The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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acco Commiuion Morris d. J. & Co Tobacco Broker. Noe!W. T. HARTFORD, CoDll. Packers and Dealers in Seed Leaf Tobacco. Dix J. & Co. 217 State Geo. 150 State London & BidweU, 226 and 228 State Sioso n A. L. & F 131 M.Un Welitphal Wm. 228 State HOPKINSVILLE, Ky. Tobacco Broker. Clark M H. & Brother LANCASTER, Pa. Dealer in Leaf Tobacco. Sidles&. Frey, 61 and G8 North Duke LIVERPOOL, ED&Smythe F. W & Co. 10 North John LOUISVILLE, K:r Plug Tobacco Ma.nujact'Urer.r. Fluzer J. & Bros. 194 and 186 Jacob St&te of Kentucky Tobacco :Manufactuf!Dg Co Tobacco Commission Merchants. Wicks G. W. & Co. 291 West Main Tobacco Brokers. Callaway James F corner Ninth and Market Gunther George F. Harthlll Alex. Eleventh and Main Lewill & Brother, 348 West :MaW. Meier Wm. G. & Co. 66 Seventh NashM.B. Prago!f W. F. Main Stemmer and Dealer in Ou.ttin.g TOOttcco. Clark: James, Thirteenth and Rowan Tobacco FCiclor.s and Commission Me:1chants. Kremelberg, & Co. Eleventh and Ma.ln Garth & Co. Ninth and Market Buyer of Tobacco. Opdebeeck C. 2 East Main LYNCHBURG, Va. Manufacturer of TobacCo CarroU John W Tobacco Commiuion Melchant. Nowlins B. H. & G. H. NEWARK, N.J. Campbell, Lane & Co. 48i Broad NEW ORLEANS, La.. Tobacco Factors ana Oommiuiou Merchant.. Gunther & Stevenson, 162 Common Xr<>melberg, Schaeffer & Co. 186 Common .Agency for Peric.rue Tobacco ana Cigarettes. Brooks Wm. I. 82 Gmvier PADUCAH, K:y. Tobacco Brokers. Clark M. II. & Bro. '" Manufacturer of Tobacoo. Bishop T. L. Tobacco Buyer. CohbR. & Co. PETERSBURG, Va. Tobacco Comn&is8im Merchants. Roper LeRoy & Sollll Manufacturers of Plttg and Smoking Tobacco an-il Deale1& in Leaf Tobac co. VenableS. W. & Co. PHILADELPHIA. Tobacco WarehO'U3'e8. Anatban M & Co. 220 North Third Bomberger L & Co. 111 Arch Bremer's Lewis Sons, Third Courtney James A. 58 North Front Dohan & Taitt 107 Arch Dunn T. J. Fifteenth and Vine Eisenlohr Wm. & Co. 115 South Water Moor.e & Hay 85 North \Vater Sank J Riuaido & Co 32 North Water So rver, Cook & Co. 101) Korth \Vater Steine1:,_ Smith Bros & Kne<>ht. 225 Race Teller .t'iL'Others, 117 North Third Vetter!ein J. & Co. 1!!5 Arch Wartman M. & Son. 13 North Fifth Wens A. J. Third und Gimrd A.v Woodward, Garrett & Co., 3a North Water Importer of Havana Tobacoo ana Cigars and Dealer in Seed Leaf. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 15, 1877. 'l'BB SBCO:ND BDITIO:N OF THE TRADE 1S77 1S7S NO """\IV READY. THB BKST BOOK UP THB KIND EVER PUBLISHED. Pmc:m, $3. THE TOBACCO LEAF PUBLISHING CO. --- o:t WB Tc::::EIACOO c:-... cia ltMII to nery OD.ela. .,, _,l-ed Ia. Tobacco, elt!M< u Orowet. Mauofactarer, or Dulet. It rl ... aaaallJ aa.lmaaeue ...-t ol ......... Uoa. ,..prdl.,. To-aacl&to maaofact...., ucl tba coutlmtu _.-tbat bu 1-. --. NCOPiuclu tb IMed of opec1a1 tncle ID--'" 1H faD ucl edaalft, .. d c:om.e ,_ nery qurter el tile riMe wllen To- 1o oolcl. It lo tiM ONLY_,. paltlloatlooo _. ... -... T-.. -THE UNITED STATES BUREAU OF STATISTICS. Holyoke C. 0. 12 Central Wharf Dealers in Havana and Domestic bacco and CigarB Leaf To Costas J. 131 Walnut One of the least obtrusive, but, at the same time, most useful branches of the public service, as r ep r e sented by the executive departments of the GVVErR.Y. NEVV SUTTER BROS., Dealers in LEAF TOBACCO Chicago, Ill. Western Cigar Manufacturers will :B.nii it to their advantage_ to deal with us.


j,' HE TO:B.AcCO intended, mvolves an amount of labor and a degree of spccml scholarslup and skill almost nnposs1ble toes t1mate In no other count1y m the world IS the tariff hat of artiCles so extended or so complicated as m our own nor are the matenal mterests of any natiOn else whe;e so diversified as they are here, yet, so perfect are the records of the Bureau, notwithstandmg the rmped1 mentsm the way, that every1tem of mterest or value re Iatmg to these subJects IS as clearly and fully presented as 1f 1t alone represented the mdustr1al movement of the nation The comprehensiveness and accuracy of the Bureau's reports have g1ven them a reputatiOn such as IS enJoyed by no similar publicatiOns that we know of appearmg m other countnes, and obtained for them a recogmtwn m the governmg and SCientific Circles of favorably known abroad, and especially among formgn learned somctles, as 1t IS m this country As a writer and mvest1gator m the domam of the Higher Mathe matws, M;r Elliott, perhaps, IS best known m Europe, but here he has achieved additiOnal d1stmct10n m other branches of leanung and effort, both m the public ser VICe and m the walks of private life He was Secretary of the Specml Revenue CQII11IllSSIOn of which Mr Wells, previously mentiOned, was the head, and 18 now, and has been smce 1ta orgamzatlon,, a member of the C1vil ServiCe ComnnssiOn, lD which, as the representative of the highest culture of that body, he acts as exailllller to detennme the educatiOnal qualificatiOns of appli canta for employment ill the public serviCe at Wash mgton "STRIVING FOR THE TRUTH "-In Its 18SUe of August 9 the New York Sun had the follo"'Vlllg ed1tonal under the above head -"One of thlil most patent features of the recent strike has been the tractab1hty mamfested by the workmgmen Never before was there such an upriSmg of laborers With so little dispositiOn to do any unnecessary InJury In fact, there was hardly anywhere any number of real workingmen who took any part m the noting and fightmg There was a general feelmg among those who struck, that they were not paid as high wages as they ought to rece1ve, but they themselves seem to feel very g:r;eat doubt 813 to the most proper and most expedient course to adopt to obtain redress for their wrongs Suggestions and ad vice from those whom they had reason to esteem their fnends were received with respect and With every mark of apprecmtwn They seemed all the while to know how to make allowance for enthusl8sm, not to say madness, shown by any of their leaders Indeed, great as the nnstakes of the strikers have certainly been, we believe the bulk of them to be well disposed, and not mclined to ask for anything they do not con sider themselves entitled to Tb1s fact IS worthy of consideratiOn by aU who are seekmg to arnve at a cor rect and JUSt solutiOn of the great labor tiOuble whwh still underlies our whole soCial superstructure _Europe which reflecta credit upon tlie country from ')Vh!ch they emanate. The customs statistics are re from tqe Custom Houses, and many others are 'sent to the Bureau, but the scrutmy, reVIsiOn, and verificatiOn to which all are subJected when they reach there-come wll.ence they may-render their preparatiOn extremely Iabonous The f-ollowmg figures referrmg to some of the work don& m the DIVISion of m 1873 IS suggestive on this pomt "Number of letters written, 4,899, acknowledgments of letters, acknowledgments of statements, 4,384, statements called for, 639, statementa examined, 18,470, statements corrected by correspondence, 1,275 Smce 1873 this and all the other work of the Bureau has large!y mcreased, while the clerical force has been largely reduced. CongressiOnal committees and md1 VIdual members of Congress are almost constantly seekmg special and general illformatwn from the Bureau, as also are private Citizens and public officials of th1s and other countries The monthly abstracts regularly lSSued are mdiSpensable to all desmng to keep themselves mformed on commercial and fiscal matters, as 18 illdiCated by their prompt and uruversal repu blicatwn m the newspapers To our mrmsters and consuls abroad all the publications of the Bureau are especially semceable It IS generally conceded, we believe, that the Bureau of Stat18tlcs has attailled Its highest excellence under the d1rectwn of 1ts present Chief, Dr Edward Young Prior w his assumptiOn of the position of director, this adJunct of the Treasury was known to com para t1vely few, but the rare qualificatiOns and zeal of that gentleman have brought It V'llthin the space of seven or e)$ht years to the favorable notlce and regard of all who take an mterest in the work to which 1t 18 devoted It will be hardly thought too much to say that It would be difficult oo find anywhere another man better fitted for this peculiar post than Mr Young With clenca.l qualificatiOns of a h1gh order he combmes a fuller knowledge, probably, of the mdustnal resources, methods and requrrements of theUruted States-and we might say of Europe as well-than any other man m the Uruted States, Mr DaVId A Wells-With whom he was long assocmted-poss1bly excepted Industnal and commerCial statistics, m their manifold forlllB and applicatiOns, have been a hfe study w1th him., and for the past twenty or twenty five years his employments, public and private, have been mamly in connectiOn With their relatiOn to public affairs From the wr1tmg and publishmg of books and penodicals relating to Amer1oan Manufactures and other branches of t1c mdustry, he was called to a responsible position m connectiOn with the preparation of the Eighth Census of the Umted States. When Mr David A as Special Revenue CommiSSIOner, was pursumg his brilliant mvest1gatwns of the Internal Revenue and Tariff systems of the Umted States, Mr Young was a contm uous and effective co laborer with hrm m his great work, and, as such, shared m the honors of his great achievements He retired nom thts employment to .assume the positiOn which he now occupies and so .ably fills at the head of the Bureau of Stat1stws Each .one of hiS early engagements, as designated, added to his natural qualifications for effimently d18chargmg the duties now devolvmg upon hrm His former experi ence as author and publisher contributed to make hin1 i;he lucid and graphic writer which he 18 shown to be :m h1s public reports and other publications His con nection with the Census Bureau and the Specml Com :nusswner of Revenue enabled hrm to acqwre a personal acquamtance with the representative busmess men of the country, and a thorough familiarity With our national productiOns and resources, and both of these advantages have been turned by him to adinirable account m enlargmg the Bu'rea1,1's field of endeavor Bringmg to his office superiOr spemal knowledge, exceptiOnal aptitude m the analysis and expositiOn of statistical data, uncommon pride and zeal m his work, and a mental grasp that comprehended Its necessities and utmost possibilities, Mr Young has made the_ mstitutwn which he directs an obJect not alone of natiOnal but of mternatwnal use and rmportance Dunng the mtervals of le18ure occurrmg m the discharge of routme duty he has managed to find time to write for the use of the Gove=ent and the people books on economical and fiscal subJects of the highest utility, and which have been accepted as standard books of reference H18 speCial report on ImmigratiOn I S ex ceedmgly valuable and has done much to add to the wealth of the country by mducmg thousands of mdustrwus foreigners to come and settle here Thirty thou sand copies of thiS report were prmted for crrculatwn m England, France and GeriDany CustolllS Tariff published m 1874, 1s another md1spensable volume from his busy hands In this compilatiOn the history of the entire tariff leps lat10n of the Uruted States IS reVI ewed from 1789 to 1874 To statesmen, and, mdeed, to everybody seekmg mformatwn on the subJect of our tariff, this book IS of mestrmable value The crownmg work, however, of Mr Young's mdivid uallabors IS his special report on Labor m Europe and America On the appearance of this book It was hailed by the public press as one of the most remark able and valuable contnbutwns to the literature of Labor ever publ18hed It was sought and read with avidity both m Europe and Amenca, and only that the edition was hm1ted by law It would have had, m all probability, an enormous circulatiOn m both countries V18Iting St Petersburg, Russia, m August, 1872, as the representative of the Umted States at the InternatiOnal Statistical Congress then convened in that c1ty and on which occasiOn he d1stmgrnshed himself by the fullness of h18 mformat10n, he voluntarily embraced the oppor tumty afforded him by his trip to obtam data relative to the cost and conditiOn of labor m those branches whwh