The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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lhe lia"' ltaf 18&4.1 PUJILIIJJIED Every Weclnday Morning -BT-11 The Tob Leaf n Pniisnu co., U2 l'lolt.a Ito,-York. EDi ARD RORIE, -itnr. JOHI G. GRAFF, Business Ianarer. 'I'IUI!IIII Op TRE P A.PBB. 8D!Gt& CoPIIB ................ ........ 10 Cents. 0mo: v ............ ................... ..... tuo Sa HoiiTIIB ............................ .... 2.10 &W"' Remember !bat the cost to the Yearly or lllbnthly su-lo ,_'I'IU!t_ Olo!m! PER WilD. A.'INUAL I!IJBI!CIW'TIO:SB ABROAD. GREAT BRIT.&IN UD .. t5.04 BJtDO:N, lU>nrqJto .,On THil Co!ITDIID<'l' .... AU8'l'U.t1A, Jlro., t:iG ICIIGL.UMoo Balers for Exp01-t. Guthrie & Co. 22.5 Front. LeaJ Tobacco Su:eating. C.&. 188 P-1 Littlo Thomas G. 192 Pearl ._ Coamiaiol\ Cll.;.clw.nts Reynes Brother& & Co 46 & 48 Exclumge Place. Buyer of Tobacco. Tobacco Brokers. Cattns John, 127 Pearl. Fischer Chas. E. & Bro. 131 water. Fischer Frederich, 41 Brood. Kiunlcutt &: Bill, 52 Broad. {)fborne Charles F. 54 Broad. Rader M & Son, 50 Beaver. Shack A. 129 .Maiden lAne. Manuf's of Smoking and Chetoing TobMoo. Anderson John & Co. 114. 116 o.nd 117 Liberty. Goodwin & Co. 2ffl & 209 'Vater. Hoyt ThomllS & Co 4()1 Peaol. Kinney Bros. 141 West Broadway. L01illard P. & Co. 114 Water. McAlpin D. H. & Oo. cor Avenue D nnd Tenth. Mill e r G. B. & Co. 27 Columbia. Pioneer robacco 124 Water. Agents for Chewing and SntokiM-g Tobaccos, etc. Hen A. & Co. 43 Liberty. Manufacturers of Oigar.s. Bondy Charles, 53 Bowery. Glaceum & Schlosser, 15 Rivington. Harlcoro J. A. 21 Bowery Heilbroner & Josephs, 634 to 640 E. Sixteenth Hirsch D. Itt; Co. 128 and 180 Riving-ton and 88 WaU. Hirschhorn L. & Co. 89 Water. Kaufman Bros. & Bondy, 129 &-131 Orand. Kerbs & Spiess, 1014 to 10':. 411 Liberty Kaufmann Bros. & Bondy, 129 and 131 Orand Rejall & Becker, 99 Chamoers Importers of Lioorice Paste. Ansado N. R. 14 Broadway Oift'ord Sherman & Innis, 100 William Argulmhn.u, Wallace & Co. 29 and 31 S. William McAndrew James C. 55 Water Weaver & Sterry, 24 Cedar Zuricalday & Arguimbap, 100 Pearl Manufacturers' Fla'VO'n.'ng Articles. R Sons & Co. 00 Cedar Schietfelin W. ll. & Co. 170 and 172 William Manufacturers of Powdered Licorice. Brinke rhoff V. W 47 Cedar Hilli>r" s R Sons & Co. 60 Cedar V\re::ner & 24 Cedat See d Leu/ Toba cco Inspectiun. Bensel & C o 171% W a t e r Finke Charles, 1 55 "\Vat e r Undo F. C. & Co 142 Water Nat/Jm.a! Tobaero I71.11pbalal. Heppellhelmer & 11aure!J 21 and :114 N. Wlllla.m LolleJIU4IA & GaD, 101 MAlden lAne Loth Joe. & Co. 44! Broome 8traWI8 Sbnon. 179 Lewil Wicke Wm. & Co. 1113--1&1 Ooerok Narutfaclltren of Tobacco Tift-Foil. Crooke J. J. 38 Crosby o.nd 163 and 1MIIulberry lllaDning H. S. & Co. Ill Liberty Irnporters of Wittemann Brothers, 184 Wllllaa Tobaooo Bc.ggi'llfl. Howard, So.nger & Co. 4*1 to 4811 Broadwa:r Tobacco Label.. Raleh Lithographic Co. 32 and 84 Veoe:r Heppenheimer &: Maurer, 2:2 and 24 N. "William Cigar-Box and Heppenhelmer & Maurer, 22 and 241!". Wllllam Wlill!: Chas. A. Chatham llla1ou/aeturero of Kinney Broa KIDliey F. S. 141 West Broadway Fernte '1 R'wlfta.A Oi{14r'ettu. JOOlaneyer & Co. 48 Broad and 48 New Manufacturers of Semi-Oigar Olgorettu. lluclut.nan & Lyall, 54 Broad Jl4nu,facturers of CigQ,rettu. Hall Tboma.!l H. 76 Barclay ltoonello A. 349 Third A v 81obell.-ph JIL & Co. 135 Chath&m SUtton Joh.u R. 217 Canal hnporter oJ Tu1-kish Leaf and Oigara&' Smythe F. W. & Co. 10 North John LOUISVILLE, Ky. Plug Tobacco Manufacturer. Flnoer J. & Bros. 194 and 11!6 Jacoo State of Kentucky Tobacco Manu!ooturlng Co Tobacco Comntission Merchants. Wicks G W. & Co. 2111 Weet :Mn.ln Tobacco Brokers. Callaway James F. corner Ninth and Market Gunther George F. HarthUl Alex. Eleventh and Main Lewis & Brother, 348 West Main M"eier Wm. G. &: Co. 56 Seventh NI\Sh M. B. Pragotf W. F. 8$t West Main Stemmer and Dtler in Cutting Tobacco tU.rlt James, Thirteenth and RQwan Tobacco Factcw.s and Com mi8ffion MeHha:nts. Kremelberg, & Co. Eleventh and Main Garth & Co. Ninth and Market Foreign and Dontutic .BaJ'IJ:trt. Sternber!l"r 11. & s. 4! Exchange Place. Bt::change Place Wiscnmeyer Ed. & Co. 39 Sout h Calvert Tobacco ManufacturerB. Fe]R'ner F. W. & Son, 90 South Charles Mai:'burg Brothers, 145 to 149 SOuth Charles Wilkens H. & Co 181 west Pratt Patent Stem. Roller s. Kerckholr G. & Co., 149 South Charles BOSTON, Mass, Commission Merchant. LYNCHBURG, Va. Man-ufacturer of Tobacco. Cai'J'OllJohnW. Tolxrooo ConuniB41iOn Merchants. Xowlin s B. H. & G. H. NEWARK, If. ;J, Campbell, lAne & Co. 484 Broad NEW ORLEANS, La.. Tobacco Facto1 : s and C o nt m isBion .M e$ & Stevenson, 162 Common Kremelberg1 Schaeft'er & Co. 186 Common Agency f o r Perique T o bac c o and Cigarettes. Brooks Wm. L 82 Gravier PADUCAH, Ky. Tobacco Brokers Blnrk M. H. & Bro. of Tobacco. Bishop T. L. Tobacco Buye r Cobb R. & Co. PETERSBURG, Va. Tobacco Commission Merchants. Roper LeRoy & Scns Manufacturers of Plug and Smokittg Tobacco ana Dealers ifl. Leaf Tobacco. VenableS. W. & Co. PHILADELPHIA. Tobacco WarehouseB. Anatha.n M. & C o 2m North Third Bamberge r L. & Co 111 Arch Bremer' s Lewis Sons 822 North Third Front Dunn T. J. Fifteenth and Vine Eisenlohr Wm. & Co 115 South Water Loeb J o s eph, 62 North Front McD o w e lfM. E. & Co 39 North water M.oole & IIay 35 North Water Sank J Rinnlclo & Co. 32 N urth Water Sorver, Cook & Co. 1ffi North 'Vater Steines_ Smith Bros. & Knecht, 225 Race T eller .Hrothers, 117 N orth Third Vettedei11 J. & Co 1115 Al-ch Wartman M. & SOn, 13 North Fifth Wells A. J Third and Girard Av Woodward, Garrett & Co., 33 North Water Importer of Havana Tobacco and Cigars and D ealer in Seed Leaf. Holyoke C. 0. 12 Centrt!J Wharf Dealers in Havana and Domestic bacoo and Cigars. Leaf ToCoitl\8 J. 131 wainut Da..-enport & Legg, 59 Broad. Manujact'rs of Brnoking Tobacco and C i gars. Ra.ddin, F. L. & J. A. 136 Hanover BREMEN, Germany. Tobacco CornmiBsion Merchants. Fa.llensteio & Son BR.OOKLYif.lf, Y. Manufacturers of Chewing and Sni.oking Tobacco. Flagg John F. & Co. 176 and 178 Frst CHICAGO, Ill. Whol.esale Dealer.s 1 n S eed Leaf and Havana Tobacco. Subert B. 14 N Canal Sutter Brothers, 46 and 48 Wchigan Avenue n--holesale Dealers in Leaf and Manufactured Taba.cco and Oigars Luerssen G and. Co. 188 and 100 East Randolph M'f' r of CigarB and Dealer in Tobacco. Maw-er C. F 187 Clark .Manufacturers Agent.s. :Mullen & Love, 19 and 21 Bandolph Dealer' in. Leaf Tobacco. Sandhagen Bros, 17 West Bandolph Ma.n.u.jac.turer. of Fine-Out Chewing and Smpking, and Dealers in Leaf Tobacco, Beck &, 44 and 46 Dearborn Wli.Oletale Tobacconist.s a.nd Jl'f'rs .Agents. Best, Russell & Co. 57 Lake and 41 State CINCINNATI, O. .I>eahrB in Havana and Domestic Leaf Tobacco. Besuden Hem'Y, 98 West Second :Mallay R. & Bro. n; West Front Dealers in Spanish. andCigar Leaf Tobacco. :Meyer Hy. & Co. 4G FroDt Wa.nkelman F. & Co. 82 Front Manufacturers of Chewing and Smoking 2'obacco. Spence Bros. & Co. 52 and M East Third Leaf fubacco BrokerB. Dohrmann F W. corn. e. Vine and Front Morris W G. 87 W. Front Janufacturersbj CigarB and Dealer.s in Leaf Tobacco. Krohn, Feiss & Co. 161 to W. Third cor Elm Lowenthal S & Co. 100 West Fonrth Tietig H. & Bro. 215 W. Fifth Wei!, Khali & Co. till :\fain Shee t }tfetal C igar MouldB Dubrul Napoleon & Co. 441 and 44& Plum Leaf Tobacco Inspection. Prague F. A. 92 West Front Steam Cigar-Box Factory. Geise B. & Brother, 93 Clay CLARKSVILLE, TeJLD. Leaf Toba cc o Brokers. Clark Ill H. & Bro CLEVELAND, 0. Deal ers in Seed Leaf ancl Havana Tobacco and Jobbers in all J..:inds Manufactured Tobac c o. Goldson & Semon, 112 Ontario DANVILLE, Va. Commission Merchants. Pemberton & Penn Wise J. M. & Peyton Manufacturer of Smoking Tobacco Trowbridge W H. Manufacturers of Plug Tobacco. llliller, Megraw & Co. 212 to 218 Carter ... lfanufacturer of Snuff and Smoking Tobacco. Wn.llace Jas. 660 to 672 North Eleventh Manufacturers of Cigar&. Batchelor Bros. mB Market Hildebrand & Klingenberg, 37 North Seventh Knecht, Smith & 00. 131 North Third Lncly Jno J. a.n,d 525 Soutb Twentieth Theobal A. H. Third and Poplar 'Vells A. J. Third and Girard :Dunn T. J. Fifteenth and Vine Tobacco Broker. Fougemy A. R. 33 North Front Mfr's Agent for Plug and Smoking Tobacco. Kelly F. X. Jr. 100 Arch .Mtlnufact' ri' of Apple and Briar-wood Pipes. Grottenthaler V. 412 Locust Manufacturers of Cla11 Pipe1. Pennington, Price & Co. 19 North Seventh PITTSBURGH, Pa. Manu.jacturerB "Excelsior Spun Ron" and Other Tvbacoos. Jenkinson R. & W. 287 Liberty RICHMOND, Va. Commission Merchants. Wise James Ill & P eyton, 27 Thirtee11th Leaf Tobacco Brokers. Dibrell Wm. E. 1410 Cary !l1ills R. A. Deale1s in Licorice Paste a.M Mfd. Tobacco .. Wright J. & Co. 1 Tobacco Exchange ROCHESTER, If. Y. Manufacturers of Tobacro. Whalen R. & T. 132 State ManuJacturen of "Pee rless and Plain FineCut Tobacco and "Vanity Fhir" f;moking Tobacco and Cigarettes, Kimba.ll W. S. & Co. SPRINGFIELD, Maoo. Smith ll. & Son, 20 Hampden ST. LOUIS, lfo. Tobacco Warehouses. Dormitzer C. & R. & Co. 123 Market Buyer of Leu/ Tobacco Ladd W. M. 21 North Main Tobacco Broker. Ha)'lles J. E. 27 South Secood Tobacco Buyers. :Meier Adolphus & Co. SYRACUSE, If, Y. P acke rs in Seed Leaf and D ealers in Ha1.1ana Tobacco. Hler G. P. & Co. 2.5 Norlh Salina Manlifadttrers of Cigar Boxes. Leeret & Blasdel, 11J8 and 170 East Water Patent Tobacco Stripper. Hull D. II:36 West Genesee TOLEDO, O. Manufacturer of Chewing and SmQking To baccos. Messinger Charles R. WESTFIELD, Mass. Pac ker and D eale r i n Seed Leaf Tobacco. Buschmann John C NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 22, 1877. A U C T I 0 N S A L E JOHN H. DRAPER, Auctioneer. By JOHN H. DRAPER & CO., Auct's. WILL SELL ON TuESDAY, SEPT. 4, 1877, -AT-ROBERT'S SALES ROOM, 97 & 99 Water St., A'J1 TEN A. M., For account of whom it may concern, under the direction of J. S. GANS' SON & CO. & CHAS. E. FISCHER & BRO. ABOUT 2,000 CASES, consisting of various Regular Packings of 1876 Crop CONNECTICUT AND PENNSYLVANIA SEED LEAF TOBACCOS, which will be sold by Regular Stripped Samples, in lots of 25 Cases each, for, less discount, or approved four months' note. Samples and Catalogues will be ready on Monday, September 3, at noon. T:EE:BI TOEI.A.OOO :LrEJ.A.F Conunends itself to every oue in any way interested in Tobareo, either as Grower, lla.nufacturer, or Dealer. It gives an inunense amount of information rega.n:Ung Tobacco and its manufactures, and thus constitutes itself a varle mecum that has long been ..,ognlzed a.s sto.nding at the bead of special trade publications. Ito Jnllrket reports are tun and exhaustive, and come from every quarter of the globe where Tobacco is BOld. It is the ONLY weekly publication devoted to Tobacco. Corresponden.,.. solicited. THE BUSINESS OU'PLOOK. So .many adverse contingencies have to be taken into account when considering the future course of trade that it is quite impollsible to reach either a correct or definite conclusion on the subject:. At the best, all calculations have only conjecture for their basis, and, consequently, they are as likely to prove erroneous as well founded. In looking forward at this time, how ever, with a view to forecasting the business prospect for the ensuing Full and Winter, it must be admitted the indications are apparently nearly all of a kind to encourage the belief that a larger lume of business will be rlone than has been be sumo interval for several years past. A splendid season has been enjoyed, and the great staple crops will be largely in excess of our national needs. The corn crop of illinois is estimated at 300,000 000 bushels, and that of Iowa at 175 000,000. The cotton crop will be little, if any, less than last year, and last year it was a large one. The wheat crop this year will exceed that of last by at least 20,000,000 bushels, which is equivalent to saying we shall have 100,000,000 bushels to spare for export, and probably more rather than less. Russia, hitherto our only important competitor in the exportation of wheat, is, owing to the war with Turkey, practically out of the field at this time, and it is even said for all time, so far as rivalry with us is concerned, provided we take ad vantage of the opportunity now presented to us. Both in England and France the wheat crop is reported de ficient, and the bulk of the supplies required for those countries will have to come from the United States, now that but little is to be expected from Russia. The average annual value of the wheat shipped for the past five years from Russia to England alone was about $50,000 000, and that shipped to the same destination from this country in the same period was valued at about the same amount. The southern ports of Russia, whence seventy-five per cent. of her wheat is exported, being now cut off from commerce, and her production