The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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VOL. XIII.-NO. 21. 'JHI'l!'ABioiBBBD 1884.], NEW YORK. WEDNE8DA Y. JULY 4, 1877. WHOLE NO. 645 ESTABLISHED 186cl.) IS PUBLISHED IVEl!.Y WEDNESDAY KO!l.mNG, BY Ma,H/"actHrers o/ i'O'ftltreretl Lien-ice Brinkf?rboff V Vr". Ctdar Hillier' II R. Sons&. Co., 6o Cedar. Weaver &I Sten.)', Ceda1 SuJ Leaf 1 o!J.:cca .hupurlo,. Reneel & Co. 178M \Vater. 1-'ioke C11arles, 155 LlndeF.C.&.Co, 1o42Water. Na.tioHAl Tobaet:tJ br.ecti11n. CLEVELAND, 0. Deale-rs ot Sud Leaf aiut Havana 'f4/Jau4 and Jobkrs in all ltinds 4/ '1'4bau11 Goldson & Semon, u2 Ontario DANVIJ.LE. Va. Comaissi q MlrCJ.QnU Pembrtr m & Penn 'Vise J, M. & Peyton. co., NEW YORK, WEDNESJ;>AY, JULY 4, 187741 C! 43 warren Street, New York, THE SOLE ACENTS FOR THE 11Thc Tobacco Leaf" Publishin[ Co., Fult n St., New York. Hoodl.eiiS W. J. & Co., 4.5 Broad TcbiJCCO Guthrie & Co., n.5 Front. \ Mu.nufa tu1cr of SmG!d".f To6a&eo. Trowbridge \V. H. Buytt of Ltaf Tbauo. Price] .M. PRINCIPE DE EL. OALES" SBCO:ND BDITIO:N EDWARD BURKE --------Editor JOHN G.GRAFF-Business Manage' r ....-All Letters 8hould be platnly addres.ed .,.TK& TOBACCO L&AI'" PUBLISHING Co, Terms of the Paper: StM Av FoL Dills&: Co., 1115 Water. Friend E. & G. & Co., t29 Malden Lane Gardiner./. M. S4 fo'rout. Garth D. ., Son & Co., Oroad. Guoert {: L. & Bro., 16o Water. Gershel & llro t91 .Pearl. Hamburger f. & Co tO';[ Water. Herbst Brothers, dSJ Water. HUlmu G: W .. So Fmnt. K.oemg H. 32:9 Bowery e10erg & \]o .. 100 'Pearl. LachenbruGh &: B"" Water Lam-,tJ.e .1\. C::., 122 Pearl. Fi.&chel, 2:13 Pearl Levin M. H., 163 }'earl. Lichtenstein Bros. ru Bower,. Lobentein A: C.ans, 101 Maiden Laae MaiUaod Robert L. &: Ce., d .dro;ui Martin&: Johnson, 79 Front Meyer A. 0. L &: 0., 43 Beaver. Nub G. P ..S Broad. Neuburger & Steineckc, 131 Maiden Lane Oatman Alva, 166 Wate1. Ottinger Brothers 48 Broad St. Gwen Frank E. 3 9 Broad Wm. l\1., 119 Laa.e. Ouln, j. P. & Co., 39 Bread. lle:i...ann. G. 1 88 PeM'I. Sawyt>r, W all .. ce & Co. 47 Broad. Schraltt J, 8l3 Th rd Ave Scboverhng H. 143 W1l.tcr. Schroet!et"' & Uon, 178 Water. Sclaubart H.&. Co .. 146 Water Scoville A. II. & Co., 170 Vlatet, Spmf;Jarn, E. $' Co., 3nrlln&' Slip, C. H. uS \Vat e r Sauires, Taylor & Co., 45 Broad Straiton & Stof'llo1 7 8 & 18e Pearl. Stroho & Reitzenstein, 176 fo'rout. Sutton, John R., 217 Canal 'J'ag, F". & !:>on, t8.f Tataen'hont, F. W. If. Co. 68 Brmtd. Thompson, S E.& Co., 54 and Broad Upmann, Carl, 11S t'earl. Vau llamdoClr & C o t65 Water Baltrs for Expqrt. O.thrie &: ('p. u.s FronL L o f Tobacco Su!tatittg. PldUpo C. H. 188 Pearl Little Thomall G. IQ3 eearl. C4mmiUttHI MlnltANI. llJG" Brothers & Co., 1.6 JJ: 48 Eacha Pl..:. Bttyrr oj Tobacco. lleuena G. !! Br06d. Tobaceo Brol#,. Cattua Joha, u7 Pearl. Fiacber Cha.. E &: l:lro., lr Watet' J'lecber, Frederick, 41 lJroad KJ.oo.icutt & Btll, r Hroa' Bowery Rolc.ohl Bros. & Soelter. 283 Pearl 8eideoberg &: Co. 84-and. 66 Reade Smith 1!;. Smith M. M. 43 Vesey StacDel 'erg M & Co. and 94 Liberty lttaltoo & ::jt9rm, 178 and 18o Pearl lutTO A 76 Parle. Place of Fi111 R..,.,. Cirr' Bonnett, Schenck&. Earle, 53 to 57 Park Place Foster, Hili:Wn & Co. 11 .Xt: ?Q Ch.amben. S&llcb.ez, .tiaya & C o., 130. 133 & I:M .M. LaDe if H.:va"a Ticu .,.J Cigar1. of Cig11r Boxe1. Ericbs H. W. 253 South. Henkell Jacob. & 295 )fonroe. Strau!ls, S. 170 & 1 8 1 Lt:wis. Wicke William & Cn., Goerck. D,al""s ;.,. Spp,is/, Cij:ar Cedar. Uptegrove & Gedn.e), 46! 17! East -renth Steum B04rd Cutlr"nt: pmi Baxd Mill fqr Cuttinr CJI{llr Wu4d. Read Geo. W. & 1S6-JOO Lewis Sp,iA and Cigar Rihh""' A lmirall ; J ., 1 6 Ct!-acco. Hawes, E. V. (6 Water. BROOKLYN,'N. Yo Plu g Tohtzao Macltint,.y. Tuoal Cain Iron Works, u7 to 131 Water .M.a#ufa.ctMrN'S f CJu.rvng ta.U Smoltiur bacco. Flal'g John F. & Co., 176 and 178 First. CHICAGO. m. WluJUsl' D1ale,-s i,t Leaf nd Hfl.:t.IUI 'J'o6a..c.o. Alrrurall J, J. r6 C-r Garda F 167 Water Qonulez A. "'" Water Subert B. 14 N. Canal l(essen&er T. H. & Mai-den Lane Pucual L. s' Saacber, Hay;;;. Xt Co.. ljO to I,U Maiden Luae. 8cod11e A. tl. & Co. 170 Water &. Co. 8.4 aud 86 Reade BolosDon M .r. Maideo Lui Vep. &: Beraaeim, 187 earl Wed & Co. nr.: Walter Friedman &-Freiae. IOJ Pearl w.-. EU Ealt Randolph :{, D#4&/n-Ill 7'Hiu:cll. M\lllen & Love 19 and 21 Raodolpb. /Jtirs ;,. L111f l qblllcD, Bandhagcn Bros., 17 West Ranauipb. M.J,,uifaetMrtn of Fin1 Cut CJuw.Jinz anti S.d tlfld D1aler1 i11 Ltf Tob.u,. Beck & Feldkamp, 44 and 46 Dearborn Tohaccqnis l.t 6' Man'llfactur"I'Agents. Best, Rus1u::ll & l.:o. 57 Lake a.ud 41 State CINCIXNATI; W"alesalt TobacNJmlts ir Be!!t1 Russell & Co. 57 Lake and 4' State Lhtw1 s Havana aud DI111Uiflc. Lcaj TH.cco. .S..Udeo Henrv. 98 West .:::econd Kallay R & Brotncr, us W ,t i'"roat, D.akrs in Spanirh alld Vigar .&af (I'oiJacco. llejer Hy.& C'o., 46 Frout. F., & (..u. b Froot M.fiiCIrtrr of Fme-Cut Clu1m,z ....,. Smolung TO.oc.. Speece Broa. &1114 S4 Eut U.:f T1hae Brotrrt. Uol)rmaan. F. W c:nr o VIae aa.d Froot )A.orril \\'. G .. 87 W. Front NMJtJCtwrnl ., '"' u. LMf Krohn. Fein &: Co. 161 165 N. T!Jird, cor. Elm S. ll Co., 1:50 F"o.uth. T ietig H. & Bro. 315 W. Fifth Well, K.ahR &. Co., 134 .M<&,n. Sltut Mta Cigor Mo..tds. DI.Lbnl NaPtJieon & Co. +11 and H3 Plum L1q/ TtiDacCQ 11UP,ctU,.,., Prque F. A. 93 W Front .EVa Cipr-Box,.,. Gelft B. A: Brother, 93 Clay CLARKSVILLE. DETROIT. Hloh. M,M/t.tcturers tJf Cluwl"r a"a Smoki,.r TolmcCtJ. Barker K.. C. & Co. 1-4 & 76 J effersoA av ... Park:et A. & Co., 49 S7 Jeiierson Avt: Walker, McGraw Co Atwater Ma"*.f4c t*r-erl t1{ Cix(trs aM Dealers;,_ L1n./ 1'4b.-rcc,. Sullivan & Eurk, .a a n d 50 Congress, East lnt}4rllrs 4/ Hava,a 1111d Seed Lea/ To/Jacc.IJ, Lichtenberg G. B. & Co 68 Congresa 11t. East DURHAM. N. C. of Gtnuixe u DuriLam" Snt c*in' Tq/utcc o Blaclc:well W. T. & Co Afuntt(actunrs of Smoki'ng Tobaccos Z. I & Co. EVAN&VILLE. lAd. CtJrr.,niuion Mercflants. Morris C.]. & Co. Broker. Noel W.T. HARTFORD. eo-. PacA.ers Qfld Dtaltrl. Dix: J U'7 State. Lee Geo. 1 so State. Londo n A Bidwell, u6 and u8 Stat Stu.n, A. L. It: F 134 Main Weatpllal Wm., uS State. HOPKINSVILLE, K:r BroUrs, C l ark, M. 11. 4: Bro. LANCASTER., Pa. lJct:,,,. in Leaf Tubacco. Skttea A: Frt--,. 6t and 63 North Duke .. LlVERPOOL, Eq. Sm,-tlle F. W. & Co., 10 lILerg & Co. and Maiu Gartb & Co. Ninth and Market Buyer of To!JacC'O. Opdcbee<:k C 2 East Main LYl'fCHBURG. Va. MaaMftutMrlr of Tobauo. Oan'Oll Jobo W. Merckat. Nowlina .B. H .t; t;. H. HIAHISBURG; o. I><>i!o. Schuberth, C. NEWARK, N.J. Oampbell, Lane & Co ., 484 Drolld. NEW ORLEAN". La. Tob.tcD FtKton a,d Commiuiu Merdlftl. Gunther & Stevenaoo, 16'1 Common .K.remelberR. Bcbaefer and Co., 186 Common. 10/JacC of tobacco. If they report their sales as they are effected it will be possible to ob!ain from the office of Internal Revenue at Washington, or through the Bureau of Si

THE TOBACCO :LEAF. JULY 4 D.EATH AND DESTRUCTION A \\a I comes up from the tobacco fields 10 lle Te m have annou 1ced \hat occupat o and mdependence to the Amer can farmer they w II g ve to the Grange who t rough lts members It mea ns he con ce n trat on of all effort on as ngle crop and others caus es to be k1lled the largest number bf and that foul ng hav 1g noth ng comparatively to fall tobacco fi es th s season t YO hu 1dred aPd fifty dolla s back upo as n the days when cotton was k ng ($250) 1 o the Grange vho as ab3ve causes t<:tbe Wheat cor rve a1 d polatoe fields 11 t1 ed pasture and lulled the next largest number of tobacco fi one 1 eadow lands choked up wtth weeds trees and bushes hundred and firty dollars ($rso) 1o the third Grange stock s Y ne and fowl bought mstead of raised for con on theIst seve 1ty five dollars ($75) 1 o the four h I sumpt 011 a few ofthe cho cest acres devoled to tobacco Grange twenty five dollars ($2J) Over and above the rest of the once rru1 ful farm a wilderness or waste these pre n ums the planer (G an0er or not) who shall fl s IS gentleman farm ng m the older toba co k I or cao.;se to be k lied the large s t number of tobacco grow ng sect ons of our count y It s not a pleasant fi es sh=1ll r de n a fine saddle at the r expense made to picture I h s measure The prem umi w 11 be pa1d on the fi st Tobacco gwwers n the old and ne v sect ons Will find day of next Nove nber the JUdge be g the Hon M D t to the r m e est to be farmers as well as producers of Daves :Master State Grange of Kentucky These tobacco fhey should agam commence raiSJng stock gentlemen are to be commended for the r pub! c sp r t and produce enough to keep yhat the) rase If lhey edness and we hope tl eu example v ll be followed bv vII doth s there w 11 be no scare ty of barn yard manure other members of the trade n other parts of the proVIded fur her thPy take proper care of what s made country by the r s tock So ne of the money the} ha-;l shed at $2 so per annum BusiNESS -To show the fever heat of and trade prevad Ag our sect on says tile WI Jston C) Smtmet of June 28 we I ad at the hous e 1he other day an old n gger (w h t YO ch ldren) she bad walked eleven m1les to town br ng ng three quarts of ord nary sour chernes wh ch she desired bartenng for a box of d1p pmg snuff She 11 get on -----<-OBITUARY -On Wednesday George Atk nso1 a prom nent Ky d1ed at that place Mr Atkmsen was born m Ire land and when a boy came to th s country In I817 he came to Henderson and engoged n the tobacco trade and m mere! and1z ng For the l s t twer ty years he has not been m act ve bus ness hav ng by honesty m and frugal ty acqu red a handsome estate to wh ch he gave h s personal management IN RusSIA -There s a rumor that the Gov ernment of Russ a n ends to ra se the duty on fore gn tobaccos and at the same t me to lessen the tax on domest c to baceos m oroer to prolect and fac 1tate the cul ure of tobacco m the Russ an E np re The report f true v II be of great mportance to the smuggl ng trade at the Pruss1an Russ1an front er wh ch would by such a measure gain many new anJ profitable chances VOLUNTARY BANKRUPTCY -Morr s Mitchell Cl[ 738 West Mad son S reet Chicago Ill has fi ed a pet1 on n bankruptcy 1 he petltloner has been domg busmess