The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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VOL. XIII.-NO. 20. 'DI'I!AJILI.., uu.] NEW YORK. WEDNESDAY. JUNE 27, 1877. WHOLE N-0. 644. J;he lolJacto leaf ESTAJJJOIIHED 188 ) IS PUBLISHED 1VE1T Wlmn:IID.1.1' KOINmG, BY 11fh8 Too Leaf" Pnblishin! Co., .FIIlCun Se., New Yorl,. EDWARD BURKE --------Editor JOHN G.GRAFF. Business Manager 8" All Letters thoald be plalalyaddr-od .. Ta ToaAcco L&Ar" PuaLI5HtMG Co. Terms of the Paper: S..aLa Cortu ...... aoCenU. 0 Yua ................................ J4.2o Srx YoJITHS 2.10 U"' Reembet' that the COlt to the ye4_rly or aoathlr sa.bacriber ll LaU THAN EtGHT CKNTs na Walt&. ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS ABROAD. C. &AT B1111TAnl c,.:A,ADA ............ B&&M8N1 HAMI!UPG A.,.\1 TH& CONTlNilNTu 5D.f A.vftoaALIA, &TC,. VUt. .f.NGLAMD ,, 5.0.C cu .... .... ................................. 5 Mo orden for reper will be conatdered, _,leu accompanied cerreponf.inr amount. B"' !1!1.11lld, in every instance, lte made hJ ..-Uer, cbeck or d.raft. BiUs are Hable to be ato1ea1 aad can only be Hilt at U.. ftultil 1'1"!:: :. the -eoder. (For Atlwrlis;,.r R4i4' kl! SnnntA Pdc&) IUIIIISS JIII(,'Ttlf OJ !DYUTI8118. To'-"',.,.,....,. APH a Dellla, l'earl. BaKh a Fhchn. 1'\5 Wa\er' 8owlae & S. as Pine CNWford E. M. t6.8 WMer. Dohan, Cano\1 &. Co 1014 fi'Oilt. :DuBois Eugene, 7! Prt'tllt Ea'gert Wm. & Co 171 PearL Ba""lba.!h. F. s SlaUo A FoL DUla a: Co. lfS Wat.r. :Frieud E. a G. 6 Co., at Maldeu Gardluer.j M. 14 f!"''L Garth D. L Soa .t Co., M Broad. Gu.ert J. &: Bro. 16o Water. Gerabell.. & Bro., 191 p..,.l. Ramburpr I. a: Co., ltlil Water. Hawes, L""'haa. a.,"' Muca. Laae. Herbat Brothen, I:J Watw. RUhaa1a G. W 8o front. K.oen11 H. Bowery. a.n:Deaoerg &: Uo., a6cl Peer!. Lacheo\lruob &: B"o., t.6.t WatCI' t:d'e.'2:--' C., 1u Pearl. a FMchel. IIJ Pearl LeYtn M. H., a63 PnrJ. Ltchteasteiu Bros. 111 Bowery 1.... c..., .. J3roa4. Johaol>a, 19 tl'ltiat' Meyer A. 0. L & o., u Be&ft'l'. Nash G. P ..S Broad. NeuburKOrl/l. Steinecke, JpMaldeu Laue Oataaa At.a. Wata1. Brothen 48 Hroad St. Gwen Fra.nk E. 19 Broad Price Wm. M., 119 .M'alden Lh .. lawyer, Wallace* Cc,., 47 Broad. Schlllltt J Bn Tbird Ave 8cb.ovet'ling H. 14J Water. Schroeder & Bon. 178 Water. Schroeder & Koch, a..,6 Pearl. Sdlubart H. & Co 146 'Vater Scoville A. H. &: Co., 170 Water, Sptnpam, E. Co., 3url\,ng SUp. &pltzMr C. H uS Water Squires, Tavlor & Co._. 45 Broa d Straitoa. II Stom., 17S & 18e Peat. Strohn & R.eitzenatei a. 176 ) 'runt. Sutton, john R., Jl7 Canal Taa, Charlu F". & Sou, 18.4 Front. Tatgenborat, F. W. ct; Co. 68 Broad. Th0111p10n, S E.& Co., 54 and 56 Broad UIJID.ann, Cad, 171 .Pearl. Vau & Co. 165 Water :l"Hacco Bahrs for Gathrie & (' ...... us Front. Lef Tobam Sw<01 A.Dderson jobn Co. 11-4, 116 and n7 Liberty. Appleby .t: Heh:De, :133 Water. Bacbanan & Lya-ll, So+ Broad. Buckner D, "3 aod U5 Duane Goodwto & o(). '01 and loc; water Hoyt Thomu & Co., 404 Pearl Kianey BrOtS. 1.&1 West Broadway Lorillard P. & Co. 114 Wate r M.cA.lpta D. H. & Co.. c o r Avenue D aa.d. Tenth! Mllier Mrs. G. B. & Co. 97 Columbia Pioneer Tobacco Compa.n1, 114 Water """'""for Cluwing ana"f TH"'"' '" Allen & Co .. 173 and 17! Chambers. Ji en A. iii Co. LibertY Wue &l Bencl.heim, ua Bowery M,.ft1AfUtllrerl if Cit.,... BoodY Charles. 53 Bowery (JlaccG a: Scklouer, 1 5 Rirington BQtcOI'll J, A., 21 Bowery Heilbroner & 634 to 640 E. Sb:teenth Hinch D. & Co. uS and 130 Ri'fincton and 88 Wall L. & (,.o,, S, Water Jacoby S. & C'o., JOO l:balbam Sq. a 5 tt 7 Doyer. K:&afma.D .Bros. & BeudJ, U9 & lJ Grand JLerbl: .t Spieu, 1oa4 to to3o Socood Ave. and 510 to Jl4 FtftJfourth w..,. Br-. us &: U7 Broome Llchteaatein A. & Bro. U & 3'" Bowry Ltcbteustein Bros. &: Co. t68 BoWHJ'. McCoy Co. 101 Bowery llesu;lel )f. W. A .Bro, tS-" Bowery Rokobl Broa. & S ot=lter, 283 Pearl 8etdenberl' 4t Co. 84 and. S6 Reade ladth 'K. lJowery Smith M. M. 4:11 Vesey Stacbel'-crs M. & Co. 911 and 94 Liberty ltraltoa & :178 and t8o Pearl &atnt A; Newmark, 76 Park. Plac:e of Fi111 Hlfl Cirrt Bonndt, Scheuck & Earle, S3 tn s7 Park Place f'oster. Hilson & Co. 71 .!ft .,q t.:hamben. SUu:b.e&, Ji.aya. Co., JJO, I]J a IJ4 .... La.D .-,.nerl of T.Httt J Cifart. Almi.J:&II J. J. 16 Cedar Guda F. Water (]oo&alez A.-'"' Water Messenger T. K. & Co. J6t Maiden Lane Paacul L. s' Wot'tt Sanchez. HaJ so to 134 Malden Lane. 8co,ille A. ti. & Co, 170 Water Seidenberg & Co. B4 and 86 Reade Solomon M. Jt.. fill! Matciea Lila v.-a Bembetm, 187 l"eatl 'If ell .!& Qo, 65 t'IDC Walter Friedman &: Frein, 10' Pearl 91...._ Eller & K.aeppel, no Perl. 'Jbor V.llbrtine.z &: Co.tgo Pearl Manuface .Buy Fred'lc & Co 41 &: 4J Wanwa Mc'Fall & Lawson, 33 Murray. Seidenberg &: Co., 8-4 and 66 Reade Dej>ot of Jlu lhl Svr'' CJ'pn. Alcee George, 173 Water lhnu(octurm of Mlmertb. H. C. XEWARX, Jf. ;,. Campbell, Lane & 484 Btoai!Q. NEW La. Tobacco Fat tors n.J MercA,II, Gunther & Stevensoo, I6J Common Kremelberc, Schaefer and Oo., 186 Commo'a. Peru/JU Toluacu al&d Brooks Wm. l. b UravitSr PAD'OC.kH: ltJ'. TDha.cco Brp/urs. Clark K H .& Bro. Manufacture of T oh4uo. Bishop T. L. Cobb R. & Co. TobJZcco Buyer. PETERSBURG, VA. Men:lua1&11, !toper, LeRoy & Son IJ/ Pf,r and S,qfu'"C ,Pf-11 tn L111/ THauo. Vea&ble S. W. & Co. PHil AD"f:LPJDA. Tobacco Anathan, M. & Co. uo North Third'rgef' L. A: Co 1u Arch Bremer Lewis, Sons, 3u lforth 'l'hird. Courtney James A .53 North. Front "Lloha 4..'laitt, 107 Arch. Dunn T. ] 15th and Vine, Kisenlohr Wm. &: Co., 115 &uth Water Loeb joaepb, 6:a North Front M.cJ)owell M. E; &: Co 39 North Water. Moore & Hay, 35 North Water Bank J. Rlualdu & Oo., p North Water. Sot'ver, Cook & Co., 1c5 North Water Steiner, Smitb Bros. & Knecht, '2'5 Race:. 'J;eller .Hrothers, u7 North Third, 'Vetterleln J. & Co., S Arch. Wartman M. & Son, 13 North Fifth. Wells A. :f., Third and G\rard Ave. Woodward, Garrett & Co., .J3 North Water Imp. oJ Iiav. Tob. ad CigQrs, and .Draier i Sed Luf. .Ccstas J. 131 Walnut ft'lanufacturers of .Plug T()bacco. Miller, Mearaw & Co. 2I2 3I 8 Carter Manufulurer f Snuff "" Smoloing T /Jdccos. Wallace Jue. 666--61:1 North l:leventb M'ifctllrtrJ if CitarJ Batchelor Bros., So8 Market HUdebrand *' K.lingeober l7 North Seveath Knecht, Smith & Co., 131 North Tbird St. Ludy Jno. j 523 & 525 S. 2oth.. Theobald A H Third and Poplar. Wetla A.] i'bird and Girard Ave. Dunn 1.'. ]. 1sth & Vlne a,...m. Fougeray A. R. 33 N. Front Mft 's A !;f. /1)1' d Smoking Kelly F. X. Jr. to6 Arch Manufacl'rs of Apple Brior-wOQJ Pijes. Groltenthaler V. -4u LGcust Manufacturers of Clay Pipe done all he could to make the change agreeable to cigar and tobacco manufacturers, as he he would do at the conference recently held, and reported in TOBACCO LEAF, at lhe office at Messrs. Lichtenstein Bros. & Co. New bonds the Commissioner will not require from cigar and tobacco manufacturers, and all branded boxes on h a nd on July I will be inventoried and permitted to be used. Is has been imimated to us that new will be required in place of the old ones; but as there is no good reason for this excep tion that does not apply equally to boxes, we judge old notices may also be used. Vacant factory numbers in the Second Dist:ict will be filled by numbers in the Thirty-seconq District, and vacant numbers in the Third Dis' trict will be filled by numbers in the Fourth District. JUDGE HILTONs MISTAKE. HaC! some vindictive foe of Judge Hilton designed and put into execution a scheme to humiliate him before the community, he could hardly have hit upon a better method for accomplishing his purpose than the one the Judge himself has adopted in the course pursued by him toward Mr. Joseph Seligman, the emi nent banker of this city, and through that gentleman the nationality which he represents. Hitherto Judge Hilton has passed for a sensible and shrewd, if not for a wise or clever man. Henceforth, however, io the opinion of most reflecting people, he must and will be rated as an extremely shallow and bigoted man. It is open to doubl if there is another person of like promi nence socially and otherwise in the city of New York who either would or could be guilty of such folly as he has perpetrated in seeking at this late day to revive a prejudice long since discarded in this country against the people of Hebrew faith resident here. Both as an exhibition of indiscre1ion and intolerance the Judge's action in the premises is to be contemned, and we rejoice to see how prompt and general has been the rebuke that bas been administered to him by the press :1nd public. Nobody's perceptions are in the slightest degree blunted by Judge Hilton's pettifogging plea that he only intended to reflect upon a cenain class of namely, the "shoddy" class. He plainly intended to include and insult the highest equally with the lowes t representatives of the Jewish race, e!se why diJ he single out for his onslaught a man of the distinction of Mr. Seligman? The pervasiveness of hi s venom is proven not only by the flbject upon which it happened fi:st to fall, but by his brazen comments and attitude in the face of 1-ublic sentiment since. He was quit e indifferent who was mortified or hurt by his heartless affront to a worthy and numerous class of citizens, so long as he ,..-as enabled to enjoy the satisfactio!l of publicly venting his narrow spleen. Though he p1'ofesses to disavow 11, the estimable Hebrew families named_ in the article in another column, which we-transfer from the World, are as much under the b an of Judge Hilton's prejudi ce and b igotry as are the veriest sboddyites of whotn he complains. Then as to shoddy. Why, but for Stewart's riches, which he control s Hilton himself would only be shoddy, and poor shoddy at that. Except to become suddenly wealthy, what has he ever done to distinguioh himself or others? ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF THE LA ROSA ESPANOLA KEY WES'E HAVANA-CIGARS. MCFALL cl LAWSON, 33 lliURRAY STREE'1,, N. { { MANUFACTURERS OF THE "EL CLUB DE Y ATE" KEY WEST DAV AN A w .. .. A C. l t HAVANA T O B A C C 0.; 1 .. AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO., 161, 163 & 165 WEST THIRD ST :f ELM. CINCINNATI, 0. JOS. J. A.LIVIIR.A.LL, :a: A vAN AORTTOFO ]3 A c c 0, PUOPRIETOR OF TilE BRAND, \\t us ,-..; :1. :1. A. :fer. -........ ___ .....;;._------........ TO' .CIGAR BOX MANUFACTURERS! 16 e CEDAR STREET, NEW YORK. WE WILL CLOSE OUT OUR ENTIRE STOOK OF PLANED SPANISH CEDAR CICAR BOX LUMBER. Price of the Entire Lot, 3 cents cash; or in Lots of 5 M. at JY. cents cash. We the above much under its value, simply to close out the lot. GEOe W. READ & CO., 186 to 200 LEWIS ST., foot Fifth and Sixth Street, E. R., NEW YORK. 11<7 STEAM BAND SAW AND BOARD CUTTING MILL. -u G. W. BILLMAN, COMMISSION MIRCB.ANT II lVIARUF .ACTURED TOBACCO, 80 Pro:n:t Street. Ne"'g'V York. Plug and Smoking Tobaccos from Virginia & North Carolina Factories. The Celebrated Diamond Colden Cut Cavendish Smoking Tobacco. WEISS, ELLER & KAEPPEL, IMPORTERS OF THE ROSE BRAND '' HAVANA TOB ACC 0. 220 PEARL STREET, NE DIRIGO CIGAR FACTORY. cs. .. IANUPACTUBEBS UP PINB CI&ABS, FRANK McCOY,] 101 BC>"VVE::R. Y, NE"VV [EDWARD T. McCOY: SUTTER BROS., Dealers in LEAF TOBACCO, Chicago, Ill. Western.Cigar Manufa<}turers will :6.nti it to .advantage to deal with us.