being greatly diminished, it is doubtful if England can receive this year from that country half the usual quantity of wheat. Should this prove to be the case the United States will gain some $25,000,000 by Russia's misfortune. Of the 80,000,000 bushels of corn imported into England last year the United States sent 60,000,000, and Southern Europe 20,000,000; and this year, provid ing so much is again required, as it probably will be, all must be sent from here. In breadstuffs alone, then, it is safe to infer there will be a large traffic during the next few months, and this will revivify every branch of trade in this country. Farmers, railroad companies and otl).er transportation agencies will presently begin to profit by the movement of this vast quantity of mato the seaboard, in which the idle capital in our banks is now waiting to be employed at lower rates of interest than usual, and thence the money realized will naturally flow to all branches of business. In due season and succession like results must follow from the sale of our other exportable products, includ ing cotton and tobacco. Cereals will necessarily con tinue to sell at full figures, wheat bringing now in England sixty-four shillings and six pence per quarter, or thirty-three and one-third per cent. more than it did a year ago. Cotton and tobacco are not likely to ad vance, but a full demand is fairly predicable:....Certainly for the latter-on account of the moderation character izing the prevailing rates, and this is just what is wanted in view of the large production this season. At home and abroad there is at this time an available stock of American hogshead tobacco of probably from 150 000 to 160,000 hogsheads-we have data showing in all the markets 159,355 hogsheads-and this supply, coupled with the added product of t4is year, be the latter 200,000 hogsheads or something less though none too large, is yet large enough to keep prices from ad vancing beyond the export range. Both because prices are likely to continue satisfactory to shippers, and because there is every reason to believe the new crop will be good as well as abundant, a steady and measure ably brisk foreign demand may be counted upon as one of the probabilities of the future. Owing mainly to protracted dull trade in Europe, the meagre supply of old export sorts here, and the prices asked for the better grades of leaf, the year thus far exhibits a poor record ii}. Seed leaf tobacco sold for foreign account; but for this article, in common with others, a better prospect is opening up. The stock held abroad has necessarily been reduced to a minimum quantity, and this contingency occurs at a time when our dealers are best able to m eet it with new and presumably desirable supplies from the growth of last year, now sampling. '' co., 41 a 43 'Warren Street, New York, SOLE ACENTS FOR THE EL PRINCIPE DE QALES" '' HEY-"VVES'I" AND THE CIGARS, ,., CIGAR FACTORY OF NEW YORK. SEIDENBERG & CO I' 84 & 88 READE STREET, NEW YORK, -Im :porters of Ha, va,na, To ba,cco, ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF THE LA ROSA ESPANOLA KEY WEST A-CIGARS. -;-"""CC ,.,.. .. WEISS, ELLER & KAEPPEL, IMPORTERS .OF THE ROSE BRAND'' HAVANA .TOBACCO. 220 Pearl New York. Street It -'. MCFALL ct. LAWSON' 33 J\.IURRAV STREE'I,, N. MANUFACTURERS OF THE CLUB DE YATE'' KEY WEST HAVANA B AVA II T 0 B A C C CAUTION! All parties who Infringe on our Trade { w. tc c.--f Acquired under the Laws of thoUnited States, that they will prosecuted by L.-w, OfRce. 65 Pine St. WElL a FliSs ct. KA.Nt1F .ACTt1P..EP..S of CICA.l\S, AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO., t6.t, 163 & 165 WEST THIRD CINCINNATI, 0 .JOS. 3. A.L.IR4.LL, BAV.AN APORTTOFOBAC c 0, PB.OPB.IETOB. 011' THE BB.AIID, 16 CEDAR STREET, NEW YORK. ... ............. ..., .... ..._..:s. To CIGAR BOX Manufacturers & Dealers in SPANISH CEDAR LUMBER! We are now prepared to receive LOGS, in large or small lots, and manufacture same into CIGAR LUMBER by our Patented Machines for aud Drying, guaranteeing a better article than can olherw1se be made, and making a saving of 40 to so per cent. of wood. No Sawdust and no Planing. Send ua a. lot of Logs and be convinced. Orders received from out of-town parties for the purchase of for wh1cb we make no charge, manufacturing same as theymay d1rect. GEO. W. READ & CO., 186 to 200 LEWIS ST., foot Fifth and Sixth Street, E. R., NEW YORK. G:TEAH w. SAiiiLtMTR' COMMISSION lVIERCBAIT IN MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, SO Fron1: &1:reet. York.. and Smoking Tobaccos from Virginia & North Carolina Factories. The Celebrated Diamond Colden Cut Cavendish Smoking Tobacco. DIRIGO CIGAR FACTORY. c:c:., IAN tiP ACTU HERS 0 P FINE Cl&ARS fEDWARD T. McCOY FRANK McCOY.] l..Ol.. BC>vv:El"E't.Y. NE"'VV' SUTTER BROS., Dealers in LEAF TOBACCO,. Chicago, Ill. Western Cigar Manufacturers will it to their "advantage to deal wit h us.


2 REHANDLING The popular taste runnmg so strongly for dark crgar leaf tobacco mvests the efforts of tbose who are en deBvormg by artificial means to supply the deficwnCles of nature m rosp'i)ct of colo;r mth more unportanoe 1lmn would Qiiher 1se__attach to them Those men wlto are seekmg by processes wh16h they have discovered 1o transmute hght and unperfectly cured leaf tobacco into dark, evenly-colored leaf, are engaged m a work 11tat both meets a present necessity and JUStifies a m.ore than passmg commendat10n Therr labors would be deservmg of favorable recogmt1on even if they had no further utility thun to aid m supplymg what may prove to be only a temporary demand based upon mo m.enta-ry capnce, and they are all the more deservmg of sucli repogmt10n if, r aii not1 unpOSSible the preftltffilce for dark wrap era shall continue hereafter as pronounced as It has been for a while and rf :moreover, ali is qWte obable. tobacco s l:i offered for sale r r m a ature ondttlOn It is not certam that dark cigars will be mdefirutely to th xclusunr-o't bl-1ght ones, but 1t ll! :reasonably certam that poor y cured, colored .and poorly flavored tobacco-Seed leaf andJiavanawill d 11yiitl mar ;fter Just as 1t ha.s:don e bitherto and any reso e that will. tend to Wllll!Bh 1he quantity of such mat'enaliS an ad vantage and to the le:tf tobacco trade Within the past few days we have v1srted the leaf tobacco sweatmg establiShment of Mr C S Philrps at 188 Pearl Street, and from what we there we Judge it IS qmte wrthm the scope of aJ>pliances now muse for oolormg and curmg tobacco to remedy ahnost. all the defects usually observable m unproperly cured leaf One of the mam obJectiOns thus far rarsed to eurillg leaf by artiflcral process has been that -the natural flavor of the tobacco was sullordt nated to an entrrely new and unpleasant odor TeSulting from the chemiCal changes wh1ch 1t underwent lJl sweatmg An empyreumatiC scent, it was clarmed, was almost mvanably developed that imparred the value of the goods unpregnated w1th 1t In some mstances It has been averred, this odor was 110 clearly defined as to enable those familiar w1th the .(lifferent curmg processes 'to detennille by the smell in what establishment the affected tobacco had been handled To obvrate this obJeCtiOn Mr Phil1ps has been unceasmg ill h1s efiorts ever smce 1t was first brought to his attentron, and he can now guarantee to render m every mstance tobacco subJected to his pro -cess of curmg and coloring free of obJectronable odors -of every kmd and With the natural flavor rmproved o()ther practlCa.l rehandlers can probably offer Similar .aasurance, though Irom personal observation we can .only testify lll the case of Mr Phihps We have ex ammed leaf tobacco rehandled by Mr Phihps that was so changed and unproved by his process as to render 1t unrecogmzable when compared w1th 1ts samples m ;i;herr or1gin!rl cond1t10n A lot of Connect1cut Seed leaf wa.s shown us that the owner had vainly tned to !IIlli at fourteen to fifteen cents a pound, but wh1ch Mr PhihPJ 8o rmproved m a. few days that 1t has been readily sold for thirty cents a pound. Pennsylvania and tbe Housatoruc Valley leaf will, owmg' to therr supenor body, adnut of heaVIer sweatmg than thefine gramed leaf of the ConnectiCut R1ver Valley, but the latter, equally w1th the former, can be perfectly changed m color and quality by his method of ment We saw samples of Ohio leaf so green and so yellow that they seemed hardly fit for any use known to the trade metamorphosed mto evenly colored dark leaf swtable for the finest c1gar wrappers Formerly rt was difficult to treat fine ConnecticUt leaf success fully on account of the way m which the leaves in the hands adhered together, but for this var1ety ll1r Philips has apparatus so contrived that he can subJect the bands to graduated steam vapor and separate each. leaf Without the slightest mJury to 1t The unpress10n IS begmmng to prevail that leaf tobacco, good and bad, IS benefited by sk1llful rehandling, and the results -!Df Mr Philips' experrments and practrce seem to onfirm this rmpress10n Almost any color desrred IS -now attamable by h1s artifimal processes and 1t 1s clearly demonstrated that while the strength and elas J!tiClty of tobacco are ;not deletenousl:y affected by the ,..he:rn1ca.l modificat10ns mCldent thereto, the burnmg qualit1es are m ch rm)lroved HJI.vro;ta tobacco, -equally w1th Seed 1eaf, 1s being successfully treated by ::Mr Phihps, his mecharucal appliances mcludmg rna hinery for restormg carrats to therr or1gmal form and "]>lace after resweatmg Mr Philrps has fitted up hrs establishment on an ex t.ensrve scale Every means and appliance for treatmg fubacco has been provided, and l;le can converuently handle three hundred cases per week He IS now col .ormg and curmg an average of one hundred cases per -week He has ample storage room where tobacco can be sent direct for treatment, and, if desrred held for s:ale afterwards MINO:B liDITORIALS AND NEWS ITEKS. A;CTION SALE OF SE!m LEAF -On Tuesday, Septem ber 4, at Robert's Sales Room, Nos 97 and 99 Water Street, John H Draper, AuctiOneer, wrll be sold under the auspiCes 10f Messrs J S Gans, Son & Co and Charles E Fischer & Bra the emment leaf tobacco brokers about 2,000 cases of 1876 Connecticut and Pennsy:ivama Seed leaf tobacco A card g1vmg full part1culars of the sale appears at the head of our editorial colunrn on the first page of this paper We need .not add that the standing of the firms named 1s a suffi -c1ent guaranty that the sale will be so conducted as to give satrsfact1on to desiromrof partiClpatmg llllt THE NEw CIGAR CUTTER IS a novelty which every C1gar Store should keep It saves the ends and abol Ishes the bad hab1t of biting them off It IS clarmed no Cigar Store can do without It Pr1ce $1 00 Samples .at the office of this pap\'\r 651-654 IN the fiscal year 1876-77 the revenue from the tax -on domestic tobacco m the German Empire amounted to 1, 748,018 mark (about $437,000), drawbacks for do mestlC tobacco exported to the amount of 342,989 mark were prud, n e t mcome, 1,405, 029 mark (abput $351,257), OuR NEw DRESS -'rli!l!l Cotton and To"flact;o Record observes -The NElw York: ToBAcco LEAF'(:omes to us this week m a ne" dress, wh1ch IS rm _provement Weare glad tonot1ce another good feature which md1cates that the Post-Office Department has gone back on 1ts recent deClslOn tha,t IS the absence of a stamp on the wrapper. TOBACCO IN NORTH CAROLUI;\ the report of the Coillll).).ljBIOner of :Agnculture o this State, for the month of July, we learn that m Caswell county the tobacco does not look well, and m GranVIlle county tuere has been a decrease un the area In Orange county the crop lS not very prormsmg, while m Alamance county the average rs mcreased and the to bacco IS m very good cond1t10n TOBACCO IN ILLINOIS -The Crop C:u-cular, ptlbhshed by the Board of Agriculture of this State, and dated August 10, g1ves the followrpg s'atement based on reports rece1ved from corresvondents m different counties, dated July 20 -Cond1hon of the tobacco crop IS reported from 39 count1es, showmg that 15 counties have an average p1ospect, 19 have from 75 to 95 per cent and 5 less than three fourths of an average Too SEVERE -A lot of Clnnamen mgar venders were sent to "Castle Ludlow" on Monday for sellmg c1gars from sidewalk stands without Government license As these unfortunates have been doillg this same t4mg for years Without mterference, It would have been more m accordance With JUStice, we think, to have let them off thrs tune wtth an admomtwn, and arrested them here.tfter 1f agaill caught v10latmg the 1evenue la.w A PLUCKY WIFE -Adolph Kartitz, a crgar deale! of No 52 Bushwrck avenue, W1ll1amsburghiwas requested by a ruffian name d James Malone, to oan hun fifty c ents on Fr1day rught Karutz refusmg, Malone as &lulted him, but Mrs Kmutz came to her husband's THE assiStance and With her little hatchet qpened Malone s scalp about five mches He desiSted from his att&ck U!Ullediatel;t and reJ>airEt_d to a nergh{lonpg drug_ ,store, whence, after his wounq was e rmgrated to the Suth precmct stat10nliouse, and Jus 1ce Guchll8nt him to ihe. Perutent1ary for sixty days M.