The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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VOL. XIII.--NO. 26. Ike lobacco ltaf EIT&BLIIH&D 186 ) IS PUBLISHED PElT WIDDIIDJ.T KOINING, BY ''!he Tobacco Lear" Publishinl Co., 1411 FuU '"St., York. EDWARD BURKE -------Editor JOHN G. GRAFF-Business Manager All Letters aboo1d be platn.Jy addretaeel .. T_ ToaAcco LAr" PuaLJSKIMG Co. Terms of the Paper: Corau zo Centa.. O.a Yua ................................ k.oo 8rJI IIORYKS oooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooo loiCI IIF R--ber tlood the coot to tho or .ntblJ ............. M ..... THAll ltlGH'I' C&II'I'S naWaK. ANNUAL SUBSCJUPTIOMS ABROAD. 0.8AT BAIT AIM Alf CA.MADA ........... &oMaN, HAMoc. tu-. "''Ha CoarTINDf'l' 5o4 AR'I'&ALJA, aTe,, 't'IA .ii.IIG&.AMD 5 .. cu ............... ........................ 5 X o orden for t lw ,apel' wUl M Cllllllidend, accomrallied c.I'T'apoHlac amoaot. g-ketailt.aou. lltr..el4 1 ia ..,.,., ioat,allce, M ...... by mo.eJ Uer, clleck or draft. Billa :: !l.. oalJ --at [F ... At/Wrluit U a Co. -"Fro DsBolo EapD .. 1f r ...... t 11Qert Wm. a C'!:f 171 PearL r. ,, A l'oa. Dllla a Co. 1ft Wa-. K,wf-.tnr / p,_.,nJ Briukerhof V. W. 4! HUHer's lt. Sons & Co., 6o Cedar. Weaver & Sterr7. J4 C.:da, & uJ. 1 tltn ... .,..__ llenoel &t Co. 17SX Water. Finke CflaJ'Ie, 155 Water. Linde F. C. ar. Co, s Water. Nattinull Tllcu.bulfllt.. Hoodleos W. ). &: Co., 4S Broad ?,.SIIIrl. Guthrie&: Co., us Front. Ma.oufacturs H. W. >53 South. Henkt!ll 295 Mouroe. Strause, S. 17Q lJz 181 Lewis. Wicke William & Cn., 'BGoerf;t. Dclers jN Sjanil4 Ciznr .llll% C1tltu-, Uptegrove &r Gedoe), Ea1t. "''eatb... BIJ4rti BaNd Su.w NUl l'#r Read Geo. S,.i.i and c,.,JU,,. q, .. ...... Almtnll J. ]., r6 Cedar. Heppeabetmer A Maunr, as A 14 N\ WW'-fa. Lobeuatein a: Gans, Jot Maideu .laue. Loth.. Joa. & Co. 444 Broome. Strauss, $imon, Ift Lewia Wicke, Wm. &: Co.,'IS3 Gofrck. Mfttre" !I Toh Ti Toll. Oroell:e J. J 38 OrolbJ&t 16J A 16\,llb-.y 11. Co tl ltwjtWler I Ti F;l. WittemaDD Brothers, .... wnuam Tobcn JI"Uit l::t..oward, san,.er & Co., 461 to ..,61 a Tob.uo LJ,il. The Hatch LlthoJ!Tapblc Co,, JIAI Jf Heppenheimer & Maurer, IJ 24 N. William a, ..... B., L.O.u.,. .. lfepsHJ:nheimer &: Maurer, 11 6:14 N. 'Wllli&Dl. WDIII"Cbu. 5 l1hathalll. if KtH1It)l Brr11. Cicrlllfl. K.ioae, F. S.141 West.:Uruaway. uL Cra"tt" .. &: Co-. .d Broad aud 48 New nf i>tmi-Cigar Citaretlts. & L'Yall, 54 Broad lf4AnllfctMrtrJ oj"Cirrtttll. Hall Thomas H. 76 Barclay P4oonells A. 3491 hird Ave. Sichel Josph IIi. II: Co 135 Cbalbam. Suttoa John ll. 217 Caaat r ... portu tif Ture. ,., BoWHJ Lobeuteh:a a GaM, tot Maldea Laae M*llaM lit"-' L. a 41 Brooo4. Marti II: 7t l'rollt Uaelhr, ..,._t a Co.1u hut. NG. P. oil Broad. Jrfeaba,._ a Steinecke, 131 MaW eo Lae OottJQn Aln, tU Walet. OttiM BootMn .. 1.-l s Wm. 14., uca Maidea....,.., J, P. a Cn 39 fl......_ ..._... ... G. ,ee t--' leWJe'C', Wallace C.., 47 lh'o64. Scllaltt J. JU Thtd A lclloverl1na H. Waler. &. Bon. 178 Water. Sdlubart H. Co Water Scovttle A. H. & Co., 'JO Water. l!J>a,_,., E. I Co.tJ Slip. C. H. 118 SQulret, Ta,lor &: Co., 45 Broad Stratton & Stom., 178 & 1lo Pearl. ltrohn a; 176 It ron&. SllltOa, k 217 Caaal l'ag, Cbarlel a: Soa, 184 Frunt F. W. & Co. 68 Btoa ... Tbompaon, S E.& Co., a.od s6 Upmauu, Carl, 171 'J'vb;uco ,Baltrs Jo Export. Gatbrie A OJ. 115 Froot. Ltf ToiNtlCo Swcr. May Brothers, 37 Maiden Lane Cigar Stamp Canceller. Cooke G. K. & Co. 9:1 Ctaamben P ke,-3. Cicar Packers Soctety. S. Michalis A Co., .!1! K Houston, or E. M. Gatterdam. '09 Norfolk ALBANY l'f. y; Manurtu:tunr.s of TNJact. Greer's A. Boaa. iaa Broadwav. BALTUIIOB.E. Tlhtl&erJ w ,, Bar'ker &. WaggneF, 29 South Ga.y Boyd W.A. k.Co., 33 South. Gunther, L. W. 9 South Gay Kerck.bQff ok Co.. 49 Solth Charlet; Kremelberg, J. D, and. Co. MJ.llory D. D.; E. E. Wenck, Maoager i 46 and 48 South Charres. Merfeld & Kemper, n7 Lombard Schroeder Jos. & Co .. 8l )!:l(ctladtte Place, Tate,. Muller &o Co., 6q EX"Change Place W18Chmeyer Ed. & Vo., 39 South t:alvert Man11{4cturtra, '''. Feigner F. W. & Son, 90 South. Charles MarDurg Brothers, to 149 S. St. Wilkens H. & Co West :Pratt. PatiHf Slem Rolltr. Kerck.hotf G.&: Co. 149 South Charles. BOSTOJI, Oo,,iuio MrrcUnt Holyoke 0. 0., u Central Wharf. Lcaters in Havana tl1t.d Domutie Leaf TtJ-and Ct.'gars. Da.vftnport A Leg, 39 Broad. Mt.,t-ifactMrersof .!:lmolint TluiCco ,,a Cigars Raddin, F L & J. A., 136 Hanover. BREMEN, Genaaay, Tobdcco Commiuio Met'tJ!tants. ranenstein &. Son. BROOKLYl'f, l'f. T. Plug Tobcn M'"llinery. Tu.oal Cain lrou Worlr..s, 121 to 13t Water Ma,../clurn-s / Cluwinr Ul 8mokiltr haCC/1. Fl.,-g Jobn F. & Co., 176 and 178 Flnt. CHICAGO, W, Whq/.tsale Dealt'l"s in Stld L,,f nd Ha'lJ4,... To6G4.'&(1, Subert B. l4 N. Cana.l Sutter .Hrolhers, _.6 aod 48 Michigan avenue W!t91eta/c Dtler s in Ltif &! Tob11ccCI atld Cigar1. Luersno G. Co r88 and 190 East Randolph :{, ... ..ur ,, T.b'"' dren.t.r. Mullen &: Love, 19 and 2 .D.Itrl i Lf 1 'obn. Saaclhqea Bros., 17 W eat Rancivlph. !boojiiCiurm if Fi Cut ... Sood .. it, 11nJ De11ltr1 il LAf Toh.ct:rl. Ft:ldkamp, and Dd !0 But TDUd, Leaf /Jrollr. Unttrmana. P'. W .. C".M' n. fit Vloe aDd Froat W. G. 87 W. Froat M..;u(. T.ll.en c.,.,.;,,;,. A6rc .. u. WlcbG.W.t\Co., Wett:Maia. ToNicco Callaway F. corDer ttla aad Market. Guutber Geo. F. HartbU1 AieL Maiu. Lewlolll: B-, 948 Weot Wahi MeJr. Wa. t.. l:o.,,568eftDtiL. Naoh M. B Pracntr Vf. F.,,,. WMain s-;,. ToHtw. Clark, Jamea, Thlrtoouth &lid Ito-. TH.u, Ftt&ttwl lll!l c .,,..uu,. MrnUIIh. KTemdberl a. Co., Ele"*th au.d N.aU. Garth 8r Co. N'Dtb aad Narilet .. uytr tif Opdebeecll: C. 1 &aet Malo LYXCHJIURG. v.., /44ilo(acco. Bishop T. L. Buy". CobbR. & Co. PETERSBURG, VA. Ti164c&tl Mtrc!.ant1. Roper, LeRoy & Sons. "j Ptur and S,Mi"'e" To/lace 4M Deultt"l in L1aF VenableS. W & Co. PHILADELPHIA. A nathan, M. &: Co. 220 North Thlrd Bam bf"rger L. &: Co., 11 r )'u'cb Bremer Sons, 3u N 'orth "I'hird. Courtney James A. 53 North Front Dohan & Taitt, 107 Arch. Dunn T ] 15th and Vine. :t:istalohr \Vm. & Co., us !South Water Loeb Joseph, 62 North Front Water. Sank J. Riualdv & Co., 32 North Water. Sorver, Cook & Co. 1c5 North Water Steiner, Smith Bros. l!z Knecht, u-s Race. Teller J:Srothers, u7 North Third. Vetterleln J. & Co., 135 Arch. Wartman M. & Son, 13 North Fifth, Wells A. J., and Gkrard Ave. WOOdward. Garrett & Oo., 33 Nonb Water Imp: of Hav. Tob. tt Cigrs, and Dtaltr Setd LtJ. Ccstas J. 131 Walnut A1anufacu.rtrs of Plug Tobacco. Miller, Megtaw & Co 2I2218 Carter Manufuturu of Sn:tif nd Smoking T !tttcctu. Wallace Jus. 666-61' North Eleventh Mn-ifctartn '.f Cigr Batchelor .Broa 8o8 Narke& Hildebrand & Klingenberl'1 37 North Seventh Knecht, Smith lt Co, :Noeth Tblrd St. Ludy Jno. J. 523 &. !:.'5 S. :10th. Theobald A. H Th rd. and Popla.r. Wells"'.fhi1"d and Girud Ave. Dunn T. J. 15th & Vlne BrtM,r. Fongeray A. R. 33 N. Frout Mj1 's Agt. for I' lug nd Smolmg To&u:co. Kelly F. X. J<. o6 Arcb MatrtJ.(act'r s nf .dppl and Brir-wnoli Pipes. Grolleothaler V 412 Locust Mamifacturers ol Clay Fijis. Pennington, Price & Co. 19 North Seventh PITTSBURGH. Pa, Manufacturers H EX"Celsior .SjJu a-Ir' 41sti Othtr Toba&cos, Jenklnsoo. R. & W ., J81 Liberty. aiCHKOXD Va. (;IJMmiuio Wlse James M. &: P!]ton1 27 Thirteenth. Leaf BrourJ Dibrell Wm. E., 1<4-10 Cary. Milltr..B. .A.. Dlrs ;,. Licnrla Pa.rtt na llljd To6'VVER.Y, NE'VV FRANK McCOY. ] [EDWARD T McCOY. I Western Cigar Manufacturers will ilnii it to advantage to deal with us. SUTTER BROS., Dealers in LEAF TOBACCO>, Chicago, Ill.