as a reta I hquor and c gar dealer H1s unsecured habIt cs are $7 91 I 98 assets of cash $5 48 stock of 1 quors c1gars p pes etc $2 ooo I ousehold furmture and other art cles liS so horse $75 wagon $40 bar ness $o se vwg machme $15 fixtures m store $Boo and accoun s due h m on h s books of $3 466 PLEASANT CoRRESPONDENCE -Office of Eastmead & Luce Wholesale and Reta I Tobaccon sts Importers and Manufac urers of C gars e :June 27 1877 -EDITOR TOBACCO LEAF rJunk ng that our subscr pllon for your valuable paoer must have exp red and that we are therefore m debt to you 1f u ch s tl:e case please mform us and send b II and we w II rem t 1mmed a ely well knowtng that a pnnt ng press nee ds money to o I the mach e y otherw1se It must stop W1oh ng you every success we reman Yuurs truly EASfMEAD & LUCE PLEASANT MENTION -Refcrr ng to our D rectory the A ne term GruCI!r of June 28 k ndly says -The Tobacco Trade D rectory IS a mo s t val able book of reference gotten up by lHE 1onAcco LEAF Pub! sh 1g C o mpany 142 Fulton St eet pr ce $3 per copv The book com pr ses over 6oo pages IS elega 1 ly and strongly bound and conta ns the name ana bus nes address of every person 1 the Un led State Canada and Cuoa 1n any vay connected w th the t obacco mdustry 1 he fact I hat the book s ssued by the publishers of so excellent a JOurnal as THE fonAcco LEAF \\Ould be a sufficient recommendat on but Its completeness and systemat c arrangements a e at 01 ce apparent Every name and puru t 1s alphabet cally arranged and class fied o that all m ormat on sought m the pages of the book IS read Iy obta ned Among the A st ngu shmg features of th s Directory s the classJfiC;liiO:l of names by nternal revenue d stnc s lt IS often des rable to know m what revenue d stnct a member oft he tobacco raoe slocated and n th1s camp lauon ths mforrpat on IS furmshed m every mstance For the use of the tradesme11 for whom It 1> designed the D rectory IS of exceptional value SHORIS. -M s Duffey n her book on Et queHe say that n Eng! nd a well bred man 1 ever smokes on the street and m th1s country no we I bred man e er nsults a lady by smok ng on the streets n her company and m meet mg and salutu>g a lady he Will always remove hts c1gar from hiS mou h EAR EAR -They say there sa man n New Orleans who can smoke a c1gar by st1ckmg It m h1s ear tnstead of h1s mouth He 1s open to el'lgagement With some responSible manager for a tour of the world -Somebody remarks that young lad es look on a boy as a nu sance un 11 he s past s xtee" wl en he generally doubles up tn value each year un 11 like a meerschaum p pe he s or celess -My dear J ul a sa d one pretty g rl to another can you make up your m nd to marry that odwus Mr Snuff? Why my dear Mary rep! ed J uha I l.oe It eve I could take h m at a pmch -A horse n Portsmouth N H chew ses to chew all the tobacco he can get bold of Th s s good g ow ng weather-tobacco shows 1t -Letters lrom tl e West refer to the probable 111mense wheat harvest The larger the better for the tobacco and e\ ery other nterest -AI nance Countv N C reports a fine stand of to bacco Tl e crop IS prom all the way to I e line of Danv lle Va -In Pans they have d scovered that the I ttle yel ow spots seen on some Havana c are produced by ac ds spr nkleu on the cigars W1se Pars -That there s 1 o rest for the w eked 1s seen m that fact that the sewmg mach ne agent has to ta k JUSt as much JUSt as fast and tell JUSt as many I es for $25 as he used to tell for t 135 -Horn worms are a! eady m the tobacco fields and farmers are kept bus y ry1 g to mal e the horn n nocuous That 1s what the t:mperance folks are also try ng to do -An apparently novel and da nly mouthed nsect <>ur Lancas e Pa correspondent n'o ms u s s n bbl ng at the larger growmg tobacco leavt's n the v c n ty of Lancaster l hough mvtsJble Its ravages are quite palpable -The farmers of Buckland Mass have set oeven acres of tobacco th s season aga nst n ne ana a half ast 1 ear a d seven y five n 1873 -C garette s nokmg IS an 1m tat on of a fore gn bab t -Courter :fuumal So eating -Boston Glob/! -Th_ere have been only tb rty of tobacco planted n Vernon Vt th1s year aga nst 100 to 200 acres f o r terly -l he sale of soc cases B g Flats Ne v Yo k State to bacco by the Messrs Rosenwald to a local c gar mar.u factur ng firm was he lead ng event 1n the nature are al vays pleasant to record as well as to read Business Chouges & J Cmott Cgas S evens C gar Boxes Reported Failures and Business Arrange nientS W Roper Ct a es B bo C ga s ass gned Y -0 C Klock C ga s g e n b I of d I C gar Manufacture chattel ABOUT THE TOBACCO FLY-( N C Ttml!s ]-Mr Read the manager of MaJ Su1herl n s Sunnys de arm n Hahfax County Va has been p anttng tobacco for th rty years and has n ver had trouble w h the tobacco fly He banks p ne poles and lays them across tl e plant beds and I ke the o d hare n the tar trap lhe fl e s get stuck m the turpentme Another su e remedy be has tr ed s fresh stable rna ure well dr ed m a wagon body and then s ft 1t fine and add to 1t a I ttle gua u and ashes and spr nkle well on the pia 1ts The ste 1ch IS strong as hartshorn n fact the flv can no get at the plant Thls IS pia n pia 1 atiO'll talk we g ve fro n a ;:>ract cal farner A Mecklenburg man has at last found out a sure rec pe for destrov1 g tobacco fleas or fi1es as they are more fam 1 arly kno vn and at the same fa I ng to IOJUre the plants 10 the least 1 he plan Is a vety s mple one and eastly tested and cost' but 1 ttle It IS t s One s xteenth of an ounce ol stry hnme d ssolved 111 two hure s of water and spnnkled over the plants The apphca on does ot m the least 1 tertere wllh the growth of the plants but rather seems to be beneficial to them and a large quant ty of the solution was tr ed upon a small space of plant bed and found tr> be per fee ly harmless to the plants We th nk the expenment worth a tnal by every planter should thQ bug appear agam Perhaps the sane remedy would be good for potato bugs and other msects lhat prey upon garden vegetables Crop Items LANCASTER PA :June 30 I877 ow enough no doubt would buy 1t Four cases I87 5 crop fille s were sold at 8 and 8Yz ongmal we ght to a manufacturer Hay ng 1s over and to day wheat and rve s co nmenced to be cut CoRRESPONDENT Gordonvzlle ( Va) Gazelle :June 27-The cut worm s playmg the v.llds \\ lh the tobacco crop generally We nave heard ot one gentleman n Lou sa who had lost Ia t "eek upwards of two hundred plants set out and growmg well from theu ravages OBITUARY A C LAMOTTE It s With extreme sorrow that we are obi ged to an nounce the death of Mr C Lamotte a wei known exporter of leaf tobacco of th s city wh ch occurred at a bout half past 7 P M Monday even ng July 2 Mr Lamotte had been a1l ng for ab ut two months hav ng been affi1cted w h a comphcat on of d sorders result ng from malar a! affections contracted dur ng a recent v1s t to V rg n a The deceased merchant was very favorably known n the tobacco trade of th s c ty hav ng been de 1t tied w th he export ng b ancb for several years He came to th s count y m 1863 and wa< about 36 years of age when I e died On h s arr val here he formed a connec ton h Mess s Kren elberg & Co and at erwards commenced bus ness on h s own accoun H s educa ton was acqu red m Bremen and London m wh ch c t es he res1ded for s.everal years Upon the announcement of the death of Mr Lamotte m e mgs were called by members of the leaf tobacco ade to take su !able act on tn relat on to the sad event On behalf of the Seed leaf t ade a mee ng was held at the office of Messrs J S Gans & Co Mr Charles F Tag m the cba r and a co nmlttee cons stmg of Mesr S G a ns C 1 ag a d C E d vas appo nted to act wllh l e members of the New York Tobacco Board of 1 ade n such manner as wo d best g ve expressiOn to the sen nents of the tobacco trade concern ng the bereave nent to wh ch 1t had been subJected m the loss of an esteemed assoc ate and fellow trades Tl e memb er s of the Tobacco Board of Trade met at the F.xchange under the ausp ces of the Pres dent of 1he Board Mr D Wallace Mr Charles E B II act ng as sec etary Appropr ate remarks we e made by Messrs Wallace Rader Watts 0 t nger Edt anJ others 1he tobacco trade was represented by many of ts most prom nent members Mr Bulkley of the firm of Bulkley & Moore appea ed a s one of the members of the manu factu red tobacco n e e>t At his meet ng a comm ttee embiac. ng Messrs Pollard Kremelberg L B Rader and Wallace was a1 po nted to draft tn connecuon w1t h the comm ltee representmg the Seed leaf mterest a ser es of resolut ons express ve of the 1 eartfelt sorro v ch had been nsp red n the trade by the death of M Lamotte I was resolved that the resolut ons to be p epared by the JO nt committee should be pub] shed n the t1 ade JOurnals a d copies presen ed to the fa m ly of the deceasctl It w ts also resolved th .. t a de egat on of the trade sho uld attend the funernl serv ces of lhe deceased merchant on Thu sday afternoor: July 5 Special Crop Reports to 'The Tobocco ILL NOIS ElDorado Sa/me Co ';utu 25 -B & M report The prospect for an average crop ot tobacco here IS good plant ng mostly done average not so large as n I876 KENTU KY Cadz z Co 7 me 2 5 -J & W report There IS a very large crop planted n th s sect on \Ve have had very It le ra 11 for more than two weeks and some of the plants are dy gout on account oft he vant of t I th nk the stand up to th s t me s as good as I ever saw 1 he crop s generally well worked a d n good cond ton As a whole ve have a prospect for an u JUsual y large ccop Pl!mb.