The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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I .. VOL. XIII.--NO. 23. 'BB'I'All:r.J:SIDJD 1884.] lht ESTABL1SHED 186'l.) IS PUBLISHED IVEBY WIDNESDAY KOBNING, BY 11Thc Tobacco Leaf" G0.1 PuU;n St., New York. EDWARD BURKE --------Editor JOHN G.GRAFF-Business Manager IIIF' All Letten should be plata1y addreuecl .. Taa 1.'onAcc:o LaAP" PuaLISHING Co. Terms of the Paper: SINCL& Cor1as .... 10 Cents. o ... Y&AR .... Six MoNTHS ..... a. to liir Retaerniler that the cost to the yeS\_1'ly or ...011thly subtcriber is THAN &lGKT CKfiTI aa W&aK. ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS ABROAD. G&AT BRlT.AtN AHb c.;AMADA fS BasM&N, HAMtll & Co .. 104 Front.. DaBoi.s Eugene, 75 Fr,..nt Bcgert Wm. & Co 171 Pearl F. 13 Slxtb Av l'ox. Dills & Co., L7_J Water. Friend E. & G. & Co., U9 Malden Lane Gardlner.;. M. S4 Front. Garth D. :.! Son &: Co., #Broad. Gassert J. L. & Bro., 16o Water. Gersbell.. & Bro., 191 Pearl. 1. & Co., tearl. Cummissum R.eyues Brothers & Co 66 & 48 Excbaaa Place Buyer of T4lxzuo. R.eusens G. 55 Broad. TIJbMCO Broln Cattus john, 11? Pearl. Fiacher Chas. E. & Bro., 13r Watef FLscber. (o'rederick.. 41 Broad Klnnkutt & Bill, ., Broad. Osborne. F., 54 Broad Rader M. & Son, sa Beaver Shack A., 129 .Matden Lane. Mfrs of Smoking and Clu!wing Tol>uo, A.aderson John & Co. u-4. u6 and 117 Libert,., Appleby .tHe )me, 133 'Vater. Buchanan & LyaH, 54 Broad. Buckner D, 213 and Duane Good wtn &; Oo. 207 and 209 Water Hoyt Thomu & Co:, -404 Pearl KiDney u1 West Broadway Lorillard P. & Co. H4 Water llc.A.lpta. D. H. & Co.. cor. Avenue D aud Tenth! Wilier Mrs. G. B. & Co. 97 Colu.mbia Pioneer Tobacco Company, 124 Water .4tnts for Clt.ewing and 8Hi1Jf Tob"""' A11en & Co., 173 and Chambers. Hen A. & Ce. LfbenY Wtae & JJendbeim, 121 Bowery AUnllf,trtrl of Ciz. Bondv 53 Bowery Glaccum ScblotSser, Rivington }l.v.rtcorn J, A., 21 Bowery Hel1broner & )oseobo;, 63+ to 640 E. Sixteenth Hlrscb D. & Co. uS and 130 Rlvingtou and SS Wall Hirschhorn L. & t-o., 89 Water jacoby S. & Co., :100 Cbatnam Sq. & !! & 7 Doyer. Xaofmao .Uros. & :Bondy. ll9 & IJt Grand Kerbs &; J014 to ro:ao Second Ave., and 310 to 314 FillyfilUrth Levy .11ros. 115 & 127 Broome Lichtenstein A. & llro. 34 & Bowery Lichtenstein Btos. &. Co. 268 Howery. McCoy & Co. 101 Mendel M:. W. J;; Bro, 15M Rnwery Rokoh\ Bros.&:; Sot:lter, 283 Pearl Seidenberg & Co. 84 and S6 .Reads Smith. .B. A 1 llowery Smith 1\1. M Vesey StacBel",.e:rg M. & Co. and 9-4 Liberty Stratton & .t3torm, 17S and 18o .Pearl"o &L Newmark, 16 Park Place of Fin B Cit"' Bonnett. Scheuck &. Earle, rS & 2., Astor Place Foster, Hilson & Co. '!7 .,Q Chambers. Sanchez, liaya & Co., IJC, 13:1 & 134M .Lane JpDrttrs of Ha'Vana ToDiletD 11nd CigarJ, Almirall ] J. 16 Ced'ilr Garcia F. 167 Water Gon&alh A. a6'7 Water Messenger T. H. & Ctt. 1oSr Maiden Lane ,Pascual L. 1:56 Wat..-Saocbcl, Ha,-. Rz Co. tp to 134 Maldeo Lane. Scoville A. tl. & Co. 170 Water Seidenberg & Co. s,.. owd 56 Reade lilolomoo M. 01 t.:.. h Maiden Wn Veaa & Bernbeim, 187 earl W eU a. ()(,, &! Welter Friedman Freise. 163 Pearl Wetu. El\.1!.-r t;:: uo Pearl. \ bor V. Martinez.&. Co.190 Pea.rl Manufacturers of Kty West and lf>ortr" 11.., f> Ban Fred'k & Co 4.1 & 43 Wa.n.Ja McFall & Lawson, 33 Murray. Seidenberg & Co., 84 and 66 Reade DejPt Df tM '' Flor dfl Ci'r4r6. Alee& Ge:orge, 173 'Vater M.ttu(.1ctur8,.J af .,J Ambtl Goods. Weis Carl, 398 Grand af a., PifH Batter H. & Brotlltrr .,., Water Buehler-& Polbaus, 63 Chambers Demuth Wm. & Co 501 Broadway Uoebel j & Co n9 Ma1den Lane Hen A. & Co. 43 LiLerty. .Bros. & Hondy, 129 aDd 131 Grand of Briar Pipe1 ttnd lmpofllrl OJ Jl!/rtidts. Buehler & PoJhaus, 83 Chambers Demuth Wm. & (l;(,., Hroadwa7 Han-t::y & Ford. 365 aPd Canal. Hen A. & Co. 43 Kaufmann Bros 6< .Houdy, 129 and 131 Grand kejaU & Becker, 99 l."bambers. lm}Hirters of PIUII A.osado N. R. t4 Broadway. Gilfo'-<1., Sherman & lnnts, no William Arguimbau, Walli5 & Co 29 &JI S. Willia111. M.c".A.nttrew James C., 55 Water Weaver&. Sterry. Cedar. Zu.ricaldu & Arguimbau, 102 Pearl Manufadurer'J i'ttSVtfflnt Ar icles. Hit Her's R. Sons & Co. 6o Cedar. Scbieflelin W. H .;;:;. Co., 110 and 17:1 Willia-. Mtcnuftrcturers ttf Puwiknti Brinkerhoff V. \V, 47 Cedar HHUer'ti ft. Sons & Co., 6o Cedar. Weaver & Sterry, 1 4 Ceda1 I tn Sud Leaf a'ltd /Javan.a To6acco and Joh!Nrs i'n all kind, of Manufactund ".J;,hacco, Goldson & Semon, 1 u Ontario Su.J Uaj 7 of>acco lmptttto. Be01el & Co. 178"' Water. Cnarles, 155 Water. Linde F. 0. & Co. 142 Water. Nation4l Ti'J!uz.cco bu)ediiHI, Hoodleos W. J, & Co., 45 Broad 1'oDacco Guthrie & Co,, 225 Front. Manufacturers of Cigar Bo:t:eJ. Eriobs H. \V. a 53 South. Henkell Jacob, lit 19! ilfonroe. Strauss, S. 17Q & r8r Lew1s. Wicke William & Co., 153-161 Goet:ck.. in SJanis!t Cirar Box C1d1W. Uptegrove & Gedne), 465-41.5 East.'I'entb, Sknt. Bo,ud C1dting-Band Stow Mill/,,. Cigar BJx WP6d, Read Geo. W. & l.:o. 186-2oe Lewis Spanisk 11nd Germmt ClgtJr Ribhoru. A.lmirall ;.J., r6 Heppecheimer & Maurer,12 &: 2<4N. William. Lobenstein & Gans, 101 Maiden lane. DANVIJ.LE, Va, Commissiou MerChllntJ. & Penn. 'Vise]. M. & Peyton. M':nufal/uter of Smoki!Jg Tobii.UD. TrowbndgeW. H. Buy" of Leaf Tobaccp Price J M. DETROIT. Mi<>h. of Clr.ewinr and TolmcCQ. Barker K. C. & Co. 14 & 76 ] eJferson ave. Parket" A. & Co., 49-57 Jcilersoo Ave Walker, McGraw C"o. Atwater and ;, L,tif T11bacc1J Sul:ivao & Bu.rk, and 50 Congre!IIS, East lmj.Qrlers oJ fla'lHma a11d Packer1 1J s,d .:. TDbaeco. Lichtenberg G. B. & Co., 68 Coogress st. East DURHAM, N. C. of Gcnuir.e "l.Jurltam n Smoling To6ttceo. Blacltwell W. T. & Co Loth Jot.&. Co ....,... Broome. Straun, Simon, 17:9 Lewis Wicke, Wm .. & Co., IS3 161 GoercK. Jl!lanu./actttren of Smoki11g Mtmujll,lflrtrs Df Toba"o Ti11-F1il, ]. J., 38 Crosby& 163 & 161 Mulberry Imjorter1 Df Tin Foil. Wittemallll Brothers, 18-4 William Tobt1ao l14lint ltoward. Sanger & Cg,, o462 to 468 Broadway Tohacto Laht!J The Hatch, Llthos;raphic Oo., 32 &. 34 Yese,. Heppenhetmel' &: & 24 N. William Citarp.BoJt LahciJ 11-nd fr;,.mmzJ. f{eppenbe!.met" & Maurer. u & 24 N. Willtam. W uUfChaa. A., S Chatham. &11/ing W4Jt. Zio.uer W. 8t Co., l91 William. Mtln{rs. if KinJU.V Bros. Ciza,.ettn. Klnoey F. S. 141 West "La Rttuian CJrareUts. Kckweyer & Co., 4.8 Bt'oad a.nd 4s New MJi'Jfziflldurrs of Jsem-Cigar Cizarettts. Buchanan & Lyall, 5<4Broad Manufact41rers of Cigartttes. l:lall Thomas H. 76 Barclay Moonelb A. 3491.'hird A'e. Sichel joseph M. & Co., 13s Chatham. Sutton John R. 217 Canal. Importer tJj Turkis/1. Le11f and Cigarettes, tzd ManMfacturusol .Smoking TobacctJ. Vallauti V.1:a6o Broadway. Mattufacture,.of tke Glass" AU-TtJhacto Ci'garettu. Friedman :M. :103 Pearl and Outtcl8, O.rm"" f>i{r Moutd1. Erichs H. W., 253 South. Lobesurteio & Gcuuo, 101 M aldes:r Lane. Manujadurer Oecond Kallay R. & Brother, us w ..... ,t Front, Dealn-s in Spa11ish and <-'igar Leaf Tolxzct"! CPmmiiSion Kremeltterg & Co., Eleventh and Main Garth & Co. Nintb. and Market Buyer of Tbacco. Opdebeeck C. :a East Main LYNCHBlJita. Va. Manu{acturtr of CarToll John W. Tobeco f.t'o,llltiJtio" Me,.canr. Nowlins B. H. ::G. H. MIAMISBURG, O. Leaf Tcbaao. Schuberth, H. C. NEWARK., N. Campbell, Lane & Co., 484 Bro.-.d. NEW La. Tobacco Fi1cton afJd Co11uniuitJn Mr&hr.u. Gunther & Stevenson, 16:r Common Krt=melberl{, Schaefer jlnd Co., 186 Common. Agn,Cy /"or PertgJU Broo-ks Wm. I. 82 PADUCAH, K7. Tobacc" Brolurr. Clark M. H. k Bro. Manufacturt> o( Tobacc.. Bishop T. L. Tolnuco Buy1r, Cobb R. & Co. PETERSBURG, VA. TtJhacco'un Merckanll. Roper. LeRoy & Sons. Ma101/ddurers oj Ptrr anti SmokiNJ[ TliJaecO tZ.n.d Dealers in L1a/ TobtUt:O VenableS. ,V. & Co. PHILADELPHIA. Toha"o Anathan, M. & Co. 220 North Third Bambt>rger L. & Co., ur Arch Bremer Lewis, Sons, 321 N 'orth Third. Courtney james A. 53 North Front l'>ohaD & Taitt. 107 Arch. Dunn T. J., 15th and Vine, :b:isenlohr 'Vm. & CQ.1 us &uth Water Loeb Joseph, 6:a North Front / M. :t.:: &: Co 39 North Water. Moore & Hay, 3S North Water Bank J. Rinaldo & Co., S:J North Waler. Sarver, Cook & Co., 105 North Water Steinet, Smith Bros. & Knecht, 23S Race, Teller Brothers, 117 North 'l'bird. Vetterlein J'. & Co., 135 Arch Wartman N. & Son, 13 North Fifth. Wells A. J., Third and Girard Ave. Woodwa'rd, Garrett & Oo., 33 Nonh Water Imp. of Bav. Tob, ad Ciga-s, and Deea .-plna -lulwo!Y liD T--=---FLIES. It seems that tobacco men have an affinity for flies: KEY CIGARS, AND THE Ce:teSe ,,. CIGAR FACTORY OF NEW YORK. SEIDENBERG & CO '-.. I' 84 & 86 READE STREET, l\TEW YORX, Im:porters of Havana Tobacco, ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF THE Ll ROSA ESPANOLA KEY HAVANA-CIGARS. WEISS, ELLER & KAEPPEL, I IMPORTERS OF THE ROSE BRAND '' In summer the dealer in tobacco is not only bothered by the allentions of the house fly, but his mind is often exercised over news from the tobacco-g rowing regions of the doings of a fly with a predeliction for tobacco, and the two times are frequently made very hot for him. In the other seasons of the year the doings of the tobacco fly are often of great interest to him. If we go on the qlarket during the busy seasons of the year we will find that Mr. Bull is of the opinion that the crop last year was much injured by the offspring of his winged friend; but Mr. Bear think> that such an idea js all ga;nmon. But should, afterwards, Mr,Bear find it necessary to act the r-art of the seller, he will tmme. diately beceme convinced that Bull was right; and Bull -now the purchaser-can not conceive how he could have been so foolish as to have thought as he did. Of course, the fly is to blame for all this. By a Petersburg, Va., paper we learn that a tobacco grower has been peculiarly affected by a fly Coming into town to sell his tobacco, he was taking a meal, when he accidentally swallowed a fly, and despite his most strenuous exertions it lodged in his throat and could not be moved. His throat swelled until it resembled that of a man with the goiter. Up to latest advices he had .not been relieved. The case is a very singular one, and, no doubt, the suffer ing has been great. HAVANA TO BA .. CC 0. GOVERNMENT ADVERTISING. It will be evident attention at all to the to any one who has given any system pursued by the Govern ment in its advertising that it has been largely made a means of rewarding certain favorite journals. Proposals for tobacco, for instance, have been allowed to be inserted in out-ofthe-way corners of newspapers that likely have never been seen by tobacco manufacturers, the parties most interested. So it has been in nearly every case with the other supplies, We, ourselves, once saw a small journal, published in this city, filled with notices of proposals for bids, and we are certain that not a dozen dealers or manufacturers of the goods that were wanted saw the paper. Of late there has been more judgment shown, but still not as