THE TOBACCO :LEAF. town from a tl ree weeks ramble among the celebrated Spr ngs of V gm a Though eot seek ng the Sp mgs for the benefi of hts heal h Forman test lies to the rare heal ng qual t es of the waters of the natural medt c nal sprmgs of the Old H s tr p he descr bes as a most del ghtful out 10 every respect and a srm Jar one he th nks w ll repay a one who takes the trouble to make t The 11Cener 11 along till' Chesa peake Ra lroad s cha "'& and \o many places won derful Vrrg n a hospl\.alll Jiorman found every where exemohfied at the otels 10 the v c mty of the Spr ngs and along the route to them Excellent tables were un formly furnrshed a moderate pr ces ar d spectal attenl on was pa d 10 all the hotels to the comfort of guests SUiciDE -A c gar maker of Worcester named John A Champacart was arrested m Provrdence on a charge of defraud nj!' the revenue On be ng placed m a cell he shot hrmself through the head dymg mstantly ready for use I take all biosGms off but tl>ree or four then 1 put a few drops of the fly stone preparat on on about sunset and th s w II cause the death of as many as a \mndred fl es n one n ght Th s w II also kill t e mt layer wh ch s a large moth or butterfly re sembl ng the hummmg b rd and makes rts appearance after sunset I have krlled as many as twenty ms de of twenty five mmutes by close watch ng and f every to bacco farmer would do the same I know they would have Jess tobacco worms fh s s very httle tTouble and saves a great deal of work and also the tobacco after the n t layer rs destroyed and rt can be done wuh very I ttle trouble and expense I bave tr ed all th but never feu ad anyth ng to equal the fly stone After they get a portion of th s they w II go to the nearest tree 1f they can gel there but they often don t get away from the J rmson stalk I wrsh every one would try thrs and be conv need I know rt w II k ll them I wrll grve any mformat on 10 regard to usmg It Care should be taken not to make rt weaker than the drrect ons above grven or tt wrll not have the des\fed effect -Thomas Ho) t Co have brought out a pretty new I thograph represenung the nome of Wllsh ngtOb Irv ng at Irvmgton on the Hudson New Yer Su-NNY SIDE Q.a been adt! fot evel' famous as the rural resrdence of the au hor of tne ketch Book and the P.lace s per fectlJ reproduced m tl e hands ne y coloretl prct re wh ch g tlemen represent ng th s fi m are abqut to d str bu e among the r patrons The Sunny S de THE OPPENHEIMER M'EMORIAL -The resolutrons -chewmg to\;>a<;co wh ch Messrs Sm th Comstock & pressrve of the sorrow of the New y0 k Leaf Tobacco I ockwood conh ue to make the r leadmg brand s as Trade a the dea lj ofMr Sel Oppenhetmer passed popular as ever and the general busrqess of the firm s at the office of Messr11 E Rosenwald & 1lro, an July conatantly ncreas ng :24 have been elegant!} engrossed and presented to the ------:::-bereaved fam ly of the deceased The icroll bears the AN UNFORTUNATE STRIKEThe Detrort Free Press follow ng names d gentlemen 1dent fied with the meet says -Seated on the extreme end of a narrow bench n mg held 1a honor of the departed tradesman -E M the Central Market was a boy who seemed 1o Crawford Chauman, Samuel J Gans Secretary Henry have made up h s mmd that hfe was a sham and happ Pr edman Isaac Rosenwald Casrmrr Tag Commrttee ness a myth He was solemnly and Jntently gaz og at a THE CAMERON 1onACcos-We would call the attent on of our readers to the card _on our fourth page v.;h ch our old fr ends Messrs Robe t L Matt! and & menl all parts ol the world caa be pr.QS:qr<;_d of ,B.obert L Martland &. Co m thrs market NEW RE GULATIONS -A decree was publ shed at Man lla on May 19, by the Government regulatmg the sales of c1gars for export and whrch 11 as follows AaT la conform ty wrtb the prescr pt or.s of the Royal decree of the :29 h of Oc ober 1869 the publ c sales for expoll wrll compr se but the crgars left over Or the local consumpt on be ng covered A11.T z Thc:se rema nders w 11 h<; offered for monthly au c t ons as 1 eretofore ART 3 The samples of the c gars offe ed w 11 as hrth.erto be shown to the pabhc at the Geperal Govern ment sores ART 4 Part es buy ng at sad auct ons the whole or part of the lots wrll have to pay for the same the day after the auctroo has taken place Ali.T 5 Wuhm three days after the delivery order haVJng been g veo up to the bu) ers these have to take delve y of the c gars bought at the Government G e neral stores w lh the precrse obhgat on to Cns of hrgh stand ng and a perfect fam l ar ty with tobacco 1 he r reports can be depeqded upon as be ng thoroughly rel able From the r accounts rt s reasonable to nfer that the c op w 11 be a large one prov ded every h ng cont nues as favor able as rt at present appears In some port ons pia nt has been made of drouth and n o her of too much ra o but there seems to have l:.een an rmprove ment all round w h n the pabt few weeks the clerk of the weather hav ng condescended to g ve every one about such weather as he wanted The horn worm has rece ved our adv ce 10 the kmdl esl manner know ng rt was for h s good and has roamed off to pastures new vr pe chance not w shmg to grve further trouble has departed to lands where srnkes and breaks are unknown From North Oarolma we hear of some tobacco bemg affi cted by sore shm a dtsease wli ch wA always thought was confined to our corored fellow crrzens and to foot ball r;layers also of some Walloon mg By the by no one has yet grven us the reason of thrs word be ng appl ed to tobacco To our correspon dents we tender o r thanks for the promptness and regular ty of the r reports and we are happy to say that they have been of very great 1 terest to the entire trade We are cons an l y rece v ng assurances to th s effect BUSINESS MENTION WALKER McGRAW &Co-Th s opular firm long well knnwn fas the propr e o s of the GLOB& TOBACCO WoRKS Detro M ch gan have purch;r.sed the s ock and copyr ghts of Cearuberla n, Campbell & Co 10 clud ng the celeb ated brand earle damage hrough sect ons of Hempfield anci Manvr townshrps but the b eadth of the storm appears to have been oar row and wrll not senously affect the crop n the aggregatej though a few nd v dual losses w 11 be heavy ILLINOIS Eldorado Saltne Co J'uly 30 -B & G report -The early plan mg of tobacco s prom s ng we I con s de able berng topped but the late rs look ng bad y there bav ng been rather too much ra n 1 he horn worm s pret y plent fu but we th nk we w 11 have sorne better tobacco th s season than usual KENTUCKY Cadtz Trtgg Co August I -J F W reports -S nee my last