THE TOBACCO I.E A F. JUNE 27 James C 0 Connel a prom nent tobaccon st shot and Theo Myers when he s not at h s Long Branch cottage cause As the entre crop almost was p1tched between k lied Lev Dall on account of debt a Londress Ky or on h s yacht I ves n the faro ly mans on on Th r y the 5 hand the 15th of June the penod most favorab e Manufactu ers of tobacco wrapper c garettes have been not a 1 tt e exerc sed WI h n he pas fortn ght n coosequence of havmg been approached by parties cJa1mmg ro be mventors of the methods now n use for the wrappers and fillers wh ch compr se the constituents of what are known as all tobacco Cigarettes So far as we have learned no manufacturer who has been mterv1ewed orr not fied by the cia mants has had OFF FOR EuROPE -M Geo B H ll er of the well known firm of R H II er s Sons & Co N Y C ty mporters and manufacturers of I quor ce and all other art des used by tobacco manufacturers sa led for Europe on Wednesday last by steamer RusStq :Mr H mtends mak ng an extended tour all over Europe not only for pleasure but for bus ness purposes rourth S reet anu Ange o Mvers res des rearly on n th s d1stnct for the product on of fine tobacco we fh rtv seventh Street The Myerses are connec11ons of may look forward not only to one of the very largest the P ltes whose elegant res dence at the corner of crops ever rased but alsc> to one of the very best ex Forty n nth Street ancl F fth Avenue IS well known By cept n some nstances where perhaps planlers may ov"r marr age the faro ly IS connected w th the Brush s of crop themselves and produce a thm sh leaf nstead of a Seventeenth Street and the Hen ducks of 404 and SIZ fat one h 5 d gest on disturbed by the apprehen Jon that he had A SouvENIR -A w eked Pars correspondent tells been nvolv ng h 1mself m the meshes of the law relat g the follow ng -A well known baronC6s a leader m 1 f b soc ety was at the sale and pa1d a great deal of money to patent r ghts by makmg c garettes ent re yo to acco to buy a handsome s lver mounted snuff box that was 1nsread of paper and tobacco m combmat on The among Cora Pearls effects. When the baroness was question thatch efly nterested the manufac urers related asked why she was so anx ous to purchase a mere tr fie to the number of cla1mants n addltlon to those who had she s1gbed and sa1d Ah you see -souvenir of my already appeared that m ght sttll be somewhere m husband Every body saw t reserve T1me ng equiValent to money to those who CINCINNATI FOR EUROPE -Mr H T1et g of the k&ve the r 1 veil hood to earn by the sweat of the r brows Cmc nnat firm T1e 1g Bro hers dealers n lea! and or the fecuod 1 ty of tlletr brams 1t was essential to know manufacturers of c1gars find ng the Queen C1ty rather about how many nvento s of one and the same th ng too warm departed for the cooler 'reg ons of Europe d 1 h f w1th h1s faro ly On Wednesday last by the Oder m ght be expected to d op n a v or t e purpose a _T e g)\<\s the good w shes. of many fr ends not only mg lhe r "Cia1ms lind propos Uon m order that a J21easant tr p but also for a safe return Mr H 1nterm ttent lmed that we thought that was qu t" proper If sa1d the gentleman Mr -IS the mventor of cut fillmg and gum edged long1 tud nally seamed wrappers for c garet e as he un doubtedly 1s he ought to de ve some benefit f om h s mvent on We acqu esced The legal gentleman further sa1d n answer to our mqu ry that there was a macbme m the case that the mach ne would make-we forget how many thousand c1garetteK per day and was a &:reat labor and time sav ng 1r1strument We could not see the mach me because t was not on exh b t on and for th s misfortune we were sorry as was we presume the manufacturr.r before referred to who could not see 1t for the same reason Number Two secured h1s patent accord ng to a pr nted paper shown us by the legal gentleman ment oned May 8 1877 but he clams to have bee' maktng the aforesaid gum edgerl long1tud nally seamed wrappers fully t years before the 1ssumg of h s patent The nformat on embraced m the latter part of th1s paragraph IS submltted at the spec al of lN mber Twos legal representat ve We do not know that we are JOurnals cally bound to add any b ng more to th1S simple narra ve of facts unles. perhaps 1t !be to say that Boston S xes and Long N nes were made w th granulated fillers and gum-edged long tuodmally seamed wrappers when we were a tender lad. about forty years ago and that the noted tobacco wrapoper c1garette manufacturers of New York had produced! manv m 11 ons of these now oopular c gare tes seve al months pr or to May 8 1877 If N amber fwo mven ted these c garettes two years ago he was rem ss n not nnak ng the fact e r1 er known than ne did at the Pater.Jt Office The burden 01 proof at all events s w th h m He also w 11 be content w th a royalty Manufacturers can conunue operations with theu customary seren ty The next t WEJ:DS AND TEARS -The New England Homestead 1s mar authon y for the statement that smce the depres s1on of the tobacco mterest a great many farmers n the Connect cut Val ey have devoted considerable attent on to the culture of omons and other garden crops PoltTLAND DoN :r SMOKE -Mayo.r Butler of Portland Me can do a wtse th ng m a w tv way He refused to mdorse the b1ll of $8o for an A dermaJ:llc feed and re turned a b1llThe C ty of Portland Dr For roo c gars -w1th comment The C1ty of Pori! and does not smoke ToBACCo TO LIVERPOoL -The Henderson (Ky ) Re jorlet of June 21 says hat from the 9 h to thl: 15 b of the present ffiOFlth 638 hogsheads Or 888 97 I pounds or tobacco were sh pped f om th s to L verpool on the St L & S E R R on thro gh t I s of lad ng It IS est mated that over 8 ooo hogsheads of s r ps alone w ll be sh pped fron th1s pOIIll before the season closes MEETING or THE STC'CKHOLDf.RS OF THE To llACCO LEAF PUBLISHING CoMPANY -A meet ng of the Stockholders of follACCO LEAF Publ sh ng Com pany was held n the Edllonal Rooms of THE TOBAcco LEAF on Saturuay at wh cb a::J armual d1v dend on the stock was declared payable on and after July z and officers for the ng year ere chosen All the old officers were unam nouly re elected One balf of the cap al stock was represented THE SALES AT THE EXCHANGEThe auct on sales are not as large as could be desued but they are as large as can be reasonably expected at th1s season of the year If reJections were less frequent and less t me were occup ed n sell ng lots as they are offered more could be done at each sale Parcels should be knocked down as soon as the sample has passed round the table It would be well too for the auct oneer to an nounce n every mstance before b dd ng commences the clas 1ficat on of hogsheads 1 h s prac ce wou d be serv ceable to some of those who see the samples and all of those who do not 0BITl/ARV -DEATH OF MR }AMES .HEINEMAN The Wmston (N C) says -Mh James He1 neman one of the lead ng tobacco manufacturers of our town d1ed on last Sunday morn ng after an Illness of two weeks of braln fever ,.--lMr He neman was a high toned and -accompl shed gentleman and a thor011gh busmess man and m h s death our town loses a valu able c t zen and the trade one of Its most energet c and succes ful members and our whole commun ty deeply sympath ze w th h1s affl cted w1fe ana Jam ly m the r r repara'Jie loss H1s rema ns were ca'rr ed to Charlotte for mterment and as a mark of respect to the deceased a ddcgat o 1 of c1t zens escorted tl e rem a ns as far as Thomasv lle and a port on of them accompan ed them to Charlotte A MAP o rHr. VuELTA ABAJO -Mr Jac nto Costa 1mJ?orter of and dealer n Havana tobacco rp Water Street th s c ty has bad publ shed' a topograph cal map measunng so e 26 by 34 ncl os of the famous Vue/to Aba;o tobacco d s r ct Cuba Th1s map IS des gned for c rcu allon ch efly among those mterested m the 1mpo tat on sale and manufacture of Havana tobacco and s adm rably adapted to he use of per ons engaged n these branches of trade It embraces the whole to bacco reg on from Ma zt ta on the Southwest to Paso Real de Dzego on the nor beast a d stance of s xty miles and sho most of the pr nc pal vegas w th n the a ea of the tobacco grow ng sec ons It also exh1b ts the moun a n ranges vall es II\ ers and streams of the entre Vuelta Abap d stnct -----HIS PLANS FOR THE l' UTURE -Our ola an 1 esteemed acqua ntance Mr T F W ashbo 1rne wr es us respec mg h1s future plans as follows -My long connect on w th our mutual fr end Mr Juhan Alleo was term nated May I last I began w h Mr Allen 1n 1856 and dunng this penod of 21 yeas have &radually been work ng up a var ed I ne of bus ness to c I fiad Jt expedient to g ve n ore at ent on than my I t w th Mr Allen would allow The tobacco trade hai shown me too many marks of respect to allow me to betake myself to other pursu ts ent rely AI my card mows ry shall (o hope to) flounsh as a general bsoker m foreign fru Is and some spec al es of hardware To those who are acquamted w th Mr \Vashbourne we need say noth ng to commend h m to ,t.l ose to whom he happens to be a slranger we need only observe that he w II be found competent and trustworthy wherever placed THE J&ws IN SociETY -The World. :June zr In a con versa on w th a World reporter dur ng the day Mr Leopold Bamberger the Secretary of the J ew1sh Board of Delegates and a prom nent member of Jew sl soc etv a d To any one who knows of J ewr.;h soc ety n New York Mr H !tons wholesale slanders must ap pea part cula ly UnJUSt and s lly How many of these ten; b e Jews do you suppose there are m th s country> Not more than 240 ooo and of these one third are n New York The other r6o ooo are scattered over rhe country vet such JS the r 1ndust1 y and such theu bus1 ness act vlty that you hear of them troll ng trade m every sect on In N .:w York C1ty the Jews are largely mterested 10 real estate they own three t mes as much property as three t mes their m1mber of Chr st ans of the arne stand ng They are bankers or Ike l>h II ps and Hart and May and K l'g they-control ra !roads They have the woollen busmess Ia gely m then control and every one knows who t 1s who has the large hat faclor es tobacco houses and c oth ng stores It s safe to say that not r per cent of our people have nher ted the r wealth they are essent a I y a work ng race As to our soc al sta d ng Mr H lton would find t d fficu t to get an entree mto our bes soc e v or our m dd e class society even Take such faro I es as the K gs whom I have JUS ment oned there 1s Mrs K ng of 386 F fth Avenue JUSt near Mrs Stewarts there IS the fam1ly of Edward T K ng the large fur merchant at 357 Futh Avenue JUSt llppos te and h1gher 1 p at 473 w h n a few doors of Mr Vanderb Its IS tl e house of Mr George K ng s fam ly Mr Dav d James K ng of I6 West For y fifth Street s of the same ftlm I and marred a daughter of Eugene S Ball n thle banker All the people are sought and hig.hly respec ed n any soc e y as s Mr Lew s May who marned mto the K ng fam ly and 1s known as one of the most hberal and ph lanthrop c of our weal hy Israelites Near ne ghbors of these people are the Sel g nans-Joseph the cause of all this hotel trouble res dmg on l h r v fourth Strt-et JUSt near F fth /\.venue and t'll o doors from h1s brother James whose son Eugene recently distinguished h m elf by tak ng first pnzes n every branch of study at Co h.mbla Jesse Sel groan I ves on Forry s x h S reel near F f h and h s son IS now at Har vard Umver 1 y pursu ng h1s stud es w th much d1st nc ton The Sel groans have each handsiJme collages at Long Branch JUSt as the other briJthers 10 London Par and Vtenn'l )lave handsome summer residences n the outsk rls of those c t Family connect ons of James Sel groan a e the Walters and Nenstadters of Forty second Streel br ght I gh s m the br gh est so c etv The Messrs Myers eve ybody knows they are n every c ub every char abe soc ety every d1s In gushed gather ng Jul en Mye s has of he hand F fth Avenue The-faro ly of Leopold Haas of Th1rty mnth Street are also fam ly connections Who 1s there on Wall Street who tloes not know Julius and Adolph Hallgarten whose elegant houses on Th rty fourth and Th rty e1gh h Streets are the scenes of many a bnll ant gather ng and of many a notable u nner' In the same class ar Albert and Gabnel Netter the bankers at whose house on .bfty first and Forty seventb: S reets near F1f h Avenue one may meet the real mtellectual and soc al anstocracy of the country as one m ght have done at the house of then father whoe pos tlon m C n cmnat for years past was first among the foremost Nor should I forget the Bern he mers a fam1ly long known and honored of all m soc a! and bus ness c rcles There are perhaps no more elegant homes m the land than hat of Isaac Bernie mer on F fty seventp near F1f h Avenue or of sen or Bemhe mer of Fourteen h Street or of Adolph Be nhe1mer on Madison Avenue at the corner ofF f y mnth Street Who can Mr H !ton find more respectable or cultured than the faro ly of Abecas1s of Forty Sixth Street or the several other faro 1es of the same stand ng m the ne ghborhood? People l ke the Nathans of 575 F1ftli Aenue the Kobns of 485 Fifth Avenue the Solomons of F fth Avenue opposite the W ndsor who are JUSt now at the r country seat at Cornwall rhe ATonsons the E nste us the Fatmans the faro ly of Mr Rosenfeld the large fancy goods 1m porter the Tob1ases Henr ques the Stlners JUSt now at the r country seat at Irv ngton on the Hudson the Sternber&ers, the banker of Exchange Place now at tt e r place at Long Branch-these are Jews ancl He brews who may be compared w th the best of Chr st an or heathen or Mahomedan soc ety Of I I ave not exhausted the list there are hundreds of the best most refined and mte 1 faro 1 es n h s c y who are Jews and whom 1t would puzzle Mr H !ton or any one else to tell from Presby er ans or Ep scopal ans as far as theu manners are concerned I have me t oned only a few names If vou want more JUSt loo; at any I st of subscr hers to Jew sh chart es and you w1ll find them all there-for all cont bute to them Mr Bamberger added some mterest ng facts as to the h gh pos on the Jews occupy m the colleges m tb s c tv espec ally In Columba and the of the C ty of New Yo k He added hat many of the F ench flat bu belong to Jews tb.e Albany to Mr Lew s May the Newport to Mr Ferd nand Mayer and a rtew bu lding now erected by Mr K1ng He sa d that t was the real estate specula rons of the Jews at Long Branch and 1!s.,ec ally the liberahty of the Se 1gmans whn:h had made tbat place nstead of marr ng It He sad that as the Ca ho cs and P o estants have a Bax ter Street and a S xth W' ard so the Jews have a Chat ham Street and an Avenue A but 1f there IS any pre poadera7 to $8 for Seed a d Havana from' $8 to f,u Communication CLEVEL.