compete With sunilar mdustr1es m the Umted States To th18 end, andl at his own expense, he VlSited the leadmg cities of RU!ssta, gomg thence to the great manufacturmg towns of Contmental Europe and Great 'Bntain Extending the range of h1s mqumes as he proceeded, he succeeded m accumulatmg a mass of inforvi"a.t10n co;ncerrung the labor systems of the Old World such as had never before been brought together Comb1n1ng the facts thus secured With srmilar facts on the same subJect previously and subsequently obtained by him m the Umted States, he biOught out his great book m 1875 The volume compnses nearly a thousand large, closely-prmted pages, and contams every vanety of mformat1on connected with the subJect of labor and laborers Its executiOn was as creditable as 1ts concep t1on was commendable No other man, we feel war ranted m saymg, would have undertaken the task of Its preparatiOn on his own responsibility, and no other man of whom we have any knowledge could have so well completed the task after It was undertaken In the diScharge of his purely offimal functwns Mr Young IS fortunate n haVIng the assistance of a gentle man whose vaned accomplishments have secured for hrm both an Amencan and European reputation The name of E B Elliott, the d1stmgwshed mathematiCian of the Treasury Department, who occupies the pos1t10n of chief clerk of the Bureau, 18 almost as well and A NEW WAY OF CATCHING A THIEF. A cigar dealer m CmcmnatJ smiles m trmmph behmd h1s counter, and a young man, with a likmg for cigars and an extremely sore mouth, langmshes n a prison cell m that mty It came about m this way -The c1gar man had noticed for some trme that m some un accountable way h1s Partagas ha partaga en thelllSelves off, his "Flor del Fumars" had blossomed Into unremunerative smoke, and h18 Conchas" had un-concba wusly disappeared, and he was left m a quandli.ry He was diSposmg of his goods, but the eqwvalent for them d1d not return to him m the shape of the ducats of h1s paternal ancestors .A.s sp1nts are now somewhat unfashionable, he could not lay the charge at their doors m '' the summer land," and as the cylmdncal roles of Havanese productiOn were not bank tellers or confidential book-keepers they could hardly be enommated "mystenousdiSappearances" Rethought and thought and gradually "evolved out of his mner consciousness" a brilliant plan, which he rmmed1ately put mto executiOn Into the shop strolled a young man, and, after purchasmg, sauntered gracefully down the street upon pleasure mtent. L1ghtmg a c1gar-not the one he had purchased-he became aware that an explosiOn had taken place, that his mouth was a =a ture Hell Gate, the Cigar the dynannte, and himself the General Newton of tho occasion A policeman, comfortably shadmg hiDISelf under an awnmg, hearmg the noise and w1th Ideas of stnkers With piStols, rushed the corner The disturbance ceasmg as qrnokly as 1t commenced, the guardian of the peace peeped out from his secunty and beheld a young man holdmg a hand to his mouth and actmg m the most extrao:rdmary manner Collarmg the supposed lunatic, he was told that a mgar had attempted to as sassmate IMs smoker The Cigar dealer then came upon the scene and explamed that he had prepared a few cigars, by mserting a little tm tube, filled With gun powder and covered With thin paper at the butt end, and this was the cause of the explosiOn Fearmg that there might be more of these cigais m possessiOn of the young man, q. search was made, and, sad to relate, there were more The cigar man declared that he had never sold any of these cigars, and It became evident that they had been stolen and the young man was the thief As we have before stated, this young fellow With a sore mouth and a liking for cigars IS now gloomily broodmg over the fact that the way of the !Shard," and that may sometrmes be used for other purposes than smoking. MINOR EDITORIALS AND NEWS ITEMS. RECOGNITION -We believe our readers will share our sat18factwn m the attempt =ade m this Issue of THE LEAF to pay a merited con1plrment to the Chief of the Umted States Bureau of Statistics In common With other CommerCial JOUrnals THE TOBACCO LEAF has had occasiOn to realize the serviCe which the Bureau under Its present directiOn and staff renders the com merc1al woild thlough Its reports and correspondence, and 1t therefore seems only appropriate that an ac knowledgment of the fact should be made NtCOTIAN CoTERIE -This assomatwn politely ex tended to us the complrment of an mv1tatw,n to attend their Lake ExcursiOn and Picruc to H1ghland Pat k, Chwago under the auspiCes of Prof I IrVIng Crabbe, editor of the Leaf of that City, on Saturday, August 11 Our engagements prevented us from bemg present m person on that. mterestmg occasiOn but m good wishes for the perfect enJeyment of all who had the good fortune to be there, we beg to be counted as one ill the van PLucK AND CHAlUTY -Lately the News and Couner of Charleston, S C mentiOned' the cases of a number of Widowed ladies who have smce the war supported themselves and children by hard laboillr and among others of a lady With rune children who t ed a farm of one acre-her only mean of support The News. and Cow-wr stated that she desired to purchase the ground for $50 Her case has elicited the s:y-mpathy of qrnte a number of persons, and contributiOns have been re ce1ved amountmg to $168 Of this amount $50 were from a gentleman m Baltrmore and $50 were from W. G Deshler Esq, President of the National Exchange Bank of Columbus, 0 In a note, which does him the highest honor Mr Deshler says -"Although I am a Northerner a Republican of the firmest killd1 I am more than that-a man who admrres pluck ana who smpathiZes with the distress of those who have seen better days I send $50 for the lady, trustmg that trme and pluck, and common sense and mutual good will among us all, both North and South, will, ere long, allevmte the sorrows and distress now so prevalent throughout our land THE GERMAN TOB COO INDUSTRY -Bremen contmues to be by far the most rmportant among the German foreign tobacco markets, the rmportatwns to that port bemg about three trmes as extellSlve as, for mstance, to Hamburg NotWithstandillg, however, that the ag gregate rmportatwns of tobacco to thiS and all other parts of Germany, added to the quantities rmported through other channels to the German customs uruons1 are very cohsiderable, It IS, as pomted out by Consw Ward m his trade report on Bremen for the past year, a fact worthy of not1ce that the quantities of tobacco annually exported from Germany far exceed the for e1gn rmportatwns Taking mto coll8lderatwn that the annual consumptiOn oLtobacco in that country IS very coll8lderable, the fact mentiOned offers some Idea of the JllafPlltude of the German tobacco mdustry and productiOn The aggregate area of land cultivated With tobacco m the empire on June 30, 1875, 18 stated to have been about 54,000 English acres, seven-tenths of which should be apportwned anwng the Sauthern States-namely, Bavana Wurtemberg, Baden, Alsace Lorrame and a part of Hesse Da1mstadt1 while the remaunn'g three-tenths are situated chiefly m the Prus s1an proVInces of Brandenburg and Pomerarua The aggregate average of German tobacco produced m one year may be estrmated at about $45,000,000 -Pall Mall Gazette PERSONAL -Mr B N Duke, representmg W Duke's tobacco manufactory Dmham, N. C., paid us the com pliment of a viSit on &.turday last while on his way to some of the agents of his house ill tl)is City Mr Duke informed us that the Durham smokmg tobacco manu factured by his fum IS sellmg very satisfactoiily Their busmess has mcreased very materially of late Last year their sales were 30 per cent greater than the year before, and this year they have been thus far 50 per cent better than last year To meet the mcreased demand for therr tobacco they have doubled their manufacturillg facilities Their factory 18 now capable of supplYlllg 1\nY demand that may be made upon 1t Messrs H. K & F B Thurber and Moore Jenkm$ & Co. are now their wholesale agents m this City Speakmg of the or1g mo:t;the trade m Durham smokmg tobacco Mr Duke saril1t' was an accident of the war The sololiers became enamored of the tobacco, and after the cessatiOn of hostilities and they had r_e turned to their homes, they were m the habit of writ mg to "Mr Durham" to send them some of the tobac co which they had been usmg. On rece1pt of their letters the postmaster of Durham ordered Durham sntbkmg tobacco to be sent fiom the manufactories to the vai'Ious applicants Mr Duke gave us encour agmg account of the conditiOn of the growmg cro:p He says 1t never looked better. Between five and s1x million pounds of bright leaf tobacco finds Its way an nually to the Durham market, of which the larger por tiOn IS consumed m the manufactones of that pla1ce Of the total quantity consumed about four mil Ion pounds IS supposed to be ralSed m the rmmediate Vlcm Ity of Durham THE NEw CIGAR CuTrER. 18 a novelty-which every C1gar Store should keel> It saves the ends and abol Ishes the bad habit of b1tmg them off lt_Is clarmed no C1gar Store can do Without It. Price $1 00. Samples at the office of this paper. 651-654 This IS all kmdly and well mtended, but 1t was JUSt such comment as this that we had m mind when m our articles on the strike we referred to the mdulgent war, m which the press usually treated strikes and strikers. We think workingmen are encoumged to place themselves m entagomsm to thell" employers by such language as the Sun m this mstance applies to them A DELmERATE SUICIDE -Suffield, Conn was thrown mto unusual excitement soon after noon yesterday by the suiCide of Henry Wilson1 an elderly and respected maker. He wrote to his wife -'I am not satisfied With the wages I am earnmg, and can not live P S -Notify none of my friends I wish no one to follow me to the grave save my wife and children Bury me m a plain board coffin, and bury me by sundown to day Then takmg off h1s boots and stockmgs, be put on clean socks,' placed his wallet, krnfe and a foot rule be s1de the letter on the desk, drew a chair mto the cor ner of h1s roomii placed a stool for his feethand restmg a double-baire ed gun on the tl.oor, w1th t e muzzle at his head, fired the charge mto h1s right temple, blow mg a hole almost as large as a man's pahn ''\Til son, who would have been fifty-five 1n November, and was a qUiet, mdustnous man, was formerly a New York photographer Gomg to Suffield twenty-five years ago, he took to cigar makmg, and, for a trme, worked for the Huck Company in this c1ty Latterly, he had been workmg on a contract for the Huck Company, but was able to make but about $3 a week, whiCh wore upon him till he killed hiDISelf He had eleven chil dren, seven by a first wife were grown, one of whom hves m tlus c1ty, and the others m Hartford By the present wife he had four little children, whnare now left destitute Though Wilson's smmde was probably delhberately planned, 1t was doubtless hastened by Ill health, as yesterday he complamed of pam m his head, and asked one of his children to apply a mustard poultiCe He was never at all addicted to drink -[Sprm. gfield August 9 HAROLD HENWOOD 011 Saturday diSpatches were received m Jersey City allllOUL\Cing the death of Mr Harold Henwood at the day be,fore Mr Wpearance Ra18ers are takmg a good deal more care m housillg their to bacco, and ahnost any amount of ladders on wagons are made for haulmg It so as not to brmse It, and gettillg 1t m houses m good condition IS one of the roam thmgs to show to advantage Large tobacco houses are bemg built on nearly all the faims through East Hempfield township, and no doubt m other parts of the county the same I S done Cellars beneath the tobacco houses 18 the latest thing "a la mode" for keepmg the tobacco m good, damp, soft and pliable conditiOn for strtppmg, and to remam so after bemg stripped It IS a great advantage to buyers if arrange ments are so complete for preserVIng the tobacco so as to be always m good handling conditiOn ready for cas mg While wr1tmg we have ram, but does not seem to contmue very long, st1ll1t will refresh the tobacco some No buyers so far (that are anxious) have made their appearance for 1876 crop TENNESSEE Sprmgfield Robertson Co August 11 -C C