report the weathe has bellh qu te ra ny too much so for tobacco There s n uch compla nt of fi ench ng and the spot ts show g n places The crop generally looks fine and wtth favorable weather from thrs t me a large crop w II be saved m th s sEct on Scottsv lie Allen Co August 3-M & W report -Our croo of tobaceo still looks well though farmers report a I ttle too much ram Up to th s trme It looks more prom smg than t has for years past and the prospect rs that there wrll be a good crop made Olmstead Loga" Co August 4 -T E B reports We had good general ra ns on 29th ult succeeded by showers for se\ era! days afterward The tobacco crop already shol'.s marked mprovement smce the ra ns and ts now makmg rap d growth For the past week topp g the plants has been generally go ng on and about one thml of the crop has been topped The rema nder s commg mto top very rap dly and most of rt w II be topped wrta n the next week or ten da}S at farthest The plant has a strong and vigorous s ape with good spread and w to favorable seasons for growmg and matunng prom sas a pr6duct of good we1ght and quanW!y Some of the later part of the crop espec ally on th n lands wrll requ re a later fall to mature rt Hopkmsvzlle Clmst1an Co August :2 -G V T reports -S nee my last I have no change to note m the tobacco crop prospect the weather has been qu te favorable and crop IS progress ng finely Mavjitld Graves Co August 3 -W J M reports S nee my last report the seasons have been good and the crop rs domg well as a general th ng but 10 some sf"ct ons of the Purchase there has been most too moch ran whtch has caused the "eed 10 the l'lw lands to french a I tle but I th nk bv us ng the plow freely 1t can be brouglt out of that Our market not so act ve tits week notw hstandmg the falhng off of rece pts Sold th s week rzo hhds recerpts to date 2 467 hhds same trme last year 2 6Bs hhds MISSOURI .Dallon Chauton Co J'uly 30 -B reports -S nee my report of a week ago I can say that the prospect for a fine crop of tobacco rs not at all Improved and the outlook ts a poor one Weather very dry and the to bacco shrmkmg yet wr h su table weather the weed can rmprove wonderfully and may yet market a farr average crop Brunswzck Co Augus/4--J A M reports -We have had two fine ra ns recent v wh ch have been of great benefit to our forward tobacco wb ch rs look ng ve y well But our late planting st II looks badly What the weeds have not taken and under the most favorable seasons from thrs on ull A late frost can no possrbly make much more than nondescnpt tobacco of whrch the world seems to be full NORTH CAROLINA Earles P 0 Muklmbwrg Co August report -1he tobacco crop smce our last report has done well There has been no freochmg The early se tmg has been topped rather early for heavy bot! ed tobacco We have seen no worms or any other k nd of pests Knap of Rmls Granv 1/e Co 3-D T reports -We hne had fiue ra1ns srnce my last report TENNESSEE Hartsv lit: Trou dale Co A gus/ 3 -J G l re por s -There never v;as n the Upper Cumberland a more prom smg hhow for a large and fine crop of to bacco Every hl-!lg s favorable Peacker's Mtlls Montgomery Co J'uly 31 -W A E reports -In thrs rmmedra e sectiOn tobacco as well as corn rs suffer ng very much for ra n wh le they have bad fine ra os n ten m les north south east and wes t of us and my best nformatlon rs that the dro11th IS confined to only a small sect on of h s tobacco growmg d s r ct We have fewer worms han I knew of Sprmgfidd. Robertson Co August 3 -C C B reports -\Veatner wa m and showery Tobacco growmg ap dly very few worms yet some compla nt of french ng 1 opp ng s now q urte general :Prospects of a crop of good qual y tet fa r VIRGINIA Keysvtllt: Ckarlotte Co August I -R H G reports -1 he tobacco crop promtses a full average sect on Reported Failures and Bslness Arrange meats. ot C gan StateDM!IIt of" Bremen Markets Week end ng 'July 19 Sa es 125 MONTHLY RXPORT-RlCHMoND VA AUGUST I Breaks du ng Ju y 1877 Inspect ons 4.440 bhdo Uplands 9 bhds Rev ews 69 hbJs Total for the month 5 141 hbds Inspectons dunng Jnne 4.440 b.hds Total f o m O c AUG. 8 31 hhds 3 8 S ems TGbac o Stems hhd 1 715 hhds 91 hhdo 316 hhds 2 566 hhds 306 hhds 4.280 bhds 316 hhrls 4 Z9l hflds 397 hbds 101970 hbds 4 206 bhds 1 s 39i bbds 2 778 hbds -----Total Oct I to date 15 250. bbds 4.52a hhda 19 685 hbds 3 175 hbds -9.898 4.449 bhds 14 347 bhds 3 79Z hhds 6 926 hhds 6 588 hhda --hhda 13 517 hhds 4,689 hbda 8 8z8 hhds 3 SoJ bhds 2 408 hhds 2 311 hbds 4;119 hhds 3 63)\hhds I 8<}6-4>hds I 515 bhds 4 696 bbds


AUG 8 THE TOBACCO I 8d week ( h week I 993 866 688 434 54 436 8o4 'l: 007 729 73 133 I 70;1. 833 ----bxs hhds bxs 274 bales 3 127 0 44 0 2 2 0 88 2 96 2 565 4 24 671 056 58 22 099 228 l:S8 3 23 465 25 987 Monh :V.a 6 4 536 4 7 539 18o 5 49 33 947 27 8 094 26 2477 10 4 367 09 4 59 De e cd smce S ock un hand A ugu s QUOTAT NS '}! ,-H. avy Bod: tl--, ,-Cutin g-.. Cmnn GMd G d 3 3 4 3Y.ra>3Ji 4 @5 372 ill4 5 ra>6 4 5 4 6 ra>S 5 ron 7 ra>BY. s ra> o 7 @9 2 7 0 l(iJ 3 0 lji)OO 0 rQ) 2 rQ) 7 9 rQ) 0 3 fiiJ 6 ght we ghts o bad o de ed rom o l}:lc under go s SKILES ,. a FREY, and Leaf Tobaeoo!-61 and 68 Morth Duke St., La'iOarial-,


THE TOBACCO LEAP;i AUG. 8 'a.aX. FOlUiiAINi. ){. J. DO'HAN. Sui table for the H o me Trade ad f o r Forei g n M arke ts, K.eP't Oon.s"ta:n. t1 y o :n. ::EJ:a:n.d.. ALEXAN D E R MAITLAN D L F S MACL E H OSE ROBERT L M A I TLAND. ROBERT L. MAITLAND & CO. Tobacco Factors, And General Commission 43 Broad Street, New: York,A G E NTS FOR THE WEL L-KNOW N '' cA. J.\1.1: El :Fl. 0 N" '' .. B r a n ds of T obacco, Manufactured Expr essly for 'EXPOR T T O AUSTRALIAN and OTHER FOREIGN POR TS: ALEXANDER CAMERON & flo AUSTRALIAN TWIST-ST. A NDRE,VS, U 'I VFlNU S, C"-lJJ,E, O U R GAJ.>I E BLAC K :E'I,;I.Ol::Lltiii:I.Oll1d 'V'a. DIAMOND. -AUSTRALIAN Ll]MPS-SI GNET OF VIRGIN I A :VENllS ALL THE RAGE, FLO,VER OF A L L NATIONS ENGLISH LUJIPS-PRINOE ALFRED WILLIAM CAMERON & BRO. TWIST-RAVEN, 'V'a. 'AUSTRALIAN LUMPS-T"' O SEAS, OllR CHIEF, ORION, INDIAN LUMPS-HAVELOCK, CHAR MER,&C, ENGLISH LUMPS-VICTORY, ROYAL NAVY, &C. SOUTH AMERICAN LUMPS-LA DE LlCIA, LA FELIOID.,D. THE VIRGINIA TOBACCO AGENCY, :me-ta bl.:l.l::Led. :J.aae. JAS. M. GARDINBR, TOBACCO GOMMIS&ION. MERCHANT, 84 FRONT STREET, NEW YORK. EXPORT ORDERS FOR PLUG TORA.CCO PROMPTLY FILLED. KSM8A'-L <8c VANITY. FAIR TOBACCO AND CIGARETTES. iiA:NUFACTUR.ED T .OBACCOS I FAVORITE DARK NAVY, ENCHANTRESS DARK NAVY, SWEET MORSEL DARK NAVY, HONEY AND PEACH BRIGHT NAVY, AND A L L P O P U L AR IIN.A N D S Of FANC Y AND L IG H T PRE5SED. FINE OUT MANUFACTURED BY SPAULDING & MERRICK: OLD GLOkY, OHARIII Olo' THE WEST, SWEET BURLEY, q.