O. P. UNVERZAGT. S. LO WENTJI1LL a ao., W. & 00., P A C KERS A N D WHOLESALE DEALERS IN LEAF T 0 B .A C C 0, 111:1 &. "'VV'a1:eP .1!11:., Ph.:l.l.acl.e1phi.a. W. E!SENLOHR, i>J W CLARK, P H I L : BONN. EM:ERY BEMIS, I n a ll K ind s o f 1 LEAF TOBACCO, -INSP ECTOR AND BAILER, 32 CBK'I'JLAZ WBAJU', HINSDALE SMITH & SON, '-C S a c cettor s t o H SMITH & CO.} L : BAMBBRtiER -iJ DEA LERS IN. ,.. B WILKENS & CO. BOSTON LE.A.F TOBACCO, And Manufacturers o.f all Grades of C igars, J 11 Arcjt t81 W. PRATT STREET, 150 ..aO't:T3.TB S-:1::Et.JI:3'l', PACKERS .AND JOBBERS OF CINCINNATI,'. OHIO. 1 Connecticut Lea.f Toba.cco MANUFA C TURERS OF TOBACCO -:=---::-.. 20 HAMPDEN 8T ., F. G. ,Tobacco Works, Toledo, Ohio. Springfield, Mass. '-AND.,.. "" LEWIS BREMER'S SONS, FSNUFF_ CHARLESR. MESSINGER, MAN U F A C T U RER O F ED. WISCHMEYER. H V WISG, Tho Oel.ebra"toc:l. ':J ED. WISCHMEYER co.. 'F. G." AND. NATIONAL LONG. CUT SMOiNO Speciolty. .STFJ A "M" I.;E .A. !A c c 0, MERFELD & KEMPER; JJOS.oSCBROEDERA&ICco CJsn Box 'PcTOBY a A. MnJS, AND 46 Front St CinciDnati,O. nn n Tobacco Broker MANUFACTURER. ,Qf 'CICARS,-AndWh>ieoaie :tleaieroiD LEAFAND F.w.DO.IRMANN, No, 93 CLAY.STREET, _,.;62 NORTH FRONT STREET, PHILAOELPHIA, PA. Havana. and. Yara. Tobaccos, Jianufa.ctured Tobacco I I 7 Lombard Street, "' A ND CIGAB8, LEAF TOBACCO BROKER, o B. & CO,, JULIUR VETTERLEIN & CO. BALTIHORE.liiD. _J n. 11 Euhange Place, BALTIMORE N. E Cor. C.& l DDBIITZIR &: CO TOBACCO Seed Leaf' and CINCINNATI, o Dealers and CoUiSSion lercnants Philadelphia '-A.dvertis em.ents. P 0 uox ,u-33. IN l!m!eral erch'lDt.a BAVAIA HIGHEST PRIZE MEDAL Al'ID DIPLOMA. AWARUE D A'Jl THE CENTIC:Nl'fUL -......,B E_L.;.:.::V;;_I_N_&_C_O_.-.LEAF TOBACCO. UliJI 1UIII:lll!l Dl Wli:A Sol e Agents for tho EXHIBITION OF 1 8 7A. 1 ... IORTH WATER ST., Jl'lafladelphla. "U. 5. Solid Top CIOAR MOULD," ROBIISOI. & AIDREW'S PATENT MACBII'IRY Imnorters of HAVHTA CIGARS, 2 lXc_ rth --135 ARCH ST., PHILADELPHIA. Pa. Roll, Twist and Spun fj 1' And in DOHAN & T.AtTT RADY & co., Leaf and m.lobacco, w .... LAD 211 NOB'l'I! 'l'IDBD S'l'., I'hlladelphla, l'a., U1 Ull .:IU.o 101tCO CIIDISSIOI UKCKAm, COMMISSION MERCHANTS 210 F ? R T H E SALE O F 101 AR.CH STREE'l',. Ohio and Other Leaf Tobaccos. !FOR .l'H E TRADE,) LEAP TOBACCO BlfYHB, A M O General Commission Merchant, OfFICE I N TOBACCO EXCHANGE,SHOCKOE SLIP lUOHIIOJiD, V .&. w. B. TROWBRIDGE, DANVILLE. VA _______ P_hi_la_d_e.-.lp_h_,ia, Coooign mento o f OHIO BATCHELOR BROS MICHAEL W. WICKS & CO., Kan'llfact'l1rers Arents fct the Se.le o f 21 N. Main St., St. Louis. LH HOY BOPJB 1 SONS. Fivel;Jrothers Toba.ccoWorks TOB.&O GO "PECULIAR" ( Ocmmss1cn For and WHOLESALE DEALERS In Vir[inia, Missouri, and. Kentucky JOBI o!ROS., COMMISSION MERCHANTS, C lC A R WP W IAIIJJAmBED TOBWH KAm7FAC'l'UBEBS, A N D 808Jllark:et St., 0 Z G-A. B. 8, I"IUL.&nELPHIA. 13 JIORTH FU"l'H ST., -d I, W. Co .. _....-;;;;;,;._ ______ WATIC& aad A..B.<:H !ITS., A. J. WELLS, PBU.ADELPHIA. Pa. Maoufact urcr ot .mBJPB W ALLACJt FINE C I C A Jt S s__,tocooPER 11z J lllaaufacturer a of Aad Dealer .mttllT SliD WJ SlfOFF SMOKING TOBACCO, 'I'IIJRD STRJCET .. aiRARB AVE., 686, 668, 670 1114 672 1Jort.h EleventA St., Philadelphia, Pa. JILDEBRAND & KLINGENBERG Manubcluren o f FINE CIGARS, And D e a l e r a i n LEAF TOBACCO, 37 North i'th St. An! ZO!I Chtatuu.t Street, PMLADELPHIA '.,I. RIRA.LDO .SAltS: & CO. TOBACCO, PHILADELPHIA. T. J. DUNN, MiNUFACTURER OF C I"QARS, S. W. Cor. IDth, & VIne Sts. PHILADELPHIA F. X. KELLY. Jr., MANUFAC TURERS' AGENT FOR ,., Plug & Smoking Tobacco, This Machin e ECONOltiiZES L ABOR and WRAPPER, etc., and makes smooth :and ;ven wor. I t l:t "a"H}" attr.nded hy b o n o r Jrirls. imd w ill make f rnm )i I n ch. to 3X i-nches in diameter-. This is tbtt VERY MACHINE WANTED BY AMERICAN MANUFACTURERS Appl r l o r Circularo and' 'Ze.-_:;o;;.::=:. W. S. ADDY, SOLE AGENT, -1919 HAMILTON STREET, PHILADELPHIA. PA. 'F. .. }J. A 'ND'R.EW'. =tnl Pnmri ,. t n r ANn. V. GBOTTBRTII.