reports -Weather dry and rather cool Tobacco m some parts of our county needml$' ram and there IS some complamt of "Frenching" m the sectiOns where the heavy rains fell two weeks ago But few worms yet About two-thirds of the crop has been topped Hartsmlle, Trousdale Co August 10 --J G L re ports -Smce my last report forward tobacco has been domg as well as heart could Wl8h The late crop IS suf fermg some what for ram Peacher's Montgomer'IJ Co, August 7 -W .A. E reports -Immedmtely m this sectwn, m a belt of 10 or 12 miles Wide, we have a severe drought now upon us, corn IS senously mJured already and rumed w1th out an early ram Tobacco has almost ceased to grow and has assumed a peaked, narrow growth, very little m top, and much of 1t that has scarcely spread the hill, which will necessarily have to be cut green Very few worms, but all the planters vmy blue and despon dent, no Sign of ram VffiGINIA Farmmlle, Pl'tnce Edward Co, August 11-C W B reports -The weather has contmued seasonable smce my last, and the tobacco crop IS gettmg along pretty well, where 1t has been well worked This IS the month that the horn-worm commences Its dest1 uc twn It 18 to be hoped that they will not be so de struct1ve this year as last Reported Failures und Business Arrangements. SPRnsGFIELD, :llfASs -Edward F G1ll, C1gars, chattel mart gage for $300 Lucy J Holcomb, C1gars chattel mortgage for $315 PRoviDENCE, R I-F C Neilson C1gar Manufacturer, chattel mortgage for $1,500 Joseph H. Saunders, C1gars, by shenff, Jndgmen t agamst for $35 NEw YonK -Adler & Landauer Ctgar Manufacturers, JUdg ment agamst, 'lUI ::11oses Adler fo1 $5 305 E Schm1dt, C1gars, chattel mmlgage on fixtures etc for $1,000 Robert Stmson, C1gar :Manufacturer, Judgment agamst for $430 ALBANY, N Y -George J Sauer, Ctgars, chattel mortgage fot $GOO ScDENECTADY, N Y -Charles Baum, Ctgars, cred1torspetJt10n for bankruptcy SYRACUSE, N 1: -Auer & Co, Cigar Manufacturers, Judgment of record BLOOMINGTON, ILL -C Beckler, C1gars, m bankruptcy CHICAGO, ILL -H C Kuhlman, C1gars, chattel mortgage for $800 CLEVELAND, 0 -E S & D J Lawlor, C1gars, chattel mortgage on stock and fixtures for $225 INDIANAPOLIS IND -J 0 Young, Wholesale Cigars, assigned SAN FnANcrsco, CAL -H S Hememann C1gars and Tobacco, attached by sheriff MEMPms, TENN -S Kaufmann & Bro, Wholesale Tobacco, ass1gned RrciDOND, VA -A B Callsher & Co, C1gars, sheriff Business Changes. PRoviDENCE, R I -RoweNeilson, Cigar l\1anufacturers, dis solved, Rowe Withdraws NEw YoRK CITY -Schroeder-Koch, Dealers m Seed Leaf and Havana Tobaccos, w1ll d1ssolve 15, by mutual consent l\Ir A Koch Will s1gn m liqmdatwn, Mr C harles Schroeder will continue busmess at 166 Water Street and :r.:rr A Koch at the old stand, 246 Pearl Street HANOVER PA -Ohver Trone Tobacco deceased ILL -Brundage & Ladd, C1gars and Tobacco sold out CnsciNNATr, 0 -S Alsfelder & Co, C1gars,dumaged bywuter Wm Hebel & Co, C1gar Manufacturers, removed to Chicago Patents. [ Ji1rom the lf)oom71{J Post ] The followmg IS a hst of the trade marks and patents iSsued durmg the last week to Clttzens of New York C1ty (each certi ficate bearmg date July 17, 1877) TRADE MARKS Plug Tobacco-Buchanan & Lyall C1gars, Cigarettes, Smokmg and Chewmg Tobacco-F Ford. Smokmg and Chewmg Tobacco, Cigars and CJ,prettes-D H1rsch & Co 2 cases \< \ C1gars-Straito n & Storm ('}., \ CigarsWarruck & Brown 'C) \ "1--Cigars-J L Dav1s & Son -'1\\. Cigars, C1garettes, Smokmg and Ohewmg Tobacco-Lrchten stem Bros & Co 3 cases C1gar.-S Straus C1gars-A J Crawford Bremen Market Reports. Week July 26 Imports 1,596 216 278 SHORTa. Sales 131 484 152 178 3 909 55 120 Stock IQ first bands 2,890 scr -A sad case IS that of the suicide of a Cigar maker named Wilson, at Suffield, Conn reported m another place -The State of Dlino1s 18 credited with the or1gm of the 1dea of usmg tanruc acid m cigars to neutralize the mJurwus effects of mcotme That rucotme IS a ternble bugbear to some l>eople -About ten mmutes after the VIrgima Convenlwn had made Its nommatwn for governor, a Rwhmond c 1gar dealer had a sign out m front of his store. "Stop and buy the Holliday cigar'" -The manufacture of cigars m the First Internal Revenue D18triCt of Cahfonua for the first SIX months of 1876 amounted to 56,763,350, and for the correspond mg penod of this year, 51,747,300. AUG. 15 Exc[se War in Je1 sey City. JIIAYOR SIEDLER'S VETOES The war of the Jersey C1ty tempewnce against the liquor dealers was renewed last evenmg at the meetmg Qf the Board of Aldermen A large dele gatiOn of tempe1ance men was m attendance When Alderman Smith, President of the Board, called the meetmg to order, City Clerk Scott called blS attentiOn to a large document A low whisper followed and the routme busmess proceeded "Commurucatwns from the Mayor," said President SIDlth The City Clerk then unrolled the large document and presented the Major's obJectiOns .J;o the grantmg of licenses to severa parties The :r!!.essage as IJ. whole was commeridea by the entire Board "If I have been rnlSlllformed or have done any Rerson mJustiCe through informatiOn conveyed to me, Bald he, I ask to be corrected and excused My onlydesire IS that the law may be fulfilled, but m this desire I do not W18h to mJUl"e any person unJustly Ex Mayor l'raphaJ;!:en, when the message was con cluded, 1emarked, ''That 18 excellent, It comes from a good heart, however we may differ politiCally There was not a smgle mdiVIdual among the Aldermen or m the audience who d1d not commend It for Its temperate and JUdiCIOUS tone Certam yassages m the message provoked good humor refuse to approve of the license granted to Alexander McCoy, JustiCe of the Peace, because he keeps a place up stairs where JUstice IS dtspensed With ,'' was the first obJection, whwh created a 1augb But there was a regular storm when the C1ty Clerk read, ''I can not approve of the license to Helena Roedrwh, who keeps a diSreputable place on the Pat erson plank road near Central Avenue, which IS pat romzed extens1veiy by public officials of Jersey City The Aldermen burst out at this pomt, but President Smith rapped his gavel and called for order "What are we connng toi" sa1d AlderiDan Powell to a Herald reporter "I don't want to remam here any longer Move we adJourn" (m an undertone ) The President took no notice "The Clerk will proceed Without mterruptiOn," he qmetly "Who 18 Helena, the public officmH" said a wag at the door, and he decamped The temperance men were thoroughly and some feft the hall Alderman Wood, chairman o the LICense ComlDlttee, sent a note to the President with the message, ''Let us adJourn, we've been long enough here ''Will you second thaM" was the question propounded to Alder man Tilden "No I've come all the way from the country, and I'll fight 1t out on this temperance questiOn if It takes allrught I" was the reply The Mayor' s list of vetoes was so long that a motiOn was offered and adopted that the further readmg be dispensed with and that the whole message be entered on the mmutes A recess of five mmutes was then taken On the reassembling of the Board Srmeon M. Ayres, who was nominated by Mayor S1edler as Fire Comm18siOner m place of CommisSloner Martm, de ceased, was confirmed, and the Board then adJourned, -New Ymk Herald, A1tgust 8 A FARMER'S EXPERIENCE. "MY DEAR FRIEND -I may say With truth that I am one of the llargest farmers m the county of Halifax 1 and I think I would not be out of the way If I said South Stde VIrgmta My average wmgbt 18 two hun dred and twenty five pounds m light dress, or rather was that we1ght, for smce I have been sellmg tobacco I am sadly reduced, for on we1ghmg at MaJor Edmond son's warehouse I barely pulled two hundred and fif teen down I am sadly wastmg away The warm weather oppresses me no more There was a trme when, like Sidney Smith, I felt like ''taking off my flesh and s1ttmg m my bones," but that time has passed. If tm1es don't mend I shall have no flesh to take off. "Wife," said I last mght, as I sat regaling myself on buttermilk and corn bread, after my return from Bos ton, ''don't the good Book say somewhere 'that each heart knoweth Its own sorTow!'" "Yes," she replied, with more tartness than such questiOn Justified, "and It also says, 'the back shall be fitted to the burden '" My w1fe IS generally a most sweet-tempered, person, but she has had her eye on a black silk dress to be bought when my tobacco was sold She attends the Readmg Club at Halifax Court House and all the ladies wear black silk dresses Carpenter, you are a marned man yourself-! need say no more 'l'o return to that tobacco crop I thought all last summer when I succeeded m plantmg a large tobacco crOJ?, that for me at last, "Hard trmes would come agam no more My heart was lifted up Withm me, my 1magmatwn took wmgs I promised myself a new buggy and even went so far as to have the old onere paned May He who "tempers the wmd to the shorn lamb" proVIde for that old man that repaired my buggy to be pa1d for "when I sold my tobacco I felt sorry for my poor nmghbors when we met to gether to get our mail of a Saturday I fear I spoke boastfully of what energy and entel'l'rise would accomplish; that plants had not failed With me, my tobacco was growmg beautifully, etc My barns were full, my very soul was elated, how balmy the sweet air 1 how beautiful the earth looked 1 I was at peace With all the world all through the Winter I collllllise rated by brother farmer with his empty barns May they extend the same compassiOn to me now, for I am the VIctrm of ID18placed confidence All through the early spnng tobacco kept low Wait till our political troubles are settled and then you w1ll see tobacco high I watched my barns and prayed With a devout heart for a speedy solutiOn of our tiOubles Hayes took h1s seat W mt till Lorns1ana and South Carolina are qUieted down I bought new locks for my barns and waited for high pnces Terry, the tax collector, came around He may be a good man, he IS not a handsome man, but he has persuasive ways I sent a large load to South Boston MaJor Edmondson helped me to l>ay the large balance of taxes Remember, dear MaJor, our old copy book, "A good deed IS Its own reward I locked up my barns 1t1ghter than ever, waited till the last of June-those barns have been opened "The tall cedars of Lebanon still.l remam, but their glory has deJ?arted" I sent 45,000 ]pOunds to Lynchburg Some of It was as broad as my back, as long as my l eg and as red as my whisker It netted not qUite $5 per hun dred Ah I thmks I to myself, the yellow 18 the thing, and Danville the place, so I loaded a wagon With bnght and told the dnver to go to Pace's warehouse, but he disobeyed and went to Graves's Alas 1 all my hOJ?OS he buned there 1 It netted $7 50 Fr1day last I carried 1,500 pounds to South Boston warehouse, 1t netted a few cents over $5 a hundred The Identical tobacco from the same hulk, cured m the same barn, sold on Thursday last m Lynchburg and the next day at South Boston for nearly one dollar per hundred more Now, I have not one dollar at stake, directly or md1rectly I have on hand some four thousand pounds more of tobacco, but my solemn adVIce to all my brother far mers 18 to hold to therr tobacco1 bur. new locks, hold hard and tight, not t4at I think 1t will sell higher, but the t1me has come, my brethren, when our tobacco pays better m the barn than m the market These are sad times I have a brother, he 1s a pwus and good young man, I reJOice that he has no wife and family, I am very much afratd he will nae ''cuss words He endorsed a mote for me-that note 18 fast approachmg maturity My smcere prayer IS that he took the same VIew of the matter that an old colored friend of mme had on a similar transactiOn Soon after the surrender, Dwk Easely, whom I have kndwn fiom boyhood, came to purchase corn on cred1t I told hrm he could get It on condition he gave Wmston Ed-munds as security The next day he came, gave Winston as security and carried away the corn When the note fell due I sent for DICk and Wmston They both came, and old Dwk With great stateliness told me Winston pa1d that note In vam Wlll8ton protested and tried to explam "Hush boy," said old DICk, "what was the use of my beggmg and begging you to go secunty If I've got to pay the thing? 'Twa nt no use haVIng security if I gwme to pay myself f And now, ill conclusiOn, to all who have been kmd enough to trust my brother farmers on our tobacco crops, and our name IS lepon, I b1d you a sad and tearful ad1eu and say to you m the words of the w1s est Apostle, who was doubtless m the same conditiOn, "Gold and silver I have none, but such as I have, g1ve I unto you" -my blessmg In the prayerful hope of better trmes I remam your true fnend1 who ra18ed large crop m 1876 and sold 1t In 1877"-Halifaxfocord IN MEMORIAM -It IS our painful duty to record the death of Mr Samuel Frazee, ofJMason County, Ky an old and respected mtiZen, ana also a large tobacco handler He was well known for the many good qualities he possessed, and he will be IDlSsed by his many friends .A. few days before his death he was handling tobacco m his warehouse at Min'erva He passed away Without a struggle HIS son, Mr Frank Frasee, one of the proprietors of Morns has our deepest sympathy -Western. TObacco JournaL and and Liquor Reporter -Mr A Brussel, of the firm of Lwhtenst,Jm Bros & cigar manufacturers of this city, VISited his home m uermany on August 2d lll8t JUSt twenty-five years after h18 departure therefrom, and on the very day he proiDlSed to return when bidding his mother adieu. i