-okl! C!.1uftan Co 'June 30 -R J & Co re port -S nee our last I ttle or no change m crop pros pect f 1e plant looks reasonably well grow ng slowly Dur ng ha vest some fields have becom" grassy wh ch loes the plant no good There s 1 t our op n on over an average area planted .J Scoltsvtlle Allen Co u11e 28-M & W report -There s no matenal change s ce ve last wrote you only the crop s about set a large crop set m our county and grow1ng fine best pospecb we have had for years for a good crop of tobacco hope It w II tu n out "ell n the end I he most we fear now IS that the pr ce w II not pay the farmer Mayfield Graves Cu :fum 23 -W J M reports Sold th s week 242 hhds at full pr ce and market closed firm and act ve lor all grades fhe planters are about through settmg the1r obacco crop Say about four fifths of the crop s set west of the Tennessee R ver and s do ng well As regards to quant ty planted I h nk It w ll equal the crop grown m I873 and perhaps may exceed It f the seasons should conunue favora ble from now forward The weather IS very dry ng and hot but the weed 1s not suffenng as yet I learn from a gentleman JuSt from Chnsttan Co ntv that the plant ers a e through selt 1g m he lJlarksvllle D str ct, and have set a full crop rather over an average Dalton Chnsllafl Co :June 24 -The crop ol tobacco m th s sect on had been about planted but o li ng to several ter ble ram storms amount ng to regular vater spouts a considerable quant ty of the planted tobacco has been washed up or covered ove r w th mud '' h le other portiOns have been drowned out w th excess ve water The farmers have a su c1dal way here of plant mgjlat mstead ofr dg ng up a d then scrapmg do v 1 the beds so as to make the ndge or bed about four mches above the surface Yet wlth good weather we th nk afar average crop w II be et We hear so ne c omplamt of the cut worn I .aw n last weeks Datly Republ:can a cc.mmumcattOI1 from a Salisbury Mo man m wh1ch he makes many gross errors respect ng the quant ty of tobacco that has been bought I refer par tlcularly to this company He left out entnely t!tr te dealers m the country only a few miles from th s town and to others he d1d not g ve cred1t for buy ng half as m"ch as they d1d buy B MISSOURI Macon Macon Co Junl! 27 -N H & Co We have had excellent seasons nd plen y of large healthy p ants and the work has been done m good order though we est mate the crop put out not quite as large as the two past seasons on acc01 nt of low pr ces TENNESSEE Peacher's .ilftlls Mutlgumery Co 'Jttne 26-W A E rcpo ts -S nee my last weeks report we have had no ram ht!re but sp t ed ra ns n th s sect on 1 o bacco however has no suffered yet anci we have pros pect of ran Weal her very liarm and tobacco grow ng rap dlv as wild as grass still so ne co n p la nt of cut vorms Wtth that except on he entre crop s a stand all of t I a v ng been plant d over Hopkznsvtll e Cl.nsltan Co 7 me 29 -G V 1 re ports -Smce my las w h occas anal shovers I sup 1 ose the set ng and re plant ng of the tobac<:o c op las been com pie ed no con plamt of cut worm the crop prospect s unusually flatter ng Hmlw lie Tr us dale Co J.tu 29 J G L reports -S nee my last report 11 e wea her been all that could be Wished Occ"s ooal showers but not hea\ y enough to stop vo k P anters seem o be determ ned to mak" a good crop and from the present outlook they wtll do It days many results n th s changeable climate W h our late seasons and all but ncessant ra 1s It will reqUire no lmle mdustry to keep both our crops of corn and tobacco clean from weeds We apprehend from the present ou look that one or the other must be neglected and fall to rece1ve the proper culture to nsure a full average y eld Totald11 ng mon h P ev ous Tobacco 431 hhds 1 644 hhds 1876 7 >17 hhds I hhds 3 5 hhds 7 54> hh s 7 217 hhds 24 99 hhds 3' 516 hhds Stems Tobac o Stems hhds 1 057 I I ds 174 hhds 84 hhds 4 107 l hds 383 hhds 2 075 hhdls 84 hhds 2 960 hhds 557 hhds 8 87, hhds 3 922 hhds 11377 hhds 2 221 hhds 1 otal Oct 1 to date 10 970 hhds 4 106 hhds I5 94 hhds 2 778 hhds 8 692 hhds 4 584 hhds 13 276 hhds 3 378 hhds 5 538 hhds 7 218 hhds --hhds I 756 hhds 5 827 hhda 6 9z9 hhds 'June 8 -Mr v 1ctor Forge Importer of KentucKy Tobacco reJ o Is to THE 1 OBACCO LEAf -Our market s qu et but fi m I he tobacco trade sunder the nf!uence of I he dutt state of bus ness m gene a! and no one can te l whem 1t 'tt have an end Sa es of the month 310 hnds Ken ucky 49 V rg a and I37 Mason Coumty There s o demand for any g ade or any k d of tobacco Kentucky 2 <>30 304 1 }34 310 a 41 63 49 Mason Cour. y 218 49 %024 14 IJO Olmstead Logan Cu 7 29 -T E B reports The cond1 1ons have not been altogether favorable for the tobacco crop dunng the past week 1 he d versiOn of labor mto tl e harves s prevented cui 1vauon and the crop has suered for plow ng and hoe ng m conse of wh1ch 1t has become rther foul w1th grass an a and else uhere by the use of what IS known as barn yard manure 1han by the a1d of .any other fert1l zer knowll to agnculture We hope too the tune w1ll 1ga n come when very httle rehance w1ll be placed upon other var e 1es Much of the tmperfecuon of late years complamed of m tobacco IS d1rectly traceable to thQ excess1ve use of commercial an mure< and th s 1mperfecnon w11l contmue a11d aug "JDent unt I gro\\ers ret11rn to the formerly n vogue among thtm and on theu own farms IS produced the bulk of the manure wuh whtcb thetr farms are en EDITOR TOBACCO LEAF -Smce my last we had splend1d rams and the tobacco ts lookmg very well tracts are all full, none musmg but tew ra1sers are complammg about the cut worm however an msect 1s at the tobacco wh1ch our oldest ana be.t ra1sers m detectmg 1t 1t s mply destroys the outer or large leaves and leaves the heart mtact. I th nk the ground o "ould be soaktd to last unt I the begtomng of Augu>t when tf rat1 should fall we may expect a mce and o heavy crop A lntle more sur along the x876 crop a few buyers are calung round to see u, and 1f pnces are Brunswuk Cllanlon Co yune 29 -J A M reports -Smce our first and last on z 1st mst we have been v1s11ed wnh addtt10 1al rams and storms domg cons1aer able damage to crops of all We presume It IS safe to say now at th s date that a full average plantmg has been set out m thts section but this however does not 1m.ply lhal an average crop w1ll be ra1sed Nmety LONDON yune zg -Messrs Grant Chambers & Co report to THE ToBACCO LEAF as follows -The ma ket has bef:n rresented no new feature s nee our last report and the sales have been upon a very I m ted scale buyer nnly havmg taken such as they requ red for the r mmed ate need For export there has been noth ng done Wuttrw kaf and strrps have had but I t e allenton and the sates have been lr fl ng Pi g nra 1.-f and st 'f's when of good qual ty meet a ready sale M ;ylantl and 01. .,_Good I ght decr pt ons are n request some few parcels have JUSt Come to hand. Cn1wdu!J has been !J tle opera ed lll


JULY!, THE 'lOBACCO MARKET. DOMES1IC CO S SEED LEA II' JNSPECIION Stock on hand Apnl 1, 1877 Received smce Stock on hana July 1 16 579 Same t me 1876 17 349 Tot l rec pts Seed lea! n thiS markets nee Jan I 77 41 295 cases Same lime last year 42 fu!o cases Messrs ChasE FIScher&Bro Tobacco Brokers No 131 '\ater Street report to THE ToBAcco LEAF as follows concernmg Seed Leaf and Spamsh I obaccos -Bumess generally speaking was qu et and with the excephon of a sale of 500 cases B g Flats State to a manufacturer no sales of any account have been made m our hoe Pnces for all kmds of Seed leaf rema n unchanged and firm In all r 250 cases were sold of wh1ch about so for export Conntrttmtmet \\lth a moderate dem:md prmc1pally for 187s crop wrappery goods of which kmd about 200 cases m small lots at 20@27_%c, also about 200 cases 1875 and 1876 crop seconds at JO@ I2C for the former and 9@ IO fer the latter ./r[aJSadtuntts-was dealt tn to a 1 mrted extent only xoo cases part wrappers at 12@1& and part low assorted 1874 and 1875 crop at 9@ ltc Ntw York-In th1s sort the largest business was done durmg the week Sales foot up to 6oo cases of whtcb about IOO cases Onon daga County part assorted at 8 fiV9C and part wrappers at r o@ lie and 500 cases B1g Flats 11175 crop assorted on pnvate terms Ptun.ryivtua-recetved l,ut httle attention Sales are made more or leu m small quantities to supply Imn1ed1ate want at un changed pnces, and amounttng m all to about 1 oo cases Ohto--Offen gs of this sort are Hry hm ted, but 'P to the ex1st mg demand Sales are almost entirely of a reta 1 cha,racter for home trade About so cases were disoosed of at 8@ Ioc for wrappers .and S@6c fo( low aaaorted Wuums 11-No bmg of any lmportance transp1red m tins sort 'Ve also hear of a sale of 25 cases Cal1forrua tobacco on pnvate terms. Our spec a\ report from Bremen dated June I6 says -A htlle more acuv ty was percept ble m our branch The de nand however IS more for the kinda, of which our present stock con tams but a small quanhty w hllst mfenor loLs are neglected and almost unsalable 1 he followmg are the aalea oJ the week -101 casee 1874 5 c:rop Ohio at 39 pf, 77 do r874 crop Oh10 at 39@40 p> 420 do 1!73 crop Oh o at 4It4l44 pf The July cncular of Messrs J S Cans Son & Co tooacco brokers obaervP -Seed leaf -Contmued apathy to operate charactenze1 lhe feeltng of our dealer The movement n 1876 crop New England seconds and fillers I(Oted n our last bas not been followed up by larger tranaartlons m new tobaccoss We notice more deane to purchase 1875 New England wrappers, but v1ews ol buyers and venders are as yet too far apart to admit oC large tran,..etloas "fVe are miOrmed that the 1876 crops are generally sweatmg "ell and 1t 1s to be hoped that hunger for dark wrappers WJfl ba rap1dly appeased tlus crop gets n work ng order From abroad we Jearn of a sl gb rmprovement and constant mqmry for cheap b1nders Several sample Jots of. -aew tobacco had ar Jved n Bremen but the general 1m pres 10ns formera and closed at 1os}{ Exchattge -Messrs M & S Sternbeger, Bankers, report to 11 I E TonAcco LEAF as follows -Sterhng ex change demand 4 6o days 4 88 Fretghts -Messrs Carey Yale & Lambert, Fre1ght Brokers report tobacco s to THE TOBACCo LEAF as fol l o vs -L verpool steam 30s sa 1 25s London steam 30'iVJ5S sail z7s 6d Glasgo v steam 30s Hnstol steam 40s Antwerp s team 42s 6d sa 1 3SS Breme 1 steam 37s 6d Hamburg steam 40s l" AB. TICVI.AB. l'f'OTICB. Growers of Seed tobacco are caut oned against accepUnfJ the reported sales a d quotat ons of seed leaf f ru ng U1e pr ccs that should be obta ned for them at fir:;t hand as these refe r in most hstan es to nld crops vh c h have been held nearly a year and the profit on wh ch must natura 1y ncl de the ntere s t on cap nvested Growers cannot expect even n the case of new to sell them. f flr the sam." pr ces as are ob ta ned on are sale