&LBR, 8 M ANUl'ACTU l!.Elt iN' OiJ SMOKING PIPES, Apple, :Briar, :Bo:a:Wood, Jl:to., 412 LOCUST STREET, PHILADELPHIA, SEIID FOR cTALOGUII:. KEYSTONE CLAY 'TOBACCO PIPE WORKS. MANUFACTURERS OF FIR8TCLASii c:t.c..y 1pe.,, PENINGTOH, PRICE & CO., FOR PRfC E LISTS. i9 North Seventh St., Philadelphia. Recei ve d o f r e m Gernuny direct, per bark F R1ct, a LARGE LOT OF C. D PIPE8e i::...."'AND 106 Aroh St., Phlladelpllla, Pa. BOER!L COOISSIQJ. Ill.; J. A. CO'UB.TN. EY, F. W. SMYTHE Q, CO., lfO, 311'1-Waterlu-eet.. .UCHA.N:AN & LYALL, NewVorlt; CX, Wo. 30 llorik .O.Jaware A T rea :R. W OLlVER, Rlcbmood, Va ; A K. L Yox"' c o .. Rich mond, v North Front 8t Ph'la CO'''-SS .. O-.__ .,_,.. M E R CHANTS' TOBAC C O V t r ......... .. .,,_ ...=:=:=: sHEPPA1Ln, sMITH, Danile, v .. ; TOB ceo AID CIGAR K co WILSON, SOR G liz CO.,Midd letown,oL. D co'!.usiOl'f KERCHA.NT. MBBCRANTS SORVER, coo ., I A B. TBEOBA A GENT F O R BRETHERTOl'l BUILDINGI THE STATE OF KEl'liTUCKY TOBACCO MAl'IUPACTi itiiNG co., 10 IIOB'I"B ST., FINE Cl CARS LOUISVILLE, KY. F. W. FELDER l SOl, Baltlalore, ld. l'ACUBS, CQ:JDmliiiOK KDCEAN'l'S, MANUFACT U RER OF And Wboles&t e Dealers Jn 1 LEAF TOBACCO .10S K. WA'I"IJB 8'1"., PHIIAD'ELPHJA. LIVERPOOL. ENCLAND. Spanish T ebacco, IJJTED CJ&AB.IAJIIlACTOIY, ( H. CLARK & N. w. eor. 3d .. Poplnr Sto .. Pblladelpl .la 'I'. DVI'IK' Proprietor' TOBACC 0 BROKERS J. LUDY, A R FOUGERAY Man a f a cturerof J I'IKB CIGARS c:LA.BKSVJLLE, Tea.a., Smysidc and Little wanderer Kanufacturers' Agent, Fifteenth &. Vine Sts.-, .. K.r. .-0 :J: Q-A. B. S. PHILADELPHIA. A 1'-\Dtl'<'UL Ky. _. Wb.,l o a a le'andRet aildealer fnAllB rand.sof 33 NORTH FRONT STREET, ....;.. ___________________ ;... JIAVY & SMOKINII TOBACCO, Philadelphia, Pa. "ILLBR, MBGB A W & CO., 123 U21i SOU'm 2otl,ft. l'mi.L BANNER T 0 BACCO F ACTOR Y II GABP-'ItS. 212, 214, 216 & 218 CARTER ST., PHILADELPHIA, PA., Eugliah :B1'11.Bsels, 'I'breePly and Illlgl'a!n1 alsc, 'Velvet Bugs, C.:'11Jnb Cloths Manufac t urers of MILLER S celebftted "WEDDIWG (lAKE," i n ploceo twenty t o tbe O u Clo "--, e l tc ,, we-cheap at thA o,a I poua d ,wit h tb.ewpr d .. EDDING CAKE" l m p r e sedlne .. tivc:pou n d p a c kM .1-:t The ._ c:::f.... ..,..._"T'e.....,........ .....,,.ork. [ GLOBE NAVY, BANNER NAVY, GOLDlliiN NAVY, OLDTO.III NAVT, .6: ILoL.L ........ "''""' ..L:OW "" .&. I SPUN ROLL LADY'S FINGERS, 108, MAIDEN'S BLUSH, 8 Carpets Car e u ly P acked and t o any par t of States F r e e o fCharJ::e LIBERTY, 4-a, H EGRA. W'S GOLD:SN BARS OUR D ARLUJG, S a and 1011 I t C 1ar J A BENDALL \ CORA, 6s, BLAC K PRINCE, Gli, 8 and 10a m'" Send for .. J.reU Goods M a n ufactu:ed to Orde r a t hort n utic e --_ TOBACCO, 291 West Main Street, LOUISYILLE, Ky. T 0 B a. c c 0' a-Bftra&BVaa-, VA. N. Fu11KV. Pa.ctuca.h Tobacco Works. T. L. BISHOP, M aoWa.cture r o C Choi c e Bra n da o f KENTUCKY NAVY, .Mad of SELECT KENT UCKY LEAF, Paducah, Ky. 194 &. 196 Jacob St LOUISVILLE, KY. COBB a CO.,I TOBACCO BROKERS Pa.cluoa.h, Ky. 08lce: Cor. Byrne c1c. Halifax Sts., Petersburgh, Va. Factory: 19 :second 1 District, Virginia ;1 MaGu factur.s and Offer t o the Trad e tbe t ollow i ns-CELEBI\..ATED BRANDS o f PLUG CBBWIKG -AND-TOBACCOS: ECLIPSE" BRIGHT N.t\.VY, l i t Xt 3, _., 5116 19 'fi t 8 1,91 and tOe ST. G EORGE" BRIQHT NAVY, 1 1 )t119 3a, 4:a 01, &-., 'JI, 9 1 a:ad lOa 'VIRGJNLA D ARE" DlliGHT NAVY, l 1 3 .Sa 6a, 9 aao4101 ANNOT LYLE" BRIGHT IVA.V'Y, 11. 31, 4 a 5a, 6 a 2'1 8 1 th aad lOt. "VNION .JAC K ltiAHOGANY POUNDS, }i1 and h H ST. JAMES" DARK POUNDS, Jf, 4, 5a; 6 1 81, Da and 101 Also a great v u i e t y of FINE TWIST of several grades Bright aad Mahogany under t h e f.,llowln g celebrated bran d s:II AD Mia.& 'I"IOK,'' I' 'I"BOB.MAIWDY'' I "BIJAB.T 01' GOJ.D," c1c. "I.IVJ: OAK," "KABOB," DB SO'I"O and OO.QVBBOB." The f oHo w i n g a r e OUR Ar-nts for the Salt!' of llANUFA C T U R E D GO O DS:C. W V A N ALSTINE .. N o. 1 3 Central Wharf, Boston, Mass.;: P. CAV A:N'A GH, N os. 4r and 43 W a bash A venue, C hic:;ago, Ill.; A HAGEN ._ CO., No. 6 3 N Front Street, Philad e l phia, P a ; N. H. CHRJSTIA.!I, T e n ; JOHN TJTt)8. CincinoaU, 0. 