\ND J'une Z3 EDITOR TOBACCO LEAF -We commun cate w th you as the attorneys of Martm Kneebusch Our comp a nt s the follow ng 11 your ssue of June 6 1877 Re por ed Fa lures and Bus ness A rangemen s C eve land 0 -Mart Kneebusd C gar Manufac urer mortgaged or nade a b II of sale Th s art de has almost ent relv ru ntd our cl ent s cred t and though en t rely unt e has by rumor been carr ed so Jar that o the street here they even epo ted the amount that umor sad t e bad offered to com prom se for Under he t tle that the art cle 1s pr n ed 1t na urally appears that th s mortgage or b II of sale has been made upon hiS bus ness and 1f true would be suffic ent 10 nspue h1s cred tors with fear The sole fact 1s that on May 18 Mr Knee busch nego11ated a loan on one of h s p eces of real estate of fou hnnd ed dollars wh ch mo 1ev he used for the purpose of becom ng a l m ted pa tner m a concerr. wh ch w1ll to a ceria n extenl be aux I 'lry tu h1s wholesale c1gar bus ness He s perrectly so\venl owns o her real estate besides tbat mor gaged and oa d mortgage of sad real rslate has no connect on whatever w th h1s c gar bus ness or manufartory All we des re 1S that you w1l make the necessary explanation m your next 1ssue and thereby do JUSuce to ooe whom you article has sadly InJUred Hopmg you w II comply wuh our rtque5t we remam Yours Resp<>ctfully H WILLSON & Sn:ORA Correspooileee WINDSOR :June I8 EDITOR TOBACCO LEAF -There has been some demand for sweated leaf here n the last week and also a good many 1876 goods have been sold mostly seconds The growers have got for seconds Ole packer n Hartford sold a pack ng of secpnds at from 7 @9c and th1s stu m goods With tne recent ra ny we ther together w1th an abundance of earl:y plants has en couraged the growers to fit and set more land It has mcreased the acreage n Harlford. County 300 acres We have bad the best season for settmg we ever had We got a fine ran Jane 6 and 7 followed by four days of foggy weather and smce then we have had n ce I t le showers every other day up to th s date The cut worms are not g v ng us much trouble yet th s year I thmk that they w II not trouble much now for a ::reat many growers are hoe ng the r crops 0 o a recent r de through Hatfield and Had ev Mass I learned that the crop there was nearly all set before the terr ble thunder storm that VISited them last Fr day n ght and the damage to the grow ng crop there was not so much as :lirst est mated The fields that were badly washed and covered up are now refitted and set once more m shape The start of the crop s now ve y even and s arted w th but very I ttle trouble But a ear Ed tor remember that !h1s IS but a short part of the long road we have o travel before we get ovr money But ORe thmg w II console the grower 1t has net cost htm much to set and slart h s crop H Spedal Crop Reports to MISSOURI Brunswtck Chanfon Co :June 21 -J A M reports -We have had Immense ra ns attended w th mo e or less storms all dunng the spr ng up to the present w ung vh ch has retarded our farmmg mterest no I ttle I here IS not much complamt as to plants and qu te a good acreage already set out cons1der ng the unfavor able season But w th a coni nuat on of Prof T ce s pred c 10n n M ssour damage w ll necessanly follow to the crop espec ally IJn our low bottom lands and be sure to prevent a fu 1 average plant ng bemg p tched m the State Our last storm occurred last n ght resulmg n much damage to grow ng crops dwell ngs barns and fenc ng Some persons badly bru sed scar"rl and narro vly escaped dealh KENTUCKY Clmton Htckmalz Co :June z2 -N & P report 1 he cond t on of the tobacco crop m th s county 1s good The plants were rather large when set but the season hl\v ng been an extremely favorable one they have flounshed finely There has bee1 a good deal of tro 1ble w th cut worm but replantmg-where such was the case-has been general the season hav ng been favorable to t The setting bas been more than an average one and the prospect at th s t me for a good and useful tobacco crop s the most favorable we have had for years W II endeavor to comply w th your request weekly We wnte th s letter-not knowmg at what time your Circular was sent-by wav of apology f any was needed 1 he above refers to our own and the northern part of Ful on Coun y Olmstead. Logan Co :June 22 -1 E B reports -The tobacco crop has all been planterl and and seasons havmg been good an excellent stand has been obta ned Almost the ent re crop was planted from 7th to IS h mst wh ch s ten days later than usual but 1 me enough to make a full y eld and good qua ty w1 h favorable seasons for the g owth and matunty of the plant S nee be ng transplanted the plant looks thr fry prom1s ng and has made a good start to grow Too much ram at present m erferes w th necessary cult va 1on a1 d there IS some danger that the c op may become foul w th grass wh ch IS the only unfavorable feature of the present snuat on So far as I hAve made mvest ga ton tl e acreage s less than that of I8"75 but I am not yet prepared to es mate the pe centage of reauctwn Pembroke Clmsftan Co :June 22 -R J & Co report -The crop of tooaccu IS all planted and at a tavorable time of the vear fot a good crop f seasonable from now on The stand 1s good and fhe seasons all that could be des red 1 he plant has taken an excel lent growth and looks well Some ea ly plantmgs have leaves a foot long Hopkmsvzlle Chnsfzan Co :June 21 -G V T reports -fbe sett ng o! tobacco was delayerl unt l th1s month w th fine seasons there has been a gcner I plant ng and a full average crop has been set Wllh a fine stand and n good cond t on S ottsvtlle Allen Co :June zo -M & W report -As regards to the present crop of tobacco m our county t IS prom1s ng at present hav ng plenty of plants and fine seasons for sett ng early done sett ng w 11 have a pretty large c1op plan ed when done The old crop s fall ng very short of an average crop PENNSYLVANIA Penns Manor. Bucks Co :June z3 -E reports I see by correspondence m vour paper that m many sec wns of he country the plan ng season has been favorable w th suitable weather In tl s d stnct the plan s are nearly all set and are grow ng very mcely and w h every pro pect of a good y eld (about 3 ooo cases) About the usual number of acres are planled W h n the last two weeks several crops of last year s tobacco have been sold and the future s look og be ter 10 reference to sales Lancaster :June. z3 -We had a heavy ran on Thu s day eve and grea er part of the n ght domg JUSt what the growmg young tobacco plants they are look ng yery thr fy at present and the stand was never be ter at th s t me of the year If we have favoraole "eat her dur ng August tl en we w1ll have a rou ng c op Damage has been done to some fields of tobacco by washmg out and others aga n were covered by muddy water too lo g so as o damage and k 11 the t bacco on the whole t does not amount to much North of us m Rapho Town h p some ra sers have JUSt fin sled plant ng but n Eas t Hempfield Manhe m Manor Lancaster West Hempfield and the Denegal s Township al are planted and look splend d Acreage fully up o 1876 crop and n ad1arent count es more planted han forme ly No large sales of r876 crop but buyers s II nvest n low gm Jes wh cb they buy f om ro and 3 up to I2 and 4 One lo was sold vesterday at tz and 4 wh ch was ndeed very poor both n color and qual y lm mense exert ons and Clire a e bestowed on the cui ure or th s season s grow h Hoe ng and harrowmg s all done before lhe n en commence cutt ng gras! and o day the reaper can be hea d rattl ng through the grass fields Respec fu! y CORRESPONDENT TENNESSEE Spnngjield Robertson Co June z2 -C C B eports -The season has been fine for sett ng out 1he tobacco crop and a full ave age crop bas been planted and s tak ng a fine start to grow plant ng done from he 5 h to zo h of Tune be ng the best ume for plantmg a crop About Jour fifths of he crop of 1876 has been sh pped out of our county to rna ket Peaclurs Mtlls P 0 Montgomery Co :June 20W A E reporls -We have had plenty of plants The s all planted m thb count} and I suppose all over the Clarkv lie tobacco growmg d stnct as we have had splendd general seasons wlthm rbe past ten days or weeks The acreage s pe haps larger than any year smce the war some compla nt of cut worms but not general ple!lty of plants to replant w1 h seasons and t 1s not too late to make good tobacco here plan ted ten days hence Ha1tsv:lle Ttuesdale Co :June 19 -J G L reports -Had our first season o 1 June 8 oeen seasonable ever smce an average crop of tobacco plar ted look ng finely prospect could not be btt er Fa mers say tbey never had sa I ttle trouble m ge t ng stands N all I ved. If every tb ng contmues p op t ous we will ra1se a large crop :June 2 2 -We a her showery s nee last report Ground too wet to plow nearly all he t me If 1t con nues much lo n ger obacco and all ether c op w II for tl e want ol wo k Farmers all agree n say ng tha they have never known plan s o d so well All I v ng and g uw ng finely WI eat crop large and of Jioe quah y, VIRGINIA Farmv:lle :Jufte zo -C W B bWr tes -I report w th very great pleasure that the counnes adjacent to th s market never ra1sed a larger supply of tobacco plants and the seasons have been remarkably favorable, and w th few excepllons_every body has planted and has a good stand I fell! warranted m saymg the cut and w re worm have not been as bad m th s sect on as usual About an average crop w1U be raised not more as the present pnces for tobacco are not very remunerallve Clarllsv:lle (Tenn) Tobaa11 Leaf, :June 21 -A cor respondent from Sf Bethlehem wntes as follows -To bacco plantmg IS fimsb .. d and 1t 1s the largest crop ever planted u th s sectiOn many persons planting as many as s x acres to the band The o{ 9ub scnber and myself 10 regard to plant beds 11 certmnly very w1de apart On one bed ten by twelve .teps, burnt w th th rteen loads of old ra Is the plants were very thnftv and green dunng the dry weather while one near t burnt With the small undergrowth almost proved a fa lure A Jetter from Port Royal says -'the w nter of the farmers discontent m regard to a tobacco crop has been made glor ous summer and every cloud that passed ovQr the land seemed to have rameddown \'later, and I feel confident that there IS a larger crop of to bacco set 01 t than has been n any year s1nce the war The plants were fine and they are grow ng mcely Rzchmond Wlug :June 18 -Sm hv1lle Correspon dence -We have had fine seasons and that oldest m hab tant says he never saw such seasons fo tqhacco The crop has been planted and replanted and IS growmg off finely Edge,-tPn ( Wts) Tobacco Reporlet :June 22 -Evans v lie Correspondenc -The past few days have been ex ceed ng y tavorable for transplantmg tbe weed and those who have been fortunate enough m gettmg plants of proper s ze have mproved tbe opportumty and we h nk 1h s s the earl est for years that tobacco has been set out Fulton Correspondence -W th a few more showers tobacco set ng w II be fin shed Edgerton -The heavy storm on Fr day washed out and covered up a good many tobacco plants but they have been covered and r ghted up and those washed out replaced as there IS an abundance of plants Fortbeomlnl' A.ucdon 8ales at It Business Chanl'es. sold DOW dis Manufacturer Reported Failures Bullneu A.rraal'e ments ToRoNTo CAN Samue Glensor Tobacco auacbcd lft for parts Stat< 37S 375 766 Wi 278 228 so I 3 7 eo,, Tuta 205 4 744 34S s 235 ISO 991 981 II 695