\RKETING -The St Loms (Mo) Jouriial says -Let a man have a dollar m his pocket to go marketmg and the first thiDgs be btrys are a dime's worth of fine cut tobacco and a :five cent mgar Then he'lllay m a InlppJY of meat enough to last fl. b ardmg-house a week, afid With the remammg fifteen cents of h1s dollar he'll hrre a boy to take the meat home A woman expends her money differently, but hardly more JUdiClously Twenty cents of rt goes for a peck of green apples, fifteen cents for a cup of honey, twenty-five cents for a new kmd of potato masher, ten cel'lts for mock oranges, fifteen cents for soft shelled almonds, :flfteen cents for a soup bone, and her last dime for a glass of lCS cream soda A OUruous DiscoVERY '-Among the hogsheads of to bacco broken at Centre warehouse yesterday mornn1g, 'as n sent there from Brunswick county When opened 1t was found to contam several qualities of to bacc -each qp:alitybemg aepar Wd llxlij.yers of ne s papers Amonp;these papers were found t-m> copies of the Rtchmond EnqntrtJT m a good state of prese rvat10n bearmg1late respectiVely of November 4 and November 25, 1825 They bo:re the address of' Gen Ge ge 1 famed tnd honored m hiS day, WhO!IIt memory 18 still -tenderly erished throughout tbil 11ection, who, mfteed, was one o.f the. ablest men of hili day he p,apers were and read w1th mucl! 1Dterest by the buyers and others present, and will be preserved -Petersburg (Va) Index and Appeal INTERESTING I}EciSION TO FARMERS -.:office of Internal Revenue, August 15,1877 -8rr In reply to the mqmnes m you.r letter of the 13th mstant, I have to illform you that I should not so mterpret the law as to hold a farmer liable to a specml tax, as a retail dealer m leaf tobacco, who should furrush such laborers as he employs, and dunng the tune he employs them, With leaf tobacco for therr own consu;mption, as a matter of convemence to them and not of profit to hrmself Yours respectrvely, Green C Rauxn, Com miSSIOner Jolm J Birchett, Esq, Petersburg, Va That 1s, we suppose, if he g1ves without cha;rge leaf tebacco to hiS employees while they are workmg for him, a fanner need not pay: spepal tax as a retail dealer m leaf tobacco But ifohe sells 1t to them, what then! And how 1s rt to be known to the Government whether rt 1s sold or pven away, or at what ti111.e, whether dunng work or at any trme afterwards? A SAGACIOUS ANIMAL -The New York correspondent of the Lancaster (l;"a ) and Express tells the followmg story -A comiCal scene occurred m a tram a short time ago A lady entered a draWing room car, carrymg a small dog very much scented w1th musk There was no seat vacant, except one rn a small com partment where a gentleman was already ensconced Th_e odor of pmsk ;wl terr1bl!', and to the gentleman exceedingly obnonous .Benamg forward, he asked the privilege of lighting a c1gar The laay was ill dignant It Wlljl agamst the rules, there was a smoking car Smoke m her presence 1 no, mdeled I However, m defiance of all this, the gentleman lighted a fine Havana, and, after a few J?uffS, fell asleep The lady leaned forward, took the mgar from his threw 1t out of the wmdow The actiOn awoke him He sa1d nothmg Soon she m tlll'n fell asleep He over, piCked up the little Havanese dog and 1t followed his CigJU' 1\,fter a tune she awoke "My dog, where 18 my dog? '1 Madam, your dog was a very mtelligent animal He saw my Clgar drop and went m searcli of rt Doubtless we shall find both at the next station Tableau THE SELLING OF TOBACCO -A correspondent asks the followmg question of the Journal 'of Commerce, of th1s crty sells a bill of Havana tobacco m bales to B on three months' trme B exammes the tobacco m the warehouse, accepts It, and 1t IS then reshipped m bond to Cahforma Two or three days before the b1ll rs due B tells A that two or three of the bales are damaged, and awa1ts ftfrther particulars before makmg a clarm A ID;lkes no pronuses, and B pays the bill at matunty, statmg that he 18 Instructed by his partners not to do so Ten or twelve days afterward B rece1ves a specrmen of the damage, which he shows to A, and reads to him a letter recer ved from his partners m Califorrua, clarmmg damage on tb1rty bales (nearly half the lot), and offermg to sell them for account of A Th1s A de clines to accept, and furthermore, refuses to allow any clarm, on the ground that to the best of his belief the tobacco was sound when sold, that rt was exammed and accepted by B, and that the seller cannot be held liable for goods that are penshable m then nature three months after he has ceased to have any control of them B contevds that the clarm IS morally and legally JUSt A asserts that he rs not liable Who IS rrght! Respectfully, L P To which the the case IS fa1rly presented m the above statement, we see no proper ground on which B can base any cla1m upon the seller MR STIGGINS'S TRICKS -A person whom we will call Strggms (because that IS not hrs name) has been ex tensively advertrsmg of late a }?atent finger rmg w1th a 1 trrck attachment The triCk consists of dr rectmg a fr1end's attent10n to the seal of the rmg, and wh1le he scrut=es It cl<>sely, pressmg on an mdia rubber ball concealed m the hand and sqmrtmg a stream of water mto h1s face For use among ladies," we 1by Mr Sttggms's crrcular, ''col ogne may be substituted for water, makmg the trrck an agreeable, as well-as an amusmg surpr!f>e Another valuable artrcle advertised by the same person IS a magrc Clgar case Thrs \he owner opens and holds out to a fnend, who attempts to take a crgar, when, by the pressure of a concealed spnng; a needle IS shot l!ud denly up, pncking the mtrudmg fingers, and "never failmg to excrte the utmost mernment among the by standers These practical JOkes are really very funny We can ahnost fancy Mr Strggms convulsed With laughter as he s1ts m h1s factory and composes matter for h1s descrtptlve Clrculars But a geruus who IS cap able of affordmg so much mnocent amusement for our race ought not to have his 'lieneficence cramped by lack of 1deas We therefore take the liberty of makmg a suggest10n, whrch Mr St1ggms may or may not con s1der of sufficrent value to act upon As the nng and crgar case tr1cks will doubtless grow monotonous ill trme because of the laugh's bemg always on one srde, we propose that an apparatus be mvented whrch will operate like a human foot w1th a number nme tnple soled shoe on rt, and wh1ch, uyon the turrung of a peg or the pullmg of a strm_g, wll skrp around behind the practrcal JOker, make a sudden upward movement, and lift the first obJect that opposes 1ts ascent about one yard mto the mr W e further propose that, m consrd eiatwn of the serviCes :Mr Stiggms has already per formed for an adiDlrmg public, that that gentleman shall have th J?I:lvilege of first testmg efficacy of the new mycnt10n on hrmself -Evemng Post ,.. T!Rl MeBSrs. LIChte! tein Br03' & Co anufac turers, 268 and 270 Boweri: mv1te attent10n m a card m another place to Gluud s Patented Prvoted Catches for C1gar Boxes The fact of this firm attention to these art1cles 1s a guaranty of the1r utrlity Messrs Joseph H Thompso,n & Co tobacco commrs s1on merchants183 Front Street, have further mCleased therr capac1ty ror busmess by admrttrng to partnershi p wrth them Mr D Sackett Moore whose connection wrth the tobacco trade of this Clty extends over a perwd of many years The new firm v.ill be known unde'r the style of Thoml?son, Moore & Co and Will contmue the tobacco and general commrsswn bus mess at the old warehouse, 83 Front Street A CIGA? STORE IN THE OLD PosT OFFICE -Messrs J Pohalskr & Co unporters and manufacturers of fine c1gars and dealers m Cigarettes and all kmds of manu factured tobacco, 90 and 92 Fulton Street, corner of Nassau, have ,opened a beaut1jul retail and JObbmg store for the sale of tberr goods m the old historiC Post Office o f this mty W1th charactenstlC taste and enter priSe they have selected the chorcest place m the facade at the corner of Na,;lsau and Cedm Streets, and filled 1t with everythmg that the tobacco connoiSseur could desrre Messrs Jungbluth & Co of Lomsville, Ky we understand, are about to open a branch house at 23 South Second Street, St Loms, Mo m connectron w1th then LouiSville estabhshment The new house will have the exclusrve agency m their crty for Mr Jas C McAndrews' popular brands of lrquoriCe, and if sterlmg honesty comb mod wtth a thot ough knowledge of trade, perseverance m busmess and politeness to customets, can msme success, we feel confident of the futme of this enterprrsmg young house We most cordmll y WISh them every success m therr new unde1 takmg, and hea1tily commend them to our frrends m the manufac tm mg mteres t m St Loms and ne1ghbormg Cities John Blakely, of 240 Broadway, New York, bas Issued a new pnce list, which will be converuent for reference to hiS hOI!t of J.M'trons E rrhody hfl. i1lg anythmg to do with tobacco m 1ts various manufac tured fdrms knOJVB John Blakely, JUSt as everybody a relish for goQd dinners lmoWII Delmonico These two gentlemen are alike m this, that each keeps a full assortment of the best of everything m h1s lirie. They are unlike, probably, m th1s, that Mr Blakely has a larger transient constituency than Mr Dehnomco The new pr1ce hst w1ll g1ve all the other part1culars Messrs W T Blackwell & Co will put upon the market this year from two 11nd a half to three mill10n pounds of therr popular Durham tobacco-so says one of ihe1r wholesale agents m this crty. And still the cry IS for more of the same sort WHERE THERE IS A WILL, THERE IS A WAY. In Chicago town there d1d dwell a lovely maiden and a g;allant youth, until lately, unknown to fame The youth-by name J B Reynolds-was m the employ of the a large tobacco company as a commercial tPa.veler In traveling around the suburbs of St ;Lows's hated nval, accompamed by some boon comparuon, and holdmg the rems over a fleet steed, he i;Jranced to alight at a wayside hostelry Th1s mnsupphed, perhaps, like a New York City "mn" With three beds, a counter, and numerous kegs of lager seemed to have charmed the raprd young ChiCagoan, e1ther by the beauty of 1ts s1tuat10n or the excellence of 1.ts beer On descendmg from his wagon J B entered, ahd, no doubt, after the manner of the kmghts of old, called out, "What ho, mme host, brmg hither zwe1 glass brer" And then d1d old man 1t lS he that IS the proprietor of the IDn commonly known by the hrgh toned name of the "St Julran "-procure the beverage beloved by both Teuton and A.mencan, and set 1t before the young tra velar and his comparuon They 1mb1bed, and while the glass was po1sed m m1d arr, a VISion met the gaze of J. B L1ke Faust, when MephiStopheles showed him the counterfeit presentment of the beauteous Margaret, his vems were filled With flames of l ove, and J B. became what the fast young man calls smashed on the cha.rtning gll'l It was the offspnng of the proprietor that haa such an effect UJ;JOn his affections He wended his way back to the crty a different man from what he was when he left It Nellie was always uppermost m hiS thoughts Even when selling to his customers she was always ill his thoughts Whilom the store the tobacco remmded hun of her She wrus Matchless," for no other marden was her equal Frmt Cake could not compare to her Her eyes were bnghter than the "Bnght," and the Mahogany" was nought besrde the strength of his devotron to old man Johnson's daughter Sunday after Sunday drd he hie unto the waysrde mn, and he fmrly trembled w1th JOY, when baskmg m the sunlight of Nellie s smiles, he learned that he was t.he '' Proneer m the vrrgm affectrons of the damsel He proposed that if she would acqmesce he would have the marriage bells runt? and the should be gay Nellie was "agreable,' and J B sallied forth to beard old man Johnson m hrs stronl!;hold But then came a change m the state of affairs whiCh caused a nughty revolut10n m the course of true love which never runs smooth Old man J a huson was of the oprmon that children should not thmk of marrymg, and, alas, J B 1s nmeteen and Nellie only Sixteen, and requested J B to clear out and not show his face around there agam, as hiS only knowledge of him was that he was too much of a "sport" Here was a dilemma Nellie was Willmg, J B. was willing, but the old folks were emphatically unwillmg J B obeyed the paternal ad momtion And now 1t came Nellie's turn to act, and well she d1d 1t One day she took her watermg pot m hand and went mto the garden, about the hour of ten, not, as the sequel shows, to allay the dust, but to "kwk up the dust" ill her father's eyes When search was made the brrd had flown She had taken her Jewelry, but had