The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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_ v 0 L. XIII.---N 0. 34. [ESTABLISHED 1864.] NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER3, 1877. WHOLE NO. 658 I he [BSTA.BLI!IHED 1864,] PUBLISHED Every Wednesday Morning -BYI The Tobacco Leaf'' PnbliShiD! Co., lU Fultou St., New York. EDWARD BURKE, -Editor. JOH:N G. GRAFF, Business Manager. lOr All Letten1 ollould be plainly addresse<\ 'THE ToBAcco Li:A.J'" PuDLlBHlNG Co. T-IllS OP THB PAPER. SINGLE CoP1u ............... 10 Cents. ONE YlUR ................................. $4.20 Srx ............................ 2.10 Remember that the cost to tlte Yea.rJy or Mon,,hly subscriber Is I.ESS TBA.N ElGBT CIU\"TS l"''.KW.s. ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS ABROAD. Oau'l' BRITAIN AND CANADA ....... 15.,04: BKK:Ka. lU.MBURG AND THE CONTINIIN'l' .. 5.04, AQ8'1'1LlL1..'., ETc., 'Via D ,. 5,Q:i CuM ...... .................................. No orders for the paper will be considered unle88 a.ccompanted. by corresponding amount. a""" Remittauces shou1d1 tu every be made by money order, cneck or d.rbtt. .lJills are Hable to be stolen, and can only be sent a' the a-rea test risk \0 the sender. [For AdvertWrt(J Rates .ee Seventh Page,] Business Directory of Advertisers. NEW YORK. Tobacco Wareho'\.1..8U. Abner & Dehls, 1110 PearL Allen JuUan, 17!1 Water. Barnett S., 1112 Water. ll&ecb & Fiocher, 156 Water. Bulkley & Moore, 74 Front. C&rdow A. H. 66 Broad. Crawford E. 111. Hill Water. Doba.n, Carroll & Co. 1()1 Front. DuBois Eugeoe, 75 Front. Wm. & Co. 171 Pearl. EngiF ellacl1 F. !56 S. WuhiDgton Square ox, Dills&: Co. 175 Water. Friend E. & G. II; Co. 1119 Malden Laae. G&l'dlner J. M. 84 Froot. &:=Jli 6enhel L. & Bro. Pearl. Giebel & Van Ramdohrf 170 Water. l. & Co. 15 W.ater. Harris & Bowman, 1011 Front Her1l&t Brotbe111, 11!8 '\'tater. Xoeu!Jr H 11119 llowery. Kremiilberg & Co. 166 PearL Lachenhrueh&Bro.lM Wr.ter. Lederer & Flscbel, 1118 Pearl. Levin X. H. 1111 PearL Llch-llro8. Bowery. Lobeosteln & Gans, 101 Malden Lane. MaillaDd Bobert L. & Co. 43 Broad. JfartAa 4: Job.Julon 78 Front. JIIHlller ErDat & Co. Hill Pearl Neuberfler II; Btelnecke, 181 Malden Lane. Oatman Water. .. Beismann G. 188 Pearl. Bchoverllng H. 1\lll Water. Schroecler & Bon, 178 Water. H. & Co. 146 Water. Scoville A. H. & Co. 170 Water. Spiog&rn E. & Co. 5 BurUng SUp. Bpltmer C. H. IllS Water. SqStuln!o, Ta:rlor & Co., ol6 Broad. rafton & Storm, 178 and l!Kl PearL Strobil & Reltsensteiu, 176 Front. Sutton Jolin R. 217 Canal. Charleo F. & Bon. 184 Front. F. W. & Co. 68 Broad. Thompoon S. E. & Co. 54 and 541 Broad. Upm&DD, Carl, 178 Pearl. Tobacco for Export. Guthrie &: Co. 225 Front. Western. and Virginia. Leaf TobacCO s-ion Merchant. F&: Carroll, !iO Jlroad Lull Tobacco 8rn; and WI Canal Hon A. & Co .,. Liberty Kaufm&nn Bros. & Bondy, 1.29 &od 131 Grand Bejall & Becker, 99 Cbamnere Manufacturers of Licorice Paste. McAndrew James C. 55 Water Stamford Manufacturing Co. 157 Ma.iden Lane We&ver & Sterry, 24 Cedar Importers of Licorice Paste. .Anaado N. R 14 Broadway Oitfonl, Sherman & Innis, 100 William Arguimbau, Wallace & Co .29 aud 31 S. William lfcAndrew James C. M Water Weaver & Steny, 24. Cedar Zuricalday & Arguimbau, 102 Pearl Manufacturers' Articlu. HUller's R. Sons & Co. 60 Cedar Bchief!elin W H. & Co. 170 and 172 Wllllam Importers of Gums, Tonqua Beau, etc. :Men1ck T. B. & Co. 180 and 182 Wllllll.m Man'ufacturers of Powdered Licorice. Brlnkerhol! V. W. 47 Cedar Hillier's R. Sons & Co. 60 Ceda.r Weaver Ill Sterry, 24 Cedar Seed Leaf Toba8-161 Goerck .V.alers t 'n. Oi!J:Cir-Bo:r: Cedar. Uptegrove &: Gedney, .Eaat Tenth Steam. Board Cutting and Band Saw MiU for Cutting OigarBoo; Wood. Read Geo. W & Co. 18&-000 Lewis Spanish. a.?td OiQar Ribbon.. Heppenhelmer &: Mauro:, 22 and :U N. WOllam LobenAtein & Gans, 101 Lane Loth Jos. &: Co. 444 Broome Strauss Simon, 179 Lewis Wicke Wm. & Co. 11>8-161 Goerck Matt.ufa.cturer& of Toba 115 Atw&ter .ManufachLrer.a of Oigar and Dealent in Leaf Tobacco. Sullivan & Burk, a.nd 50 Collgl'...., East DURHAM, N. C. Jlflfl:u.rra of "Durham" 8mokiMQ Tobacco. Blackwell W. T. & Co DukeW. Lyons z : I. & Co EVANSVILJ.E, ID.d. Tobacoo Oorrnnitllion Morris C. J. & Co Tobacco BroW. NoelW. T. HARTFORD, Conn. PackeT's and Deater in. Seed Deaf Toltacco. Dl:< J. & Co. 1117 State Lee Geo. )!!0 State London & Bidwell, 226 and :!26 StAte SIBson A. L. & F 184 Main Westphal Wm. 218 StAte HOPKINSVILLE, K7. Tobacc<> Broken Clark M. H. & Brother LANCASTER, Pa. Dealer in Leaf Tobacco. Bklles & Frey, Gl and 68 North Duke LIVERPOOL, Euc: Smythe F. W. & Co. 10 North John LOUISVILLE, K7. Plug Tobacco Manufacturerr. Finzer J & Bros. 194 and 188 .facob State of Kentucky Tobacco Manufacturing Co Tobacco dommiuion Merchants. Wicks G. W. & Co w ... t Main Tobacco D1'0kera. CaUaway James F. corner Ninth and Market Gunther George F. Harthill Alex. Eleventh and Main Lewis & Brother, 848 West Main Improved Tobacco Scrap Machine for Cigar :: :'B: G. & Co. !56 Seventh Manufacturer. Pragotf W. F. 8Jl4 Wost Main Ordenstein H. 806 Broad way Borgfeldt N: H GIO East 19th and 1!56 Water stemm..-and .Dealer in Cutting ToWcco, Tobao Cutting Machinefll. Ci&rlt: James, Thirteenth and Rowan Wulstein Beary, 114 Centre. Tobacco and Commiuion Metc.A.ant .Jlanujacturera of Oi{/(Jrette Ma.cAinn. Xremelberg, & Co. Eleventh and :Main Redlich & Schnitzler, 1 Cedar Garth llr. Co. Ninth and Market Ba,.lu. Bu11n, or E. M. Gatterdam, 100 Norfolk Tobacco Buyer. Gluud' Patentt!d Pivoted CigarBoa: Oatc1J,es. Lichtenstein Broo & Co. 270 Bowery .Manufacturers of Cigar Flavors. Callforula Distilling Co 83 Wllllam Fries Alex. & Broo., 16 C:;;JJege Place Patent Tobacco Coloring, Buehler &; Polhaus, 83 Chambers ALBANY, N, Y, of Tobacco. Greer's A. Sons, 822 Broadway BALTIMORE, Md. Tobacco Warehouses. Barker & Waggner, .29 South Gay Boyd W. A. & Co. 88 Soutlo. Gunther L. W. 9 Bcuth Kerckhofl: & Co. 49 Charles Kremelberg J. D. & Co. Mallory D. D.; E. E. 'Venck, Manager, 46 and 48 South Charles Merfeld & Xempe!J U7 Lombard Schroeder J os. & vo. 81 Exchange Place & Co. 69 E: 149 So .uth Charlea Wilkens H. & Co 181 West Prett Patent Stern Rollers. Kerclthof! G. & Co., 149 South Charles BOSTON, Ma ... Commiision Merchant. Holyoke C. 0. 12 Central Wharf in Havana and Domettic Leaf To-ba.coo aM Oigar. Dav ... port & Lea& 69 Broad. ManufCUJt'r. of Smoking Tobacco and Cigar.. Raddln, F. L. & J A. 186 HanoTer BREMEN, Geraau7. Tobacco eo.. .. iuion Merchantt. Fallensteln & Son BROOKLYN. N.Y. Man-..ja.cturus of Chewing and l'hnokiR/1 Tobacco. Flagg John F. & Co. 176 and 178 Frat CHICAGO, IlL Wholuale in Seed Leaf ancl Havana Tobacco. Subert B. 14 N. C&nal Sutter Brotbe111, 46 and '48 :Michigan A venue Wholi.aie Dealers in Leal and Manufactured Tabacco and Cigars. Lue!'lllleD G. and Co. 188 and 1110 East Randolph JL'f'r of Olga" and in Tobacco. Maurer C. F. 187 Clark Jlan.ufacturer' ...(gent&. Mullen & Love, &od 21 Randolph Dealer in Le. 52 and 54 East Tblrd Leaf Tobacco Brokero. Dohrmann F. W. corn. e. Vine a.nd Front Morris W. G. 87 W Front Manujacturert of Cigar& and Dealer& in Leaf Tobacco Krohll, Felss &: Co. 161 to 166 W. Third cor Elm Lowenthal S & Co. 1!!0 West Fourth Tletlg H. &: Bro. 215 W. Fifth Well. Kahn & Co. 184 Main Skeet Metal Cigar Moulds. Dubrul Napoleon & Co. 441 and 443 Plum Leaf Tobacco Inspection. Prague F. A. 92 West Front Steam Qigar-Box Factory. Geise B. & Brother, 88 Clay CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. Le,q' Tobacco Brokers. Clal:k ll. H. &: Bro CLEVELAND, O. Dealert itt. &ed Lea! and Ha'tKlna Toba cco and Jobbers in all kind& Manufactured ToOacco Goldson & Semon, 112 Ontario PETERSBURG, Va. Tobacco Oommiasion. Merchants. Boper LeBoy & Sons Manufacturers of Plug and Smoking Tobacco ana Dealer in. Leaf Tobacc<>. Venable S. W. &: Co. PHILADELPHIA. Tobacco Warekotuet. Anatha.n M. & Co. 2Sl North Third Bamberger L. & Co. Ill Aroh Bremer's Lewis Sons, Third Courtney James A. 53 North Front Dohan & Taitt 107 Arch Dunu T J. Fifteenth and Vine Elaenlobr Wm. & Co. 115 South Water Water Moore & Hay 36 North Water Sank J. Rinaldo & Co. 82 North Water SorVerJ Cook & Co. 1Cia North Water Steiner Smith Broe. & Knecht, 225 Race TeDer Brothers, 117 North Tblnl Vetterlein J. & Co. 1115 Arch Wartman M. & Son, 18 North Fifth Wells A. J Third and A v Woodward, Garrett & Co., 68 North Water CommisBi 218 Carter Manufacturer of Snuff and Smoking Tobacco. Wallace Jaa. &66 to 672 North Eleventh of Cigan. Batchelor B'ros. sal Market Hildebrand & Klingenberg, 37 North Seventh Knecht, Smith & CO. 131 North Thlnl Ludy Jno J. 5Zil and 525 South Twentieth Theob-'d A. H Third and Poplar Wells A. J. Tblrd and Girard A v Dunn T. J. Fifteenth and VIne Tobacco Broker. Fouger&y A. R. 88 North Front' Agent for Plug and Srnoking Tobacco Kelly F. X. Jr. 106 Arch Man"fac!' n of and Briarwood Pipu. 'Grottenthaler V. 412 Locust Manu.facturen of ClaJJ Pipu. Price & Co. North Seventh PITTSBURGH, Pa. Manufacturer u Exul.sior Sp1m Roll,, and 0111...-Tobacco. J enldnoon :& &. W. 281 Llbe,.t y Va. Commilllion Wise James 111. & Peyton, 27 Thirteenth Le. R.E..A..::O db CO. 1ae 'to aoo &T., FACTORY DIRIGO CIGAR _. CC., IANUPACTUBBBS UP PINE CI&ABS FRANK McCOY.] 101 EIC>VVERY. fEDW ARD T. McCOY HAVANA TOBACCO. O.A UTI ON"" I WE HEREBY NOTIFY ALL PARTIES WHO INFRINCE ON OUR TRADE MARK, I w. a c. I I Acquired under the Laws of the United States, that they will be prosecuted by Law. Ofllce, 66 Pine St. &, CO. SUTTER BROS., Deolers in LEAF TOBACCO>. Chicago, Ill. Western Ci&ar llanufacturers will fbui it to their advantage to deal with us.