JUNE 27. 'lHE TOBACCO MARKET. DOMES1IC Nr;w YoRK 8 34S Recetpts May 1877 791 so ISO Total 4.932 146 37S %78 49S Sales dunng Apr! Including to amve I 217 8 2:10 Total rece1pts I877 6 548 S79 447 I 07I 8 645 Total ules fur I877 tncludmg to arrtve 8 234 397 766 I 317 g81 11 fi9s Stock Mu 31 1877 3 748 I38 375 271 zos 4 744 June 7Transactions dunng tbe week endmg to day Sttck in Imports Sales fint banda Havana Cuba Dam ngo Colombta Braz I Flonda Seed Leal Jamatca 3<43 I 090 ser 3 145 1 o8o 75 Rmurlu -The aales of Havana coasteied of such of the new crop (Of wbicbtbere IS a great 4emand The pr cesfor new Havana were lhldwat ng wrappers from 650 to 900 ofenmgs b nders a d :fillers fa>m 1&o to 300 pfenrugo, Iiller& fro on 140 to a so pfenmgs per pound For Seed leaf wrapper from 6o to 250 pfenn gs b nders from 45 to 6o pfenn gs &llers from 30 to 45 pfenmgs per pound HamhJWg Ju.u 8 -Movements tn the toba"co m;uket dunng the last two weeks ending to day -Havana(old) Havana (new) Cuba Dom ngo Colomb ... :Braztl leaf Braz I rolls Seed Leaf Colombia. Esmetalda lmpottL VITgma and Kentucky Maryland and Ob o Sal .. 368 I97 313 2 772 I 403 230 100 Re,ar4. -The pnces for Havana were llluctuat ng Wrappers from 350 to I 0:10 pfenruso, btnders and &lien from JOO to 400 pC fillers trem to 250 pr. per pound for Seed !eat: wrappers from 70 to 300 pf btndero 6\\eta fro:n SS to 70 pf fillers from 32 to 4S pt: per pound SpantEl.::K., ALL PROMINEN'l., CIGARETTE MANUFACTURERS. IN PCKG PACKAGES IN BOX Exports of Maryland and Oh10 January I Shtpped coastwise same ttme Stock m warehouse th s day and cleared 10 50 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10, 10 25 5 10 10 10 10 10 10 Stock oame t me m 1876 20 156 hi ds MatltJfclu ed Tobacco -We have agam to report a dull markt with hberal recetpts and stock m the bands of dealers h ces remam Wllhout quotable change Exports sao hhds Curacoa W I Recetved -Per R1chmond steamers 46 cases 40 boxes zsS pkgs and IZ cai:ldle and per Norlolk steamers 184 pkgs 35 half boxes za qua,rter boxes z6 cadd1es rS half caadtes CINCINNA1I, :June 23 -Mr F A Prague I eaf Tobacco Inspector reports to 1 HE TOBACCO LEAF -The bus1 neu o: the week m It '/ tu .. co l aa been ot a very sat slactory character both as regards ece pts and sales Pnces have under gone little 1f any change and the market closes steady at quota t ons Reports from the country are to the effect that the new crop s pretty generallv set anJ that the youo g plants are look ng splcnd dly Oh o and Wucos n aeed 11 nlhout change The offenngs at aiJCUOn reported l>y Z@IS lugs good $IO@ 12 lugs red -8@10 smokers colory $6@8 smokers dark lls@6 New Cutt ng Leaf -Fme $.t6@%I 75 good $12@15 medmm f>8.So@I2 common f>7 sor.o8 good lugs I>S 75 25 common lugs 113 50 so New West VHgtma -Wrappers fa cy br ght none sell ng do mediUm br ght, $.IS1il34: fillers 117 SO@Io lugs dark, 113 so ;v6 oo leaf dark $6@9 Oh o Seed Leaf-Wrappers fancy $2o@27 do good 10 sor.ot8 so do medtum $8@9 so b nders $6@8 fillers $4 smokers common $3r.l>4 so W s cons n Seed I eaf -Wrappers fancy none sellmg do good $8@ 12 do medt m 7 do com non 6 fillers 3 S0@4 so smok ers common $.3 7S 325 hhds Mason Countv, Kv D stnct trash lugs and leaf-267 new 21 at $3 gs, Ss at 4 45 109 at 6 9S so at 8 8s 14 at IOI3 2S s8 hbds old 2 at 6 8o 18 at 8 95 27 at Io @I.f 7S II at I5@17 50 274 hhds Brown County 0 D stnct -243 new "7 at f>z 6o 'ill3 95 89 at 4 9S 6o at 6 95 4S at 8 9S 18 at IO@I3 75 4 at 17 7S 31 hhds old 4 at 6 so 4 at 8 OS@9 6o l> at 10 50 11 at IS@I9 25 I4 at 22@1.> 7S 337 hhds new Owen County Ky Dtstr ct -26 at $2 751l>3 9So So at 4'a>S 9S 9S at 6raJ7 9S 68 at 8 95 45 at IO@I4 75 Ig at IS zs zs 4 at 20 50@21 7S 265 hhds a1 d 3 boxes Pend eton County Ky D str ct -31 at $3 101 at 4S 95 68 at 6 95 so at 8'a>g 90 14at to@ u so 1 at I7 25 4 boxes at 3 IO@ol8o 28 hhds new Ho e County Ky D st tct -4 at 113 40 90 12 at 4 05@S 90 12 at 6@8 49 hhds and 8 boxes new West V rg n a lugs and leaf at $2 7S'a>S 3S 12 at 6@7 95 Sat 8 3S 9S 3 at IO IS 75 8 boxes at 2 6o go 3 hhds Southern Kentucky at $3 6S 55 1 hhds a d S boxes new Southern Ind ana at 3 40 go -boxes at 3 50 6o 24S cases c1gar leaf common smokers to fancy wrappers -171 Oh o 23 old at 4 75 148 new 32 at 2 I0@3 95 32 at 4S go 30 at 6 9S "4 at 8 go 27 at IO@I4 zs 3 at 15 so 12 cases Connect cut wrapper> at zo sor,v .. 6 zs 56 cases W scons n 44 old at 2 85 12 new at z 2, CLARKSVILLE TJ!N:N :Jum I6 -MI'ssrs M H Cb.r k & Brother Leaf Tobacco Brokers report to THx ToBACCo LEAF as follows -Our rece pt cant nue good but owmg to the death of Mr A B Harnson one of our prom1nent warehousemen sales "ere part ally suspended Our offer ng were SSS hhds The market was quite megular n pr ce on all grades though as a rule styles were and German styles b gher We quote -Common lugs 3c to good lugs at S to 6%c common leaf at 6!i to Sc medium !eat: to IOc good leaf 10}2'1 o n7.fc fine leat: 13 to 15c selections to 17c Weaganhadfineplantmg ra ns the ISth and to day wh ch enable the pia tiers to fin sb the plant ng of the largest c1op of tobacco ever p tched m th s sect on The stand IS a sohd one and w th favorable seasons the y1eld per acre w II be large The c op was planted rather too early to make our heav est grade of tobacco and we shall probably the elore get as m 187S a large crop of rna nly good Reg e styles w th a moderate proport on of eaf su table for the German markets DANVILLE VA :June 23 -Messrs Pemberton & Penn Leaf Tobacco Cornm ss on Merchants report to THE 1o BACCO LEAF -Smce our last rece pts have to some extent fallen off market perhaps more m favor of buyer attr butab e mostly to the unsafe cond l on n wh ch nearly all tobaccos have been offered and to the flatter ng prospects now before us for this crop may have had a tendency to weaken pr ces There s I ttle or no 1m provement m the oual ty of the stock In good tobaccos there IS no percep 1ble dec me Th s s mostly so on common types To day we quote -Frosted stock %@ JC lugs common dark 3@ sc do good leaf common dark do 7c smokers common do good &ne 15c fancy none offered leaf common bnght 8'ill toe do good 1 O@ IJC extra br ght fillers none offered wrappers common bnght IS@18c do good J8SC fine 30oc fancy, very scarce 4S to 6SC mahopn1es common do good 18 extra scarce ]O C In old stocks the offenngs have bee 1 I ght1 mostly da!llaged wnen sound m fa r demand Pnces generally satis f&f'toryto seller HOPKINSVILLE Kv, :June 23 -Messrs M H Clark & Brother Leaf 1 obacco Brokers report to THE ToBACCo LEAF -Recetpts s nee last report 3S3 hhds to date 4 9fi9 hhds same time last year 11 611 hhd salea since last report 468 hhds to date 3 767 hhds same t me last year 9 93 hhds Our market thts week opened rather easter than the clo& ng pr ces of last and showed much megular ty m pnces but gradually pr ces became rather st1ffer and less ,.regular We continue to quote -Common to medtum lugs 3%Sc good to fine lugs S%%c common leaf 6J('a>8%c med urn leaf good lea( fine lea I4@1SC no selechons offered 'I he young crop m the field appears to be domg "ell n all sect ons and some planters ltave Jel made some addmons to the r already full planung From the quant ty planted and the earl ness of the plant ng we expect to see the crop cbaractenzed more by s1ze of leaf and r peness than b}' fatness as few planters wtll be able to g ve the r large plant ngs the degree of cuhavahon requ stte to produce the nchness and fatness so necessary for spmnlng purposes LOUISVILLE, :June :z3 -Mr Wm J Lewers, Secretary of the Tobacco Board of Trade reports to THR ToBACCO LEAF as follows -Rece pts th s week 18o hhds SALRB FOR WEEK ETC 296 52 400 91 248 334 240 462 2 1S3 I S69 Year 1875 SSS Year 1874 J zo8 872 151 1 z8o 246 654 669 65s I 143 5 670 6 I6S 1.674 S I82 Ytar 4.34 709 6 700 2 170 3 391 3 711 3 820 s 877 30 720 32 195 16016 3S 641 Sales of the week and year dlvtded as follows Wttk (Yr Ong nal New I 939 24 69 Or gmal Old 2 214 New Rev1ews I38 1 S6I Old ReVIews 56 2 254 As s usual at th s t me of year we had a great many crops of our best pia tlers those that put thor tobacco n good ahape and m good cond t on 111 every part cu ar and are generally present when sold Had about so hhds of cutting leaf at 12 to 17C about as many of fine ana select dark heavy leaf at 11 to 16c 4 hhds common bnght wrappe sat 13 to zoe, 4 good dttto at :II to no fine 1 he low grades of same crops oold proport onately h gh and had a steady market all the week the only fal mg off n p ce was on the verv commonest Jugs p obablr 20 hhda dur ng the week sell ng a f act on under 3c these were e ther frosted very trashy or n very bad order or ght \\e gl ts QUOJAll NS Nondocnpt ,-Heavy Bodud-. ,-Cult:ug-"' Cilmmo.,. G"qcJ. C11n mffl GDI'J{] 2S3 6Q9 IS :z 778 206 Com I ugs 3%1il3% 4 3% 3l41il4J( 4 3U'r.vs 4:()jl 17 3H6 = S43 ---1 Uood lugs 89I 4 980 Com !eat.. 12 00 less 10 per cent 27 50 10 12 00 10 12 00 10 u moo 10 10 10 lO 10 1200 10 10 880 10 3500 10 II 10 10 10 850 10 10 10 10 1238 5 40.:J 5:.W 6 75 540 540 540 450 540 518 387 15 75 1238 540 428 383 540 540 5 40 s @6 7% 6 J4 0 @00 8 9 @IZ JO @I3 0 @OO 10 @II I2 @I8 9 @II I3 @16 Mr Alex Harth II Tobacco Broker m h s spectal report to THE fonAcco LEAF says -Th s week forms one of the red letter marks u our tobacco year hav ng closed w th the beav est trans act ons as compared w th those of any prev ous week th s season or any hitely to follow dur ng the balance of t "1th fav rable handling and pr z ng seasons the last two week s rece pts have mcreas;.d largely from all quarters swell ng our sales IS3 hhds tb s week whtch 1s985 hhds for the week more than we were sell ng three weeks ago The character of the offenngs have been of a better average than formerly more particularly 1n thos from the Kentucky R1ver dtstnct the cond t on be ng generally good and a larger number of full shtppmg we gbts for whtch 1here has been a very acttvc demand at full pr ces color and good substance re ceiVJng the preference from b dders Red and colory low grades have been scarcer than dunng any week th1s season and fell largely under a leglttmate demand wh1ch ex sts for such To bacco from that sect o n of country were made spec al features at several of the warehouses th s week One en me brealo of 90. hhds be ng sold at one w;uehouse on Thursday last Notw thstand ng the large offermgs pr cts were well sustamcd In dark tobaccos an entue break of 100 hhds was sold at ooe warehouse yesterday wh ch class throughout the week were m large supply of all grades and types-a preference be ng to good substantial tobaccos 1 good order From the tact of the heavy sale! dur ng the earlier part of the week pr ces wc1e rather severely tested they were creased to 450 hhds on Thursday and 42S hhds yesterday and large sales to day for Saturday The large offenngs comb ned w th the very favorable planting season and fine weather prevalent lately appears to have had no v sable effect n weaken ng pnces as on the whole quotattons fo everyth ng are !ustamed although except onal hhds have been Irregular somet mes lower and some t mesh gher the "eek clos g same as last week RehandleB have bought freely th s week Stemmers have also taken all str p p ng dark and colory lugs and leaf at full pr ces wl1 e w th ex p o rters on Reg e account a d orders on account of manufacturers and dealers everywhere have all tended to swell the total a a btg week s bus ness PADUCAH, KY :June I6 -Messrs Collb & Co, Tobacco Buyers report to THE ToBAcco LRAF as follows Sales and rece pts n th s rna ket last week were cons derably larger than they were the preced og week and larger than they wtll be aga n t!us season In the mam the offenngs were an mprovement on prev ous sales though st II cons stmg largely of nondescnpl and low qualities Pnces on the better qual t es have not mater ally changed Lugs are are tho >ght to be 25c to soc h gher but rregular Good lea{ very act1ve Dark and motley wrappers scarce n act ve demand and very h gh Sa es for week end ng Fnday 839 hhds Rece pts for same t me 722 hhds as folio vs -Corbett Peterson & Co sold I30 hhds and rece ved I 1 S hhds S bre & Hobson sold :z38 bhds and recetved z2I hhds Lmkle Straughn & Byron sold 3I bhds and recctved 24 hhds Buckner & Lemell sold 440 lihds and rece1ved 362 hhds RICHMOND :June 23 -Mr R A M1lls Tobacco Broker and CommiSSion Merchant reports to THE TOBACCO LEAF as follows -Smce my last report our market bas ruled very firm Wlth a slight st ffen ng n p tees for all grades Our rece pts and offenngs have not 1mproved as much as I had ant c1pated e ther In quanhty or quahty Our farmers are now In the m1dst of the r wheat )tarvest so we need not look for much larger rece pts until aferharvest Transactions for the week were I I37 153 45 SAN FRANCISCO, June 16 -Our spec1al corres pondents report a sale held by S L Jones & Co on June IS at wh ch 312 cases Pen sylvan a and Connect cut leaf tobacco were sod on the :followmg terms -Sums under $5 oo cash from liS oo to $1 ooo 90 days over $1 000 one half 90 days and the rest 4 1 onths Of Connect cut 24 cases wrappers at 11 do at IS do at S8 do at 19 32 at I I do at 1.0 do at 20 7 do at 11 do at 18% 5 do at 18 ) do at I3 do at 17 I3 do at 28 cases b nders at 39 do wrappers at zz M Of Pennsy I vama cases wrappers dd not find buyers 1t be ng of poor qual ty 1 he pr ces stated are almost 6o per cent of cOtit of UDportauon ST LOUIS, :June 20 -Mr J E Haynes Dealer m Leaf Tobacco reports as follows -Recetved 1 134 hhds agamst 9o6 the prevtous week We nott: an m the volume of busmess wh ch s sua! at th1s season of the yea< the foregomg figures showmg an tncrease 1n rece1pts of 228 hhds oYer thoae of the prev ous week There has been but ve y httle change m the general character sbcs of the market All good sound tobacco whether manufactunng or sh pp ng has met wuh a contmued good demaad and brougbt very full pr ces until yesterday when certain grades were eas er A considerable port on of offer ngs bas been out of cond ton and lots out of condition damaged and of low quallty have been more or less neglected and moved slow On the whole there has been very I ttle vanat10n 10 the general range of quotations The largest part of tbe offenngs of br gbt VITgmta wrapp og leaf fa led to command satisfactory pnces however and the btds were reJected Sales from Thursday to yesterday m clustve 315 hogsheads -2 hhds at $2 (damaged) 23 hhds at 2 10 @2 90 (part small tubs) 69 at 3@3 90 51 4 90 42 'ItS S 90 34 at J6r,v6 90 39 at 7 90 22 at 8r,v8 90 8 at 9'ill9 70 4 at IOiiillO 75 2 at 11 25 so 3 at I3 so 2 at I6 2SI6 so 3 at 17@17 as 3 at 18 75 1 at 19 3 Missoun br ght wrappmg leal at 22 so 25 and z6 so 4 V rgm a do at 30 41 43 so and 51 and 33 bxs at 2@19 25 In the same time btd were reJected on 73 hhds at $.I 9S'-'9 10, and 20 do VHg rna wrappmg leaf at 19 sor.v 51 To day offer ngs large but betag of better quahty generally than usual the market showed more strength than for several days past and for all des rab\e tobacco pr ces were very full Infenor lugs and low grades lea( however contmue u a measure neglectend su able for the Bremen mrket would meet w th even more atte bon 1f they cou d be procured l n fact t 1s the same all good stock n sound cond l10n no mater of what gro!'th f not too htgh It cost he last years crop however s reated w h ndtfference yet as be o e and wtll be so u t ltL has gone throL gh the s weat and becomes merchantable Therefore a I or nea ly all that comes to ( Contmued on Second Page ) SKILES FB.EY P-'okers_and Dealers.:in Pennsylvania Leaf Tobacco, 61 and 63 Duke St., Lali.oaater.