much as should be, for it would be a great deal better to have a small advertisement inserted once in a journal that is taken by such persons as the notice iuterests, than a dozen insertions in a paper of widt circulation. The result would be many bids where there is now one. AttorneyGeneral Devens has decided-he seen an old law fixing the price of Government advertising-that ORly a very low rate shall be paid for such service. We sincerely hope that he will change his mind in this and see that no more money shall be thrown awa), as has been furmerly done. A proposal, of proper size, inserted in the papers devoted to the interests of the parties invited to bid, will be a greater saving to I he Government than a doze:> proposals inserted in journals such as we have referred to, even if the cost is less than in the trade papers. THE TRADE IN HOGSHEAD LEAF TOBACCO FOR THE HALF YEAR JUST CLOSED. Accepting the estimates of the production ol hogshead tobacco in 1876 at either a two third's or three-fourth's average, it becomes evident, in reviewing 1 the business therein of the six ending with June 30, that, apathetic as trade has all the time appeared to be, the aggregate volume of sales effected in the prin cipal rna kets of the country is quite as l:lrge as is needed to insure a favorableclose of the calendar year. Be the yield of this what it may, there is not likely to be, in fact there can not be, more than a convenient supply of old stock remaining to be sold on January 1, 1878. This is an apparent fact which is calculated to inspire gratification under any circumstances, but it is the more deserving of appre ciation now that it is tolerably certain a bountiful aJd early harvest is to be gathered within the ensuing two months. At the 'Vest, conjeclures are now not un that last year's growth will prove Io,ooo 220 Pearl New MCFALL cl L wso 33 J\IURRAV N. MANUFACTURERS OF THE ''EL CLUB DE YATE'' KEY WEST HAVANA CIG,ll.RS. R AVA I A T 0 B A c c We CAUTION! hereby notify parties who infringe on our Trade c.--f _{,______ under the Laws of the United States, that they will be Law, Acquired prosecuted by OfB.ce. 65 Pine St. WElL a C_Q_._ LOUUiBoBN, FiiSs. a. co:;OKANt7F .AOTt7:RERS of CICA.:RS, AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO., 161, 163 & 165 WEST THillD CINCINNATI, 0. J'OS. 3. AL.IBALL, HA VAN AIPORTTOFOEA c c 0, PROPRIETOR, OF. THE BRAND, 16 CEDAR STREET, NEW YORK. TO CIGAR BOX MANUFACTURERS I WE WILL OLOSE OUT 011R ENTIRE STOCK OF LUMBER. PLANED SPANISH CEDAR CICAR BOX Price of the Entire Lot, 3 cents cash; or i,n Lots of 5 M. at cents cash. We the above much under its value, simply to close out the lot. GEO. W. READ & Co., 186 to 200 LEWIS ST., foot Fifth and Sixth Street, E, R., NEW YORK. a

hogsheads Jess than the lowest esttmate respectmg It and 1 t must be admitted that the backwardness of recetpts there and at the seaboard m some degree tends to strengthen such conJectures ln thiS market the receipts of Western leaf are 2 7 787 hogsheads behmd those of last year, and at Loutsv1lle they are 4 r65 hogsheads behmd Proportional defictenctes are observable m other markets But undue tmportance ts not to be attached to tlrts ctrcumstance, as not less than three causes can be mentiOned whtch !lave been mstrumental m retardmg shtpments to both the mtenor and seaboard markets The first m order was the unfavorab1e pmang weather prevatlinJ!: throughout the pnz10g season The early plantmg was the next succeedmg hmarance, the farmers bavmg to wthdraw attention from the old for the sake of attendmg to the new crop Between the plant beds and the fields-tobacco and others-thetr time has been pretty constantly occupted for the past four or five months, and they have consequently had to parttally neglect for a ttme the crop of 1876 The thtrd obstacle to prompt dehvenes has be!'n the unw lhngness of many farmers to accept the prevathng market rates for thetr tobacco thetr vte;s of value bemg affected by 'i.he ltberal pnces early patd by stemtners, who were after the cream of the crop and who managed to get tt fbe close of July may show a fuU volume of recetpts for the month but, man} event July Will mark the culmma!lng penod for ttlts seasou The follow ng table shows the recetpts and sales for the stx months end10g June 30 10 the markets named Receipts Sales !lhds hhds New York Bait more -Cmctnnatt St Louts Lomsvtlle Clarksvtlle Paducah Hopkmsv1lle New Orleans fotals 37 r88 23 781 16 73z IO 288 30 394 7366 8 820 3 537 4 430 Here 1S a fatr exh1btt even after makmg due allow ance for the proportion of old tobacco rece1ved and sold, and as alreadv mttmatect, evtdence that the record of transactwns for the year must m the nature of thmgs be comparatively sattsfactory In loolhng at the res pee llve returns m the table a noucea ble feature IS made apparent by the way m whtch. sales have kept pace wtth recetpts at Cmctnnatt and Loutsvtlle In both places the said are m e-xcess of recetpts 1 he heavy rece1pts m June m New York made a very apprectable dlspro portwn m the sales and recetpts here but th1s \\Ill be raptdly dtsstpated as the purchases on the contracts mcrease m volume The staU&ttcs of stocks on hand to date of latest com ptlatwns about July 1 are shown m the annexed re sumet877 hltds 26 973 24 400 5 791 3 803 JO 729 4 4 z r68 I 915 --r-Totals 103 459 ror 124 Addmg to these amounts the stocks m Europe on Tune r 1877 and 1876 the vmble supply CO!llpares as follows I877 hhds I03 459 53 546 Totals 157 oo5 An excess th1s year of 17 077 hogsheads 1876 hhds 101 124 38 804 139 928 'TRADE NEWSPAPERS AND THE POST OFFICE DEPARTMENT. Havmg thetr own affa rs to attend to our fnends we clearly comprehend, do not want to be bored wtth a narratiVe of our spec1al gnefs let them be what they may We feel however, as 1f we ought to put agam on record, for the sake of the record a statement of the smgular way m wh1ch THE ToBACCO LEAF, m common wtth several other trade JOurnals, 1s bemg treated by the Pm;t Office Department at W tshmgton The followmg art1cle whtch we wrote, and whtch appeared 111 the Her aid of Fnday July 13 presents a fatr summary of the case as developed up to Ute present ume "The Post Office authonttes at Washmgton are agam endeavonng to enforce the recent ruhng respectmg the rail'S of postage to be applied to trade JOUrnals The mtllaUve m thts movement was taken some four or five weeks ago at wh1ch t1me forty or fifty JOUrnals pubhshed m this city m the mterest of vanous branches of trade and commerce were noufied that the pnvileges of the ma1ls would be tmmedtately den ed them unless they patd postage as thtrd class matter A meetmg of pub hshers was held at the Astor House on June 7, to de v1se means for preventmg the enforcement of the meas ure thus announced as 1n contemplation by the Post Office Department but no defimte course of actiOn was agreed upon by tlte publishers as a body Through the efforts of ndJvtdual members of the trade permtsswn was obtamed the transmJsston of the prohtb ted papers through the ma Is at secoAd class rates, as pre vtously allowe I Wtthm the past two weeks however the same trouble has been revtved an577 555 20 bemg an mcrease of h9 796 10 over the year prevwus, on spmts f,r r85 338 ro, the mcrease bemg Srs 599 6o on tobacco, $r 354 ool! 34 an In crease of $144 091 76 on mtscellaneous compriSing banktng mstrtuuons legactes successtons and penalties there was a decrease of $46 639 76 The total mcrease however was 1>!44 989 39 _.....__ THEIT OF VANILLA BEANS -Boston :Juty 13 -In the last two or three months dealers u vamlla beans tn New York Ctty have been greatly exerctsed because of robber es of that article that have taken place-m one nstance to the extent of $ro ooo On the roth mst James E Hyde of No 6o Wilham Street New York was roboed of 10) pounds of vanilla beans valued at $r 200 Detecllve officers to day arrested at the Par ker House Charles M Jobson and John Shoester, and found m thetr room a trunk coMa nmg $8oo worth vf vamlla beans. 1 he accused wtll be taken back to New York to mght FRIENDS INDEED -The senstbthties would be blunt ndeed that would not be touched to he qutck by such a Jetter as the one we have receiVed from Messrs Rtchard Mallay & Brother of Cine nnah We do not at present notwlthstandmg the unex&ected postal burden 1m posed upon us propose to 10crease the pnce of THE ToBAcco LEAF but we m:vertheless appreciate m the fullest se!lse of that word the rare kmdness evmced m thts voluntary offenng of atd at a tlme when tt was naturally supposed a d would be most acceptable because most servtceable Ev deuces of ab1dmg fnendshtp and sterlmg manhood such as th1 letter affords go rar to dtvest the pathway of )Ournahsm of some of the many unpleasant featnres that unavOidably beset 1t ---THE LAMOTTE MEMORIAL -In confornuty W th the destre of the members of the two branches of the leaf tobacco trade assembled at the office of Mesrs Sawyer, Wallace & Co J tly 3 to take acuon m reference to the death of Mr Albert C Lamotte, the commlltee ap pomted the purpose have caused to be prepared for transmtss on to h s mother m Europe a beautiful satin memonal contam ng the resolutiOns of condolence and sorrow expressed on that occaston The followtng names representmg the JO nt commtttee parttctpatmg m tlu s last tnbute of affectiOn to a departed assoctate and fnend, appear m connection wtth the resoluuons -Davtd L Wallace George J Kremelberg R Pollard, L B Rader Cl aries I< Tag, C Erdt Cas1mer Tag, Samuel J Gans CIGARS AND CIGARETIES -Boston Bul letm -@ne c gar (If It IS constdered lllJUnous at all) ts stx tt mes as 1 Juno us as a ctgarette 1 he wetght of the tobacco m a c garette of average s1ze IS 110t quite r5 grams (he exact average of menty Cigarettes we1ghd be ng 14 8 grams) or nearly I gramme wh Je the average wet ht of the paper ts o 56 grams or o 037 wh ch ts about 3 6 per centum of the whole wetght of the ctgarette 1 he we ght of tobacco m a ctgar of average s1ze however, ts about 92 grams (the exact average of twenty ctgars we ghed bemg 9r 6 grams) or 3 6 grammes The per centum Ill we1ght of paper m a ctgarette 1s composed pnnc1pally of woody fibre-generally made from cotton rags-and th1s burnmg wtth the tobac"o, produces the same empyreu malic substances as the woody fibre of the tobacco 11 self, and 1s not more 1DJUr ous when nothmg but to bacco and paper are used m makmg the ctgarette FINE CUT ONCE MORE-MILWAUKEE, :June zs, 1877 -Edztors Western Tobacco :Journal :\llow me to add some remafks made man art1cle m your paper dated June 23 headed Fme Cut Agam, that 1t was the Western manufacturers who came out first wilh the trashy fine cut at 40 cents, reducmg 1t even to 37 cents They made 1t thetr rule to offer cheap cut to every one as a batt and thereby demoralized the tobacco traae m the whole country Other manufacturers who would not Jose thetr trade had to follow the foohsh acts