here Of cou se every re sale must be at an ad a ce and therefore the pr ce obta nable by the growers w 11 always be somewhat l ower than our quota ons QUOIA1IONS OF WHOLESALE PRICES Cts. 5 @ 6 1 @ 9 9 @ !i 1 X '3 @ 5 16 @18 3 ( G B '" IMPORTS ALIC o\NTE -Order I 797 bales hconce root, 100 cases hconce extract LIVERPOoL -F S Kmney 100 bales tobacce SYMRNA -Order, 2 687 bales hconce root 7 bags do HAVANA -G Falk II< Brptber a8 bales tobacco We1ss, Eller & Kaeppel I09 do C Palacio & Co 74 do V nez Ybor & Co 75 do L Morg Jr & Co ISO do L Pascual 79 do F Care a 94 do G W Faber 11 Cigars C T Bauer Co 3 do M1cbaehs & Lindemann 1 do Purdy & Nicholas 10 do D MacArthur 1 do Kunhardt & Co 8 do II R Kelly & Co 9 do A Uwen 7 do L P & J Frank 3 do C PalaciO & Co do, Howard I ves, I 1 do S L1mngton & Sons 4 do G Fernandez 8 do P E Desvermne & Co I do Park & Tilford 30 do Acker Merrall & Condit 29 do 4 do Cigarettes IMPORTS FOR THE YEAR 1876 From the port of New Y orl< to foreign ports for the week end mg July 3 were as follows -BRI!MEN -219 hhds 227 cases 319 bales 11 RISTOL -11.27 hhds BR111SH NORTH AMERICAN COLONIES -17 hhds I case SO pkgs (6,o,5 lbs} mfd BRITISH EAn INDIES -76 pkgs{ t 2 4 lbs) mfd BR11!SH WESf INDIES -78 pkgs (I5,69>lbs) mfd BRITISH HONDURAS -I hhd 16 pkgs (I 321 lbs) mfd, AN A[}A -3 I CHILI -2, pkgs (4.38o lbs) mfd THE TOBACCO I JORK JI:.X.AKB IMPORTER OF CIGARS AND SlVIOKERS' ARTICLES, NO. 240 AGENT FOR ALL PROMINENT CIGARETTE MANUFACTURERS. TOBACCO CICA:RE'rTES, WIT:HO't:TT P.A.PE::El. BRANDS BETWEEN THE MATANZAS, NOTA BENE OUR LITTLE WHIFFS CHINA t I cases CUBA -16o pl gs (19 ot I lbs) m f d HAMBURG -70 hhds 227 ases 319 bales HAY It 2 hhds 6o bales LIVERPOOL -22 hhds NO 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10; 10 25 5 10 10 10 10 10 10 LoNDoN I g8o hhds 46 case 16o pkgs (35 961 lbs) mfd MARSEILLES -10 hhd PERU -)2 pkgs (7 9C4 lbs) mfd 1 KIESl E -IJ I hhds U S oF CoLoMBIA -1 hhd >32 bales 2"3 pkgs (r 53S lbs) mfd VENEZUELA -8 cases 0! pkg (t 88o lbs) mfd EXPOl IS J:lORIED .ExPRESSLY FOR THE TOBAcco LEAF 22 .,00 171 924 38 328 1,816976 48 004 13 159 19 972 17 293 8 736 PACKAGES MANUFAOTURERS THOS H HALL I 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 JOHN F ALLEN & CO FRANCIS S KINNEY D W DE FOREST JOHN F FRANCIS s KINNEY 4 20 50 5 50 50 50 50 A WINEGARDEN JOHN R SUTTON JOHN BLAKELY J M SICHEL & CO JOHN R SUTTON Exports of Maryland and Ohw smce January I Sh1pped coastwtse same hme 14 376 hhds Stock m warehouse th1s day and on shipboard not cleared 24-232 hhds Mattufoctuttd Tcbacco -We have to report a dull market \\Ith hberal receipts and stock m the hands of dealers Exported this weeg 5z6 lbs to Rw I84 lbs to Demerara Rece1ved per Balllmore and Oh10 Railroad from Damllle for t\\O weeks I 8o6 boxes 410 caddies r8 cases, 4) bundles and 10 kegs and from Lynchburg 65 boxes, zs caod1es and lrom Alexa1 d!l!ia r84 boxes per Richmond steamers 104 cases 312 boxes 2o6 pkgs, per NorJolk steamers 279 package per Petersburg steamers 70 do CINCINNA1I, :Jum so-Mr F A Prague, Ieaf Tobacco Inspector reports to 1HE TOBACCO LEAF -The bus1 ness of the week JUSt past as regards rece pts and offenngs at auction ts almost an exact counterpart of tile week Pnces ho\\ever, have not been so strong espec1ally on low grades the quotations of wh1ch we reduce 5o cents per roo pounds On all the better sotts the tone of then arket was only eas1er but not quotably lo\\er The vanous grades of Seed leaf su table for c1gar purposes meet w1th ready sale at good pnces Reports from the grow11g crop cont nue of the most favorable character as regards both the acreage planted and 11 e co >dltwn of the pla >ts The offenngs at auctJOn reported by the warehouses for the week and the exptred port10n ot the cunent month and year were as followsr----Wee......___ hhds bxs 253 2 233 I 293 38 267 9 207 ,..-llfontk--. hhds bxs l 046 372 7llS 369 1 J76 63 879 r4 8t6 20 r----Year --., hhds bxs 4,956 I 862 3 972 4 740 3 494 2 9ll5 211 Totals I877 1 2S6 50 4 702 = 838 ZO I47 5 275 Totals I876 I oo6 z8 4,770 65I I6 775 5 481 1otals I87S 533 223 1,737 7'7 11 31lS 4 189 Totals, 1874, 1,339 89 4.co1 415 18 249 +. The offermgs at aacuon for the week month and year (excepttng Seed leal) were subdxvlded as foUows hhds bxs hhds bxs II8i so 4271 u, 7S hhds bxs 13 59C 486 6 557 6 so 4 702 135 2o,I47 PRR 000 12 00 less 10 per cent 27 50 10 12 00 12 00 15 00 12 00 12 00 12 00 10 00 12 00 ll 50 8 60 3500 27 50 12 00 950 850 12 00 12 00 12 00 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 " " " " "--"' PERJ soo NF:T 5 40...:; 1238 5 40 ,j 540 6 75 5 40 5 40 .. 540 450 5 518 3 87 15 75 12 38] 1 5 40 4 28 3 83 :5 40 5 40 540 EVANSVILLE I m :June 30 -Mr W T Noel, Leat Tobacco Broker reports to 1 HE ToBACCo LEAF as follows Tl e recetpt'" and sa es m our market are hardly so large as they were dunng the precedmg week but the offermgs showed a much larger p oport o 1 of the mure des rable grades tha 1 has been durmg "'Y one week of the season The weather has been all that could be des1red fot the gro\\ ng crop wl 1ch sho\\ s a much better con d1t1on tnan would have been supposed after the contmued rams that we have had The s ze o last years crop IS bemg d scussed 1 y tobacco me 1 g:e 1erally and the behef seems to be general th ... t Jt bas been largely overeshmated based upon lhe falhng off of recetpts at the seaboards and also of sales at the Western breaks P1 ces for all good a 1d destrable grades on our market are acuve and very fine wh11e co nmo 1 grades are rather lower and somewhat dull 1 he quotat o JS are about as folio s -Lugs 50 leaf 1 11ht 4 50@7 so leaf heavy 6 Sb@Io ,o LOUISVILLE :Jutte 30 -MI Wm J I ewers, :Secretary of the Tobacca Board of Trade reports to THF. ToBACCO LEAF as follo vs -Rece pts th1s we e k 1 970 hhas roce1p ts thi> mo th 6 932 hhds dehvenes th1s month 5 813 hhds stock to day 10 7>9 1 hds aga1 1St II 717 hhds Jwly 1st 1876 and JO, I4 July rst 1875 SALES FOR WEEK ETC Wuk 39 328 I72 189 388 251 l 6o8 Year 1876 1,>31 Year 1874 I 139 Sales ol the week and year <11v1ded as follows Mo11th 19C I 6oS 329 872 84! 844 I 531 [ [23 Ytar 748 7 028 2253 3 6o9 3 883 40C9 6 26S 4 593 32 388 264 I6 276 360>4 Wuk Ye4r I S42 26 233 23 2 237 86 I 647 17 2 27l th s and adJommg States th s been pla1 tg off ol 210 hhds from last week stock has mcreased I t hl ds tl s month all of wh1c h 1s sold tobacco held by our buyers as they have free storage for four months and no strong mtluce' ment9 to sh1p to other markets Pr ces of everythmg except ng choace lea f of the dafferent var et es and stnct1y plug fillers have dechned (from -' 4 'iVS S 'iV7 4 6 S s @" 7 @8_% 8 @10 0 @OO 7 1 !iJ9 10 @IJ Selectioi s o t;Voo 9 @!I 12 @17 9 Io IJ @l6 Mr Alex Harto 11, 1obacco Broker reports to THE lOIIACCo LEAF as follows -I he transachonsfor the wtt:k been aga1n heavy not so large as lost week, the Ieee pts of 1 970 hbds bemg 210 hhds less and the sales of I 688 bemg 444 hhds less than last week 1: be heavy busm ss of the two prev1ous weeks fo11owed by a was evidently more than the market could susta11 at former ligures so that a decided dech 1e has been the result m nondescnpt lugs of 25 to soc and leaf soc to $1 oo On moderately heavy lugs the dechne IS from 25 to soc good leaf oemg soc to $I oo and line S1 oo lower S t ncUy heavy lugs and leaf, exceptingselectiOns also -so lower C"utt ng sorts are also( on Secottd Page;.) J


' T H E T 0 B A C C 0 L E A F. JULY 4: -.xx FORMAINi M. J DOHAN.-THOS. C ARROL!. CARROLL & GO., -=-w "Wm. .. co., This Space is Reserved BOXES FOR TOBACCO Mercha,n ts, 11 l04 FRONT STREET, II ; 0. BOX 4385. NEW YORK. A.!!er.ts for the following well-known a n d reliable Manufacturers: J, B. PACE, W. J, YARBROUGH a SOIS1 TUBPII a BRO., C, T. BINFORD, BOODMAI a MYERS, L. H. FRAYSR a CO.I t': .,.. ....._.. 153, _155,'_157, 159 &. 161 / -lA Trull m m'D -mJ in Bpmish and. German. Cigar Ribbons. MARTIN & =x=c:: COMMISSION MERCHANTS. 79 FRONT ST., NEW YORK. JOHN R.-. _,. VIRGINIA L J. 8RAIT a CO., R. W. OLIVER, ......__ T .. W. PEMBRTON, 1 JOHN W. CARROLL, and others SOLE AGENTS FOR THE ORIGINAL MANUFACTURER OF CIGARETTES IUGERE DUBOIS,' "AFTER DINNER" All Tobacco; GODISSJOI MJBCHm, Gable Coli, Bonne Bouche, IS 4s and 6s, Single and Double Thick. .. ALSO, AGENTS FOR THE CELEBRATED.! "UNIQUE" All Tobacco; "PICKWICK" All Tobacco; !JS I'BO!I'l' STIUII:T, r NEW YORK.. LONE JACK & BROWN DICK SMOKING TOBACCO. '' PH:CKER. : BALTIMORE do E WISCHME _Y!Z. R &CO L GBRSK!!:L 0 s. C:.'-R.SHitL. Cigars; avoiding the no l oss in stems, o r other waste; no dust; less Tobacco required, a n d better work produce d ; il'l tbe only practicable and reliable war of making a unitorm mixed Cigar. A.I the NEW YORK leading Cigar Manufacturers of New '/ork City are u s ing this E:lt:tra Feeding Attach ment f o r Cuttioll Fine-Cut or Straight-Cut for Cigarettes. For the same purpose, of C'Utling Havana and H A R 'HOb.D do ........ W WEStPHAL. ------------othe r for the rn:lnufacture of Cigars, I now offer my h.teJy.invented sma ll-s ize GRANlJLATOR, on whi c h Leaf Tobacco can be cut into eve n scrap1 in a moist state. without 111aking dust or short. [) Th:.S CHARLES Fl N K E Granul a t o r is especially adapted for thi s purpose, and entirely difft:re n t from my same stze Granulatv r for MAY BROTHERS I maki n g Killickinir.k or Cii'arette Tobacco. It works the Stems as w e ll as the Le;wes. and a of liiOBAOOO INSPECTOR fwm 3CO to 40o lhs perday.OThe Report of the Judees of Awanls of the Centenni.'ll .Eshibiti r m refers p:arti-c ul:trl r t n the efficiency, uniformity of cutting aud hi'!h speed with which it cut.'l J .. eat Toh:tcco, also to the uhstantial and dur:\lJ i e rhuActer oft h e nnd tnt he mod Prate prirP. at whirh it is solrl tf) I he Tr: d e .llllPOnTER S O F ALEXANDER MAITLAN D L F. S ROBERT L M AITLA N D ROBERT L MAITLAND & CO., Tobacco and Cotton And General Commission Merchants, 43 BB.OAD S'l'B.EET,f>l\TEW YOB.Jl. ""VANCEMENTS DIADE O N CONSIGNDlENTS TO LONDON AND LIVERPOOL. 