2 made the basrs for the actwn of the officers complamed of, and that except at mtervals and m a spasmodic way, strwt compliance{ on that account, has never been msrsted upon Like the absurd provr sron of law reqwrmg the stamps on empty packages to be utterly destroyed by persons, whomsoever they may be, mto whose hands they .may COI]le, they have been regarded as qmte mconsequenttal We hope to see the pursued m this mstance drsapproved by CoiDIDlsswner Raum, and smcerely believe rf he would embrace the occaswn now afforded to remmd the collector to whom reference has been made that the bad temper which he so frequently exh1brts rs as unbecommg to hrm as rt rs disagreeable to the tax payers on whom he rs in the habrt of ventmg rt, he would be domg that gentleman and the public a serviCe That our cigar manufactUiers are iarthfully paymg thmr taxes yeaJ; m and year out, rs a fact sa well k.nown as any fact can be, and rt rs nerther politrc nor JUSt to hold them ngtdly to the observance of that have no effect save to o;ffend the moral senstbihties of those wJlo are made amenable to them The policy of the Revenue Office for some -trme past has been to conciliate, not to exasperate, honest tax payers, and the Treasury testifies to the advantages resultmg from that mode of One of the manufacturers whose guevance we are consrdenng dnected our attentwn agam to the fact that m some diStncts bonds are requrred for tobacco stnppers m crgar factoues, while m other drstncts no such practrce prevails He even went further and sard Some manufacture:rs m the drstrrcts where the practrce does obtam avorded this responsf9itity, while he himself and others "hoJU he mentwnevrth a surpnse party at his beautiful resrdence at Baysrde In an \ntervrew JUSt had wrth Mr Strarton he assured us he had enJoyed hrmself very much durmg hrs stay m Great Brrtam Concernihg tli results f hrs ISit, whrch, as our reade k ow, had for Its obJect the mtroductwn of fine Am err can crgars m Europe, he sard, English consumers o.f Cigars and tobacco are very partrcular respectmg the qualrty of the goods they use, bu I think ther.e rs a market ih. England for our fine crgars If we can have bond d crgar fa.ctprres here, we have ras good ahWJe to.. secure a po:rtron of the forergn trade as any market m the world, and the traae must take this matter up and t;y to get a law passed establiBhifi bonded factones In the absence of tliese we must try to get a-dmwback on the un Dorted tqbacco us,.ed m the manufacture 9f our Cigars We see :I>Y the dail;y papers of this date hat the Gov ernment allows dravJ.b k on all other rmpor:ted trcles entering mto our omestrc manufact1111fS, and our in us r y rs as muc en rtled to this advantage as any ther Havana tobacco .must go mto our factbrres free of duty to put us on n-equalrty wrth other exporting colllltrres The <;rgar trade sho ld exert Itself this wmter to get the measure thrbugli MINOR AND NEWS ITElliJS. FIRES -Rev Charles Day, of Todd County, Ky had a tobacco barn bwned lately It contamed 2,500 treks of tobacco and wp.s a total loss The factory, contarn mg 8,000 or 10,000 pounds of tobacco, Mr Robert Sory, of Sadlersville, Tenn has also been burned The Rrchmond (V a ) Comme1 C!al and TObacco Leaf thus refers to us -THE TOBACCO LEAF, too well known to need omplrment from us, has donned a new dress, thus addmg fresh external attractwns, although rts contents -can hardly be Improved We wiBh this trade organ all the success rt deserves THE TRADE IN EUROPE -The Deutsche Tabak Ziitung of September 14 stat% that the reports from all the market places of the Contment mdrcate an anrmated condrtwn of the tobacco trade, wrth firmness of pnces Only from England rs dullness of the market, wrth somewhat declirung pnces, reported RETURNED -Mr Henry Meyer of the well known firm of Henry Meyer & Co dealers m leaf tobacco, Cmcmnatr, 0 returned Saturday from Europe Mr Meyer, wrth hrs farrilly, left this countr;r. about five months ago to vrsrt his old home He will leave this crty for Cmcmnatr to-day, where his many frrends will grve him a hearty welcome SETTLEl!ENT -The affarrs of Mr Chas Salomon, cigar manufactmer, have been brought to a satrsfac tory conclusron wrth his credrtors m the tobacco trade Hrs liabrlities to representatrves of the tobacco mterest amount to a comparatrvely small sum He offers twenty 'five cents on the dollar at three and srxmonths wrth satrsfactory paper The maJorrty ofJlis creditors have accepted the same --TOBACCO CROP IN GERMANX -As stated m our last week's rssue thrs year's tobacco crop m Germany appears to be a very satisfactory oneJ as well m quantrty as m quality All the tobacco sectrons are now rD. the of the harvest and the reports rece1ved trom there to date unarumously confirm the favorable ptospects Ih the Palatmate of Baden a thunder storm wrth hail on the third of September InJured the crop m the townships of Fendenherm and HeJif@3)>f, and leaf at from 5)>f@9 no good substantial leaf offermg Recerpts to date 2,981 hhds, same trme last year 3 107 hhds The planters are now cuttmg and housmg therr tobacco crop and I woUld say are abaut half through the past week has been remarkably good for housmg and curmg the "weed I have seen several samples nearly cured, and would class It very supenor m quality, bemg good lengths and leafy, wrth substance and clear of worm eaten I have been rrdmg a good deal m the colllltry and must say we have the best ,crop m 'Jackson Purchase" this year we have had for twenty years, and the largest one, too Olmstead Logan Uo Septe:rniH!r 29 -T E B reports -All of the past week has been favorable for cuttmg and housmg tobacco, and the work has generally been pushed forward raprdly Consrderably over half of the crop wrthm my knowledge, and probably two thirds of rt has been cut and housed Another good week will serve to get the crop mto the house The weather has also been favorabfe for npenmg the plant, and about all now remammg m the field will be ready for the knife wrthm the next week My first cuttmgs have been cured, and I find the quality excellent In strength toughness elastrcrty of texture and rrch ness, and werght of leaf, t has rarely been excelled, If ever XI.SB6URI Brunsunck, Chartton Co September 18 -J A M reports -The month Just closed has been ve1y favor able on ow growmg crop, rte fine dews and no kilhng j'rost has added no httle to Its texture "\Vhile om crop will not 1each rts usual amount m quantrty, we trust rt will excel the past two or more years i:n Still we do not expect to see rt free from rts nonde scnpts," as we feel sure some has been felled wrth the knife too soon m apprehensron of frost Most of It rs cnt, and another week will find rt allm the house NORTH CI.ROLINA. Knap of Reeds Granmlle Co, 28 -D T reports -The tobacco m this sectron lB nearly all housed, and has been cmed very well Fodder lras been gathered, but damaged some by ram Corn will soon be gathered and housed People are sowmg oats for next year's crop Caswell Co, September 29 -G W re ports -In my reports before thrs I summed up and stated, The :p,rospect for fine crop rs lessened fully fifty per cent There can now be no doubt as to the entrre accuracy of that statement The cuttmgs are progressmg under The crop IS about half housed, generally mdifferent, with stand mg tobacco green m color, mghts gettmg long and cool Wrth these drawbacks no one can get a yellow crop PENNSYLVANIA Ptmn's Manor, Bucks County, September 29 -E re ports -Thrs week the farmers have finished cuttmg and housmg therr tobacco, and many of them are busy puttmg the tobacco ground m wrth wheat Some growers have strrpped consrderable tobacco, and It IS commg out very satiBfactory, the largest portwn bemg wrappers, dark and silky, wrth plenty of gum It can be called an excell ont crop, and about one fourth of the growers have had to prece out their buildmgs to accommodate the extra growth TENNESSEE Spr1ngjiild, Robe1 tson Co September 24 -C C B reports -The weather rs fine for cuttmg and as the crop lB now bemg cut raprdly, a few more days of good weather and we will have the finest and probably the largest crop housed that was ever rarsed m our county One of the greatest troubles wrth our planters rs the searcrty of house room, although many barns were built durmg the present season We fear that the tobacco bemg large and full of sap that scarcrty of room may cause consrderable "house burn Our planters are makmg preparatrons for a large wheat crop the commg season Hartsmlle Trousdale Co Septe1nber 28 -J G L reports -The mam bulk of the tobacco crop rs now safe m the house As I have smd b e fore the crop of the Upper Cumbe!land rs magmficent In the Ian guage of Uncle John Whrte of Macon County, 'rt rs brg and large" Quantrty Immense and qualrty SUJ?eib If planters could only obtain a good prrce for therr to bacco, the Upper Cumberland would be happy But the pnce cant fail to be low VIRGINIA Farmmlle, Prmce Eduard Co September 28 -C W B reports -I regret exceedmgly to report so little tobacco housed up to this trme Our farmers do not like to cut mrmedrately after ram, and for the past ten days we have been havmg very heavy and destructive rams I .Presume they cannot watt any longe1, and will turn m now to cuttmg, as rt will not be safe to let rt remam out longer than the lOth of October, and rt will take until that time to save the crop Exchange Crop Reports. Aslwvtlle (N C) Otttzen As far as we have learned, the tobacco crop of thiB sectwn will be a good one A large number of farmers have from one to ten acres m tobaccq, while some few have planted much more largely Lock Haven (Pa )-ChntonRepublwan, September 26 -The tobacco m lower We.yne IS bemg all harvested, and rs of an exceedmgly good quality The crop this year rs larger than ever before, both m acreage and amount to the acre The fa1 mers m that sectron are begmnmg to reahze the profits to be deuved from the cultrvatwn of the weed and also the fact that m order to rarse good crops the ground must be well fertilrzed The trme rs not far drstant when tobacco will be one of the ch1ef r;taples of th1s county Rwhmond (Va) Wh1-!J, September 25 -A correspond ent from Charlotte C H wrrtes under date of Septem ber 21 -We have had nothing but ram for the last two weeks-m fact, ever smce the first Tuesday m this month, and when I wrote to you last week I thought there never was such a fine prospect for a large and fine crop of tobacco, but things have changed, and the crop has been much InJUred m the last fl ve or srx days, showrng fired spots m the largest and rrpest plants Thrs mornmg the sun rose brrghtly, much to the encouragement of the farmers and villa gers and rf we can have a week or t e n days of farr weathe r an average crop of tobacco wul be made Danvtlle (Va) Exp1 e ss Septemb e r 28 -Our farmers are now busrly engaged m takmg care of and cunng therr tobacco There has been a great many reports m en culatwn of a failure m tobacco m certam .. localities but these Ieports we hear every year From the best mformatron we can obtam, there will be tolerable farr crops of tobacco made thrs year We have heard of some little frost, but not enough as yet to InJure any thmg It seems that tobacco, like frmts, have grown off well thrs season, and that the worms hav¬ com nutted therr former depredatrons It may be true that m some localitres there may have been a partral failure owmg to some local causes The 1 ecent hail storm may have affected crops m some sectrons, and there may have been some other causes that may result m short crops of tobacco m some sectrons, but as a gen er al thmg we think w e can safely say that thrs has been a pretty farr tobacco year mdeed, much better than for many years past ------Market Reports. Mtamt:Wu' g ( 0 ) Bulletm, Sevtember 28 -Buyers have commenced purchasmg the 1877 crop at 8 and 10 cents The Ciop rs curmg up rucely Lancaster (Pa) New Era, September 29 -The activity of last week m om home market has net been sus tamed Buyers from New York and Philadelphia have been here, bnt therr vrews and those of our packe1'S ha; e been so much at vauance as to prevent transac trons to any considerable extent We have but a smgle sale of an assorted lot of 300 cases to report, to a San FranciBco firm, on prrvate terms There have been a number of .rumored sales_, but on mqmry they proved to be rumors only Dealers are still busy sampling, and will contmue to be so for some trme to come So the curmg of the 1876 Ciop has gone on favorably, and proilllSes to be what the manufacturers' desire Ueported Failures and Business Arrangements. PROVIDENCE R I -Jojm Gumness, C1gnrs, attached by sheriff for $12 930 73 BosTON 1\fAssWm H Garner C1gar Manufacturer chattel mortgage on stock for $100 Hathawa) JtrERVILLE MAss -Thomas J Cox C1gars chattel mortgage on stock for $200 NEw YORK -Bonnett Schenck & Earle, Cigar 1\Isnufacturers m bankruptcy l Chas