.THE T 0 B A C C 0 .. 1UXD0iAN, cARROLL &"00:0"' JUNE 27 TOBACCO lJommission Merchants, 11J4 FRONT STREET, < O, BOX 1.385. NEW YORK. Aae'-ts for the followiug reliable Manufacturers: J. B. PACE, W, J. YARBROUIH I SOlS, TUBPII I BRO., C, T. BINFORD, 800DIIA111 I MYERS, L. H. FRAYSER I CO.I L J. IRAIT I CO., R. W. OLIVER, '*T. W. PEMBERTON, 1 t JOHN W. CARROLL, and -SOLE AGENTS FOR THE ORIGINAL Gable Coli, Bonne Bouche, 6.:.. 4s and 6s, and Double Thick. V ALSO, AGENTS FOR THE CELEBRATED! LONE JACK & BROWN DICK SMOKING TOBACCO. Large Stocks of :Manufactured. Tobacco of Every Description, Suitabl e for. th e Home Trade a11d for Forei g n Market s, p't. Oon.s'tan.'tl. y on. ::EI:an.d..; THE VIRGINIA TOBACCO AGENCY, :a.aae. J.&S. M. TOBACCO GOMMISSION 84 FRONT STREET,. NEW YORK. EXPORT ORDERS FOR PLUG TOBACCO PROMPTLY FILLED. F. C.LINDL C. F. LIN DE. c c H A!d iLTON. S. MARCOSO, R A sHCR O F T. YORK SHED LEAP TOBACCO INSPECTION. TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. z lven for every case, and delivered case bJ ca11e, a s t o numbe r o f Certifica te.: :N. It-We Also Sam:ple in Merchants' own Stores. F. C. LINDE & CO., :'' Philadelphia Branch-E. W. Dickerson, 139 N. 3d PRINCIP"L Wat.e r and 1..82 t c 186 P e arl Street. Water, 7 41 '18 & 7'8 Greenwich S treets, a n i Hudson River RaK R o a d Depot S t J Park. L. GERSHEL & BRO., BENSEL & CO., PACKERS AND DEALERS I N TOBACCO SEED LEAF TOBACCO, W.ATEll. S T ., EW 'I.Oll.K. SYRACUSE BRANCH ..... G. P. HIER & CO. E LMIRA do ........ ] R BALTIMORE do E W!SCHMF:VEI' :39 BROAD STREET, e:o P. o BOX :10'70'7, NEW YORKe Patente d i n E ngland, F rance {jnited State s and Canad a The Benefits of the Holder applied to Cigar Boxes are Many. t. I _tprevenh the' C H A N G E OF CARD S f r o m o n e box to w hi c h is a frequent of annoyance. It present s the t.:a r d i n fntJ view, w h ethe r t he Box is f u ll or parti a l l y empty. > 3 Ever y Card can he lii stlnctly seen s h oul d the box be in the front o r bac k ofUle case. 4 T b e (.;ard can b e AbjtlsTJtD TO A N Y POSITION, AND t5 I N THE WAY. The Holder can b e attac hed to t h e Box in a n instant. 6. It will last fo r year s. _7 It presen t s a uniform has an attractive effec t 8 FREQUHNTL Y CrcAJt.!l ARtt D AMAGED from H an dling 31ld Arrangin g t h e P r ic e Cards; tbh; a v oi rls i t greatl> appreciated by the Tnde and aiJs t h e i il making selections So1e :Bil:an. THE STEELE & JOHNSON MANUFACTURING CO., No. 78 Reade aod 99 Cburcb Yor.k._ DEPOT WITH A. HEN &; CO., 43 LIBERTY ST., NEW YORK, IMPORTER OF HAVANA LEAF "TOBACCO And" Cigars! !67 Water Street, NEW YORK. J.Ve-ogv York.. VEGA & BERNHEIM, IMPORTERS OF An.CI. OZG-.AB.S.., ;,_ WHOLESALE DEALE R IN :a: .A. VAN' .A. -ANDDOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, 14 North Canal Street, CHICAGO ILL. B. SCBOVERLIIG, ALL IONDS OF SERB LEAP TOBACCO ( 142 WATER ST., NEW YORK, W3"" t n g House ln NeW M il ford. Conn. 1_ W, SCHOVERLING .to CO, 1 lS'1 S'l'UE'l' tmW YORlt; DEDLBEiG It CO. 160 P EkRL S T., NEW YoRJt. CARL .UP.MANN J. :D. DEMELBEBG & co., .... BALTIMORE, Ma. TOBACCO XUDL:BDG, SCB.W'D & co., AND N E W ORLEANS, L\. mHm COIInnu IUCB!It DEKiWlBG a;_ co. LouiSVILLE, KY. -178 PE.W. IICHAITS. REJ ALL & BECKER, J. L. GASSERT. 11, ,;, GASSERT M MANUFACTURERS O F o .. BRO. WM. PRICE, MEERSCHAUM & AMBER L. GASSERT "" a, CHIS. P. T .IG & SOli, (., A N D OF CODISSION MERCII!ITS. L E A p FRENCH BRIAR PIPES" SMOKERS' ARTICLES AND DEALERS IN ALL K!Nl>ti TOBACCO, M. SMITH, CO., HAND rOBACCO AND -AND tottAm No. 42 VESEY STREET, SNUFF PI:Ji>ES. 1Vo. Chamber$ LEAP T81BACCO, HS FIRST PRIZE IIEDAL, CARL 'VV'EIS VIENNA EXHIBITION, 18'1'3. r '-.. -MANUFACTURER OF ::ME E R. & 0 El: .A. U :all: AND. AMBER GOODS, 398 GRAND _ST., No. 80 Water st., New 'fork" NEW YORK. IOlporten SP .ANISH aad Dealro Ia alj klndllrtf LEAF TOBACCO, 164 Front Street, ... 1rOB.& E. SPINGARN & CO., D W -'.LElLS ix -'' HAVANA & DOMESTIC TOBACCO. No.6 BURLINC .. ..... NE,AR .NE'W'-YO.RK, f: F w H. S t8B&IT ., F. W. TAT&ENHORST A CO., 'l'OliACCO NEW YORK. AT 484 !!ROAD STRET, JIEI:IfJRI C P NASH J) 1 THE JOBBING TRADE SOLICITED ONF..Y AND VIENNA, Austrta. .AND'JNCALQWELL.I' .I. G. R EISlYI:AlVlV, T 0 B A c c 0 ... .. ... LEERET It, BLASDEL a : T b Pl t :.. Commission : Merclumt, moo mcnn : EL 2l;!v LEAFT:OaACco. .-a BB.OAD STBBET, S: 168 & East Water St., Published at lo.tiO LORD IELSOI STREET, EIIUID. l.SS Pearl Street, -ANDsKmAL 68 BROAD STREET, KEW YORK. Ne-ogv York.. s.YRAC.USE, N. v." Two

JUNE THE TOBACCO :LEA:ll:"o ,-.JACOB BIIIILL, -g MAMUI'AC'l"YRU -CIGAR BOXES, StJPERIOil MAKE AND Prime Quality of CEDAR WOOD,. '-93, 295 &: Monroe St., NI!W YORK. BA8CM a. Fl8CHER, IKPORTEP..S OF :S:A V AJif A sm 18& st., UearKaic!n:r.tae, NEW THE&UIAI AMIIIUJ .. BAII, BB.O.A.DW AT, cor. Ce SCOVILLE,) OF AND JOBBERS IN ALL KINDS OF LEAF TOBACCO, Ko. lifO WA'I.IBB SIJIJU:I:T; In:W 00.-.JlOI'IOUT SEED LEAF WR4PPER OF OUR OWX PACKIXG. MANUFACTURERS OF CIGARS, DEALERS IN LEAl' TOBACCO, i 78 &. 180 :PEARL STREET, NEW YORK T. H. MESSENGER, S. LARREMORE. Eery fWlity to Deal en and Corretpoadeotl conalateot with Sound Banking. H. ROCHOLL, PrnideaL Jl, 11'. R!ADI!rG, Cu,lor. WM EGGERT & CO. IMPoRTERS OF EI:AVANA AND IN SKBB LEAP 171 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. :Bruc!l., 94 KAin St.,, 0 E. & G. FRIEND & CO., ]mport.en and Dealera iu LEAP TOBACCO, 129 Malden Lane, Gu.!l 'P'tnM'o, NEW YORK J- S. BABNETT, Importer of BA VAlVA AND JOBBER IN SEED LEAF TOBACCOS, 112 Water StrMt, lltw York. 11. & I. STIRIBIRGIR, 01 Ul DIIMESTR B No. U EICJIANGE PLACE, N. V. DraW' Bills of Echanga on tbe principal cltlee of Europe Issue Clreular Letters ofCredtt to Trav!!lers, and Commerdal Credits ; 1\fr.n.ey. on Deposit, eobjec to Slcht Checks, upon whlch est will bf!: allowed; pay pltt'ticular to the 'Negotiation of Loans. JOSEPH SCHMITT,, IMPORTER AND DEALER IN J.EAF TOBACCO, Aad Manufacturer of F:J::N":El C:J:G..&a-8, No. 893 THIRD AVENUE, Bet. Fifty-tbtrd and Fifty-fourth Sts., XEW TORK. CUTHRIE & CO., a6 !'nat Bt:Het. COKKISSIOI DRCIIANTSr JlMD [BALED DF T 1088 FU EXPORT. Leaf Tolaeco J)t'eltet'lln ba1ea for the West IndtM, Mexican Central American Ports, and other mar. k.e ta TOBACCO PA.!llr oflht BuchNll_.,.. Are MORE DURABLE it)an Wooden Molds. 300,000 In Uee. J a,.d d" dm"llllttriiUinc. GIVE TllllK A TRIAL. ...,. Of our manufacture are guar anteed mpBA.OCC> O::J:GAR.Ein-::a:;w-.:a;W.I"'!::&J.,.S, M A,JJE IVITHOUT PAPER. LOBENSTEIN & GANS WHOLESALE DEALERS IN SEED wAND SOLE AGENTS AND IMPORTERS OF THE GENUINE W. & M. 4i O::J:G.A.R. JY:C>'OLD&, PRESSES, STRAPS & CUTTERS, 11 Importers of German and Spanish Cigar Ribbons, ( No. 101 LANE, liEW YORK ., 1.'TN 'FOIL. J, OBOOKE, 'MANliPACTUtl.R OW TIN FOIL AND BOTTLE CAPS, PL-4.11V Al!ID BOLLING KILLS, 38 CBOBBY and 1G3 k 165 WLI!EBBY NEW YOBX. TlleooMoaldsareuoeclhuaaldagtbeJ'InetlBrando J A HAR'l'CORN of Hava11a Ciar and acknowledged h,all wbo b, taaed them to be the beat Mould. everia..e!)ted, Maoafacturer of .Mak@'SNoCreaseintbeCigar. Durableti:Compact. Fl. ne cl g ars VoiformitJ in Welaht and She ot the CiJrat. Vkllled Labor can be Employed to Maktog 7 B1111cbes. Lest Still it Required in Fiaishillir And Dealer ill PR.,.&. .. II. De PER SET. .arrt111ted perfec.t fli every respect. Send for Circll lar or call aad f'nr 'W-H.. TER'W:n.LJ:GB:R. Manufacturer ;..nd .. tor. 114 IIAJ:DElll LANE, NEW TORK:o M. SALOMON1 LEAP TOBACCO, 2t BOWERY1 NEW YORK. E. SALOM()!(, M. a E. SALOMON, PACKERS OF SEED LEAF, AND IMPORTERS OF' Havana Tobacco and 85 MAIDEN N.Y. -ilWALTER FRIEDMAN & FREISE,--I SCHRODER d: BON IIIIPOR TERS OF HAVANA No.178WATRSTREET,NWVORK, -::. 203 P arl Street New. York. .g;' IIDpor"te:r,-s oC Spanish e HERMANN BAT JER tc. PACKERS OF DOME_8TIC COXMISSIOlf :MERCHANTS & IllPORTERS OF LEAF CI.cay F.A.OTC>B.:CEJS: 614, 616, 618, 620, 714, 716, 718 NINTH STREET ; and 420, 422, 424 and 426 TENTI OFP'ICli:-53, 55 and 57 PA:R:K W. BEST, Chica&o; LOR.lN PALMER, New York; W. H. RUSSELL, Chicago. AND SOLE PROPRIETORS OF THE GENUXNE "GOLDEN CROWN" CIGARS, 57 Lake Street and 4 t State Street, Chicago, 111. ALSO AGENl'S FOR THE FOLLOWING WELL-KNOWN FIRMS:-p. LORtLLARD 41> CO New York; SEIDENBERG .. CO., New York; w. S.IUMDALL .. CO.'S "VAl'OTY FAIR," Rochester, N.Y.; W .. T. BLACKWELL &. CO., Durham, N.C.; J. J, BAGLEY .. co.s "MAYFLOWER." Dotrott,llich.; \ Licorioe Paste; J. W. "LOXE .JACK.'' Lynchburgh, Va. POWDERED LICORICE, GUM ARABIC, OLIVE OJL, OTTO ROS I would I have 'l'onqua Beans, set apart a portion of my Establishment for the accommodation of any who may And all other Mat.e.:ials for Flavoring used by Manufacturers, including the wish to Sweat Tobacco their own way and do not wish the care and expense of E :ti"al Oils sweat rooms on their own premises. The tobacco will be cased and handled in &sen t any manner wished, and then placed in heated rooms specially adapted for W H. Schieffelin & Co., sweating, without drying and crisping the leaf, or the tobacco may be cased and packed, and then sent for storage in the heated rooms until sweated. Being that I make a special business of Sweating and Rehandling of tobaccos, I can offer such rates as to induce any one to forego the rehandling of his goods him self, and take the choice of either a quick or slow process. I trust the Traile will give this their consideration, and at least favor me with a trial. For any further particulars please call on or address C. S. P::EIILXPS, No. 188 PEARL STREET, N. Y. WISE & t 2 t BOWERY, New York, SOLE AGENTS FOR THE WELL-KNOWN 15 :R:nh:XGTDN NEW YORK. Propctetors of t h e Celebrated REPUJaLIC" aRd "HIGH AND DRY." .. Ot),r Runrls rn:ut,.. f () orrler. PATENT TOBACCO STRIPPER. PATEl'JTED IIIARCH 14, 18711. The Most Perfect and Rapid Stripper Ia tilt Werld. KERBS. SPIESS, New York1 LICiiTENSTEIN BROS. & CO., New York; HIER l!r ALDRICH, 5EUBERT & WARNER,-CARR & CUSHING, and BALDWIN & FRYER, Syracuse, N.Y. DAVID H. HULL, 30W. GeJlesee St., S:yracuae, 1'(. Y. 170 and 172 WILLW!: S'mEE'l', SANCHEZ, HAYA tc CO., 30, 32 &. 134 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORKs MANUFACTURERS OF ___ .,,FINEST ELEAR HAVANA GIG!RS. A'Wa:ded Eiglmt ll!eda.l Exhibition, 1876, ALSO IMPORTERS OV CIGAR BOXEP. AND IMPORTER OF : ) GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS of CSINJ!B'O'Cit a CC., and F. I!OCULJUlm 11&.\.LD JK Presses, Straps am .. Cutters,. 283 SOUTH STiiEET, N. Y. _. JULIAN ALL[N, Seed-Leaf and TC>BAOOO, MUIILB:N LOVB, IANUPACTURERS' A&ENTS! 19 "' 21 :RANDOLPH STBEE'I'J 0::13:::J:O.A.GC>.