1 T, W. BELL. N O.fS Magazine Street, New Orlean s La; J, E. II A YO. N o.u6: N Secon d Street S t Louis, M o ; HEKMA.N EJ.LI'd, No. 67 S. Gay Str eet, B:'llti m orf", COOPER .. (1\l. Co r M adison and Front Sts., Memphis, 1 'enn, ALII. B.ABTBILL, LEAF TOB.ACCO A H B uys only t e Qrd e r on Brol:.eraa-e, and farnlall .. '()rlglaal Inv o ic e s of aU pUrchases. Nei t heT Bllys no{_S.Ils aoz oll h i & o Firma for w he P-YrCb.ue& .. thoroug biJ. printe r eports o f the marke t e very we ek o r often e r w hen necessary R d e rences to Bao.ken and some of the larae1 t fir ma i n the f o r whom he b u y s Correi po ud.enC c invited. f. H. PEMBERTON. JAs. G PE?AXV1LLE, J. E. HAYNES, DEALER IN WESTERN LEAF TOBAC.CO, 27 South Second Street, St. LOUIS. J. M. PRICE, DANVILLE, VA., HAYIN G E IGHT YEARS' EXPERIENCE, h is Seniceafor the PURCHASE of LEAF .TOBACCO R,., f e r a t o the B anks a n d Bu,dne M e n aenerally. ] L PENN, J. u. PENN. J. L. PENN & CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS FOR THE P URCHASE OF 'T,JI:AF 'rO:BACCO -A.IIt:I-TOBAOOQ STEIIS. m-. o. FALLENSTEIN -t SON, TOBACCO CODISSION W. T. NOEL,. TOBACCO BROKER Evansville, 'nd. ,BUYS STRIC T L Y O N ORDER. -<,


JUNE 6. :j:HE TOBACCO LEA F.' SUTRO de NEVV'lYIARK, KAJnl':I'ACTUBEBS 0:1' C:J: a..A.. R S :J AKD DEM-ERS IN LEAF TOBACCO. 76 PARK-PLACE, NEW YOR.X. KERBS a Manufacturers SPIZSS, of. Fine Cigars, And Dealers in LEAF TOBACCO, 1014, lql6, 1018, 1020 SECOND AVENUE, 310, 312, 314 FIFTYFOURTH STREET. ADOLF KERBS. Y'C>H.:H:o LOUTS SPIESS. E, M.. FOSTER. ED. HILSoN. RUDOLPH WYMAK RELIANCE CIGAR. MANUfACTORY. FOSTER, HILSON .t, CO., 77 .t; 79 CIIAKilEIIS S'l'. 3 :Coa.s West of :Broadway, N. Y .. MANUFACTURERS OF Fine AND SOLE PROPRIETORS OF THE PATENTED WILLOW CIGAR BOX. :R'o. SS W'ATB:B. ST;RBBT, :Nli:'W MANUFACTURERS FilE am:IADE. CIGARS, OF Till M:OORE .AND IN EXTR.EliiiiZS. I CANNOT look upon thy ca:se Without a thought of sorrow, For, ah l metbinks-to my disgraceThat we must to morrow! I loved thee from the very first, And, now that we must sever, I feel as though my heart would burstPerhaps we part for ever! Ah who will pres't thee to their lips With l1a/j my fond devotion? Perchance some super at the ''slips," Without the least emotion Thy future must a mystery bel dread the c&ntl'mplation ; And must another limb of mine, Then, suffer amputation? I parted with my watch and. 'Chain, With grief I could not stifle; And now, unhappy wretch, I'm fain With thy aweet form to trifle My tears fall faster than I wipe, And and sop thee; Adieu I adie11 l my meerschaum pipe-But I, alas! must "pop" thee 'LAF AYE'r'I'E I ALL ron A CHF.w oF To1 BACco.-Richard Cook w a s i n a !>aloon at No. 6r3 Washington street, and there met one Joe Ham ilion. Joe uses tohacco, and as he chanced to be out he asked Cook fo_r a bit of the weed. The latter declined to give it, and intimated that Joe was chronically "out.',' Thi base insinuation so enraged Hamilton that he drew a knife and -cut Cook a<:ross the i'orhead, over the right eye infiictip& a painful wound. The injured man made h i s way to the Dis pensary where he received the of a Doctor. TOBACCO MADNESS.! Winstvn, ( N. C.) Sentinel: There an insani l y afioa t in the country over tobac co. If farmeFS had two -Copes' Tobacto Plant. years supply corn and wheat on hand, no man doubts tpat they would no! plant another grain. And yet w ith fulh as much tO bacco on h aqd they are ------MISSOURI TOBACCO.-A well-known writer in the Kansas City Timu who m:tde an extended tour through the t o ba cco -growing district ofMi>souri for the purpose of making observations in regard 10 the culturl' of tobacco season the farmers of Missouri went into the tobacco. raising business on a Ja,ger scale than for a good tria ny years and the result is that the Stale of Missouri produced the season of r876 nearly 4o,ooo,ooo pounds _of tobacco. It must be rew .emhered that this.. was all grown on 1ess than sixty thousand acres of land. How much mpre profit. ta b le, then, would it prove to the farmers of if taken hold of in the right manner? Last season was not a good one for tobacco-rai sing, hence the quality of the crop was not as good as for former year. The amount of acreage wa mpch larger, ho..wever, an!i had it not heen for the sour, rain}, damp weather during the early .part of' the season the crop would have brought two cents more on the pound. It did not get