(/lllEN BEE, TRU!IlPS, WIG WAG,,. BUGLE, IN PAIL S AND BA R RELS DEPOT FORE, T. PILKI:NTO:N & CO.'S C E L EBRATED "FRtTITS & FLOWERS" & CODONWE..U/.t':B:" Smoki.rur Toba.cooa. lliF' PRICB LISTS ll'llRNISHED 01'1 H. 'VVULSTEIN, (SUCCESSOR TO UORGFELDT II< DEG HU&E), PATENTEE (AND SOLE MA1'111FACT11RER Il'l THE 11. S.) OP IMPROVED TOBACCO MACHINERY, OFFICE-114 CENTRE ST NEW" YO:R.K-1'. 0. k 5091. CON STANTLY ON HAND THE BEST IMPROVED MACHINERY J'OR Crn'TIXG, GRABULATI!G SIEVING TOBACCO by HABD or STEAl POWER. A l:arge of Machinery for Ciar .H:aa.ufactoren, sach as Cutti'aJ or Granulating and othe r rUlers fo r C ig an, Stem .Ro Uen, Buo..cbin1 M achinea, Stemaung Nac:htaee, and otber for Crus h ing anti Flattening tlte Tobacco Stem i n the Leaf, C i garette Ma c hht e l1 etc. 'l11.e atteution o f Cigar Manllfact u ret'l ._ espec i ally called to my newlyimproved Haad Tobaooo CuHing Maohlne for Cutting Sora,-Flllllc for Cigars. a -Retaineriaa moi.t f 1tate, atsd the to-formed c:ak; b a a. to tile bolt of the for cuttin, The auaecuts from Boo to 1 ,200 lbl of Leaf Tobacco p e r day, from a quarter t a a half tach wide, aa, nYing full y 33 per eeot. over t h e formw w a y of m anufa c turing Clprs; a'foldlnr the strip pin; 110 l o;t i D stems, OT a ther waste; n o dust; J e a a Tobacco required,and better wock produced; and ia the a n ly_:practtcab l e aad reliab l e way of m a king a unilorm m ixed Cigar. A l l tho leadi_n.rC i ,ga r of N;e w York Cit y are uslni .th i s Machine. Extr a Feedlng Attac hmen t fo r C u t hog. Fme-Cut Chew m g or for Cigarette s. For th, e same p urpose, of cutting Havana and other F tllen f o r t h e manu factur e of Ctg.a n I n o w offe r m y l atel ytn vented smrk.. 11'1R8T PRIZE IIIEDAL, .,.,ARL WEIS 41. 'YlENNA. EXHIBITION, 1873. v ;) MANUFA C T U R E R O F I :M: E E :a. 8 0 El: A. 'D" lW: AND "UNIQUE" All Tobacco; "PICKWICK" All Tobacco; PHCENIX Pure Rice Paper. No. a17 C.AN.A:t.. S'I'BZZT, NZW' YO::a.K.. TBE BEST ALL-TOBACCO CIGARETTE. "BETWEEN THE ACTS'' Th.e above Bran d o f H AVAN A TOBACCO CIGARE T TES made only by TBOBI4.S= B. IIALL, 222 GREENWICH STREET, COR. OF BARCLAY, YOn.:&:.. -ALSoMANUFACTURER OF .FINE CIGARS. Es"ta. bl.isl::Led l.BBG. ,.5 I'B.OKT Sl!l'ILJIBI,II, :NEW YORK POX, DILLS & 60., Importers of SPANISH AND PACKEllS OF SEED LEAF TOBCCOS NEW YORK. B. M. CIA WFORD, I MPORTER .8< D EALE R IN LEAF TOBACCO; 1ee Water Street, p o. BOX 3479. NEW YORtc H. 'rOBACCO 'LABELS, FOB. SMOKING AJr.D MANVrACTVIUID TOBACCO LEAP T 0 B A c c 0 FURN I SHE D DY I T H E HAT c H L I f H 0 G RAp H I c c o M pAN y 162 Pearl Street, Ytrt. 32 A 3-1 VESEY STB.EET, B:JIW '2'01\B, AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. OOLPH STROHN & REITZENSTEiNT .:IN REYNES BROTHERS & co., ; o.MMIS.SION MERCHANTS; c .ommission :Merchants, ALSO D!tALRS JN" R ST&IN E CKX, ll. NEUBURGER & STEINECKE, Importen o f SP .A.JJISll and Dealer lu I.EAF TOBACCO; COMIIISSIOlf JIEBCHAlfTS """ PA.CKBRS OF SEBD LBA.JI', 131 Malden Lane. New York. H. KOENIG, WHO L E S ALE D E ALER IN HAVANA AND SUI LBAI TOlEI.A.OOOI!I, No. 329 Bowery, New York. D .. SUBBRIIJ!I, WHOLESA L E DEALER IN V' AN" .A. DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, 14 North Canal Street. CHICAGO. ILL. H. SCBOVERLIIG, ALL KJNDII OF LHAP TOBACCO f! J 4.2 WATER ST., :NEW YORK, ::4 Milford Conn. W SCHOVERLING .S. CO. IBEMEL:SERG 16 o PEAR L S T N EW VoRL J. D. DE:OLBIRG 8G CO., BALTIMORE, M-. D.E:IW.BEIG SCliAEFEl\ 8G CO., NEW ORLEANS, LA. D.Em:Ll3EDG 8G CO., LomsviLLE, KY. mnAm CBAS. F. T .IG & SOl, I Importoro of SPANISH ed ID. oil ktada ol I 44 Broad Street, New York. AMBER GOODS, BRANCH HOUSE I GARTH &. CO. Ninth and Market Sts Louisville, K -16 a. 48 Exchange :E'lac:e, Yc:>:rk.. LEAF TOBACCO, 1 94 Front Street, J.V'II'W lrOB.&. 398 N ST Q, DOMESTIC G R A D ., And lmport"ro of NEW YORK. FOREIGN TOBACCO G. REUSENS, AND Austl!la. 17G FRON T sTREE T,, VEGA & BEINJIEIM E. SPINGARN & CO., S.I.TBOMPSOI & co., Bt1YEROF BUEHLER tc POLHAUS, YORI!:. DULERSI S mmo m mm rmm. ft.-... M>''""" AND oMrom.o FELIX GARCIA HAVANA & DOMESTIC TOBACCO s E ........... -1 ... E. P. GJLSOZW.. T ?a O, HAV ANA LEAF p.o. Bx 311os. NEw YoRx. :NEwvoRJL 83 Chamoors and 65 Reacle Streets, New York. TOBACCO G. REISMANl\T, SAWYER, WALLACE & CO., J. :r. QVIJ.V' oo., LEERET & BLASDEL, And C iga'rs! CODISSION MERCHANTS, TOBACCO 167 Western and V1rgm1a Leaf, >:. -o No. 47 Broad Street, rae BROAD STREET, <-5 s 168 & 170 East Water St., r. L. GAssERT Pr. L.cAssERT. NEW YORK. o. BOX .,t"07, NEW YOR g ; N. Y. J. L GASSERT BRO' CARL UPliANN, Commission Merchant, T 0 B.A.. co 0 AND DULJill Ill ALL KJlfDS mnn cntMijiloJMncnn LEAF T .OBACCO, 178 PE.W. STRDT U! 1SS :Peazol Street, miwveaa NEW YORK. ___ .....,;_______ LL.. c=o !Ill HEPPENHEIMER" MAURER'S CIGAR BOX a, C P NAsH LABELS AND TR.lMMINGS ml"lH \TTS. WM M PRICE F. T 0 B. A 0 o' 0 5 i Rokohl h. & Soelter, u. = B. LACJIIIIIlllUHDI UBG., AND Vallejo;-FIN. LEAF roDuco, LEAF TOBACCO, 1'Rilllf-"01"101 mm.... llitRAIT. CALLE SAN JOSE No. J, 1l9 Ka.iden Lane, HAVANA. DOME8TIC DUIW bU Ill) bDUli ... -OAD STILBJII,II. .., BAV.Alii'A. No. ol80 Wter et .. New tfork. ea BROAD sTREET,. aa3 ::Pli:A:Bl:. s-r. NEw YORK. Leaf ... o'--acc-. JIEW YOBK. N'eogv York. NEW YORK. L. GIRSIIL a BRO., 1 & M omm & BROQ KENTUCKY LEAF TDB4\CCO -18 BBOAD -BIJ.'!UI.III,II, :lV'e._. York. A. H. CARDOZO, TOBACCO & COTTON mi'LiU;;icco, &tHral c..;;:.. FINE CIQ-.ARS 1sa PEARL sTREET, lfo, 68 BIW.&D IITJDEM, .;: 125 & 127 BROOME ST NEW YORK. === I .- t ... NEW YORK. :KAY BBOTHEBSJ J. A. 01' Fine Cigars, French C1ga.rette Pa.per,l And Deal e r in 37 MAIDEN LANE LEAP u..... PAJU. JU:W_Yo' .......... 2 1 B 0 W E R Y __.'II l'IBW YORK. I