of some two or three houses who were fightmg each to be called the largest tobacco cuttmg house m Amenca The result of thts every manufacturer of tobacco feels m Ius own pocket, even 1f he does not de sue to admtt 1t But so II stands to da:y wtth all the facts known Pnces are as much demoralized as ever asd there ts httle hope for a change for the better so long as the feeling among manufacturers IS not changed I he fact that Allen & Eilts have advanced theu pnce to so cents does not change the sttuatton You would ha\ e had no ceca s10n for comphmenhng thts firm had they never com menced to offer the trash fine cut m advance of any tobacco manufacturer Jn the country My opm10n IS that pnces will regulate themselves as soon as manufac turers get t red of losmg money The natural course to pursue IS to let 1t alone All the newspaper art des m Javor or agamst have no dtrect mfiuence for manu facturers wtll Jollow t!lt:lr own way unttl thev w1sh to Convent ons to regalate pnces have always proved a fatlure, and \\ould m thts Jn BllRLI"GTON Io -Kausy & Hansell Manufacturers of Ctgars mortgaged for $ r 8oo -T B Batey Tobacco ass gned BALTIMORE MD -E J Taylor & Co Leaf Tobacco gars ass gned to S Bra vn SAN FRANCISCO CAL -I Raphael Ctgars attached CARTHAGE Mo -F A Beebe & Co lobacco and Ctgars tached for tobacco r .. ts ng have run out through constant use for twenty five years back Such a thmg mav occur as tn the case of the omon growmg lands of Wethersfield The omon crop m that town IS a th ng of the past not because tobacco has supplanted 11 but because the sotl has lost the mgredtents for growmg omons The same fact mav hold good m relahon to the h stone tobacco lands of Hartford County W1thout doubt new lands must be tned and the old home made manures returned to for dressmg Whatever IS done 1t Js certatn that our tobacco growers must produce a darker leaf or be pushed to the wall by the growers of the :Mtddle States Special <:rop Report to "The Tobacco Leaf:" CONNECTICUT Wmdsor, Ha11jord Co :July 9 -H reports -We are hav ng the best of growmg weather for tobacco m thts section of the State, as we are Vtstted wtth frequen showers, JUSt what the weed wants But we are havmg some of those beauttful mongrels makmg thetr appear ance m some fields but as yet there IS no general com plamt Havmg them thts wet season rroves that dry weather ts not the cause of them as many supposed 11 was Some sctenllfic men exammed the mongrel plants last season and satd 11 was for want of potash 10 the land and some nf our most expt:nenced growers m Poquonnock have put qu:inllttes of the supposed neces slty on thetr land and have got the worst of any mongrel pteces But, generally speakmg, the crop looks very well KENTUCKY Mtty/ield Graves Co '.July 9 -W S M reports -Smce my last we have had a fine ram and good growmg weather, and I constder the crop large and m good con dtt on I never saw a better stand, and should there be no drawback to 1t there wtll be one of the largest and best crops ever grown m the P.urchase I took a flvmg tnp to Chnsttan and Todd Counttes last week and I found the crop m those counues to be equallv as large as and domg fully as well Recemts fallmg off raptdly here but market firm for all grades Pembroke Chnsttan Co :July 7 -R J & Co teport -fhere have been no rams for some t me and the crops are begmmng to need 11 Corn IS twtstmg from drouth Weather warm Wheat begmnmg to move and selhng at f,r 25 per bushel Pnces for tobacco on our breaks lhts week are sustamed except for common and nonde scnpt grades, whtch seem to be neglected ST Lou1s Mo N C Harras Tobacco tors Scottsvt!le Allen Co, '1uly 9 -M & W r"'port -We have fi01sned puttmg out our crop of tobacce and 11 ts a lrt Exchau.-e .Market Reports There 15 no change m the tobacco prospects smce our Edgerlt1n ( Wts ) Tobauo Reporter, :July 6 -The last further than good local rams, whtch first and last tobacco market for the oast two weeks has been a rep have vtslleci most of the farms m thts county Many of ellt!On of quietude Plants are makmg raptd stndes the farmers are toppmg and present a fine appearance Never known to look Pembroke Chrtstzan Co, :July 13 -R J & Co re better at thts llme of the season Sales are verv meager port -On the 9th had good rams generally, wbtch have the followmg be ng the only transactions we have heard 1m proved the crops Tobacco growmg and domg well of -1876 crop, 4r.(c 1876 crc>p 4-*c 1876 crop 50 We hear of some early plantmgs on fresh lands bemg 10 cases r876 crop, :tc, 4C and 67:zc Connecticut brand, topped whtch Js rather early for makmg fat tobacco 4c Shipments for the past two weeks have been very Hopkmsvzlle, Chrtsfzan Co, :July 13 -G V T re hght, mcludmg So cases to New York, 39 cases to Cht ports -No change to note m the tobacco crop prospect cago and 41 cases to St Lotus m thts county Seasons have been all that could be Mtamzsburg ( 0) Bu!/etzn, :Julv 6 -Old crops are des red commg m slowly but no transactions of Importance are Paducah '.July I 3V A McC & Son report reported The new crop Js commg on m good style, We have seen several farmers smce we last wrote you, though a little weedy m consequence of frequent rams and thev say the1r crop of tobacco IS lockmg nne, some Boston (Mass) Cultwato1 :July 14 -There tobacco large enough to "pnme We had a ts literally nothmg aomg m the Valley very heavy fall of ram the first part of the week, whtch Buyers are loth to gtve the mcreased pnces ms sted drowned out constderable plants m low lands Our upon by the growers, and yet there ts a constant 1m market contmues firm Messrs Sebrel & Hobson provement m the pnces paid In Deerfield we have one (warehousemen) sold yesterday two hundred hogsheads, sale of 36 cases of the 187 5 crop \\rappers at 2oc Th s mostly good tobacco, at an average of over ten cents ts fullv 6c per pound better than sales of the same MISSOURI qua!tty three months ago The feeling ts that the Brunswtck Chan/on Co, '.Jttly 14 -The past week bottom has been reached I has been dehghtful \veather for our planters to clean up Mzamtsburg (Oh o) Bulldtn :July 13-1 here ts very the r corn and tobacco, and from the few m town we h tle of mterest to chron cle JUSt now Buyers are presume they have avatled themselves of the favorable \\atchmg the young crops and occasiOnally recetvmg or opportumty Another such a week wtll enable most of buymg crops of 76 a constderable porllon of v-.htch JS them to get thetr tobacco m pretty good shape still stuobornly held by planters at h1g'Rer figures than dealers there are not a few patches ol wh ch the weeds have will pav Fme crops are m the hands of men who are pos esston beyond redemptJon Some complamt IS able to hold tnem and there wtll probably be no change bemg made on account of worms and we apprehend m the sttuatwn unttl buyers can afford to offer htgher there wtll be rr.t hans of them thts season and cause pnces than the market now warrants The new crop IS constderable trouble growmg apace under tavorable ctrcumstances and pros NORTH CAROLINA oects thus far are favorable to a large and excellent P1osput Hz/1 Caswell Co :July r rJ f B reports gro'l\th -There are plenty of plants and a croo has been set -The tobacco plant grows luxunantly m Wasbmgton ExchaDKe Crop Reports. m thts county whtcll ts lookmg well, and has been up to the present Terntory On sandy prames and m valleys where the Clatksvzlle ( Tenn) Tobacco Leaf, :July 12 -A corre so l1s m the noture of a sandy loam the tobacc::J plant spondent from Port Royal says that the first settmg of ts known to fiounsh as successfully as m the nch fields tobacco ts Jookmg well and grow ng mcely but the last of Vtrgtma plantmg ts need ng ram badly and IS growmg but slowly -Ftve steamers left New York for Europe on last Boston (Mass) Ameruan Cultzvator, :July 14-Saturday, w th 870 hogsheads of tobacco and ro mtms Tobacco looks well though much less has been set ,han ters usual On the whole the crop propects are very r.:ood -Brooklyn patd $r 354 oo8 34 on tobacco tax last The early harvest 1s no longer a matter of doubt as tt year mcrease $144 091 76 IS gathenng wtth an average yteld and more, wah the -1 he Ch cago Leaf tndulges 111 a few appropnate excepuon of the hay crop on the postal questiOn What It Sa)s of THE Harif,ord (Conn) Evenmg Post :Ju!y9 -The tobacco 1 OBACCo LEAF II\ that connecnon IS all true and we crop whtch ts the mam product of Hartford County ts wo-uld be glad to reproduce Jts complimentary and more than ord nanly promtsmg fhe plants were set fnendly observatiOns 1f 1t were not that somebody per thts year for the most part without the arttfic al a1d of haps ourself has temporanly spmted our spr ghtly con watenng the frequent showers from the rntddle of June temporary from our desk prepanng the ground for them perfectly At the present -It IS two weeks smce the Westem Tobl!cco '.Journal lime tbev have made such headway that all that now and Ltquor Repotterlast came to hand rema ns for the growers to do IS to keep down weeds -The tobacco warehouse of Myers & Sellers at Wtl and worms fhere ts an tmportant fact wh ch Connec hamsburg 0, has been burned loss $12 ooo partly m ttcut tobacco growers must meet 1mmed1ately or lose sured m Chtcago compames prestl""e m the market It ts n connectiOn w1th the -Mr James M Gardmer Tobacco Commtsston color':,[ the leaf whtck now accordmg to the notiOn of Merchant, Front Street ts recovenng his health at c;:onsumers must be dark The Pennsylvama Seed leaf Lake George s to day usurpmg the place of the old Connecttcut pro -If there happen to be m the world who duct stmply because Jt ts of darker hue Just what 1s to thmks THE ToBACCO LJ>AF dear at $4 oo per annum lt be done to prevent thts does not appear clearly may be well to remember that the postage 1s two cents Whether the use of fertthzers on the same lands year per copy, and the cost of the paper on whtch 11 IS pnnt after year mstead of barnyard manures has mamly pro ed tv.o cents more Together, these expenses wuhout duced the obJectionable hght colored leaf, Jt may be conntmg the cost pf fold1ng, etc amount to $2 o8 leav dtfficult to say But wuhout doubt, thts has had much mg $ 92 to the pubhshers Rather rough on the to do wah the matter Poss1bly new lands may also be publishers needed It tslnot imposs1ble that the quahttes of Yanceyvzlle Co :July 13 -G W reports I report weather favorable f'ir tobacco, nothmg to add or subtract from last report TENNESSEE Clarks"lnlle Montgomery Co, :July 13 -S F B re ports -Thts sectton IS now badly m want of a good ram, whtch we have not had for more than a month Corn IS suffenng ternbly Tobacco IS uotng only moderately well complamts m some locahues of buttomng and blossommg A good ram would be of great advantage Sprmgfidd Robertson Co, :July I4 -C C B reports -The first plantmg of the tobacco crop wh ch grew raptdly, Js now feehng tbe effc:cts of the dry weather yet 1t IS not senously ill] a red The later plantmg whtch IS about one thtrd of the crop has not grown so rap dly, and tf the season should be fa\ or able btds fatr to make the best tobacco Upon the whole 1f It rams soon we may get a good crop of Hartsvtlle Trousdale Co :July 14 -J G L reports -Tobacco domg finely No complamt among farmer save from the worm These pests are begmamg to play sad havoc m some aect10ns Farmers are at work Wl[h a Will VIRGINIA Farmvzlle, .Prznce Edward Co :July 14 -C W B reports -In some of the adpcent counues they are complammg of drouth, and tobacco dymg out for want of ram I am pleased to say that the crop IS lookmg well m thts netghborhood The horn worms are worse than ever before known and may damage the crop senously, 1.....,