: e JUNE 27 -. "'WJH. co., -HENRY BESUDEN, J. DIX & SMITH & co., KNECHT, lllAKIEIIOBI '1'0 ITEJ:NER, IBITR BROS, .. XliECHT, llli ALL KINDS 01' LEAF TOBACCO, AliD XAXUF.&CTUJREBS 01' .AlfD DE.A.LERS IX CIGARS 1ft orth ftird Street, l'biladelphia. LEAF TOBACCO, ll!U! "'TALEORBIN ceo rnmmmiml>eWliU LEAF TOBACCO, IJJill[ ll ,-211 STATE STREET, e TEL(' ER ""BROTHERS, -, Paobrs, Clnloa lorchaats1 and Wholtaall Foreign and Domestic Leaf Tobaooo, 117 North Philadelphia. W. EISENLOHR &_.COr, PACKERS A!'fD WHOL_ESALE DEALE-RS IN LEAF T O B A C C 0, 110 &. .S't., W. EISENLOHR, S! W. CLARK, PBIL. BONN. L. BAMBERGER & CO., DEALERS IN I!' 1LEAF., TOBACCO, And Manufacturers o.f all Grades of Cigars, Nol-l 11 A:rcil St., Philadelphia?Pa. LEWIS BREMER'S SONS, L. "VV. GUNTHER, ERAL COMMISSION MERCHANT, AND TOBACCO mo; 9 sou z-::a G.&. y-_ Liberal Advancements 'Made on Consignments to my Address. CEO. KERCKHOFF tc CO., Packers of Seed. Leaf AND DBALBBS IN TOBACGOS, 49 South Charles St., Baltimore. lid. e.. GIDO. KERCKHOFF. GEO. p, UIIIVERZAGT., :&4dH. WILKENS & CO. 181 W. PRATT STREET, MANUFACTURERS OF SMOKING TOBACCO -ANDNEW YORK AGENCY: I AGENCY: M. FALK, 122 Chambers Str11t, BATTIN & BRO., 122 N. Third St. 1 1 : 8 and 1 17 Weat Front St., 98 WEST SECOND ST., Between Race and Elm, Bdween Viae aad Race Streets. CINOINNATL 0. TRB STATB OP KBKTUCKY TOBACCO GO.; Choice Brands of' PLUG 'l'OBACCO, And Patentees of the Celebrated Braad of P R 0 Gd!R E S S MADE IN ALL SHAI'l>S AND WEIGHTS ....-EVERY PLUCJ HAS OUR PATENT FASTENER AT THE END. -u_ S. LOWBl\TTRAt. & co.; M.ANUF.A.GTUR.ERS 4 OF FINE AND DEALERS LJ;AF 1e0 'W:&:ST :I'O'C"E.'l'B B'l'Eli:S'l' CINCINNATI, O.HIO. F. G. 'l'obacco Works, 'l'oledo, Ohio. CHARLES R. MESSINGER, MANUFACTURER OF waTPHAL, COIDIISSIOH And Deale< "' COIIIECTICiit IEED LEAF Tobacco, Mate. M .. HattfmL Oo11JL l LEAF TOBACCO, Ifi}SPECTOR AND BAILER, 32 OBKIIJ.'B..&J. WIIA.Br, BOSTON. HINSDALE SMITH & SOlT, to H. SMITH &: CO.) P .&CKERS A.ND JOBBERS OF Col1Jlecticut Leaf Tobacco, HAMPDEN ST., S pri ngfleld, Mass. HIN61)At.& SMITH, E. H. SKJTIL C. 0. HOLYOKE, Wholesale Dealers iR 'LEAF" AND MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, "f. Q,JJ AND SMOKINGS COJiJiiSSION DltCHANT I In LEAF a.nd MANU!' AOTURED ED. WISCHMEYER. HY. WlSC ED. WISCHMEYER & co., Com.nrlssion Merchants, N0 .322 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. G. JjFA large assortment of all kinds of LEAF ToBACCO constantly on hand.# Also, the Indian and Sun Flower Chewing Tobaccos. TOBAOOO, ]Ace Wan.. AARoN KAHK A. Wau.. HNRV TraTIG, ARNOLD Tr&Tic:. 12 Centt-al 1J"h,ar_f, BOlito-Me t.ol AND DEALERS IN LEAF,PLUG TOBACCO & CIGARS, M. ANATHAN & co., Packers, Commission Merchants AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN LEAF TOBAOCO, w eil, Kahn & Co., H. TIETIG ct BROTHER, (.Successors to S. Low&NT.fiAl.. & Co ) fATE, MULLER &CO., f1 Manufaotureraand 0 { Tobacco Commission Merchants succEssoRs To CIGARS & LHAP TWCCO LEAF TOBACCO,- J. E. HAYNES, :D&ALKll IN WESTIIJtN Pill ciuos c 1 a A R 8 LEAf : rcraAcco: 37 North 7th St. 8. w. Cor. 15th Vine 8t8. KEYSTONE CLAY TOBACCO PIPE WORKS, 19 N. Sli:VlC:WT:S: ST ::PB:z:LAl)li:%.::PB"J'A PBNINOTON., PBICB & CO. S; W, VENABLE, E. C, VENAJILK. S. W. VENABLE & CO. An4 aQ3 Chest.nt Street, PHIL.&DELPJIU J. RIKALDO SAjJI & CU. TOBACCO, .. AND IEIERAL CODISSIOI JfO 31 Jlorih Waur ltiNet .. a. 30 liOI'tla. Delaware A.Tea ... ...=::: JllUl&c!elp:bia. PHIL.a.DELPHI.&. MANL;J'ACTURERS AND DEALERS IN F. X. KELLY, Jr., CLAY, WOOD, ENAMELLED, GERMAN C. D., &. OTHER 'TOBACCO PIPIIS. 106 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa. .....,..,.,.. -A";;._ SoL A c&NT Fox F W SMYTHE a, CO -.-.-...... .,. Q. -..... --B.A..OOOS HARRIS. BEEBE&: CO.,Qaincy, 111.5 J. A. COURTNEY, I I ., ., BCLIPIJE'' BRIGHT IIA.VY, lit"'' a., ..... 51, e.,.,.., s., 91 and to aUCHANAN & LYA.L14, Ncow York; ''liT. GEOR&E" BRJQHT RAVY, l 3, 61, 61, til, 7' 81, 91aadl01. R W OLIV-=-R. n h d v a N th F .. Phil ''VlRGlJU.A. DARB u BKI&R'I' 11A.VY, 11, a1, a., e 9n to 10 mon a.; ... or ront a CO'-""Ss .. o"ANNO'l' LYLE" BRIGHT N"'VY,lo, a So, 6o, .,., 8o, oo..-lOo. A.M. l.YOlll & co .. ll.lcbmond, Va.; "' ...-. ,..,. POll MERCHANl'S' TOBACCO CO.,Bostnn,ldats.; "'OBACCO AID CIGAR "w --NDII, X and 5a. 08lce : Cor. Bynae 41. llallik::a: Sts., l'etersbargh, Va. Factory: 19 :second 1 District, Virginia ;I G ;..;;...._ & CO__... .... O._ IIER.-.- .... ...... ft ... A M s "IT JABEI" DARK POIIJIDB, Xo, 5o, 6o, 'I' a, 8, Oo a ... lOo. w JLSON, SORG &: co Ulddleton, 0 aa........., .n "'...,..."" & ..... .., .!!. _.... ... of PDfl: 'l'WUT or Hveral gtades Brli'h' aD4 Mabopar aader U.e follawlar SORVER, COOK & CO A. H. THEOBALD, THill ITATE TOBAcco BaBTHER'I'ON BtiiLDIKGI, 1 .. l'AClUS, COJOilMfOK VIBCEA11'1'1, MANUFACTURER OF HANUJI'AC'l .... JNG co., 10 IWOB.t.'B ;roa. "Dll SOTO .. aDd "OOIWQUJ:B.OB." 1GS .IIJ.'., pm1 &DELBJA. Aad 'Wiooleoalo Dealero In c s f W &LOUISVILLE, KY. LIVERPOOL ENCL N The followlnlfare oua Aaootofortbo Salo of MANUFACTURED GOODS:-FINE I C A R FEL lEI 1: SOl, Baltimore, ld. A D. c. w. VAX ALITI5E, No. J central Wurt. Boatoa, ...... LEAF TOBA.cco P, CAVANAGJ!, NondoW'abashAvcnuc,C.:bk-lll.l I H. Cfj DV & BR01J1U'VD A HA&EB No.63 N. FroatSireet. Plailadelplda, PL; AND DEALER IN J.llUU\. .lll.J."' H. CHR18TIA.N, Ga1ve.-toa, Teau; Spanish and Domestic Leaf T0bacco, 11JJTEB "'r Dvl'llV, l'roprietor, TOBACCO BBOmS HERMAN Elt.I.J.J. No.6,s.Garstr ... t. UalthDO .... ,Ma.: 11 W. eor. 3d Poplar ta.. C. U., Cor. :Uaditon aud Fraet St.s.., Memphis, Tean, JOHN J LUDY Manufacturuof J __ ...._ ________ ...._ ____ Maaura.:tu ... roC:oCeleltrat4141 t A R FOUGERAY I'INB CIGARS (lLARJUVILt.E, T.-., Sunnnide and IJttle Wanderer Flft:eenth a. VIne Sts.. JIOPKIDVIIoLE, KF. JUO X GA. :EI. Kanufacturer&' Agent, PRU.ADELPIIIA. P.O. ,;;._ r::t:,J \J NAVY.iSMiiKiNaiT"OBAcCo, 33 NORTH smm, MI'LLBR MBGR4117".. 1J '$ .., 111 ,. ... ,... .,, 1'1111.. Philadelphia, Pa. ... 0., ). "' ... & ._. '""' .. -D t1 a r ..r., pounli,wtththewMc;l"WEDDINGCAKE ., Oil Cloths, etc., very cheap at the Old Pl: cl, I The bon .... m -t lhingout. A'"' ,. of the fnllnwln.pnpul or "rand.:-.. co. .4 ,, Ill:::!+ "1...-at.ORF.N4VV, BANNERNAVY, GOLDEIVNAVV, OLDTOJINAVT .C'JO"' 0t,....\'S>112 Ful:ton. f':llll.lo' .& BANNER SPUN nor,,,, LADY'S FTNGERS, lOa,' l!IATDEJI:s BLUSH.' so -d,. ,.,.>1' 11-o"' Carpet5 Care1u tlyPacked and af!nt to a n y part of the U ited Stales Free of LIH,.!'RTY t 4:a, CONEGRA. W'S GOLDEN Bt\Riil, OUR DAB LI:P1G, I and. lOit -". 1" 0 1.1)."0'0 o-o.a,.o BENDALL RA, Go, BLACK PRINd lOa, 4 ._11t>"' e&'9 IF Send for tory Cireular. ---J. A. Good. A!auufaotured to Order at short uot:oe. ,_ f{1l' oi"Y St. LOUIS. J. :11. PBICE, DANVILLE, VA., H"VING EIGHT Y&AitS' :EXPJr.IUUfOI:, Ol'en Wo letriceo fot tiM PURCHASEofLEAFTOBACCO frt the Ba11k1 aDd Bulea Mn rrrreu'> ]. L. PII:KN, J NN. J. L. PEliN & COMMISSION MERCHANTS FOR THE PURCHASE 01' T....... TOJIAQCO _..,..,_ STEJIS, a. FALLENSTBN & SON, TOBACOO COIIISSION ""M W. T. NOEL, .TOBACCO BROKER Evansville, Ind. BUYS STRICTLY ON ORDER. -


,---JUNE 27. THE ---. su-rRo ere NEVVlYIARK,. MAlfUF.A.CTURERS OF CJ:GA.RS:J AKD DIALERS IN LEAF TOBlCCO, 1'8 PA.B.K PLACE, 'NEW YORK. A ONCE PROSPEROUS MERCHANT STARVING. Augustus Raine W\\S de tected stealing a box of cigars from the tobacco manufactory of Messrs. Campbell & Lane, at Newa1k. At the police station it was discovered that Raine was starving, and he was at once given food. The truth of the story that he told was corroborated by evidence gathered by the officers. A few years ago he was a prosperous young tobacco merchant in Baltimore, where he had wealthy relatives. He came to New York aud made investments which ruined him. Rather than seek aid of his f r iends, he endeavored to retrieve his own fortunes by working at cigar mak ing. In this he failed, and then he went to Newark. and there committed theft to get bread. When his story was found to be true Messrs. Campbell & Lane decl\ned to prosecute him, and the authorities furnished him with the means to go home to Baltimore yester day. WM. DEMUTH & CO., MANUFACTURERS AND IMPORTERS OF SMOKERS' ARTICLES, 501 BRO.AI)-w A V, Centennial !eclals awarclecl for Beauty of POPtTLAR STYLE NE--vv YORK. Design, Skill Displayecl in Fabrication, ancl CHEAPNESS. KERBS a lvran ufacturers SPIESS, of Fine Cigars, DISEASE ATTRIBUTED TO TOBACCO. -Dr. Baker, Secretary of the Michigan State Board of Health, says: "There has come under my :aotice for several years, but more particularly during the l ast a kin,i of rheumatic con dition of the walls of the chest. 1he patient complains of a dull, hf avy pain m the chest walls. The disease, in a large majority of cases, is confined to the left side. The pain is ed, and limited to a space oi not more than two inches m diameter, just below and a little to left of the left nipple. At times the pain is very severe, and a lways con,tant, day and night, when the patient is awake. I have investi gated the disease to some extent, and find it to be more common among to bacco users, especially those who use weed to excess. Patients suffering from this complaint invariably come to their JJhysician with the be i icl that they have heart trouble. And Dealers in LEAF TOBACCO, 1014, 1016, 1018, 1020 SECOND AVENUE, A LADY IN A SMOKING CAR.-We witne ; sed, narrates, an amus i ng inci dent l ast Friday while ou the river trai n from St. Paul to Hastings. A lady of goo l proportions, well dre. j.J :wa; er h!S stand and quened:DETBOJT, MICH. I "How muchee for Jour cent cigar?" P. LO::RILL.ARD,11& CO A WARDED HIGHEST MEDALS EOR ---- ---__ _..J PLUG TOB.