Salomon Tobacco compronuscd at 25 cents on the dollar 1 C Spma C1gars, chattel mm t!!llgc for $140 N Y R S l'lictlonulu C,;ar Manufacturer chattel mo1 t g ge for $100 M & C E Ehle Tobacco and Cgars mortgaged or made a b11l of sale RocHESTER N 1' -Fwd K'rapp C1gtu Manufacturer, mort gaged 01 made n h1ll of s ale Jon as Meyms Cigar mortgaged or made a bill of St that Indran under graven rmages,' only It amt mentioned either I suppose I could tax the bundle of wooden crgars m hrs hand as tobacco, but that leaves out the rest of the figure, and he's not liable to J?Oll tax because he can't even vote Now, how "ould rt strrke if I levred on hrm as an 'eilllgrant?' He was made somewhere else than here, and he came here from there, consequently he's an =grant That s my vrew What do you thmk of rt 1 I advised hrm to try rt upon that plan, and the next mornmg Slmgsby and Mr Hough had a fight on the pavement m front of the Indran because Mr Slings by tned to serze the =grant for unpmd ta_xes Slings by was taken home and put to bed and the husmess of collectmg was temporarrly suspended But Slingsby will be around agam scoon wrth some new and mgeruous Ideas that he has thought of durmg his illness -Jlfont real Gazette The Cit:arette QuestiOn. Under this head the New York Sun pays mrts own way a complrment to our domestrc made crgarettes -Several correspondents have wrrtten to us for a further explanatron of our vrews regardmg crgarette smoking than we the other day, m a bnef reply to an mqmry One of them takes us to task for advocatmg the practice but, as we drd nothmg of the sort, what he says reqwres no answer Inasmuch as many millions of peonle are m the habrt of Smokmg Cigarettes and the use Of tobaCCO Ill thrs f\)rm has of late years spread raprdly m thrs country the subJect rs one of rmportance In France, m Russra, m 'l'urkey, m the East and m Sparn and the countnes peopled by the Sparuards, crgarettes are smoked by nearly all the men and by some of the women Crgars and prpes are ltttle used, and as for the chewmg of tobacco that rs tabooed by all people of good taste, of whatever race Now, rs the crga1ette mJurwus1 Of course rt rs, and so, to a degtee, are all the forms of tobacco smokmg, but to peop1eofweak lungs, or of a tendency to bronchral troubles, the crgarette rs worse than the prpe or crgar, for the habrt of a large part of crgarette smokers rs to rnhale the smoke and blow rt out after rt has reached the lungs The practrce1 mdeed, rs bad for any one, however perfect he may oe physrcally Of crgarettes, take them as a whole, the most m JUriOus are those made at Havana In that crty a vast amount of caprtal rs mvested m therr manufacture. The establishment of M SusiiU, known as La Houradez, honesty, lB the chref one, and rt makes three millions of crgarettes a year But the paper m which 'the tobacco rs put rs poor, and largely made of cotton ThiB gtves off m comoustron empyreumatiC oils dangerous to the lungs We should advrse people to beware of Havana crgarettes The French are better, the paper m which the tobacco IS rolled bemg made of linen The Russran and Austnan are still better, the paper bemg of straw Those made m the Uruted States are very good But rf a man will smoke Cigarettes, we advrse hrm to make them for himself, as he can easily do after he acqmres the knack If he does that, let him procure the Paprer Persan, of French manufacture, sold m little books When thlB paper rs burned, there lB left only a mmute quantrty of ashes The proper tobacco to obtarn lB that known as the Caporal By makmg your own crgarettes you can get good paper, and also avord the paste used m so many of those bought The great trouble about crgarette smokmg rs that so m;1ny addiCted to the habrt rnhale the smoke ThiS rs bad. The absorptron of the mcotme of tobacco by the mucous membrane of the lungs and bronchial tubes rs much mo1e mrmedrate than that by the mucous me::nbrane of the mouth and lips and the consequence rs that the mhalatron of tobacco smoked by people m anY'vrse "eak m the lungs or bronchia rs very dan gerous One thing, however, may be sard m favor of crgarettes, that the paper protects the lips from actual contact wrth the tobacco, and thus helps to ward off a sort ohhsease of the lips and mouth which sometrmes affircts crgar smokers But .there always hes agarnst them the obJectiOn that, bemg cheap and ready at hand, there lB a temptation to consume too many of them We hope otrr crvil correspondents now know all about crgarettes, but we warn them that m whatever form they use tobacco they mvrte trouble of the nerves and that moderatron there, as elsewhere, rs the rule of the philosopher


OCT 3 THE TOBACCO ]}IARKET DOMESTIC NEw YoRK Octobe1 2 There has been a very good demand for all vanettes of leaf tobacco durmg the past week the aggregate sales footmg up to a very respectable figure The transactwns for the week as well as month. m West ern leaf were satiSfactory m pomt of quantity and correspond very favorably with those of the same date for the previous year The trade IS still m the hands of the Regies as a matter of course with little vana twn m prices Factors generally adhere to last month s 9.uotat10ns makmg an exceptwn only m the case of hght common lugs which have dechned about half a cent a pound Messrs Sawyer allace & Co report to H& ToB co LEAF as followsWestiJT"n Leaf-Recmpts of the past month mcludmg VIrgmU\ 12 049 hbds exports 18 327 and the stock m warehouse shows a decrease of 2 669 bhds The sales sum up o 100 hhds of which 3 694 for export prmctpally to Regtes aud Germany 679 to manufactm ers 188 to cutters both mostly Mason County and 548 to JObbers 'We 1ctnm our quotatwns except for common lugs wh ch arc about a half cent off and the wbole ma1ket c l osmg I ather weak The growmg c op bas 1m proved largely dur ng the month and wtth a weeks contmued fine 'eather will be seemed m excel lent cond twn We hca of a fe v sales n the Clarksville reg>on at 6 cent.s Jst week. 2cl w-eek 8d week Atb eek 5tJ "eek Jan nary 81 1 351 1 903 866 659 February 451 877 688 434 :&larch 433 523 541 436 April 34 7 601 804 1 0\)7 :&lay 040 1 103 664 72 l Jnne 744 1 190 "'o1 1 33u July 112 1 085 'ro"? 833 August oll 1 1 420 1 689 September 1 007 940 1 045 2 108 Auctwn Sales &pt 27 -1 I b I at 2 1 at 2 50 2 at 2 25 2 at 2 40 1 1t 2 6o 2 at 3 00 5 at 2 75 1 at 2 80 1 at 1 5o 1 at 1 7o 1 at 2 05 1 at 4 30 2 at 6 30 1 at 3 7v 1 at 4 15 2 at 6 10 1 at 4 80 1 at 4 25 1 at 7 10 9 at 6 00 1 at 4 60 4 at 3 3ii 9 at 2 25 1 at 5 95 1 at 3 85 1 at 3 9a 1 at 4 00 offered 4U bbds rejected 27 sold 22 QuotattOns -Common Intra $2 40@ 3 50 good do 4 00@<> 00 common l eaf 5 u0@ 6 00 rued nm do 6 u0@7 50 good do 8 00@9 50 2 -No sales the .Bo ud havm adJOU necl to attend the sale of tobacco at :r.Iessrs John H Dmper s belongmg to the estate of the late A C Lamotte" The October cu cular of Messrs U Rade r & Son Tobacco Brokers sa) s -The s tuatwn of our Kentucky tobacco marl et IS about the same asp evwusly reported rhe pnnctpaldemand hilS agam been from exporters who took out of 5 100 hbds sold fully 3 600 bhds mamly for Italian Spamsh and French Regte contracts Great drsappomtment IS felt that the open markets as was the case m former years d1d not respond to the very low pnces rangmg for low sorts sound lttrge lines of lugs sellmg at 3Y.@4:V.c Heavy Cl >rksv lle lugs and leaf me very Our remmnmg stock cln.tefly consists of low and nondescnpt sorts so that the ab s ence of a clemancl frow. abroad IS m01e sensibly felt The new crop IS by this t1me mostl) hou se d and toe qunhty and cond tiOn h1ghly spoken of Mr John Cattus says m h s October ctrcnlar -Om market IllS presented no new features and comments of prevwus months are adapted to the last one low and nondescript grades .under contmuously favorable report s of the new crop both m regara to quant1ty and particularly to qualityare pressed for sale and holders of same show up mel natiOn to curry them over to come mto competitiOn wtth tobaccos of the new crop Better substantial and wrappcry grades enJOY more firmness Ill consequence of tl;w smnll stock m ex stence Arnvals of to bacco for the month h we rematned ample but exports havmg been qmte Ia ge o 1t ava lable stock shows a rednctwn of some 2 500 bhds The fallmg off of recmpts tliiS[ear m New York Baltimore and New Orleans stands now at 3 000 bbds m com par18on to last year Leaf-There was a good demand for VIr gmm leaf and sales of br gbt tnd mottled wrappers llS also of li:nokers to local manufacturem were effected Seed Leaf -A good busmess as will be seen below was effected m Seed leaf Spealnng of the 1877 Ohio a rcstdent of the tobacco sectwn of that St11te said to us I would est mate the crop at about one half m pounds The tobac co will be sound but 1t I S gomg to be very mcgular m srzc and a large pru;t of 1t Will be thick and heavy One fourth or one fifth of the entire crop IS very fa r It I S apprehended that the dry "esther will damage 1t very much n cu1 ng. Messrs Cbus E F1scher & Bro Tobacco Brokers No 131 Water Street report to THE ToBAcco LEAF as follows con cernmg Seed leaf -Although the total sales do not reach the qwmt1ty diSposed of durmg the pre' wus week the tendency of our market rematns firm and favorable to the artrcle In all 2 cases chan .. ed hands Go "ectw ti-The dcnlmgs m this sort foot up to 800 cases the larger po !ton of "hiCh were seconds and fillers crop 187G at 9@1lc for the former and 6c for the latter A scarcity of d es irabl e lots of the above kmd mamfests Itself more every day Wrapper lots crop 1876 were sold at 12@18c and 1875 at 15@25c Massaclmsetts-Notlnng af any Importance transpucd m thts sort Sales m small lots amountm-5 m all to 200 cases crop 1875 and 1876 "ere made at former q111otatwns Yew Y01k State remams witho t any change Receipts are very mcag e Sales ru-e m Lde n a snnll way only 70 cases Wlll wobably cover the week s busmess for which from 672@ 9c was 1 ealtzed PennsyltantaWe notice more activrty m this artiCle In all about 800 cases assorted ClOp 1876 the bnlk of wbrch to manufacturers changed hands at pnces rangmg from 17@20c Ohw contmues m good demand prmc1pally for export about 600 cases crop 1876 at 7@8:V.c were taken for that purpose also about 200 cases part f875 wrappers at 8Y.@ 10c and part 1876 do on pnva te terms making u total of 800 cases W>aconszn met wrtb t fa1r dem md for home trude Wlth sales of 150 to 200 cases at 4c for fillers and 8@8Y.c for fair assorted lots We also bear of addittOIIal snles m La.ncaster Pa of packmgs to New Yorl parttes amountmg mall to 800 cases Our spec1al Bremen report dated September 16 says -Qmte a number of lots were offered here durmg the pllSt week the larger part of which were 1876 Ohio crop Wb1le the feeling for the above arttele seems to rcma n a favorable one It IS neverthele ss a notiCeable fuct that only the better could be di s posed of Poorly ussorted or mdtfferent lot s m -qualttJ ate 1 ard to get r cl of E'en at the reduced pnces of the late m 1v 1ls the greatest po t on remams unsold Spanwh-There IR less domg m Havana tobacco which to a g1eat extent may be' ttuiJutecl to the fact tl at late urr v tls cout med but a vmy laruted quant ty of fine lots for "1 cl there sa good dem1 cl We not ce sales amountmg m all to 11bout 000 bales at former quota! tOns w1th a few vegas at $1 25@$1 27Y. Manujact111ed -For Cavendtsh tobacco of all grades theiC bas been a s tead} but not not ceal.Jly act1ve mqmry The exports for tl e "eek have been 1 ght amountmg only to 167 800 pounds Smoktng -Dealers m smoking tobacco report a farr demand Ctgars -There 1s no change m the cigar market Busmess IS fauly act1ve Gold opened at 103 and closed at 102 :V. Exchange -Messrs M & S Stembe1ger Bankers report to 'lirE :ronACCO LEAF as follows -The quotatwns IU"e as follows Sterling 60 days nomm a l 482 s1ght nom nal 485 Stell ng 60 days actual 481 s1gbt actual 484 Cable tmnsfe -s 480 Commercnl ste 1lmg pnme 480 good long 479 Pans bankers 60 clays C i18 3 4 Sight 522%' lleiCIISmarks (4) bankers 60 d!J,yS 94M (4) s1ght 9o F1etghts -Messrs Carey Yale & Lambert Freight Broke s I eport to TIIE TonAcco LEAF Tobacco Fretghts as follows -L ve rpool steam 3os sat! 30s London steam 40s sail 37s 6d Glasgow steam 45s Bnstol steam 45s Havre steam $12 Ant" etp steam 47s Gd IIamburg steam 47s 6d Bremen 47s 6d EXPOR'IS From the pot t .of New "York to fore1gn ports fo1 endmg October 2 were as follows -REPUBLIC -13 bbds 100 pkgs (17 708lbs) mfd Bllmm..'