JULY 18 THE TOBACCO MARKET 742 90 t5 I 475 2 2.82 2 354 4 093 5786 Oh o Fnn Sa w. Conn 138 375 a 8 205 10 so 49 48 375 J28 254 10 49 Sales du ng June 77 nc udmg o a r ve 67 5 10 579 497 120 407 766 I 3 7 9 ba es 335 pkgs (63 645 bs) 308 cases 39 ba es SKILES"'a 15 21 863 507 moo h fo the fi st ba f o dunng go 171 33 g6 3 2 233 39 26g yean 1874 1875 Monh o6 308 291 184 567 389 8o 470 LEAF. I the p.,,.. Sat w: 'I: Ca 138 375 273 205 4.744 LO so 49 174 3 813 148 328 4.9 8 375 254 675 10 49 734 3 138 138 375 3a8 205 4. 84 Cope s Mixture There s an advantage no ri and then n arr v ng the 0ay after the fa Next to the perfect blessedness of be ng totally gnorant of an ev I s the comparat ve bl ss of know ng that the m sch ef IS over before you a e n ade a "are of s ex stence It s a great rei ef to my nervous system to know-as one of your Press 1r ends nforms me-hat the s lly hab t lad es have of wear ng the r loveb c gare te aihes m lockets s go og out of fash on I don t know wh ch lad es I don t want to know where the I ve I only hope tlae pretty custom may have d ed out altogether before I get there I am aware toat to wear the actual ashes of the departed lover himself n a locket In Memor am s one of the charm ng fane es of the cremat on devotees hut a smoker must have become a ver table I obacco Man -as I th nk Lady Ptarmtgan ca Is an old fr end of m ne n Tom Robertson s comedv Soc ety -before h s lady love can m stake the ashes of h s c gar for h own pcor mortal rema r s For myself I have no g eat weak ness for be ng hawked about dead e ther tn propt:a per ona. or n the hape of a v car ous smoke I c gar -The Spr ngfield (Mass) New Eng/a zd Homestead says that the fa mers of Greenfi<:: d g ew 162 acres of tobacoo n 1873 63 acres to 1874 90 acres n 1875 40 n 1876 and are grow ng 25 acres the pre ent I


. .. .\;.. i'' .; > T H E T 0 B A C C 0 L E A P ... JULY 18 \ i O. BOX 4385. for the 111'ell-known and reliable Manufacturers; J. B. PACE, W. J. YARBROUGH I SOIS1 TURPIN I BRO., C. T. BIIFORD,. 800DMAI I MYERS, L, H. FIAYSER I CO., MERCHANTS. COMMISSION 79 FRONT ST., NEW YORK. '14 FJ!lONT Street. L J. BRAIT CO., R. W. OLIVER, -._ T. W. PEMBERTOJI,J 1 JOHN W. CARROUr and others SOLE AGENTS FOR THE ORIGINAL JOHN R. MANUFACTURER OF CIGARETTES EUGEIE DUBOIS,<" "AFl'ER DINNER" All Tobacco; CODISSIOJ MJBCmT, _Gable Coli, Donne Bouche, I 4s and 6s, Single and Double Thick. Iii: W. ALSO, AGENTS FOR THE CELEBRATED,! \f LONE JACK & BROWN DICK SMOKING TOBACCO. Large Stocks of Manufactured Tobacco of Every Description, Suitable for the Home Trade aad for Foreign Markets, p1; Oona1:an..1:l.y on. THE. VIRGINIA TOBACCO AGENCY, Es1:a. .l.BBEJ JAS. M GARDINBB., TOBACCO GOMMISSION MERCHANT, 84 FRONT STREET, NEW YORK. EXPORT ORDERS FOR PLUG TOBACCO .PROMPTLY FILLED. F. C. LINDE.. C. F. LINDE. C.<:;. HAMILTON. R. AsHCli. OFT 1t NE"'VV YORK SEED LJLtP ,TOBACCO. INSPECtiON. 'TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. rtven fer e1'ery ease, and delivered cue by case, aa to Dumber of Certificate. N. B.-We Also Sample in Merchants' Own Stores. F. C. LINDE & CO., Philadelphia Branch-E. W. Dickerson, 139 N. 3d St. ,pRDfCIPA.L a a d 18'1 to 188 Pearl Street. : W A.R.B'IIoU8E8-l4-!a Water, 74:, 76 a;. 78 G reeQwlch Streets. and HudBOQ ltiYer Raii Road Depot. St, jobo's Park. -ANI>-w. a'MeA:&.L VANITY F -AIR TOBACCO .AND. CIGARETTES. JIAlft1FACT11RED TOBACCOS: FAVORITE DA.RKNA.VYo ENCHANTRESS DARK NAVY, 8WEET MORSEL DARK NAVY, HONEY AND PEACH BRIGHT l'iA.VY, AND ALL POPULAR BRANDS OF FANCY AND LIGHT PRESSED FINE CCT MANUFACTURED BY SPAULDING .t; KERRICK: OLD GLORY THE WEST, SWEET BURLEY, Q.llEii:l'f BEE, TRUMPS, WIG WA.G,,.BUGLE1 IN PAILS AND BARREJ,S. DEPOT FOR E. T. PILKINTON II; CO.'S ":Rt1I'l'S & FLOWERS" & CODONWEALTB:" Smokinlt Tobaccos. 11ir PRIOE LISTI FURNIIHED 01'1 A.PPLICA.TlON. Wg H. 'VVULSTEIN. (SUCCESSOR TO IJORGFELDT & DEGHUIIE), PATENTEE (AND SOLE lllANUF.U iTURER IN TIIB D. S.) OF IMPROVED TOBACCO MACHINERY, OFFICE-114 CENTRE ST NEW" YORK-:P. 0. Boz 5091. L. GERSBEL & BRO.,' CUjTllfG CGRABAULATIBG rsr'Ev&a POWER. PACKERS AND DEALERS IN A of Machinery for Cili[ar llanufacturers, snch as for CuttlU.J or :d BENSEL & CO., INSPECTORS, 178% WATER STREET, NEW YORK. other PUlers for Cirars Stem .Rollert Bunchinl' Machine&, Stemming MachlnH, and other nes or Crushing and l"lattenin'g tke Tobacco' Stem in the Leaf, Ciguelte Machine, etc. The attention of Cigar SEED LEAF TOBA CC 0, Scrap Fillings for Clean. -:: '"!"6bac:e;:. -,_ preMed lnto a Retainer hi-amotst nate, a11d tbe so-fonne-t cake is puf 191 PEARL STREET latotb.ebozoftheMaehtneforcutting. Tbesamecutstrom8ootox,200lbaof Leaf Tobaccoperday,from a Q\lartcr to a half inch w i de, a desired, saYing full133 per eent. over the form..-way of manllfacturillg Cigars; avoiding the slrippinr; no Jon in &tems, or other waste; no duat; less Tobacco required, and bdter L. GllJtSHRL, NEW YO work produced; and I s the only practicable and reliable way o f makina a unilonn mixed Cigar. All the s. C:.llllUIHKL. ,RK. leading Cigar Manufacturers of N e w York City are u sing this Machipe. Feeding Aftachment for SYRACUSE BJUNCH ..... G. P. HUR & CO. ELMIRA do ...... ]. R. DJo:CKER. BALTIMORE do E.WISCJiMEYER&CO do ..... W. WESTPHAL. ---------Cutting Fine-Cat Chewing or Straight-Cut for Cigarette&. For the same purpose, of cutting_ Havan:t and other FilleTS for t h e of Ctgars, I now offer my lately-invet:t:tedlSm"llize GRANULATOR, o n ..M:AY BROTHERS. : CHARLES Fl N K E ... wbich Leaf Tobacco can Ue cut i nto evtm scraps in a moist state, without ll"'aking d ust or :cr;borts.eTh:.S J Grnnulatnr Is especially for this purpose, and entirely different frnm my same size Granulat"r fo r JlllPOaTEJU OF BAOOO IN PE making Killickinir:k o r Cigarette I t works the S t e m s :ts the and a c::.pacity of 8 CTOR from 3co t o 400 lbs perday.()The Report of the Jude-es of Awards of the Cen1 e nllii\l Exhibiti on refers particuhlrly to the efficiency, uniformity of cutting and bi!i!b :;;peed w ith whic h it culs l.eal ToU :u;co, also to the J ubst::wtial and dur.-.Ule chancter oft he nme, nnd tnthe n1nrlPute prir, at which it iA !"olrl to the Tr;tde. J'rench Cigarette Paper," 15$ WATER STREET, BROS. & BONDY, NEW_YORK:. JONAS METZ, 64 NOll.Tli Fll.ON'I' STREET. OF FINE CIGARS, ALEXANDER MAITLAND. L. F. S. ROBERT L. MAITLAND. 1': ROBERT Lp MAITLAND & CO., Tobacco and Cotton Factors, And General Commission .Merchants, 43 BllOAD STB.EETPNEW YOB.E. ,,A.DVANCEMENT!I DIADE ON CONSIGNMENTS TO LONDON AND LIVERPOOL. Agents for Messrs. WM. CAMERON & BRO.'S Celebrated. Bra.nd.s of Manufactured. To'c:J.cco. 1 D. J. GARTH, CHARLES M. GARTH, HENRY SCHROEDER. D. a". G-.A..R. SC>N" CC> COMMISSION .MERCHANTS 44 Broad Street, New York. BRANCH HOUSE: GARTH & CO., Ninth and. Market Sts Louisville, K J -E. P. GILSO! s. E. THOMPSOJ(, G. REUSENS, S. E. THOMPSON & CO., BUYER OF 'l'OB ACC O, ,General Commission Merchants, 66 AltOAD STREET. .54 & s6 BROAD ST., NEwYoRK--p.o. Box 3698. NEW YORK. SAWYER, WALLACE & CO., :r. 1'. & co., COMMISSION .MERCHANTS, TOBACCO PAGTORS, No. 47 Broad Stre, et, NEW YORK. Western and Virginia Leaf, i39 BROAD STREET, t:' P. O. BOX II,UI''T, 129 & 131 GB.Al.\TD STlU:ET, NE"17 '2'01\E ..... FANCY SMOKING PIPES -IN-BRIER AND FANCY WOODS, MANUFACTURED BY HARVEY & FORD, ,_ & 367 CANAL STREET, "'NEW YORK, FACTORY-LEDGER PHILADELPHIA. 4 ...... o( REJALL & BECKER, MANUFACTURERS OF MEERSCHAUM & AMBER GOODS, AND IMPORTERS OF FRENCH PIPES & SMOKERS' ARTICLES No. gg Chambers Street, N"o'<>V 'Y<>rk.. CARL 'VVEIS, MANUFACTURER OF I U:M: AND AMBER GOODS, 398 GRAND ST., NEW YORK. AND VIENNA;' Austria. BUEHLER tc POLHAUS, MANUFACTURERS AND IMPORTERS Oh' BBIHR WOOD, MHKBSCHADM & CLAY PIPHS, All Tobacco; "PICKWICK" All Tobacco; "PHENIX Pure Rice Paper. No. 217 CANAL S'I':EUI:lC'I', NEW YOBE. THE BEST ALL-!OBACt:O CIGARETTE "BETWEEN THE ACTS" The above Bnnd of HAVANA TOBACCO CIGARETTES made onl y by B. IIA'L, 222 GREENWICH STREET, COR. OF BARCLAY, -ALSoMANUFACTURER OP PINE CIGARS. Es'ta' 1BSEJ CROSSLEY'S TOBACCO. CUTTER, THE BEST MACHINE FOR CIGARETTE MANUFACTURERS. Cuts any Kind of Tobacco Perfectly E11n, Without Shorts. REFERENCES-A.. HEN ilo co.; LOZAN!!I, PENDOS ""' CO. ; L. SIMONS ""' CO., N.Y. Address J. W"' CROSSLEY, 334 BROADWAY, N. Y. BOBT. S. BOWNE, BI&B TONED SIOKIN& TOBACCO 25 PINE STREET, NEW YORK. OSTRT O O M & REYNES BROTHERS & co., ;o.MMISSION MERCHANTS, Commission :Merchants, ALSO DRALERS I N And all Kinds. of SMOKERS' ATICLES. D 0 ME S T 1 (; C. NASH, 83 Chambers and. 65 Reade Streets, N .ew York. And l!EW TORS:. I F. w. 4& &. 48 Exchange l'lace, N'e"VV York.. rB.OII'T STB.BIIT, i :NEW YORK 1 FOX, DILLS & no., 1 Importers of SPANISH AND PACKE!tS OF SEED LEAF TOBCCOS 1!15 WATJ:a STILBJ:T, NEW YORK. E. II. CRAWFORD, .. IMPORTER & DEALER IN LEAF TOBACCO,; 1ea Watel' Street, p, o. BOX 3470. NEW YORK; M. H. LEVIN; IMPORTER of HAVANA AND DEALER IN ALL KINDS OF LEAF TOBACCO, 162 P11rl.Street, lew York. R.. STaiNECl'-lt,. ll. N1lUBUJtG&Jt. NEUBURGER & STEINECKE, Importers of SPANISH and Dealers In LEAF TOBACCO; COKIIDSSJON IIElLCB.ANTS AND PACKER!! OF SEED LEAF, 131 Malden Lane. New York. H. KOENIG, WHOLESALE DEALER IN HAVANA AID SBBD LKAI oro:a.a..ooos. No. 329 Bowery, New York, ;B"' SUBER.T, WHOLESALE DEALER IN :a: .A. VAN' A. -AMD-- DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, 14 North Canal Street, CHICAGO ILL. B. SCBOVERLIBG, ALL KINDS OF SBHD LBAP TOBACCO If 14.2 WATER ST., NEW YORK;. : -11': w:;;-Packtor House in N e w Milford. Conu. .; W, SCHOVERLING .. COo XREMELllERG CO., -..__ x6o PEARL ST., NEW YoRL J. D. nEKELllEBG: & CO., BALTIMORE, M-. UEMELllEIG, SCRAEFD & CO., .. NEW ORLEANS, LA. DEKEL!EOO: & CO., .--. LouiSVILLE, Kv. MEiltHW CBAS. F. T & SOR, I Jmporten of SPANISH a.nd in aH kinds el LEAF TOBACCO, 194 Front Street, KIIW YOILK. E. SPING-ARN & CO., D&J.LEI\S lN HAVANA & DOMESTIC TOBACCO. No. 5 BURLINC SUP, NEAR W .ATER.STREET, NEW-YORK. L af'UI8&BJl u..s. B.a. l.iCIIJIA ua... u K fl7l!fcu.& G. a EISMANJI', Commission Merchant, F. W. TATOENHORST & CO., TO:BACCO TOBACCO &BIERAL LEERET o. BLASDEL FOREIGN TOBACCO, ., .1.76 FRONT STREET,, VEGA & BERNIEIM, AJfD DIrk.. No. 86 BROAD N.. Y. CALLE SAN JOSE No. j, __ 178 PEAnL S'l'nEE'J.'I1 ------------------HAVANA. 283 P:::B:AB::t. sT., J.L.GASBERT. l'I .L.GASSERT 5EWY9Jllt Leaf" Tobacco. :.LEAF TOBACCO -18 BB.OAD S'l'l\EET, I 'l'OBACCO LABELS.. NEW YORK. J. L. GASSERT .t BRo: WM. M. PRICE. 7 LEVY BROTHERS, CODISSION MERClWlTS. ro:a. BMOK%:NG .A1VD 1\I.EAlVVF ACT'UJUlD 'l'OBACco :r AND DEALERS IN ALL KINDs oF L E A p T 0 B A C C 0 FURNISHED BY ::J.\I.I:a:O.."l11"80'tu.rer& 0 J"HE CIGARS. LEAP TO'BACCO,. US Maiden Lane, aa 3-1 VJ:SBY S'!l'aJIBT, SJJW 1r01Ul, 125 & 127 BROOME ST. NEW YORK. 'No. UJO Water St., New York. NEW YORK. AT GBUTLY BBDVCim PBICE&.i .. -.. --,-----...' J. A. HARTCORN, Manufacturer of Fine Cigars, ADd Dnle r in LEAF 21 BOWERY, 5EWYORK. 8--