left all her clothing, except what she wore Naturally the parents llliiDediat(lly suspected that J B was the hawk that had allured their dove from her cote But he was not to be found, and rt was ascertamed that a trunk bad been shipped to Philadelph18., this 1s thought to be '' a delus10n and a snare," and the opllllon IS held by the detect1ves that Mr and Mrs Reynolds-for such, we hope, they are entrtled to reg1ster themselves among hotel arnvals-are still ill Chicago No doubt, as m the old comedies, they will return, and throwmg themselves before the stern parent, beg h1s forgrveness wh1ch will be granted, and they w1ll settle down w1th many plans for the future, and we trust the course of therr true love will run smoother than rt has ill the past The Death of Mr. Henwood. At a meetmg of the Tobacco Board of Trade of the Clty of New York the followmg preamble and resolu twns "ere adopted -WHEREAS, By the diSpensatiOn of an all w1se ProVI dence our esteemed frrend, Harold Henwood, has been taken from om m1dst by death, and WHEREAS, Smce his earliest connect10n w1th the Tobacco Trade, whiCh dates from 1857, he had so en deared himself to hiS assocrates m the trade that all are desrrous of expressmg therr respect for hun and therr deep sense of therr great loss, therefore be rt Resolved, That the sad Intelligence of the death of one who for so many years was 1dentified w1th us, brmgs the deepest and most heartfelt sorrow to those of us who are left behmd to mourn his loss Resolved, That we offer our trrbute to his worth, to his uprightness of character, to hiS honesty of purpose, to his open handed generosity, and to his Chr1st1an life and example Resolved, That we tender to the bereaved family of our deceased associate our smcerest sympathies, hopillg that He III whom they have placed therr trust will g1ve comfort and consolat10n to them m this therr sad be reavement Resolved, That the resolut10ns be published m the Trade paper, and a copy of same be forwarded to the family of our deceased fr1end J T Murphy, George G Reusens, Ben Berry, L F. S MacLehose-Commtttee Dav1d L Wallace, Pres Tob Board of Trade CORRESPONDENCE. FILLER FOB THE BRAIN. EDITOR TOBACCO LEAF A Consul says The aggregate average of German tobacco produced m one yem may be estrmated at ,000 000," and m another article under the same head, The aggregate area of land cultrvated With tobacco m the German Emp1re on June 30, 1875, 1s stated to have been about 54,000 Enghsh acres Admitting the last figure to be correct, 54,000 acres at an average yreld of 1,300 lbs to the acre would grve a yreld of 70,200,000 poun.ds and at the h11Jh average pnce of lOc per lb the proceeds would be $7, 020,000 Now the forergn Consul grves tbe estrmate as ,000, 000, which would be equal to $45,000,000, an o ,ver est1mate of only $37,980, 000 The d1fference seems to be only an odd ,000, mstead of ,000,000, whiCh covers the actual amount of tobacco produced m Germany Yours, VERITAS TOBACCO IN PENNSYL VAN lA. EDITOR TOBACCO LEA,F -It IS my desne to correct the false unpress10n, which rs entertamed by a great many tobacco growers, that tobacco grown outside of the ConnectiCut R1ver Valley rs of mfenor growth and quality Th1s lS a nustake, as will be readily seen 1f pa1ns are taken to visit other localitres m wh1ch 1t IS rarsed The wnter (who 1s a ConnectiCut Rrver Valley tobacco grower) had the pnvilege a few days smce of v1ewmg some of the tobacco now groWing m Lancaster County, Pa Toward the rmddle and northern part of the State the crop has suffered from the drouth and hot weather But m Marietta, toward the southern part of the State, there are as fine fields as can be found anywhere Among the most noticeable rs that of ---, who has a field of forty seven acres all topped, and parts of 1t are bemg cut The most striking feature of the crop IS 1ts remarkable evenness Of the whole forty seven acres \he1e IS not one fourth of an acre which 1s not above the average Mr --has spared no pams to make hrs crop a success He has the most experienced men m hrs employ, among them Mr --, of Wmdsor, Conn and Mr --, of East Hart ford, Conn each of whQm has seven acres, and understands the busmess thoroughly, and from the present appearance of the crop they will have no reason to regret the use of tberr names m connectiOn wrth rts growth Mr --says 1t IS the best crop ever raised on Jus farm He has the most modern sheds for curmg his tobacco, and rs now bwldmg a large shed 109 feet long by 28 feet Wide, w1th a cellar for dampenmg, sort mg and packing, extendmg the whole length of the buildmg There are many other pieces wh1cb are lookmg fine1y and which cannot but convmce one that, With practiCe, as good tobacco can be raised there as m the Connectrcut River Valley or anywhere else The rrusm g of tobacco m thrs sect10n 1s of comparatrv ely recent date, hence we have heard little about It, but the success attendmg 1ts cult1vat10n warrants the sup pos1t10n that we shall hear mme from 1t, and that the tobacco will become as popular and bnng as high prrces as the famous Connecticut Seed leaf A S UBSCRIDER. AUG 22 Special Crop BeJOrts io "The Tobacco Lear. Hopkinsvtlle (Ky) Democrat, 17-In our KENTUCKY travels across the northern port10n of the county the Cadtz, Trigg Co, August :J.S -J F W reports,_ other day, we were Jpamed to see so much neglect ill Smce my last the weather has been hot, dry and wmdy the cultlvatiolN)f the crops The weeds and corn anvernment continues rts present policy of burdenfrost about 23d Inst mg 1t w1th a heavy specral tax, and gtvmg the monopoly Brunswwk, Chartton Co Au(Just 18 -J A M re of the trade m It to a few licensed dealers ports -Have had some good rams recently m favored Durham (N. C) Tobacco Plant, August 14--Com localitres not general, whrch have been very benefiCial plamts contmue to come up about the damage to the to the early plantmg and such later fields as have had tobacco Clops by the The undergood attentiOn But most of the late plantillg, and all stand, lS looking remarkably well m the .New Berne crors which have not been mdustrlOusly worked, IS section stil droopmg and growmg slowly A late frost rs 1ts salvatiOn One wrthin the next th1rty days will catch most of 1t unprepared for the knife NORTH CAROLINA Yanceyvtlle, Caswell Co August 11 -G. W reports -Smce my last report the prospect IS lessened full fifty per cent The stalk IS small w1th a narrow and alseased leaf (''Walloon") The loss IS ill fine only' the yteld m pounds wrll not be matenally lessened Our efforts are drrected io makmg fine leaf, as we cannot make money if we rmse a common article I have been plantmg twenty years and have never seen so good a prospect for a fine crop so soon bhghted The planters here have Withm the past two weeks been struck under the fifth nb My own crop this year rs the only failure (onuttmg last year) I have made m twenty years Something Is wrong Maybe rt's the fertilizer, maybe myself, though I thmk not My crop growmg can't pay the cost of product10n at the present pnces Good Lord, deliver us PEl' turer, mortgaged or made bill of sale EtmEKA, CAL -Johanna D1eser, CigBTS and Tobacco; !Ion made to force mto bankruptcy OAKLAND, CAL -A Downmg, Cigars, attached MEMPms, TENN -S Kaulman & Bro Cigars and Tobaccos assigned Busines,; Changes. NEw YoRK -D S Moore, Tobacco ComnnBSIOn Merchant; busmess discoutmued Jos H Thompson & Co, Tobacco CommiSSion l\ierchnntB, drssolved, Jos II Thompson and Paul CalVI w11l s1gn m hqmdanon Jos H Thompson and Paul Calvi have assoCiated wrth themselves D S Moore and Will contmue tbe Tobacco ComiDJSSion Busmess under style of Thomp son Moore & Co 83 Fron t Street DETROIT, MrcH -WoUermc Cigar Co, Cigar Manufacturers, dissolved LANSTNG, MrcH -Berger & Brother, Cigar Manufacturers, dis solved OTTAWA, lLI -Sm1th & Rtsmg Wholesale and Retrul C1gar11 and To b. ceo, dissolved RICHMOND, VA -Thomas & Tmsley, Tobacco MIUlufacturers; dissolved, W C Thomas succeeds SAN FRANCISCO, CAL -Liebs & Bauman, Manufacturers and Importers of C1gars, dissolved, John B Bauman succeeds at the old stand ST Lours, lifo -Youngbluth & Co, 23 South Second Street, new finn, agent for James C llfcAndrews New York Forthcoming Auction Sales. By John II Draper & Co 112 Pearl Street, on Tuesday, September 4, at Robert's salesrooms, 97 and 99 Water Street, 2 000 cases Connecticut and Pennsylv8Dla Seed leaf By Gcmrd BettB & Co 7 Old Shp, at Exchange, 89 Broad Street, tobacco sales every Tuesday and Thursday &t 11 o clock Havana Cuba Bremen Market Reports. Week .AugtUt 2 Imports 39 Salllll 306 Stock tn first bands. 2 ,620 ser Dommgo 424 474 6 010 ser Colombia 1,340 81,640 ser J amaJca 400 ser Braul 4,801 85 36,250 pkgs Esmeralda 155 1,460 pkgs Turkish 85 2 950 pkgs. Florida 30 cases Seed Leaf 200 364 4,020 cases Seed Cuthngs 39 39 cases Remarks -The sales of Seed len[ cons1sted of 164 CIISCS from stock on baud and 200 cases sold befme arnval For 424 pkgs qf new 1877 Dommgo higher puces were asked and paid than for old goods = 1'1 ansactwns in Seed Leaf at Bremen in the Month of July

AUG 22. THE TOBACCO MARKET DOMESTIC 'NEW YoRK August 21 For Western leaf the market has contmued fatrly acttve purchasers on the contracts _presumably keepmg the great buyers movmg mth thetr customary regularity The reported sales for the week are over hundred bo!;!lheada, but there 1s reason to beheve several hundred more be added to the recorded total Prices havmg apparently touched bottom buyers and aellers meet on stable ground and on ne1ther 8lde 1s tbere any percepttble expectatiOn of 1mmed1ate For awhile both s1des appear content to do busmess on tbe eXlBtmg bas18 and btde the 188ue of future events A leadmg Evansville dealer whom we met on our market round expressed the opm10n to us that the Indi&nB and Iiifu:ms crop will be perhaps one third less than last year a large wheat plantmg and too much ram m 110me ln8tances havmg apparently reduced the aggregate volume to about that extent Messrs. Sawyer Vallace & Co report to THE TOBAC co LEAF as followsWeai<>rn LEB -Dw1ght & Platt 7 hhds tobacco BARCELONA -Weaver & Sterry 1 075 bales hconce Order 100 Cft8C8 Jicor1ce paste GLASGOW -Order 690 bxs ptpes HUKACOA -J de Rtvera & Co 4 bales tobacco LrvKRPOOL -Knat.tb Nachod & Kuhne 2 cases Order 4 bxs llcor ce root RoTTERDAK -H Koop & Co 1 box tobacco SncRNA -Jas C McAndrew 1 309 bales 1 cor ce paste 4, 065 bales do root liAVANA.-F Garc a 149 bales tobacco A Gonzalez 122 do Y M AquterQ 7 J Almuall 2 do A B de Luna 3 do W H Thomas & .urother 8 cases ctgara Howard Ives 12 do G Falk & Brother 12 do Kunhardt & Co 10 do H R Kelly & Co II do Mtchael s & Lmdemann 4 do M W esthelm & Co 4 do Park & Tilford 34, do Acker Merrall & Condit 111 do Eaberg Bachman & Co 2 do Rothe & Ltps 1 do 14 803 lbs mfd 192 bales 10 bales 16 861 lbs mfcl THE TOBACCO LEAF. 3 :NOTICE. J!Tery reoa1e Is to he at au adY&nce on 11rat cost the prices ohta!Dable by growera ot tohecco, therefDre, will al-ys he oomewhat lower than these quotations QUOTATIONS OF WHOLESALE PRICES Bnght Wrappeno Common to med.Jum Good t.o very good Fine to extraline Smokers (old or new) Dapple "TI'PP"I11 Ohw-ln!erlor to good com 3 @ C o n tomd spaoged 6 @ Fine spang ed to Y"llow 10 @15 @00 @88 @40 CIGARS $!!0@100 J per ld ,W@ 90 ct. 5 @ 6 7 @ 9 9 "' 11"' 13 18 15 !%@ 3 8 @ 4 a 10 15 4 20 a s @10 @5 24 034 hhds 8 300 hhds ----27 338 hhds Same t me n 1876 19 210 hhds Manufactured Tobacco -The trade demand s 1 ttle more acttve but with th s exceptiOn the market rules as before quoted Rece vcd per Richmond steamers 241 bxs 398 pkgs 7 cases and 11 bdls per Norfolk steamers 101 pkgs per Petersburg steamers 200 do CINCINNATI August 18 -Mr F A Prague Leaf Tobacco Inspector reports to THE TOBACCO LEAF as follows -S nee our last report fine rams have fallen n many of the tobacco g;rowmg distncta causmg some of the bel evers of short cr!?P owmg to drouth to become very hberal sel era and as a consequence the aggregate weeks bus ness ts larger than for some ttmc past W c have also to note a dec1ded mprovement m qua tJ qmte a good proport on of tl e offer ngs being com posed of really useful tobaccos for both cuttmg and plug work. Prtces generally ruled stronger reachmg more closely outstde quotatiOns A gratify ng fetlture of our trade at present ts the rap dly ncreas ng demtlnd from plug manufacturers for certam kinds of our cuttmg leaf su table for tillers they tlndmg that for sweetness for chew and appearance m the plug they are super or to any found elsewhere C gar leaf IS n better demand at pr ces more sat sfuctory to ob ppers The at auctwn reported by the ware'houses for tl e past week and the exp red portiOn of the current mopth and yeat were as fol lows..