AUG.15. THE TOBACCO MARKET. DOMESTIC NEw YoRK, .August 14 A farr busmess was dona. m leaf tobacco the past week Of Western leaf the sales were upwards of 1 200 hogsheads, which IS a marked mcrease as witn the frecedmg week Purchases were m e for all throo o the Reg1es but little appears to ha e boon wanted for other destmatlons 1f we except Jobbers, who took 209 hogsheads Cutters were out of the market altogether and, If our memory serves us they have been rather moderate buyers of late July was a tolerably busy month with them and therr stocks for that reason, must have declined The market-offers mducements moreover m pnces and assortments better m both respects probablyl than It will, a month hence, and they and others may oe expected to be buyers hereafter ';['he hame demand generally 18 less bnsk than we could WISh It to be or than 1t very well rrught be m VIew of the d18positlOn of holders to meet the VIews of buyers Pnces are steady at the pomt reached, but that pomt IS one where there can be no uncertamty as to the safety of mvestlnents for present or future ac count So think the buyers for export It would soom from the readmess With wfuch they contmue to avail themselves of their opportunities and so m1ght wisely think the buyers for home trade we Judge Crop mtelligence II$ received from different sectwns varies w a matter of course some complammg of too little aud some of too-much ram Nothing that has yet occured, however, 01 that IS likely to occur, will perceptibly change the pros et of the crop The yield of tobacco this season must necessarily be a lruge and ill the mam, good one Even the worms forbea1 to m terfere w1th 1t Messrs Sawyer, v: allace & Co report to THE TOBAc co LEAFLeaf-We have httle vanatiOn to make m our weekly reports A !mr Heg1e busmess vath httle else domg bemg tbe stereotyped state of our market The sales smce our last amount to 1 237 bhds of which 7 937 for export 91 to manufncturers and 209 to JObbeiS PriCes contmue unchanged, rccmpts 11Dd exports about equal and nearly correspondmg to last Auguat reports of tbe growmg crop conftJCtmg and, perhaps on tlle a' erage less favomblc than heretofore let wee'k. 2d week. 3d week. 4th week 5th week 81 1 351 1 903 866 659 451 877 6138 434 488 436 347 601 804 1 007 640 1,108 664 729 744 1 190 731 1 335 727 741 1164 112 1 635 1 702 833 1 718 August 311 1 237 Auction &ks A'U{JUSt 9 -1 bhd at 7 8i5 1 at 7 70 2 at 6 00 2 at 5!60, 2 at 4 00 1 at 10 50 1 at 3 80, 1 at 5 70, 1 at 4 00 1 at 3 30 1 at 4 95 1 at 9 10 1 ttl 5 40 1 at 8 75 1 at 9 30 1 at 8 70 3 at 4 59, 1 at 4 1 at 4 05 1 at 8 85 1 at 4.10 1 at 4 60 1 at 4 85 1 at 4 80 1 at 'i. 70 1 at 6 65 2 at 5 80 2 at 8 00 1 at 9 00 1 at 9 40 1 at 8 65 1 at 8 25 1 at 4 65 1 at 8 40 1 at 5 60 lat 5 65 1 at 7 90 oft'ered 44, reJeCted 25, sold 19 Quota t10ns -Common lugs 3 80 to 4 00 good do 4 25 to 5 50, common leaf, 6 50 to 7 50 medmm do 8 50 to 10 50 Augu..t 14 -1 bhd at t4 iO 1 at 3 80 a at 5 25 1 nt 6 30 1nt 10 25 1 at 12 25 1 at 7 80, 1 at 5 75, 1 at 8 70 1 at 6 20 1 at 1 at lll 1 U 5 .W, 1 at 4 00 1 at 4 50, 1 at 3 75 1 at 3 85 1 at 2 50: 1 at 2 95 1 at 9'()() 1 at 7 00 1 a\8 80 1 at 4 85 l at 5 00 1 at 5 80, 1 at 4 15 total offered 84 :reJected 15 $.Old 19 Quotat.iens.-Common Jugs 2 50 to 3 50 good do 4 00 to li 50, comm'1fJ leaf 6.50 to 7 50 medmm do 8 00 to 10 00 good do 11 octtt 12.211 v'irgm'l(!, Leaf -A good mqutry prevailed fbr Vrr gmm leaf, ud we hote sales of both bngbt and dnrk wmppers &ndlugs Sood Leaf-For Seed leaf there was a very good m qUJry tbe past week the sales rcachmg 1 600 cases WJth 150 for : export Tbe sampling Of the new crop for wh1ch there 1s an eager des1re Will soon give an Impetus to thts branch of trade Tbe eyes of both dealers and manufacturers are tumed longroglr toward tbe new Pennsy!Tama for dark wrapper!! but there rs rell8on to hope for a ftrlr supply of th1s desl1'8ble matenal rn all the growths adapted to Cig>lld goods and especmlly m br1ght 11 mch and twists for the South whereof the assortment m market lS meagre as for some time past There has been qmte a demand for goods of tb1s sort at 38@48c and for better grades at 45@47c For export we hear of but few orders and we rmagme 1t w 1ll be rather qwct m th1s department for a month or SIX weeks yet 'l be exports for tbe week were 62 467 lbs Srnokmg -This branch of the tobacco trade 18 without change A fmr busmess m all grades was done th1s week -A steady demand, Without apparent m creaae or decline 1s reported Gold opened at 105,!.4 and clo!)ed at the same rate Exchange -Messrs M & S Sternberger, Bankers report to TuE TOBACCO LEAF as follows -Sterling 1s quoted at 484 for 60 days and 486 for demand CommerCJal!s quoted at 481 'for 60 days and 483 for demand IMPORTS The arnvals at the port of New York from forCJgn ports for the week endmg August 14 Included the followmg cons1gn mentsALMERIA -Weaver & Sterry 1 OliO bales hcor1ce root PORT AU Pt ATTE -H K. Thurber & Co 6 bales tobacco RO:N -863 bbds, 660 16( cases, 63 seroons 131 bbds stems BRIITOL.--48 bbds BRITISH AUSTRALIA -7 /!59 lbs mfd BRrrrsn HoNDUIJies 5 butts 3 trcs snuff 1 crate do 84 bbls do, 45 half bbls do 50 bxs do consigned as follows BY TilE ERIE RAILROAD -Ottmger Bros 11 bhds Blake more Mayo & Co 32 do Sawyer Wallace & Co 12 do R L llfmtland & Co 29 do D J Garth Son & Co 64 do Order 981 bhds 1 pkg BY THE HUDSON RIVER RA:ILROAD -S S Edmonston & Brother 4 bhds Kerbs & Spe1ss 116 pkgs E Hosenwald & Brother 114 do J R Sutton 80 do Moore, Jenkins & Co 62 do Order 168 do BY riiE NAnONAI LINE -Pollnrd Pettus & Co Toel Hose & Co 60 do E L Hopkins 18 do Garrott & Grmter 12 do R L & Co 3 do Drew & Deane 67 do I Hmch 22 do Blakemme Mayo & Co 21 do Ottrnger Brothers 11 do D Dows & Co 10 do A H Cardozo S do P Lonllard & Co 84 do. S 5 do Sawyer Wal lace & Co 14 do Chase & Co 111 do D J Garth Son & Co 5 do F W Tatgenhorst & Co 5 do J D Kielly Jr 12 do Kremelberg & Co 7 do Order 267 do BY TilE PENNSYLVnox SAVA,..'NATT -Order 1 pkg G M SMYTH'S PATENT LIQUID DIFFUSER BALTIMORE August 11 -Messrs Ed WISChmeyer & Co I obncco CommissiOn Merchants report to TRE 'l'oBAC co LEAF as follows -InspectiOns of both Mayland and Oltw tobacco were very liberal the past week The market for MMYlan"'Presents no mater1al change the better grades scarce and wanted while the lower grades are plenty and!move slowly Of Oltw we note sales of about 1 250 hhds of whiCh 815 were taken for ]'ranee at 8Ji to and the rCs1dne for Dmsburg Bremen and other markets w1thm former quotatiOns Of Ke11 tuclqj we note small sales of lou. of Western samples, mcludmg Lomsville and Paducah lugs at 5 to 5)>4c up to 5Ji to 6c for better nod mcludmg Clnrksville U the latter figure We rev1se quotatJons as follows -Maryland-Infenor nnd frosted t2 00@9 sound common 8@4, good 4 50@6 50 rruddlmg 6 50 50 good to fine red 8@10 fancy upper country 4@20 ground leaves new 3@8 Ohio-Iufenor to good common 3@5 g10eDJsh apd brown 5@6 50 medmm to fine red 7@9 common to medmn'l spangled 6@8 fine spangled to yellow 10@15 Kentucky-Common to good lugs 4@"6 50 Clarksville lugs 5@7 oO common leaf 6.50@7 50 medmm leaf 7 50@8 50 fa1r to good 9@12 fine 12@15 selectwns l(i @17 V1rgmJar-Common and good lugs 4@6 50 common to medium leaf 6 50@8 50 fa1r to good leaf 9@12 selectiOns 13 @17 stems common to fine, 1@3 Inspected this week 2 085 bbds Maryland 1186 do Ob10 1 do Virgm1a total 3 172 hhds Cleared same per1od -Per steamer for Bremen 92:lbhdsMaryland 28Sdo Kentucky and845Vugmm tobacco per bark Katlttrlu for 1totterdam 904 hhds l\Iarylund 114 do Kentucky 188 tobacco 53 hhds Vugm1astems and 290 cases 1873 Ohw Seed leaf, 20 bhds tobacco to Dem eram per bark All>wn Nos. 136 aml 138 WILLIAM STREET, NEW YORK. Tobut regular dealers p!Ckmg up good to fine useful sorts at current pnces Vi bJCh are now same as a month ago but which generally speakmg are $2 00 to $3 00 less than at tins t1me last yea1 when crop prospects were not so cocourag mg generally then as they nre at present for the conung crop PHILADELPHIA, August 13 -lib Arthur R Fougeray Tobacco Manufacturers Agent reports to 'IriE To B .4@3Ji 3Ji@3% 4 @5 8)i@4 ll @6 4 @li li @.7 4 @5Y. 8 @8 4Ji@5U 5 @'t 7 li)i@7 8 0 @00-@9 8)i@l27 @9 10 @18 Selections0 @00 9 @11 12 @17 9 @10 @16 Sold dunng week about bbds to makers at 10)ic about 20 Jhhds ncb dark leaf' at '10@13%c for export and some 80 to 40 bhds good plt.Jyers made purchasers of substan\181 leaf to the extent of about 400 bhds wh1le exporters to North Europe took low leaf and lugs m fa1r quant1ty Only a retail trade was done w1th Ainca and manufacturers Pnces generally n!led m favor of buyers Imports 3 167 bhds Deliveries 1 966 Stock 29 859 agamst 23 580 same trme last year July 28 -Durmg the past week we have bad tbe usual trade demand and there were HcgJC buyers m the market who took (1t 1s calculated) 400 hhds of wrappery Vugrma 11nd Clarksv1lle leaf their highest lim1t was supposed to be 6Jill 1b Buyers for North Europe also made some purchases of low leaf and lugs, but tberr lmuts were too low to allow much busmess to result Trade done for A.fnca was ummportant Imports 1 357 hhds delivenes 840, stocks 29 487, agamst 23 600 same t1me last year LONDON, .August 1 -Messrs Grant, Chambers & Co Tobacco ComffilSSJOn report as follows to THE ToBACCO LEAF -There bas been but httle done m Amencan growths durmg the pnst week the home trade buyers buvmg operilled to meet theJr 1mmed11Lte reqmrement.s Holders are more 16 meet the v1ews of buyers for the medium grades For export. nothing done Western Leaf and Stnps tbe transactiOns been upon a hm1ted scale Vil"{f'nJa Loaf and Strtps-Of the better qualities are m request only small sales have been effected M'P"'!Iland and Ohw-Only tbe finest m demand Cllendtsh--The sales have been tntling Our monthly report IS 118 f{)llows -Durmg tbe latter part of the past month there has been more mqn1ry m the market for export clll8ses whch bas resulted m a furr busmcss bcmg done For homo trade purposes tbe demand has Oul} been for selec twns of the better grades, and the sales buve very tnfirng buyer havmg shown no d1spos1t10n to take p10re than they rm medtately need for the1r present reqUJre111ents AdviCes from the States report favorable of the growmg crop 1t 1S early to predict any thing decided as to the result but should no un favorable crrcumstances anse there a full crop rs expected Substitutes contmue to meet a ready sale and for some of the favortte growths an advance m pr1ees has been reahzed and m consequence of the li=ted supply some holders look for even higher rates 532 hhds Deln bhds 915 bhds m tbe correspondmg month of last year Stock-14 799 bhds, agamst 11 718 bhds m 1876 14 468 bbds bhds m 1875 12 991 bhds m 1874 12 049 bhds m 1873 13 800 hhds m 1872, and 12 002 bhds m 1871 V 1rgm18 Leaf and Stnps-In the former a good busmess has been done some par eels haVIng been purchased for shipment Stnps have been taken to a very hm1ted extent but there are cons1derable m qmres for the best grades w1th sc1rcel) llllY o.ffcrmg Ken tucl,y and l\fissoun Leaf-The former growth has been sought after but for the most leafy descnptwns the d1.fference between holders and buyers v1ews of value bas prevented sales to any extent For the latter s.'Lles have been but tnftmg Str1ps have coutmued slow of sale and tbe transactiOns have been confined to selectiOns for the 1mmediute reqwrerucnts of I be trade l\lnrylund and Oh1o-ln the former httle has been .done F me bnght classes of tile latter me m demand but brown and nnxed are difficult to place at any thmg hke remuneratlVe pnces to 1mpot tere Havana C1gars-Have becn.neglected buyers generally )lolcling off until the arnvnl of the new crop The accumulatiOn of old Imports 1s a matter of serwus 1mportance to holders Havana Cuba and YaraTbere has been notbrng done m these growths as there are no supplies now m the mnrket Mamlla Cheroots and Cgars Ha' e met w1th n ready sale, and there IS but little offermg Cheroots arc wanted and would come to n good and active market Mamlla Tobacco-Has presented no new feature in the absence of fresh arnvals some of the old Imports have been mqmred for but of those there IS hut bttle oft'ermg of a wrap pery character Lntuk.ia-Presents but httle ulterntwn w1th the present small supply of good qualit,Y m the market pnces contmue firm Negrohead and Caven