'Agents for Messrs. Wlr!. CAlr!ERON & BRO.'S C elebrated Brands of lr!anufattured Totlcco. CHARL ES M GARTH, HENRY SCHROEDER. D. CJ". SC>N" CC> ... OMMISSION MBBCIIANTS 44 Broad Street, New York. : BRANCH HOUSE: GAltTH & CO. Ninth and Market Sts .. Louisville, K Patented in England, France, l,;nlted States and Canada. The Benefits of the Card Holder applied to Cigar Boxes are Many. t. It pf'evenl!'J the CHANGE OF CARDS from one box to which is a frequent source of annoyance. :1. lt presents the Card ln full view. whether the Box is full o r partblly empty. 3 Every Catd can loe l.iistinctly seen, sho u l d the box be i.n the front o r bac k of the case. ... The Car d c;:..n })e ADJUSTED TO ANY POSITION, AND U NKVRR I N THR W.AYo S Tbe Holder can be attached to the B o x in an inshnt. 6. It will last f o r Jears. .:1 It p resents a unifor m appearance and has a.n attractive 8. FREQUENTLY CIGAll!'J ARK DAMAGKD from Handling and Arr"nging the Price Cards; thts avoicb i t greatlr appre:cia'tt-d by the T rade, a n d aiJs the purchaser in making selections. THE STEELE & JOHNSON MANUFACTURING CO., No. 78 Reade and 99 Cburcb Streets._New Yor.k._ DEPO T 'JTII A, HEN .t; CO., 43 LIBERTY ST., NE'V YORK. .' ....... THE BEST ALL-TOBACCO CIGARETTE "BETWEEN THE ACTS" The above Brand of H AVANA TOBACCO C lGARET'!'ES m ade only b y B. BALL, 222 GREENWICH STREET, COR. OF BA8CLAY, -ALSoMANUFACTURER OF FINE CIGARS. Es1:a.bllsh.eci 1aae. CROSSLEY'S N"ElVV TOBACCO CUTTER, THE BEST M ACHINE FO R CIGARETTE MANUPACTURERS. Cuts any Kind of Tobacco Perfectly Even, Without Shorts. REFERENCES-A HEN "' CO.; LOZAl'll !l, PENDOS &> CO. 1 L SIMONS & CO., N.Y. Address J. W. CROSSLEY, IMPORTER OF HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO And Cigars!. 16 7 Water Street, NEW YORK. 334 BROADWAY, N. Y. VEGA & BERRIIEIM, I MPO RTERS OF CARL UP:MANN, mw. CDIInUU MERCH!Jt ..... _178 PEAlU. B'l'UET, -lfEWYOB.IC. G. B.EJ ALL & BECKER, J L. GASBRJlT. l'l. L. G A SSE RT OF J L GASSERT It, BROr WM. M. PRICE, JnUtO 1AtTOIS. TOBACCO, .Bentral Commission Merohaats, ee STREET, 54 & s6 BROAD ST., NEwYoRK. :Jr. 0. Box 3898. lfE'V YORK. GOODS, I coimssiON MERCHillTS. a, LEAF T 0 B A c c 0' fRENCH BRIAR PIPES & SMOKERS' ARTICLES AND DEALERS I N ALL K.LNJJS 1\To, gg Chambers LEAF TDBACCO, 119 Maiden Lane, NEW YORK. SAWrER1 WALLACE & CO., COMMISSION :1. :1'. QVDI' & CO., TOBACCO PAGTORS, FIRST PRIZE MEDAL, ,.ARL WEIS No. 180 Water St., New 'fork. .,... .,... S,...ITH VXENNA ElCHJ:BITIO!If1 1873. ... -. .IJ.Lo .ll.Lo .11.1. 9 No. 47 Broad Street, NEW YORK. Western and Virginia Leaf, S: 168 & 170 East Water St., Published at llo. 10 LORD IIELSOI STREET, LIVERPOOL, EIIGLAID. lSS Pearl York.. sYRACUSE, N. Y. Price Two Shillings

JULY 4 JACOB BBIKELL, 119 MANUFACTURE1 fi CIGAR BOXES, SUPERIOR MAKE AND Prime Quautj of CEDAR WOOD, 293, 295-&: 2.97 Monroe' St., NEW YORK. BASCH & FISCHER, Dt:PORTERS OF HAVANA SKHD A G c D, 155 WatB St., NEW YORK. TBI-&ERMAN AIERICAI. BAll, BROADWAY, cor. Cedar St. NEW YORK, Cupital, $1,000,000. efT facility atrorJed t o and C orre s p o D d ent!J c o n sistetnt wi t h Sound Banldni H. ROCHOLL, President. X. )1'. READING, Caohler. WM EGGERT & CO. IMPuRTERS OF AND I N SliD LHAP TOBACCl Ill PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. :Branch, 94 :ruin St.,, 0 E. & G. FRIEND & CO., I mporters and Dealers h1o LEAP TOBACCO, 129 Malden Lane, GuJ FRIW:No, EW y E owARO FR<&No, Ja., N QRK. S. BARNETT, :Importer of BAV Al\TA AND JOBBER IN SEED LEAF TOBACCOS, 162 Water Street, New York. II. 1: S. STIRIBERGIR, Jllllll&l AID No. 4<* EXCHANGE PLACE, N. Y. Draw Bills o f Exc h ange on the prln cities of Europe is.,ue C 1rcu a r L etters o f C redit t o T r a velers, and. gra'nt Commercial T 'Ceive Mc.n.ey on Deposit, s u b jec t o Si ght upon 1 0 t e r will bP. a !lowed; pay p articular 6tte nt.1on to the 'N ee-otiadon of L o a n">. JOSEPH SCHMITT, IMPORTER AND DEALER IN J..EAF TOBACCO, And Manufacture r o f F:E:N"E O:EG.A..::E'U31, No. 893 THIRD AVENUE, B t. F i f t ythird and Fiftyf ourth Sti., NEW YORK. CUTHRiE &. CO., 226 Front. Street. COMMISSION :MERCHANTS, A N D (BALERS OF TOBACCO FOR EXPORT I Lea f ToOa c co pre ss e d in b a l e s for Wm Iadtes, M exican and Central American P orts, and other mar. keu. T OE ACCO P A OIG-.A:EI.ETTE.S. MAu; WITHOUT PA P E R. LOBENSTEIN & GANS WHOLESALE DEALERS IN 'SEED T AND 5HAVANA TOBACCOSL' SO L E AG E NTS AND IMPO R T E R S OF THE GENUINE W. & M. j OZG-.A.R. "' PRESSES, STRAJ:lS1. & CUTTERS, '1 Importers of German and Spanish Cigar Ribbons, ( No.' 1.01 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK OFFICE &. K. COOKE&: CU. 92 Chambers St. NEW YORK. THE ABOVE IS AN IMPRINT OF OUR STA"M'P O.A.NOETJEEl.. an d l:o:ndoraed by thePrlndpal ManufactuTer s OF STAMP, with Manufacturers' name, Lor. ation, :Bo:a: e l D a t e s good fo r l!;ig h t Years, Pads, Figures, etc., complete, $4.50 C 0. D. PRENTICE'S A. OATMAN CIGAR SHAPIN& MOULD IMPORTBR OF AND RETAINERS. H AvA N A Thete Moulds are used in ma\dn.-the P'lae11t Brande of Havafta CiBan, and ackn owledged brall who have u sed them. to be tb.e best M.oulrJ. ever hlyea_ied. Maku No Crease in the C igar. Durable A:Comp acL Uniformity i n Wet zht and Size o t the CiJl'ar Un1kille d L abor c a n be Employed in Maklog Bunches. Less S k lll i s Requ i r e d in F inishing. PRICE PER IIET. Warraa t e d p e r fec t In ev ery Send for C i r cu l a r o r c all a ad j u d-r e f o r you Nel v e s W'. H.. 'TER'WJ:LLJ:GER, Manufac t urer and Propri.,tor. 5* MAIDEN LANE, Ji'EW YORK M. SALOMON, And Dealer in Domestic r LEAP TOBACCO, 166 Water Street, NEW YOBK. 'J..'l..N .J:::t VJ.L. JOHN J, CROOKE, M ANUl'ACTU R l!:R O P TIN FOIL AND BOTTLE CAPSJ PLA.IN AND COLORED. !tOLLING MILLS, 38 Cl!OS:B 1 and. 163 .t 166 :Mtl'LBEltltY STitEETS, NEW YORX. J. A. l:iAKl'UUKN, Manufactu r e r of Flne Cigars, And Dea.Jer l n LEAF TOBACCJO, 21 BOWERY. \ l!I'EW YORK:. E. S.6.LOMON. M. & E. SALOMON, PACKERS OF SEED LEAF, AND IMPORTERS OF Havana Tobacco and 85 MAIDEN ..::4\NE, N. Y. G :&1 177. 4 C1'IolV F.A.OTO::Et.:J:ES: 614, 616, 6181 620, 714, 716, 718 NINTH STREET; and 420, 422, 424 and TEITI STREET. OFlriOE-53, 65 and. 57 PA:RE FI.ACJC, VO.RK. W BEST. C bicaiJ' o ; LORIN PALME R N e w Y ork; W H. R U SSELL Ch i c ag o BBST. RUSSBLL & CO., (Successors t o J O H N C P AF..TRlDGE & C O ) WHOLESALE TOBACCONISTS AND SOLE PBOPB.IETORS OF THE GENUJ:NE '' GOLDEN CROWN'' CIGARS, 57 Lake Street and 41 State Street, Chicago, 111. A L SO A GENTS FOR THE FOLLOWING WELL-KNOWN FIRMS:-p, LORlLLARD & CO, N e w York; 8BIDENBERQ 4 CO., New York; w. s. KIMBALL & co.!l "VANITY FAIR," Roc he ote r, N Y.; W. T. BLACKWELL & co Darbam, N.C. ; J. J. BA.GLEY &. co. s "MAYFLOWER," Detroit, Xich. ; J. W. CA.RROLL'll "LONE .JACK," L y ncb b urgb, Va. SPEC:J:A.L N'C>T:J:CE. I would particularly call the attention of the'Trade to the fact that I have Licorice Paste; POWDERED LICORICE, GUM ARABIC, OLIVE OIL, OTTO ROSES. Tonqua Beans, set apart a portion of my E stablishment for the accommodation o.f any who may And all other Materials for Flavoring used by Manufacturers, including the fmelt. wish to Sweat Tobacco their own way and do not' wish the care and expense of E -"a} Oils sweat rooms on their own premises. The tobacco will be cased and handled in ssent1 any manner wished, and then placed in heated rooms specially adapted for W H Schieffelin & Co s weating without drying and crisping the leaf, or the tobacco may be cased.and packed, and then sent for storage in the heated rooms until Being 170 and 172 WILLIAK STBEE'r, YOilt. that I make a special business of Sweating and Rehandling of tobaccos, I can offer such rates as to induce any one to fdrego the rehandling of his goods him s elf, a nd take the choice of either a quick or slow process. I trust the Trade will g i v e this their consi deration, and at least favor me with a trial. For any further particulars please c a ll on o r addre s s -0. S. No. 188 PEARL STREET, N.Y. WISE & 121 BOWERY, New. York, SOLE AGENTS I: O R THE W ELL-KNOWN & :M: 0 ::K. :I: N G-T C> B A 0 0 0, ALSO, JOBBERS IN ALL B'.INDS OF VIRGINIA & NORTH CAROLINA PLUG ANn SMOKING TOBACCOS. HEPP.ENHEIMER & MJ\U RER .. P:ra.c" L1. 'tb.e>g:ra.pb.e:rs, BNGRAVERS & PR!NTilllS B Y STEAl' l PO,WER AND H AND Utolntrt o and SANCHEZ, HAYA tc CO., f 30, 132 & 134 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK., MANUFACTURERS O F FINEST &LEAR HAVANA GIG!RSJ Awarcl.ecl. IDghest Medal Exhibition, 1876, 1'b.ilacl.elpbia.. ALS O IMPOR T ERS O f CIGAR BOXEP. AND m GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS of OSEmllttl'CI!: i:t CO., and. F.. :SOCI!:ELlUNN Manufactua Dll.Al.KR IN .1.. Cigar-Mould Presses, Straps anlt Cuttei'Sr & 263 SOUTH STiiEET. N. y_ $ SIMON STRAUSS, MANUFAC T U R E R OF \ (! v MAB.'l'IKE!ri 'Z'Br"B. & t:o., CICAR BOXES SHC?W FIC_URES oih IUPORTERS OF HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO i) Importer of and Dealer m Spamsh Cigar R1bbons, AND MANUPACTUotKRS O P THE GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS, PRESSES,' STRAPS, CUTTERS, ETC.,, C ) N STANTLV ON HAND AND NEW DESIGNS l'J ADE T O ORDER. 22 and 24 NORTH WILLIAM STREET, NEW YORK. ;EL PRINCIPE DE GAL!!:!! BRAND Oli'HAVANAANDKEYWESTCIGARS, l!l19 & 181 :r.BWIS STB.BI:T, NEW YOB.K. ST., NW YORK. AUJd.DdooCII'ipre8CuUo01'cleraDdB.epal.redlntheBeot!!tyle ........._. J 15 RJ:VJ:NGTON NE'W' YORK Proprietors of the Ct:lebra ted Brands "REPU1iiLIC" a n d "HIGH AND DRY." O thr F :wnrife P.nnrls ml\fi .. 1 o n1'rlf"r D. B. HULL'S PATEIT TOBACCO STRIPPER. PATENTED MARCH 14, 18'76. The Most Perfect and Rapid Stripper In the World. REFERENCES: XERBS a SPIESS, New York; LIC;iTE.NSTEIN BROS. & CO., New Yod<; HIER It ALDRICH, SEUBERT .to CARR & <;USHING, and BALDWIN It Flt YR, Syra c o .. llr. Y DAVID. H. HULL, aa w. a ...... at., .,..... ... T. .# ., ,_;Til C. JOURGENSEN. SDLK SUCCESSOR T O EsT B K & P 0. Box 5,6>7, 3'l LIBERTY.ST., W. l' Branding Irons & Stencils a Specialt}'. O f every descriptiiln a t Lowewt Pric>a. SEND FOR PRI CES. t4 9 1 PLUG.TOBACCO John Robertson & Co.,1 0 TUBAL CAlli IRON WORKS, I 127,129 k 131 WAT!I!. ST. EI!.OCKL'ZN, N. JULIAN ALLEN, Seed-Leaf and Havanllll TC>B.A.OOO, 172 Water Street, N. 'I' = M anuf a cture HYDRA. VJ.-10 PRESs--. PUMPS&VALVES,FINISHBRPRESS ... POTS nd DIVJIIIOlll PLATES. liOlt PRESSES, IRON SEGMENTS, BANDS-BOJ,TS PLUG TOBACCO IIIANUF"-CTURER!l. ALSO DIPPING ANDWRil'i8-llfG MACHINES. _.OUR BACHINE&lr' I!! IN USE BV 'I'IJE MOST l!lXTENSJV. PJ.UG TOBA(l()O DIANlllo'ACTURER8 .. THE WORLD. 'Cbe R e p ort of the Yf!J"''' hiahes t order. and M edal and Diploma awiTded at t .. E:zhlbl Uon !or ...._ ---... MULI'RN & LOVB, IANUPACTUIEIS' 1&!1 s : .1a dk a1 :&6.NDoua S'l'IUa'l', c CM:&ZO.A.GO .. I < I