&CCO,-Fm:m-cv-r TO:S.ACCO, SMDmG TOBACCO AID S111PP. Office-It, Ul FIRST ST., JERSEY CITY, I. J, Hew York Salcsrooms-114 Water St., one door from WalL IMIOO JI.A.JIDL PAY 11. & GOVERNIIEI'IT t3,0000000 TIU8 Tlii.A.B. LIQUORICE PASTE. ::a::.xouomom. '1"0 EC..::s.zEE 0 THE tJSD-IIG .. D C:Ol'ITUiliEI TO DIPORT .A.I!ID M.A.1111W'.A.CTVRE PURE IPAI!IliH Al'fD TVRKEY LIQUORICE vn.o .. Q11.u.JTT .A.JlD UV.A.ILUITEED TO UIVE I.A.TI.B'.A.CTlOl'l TO EVERY TOBACCO liiAJII"11B'.A.C'l'URER 171DIU TH I.A.JIE, T-OLD FAVORI'I'B BR.A.I!ID 011' .:J. C -, C-D ALWAYS READY Jl'OR DELIVERY AT TRB I!RORTEIT I.WO'ra-, AL80 .A. 0. C PJrT. <>AND HlA OTDII:R BR.A.l'ID!I OJi'TtJRKISH PASTE, ALLOJi'WHICHARE QIVIl'iG IWCR.A8ED II.A."'l'IIW'.A.C'rlO AI DIIT&l!IC:BD BY 'nUl RAPIDLY GROWING DEB&l!ID .A.l!lD EJITJIUII .A.B8EIIIOE OB' ClOJII'LA I.JITI. ceed .. a&":&lnst ever_y nn .. llt'Uilty of Imitating our BRANDS or or offering CIGARS so rraudulently put uo for ule ; and we refer offeadei'S allaintit the law and commercial ioteifity to uction -4<1 of tbe Uaitd. State 'l r ide Muk Sta.tu(ea. D. HIRSCH & CO., NJtw VOKK1 7.,, 1, 1 8 71 Defiance Cira,. Ma?&Mfa.ct.ry. 642-644 W. J, JlOODLESS. w I J. BOO BLESS & co., In the work lately published fiy Rev. has written the following letter to the Han. I. H Sturg110n, Dr. Slaughter, of Virginia, about men Collector First District, St. Louis, Mo., under the date and customs in the old days of the of June 14, 1877 :-SIR-In reply to your letter of the Commonwealth, it is stated that in gth in st. you advised that if special tax -stamps have colonial times many acts of Assembly been issued for the sale of )iquors and cigars on a boat were passed regui,.ting the culture of carrying a picnic party, such stamps may be removed to tobacco, and one office of the early cover sales on the picnic grounds, if the facts have been church vestries was to appoint respect registered with the collector. [Int. Rev. Rec., Vol. 18, :-411 B...,... street, N.Y.; PartUiaaSt., B.......,_ able freeholders to count tobocc<> plants pp. 81 and 82.1 But during the !i'icnic the sales on the in each parish. The salaries of minboat must be discontinued. If sales be made at both isters and civil officers were paid in to places at the same time, spec1al tax would be incurred bacco, and it, or notes representing it for both. SQUIRES, TAYLOR & CO., TOBACCO in warehouses, were the currency ofthe AND country. Dr. Slaughter states that WHAT TO Do IN THE FUTURE.-The Clarksville parishes were known as "Orinoco" and (Tenn.) Toba>Ci1 Leaf gives the following good advice to "Sweet-scented" parishes, according to tobacco planters :-Good news comes from all quarters. G'Ji'IJE R AL (IOMJISSJOV WE R C H AVTO, the kind &of tobacco grown in th m Planters have bad a splendid season, lasting for days, .1!1 ll .11 Bl 11 I) A sweet-scented parish was worth with contmued showers, enabling them to finish planting. 45 BROAD STREET, much more than an Orinoco parish. It There is no doubt cf a full crop being planted, and the is quaintly remarked that a minister's plantg are healthy ar.d vigorous, growing off remarkably NEW YORKtobacco was worth much less than other well ; and this promises, with continued seasonable ----...;-----"'T"-------------.. like bulk of tobacco, because it was so weather, to be tbe best crop raised for years. The main UIITED STATES 'INTER.,AL REYEIIIE TAL mixed. Thus it seems that the clergy point now is to give the young plants a good start and I I h d b "fi f h J h F j" bl J h' Thetax:onallkind of ManufactuTed Tobacco h 2-4 cents perpouod; laVe not a ways a t e rst TOllS pus I lelr growt armers are ra e tO neg ect t IS Snuft", 32 cents per p o ud; Cigars, $6 per thousand 1 Clgareues wdgbia of their parishioners in modtrn times duty to some extent from the fact that the wheat harvest notoertbreopouadsperthouoaud, ,,per thousand; igaretteo :::f Cheroots over three pound1 per l huunnd, S6 per tb'uusand. The Whenever the flock could fleece the is just now on hand, requiring all their attention. Every dutyoa Ctgars is -so rer pound and per cent. ad h h dth h 1 f.'! d th d ta e b ld b t k d the reate te f Clprettesaamedutyasctgan. mportedCi,!j: an,Clgarettea ..,. pad; oa tobeceo"' "''lbl ,. -. -. 1.. Llldnii!VBnni'IV ll. BR'*DDD .... pud,aadoa prwtro.a.aocop.per..-d. Tll ...,.cl'" .. eqoaltoabo.l VDID11 I.Dift C5 Uluua, neglecting to plow the young plants freely, CQntJnue the Amerleaa lbo. Ia coats, cold, per nH A-MANUFACTURERS OF THE f '' ELlt" ancl .. OliTW ARD" 0 I GARS, lad Dtlln II WF TOIAOOO, Nos. 34 and BOWERY, ..,--: _pw .... --.. M. W IIDIL a BRO., ;MANUFACTtiRERS 011' OIG.A.RS AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, BOWERY, NEW YORK k f h f h fi ld b b d d moaalactwftd:ot-od...-....... wor a ter a o t e e as een Iappe iD or er to ""-ao4. aDOio-ocl, ooaiAiaiDf 1.,. or mon cf moloten "'!"t7 put in a cer:ain number of plowings and keep the crop lbo. -aht tberol (beoldeo s bor c .. t., and addltloaor cllar .. ol "por CI'DL ODN ... Val f'tota boo4ed WazeMU;.Maltc p. per lb; coatatDl .. l .. tlaMI on tne ground as long as pOS!Ible, thus requmng more iboel-.reta-ry .... tbowoltrlltloacrUI .. oflhoutn time and labor to make it This ia all wrong tobacco o. ... n..-imld:Ca-uclll..-...ato > K twioCI.40-14. pc ... all olhor 1dMo 40-pcllo, ahou ld have at least five plowi ngs by the time the first topping can be made, and no stirring of the after ADVERTISING RATES. topping except in extreme dry weather. If the ground o!hl IIQ.V&RB cu lloaparrll Llae .. ) is kept loose and moist by fresh &tirrings until !be leaves Owe< On Column, One Year, .... co I Over Two Column, OoeYou fully cover the hill, then the plant will shade its own do do Sis Months, dn clo 'ix Montbo, -tto do Three WC)Qthl, ao eo do do Three y,....tlaa. .,.... roots and protect itself. Two (lit w-.-rU u-.) OYer Two Column1, One Year ....................... S11i ... .4dvertuements. A MARRIED GH.N l'LEMA.N wbo ha1 been in the Leaf Tobacco Bust ne t6r the lan, a ))flfed Bookkeeper and Correl'pondent (linglih. french and Gt:rman), acqoaiote t witb the entire H.-m Trade, anrl wbo can ln8!lenee and manage an Export Bvsiness, wou d t o take a position tn a bouse where bi!i services will be appreciated. 1 h t highe1t references can be givea. Fr particulars address J_ o. a., Care of u TK& LAr."' do do Six Months, .-.&.oo I clo do Three JIIODI.Iaa, Ji'OVR IIQ,VAREI (SO Jll"aaparell Llaea.) OerTwo Columns, Ou.: Year......................... ......... ......_ do dn Siz Month!. I do do Three 6o..aa FIRST PAGE-Oae lqaare, (l\1, Jll"oaparell Llaea.) Over "l'wo ColumnK, One Year............ ............... SEVENTH PAGE RAT1t8-0ae Sqaare, ll\1, ll"apareO Lla ... t I Montba ........................ f:IS oc t.1x Mnnths .. ........ S 4o.o J O tte .... 75 .00 Transient on the .. nth Patle1 30 Cent Jlt'C 1-ill t' .or ..a c h im;t.rti. o u a :nne i n of l 'ir&t Pa.u,t:, Que Y.e..r .... ....................... ...................... IJ.s..


THE TOBAcco JUNE 27. ;:THOMAS HOYT & CO., MANUFACTURERS OF F:INE-CUT CHEWING AND SMOKING>. & S!ll'trJII". OUR BRANDS Ci:HEWING: SU:anrYUDJI, K.&BOKAL JtB.IGBT OWBII, BrnL.& 0.4 VJDI'DISB, .41103. 40to II. 4,06 PEA I'LL ST., NEW YOB.Jit.,.. ..L 8.. SIJIITH. ) P--era.' S. 001\lSTOCK, ._. W. LO'CKWOOD, Special. Tobacco :Manufacturers. JOHN ANDERSON & 00. MANUFACTURERS OF THE SOLACH liD OTHER TOBACCOS 114 1 116 LIBRTY STREET, NEW YORK, lleg to direct of the Dealers in Tobac::co tbrouttJout the United Statt's and the World to their CELEBRATED SOLACE FINE-CUT CHEWING TOBACCO. which is belnR' once more manulactured underf the immediate of the origina-tor, MR. JOHN ANDERSON, and. aow stands, u lormerly, without a rival. Ordert forwarded tbrougb the u1ual channels will will meet prompt attenti_on. J. F. FLACC & CO., U'6 11. U"S FIRST ST., BROOKLYN, E. Dot Manufacturers of the Celebrated Branda ... Harvest, Surprise & Seaside Fo\1, G&!&:Q", Ivanhoe and :Bellwether, Granulated Fircsiic, Jolly Boys and RcdJactet, Lolli cut All Grades 8.nu11'. WBAVBB & STERRY, :No. 24 C:ZDAB. S'I'., N:S::W YO::a.ltJ IMPORTERS AND MANUFACTURERS, CHOICE BRANDS OF SPANISH LICOBICB I &BHHK LIGOBICH I ALL SPECIAL TIES FOR PLUC TOBACCO. OLIVE OIL, TONCA BEANS, GUMS, FLAVORS, Powdered Licorice Boot. IN STICK LICORICE WE HAVE THE FAVORITE BRANDo'-1'. B., I'IGKATI:Lr.l .&:KD GVZOLDI'I. asu.rrrrs, 'IQBI.ccos. ircEmm... WILLIAM BTICHANAN, BUCHANAN & LYALL, :LICORICE., W 4L:t.IS ciiG CO. Tobacco manufacturers and the trade in general are particularly requested to examine ,and test the superior properUes 'Of this which, 1 being now brought to the highest perfection is of. fered under the above style Of brand, We are also SOLE AGEN'rS for the brand 1". a. a. o. :Acknowledged by consumers to be the best in the market. And for the brand of Licorice Stick -oo:, In all r6spects equal to CALABRIA. Consumers and Jobbers would do we!l to apply direct. Lteorloe Seleot aad. OrdiD.aJ7, eoa lt&Dtl)" OIL .baad. ARGU111BAU, WALUS l CO.; 29 .t 31 Bath William Street Tobacco Bro lters.' JOHN TOBACCO BROKER 4 27 Pearl Si:reet, f 1EW YORK. CJI!S. t FISCHER &: BRO., ) Toba Brokers, .IS: 'JWat St., ,EW YORK. THos. KrNNi f TT, CuAs. E. BrLL, Ja. KINNICUTT & BILL, BROKERS IN WESTERN & VIRCINIA LEAF TOBACCO, &2 BROAD ST., NEW YORK. LICORICE PASTE AND STICKS. CltARLI!a F. OSBORNE, G. S. w. s. F. W, S. STERL 7 EXTRA., p, S, BARACCO AND PIGllrATELLA, DE ROSA, EXCELSIOR Jln.LS ._ F AVORJ:TE IIIU.LS POWDERED LJ.CORJCE0 ARABIC, OLIVE OIL, TONQ,UA DE.Al'IS, And a'l Soecialties for T ooacco Manu facturers. Patent Powdered Licorice, m VER & STERRY. Importers NO: 2' CEDAR STREET. JAMES G. OSBORN}!;, robe&cco Broker, No. 3& BROAD STREET, l NEW YORr<: M. RADER & SON, 1TOBACCO BROKERS No. 50 Beaver Street, NEW YORK. A. SHACK, TOBAGCO BROKER, No, 1 29 Maiden Lane, NEW XO..RK.... POWDERED LIQUORICE. FINEST Q 'iJALl:TY. Iuafaetare4 at Poughkeepsie, Yew York. GIFFORD, SHERMAN & INNIS, 120 William Street, NEW YOU. O:fll.lCe :-54 J:l::road St., New York.