THE TOBACCO AUG. 15 ,... DOHAN, CARROLL & CO.,. TOBACCO ts, 104 FRONT STREET, i 0. BOX '386. NEWYORK. fcx the foUowiue: ell-known and reliable Manufacturers: I. B. PACE, TURPII a BRO., IOODIAI a IYERS, L. J, BRAIT a CO., W. J. YARBROU8H a SOlS, C, T. BIIFORD, L. H. FRAYSER a CO., T. W. PEIBRTOI, R. W. GUYER, JOHN W. CARROU, and othtrl SOLE AGENTS FOR THE OR:KilNAL Oable Coli, Donne Douche, lfiiiE 4e and Be, Single and Double Thick. ALSO, AGENTS FOR THE CELEBRATED,! LONE JACK & BROWN DICK SMOKING TOBACCO. J,a.rge Stocks of Ma.nufactured Tobacco of Every Description, Suitable for the Home Trade a11d for Foreign Markets, K.e p't Oon.a'ta:n.'tl. y o :n. El:a.n.d..; -ALEXANDER MAITLAND. L. F. 5. MACLt:HOSE. ROBERT L. MAITLAND. ROBERT L. MAITLAND & COr, Tobacco Factors, And General Commission Merchants, 43 Broad Street, New York, AGENTS FOR THE WELL-KNOWN "" '' Brands of Tobacco MtnufacturedR"presslt for EXPOR.,.'TO AUSTRALIAN FOREIGN PORj'S: LExnmER CA.ERON o. flO AUSTRALIAX rwisT-IIT. ANDREWS, A JUUJ Dl ex u ., tABLE, ouR GAlllE, aLAcs: -""" d 'V DIAMOND. zno:a. AUSTRALIAN LUMPS-SIGNET OF VIRGINIA, VENUS, ALL THE RAGS, FLO,'VER OF ALL NATIONS. ENGLISH LUMPS-PRINCE ALFRED -WILLu c'moN & BRO AUSTRALIAN TWIST-RAVEN, MA. ,IJl .fl ZEPPA, ORION, FeMrbu.rso 'Vac 'A11STRALIA.N LUMPS-TWO lEAl!, OUR CHilllF, ORIOX. INDIAN LUMPS-HAVELOCK, CHARIllER, c. ENGLISH LUMPS-VICTORY, ROT.U. JIAVT, c. SOUTH AIIEJU(lAN L'UIIPS-LA DE LICIA, LA FELICID4D TBE VIRGINIA TOBACCO AGENCY, :ma'ta.bU..h.ed. :LBBG-J AS. M. G.&RDINBB., TOBACCO GOMMISSION MERCHANT, 84 FRONT STREET, NEW YORK. EXPORT ORDERS FOR PLUG TOBACCO .PROMPTLY FILLED. I F. c. LINDL c. F. LINDK. c. c. HAMILTON. S. MA:Rcoso. R. AsHCKol'T. YORK. SBBD LBAP TOBACCO INSPBCTION. TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. Certificate. alTen for every case. and dellnred cue b7 eate, u to nam.ber of Certificate. N.B.-We Also Sample in Merchants' Own Stores. F. C. LINDE & CO., "' Philadelphia Branch-E. W. Dickerson, 139 N. 3d PRINCIPAL Watet"!=;lreet, and 18S to 188 Pearl Street. WARJCHOU81CS-I4:5i Water, IJ'.t:, 76 7'1 Greenwicll Streets, an:l Hudsoa .River RaH Road Depot, St, }bbn's ..l?a_tk. BENSEL & CO., TOBACCO INSPECTORS, 178!-f WATER STREET, NEW YORK. SYRACUSE BRANC!L:::-:G P. HIER & CO. ELMIRA do ........ ] R. DECKER. BALTIMORE do E. WISCHMEYER & CO HARTFORD do ........ W. WESTI'HAL. HATFIELD, Mass do ......... ]. & P. tr;ARL. CHARLES FINKE, T.QBAOCO INSPECTOR, 15$ WATER STREET, N'e""""' SAM:PLING PROMPTLY AT. 'I'ENDED TO. t IPHILA.DELPHIA BR.AN(lHt JONAS MI'I'Z, Si NOB'I':E : S'I'illE'I'. 153, 155, 157, 159 & 16t __ Goerck St., -.: NEW YORK: EfiAmnt m SfiPEUDI'tm Dealers m SpGilish. and. German. Cigar iibboDa. FOR MARTIN & JOHNSON, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 79 FRONT ST., NEW YORK. '..J VI:RGINIA 74 Fl':,ON1' l::itrtJd. _____ JOHN R ... SUTTON, MANUFACTURER OF CIGARETTES IUGIII "AFTER DINNER" All Tobacco; COIIISSIDIIBBCBBT, -AKD-W. 8. JCIM8A%.%. COt'S VANITY FAIR TOBACCO AND CIGARETTES. KA.lnJF.A.Cl'UB.ED TOBACOOS t 'FAVORITE DAturlt&:VT, XAVY.L IWEBT MORIIIIIL DARK :l!IAVT, HONBT AIIID PJI:A.CH BRIGHT NAvY, AND ALL POPULAR BRANDS OF FANCY AND LiGHT PRESSED. Fl,lf.f, Q.t/li:EN DEE, TRUlllPI, WIG WAG,,. BU&Lii, IN PAILS AMO BARRELS. DEPOT FORE, T. PILKIXTOJf & CO.'S CELEBRATED "!'BOlTS & FLODBS" A OOKKONnALTR" Smo'ldrur '1'obacool. 11iF P&ICJI: LDT ... va.-DHJI:D o.-APPLICATIOI.Ywii DEPOT FOR. SNOW'S PATENT OARD-HOLDEIUI. H. VV'ULSTEIN, (SUCCESSOR TO llORGFELDT C DJ:GilUJIE), "UNIQUE" All Tobacco; "PICKWICK" All Tobacco; PHG-B..A.PEE:BIB.&, 32 &. 3-1 VBSEY STllBII'l', KBW YOB.K, AT GRE.TLY R.EDUOED PB.IOES. PATEliTElll (Alii) !lOLII: .. .&CTURJI:R Ill 'l'lllll C. 1,) 0.. IMPROVED TOBACCO MACHINERY II v --MAB'l'lln:Z &. t:O. O!'!'ICI--114 CENTRE ST-.REW'YORK-:P.O.:Bozli09l. (! n CONSTANTLY ON HAND THE BEST IMPR.OVED MACHINERY roR IJrtPOltTERS OF HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO CUTTIMG, GillUL!TIIG & SIEYIIG TOBACCO '' H!ID or STEAl POWER. AND WANUPACTU ...... TH" A larce varie!J of Machinery for Clpr Kaaa.raetu1"81'S, auch a for Ca.tUr or Gnna.latl111' Jlayana aad other J"lllen for Cigars, Stem Jlollen, Baaablal' Maebioe., Stema\ar llacalaea, ad otller Mulliaes for BIL Palllcn'Jc DE GAL:t8 BRAND 05' HA. VAliA. A!ID KEY WEST CIGAR!, Crushtn.-and Flatten In& the Tobacce Stem i t1:1.e Leaf, Ciprette etc. The att.eatioll of Clp.r Man11.facturers b etpeeia11y called to my newly-Improved '!) Had Tollaooo CuHinc laollllo for Cutting Scrap FIHinca for CIJars th .. "'l'bllcco "ll\o R.ctaiaeriii8m0tsf state, an4 1\e Mforwteft. ealr:e Is pa.f lnt the box oft Machine for cottiar. The tromho to 1,200 Jbe of Leaf Tobacca per day, from a qaarter to a. half \ncb wicle, do.tred, sniDI" fUlly 31 per cent. oyer tbe Wnaer way of m.aDfachlrlng Ctpr1; noidlns tl:r.e atrippinr; no 1oM ia stem1,er otber waste; ao dual; lela Tobacco required, aa.d better WCKlr: proda.c:ed; aud l1 Uae only: practicable and reliable way of makina a unUorm. mb:ed Cigar. All tho leadiogCtgar l.laaufacturen ef New York City an asta,. S.hi Extra Attacbment for CuttiDif Fine-Cat Chewing or Stratl'at-Cut (or Ctrarettea. For the nme purpoae, of cuttinr_ Havana aud otb FUlera for the maaufacture of Ctran, I now efl'er my lately-invented mwllsize GR,ANULATOR, ou wblch Leaf Tobacco can be cut toto even ec:raps in a moist state, without making or shorta Thle Granulator lt especially adapted for thia p11rpose, and entirely different from my same she Granulatvr for making KU1icltintck or Ct,.arette Tobacco. It wotks the Stems as well as the Lh'vt!s, and hu a capadtr cf fro m 300 ta 6 ---------......... ....,. NES B Q H R I. CQ CB.IS. F. TIG & SOR,-li'IRIT PRIZE MII:DAL, CARL "W'IIFEIS SLPTHRSTOROHNHII D. REV R T E s I.V ., '-'VIIIIl!INA EXHIBITIO.-, lS'Ja, ar, Japarton ef SPANISH aad aH klauol COMMISSION MBB.CRAN'TS 44 Broad Street, New York. uM: I :OMMISSioN: MERCHANTS, Commission :Y:er,cha.nts, LEAF TOBACCO, AMBERND GOODS, D oNI"E'"&';. I (; &. u lb:change :E'laee, 194 Front Street, BRA.N(lH HOUSE: GARTH &. CO., Ninth and. :Market Sts., Louisville, K And lmponeno of Neoogv York.. ... 'Z'OILK. 398 GRAND ST., FOREIGN TOBACCO, :NEW YORK. 176 FRONT STREET,, BA 0. BB111M s.E.Tow"o"' E .lP.GLSO":I G. REUSENS, AND Austria. nw YOBI. YE ar. llnn E. SPINGARN & CO., s. E. TBUMPSOI" co., BUYER OF BUEHLER tc POLHAUS, IMPORTERS OJ' HAVANA & DOMEsTIC TOBACCO O, BIIIRII iiO[iiiiiSCi:\Ui & CLAY PIPES, 54 & 56 ST., xEwYo:aK. And all Kinds of SMOKERS' ATICLES. P.o.noxa698' NEW voRKo 93 Chambers and 65 Reade Streets, New York. -TOBACCO CABL UPllA.NX SAWYER, WALLACE&, CO., z. :E'. QVDI co.. LEERET i, BLASDEL, And Cigars !;:OBACCO TOBACCO PAGTORS !67 Water Street, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, "EL PORVENIR," C 1 MANUFACT.;;Rs -:NEW YORX, mJW COJJJjiJDJJDCHAft N B d S Western and Virginia Leaf, 'o -;:; 1g'a.1' 178 ., .. -o 47 roa treet => J, L, GASSK&T. 1!:, L. GASSEK'I: ol'oiNWIIU u .. -... ... -, ... a9 aRoAD sTREET, ;J' s= 168 &. 170 East Water st., S RT a. BRO -JIBWTaaa NEW YORK. 0 BOX .,'JO'J, :NEW YOliLL R SYRACUSE,' H. Y. J. L. OA SE ., ., ----------------c p NASH ; g -B(lX 110m00I011 mi"U 111TS. WM. M. PRICE, F F. w. TAToaNNOnT. H. Srn .. T ., J -:;:: ll _00 l1 lJ.lllll F. w. TATBENHORST .t co., T 0 B A c 0 0 :0 i ltokohl Bros. &, Soelter, o\HD D&AL&RS LN ALL ... uh ... u TOBACCO AND Q -o.-p MANUFACTURERS OF .. LEAp ,. 0 B A c c 0 LEAp 0 B A c c 0' -AND-&IJWL CDDISSIB JD"AfT Vallejo Y Gra.Ji.da, FINE CIGARS !19 lla.iden Lane, &DlliL mmm. t.l BaO.&D CALLE SAN JOSE No. J, No. 480 Viter at., rortr.. NEW YORK. 68 York.. ... B.A.V.A.lfA. .C. 283 :P::&:A1\%. ST., L. GIRSIIL a BRO.,, & A. H. CARDOZO, TOBACCO & COTTON NEW YORK. LEVY BROTHERS, PACltJUt.S AND DEALEilS IN IIAY BROTHEBSJ SEED LEAP TOBACCO, -KENTtJC.KY LEAF '.,.--18 BB.OAD 1 Ne'Sl'V York. AND &neral Ctmlllulea loroht "' Jfo. M BBOA.D &Tallli'Ro Xo Y. 'M:a.:n. '1.11'a.o'tu:re:ra CIGARS i 25 & 127 BROOME ST. NEW YORK. I S. I PEARL STREET, L. Glt_. ..... s.oa.aexaa.. NEW YORK. Franch Cigarette Paper,; 31 MAIDEN LANE, Hovn u P-

. BASCH & FISCHER, IMPORTERS OF HAVANA AND PACKERS OJ' SKRD IJAP CU. I&& Wate st., MearKaideDLiat, NEW YORK. THI&EBIAI AMIIItAI. BAli, BBOADW.&Y,cor.Cec!arSt.XEWYORX. ()o;pltal, $1,000,000. &""1 facllltr aB'orded to Dealen Correspoadeut8 with Sou.d BaaldD =H. BOOHOLL Prooldeat. 11(, R.a.DIJIQ, Caobler. !WM EGGERT & CO. IKPuRTUS OF :a: .A 'V' A N .A AND DE.Ii..,ERS IN 135 Chatham St., near SliD LIAP TOBACCO, 171 PEAIL IIEW MANU-FACTURERS OF CIGARS Br&Dcll, 94 Jlain St., Cincmnatl, 0. S. :SABNETT, Zmporter of 114V AliA AND JOBBER IN SEED LEAF TOBACCOS, W1ttr Street, lltw York. Jl. & S. STIRIBIRGIR, liJBIIGI m nmmc 1mm. lfo, *4. EXCHAlfGE If, Y. Draw Bills ol Exchanwe oa tbe. principal citlet1ef Europe; I Slue Clrco ar Letter!' efCreditto Trnelen, aad Commercial Credits; r 1celve Jdc.fteJ' oa aubjec te Sl&ht Checks, upon whlcb inter .el!lt will b"' allowed ; pay particular atteoUon to the "N eptlation of Loaae. dOSIPB SCHMITT, IMPORTER AND DL\L:I.R IN LEAF TOBACCO, A ad Manufacturer of P:J:N':&J O:J:G-.A.lR.&. No. 893 THIRD AVENUE, Bet. Fiftythird and Fifty-fourth Sts XEW YORK. CUTHRIE & CO., 226 Froat SU..'-CODISSION MERCIIA.NTS, AJID WRS OF TOBACCO FOR EXPORT. Leaf Tobacco pret!llllec! in ba1es for t1le West ladt-. MeXican aDd Central Americau Port., aad. ther mar. ...... TOBACCO PAQ:KED IN HOGSHEADS. AiiN.ER & DEHLS, -DEALERSIN LEAP TOBACCO. 190 :Pearl St., NEW YORK. LEDERER & FISCBIL. DEALERS IN Seed Leaf" AND HAVANA TOBACCO, .ln.., PUlL S'l'lll'l', liEW W. H. TERWILLIGER, LATE OF TERWILLIGER & CO., PA.'J:'ENTEE OF THill Welded Steel a.nd Iron PillE It BIJII&f.AB PBOOP SAFEs;. PATEIIT IJIBIDE 'IIIOLT WOII.K AliD C.I.P, QUA TEST IMPROVEMENT OF THE AC:L ll&re Cemplote WUilot It II KO. 114 MA:IDK-JioU'WUIIam Street, IIEW TOBit. T..tlaoalallr.PriceLbtfamliec&onappllC&taoa.. I TBO.IS G. LITTLE, TOBACCO Sii!TIIG, 82 Pearl Street, 1rOaJl. r----LICORICE l? .ASTE, J61 LANE, NEW YORK. LEAF TOBACCO llf BALES AlfD HOGSHEADIJ FOR .FOREIGN IIIARKET8. AWARDED the HICHEST MEDAL and DIPLOMA At the Centennial Exhibhion to DUBRUL'S PATENT CIGAR MOLDS THE JN < Tilt !low Impront The Jltw Impnnd TIN CIG.All. KOLD WOODEN CIGAR MOLDS. ProducutMjinelt Work. ..,.. Ofour.....,.ufacturar!f'MW Jlaku no creao in th/nmc}&u. anteed 1uperior in guality and Jlaku a perfect Mad. finiflt 14 any ot.htr. Pretr v u tM jlo.vor oj tM lou lc: ntumlt4 Ualtf all-. wbacco. SPECIAL 81ZEI MADE TO 0RDEJL TM fDTappcr com[Jin with I th1 fiUcr perf.ctly a. in lulnd-madt eigtn'. lit 'l'm!lr of IU lucU.l'l_,.. Art MORE DURABLE th&n Wooden Mol d1. Oyer SOO,OOO ill 'Use, ; j .,., tilt tl1m"" ll'llriJinf. GIVE THE)[ A TRIAL. N. OUBRUL ct. CO. MANU1..1C'I'UE.I, OJ::N'O:Z:lii'N' .A.T:Z:, 0. No. 306 Broadwa7, NEW YORK. f!> ADOLPH MOONELIS, 345t TBJB.D AVBIVVB, lniW 1r0Jlll; 1\ll: AFTRAeNDZr.As. OlTICE G. K.COOD& CU. 92 Chambers St. THE ABOVE IS AN IMPRINT OUR OXGA.B. STA'lW'P O.A.NOE:J:Ji&l"FL Used' and l!:ndoned bytllePrincipalManufa.cturens. f"PRICB OF STAP, with Manufacturen'aame1 Lor.atioD., Bo::s: et Dates rood for :Eight Yeans, Pad&, Figures, etc com-pl ete, 14:.50 C. 0. D PRENTIQE'S A. OATMAN CIGAR SHAPING MOULD IMPORTER OF AND RETAINERS. H AvA N A And Dealer in Domestic LEAF TOBACCO, I 66 Watef' Street, NEW YOBK. IIIAlflJF ACTUllER OF BAND lADE CI&ARS, No, 42 VESEY STREET, NEW YORK. 'iiiiilll" THE JOIIBING TRADE SOLICITED ONLY. neoe Moaldo are -Ia Pineo! Braado of Han a Cian aalll ack.nowled.-d, by all wbo ba..-e aoedtlaeatobo tho belt CAMPBELL LANE & co Mlk .. NoCroueln theCipr. Durable It Compact. or ., Unif-'tr Ia Wolaht oad Slae ol tloo Cllf&r. ud Uaotllled Labor caa bo ID Mat ... roBlCCO liD moa BuaciML Le111 SklU i1 Required iu l'inbhia -.....:, PRICE es&.08 PER BET. ..u per Annum. ,_-.riptlMa-J'Madclreeood,wle ''I'IIK 'J'C!l&lCCO LKD" tPPJO& ,. 9!!-. .. .&.JOnJJI,_ PCNJ'Z'.t.e ... LOBENSTEIN & GANS d WHOLESALE DEALERS IN SEED .AND HAVANA TOBACCG&l SOLE AGENTS AND IMPORTERS OF THE GENUINE W. A.IL 4 ::J.WO"''Y.,d>S, PRESSES, STRAPS .. & CUTTERS, 'l Importers ef German 1nd Spanish Cigar Rlbb1111, No: tOlllriAIDEN LANE, NEW YO:RJ[ JULIAN ALLEN, Seed-Leaf and Havan&, TOB.A.OOC>, 172 Water street, N. V. INTERNAL REVENUE BOOIS The Origi nal Internal Jtevenue Publillhlal' Roue. C. JOURGENSEN. SoLK Svcc xssoK TO Esraa &: SMITH. P. 0. Dox 5,6,,, 3'7 LIBERTY ST., If, Y. Branding Irons & Stencils a. Speci<f. Of every des