T ii E T 0 B A C C 0 iL& F. e TELlER BROTHERS, Packers, .commission Merchants; and Wholesale Deater$ :Foreign and Domestic Leaf Tobacco, ,__ 117 North Philadelphia Wm EISENLOHR & 00., PACKERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN LEAF T 0 B C C 0, :1.15 s. 'VV'a;te:r .S't W. EISENLOHR, S; W CLARK, PH!L. BONN. L. BAMBERGER & CO., DEALERS lN LE.A..F TOB'A SMOKING PIPES, .Apple, l3riar, l3o:z::'Wooci, Etc., 41:2 LOCUST STREET, PHILADELPHIA. SEND FOR CATALOGUE. ct KEYSTONE CLAY TOBACCO PIPE WORKS. 19 N. SEVENTH err .. PHILA::ClCLPBI.A.. PENINGTON., PRICB & CO. MANt;FACTURERS AND DEALERS IN CLAY, WOOD, ENAMELLED, GERMAN C. D., & OTHER TOBACCO PIPES. BEBERAL CODISSIOI MERCHANTS, 110. 31 Jlorth Water lltree1t Wo. 30 .North Delaware Ave SOLE At.ltNT POR HARRIS, BEEBE & CO., Quincy, Iii.; J A COURTN.EY BUCHANAN & LYALL, New York; 8 t J. E. HAYNES, ... ____ ......-.,, R. w. OLiVER, Richmond, Va.: 53 North Front St., Phlla., A.M. LYOlif & CO .. Richmond, Va.: MERCHANTS' TOBAcco co Bostm, .... 1110BACCO ,&D CIGAR SHEPPARII & SMLTH, Danville, Va.; j1 -COMJIOSSION :MERCHANT. Philadelphia.. DEALER IN WESTERN SORVER, COOK &. CO A. H. THEOBALD, l' ACE:EII.S, COlDtiSSION KBII.CliAN'l'S, And Wholesale Deal era in LEAF TOBACCO 105 1V. WAIJ.'JJB. ST.; PHILADELPHIA, JOHN J. LUDY, MANUFACTURER OF -., "' FINE CICARS, AND DEALER IN Spanish and Domestic Leaf T Jl, w. -d Poplar Sto A. R. FOUGIRAY J and Little Wanderer Manufacturers' A"ent, OXGA:H.&. g WlroleaaleandRetaildealerlnAIIBrandsof 33 NORTH FRONT STREET, lfAYY & SMOKlN& 1 TOBACCO; 1.33 .tl 5:35 SO'tJ'l'li 1!0.1 iBT. l'mA. AGENT FOR THE STATE Oli' KE:!IOTUOKY TOBACCO CO., LOUISVILLE, liLY. LEAF TOBACCO. 27 South Second Street, St. LOUIS. F W. FELBIER i SON, Baltimore, Md. M. B. CLABK & BB.OTBBR, TOBACCO BROIIBS Tenn.; HOPKINSVILLE, Ky. Ky. MILJ:..Bii.; MBGBAW 4k CO., BANNER TOBACCO FACTORY .. '212, 214, 216 & 218 CARTER ST., PHILADELPHIA, PA., llau'ufacturers of MIL. LERs "'WEDDIIIG CAKE," in pff"r.f"s ranainR' twenty to the pound, with the wnrd .. WEDDING CAKE 1m pressed We ch vtug, aod packt:d in pacb1e1. The haori.snmest thing out. Also Manufactur('rs oftbe following popular I.Jrands:- GLOBE NAVY, BANNER NA'\ General Commission Merchant, OFFICE IPI TOBACCO EXCHANGE, SHOCKOE SltP, RICHMOND, V.a., W. B. TROWBRIDGE, DANVILLE, VA., c oBB & co., F. W. & CO., TOBACCO BROKERS COMMISSION "PAD:UCAli, KY. lftE-RCHINTS, S.WW. VENABLE &:'0'6. Office: Cor. Byrne & Halifax Sts., Petersburgh, Va. 'Factory: 19 :second' District, Virginia ;1 )fanufacture and Offer to the Trade the..tol1owinS' CELEBUTED BRANDS of JIRIGHT NA.VY. 1, Xa, 3, f.s, 5s, 6s, lJs, 8119 911 and lOa. 'ST. GEORGE" BRIGHT NAVY, 1 Jia, 3a, 4s, as, 6s, 7a. 8s, 91 aud 10 "VIRGINIA DARE" BIIIGHT NAVY, 11, 3a, 5a, 6, 9s and 101. ANNO'r LYLE" tBftiGHT 11. 3a, 4a &a, Gs, 789 Sa, 9eaod 101. "VNION .JACTC" ItiA.HOGA.NY POUNDS, X O :nd 58 "ST .JA1111CS" 0.<\.RK POUNDS, )la, 4:, &a, 6s. '2"1, 811, Oa aad 108. Also a great variety of FINE TWIST of grades Bright and Mahogany under the fo>llowing celebrated brands:-'' ADMIB.AIJ.'IOK, '' '' 'I'BOBM'AN'DY, '' "BBAB.IJ.' 01' GOI.D," & "I.IVE OAK,"" 1V.4.JIOB," "DE SOTO" and "001\TQV'EB.OB.." The are OUR for the ofllANUFACTUlt.ED GOODS:-c. W. VAN A:LSTINE. No. 13 Central Wharf, B oston, Mass.; P. CAVANAGH, ..... atd 43 Wabash. Avenue, t..:hic:t..'fo, Ill. i A HAGEN 4 CO No. 63 N. Front Street, Philadelphia, Pa.; N.H. CHRISTIAN, JOHN Cincinnati, 0. ; T. w. BEt..,[;, No.45 Magazine street, New Orleans. La; J. E JIAVO. Na.8t"t N. Second Street, St. LQuis, Mo.; HER.AW EJ.l.J,;J, No. G7 S1 Gay Street, j3Rit;morr, Md.: COOPER ( 0., Cor. Madison aud Front Sts., Memphis, Tenn. BRETHERTON BUILDINGS, No. 10 NORTH JOHN STREET, LIVEftPOOL, ENC. J. m:. PRICE, VA., HAVING EIGHT YEARS' EXPERIENOE, Offers his Serricea for the PURCHASEofLEAFTOBACCO RP.fers to the Banks and Bushlf-8" eeaerallz. ]. L. PENN, J. CJ. PENN. J. L. PENN & CO COMMISSION MERCHANTS FOR THE PURCHASE OF T.'I:AF 'I'Ol3.A.CCO -AND-TOBACCO STEHS, N'. o. & SON, TOBACCO COM!ISSION H*\TT, BR&.MEN W. T. NOEL, -TOBACCO BROKER Evansville, Ind. BUYS STRICTLY ON ORDER.


JULY 4: SUTRO & NEVV'lYIAl\K, OF CJ:GA\RS::J AND DEALERS I" LEAF TOBACCO, 76 PARK PLACE. NEW YORK.. SPIESS, KERBS a Manufacturers of Fine Cigars, And Dealers in LEAF TOBACCO, 1014, 1016, 1018, 1020 SECOND AVENUE, 310, .312, 314 FIFTYFOURTH STREET. ADOLF KERRS, 'V'<>:E:'I.:S:.< SPIESS. B, U. FOSTER. EO. HILSON, RUDOLPH WYMAK RELIANCE CIGAR .. MANUFACTORY. FOSTER, HILSON & CO., 77 & 79 CHAlmERS S'I'. 3 Doora West of Broaaway, N. 1' .. MANUFACTURERS OF Cigars, AND SOLE PROPRIETORS OF THE PATENTED WILL0W CIGAR BOX. l:HIRSCHHORN &CO. No. as w..e.-r:m::a s-r::a:m:m-r, MANUFACTURERS OF1 FINE HAND:IAIJE CIGARS, A New York cigar manufactur ing firm receive about f; ',ooo per iay for cigars fro01 one of their local patrons. For the first fifteen days, including Sundays, in June the receipts were 57 MAsoN CouNTY.-It isestimated that the crop of tobacco grown in Mason' county. Ky., the past season amounted to 3,789,85o pounds, against 3,522,roo pounds the previous season, and it is aid to h ave realiz e d the handsome sum of$2 5o,ooo to the growers. BuRNING His OwN ToBAcco SHED:-Angustus Roberts, o f .East Hanford. Conn., is char7.ed with setting fire to his own t obacco warehouse, :>fter having solicited others to do so. The intemirm of Roberts, it is said, was to defraud some fire insurance con.panies, the building b et ng insured for $r,85o. Ht> has been placed under bonds for trial before the Supericr Court in August. ARKANSAS TOBACCO.-An interesting feature of the breaks at Louisville, r ecently was the appearance of ten half-hogsheads of Arkansas leaf. The tobacco was of variable degrees of brightness, intermixed with mottled, or ;>iel;,ald, and it is said it was the nearest approach to Virginia, or Hart Count;, leaf ever seen there from other States. It wasof good weight and body, gummy and leathery, and meful to plug manufacturers principally for fillers, thougt: fumishing Rome desirable wrappers. The range of price was $8 to $21.50, not a Jisc.,uraging ven1ure to Arkansas. It would have done better, Frobably, if in large r packages, and of established standing in the trad e A FucrnvE Ft!OM JuSTICE.The Chicago nuus of June 27 says: A Ger man named i\!oses Damuth, who was at one time connec ted with a prominent New York forwardin;r -house, was ar rested two weeks ago in thiscity, charg ed w it h sw indling a number of tobacco firms by giving them bogus drafts on New Y ork city, and taken before Justice Haines for trial His case was con tinued in :$ bail for one week, and during the interval he skipped from town. A man named Louis Euker appeared as his surety, hut it was found that he had sworn fals'1y as to the amount of property owned by him, and he was accordingly arrested yester day, and taken before Justice Wallace who held htm to the criminal court i heavy bonds, upon a charge of per jury. Damuth stood high in business ci rcles, and his hll was a st:rpri'e to a great many people. The furniture and other small P\Operty own e d by him is retained at his rooms at the Matte .hops tbat one of his flock found him enjoyir.g his pipe in his study, after a bard day's labor, and said,' I Sionay does the idols of the heatht n. \Ve have no fear, however, that tbe church wi 1 cleo as the At ti-To t a cco Svciety want her 1 0 do, for she knows that tobacco u>ed in moderation-like other no harm, and is the means of giving its vota1 ies u.any moments of inr ocent pleasure. The Boston .Post says the name of Henry Clay makes a very good brand for ars. bu t it won't rev1ve the wi,ig party. BUS!NESS.-lt looks and > Ounds odd, s o mehow, to and har a big auctionet"r in a cigar sh0p Sweair g and shoutiAg : ,, And I'monlyofiered one dollar andaquarterfor this splendidboxofcigars worth sevendollars -of anyman's moneyshallihave the half adoilarandahalf l'monly offe edf.,r this solendid box ofcigarsc!olhearihe wo going at twodollars only(orthis etc., with nuhon y in the shop or in sight but the h<.y that ,weeps out and dte; the c:rrands. Quantity sold, I 5,218,53 I pounds; amount paiu theretore, $1,744,197, average. $ t 1.46. The following are the figures of the trade in m anufactured tobacco and ctgar,: In!R.ZOEI. "1" U ::n..:a:z&EE L:J:Q'UC>EI.:J:cr.m., THE VNDIIIR!UOlfBD CONTJNVIIIII TO JJI.PORT AND MANUFACTURIII PURIII IIPAllliH Al'ID TURKIIIT LJQUORICB o UJIIIII'ORIII QUALITY AliiD GU.&RA.lVTIIIED TO QIVB IIATIIIJJ'ACTION TO BVBRY TOBACCO !IIAl'IUJl'AC'I'li.RE& VI!IUIG THB IIAMIII, THB OLD FAVORITE BRAl'ID OF J (] Ca, 11!1 ALWATI READY FOR DELIVERY AT THill SHOR'I'Illll'll' NOTtCE, ALI!IO A. 0, C p T <> Al'ID'Rlfl OTDER BRA!IID!I OP 'l't1RKI8H PASTE, ALL OF WHICH ARE GIVJWG INCREA!IIIID IIA'l'tl!ll!'ACJTION, Alll!llaTANCED BY Til& RAPIDLY GROWING DEliiAl!ID Al'IID SNTIBE ABSEl'ICIII 0.11' 4lOMPLAil!ITI. CAUTION. It baYin1 cMDe to my knowledge that, In several instance, Liquorice Pa!lle fal1elT repreeated as being of my manufacture has beea offered for sale by partiu to suit their oWA pur posea, wtao laan no autberit7 to Mll my bn.ncla, the preaeat aen t1o CAUTIOJf all Tobacco Maaafacturen aplut the arne aDd to gi'f'e DGtlce tlaat hereafter ery cue of my maDulacture wtll be braaded with my Trade Mark, acqulred ODder the laws of tbe U ailed Statu, aa UT 1111pr!Dclpled penoa couDterfeltlaa tbil Trade Mark will be rtaorouty pi'UIIOCDled. JAMES C. MCANDREW, 56 Water New York ..... < -'""'-----.