-WEEK----;-"\ r--MONTR---.. kluls 1r.1:.1 hhdt lxxs hhds lr.l:.l 213 2 MO 31 6 321 2 119 157 6 360 178 4 913 a aa1 193 604 10 6 316 319 22li 493 4 068 172 221 2 456 10 4 341 22li Totals 1877 1 009 10 2 453 229 26 559 6 166 Tot&ls 1876 1 354 219 8 692 514 24 735 6 631 Totals 1875 481 179 1 018 395 18 913 5 169 Totals 1874 1 oo., 199 5 120 956 29 205 5 338 The offer ne-s at auctiOn for the week month and year (ex ceptillg Seed Jeaf) were subd1v1ded as follows ,--vt ,--YEAR-----.... hlt.ds bzs hluls lxxs hhdt lxxs 980 10 2 312 41 19 579 561 29 141 6 980 6 Month 689 138 602 106 455 340 512 646 3 488 4 719 1521 Year 1874 1 463 5 004 40 641 43 738 19 348 46042 Sales of week and year diVIded as follows -Week Year Or g nal New 1 226 33 437 H New Rev1ews 130 2 889 Old Rev ews 3 2 448 In sales thts week we had a larger proportiOn of good to fine leaf of the d fferent var et es (except ng bnght wraJ?pers) than any week this season. We had about 25 hhds cutttng leaf at 10@13c 15 hhds do at 13@15c 10 hhds do at 15@19c about 40 hhds dark heavy b\>d ed leaf at 10@12c 20 hhds do at 12@13c and 10 hhds do at.t3@18J4c Pr ces were stronger by about average the tlrst part of week on everyth ng except very common Jugs (which rem8lned dull at but eased up m the past few da;rs closmg to day dim at same figures quoted for the past s1x weeks QUOTATIONS Ntmdur:ript. ,-HuzfJI Bodifr-.. Common Good Common Good 8 @3}4: 8 8 4 @5 S}i@SU: @li SX@4 5 @6 4 @5 5 @7 4 6 @8 4XX 5 @7 7 5X 8 o 7 BX@l27 @ll 1.0 @13 Selections 0 @00 9 @11 12 @17 9 @10 13 @16 Br ght wrappers none on market pr1ce noiillDal Ltght wCJght trashy or m bad order under above figures wanted a contmuance of tl e a mer wel\ther now expenenced to br ug t farward and result under or t nary favo able ctr cumstances m our ba\ mg from there as good a crop ns has at any ttme been expected It s hard to get an) one not n terested In short c op tbeones to bel eve tl em tit present so that until better c d ence s fort! com ng po ntlng m that direction the general bel ef w II cont nne to be that the crop s progressmg favorably w th a larger and better crop of dark tobaccos but a smaller (but large cno gb) crop of light bOd ed than last year NEW ORLEANS Augll8t 8 -Messrs Gunther & Stevenaon Tobacco Factot'll report as follows to I KK To BAOCO LEAF -Stock on shipboard and m warehouses Sept 1 1876 11 681 hhds rece pts s nee Sept 1 1876 to date 8 486 do total 20 167 do Exports and consumption smce Sept 1 1876 to date 9 520 hhds stock Oil shipbo11rd and In warehouses Aug 8 1877 10 647 do receipts since Aug 1 1877 to date 381 hhd& sales since Aug 1 1877 to date 553 do Exports -'I;o New York per stcamslup Hutl8on 175 hhds tobacco to do per steamshtp Kntckerbocker 181 do to do per steamsbtp Lone 'Star 10 do Havre per bark Angehgne 61 do :Ctverpool per steamship .ll.rul 5 do total 432 do PIDLADELPHIA August 20 -Mr Arthur R Fouger\'Y, Tobaccp Manufacturers Agent re:{>Orts to THE To BAcco LEAF as follows -Although busmess ts not at as bnsk as we all expected the month of August prove m the man pula! on of Pl1 g 'l'obaccos still the trade generally talk and act hopefully and now beg n to feel that a gradual nn provement s tak ng place and must from causes wh ch are constantly occunng m financtal and bus ness c rcles contmue to encourage and stnnulate traffic generally The great agr cultural mterest of the country pomts uum stakcably to an onward and upward movement which must result advan tageously to all k n Is of me cant le pursu ts Already m a mode ate way manllfacturPrs of plug goods are feehng the stimul18 and last week rece pts and sales show conclus vcly that better days are commg Pr ccs arc "ell mm t med m fact for aome grades of goods manufacturers are ask ng from one to two cents more so that a ltttle better demand w ll soon make a change m figures Rece pts from all quarters were 998 boxes 1 1>60 cadd es 1 603 cases 81 kegs and 1 082 pa Is of :fine cut Srrwk11 g Tobacco of cut and dry and granu lated CQI tmue to sh p on orders at full figures and Judgmg from the amount of goods commg mto the market they must be domg a fa1r trade Leaf 'lobacco -The rece pts and sales of Seed leaf for domes I c use the past week show an mprm ement and dealers ieel confident that a hopeful change has tnken place It s true that sales are not large wtth goods be ng offered and sold lqw espec ally new stock st 11 exp1 ess thcmsel ves sat sfied speak ng confidently that the happy change looiillDg up will make a more pleasant and profitable busmesam the near future Some of our dealers are housmg considerable new Connecticut Export trade lightfor the past week To Ltverpool per steam ship Indana Amertcan L ne of Western leaf 211'i 160 lbs Rece pta from different sect ons were 524 eases Connectteut 280 do Pennsylvan a 116 do W scons n 54 do Ohio 23 do New York State 72 bales Havana and 153 hhds of V u-g1rua Maryland and Western leaf W th sales for I orne use of 321 cases Conect cut 1.'51 do Pennsylvan a 99 do n 53 do OhiO 12 do New York State 58 Havana and 10 hhds of West em and V g n a leaf RICHMOND August 11 -Mr R A Mills Tobacco Broker and Commtss on Merchant reports to THE TORACOO LEAF as -Our rece I ts and offe ugs of good and de lJ ruble working and shipp ug tobaccos a e small for the season thoug-h ar as l beral as could be expected from the present .smalf and mfenor crop and pr ces for those grades are very stilf, particularly on br ght fillers and wrappers Ol common and t1 ere are mo e than enough to supply any posstble demand hkely to be made and pnces for those grades are n favor of the buyer The transact ons were 1 209 hhds 157 trcs and 60 bxs I quofe as follows -Medium to good shtppmg lugs l>@6}4c ex,tra lugs tlnd low leaf medium to -8@12c fine 13@14c select ons 1o@17c manufactut ng dark med urn to good 6@10c tine 11@12c extra 18@15c Bright tillers rule from 8@18c smokers from 8@30 br ght wrappers med urn to good Hi@4Q fine 45@55 60@70 ST LOUIS August 15 -Mr J E Haynes Dealer m Leaf Tobacco reports -Recetved 1 203 bhds aga nst 1 150 the previous "eek We have I ttle or no change to note n the general character of the marltet Common lllgS md low g ades leaf have been n large offer ng and have cont nued dull and heavy but anyth ng destrable for contmentnl shipment or manufactunng purposes has been ill ltght supply and good request The demand for sound fillers and br gbtwrappers espec ally the former has exceeded the suppl} and pr ces have ruled stronger Very little factory dr ed offenng as yet holders be ng unw lling to meet the v1ews of bu) ers from Thursday to yesterday nclus1ve 354 hhds -2 at 70c (sweep ngs) 68 at $2@2 90 121 at 3@3 90 52 at 4@4 90 34 at 5@5 90 25 at 6@6 llO 20 at 7@7 90 11 at 8@8 90 11 at 9@9 90 1 t\t 10 25 2 at 12@12 75 2 t 22 50 2 do at 23@23 50 2 do at 94 1 do at 2o 1 do at 28 50 1 do at 32 50 1 do at 37 1 do at 47 To day offer ngs were large and the market stead) and unchange I Sales 91 hhds -1 at 1 80 (scraps) 14 at 2 10@ 2 00 34 u t 3@3 90 10 ut 4@4 90 8 nt 5 50@ 90 6 at 6@6 90 "9 >t 7@7 90 6 at 8 10 @8 80 1 at 9 75 1 at 10 2o 1 V rgm a at 29 and 3 Inc$ at 2@ 2 60 3 hbds were passed and b ds vere reJected on 43 hhds a 3@8 80 1 do Vtrgm a at 50 and 1 box at 4 10 Quota t ons -Iufer or trashy Jugs 2@2 25 common dnrk Jugs rough t ed 2 li0@2 90 fa r to 1;\"ood cia k lugs 3@3 75 fom to good bnght lugs 3 50@5 mfenor nondcscnpt leaf 3 75@4 50 common dark leaf 4 75@5 75 medium dark leaf 6 00@7 50 medium red leaf 8@9 good to fine red leaf 10@12 50 medium half br ght wrapr ng !01 f 15@18 med m b ght wrappmg leaf 20@30 good to fa r br ght wrappmg leaf 35@ 50 Tobacco m boxes and small megular packages erafty 50C@$1 1Jl 100 !bs less than quotat ons for lull s zed hhds ANTWERP August 6 -Mr VICtor Forge Tobacco Importer reports to 1 HE ToBACCO LEAJ!' as follows -A great stagnatton has been not1ced n our tobacco trade for the past four weeks a few transactiOns of old stock were made at reduced pr ces holders not be ng d sposed to accept the offers made larger bus ness could not be done Of the new tobtlcco very I ttle has been sold up to tt IS tooearlyyetformann facturers to work new stock The demand for all sorts has been extremel;y qutet and the trade 10 general ts n an unsatls factory conditwn which ts always the case at thts ttme of the year Stock July 1 Arr1vals 10 July Kentucky 1M Virginia Mason Co 17 136 174 24 1 928 191 160 Sales m July 237 14 62 Stoc,k August 1 1 791 177 98 LIVERPOOL August 4 -Messrs F W Smythe & Co Tobacco Commtss on Merchants report to 'I HE 'I OBACCO LEAF 88 follows -Dunng the week end ng to day manufac turers contmued to make retaJI purchases of :Uaf and Stnpa su table for their rmmedlate wants a few parcels of superiOr new leaf were taken for AfriCa at pr ces which ruled sl ghtly !Jl buyers favor The busmess done for the Contment was un mportant Imports 1 754 hhds del venes 8154 stock 30 887 aga1nst 24 554 same t1me last year Augmt 11 -Durmg the past week our market was very m an mate wtthout any busmess passmg of suffic1ent 1mportance to call for apecml comment Imports 1 588 hhds deliver es 468 stock 81 1)57 agamst 26 350 same t1me last year LONDON August 8 -Messrs Grant & Co Tobacco Commtss1on Merchants report to THE ToBACco LEAF 88 follows -There bas been but I ttle act vtty n the market dunng the past week and only small .11ales have been made of Amertcan Tobacco the trade havmg put chased for 1m mediate reqwrements For export I ttle has beeo done WeateNt Leaf and Strp,_In the former Jtttle done and only a few sales m the latter V'W""' :Uaf and Stnps have been but httle operated In tine grades only wanted Ka111la11d and Ohw of good bgbt color n demand at fatr pnces Cavend18h bas been less acttve sales trifhng these are prud with U and M per thousand and even m some cases less It must be ev1dent to every think mg man that at present trmes a family cannot be supported at such wages 2 We have found that m a large number of cases the workmen are compelled to. take mgars mstead of cash Now m the name ot humamty we ask what a father of a family can do with a few boxes of cigars on a Saturday evenmg? He cannot eat c1gars he mill peddle them out as best he can He goes from saloon to grocery,_ and what 1s the result! He must spend some of his well earned to get the cash and must otte!J sacrifice 25 cents or more on a box JUst to n bemg tended, they then carry thetr Tobacco to thetr Mercht for which they Barter for such Commodtttes or Goods they want They who live 100 Miles and upwards m the back Countcy then lay J.Il GoodE! will serve them until the folloWing year They have very mdtfferenli Labourers and though they never Cultivate any Ground as 1t [ought to be] 1t must be much supenour to our Land for With any-Kmd of Culture 1t will ca:rry where I am 5 or 6 Crops of Wheat and Tobacco so that I think a man that understood Farmmg make Very handsomely for himself had he any CaptW to begm on Smce the War there 18 a Land Office. Opened and th-" 1nhab1tants smce that have explor'd back upwards 5 or 600 Miles further than Before to a. new Country Call d Kam Tuckey which have lowered the pr1ce of lands much and have made taxes more severe It 18 reckon d the finest m the World,. affordmg almost all the necessities of Spontaneous ly The Game of Draw Poker A large crowd gatherd at MoBS s Court yester day afternoon to w1tness the trial oF an assault and battery case The trouble had between two negroes at a poker game and the Jury and Witnesses were all of the colored penma.s1on John Bennett and Joe Rodman weJie the defendants and the latter bewg tned by the court was conVIcted and fined $40 ThiS decision had 1ts effect on Bennett who remarked -Guess I'll have a Jury DIB CO\lrt am too much for me A JUry of colored men was accordmgly summoned,.. and the fun began It was charged that Bennett,. while playmg a game of-poker With Roaman drew a kmfe and threatened to make the trouble Bennett took the stand and made tlie folloWing e:x:planat10n -Ye see Jedge we was playm poker down m the saloon and we got $6 m de pot and I had a full hand. -free aces and two queell8-Jedge sure s you stt yer" A JUrer (riBmg m his place)-Was d1sh yer straightpoker or draw? The w1tness-Draw The Juror-I thought so The w1tness-Well. ye see J edge-Judge Moss-Turn around and addres:l the JUry su:: The w1tness-Y1ssah You see I held a full and Joe,. he held a flush When I called he Bali> 'r se got a ftush an he reached for de pile .t1ole on dar says 'r a full beats liL flusll Says he You lie l I Mr Alex Harthtll Tobacco ll"roker reports. as to Ttm ToBACCO LEAF -The market th1s week. taken as a whole showed more demonstration and JCrllater to take hold than tt has done for some weel crop 18 6 at $60 a BOO do 4<> lsa bella crop 1876 at $12 3 700 do 4a Cagayan crop 1876 at '11 The Sparush steamship Gltma w.hich bas founde ed near S ng apore had on board 8 000 qtls Jeaf tobacco all of mfer or classes for Government account not msured The loss amounts to $112 000 Exehange,on London -6 months bank bUs 4@434 3 months bu"k btlls 4@4jq s ght bunk btlls 4@3)14 JeS pulled out my p1pe to take a smoke and argy de and he Jumped up and a char-dat s how ae row started m A Juror-Dtd he start fur you w1d that cheer? The w1tness-Well he sorter dtd for a spell and deu he sorter let up and stood standm for me to come Rodman next took the stand and test1fied as follows -Ye see Jedge I had a flush and John ea1d he had a full hand Mme was a flush shuah Jedge and so I reckoned on de stakes and John he pulled a knife BBI sp