a good s t arr, and in many in stances it bad to be cut before it had assumed that spotted yellow appearance so well known to growers cif this weed. In Chariton, which is the banner tobac cp growin2 of the State, over r I,ooo,ooo pour.ds were grown la st and the crop-.. was as good as in any part of State. A number of new men from Virgi,ia have.come into this section du ring the last year cor two, and the factories at Salisbury, Huntsville, (;lasgow, .l:lrun>wick, Columbi a Macon. Rocheport and are stored to the very roof. At Columbia last year was built by Messrs Samuel & Miller on e of the mo>t com plete factories in the State, and they now empl oy about roo hands allU wi l l handle nearly 8oo, ooo pounds of tobacco It is the first time that the farmers of as somewhat astonished to find a batc.h of cabbage plants come up instead of tobacco. planting such a crop as was never seen, and after the THE DUTY OF THE GRANGERS Hmderson Repvrter: That farmer who is wisest w ill sagaciously pitch his crops to suit the market of the world To such a prudent and sagacious-we address ourselves.There is five times as much money in good tobacco as in trash. It costs as much to handle. common hoe, plow, worrR, sucker, cure and de liver it for the best quali ty. .>\. I rge amount of lhc crop of '76, classed as lugs or trash, would have been good tobacco if it had been properlv handled after cutting. But the t ro-uble with thl' granger of Henderson County and Southwe>tern Kentucky is that he overcrops h mself He may have barn room for only ten acres of tobacco; no mattP.r, he goes ahead and sets aside twenty acres for the weed. He will then doubtless in dne time cut twenty acres offirst.class tobacco. Now what will he do with it ? 1 he can't put into barns planned to cure the crop of ten acres the yield o'f twenty acres. The cgnsequence is that he brings an undue proportion of trash and lugs to market. Well, the markets of the world are overstocked "A>ith common to bacco.-The lower grades are dull of sale and steadily declining. The prices for higher grades are firm and advanc ing everywhere. Then we submit that our granger friends should not over-crop therRselves. They should plant fewer acres and strive to raise and deliver the choicest Let them profit by the example of such men as :John Marshall, Major Craig and Thomas Muncaster, good farmers (and grangers all, we presume) whorealized handsomely on tob acco princi palty by reason of the supe r ior quality -not quantity-of the crops delivered. rain Mouday evening, there T H E CHAMPION TROUT BROOK OF was a rush to the plant beds HARTFORD CouNTY, CoNN.-There are DESTRUCTIVE FIRE.-The Dudzam ( N. C.) Tvbacco by dayl ig ht the next morn mcire trout in one I s tream in P o q.Plant of May 22 says :-On Saturday evening about 4 ins and the whole day was uonnock a Hartford paper says than o'clock the alarm of fire was It was soon ascer-consumed in planting tobacever were dreamed of in Horatio's philtained that the large factory building of R. T. Faucett co. The weed is positively osophy or any schoolboy's natural h i s & Co. was on fire. The fire first caught the top of the bringing no thing and the tory; more, probably, than in the rest south end of the roof, caused by sparks from the engine. country is doing little or of Hartford county. They are under In a few minutes a number of persons were on tht! nothing save selling or care of Mr. Fred Fenton and his son ground and a stream of water was poured on the ignited working it. They have dou Henry J. Fenton, who have put up on parts by means of a force pump and hose. The flames ble sale; in Danville, sell at the brook, near their home stead, a fish were beginning to yield when the hose bursted. The two warehou ses at the same' hatching establishment of whose oper flames sped rapidly on and soon the entire building was time. It has gotten so that atirms this is now the third year. The enveloped in the devouring element. So fast did it country manuf:lcturers folbrook, a tributary of the Farmington, burn that but few of the contents of the factory were low their n eighbors' wagons has always been a famous haunt for saved, though there