-. .. ......... TOBA 1 WM. DEMUTH & CO., MANUFACTURERS AND IMPORTERS OF SMOKERS' ARTICLES, 501.. BRO.AD'W .A V, NE"VV YORK. Centennial :Meclals awarclecl for Beauty of POPULAR STYLE Design, Skill Displayed. in Fabrication, and. CHEAPNESS. SHOW FIGURES IN METAL AND WOOD A SPECIALTY. iSEN'D :::&"C>E'l. O.A.T.A.LC>G-"U"E. in several cases entailing heavy loss, -A GooD C1GAR. some of the barns anrl sheds destroyed 326 .EaEt Thirty-second Street, between First and Sec-being filled wit h tobacco, the staple ond Avenues, basement. product of th1! town. So frequent I ad A J?Ood shave. these fires that 'the insurance With a good cigar, 5 cents. rates were rncreased, and many com-A fashionabie Hair Cut. panies would not take risks at all. With a good cigar, ro cent. Because of the he:1.vy tobacco crop Shampooinoraised yearly, the aggregate insurance Vvith a good cigar, cents. is large, and. would be desirable w th Two good cigars, 5 cents. only the ordmary hazard. The "fireThis was the card fin dark pink and letters) bugs" have destroyed :ill manner of that William Nuspickel handed to Shields builwer organized band of desperadoes, whose column of the :-narnes he gave, and whose an est quick-Owm Co., Ky., May 21, r877.-I saw an ly followed. It appears that the leader article in the Weekly Courier-'Journal Nov. rs, t876, is Henry E. Childs, a son of Dr. Childs, concerning the Ichenmon fly and tobacco worm. Please a leading citizen of the place. He has give name and address of the party writing upon the lived more or less in I:lartford, and subject in answers to correspondents in Weekly Gautierenjoyed here ti-n unsavory reputation, 'Journal. A SuBSCRIBER. though he was not supposed to belong Note by Editor.The writer of the article will please to the criminal class. He is in jail in respond, as we possess no information at this lte elate, deiault of $5,ooo bail, and three others e:...cept what has been printed in the issue referred to. are with him. Carlin's confession We require name and address of our shows that the purpose of the gang was but we do net preserve them unless on special oc-not only to fire buildings, but to commit casions. highway robbery, and on" scheme he The article referred to first appeared in this paper divulges was to waylay Mr. Julius Lesand was written by Mr. Joshua M. Rice, of Clarksville, ter, who does business in Hartford, and Tenn. Mr. Rice has experimented a great deal with lives in East Hanford, and usually the ichneumon fly, and finds that they are a certain de carries a con>iderable sum ofmoney, '!royer of the tobacco worm. Farmers should know and, if necessa1 y, kill him and bury this and preserve every worm found with the eggs of his body. Now th:il these arrests have the ichneumon fly on it. ben made the community which has Mr. Wm. M. Drane and several other farmers have been greatiy disturbed, will' feel e r sy.[ observed Mr. Rice's experiment and found great benefit One dav ,., eek a reward of$, 000 from the few flies raised by preserving the worms. The was offered for the detection or' the flies are very numerous on Mr. Rice's place from a lew incendiaries by the town meeting, Jlnd years cultivation, and last season destroyed the that has hastened the present disclosure. eggs of the tobacco fly before ha.tchmg. At least late in the season Mr. Rice noticed a great many tobaccc A. LICJITBNBTEIM & BBO'I'BBB, flies depositing their eggs and could not find a single worm from the result, and he is confident that the ich neumon fly them. The tobacco worm is en tirely harruless alter attacked by the fly. It lies .per fectly dormant, never or eating, and dies after the flie5 are hatched from the pretty little white eggs deposited on its back and sides. A number of farmers might swck their farms with the ichneumon fly by culti vating a few plants of tobacco in Mr. Rice's garden and bringing in worms to receive the eggs, and carryin& them back to the farm before hatching. MANVFACTURERS 01' THE 1 11 ELK" ana. ONWARD" 0 I GARS, Aid Dllltn 11 WF TOIA-, Nos. 34 and BOWERY .... w. niL a BRO .. .,. rr [lli.&Nt1VACTVRUS or OX"G.A.RS oUm DULEBS IX .,., 8it11atiou W &D.ted. A COMPETENT BOOKKEEPER, WITH tea.Jeata' experience in the Ciar and Leaf baaine11. h open for aD ODfOiemtnt. Fleue addrcu DOOJC.KEEPER, '5" BOWERY, NEW YORX. Ofice of u TH& ToAcco LUF. A MARRtED GENTLEMAN who has been in the Leaf Tobacco fnr the twenty.five ye;trs, a perfect Bookkeeper ::md Corre,_pondent lgnglish, French and Gennan), with .the entire Trade anrl who can in flue net: and m :mage a n E:1:port B!,lstness, woul d hke t o a position tn a house his services will be appreciated. l'he references can be !'iven. For particulars address J. G. G., 643t Care of "Ttu ToaAcco L&AP ... F"OR SALE. A Fresla Supply ot 100.000 Pnunthc Genuine" DEERTO)l"GlTE Flaver, ior SMOKING TOHACCO 1\lanufactur.-r!', h Jr1ts to suitpurt:hasPrs. at k-6st figur .. -MAKHURG rh, 147 aud lo4Q S. Strtet. BaWmore, Md. 11\', J. HOODLESS. BEN BERRY. W. HOODLESS & CO,: NATIONAL TOBACCO INSPECTIOI', Receiving & For-Warding Wa.rehow.;:es, Foot of Van Oyke and Partition Sts., Brooklv11. lliH ail ca:rt:t NabunaliWipectioo. OFFICES z-45 Street, N. Y.; Pa.rtUina St. Brooldy-. SQUIRES, TAYLOR & CO., TOBACco AND GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS 45 BROAD STREET, NEW YORK. UNITED STATES INTERNAL REVENUE TAX. Tbe tu on an kinds of Ma?ulacturec:l 1'obacca is cents per pound;' Snuff, 3' cents p e r pound; Ctgars, $6 per thousand; Cigarettes w rlghiow not uver three p_ounds per thoU;ttand, $1.75 per thousand; Cigarettes and. Cheroob over pounds pertbuunnd, $6 per The: duty on Foreign Ctgars t:l $l.50 per pound and a.s per cent. Cigarettes same duty as cigars. Imported Cigarettes ond Cheroebl also bear the prescribed Internal Revenue taxes, to be p by stamps at the Custom House. The h::aport duty on Leat Tobacco i s cents, aold. per pouml; Leaf Tobacco stemmed, so cents per pound Scraps (O per pound. Manufac:ture4 Tobacco and Scraps are also B;.bject Io ternal Reveuu6 tax bh<$ cents p e r pound, and must be p:..clkediu con{ormit,"-wlth Internal Revenue law anrt r e'l'ulalinn. .._ FOREIG.N DUTIES 01 TOBACCO 11l Aestfta, Frauce, ltaly and Spaia, te tobacco COiliMWFa Ja lind by under o( a .Rwl ID'Genaaoy tbe daty American leaf tobacco is o4 thalen per loo Jbs. Ia Bel,.JDm tlM tmDOIC reckoned after deductlar 15 pet cent. fDr tare. Tbe duty t. 13 fraon. eentlmes (.:1.40 gold) per 100 Kifognmm.ea (101 American Jba eqaai4Sif kilo..) 111 Holland the dty Is Jl ot'Dtl, 10111, per zoo lr.tloe. {do AmerlQa. pound beiar eqaal to z17 kiloa.!ela Ruuia the d lltJ oa. leU tob&Gcota rouble 10 kopeb per pud; oa I&Mlo tobacco,.: mubles o _. pad, and on a,.araa ro111. 10 cop. per f,ud The "pad" J. eqaat to Am.erlcaa lbs. Jo Turke1tbedut1 1!0 ceota, &'Old, per oaaceL ._Ia En.laad the duUee are oa a.aman.ufaetured: eteaed or....._. ped and; contaiaiua. Ja lbl or more of moiatare la lbo. weight tbenof tbeoldeo 5 bet cODt., alld ao oddltlooat cbw .. o{ Jf ceat. oa l'eiiiD't'al fro boGded wareboaMa), 3 per lh; eoatataiDa 1 ... u.. IO(ba O( lltOilttare lD nery IDO lha Weiahl (e2clUiYe of tlae eftft CUfWel-.. ted -l p. 6d porlb. OD maao-ared: Caftlldlolt M._-ead ,..., ertwllt),41o6d.porllo!allotltor ldado.p.porl... ADVERTISING RATES. ONE IIQ.UARE (1. Nonparoll LIDeo.) One One Year, $32.oo I Over Two Colvmns. One Year, pa.-. do do S,1x Months, do do l::.h: Montbta, lb.oa do do 1 bree Months, 10.00 do do 1'bree M:ortba. 17.-TWO !IQ.'U-'.HEI tll Nonpareil Lwoo.) Over Two Colu!'lns* One Year .. ....................... .......... tul.a. do do Six Months. l!l.oo I do do Three MootU, 3.._ FOUR SQllAREB !118 NoDpareJl Llaeo,) Oer Two Colu'!lns, One Year ........ .................. .. tJ-... do de Su: Months, Sn5.oo I do dn Three Month. -... J!'IRBT PAGE-Oae 8qnrw1 tl !loaparell Over 1wo Columns, One Year ...................................... ,.,._ SIIIVEJ!ITH PAGE BATEB-O..e Bq__...Jl Wu_...u u....a Month1 .......... ............ .................................. Jss.a. ................ I One Y .. a.r ... ....... ... ., ... Tra!l54en1 Advertisements on the P4,.vt'9 JO C'tlt. f'et' Lt'I'W! ,_. eacla u'8Crllon. alone In 4"Bl'ineH of AdvePbaera;e" Flnt Parae,

THE TOBACCO JULY .4. :THOMAS HOYT & CO., MAN U F A C T U R ERS OF' FINE-CUT CHEWING AND SMOKING ...OBACOOS &. Sl\T'U':I":I". OUR BRANDS !>HEW I NG: XA"l'l:OXAL OWIIX, OAVIIXDJ:SJI, X .&.BOB. PEAnL ST., NEW YORK, t } General Partnen. W LIJCKWOOD, Special. JOHN ANDERSON & CO. M A N UFACTU R E R S OF THE SOLACBunmnaTDBACCOS 114 l 116 LIBRTY STREET', -NEW YORK, lJea t o direct the attentton o f the Dealer s i n T o b a cco t h r oupou t t h e U nhed Statt-s and the W o rld t o their CELEBRATED SOLACE FINE-CUT CHEWING TOBACCO. which is being once m-ore manu factured unde r the imm ed -iate s upervb,lon o f t h e originator, MR. JOHN ANDERSON, and oow stands, as former ly, without a rival. Orde u forwarded t h rough the usual c hannels will wUl meet prompt atte ntion J. F. foLAUC & \iO 1'16 178 FIRS T ST., BROOKLliN, E. D" Manufacturer s of the Celebrated Branda f. Harvest, Surprise & Seaside Fo\1, Galuy-, Ivanhee and Bellwether, Granulated FirCSi001 Jolly Boys and Bed Jacket, LoDL cut All Grades Snu WBAVBB & STBRRY., ClfO I C E BRANDS OF SPANISH LICOBICK CBKHK LICOBICH ALL SPECIAL TIES FOR PLUG AND FINE-CUT TOBACCO. OLIVE OIL, TONGA BEANS. GUMS, FLAVORS, Powdered Licorice Root. AND PATENT LICORICE. IN STICK LICORICE WE HAVE THE FAVORlT.I:: llRAND>:-J:", 8 .. I"IGXATIILLJ: A:ND tiG!RETTES;TOBACCOS .. ID.CEHrER. YlLLIA M BUCHANAN. DAVID C. LYALL, BUCHANAN & LYALL, !LICORICE. LICORICE PASTE. W A:z:.I.IS cl.o CQ Tobacco manu f actur e rs and the trade in gene r al are particul a rly requested to examine and tes t the supe r i or properties nf t h i s LICORICE which, being now brou ght to the highest perf ection is of. fered under the a b ove s tyle of brand. We are also SOLE AGENTS for the brand I :r. a. &. a. o. 1 Acknowledg e d by c o nsumers to be the bes t ir. the mar k et. And for the brand of L i cor i ce S t ick NOEL &. CO., In all r espects equ a l to CALABRIA. C o n sumer s a n d J obber s would do well to apply d i rec t Lteorlc e Root, Select aD.d Ordlnaey, coD tantly on 11a ud. ARGUtrfBAU, WALLIS CO.; 29 k 3l So'J.t h William Street Tnbacoo Broken. .JOHN CATTUS; TOBACCO BROKER 127 Pearl S'ireet, NEW YORK. IJII!S. E. FISCHER & BRO., Tobacco Brokers, 131 Water St., NEW YORK. TKos. KrN NL CUTT, CH AS. E. BrLL, J a KINNICUTT & BILL, BROKERS I N WESTERN & VIRCINIA LEAF TOBACCO, 62 BROAD ST., NEW YORK. LICORICE PAST E A N D STICKS CHARi.i:8 F. OSBORNE, G. s ''' s F. V, S-STElU: EXTRA p S B AllACCO AND PIGl"A.TELLA, DE-ROSA, EXCEL SIOR. MILLS & FAVORITE Jllli.L8 P l H V DERED LICORICE, GVni ARABIC OLIVE OIL, TONQ.UA llEANS, And a'l S oecialties for Tooacco Manu facturers. Patent Powdered Licorice. WEAVER & STERRY, Importers N0._2, CEDAR STREET. I JAMES G. OSBORNE, 2"obacco Broker, No. M BROAD STREE'J.', NEW YORK. M. RADER & SON, BROKERS No. 50 Beaver Street, NEW YORK. A. SHACK, TOBAGCO BROKER, No. 129 Malden Lane. NEW POWDERED LIQUORICE. FINEST QO'ALITY. Ianafacture d at Poughkeep s ie, Yew York. GIFFORD, SHERMAN & INNIS, 120 William Street, NEW YOBlt. Of.fioe:-54 :Broad St., NeW' York.