.. .-C' THE AUG. 22 .. wM. WICKE tc co., This Space is Reserved BULKLEY & M. J. DOHAN. THOS. CARROL!. i 0. BOX '381J!. for the following well-known and reliable Manufacturers: I. B. PACE, W. J, YARBROUGH I SONS, C, T. BINFORD, FOR 153, 155, 157, 159 & 161. Goerck St., & NEW nmru no swum mi Dealers in Sprzish and. German ... Cigar Ribbons. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 79 FRONT ST., NEW ,,. ______ N:L' t!jt reet. TUBPII I BRO., IOODIAI l IYERS, L J, GRANT I CO., T. W. PEMHRTON, L. H. FRAYSER I CO., R. W. OLIVER, JOHN W. CARROLL, ud others' JOHN R. SUTTON, MANUFACTURER OF CIGARETTES IUGEIE DUBOIS, UAFTER DINNER" All Tobacco; CO.Sitll mcm, SOLE AGENTS FOR THE ORIGINAL Gable Coli, Bonne Douche, lfiiiF 4e and 6s,.Single and Double Thick. ALSO, AGENTS FOR THE CELEBRATED! LONE JACK & BROWN DICK SMOKING. TOBACCO. Large Stocks of Manufactured Tobacco of Every Description, Suitable for the Home Trade a11d for Foreign Markets, ::n;:.eP1i Oo:n.a1ia:n.1i1y on. EJ:a:n.d. ALEXANDER MAITLAND. L. F. 5. MACLEHOSE. ROBERT L. MAITLAND. ROBERT L. MAITLAND & CO., Tobacco Factors, And General Commission Merchants, 43 Broad Street, New York, AGENTS FOR THE WELL-KNOWN "' C .A:. :all: E Fl. C> N' '' Brands of Tobacco, Manufactured Expressly for EXPORT TO AUSTRALIAN and OTHER l''OREIGN PORTS: L'PV l vn1i11l c 'mON & co AUSTRALIAN TWIST-IT ANDREWS, A fJAlU1 J!JI\ li ., VENUS, CABLE, OUR GAllE, BLACK ._4 -......, _, -rYa DIA.JIIOND. ou........ AUSTRA.LIAN LUMPS-SIGNET OF VIRGINIA, VENUS, ALio THE, RAGB, FLOWER OF ALL NATIOJIS, ENGLISH LUMPS-PKINCE ALFRED WILLIAM CAMERON & BRO. lilA ::E"'oierabur5 'V&o 'AUSTRALIAN LUHPS-TWO SEAS, OUR CHIJIF, ORION. DIDIAX LUJriP5-HAVELOCK, CHARMEft!A;C .. I:J'GLISH LUIIPS-VICTORY, ROYAL IJAVY, .. c. f' SOUTH AJIIIERICAN DE LICIA., LA F:8LICIDAD. THE VIRGINIA TOBACCO. AGENCY, :a.aae. J.&S. M. G.&RDINBR, TOBACCO GOMMISSION MERCHANT, 84 FRONT STREET, NEW YORK. EXPORT ORDERS FOR PLUG TOBACCO PROMPTLY FILLED. ..... ll. B.-We Also Sam:ple in Merchants' Own -. F. C. LINDE & CO., Philadelphia Branch-E. W. Dickerson, 139 N. 3d St. PllDfCIPAL Water Street, and 189 to 188 Peul Street. I 74, 18 78. Greenwich. Streets, an :I Hudson River RaH Road 1 Depot, St, .Jbhn's i'ark. BENSEL & CO., TOBACCO INSPHCTOBS, WATER STREET, MEW YORK. SYRACUSE G P. HIJ:R a: co. ELMIRA do .. .. .... J. R DECKER. BALTIMORE do E.WJSCHMEYER&CO HARTFORD do ........ W WESTPHAL. HATFIELD, Mass., do .......... J. loP. <:ARL. CHARLES FINKE, TOBAOOO INSPECTOR, 15$ WATER STREET, N'evv lrcOUNTRY SAMPLING PROMPTLY A'l\o 'l'ENDED TO. PHILADELPHI4 BliLA.NCH 1WAB I.!E'l'Z, 61 NOB'l'H FRON'l' -AND-W. e. KSM8A:I.L tc VANITY FAIR TOBACCO AND CIGARETTES. FAVORITE DARK NAVY1. IWEJIT MORSEL DARK NAVY, HOKEY Al'ID PEAVH BRIGHT NAVY, AND ALL POPULAR BRANDS OF FANCY AND' LIGHT fRESSED. J?d, Q,'QEEN DBE, TR(I]IlPS, WIG W.AG, IIUGLE, IN PAILS AND BARRELS DEPOT JI'OR E. T. PILKDITOX & CO.'S CELEBRATED "'1'2tn'rS &; FLO'W12S" 41" Smo'ld.lur 'l'obac001. 8" PRICE LUTI JI'1J&DIHED 011 .APPLICA.TJORoYw;i ----.DEPOT l'OR,-SNOW'S PATEliT CARD-HOLDERS. FANCY SMOKING. -IN-BRIER AND FANCY WOODS, MANUFACTURED BY HARVEY & FORD, SALESROOM385 & 361' CANAL STREET, NEW YORK, FACTORY-LEDGER PLACE, PHILADELPHIA, B.EJALL & BECKER, MANUFACTURERS OF MEERSCHAUM & AMBER GOODS, AND OF J FRENCH BRIAR PIPES & SMOKERS' ARTICLES 1Vo Stlit Ohambers Street, N'e--ov "UNIQUE" All Tobacco; "PICKWICK" All Tobacco; '' PH ... 6 ll'JRST PRIZE IIIEDAL, .,.ARL "'nH'EIS VllilNNAEXHIBl'I!IOll, 18'1'3, ""' .OOSC T PKRSTOROKNK!t "" REYNES BROTHERS & co., CB.lS. F. 1: Gel Importon of SPANISH aDd Dealn Ia aH klndo ttl I = oMMISSION MERCHANTS, Commission Kercha.nts, LEAF TOBACCO, COMMISSION MBRCII4NTS MANUFACTURER OF I :HE E :a. 8 0 El: .A. 'D' :M: 44 Broad Street, New York. BRANCH BOUSE: r AND AMBER GOODS, D OM E s;.1 0 4& & 48 Bxchange Place, 184 Front Street, GARTH &. CO. Ninth' and Ka.rket Sts., Louisville, K GRAND ST., Q,.. And lmpo r lmof Ne-.gv York.. IIBW rOREIGN TOBACCO, s. E. TIIOIUOOI(, E. P. GJLIO... G. B.EUSENS, I s. E. TBDMPSOI co., BUYER OF :NEW YORK. AND Austria. 176 FRONT STREET,, :NEW YOBE. E. SPINGARN & CO., D._.A.I.KllS lN YEBA & BEINHEIM, IMPORTERS OF FACTIIIS, TOBACCO., HAVANA TOBACCO HAVANA & DOMESTIC TOBACCO. BUEHLER tc POLHAUS, MANUFACTURERS AND IMPORTERS OF FELIX GARCIA, General Commlssl Mtrohants, 156 Ri'OAD STREET. 54 & 5 6 BROAD sT., xEwYoRJL P.o. Box 3698. NE1W YO.BX. BRIRB WOOD, MKHBSCHAUM & CLAY PIPBS, And all Kinds of SMOKERS' ATICLES. 83 Chambers and. 65 Read.e Streets, New York. SAWYER, WALLACE" ca., :r. Qv:uv & co., LEERET & BLASDEL i IMPORTER OF HAVANA LEAF. TOBACCO And Cigars! !67 Water Street, NEW YORK. And. c:r.J:G.A.:E:U!J. c:oa !!!" !'EAlU. S'l'UE'l'. mlW YOB!t. CARL UPIIA.NN, CDIIISUU. MEUH!ft COMMISSION MERCHANTS, TOBACCO FAG TORS, EL I PORVENIR," c I MANUFAC:;;Rs OF N B d s Western and Virginia Leaf, "E lg'Q%' .iiiiitO'ZGS 0. 47 rOB treet, O J. L, GASSERT. l'f. L GASSERT. 178 PUlU. El'l'BD'l', ,39 BROAD STREET, ;::;.;-168 & 170 East Water St., J. L. OASSERT 11 BROa, --NEwYaRX NEW YORK. P.o. uox :11,707, :NEW YOR. SYRACUSE, N. Y. "" -F-. w-.-TA-TG-."-"0-.. .,_---H-.-s.-.. BB-KT-.-. C. P. NASH, : ; COMMISSION MERCHANTS. WM. PRICE, T 0 B A C C 0 JI'J Rokohl Bros. & Soelter, IN ALL KJNvsCuFO LEAF T 0 B A C C 0 F. W. TATBENHORST & CO., 'l'O:BACCO -AND&RIIIlAt 68 BROAD STREET, NEW YORK. OTTINGER & BROTHi1t1 J _,__ KENTtlCKY LEAF. TOBACCO; .48 BB.OA:D STlU:ET, r lSTevv "'5

JIIANUF ACTV1E& ., CIGAR BOXES, SUPERI0:.. MAKE AND T Prime QuaUty Qf CEDAR WOOD; 293, 295 &: 2' St., NEW YORK BASCH ct. FISCHER, mPORTERS OF HAVANA SHED LBAPc:TboBACCO, 155 Watell' St., il'e&rKai4enLu.e, NEW YORK. TBI-&11111 AIIRitAI .JAJI, BROADWAY, cor. Cedar St.lfEW YORK, Co.pltal, $:1,000,000. E1'ery fa.clllty afforded to Dealen Corre1pondent1 consistent with Sound Baokinl' H. BOCHOLL. Prnldoat. )II READING, Caahlor. WM EGGERT &: CO. IMPuRTitllS OF (SUCCE1i!OR8 TO P.ALBlER ._ SCt>VJLLB,) OF AND JOBBERS IN ALL KINDS OF L EAF TOBACCiO, No. 1?'0 WATJJB. STD.JII:T, lti:W '201UE, 001fliJICTIOUT SEED LEA:I' WR.APPER OF OVB OWJ( PAO.KING. 135 Chatham St., DQar SKID LBAP TOBACCO, 111 PWL YORL MANUfACTURERS Of CIGARS AND IN :Br&DCl!, 94 :llain St., C!nclm&t!, 0. Gus J'Jtt1lNo, Eowuo FRoOHo, Jo., NEW YORK, l'lti&ND S. B.A.B:NE'r-.r, Zaperter ol BAVAR'A AND JOliBllill. IN :SEED LEAF TOBACCOS, 162 Water Str11t, lew Yorlc. "Draw Bills of Exchange ob' the J)rihcipal' Cttiel of .Eu.rope; isaue Clrcular-LI!ttenefCredittoTra'Yt!lers, .and grant Commercial Credits; r..,cefve Mr,ney on Deposit, 1objec to Siht Checks, upon which. interest will b"'' allowed; pay particular dtentlon to the 'Ne_ioliation of Loans. dOSEPB SCB.ITT, IMPORTER AND DEALER IN LEAF TOBACCO, ADd Manufacturer of :Jr':J:N::EJ O:J:Gr.A.a.&, No. 893 THIRD AVENUE, Bet. :iifty-third and Fifty-fourth Sts., l!OlW YOR.K. CUTHRIE & CO., 225 Frcmt Street. tODISSION MERCHANTS, AND OF TOBACCO FOR EXPORT. Leaf Tobacco pressed in bales for the 'Ve.t Indttll, .lf..lexican aud Central American Ports, and other milt tet1. TOBACCO PAClKED IN HOGSHEADS. AHNIR & DEHLS, -DEALERS IN LBAP TOBACCO. 1SO Peaz-1 St., -.. cAL A.a ... -,} NEW YORK }OMN A. Daat.a. 1 LEDERER ,. FISCHEL. DEALi;RS IN Seed Leaf AND HAVANA TOBAC.CO, .,, !l PUrl%. S'l'U!'l', NEW YOU. W. H. TERWILLIGER, LATE OF TERWILI:IGER & CO., PATENTEE OF THE Welded Steel a.nd Iron IMJI'llOVBD PIRK & BURGLAR PBOOP SAFES; PATENT INSIDE 'IJOLT WORK .AND HINGBU CAP. GREATEST IMPROVEMENT OF THE AGE. No 8af"e Complete Wl1hout Jt: f l NO. 154 lVIA.U:;n;:w LANE. NearWi!UamStreet. NEW YORK. Testimonials &:: List 1urnished oa applicauon. THOMAS G. LITTLE, TOBACCO SWBATilv&, 192 Pearl Street, 1\T:E::'\V YOB.K. J!(o. 300 Bro&dwa7, .NEW YORK. ,. ADOLPH MOONELIS, 34g IJ!IBIB.D AVJ:II'U:B, KJJW "1'01\B.; MANUFACTt.'RER OF THE CELEBRATED BRANDS OF NL.ATANZAS &. lCOOKK l CD 9 2 Cha.m bers St. THE ABOVE IS AN IMPRINT OF OUR O:I:G.A.B.. $"1" A 'M"P O..a...:LVO::&::T .:I: 1E:EL Used and l::QdOI'8ed by the PrincipaJ Manufacturers. ?':t-RICE OF Str.AMP, with 'Mattufacturers"..oame, Lor.-ttion, B b x ot Dates good for l:ight Years, Pads, Figures, etc., complete, C. 0. D PRENTICE'S I .A. OATMAN CIGAR SHAPING MUUtD IMPORTER OF HAVANA And Dealer, in Domestic LE!F .TOBACCO. I 66 Water Street, ,r NEJY YOBK. ,MANUFACTURER OF BAND CIGARS, No. 42 VESEY STREET, NEW YORK. M. SALOMON, E. SALOMON. M. a E. SALOMON, PACKERS OF SEED LEAF, Al\'1> IMPORTERS OF l-avan.a Tobacco and Cigars, 85 MARDEN ._o'\NE, N. "(. B. 'W. E:EtiCHS, :lo!ANUFACTURI!I< OF CIGAR AND !MPORl'ER Or' GERMAN CIGAR of OSElml!.tl'Clt lC CO., and F. lt!anu:actura DIILALRII. IN Cigar-Mould Presses, Straps anu Cutters, ..-283 SOUTH STFcEET, N; Y. $> SF ANISE: LE.AF TOBACCO, 157 \Vater Street, New York. P.A.OTOB.Z:EJ&: e1t:, eus, e18, eao, 9'1:., 9'1e aDd 9'18 IIASIIJ,' BDI'-.r&: OF:I':Z:C:Z -1S aAcl .20 ASTO::R 'PLACI:J NE"'lN" 'Y'Omr. r HE ONLY ESTABLISHMENT IN THE WORLD IN wHicH oLD, GREEN, LIGHT AND pooR coLoRv TOBAccos ARlo: RROUGHT Licorice Paste. .PARK COLORS. ANU THEIR DEFICIENT QUALITIES IMPROVED. 7 HEILBRONNER tc JOSEPHS, CIGAR MANUFACTURERS, 634, 638 & 640 EAST SIXTEENTH BEPPENBEIMER &: MAURER, Praotl.oal. :I:.&I:th.og:raph.e:rs, BNGRAVBB.S.., & "PRINTBRS BY STEA.M PO,VER AN HAND PRESSES. @;igart Ut1barrg and CONSTANTLY ON HAND AND NEW DESIGNS JI[ADE TO ORDER. 22 and 24 NORTH WILLIAM STREET, NEW YORK. V.-. V .ALLAUR.I, 1260 BROADWAY, NEW YORK DIRJ:CT IMPORTATION OF l Turkish Loaf Tollacco Giwottos ALSO MANUFACTURER OF I YEIIIIJI TIJBIIU AND CJ:GA.RETTES. PATENT POWDERED LICORICE, GUM ARABIC, OLIVE OIL, OTTO ROSEi,. Tonqua Beans, And all other Matel'ials for Flavoring used by Manufacturers, including the V-nelf Essential Oils, W H. Schieffelin & Co 170 anli 172 WILLW!: STIU:E'I', -dEW YOU. SANCHEZ,, HAYA tc CO., I 30, I 32 & 134 MAIDEN LANE; NEW YORk, MANUFACTURERS m, ........ FINEST &LEAR HAVANA CIGARS, Awa:rdecl mgheat Medal Exhibition, lS'lG, lhiladelpm.. ALSO IMl'ORTERS OF HAVANA CIGARS &: LEAF SIMON STRAUSS, MANUFACTURER OF CICAR BOXES tc-SHOW FICURES; Importer of and Dealer in Spa ish Cigar Ribbons, GEllMAN CIGAR MOULDS, PRESSESt STRAPS, CUTTERS, E!C.,, A 181 J.IIWIS STBJ:BT, KBW "''OBE. t' AU kind o'C F1gurea Cut to Order and Repaired la tbe Bet Tile Trade SEED., AND HAVANA TOBACCOSJ SOLE AGENTS AND IUPO:RTERS OJ' THB GENUINJ: W', 11111.,1 O:I:G.A.El. 'M"O"C'LDB PRESSES, STRABS.,..& CUTIE ll Importers of Geran and Sp .. h Cigar ltltll No.' 101lltiAIDEll' LANE, NEW ) .. I PLUG MACH1NER The i REFERENCES: KERBS a: SPIESS, Now YMk; LICiiTENSTEIN BROS .!t CO., Now Yor"k; HIER 1JJ ALDiliCH, SEUBERT & WARNER, CARR .&: CUSHING, aad BALDWIN 4" FRYER, Syracu1e1 N.Y. DAVID H. HULL, 38 'W. Geueee St., Syraeue, :W. Y Cope's Tobacco Plant, A MONTHLY JOURNAL_for atfNo. 10 LORD NELSON STREET, LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND. Price wo Shillings :ied or to ''THE TOBACCO LEAF,, OFFICE. PER ANNUM. POSTAGE PAID 127, 129 II: 131 W.@o'l'EI ST., :BIOOitlillll, If. s; Manllfacture PR.S....,. P1JXPS .tz. V A.L VIliS, FUIJSBMIR PR:&MI, POTS aud DIVISION PLATlllla. 110lt PRESSES, IRON IJEGJIEJJTS1 BOLTS PLUG TOBACOO TURERS. ALSODIPPII\'GA!(DWaii ... l,NG IIIACHINlilS. 1ii1'" OUR JIACHIB:ICAY IS IN USE BV TUB MOST IIIXTIIIJJIJIYJI PJ,UG TOBACCO MANUVACTURIIIR.II Dr THE \VORLD, Tho judges' Report ot highest order, B.lld Medel and Diploma aweJrded a&: me Eklbltion for Hydraulla P...,...,.F Pumpa. -_...-