were plenty <>f willing hands. At to Danville and buy the totrout. Signs forbiding fishing are postone time it was thought that that entire part of town bacco on sale thatts carried etl plentifully up and down its banks, would be consumed. As it were a number of other right from their own m i d st. and close the Fenton house is the buildings were burned. B esides the factory bui ding an Tiley do this because they fish estab!i,hment. It is only a small engine house of Faucett & Co.; three cottage residences, can get it cheaper than by building but its roof covers to -day about the property of John Barbee, one the property of W. & bpying it at the barns, the 84 ,000 trout! They are there in eve ry D. C. Hallibu. rton, and one the property of Col. D .. C. planters having .,_n idea that stage of growth, from the niinute, Parrish, were burned. The coach factory of Col. Danville will gtve them a scarcely visible "pin-fish," just hatched, Parrish was also Lurned, and his blacksmith shop was most miraculous price. Mr. to the majestic creature which weighs torn down to prevent a further sperad of fit e. A cottage Bitting a manufacturer from poqnds. The most of the fi s h are of bouse of the Halliburton was torn down for the Germantown, in thts State, this season's hatching-about 8o,ooo .. of same purpose. A factory building of John Barbee stood bought ten car loads of leaf them-and are kept iu >ix seperate within thirty feet of several of the houses that were in Danville the other day, tanks, supplied constantly w th fresh burned, and by strenuous efforts it was saved. Faucett to be shipped to Salem.-water of even temperature. When & Co. had S4,500 insurance on house, fixtures and totock, Reidsville Times. these little fish first emerge from the egg and are not prepared to form a correct estimate of their Mr. Bitting is a manu-they are each supplied with a small loss, though it is thought to be hea.vy. There was no facturer in Winston, instead sack, wnich contains nourishment. As insurance on any other property, and the loss falls on of Germantown, and we soon as tbis is consumed, they fall back Col, D. C. John and Hallisuppose, the largest plug on their own and to burton. Th1s 11 warnm&-to our Citizens that manufacturer in the! S tatc, hunt food. Bo1led hver,,rated, ts g1ven some steps should be iaken to organize a fire depart and he buys largely in Dan-to them and they jump after it with true r ment. ville and other markets. trout energy, but it always happens with WM. DEMUTH & CO., MANUJ<:ACTURERS AND IMPORTERS OF SMOKERS' AR'TICLES, 501 BRO.AD'W A:.V, ? CenteD.nialXedals for Beauty of Design, Skill-Displayed in Fabrication, :PO:PtrLAR .STYLE a.nd CHEAPNESS. '- SF-IOW .FIGURES IN METAL AND WOOD A SPECIALTY. .B::&:m.TD ::&"OB. 0.4. T..a...:E...C:>G:oEI. some lack and l FIRE A ToBACCo Chigago corres the fry tnste .ad v:resthng with the pondents, under date of June 2, writP. us as follows, problem of hfe, g1ve It up at the start. "The large to!;,acco factory of Spaulding & Merrick on A small part of hatching do this. River Street was discovered by their watchman to be on They linger a fe':" growing weak. fire about midnight Thursday, but the prompt response and finally But the fact tspec of the fire department, aided by the splendid system of t;tlly to remark IS that as soon as these hose pipe kept i n readiness on each nf the floors of the begin to show sig11s of their building, confined the flames to the fifth and s ixt h floors associates, though only an mch long, where they were first d is covered. The Jo; s of Messrs. turn on them and ti gin to destroy them. Spaulding & Merrick will probably foot up or [Th be Conlinrud.] $rs,ooo, fully covered by imurance. Notwithstanding WM. BROOKS, 82 Cravier Street, New La. GENERAL AGENT ior the GENUINE CBm POIIT PKBIUUH TOBACCO. AliD GEO, E. BOVEE'S CELEBRATED Belle Creole, Creole, Peerless. Cea tennial and "Ole Virginy" O:X:GA.:::EI.E'LOL-::ES. Rokohl Bros. &, Soelter, ANUFAf!URERS OF FIN. E C 'IGARS, 2S3 PJ!l4.ltL ST., NEWoYORK. LEERET I;_ BLASDEL, MANUFACTURERS OF Cig-ar Bozes 168 &. 170 East Water St., SYRACUSE, N. Y. 