JULY 18 JACOB BIKIILL, MANUFACTURE1., BOXES, SUPERIOR. MA:KE AND Prime Quality of CEDAR WOOD, 293, 295 &: Monroe NEW YORK. BASCH & FISCHER, IMPORTERS OF HAVANA AND PACKERS OF SliD LHAP 155 Wate St., NearKai4enLau, NEW YORK. THI&EBIAI AIIRICAI BROADWAY, cor. Cedar St. :NEW YORK. ()o.pttal, $1,000,000. Every faclllty afforded to Doa1en and Correspondent. coasisteot with Sound Baoldog. H, ROCHOLL. Preoideat. X. Jr .. READING, Caabter. WM EGGERT & CO. JMPuRTERS OF AND IN SKBD LHAP TOBACCl 171 PEARL STREET, IIEW YORK. ,.,. 94 KaiD St., Cincllm&li!, 0. E. & 0. FRIEND & CO., lm.porten and Dealen ta LEAP TOBACCO, 129 Malden Lane, Gus F1tr11Ko, EnwARt> FR[J!:NO, ]1t.1 LRO"'A.Rn "fi'RJKND. NEW YORK. S. BARNETT, Importer of JIAV AKA AND JOBBER IN SEED LEAF TOBACCOS, 162 Water Straet, New York. II. & S. STIRIBERGIR, mll&l !ID BAilERS. No. t,t, EXCHANGE PLAOE, N. T. Draw Bills o f Exchaowe on tbe principal citlefl: ef Europe; isaue Clrcutat" Lf'ttersofCredittoTravders. and Commercial Crcdirs; r"reivP. M(,ney o n Depo!! i.t, subjec to Sight Checks. upnn which inter -e5t will hO'! allowed ; pay particular 01ttentlon to the 'Negotiation of Loan". JOSEPH SCHMITT, IMPORTER AND DEALER IN LEAF TOBACCO, And J.lanufacturel" of :lf"ZJ.'ITE C::J:Or.A.R.S, No. 893 THIRD AVENUE, Bet. Flftythtrd and Fiflyfourth Sts., :NEW YORK. CUTHRIE & CO., 226 Front Street. CODISSION AND [BALERS OF TOBACCO FOR EXPORT. Leaf Tobacco pressed in bates for the West lacHes, Mexican and Central American Ports, and other mar. kets TOBACCO PA. l:io 'l'vlllni of lbt Bucbtalloc.....,.; Ale MORE DURABLE than Wooden Moldt. Over 300,000 Ia 'Uee. I ""d tb' GIVE THEX A TRIAL. THE The liew Laproved WOODEN CIGAR MOLDS. 1IIMI< Of our manufacture are guaranteed trnperior i n t[Uali!y and finiah to tmg other. 11114 fer lllUUai14 Lid of Bini. Sf'ECIAL 81ZEI MACE TO OIIDEII. N. DUBRUL &. CO. MANUFACTURERS, crN"O:rNN' .A.'rJ:, 0. H. ORDENSTEIN,Aieat, No. 306 Broadwa71 NEW YORK. r 814, BPEOX.A.L N"OTXOE. I would particularly call the attention of the Trade to the fact that I have apart a portion of my for the accommodation of any who may w1sh to Sweat Tobacco the1r own way and do not wish the care and expense of sweat rooms on their own premises. The tobacco will be cased and handled in any manner wished, and then placed in heated rooms specially adapted for sweating, without drying and crisping the leaf, or the tobacco may be cased and packed, and theo aent for storage in the heated rooms until sweated. Being that I make a special business of Sweating and Rehandling of tobaccos, I can offer such rates as to induce any one to forego the rehandling of his goods him self, and take the choice of either a quick or slow process. I trust the Trade will give this their consideration, and at least favor me with a trial. For ny further particulars please call on or address C. S. No. 188 PEARL STREET, N.Y WYSB & BBNDH. 'PIM Licorice Paste, I& .D I POWDERED LICORICE, GUM ARABIC, OLIVE OIL, OTTO ROSEll 12 I BOWERY New York Tonqua Beans, -SOLE AGENTS FOR WELL-KNOWN And all other Matel'ials for Flavoring used by Manufacturers, including the hat Essential Oils; PAVOBIT1J DUBB W H. Schieffelin & Co., .n 11. 170 an4 172 WILW.K STIDT, imW YOU. TC>EI.A.OOC>, ALSO, JOBBERS Dr ALL KIIIIDII OF VIRGINIA .S.. NORTH OAROLINA PLUG AND SMOKING TOBACVOS. HEPPENIIEIMER & Prao' L:l.thogra.phers, SANCHEZ, HAYA tc CO., 130, I 32 & 134 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK, MANUFACTURERS OF ENGRAVBRS & PB.INTBRS @tigar, mHbiCrDwiUd ,. A r-n A """"-. -r z A -O[)NSTANTLY ON HAND AND NEW DESIGNIJ l'II;ADE TO ORDER, FINEST BLEAR H! VAN! CIGARS. A warded Eighest. Kedal Ewbit!on, 1876, ALSO IMPORTERS Oi' ...L 22 and 24 NORTH WILLIAM STREET,NEW.YORK. HAVANA CIGARS & LEAF E. w; MANUFACTURER OF LOBBNSTEIN & GANS WHOLESALE DEALERS IN SEED '" AND HAVANA TOBACCOS." SOLE AGENTS AND IMPORTERS OF THE GENUINE W. & M. J O:I:G-.A.B. ::LW:C>"DLD&, q CIGAR DOXEP AND IMPORTER m GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS of lt CO., and F. l!OCXELKANN J>.&Alolm IN LEU DUTDBAC, PRESSES, STRAPS t.& CUTTERS, Importers of German and Spanish Cigar Ribbons, f No.' tOt MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK V. VALLAURI, 1260 BROADWAY, NEW YORK, Cigar-Mo1:1ld Presses, Straps anu Cutters, ;}, 263 SOUTH STiiEET, N. Y. ._ DIRECT IMPORTATION O F Turkish Loaf Tobacco aM Gi[aronos 190 Pearl St., -lltCKAKL AKna,J NEW YORK JOHN A. DHl& LEDERER 8t. FISCHEL. DEALERS IN Seed Lea:C AND HAVANA TOBlCCO, ll1!t PUlL STIEET, NEW TOBit W. H. TERWILLIGER, LATE OF TERWILLIGER&: CO ; PATENTEE OF THE Welded Steel and Iron PllUI & BDB&f.All PBOOP _SAFEs; 'PATENT INSIDE "IIOLT WORK AND HINGED CAP, GREATEST IMPROVEMENT OF THE AGL No 8a.t'e Complete. Without It I I NO. 54 :MAXDEN LAXE. Near William Street, NEW YOlt.K. .... Testimonials II; Price List ful'llished oo applicauon f TBOIIAS G. LITTLE, .... TOBACCO SWHATING, Pearl Street,' ,, KIIW '2'0B.JL ._.___...:.;. OFFICE &. K. COOKB & CH 92 Chambers st. NEW YORK. THE ABOVE IS AN IMPRINT OF OUR C:X:G-.A.R. ST .A.l.\ti:P O.A.N'OE:I: .T .EEl.. U.!iled and J::ndoraed by the Principa1 Manufacturers. (:;)PRICE OF STAMP, with Manufacturers' name Lo-:.t.tion, Box ot Dates good f o r Io.:ighl Yean, Pad,, Figures, etc. complete, $4-.50 C. 0. D. PRENTICE'S A. OATMAN, CIGAR SHAPIN& MOULD IMPORTER QF AND RETAINERS. H A v A N A Patented January u, x869, and May 1!71, And Dealer in Domestic r LEAF TOBACCO, 166 Water Street, ]fEW YOBJf.. .M. M. SMITH, MANUFACTURER OF BAND MADE CIGARS, No. 42 VESEY NEW YORK ....,.,. THE JOBBING TRADE SOLICITED ONLY. These Moulds are used ln maltln.-the FlnetJt Brands of HavaRa Cigan, aud. acknowledged by all who have used tilemto be Moulu evorlmnted. CAMPBELL LANE & co. Makf"S NoCrea!le in the Cigar. & L.t!tnp -ct. MANUFJ CTUR S O Uniformity in Wel'ht and o l the A ER J Unskilled Labo r can be Employed ;n Making rOBACCO AID CIG. Dll Bunches. Less Skill is Requirec1. in Finishing. Al'lill PRICE tliii.OO PER SET. AHD DBAL ...... WarraRted perfect in Send forCircu lar or call for youn;el ,e!i. 'W". H. TER'W"ILLJ:GER. Mitnu(acturer and .P1opd tor .at. MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK. SNUFF, PIPES, etc,, .llCTORIES AT 484 BROAD STREET, RJJII AND IN CALDWELL !. ;J. M. SALOMON, E." .. S.A.LOMON. 1. a E. SALOMON, PACKERS OF SEED LEAF, AND IMPORTERS OF Havana Tobacco and Cigars,. 85 MAIDEN N. y. CICAR BOXES SHC?W. AND cxGARETTEs. of and Dealer m Spamsh C1gar R1bbons, --==;:.:::;.-=::;;:.;:;::.;.:J:;:.;AC :.;O:.;: B :::S C:::;HLOS -SE_R_ GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS, PRESSES," STRAPS, CUTTERS, ETC.,, LACCUM SCHLOSSBB. ..... & 181 LEWIS STBEET, :NBW '2'0BB.. MANUFACTURERS OF AU Jdod o C Figures Cut to Order and Repaired l.o. the Det Styl e a The Trnde 8u.pp.Ue .. 15 RIV:INGTON STREET NE'W" YORK of the Celt:brated Br.1nds ," ad "HIGH .A..,ND DRY Oth .. t' F;:tvnnte Brands mad"' t n ot'der. D. II. PATENT TOBACCO STRIPPER. PATENTED MARCH lt., 1876. The Most Perfect and Rapid Stripper In the World REFERENCES: KERBS & SPIESS, New York; LJCiiTENSTEIN BROS. & CO., New York; HIER lit ALDRICH, 3EUBERT & WARNER, CARR & CUSHING, and BALDWIN FRYER, s,.racuae-1 N.Y. DAVID H. HULL, 36 W. Geneee St., 8yracuae, X. Y Co:pe' s Tobacco Plant, A MONTHI:Y JOURNAL for SMOKERS. Published at Ho. 10 LORD NELSON STREET1 LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND. Price Two per Wbere SubtK:ripUon s may be a.ddrused. or to ''THE TOBA<:lCO LEAF" OFFICE. SUBSCRIPTIONS, 75_Q_TS. PER ANNUM. POSTAGE PAID JULIAN ALLEN, INTERNAL REVENUE BOOIS Seed-Leaf and I TC>EIA.OOC>, ) Sou SuccESSOR TO EsT&& lit SMITH, P.o. Box s,6'7 37 LIBERTY ST., ](, Y. 172 Water Street, N. Y. :Branding Irons & Stencils a SpecialtJ. IE Of every de!icriptio n at Lowest Pricr.w. SEND FOR PRICES. l TOBACCO MAGHINERY .. t John Robertson & Co i TUBAL CAll IROII WORKS, 127,129 t<; 131 WA'l'EB ST., :BBOOXL"iN,liT. '!'.. /


T B: E '.r 0 B A C C 0 LEA ,...,. -r :JULY 18 PhllaA:Ielphiu Ad'vertisem."J&UI. KNECHT, SMITH & co., IUC::IICIBOIU '1'0 ITIICDIER, IIIUTR BJlOI, A> ID'IEC::HT, I llll ALL KINDS OF LEAF TOBACCO, ;,; .A.lfD IIANtn'.&OTUBERS OF A.XD DEALERS IN OIGAR.S 131 Korth Street; l'hiladelp:bia. e BROTHERS, ., TELL.ER -:: Palken, Commission rebuts, and Wholesale l'orei,p and Domestio Leaf I 117 North Philadelphia. W. EISENLOHR & COr, PACKERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN LEAF T 0 B A C C 0, 110 s. .S't., Pb.llad.e1ph:l.a. W. EISENLOHR, S: W. CLARK, PIITL. BONN. L. BAMBERGER &: CO., DEALERS IN ,LEAF";) TOBA.CCO, And Manufacturers o.f all Grades of Cigars, lV o.a 111 A:.cia St., Philadelphia,. Pa. LEWIS BREMER'S SONS, Wholesale Dealers iR l c 'LEAP" AND KAN'O'FACTtTRED TOBACCO, NO. 322 NORTH THIRD STREET, PH1LADELPHIA. c.. f!'A large assortment of all kinds of LEAF ToBACCO constantly on hand .ft. Baltimore Advertillemea.ts. "WM. A. BOYD & CO., Illi[pORTED .AND DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, 1\1' o. 3 3 South Street. L. W. GUHTIIEB, GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANT AND TOBACCO FACTOR, ADVAJ.II"CiilMENT.S MADE ON CONSIGNMENTS TO MY A.DDRESS. CEO. KERCKHOFF tc CO., Packers of Seed. Leaf AND DEALERS IN SPANISH TOBACGCS, 49 South Charles St., Baltimore. :Md. e. GEO. KERCI(:HOPF. GIICO. P. UNVERZAGT. :aa.J:t:l221<>re, nll:d.. H. WILKENS &: CO. 181 PRATT STREET, OF SMOKING TOBACCO -AND-ED. WISCHMEYER. HY. WlSG, ED. WISCHMEYER & CO "' AND DEALERS IN .WESTERN .ADVERTISEMENTS EASTERN ADVER'fiSEMEITs;-BICIIABB MALLAY &: BBO:. LJL\F TDBACCO, J. DIX &: CO., Packer' and ln cnmmm" Llli' T111Attll 217 STATE STREET, MBB.CBANTS 98 WEST SECOND ST., IU.RTPORD C::O!Illo .115 & 117 WEST FRONT'STREET, I Between Vine and Race Streets, WF\;;. WTPHAL, CINCINNATI. o. CJDI'CDn'IA'!n. I COMMISSION MERCHA.lfT, 'IBB ST.&TB 01' BIUVT.UCB.T I And Dealer Ill COIIICTICUT SEED LEAF Tobacco, TOBACCO GO., Stat11 St Hartford. Conn. Choice Brands of PLUG TOBACCO, And Ptent ... nf the Celebrated Brand of HIN'SDALE SMITH &, SON 1 PROGuRESS, MADE IN ALL SHAPES AND WEIGHTS. 