< -268 bbds 418 cases 90 balas BmsTO L -142 bhds BliiTISII WEST INDIES -2 bbcls 57 cases (4 467 lbs) mfd BRITISH EAST INDIES -345 pkgs (59 889 lbs ) mfd BRITISH HONDURAS -2 hhds 29 pkgs (1 158 lbs) mfd CANADA -o9 bales FRENCH WEST INDIES -34 hhds GLASGOW -62 bbds HAMBUR& -991 bbds 20 pkgs (2 454 lbs) mfd HAYTI -13 bbds 815 bales 24 pkgs (850 lbs) mfd HULL -98 bbds LISBON -112 hhds LIVERPOOL -146 bbds 448 pkgs 101 lbs) mfcl LONDON -556 bbds 3 pkgs (300 lbs ) mfd NAPLES -386 bbds PORTO Rico -6 pkgs (960 lbs) mfd RoTTERDAM -196 hbds UNITED STATES OF COLOMBIA -1 hhd 226 bales 135 pkgs (9 919 lbs ) mfd VALENCIA --380 bbds EXPORTS Ji'BOM THE PORT OF NEW YORK TO FOREIGN PORTS FBO>:I JANUARY 1 1877 TO OCT 2 1877 FBOM OFFICIAL SouRCES REPORTED EXP:U:SSLY FOR THE TOBACCO LEAF Africa PARTICULAR NOTICE Every resale lB tmpposed to be at au advance on fi :'it cost the prices' obt&it able by growers of tobacco therefore ill al"'ays be some\\ ha.t lower tha.o these quotations. QUOTATIONS OF WHOLESALE PRICES Bnght WrnppeJ11":: Common to medium Good to -,;ery <1 Frne to extra. he. Smokers (old or new) Dapple wrappers Olto-WESTERN LEAF Interior to good com 8 @ 5 Brown and greerush 5 @ Medium and fine red 7 @ Com to n d spangled 6 @ 8 Fine spangled to yeUow 10 @15 00 45 35 28 28 @60 @50 @25 @00 @00 @26 @lll @83 @40 CIGARS Havana perM $50@100 I Seed per !I Seed and Havana perM 40@. 90 G&U.'ULATED SJ\IOKII'G TOBACCO Medium to good $38 @54 Good to fine SNUFE 5 6 7 9 9 :18 I8 @15 4 @ 6 6 @ 8 9 @II 12 @IO 18 @17 8 @10 10 @10 4 @20 8 @ 8 25 @28 lll 15 00 18 26 r.s 45 23 @26 18 18 LEAF-. 3 "eek were 1 gbter compa cd w tb the prevwus week but exports "ere unUAually large The market for lllaryland I S slow sb1ppers to B1em e u and Holland buy spanngly and find It d1fficult to make se l ect1ons Pnces remam nommally un changed Ob o IS macttvc but held firm sales for the wce"k foot up 600 hhds for Dmsburg and Bremen at full forn er quotatwns We contmue our quotatwns Inspected th1s week -948 hbd lllarylancl 675 do Ohio 1 clo V1rgm a 3 do Kentucky totul1 002 Cleared same penocl -per scbr Ida C BuUa d to Rotterdam 417 hbds l\Iarylancl 14 400 ObJO and 7a do Kentucky tobacco per sh1p Ceylon for Rotterdam 56-t bbds Maryland 499 do Oh o 73 do y, g1n1a tobacco and 196 hhds s tems per bark ffiula for Genoa 1 069 bbds lllaryland tobacco per schooner Geo E 1'1 ashe-r to Bordeaux 607 hhds Maryland tobacco per steamer ll!be17uan to L1verpool 54 bbds Maryland and 24 do Kentucky tobacco per sh1p Snus to Bremen 322 bhds Maryland 70 do Ohw 432 do Vn!!7Ima tobacco and 89 do Vtrgm a stems per bark John L1 tW1fl foi Amsterdam 847 hhds l\111\"yland 114 do Kentucky ami 26 do Vug nm tobncco per schooner Henry P & rkel for Demeraru 10 hhds Kentucky to bacco ---36 606 hbds Stock m ware house and on,sh1pboard not cleared 31 089 h_bds Same ttme m 1876 17 hhd s Manufactured Tobacc<> -We contmue to note a moderate amount of busmess but the market IS vOid of any speCial activity and without change m pnces Exports -1 135 lbs to Demerara 336 lbs to Rw and 332 lbs to Bremen. Recetved pet Richmond steamers 296 bxs 731 pkgs 72 cases 5 caddies 2 kegs per N orf9lk steamers 269 pkgs per Petersburg steamers 157 do CINCINNfi.TI September 29 -Mr FA Prague Leaf Tobacco Inspector reports to THE TOBACCO LEAF as follows -The offermgs at the auctiOn ware hou ses for the week foot up 1 106 bbds and 10 boxes mostly Qf low and nondescnpt sorts for whiCh the matket has been dectdedly eas er purchases liemg made at about half a cent nearer our mstd e quotations than last week all kmds su,ttablc for the varwus grades of fine cut che" mg and those having s tfficwn t body plug fillers have met a re dy demand at full prtces Durmg almost the entire 1 ontb of Scptem):Jer the "eathm hilS been favorable for the gww ng crop and poss1bly never was known greater 1m provement m so short a t1me hundreds of crops that were looked upon m .August as worthless have under the warm days and de" y mghts of September grown and rrpened mto fine tobacco Sf' ere frosts early m October would InJure seuously large quant1t1es reqmre a week or ten days yet to fully mature but 1f old J'llck Frost w1 l clelay h1s vrs1t for t.wo weeks yet there will doubtless be one of the best crops ( n quahty) of cult ng tobacco housed ever !,'I"Own m tbe distr cts lrtbutury to our market Oh o Seed st11l contmues m good demand at sa tlsfactory pn ces The offen 1gs at auctiOn reported bythe warehouses for the week JUSt closed and the expned portion of the current month and year "ere as follows -..-WEEK--(!l!ds bu 308 155 290 112 241 2 7 1 1 hl!ds ln:s 1118 209 696 801 12 796 7 1 014 13 hluts /n:s 8 007 2 49o li 989 3 979 7 763 338 l'i 903 182 5 704 244 Totals 1877 1106 10 4 a25 6G8 33 366 7 238 Totals 1876 906 152 4 732 1 319 S1 862 8 160 Totals 1875 '726 59 2 880 722 17 769 6 051 Totals 1874 1 623 322 6 432 834 36 146 6 299 The offermgs at auctwn for the week month and year (ex; ceptmg Seed leaf) were subdlVlded as follows -.-wESK----., hhds ln:s hl!ds bu hl!ds lxl:s 1 070 10 4 399 34 26 207 620 36 126 7159 6 4 525 34 ETC Week 143 251 1N0 3a 233 6<> 91 75 33366 Month 576 1 Oo3 650 161 1009 218 543 36a 1 003 4 a75 1 281 6 226 479 1 787 Y ear 1874 1 970 9 712 Sales of month and year dn'lded as folio" s -Month 3 950 47 oo3 25 2 475 havmg and have had for the past week the fi1 eRt weather poss1ble for the present crop much of which IS safely housed 1 spier d1d cond twn P ICes have been grad ually eas ng up through the montb parhcularly on common lugs and low grades of nondescnpt and otbcr leaf if not of vmy d ec 1ded c haracter Fme to se lect leaf of a.ny least affected but some lower and very scarce We had a lot of 53 hhds of str1ps on the market thrs week whteh sold at an average of 9Mc m classJtieallon 1t ran from good common to mnderately good lowest pnce 7Vtc highest pnce 11Mc Some few were taken by plug makers but the most by exporters A good many extra common lugs this week at 1Y.@2Y.c The market closed weak to day at the followmg quotatfons w1th a bearmg toward mstde figures QUOTATIONS ,-Hea'IJ1f Bodied-, ,-Gutting-. Common Good Oomn on Good 3 M 3 Y. 4 @5 3 @3}4 3MBY. 3;\1, 3Y. 5 6 3M ll 4 o 4 @5 4Y.Y. 7 @S,YI liy.@7 8 @10 @ 6Y.@8 8Y.@12 7 @9 10 @13 Selections @ 8 @10 12 @17 9 @10 13 @16 Mr Alex Harthill Tobacco Broker reports as follows to THE TOBA.cco LEAF -The only new feature of the week has been the unusual sale of a lot of Owensboro stnps VIZ 25 bbds sold by order of tbe Court 9 hbds OrdinaJY and some what m1xed at $7 60@8 50 and 16 bbds ftur to gooa at $10@11 which prrces were considered satisfactory In the regular lines Patented January 25th 1876. :Reissued June 27th 1876 .. December 1876 February 6th 1877 The above Maohine is used to DIFFUSE or SPBAY GLYOBRINll or any LIQUID material, upon manufactured Fine Out or Leaf, for the purpose of Moistening or Sweetening also to FLAVOR the same with any fi.avoring substance Our Patent covers the use of compressed air as the distributmg agent which we secure by means of a powerful air pump, which forces the air into a reservoir to secure even pressure The Tobaoco is fed into a Revolving Cylinder, and 1s a.a-ltated and dressed by Spyra.l Fla.nges m auch a manner as to receive in a. uniform manner, the glycerine or other liquid as it passes through, taking out at the same time, the Fine Shorts if desired, and will moisten 5000 lbs of Tobacco per day It will spray pure Glycerine or Syrup and the reservoir for the liquid holds trom three to ten galloDS. We caution parties against the use of any infringement of eur Patents We BSSure them we mean busmess, and shall PROSECUTE to the full extent of' the r IMPORTEHS AND MANUFACTURERS OF Pipes and Articles, 129 and 131 GRAND ST., NEW YORK. FOREIGN AMSTERDAM September 15 -Messrs Schaap & Van Vccn Tobacco B ol ms repmt to THE I onAcoo LEAF as follows -The bulk of Java tobacco of wh1ch we made m e ntion n both of our precedmg r eports has passed pnrttally unde r the hamme1 and pari ally offered by tenders About 19 000 bales by the fitst methndfound buyers and 4 000 by the second whtle 6 000 bal es were not wanted by th e subscrihers on account of the quality As we told you before th e common qualtties and also those doubtfully burmng are negl ec ted the good qualities as well for cuttmg as for ctgnr purposes tre pmd very high pnces for w 1th much compctltwn We expect m the followmg montb a rep e l twn of the same Of Sumat a tobacco a lot of 530 bttles found buyers and of Amencan tobacco 50 hhds of l\Iarylnnd Imports were hm1ted to 1 312 bales of Java Our stock con s 1 sts m J Haryland I 542 hhds Kentucky 100 clo Vug ma 79 do Java 20 216 bales Sumatra 3 808 do Manila 3 400 do Eas t Indian 8 000 do Cavendish 100 cases BREMEN Septembe1 12 A demand for nearly all kmds of hogshead: tobaccos was p eva1l ng m our mUJket dur ng the past week a number of 1 ge tnu suet ons espemally m Kentucky (500 hhds) hav ng been effecte d The mo\ e ment m tobacco m seroons package s and cases was qmte am mated also The snles were -Brazil 7 700 pkgs (whereof 4 300 to the Austnan Go\cmment) Cuba 37 er Dom ngo 667 do Columbia 1 785 do Seed leaf o6 cases LIVERPOOL Septe-rnber 15 -Messrs F W Smythe & Co Tobacco CommiSSIOn Met ch wts, Tcport to 'IIIE 'I o BACCO LE !.F as follows -A fa1r bus n ess has been done w1th man Ifacturers durmg the past\\ eek the r reqm1em en ts were confined to str1ps and dry leaf se l ecte d from old tobacco Sales for export were urumportant Pnces except for chotec parcels contmue to rule m favor of buyers Import.. 1,063 bbds delivenes 437 hhds stock 36 22o agamst o1 581 same time last ye a r From Board of Trade returns to 31st ult JUSt r eceived the subJOined extracts have been taken show ng that in the past mght months Impotts have mcreascd 0 66 100 per cent home consumptwn '3 47 100 per cent cxp01 ts 18 48-100 per cent and stocks 21 88-100 per cent as compared with correspondmg penod 1876 Imports of unmanufactured tobacco -Month ended 31st August 1875 5 876 089 lbs 1876 15 300 519 lbs 1877 17 414 426 lbs Eight months ended August 31 1875 30 8o9 025 lbs 1876 40 014 011 lhs 1877 43 889 239 lbs Home consumptiOn of unmanufac tured tobacco -Month ended 31st August 1875 3 834 093 lbs 1876 4 111 200 lbs 1877 4 215 771 lbs Etght months ended 31st August 1875 30 847 596 lbs 1876 31 595 530 lbs 1877 32 694 330 lbs Exports of unmanufactured tobacco -Month ended August 31 1875 624 711 lbs 1876 2 081 234 lbs 1877 1 544 398 lbs E1ght months ended 31st August 1875 8 392 893 lbs 1876 7 237 286 lbs 1877 8 574 765lbs Unmanufactured tobacco mall bonded warehouses 31st August -1875 82 777 209 lbs 1876 79 879 911lbs 1877 97 365 337 lbs LONDON, September 19 -Messrs Grant Chambel"il & Co Tobacco Com!DlssiOn Merchants report tofu ToBACCO LEAF as follows -There IS no change m our market durmg the past week there have been no sales worthy of comment buyers havmg taken only what they wanted for Immediate use For exportation nothing has been done but severalmqmress are on the market Western leaf and strtps have httle attentiOn holders showmg mo1e mcltnatwn to meet the v1ews of buyers Vugmta leaf and stnps contmue slow of sale Maryland and Ob o have been dealt n spar n0ly only bright descnptwns are asked for Cavend sh has also had but little atlentwn sa les have been tr flmg MELBOURNE August 6 -Mr H C Fraser of Messrs Fraser & Co 'I obacco Brokers reports -Smce our la st market reports there has been little actiVIty m this staple the contmued depressiOn m bnsm ess has not been exceptwnal m tobaccos Pr1vate transactwns have been confined to trade reqmrements and those only to a ltm1ted extent except the resale of some 600 pkgs of J K Ch ldrey s make aromatiC and black ork which ha vc been qu tted chiefly for shipment The publtc sa l es of "btch t" o have been held durmg the month have not exh 1 b t ecl tbat firmness m pt ces wh1ch could be desired there was a languidness m then del ngs ancl those lines qmtted proved a tlow 1 ward tendency the offers m some mstanc es hemg less than those prev ouslJ ruling The trade bejng e o w e ll supplied and the demand hmite d we must only wmt until the sprmg-mquny obtains before any bnskness will be Imparted to our at present dull m arket Tw1st-There are no prn ate sales to report 108 pkgs of Barret s were d1s posed of by auctwn also 79 Black Swan damaged We antiCipate a good mqmry m the spnng Tens-Some few lines of Cam eron shave be e n sold pnvately also Barret s Tens at auctiOn Demand llllltcd at ptesent A romatics-Stocks fatrly equal to present reqm ements p1tces sca1 cely so 11rm for so me sorts Chowe lots offe1ed at auctiOn but the trade evmced but httlc des re to pu chae many of the line s bemg passed for higher rates than those off e red. Leaf-Twelve bbds etc were qmtted at auctiOn (damaged) and realiz e d fa1r pnces cond1tt0n considered The market 1s well supplied and equal to our wants for some t1me 0Igars-Mantla. are firm at quota twns and hkely to contmue so until public sales are resumed m tbe produc ng country "hen shipment.. will come forward as usual. Twtst-The quotatwns are as under -Southern ls 3d@1s Barret s Anchor 1s od Black S" an 1s 6d Raven 1s 7d St Andt ew s ls 6Y.d Out G me 13 6d Shellard s ls 6d lllazeppa 1 s 6d m ball tnd qua l e t trcs and cases Quo tatwns nommal T ens-Northe rn 7d@8d best branda med um 7cl@Od Southern ls 4d @ls 6d best brmds Half OPENING OF A NEW TOBACCO EXCHANGE -The Rtch mond (Va) W7Hg of October 1 says -Saturday at noon the new Tobacco Exchange on Shockoe Shp, which has been m course of erectwn for several months past was taken possession of by the Tobacco .AssoCiatiOn The new quarters were dedicated by the sale of pnvileged sample boxes This sale was conducted anndst no httle roeurment and to the amusement of all who were present The first choice was sold to Mr John Booker two stalls at $55 each Palmer Hartsook & Co second choice four stalls at $15 each Other places sold as follows -Third ch01ce E 0 Noltmg & Co two boxes at $21 each fourth N M Wilson & Co two at $20 each fifth Carrmgton & Baskervill four boxes at $8 each seventh Sublett & Cary two boxes at $10 each eighth Hill & Skinker\ four boxes at $13 each nmth Christian & Gunn four ooxes at $13 each tenth R H Dibrell 2 boxes at $12 each elev enth J M Conrad two boxes at $12 each twelfth W K Martm & Co four boxes at $10 each The remam der of the boxes were sold at vanous pnces After the sale of boxes one or two packages or tobacco wer& sold at auction Mr Thomas D Neal for Mr Srlas Shelburn bemg the seller He sold the first package to Mr A D Chalkley for $16 On Monday the Trade will elect annual officers -To the Editor of the Globe Democrat -St LoulB September 28 1877 -Please give us an artwle on gentlemen s fashions for fall and wmter wear -Reader [Our rmpressron IS that gentlemen s fashions for fall and wmter this season will consiSt mostly m weanng out the relics of more prosperous times -Ed G D ]