.t"hil81el'J) hia. Ad'v ......... KNECHT, SMITH & IIUCEIIIOB.8 TO ITEINEB., IIliTH BROS. "" KNECHT, '9EALERS IN ALL KINDS OF LEAP TOBACC.O, .A.'ND HANUl"ACTURERS OF AND DEALERS IN CIGARS. "<# 131 Korth .Third Street, Philadelphia. TELLER BROTHERS, Pickers, Commission lcrchants1 and Wholesale Dtaters 'In Foreign and Domestic Leaf Tobacco, 117 North Philadelphia. ""' W. EISENLOHR & 00., PACKERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN : LEAF TOBACCO, 115 s. "V'iTa;ter tS"t., Pl1:1l.a.c!le1pl:1:la. W. EISENLOHR, S! W. CLARK. PB!L. BOKN. BAMBERGER .&: CO., DEALERS IN LE.AF. TOBA"CCO, And o f all Grades of Cigars, No.aJ 11 Arcn St., LEWIS SONS, 'LEAF" AND WKANUFACTURED TOBACCO, NO. 322 NORTH THIRD STREET; 1. IrA large assortment of all kinds of L:KAF _TOBACCO constantly on hand.#. M. ANATHAN & CO., P'ackers, Commission Merchants AND WHOLESALE DEALERS. IN LEAF TOBACCO( No. aao No:rih 1'rhird St., Philadelphia lYIOOR-d: IIAY, Packers, Commission Kerchants & Dealers in SEED LEAF tc HAVANA TOBACCO, No. 35 Water-st., Philadelphia. J O&EPH L -OBB, ,PACKER AND DEALER IN :CEAF TOBACCO, AND MA-NUFACTURER OF CICARS, :-A 62 NORTH FRONT STREET, PHILADELPHIA, PA. ]1. E. McDOWELL & JULIDS & CO. TOBACCO Seed l-eaf and General JrOB.TH WATER .sT., J>btladolphlao "U. S. Solid Top CIQAR MOULD," ...... Apnts for the sale of an kind. or Aoh.aulac tun4 aDd LeafToba_H_IL.;.;,AD;.;E;.,;;L;,;.PR;;,;;I;;,;;A;.J. WATEJIL and ARCH S'I'S., PHILADELPHIA, Pa. A.. J. WELLS, Maoulacturer ot r.i'DSJPB W ALLACJ. FINE C I CARS, Aud Dealer in ammtUT SlED LIAF TIIB!CC[ SNUFF SMOKING TOBACCO, -TRIB.D !ITREET .., GIB.AR AVJC., 666, 668, 670 111d 672 North St., 8 Philadelphia, jpa. PHILADELPHIA. HILDEBRAND & KLINGENBERG Mana.fact.rera of Fill CIGARS, And Dealen ia TOBACCO, 37 North 7th St. W mOll Cbtat.lla.t Street, PHILADELPIIIA RIIALDO SAil & CO. TOBACCO, AND BEIERAL CGDISSIOI MERCHANTS, KO. 31 Korth Waterjltreot"" w.. 30 !forth Delaware A...,-eB.ue,. Philadelphia.. T. J. DUlVDT, IIIANUF .A.CTURER OF Cl O -ARS, 8. w. Cor.-UJth & VIne Sts. PHil, ADELPHIA, F. X. KELLY, Jr., MANUFACTURERS' AGENT F@ll. ;JJ Plug & Smoking Toba.cco, 186 Aroh St., Philadelphia, Pa.-SoLa A cMT o HARRIS, BEEBE lz CO., Quincy, Ill, ; ucHANAN liz LYALL, New York; R. W. OLIVER, Richmon.d, Va ; A. td. LYO)If Richmond, Va.; MERCHANTS' TOBACCO CO. Botoo,ll ... ,; SH.EPPAB.O & SMlTH, Danville, Va. i Wlt.1'0N. SORG & CO., MtddletC"O..-n. 0. IORVER, COOK 'CO I A I l'ACDBS, coKKISSioN K!&CllAln's, Cl cARS, And Wholes&le Deaten In rt. 111 LEAF TO,BACCO 105 II'. ,., ....... 1... .... ; JOHN J. LUDY, Madufacturer oftbe Celebrated -yside ud Little WandBrer o z a-A. R. s. A;ND DEALER IN Spanish and Domestic Leaf Tt'ibacco,. N. W eor. 3d ._ Poplar 8t PhUadelplt.ta. 'J. A. COURTNEY, 83 North Front St., Phlla., TOBACCO AID CIGAR COMIIIISSION MERCHANT. AGENT FOR THE l'l'ATJII OF KEl'ITUCKY TOBACCO JIAYJ & SMOIIIII TOBACCO, U3 a IOV'l'Jl Ito PmU. F. W. FElMR I SOl, Baltlmor, Md. BJJI.J.BR :MBCIR.&W & 00 ., BANN:ER TOBACCO FACTORY. 212, 21;4, 216 & 218 CARTER ST., PHILADELPHIA, PA., bf MILLER'S celebrated u WEDDING CAKE," ln 1)\,r: ... running twenty to the the :wMd "WE)JDIN'G OA}I;:E,.' lmpre!Utl".::d in e.tcb plug, and packe d ill fi..,e-pound pac-kaaes. "7M bandaomnt thing out. Also Manofa.ctur e n of the fdllowing-popuTarPraods : :.. OLOBE NAVY, BANNER NAVY, GOLDEN NAVY,. OLD TOM NA .:II,AJDIER SPUN ROLL, LADY'S JI'INGERS, 10., MAlDE!i'S BLUSH,"Se .LIB'Il:RTY1 4o, IIIEGRAWS BARS, OUR DARLDfG, 8o and lOo, 0 COB.A, 6o, BLACK J>B.JNCllll:, So, 8a and 100 ll....Waclllred to O..der at short lOOti. Gao. w w.cKs. N Fvuv. 21 N. Main St., St. Louis. DANVILLE, VA., Paducah Tobacco Works. FiveBrothersTobaccoWorks HAVING -r. L. BISHOP., JOBlf FIRZER & BROS., PURCHASEofLEAFTOBACCO Maouracturer of Choice Bundo of MANUFACTURERS OF Rofers to tin Banko and Business Men eeoerally. T 0 B A C C 0' It H. CLARK & BROTHER. COBB a; CO. Paducah, Ky. 194 &. 196 Jacob St LOUISVILLE, KY. J. L PENN, J. 6. PENN. J. L. PENN & COMMISSION MERCHANTS F 'OR THE PURCHASE OF r.zr 'l'O:SACCO _....,.,_ TOBACCO STEMS, .... o. TOBACCO BROKERS, To ba,cco .Brokers ..,.: PADUCAH, KY. s. w. VENABLE, ) "U)UCl4Bo Ky.'. K. c. VI!NAIILK. TOBA600 CODISS'ti' s. W.VENABLE & co.' Of&ce. roor: 4c. Halifax Sts., Petersburgh, Va. BRii.MEt! Factory: 19 :second District, Virginia ;1 -A,.D-S'n.ti:OB.:DSTG-TC>B.A.COOS I '' ECiaU'!MJD" W.AYT, 11, }(a, :Ia, II, Bs, l'e, 81, 9 IU!Id IOe. IT. GRORGB' BRNII'r liAVY, 1a, X, 3a, 4-, 5, 6, 'fa, Sa, Baaad 10 'VIRGINI-A. DAJ:'e" niQIIT .A.VT.,11l, 3, 6ia, 6a, h aBd. 10a. '' ANNOT LTL1t BRIGHT NAVY1 Ia,. 3, 4:-a, 5ar &, 'fa, Sa, Oa aad 10 "UNION JACK" MAHOGANY J>OUIIIDII, J(e .... Aa. livansvllle, Ind. BUYS STIUCTI.Y ON ORDE!t. -"&'1': .JAMES" DA.'RK POUNDS, %' 4-a, lh, G-. Ta, Sa, lh aad lOa. ., ... a ..-t 1'arlety of -FINE TWIST or ooveral gradeo Bri&"ht and Mabopny under tho fellowl'a&' .....;...---------------------. brands:a '4 .k "ADMIB.Att'IOR,n "IIJIJIOJUIIAKDY," tJ. E. HAYNES, "wpaa-.r o GOJ.D," t1c. "1.!911 o," "DB SOTO" and "OO.Q'IJ'BB.OB.." The following are ouR for the ofKANUFACTURED GOODS ar9-W. V.AJI No. 13 Ceatral Wllarft..Bostoa, MULj P. CA. VA'NA&H, Nos. 41 ad 43 Avenue, Ill.; A HAGEN A. CO N;Q. 63 N. Front Street, Philadelptai:a, Pa.; N, H. <:lHRISTIA!4il, GalveAton. Texaa i 1 .JOHN TITtJ8,. Ci"A-ClnnatJ, 0. ; IJI, W. BJI:LL, No. KMagadne Street, New Orlea.ns, La ; J. E. MAVO. NO. atf N. Second Street, St. Louis. Mo.a HERMAN No. 67 S. G a y Street. Baltimorl!';Md.J OOOPER A (lu., COI'.ltla

) AUG. 15 THE 5 I I NEWMARK, MA:N'Ul'.A.CTURERS OF SUTRO C:CGARS:J -INcREASED CoNSUMPTION jloF TOBAC-I co.-The '-' .usumption of tobacco in France ha.'l i ncreased so much of late years that the State finds itself com pel! eo to increase 1 it s busineRR. At preEent there sixteen establishments ior the preparatwn of the leaf two at Paris and one at each of the fourteen Cordean:v. roux, Dieppo, Havre, Lille, Lyons, :Mar::;eil!""' JYlottmx, l>ancy, Nantes, Nice, Riom, :I'onnel,ns and Toulouse. Thh produce between them is 31,400. ooo IDilogrammes, or about pounds a year of tobacco m various ways for consumptwn. The number nf smo.rers in J<'ral\ce has teen reckoned at 10,000,000, which wot.ld give of them the not ex cessive amcmnt of six pounds per(an num. However new manufactories are to be erected' and the existirg ones enlarged, so that either the number of smokers or the average consump tion is evidently expected to increase. In there are m e n who make it their business to carry on a crusade against tobacco, and support their d o g m as by a r g u me n t s of equal strength with those urge d by their a ll ies on our side of the channel. Thus the smoker who will listen to no other reason is bidden to remember the fate which befell Santeul, the Canon of St. Victor, who is said to from drinking a g l ass of wme mto which the Duke of Bourbon, by way of pleasantry, had emptied the con tents of his snuff-box It may be ob served, h oweve r that smokers never contended that tobacco was good to eat. AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 76 PARK PLACE, NEW KEBDS a SPIZSS, Manufacturer.s of Fine Cigars, And Dealers in LEAF TOBACCO, 1014, 1016, 1018, 1020 SECOND AVENUE, 310 312 314 FIFTYFOURTH STREET. ADOLF KERRS. :N'E""t'V' VC>:FI.:EI: SPIESS. L:HIRSCHHORN & CO. 'Wr SS WA'l'lC:B. ST:B.Z:JCT, ..... o. MANUFACTURERS_ OFl FilE HAID:IADE CIGARS, AND SOLE IANUFACfURER.S INTIMIDATED BY ARl!ED MEN. Memphis, Tenn., August 7.-Last Fri day night D eputy United States Mar shals HanifJ and Peebles were sent by General Patterson, Collector of Rev e.lue for this district, to seize the to bacco factory of John A. Burton, in Henry County. They had two men and the driver of a wagon with them and s eized the f a ctory. The y began loading the machiner-y on the wagon, when suddenly they were surrounded by twenty-five arme d men who ordered them to unload. Some of the desperadoes insisted on killing the of ficers, who w ere compe ll e d to abandon the work and leave. OF THE 'TOM MOORE AND f.t LAFAYET'I'E !L FOSTER. ED. HILSON. RUDOLPH WYMAH RELIANCE CIGAR MANUFACTORY. FOSTER, HILSON ct CO., Cigar Manufacturers Are iaformed that we are able to supply the Trade ,.,itb iirst.clus PACKEB.S at ahort notice. Please addreu to the '17 & 79 CHAliBl!RS S'l'. 3 Doors West of llroadway1 N. Y .. MANUFACTURERS OF Fine Cigars, CIGAR SOCIETY, AND SOLE PROPRIETORS OF THE S. MICHALIS &r: CO., 175 K. Houston Street; or E. M GATTERDAM (Coatroller o f Vacancies), 109 Norfolk New York City. PATENTED WILLOW CIGAR BOX. P.LORILLARD. & CO -U A WARDED HIGHEST MEDALS FOR PLUG TOBACCO, F:Z:NlCC'C'T 'l'O:BACCO, SMOKIN&. TOBACCO AND Office-No. Ill FIRST ST., JERSEY CITY, N. J. New York Salcsrooms--114 Water St., one door from EliiiPLOY 2.000 HANDS. PAY 11. 8, GOVERNMENT ,a,ooo,ooo THIS YEAR.. THE UNDERSIGNED CONTINUES TO IMPORT AND MANUFACTURE PURE SPANJSH.&NDTURKETLIQ.UORICIII oOF UNIFC>RJI Q.UALITJ' AND GUARANTEED TO GIVE SATISFACTION TO EVERY TOBACCO l!IA.NUFAC'I'11REB. 11SING THE THE OLD FAVORITE BRAND OF J C, y Ca, 18 ALWAYS READY FOR DELIVJI:RT AT THE SHORTE8'1' NOTICE, AL!IO A 0, C P T <:> ANfi'HlS OTHER BRANDS OF TURKISH PASTE, ALL OF ARE GIVING INCREASED !;ATUFACTION, AS INSTANCED BY THS RAPWLT GROWING DEliiA.ND Al'ID ENTIRE ABSENCE OF Ms I out some thanks, when the Queen remarked, "J fear also bear the prescribed lutemal Revenue taxes, to be p;;tld by stamps at the Custom Hou!:le. The lmporhluty on Leaf Tolbacco is 55 cents, 'old. the regulation tobacco is not good.,, The soldier per J'OUn j Leaf Tobacco stemmed, 50 cents per pound; :!craps, 50 ceDt.l opened his pouch, placed some weed in H'er Majesty' s per pound, Manufactu.e17-659 LICHTENSTEIN, BROS. & CO. FOR SALE, AT A BARGAIN. SUITABLE FOR THREE OR FOUR HORSES EACH. D H. D011GLA.SS k !IONS, NEW HAYEN, CT. or twiat), .-, "'-lb; &U otlaer ldndo ..._ per lb. e ADVERTISING RATES. ON.E SQUARE (U, Nonpareil Linea.) OYer One ColutJtn, One Year, S32.oo I Over Two Columns, OneY r,,.._ do do Silt Months, 00 d& do .._ do do Three Months, 10.00 do do Three MP,.tftlt ., .. TWO Nonpareil Ll-o,) Over Two Columns, One Year ................ ................... do do Sir Months. $sl.oo I do do Three Mont.Jaa. ,...._ FOUR. SQUARES (118 Noapal'ell Llaeo,) Two Columns, One Ye01r .............................. do d8 S lx MontbsJ.. I do do Three Montlaa, 6o..-JI'IR8T PAGE-uae &q...-.1 (14, !fo>1parell LIJ&el oYer Two Columns, One Year............ ....................... f"--BEVENTH PAGE RATES-ODe Square, (14, N-parell Llaea.t 'l'hree Mootb.s ... -.s.-!;ix Months ....... S..o.oo I One Year ................. u n. .. 'fraoalen Adnrtisemeats on the Seventh Pa-re. 30 Ceata pet' u .. fc ncb 1.....-tioa.. Namee alooe ta uBuiDftl Dlrec\OIJ of. A4......._. l"irtt.l'..-.0.. .. ,,,,, .. .............. ............ .......... ..