Advertise.rner.t.r. KNECHT, MITH & CO., 1111111Cm18110JU TO Slll'l'R BROS, .. KNIIICBT, .li:ALERS lilT ALL I(INDS OF LEAF TOBACCO, J .&.liD JIAlfUFACTUBEJLS 01' AlfD DEALERS IN CIGABS 13'1 orth ftird 8treet, rhiiiUlelphia. PaK11'11 Ca11111111oa lorthaats, and ftol1salt D1atu1 Foreip and Domestio Leaf Tobaooo, 117 North Philadelphia. .,., W. EISENLOHR & COr, PACKERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN E .A F T 0 B .A. C C 0, 116 &. 'V'Va-ter S-t Pb.ll.adel,ph.i.a. W. EISENLOHR, S! W. CLARK, PliiL. -BOKN. ( LEAF T -OBACCO, And Manufacturers of all Grades of Cigars, 1Vo.3 J 11 Ac:il St., Philadelphia,Pa. LEWIS BREMER'S SONS, Wholesale Dealers i11. 'LEAF" AND KANtrFACTtmED TOEACCO; NO. 322 NOIITM THIRD STRHT, PHI_LAD LPHIA. c. frA large assortment of all kinds of LEAF 1joBACCO constantly on ha;'d ltl. ANA-THAN & CO., Paokers, Commission Merchants AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN LEAF lVIOORE d: IIAY, Pckers, Commission Kercha.nts &, Dea.lers in SEED LEAF*' HAVANA No. 35 North Water-st., Philadelphia. JOSEPH LOEB, PACKER AND DEALER IN I:;E'AF TOBACCO, AND .MANUFACTURER OF CICARS, :-4 62 NORTH FRONT STREEl, PHILADELPHIA, PA. -Jl. l. McDOWELL & CO., JULIUS VETTERLEIN & CO. TOBACCO Seed Leaf and AND HAVANA TOBACCO, ffimaral Commission Merchants, sol .. Agent for th KORTH WATER ST., :Philadelphia, "U. S. Solid Top CIOAR MOULD," u-Agent!l for the ule ofa.ll kinds of Manuac.. 135 ARCH ST PHILADELPHIA. Pa. and DOHAN & TAITT, 211 COKMISSION MERCHANTS FOR THE SALE OJ' 10'1 ARCH STREET, Ohio and Other leaf Tobaccos. rKAHN E.A.WJllL, Hmv,Tr&Tic, ,ARNOLDl:l&Ttc. 'I'OBACOO SBI:P:PilVCI IMPORTED and DOMESTIC w eil, Kahn & Co., J H. TIETIG & BROTHER, Commission"ND Kercha.nt, LEAF TOBACCO, c i"a?\RRFS, E. E. WENcK, Manae:er. -Clrau(l t .. Tv au T OBArCO AND DEALERS IN 46 and 48 ST. CHARLES STREET 29 Gar St., BaHimore, Md. OW \11. IIWlf U LEAF TOBACCO, I 'Welnolto the attention of Manufacturrs toour 134 Ua'ln St.. C'tnCI'nnati' 0 215 WEST FIFTH ST., s._w_.e-or_.L_o_m_ba_rd_S_t.,;._B..;,At...;,T..;,IM..;,O,;;.;R;;;,;;E'..;,M;;;;_D Stock or DARK RE-IWEATED WRAP ll'! o t of which we makt" CINCINNATI, O, MERFELD & KEMPER, PACKERS OF Oo:nnecrtiou.-t Seed And Wh,lesale Bealers in Havana. and Yara Tobaccos, I 17 Lombard Street, BALTUIORE, MD. W. G. MORRIS, AMBROSIA Leaf TobaCCO TOBACCO WORKS. Ua.nufa.ctured Toba.cco :a::n.o:K.E:a SPENCE BROTHERS & CO., 56. 58, 60 a.nd 62 "' AND o'FncE, COLLEGE BUILDING. :m .a. aT T z a, X) 131 T. N 11 Pl,aee, DALTlliORE. And IS7 Wost Front St., Cincinna.ti, t:INCINNiTI, OHIO. J, P. w. H YIRCINIA SMOK_INC TOBACCOS, And \Vholeaale Dealers ia B. GEISE & C. 0. HOLYOKE, COMKISSION Dltca.ANT In LEAF a.nd MANtTF AOTtmED TOBACCO, 12 Central Wharf, Bosto1t,. South'ern Advertisements. J. M. W'Js:s:, Danville, Va. P. WtsEt Richmond, Va. (JAMES M. & PEYTQN WI&E, COMMISSION ME:EtC:S:ANTS -,or the Purchase gf LEAF TOBACCO. Ad.d.ress us &t ilehmond or Danville, Vr.., As you may wish to buy in the one or the other market WM. E. DIBRELL; LBAP MIIUD. 1410 Street RICHMOND. VA. :a. A. 'M'TL't.S, Tobacco Broker AMD General Commission Merchant, OFFICE IN SLIP, RICJDIOND, VA. LB BOY BHPBR & SUMS. TOB.AOGO COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Z'B'!'ZIUIBVB.G, VA. J. H. PEMBERTON. }As. G PENN. PEMBERTON & PENN., Tobacco Commi-ssion Merchants: LONE JA-CK AND BROWN DICK1 Manufactory: TWELFTH STREET, LYNCHBURG, VA. t'lrtlra reaoectfullr and .. Price List OHIO AND CONNECTICUT LEAF 'I'OBACCO, 46 Front St Cincinnati, 0. With a lo1tg expaimce in the busine ss CIGAR Box PACTORY' offer their services to fill otdas for Leaf Manufildured t:Alli,'JLLE, F. W. DOtiRMANN, No .. 93 CLAY STREET, JL' .. UrB.-&Cl P. W. smu & .Ct Doalllrs and CollllillSSiDJl Mercnants COMMISSION MANUFACTURERS OF G-LOBE FINECUT CHEWING &SMOKINGI TOBACCOS, $1, 33 &. 35 Atwater St., East, DETROIT, JIICH, PhHa.delphia '..A.dvertbementa. ..... WANUF'ACTURRR. or CINCINNATI, O. G. w. & co., MERCHANTS, K -'"" ST. LOUIS, 110, an.....,,urers' Agonts for the Sale of Ch."llce Brands of Imported licorice atwaywoa hand. BRETHERTON BUILDINGS, TOiACCnOJ. L:,-291 West. Main Street Wl Jl U l.UB, (FOR THE TRADE,) .... .... 'D 'D I c E LOUISYILLE, Ku. U .D.1. .-;-. .U. Goo. w WicKS. N. Fuuv. 21 N. Main St., St. Louie. DANViLLE: VA., Paducah Tobacco Works. Five Brothers Tobacco Works HAVING SMOKING PIPES, T. L. BISHOP, JOBlf FIIZEB &BROS., PURCHASEofLEAFTOBACCO LEAF' TOBACCO, 87 North 7th_.t. .AU 2101 ou.tu1lt str .. t, PJIU.ADELPJIU I. RlllLDO SAil a CO. Apple, Bria.z-, ll:tc., Manufadurer of Choice of MANUFACTURERS OF to tke Banks and Bu"lness Me'n Renerallr F. X. KELLY,. Jr., 4-n LOCUST STREET, PHILADELPHIA. T 0 B .4 C CO MANUFACTURERS' AGENT FOR lli !lEND FOR CATALOGUE. Made of SELEt:T KENTUCKY LEAF, Plug &, Smoking Toba.cco, Paducah, Ky. 1 94 a. 1 96 Jacob st J. L. PENN, ]. C.. PENN. TOBACCO, AND amm comssm1 KO. 31 KorOl Water IIUeet-.. -.. ao ll'ortla .o.Ja""'" A ... P& 4 H. Clr!IK & BROW. CKYO .. .UCHA:oAN II: LYALl., New York; Cl' ... ., I'BNINQIIJ.I'OX., PRICB CO., TO.BACC, 0 BROKERS [C.LAY, WOOD,' ENNAMETLLED,ANGERMAN1NC. D.; & OTHER t. T Tobacco Brokers, DRYER, COOK tO A PIPBS. .-PADUCAH, KY. F INE CICARS, Aad Wlloleaale Dealers lo LEAF TOBACCO II'. W.&t.'BB. 81!1'., PHILADELPHIA, AND DEALER IN Spanish and Domestic Leaf T ebacco, W. cor. 3d. Poplar Sta DDJLLBN LOVB, s:w &: ao. JOHN J. LUDY, 'J. A. COURTNEY, IANnPACTDBHBS' !&EJTS, OSee: Cor. Byrne & Halifax sts., Petersburgh, va. Factory: 19 :second 1 District, Virginia ;l J. L. PENN & CO.,. COMMISSION MERCHANTS FOR THE PURCHASE OF 't.'JI:Alr 'l'O:S.ACCO -AJCD-T0BA000 STEIII. 'N. o. FALLENSTEIN & SON, TOBACCO COIIISS' "'M Maourctu,-.,rofthe Celel>rated D3 North Front St., Phil a., Smyside and Little Wanderer 0 :J: G-A., :El. 8. AGENT FOR Maaufactort a ad Offer to the Trade tbe tollowinw CELEBI\.4TED BRANDS of PLUG W IK G S::ali:C>:K.::tN'Q. TOBACCOS I and Retail dealer Ia All Braada of TIDB IT ATE 011' KENTUCKY TOBACCO IIAYY & TOBACCO, 123 11 525 SOti'I'II 2otJ. .L_mi.A. F. W. FELGIER a SOl, Baltlmoro, Md. BIILLBB., MIIGRA \V & CO., BANNER TOBACCO FACTORY .. r 212, 214, 216 & 218 CARTER ST., PHILADELPHIA, PA., X&o.ofacturers of MILLER'!=i "WEDDING CAKE," in pif'r.f's runnin2' twenty to the pound, witb the w ord. "WEDDING CAKE lmpresw .. d iu e ch vlug, and packt!d i n 6\lc:-pOuod packotaes 7he thing out. Maonf:t ctur rs ofthe frtJlowiug pop u lar : A. GLOBE N.tVY, BANNER NAVY, GOLDEN NAVY, OLD TOJII :BANNER SPUN ROLL, LADY'i!l FINGERS, lOs, !lAIDElli'!! BLUSH.' sa LIP'f.RTY, 4o, JIEGRAWS GOLDEN BARS, OUR DABLil'lG, So and :lOo, 0 CORA, 611, DI.ACK. PRINCE, 6, 81 aa4 lUI \ M.auvfactured. t.o Qrdt:.r ;d Ehurl .uotic::e. ____ ECLIPftE" BRIGHT lVA.VT, 11, 81, f.-1, a., a., 7a, tla, 91 a11.d .lOa. ST. GEORGE" BRIQHT :NAVY, Ia, }ia, 3a, -t:a, Oa, 8$, 'Ia, fh, 81 and lOa. 'VIRGINJ&. DARE'' BltJGHT IVA.VY, 11, 3a, Oa, 81,91 aa.d I.Oa. ''ANNOT LYLE" BRIGHT NA.VY, la.3,4 &a, &a, 'fa, Sa, Uaaa.d lOa. "UNION JACK." MA.HOG.&.NY POUNDS, X" a .lad !h. "ST .JA..!IES" DARK. POUND!!I, Ma, 4-a, lh1 8a, '2"1, Sa, 91 aa.d lOa. grea.t variety of FINE TWIST of .everal grades Bright aad under the ceiii!Mied brand&:" ADJIIIB..&t.'IOX," "t.'BO:B.M.4XD'2'," "BBAB.T 01' GO:I.D," A" r.:rv11 OAK,"" XABOB," "DB SOTO and OOXQVBB.OB.." The fqll owing are OUR Ag-!!!ntlf for tb.e of MANUFACTURED GOODS: -0. W. VAN ALSTINE, N o. 13 Central Wharf. B oston, M a n ; P. CAVANA'GH, 4t a 1 d 43 Wabash Avenue Tll.; A. HAGEN & CO No. 6 3 N. Front Street, Philadelphia, Pa.; N. H. CHRISTIAN, Galveston, Texas; JOHN TITUS. Cincinnati, O. ; T. w. BELL, No .fS Magazin e Stre et, New Orleans, La j E. :nA. VO. N. S treet, S t. L o u is Mo.; llERltiAN EJ.l..J N o. GJ S. Street Ualt imc>re-, M:d.j COOPER A. ( 'U1 Co.r. Ma.dh )on a u d Front S t a M ef\lpbls Tenn.. Evans_ville, Ind. BUYS STRICTLY ON ORDER. J. E. HAYNES, DEALER IN WES7ERN LEAF TOBACCO, 2.7 South S;:cond Street, St. LOUIS.


THE TOBACCO LEAF. 7 NEwlYIAR..,. 8AMBO DOE3 HIS. BEST FoR iiJIII i SUTRO .&a., FRIEND.-A lady whose position ena...: bles her to form a just-est:imate-of the :MAlnrF.ACT11RERS OF unfitness of the negroes for 1egislators .A R s in their uneducated state C..,sends to the Wo,.,an' Journal a: spec. ..&. .. imen of one of theirspeoo h e8 delivered in the lower house oi a Southern LegAND DEALERS IN LEAF 'OBACCO, llr8 p A 'D'V' PLACE, NEW YOB."'7. nor-writo, was in opposition to a pro _.-,_ posed tax on dogs, which is greatly needed, to protect the sheep. Said Mr. Dabbst..,."E''RB SPI._SS "Mr. Speaker :-I arises to a point .-a,..,. .-:11 J of discussion, and t'o explain a few 'lllnuflllc tu rers of Fine C1. .I.V.I.g, g, ; g, has no opportunity until BA.,..,.O this time of present, and which I conADd Dealers ln LEAF TO "" ducts as a gentleman ter both 1014, 1016, 1018, 1020 SECOND AVENUE, black and whi.te. In all this 'fection 310 312 314 FIFTY-FOURTH STREET. doing-s and speeching I have keeped ADOLF KERRS, N:J!I"VV T'O::E'I.:S::i LOUIS SPIESS. my shut, but when talks about dogs, you can count sah-has owned d<'gl-got dogs now-& c 0 good as ever treed a coon; and wben l H I s c H H 0 R N vou l'PmBrks about killing them fel fers you c+enpln' on mv 9 toes', and 'yo u bonnd to hear me growl. i';;' Jio as w .A Tli:E. STE.ll:li:T' white? Which is th-a most benefit to 1 a man-a dog, or scm3thing that ain't MANUFACTURERS OP' no account! Sense is sense, and dar .,. ._.. !RS ain't no foolin' abou t a dog. Come at FINE BAND lADE CIG m e far and squar Politics are one thing and dogs is another Whenever AND SOLE MANUFACTURERS OF THE g l will have to swallow your own r esolution, mind what I tell you And des more wool-gatherin' in de Governor's message than they is dogs in United .Pq, Wl1 ar s d e use of d1s infliction! No, sar. IN ILLINOIS some of the tobacco growers of said to be ra1smg crops which will make fifteen hundred pounds to the acre. 'TOll BOOB.E AND LAFAY!JTTE -Some of the fa'rme s of East Doneegal and 1f!nytown, Pa., with characteristic enterpnse. are build ing new eheds for theit tobacco. DEI..A.NDS. FOSRELIANCB CIGARON. WYHAK Cigar Manufacturers FOSTER, HILSON I. CD., 71 lG 79 CliAllBB!l.S ST. 3 DoOl'll West o!Broadwa7, :N. MANUFACTURERS OF Fine Cigars, AND SOLE PROPRIETORS OF THE Are Informed that we are able to supply the Trade with fi.tst-cla11 PACKERS at short notice. PJeue addreu c:orr,apoadenc to the CIGAR PACKERS' SOCIETY, S. MICHAL IS .t CO., n&. Houoton Stroot 1 or lL PATENTED WILLOW CIGAR BOX. M. GATTERDAM (Coatrollet Gf Vaca:ocle), 109 Norfolk St.....,t, No" York City. E. CO A WARDED HIGHES'J MEDALS FOR PLUG ..-oa.acco, FINZC'tTT TO:BACCO, SMOliN& TOBACCO AND SNlJPP. Office-No. Ill FIRST ST., JERSEY CITY, I. J, New York Salesrooms--114 Water St., one door from WaiL EMPLOY 2,000 HANDS. PAY U .S. GOVERNl!IENT .3,000,000 THIS YEA.&. LIQUORICE PASTE. SP ANZ&::a::: LZQUC>"R:J:OE. TU::R.:EE.:J:SEI: LZQUC>::a.:I:OE. THill UNDERSIGl'IED C8NTINUE8 TO IMPORT AND MANUFAcTURE PURE SPANISH AND TURKEY LIQ.UORicE OF UNIFORM Q.UALITY AND GUARANTEED TO GIVE SATISFACTION TO EVERY TOBAcCO MA.NUFAc'I'UilEB. liiiNG THB SAME. THe OLD FAVORITE BRAND OF J. '7 Ca. II ALWAYS B.EI\.DY FOR DELIVERY AT THE I!HORTEIJT NOTICE, ALI!O A. O. C p T c:;> AND Hl!o OTHER BRANDS OF TURKISH PASTE, ALL OF WHICH A Rill. GIVllloO Il'lcllEAI!ED A!JINIITANcED BY THB RAPIDLY GROWING DEMAND AND El'ITIRE AD!J:II:I!IICE a.' CO!IlPLAINT!J. CAUTION. It balng come to my knowledge that, in several instance, Liquorice Paste fa.ltetr repre .. aented as being of my manufacture bas been offerea for tale by partica to suit their own purposes, who han no authorit y k> s-.:11 my brands, the present serv es to CAUTION all Tobacco Manafacturen aplnat t.._e 1ame and to give notice that hereafter eery cawe omy wilt be brande d w ith my Trade Mark, acquired u n der the lawa of the United States ... u any unprincipled penon couaterfeitlPg tbia Trade Mark will be rigorollaly prosecuted.. JAMES. C. McANDREW, 55 Water Street,' New York. 1NDUCEMEIITS.-'he Winston (1'1. 0.) Wesrem .::,ennuel BASTARD TOBACCO. -John 0. Phelps. of Poquonnock, of August 16 says:-" At the warehouses we notice 001m., answers the inquiry we made a few weeks since some of the farmers having a pile of tobacco down on as to the cause of so much ''mongrel or 'bastard the floor, put a good m elo n on top, to go to the )_)art;v tobacco, that it w:l.S born in tho seed bod, and is caused buying the lo t. If some fellow would wlllsper m h1s by continuously growing the plants year after year in ear to change this bait for buyers f rom a melon to a the same bed .-Springfield (1lfa$s.) New England Horne bottle of old corn, it would further his interests much stead. better." MANUFACTURERS AND IMPORTERS .OF 501 BROAD'W A YORK. Centennial award:ed fGlr Beauty of Design, Skill Displayed in Fabrication, POPULAR STYLEand CHEAPNESS. 1 SHOW FIGURES IN METAL AND WOOD A SPECIALTY. A. LICBTENSTEIK & BROTBER, MANUFACTURERS OF THE I '' ELlt" and ONW A.RD 0 I GARS, And Dealers In LEAF TOBACCO, Nos. :34 and .. BOWERYi IJIW TORX. W. MIRDIL a BRO. MANUFACTURERS OJt CIGARS AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, BOWERY. NEW YORK. amND Fe> :a. BIG LEAVES.-The Lancaster (Pa.) Examinl!r and Express of August 15 mentions tobacco leaves ing inches and inches broad, with 1 5 to 16 on the stalk, 42mches long and 22 inches in_width inches long and inches wide, grown m Lan caster County. DISSOLIJTION. -The ()opartnen!hip heretofore existing under the tlrm name or JOS. H. TH0)!}'80N & CO. is this day dissolved l>y mutual consent. Either partner will sign in liquidation. NEW YoJU<, AugusF lG, 1877. JOS. H. THOMPSON, PAUL CALVI. COPARTNERSHIP.The undersigned h"Te this day formed a copartnership under the firm name ot THOMP30N, MOORE & 00., and will contin u e the Tobacco and General n business at No. 83 Front Street. NEW YoRK August 16, 1877. JOS. H. THOMPSON, D SACKE'IT MOORE, PAUL CALVL W. ]. llOODLESS. w I J. HOODLESS & CO,: I.I.TIDRAL TOBACCO IISPICTIOI. lteceiving & Forwarding.'Wa.reho-..;ea, Foot of Van Byke and Partition Sts.1 Brooklyl\. 