'Deale r!' i n HEPPENHEIMER & MAURER'S CIGAR BOX LABELS ANIJ TRIMMINGS. A. LICBTBNBTEIN & BROTBBB, MANUFACTURER's OF THE f ''ELK" a.nd ONWARD" 0 I GARS, And Dealers II WF TOBACCO, Nos. 34 and BOWERY. UIL PORVINIR," --=1 0 = = :::::::;: = 0 t:=-.... to) =' tU a. L&.. = ... ....... tU -= =' bO = = C3 ? Vallejo y Gran CALLE SAN JOSE No. BAVAlii'A. 1.':1 I W.aiiDILa-., ;1Uirt1FACIVKDS Oll OIG.ARS AHII DEALDS IN LIIAP !I'OBAOOO, _e IS" BOWBR.Y, NEW YORK the heated term" they are running the machine as though nothing unusual had transpired." HE PLASANTLY.-Charles McKay tells a story that Mr. Seward, when in England, went with him to the Crystal Palace. American lighted a cigar and proceeded to smoke with great enjoyment, when a meeting the pair, said to Mr. Seward, in a tone of authority, "Sir, its against the rules to smoke in these grounds. Put up your cigar or leave the place. "Sir," Mr. Seward rejoined with equal dignity, il is against the rules for me to give you half.a-crown. Take it, and put it in your pocket, and leave my pres The nun looked round for of lis te ners, took the, smiled pleasantly, and discreetly turned away in the opposite direction. Hz liiVE S HIS PROPERTY To HIS MOTHER AND TIJEN WISHES HE HADN'T.-[New Yvrk Sun.]-On September PERIQ.11111 80LD ONLY BY THE POUND. SIII-.IIlJI'IW 011' CJGARETTEII AIID PERIQ.l1E liiADE TO JI'ORlii:ICOl1NTRJES, 11'1 DOl'ID DIRECT FBOlll lUIIW ORLII:AD. Wo ]. Joi;OODLESS. Blli.N HI!.RRY. w I J w BOODLSS & co,, Receiving & Forwarding Foot of Van Dyke and Partition Sts., Brookfvtt, Bill all c:.lre Na.bDnal Inspection. OFFICES :_.5 Broad Street, N.Y.; Partltloa St., Breoklya <193.5+4 SQUIRES, TAYLOR .t, .CO., TOBACCO 2, 1876, a wea lt hy tobacconist by the name of Fleckser, AND who resided ) at 7 5$ Flushing. Avenue, Brooklyn, died G'Ji'IN1i1R AL COMMISSION M 1i1 R rl H J VT suddenly, without having made a will, leaving real esJ!t 1!1 .1!1 \,; 8.!1 i. tate va!ued at $3o,ooo, and money to the amount of 45 BROAD S'l'R $ r s,ooo. He left a wife and one son, named Peter M. EET' Fleckser, wl::.o became the law. Peter liaS V Pry NEW YORK. dissipated at the time of his fatbds death, and his mother persuaded him to assign to her all of his right, UIITED STATES IJITERNAL REVEillE TAL title and interest in the estate SO that she might prooerly The tax on all kind of Manufactured Tobacco io 24 cents per poead;'' r h b fi M F' k S b d Snuff, 3:1 ceuta per pnund; Cigars, ,6 per thousand; Cigarettes 15 ene t. r. ,ec;: Ser, T.,WJ.S UfJe ootuvertbreepoa.odsperthousand,.I.Bperthouaand; on September 6 and t_he assignment was made three Cheroots pound P,!r t housand, $6 per &houtand. Tfte: duty Forelg o Ctgars ts fa.!Q per pound and :25 per eeot. at/P4/(WI-. Jlays afterwards, the only constderatton gtven be1ng love I Cigar'ettesume dutr as cigars. lmt?orted Chars, Cigarettes ndCberoet. and affection and "I which latter consideration Peter also bear the_prucribed Internal Rvenue taxes, t o be paid by the Custom Hoose. The laport duty on Leat Tobacco 18 sS cents, says he did not receive. About a OlOflth after this Peter per pound; Leaf Tobacc o stemmed, so cents per pound; Scraps, so cea .. d h d b f M S hi 1 b per pound. Manufa<:ture4. Tobacco and are also sobject to tile I.-marne t e aug ter 0 a r. C ege, a to acco merlternal Reveuue tu ohcents,perpound,andmllstbepackedinconformltr chant of this city, and the influence of the wife for good with Internal iteenulaw re do do Six Montbti Sca...o., do do Three M011ths, 10 oo do do Tbree M"""tb.. T'W'O 8Q.U"-RES Noaparen Llae) OYeT Two Columns, One Year .......... ................... do Si:l: t51.oo I do do Three MontU, ,...aa. FOUR IIQ.UAREII' (lUI l'lo11pa .. O Llaea.J Over Two Column.e, One Year ............. ........................ '"tGoll!leo do .d Si-a: Months, S.}oo I do do Three Moatba nRIIT PAGB-Ooae ........ t16 lloapai-eU LIAe,;_) OverTwro Columns, One Yeat'.... .. .. .............. .. v.IITJIP.A.QIIBA'l'B8-0ioe .... rhree -ho ... ..................................................... Jos.-Si& Montbl ... $ 40'"' t Yea.r ... .,. Tr.,llienr. Adettisemenb nn the S,e;ve..ntb Pw-. 3C> Ctlllt. Jle" i..eaah N ;uaes a ione ill 'of ..,_,t P ... Year.. .... ........ .. .... .. ._.... ,. > \ / '.