AUG. 8 THE. TOBACCO :i.EAFo' JACOB BIIKELL, MANVFACTUREJt .. CIGA BOXES, SUPERIOR BASCH .t. FISCHER, DtPORTERS OF HAVANA SHHD iiic:rooi A G c u: 1&& Wate St.,-HtarKaf4eDLu.e, NEW YORK. THI-&IBIAI AIIBit!l ... BAli, BROADWAY, cor. Cedar St. :NEW O.jrital, $1,000,000. &very (acUity afforJed to Dealen and Correspondent. consistent with Sound Banklns. B. BOCJBOLL. Prnidnt. p, READING, Cashier. WM EGGERT & CO. IMPuRTERS OF E1: A. V A N A. AND IN A. H. SCOVILLE CO., TO PALMEU llo SCtJVJLLE,) IKPOlt TEl:tS OF SF ANISE AND JOBBBRS IN ALL KINDS OF 1'1o. WATEl\ STB.J:I:", 1'1JlW '201\K, COJifNBCTICUT SEED LEAF WJLAPPEK OF OUR. OWN PAC:KING. 135 Chatha:Dl St., near Pearl. SliD LKAP TOBACCO, ... STORM. 0 MANUFAC;rURERS OF CIGARS, Zmporter of BA'V'AKA AND JOBBER IN SEED LEAF TOBACCOS, 112 Water Street, lllw York. K. a S. STIRIBIRGER, un numru toms. No. 44 PLACE, N. T. Bill of Exchange on tbe pdncipal cftlee ef Europe; iseue Clrcu ar Lett en. of Credit to Tn.velers, aad grant Commercial Crerlils; Mc.ney o n Deposit, subjec to Siirht Chetks, upon whlch lnfereit will btt allowed; pay p .. rticuh.r attention to the N egottatt011 of Loan ... .JOBIPB SCIIMJT'l, UlPORTER AND DEALEll IN I.EAF TOBACCO, And Manufacturer of 2PXN'E O:J:G.A.:R.S, No. 893 THIRD AVENUE, Bat. Fifty-third and Fifty-fourth Sts., NEW YORK. CUTHRIE & CO., 221; Front Street. CODISSION :MERCIIAN'ra AND [BALERS OF TOBACCO FOR EXPORT. Leaf Tobacco pressed in bales for the 'Vest Incite-, Mexican and Central American Ports, and other matkets. TOBACCO PAt tbe Cl,...-. MANUriCTURitllS OP UDOkllled Lalior caul be IJ:pioyN In Ma\lna roB. "CO liD LeN Sldll ,ls Required Ia Flabbinl U PRICE 11.00 IIET. AND DRALidtS .. Wuraated perfect In ... ryrespect. Sead lorClrcll SNUF"" PIPES t lar or callaO judA'e fnr e C., -w. 'tCTOIIES AT .tl4 BROAD STIIET, IE\IJIIII 114 lll.uDEN' L.UIB, llli:W TORK. .&lQ) JR CllLI)WEJ.L N, M. SA.LOIION, :E: .. SALOMON m. a B. s.&Lom:o:ar, PACKERS OF SEED LEAF, AND IMPORTERS OF Havana and Cia;ars, 85 MAIDEN ._"_NE, N.Y. L B I) AllD l'lliBDM4N I TO WALTER FRIEDMAN & FREISE, UIPORTEa., OF SCHRODER & BON HAVANA 3 203 Pearl Street. New York. Spanish ; HERMANN BATJER PACKERS OF DOMESTIC coJDtiSSIOlT DRCHANTS, IMPORTERs oF E.:t=AF 'TOBAeeo. CICILy pe;.,. S'I'., :N'li:W YO::RXrHE ONLY ESTABLISHMENT IN THE IN WHICH OLD, GREEN, LIGHT AND POOR COLORY TOBACCOS ARE BROOGHT TO. Licorice Paste, & itBNDHBIM, POWDERED LICORICE, ROSEit 121 BOWERY, New York, And all other Flaioringused by Manufacturers, iocludingthe S..C soLE AGENTs FoR THE wELL-KNowN Essential Oils, R. -r.. FAUCETT a 00/S w H. Schieffelin & eo., PAVOBITE DlJIUIAI & lW 0 ::S:. :I: N Gar T C> B.A. 0 0 C>, AL80 JOBBERS mALL KIND!I OF VIRGINIA.._ NORTH CAROLINA. PLUG AND 1 8MOKUIG TOBACCOS. IIAIUF ACTURERS, REPPENHEIMER &: MAURER. Practical. _Lithe>graphers. BNGRAVBRS & PRINTBRS BY STE.<\JII POWER AN H AND PRESSES. per WMnl S.llocrlptleeo _,.be add......a, or t. TB 'I'OIIACC::O J.U.-" ... POftAGJI P.&Da. LOBENSTEIN & BANS d WHOLESALJ:; DEALERS IN O::J:G-.AB. lWCYCL:OB, PRESSES, CUTTEBst Importers of German and Spanish Cigar llltbon, o.' 101 LANE, NEW JULIAN ALLEN, INTERNAL REVENUE BOOIS SeedLeaf and Havan&. I The Original Interna l PubHtbing Houae. C. TC>::EJ.A.OOC>, ) SoLE SuccEssoR TO EsTaa II< SMITK, I P. 0. Boxs,6n, 37 LIBERTY ST., N. 172 Water Street, N. 't Branding Irons & Stencils a Specialtf :E"FI.::J:JSTT:J:JSTG Of every description at PricC L SEND FOR PRICES. :PLUG TOBAC1CO MACHINERY: : John Robertson a. Co.,1 i TUBAL CAll 1101 WORIS,e. 127,129 l3l WA.'l'EI S'l'., T. \


. KNECHT, SMITH & CO., -.:-, lllAICliiii80RI TO ITEil'OtR, 1111'1'11 BRO.. A> Xl'IECHT, '9EALERS Ill ALL ICINDS OF LEAP TOBACCO, .&.'RD KAliWF.&.C'rtiR.ERS OF A1fD DEALERS IN CIGARS. 131 Korth ftird Street, Philadelphia. TELLER BROTHERS, Paaklrs, Cemmlasloa lenlaaltlt and Wholesale :Foreign and Domestic Leaf Tobaooo, 117 North Philadelphia. W. EISENLOHR & COr, PACKERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN L E .4 F T 0 D .4 C C 0, 11.a &. 81:., W. EISENLOHR, Sl W. CLARK, _PIIIL. BOMN. L. BiliBIRGER & CO., DEALERS UP LE.A.F TOBACCO, 1And Manufacturers of all Grades of Cigars, Ko1 J 11 As-cit St., Philadelphia,Pa. UEWIS BREMER'S SONS, Wholesale Dealers iw. 'J.EAF" AND KANUFACTtmED TOBACCO, NO. 322 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. c. I![ A large assortment of all kinds of LEAF ToBACCo constantly on hand.# ltl. ANATHAN & CO., Packers, Commission lllerohants AND DEALERS IN LEAF THE 'f 0 B A C 0 0 L B A :P. Baltimore Advertisements. "WM. A. BOYD & CO., JIIPOB.TED .&.JID DOIQS'DO t : ... EAF TOBACO.E>, No. 33 South Street. AND TOBACCO FACTOR, ADVA.l'ICEIIENTII liiAD& ON CON8IGI'I.BEI'IT!I TO :MY A.DDREI8. CEO. KERCKHOFF tc CO., Packers of Seed. Leaf WESTERN ADVERTISEMENTS EASTERI ADYERTISEIEIT1. BICWIIAlLAU BBO. r co bmmcJT SDl Wl -LEAF. TOBACC 0 BBOKBBS, W.P tO !C .lm_nannar. 115. &. 117 WEST FRONT STREET, 98 WEST SECOND ST., CINCINNATI, 0. llehr..,. VIae aad Raco 5U'eiU. Wl:' WITPliAL, oxaomx.a.a C0-1881011' J[EBCJLUI'l', reB ST4TB 01' BBN''i'UCBY wr TOBACCO GO., Choioe Brands of PLUG TOBACCO, Aod Pateutees o( tbe Celebrated Brand of PROG6'RESS, MADE IN ALL SHAPES AND WEIGHTS. HINSDALE SJIITB. &. SOl',' ISac:c:eu"ro to H. SMITH &: CO.) PadU!M8 1UfD JO-I:IUI OP 1<7 EVERY PLUu HAS OU.R PATENT F.&.IITEI'IER AT THE END. "U AND DEALIBS IN SPANISH fOBACGOS, LOWEIVTBAL a oo., 49 South Charles St., Bal.tiore. lid. o;. MANlJF. ACTURERS .. OF:" FINE CIGARS Comiectictit Leaf Toba.cco, 20 HAMPDEN 8T., Springfield, Mass. GEO .K.EllCKHOFF. 0 GEO. P. Ul'IV&RZAGT. .>, :l;'$1u:u:lfre, :BIEcL ,. -H. WILKEHS 181 W. PRATT STREET, ANUFAC'J'URERS OF SMOKING -TOBAC -AND-SN"UFF. l..l NEW yoRK AGENCY 1 .. PniLADELPHIA AGENCY: M. FALl, 122 Chambers Dnll I BRO., 122 I. nlrd St. ED. WISCHMEYER. HY. WlSCt. ED. WISCHM:EYER & CO., CoiD.ID.ission. han. t.s, "' AND DBALERS IN LEAF, PLUG TOBACCO & CIGARS, 39 SOUTH CALVERT 8TREET, Nu1t LoJOAR D Sn:atT, BA.LTIIIOI:I.I':' AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 160 W:ZST :I"O"C'E. TB ST:az::&:T, CINCINNATJ, OHIO. F. G. ,Tobacco Works, T4ledo, Ohio. CHARLES R. MESSINGER, MANUFACTURER OF The Oel.ebra1:od. 'F. G." AND NATIONAL LONG CUT SMOKINGS. Also, the Indian and Sun Chewing Tobaccos W: BEST, Chlca1:0 l LOR.IN PAU!ER, New York; W. II. RUSSELL, Ch1caro-B _BST. BUSSBLL. CO., ISuc:ceSiors to JOHN C. PAkTRIDGE &: CO.,) lVHOLESALE TOBACCOIISTS flTB IULLBB &OO Fi W. FELDNER & SON, Jobacco'Conunission MerchJs ''GOLDEN CROWN" CIGARS, .&.liD &OLE PROPRIETORS 011' THE GENUZJ!IJE aa4Wiiri.-leD,aleniD -F. B. BISCHOFF, 57 Lake Street and 41 State Street, Chicago, Ill. LE.A.I' T 0 B A c c 0, D.U.TQ:OBE, liD. ALSO AGENTS FOR THE FOLLOWING WELL-KNOWN FUlKS: -HtNSDAL'K SMITH, E. H. SIIITB. C. 0. HOLYOKE, MDCBANT In LEAl' and JUmll'ACTUUD TOBAOOO, lfl Central Whal'f, BOBtoft. Southern Advertbem....-. J. M. Wrsa1 DaaTIIIe, Va. P Wt-, Ricllmolad, Va.: """ /JWS I & PKYTQN WISl CODISSION DB.CliAB'TS of LEAF TOBACCO. 'Ill at liehmd ar :DaTille, Va., Aa you may wbb to buy-in the oae or the otbwmarket c I ,, h t e. De-, ,_ Depot with ... Enselbach. p, LORiLLA.BD .. co., New York l IIIIIDIIIJIIIIII&G c:o., Now Yotk; omm1SS10D .ere a.n s ... ewers "' 69 Exchange Place. 13 SIXTH AVBN11E, NEW YORK. w .. KIIIUA.LL .. CO.!I "VAJIITY F.&.m." Roocbuter, N.Y.; 142.0 Cazy Si:Net RICHMOND. VA. W. T. DI,ACK:WEU A> CO., Durbam, N 0.; SEED Lr F .. A HAVANA TOBACCO .. __ _;;;;;8;:.