1 Bill aU Loliacco care Naboaallnspectlon. ..-"'' OPFJCES :-45 B:roaa Street, N. V.; Partltlnn St., Brooklr-49 .... SQUIRES, &. CO., TOBACCO ,AND liCHTE OS. & CO., SITUATION W ANTED. -A. young mArried man, a.s Porter. S)>t'akB and Wl'ltes Gennan and WUllng to do any kind of work. o! references. Address PORTER, cars o'f. Tim T O BA CCO LEAF. FOR SA.Lill. A Fre$h Supply o! 100,000 Pounds Genuine "DEER TONGUE" Flavor, !or SMOKING TOBACCO Manufacturers, GENERAL COM!ISSION MERCHANTS, 45 BROAD STREET, NEW YORK. cJ:G A BRUSSEL, in Jots to purchB!';61"R, at loweet MARBURG BROTHERS, 145, 147 and 149 S. Charles Street, Baltimon>, Md. 'we hereby caution all parties infringiag upon or IKITATINC O'C'B. J.Aliiii.S AND .TllADBMABBB, that we w ill spare n9 pains in pro1ecuting such parties in protecting the rights secured to us by Act of Congress dated .August 14, 1876. STRAITON & -STORM. United States IuternaJ Uevenue Tax. The tax on all kinds of Uanufactured Tobaccoi3 21 lb; Snuff, 32 cents 1,91b; Ci", $6 thousandi wtligbinj not over 8 lbs fl thousand, thousand; Ci2'arettes a.nd Cbeu-oots weighing over '' 11>s 'IS thons:md, $6 --1ll thonsnnd. The duty on Foreign Cigars is SUO 'II tb and 2j f cent. ad valorem. Cigarettes saw.e duty as cigars. Imported Ciga.l'S, Ciga!'ettes anU Cheroots also boor theprescribed Internal Revenue taxes, to be paid by stu.mps a t the C ustom House. The import duty on Leaf Tobacco is 35 cents, gold, ilftb; Lear Tobacco stemmed, 50 cents :jt tb; 1\la.nufactured Tobacco, 50 cents l9 lb; Scr.:'lps, 5I cents 1M 1b. Manulactw:ed Tobacco and Scl:aps are also s ubject t.o 'the Internal :Revenue ta.x-oC 2-1 cents 'P tb, and must be packed iu conformity with Internal Revenue law and rogula.tion. Used tor Boxes having Hi11.ged. Fronts, which. when folded down, expose to vi"'W the endq of the Cigars contained j u the Box. These Catch( are made of Flat Sheet Metal, an1 are pivoted to the upper edges or the end boo.tds in such a way that their tum-down front parts lap over the face of tbe clcmed front. The Cat.ches tbe o serve to hold the front closed the box, but <:an he Rwun.e: a.side to allow the front to he let down. A..>W PRICES ON APPLICATION. LICHTENSTEIN BROS. &. CO., 270 Bowery, Nnv York. CAUTION. NEW YORK, 270 BOWERY, JULY 14, 1 877. pARTIES are hereby cautioned against using PIVOTED CATCHES FOB CIGAR BOXES other th>n those manufactured under GLUUD S PATillNT (No. 1&1,039 Nov. 7, I876; reissue, No. 7,707, M:a.y 29, l8n), assigned to us. Any infringement v.Ul be rigorously prosecuted. 647-659 LICHTENSTEIN, BROS. & CO. PEDDLERS' WAGONS FOR SALE, AT A BARGAIN. [ SUITABLE FOR THREE 'OR FOUR HORSES EACH. B._H. DOUGLASS & SONS, NEW HAVEN, CT. Foreign Duties on Tobacco. In .Austria, Fra.J)ce, Italy aod the tobacco commerce is monopolized by Go-rermnent. under direction of a Regie. Io Germany the dutT on American Leaf Tobacco is 4 thalers fl100 lbo. In Belglwn the lmjiOD is reck onet1 after deductiwr 15 Ill cent. for tare. The duty is 18 franca centime. (52.40 gnld) '!I 100 (100 American lbs ldloa.) In Holland the duty is 28 cents, gold, per 100 kilos. (.280 Amencan .. b4)1ng equal to 127 kilos. ) In Russia the duty o n Leaf Tobacco is 4 rouhl .. pud; on Tobacco 26 roubles 40 cop. 'fjl pud, and oa C1gars 2 rou .20 cop. . ADYERTISINC RATES. O NE SQUARE (14 Nonpnretl Lines,) Over One Column, One Year, $32 .00 I 0\erTwo Columns, One Year $58 oct do do Six Months, 17.00 do do Six Months. aioo do do Three Months, 10.00 do do Three Months, 17.00 TWO SQUARES (28 Nonpareil Lines.) Over Two One Year ..... ____ ... __ ......................... $115.00 do _:Jo Sh: Month. ... S.'JA.OO I do do Three Months .. 3\l.OO FOUR SQUARES (56 Nonpareil Lines.) Over Two Columns, One Year ............ ....... ... .............. $23).00 do do Sh:Months .. $ll5.00 I do do Three Months 60 00 FIHS'.l' PAGE-One Square, (14 Nonpareil Llneo.) Over Two CfllutJtns, One Year ... ................... . .......... $165.00 SEVENTH PAGEOne Square, (14 NonpnreU Llnes.) ::::::::::::::: Tt-a.?SJ.ent_ .A.dvertlqcm ents on _the Seventh Page. 30 Cents per Line for each msertwn. Names and Addresses alone in .. Busiuess Directmy of Advertisers First Page, One Year..... .. .. . .. . . .. $12-f )


'lL'JlE TOBACCO LEAP. tf'HOMAS HOYT & CO., MANUFACTURERS OF FJ:NE-C'U'T Tobacco Dlan"D.fact. n.,., "' JOHN ANDERSON & CO. .IIANUFACTUJURS OF THE SOLACiun omn TOBACCOS 114 116 LIHRTY STREET I :REW TQRK, Ueg ta dlri!<:t the attention. of the Deaten ln Tobacco tbroupout the United Statu and the World to tbelr CELEBRATED SOLACE FINE-CUT cHEWDI'G TOBACCO. wbic:b is betn once more manufactured under tb immediate supervision of the originator, MR. JOHN ANDERSON, aDd. aow stands1 tormeriJ, without a rival. Orden torware4 tllroarh the usual cbau.ocll wlll will meet prompt attention. LICORICE. PASTE. 'WALLIS cA CO. Tabacl::o manufacturers and. the trade in geReral are particularly requested to e1amine and test the-superior proper!Jis uf this LICORICE, wll1ch, being now brought to the highest perfection is of fered under the above style of brand. We are al&o SOLE AGENTS for the brand 1". G. &. G. C. Acknowledged by consumers to be the best in the market. And for the brand of Licorice Stick IIO:BJ. &. CO., CHEWING AND SMOKING ..OB.&GGOS 411. 8dul"l". OUR BRANDi HEWING: J. F. FLACC & CO n ,.. ut rmBT .aor., aaoo.K.LYII, JC, u.. In all respects equal to CALABRIA. Maau!aclarero o{ tbe Braocla .. Consumers and Jobbers would do auas K"IIIDB, s.a.uoAL JIUCIB'l' OWBB', G.A.VIIMDI8B, S.A.JIOJI. 60. & 4c06 PEA.KL ST., NEW YORK, &. SMITH. } Geaeral P-en. & 5. OOM:STOCK, a; W. Ll1Ctr;WOOD, Spedal. Harvest, Surprise & Seaside G<.z1, lvanhce llld :Bellwether, Grlll'lll&te4 Jolly Boys antB6dJact6t, Loll! Cit All Grades S:D.utr. --WBAVBB & STBRRY, [IMPORTiif1iP.]MfWFACTURERS. SPANISH LICOIICK I &BBBK LICOBICB I ALL SPECIALTIES FOR PLU8 AID FilE-CUT TOBACCO. OLIVI OIL, TOICA BlAIS. GUMS, FLAVORS., Powdered Licorice Boot, AND PATENT POW'DERED LJ:CORJ:CE.! N STICK LICORICE WE HAVE THE FAVORITE BRANDS:well to apply direct. Lleorlee a-t, Seleet aad OntlaKy, ooKaatlT oa laaad. .. AIIUIMBAU, WALLIS CO 29 .II 31 South wmiam Street JOHN TOBACCO BROKER 27 Pearl Si:reet, NEW YORK. CJIAS. B. FISCBBR & BRO., Tobacco Brokers, 181 Wata St., NEW YORK. TKOS. ICJIIHICVTI', CHAS. E. BILL, J KINNICUTT & BILL, BROitERSIN WESTERN & YIRCINIA LEAF TOBACCO, 62 BROAD ST., NW YORK. CHARLES F. OSBORNE, JAMES G. OSBORNE, 1'0BACCO BROKER, 54 BROAD STREET, NEW' YORK. CIGAR BOX MANUFACTURERS 163 to 161 Goerck Street, N'ew York. Price Ll.s't or SPANISH, Am:RICAN & GERMAN RIBBONS. Yeyow .................... E:rtra, 5 72v4s. $1.85 ., ., .................... No. 1 ............... 5-S 72yds. 1.70 .. ., .................... 2 ............... 5-s 72 yds. ., ........... .... .. 2& .............. s.s 72 yds. U5 .. .................. 3 ............... 1).8 72ylia. LiO .. . .. .. .. .. ;; 1 ............... 5 :: 72 yds. l60 ........................... 2 ............... 5-8 .. 72 yds. 170 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 3 ............... 6 72yds lliE Esp'ROla ....... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ;: 1. .............. 5 : 72 :rlli 1.:ao .... ........ .... .... .... 2 ............... 5 l70 .......................... 3 ............... 5 8 .. 72yds. 1.55 ...................... : 1 ............... H 72ya.a. 1.60 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ........ 2 ............... 72;rds. 1.35 .... .. .. .. .. .. 3 : .. ........ i;S .. 1.Narrow Yellow ................... 1 .............. 4-S 72,-to ., ..... ... ... ... .. 2 ..... ., ,. ,, ............... 4-B 72 ycls. 1. 20 "" .... .. ... 3 ........... ... i-8 72 r C 0.9&, Lonllres (Chico) ............. 1 ............... 3 ',', 3iyds. 1.35 .. .. .. .... .. 2 ............... 3-i 3i ylis, 1.10 r Lon,'!Hs .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 1 ............... 7 -S 34 yds. t75 ,. ,. .................. _. :: 2 ............... 7-B 3i yds. li5 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .... .. 3 ............... 13 :: 34 1 .35 ,. ., .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ... lO ............... 13-lG 34 ylis 1.05 .. .. ..................... 15 ............... 7 .. 31 yds: 0.95 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. :: 20 ... : ........... 13 .. 34 yds. o. 85 ., ............. .... ., 50 ............... 13 3i ycla. r 0.60 ., .. ................ 1 ............... 7 34 yds. 1. 75 .. ................ 2 ............... 3-4 34 yds L25 Box B!Eb:n Red ...................................... 3 72 ;rdS: Yellow.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .......... 3-8 72 yds. 0. 75 &tylea e>r :E'I.:I.bbe>n.e ::L\ad.e 'te> C> RIBBONS CUT & PRINTED ANY SIZE AND STYLE ALL ORDERS PROMPTLY EXECUTED. TERMS CA!!H. Prices of Cigar Boxes P.:Dcl Sam lea of Riltltoa Sent on A Hoatfoa. P. B., I'ICIXA'l'IJLiol .6.MD CI'U'IIiOr.DI'I. ,, N. R. :M. RADER & SON; -----. ____ ......;;.. _____ H. S. CO., WJ.LLIAM BUCBANAN, DAVID C. L''"LL, BUCHANAN & LYALL, Office :-54 :Broad St., :Ne'W nn. Faotory:-No. 2 FIRST DISTRICT, SOUTH BROOKLYN. MANUFACTURERS OF THE FOLLOWING CELEBRATED BRANDS OF PLUG, CHEWING aad S:IIOKING TOBACCOS-o PLUG. .,.LA.NRT KAVV .. Ia, 3, 5a, 8a, 'Ja, Sa, 91, 1.8&. SAILOR'S CHOICE, Ia, aa. 4-a. 61, Ga, '1 8, 9a., lOa. CliiALLill!IGE,lbo. WA.IIHI:NGTON, NEPTUNE, Do,.ble Thk:k, brt. drk. 'IAGGIE liiiTCHELL. NA.R.BAGA!I!IETT. ALEXANDRA.. SENSATION. FLOUNDERS, .8UCHA!i'A.N, 10-.JA.CK OF CLUBS KING PHILIP. GRAPE AND APRICOT, "ACME" Fanif Bro"ht 'Poundo. lOo. PEEBLIISS; PALJI, GOLD BARB. p-.RIDE 0 THE REGIMENT. POt:KET PIECES, ,.. N' .A 'VY' ::B"%N'D OUT O:ELE VV OLti.\TG. .A.C JH::E. SMOKINC AND CIC&RETTE TOBACCO. VIRGINIA BBIQH'l' CUT CA. V'IIIJ.IIDISR. TOBACCO MANUFACTURERS NEW YORK. 14 Broadway, New York. SP .A.Nl:&EI: NEW YORK. Webe,.tocall the attention of Tebacco Manufac-----------turera aod Dealers to tbit SUPERIOR AND PURE for the States of NorlbCarollna aad VIr I MILLS lnla: MuSRs. DAVENPORT & MORRIS, Rlcb-'S-:7." mond, Va. LICOR.ICE ROOT-Aracoa and Alleante. N. Y. Selected and Ordlaary. l'lm.J:LY AND I'IHELY l'OW'J)EJED ZURICALDAY & ARGUIMBAU, ::!::: =:...cT, 102 PEARL STREET, .bEER TONGUE, :REW TOJUt, LAUREL LEAVEll, --------------TONKA. BEAN!!, POWDERED LIQUORICE FINEST. Q.tiALITY. lllan11factured at Poughkeepsie, New York. GIFFORD, SHERMAN & INNIS, C A.SSIA. B'IIDS, CLOVES A.ND CINNAliiOll, ORANGE PEEL, ANISEED, CARA. WAY !IE ED, CORIANDER SEED, LA. VENDER FLOW.RII, GUM A.RABIC,GR.AIN Am POWDERED, GUM MYRRH, LUJIIP AND POWDERED, GUM TRA.QA.C.f.NTU, FLAKE AND POWDERED, 'W'OB.I.D'S :I'.AIE. AND ::R"C":BY. Branch Office: Central Street, Boston. 120 William Street, NEW .a.a:an 800DWH.H IN. TINFOIL, ESSENTIAL OILS, t.' OLIVE OIL. LUCCA CBEA.lll IN CA.SES, SESAME OIL LEV .I.N'l' IN BBLS, OF THE MANUFACTURE OF G W G MANVFACTUJURs oF Warranted Tin, o_ Av c t T b FOR WIAl'!'ING C!GAR9 ana. OIGABE'l'TES, "' "' .a., ll 0 l'!lcco and LINING OIG.U BOXES. BALTIMORE, "' WlTTfMANN BROTHnS" Tonka Beans, Angostura&, in Casks, Balsam Tolu, in Tins, Clucose, French, in Casks. PD.ICES CURRENT ON APPLICATION. V. W. BRINCKERHOFF, X:D.s::E"'C> :E'I. TE:E'I. i7 CEDAR STREET, N. Y. -AT. 207 & 209 WATER STREET, lSi WILLIA_ M N ; Y. BOWERY, NEW YORK. NEW YORK. WID, ACIIJlftl. t; D B MCALPIN & co ECKMIYER &: co. !ANUFACTUll.ERS OF THE I' BROAD 48 lEW STREETs:' VIRGCELEIN LB'JjiR.A.AFT&E;AFINVYEC-HcEuWTING SOLE AGENTS FOR THE U. S. OF .I!J 11 lnssian & Tni'kish Tobaccn -OFAND DBALitRS IN IIOVPAQNI LAPERlE Cigars, l'lug Tobacco, Bnulf, Snulf Flour, etc. II .Lll cor"".AK'AllUIIIheACfr. D York. Jl'l', P'IIITERIIBllRG, liiOSCOW, W4K,'t SA.W, ODESSA, DRESDEN. WEW YO)ltK, P. 0 Boz 47i6. .MRS. G. B. MILLER & j tOB!OC 0 M!NUF AC'l'ORY, THE CELEBRATED (PETER "" COLLINS, a.&sT.J 97 Columbia Street, NEW'YOBK, K.AlPA.CTU:I.II:RS o 'I'H&. CKLIUIIRATD .-n. G. B. Miller & Co. Chewing and Smokina Tobacco, thb ftly Genuine American Gentle -D Snuff; M..s. G, II. Miller & Co. Maccaboy ud Scotch Snuff; A. H. Mickle & Sons' Forest e and 'Grape Toloacco; Mrs. G. B. Miller 6: Co. Reserye Smoking and Chewins air All ordtlrs promptly CJ< puttiug up SJDok1 ini'Tobacco. Also, complete assortment of Smokers for tbe Trade. hOWARD SANGER & CO., 462 to '468 Broadway, New York. CHARLES A. WULFF, Ag't, Lithographer, Printer&. Manufacturer of Ill! I II 11 STATES RIGHTS FOR SALE. JOSEPH LOTH & CO., MANUFACTURERS OF ALL KINDS OF CIGAR RIBBONS. CONSTANTLY ON HAND A FULL AS SORTMENT AT LOWEST MARKET PRICES. 8alesl"ftnm 1 Wlli:ST 41itb. ST., 4,4,4, BROOllllli: ST, 1!iil"e"''::V' Y'ork.. FB.A.s:mn.s WAREHOUSE OP ELEGANT CIGAR SlOW CASES FOB HOTELS AND &ROCEBS. Vor. W. BroadW'a7 .1' Reade St., New York. Gioool & van Ramdohr, LEAF TOBACCO. 176 WATER ST., NEW YORK. Cash .o\dvanced on Con!Jignm ents.


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