"aal(, FOIUUN. H. J. DCJl!IAN. THOS. CAR1tOJ.!. DOHAN, CARROLL & 00., TOBACCO Merchants, 104 FR:ONT r 0. BOX 4.36&. NEW YORK. Asrer.ts.for the followioe: well-known and reliable Manufacturers: I.B. PACE, W. J. YARBROUGH a SOlS, TURPIN a BRO., C, T. BINFORD, IOODMAN a MYERS, L. H. FRAYSER a CO., L. J. 8RAIT a CO., R. W. OLIVER, T. W. PEMBRTOI, JOHN W. CARROLL, and ethers. SOl.E AGENTS FOR THE ORIGlNAL Doucbe, 4s and Be, Single and Double Thick. ALSO, .AGENTS FOR _THE CEI.;EBRATED; LONE JA-cK& BR o -wN DICK SMOKING TOBACCO. l-arge Stocks of Manufactured Tobacco of Every Description, Sui.table for the Home Trade and for Foreign Markets, THE VIRGINIA TOBACCO AGENCY, El"ta.b1iahecl. :J.BSG. J AS. M:. GARDINBR, TOBACCO GOIMISSION MEBCBANT,84 FRONT STREET, NEW YORK. EXPORT ORDER!! FOR PLUG TOBACVO PROMPTLY FILLED. ALEXANDER MAITLAND. L. F. S. MACLEHOSE. ROBERT L. MAITLAND. ROBERT L. MAITLAND Be COr, Tobacco Factors, And General Commission Merchants, 43 Broad Street, New York, AGENTS FOR THE WELL-KNOWN I '' O.A.:M:ER.C>N'" Brands of Tobacco, Manufactured Expressly for EXPORT TO AUSTRALIAN and OTHER FOREIGN PORTS: IT 1i'v. j VD'PR CAIERON & f10 AUSTRALI.AN' TWIST-liT Al!IDREW!I, AJJJ!IAJU1 .I!J l.l 'I VENUII, CABLE, OUR GA.IIJC1 BLAVK "Va.o DIAMOII'D. AUSTILALJA'N' l.UIIPS-!IIGII'ET OF VmGINIA, 'VENUII, ALL THE RAGE, FLOWER OF ALL NATIONS, ,. E'N'GLISH LUliiiPS-PRINVE ALFRED JVILLIAM-cAmoN & BRO .. TWIST-RAVEN, MA-:E"'O"terbur ... "Vac AUSTRALXA'N' LUIIPS-TWO SEAS, OUR VHII!IF, ORION, DIDIA'N' LUHPS-HAVELOVK, CHAR IllER, 4:-Cl, E'N'GLISH LUMPS-VICTORY, ROYAL JrAVY, ... v. SOUTH .AKERICA'N' LU'MP8-LA DE LIVIA., LA FELICIDAD. J F. C. LlNDL C. F. LINDE. C. c. HAMILToN. S. M.ucoso. R. AsHcaon. I .,. YORK I SEED LEU TOBACCO INSPECTION. ;TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. CertUicatea aiYen for every case. and ease by cue, as to number of Certificate. N. B.-We Also Sam:ple in Merchants' Own Stores. t F. C. LINDE & CO., Philadelphia Branch-E. W. 'Dickerson, 139 N. 3d St. OJPFICEfJ---1.4-la \Vater and 18:1 to 188 Pearl Street. WARBQOUSES-14,. Water, '74, 'T& A. 7'8 Greenwich Streets, an:l Hudson River RaM Road Depot, St, John's Park. .BENSEL & CO., TOBACCO INSPBCTOBS, 178Y. WATER STREET, .. :NEW YORK. SYRACUSE BRANCl{::-:-:G. P. HIER & CO. ELMIRA do ........ ]. R. DECKER. BALTIMORE do E.WlSCHMEYER&CO HARTFORD do ........ W. WESTPHAL. HAl'FlELD, Mus., do .......... ]. & P t;ARL. CHARLES FINKE, TOBACCO INSPECTOR 155 WATER ST., NEW YORK. COUN'.I'RY SA!IIPLINfo PRO!U.P'.I'LY ATTENDED TO. PHILADELPHIA BRA:;CR:JONAS METZ, 64 North Front St. D J. GARTH, CHARLES M. GARTH, HENRY SCHROEDER. D. J. G-.A..R. SON' c:fc CO COMMISSION M:BBCII.&NTS 44 Broad Street, New York. BRA'N'CH HOUSE: GARTH &. CO., Ninth' and. Market Sts .. Louisville, K M. PA.UCO:V, THOS, VA.HROLL, :Sr, &, COMMISSION MERCHANTS FOR THE SALE OF Kentucky and _Virginia Leaf Tobacco, 50 BROAD ST., NEW YORK. .JNO. T. HARRIS, S. R. BOWMAN, Barris &, MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, No. 102 FRONT STREET, 'York. S.E.TOMPOOK, E.l'.Gu........ Go REUSENS, s ... E. TBDIIPSOR & co., Bl1YEll OF TIBUtU FAI:TIIBl TOBACCO 8enenl Co111ml11l01 Jhrchanta, 15D STREET, :54 & 56 BROAD ST., 'N'EWYORK. P. 0. Bex 31188. NEW YORK. :r.tanufaeturers' Agent.s for the sale of all Popular :Brands o YIRCINIA, NORTH CAROLINA & WESTERN J4a.nufa.ctured, Smoking &, Fine-Cut Toba.ccos, A.GKNT!I FOR .JOHN F, ALLEN 8c 00,'5 RICHMOND, VA.., BRANDS OF SMOKING TOBACVOS AND ciGARETTES, SAH. AYRES' "HYCO," etc DEPOT FOR .J. W. CARROLL'S LONE .JAOK, BROW!II Dit:K, etc. : LOIDSIAN.&. PERIQUE, Oat aacl ia Carrot.. .AGENTS FOR -W$ 1:' 8%-ACKWSS.%. fc C011'8 CENU.INE DURHAM TOBACCO -AND-W 8$ ICIM8A:Jt.L C011'8 VANITY F .AIR TOBACCO AND CJ:G.ARETTES. HANUF.&.O'l'Ul\ED TOBACCOS: FAVORITE DARirNAVY, ENCHAN'l'llE!IS II'AVY, IWEBT MORSEL DARK NAVT, HONEY AND PEACH BRIGHT NAVY, AND ALL POPULAR BRANDS OF FANCY AND LIGHT PRESSED. l FINE OUT llilANUF ACTURED BY SPAULDING A: HERRICK.: OLD GLOit'i';-cHA.:Rlin)JJ< THill WEST, iiWli!KT BURLEY, BEE1 TRillllPS, WIG WA.G,,.BUGLE, IN PAILS AND BARRELS. DEPOT FOR E. T. PILK.JXTO'N' A: CO.'S CELEBRATED "'!'Rt1ITS & FLOWERS" & 11 CODONWIALTR" TobaccoL lir PKICllll LiliT!I FURNISHIIlD 011 APPLIVATION, "a DEPOT FOR SNOW'fil PATE'N'T CAB.DHOLDERS. II. 'VV'U'LSTEIN, (SUCCESSOR TO UORGFELDT & DEGHU&E), PATENTEE (AND SOLE MANUFACTURER IN THJil Do 8,) OF IMPROVED TOBACCO MACHINERY, OFFICE-114 CENTRE ST NE'WYORK-E'.O.Bo:r609L CONSTANTLY ON HAND THE BEST IMPROVED MACHINERY FOR CUTTING, GRANOLATIBG & SIEVING TOBACCO by HAND or STEAl POWl!R. .A large variety of Uachlnery for Clear J(aaufaeturera, 1uch as for Cutting or Granulating Havana and ether Flllen for Ci gars, Stem .Roll era, Bunching M achinea, Stemming Macbiae1, and other Naobtaes far CruthlnJt aod Flattening the Tobacco Stem. to tbe Leaf, Cigarette Uactdaea, etc. Tbe attention of Ct1a.r lda.Dufacturet'l i especially calledAto my land CuHinc Maoblao for Cut1111 lor., Flllln1 for Clears._ ""!"O'bQct.oo p:es'aed lnto a Retainer iDa--"mot.f ttate, aod the -.formert c:ak.o it pu Ia To tle box of the Mac:hln,e for cutting. The same cuts from 8oo to t,loolba of Leaf Tobacco per day, from quarter to.a ?-alf lock w1de, u fullr 33 per cent. over the former-way of manafactarlng Cigara; avo1dmg the atrippina-; no loR 1n sh!:nlS,or other waste; no du1t; lea Tobacco required and better WOI'k produced; and is the only practicable and reliable way of makina a unUonn m\xed All the leading Cigar Manufacturers of New Yerk Ctty are u.slng f.hls Machine. Extra Feeding Attachment for Cutting Fine-Cut c..;bewing or for Cigarettes. For the same purpose, of cutting Havana and other Fillers for the manufacture of Ctgatll.l now effer my latelyioveated sm-.11-eize GRANULATOR 00 "!bleb can be cut into ev.en in a moist state, without making dust or Granulator 19 especially adapted for th1s purpos., and entirely d1ffereot frf'lm. my same she Granulator for makinr Klllicklnick or CiQ'arette Tobacco. lt workll the Sterna as well a s the and a C'::Apacitv of from 300 to 400 lb!i Report of the jud2es of Awards of Centennial Exhibition refers patti cu\arly to the umfornnty of cutting and bi2"h speed with which i t cuU Leaf Tobacco, al.o to the subttantial a:d r:bnacter oft he same, and to the mod Prate prkf"' at which it h solc1 to the Trado. LEVY BROTHERS, :M:an:u.fao'h.:Lre:rs of FINE CIGARS 125 & 127 BROOME ST. 'NEW YORK FANCY SMOKING PIPES -INBRIER AND FANCY WOODS, MANUFACTURED BY HARVEY a FORD, SAI,ESROOH-386 & 36'1 CAJiAL STREET, NEW rORE. FACTORY-LEDGER PLACE, PHII,ADELJIRIA, _1 .r'-"11 REJA.LL & BECKER, MANUFACTURERS OF IEERSOBAUM & AIDER GOODS, AND ll!PORTERS O:F FRENCH BRIAR PIPES & SMOKERS' ARTICLES No. 88 Chambers Street, 1\Teoogv 'York.. FIRST PRIZE MEDAL, CARL .... FEIS ... 'VIENNA EXHIBITION, 18'1'3, MANUFACTURER OF ::M: E E B. & 0 El: .A. U::M: I AND AMBER. GOODS, 398 GRAND ST., Q,l' NEW YORK. AND VIENNA,:>.:; Austria. BUEHLER tc POLHAUS, iiif.iiiiSCiiifi& CLAY PIPR And all Kinds of SMOKERS' ATICLES. 83 Chambers and. 65 Read.e Streets, New York. D. B. HULL'S PATEIT TOBAOOO STRIPPER. PATENTED MARCH 14, 18'1'11. Tht Most Perftol and Rapid Stripper Ia lht World. REFERENCES: KERBS II: SPIESS; Now York; LIC:iiTENSTEIN BROS. & CO., New York; HIER & ALDRICH, SEUBERT & WARNER (;ARR & CUSHING, and BALDWIN A" l"RYER,s,.ra.cun, ... ... OCT. 3 COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 79 FRONT ST., NEW YOR.K. JOJIN R SUTTON' 74 FJWN1.' Stteet. MANUFACTURER OF CIGARETTES HUGill DUBOIS, "AFTER DINNER" All Tobacco; COHISSIOI IBBCJIDT, "UNIQUE" All Tobacco; I"JLOK'I' "PICKWICK" All NEw YoRK '' PH

.... oCT: 3 _"' JACOB BIIIELL, :'-j MANUFACTlolREJ.-CIGAR BOXES, SUPERIO.R MAKE AND Prime Quality of CEDAR WOOD, ll<}3, 295 & Monroe St., NEW YORK. BASCH a. FISCHER, WORTERS OF E;AV ANA SHBB Liirc:Tb@i A G C U, .155 WatBJP St., NEW YORK. BROADWAY, cor. Cedar St. NEW YORK, Co.pitaZ, $1,000,000. lt.ery facility afforJed t o a n d Correspondenta consistent with Sound Banking. H. BOCHOLL, Prnident. -:-. X. Caehier. WM EGGERT & CO. IMPoRTERS OF AND IN LKAP TOBACCO, Ill PEARL STREET, IIEW YORK. llr&Dch, 94 Ka!n St., Cincinnati, 0. e .t 0. FRIEND & CO., III>4JOl"len and Dealers In :LEAP TOBACCO, 129 Midden au. Flli&ND, NEW YORK S. :Importer of B.AVAXA AND JOBBBK IN :SEED LEAF TOBACCOS, 112 Wtttr Street, lew York 1: S. STERIBIRGIR, JIIII&J All HOliSTIC BAlmS. llo. H EXCH.....-Gili.PLA.ClE, 11. Y. I>uw Billa of oo the principal citleA ef 'EIH'ope; isaue Circular Letters of to Travelers, and graat Commercial Credits; r"'ce1ve Mr,ney ou Deposit, aubjec to Sight Cbec:ka. upon wblcl\, wut bfl! a.llowed ; pay particular Attentt.on t o the 11-.otiatloo of1--oau. JULIAN ALLEN1 SeedLeaf and "1"0EJ.A.OOC>, i12 Water Street, N. Y. CUTHRIE & CO., CODISSIO:N' MERCHAm A HD BALERS OF TOBACCO FOR EXPORT. Leaf Tobacco pteSied in balea for the West lndte1, Mexican a.nd Central American Ports, and other 4leta. TOBACCO PAUCCESSOR TO WALTER FRIEDMAN o!< FREISE, H iAVANA TOBACCO, No. 178 WATER STREET, NEW 203 P 1 Str t N Y k c ;Importers o:C Spanish ear ee ew or -AND HERMANN BATJER tc BROTHERJ PACKERS OF DOMESTIC COMMISSION DRCBANTS & IMFORTERS OF f LEAF. TOBACCO OJ t. 77 W .6. 'rllilt S'l' :m Iii W YO::a:K.. lYI. FRIEDMAN, ERNEST FREISE, MANUFACTURER OF THE CELEBRATED BRANDS OF (FORMERLY OFTHE Fmlll OF WALTER FRIED!IlAN &: FREISE,) "BLUE GLASS" and "CONGRESS" SF ANI:s:a: AND AUO LEAF T 0 B A C C 0 goa Pear1 S't., 'York.. 157 w t N y k. ABOVE BRANDR AilE (10PYRJGHTJ<:n a.,er IJ.&'"Ce 9 ew or I F .A.OTOR.:J:EJS : e1-1, e1e, e1a, eao, ,.1-1, ,.1e and ,.11 BA.S"'' Dri'B B'I'B.BII'l'. OF:I',ICiii -1S and 20 .6.STO:a :PLA.Cll:, SANCHEZ, HAYA tc CO., I 30, 32 & 134 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK, MANUFACTURERS .. FINEST ELEAR HAVANA CIG!tm. Awlll'decl. mghest Medal Exhibition, 1876, ALSO IMPORTERS OV HAVANA CIGARS & LEAF SIMON STRAUSS, MANUFACTURER OF THE ONLY ESTABLISHMENT IN THE WORLD CICAR BOXES tc-SHOW FICURES; Importer of and. Dealer in Spanish Cigar Ribbons, GERMAN OIGAR MOULDS, PRESSES,' STRAPS, CUTTERS, ETC.,, :J A,,-g c1c. 181 LEWIS S'l'B.EEIIJ.I, NBW YOB.K. --& GIDlEY, SPAIISH CEDAR FOR CIGAR BOXES. AGENTS FOR ,OSTRUM'S CIG!Jl-BOX NAILING MACHl:NE. Foot lOth lllth St., East River, .... JrEW YORK.. BEPPENBEIMER & MAURER. :Prao"t1.oa,l. L1. "tl::u:>araph.ers, BNGil.&VBitS & Pili:N'TBilS BY STEAlll POWER A.l'l' HAl'I'D PRESSES. lJgbarrg and COl'I'STAl'I'TLY p!r AND NE"",DESIGNII lliA.DE TO ORDER. 22 and 24 NORTH WILLIAM STREET, NEW YORK. FOR CIGAR MANUF AGTURERS. It baa a Capacity of about 500 lbs., Alld oan be EaoUy Worked. The Tobacco, DRY OR MOIST, o'l: 'C'S:S:XN"G-XT1 And Causes No Weight by Oust. PRICE, $35. Boxing and Shipping, $1.50. OFFICES: 510 East Nineteenth St., 156 Street, SEMI-CIGARS I .&.u Jdad oC Plgure Cat to Order and Repaired in 1he Bet Style. The Tracie Suppl.l LOBENSTEIN & GANS a WHOLESALE DEALEKS IN AND HAVANA TOBACCOSJ SOLE AGENTS AND IMPORTERS OJ' THE GENUINE W & ozGr.A.B. :M:c:n:Jz .:oa, PRESSES, STRAPS.,& 1 Importers at Germ and Spanlsll CJctr I..._. No.' 101JIAIDEK L.A.llrE. KE'\V YORK P. LOBILLABD a co-t A. WARDED ffiGHEST MEDALS FOR PLUG TOB-ACCO 11AJr11FAOTVllED BY OFFICE-No. Ill FIRST ST., JERSEY CITY, N. J. BUCHAN AN & LV ALL, New York Salesrooms---lo. 114 Water St., one door from 54 Broad St., New York. __ ....