YKE 'l'OBAOOO LEAP. YHOMAS HOYT & CO., MANUFACTURERS or FJ:NE-CU'T Tobacco Jll.anafa.ot u .. .. JOHN ANDERSON & CO. MANUF ACTURER.S Or THE mu 114 116 LIIERTY STIEET I NEW TO_ltB:, to dlt11c:t tile attention of the Dea1en in Tobacco t.bnupou.t the United Statta the World to tlaclr CELEBB.ATED SOLACE FINE-CUT CHEWING TOBACCO, which is belnl' once more manufacture4 uader the immedia.te supervlalon of the originator, MR. JOHN ANDERSON, ao4 oow atanda, u formerly, wit bout a rint. Orden forwarded tbroucb tbe 11eoal c.hanoelt will will meet pl'ompt attention. LICORICE. I LICORI9E PASTE. W ATJJS c'-' CO. Tobacco manufacturers and the trade in geueral are particularly requested tD exam ine and test the superior properdls 1:1f this LICORICE, which, being now brought to the highest perfection is of. fered under the above style of brand. We are also SOLE AGENTS for the brand r. G. c1L G. 0. Ackuowledged by consumers to be the best in the market. And for the brancL of Licorice Stick CHEWING AND SMOKING -..oBAOGO & sau J. F. FLACC & CO.. BOBJ. & 00., ouR BRAND& G:HEWING, ne .. us II'III.BT IT., BBOOKLTN, B. Do. In all rt.spects equal to CALABRIA. AL lluafactaren ortho Celebrated llrudo t. Consumers and Jobbers would do MU&&kiiiDII, Aftv-I] 1 d" o'WIIK, S & S 'd f lJ we. to app y uect oB Harvest, urpnse easl e 0 Lleorlee hloet .......... --, eo .. OAVIIKDISB, K- ., --.. --&,-,I--"-and.,n-""-,"--''...., oa Jaoad. -to .. toO& PEAJlL BT., NEW "--J YAWW01 ..., waWiv """"-Prtnn. Fireside AR&UIIIBAU, WALLIS a co., z l.OCE.WOOD, Special. I 29 II 31 Sollt.h 'WDl1am Street .. ... u& ____ WB.&VBR & S'rBBB.Y., SPANISH LICOIICI I &Bill LIGOBICK I ALL SPECIALTIES FOR PLUI AID FilE-CUT TOBACCO. OLIVE OIL, TOICA BlAIS. GU.S, FLAVORS. Powdered Licorice Boot, .AJ!II"D PATENT PO'W'DERED LJ:CORJ:CE.. N STICK LICOIUC.E WE HAVE THE FA.VORITii: BRANDS:-lP. a., AIID GVSOr.DWZ. To'baooo Bro.kerllo' JOHN TOBACCO BROKER 27 Pearl Street, NEW YORK. CJW. B. FISCBBR & BRO., Tobacco Brokers, 181 WataJP St., NEW YORK. THo k.JIIIUCO"n", CHAS. E BJLL, )R. KINNICUTT & BILL, BROitER.SIN WESTERN f& YIRCINIA LEAF TOBACCO, 82 BROAD ST., NEW YORK. CHABLIS F. OSBORIE, JAMES G. OSBORNE, TOBACCO BROKER, 54 BROAD STREET, NEW YORK. CIGAR BOX MANUFACTURERS 153 to 161 Goerck Street, New York. R.EDUCED .Pr1ce L::l.&"'t or SPANISH, AMERICAN &. GERKAN CIGAR RIBBONS. Eroad Yellow .................... Erna, 5 broad 72 rda $185 :: :: ... ............ No.1 ............... 5-8 "'72yk L70 ., ., ................... 2 ............... s-s 72yds. e LGO ., ............ lla ............ 5-8 72 yda. Li5 ... 3 ............... 5-8 72 yils. LiO l!roail Bell. .. .. .. . . 1 ............... 5-8 72 yil: LBO :: ...................... 2 ............... 5-8 .. 72;rda: 170 11 II 3 .. .. .5 U 72 yda., 1.6Q EBP':J)OlA .. . . .. . :: 1. .............. 5 72 yda. L.SO ., 2 ............... 5-8 72 yda. L 70 ............ 3 ............... 5 7Syda. L55 Narrow Bed. . . . . . 1 ............. 4 72 1.50 .... .............. 2 .............. -4-8 72 yda. L35 ...... 3 .............. -i 72 yda. l-Narrow YeVow .. ................. 1 .. .. ... ....... i-8 72 yds. 1.40 :: ,; .. :: 3 2 ..... ........ _. ;; :rrp-L 0 2 9o . . . .. . . ... y .. s. e 5 Louclres (Chico). . .. . 1 ............... 3-i 3i yda. 135 .. ( . . .. .. 2 ............ 3-i 34 yds. 1 :10 . . . .. ;; 1 ............... 7-8 34 yds. 1. 75 .... 2 .... . ...... 7-S 34 yda. 1.45 ., :: .... .. .... 3 .......... ... 13-16 3i yis 1.35 :; :: :::::::: :::: ::::::: :: lL:: :::: :::::: .: ................... liO ............... 13-16 34 yda. 0.85 :: ................... 50 ............... 13-16 34 yd 0.60 Bed .. . . . .. 1 ............... 7 3i yda: 1. 75 .. .. .. . .. .. a ............... 3-4 3i yds. 1.25 Box !ted ...................................... 3-8 72 yds. O .SQ Yellow ........ ... . . .......... 3-8 72 yda. 0 75 El:.::tra. Style :E'l.:l.bbon.a JIWI:a.c:l.e "to C> RIBBONS CUT & PRINTED ANY SIZ:E AND STYLE. ALL ORDERS PROMPTLY EXECUTED. TERMS CASH. Prtoe of Ctaar Bo:o:-..... a sa-plee of Rib"boJU Seat OR Applloatioa. B. RADER & SON, m. TOBACCO BROKERS B S :.JLIOIDIG A C:O LJCOBJCH PASTl No. 50 Beaver Street.. MANUFACTURERS OF ., 141 WEST BROADWAY, lfEWYoRK .. BUCHANAN k LYALL, Of!loe :-e54 Broacl St., Ne'W Tor&.-.o.aox uu. Faotory:-No. 2 FIRST DISTRICT, SOUTH BROOKLYN. MANUFACTURERS or THK FOLLOWING OELEBilATED B:RAJO)S OF PLUG, CHEWING aad SKOK.ING TOBACCOS. e PLUG. .A.VY. la, H'., 8t .._, &1, ea, 7'1, 81, 81, 1&1. a&ILOB CHOio&, 1.1, 81, ... Uie, 81, 7'1., 81, 91., lOa_ lloo. WAIHINOTOI!I, .l(a. l'I"IIIPTU!rE, Deble ',l'lo.lek, brio ark. XAOGIB ::.DTCIU!:LL. NA.B.RAOAlUETT ALEXANDRA. Slllli8ATION. JII'LOVNDERB. .... .. .ALII. OOLD BAJllr. PIDDB OF REGI.IIUi:liT. POOKET PIECIU, ,.. N' .A. 'VT P:EN'EI cnJ"T \10' WG. AC:M:E. AIIID ALL BPICCIALTUCB FOR TOBACCO 14 Broadway. New York. NEW. YORK. NEW YORK. We he to call the attention of Tobacco Maau(ac .. turen an4 Dealen to this SUPERIOR AND PUllE for tho Stateoof NortlaCarollu&lUI VIr-, MILLS aiala: Musas. DAVENPORT .tl MORlllS, Rick .llUil moad, Va. LICORI.IC aa4 :1(, Y. S.locto4 aod Ordlaary. I"'''!!. Y Alit]) J'IliO:I, Y ZURICALDAY & ARGUIMBAU, ::!::: := ... CT, I 02 PEARL STREET, DEER TOIIIGUE, __,. TO LAUREL LEAVJC.I, .. ._-B.J[, TOJrK.A BBAliB, POWDERED LIQUORICE. Q-" 'W' AIIIISBBD, ClA.B.AWA'I' 1BBD, .... CORU.llfDER ISSD, LA VEIIIDEII. II'LOW:aJU, Buufaetured at l'oughkeepsie, New York. GUlli ARABIC,GR.I.D AWDPOWDICJliCD, 8MOKINC AND CICARETTE T08ACCO. VDI.GIDA. IIJUGII'I' CllJT CAVlllmiiH-GIFFORD, SBERIAH :mns, WO:JU.l)'S :I' Am. AND :a VST, GUlli liiYRII.H, LvBP AND POWDERED, GUlli TRA.QAClA.Jf'I'B, II'LAK1l: AND EBBENTJAL OILJ!I, POWDERICD, Branch Qftlce: Central Street, Boston. 120 WDliam Street, NEW YOmt ...... GT aooniiiTO&.ri:; TINFOIL, or THE MANUFACTURE or W d p Tl MAlfUFACTUuRs o arrante ure n, It W G '1 f)_ A FOR W:IIAI'l'ING C!Q.US and CIGAliE'l'TES, v. al x, Fine-Cut Tobacco SALTIMORE, -AT207 &. 209 WATER STREET, f f21 BOWERY, NEW YORK. NEW YORK. WDII, A&IDI'r. w D. B. JCALPIN & co., ECKMEYER &: 48 VIRGIN LEAF &NAVY CHEWING Inssian & Tnrtish Tsbacco -OFAKD D&AL&R.S JN COMPAGNIE LAPERlE Cigll'll, l'lug 'I'obaccc, Snulf, Snu1f Fleur, etc. ":)MANUFACTORY AND SAr.BSROOM : Cor. Attnll D I. Tenth St.,lew York. aT. PETERSBllllG, MOSCOW, WA.B.-''SAW, ODESSA, DREIDEIII, r JrEW YOB.B:, i'. 0. Box G. B. MILLER & .11 tOBACC 0 IIASUF !CTORY, THE CELEBRATED ()'ETEP. "" COLLINS, -T.) 97 Columbia Street, NEJYYOBK, x.uroACTUaBR.S 0111 'J'HJ. CILURATKD Eotablished IBSo. ., ORIGINAL GREEN SEAL/' Ana other Choice Brands of JJEERSCHA.'VII &HOKING TOBACCOS cut from Virginia Plug. W. 0. EKKET, Sole Kaldaoturer. 7to PINB STREET, IIIEW YORK. -.s., G. B. :Miller & Co. Chewing and Smoking Tobacco, thb ..Iy Genuine American Gentle.,.n Snuff; Mrs. G. B. Miller & Co. Maccaboy ud Scotch Snuff; A. H. Mickle & Sons'Forest :aosc and Grape Toloacco; Mrs. G. B. Miller GREAT CENTRAL TOBACCO WAREHOUSE. a Co Resene Smoking and Chewint; Tob<:co. 'oJ IF All ordllrs prom,PtlY u:ecuted.. LICHTJISTJJI OXEIDA TOBACCO WOB.B:S. BROS D. BUCHNER&; CO. {Formerly s. S. i:oMowsTON & Bao. ,) KAIWF ACTUR&RS OF FilE-CUT CBIWIIG AND SMOKING TOBACCO, 2!J l 216 Duane St., New York. Q!"1L CELEBilATED BB.AJO)S:CHBWING loldoiJt Se&l, Bevin!_, Old 'I'Imea, ln\erprile, 111 ectar Leaf. FOIL Se&i, Bun Flowelf Grea\ Cem\1'&1, PACKERS AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCOS, 121 BOWERY 121 Graad aud Bester Sts., NEWYOB.B:. M. FRIEDMAN, MANUFACTURER OF THE CELEBRATED "BLUE CLASS" ALL-TOBACCO CIGARETTES, 203 PEARL STREET, NEW YOBB:. 11e grades up Ter y nicely in ONE TIN Fou. PACKAG:&s,pacltedin X and M Gross boxes. ,_ .ir..u. B. HVLI..t TRADE MARK. Liberal !'rices t o the Jnbblnf .. J1 I. :O.A.a.EBK,,. Mxs. K. C. BAKK.BR OLIVE OIL, LUCCA CRB.Alll IN CASES, Blii:IAIUC OIL IN DBLB, Tonka Beans. Angoaturaa, in Casks, Balsam Tolu, in Original Tins, Clucoae, French, in Casks. PRICES CURRE.T ON APPLICATION. V. W. BRINCKERHOFF, XJIWI:PO:E'l.TEJB.. .'7 CEDAR STB.EET, N. Y. rx:fiiiiiiii.T JEiex:r .!1 FOR All USES KNOWN TO THE TRADE 11-LIBBRTY STRBBT, :N.Y Se:n..d. for Pr1.oe L:l.a"t. NJCW TOB.E ACJ!:NCYi A. HEN & CO. 43 Ll.,erty Street, opposite Post Offlce, Da'Ol!l'rlCE.S. 0::1' SKO'B'El!lS .AE.TXCI.ES, DKALER.S IN tJ 'TOBACCO, SECARS, SNUFFS, ct.c. T :a:.m PIOIBBI TOBACCO COIPdY, OF BROOKLYN, N. Y. BUSINESS OFFICES: 124 Water .St., New York; 16 Central Wharf, Boston; 25 Lake Street, Chicago; 51 IORTH WATER STREIT, PBILADILPBIA. Factory: No. 1 First District, N. Y. THE CELEBB.ATED THE CELEBB.ATED "lA TCBLESS,' "PRUIT GAlE," BRICHT, All Sizes; MAHOCANY, All Sizes; P Z 0 N E E 'R. ,'' Dark, all Slzea. A comparison pf Celebr-ated Brandl of PLUG TOBACCOS will conviaee aU partie. of the WOK-DJCRJI'UL llERITS contained therein. PLUG TOBACCO. HERBST BROTHERS, HAY ANA tc SEED LEAF TOE:ACCO:J 183 WATER STREET; NEW '. LIBERAL ADVANCEMENTS :MADE ON CONSIGNMENTS. AUG.15 IMPROVED HOWE SGALRb. 