-P.o.noxu7 2 N. R. ANSADO, Factory:-No. 2 FIRST DISTRICT, SOUTH BROOKLYN. IMPORTER m MANUFACTURERS OF THE FOLLOWING CELEBRATED BRANDS O F LICOHICK PASTE STICKS I ill w y PLUG, CHEWING aad S:MOKING N"-../ Y J"T"1 0 .A. c c 0 PURELY AND FINELY FOWDERED _.. AND ALL SPECIALTIE S FOR. SPANISH LICORICE ROOT, 0 pLUG TOBACCO MANUFACTURERS SPANISH LICORIC E EXTRACT, I 4 Broadway, New York-.DEER .PI..&.NET IIAVV. l a Ma, 3 a 4 S a &e, 'Ia, 8a, O a 18a .-LAUREL LEAVES, .aAILOil' S CHOICE, Ia, -" 3a, -t:a 5a, 6a, 7 Sa, 9a, JOa. -ALLENGE, lbo WASHINGTON,.l(o, NEP'I'UJE,DoableTblek,brt.drk MAGGIE TONKA BEA N S .liiiTCHJ!lLL. NARRAGANIIETT. ALEXANDRA. SENSATION. FLOUNDERS .a;-_....., CASSIA BlfDS, -.ucnANAN, 10 J ACK OF GRAPE AND APRICOT. LICORICE PASTE. CLOVES CINNA'IION, 'ACME" Fae;y B lat Powdo TECUMSEH, lOa PEERL&SS; GOLD BARS OF TH REGIJIJi:NT, PO(lKET PIECES,. ORANGE PEEL, :N' A. -v-y" ::8"X:N'B OUT ANISEED, CARAWAY SEED, CORIANDER SEED, A 0 ME LAVENDER F L6WERS, G U M A R ABIC G R A I N AND POWDERED SMOKINC AND CICARETTE TOBACCO. MYRRH,LUliiPANDPOWDERED, VIRGINIA BRIGHT C U T C AVENDISH. G U M TRAGACANTH, AND wo:a::t.D'S r AI:a AND :a 'O'::eY. ESSENTIAL OIL!l, l POWDERED, Branch 49T(, Central Street, Boston. We beg to call the attention of Tobacco Manufac-OLIV E OIL I.UCC.'l CREAI!I IN CAS ES, /2 Dealers to this SUPERIOR AND PURE SESAIIIE OIL L EVANT IN DBLS o. BOX 996. H. H. TODD, Agent. art:cle. Sole for the States of North Carolin a and Vir-Tonka Beans BrOT AKD AGENCY G 0 0 D W J N & C 0 DAV.I::NPORT olt MORRI S, Rich. Angosturas, Casks, OF THE MANUFACTURE OF '' LICORIC E ROOT-Aragon &n:R.TE:R., BALTIMORE, NEW YORK. 47 CEDAR STREET, N. Y -ATSTREET, ------------------121 BOWERY, NEW YORK. NEW YORK. WIS!l, AGII!VT. D H JC ALPIN & 00. ECKMYER 8c CQt. !ANUFACTURER> OF THE <1148 BROAD 48 IIEW STREETS, f 'VIRGCEINLELBERAAFT&EDNAFIVYNEC-HCEUTWING S O L E AGNTS FOR THE U. S. OF lnssian ti[arettes & Turkish Tobacco -OFAND D&AL.RS JN' COMPAGNIE LAPERME Cigars, Plug Tcba.cec, Snuff, Snuff Flour, etc, MANUFACTORY ANO SAJ-.ESROOM: n. PETEasuvRo, Moscow. wAR-Cor. Avenue D i Tenth St.,llewYork. !JAW, ODESSA, DRESDEN. r li'EW YORK, P o Box 4186. .MRS. G. B. MILLER & tOBACCO MABUF'!CTORY, (l'ETEP-:"'. COLLINS, RulsT. ) 97 Columbia Street, NEJYYOBK, KANDPACTU E &RS OJI 'I' Hl.. CELEBitATJtf) ..._ G. B MiUer & Co. Chewing and Smokin g Tobacco, t hb on l y Genui n e A m eric a n G entle ..,. Snuff; M>'l. G B. Miller & C o. Maccaboy ud. Scotch S nuff; A. H. M i ckle & Sons' Fores t :Booe and Gr a p e To8acco; Mrs. G B Miller A: C o Res e r v e S mok i n g and Chewing Tob>"""' lnJ" All o rders p r o mptly execu ted. OIU:JDA TOBACCO WORKS, D. BUCHNER & CO. !Formerly S S EDMONSTON & BRo.,) MANUFACTURE RS OF FIRE-CUT CHEWING 213 215 Duane St., lew York OUR CELEBRATED BRANDS:CHEWING: Uillden Seal, l!.eviver-, Old Timee, Enterprise, Neeta.r Leaf. FOIL l'hoenix, Golden Seal, Sun Flower, N::.tural Leaf, Great Central, SMOKil'IIGz Pride of the 1rnlted Stat es, Blacksburg, VirgiDia. Leai, 'Xillie THE Establis hed d5Q. ORIGINAL GREEN SEAL,'' And o'her l'bnice Branrls o f l'IEERSCHAUM SltiOKlNG TOBACCOS cut lrom Virginia Plu g W. C. EMMET. Sole Manufacturer. '1'4 PINE STREET, NEW YORK. GREAT CENTRAL TOBACCO WAREHOUSE. LICHTENSTEIN BROS .. PACKE R S AND D EALERS IN LEAF TOBACCOS, 121 BOWERY 121 Grand a o d Bester Sts. 1 NEW YORK. M. FRIEDMAN, .ANUFA C TURER OF THE CELEBRATED "BLUE CLASS" ALL-TOBACCO CIGARETTES, 203 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. lidP Thi B rand i s 634, 636, 638 & 640 EAST SIXTEENTH STREET, T RAD.I:: M A '" r-ftA S u. HULL, YOB.:K.. Eatahllh""' 1 848. I. C. BARKER & CO., i/auatact u ren o f the Celebr a ted FINE-CUT TOBAC.COS, u AMERICAN EAGLE" A NO-ll Also a ll other Grades o f Fine-Cut I Snloklnc Tobaocos, DETROIT, MICH. A"irle from packioC" C'Uf "AMERICAN EAGLE, and" CLIPPER" in th,. u s ual-sized wooden to, l O 40 and 6o lb9 w e all'lo put hnth o f t h e .. e u p very nicely in 0NH O uNc& T I N Fou PACKAGBi,pack.ed i n J( ;&n d X Gross box t'S. L i b e r al Prices mad e t o the Jnb btng Trade. ] J. BARKER MRs K. c B ARKER. CIGAR BOX MANUFACTURERS 153 to 161 Goerck Street, New York. Fl.EDUCED .Pr:l.oe L:l.&"t o:r SPAN ISH, AMERICAN & GERMAN CIGAR RIBBONS. Ir, a d Yello w ...... .......... ... Extra, 5 8 broad 72 vds $1 85 ; .... .. .. .... No. 1 ............... 5-8 72 J)O :. :: .................... 2 ............... 5-8 72 yds. ( l60 ., ., .... ..... .. .. .. 2a .............. 5-S 72 yds. '1. i5 .................... 3 ... ............ s-a 72 yda. 1 iO Brf,ad ...... .. .. .. .. : ; 1 ............... 5 72 yd:. lSO ., .......... .... .. .. ., 2 .. ... .. ... 5-S :: 72 yds. 1 70 ............ ....... 3 ....... ....... 5 8 72 y d a 1 55 : : 1. ............. 5 8 72yd s : l :so 2 ............... 5 : : 7 2 yds. 1.70 .. .. ............ .. 3 ............... 5 8 72 yds. l55 ll:,d. ..... ................. ,: 1.. ......... .... ;: 72 1.5 0 ..... ................ 2 ............... 4 72yds. 1.35 .. .. .. .. ... .. .. .. .... 3 ............. -4 72 yds 1 NarrowYellc w ........... ........ 1 ............... 4-8 72vds: 1 o .............. 2 ............... 4-S 72 yd.s. 1. 2 0 .... .... .. .. .. .. 3 ............. 4-8 72 yds. 0 .95 Londres (Chi eo) .. .. .. .. 1 ............... 34 3 4 y ds. 1.35 ('::h i e o).... .. .. .. 2 ............... 3 3 4 yds. 110 ...... ............ ; : 1 ............. .. 7-8 34y ds. 1 .75 11 ., .. .. .......... .. ., 2 .. .. ........ 7-8 34 yds. 1.45 II II "" :C>:l18 Jllll:aci.o tc:> Order RIBBONS CUT & PRINTED ANY SIZE AND STYLE -ALL ORDERS EXECUTED. TER.IIlS CASH Priceo of Cigar Boxes "nd Samplea of Ribbons Sent on Ap lication, 200 C H AT M 5., 7, & 9 'D 0 Y E R ST., NEW YORK. UPTl GHUV! & GEDIU, .. SPANISH CEDAR FOR CIGAR BOXES, AGENTS FOR I!PROVEll HOWH SGALES. The onl y :Sc l e mad e wilh .t'ro t c ctcd Bearloa Vur Scalf'S are used b y t h e following e m.taent manofacturer s : Q) s:::: ..... .s:::: :t 0 (.) ..0 0 1-!P'. t..ORILL.I.RD II, CO. New York : BUCHANAN&. LYALL,'Nt-w Y o rk; .:rAil. B. PACE. R 1ch m o nd, Va. ; P XA.VO & BRO., kichmonrl, V a .; E. W. VENABLE & CO Pt"te nburg, Va.; FINZER BROS., Loui!o!ville, Ky. HENRY WULSTEIN, (8...,.,.uor to Bor ... olU ... 114c CENTRE STREET, NEW YORK. P 0 Box 5091, -.:cw York. Con!'tantly f'\O haod the lle!!!l Improved CUTTT"'G..&..9RANULATING A.:ND SIEVI.n G TOBACCO l:iV hANU O R l'OWElt. fl A large nriety of M ac h iaery for M aoura c turer!', suc h as f o r Cuthn" or Havan a and o ther Ftllers for CiJrars. Stem Rollers B unching Ma .. c hines, Stemminll' Mac hines, and also Machioe:a foe C rusb in#r a n d F lattenlng the Tobacr o Stem i n the L e af, Cigar ette M actlines, etc. Sol e in the U.S. fo r F FLIN.,CH'S ( 0 frenb2ch on Main Ger .. man y ) cel e brated Machines for Packing Manu factured Tobacco. TINFOIL, Warranted Pure Tin, FQR WRAPPHlG c :G.S.ll.1 ani CIGAl!.ETTES, and LUNG CIG.U :BOXES WITTEMAIIN BROTRERS, 18' WILLIAK STREET. N. Y, WK .Z:mTSSEB. & CO., M ANVJ'ACTV&UI O F TOBACCO SEALING WAk. o s T R u M s !ad of GlyceriDe, Drag5, Gns, &e. CIGARBOX NAILING MACHINE. William st.. mew '2'ork. NJ!:W YOB.K Foot lOth &Jith St., East River, NEW YORK. ACENCY, HEN & CO. 43 Liberty Street, opposite Post Office, :t. GOEBEii &. CO., Importers an .i Manufacturers o r AND SCOTCH cIa lie D!:'f pes, Heinr ich Goebel Sohne, Genuine Grossalmerode l'lpes, Maiden Iiane. B. '2'. EITA.BLI!lHED 1'113. GERARD BETTS &: CO., General Auctioneers .. ANn COMMISSION MERCHANTS, S TORE AND RO OM: 1 OLD SLIP Bt 104 PEARL STREET (One door from Hano.,er Squa r e) NEW 'YO.BK... Cigar Manufacturers Are i nformed that w e a r e abJe t o supply the Trade with first class PACKERS a t s h ort notice. Plea1e address correspondence t o the CIGAR PACKERS' SOCIETY, S MICHALIS & C O., 1:75 E Houaton S t reet; or lf. M. GATTERDAM Woatroller of Vacancies), tog Norfolk Street. New York City. roBAcc-o BAGGING. 'IMITATION SPANISH LINEN, FANCY STRIPES, .And aU kqtds of Goods o5-ed for puttiug u p Smalo:-4 1 i us: Tobacco. .. c o m pl ete assortment of ArtJ.:ies f o r the Trade. kOWAtiD SANGER & CO., 462 to 468 Broadway, lew York. CHARLES A. WULFF, Ag't, Lithographer, Printer & Manufacturer of TJC:a.S or SKOKJC:as .A.B. 'I'IC::t.JCS, A Large Ass ortment Con s tantly on Hand D EALERS IN 0 61 Cho..tham St., cor. William, X. Y. TOBACCO, SECARS, SNUFFS; &.c. ,.,..,,_,, e "'".r PIOIEEB TOBACCO COMPANY, OF N. Y. BUSINESS OFFICES: 124 Water St., New York, 16 Central Wharf, Boston; 25 Lake Street, Chicago; 51 RORTH'WATER STREET, PHILADELPHIA. Factory : No. 1 First District, N. Y. THE CELEBRATED THE CELEBRATED "MATCHLESS," ."FRUIT GAKE/' BRICI:IT. All S izes; MAHOCANY, All S izes; "' PI C) N" E En. '' Dark, 'all Sizes. A compari!llon of our Celebrak.d Braods of PLU G TOBACCO S will cqn"Vinc e ill parths of t h e WONDEll.FU L :BIERITS P .LUG TOBACCO. HERBST BROTHERS, tc SEED . 183 WATER 'sTREET, I. :J NEW ; LIBERAL ADVANCEMENTS :MADE ON CONSIGNM ENTS. D eale r s Oa.ri Printed. P. 0. Box 1300, N e w York .. ljiiJ'l jll\1,11 "11 \ 'll!tot HI! I'! I!. ; STATES R IGif'l'S FOR S ALE. JOSEPH LOTH & CO., MANUFACT U R E R S OF ALL KINDS OF CIGAR RIBBONS .. C O NSTANTLY O N HAND A FULL AS S ORTMENT AT LOIVEST A1ARKET PRICES. Pactory: 8ah1"ftollll : WEST 45th ST., 4 44c BROO.IIlE ST1 Y'ork. FB.ABEB..'& WAREIIOUSE 0 F:LEGA N T CIGAR SHOW CASES (S"')C:) TOR JIOTELS AND a:aocERS.Car. W.Broad"!&J' &:R..We s t., New York. VAN JAIDOHB & CO., LBAP. BACCO, 165 WATER ST., NEW YORK ..


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