-P.o.nox uu. N. R. ANSADO Faotory:-No. 2 FIRST DISTRICT. SOUTH BROOKLYN. PLUG:RcHEwoiNG c::iRAsioiiNFG LICOBICHIMPASTf STICKS l u T 0 E .A. c c 0 s AND ALL FOR SPAl'IISH LICORICE ROOT, 0 p L U G. TOBACCO MANUFACTURERS SPAl'II!IH LICORICJi: EXTRACT, I 4 B d N Y k .DEER TONGU.IIl, r0a Way, eW Or L"URELLE.YES, aAIL0R'8 CHOICE, Ia, 3a, 4e. lSI, 6a, ts, 8, 9a, JOa. ..... .... CIII&LLENGE, lbo. W A.IHJ.l'IGTO!f, .l(o. NEPTUNE, Double Thick, brt. drk. MAGGIE TONKA. DEANS, .liiiTClRICLL. NA.RR&GA.N'IIBTT. ALEXANDRA. SENSATION. FLOUNDERS. &P A.JSTXS::EJ: CASSIA. DTiDS, :IIIKJRAIII'AN, IOo.-. .JACK 0111' KING PHILIP. GRAPE AND APRICOT. P .A.CIIE "ll'a11Uly B ht Pound TECUMSEH, lOo. PEERLJI;SS; LICORICE PASTE. CLOVES AND CIIIINA.UON, .P.&LB. GOLD BARS. P'RIDE OF TH REGilllENT. PO(lKET PIECES,_ ,.. ORANGE PE;EL, N'.A.'V"!r P:J:N'E O'C'T ANISEED, CARAWAY SEED, A L"'""1 M CORIANDER SEED, '-.../ E LAVENDER FLOWERS, SMOKINC AND CICARETTE TOBACCO. VIRGINIA BRIGHT CUT CAVENDISH. WOB.:t.D'S :1" AIB. AND :a 'O'J:IY. Branch Office: 49Y2 Central Street, Boston. P. o. BOX 996. H. H. TODD, .A.gont. B.OT AKD GOODWIN & CO., OF THE MANUFACTURE OF G. W Gail & Ax, bacco BALTIMORE, -AT207 209 WATER STREET, 121 BOWERY, NEW YORK. NEW YORK. WID1, .a.e:morr. D H MCALPIN & CO. ECKMEYER & co. !ANUFACTURERS OF THE f CELEBRATED FT.NE-CUT 48 1 VIRGIN LEAF & NAVY CHEWING lnssian & Turkish Tobacco -QF-AND DEALER S IN COIPAQNIE LAPERVE Cigars, l'lug Tobacco, Snuff, Snuff Flour, etc. Ill .MANUFACTORY AND SALESROOM: -sT. PETERsBuRG, noscow. wAR-Cor. Avenue D l Tenth St., New York, .. SAW, ODESSA, DRESDEN. r JIEW YORK, f!. 0. Box 4786. .MRS. G. B. MILLER & tOBACC 0 MANUF J.CTORY, (:PETER. !1-COLLINS, -.) 97 Columbia Street, NEWYOBK, JIAMUPACT1.1&1UtS 011 'I'JU. CltLRBRATED G. B. M.iUer & Co. Chewing and Smoldng "'Tbacco, tht. only Genuine American Gentle -Snuft'; Mrs. G. Jl. Miller & Co. Maccabo! Snuff; A. H. Mickle & Sons' Forest a.,..e and tGrapo Totacco; Mrs. G. B. Miller a Co. Reserve Smoldng and Chewing Tob0-cco. gAll orders promptly executed. Ol!fEIDA TOBACCO WORKS. D. BUCHNER & CO. {Fonnerly S S EDMOXSTON' & Bao ) MANUFACTURERS OF FilE-CUT CBIWIIG AND BIOKING TOBAOOO, 213 I 215 Duane St., lew York. OUR CELEBRATED BRANDS:CHEWING: Golden Seal, Bevi ver, Old 'rimes, l11terprise, N eetar Le&f. FOIL: Golden Seal, Sun Flower, l Natural Leaf, Great Central, I SMOKINGt l'rl4e of the United Blackaburg, Vlrgbti& CELEBRATED Establhsbed rS5Q. ORIGINAL GREEN SEAL,'' And other Ch()ir.e Branch of JIEERSCHAUM SUO KING TQB_!l(;COS cut from Virgiuia Plug. W. C. EMMET, Sole Manufacturer, il'io PINE STREET, NEW YORK GREAT CENTRAL TOBACCO WAREHOUSE. LICHTENSTEIN BROS PACKERS AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCOS, 121 BOWERY 121 Bet. Grand and Bester Sts. NEW YORK. :11. FRIEDMAN, MANUFACTURER OF THE CELEBRATED "BLUE CLASS" ALLTOBACCO CIGARETTES, 203 PEARL STREET. NEW YORK. 8!F' Tht" Brand is Copyrhrhtf'd. HEILBRONNER tc JOSEPHS, OIGAR I 634, 636, 638 & 640 EAST SIXTEENTH STREET, 'IRADE MA R K Etabllahed 18<18. I. C. BARKER & CtJ., Manufacturers of the Celebrated FINE-CUT TOBACCOS, "AMERICAN EAGLE" -ANDU OL:J:PPER..'' Also all othl"r G rades of Fine-Cut l Smoking Tobaccos, DETROIT, MICH. AsirlP from rur 11 EAr;J..E" and "CLIPPE R in th usual siul W(10 l e n parkal!e 1 0 40 a n d 6o lhs ., w e al:-'o put hoth o f t h e e u p v e r r nice ly in ONP 0JI'ICH TI N Foi L PA CKACillS pad;: edin. Ji d.nd X G 'OJl;il b OXI"S. LitJ e ral Prices mad,e to l h e J obhtng Trade. J I. MRS. K c. DARKKR We heg to Call the-attention of Tobacco Manu f ar turersand Dc:a.ler:s to this SUPERIOR AND PURE article. GUM ARABIC, GRAIN AND POWDERED, GUM MYRRH, LUMP AND POWDERED, GUM TRAGACANTH, FLAKE AND POWDERED, ESSENTIAL OILS, (.' OLIVE OIL, IJUCCA. CREAM Il'i' CASES, !iES.LliiE OIL LEV ANT IN DDLS, Sole Cor the States of and VirTonka Beans ginia, MEssRS. DAVENPORT .t; MORRIS, Rich. A t C k mond, Va. ngOS UraS9 Ill as s, LICORICE ROOT-Aragon and Balsam Tolu, ill Original Tins, Selecred and Ordinary. Clucose, French, in Casks. ZURICALDAY & ARGUIMBAU PRICES CURRENT ON APPLICATION. 'j V. W. BRINCKERHOFF, I 02 PEARL STREET, Xn.ti:PO:E'l.TE:R.. NEW YORK. ,, CEDAR STREET, N. Y. CIGAR BOX MANUFACTURERS 153 to 161 Goerck Street, New York. R.EDUCED :Prl.oe L:l.B"t or SPANISH, AMERICAN &. GERMAN CIGAR RIBBONS. !eHow : .. .. ............ Erlra, 5 brc,,a.d, 72 vdn. $1.85 .. .... ............ No. 1 .......... .. .. 5-S 72 vds 1.70 u 2 5 .. 7 ,. ........ .. .. ........ .... .... ... .... ... 2yds '-l60 ,. .......... .. ........ l!a .............. 5-S 72 ya.s' 145 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 11 3 ............... 5 72 yds: 1::10 llrf,ad .. .. ...... .. .. .. .. 1 ............... 5 72 yd=. 1.80 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .... .: .. ...... :: ;a ya.s. 1 70 :::.: :::: :::::::::::::::.: :: 1::::::::::::::.:6:8 1Ht l::8 2 ............... 5 :: 1.70 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 3 ............... 5-8 72 yi!s. 1.55 Narrow Red ....... ............... 1 ............... :1 11 72 WA. 160 u 41 .. ...... ...... .. Q .......... .. :1 72 yils. 1. 36 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .... 3 ............... 4 72 yils. 1.................... :: 1 ............... i-8 72 yils. UO II ................... 2 ............... 4-S 72yi!s. l20 11 ........ ...... 3 .. ...... ... 4-8 72yds. 0.95 L011dres (Chico) ......... -.. 11 1 ............... 3 34 yell 1 35 (':hico) .. ...... ;; 2 ............... 3-4 34 yds: 1:10 !el,;ow.. ............. .... 1 ............... 7-8 34 ydll. 1.75 ., ................... 2 ............... 7 34yds. liS ,. ...... .... .. 3 ............... 13-16 34, 1.35 ,. ................... 10 ............... 13 34 yils. 106 ................... 15 ............... 7 34 yell. 0.95 .. .. .. .. .. .. ... 20 ............... 13 34yell. 0.85 .......... : ........ 50 ............... 13 34 yds. 0.60 Red .. ........ '... 1 ............... 7 3:1 yils. 1. 75 ................... 2 ............... 3-:1 34 ydll. l25 :Boz IURbon Red ...................................... 3 72 yds-0.80 Yellow.... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ......... 3-8 72 yda. 0. 75 El=-::tra &::vies o:r :R.:I.bboz::o..a "to C> RIBBONS CUT & PRINTED ANY SIZE AND STYLE ALL ORDERS PROIIIPTL T EXECUTED, TERMS CASH Price of Cigar Bexeo Pond Sam le of Ribbon Sent on Application, 200 UPTE &ROVE &: &EDIEY, SP .&I lSI CIDAB FOR CIGAR BOXES. AGENTS FOR OSTRUM'S' CIGA.llBOI NAILING MACHINE. Foot lOth I: lith St., East RIYBr, NEW YORK. IMPROVED HOWH SCALES The only Scale made with Protected Bearin& PAGE & CO General Bo. 3 PARK PLACE,IJIEWYOJlK. tla.r are tuad by the followlnc emien lll&Dufacturers :-P. LOKILLARD II. CO,, New VoriiJ DVC:HA.NA..N .. L'YALL, New York; JA.S. B. PACE. Rtchmond, Va.; P. MAYO a. BRO., lli,:htnond, Va.; E. W. VENABLE .. CO., PeteiSburg, Va.; FINZER BROS., Ky. HENRY WULSTEIN, (1-uor to Bcrcf'eldi II. Desll-,), i\, 114. CEI'ITI\IC STREET, NEW YORK, P 0 BoE _3091, New York. Consta_!!_t_!_r on hand the Best Jmprnved for CUTTI'NG_,_jJRAJIULATIJITG S:IEV:ING TOBA 0 BY MAN I.> OR STEAM t'OWEk. "' A larae variety of :Macbiery for Manofac. s ,uch as for Cu.ttiol{ or Granulatin.r Havaaa aod other Fillers for <.:i.liran. Stem Rollers Bunching )i(a .. chines, Stcmmina" Macbioes, and also Macbioes for Crusbing and Flattening the Tobacc o Stem in tbe Leaf, CigaTctte Macbiaea, etc. Sole Agent to the U.S. for F FLINSCH' S (Offenbach on Maio. Germany) celebrated Machines for Packing Manufactured Tobacco. TINFOIL, Warranted Pure Tin, FOil. WII.Al'PING: ani CIGA!UlTTBS, and LitUNG: ClG:AB BO:US WITTEMAII BROTHERS, 18' WILLIAM STREET, N. Y. .W'K. ZDI'SSI1B at 00., NAMUI"AC:TVI.&&I or TOBACCO SEALINB WAX. Alld lmperte!ll .r lllyceriae, .. a-. &c. W'iJii-a t.. lrodL :I. GOI:BitZ. 41. OO.J lmporten and Maeufacturen of GERIIAlf .AND SOOTCB D!'f!pes, Heinrich Goebel Sonne, len II lroaii ... erode PlpM, 1SB8 Maiden Iiane. K. EBT.A.BLISHED 1'1"111. GEJllRD BETTS & CO., General Auctioneers Nl!lW YO:BX Ac:&:NCY, A. HEN& CO. 43 Liberty Street, oppo<e Post Office, :Da'O:a 'I'::a:B.S Or, SMOB'E:z:t.S A:a 'I'l:C:LES, D _EALERS IN C TOBACCO, SECARS, SNUFFS,-: &.c. PIONEEB TOBACCO COIP!IY, BUSINESS OFFICES: 124 Water St., New York, 16 Central Wharf, Boston; 25 Lake Street, Chicago; 51 NORTH WATER STREET, PHILADELPHIA. Factory : No. 1 First District, N. Y. THE .CELEBRATED THE CELEBRATED "FBUir GliE," BRICHT. All Sizes; MAHOCANY, All Sizes; P z C> N' E E "'R Dark, all Sizes. A c:mnpuf!llon of our Brands of PLUGTODACCOS will convince all partiu of the WONDEllF1:1L HERITS thetei n. PLUG TOBACCO. :HERBST BRO.THERS, 183 WATER STREET, NEW LIBERAL ADVANCEMENTS :MADE ON CONSIGNMENTS. -AN11-COMMISSION MERCHANTS, STORE AND GALES ROOM' l"OLD SLIP l 104 PEARL STREET (One d()l)r from HaaoY Square) a&W YOB.K. Cigar Manufacturers Are ioformed that we are able to supply the Trade with fintclasa PACKERS at abort notice. Please address to the CIGAR PACKERS' SOCIETY, S. MICHALTS & CO., 175 E. Street; M. GATTERDAM (Ooatroller of Vacandcs), IQ9-Norfolk Street, New York City. OBACCO BAGGING I IMiTATION SPANISH LINEN1 :FANCY STRIPES, And all Wt\ds of Goods used for up Smok J ing Tobaccoe. .Also, complete UIOJ'tment of Smokers' Aru..:les for the Trade. MWARO SIIIGER & CO., 462 to 468 Broadway, lew York. CHARLES A. WULFF. Agt, Lithographer, Printer&. Manufacturer of 1 111:1 11 STATES RIGHTS SALE. JOSEPH LOTH &; CO., MANUFACTURERS OF ALL KINDS OF CIGAR RIBBONS. CONSTANTLY ON HAND A FULL AS SOR'l'l\IENT Af LOWEST MARKET PRICES. Fae'tel')": WEST th ST.,. 4,4,4 BROOME ST. _._York.. P'"B.A.SER.'S WAR.EMtJUSEO 'F.LECANT CIGAR SB8W GASES FOB HO'I!El.S AND GROCERS. Cor. W .. St., Ne"i'VYork. VAN RWDBI & CO., LEAF TOBACCO, 165 WATER ST., NEW YORK, Cash Advanced r>n Consh:nm""'n t s.


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