&.L;;:.;TIK;.;:;;;;.0;:B.E.;;;..;;MD;;:;;..;. __ G.L WAGGNE& J, J. DAGLEY .. co. "KAYI'LOWBB.t'' Klcb.; ...... ., J. w. CARROLL'S "LOWE JACJK," Lyacbb"'Ifh, Va. ,Afeataforthealeofal1 kinde of Maaufac... lured and Lea!Tobaaco."'361 13& ARCH IT-. PHILADELPHIA. Pa. lbMJt\" T1R'I'lc, H. TIETIO & AaNoLB TtaTJo. B. A. VTT.T.P OTHER, .. obaooo B.oU. UD PltMBltllr.TON. }AS. G. PIIN1'f. '"" ___ D_O __ H_A_N_&_T_A_I_T_T_,_ 211 1IMCO JEllWJTS, CODISSION MERCHANTS CARROLL, Sole Maoufacturerot the Famous aad Wrldrenowoed Brand ol VIRCINIA SMOKINC TOBACCOS, LONE JACK AND BROWN DICK, And Wholuale Dealen la OHIO AND CONNECTICUT B. GEISE & BRO., CIGAR Box PACTDRY, PEMBERTON .t. PENN., Tobacco Merchants Wifk a long expetimce in tlze ousinMS offer flz>Lir servias to jill otdus for Lcaj ,,.. Ma,ufactured Tobaccos. 10'2' .A. J. WELLS, FOR THE SALE OF I& IIOBTII FU"I'H liT., ..nd 1. W. Ce WATE& aad ARCH STII., PHILADELPBJA. Pa. Maaut t .... r l JOSEPH WALLACE. FINE C I CARS Succ--toCOOPER &: Maoufacture,, of IIRtmUT ADiuriw SNUFF SMOKING TOBACCO, U, ees, 868, 670 and 872 North E!eventll st., 'niiB.D STR&IIIT A> GmA.BB A.VJD., PHILADELPHIA. RAND & KliNIENISERI Muufactvera of Filii CIIWlS Atld Dealenla lEAF TOBACCO, 37 North 7th St. .&D4 1102 Ch..twt, PJIILADELPIIU T. J. DUDTN, :MAlllTP.&.CTVR&R OP eiQARS, s. w. Cor. lOth f& VIne Ste. :f'BU,ADJlLPJDA. I F. X. K.ELLY. Jr., MANUFACTURERS' AGENT FOR. ,JJ I. RIIALDO Sl.tll 1: CO. Plug & Smoking Toba.cco, TOBACCO, 106 Aroh St., Philadelphia, Pa. A }CD SoLa A cNT FOR 111.1111.'Dl' CODISSinJf IERCHANTS, .GiaJtliiUUJ R. W OLIVER, Richmond, Va.; KO. 81 llorth Water Street A .A. t.f. LYOlf &: CO .. Richmond, Va. ; 30 lfortll. .Deleware A-re MERCHANTS' TOBACCO CO., Bost-. lilaM.J -. SH.EPPAB.H A S.MlTH.Danrille, Va..; WILSON, SO,IlG & CO.,IIIIddletowa, 0. A H. THEOBALD, IORVER, COOK & CO I MANUFACTURER OF .. E CIC II Manufactory: TWElFTH STREET, LYNCHBURG, VA. and -__ Prlee Uat HntAM WALIC:Rit, Prest. ]. E. SAXTOtr. See'y and Treaa. W ALKBB, CO., MANUFACTURERS DF FINECUT CHEWING &SMOKINGi TOBACCOS, LEAF TOBACCO, 48 Front St.. Cincinnati, O. t:Al\VILLE, F. W. DOtiRMANN, No. 93 ClAY STREET, LEAF TOBAcno BROKER, C)JNC:Il'fNATI. o. p w sMYm ,_ co C. It B. DOBIITZBB & CO.. ., IJ6alcn and GoDIIDlssiOn lcrcllants COMMISSION lN :N. 11. Cer. 'VIlli and. Frm Streets. CINCINNATI, 0. G. W. WICKS & co., MERCHjNTS, Kanufacturera' Agents for the Sale of ClolloeBraadsoflmportedllcorlceot-,..oahaad. Missouri. and Kentucky BRETHERTON BUILDINGs, ============31,=3=3 A=o*== T QBJ\CCQ, J.UP TIIIICGO BliYHII. No, 10 NORTH JOHN STREET, PhUadelphiaf...A.dvertisements. 291 West Main St'reet, 1roR THE 1 LOUISF"'LLE, Ky. .. J. :II. p B IcE' CIBOa:;&Al-JiR'i'H.&LBB, Gao. w wom. N.Funv. 21 N. Main St., St.Louis. KANUFACTURliB. OP SMOKING PIPES, Apple, :Briar, :Bozwoocl, ::&:to., 412 LOCUST STREET, PHILADELPHIA IEI'ID FOR CATALOGUE. .. PBNINCITON, PBICB CO., MAN{.;FACTURERS AND DEALERS IN [CLAY, WOOD, ENAMELlED, GERMAN C. O.; & OTHER TOR 0 21PBS. DANVILLE, VA., Pa.duca.h Toba.cco Works. Five Brothers Tobacco Works HAVING EIGHT YEARs T. L. BISIIQ.P, Manufae ur8r of Choice fAndl of KENTUCKY NAVY, Made of SELXCT KENTUCKY :LEAF, Paducaf1:, Ky. I H. CLARI & BROTHEB, TOBICCO BBODRS, C::LA.BK.IIVILL&, fl' BOPKDISVD.LE, Ky o _, PUJ11CUL X Offen his Senlceo fer the JOBR FIIZER 1: BROS., PURCHASE of LEAF TOBACCO MANUFACTURERS OF TOBACCO, 194 196 Jacob st LOUISVILLE, KY COBB & CO., Tobacco Brokers, PADUCAH, l

.) AUG. 8 THE TOBAcCO -----SUTRO a NEWlYIARK, A LITTLK Too Muca.-A ritthth good story is circulating at the present moment concerning an excellent gentle man, well known fvr his unostentatious IIIIANlJFACTURERS OF CJ:GA.BS:J. benevolence, ai:d whom:not to wound his susceptibilities, we may term the Marquis T-. Though the marquis can AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO. 7'8 PARK PLACE, NEW YORK. be generous and even munificent on occ asion, yet, like many of his country-, men, he is for himself of a frugal turn of mind, and a beggar was by no means. surprised the other day to see him issu ing forth from a small liquor store, where he had evidently been buying some cigars, one of which he had just lit. The mendicant indeed lost no time in turning the meeting to profit. "Monsieur," he said, 11 won't you give me just ten sous?" "And why ten?" quoth i I ., I KERBS Ua,n of Fine Cigars, And in LEAF TOBACCO, 1014, 1016, 1018, 1020 SECOND AVENUE, 310, 312, 814 FIFTYFOURTH STREET. the (French) marquis.. "Just to buy myself a li1 tie packet of tvbacco. You, monsieur, are yourself a smoker-you must understand my feelings." "Be it so," replied the gendeman, and stepped again into the shop to buy the coveted narcotic But the beggar, emboldened, laid a hand on his sleeve. '' If you please, monsieur, I tbink I would rather have the money half in tobacco and half in absinthe. This too much for 'monsieur," who pocketed his half-franc, ADOLF KERRS. LOUIS SPIESS. L; IRSCijHORN & CO. No. ss w A 'I'JC::a. S'I'::a.Z:Z'I', :sro::a.z:, 'MANUFACTUREas:OFl, R1E CIBARS, OF T!m TOM: MOORE AND EIR..A.N:OS. f t LAFAYETTE CAN A R Y B 1 R D S AND ToBACCO SM.:JKE.-A writer in Appletons 'Journal says:-Theodor of tobacco smoke, instead of in jut ing, seems to have th tendency to improve the brightness of the plumage, and at the same time to put more vigor into the's song. Were I writing without some experi ence, I should unhesitatingly say, never subject birds at all to toba.-,co smoke. But facts appear to contro vert any connsel of the order; for my own birds, whenever tobacco is lighted, will, if the cage doors are open, immed I iately fly jtoward the smoker, and vie with each otber in gettir>g into the den1 \ sest cloud. Having sniffed the aroma, they will light npou the shoulder, or the back of the chair, and pour forth the sweetest harmonies of the day Permit me to suggest, then, plenty of :X.IL FOSTER. RD. HILSON. RUDOLPH WYMAN fresh air, and even moderate tempera ture and occasionally tobacco smoke. Be sure that durinf.; and after smoking a current of aiT is allowe-d for ventilation. RELIANCE CIGAR MANUFACTORY. Cigar Manufacturers FOSTER, HILSON & CO., Are informed that we are able to supply the Trade with ftrst class PACKERS at short notice. Please address correspondence to the 77 & 79 CBAl!BIBS S'l'. 