6 KNECHT, SMITH & CO., S1'.8C-IIOR8 TO &IIIlTH BROS, A> KNECHT, 'iEALERS IN ALL KINDS OF LEAF TOBACCO, ..6.10) HAXUl'.A.CT'URERS OF .AXD DEALERS IJf CIGARS. 131 l'l'orth Third Street, Philadelphia. TELLER BROTHERS, Packers, Commlaalon Morthanlst and Wholesale Dealers )a Foreign and Domestic Leaf Tobacco, 117 North Third Street, Philadelphia. W. EISENLOHR & COr, PACKERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN LEAF T 0 B .4. C C 0, 11n &. -vv-a:te:r St., W. EISii:NLOHR, s/ W. CLARK, PHIL. BONN. L. BAMBERGER & CO.,-'-DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, And Manufacturers of all Grades of Cigars, N o ... J 11 Arcn St., Philadelphia, Pa. LEWIS BREMER'S SONS, Wholesale Dealers iR 'LEAF" AN D MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, NO. 322 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. @"A lar2'e assortment of all kinds of LEAF ToBACCO constantly on hand. M. ANATHAN & CO., Packers, Commission Merchants AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN LEAF T-OBACeO. No. 220 North Third. St., Philadelphia MOORE 41: IIAY, Pa.ckers, Commission Kercha.nts &. Dealers in SEED LEAF tc HAVANA TOBACCO, No.35 North Water-st., Philadelphia. JOSEPH LOBB, PACKER AND DEAl:.ER IN I.;EAF TOBACCO, AND MANUFACTURER OF CICARS, 62 NORTH FRONT STREET, PHILADELPHIA, PA. I. B. McDOWELL & 00., JULIUS VETTERLEIN & CO .. TOBACCO Seed Leaf' and "ffilneral Commission Merohants, ae NORTH WATER ST., PllJ.ladelphtao "U. S. Solid Top CIGAR MOULD," 8iiir" Agent for the sale of all kinds of Manufac .. turect and 13& ARCH ST., PHILADELPHIA. Pa. AN & TAITT RADY & CO., D 0 H 211 :NOi'l'li TmiD S'l'., l'hiW.elph!a, l'a., MIRrnoTS, coMMissioN MERCHANTs FOR THE SALE OF 10'1 ARCH STREET. .... Philadelphia. BATCHELOR BROS "PECULIAR" CI-CAR lUNt1F AS'l'URERS, 80814arket St., PWLA.DELPHIA. A. J. WELLS, Manufacturer oJ FINE CICARS, Aod Dealer in tomrnm SEID llir TIIJRD II,.REET 4:. GIRARB A.VE., Philadelphia, Pa. HILDEBRAND&. KLIN8ENBERG o( FINE CIGARS, And Dealers in LEAF TOBACCO, 37 North 7th St. J. RIBALDO SAtfl & CO. TOBACCO, AND &ENERAL CODISSIOI MERCHANTS, l'I'O, 31 l'l'orth Water lltr.>et olr. -80 North Delaware A.naue, :Philaclelphia. Ohio and Other Leaf Tobaccos. Consignments of OHIO especially solicited. MICHAEL WARTMAN & SON, Commission llterchants; For and WHOLESALE !n LW AID MAIDFAtTmD AND 0 :I: G-A B.&, 13 NORTH Ffrl'H ST., IOld 11. W. Ce WATER and ARCH STS., PHILADELPHIA. Pa, JOSEPH WALLACE, Succ"""""' to COOPER & WALTJi:R, Ma.aufacturers of SNUFF SMOKING TOBACCO. 666, 668, 670 lllld 672 Nort.h Eleventh St., PHILADELPHIA. T. J. DUlVN, liiAl!IUF ACTVRER 011' 0 I CARS, S. W, Cor. 15th & VIne Sts. PHILADELPHIA.' F. X. KELLY, Jr., MANUFACTURERS' AGENT FOR. ,JI Plug & Smoking Tobacco, 106 Aroh St., Philadelphia, Pa. SoLa A cMT FOR HARRIS, BEEBE /lz; CO., Quincy, Ill.; aUCHANAN & LYALL, New York; R. W. OLLVER, Richmond, Ya.; A.M. LYOIII' & CO .. Richmond, Va ; MERCHANTS' TOBACCO CO., Bostl>o, lla11.; SHEPPARJI & SHlTH, Dan-rille, Va.; Wll SORG 4r: CO., M.u1dletowo, 0. p &ORVER, COOK CO A J.ICUBII, CODISIIIO:N Kll!.ClUN'I'S, And Wholesale Dealers in LEAF TOBACCO 10-' H. WATJlB. ST., PHILADELPHIA. JOHN J. LUDY, Manufacturer of the Celebrate and Little Wanderer FINE CICARS, AND DEALER IN Spanish and Domestic Leaf T 0bacco, N .. W. cor. 3d 4 Poplar Sta Pb.lladelpltJa. 'J. A. COURTNEY, &3 North Front at., 'Phlla., TOBACCO AID CIGAR COIDOSSIO:N MERCBA:NT. 0 z G A :a. AGENT FOR Wh"!eW and Retail doaleriD All Branda of 'I'HE STATE 011' KEIITVGKY TOBACCO An A SMOKJit81TOBACCO, F. W. FELIIEB a SOl, BaHimore, Md. Baltimore Advert. tseJD&n f.H. A. BOYD & CO., W. GIJHTIIEB, GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANT AND TOBACCO FACTOR, N'o. 9 &e>or:a::: 'GAY ST:a.EET, DI.I.D. ADVA.l'I'CEIIIE'liTS lllADE ON CONSIGI.'I'llllli:NtoS TO lilY ADDRESS. CEO. KERCKH,OFF tc CO., Packers of Seed Leaf AND DEALERS IN 49 South Charles St., Baltimore. :ltd. GEO. KERCKHOFF. GEO, P. UNVERZAGT, H WILKENS & CO. 181 W. PRATT STREET, MANUFACTURERS OF SMOKING TOBACCO S N' U F F NEW YORK AGENCY: I PaiLADELl'JliA AGENCY: M. FALK, 122 Chambers Street. BAnll i BRO., 142 I. Third St. ED. WISCHMEYER. HY. WISC, ED. WISCHMEYER & CO., AND DEALERS IN LEAF,;: PLUG TOBACCO &: CIGARS, 39 SOUTH STREET, NKAR LONB.utD STIIBBT, BAL'I'IM:O.H"-"'ATE ULLER &CO F. W. FELDNER & SON,' 9 .UI ., TOBAt:OO : WOBKS. Tobacco Commission Merchants succEssoRs To and Wholesale Dealers ln F B. BISCHOPP' LEAF T 0 B A c c 0, BALTI.DIORE, JID, 69 Exchange Place, BALTIMORE, MD. D. D. IALLORY, TOBACJOO SBU':I'DIG AND Commission Merchant, E. E. WENCK, Manag;er. 46 and 48 ST. CHARLES STREET, I!I.W. cor. Lombard !It,, BA.LTIIIIORE, lllD. MERFELD & KEMPER, PACKERS OF Co:nneo"t1.ou.t Seed Aod Wlnleiale Dealers in and Yara I 1 7 Lombard Street, BALTilKORE. MD. Depot with F. Engetbach, 56 S. WASHINGTON SQUA.BE; N. Y, W.JC.. BARKER G. 1:, WAGGN.R, BARKER & WAGGNER, IMPORTED and DOMESTIC 1 LEAF TOBACCO, 29 South laJ St., Baltimore, Md. We invite the attention or to our Stoc'lt of DARK BE-SWEATED WRAP PERS, of which we a Specially. los. Scxaoan A. NJcoLAss JOB. SCBROIDIR & CO.:; Commiuioa and Wholeaale Dealen ta LEAF A:ND Kanufactured Tobacco ..,. AND <:IGABS, We, II Exchange Place, BALTDIORE.. JOHN '\V. CARROLL, Sole Manufacturer of the Famous aud Wrld-renowned Brand of VIRCINIA SMOKINC TOBACCOS, LONE JACK AND BROWN DICK, Manufactory: TWELFTH STREET, LYNCHBURG, VA. n....aflra rMoectfully solicited and Pl'i.ce Lilt HIUM WALKRR. Prnt. J. E. SAXTON, and Treas. HIRAM GRANCEa, Supt. MANUFACTURERS OF GLOBE FINECUT CHEWING &SMOKINGl TOBACCOS, $1, 33 &. 35 Atwater St., East, DETROIT, M:IOJI, Philadelphia f:':Adyertisementa. PBNINGTON, PRICB & CO. MAJS;'GFACTURERS AND DEALERS IN [CLAY, WOOD, ENAMEtLED, GERMAN C. D., & OTHER TOBACCO. PIPBS. MULLBN & IIOVB, I!NUF ACTUBEBS' 1&EITS, 1S 21 ::Et.AN:OOl:.:PE ST:a:m:zT1 S. W. VENABLE, E. C. VENABLE. S.W.VENAELE & CO. OfBce : Cor. Bynae t1c. Halifax Sts., :l'etersburgh, Va. Factory: 19 :second. District, VIrginia ;J p LDiJ(itotbeTCeiiBBWRiDif G -ANDSJY:C>H.TNG-TO:B.A.CCOS I ''ECLIPSE'' BRIG liT NAVY, le, J(s, 3e, 4-s, 5e, &s, 7"s, 8s1 81 aad lOs. '' 8T. QBOR.GE" BRIGHT NAVY, Ia, JJ, 3s, 4:s, 6s, 6a, 7a. 81, 81 aad lOe. ''VIRGIN'A DARE" BICJGHT NAVY, 11, 3s, 51 61, 9s d lOa. ''A:N!IOT LYLE" BRIGHT WA..V'Y, Ia. 3a, &1, 61, '1"1, Sa, 9s aad.lOa. "UNION .JACK" MAHOGANY POUIIDII, X ..... lia, u IT .JA.JIE8" DA.RK. POUNDS, 5a, e .. '71, 88, 9a aa4 10 A... L co .JI:: variety of FIQ TWIST of oeveral gradeo Bright aad Haboranr andet"tbe following MJLT,RR, K""' Wlf ... ., ce ed "TBOBMAWJ)T," ,ANNIR TOB ceo FACTORY, aor.D," OAK," "KABOB," 11 DB SOTO" aad 11 OOlVQ"D''IBOa." A '2121 2141 216 & 218 CARTER ST., PHILADELPHIA, PA., c. GOODs-P, CA VAJfAGI_!, Nos. 41 aud. 43 Wabaab Avenue, Ill.; LEAF. WESTERN .i..:;;. BI&Bllll mLAY &BRO. LEAF TOBACCO BROKBRS, t t 5 & 1 17 WEST FRONT STREET, CINCINNATI, 0. tEAP 146 & 148 WEST SECOND ST., Comer ot Elm and Second Streets. CINCINNATI. TBB ST.&TB O:P B.BNTUCKY TOBACCO MANUFACTURING GO., MANUFACTURERS OF Choice Brands of PLUG TOBACCO, And Patentees of the Celebrated Brand oC PROGRESS, MADE IN ALL SHAPES AND WEIGHTS. 1;;7 EVERY PLUu HAS OUR PATENT II'ASTENER AT THE END. 'U S. LOWEl\ITBAL a CO., M.A.NlJFACTURERS' "'OF FINE CIGARS, AN.D DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 1eo w:msar :ro"tntrr:a: sar:a:m:mar .. CINCINNATI, F. G. Tobacco Works, Toledo, Ohio. CHARLES R. MESSINGER, MANUFACTURER OF 11F. 0.'' AND NATIONAL LONG CUT SMOKINOS. Also, the Indian and Sun Flower Chewing Tobaccos. W. BEST, Cblcac<>1 LORIN ,PALHER, New York; W. H. RUSSELL, Chicago. BBST. RUSSBLL & CO., (Successors to JOHN C. PA!i.TRIDGE & CO.,) WHOIESALE TOBACCONISTS A.ND SOLE PROPRIETORS OF THE GENUl:NE ''GOLDEN CROWN'' CIGARS, .57 Lake Street and 41 State Street, Chicago, Ill. ALSO AGENTS FOR THE FOLLOWING WELL-KNOWN FIRMS:-p LORILLA.aD 4<-CO., New York; IEIDENBERQ A> co., New York; w. B. KlliiBALL o1r. co.s "VA.Ji'ITY FAIR," Ileo:bester, N.Y.; W. T, 'IILA.CKWELL A> CO., Durha, N, C.; J, J, BAGLEY & CO.I "MAYFLOWER," D.trott, Kich. ; J. W. CA,RROLLB "LO:NE JACK." Lyncbburgh, Va. AWARDED the HICHEST MEDAL and DIPLOMA At the Centennial Exhibition. to Produce8 tk fitut Work. Make no crea.e in tk bunchu. Makes a perfratocl "WBDDDICJIIlA.KE," Ia trieceo ruanlar twOIItrto the A. HAGE.N olr. CO., No. 63 N. Front Slreet, Pl&iladelphla, Pa.; with the word "WK.DDING CAKit tmpceUOCI packed in tive-poa.od pac:b1 ll. H. ICHRJITIA.N, GalYel'ton, Tens; s h C'---tl&in oat. Alto lhnW'actooren of tloo followlar poplor b1'111011 : JOHN TITVS, Clac!nnatl, 0. ; 27 Street, -.o l'I'AVY, B.&..JIJI-QOLDEl'IT .a.vT, OLD TOll l'I'AVY, T, W. BELL, Magalne Street. N-Orleano, La HOPKINSVILLE, Ky PADUCAH KY IIPUJI ROLL, LADY ... QilllS. 10., BAIDENS BLVIIH, Ia, .J, E, liiA.l'O. No.n6 N. Second St.Louis, Mo.; I I St. LOUIC> J I H. CLARK & BROTHEtf COBB CO., TOBACCO BBODBS, Tobacco 13rokers ClLAlUUVlLLE, Te-., ......__ LEAF TOBACCO, .. __ ..... __________ 0 OORA, 8, BL.&. PBINes, 01, 81 aa4 101 COOP&& (1u., Cor. Madi10n and Froct Sta., Memphis, Tean \Jiioo