1i7 EVERY PLUCt HAS OUR PATENT FASTENER AT THE END. "'Q S. LOWENTHAL a MANUFACTURERS "'OF FINE CIGARS, AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 150 WlCST :I'O'tnt T:S: ST:alU:'l' CI .NCINNATI, OHIO. F. G. Tobacco Works, Toledo, Ohio. CHARLES R. MESSINGER, I MANUFACTURER OF (Svcce!son to H. SMITH & CO.) PAOXERS AND JOBBERS OF Connecticut Lea.f Toba.cco, 20 HAMPDEN ST., Springfield, Mass. H1NSDALJt SMITH, E. H. SMITH. C? 0. HOLYOKE, COUKISSION DRCHANT In LEAF a.nd MANlJF AOTURED TOBAOOO, :12 Central Wha-:,f, Bosttnt. Tho Ool.ob:ra"tod. Southern AdvertilleJDents. &IFI G.!. AND NATIONAL LONG-':-CUT SMOKING I PI.Wtn,Danville,Va. P.Wrs.,Ricbmond,Va. Also, tlie India.n Flower Chewing Tobaccos. W. BEST, Chicago ; LORIN PALMER, New York. ; W. H. RUSSELL, Chicago, 'JAMES !. & PEYTQN WISE, COMMISSION MERCHANTS ltl. ANATHAN. & CO., LEAF; P&UG TOBACCO &: CIG:ARS, 39 souTH CALVERT STREET, :e 'liP-S ... aussBLL ll.. NEAR LOMBARD Sn.KtT, f BALTIJIOK.tlf '' ... 111. ., wHOtESALlrTOBAOOmnsTS For the Purchaae of LEAF TOBACCO. A.dliress l1ll at ll.iehmand or Da.nvllle, V&., As you may wish to buy in the one o r the other market L E A F T 0 B A C Q Tobacco Commission Merchants succEssoRs To \.1' l nti )Vlrlesale DeIer s in p Jl BISCJHOPP .J AND IIOLE PROPRIETORS OF THE GENUINE 1 WM. E. DIBRELL, :Ho. aao :HOZ'th. Th:l.rci St., Ph11acielph1a J LEA.'F TO B 'AGCO, '". ; /;: ,, GOLDEN CROWN" CIGARS, LBAP TOBACCO IDOl 69 Exchange Place, 57 Lake Street and 4 I State Street, Chicago, 111. lVIOORE BAY 0. :Q:A.LTiliiOR.E. liD. ALSO AGENTS FOR THE FOLLOWING WELL-KNOWN FIRMS:' W. K. BAII.Iaa G. 11. WMIGI CO., New York; IIEIDENBERQ A> CO., New York; 1410 Cary Street Packers,.Commission Kercha.nts Allea.lers in D. D. :IIALLORY, BARKER & Wl&&NEB, RICHMOND, VA. ----------/ SEED LEAF fc HAVANA TOBACCO, I,IIOBAOCO "!BII'I'DVG IMPORTED ud DOMESTIC ]AcoaW&JL. .. 35 North Water-st., Philadelphia. Commission Kercha.nt, LEAF TOBACCO, Weil, Kahn &Co., l H. TIETIG & BROTHER; :a. A. MTTJS Tobacco Broker E. E. WENCK, Manae;er. :i (Suoc:euors to s. Low&NT.,AL & Co.) MANUFACTURERS OF 29 South IIJ SL1 ....... n, I Johnufacturen nd Wholesale Dealen ln JOSEPH LOEB, PACKER AND DEALER IN I;E.A..F. TOBACCO, 46 and 48 ST. CHARLES STREET, ' the Ma118faeta ...... tooar ClliW & WP ro 0 l: G-.A. H. s, S.W eor. LCIDlbarclllt., BALTIJIORE, JID, Stnc1< of DA.RK REIWIICATED WRAP AND DEALERS tN Pl;:RS, LEAF TOBAcco, General Commission Merchant, OFFICE IN TOBACCO EXCIIANGE, SHOCKOE SLIP, B.ICHIIOJID, v A AND 'MANUFACTURER OF CICARS, NORTH FRONT STREET, PHILADELPHIA, PA.-I MERFELD & KEMPER, 'jos:oSCBR.OIDIR"a'cco., 134 Main St.. Cincinnati. O. > 21e sT., PACKERS OF W. B. TROWBRIDGE, Oo:n.neo"ti.o-u.'t Seed. And Wb31eaale Beaters in -1.1. JcDOWELL & TOBACCO JULIUS VETTERLEIN & CO. and. Yara Tobaccos, 1 1 7 Lombard B.<DlORE. liD. .-. AND CIG..lRS, .J II ll Exellaatfe Place, DALTIJIORlll.. Seed Laaf and HAVANA -ToBAcco, JOHN 'VV'. CARROLL,. AND General Co11Hlli8sinn Merchants, Sole Agents for the 'Sole Manufacturer of the Famou! and Wrldrenowned Brand of "U. 5. Solid-Top CICAR MOULD," .. SMOKINC TOBACCOS, a JrORTH WATER ST., J>llUadelphla. 8iir A&ents for the sale o an kind1 o f Manllfac .. 135 AitCH ST PHILADELPHIA.P. LON E JACK AND BROWN DICK tured nd Lea.fToba11,..\Jon. HIRAM WALKERp Prest. J. E. SAxToN, Sec'y and Treas. HIRAM GRANGER, Supt. FOR THE SALE Of 10'1' AB.CH STREET,,, .. Philadelphia. Ohio and Other Leaf Tobaccos Consignments of OJIIO especially solicited. BATCHELOR BROS MICHAEL WARTMAN & SONr "PECULIAR" Commission !l!erchantS: For and WHOLESALE DEALERS In C I 'C A R LID ill MAIIIFAtmED :KAm1F ASTt11l.El!.S, AND 808 Market St., 0 Z 0. A B. &, PHILADELPIIIA. ta NORTH FU'TH ST., I. W. Co WATE& and ARCH STS., A. J. WELLS, PHILADELPHIA. Pa. Manufacturer ol JOSEPH wALLACE. FINE C I CARS Succ....,.toCOOPER & WALT.ER, J Maaufacturers of EDI:TI&llT AniEifrLEAF 11B!CC[ SNUFF an[ SMOKING TOBACCO, S'IIIRD STREET 41> GIRARD AVE., 6GG, GGS, 670 a.nd 672 North Eleventlt. St., Philadelphia, Pa. PHILADELPHIA.. v. W ALKBB, ltGHAW CO., MANUFACTURERS OF O.LOBE FINECUT CHEWING &SMOKINGJ TOBACCOS, $1, 33 &. 36 Atwater St., East, DETROIT, IIICH. Philadelphia :Advertisement GROTTBNTBALBR, MANUFACTURER OF HILDEBRAND & KLINGENBERG T. J. DUNN, SMOKING PIPES, Apple, :Briar, ::Bo:z:'Wood_ lCto., Manubcturers o( FINE CIGARS, And Dealer in LEAF TOBACCO, 37 North 7th St. .And 202 Chestnut Street, PHILADELPH:U. I. RINALDO SAl1K & CU. TOBACCO, AND JIIA.NUFA.IJTURER 01" C I OARS, s. w. Cor. 16th & VIne Sts. PHILADELPHIA F. X. KELLY, Jr., MANUFACTURERS' AGENT FOR ll Plug & Smoking 106 Arch St., Philadelphia, PL Soi.K Ac&NT FOK 412 LOCUST STREET, PHILADEJ.PHIA, SEND FOR CATALOGUE. ,. CLAY TOBACCO PIPE WORKS, f1s N. SEVENTH ST., PHIL.A.DlCI.PBIA. PBNINGTON, PRICB & CO. MANCFACTURERS AND DEALERS IN [CLAY, WOOD, ENAMELLED, GERMAN C. D., & OTHER TOBACCO PIPES. &DERAL J(O. 31 North Water ltnet "'HARRIS, BEEBE o!r CO., Onlncy, Ill.; BUCHANAN & LYALL, New York; J Jl J. E. HAYNES, DEALER IN WESTERN Wo. 30 North Delaware A :veau R. w. OLIVER, Richmond, Va. ; .a.e U,A,.L 9 -.. -..._.....-., t A 14. LYOl:l & CO., Richmond, Va.; -------hil"" A -lph:l."" MERCHANTS' TOBACCO co., Bostoo, llbas.; 63 North Front St., Phlla., SHEPPARll & SMITH, Danville, Va,; TOBACCO AND CIGAR SO RVER, COOK It, CO A H. THEOBALD, L I A F T 0 B A c co. .l'ACD!S, COloussiON KDOEAN'l'S, MANUFACTURER OF A ad Wholesale Dealer1 in 'I THE STATE OF KENTUCKY TOBACCO CO., LEAF TOBACCO FJNE CICARS, LOUISVILLE, KY, F. W. FELGNER SON, Baltimore, Md. 27 South Second Street, St. LOUIS. .105 H. WATBB ST.; PHILADELPJII.&. AND DEALER IN Spanish and Domestic Leaf T ebacco, M. B. CLARK & BRO'rB '*R, Jr. W. eor. 3d.,_ Poplar Sto Phllo.delpltJa. 'TOB,ACCO BROKERS CLARKSVILLE, Tenn.; HOPKINSVILLE, Ky. PADUCAH, Ky .JOHN J. LUDY, A R. FOUGERA y o z a .A. B. -Ka.nufa.cturers' Agent, 1vtaSMeDKittai.TOUCOCO, 33 NORTH FRONT STREET, S3 625 soVTK ;;. !'mLA. Philadelphia, Pa. MILLBR, MBGB A W & CO., MULLBN & LOVB, BANNER TOBACCO FACTORY, ANn R BB. s' A Q EN T s : the the word. "WEDDING CAKE' 1mpresti:e d in plug, and in five-pound pacllaaea. handsomest t h i n g out. Also Manufacture rs of tbe fo11owmJt popular brands. GlOBE-NAVY BANNJI:R N,A:VY, GOLDEN NAVY, OLD TOM NAVY, 1'9't'e .0EI'9" BANNER SPUN'ROLL -LAD"IPS FINGERS, 10o, IIIAIDENS BLUSH, So, 1S 21 :a.A.NDOl:.P:S: S .-w .., l LID"lRTY, 4, JllE:GRA.WS GOJ;.DEN BARS, OUR DARLIPlG, 8a aud lUo, ....' '-" () CORA, 6s, BLACK PRINCE, 61 8o ILIId 1Uir .L O:O::J:OAG-0. Gooo Manufactured to Order t short notice, W. G. MORRIS, AMBROSIA L f Tobacco TOBACCO WORKS. ea -n::=m SPENCE BROTHERS & CO., ::BB.O-_E'l., 06, 58, 60 and 62 OFFICE. 4. COLLEGE BlnLDDfG. :m .A. & T T :;a: :J: lE'I. D sT. 1 nd t 7 West Front St., Cincinnati, ciNCINNATI, on1o. BERRY MEYER & CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS, T 11. SPENCE, J. P SPaNCit W. H. And \Vboleaale Dealer! ;,,. OHIO AND CONNECTICUT LEAF TOBACCO, GEISE & BRO., .STEAM: LE 0 ROY ROPRR" & CIGAR Box FACTORY: -roBAooo J 46 Front St O. F. W. DOtiRMANN, No. 93 CLAY STREET, CIN{llJ.11"5A.TI1 O. COMMISSIO N MERCHANTS,. LEAF TOBACl:O .. ):H. PEMBERToN a CINCINNATI, o. IN TobaoooCommissionMerohants N. E. Cor. Vine ana Streets. G W WICKS & Co LEAF TOBAC-CO. With a long e:xpuimce in the businm 2 North KrJn St.., bet.. Ka!niGSecoii4St&, offer their services to jill o1tleu for Lea} I I I I 8'1'. LOUIS, 110. ,,. Tobaccos. lla.nufacturers1 Agents for the Sale of CloJioe Brands of Imported licorice alwoysoa band. Llberal Cashadv.lncemadeon r Al\:VILLE, Vir[inia, Missonri. and Kentucky w. m:. LADD-;-. LBAP TOBACCO BnYD. P. W: SmHII &: CO., 291 West Maan Street, cFoR THE TRADE,> COMMISSION LOUISVILLE, Ky. Go.w w.cKs. N .Fuv. 21 N. Main St., St. Louis;. IE BC HANTS Paducah Tobacco Works. Five Brothers Toba.ccoWorks T. L. BISHOP,. JOHN FINZER & BROS., BRETHERTON BUILDINGS, Manufacturer of Choice Brandl of MANUFACTURERS OF KENTUCKY NAVY, T 0 B 4 C C 0, No. 10 NORTH JOHN STREET, MdeofSELECTKENTUCKYL:t;;.AF,-194 & 196 Jacob St.,-LIVERPOOL, ENC. Paducah, Ky. LOUISVILLE, KY. COBB A CO., TOBACCO BROKERS, PADUCAH, KY. S, W. VENABLE, E. C. VENABLE. S. W. VENABLE & CO OfBce: Cor. Byrne &. Halifax Sts., Petersburgh, Va. Factory: 19 :second 1 District, Virginia ;s MaD.ufacture aud Otfer to tbe Trade the tollowinr CELEBI\.ATED BRANDS of J. M. PRICE, DANVILLE, VA., HAVING EIGHT YEARS' EXPERIENCE, Offen his Servicea for the PURCHASE of LEAF TOBACCO to the Banks and Business Men ereneraiJr. J. L. PENN, J Ct. PENN. J. i... PENN & CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS FOR THE 'pURCHASE OF I.E+ ... TOBACCO -AICD-'L'QBA.CCQ STEMS, :N"-o pLuG c B II WI H G FALLENSTEIN It, SON, S:M:C>:K.DSTG--AHTC>B.A.CCOS I TOBACCO COMMISSION 'ECLIPSE u BRIGHT liAVY, Ia, )41, 311 ,..,, fh, 81, 71, 8a, 91 ancllOa. "-8T. GEORGE" BRIGHT NAVY, Ia, 3a, -4e, 0 1,6111 'fe. 8e, 9a UVlROINIA. DARE" BKIGHT iNA.VY,.11. 31, &11 &a, 8aaatl lOa. '' ANNOT LYLE tt BRIGHT NA. VY, 1. 3a, ..._,, 511 Ga, 'fa, Sa, 9a aa.d. lOa. 1'l1NION JACK." MAHOGANY POU!IDS, -"'and 51. u liT. JAII&S" DARK POUNDS, ))a, 4a, 5a1 &Iii, fa, 81, II a and lOa. Also a. great variety of PINE TWIST of aeveral grades Bright aad Mahogany under the following celebrated brands:. '' ADMiaAI,IIO., It '' TBO--.&IID1r,''' "BBAB.T or UOr.D," &. "!.%VB OAK,"" KABOB," "DB SOTO and OOIVQ'U'IIBOB." The followin' e OUR for the of MANUFACTURED GOODS:--C, W. VAN LSTINE, Central Wharf. Boston, Mass.; P, CA. Nos. and 43 Wabash A. .. Ul. J A HAGEN &. CO No. 63 N. Front Street, Philadelphia, Pa.; N H. CHRISTJAN, GalveRton, Texas; JOHN TITUS. CJucinnatt, O. J T, W BELL, No .fJ Magazine Street, New Orleans, La ; ..J. E. JI.A:VO. No. :n6 N Seeoad Street ,-St Louis, Mo..; HERlti&N ELl.Jf.l, No. 67 S. Gay Street, Baltimore, Md.; COO PElt tk. ("10,, Cor and Freet Sta., Memphis, Tenn, BRI'.MEtt W. T. NOEL, TOBACCO BROKER Evansville, Ind. BUYS STRICTLY ON ORDER. -