3 Doors West of Bl'lladway, N. Y .. MANUFACTURERS OF Fine .Cigars, CIGAR PACKERS' SOCIETY, AND SOLE PROPRIETOR& OF THE S. MICHALIS & CO., 17.5 E. Houtton Street; or E. PATENTED WILLOW CIGAR BOX, M. GATTERDAM (Cootroller of .Vacaaci .. ), "'' _..1 Norfolk Street, New York City. ------------------------------------------AWARDED HIGHEST MEDALS FOR TOBACCO, FINlCC'C''I' 'I'O:SACCO, SMOliN& TOBACCO m SNUPP. OHict-lilo. Ill FIRST ST., JERSEY CITY, N. J, New York Salesrooms--114 Water St., ono door from Wall. EMPLOY 2,000 BANDS, PA.Y V. S. GOVEIU'ilii.ENT $3,000,000 THIS .)"EA.B. CAUTION. It having come to my knowledge that. ln several instance!, Liquorice Paste falsely repre sen ted as beiog of my manufacture has been offered for sale by to suit their own purposes, who have no autboritr to ,.,u my brands, the present serves to CAUTION all Tobacco Manufacturer against the tame and to give notice that bere&fter every ca1e of my maonfll.cture will be branded with my Trade Mark, acquired under the laws of the United States, 11.0 any unprincipled Person counterfeiting thb Trade Mark will be rigorously prosecuted. JAMES C. :McANDREW, 55 Water Street; New York. THE RroT IN Chicago of July .30 says :-When the wild rumor reached headqnarters that six girls were about to eat a cigar-maker up if he did not pay over due \vages, Gen. Ducat and his staff (a small boy on a big hc,rse) clanked their swords and chawed their bits-of fine-cut; and swore, by the Eter nal, this rebellion shall be put down -When there is not a bre:tth of air stirring, and you are iii danger of stifling, attempt to light a cign out and you will be surprised at the breeze th tt will start up. We have seen a man try this in a dead cairn, and by the h e hai scratched hi> thirteenth match, it w.J.s really so windy to be ua comfortable. MANUFACTURERS AND IMPORTERS OF ... -.,,. Centennial Medals for Beauty of POPULAR S TYLE Design, Skill Displayed in Fabrication, and CHEAPNESS. SHOW F GURES IN MET A ANDWOOD A SPECIALTY. A. LICHTENSTEIN & BROTHER, MANUFACTURERS OF THE r ''ELK" and ONWARD" 0 I GARS, And Dealers In LEAF TOBACCO, Nos. 34 and BOWERY, _:WEW YOI\X. ---rt. W. MENDEL & BRO., MANUFACTURERS CIGARS AND DEA.LERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 16)4 BOWERY. NEW YORK. ToBAcco AND J'oLITrcs.-The French Government, which is in maay respects decidedly paternal, prepares the tobacco to he consumerl by its subjects, and sells it to them. Last vear it prepared and sold about 6z, 8oo,ooo pounds; an amount which did not satisfy its consumers: this year it is enlarging the business. Already there are sixteen national tobacco manufactor ies. Since fhe days of Catherine de Medici, who is said to have been fond of tobr.cco, and after whom it was called lterbe de la teine, the French have not ceased to cherish the "weed. The advantages of governmental control of tobacco are obviows in the present stale of politics in France. The republicans, imperia!ists, the royalists, the legitimists are naturally the most bot headed of men. When gathered in the Assembly at Versailles and taken with the fits of debate it is almost impossible to control them. They rage and shout and interrupt one another so that at the end of every session, as every body knows, the presiding officer's gavel is worn down almost to the 1hinness of a wafer. It is therefore suggested that, in view of the approaching political crisis in France, Mar shal MacMahon should give orders to the factory superintendents so to prepare the tobacco that it shall possess an enormously soothing effect. The herb, in process of manufacture, is usually subjected to the in fluence of foreign bodies-of molasses, glycerine and li quorice; and it would be necessary for the superintend ents only to consult the medical books under the heading "Disease of the Nervous System, in order to learn the desired remedies which could forthwith be applled. "The Empire is peace."-Evenitzg Post. W. J, HOODLESS, BEN BERRY. W. Ji HOODLESS & CO.: KATIORALTtJBACCO Receiving & Forwarding W'ar9ho-..;:es, Foot of Van Dyke and Partition nili ait 'J.obal!CO Nationallnspecbon. OFFICES :-46 Broad Street, N. V.; Pl\rtUlon St,, BroDidJ"'' 493-.544 We hereby caution all parties infringing upon or IKI'I' A 'I'INC O'C'lt :BltANDES1 l'.A:BIJI.S AKD 'l'B.ADIJMAB.KS that we will spare no pains in prosecuting such ,parties in protecting the rights secured to us by Act of Congress dated August 14, 1876. STRAITON &. STORM. QUIRES, lAYLOR & CO., TOBACCO AND coISSIOV MER jiH AVTS. Best ef reference. Address PORTE!t. cart! of THK ToBA.c<:o LEAF. .f.!l lfllJJ. 11 \J 11 45 BROAD STREET, NEW YORK. SALE. -I' A Fresh Supply oi 100,.000 Pountls Genuine" DEERTO'NGUE" Ftaver, for SMOlCTN'O TOHACCO Manufacture rs, figures 147 and 149 S. CIHt'rles Stnet, Baltimore, Md. UIITED STATES INTERUL REVEillE TAX. The tax on all kinds of Manufactured Tobacco is 24 t:ents per pouacf;' w ANTED-y a single mao, a poBilion as BOOK-KEEPER or Snuff', 32 cents per pound; Cigars, $6 per thou9anrt; Cigarettes wdl'hing io a ,..boleule Tobacco House, Leaf or Plug. Has sixteen years' not over three per thousand, $1.75 per thousand; Cigarettes and experleace ia thtt trade. moderate. given. Cb.eroot1 over three pounds per thuusand, $6 per thol.laand. The duty on Foreign Cigars I rer eound and per cent. Please address Cigarettes lame duty u cigars. mportid Cigarettes and Cberoets648 P., "TOBACCO LKAF," New York. also bear the prescribed Internal Revenue ii.zes. to be paid bysta.mpe at. ----------------------tbe Custom House. The import duty on I.eaf TO'bacco b 5S cent1 aolcl. THE Copartne:'lhif'l heretofore eztstinqo betwee n the undersigned, ttnder per pound ; Leaf Tobacco stemmed. 5oceats per. pound; tb .. firm name or WALT.KR FRtED.\fAN & FREISE, ha:s been this per pound. Manufactul'e4 T_gbacco aud Scrapeare al.o to tbe &eda, by mutual con:sotnt. Mr. Leonard Friedm