... THE TOBACCO LEAP. JUNE 6. Tobacco :Ma.nufa.cturers. JOHN ANDERSON & CO. MANUFACTURERS OF THE TOBACCOS 114 1: 116 STREET, NEW RK, lleg to direct the attention of the Dealtoy In 1obacco throurbout the Uniled and tfl., w .orld !LICORICE. ) Tobacco l:hoers. TOBACCO BROKER :m:x.or:a..a.. 27 Peaf-1 PASTE I W' .A%.x.IS CO. Toba,cco and the trade in general are particular-ly requested w : NEW Y'ORK. examine and test the SUJ;terior properrils I ens. E I!IC!,.U'DD & BRO of l.his LICORIG':E, which, peing now I'IIJUIUia '' b'ro!ight to the highest psrfection is of. ., \u. B k SOLACE' FINE-CUT r0 9rS, c:aEWING TO!JACCq. brand . to tbd.-CELEBRATED THOMAS HOYT & CO., which la beinR' once more manufacturert untter the .. 14 ..; ,._ 0 be the 131 Wator st., aod now tands." tonnerly, Wllhnut uhal Orders bestir. the market And .for the branG NEW throufth the usual chao neb Will f L' S k MANUFACTURERS OF FXKE-CUT. CHEWING AND SMOKING ._.OBA.OOOS de. SR'VI'I': wnt mee t prompt ... ttention. 0 lCOCICe tiC .I :J'HOL K.UUHCUTT, Cw.&.s..l!:. biLL, ja. ozr. a. oo., KINNICUTT & BILL, 1'1'8 ., us FIRST ST., BROOKLTN, E. D.9 lq all respects equal to CALABRIA. M .. nuacturerl othe Celebrated Brande(. Consumers and JobbeLS would do OUR BRANDS CHEWING: BROKER& IN WESTERN & YIRCINIA B'.&'.fiOB'.&L BB.ICIB'!l' OWJIJI', 21%mLA. O.&'VJIXDISB, B'.ABOB. Harvest, Surprise & Seaside Foil, we!! to apply direct. Lleorlee Root, Select aad OrdlDary, coaLEAF TOBACCO, 404 .tr. 406 PJ!!Al"tL ST., NEW YORK," A. R. SMITH. I } General Pa.rtocra. Galazr, Iva.'!lhce :.nd Eellwether, Granule.ted atantly on hand. 152 BROAD ST., NEW YORK. CfiAIRU!8 F. OSBORNE, JAMES G. OSBORNk, :: Special. i Firasioo, Jolly Boys and Red J ackct, Loll! cut. A 11 Grade., Snuft' UI WEST :BROADYiAY, ARGUIMBAU, WALLIS 1: CO 29 .t 31 South William Street LICORICE PASTE AND STICKS. G. S. w .. s. F. lV. S. STER( :: EXTRA, P. S. BARACCO AND P1Gl\'ATELLA, DE ROSA, EXCELSIOR DULLS o&:. FA Y.ORITE 1111 .. 1.8 LlCOR:lCE, ARAOJC, OLIVE.; OIL, TOXQ.UA JJEANS, And a'l Soecialtie3 for Tooacco Manu JWobcz.cco Bro7cer, lVo. M BBOM) NEW YORK. M:.., RADER & soN: TOBACCO BROKERS 'No. so Beaver Street, facturers. CIGRIT'ITS;TOBA.CCOS Patmt Powdered Licoric&, l NEW YORK. __ __:.. __ ...:...._ ____ WEAVER & STERRY, NtwToRK. WBitOHANAN & L YALCt:-:LL. NO. 24 CEDAR TOBAGCO_ BBOKEB, 01 (fiee :-54 Eroaci St., New York.-P.o.nox L No. 129 Malden Lane. F I X L NEW YOlUL.. I actory :-No. 2 FIRST DISTRICT, SOUTH I!IROOKLYN.-so '( ... -OWDEHED rP PowDERED riQuoRme. TOBACCOS_ LIOORICE AIID ALL SPECIALTIES FOR TOiiiACCO MANUFACTURERS. FINEST Q LITY. ,.,. at Poughkeepsie, New York. 'J PLUG-PLANET NA,"'Y. la, X, 3s, 4s, 5a, &a,,-,., 8, 9, 18a. SAILOR'S CHOICE, 1, 3a. 4:a. a., 6a 'fa. 8a, 9. J 0 .. CHALLENGE, lbo. WASHINGTON, )(e. NEPI'UNE, Double Thlek. brt. cb-k. JIAGGIE NARRAGANSET?. ALEXANDRA SBNIATION. FLOUNDERS. I Do.,,. JACK OF K,II\'0 PHILIP. GRAPE AND APRICOT. 1J!ip ACME" Fane7 B ht Poada. TECUMSEH, tOo. PEERLESS, LD PlUDE OF TR REGDIB!IT. P()(:KET PIECES r-, M" .A. "v"'r :II":J:M"EI OUT .ACME. SMOKIN(: AND CICARETTE TOI!IACCO. GIFFORD, & INNIS, 120 William Street. ..-:r NEW TOBX. .. N. R. ANSADO, l''OULY AND FINELY ..lOWD!iED 'f VIRGINIA BRIGHT CUT CAVENDIIJH. :o. ... t. LICORICHnPASTf1STJCKS < TONKA DEAI'III, DBZ'O'l' .AJI'D .a.a-__ AND ALL sPECIALTI,Es FoR CASSIA Bl'iDs, -v... n 0 0 D W J N & C 0 -. TOBAcco MANUFACTURERs' (!LovEs AND or Till: MANUFAcTuRE or -U ., 14 Broadway New York onANGB PEEL, G W G "1 A -MANUFACl'UllKRS OB' ANISEED, CARAWAY IEED, 3,1 X CORIANDER SEED, F1ne-Cut Toba_cco Glllll TRAQACANTH, FLAKE AND 207 "' 209 WATER STREET., "PILAR..,BRAND. -i, ESSENTIAL elLS, I -AT-121 BOWERY, NEW YORK. NE.., YORK, -OLITE on LUCCA cREAM IN cAsEs, .J,.., We beJ'. to can the atten8cm or Tobacen MaauCac-tare,..'""d De11lers to tblo AND PUlllt SEilllE OIL LEV A !'IT l"f BBLS, B'. WIS21, AG:EIN'!l'. ECKM.EYER & CO;-, .ol48 BROAD & 48 NEW STREETS, SOLE A GNTS FOR THE U. S. OF lnssian & Tnrb&h Tobacco -OFCOMPAGNIE LAPERlE liT. PETERIB1JRG, MOSCOW, WARSAW, ODESSA, DRESDEN. JI'EW YORK, 1'. 