OCT. 3 THE LEAF.-.... 7 .! -SUTRO a NEWMARK, A MoDEL SHED.-CoL James Duffy recently erected a new shed on the Park Farm, which is a model tobacco raisers would do well to follow. Ev ery foot of space in the shed proper is utilized for the purpose .of hanging touacco (and is well filled, by the way, with as fine and even a crop as one can find in a .day's journey) and the cellar is fitted up for the purpose of facilitating the stripping and packing of the crop. RUnning the entire length of the building is a table three feet wide, over which are trap-doors leading from the room above and through which the tobacco is let down. The stripping is then done, and back of the table are about twenty bins board ed up, in which the tobacco i s "bulked" stripping, and where it remains until-sold. Th e buyers can go thi s whole collar and see what is the quality of each growth without any cl'i.fficulty Farmers gen erally, we believe, who build new sheds, are adopting some plan similar to this for stripping and bulking their crops.-.Mariettq (Pa.) Times HANUF.A.CT1JR.ERS OF CJ:G-ARS:J AHD DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO. 1'8 PABK NEW YORK. KERBS a SPIESS, Manufacturers of Fine And Dealers in. LEAF TOBACCO, 1014, 1016, 1018, 1020 SECOND AVENUE, 310, 312, 314 FIFTY-FOURTH STREET. ADOLJ' KERI!S. JSr:JU"'itt''" LOUIIi SPIESS. :No. SS WAT:s:Et. ST:aJClCT, NEW A NOTORIOUS .KEVH:NUE DEFRAUDER ARRESTED. -For several years the Unit!'ld States 1evenue officers of the Middle 'enn essee District havo been trying to captmc L. R Stem, a notori ous seller of unstamped tobacco. Last Sunday night Deputy United States :MA.rshal Andrew J. Harris, of this District, received information that Stem was at a church in the neighbor hood of Paris, Tenn. He consequently rode up to the church pointed out to him and found a "rousin' meetin' going on. He had Stem called out and then ordered him to mount his mule and ride to Paris. Stem protested but was finally !nduced to comply, and captor and captive arrived in this city yesterday. llfr Harris left last night for Nashville to deliver his ptis oner to the proper authorities there. : Memphis (Tenn.) Avalanche, Sept. 26. MANUFACTURERS OF1 FINE HAID:IAIJE, CIGARS, AND SOLE IANUF ACTUBERS AND OF TR' Ruskin hates the odor of to baeco ; this accounts for his growling at everything. TOM: MOORE AND LAFAYETTE "EL PORVENIR," AND HlS OTHER BRAND!! OF TURKISH PASTE, ALL OF WHICH.o\R:S GIVIl!iU ll'JCREA!!ED SATlSFAVTION, A!IINIITANVED BY TH.R RAPIDLY GROWING DEMAND AND ENTIRE ABSJi;!ICE OF (JtJJIIPLAUilTS. CAUTION. It baving comet(') my knowledge that, i n several Liquorice Pac;t e falsely repre .. sented as b eing of m'Y manufacture has been offered for sale by v.artit'S to suit their own pUr .. posr.e, who have n o authority to st-.11 my brands, the present serves to CAUTION all Tobacco Maoafacturers against the !ante and to give notice that hereafter every case of my manufacture will be branded with m y Trade Mark, acquired unde r the laws o f the United States, aay unprincipled person countecfeiting this Trade Mark wm be rigorouly _JAMES C. McANDREW, 55 Water Street, New York. TH E PIPE OF PEAOE.-The average interview of the President with the hardy Tennesseean is thus described by the Nashville Ammican:-" A middle-age d man, during the reception at the Lamar House, went in to see the President. Upon vibrating his hand the President 'Why, my I _think I shaken hands w1th you before.' 'No srr, you didn't speak to me, no sir you didn't,' said the man with great emphasis, as he grew very red in the face. 'But, !think I recognize that pipe stem,' said the President. That pipe stem,' remarked.the man with apparent astonish ment, as it, clay and all out of his pocket and exhib1tmg 1t, 'Why su, they all smoke that kind of pipe up here.' Well,' said the President we are all now smoking the same kind of pipe of peace.' '"\Vel! )lr. President, I'm g lad you said that, for .Dl be darned if I ain't with you. Give us your hand.' News has received some leaves of to bacco, raised in l'r1c0racken Co., which measure Zi by inches, by 42 % inches, and 28Yz by 4394 mches .. We have see n larger leaves in Pennsylvania. ConnectiCut and Massachusetts, but those mentioned by the News are nevertheless noteworthy. Mother-in-Law. I married a woman of sweetness and truth And beauty without any flaw ; But over my head hung, like Damocles's sword That horror, a mother-in-law! So upright and downright in person and looks She embodied the dismal old saw Of a scolding and pushing and worrying and bothering Old bore of a mother-rn-law! S h e decided to live with us. Chaos and wrec k Would be the result, I foresaw; So I gave my cigars and my meerschaum with groans To a friend with no mother-in-law. One night, as we sat by a b l azing wood fire "When the days g1-own chillyand raw', How cozy and mce you would look with a pipe! Don't you smoke!" said my mother-in-law. Did my ears hear aright? Yes, bless her dear heart! "Don't you smoke?" was the first happy straw "show lww the wind blew, and clear up the olouds Twut me and my mother-in-law. And, oh, she's the kindes t and dearest and best Old darling that ever I saw! My mother I love and =y wife I adore But I worship my' -----LICHTE C:IGAR 501 : Centennial Medals awarded fGr Beauty of POPULAR STYLE Design, Skill Displayed in Fabrication, ancl CHEAPNESS. M. W. MEIDBL & BRO. MANUFACTURERS OJo' CIGARS AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, BOWERY.,NEW YORK. A. LICHTENSTEII & BROTHER, MANUFACTUREllS OF THE '' ELX" and ONWARD 0 I GARS, And DMitri In LEAF TOBACCO, Nos. 34 and BOWERY, _JODW YOBK. COPE'S TOBACCO PlANl, A MONTHLY JOURNAL FOR SMOKERS. PUBLISHED AT I 0 LORD NELSON STREET, LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND. Where Subscriptions may be addressed, or to Tm: Torucco LEAF Office. PRICE TWO SHILLINGS CEaclbh.l per Am&um. American Subscriptions, 75 eta. per Annum, postjlge..paid. CAUTION. haVing manu!actured.oiDce April, SEAL OF VIRGINIA SMOKING TOBACCO ;u-ned tbat there was a copyright of Vjrgbda Seal entered Nov / l866 e haye bollght thla copYTIIFl. SALE. I A Fresh Bnpply of 1 OO,OOOPoundsGenuine "DEERTONGUE" Flavor f9r TOBACCO in lots tO lliuft at lowest figures. liiARBUJIG BROTHERS, 145, 147 and 149 S. Charles Street, Baltimore, Md. U.ed for Boxes ba.vlng Hinged Fronts, which, w hen folded down, expose to v 1ew the ends or the conto!ne:d tn the Box. These Catcllcs are made of :Flat Sheet :Metal, and are pivoted to the upper edges of tlte end boards in such a way that their turn-down front parts lap over the face of the closed front. The Catches then serve t6 hold the front closed the box but can be swung aside to allow the front to be let down. ar SAMPLES AND PRICES ON APPLICATION. LICHTENSTEIN BROS. & CO., 210 Bowery, New CAUTION. NEW YORK, 270 BOWERY, JULY 14, 18'17 pARTIES are hereby cautioned against using PIVOTED CATVH:SS POB VIGAB BOXES other than those ma.nufac tured under GLUUD'S PATENT (No.18!,039, N ov. 7 18'76; reissue, No. 7 ,7r!l, May 29, 1877). assigned to us. Any Infringement will be W, ]. HOODLESS. BERRY. w I J M BOODLESS & co I 11 TIONALTOBACCO IMSPECTiOI, necalvkg &; Forwarding foot of Van Dyke and Partition Sts. Brooklvt "'-"' Bill ail '.1 ubacco c:ue Nabooal I nspection. OFFICBSs-.4..5 Broad Street, N. Y.; PartlUon 8t. B.rookly 49 ; SQUIRES,; TAYLOR A CO., TOBACCQ AND GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS I 45 BROAD STREET, "NEW YORK. We hereby caution all parties infringing upon or l:KI'I' .A 'I'I;WC O'tT:a :B:a.A.Nl)S,_ X.A:&IJX.S AIII'D Tl\ADBMAB.KS, that we will spare no pains in prosecuting such parties in protecting the rights secured to us by Act of Congress dated August 14, I 876. STRAITON & STOR Unite Soul!' :!! f:'to "'d'Ib ;SCI $6 Cigarettes weighing not over a ll>s 1l' OUSa'n .i51 r thOUS8nd, Cigarette& and Cbereqte Qver 311ls l!! thol!S&nd, & 'II thousand. The duty on :roretgD ()iprs is '2.1!0. tl II> and m '!! cent. ad valorem. Cigarettes same duty as dgars 1m ported Cigars, Oigarettes and Cheroots also bear ths._prescrfOOd lnterllal Revenue taxes, to be paid by stamps at the Custom House. The hnpo;t duty 011 Leaf Tobacco JS a.; cents, gold, 'flllll_\ Leaf Tobacco stemmed liO cento tl 1b; M'snu.t&etu:red Tobacco ro cents if lb; Scraps, 50 cents \Q lb.' Manu!ac ToQacco aud Scraps are also subject to the IDternal .Revenue tu; {If 124 cento '!! II>, mllst be packed in couformity with Internal Revenue aw aud repulat10n. Foreign Dtities on 'l;obaceo In AUBtrla France, Italy Spain the tobacco commerce is lized by Government, under 4irection of a. Regie. In Ge-nJJ.a.n:r the duty American Leaf L, 4 tllalers 100 lbs In Belgium the impost 1s reckoned after deducting 15 cent. for tare. The duty is lS lranc)O .00 centimes ($2.40 gold) 'l!IIOO ki iogrammes (100 American llls kilos ) In. Hollaud the is 28 cents, gold, Per 100 kilos. (280 Amencan n)!f.. bemg equal to 127 k1los.) In Russia t-he duty on LeA! Tobacco is 4 roubles kopeke 'B pud; on Tobacco 2tli roubles 40 cop.' pud and on C1gars 2 rou, 20 cop. pud. The "pud" is equal to aboui Th,s. In Turkey th!' duty is 1i0 cents, gold. pe1 ll)il Americnn ounces. In England the are on Unmanufactared: stemmed or stripped and .conttumng JO 1bs or more ot moisture ln f'\'r-ry 100 tbs thereof (betudes 5 '13 cent. and an additional charee of l-6 cent on removal from bc'lded lb; cont.."Liniug less than tO Jbs ot moisture in every tOO lbs weight (exclusive of the extra chargas noted &boTe) !ls 6d 'flllb. On 1\Innufacturod: Cavendish nod Negroheaa (cake or twisL), 4s. 6d. 'lit 1b; aU other kinds, 41!. 'lj! 11>. ADYERTISINC RATES. ONE S(lUAHE (14 Nonpareil Lines,) Over On&-Oolumo, One Year, $32.00 I Over Two 0. ne Year S58 og do do SlX 17.08 do do SLX Konths, 112:00 do do Three MonUJS, 10.00 do do Til""" llootbo, 17 011 O T o!;WO SCl'UAHES (28 Nonpareil Line.) LICHTENSTEIN, BROS.& CO, wo .... do .. "(io" n;,:.;.;ifozi.ib8S1At: 0v POUR SqUARES (5 6 NoapareU LID.,.,) .. rigorously prosecuted. PEDDLERS' WAGONS cic. Cio nu:.;.; O PIBST PAGE-One Square, (14 Nonpareil LIDe .. ) FOR SALE, AT A BARGAIN.. ................................... $1116.00 Th ne Square, (14 Nonpareil Lla ... ) SUITABLE FOR THREE OR FOUR HORSES CH. cizi.e.Year ...................... == D. H DOUGLASS k SONa,, Tra.nsientAdvertisements on Cbe Seventh pageaoc;;,;i,jp;,r:uu ;_ LICBTl!lNSTElN 64t"ot\'t' NEW H each insertion. Names and Addreooeo alone in ,1 Bualneoe Dl.rectQ