' .. 'lL' H E T 0 B A C CJ 0 L E A P Tobacco llllanufact I LICORICE. I I ------Tobaooo Brokerw.' JOHN ANDERSON & 00. MANUFACTURERS OF THE SDL!CHun mn TOBACCOS 114 116 LIBERTY STIEET I NEW YORK, ller to d irect the atte ntion of tbe D e alers in Tob&ceo t.Uoupou.t the United S t atn and lhe World. to tbeir CELEBRATED SOLACE FINE-CUT LICORICE t PASTE. WAX.T.TS &. 00. Tobacco manufacturers and the trade in general are particularly requested to examine and test the superior properties l:lf this LICORICE, which, being now brought to the h ighest perfection is of. fered under the above style of brand. We are also SOLE AGENTS for the JOHN TOBACCO BROKER 0 CBAS. B. FISCHER & BRO.,. :THOMAS HOYT & CO., MANUFAl."TUJlERS OF FXNE-CUT CHEWil'fG TOBACCO. wiUch is beinJt' o n c e more m a nuractured unde r the immediate aupenl:tiotl o f the originator, MR. JOHN ANDERSON, aDd aow stands, formerly, without a riYal. Orden forwanled til rough the 'lli Dal channels wUl wlll meet prompt attention. brand 1'. a. a. c. Acknowledged by consumers to be the best in the market. And for the brand of Licorice Stick CHEWING AND SMOKING 4k 81nJ'JII'.' J. F. FLACC & CO.. 1VOBJ. 4k 00., OUR BRANDS HEWING' ne., us FIRST !IT., BBOOXLYl!r, 111. u .. In all n!spects equal to CALABRIA. awwoanaritlrKIIIT PIIIICBS. -A "'V""''r ::PXN":JD OUT O:ELIII \N 1CW"Gh .A.CME. 8MOIUIIO AND CICARETTE TOBACCO. BRIGHT CUT CA VB!IDI8H. AND ALL !IPECIALTIE!I FOR TOBACCO MANUFACTURERS I 4 Broadway, New York. NEW YORK. NEW YORK. We beg to c all the attention of Tobacc o Maau(ac __________ ..;;..._ taren and to dais SUPERIOR AND PURE art;;::Aaenu fo; tbe Stateo of NonbC.rollaa and VIr-DIAI0'lT11 ;:;y. W;:::B. MILLS ,tala: ltlasJtS. DAVENPORT 6 ltiORRIS, iUJ mood, Va. M. V LIOORICB aocw-.&.....,. aad Allcoaalle. l'VIEL1' ,um I'Df!Lt PCWDJ:IIll Solected and Ord!DarT. IPA.NI!IH LICORICl. BOOT, ZURICALDAY &. ARGUIMBAU !IPANI!IH LICORICE XTJUcT, I bEER TONGUB, 102 PI!ARL STREET, LAUREL LEAVIIII, JfEW' YOIUI:. TOliiKA IIEANI, CASSIA BliD!I; P.CJWDERED LIQUORICE. ST COBIANDEa !IRED, .5 ,1:0 .,._u LAVENDER JI'LOWBB!I, Poughkeepsie, New Yorke GU.II ABA.BIC,GB.&IX .A.!ID POWDERED, GU.II XTBIUI, LUXP .&.ND POWDERED, GIFFORD, SHERID & OOUS, GV.II TBAGAC:I.5TH, FLAKE AND WO:Rt.ll'S :I".A.Dl AN:D :a:tr!IY. POWDERED E!I!IE!ITI.&L OILS, I; OLIVB G'u,, LUCCA CRBAM: IN CASES, 8EIAIIUC OIL LEV .&!IT IN BBLS, Branch Oftlce: 49% Central Street, Boston. Wnliam Street.. NEW YOU. 6 0 0 D wiNO&, ro:-;1 TIN r 0 I L, Tins, G W G &, A MANUFACTURERS oF Warranted Pure Tin, Cluooee, French, in Ca s ks. X -' i'OB AVli.A.PPING CIGAl!.S a.ucl CIGAll.E'l''l'ES, PRICE!! CURREliiT ON .A.PPLICATIO!I. (N Fine-Cut Tobacco ancl CIGAI BOXES. 'Y. w. BRINCKERHOFF, BALTIMORE, . WITTEMANN BROTK-ERS, ,7 -AT 207 "" 209 WATER STREET, 'lS' WILLIAM STREET. N. Y. NEVV YORK. ----------------------------------------------121 BOWERY, NEW YORK. -ana, D. B. MCALPIN & CO., ICKMEYER & co. MA N U F ACTURERS OF THE ca BROAD 48 Nw sTREETs.,' VI. RGcEINLELBERAAFTE&DNAFINVYEcrrc;rWING SOLE AGENTS FOR THE U S. OF ll..& lnssian tmarettes & Turkish Tobacco -OFAND D 1l ALllRS l N 110MPAGNIE LAFERV Cigars, l'lug 'l', Snuff, Snuff Flour, etc. U .111 A N D BAI.KS R OOM : PETEasolJRo, 11roscow. wAa-Cor.AYenue D 1: Tenth St,, Mew York. ,;')SAW, ODEIISA, DREIIDEN, lrEW YORK, i'. 0 Box .,116. MRS. G. B. MILLER & CO., i -.u= ..... THE !OB!CO 0 M!NUF !OTORY, c:: (PEi:Eit !" COLLINS, 1/baT. ) 97 Columbia Street, NEWYOBK, IIANUPACTU .. BRS o 'I' Hio. CKI.E8 .. ATD" CELEBRATED Est ablis h e d t 8Sq ORIGINAL GREEN. SEAL,' And other C hoice Brands of ltiEERSCHAlJM 8MOKDG TOBACCOS c u t from V irgin i a P lug. W, C. EMMET, Sole KaDufacta.rer, 74 PINE STREET, NEW YORK. GREAT TOBACCO WAREHOUSE. an., G. B Miller & Co. Chew in g and Smokin g Tobac co thb ly Genui n e American Gentl e -a 1:3nuff; M.-s. G. B. Miller & Co. Maccaboy pd S<:otch Snuff; A. H. Midt!e & Sons' Fore s t llose and G rape To1!>acco; Mrs. G. B. Miller A: Co. Reserve Smoking and Chewin& Tob>:r P:rt:oe L:l.a1i. Ac:::B:NCY, A. HEN & CO 43 Street, opposite Post Office, l:UJS'O::a Tz:a.S O:F SKOEE:a.S .6.::a TXC:Z:.ZS, DEALERS IN O TOBACCO, SECARS, SNUFFS, &c. T ;a:.m PIONEEI TOBACCO COIPAIY, Ol" BROOKLYN, N. Y. BUSINESS OFFICES: 124 Water St., New York, 16 Central Wharf, Boston; 25 Lake Street, Chicago; 51 NORTH WATER STREET, PHILADELPHIA. Factory: No. 1 First District, N. Y. THE CELEBRATED .. THE CELEBRATED "MATCHLESS "PBUI1' GAKE,'' .. u' z. ;()T .. o. ,1..__. MAHOCANY, All Siz e s ; '' P XC> N m EJ 'R." Dark, all Sizes. A of oar Celeb rat.e d Bra nd t o f PLUG TOBACCOS will conYiac e all p artlt.a o f the WONDEB.Ft1L .BERITI conbioed t hetein. PLUG TOBACCO. HERBST BROTHERS, HAVANA tc SEED LEAF -TOBACCO :7 r IAUG. 8 IMPROVED HOWE SGALES. Tbe un11 made wan i"rotected Bearloa._ PAGE & CO General AP"ts, !fa. 3 PARK PLACE,JEWYOi'Jl, u cl b y the f o Uowin emillent J", LORILLARD .. CO. New York: 1UJCHANAN .. LYALL,'NewYu rk ; .. Q) .5 ..c 0 0 0 o ..a 0 ... .TA8. B. PACE .. R1chmond, Va.; P. XA.TO t1r. BRO., lliFhmond, E. w. VKNA.BLE &. CO., P eteab u rg, Va...; FJJIZER BROS., L o uisville, K y HENRY WUL8TIIN, (8aeceooor to B orl(i'e14& .. I, CENTRE liTBIIIET, l!rEW YORK':; .. P 0 B oz-5091, ... Vork. nn haod the Best Jmprned fo r CU SI V GTOBA 0 B Y HA U OR S T EAM !'UWER A lari'"e variety o f Machh1ery f o r Clu M att'Qf&c turen, s ueR as f o r Cutli nJ{' o r Hantta a.o d othe r Fi-llers f o r Chran. Stem Rollers Buoc b t o g lla chlnea,. S temmiDK M achi nes, nd a ls o &heblnes fcx C r u s b i nR' and lo" latte"Olnw the Tobace o Stem i o theLeaf, Cigarette Macblees, etc. Sole Ap-en t W. tbe U. S. f o r F FLIN-:ICH' i (Offenbach on Main Gr many ) celebrated Machin for P ac l dnc T obacco. TIN FOIL. JOHN J. CROOKE. W4NU'PACTUW1fa OF TIN fOIL AND BOTTLE CAPS, PLAIR .AJID COLO&ED. lOLLING KILLS, 38 CROSBY ancl 163 .II 165 KVLEEUT BTIEE'l'S, NEW TOU. VIR.GJ:IQA TOBACCO WORKS DAIVILL TOIICCO woIIS COIISOLIDITEO. D.ARVJ:LLE. VA. GOBDJ. 4k 00., Importers and Manufacturers vf GE:aii.Al( AND SCOTCH Ola:yPipes, Sole De!>ol f o r Heinrich Goebel Saline, Benlllt Pipes,"-l.aae. K. '2'. liT.uiLISHED lTel. GIRARD BETTS 1: CO r General Auctioneers ... AND-COMMISSION MERCHANTS, S T O R E A ND S ALESROOM T OLD SLIP I 104 PEARL STREET { Oa. : door from H aoove r S q u a r e) NEW YORK. !OBACCO BAGGING, 'IMiTATION SPANISH LINEN, F .Al\TCY STB:IPES,. And all Watds o f Good s u sed lor up Smok. I .Al!o, c omplete assortment of Smokers' Art.J.::les f o r the Trade MWtRD SANGER & CO. 462 to 468 Broadway, New York. CHARLES A. WULFF, Ag't, Lithographer, Printer&. Manufacturer of STATES Jt.IGH T S FOR S ALE JOSEPH LOTH & CO., MA N UFACTURE R S O F ALL K INDS OF ClGAR RIBBONS .. CONSTANTLY ON HAND A FUL L AS SORTMENT A T LOWEST PRICES. I Paetory t .. lerooau : WIIIIIT au. !IT., DROOXE !IT, York. FEL&.s:mn.s WAREH<>U S E 0 F.LEG A N T CIGIB SlOW CASES l'OR HOTELS .._,D &B.OCERS. Cor. W .Broad"W&yci', NeW' York .. Giobol & Van Ramdohr, LEAF T ,OBACCO, 185 WATER ST., IIEW YORK. Asfde f r o m packin g o u r 11 AMERICA N E A G LE" and" CLlPPER" to the wooden package" to, :Jo, o40 and 6o lbs., we als o put both o f grades u p very nicel y i n 0..:HB O llNCZ TtN FoiLPAC K AGBs,pac.;kedi n Jt knd X Gross bons. 4 183 WATER STREET,' NEW .,.. LIBERAL iU.DE ON CONSIGNMEN1'S. .. ,;l!lm e n ts._ o iill TRADE MA R K Liberal Prices made to the jobbtn g Trad e \ ,J. I. BAilCBRt JUs. K.. c IJAJlK.B Jt. B Hux.a.. ...... .....


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