JULY 18 i 5 .... -.; SU'TRO a NEWlYIAM.K, ToBACCO IIAtiDLING.-An important meeting. says 1 he St. Louis Republican of yu!y g, of tobacco dealer3 was held at Moberly recen1ly for the purpose of instructing farmers in the man.agement of the crop, and devising rules for the pur(;hase of it. Boone, Chariton, Howard, Linn; Macon, Monroe, Sali1,1e, Shelby, Randolph and Ray counlles were represented by delegates whose purchase of tobacco la&t year ed 13;6oo,ooo pounds. The meetrng attributed the low condition of the to bacco interest in Missouri to the poor quality of t!Je tobacco raised; the large proporlion of 1 u gs : the coarseness of the leaf; is lack of cdor; bad handling; diversity ot set:d sown in the same crop; and the planting nf more than can be properly t3ken care of; and as a remedy for these defects, it urged on farmers the propriety of limiting the areas planted, and giving more atten tion to the quality. Many farmers in Missouri .m: ignorant of the importance of handling in tob:tcco culture; it is one-ha'f the battle. A good crop may be so poorly cut, cured and sorted as to lose half its merit, anJ a poor one may be so managed as to be m"terially improved. Every crop ought to be as sorted into three grades-leaf, lugs and trash; "nd it ought also to be tied up in small neat bands, the leaf bands be ing of even length. The Moberly meetiug recommeuded that every crop be divitled into two grade!' at least; and it resolved that when not assorted the lugs should be estimated at one third. It advsed farmer; to us.: only one kintl of seed, and that the be>t; to prune high so as to keep the gruund leaves clear of dirt; to top to ten leaves, and to be particular not to cut till the plant is thoroughly ripe-" rotten-ripe," the best dealers say, as it is when the plant is ripening in the latter part of the season that i acquires its greatest weight and its highest color and flavor. Every farmer who attempts to raise tO bdcCo would do well to ol.serve these lltiAl'flJFACTURERS OF AND DEALERS IN DEAF TOBACCO, 76 P.A.RK NEW YORK. r KERBS 1 d!: SPIBSS, Manufacturers of Fine Cigars, And Deale:.s In LEAF TOBACCO, 1014, 1016, 1018, .1020 SECOND AVENUE, 310, 3HZ, 314 FIFTY-FOURTH STREET. ADOLF KERBS. N'::I!J"'IC''C"' "'!i!'"C>:E'I.::U:::::c LOUTS SPIESS. SOLE MANUFACTURERS AND OF THIE TOll :M:OORE ,AND LAFAYETTE rules strictly; it would lncrea!le the amount of money paid for the crop in Missouri one -th ird. B,ll. FOSTER.. ltD. HILSoN. RUDOLPH WYMAK RELIANCE CIGAR. MANUFACTORY. I A. LICHTENSTEIN & BROTHBR,i FOSTER, HILSON & CO., MANUFACTURERS OF THE ''ELK" ana." ONWARD" 77 & 79 Cli:ADEl!.S S'l'. 3 Doors West of Bror.dway, N. Y MANUFACTURERS OF 0 I GARS, Fine Cigars, And Dulers In UAF TOBACCO, AND SOLE PROPRIETORS OF THE Nos. 34 and BOWERY, PATENTED WILLOW CIGAR BOX. _liEW YORKAWARDED HIGHEST MEDALS FOR PLUG TO-ACCO, FINEC"C''r TO:BACCO, SMOKING TOBACCO AND SNUPP. Office-liD. Ill FIRST ST., JERSEY CITY, N. J. New York Salesrooms--m Water St., one door from WaiL EMPLOY 2.000 HANDS, PAY v. s. GOVERNliiENT ea,ooo,ooo THIS YEAR. LIQUORICE PASTE. S::P ANISE ::LLI:Q"D'O'RXOEJ. ::LLI:Q"D'O::ELXOE. THE VNDERSIGNED CONTINUES TO Il!IPORT AND MANUFACTURE PURE SPANISH A.ND TURKEY LIQ.UORICE 011' UNIII'ORM Q.UALI'J.lY AND GUARANTEED TO GIVE SATISFACTION TO EVERY TOBACCO IIIANUFAC'I.'URER lllJING THB SAlliE. THB OLD FAVORITE BRAND OF J C y Ca. IS ALWAYS READY FOR DELIVERY AT THE NOTICE, ALSO A 0. C., p T. <:> AND.Hdi OTHER BRANDS OF Tt1RKISH PASTE, ALL OF WHICH c:;;:vuiG INCREASED SATiSII'A.CTION, AS INIITANCED BY THB BAPWLY GROWING DE!IIA.ND AND ENTIJlE !\,!:;;EI!ICE 0.11' C6111PLAINT8. -CAUTION. It bavinl' come to my knowledge that, in several instaacee, Liquorice Paste falsely repre aented aa befDI of ID1 manufacture has been offered for sale by parties to suit their own pur poses, w-ho have no authority to my brands, the present serves to CAlJTIOl'f all Tobacco Manufacturen the ume and to gi't'e notice that hereafter e't'ery case of my mao11fact.ure "HI be branded with mr Trade Mark, acquired under the laws of tbe United States, n aay unprincipled per10n c:ouatecfeiting this Trade Mark will be rigoroaly prosecuted .. JAMES C. McANDREW, 55 Water Street, New York. ToBACCO IN JLLINOIS.--'The Chicago Timu of July 10, gives the following :-This crop is reported trom 42 counties. Acreage-In 5 counties therj! !s an in creased acreage, 25 countie; have same, and n counties report les3 average as compared with lasr. year. C o n dition-Compared to an average condition, 2 cotwties are better, 22 counties are reported an average; and 18 are below average. -Tnere's a school houst! in Southern Indiana in which t ht! not1ce, Please don't smoke," is posted over the black-board The teacher wio;hes to de;>rive the scholars of even that poor privi'ege. -An Awful Warning.-A citizen of Chelsea died re cently of brain disease, caused by his efforts to pay all his debts He ;ucceedod, but he immediately after be came insane. .tOBACCO WM. & CO., MANUFACTURERS AND IMPORTERS OF 501 BROAD"W A Y, NE"VV YORK. Centennial awara.ed for Beauty of POPULAR ST!LE Design, Skill Displayed in Fabrication, ana. CHEAPNESS. l l I SHOW FIGURES IN METAL AND WOOD A SPECIALTY. -The Natchitoches (La.) Vindirai tor note the begining of the manufacture of the Natchitoches tobacco, which years ago w&s a famous product. -If violet flowers are exposed to the smoke from a burning cigar they change col or and asume a tint of green, which is decided io proportion to the brilliancy of their original color. This is due to the ammonia in the smoke. M. w: MEIIDEL & BRO., MANUFACTURERS CIGARS AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 15){ BOWERY. NEW YORK. SEND ::&"0:0. OA.T.ALOG-'tJ'E. HERE in my study, by th la ;vn, I sit Sm < king, and musing oYer years agn When first I felt the soft, insidious glo111 J nspired by works that other bards I ad writ ;: Ne'er dre"ming 1 should exercise my wit, And feel the pangs that only poets The curious rhyme and the sweet nH Ire's flow, That so easv, yet how hflrtl to"hit! _But tb0!'1 Nicotia! my everv And ledst me gently up H11J i 'Midst sterile wastes which thou didst paint mosi i.tlr'Suc g ing each wound by thine own wondrous skill ; Till I could bre?.the that rare and radiant air, And slake my thirst at AganipnP's rill -Copes' Tobacco Plant. -----TOBACCO SNUFF!NG.-When the practice of laking A MARRIED GENTLEl\I"N who 'hM been in the Leaf Tobcco Butness Jor the last twentr-five yeet. Md. 'No J. JlOODLESS. & CO.J :+ IATIORAL TOBACCO IISPECTio.J, Receiving k Forwarding Wa.reho-"..;es1 LICHTENSJJEIN BROS. & CO., CEGAtt sntff wa' fir<;t intoduced, it was prohibited and for b i d len under the mence of severe pllnishment. Pope Urban us III fulminated his anathema against it, and several emperors and kings (for instance Peter the of Russia) m'tnifested their disapproval by cut tmg off the noses of people who used snuff. Notwithstanding this lobacco-sn Jffing become a necessity to theusands, and several natio11s have acquired a repu tation for being great snuff takers, as Portugal and others. In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries the habit of takingsnuff was more common with ladies than now. The first Queen of Prussia, the ingenious and lovely Charlotte, wes such a passionate snuff-taker that she could not resist .tl1e agreeable stimulant, even during solemn ceremony of the coronation at Koenigsberg, and received for that violation of etiquette a public reprimand fr9m the strict king. .l:lut she knew how to convey her pinch with such a grace to her pretty, fine nose, th"t once, at a court din11er at Hanover, Peter the Great, who was present, became perfectly ravished by it, and, though cutting off the noses of his Russian subjects for snuffing procured a snuff. box for himself and commenced to snuff. The passion of Frederick the Great of Prussia for snuff is rrotorious. His cheap.est snuff. box co;t 2,ooo thalers, the most of those own ed by him a great deal more. Wnen he died he left behind hirn more than a hundred of those precious nose-feeders, which estimated to be worth about t.Joo,ooo thalers. No mvrta 1 ever has done more for. his nose. ; foot of Van Oyk'e and Partition Sts., Bill a!l .a:obacco care Nabo"alluspectioa.. OFFICES :-45 Broall Street, N. Y.; Partition St Droo.kJ., I SQUIRES, TAYLOR & CO., CAUTIO NE\V) ORR, BOWERY, Jui..T 14, pARTIES are herehr cautioned ag::.inst PIVOTED CATCHES FOR CIGAR BOXES other than rnanufacturt'd unrler GLUIID'S PATENT (No. S 4,039 7, 1876; re-issure. No. 7,707, May :19, 1871), assigned to us. Any will be rigorously prosecuted. We take this opportunity of stating that we a re no"' prepared to supply the trade with" OLUND'S PATENT PtvOTED CATCHES FOR CIGAR BOXES," and will forward Prices on application. LICHTENSTEIN, BROS. & CO, Peddlers' Wagons for AT A BAB.CAIK. Sale, SUITABLE FOR THREE OR FOUR HORSES EACH. B. H. DOUGLASS .. SONS, NII:W HAVEN, CT. Situation Wanted. A COMPETENT BOOKKEEPER, WITH ten rears' e:z:perlenee tn the Ci.-arand Leaf bsiDen. il open for ;:aD eDcacemeDt. Please addreoo BOOKKEEPER, '-41Jt CE.c:e of KTHa ToAcc La.u-..'" TOBACCO AND GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 45 BROAD STREET, NEW YORK. UNITED STATES INTERIAL REVEillE TAX. The tax on all kinds of Manufactured Tobacco il 24 cent per pouad;l Snuff, 32 cents per pound; Cigars, j;6 per thousand; Cigarettes welgbla not uver tb.ree p_ounds per thousand. $1.75 per thousand ; Clgarette aM Cheroots wer.ghtDK O'Yer poun4s per thousand, $6 per tbouaand. The duty on Fore1gn Cigars lS $2. ,50 per pound and 25 per cent. Cigarette. lilme duty u cigan. Imported Ci1an, Cigarettes and Cberoets also bear tbe_prescribed Internal Revenue ta:se, to be paid by stamps at. the Custom House. The import duty on Leaf Tobacco 11 S! cents K'old per pound ; Leaf Tobacco tltemmed, cent.& per pound; Scraps, per pound. Manufacture& Tobacco and Scraps are a lao subject to tbe I. lerna I Reveu ue tu: ot2-4 cents per pound, and muBt be packed in emaformit,I DtrriES O'N Toa..rcco. Ia Aultria, Fraoce, Italy aad Spala, tile tobacco .._. H.dby-"ennneut,uDder Reaie. JaGentuYthedaty Am eric an leaf tobacco I thalen PG' to. )I:Jj Iu BeJrt-t1M iDn:>a8t .. reckoned after deductial' s per teaL Wt&R. The dat7 Ia 13 francs. centimes (f2.40 gold) per 100 Kilogrammea (1oe Americu Jbl equald klloa.) lu Holland the daty b J8 otaiLgold, per 100 ldloe. (18o Americaa pounds belnl' eq1UI to 127 ldtoo.l .. ho Kuida the duty oD leaf tobacco Ia 4 ro11blet 10 kopeb per pud; 011. liaeWq roables 40 cop. ... pad, ad on '3 rou.. ao cop.. per pud. The "pad" .. equal to Amerlou lba. In Turkey the duty is 50 cents, per u,H' In the datiet are on anaanufactared: steamed ped and unstemmed, contahling 10 lbt or more of in lbs. weight thenof (besides 5 ber eeat.., and an additioaal charl' of ){per cent. on removal from boa.ded 31. per lb; coatatatng-lets tMe to Jbs of moisture Ia e.ery 100 lb1 weight (n:c:lu.slTe of the eztra ellarr-..._ led aboft) JS 6d per lb. On manufa.:tured: Ca'"'Ddlah ud Nqrohead (eOit 6<1. -II>; all other kiDdo 4L'ger lb. 0' ADVERTISING RATES. ONE SQUARE (14 Nonpareil Line .. ) Over One Colun:t-n, One Year, S3:a.oo I Over 'l'wu Columns, Year, $58.00 do do Stx Months, 17.00 do do !:Jix Months 3a o. do do Three Months, 10.00 do do Three, 17:00 TWO SQ.UA.RES NonpareU Llaeo,) QverTwo OneYear ................... ................... $Jr5.oo do do Sax Mouths. $5S.oo I do do Three .Monttls, 32 00 FOUR SQ.UA.RES (&8 NoD-reU Lbaeo.) Over Two Colu'l!lns, One Year .................................. ,:ao.oo do rlA S1x Months, $u.;.oo I do d<> Three Months 6o.oo FIRST PAGE-Oae Square, (14: Noaparell Over Two Cc:Wumns, One Year............ ....................... s .. a. !! .EVENTH PACilE RATE8-0ne Sq-re, (Hl111onp ... eU Lboe.J Months ............................ t ................................ $2s.oa .... 4 .................... 7500 Transien[ Advertisements on the Seventh 30 Cenb per Line f ... "lr ipertt.ou. Names alone in "Du.Moeu DiR<:tory of Adveritlcn," FJ t aao, Oae Yea....-. 0 0 ......................... J. $aLoe .....