a Tobacco_ Manu.fact u:rers JOHN ANDERSON & CO. KANUFACTURERS OF THE SOLACRun DTHIK TOBACCOS -114 a 116 LIBERTY STREET, NEW YORK, I Dea to direct the attention of the Dealers tn Tobacco tbroutbout the United States :Uld the World to tbeir CELEBRATED SOLACE FINE-CUT CHEWDrG TOBACCO. -rHO M AS H O y T .,_ Co wbl::Ft.:a:::. The Trade having demanded a Superior and Cheaper Article than that hitherto used, this Company kmanutacturing, and olf01ing for sale, LICORICE PASTE (under tbe old "San!onl" brand) of a QUALlTY mad at a. PRICE which can 'hardly fail to be acceptable to all giving it a tri&l GOODWIN & CO., -G. W Gail & Ax, bacco BALTIMORE, OF TH& MANUFACTURE OF -AT207 209 WATER STREET, 121 NEW YORK. NEW YORK WDB, AGIIlft. D B MCALPIN & co ICKMEYER & co., !ANUFACTURERS OF THE ., BROAD 48 lEW STREETS, CELEBRATED FINE-CUT SOLE AGNTS FOR 'rHE u .s. OF VIRGIN LEAF &NAVY CHEWING lnssian & Tnrkish Tobacco .... -OF-AND DaALtU tN OOIPA11NIE LAPERE Qlpn, :PI.q 'I'o'bacco, and, Snd !'lour, etc. U JIJ "":) IIAlfUFACI'OitY A:NU 8AI.B8ROOM: Ctr. AYtaUt D l Tenth St., ltw Ytrk. .-r. P.IIITERSBVRG, JIOSCOW, WARI ,. BAW, ODEIIIIA, DRICIIDEI'I. JIIIW YORK, J>. o. Bo 4716. MRS. 8. B. MILLER 11, CO., -3 tOBACCO M!BUF!CTOBY, THE ()lET COLLINS, a...T.) 97 Columbia Street, NBWYOBK, IIA'MVPACTt7&&1tS Of' 'I'HA. 'Wn. G. B. Miller A: Co. Chewing and Smoking tht> .. ly Genuine American Gentle Snuff; :w.,_ G, B. Miller & Co. Maccabo' -..d Scotch Snul; A. H. Mickle & Soas' Forest ._. and Grape T.,.,acce; Mrt. G. B. Miller .a Co. Resene Sn>ol. ceo. liP" All onilra promptly executed. OW&ID.A TOBACCO WOBKS. D. BUCHNER & CO. '0) {FOI'IIUI'fy S. 5. EDMOIISTOK & Bao .1 ) KA.ln1F ACTV.ItllS OF FIII-CD! CBIWIIG AND BIOKIN& fOBAOOO,. 2Y l 211 Dunt St., ltw York. Q!ll!ll CELEBRA. TED BB.A.lfDS : CHitWIIIG : ..._ S..l, Bevlve_rJ Old Times, Jnt.erprllt, IIKW Leaf. II'OIL Golden se&i, BIUI !'lower, Hatu.ral Leaf, Great Central, / IMOB:DI'Ga ot \he t7nite4 CELEBRATED Elta.blished JSsca. "ORIGINAL GRIEN SEAL,'' And o.ther Cboiee of JIEERSCHA1JK SMOKING TOBACCOS cat from Virginia W. C. EIIIIET Sole ''ft. PJIIIE STREET, liiEW TORE. GREAT CENTRAL TOBACCO WAREHOUSE. ) LICBTEISTIII BROS PACKERS AND DEALJ>IlS IN LEAF TOBACCOS, 121 BOWERY 121 Bet. Grad aad Beoter Sto., :REW YORK. &. C>R.G-LER., MANUFACTURER OF FINE CIGARS, AND DEALER IN LEAF TOBACCO, 295 & 297 Greenwich St., New York I. C. BARKER & CO., Uanatactaren of the Celebrated FINE-CUT TOBACCOS,, EAGLE. -ANDU Aleo all othe r Grades of Fine-Cat l Smoking Tobaaaos, J)ETROIT, JIICH. Aslde from packinr our "AMERICAN and" CLIPPER" in the a.sual-si:zed woode Jo, 2o, 40 and 6o Jbs. we also put both of theae,.rades P 'Yery nicely iu ON'S OUllc& Tnt !'ou. PACXA.Gd,packedin /It aod-" Gr-bons. Li1>erall'n-ma4e to the Trade. 'J, L ,-Mas. K. (;, B'*Jt. TOBACCO L EAFa LICORICE. LICORICE PASTE .. W' ALTJS ciG CQ, Tobacco manuf acturers and the trade in geaeral are particularly requested w examine ansJ. te t the properr-'es of this LICORICE, which, being now brought to the highest perfection is of fered under the above style of brand. We are also SOLE AGENTS for the brand r. G. &. G. 0. Acknowledged by consumers to be the best iii the market. And for the brand of Licorice Stick 501:1. a. 00., In all respects equal to CALABRIA. Consumers and Jobbers would do we!l to applJ; direct. Lteeriee Root, Select aad Ordi.D.U7 cea .. .taatly 011. baa.d. ARIU,MBAU, WALLIS I. C0.1 a9 .t 31 So11th W!lll&m Street AND ALL FOR TOSACCO MANUFACTURERS. R.HILLIER'S SONS & Clc; OFFICE, 0-iR STRt.t'\' Tobaeoo Broken. .:.;.,.;;=.;;.. __ JOHN TOBACCO BROKER 27 Pearl 8ireet, NEW YORK. --------------------------.IJIIAS. B. FISCHER & JJRO., Tobacco Brokers, 191 Wate St., NEW YORK. TMos. Jtnnuct1'M'1 CHAS. E Bn.L, Ja. KINNICUTT & BILL, BllOgERSIN WESTERN fc YIRCINIA. LEAF TOBACCO, 52 BROAD ST., NEW YORK CHABLIS F. OSBORII, JAMES G. OSBORNE,, !J'OBACCO BROKER, -54 BROAD ST)iEET, NEW YORK. N. R. ANSADo, :11. RADER & SON, WILLIAM li'O'CrfANAN, DAVID C. LYALL: BUCHANAN & LYALL, Off:l.oe :-154 :Broad. St., New York.-P.9. Box uu. Factory:-No. 2 FIRST DISTRICT, SOUTH BROOKLYN. MANUFACTURERS OF THE FOLLOWING CELEBRATED BRANDS OF PLUG, CHEWING aad SMOKING TOBACCOS:. PLUG. PLA.liET IIAV'I" la, Ha, 3e, 4, lh, 8a, t'a, 8a, 9e, 18 SAILOR'S CHOICE, la, "a .. 3a, 4a. &a, 6a, If, 8a, 9a, l O CIIA.LLENGE, lbe. W AIIHlNGTON, l(o. liEPI'UNE, Doble Tb.lek, brt. clrk. IIAGGIE MITCH.IIILL. NARRAGANSETT. ALEX&l'IDRA. 8ENSAT10N. FLOUNDERS ,BUCHANAN, lOo.-".JACK: OF CLUBB KING PHILIP. GRAPE Al'ID APRicOT: ACME" Faaey Brfirht Po-ao. TECUM8EH, tOo." PEEBidiM; PA.LB. GOLD BARS; PlUDE OF TRIG REGIJI.IIINT. POCKET PIECES, ,... :DoT :rz::N":m o u '1"' o:a::m "":QJ04'a-. ACME. SMOKINC AND CICARETTE TOBACCO. VIRGINIA BRIGHT CUT CAVEI'IDJIJB, W'OltLD'S rAm. AND lt 'tT::BT. Branch Office: Central Street, Boston. P. o. BOX 1106. H. H. TODD, Apat. LicoalcHIMPisri sTicn ToBAcco BRoKERs a. s. MAHHIHG "co., Al'ID ALL sPECIALTIEs FOR No. 50 Beaver Street, MANUFACTURERS OF TOBACCO MANUFACTURERS 1-4 York. &P A.NXSEI: LICORICE PASTE. z We heg tn eall the of T4thacco Manufar-tureuand Dc:alt:u to thla SUPI!:RIOR. A.NU PURE NEW YORK. 4. SHACK TOBACCO BROKER, 129 KAIDEN LANE, JIIEW YORK. article. _,__,__,__,__ ____________ Sole Atea.h fot' th.e States of North Carolioa aad VIrDI _--............_ JB.TEB., Norfolk Stre"t,New Vort City. j't CEDA.a STREET, N. Y, c:xx .!!II FOR ALLUSES KNOWN TO THE TRADE. 111 LIBERTY STREET, N.Y &e:n.d. :ro:r P:ri.oe LJ.a-t.. .A.Cli:NCT, A. H'EN & CO. 43 Liberty Street, Post Office, Da'Olt'l'llil't.S Or SKomB DEALEltS IN ,.. TOBACCO, SECARS,; SNUFFS,-ct.c PIOIEEB TOBACCO COIPAH OF BROOKLYN, N. Y. BUSINESS OFFICES: 124 Water St., New York, 16 Central Wharf, Boston; 25 Lake Street, Chicago; 51 IIORTB W 1 TER STREIT, PBILADILPBIA. Factory: No. 1 First District, N. Y. THE CELEBRATED THE CELEBRATED "MATCHLESS,' "PRUIT GAKE," BRICHT, All Sizes; MAHOCANY, All Sizes; P XC> NEE "EE. '' Dark, all Sizes. A cnmparisnn of nur Celebratt.d Brands o f PLU G TOBACCOS will convince all partiu of the WONPBRrtiL MERITS contained tbezein. PLUG TOBACCO. HERBST BROTHERS, HAVANA tc SEED TOBACCO '3 183 WATER STREET/ NEW lf'_ UBERAL_ ADVANCEMENTS :MADE ON CONSIGNMENTS. OCT. 3 IMPROVED HOWE SGALRS. The oD.Jy Seale made whu t'rotted Bearillaa. PAGE & CO General lllo. 3 P A.JI.K PLA.CE,;J{EW YO :it, a:o':'ta::'r:s .... bJ' tbe followillc emtant 1!'. LORILLARD Ill-CO, NewVnrka 11UCH.A.K.A.If tt. L'YA.LL,'New Yol'k; JA B. PAC:B. Richmond, Va.;: P. XA.YO .rc. BRO., ltifbmoncl, v'a.; E. W. VKIIA.BLJC 4 VO., Pete1abuq, Va.; Fll'IZER BROS., LouhvUie, Ky. HENRY WULSTEIN, .. Dela-,), .. 11 4. CENTRE IITRJDET, liiEW TORIIL P 0 Box -'09. New York. Con.taotll on haad the Best Improved for BV tltrfo Oil Sl' EAW I:'UWKK. ,. A large variety of )[acbiery for CIJrar fllanufaclurenc, such aa for CuttinJf or Granulatini( Havaua and other F"lers for Stem Rollen Buocbing Jla .. chines. Stemming Macbtnea, and abo I'll ubinea (or Crushing and Flatteninr the Tobacr o Stem in tbe Leaf. Cigarette Macbleu. etc. S o le tn U S. for F. FLINSCH'i (Oirenbacb on Main. Ger .. manyJ celebrated Ma.cbines for .facking Manu(actaud Tobacco. TIN FOIL. JOHN J. CROOKE. MANUPACTURII:R OF TIN FOIL AND BOTTLE CAPS, PLAIII A.IIID COLORED BOLLIN II KILLS, 38 C1I.OSi 'i 111cl 163 II 166 KVI.BEUT S'l'UI'l'S, NEW YOU. W. H. TROWBRIDGE'S ::EI::Ft..a.::N":J:JI Embraclug allldDda ot Loug Cut and FJI.DC7 lngTob&ooo. I ,a )8 Beet, I Doul>le Jtacle, llllr B:aldl& Better, Beauty, Da.aYllle,. Good. Fme, E&e. Naa- Boat Clul>. Dan. -v:111e, V a. Z. GOIIBJII. & oo.. ImpO,ten aaJ. lfanafacturen of GEBJIAV A.Jn) IOOTOR .. D!'f!pes, Heinrich Goebel Sohne, tnalnt Broaaa ... rode Plpn, ..... 128 MaideD l.aDe. K. '2'. TOBACC-D BAGGING. 'IMtTATION SPANISH Ll NEN, FANCY STRIPES,. .And all W,de of Goode used for putt.iJ!K up Smok loa Tobacco. Alo, complete aasortmeDt. of Smoken' ArU.;le for the Trade. MWAfiD SANGER & CO., 462 to 468 Broadway, lew Yort. CHARLES A. WULFF, Ag't Lithographer, Printer & Manufacturer of A Large Assortment Constantly on Hand. l!tl CJ.,.tJuua St., oe:r, WUU.., Jl'. Y STATES ll1GHTS TOR SALE. JOSEPH LOTH &; CO., M.ANUFACTUIRERS OF ALL KINDS OF CIGAR RIBBONS. CONSTANTLY ON HAND A FULL ASSORTMENT AT LOWEST MARKET PRlC-ES. Paetery : S..learocua 1 WICIIT 411Ua liT., BROOKJD ST. No._. York. INTERNAL REVENUE BOOIS The OriJi.oallntenu.l Pabllahiaa C. SoL Succauoa TO EsTaa & SMITH. 1 P .o. Bos s.6 3'1' LIBERT\> ST., Jl'. Yo :Brancllng Irons & Stencils a BpecialtJ. P::Ft.Z:NTZ::N"CJr Of every de.cription at Lowe1t PrlCtL SEND FOR PRICES. TIN POlL! Lightest Pnre Tin, 10,368 sn. Inches o. lb. ALSO TOBACCO & OTHER FOILS. WITTEMANN BROTHERS, 184 William St., New York. & van Ramnohr, LEAF TOBACCO .. 176 WATER ST., lEW YORK. Caab Adva.aced oo Coalirnments.


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