0. Boq786. D. H. MCALPIN & COJ! OF THE CELEBRATED FINE-CUT VIRGIN LEAF &NAVY CHEWING Aud :tll KillJ ll of SMOKING TOBAcr.n AND DBAL I: R S I!'( Cigars, Plug Tobacco, Snuff, Snuff Flour, etc. MANUFACTORY ANI I SAl.XSROOM: Cor. Avenue 0 & Tentb St., New York. .MRS. G. B. MILLER & toBAC C 0 lf!NUF AC'l'ORY, CELEBRATED (lo'ETEP. :"' COLLINS, Jllu&T.) 97 Columbia Street, NEWYOBK, 0,. THJ.. CBUBRATED .. .rn. G. B. Miller & Co. Chewing and Smoking, 'Tobacco, tht. only Genuine American Gentle -n M '"' G. B. Miller & Co. Maccaboy Mel. Scotch Snuff; A. H. Mickle & Sons' Forest Roe and Grape Toloacco; Mrs G. B. Miller & Co. Reserve Smoking and Chewing Tobcco. @"" All ordlln promptly executed. ONEIDA TOBACCO WORKS. D. BUCHNER & CO. !Formerly S. S EDNOWSTON &: 8Jt0.1 ) MANUFACTUR.&RS OF FINE-CUT CHEWING / SIOKINGAND'l'OBACCO, 213 1: 216 Duane St., lew York. OUR CELEllll.A.TED BRAJI'DS:OHEWING: Odden Seal, lll'l'ive.r_, Olti 'I'imea, Enterprise, .1'1 ectar Leaf. FOIL: l'hcenix, Golden Seal, S1m Plower, Natural Leaf, Great Central, I!IIOEONG: l'r!tie of the Uniteti Jloq,uet, :Blacksburg, Vlrglni&l.eal', clr:lnick. Established t8sq ., ORIGINAL GREEN SEAL,'' Anrl other ('hoice of MEERSCHA.URI SMOKING rl'OBACCOS cut fro m Virgini a l11ug. W. C. EMMET, Solo KaDufacturer. 74 PINE STREET. NEW YORK. GREAT CEIITRAL TOBlCCO WAREHOUSE. LICBTRNSTIIlf BROS .. PACKERS A:s'D DEALERS IN LEAF 'TOBACCOS, 121 BOWERY 121 Bet. Gran.t and Hester Sta.1 NEW YORK.. M. FRIEDMAN. MA NUFACTURER O F CELEBRATED "BLUE CLASS" ALL-TOBACCO CIGARFTTES, i I 203 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. Da"" Brand i s C opyrlghtetl ESTABLISHED 1&18. K. C. BARKER & CO., )lafactnrers ot the cretebrated FINECUT TOBACCOS, '' AXElUCAN' EAGLE" A"-a all ot-her vade s of FiDe-Out anti 'robaccca, DBTROIT, MICH. TRADE MARK. :HA!'.oo B. Astde from our AMERICAN EAGLE" and "CLIPPER in tbe usual llized wooden packares. 10, and 6olba., We a1so put both of these gr-ad e!l up vers nicely ia 0Na 0U"NC1J T n c !<'on. FACKAWti1 1""\a.cked in M ant\ )f boxes. l.lberal'i)l'igeaade to th& Jobhtnr h v f .. J I. BAaKaR, MRs K. C. BAJtK & HEILBRONNER tc JOSEPHS, MANU.FAOl'URERS, 634, 636, B38 & 640 EAST SIXTEENTH.-STREET, N.EVV YC>R.::a=.. }. I article. Tonka IJeans, First Premium Angosturas, in AWARDED AT aleam Tolu, i n O r i ginal Tin s The Centennial Exposition. Clucose, Fr8 I ?'J l ?O U 4 8 u 3 $t 20 .. h s ; : 2 72 I 6 J Londres Yel. (fibico) 3 4 .. x: u S -t 2a 'j;J 1 4 5 (Ct uCO J u 2 1 35 B d R d S j .:1 1 2 1 40 Londrea Yellow 7_ g .. 1 .3o4-10 1 'j'J t io 01 7 8 2 34 I 75 s s a 1 2 1o 1 6 .. 3 34 1 45 1 jj ,, 3 72 1 55 u .;::b .. 10 1 35 A 5-R 1 'j2 I t) Q H 11 1 8 11 IS 34 I 05 s-s .. 2 72 I 'jo .. 6 20 3+ o 's '' 5-8 3 72 I 55 U u 13-16 34 0 8 -B 72 R e d .. .:s-t 6o 4-$ H 2 'j2 I 3 : H 'j 11 3" t 7.; 3 72 r oc Box Ribbon Red 3"' 1 '5 Narrw Ye1l()W -8 u 1 12 $r .ofO u y 11 3 8 7> & ::m II: ow 3" 5 s:tra. &'tylea of H.:lbbo:n.a 3o5:ad.e 1:o d. IUBBONS _CUT & PRINTED 'ANY SIZE AND STYLEer. ..., ALL ORDERS PROMPTLY EXECUTED. TERJIIS CAIH ,.,.,M "t ln:o.r B _oxeo P.Dd Samples of lliltboJUJ Sent 011 Arplloatioa. 200 I PTE GUVE & G IMPROVED: HOWE SCALES. 'liu,: N .E ::El R. '' Dark, all Sizes. of PLUG TOBACCOS will convince all partiu of the W9NPLUG TOBACCO. CONSTANTLY ON HAND A FULL ASSOR1'MENT AT LOWEST MARKET PRICES. Flactory : S.leroom: .,VEST 4&th ST., 444 BROOME IT, York. I liV. CARROLL,: G SCHLEGEL, u 1 c x Lm Manufactory: TWELFTH STREET, LYNCHBURG, VA. 1se Fzoont Stzoeet, J 1\.-.teraresoec:t!ully !2!!ited and List NJW HERBST' HAVANA tc SEED LEAF .183 WATER STREET,' NEW LIBERAL ADVANCEMENTS :MADE ON CONSIGNMENTS. ALEX .K. VAN RANPOHR VAN BAMDOHH & CO., LEAF TOBAt:CO,. 165 WATER ST., IIEW YORK, Cash Advance d on Consi.l{nments.


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