'l'he u.u'J' :,cale ma.d wil.a Yrotected Beartll&L P.&GI a CO General No.3 PAIUt PLACE,IIfEWYOI\'JIL Char .xatea are ue4 by th foUowiul' ..U...t aaaafac:turen : 0 0 ;.Q 0 1-1. LORILLARD .. co., New York: 'IIOCHA..:5Alf A LYALL, New York; JAI. B. PACB, R.1chmood, Va.; P. B4TO .,_ BRO., llh:hmond, Va.; E. w. VBIIABLE 4t CO., Peteabur(, Jl'llfZIC.K BROil., Loulstne. Ky. HENRY WULSTEIN, (8-oor to Boll(f"eldt .. Dela-)1 11 CBI!ITRB IJTRBET, WIIIW' "TOIUL 41 P 0 Bos 5091, "' York. SJ:EVXNG TOJ ACCO BV HAND OR. ST.EAlO. 1'0\liE:It. A larRe variety of Hacbiaery (or Cigar YaDufae as for Cuttintr or GraoWatlnlf Hua11a and other .1' Hlen for Cian. Stem R.oUen Bu.c;:blaclla cbine!l, Stemminsr Mach toes, ad alae fl,4l acbinu f Crushln( an<;l Flatteaial' the Tobacr.o Stem i n the Leaf1 Cigarette Maebtaee, etc. Sole A,.errt \a the U.S. for F (Offenbach on Malo, Ger maoy) celebrated llachlaea for .Pac;kla YaaWacta.recl Tobacco. 4 TIN FOIL. JOHN J. CROOKE. MA.NVJ'ACt'U&&& OP TIN FOIL AND BOnLE CAPS, PLAIN AND c;:OLO&ED, BOLLING KILLS, 38 CIOSJI r and 163 II 185 XVLBDIY 11'1'111'1'8, DW YOU. TROWBRIDGKS (')8} 331WDl DAM.')' 1ST VIBGilfiA TOBACCO WORKS & DAIVILLE TOBACCO WORIIS CONSOLIDATED. DANVILLE-VA. :t. GOIIBJI:r. c1L 00., Im.porten and Maoufacturen of &E:RKAN AND SCOTCH Heinrich Goebel Sohne, lenalne Grolllblerou Pipes, "J 1U J.aae. B. '2, k IRED nu. GIRARD IlTTS & CO., General Auctigneers -ANTI-COMMISSION MERCHANTS, STORE AND SALESROOM : l OLD SLIP a 104 PEARL STREETt (Oae 4oor from Haoover Squore) WEW TO IlK. i'OBACCU BAGGING. 'IMiTATION SPAN ISH Ll N EN, FANCY STRIPES, And all W.,da of Gooda used for puttlpg up Smok.1 ini'Tobacco. .Also, complete asaortmeat of ..Smoken' Artules for the Trade. kOWliiD SANGER & CO., 462 to 468 Broadway. New York. CHARLES A. WULFF, Ag't, Lithographer, Printer & Manufacturer of STATES RIGHTS FOR SALE. JOSEPH LOTH & CO., MANUFACTUREllS OF ALL KINDS OF CIGAR RIBBONS. CONSTANTLY ON HAND A FULL ASSOR'I"MENT AT LOWEST MARKET PlliCES. Jraet:or," s 8aleroo.aa s WEST toll&b ST., toto BROOKB 8'1', N'e"VV" "''!"ork. WAREHOUSE 0 ELEGANT CIGAR SHOW CASES R .,, "'!!!!!!!!-!!!!-FOB ROTE!. AlVD 8B.OCEBS. w Clor. W.Braactwa,..e Reade Bt., NnrTom. Giobol & Van Ramdohr, LEAF TOBACCO .. 110 WATER ST., NEW YORK. Cash on Consignm ents.

The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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VOL. XIII.---NO. 27. [ESTABLISHED 1864.] NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 15, 1877. WHOLE NO. 651. lht tltobacco ESTABLISHED IS PUBLISHED .VOT WEDNISDAT KOINING, BY -ne tobacco Lcaf11 co., FuU.,n St., York. EDWARD BURKE --------Editor JOHN G. GRAFF -Business Manager _.. All Lettera obould be eddrouocl .. T_ ToaAcco LKAP" PuaLJSKUUi Co. Terms of the Paper: Cortu ............. ............ Jo On Y&AJt .... IlK IION'!'H8 t.JO liF Remember that the coat to tlte Te,rly or _...tbly aubacdber ia L&U THAN &JaHT na'W'altlt, ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS ABROAD. Oa-.t.T BaiTAllf AN o;ANADA ............ f$ Ba&KaH, H .uno11G ....... TH& CoMTllt&lfT 5 04 AWTRA,Lu., Tc,, n. i!.RGLAM D 5.04 c.. ............. ... ....... ..... .... ....... 5-04 No ordera for th ,_..per will be couldered, ..... aeecmpanled cerretporullal' amoant. U"" R.eittancn lwtild, in nery IMta.D.ce, .. made by m oaey, cbeck or draft. Billa 1ft Hable to be 1toleo, ucl caa oaly be MAt at .,._ngt.o\MOODdor. [For AdtJertiaing Rates,.. Seventh Page.] 11111111 tiiiCTUT tr ADH&Tl8118, XIIW YORK, Tobacco WareMu.u. Abner & De biB, 190 Pearl Allen Julian, 172 Water Barnett S 162 Water. Ba8c h & Fi..cber, 1M Water. Bulkley & Moore, 74 Front. Cardozo A. H. 00 Broad. Crawford E. M. 168 Water. Dohan. Carroll & Co. 104 Front. DuBois Eugene, 75 Front. Eggert Wm. & Co. 171 Pearl Eogle'-'h F. 13 Slxtb Av. Fox, Dills & Co. 17!> Water. Jl'rleDd E. & G. & Co. 129 MAlden Lane. Gardiner J .M. IIi Front. Garth D. J, Son & Co. 44 Broad. G......t J. L & Bro. HIO Water. Genbel L. & Bro. 1g1 Pearl. Giebel & Van Ramdohr, 176 W&ter. L & Co. 151 Water. Koenig H. 329 Lederer & Fischel. 213 Pearl Le'tiD .M. H. 162 Pearl. Llcbtellllteln Broe. 121 Bowery. Lobellllleln & Gans, 101 MAlden Le.oe .Maltlalld Robert L. & Co. 43 Broad. llartio &: .Johnllon 79 Front. Hueller Ernst & Co. 122 Pearl Nub G. P. 48 Broad. Neuberger & Stelnecke, 131 MAlden Lane. 1f...,"t,168 Price IlL 1'1Mden Le.oe. Relamann G. 188 Pearl. Sawyer, Wallace & Co. 47 Broad. Bcbm.itt J. 800 Tblrd Av. Schoverllng H. 142 Watel". Schroeder & Bon, 178 Water. Schubart H. & Co. 146 Water. Scoville A. H It 170 Water. Splngarn E. & l' '> Burling Slip. Spltzner C H. 1 ...... Water. Bquires, Taylor&: C 46 Brood. Straitou & Storm, 17b ;:md 1&> Pearl. Strolw & ReUzeuste.iu, 176 Front. Sutton John R. 217 Cana. Tag, Charles F. & Son. 18J Front. Tatgenhonot F W. & Co. 118 Broo.d Thompson S. E. & Co. 54 aod 50 Broad. Upman.n, Carl 178 Pearl. Toixlcoo Baler fen Export. Guthrie & Co. 226 Front. Leaf Tobacoo SWeating. Pldltpo C. s 188 Pearl Little Thomas G. 192 Pearl Commialcm Merchant.. Reynes Brotheno & Co., 46 & 48 Exchange Place. Buyer of Tobacco. Reusens G. 115 Broad. Tobacco BTOkcrs Cattus .John 127 PearL Fischer Chas. E. & Bro. 131 Water. Fischer Frederich, 41 Broad. Kinnicutt & Bill, 52 Broad. Osborne Charles F 5.J Broad. Rader M. & Son, 50 Beaver. Shack A. 129 Malden Lane. JLan'Uf's of Smoking and Chetuing Tobacco. Anderson Jobu & Co. 114. 116 and 117 Liberty. Goodwin & Co. f!I.Tl & 200 Water. Hoyt Thomas & Co 4()4 Pearl Kinney Bros. 141 "\Vest Broadway. Lorillard P. & Co. 114 Water. McAlpin D. H. & Co. cor Avenue D and Tenth. Miller G. B. & Co. !17 Columbia. fioneer Tobacco Company, 12.! Water. Agents for Chewing and Smokig Tobaccos, e tc. Hen A. & Co. 43 Liberty. Wise & Bendheim, 121 Bowery, .Manufacturers o f Olgars. Bondy Charl es, 113 Bowery. Glaccum & Schlosser, 15 Rhlngton; Ha.rtcorn J. A. 21 Bowery Heilbroner & Josephs, 634 to 640 E. Sixteenth Hirsch D. & Co. 128 and 130 IDvington and 88 Wall. IDrschhorn L. & Co. 89 Water. Ka.nfman Bros. & Bondy, 129 & 131 Gr&nd. Kerbs & Spiess, 1014 to lO'm Soc-ond Av. a.nd 310 to 314 Levy Bros, 125 and 127 Broome Lichtenstein Bros. & Co. 268 a.nd 270 Bowery Lichtenstein A. & Co. 34 and Rowery .McCoy & Co. 101 Bowery llendel M. W. & Bro. 15 1-2 Bowery Rokohl Broo. & Boelter, 283 Pearl Seidenberg & Co. IIi and 86 Reade Smith E. A. II Bowery Smith M. M. 42 Veoey St&chelberg M. & Co., !l2 and 94 Liberty Straiton &:-Storm, 178 o.nd 180 Pearl Sutro & Newmark, 76 Park Place Manujact&trers of Fine Havana OigQrs. Bonnett,_ Schenck & Earle, 18 & 20 Astor Place Foster, Hilson & Co. 77 and 79 Chambers So.ochez, Hnya & Co. 130, 132, 134 Maiden Lane Importers of Havana Tobacco and Oigars. Almira! I J J. 16 Cedar Friedman Leonard, 003 Pearl Garcia F. 167 \Vater Gonzalez A 167 Water T. H & Co. 161 Malden Lane. Paacual L. 156 Water Sanchez, Hay a & Co. 130, 132, 134 Maiden Lane Scoville A H. & Co. 170 Water Seidenberg & Co. 84 and 88 Reade Solomon M. & E. 85 Maiden Laue 187 Weiss, Eller & Kaep!>"l, 220 Pearl Ybor V. Martinez & Co. 190 Pearl .Manufacture rs of Key Wed and Importer., of Havana Oiyan. De Bary Fred'k & Co. 41 and 43 Warren McFall & J....n.w.son, 33 Murray Seidenberg & Co. 34 IWd 88 Reade Depot of the "Flor del Sur" Cigar1 Alces George, 173 Wate r .Manufacturers of JfeeriChau m and .Amber Goods. Wets Carl, 308 Grand Impcrrters of Clc.y Pipu. Batjer H. & Water Buehler & Polhau.s "" Chambers Demuth Wm. & Co. 501 Broad. way GoebP.I J & Co. 129 Molden Lane. Hen A. & Co. 43 Liberty Kaufmann Bros, & Bondy, 129 and 131 Grand .Manujact urers of Briar Pipes and Importers of Smokers' Articlea. Buehler & 83 Chambers Demuth Wm. & Co. 501 Broadway Harvey & For?" 1165 and 867 Canal Hen A. & Co. > Liberty Kaufmann Bros. & Bondy, 129 a.nd 131 Grand Rejall & Becker, Y9 Chamoers Importers of Licorice Paste. A.nsado N. R 1.C Broadway Gi!fol'!l, Sherman & InnlR, 120 WilHam f, -476 EMt Tenth Steam Board Outting and Band Saw Mill for Ou.tting digat-Box Wood. Read Geo. W. & Co. ISIJ.-200 Lewis Spa.n.ilh and German. Cig

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