THE TOBACCO JULY lR. THOMAS HOYT & CO., M ANUFACTURERS OF FINE-CUT JOHN ANDERSON & CO. !ICANUF ACTURERS O F THE SOLACiun omn TOBACCOS 114 l 116 LIBERTY STREET, NEW YORX, Beg to direet the attention of the Dealers i a Tobacco t h r oupout the United S t a tt-s and t h e World to their CELEBRATED SOLACE FINE-CUT CHEWING TOBACCO. which i s once more manuf ac t u red unde r tbe immediate superv i:tio n o f t h e originator, MR. JOHN ANDERSON, and now 1tanda as forme r ly, w ithout a r i val. Orden forw arde d throug h the \lsual channels wUl will meet prompt attention. J. F. FLACC ct. CO 'LICORICE,, LICORICE t PASTE. W A,X.t.tS "' CO. Tobacco manuf acturers and the trade in general are particula rl y requested to exam i ne and test the superior properties of this LICORICE, wh i ch, being now brought to the highest perfection is of. fered under the above sty l e of brand. W-e are also SOLE AGENTS for the brand 1'. G. eSc. G. 0. Acknowledged by consumers to be the best iii the market. And for the brand of Licor i ce Stick ROlli. &. 00., Tobaooo JOHN TOBACCO BROKER 1 27 Pearl Street, NEW YORK. CHAS. B. FISCBBR & BRO., Tobacco Brokers, 191 Wate:r St., NEW YORK. CHEWING AND SMOKING's-oll4.coos &. smvrr. OUR BRAND8 G:HEWING: ne .. us FlllST sT., BROOKLYN, :m. Doo In all rt\spects equal to CALABRIA. aUII'&W'I!&Ir"kiP'!SIDII, l'l1' .4.'l'IOKAL Manufacturers of the Celebrated Branda... Consumers and Jobbets would do TKOS. k t NNICUTT, CHAs E B t LL, Ja. :BBJ:QII'J! OWill'l', C.4.VII1VDIBB, :N.a.:BO:B. H S & S d F 'J we!! to apply direct. arvest, urpnse easJ e Lieeriee Root, Select aad Ordinary, OOD KINNICUTT & BILL, Uto .. to06 PEA.KL ST., N E W YORK, .L :Il SMI T H I Galu:y, Iftllhce and !lellwether, Granulated otaDtly OD halld. BROKERS I N AR&U118AU, WALLIS I C0.1 29 & 31 South Will!&m Street s: COMSTOCK. General Partncu. :p 'Ill'. LO'CKWOOD, Sjleclal. WESTERN & VIRCINIA LEAF TOBACCO, All Grades ----WBAVBR & STBRRY., 114 Cedar S-treet. Ne""'l'V York., [IIPO,BTERS SPANISH LICOBICH f GBIIK LIGOBICK I ALL SHCIALTIES FOR PLU8 AID FIIECUT TOBACCO. DLIVE OIL, TONCA BEANS, GUMS, Powdered Licorice Boot, AND PATENT .PO'WDERED LICORICE.J ll'lf STICK LICORICE WE HAVE T H E F AV O RIT DRANQS. P. B., PIQl'l1'.4.'!r.B%olol .4.JID GVZO:r.DI1.' AND All SPECIALTIES FOR TOBACCO MANUfACTURERS. R.HILLIER'S SONS & OFFI'CE, 0AR 62 BROAD ST., NEW YORK. CHARLES F. OSBORNE, JAMES G. OSBORNE, TOBACCO BROKERJ 54 BROAD STREET, NEW YORK. M. RADER & SON, N. TOBACCO BROKERS LJCOHJCH PASTH, STICKS, No. 50 Beaver Street, CIG!.REITES, 'TOHCCOS lf< :BICE.l'.llEJL !WILLtAM n'UcBANAN. DAVW <..:. ,.,.,.LL. BUCHANAN & LYALL, Offioe :-64 l3roaci St.;r New York..-P.O.BOX nu. Factory:-No. 2 FIRST DISTRICT, SOUTH BROOKLYN. M A N UFACTURERS OF THE FOLLOWING CELEBRATED BRANDS OF PLUG, CHEWING aad SIIOKING TOEACCOS-0 ,PLUG. a-LAliET NAVY. 1, )f'a, 31, 411, 5s, 6 1 Te, 81, 9 a 181. 8A.ILOR' 8 CHOJCB, Ia, }fl. aa, ._,, 51, 6 1 f s 81, 91 .. 101. _,.I LEJ'IGJD1 1 ..... W A.SHINGTON, !(o. NEPTUNE, Dou.ble Thlek, brt. drk. XAQGIJD NA.llll.&OA'i'IIIIITT. ALEXANDRA. SIIINSATION. FLOUNDERS, -A.!IA.N, .J'.I.CK 011' KILIIG PHILIP. QRAP.E .AND APRICOT ....:ONQ,UERBD, I< .A.CJKE fFaDcy B h P- TECUMSEH, 10o. PEBRr..llllo .. .&LX. GOLD BAB.Ir. .a-mE OF TH REGIIIIENT. POCKET PDIIOE&,. ,_ :N" .A. "VT PXNE c:TO"T AOME. SMOKINC AND CICARETTE TOBACCO. VIRGINIA. BRIGHT CUT CAVENDISH. wo:EU.Ds :r.A.tB. RVBY. Branch Office: Central Street, Boston. P. o. BOX 1196. H. H, TODD, A ceat. ABD AGBKOT GOODWIN & CO., OF THE MANUFACTuRE OF G. W. & Ax, BALTIMORE, J. -AT-207 & 209 WATER STREET, 121 BOWERY, NEW YORK. NEW YORK, WlriB, .4.GIIIVT. D B. MCALPIN & co. ECKMEYER $1_ CO MANUFACTURERS OF THE gt f CELEBRATED FINE-CUT 1 48 uw sTREETS, VIRGIN LEAF&Nrvy CHEWING SOLE AGNTS FOR THE U. S. OF .fi Inssian & Tnrnsh Tobacco AND ALL SPECIALTIES FOR TOBACCO MANUFACTURERS 14 Broadway, New York. NEW YORK. NEW YORK. We beg to call the attention o f Tobacco Manufar -----------tureua.n d D ealers to t hi1 SUP ERIOR AND PURE f o r tbe States of North C a r o lin a a n d Vi r 1 lll. volTTl W:;;:B. VTLLS ginia: MusKS. DAVENP O R T .t; M O R R I S, Rich 1Un 111J .Dll mood V a N. Y. LICORICE ROOT-.&rai'OD abd. Alleante. P'C'B!IIY Am) FINELY POWDDED Selec:ted. a n d Ordiuary ZURICALDAY & ARGUIMBAU, 102 PEARL STREET, NEW YORX. TIN FOIL. JOHN J. CROOKE M A Nt1FACT11RllK O F SPANISH LICORICE ROOT, SPANISH LIOOlliClll: lii:XTRACT, .bEER TONGUIII, LAUREL LEAVES, TONKA. BEANS, CASSIA. BVDI1 CLOVES AND' CINNA.'IION, ORANGE PEEL, ANISEED, CARA.WA.Y SEED, CORIANDER IEED1 LAVENDER II'LOWIIIRS, TIN FOIL AND BOTTLE CAPSJ GUM ARABIC,GRA.Il!l ANDPO\VDERED, GUM MYRRH, LUMP A N D POWDERED, GlJIII TBAPA.CANTH, FLAKE AND PLAIN AlfD COLORED. lOLLING KILLS, 38 CROS!li' and 1G3 lc 1G6 t.' POWDERED, X'C'L!lERRY STREETS, NEW YORX. OLIVE OIL, LllCCA. CREAM IN CAS ES, SEIA.DE OIL LEV A.NT IN BBLS, POWDERED LIQUORICE. Tonka Beans, Angostura&, in Cas k s, FINEST Qt1ALITY, Balsam Tolu, i n Or i ginal Tin s, Clucose, Fre n c h, in Casks Ian1JfaetiU"ed at Poughkeepsie, New York, PRICES CURRENT ON A.PPLICATIOI'f, GIFFORD, SHERIAN IBlUS, W'illiam Street, NEW YORE:. V.-W. BRINCKERHOFF, XDII:PO:E'l. TE:E'l., '"l CEDAR S'rREET, N. Y, -OFAND DEALERS IN Coii'PAGNI LAPRII Cigars, l'lug Tobacco, Snu!f, Snuff Flour, etc. JJI lll "':'!MANUFACTORY AND BAl.JtSROOM : .T. P:mTERBBtJRG, wAIL -Cor. AYinue D I Tenth St., lew York. SAW, OVESSA., DRESDEN. 'JIEW YORX, i?. o. Box 4786. .MRS. G. B. MIUER & .. fOBACC 0 MANUF !CTORY, THE ,, {l?ET ER. :" COLLINS, .J;hirder RIBBONS CUT & PRINTED ANY SIZE AND STYLE ALL ORDERS EXECUTED. TERMS CASH 1 Prices of Cigar Bo:o:eo 11nd Sam les of RihhoDII Seat on Ap "ucatioD, IMPROVED HOWE SCALES. The unl;r Scale made witb Bearlnas PAGE 1: CO General Jfo, 3 PABX PLACEo.NEW YOaK. our :)QJU are uad. b y tho foll o wi ae-emtooat manufacturers :' P. LORILLABD & CO., N e w Yo rk: BUCHA.NA.N .. LYALL, New Y o rl<1 JA.8. B. PAVE. R t c b m o nd, Va.; P M:A. TO A BRO., ltif.hmand, Va. ; E. w VIC!IIAHLE a... CO., Pete uburg, Va.; FIS'ZER BROS., Louisville, K y. HENRY WULSTEIN, (Sueceaaor to BorJifeldt 4k. Detl'huee,) 1 I 114 CENTRE STREET, NEW YORllt:. 41 P 0 B o x 5091, New York. Constantly o n h and t h e Bes t Impro v e d MachlJ!t:.!I_ for CUTTING.._gRAJrULA'riNG AND A large variety of llachiaer y fo r CiJlar Manu fac ture r:!=, s u c h as fo r Cutting o r GranulaUng H avana and ot her FUlcra f o r Stem Rollers Bunching Jrla .. c h ines Stemming Machine., a n d also M aehinea fot Crus binx and Flatteul a g t h e T o b acc o Stem in the S J Ac 0 By & C 0 Leaf, Cigarette M a c blaea. etc. So l e Agent in tb U.S. f o r F FLfNSCH s (Offenbac h o n Main, Ger .. i f ,. lllachioea for Packiog Manufactured CIGAR MAml, 200 5 .. 7, & 9 D 0 Y E R ST., NEW YORK. UPTE GROVI & &EDIEY, SPANISH CEDAR FOR CIGAR BOXES, AGENTS FOR TINFOIL, Warranted Pure Tin, FOR WBAl'l'ING CIGAli.S and C!II.ABE'l'Tl!IS, and Li tUNG CIGAR !lOXES WITTEMAII .BROTHRS, 18' WILLIAM STREET, N. Y. WX. Zll'I'SSIIB. &. CO. NAMVPACTV&&al 01 TOBACCO SEALING WAk. o s T R u M 8 !ad lmporten er GlyceriDe, Gmas, &c. CIGAR-BOX NAILING MACHINE. WilliND st., ew Z'odl. NEW Foot lOth I lith St., East RIYer, NEW YORX, ACENCY, HEN & CO. 43 Liberty Street, opposite Post Office, lKPORT:Z:ElS OF_ SMOKE:ElS DEALERS INC ---TOBACCO,-SECARS, SNUFFS,-&c. PIONBEB TOBACCO COIP!Nl OF BROOKLYN, N.Y. BUSINESS OFFICES: 124 Water St., New York, 16 Central Wharf, Boston; 25 Lake Street, Chicago; 51 NORTH WATER STREET, PHILADELPHIA. Factory : No. 1 First District, N. Y. THE CELEBRATED THE CELEBRATED "MATCHLESS," "PRUIT .GAKE," BRICHT. All S i zes; MAHOCANY, A ll Siz es; '' P :X: C> N" E E "R ," Dark, all Sizes. A compariwn o f our B r a nds of PLUG TOBACCOS will convince a ll partidi of t h e WON-DERFU L MERITS conta\ned thetein. I PLUG TOBACCO. HERBST BROTHERS, HAY ANA tc SEED LEAF TOBACCO, I-Ul_3 WATER 'STREET/ 'NEW ; LIBERAL ADVANCEMENTS .MADE ON _CONSIGNMENTS. -. Z, GOIIJIIII. &. GO., Importen aDd Manufacturen of GERII.A.Jf' .A.JrD SOOTCH c 1 a l!:le pes, Heinrich Goebel Sohne, teaulnt &rossilmtrede Pipes, .-..I 1B Maiden l.aae. K. T. lDBT.UO.ISRED 1 T83, GERARD BETTS & CO., General AuctiGneers -ANnCOMMISSION MERCHANTS, STORE A N D S ALESROOM' 1 OLD SLIP l 104 PEARL STREETt door from H a n o v e r Square) liEW YOB.L Cigar Manufacturers Are iaformed that we a r e able t o s upply t h e Trad e with fint class PACKERS at short notice. Please add ress corres pond e nce to the CIGAR, PACKERS' SOCIETY, S. MICH A L IS & C O ., 1 7 5 E Houston Street ; or E M GATTER DAM (Cotroller of Vacancies), t og N orfolk Street, New York City. BAGGING. .IMiTATION SPANISH LINEN, FANCY STRIPES, .And a ll W#ds of Goo d s used for putti,ug up Smok i n g Tobacco. Al!o, complete assortment of Smo kers' ArtJ ; les for tb.e Trade. ltDWARD SANGER & CO., 462 to 468 Broadway, New York. CHARLES A. WULFF, Ag't, Lithographer, Printer&. Manufacturer of A Large A ssortment Con s tant l y o n Ha nd 51 Ch .. tha:m St., cor. Wlllia:m, N.Y. STATES R lGHTS F O R SALE. JOSEPH LOTH & CO., MA N U F ACTURERS OF ALL KINDS OF CIGAR RIBBONS. CONSTANTLY O N HAND A FULL ASSORTMENT AT L O WEST MARKET PRICES. Paetory: l aleeroom ; WEST f


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